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PJ1C3 Challenge

What is the PasteJam 1C3 challange?

The PasteJam 1C3 challenge is a competition that last for two weeks that any one can join.

What do I win?

>A fucking badge, plus the best pony game the host can find.

>There will be a prize included.

>Maybe the real prize was the friends you made along the way

What do I have to do?

A prompt is given and you have to write a greentext or prose story.

Can I ask for feedback for my green/prose?

From other anons on /mlp/ is fine.

Can I write anything?

As long it follows the prompt, mlp related and follows Ponepaste rules.

How is the prompt chosen?

By the admin.

How do I submit?

Make a UNLISTED paste with /pj1C3/ in the title and tag.

How is the winner chosen?

By a vote after the closing date

When is the closing date?


When does the voting start?

28th of May, to gives (you) time to read.

Where do I vote?

Here, on this page.

How long will the vote last?

Two weeks.

What will I be voting on?

How well the story is written, how unique the idea is and how it fits the prompt.

Can the entry be a sequel/ side arc of one of their existing greens?

It must be a stand alone story.


Prompt coming soon™

Submited Entries