1. Keep pastes/greens relevant to MLP.

  • The paste must have recognizable show characters, MLP universe influences (AU allowed) and/or links to MLP content (eg. YouTube, /mlp/, pony boorus.)
  • Pony drama pastes are allowed, but must not contain any "dox" (information revealing an internet user's real identity), or any call to harm a real life person in any way.
  • Storing code for pony related projects is allowed. For anything else, choose another pastebin.
  • Storing archived greentext/prose is allowed if the content is already publicly available. Please credit the original author in the title and/or the start of the paste, if possible.

2. Do not post links to illegal content

  • Links to photographs or videos depicting human minors in a pornographic, sexually suggestive, or violent manner.
  • Actual photographs or videos of sadistic gore or animal cruelty (Art, as in rendered drawing, is allowed)
  • Do not post stories containing explicit sexual situations involving real underage humans.
  • Pastes containing or linking calls to violence, harm, or terrorist threats to the real world will be removed and the account banned/removed.
  • Unless stated what it is in the title and paste, pastes containing link dumps to file upload sites or Tor (.onion) sites will be removed. The moderation does not know what the files are, and does not have time to verify them.
  • Pastes containing calls to download and/or link to copyrighted material will be removed if excessively posted and/or reported by the copyright holder.

3. Do not abuse site functionality

  • You are permitted to have multiple accounts for purposes of archiving or for personal privacy - for example, if you use multiple names. If you are archiving someone else's content, please do not create an account under their name. Instead, use {name}-ARCHIVE.
  • You may not use multiple accounts for the purposes of evading bans.
  • Do not spam. While we do understand shitposting is part of chan culture, please do not go overboard. At least put a paste expiry time. We reserve the right to remove shitposts during database clean up.
  • Do not abuse the report function. This means crying to get your greentext taken down. You posted it to a public domain (eg 4chan), it belongs to the internet now.
  • If you think someone is violating a rule, submit a report instead of otherwise calling them out (such as on /mlp/). Don't submit false reports or report pastes you do not like. Don't like it, don't read it. (Unless it breaks any other rules listed here.)

4. Keep this place tidy

  • Keep pastes titles sensible and accurate.
  • Again, do not spam or excessively shitpost.

5. Using Pastedown

  • Embedded images must not contain explicit images. Non-embed links are fine.
  • No non pony related images,
  • No embedded photographs or videos depicting human minors in a pornographic, sexually suggestive, or violent manner. This will result in an instant ban.
  • No foalcon, lolicon or any underage cartoon characters depicted in a sexual or nude situation.
  • Links go through a whitelist system, thus some links will be blocked. If you believe your link should be whitelisted, please email the administrators.

N. Rules are not exhaustive

There may always be situations or actions that were not accounted for in the above rules, or that may be unique or extraordinary in their circumstances. All enforcement of the rules, as well as the decision as to whether something is or is not acceptable, is ultimately left up to the discretion of the site's staff. There are no real rules about moderation — enjoy your ban.