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Hootershy [Part 1](EqG)

By BetAnonTheSecond
Created: 18th December 2020 01:06:13 AM

  1. Hootershy
  3. >Be Anon.
  4. >Sleeping through your alarm.
  5. >Today was supposed to be a special day after all.
  6. >It was your first day of school.
  7. >Even more so than that.
  8. >It was your first day in a new school.
  9. >And even moreso than that.
  10. >It was your Senior year in High School.
  11. >But you moved over the Summer to Canterlot City.
  12. >Dad getting a new and better paying job and all that.
  13. >Which totally sucks balls as you had an okay life back in your old city.
  14. >Having to leave all your friends really hurt.
  15. >'Oh, you'll make lots of new friends'.
  16. >Your parents say.
  17. >Inconsiderate pricks, they are.
  18. >Nonchalantly telling you to forget the bonds you created over your 17 years of existence because dad now makes more money.
  19. >It's not like you moved a town or two over.
  20. >You guys moved a few states over.
  21. >Not like you could make a weekend road trip to go visit them either.
  22. >And can you even make bonds in a single year and then off to college?
  23. >Your mind races with these thoughts.
  24. >While you were mentally complaining you completely ignore your alarm and dismiss it.
  25. >A little bit of time passes.
  26. >You are then abruptly awoken by the loud harsh sound of your door busting open and slamming onto the wall.
  27. >”Anonymous!”
  28. >The all too familiar loud and commanding feminine voice of your mother echos throughout your mostly still unpacked room.
  29. >She then flicks the light switch on.
  30. >Illuminating the previously dimly lit room from the morning sun that shined from your single window.
  31. >Bringing a harsh artificial light into your room and attacking your eyes.
  32. >All this gathered into one moment is enough to send you rolling over off the side of your bed.
  33. “Ah!”
  34. >You yell out in surprise.
  35. >After a second you sit up from the floor still trying to figure out what is even going on.
  36. >Your eyes trying to focus as you rub them with the back of your palm
  37. >”Do you have any idea what time it is, young man?”
  38. >Again, your mom lectures you for something you are doing wrong.
  39. >While your mom was harking on you, your tiny dog begins to yap at your mom for raising her voice out of nowhere.
  40. >You are finally coming to and waking up.
  41. >Your eyes finally focusing on your mom and her question finally registers in your groggy brain.
  42. “Uh, time for me to get a lock on my door?”
  43. >You notice your mom roll her eyes and stomp towards you.
  44. >She then gets next to you and grabs your clock and presents it in front of you.
  45. >”It's almost 8:30 and your first day of school has already started.”
  46. >Her words shoot up and down your body like a line of cocaine giving you endless amounts of energy and paranoia
  47. >”Aww, god damn it!”
  48. >You yell out loud as you quickly hop to your feet and scramble through your room looking for clothes.
  49. >Mom continues to lecture your ears off while you look for any sort of clean clothes but notice that most of your belongings are still packed in boxes and vacuum sealed bags.
  50. “I get it!”
  51. >You raise your voice to your mom before finally giving up and just throw on what you wore last night.
  52. >You wish to have made a little more effort to present yourself a tad bit better.
  53. >But oh well, it's only one day and it's not like you've been wearing the same clothes for weeks.
  54. >You've tuned out your mom's nagging and are finally dressed and you quickly grab your backpack by your door and jet out the house and hop in your car and head to school.
  56. >Driving through the city, you have to admit it is a nice change of scenery from where you used to live.
  57. >A much nicer, cleaner city than your old one.
  58. >There are no signs of any gangs or any shady corners or alleys so maybe you won't have to put on a tough exterior like before.
  59. >You keep your eye on your phones GPS to get to Canterlot High.
  60. >Sure, you were just at the school a few days ago to enroll and get your classes assigned.
  61. >But, the city as a whole is one big unknown and given the current situation, you'd rather rely on your phone than your sense of direction
  62. >You finally make it to the campus and look for the student parking lot.
  63. >Once you find it you find a spot to park your car and pull out an Allen wrench from your center console and unscrew your steering wheel.
  64. >You step out of the car and place the wheel in your back pack and take a look around the lot.
  65. >Lots of nicer cars than your janky 1986 Acura Integra.
  66. >It really seems like there is no fear of your car getting jacked or broken into.
  67. >But for now you can't be too cautious.
  68. >You then take out a piece of paper from your bag that has all your class schedule and you quickly make your way into the building.
  69. >As you quickly move down the halls you begin to wonder if it would be worth it to find someone who can show you where your first class is, or if it's better not to be caught and start off your year with detention.
  70. >Perhaps people will take pity on you as you are essentially the new guy in town.
  71. >After walking past a few classroom doors with assorted letters and numbers you are able to figure out where your first class.
  72. >You are now standing just outside a door labeled “J-3”
  73. >AP History class.
  74. >You take a deep breath and slowly open the door to the classroom and you interrupt the teacher who was in the middle of giving a speech.
  75. >Of course with you now entering the classroom, all attention is now on you as you awkwardly close the door behind you.
  76. >”Can I help you, young man?”
  77. >The slightly older than middle aged man asked with his gravelly voice.
  78. >Almost like hes gargling concrete in his mouth.
  79. >He had a bad looking bowl cut of brown hair.
  80. >Wearing a chocolate brown fuzzy sweater with a light blue dress shirt underneath and khaki slacks to round out the 'boring teacher' look.
  81. >There is a pause as you dart your eyes around the classroom.
  82. >The room is packed with various students with all colors of the rainbow.
  83. >You're no different yourself with your neon green skin.
  84. >Just making an observation.
  85. “Uh, I am Anonymous. I have this class this period.”
  86. >You announce to everyone.
  87. >The teacher looks somewhere between amused and insulted.
  88. >”Well Mr. Anonymous, it's so nice of you to decide to join us.”
  89. >The sarcasm is laid heavy in his voice.
  90. >”Care to entertain us as to why you felt it necessary to disrupt my class this late when I have already clearly marked you absent and just not bother to come at all?”
  91. >There are a few chuckles from the class.
  92. >You stay silent for a moment and then you finally speak up.
  93. “It's my first day?”
  94. >This response got a few chuckles from various students.
  95. >The teacher is obviously not too impressed with your response.
  96. >You half turn to the door and place your hand on the doorknob.
  97. “But I mean if you insist on letting me skip the rest of class...”
  98. >Some more audible laughs from the class this time.
  99. >The teacher then yells out at you.
  100. >”Hey get back here, smart alec!”
  101. >You stop in your tracks and close the door again.
  102. >Then you look over to him and he motions for you to come up to his desk.
  103. >You make your way up to the front of the classroom and he shoves a textbook  and a sheet of paper into your chest.
  104. >”This is the textbook we will be using for the duration of the class and a sheet of paper explaining the curriculum for the year.”
  105. >He says a little too bitterly.
  106. >”Now find a seat and be quiet while I go over some more of what we will be covering in this class.”
  107. >He then stands tall trying to tower above you.
  108. >But he's not that tall so he looks like a retard.
  109. >You try to hold your laughter until you at lest get more towards the back of the classroom.
  110. >Upon doing so you are now looking for an open seat in the class.
  111. >Seems like there are no assigned seats in the class and you find an open desk at the back of the class.
  112. >Not the worst place to be in all honesty.
  113. >You finally reach the back desk and set your bag underneath the chair and set yourself down and face the class.
  114. >As you do so, the teacher seems to continue his speech.
  115. >”Here in the AP class, it obvious that attendance is just a important as hard work and consistency, any diversion from these important virtues is a fast track to the poor house, or a dead end job at the local fast food joint.”
  116. >Wow, what a douchebag.
  117. >He then continues on.
  118. >”And seeing as how we have a tardy student now gracing our presence it may be beneficial to go over the curriculum.”
  119. >There were a few groans but then he puts a smug look on his faces and looks over at the clock on the side of the wall.
  120. >But since we only have a few minutes left in class I'll just leave it to you all to go over the fine details yourselves.”
  121. >He then turns to sit back in his desk as some students start to talk amongst themselves.
  122. >Great teacher.
  123. >Make you feel like you never left your previous high school.
  124. >At least there are no metal detectors here.
  125. >Here's hoping the student body here is a little more civil.
  126. >You look over to your left and there was only one other desk in the back.
  127. >The person sitting next to you looks to be a girl.
  128. >She was hunched over like she was trying to hide whatever she was doing.
  129. >And all you can tell is she is just blankly staring at the textbook on her desk.
  130. >From what you can see of her is that she had long pink flowing hair.
  131. >She has pale yellow skin.
  132. >Her upper body seems to be covered in a large teal oversized blouse with butterfly patterns littered all over.
  133. >Down below she seemed to have on a mid length green skirt with some white leggings that poured out from under her skirt down to her pink shoes.
  134. >You turn back to your desk as there really isn't much else to her so you start to go over the sheet the teacher gave to you.
  135. >Seems like he has some bullshit rules and assignments but nothing that you shouldn't be able to handle.
  136. >At the end of the sheet there are several blank lines for you to sign and date.
  137. >And to turn it back in to the teacher by the end of the class.
  138. >Well, since class is about to end anyways you decide to reach for your bag and grab a pencil to go ahead and sign this dumb waiver.
  139. >It was then you now realized that you didn't have any pencils or pens.
  140. “Fuck.”
  141. >You mutter to yourself in a low tone.
  142. >You really don't want to bother anyone but it seems like you have no choice.
  143. >Reluctantly, you lean over to your left to try and get the attention of the girl.
  144. “Hey.”
  145. >You say in a low voice to her.
  146. >She ignores you.
  147. “Uh, excuse me.”
  148. >You say a little louder to her.
  149. >She still doesn't acknowledge you.
  150. >You are not annoyed yet but you are getting there.
  151. >All in all you could have just asked another random student at this point.
  152. >But now it's about principal.
  153. >You stretch your arm out to tap her on her shoulder.
  154. >”Hey.”
  155. >You say in a much louder tone than before.
  156. >She finally reacts to your motion by almost jumping upwards out of her seat with a mixture of fear and confusion in her face.
  157. >Which you can now see her pale green, almost blue eyes staring directly into your soul.
  158. >Or rather, single eye as one of her eyes are covered with her long bangs.
  159. >You can't tell if you should be dazzled or frightened yourself.
  160. >There is an awkward silence between you two before she begins to stumble over her words.
  161. >”Oh! Uh, um, I'm sorry, uhm, what...”
  162. >She trails off and you couldn't hear the rest of what she was saying.
  163. >You put on an awkward smile and hold your hand back.
  164. “Calm down.”
  165. >You try to reassure her.
  166. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb your trip you were having there.”
  167. >That shitty attempt at humor seemed to do a little help as she let out a single 'ha'.
  168. >”I'm sorry, I was just deep in thought.”
  169. >Once again she speaks in such a soft tone you almost don't hear what she had said.
  170. >But you didn't care too much about that.
  171. “Well anyways, sorry for that, but.”
  172. >You pause for a second and hold up your paper to her.
  173. “I seemed to have left all my writing utensils at home, I was hoping I could use a pen or pencil so I could fill this paper out.”
  174. >She takes a moment and thinks about it for a moment before she finally speaks up again.
  175. >Or, speaks down again.
  176. >”Uh, sure.”
  177. >She once again softly speaks as she hands you a pen that had a little rabbit charm hanging from the top.
  178. >You stare at the pen for a moment.
  179. >It's cute, if you had to say so.
  180. >You look back at her and she avoids eye contact with you.
  181. >Clearly she's the shy type.
  182. >You turn back to your paper and sing the document with your signature and date.
  183. >The ink is almost the same color s her eyes.
  184. >You wonder if that was intentional.
  185. >After you sign it, you then reach out to hand it back to the girl.
  186. “Thank you, you're a life saver.”
  187. >You tell her with a smile.
  188. >She accepts the pen back and darts her eyes to you a few times before she mutters something that once again you didn't hear.
  189. >With that out of the way you pull out your schedule to see where your next class is when you hear a meek little voice from the same direction from the girl.
  190. >”Um, I'm sorry to intrude but...”
  191. >You look up from the voice and look over back at the shy girl.
  192. >When you do so she once again looks away for a moment before side eying you.
  193. >”Well um, since you needed to borrow a pen earlier. I was wondering if you needed a pen for the rest of the day.”
  194. >She looks away for a second and then back at you.
  195. >”Because, I could let you have one of my pencils... if you want.”
  196. >She extends her hand with a pencil and offers while her voice trails at the end of her sentence.
  197. >Well that's thoughtful of her.
  198. >You don't know her.
  199. >Nor does she know you.
  200. >You lean back for a moment at her kindness.
  201. >Then you half nod and take a deep breath.
  202. “Well, I was planning on working on my panhandling skills for the rest of the day, seeing as how I am now on the fast track to the poor house for being late.”
  203. >You lightly smile and then extend your own hand out.
  204. “But, if you're offering, perhaps this pencil could be my salvation from flipping burgers.”
  205. >Again, there is a little squeak of a giggle from the girl.
  206. “Thank you, though.  I appreciate the kindness.”
  207. >You add on as you take the pencil from the girl.
  208. >She then nods and gives you another sweet smile.
  209. >As you start to grab your bag and get ready for the end of class, you can't help but notice the shy-but-now-not-so-shy girl seems to keep eying you.
  210. >And again you are not sure if you should feel flattered or creeped out.
  211. >Before anything else can be said, the bell rings.
  212. >You then stand up and get ready to turn to head out of the class.
  213. “Again thank you for the pencil, uh...,”
  214. >You extend your wording of pencil as to infer with the girl as to what her name is.
  215. >It was then at this point she then also stands up from her desk to head out of the classroom and...
  217. >You tilt your head up.
  218. >Damn this bitch is tall.
  219. >You freeze for a moment.
  220. >She's a big girl.
  221. >You can now see that her teal blouse is excessively baggy and oversized for this girl despite her height.
  222. >She notices your stunned look.
  223. >”Is something the matter?”
  224. >Her tone is more of a worried one than that of curiosity.
  225. >You quickly regain your composure.
  226. “Sorry!”
  227. >You quickly say,
  228. “I was just asking what your name was.”
  229. >No shitty quips this time as you think your seemingly shocked reaction triggered something in her.
  230. >She is tall after all, and she must be self conscious about it.
  231. >If your first reaction to her and then her reaction to you about it is anything to go by.
  232. >She stays silent for a second before she finally answers you.
  233. >”My name is Fluttershy.”
  234. >You quickly nod.
  235. “Well it was nice to meet you...”
  236. >You pause and then continue.
  237. “Sorry, I was not expecting you...”
  238. >Now it's your turn to act all shy around her.
  239. >You didn't mean to be rude.
  240. >And the vibe she gives off is totally fragile.
  241. >”No worries.”
  242. >She slowly says.
  243. >”I'm used to it. Really”
  244. >She puts on a smile.
  245. >And walks past you to exit the classroom.
  246. >Well that was something.
  247. >You try not to let that get to you as you now head out of the room to find your next class.
  249. >Next class is AP Calculus.
  250. >You don't hate math.
  251. >But boy to you HATE calculus.
  252. >Also the class is more of the same.
  253. >With a less asshole of a teacher.
  254. >Obviously the first day of Senior year is just going to be introductions rather than doing actual work.
  255. >Which is fine.
  256. >The day goes by and you don't really converse with anybody else for now,
  257. >Sure, there were a lot of 'introduce yourself to the class' bullshit in some of your classes.
  258. >Finally it's your last class for the day.
  259. >Literature.
  260. >Like the rest of the day it took you some time to find the correct hall and room where the class was taking place.
  261. >You barely made it to class on time.
  262. >Once in the class you look around to find an open seat.
  263. >Upon scanning the room you seem to notice a certain pink haired girl whom you have met this morning.
  264. >Once again Fluttershy is stationed in the back row of the classroom.
  265. >And coincidentally, there is an open seat right next to her.
  266. >A golden opportunity to try to assure her that you are truly sorry for your reaction earlier.
  267. >As you get close to where she is, she does look up and notice you.
  268. >She doesn't react to you ad all and goes back to looking down at her desk.
  269. >You sit down in the seat and quietly await the start of the class.
  270. >Class starts and the teacher does the usual introduction and what you will be covering in the class.
  271. >The teacher then passes out paperwork for you to look over and reference to on a later date.
  272. >The last thing she does is have everyone in class introduce themselves.
  273. >Like a few of your other classes did.
  274. >One by one everyone stands up and introduces themselves.
  275. >Their names.
  276. >Their future goals.
  277. >A random fact about themselves.
  278. >It gets to you and you stand up.
  279. “My name is Anonymous.”
  280. >You begin.
  281. “I just moved into town from Whinny City.”
  282. >You take a quick glance around the room before you go again.
  283. “A random fact about me is that, since I am from Whinny City, I am well versed in the art of bullet dodging.”
  284. >There is a round of laughter from the class.
  285. “My future goal as of now is to have a career in the music industry.”
  286. >This statement also caught a few laughs.
  287. “I mean, I can play a mean bass guitar, but being in a band isn't the end all be all.”
  288. >You continue.
  289. “I'd rather be a studio musician, or a musician for hire.  That seems more like a chill lifestyle.”
  290. >You then sit back down and let the next student go after you.
  291. >It finally gets to Fluttershy.
  292. >She is hesitant to stand up.
  293. >Once she finally does she keeps her head down.
  294. >”Um, I'm.., Fluttershy. And I'm very good with animals.”
  295. >She says in her now signature soft tone.
  296. >But since the rest of the class is quiet she can be heard a little more clearly.
  297. >She then continues on.
  298. >”I, I wish to go to college and to become a veterinarian so I can help as many animals as I can.”
  299. >She then sits down.
  300. >Oh boy, she's one of those.
  301. >The 'Meat is murder' and 'I'm so vegan that I won't eat anything that casts a shadow' kind of chick.
  302. >Which is interesting considering her size.
  303. >Maybe that's not fair.
  304. >She seemed fine before.
  305. >But that was for only a few minutes.
  306. >Better proceed with caution.
  307. >You have nothing against that.
  308. >But if you won't take shit from someone trying to threaten you with a knife for your lunch money, you sure as hell won't take shit from an over preachy self absorbed animal activist.
  309. >After everyone else has done their introductions for the class, things settle down a bit more and there is open discussion amongst the students.
  310. >You take this opportunity to speak to Fluttershy.
  311. “Hey.”
  312. >You turn towards her and call out to her.
  313. >To her credit, she doesn't jump in shock from you calling out to her.
  314. >She slightly turns her head only half way towards you so only her uncovered eye is looking at you.
  315. “Hey, look, I am really sorry for my reaction earlier.”
  316. >You give her a more sincere apology.
  317. >At least you think so.
  318. “I know you said you're used to it but I can't imagine it isn't any less hurtful even after all this time.”
  319. >You kinda feel like a soft bitch being this apologetic.
  320. >But in your defense in other situations in acting tough, they were all called for.
  321. >And you're not one to insult or attack girls.
  322. >...unless they ask for it.
  323. >Look.
  324. >She was kind to you and she seems sweet so far so you do feel bad for making her feel bad.
  325. >Her facial expression doesn't seem to change much.
  326. >Other than looking down at the floor.
  327. >”Like I said, I'm used to it.”
  328. >She then looks back at you.
  329. >”And since you are new in town, I can't blame you too much.”
  330. >That sort of makes you feel better.
  331. >You let out a sigh of relief and sit back up in your seat.
  332. “Well, if you insist.”
  333. >You try not to make her feel any more uncomfortable and try to change the subject.
  334. “Sine you did give me a pencil when you clearly didn't have to.”
  335. >You then show her the pencil in your hand as you wag in in between your fingers.
  336. “So now I feel like I owe you one.  So, if there is anything I could do to help you out or anything...”
  337. >You trail off.
  338. >In a surprise move, she speaks up again at you.
  339. >”If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to see pictures of your dog.”
  340. >You quickly shake your head in confusion.
  341. “What?”
  342. >You say a little too loud.
  343. >How the fuck does she know you have a dog?
  344. “I'm sorry, come again?”
  345. >You say in a bit of an alarmed tone.
  346. >After all that talk about wanting to make it up to hear you almost scare her back into her shell once again.
  347. >She leans back into her seat and cowers in her seat.
  348. >”I-I'm sorry!”
  349. >She says in a panicked but also soft tone tone.
  350. >”I-it's just that...”
  351. >She pauses and she then picks at her blouse with her index an thumb.
  352. >”Your shirt, it has dog hairs all over it.”
  353. >You then do a double take at your shirt.
  354. >There are several strands of your dogs fur littered all over you.
  355. >A drawback of wearing the same clothes that you were wearing yesterday.
  356. “Well shit, guess the secret is out.”
  357. >You say aloud as you peel off a singe strand of your dog's fur from your shirt.
  358. >Fluttershy stares at the strand for a moment and then ask you a question.
  359. >”What kind of dog do you have?”
  360. >You then flick the strand off to the side and grab another.
  361. “My family has a Pomeranian that my parents bought for my bratty little sister.”
  362. >You say as you find another loose strand and pick it off your shirt and flick it off to the side as well.
  363. “Adorable little guy, really.”
  364. >You find yourself with a big smile on your face when you talk about the family dog.
  365. >Then you look over to Fluttershy and she has a look of wonder and amazement on her face.
  366. >”I love Pomeranians!”
  367. >She clasps her hands together and brings them up to her face and sways in her seat.
  368. >”They're so fluffy, and tiny and little balls of energy.”
  369. >You just nod.
  370. “Yeah, that sounds like a Pomeranian.”
  371. >You say in a half sarcastic, but not malicious tone.
  372. >But you can't help to get a little bit of second hand charmed over her gushing over it.
  373. “I'll be sure to take pictures of him when I get home tonight.”
  374. >She seems to squeal over your answer.
  375. >Man, she must really love animals.
  376. >You make it through the rest of the class and you are now free from school.
  378. >The drive home is much more calming than it was in the morning.
  379. >Probably because you are not in a hurry to get somewhere and now you can go about it at your own pace.
  380. >It's a much smaller city than your old home but Canterlot's skyline is still something to behold.
  381. >A new song begins to play on your smartphone that you have plugged into your aftermarket stereo.
  382. ( [Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely - Songs In The Key of Life])
  383. >A nice groovy song to go with the views of the city as you pass along the road.
  384. >You bob your head and tap your fingers on the steering wheel as the song continues on as you finally get off the Highway and make your way home.
  385. >Once home you park your car in the driveway and make your way inside.
  386. >You are then greeted with your little buddy.
  387. >*ARFARFARF!*
  388. >The familiar yaps of the now famous Pomeranian rushes to the door ready to intimidate any who dares enter his territory.
  389. >And once he recognizes you, he promptly silences himself and starts running circles around you.
  390. >Happy to see you home.
  391. >You kneel down to give the little guy some pets.
  392. >He eagerly tries to lick your hand in response.
  393. >You can't help but smile as you now trail your hand in the air as the dog now tries to follow it with enthusiasm.
  394. >While this is going on you have the presence of mind to pull out your phone with your other hand and snap a few pictures of him
  395. “That'll do.”
  396. >You say to nobody as you get back up and head to your room.
  397. >Nobody else seems to be home.
  398. >Dad is most likely still at work and mom is probably out picking up your little sister from middle school.
  399. >Since this was the first day of school and there were no homework assignments given to you, this feels like a golden opportunity for you to finally unpack the rest of the stuff in your room.
  400. >First things first.
  401. >You unpack your bass guitars and their stands and set them off to the side along with your Amp and various effects pedals.
  402. >Next are your clothes and you begin to hang them in your closet.
  403. >Computer desk is set up, books, comics, and various manuals on the bass guitar are unpacked and placed on your various bookshelves.
  404. >Once everything is unpacked and looking good. You finally nestle yourself into the corner of your room and grab your bass.
  405. >And just jam the afternoon away until dinner.
  406. >With your dog chilling on your bed while you play.
  408. >The next morning you wake up at the sound of your alarm.
  409. >No need for another fuck up like yesterday.
  410. >You are now given ample time to gt ready and have a small breakfast of just simple toast and some eggs.
  411. >You head out the door and into your car and drive off to school.
  412. >Once you get a little closer to campus you can now notice the traffic is a little annoying.
  413. >Sine you were really late the day before you had missed the action.
  414. >It only turns into a minor nuisance as you still get to school with plenty of time.
  415. >You park your car and once again unscrew your steering wheel.
  416. >It's just a habit at this point.
  417. >You walk into the building and into the large circular entrance hall.
  418. >You look around and you notice a small cluster of students gathered around a bulletin board.
  419. >Once you are a little closer to the board you notice the words above the board
  421. >It's the list for the clubs active during this year.
  422. >Clubs are a way to make some new friends and good networking.
  423. >Also, seeing as you are kind of trying to aim for a decent college.
  424. >Being a part of a few clubs will look good on your college application.
  425. >You join the pack and get a glimpse of what's all available for the year.
  426. >Man, there are a lot more clubs than your older school.
  427. >Clubs for each individual sport.
  428. >Drama.
  429. >Video games.
  430. >Anime.
  431. >A/V
  432. >Young Farmers.
  433. >Debate.
  434. >The list goes on.
  435. >There are several different kinds of music clubs to choose from.
  436. >Of course the one that seems to be the one for you looks to be jam band.
  437. >A good way to flex your bass muscle so you'll have to check them out when sign ups happen in a few days.
  438. >After that you finally head off to your first class.
  439. >Once you enter the class you notice that some students are in fact seated in different spots from yesterday.
  440. >Which proves your 'open seating' theory correct.
  441. >However
  442. >You notice Fluttershy is seating in the same seat as yesterday.
  443. >And the seat next to her is once again empty.
  444. >It's a bit curious but it doesn't seem to odd.
  445. >You take your seat next to her once again and set your bag back underneath the desk.
  446. >Fluttershy doesn't turn to acknowledge you.
  447. >You decide not to engage her right off the bat either.
  448. >No use trying to rush into trying to show off your dog anyways.
  449. >You go all class with you two not speaking to each other.
  450. >Once class is over you pack up and again head out the room.
  451. >The day then moves on to your last class with her.
  452. >And it's more of the same.
  453. >This goes on for a few days, actually.
  454. >You begin to wonder if she has short term memory or something.
  455. >Sure, you could have taken initiative and spoke out to her.
  456. >And in hindsight, you probably should have.
  457. >But you didn't.
  458. >You begin to wonder.
  459. >Was her size was that off putting to you?
  460. >The thought kinda makes you feel bad again.
  461. >But you try not to let it get to you too much.
  462. >Finally in AP History. The teacher assigns you all your first project.
  463. >You must pair up and come up with a collage about a certain year in history.
  464. >This assignment seems rather juvenile to you and feels more like something you would have done in a class from a previous year and not an AP class.
  465. >But fuck it, you're not going to complain.
  466. >Seems like an easy grade.
  467. >Also.
  468. >You look over to Fluttershy.
  469. >She seems to be scanning the classroom before she looks to you.
  470. >You shrug your shoulders.
  471. “You thinking what I'm thinking?”
  472. >She half smiles and looks around one more time.
  473. “You're really the only person I talk to anyways.”
  474. >She lets out a small chuckle.
  475. >”I suppose we can work together.”
  476. >She says quietly.
  477. >All of a sudden she's pretty defensive.
  478. “Alright”
  479. >You tell her and reach out your hand.
  480. “Pleasure to be working with you.”
  481. >She looks at your hand for a moment.
  482. >She hesitates, then looks at you.
  483. >Finally she smiles just a little bit and reaches her hand out to shake yours.
  484. >You can't help but notice that while her hand is bigger than yours, it's still looks thin and, well, feminine.
  485. >Her hand also being very soft and smooth to touch.
  486. >After the agreement you are then assigned a Year to focus on.
  487. >You are given the year of 1932.
  488. >Once you are given the year, both you and Fluttershy begin to discuss what and if you know anything about that year in particular.
  489. >Which neither of you do.
  490. >Now that you have established that neither of you know anything about the year you both now discuss how to research the year.
  491. >”The library seems the best place.”
  492. >A solid suggestion.
  493. “Well, I have nothing planned after school today so we can begin today if you'd like.”
  494. >You offer.
  495. >”Sorry, but today I have already made plans.”
  496. >She says in a very apologetic manner and she bows her head to you.
  497. >You just hold your hands up.
  498. “No need to be sorry about it.”
  499. >You reassure her.
  500. “We can do it tomorrow?”
  501. >She then looks of to the side.
  502. >Seemingly thinking about it.
  503. >”Sure, I don't think I have any plans tomorrow.
  504. >You then nod and lightly clap your hands together.
  505. “Then it's settled.”
  506. >Fluttershy smiles and nods to you.
  507. >”Sounds lovely.”
  508. >Now that that is settled, you decide to bring up the photos.
  509. “Before I forget.”
  510. >You begin to tell her as you pull out your phone.
  511. “Here are the photos of my Pomeranian.”
  512. >You present your phone to Fluttershy.
  513. >She takes your phone and looks it over.
  514. >Her eyes widen up and she places one of hands over her mouth.
  515. >”Oh my gosh! He's sooooo cute!”
  516. >She squeals out in delight.
  517. >”He's so small and fluffy and I just want to hold him tightly!”
  518. >She closes her eyes in adoration and starts to sway in her seat in excitement.
  519. >Holding your phone close to her.
  520. >Again, you can't help but match her happiness.
  521. >”What's his name?”
  522. “Honey-Bear.'
  523. >You claim.
  524. >Fluttershy's reaction to his name was more the same from her.
  525. >”That's such an adorable and fitting name for him.”
  526. >She tells you as she finally gives you your phone back.
  527. >”I have to come over to meet him some day.”
  528. >Man, she is not shy when it comes to animals.
  529. >She then has a look of revelation on her face.
  530. >”Hey, why don't we go to your place tomorrow instead of the library to do some research and I can meet Honey-Bear.”
  531. >You are taken aback at her sudden eagerness.
  532. >All this over a dog?
  533. >Goddamn that escalated quickly.
  534. >You are suddenly nervous.
  535. >This is not something you were expecting.
  536. >Think.
  537. >Would it be weird if you brought her home?
  538. >It is for a school project after all.
  539. >Just keep it cool.
  540. >It's totally not like you are trying to get with her.
  541. “Uh, sure I guess.”
  542. >You say in your best not-too-enthused-but-make-it-sound-okay tone.
  543. >Fluttershy seems to be happy about it and bounces up and down in her seat.
  544. >”Ohh, I'm so excited!”
  545. >You scoff lightly and turn to your desk.
  546. “Sure.”
  547. >You say.
  548. >You just hope this won't backfire.
  550. >The next day,
  551. >Same routine in the morning.
  552. >Head off to school.
  553. >First period History class.
  554. >This time you take your seat in class before Fluttershy gets there.
  555. >After a few minutes, Flutterhy comes into the classroom and heads to her usual spot next to you.
  556. >You quickly glance at what she is wearing today.
  557. >Another very baggy pale green cold shoulder sweater and some white pants underneath.
  558. >Because it is a cold shoulder sweater, her shoulders are exposed along with two pink straps that wrung over them.
  559. >Her sweater seemed extra baggy as it was almost like a tent.
  560. >You begin to ponder if she is a bit chubby and is just trying to hide her belly.
  561. >”Good morning Anonymous.”
  562. >She is the first one to say something this time.
  563. “Morning.”
  564. >You respond while snapping out of your thoughts.
  565. “Am I to assume that you will be coming over after school to both research our year and meet my dog?”
  566. >You casually ask her.
  567. >She smiles and nods her head in response.
  568. >”Yes, of course.”
  569. >She says brightly, donning a sweet smile.
  570. >Then she takes her seat.
  571. >You nod and lean back in your seat.
  572. “Thankfully we have the same last class so we really don't have to meet anywhere after classes.”
  573. >Fluttershy listens to you and nods afterwords.
  574. >The day slogs on at a snails pace.
  575. >But you finally make it to the end of the day.
  576. >The last bell rings for the day.
  577. >The students begin to file out of the class by the dozen.
  578. >You stand and wait for fluttershy.
  579. >She then stands and slings her bag over her shoulder.
  580. >”Okay, I just need to stop by my locker, than I will be ready.”
  581. >You then nod and motion for her to lead the way.
  582. “After you.”
  583. >You offer.
  584. >She smiles again and nods.
  585. >”Why thank you.”
  586. >She says sweetly and then makes her way out of the classroom.
  587. >You follow right behind her.
  588. >As you follow her, you can't help but notice that she gets a couple of stares from other students.
  589. >Some even rubberneck and some even begin to stare at you.
  590. >The hell is with people?
  591. >Have they never seen a tall chick before?
  592. >Okay, she's more than 'just' tall.
  593. >She really tall.
  594. >You'd wager she is probably 6 feet tall, maybe a little taller.
  595. >You weren't sure, and you weren't going to bring up the subject to her as you are sure she gets it a lot.
  596. >And you can tell by just walking down the hall with her.
  597. >But you'd think they'd be used to it by now.
  598. >You finally make it to her locker.
  599. >She opens the combination lock and takes some books out and leaves some others in.
  600. >”Okay, I'm ready to go.”
  601. >She says .
  602. “Alright.”
  603. You say as you turn to head out to the student parking lot.
  604. >Then something hit your mind.
  605. “By the way.”
  606. >You turn back to Fluttershy.
  607. >And look up to her.
  608. “How do you get to school?”
  609. >You just now thought of this.
  610. “Like, do you drive? Take public transit? Ride with a friend?”
  611. >”Well, I..”
  612. >Before she could answer there is another voice the calls out to her from behind her.
  613. >”Hey Flutts!”
  614. >She turns to see who it was.
  615. >You sidestep to get a good view of who it was as well.
  616. >There were a group of girls who were gathering around the both of you,
  617. >Some of them were familiar faces, surprisingly.
  618. >The light purple girl with likewise colored hair and glasses wearing a baby blue and white striped shirt and purple skirt you knew as Twilight Sparkle.
  619. >You have her in your Advanced Physics class.
  620. >The girl with fiery red and yellow hair and bright orange skin with blue jeans and an orange shirt with a leather vest was Sunset Shimmer.
  621. >She was in your AP Calculus class.
  622. >The other, paler shade of orange chick with the blonde hair who wore the white white t shirt with green sleeves was named Applejack.
  623. >She was in your Drafting and Architecture class.
  624. >The other three you weren't sure who they were.
  625. >”You ready to head out to Sugarcube Corner?”
  626. >The blue skinned girl with the rainbow colored hair called out.
  627. >She sported midnight blue leggings with a rainbow lightning bolt pattern on the sides and a white t shirt with a blue open shirt.
  628. >The blue chick finally notices you behind her and she is immediately taken aback at the sight of you.
  629. >”Uh, who's that behind you?”
  630. >She asks in a lower tone as the rest of the girls then surround you and Fluttershy.
  631. >Fluttershy then turns to look at you and then back to the group of girls.
  632. >”Oh, he's my partner for my history project I told you about yesterday.”
  633. >She tells them.
  634. >After that brief intro you halfheartedly wave to the group.
  635. “Hey, I'm Anonymous.”
  636. >You proclaim.
  637. “I actually have a few of you in some of my classes.”
  638. >You then point out to the ones that you did.
  639. >Many of the girls seem to give you this odd look.
  640. >You can't explain it.
  641. >But with your experience with being surrounded by students who want to kick your ass at any given moment, you can tell this isn't a welcoming vibe.
  642. >It may not be as hostile as the former, but you may need to keep your guard up.
  643. >”Huh, yeah.”
  644. >The rainbow haired girl says suspiciously says to you.
  645. >Fluttershy then turns to face both you and the girls.
  646. >”This is Rarity, she's very fashion conscious.”
  647. >Flutters points to the white chick with purple hair and light blue blouse and another purple skirt.
  648. >”Charmed.”
  649. >She tells you in a deadpan tone.
  650. >You simply nod to her.
  651. >Fluttershy then moves on to the next to girl.
  652. >She points out the pink girl with a crazy large amount of puffy pink hair wearing a sleeveless shirt with a balloon pattern and three layer pink skirt with white pantyhose underneath.
  653. >”This is Pinkie Pie.  She throws the best parties in the school.”
  654. >She motions to the party girl, who in turn raises her hand all the way up and waves violently.
  655. >”Hiya!”
  656. >Great, the hyperactive cokehead party animal.
  657. >Guess there is one in every school, no matter where you go.
  658. >At least she seems the least hostile to you at the moment.
  659. >Finally, Fluttershy motions to the blue skinned gay pride haired girl.
  660. >”And this is Rainbow Dash, the best athlete in the school, and my oldest friend.”
  661. >Rainbow Dash has her arms crossed.
  662. >Giving you an unamused look.
  663. >She doesn’t respond to Fluttershy's introduction.
  664. >Even with the animosity in the air, you put on your best vault guy thumbs up pose.
  665. >Which doesn't help to ease the tension at all.
  666. >Then Sunset Shimmer speaks up.
  667. >”What was the assignment for?”
  668. >Flutthershy then explains about how you both need to create a report for a single year in the past.
  669. >Some of the girls then look to you again.
  670. >And then back to Fluttershy.
  671. >”Alright, I guess we'll leave you two be.”
  672. >Dash finally says. Still a bit unconvinced.
  673. >The Twilight speaks up.
  674. >”Just remember, if you need ANYTHING, just reach out to us and we'll be there.”
  675. >You tilt your head to the side at the comment.
  676. >Jeez, it's not like you're going to kidnap Fluttershy and lock her in your rape dungeon or something.
  677. >You probably couldn't even if you had a rape dungeon and actually tried to.
  678. >The girls then trail off one by one, leaving you two be.
  679. >Dash is the last one to leave you two alone but not before staring at you for a long period of time.
  680. >Finally, the girls are all gone.
  681. >You then turn to look up to Fluttershy.
  682. “Well that was awkward.”
  683. >You tell her.
  684. >She then sighs and shakes her head.
  685. >”Don't take it the wrong way.  They are only looking out for me.”
  686. >You can't imagine someone her size needs people to fight her battles for her.
  687. >But maybe from what you have seen of the tall shy girl, perhaps there was merit to what she said.
  688. “I guess.”
  689. >You finally take a step forward and nod for Fluttershy to follow.
  690. “Shall we get going?”
  691. >She nods and takes a step towards you as well.
  692. >You both make your way out of the building and into the student parking lot.
  693. >”By the way, I usually get rides to and from school with Rainbow Dash, since we live very close to each other.”
  694. >You nod.
  695. >Not that it matters at this point but good to know.
  696. >You both make it to your car and you first unlock your door and climb in to unlock the other side.
  697. >No automatic locks on an 80's car.
  698. >As Fluttershy gets into the car and adjusts her seat to better accompany her large frame, you screw your steering wheel back onto the car.
  699. >Fluttershy notices this.
  700. >”Why would you need to do something like that?”
  701. >You grunt at her question.
  702. “Force of habit from my old home.”
  703. >You get the wheel on and start the ignition.
  704. >”Do you really need to?”
  705. >She asks.
  706. >You sort of nod.
  707. “Before I did, but this city seems much more safe than Whinny City.”
  708. >You finish and you back out of the parking spot.
  709. >Then you exit the lot and head on to your place.
  711. ( [Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower - Spier-Man: Into the Spider-Verse OST])
  712. >Both you and flutters make your way through downtown.
  713. >You catch glimpses of fluttershy seemingly grooving to the song.
  714. >With her and the Canterlot skyline, your eyes dart between both with them focusing back on the road from time to time.
  715. >You're more of a rock and funk kind of guy but even you couldn't deny this song's catchyness.
  716. >Not like you paid for the song anyways.
  717. >But for now it has set the mood nicely after your encounter with her friends.
  718. >”What was life like in Whinny City?”
  719. >She finally breaks the silence with a question.
  720. >You scoff lightly.
  721. ”Well, it was a lot bigger than here.”
  722. >You then take another look at the skyline for a moment before looking back at the road.
  723. “I haven't been around here much to really dissect little differences. But I can at least say I don't have to look behind my back as much here.”
  724. >You then look to her and smile.
  725. “That has to count for something.”
  726. >She seems confused at your comment.
  727. >”Why would you have to look over your shoulder?”
  728. >Her question is genuine.
  729. >And truth be told, you don't even know why exactly.
  730. >It was just something you grew up having to do.
  731. >You shake your head.
  732. “It's just how things worked out there, I guess. I grew up in it so I didn't really question it.”
  733. >It's a topic you kinda don't care to get into.
  734. “I mean, the city is filled with gangs all fighting each other over stupid mundane things like which one can hang out at a certain city block, or which color looks cooler.”
  735. >You felt like you were about to go on a rant when the current song ends and the next one plays
  736. ([Anterior - Human Hive - The Age of Silence])
  737. >The sudden burst of noise sends a shockwave up your spine and you jump up in surprise.
  738. >From the corner of your eye it seemed to have taken fluttershy by surprise as well.
  739. >You quickly take your hand and grab for your MP3 player and quickly hit the next button.
  740. >The next song plays and it's a much more calm sounding song.
  741. “Sorry about that.”
  742. >You say awkwardly.
  743. >You glance over at Fluttershy and she has a wide eye expression on her face.
  744. >Perhaps the sudden burst of energy scared the poor girl.
  745. >She looks down at her lap and then over to you.
  746. “I have a bunch of songs like that on here.”
  747. >You then turn your attention back on the road ahead of you.
  748. >”R-right.”
  749. >Fluttershy shakily says back to you.
  750. >There is now a long period of silence for the rest of the drive back to your place.
  751. >But just before you took your eyes off Fluttershy before, you could have sworn that there was a tiny hint of pink on her face.
  752. >Maybe from embarrassment of being jump scared by your music.
  754. >You finally make it home.
  755. >It looks like you're the first to get home again as both your parents cars aren't in the driveway.
  756. >You park the car and both of you make your way to the front door.
  757. >Just before you unlock the door to enter, you give Fluttershy a warning.
  758. “Honey Bear is most likely going to bark up a storm but give him a second, he usually clams down and gets affectionate real quick.”
  759. >Fluttershy nods in anticipation.
  760. >You then finally open the door and you both enter the house and you close the door.
  761. >Upon closing the door you can now hear the scurrying little patter of tiny paws running on the wood floor of your house as Honey Bear runs towards the sound.
  762. >He begins to bark furiously, as what he normally does no matter who was at the door.
  763. >Once he notices you and Fluttershy he stops dead in his tracks and just continues to yap away.
  764. >You can hear Fluttershy behind you start to squeal in delight.
  765. >You smile and kneel down and motion for your dog to come closer.
  766. >Strangely, he stays in his spot and just growls for a moment.
  767. >He usually is weary around new people but not this much.
  768. >You begin to wonder if her size has anything to do with it.
  769. >”Ohh, It's okay, I won't hurt you.”
  770. >You hear Fluttershy call out right behind you.
  771. >She has also squatted down to try and call out to the little guy.
  772. >Honey Bear begins to walk in circles before he finally makes his way towards you two.
  773. >He scurries up to you and gets on his hind legs and begins to try and lick you.
  774. >You pat his head for a bit before you let him go and he cautiously stares at Fluttershy next to you.
  775. >”don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you.”
  776. >Flutts coos at the tiny fluff ball.
  777. >After a moment of hesitation he finally moves up to her.
  778. >He starts to sniff her before he starts to wag his tail in approval.
  779. >She can now pet him as he no longer see her as a threat.
  780. >Fluttershy begins to scratch the side of his head.
  781. >”Awww, who's a cute little doggy~”
  782. >She starts to sweet talk the little guy.
  783. >”Such a fluffy little boy.”
  784. >Honey Bear starts to bark and growl a little at Fluttershy.
  785. >She then acts surprised.
  786. >”Oh I'm sorry, you're not a fluffy little boy then. You're a ferocious guard god!”
  787. >She giggles as if she's talking with the dog.
  788. >It's kinda cute.
  789. >You finally get up from your position and nod your head in the direction to your room.
  790. “We should head to my room and we can start researching for our assignment.”
  791. >Fluttershy nods and stands up from her position.
  792. >You lead the way for her to follow.
  793. >With Honey Bear in tow behind her.
  794. >You make your way to your room and open the door and let her in first.
  795. >You leave the door open for obvious reasons.
  796. >There is nothing special about your room.
  797. >A bed.
  798. >A desk with a computer.
  799. >A dresser with some clothing.
  800. >And in the corner are your various bass guitars and pedals and amplifier.
  801. >You then enter and take your seat at your desk.
  802. “Sorry I don't have another chair.”
  803. >You apologize to her and motion for her to have a seat on your bed.
  804. >She does so and takes notice of your guitars.
  805. >”Oh, right, you said you play bass.”
  806. “Yeah.”
  807. >You say nonchalantly without looking back to her.
  808. >Trying to boot up your computer.
  809. >”Are you in a band?”
  810. >She asks.
  811. >You shake your head.
  812. “Not really. I've just been playing since as far back as I can remember.”
  813. >That was kind of a half truth.
  814. >You have been playing since your were probably eight years old give or take.
  815. >It's been a while.
  816. >”My friend Applejack plays the bass as well.”
  817. >Fluttershy continues the conversation.
  818. “Good for her.”
  819. >You respond, not really caring too much but just to humor her you continue on.
  820. “Does she play in a band?”
  821. >Fluttershy then hums in response
  822. >”Mmhm, in fact, all of us are in a band together.”
  823. >You then turn your desk chair to face her on your bed.
  824. “You play in instrument?”
  825. >Genuinely curious now, you now probe her for more information.
  826. >She now looks a little embarrassed.
  827. >”Well, I actually play the tambourine for the band.”
  828. >You try very hard to keep a straight face and not laugh so you say the first thing that comes to mind.
  829. “Huh, cool.  Is it kind of like some sort of avant garde deal like Horse The Band's triangle player?”
  830. >Maybe not the best comparison.
  831. >”Who's that?”
  832. >She asks.
  833. >You may have dodged a bullet.
  834. “Ah, it's just some other band who also has an..., odd instrument they play for the band.”
  835. >You quickly try to change the subject.
  836. “Hey, how about we get started on this project?”
  837. >Her eyes widen.
  838. >”Oh! You're right.”
  839. >She quickly responds and then grabs for her bag and takes out a notebook and a pencil.
  840. >You both then begin to search the internet for any information regarding the year of 1932.
  841. >There's some
  842. >Your dog then comes into the room and hops onto your bed and starts to nestle next to Fluttershy.
  843. >Fluttershy then giggles and starts to pet him.
  844. >Honey Bear then growls and barks at Fluttershy.
  845. >”Oh my, don't you worry, I won't intrude for much longer.”
  846. >She tells the dog as she scratches the back of his ears.
  847. >IS she still pretending to have a conversation with the dog?
  848. >It was cute at first but it's wearing thin on you fast.
  849. >Your dog once again growls and yaps some more to Fluttershy.
  850. >And she responds with another giggle.
  851. >”Well that's great to hear.”
  852. >Before she could continue, you hear the front door of your house open which sends your dog in a barking frenzy and he darts out your room to confront whoever dared enter your home.
  853. “What was that all about?”
  854. >You inquire about that faux-conversation she had with your dog.
  855. >”What do you mean?”
  856. >You then point to her and then outwards to your dog who is still yapping away in the distance.
  857. “You and my dog?”
  858. >She looks over to you with a smile.
  859. >”Oh, he just said that I was sitting on his territory and only you were allowed to be here.”
  860. >You then furrow your brow.
  861. “...what?”
  862. >You blurt rather loudly.
  863. >She is a little surprised at your reaction but she continues.
  864. >”Well, he says you are the only one out of the family that lets him sleep on the bed so he guards it for you and himself.  He seems to really like you for that.”
  865. >Now your eyes go wide.
  866. >What the fuck is this Dr. Dolittle shit?
  867. “You shitting me?”
  868. >You say out loud again without caring for how it came out.
  869. >And your reaction does resonate with Fluttershy.
  870. >She now seems worried, doting her eyes from side to side as if to try to come up with an excuse.
  871. >”U-uh, I, I can talk to animals?”
  872. >She responds in a more concerned manner.
  873. >You are still just staring at her in disbelief.
  874. >No way that can be right.
  875. >But, she did reveal information that while is not private, you wouldn't just 'know' about it.
  876. >And you're brand new in town so there was no way for her to have known anything about you.
  877. >Is, is this some secret that should be kept hush hush?”
  878. >You ask.
  879. >You're not really sure where you go with this kind of information.
  880. >”No, everyone in town knows, and all my friends have powers as well.”
  881. >You still continue to stare at her like some freak.
  882. >It's awful, yes.
  883. >Epseically since she probably gets enough about it with her size.
  884. >But this isn't something as..., uncommon as a very tall girl.
  885. >We're talking MAGIC here.
  886. >And it's just all over the place in this city since her and her six friends all have it?
  887. >You then hold up your hand in a questioning manner and open your mouth to speak again.
  888. >It takes another moment before you could form words.
  889. “...How?”
  890. >Is all you could manage to say.
  891. >Fluttershy is now getting more uncomfortable at your stare.
  892. >Maybe you should try and pull back the reigns for a moment.
  893. >”I would really rather we didn't talk too much about it.”
  894. >You shake your head and look away from her.
  895. “It's just a bit much.”
  896. >You finally tell her.
  897. >”Anon! Are you fapping to made up scenarios in your room again you degenerate perv?”
  898. >A high pitched voice from down the hall could be heard getting louder as they get closer to your room.
  899. >Great, she's home now.
  900. >”Cause I'll totally tell mom that you were-”
  901. >The voice stops as the person whose it belonged to is now standing in your doorway.
  902. >Same neon green skin, black wavy hair that only went down to her shoulders.
  903. >She wore a black t shirt and a plaid red and black skirt with light gray leggings underneath.
  904. >She had an unimpressed look on her face with her arms crossed.
  905. “Fuck off Alana!”
  906. >You bark at your younger sister.
  907. >She now takes her eyes off of you and onto Fluttershy.
  908. >Then a smug look begins to creep onto her face.
  909. >”Wow, a girl.”
  910. >She teases you.
  911. >”I guess you really aren't a fag.”
  912. >You then instinctively hurl your notebook at her but she easily dodges it.
  913. >”Aren't you going to introduce me to the only girl who could manage be within 10 yards of your ass?”
  914. >Fluttershy took this cue to stand up.
  915. >”Hello there, I'm Fluttershy.”
  916. >She says in her signature soft tone.
  917. >But once she stands up, you quickly looked over to your younger sister.
  918. >Fearing the worst.
  919. >And the little cunt didn't disappoint.
  920. >Alana's eyes widened as she looked up at the yellow girl who no undoubtedly towers over her.
  921. >”Holy fuck that's a huge bitch!”
  922. >You immediately and without thought grab a textbook from your desk and once again hurl it over to your little sister.
  923. >This time though, the book finds it's target.
  924. >She is caught by the spine of the book on her chest and she stumbles over.
  925. >She gets back up and is now glaring daggers at you.
  926. >”I'm telling mom, fucker!”
  927. >She then storms off.
  928. >You can hear her yell for your mom as she does.
  929. >You then sit back in your seat and take a deep breath.
  930. >Then you look over to see how Fluttershy handled it.
  931. >Her head was tilted down with a defeated look on her face.
  932. >You then shake your head.
  933. “That, was my bratty and annoying little sister, Alanamous.”
  934. >You then get up and slowly move to pick up the textbook and notebook that you threw at your sister.
  935. “She's about thirteen years old and in her last year of middle school but shes also in that 'ow-the-edge' phase and is just a fucking pain in the ass to deal with.”
  936. >You then close the door.
  937. >As if a closed door is going to quell the incoming wrath that is your mother.
  938. >Fluttershy then sighs.
  939. >”I know I've said it before, but I'm okay with it.”
  940. >She says in a more somber tone.
  941. >”Especially with kids and teens her age.”
  942. >She takes another deep breath and puts on another smile for you.
  943. >But it's one of those forced smiles that breaks your heart more than anything else.
  944. >The mood changes a little more when you can hear stomps from outside of the room.
  945. >As they get closer you can hear the bass from your mother's voice.
  946. >”Anonymous! How many times have I told you about not hitting your little sister!”
  947. >She is now right out of your door.
  948. >And like clockwork the door gets flung open and she storms in.
  949. >”I swear I-”
  950. >She immediately halts in her tracks at the sight of Fluttershy.
  951. >Her demeanor has flipped a 180.
  952. >Where there was malice, there is now kindness.
  953. >”Oh, hello there dear.”
  954. >She quickly and awkwardly tries to make it seem like she wasn't on a rampage just literal seconds ago to save face in front of her new guest.
  955. >”Um, hi.”
  956. >Fluttershy says in her quiet voice once again.
  957. >”I'm fluttershy and I'm in the same class as Anonymous.”
  958. >She continues on.
  959. >”We were just researching for a class project.”
  960. >Your mom has this awkward smile on her face as she darts her eyes from her to you.
  961. >In this moment you can't help but have a smug look on your face as her shitty behavior was put on blast by Flutts.
  962. “What, didn't Alana tell you I had a guest who she insulted?”
  963. >She then shot you a quick glare for just a fraction of a second before she put on her best motherly face.
  964. >”She did not.”
  965. >She then said with a bit of annoyance in her voice.
  966. >”We will talk about this later.”
  967. >She says to you as she begins to leave the room.
  968. >Just before she closes the door she then looks back to Fluttershy.
  969. >”Will you be staying for dinner?”
  970. >Fluttershy then shakes her head.
  971. >”No, that is quite alright.”
  972. >Your mom then nod her head.
  973. “Well, don't be bashful if you want to change your mind we would love to have you.”
  974. >She then leaves and closes the door behind her.
  975. >Fluttershy then looks at you with some level of concern.
  976. >You just shrug your shoulders.
  977. “It's not always like this.”
  978. >You then turn back to the computer monitor to get back to work.
  979. “And she's not all that bad.”
  980. >You sigh and then turn your head to Fluttershy.
  981. ”Shall we get this Year done?”
  982. >It takes her a moment, but then she nods and gets her notebook ready.
  983. >For the next hour you both continue your research,
  984. >It gets to a point where you feel you have enough of what you need to come up with a collage.
  985. >Including a humorous incident in which a country lost a war to birds.
  986. >In which the conversation shifted to Fluttershy's love of animals.
  987. >Including birds.
  988. “My mom has a few birds as well.”
  989. >You then tell her.
  990. >And once again her eyes light up at the mention of animals.
  991. >”Can we see them?”
  992. >You look over in your notebook.
  993. >Then you shrug your shoulders.
  994. “Sure, I'd say we have enough of what we need. We can end this with looking at some birds.”
  995. >She smiles at your answer.
  996. >You then get up from your seat and Fluttershy then gathers her things and puts them in her back pack.
  997. >You then open the door and you lead Fluttershy out to the kitchen.
  998. >There you see your mom with her attention at the stove.
  999. >Seemingly getting dinner ready.
  1000. “I'm gonna show my friend the birds.”
  1001. >You tell your mom as you walk by.
  1002. >She then takes her attention off of what she was doing and looks over to you two.
  1003. >”That's fi-”
  1004. >She starts but then is stunned silent at the sight of Fluttershy.
  1005. >”Oh my, I'm sorry, I was just a bit surprised is all.”
  1006. >She then motions to the door that leads to the garage where the birdcages are kept.
  1007. >”Please by all means.”
  1008. >She says with a nervous smile on her face.
  1009. >You once again take another look at Flutts to see how she is handling this.
  1010. >She once again doesn't seem to mind.
  1011. >In fact, she bows her head in thanks to your mom.
  1012. >”Thank you very much.”
  1013. >With that now out of the way, you lead Fluttershy into the garage.
  1014. >There, in the corner of the room sits several cages with several different types of birds.
  1015. >There were several small gouldian finches
  1016. >And a green rose ringed Parakeet
  1017. >Fluttershy then moves ever closer to the cages.
  1018. >Most of the birds remain calm but the Parakeet begins to chirp like mad.
  1019. >Which is what it always does.
  1020. >”Hi there little friends.”
  1021. >She starts to cal lout to them.
  1022. >And many of the finches seem to responds well to her.
  1023. >All you can really do is stand there and see her magic at work.
  1024. >”Aren't you all little cuties, yes you are~”
  1025. >She says as she is hunched over looking over all the birds.
  1026. >Once she gets to the Parakeet, it starts to click and chirp at Flutts.
  1027. >”Well hello to you too.”
  1028. >She spends a good amount of time with the Parakeet.
  1029. >The Parakeet starts to chirp loudly again.
  1030. >And Fluttershy easily calms it down.
  1031. >Regardless if she could talk to animals or not, getting that bastard to calm down is a pain in the ass.
  1032. “I'm impressed that you could calm him down.”
  1033. >You had to let her know.
  1034. >She then giggles and stands up from her hunched position.
  1035. >”Yes, he seems a bit on edge.”
  1036. >She then turns to look at you.
  1037. >”He, uh, seems to not like you very much.”
  1038. >You scoff at the comment.
  1039. >And you get a little close to the flutts and the Parakeet.
  1040. >The Parakeet was always the pain in the ass to handle.
  1041. >He bit the hardest and would scream in your ear anytime you tried to tend to him.
  1042. “Well, in all fairness he's also a dick.”
  1043. >You tell Fluttershy as you point your finger to the Parakeet.
  1044. >And predictably the Parakeet then attacks your finger but bites the cage that is between you and him instead.
  1045. >The Parakeet then starts to once again chirp loudly.
  1046. >Fluttershy then giggles then quickly stops and clears his throat.
  1047. >”He just called you a bad word I would rather not repeat.”
  1048. >You just stare daggers at the bird and then flick the cage.
  1049. >”At least the others seem to like you.”
  1050. >She adds.
  1051. >You then look over to the other finches.
  1052. >They just stand around and chirp very softly compared to the Parakeet.
  1053. “What do they say about the rest of my family.”
  1054. >You just ask for shits and giggles.
  1055. >”Well.”
  1056. >She pauses.
  1057. >”They like your mom, but they don't seem to like your little sister.”
  1058. >You then snort.
  1059. “Shocking.”
  1060. >You say in a deadpan tone.
  1061. >Fluttershy at least giggles at that comment.
  1062. >She continues to speak with the birds for a few more minutes before she is ready to head out.
  1063. >You lead her out of the garage and you both get into your car.
  1064. >On the way home you strike up some more small talk.
  1065. “So, I hope Honey Bear was all that he was cracked up to be”
  1066. >Fluttershy lightly squeals in response.
  1067. >”Everything and then some.”
  1068. >She says.
  1069. >”He's such a proud dog.”
  1070. >You can't help but smile at the comment.
  1071. >”Even your mom's birds were a treat.”
  1072. >You nod.
  1073. >”Though I'm more of an Owl kind of person, though that's only because I deal with them a lot at a shelter I volunteer at.”
  1074. >You chuckle at that comment.
  1075. “Who keeps Owls?”
  1076. >You ask.
  1077. >She then shakes her head.
  1078. >”Oh no, it's not that we are keeping them there forever. It's more of a recovery and we re-release them to the wild once they are healed.”
  1079. >You then bob your head up and down.
  1080. “Ah, makes sense.”
  1081. >The rest of the drive is more small talk and her pointing out directions to her place.
  1082. >Once you get there you park in front on the street.
  1083. >It's a pretty modest looking house.
  1084. >”Thank you for the ride.”
  1085. >She says as she opens the door to get out.
  1086. “Yeah, so worries.”
  1087. >You tell her.
  1088. “See you in school tomorrow.”
  1089. >You say as well.
  1090. >She smiles warmly at you before she turns to get out.
  1091. >”See you tomorrow.”
  1092. >She says and she gets out of the car.
  1093. >You watch her as she walks up to her house and enters the house.
  1094. >Out of your sight.
  1095. >You then finally make your way back home.
  1096. >Once you get back home you walk into your house to see Alana was sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework.
  1097. >She then looks up to you and then puts on her smug look again.
  1098. >”I didn't think you had an Amazonian mommy fetish.”
  1099. >She teases.
  1100. >You don't respond to her and just walk past and up to your room.
  1101. >”What's the matter?  Did she already milk you dry?”
  1102. >She says just before you are out of sight.
  1103. >One of these days.
  1104. >Shes gonna get five across the face.
  1106. >The next day.
  1107. >First class goes well.
  1108. >You have small chit chat with Fluttershy over your project.
  1109. >Next up is AP Calculus.
  1110. >Once you arrive in the classroom you take your usual seat and wait for the bell to ring.
  1111. >While waiting, you notice Sunset Shimmer chose to sit next to you instead of her usual spot in the front of the class.
  1112. >”Hey.”
  1113. >She wastes no time in calling out to you.
  1114. >You look over to her.
  1115. >Red and yellow flowing hair.
  1116. >A black leather jacket covering a baby blue blouse.
  1117. >And a pair of tight faded jeans that hugged her legs well.
  1118. “Hey....”
  1119. >You pause and you hold up a finger as to try and remember her name.
  1120. >Despite being in the same class for over a week you still can't remember her name.
  1121. >It doesn't come to you so she has to remind you.
  1122. >”Sunset Shimmer.”
  1123. >She finishes your pause.
  1124. >You snap your fingers and nod in response.
  1125. “Yes, Sunset Shimmer.”
  1126. >You repeat for memories sake.
  1127. “What's up?”
  1128. >She then looks around before she speaks.
  1129. >”Well, let me be the first to apologize for..”
  1130. >She hesitates for a second.
  1131. >”Well, I want to at least apologize for my stand-offsih behavior yesterday.”
  1132. >She then runs her hand through her hair and scratches the top.
  1133. >”I could tell you weren't too comfortable with us and how we were sort of acting towards you.”
  1134. >You sit back into your desk and blow some hot air.
  1135. ”Could it have been any more awkward?”
  1136. >You ask with a chuckle then look off to the front of the class.
  1137. “Well, I do appreciate your apology.”
  1138. >You look back at Sunset and nod.
  1139. “I mean, I could understand that you ladies would look out for each other.”
  1140. >You pause and then continue.
  1141. “Especially for someone like Fluttershy.  She really seems like a gentle flower, despite her size.”
  1142. >You then tilt your head off to the side.
  1143. “Well, maybe gentle flower may not be the right word, but I think you get what I'm saying.”
  1144. >You swing your hands out to Sunset in response to your words.
  1145. >Now it's Sunset's time to tilt her head off to the side.
  1146. >”Well, yeah, she has been bullied and continues to have issues about it but it's a little more than that.”
  1147. >She explains.
  1148. >”You see, we're also just trying to protect her from not just bullies but also some, unsavory types of guys that she seems to attract with her..., 'size'.”
  1149. >She says in a very low tone while making a wide hourglass gesture with her hands.
  1150. >Especially when she mentioned size.
  1151. >This is a little interesting.
  1152. >You then lean forward to speak in a low tone back to Shimmer.
  1153. “Wait, you're telling me there are dudes around here with tall girl fetishes?”
  1154. >That seemed a bit rude to say.
  1155. >But from your own experiences, most other guys have Napoleon complexes when it comes to girls being taller than them.
  1156. >You yourself wouldn't mind a big girl.
  1157. >As of now you would probably never admit it should Alana ever find out.
  1158. >But that's besides the point right now.
  1159. >Sunset gives you a bit of a stink eye.
  1160. >”It's not that.”
  1161. >Her voice, while still low, a little more hoarse in response.
  1162. “Well, if it's not that, which I still think it is no matter what those other dudes say, what is it?”
  1163. >You try to probe for more information.
  1164. “It's not like she's fat or anything.”
  1165. >You then start to talk to yourself.
  1166. “Though she does love to wear excessively baggy tops every time I see her.”
  1167. >You look back at Sunset Shimmer.
  1168. >Who is now looking a little more annoyed.
  1169. “You sure she isn't hiding some fat underneath there?”
  1170. >You try to crack a joke.
  1171. >Which bombed.
  1172. >She just looks mad now.
  1173. >You then hold out your hands in defense.
  1174. “Okay, I will admit that was a terrible joke.”
  1175. >You try to defuse the situation.
  1176. >Last thing you would want right about now are female enemies.
  1177. >Especially if they are all some sort of magical girl like Fluttershy is.
  1178. >”I don't see the humor in that.”
  1179. >She says with a heavy tone in her voice
  1180. >You now start to maneuver your hands downward as to try and calm her down.
  1181. “Look, You are really playing coy here!”
  1182. >You try to deflect it back on her.
  1183. “You said yourself that she is 'big'.”
  1184. >You use air quotes with your fingers to accent the big in your words.
  1185. “And you also said her 'size' attracts a lot of 'unsavory' types of guys.”
  1186. >You explain further.
  1187. “How am I exactly supposed to not take that as her being possibly fat?”
  1188. >Sunset Shimmer is now rubbing her forehead.
  1189. “Look, there is nothing wrong with it.  If anything with her height it could even be healthy for her.”
  1190. >You shrug your shoulders.
  1191. >Sunset is now chuckling and shaking her head,
  1192. >A good sign.
  1193. >”You know what?  Let's just drop it.”
  1194. >She says.
  1195. >She then takes out her notebook and textbook and awaiting for class to begin.
  1196. >”But now I need to ask you, what do you think of Fluttershy?”
  1197. >You had to think about that for a moment.
  1198. “She seems very nice and genuine.”
  1199. >You try to replay a lot of your interactions with her.
  1200. >Which aren't many.
  1201. “Maybe a bit too soft and quiet, but if you say she's been bullied than you can't really fault her.”
  1202. >Then yesterday comes to mind.
  1203. “Her talking to animals schtick is a bit weird, but when you get past the initial shock, it's kinda cool.”
  1204.  >You look at Sunset once again and shrug your shoulders again.
  1205. “I guess she's cool in my book.”
  1206. >Sunset then looks at you as well.
  1207. >And she nods at you.
  1208. >”I think I've heard enough out of you and from Fluttershy herself to see that I won't have any immediate issues with you going forward.”
  1209. >You raise a single eyebrow.
  1210. “Is that something I'm supposed to be proud of?”
  1211. >She now has a warm smile on her face.
  1212. >”Sure.”
  1213. >You now shake your head at her.
  1214. “Care to further elaborate on what you mean?”
  1215. >The bell rings for the class to begin.
  1216. >”I think I've said enough, maybe you should talk a little more to Fluttershy if you want some more answers.”
  1217. >Why would you do that?
  1218. >It's not like you have the hots for her or anything.
  1220. >Once AP Calculus is over it is time for your next class.
  1221. >Advanced Physics.
  1222. >And you have another one of fluttershy's friends in it.
  1223. >Much like every other class you make it to the room with time to spare before the bell rings.
  1224. >You take your usual spot and get your books ready.
  1225. >And just like the previous class, the purple girl seems to notice you and takes a seat next to you.
  1226. >Twilight Sparkle.
  1227. >You actually remember her name because at least she participates in all class discussions so her name gets said a lot.
  1228. >She then takes out her books and sets them on her desk before she tries to acknowledge you.
  1229. >”Hey.”
  1230. >She says in your direction.
  1231. >You sigh heavily and tilt your head up to the ceiling.
  1232. >Blinding your eyes on the florescent lights.
  1233. “Yes?”
  1234. >You say in a more annoyed tone that when Sunset called out to you previous class.
  1235. >”Sorry to be a bother, but I just wanted to talk to you a bit about...”
  1236. >She pauses for a second.
  1237. >In which time you move your head to look at her.
  1238. “Let me guess, Fluttershy?”
  1239. >She is taken aback for a moment but then recomposes herself pretty quickly.
  1240. >”Yes.”
  1241. >You shake your head and start to chuckle a little bit.
  1242. “Look, I just played 20 questions with Sunset Shimmer the class before so unless you want to give me any information on Flutts other than she's big and tall and attracts 'unsavory' guys because of her size, don't fucking bother asking me anything.”
  1243. >You tell her right off the bat.
  1244. >Twilight now has an awkward look on her face and leans back while using her hands to tell you to settle down.
  1245. >”C-calm down!  I'm only looking out for my friend is all.”
  1246. >She defends herself.
  1247. >You then shake your head
  1248. “And so seems like the others are as well.”
  1249. >You retort.
  1250. “Is it REALLY that bad that you feel like she can't defend herself?  Like, at all?”
  1251. >You rant.
  1252. “Like I get that she's very soft spoken and seems like a gentle soul but...”
  1253. >You now pause and go on.
  1254. “Does she really need protection?  I mean, she's a-”
  1255. >You caught yourself before you said it.
  1256. >You gave yourself a chuckle over the thought.
  1257. “Well, she's a big girl, I'm sure she can take care of herself.”
  1258. >Pun intended.
  1259. >She then shakes her head and furrows her brow.
  1260. >”It's more than just that.”
  1261. >She claims.
  1262. >”A lot of guys feel threatened by her size, like they feel emasculated that she's not some tiny piece they can protect and see her as this freak.”
  1263. >She argues.
  1264. >”And the guys that don't feel like that? Are even worse.”
  1265. >She adds on.
  1266. >”And that's usually because of her...”
  1267. >He eyes go wide for a second.
  1268. >She stops herself.
  1269. “Her...?”
  1270. >You try to get her to say whatever it was that was on her mind.
  1271. >”Nothing.”
  1272. >She retorts back rather quickly in a hurried manner.
  1273. >”Regardless, We are only looking out for her.”
  1274. >She says again and looks away from you.
  1275. “Well good for you, I hope the peace corps commends you for your efforts.”
  1276. >The bell rings.
  1277. >Class begins.
  1278. >The conversation is over for all you care.
  1279. >Which in one way you don't.
  1280. >But in another way, you're intrigued.
  1281. >They are pretty adamant in vetting you just to be Fluttershy's friend.
  1282. >If you can call it that.
  1283. >You've only hung out for a school project.
  1284. >It almost makes you want to get to know her a little more.
  1285. >If not only for the reverse psychology of  “do not touch”  just to spite the girls.
  1286. >The thing about other guys' masculinity being hurt over her size is pretty funny though.
  1287. >A girl Fluttershy's size is an oddity, that is true.
  1288. >But for a dude to feel ashamed that a girl is bigger than you is something you don't understand.
  1289. >After all.
  1290. >It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog
  1292. >You don't have any of the other girls in your classes until after lunch.
  1293. >Which today lunch is a somewhat special one.
  1294. >As today is club day.
  1295. >It's where several of the clubs set up booths during lunch to advertise for their club.
  1296. >Something you're going to have to do to pad that ever important college application.
  1297. >You walk around the campus and look at the various booths.
  1298. >You have no interest in student politics
  1299. >Anime and gaming are nice fun and all but you will hid your power level at all costs.
  1300. >There was only one club that you had already decided on from the get go.
  1301. >And you find that booth.
  1302. >Or more like, you HEAR the booth.
  1303. >In the main courtyard outside the building you actually see all of Fluttershy's friends performing together.
  1304. >In a band.
  1305. >Like Fluttershy said
  1306. >And she's even playing with the band.
  1307. >Using the tambourine.
  1308. >Like she also said.
  1309. >Ha! The white chick with purple hair even plays a Keytar.
  1310. ( [The Rainbooms - Shake Your Tail - My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks])
  1311. >Is this an original song?
  1312. >You're not really feeling it much.
  1313. >But considering the times some friends and yourself have tried to write a song, it's been pretty daunting.
  1314. >So at least this was impressive.
  1315. >Fluttershy seems to have a role that doesn’t seem unnecessary either.
  1316. >Bonus points, you guess.
  1317. >”See or hear something you like?”
  1318. >An unfamiliar voice calls out to you from your right side.
  1319. >You look over to see a dude sitting at a table setup.
  1320. >He had blue spiked hair with a black jacket with a few lightning bolt patches on the sleeves.
  1321. >His bottom half was covered with the table.
  1322. >On the table there is a banner taped to the front that read “Jam Band.”
  1323. “Well.”
  1324. >You tell him and you look back at the girls preform.
  1325. “They're jamming.”
  1326. >You say and then you look back at the guy.
  1327. “So, what exactly is jam band?”
  1328. >You inquire about the club.
  1329. >”Jam band is a club where anybody who can play an instrument can join and just, well, jam.”
  1330. >The guys says proudly.
  1331. >”And even if you can't play an instrument, we can always teach you and practice.”
  1332. >He explains further.
  1333. >”Later we like to form different rosters of bands and preform shows throughout the School year.”
  1334. >Huh, kinda cool.
  1335. >Way different than what it was at your old school.
  1336. >You just nod.
  1337. “When do you guys normally meet?”
  1338. >You ask.
  1339. >”Every Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the music room.
  1340. >He answers proudly.
  1341. >”Care to join up?”
  1342. >He asks.
  1343. >And you think for about a millisecond.
  1344. “Well, nobody likes a showoff unless you're a College Admissions counselor.  So I'm in.”
  1345. >You answer back and grab the pen on the table and sign the sheet.
  1346. >”Sweet man!”
  1347. >He thanks you for your membership and extends his hand out to you.
  1348. >”I'm Flash Sentry, by the way.”
  1349. >You take his hand and shake it.
  1350. “Anonymous.”
  1351. >You introduce yourself with a smile.
  1352. >”Well, welcome to the Jam Band”
  1353. >He says happily and looks at your signature on the sign up sheet.
  1354. >”Oh, you need to list your instrument on here as well.”
  1355. >He informs you,
  1356. >You look down at the sheet and the few other signatures on there did in fact also list an instrument.
  1357. >Some of the instruments were interesting.
  1358. >Someone even listed triangle.
  1359. >You take the pen again and write your instrument down.
  1360. >Flash once again thanks you for your cooperation and looks down at what you wrote.
  1361. >”Oh? A bassist?”
  1362. >He sounds interested.
  1363. >You nod with pride.
  1364. “That'd be me!”
  1365. >He chuckles and sits back in his seat.
  1366. >”We could definitely use more bassists in the club.”
  1367. >You then look up to the girls who are preforming.
  1368. >Applejack is the groups bassist.
  1369. >The bass line she was playing wasn't anything too incredible.
  1370. >But it also doesn't look like she doesn't know what she's doing.
  1371. >She's got good rhythm.
  1372. >You begin to wonder just how good she is.
  1373. >”Checking out the competition?”
  1374. >Flash asks you with a nudge and a wink.
  1375. >You just scoff at his implied tease.
  1376. “I guess you could say that.”
  1377. >Flash then stands from his spot at the desk and wraps his arm around you.
  1378. >”Just a word of warning, she's pretty damn good.”
  1379. >You just smirk.
  1380. “So am I.”
  1381. >But Applejack wasn't who you were eying.
  1382. >You just kept your sight on Fluttershy.
  1383. >She seems to be enjoying herself up there.
  1384. >Bopping away on her tambourine.
  1385. >It's still funny that she's part of the band for just that.
  1386. >She was wearing a large teal moo moo.
  1387. >Really, the moo moo doesn't help to debunk the 'she's fat' theory.
  1388. >Nobody wears a moo moo because they're skinny.
  1389. >At least that's been your experience with them.
  1390. >”But yeah, they're all something. Really”
  1391. >Flash once again adds a comment from your side once again.
  1392. >”Every one of them.”
  1393. >He then takes a deep breath.
  1394. >”There's even some charm in the Amazoness herself.”
  1395. >There it is.
  1396. “Amazoness?”
  1397. >You inquire.
  1398. “I assume you mean Fluttershy?”
  1399. >You see him nod and pat your back.
  1400. >”Truly more woman than I could ever handle.”
  1401. >You try to comprehend if that was a complement or an insult.
  1402. >But you just try to play neutral.
  1403. “She's a big girl for sure.”
  1404. >Flash only chuckles.
  1405. >”They don't call her Hootershy for nothing.”
  1406. “Hootershy?”
  1407. >You ask.
  1408. >Hooters
  1409. >Hoots.
  1410. >Owls.
  1411. >That's new.
  1412. >What does her love for owls have anything to do with her size?
  1413. >”Yeah man.”
  1414. >He looks at you again.
  1415. >”You messing with me?”
  1416. >You shake your head.
  1417. “I literally moved into town not even three days before the school year started.”
  1418. >He then stares at you for a while.
  1419. >Then a big smile creeps on his face once again.
  1420. >”Oh man, are you in for a treat once you get a glimpse.”
  1421. >He says excitedly and shakes your shoulders.
  1422. >Then he sits back down at the desk.
  1423. >You just take another long look at Fluttershy.
  1424. >All you can make out is just her dress.
  1425. >There really is nothing else about her features that you can notice.
  1426. >Are you retarded for something you're not able to see?
  1427. >Looks like the girls finish the song they were preforming and take a bow.
  1428. >Fluttershy notices you at the booth for the band and smiles at you.
  1429. >Shaking her tambourine to show you that she does play it.
  1430. >You smile back and lightly wave.
  1431. >Some of the girls do still eye you suspiciously.
  1432. >The next class you will have Applejack in Drafting/Architecture.
  1433. >You wonder if it's worth asking her about the 'Hootershy' nickname.
  1435. >With the end of lunch you now head to your next class.
  1436. >Drafting and Architecture.
  1437. >A class where you learn about layout and the designing of buildings.
  1438. >It's more of a class you took for extra elective points.
  1439. >For College of course.
  1440. >But pretty much all of your creative juices were poured into your bass skills.
  1441. >Speaking of bass, Applejack has just walked into class.
  1442. >She was wearing another white t shirt with an Apple printed on the chest.
  1443. >She also had a denim skirt that went slightly above her knees.
  1444. >Hanging on her back shoulder was the case for her bass guitar.
  1445. >Seeing as she probably had club duties you assume she had to pack up once lunch was over.
  1446. >The teacher seemed to not have minded her being late to class so perhaps it was approved.
  1447. >She then took her normal seat.
  1448. >Which wasn't anywhere near you.
  1449. >So there really wasn't a way to try and speak to her.
  1450. >And then the teacher threw you a bone of sorts.
  1451. >He allowed you to mingle with the other students for ideas to bounce off each other.
  1452. >Something you will take advantage of.
  1453. >You then get up from your desk and waltz over to where Applejack is sitting.
  1454. >She doesn't notice you standing right behind her as she is focused on her drafting of what you think is a house or something.
  1455. >Once she lifts her head and you know she's no longer enamored with her work you speak up.
  1456. “That looks good.”
  1457. >You try to start some small talk.
  1458. >Applejack then jolts up from her seat as if not expecting someone to be right behind her.
  1459. >”Gah!”
  1460. >She lightly yells out.
  1461. >”Land snakes! don't be sneakin up on a lady like that.”
  1462. >She complains.
  1463. >You then move to her left side.
  1464. “Sorry about that.”
  1465. >She then turns to you with an irritated look on her face.
  1466. “I just wanted to say that I watched you gals preform during lunch.”
  1467. >You try to drum up some small talk before you get into what you wanted to know.
  1468. “I enjoyed the performance.”
  1469. >You continue, hoping to soften her up a little bit.
  1470. >She then sits back into her chair with another unimpressed look on her face.
  1471. >”Well shucks, ah appreciate the complement, but ah get the feelin yer not here to be butterin up mah biscuits.”
  1472. >...wut?
  1473. >The hell does that mean?
  1474. >Also that accent.
  1475. >Again, being from a large inner city, seeing someone from the country is a rarity.
  1476. “...what?”
  1477. >You had to ask.
  1478. >She then chuckles.
  1479. >”Ah mean ya didn't come talk to me JUST to tell me we were good.”
  1480. >You're not sure if you should chalk that up to her reading you like a book or something else.
  1481. “Well, I mean, as a fellow bassist you had good technique.”
  1482. >Applejack then smirks.
  1483. >”Well that's mighty kind of ya to say that.”
  1484. >She then looks over to her guitar.
  1485. >”Ah've been playin fer a while so ah better be good.”
  1486. >You nod in response.
  1487. >She then looks back over to you.
  1488. >”Now seriously, what can ah do for ya?”
  1489. >Straight to the point.
  1490. >You have to admire that at least.
  1491. “It's about Fluttershy.”
  1492. >She narrows her eyes a bit and seems like she is now staring through your soul.
  1493. >Right on cue, her face went from slightly annoyed to now just suspicious.
  1494. >”What'cha wanna know?”
  1495. >She says deadpan.
  1496. >You tilt your head to the side.
  1497. “Well, I just played good cop, not as good cop with two of your friends in my previous classes and all the info I got is she is big and tall.”
  1498. >Now it's Applejack's turn to tilt her head.
  1499. >”Ain't it supposed ta be good cop, bad cop?”
  1500. >She asks.
  1501. “Yes.”
  1502. >You answer.
  1503. “But neither girl was unpleasant to deal with so there were no 'bad cops'”
  1504. >You throw in one small joke at the other girls.
  1505. “Just annoying cops.”
  1506. >Applejack doesn't seem to take it.
  1507. >”...right”
  1508. >You then shrug your shoulders.
  1509. “Anyways, I just want to say that it is totally cool that you gals are really looking out for and having your friends back.”
  1510. >You nod your head and continue.
  1511. “I just also think that you ladies may be laying it a bit thick on the vetting and who she gets to speaks to and all that.”
  1512. >Applejack doesn't seem too fazed out at your comment.
  1513. >So you think that's a good sign.
  1514. >”Don't take it the wrong way, ah'm sure the others had told ya the same thing.”
  1515. >You just nod.
  1516. >Yes, everyone has said the same exact same thing.
  1517. >And you're getting tired of it.
  1518. >”Ah get yer new in town so ah also get that ya don't really know everything behind it.”
  1519. >She at least sounds reasonable.
  1520. >Maybe this won't be so bad.
  1521. “Does this have anything to do with a certain 'nickname' she has that I've been hearing recently?”
  1522. >This, however, triggered something.
  1523. >She now sits up from her desk chair with a much more serious look on her face.
  1524. >”What nickname?”
  1525. >Oh boy.
  1526. >You came this far.
  1527. >May as well go the whole nine yards.
  1528. “Hootershy.”
  1529. >She doesn't move a muscle or say anything.
  1530. >So you try to explain further.
  1531. “I know she's told me she loves owls so the first thing that came to mind was that her infatuation with them might be it.”
  1532. >She looks mad.
  1533. >”Are ya shittin me right now?”
  1534. >She asks intensely.
  1535. “No?”
  1536. >This answer only seems to make her madder.
  1537. >”Cut the horseshit, Ya must've seen'em.”
  1538. >You raise a single eyebrow.
  1539. “Seen what!?”
  1540. >You ask a little louder.
  1541. >Genuinely not getting what is so bad.
  1542. >And why she went from charming southern belle-like to now menacing bitch.
  1543. >”Are ya retarded or somthin?”
  1544. >You dart your eyes around the room to see if this is causing a scene.
  1545. “Not legally.”
  1546. >You clap back.
  1547. “Look, I don't get what the fuck is wrong right about now, but with your admission of 'have ya seen'em' leads me to believe there is something you all are covering up.”
  1548. >Applejack looked gotten to on that one for a bout a second.
  1549. >She then put her mean mug back on.
  1550. >”Ah ain't tellin ya a damn thing! Just don't be callin her that nonsense and we ain't got a problem.”
  1551. >The left side of your mouth creeps into a smirk.
  1552. >You bring up your hands in front of you in defense.
  1553. “Hey, calm down, the South ain't rising again so you can cool it with the threats.”
  1554. >She takes a step towards you and you have to back up.
  1555. >While you do so though, you instinctively clench your fists but you are able to regain control of yourself as your 'ghetto side' almost came out there for a second.
  1556. >She's staring daggers into right about now.
  1557. >”Ah always didn't trust ya Big City slickers.”
  1558. >She growls.
  1559. >”Always actin smug and high an mighty over other folk but y'all can't even handle yerself.”
  1560. >You just smile at that comment.
  1561. >You've heard this before on vacations hen you were younger.
  1562. >Lots of people seem to hate the big city life.
  1563. >Well, you can't really blame them.
  1564. >It's definitely not for everyone.
  1565. “So I guess you're the 'Bad cop' now.”
  1566. >Her face is starting to turn a little red.
  1567. >She then turns and sits back in her desk.
  1568. >”Just get the hell outta mah sight.”
  1569. >You just snort and you head back to your desk.
  1570. “Don't have to tell me twice.”
  1571. >You then get back to your seat and look over your poor excuse of a drafting of a house.
  1572. >So, while you may have made an enemy out of this chick.
  1573. >And, possibly Purple girl as well.
  1574. >You did at least come away with a tiny bit more information.
  1575. >From Flash to Appleack.
  1576. >Once you catch a glimpse of 'them'.
  1577. >Ya must've seen'em.
  1578. >'em'
  1579. >Plural.
  1580. >You think you may have an idea of what they're talking about.
  1581. >You THINK.
  1582. >But you don't want to jump to any conclusions.
  1583. >You may want to talk a little more to Fluttershy.
  1584. >And if it's what you think it is.
  1585. >Keep your eyes on her face.
  1586. >Which will be hard.
  1587. >Since, you know, with your height you only go up to her chest anyways.
  1588. >This will be fun...
  1590. >Last class of the day.
  1591. >Government and Economy.
  1592. >With Fluttershy.
  1593. >You take your usual seat.
  1594. >As does she.
  1595. >You look over to her and see that she is getting her stuff out and ready for class.
  1596. >You try and stare at and around her chest area.
  1597. >And all you could make out is just a bunch of teal fabric.
  1598. >You keep on glancing up to her eyes just to make sure she doesn't catch you trying to check her out.
  1599. >As hard as you try, you just can't seem to see anything too glaring.
  1600. >She seems to hide it well.
  1601. >It really doesn't help that the entire dress and every cover you've seen her in is always really oversized.
  1602. >Seriously, it's like she may be fat under there.
  1603. >But upon looking at her face and everything above doesn't have any hint of fat anywhere whatsoever.
  1604. >She now notices you staring at her.
  1605. >Thankfully you were jut staring at her face.
  1606. >She seems a little surprised but not too shocked.
  1607. >”Oh, hello Anon.”
  1608. >She happily says.
  1609. >”Is something the matter?”
  1610. >You shake your head.
  1611. “No, no not really.”
  1612. >You halfheartedly tell her.
  1613. >And she seems to pick up on it.
  1614. >”You don't sound too convincing.”
  1615. >You just smile and take a deep breath.
  1616. “Well, I'm just a bit exhausted is all.”
  1617. >You tell her.
  1618. >She has a look of confusion on her face.
  1619. “Mostly because all day I've been asked about you by all your friends that I have classes with.”
  1620. >You tell her and begin to name them.
  1621. “Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and...”
  1622. >You pause for the last one.
  1623. “Well, things kinda fell apart with Applejack if I'm to be honest.”
  1624. >You say with a small chuckle.
  1625. >Fluttershy doesn't seem too amused though.
  1626. >”Wh-what were they saying?”
  1627. >You shrugged your shoulders.
  1628. “Just that they are looking out for you.  Like you've said before.”
  1629. >There is a silence before you speak up again.
  1630. “Can I ask you something?”
  1631. >Fluttershy darts her eyes around before she shakily nods her head.
  1632. “How do you feel about them essentially hovering over you?”
  1633. >She looks away from you and then down to her desk.
  1634. >”It's not that.”
  1635. >She speaks up.
  1636. >”I know you have heard it many times today, but after an incident that happened a few years ago, they've been there extra for me.”
  1637. >Incident?
  1638. “Care to elaborate?”
  1639. >You ask a little too quickly.
  1640. >There is this look of fear in her eyes as she shakes her head no.
  1641. >”No, I would rather not.”
  1642. >She says softly.
  1643. >Well, that ends that.
  1644. >And to be frank if any of the girls had said that from the get go you wouldn't have felt as hostile as you did.
  1645. >You probably still would have been a little snippy with them.
  1646. >But at least it made a little more sense.
  1647. >You then notice that the look of fear has still not left her face.
  1648. >Shit, try and change the subject.
  1649. “You know, I did see you preform during lunch.”
  1650. >She then finally looks at you again with a more cheerful look.
  1651. >”Did you enjoy the performance?”
  1652. >She asked excitedly.
  1653. >You then put on a half smile.
  1654. “I just want to first ask, was that an original song you girls were performing?”
  1655. >You asked.
  1656. >She then nods in response.
  1657. >”Yep, we have many songs that we have come up with.”
  1658. >You raise your eyebrows.
  1659. “Well, that is very impressive.”
  1660. >You say.
  1661. “Take it from me who has played a lot but anytime I have tried to get a band together, we can never cooperate well enough to even write a single bar.”
  1662. >There truly is more work into writing and performing an original song than meets the eye.
  1663. >Fluttershy giggles at your response.
  1664. “Now I want to let you down softly, but I wasn't feeling the song too much.”
  1665. >Now she went from giddy and happy to sad.
  1666. >Which broke your heart.
  1667. “That isn't to say any of your other songs won't hook me in.”
  1668. >You try to cheer her up some more.
  1669. “After all, I'll be hearing a lot from you and your band as I did sign up for Jam Band.”
  1670. >You say with a smile.
  1671. >Her mood lightens up a bit more after that.
  1672. >You let out a sigh of relief.
  1673. >”Oh, it's going to be so much fun at practice.”
  1674. >She clasps her hands together.
  1675. >”It'll be very interesting to see you and Applejack on bass.”
  1676. >Yeah, that will be something to look forward to.
  1677. “How good is she?”
  1678. >Her eyes roll up and she places a single finger on her lips.
  1679. >As if she were in deep thought.
  1680. >”She's very good if I do say so myself.”
  1681. >You just nod.
  1682. “Alright.”
  1683. >You say in a deadpan voice.
  1684. >'Good' is a very subjective term in this case.
  1685. >It will be interesting to see how things turn out tomorrow for the first club meeting.
  1687. >It is the next day.
  1688. >A Thursday.
  1689. >Time for the first official meeting of Jam Band.
  1690. >You pack up your bass and head off to school.
  1691. >The day goes off without any issues from the girls.
  1692. >Everyone mostly keeps to themselves.
  1693. >The last bell rings.
  1694. >And the school day is over.
  1695. >You grab your things and you are about to head out the classroom when Fluttershy calls for you.
  1696. >”Would you care to walk to the music room with me?”
  1697. >A nice gesture from her.
  1698. >You smile and nod.
  1699. “Sure.”
  1700. >You then wait at the doorway for her to catch up to you.
  1701. >She gets up from her seat and makes her way towards you.
  1702. >This time around she is wearing a pair of faded jeans and a faded green poncho dress top.
  1703. >It sticks out pretty far out from her but you still can't make out anything in the chest area.
  1704. >You once again try not to seem like you're staring in that area as she gets closer to you.
  1705. >Once you are both together, you both make your way to the music room.
  1706. >Once again, it felt like an awkward walk.
  1707. >Lots of students were still staring at poor Fluttershy.
  1708. >Again, you know she's said she's used to this.
  1709. >But goddamn people it's not like she grew like this overnight.
  1710. >And they wouldn't have the excuse you would have with being brand new in town.
  1711. >You also notice something else.
  1712. >Most of the guys who do stare at her look like a bunch of wolves staring at a piece of meat.
  1713. >And you thought these guys would have hurt egos because she's taller than most students here.
  1714. >But, it does give more credit to a possible pair of 'Hooters' she is hiding.
  1715. >You'll surely have that moment.
  1716. >After a few more minutes awkwardness, you both finally make it to the music room.
  1717. >It's a big spacious room.
  1718. >Almost like a hall.
  1719. >It's rather impressive.
  1720. >It's its own separate hall from the cafeteria and the theater room this school has.
  1721. >There are many students here with various musical instruments.
  1722. >A bunch of people with guitars.
  1723. >A couple of saxophone players.
  1724. >Some violinists.
  1725. >There was a grand piano in the corner of the room.
  1726. >Which is where one of Fluttershy's friends is sitting.
  1727. >The one who plays the Keytar.
  1728. >You forget what her name is.
  1729. >Speaking of which.
  1730. >Much of her friends do see that you are with her as you both enter the room.
  1731. >Some go back to their business as if nothing is wrong.
  1732. >Some others keep their eyes on you once again.
  1733. >And to them you give them a wave and a smile.
  1734. >Just to rub it in.
  1735. >Fluttershy then takes off from your side to join with the rest of her friends.
  1736. >Leaving you alone
  1737. >You then scan the room.
  1738. >After a moment you just settle in with a group of guitarists.
  1739. >Some say their hellos to you.
  1740. >And you responds in kind.
  1741. >There are some conversations about each others level of playing.
  1742. >Favorite bands.
  1743. >The usual.
  1744. >After some time you notice the gay pride friend of Fluttershy stands in the middle of everyone.
  1745. >Rainbow colored hair and light blue skin with a dark blue shirt that was open.
  1746. >Revealing a white T shirt with a rainbow colored lightning bolt.
  1747. >A pair of skin tight black pants with the same pattern on her shirt lining down each side of her legs.
  1748. >Right behind her is also Flash Sentry.
  1749. >Same spiked hair but now with a burgundy polo shirt on and a pair of jeans.
  1750. >The Rainbow chick now raises her arms and speaks out loud.
  1751. >”Alright everybody, can I have your attention!?”
  1752. >Everyone around you are now paying attention to her.
  1753. >”I'm Rainbow Dash and I'm last years president of the Jam Band!”
  1754. >She then points back to Flash Sentry.
  1755. >”And this is Flash Sentry, last year's vice president!”
  1756. >Flash just nods in acknowledgment to everyone.
  1757. >Rainbow Dash continues her speech.
  1758. >” First order of business is for a vote of leadership!”
  1759. >She announces.
  1760. >”Both Flash and I are both running for our positions again so if there is anyone who wishes to run against us, now is your time to shine!”
  1761. >She waves her hand out to the crowd.
  1762. >There is a long pause of silence.
  1763. >”Anyone!?”
  1764. >Dash call out again.
  1765. >And again there is no objections from anyone.
  1766. >”Last chance!”
  1767. >Dash announces.
  1768. >And still not a peep from anyone.
  1769. >She then turns to Flash Sentry.
  1770. >”Flash? Thinking you want to take the mantle of President?”
  1771. >She asks Flash.
  1772. >He just shrugs his shoulders.
  1773. >”I think I'm fine where I am.”
  1774. >He tells her in front of everyone.
  1775. >Dash then turns back to everybody and claps her hands.
  1776. >”Then it's settled, both Flash and I will retain our roles as President and Vice President!”
  1777. >There is a small round a applause.
  1778. >Rainbow Dash then hushes the crowd.
  1779. >”Alright next order of business, I would like to split the group up into two for the moment!”
  1780. >She then holds up her right hand of the side.
  1781. >”Everyone who was a member last year move over to this side!”
  1782. >A large group of students make their way to the side that was pointed out.
  1783. >She then raises her left hand and points it in the opposite direction.
  1784. >”And all new members make your way to this side of the room!”
  1785. >Well, since that is where you belong you head over as directed.
  1786. >Upon doing so, you look around to see who else are new members.
  1787. >A lot of them look much younger than you.
  1788. >You would assume they are all freshmen.
  1789. >There are a few who look older than that but you can't really tell.
  1790. >Dash then looks over the group of returning members.
  1791. >”Welcome back!”
  1792. >She tells them and then turns to your group of new members.
  1793. >”And welcome all of you newcomers!”
  1794. >She announces with her arms stretched out.
  1795. >”In this club we like to hang out and in various groups to form bands and jam out!”
  1796. >She eyes everyone in the group.
  1797. >Thankfully she doesn't pay much more attention to you than the other new members and continues her speech.
  1798. >”Later in the year we usually gather the best players to preform for the school and even at some clubs and small music venues around town!”
  1799. >She announces.
  1800. >Sounds fun.
  1801. >”And now just to get to know each other a little more. I will have the veteran members introduce themselves.”
  1802. >She points back to the other members.
  1803. >”Just a general your name. The instrument you play, favorite bands, how long you've been playing
  1804. >”Starting with myself and Flash.”
  1805. >She says as she proudly sticks out her chest and points to herself with her thumb.
  1806. >”I'm Rainbow Dash! Top athlete in Canterlot High and also the best shredder in the school as well!”
  1807. >She says rather smugly.
  1808. >”My favorite bands are Dragonforce, Protest the Hero, Metallica, Paramore..,  I could go on!”
  1809. >One of those things is not like the other~
  1810. >Not that it's bad to have varying tastes in music.
  1811. >It just seemed out there the throw Paramore out there with the rest of them.
  1812. >She continues with her speech.
  1813. >”Go hard and maybe you get on my level!”
  1814. >She says with a wink.
  1815. >Confident much?
  1816. >She finally steps back and motions for flash Sentry to step up.
  1817. >”Hey all, I'm Flash Sentry and I'll be the vice president of the club.”
  1818. >He looks over all new members.
  1819. >”Really, being vice President means nothing and just stepping in on decisions when Dash isn't around.”
  1820. >Usually what a vice President does.
  1821. >”I'm more of a jack of all trades, I can shred on guitar, I can groove on bass and I can get down on drums.”
  1822. >Always impressive.
  1823. >”Though most of my talent is on the guitar, my skills are still not as good as Dashie here.”
  1824. >he points to Dash.
  1825. >”My favorite bands are AC/DC, Gun's N'Roses, Blink-182, Silversun Pickups, Bloc Party, just to name a few of course.”
  1826. >He finishes.
  1827. >A bit more all over the place.
  1828. >Rainbow Dash then takes charge again and announces to the other members.
  1829. >”Alright guys, go ahead and introduce yourselves to the newbies!”
  1830. >And down the line the other members name their instruments and bands.
  1831. >When it got to Fluttershy, her choice of bands were interesting.
  1832. >Spoon, Modest Mouse, Slightly Stoopid, No Doubt, Magic! Dream Theater, Arch Enemy.
  1833. >Wait
  1834. >Arch Enemy?
  1835. >Talk about totally out of left field.
  1836. >You never would have pegged her as a death metal fan.
  1837. >She's just full of surprises.
  1838. >The rest of the returning members make their introductions.
  1839. >At the very end is an interesting one.
  1840. >Someone who is actually taller than Fluttershy.
  1841. >But he's the lanky kind of tall guy where there isn't much else to him
  1842. >He also has a surfer dude look with a bit of artfag Theatre queer to him as well.
  1843. >Dirty looking jeans.
  1844. >No shirt, just a brown leather looking vest with several seashells sewed on them.
  1845. >A Pooka shell and dream catcher mixed necklace around his neck.
  1846. >His blonde hair was tied into a manbun and he had a small stubble underneath his chin.
  1847. >His skin was a pale green and blueish color.
  1848. >He winks and clicks his lips to Rainbow Dash and she just rolls her eyes in disgust.
  1849. >He clears his throat and begins to speak.
  1850. >”Hello all, my name is Zephyr Breeze and I am Fluttershy's little brother.”
  1851. >Your eyes go wide.
  1852. >Holy fuck what?
  1853. >Not only is he related to Fluttershy.
  1854. >Not only is he younger than Fluttershy.
  1855. >But he is TALLER than Fluttershy!
  1856. >What the fuck is with this family?
  1857. >Are her parent giants or some shit?
  1858. >You didn't really hear the rest of his speech as you were too distracted about this.
  1859. >Well, you did hear that he played the flute.
  1860. >Ha! A flute.
  1861. >Along with the accordion player also in the club, you've got yourself your own Flogging Molly.
  1862. >This is going to be fun.
  1863. >After his introduction, it is now time for the new members to introduce themselves.
  1864. >They go down the line until it falls upon you.
  1865. >You stand out and clear your throat.
  1866. “My name is Anonymous, or you all can just call me Anon!”
  1867. >You look over everyone while you were talking.
  1868. “I actually moved to Canterlot a few weeks ago from Whinny City so just about everyone is a fresh face to me!”
  1869. >May as well get that out of the way.
  1870. “I play the bass guitar and have since I was eight years old.!”
  1871. >You smile as you reminisce when you first started.
  1872. “My dad is a bass player and he showed me how to play in the beginning, and I thanked him by surpassing him a long time ago!”
  1873. >You got a few chuckles out of some people for that one.
  1874. “Some of my favorite bands are Unearth, This or The Apocalypse, Primus, The Flecktones, Sublime...”
  1875. >You pause for a moment.
  1876. >Again, everything is all over the place when it comes to types of rock.
  1877. “Much like everyone here, we could be here all day if I were to name all my favorite bands so I'll just leave it at that.”
  1878. >You then step back and let the next person go up.
  1879. >Once everyone is done introducing themselves, Rainbow Dash then stands in the center of everyone.
  1880. >”Alright! With that out of the way. Lets just have some fun for the rest of the day and jam with whoever!”
  1881. >She claps her hands and walks off back to be wit her friends.
  1882. >Everyone starts to mingle with each other.
  1883. >Rather than head over to Fluttershy, you opt to head out and talk with Flash Sentry.
  1884. >He sees you walk up to him and a few of his friends and he gives you a smile.
  1885. >”What's up man?”
  1886. >He greets you with his hand up in the air for a high five.
  1887. >You don't leave him hanging and slap his hand in response with a smile on your own face.
  1888. >chill guy, he is.
  1889. “Not much.”
  1890. >You tell him as you place yoyr guitar case on the ground.
  1891. “Obviously I don't have a lot of friends so I figured you were the closest thing I have to one so I figured I'd chill and jam with you guys.”
  1892. >Flash nod happily and pats you on the back.
  1893. >”All good with me man.”
  1894. >He then turns to the other two who were with him.
  1895. >”These fine gents are my band mates for my band Flash Drive!”
  1896. >You couldn't suppress a chuckle at the name.
  1897. “Sorry man, but that's just cheesy.”
  1898. >He and the other guys spare a chuckle as well.
  1899. >At least they're cool about it.
  1900. >”Well, anyways.”
  1901. >Flash then points to the guy with the keyboard setup
  1902. >Long green dreadlocks with a black rasta hat to cover the top.
  1903. >He has a red shirt with a brown vest with a recycling patch presumably sewed on it.
  1904. >Pale light brown skin.
  1905. >A real hippie type character.
  1906. >He reaches his hand out to you.
  1907. >”Nice to meet you man, I'm Sandalwood.”
  1908. >You take his hand and shake.
  1909. >Nodding as you do.
  1910. “Anonymous.”
  1911. >You introduce yourself.
  1912. >Next person he introduces to you is another bassist.
  1913. >This guy has 80's cop written all over him.
  1914. >Short but wavy black hair and two white streaks over his head makes it almost look like a skunk.
  1915. >Reflective aviator glasses covers his eyes.
  1916. >He wearing a reddish orange shirt with a white vest and teal tie.
  1917. >Black slacks.
  1918. >He has this pale skin tone along with a patchy mustasche to complete the dated look.
  1919. >He also had a 5-string hung around his shoulder.
  1920. >He then reaches out his hand for you to take.
  1921. >And you do.
  1922. >The name's Deca Wave .”
  1923. >What the hell even is that name?
  1924. >Whatever.
  1925. >You nod and tell him your name as well.
  1926. >Finally you both move on to the drummer.
  1927. >He's got a sky blue wavy boy band like split in the middle hair with a skin tone to match.
  1928. >The guy's got a square chin and looks to have a good build on his upper body.
  1929. >Almost like a Fabio type character.
  1930. >He smiles to you and he reaches his hand out from the drums for you to take.
  1931. >”Hey, the name's  Kick Step.”
  1932. >You shake his as well.
  1933. >After all the introductions you look over to everyone and nod your head.
  1934. “It's a pleasure to meet you all.”
  1935. >After that, Flash nudges you.
  1936. >”Care to show us what you got?”
  1937. >You shrug and then open up your guitar case and pull out your bass.
  1938. >The rest of the guys are now surprised at what they see.
  1939. >”Oh you're a lefty?”
  1940. >Flash asks.
  1941. >You just nod and hang your strap over your right shoulder and adjust it so your bass is at the right length.
  1942. “Yessir.”
  1943. >You say.
  1944. >You start to play with the strings, making sure nothing went out of tune while it was in the case.
  1945. >Which it usually does.
  1946. >But it's really hard to hear the bass without an amp since there is music playing all over the room.
  1947. >You then look around the room and then realized something.
  1948. >You didn't even bring an amp.
  1949. “Well shit, looks like I forgot my amp.”
  1950. >You tell the guys.
  1951. >You then motion your head over to Deca Wave.
  1952. “Mind if I borrow your cord and amp?”
  1953. >Deca nods and unplugs his cord and hands it over to you.
  1954. >”No prob.”
  1955. >You raise the cord to salute him.
  1956. “Thanks man.”
  1957. >You hook up and strum a few strings.
  1958. >And you're in business.
  1959. >You get yourself in tune and begin to play a few chords.
  1960. >The guys seem to like what they hear as they bob their heads the rhythm.
  1961. >You then start to have a little fun.
  1962. ( [Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes])
  1963. >You get some Violent Femmes' 'Blister in the Sun' going.
  1964. “When I'm a walkin I strut my stuff~”
  1965. “And I'm so strung out~”
  1966. “I'm high as a kite, I just might~”
  1967. “Stop to check you out~”
  1968. >You sing though the chorus and many of the guys are amused.
  1969. >Flash isn't as impressed.
  1970. >”C'mon man! Give me the stuff that surpassed your old man! Don't tell me that was it.”
  1971. >He calls you out with a smile.
  1972. >And you return the gesture and start on another tune
  1973. ( [Victor Wooten/The Flecktones - Sex In A Pan - UFO Tofu])
  1974. >Ask and ye shall receive.
  1975. >Now the guys are really grooving along with you.
  1976. >Flash now has a big smile on his face.
  1977. >”That's what I'm talking about!”
  1978. >He tells you with enthusiasm.
  1979. >There were a few notes you whiffed on.
  1980. >But overall a good line.
  1981. >Afterwards you are given an ovation from Flash and his band.
  1982. >Each one of them comes up to you and gives you a high five and a pat on the back.
  1983. >Then you hear another bassline from behind you.
  1984. ( [Tool - Schism - Lateralus])
  1985. >Now, you've been hearing the other bassists throughout the session.
  1986. >But this bass is much louder than before.
  1987. >When you turn around you see her.
  1988. >Applejack is making her way to the center of the room.
  1989. >Her bass' amp volume on the highest setting.
  1990. >Blaring Tool's Schism louder than everyone else in the room.
  1991. >You think it's a power play from her to assert her dominance. Over you.
  1992. >But she doesn't know you.
  1993. >You turn to face her and begin to walk towards her in the middle of the room as well.
  1994. >You are about six fee apart from her now.
  1995. >You signal for one of the guys to crank up the volume on your amp.
  1996. >She lets up on her bass and you start to play.
  1997. ( [Muse - Hysteria - Absolution])
  1998. >You jam out your own line to drown her out.
  1999. >The other students around you both now catch on what is happening.
  2000. >And everyone gathers around you both in a circle.
  2001. >Applejack fires back at you.
  2002. ( [Red Hot Chili Peppers - Around The World - Californication])
  2003. >The crowd reacts to some Flea and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  2004. >That is a fun track to play.
  2005. >But you're gonna need to go a different direction.
  2006. ( [Iron Maiden - Phantom Of The Opera - Iron Maiden])
  2007. >Your reaction is a welcome one.
  2008. >You wouldn't think many of these students would be Iron Maiden fans but here we are.
  2009. >But now.
  2010. ( [Jonathan Wolff - Seinfeld - Theme song])
  2011. >Damn her flipping the script on you.
  2012. >No matter.
  2013. >She wants to get funky?
  2014. >You have no problem slapping a bitch around.
  2015. >And by that you mean your bass.
  2016. ( [Graham Central Station - POW - My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me])
  2017. >You lock eyes with Applejack.
  2018. >The crowd seems to be eating this up and having a good time.
  2019. >You honestly can't say you're not having a blast.
  2020. >Then she responds.
  2021. ( [Les Claypool - Master of Puppets(Primus Version) - Live Recording])
  2022. >You know that bassline.
  2023. >More loud reactions from everyone.
  2024. >Fuck, that's a good one.
  2025. >Metallica and Les Claypool double whammy.
  2026. >You keep your cool. You still have some tricks up your sleeve.
  2027. >May as well use one now.
  2028. ( [Level 42 - Mr. Pink - Lessions In Love])
  2029. >The crowd gets a little more rowdy.
  2030. >And while Applejack still has an intense look on her face.
  2031. >She hasn't responded to you.
  2032. >She may have given up.
  2033. >You're not convinced.
  2034. >But you do feel like you have her in a corner.
  2035. >Time to channel your inner Victor Wooten and go for the knockout blow.
  2036. ( [Victor Wooten - Classical Thump - A Show Of Hands])
  2037. >The mighty Classical Thump.
  2038. >When you were first learning how to play bass your dad used to play this all the time.
  2039. >He didn't know how to play the song.
  2040. >You mean he used to play a video of Victor Wooten playing it.
  2041. >And it blew your 8 year old mind into another dimension.
  2042. >This was the piece that motivated you to practice as hard as you can.
  2043. >So that you too can preform this magical piece.
  2044. >And to shut down a country girl in a music club.
  2045. >And to maybe one day get laid.
  2046. >But for now, the crowd goes wild.
  2047. >Applejack lost her intense look and just has a neutral one.
  2048. >She pulls her bass off of her shoulder and bows and walks away.
  2049. >You notice Rainbow Dash is having a blast.
  2050. >Fluttershy seems happy and is also applauding you as well.
  2051. >You turn to Flash and his guys and they are bowing down to you.
  2052. >You chuckle and you head back towards Flash and his group when you feel someone slap you on your shoulder.
  2053. >You quickly turn to see who it was ready to strike someone but it was just Rainbow Dash.
  2054. >A smug smile on her face.
  2055. >”Dude, that was some awesome playing back there!”
  2056. >She acknowledges your skill.
  2057. >”Man you keep it up and you'll almost be as awesome as me!”
  2058. >She says with a big dumb grin on her face.
  2059. >”You're alright with me.”
  2060. >You just scoff.
  2061. “Didn't know I needed your approval for anything.”
  2062. >You tell her in an almost bitter tone.
  2063. >She then chuckles and winks at you.
  2064. >”Not for being in the Jam Club you don't.”
  2065. >You just give her a blank stare as she turns to walk back to where the rest of her friends are.
  2066. >She then says something to Fluttershy with a smile and then goes about her business.
  2067. >You take one last look over at Applejack.
  2068. >It seems like the thrill of defeat has finally sunk in on her as she just sits alone on a chair.
  2069. >Some of her friends are trying to cheer her up.
  2070. >That is what gave you the fuzzy warm feeling of victory inside.
  2071. >And it feels damn good for now.
  2073. >A successful first meeting in Jam Club, if you do say so yourself.
  2074. >You got to dunk on one of Fluttershy's friends as well as flex your bass muscle and assert your dominance.
  2075. >The next day on Friday.
  2076. >Fluttershy came back over to your place to continue working on the Collage.
  2077. >Both her and Honney-Bear have really taken a liking to each other.
  2078. >He no longer growls at her when she sits on your bed.
  2079. >”What the hell is it even like up there!?”
  2080. >Alanamous still can't keep her shit to herself as she asks Fluttershy about her height.
  2081. >You slap her upside her head and she complains to mom.
  2082. >Per the usual.
  2083. >Fluttershy didn't think you should have slapped her.
  2084. “It's the only thing she responds too.”
  2085. >Bless her heart though.
  2086. >She always thinks of the well being of others.
  2087. >But frankly Alanamous isn't someone worth worrying over.
  2088. >Regardless, you both finish up for the evening and you take her home.
  2089. >The weekend comes and you just have some more fun on the bass.
  2090. >But in the coming week, both your and Fluttershy's collage will be due and you both need to finish up getting it together and other final touches.
  2091. >Monday comes up.
  2092. >AP History class.
  2093. >You take your usual seat next to Fluttershy.
  2094. >At the end of class just before the bell rings, the teacher lets you work with your partner on the collage.
  2095. >You both were working on little things but you need to find more newspaper clippings from the Year you were covering.
  2096. >Conventional wisdom would tell you that going back to your place to finish up the project would be the course of action.
  2097. >Fluttershy has a different idea.
  2098. >”A-actually...”
  2099. >She speaks up but in her soft quiet tone that you almost didn't hear her.
  2100. >You did, of course.
  2101. >You look over to her and she started to get all skittish.
  2102. >”I was, um, wondering if.”
  2103. >She pauses.
  2104. >”If tomorrow, after Jam Practice, you would...”
  2105. >She pauses again.
  2106. >And now her voice is getting quieter.
  2107. >”Like to, um, like to come over to my place to finish the collage. A-and you can meet my pets, Andpossiblystayfordinner.”
  2108. >The last part of that sentence she said so fast and so lightly you didn't even hear it.
  2109. “What?”
  2110. >You ask loudly which startles the poor meek girl.
  2111. >She then jolts in her seat and turns away from you and hides behind her long slick pink hair.
  2112. >”I-I'm sorry! Nevermind.”
  2113. >She says all too quickly.
  2114. “Now hold on.”
  2115. >You tell her, a little quieter than before as to not startle her further.
  2116. “I know you asked me if I wanted to finish the collage at your place.”
  2117. >She doesn't respond.
  2118. “And I am fine with that if you and your parents are.”
  2119. >After saying that Fluttershy starts to slowly look back at you.
  2120. “I just wanted to hear what you had said after that.”
  2121. >She finally looks at you again.
  2122. >Her eyes are this mixture of scared puppy and nervousness.
  2123. >”Um, if you'd like.”
  2124. >She pauses for a moment again
  2125. >At least she's a little louder this time.
  2126. >”If you were to come over and help finish the collage at my place, if.”
  2127. >She pauses once again.
  2128. >”If you would like to stay for dinner with my family.”
  2129. >You try to suppress a grin.
  2130. >You do a shitty job.
  2131. >A smile does come across your face.
  2132. >She then looks a bit panicked.
  2133. >”A-And to meet my pets as well!”
  2134. >She says a little too loud now
  2135. >Your smile now evolves into a chuckle.
  2136. >You hold up your hand to try and calm her down.
  2137. “Don't worry, I get what you mean.”
  2138. >Your words do calm her down a little bit.
  2139. >She now realizes her nervousness and starts to try to laugh it off.
  2140. >”Haha! I'm sorry Anon, I'm just not used to this.”
  2141. >She says.
  2142. >You're a little interested in what she meant by that.
  2143. “How so?”
  2144. >You ask.
  2145. >She was a bit caught off guard at the question.
  2146. >But to her credit she didn't flinch or stutter.
  2147. >”Oh, well, I'm not used to asking friends over to my place.”
  2148. >Seems a bit fishy.
  2149. “But don't you invite your other friends over at all?”
  2150. >She shakes her head.
  2151. >You are taken aback at this revelation.
  2152. >She sees that you reacted to her response and she quickly explains.
  2153. >”It's not that they don't come over, it's just that usually we all meet at a gathering spot.”
  2154. >She puts on a small smile.
  2155. >”It's much more practical since we are a big group than to just hang at anyone's place unless it's for a sleepover.”
  2156. >Makes sense you suppose.
  2157. >”Besides, Dashie has been my best friend for most of my life and she's like family so she just comes by and lets herself in whenever she wants.”
  2158. >You were at least intrigued by that.
  2159. >Because you've had some close friends in the past.
  2160. >But none so close that you would trust them with just waltzing into your house unannounced.
  2161. >You just shrug your shoulders and move on.
  2162. >Class ends.
  2163. >And now the date has been set for tomorrow after Music Club.
  2164. >After school on Tuesday.
  2165. >Jam Band.
  2166. >Hey, you actually remembered to bring your own amplifier this time!
  2167. >You have a another fun session with Flash and his band.
  2168. >Some other aspiring bassists gather around you trying to pick your brain for precious knowledge.
  2169. >Jam Band usually lasts about an hour and a half.
  2170. >Once it's all over you start to pack up and get ready to leave.
  2171. >You look over to Fluttershy.
  2172. >She is still in mid conversation with some of her friends.
  2173. >While you wait for her, you chat it up with Flash.
  2174. >”So what are you about to  get into?”
  2175. >He asks as he is in the middle of packing his guitar away.
  2176. >You lean on a stray desk that was in the room.
  2177. >”I'm actually about to head out to Fluttershy's house to finish our History project.”
  2178. >You tell him nonchalantly.
  2179. >Not really thinking too much about it.
  2180. >Flash, however, stands up and looks at you with wide eyes.
  2181. >”How'd you manage that?”
  2182. >You furrow your brow and tilt you head in confusion.
  2183. “What do you mean?”
  2184. >You ask.
  2185. >He looks over to Fluttershy and then back to you.
  2186. >”Getting the honor of going to her place?”
  2187. >You're pretty sure you know where he's getting at.
  2188. >But you decide to try and play dumb.
  2189. “...By needing to get our project done?”
  2190. >You continue.
  2191. “I do admit it's a change from her coming to my place to work on it.”
  2192. >Flash just face palms.
  2193. >”Don't tell me you still haven't seen the light?”
  2194. >You just shake your head.
  2195. “What light am I supposed to be looking for?”
  2196. >Flash then holds back a laugh.
  2197. >”So did all your brain power just go to your bass skills?”
  2198. >You shrug your shoulders.
  2199. “I mean, that's not a bad place for my brain to be focusing on.”
  2200. >Flash then point to you.
  2201. >”You may have a point.”
  2202. >By this time, you look over and now see that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are making their way over to you.
  2203. >As they get close you hoist yourself off the desk you were chilling on.
  2204. >Presumably ready to head out.
  2205. >”Hello.”
  2206. >Fluttershy sweetly greets both you and Flash.
  2207. “Hey.”
  2208. >You greet her back
  2209. >”Yo.”
  2210. >Flash also greets her as well.
  2211. >”Sup Flash?”
  2212. >Rainbow Dash then speaks up and greets her Vice President.
  2213. >”Hello Dash.”
  2214. >Flash nods in her direction.
  2215. >She then looks to you with a slightly sultry smile.
  2216. >You don't respond to her and just stare.
  2217. >”Sup Thunder Fingers.”
  2218. >Okay, that caught you off guard and a chuckle escaped your lips.
  2219. “God damn you.”
  2220. >You tell her.
  2221. >She laughs along with you.
  2222. >”So I hear you'll be taking Flutts home today, right?”
  2223. >You look over to Fluttershy.
  2224. >She doesn't have any nervous or worried looks on her face.
  2225. “Who want's to know?”
  2226. >You look back to Dash and ask her.
  2227. >Dash just chuckles and shakes her head.
  2228. >”Relax, I'm usually her ride home and just want to make sure you're still down to do it.”
  2229. “As long as we're going to finish our project for AP History, then yeah, I am.”
  2230. >You reply to her.
  2231. >Dash just nod and gives you another smug smile.
  2232. >”Gonna give Flutts here a close up “look” at your fingers?”
  2233. >She says as she hold up her hand and dangles both her index and middle fingers in a flicking motion.
  2234. >”Rainbow Dash!”
  2235. >Fluttershy embarrassingly tries to hush her friend.
  2236. >You even feel a bit embarrassed about that one and look away for a moment.
  2237. >Trying to not to show any hints of being gotten to.
  2238. >Dash just laughs out loud now.
  2239. >”I'm just messing with you!”
  2240. >She tells you.
  2241. >You clear your throat and try to recompose yourself.
  2242. “I just want to finish our project!”
  2243. >Smooth move.
  2244. >No witty comebacks.
  2245. >She probably knows you've been gotten to.
  2246. >And she still keeps her smug face on.
  2247. >”Well, that's a shame.”
  2248. >She shrugs her shoulders.
  2249. >But then she gives you one more sultry look.
  2250. >”Maybe then sometime down the line you can come over to my place and give me private finger show.”
  2251. >Your eyes go wide.
  2252. >That escalated quickly.
  2253. >You cough and clear your throat again.
  2254. “H-Ha! I didn't think a dyke like you would take a hand from someone like me.”
  2255. >A hail Mary jab.
  2256. >And cheap one at that.
  2257. >You're sure she's been poked fun at because of her hair.
  2258. >Especially since she hasn't even been insulting you.
  2259. >Rainbow Dash just crosses her arms and shrugs her shoulders.
  2260. >But her sultry smile remains.
  2261. >”With the way I've seen you use your hands exceptions can be made.”
  2262. >She tells you with a wink.
  2263. >Damn.
  2264. >You have nothing.
  2265. >You can feel your face getting warm so you look away.
  2266. >You hear Fluttershy let out a small 'eep' in response to the entire exchange.
  2267. >You sigh and hold your hand up.
  2268. “You win.”
  2269. >Rainbow Dash laughs some more and you feel her slap your shoulder.
  2270. >”What's this about exceptions now?”
  2271. >An unfamiliar voice springs from behind the girls.
  2272. >Out from behind Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash stands Zephyr Breeze.
  2273. >Fluttershy's younger but taller(and thinner) brother.
  2274. >He makes himself comfortable by resting his arms on the girls.
  2275. >Fluttershy looks a little annoyed.
  2276. >While Rainbow Dash has a look of disgust.
  2277. >You see her rolling her eyes while trying to take his arm off of her.
  2278. >”None of your business.”
  2279. >She bitterly tells him as she tries to create a distance between her and him.
  2280. >He puts on this fake looking sad look.
  2281. >”Awww, come on gurl, why you gotta be cold?”
  2282. >He pleas as he takes his arm off his sister and looks back between Dash and Fluttershy.
  2283. >”So we ready to head out or what?”
  2284. >Fluttershy then finally speaks up.
  2285. >”Actually, my friend Anon here is going to give us a ride home.”
  2286. >She points to you.
  2287. >Zephyr looks in you direction.
  2288. >He towers over you and he doesn't even look down at you.
  2289. >”Who?”
  2290. >He then looks back to Fluttershy.
  2291. >She now has a very annoyed look on her face.
  2292. >He notices it and looks back in your direction.
  2293. >Finally he seems to notice you.
  2294. >”Oh dang! Sorry bro, didn't see you down there!”
  2295. >Great.
  2296. >He's one of these assholes.
  2297. >You don't respond and just shoot him a death glare.
  2298. >He tries to laugh it off.
  2299. >”Hey, cool down brother, I was just messing with you!”
  2300. >He tells you as he puts his hands up in defense.
  2301. “That's cool.”
  2302. >You tell him with heavy sarcasm.
  2303. >Then you take your guitar case and hand it over to him.
  2304. “Here, you may need to carry this out to my car if you're riding with me.”
  2305. >You step up to him and he just looks at you with confusion.
  2306. >”What do I need this for?”
  2307. >He asks.
  2308. “There's a stiff breeze outside and you could use the extra weight on you so it won't blow your lanky ass over.”
  2309. >Rainbow Dash bursts into laughter over that.
  2310. >Even Fluttershy looks away from you all to try and suppress a giggle over the clap back.
  2311. >Zephyr looks annoyed and embarrassed and just steps back.
  2312. >”Ha ha, man.”
  2313. >You have a smile on your face and you bring up your hands and shrug.
  2314. “What bro? I'm just messing with you!”
  2315. >You call out to him.
  2316. >Again with a nice dose of sarcasm in your words.
  2317. >Once Rainbow Dash is finish with her laugh fit she stars to turn away.
  2318. >”Well, I'm off to go practice for the soccer team, I'll catch you guys later.”
  2319. >She tells both Fluttershy and you as she walks off.
  2320. >Leaving you with the Shy siblings.
  2321. >You turn to Fluttershy.
  2322. “Ready to go?”
  2323. >You ask her.
  2324. >She nods in response.
  2325. >You both head out of the music room and off to the student parking lot.
  2326. >With Zephyr Breeze trailing behind you two a ways.
  2327. >Once you all make it to your car, you pack your guitar and amp in the trunk.
  2328. >Zephyr Breeze has to squeeze himself in the small back of your tiny Acura Integra.
  2329. >And with Fluttershy being as tall as she is and needing to move her seat back, it makes it even more uncomfortable for Zephyr.
  2330. >You then install your steering wheel and you head off to Fluttershy's house.
  2332. >The drive to Fluttershy's wasn't exactly a quiet one.
  2333. >Mostly due to Zephyr Breeze's constant complaining.
  2334. >You weren't sure what he was bitching about as you were quickly to tone him out.
  2335. >You really wanted to just let your music blare out loudly to drown out his whinny voice.
  2336. >But you needed it to be a bit more silent because you needed to hear Fluttershy to give you directions.
  2337. >And to talk with her,
  2338. “So.”
  2339. >You begin.
  2340. “What the hell was with Rainbow Dash?”
  2341. >You ask.
  2342. >She looks over to you with a bit of confusion.
  2343. >”What do you mean?”
  2344. >She doesn't seem to know what you mean.
  2345. “Well, just the other day she wasn't sure if I was some super rapist and today all of a sudden she's all chummy and even a bit flirty.”
  2346. >A bit?
  2347. >Shit man, she was willing to let you finger her.
  2348. >You want to explain further.
  2349. >But you pause.
  2350. >Trying to figure out the right words to use.
  2351. “Well, she certainly isn't afraid to go for the dirty joke.  I'll say that.”
  2352. >Fluttershy is quiet for a while.
  2353. >You take your eyes off the road to glance over at her for a moment.
  2354. >”Rainbow Dash is a bit...”
  2355. >She looks like she's also trying find the right words to use.
  2356. >Her face turns a shade of pink.
  2357. >You look back to the road so you won't crash.
  2358. >”She can be a hand full.”
  2359. >She finally speaks up.
  2360. >”She will always say what's on her mind.”
  2361. >You side eye her without rotating your head.
  2362. “That's not exactly a comforting thing to know.”
  2363. >Considering, again, she was actively wanting you to finger Fluttershy and herself.
  2364. >”I, I know.”
  2365. >She answers you back.
  2366. >”I think what I meant to say was she does like to mess with and tease her friends.”
  2367. >You still don't get it.
  2368. “Care to elaborate a little more?”
  2369. >You tell her.
  2370. >”It's hard for me to explain, But, Ive said this already, but she's been my friend my whole life so I know her heart is in the right place and her words aren't hurtful and sometimes she does it to cheer me up.”
  2371. >You are stating to get it a little more now.
  2372. >You've never had a friend like that.
  2373. >At lest not for as long as Fluttershy claims to have had them for.
  2374. “Are all of your friends like that?”
  2375. >She shakes her head.
  2376. >”Only Pinkie Pie comes close but she's just a cheerful ball of energy.”
  2377. >She says.
  2378. >”Plus she would never go..., low, so to speak.”
  2379. >You get it.
  2380. >Pinkie wouldn't use sex as a joke.
  2381. >”She always looks at the positive and is always willing to cheer you up.”
  2382. >You can see in your peripheral that she is now looking at you.
  2383. >”I've been telling the girls that there is nothing to worry about you.”
  2384. >You scoff.
  2385. >But she continues.
  2386. >”But not just that, you've won a few of them over, like Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash.”
  2387. >You shake your head.
  2388. “Is it really that easy?”
  2389. >You ask.
  2390. >”Well, to impress Rainbow Dash you either have to be better than her at sports, or a better musician.”
  2391. >You definitely are not athletic at all.
  2392. >Perhaps a good jam does turn her on, no matter who does it?
  2393. “I appreciate the kind gesture, Flutts, I really do.”
  2394. >You start off.
  2395. “But in the end, if it's not meant to be that we all be friends, maybe not force the issue?”
  2396. >You shrug your shoulders.
  2397. >”Just give it some time.  I promise you'll all get along. Especially with Applejack.”
  2398. >You chuckle at the mention of her name.
  2399. “They're your friends.  You do what you want to.”
  2400. >You tell her.
  2401. “But I'll tell you the same thing like I told Twilight in our class the other day last week.”
  2402. >You take your eyes off the road again to look straight to her.
  2403. “I won't take any kind of crap that they will throw.”
  2404. >There was a tiny bit of fear in her eyes but she nods to acknowledge your words.
  2406. >She then continues to direct you to her home.
  2407. >Which isn't too far away from the school.
  2408. >It's about in the opposite direction to where your house is.
  2409. >The house is in a small residential suburb.
  2410. >White picket fences and single story houses galore.
  2411. >She points out her house.
  2412. >A simple square looking house with a lavender paint job and teal roof.
  2413. >A garage that was unattached to the main house but with the same paint job and roof.
  2414. >Fluttershy directs you to go ahead and park on the street in front of the house.
  2415. >You do so and you all get out of the car.
  2416. >Zephyr Breeze complaining the entire time.
  2417. >”Man, my neck hurts!”
  2418. >He says.
  2419. “You'll be alright.”
  2420. >You tell him.
  2421. >He just whines some more.
  2422. >Man, how can someone so tall be so much of a bitch?
  2423. >You follow both siblings up their front yard and to their front door.
  2424. >Fluttershy simply opens the door.
  2425. >It wasn't locked.
  2426. >Another thing you are not used to.
  2427. >Once open Fluttershy enters and holds the door open for you and Zephyr Breeze.
  2428. >You follow Zephyr inside.
  2429. >Once inside Fluttershy closes the door behind you.
  2430. >”We're home!”
  2431. >Zephyr Breeze calls out into the house.
  2432. >”Oh! Welcome home kids~”
  2433. >A warm and welcoming feminine voice echos from deep inside the house.
  2434. >A voice that really matches the overall feel of the decorations in the house.
  2435. >You are in the living room.
  2436. >The walls were a warm light peach color with several lamps about highlighting the color.
  2437. >A big coffee table in the middle of the living room with several glass trinkets decorated on it.
  2438. >A big brown couch lays to your right side.
  2439. >To the left of the big couch is the matching love seat couch.
  2440. >Over on the far wall is a fireplace that was not in use at the moment.
  2441. >The shelf above the fireplace was littered with pictures of what you can tell are family photos and some are of animals.
  2442. >Which is another occurring theme around the house.
  2443. >There are pictures and small statues and whittles of small woodland creatures like rabbits and squirrels littered all over.
  2444. >Really give more credence to Fluttershy's animal loving nature.
  2445. >Zephyr is the first to head deeper into the house.
  2446. >”Oh mother? When will dinner be ready?”
  2447. >Zephyr asks his mom in what you assume is the kitchen since he is speaking into an open doorway.
  2448. >”Oh, sweetie, it'll be done soon.”
  2449. >The woman tells him.
  2450. >”Well alright then, I'll be in my room.”
  2451. >He then retreats further into the house.
  2452. >Leaving you and Fluttershy alone in the living room.
  2453. >You look over to her.
  2454. >She sees that you are looking over at her and she brings up her hands.
  2455. >”Well, this is my house.”
  2456. >She says as she looks all over the living room.
  2457. >”I know it's not as big or as fancy as your house, but...”
  2458. >She pauses.
  2459. >And you speak up.
  2460. “Believe me, this feels much more welcoming and comfy than my house.”
  2461. >Granted, even now your family was still in the process of decorating your new home.
  2462. >But it still won't match the coziness of this.
  2463. >Fluttershy smiles at your comment.
  2464. >”You're very sweet for that.”
  2465. >She tells you as she then walks a little more into the living room..
  2466. >You follow suit and then you hear another voice.
  2467. >”Welcome home dearie.”
  2468. >An elderly sounding voice.
  2469. >From a man, for sure.
  2470. >Must be her dad.
  2471. >You can now hear the footsteps making their way towards the living room from the hall way.
  2472. >Oh boy, time to see where Flutts and Zephyr get their genes from.
  2473. >He then enters the room and...
  2474. >He was as tall as you were.
  2475. >Hell, you'd wager you were taller than him if not for his white swirly hair that resembles soft serve.
  2476. >He's even got a white bushy Hungarian styled mustache as well.
  2477. >His skin was the same color as Zephyr's as well.
  2478. >”Ah! You must be Fluttershy's new friend she was talking about.”
  2479. >His voice is as gentle as Fluttershy's.
  2480. >He then comes up to you with a cheery smile and holds his hand out.
  2481. >”I'm Fluttershy's dad, in case you couldn't tell.”
  2482. >The tone in the latter half of his comment makes it seem like a small joke.
  2483. >You take his hand and shake it with a smile of your own.
  2484. >His grip isn't tight at all.
  2485. >Not that it's a bad thing.
  2486. >Just an observation.
  2487. “Nice to meet you, I'm Anonymous, or just Anon.”
  2488. >You tell him.
  2489. >”Well, I'm very pleased to meet you, Anonymous.”
  2490. >He tells you while still keeping his smile as genuine as before.
  2491. >Such a sweet old man.
  2492. >Hold on a minute.
  2493. >Swirly white hair that resembles ice cream.
  2494. >Elderly.
  2495. >Big bushy mustache with the tips pointed.
  2496. >Holy shit is Fluttershy's dad Mr. Swirly from 'Doug'?
  2497. >You now try desperately to turn away and try to hold your laughter in.
  2498. >In doing so you hide your bits of laughter by fake coughing.
  2499. >You turn back to face Mr. Shy and clear your throat.
  2500. “Sorry about that, saliva got into my wind pipe.”
  2501. >You excuse yourself.
  2502. >”Is everything alright here?”
  2503. >Another voice in the hall way calls out.
  2504. >The same feminine voice you heard earlier.
  2505. >Into the living room comes a woman who, much like Fluttershy's dad, isn't even as tall as you.
  2506. >Her skin was a darker shade of pale yellow compared to Fluttershy.
  2507. >She had light burgundy hair that was done like some 50's style-like short perm.
  2508. >She wore thick square rimmed glasses.
  2509. >Completing the stay at home housewife look.
  2510. >And then...
  2511. >Her chest.
  2512. >She's got a great pair of titties.
  2513. >They poke out and present themselves nicely out of her thick baby blue sweater.
  2514. >”Why hello there.”
  2515. >She notices you and greets you just as sweetly as Fluttershy's dad did.
  2516. >”I'm Fluttershy's mom.”
  2517. >She simply says.
  2518. >You return the greeting with your own name much like you did with her dad.
  2519. >She then goes and stands next to her husband.
  2520. >And there they are.
  2521. >The two people that fathered giants.
  2522. >You begin to think all the way back to when you were a little kid and all the shit your parents used to say.
  2523. >'Drink your milk and eat your vegetables so you can grow up and be big and strong.'
  2524. > And so you did.
  2525. >You always ate all your veggies.
  2526. >Even asked for seconds.
  2527. >You drank milk exclusively.
  2528. >Not even opting for chocolate milk at schools like a normal kid would do.
  2529. >What do you show for it?
  2530. >Still being shorter than your parents.
  2531. >What the FUCK were you drinking milk for?
  2532. >And here are Fluttershy's parents and you're taller than them but they birthed an Amazon like Fluttershy.
  2533. >”Is something the matter dear?”
  2534. >Fluttershy's mom asks.
  2535. >Shit you have been silent this whole time.
  2536. “Sorry, no worries! I was just trying to readjust after my cough fit.”
  2537. >You lie.
  2538. >But it least it seemed like it worked.
  2539. >Mrs. Shy then has a worried look on her face.
  2540. >”Are you sure you'll be okay?  I can brew up some tea that'll make you feel a lot better.”
  2541. >She offers.
  2542. “No thank you.”
  2543. >You politely decline her offer.
  2544. >She now has a concerned look on her face.
  2545. >”Oh, are you sure?  I promise it'll make you feel better.”
  2546. >She assures you.
  2547. >You hold up your hands and shake your head again with another smile.
  2548. “I promise, I'm fine.”
  2549. >Mrs. Shy then tilts her head.
  2550. >”Well, if you say so.”
  2551. >Fluttershy finally chimes in.
  2552. >”If you'll excuse us, we're going to try and finish up our project before dinner.”
  2553. >She tells her parents and she begins to head out of the living room.
  2554. >Her mom then nods and looks back at you.
  2555. >”I hope you don't mind vegetarian.”
  2556. >You shake your head.
  2557. “That's totally fine.”
  2558. >As long as it's not vegan.
  2559. >”Excellent! Dinner should be ready shortly.”
  2560. >She tells you as she makes her way back into the kitchen.
  2561. >You then follow Fluttershy down the hall and into her room.
  2562. >Once in her room, you notice how yellow it is.
  2563. >Her walls are all a shade of mustard yellow with green butterfly patterns and a brown wooden floor.
  2564. >In one corner of her room sits a long desk with several cages.
  2565. >You can make out a white rabbit in one of them but not sure what are in the others.
  2566. >Another corner is her single twin bed next to a night stand with more small picture frames.
  2567. >There are more picture frames of what appears to be her rabbit littered all over the walls.
  2568. >But what really caught your attention was that she also had posters of several death metal bands plastered all over as well.
  2569. >Some even more interesting than Arch Enemy. Which you knew she was a fan of from Jam Band.
  2570. >Origin.
  2571. >Dying fetus.
  2572. >Rings of Saturn.
  2573. >This was something you were not expecting.
  2574. >Fluttershy notices you looking at her death metal posters.
  2575. >”Is something the matter?”
  2576. >She asks.
  2577. >You just shake your head.
  2578. “I honestly didn't think you were the heavy metal type.”
  2579. >You add on.
  2580. “And I mean HEAVY metal.”
  2581. >She giggles at your comment.
  2582. >”Well, most of my friends wouldn't know either since like I said, we usually don't hang out at my place.”
  2583. >She then stands in the middle of her room.
  2584. >”Once again, Rainbow Dash knows this, but none of the others know.”
  2585. >She continues.
  2586. >”And again, when we do hang out, I just play a lot of my softer music.”
  2587. >She then turns to you.
  2588. >”Can you play any of these band's bass lines?”
  2589. >She asks with interest.
  2590. >You have a nervous smile on your face.
  2591. “Well, I don't want to say I can't, but...”
  2592. >You feel embarrassed.
  2593. “It's an entirely different style than what I've been practicing for years.”
  2594. >You do have a 5-string bass guitar.
  2595. >Which is usually used for metal since it has an extra low “B” note string.
  2596. >Looks like you may need to dust it off and work on your speed picking.
  2597. >”Well that's a shame.”
  2598. >She says disappointingly.
  2599. >You then point to her.
  2600. “Hey! I didn't say I can't!”
  2601. >You defend yourself.
  2602. >She giggles as she heads over to one corner of her room.
  2603. >She then turns back to you and she is now holding a small white rabbit in her hands.
  2604. >”Anon, this is Angel Bunny.”
  2605. >She comes up closer to you so you can get a better look at the small creature.
  2606. >The rabbit has a defensive look on it's face.
  2607. >You try to reach out and pet it but then it starts to struggle in Fluttershy's hands.
  2608. >Fluttershy then brings the rabbit up her chest.
  2609. >”Oh don't worry Angel Bunny, he won't hurt you.”
  2610. >She pampers the rabbit and begins to sway her hips side to side, as if she were rocking a baby in her hands.
  2611. >”He's not used to new people, I'm sure he'll warm up to you .”
  2612. >She says as she heads back to put him back in his cage.
  2613. >She then steps over to another cage and motions for you to join her.
  2614. >You walk up next to her and you see an elaborate tunnel within the large cage that has several hamsters.
  2615. >”These little cuties are my family of hamsters.”
  2616. >She then goes into detail on every hamster, who they're related to and their hobbies.
  2617. >You had no idea hamsters could be this serious business.
  2618. “Should we get to finishing our project?”
  2619. >You suggest before she gets too carried away.
  2620. >She then perks up from your suggestion.
  2621. >”Oh! You're right!”
  2622. >She then hurries over to her bed and then drags a purple rabbit themed beanbag up to her desk.
  2623. >”I hope you don't mind using this.”
  2624. >She apologizes for the same thing as you and your room.
  2625. >You just chuckle and plop down on the beanbag.
  2626. “At least you have something other than your bed to sit on.”
  2627. >She then takes her seat and you both get to work.
  2628. >You find related articles and write up small summaries and begin to paste them together.
  2629. >After a while you hear Mrs. Shy call out from outside of Fluttershy's room.
  2630. >”Dinner's almost ready kids.”
  2631. >She says through the hall.
  2632. >Her door was open after all.
  2633. >”Fluttershy, can you come give me a hand with some things please?”
  2634. >She calls out for her daughter.
  2635. >Fluttershy then gets up from her seat.
  2636. >”I'll be right back.”
  2637. >She tells you as she heads out to help with her mom.
  2638. >Leaving you alone in her room.
  2639. >You try to keep to yourself and jut try to focus on the collage that is now nearly done.
  2640. >Just need some small touches and boom. Project done.
  2641. >Of course now, you can't just sit there staring at nothing.
  2642. >You begin to look around her room another time.
  2643. >And again there really isn't anything that jumps out other than how bright and cute it is but also with brutal death metal posters around as well.
  2644. >Then something does catch your eye.
  2645. >In another back corner of her room right next to her long desk with her critter cages.
  2646. >Tucked almost hidden away looks to be a wicker hamper with it's lid slightly open.
  2647. >And it's slightly open because something is sticking out of it.
  2648. >The one thing that is preventing the hamper to be closed shut looks to be some kind of winter cap.
  2649. >A single white cover with a strap dangling from the side of it.
  2650. >You decide to get up and inspect it as it's an odd item for a winter cap.
  2651. >Once you get closer you suddenly realize it's not a cap.
  2652. >You then freeze in place.
  2653. >No way.
  2654. >She couldn't be this careless.
  2655. >Could she?
  2656. >Do you dare take the extra step into the oblivion?
  2657. >You look back at the door way.
  2658. >You can hear Fluttershy's voice faintly still speaking with her mother somewhere else in the house.
  2659. >You look back at the hamper.
  2660. >You take a deep breath.
  2661. >And take the piece of clothing out of the hamper and..
  2662. >Oh god.
  2663. >No fucking way.
  2664. >Your hands are shaking as you hold up to your face what it really was.
  2665. >Her plain white bra.
  2666. >Your eyes bug out
  2667. >It's fucking huge!
  2668. >Seriously!
  2669. >You can fit your entire head in one cup alone.
  2670. >Now, you aren't the biggest guy.
  2671. >So you're sure your head is smaller than most.
  2672. >But still!
  2673. >The faint musty scent the bra gave off tells you that it's been used.
  2674. >You remove the bra from your head.
  2675. >How could you have missed these?
  2676. >How could you have not gotten the hint?
  2677. >'Hootershy'
  2678. >It all makes sense now!
  2679. >Fuck, maybe you should be legally declared retarded for missing all the signs.
  2680. >Why her friends would try to keep certain types of guys away.
  2681. >You have no idea how to process this.
  2682. >Or how you can now go back to seeing her as just a really tall chick.
  2683. >Or even to play dumb from now-
  2684. >”GASP”
  2685. >You heard someone from behind you.
  2686. >You instinctively toss the bra and turn to see who caught you red handed.
  2687. >It was Fluttershy.
  2688. >Her hands are up to her mouth.
  2689. >Which was agape.
  2690. >Her eyes wide with an intense shock of fear.
  2691. >Like she was about to be murdered.
  2692. >Or like she just saw you eat a live animal or something.
  2693. “I-!”
  2694. >You try to say something.
  2695. >But nothing comes out.
  2696. >You try desperately to think of something, anything to say.
  2697. >But you can't come up with anything.
  2698. >Fluttershy then stands out of the door way and points outside.
  2699. >”Y-You need to leave.”
  2700. >She says with an assertive tone you haven't heard from her before.
  2701. “Wait!”
  2702. >You try to call out to her.
  2703. “I, I didn't mean to-”
  2704. >She doesn't let you finish you sentence before she cuts you off again.
  2705. >”You need to leave now!”
  2706. >She says louder.
  2707. >And with more malice in her voice.
  2708. >Her stance is also more dominant the what you are used to seeing.
  2709. >You stand up and try to explain again.
  2710. “Please let me exp-”
  2711. >She cuts you off again.
  2712. >”Leave!”
  2713. >She practically yells.
  2714. >You stop fighting.
  2715. >You grab your backpack and walk out of her room.
  2716. >To which she slams the door shut as soon as you were out.
  2717. >”Is everything alright over there?”
  2718. >You hear Mrs. Shy as she peeks her head out from the kitchen.
  2719. >You look down.
  2720. >You are trying to think of an excuse.
  2721. “I'm sorry Mrs. Shy.”
  2722. >You tell her as you now look over to her.
  2723. “I just got an emergency call from my family and I need to get home ASAP.”
  2724. >You lie.
  2725. >But you were not going to tell Fluttershy's parents that she was kicking you out for ogling at her bra.
  2726. >Mrs.s Shy now has a worried look on her face.
  2727. >”Oh my, is everything okay?”
  2728. >She asks, taking the bait.
  2729. >You sigh as you start to head out of the hallway.
  2730. “I hope so.”
  2731. >You say.
  2732. “I'm sorry I couldn't stay for dinner, but it was nice meeting you.”
  2733. >You tell her and also her dad whom you walked past on your way out.
  2734. >”Well, I hope maybe you could come back and have dinner with us another time.”
  2735. >Mr. Shy tells you.
  2736. >Yeah, me too.”
  2737. >You tell him in a low, sorrowful tone.
  2738. >You take a deep breath and then head out of the house.
  2739. >Your small trek to your car felt like an eternity.
  2740. >After what felt like hours, you finally make it inside of your car.
  2741. >It takes you another few minutes before you start the car and drive home.
  2742. >Your curiosity got the best of you.
  2743. >And it may have cost you a friend.
  2745. >Well, that happened.
  2746. >You got invited to a girls house.
  2747. >Found her bra.
  2748. >And got kicked out.
  2749. >That was pretty much the gist of it.
  2750. >But obviously if you look a little more into it...
  2751. >No.
  2752. >The only difference is the girl in question's bra.
  2753. >It was massive.
  2754. >Like seriously.
  2755. >You can't say this enough, but good god how much of a retard do you have to have been to not notice them?
  2756. >She does hide them pretty well.
  2757. >Also, her height is also a bit of a distraction.
  2758. >You think back to Sunset Shimmer and Applejack.
  2759. >Again, it makes a little more sense as to why the girls were so selective on which guys got close.
  2760. >Still, it should be up to Fluttershy who she can pick and choose.
  2761. >And maybe that was part of your charm?
  2762. >That you were too stupid to notice a pair of watermelons underneath her over padded, puffed out large clothing?
  2763. >It couldn't have just been that your family has a Pomeranian and some birds.
  2764. >Hell, you would even bet it also wasn't just your bass skills either.
  2765. >It could very well have been a combination of all three.
  2766. >Even so.
  2767. >Why kick you out because you found out she has massive funbags?
  2768. >Guess you really won't know until you see how she acts tomorrow at school.
  2770. >The next day.
  2771. >First period.
  2772. >Fluttershy does not take her normal seat next to you in the back of the class.
  2773. >Instead she sits a few rows up but all the way to the left nestled next to the windows.
  2774. >She's still upset.
  2775. >You contemplate just going up to her and try to talk to her about it.
  2776. >But upon second thought that may not be such a great idea.
  2777. >Especially if you were to just walk up to her in front of students and go 'Hey, sorry for snooping in your room and finding your giant bra.'.
  2778. >No, with how you know she is.
  2779. >That is the worst thing you could do.
  2780. >Once class is over she hurries out of the room.
  2781. >You try to catch up but she is gone.
  2782. >Damn she's fast.
  2783. >Must be those long legs.
  2784. >In AP Calculus Sunset Shimmer says hello to you.
  2785. >She's friendly and cordial to you after your conversation with her last week.
  2786. >And nothing's changed.
  2787. >Yet.
  2788. >Perhaps she hasn't told anyone.
  2789. >Or maybe it's not that big a deal.
  2790. >Maybe Fluttershy is just overreacting and just needs time to cool down?
  2791. >You hope so.
  2792. >More importantly than trying to befriend her.
  2793. >You History project is at stake.
  2794. >Maybe it's not too important.
  2795. >But then again it is.
  2796. >You need the good grade and this seems like an important enough project that it could affect your overall final grade.
  2797. >And you will not allow a giant pair of tits to negatively effect your grade.
  2798. >...
  2799. >Unless you get to play with said giant pair of tits.
  2800. >Just so we're clear.
  2801. >Once again, next class.
  2802. >Twilight Sparkle doesn't say anything to you.
  2803. >But she usually didn't anyways so that's not an issue.
  2804. >Same for Applejack in Drafting/Architecture.
  2805. >And once again in Literature, Fluttershy sits in a different seat away from you.
  2806. >You keep your eyes on her.
  2807. >And her chest area to see if you can make out those big mammies.
  2808. >The only thing that would hint at the size of her chest is the fact that the dress she is wearing is hanging out a ways from where theoretically her body should stick out to.
  2809. >Unless she was fat.
  2810. >Which you initially thought of in the first place.
  2811. >Guess if you were REALLY looking for tits, you would see them.
  2812. >She walks straight out of the class room without a second glance to you.
  2813. >It's just one day.
  2814. >Perhaps she'll calm down tomorrow.
  2815. >The next day.
  2816. >Same thing.
  2817. >Different seat.
  2818. >Avoids you.
  2819. >Nobody talks to you but Sunset.
  2820. >But again it's just a friendly 'hello'.
  2821. >Both Twilight and Applejack ignore you in class.
  2822. >But these are encouraging signs.
  2823. >Fluttershy must still have not told her friends.
  2824. >Or she may not be that upset but is just still cooling off.
  2825. >After school.
  2826. >After the last bell rings.
  2827. >She does her scurry out of the classroom.
  2828. >You don't try to catch up with her but you did notice that once at the doorway she didn't turn the way you would if you were going to the music room.
  2829. >It's also not the way to her locker either.
  2830. >You don't think too much about it so you go about the rest of your day and head to the music room for jam band.
  2831. >Jam band goes well.
  2832. >You jam along with Flash and his band and preform a sweet cover of Holiday in Cambodia from Dead Kennedys.
  2833. >Among others.
  2834. >Several of the other members want you to show off more of your bass skills.
  2835. >You decline because you're not in the mood.
  2836. >A few more practice sessions later and it's the end of the meeting.
  2837. >You are packing up your bass and you then hear Flash call out to someone who was behind you.
  2838. >”Hey Rainbow Dash, what's up?”
  2839. >You stand up and turn to see Rainbow Dash standing before you two.
  2840. >”Sup Flash.”
  2841. >She quickly looks to him before she focuses her gaze on you.
  2842. >”Hey, can I talk to you for a minute over there?”
  2843. >She moves her head back in the direction where she wants to go.
  2844. >She doesn't have an angry face and there was no low tone in her voice.
  2845. >It doesn't seem like she' trying to intimidate you but you will have to keep your guard up.
  2846. “Yeah, sure...”
  2847. >You respond to her and she then turns to walk over to an empty part of the music room.
  2848. >Of course the room is emptying anyways since this session is over.
  2849. >You both are in the corner of the room.
  2850. >”Hold up.”
  2851. >She tells you as she looks around.
  2852. >Many of the students have piled out.
  2853. >Including the rest of Dash's friends.
  2854. >Finally when there are a minimal amount of students left in the room, she looks to you with a cheeky smile.
  2855. >”So, what happened between Flutts and you last Tuesday?”
  2856. >She asks in a playful tone.
  2857. >You furrow your brow and shoot her a glare.
  2858. “What does it matter to you?”
  2859. >You ask.
  2860. >She keeps her smile and she shrugs her shoulders.
  2861. >”Hey dude, Fluttershy already told me what happened.  I just wanted to hear your side of it.”
  2862. “What?”
  2863. >You instantly respond.
  2864. “What did she say?”
  2865. >You ask.
  2866. >You may have put a little bit of panic in that response.
  2867. >She just giggles.
  2868. >”Really, in my opinion, nothing incriminating.”
  2869. >You pull your head back in surprise but she continues before you could react again.
  2870. >”She just said that you snooped in her room and found her bra.”
  2871. >You feel a wave of relief wash over you.
  2872. >You then sigh.
  2873. “Yeah, no, that happened...”
  2874. >Dash then has a surprised look on her face.
  2875. >”Really?  That was it?”
  2876. >You look at her confused.
  2877. “Yeah?”
  2878. >You respond.
  2879. “Was there more to it or something?”
  2880. >Dash then shakes her head,
  2881. >”No, but with how much she used to blabble about you to the rest of us to suddenly stop after when you went to her place.”
  2882. >She pauses.
  2883. >”We all thought something must have happened. But she kept telling us that your project was finished.”
  2884. >That's not a good sign.
  2885. >”None of us really believed it, but we didn't force the issue as it didn't seem THAT bad, but I was able to get her to fess up in private.”
  2886. >You then cross your arms and take another deep breath.
  2887. “How'd you do that?”
  2888. >You asked her.
  2889. >She once again shrugged her shoulders.
  2890. >”I am her best friend, so I just asked her when we were alone and promised not to tell the other girls.”
  2891. >You just nod at her answer.
  2892. “So, now what?”
  2893. >Rainbow Dash shakes her head and shrugs.
  2894. >”Beats me.”
  2895. “Think I should confront her about it?”
  2896. >You ask.
  2897. >”Eh, I wouldn't do it.”
  2898. >She answers.
  2899. “Just let her be?”
  2900. >Rainbow Dash nods at your suggestion.
  2901. >”I know you're dense, since it seemed like you actually didn't notice those big juicy melons on her at first.”
  2902. >She mocks you with a smile and holds out her hands in front of her almost nonexistent chest.
  2903. >”But I like to think you're smart enough to notice that she can be a bit meek and sensitive. So try not to come on too strong.”
  2904. >You just nod.
  2905. “Alright, I'll give it a few more days.”
  2906. >Dash then nods back.
  2907. >”That was it, I need to head out for Soccer practice out in the field.”
  2908. >She turns to leave.
  2909. >”Catch ya later, Thunder Fingers.”
  2910. >She winks and begins to walk off before you stop her.
  2911. “Hold on!”
  2912. >You say a little loud.
  2913. >She turns back to you.
  2914. >There is a distance now between you two.
  2915. >You take a look around in the music room and see that everybody has now left and it's just the two of you.
  2916. >You're not sure if you should be asking her this.
  2917. >But, she's been open about everything so you feel you can kind of trust her.
  2918. “Are her tits really that much of an issue around here?”
  2919. >You ask.
  2920. >Now Rainbow Dash looks around to see if there were any other students around.
  2921. >”I am willing to bet they are the biggest in the school.”
  2922. >She says.
  2923. >“They have definitely caused some reactions here.”
  2924. >She continues.
  2925. >”When you have a pair of Hindenburgs that big and you're thrown into a building crawling with horny, puberty influenced boys you're gonna cause a stir.”
  2926. >Hindenburgs.
  2927. >That's a new one.
  2928. >”From boys who live huge tits to boys who think they're freakishly large. She gets it from both points.”
  2929. >She then tilts her head.
  2930. >”And even with the girls, the breast envy is there, though I don't know why any girl would want tits that big.  Could be just the attention”
  2931. >She closes her eyes and sighs.
  2932. >”I also think her height doesn't help her attention either. Which she can't do anything about.”
  2933. >She looks back at you.
  2934. >”I really think she may have taken to you because you really seemed like you didn't notice her for her tits.”
  2935. >She then smiles.
  2936. >”And probably the animal stuff she talked about as well.”
  2937. >Her eyes then narrow into that smug look.
  2938. >”I honestly thought she invited you over to her place the other day just so she could show you the goods.”
  2939. >She chuckles and turns to walk away once again.
  2940. >You snort and then you make your way to grab your stuff.
  2941. >You then head out to your car and pack up.
  2942. >Then you grab your steering wheel out from your backpack.
  2943. >You're really going to need to break the habit of doing that.
  2944. >You head on home.
  2945. >During the drive you think about what Rainbow Dash said.
  2946. >Did she really take a liking to you that much?
  2947. >Do you care for her that much?
  2948. >You feel bad thinking about it because now all you can think of are her large breasts.
  2949. >That you still technically haven't seen.
  2950. >You shake your head to rid yourself of thoughts for now.
  2951. >For now, you'll take Rainbow Dash's advice and just keep your distance for now.
  2953. >The very next day.
  2954. >AP History.
  2955. >Fluttershy still keeps her distance.
  2956. >Which is fine.
  2957. >You begin to wonder how long either you will keep this up.
  2958. >She does all day.
  2959. >No matter.
  2960. >Perhaps she'll cool down during the weekend.
  2961. >Monday comes.
  2962. >First class.
  2963. >Still avoids you.
  2964. >Maybe she didn't cool down?
  2965. >After class you pack up and head out to your next class.
  2966. >The day moves like usual until lunch.
  2967. >You are walking down the hall.
  2968. >Heading to the cafeteria when you hear Fluttershy's voice behind you.
  2969. >”Um, Anon?”
  2970. >You then turn to see Fluttershy before you.
  2971. >She was wearing a large pale green sweater that of course hides her chest relatively well.
  2972. >Though now that you know what you are looking for you can make out the outline from the sides.
  2973. >You quickly look up to her before she could tell you were staring at her chest.
  2974. >Not that it was hard since they were right in your face with her height.
  2975. >But now that she has your attention she tries to speak up.
  2976. >”Um, if you're not busy after school...”
  2977. >She begins to try to tell you something but then she looks up from you and now has a shocked expression on her face.
  2978. >Before you could turn to see what she was worried about you feel two large pairs of hands grab you by the sides and lifts you effortlessly in the air.
  2979. >”Out of the way, manlet!”
  2980. >This asshole just ups and lightly tosses you to the side.
  2981. >You land on your feet and stumble over.
  2982. >Fluttershy then gasps and looks at you in concern and tries to move towards you but is then blocked by the culprit.
  2983. >You get back up to your feet and you get a good look at the guy.
  2984. >He was massive.
  2985. >Tall.
  2986. >About as tall as Fluttershy.
  2987. >Broad.
  2988. >Muscular.
  2989. >Square chin.
  2990. >The whole douchebag jock package.
  2991. >He is wearing a Letterman jacket with the schools colors several patches on the sleeves.
  2992. >She then mean mugs the guy.
  2993. >”Apologize to my friend right now, Play Caller!”
  2994. >She demands.
  2995. >Play Caller?
  2996. >That's his name?
  2997. >The guy then looks over to you.
  2998. >Then starts to laugh and looks back to Fluttershy.
  2999. >”Ha! Why should I apologize to some midget for being my my way?”
  3000. >He mocks you.
  3001. >Then he tries to reach out and grab Fluttershy but she is able to avoid him by taking a step back.
  3002. >“Don't waste your time on little kids, babe.”
  3003. >He continues to say.
  3004. >”I gave you more than enough time, and I want an answer now.”
  3005. >He takes a step towards Fluttershy.
  3006. >”I told you then that I would never date such a jerk like you and that hasn't changed and never will!”
  3007. >She says as loudly as she can.
  3008. >Which isn't much louder.
  3009. >Then Play Caller reaches for Fluttershy again.
  3010. >And this time he grabs a hold of her sleeve.
  3011. >He then tries to pull her close.
  3012. >”Shut the fuck up!”
  3013. >He barks at her.
  3014. >”Nobody but a big hung alpha like myself can handle a freak like you.”
  3015. >He tells her.
  3016. >Is this zigga for real?
  3017. >Oh shit, you feel it coming out.
  3018. >”S-stop!”
  3019. >Fluttershy pleas with Play Caller.
  3020. >”Not until you let me in on you.”
  3021. >He tells her. Trying to reach for her chest.
  3022. >This guy is all negative movie jock stereotypes all rolled into one.
  3023. >Who fucking does this during school?
  3024. >Fluttershy then uses her free hand to slap him across the face.
  3025. >Nice seeing a little ferocity from the normally shy, meek girl.
  3026. >”You fucking bitch!”
  3027. >He shoves her away.
  3028. >”You aren't ever going to find a stud like me to satisfy you!”
  3029. >He yells at Fluttershy.
  3030. >”I'm the biggest, baddest man on this campus and you were made for ME!”
  3031. >He continues to bark.
  3032. >And I will not tolerate you being a pedophile and diddling kids like this in front of me.”
  3033. >He mocks you again as he points to you when he mentions pedophile.
  3034. >”Now you're either gonna be with me or you're gonna be with me whether you like it or not you big foot looking slut.”
  3035. >Who the fuck tries to court someone and then insult them?
  3036. >But you've had enough.
  3037. >You then move up to him.
  3038. >Time to take this motherfucker to that ghetto university.
  3039. >Once you are close enough you call out to him and compress yourself.
  3040. “Hey fuck face!”
  3041. >He turns to look in your direction.
  3042. >As soon as he does you launch your head into his face and smash your crown into his front face.
  3043. >He is knocked back a few steps and he covers his face.
  3044. >While he is staggered you reach into your backpack and pull out your steering wheel.
  3045. >This guys is taller than you.
  3046. >Wider than you
  3047. >And is more than likely more athletic and in shape than you.
  3048. >You're gonna need any handicap you can use.
  3049. >He finally gathers himself.
  3050. >And he looks pissed.
  3051. >”You little piece of shit.”
  3052. >He growls at you.
  3053. >You then put up your hands in a fighters stance.
  3054. >Steering wheel and all.
  3055. >You then take a step towards him.
  3056. >To which he does the same and it looks like he is ready to rear back to try and swing at you.
  3057. >You then quickly take your front foot and stomp at his front leg's knee.
  3058. >Connecting and bending it backwards and hyperextending it.
  3059. >Always chop down the big tree at the base.
  3060. >”Aargh!”
  3061. >He yells out and bends forward.
  3062. >You then rear your left hand with your steering wheel and swing as hard as you can.
  3063. >*CRACK*
  3064. >You hit him upside the head and he goes down like a house of cards.
  3065. >Not satisfied you then roll him on to his back with your foot and then place a foot on his chest.
  3066. >You put a little pressure on your foot as you bend down to him.
  3067. ”You don't fuck with Fluttershy, you hear me?”
  3068. >You growl at Play Caller.
  3069. >His face looks dazed.
  3070. >You then put a little more pressure on your foot and he starts to cough and choke.
  3071. “And more importantly, you don't fuck with me!”
  3072. >You say louder as you bring up your steering wheel to try and get one more good hit on him.
  3073. >You then feel several pairs of hands grab you and pull you off.
  3074. >You then notice that it was several teachers now breaking up the fight.
  3075. >Then they begin to drag you down the hall.
  3076. >You can see Fluttershy staring at you with wide eyes.
  3077. >You then relax yourself and let the teachers drag you to where ever they want to take you.
  3079. >You are now in the Principals office.
  3080. >Waiting for the Principal.
  3081. >You see her outside her office talking to the teachers who carried you here.
  3082. >You can see her look up and sigh.
  3083. >She then nods and she opens the door and enters the office.
  3084. >She makes her way to her desk and takes a seat.
  3085. >You watch her carefully.
  3086. >Principal Celestia.
  3087. >She's well liked around here from what you have heard from other students.
  3088. >Which is an oddity for you as Principals are usually public enemy number one back in Whinny City.
  3089. >She is now looking at you.
  3090. >She then looks over at your steering wheel.
  3091. >Then she looks at you with disappointed eyes.
  3092. >”Do you care to fill me in on why you carry a steering wheel with you?”
  3093. >She asks.
  3094. “Carjacking was a huge problem back in Whinny City, especially janky old cars like mine.”
  3095. >You look over to your wheel.
  3096. “This was normal practice to that my car wouldn't get stolen at school back then.”
  3097. >Her facial expression doesn't change.
  3098. >”...and you feel you still need to do that here because?”
  3099. >She asks.
  3100. >You shrug your shoulders.
  3101. “When you've been doing it for a while it becomes second nature. I didn't think it would be a problem.”
  3102. >You pause.
  3103. “Much like I didn't think I would ever have to use it for a fight either, considering how safe and friendly everyone has been here, but here we are.”
  3104. >You hold out your hands.
  3105. >She doesn't take kindly to your quip and just shoots a quick glare at you.
  3106. >You immediately put your arms down.
  3107. >”From what I have gathered, it was a fight you started.”
  3108. >She says coldly to you.
  3109. >You lift a single eyebrow.
  3110. “Well, that depends on who you ask.”
  3111. >You reply.
  3112. “Did they tell you that he was harassing a female student?”
  3113. >Her eyes start to furrow.
  3114. “Or that he technically started it and put his hands on me first by forcefully moving me against my will?”
  3115. >You continue to argue.
  3116. >”It's not a matter of who started it, Anonymous.”
  3117. >She says with a stern voice.
  3118. >”I don't know how things were done back in Whinny City, but here in Canterlot High, violence is heavily looked down upon.”
  3119. >She puts both her hands down on her desk and leans foreword in her seat.
  3120. >”You could have easily went and found a staff member or one of the School's security and they could have easily handled the situation.”
  3121. >She lectures on.
  3122. >Typical school bureaucracy bullshit.
  3123. >You try not to roll your eyes at the Principal.
  3124. >”I will have no choice but to suspend you for ten days for this incident.”
  3125. >Your eyes widen.
  3126. “Ten days!?”
  3127. >You stand up from your seat.
  3128. “Are you serious!?”
  3129. >She then stands up as well.
  3130. >”I am very serious.”
  3131. >She tells you.
  3132. >”And when you return to school, you will not have your steering wheel in your backpack. You will keep it in your car going foreword and if you are caught with it again, there will be more punishments.”
  3133. >You hold up your arms again.
  3134. >You've been suspended back at your old school for fighting.
  3135. >And the punishment was nowhere near as bad as this.
  3136. >It could be that back at your old school there were fights all the time.
  3137. >And you mean ALL the time.
  3138. >And you are sure that shouldn't carry over to a new school and district.
  3139. >But you have been wrong before.
  3140. >”Now, please step out of my office and wait while I call your parents.”
  3141. >She tells you as she then opens up a drawer in her desk.
  3142. You just stand there for a moment before finally slowly making your way outside the office.
  3143. >Outside you see the school's security guard.
  3144. >He's standing with his arms crossed and trying to look as intimidating as he can.
  3145. >You just give him a bored look on your face.
  3146. >”Take a seat there.”
  3147. >He points to a sofa behind you that was next to the Principals office door.
  3148. >You do as you are told and wait for the principal to come out of the office.
  3149. >After sitting there for what felt like an eternity and watching the security guard mean mug you the whole time, Principal Celestia finally comes out of her office.
  3150. >She then looks over to you.
  3151. >”I have been in contact with your parents.”
  3152. >She tells you.
  3153. >”You will remain here in the office until the school day ends and then you will be escorted by security to your vehicle.  Only then will you be given your steering wheel back.”
  3154. >She says and then she walks back into her office.
  3155. >And so here you are.
  3156. >Sitting in an office for the rest of the day.
  3157. >Doing nothing at all.
  3158. >Once the day is over the security guard returns to the office and waits for Principal Celestia.
  3159. >She then exits her office and hands the security guard your wheel and an envelope.
  3160. >”Let's go.”
  3161. >The guard says in his most rough voice he could muster.
  3162. >You stand and follow the guard.
  3163. >No use fighting this.
  3164. >As you are being escorted off of school grounds, many students stares at you.
  3165. >Once you make it to your car, you are instructed to open the car door and then you are finally given the wheel back.
  3166. >And the formal letter of suspension to give to your parents.
  3167. >You drive straight home.
  3168. >Not like you have anywhere else to be.
  3169. >Once you do get home you notice that your mom is already home.
  3170. >As soon as you walk in you see her sitting at the dining room table.
  3171. >She then looks up to see you standing there in the entrance to the house.
  3172. >She has this exhausted look on her face and then lets out a sigh.
  3173. >”Again?”
  3174. >She says.
  3175. “What?”
  3176. >You ask.
  3177. >”Another suspension for fighting?”
  3178. >You shake your head and hand her the envelope with the letters.
  3179. “One time!”
  3180. >You raise your voice to your mom while holding up one finger.
  3181. “I got suspended ONCE at my old school for fighting.”
  3182. >You continue your rant.
  3183. “And the punishment wasn't nearly as bad as it is here.”
  3184. >You mother opens the letter and reads the contents.
  3185. >”Well Canterlot High doesn't have to deal with delinquents who try and start a fight club on school grounds.”
  3186. >You totally forgot about that.
  3187. >Back in your freshman year in high school a bunch of students tried to start an unofficial club where students fought each other for no reason.
  3188. >The school found out and cracked down and sent letters to parents.
  3189. >You thought it was a dumb idea even then.
  3190. >Especially since some of your friends who tried to recruit you said it would take place during lunch.
  3191. >Which seems like a dumb time to be doing fights if you're going to be doing them on school grounds.
  3192. “That's beside the point.”
  3193. >You try to argue.
  3194. “This wasn't some fight over a sandwich. I was trying to help a friend!”
  3195. >Your mother just nods, unconvinced.
  3196. >”With a weapon?”
  3197. >She adds.
  3198. “The guy was way bigger than me! I needed an equalizer!”
  3199. >She's getting annoyed now.
  3200. >”Your steering wheel, Anon?”
  3201. >She says.
  3202. >”Why are you still taking it off of the car?  You shouldn't have to be doing that here!”
  3203. >She begins to lecture.
  3204. >”We moved here so you wouldn't have to worry about these things anymore!”
  3205. >Something in you snapped.
  3206. “Oh, you can stop with the bullshit right there!”
  3207. >You step forwards.
  3208. >Your moms eyes widen.
  3209. “If you ACTUALLY cared getting me out of the ghetto then something would have been done when I got into my first fight back when I was in the 4th grade”
  3210. >You continue.
  3211. “You would have cared when I was jumped by a group of thugs for walking in the wrong neighborhood.”
  3212. >Now it's all coming out.
  3213. “And you definitely should have cared when I was in the middle of a drive-by shooting when all I was trying to do was go to the corner store to buy candy and soda.”
  3214. >Your mom is now turning red.
  3215. >Not sure if it's from embarrassment or anger.
  3216. “Really, if you just came out and say you made a mistake raising me and you're trying to prevent the same mistakes with Alana, I would at least appreciate the honesty.”
  3217. >Not like Alana is already far too gone to be saved.
  3218. >You would wager money when she goes to Canterlot High next year she'll be the school bully.
  3219. >Your mother then gets up from her seat.
  3220. >”Go to your room and I don't want to see you for the rest of the afternoon!”
  3221. >You shrug your shoulders.
  3222. “Fine by me.”
  3223. >You nonchalantly say.
  3224. >Feeling more relieved than anything.
  3225. >You head to your room.
  3226. >Close the door.
  3227. >And lock it.
  3228. >You look around to see if anything has changed.
  3229. >You check your computer and sure enough the power cords are missing as well as the modem.
  3230. >At least your bass collection is untouched.
  3231. >Except now you see your cords to plug into your amp and pedals are gone.
  3232. >Looks like you're going acoustic for your suspension.
  3234. >Day three of your suspension.
  3235. >You are informed that your suspension has been reduced to five days thanks to an appeal from your parents.
  3236. >That's good at least.
  3237. >You did nothing during your suspension other than play on your cordless bass guitars.
  3238. >You even practiced on your 5-string.
  3239. >You begin to wonder if this will affect your chances for getting into College.
  3240. >Finally after a week.
  3241. >You have fulfilled your suspension.
  3242. >And you head back to school.
  3243. >First class.
  3244. >As soon as you walk in the teacher beckons for you to come up to his desk.
  3245. >”I need to check your backpack.”
  3246. >He says.
  3247. “Why?”
  3248. >You ask.
  3249. >You are pretty sure you know why.
  3250. >”Principal's orders that I check your backpack sin case you have your steering wheel.”
  3251. >Of course.
  3252. >You forcefully hand your backpack to the teacher.
  3253. >He then grabs it and just pats it several times and doesn't even look in it.
  3254. >”Seems fine.”
  3255. >He says as he hands it back.
  3256. >”Also, see me after class about make up work from last week.”
  3257. >You just nod and turn to head back to your desk.
  3258. >”Oh, and lastly, Ms. Shy turned in your collage.  It was good for an 'A'.”
  3259. >You stop.
  3260. >Then you move on.
  3261. >At least one good thing for today, if nothing else good happens for the rest of the day.
  3262. >Fluttershy still sits away from you and seems to still avoid you.
  3263. >Even after what you did.
  3264. >Speaking of which.
  3265. >While you walk through the halls to your next class you notice now that you get a lot of stares from other students.
  3266. >Many of which if they're coming your way they quickly move out of your way.
  3267. >It doesn't bother you too much but you feel if this keeps up it'll get annoying quick.
  3268. >It's not like you killed anyone or anything.
  3269. >This continues on for the whole day.
  3270. >Even the girls in the other classes don't pay you any attention.
  3271. >Sunset Shimmer doesn't even give you the casual 'hello' like she did before.
  3272. >Not even a 'thank you' for knocking some sense into a 2-bit asshole for bothering Fluttershy?
  3273. >You guess.
  3274. >It's now the second day.
  3275. >Tuesday.
  3276. >After school jam band is going to be interesting.
  3277. >For the record, everyone still creates a distance around you wherever you go.
  3278. >After school.
  3279. >Jam Band.
  3280. >You walk into the music room and everyone eyes you.
  3281. >Some students stop what they're doing and just watch you.
  3282. >You try not to pay them any mind and go about setting up your bass near Flash and his crew.
  3283. >Once set up you start to play some chords to get your hands warmed up and ready to jam.
  3284. >Perhaps playing with some people could calm you a bit.
  3285. “Sup Flash.”
  3286. >You walk up to Flash and say.
  3287. >”Oh, hey, what's up man?”
  3288. >He says in his normal enthusiastic tone.
  3289. >That's promising at least.
  3290. >But you decide to see what the whole deal is.
  3291. “Okay man, I know I was suspended for beating someone up, but what is with this air of...”
  3292. >You try to think of a good term for this.
  3293. “Caution around me now?”
  3294. >Flash seems a bit uncomfortable about your question.
  3295. >He looks to his band mates before he speaks up.
  3296. >”Well. Fights are not very common around here.”
  3297. >He explains.
  3298. “I can tell.”
  3299. >You say with a heavily sarcastic tone.
  3300. “But if that's the case, what the hell is with that asshole jock then?”
  3301. >You ask.
  3302. “You mean to tell me most students just let fuckwits like him just waltz around the school doing whatever they want or something and nobody challenges him?”
  3303. >Flash and his friends just have this uncomfortable look on their faces.
  3304. >”No, just that it doesn't happen a lot and usually we can resolve things with words.”
  3305. >You look on in disgust.
  3306. >”I mean from what I heard from Deca here, who saw the whole thing, you basically just walked up and headbutted him without saying anything.”
  3307. >You hold up your finger.
  3308. “Not true.”
  3309. >You explain.
  3310. “I gave him a heads up.”
  3311. >You then chuckled.
  3312. “Literally.”
  3313. >You're not sorry.
  3314. >The others didn't get it.
  3315. >”But then like, shouldn't you have waited for them to throw the first punch?”
  3316. >Sandalwood then speaks up.
  3317. >You then eye him suspiciously.
  3318. “Why would I do that?”
  3319. >You ask.
  3320. >He shrugs his shoulders.
  3321. >”You know, so you could claim self defense and you won't get into too much trouble?”
  3322. >You then snort in response.
  3323. >A bitch move where you come from.
  3324. “That's how you loose the fight.”
  3325. >You tell them.
  3326. >You then look away and hold up your hands in disbelief.
  3327. >This place is too fucking nice for their own good.
  3328. >But.
  3329. >This is what everyone should strive to be, no?
  3330. >You are pretty much a product of where you came from.
  3331. >Mostly.
  3332. >You twiddle your finger on your left hand on your bass and shake your head.
  3333. “Man, y'all need to toughen up a bit.”
  3334. >Maybe you should start a fight club here.
  3335. >Some of the guys chuckle.
  3336. >”Maybe you should lighten up?”
  3337. >Kick Step chimes in.
  3338. >You just sigh,
  3339. “Thanks mom, not like I heard that one already.”
  3340. >You tell him with a fake salute.
  3341. >A few chuckles from the guys breaks the ice a bit between you guys and you can now have some fun.
  3342. >A productive session.
  3343. >You guys knock out a cover of The Killers' 'Bling (Confession of a King)'
  3344. >Nothing complex.
  3345. >But it's a song you enjoy and it incorporates a keyboard so Sandalwood doesn't feel too out of place.
  3346. >It's also a basic enough bassline that you attempt to use your singing chops.
  3347. >A nice afternoon that you very much needed.
  3348. >For the next few days you are treated to the same treatment as before.
  3349. >People staring.
  3350. >Distancing themselves.
  3351. >You were fine for the first few days.
  3352. >Not it's getting on your nerves a bit.
  3353. >You wonder if this is what Fluttershy feels?
  3354. >Sure, it's different.
  3355. >The others didn't cower away when they saw her.
  3356. >But the stares.
  3357. >It's like they think you're gonna swing on them at the drop of a hat.
  3358. >Like you're some animal.
  3359. >Thursday's Jam session is another soothing afternoon.
  3360. >It's the only time you don't feel like a monster or something.
  3361. >During this session, Rainbow Dash makes an announcement.
  3362. >”Alright guys! In a few weeks we are going to be holding our first concert for the School.”
  3363. >There is an excited buzz amongst the members.
  3364. >She looks at everyone.
  3365. >She scans over you and there is no change in her face and she moves on.
  3366. >”Everyone work hard, jam hard and form different groups of bands and show us your stuff and make the show!”
  3367. >There were several cheers from fellow members.
  3368. >”More information will be given throughout the coming weeks so be sure to get plenty of practice in.”
  3369. >She adds to her announcement with a smile and then retreats back to her group.
  3370. >You then look to Flash and his group of friends.
  3371. “Am I allowed to be a part of your band for this?”
  3372. >There are smiles all around.
  3373. >”Don't ask me.”
  3374. >He tells you as he turns to look at Deca Wave.
  3375. >”Up to you, you okay still being on rhythm guitar?”
  3376. >He asks Deca.
  3377. >Deca then just shrugs and smiles.
  3378. >”Hey, I was always a guitar guy myself.”
  3379. >He says.
  3380. >”I only filled the bass role because we needed one.”
  3381. >You smile and just shake your head.
  3382. “Usually the case with a lot of other bands.”
  3383. >You then hold out your hand to shake Deca's
  3384. >He reaches back out and you both shake on it.
  3385. >Flash then nods and places his hands on both yours and Deca's shoulders.
  3386. >”Then it's settled!”
  3387. >He says proudly.
  3388. >”Flash drive is now truly complete!”
  3389. >Sandalwood and Kick Step both lightly cheer.
  3390. >You mess around with some chords and brainstorm for what to preform for the concert for the rest of the session.
  3391. >Afterwords, you had to help in cleaning the music room.
  3392. >A rotational chore for all members and it just so happened to be your time to help.
  3393. >It really wasn't much.
  3394. >You just had to put the drum set away and move the piano that was there back into it's spot in the corner.
  3395. >It wasn't the grand piano but the upright one on wheels so again, it wasn't a big deal.
  3396. >A quick sweep of the room and you were set.
  3397. >You then bid the rest of the cleaning group a farewell and head out to your car.
  3398. >You put your equipment in your car and are are ready to hop in the car to leave when you feel something.
  3399. >It's hard to explain exactly.
  3400. >But again, with a life in a shitty neighborhood littered with shady type of people, you develop a certain set of skills.
  3401. >You turn to see Play Caller stomping his way towards you.
  3402. >He had a duffel bag hanging on his side with several people in tow behind him.
  3403. >Once he notices that you have spotted him he stops in his tracks and holds his guy back.
  3404. >He has this intense look on his face.
  3405. >”Heh, you caught us before we could give you a taste of your own medicine.”
  3406. >He tells you.
  3407. >You then turn your full body towards him and tense up.
  3408. “You learn to keep your head on a swivel when you grow up in a high crime rate city.”
  3409. >You tell him.
  3410. >Then you notice the guys behind him start to spread out.
  3411. >They start to surround you.
  3412. >You take count and see a total of seven guys including Play Caller.
  3413. “Really?”
  3414. >You ask.
  3415. “Seven guys?  Are you that much of a bitch?”
  3416. >You really shouldn't be antagonizing him right about now.
  3417. >Play Caller points to you.
  3418. >”You're the little faggot who sucker punched me in the first place.”
  3419. >He tells you.
  3420. >”Who's the bitch now?”
  3421. >He asks.
  3422. >You smile at him.
  3423. “Now? Still you for thinking a seven man jump is going to prove anything other than you can't fight on your own even with the size advantage.”
  3424. >You still scout your surroundings.
  3425. >There are very few cars around.
  3426. >No other students or even staff or security in sight.
  3427. >So much for alerting the 'proper authorities'.
  3428. >Just more shit school administrators like to spew to build a false sense of security.
  3429. “At least the last time I took you out, you took it like a champ.”
  3430. >Play Caller then takes a step towards you.
  3431. >And the others follow and you once again compress yourself waiting for the first move to come from any direction.
  3432. >You're not backing down.
  3433. >You take your keys in your left hand and grasp them to where the pointed ends of the keys stick out from under your clenched fist like a reverse knife.
  3434. >”Aww, no play wheel this time?”
  3435. >Play Caller mocks you.
  3436. >You pay no mind.
  3437. >They all have now circles around you with your back to your car.
  3438. >And you try to keep your eyes darting from side to side to see who makes the first move.
  3439. >And it's the guy to your left.
  3440. >He charges you.
  3441. >You are able to use the same trick you used on Play Caller and stomped his knee.
  3442. >This time when he leans forward in pain you drive your left fist as hard as you can into the side of his temple with a hook punch.
  3443. >Right after that you feel a large pair of arms slide underneath your own and puts you in a full nelson and lifts you.
  3444. >Another guy in front of you charges and you try to kick him with your right foot.
  3445. >He grabs it and stops you from connecting.
  3446. >By him doing so his arms are now distracted and you use the weight of both guys to swing your left leg into his head and he lets go and tumbles over.
  3447. >Now with your legs free you land on your left foot and bend your knee to your right as it falls and send your back heel in between the guy holding you's legs and connect with his crotch area.
  3448. >He lets you go and you move forward and you rotate your upper body leading with your right elbow and send it into his head.
  3449. >Now, you want to say you were able to fight them all of.
  3450. >You want to say you Bruce Lee'd your way through this group of fags.
  3451. >You really do.
  3452. >But the sad reality is that that's not the case.
  3453. >Sure, you've been in situations like this a few times in the past.
  3454. >But none of them ended all that well.
  3455. >And this is no exception.
  3456. >No matter how much experience you have and how little they don't.
  3457. >You feel another pair of hands wrap them around your waist and they try to suplex you.
  3458. >You quickly use your key weapon to stab the guys hands repeatedly and he finally lets you go.
  3459. >As soon as you land you see another guy in front of you and your try to prepare for him.
  3460. >You then feel someone's fist connect with the right side of your face that you didn't see coming.
  3461. >You then momentarily lose feeling and strength and you start to see flashes of light.
  3462. >You drop your keys to the floor and you try to turn your head to see who did it and then feel another fist connect with your gut.
  3463. “OOF!”
  3464. >You cough out.
  3465. >You lean forward and then there are another pair of arms that put you in the full nelson again.
  3466. >Now Play Caller approaches and sends his fist right into your face and nose.
  3467. >Your head bounces back and now everything is a blur.
  3468. >Now instead of seeing stars now everything is getting blurry.
  3469. >You can feel the blood start to pour out from your nostrils like a faucet.
  3470. >The guys to his left then sends his fist to your right eye.
  3471. >Causing even more blurred vision.
  3472. >”Now what?”
  3473. >Play Caller says to you.
  3474. >A couple of the guys who were knocked down get up and start to punch you in your sides.
  3475. >Their punches were nowhere near as hard as Play Callers but you are losing all strength in your body nonetheless.
  3476. >They then pin you down on your knees and some of them places their foot on each behind your knee so you can't move while they hold each arm.
  3477. >Play Caller gets in your face while you are held down.
  3478. >”Had enough, bitch?”
  3479. >You use whatever little strength you had and send your head into his face again for another headbutt.
  3480. >There is no real force behind it though.
  3481. >He takes a few steps back and hold his face again.
  3482. >He has a quick look of anger again but then it turns into a smile.
  3483. >”Shit, you're one scrappy little fucker.”
  3484. >He says as he then turns face and goes for his duffel bag.
  3485. >”I would definitely have liked you to have you roll along side me. Too bad things turned out the way they did.”
  3486. >He says as he pulls out a football helmet.
  3487. >Then he turns back to you as he takes a few practice swings.
  3488. >”You just had get in my way and be some sort of knight in shining armor for a freak bitch.”
  3489. >He takes a few more steps towards you.
  3490. >Then he stops a few steps in front of you.
  3491. >Away from headbutt length this time.
  3492. >He then holds the helmet in front of you.
  3493. >”Just like how you hit me with a sterring wheel.”
  3494. >He tells you.
  3495. >”Hope that pussy was worth it.”
  3496. >He mocks you.
  3497. >You then lift you head again.
  3498. >Your right eye is starting to swell shut.
  3499. >You can barely make out his outline because of the bright teal of the schools colors on his jacket.
  3500. >In one last act of defiance you collect some blood from your bleeding nose and spit in his general direction.
  3501. “Fuck you.”
  3502. >You whisper to him as you don't have much breath left in your lungs.
  3503. >You can make out Play Caller wipe his face.
  3504. >Seems like you hit him.
  3505. >”You little shit.”
  3506. >He says in a half amused and half annoyed tone.
  3507. >He then readies his helmet.
  3508. >Ready to swing.
  3510. >You hear a loud echo like voice out from the distance.
  3511. >Play Caller puts down his helmet and looks to the source of the voice.
  3512. >You try to turn your head to see as well.
  3513. >All you can make out are three figures.
  3514. >One all blue and the other is more orange yellowish and the third being really tall and teal like.
  3515. >”Let'em go and back off and anin't nobody else gonna get hurt.”
  3516. >That accent.
  3517. >You then head a lot of the guys around you mumbles to themselves.
  3518. >”Ain't that Mac's little sister?”
  3519. >One of them says.
  3520. >”Stay out of this!”
  3521. >You can hear Play Caller yell out.
  3522. >”Mac ain't here to protect you anymore so stay out of our business.”
  3523. >He says.
  3524. >”He's a friend of a friend so this is mah business!”
  3525. >You hear the orange blur yell back.
  3526. >”And ah ain't gonna let a buncha ruffians do no more damage!”
  3527. >The feminine voice hollers.
  3528. >You can feel some of the grips start to loosen up on you.
  3529. >Not that you're in any condition to do anything anymore.
  3530. >”Last warning, bitch. Fuck off or you'll be next!”
  3531. >He says.
  3532. >You then feel the feet lift off the back of your knees.
  3533. >You look at the orange blur for a bit and then the blue blur move a bit and in the blink of an eye you are pulled quickly and you are now closer to the orange and blue blurs.
  3534. >What the fuck just happened?
  3535. >Now that you are closer to these feminine figures you can now better make them out.
  3536. >AppleJack?
  3537. >Rainbow Dash?
  3538. >The fuck?
  3539. >You start to hear panicked arguing from where now the group of guys are off in the distance.
  3540. >You try to sit up and stand on your own.
  3541. >But the pain is still all there and you just groan and fall back on your ass.
  3542. >That's when the third figure places their hands on your shoulders.
  3543. >”Take it easy, brotha.”
  3544. >That hipster like voice.
  3545. >Was that Zephyr Breeze?
  3546. >You now watch as some of the guys start to make their way towards you all.
  3547. >AppleJack then steps forward and you see her grab for a poll.
  3548. >You hear her grunt and she successfully pulls it out from the ground.
  3549. >You look over to the guys and they all stopped in their tracks.
  3550. >What the fuck is going on, seriously?
  3551. >You look back to AppleJack.
  3552. >Maybe it's the concussion you most likely have.
  3553. >But you notice her then take the poll and start to bend it and twist it into a knot.
  3554. >Now the guys over on Play Callers side start to yell and you can make out them stepping off one by one.
  3555. >You then hear Play Caller one last time.
  3556. >”Jesus, you're all freaks!”
  3557. >Then you don't hear them anymore.
  3558. >After a few moments your left eye starts to get back into focus.
  3559. >You can now look up and see AppleJack with the tied up poll looking down on you.
  3560. >She has this apathetic look on her face.
  3561. >You then try to stand back up but there is still no strength in your core or legs and you fall over.
  3562. >”Hey, take it easy dude.”
  3563. >The voice that you can now recognize as Rainbow Dash now tells you as you now see her come to aid Zephyr to keep you upright.
  3564. >”Yeah, ain't no use tryin' to overexert yourself.”
  3565. >AppleJack tells you as she drops the bent poll and comes closer to you.
  3566. >Let's get'em to the bleachers.”
  3567. >She tells Zephyr.
  3568. >”Dashie, can ya go get a first aid kit or somethin?”
  3569. >You see Dash nod and then speed off in a flash.
  3570. “Wh-wha?”
  3571. >You try to form words but it's hard for you right about now.
  3572. >AppleJack then kneels next to you and looks at Zephyr.
  3573. >”Let's get'em to the bleachers.”
  3574. >You then try to get up on your own.
  3575. >But once again you can't get enough strength in yourself to move.
  3576. >AppleJack then hooks your right arm around her shoulders and lifts you like you were nothing.
  3577. >”Stop bein' a stubborn mule and let us get you to the bleachers.”
  3578. >Not much you can do.
  3579. >AJ carries you effortlessly over the field and sets out on the bench.
  3580. >You then see Dash zip back with some cloths and a white tackle box.
  3581. >She then hands you an ice pack.
  3582. >”Snagged this from the athletic training room.”
  3583. >She tells you.
  3584. >You immediately place it over your swollen eye.
  3585. >”You think we should take him over to Nurse Redheart's office?”
  3586. >Dash then asks.
  3587. >You then are now able to say some words.
  3588. “No.”
  3589. >You quickly say.
  3590. >If the school were to find out you were in another fight. It may be an expulsion.
  3591. >You weren't going to risk it this time.
  3592. >The girls both grunt at you.
  3593. >”Why not?  This is pretty serious, ya know?”
  3594. >AppleJack says.
  3595. “Can't, don't want expulsion.”
  3596. >You say slowly and in single breaths.
  3597. >Dash then hands you a wet towel and you begin to try and wipe your face clean of the blood.
  3598. >You wiggle your nose to feel if it's broken.
  3599. >And by some miracle it's not but it's till painful to touch.
  3600. “What a bitch.”
  3601. >You say.
  3602. >The girls and Zephyr look confused.
  3603. “He couldn't even break my nose.”
  3604. >You say as you now stuff both nostrils with a small piece of gauze.
  3605. >You hear AJ sigh in annoyance.
  3606. >You catch this and confront her.
  3607. “So, why even help me?”
  3608. >You ask a little bitterly.
  3609. >”Well, for starters ain't nobody should be fightin on school grounds.”
  3610. >You roll your good non shut eye.
  3611. >You've heard this a lot recently.
  3612. >”and second of all...”
  3613. >She pauses.
  3614. >”Ya stood up for Fluttershy.”
  3615. >You turn your head to AJ.
  3616. >”She kinda likes ya, ah still don't know why.”
  3617. >You let out a single chuckle and then you hunch over.
  3618. >”Ah still didn't think ya had to do what ya did back then.”
  3619. >She adds.
  3620. >”But, ya shouldn't haffta have yer head caved in by those landsnakes.”
  3621. >Whatever the hell that meant.
  3622. >”Where is she?”
  3623. >You ask.
  3624. >They seem to know who you are talking about.
  3625. >”Flutts took a ride with Shimmer to her place.”
  3626. >Dash answers.
  3627. >”We were on our way out when we saw the first part of the fight.”
  3628. >She added.
  3629. >Dash then give you a big smile and thumbs up.
  3630. >”At least I thought you were awesome before you got swarmed.”
  3631. >You force a smile and then look down and spit out some blood that was collecting in your mouth.
  3632. “Well, thanks for the help. I guess”
  3633. >You tell the group.
  3634. >Zephyr then adds in.
  3635. >”Hey man, I helped too.”
  3636. >You look over to him.
  3637. >”Look, I know we started on the wrong foot. And I just want to apologize for that.”
  3638. >You then hear a gasp from Rainbow Dash.
  3639. >”Zephyr apologizing to someone?”
  3640. >She then looks back to you.
  3641. >”That's a pretty big honor.”
  3642. >She mocks him.
  3643. >”Ha ha,”
  3644. >He sarcastically tells Dash.
  3645. >Then he brings his attention back to you.
  3646. >”But, it meant a lot to me that someone else besides the girls have my big sisters back.”
  3647. >He tells you.
  3648. >”You're all right in my book.”
  3649. >Big whoop.
  3650. >Much like the other girls you don't really seem to care if they're fine with you.
  3651. >It's not them you should be impressing anyways.
  3652. >But you try to take a deep breath but cough.
  3653. >It hurts to breathe for a moment.
  3654. >AppleJack then speaks up again.
  3655. >”Ya sure ya don't want to go to the nurse's office?”
  3656. >She asks.
  3657. >You just shake your head.
  3658. “I just need to get home.”
  3659. >You say as you try once again to stand up.
  3660. >And you can't.
  3661. >You wince in pain as you grab for your side and sit back down.
  3662. >”A just don't get ya.”
  3663. >She tells you.
  3664. >”Ya just got the stuffin beat outta ya and ya just want to go home?”
  3665. >You then look to her.
  3666. “It's a big city slicker thing.”
  3667. >She rolls her eyes.
  3668. >You feel a little better now and you try to stand on your own.
  3669. >You now can but you are still in pain.
  3670. >AJ and Dash then both get up with you.
  3671. >”Well, Ah gotta drive ya home, ya can't drive in this condition.
  3672. >You try to argue.
  3673. “I've driven home from worse beatings than this”
  3674. >You tell them.
  3675. >AJ then stands in front of you.
  3676. >”Well that was then and this is now.”
  3677. >She says rather sternly.
  3678. >”Ah ain't lettin ya drive home like this, even if a horse bucked ya a hundred times!”
  3679. >You sigh again.
  3680. >There's no getting around this.
  3681. “Hope you know how to drive stick.”
  3682. >You tell her.
  3683. >She scoffs.
  3684. >”Course ah know how to drive stick!”
  3685. >She raises her voice.
  3686. >AJ then looks over to Dash and Zephyr.
  3687. >Can ya follow us to his place so ya can scoop me up and bring me back here to pick up mah truck?”
  3688. >She asks Dash.
  3689. >She nods.
  3690. >”Then that settles it.”
  3691. >She announces.
  3692. >You all now head to your respective cars.
  3693. >AJ gets into your driver seat.
  3694. >You get into the passengers.
  3695. >And are off.
  3696. >Along the drive there is a silence.
  3697. >Then AJ speaks up.
  3698. >”Heh, didn't think ya would drive a stick.”
  3699. >She comments.
  3700. “Another anti theft measure.”
  3701. >You say.
  3702. “Most people don't drive manual in the big city.”
  3703. >AppleJack smiles.
  3704. >”Ah heard.”
  3705. >You then turn your head to look at AJ.
  3706. “Have you ever tried to drive stick in gridlock traffic?”
  3707. >You ask her.
  3708. >She shakes her head.
  3709. >”Can't say that ah have.”
  3710. >you then look forward to the road ahead of you both.
  3711. “Well, it sucks.”
  3712. >You explain.
  3713. “It's more of a practical thing.'
  3714. >You say.
  3715. “I was just cheap and manual cars are more cheap than automatics.”
  3716. >AppleJack then nods.
  3717. >”Good to know.”
  3718. >The rest of the drive is uneventful until you make it to your place and she parks your car in the drive way.
  3719. >There are no other cars here so that means you're alone.
  3720. >Good.
  3721. >Don't need the family to know you were in a fight.
  3722. >Not like they won't know with this shiner on your right eye though.
  3723. >AJ then makes a comment about your house.
  3724. >”Mighty fancy lookin house ya have here.”
  3725. >You just shrug as you climb out of your car.
  3726. >She does as well.
  3727. “It's nothing.”
  3728. >You say.
  3729. >After a few seconds you see Rainbow Dash in her car now stopped at the base of your driveway.
  3730. >Waiting for AppleJack.
  3731. >AJ then starts to make her way to Dash but before she is too out of the way, she turns to look at you one more time.
  3732. >”Stay outta trouble, ya hear?”
  3733. “No promises I can't keep.”
  3734. >She shakes her head and rolls her eyes.
  3735. >But then she forces a half grin on her face.
  3736. >Then she gets into Dash car and they drive off.
  3737. >You then look back to your house.
  3738. >You only grab your backpack as it's the only thing you could carry at the moment.
  3739. >Your music equipment will have to stay in the car for now.
  3740. >You limo your way up to the door and you enter.
  3741. >Honey Bear starts to bark at you.
  3742. >Only this time he doesn't stop and doesn't seem to recognize you.
  3743. “Yeah yeah.”
  3744. >You tell the little Pomeranian as he keeps his distance from you as you walk to your room.
  3745. >Once you do you just toss your bag into the room and go straight to the bathroom.
  3746. >You wash your face in the sink before you turn you attention to the tub.
  3747. >You then draw up a bath with the coldest water setting you can.
  3748. >It's a nice jacuzzi sized tub so you can just lie in it.
  3749. >You place a cold hand towel over your swollen eye then plunge yourself into the near icy cold water.
  3750. >You gasp at the sudden shock of the cold water hitting your skin.
  3751. >Good thing this house has multiple bathrooms so you won't be bothered.
  3752. >You just lay the rest of the afternoon in the cold bath until somebody gets suspicious.
  3754. >Hours later.
  3755. >Nobody has checked up on you.
  3756. >Which you didn't care too much.
  3757. >You finally got out of the bath and looked at yourself in the mirror.
  3758. >Your entire upper body is a mix of green and purple from all the bruises you've sustained today.
  3759. >You shake your head and sigh.
  3760. >Ironic.
  3761. >Your family moved from the shitty neighborhood to get away from stuff like this.
  3762. >Or so they say.
  3763. >Granted, you have to admit this was your own doing.
  3764. >Still.
  3765. >You then try to rotate your body to see the other scars that have accumulated over your time in Whinny City.
  3766. >Just a couple of small knife wounds from scuffles gone bad.
  3767. >Nothing too serious, thankfully.
  3768. >After a few seconds you begin to rummage through the medicine cabinet.
  3769. >Looking for some ointment to rub over your wounds.
  3770. >Once you find it, you start to rub it on the parts of your body that ache the worst.
  3771. >After that is done you just put your pants on and sneak out the bathroom back into your room.
  3772. >You then don't leave your room for the rest of the night.
  3773. >You keep your door closed and locked.
  3774. >You can hear Honey Bear scratch the bottom of the door.
  3775. >Wanting in.
  3776. >You begin to feel bad for the little guy but you don't move from your bed.
  3777. >A little bit later you hear your dad knock on your door to see if you're there.
  3778. >You just tell him from your bed that you don't feel good and may not go into school tomorrow.
  3779. >He doesn't argue and says his plate of dinner will be put in the fridge for later.
  3780. >You continue to just lay there.
  3781. >Finally, after a while you need to get up and replace the moist cloth you had draped over your eye.
  3782. >When you open the door you notice Honey Bear had nestled himself in front of your door.
  3783. >Once opened he races inside and gets on his spot on your bed.
  3784. “Sorry buddy.”
  3785. >You apologize to your dog and you quickly and quietly makes your way back to the bathroom and re-rinse your cloth with cold water.
  3786. >You go back to your room and lay back down on your bed.
  3787. >Honey Bear then curls into a little fluff ball next to you.
  3788. >After a few minutes, you drift off to sleep.
  3789. >You are awoken in the middle of the night.
  3790. >The ointment and the moist towel are now dry and are sending cold shivers all over you.
  3791. >You finally get undressed and hide under the warmth of your covers.
  3792. >In the morning you awoken again from a combination of your dog barking and your mom yelling through your door.
  3793. >Which is locked so she can't get in.
  3794. >She's bitching about you being late for school again.
  3795. >You groan and yell that you have a really bad headache and you don't feel well and won't be going in today.
  3796. >Mostly true.
  3797. >You still feel like shit.
  3798. >You still ache.
  3799. >And you do have a slight headache.
  3800. >Once your mom storms off you try and get up from your bed to let the dog out of your room.
  3801. >But man are you now starting to feel it.
  3802. >It takes you several minutes just to sit up.
  3803. >Getting out of bed is another challenge.
  3804. >You slowly make your way to your door and open it enough so your dog can slip out.
  3805. >Actually, since you're up, you may as well head to the bathroom to piss.
  3806. >After doing so you look at yourself in the mirror again.
  3807. >At least your eye is no longer swollen.
  3808. >But now the entire area around your right eye is a dark shade of purple.
  3809. >As well as one side of your left eye and the bridge of your nose as well.
  3810. >The bruises all over your body are all also exceptionally purple.
  3811. >You make your way back to your room and lay there all day.
  3812. >Your parents finally see you in the afternoon when you come out of your room to get some food.
  3813. >Gotta eat sometime.
  3814. >Sure enough the reaction from your mom is what you would expect.
  3815. >”Really Anon!?”
  3816. >No 'are you okay?'
  3817. >Or 'What happened?'
  3818. >At least your dad seemed somewhat concerned.
  3819. >”The hell happened to you?”
  3820. >He asks.
  3821. >You just shake your head and grab the plate of food that was set on the table for you.
  3822. “I have it handled.”
  3823. >You tell them.
  3824. >You can then hear snickers from Alana.
  3825. >”He probably got beat up by that giant girl during a kinky sex session.”
  3826. >She muses.
  3827. >Mom does her best to scold her for her inappropriate behavior.
  3828. >Not like it'll help
  3829. >”What about school?”
  3830. >Your father asks.
  3831. “Has the school called?”
  3832. >Neither of your parents speak up.
  3833. >Then you start to walk back to your room with your dinner plate.
  3834. “Then I consider it a non issue until they get involved.”
  3835. >You tell them as you make your way back to your room.
  3836. >You then sit at your desk and eat the dinner while browsing online.
  3837. >It was more of the same throughout the weekend as you try to let your body heal as much as it can.
  3839. >Come Monday you head back to school.
  3840. >You still ache but it's much more manageable.
  3841. >Still got the shiner though.
  3842. >That'll be fun to see the students react to seeing that.
  3843. >But just to try and make things normal again you put on a pair of mirror aviator glasses you've had for times like this.
  3844. >You walk into your first class and the teacher beckons for you to see him.
  3845. >You do as you are told.
  3846. >The teacher holds out his hand.
  3847. >”Backpack.”
  3848. >You hand it over.
  3849. >He pats it and shakes it a few times.
  3850. >And finally gives it back to you.
  3851. >He stares at you for a moment.
  3852. >Then he points to his eyes indicating your glasses.
  3853. >”No shades in my class.”
  3854. “Really?”
  3855. >You ask in annoyance.
  3856. >”Really.”
  3857. >The teacher replies in your same tone.
  3858. >You sigh and take them off in front of the teacher.
  3859. >The teacher then visibly winces and makes a gag sound at the sight your face.
  3860. >”Yeah.”
  3861. >You reply to the teacher.
  3862. >”The heck happened to you?”
  3863. >He asks.
  3864. “I had a disagreement with a flight of stairs.”
  3865. >You sarcastically tell him.
  3866. “So, can I keep them on for now?”
  3867. >He just gives you a stink eye but nods.
  3868. >You put them back on and turn to walk back to your seat.
  3869. >You take a look over at Fluttershy and you notice her head quickly turning back to the front of the class.
  3870. >You think she did that thing where you stare at someone and when they look at you, you quickly look away.
  3871. >It felt like that.
  3872. >Halfway through the class the classroom's phone rings during the teacher's lecture.
  3873. >He grumbles to himself for someone calling him during his speech.
  3874. >”Yes?”
  3875. >He says with a harsh tone.
  3876. >”Oh? oh.”
  3877. >His tone immediately changed after hearing who it was you guess.
  3878. >”Yes, he's present today.”
  3879. >Oh boy, you think you know who they're talking about.
  3880. >”Alright, I'll send him over right now.”
  3881. >He hangs up the phone and turns to the class.
  3882. >And looks straight to you.
  3883. >”Anonymous. You have been summoned to the Principal's office.”
  3884. “Joy.”
  3885. >You call out in a monotone manner.
  3886. >You then stand up to leave the class when you stop.
  3887. “Should I be taking my stuff?”
  3888. >The teacher shrugs.
  3889. >You do so anyways.
  3890. >Just in case of worst case scenario.
  3891. >You then make your way to Principal Celestia's office.
  3892. >You head into the mini lobby just before her office.
  3893. >The receptionist then informs the Principal that you are there.
  3894. >She then motions you to enter her office.
  3895. >Once you do you just see Principal Celestia at her desk.
  3896. >Her desk chair turned towards her office door.
  3897. >Seemingly waiting for you.
  3898. “Long time no see.”
  3899. >You tell the Principal.
  3900. >She doesn't seem to share your sarcastic humor and keeps her stone face.
  3901. >She moves her left hand and motions for you to have a seat at her desk.
  3902. >You follow her orders and place your backpack down next to the chair and have a seat.
  3903. >”Could you please remove the shades?”
  3904. >You take a moment but comply.
  3905. >Once you take them off Principal Celestia closes her eyes for a prolonged period of time once she sees your shiner.
  3906. >She then takes a deep breath herself.
  3907. >”Do you know why I called you here, Anonymous?”
  3908. >She asks you.
  3909. >You tilt your head to the side.
  3910. “I can take a wild guess.”
  3911. >You tell her as you now sit back into the chair.
  3912. >She raises a single eyebrow at you over your comment.
  3913. >You then just point to your eye.
  3914. “I take it's about this?”
  3915. >You tell her.
  3916. >”It's more of how you got that.”
  3917. >She replies.
  3918. >You pull your head back.
  3919. “What does me falling down a flight of stairs have to do with my black eye?”
  3920. >You ask.
  3921. >Principal Celestia furrows her brow.
  3922. >”Anonymous, please don't lie to me.”
  3923. >She tells you in a more soft tone.
  3924. >You then hold up your hands.
  3925. “What? Thursday when I got home I tried to chase my younger sister and slipped and fell down some stairs.”
  3926. >You lie out your ass.
  3927. >You really don't want them to know you got into another fight.
  3928. >Principal Celestia then lets out a heavy sigh.
  3929. >She then rotates her computer monitor so it faces you.
  3930. >The screen then shows the video streaming web page 'PonyTube'.
  3931. >It is playing someones camera phone footage of you getting your ass handed to you by Play Caller and his goons with the video caption 'CANTERLOT HIGH PARKING LOT BRAWL'
  3932. >Now it's your turn to take a really deep breath and sigh immensely.
  3933. >You shake your head and shrug.
  3934. “Look, I didn't want you all to find out.”
  3935. >You say.
  3936. “I'm seriously not trying to get expelled or have this on some sort of permanent record or something.”
  3937. >You continue to plea your case of some sorts.
  3938. “Despite with little you know about me, I do have College ambitions and obviously stuff like this doesn't exactly look good on applications.”
  3939. >She raises her eyebrows at your confession.
  3940. >”Anonymous, this puts us in a tricky situation.”
  3941. >She says as she points back to the video.
  3942. >”Obviously this took place on school campus.”
  3943. >She says.
  3944. >”There was ill intent from the start from both sides.”
  3945. >She continues.
  3946. >”You are seen clearly using keys as a weapon.”
  3947. >You stand up at that comment.
  3948. “Oh come on!”
  3949. >You yell at her.
  3950. “There are seven apes surrounding me trying to tear my head off! You mean to tell me now that I can't drive to school now?”
  3951. >She was taken back at your outburst.
  3952. >”Anonymous.”
  3953. >She says in a low tone.
  3954. >”I never said that, now please take a seat again and if you have one more outburst like that, the punishments will be severe.”
  3955. >You try and cool off.
  3956. >Finally you take your seat again.
  3957. >After a few seconds Principal Celestia tilts her head down towards you.
  3958. >”Are you calm now?”
  3959. >She asks.
  3960. >Your hands are gripping the handles of the chair but you nod your head to her.
  3961. >Good.”
  3962. >She tells you.
  3963. >Lifting her head back up.
  3964. >”Now, let me finish.”
  3965. >She says.
  3966. >”Like I said before, this is a tricky situation because, as you already know, we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fights and student safety here at Canterlot High,”
  3967. >She says and continues.
  3968. >”With that being said, this is a clear indication of self defense in your case when many such cases are usually almost impossible to prove.”
  3969. >She puts her hands together and leans towards you.
  3970. >”Now, even though you were acting in self defense.”
  3971. >Here we go.
  3972. >”Anonymous, can you take a wild guess on when the last time this school has had a physical altercation between students on it's campus before yours and Play Caller's several weeks ago?”
  3973. >You immediately just shake your head.
  3974. “Please enlighten me.”
  3975. >You tell her.
  3976. >She sits back up.
  3977. >”Four years ago. During an event we hold with our rival school Crystal Prep Academy.”
  3978. >She says.
  3979. >”And that altercation was between students from both schools.”
  3980. >That's bullshit but after interacting with some of the students and how they tried to tell you how you should have handled the situation you believe it.
  3981. >”And then you come along for your senior year and there are already two incidents within a few weeks of each other.”
  3982. >You're gripping the sides of the chair again with all your strength.
  3983. >”That being said, Play Caller and his group aren't exactly the shining beacons of model students either.”
  3984. >She adds.
  3985. >This calms you down a bit.
  3986. >”While yes, they have not been in fights. Many of them have been disciplined for various behavioral problems as well as bullying many students.”
  3987. >She now sits back in her seat and rests both her elbows on each side of her desk chair.
  3988. >”And here we are.”
  3989. >She finally finishes and lets out another big sigh.
  3990. >”Considering Play Caller's history with bullying, the video evidence at hand, and after hearing from some influential voices. I am pretty much making a judgment call here.”
  3991. >She says.
  3992. >”I am giving you two weeks detention including two Saturday detentions for your involvement in the altercation because I MUST do something, I understand it was self defense.  But please understand where I am coming from.”
  3993. >You guess.
  3994. >”Play Caller has been suspended for ten days like you were but make no mistake, if there are ANY issues going foreword, either between you two or separate incidents over ANYTHING, you will both be expelled.  Do I make myself clear?”
  3995. >She tells you.
  3996. >You just simply nod.
  3997. >She then nods back.
  3998. >”Good, you may return to class.”
  3999. >She lets you go.
  4000. >You don't say anything as you grab your backpack and make your way out of her office.
  4001. >”Anonymous?”
  4002. >She calls out to you just before you leave her office.
  4003. >You turn to face her.
  4004. >”Please don't make me regret my decision.”
  4005. >She was resting her head on her right fist that was propped up from her desk chair.
  4006. >You nod one last time and head back to class.
  4007. >Putting your shades back on.
  4009. >There was just enough time to head back to History class.
  4010. >If only to get your homework assignment.
  4011. >Gotta have something to do during detention, right?
  4012. >Also a good way to catch up on work you missed during your own suspension.
  4013. >The rest of the day just goes on.
  4014. >You did get stares from Sunset Shimmer in AP Calculus.
  4015. >As well as some stares from Twilight in Advanced Physics.
  4016. >Lunch time was the same.
  4017. >Students still kept their distance but now you tell they were trying their hardest to see your black eye.
  4018. >Your best bet for some privacy or at least some normalcy was to hang out with Flash and his crew.
  4019. >”What's with the cool shades?”
  4020. >Flash asks you.
  4021. >You smile.
  4022. “I want to be 70's cop cool like Deca Wave here.”
  4023. >You point to Deca.
  4024. >A few laughs from the guys is a welcome reaction.
  4025. >”But seriously.”
  4026. >Flash then comments again.
  4027. >You then take a quick look around the cafeteria to make sure there weren't a lot of eyes on you.
  4028. .You then lower your shades and looks at all the guys.
  4029. >They all just kind of pucker their lips and let out various 'ooooh's
  4030. >”Whoa, what happened to you?”
  4031. >Flash asked.
  4032. >You wanted to keep this out of the school.
  4033. >But since it's a hit online, you may as well embrace it a bit.
  4034. >Or at least have some fun.
  4035. “Did you not see my star making performance on PonyTube?”
  4036. >They all had confused looks on their faces.
  4037. “Apparently all you gotta do is look up 'Canterlot High parking lot brawl' on there.”
  4038. >Some of the guys then pull out their phones and immediately head to PonyTube to check it out.
  4039. >After a few minutes, some of the guys start to react to what is happening.
  4040. >”Ohh! Damn that looked like it hurt like hell.”
  4041. >Deca says.
  4042. “Yeah, I spent the weekend as a miserable pile of shit.”
  4043. >You tell them.
  4044. >Sandalwood then speaks up.
  4045. >”Does the school know about this?”
  4046. >You nod.
  4047. “It's how I found out and why I now have detention for two weeks.”
  4048. >You tell them.
  4049. >They all look at you.
  4050. >”Damn really?”
  4051. >Flash asks.
  4052. >You just throw your arms in the air for a shrug.
  4053. “School politics 'Do the crime, do the time' bullshit I suppose.”
  4054. >You finish up your plate of food.
  4055. “I find it better to not fight shit like this sometimes otherwise things get much more worse.”
  4056. >You then think back to Principal Celestia.
  4057. “Especially when your first impression of me is someone who resorts to violence.”
  4058. >You then shake your head.
  4059. “At this point I just don't want to think about it.”
  4060. >Some of the guys then nod their heads.
  4061. >”Understandable.”
  4062. >Kick Step speaks up.
  4063. >Lunch ends and you head to your next class.
  4064. >In Drafting/Architecture.
  4065. >AppleJack actually approaches you this time.
  4066. >”How ya feelin'?”
  4067. >She asks.
  4068. >You just sit back in your chair.
  4069. “Well, I just feel like a piece of shit now as opposed to a pile of shit back on Friday.”
  4070. >You nod to yourself.
  4071. “So that's a plus.”
  4072. >AppleJack dons a half smile and shakes her head.
  4073. >”Has Principal Celestia talked to ya?”
  4074. >You then look at her.
  4075. “Why?”
  4076. >You ask.
  4077. >”Dashie and ah found it best we told her what happened in case anyone else tried to twist the story.”
  4078. >You sigh.
  4079. “Well, I was summoned to her office during first period.”
  4080. >You think about the interaction again.
  4081. >Then you remember something she said that didn't mean much at the time but...
  4082. “You wouldn’t happen to be those 'influential voices' she mentioned, were you?”
  4083. >She has a slight confused look on her face.
  4084. >”Ah mean, ah wouldn't call us influential, but we did try really hard to have Principal Celestia go easy on ya.”
  4085. “Well, it kinda worked.”
  4086. >You tell her.
  4087. “I only have two weeks of detention as well as Saturday detention.”
  4088. >AJ puts on an apologetic look.
  4089. “I guess it beats getting another longer suspension or even expulsion, so I'll take it.”
  4090. >You sigh.
  4091. “Do the others besides you and Dash know?”
  4092. >You now ask her.
  4093. >She tips her hat in response.
  4094. >”Yeah, we told'em, after all it took all of us to talk to Principal Celestia.”
  4095. >You sigh.
  4096. >”What about the other varmints?”
  4097. >She adds.
  4098. >You assume she means Play Caller and his cronies.
  4099. “Suspended for two weeks as far as I know.”
  4100. >She then nods.
  4101. >”Ah just hope that's the end of this.”
  4102. >You nod again in agreement.
  4103. “Well, it'll have to be, since if either him or I have any other fuck up, not just with each other, then we're expelled.”
  4104. >She shrugs her shoulders.
  4105. >”Whew, better stay outta trouble like ah said, then.”
  4106. >She playfully tells you and lightly smacks the back of your shoulder.
  4107. “Ack!”
  4108. >Okay, first of all. You're still in a little bit of pain from the fight,
  4109. >Second of all, damn this bitch is strong.
  4110. >That would have hurt even if you weren't sore.
  4111. >And it didn't even seem like she put in any effort into that smack.
  4112. >She notices your wince and she bows in apology.
  4113. >”Sorry sug, sometimes ah don't know my own strength.”
  4114. “Ya think?”
  4115. >You sarcastically say.
  4116. >She then shrugs.
  4117. >”Sorry again, but ah need to get back to my seat.”
  4118. >She then turns to walk away.
  4119. >”See ya later.”
  4120. >She finally says.
  4121. >You just grumble and go back to your own work.
  4122. >So Fluttershy knows.
  4123. >Of course she was going to hear about it sooner or later.
  4124. >And it's been a crazy few weeks.
  4125. >You've never even confronted her about the...
  4126. >Incident that occurred at her place.
  4127. >So much has happened.
  4128. >At least it feels like so much happened.
  4129. >Maybe now you should just try to talk to her.
  4130. >At the very least, just to clear up the air.
  4131. >She seems like such a gentle soul from all your encounters with her that your aggressive approach would scare her off normally.
  4132. >But you felt you were past that until it came out.
  4133. >Now you should play it careful.
  4134. >For now.
  4136. >Tuesday.
  4137. >Day goes by.
  4138. >After school.
  4139. >You have detention.
  4140. >Also it's Jam Band day.
  4141. >Detention is only one hour while Band is an hour and a half.
  4142. >Not much time, but it's something.
  4143. >You drop off your equipment with Flash and the crew before going to detention.
  4144. >You do your homework and the hour goes by like nothing.
  4145. >Once done you head over to the music room to jam out and practice for the upcoming school show.
  4146. >You guys are still unsure of what to play.
  4147. >The little time you did have though goes by much quicker than you had anticipated.
  4148. >It's only for two weeks so hopefully you can crank something out.
  4149. >Once you are finished packing up you look over to Fluttershy and the rest of the girls.
  4150. >She seems to be in a conversation with Rainbow Dash.
  4151. >You take a deep breath and approach the girls.
  4152. >The first of the girls who notices you is Sunset Shimmer.
  4153. >She was in the middle of rolling up some cords when she spotted you approaching them.
  4154. >”Hey Anon.”
  4155. >She greets you.
  4156. >Which catches the attention of the rest of the girls.
  4157. >Including Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.
  4158. >”Sup Thunder Fingers!”
  4159. >Dash calls out to you.
  4160. >You then hold up two fingers in the 'peace sign' to greet the girls.
  4161. >Fluttershy turns to see you.
  4162. >You both lock eyes and then immediately she looks off to the side to avoid eye contact.
  4163. “Hey girls.”
  4164. >You address everyone.
  4165. >Then awkward silence.
  4166. >Some of the girls continue to pack up their instruments.
  4167. >And you just stand there like an idiot.
  4168. >Dash then finally speaks up.
  4169. >”Need anything?”
  4170. >She asks.
  4171. ”Uh.”
  4172. >All of a sudden at a loss for words.
  4173. “Fluttershy?”
  4174. >You call out.
  4175. >She doesn't respond immediately.
  4176. >But after about a second she does look back to you.
  4177. “Can..., I mean.”
  4178. >You start to stutter.
  4179. >You take a deep breath.
  4180. “When you have some time, can we possibly have a talk somewhere?”
  4181. >You ask her.
  4182. >She looks like she is considering it.
  4183. “It doesn't have to be at my place or your place.”
  4184. >You tell her.
  4185. “It could be outside near the bleachers, or somewhere public if you'd like.”
  4186. >You try to make it more appealing to her.
  4187. “You know, whenever you have the time. Just let me know ahead of time as I will be having detention for the next two weeks.”
  4188. >You lay it out for her if she wants to take you up on your offer.
  4189. >Not that it was really much of an offer.
  4190. >She doesn't say anything.
  4191. >You did what you set out to do and you promised yourself that you wouldn't be aggressive.
  4192. >As you turn to leave them she speaks up.
  4193. >”Well, I can't today because I will be doing my volunteer work at the local animal shelter.”
  4194. >She says.
  4195. >You stop for a moment and then just nod.
  4196. >”...unless you want to come along and help.”
  4197. >She adds and you answer as quickly as she said it.
  4198. “I have no problem with that,”
  4199. >Wait.
  4200. >Shit.
  4201. >You weren't even thinking when you said that.
  4202. >You then look back at Fluttershy.
  4203. >She also has a surprised look on her face.
  4204. >She then looks over to her friends for some sort of comfort or confirmation.
  4205. >Most of the girls just look at you and then back to Fluttershy and shrug.
  4206. >Rarity and Twilight seem to be the ones with the most concerned looks on their faces
  4207. >AppleJack, Pinkie and Sunset Shimmer seem to be neutral on it.
  4208. >Dash just gives her the double thumbs up.
  4209. >She may be your best way to get closer to her since she is Fluttershy's best friend.
  4210. >Now it's Fluttershy's turn to stutter.
  4211. >”Well, I-uh. um...”
  4212. >It was like she wasn't ready for you to call her out on her bluff or something.
  4213. “I mean if you don't want me to come...”
  4214. >You begin to tell her but she cuts you off.
  4215. >”N-no, that's not... It's fine!”
  4216. >She manages to get out.
  4217. >There is another awkward silence.
  4218. >Rainbow Dash then goes up to Fluttershy and pats her on the shoulder.
  4219. >”You sure you're okay with it?”
  4220. >She asks her.
  4221. >She just shakes her head nervously.
  4222. >Dash just smiles and looks back at you.
  4223. >”Relax Flutts. If ol' loose hands here tries anything funny, I'm sure the animals will maul him.”
  4224. >She snickers.
  4225. “Har har,”
  4226. >You say incredulously.
  4227. >Then you bring your attention back to Fluttershy.
  4228. “Well, I'm going to go load my car with my stuff.”
  4229. >You once again turn to walk away.
  4230. “You can meet me out there whenever you're ready.”
  4231. >You finally tell her and you head back to grab your stuff.
  4232. >You bid the guys farewell and head out to your car.
  4233. >Once you've put your stuff in your trunk you lean on your drivers door.
  4234. >Waiting for Fluttershy.
  4235. >After a few minutes, you see her come out of the building with Dash.
  4236. >They seem to be in another conversation that ends just before she gets close to you.
  4237. >Dash then waves the both of you off.
  4238. >”You take care of her now!”
  4239. >You just nod as you push yourself off your car.
  4240. >Fluttershy then quietly makes her way to the passengers side of your car.
  4241. “You ready?”
  4242. >You ask her.
  4243. >She just nods her head.
  4244. >You climb into your car and unlock the passengers side door from inside.
  4245. >No automatic locks on this fine piece of 80's machinery.
  4246. >You are now off to the animal shelter.
  4247. >There is a weird tension in the air right about now.
  4248. >It feels like you both got caught in a situation that maybe you weren't prepared for.
  4249. >You just hope it doesn't blow up in your face.
  4251. >And so the drive to the animal shelter.
  4252. >Neither of you say anything for a while.
  4253. >Your music does it's best to mask the awkwardness.
  4254. >But it can only do so much.
  4255. >Not that any kind of meme music you play could break the ice.
  4256. >Because even you are susceptible to low effort lo-fi beats over sample repeats.
  4257. >You side eye her every so often.
  4258. >Other than the sound of music, the voice of your GPS is directing you to the shelter.
  4259. >Because, you know, new city and all.
  4260. >There is a stretch of road where there isn't any turns or interruptions.
  4261. “Hey.”
  4262. >You finally speak out.
  4263. >From the side of your eyes you see that Fluttershy looks at you for a moment then goes back to looking at the road ahead.
  4264. >She doesn't say anything at first.
  4265. >You were tempted to try again when she finally said something after a few minutes of silence.
  4266. >”Yes?”
  4267. >She says ever so softly that, like several times before, you almost don't catch because of the background noise.
  4268. >And it's not even like you have the music on blast either.
  4269. “Um.”
  4270. >You hesitate for second.
  4271. >Not really knowing where to go
  4272. “So uh, thank you for turning in our finished project for History class.”
  4273. >Another pause.
  4274. >”Of course. I mean, it affected my grade too.”
  4275. >She tells you.
  4276. “R-right.”
  4277. >Smooth.
  4278. >You try to brush it off by chuckling.
  4279. >Nervously, mind you.
  4280. >And now things are quiet again.
  4281. >Except for music, of course.
  4282. >Now it's time for Fluttershy to start a conversation.
  4283. >”D-does it still hurt?”
  4284. >She asks you.
  4285. “Does what?”
  4286. >You ask her since you're not sure what could still hurt.
  4287. >Unless she meant your black eye.
  4288. >”Your..”
  4289. >You glance over to her to see her lightly pat her eye with her hand.
  4290. “Oh.”
  4291. >You figured.
  4292. “No, it doesn't hurt as much anymore,”
  4293. >You tell her.
  4294. “Unless you put pressure on or in the area of it.”
  4295. >You add.
  4296. >She stays silent.
  4297. >So you try to continue.
  4298. “Eh, it's not the worst injury I've sustained.”
  4299. >You try to say in a lighthearted manner.
  4300. >”I'm sorry.”
  4301. >Fluttershy apologizes.
  4302. >You then look over to here again.
  4303. “Huh? What for?”
  4304. >You ask.
  4305. >What's she sorry for?
  4306. >”It was because of me that this happened to you.”
  4307. >There is a hint of genuine sorrow in her voice.
  4308. >You just scoff.
  4309. “Come on, Fluttershy, Don't be so hard on yourself.”
  4310. >You try to reassure her.
  4311. “This was all my doing.”
  4312. >You tell her.
  4313. >Fluttershy doesn't respond right away.
  4314. “In hindsight it looked like you had things under control and I just came along thinking I was helping and then escalated the situation.”
  4315. >You explained further.
  4316. >She thinks for a second.
  4317. >Then speaks.
  4318. >”I wish you wouldn't have immediately resorted to violence.”
  4319. >There it is.
  4320. >The line you've been pretty much hearing from all over.
  4321. >You sigh.
  4322. “No, you're right.”
  4323. >You say.
  4324. “I've been hearing that from everyone.”
  4325. >Adding to your previous statement.
  4326. >You shake your head.
  4327. “Maybe I shouldn't have gone for the violence route right off the bat.”
  4328. >You tell her.
  4329. “It's something I was brought up on to always throw the first punch.”
  4330. >Thinking of life back in the City.
  4331. “If you don't then that's a sure fire way to lose the fight.”
  4332. >You try to explain to her.
  4333. >”Maybe there wouldn't be a fight if you don't throw the first punch?”
  4334. >What a concept.
  4335. >It hits closer than you think.
  4336. “My whole life I've been taught to keep my guard up.”
  4337. >You start to speak.
  4338. >Not to Fluttershy.
  4339. >Even though she is the only other person in the car.
  4340. >But just to speak out in general.
  4341. >Since fuck it, it's not like your parents would listen or care.
  4342. “I've been in so many fights, most of them I can say for sure I didn't want to be in them.”
  4343. >You explain further.
  4344. “Some of them were to back up friends.”
  4345. >You say.
  4346. “But most of the time, it was always just to survive.”
  4347. >Your tone has lowered when you say that.
  4348. “Coming to a new environment that is a complete 180 to what it was like before was a big culture shock.”
  4349. >You begin to lighten up a bit.
  4350. “Everything was actually fine, and then...”
  4351. >You pause.
  4352. >You both know what you were eluding to,
  4353. “If you take anything away from the incident, it's that I didn't do it out of malice, but more for protection.”
  4354. >You tell her.
  4355. “You may not have needed it, but I was there and willing to put myself on the line to protect and support a friend.”
  4356. >You chuckle.
  4357. “In my own way, of course.”
  4358. >You still laugh at yourself.
  4359. “God, it sounds so corny when I say it out loud.”
  4360. >You say.
  4361. “But I would do it again without a second thought.”
  4362. >You proudly proclaim.
  4363. “Even if it means getting my ass handed to me again.”
  4364. >You explain.
  4365. “I'll always stand up for a friend.”
  4366. >You say.
  4367. >Once again you look over to Fluttershy and smile.
  4368. “But I mean, come on, you gave him a good five across the face.”
  4369. >You try to be a bit more cheery.
  4370. “If I'm not careful, you just may smack me into next week with how much oomph I saw you put into that.”
  4371. >You thought you could hear the faintest of giggles coming from the meek girl.
  4372. >”I-it was just quite a shock to see you like that after what I had seen from you up until then.”
  4373. >That was true.
  4374. >You both have only really known each other for maybe a few weeks.
  4375. “There are a lot of things that we don't know about each other still.”
  4376. >You say.
  4377. “Some of it we may have been waiting for the right time.”
  4378. >You then look over at her
  4379. >And then a little down at her chest area.
  4380. >The massive hang out from the rest of her body that you now know are her huge breasts stick out like two mountains over the valleys.
  4381. >Her stained teal Wondercolts sweater does a pretty good job at hiding them.
  4382. >But like you thought before, in concealing them, it makes her look a little more chubby or fat.
  4383. >So if you're not looking for a pair of big fat titties, you could easily brush it off as her being ashamed of being a bit overweight.
  4384. >And in truth, you still haven't gotten a good look.
  4385. >You're just basing that off of seeing the size of her bra.
  4386. >You look away before you stare too long and make her more uncomfortable than she probably already is.
  4387. >”Yeah...”
  4388. >Is all she said.
  4389. >It was then quiet for the rest of the drive.
  4391. >You finally make it to the Animal Shelter.
  4392. >A single story white building near the end of downtown Canterlot.
  4393. >The place had it's own parking lot so easy parking for you.
  4394. >You park your car and then you both make your way into the shelter.
  4395. >It was already loud even though there wasn't a single animal in sight.
  4396. >You were in the main lobby.
  4397. >A single desk right up ahead of you with an opening to the left of the desk that led to a door way to the inside of the shelter.
  4398. >Manning the desk looked to be a middle aged woman.
  4399. >She had light peach colored skin with baby blue hair that was styled in an updo.
  4400. >She wore those old lady style glasses that look oversized.
  4401. >Once you close the door to the shelter she looks up from whatever she was doing and smiles upon seeing Fluttershy.
  4402. >”Oh, welcome Fluttershy!”
  4403. >She says excitedly.
  4404. >”Hello Mrs. Felwinter”
  4405. >Fluttershy greets back.
  4406. >”You;ve come to volunteer again?”
  4407. >The lady asks.
  4408. >Fluttershy just nods with a bright smile on her face.
  4409. >Mrs. Felwinter then brings her attention to you.
  4410. >Her face doesn't change all that much when she laid eyes on you.
  4411. >You also had your shades on, covering up your black eye.
  4412. >”Is this a friend of yours?”
  4413. >She asked.
  4414. >Fluttershy nods.
  4415. >”Yes, he's with me to help out today as well.”
  4416. >The lady then smiles and nods and reaches for some clipboards and forms.
  4417. >She then hands them out to the both of you.
  4418. >”I just need for you two to fill these out before you can go any further.”
  4419. >You take the clipboard with the form on it and scan though it.
  4420. >Looks to be just a waiver that you are going to be working with animals and if you're not careful you get bit or scratched and you acknowledge you knew this beforehand and can't and won't sue.
  4421. >Seems legit.
  4422. >You sign and hand it back the the lady.
  4423. >Shouldn't your parents be the ones signing this anyways?
  4424. >Whatever.
  4425. >Not like you cared too much.
  4426. >Fluttershy then hands her forms to the lady as well.
  4427. >”Alrighty!”
  4428. >She chirps happily.
  4429. >”What needs assistance today?”
  4430. >Fluttershy asks.
  4431. >”Some of the dog kennels need to be cleaned as well as some dogs need to be washed.”
  4432. >She stops to think for a bit.
  4433. >”I think that's about it.”
  4434. >Fluttershy nods and steps foreword.
  4435. >Then she looks back to you.
  4436. >”Come on, I'll show you where to go.”
  4437. >You then follow Fluttershy through the doorway that led out of the lobby.
  4438. >You walk down a long hallway that had long windows that followed the hall.
  4439. >When walking by you peer through some of them.
  4440. >Some rooms have various animals with other volunteers or even employees tending to them.
  4441.  >First seemed like it was the room for the rodents.
  4442. >Next was a room with many bird  cages and polls for them to rest on.
  4443. >Much of the noise was coming from this room.
  4444. >Finally, you start to hear the barking.
  4445. >And then you are led into a larger hall with several cage doors lined on each side of the hall.
  4446. >At the very end of the hall was a large lower sink and several hoses and a curve that led to elsewhere in the hall.
  4447. >The entire area smelled of wet dog with a hint of dog shit.
  4448. >Pretty much why it was in need of a cleaning.
  4449. >There was someone already in the back of the hall taking care of a dog.
  4450. >Another lady not as old as the one at the reception desk.
  4451. >But still you can tell she has some miles on her.
  4452. >She had bright green skin with broccoli green fuzzy hair that was also tied up in a sort of bun with a bandanna keeping it in place.
  4453. >The clothes she was wearing were drenched in water.
  4454. >The dogs start to bark uncontrollably once you two walk a little more into the room.
  4455. >This alerts the lady at the other end of the room.
  4456. >She then looks up from what she was doing and looks back over to you two.
  4457. >Much like Mrs. Felwinter, a big smile come on her face once she notices Fluttershy.
  4458. >”Hey Fluttershy!”
  4459. >The woman calls out to her.
  4460. >Fluttershy greets her back.
  4461. >”Hello Leafy Mint”
  4462. >She calls her.
  4463. >She begins to walk up to the lady.
  4464. >And you follow right behind her.
  4465. >As you walk past the various cages you see the different dogs this shelter have at the moment.
  4466. >Jack Russell terriers.
  4467. >Black labs.
  4468. >And of course chihuahuas.
  4469. >Lots of chihuahuas.
  4470. >Poor things.
  4471. >You always knew they were some of the more abandoned dogs.
  4472. >You then make your way to the lady at the end of the room and she greets herself to you.
  4473. >”Hello, I'm Leafy Mint.  I work here at the shelter.”
  4474. >She reaches out her right hand.
  4475. >And you take it to shake.
  4476. “Hi, my name is Anonymous.'
  4477. >You introduce yourself.
  4478. “I'm here to help out for today.”
  4479. >She nods and smiles.
  4480. >After introductions she then points to her eyes.
  4481. >”So what's with the shades indoors?”
  4482. >She asks.
  4483. >You sigh and just take them off.
  4484. >Consequences be damned.
  4485. >She of course lightly winces once she notices your eye.
  4486. >”Ooooh, sorry.”
  4487. >She says.
  4488. >You just shrug it off.
  4489. “Nah, I'm not 'sunglasses indoors' cool so it's best I took them off for now.”
  4490. >You say with a light chuckle as you place them inside your jacket pocket.
  4491. >She also laughs a bit so that's already a good start.
  4492. >Fluttershy then speaks up.
  4493. >”So are we cleaning all the kennels today?”
  4494. >She asks.
  4495. >Leafy Mint then just nods.
  4496. >”As many as we can.”
  4497. >She says as she turns to what she was working on.
  4498. >There stood a moist looking doberman who just shakes it's body.
  4499. >”I just finished giving Stella here a bath.”
  4500. >She says as she pets the dog on the head.
  4501. >”Flutter, maybe you could take a few dogs out to play while I show Anon how to clean the kennels and we'll go from there.”
  4502. >She suggests and then looks to you.
  4503. >”Is that alright with you?”
  4504. >You just nod,
  4505. “Cleaning a kennel seems like a simple enough job for a first timer.”
  4506. >You comment.
  4507. >Leafy Mint then smiles again at you
  4508. >”My thoughts exactly!”
  4509. >So then it was settled.
  4510. >Fluttershy took the first two dogs out of their kennels.
  4511. >Leafy Mint then grabbed a broom and mop with a bucket that was already filled with soapy water.
  4512. >She then began to go over what to do and what to do first.
  4513. >Of course remove the bowls and beds and then if there was any feces, to pick it up with doggie bags.
  4514. >Then brush with broom.
  4515. >Splash the tiny room with water.
  4516. >Mop with the soapy water.
  4517. >Lastly dry mop.
  4518. >Then place bed with fresh bowl of water.
  4519. >Easy.
  4520. >You get to work every time Fluttershy comes in and takes a few dogs out.
  4521. >Some were quicker than others.
  4522. >All the while Leafy Mint took other dogs from their kennels and began to wash them.
  4523. >At one point you had finished the kennels that Fluttershy had out so you had time before she came back.
  4524. >You looked over some of the other kennels that you haven't worked on yet.
  4525. >It was kind of sad seeing all these dogs in here.
  4526. >Many of them seemed happy to see humans.
  4527. >Some just barked their heads off at someone new.
  4528. >Mostly the tiny dogs.
  4529. >Then you came upon this kennel.
  4530. >The dog was curled up in the back corner of it's kennel.
  4531. >You then took a look at the information on the form that was taped to the kennel door.
  4532. >Breed: Pit bull, gender: male
  4533. >Oh boy.
  4534. >Didn't think you'd run into these here in Canterlot City.
  4535. >But when you look over to the dog.
  4536. >It has a black coat.
  4537. >But you notice a lot of patches of fur are missing on it's body.
  4538. >Replaced with fur are raw scabbed patches of skin.
  4539. >You just keep your eye on it to make sure it's still alive since it hasn't budged once.
  4540. >You then hear the door open and Fluttershy enter the room with the dogs she had.
  4541. >She then places them in their kennels and closed the doors.
  4542. >Then she comes up to where you were and she notices who you were looking at.
  4543. >”Oh.”
  4544. >She says with a low tone.
  4545. >”This is Onyx.”
  4546. >She says as she opens the gate to his kennel.
  4547. >”We named him that as he didn't have a name when we got him. He was a recent transfer from another kennel who were going to euthanize the poor thing.”
  4548. >She says in a much sadder tone.
  4549. >She then gently approaches the dog, who still hasn't moved.
  4550. >Once she gets a little close the dog then jumps once it notices someone was close.
  4551. >You then see it's head.
  4552. >Half of his face was battered with more missing fur and bare skin and his right eye was closed shut.
  4553. >He looked at Fluttershy with it's one good eye.
  4554. >He looked very tired but also afraid.
  4555. >”We wanted to take him in to give him a second chance.”
  4556. >Fluttershy says.
  4557. >”He was the victim of dog fighting, or more accurately, he was the whipping boy for his litter of other Pit Bulls who ravaged him so they could be better fighters.”
  4558. >Fluttershy tries to reach out to pet him and he just buries his face into his body.
  4559. >She then gently pets his side.
  4560. >You've heard stories like this.
  4561. >There's sometimes dogs in the litter that are more docile than most.
  4562. >Thus they are useless as fighters so they're just bait for the others.
  4563. >You're not a fan of Pit bulls yourself.
  4564. >But you feel for this poor guy.
  4565. >Fluttershy tries to coax him into getting up so she can take him out so you can clean his kennel.
  4566. >It took her a while but he finally gets up and you can see more damage that has been done to the poor thing.
  4567. >You also see he has a white undercoat.
  4568. >Or at least what patches of fur that was there.
  4569. >He walks slowly with a limp in his step.
  4570. >Then he stops right in front of you.
  4571. >He looks up to you.
  4572. >And you look into it's good eye.
  4573. >And you felt something deep inside.
  4574. >You are not sure what it was.
  4575. >Almost like a connection to him.
  4576. >Like a sort of kindred spirit kind of vibe.
  4577. >Obviously your situation is nowhere near as bad as his.
  4578. >Maybe he saw your black eye and he could relate.
  4579. >Regardless, he was fixated on you.
  4580. >Fluttershy notices this and just lets him sit there.
  4581. >She does kneel close to you just to make sure there are not sudden movements
  4582. >You then very slowly hold out your hand to try and pet his head.
  4583. >As it gets closer, he doesn't budge from your hand.
  4584. >You stop just short of him.
  4585. >He sniffs your hand.
  4586. >And then he gently licks it.
  4587. >Fluttershy lightly gasps.
  4588. >”Oh! This is the first time he's shown any affection to anyone!”
  4589. >She is super excited and she calls over for Leafy Mint.
  4590. >Leafy Mint comes over ans sees the interaction and she lightly slaps your shoulder.
  4591. >It still stung.
  4592. >”Well, look at that, Fluttershy! You've brought us a hell of a dog whisperer!”
  4593. >She excitedly claims.
  4594. >You shake your head.
  4595. “No.”
  4596. >You respond.
  4597. >Leafy Mint then laughs.
  4598. >”Don't be bashful, Fluttershy and I have been trying to get him to open up for a few weeks now.”
  4599. >She says.
  4600. >You're still keeping eye contact with him.
  4601. >It still looks like there is fear in eye.
  4602. >”Maybe you can take him out while I clean his cage?”
  4603. >Fluttershy suggests.
  4604. >”He rally is tough to try and get him to do things without using too much pressure, since he seems to like you, you may have a better time getting him to go out.”
  4605. >You stand up from your squat position.
  4606. >And shrug your shoulders.
  4607. “Lets see.”
  4608. >You tell her.
  4609. She then hands you his leash that she put on him.
  4610. >And a small handful of dog biscuits to feed him while you were out.
  4611. >You then take a few steps.
  4612. >And he follows as fast as he could with his lingering injuries.
  4613. >Both Fluttershy and Leafy Mint both lightly squeal in delight.
  4614. >”See?  It's like you two were meant for each other!”
  4615. >Leafy tells you.
  4616. >You look back down to Onyx.
  4617. >And he looks up to you.
  4618. >You can't help but smile at him if that truly is the case.
  4619. “I guess.”
  4620. >You then start to lead him out.
  4621. >But before you leave the room you ask where to take him.
  4622. >They just say to make a left and the last door will take you outside.
  4623. >You make your way out of the building and let him off his leach so he can stretch his legs and maybe use the bathroom.
  4624. >He does not leave your side.
  4625. >As you just stand there he just sits right next to you.
  4626. >You look down at him again.
  4627. >His expression doesn't change.
  4628. >You then take a single biscuit and present it to him.
  4629. >He hesitates for a moment, then sniffs it, then takes it in his mouth.
  4630. >While he's chewing you begin to pet him.
  4631. >You didn't ask for this.
  4632. >You just wanted to call Fluttershy's bluff to see if she's trying to avoid you.
  4633. >And now this.
  4634. >You start to slowly walk around the large open area so the dog could get some walks in.
  4635. >He does follow you wherever you go.
  4636. >After a while he does relieve himself in the area and so you lead him back into the building.
  4637. >It's a slow trek since Poor Onyx's limps really hinder him.
  4638. >You finally make it back into the dog room and see both Fluttershy and Leafy Mint occupied with something at the end of the room.
  4639. >You can hear splashing and grunts.
  4640. >”Come on.”
  4641. >You hear Leafy Mint coo.
  4642. >”That'a girl!”
  4643. >Fluttershy then adds.
  4644. >They move out of the way to see that they were both trying to give another dog a bath.
  4645. >They seem to be done as he shakes the excess water off him.
  4646. >Both girls then try to turn away as to not get more wet they ready are.
  4647. >Which Fluttershy is pretty soaked.
  4648. >And now.
  4649. >Now you can get a much better look at her chest as the moist fabric is now clinging to her figure.
  4650. >Rounding out the two massive mounds on her chest.
  4651. >They then notice that you were back in the room.
  4652. >”Welcome back.”
  4653. >Leafy Mint says,
  4654. >Fluttershy then notices you and turns away.
  4655. >She then sighs and lightly shakes her head.
  4656. >Then she moves away from the area into the curved part of the room so you can't see her.
  4657. >You then move from your spot to lead Onyx to his kennel.
  4658. >He is reluctant in going back in but does.
  4659. >After the door is closed he sits by the door.
  4660. >Leafy Mint then comments.
  4661. >”Awww, he REALLY has taken a liking to you.”
  4662. >She tells you.
  4663. >”Maybe you should adopt him.”
  4664. >She suggests.
  4665. >You shake your head.
  4666. “I'm not old enough yet and my family already has a dog and would never budge for another one.”
  4667. >You'd be lying if the thought didn't cross your mind.
  4668. >”That's unfortunate.”
  4669. >She says.
  4670. >When you finally look up you notice the circular mirror above the kennel.
  4671. >You can make out Fluttershy as she takes off her wet sweater.
  4672. >Underneath you can make out a long sleeve off-white shirt.
  4673. >She rolls up the sleeves and then starts to squeeze her sweater to get some fluids out of it.
  4674. >Finally she turns to face you guys.
  4675. >You take a moment.
  4676. >Then turn to face her.
  4677. >Holy hell what a sight.
  4678. >The off-white shirt is also slightly wet from the sweater and is also cling to dear life to her puppies.
  4679. >Or, more accurately, her mastiffs.
  4680. >You can make out her bra through the cloth.
  4681. >It was a baby blue color.
  4682. >She finally notices you staring and she looks away.
  4683. >She only just places a single arm over her chest.
  4684. >As if such a small arm could hide those glorious looking bazookas.
  4685. >Finally she places her sweater over them and it kind of masks them.
  4686. >But now you've had a view of them.
  4687. >You swear that seeing her bra didn't do it justice.
  4688. >”Okay, I think you folks are done for today.”
  4689. >Leafy Mint says.
  4690. >You are then snapped out of your titty trance.
  4691. >You look over to Leafy and she has this look on her face at you.
  4692. >A 'this your first time seeing them?' look.
  4693. >She then dons a smug look on her face as you look away and back to Onyx.
  4694. >Hoping he can bail you out here.
  4695. >Not that he can do much.
  4696. “Well, it was nice meeting you.”
  4697. >You hold out your hand to the door of Onyx's kennel and he leans in to sniff it.
  4698. >You then look back to Leafy.
  4699. “You as well.”
  4700. >Then you look over to Fluttershy.
  4701. “Ready when you are.”
  4702. >You tell her.
  4703. >”I-I'm ready.”
  4704. >She says.
  4705. >Still not looking at you.
  4706. >You then hold out your arms to let her go in front of you.
  4707. >She looks up and takes the cue to go on ahead of you.
  4708. >”Thank you for today Leafy.  I'll see you later.”
  4709. >She tells Leafy.
  4710. >”You too!”
  4711. >She replies to Fluttershy.
  4712. >As she makes her way out of the room you start to leave as well.
  4713. >”I hope to see you again as well.”
  4714. >She tells you.
  4715. “Yeah.”
  4716. >You simply respond.
  4717. >”And good luck.”
  4718. >She adds with an incredulous look on her face.
  4719. >You don't respond and you leave the room to catch up to Fluttershy.
  4720. >She was already halfway out the building and you had to speed walk to catch up to her.
  4721. >By the time you do, you two were already outside the building.
  4722. >You then get into your car and let Fluttershy in.
  4723. >Time to take her home.
  4725. >Again the drive is filled with awkward silence with few words from Fluttershy on where to go.
  4726. >Once you get close to her place you can find your way to her place.
  4727. >Time for more silence.
  4728. “Hey, Fluttershy.”
  4729. >Until you decided to speak up.
  4730. >”Yes?”
  4731. >Fluttershy asks.
  4732. “What do you think the chances of Onyx even get adopted here in Canterlot City?”
  4733. >Your mind wandered back to the pit bull.
  4734. >Fluttershy was silent for a moment.
  4735. >”Well...”
  4736. >She hesitated for a moment.
  4737. >You figured this would be the case.
  4738. “I know pit bulls get a bad rep.”
  4739. >You tell her.
  4740. “I know they're not violent dogs, but they are aggressive, and a lot of the times that energy gets funneled out in the wrong way.”
  4741. >Some of your extended family have owned pit bulls.
  4742. >And while all of them were sweethearts.
  4743. >They were still not trained well enough that that they always jumped on you to lick you.
  4744. >That can easily go south if not properly trained.
  4745. >She still takes her time to answer you.
  4746.  >”I don't know.”
  4747. >She finally answers you.
  4748. >”He is such a sweetheart.  If a bit very shell shocked from his previous life.”
  4749. >She says.
  4750. >”He won't talk to me much either, he just likes to stay by himself.”
  4751. >Talk to him?
  4752. >Oh right.
  4753. >Dr. Doolittle powers.
  4754. >You forgot she could do that.
  4755. >In the corner of your eye she looks over to you.
  4756. >”There must be something about you that he really took a liking to for him to show any affections.”
  4757. >You chuckle a bit.
  4758. “Must've been my black eye.”
  4759. >You joke.
  4760. >”No. It couldn't be just that.”
  4761. >She tells you.
  4762. >You then shrug.
  4763. ”I don't know then, maybe we're just kindred spirits, since we were brought up in rough environments.”
  4764. >You pause.
  4765. ”And we have the scars to prove it.”
  4766. >Speaking of which.
  4767. “Will his wounds heal?”
  4768. >You ask Fluttershy.
  4769. >”I don't think so.”
  4770. >She says in a low tone.
  4771. >”We took him in to try and give him a second chance, since we are a 'no kill shelter' and we specialize in rehabilitating animals in similar situations.  I have confidence he'll make a recovery, but the missing patches of fur won't grow back.”
  4772. >She once again stops speaking.
  4773. >You look over to her again for a second and see her lower her head.
  4774. >”And his eye may not heal as well.”
  4775. >Unfortunate.
  4776. >It will have a long road to recovery.
  4777. >”I would very much like it if you could find time to come with me again.”
  4778. >She then tells you.
  4779. >”I don't know if you realize how much of a big deal it was for Onyx to show any kind of affection.”
  4780. >She says as her tone brightens up.
  4781. >”It would really help and speed his recovery process.”
  4782. >Makes sense.
  4783. >You tilt your head.
  4784. “It would really depend on the days.”
  4785. >You say.
  4786. >Not that it really mattered.
  4787. >Other than Jam Band and for now detention, you don't do much else other than practice your bass.
  4788. “What days do you usually go?”
  4789. >You humor her.
  4790. >”I go every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.”
  4791. >Seems like a shoe-in for Tuesdays since you both also have Jam Band.
  4792. “I'll think about it.”
  4793. >You tell her.
  4794. >”Okay.”
  4795. >She takes your answer at face value.
  4796. >Now for more of nothing.
  4797. >”Anon?”
  4798. >She speaks up after a while.
  4799. “Yeah?”
  4800. >You respond in kind.
  4801. >”Um, I just, wanted to say sorry.”
  4802. >You tilt your head and raise a single eyebrow.
  4803. “For what?”
  4804. >You ask.
  4805. >She is silent for a moment but then speaks up again.
  4806. >”When you came over to my place last time...”
  4807. >She starts.
  4808. >”I kicked you out.”
  4809. >You hold your hand up in protest.
  4810. “I should apologize for snooping in your room and digging through your personal items.”
  4811. >You tell her.
  4812. “I shouldn't have done that.”
  4813. >You finish.
  4814. >She hum in agreement.
  4815. >”Well, yes but.”
  4816. >She pauses.
  4817. >”I was just super embarrassed that you found it and I just panicked.”
  4818. >You felt she was justified in what she did so you're not sure where this is coming from.
  4819. >”I, I didn't want you to be more embarrassed when you are with me.”
  4820. >The hell?
  4821. >”Maybe I was foolish in thinking that I could hide them forever, of course you were going to notice sooner or later.”
  4822. >She said with a giggle in her voice.
  4823. “What makes you think I'm embarrassed to be with you to begin with?”
  4824. >You ask her.
  4825. >A little height in your voice but not anything alarming.
  4826. >But perhaps alarming enough for the shy girl as she let out a small 'eep'.
  4827. >”U-uh, I see how you look when you walk around the halls with me.”
  4828. >She stutters,
  4829. >”Y-you have this uncomfortable look on your face sometimes when you stare at the other students.”
  4830. >Oh.
  4831. >You just laugh.
  4832. “Oh please.”
  4833. >You tell her.
  4834. “First of all, if I were in any way embarrassed or afraid of being around you, I would have kept my distance from day one.”
  4835. >You tell her.
  4836. “And second, sure, I do have a look that could be described as 'uncomfortable' when I'm with you and it's directed at the students.”
  4837. >You say.
  4838. “But let me tell you, it's NOT because I'm embarrassed or uncomfortable to be with you.”
  4839. >You explain.
  4840. “It's because the other students won't mind their own fucking business and leave you alone.”
  4841. >You shake your head.
  4842. >”Like seriously, sure you're really tall for a girl.  But who cares?”
  4843. >Apparently a lot of people do.
  4844. >But still.
  4845. >”T-then what about my chest?”
  4846. >She asks.
  4847. “What about them?”
  4848. >You instinctively ask.
  4849. >”I was afraid you were going to be turned off by them.”
  4850. >She says.
  4851. >”They are...big.”
  4852. >She emphasizes the word 'big.'
  4853. >”And I know, boys normally love big boobs, but...”
  4854. >She hesitates once again.
  4855. >”Mine are..., really big.”
  4856. >”And not to be mean, but...”
  4857. >She starts to stutter.
  4858. >”Y-you're not, very big yourself.”
  4859. >What the hell does that mean?
  4860. “Meaning?”
  4861. >You ask her.
  4862. >She caught on what you think she meant.
  4863. >”Oh no! I mean your height!”
  4864. >She quickly says.
  4865. >”G-guys your size have all been either intimidated or disgusted by me.”
  4866. >Really?
  4867. >You find that hard to believe.
  4868. >But still.
  4869. >You groan.
  4870. 5'8 isn't small, is it?”
  4871. >For her most people will be short to her.
  4872. “And what're you? 6, 6'2 or something?”
  4873. >It is rude to ask a lady her height.
  4874. >But you're not holding back.
  4875. >If she doesn't answer, you won't force the issue though.
  4876. >”6'3”
  4877. >She actually answered you the absolute madwoman.
  4878. >Dayum that's a biggin too.
  4879. “Okay then.”
  4880. >You just say.
  4881. “Well, if you're fine with me around you, I am absolutely fine with being seen with you.”
  4882. >You tell her,
  4883. “Tall height, giant titties and all.”
  4884. >You meant that to be playful.
  4885. >You just hope it registered with her.
  4886. >And for now she hasn't said anything.
  4887. >”Are you really not afraid of me and my...”
  4888. >You hold up your hand and stop her there.
  4889. “I can tell you right now with certainty that being seen with a woman much bigger than me is not on my list of things I am afraid of.”
  4890. >You tell her.
  4891. “Or even uncomfortable with might I add.”
  4892. >You tell her.
  4893. >She doesn't answer back.
  4894. >So you go back to her original thought.
  4895. “So if that wasn't the time for me to know about your chest size. When would have been a good time?”
  4896. >A genuine question.
  4897. >One that took Fluttershy off guard.
  4898. >”I..., I uh...”
  4899. >She couldn't find an answer right off the bat.
  4900. >Before the conversation can go any further the next song plays on your phone.
  4901. ( [??? - Rock The Dragon(?) - Dragon Ball Z English Dub Opening])
  4902. >You quickly grab for your phone and skip to the next song.
  4903. >She already seems to find you small.
  4904. >Last thing you need is for her to know you like some-
  4905. >”Anon, was that what I think it was?”
  4906. >She asks.
  4907. >Fuck.
  4908. >It may be too late.
  4909. >You need to think of something quick.
  4910. >You can't say it's a great work of bass.
  4911. >Nor a good rock song.
  4912. “I uh...”
  4913. >You nervously say.
  4914. >”It was, wasn't it?”
  4915. >She says with certainty now.
  4916. >”It was the English Dub opening to Dragon Ball Z.”
  4917. >Damn, she was able to catch that with just a few notes?
  4918. >How did she-
  4919. >Wait a minute.
  4920. >'English Dub'?
  4921. “Wh-what do you mean by...?”
  4922. >You asked.
  4923. >”You really should give the original Neighpponese dub with subtitles a try, it's much better!”
  4924. >She says enthusiastically.
  4925. >”In fact, maybe one of these days you should come by and I can show you some much better anime!”
  4926. >She says very cheerfully.
  4927. >Did you just stumble onto something you shouldn't have?
  4928. >”I didn't think you would be the type to be into anime!”
  4929. >She then says.
  4930. >”What else do you watch?”
  4931. >She asks enthusiastically now.
  4932. “Uh...”
  4933. >You try to brush it off.
  4934. “It was just DBZ when I was younger.  And I guess Sailor Moon was okay, if not a bit too girly.”
  4935. >Those were just show that played on network TV after school.
  4936. >But you never felt the need to seek out anything else.
  4937. >Mostly because you spent your time perfecting your bass skills.
  4938. >Fluttershy gets a little giddy.
  4939. >”You have to let me show some other shows!”
  4940. >She says.
  4941. >You nervously shake your head.
  4942. >You don't even know why you're so nervous about this.
  4943. >It's not like you didn't like anime.
  4944. >But now that the cat's out of the bag for the both of you.
  4945. >Like you said before.
  4946. >There are things about each other that you don't know.
  4947. >And you wouldn't have pegged her as a weeb.
  4948. >You finally make it to her place.
  4949. >She gets out and before she walks off she bends over to look at you in the car.
  4950. >”I'll see you tomorrow at school.”
  4951. >She cheerfully tells you.
  4952. >You try your hardest to look her in the eyes.
  4953. >But her hanging breasts now in full view made it seem like two Hindenburgs dropping from the sky.
  4954. >Maybe Rainbow Dash was right about them.
  4955. “Yeah...”
  4956. >You tell her and she closes the door and watch her head off into her house.
  4957. >You just sit there and take a deep breath.
  4958. >Now things are going to be weird.
  4959. >May as well see where this goes.
  4961. >Wednesday.
  4962. >Yesterday felt like such a roller coaster of a day.
  4963. >You went with Fluttershy to help out at the animal shelter.
  4964. >Became a shining beacon for an injured dog.
  4965. >Caught another glimpse of Fluttershy's tig ol' bitties.
  4966. >And found out she's into anime.
  4967. >And you have a sneaking suspicion that she's not just 'into' it.
  4968. >At the very least she already seems eager for you to come over to her place again.
  4969. >Even if it's to binge watch some Neighpponese cartoons.
  4970. >Maybe it won't be too bad.
  4971. >But today and Thursday goes by like nothing.
  4972. >Your black eye has healed mostly except for a single spot in between your eyes.
  4973. >But that will be gone soon as well.
  4974. >Fluttershy is a little more chatty with you.
  4975. >And seems to prefer your company a little more than before from first class to the next.
  4976. >Whether it be about the work needed in class.
  4977. >About Onyx the pit bull or any of the other animals.
  4978. >And she also tries to talk more anime.
  4979. >You try to tell her your knowledge is next to nothing except for the two you already mentioned.
  4980. >Which are as entry level as you can get.
  4981. >She then reveals that she is part of the Anime club that meets every Friday after school.
  4982. “That's cool and all.”
  4983. >You tell Fluttershy at the end of Literature.
  4984. “But I have detention to deal with right about now.”
  4985. >You try to excuse yourself.
  4986. >She then shrugs at your answer.
  4987. >”I just thought maybe you'd be interested if you wanted to know more.”
  4988. >She says.
  4989. >”We could always use new members.”
  4990. >Now, again, it's not like you do a lot with your time but schoolwork and bass playing.
  4991. >Though at this point what's the harm in being more involved with school activities?
  4992. >After all, you're not in Whinny City where staying out late isn't a gamble on your life any more.
  4993. >Nor are you hanging out with shady characters.
  4994. “...Maybe after I'm through with detention. I'll drop by.”
  4995. >Fluttershy just smiles.
  4996. >”That's all I ask.”
  4997. >She tells you sweetly.
  4998. >Her smile is growing on you.
  4999. >You just nod and smile back.
  5000. >”By the way.”
  5001. >She speaks up again.
  5002. >”We really should exchange phone numbers.”
  5003. >She says as she pulls out her cell phone with a pink case cover with bunny ears out from her bag.
  5004. >Huh, you never really thought about it, but you didn't actually have her number.
  5005. >You pull out your phone and get it from her.
  5006. >Sweet, you now have a girls number that's not your mom's or sisters.
  5007. >A cute big titty girl's number as well.
  5008. >After class you go to detention and head home.
  5009. >Thursday is more the same.
  5010. >Detention.
  5011. >Jam Band for about 30 minutes.
  5012. >You are trying to come up with a line up of songs for the first concert.
  5013. >So far you've decided on Bling by The Killers from before.
  5014. >Some other suggestions are thrown out.
  5015. >It really doesn't help that you're not there for most of the session.
  5016. >But with your skills it won't be too hard to adjust to what songs are chosen.
  5017. >Afterwords you pack up and head home.
  5018. >Your parents don't really know about your detention.
  5019. >Not that it matters to them.
  5020. >Nothing of note really happens on Friday.
  5021. >Same for the weekend.
  5022. >Monday.
  5023. >Fluttershy asks if you would accompany her to the shelter again tomorrow.
  5024. >Sure, why not.
  5025. >Tuesday.
  5026. >Jam Band again.
  5027. >You decide on another song.
  5028. >You all vote for Muse's Hysteria.
  5029. >Since you already know the bassline.
  5030. >You get a few practice plays in.
  5031. >Afterwords you pack up and both you and Fluttershy head out to your car.
  5032. >You make it to the shelter.
  5033. >You are greeted by the same woman as before.
  5034. >”Welcome back stranger!”
  5035. >She tells you in a cheery tone.
  5036. >You must sign another waiver.
  5037. >After signing you head deeper into the shelter.
  5038. >Fluttershy stays back for the moment.
  5039. >You just go on ahead and make your way to the area with the dogs.
  5040. >The dogs are still as loud as ever.
  5041. >There were some new dogs in now.
  5042. >As well as some dogs that you saw last time that were no longer there.
  5043. >In the corner of the room in his kennel was your pal Onyx.
  5044. >He was actually sitting up and waiting by his fence door.
  5045. >His eye looked less tired and had a more hopeful look in his eye.
  5046. >Like he was waiting for you.
  5047. >”Hehe, look at him.”
  5048. >Fluttershy coos.
  5049. >Finally catching up to you.
  5050. >”He's so excited to see you.”
  5051. >You just smile at him.
  5052. >His tail starts to wag a bit.
  5053. >”So, I am actually going to help in the bird cages today, Leafy Mint will be in shortly to help you do what we did last time.”
  5054. >She informs you.
  5055. >”Is that okay?”
  5056. >She asks.
  5057. >You nod your head.
  5058. “Fine by me.”
  5059. >You tell her.
  5060. >”Alrighty, I'm heading over there now, if there are any issues, just come and get me, kay?”
  5061. >She tells you with a smile.
  5062. >You smile back at her and nod in response.
  5063. >She then heads out and as she does, Leafy Mint enters the room.
  5064. >She greets Fluttershy as they pass each other through the doorway.
  5065. >Then she turns her attention to you.
  5066. >”Well hello there again!”
  5067. >She says in a bright tone with a smile.
  5068. >”Back for more?”
  5069. >She says with a wink.
  5070. >You shrug with a smile on your face.
  5071. “Well, if I'm really a good omen for Onyx, I'm all for it.”
  5072. >You tell her.
  5073. >Her smile just widens.
  5074. >”Oh my, you have no idea how much of a relief it is that you've been able to help poor Onyx.”
  5075. >She tells you.
  5076. >”It's a REAL big help in his recovery.”
  5077. >You then take a second look over to him.
  5078. >Some of his scabs are less red than they were before.
  5079. >So maybe that was a good sign.
  5080. >”Tell you what.”
  5081. >Leafy starts to explain to you.
  5082. >”We're going to do the same task as before and I'll take the dogs out and you can clean the kennels, and then when it's time to take Onyx out, I'll let you handle him.”
  5083. >She finishes.
  5084. >”Sound good?'
  5085. “Yeah.”
  5086. >You answer with a nod.
  5087. >”Aright, lets do it!”
  5088. >She calls out loud.
  5089. >you grab the rolling bucket of soapy water and the mop and start at it again.
  5090. >Once you finish up and get to Onyx, Leafy then grabs the mop and rags from you.
  5091. >You then take Onyx and head out.
  5092. >Onyx's limp isn't as bad as it was when you first met him.
  5093. >An even better sign.
  5094. >On your way out of the building not can see Fluttershy in the room with the birds through a window.
  5095. >She has a big smile on her face with a few owls resting on her shoulders.
  5096. >You let out a chuckle.
  5097. “Hootershy.”
  5098. >You say out loud.
  5099. >You then go out with Onyx.
  5100. >Once again he doesn't leave your side so you walk around the large outdoor area for him to get some exercise.
  5101. >And you hand him a treat.
  5102. >Then, once he is done with his business, you head back in and set him back into his now clean kennel.
  5103. >Once that is over you have completed all the kennels.
  5104. “So, do any of the dogs need anything else?”
  5105. >You ask out of courtesy.
  5106. >Leafy Mint just shakes her head.
  5107. >”Nah, all the dogs are good and I've already bathed the ones who needed one already. I think we're good here.”
  5108. >She tells you.
  5109. >You then dust off your hands and then turn to head out.
  5110. “Alright sounds good, I'll go see if Fluttershy needs anything.”
  5111. >You tell Leafy as you start to walk towards the door.
  5112. >”Tell me Anon.”
  5113. >Leafy calls out to you before you could exit the room.
  5114. >You stop and look back to her to hear her out.
  5115. >”Are you and Fluttershy a thing?”
  5116. >She asks.
  5117. “No.”
  5118. >You immediately blurt out.
  5119. >At least you don't think you're a thing.
  5120. >But your hasty reaction makes Leafy now eye you suspiciously.
  5121. >”Really now? Not into big girls?”
  5122. >She teases.
  5123. >You just scoff.
  5124. “What does it matter to you?”
  5125. >You shoot back at her.
  5126. >She just shakes her head and chuckles.
  5127. >”Really nothing.”
  5128. >She answers.
  5129. >”But in all the time I've been here and she's been volunteering, she's never brought a guest and within two weeks she has brought you along.”
  5130. >You shake your head.
  5131. “She thinks I'm a good influence on Onyx, and since you seem to know Fluttershy much longer than I have, I'm sure you already know she is all about animals.”
  5132. >She raises her eyebrows and nods at your statement.
  5133. >”Alright, you got me there.”
  5134. >She admits defeat.
  5135. >But the tone in her voice seems like she's unconvinced.
  5136. >”Sorry I asked.”
  5137. >She finishes.
  5138. “Yeah...”
  5139. >You tell her and you finally exit the room.
  5140. >You then head down the hall to where Fluttershy is and look through the window to see how she's doing.
  5141. >She seems to be putting some of the birds back into their cages so you just wait out of the room.
  5142. >So that the birds wouldn't try to fly away when you open the door.
  5143. >After it looks like all the birds were stowed away, you enter the room.
  5144. >She notices you enter.
  5145. >”Oh, hey!”
  5146. >She calls out to you.
  5147. >”Done with the dogs already?”
  5148. >She asks.
  5149. >And you nod simply.
  5150. “Yep.”
  5151. >You say.
  5152. “Need any help here with the birds or anything?”
  5153. >You offer your help.
  5154. >She then shakes her head.
  5155. >”Nope, I've just about finished here as well.”
  5156. “Alright, I'll be outside waiting for you.”
  5157. >She nods in response,
  5158. >”How was Onyx?”
  5159. >She then asks you.
  5160. “Considering I hadn't seen him since last week, he looks a lot better.”
  5161. >You say in a more cheerful manner.
  5162. >Fluttershy gets all giddy and then nods her head enthusiastically at you.
  5163. >”I know right!?”
  5164. >She exclaims as only she can.
  5165. >Which is loud but not.
  5166. >You let out a small chuckle at her giddiness.
  5167. “Well, is there anything else I can help with?”
  5168. >She then shakes her head.
  5169. >”I think we a re done for today.”
  5170. >She says while letting out a deep breath.
  5171. “Alright then, whenever you're ready, we can go.”
  5172. >You tell her as you exit the room and make your way to the front lobby.
  5173. >After a few minutes Fluttershy makes her way to catch up with you.
  5174. >Now that you both are together, you head out to your car.
  5175. >You get into the car and you make your way to drop off Fluttershy at her place.
  5176. >During the drive she starts to talk about her experience with the birds today.
  5177. >After that there isn't much else to say.
  5178. >Then she speaks up again.
  5179. >”So.”
  5180. >She says but doesn't go on.
  5181. >You don't say anything back and just wait for her to continue.
  5182. >”Um, this Friday, would you like to come over after school and watch some anime that I think you may like?”
  5183. >She asks.
  5184. >You raise your eyebrows.
  5185. >She's getting a little more bold.
  5186. >Usually when she asks for you to do something with her, she usually stammers off.
  5187. “Uh.”
  5188. >Well, she's asking.
  5189. “Sure, That's fine.”
  5190. >You tell her.
  5191. >You can hear a small giggle from her.
  5192. >”Okay, I already have some stuff lined up!”
  5193. >She says excitedly.
  5194. >You just smile and shake your head at her eagerness to show you some cartoons.
  5195. >Not that you're going to complain.
  5196. >”On Friday I'll have anime club that will end at 5.”
  5197. >You nod
  5198. “Well, I get out of detention at about 4:30 so I can hang out a little extra for you.”
  5199. >You tell her.
  5200. >”Why not just come by and say hello?”
  5201. >She asks.
  5202. >You tilt your head.
  5203. >You're not sure about that.
  5204. “Ehhh.”
  5205. >You're thinking about it.
  5206. “Fine.”
  5207. >You sigh.
  5208. >In all regards it shouldn't be too much trouble.
  5209. >”By the way.”
  5210. >She speaks up again.
  5211. >”What kind of stories are you really into?”
  5212. >She asks.
  5213. >You just shrug your shoulders.
  5214. “If it get's my interest, that should be good enough.”
  5215. >You say.
  5216. “I mean, I'll watch anything really.”
  5217. >You see that Fluttershy nods her head.
  5218. >”Okay, like I said I have a few ideas but I was going to try and narrow it a bit.”
  5219. >She says.
  5220. >”There are many others like Dragon Ball so I am basing it on that.”
  5221. >You just nod your head again.
  5222. “I'll trust you.”
  5223. >You tell her.
  5224. >She then grunts in response.
  5225. >”Leave it to me.”
  5226. >She tells you with determination.
  5227. >You finally make it to her place.
  5228. >And she bids you goodbye.
  5229. >Then you head home yourself.
  5231. >So now you have a date.
  5232. >Would you call it that?
  5233. >You're going to a girl's house.
  5234. >To watch some shows with her.
  5235. >Seems like one, no?
  5236. >You're not used to things like that.
  5237. >Obviously you are lacking in the female friends department.
  5238. >Back in Whinny City the genders were pretty segregated.
  5239. >Not by force or anything.
  5240. >Just both boys and girls preferred to be separated.
  5241. >Seemed kind of juvenile.
  5242. >But now you've just come to a realization that things are just different,
  5243. >Especially here.
  5244. >Now that you think about it.
  5245. >You've seen more girls here in Canterlot your age than back in Whinny City.
  5246. >Hot ones too.
  5247. >Anyways.
  5248. >Wednesday goes by.
  5249. >As well as Thursday.
  5250. >Jam Band you practice some more.
  5251. >Rainbow Dash then announces the line up for the concert.
  5252. >Looks like her band will be closing the show.
  5253. >Because of course.
  5254. >But, Flash's band is just before them.
  5255. >Seems kind of fishy.
  5256. >But in all honesty seeing the other bands play there truly was a gap in musical skill.
  5257. >It's only the first concert anyways.
  5258. >After band you head on home.
  5259. >You half ass tell your parents you'll be hanging out with a friend tomorrow after school.
  5260. >So that should take care of any bitching that may happen if you come home late.
  5261. >Friday.
  5262. >Last day of after school detention.
  5263. >Finally.
  5264. >After detention you make your way down the empty halls of Canterlot High to the class that holds the anime club where Fluttershy is.
  5265. >You find yourself in front of the door to the classroom.
  5266. >In the single panel window into the room you can easily see Fluttershy and the group around her.
  5267. >You finally open the door and enter the class room.
  5268. >The chattering of the group abruptly ends upon your intrusion.
  5269. >And they all look towards you.
  5270. >There is a small group of about fourteen people here including Fluttershy.
  5271. >It's about what you thought.
  5272. >A bunch of social misfit looking types.
  5273. >Mostly guys.
  5274. >With Fluttershy and a few other girls.
  5275. >She does wave you over.
  5276. >”Hey Anon.”
  5277. >Some, if not most of the other students have this threatened look on their faces.
  5278. >Like you are infiltrating their territory.
  5279. >You just make your way towards Fluttershy as she stands up.
  5280. >She then takes your side as if to introduce you to the club.
  5281. >”Guys, this is Anon.”
  5282. >She tells everyone.
  5283. >You meekly wave to everyone.
  5284. “Hey.”
  5285. >You say.
  5286. >A lot of the students very quietly say hello to you.
  5287. >Fluttershy then speaks again.
  5288. >”He's a friend and I just found out that he's also into anime but hasn't really explored what's out there.”
  5289. >She tells everyone.
  5290. >You don't say a word and just let her talk for you.
  5291. >It'll be easier that way.
  5292. >”Which anime have you seen?”
  5293. >One of the other members asks you.
  5294. “Well, really all I've seen are Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon on TV.”
  5295. >You heard a few snickers from some of the other members over your answer.
  5296. >”That's it?”
  5297. >Another member says and starts to chuckle.
  5298. >A few of the other guys in the club join in on the laugh as well.
  5299. >He looks like your typical shut in.
  5300. >Not in shape.
  5301. >Granted, you're not in the best shape yourself.
  5302. >But at least you don't have a round face and growing double chin.
  5303. >Baggy clothes.
  5304. >Greasy hair purple hair.
  5305. >Dark green skin.
  5306. >You look him straight in the eyes.
  5307. “Is that a problem?”
  5308. >You ask him straight out.
  5309. >You try to mix the tone of your question between genuine and threatening.
  5310. >Maybe it's in your best interest not to try and be aggressive here.
  5311. >But if that is how they want to act, you won't back down.
  5312. >And your question seems to have silenced everyone in the room.
  5313. >The guy then looks away quickly and stammers over his words.
  5314. >”It really isn't”
  5315. >Another member says.
  5316. >A female one.
  5317. >She was standing with a welcoming look on her face.
  5318. >She smol.
  5319. >She barley made it up to your chest.
  5320. >Pale yellow skin.
  5321. >Very short puffy orange hair.
  5322. >Thick round glasses on her face and her front two teeth were large.
  5323. >Kinda adorkable.
  5324. >”Those are what we call gateway anime.”
  5325. >She says.
  5326. >You figured that much.
  5327. >”It's what draws everyone into the medium and then there's a whole new world to explore!”
  5328. >She says enthusiastically.
  5329. >Finally she then hold out her hand.
  5330. >”Oh, sorry, I'm Scribble Dee, by the way.”
  5331. >She introduces herself.
  5332. >You take her hand and shake it.
  5333. >You are then introduced to the other members of the club.
  5334. >Cherry Crash.
  5335. >A light pale neon green skin girl with bright short neon green hair.
  5336. >Mile Hill.
  5337. >A bright yellow green skinned dude with pale blue hair.
  5338. >Most of everyone you meet you won't bother trying to remember their names.
  5339. >Just seems more convenient.
  5340. >”Hey wait.”
  5341. >One of the other members ask.
  5342. >”Aren't you the guy who knocked out Play Caller?”
  5343. >They then say.
  5344. >There is then another hushed chatter amongst the students.
  5345. >You just close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  5346. “Yes, that was me.”
  5347. >You say slowly.
  5348. >Trying not to boast about it.
  5349. >”Nice!”
  5350. >One of them other members say.
  5351. “What?”
  5352. >You ask dumbfounded.
  5353. >You look towards the area where the voice came from.
  5354. >A guy with bright orange skin with red curly hair.
  5355. >His name if you remember correctly was Curly Curt.
  5356. >”He's a really big jerk and always picked on me. I'm glad you put him in your place.”
  5357. >He finishes.
  5358. >There was another mumble amongst the other students again.
  5359. >A mixture of excited and hushed.
  5360. >”Meh, it wasn't that impressive.”
  5361. >The very same guy who laughed at the anime you watched bitterly spits out.
  5362. >You now know his name is Bumble Bru.
  5363. >The hell is this fuckers problem?
  5364. >Keep cool.
  5365. >Maybe try and kill him with kindness.
  5366. >You smile at him.
  5367. “No, you're right, it wasn't that bad.”
  5368. >You tell him as you walk closer to him.
  5369. “After all, you seem to be much more huskier than myself, I'm sure you could have knocked him into next week with all that extra energy you got stored!”
  5370. >You say as you lightly smack him on the back of his shoulder.
  5371. >There were a few laughs but mostly silence.
  5372. >Swing and a miss.
  5373. >This is what you kind of feared.
  5374. >This isn't your world.
  5375. >You're not some socially awkward shut in.
  5376. >But, neither is Fluttershy.
  5377. >Which when you look over to her she has this look of slight fear,
  5378. >Like she was thinking of how to change the subject of what was going in.
  5379. >”A-Anyways!”
  5380. >She says out loud.
  5381. >”We were just changing episodes of the current anime we were watching.
  5382. >She says as she quickly moved to the TV.
  5383. >”We are watching Boku No Hero Academia.”
  5384. >What no hero academia?
  5385. >You just shrug your shoulders.
  5386. >A few snickers from the other members again.
  5387. >You pay them no mind.
  5388. >”Just relax and have a watch.”
  5389. >Fluttershy says.
  5390. >So you do so.
  5391. >Once the episode is ready to play, Fluttershy takes a seat next to you.
  5392. >So to explain what is going on.
  5393. >It's about this kid who gets this special power and goes to school to learn to be a super hero with kids with other powers.
  5394. >You swear this sounds like the plot to that movie Sky High.
  5395. >Eh, it seemed alright.
  5396. >High school setting just seems kind of played out and you don't even need to be a weeb to know that.
  5397. >After the episode there is a brief discussion about the episode.
  5398. >You left yourself out of it as you don't feel you really any opinion about it without seeing any of the previous eps.
  5399. >Finally after the meeting everyone goes their separate ways.
  5400. >You notice that Fluttershy is being followed by some of the guys from the club.
  5401. >You begin to wonder if this is part of the unwanted attention that she gets.
  5402. >Once you both make it out of the building and to the parking lot you finally split with the other guys,
  5403. >”See you next time Fluttershy!”
  5404. >One of he guys says with a wave and smile.
  5405. >Fluttershy waves back and bid them farewell.
  5406. >Both you and Fluttershy now head out to your car.
  5407. >You get in and unlock the passenger's side door and Fluttershy gets in.
  5408. >As you are exiting the student parking lot, you drive past the guys from the anime club who bid Fluttershy farewell.
  5409. >They were waiting at the bus stop.
  5410. >Fluttershy then waves them goodbye again as you drive past them.
  5411. >”See you next week!”
  5412. >She calls out to them.
  5413. >You momentarily look over to them and you see them with shocked looks on their faces.
  5414. >She then turns her attention to you.
  5415. >”So, what did you think?”
  5416. “Of?”
  5417. >You ask.
  5418. >”Anime club?”
  5419. >You raise a single eyebrow.
  5420. “A little rude aren't they?”
  5421. >You say right off the bat.
  5422. >But then you quickly add on.
  5423. “At least most of the guys were a little touchy about me being there.”
  5424. >You then shrug your shoulders.
  5425. “The girls seemed fine with me and at least they explained some stuff.”
  5426. >Fluttershy just sighs.
  5427. >”Yes, they can be a bit..., difficult to new members.”
  5428. >She says.
  5429. >”They tend to try and keep anime club as some sort of secret society and try to gatekeep.”
  5430. >Her tone of voice is a bit low.
  5431. >”I try my best to keep them in check and try to invite other interested members, but they are usually scared off.”
  5432. >You have a feeling that in your case, it may be more than just gatekeeping.
  5433. >But there is no point in dwelling over that right abut now.
  5434. >She then adds one more point.
  5435. >”Don't give up on them just yet.  I promise it'll get better, especially after I show you some more anime later tonight!”
  5436. >She says excitedly.
  5437. >You just smile.
  5438. >And continue on.
  5440. >You finally make it to her place.
  5441. >As usual, you parallel park right in front of her place.
  5442. >And you both head in.
  5443. >Back into the small comfy home of Fluttershy.
  5444. >Of course everything is as it was before.
  5445. >”Feel free to have a seat.”
  5446. >She points out to the couch
  5447. >”We'll be watching it out here since there really is no space in my room to comfortably binge watch.”
  5448. >She explains.
  5449. >Makes sense.
  5450. >You then make your way to the couch.
  5451. >”I'll be right back, I'm going to get the discs and snacks.”
  5452. >She says as she disappears down the hallway.
  5453. >Before you settle down on the couch you decide to get a better look at the photos that were littered over on top of the fireplace.
  5454. >There were a lot of pictures of young Fluttershy.
  5455. >Back when she had a flat chest.
  5456. >There is one where it looks like she's no older than maybe 8 or 9 years old?
  5457. >She was standing in front of a giant wooden sign next to what appears to be a young Rainbow Dash.
  5458. >Her baby blue skin and rainbow colored hair was a dead giveaway.
  5459. >Her hair was a lot shorter back then.
  5460. >The giant wooden sign said 'Camp Everfree'.
  5461. >Looks like it was Summer camp or something.
  5462. >Fluttershy still seemed to have long hair back then.
  5463. >And she was a foot taller than Dash as well.
  5464. >She had a big cheesy smile on her face.
  5465. >Showing off her metal braces she had at the time.
  5466. >She was also wearing a headband with a metal plate in the forehead area with a leaf symbol carved into it.
  5467. >You've seen that symbol somewhere but can't quite put your finger on it.
  5468. >You move onto another picture which again has Dash and Fluttershy.
  5469. >They both seem to be a little older than in the last pic but are now both standing just outside what looks to be a carnival.
  5470. >Fluttershy is still a whole foot taller than Dash.
  5471. >Her chest is a little bit bigger in this photo than the other.
  5472. >Next to that is another one with both of them in front of the statue at Canterlot High.
  5473. >There is a caption that says “Freshman Year!”
  5474. >Fluttershy hasn't completely hidden her chest yet but they weren't as massive as they are now.
  5475. >They look to be around D's if you were to make an educated guess.
  5476. >Finally you see one of her and her brother, Zephyr in front of the same statue at Canterlot High.
  5477. >Zephyr is about her height in this picture.
  5478. >The caption on the picture is 'Zephyr's Freshman Year!”
  5479. >So a year later you assume.
  5480. >And again she's wearing a white tank top and her tits are even bigger than in the previous pic.
  5481. >And again, not insanely large as they are now but still pretty big.
  5482. >There aren't any other pictures of her after this instance so you wonder if she just kept on growing so she stopped taking pictures.
  5483. >”Sup brotha?”
  5484. >Speaking of Zephyr.
  5485. >You look over to the hall and see Fluttershy's brother make his way into the living room.
  5486. >You nod upwards and throw him the peace sign as a greeting.
  5487. “Hey man.”
  5488. >You greet him casually.
  5489. >He approaches you and slaps you on the shoulder.
  5490. >”What brings you to mi casa?”
  5491. >He says in a pathetic Spanish accent.
  5492. >But you smile and just look back down the hall.
  5493. >”Fluttershy invited me to watch some anime.”
  5494. >You tell him.
  5495. >”Oh?”
  5496. >His eyes raised.
  5497. >”Did she now?”
  5498. >He says in an very faintly incredulous tone.
  5499. “Yeah?”
  5500. >You give him a half confused look.
  5501. >He just then lets out a half laugh.
  5502. >”Well, don't have too much fun.”
  5503. >He tells you as he now walks past you.
  5504. >Heading out the house.
  5505. “Where you going?”
  5506. >You ask him.
  5507. >He looks back to you.
  5508. >”A couple of my boys and I are going out to some slam poetry.”
  5509. >You snort at the answer.
  5510. “Alright man, you don't have too much fun.”
  5511. >You throw it back at him.
  5512. >He just scoffs and then he heads out.
  5513. >Leaving you alone in the living room.
  5514. >Now that you mention it, where are her parents?
  5515. >You don't see the light in the kitchen on nor any other lights down the hall past Fluttershy's room.
  5516. >You're getting this feeling.
  5517. >Excitement?
  5518. >Sort of.
  5519. >Fear?
  5520. >Feels a lot like that too.
  5521. >You try to calm yourself and you male your way back to the couch and have a seat.
  5522. >After a few minutes, you hear a door open in the hallway.
  5523. >Then you see a light flick on which you think is the kitchen light.
  5524. >”Are veggie chips okay for snacks?”
  5525. >You now hear Fluttershy's voice echo out from the hall.
  5526. >She must be in the kitchen.
  5527. “Uh, That's fine!”
  5528. >You call out back to her.
  5529. >There is more sounds from the kitchen as you continue to wait for her.
  5530. >”What about bottled green tea?  Is that okay?”
  5531. >Not really, but...
  5532. “Are there any other options?”
  5533. >You call out again.
  5534. >Not as loud as last time.
  5535. >”Uh, we have other varieties of tea like black, milk and sweet tea, organic apple juice, V8 and water.”
  5536. >Man, they're serious with the fruit and veggie drinks.
  5537. “Uuh, whatever, green tea is fine.”
  5538. >You shrug your shoulders to nobody and drop your hands on your lap.
  5539. “Hey, is anyone else here?  I just saw your brother head out.”
  5540. >You decide to ask.
  5541. >”My parents go out on Friday nights to Bingo.”
  5542. >She says as it sounds like she's now making her way out of the kitchen.
  5543. >After a few more moments you finally see Fluttershy come out from the hallway and-
  5544. >Holy mother of Jesus Mary and Joseph.
  5545. >There stood Fluttershy.
  5546. >Her hair isn't as puffy as normally and is more straight and flowed behind her.
  5547. >She held a large green bowl of what you assume were the veggie chips she mentioned before in one hand.
  5548. >In the other she held two small bottles of what you assume is green tea.
  5549. >She wore an oversized black T shirt with the metal band 'Skull Crusher's logo on it.
  5550. >The shirt went down just past her waist where you can see just peeking under the shirt were her white tight shorts.
  5551. >Which also showed a lot of her long smooth looking legs.
  5552. >No socks or leggings.
  5553. >And her chest.
  5554. >From what you can tell she wasn't wearing a bra.
  5555. >Her breasts were hanging and swaying with each step she took coming towards you.
  5556. >The T shirt doing a decent job of clinging itself to each breast so you can get a good idea of how they would look without a shirt.
  5557. >They hung down to about her elbows.
  5558. >Each breast looked wide enough that they spilled over her arms.
  5559. >Not by much, but still.
  5560. >Your mind goes back to what Rainbow Dash said.
  5561. >Hindenburgs.
  5562. >You wonder how Dash could accurately have described them.
  5563. >These were fine looking breasts even if you still haven't seen them.
  5564. >Your eyes go wide.
  5565. >You thank god you already had your hands on your crotch area because if not, all the blood that rushed to your dick would have sent your raising boner straight up and rip through your pants.
  5566. >Fluttershy obviously notices your reaction to her.
  5567. >”Is everything okay?”
  5568. “Y-Yes.”
  5569. >You say nervously.
  5570. “I just wasn't expecting you being comfortable being...”
  5571. >You trail off.
  5572. >”If it'll make you feel better, I can change back into something more modest...”
  5573. >She says in a disappointed tone.
  5574. >You vigorously shake your head.
  5575. “T-This is your house!”
  5576. >You say out loud.
  5577. “If that's what makes you comfortable in your own home then I shouldn't have any say in what you do.”
  5578. >You quickly response.
  5579. >She just stands in front of you near the table.
  5580. >”Are you sure?”
  5581. >She asks.
  5582. >You nod.
  5583. “I promise it won't be an issue.”
  5584. >You hope.
  5585. >For the love of god please don't change.
  5586. >”Okay then...”
  5587. >She says as she places the bowl of veggie chips and the bottles of green tea on the coffee table in front of you.
  5588. >She then turns to face the TV in front of the both of you.
  5589. >Then she makes her way closer to it and takes a single DVD case that she held in the same hand as the bowl of veggie chips and opens it.
  5590. >She takes the DVD nad powers on the DVD player and inserts the DVD.
  5591. >Once the DVD tray is closed she grabs for the remote and turns back to come back towards you.
  5592. >Finally she plops on the couch.
  5593. “S-so, what do you have in mind?”
  5594. >You awkwardly ask her.
  5595. >Trying to keep cool.
  5596. >She sits back in the couch.
  5597. >Again you can't help but notice her tits jiggle underneath her shirt.
  5598. >”Well, since Dragon Ball was your first favorite.”
  5599. >She starts.
  5600. >”And since you like fighting.”
  5601. >She looks at you with a smile.
  5602. >”And since I am on a classic anime binge right now. I think 'Hokuto No Ken' could be a good starting point for you.”
  5603. >She says.
  5604. “Hokuwhat No Who?”
  5605. >You say out loud.
  5606. >She giggles at your answer.
  5607. >”It means 'Fist of The North Star'. It starts out about a man who travels a post apocalyptic wasteland defending the weak against gangs, bandits and warlords with a special martial art.”
  5608. >She tells you.
  5609. >”I don't want to spoil too much for you and you should just give a few episodes a watch.”
  5610. >She says.
  5611. >You just nod.
  5612. >She then points to remote to the TV and navigates the menus on the DVD player.
  5613. >Looks like it's a Data DVD and you see a bunch of files and folders.
  5614. >She then gets to where she wants to be and presses play.
  5615. >It starts up.
  5616. >You then reach out for the bowl of veggie chips to place on your lap.
  5617. >After a few episodes you find yourself enjoying the show.
  5618. >The setting and premise reminds you a lot of Mad Max.
  5619. >It's hilarious watching Kenshiro basically punching people and watching them deform and explode.
  5620. >You also hear Fluttershy giggle every time you react to something on the show.
  5621. >With each passing episode it feels like Fluttershy is inching closer to you on the couch until about 8 episodes in.
  5622. >Then you straight up feel the entire side of her body pressing next to yours.
  5623. >Damn it, is she testing you or something?
  5624. >You're not sure what to do but just keep your cool.
  5625. >But after episode 9 she is now leaning on you and it's obvious.
  5626. >Your left arm is getting uncomfortable and you need to move it.
  5627. >And the only place you can place it is...
  5628. >Should you go for it?
  5629. >It should be innocent enough.
  5630. >Besides, at this point you are damn sure she is doing this on purpose.
  5631. >So let's try and call her bluff.
  5632. >You lift your left arm up and slowly bring it down onto the back of the couch.
  5633. >While in this position, you decide to go for something.
  5634. >You ever so slightly take your left hand and place it on her left arm.
  5635. >Since she's much taller than you, you can't really rest it on her shoulder.
  5636. >So her arm will have to do.
  5637. >And she does not react.
  5638. >Your heart is starting to beat fast.
  5639. >You begin to use your thumb to rub her arm and still she doesn't stop you.
  5640. >You side eye her and she's still fixated on the TV.
  5641. >You can smell what she used as body wash.
  5642. >Which seems like a mixture of trees and something else you can't describe but 'green'.
  5643. >You wouldn't expect anything different from her.
  5644. >Finally, the front door to her house opens up.
  5645. >And in come her parents.
  5646. >Fluttershy doesn't panic and stays by your side.
  5647. >Once both parents are in and closes the door, they notice the both of you.
  5648. >”Oh! Hello kids!”
  5649. >Mrs. Shy says joyfully.
  5650. >You just now realize.
  5651. >What time is it?
  5652. >10 PM
  5653. >Well shit guess you got lost in time.
  5654. >”Are you two having fun?”
  5655. >She then asks.
  5656. >You just nod and Fluttershy answers.
  5657. >”Yes we did!”
  5658. >You look at her and just chuckle.
  5659. “Seems like you moreso than I.”
  5660. >You tell her.
  5661. >She then giggles and then gets up from her spot quickly.
  5662. >”M-maybe so.”
  5663. >She tells you.
  5664. >If your eyes weren't deceiving you.
  5665. >You swore you though you saw a blush creep on her face.
  5666. >She then moves to her parents.
  5667. >”How was bingo?”
  5668. >She asks them.
  5669. >Her father shakes his head.
  5670. >”No wins for us, but it's always nice to spend time with our friends doing something.”
  5671. >He tells her.
  5672. >You then get up from your spot and stretch yourself.
  5673. “Well, since it is 10 PM, I better get home before I get yelled at.”
  5674. >You tell her.
  5675. >”Okay then.”
  5676. >She says.
  5677. >”Maybe we can do this again next week?”
  5678. >She asks with a hopeful glint in her eyes,
  5679. >You smile at her and nod.
  5680. “Sure.”
  5681. >You tell her.
  5682. >Her smile widens and nods and sways in her spot.
  5683. >”Eeehehe. Okay, I'll see you on Monday.”
  5684. >She tells you.
  5685. >You see her large breasts swing from side to side as she sways.
  5686. “Likewise.”
  5687. >You tell her.
  5688. “Always a pleasure seeing you two as well.”
  5689. >You tell her parents as you walk past them.
  5690. >”Drive safely!”
  5691. >Mrs. Shy tells you.
  5692. >And you just nod.
  5693. >You head out the front door and into your car.
  5694. >Then make the drive home.
  5695. >Not a bad Friday night, if you do say so yourself.
  5697. >That was fun.
  5698. >The anime was cool.
  5699. >If not, a bit samey in the sense that each episode followed the same formula.
  5700. >She did mention during the binge watch that there were over 50 episodes of the series.
  5701. >Perhaps it'll get more depth, if you will, over the course of the series.
  5702. >But if you were being one hundred percent honest with yourself.
  5703. >The real highlight of the night was Fluttershy herself.
  5704. >And her “comfortable” attire.
  5705. >Sweet baby Jesus the image of her and her humongous titties swinging freely underneath her shirt.
  5706. >Those long smooth legs.
  5707. >You SWEAR on your bass that she was teasing you.
  5708. >Even her warm soft body pressing against you by the end of the night.
  5709. >Her not moving away from you after you placed your hand on her arm
  5710. >Damn.
  5711. >You're gonna need to hurry on home and into your room and twist one off with all of it fresh in your memory.
  5712. >But in all seriousness.
  5713. >Is this turning into more than just a friendship?
  5714. >As stated before, you don't have almost any experience with the opposite sex.
  5715. >And the ones you do.
  5716. >Your mom and younger sister.
  5717. >Are negative, at best.
  5718. >Rainbow Dash seems cool.
  5719. >But she also totally comes off like a guy and you wouldn't be surprised if she were a lesbian.
  5720. >Not that it matters.
  5721. >You finally make it home.
  5722. >Almost 11 PM.
  5723. >You still see lights on in the house.
  5724. >You assume your parents are still up.
  5725. >But it's not like they can be upset at you for being late.
  5726. >You did tell them ahead of time that this may happen.
  5727. >Since there are lights on all throughout the house, you don't bother trying to be quiet about opening the door.
  5728. >You enter your home and you are greeted by the usual Honey Bear barking his head off for a second.
  5729. >Then realizing it's you and gets excited.
  5730. >As you walk through the house to get to your room, you see that both your parents were sitting at the dining room table.
  5731. >They seem to be just having a glass of wine and were doing something that you couldn't make out.
  5732. >Your mother is the first to look over in your direction.
  5733. >”You're home pretty late.”
  5734. >She says nonchalantly.
  5735. >At least she wasn't being aggressive about it.
  5736. >You just shrug in response.
  5737. “I was out a bit longer than maybe I wanted. Kinda binge watched some shows with a friend.”
  5738. >Worth it.
  5739. >You were about to just jet past them before they brought up some shit.
  5740. >To your surprise, your mother did speak up.
  5741. >But not what you really expected.
  5742. >”Well there is a plate of food for you in the microwave if you're hungry.”
  5743. >It was a simple response.
  5744. >And you are so used to your mom saying some shit that gets under your skin you were prepared to argue back.
  5745. >The offer was tempting really.
  5746. >All you had all afternoon was shitty veggie chips.
  5747. >But you were on another mission.
  5748. “I may pop back out in a bit to grab it.”
  5749. >You simply say as you were about to jet to your room.
  5750. >But before that, you stuck your head about out to the dining room.
  5751. “Thanks.”
  5752. >You decided to at least acknowledge the kind gesture.
  5753. >Your mother doesn't respond to your thanks.
  5754. >Which is more par for the course.
  5755. >It doesn't really bother you at this point.
  5756. >You just focus back on your own desires at the moment.
  5757. >You quickly head to your room.
  5758. >Close and lock the door.
  5759. >And let your urges take over.
  5760. >Saturday and the final Saturday detention.
  5761. >3 hours of homework and fuck all.
  5762. >The first hour went by in a flash but only because you had work to do.
  5763. >After that it was stalling for two hours until freedom.
  5764. >Afterwords you go straight home.
  5765. >There really was no other plans so you started to play some bass well into the afternoon.
  5766. >Then you had a thought.
  5767. >You were vaguely interested in continuing 'Fist of The North Star'.
  5768. >It was very tempting to hop on your computer and continue on your binge watch.
  5769. >Would Fluttershy mind?
  5770. >It would be worth at least asking her to make sure.
  5771. >Last thing you want to do is upset her.
  5772. >As luck would now have it, you now have her number.
  5773. >You pull out your number and begin to text her.
  5774. >First, a simple 'Hey Fluttershy.' and send.
  5775. >You then wait for a response.
  5776. >In waiting for her response, you go back to your playing.
  5777. >On your agenda recently was to learn some more Jaco Pastorius.
  5778. ( [Weather Report = Teen Town - Heavy Weather] )
  5779. >You have a feeling when you preform with Flash Drive at the concert Flash is going to call you out on stage to show off.
  5780. >And you'll be ready just in case.
  5781. >Your phone finally pings with a new message.
  5782. >'Hi Anon.'
  5783. >Now that she has responded you type out your message.
  5784. 'Would you mind if I were to continue watching Fist of the North Star on my own?'
  5785. >You hit send.
  5786. >Then another thought popped into your mind.
  5787. 'If not, that is okay, I can wait.'
  5788. >You even throw a smile emoji to try and not make it sound too off putting.
  5789. >Once again while you wait for a response you go back to your bass.
  5790. >Though your phones pings rather quickly with a response.
  5791. >'Oh no, that is okay with me! That tells me you are interested!'
  5792. >Then there is a another message.
  5793. >'Feel free to watch on ahead then maybe next Friday I can show you a different show.'
  5794. >Followed with an 'okay' emoji and a squirrel emoji.
  5795. >You're not even sure what the hell the squirrel emoji is supposed to mean but you text her back.
  5796. 'Sweet, thanks!  See you Monday.'
  5797. >She then sends another text.
  5798. >'See you Monday'
  5799. >With three heart emojis
  5800. >You do a double take on the heart emojis.
  5801. >Should you look for a deeper meaning into that?
  5802. >Could that be how she shows affection to her friends?
  5803. >So many questions are now floating around in your head.
  5804. >So much so that now you can no longer focus on your practicing.
  5805. >You decide to put the guitar down and stop for now.
  5806. >Perhaps binge watching some mofo's getting blown up by getting punched will calm yourself.
  5807. >A quick google search and you were able to find the show.
  5808. >You watch well into the night.
  5809. >Up into episode 20 where he finally defeats his rival.
  5810. >While this has been a fun ride, it does leave you wanting a little more.
  5811. >Let's see what Fluttershy has to offer you next Friday.
  5812. >When Monday comes around you have a light discussion with Fluttershy about Fist of The North Star.
  5813. >She really does appreciate the fact that you took the initiative to continue watching the series.
  5814. >”I have a few ideas on what we could watch this Friday.”
  5815. >She is still as excited as the last time.
  5816. >Which in turn, her happiness rubs off a little on you and you smile back and match her enthusiasm.
  5817. “Can't wait.”
  5818. >You tell her.
  5819. >Tuesday.
  5820. >Jam Band.
  5821. >The first concert in next Friday.
  5822. >The band gets a few more practice runs in.
  5823. >”Yo, Anon,”
  5824. >Flash calls out to you after the session is over and you are packing up.
  5825. “What's up?”
  5826. >Flash comes closer to you.
  5827. >”Would you be free tomorrow to come by my place so we could get in some extra practice for next week?”
  5828. >He asks.
  5829. “Yeah, I should be able to do that now that I'm not bogged with detention.”
  5830. >You really could use all the practice time you can get to get all the little nuances straight.
  5831. >Fluttershy didn't invite you to the shelter today.
  5832. >That's fine.
  5833. >Personally while you like the time with Fluttershy, you really didn't want to turn this into a reoccurring thing.
  5834. >Watching anime at her place with her large torpedoes swinging freely?
  5835. >That, you will do all day every day.
  5836. >Come Wednesday after school you make your way to Flash's place.
  5837. >He has a neat place not too far from the school nestled in an upper middle class neighborhood.
  5838. >It's not as small and cozy as Fluttershy's place and certainly not as big and fancy as your place.
  5839. >Once you get there you see that his garage was open.
  5840. >You park on the street and grab your equipment from the back of the car and make your way up his drive way.
  5841. >He notices you and raises his hand.
  5842. >”Sup bro; find the place alright?”
  5843. >He greets you and you nod in kind.
  5844. “Yeah.”
  5845. >You greet him by placing your amp down and hold up your hand for a high five.
  5846. >While still outside of the garage, you have a look at his house.
  5847. >Two story house with a blue paint job.
  5848. “Nice place.”
  5849. >You tell him as he finally returns your high five.
  5850. >”Thanks.”
  5851. >Ever as appreciative, he then turns to head to the back of the garage.
  5852. >”Follow me, we're practicing in the back.”
  5853. >You then pick up your amp and begin to follow him.
  5854. >You both exit the door in the far back of the garage to find a large back yard complete with a swimming pool.
  5855. >There was also a large opening of just grass and a few trees that littered the back end of the area.
  5856. >Nestled in the corner of the back yard was another small building that could pose as an in-law suite.
  5857. >Or a mini house.
  5858. “Is this the place to be in the summer?”
  5859. >You mockingly ask Flash point out the pool.
  5860. >You don't even have a pool in your back yard.
  5861. >He just laughs.
  5862. >”Hah! It can be.”
  5863. >He says with a more sorrowful tone and you mostly just continue on to the back house.
  5864. >Once you reach the house you both enter and you find both Deca Wave and Kick Step already there.
  5865. >Their gear all set up and ready to go.
  5866. >You greet them all with nods and hand shakes and you then set up your bass.
  5867. >This time around you brought along your pedalboard with all your drivers and distortion pedals along with your amp.
  5868. >You get set up and play a few chords and you are good to go.
  5869. >You then start to go down the list of songs you have planned for the performance.
  5870. >There were some small arguments as to which ones you actually wanted to do as, of course, you had limited time.
  5871. >At the end of the session you didn't even decide on a setlist and just practiced every song.
  5872. >Now that the serious stuff was done with you all were playing around.
  5873. >Flash grabbed an acoustic guitar and began to just play notes.
  5874. >Since everything was now relaxed.
  5875. >And they are your friends, right?
  5876. >You decide to bring up Fluttershy's text.
  5877. “Hey guys.”
  5878. >Everyone's attention is now on you.
  5879. >You pull out your phone.
  5880. “So, call me crazy, call me stupid or whatever you want, but...”
  5881. >You pause.
  5882. >And take another look at the text.
  5883. “Heart emojis don't mean anything, right?'
  5884. >The guys watch you intently.
  5885. >”Depends on a number of things.”
  5886. >Kick Step speaks first.
  5887. >”Yeah, like who sent it, what was sent, how she was feeling at the moment, the position of the Moon...”
  5888. >Flash rants on in a joking manner.
  5889. >A few chuckles were had all around.
  5890. >”But seriously, it could be a lot of different things.  I assume it was a girl, right?”
  5891. >Flash raises an eyebrow when he asks you that question.
  5892. “Yes, fag.”
  5893. >You respond with a bit of venom in your voice.
  5894. >The rest of the band just laughs it off.
  5895. >”Hey man, nowadays you can't be too sure.”
  5896. >Another tongue in cheek throw away comment played for cheap laughs.
  5897. >”But either way, our man Anon is getting some poon! So who's the lucky girl who wants a taste of Thunder Fingers?”
  5898. >You were afraid they were going to ask.
  5899. >And you're not sure if you want to tell them.
  5900. >Be it because they may be jealous, or they be too excited and demand nudes.
  5901. “Uh...”
  5902. >You try to stall for a good excuse.
  5903. “I'd rather not say.”
  5904. >That was not a good excuse.
  5905. >A few of the guys now scoff at you.
  5906. >”It's totally a dude!”
  5907. >Deca calls out.
  5908. >”Come on man, don't leave us hanging like that!”
  5909. >You had a feeling this was going to happen.
  5910. >”Yeah man! I thought we were your bros!”
  5911. >Kick Step complains.
  5912. “What the fuck does it matter to you who I may be seeing?”
  5913. >You kinda snap at them.
  5914. >Fortunately(or unfortunately) they don't seem to take it seriously and whine some more.
  5915. >”Cause then what if she has hot friends for us?”
  5916. >Flash adds.
  5917. >You scoff at them.
  5918. “Shit, you're all big boys, you can chase and get your own damn pussy.”
  5919. >You clap back at them.
  5920. “But...”
  5921. >You look back at your phone.
  5922. >And then Fluttershy's friends all flash through your mind.
  5923. “She does have hot friends; Along with being hot herself, of course.”
  5924. >Flash has this look on his face like he is thinking really hard.
  5925. >Then his eyebrows raise as if he came to conclusion.
  5926. >Shit, did he figure it out?
  5927. >He does seem a little close to the girls so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch.
  5928. >”Holy shit dude; are you fucking Rainbow Dash?”
  5929. >Swing and a miss.
  5930. >But not a bad guess.
  5931. >She has been overly friendly since the bass battle and you wouldn't be too surprised if she did kind of dug you in that way as well.
  5932. “Nah.”
  5933. >You respond to the guys.
  5934. “She seems more like a cool dude with tits, though.”
  5935. >Flash laughs.
  5936. >”I'm surprised it's not her. She seems to love those fingers of yours.”
  5937. >He says while bring his hand up and twiddles his index and middle fingers in a flicking motion.
  5938. >”Come on man, don't leave us...”
  5939. >He pauses mid sentence.
  5940. >Then his eyes go wide.
  5941. >”No way...”
  5942. >He tells you.
  5943. >A grin begins to form on his face.
  5944. >”It's Fluttershy, isn't it?”
  5945. >He says with a hint of excitement in his voice.
  5946. >You stay silent.
  5947. >Which is just as bad as admitting it as well.
  5948. >”It is, isn't it!?”
  5949. >He says a little too loud.
  5950. >”You bagged Hootershy?”
  5951. >Now everyone else is starting to holler.
  5952. >Kick Step even begins to bang his snare drum in excitement.
  5953. >You sigh and shake your head.
  5954. >No point in denying it.
  5955. >But you're not admitting to it either.
  5956. >You just let the guys let out all that extra energy that didn't come out during practice.
  5957. >Flash comes up to you and slaps you in the shoulder.
  5958. >”Fucking nice man!”
  5959. >He congratulates you.
  5960. >You brush his arm away and step back.
  5961. “I never said it was her!”
  5962. >You try to deflect it.
  5963. >Flash just laughs some more and steps back.
  5964. >”Yeah, yeah alright.”
  5965. >Flash isn't convinced.
  5966. >”My man Anon, the man to pussy slay the legendary Amazoness!”
  5967. >He proclaims with pride like a proud father.
  5968. >Then he begins to playfully strum at his acoustic guitar.
  5969. ( [Blink-182 - It's Mother's Day - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket])
  5970. “Fuck off.”
  5971. >You halfheartedly say with a smile.
  5972. “You fucks never answered my question.”
  5973. >You then add.
  5974. >Flash just laughs some more.
  5975. >”Ha ha! I mean, I don't know, man. Just keep doing whatever you're doing.”
  5976. >He says simply.
  5977. >”It's obvious she's into it so why try to over think it?”
  5978. >Strangely solid advice.
  5979. >Once again Flash comes up to you and places both his hands on your shoulder.
  5980. >”The only thing I beg of you is if you get a glimpse of those precious mountains;  please let us in on the sight.”
  5981. >You then playfully shove him off.
  5982. >”Like hell.”
  5983. >Flash then dramatically drops his head in shame and drags his way back to his spot in the group.
  5984. >”Seriously, that's pretty impressive you managed to get close to Hoots.”
  5985. >Deca speaks up.
  5986. >You shake your head.
  5987. >Sure, the other girls didn't seem to take to you well at first.
  5988. >But in truth it doesn't matter what they think but what Fluttershy thinks of you.
  5989. >Then again you did leave a good enough impression on a few of them to soften her up.
  5990. “All I did was ask for a pencil and it all kind of snowballed from there...”
  5991. >The guys laugh at your explanation.
  5992. >”Well, she's a pretty straight forward girl from what I can tell.”
  5993. >Flash interjects again.
  5994. >”Maybe just ask her out and see where it goes.”
  5995. >Tempting.
  5996. >You were planning on asking if she wanted to grab a bite to eat before your binge watch on Friday.
  5997. >Just to avoid eating shitty veggie chips again.
  5998. >That counts.
  5999. >Then you turn your attention back onto Flash.
  6000. “So what about you”
  6001. >You throw out to Flash.
  6002. >”Huh?”
  6003. >He says in a panicked tone.
  6004. “What's your story? Since you seem to have some knowledge about the subject.”
  6005. >He then starts to sulk and walks away from you.
  6006. >”I don't want to talk about it...”
  6007. >He says
  6008. >You just scoff at him.
  6009. >There may be some history there.
  6010. >But if he doesn't want to talk about it; then you know better than to pry information out of somebody.
  6011. >You all finish up and pack your stuff and head out.
  6012. >Ready to do it again tomorrow after school.
  6014. >And tomorrow it is.
  6015. >You get some more practice in for next weeks concert.
  6016. >But for some of the session you catch what Fluttershy's band is doing.
  6017. >You have to hand it to them, they aren't relying on covers like your band is doing.
  6018. >Even if it's a bit too poppy for your tastes.
  6019. >You're not one to judge on music tastes.
  6020. >At least you try not to.
  6021. >After it's all said and done you head out home for the day.
  6022. >And to wait for tomorrow and another anime session with Fluttershy.
  6023. >Friday.
  6024. >After school.
  6025. >Both you and Fluttershy are heading over to anime club.
  6026. >You feel now is as good a time as any.
  6027. “Hey.”
  6028. >”Yes Anon?'
  6029. >You clear your throat before you speak.
  6030. “So, I was wondering...”
  6031. >You pause for a brief moment.
  6032. “After the club today, would you like to..., I don't know”
  6033. >Stalling as much as you can.
  6034. >You don't know why, she already invied you to her place twice now. It shouldn't be much different.
  6035. “You would like to stop somewhere to grab a bite to eat before we head to your place to binge watch?”
  6036. >You let it all out.
  6037. >Fluttershy then rolls her eyes upwards, considering your decision.
  6038. >It takes her a few seconds before she looks back down to you with a smile.
  6039. >”I'm fine with that.”
  6040. >You heart skips a beat and all of a sudden you feel this warm fuzzy joyous kind of feeling.
  6041. >Again, it's not like you haven't been on dates or anything with her.
  6042. >She may consider everything you've done before, like the animal shelter a date.
  6043. >But this time around it was you asking her.
  6044. >You return a smile up to her.
  6045. “Sweet! Can't wait until then.”
  6046. >You both just continue with smiles on each others faces as you make your way down the hall to the classroom that is holding the club.
  6047. >Once you both reach the door to the room, you can hear some loud arguing through it.
  6048. >”Oh dear.”
  6049. >Fluttershy says with a heavy sigh.
  6050. >She then opens the door and you can get a clear view of what's going on.
  6051. >You both walk in and you can see s few of the guys are having shouting match with each other.
  6052. >”Sometimes I wonder why I even share the same air as such plebs as you guys!”
  6053. >Big chungus Bumble Bru seems to be saying a little too loudly to some of the members.
  6054. >”Why do you even stick around if you're just going to insult whatever we watch?”
  6055. >One of the other female members argues back to him.
  6056. >”Because this club needs SOMEBODY with taste so it's reputation .”
  6057. >”Reputation!?”
  6058. >Curly Curt now exclaims back.
  6059. >”Who in the hell are we trying to impress?  Also that's rich, coming from a guy who's obsessed with trying to get the club to play 'Keijo!!!!!!!!!'.”
  6060. >Bumble steps up to Curly.
  6061. >”That is a masterpiece of the eastern artworks and I will not stand for an uncultured swine like yourself who wants to taint this club with that 'Uma Musume Pretty Derby' garbage!”
  6062. >Both Bumble and Curly are now in each others faces.
  6063. >”Screw you! Uma Musume is kawaii and more of a lighthearted slice of life show and doesn't devolve itself with lowly petty fan service!”
  6064. >You have no idea what the fuck they are talking about but this is entertaining as all hell.
  6065. >And you may bare witness to one of the most fascinating phenomenons in the world.
  6066. >A nerd fight.
  6067. >You are trying your hardest to hold back laughter.
  6068. >Fluttershy then sighs heavily as she steps towards the action.
  6069. >”Every time.”
  6070. >You hear her mumble.
  6071. >She stomps her way towards the commotion.
  6072. >”Will you two please stop doing this every week!?”
  6073. >She says in about as loud a tone as you're going to hear out of Fluttershy.
  6074. >Which isn't much.
  6075. >However, either because it's her imposing figure as she stands towering over the two guys with her hands on her hips like a disappointed mother.
  6076. >Or because they may be simps for her both guys stop and sort of shrink in their spots.
  6077. >”But Flutter-Chan.”
  6078. >What the fuck is a Flutter-Chan?
  6079. >Bumble seems to be trying to plea his case.
  6080. >”Don't 'but Flutter-Chan' me this time mister!”
  6081. >A very stern voice from Fluttershy.
  6082. >”You constantly argue with anyone who likes a different show than you every time and we're all getting tired of it.”
  6083. >She steps towards him.
  6084. >”But, I do it for the integrity of this club!”
  6085. >Bumble looks close to be cowering.
  6086. >”I know you and I share tastes and you know I'm right!”
  6087. >He tries to argue.
  6088. >You notice Fluttershy shake her head.
  6089. >”Our tastes are not similar, and even if it is, I still welcome other people's tastes and don't insult them.”
  6090. >Bumble hangs his head low.
  6091. >From what you can see from behind, she now looks over to Curly and then back to Bumble.
  6092. >”Now I want both of you to apologize to each other and we can move on from this.”
  6093. >She tells both of them.
  6094. >Damn MommyShy laying down the law.
  6095. >Both guys look at each other and exchange glares with each other for a moment.
  6096. >But then they quickly look back at Fluttershy and then back to each other.
  6097. >'Sorry.'
  6098. >They both tell each other and you see some of the other members breathe a sigh or relief.
  6099. >Both guys sit down in separate desks and you make your way right next to Fluttershy.
  6100. “Damn,  look at you putting your foot down.”
  6101. >You're impressed.
  6102. >All this time you shamefully assumed she was a total pushover but it looks like there are things she will get in your face for.
  6103. >Scribble Dee then stands up and wipes her forehead.
  6104. >”Thank you Fluttershy.”
  6105. >A few of the other members also parrot the sentiment and give their thanks.
  6106. >Fluttershy nods and then takes her seat and she motions for you to sit next to her.
  6107. >And you oblige.
  6108. >”Now then, before we were interrupted, we were trying to vote for what to watch this week.”
  6109. >She then sets up two posters for everyone to look at and judge.
  6110. >”First was Curly's suggestion of 'Uma Musume Pretty Derby'.”
  6111. >She holds in her left hand a poster of a bunch of girls in those Neighpponese school girl uniforms running.
  6112. >They all have these animal ears that you notice as well.
  6113. >Scribble Dee then holds up the other poster in her right hand.
  6114. >”Or we can watch Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou.”
  6115. >The poster is two girls in what looks to be old army uniforms and they are standing in the middle of the ruins of a city.
  6116. >You have no idea what these names even are
  6117. >But, if you are going by covers alone you'd go with the war looking one.
  6118. >She then puts it to a vote.
  6119. >The majority picks the war looking one.
  6120. >Which is fine by you.
  6121. >You watch the first few episodes.
  6122. >And what the hell is going on?
  6123. >It's about two girls who are survivors in a post apocalyptic war torn world and they just....
  6124. >Do stuff.
  6125. >Like, drive around, find food and weapons, eat fish.
  6126. >It feels both like nothing is happening at all and a bunch of stuff is happening.
  6127. >After several episodes the club does their discussion about it and you are asked your thoughts.
  6128. >And you pretty much tell them exactly what you thought.
  6129. “...I mean, I know I'm new to this.'
  6130. >”Yeah you are.”
  6131. >One of the other members says in a more bitter tone.
  6132. >You just shoot him a glare.
  6133. “But, what's the deal? It's like very little was going on.”
  6134. >You ask.
  6135. >”It's a slice of life anime.”
  6136. >Scribble Dee explains to you the meaning.
  6137. >It's basically a series that depicts every day life.
  6138. >Looks like you still have a long way to go before you even begin to understand anime.
  6139. >You'll do it.
  6140. >Only for Fluttershy.
  6141. >Finally the club meet is over.
  6142. >And much like last week, a few of the guys follow you and Fluttershy out to the parking lot.
  6143. >It kind of creeps you out.
  6144. >You wonder how it makes Fluttershy feel.
  6145. >Speaking of which.
  6146. “So where do you want to go and eat?”
  6147. >You ask for her preference since now it's painfully obvious she's a vegetarian.
  6148. >She looks down to you and smiles.
  6149. >”I know just the place.”
  6150. >She says in a cheerful tone.
  6151. >You then hear the two orbiters behind you begin to chatter rather loud.
  6152. >”He's taking her out?”
  6153. >You barely heard one of them say.
  6154. >”He's a...! How could Fluttershy fall... a jerk like him?”
  6155. >You can't hear everything they are saying about you; but you are sure it's not anything positive.
  6156. >It is taking all of your will power not to turn face and put some hands on these fuckers.
  6157. >Again, for Fluttershy.
  6158. >But goddammit you can only play Buddhist for so long.
  6159. >You finally make it to your car and you let her in first.
  6160. >Then you go over to your side and get in and drive off.
  6161. >But not before Fluttershy waves the orbiters farewell and you wrap your right arm around the passenger's seat.
  6162. >You look at the guys standing at the bus stop.
  6163. >And with your right hand behind Fluttershy, you flip them the bird and made sure they saw your smug look as you drove off.
  6165. >You're making your way to...
  6166. >You don't know, actually.
  6167. “Okay, so where are we going again?”
  6168. >It's this really great 50's style diner.”
  6169. >She answers you.
  6170. >”It's not that far from here.”
  6171. >She says as she pulls out her phone to type something up.
  6172. >”Mind if I plug my phone into your stereo? That way I can have the GPS give directions.”
  6173. >That's a big ask.
  6174. >You can easily just put it in your own phone.
  6175. >But you are starting to wonder.
  6176. “Alright, you can hook up.”
  6177. >You see her nod and reach for your cord when you hold out your hand to stop her.
  6178. “On one condition.”
  6179. >You tell her.
  6180. >”Oh?”
  6181. >A smile creeps on your face.
  6182. “You have to let your playlist play through the stereo system.”
  6183. >You add.
  6184. “And you cant' skip songs.”
  6185. >She pauses for a moment.
  6186. >You look over to her and she puts on a determined look on her face.
  6187. >”Fine.”
  6188. >She then takes the cord and hooks up her phone.
  6189. >First she activates her GPS and it starts to spew directions.
  6190. >She seems to hesitate at first, but then she opens her music playlist and hits 'Shuffle Play'.
  6191. >The first song starts up
  6192. ( [Junko Sakurada - 17sai - Junko no Hana Monogatari] )
  6193. >...
  6194. >You're not sure what to expect but you weren't expecting this.
  6195. >Well, maybe you were, but this song doesn't seem like the type to be an opening to some anime.
  6196. “What anime is this from?”
  6197. >You decide to ask.
  6198. “From one of your classic binges?”
  6199. >”Nope.”
  6200. >She hastily responds.
  6201. >”It's not from any anime.”
  6202. >You raise an eyebrow.
  6203. “Really now?”
  6204. >She nods her head.
  6205. >”It's just a classic N-Pop song that I really like. My playlist is full of them.”
  6206. >Okay then, she's full on Neighpponholic.
  6207. >But you have to admit, this song totally fits her persona perfectly.
  6208. >The light, hippie 70's free spirit feel of the song personifies her well.
  6209. >You also can't help but bob your head to the bass line.
  6210. >It's simple, but as you have learned the simpler ones are usually the ones that stick with you more.
  6211. “So, what is the song about, if you know?”
  6212. >She nods her head.
  6213. >”The song is called 'Seventeen', or more accurately 'Seventeen Year Old'. It's basically about having a date at the beach.”
  6214. >Interesting.
  6215. >Not the song, but that Fluttershy knows what the song is about.
  6216. “You can speak Neighpponese?”
  6217. >She shakes her head.
  6218. >”No, I only know through subtitles I found of the song online.”
  6219. >Makes sense.
  6220. >”Though, I would love to learn it.  I plan on taking some courses when I go to college.”
  6221. >A fine goal to have.
  6222. >You just continue to enjoy the ambiance of the song.
  6223. >The song ends and it's time for the next one on her playlist.
  6224. ( [Godeater - All Flesh - All Flesh Is Grass])
  6225. >You jump in your seat
  6226. >Then you start to laugh at your own reaction.
  6227. >Fluttershy seems to have found it amusing as well.
  6228. >In all honestly you should have been prepared for that.
  6229. >But the vast jump from 70's flowery, happy pop to ear bleeding metal
  6230. >”Did that startle you?”
  6231. >She asks in her trademark caring voice.
  6232. >It almost feels like she was mocking you but you're sure she isn't the type to do that.
  6233. >You shake your head and take a deep breath.
  6234. “Yeah, you got me.”
  6235. >You sigh.
  6236. “I forgot you're into death metal.”
  6237. >She giggles as she then lowers the volume.
  6238. >”I'm sorry.”
  6239. >She cheerfully apologizes to you.
  6240. >You shake your head and grunt.
  6241. >You then feel her hand pat you on the head.
  6242. >Looking over to her for a brief moment and you see her bright smile and then all your annoyances just melt away.
  6243. >You bring your attention back to the road as the song screams along.
  6244. >Until you finally make it to the diner in question.
  6246. >You pull up to the building's parking lot.
  6247. >It's as Fluttershy said it was.
  6248. >The damn building looked like it came from something in the years past.
  6249. >Long slender diner cart building with loud warm colors.
  6250. >Complete with the crashed car into the roof meme.
  6251. >You park your car and you both lock up and head inside.
  6252. >And it's about what you would expect in a diner.
  6253. >Checkered floors.
  6254. >Bright colors all around.
  6255. >A vintage vinyl jukebox at the far end playing music.
  6256. >Blaring 50's rockabilly music across the restaurant.
  6257. >Various vinyl records plastered all over the walls of the place.
  6258. >Neon lights of random objects add extra color to the atmosphere.
  6259. >All the waitresses you see are wearing teal and white maid looking dresses while wearing rollerskates.
  6260. >Skating around the Restaurant.
  6261. >Seems like a huge accident waiting to happen.
  6262. >And it was packed.
  6263. >There wasn't an open seat in the place.
  6264. >You can smell the warm welcoming fragrance of cooking meat and various spices in the air.
  6265. >One of the waitresses rolls up to you and Fluttershy.
  6266. >Wait.
  6267. >Isn't that?
  6268. >”Hey Fluttershy!!”
  6269. >Pink skin.
  6270. >Large puffy mane of hair.
  6271. >Overly happy and hyper personality.
  6272. >Yeah, that's the Pink friend.
  6273. >You don't remember her name.
  6274. >”Hey Pinkie.”
  6275. >Fluttershy greets her.
  6276. >That's right, her name is Pinkie Pie.
  6277. >She then notices you and she keeps her upbeat attitude even with you.
  6278. >”Hiya Anon!”
  6279. >She yells.
  6280. >Now you feel kinda bad that you didn't remember her name and she remembered yours.
  6281. >With the music as loud as it is her yelling didn't seem that loud at all.
  6282. >”Welcome to 'That 50's Diner'! The top rated diner in all of Canterlot!”
  6283. >She greets you excitedly with a wink.
  6284. >Real original name.
  6285. >Top rated diner?
  6286. >Are there other diners in this city?
  6287. >You really haven't explored much of Canterlot since you moved here.
  6288. >”You guys come here to get some grub?”
  6289. >She asks the both of you.
  6290. >Fluttershy nods at her question.
  6291. >”Yes we did. We decided to come before we go and binge watch some shows.”
  6292. >Fluttershy tells her friend excitedly.
  6293. >She then looks around and notices all the seats are taken.
  6294. >And there was a small group of people waiting for a seat.
  6295. >”How long is the wait?”
  6296. >She asks Pinkie.
  6297. >Pinkie then looks around herself, then she looks at the log.
  6298. >”Weeeeelllll....”
  6299. >She says a bit nervously.
  6300. >”It may take a teensy bit while?”
  6301. >The pitch of her voice goes up by the end.
  6302. >”Oh dear.”
  6303. >Fluttershy seems concerned.
  6304. >”Do you mind waiting?”
  6305. >She asks you.
  6306. >You just shrug your shoulders.
  6307. “It's up to you, I don't mind waiting but it's your place we're heading to afterwords.”
  6308. >Fluttershy seems to ponder for a moment.
  6309. >After some careful deliberation with herself she looks back to you and nods.
  6310. >”Okay, it's fine if we wait.”
  6311. >“Alrighty then.”
  6312. >Pinkie twirls in her spot with her skates and then she writes something down on her log.
  6313. >”Okie Dokie Lokie! I got you both down. Just hang tight and someone will escort you to your seats soon!”
  6314. >She cheerfully says with a bright smile that seems to be permanently fixated on her face.
  6315. >She then skates off to go greet some more patrons.
  6316. >You are both left to wait with the rest of the guests.
  6317. >It takes about 30 minutes before something opens up for you two.
  6318. >Finally another waitress zips up to you both and begins to bow furiously.
  6319. >”Something finally opened up for you two! I'm so sorry it took so long!”
  6320. >The waitress had the same teal and white maid like dress on.
  6321. >She had gray skin and blonde hair.
  6322. >Her eyes seemed crossed or something because it looks like she couldn't see straight.
  6323. >Can she see straight?
  6324. >You would hope so if they trust her on skates.
  6325. >You are then led to a booth in the middle of the restaurant.
  6326. >The waitress presents it to you while she places two menus on the table for you.
  6327. >”Here you are!”
  6328. >You take no time in settling yourself into one side of the booth.
  6329. >But Fluttershy takes a second.
  6330. >And you think you may know why.
  6331. >You watch closely as she finally tries to take her seat.
  6332. >She fits in the booth well.
  6333. >But...
  6334. >You watch as the fabric of her large yellow sweater creases itself into the table.
  6335. >It would appear her chest sticks out enough that they hover over the booths table.
  6336. >Fluttershy then folds her arms over her chest and looks off to the side.
  6337. >The waitress then grabs her little note pad out from her front apron pouch.
  6338. >”Can I start you off with any drinks?”
  6339. >She wholesomely asks.
  6340. >You haven't even looked at the menu yet so you don't even know what they offer.
  6341. “Water is fine for now for me.”
  6342. >Fluttershy then echos your statement.
  6343. >”I'll have a water myself.”
  6344. >The waitress nods and places her notepad back into her apron pocket.
  6345. >”Okay! I'll be back with those in a jiffy!”
  6346. >She then rolls off.
  6347. >Leaving you two alone.
  6348. >Fluttershy looks a little uncomfortable in her spot.
  6349. “Are you sure you are okay with this?”
  6350. >You ask her.
  6351. >Seems odd that she would suggest this place if she was going to be embarrassed about sitting in the booths.
  6352. >She was going to speak but out of nowhere you are interrupted by the Pink Menace.
  6353. >”Hiya folks!  How's everything going so far?”
  6354. >She yells with her now familiar loud voice.
  6355. >Popping her head over the table between you two and you jump in your seat for the second time today.
  6356. “Jesus!”
  6357. >You exclaim out loud as you slide back in your seat.
  6358. >Fluttershy seems to have been unaffected by the surprise.
  6359. >Probably because she is used to it by now.
  6360. >Pinkie then stands back up and places a hand behind her head as she starts to giggle in her apologetic pose.
  6361. >”Sorry! I was just checking in to see how our newest waitress is treating you guys.”
  6362. >She then looks around as if trying to find her.
  6363. >”Gotta make sure we keep our standards high if we want to stay the number one rated diner on Screech! Nothing but the best of service here at 'The 50's Diner'! After all...”
  6364. >She just rambles on.
  6365. >Her endless positivity and energy is something you are not used to.
  6366. “Damn girl, you on the nose candy or something?”
  6367. >You blurt out without even thinking.
  6368. >She gasps and looks at you with a shocked look on her face.
  6369. >”What!?”
  6370. >She exclaims a bit too loud.
  6371. >Causing a few of the other patrons to look over in your direction.
  6372. >Bad idea to have said anything because now not only is there attention on you, but Fluttershy as well.
  6373. “Sorry! I didn't-”
  6374. >You try to apologize but Pinkie cuts you off by getting in your face.
  6375. >”You mean to tell me that there is candy for your nose and that I haven't heard about about it?”
  6376. >She asks you as her face inches ever so closer to you.
  6377. >”What kind of nose candy is it?  What's it taste like?  Where can I get some?”
  6378. >You try and scoot back in your seat as much as you can so you can not be in Pinkie's face.
  6379. “Calm down! I was just trying to make a joke.”
  6380. >Pinkie then stands straight back up with a disappointed look on her face.
  6381. >”Well, that wasn't a very funny joke.”
  6382. “Clearly!”
  6383. >You're not sure what's scarier.
  6384. >The fact that she doesn't know what nose candy means, or that she's this energetic and wired without the aid of cocaine.
  6385. >May god have mercy on your soul should she ever find out.
  6386. >”We're good Pinkie.”
  6387. >Fluttershy assures her friend.
  6388. >Pinkie's face goes from disappointed to cheerful in an instant.
  6389. >”Alrighty then! If there is anything else you may need that the new gal can't help you with, just give me a holler!”
  6390. >She tells you both then nods and zips off with vigorous speed.
  6391. >You exhale in what felt like the first time in hours.
  6392. “Is she always this wired?”
  6393. >Fluttershy nods.
  6394. >”Yes, she can be a bit out there but you get used to it.”
  6395. >She says with a smile on her face.
  6396. “I guess...”
  6397. >You can't fathom when anyone could get used to the constant energy of the energizer bunny going and going and going.
  6398. >But hey, you've only know her for a grand total of what feels like ten minutes.
  6399. >Perhaps you will get numb to it after a while like Fluttershy says.
  6400. >You then pick up the menu and have a look.
  6401. >It's your standard diner food.
  6402. >Burgers and fries.
  6403. >Various sandwiches and melts.
  6404. >Chicken tenders.
  6405. >Meatloaf.
  6406. >Salads, which you assume will be what Fluttershy will order.
  6407. >Which kind of makes you feel bad but she did recommend you to here.
  6408. >Cakes and pies.
  6409. >You get the idea.
  6410. >With what's available, you guess it's a good starting point to try out their burger.
  6411. >Though the deep fried banana peppers look mighty tempting as well.
  6412. >You look up from your menu to see Fluttershy looking through the menu as well.
  6413. >The menu is placed on the table, covering her large breasts.
  6414. >With her height, she towered up past the backseat of the booth.
  6415. “So, what's good here?”
  6416. >You decide to start a conversation.
  6417. >”She looks up to you from her menu, keeping it up to cover her chest.
  6418. >”Well, when it comes to food, I really do like the salads since, I'm sure you've noticed, I don't eat meat. But they do have other meatless options.”
  6419. >You nod in response that you have noticed she doesn't eat meat.
  6420. >”But everyone that I have talked to says the food is wonderful, and I also know that the cakes and milkshakes are really good.”
  6421. >Okay, she consumes dairy so she's not a vegan.
  6422. “Nice.”
  6423. >You say as you look back down at the menu, wondering if there could be anything else besides the simple cheeseburger and fried banana peppers that catch your fancy.
  6424. >The waitress zips back to your table with two glasses of water.
  6425. >”Here you are!”
  6426. >She presents you two with your refreshments along with two straws.
  6427. >”Are you ready to order?”
  6428. >She asks you two.
  6429. >You are ready, at least.
  6430. >Fluttershy looks over to you and you just nod to her.
  6431. “I'm good.”
  6432. >The waitress then pulls out her notepad and awaits your order.
  6433. >”What would ya like?”
  6434. >You look back down at the menu and order your food.
  6435. >A cheeseburger with some fries.
  6436. >You decide to skip the fried banana peppers for now and hand her back the menu.
  6437. >She then places the menu beneath her arm and turns to Fluttershy.
  6438. >”What would you like?”
  6439. >She looks from her menu to the waitress.
  6440. >”I'll have just the Lentil Loaf with a side of steamed veggies and I am fine with just water.”
  6441. >The what?
  6442. >You don't remember seeing that in the menu.
  6443. >The waitress writes it down and takes her menu.
  6444. >”Alrighty! I'll get that out to you soon!”
  6445. >She rolls off.
  6446. >Leaving you and Fluttershy alone again.
  6447. >And no menus to cover the magnificent sight in front of you.
  6448. >Fluttershy sits there with her hands clasped together on the table with her breasts still in full view.
  6449. >They hover over the table by a few inches and it almost seems like with the way Fluutershy has her arms, it's almost like she's pressing them together?
  6450. >With the size of her chest you genuinely cannot tell the difference, they are huge either way.
  6451. >When you take your eyes off them and looks up to her face, she seems to be looking off to the side in the distance, like she is lost in some thought.
  6452. >It was then when she realized you were staring at her and she lets go of her hands and they pull back.
  6453. >”Something on your mind?”
  6454. >She asks.
  6455. >You try to think fast
  6456. “So, how did you get into metal?”
  6457. >Nice move.
  6458. >It's a legitimate question.
  6459. >”Well, it all started in middle school.”
  6460. >She takes a sip of her water and continues.
  6461. >”Rainbow Dash was really starting to get into playing the guitar and really wanted to learn to play fast and loud.”
  6462. >She looks off in the distance seeming reminiscent of some past memories.
  6463. >”We would always hang out and I would always listen to her practice while listing to some different bands she tried to mimic. Over time she moved on to other bands and went more punk but I just looked for more metal as I found the controlled chaos nature in metal really helps calm my nerves.”
  6464. >You haven't really seen much of Dash's playing skills now that you think about it.
  6465. >She continues.
  6466. >”The lyrics are also rather poignant and really resonate with me once you get past the aggressiveness.”
  6467. >You chuckle.
  6468. >If you had a dollar for every metal band out there with stupid virtue signaling lyrics.
  6469. “Ever thought of singing metal?”
  6470. >You playfully ask her.
  6471. “Or just in general?  You sound like you would have a great voice for it.”
  6472. >She gasps and shrinks into her seat.
  6473. >”Oh no, I could never be front and center on stage. Just thinking of having to sing in public makes me...!”
  6474. >She squeals and lowers her head.
  6475. >Shutting her eyes tight like she's having an existential crisis.
  6476. “Alright alright, sorry I asked.”
  6477. >You hold out your hand to calm her down.
  6478. “It's just that...”
  6479. >You pause and wait.
  6480. >Fluttershy then looks back up to you.
  6481. >You then place a teasing smile on your face.
  6482. “It's always the quiets ones with the darkest sides.”
  6483. >Her eyes widen again while you just laugh.
  6484. >She then puffs her cheeks out in frustration.
  6485. >”Hey! I do have a dark side!”
  6486. >She says defiantly.
  6487. >You just nod while still chuckling.
  6488. “I bet.”
  6489. >You tell her.
  6490. >Again.
  6491. >It's always the quiet ones who are most violent, or most kinky.
  6492. >Sometimes both.
  6493. >You finally stop your little laugh and take a swig of your water.
  6494. >”What about you?”
  6495. >Fluttershy then speaks up.
  6496. >You tilt your head.
  6497. “What about me?”
  6498. >You throw back at her.
  6499. >”Do you have a dark side?”
  6500. >You shrug and smile.
  6501. “About as dark a side as someone from Whinny City who starts fights would have.”
  6502. >You then move your hands from above your head down to your torso in a presenting manner.
  6503. “What you see is what you get.”
  6504. >You then strike a pose playfully.
  6505. >You get a small laugh out of Fluttershy.
  6506. >”Well, I guess I wouldn't call it a dark side, but you surley have more of a soft side.”
  6507. >You cross your arms and give her a condescending look
  6508. “I mean, you're not wrong.”
  6509. >You tell her.
  6510. “But it's not like I've been trying to hide it either.  You just need to get to know me.”
  6511. >Fluttershy then puts on this smug look of accomplishment.
  6512. >You shake your head and look away then take another drink of your water.
  6513. >”What about singing?”
  6514. >She continues to ask.
  6515. “Metal?”
  6516. >You try to elaborate.
  6517. >She giggles and shrugs.
  6518. >”Sure.”
  6519. >You smile and shake your head.
  6520. ”Not a chance for metal, but I've been known to sing a bit here and there.”
  6521. >You did some singing in the past.
  6522. “I try to keep it hush hush mostly because it was seen as 'gay' back in Whinny City.”
  6523. >Fluttershy now tilts her head.
  6524. >”But you're not in Whinny City anymore.”
  6525. >You point to her.
  6526. “I am aware of that.”
  6527. >Another thought comes to your mind.
  6528. “Tell you what.  If you can ever gather the courage to sing in front of a crowd, then I'll do the same and sing for you.”
  6529. >Her face looks worried.
  6530. >”That's not fair!”
  6531. >You shrug your shoulders.
  6532. >She grumbles and you just continue to smile at her adorable mad face.
  6533. >It was then you are greeted by your waitress.
  6534. >She rolls on up you two with two plates of food.
  6535. >”Here we go!”
  6536. >She then places a plate of a large cheeseburger with some fries in front of you.
  6537. >”One Cheeseburger!”
  6538. >Then she places a plate of what looks like meatloaf in front of Fluttershy.
  6539. >As well as some mixed veggies.
  6540. >”And one lentil loaf!”
  6541. >She then stands proud with her hands in front of her.
  6542. >”Anything else I can get you?”
  6543. >You shake your head no.
  6544. >As does Fluttershy.
  6545. >The waitress nods and smiles.
  6546. >”Okay, enjoy!”
  6547. >She then strolls off to help some other patrons.
  6548. >Both of you are now silent.
  6549. >Enjoying your meals.
  6550. >Your burger was actually good.
  6551. >Something about it just tastes different that the one's from back in Whinny City.
  6552. >It could be since Canterlot is much closer to farms than Whinny City was.
  6553. >Fresher meat and such.
  6554. >Whatever it may be.
  6555. >You approved.
  6556. >Fluttershy seems to quietly enjoy her meal as well.
  6557. >There really isn't much else to say at the moment.
  6558. >Plus it's rude to talk with your mouth full.
  6559. >Once you both finish your meals, the waitress swoops by and picks up the plates.
  6560. >”You all save any room for dessert?”
  6561. >She cheerfully ask.
  6562. >You shake your head no.
  6563. “Nah, I am good.”
  6564. >Fluttershy echos your statement.
  6565. >The waitress nods and places the check down on the table.
  6566. >”Take your time with that!”
  6567. >She then leaves with the plates.
  6568. >You then look to Fluttershy.
  6569. “Ready to head out?”
  6570. >She nods.
  6571. >You then take the check and head up to the front counter and pay for the meal.
  6572. >Where you are greeted by Pinkie Pie once again.
  6573. >”Hiya!”
  6574. >She greets you at the front.
  6575. “Hey.”
  6576. >Fluttershy greets her back.
  6577. >You then hand her the check and then pull out your wallet and some cash to pay off the bill.
  6578. >”Enjoy the meal?”
  6579. >She asks.
  6580. “I did, actually.”
  6581. >You tell her
  6582. >”Super!”
  6583. >She exclaims loudly.
  6584. >You start counting your bills and pay off the meal.
  6585. >And leave some extra cash for a tip.
  6586. “Don't go spending it on nose candy, you hear?”
  6587. >You tell Pinkie as you and Fluttershy both head out for the night.
  6588. >As you make your way out of the diner you can hear Pinkie yell.
  6589. >”Tell me what nose candy is and where I can find it!!!”
  6590. >You can't help but laugh at her.
  6591. >Sometimes.
  6592. >Just sometimes.
  6593. >You can be a prick.
  6595. >After leaving the restaurant you begin to head to Fluttershy's place.
  6596. >You've now been there enough times that you no longer need any GPS or directions.
  6597. >Once you are there you park in your now normal spot on the street.
  6598. >You both head inside.
  6599. >You know for sure Fluttershy's parents aren't home since she said before they go to Bingo on Friday nights.
  6600. >That would only leave Zephyr home.
  6601. >From what you can see inside you can't really tell if it's just you two.
  6602. >Not that it matters.
  6603. >You're just going to watch some anime after all.
  6604. >You go and take your usual spot on the couch and Fluttershy heads into the hall and into her room for a moment.
  6605. >After some time you hear the door to Fluttershy's room open and then you hear her head into the kitchen again.
  6606. >”Would you like some green tea again?”
  6607. >You hear Fluttershy call out from the kitchen again.
  6608. “Sure.”
  6609. >You answer back and you anxiously await her arrival.
  6610. >Hoping for the same view as last week.
  6611. >It takes a few more minutes but Fluttershy finally emerges from the hall.
  6612. >And sure enough she was wearing a similar getup like last time.
  6613. >Oversized black metal T-shirt.
  6614. >This week it was for the band Cattle Decapitation.
  6615. >She was holding two bottles of the same green tea from last week as well as the Data DVD.
  6616. >You once again get to see her wonderfully voluptuous breasts hang and swing freely as she walked into view through her shirt.
  6617. >She stops once she notices you staring at her.
  6618. >”Something the matter?”
  6619. >She asks again.
  6620. >This time you feel a little more bold.
  6621. “No, just admiring the view.”
  6622. >You say with a smile.
  6623. >She looks away but you saw the smile form on her face as she turned away from you.
  6624. >”Thanks.”
  6625. >She says lowly and she places the bottles of tea on the coffee table.
  6626. >She then makes her way to the TV to place the DVD in the player.
  6627. >You watch her closely this time as she bends over to place the DVD in the tray.
  6628. >As she slightly bends down to put it in the back of her shirt slides a bit up and you get a view of her rear end in her shorts.
  6629. >Now, you know all the attention is to her ginormous breasts but you really shouldn't ignore the ass she has.
  6630. >It's not that big or fat or anything, but it's got some meat on it.
  6631. >Nice and plump and with her tight short shorts firms up real nicely
  6632. >You can once again feel blood rushing to your dick and you quickly grab your bottle of green tea and press both your hands down on your lap.
  6633. >She then grabs the remote and turns back to you.
  6634. >Still staring at her.
  6635. “So, if no Fist of the North Star, what's showing tonight?”
  6636. >You quickly ask her.
  6637. >She makes her way towards you and plops down on the couch.
  6638. >Right next to you.
  6639. >Not even giving any space between you two this time.
  6640. >She looks down to you with a smile.
  6641. >”Since we were talking about my love for metal today...”
  6642. >She says with an excited smile as she presses play on the remote.
  6643. >It starts out with some guy saying goodbye to his mother as he leaves for College.
  6644. >They explain that he wants to make 'trendy pop' songs.
  6645. >And then the intro hits.
  6646. ( [Detroit Metal City - Satsugai - Detroit Metal City OP] )
  6647. >What the hell is this?
  6648. >”It's called Detroit Metal City.”
  6649. >She answers as if she was reading your mind.
  6650. >”You're gonna love it!”
  6651. >She says as she reaches over and places the remote down on the coffee table and grabs both your drinks.
  6652. >She hands you your drink and sits back.
  6653. >So basically this anime is about a guy who is a part of a death metal band to pay the bills but in reality he's a square.
  6654. >And despite his best efforts, his attempts at being a soft pop start fails yet his career as a death metal star rises.
  6655. >The episodes are really short.
  6656. >Like, only 15 minutes each and you're blowing through them.
  6657. >You are 8 episodes in and you're having more of a blast with this show than Fist of the North Star.
  6658. >And again Fluttershy muses herself every time you laugh at a scene.
  6659. >Though sometimes she'll giggle before a funny scene happens and slightly spoils the punchline.
  6660. >Which you don't mind.
  6661. >In an effort to get a little more comfortable you instinctively pull your left arm up and again wrap it behind Fluttershy's back.
  6662. >And once again rest your hand on her left arm.
  6663. >”Mm.”
  6664. >She hums and then one ups you and rests her right hand on your left thigh.
  6665. >It's a little more down towards your knee.
  6666. >You feel your heart rate rise and beads of sweat start to form on your head.
  6667. >In another effort to try and out do her, you then take your right hand that was resting on the end of the couch and reach and grab her right hand that was resting on your leg.
  6668. >You rest it on top of hers and she doesn't move or flinch.
  6669. >And here you are.
  6670. >Watching anime about death metal.
  6671. >Sitting next to and intertwined with a big girl who has huge titties who seems to be most definitely into you.
  6672. >And from what you can feel from her body being pressed next to yours is you can tell she's as nervous as you are judging by her quick breathing patterns.
  6673. >You watch another episode together.
  6674. >”Enjoying the show?”
  6675. >She asks while turning her head to you during the end credits of the current episode.
  6676. >You look back up to her.
  6677. “This is the funniest shit I've seen in a while”
  6678. >Ever the eloquent speaker you let her know your approval with a smile.
  6679. >She returns your smile with a bright one of her own.
  6680. >”Eeehehe, I'm glad you've been liking them.”
  6681. >She's all giddy once again over you liking her choice of anime.
  6682. >She brings up her left hand and moves her hair to the side so you can a view of her full face.
  6683. >You can now barely see a hint of pink across her face.
  6684. >She avoids your gaze for a moment but then she locks eyes with you again and you stare into her ocean blue eyes.
  6685. >You then feel her right hand grip your leg tightly.
  6686. >Time feels frozen in place as you get lost in her heavenly gaze.
  6687. >You're not sure what you should be doing.
  6688. >After about a second you begin to sense a little bit of nervousness in her gaze.
  6689. >But she doesn't try to pull away or avert her gaze.
  6690. >Should you go for it?
  6691. >Who knows when or if this opportunity could happen again.
  6692. >If this is even an opportunity.
  6693. >What do you mean?
  6694. >Of course this is!
  6695. >Just look at her.
  6696. >The way she is dressed considering how modestly she usually dresses.
  6697. >The way she's been holding onto you right now.
  6698. >The fact that she hasn't tried to shy away from you in this moment.
  6699. >You must.
  6700. >”Um...”
  6701. >She speaks up as she finally looks away.
  6702. >You can now hear the intro music play for the next episode.
  6703. >You then feel her slightly pull away from you and you panic.
  6704. >”Ee-!”
  6705. >Fuck it.
  6706. >You pull her back a little closer and you quickly go in for the kiss.
  6707. >She didn't even have enough time to eek out her squeal before your lips met hers.
  6708. >”Mm!”
  6709. >You can hear her still react through the kiss.
  6710. >She doesn't resist but she does let go of your leg.
  6711. >And that same hand then slides underneath your left arm and she grabs a hold of your head.
  6712. >Pressing it harder into her face.
  6713. >”Mm.”
  6714. >That one sounded more like a moan than a worried yelp.
  6715. >You think you just scored.
  6716. >Sort of.
  6717. >But she is now pressing into your lips now and matching your kiss.
  6718. >Well, not much of a kiss.
  6719. >Sure, both of your lips are together.
  6720. >There is no tongue action just yet.
  6721. >But with her pressing into you, you decide to match her pressure.
  6722. >And this mini battle goes on for maybe about a minute before she gives up and pulls away from you.
  6723. >The both of you are now breathing heavy.
  6724. >You can now see that her face is a darker shade of red.
  6725. >She rests her forehead on top of your head.
  6726. >You can;t really see her all that well since is is up that close to you.
  6727. >But you can at least make out that she wasn't upset.
  6728. >You then feel her other hand clasp with your now free right hand.
  6729. >Then she tilts her head a little forward and boops you on the nose with her own.
  6730. >You decide to go a little further.
  6731. >Your left hand is now around her waist and you then press forward for another kiss.
  6732. >This time you use your upper body and pretty much shove her down on the couch.
  6733. >”Mmm!!”
  6734. >Her squeak was much more louder than before.
  6735. >You also feel her large breasts flop up and your torso is now pressed firmly against them and you are on top.
  6736. >The soft pillow feel of them pressing onto your chest is a strangely heavenly feel.
  6737. >You finally let off of the second kiss and lift yourself a bit off her and her chest.
  6738. >She still has a deeply red face but her look is now different.
  6739. >It's not fear.
  6740. >Nor anger.
  6741. >It a look of wanting.
  6742. >Lust?
  6743. >She sort of answers your question by once again grabbing your head and shoving you back onto her for another kiss.
  6744. >This time she tries to use her tongue to gain access to your own.
  6745. >And you let it.
  6746. >You now let out a moan into her mouth and she slightly chuckles back.
  6747. >Her other hand then lets go of your right hand and wraps itself around you.
  6748. >You gotten this far.
  6749. >You are now contemplating going for the jackpot and slide your hand up her shirt and get yourself a nice handful of boob.
  6750. >It's tempting.
  6751. >So, so tempting.
  6752. >Well, you've come this far.
  6753. >You are prepared to possibly lose your virginity while an anime about people screaming rape and murder and death metal plays in the background.
  6754. >Go big or go home.
  6755. >You lower your right hand until it is resting on her waist.
  6756. >Her large shirt was still in the way.
  6757. >Not being deterred by a piece of cloth you slip your hand underneath her shirt and begin to make your decent.
  6758. >And then you hear the front door open.
  6759. >A whole new wave of fear that you've never felt before comes over you as you immediately sit back up and take your hands back.
  6760. >Fluttershy also desperately sits back up and tries to adjust her shirt.
  6761. >You then look over to the doorway and see her parents.
  6762. >”Oh! Hello there kids!”
  6763. >Mrs. Shy greets you.
  6764. >Seemingly oblivious as to what was happening just before they entered.
  6765. >”H-hi mom.”
  6766. >Fluttershy shakily responds.
  6767. >Mrs. Shy then notices her response.
  6768. >”Everything okay? “
  6769. >You both shake your head violently.
  6770. >You more so than Fluttershy, of course.
  6771. >”Y-yes! Just the show we're watching can be a bit intense and you startled us at the right time when something happened on the show.”
  6772. >Quick thinking from Fluttershy even if it's a lie.
  6773. >”Well it must have been pretty intense.
  6774. >Her dad now chimes in.
  6775. >”You both look beat red.”
  6776. >He then chuckles after his comment.
  6777. >You look away from Mr. and Mrs Shy.
  6778. >He knows.
  6779. >But you won't dare open your mouth.
  6780. >Mr. Shy then sighs and stretches.
  6781. >”Well, we have a pretty intense night of bingo ourselves, so don't mind us. We'll be going to bed soon”
  6782. >He says in his soft voice as he eyes the both of you.
  6783. >As they walk past you both Mrs. Shy then says one last comment.
  6784. >”Don't stay up too late now.”
  6785. >She then bids you and Fluttershy a goodnight and disappears in the hall with her husband.
  6786. >You both are now just sitting on the couch a jumbled mess.
  6787. >You can't even focus on the show anymore.
  6788. >It's an awkward few minutes of silence when Fluttershy finally breaks the silence.
  6789. >Clearly too embarrassed to do anything now.
  6790. >”This is a good stopping point for us tonight.”
  6791. >She says as she grabs for the remote and stops the show.
  6792. “Sounds about right.”
  6793. >You say as you stand up and stretch.
  6794. >She then stands up as well and begins to head to the front door.
  6795. >You follow her and she opens the door.
  6796. >You then step outside and turn back to her.
  6797. “Same thing next week?”
  6798. >You ask a bit too eagerly.
  6799. >Fluttershy notices and giggles.
  6800. >”Next Friday is our concert.”
  6801. >She tells you.
  6802. >You had totally forgot about that.
  6803. “Oh, right.”
  6804. >You say with a hint of disappointment in your voice.
  6805. >Obviously having something else on your mind.
  6806. >Fluttershy smiles at you again and steps closer to you and lowers herself to give you another kiss on the lips.
  6807. >A bit taken back at her move, you press yourself into a bit for a more deep kiss.
  6808. >She then frees herself and stands back up.
  6809. >”But I'm sure we can figure something out for an after party.”
  6810. >She says softly.
  6811. >You smile and nod energetically.
  6812. “Looking forward to it.”
  6813. >You say as you begin to head back to your car.
  6814. >After a few steps you turn back to still see Fluttershy standing at the doorway.
  6815. “Goodnight.”
  6816. >You bid her farewell as she gently waves you off.
  6817. >You hop into your car and drive home with a permanent smile on your face.
  6818. >Eagerly awaiting for next Friday to come.
  6819. >For more reasons than just music and anime.
  6821. >The drive home was one of the more exhilarating rides you've had.
  6822. >You still have that big smile on your face since leaving Fluttershy's house.
  6823. >Did you just nab yourself a girlfriend?
  6824. >And not just any girlfriend.
  6825. >Not just a cute girlfriend.
  6826. >But if you are so bold to claim.
  6827. >A girlfriend with a body worthy of the goddess of fertility herself.
  6828. >Prime breeding material.
  6829. >Sure, she's bigger and taller than you.
  6830. >But that definitely won't deter you.
  6831. >She's nice.
  6832. >Shares a love for music.
  6833. >And you're slowly falling for her love for anime as well.
  6834. >Maybe you shouldn't jump to conclusions.
  6835. >But then again you two wouldn't have started making out with each other on her couch if you weren't more than just friends.
  6836. >Right?
  6837. >Unless. She's one of those easy types of chicks.
  6838. >Now way.
  6839. >She couldn't be.
  6840. >You shake your head of any of those thoughts and focus on the positives.
  6841. >Like next week.
  6842. >'After Party'
  6843. >The thought has gotten you all excited.
  6844. >And horny.
  6845. >Each passing day until next Friday is now probably going to feel like months.
  6846. >It may drive you insane but thankfully you have a concert to prepare for.
  6847. >You make it home and head straight to your room and twist one off before going to bed.
  6848. >It didn't take much for you to get hard.
  6849. >All you had to do was remember not even an hour ago.
  6850. >Fluttershy.
  6851. >Her touch.
  6852. >Her smell.
  6853. >Her lips.
  6854. >Her tits pressing on your chest.
  6855. >And the thought of what could be in store for next week.
  6856. >Yep, that did it.
  6857. >Feeling relieved and now drained of your energy, you crawl into your bed.
  6858. >And have the best sleep you've had in a while.
  6859. >Saturday you learn that your family are going on a weekend trip out of town.
  6860. >You were invited.
  6861. >But you had a concert to perform for so You'll sit it out.
  6862. >On one hand, it sort of sucks that your parents won't be there for your performance.
  6863. >On the other hand, the house will be to yourself.
  6864. >And besides, it only sucks that your dad won't be able to see you get down.
  6865. >Since he was your teacher after all.
  6866. >Ah well, there will be other concerts throughout the school year.
  6867. >But only one shot to lose your virginity in your own room.
  6868. >Things are looking up!
  6869. >That was until...
  6870. >Alanamous whines and bitches her way to staying home as well since you will be home.
  6871. >And they let her so the parents can have a weekend to themselves then.
  6872. >Fuck.
  6873. >Now you have to deal with her ass.
  6874. >Not just for that Friday night.
  6875. >But for the entire weekend.
  6876. >Something that you're going to have to be wary of for now.
  6877. >Sunday you head on over to Flash's place for some more practicing.
  6879. >Monday.
  6880. >You stroll into your first class and take your seat like nothing.
  6881. >Fluttershy then enters the class and takes her old seat next to you.
  6882. >She greets you a good morning.
  6883. >And you return her greeting.
  6884. >Idle chit chat of 'how are you's and 'how was the weekend's are exchanged before class begins.
  6885. >After class you gather your things and you head out.
  6886. >But before you pass through the doorway out to the halls you wait for Fluttershy.
  6887. >She sees that you were waiting at the door.
  6888. >”What's up?”
  6889. >She asks.
  6890. >You go for something.
  6891. >You give her a warm smile and you hold out your right arm for her to grab.
  6892. >At first she was confused as to what you meant by the gesture.
  6893. >Then her eyes widen for a moment.
  6894. >Finally she returns your smile with a bittersweet look.
  6895. >Like a sort of sad sorrowful smile.
  6896. >Shit, did you do something wrong?
  6897. “You okay?”
  6898. >You ask her, about to lower your arm.
  6899. >She then shakes her head no and forces a giggle out and she lunges for your arm.
  6900. >Intertwining her left arm with yours.
  6901. >She has a hint of pink on her face but her face is now more of that beautiful smile that you are growing accustomed to.
  6902. >I'm fine.”
  6903. >She says as she looks down to you because of your height differences.
  6904. >You shake your arm with hers in and then you both make your way down the hall.
  6905. >Side by side.
  6906. >Both bodies touching and all.
  6907. >And the stares.
  6908. >Oh boy the stares.
  6909. >There were a lot of them.
  6910. >You even noticed some of the other students pointing.
  6911. >Man, is this really that attention grabbing?
  6912. >You look to Fluttershy to see how she is handling this.
  6913. >To her credit she doesn't seem too bothered by it,
  6914. >This brought a smug smile to your face.
  6915. >You then once again shook her arm with yours.
  6916. >Then you slide your hand down to hers and  lock fingers.
  6917. >Her grip tightens over your hand.
  6918. >And you match her strength.
  6919. >Not too much though.
  6920. >With all the games of mercy you played as a kid you had developed strong grip strength.
  6921. >If she was comfortable with this.
  6922. >Then so were you.
  6923. >This goes on until you two had to split off to go to different classes.
  6924. >You both stop just before you have to break off.
  6925. >”I'll see you later.”
  6926. >She tells you.
  6927. >You smile and nod.
  6928. >As she tries to walk off, you keep hold of her hand.
  6929. >She seemed a bit confused at this but then you start to walk off.
  6930. >You then start to hold out your hand as you two separate some more.
  6931. >Letting her know that you never want to let her go.
  6932. >She got the hint and once again started to blush and look away from you.
  6933. >It finally got to a point where you did in fact had to let her go.
  6934. >And as you do and you keep walking you keep your hand out for her.
  6935. >God you are acting like such a corny sappy fucker right now.
  6936. >But you are smitten.
  6937. >And by all accounts, she seems to be too.
  6938. >And you weren't afraid to admit it.
  6939. >The rest of the week goes by without anything too impactful happening.
  6940. >Tuesday's Jam Band sees you and the band finally agree to a set to play.
  6941. >You only get to play two songs.
  6942. >Which seems like so little but with all the other bands that are performing it's a little understandable.
  6943. >As the days go by, you also continue your little show of affection towards Fluttershy.
  6944. >Mostly by doing the same thing and hold her hand whenever you two are together in the halls.
  6945. >Though you two haven't kissed again.
  6946. >But as long as she continues to positively respond to your little hand holding fits you're still in the clear.
  6948. >Friday.
  6949. >It is time.
  6950. >You're feeling anxious.
  6951. >And you cannot tell if it's from having to perform in front of the school.
  6952. >Or of what awaits afterwords.
  6953. >Though the fact that you've never played in front of a crowd of people certainly doesn't help with the possible performance anxiety.
  6954. >After school.
  6955. >You help with setting up the stage in the schools auditorium.
  6956. >You set up your pedals and amp and set them off to the side for easy access for when it's your time to perform.
  6957. >Which, you are given time to rehearse for the show.
  6958. >You go through the motions and nail it without a hitch.
  6959. >You then look to Flash as you walk off stage.
  6960. “How big does the crowd usually get?”
  6961. >Flash takes a look out to the empty seats.
  6962. >”Usually the first and last concerts of the Year have the biggest crowds.”
  6963. >Well, that's not comforting to hear.
  6964. >”Why?  Don't tell me you have stage freight all of a sudden.”
  6965. >He teases you as he nudges you with his elbow.
  6966. >You push him back.
  6967. “Shit, I might.”
  6968. >You tell him with a smug grin.
  6969. “Guess we'll find out tonight.”
  6970. >You then sit off to the side and you watch Fluttershy perform with the girls.
  6971. >Both of the songs they play seem to be originals by them.
  6972. >It's kinda funny watching Fluttershy perform considering she's so into death metal.
  6973. >You just hang back and keep your eyes on Fluttershy for the whole rehearsal.
  6974. >She doesn't move around much so you can't get a good glimpse of her twin peaks.
  6975. >But she's still a sight to see nonetheless.
  6976. >Once all rehearsals are done with, you all break off and wait until it's your time to perform.
  6977. >While you wait, you begin to pace around backstage with your bass.
  6978. >Playing random chords to try and calm your nerves.
  6979. >You can hear the crowd from where you are.
  6980. >It sounds like a packed house but you won't be sure until it's time to go out.
  6981. >You then feel a hand on your shoulder from behind you.
  6982. >”Breathe, man.”
  6983. >It's Flash.
  6984. >And he's wearing the tackiest shirt you've seen.
  6985. >It's a reddish orange long sleeve shirt with tassels on the sleeves as well as bedazzlings all over.
  6986. >You can't help but laugh at it.
  6987. >”Yeah yeah, laugh it up.”
  6988. >He says.
  6989. >”When you become a rock star you'll understand!”
  6990. >He jabs at you.
  6991. “I hope I never will!”
  6992. >You shoot back at him.
  6993. >”You guys are up next!”
  6994. >You hear Rainbow Dash call out to Flash and you guys.
  6995. >Fuck.
  6996. >Already?
  6997. >That took no time whatsoever.
  6998. >After the previous band was finished with their song. They bid their farewells and walked off stage.
  6999. >Now the concerts emcee began to announce Flash's band.
  7000. >”You know these guys well! And now they have a new member to funk things up!”
  7001. >That was a dumb line.
  7002. >”Give it up for VP Flash and Flash Drive!”
  7003. >The emcee yells and the crowd follows suit.
  7004. >The others then run out to the stage.
  7005. >While you stay behind for a moment to gather yourself one last time.
  7006. >You finally step out in the open.
  7007. >It is in fact, a packed house.
  7008. >People of all ages.
  7009. >Fellow students as well as some parents of some of the performers.
  7010. >You also notice some teachers and staff in attendance as well.
  7011. >”How you all doing!?”
  7012. >Flash yells into the microphone.
  7013. >The crowd responds with a roar.
  7014. >You all hook up your equipment and immediately get started on your first song.
  7015. ( [The Killers - Bling (Confession of A King) - Sam's Town] )
  7016. >Flash gets very animated in his performance.
  7017. >You just stand there like a stick in the mud.
  7018. >But at least you got through your song without missing a note.
  7019. >A good start and one more to go.
  7020. >”Woo! How I missed this!”
  7021. >Flash entertains the audience.
  7022. >”As you know, I'm Flash Sentry, and this is Flash Drive!”
  7023. >He yells some more.
  7024. >The crowd responds to his words.
  7025. >”I'd just like to take a moment to welcome our newest, funkiest member of Flash Drive.”
  7026. >He pauses and looks to you.
  7027. >”Let's give it up for Thunder Fingers Anon!”
  7028. >He presents you and there isn't as loud a reaction.
  7029. >”Come on Anon! Give us a show of those fingers of yours!”
  7030. >You can't help but crack a smile.
  7031. >You shake your head.
  7032. >”Aww, don't be shy!”
  7033. >He encourages you.
  7034. >”Come one everyone, lets cheer!”
  7035. >He starts a chant with the crowd.
  7036. >”Anon! Anon! Anon!”
  7037. >You sigh, shake your head once again and give Flash the middle finger on stage.
  7038. >Then you play a little something.
  7039. ( [JAco Pastorious - Chromatic Fantasy - Word of Mouth] )
  7040. >You give them some Jaco Pastorious.
  7041. >This got the crowd riled up.
  7042. >It got loud.
  7043. >You try to focus as much as you can on your playing but it's starting to get distracting.
  7044. >”Oh! That's that good stuff!”
  7045. >Flash marvels at your performance on bass.
  7046. >And the crowd eats it up.
  7047. >”Alright now, you gotta give us some of that Classical Thump!”
  7048. >He says enthusiastically.
  7049. >You then shrug and point to your wrist.
  7050. >Indicating your time constraints.
  7051. >Flash then waves your off.
  7052. >”Bah, you're no fun!”
  7053. >You chuckle and flip him off again for good measure.
  7054. >”Alright, next time you owe us!”
  7055. >He says as he waves to the packed auditorium who cheers at his gesture.
  7056. >You just take a deep breath and look over to Kick Step.
  7057. >He begins to tap his drum sticks together to establish a rhythm.
  7058. ( [Bloc Party - We Are Not Good People - Four] )
  7059. >You have to admit Flash can get a crowd going.
  7060. >He extends his guitar solo and the crowd cheers.
  7061. >You finish your second song and the crowd goes nuts.
  7062. >”Thank you! We'll see you next time!”
  7063. >You all take a bow and make your way off stage.
  7064. >For only playing two songs, you are exhausted.
  7065. >You then high five Flash and the others for a good show.
  7066. >”Nice job guys.”
  7067. >You hear from behind you.
  7068. >You turn to see Rainbow Dash and the rest of the girls who are now ready to take the stage.
  7069. >Dash was in costume like some 80's glam rocker.
  7070. >A lightning bolt painted over her left eye.
  7071. >Black leggings with a short red sparkly skirt and red knee high boots.
  7072. >A bedazzled baby blue blazer.
  7073. >And from the looks of a few of the other girls they followed the same trend.
  7074. >Fluttershy herself seems to be wearing a knee length purple shiny skirt with white leggings underneath.
  7075. >Her pink air was puffed up to look much larger than it really is.
  7076. >She had a similar butterfly print painted over her left eye similar to Rainbow Dash and the rest of the girls.
  7077. >But the real kicker is she is wearing a purple, green and black striped sleeveless top.
  7078. >And her chest isn't as bloated with her gorgeous huge mammies.
  7079. >It looks almost normal.
  7080. >It's like they were chopped off or something.
  7081. >You look a bit confused but you don't say anything and watch them walk by you and Flash as they ready themselves for their performance.
  7082. >Fluttershy smiles at you and you return the gesture.
  7083. >Rainbow Dash then looks back to you as Flash as well.
  7084. >”Watch how it's done.”
  7085. >She tells you both as the emcee introduces the Rainbooms.
  7086. >They all run up on stage and the crowd cheers them on.
  7087. >Fluttershy stays modestly in the corner as to try and not draw too much attention to herself.
  7088. >And it's not like she has an important role in the band anyways.
  7089. >They then perform their second song
  7090. ( [The Rainbooms - Awesome As I Wanna Be - Rainbow Rocks] )
  7091. >You ever get the feeling that Rainbow Dash has a huge ego?
  7092. >Maybe it's the song.
  7093. >One thing you will admit though.
  7094. >She can definitely shred on the guitar.
  7095. >Her own solo brings down the house and leaving the crowd in a frenzy.
  7096. >Maybe she is better than Flash.
  7097. >”Thank you all and we hope to see you next time!”
  7098. >Dash tells the audience as they come off stage
  7099. >Once everyone is back stage there is a huge celebration for a successful first concert.
  7100. >You reunite with Fluttershy and give her a hug.
  7101. >”How was our performance?”
  7102. >She asks you.
  7103. >You give her a thumbs up.
  7104. “You all did fantastic.”
  7105. >She seems happy to hear that from you.
  7106. >”Alright everyone!”
  7107. >Rainbow Dash then call out to everyone backstage.
  7108. >”That was an awesome job by all!”
  7109. >She looks at everyone as she speaks.
  7110. >”Let's clear out the stage and we can celebrate afterwords.”
  7111. >She then claps her hands and everyone starts to break down some of the stuff on stage.
  7112. >You and Fluttershy are standing together for a moment.
  7113. >She seems like she wants to say something to you but she can't seem to find the words.
  7114. >”Um.”
  7115. >She starts.
  7116. “You know.”
  7117. >You decide to speak up.
  7118. “My parents aren't home for the weekend.”
  7119. >You say just low enough that only she heard you.
  7120. >She then looks around to see if anyone
  7121. “Though we jut have to deal with my little sister, but that shouldn't be a problem.”
  7122. >You reassure her.
  7123. >She smiles.
  7124. >”Let's clean up and then we can go.”
  7125. >She says.
  7126. >You can already feel your boner start to form.
  7127. “Alright.”
  7128. >You simply say and you head on stage and begin to unhook all of your own equipment.
  7129. >Once everything is cleaned up, you hang outside waiting for Fluttershy and the rest.
  7130. >After a few minutes you see the girls come out in a group.
  7131. >They are all now in their more normal clothing.
  7132. >Fluttershy now having a heavy coat on so you cannot tell if her chest is back to 'normal' or not.
  7133. >They begin to break off until it's just Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash left.
  7134. >You then approach both girls.
  7135. >Dash is the first to notice you.
  7136. >”Hey there Thunder Fingers.”
  7137. >She calls out to you.
  7138. >You throw up the peace sign to her as a greeting.
  7139. >Fluttershy then sees you and smiles.
  7140. >Dash notices Fluttershy's and your reactions.
  7141. >And a wicked look creeps on her face.
  7142. >”I see now.”
  7143. >She says as she pats Fluttershy on her butt.
  7144. >”That's what you meant by you were going to break off after the concert.”
  7145. >She tells Fluttershy.
  7146. “What?”
  7147. >You then ask, confused.
  7148. >Rainbow Dash then chuckles.
  7149. >”We are all going to Sugarcube Corner to celebrate tonight’s successful concert but Fluttershy said she had other plans.”
  7150. >She looks to Fluttershy and then to you and winks.
  7151. >”I can now see you were her other plans.”
  7152. >Fluttershy then looks away embarrassed.
  7153. >”Rainbow Dash, it's not like that!”
  7154. >She says embarrassingly.
  7155. >Even you weren't convinced of her tone of voice there.
  7156. >You feel like you should say something to help her out.
  7157. >But you can't deny that you want to bang Fluttershy into next week.
  7158. >”Relax, you two just go have some fun.”
  7159. >Dash then reassures you two.
  7160. >Fluttershy then quickly moves to your side.
  7161. >Dash then waves you two off.
  7162. >As you and Fluttershy begin to walk off to your car you hear Dash one more time.
  7163. >”Hey Anon, can I talk to you for a second?”
  7164. >You look up to Fluttershy and nod to her.
  7165. “I'll meet you at my car.”
  7166. >She nods and you head back to Rainbow Dash.
  7167. Once you are close to her she looks over your shoulder to see that Fluttershy is out of range.
  7168. >She then begins to speak to you quietly.
  7169. >”Word of advice, Fluttershy really likes to have her pussy licked.”
  7170. >Your eyes go wide.
  7171. “What?”
  7172. >You almost yell.
  7173. >Dash then shushes you.
  7174. >”Shhhh! Keep it down idiot.”
  7175. >You were still in shock at her comment.
  7176. >”I'm just making sure you show her a good time.”
  7177. >She tells you.
  7178. “Why the fuck would I listen to you?”
  7179. >You hush at her.
  7180. >She then gives you an incredulous look.
  7181. >”Seriously?”
  7182. >She asks.
  7183. “Yes.”
  7184. >You answer back.
  7185. >Dash then sighs.
  7186. >”Look, just take my advice.”
  7187. >She says again a little more loud.
  7188. >Then she pats you on the shoulder.
  7189. >”Trust me. She's got a tasty pussy.”
  7190. >She tells you as she licks her lips and then walks off.
  7191. >”I'll see you two on Monday.”
  7192. >She calls out one last time before she's out of sight.
  7193. >You are just standing there.
  7194. >Dumbfounded.
  7195. >Did that really just happen?
  7196. >You finally turn around and head to your car.
  7197. >Where Fluttershy is waiting for you.
  7198. >”What did Dashie say?”
  7199. >She asked.
  7200. >Better think of an excuse.
  7201. “Uh, she just told me to watch out next time, that she'll out duel me in a battle of guitar vs Bass.”
  7202. >Fluttershy looks at you for a moment.
  7203. >Then she nods and smiles.
  7204. >”She's always competitive.”
  7205. >Seems like she bought it.
  7206. >You then breath a sigh of relief.
  7207. >And unlock the car and have her enter.
  7208. >Then you head for your house.
  7209. >For the 'after party.'
  7211. >You are now heading back to your place with Fluttershy.
  7212. >Well, not straight to your place.
  7213. >Fluttershy asks if you could stop by the grocery store to pick up some snacks.
  7214. >You want to ask why you would need snacks for what you were going to do at your place.
  7215. >But you also didn't want to come off as too eager for some ass.
  7216. >So you'll play it cool and let what happens, happen.
  7217. >You oblige and stop at the store for her to grabs some snacks.
  7218. >And now that you think of it, Alanamous is at home and you don't think there is any food you could cook for her.
  7219. >Not that you can cook.
  7220. >Because you can't.
  7221. >Well, at least you can boil an egg.
  7222. >Granted, the little cunt could just order delivery and be done with it.
  7223. >But you decide to buy some food from the deli for her.
  7224. >If anything you're doing it so you don't have to hear your parents yell at you.
  7225. >You grab a container of chicken tenders and some potato wedges as well as a couple of small bags of chips.
  7226. >There is soda at the house so no need to worry about that.
  7227. >You reunite with Fluttershy who is buying her own healthy snacks.
  7228. >Looks like a salad bowl and some more tea.
  7229. >At least it doesn't look like Veggie sticks.
  7230. >You all pay for your things and finally head out to your place.
  7231. >At long last you make it home.
  7232. >You carry your music equipment while Fluttershy carries the grocery bags into the house.
  7233. >Once inside you are greeted with the usual yap storm from Honey Bear.
  7234. >”Yes yes.”
  7235. >You tell the little pupper as he begins to circle around both you and Fluttershy.
  7236. >”Aww, hello there~”
  7237. >Fluttershy then squats down and coos to your dog.
  7238. >He then stops his yapping and is reveling in the attention Fluttershy is giving him.
  7239. >You set your equipment down and then turn to Fluttershy and grab the bag of food for Alanamous.
  7240. >When you stand back up and turn around you see Alanamous there.
  7241. >Her arms crossed and with her signature permanent scowl on her face.
  7242. >Wearing a black T-shirt and some gray skin tight leggings.
  7243. >”Where the fuck have you been?”
  7244. >She asks in an annoyed tone.
  7245. “Shut up, I already told you mom and dad that I had a concert to perform at.”
  7246. >She takes a step towards you and she is right next to you.
  7247. >She has to look up to you as she only comes up to your chest.
  7248. >”And what about dinner? Are you going to let me starve while you go and get fucked by your giant?”
  7249. >She says as she points to Fluttershy.
  7250. >You immediately shove the bag of food into her and she staggers back a few feet.
  7251. >”Fuck off and eat your goddamned chicken tendies!”
  7252. >You yell at her.
  7253. >She starts to glare at you.
  7254. >”I hate chicken tenders!”
  7255. >She complains back.
  7256. >You just shove the bag further into her chest.
  7257. “Well too fucking bad, it's either this or you can scour the fridge for something you can make yourself.”
  7258. >You say sternly.
  7259. >She takes the bag, turns and storms off.
  7260. >Screeching all the way as she makes her way back to her room.
  7261. >You turn back to Fluttershy and sigh.
  7262. >She stands back up while holding Honey Bear.
  7263. “I'm sorry for her, really.”
  7264. >She just slowly shakes her head.
  7265. >”It's fine.”
  7266. >She then brings her attention to the dog and starts to scratch the ears of honey Bear and it seems like all her worries just goes away.
  7267. >Her warm smile rubs off on you and you smile as well.
  7268. >Speaking of rubbing one off.
  7269. “I'm going to take my stuff to my room.”
  7270. >You tell her as you gather everything.
  7271. “If you'd like to join me.”
  7272. >You awkwardly add as you begin to make your way to your room.
  7273. >And she follows.
  7274. >You both make it into your room and you close the door.
  7275. >You set your bass back on it's stand and your amp and pedals in the same corner with the rest of the guitars.
  7276. >Fluttershy then sits on the bed and lets Honey Bear go and he then sits and settles himself on the bed.
  7277. >She then takes one of her bags that she had from school.
  7278. >”Um, do you mind if I can use your shower?  I'm pretty sweaty and icky from the concert.”
  7279. >Guess the bag she was holding was a spare set of clothes.
  7280. >You nod.
  7281. “Sure, take a right out my door and the bathroom will be the second door on the left.”
  7282. >You point at your door to direct her.
  7283. >She nods and then gets off your bed.
  7284. >”Okay, I'll be back in a second.”
  7285. >She tells you and she walks out the door
  7286. >That's not a bad idea.
  7287. >Taking a shower.
  7288. >You decide to grab a fresh pair of clothes and make your way to the second bathroom to take a shower of your own.
  7289. >Once you are done and in a nice fresh pair of more comfortable clothes, you head back to your room and you can hear the shower still running in the other bathroom.
  7290. >So Fluttershy is still taking her shower.
  7291. >You get back into your room and you decide reconnect your bass and amps and pedals.
  7292. >You sit yourself on your desk chair and begin to jam while you wait for Fluttershy.
  7293. >You start off with some simple chords.
  7294. >And then move on to something a little more complicated.
  7295. >Then you once again ascend to Victor Wootenism.
  7296. ( [Victor Wooten - The Lesson(Live performance) - Palmystery] )
  7297. >Another piece you are working on mastering.
  7298. >And you argue it is much harder to play than Classical Thump.
  7299. >The hardest part of this are the little touches that make it.
  7300. >Like the muted pops and tempo changes mid chord.
  7301. >You're about half way through the piece when you hear Fluttershy from behind you.
  7302. >”That sounds so nice.”
  7303. >Fluttershy's voice startled you as you turn your chair to face her.
  7304. >And you are treated with a familiar sight you hope to never get tired of.
  7305. >Oversized T-shirt that goes down a little past her thighs.
  7306. >Though this time it's not a black shirt with a metal band's logo on it.
  7307. >But a blue shirt with the school's logo on it.
  7308. >Her hair was slicked down due to obviously being in the shower.
  7309. >She also had this tired look on her face.
  7310. >Or was it bedroom eyes?
  7311. >”Oh, please continue playing. I didn't mean to have you stop.”
  7312. >You do as she says and continue to play the second half of the song.
  7313. >Still keeping your eyes on her as she walks past you.
  7314. >And to your bed.
  7315. >She then makes herself comfortable and lays on your bed on her side and gets in a sexy pose.
  7316. >She rests her head on her left hand and her right arm is draped over her side with her hand on her thigh.
  7317. >Her ginormous mammies lay in front of her like two big pillows.
  7318. >Unlike the other two times she's worn this, this time she isn't wearing any short shorts and her shirt dragged up past her waist.
  7319. >You can see her pink and white striped panties
  7320. >You feel a rush of blood begin to build up in your lap.
  7321. >You've been playing your song purely on instinct and muscle memory.
  7322. >Not even sure you've been playing the right notes or not.
  7323. >Fluttershy doesn't seem to care.
  7324. >The look on her face says shes been loving what you were playing.
  7325. >And the faster and more aggressive you got, the more she seemed to enjoy it.
  7326. ( [Victor Wooten - The Lesson(Live Performance) - Palmystery] )
  7327. >”Mmm.”
  7328. >You heard her begin to moan as you continue to play like a man possessed.
  7329. >Until you finally finish.
  7330. >Fluttershy then sits up from her spot on your bed and uses her foot to push you a little bit back on your chair.
  7331. >She then stands up.
  7332. >Towering over you even more than she normally does.
  7333. >She then turns her back to you and you can see her grab the sides of her shirt.
  7334. >Slowly but surely she begins to lift her shirt up off.
  7335. >Once her arms and shirt move up past her chest you can see the sides of her massive breasts poke out from each side of her.
  7336. >With such a wonderful sight from behind, you wait with baited breath for what they will look like from the front.
  7337. >Her shirt is finally off and she tosses it to the side.
  7338. >She then readjusts her panties and you take a quick look at her nice firm ass before you look back at the real treasure.
  7339. >You can see her bring her arms up to her chest as she slowly turns to you.
  7340. >Your heart is beating faster than it has ever before.
  7341. >This is more adrenaline than you've ever felt in your life.
  7342. >More than any fight.
  7343. >Hell, you're more anxious now than when you were shot at.
  7344. >And at long, long last.
  7345. >She is standing right in front of you.
  7346. >No shirt.
  7347. >No bra.
  7348. >Both her arms are crossed over her massive jugs and are pressing them upwards.
  7349. >Making them seem much more rounder than they appear to be.
  7350. >She takes a deep breath.
  7351. >Then brings one arm off her chest.
  7352. >Leaving all the work to contain an avalanche of boob to one measly arm.
  7353. >And it's doing a poor job at that since her tits are pretty much overflowing past her arm.
  7354. >Then at last.
  7355. >At long last.
  7356. >She removes the final barrier.
  7357. >And there they are.
  7358. >Everything feels like they have been frozen in place.
  7359. >And all you see is Fluttershy.
  7360. >And two big, massive pieces of fat hanging from her chest.
  7361. >Good fucking god.
  7362. >They look bigger than they seemed when you caught a glimpse back at the animal shelter.
  7363. >They look bigger than the last two times you've been to her place and she had her metal band shirts on and they swung freely underneath.
  7364. >They were like two large watermelons.
  7365. >And a nice big round pink areola.
  7366. >You'd wager they were the size of an Olympic medal.
  7367. >And if there were Olympic medals for beautiful tits.
  7368. >Fluttershy would get the gold easily.
  7369. >But in all seriousness, everything about her titties are huge.
  7370. >Even her nipples, which are currently erect, were the size of rolo candies.
  7371. >And you are fine with that.
  7372. >Nothing you can say will do these miracles from God justice.
  7373. >Fuck.
  7374. >Did you just have a heart attack die?
  7375. >Because You can't feel anything.
  7376. >Which would actually be fine with you if this was the only sight you would have to see for the rest of your life and afterlife.
  7377. >You can only take your eyes off these globes when Fluttershy finally speaks.
  7378. >”W-well?”
  7379. >She meekly asks.
  7380. >”Are they too big?”
  7381. >Her face flushed red along with an embarrassed look.
  7382. >Finally, you feel your mouth creep into a smile.
  7383. “They are beautiful.”
  7384. >You tell her.
  7385. >She looks away from you but doesn't turn away so you can keep marveling at her.
  7386. >Instead, she puts her arms behind her back and begins to sway from side to side.
  7387. >Letting her watermelons dance freely.
  7388. >She then giggles and begins to take a few steps towards you.
  7389. >You finally start to breathe for the first time again in what felt like an eternity and you set your bass aside.
  7390. >She is finally a mere inches from you.
  7391. >Due to her height and you sitting down, your face only only comes up just above her waistline.
  7392. >But from this vintage point you can get a good whiff of her scent.
  7393. >Earthy.
  7394. >Musty.
  7395. >Sweet.
  7396. >Natural.
  7397. >Like waking up in a seaside cottage surrounded by forest.
  7398. >Of all times, you begin to hear Rainbow Dash's voice in your head.
  7399. >”She's got a pretty tasty pussy.”
  7400. >Those words just may ring true and you've never tasted a woman before.
  7401. >But you were willing to right now.
  7402. >You try to move your head towards her but then she stops you with her hand.
  7403. >”Ah, ah!”
  7404. >She teases you by pressing you back into your chair as she then bends over to you.
  7405. >You watch intently as her mammies start to hang in the air like two hindenburgs falling out of the sky.
  7406. >She then takes your chin and lifts your head up to face her.
  7407. >Her own face just centimeters from yours, she closes the gap and presses your face with a kiss.
  7408. >You both just stay in that position for a moment.
  7409. >She then brings her hands onto your shoulders.
  7410. >Then travels down to your hands.
  7411. >She then takes each of your hands into hers.
  7412. >And slowly brings them up.
  7413. >Until your hands finally reach the promised land.
  7414. >She places each of your two hands onto her hanging breast.
  7415. >You now hold the two holy grails in your hands.
  7416. >And they are fucking heavy.
  7417. >There is literally too much boob for each of your hand to hold and it spills through your fingers.
  7418. >You squeeze each tit and Fluttershy reacts by moaning into your mouth.
  7419. >Your fingers sink deep into her soft breasts and more little moans escape Fluttershy's mouth.
  7420. >”Ah!”
  7421. >She breathes through as you get a little more aggressive with her tits.
  7422. >Squeezing harder.
  7423. >Pulling them.
  7424. >You even narrowed your attack to her nipples and pinched them in between your fingers.
  7425. >Fluttershy begins to breathe heavy when you begin to play with her nipples.
  7426. >Seeing as that seems to be her spot at the moment, you begin to focus there.
  7427. >You take your index and thumbs and start to pinch and pull aggressively on her nipples.
  7428. >Her moans get a little more loud and more high pitched.
  7429. >She tries to stand back up but you had a strong grip on both her nipples and it only resulted in her hanging tits to be pulled on even more.
  7430. >She lets out a loud yelp and you instinctively let go.
  7431. >Fluttershy is now breathing heavy from the stimulation you had given her.
  7432. >She then gets down on her knees and then her hands begin to dig into your own pants.
  7433. >With her right hand, she pulls on the elastic band of your nightwear and with her left hand she ventures into the depth, looking for her prize.
  7434. >She succeeds in finding her treasure.
  7435. >You let out a small moan as she pulls Anon jr. out into the open.
  7436. >As stiff as he can be, he stands up fully erect.
  7437. >”Ooh.”
  7438. >Is All Fluttershy manages to say about your hard prick.
  7439. >You look into her eyes.
  7440. >And in place of the meek, innocent eyes of the shy girl you thought you knew, stares the lustful eyes of someone completely different.
  7441. >She looks down at your dick, then back into your eyes.
  7442. >With a smile on her face, she takes each of her hands and then grabs the sides of her breasts and separates them.
  7443. >She once again, lowers and positions herself until your hard prick is lined in between her massive jugs.
  7444. >After a second of waiting, she finally closes the gap between them and sandwiches you cock right in between her mountain peaks.
  7445. >You gasp and sit back in your seat at the sudden soft and warm feeling you were experiencing.
  7446. >Fluttershy just giggles at your reaction as she slowly moves her fleshy pillows against your dick.
  7447. >Massaging Anon jr.
  7448. >She starts slow by moving up and down.
  7449. >Every now and then she presses them together and squeezes your dick.
  7450. >The feel of her soft tits gliding along your shaft is more than enough to send you into a frenzy.
  7451. >You let out a small moan of your own to sound your approval.
  7452. >”Do my bib boobies make you feel good?”
  7453. >Fluttershy asks in her innocent tone.
  7454. >You let out a much louder moan than before.
  7455. >Clearly enjoying it.
  7456. >She giggles.
  7457. >”Are you going to cover me in your cum?”
  7458. >She teases you some more.
  7459. >Fuck, you are so damn close.
  7460. >You are prepared to jizz all over her.
  7461. >You start to breathe fast.
  7462. >It's coming.
  7463. >And Fluttershy knows it now as she quickens her pace.
  7464. >”That's it big boy.”
  7465. >She encourages you.
  7466. >Oh, you are about to blow the mother of all loads all over this bitch.
  7467. >”Hey fag, what about desser-”
  7468. >The door to your room opens.
  7469. >Alanamous is see what is gong on in your room.
  7470. >Fluttershy's first reactions is to jump back and scream.
  7471. >Desperately trying to cover her huge breasts.
  7472. >”Ahhhhh!”
  7473. >Alanamous' eyes go wide like she just saw a big titty ghost.
  7475. >She screams at the top of her lungs.
  7477. >You yell at the top of your lungs.
  7478. >You then stand from your chair to face your younger sister.
  7479. >Your still fully erect dick now pointing directly at her.
  7480. >Alanamous' expression goes from extreme wonder to horror as she puts her hands on each side of her head.
  7482. >She screams and turns to run down the hall.
  7484. >She screeches as she finally runs out of your sight.
  7485. >You aggressively stomp to your door and slam it shut.
  7486. >But not before you heard one more comment.
  7487. >”OH GOD I NEED BLEECH!”
  7488. >Alanamous screams from the distance through the closed door.
  7489. >You let out a frustrated sigh and lean against the door.
  7490. >You can now hear Honey Bear bark up a storm from all the yelling and screaming that just occurred.
  7491. >Fluttershy is now just sitting on the bed.
  7492. >Complete red face from embarrassment and now hiding her breasts in her hands.
  7493. >You finally lift yourself off the door and make your way back towards her.
  7494. >You pants are now dragging on the floor as you can feel the blood seep itself away from your dick as it goes flaccid.
  7495. >Both you and Fluttershy just look at each other.
  7496. “I think we're done here tonight.”
  7497. >You announce.
  7498. >Fluttershy doesn't seem to argue.
  7499. >She then stands and reaches for her school shirt and puts it back on.
  7500. >”So then...”
  7501. >She trails off.
  7502. “You can sleep here for tonight.”
  7503. >You tell her.
  7504. >She looks unsure.
  7505. “We do have a spare bedroom if you'd like.”
  7506. >You offer her.
  7507. >She looks away again.
  7508. >”Um, if it's alright with you, we can sleep together...”
  7509. >She says as she slightly turns her head to look at you with bashful eyes.
  7510. >You walk up to her until you're face to... well, chest since that is as high as you'll reach.
  7511. >You look up to her and into her eyes.
  7512. “That would be great.”
  7513. >You tell her as you wrap you arms around her waist and pull her in for an embrace.
  7514. >And to discretely get a nice face full of boob.
  7515. >She giggles and leans down to kiss you on top of your head.
  7516. >Once you let go, she then lays back on your bed as you go and turn the lights off for the night.
  7517. >You then get into bed with her and move in close to her.
  7518. >With her back turned to you, you press yourself onto her and wrap your arm around her waist.
  7519. >Spooning her.
  7520. >Simultaneously being the big spoon and the small spoon
  7521. >Fluttershy lets out a sigh and she places her arm over your arm that is wrapped around her waist and then grabs your hand.
  7522. >Intertwining both your fingers.
  7523. >You then bury your face into her damp hair and get a long smell of her lavender shampoo that she must have brought herself.
  7524. >You both lay there, falling asleep together with each other company warmth and touch.
  7525. >Small victories, you suppose.
  7527. >You are woken up by the tiny scratches you can hear coming from your door.
  7528. >For a split second you forgot that Fluttershy was in the bed with you.
  7529. >You were still pressed up to her body and your arm still wrapped around her waist and underneath her her shirt.
  7530. >Her breathing patterns were slow and calm from what you can tell from her soft stomach.
  7531. >It's still dark outside from what you can tell.
  7532. >The scratches are now more frequent and you can now hear a small whine.
  7533. >Honey Bear wants in so he can cuddle with you as well.
  7534. >You really don't want to move from your comfortable spot spooning an Amazoness.
  7535. >His whines get a little more frequent.
  7536. >And now you feel bad.
  7537. >You slowly remove your arm from Fluttershy and get up from the bed.
  7538. >You don't want to make it seem like that while you may have a new cuddle buddy, he isn't forgotten for a girl.
  7539. >While you are now up you look over to your clock and see that it's 4AM.
  7540. >Mostly still half asleep, you stumble over to your door and open it just enough for Honey Bear to slip in.
  7541. >You then don't close the door all the way just in case he needs to leave.
  7542. >Not like you'll have a repeat incident like earlier in the night.
  7543. >At least you better not.
  7544. >You then quietly make your way back into bed and cuddle back up to Fluttershy.
  7545. >Once again pressing up against her nice big warm body.
  7546. >You drape your arm over her waist once again.
  7547. >Though, this time you get a little more bold and slip inside her shirt and rest your hand on her very soft smooth tummy.
  7548. >Fluttershy stirs a bit in her spot but settles down.
  7549. >”Mmm.”
  7550. >She lightly moans in her sleep as she back presses herself into you.
  7551. >You then feel a small pressure in your lower back.
  7552. >Honey Bear has found his spot and now nestles himself right behind you.
  7553. >Now you have nowhere to move.
  7554. >Thankfully you were still tired enough to easily fall back asleep in your place.
  7555. >Some more hours pass.
  7556. >You are awoken once again.
  7557. >But this time it was from the morning sunlight that was spilling into your room from your window.
  7558. >You no longer feel the small pressure on your lower back.
  7559. >Which most likely means that Honey Bear has already wandered off.
  7560. >You take a deep breath and stretch on the bed.
  7561. >Fluttershy then scoots a bit off of you on the bed but then turns herself over to face you in the bed.
  7562. >You lift your arm that was draped over her to giver her the space to do so.
  7563. >Her breasts wobble, flop and mesh as she turns and then settles on themselves right in front of your face.
  7564. >Her right arm is now wrapped over your side and left arm and rests right in the middle of your back.
  7565. >And once she is settled in her spot, you place your arm back over her waist.
  7566. >And when you mean  her breasts are in front of your face.
  7567. >You mean Right up on you.
  7568. >Not inches away.
  7569. >But right up on you.
  7570. >Like you can feel the air from your nose bounce off of her when you exhale, they were that close.
  7571. >In a bold but really not so bold move, you lightly shove your face into her fleshy mounds.
  7572. >You take a deep breath and inhale her fresh woodland scent.
  7573. >Afterwords your face is still firmly planted into her chest and then you start to feel them jiggle on your face.
  7574. >”Hmm, mm, mm~”
  7575. >Fluttershy giggles.
  7576. >She then moves her right hand up your back and then lightly takes hold of the back of your head.
  7577. >She starts to gently scratch it and apply a little pressure to it as to press your face a little more into her.
  7578. >”Good morning to you, too.”
  7579. >She whispers to you.
  7580. >You then feel her soft lips plant a kiss on your forehead and a smile climbs onto your face.
  7581. “Morning.”
  7582. >You chuckle as you answer back and then look up to her.
  7583. >Her bedroom eyes dulling her blue eyes.
  7584. >She matches your smile with a tired smile of her own and then lowers her head again and plants an Eskimo kiss on your nose.
  7585. >You then tilt your head upwards and plant a kiss of your own onto her lips.
  7586. >You both stay in position for several seconds.
  7587. >Once you break apart you just admire her beauty shining in the morning sun.
  7588. “Should we get up?”
  7589. >You ask her.
  7590. >Now that all the excitement and embarrassment from last night has worn out, you realize that you are hungry.
  7591. >Fluttershy hums and rests her head on the crown of your head.
  7592. >”Let me just enjoy this a little more.”
  7593. >She tells you in a soft tone.
  7594. >You are more than happy to let her enjoy this.
  7595. >As you will also enjoy your  time as you lower your head and get yourself another face full of boob.
  7596. >She hums and rubs the back of your head again.
  7597. >And for another few minutes you both just lay there.
  7598. >Enjoying each others company.
  7599. >Maybe you're enjoying it more than her but you can't be sure.
  7600. >After a while there isn't enough air for you in your cave of wonders so you must lift your head for some air.
  7601. >Fluttershy is the first to sit up.
  7602. >You follow her lead and maneuver yourself and you sit up at the end of the bed.
  7603. >You then stand up and head over to your door to close it once again.
  7604. >Just to be safe.
  7605. >You then turn around to see Fluttershy stand up from your bed and stretch her arms up in the air.
  7606. >You get another good look at her wide hips and panties as well as her stomach and belly button.
  7607. >She then lowers her arms and then starts to look around your room.
  7608. >Presumably for her clothes.
  7609. >You were right as once she finds them she starts to gather them and then grabs her bag as well.
  7610. >”I'll be back.”
  7611. >She tells you as she walks to the door and exits.
  7612. >You take this time to clean up a bit in your room and get dressed in some more presentable street clothes.
  7613. >Once clothed you see the grocery bag from last night as well.
  7614. >You had totally forgotten about them but all you really had were a few small bags of chips.
  7615. >Well, at this point those are better than nothing.
  7616. >And you're still not sure if there is anything in the house easy enough for you to make and eat.
  7617. >You munch on a small bag of chips when Fluttershy reenters your room.
  7618. >Now fully clothed.
  7619. >Including the large coat that she wore that covered up her well endowed figure very well.
  7620. >She sees you munching on your chips and she has an 'aha!' realization moment.
  7621. >”Oh right! We had snacks from last night.”
  7622. >She looks around the room than finds what she was looking for.
  7623. >Which was the grocery bag with her salad and tea bottle.
  7624. >First she takes the bottle and begins to drink.
  7625. “So is there anything you need to do or anywhere you need to be?”
  7626. >You ask her.
  7627. >She shakes her head.
  7628. >”Other than heading to the shelter like I always do on Saturdays, nothing else.”
  7629. >She informs you.
  7630. >You nod and you both simply munch on your respective foods.
  7631. >It's not the breakfast of champions, but it'll do.
  7632. “Well, whenever you want to go home, I'm ready whenever you're ready.”
  7633. >You tell Fluttershy.
  7634. >She finishes her bowl and bottle of tea and places them back into the grocery bag.
  7635. >”I suppose I'm good to go.”
  7636. >You stand up and then you lead her out of your room.
  7637. >As soon as you walk out your room, in the corner of your eye you see Alanamous turning the corner of the hall,
  7638. >You look over to her and as soon as she notices you she turns back and runs around the corner.
  7639. >Then you hear the door to her room slam shut.
  7640. >Seems like she may have in fact been scarred from the events from last night and seeing you and all your glory.
  7641. >Hey, if it means that she'll fuck off and leave both you and Fluttershy alone, you're all for it.
  7642. >You both then head out to your car and hop inside.
  7643. >And you take her home.
  7645. >During the drive a thought comes up in your head.
  7646. “By the way.”
  7647. >You start out.
  7648. >From the corner of your eye you see Fluttershy look over to you when you spoke up.
  7649. “When you went out and performed last night.”
  7650. >You then look to her and take your right hand and then wave over your chest.
  7651. “Your chest was a lot smaller and you were able to ware a sleeveless top.”
  7652. >She nods at your statement.
  7653. >You then shrug your free arm.
  7654. “How'd you do that?”
  7655. >She nods again.
  7656. >”Rarity was able to make me a binder to suppress them for things like performances or if I want to be out in public and not have to wear overly baggy clothing or coats all the time.”
  7657. >You nod and hum.
  7658. “Huh, never heard of that, I;m surprised you don't wear it often.”
  7659. >She shakes her head at your statement and looks away from you.
  7660. >”No, it's not healthy to keep them constricted and bound for too long. Plus it hurts after while too.”
  7661. >Makes sense you suppose.
  7662. >”Which is why I only wear it if I'm going to perform in front of a crowd, or if I want to go to a concert and not be bothered too much.'
  7663. >You nod.
  7664. “I guess I should have figured things like that would exist. Seems like it makes life a little easier, no?”
  7665. >Not that you would ever want to suppress or bind those miracles.
  7666. >But good to know.
  7667. >The rest of the drive is silent until you reach her place.
  7668. >You stop right in front of her house and she begins to exit the car.
  7669. >Before she is complelty out, she leans back in for one more kiss.
  7670. >”I'll see you on Monday.”
  7671. >You nod and smile.
  7672. “See you then.”
  7673. >She smiles back at you and then she shuts the door to the car and you watch as she heads inside her house.
  7674. >You then drive back home.
  7675. >Wondering when you will have another opportunity to paint her with your now pent up lust.
  7677. >You get home.
  7678. >You enter the house to the sounds of the dog yapping away.
  7679. >It's still quiet other than that.
  7680. >You assume Alanamous is still hibernating in her room.
  7681. >Which again, is fine.
  7682. >The less you have to deal with her for the rest of the weekend the better.
  7683. >You head for the fridge and grab a soda and then head off to your room.
  7684. >Once you enter your room you can smell the faint scent of Fluttershy still lingering.
  7685. >You take a deep breath and hold it in.
  7686. >Your mind going back to your hands violating her tits.
  7687. >Her large warm chest pillows smashing and rippling against each other to give your dick the best massage it's ever had.
  7688. >You can feel your member enlarge itself at the mere thought of big fluttertitties
  7689. >Fuck, you really need to rub one out to ease your blue balls.
  7690. >You turn to head over to your computer when something caught your eye.
  7691. >Looking over to your lineup of bass guitars, you notice the one you were using last night during your mindless serenade now has a broken G string.
  7692. >Now if there is ONE thing in this world that could kill your boner and sex drive faster than your younger sister screaming about the size of your cock.
  7693. >It's seeing your instruments damaged.
  7694. >When the fuck did that happen?
  7695. >Was it last night?
  7696. >Were you really so laser focused on big fat giant fucking titties that you didn't notice your string break?
  7697. >Those are some powerful globes Fluttershy carries.
  7698. >Either way.
  7699. >This can not and will not stand.
  7700. >When was the last time you replaced the strings?
  7701. >You now stomp over to your closet with purpose and fling the door open to rummage for your tackle box of knickknacks.
  7702. >Once you find it you snap the locks open to find various pliers and rags and polishes.
  7703. >What you don't find is a spare package of strings.
  7704. >Damn it, you thought you still had a spare.
  7705. >Perhaps that is why you can't remember the last time you replaced the strings as you were out of spares and failed to go get some.
  7706. >Well, no time like the present.
  7707. >And once again, you blue balled yourself.
  7708. >Anyways.
  7709. >You look up online where the nearest Guitar store is.
  7710. >There looks to be one at the local mall.
  7711. >And they have the strings you use in stock.
  7712. >You leave your room, head straight back out the house and hop back into your car.
  7713. >Making your way across town to the Canterlot Mall.
  7714. >It's about a few blocks from the diner Fluttershy took you to last week.
  7715. >You make it there and you quickly exit your car and make your way through the full parking lot.
  7716. >You enter and you begin to search for the store.
  7717. >This is a nice and clean mall.
  7718. >Sure, the one in Whinny City was bigger.
  7719. >But this feels more well kept.
  7720. >Again, probably the lack of dregs in Canterlot City than Whinny City.
  7721. >”Hey!”
  7722. >A familiar feminine raspy calls out.
  7723. >Instinctively you quickly snap your head around and you see Rainbow Dash.
  7724. >She was wearing what looked to be a work uniform.
  7725. >A read and white button up shirt.
  7726. >Short black shorts with charcoal black leggings underneath.
  7727. >Topped off with a red and white cap with a rainbow lightning bolt logo on the front.
  7728. >You nod to her.
  7729. “Hey.”
  7730. >You simply say to her as she reaches you.
  7731. >”What's up with you, man?”
  7732. >She asks as she looks to the right and left.
  7733. >Seemingly looking for something.
  7734. >”Where's Fluttershy?  I thought she was going to spend the night with you?”
  7735. >She teases while she flutters her eyebrows at you to insinuate a hidden meaning to the question.
  7736. >You can feel your face heat up from the embarrassment of the events of last night once again and look away.
  7737. “I took her home already. Nothing happened last night by the way.”
  7738. >You say a little too bitterly and begin to walk off.
  7739. >She then lightly jogs up to be right next to you and she nudges your side with her elbow.
  7740. >”Yeah, sure, nothing happened.”
  7741. >She eggs you on a little more.
  7742. >”I mean, if you're not gonna fess up to the deed then I'll just get Flutts to spill the beans.”
  7743. >She says in another low tone.
  7744. >You then look over to Dash.
  7745. “Why do you care so goddamned much about how and or if I fucked your best friend?”
  7746. >Without missing a beat she shrugs her shoulders.
  7747. >”Hey, I'm just making sure my bestie is well taken care of.”
  7748. >She says
  7749. >”She seems to really dig you.”
  7750. >She says as she nudges you again.
  7751. >”And quite frankly, with how I've seen you use those fingers of yours, I'm sure you can make her melt in your hands.”
  7752. >You just shake your head.
  7753. “That still doesn't make any sense.”
  7754. >You brush her off  again.
  7755. “Why do you care so much about your best friend's sex life?”
  7756. >Dash just sighs heavily.
  7757. >”Look.”
  7758. >She's serious now.
  7759. >You stop and turn to her.
  7760. >”All I am going to say is, if Fluttershy is going to go for a guy, then at least I want to make sure the guy she goes for is an awesome one.”
  7761. >You roll your eyes.
  7762. “Whatever.”
  7763. >You then proceed to walk away again.
  7764. >”I'm serious!”
  7765. >Dash yells as she runs back up alongside you.
  7766. >You brush her off again.
  7767. “Well good for you.”
  7768. >You tell her.
  7769. “Nothing still happened last night anyways.”
  7770. >You repeat your statement from before.
  7771. >Rainbow Dash then gets in your face.
  7772. >”Wait, wait, so you mean to tell me you seriously had prime EDA fuck meat in your room and you DIDN'T indulge in any of it!?”
  7773. >She raises her voice as she is right in your face.
  7774. >You step back
  7775. >”You gay or something?”
  7776. >You shove her out of your face.
  7777. “Fuck off, dyke!”
  7778. >You shoot the insult back at her and she scoffs.
  7779. >”Hey, I may munch on a carpet or two, but at least I'm not some super ultra giga homo that I would just let an A plus rated baby factory by the Better Business Bureau like Fluttershy just waltz on by and NOT get all up in her.”
  7780. >You cover your face with your hand.
  7781. >Mostly to try and conceal your laugh.
  7782. >You thought that was a good one.
  7783. “The hell is wrong with you?”
  7784. >You ask in a shaky tone.
  7785. >Desperately holding back laughter.
  7786. >”Nothing nearly as bad as whatever is wrong with you.”
  7787. >You then sigh,
  7788. “Look, I really don't want to talk about it but if you can get Fluttershy to spill the beans, then whatever.”
  7789. >You finally tell her and you then look around.
  7790. “What are you even doing here anyways?”
  7791. >She raises an eyebrow at you.
  7792. >”I work here at the sporting goods store, dingus.”
  7793. >She tells you and moves her hands up and down to show off her outfit.
  7794. >”The hell are you doing here?'
  7795. >She retorts back.
  7796. “I'm here to buy some new bass strings.”
  7797. >You tell her.
  7798. >”Oh, then you're looking for Guitar-O-World.”
  7799. >She says as she takes charge and walks ahead of you.
  7800. >”You take the third left down this hall and then it'll be on the right.”
  7801. >She points out for you.
  7802. >”I need to get back to work soon as my lunch is almost over, so have fun!”
  7803. >She says as she runs off.
  7804. >Leaving you to yourself once again.
  7805. >You follow her directions and you find yourself at your destination.
  7806. >Guitar-O-World.
  7807. >This is the place.
  7808. >You walk into the shop and you are greeted with the sounds of various guitars being placed all over the shop.
  7809. >Walls upon walls of various guitars and basses lined up.
  7810. >It looks like they have an impressive selection.
  7811. >But you are here on a mission.
  7812. >You walk over to the counter where they keep all the packs of strings.
  7813. >The girl who was working the counter looks awfully familiar.
  7814. >Short neon blue hair.
  7815. >Pasty cream skin.
  7816. >Large purple shades that hide her eyes.
  7817. >She goes to your school.
  7818. >You just don't remember her name.
  7819. >She seems to be listening to something in her headphones but once she sees you approaching her she brings her attention to you and smiles.
  7820. >You wave to her.
  7821. “Hi, I'd like to buy two packs of DR True Blues bass strings please.”
  7822. >She nods and turns to the wall of string packs and finds what you asked for.
  7823. >You are then rung up and she bags them for you.
  7824. “Thank you.”
  7825. >You were ready to just head out.
  7826. >But you look around at all the guitars littered throughout the store.
  7827. >What kind of bassist would you be if you went into a guitar store and not flex a bit?
  7828. >You just shake your head and traverse deeper into the store.
  7829. >As you walk along the walls of the store you notice most of the guitars are all right handed.
  7830. >And the tail ends of each row there are a few left handed guitars.
  7831. >But no basses.
  7832. >They were all located in another corner of the store.
  7833. >Upon doing so You find a smaller room off into another corner of the store.
  7834. >You look through the window and see that it's for all the acoustic guitars.
  7835. >You shrug to yourself and enter the room.
  7836. >Looking around, you hope against hope that they would have a left handed acoustic bass guitar.
  7837. >Those are rather rare and you had to order yours online because the guitar stores in Whinny City didn't bother to stock them.
  7838. >Then, like out of some holy grail, you spotted one.
  7839. >It was a cheaply made off brand left handed bass but still, the principle of them having one meant a lot.
  7840. >You take the guitar and you settle on a stool in the room and begin to jam.
  7841. ( [Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely(acoustic bas cover) - single] )
  7842. >Despite it being a cheap guitar it sounded great.
  7843. >Granted, the room you are in was built to maximize the sounds of acoustic guitars so of course anything would sound great in here.
  7844. >You finish your piece and then you hear another familiar voice from behind you.
  7845. >”That was some  fine bass playin'”
  7846. >You turn around and see none other than Applejack.
  7847. >Dressed up in what you would assume to be another work uniform.
  7848. >Green long sleeve shirt with her sleeves rolled up past her elbows.
  7849. >A denim colored skirt that went to her knees.
  7850. >Neon Green leggings from what you can tell peek out of her cowboy boots.
  7851. >He long flowing blonde hair was all tied and wrapped up in a giant hairnet,
  7852. >Her name tag clearly visible on her shirt with the initials 'A.J' displayed on it.
  7853. >You start to chuckle.
  7854. “So do all of you girls work in this mall or something?”
  7855. >You ask.
  7856. “I just had to fend off Rainbow Dash and now I see you.”
  7857. >She starts to giggle as she walks past you and she grabs a regular right handed acoustic bass.
  7858. >”Most of us do at least.”
  7859. >She tells you as she then sits on the stool opposite side of you.
  7860. >”Ah work over at the smoothie stand as you can tell.”
  7861. >She starts to play a few notes on the acoustic bass she has.
  7862. >”Twilight works over at the electronics store. If yer into that sushi stuff then Sunset works at the sushi bar and Rarity works at the Forever 16.”
  7863. >She then takes a fret wrap and places it on the second fret.
  7864. “And do the rest of them spend their breaks and lunches here as well?”
  7865. >She smiles and shakes her head.
  7866. >”Nah, just me and Dashie.”
  7867. >She says as she starts to play another tune.
  7868. ( [Imagine Dragons - Believer(acoustic bass cover - Single] )
  7869. >Applejack gets into it and sways and bobs her head to the song.
  7870. >The added percussion she does is a very nice touch.
  7871. >Something you've barely dabbled in when doing acoustic fingerstyle.
  7872. >Once she finishes her piece she looks to you with another smug grin.
  7873. >You just smile back.
  7874. >”It's always a damn competition with you, isn't it?”
  7875. >She starts to chuckle like some charming southern hick.
  7876. >”Ah can't help myself. Especially with how good I know you can be.”
  7877. >You shake your head and sigh and now you need to respond to her.
  7878. ( [Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk(acoustic bass all cover) - Single] )
  7879. >This is about as close to acoustic fingerstyle that you've got in your arsenal.
  7880. >You finish up and see Applejack's frustrated look quickly morphs into another smile.
  7881. >”Ah don't know why ah even bother sometimes with ya.”
  7882. “Well, do you HAVE to be better than me?”
  7883. >You ask.
  7884. >”Yes and no. Ah mean, take a look at yerself.”
  7885. >You look confused so AJ continues.
  7886. >”You see me play and ya gotta one up what ah do as well. Ain't nothin' wrong with healthy competition.”
  7887. >You then nod your head.
  7888. “You started it.”
  7889. >You say like a pouting child.
  7890. >Applejack giggles again.
  7891. >”Heck, you've been keepin' me motivated to get better.  Ah sure hope it does for you as well.”
  7892. >You just smile and hop off the stool you were on.
  7893. “Well, I couldn't leave the house most of the time growing up so this was all I really had.”
  7894. >You say and you hold up the acoustic bass in your hands.
  7895. “I guess it does feel nice to have another bassist to play off of keep me one my toes.”
  7896. >Your mind then thinks of poor Deca Wave.
  7897. “Well, a GOOD bassist, I should say.”
  7898. >You done ended his whole career as a bassist but at least he seems happy to be the rhythm guitarist.
  7899. >You finally then set the acoustic bass back on the wall mount and head for the door to exit the acoustic room.
  7900. “I'll see you at school.”
  7901. >You tell AJ and then wave her off.
  7902. >She nods at you in response.
  7903. >”See ya then.”
  7904. >With a new set of strings, you head on home and immediately get to work on replacing your strings.
  7905. >Once the new strings are installed you start to play to get a good feel on them.
  7906. >You play every style to break them in, so to say.
  7907. >Slap.
  7908. >Chords.
  7909. >Fingerstyle.
  7910. >Picking.
  7911. >Harmonics.
  7912. >They sound so much more bright and lively than your old strings.
  7913. >As is the case when you use new strings.
  7914. >Since you are jamming you may as well ride this for as long as you can.
  7915. >Which lasts well into the evening.
  7917. >The rest of the weekend passes by like nothing.
  7918. >Alanamous kept inside her room for the entire time.
  7919. >All you did was buy food and tell her it was in the kitchen and left it at that.
  7920. >Monday rolls around.
  7921. >Nothing of note other than you have now taken to kissing Fluttershy in public now.
  7922. >Nothing too lewd.
  7923. >Just a peck on the cheek when you two break apart after class.
  7924. >It's really cute how bashful Fluttershy gets in front of everybody when you do.
  7925. >Especially since she needs to slightly bend down so you can reach her.
  7926. >But she certainly appreciates the show of affection.
  7927. >Things kind of stay the same for a few days.
  7928. >Thursday
  7929. >After school.
  7930. >Once Jam Band is over, it is your duty today to help clean the music room.
  7931. >You do the usual.
  7932. >Stack chairs.
  7933. >Sweep the floor.
  7934. >Moving school equipment into the storage room.
  7935. >Once you are done, you pack up your stuff and begin to head out the room when you see Rainbow Dash waiting at the exit to the music room.
  7936. >She had her guitar and amp with her as well.