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"Staying out of Trouble" Act 6

By Vega
Created: 18th December 2020 07:08:42 PM
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  1. Act 6: Til death do us part.
  3. >You crawl into the cab first and scoot to the far side.
  4. >Oh, it's one of those self driving ubers.
  5. >You briefly wonder if Rarity misses the fancy self driving car she used to own.
  6. >Before you can really ponder it you hear the door close and suddenly find yourself scooped up from behind!
  7. >You don't panic when you recognize Anon's arms but...
  8. >"Are you alright!? Did they hurt you!? Where'd you even go?!"
  9. >You squirm as he pulls you up further into his lap and holds you tight to his chest.
  10. >This is... not what you expected.
  11. >You're a runaway.
  12. >Runaways get cold indifference at best, or good old fashion beatings at worst.
  13. >Instead he wrinkles your dress as he crushes you in his embrace.
  14. >"We got here as fast as we could, but you were already gone. They wouldn't tell us who bought you even though I bribed the hell out of them. Next thing I know some giant horse shows up in my dreams and tells me to go to some random address? What the hell?"
  15. >Usually you're the one that rambles not the other way around.
  16. >You don't get a single word in before his roaming hands pull you up by the rump earning him a pained hiss!
  17. >"Shit, again?."
  18. >Again.
  19. >This does seem to happen to you more than it should.
  20. >Before you know it his hand slips up under your dress and finds itself in direct contact with your roasted rump.
  21. "A-Anon!"
  22. >You blush like a school filly and bury your face in his chest!
  23. >"She beat you?"
  24. >With a free hand he lifts the back of your dress to get a better look!
  25. >There better not be cameras in this car because he's basically stripping you!
  26. >"Poor girl! Do we need to stop at the store and get an ice pack? Rarity did you see this?"
  27. >You shoot the other mare a plea for help as you weakly try to lower your dress with your pathetic magic!
  28. >"I did dear, but perhaps wait until the hotel room before unwrapping your new purchase?"
  29. >Wow, phrasing! Come on!
  30. >She at least pulls the edge of the dress out of his grip and covers you with it.
  31. >5 minutes in the car with them and you're clinging to his chest like a baby koala while he inspects your booty!
  32. >You swear you get no respect here.
  33. >"Oh, sorry. I just..."
  34. >His hands move to your lower and upper back, but still hold you tight.
  35. >"I just wanted to be sure she's alright."
  36. >You blush but accept the light kiss on the top of your head.
  37. >"They tell you all these horrible stories online about that happens to unattended ponies. This whole time I was imagining you half dead in a ditch, tied to a cart getting whipped, being chased by dogs, or worse."
  38. >One hand slides up your back and scratches your lower mane just where you like it.
  39. >All this time and he didn't forget just what you like.
  40. >You vaguely him hear talking with Rarity about what they can do for you.
  41. >How they can care for you.
  42. >How they can be kind to you despite everything you've done.
  43. >What Alison told you echos in your memory.
  44. >That he'll take a firm hand to you.
  45. >That he'll teach you to never even THINK about running away ever again.
  46. >M-maybe that's right, maybe that's the way it should be.
  47. >If he was more firm with you to begin with then you'd have never done something as stupid as run away.
  48. >Surely he already knows that though.
  49. >He's just so excited to see you again he's letting his emotions get in the way, but he has a duty.
  50. >A duty as your master to... to teach you.
  51. "Stop it..."
  52. >"Huh?"
  53. >He leans back to better hear you.
  54. >"What was that?"
  55. "Why are you doing this? I screwed up big time. Punish me, don't pamper me. I'll need an ice pack after you're done, but can't we just get to the hotel and get it over with? T-the first time at least..."
  56. >"What? Twilight, what are you talking about?"
  57. >You shake your head in agitation and push off his chest.
  58. "I'm sorry! Is that what you want to hear?! I bucked up! Thank you for coming to get me, but please, I'd rather just get this over with!"
  59. >He sits you up and places you firmly on his knee.
  60. >At least until you whimper in pain.
  61. >He apologized again and lets you hop down to stand instead.
  62. >A gentle white hoof pets your mane but it won't pacify you.
  63. >"Sweetheart you just need to calm down. I told you, no one wants to punish you. You've been punished enough and you've had a very tough time. We just want to help."
  64. "No! That's not right! That's not fair!"
  65. >You stomp your hoof in frustration!
  66. >You don't WANT this, but how can things ever go back to normal without it!?
  67. "I screwed up so I have to face the consequences! If I don't then I'll never feel right about all this! I'll always feel like I got off the hook and never made it up to you guys!"
  68. >Rarity speaks first.
  69. >"Twilight, hurting you isn't going to make anything up to anyone!"
  70. "Why not!? It's worked before! Neither of you had a problem wearing me out me in the past!"
  71. >"Well yes, but..."
  72. >The other mare gives Anon a pained look.
  73. >He looks you right in the eyes, but you won't let your resolve be shaken now.
  74. >Alison was right, you deserve this.
  75. >"Anon tell her how silly she's being. Go ahead."
  76. >He doesn't though.
  77. >He just keeps looking straight into your eyes, into your soul.
  78. >You can feel his disappointment.
  79. >His judgement.
  80. >He'll do the right thing.
  81. >He'll give you what you deserve.
  82. >"We'll talk about it at back at the hotel."
  83. >"Anon! I really must protest! She's very clearly traumatized, the last thing the poor dear needs is-"
  84. >You appreciate her trying to protect you, but he cuts her off.
  85. >"I said we'll talk about it at the hotel. This isn't the place or the time and that's not a debate, understand?"
  86. >He breaks contact with you to give her a firm look.
  87. >True to form the bold mare hardly backs down.
  88. >"Fine. We'll talk indeed."
  90. >The car drops the three of you off at the hotel carport.
  91. >"I need to stop at the front desk real quick. You girls go ahead to the room. Here."
  92. >Rarity takes the card key from his grasp without a word and quickly takes off towards the elevators.
  93. >You hesitate to leave him, but decide it's best to follow instructions.
  94. >As soon as the elevator doors close Rarity turns to you.
  95. >"I will NOT let him hurt you! I'm not sure what's going through that head of his, but I'll knock some sense into it if I have to!"
  96. >Crap, you didn't want to get her into trouble too.
  97. >If she comes to your defense you'll just both end up sorry.
  98. "Rarity I appreciate this, but... but I deserve this..."
  99. >"No!"
  100. >She turns, grabs your cheeks [spoiler]the face kind[/spoiler], and forces you to look her straight in the eye.
  101. >"You are not well, do you hear me? You've been through a lot of trauma, and you aren't thinking straight! I'll be the first to agree a disobedient slave needs discipline, but you've paid your dues many times over already! I'll speak to him and make him see reason if it's the last thing I do!"
  102. "Rarity please you can't-"
  103. >"I can and I will! You'll see."
  104. >It's great to see her so confident, but if she's not careful she'll overstep her position.
  105. >At the end of the day she's wearing a collar same as you.
  106. >She might be in master's good graces more than yourself at the moment, but a slave is still a slave.
  107. >You don't have to wait long for Anon to arrive.
  108. >Rarity stops pacing to give him a hard look, but you trot up to him and lower you head submissively.
  109. "I-I'm ready..."
  110. >"Anon you will not-"
  111. >"Rarity please, just let me handle this."
  112. >"Well I'd love to but it seems someone's lost his mind!"
  113. >"Rarity!"
  114. >That's the warning voice.
  115. >"You can't scare me just by raising your voice Anon. I know good and well-"
  116. >"Rarity be quiet!"
  117. >And that's the final warning voice.
  118. >"Excuse me? Be quiet? Yes I'm sure you'd love that but-"
  119. >"I said quiet!"
  120. >He doesn't quite scream it, but that's as firm as you've ever heard him.
  121. >Even Rarity backs up a step, and fumbles for a response.
  122. >"I know you want to help. I know this is your friend. But Twilight is MY mare, and right now she needs ME."
  123. >You have to admire Rarity's courage when she opens her mouth to continue the argument.
  124. >"Your mare? You're better than that Anon. I thought you-"
  125. >"Fetch your bit."
  126. >"Excuse me!?"
  127. >"I said fetch your bit. The one you wore at the airport. If you can't be quiet you'll wear your bit until you can."
  128. >Ok, if she wasn't mad before she's mad now.
  129. >"HOW DARE YOU!? I CARED FOR YOU FOR WEEKS AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?! YOU - wait... no, no you get away from me with that thing! Anon I swear to god if you MMMMM!"
  130. >You close your eyes and turn away as Anon puts Rarity in her place.
  131. >Celestia this is your fault too...
  132. >She's just trying to protect you.
  133. >Dumb stupid Twilight Sparkle who just deserves her beating, yet Rarity still tries to protect you.
  134. >You hear her whinny in distress and mumble angry around the gag.
  135. >At least he hasn't hit her yet.
  136. >Just give in Rarity! Please!
  137. >She's still angrily stomping and neighing when he walks back past you.
  138. >He must have tied her bridle to something back there, but you'd rather not look.
  139. >Not yet at least.
  140. >She's not your focus right now anyway, he is.
  141. >Your master.
  142. >The one that's about to punish you for running away, for breaking his trust, for being such a b-bad pony...
  143. >You lower your head and splay back your ears as he looks at you.
  144. >How bad will it hurt?
  145. >Surely he'll go easy on you since he knows you're already sore.
  146. >"Let's get this off."
  147. >You cooperate as he removes the dress.
  148. >Rarity's protests only grow louder as he strips you as naked as a pony should be.
  149. >It's weird: you rarely ever wear clothes, but being stripped for what you know will be a bottom burning experience is awful.
  150. >Still, you close your eyes when he looks back there and lightly touches your red rump.
  151. >"What did you do to earn this?"
  152. "I-I tried to contact you, and then lied to her about it..."
  153. >"Did you neglect your duties too?"
  154. >You shake.
  155. >"Were you sassy or just sneaky?"
  156. "S-sneaky..."
  157. >"Twilight look at me."
  158. >Ugh, that's the hardest part yet.
  159. >"Twilight."
  160. >You look up at him but keep your head bowed as best you can.
  161. >"Tell me what happened. Everything."
  162. "I-I ran away... The sugar cubes helped me find a crack in the worlds, and I made it b-back to E-Equestria..."
  163. >If he's surprised he doesn't show it.
  164. "At first Rainbow Dash found me, but she wanted to take me back to the humans so I ran. I ran and I ran, but she's a lot faster than me. Princess Luna saved me at the last minute, b-but then I screwed that up too by ignoring her orders! Then the humans wanted info and I gave it to them, then I resisted the branding so they shocked me, then I disobeyed mistress Alison so she beat me and raped me and...!"
  165. >You raise your face and look straight at him with tear filled eyes.
  166. "And it's all because I screwed up and ran away! You trusted me enough to take off my ring, and I left you the first chance I had. I'm an awful pony and a worse marefriend! I deserved what I got and I deserve more! P-please just get it over with so I can feel better! Please!"
  167. >But he doesn't.
  168. >He doesn't agree with you.
  169. >He doesn't lead you towards the bed to get started.
  170. >He doesn't even laugh at how ridiculous you sound right now.
  171. >He just hugs you.
  172. >"You aren't a bad pony."
  173. "Yes I am! I ruined everything! I can't just keep getting off through sheer luck, there has to be consequences! There has to be!"
  174. >"It wasn't your fault."
  175. "It was! Everything's my fault! Everything! "
  176. >You try to push your way out of the hug.
  177. >You don't deserve it.
  178. >"You were drugged. Octavia told us about it. You weren't thinking straight then, and you aren't thinking straight now."
  179. "I-I am... Please..."
  180. >You aren't crying! Everyone else is crying!
  181. >"It's ok."
  182. >His arms are just as warm and welcoming as you remember.
  183. >"You're an amazing pony Twilight."
  184. "No I'm not..."
  185. >"Yes you are. You selflessly went to Gentlehoof to help Rarity's little sister knowing how dangerous it would be. You made it all the way back to Equestria because you're brilliant. You survived being captured all over again and made it back to Earth in one piece. Maybe everything didn't go perfectly, and yes you make some mistakes, but you made it back to me. You did it. Most ponies in your situation would have just given up at some point, but you made it."
  186. "Because Rainbow was there, because Luna was there, because Arnold was there! I didn't do anything!"
  187. >"Would Arnold have helped you if you didn't befriend him all those years ago? Luna and Rainbow too. They were there for you because you've been there for them. Because you're a good friend and a good pony."
  188. >You just sniffle in his arms now, too drained to argue anymore.
  189. >"When you first got back from Rarity's place you told me she scared you, that she'd changed. But you wanted to keep going back just to be there for her. How's that not the mark of a good pony?"
  190. "Good ponies don't run away..."
  191. >The excuse sounds lame now, even to you.
  192. >"They might if they're not thinking straight. That doesn't totally excuse what you did, but you aren't totally at fault either.
  193. "I-I knew what I was doing."
  194. >He breaks the hug and sits on the floor to be eye to eye with you.
  195. >"Let me be clear. There will NOT be physical punishment. You're already hurt and it wouldn't do you any good."
  196. "An-"
  197. >"I've disciplined you in the past, you're right, but this is different. When I found out you'd spent the whole day on the computer and didn't have the laundry done you were in trouble. Not because of what you'd done, but because I knew if I didn't do anything it would happen again. You were only sorry because you got caught. You didn't regret what you did so much as you regretted the consequences."
  198. "I don't... get it..."
  199. >What's the difference?
  200. >Why's it even matter?
  201. >Twilight doesn't like being confused...
  202. >He pulls you onto his lap where you gladly curl up into a tiny fuzzy perplexed ball.
  203. >"Are you sorry you ran away Twilight?"
  204. "Yes!"
  205. >"Then that's all I really want."
  206. "That doesn't seem fair..."
  207. >"If it makes you feel better you aren't totally off the hook."
  208. >Oh?
  209. >"For one, this stays on for awhile."
  210. >He grabs the tip of your double ringed horn and drags your head in a tiny circle.
  211. >Ugh you aren't a bobblehead.
  212. >"Number two: Rarity's going to be keeping an eye on you for a bit. This isn't a 'headmare' thing or anything like that, just know she's watching."
  213. >Whatever, that's not a big deal.
  214. >"And lastly..."
  215. >The first two were no big deal, how bad can the last stipulation be?
  216. >"No computer."
  217. "What?!"
  218. >That makes you snap your head around to look up at him!
  219. "Come on, that's not fair! I haven't had a computer for weeks!"
  220. >Rarity snorts over in her corner but you ignore her.
  221. "Come on! Just a few hours?"
  222. >"Hey, you were just arguing FOR a punishment!"
  223. "My computer's different! I need it!"
  224. >"You need it? Twilight come on."
  225. >You hear a hoof meet forehead behind you but you continue to ignore the other mare.
  226. "Three hours a day."
  227. >"Twilight this isn't a negotiation."
  228. "Two hours."
  229. >"Twilight."
  230. "Hour and a half, final offer."
  231. >"You can play ONLY when you're playing with me. Happy?"
  232. >You can't play techies if you have to play with him but beggars can't be choosers.
  233. "Fine..."
  234. >He rubs the bridge of his nose and sighs.
  235. >"Should have never introduced you to Dota."
  236. >Yeah he did introduce you to it.
  237. >Really it's his fault then, right?
  238. >"I'd say the same of 4chan, but you got into that on your own."
  239. >You just wanted to experience human... culture.
  240. >Kinda.
  241. >Ok, really you were just curious about the spooky boogieman the news kept talking about.
  242. >The mysterious hacker known as '4chan' strikes again!
  243. >While you snicker at old people Anon gets up and heads over to the other occupant of the room.
  244. >The one glowering at him with the force of a thousand suns.
  245. >"Do you promise not to bite me if I let you go?"
  246. >She thinks for a second before slowly shaking her head.
  247. >That's a bold move Cotton.
  248. >He smirks and unlocks the enraged equine anyway.
  249. >Only to be immediately tackled onto the bed!
  250. >"Don't you ever do that to me ever again!"
  251. >The mare stands directly on his chest pinning him onto the bed!
  252. >Do you intervene?!
  253. >Rarity's a lithe mare, but hooves are still solid!
  254. >"Rarity I'm sorry."
  255. >"As you should be! You couldn't just tell me you were going to do that all along!? And this?!"
  256. >She yanks the bridle off her head and shakes it in front of his face.
  257. >"It was bad enough at the airport, but I will NOT be bridled just because you can't handle a dissenting opinion!"
  258. >"Rarity you need to calm down."
  259. >"Calm down?! Calm down!? I will most certainly not calm down! You - ohh!"
  260. >In one swift motion Anon rolls, grabs the mare, spins her around, and tightly pins her back to his chest
  261. >"You will release me this instant!"
  262. >Crap crap crap!
  263. >You run over and try to get her attention!
  264. "Rarity please just - "
  265. >"Unhand me you ruffian! I am not your plaything! I will not be treated like this!"
  266. >"Just calm down. Relax."
  267. >She definitely doesn't want to, but she can only struggle in his grip for so long before weariness sets in.
  268. >Anon might not work out a lot, but he knows how to wrangle a pony.
  269. >"Are you done?"
  270. >The panting mare still has her pride.
  271. >"Don't talk to me. I'm most cross with you at the moment."
  272. >"I'm sorry."
  273. >Finally she ceases her struggles and goes limp in the human's grasp.
  274. >"Y-you should be."
  275. >"I'd have told you ahead of time if I actually knew what I was going to do. I really just needed a moment with Twilight and you weren't going to let me have that."
  276. >You take her hoof in yours as she recovers.
  277. >An act that earns you a small smile.
  278. >"Y-you could have just said all that."
  279. >"Would you have listened?"
  280. >"..."
  281. >No.
  282. >"Perhaps."
  283. >Liar.
  284. >He laughs.
  285. >"Well then perhaps I was wrong."
  286. >As soon as he loosens his grip she scooches over onto the bed proper.
  287. >"Everything's fine now though, right?"
  288. >"I admit taking you down really made me feel quite a bit better, but you aren't out of the doghouse yet. Besides now my mane is ruined..."
  289. >She stands to inspect her frazzled hair in the mirror.
  290. >Oh Rarity.
  291. >Never change.
  293. >One hour long 'freshening up' later and Rarity returns from the bathroom ready for bed.
  294. >The room only has a single king sized, but you can all make it work.
  295. >Anon lays on his back watching TV with you wrapped under one arm, head laying on his chest.
  296. >You couldn't be more comfortable.
  297. >To your surprise, instead of climbing up on your side Rarity slips under Anon's other arm opposite you.
  298. >"Let the record show I'm still upset with you."
  299. >A hard line to sell when her head rests on his chest just across from yours.
  300. >"You WILL be on the couch when we get home-"
  301. >Can she really banish him to the couch like that?
  302. >"But I suppose I can overlook it for now. For Twilight."
  303. >She leans across your shared human to touch noses with you.
  304. >It's nice.
  306. >"Excuse me sir? You can check your ponies right over there."
  307. >The airport employee gestures towards an area off to the side of the normal check-in counters.
  308. >Behind the pony counter hides a conveyor belt just like the ones at the normal check-in counter.
  309. >Unlike the normal counter however, the pony counter has one major addition.
  310. >Cages.
  311. >You gulp as you watch a poor mare get crammed into a tiny cages, only to be hauled up onto the belt and whisked off to places unknown.
  312. >She certainly doesn't look happy about it, that's for sure.
  313. >From what you've heard, that type of transportation's far from comfortable, and maybe not even safe.
  314. >"Nah it's fine, they're riding with me."
  315. >The employee finally catches sight of the bridles around yours and Rarity's heads.
  316. >You were a bit embarrassed about having to wear the thing in public, but if it prevents you from being shoved under the plane, you're all for it!
  317. >Rarity even flips her mane and flashes the employee a smile to show off her bedazzled bit and bridle.
  318. >Really filly?
  319. >She ignores your flat look for some reason.
  320. >"Ah, well just be sure to keep those leashes secured."
  321. >Anon nods and thanks the man before walking the group towards the actual check-in counters.
  322. >You share a look with Rarity as the two of you wait.
  323. >Either she simply doesn't mind the treatment or she got used to it on the multiple flights it took for them to get here.
  324. >Still, she offers you a smile and hip bump for encouragement.
  325. >You suppose you can understand the need for extra security precautions at an airport of all places.
  326. >Don't want a pony running off and jumping on a plane to who knows where.
  327. >"Next!"
  328. >Why do they have to make these counters so tall?
  329. >By the time the three of you approach the check-in counter you can't even see the check-in lady anymore.
  330. >Her and Anon exchange pleasantries while she processes his information.
  331. >"I see you have three tickets Mr. Anon. Is the rest of your party here? We'll need ID's from each."
  332. >Brilliant Anon doesn't realize she can't see you girls down here.
  333. >Rarity rolls her eyes and nickers in a way only a pony would understand.
  334. >Translation: Idiot.
  335. >The other mare rears up on her hind legs using the counter as support to make her presence known.
  336. >"Oh!"
  337. >The mare's head barely reaches the counter, but it's enough to make the lady jump!
  338. >"No ID from you then I guess!"
  339. >Rarity shakes her head and looks to Anon who produces her papers from his jacket pocket.
  340. >This whole 'not being able to talk' thing is really weird.
  341. >You were never great at charades, but now you have to gesture and point to everything you want.
  342. >Well, you could try to talk, but it's so hard with the bit way in the back of your mouth that you've given up.
  343. >"-light?"
  344. >Wait what?
  345. >Someone say your name?
  346. >You weren't really paying attention and NOW YOUR'RE BEING PICKED UP!
  347. >You squirm in his arms as the check-in lady compares you to the picture on your paperwork.
  348. >Why does Rarity get to stand and you get held!?
  349. >All he had to do was get your attention!
  350. >You pout and wiggle until she gives you the 'all clear' and he releases you.
  351. >"You girls should be very thankful your master bought you human seats. You be good for him you hear?"
  352. >Blah blah blah you're still sulking at being scooped up off your hooves like that without warning.
  353. >Rarity probably nodded or something, but you aren't looking that way.
  354. >You're busy thinking up possible revenge scenarios when SOMEONE pulls on your leash like you're a dog.
  355. >Mumble mumble throw him off the plane.
  356. >You follow your short leash to security.
  357. >At least there's not a giant line.
  358. >Anon throws his carry-on luggage up on the belt for scanning.
  359. >The pony check-in had a similar looking machine they put the cages through.
  360. >Is X-raying a whole pony even safe?
  361. >Why bother?
  362. >It's not like most ponies even wear clothes to hide things in.
  363. >You suppose you COULD hide contraband IN the pony, but that wouldn't be the least bit fun for the pony...
  364. >So yeah, sounds exactly like something a human would do.
  365. >Thankfully no one tells you to go hop on the conveyor belt, you're simply directed through the human metal detector instead.
  366. >And of course it goes off.
  367. >A tsa agent twice the size of Anon approaches you with a handheld scanner and waves it all over your body.
  368. >Beeps at your horn make sense, your two rings are heavy metal.
  369. >Neck? Sure your collar has plenty of metal components as well.
  370. >Beeps at your flank though?
  371. >Wut?
  372. >Well, not quite your flank more like your croupe, but humans never know the difference in this stuff so you stopped bothering.
  373. >"This way."
  374. >But you don't want to follow the big human behind the creepy curtain!
  375. >You resist a little when he pulls your leash only to have it yanked harder.
  376. >"It's fine Twi I'll go with you."
  377. >Well maybe if Anon's there...
  378. >No doubt the tiny curtained off area is supposed to offer some degree of privacy, but you still really don't appreciate him lifting your dress back here!
  379. >"Is she chipped sir?"
  380. >You most certainly are not!
  381. >Putting microchips inside ponies should be illegal!
  382. >"Not that I know of, but she's a recent purchase."
  383. >You aren't, you'd know!
  384. >He runs the scanner over your exposed croupe until he narrows the search down to a specific spot.
  385. >At least he hasn't said anything about the redness back there...
  386. >He must think Anon's crazy for buying a runaway who just had her backside thrashed...
  387. >A hand rubbing your croupe interrupts your musings!
  388. >W-what he is doing!?
  389. >You squirm and whimper as he digs a finger into your flesh over and over!
  390. >You appreciate Anon squatting down to soothe you, but it only does so much!
  391. >"Yeah, here's the chip."
  392. >Wat?
  393. >He pokes a spot that feels... weird...
  394. >You're chipped? Since when?
  395. >Maybe when they had you out for the branding?
  396. >"Might want to get it updated with your info, but besides that no big deal."
  397. >The agent pulls your dress back down, and gives you a light pat to send you on your way!
  398. >And send you on your way it does!
  399. >You practically gallop to the far side of Anon to hide from Mr. handsey!
  400. >"Thanks I'll do that."
  401. >They fucking chipped you?!
  402. >If you were annoyed before, you're mad now.
  403. >The idea of injecting a microchip into another living being is so not ok.
  404. >Bucking humans.
  405. >Maybe Anon can get it removed.
  406. >Though that sounds kinda painful now that you think about it.
  407. >You practically drag Anon over to a waiting Rarity.
  408. >Looks like he gave her reins to another agent who's waiting on the two of you.
  409. >"Have a nice flight."
  410. >Psh, yeah right.
  411. >You're excited to get home, but so far your first experience with human aviation is off to a rocky start.
  413. >You literally have to wait an HOUR AND A HALF for the plane?!
  414. >Why get here so early then?
  415. >If this isn't the most inefficient shit you've ever seen, you don't know what is!
  416. >Sure there are a lot of planes going all over the place, but come on!
  417. >If they'd just give you a scroll and a chalk board, you could figure this out in a few hours.
  418. >How hard could it be?
  419. >"Hey, you ok?"
  420. >Oh, he caught onto your crappy mood.
  421. >"Airport sucks doesn't it?"
  422. >To say the least.
  423. >"I hate flying too, but it's the best way to get home. Want a snack?"
  424. >Really?
  425. >You point towards your bit.
  426. >"Right, sorry."
  427. >Jerk...
  428. >"What about my Ipad?"
  429. >Oh the Ipad!
  430. >That's kinda like a computer!
  431. >You nod enthusiastically and he hands it to you.
  432. >New agents of shield season should be out and you're gonna watch that shit.
  433. >He even has the good headset that fits ponies with him.
  434. >What a good human.
  435. >You give him a gentle head pat that makes him chuckle.
  436. >Aaaand the wifi here is shit.
  437. >Can you burn data?
  438. >You're burning data.
  439. >Unfortunately you only make it to episode two before...
  440. >"Ponyyyyy!"
  441. >Crap.
  442. >"Emma, no."
  443. >A cute little blond hair blue eyed ball of pure energy vibrates right in front of you.
  444. >"Pony pony pony!"
  445. >You barely get to lift the Ipad out of the way before she's hugging your forelegs!
  446. >"What's your name miss pony?! Mine's Emma and I'm five!"
  447. >Ok that's cute.
  448. >She holds up all five fingers like it's the greatest thing in the world.
  449. >"I have a cat named snugglewump, but his fur is black and yours is puourple!"
  450. >Wow, that's not how you say say purple.
  451. >"I like your pink hair! Can I touch it?!"
  452. >So far, she seems like a good kid.
  453. >You lean down to let her pet just in time for her mother to arrive and scoop her up.
  454. >"Remember, we're not going to bother strangers today, right Emma?"
  455. >"No I just! I just wanna pet! Mama please, I just wanna pet!"
  456. >The mother gives Anon an apologetic look.
  457. >"I'm sorry she just loves ponies so much."
  458. >"It's fine, I don't think Twilight minds. Right Twi?"
  459. >The way the little girl desperately reaches for you from her mother's arms is nothing short of adorable.
  460. >You shake you head that no, you don't mind.
  461. >"Well maybe just for a minute if you're sure."
  462. >"Pony!"
  463. >The woman starts to sets the child down, but holds her back at the last minute.
  464. >"Not to be rude, but she's ummm safe... right?"
  465. >She gestures to your ear.
  466. >Your branded ear...
  467. >wow that's a kick in the gut.
  468. >Y-your a good pony...
  469. >Is this how people are going to see you from now on?
  470. >A dangerous animal?
  471. >Anon pets the side of your neck as he comes to your defense.
  472. >"She's super sweet, I promise."
  473. >You give the little girl the sweetest and gentlest smile you can with a metal bit in your mouth.
  474. >And then she jumps on you with an ear splitting squeal!
  476. >15 minutes later and Emma's giggles of joy still fill the terminal.
  477. >You're currently sitting on the floor while she braids your mane from Rarity's forehooves.
  478. >The other mare tries to teach the child how to braid pony manes, but without the ability to speak...
  479. >At least you know Emma really REALLY likes your highlights!
  480. >"My friend Sarah's cousin has a pony but she's yellow. Do you know any yellow ponies? I think yellow's a good color, but purple ponies are my favorite!"
  481. >She punctuates the declaration with a fierce hug to the back of your head.
  482. >Such a sweet girl.
  483. >"Her pony takes her on rides all the time. I wish I had a pony to give me rides. Can you give me a ride Miss pony?"
  484. >"Emma no pony rides, we have to board the plane now."
  485. >Aw, you're kinda sad to hear that the pair has to go.
  486. >She doesn't judge you by your ear like some others seem to.
  487. >She's just excited to meet you.
  488. >The little girl whines just as much as you'd expect, but is whisked away by her mother nevertheless.
  489. >"Bye bye Miss ponies!"
  490. >You're sure she'd have been a well mannered tiny rider, but maybe it's for the best.
  491. >It wouldn't be your first time carrying a little one on your back, but well... it'd probably bring back memories.
  492. >Memories of your time with spike...
  493. >[spoiler]Holy crap Twilight just don't think about it, you've cried about that enough already![/spoiler]
  494. >[spoiler]He's safe with Cadence, he's safe away from all this crazy stuff out here.[/spoiler]
  495. >You shake your head and crawl back into your seat by Anon.
  496. >"Always thought you'd be good with kids."
  497. >You never told him about your adoptive son did you?
  498. >Should you?
  499. >It seems only fair.
  500. >If you had your way you'd get spike back one day, but Celestia knows if that'd ever happen.
  501. >It seems like a pipe dream though, keeping a dragon here on earth.
  502. >You'll tell him later when you get the chance.
  503. >One day.
  505. >The flight itself actually isn't that bad.
  506. >A few passengers gave you strange looks, but you, Anon, and Rarity having a row of seats to yourselves helps a lot.
  507. >You don't even have to deal with said looks since Anon takes the outside seat.
  508. >Rarity got the window seat though, which totally isn't fair.
  509. >You want to look at the pretty clouds too!
  510. >Oh well, you just crowd the hell out of her and press your face up against the window for the first hour or so.
  511. >You've been up in your balloon before, even hauled off the ground by Rainbow, but it's something else to see the world fly by at such speeds.
  512. >The concept of airplanes isn't foreign to you, but it's something else entirely to actually be in one.
  513. >It's a little humbling in a way.
  514. >Ponies relied so much on their natural abilities, while humans are the exact opposite.
  515. >Your species doesn't have wings?
  516. >Invent a high speed metal death box equipped with huge jet engines that somehow moves fast enough to stay in the sky.
  517. >Even dash couldn't go this fast, probably not even the princesses, yet thousands and thousands of humans do every day.
  518. >At some point Rarity curled up in her seat and fell asleep so you back up.
  519. >It'd be rude to wake her.
  520. >Anon's still up at least.
  521. >You scoot to the other side of your seat and worm your way under his arm.
  522. >He pulls you a bit closer and looks down.
  523. >"That little girl really liked you. Shame the braid fell apart."
  524. >That's because she did it wrong.
  525. >Can't exactly tell him that right now though.
  526. >Or can you?
  527. >He reaches up and unclips your bit?
  528. >Isn't that illegal?
  529. >Sure they turned off the overhead lights but it's not that dark.
  530. >"Just for a minute alright? Be sure to whisper we don't want to get in trouble."
  531. >You nod and work your jaw to get the soreness out.
  532. "Celestia, thank you. Bits are awful for long periods of time like that."
  533. >"Sorry but it's either that or under the plane."
  534. >He gently brushes your mane out of your face with a free hand.
  535. "Not your fault. I'm sure it's better than the alternative."
  536. >"From what I've read, putting a pony down there is hardly humane. No way I'd let you girls get stuck down there."
  537. >Why'd you ever leave this one?
  538. >You nuzzle into his hand and even give it a tiny lick.
  539. >Nothing wrong with marking your territory and getting a little taste at the same time.
  540. >"Hey!"
  541. >Heh, you go back for an even bigger lick.
  542. >"Quit it you little weirdo!"
  543. >He leans down and claims his revenge with a huge wet lick across your cheek!
  544. >Ewww!
  545. >Mares mark the stallion not the other way around!
  546. >You make a fussy noise as you wipe the slobber off on his shirt.
  547. >Stupid dumb human, mares don't need to be marked, it's good stallions that are in short supply.
  548. >"Yeah how's that taste of your own medicine?"
  549. >Maybe it's different for humans since their gender ratios are different.
  550. >Or maybe that's not a human custom at all, since you've never heard of it, and he's just being dumb.
  551. >You rub your cheek off even more with a hoof then wipe it on his shirt.
  552. "You aren't supposed to lick the mare you idiot..."
  553. >"You say that but I know for a fact this mare likes a good licking..."
  554. >Thattttt's an innuendo!
  555. >Hopefully he can't see your blush as you remember just what that tongue can do when applied to a more... loving spot...
  556. >Funny how differently you feel about Anon's tongue Vs Alison's.
  557. "A-as long as you're talking about your tongue."
  558. >'A good lickin' can be used to describe what a brush does as well!
  559. >"Little minx."
  560. >He pinches your cheek until you slap the hand away.
  561. >The term makes you smile though.
  562. >Minxes are cute so that means you're cute!
  563. >M-maybe you'll reward him... just a little!
  564. >Before you can lose your nerve you sit up straighter and give him a quick peck on the cheek!
  565. >Nothing too wild of course.
  566. >You're both on a public plane, and supposed to have a piece of metal in your mouth right now.
  567. >But still, it's your first time kissing him since you've reunited.
  568. >To you it's a big step, and apparently for him too!
  569. >He scoops you up in his arms and pulls you in for a true mouth to mouth kiss!
  570. >It's not a makeout session, quick and chaste, but it's a kiss!
  571. >A real kiss!
  572. >He does still love you!
  573. >You're blushing like a schoolfilly when he breaks the embrace!
  574. >Buck it, no time like the present girl.
  575. "I-I just want to say thank you Anon. For coming to get me. For buying me all over again. Even for going easy on me in terms of consequences. I'll make it up to you I swear! I'll be your good girl day in and day out. I'll take care of you no matter what, do whatever you want. I'll-"
  576. >A finger to your lips ends your ramblings.
  577. >"I'd do it all again Twilight, I swear. I'm not glad this all happened, but we can get past it a little at a time. That is if you can stay off the computer like I told you to. Otherwise..."
  578. >The arm wrapped around your shoulder slides down to your cutie mark and pats it!
  579. >The implication is clear: you're forgiven for running away, but breaking the terms of your parole could still get your plushy plot in trouble!
  580. >[spoiler]You aren't even upset to hear you still have consequences in your life... Is that bad?[/spoiler]
  581. >"Now I hate to cut this convo short, but the flight attendant is coming by with drinks, so we need to put this back in."
  582. >You don't even hesitate to open your mouth for the bit.
  583. >If it was any other human: Alison, Rogers, Angie, even Taylor you'd hesitate.
  584. >You'd hesitate to bite down as he clips the gag to your bridle.
  585. >But not for him.
  586. >Obeying for him just feels natural.
  588. >Holy crap, is this plane ever going to land?
  589. >You clearly fell asleep at some point, yet the flight's STILL going!
  590. >Squirming a little to get more comfortable, you fluff the soft pillow under you head, and burrow back into it.
  591. >Actually, that's a really big pillow...
  592. >Who got you a pillow?
  593. >You run a hoof down the cushion searching for the edge only to find that it sorta... curves?
  594. >Wait.
  595. >You crack an eye open to find yourself not wrapped around a pillow, but a white mare.
  596. >Ah, that would explain the curves.
  597. >Rarity always did have a lot of those.
  598. >At least you didn't wake her with your sleep addled groping.
  599. >So much for the flight taking forever though.
  600. >Extracting your forehooves from Rarity's midsection, you sit up in the bed, and pop your neck.
  601. >Home.
  602. >You recognize the room.
  603. >You recognize the bed.
  604. >You recognize the other two occupants.
  605. >How exactly they got you off the plane, through baggage claim, drove you all the way home, and tucked you in without waking you is a mystery.
  606. >Sure you tend to be a heavy sleeper, but geez.
  607. >The mental image of Anon carrying a sleeping Twilight Sparkle through the airport makes you smile.
  608. >Mistress wouldn't have done something like that.
  609. >She'd have woken you up, and made you carry the luggage or something.
  610. >At least the Mistress you knew before her change of heart would have.
  611. >But Anon didn't want to disturb you.
  612. >You give his sleeping form a light nuzzle before crawling out of the bed.
  613. >It's an unholy 4AM according to the clock, but you're pretty sure you just slept some 10 hours.
  614. >You'd just toss and turn at this point, potentially waking up bedmates who need real sleep.
  615. >Besides, it'll be good to see the house.
  617. >Huh, new dining room table.
  618. >How long were you gone again?
  619. >Most rooms look generally the same, but you notice new decorations here and there.
  620. >A vase, a picture, stuff like that.
  621. >One thing that isn't new is the calendar.
  622. >Does no one else in his house know how to turn the page of the calendar once a month?!
  623. >Schedules are important people!
  624. >Actually what is the date?
  625. >There's a slight time dilation between Earth and Equus, but you don't remember the exact ratio.
  626. >Whatever, it's on the TV somewhere, right?
  627. >Almost june!?
  628. >Sure, you were gone for a while, and didn't exactly have a calendar at Gentlehoof; but how did time get away from you like that?
  629. >You flip the calendar MULTIPLE TIMES and check what's coming up this month.
  630. >Homeowners association meeting next week, bet Anon didn't know about that.
  631. >Blah blah blah random human holidays.
  632. >A few other hoof written notes about Equestrian holidays, and finally the whole last two weeks are blocked off with two words in the center.
  633. >'Twilight's estrus?'
  634. >...
  635. >Has it really been that long?
  636. >Sure it's hot out there, but it seems like you JUST dealt with that.
  637. >Doesn't it always though?
  638. >Just another reason human females have it easier than mares, they don't have to deal with heat.
  639. >At over two weeks out, that's a roadblock to deal with when you get to it.
  640. >Maybe SOMEONE will actually read the calendar this time, but you doubt it.
  641. >Continued exploration brings you to the far side of the house.
  642. >Well, that's different.
  643. >What was once a spare bedroom looks to have been converted into a workroom for Rarity.
  644. >If the spools of fabric and sewing machine is anything to judge by at least.
  645. >It's good to see her getting back into her passions.
  646. >Multiple dresses, gowns, and every other type of garment line the walls and racks in various states of completion.
  647. >Are you going to get roped into modeling again?
  648. >You totally are.
  649. >Fluttershy used to take the brunt of modeling duty, but with just the two of you you'll be stuck with for sure.
  650. >Where'd she got all this equipment though?
  651. >Does she get an allowance same as you?
  652. >You actually don't know.
  653. >Technically it was all her money to begin with, but when she sold herself to Anon it became his.
  654. >One of the conditions of her purchase was a bit of her own spending money, but you're pretty sure she lost that privilege when the two of you were intially buttings heads and Anon had to crack down on that white backside.[spoiler]Dang, why didn't you go watch that?[/spoiler]
  655. >Wait, do YOU still get an allowance?
  656. >Crap, you might not!
  657. >How are you going to waste money on Dota without an allowance?!
  658. >Crap, and it's june already!
  659. >The international 2018 tournament should have already started!
  660. >All those beautiful items you absolutely have to get!
  661. >The new map terrain!
  662. >It's exclusive each year, you'll never be able to get it again!
  663. >Do you still have money in your steam account?
  664. >Did he keep putting your allowance in there while you were gone?
  665. >You weren't even his pony at the time, so why would he?
  666. >Just a few rooms over is Anon's office.
  667. >For the record, you're just looking around.
  668. >It's not like this is usually where he puts your laptop when he's confiscated it or anything...
  669. >Yep, just looking around to see if he got any new computer accessories.
  670. >Oh, look at that, the desk drawer just happened to open on it's own.
  671. >You pull out and open up the laptop, but hesitate.
  672. >You really shouldn't, but it'll only be a second.
  673. >Besides, it's the crack of dawn and you're the only one up.
  674. >As quickly as your shitty hardware will allow you boot into windows and open your steam account.
  675. >Buck, this thing is slower than you remember.
  676. >You'd pressure Anon for something newer but... yeah.
  677. >Ok, steam is finally up.
  678. >Unsurprisingly your allowance hasn't piled up.
  679. >That was a bit much to hope for you suppose.
  680. >You boot up dota to check out the new cosmetics.
  681. >Aw sweet moonbutt that new Riki headpiece is beautiful!
  682. >Riki's a great hero for picking on poor enemy supports, so naturally he's one of your favorites.
  683. >They never give techies new cosmetics so you have to settle...
  684. >You've got enough money to get started buying stuff, but not enough to guarantee the dumb loot box system will give you what you want.
  685. >Ugh and not enough to make it to new terrain either!
  686. >Exclusive!
  687. >You must have it before it's gone!
  688. >Let's just do the math: If he starts your allowance back where it was at before you'll have enough for 20 levels each week, that's-
  689. >"Twilight"
  690. >Shit.
  691. >Your body freezes as a pony drapes herself over your back to look at the screen with you.
  692. >Shit shit shit!
  693. >You knew this was a bad idea!
  694. >Do you close it?!
  695. >Does it even matter at this point!?
  696. >"Twilight, dear, I know you heard our masters instruction yesterday. Did you not?"
  697. "I... Uhh... I-I can explain I swear!"
  698. >She gentle nuzzles the side of your face with hers.
  699. >"No you can't."
  700. >Bad! This is bad!
  701. >"You remembered his instructions. You just thought since it was late, and that everyone else was asleep, you could get away with it."
  702. "No!"
  703. >Deny everything!
  704. >Because that'll totally work...
  705. "Well... Ok maybe... but, I just wanted to check on one thing! One thing I swear!"
  706. >She sighs, slips off your back, walks around, and holds down the power button on the laptop!
  707. "No no wait! That's not how you turn it-!"
  708. >Dead.
  709. "-Off..."
  710. >She's gonna break your windows install...
  711. >Too bad your sulky face isn't working on her right now.
  712. >"What's going on Twilight? Talk to me. Do you actually WANT to get into trouble? I heard what you said in the hotel, you practically begged for it. It's not as simple as a sore flank and everything goes back to normal you know."
  713. "No I..."
  714. >She's going to think your an foal, or worse an idiot.
  715. "It's really nothing that complicated. I don't want to get in trouble, I just wanted to see what I'd missed out on. It was only going to take a second."
  716. >As usual she doesn't look convinced.
  717. >"If you say so. Still, you knew you'd been forbidden to do so."
  718. "Yes..."
  719. >"Then why?"
  720. >Because you have no self control.
  721. "I... I dunno..."
  722. >"No darling, that just won't do. Look at me."
  723. >You stubbornly look away.
  724. >You're already screwed, so what does it matter?
  725. >"I said look at me."
  726. >Two hooves on the sides of your face force you to look at her.
  727. >"I will not be telling Anon about this."
  728. >Oh thank the stars!
  729. "Rarity th-"
  730. >"But! We will NOT have this again, do you understand?"
  731. "Yes!"
  732. >"No, do you REALLY understand? You need to do this right. He was devastated when you left, and now he's being very generous by letting you off this easy. I personally vowed to beat that flank myself when you got back-"
  733. >S-she thinks you deserve it too?
  734. >"But just as Anon said your in no state for it."
  735. >Aren't you though?
  736. >Your solid night's sleep seems to have done wonders for your previously red behind.
  737. >You shake your haunches a little to verify.
  738. >There's still a twinge of soreness, but it's greatly reduced compared to yesterday.
  739. >A-are you ready for it?...
  740. >W-would it be the same coming from Rarity?...
  741. >She'd caught you red hoofed so it would only be right.
  742. >M-maybe you'd feel a little less guilty if she...
  743. >Trembling and blushing you look down at the floor and start to kneel.
  744. >"Twilight, what are you-?"
  745. "Y-you said it yourself, that you'd like to... d-discipline me. I've only been home a few hours and I already broke one of his rules. If I can't follow a simple rule you should just-"
  746. >"Darling, no you're in no-"
  747. "I'm already better! See?"
  748. >You lean the rest of the way down and raise your purple plot.
  749. >Whatever she was going to say, Twi tushy interupts.
  750. >Did that convince her?
  751. >You don't dare raise your head to find out, but you can hear her walking around behind you.
  752. >She going to do it!
  753. >You widen your stance in anticipation of the worst.
  754. >A-at least she doesn't have a brush with her.
  755. >Right...
  756. >Oh Luna this is doing to suck, you're mostly recovered from mistress but not 100%.
  757. >Rarity knows to take that kinda stuff into consideration right?
  758. >She's practically a pro at 'educating' slaves.
  759. >Instead of starting though she's just... looking?
  760. >Some sort of inspection?
  761. >If she wants to test your resolve you'll pass.
  762. >You spread your legs a bit more and push your slightly pink target even higher.
  763. >So exposed, you definitely miss Alison's dress.
  764. >When you woke up it was totally gone.
  765. >Did Rarity strip it off you or Anon?
  766. >Either way doesn't matter right now really.
  767. >What matters is keeping in position so Rarity can... do what she needs to.
  768. >Your legs shake a little, but it's ok to tremble as long as you maintain position!
  769. >How cruel to make you wait like this though!
  770. >You gasp when she places a hoof on your plot!
  771. >"You have healed faster than I'd have expected."
  772. >That's it then.
  773. >If your healed from your last lesson then you're fit to take this one!
  774. >You close your eyes tight when the hoof lifts, and your brace yourself for impact!
  775. >Please don't make you wait! Please!
  776. >"But healing here isn't what I'm worried about sweetheart."
  777. >Woah!
  778. >You can't help but jump and spin around when she lightly pushes your tail to the side!
  779. >S-she's supposed to spank you not get under there!
  780. >Sure you didn't clamp it down, but you didn't think you needed too with her!
  781. >"How long has it been like this for you Darling?"
  782. "W-what?"
  783. >You back away from her and tuck your tail between your legs defensively!
  784. >Or at least you try too.
  785. >Stupid bucking thing! Obey!
  786. >"When was the last time you were spanked without then being rutted? Or for that matter rutted without him applying a hand to you during?"
  787. >Holy shittttt!
  788. "What?!"
  789. >She sighs and sits on her haunches right in front of you.
  790. >"Darling you were excited."
  791. >No no no this can't be happening...
  792. >"You didn't even notice? You were flagged, winking even."
  793. "I was not!"
  794. >Bucking tail!
  795. >You literally force it under your plot with a hoof and sit on the damn thing!
  796. >"I'm not here to judge you Twilight, I'm just here to help. You WERE flagging. Even if you didn't mean to, your body was excited about the prospect of discipline."
  797. >You just want to melt into the carpet and die.
  798. >Sure your tail wasn't all the way down, and your heart was beating a mile a minute, but you weren't excited like THAT!
  799. >Right?
  800. >"Let me ask again, does he always do that when you two are 'together'."
  801. "Well not..."
  802. >Does he?
  803. >Your mind flashes back to the last time he rutted you.
  804. >It was right after you got back from Gentlehoof.
  805. >He'd really pounded you and...
  806. >Wait, that's right.
  807. >You couldn't get off until he... slapped you a few times.
  808. >Y-you even asked to do it...
  809. >Crap.
  810. >Crap crap crap!
  811. >Are you broken!?
  812. >Some kind of pervert!?
  813. >Damaged goods who gets off on being abused!?
  814. "I-I..."
  815. >"Twilight there's nothing to be ashamed of, just yes or no."
  816. "But there is! He does! He always does, and not because he wants too, but because he knows I like it! I even asked him for it last time!"
  817. >Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry!
  818. "What kind of idiot am I!? Am I just broken?! What kind of mare gets off on-"
  819. >"No no no, shhhh. One thing at a time. Did he always have sex with you after you were disciplined?"
  820. >Always?
  821. >Like always always?
  822. >You've been his for 3 years now so no, not always.
  823. "I-it used to just be discipline then sent to my room, but then we started sleeping together, and I wasn't really in trouble after that so-"
  824. >"Twilight, focus."
  825. >Right, don't ramble.
  826. "Ok ok, I'm sorry. He... he usually flirted with a little slap, but it wasn't a real 'lesson'. He comforted me when I came home from your place r-red-"
  827. >Ugh, you still remember how the brush had echoed when she was tanning your hide in that giant bathroom at her old place.
  828. >It's an embarrassing thing to bring up, but it's also important.
  829. "And that time you got mad at me after you'd moved in."
  830. >Damn, just how many times HAS Rarity smacked you?!
  831. "I guess the first time he really went hard on me was before Gentlehoof. He wanted me to look the part of a defiant mare so he..."
  832. >This is so awkward!
  833. "He blistered me on purpose. Like as hard as I could so it'd show... B-but then he made it up to me by... b-by you know... with his tongue..."
  834. >Wow your hoof really looks interesting down on the floor there!
  835. >Rarity doesn't laugh, or short, or judge, or anything like that.
  836. >She just hugs.
  837. "I'm ruined aren't I!? I'm a total pervert now!"
  838. >"No Twilight, no I don't think so. You aren't the first mare I've seen with this problem."
  839. "R-really?"
  840. >"Yes, one of my mares you didn't meet: Ivory. She had an abusive master who enjoyed disciplining her far too much. She was... difficult at first, but with a little ingenuity we figured it out. She wasn't broken, or ruined, or anything like that she just needed a different touch. You're the same way, and it's neither of your faults. You were both exposed to pain followed quickly pleasure until you started to associate the two."
  841. "So I am a pervert!"
  842. >"No! You're just... you're perhaps a little conditioned darling."
  843. >Broken.
  844. >"I doubt Anon meant to do so like Ivory's master did, but nevertheless he's trained you to enjoy discipline. Don't get me wrong, most mare enjoy a slap on the rump while going at it, myself included-"
  845. >That makes you giggle a little.
  846. >You wonder if her white coat makes a swat even harder to hide, it must.
  847. >"But maybe sex after so many hard spankings is different. You could perhaps think of your... 'tastes' as a coping mechanism."
  848. >Puttings things in scientific terms help a little.
  849. >An adaptation might be another term.
  850. >Your environment involved a lot of a certain type of pain so you found a way to lessen it's effect on you.
  851. >"It's not even necessarily a terrible thing, as long as you're kept safe. Someone who didn't love you could abuse such a trait, but Anon isn't like that. You begged him to do it last night, and he recognized it wouldn't be right. It wouldn't be good for you."
  852. >That's true.
  853. >You know he's positively loves your ass, but he turned down a chance to get his hands on it because he cares about you.
  854. >"We just all need to be aware of this, especially him. Perhaps a brush isn't the ideal discipline for you anymore. If I had to guess you'd much prefer some brush time to having your computer taken away, hmmm?"
  855. >Well she's right, but does telling the truth get your computer taken away more often?
  856. >Buck it, she already knows the answer anyway
  857. "Yeah..."
  858. >"There's a good girl."
  859. >You aren't a filly...
  860. >"We'll talk to him about this tomorrow."
  861. >So less spankings and more groundings...
  862. >Great.
  863. >You really really really don't like that, but you guess that's the point.
  864. >She helps you to your hooves and lifts your chin.
  865. >"Don't look so glum darling."
  866. >Easy for her to say.
  867. >She's not getting signed up for a new discipline regiment she positively hates.
  868. >"I went through this with Ivory, so I know just how to get through this with you."
  869. >She has a plan?
  870. >That's great!
  871. >You wonder-
  872. >Before you can ask the other mare leans in to touch noses with you and gives you a sultry grin!
  873. >"Just because you'll no longer be getting it for being a bad filly-"
  874. >Whack!
  875. >OH!
  876. >A solid rectangle rather solidly impacts your left cheek!
  877. >You've had worse, but the sting is more than enough to get your tail flagging!
  878. >"Doesn't mean you can't get it for being a good filly!"
  879. >She drags the implement up over your rear, along your spine, and floats it right in front of your face.
  880. >I-is a brush supposed to make you blush like that?
  881. >"And I know you can be good darling."
  882. >Oh boy.
  884. >Smacks for being good?
  885. >O-oh my...
  886. >You blush and squirm under the other mare's smug gaze.
  887. >Rarity always was pretty dominant when things got hot and heated...
  888. >I-is she going to... you know?
  889. >"That said, I know you CAN be good, but unfortunately you haven't been today."
  890. >She boops your nose with the deliciously heavy brush before floating it out of sight. [spoiler]No, wait, come back.[/spoiler]
  891. >"So, I'M going back to bed while YOU'RE going to think about what your behavior's caused you to miss out on. Yes?"
  892. >As if you needed a reminder of what that was, she floats the brush back over and rubs it up against your cheek. [spoiler]FACE[/spoiler]
  893. >You 100% do not lean into it...
  894. >It's absolutely the same Diamonds in the Rough brush that's been used on you in the past.
  895. >...
  896. >Bad tail.
  897. >Now isn't the time for that.
  898. >"Remember how that feels hmm?"
  899. >You'd deny it but you're nuzzling the business end of a discipline implement soooo...
  900. >[spoiler]Try not to think about how bucked in the head that is[/spoiler]
  901. >Rarity leans in for a quick affectionate peck on the cheek that's not embracing the tool of flank destruction.
  902. >"Lucky Anon. You were always an adorably submissive thing, but this is a whole new level."
  903. "A-am not..."
  904. >She just gives you a knowing smile.
  905. >Well, you aren't...
  906. >"Of course not darling."
  907. >Patronizing cheek pat, ugh.
  908. >"That said, you're allowed to take care of yourself, but no computer. And be quiet about it. Myself or master are very tired, and would be most cross to be awoken again."
  909. >By 'take care of yourself' she means do something about the heat between your legs.
  910. >You never thought you'd be hearing Rarity give you permission for that...
  911. "I-I'll be quiet."
  912. >"Good girl."
  913. >So patronizing.
  914. >Didn't Anon just say she wasn't in charge of you? Just keeping an eye on you instead.
  915. >You stick your tongue out at her when she turns to leave, only to get flicked in the face by her tail.
  916. >"I'm just assuming you aren't sleepy darling. I'd could use my snuggle buddy back, but Anon will do just as well."
  917. "I think I slept enough for a few days just now. How'd you two even get me off the plane without waking me up?"
  918. >She looks back at you and shrugs.
  919. >"Anon knows how to cradle a mare it seems. I was certain baggage claim would be loud enough, but he covered your ears just so."
  920. >That's a lot of effort just to make your comfortable.
  921. >"I however, only woke up because my little spoon escaped so I'm off."
  922. >She makes it through the door this time before stopping.
  923. >"You don't mind me cuddling with him do you? I suppose we never talked about what happened while you were at that horrible training facility."
  924. >Oh yeah, the whole reason you were upset back then: Rarity rutted him.
  925. >Or at least got him in her mouth if she's to be believed.
  926. >"We haven't done anything else I promise. He was in fact quite cross over that one wake up call. He's very loyal to you you know."
  927. >That makes you feel insanely special.
  928. >It's probably not as big a deal with human males, but for a mare to hear a stallion wants JUST her is big.
  929. >Most stallions will mount anything that holds still long enough, and a few things that don't.
  930. >To hear that he won't take just any mare, but that it HAS to be you is nothing short of flattering.
  931. "As long as it's just cuddling I don't mind."
  932. >Should you bring it up?
  933. >Now seems as a good a time as any.
  934. "Honestly I'm... shocked you did that for him. I thought you hated men?"
  935. >"Well, I haven't had the best experiences. When you're just a cock warmer for the first few you tend to stereotype the rest I suppose."
  936. >Ouch, she should probably talk to someone about that, but you get the impression she'd rather just put it behind her.
  937. >"He's been a gentleman though, both to you and to me. He took me in in my hour of need. He's kept his promises. He's good to my good friend."
  938. >Ow magical cheek pinching!
  939. >You shake your head to brush her off.
  940. >"I could see he was in real need without you. I thought it a shame he needed to settle for pictures on the computer screen, when he owned a beautiful mare who wouldn't mind helping a bit. It seems I overstepped my bounds by not asking first though. He gave me a lecture on consent that explains why he took so long to bed his first mare!"
  941. >Why's she got gotta give you that saucy wink?
  942. >It's not like the fact you've slept with him is a secret, she's just making it weird.
  943. >Still, the irony of a slave owner preaching about consent isn't lost on you.
  944. >In his defense though, he did resist forcing you into anything until you brought it up, even after admitting he found you attractive the whole time.
  945. >It's a far cry from the 'collar, bend over, and day one rape' most slave mares fear.
  946. >"I should have asked you clearly, but I honestly thought it was what you wanted. If I was wrong I ap-"
  947. "No, it's..."
  948. >Alright?
  949. >Is it?
  950. "Fine, I guess. You had your heart in the right place even if things didn't work out perfectly."
  951. >"Thank you. He was so lonely without you I took up the cuddling job, but nothing more. I'll let you lead in these matters going forward."
  952. >Does that mean...?
  953. "D-do you want more? I mean like you know... with him? Us?"
  954. >"Heh, well..."
  955. >Now who's blushing?! Ha!
  956. >"As I said, it's up to you. He's a kind human who I've come to care for. I'd be perfectly content with Dusty if that's what you'd prefer, but if you ever need help handling all that human..."
  957. >Implying she's impressed by just how much human there is to handle.
  958. >You were surprised how big it was too.
  959. >Didn't think he'd fit in his little pony at first if you had to be honest.
  960. >You briefly wonder how much she managed to fit in Rarity's muzzle...
  961. >There were rumors about her blowjob prowess back in ponyville, but you aren't sure how true they were.
  962. >Not even you have managed to deepthroat his whole member, and you've been practising for a while!
  963. >I-it'd probably reach Rarity's collar now that you think about it...
  964. >That bulge stretching the leather even tighter... unf!
  965. "I umm..."
  966. >You lick your lips and fan yourself a little.
  967. "Whew, is it hot in here?"
  968. >She just gives you a knowing smile.
  969. >Buck, this conversation after her teasing really isn't helping your condition!
  970. "I'm not opposed to the idea but he might be. I'll find out then we'll uhh..."
  971. >Whew Celestia it's been a while since you've thought about a threesome!
  972. >You dance around on your hooves and trot a small circle of pent up energy!
  973. "We'll figure it out one way or another I guess! I need to go now!"
  974. >She giggles but waves you out of the room.
  975. >"Your toys are under the bench in my workroom. We'd better not find any extra redness on our little Twilight at breakfast though. That's just for good girls remember?"
  976. >You can't even spank yourself!?
  977. >Come on that's not fair!
  978. >Not that anyone asked you thought...
  979. >You grumble an affirmative and set off towards her workroom post haste.
  980. >Stupid bucking punishment.
  981. >Your 'shoebox of fun' isn't hard to find.
  982. >Let's see...
  983. >You grab Big Mac, black beauty, and Thunder.
  984. >What?
  985. >Naming your toys isn't THAT weird.
  986. >Right?
  987. >No time to think too much about it, the liquid starting to run down your hind legs demands attention.
  988. >The new floors are too nice to mess up, you'll head to one of the bathrooms.
  989. >You have a few minutes to think about things on your way.
  990. >Rarity and Anon are comfortable cuddling now.
  991. >Not really a big deal, they both deserve comfort, especially after what you just put them through.
  992. >You turn on and climb into the shower, then affix black beauty's suction cup to the wall.
  993. >These things never came with suction cups back in Equestria and it's brilliant.
  994. >Usually it's the stallion that aims, so for a worked up mare trying to self service it can be a serious issue trying to hit the prize.
  995. >A fixed target is much easier than floating a toy in shaky magic.
  996. >You sit on your haunches and look black beauty right in the eye.
  997. >Heh, eye.
  998. >Beauty isn't as thick as big mac, but it's much longer.
  999. >Really it's too long for a stallion, but now that you look at it it's actually rather similar to a human male.
  1000. >Maybe you could...
  1001. >You were planning on turning around and backing into it, but the idea of Rarity's collar bulging has you thinking.
  1002. >You open your mouth and lick the tip.
  1003. >Not the same as the real thing, but still naughty.
  1004. >Maybe just a little mouth practise to start things off.
  1005. >You blush as you slide the tip of the toy into your mouth.
  1006. >It's not too hard to fit, but it's enough of a mouthful to make you open all the way.
  1007. >Running your tongue around the head you try and imagine it's Anon.
  1008. >You're pretty sure he's more interested in your plot than your muzzle, but surely he'd appreciate some variety at times.
  1009. >You open wider and slide another couple inches in.
  1010. >This is where things start to get tricky.
  1011. >You've always had a bad gag reflex and vomiting is 100% not sexy.
  1012. >Just an inches at time...
  1013. >Gahhhh, how do other mares do this!?
  1014. >You've seen... 'pictures'[spoiler]porn[/spoiler] of men just grabbing the female's head and holding it down until they're had their fill.
  1015. >The dominant aspect of that sounds super hot right now, but you're pretty sure you'd ruin the moment by throwing up or just panicking.
  1016. >You attempt to slide another inch into your throat, but back up when your body protests.
  1017. >Gah, stupid bucking reflexes!
  1018. >You just want to... Gaa!
  1019. >Ok, maybe that was a bit too aggressive.
  1020. >Or maybe you just suck at this.
  1021. >Could Rarity give you some pointers?
  1022. >Maybe it's easier with the real thing instead of an imitation.
  1023. >Anon could train you, right?
  1024. >Holy shit, mouth training sounds lewd.
  1025. >Mental images of Anon forcing your head into his crotch while your struggle fill your head.
  1026. >O-oh my...
  1027. >You stand up a bit so you can slide big mac underneath you.
  1028. >Anon would never really force you to do anything, but maybe he'd hold your head if you asked him to.
  1029. >With some kind of safe word/gesture of course.
  1030. >His hand on the back of your mane while your writhe around his...
  1031. >Mmmmm!
  1032. >Big mac finds all the lube it needs when you slowly sit down on it.
  1033. >Celestia you almost forgot how wide the red dildo is!
  1034. >You don't let black beauty leave your mouth as inch after inch of mac sinks into your needy plot!
  1035. >It's not your longest toy, but it's by far the widest!
  1036. >Unfortunately the further you get to the base of your makeshift stallion the more soreness resurfaces!
  1037. >Ow ow ow!
  1038. >Come on, So close to bottoming out!
  1039. >Why does it still hurt?!
  1040. >Bucking Mr. Strapon really ruined you!
  1041. >You whimper in frustration at not being able to take the rod as deep as you want.
  1042. >fucking... come on!
  1043. >Ow!
  1044. >With a lewd noise you slide off both artificial organs and shake your head in frustration.
  1045. >You suck at oral, you can't do vaginal all the way, and yet you're winking like crazy and NEED to do something about it!
  1046. >Really Rarity should be finishing what she started.
  1047. >You've half a mind to drag her out of bed, and shove that pretty face between your legs, but you know it'd backfire somehow.
  1048. >Maybe if you could just...
  1049. >You lightly slap your ass with magic.
  1050. >Ugh, Rarity said not to and your magic is so weak anyway...
  1051. >The humongous horse cock stuck to the shower wall droops humorously.
  1052. >Hmm, maybe the longest one was too ambitious for your mouth.
  1053. >You take Beauty down and replace it with thunder.
  1054. >The final toy is smaller than the other two, but features build in vibration.
  1055. >Not something you need for your mouth, but it's a size you figure you can manage.
  1056. >You hate to remove big mac from your seat, but he's really only going to cause you pain at the moment.
  1057. >Right before you sit down though a devious thought occurrs to you.
  1058. >You initially brought thunder to go in your tail hole, but now he's busy.
  1059. >Big mac would tear your plot up, but maybe Black Beauty wouldn't too wide?
  1060. >You stick the black member on the floor below you and look down at it.
  1061. >S-surely you can't fit that... right?
  1062. >Then again you don't have to take it ALL.
  1063. >You're just used to a much narrower toy for your bonus stage.[spoiler]Heh, butt euphemisms.[/spoiler]
  1064. >Beauty is larger than Dusty in every regard, and even he stings for the first few minutes of humping your purple posterior.
  1065. >Bad idea or not, the burning need between your haunches demands you try.
  1066. >At least Beauty is already lubed from your mouth...
  1067. >You poke the tip against your plot hole but hesitate.
  1068. >Is this a good idea?
  1069. >Your booty hole remained unmolested by Alison so you don't have to worry in that regard, but it looks so big!
  1070. >You don't want to stretch anything too much...
  1071. >Twi brain says don't do it, but Twi libido demands dick for the dick gods.
  1072. >Your legs quiver violently when the head pops into your plot!
  1073. >So big!
  1074. >Your breath comes in short bursts as you slowly slide down an inch at a time!
  1075. >Stars above this is so naughty!
  1076. >You look down and quiver when you see it's only a third of the way in at best!
  1077. >So little, but you feel so stuffed!
  1078. >All pretense of sucking on thunder is forgotten as your stuffed seat takes your full attention!
  1079. >Oh stars, it stings, but in a good way!
  1080. >You wiggle around on the few inches you've managed so far.
  1081. >Buck, you didn't used to enjoy this so much...
  1082. >You blame Dusty for taking you up the butt almost every time you visited!
  1083. >It's also totally his fault a hoof drifts down to your winking lips, as another inch mercilessly sinks into you!
  1084. >Breath girl breath!
  1085. >Shit you don't remember this feeling so good!
  1086. >Just a slight shake of your hips has you throwing your head back and whinnying!
  1087. >Almost there! just one or two more inches!
  1088. >For not the first time, you start to doubt you can do this!
  1089. >Your plot feel like it's being pulled apart at the seams in a way that's both good and bad!
  1090. >It hurts, but you'd be lying if you tried to pretend your body wasn't clenching at the same time!
  1091. >You pause at the current depth to just milk the sensation for a little bit.
  1092. >Celestia, this is easily a few inches deeper and much wider than anything Dusty ever penetrated his purple playmate with!
  1093. >This, oh goodness, this feels like your limit but a heady mix of hormones pushes you forward.
  1094. "AHHH!"
  1095. >Ok, nevermind! Max pony depth achieved!
  1096. >You're disappointed to look down and see you still lack a fair bit of hard fun.
  1097. >Black Beauty is maybe a hair longer than Anon, but if this is your limit you'll never totally manage him.
  1098. >To say your brain's fuzzy with arousal would be an understatement, but in the end you decide not to keep pushing yourself.
  1099. >Not immediately at least.
  1100. >You'll wiggle around like a pony popsicle, and see if you can get used to your new anal overlord, before having it make you more of it's bitch.
  1101. >Heh, bitch to a dildo.
  1102. >What's it gonna do?
  1103. >Chase you down and buck you?
  1104. >The idea is kinda funny actually, what if somepony enchanted a-
  1105. >OH SHIT!
  1106. >Your rear hoof slips on the wet floor sending your plot crashing to the ground!
  1107. >Snapping your head back you howl and moan in an unexpected explosion of pain and pleasure!
  1108. "Mmmmmm!"
  1109. >Too much!
  1110. >The remaining cock slamms into your unprepared backdoor like a freight train!
  1111. "AHH, I take it back! I take it back!"
  1112. >Needless to say, your new occupant doesn't speak, but the shout slips out anyway.
  1113. >A little flailing at least lets you regain your balance.
  1114. >Not that you could fall over even if you wanted...
  1115. >If you weren't before, your absolutely a pony popsicle now!
  1116. >You can barely even lean to the side with it so firmly attached to the floor!
  1117. >Gods above, you didn't know you could even feel something so deep inside of you!
  1118. >Ponies aren't that big, surely it had to rearranging some of your internal organs to bury itself in it's new home!
  1119. >You really hope you didn't damage anything, because you DO NOT want to have to explain this to ANYONE!
  1120. >Putting forehooves on both sides of the tub let you experiment with lifting yourself up.
  1121. >Keyword is experiment.
  1122. >The instant you feel Mt. Black Beauty move, your brain whites out and your strength leaves you!
  1123. >It stings like tartarus, but you're also going to fill the tub if you keep leaking at this rate...
  1124. >[spoiler]And the clenching! You can't milk it you stupid plothole! Quit trying![/spoiler]
  1125. >This is... not your proudest moment...
  1126. >For your second attempt you barely make it off the ground, before collapsing into a trembling pile of pleasure.
  1127. >Oh, and you orgasm.
  1128. >Hard.
  1129. >Never telling anyone about this.
  1130. >Nope nope nope.
  1131. >A few more tries [spoiler]and another shameful climax[/spoiler] later you give up.
  1132. >Guess this is your life now.
  1133. >Instead of the sword in the stone, you're the sword in the pony.
  1134. >Whoever can pull this dildo out of your plot is king of england or something.
  1135. >But hey, look on the bright side: You're now prepared for anything anon could ever throw at your butt. [spoiler]Inside or out[/spoiler]
  1136. >Maybe you can...
  1137. >Damn horn rings keep you from trying anything more creative, but you finally manage to dislodge the suction cup from the tub floor.
  1138. >Freedom!
  1139. >The freedom to fall over into a twitchy pile at least.
  1140. >Better than being some kind of pony scarecrow stuck upright.
  1141. >Now you just have to pull the holy blade from it's purple stone.
  1142. >After more moaning than you'd have liked you triumph!
  1143. >Ta-da!
  1144. >You the queen now right?
  1145. >Bow before Twilight Sparkle your new monarch!
  1146. >That's how it worked for King Author at least.
  1147. >Queen Twilight wore herself out being a good stone though.
  1148. >You curl up under the warm water as you try to recover.
  1149. >Can't believe you bucking fell...
  1150. >Can't believe you bucking enjoyed it...
  1151. >You'd say there's no shame in enjoying your sexuality, but butt stuff will always be a little naughty in your mind.
  1152. >Before too long the water begins to lose it's warmth.
  1153. >Crap how long have you been in here?
  1154. >You actually wash up before the heat runs out completely, then get out.
  1155. >The original plan was to make Rarity and Anon breakfast, or at least try to, but buck if you aren't tired.
  1156. >Maybe just a short nap.
  1157. >You could use the couch, but why do that when you can easily infiltrate the bed like the pro ninja you are.
  1158. >No wait, you're a queen today.
  1159. >Master queen ninja... thing?
  1160. >Ok, you'll stop.
  1161. >Slipping into the bedroom you find Anon on his back with one arm around rarity and the other one open just for you.
  1162. >Jackpot.
  1163. >Careful not to stab him with your horn, you wiggle your way under the spare arm until it instinctively wraps around you.
  1164. >After exhausting yourself like an idiot, some good cuddling is exactly what your soul needs.
  1165. >You cuddle up closer, burying your muzzle in chest, and throwing both a fore and rear hoof over him.
  1166. >Yours.
  1167. >You hum in delight when he squeezes you a bit harder.
  1168. >So strong.
  1169. >Come to think of it, you never did properly thank him for coming to save you.
  1170. >Your tail swishes back and forth as you briefly imagine all the ways a mare could thank her knight in shining armor.
  1171. >You're the queen right? That makes him your strong knight.
  1172. >He got mad at Rarity for waking him up with her head under the covers, but would he mind if you did it?
  1173. >Even just a little licking would probably-
  1174. >Ahh, holy crap Twilight!
  1175. >You JUST had your booty plundered until you came twice, and you're already thinking about this kinda stuff again?!
  1176. >You will your tail back down, but it refuses.
  1177. >Why are you already so worked up again?!
  1178. >They might not have been the best orgasms you've ever had, but you still JUST got off.
  1179. >Filly needs to cool her jets!
  1180. >Too bad some parts of your body don't seem to agree!
  1181. >Why the hell-
  1182. >Your mind flashes back to the calendar in the kitchen.
  1183. >'Twilight's estrus'
  1184. >Buck.
  1186. >Heat.
  1187. >It's fine.
  1188. >This is fine.
  1189. >Everything is fine!
  1190. >Having realized your body's state, you struggle to escape Anon's grip.
  1191. >Not that you want to leave his arms but, ugh, you probably need to if you don't want this to escalate.
  1192. >Not that you DON'T want things to escalate but, it would be inconsiderate as hell to wake him up just to service you.
  1193. >Mmmm service you...
  1194. >No!
  1195. >You try and fight your way free, but sleeping Anon has a fierce grip.
  1196. >The more you fail to escape, the more your tail thrashes and hips grind.
  1197. >You really can't get away...
  1198. >Held down by a stronger male...
  1199. >Maybe you should just...
  1200. >You shake the lewd thoughts from your head.
  1201. >You aren't a horny school filly!
  1202. >Why are you having such a hard time controlling yourself?
  1203. >You've never been through heat while in a real relationship, but still!
  1204. >Unfortunately your wiggling and umm, occasional quick nuzzles, seem to have created more of a disturbance than you'd hoped.
  1205. >"Uhh... five more minutes Rare."
  1206. >He thinks your Rarity?
  1207. >Rude dude, but he IS half asleep.
  1208. >This is good though, he didn't wake up.
  1209. >You'll just stop molesting with him, let him go back to sleep, and everything will be fine.
  1210. >Right after one more nuzzle...
  1211. >And a tiny sniff...
  1212. >Just a little taste...
  1213. >"What are you...?"
  1214. >The question dies on his lips when he looks down and see's which mare's bother him.
  1215. >"Twilight it's-"
  1216. >Crap, now he's really awake!
  1217. >You screwed up!
  1218. >Only one thing to do at this point!
  1219. >You lean forward and silence him with an aggressive kiss!
  1220. >"Mmm!"
  1221. >He pushes you off, but you take the opportunity to lick one of his fingers!
  1222. >You'll seduce your man one way or another!
  1223. >"Shit Twi, relax. At least let me wake up first..."
  1224. >You know you should listen, but the heat demands you keep going.
  1225. >As soon as your able to wiggle out of his grasp, you duck your muzzle to his chest for a long sensual lick!
  1226. >Like that big boy?
  1227. >Your forehoof wanders lower so you can find out!
  1228. >Between your seduction, and the fact that it's morning, he just HAS to be ready to go!
  1229. >Mmmm show you that- ah!
  1230. >A pair of hooves loop around your midsection and drag you off your human!
  1231. >"Frisky still dear?"
  1232. >The warm nuzzling and light kisses to the side of your face makes you nicker involuntarily.
  1233. >"I thought I told some filly to let us sleep though? Hmm? I wonder what happened to that?"
  1234. >It's only been an hour or so since that order, and you've already bucked it up.
  1235. "I-I just wanted some sleep too, but Anon's so strong and the smell and..."
  1236. >Buck, the more you try to explain yourself the lamer the excuse sounds.
  1237. >There's no real excuse and you know it.
  1238. >You selfishly woke them both up because your body's burning and you couldn't control yourself.
  1239. >You know what?
  1240. >Buck it.
  1241. >May as well double down at this point.
  1242. >You shove your plot into Rarity's hips and do your best to peak her interest with some agressive grinding!
  1243. >"Oh!"
  1244. >Yeah, like that you naughty mare?!
  1245. >"Twilight that's quite enough, I-"
  1246. >She's probably right, but you don't care.
  1247. >You flick your tail up to bush against her chest and shake your money maker even harder!
  1248. "D-do you still have my bridle? If you won't spank me then you should tie me up! Have your way with me!"
  1249. >With your ass up against rarity's crotch you can lean forward to nuzzle Anon's bare chest again.
  1250. "I saw some lingerie in your workroom too, what about that? I'll wear whatever you want."
  1251. >Finally recovering from the initial shock, Rarity pushes your tail out of her face, and scoots away from your cheeks.
  1252. >"Goodness Twilight, what's gotten into you?"
  1253. >Not enough that's what!
  1254. >Since she's escaped you crawl closer to Anon and bury your head under the covers.
  1255. >Come to mama big boy!
  1256. >You nuzzle his boxers and find just what you expected!
  1257. >He's just as ready to go as you expected!
  1258. >"Hey hey hey, chill out down there!"
  1259. >One hand scoop your head up and away from your goal, while the other pulls the covers back.
  1260. "I just... sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up, but it's too late to fix that now. I'll fetch my bridle and chain, and we'll make it worth your while. Some panties too, you like those right? Maybe stockings and a garter belt? Whatever you want, I'm yours."
  1261. >Crap, he intercepted the hoof you were trying to sneak into his boxers.
  1262. >"That sounds really sexy Twi, but let's just slow down a bit. You alright? You look..."
  1263. >Your ears droop under the scrutiny as he looks you right in the eyes.
  1264. >You must look totally crazed or something.
  1265. "O-of course I'm alright. I just want to be with you. You did so much for me, it's the least I can do. I owe you. Your my mast-"
  1266. >He silences you with a finger to the lips.
  1267. >Did you do something wrong?
  1268. >"Rarity fetch one of those potions and my phone if you would."
  1269. >"You think it's...? Yes, yes you could be right. Just a moment."
  1270. >Potion?
  1271. >What's he talking about?
  1272. >There's no potions on earth.
  1273. >Despite how profitable the unexplored market probably is, no humans ever seemed interested in one of Equestria's finest industries.
  1274. >Logistical issues with the ingredients aside, there's probably some stigma of learning anything from a subjugated species if you had to guess.
  1275. >Before you can ask him what he's talking about he sits up and pulls you into his lap.
  1276. >"Hey, look at me."
  1277. >You don't wanna.
  1278. >You woke him up, failed to seduce him, and now he seems to think you need some kind of potion because you're losing it.
  1279. >As usual he lifts your chin for you.
  1280. >"Is it your heat?"
  1281. >H-how did he know?
  1282. >"I put it on my calendar after last time, but it shouldn't be for a few more weeks right?"
  1283. >Last time you'd scolded him for not paying attention to the calendar and being informed about your cycle.
  1284. >A stallion would smell his mare, but human noses are pretty worthless by comparison.
  1285. >You thought it'd help to write it down, but after the first time you didn't think he'd take notice.
  1286. >He took your complaints to heart though.
  1287. >You silently nod and nuzzle into his chest.
  1288. "There's some strange time dilation between Earth and Equus so the two sides don't always match up. It messed with my season a little I guess."
  1289. >Mmmm, that feels nice.
  1290. >You never figured out what's with him and your ears, but he's always loved to play with them.
  1291. >That's even the branded one, but it makes no difference to him.
  1292. >"Rarity went ahead and got potions for the both of you. She said they'll help you cope."
  1293. >Where the buck Rarity got heat potions is beyond you.
  1294. >"If you still want me to be with you that's fine, but let's get you thinking a little more clearly first ok? This intensity doesn't seem good for you."
  1295. >The hand not servicing your ear scratches up and down your spine.
  1296. >Ohh, that's amazing.
  1297. >If he minds your light squirming and grinding he doesn't say anything.
  1298. >You know you shouldn't, but you simply can't help it.
  1299. "What about my bridle? Can I go get it?"
  1300. >"You look really cute in it, but why do you want it so much? I think you're a cutie no matter what."
  1301. >Charmer.
  1302. "I-it just feels good... natural... safe."
  1303. >You mumble the last bit and blush.
  1304. >Why does it make you feel safe?
  1305. >Is it a control thing?
  1306. >The more your under his command the safer he can keep you?
  1307. >Ironic since you tend to suck at following orders.
  1308. >Maybe that's the point though, if your more aggressively restrained you can't mess things up.
  1309. >Celestia you're screwed up...
  1310. >"Safe? Twilight you're safe no matter what around here. I'm sorry all that bad stuff happened to you recently, but as long as you're here I'll watch out for you. You don't need to be literally tied up."
  1311. >No more secrets, you'll just tell him the truth.
  1312. "I know. Your one of the best things that's ever happened to me."
  1313. >You give him a quick peck on the cheek.
  1314. "I just... I dunno, the more powerless I am the safer I feel sometimes. And yeah, I know how dumb that sounds. It's Just, knowing what a human COULD do to a bound and tied mare compared to what you WILL do is... reassuring?"
  1315. >He wraps both arms around you in a gentle hug.
  1316. "You don't abuse me. You don't force me. You make sure I'm having just as much fun as you."
  1317. >You can't help but compare Anon to Alison in your head.
  1318. >Consent vs selfish dominance.
  1319. >Your so glad to be home.
  1320. "I know that's probably a little weird. There plenty of ponies who'd say I was bucked up in the head if they heard all that, but it's just how I feel. Maybe it's a complex from all my discipline over the years. Maybe I'm just a pervert. Either way, I-I'd like to be your pervert...?"
  1321. >That... sounded a lot cuter in your head...
  1322. >Now he's going to think your an idiot and freak!
  1323. >Come on, say something you dummy!
  1324. >"You little minx."
  1325. "Mmmm!"
  1326. >Yes! He slapped your rump like the bad filly you are!
  1327. >It's a love tap at best, but it means he likes what he's hearing instead of being disgusted by it!
  1328. >"Never in a million years did I think I was buying such a kinky pony back then."
  1329. >Heh.
  1330. >"I want to do this right though. Your right, I probably did give you a complex putting you over my knee all those years."
  1331. >Annnddd now you're blushing.
  1332. >"I'd say sorry, but I know you like it."
  1333. >Ow, he pinched your cheek like a foal!
  1334. >You slap the hoof away and try to hide your embarrassed smile.
  1335. "Jerk..."
  1336. >The forehead kiss he gives you earns him partial forgiveness.
  1337. >"Ever since we started dating things have moved pretty fast though. That's been my fault really.
  1338. >Fast?
  1339. >Things simmered for years, but once things were out in the open they did heat up fast.
  1340. >"Let's do all this right though. Our relationship's special, we're slave and master as well as marefriend boyfriend. Why don't we just be one of those tonight?"
  1341. >What?
  1342. >Before you can ask what that means your friend returns with a couple objects in her magical grasp.
  1343. >Huh, that's the exact same vials Zecora used to use.
  1344. >"Potion and phone as requested. How's our filly?"
  1345. >Anon pops the top off the vial and holds it up to your mouth.
  1346. >These things always tasted weird.
  1347. >Not really good or bad, just strange.
  1348. >You always thought it suspicious they were a white liquid though...
  1349. >"Better I think, and this'll help. Thank you."
  1350. >The potion won't completely negate your heat, but it should take the edge off considerably.
  1351. >"You ok with waiting here by yourself for a minute? I need a quick word with Rarity, and you need to let that potion do it's thing."
  1352. >You nod your consent, but you'd be lying if you said your curiosity wasn't peeked..
  1353. >What could he need to talk to her about that you can't hear?
  1354. >They've always had your best interest in mind, but it strikes you as odd in a way you can't quite put your hoof on.
  1355. >You turn your ears towards the door to pick up what you can.
  1356. >What? He didn't say you weren't allowed to listen.
  1357. >You can only pick up bits and pieces unfortunately.
  1358. >First him.
  1359. >"- Good idea -"
  1360. >Then her.
  1361. >"- Try but - the strongest -"
  1362. >The strongest what?
  1363. >Whatever they're talking about the chat's brief.
  1364. >She raises her voice to more audible levels as Anon returns.
  1365. >"One continental breakfast coming up. You'll let me know if you need anything else?"
  1366. >"We will."
  1367. >Curiosity = peaked.
  1368. >Plus the fact that she's now going away to leave the two of you alone.
  1369. >Sure this is a bit of a private moment for you, but Rarity's seen you in worse spots.
  1370. >You start to ask, but notice him messing with his phone.
  1371. >Come on, is this really the time to check emails?
  1372. >You start to say something when you hear a very unfamiliar beep.
  1373. >D-did that come from your neck?
  1374. >Putting down his phone Anon reaches up to both sides of your neck and pulls off the deactivated collar!
  1375. "Woah woah woah, what are you doing?!"
  1376. >Betrayed!
  1377. >Abandoned!
  1378. >You grab his hands and try to push the two sides of the collar back together!
  1379. "What did I do?! I'm sorry! Don't take it, please! Don't get rid-"
  1380. >"Shhhh shhhh shhh, it's ok. It's alright, just relax."
  1381. >The pounding in your chest subsides a little when he lets you push the two sides of the device back into their proper places.
  1382. >"Nothing's wrong, nothing's the matter, I promise."
  1383. "Why else would you want my collar unless your gonna aba-"
  1384. >"Twilight I'm never going to let you go. You hear me? But I don't want this to be what makes you mine."
  1385. >He taps your collar.
  1386. >"I want this to be."
  1387. >He pokes you right in the chest over our heart.
  1388. >"So today let's try something a little different. Something I should have done when we first started out as a couple."
  1389. >With a click and one fluid motion he removes the collar again.
  1390. >The cold air on the never exposed patch of neck makes you shiver.
  1391. >"You alright? Still with me?"
  1392. "Y-yeah."
  1393. >Oh, this is weird.
  1394. >This is so weird.
  1395. >You haven't been collar free in years.
  1396. >There was the few seconds he took your old one off and gifted you your beautiful new one, but you've never been just... free.
  1397. >"You sure? You want a hug?"
  1398. >Oh hell yes you do!
  1399. >You dive into the secure embrace.
  1400. >It's fine, he's not leaving you or kicking you out, he just wants your neck free for this.
  1401. >You don't get why, but you trust Anon.
  1402. >The hug gets even better when he starts to massage the newly exposed fur.
  1403. >Your collar's as comfortable as they come, but it still tight around your neck 24/7.
  1404. >"Good girl. Good girl, just relax. I've got you."
  1405. >One hand continues to massage your neck while the other runs up and down your back.
  1406. >To your delight it even reaches all the way down to your flank!
  1407. >"How do you feel? Potion working?"
  1408. "Mhmmm."
  1409. >Your tail still flicks, especially when his hand gets down here, but the heat isn't out of control like it was before.
  1410. >"I'm going to do one more thing ok? Just stay with me and stay calm."
  1411. >What else could he possibly do to surprise you at this point?
  1412. >You're already naked around the neck, what could be weirder?
  1413. >Never in a million years did you expect the next sensation.
  1414. >Magic.
  1415. >So much magic!
  1416. >The twin bands slide off your horn and an ocean of magic flows into you!
  1417. >Your back arches and your mouth hangs open as you go from 0 to 100 in a second!
  1418. >So much power!
  1419. >Just how long were you wearing those military rings?!
  1420. >They'd allowed you the trickle you needed to survive, but just that.
  1421. >Now your magic flows and you forgot just how amazing it feels!
  1422. >"Twilight? Twilight? Stay with me Twilight."
  1423. >He holds your body close to his as the tremors run their course.
  1424. >The tight grip and light kisses ground you well enough that you don't lose yourself and give into a magical flare.
  1425. "You should have... warned me before you did that..."
  1426. >You slump in his grip, thankful for the support.
  1427. >"Sorry, I didn't know it'd do that."
  1428. >Stupid magically ignorant humans.
  1429. >You forgive him though.
  1430. "It's just a big shock. So much mana at once like that can make things go a bit haywire for powerful unicornsssss!"
  1431. >Ah, he's touching it!
  1432. >"It's warm."
  1433. >Lewd!
  1434. "Q-quit it! It's sensitive right now!"
  1435. >"Oh, so I shouldn't do this?"
  1436. "Anon!"
  1437. >He's rubbing it up and down!
  1438. >"Is this really an erogenous zone for ponies? Why didn't you ever tell me this before?"
  1439. "I-it can be, but you had me blocked before! Oh my god, if you don't quit it I'll... Ahh!"
  1440. >He lets go right before you... yeah.
  1441. >You can't decide if it's a mercy or a cruelty.
  1442. >"I'll have to remember that."
  1443. >Wonderful, you gave him more ammo.
  1444. >"We can come back to that though."
  1445. >He adjusts you in his lap and lifts your panting face to his.
  1446. >"How are you feeling?"
  1447. "Horny now you jerk..."
  1448. >"Heh, well besides that? Hows this and this?"
  1449. >One hand brushes your neck while the other taps your horn.
  1450. "I-it's weird. I don't get why you took everything off."
  1451. >"Because we needed to take a step back. I love being with you. Absolutely love everything about your body and your mind. But, I think we need to separate matters of this-"
  1452. >He brushes a finger up against your neck again.
  1453. >"From matters of this."
  1454. >A tap to your heart.
  1455. >"I've been thinking about this a lot since you ran away, and I should have done this on our first night together. Right now you're free. You're not mine, you're not Alison's, you're not anyone's. Twilight Sparkle only belongs to Twilight Sparkle, and she's free to do whatever she wants. I never told you to do anything specific before, but I don't want you trying to live up to some kind of expectations just because your sleeping with your master. Maybe you knew I'd enjoyed smacking that bottom so you let me. Maybe you enjoyed it, maybe you didn't, but the truth is you weren't really able to freely choose. I want you to be. I can't free your permanently, but everytime we're going to be together I want to see this beautiful neck bare, and I want your real opinion. Twilight Sparkle the slave, the property, can't properly consent, but Twilight Sparkle the freemare can."
  1456. >You don't even resist the tears this time.
  1457. >There's a time to be strong, and a time to cry.
  1458. >This is the latter.
  1459. >"Now I know you're still in heat, but the potion should make you lucid enough to make your own decisions. You can go get your toys and take the week off the deal with this, or I can help you. We can be as kinky as you want, or as vanilla. I want you to choose."
  1460. >Oh shut up you glorious thing.
  1461. >You kiss him.
  1462. >Deep, passionately, and with heartfelt passion.
  1463. "This means more to me than you could ever understand!"
  1464. >Another kiss just as deep.
  1465. "I want to be with you! I want to be one with you of my own free will! I don't just want to rut like I did with Dusty, I want to make love!"
  1466. >You had to stand up on your knees a bit to properly kiss him, so he supports you with an arm.
  1467. >Finally you have the break the kisses for a breath.
  1468. >The way he's looking at you is amazing.
  1469. >You feel so naked being seen without your collar or ring, but it's ok.
  1470. >It's ok to be vulnerable with him.
  1471. >"I want to be with you too Twi."
  1472. >You kiss again, even more deeply this time.
  1473. >His hand on the back of your neck serves to remind you of just how different things are right now.
  1474. >Not that you didn't want to be with him before, but you were always a slave being bedded by her master.
  1475. >Not this time though.
  1476. >This time it's just Twilight Sparkle and Anon.
  1477. >With a flick of your magic you teleport his boxers right out of the way.
  1478. >Magic's so easy now!
  1479. >Lowering yourself just an inch bumps you right into your heart's desire!
  1480. >"Twilight..."
  1481. "Anon..."
  1482. >You bury your head in the crook of his neck as your lips brush against his tip!
  1483. >He doesn't thrust though.
  1484. >He doesn't push you down and take what his body demands like you'd expect a human to.
  1485. >Instead of waits for you to take the initiative.
  1486. >For you to spread your legs and lower yourself until he slips inside a freemare.
  1487. >Things are so different this time!
  1488. >You aren't sore from a spanking.
  1489. >You aren't bent over being dominantly rutted anyway he sees fit.
  1490. >This time it's you who's sliding lower and lower at your own pace.
  1491. >You who's controls the depth and speed.
  1492. >Mmmm, so much agency!
  1493. >"Good girl..."
  1494. "Big boy..."
  1495. >The soreness from Alison is still there, but you can work through it.
  1496. >You WANT to work through it.
  1497. >Instead of trying to force your body you lower yourself one tiny bit a time.
  1498. >Giving your body time to stretch and adjust without rushing works wonders.
  1499. >You're ready for more and more until at last, you sit all the way down on his lap!
  1500. >"Fuck! Y-you still good?"
  1501. "S-so much, but I'm good!"
  1502. >You wiggle your hips earning a gasp out of the both of you.
  1503. "I love you."
  1504. >"I love you too."
  1506. >Neither of you last long, but it's wonderful nonetheless.
  1507. >Gentle, kind, loving, and satisfying.
  1508. >You coo and melt into his chest when he fills you with his affection.
  1509. >Between the gentle loving, and the continued neck massages, you're in absolute heaven.
  1510. "So..."
  1511. >Whew, catch your breath filly.
  1512. "So this is how it'll be from now on?"
  1513. >He's still inside, but you too tired to get up, and he's too tired to push you off.
  1514. >"That's what I was thinking. If your ok with that that is."
  1515. >If your ok with being respected and loved.
  1516. >Tough call.
  1517. "I loved it."
  1518. >He plants a kiss on the top of your head.
  1519. >"That's all I needed to hear."
  1520. >After a few more minutes you untangle from each other.
  1521. >A shower is clearly in order, and thankfully you've got a human to carry you right to it.
  1522. >You feel as lazy as a bump on a log, but being bathed in your afterglow is too relaxing to resist.
  1523. >After quickly toweling himself off, he sets you down on the counter to do the same for you.
  1524. >It's good to have such a dedicated servant.
  1525. >"Going to walk to breakfast on your own or keep being lazy?"
  1526. >Hmph!
  1527. >You hop off the counter and... almost collapse.
  1528. >Steady you stupid jello legs!
  1529. >"Woah! I was just kidding I can carry you, it's no big deal!"
  1530. >You shake your head and flex all four hooves to steady yourself!
  1531. "No no, it's fine. I've got it. You've done enough, thank you thought."
  1532. >There's one last thing he does needs to do though.
  1533. >Before you go back down to Rarity there's one thing you're missing.
  1534. >While he gets dressed you retreat back to the bedroom to retrieve just the thing.
  1535. >Your collar.
  1536. >With the gold and leather band in your magic you hop back up onto the bathroom counter.
  1537. >Neck proudly exposed to him, you hold out the symbol of so many's oppression for him to grab.
  1538. >From free mare back to property.
  1539. >But it doesn't feel bad when he takes it from your hand.
  1540. >It doesn't feel bad when he kisses you on the cheek and massages your neck one last time.
  1541. >It doesn't feel bad when he locks the mechanism firmly around your furry throat.
  1542. >It just feels right.
  1544. >When Rarity promises breakfast she means it!
  1545. >Eggs, grits, toast, fruit, waffles, and of course bacon.
  1546. >Not that bacon is your thing, but it's absolutely Anon's.
  1547. >[spoiler]You've tried it though, it's not bad[/spoiler]
  1548. >When you'd first arrived she'd fussed over you for a moment, but upon seeing how glowing you were her apprehension disolved.
  1549. >You'd been well taken care of and she knows it.
  1550. >If she notices your lack of a horn ring she doesn't mention it.
  1551. >You'd actually forgotten about them completely until you'd seen the tiny one atop Rarity's horn.
  1552. >Did Anon forget or is that behind you now?
  1553. >You're willing to wear one of it's what's best, but you'd certainly prefer your full and flowing magic.
  1554. >"Well it's good to see she's eating well."
  1555. >You'd come up with some remark for that, but right now your ravenous and food is greater than Rarity.
  1556. >"Well, I think she got a bit of a work out."
  1557. "So did you!"
  1558. >"Don't talk with your mouth full darling."
  1559. >Don't blah blah with your blah blah full blah.
  1560. >"I think I've got a bit more endurance than a tiny little pony though."
  1561. >Psh, he says that but he was panting too...
  1562. >Then again he carried you around afterwards with little trouble at all...
  1563. "Yeah well... We'll just see about that..."
  1564. >"We will? Does that-"
  1565. >*Knock knock knock*
  1566. >Wut?
  1567. >It's like 9AM on a saturday.
  1568. >Who the heck knocks on the door at 9AM on a saturday?
  1569. >"I'll get it."
  1570. >Heck yeah he will, you're eating. [spoiler]Mother fucking crepes![/spoiler]
  1571. >It's probably some dumb salesman anyway.
  1572. >Even if you or Rarity got the door they'd just want to talk to the human of the house.
  1573. >Jokes on them, you have money too.
  1574. >Just... not a lot.
  1575. >"Girls! Can you come up here for a minute?"
  1576. >What.
  1577. >The.
  1578. >Heck.
  1579. >What on earth could he need you two for?
  1580. >Your taking your plate with you because there's no way this is THAT important.
  1581. >Really though what could be more important than breakfast?
  1582. >Rounding the corner does reveal a rather odd sight though.
  1583. >Right outside the door strapped to a dolly is a huge crate.
  1584. >Did Anon order some new furniture?
  1585. >The box is bigger than you, so whatever it is must have been pretty expensive.
  1586. >"Then one more signature right here."
  1587. >Multiple signatures for a piece of furniture?
  1588. >"Well she's all yours mister. Have a nice day."
  1589. >She?
  1590. >"SWEETIE BELLE!"
  1591. >Rarity pushes past you so hard you almost drop your plate.
  1592. >It's been at least a month since you last spoke to sweetie belle.
  1593. >A month in that hell called Gentlehoof being 'trained'.
  1594. >You just hope there's a Sweetie Belle left.
  1596. >"Rarity?"
  1597. >The unmistakable voice of a Belle sister calls out from inside the crate.
  1598. >With a burst of magic Rarity drags the crate inside and immediately sets to work on the lock.
  1599. >If she were thinking straight she'd grab the key from the nearby human, but she's in such a rush it probably doesn't occur to her.
  1600. >Then again you don't see the key in Anon's hand anyway.
  1601. >Does the delivery guy still have it?
  1602. >No matter.
  1603. >With a pulse of your naked horn you crush the lock into a tiny sphere the size of a pebble.
  1604. >Oh, that feels good!
  1605. >"Sweetie! Sweetie Belle, are you alright?! Come on out, come to big sister!"
  1606. >The young mare is a little reluctant, but allows herself to be dragged out of the crate by her big sister.
  1607. >"Oh Sweetie, I thought I'd never see you again! That day... that terrible day I looked for you girls, but everything happened so fast!"
  1608. >The day the humans took Ponyville.
  1609. >You were one of, if not the only, pony to escape immediately enslavement due to your magical prowess.
  1610. >You remember seeing Rarity and AJ trying to get to their sisters.
  1611. >They were supposed to be at their old treehouse on Sweet Apple Acres, so far from town.
  1612. >You'd blinked that way, but you'd been forced to break off in another direction when the humans proved to be too hot on your tail.
  1613. >No doubt that was the last time Rarity and Sweetie saw each other.
  1614. >That's been what now?
  1615. >6 years?
  1616. >You were 12 when Ponyville fell and Sweetie 6.
  1617. >Half her life has revolved around slavery.
  1618. >"Are you hurt? Did they treat you well? What happened with your last master? We heard such terrible stories! Do you want something to eat? I've just made breakfast, you absolutely must have some!"
  1619. >As much as you want to greet Sweetie yourself, it's probably best to let them have this moment.
  1620. >You know you'd want a reunion with your family uninterrupted.
  1621. >"Glad to see you too sis, but I'm fine. Just tell me what I need to know, I can eat later."
  1622. >You pick up your plate to grab another crepe only to have it whisked away from you!
  1623. >Your crepes!
  1624. >"Here, they're still warm. You simply must eat!"
  1625. >She took your crepes!
  1626. >Sweetie pushes the plate away with a hoof.
  1627. >"I'll said I'll grab something in a minute. That's not important right now."
  1628. >"Sweetie, darling, you look as thin as a rail! You really must-"
  1629. >"Quit babying me! I said in a minute!"
  1630. >Woah!
  1631. >"Tell me about him."
  1632. >She gestures towards the humans still at the door.
  1633. >"What's he like? What are his preferences? Is it sir or master? What kind of duties am I going to have?"
  1634. >Straight to business, huh?
  1635. >Rarity takes her sister by the hoof and subtly looks her over as she answers.
  1636. >"He's very kind, you need not worry. Right now it's you we should be focusing on. You've just come from an awful place."
  1637. >"Would you just answer my-"
  1638. >Sweetie's sharp retort is cut off by Anon biding the delivery man farewell.
  1639. >"Thanks, have a good one."
  1640. >Before he even finishes locking the door Sweetie rushes over and bows deeply.
  1641. >"Thank you for purchasing me master! My name's Sweetie Belle and I'm trained for domestic tasks both large and small. Please just tell me what to do and consider it done."
  1642. >That's some training alright.
  1643. >Is this what Gentlehoof wanted to turn you into?
  1644. >Anon squats down to be on Sweetie's level.
  1645. >"Nice to meet you Sweetie Belle. You can just call me Anon. The girls had a lot of good things to say about you, so I'm sure you'll fit right in. After all, your Rarity's sister right?"
  1646. >The elder sister snuck around Anon's back and positions herself by his side while Sweetie gave her sales pitch.
  1647. >Anon wraps an arm around Rarity's withers and pulls her in for some scratchies under the chin.
  1648. >You'd be slightly jealous, but with his liquid love inside you it's hard to be insecure.
  1649. >Sweetie has no such advantage.
  1650. >The flash of jealousy lasts only a moment, but you see it.
  1651. >Just what did Gentlehoof do to her?
  1652. >"Why don't we talk over breakfast though? I'm starved."
  1653. >Hmm, it's almost like somepony made him work up an appetite...
  1654. >With his veritable herd of mares in tow Anon leads the way to the kitchen.
  1655. >You may have confidently sashayed a bit, but who can blame you after how well this morning is going?
  1656. >First your morning with Anon, then your lack of a ring, and now this.
  1657. >Sure Sweetie will no doubt bring her own challenges, but your so relaxed basking in the afterglow it can't bring you down.
  1658. >Sweetie rushes ahead to stay right on Anon's heels, while Rarity waits for you to swagger up from behind.
  1659. >"Quite the eventful morning. First Sweetie Belle, and now the most confident Twilight Sparkle I've seen in some time."
  1660. "What can I say? It's a great morning."
  1661. >"I can see that."
  1662. >She arches a tiny jolt of magic from her weakly restrained horn to your naked one.
  1663. >"He put a lot of trust in you. I'm glad to see it's paid off."
  1664. >You smile broadly.
  1665. "We had a wonderful time. What did he ask you in the hall?"
  1666. >"If I could stop you should you try and run away again."
  1667. "And what did you say?"
  1668. >"That I couldn't, yet he trusted you anyway. I can't say I wasn't worried, but I'm glad things went well."
  1669. "They did! What about Sweetie though? I know you're excited! Did you know she was coming today?"
  1670. >She looks at the young mare eagerly nipping at Anon's heels.
  1671. >"I'm certainly glad she's out of that awful place, but no we didn't. Dear Anon just left instructions for her to be delivered as soon as possible. I just wonder what that place did to her. How was she when you spoke to her before?"
  1672. >Well, she almost stomped your face in when you surprised her with a hug.
  1673. "She was... intense. She didn't want to trust me at first, that's for sure. I think she had some kind of run-in with Dash?"
  1674. >You've told both Rarity and Anon about your experiences with the rainbow mare.
  1675. >Did Sweetie avoid initial capture then?
  1676. >She and the other Crusaders had a head start by being out of town at the time.
  1677. >Maybe she trusted Dash and ended up in a cage for it?
  1678. >You couldn't really blame her for having trust issues if so.
  1679. >"Hmm, we'll have to get her story at some point. I just hope she's..."
  1680. >You both watch Sweetie rush ahead to pull Anon's chair out then fetch him a plate of food to hoof deliver.
  1681. >"I just hope she's alright. I understand wanting to make a good impression, but she was rarely so sharp with me in the past. Perhaps it's just jitters, yes?"
  1682. >You sure hope so, there's no telling what Gentlehoof could do to a mare that was there as long as she was.
  1683. "Whatever it is, we'll figure it out."
  1685. >Breakfast conversation is... odd.
  1686. >You get your crepes [spoiler]hon hon hon[/spoiler] but everything else is a bit strained.
  1687. >Rarity tries to initiate conversation with Sweetie but...
  1688. >"Sweetie darling why don't you tell us about-"
  1689. >"Would you like more crepes master? More juice maybe?"
  1690. >And Rarity finds herself ignored again.
  1691. >"I'm good Sweetie, really. Let's listen to your sister for a second though, ok?"  
  1692. >Look at Mr. Socially Conscious over there.
  1693. >2 points for Anon.
  1694. >"I... sure. What was that sis?"
  1695. >Rarity looks a little perturbed but pushes forward.
  1696. >"I was just asking about how you've been. We heard such nasty things about your last master. I admit I was very worried."
  1697. >You can't help but notice her happy and eager expression quickly morphs into one of annoyance when looking from Anon to Rarity.
  1698. >"It was... fine. I wasn't quite ready for some of the stuff he asked me to do, so we ran into some... issues."
  1699. >'Issues' is what she calls pulling a knife on her human?
  1700. >To be honest she's lucky she wasn't put down.
  1701. >Unicorn mares tend to be expensive though.
  1702. >You're sure that played a part in her being retrained instead of simply removed.
  1703. >"But that's all in the past now! Gentlehoof showed me how to do everything just right and how to enjoy it too! Whatever you want master, I'm yours!"
  1704. >Enjoy it too?
  1705. >A cruel fate if she's talking about what you think she might be.
  1706. >You didn't tell Rarity and Anon that the place Dr. Rogers took you that one time was the 'husbandry wing'.
  1707. >Memories of Anon mentioning a 'penetration' checkbox on one of your forms also comes to mind.
  1708. >What was checked for Sweetie?
  1709. >After such an extreme incident her training was court mandated.
  1710. >Even if Anon expressed his desire to purchase her, he couldn't tell Gentlehoof just what to do with her.
  1711. >"Cooking, cleaning, even more... personal tasks."
  1712. >Ha, filly think she can come in here and take over bed mare duties?
  1713. >Your naked horn and warm insides say you've got the position on lockdown.
  1714. >N-not that you're a bedmare.
  1715. >Well, ok, you are TECHNICALLY a bedmare by the strictest definitions of the term.
  1716. >You are a mare, you do sleep in Anon's bed, and you do have intercourse with him.
  1717. >You are however, much more than just a slave whose duty is tail lifting.
  1718. >You're his marefriend and he's your boyfriend.
  1719. >Sweetie doesn't know that though.
  1720. >All she knows is Gentlehoof trained her to act a certain way for her master, and Anon is now that master.
  1721. >He'll shoot her down though and that'll be that.
  1722. >"That's great. I'm sure we'll find somewhere you'll fit in."
  1723. >Or he could be oblivious to her obvious implication.
  1724. >So cute, but so dumb at times.
  1725. >"Rarity manages the housework and Twilight..."
  1726. >Go on.
  1727. >"Helps."
  1728. >Celestia you want to faceplant into the table.
  1729. >You do more than just help!
  1730. >You...
  1731. >You do lots of stuff!
  1732. >Like, uhh, well.
  1733. >Crap, what do you do nowadays?
  1734. >Play video games with him?
  1735. >Rarity used to send you to the store from time to time, but she did most the housework.
  1736. >You occasionally do a load of laundry when she asks, but that was kinda uncommon.
  1737. >Are you the lazy live-in marefriend?
  1738. >Surely not.
  1739. >"To be honest things run pretty smoothly around here nowadays."
  1740. >He better not be implying they didn't run smoothly when it was just the two of you.
  1741. >Sure, his laundry wasn't always ready, but he never went hungry!
  1742. >...
  1743. >For too long...
  1744. >Food quality is up since Rarity took over that department, you're willing to admit that.
  1745. >"I bought you more as a favor to the girls and to keep you safe rather than to work."
  1746. >Purchased just to be protected?
  1747. >If that isn't everyslave's dream you don't know what is.
  1748. >Sure you got lucky with him, but he still bought you with the intention of putting you to work.
  1749. >Things may have changed in regards to yourself, but what a great deal for Sweetie to just fall into.
  1750. >"B-but I can work! I'm a great housekeeper or anything else you need me to be, I promise!"
  1751. >Everyslave except Sweetie Belle that is.
  1752. >"Just let me prove it to you, please! Any job, big or small, you'll see how helpful I can be!"
  1753. >Gentlehoof probably sold her some kind of 'salvation through work' garbage.
  1754. >Rarity intervenes before Anon has to.
  1755. >"Sweetie, please. If you want something to do I could certainly use the help-"
  1756. >'I' could use the help?
  1757. >She means 'we' could use the help, right?
  1758. >What are you? useless?
  1759. >"But as Anon said we brought you here to keep you safe, not to work yourself to the bone."
  1760. >You didn't even know Sweetie had such an 'unconvinced' face.
  1762. >After breakfast (which Sweetie INSISTED on cleaning up) Anon turns on the TV in the living room.
  1763. >Yourself, Anon, and Rarity curl up on the couch at Sweetie's insistence.
  1764. >She can do it herself she says.
  1765. "Does she even know where everything goes?"
  1766. >A clatter of something falling in the kitchen makes Rarity wince.
  1767. >"Doubtful, but perhaps she needs this. Anon dear, your thoughts?"
  1768. >He scratches both yours and Rarity's necks on either side of him.
  1769. >"She definitely likes the idea of having a purpose, probably something they trained into her."
  1770. >With a light collar pull he lifts your head to look him in the eye.
  1771. >"Something I'm glad they didn't train into you. You might have been a little worse for wear, but you're still my Twi."
  1772. >Awww.
  1773. "Yeah yeah. Flattery will get you everywhere sir."
  1774. >You give him a quick peck on the cheek.
  1775. >An even louder clatter makes Rarity groan and slide off the couch.
  1776. >"That's it. I'll not sit idly by while she destroys my kitchen."
  1777. >Neither of you stop her when she trots off towards the potential disaster zone.
  1778. >The kitchen is kinda her thing now, who can blame her?
  1779. >Anon turns down the TV so you can hear the distant conversation.
  1780. >"Rarity I said I got this!"
  1781. >"You certainly do not if you're trying to fit those dishes in that cabinet! There's an order to everything and you're disturbing it! Look the frying pan goes-"
  1783. >Wow, she was sharp before, but she's straight up yelling now!
  1784. >"Sweetie Belle! I don't know what's gotten into you but-"
  1785. >Aaaaand that's how the cat fight started.
  1786. >"Sweetie Belle, could you come in here please?"
  1787. >A call from her master clearly overrides any disagreement with her sister.
  1788. >As quick as a flash Sweetie appears in the living room with Rarity grumbling behind.
  1789. >Heh, her eyes flick to your head in his lap having your 'runaway' ear massaged. [spoiler]He gives that one extra attention.[/spoiler]
  1790. >Jealous.
  1791. >"Yes master?"
  1792. >Eager little thing.
  1793. >"Look, I'll level with you. Living here probably isn't what you expected or what Gentlehoof had in mind for you. You aren't going to have chores to do 24/7, we just don't have that much work in a small household like this. I get that you're anxious and want to prove yourself, but just relax. No one's going to be disappointed with you or anything like that. Things started out with just me and Twilight and even then she wasn't always busy."
  1794. >Seniority bitch.
  1795. >"And just look at her now."
  1796. >He strokes a finger over your cheek with one hand and scratches you back with the other earning himself a purr of delight.
  1797. >"Her most important job now is cuddlebug and ward bitch."
  1798. >!!!
  1799. >Your eyes snap open in shocked realization!
  1800. "We should play Dota!"
  1801. >"Your sister took up sewing again as her hobby."
  1802. >You've been ignored.
  1803. >"I really don't mind what you do as long as things keep running smoothly around here."
  1804. >"But sir I-"
  1805. >He holds a hand up to stop her.
  1806. >"I understand this could take some getting used to. Why don't you go with Rarity today and let her show you where everything's at? I'm sure you COULD figure it out on your own, but things will go that much smoother if you let your sister show you."
  1807. >She doesn't like the idea, but she dares not argue with her new master.
  1808. >"Y-yes sir."
  1809. >Poor thing looks a little defeated, but it's for the best.
  1810. >"Wonderful idea Anon, thank you."
  1811. >Rarity corrals the younger mare and pushes her towards the kitchen.
  1812. >"Why don't you get the rest of the dishes washed and I'll show you where to put them, yes?"
  1813. >She grumbles but goes as instructed.
  1814. >Rarity gives Anon a crooked grin once Sweetie's out of earshot.
  1815. >"Giving me the hard job, hmm?"
  1816. >"What? Just trying to help you out 'darling'. Besides, you've managed ponies before."
  1817. >Hundreds.
  1818. >"That was a long time ago and you know it. Things are different now."
  1819. >"So what? You forgot how? Yeah right, I believe in you. She's your sister, you know her better than anyone. See if you can't snap her out of that mindset, and whip her into shape."
  1820. >He lightly slaps your ample flanks for emphasis!
  1821. "Hey!"
  1822. >"Hopefully nothing drastic will be required. I'm just not sure how much she's changed. How badly they damaged her."
  1823. >Is he just gonna ignore your protest?
  1824. >He slapped your flank now he's gonna ignore you?
  1825. >"If you need help let us know, but I think you're the best person for the job."
  1826. >He's really just going to ignore you.
  1827. >You poke him in the stomach with your horn.
  1828. >Apologize ya jerk!
  1829. >"I appreciate the vote of confidence I suppose. We'll see what I can do, but don't expect a miracle."
  1830. >Rarity trots off towards the still clashing kitchen while your continue to poke Anon harder and harder.
  1831. >Apologize!
  1832. >He grabs you by the horn and guides your head back to his lap!
  1833. >[spoiler]Horn grabbing unf[/spoiler]
  1834. >"That hurts you know."
  1835. "You slapped me!"
  1836. >"I barely touched you!"
  1837. "It doesn't matter, you smacked me!"
  1838. >"I was making a point! Yours was the closest and cutest plot to smack. Don't act like you didn't like it."
  1839. >He called your plot cute.
  1840. "T-that's not the point! You can't use me as a prop, and you can't start something you aren't willing to finish!"
  1841. >His fingernails dig deep into your coat as way of backscratch apology.
  1842. >"Ok, you aren't a prop."
  1843. >Damn straight."
  1844. >"And I'm willing to finish anything I start, but surely you don't need that again so soon?"
  1845. >His hand slips off your back and slides around to your underbelly.
  1846. >What's he...?
  1847. >O-ok that's right on top of your womb!
  1848. >This isn't some hentai where you're grotesquely swollen, but his love's still in there.
  1849. >S-surely he can't feel it can he?
  1850. "N-no I'm good! You know how to satisfy I'll admit."
  1851. >You'll be good for a while after a mating like that, even with your heat.
  1852. >His hand doesn't leave the lewd spot though.
  1853. >C-can he feel it?
  1854. >He filled you up good like he always does...
  1855. >It's a good thing humans and pony's are incompatible otherwise you'd be pregnant in a heartbeat![spoiler]Right?[/spoiler]
  1856. >"So I'm forgiven then?"
  1857. >You pout but the hand moves up slightly to your belly.
  1858. >It's less lewd and more comfy.
  1859. >Grump attitude slipping away!
  1860. "Only if we play Dota."
  1861. >"You're the ward bitch."
  1862. "I wanna play carry!"
  1863. >He boops your nose so hard you go crosseyed!
  1864. >Abuse!
  1865. >"Grounded mares have to play ward bitch."
  1866. >Fuck that, fuck him.
  1867. >You're gonna play Earthshaker and steal all the kills.
  1868. >You'll show him ward bitch!
  1870. >"The enemy team's over there, I'm warning you."
  1871. "It's fine, I'm just placing this ward then - FUCK!"
  1872. >Any peace and tranquility from your time with Anon this morning is now gone.
  1873. >Why is the ENTIRE enemy team waiting at the top of those stairs?!
  1874. >Why is your mid Invoker pants on head retarded!?
  1875. >Why was the enemy team allowed to 3v2 bot while your offlane Legion feeds the hell out of fuckin solo Slark!?
  1876. "This fucking game, uhhhh!"
  1877. >You jump out of your chair and slam your headset down in frustration!
  1878. "Anon! Anon, how can some humans be so unbelievably stupid?! How can you monkeys conquer the whole pony race then bucking Sergei over here can't figure out how to control his lane for 2 bucking minutes?! I don't understand!"
  1879. >"Yeah, I don't know. At least it's not peruvian, but this guy can't land a spell to save his life."
  1880. "Like this is any better! We're on US mother bucking East! Why do they speak russian!?"
  1881. >He grabs his pacing and ranting mare around the midsection and pulls her up into his lap.
  1882. >You glance at the screen to see he and everyone but Invoker are also dead.
  1883. >Said skilled Invoker player seems to be farming top jungle while the enemy team pushes mid barracks.
  1884. >Brilliant.
  1885. >"Wait, holy shit, is Earthshaker a pony?!"
  1886. >Oh just wonderful, you left the stupid mic on too, and this awful Pudge heard.
  1887. >Anytime anyone online finds out you're a pony they never shut the hell up about it.
  1888. >'Shouldn't you be working?'
  1889. >'Shut up you fucking slave.'
  1890. >Real original stuff guys, doesn't change your shitty KDA!
  1891. >"Earthshaker say something else! Does your master know you're playing games? Are you gonna get beat when he finds out you've been slacking off? Why don't you come suck my superior human-"
  1892. >You're start to pick up your headset to yell back, when Anon cues up his.
  1893. >He'll just tell the asshole to calm down and focus on the game or something like that.
  1894. >Ponies aren't exactly banned from the internet, but the few that are on it have to expect to be harassed.
  1895. >Anon usually just tells you to just mute them and keep playing, but more often than not lets your temper get the better of you and get into dumb screaming matches.
  1896. >And that's what'll happen this time:
  1897. >He'll tell the dude to calm down because he still wants a chance at winning the game.
  1898. >He'll mute the asshole on your computer so you don't have to listen to his string of harassment.
  1899. >If you unmute him and get into an argument he'll scold you, maybe even say no more computer for the day.
  1900. >You grumble at the injustice of it all.
  1901. >This Pudge is the one that ruined the game by MISSING EVERY SINGLE HOOK!
  1902. >Maybe you didn't buy EVERY ward, but you did a damn good job.
  1903. >Now he gets to pester you for being a pony, and you just have to try and ignore him.
  1904. >Stupid humans.
  1905. >"Dude it's not her fault you're 5 levels under everyone else. Maybe if you tried landing a hook we wouldn't be down a pair of racks at 24 minutes."
  1906. >I-is Anon shit talking?
  1907. >"Maybe if we had some vision! She your bitch or something? Maybe show her how to buy wards before making the rest of us play with a fucking pony!"
  1908. >Anon pings the ward restock timer several times, clearly showing wards literally can not be purchased right now.
  1909. >"Do you know. How wards. Work? Have you played this game before? Try not wandering aimlessly outside our vision and dying 12 times next time."
  1910. >H-he's defending you!
  1911. >You nuzzle up under his chin and give him a light kiss before scurrying back to your seat and joining in the screaming match.
  1912. >It's a magical bonding experience.
  1914. >You push your chair back from the desk after the inevitable loss.
  1915. >"Well that was crap."
  1916. "That's matchmaking for you."
  1917. >You slide off the chair for some hooves-forward butt-up stretching.
  1918. >It feels great AND makes Anon look at you!
  1919. >"You even want to play another?"
  1920. >Do you?
  1921. >You usually don't like ending on a bad note.
  1922. >Plus that game got better when Anon came to your defense instead of letting that guy harass you.
  1923. >Another game doesn't sound awful but you realllly don't want to play support again.
  1924. >Maybe you can...
  1925. >You catch his eyes fixed on your raised rump as you finish your stretch.
  1926. >Ez.
  1927. >You saunter his way and bat your eyelashes like you've seen Rarity do.
  1928. >If she can pull it off so you can you, right?
  1929. >You throw your forehooves up on his lap and rest your head on them dainty.
  1930. >Gotta flick that tail for good measure too.
  1931. >"Well, that WAS a rough game. But... I really appreciated the way you defended me from that mean Pudge player."
  1932. >You rub your forehoof up and down his leg.
  1933. >Mmmm you like that big guy?
  1934. "I guess I could play more, but..."
  1935. >You break eye contact and demurely draw small circles on his leg with a hoof.
  1936. "Well... it's just..."
  1937. >Oh, you're just so shy!
  1938. >He'll just have to ask you what's bothering you, right?
  1939. >Right.
  1940. "Just... It's just..."
  1941. >Ask you idiot!
  1942. "It's..."
  1943. >Wow he's the worst at this.
  1944. "Ask what's wrong you idiot!"
  1945. >That makes him crack up and grab one of your angrly flicking ears.
  1946. >"You're so cute thinking you can seduce me when I was balls deep in you just a few hours ago."
  1947. >Wtf lewd!
  1948. >"And when I know you'll be begging me for more attention by this time tomorrow."
  1949. >Y-you aren't that desperate... yet.
  1950. "H-heat sucks..."
  1951. >"I like it."
  1952. "Shut up you perv."
  1953. >"You weren't saying that this morning."
  1954. "This morning was... you know what? I'll go to Dusty tomorrow!"
  1955. >"I think we both know you'd prefer a human touch. Besides Dusty isn't going to take your collar off."
  1956. >Sometimes you hate it when he's right.
  1957. "You're super cute right now though, so I'll play along. What's wrong Twilight? Don't you want to play more?"
  1958. >Ugh, he says it so mechanically.
  1959. >He's mocking you, but you'll pretend you didn't hear it.
  1960. "I... I'd love to play more but..."
  1961. >"Ok out with it."
  1962. "I don't want to play support again!"
  1963. >He's cute but he can't last hit to save his life.
  1964. >Also 0 game sense.
  1965. >'Oh look I'm Anon. The whole enemy team is missing but I'll keep farming over here and hope no one murders me. herp de derp.'
  1966. >Not to toot your own horn but you're got like 1k MMR on him.
  1967. >"You aren't playing carry, you're grounded remember?"
  1968. "Come on just one game!"
  1969. >"What part of punishment do you not understand?"
  1970. >The part where it sucks this much!
  1971. "Techies then!"
  1972. >"No, absolutely not!"
  1973. "Don't be a bitch, my Techies is fine!"
  1974. >"No one likes playing with Techies!"
  1975. "Because you humans just don't understand his subtle genius."
  1976. >"He's a hero based on pissing people off."
  1977. "Yes and that's why he's brilliant. Come on, one carry game then. We'll win I promise."
  1978. >"No absolutely not."
  1979. >Grrr!
  1980. "Why not?"
  1981. >"Because you're being disciplined."
  1982. >He suddenly pinches and lightly pulls on the ear he was massaging!
  1983. "Ow!"
  1984. >"I don't like being the bad guy, but you never have consequences. Real consequences."
  1985. "I told you to spank me..."
  1986. >"And I told you it wouldn't have been good for you. You were traumatized, hurt, and scared. As much as I like using your bottom as a set of drums it would have done more harm than good."
  1987. >It's sweet how much he cares about your best interest.
  1988. >Still, you'd rather a punishment that was over quickly instead of drawn out like this.
  1989. >You suppose not enjoying it IS the point of a punishment though.
  1990. >With one last tiny tug he lets go of your ear.
  1991. "You're probably right, Mistress Alison did do a number on me."
  1992. >You hop up into his lap, sit down, and lean back into his chest.
  1993. "If you really think all this necessary then... yes sir..."
  1994. >Ugh, that was hard to say!
  1995. >When's the last time you called him sir? Submitted to his authority like this?
  1996. "I'm not so traumatized anymore though. If you wanted to we could get all this business over now with a quick... you know?"
  1997. >He rubs one hand across your belly and the other through your chest fur.
  1998. >"Nice try, but Rarity told me about your little chat the other night."
  1999. >Damn it!
  2000. >"If you want me to play with that flank just tell me the next time you have your collar off. It's not going to count as punishment for you anymore though you naughty little thing."
  2001. >It was worth a try at least.
  2002. "Fine, you got me..."
  2003. >With a dejected sigh you slide off his lap and drag your hooves back over to your chair.
  2004. >It's not that playing support is THAT miserable, it's just not what you really want right now.
  2005. >In the end he's still letting you play with the computer while Rarity works.
  2006. >Be positive Twilight, chin up.
  2007. >"Hey."
  2008. >You roll your head over on the keyboard to look at him.
  2009. "One game."
  2010. >Does he mean what you think he does?
  2011. "You can play carry one game."
  2012. >You sit up and smile broadly!
  2013. "Only because you accepted my decision without arguing, understand? Your punishment isn't over, but I'm proud of you for being good about it."
  2014. >Rewards for good behavior?
  2015. >Works for you!
  2016. >"Yes sir! Thank you sir!"
  2017. >He just laughs and clicks the 'play' button.
  2018. >You're the carry now!
  2020. >Your three other teammates have a slightly more manageable amount of downs this game.
  2021. >They don't make the best decisions, but they don't relentlessly feed either.
  2022. >It's like herding cats getting them to push objectives, but you happen to be an expert cat herder after all your time with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.
  2023. >"They're coming around, back up."
  2024. "I'm going, I'm going. We might just have to fight. Ursa's teleporting down it's 4v4."
  2025. >"I don't know, I don't have my ult up."
  2026. "I don't think we get a choice. We - ok fighting now! Interrupt him! Interrupt Bane!"
  2027. >"I can't I'm-"
  2028. >"Darlings! Lunch is served!"
  2029. >The door bursts open and SOMEPONY starts talking IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR TEAM FIGHT!
  2030. >"That's quite enough of your little games you two, we called you for lunch over half an hour ago."
  2031. "We're in the same game Rarity! We can't just - Anon he's going towards mid, go around, cut him off!"
  2032. >"Mhmm, well can't you just pause for a moment? It's bad enough you don't properly come down stairs for lunch, but now you can't even take a moment's break to eat it?"
  2033. "It's an online game, you can't pause it mom!"
  2034. >"I'll ignore that last bit. Here, just open up."
  2035. >You turn your head and whinny in frustration as Rarity literally tries to shove a bite of sandwich in your mouth while you're running for your life!
  2036. "Quit it! Anon tell her to go away!"
  2037. >"Rarity could you give us just another minute please?"
  2038. >Tell her, not politely ask her!
  2039. >"We'll be done just as soon as... well actually I'm dead now so I'll take mine."
  2040. >"Here you are master! Rarity said this is just the way you like it, I hope it's enjoyable!"
  2041. >While Sweetie tends to Anon, Rarity slides up besides your monitor to pester you.
  2042. >Ignore her.
  2043. >Run to base.
  2044. >Dodge skill shots.
  2045. >Why is your force staff still on cooldown!?
  2046. >"Just a quick bite darling? It'll be cold soon and it's past 1 already."
  2047. >Sweet Celestia she's going to keep bothering you until you give in.
  2048. >You open your mouth and point it towards her.
  2049. >After a moments confusion and a giggle she floats the sandwich into your mouth for you.
  2050. >"Goodness, she can't even feed herself. I'm glad this is something the two of you enjoy together at least."
  2051. >Grumble grumble grumble mouth full of sandwich.
  2052. >"Open up, here comes another bite!"
  2053. "Hold on I'm - mmmm!"
  2054. >You bite to keep from choking to death!
  2055. >This is not helping you focus!
  2056. >Everyone is dead but you and Treant.
  2057. >You've got to defend this 'racks otherwise things really go to shit and YOU'RE BEING ASSAULTED BY A SANDWICH!
  2058. >With no other choice you divert some attention to magically pushing the food away.
  2059. "Can you please just wait a minute!"
  2060. >"But Anon's eating. You really must-"
  2061. "Anon's dead for the next 60 seconds! I'm trying to keep us in the game! Would you please just - Oh come on!"
  2062. >Since when does Juggernaut have a blink too!?
  2063. >Does everyone have a blink!?
  2064. >Fuck you IceFrog, balance your game!
  2065. >Well, he's omnislashing your scaley medusa ass.
  2066. >Nowhere to go, nothing to use, you just get to watch him slowly melt what little health and mana you have left.
  2067. >Damn it.
  2068. >You sit back and sigh.
  2069. >"Now may I?"
  2070. >You give her a flat look, but take the offered sustenance from her magical grip and munch.
  2071. >It's daisy and daffodil, your favorite.
  2072. >Your favorite food isn't going to make this game easier to win though.
  2073. >Whatever, you're dead for a full 100 seconds with no buyback.
  2074. "Thanks..."
  2075. >"Of course."
  2076. >Now that the pressure is more or less off, you look over at Anon.
  2077. >Sweetie is reared up with her forelegs draped over his lap.
  2078. >Without the heady mix of afterglow endorphins you had this morning the sight bugs you more than you expected.
  2079. >The way she smiles at him.
  2080. >The pitch of her voice.
  2081. >You know it's not her fault, she was trained to suck up to her new master, but he still belongs to you.
  2082. "Anon, you're about to be back up. Save the rest of the 'racks, chop chop."
  2083. >"Huh? Oh, you're right. Thanks for the food Sweetie."
  2084. >That at least gets her hooves off him.
  2085. >When you turn back Rarity catches you gaze.
  2086. >She sees it too.
  2087. "Has she been like that the whole time?"
  2088. >"Nothing but questions about her new master as you might expect."
  2089. >You glance over again to find the glorified filly right up beside Anon's chair as close to his side as can possibly be.
  2090. "You think it'll be a problem?"
  2091. >"When she finds out what a cuddleslut really does and that she can't be one too?"
  2092. >A scene flashes across your mind:
  2093. >*You riding Anon's dick.*
  2094. >*An fuming Sweetie behinds you.*
  2095. >[spoiler]*With a knife...*[/spoiler]
  2096. >"Nothing we can't handle, right?"
  2097. "W-we'll figure it out..."
  2099. >You get Rarity to leave only by allowing her to feed you the entire sandwich.
  2100. >Like, it's pretty good, but chill mare you'll eat it eventually.
  2101. >You notice Anon's food rests on his plate without somepony trying to shove it down his throat.
  2102. >Does she think you'd forget to eat if left to your own devices?
  2103. >You'd eat.
  2104. >Eventually.
  2105. >Either way Rarity drags Sweetie from Anon's side and the two depart.
  2106. >Despite the interruption [spoiler]'Just pause the game Twilight' Ugh![/spoiler] you'd managed to hold the 'racks and keep the team together.
  2107. >Full build Medusa is pretty busted when you don't draft correctly against her.
  2108. >It's only takes time and some mild retard herding to eventually carry your team to victory.
  2109. >You'd say it wasn't worth the hassle, but becoming an unstoppable 1v5 snake god in the ultra late game always brings you to maniacal cackling.
  2110. >Yes! Yes, let them break themselves upon your mana shield! Let the helpless fools flock to their doom!
  2111. >"You know, you can be kinda scary sometimes."
  2112. "I uh... Wait, did I say that out loud?"
  2113. >"Were you ever a mad genius back in Equestria?"
  2114. >Yes.
  2115. "No."
  2116. >You hop out of your chair and wrap yourself in the light of your horn until your hooves leave the floor.
  2117. "I could have been though. I could be one here too."
  2118. >More and more magic flows across your body until it arcs across your coat and your mane begins to take on an ethereal sheen.
  2119. "We could do it you know? We could take over the world! With my power and you by my side nothing could stop us! We could- Ah"
  2120. >That tickles!
  2121. >Floating vertically leaves your underbelly exposed for vicious sneak attacks!
  2122. >In an instant your magic cuts out causing you to fall into a pair of waiting arms.
  2123. >"See what happens? I let you play one carry game and you go off the 'world domination' deep end."
  2124. >You'd escape and go take over the world, but he keeps repeatedly booping your nose!
  2125. "Alright alright, quit it! We can't actually take over the world anyway because tranquilizers are cheating."
  2126. >Or maybe you're just an easy target?
  2127. >"I'm no magic expert, but can't you like make a shield or something?"
  2128. >You pat the poor dumb stupid monkey.
  2129. "Anon, Anon, Anon... So innocent, so naive..."
  2130. >"That would totally work. I've seen ponies do it."
  2131. "Ok, yes it could work, but only if you want to maintain a shield 24/7. Why don't you just go lift a dumbell for the next few days? Depending on the strength of the shield and the caster it's a fool's errand. The more practical approach is some kind of velocity triggered ward, but human projectiles tend to be too fast for conventional ward spells to react to. Then there's altering my physiology to be immune to tranquilizers, but that requires a lab and a lot of time and research. Plus they might just shoot me for real at that point, and I'd much rather be asleep than dead. Lastly-"
  2132. >"You've really put a lot of thought into this."
  2133. >You give him a sheepish grin and run a reassuring hoof over his arm.
  2134. "I put a lot of thought into a lot of things... Plus there was a time I wanted nothing more than to escape the evil humans chasing / training me."
  2135. >He sits back in his chair and pulls you a bit closer.
  2136. >"But not anymore?"
  2137. >You shake your head.
  2138. "If I wanted to leave now we both know I could, but there's nothing out there for me."
  2139. >"Hey, don't be like that. What about that secret pony hideaway you found? Wasn't there a princess there?"
  2140. >Yeah, you told him and Rarity about that.
  2141. >Maybe you shouldn't have but after being caged, branded, beaten, and raped you were too emotionally exhausted to keep a secret.
  2142. >The news didn't really make much difference to Anon, he was simply happy to have you back.
  2143. >Rarity cared quite a bit more, but like yourself, wasn't sure whether to take Luna or Dash's side.
  2144. "Two princesses actually but I'm still not sure about the whole thing. If Dash is right it's just a glorified aquarium to give ponies the illusion of freedom in the interest of making more ponies to put in chains. I want to just dismiss her theories as crazy, but there's too many things that don't quite add up."
  2145. >He pats your haunches in a calming manner.
  2146. >"Sorry things didn't work out, but I'm not sorry they lead you back to me."
  2147. >You can't help but smile when he pokes your collar.
  2148. >Is it wrong to take joy in that reminder?
  2149. >He's talking about the fact you literally belong to him, so you should probably hate it.
  2150. >Do you have to though?
  2151. >Especially if he's someone you love and trust to take care of you?
  2152. "Me too. I missed you the whole time. I didn't even let luna take this off. I think I was the only pony in the whole empire still wearing a collar."
  2153. >When you'd been recaptured they'd taken your nameplate, but Anon had a new one made.
  2154. >'Twilight Sparkle'
  2155. >'Property of Anonymous'
  2156. >The second line was slightly bigger this time.
  2157. >You briefly wonder if that detail holds any significance.
  2158. >You were his before, but now after belonging to another, and him going through hell to retrieve you, you guess you're REALLY his.
  2159. >Or perhaps you're just overthinking things.
  2160. >"I was sorta wondering how you still had it after all that. I thought you'd have ripped it off the minute you landed in Equestria. I guess you CAN be a good girl sometimes."
  2161. >You certainly don't blush at the praise!
  2162. "S-sometimes."
  2163. >"You WERE in the middle of running away, but I'll give you credit where I can."
  2164. >Partial credit is the best grading system.
  2165. >"How about being a good girl and going back to support next game?"
  2166. >Aw, he's a tricky one isn't he?
  2167. >Playing on your desire for praise and affirmation to make you his subby ward bitch.
  2168. >You snort and flick him with your tail as you hop out of his lap, but put your headset back on anyway.
  2169. >You guess you can be good just this once.
  2170. >It's always better to stay out of trouble after all.
  2172. >Over the next few hours you and Anon manage to cram a few more games in.
  2173. >It's more than you'd usually play together, but you aren't complaining.
  2174. >You can't tell if he's just having more fun than usual or trying to reward you.
  2175. >Not that you really care about the reason.
  2176. >By the time dinner rolls around Anon opts to order pizza instead of making Rarity suffer though another Sweetie Belle Kitchen Extravaganza.
  2177. >Works for you, you love you some pizza.
  2178. >Instead of taking it to the kitchen Anon throws the boxes on the living room coffee table.
  2179. >Does that mean...?
  2180. "Movie night?"
  2181. >"Yeah that's what I was thinking. Something nice and chill so everyone can relax."
  2182. >AKA so Sweetie will quietly watch the movie and give Rarity a break.
  2183. >Anon texts Rarity that the food's here and before too long the pair of sisters arrives.
  2184. >Sweetie practically skips into the room with energy, enthusiasm, and a cute sundress that compliments her colors nicely.
  2185. >Rarity's work if you had to guess.
  2186. >How nice, she must have had that waiting for her beloved little sister.
  2187. >"Oh, pizza! Thank you master! I haven't had pizza in ages!"
  2188. >That energy is going to give you diabetes.
  2189. >"Well have all you want Sweetie because it's movie night. Here, hop on up with us."
  2190. >Her grin grows even more more as she clammers onto the couch to press herself into his other side.
  2191. >Ugh.
  2192. >His arm is wrapped around the mare he really cares about, [spoiler](You),[/spoiler] but her blatant flirting is starting to get old.
  2193. >You'll have a talk about it with him later.
  2194. >You honestly can't tell if he's trying not to crush her potentially fragile ego or if he's just oblivious.
  2195. >Or both.
  2196. >Probably both.
  2197. >At last the final housemate stumbles into the room.
  2198. >Rarity is... o-oh my!
  2199. >You recognized a frazzled Rarity by the mane but that outfit!
  2200. "Rarity! What are you...?!"
  2201. >"Don't ask darling, please..."
  2202. >Ok fine but you're covering Anon's eyes!
  2203. >Ponies are naked all the time, including yourself right now, but human lingerie is somehow lewder than absolutely nothing!
  2204. >You try not to drool as a black lacy panty-covered plot comes between you and the pizza!
  2205. >Oh Cadence, she's even wearing stockings and a garter belt!
  2206. >The way they frame and squeeze her plot together is just... unf!
  2207. >You're as straight as most mares, but your overcome with a desire to bury your face in all that silk and lace!
  2208. >Anon doesn't appreciate the hoof blocking his vision though.
  2209. >"Twilight, cut it out it's nothing I-"
  2210. >Hahahahahah, no!
  2211. >If those undies are making YOUR tail flick then there's no way Anon's allowed to see them!
  2212. >A butt like that should be a crime!
  2213. >With her single slice Rarity starts to back up onto your other side.
  2214. >[spoiler]Unf backing that ass up![/spoiler]
  2215. >Stars above she has a corset too!
  2216. >She's thin enough! Quit trying to make the rest of us look bad!
  2217. >Then again, maybe that's why she only got one slice of pizza, she literally can't fit more while wearing that torture device.
  2218. >[spoiler]If she tries to slap a corset on you at some point there WILL be a fight[/spoiler]
  2219. >"Twilight, for real I've seen that stuff already. It's no big deal."
  2220. >He did what?!
  2221. >He's seen it?!
  2222. >Was she giving him regular viewings of that tight ass while you were gone?!
  2223. >This had better have happened while you were at Gentlehoof before the 'Oops I sucked your cock' incident!
  2224. >Either way the hoof stays in front of his eyes until Rarity settles in beside you and that butt isn't on display!
  2225. >Or it would stay there if somefilly didn't slap it!
  2226. "Ow!"
  2227. >"Master said to stop it Twilight!"
  2228. "I know what he said!"
  2229. >"Then do it! Didn't they teach you obedience?!"
  2230. >Filly!
  2231. >She turns from you to Anon.
  2232. >"I'm so sorry she's acting like this Master. Just tell me where the whip is and I'll fetch it!"
  2233. >She'll what?!
  2234. >She's willing to see you WHIPPED just for that?!
  2235. >"Sweetie Belle!"
  2236. >Rarity's at least as shocked as you are, but she finds herself ignored by her little sister once again.
  2237. >"I mean it Master, just tell me where it is! No pony should speak to you like that! Maybe they didn't train her enough at Gentlehoof, but that's nothing some time under the whip can't fix!"
  2238. >Holy crap Rarity spanked you but you've never had a pony try to get you whipped!
  2239. >You haven't been whipped since Happy Horse and you thought they'd beat the life out of you!
  2240. "If you really think he-"
  2241. >"Shut up! You need to be trained until you-"
  2242. >"Hey!"
  2243. >Ow, your ears!
  2244. >When Anon yells everyone shuts the buck up!
  2245. >"Everyone quiet! No one's getting whipped in this household ever! I don't even own one."
  2246. >He owns a really mean brush, but there's no need to mention that.
  2247. >"Master you really need one! She ignored a direct order! Just a few minutes of learning and she'd never do that again, I promise!"
  2248. >You can't believe little miss newcomer is talking to YOUR ANON about having you BEATEN INTO SUBMISSION!
  2249. "You listen to me right now Sweetie Belle!"
  2250. >"No, both of you listen to me!"
  2251. >Oh, so she gets to talk but you don't?!
  2252. >"I've had Twilight for three years now. She's never been whipped under my roof and never will be."
  2253. >"But-"
  2254. >A stern look from Anon shuts her up good.
  2255. >"She's been disciplined-"
  2256. >Oh come on, does he really have to mention that?
  2257. >"Painfully-"
  2258. >Come on!
  2259. >The young mare finally breaks her eye contact with Anon to give you a critical glare.
  2260. >No doubt imagining Anon subjecting you to horrible fates.
  2261. >[spoiler]You just hope she doesn't know just how embarrassing Anon's old methods were![/spoiler]
  2262. >"But I know just what gets through to her, and more importantly what I want her to be disciplined for."
  2263. >Can he please stop talking about disciplining you...
  2264. >"Twilight is allowed to be herself here, everypony is, and unless it's a big deal I don't demand unflinching obedience. I'm you girls' owner, but I'd like to be your friend too. Unless I say something is an order just treat me like any other friend, ok?"
  2265. >You can't remember if he's ever used the term 'order' on you, but maybe he's trying to set more defined rules since Sweetie seems to have been trained with structure in mind.
  2266. >"M-master please those rules are too loose! It'll be anarchy if no one respects you! I know you like Twilight and my sister but if there's no consequences things can only get more and more out of control..."
  2267. >This dumb filly doesn't know when to stop.
  2268. >"Make no mistake there ARE consequences. Both your sister and especially Twilight have faced them-"
  2269. "A-anon..."
  2270. >Goddesses you're going to die of embarrassment...
  2271. >"and you can too."
  2272. >Damn straight!
  2273. >"Sweetie, you remember mother? You remember her consequences? If you don't stop arguing with Anon right now it'll be just like that."
  2274. >That gets the filly blushing!
  2275. >You always suspected mama Belle knew how to raise a filly!
  2276. >Even when you knew Rarity all the way in her preteens,[spoiler]An age when most ponies are finally starting to consider themselves adults[/spoiler], she seemed to have trouble sitting down a few lunch outings!
  2277. >"I-I see. I'm sorry Master I just wanted..."
  2278. >He wraps an arm around her and pats her side.
  2279. >Stop that...
  2280. >"No harm done Sweetie. I know you're just doing what you were taught is right, and I can't blame you for that. Just remember things work a little differently around here and it might take some getting used to."
  2281. >"Y-yes sir, I'll try."
  2282. >"Good girl."
  2283. >*Angry Twilight glare goes here*
  2285. >Things calm down once Anon actually starts the movie.
  2286. >It's another of those superhero movies he loves and you... well ok you love them too.
  2287. >You're still a bit steamed about the whole 'whip her master' thing but you try to let it go.
  2288. >Try.
  2289. >The whip? Really?
  2290. >Last time you'd been whipped you wanted to die the agony was so great!
  2291. >You still remember your screams for mercy as those sadistic humans tore into your back and flanks over and over.
  2292. >They told you there was no end in sight and it felt like it!
  2293. >You shiver at the memory but Anon pulls you in close.
  2294. >Those days are over.
  2295. >Anon would never do worse than spank you.
  2296. >Sure it hurt and embarrassed the buck out of you, but it was paradise compared to the bite of the whip.
  2297. >After a while the movie does it jobs and distracts you from the dark thoughts.
  2298. >It's better than the 2nd one, and Thor and Loki are super cute too.
  2299. >You grab a few more slices of pizza and even offer one to Rarity.
  2300. >The poor thing barely has her eyes open and turns down the offer.
  2301. >Eat some food filly!
  2302. >She's still wearing the world's sexiest lingerie but now probably isn't the time to ask about it.
  2303. >No doubt it has something to do with Sweetie, but exactly what you've no idea.
  2304. >At least she's curled up side by side with you so Anon isn't getting an eyeful.
  2305. >You can feel the strap of her garter between her cutie mark and yours.
  2306. >Is that stuff comfortable you wonder?
  2307. >She looks like she's passed out, so you take the opportunity to check out the clothing a bit more.
  2308. >Oh lord it looks so silky smooth...
  2309. >You want to nuzzle that pantied bottom just to see how soft it is!
  2310. >Would she ever let you borrow the ensemble for a date with Anon?
  2311. >You know he used to look at pics of human girls in stuff like this so he'd probably love to see it clinging to your hips too.
  2312. >"Don't worry darling, I made you a matching set."
  2313. >Ok, not asleep!
  2315. Rarity Belle
  2316. ~~~~~~~~~
  2318. >"Why do we have to leave?"
  2319. >Siblings are wonderful.
  2320. >"Why does Twilight get to play with master but we don't?"
  2321. >Family is everything.
  2322. >"How can I get to know master if Twilight hogs all the time with him?!"
  2323. >But right now you want to throw your little sister out the window.
  2324. "Because they're playing their silly little game, and because Twilight is special."
  2325. >"Special? It looks like she doesn't do anything at all. She needs to works if master is going to keep her around."
  2326. >You'd never hurt a hair on Sweetie's precious head, BUT the desire to see exactly how quickly she could be forcibly ejected from the room is real.
  2327. >It's just like the old days really.  
  2328. >You suppose it's just a part of younger siblings.
  2329. >Twilight is the baby of her family come to think of it.
  2330. >Did she give Shining Armor this kind of trouble?
  2331. "Sweetie, darling, you really must quit presuming you understand everything around here the very day you've arrived. I understand Gentlehoof told you things would be a very specific way, but that doesn't mean they're right."
  2332. >She huffs and flattens her ears against her head in annoyance.
  2333. >"It should. Slaves exist to serve their masters it's as simple as that."
  2334. >Oh Sweetie.
  2335. "Perhaps they do and perhaps they don't, but you'll find things are not so simple here. Gentlehoof might even be correct for the average master, but I daresay Anon isn't quite the average. I was mistrusting myself when I first arrived, but he's proven himself to be markedly different."
  2336. >You herd the smaller mare into your workroom.
  2337. >It's a place you can keep her contained while Anon and Twilight have their fun.
  2338. >You know Anon meant well by entrusting Sweetie to you like this, but he still owes you for the headache you're already developing.
  2339. >A backrub might be suitable recompense.
  2340. >With Twilight’s approval, that is.
  2341. >"Fine."
  2342. >It's amazing how much attitude she can fit in a single word.
  2343. >Surely mother never felt the same way about you.
  2344. >"Then what DOES she do around here?"
  2345. >You roll your eyes and push her the rest of the way into the room.
  2346. "She does..."
  2347. >How to put this?
  2348. "She does 'things' for Anon. All you need to know is they're very important to each other. I myself have only been here for a few months, but Twilight has been Anon's for coming up on 4 years now."
  2349. >"Things?"
  2350. "Yes, things."
  2351. >Unfortunately Sweetie is big enough to understand what 'things' are now.
  2352. >"Soooo, bed things?"
  2353. "Sweetie..."
  2354. >"What? I'm not judging, I just want to know.”
  2355. >You really can't shield her from this kind of thing anymore.
  2356. >She already knows the cold hard truth, probably far more personally than you'd wish.
  2357. "She is... Anon's companion."
  2358. >That sound so much nicer than 'bed slave', yes?
  2359. >"And that's different from bed slave how?"
  2360. "She isn't just his plaything, she's his partner. They've agreed to pursue a real relationship."
  2361. >Or as real as a relationship as you can have when one owns the other.
  2362. >"That's...? He's still her master though."
  2363. "Well, yes..."
  2364. >This is more awkward than you'd have expected.
  2365. >How do you explain their relationship?
  2366. >Yes, it's still a master and his slave, but the lengths Anon is willing to go for her aren't exactly typical.
  2367. >No way you can tell her about Twilight's recent escape.
  2368. >Nor Anon's decision to take Twilight's collar and ring off for lovemaking.
  2369. "Their relationship is just deeper than that. He cares about her more than a master rightly should, and as a result she has a bit more leeway than you might expect."
  2370. >"So she's got him wrapped around her hoof and gets to slack off when she should be working."
  2371. >You turn on your sister and give her the look!
  2372. "Twilight ran Anon's household for years before I arrived and did a perfectly fine job."
  2373. >"But she-!"
  2374. "Let me finish!"
  2375. >That still works at least.
  2376. "When they agreed to take me in, their situation changed. The truth is I enjoy managing things due to my previous work so this arrangement suits all parties just fine. Everyone is happy and healthy here, and you'd be wise to avoid trying to tell Anon how to run his own household."
  2377. >"Yeah but-"
  2378. >This time you magically pinch her lips shut.
  2379. "I know Gentlehoof told you a lot of things, drilled them into your head no doubt, but we need to find a way past that. Even if they did have noble intentions, which I doubt, what they taught you about a slave's place in the world isn't the only way things can be. I can't expect you to get over what they did to you in a day, but we must make an effort."
  2380. >"No offense, but you know I'm not going to agree just like that, right? Typical household or not I still think a pony needs to earn her keep, and I can't just take your word otherwise. I love you, but I'm not your baby sister anymore, I'm a grown mare who can't just be told what to believe."
  2381. >Oh how true that is.
  2382. >You wish she was still tiny and impressionable, but you need to face facts that things have changed.
  2383. "I don't expect you to take everything simply at my word, but you must acknowledge I know more about our current situation. I've been with Twilight and Anon for months now and you've only just arrived."
  2384. >"And somehow Twilight has you doing all the work while she just lounges around."
  2385. "We're both doing what we're suited for and things are going well because of it."
  2386. >"Well for her! She literally plays games all day!"
  2387. "Sweetie, please."
  2388. >"No, you listen to me. You want me to see things your way? You've got to meet me halfway. I'll lay off Twilight if we make some moves of our own."
  2389. >This has ‘bad idea’ written all over it.
  2390. "I know I'll regret this, but dare I ask what 'moves of our own' means?"
  2391. >"We need to move you up the food chain! Things need to be more fair around here! You're my big sister Rarity, I hate to see you being taken advantage of!"
  2392. >Taken advantage of?
  2393. >You're fortunate Anon agreed to take you in and shield you from your pursuers in the first place.
  2394. >It's not the time to tell Sweetie those stories yet though, she'll be even more convinced you deserve better.
  2395. >"You shouldn't be doing all the grunt work while somepony else slacks off! The way things are now master will never respect us because he only has eyes for her!"
  2396. "Sweetie this really isn't a competition. We're all friends here: Twilight, us, even Anon. I understand Gentlehoof prepared you to compete for your master's affection, but there's-"
  2397. >She snaps a hoof your way with enough force to give you pause.
  2398. >When did your little one become so strong willed?
  2399. >It saddens you how much you must have missed.
  2400. >"Halfway remember? Compromise gets everyone closer to where they want and it's only fair."
  2401. >Willful and now a little bargainer.  
  2402. >You'd be proud of her new maturity if it wasn't currently proving itself to be a stumbling block.
  2403. "Very well, let's hear your terms then."
  2404. >"What does Twilight have that we don't? Master's attention. He knows she's the one to go to for affection just because he's always been doing things that way. And what's the best way to grab a colt's attention?"
  2405. >With a feeble flicker of her horn several articles of clothing float into view.
  2406. >"Looking sexy!"
  2408. >Sweet Celestia she found your lingerie.
  2409. "Ok I heard you out, but-"
  2410. >"Here, put it on!"
  2411. "Sweetie I am not-"
  2412. >"Halfway remember? Just humor me and put it on. I'm not saying we have to go do anything this instant, just put on the clothes."
  2413. >Lingerie is only 'clothes' by the loosest of definitions, but you suppose there's little harm in the prospect.
  2414. >You pull the stockings up one hoof at a time.
  2415. >Your material choice is splendid as always.
  2416. >The garments cling to your limbs in a way that is both attractive and functional without being uncomfortable.
  2417. "Happy?"
  2418. >"Yeah, looks great. This next."
  2419. "Darling must I really...?"
  2420. >"Halfway, go on. Need any help?"
  2421. >The headache she's already given you is now turning into a full blown migraine.
  2422. >Still, you can humor her.
  2423. >Sliding into the corset is easy enough, it's the tightening part that's the devil.
  2424. >After a little grunting and quite a bit of magic you tighten the device around your midsection.
  2425. >Your past experience with such garments probably make them less annoying to you than most mares, but still you'd hesitate to call one comfortable.
  2426. >At this point you might as well wrap the ensemble up.
  2427. >Without fanfare you step into the panties one leg at a time and pull them up your white tush to sit snugly on your hips.
  2428. >After a few adjustments you'd be embarrassed for anypony besides Sweetie Belle to see, you're ready to hit the runway.
  2429. >Garter straps connect to the belt for an ideal fit without any pesky legwear trying to escape.
  2430. >You step in front of a mirror to model.
  2431. >Ok, you do look fabulous. [spoiler]Better than those human girls you based the designs on, that’s for sure.[/spoiler]
  2432. [spoiler]Poor women, superior pony posteriors are rather hard to beat.[/spoiler]
  2433. >You flick your tail up to get a better view from behind.
  2434. >Hmm, perhaps you used a bit too much lace.
  2435. >"Here, finishing touch."
  2436. >Oh right, Sweetie.
  2437. >You'd be a bit ashamed inspecting your own flanks in front of your baby sister, but she's probably seen you do stranger things.
  2438. >What she's trying to offer you as the 'finishing touch' however...
  2439. "No, absolutely not."
  2440. >"You have to, it's part of the-"
  2441. "I will NOT be wearing that tail tie around this house like a hussy!"
  2442. >You grab the strip of fabric out of her magic and put it away.
  2443. >Some tail ties can simply be a cute accessory, but the design of this one combined with the natural lift from your panties would put you very much on display!
  2444. >Not only is it unspeakably risque, but Twilight would probably have some sharp words for you.
  2445. >She'd agreed to speak with Anon about the POSSIBILITY of you SLOWLY making their duo a proper herd.
  2446. >Showing up downstairs with your cutie marks framed by garter straps is pushing things far enough already.
  2447. >Having your tail sky high at the same time is simply too far, at least without her permission.
  2448. >"Ugh, fine we'll do that later I guess."
  2449. >Presumptuous little thing.
  2450. >"Now where's mine?"
  2451. "Excuse me?"
  2452. >"Mine. You made me one too right?"
  2453. "I most certainly did not! The only reason these fit me is because I'm my own model!”
  2454. >That's not entirely true, but oh well.
  2455. >"Well you can make me one real quick then right?"
  2456. "Given your measurements, materials and adequate time I could, but that is NOT the first impression you'll be giving our fine Anon."
  2457. >"Rarityyyyy!"
  2458. >There's the whine you remember.
  2459. >Odd, it actually makes you crack a smile to hear her sounding like herself, even if it's in this way.
  2460. "Your whining has never worked on me and you know it."
  2461. >"But half-"
  2462. "Yes yes a compromise I know. I didn't make you an outfit like this but I did make you... Ta da!"
  2463. >The sundress is cute, it matches her natural colors, and most importantly it's modest compared to what she has you prancing around in.
  2464. "Made especially for you!"
  2465. >"Eh..."
  2466. "What's wrong? Do you not like the color?"
  2467. >"The color's fine but I want to look as sexy as you."
  2468. >That's something you never thought you'd hear out of your darling baby sister's mouth.
  2469. >Still it's something you can understand.
  2470. >She's an adult now and she wants to be treated like it.
  2471. >If she were to walk downstairs dressed the same as you however...
  2472. >Well, let's just say you suspect it might not go over well.
  2473. >You pull the younger mare into a hug.
  2474. "I understand you want to make a good impression with Anon Sweetie, I really do, but trying to seduce him right out of the gates isn't the way."
  2475. >She squirms in your grasp for a moment, but can't seem to resist the familiar embrace anymore than you can.
  2476. >Oh it's so good to feel her hug you back.
  2477. >Even if she's forced to nuzzle your corset instead of your chest, it reminds you of distant days.
  2478. "Let big sister handle it, hmm? I already sleep in Anon's bed with the two of them, and Twilight agreed to approach him about a proper herd. I'm not sure how a human will take the offer, but going through her instead of fighting with her is better for all. He and I have already shared one intimate moment before so perhaps it will be trivial."
  2479. >If suckling on his cock while he slept counts as sharing a moment.
  2480. >He'd given you quite the scolding for that, but his member had responded as any male's would.
  2481. >Just one more moment and he'd have fed you a hearty breakfast in bed!
  2482. >"And then you'll get me in too?"
  2483. >Ehhhhh.
  2484. >Given her rocky start with Twilight so far that seems unlikely, and she barely knows Anon.
  2485. >That and you'd really really rather NOT herd with your baby sister...
  2486. >Not only that, but if Anon thought Twilight was too young at 15, he might be even more wary of Sweetie at the blossoming age of 12.
  2487. >A young adult by pony standards but perhaps a psychological hangup for humans.
  2488. "And then we'll figure it out. We aren't sure if Anon is interested in a herd at all so let's go one step at a time."
  2489. >She pushes back against your corset and looks up at you with an adorably grumpy face.
  2490. >Aww, you give her a kiss on the cheek she quickly wipes off with a hoof.
  2491. >"So what, I’m just supposed to trust you to take care of all this?"
  2492. >You hug her so tightly she squeaks!
  2493. "If you can't trust your big sister then who can you?"
  2494. >The struggle between grown responsible Sweetie Belle and little sister Sweetie Belle is practically visible on her face.
  2495. >She wants to trust you, she wants to be taken care of, she's just been taught she can't rely on anypony but herself.
  2496. >"A-alright... but if this looks like it isn't going anywhere-"
  2497. >You silence her by magically pulling the sundress over her head!
  2498. "Yes yes. If things don't work out you'll take matters into your own hooves, I understand. For now though-"
  2499. >You stand and place a hoof to your chest to show your sincerity.
  2500. "Trust mama Rarity."
  2502. >Sweetie's temporary trust is better than nothing.
  2503. >At your suggestion she scurries off downstairs while you finish checking yourself out in the mirror.
  2504. >He has walked in on you modeling these garments before, and judging by the way his eyes bugged out of his head, enjoyed the sight.
  2505. >Then again who wouldn't?
  2506. >Ponies never really bothered with undergarments but looking at your ass in the mirror makes you understand why humans do.
  2507. >Now that's to die for!
  2508. >Still the prospect of prancing around in panties does make you a bit nervous.
  2509. >On humans they're rather intimate, but on ponies it's somewhat untested waters.
  2510. >Will Twilight be upset?
  2511. >After giving your word to Sweetie you'll have to take the risk, plus you can explain things to her later.
  2512. >She's reasonable.
  2513. >Usually.
  2514. >You set off downstairs to find out just how reasonable.
  2515. >The few quiet moments make you realize just how exhausting dealing with Sweetie has been.
  2516. >You can't suppress the yawn as you round the corner.
  2517. >Hmm, probably should have fixed our mane up a bit, but you're fairly sure you heard 'movie night' so it's not as if it really matters.
  2518. >Rounding the corner lets you see Sweetie clammer up onto the couch to press into Anon's side.
  2519. >Well you didn't tell her NOT to do that.
  2520. >You slip around the other side and try not to smirk when you spy Twilight's jaw dropping.
  2521. >Looks like you've still got it.
  2522. >Her hoof reaches out to cover Anon's eyes as you place plot right between them and the pizza.
  2523. >You really shouldn't tease but the way her hungry eyes eat up your every curve...
  2524. >Oh, she's just too cute not to mess with.
  2525. "Rarity! What are you...?!"
  2526. >"Don't ask darling, please..."
  2527. >You can talk to her about it later.
  2528. >For now you slide up onto the couch beside her and press your body up against hers.
  2529. >My my, what a day.
  2530. >You see it's another of their silly superhero movies this time.
  2531. >Perhaps you'll just... close your eyes a moment...
  2533. Twilight Sparkle
  2534. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2536. >Somehow both Rarity and Sweetie managed to fall asleep during an action movie.
  2537. >How? You haven't the foggiest idea.
  2538. >That was so good too!
  2539. >Not just in a 'Thor looks hot when he's hitting stuff' kinda way, it actually had a good story to go with it!
  2540. >Regardless the other two ponies slumber soundly on your and Anon's sides.
  2541. >Uncultured swine who can't appreciate good cinema.
  2542. >Whatever, at least Rarity wasn't asking a million questions like last time.
  2543. >'Twilight who's that?'
  2544. >'Twilight what's happening?'
  2545. >'Twilight I'm confused.'
  2546. >Maybe if she paid attention to the movie instead of her mane she'd have an easier time following it!
  2547. >Yeah, maybe Rarity sleeping through movie night is for the best.
  2548. >"I'm gonna go put Sweetie to bed. You got her for a minute?"
  2549. >She fell asleep with her muzzle buried in the back of your mane so you aren't really going anywhere until he helps.
  2550. "Yeah."
  2551. >He scoops up the glorified filly and starts towards the stairs.
  2552. >You have to admit it slightly irks you that she fell asleep with her head in his lap like that.
  2553. >It's not THAT intimate, you've seen Rarity rest her head there for a good ear scratching a few times, but it's the presumption of it all.
  2554. >Rarity may be getting more and more familiar with Anon, but she deferred to you about it first.
  2555. >Well ok, at first she'd taken a few liberties she shouldn't have, but now she's stepped back and recognized your senior claim to the human.
  2556. >Said slave sister mumbles something and wiggles in her sleep.
  2557. >Come to think of it you've got to talk to Anon about that, about her making your duo a trio.
  2558. >Humans are traditionally monogamous, so you aren't sure how he'll feel, but what male would turn down an additional female?
  2559. >Then again, on that same note you need to talk to him about doing just that with Sweetie.
  2560. >Not that you dislike the filly, not really, but Rarity is interested in Anon because she likes him.
  2561. >You suspect Sweetie just wants to follow her training, even if it's not what she wants herself.
  2562. >Really you're looking out for her!
  2563. >Trying to save her from herself and all that jazz.
  2564. >What a great pony you are.
  2565. >Anon returns minus one filly.
  2566. "Where'd you put her?"
  2567. >"Rarity's old room. It's been a big day for her, hopefully she'll sleep like a rock."
  2568. >Swinging around the coffee table Anon slides his arms under the snoozing Rarara and picks her up off you.
  2569. >"A long day for both of them by the looks of it."
  2570. >He's whispering but given the way she isn't moving a muscle you doubt it matters.
  2571. "You did dump all the hard work on her."
  2572. >"Psh. I gave her an opportunity to reconnect with her sister."
  2573. "Who's more than a hooffull."
  2574. >"Eh, most siblings are."
  2575. >Carrying the larger mare requires him to shift his grip, you can't help but notice that puts his hand right on the bottom of her lacy black... yeah.
  2576. "Careful where..."
  2577. >You let the line trail off.
  2578. >What are you gonna say?
  2579. >'Don't touch her butt?'
  2580. >He carries you that exact same way, it's simply the easiest, but you don't wear sexy panties. [spoiler] Yet! [/spoiler]
  2581. >"Huh?"
  2582. "Nevermind."
  2583. >He chuckle lightly and gives you a teasing grin.
  2584. >"Don't be jealous."
  2585. "I'm not jealous.
  2586. >"Do you want me to come back and carry you too?"
  2587. >Now he's just bullying!
  2588. >You hop off the couch and trot swiftly ahead of him!
  2589. "I said I'm not jealous. Unlike someponies I can stay awake through a movie!"
  2590. >You turn a quick circle and flick your tail at him to show just how energized and capable you are!
  2591. "And I can walk on my own!"
  2592. >You notice his eyes follow your tail as you snap it.
  2593. >Good monkey...
  2594. >"I'm so proud. Why don't you lead the way, mighty steed?"
  2595. >Mighty steed?
  2596. >You could get used to such titles.
  2597. >With your head held high you blaze the trail towards the bedroom.
  2598. >He may be carrying a sexy Rarity, but you can practically feel his gaze on your prancing posterior.
  2599. >You make sure to add just a tiny bit of tail swish and lift.
  2600. >Today's been crazy, but you have to admit he's been a very good boy.
  2601. >He helped you with your heat, took off your collar and horn ring, let you play Dota despite being on probation, didn't quite shut down Sweetie Belle but didn't totally indulge her either, and finally he's keeping his eyes on you instead of the dressed up Rarity literally cradled in his arms.
  2602. >You're still satisfied from this morning and you suspect he is as well, but an elevated tail can still show appreciation even if it doesn't lead to anything.
  2603. >Yet.
  2605. >You don't realize how tired you are until you hop up onto the bed for some traditional spinning in circles.
  2606. >Gotta get your spot juuu~st right.
  2607. >Anon trails behind you and deposits his passenger on her usual side of the bed.
  2608. >Maybe you should take the middle tonight.
  2609. >Rarity usually occupies the far side and either Anon or you yourself man the center.
  2610. >There's no real rhyme or reason to the arrangement.
  2611. >With how much you kick and squirm in your sleep you don't always wake up in the same spot you went to sleep in anyway, so typically whoever gets there first takes the middle.
  2612. >With Rarity still dressed up like a christmas present though...
  2613. >You hop off the bed to head towards the bathroom yourself.
  2614. >Need to brush your teeth and such before him so you can claim the middle.
  2615. >Of course the master bathroom in a house like this has 'his' and 'hers' sinks so you can rush then get back to - ack!
  2616. >He catches you by the collar as you try and canter back out!
  2617. "Gah!"
  2618. >"Shit, sorry."
  2619. >He turns around with a toothbrush still in his mouth, picks you up, and deposits you seat first on his countertop.
  2620. >You run a hoof over your throat where he practically gagged you!
  2621. >Isthisponyabuse.butterfly?
  2622. >He finishes with his teeth before turning back your way.
  2623. >"Didn't mean to choke you out like that, my bad."
  2624. >You pout a little, but when he slips his fingers up under your collar for a massage you can only lean back and embrace the sensation.
  2625. "F-forgiven I guess. Mmmm yeah, right there."
  2626. >Some distant part of your mind tells you you're far too easy to placate but you ignore it.
  2627. >"Big day huh?"
  2628. "Seems like an understatement."
  2629. >Ugh, your eyes roll back in your head as he continues to work all around your slender neck.
  2630. "D-did you know Sweetie was coming today?"
  2631. >"No, not at all. I just told them to ship her ASAP. Kinda weird they didn't at least call but no harm done I guess."
  2632. >Still seems irresponsible, what if no one was home?
  2633. >"What do you think about her?"
  2634. "She's a total brat!"
  2635. >"A brat?"
  2636. >He laughs and pinches your cheek!
  2637. >"She seems pretty well behaved to me unlike some ponies when they first arrived."
  2638. "I was the pinnacle of good behavior!"
  2639. >"You hid in your room for a week."
  2640. "..."
  2641. >"You wouldn't sit in the same room as me for another week after that."
  2642. >He's got you there.
  2643. "I was scared, ok? All the other mares told me a male master would ruin me."
  2644. >"And did I?"
  2645. >Just your butt a few times...
  2646. "Yeah yeah yeah, that's not the point. Point is Sweetie is sucking up to you but being a total bitch to me and Rarity."
  2647. >"Don't worry I see it too, but that's just her training. I was hoping some time with just her and her sister would help, but you're right, she's only concerned with getting on her master's good side even if that means throwing other ponies under the bus."
  2648. >That's one way to put it.
  2649. >She'd told him to whip you!
  2650. >You're glad he's aware of the issue though.
  2651. "You know more about the whole 'master' thing than I do-"
  2652. >"Wow really?"
  2653. "Shut."
  2654. >Look at me, I'm Anon, I'm a slave owner blah blah blah!
  2655. >He just laughs.
  2656. "Like I was saying. You know more than me about this stuff, but we really need to put our hoof down if she's gonna learn."
  2657. >"WE don't need to do anything. You just need to let ME handle this, ok?"
  2658. >That's enough to get you to push his hands away and give him a firm look.
  2659. "With all due respect Anon it's me she's gunning for. She needs to be-"
  2660. >"Because you represent everything she was trained to believe is wrong. You backtalk, you sass, you barely work, and you get your way more often than not."
  2661. >Hey!
  2662. "I do not-"
  2663. >He silences you with a finger to the muzzle!
  2664. >Rude!
  2665. >"I'm not saying those are bad things, but let's face it, you're a bit spoiled."
  2666. "Am not!"
  2667. >"Twilight I let you play games today when that's your one punishment for running away and costing me tens of thousands. Most ponies would have been whipped within an inch of their lives not allowed to get their way and play games."
  2668. >I-it was just a few games.
  2669. >"I even let you play carry, granted that was for being a good girl, but I still spoil you."
  2670. >Your ears splay back and you break eye contact.
  2671. >I-is he right?
  2672. >"But that's how I like you. Sweetie might think you're the worst slave ever, but I think you're the best."
  2673. "R-really?"
  2674. >"Well, ok to be honest you're an awful slave."
  2675. "Hey!"
  2676. >"But! You're an amazing pony and an even better marefriend."
  2677. >You grumble but don't pull away from the cheek kiss.
  2678. >"Nothing is going to change just because Sweetie knows how to suck up to humans. She's not going to get you in trouble, she's not going to come between us. Ok?"
  2679. >You look at him out of the corner of your eye.
  2680. >He looks sincere at least.
  2681. >You scoot a little closer and press your head up under his chin for some good old fashion nuzzling.
  2682. "Ok."
  2683. >"Did you really think she'd come between us? You've got to give me more credit than that babe."
  2684. >You wrap your hooves around his midsection and hug.
  2685. "No? Yes? I don't know. Maybe it's silly, but I didn't want her coming in here and blowing you away with the 'perfect slave' routine."
  2686. >"Having someone suck up to me is fine, but having someone to trade banter with is even better."
  2687. >See? Sassy is good.
  2688. "Yeah yeah, I got your banter right here."
  2689. >"You always do."
  2690. >You break the embrace, take a step back, and stand to your full height on the countertop.
  2691. >Ha, taller than him now!
  2692. "Well don't worry, my sassy ass isn't going anywhere!"
  2693. >That makes him grin and lean in to touch noses with you.
  2694. >"It is my favorite ass."
  2695. "Oh I know, you sure had your eyes glued to it on the way up the stairs."
  2696. >"You were flashing me!"
  2697. "That's just the way ponies walk you pervert!"
  2698. >It's totally not, you were flashing the hell out of him.
  2699. >"I've watched you walk, a lot, your tail only does that when you need attention."
  2700. "Ow!"
  2701. >He pinched your cutiemark!
  2702. >You slap the hand away with a burst of magic!
  2703. "Sometimes I just have a little spring to my step!"
  2704. >"Sometimes maybe, but most the time it means you need something between those beautiful haunches."
  2705. >Unf!
  2706. "T-that's not true!"
  2707. >That look, he knows.
  2708. "Ok, that's not always true!"
  2709. >"So you WERE trying to get my attention then? Need me to bend you over the counter right here? I thought Rarity's heat potion would help but if you're that needy..."
  2710. >The heat potion did indeed help but now he's got all these ideas in your head!
  2711. "N-no this morning was plenty I promise. I just wanted you looking at me instead of Rarity."
  2712. >"What? You don't want me looking at Rarity now?"
  2713. "Well not like in general but you know... that outfit!"
  2714. >He looks over his shoulder at the corset bound mare.
  2715. >"I admit she looks really good in that but I'm not gonna cheat on you. I mean if it was you wearing that..."
  2716. >It's your ticket to one all you can handle pounding, got it.
  2717. >"Maybe she'll let you try it on tomorrow. I don't know if i'd be able to-"
  2718. "What do you think of Rarity?"
  2719. >"Huh? Like just in general? She's a hard worker who's capable of whatever she puts her mind to."
  2720. "But like personally?"
  2721. >"Personally? I don't know? She really looked after me while you were gone so I'd say she's pretty caring."
  2722. "D-do you think she's pretty?"
  2723. >"I mean yeah, she puts a lot of work into her appearance, but I'm with you now. I know some weird stuff happened between me and her while you were at Gentlehoof, but I swear it wasn't my idea."
  2724. "I know, that was... That was a miscommunication between me and her."
  2725. >"A miscommunication? How the hell does that work? Most people don't tell their friends to suck their boyfriends off while they're gone."
  2726. "Not like..."
  2727. >Ugh explaining pony relationships to a human.
  2728. "I asked her to take care of you while I was gone, we just had a bit of a breakdown in what all that entailed."
  2729. >"A bit of a breakdown? Seemed like more than just a bit. I had a big talk with her about boundaries, personal space, and consent, but let's be real what she did was really wrong."
  2730. "She definitely should have asked you first, but she was really nervous and I think it was the only way she could do it at the time. She's had... bad experiences with men in the past. It's nothing short of a miracle she even snuggles in the same bed as a man, much less was willing to be intimate with one even for my sake."
  2731. >He casts another look her way.
  2732. >Did she ever tell him about her past owners?
  2733. >When she first showed up on your doorstep begging for protection one of her rules was no sex, he can probably guess from there.
  2734. >"That still doesn't explain why she'd think you wanted her to sleep with me."
  2735. >You kinda wish you had a chalkboard for this, lectures are so much easier with illustrations.
  2736. "Ponies aren't monogamous Anon. Mares are used to sharing a stallion and looking after him as a group. We should have been more clear with each other, but her assumption was within pony cultural norms. The two of us talked about herding several times in the past, so asking her to take care of my stallion isn't nearly as bizarre for us as it might be for human women."
  2737. >"I still don't get it. If that's just how ponies are then why did you get mad when you found out?"
  2738. "A.) Because I thought she did it behind my back, like she was trying to steal you from me the second I left. I'm your senior mare so any other mare has to get permission from me first. She thought she had it, I didn't, it was all a mess. And B.) I was under a lot of stress and rough treatment from Gentlehoof. I wasn't exactly thinking my straightest at the time."
  2739. >"Ok, but you don't want me looking at her tonight?"
  2740. "Because she's not... ugh."
  2741. >Because she's not part of the herd.
  2742. >Yet.
  2743. >Trouble is you can't tell how open to the idea of a true herd he actually is.
  2744. >You wanted to tiptoe around the issue a bit more, but maybe you just have to ask.
  2745. "Do you think she's pretty?"
  2746. >"I already said yeah, but-"
  2747. "Do you want to be with her?"
  2748. >He gives you a slightly confused and conflicted look.
  2749. >Poor little dumb dumb monkey.
  2750. >"Like... a one time thing?"
  2751. >And now he's imagining a threesome.
  2752. "No, like in a relationship. She thinks you're sweet. She's seen how gently you treat me, and she's seen how good of a person you are to protect us, to provide for us, even to save Sweetie for us. Me and her had a real chat about it and I told her I'd see how you felt."
  2753. >Oh no, it looks like you broke him.
  2754. >The prospect of two mates is probably pretty foreign to a human male, but come on.
  2755. "Anon? Earth to Anon?"
  2756. >You wave a hoof in front of his face.
  2757. "Are you fantasizing in there? It's not going to be threesomes every night if that's what you're imagining."
  2758. >Only some nights and only if he's been good.
  2759. >When you start to boop his nose he finally reacts.
  2760. >"Sorry sorry, I'm here. I just want to be sure I'm hearing you right. Are you asking me if I'd want to... what? Date you both at the same time?"
  2761. >A very foreign concept it seems.
  2762. "Herd. The term is herd, and if you aren't comfortable with the idea then that's all we need to talk about it."
  2763. >He leans back on the other side of the sink and looks back and forth between you and Rarity.
  2764. "It's probably weird for you to think about, but it COULD work."
  2765. >"I'm just used to girls getting jealous over the smallest thing. Hell, you were jealous just now because she was all dressed up. I'm not opposed to the idea, but it feels like a recipe for disaster and I don't want to risk what we have."
  2766. >That's sweet.
  2767. >You hop over the sink and rub up against his shoulder.
  2768. "Don't worry about us, we're good. It's going to sound dumb to you, but you looking at an outsider and you looking at a herdmate are different. At least to me they are. Just think about how you feel about Rarity and get back to me, take me out of the equation."
  2769. >"You know that's kinda hard for me."
  2770. >Aww, he gets a quick kiss for that one.
  2771. "I totally understand and so will Rarity if you aren't comfortable with it, it doesn't hurt to ask though."
  2772. >"Yeah I guess that's true. Give me some time to think about it?"
  2773. "All the time you need."
  2774. >"Cool."
  2775. >In one swift motion he slides you off the counter, puts you on the floor on all four hooves, and slaps your rump hard enough to send you scurrying into out of the bathroom!
  2776. "Hey!"
  2777. >"Good talk, now off to bed with you."
  2778. >You aren't his to command to bed!
  2779. >Well... you are, but he still can't.
  2780. >Or shouldn't... or something...
  2781. >Your slap induced canter brings you all the way to the bed though.
  2782. >Might as well climb in, right?
  2783. >Not because he told you to, but because you want to of course.
  2784. >In fact this was your plan all along to steal the middle spot.
  2785. >Ha, the foolish human played right into your diabolical machinations!
  2786. >Who's the master now?
  2787. >Dance puppet dance!
  2788. >"Mmm, thank you darling."
  2789. >The light kiss on the cheek and drowsy snuggle from the mare besides you makes you jump!
  2790. >How long has she been awake!?
  2791. >Did she listen to that whole conversation?!
  2792. >Did she make Anon carry her up the stairs just for fun?!
  2793. >This is the second time she's faked you out with this shit tonight!
  2794. "Holy buck, will you just go to sleep!"
  2796. >The next couple days are... interesting.
  2797. >Sweetie Belle seems to have, at least temporarily, given up on telling Anon how to treat his ponies after her scolding.
  2798. >She's still a total suck up, but at least she's not vocally disapproving anymore.
  2799. >As for the other mare in the house...
  2800. >"So just drop it off at UPS? That's it? It's, ummmm... a really pretty package, I'd hate for it to get lost. Want me to buy the insurance on it just in case?"
  2801. >Anon has no idea how to act around Rarity ever since your herd chat with him.
  2802. >"It's fine dear, really. Just drop it off, I'm sure it will arrive safe and sound. Aren't you going to be late for work with all this dawdling?"
  2803. >He checks his phone and cringes.
  2804. >"Crap, yeah. I'll get it dropped off I promise. It's great you're already getting so many orders. Next-"
  2805. >You slowllllyyyy close the door right in his face.
  2806. >Anon was never super suave, but watching him flounder like this is borderline painful.
  2807. >"Twilight."
  2808. "You and I both know that was for the best."
  2809. >She sighs as she heads back to the den to sit.
  2810. >"Perhaps we should just tell him to forget this whole thing, the poor dear's clearly uncomfortable"
  2811. >You blink yourself onto the adjacent couch, roll into your back, and look at her upside down.
  2812. "Everytime you're out of earshot he checks to make sure I'm not mad. Like I'll explode just because he talks to you or something. I don't think he's uncomfortable with you so much as he's uncomfortable with the idea of upsetting me."
  2813. >"That IS how most human partners would respond. Asking him to change his entire concept of what a relationship is is no small task."
  2814. >Everything always looks so funny upside down.
  2815. >You know that's just the blood pooling in the back of your head, but it still makes you giggle seeing Rarity cock her head to better match yours.
  2816. >"If you don't mind me asking, how did the two of you get started? Having romantic feelings for a pony is rather taboo in most human circles."
  2817. >How did the two of you get started?
  2818. "Uhhhh..."
  2819. >How DID the two of you get started?
  2820. >It feels like so long ago now.
  2821. "I guess things started just because of how comfortable we were around each other? Like we wrestled and snuggled and stuff and he'd you know... get a feel."
  2822. >Early on a lot of those feels where when he was spanking your purple plot but you aren't going to mention that!
  2823. >Wow look how interesting the ceiling is...
  2824. >No you aren't blushing...
  2825. "I guess it didn't go too far until SOMEPONY CAST A DANGEROUS COMPULSION ON ME!"
  2826. >She can't maintain contact with these angry eyes!
  2827. >At least she has the decency to look ashamed about that one.
  2828. >"I've apologized for that haven't I?"
  2829. >Had she?
  2830. >You don't even know.
  2831. "Whatever. Point is things really got started once I started to be a bit more aggressive and actually show my interest. He was reluctant to make the first move because he felt that a master pressuring a slave was wrong. Maybe he feels the same way now? I don't know. Either way you already snuggle with us, not to mention get along well with him, but he's definitely scared he'll upset me. Maybe we need to, I dunno, show him that we're both ok with it? Like together. I do think he likes you, but-"
  2832. >"Count me in too!"
  2833. >Bucking sneaky fillies wtf!?
  2834. >You nearly jump out of your coat as another white pony suddenly leans over the back of your couch.
  2835. >Isn't she supposed to be doing the dishes still?
  2836. >"Sweetie perhaps-"
  2837. >"You both sleep with master already, why can't I? And don't give me any of that 'bed's too small' crap, I know we'd all fit."
  2838. >Heh,'bed too small' was Anon's excuse when she'd first asked.
  2839. >"We all have to do our part right? They showed me just what humans like so I promise I can keep up!"
  2840. >Showed her? Oh Celestia.
  2841. >Your mind flashes back to the racks in the husbandry wing.
  2842. "Anon told you Sweetie, he didn't buy you for those sort of things."
  2843. >"Easy for you to say he bucks you every morning!"
  2844. >She knows about that?!
  2845. >"Even if I don't have to, the more master likes me the better off I am. What's the setup now? He's with you in the morning and Rarity at night? I could sub in, tag team, it's got to be exhausting getting rutted every day."
  2846. >Oh gods she's so casual about it.
  2847. >Thankfully Rarity chimes in before you have to.
  2848. >"I'm not sure what they taught you Sweetie, and frankly I'm afraid to find out, but even human males aren't up to twice daily for an extended period of time. Only Twilight is with Anon in that way and only so frequently at the moment because he's helping her manage her heat."
  2849. >T-that's kinda embarrassing...
  2850. >At least she said 'manage' instead of quench. [spoiler] Not that that wouldn't be accurate [/spoiler]
  2851. >Sweetie looks down at you and raises an eyebrow.
  2852. >"Isn't it early for heat?"
  2853. >Yes, but you were in Equestria and hell if you're gonna tell her that.
  2854. >"And even then why does only Twilight get to fuck master?"
  2855. >The language makes her older sister visibly wince.
  2856. >"Because Twilight and Anon's relationship is very special. They've been together a very long time and have an understanding unique to the two of them."
  2857. >Filly is far from convinced.
  2858. >"It's just rutting. Even if he has some weird fetish, I can learn quickly, I promise. Besides, didn't I just hear Twilight talking about taking your and master's relationship to the next level too? Why not me too?"
  2859. "We aren't sure he's open to the idea of a herd in the first place, much less looking to grow it."
  2860. >Ugh stubborn filly!
  2861. >With a hum of magic Rarity lifts her sibling off the back of your couch, slides out her own chair, and sits her sister down face to face in front of her."
  2862. >"I understand your desire to secure a place for yourself Sweetie, I really do. But please, you have to trust us."
  2863. >Huh.
  2864. >Touching horns is a kind of embrace unicorns save for family and very close friends, but why does it make Sweetie look so uncomfortable?
  2865. >The way she squirms under the semi intimate embrace is almost like she just doesn't know how to respond.
  2866. >You know Rarity embraced her sister often all those years ago, but has anypony really done so since?
  2867. >When her tough mare facade crumbled at Gentlehoof she'd broken down and hugged you, but looking back it was kinda stiff and fleeting.
  2868. >"I searched for you for so very long, and we all went to Tartarus and back to retrieve you. We had to convinced master to buy another pony, Twilight had to go in after you just to let you know we were waiting to help you. To give you hope. I know they tried to teach you countless things about how to behave and what a pony should be, but try to remember what I taught you too, what Twilight taught you: trust, friendship, love.  
  2869. >She lifts Sweetie's gaze to meet her own.
  2870. >"You want to be safe, we understand. Twilight and Anon's relationship though? It's not about Twilight earning her keep or performing a job, they care for one another. It's not a task performed out of necessity or even dedication, they have genuine feelings for one another."
  2871. >Sweetie raises an eyebrow and looks back and forth between you and her sister.
  2872. >"Genuine feelings? You mean like a special somepony? A pony can't have a human as a special somepony, especially her master."
  2873. >Rarity chuckles and shoots you a nostalgic look.
  2874. >"I felt the same as you not too very long ago, but from what I've seen I've changed my mind. I've been through as many master as you, but Anon's the first I've seen really listen to his mare, really care for her. Most want to keep their toys in working order, but few listen to and respond to their mare's emotional needs as well as her physical."
  2875. >Responding to physical needs...
  2876. >L-lewd...
  2877. >"But he's a human and you're both ponies. Not just ponies, but his slaves! If he really cared for you he'd try to set you free or at least bridle union you[spoiler] Wat? [/spoiler], not keep you tied up just so you could suck his dick when he throws you the least bit of attention!"
  2878. >Celestia she's so vulgar.
  2879. >"Sweetie, please! I understand your doubts, I really do, but give things some time before you come to conclusions. When I first found out Twilight was with Anon I felt the exact same as you, but I trust Twilight so I gave him a chance, and you know what? I changed my mind."
  2880. >"I'm not-"
  2881. >Rarity cuts off her protest with a mote of magic.
  2882. >"I'm not asking for any guarantees or promises. I'm simply asking you to have an open mind, to trust the two of us, and to give things some time."
  2883. >Sweetie pouts a bit about being interrupted, but Rarity smiles.
  2884. >"I love you. I promise to never let any of those bad things you've been through ever happen again. I wanted you here because it's safe and I swear to keep things that way for you. Right now though we just need you to be good. No more telling master how to treat his mares-"
  2885. >AKA no more calling for the whip for some house members!
  2886. >"And no more trying to slip into master's bed."
  2887. >Wrecked.
  2888. >"Right now is a delicate time for everyone involved, and it would realllly help us out to have you working WITH us on all this."
  2889. >The light nose boop Rares punctuates her words with make Sweetie scrunch up her muzzle and slap the hoof away with practised speed.
  2890. >"Ok, fine! Just don't... don't boop me..."
  2891. >Awwww she calls it booping too?
  2892. >That's so adorable!
  2893. >Booping is a time honored tradition to keep fussy foals and little sisters alike entertained.
  2894. >"Look, I don't want to cause trouble I just... I just want to do my best so I never have to go back to a place like that again."
  2895. >Like Gentlehoof.
  2896. >You hop off your spot on the couch to join the floor conversation a little better.
  2897. "You won't, we promise. I was there too, I know just how terrible it was, and I can guarantee you neither of us will ever go back."
  2898. >Sweetie gives you a sad strained smile.
  2899. >How would you describe it?
  2900. >World weary?
  2901. >"No offense, but none of us can really guarantee anything like that. At the end of the day we're slaves without a bit of say in our lives. I want to believe this masters different, and if he is then great, but until then I've got to play it safe for my own sake."
  2902. >Pragmatic.
  2903. >"I'll try to tone stuff down, and I guess I can let his bed go for now, but I'm still going to be the best slave I can be. Not trying to make anypony look bad or rub anypony the wrong way, but I've go to do this for me. Get it?"
  2904. >It's not a perfect, more of a cease fire than anything else, but it'll do.
  2905. "Got it."
  2906. >"Cool, and ummm..."
  2907. >She breaks eye contact and scratches the back of her head awkwardly.
  2908. >"Sorry about all that stuff I said I guess. I didn't really want to get you in trouble, but the way you act around him and, well... you know."
  2909. >The gestures to her right ear.
  2910. >What?
  2911. >What's wrong with her...?
  2912. >Oh!
  2913. >S-she means your ear, the branded one.
  2914. >To be honest you're surprised it's taken this long for her to mention it.
  2915. >"I thought showing him how better behaved I was would be a way to score easy points. Maybe that was stupid though, he must be pretty lax if he took you back in after you got far enough away to get yourself branded."
  2916. >Even though you currently wear one the term 'brand' still makes you shiver.
  2917. >Your ear will still serve as a cruel reminder for the rest of your days, but as far as brands go things could have been much much worse.
  2918. >A burned off cutie mark can do much worse than scar your flanks, it can ruin your destiny.
  2919. >"Lax or just plain dumb."
  2920. >Hey! Only you get to call Anon dumb!
  2921. >Rarity chuckles and throws a forehoof around her sister's shoulders.
  2922. >"If you're expecting a stern master you might be disappointed darling. Our little Twilight practically has Anon wrapped around her hoof."
  2923. "I do not!"
  2924. >Anon is smart and decisive and knows what's best!
  2925. >Sweetie and Rarity both just laugh.
  2927. >It's unusual for Anon to work late nowadays yet here you are still waiting.
  2928. >He at least knows to text and keep you updated so you don't have to worry.
  2929. >Good human.
  2930. >"It sounds as though he's had a stressful day, yes?"
  2931. >Rarity darts to and fro making adjustments to the dress you're modeling.
  2932. "He said it was some kind of emergency so probably. I just hope he doesn't have to stay there all night."
  2933. >Your friend hums her agreement from somewhere behind you.
  2934. >"Well, he's a very capable human. I'm sure he'll figure it out."
  2935. "Ow!"
  2936. >She poked you with a needle!
  2937. >"I told you to hold still darling. You can check your phone in a moment."
  2938. >Just want to see if you got another text...
  2939. >You grumble but stand as still as possible to avoid another stabbing.
  2940. >The dress you're modeling isn't your style, but according to Rarity live ponies help her envision things that mannequins can't.
  2941. >"I was thinking about our chat earlier before Sweetie interrupted us. You were saying something about showing him our support for the herd together?"
  2942. >Oh yeah.
  2943. "I just thought if we showed him we were both onboard with the idea he'd be more comfortable."
  2944. >"Makes sense to me. What did you have in mind?"
  2945. "Just like... approaching him together? Maybe group kissing or cuddling tonight where we make sure he gives you plenty of attention too. Like, you cuddle with us but he always keeps his hands off your plot while grabbing mine constantly."
  2946. >Why's that make her laugh!?
  2947. "What? You've seen him!"
  2948. >"Oh I know darling. You should see the expression on your face when he does so."
  2949. >B-bully!
  2950. "T-the point is we'll tell him it's ok to do the same with you. I know he's attracted to you, he just needs to feel as comfortable with a handful of white as he is with purple."
  2951. >She abandons all pretense of adjusting your dress and presses a hoof into both of your cutie marks!
  2952. >Eep!
  2953. >"I'll endeavor, but it could be difficult to compete with THIS!"
  2954. "Rarity!"
  2955. >You try to pull your butt away from her grasp but she's ready!
  2956. >"You really must hold still Twilight!"
  2957. "You really must quit teasing!"
  2958. >"Must I? It really is such a nice derriere. Remember that time I-"
  2959. "Rarity!"
  2960. >Not that time!
  2961. >You thought she agreed to never speak of the time she got you to try... Ugh!
  2962. >"Ah, you do remember. I'll admit I was quite pleased to find out the rumors about Canterlot fillies were true. Perhaps Anon would like to know? I daresay he already has an appreciation for the finer things in life..."
  2963. >'finer things' is punctuated by her squeezing your cheeks!
  2964. >Does the teasing ever end!?
  2966. >Forget this.
  2967. >You leave Rarity holding nothing but fabric when you blink across the room.
  2968. >"Aww Twilight..."
  2969. "Don't you Twilight me!"
  2970. >Molesting your friends is rude and she knows it!
  2971. >"I was only teasing."
  2972. >You ALLOW her to approach and nuzzle you.
  2973. >You don't nuzzle back though, you just stand there giving her the cold shoulder.  
  2974. >That'll teach her.
  2975. >"Don't be angry."
  2976. "I'm not angry."
  2977. >"You seem upset."
  2978. "I'm not upset."
  2979. >She gives you a quick peck on the cheek that makes you blush more than you'd like.
  2980. >"I think it's a good idea, us approaching Anon together."
  2981. >Of course it's a good idea; it's your idea. Your ideas are always good.
  2982. >"I'll let you take the lead, yes? You know his intimate interests better than I."
  2983. "I mean it's really more about you and him..."
  2984. >"Perhaps, but if he's not comfortable..."
  2985. "We'll figure it out. How hard can it be?"
  2986. >Right?
  2988. >Anon ends up being stuck at work for a few more hours.
  2989. >Without a computer to rely on you don't really know what to do with yourself.
  2990. >You've got some ebooks on your hoofphone, but meh.
  2991. >It's not that you don't like reading anymore, books can take you magical places after all, it's just that after playing through stories rather than simply reading them... it's just really something else.
  2992. >That said, game devs seem lazy on the stories lately in your opinion.
  2993. >Maybe you will go back to books. Find a new fantasy series to try.
  2994. >You'd burned through tons of books as soon as Anon introduced you to human fiction.
  2995. >Nonfiction is important of course, human history is equally fascinating and stupid, but human fiction is something else entirely.
  2996. >For a race without magic they're borderline obsessed with the idea.
  2997. >Some series go as far as to invent whole languages and rune systems while others seem to just wing it and make things up as they go along.
  2998. >The latter is silly. Even real magic has rules and systems one needs to understand to fully utilize, but it's understandable for a non magical race.
  2999. >But as soon as you found The Hobbit you were hooked.
  3000. >You'd blazed through Lord of the Rings, hit a Wheel of Time, stopped by Earthsea, worked your way through the Skies of Pern and more.
  3001. >It wasn't until you saw Anon playing a 'walking simulator' game that you even considered putting your books down.
  3002. >You figured most video games were just violence simulators [spoiler] Typical right? [/spoiler] but a few of the things he played didn't have fighting at all.
  3003. >Yes a lot were gunfests but some simply sought to express a story.
  3004. >Books can plant whole new worlds in your head but video games can show you them directly.
  3005. >Needless to say you pestered him until he let you play a few of the ones you thought looked interesting: Firewatch, Edith Finch, The Stanley Parable, stuff like that.
  3006. >You drove him crazy talking about your theories and ideas for each and every one.
  3007. >Of course, in the end those games simply ended up being a gateway drug to every other genre of game, some decidedly less story focused than others.
  3008. [spoiler] >He probably should have held firm on the 'no multiplayer games' rule to be honest. [/spoiler]
  3009. [spoiler] >"People will bully you when they find out you're a pony." [/spoiler]
  3010. [spoiler] >blah blah blah I'm Anon and I know what's best for you. [/spoiler]
  3011. >Point is, you never really found a new book series after you fell off the video game deep end, so your hoofphone’s ebook library is slightly lacking.
  3012. >Maybe you could reread something?
  3013. >It's been years since you read any -
  3014. *Bzzzz*
  3015. >Oh, that must be him.
  3016. >[On my way home]
  3017. >Finally!
  3018. >You roll off the couch to go fetch Rarity.
  3019. >She's probably still in her workroom where you left her.
  3020. >You open and the door and... uhhhh...
  3021. >"Hmm? Good news?"
  3022. "W-what are you..."
  3023. >Oh my...
  3024. "W-wearing...?"
  3025. >"Do you not like the color?"
  3026. "The color's fine."
  3027. >Maybe too fine!
  3028. >"Do you not like the shape?"
  3029. "The shape is fine just..."
  3030. >She'll give Anon an aneurysm before he can even get it up!
  3031. "Don't you think it might be a little... too much? Too much, too soon? You look great but maybe nothing fancy the first time?"
  3032. >She scratches her chin and checks her own derriere in the mirror while considering.
  3033. >"Well... perhaps, if you think so..."
  3034. >Oh Celestia she's unbuttoning things!
  3035. "Ok great thanks I'll be in our room!"
  3036. >The tumble of words barely escape your mouth before you canter down the hall.
  3037. >Whew that outfit!
  3038. >Those curves!
  3039. >Keep it together filly!
  3040. >You're straight, remember?!
  3041. >Straight!
  3043. >A dressed-down [spoiler] naked [/spoiler] Rarity hops up on the bed with you a few minutes later.
  3044. [spoiler] >How is naked less sexy than clothed? [/spoiler]
  3045. >"Should we not meet him downstairs?"
  3046. "I mean we can, but he's always tired after long days like this. He'll just want to lie down. Some cuddling while he rants usually helps."
  3047. >"Of course. So are we going to be...? That is to say just how far do you think we'll be taking things tonight?"
  3048. >I-is she nervous?
  3049. >You tilt your head to the side to look at her.
  3050. "You ok?"
  3051. >"Me? Of course darling! I merely-"
  3052. >You stop her with a raised hoof.
  3053. "No no no, just stop. You don't have to act strong."
  3054. >She's absolutely shaking.
  3055. >It's just a little, almost imperceptible, but you see it.
  3056. "If you don't want to do this then we don't have to. We'll call the whole thing off. I know you had some awful experiences in the past so if this-"
  3057. >"No! No it's fine I'm just..."
  3058. >You roll over to her side and slide your head under her chin.
  3059. >"It's just nerves I promise."
  3060. "That still doesn't mean we can't call this off. We could at least wait."
  3061. >"No, the more I put this off the harder it will become. I don't want to call things off, I really don't. Anon's different than my old masters, I know that. He'd never even dream of hurting me like they so enjoyed doing. It's just... It's just a big step."
  3062. >Now that you're pressed up against her you can feel the trembling.
  3063. >Poor mare must be terrified.
  3064. >You wish you could give her strength somehow, take those memories away, convince her it'll be ok.
  3065. >Anon's gentle and kind, she'll enjoy herself but not if she's terrified.
  3066. "I'll be right there with you. If you say stop he'll stop. If you want to leave you can just leave at any time. He won't be mad if-"
  3067. >"Oh, girls!"
  3068. >He's here!
  3069. >Rarity tensing up besides you tells you everything you need to know: she's not ready.
  3070. >You turn to her quickly.
  3071. "Do you want to go somewhere else and talk first? We've got all the time in the world, there's no need to rush."
  3072. >"In here master!"
  3073. >Ok, that's a no.
  3074. >You can respect her wanting to push herself, but this has bad idea written all over it.
  3075. >You run a soothing hoof down her back as he arrives.
  3076. >"You guys in - Oh, hey..."
  3077. >What's that looks for?
  3078. >"I'm not like... interrupting anything, am I?"
  3079. >Interrupting?
  3080. >Wat?
  3081. >Just because the two of you are curled up on the bed.
  3082. >With your head tucked under her chin.
  3083. >Forehooves wrapped around her.
  3084. >Tails wrapped around each other.
  3085. >He never seen two totally platonic marefriends cuddle?
  3086. >100% platonic btw.
  3087. "We uhhh..."
  3088. >Be smooth Twilight.
  3089. "We were just waiting on you...?"
  3090. >Brilliant.
  3091. >You extract your head and forehooves from your bedmate but remain pressed up against her side.
  3092. >"So do you two cuddle like-"
  3093. "How was your day!?"
  3094. >Enough about you, let's talk about him!
  3095. >"Shitty."
  3096. >He pulls off his shirt and throws it on the ground.
  3097. >He's just changing into something more comfortable but watching him undress definitely isn't calming Rare's nerves.
  3098. >"Some dumbass got phished! Not even a customer, one of our own guys got phished!"
  3099. >Ha, stupid humans.
  3100. >"Ransomware everywhere, potentially lost customer data, passwords, all that fun stuff."
  3101. >Oh yeah, he's stressed.
  3102. >"Guy wouldn't even own up to his mistake. Not that it really matters, but stuff like that just pisses me off."
  3103. >"How positively dreadful. What can we do to alleviate your stress master? P-perhaps you'd like to join us for a moment’s relaxation?"
  3104. >So much for letting you take the lead.
  3105. >You aren't mad though, she just wants to squash her nerves and push forward.
  3106. >But is that really a good idea?
  3107. >Rarity scooting away from you and patting the bed seems to convince him it is. [spoiler] Even if he looks slightly nervous himself. [/spoiler]
  3108. >He doesn't even bother grabbing a shirt, instead he does exactly as told and takes a seat between the two of you.
  3109. >A confident hand pets you from head to withers then starts to scratch your back.
  3110. [spoiler] >You lean into the pets, but it's ok because pets feel really good and totally aren't degrading. [/spoiler]
  3111. >A much less confident hand avoids Rarity's mane and goes straight to the scratching.
  3112. >Probably best not to mess with her mane, to be fair.
  3113. >"You girls already ate right?"
  3114.  >Pfffft!
  3115. "Uhhh, yeah!"
  3116. >Like you'd go this late without eating.
  3117. "I love you, but a girl's gotta eat. Didn't you? I thought they usually get pizza delivered when stuff like this happened?"
  3118. >He gives you a NOT SO SUBTLE pat to the side of the belly and chuckles.
  3119. [spoiler] >Note to self: seek revenge for this slight [/spoiler]
  3120. >"Heh. Yeah I was just asking because I brought some home. Wasn't sure if you two were still hungry."
  3121. >"We polished off some leftovers ourselves. I myself am quite content."
  3122. >She slides closer to him as she talks and lays her head on his leg.
  3123. >The good news is he's still scratching but it still looks reserved, like he's not totally sure.
  3124. >"Cool. We can have the pizza later then."
  3125. >Ugh, she's practically draped herself across his lap but he's still only barely scratching her back.
  3126. >What kind of invitation does he need?
  3127. >"Oh, and I dropped off that package like you asked. They said it'll be there in a few business days."
  3128. >That gets her to stand to her hooves and rub up against him even less subtly.
  3129. >Like, head rubbing against his bare chest levels of not subtle.
  3130. >You can tell how hard she's pushing while Mr. Useless just sits there...
  3131. >You give him a little push to get his attention
  3132. >Hopefully he gets the message when you point towards her with your head and give him a 'do something!' look.
  3133. >Ok, he's using two hands now at least.
  3134. >One wraps around her waist while the other rubs a forehoof.
  3135. >"Thank you master."
  3136. >What's with the 'master'?
  3137. >She started calling him 'Anon' too didn't she?
  3138. >"I really think I can supplement our income if I can build a new name for myself. I want to help in any way I can. T-to serve i-in any way..."
  3139. >This is sounding... not like Rarity...
  3140. >"More money sounds great but don't push yourself too hard, ok? It's not like we're desperate or anything."
  3141. >She melts into his arms at the praise.
  3142. >"Yes sir, I-I'll do my best sir."
  3143. >Being respectful is one thing but all these 'sirs' and 'masters'...
  3144. >He adjusts his grip around her waist a little tighter and she takes it as a sign.
  3145. >With a visible gulp and one fluid motion she swings a hindleg over his lap and shakily sits down directly in his lap.
  3146. >Years of being trained in how to hold you sends his hands to support her flanks and back without him even thinking.
  3147. >"M-master I..."
  3148. >She sounds terrified...
  3149. >"I uhhh..."
  3150. >He has no idea what to do.
  3151. >"P-please master I-I just want to serve..."
  3152. >And now she's slipping further and further into some kind of slave subspace she must have developed with her old abusive masters.
  3153. >"Serve? Rarity you don't have to..."
  3154. >”No! I do, please. I-it's a mare's duty is it not?"
  3155. >"That might be oversimplifying a bit..."
  3156. >Nah, really Anon?
  3157. >"You took me in, you saved my sister, you even let me take up my old passions again. You're a kind and gentle human and I-I'm proud to be yours. I know I'd be safe with you. I don't expect to instantly have a place in your heart like Twilight does, but I can still be of comfort to you, be available to you. You've liked what you've seen, yes?"
  3158. >She wiggles her flanks in the way only Rarity can.
  3159. >"We've spent nights in each other's arms haven't we? What's one step further? I think you're wonderful. I want you to have it, all of it, all of me."
  3160. >That's it, you're stepping in.
  3161. >You're pretty sure she likes Anon as a person but this is sounding more and more like offering herself out of duty than love.
  3162. >You jump up on Anon's back so you can look down over his shoulder at her.
  3163. "Ok, let's just slow down a minute."
  3164. >Reaching down you turn her head to face you.
  3165. >Her eyes...
  3166. >She's absolutely not ok right now.
  3167. >He sees it too right?
  3168. >"Agreed, you’re shaking like a leaf Rarity."
  3169. >"I-I told Twilight, it's just nerves..."
  3170. >Just nerves your hoof.
  3171. >"Even if it is, Twilight's right, let's just back up a minute."
  3172. >"Y-yes master."
  3173. >The master thing must be giving him pause too based on the look he gives you.
  3174. "Rarity, where are we right now?"
  3175. >"Master's bedroom of course."
  3176. >Master's bedroom?
  3177. >Not our bedroom?
  3178. "And who is this?"
  3179. >You gesture towards the resident human.
  3180. >"Master?"
  3181. >She's totally out of it.
  3182. "And who are you?"
  3183. >"Twilight, really?"
  3184. "I know I know but just answer please."
  3185. >"Rarity, I'm master's slave."
  3186. >She's never identified herself like that.
  3187. >"Rarity you aren't just my slave, you're you. You're a strong, independent mare capable of anything she puts her mind to. You’re kind and generous and one of the hardest working ponies I've ever met. Remember when you ran a whole business empire? Remember that?"
  3188. >She looks so... confused?
  3189. >"I... I do..."
  3190. >Anon gently slides her out of his lap and over to the bed beside him.
  3191. >She looks so lost without his arms around her!
  3192. >You're about to hop off when Anon plucks you off his back himself and delivers you right into her grasp!
  3193. >Hey!
  3194. >"Remember taking care of Twilight?"
  3195. >Uhhh hello?
  3196. >Twilight's right here!
  3197. >He can't just pass you around like a sack of potatoes!
  3198. >He does though and she eagerly pulls your head into her chest fluff.
  3199. >Stupid taller mares...
  3200. >"You had a whole team of mares you personally took care of."
  3201. >You can appreciate him trying shake her out of this, but the way you're being pet and hugged like a teddy bear is kinda inconsiderate!
  3202. >"I-I did didn't I?"
  3203. >"You did. Not to mention being CEO of a Fortune 500 company! I've still got no idea how you managed all that. The board must have given you trouble constantly just for being a pony."
  3204. >That actually made her chuckle!
  3205. >"Quite a few didn't like the idea but it was hard to argue with results."
  3206. >Her voice is quiet but seems to be quivering less?
  3207. >"Like I said, you're way more than just a master's slave. I'm going to grab a shower real fast. Why don't you two relax and you think about that Rarity?"
  3208. >Time to talk to her alone is actually a good idea.
  3209. >Rarity nods.
  3210. >You would too but your head is still being held up against her plush chest.
  3211. [spoiler] >It's not the most uncomfortable thing, but you’re beginning to suspect she forgot she's holding a pony and not a doll. [/spoiler]
  3212. >You can forgive her though.
  3213. >She's still trembling slightly and you can hear her erratic heartbeat through her soft coat.
  3214. >A few minutes pass, should you...?
  3215. >"I'm sorry."
  3216. >Oh sweet Celestia she finally let go!
  3217. >Freedom!
  3218. >You shake your head and pop your neck a few times.
  3219. "I don't mind. Hugs aren't so bad."
  3220. >"But I-"
  3221. "Did nothing wrong. I should have stopped this way before things got out of hoof. Of course you'd have a hard time forgetting the past, it's only natural. I shouldn't have pressured you-"
  3222. >"Twilight, you really didn't. If anything I insisted."
  3223. "Yeah but it's my fault for not seeing how badly things could go."
  3224. >"And it's my fault for not knowing my own limits."
  3225. >You both look at each other and laugh a little.
  3226. >"Perhaps it is all too soon. The idea of being with him seems fine in my head, but as soon as I feel those hands around me... I spent far too many nights submitting to hands like those."
  3227. >You push your head back up under her chin allowing her forehooves to wrap around you again.
  3228. "You know he's not like that."
  3229. >"I do but the memories came back even still. Being told my worth, being shown it... They were truly vile creatures, Twilight."
  3230. >The wave of revulsion sends chills through her body.
  3231. >You kiss her neck and snuggle closer as best you can.
  3232. >"Thank you."
  3233. >She resumes petting your mane like a filly.
  3234. >Just what are you all going to do?
  3235. >If simply being touched by Anon sends her into this dark submissive spiral, what chance does a herd have?
  3236. >She's never been particularly submissive but probably correlates any human with submissivness in her head now.
  3237. >You could...
  3238. >No, that's stupid.
  3239. >Anon isn't that big on being dominant even if he usually ends up being so with you.
  3240. >That just kinda... happens.
  3241. [spoiler] >Just a totally freak coincidence that happens every time and says nothing about you... [/spoiler]
  3242. >You're sure he'd let Rarity take the lead if she wanted though, it's just... well, if it's him touching her she's not going to want to.
  3243. >But what if...
  3244. >What if she was allowed to feel powerful and dominant BEFORE actually being with Anon?
  3245. >Like...
  3246. >W-what if there were somepony else she could get into the dom mindset with first to boost her confidence?
  3247. >You MAY know a pony who could be the yin to her yang in that regard...
  3248. >A pony who's done so before.
  3249. >You gulp and look up at the larger mare holding you.
  3250. >At your friend.
  3251. "Hey uhh, this might sound crazy..."
  3252. >Is it hot in here?
  3254. >"Hmm?"
  3255. >Oh boy, how do you say this?
  3256. >'Do you want to dom me but for your sake not mine'?
  3257. >Yeah that doesn't sound stupid or anything.
  3258. "What if... like, what if you got to..."
  3259. >Just say it filly!
  3260. "Ok, tell me if I'm wrong, but the problem is you don't feel like you're 'in control' when you're with a human, right?"
  3261. >She purses her lips in thought.
  3262. >"That's a way to put it I suppose. I thought that knowing Anon isn't like the rest of them would make the difference, but the moment I feel his touch the memories return. My second owner in particular was big on a mare's 'proper place'."
  3263. >Monster.
  3264. >You splay back your ears and nuzzle some good vibes into her chest as hard as you can.
  3265. >"I hated every undignified moment, but I learned his lessons as a matter of survival. Thanks the stars the fool eventually got himself arrested for embezzlement. No master after him was as bad, yet none were eager to contradict training that brought them such pleasure either."
  3266. >The poor mare needs proper therapy, but you doubt there's many pony psychologists around nowadays.
  3267. "You did what you had to."
  3268. >"I know-"
  3269. >But it still fills her with shame.
  3270. >"-but I'm still damaged goods. Perhaps I should stick with Dusty, he's a nice enough stallion. Even if we don't have a strong emotional connection he can still tend to my physical needs."
  3271. "You shouldn't have to settle for someone you don't really like."
  3272. >She gives you a wistful smile.
  3273. >"We shouldn't have to live with collars around our throats either, but such is life. Would you break the news to Anon? I'm sure you'd know just what to say."
  3274. >She can't just give up!
  3275. "No! I mean yes, I can if you want, but you shouldn't give up yet! What if we..."
  3276. >She's probably going to think you're an idiot but this is the best idea you can think of.
  3277. "The problem is your confidence, right? What if we... boosted it?
  3278. >"Boosted it? I can always do with a compliment or two Twilight but I'm not sure that will solve-"
  3279. "No, not like that, I mean like... The memories make you feel submissive right? What if you started off being dominant first?"
  3280. >Wow that window sure looks interesting right now, in fact everything that's NOT Rarity's face looks interesting right now.
  3281. >"I don't think it's as simple as that dear. As soon as he touches me I'll-"
  3282. "W-what if it wasn't him? What if you started off with someone else first to build up that sort of headspace and then he just like... joined in...?"
  3283. >She's quiet.
  3284. >Why is she so quiet?
  3285. >Say something so you feel less dumb dang it!
  3286. >"Twilight, are you offering to...?"
  3287. "Yes..."
  3288. >"Darling, you aren't just a toy I can use for my own benefit like that."
  3289. >A toy...
  3290. >Something about the term makes you squirm uncomfortably.
  3291. "It's fine."
  3292. >"I'd be using you Twilight, I wouldn't feel right about it."
  3293. "You wouldn't be. I really don't mind, it's..."
  3294. >Fun?
  3295. >Natural?
  3296. "It's nothing you haven't done before..."
  3297. >"Times were quite different back in Ponyville and you know it. This is different, this is you offering your body out of a sense of duty, not desire."
  3298. >Déjà vu?
  3299. "It's not that different, I was in heat then and I'm in heat now."
  3300. >"Perhaps, but this time you have Anon to help you manage it. Last time you actually needed me."
  3301. >Not that you don't understand her hesitation but come on!
  3302. >There's really no way around just saying it, is there?
  3303. "I... I want it."
  3304. >"Excuse me?"
  3305. >You whispered before but you speak up now.
  3306. "I want it. I want you. You're kind, you're beautiful, you're a wonderful pony who knows..."
  3307. >*gulp*
  3308. "Who knows how to... do that stuff and who I trust to do it!"
  3309. >You bury your face in her chest and blush furiously!
  3310. "That time in Ponyville wasn't just heat relief to me. I never forgot it and I never... I never quit thinking about it..."
  3311. >The gentle petting she offers calms your trembling a little.
  3312. >With so few stallions in Equestria having a friend help with your heat was far from uncommon.
  3313. >It was usually just that though, relief, a quick physical hook up then back to casual friendship.
  3314. >Close friends tended to end up herded together so knowing each others bodies was no big deal, but romantic feelings tended to be reserved for the group's stallion.
  3315. >There's nothing WRONG with liking other mares of course, it's just a bit... out of the ordinary.
  3316. >You really hope Rarity doesn't think YOU'RE out of the ordinary...
  3317. >What the two of you did that time was strange enough already.
  3318. >You'd licked each other a few times in the past, but one day when you'd gone to ask for assistance you'd found her clearly not expecting company.
  3319. >A leather outfit.
  3320. >A crop in hoof.
  3321. >Checking herself out in the mirror with a fierce expression.
  3322. >You'd tried to get away before she noticed but it was too late.
  3323. >Laughing it off was out of the question with the way she caught you staring.
  3324. >She hadn't scolded you for spying on her though.
  3325. >No, she sashayed over to you and asked if good fillies spied on their friends.
  3326. >She showed you the fate of bad fillies that night and you'd never ever forgotten.
  3327. >"Look at me."
  3328. >Why do they always do this when you're ashamed?
  3329. >As usual you resist and bury your face deeper into her chest fluff instead.
  3330. >"Twilight, look at me."
  3331. >It's not her 'do it now filly' tone yet but it's getting there!
  3332. >"I need to know how sincere you are about this so I need you to look at me Twilight. Be good."
  3333. >Good...
  3334. >You gulp and slowly extract yourself from her luxurious coat.
  3335. >"Eyes up. There you are."
  3336. >The look in her eyes makes you shiver.
  3337. >You try to turn away but she holds your chin with one hoof and strokes your cheek with the other.
  3338. >"Good girl."
  3339. >Why's that making you blush so much?
  3340. >"You always did behave for Miss Rarity, didn't you?"
  3341. >Sure is hot in here!
  3342. >You try to answer but your mouth's suddenly so dry!
  3343. >That gaze, that touch, that praise.
  3344. >It's all just too much.
  3345. >You close your eyes but hear her tick her tongue in disappointment when you do!
  3346. >"Eyes open sweetheart, look at me."
  3347. >But it's embarrassing!
  3348. >You do as you're told but you're sure your cheeks are blushing bright red.
  3349. >"You never forgot hmm?"
  3350. "R-rarity..."
  3351. >Your pleas for mercy only make her grin!
  3352. >"What part was your favorite? Hmm?"
  3353. "R-rarity please..."
  3354. >"Was it the scolding?"
  3355. >It made you feel so small...
  3356. >"Did you like being told what a naughty filly you'd been?"
  3357. >[spoiler]M-maybe...[/spoiler]
  3358. >"You were so contrite it was adorable. You didn't even argue when I told you to lay across the bed."
  3359. >W-where's that hoof going?!
  3360. >She was rubbing your back but it's getting lower and lower!
  3361. >"You were such a good girl when I sat in front of you."
  3362. >Watch the hoof mare, that's the base of your tail!
  3363. >"You came to me for relief but with only one tiny nudge ended up on the other side. I wonder why that was?"
  3364. >You really want to look away but every time you try she gently guides your face back!
  3365. >"You were flagging so very much, yet you didn't so much as whimper even when I pushed your head down."
  3366. "P-please I remember, you don't have to-"
  3367. >"I'm sure you do darling. I'm sure you vividly remember lapping at my flower while your own screamed with need. You didn't even resist when I held you there. That's how I knew, you know. Even when returning the favor Applejack would have NEVER let me hold her head down like that, yet you positively relished in it. The more I pushed the more you gave and the more your body responded..."
  3368. >Eep!
  3369. >The instant she pulls your tail you collapse into her chest!
  3370. >The other hoof rubs up and down your back all the way to your flank while her first pulls your tail taunt sending endless sensations up your spine!
  3371. >"And to tell you a secret darling..."
  3372. >Don't moan! Don't moan! Don't moan!
  3373. >"I knew you were coming that night!"
  3374. "You what!?"
  3375. >A shit eating grin threatens to tear her muzzle in half!
  3376. >"You heard me. Do you really think I prance around my own home in full lingerie with a crop? I knew your heat was coming, I knew you'd come to me, and I knew you'd absolutely love the world I could introduce you to."
  3377. >That little bitch!
  3378. >She deliberately let you think you'd messed up just so she could...!
  3379. >So she could...!
  3380. >A certain part of your body twitches just remembering HALF the things she did to you that night!
  3381. >Ahhh!
  3382. >"Oh don't give me that sour face! You had fun didn't you?"
  3383. >You did but that's not the point!
  3384. >"That side of you is beautiful Twilight, and I wanted to introduce you to it. Now, are you still sure you want to do this? I admit I may have used a bit of a trick to get you into this lifestyle but it needs to be your decision to pursue it."
  3385. >Her hooves stop teasing you for a moment so you can think clearly.
  3386. >On one hoof she seems A LOT more confident right now. [spoiler]Maybe a little too much so![/spoiler]
  3387. >On the other hoof she's a bitch for tricking you into her perverted lifestyle.
  3388. >Or tricking you into finding out you were also a perv?
  3389. >Or tricking you into... something...
  3390. >She did trick you sorta? Right?
  3391. >[spoiler]You don't fucking know![/spoiler]
  3392. >[spoiler]Were you already like that deep down and she just helped you realize it?[/spoiler]
  3393. >[spoiler]Is that a bad thing?[/spoiler]
  3394. >[spoiler]Ahhhh![/spoiler]
  3395. "I uh... I still..."
  3396. >You only need to think back to that outfit you saw her in a few hours ago to find your answer.
  3397. >The garters! The lace!
  3398. >Instead of answering your scoot back a bit so you can lean down and...
  3399. >Oh come on!
  3400. >She puts a hoof to your chest to stop you before you get the chance!
  3401. >"So perfect."
  3402. >She kisses the tip of your horn but still holds you back.
  3403. >"Not so fast dear, we've yet to get dressed."
  3405. >So ummm...
  3406. >The lingerie she made for you fits.
  3407. >Like, holy Celestia it fits so well.
  3408. >It lifts in the right places, pinches in the right places, makes you feel like a million bucks AND... comes with a ring gag.
  3409. >Why she has a ring gag that fits your bridle you really really really don't want to think about...
  3410. >Currently it hangs on one side of your bridle but you just KNOW it's there ready to hold your muzzle open and render you totally helpless to stop-
  3411. >No Twilight!
  3412. >Bad!
  3413. >You flick your tail [spoiler]Complete with tail tie![/spoiler] in agitation.
  3414. >Just got to get back to your room WITHOUT SWEETIE SEEING YOU LIKE THIS and let her take things from there.
  3415. >Oh Luna you hope Sweetie's still downstairs.
  3416. >Seeing you and her panty clad sister trotting from the workroom to the bedroom...
  3417. >The one holding your reigns seems to be in no rush though.
  3418. >You try to nudge her forward but she seems to be in no hurry.
  3419. >"Eagerness IS adorable but why rush a good thing, hmm? Don't you want to spend as much time as possible in your cute new outfit?"
  3420. >You grumble a 'yes miss' that makes her smile.
  3421. >"You look ravishing Twilight. Just relax, take a deep breath, and let me do all the thinking, alright?"
  3422. >Let her do the thinking?
  3423. >B-but you like thinking too!
  3424. >MAYBE not when it comes to stuff like this but in general - oh ok we're already at the bed!
  3425. >"Up."
  3426. >Does she have to pat the the spot like she's instructing a pet?
  3427. >Regardless you hop up and turn a quick few circles.
  3428. >Or at least you try to.
  3429. >"No no, still!"
  3430. >But you've got to get the spot comfy!
  3431. >There's no arguing with the hoof on your side steadying you though.
  3432. >"Very good."
  3433. >She hops up herself and trots a tight circle around you a few times.
  3434. >It's like a shark circling it's prey.
  3435. >The way she looks at you.
  3436. >Brushes up against you.
  3437. >Drags her tail across your coat.
  3438. >"Very pretty dear."
  3439. >You tense up but stay in position as she slowly drags a hoof down your spine!
  3440. >Lower and lower!
  3441. >"Now tell me Twilight. Have you been a good girl lately?"
  3442. "W-what?"
  3443. >"Have you been a good girl? Have you been behaving? Have you been living up to the standards of your station?"
  3444. >Your station?
  3445. >Slave?
  3446. >There are standards for this stuff?
  3447. "I... I'm confused. I didn't know we were doing this. What standards?"
  3448. >Always has to be mind games with her doesn't it?!
  3449. >She quits her inspection and comes to a stop face to face with you.
  3450. >H-has she always been so much taller than you?
  3451. >"What standards? Why, the standards any slave must be held to! Respectful-"
  3452. >Uh oh.
  3453. >"Hard working-"
  3454. >Oh no.
  3455. >"Diligent-"
  3456. >I-is this bad?
  3457. >"Eager to please-"
  3458. >You're ok at that one right?
  3459. >"Humble!?"
  3460. >Ok, she gets right up in your face with that last one!
  3461. >A-are you in real trouble here?
  3462. >You didn't exactly lay down ground rules for this...
  3463. >And last time she was in charge of you she spanked the fire out of you for not working hard enough...
  3464. >Shit shit shit!
  3465. "I uhh I'm maybe not ALL of those things but... c-can we just take a timeout real fast here? I'm not sure I really understand what we're-!"
  3466. >The words catch in your throat when you feel something solid and wooden being dragged up your hind leg, over your flank, and up your side to float into your vision!
  3467. >'Diamonds in the Rough - Pony Attitude Adjustor'
  3468. >!!!
  3469. >When did she get that!?
  3470. "No no no Rarity wait!"
  3471. >"Running away? Sneaking onto your computer? Not to mention your flippant attitude towards your master and working in general."
  3472. >Bad bad bad, this is bad!
  3473. >You try to back up but she's got a tight grip on your reigns!
  3474. >"You've had this coming for quite some time Twilight, now take it like a big filly!"
  3475. >No no no, you don't want to be a big filly if this is what it means!
  3476. >Trying to escape proves futile as the brush floats off behind you!
  3477. >Didn't she say spankings were just for fun now!?
  3478. >Is this fun then?!
  3479. >Like, you're kinda getting wet, but you're also afraid she's about to really blister your ass!
  3480. "Rarity wait please let's just talk about thi-mmmmm!"
  3481. >Not the ring gag!
  3482. >You try and shake your head but she's already secured your mouth gaping wide around the metal ring!
  3483. >Trying to protest only comes out as stupid sounding gibberish!
  3484. >If this is supposed to be fun it's pretty intense!
  3485. >Anon get out of the shower you idiot!
  3486. >[spoiler]Celestia damn it he always takes the LONGEST SHOWERS![/spoiler]
  3487. >She gives you a sweet smile and leans into your terror etched face.
  3488. >"Pulse your horn three times for the safeword."
  3489. >Ok ok this is a game then!
  3490. >"But I think we both know you deserve this."
  3491. >No no no no no!
  3492. >Crack!
  3493. "Mmmmmmm!"
  3495. >Mother bucking Anon spends an additional 20 MINUTES IN THE SHOWER!
  3496. >20 minutes of Rarity tearing you up like a disobedient slave! [spoiler] that you may or may not be! [/spoiler]
  3497. >Sure you could use the safeword, but this is for her, and you're tough, and [spoiler] you may or may not deserve this. She actually raised a few good points about your attitude while smacking your ass and you'll need to think about them later when you aren't squealing. [/spoiler]
  3498. >You're pretty sure that was Anon opening the bathroom door at least, it's kind of hard to hear from... down here...
  3499. >After turning you from purple to a slightly darker purple Rarity let you up from her lap only to lay you down on your back.
  3500. >You weren't exactly sure you understood why until she started to, uhh, sit...
  3501. >She at least took your ring gag out and amended your safeword to 5 taps on her leg instead of pulses of your horn, you know since she can't see your horn when she's... on top...
  3502. >[spoiler] You've never been sat on before though! [/spoiler]
  3503. >[spoiler] Holy crap it's like a waterfall and you're going to drown! [/spoiler]
  3504. >[spoiler] Any lapse in your efforts is met with light attention to your fiery flanks though and even LESS attention to your puffy portal which she's been toying with WITHOUT SATISFYING! [/spoiler]
  3505. >You try to buck you hips up to meet her hoof but the physics of the situation are very much so against you.
  3506. >"Uhhhhhhh..."
  3507. >It was the door! That's him! He can save you from this crazy mare's torment!
  3508. >"Ok, this time I know I interrupted something."
  3509. >Rarity wiggles her hips and shudders in pleasure!
  3510. >So much flank!
  3511. >"Interrupted? Of course not master. I've been saving the main course just for you."
  3512. >What is she doing?! What is she doing!?
  3513. >You try and fight it but the muscles are just so exhausted!
  3514. >Slowly but surely she prys your legs as wide as they go!
  3515. >At least he can't see you blush as she exposes your everything to him!
  3516. >Your disciplined flanks!
  3517. >Your thrashing tail!
  3518. >Your winking, messy, dripping entrance!
  3519. >You'll never live this down!
  3520. >Crack!
  3521. "MMMMMMM!"
  3522. >Ok, that was a real one! Ouch!
  3524. >Do something Anon!
  3525. >She holds the brush against your stinging cheek to really let that last hard swat sink in!
  3526. >"Do I even want to know what happened?"
  3527. >Forget what happened, save the purple pony!
  3528. >"Perhaps not. You know how our little one can be."
  3529. >'Our little one' what's that supposed to mean!?
  3530. >HEY!
  3531. >A human hand caresses the cutie mark that's not currently hosting the 'pony attitude adjuster'.
  3532. >It feels a lot nicer than the burning lesson you've been getting about 'living up to your station' at least. [spoiler] Whatever the buck that's supposed to mean [/spoiler]
  3533. >"I admit she can be a handful..."
  3534. >he punctuates 'handful' by squeezing a handful of darker than usual purple pony plot!
  3535. "Mmmmm!"
  3536. >You'd protest, but your voice is lost in the face full of Rarity you're suffocating under.
  3537. >[spoiler]Yeah yeah, you're still servicing! Can't she can quit threatening your flanks already!?[/spoiler]
  3538. >"And does look like she's enjoying herself..."
  3539. "Mmm Mmmmmm!"
  3540. >The finger he runs down your slit is such a cruel tease!
  3541. >"But are you sure she's ok down there?"
  3542. >Thank you!
  3543. >Instead of relenting though Rarity shudders and clamps her thighs around your head even tighter!
  3544. >"Worry not, she has a safe signal, she's simply enjoying herself too much to use it."
  3545. >Not true!
  3546. >You aren't using it because...
  3547. >Because this is for Rarity and... stuff...
  3548. >"That and she knows she's overdue for a bit of correction, isn't that right Twilight?"
  3549. >No!
  3550. >"Haven't you been a willful little naughty filly lately?"
  3551. >You shake your head in the hopes she can feel the message.
  3552. >"Don't lie now sweetheart. Running away and leaving your master heartbroken? Trying to bend the rules of your very light punishment behind his back? Even taking advantage of his good nature to manipulating him into letting you play your little game when you KNOW you're being punished?"
  3553. >T-thats... that's... shut up!
  3554. >"She suffered enough for running away I think, but I did probably spoil her a bit by letting her play the other day."
  3555. >You'd whimper but... well you know, giant white flank.
  3556. >"It's tough to blame you for being too kind, master. This one just knows how to kiss up a bit too well."
  3557. >Smack smack smack smack smack!
  3558. "Mmmmph!"
  3559. >It's far from some of the harsh blisterings your hide's endured in the past but it stings!
  3560. >"So you're saying it's her fault for being too adorable?"
  3561. >That's not faiRRRR OH GODDESSES!
  3562. >While she peppers your cheeks he takes the opportunity to slip a couple fingers inside their shared plaything!
  3563. >If your brain wasn't crosswired when it came to pain already then getting fingered and spanked at the same time is gonna do just that!
  3564. >You try to resist the pleasure, you really do, but she's just been teasing you for so long!
  3565. >You moan into your tormentor's lips while yours clamp down on master's fingers!
  3566. >"You weren't kidding about her enjoying this."
  3567. >Shut up!
  3568. >"Of course, she's truly a born submissive."
  3569. >Stupid fat white pig!
  3570. >"Would you know she offered herself to me like this? As a confidence booster for myself admittedly, but still, she didn't so much as flinch when I dressed and tacked her up."
  3571. >The mention of your apparel seems to draw his attention to it.
  3572. >He runs a free hand down the length of your stocking and even snaps the garter holding it in place.
  3573. >[spoiler] Shame he couldn't see the panties on you! Rarity told you they 'weren't the ones in trouble' and pulled them down to your thighs before the discipline began! [/spoiler]
  3574. >"You know I actually do believe that."
  3575. >He casually slips a third finger into your clenching portal like it's no big deal1
  3576. "Mmmmm!"
  3577. >"When I first bought her I was surprised how obedient she was when I told her she was in for some discipline. She ran and hid a few times, but for the most part climbed over my knee when ordered and took her licks without too much struggle."
  3578. >Y-you did not...
  3579. >You're a strong independent mare who didn't put up with his horrible abuse!
  3580. >Most the time...
  3581. >"How adorable."
  3582. >Am not!
  3583. >"She confessed to me once that her old teacher used to employ the same methods."
  3584. >No no no, don't tell him about Celestia!
  3585. >"Even when she was more mare than filly!"
  3586. >Yeah, ha ha, laugh it up you two!
  3587. >Does this count as bonding for them though?
  3588. >"So she's always been like this huh?"
  3589. >"Ever since I've known her, absolutely. She was so easy to lure into my bed it almost felt like cheating!"
  3590. >Oh come on! Don't tell him about that!
  3591. >"This isn't her first time down under there then?"
  3592. >He's no doubt gesturing to your mare-covered face.
  3593. >"Yes and no. Last time I simply held her muzzle to the prize for a time before taking her myself."
  3594. >Rarity!
  3595. >"Mmmm, I'm sure that was quite a sight."
  3596. >To your surprise Rarity lifts her hips off you and blinds you with the light of day!
  3597. >Air!
  3598. >Sweet air and light!
  3599. >You take big deep gulping breaths to catch up your burning lungs and give your almost numb tongue a break!
  3600. >"You hear that Twilight? Perhaps Anon would like a reenactment?"
  3601. >A reenactment!?
  3602. >Of the time she...
  3603. >With that big black...
  3604. "No no no!"
  3605. >Being mounted by a stallion is normal, being mounted by a mare is perverted and depraved!
  3606. >"No? You had such fun though, especially when I swapped to your-"
  3607. "Lalalalalala don't tell him that! You don't have to tell him that!"
  3608. >She tsks in disappointment.
  3609. >"Keeping things from your master, Twilight? Perhaps you need a few more minutes to think about things."
  3610. "A few more minut-mmmmmm!"
  3611. >More time exploring her diamond mine she means!
  3612. >Not that Rarity isn't a lovely mare whom your muzzle has been intimate with before, but being enveloped by her for so long is exhausting your poor tongue!
  3613. >If she feels bad for you she fails to show it.
  3614. >Some wiggling adjustments and sensual moans has you right back where she wants you!
  3615. >So tired though...
  3616. >You really don't want to - ok she's tapping your backside again, time to get to work!
  3617. >"Mmmmm good girl."
  3618. >Perverted mare!
  3619. >As if you weren't having a hard enough time already, Anon takes this opportunity to remove his fingers completely!
  3620. >You whimper and buck your hips but the magical digits are just gone!
  3621. >Come on! Someone take care of YOU for once!
  3622. >Before you can start to get actually upset about the lack of attention you feel him push the brush aside and firmly grasp both cutie marks!
  3623. >Hands > brush!
  3624. >He grips and massages your lightly roasted cheeks much to your delight.
  3625. >Celestia his hands are even cool to the touch.
  3626. >[spoiler] Cool compared to your sorry hide at least [/spoiler]
  3627. >You flick your tail and wink for all you're worth to try and entice him.
  3628. >"She certainly can be a good girl sometimes."
  3629. >All the time he means!
  3630. >"But she's always a pretty one."
  3631. >He widens your legs even more and goes so far as to blow on your needy sex!
  3632. >"Charmer."
  3633. >She's just jealous he's all over your ass and not hers!
  3634. >[spoiler] Then again her bits are getting plenty of attention at the moment as well [/spoiler]
  3635. >"You'll spoil her you know. Here I am trying to drive a lesson into her and you're complimenting her."
  3636. >You moan loudly as he spreads your lips directly!
  3637. >He has to be looking inside!
  3638. >You try not to clench at the empty air but you just can't stop it!
  3639. >"Is she eager?"
  3640. >"Unbelievably."
  3641. >Rarity shudders, at what you aren't sure until your brain goes white with pleasure!
  3642. "Mmmmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmm!"
  3643. >If his fingers were heaven his tongue is nirvana!
  3644. >You'll burst in mere seconds from the sensation and it seems Rarity is set to do the same!
  3645. >"She's close Anon! She's close and so am I!"
  3646. >He pushes further in!
  3647. >You moan louder into your white muzzle rider causing her to shift her hips and moan herself!
  3648. >Just one more second!
  3649. >You buck your hips for more!
  3650. >Rarity arches her back and lets out a dainty scream before coving your muzzle in warm essence!
  3651. >It gets all over but you don't care, you just care about the tongue driving your mind into blinding bliss!
  3652. >Almost there!
  3653. >Almost there!
  3654. >Almost - no no no! Why is he stopping!
  3655. >You roar in fury but the noise is muted by the exhausted mare still atop you!
  3656. >"Aww, she was almost there."
  3657. >Damn straight you were so why'd the big idiot stop!
  3658. >"Yes... whew, oh my. Yes she was master, you're absolutely correct."
  3659. >You rage and struggle under her milky thighs but she keeps you down.
  3660. >"A little too close if you ask me. Naughty fillies don't get to finish before their master does."
  3661. >Come on!
  3662. >"That's a bit harsh don't you think?"
  3663. >Yes!
  3664. >"For some perhaps but not our sweet little Twilight. I'm certain she'd want to cum WITH her master instead of before him."
  3665. >Look, you'd love for him to get off too, but there's no reason you have to wait!
  3666. >At least he went back to rubbing his hands up and down your legs and flanks.
  3667. >"That true Twilight?"
  3668. >*Zip*
  3669. >"Is this what you want?"
  3670. >Bolts of pleasure shoot up your spine when he rubs his length over your lips!
  3671. >Yes! Yes it is what you want!
  3672. >"Back to winking already, I guess that's a yes? Hop up for a moment Rarity?"
  3673. >Freedom!
  3674. >You cough and rub your face with a hoof now that she's finally gone!
  3675. "You two... you two had better - ahhh! O 'ome on!"
  3676. >Before you can finish your first sentence the ring gag once again pries your muzzle wide!
  3677. >"That's more like it."
  3678. >You prepare to give her a difficult to understand earful, but human hands have you squeaking with an unexpected lift up off the bed!
  3679. >Now what!?
  3680. >You're too tired to fight off some new perversion so he better not...
  3681. >Oh.
  3682. >He's wiping off your face with his towel.
  3683. >This is acceptable you suppose.
  3684. >He's also supporting your back and neck correctly so the positing is more relaxed than you expected.
  3685. >It... it's actually pretty nice.
  3686. >Your chest is still heaving and your muzzle flush, but compared to being simultaneously face and finger fucked it's a calm break.
  3687. >"Something wrong master?"
  3688. >He slides two fingers around your neck and up under your chin.
  3689. >What is he...?
  3690. >You lift your chin to expose your vulnerable pony neck but he stops in a specific spot.
  3691. >Is he...?
  3692. >Your pulse?
  3693. >Is he checking your pulse?
  3694. >"Nah, nothings wrong I just wanted to be sure she's ok."
  3695. >His other hand rests on your chest where he can feel your shallow panting breath.
  3696. >Rarity giggles a little.
  3697. >"She's a tough mare Anon. It'll take more than some flanks to damage her."
  3698. >You lean back and close your eyes while he continues his examination.
  3699. >"Oh I know, doesn't hurt to be careful though."
  3700. >Your collar tracks vitals but you suppose his phone isn't exactly handy.
  3701. >[spoiler] It's also nice to be manually cared for! [/spoiler]
  3702. >"True, how is she then?"
  3703. >"The perfect picture of health, gaping muzzle and all."
  3704. >Well it's not your fault she forced this stupid thing onto-!
  3705. >Two fingers glide on the top of your tongue and all you can do is moan and wiggle in response!
  3706. >"I think the ring gag looks lovely on her, don't you?"
  3707. >Of course she does, she put it there!
  3708. >"I can definitely see the appeal."
  3709. "Ahhhhhh..."
  3710. >Yeah you can't say much...
  3711. >"I think she wants more master."
  3712. >Your moans only get louder when she reaches around to your flush and still unsatisfied bits!
  3713. >"Ahhhh! Oar!"
  3714. >"More she says master! Perhaps even...?"
  3715. >She's showing him something outside your field of view.
  3716. >"You think she can handle it?"
  3717. >Handle it?!
  3718. >Handle what?!
  3719. >"Worry not, she has before."
  3720. >Ugh, you can feel her pervy grin from here!
  3721. >Handle what though?!
  3722. >He looks down at you and plays with your helpless tongue a bit more.
  3723. >You can't even close your lips!
  3724. >So helpless, so vulnerable!
  3725. >All you can do is fight the muzzle invader with your tongue but that's a losing battle for sure!
  3726. >"Remember your safeword Twi?"
  3727. >Uh oh.
  3728. >You look silly nodding with his hand half in your mouth but it's the best you can do.
  3729. >"Good. Don't hesitate to use it if you have to."
  3730. >Wait what?!
  3731. >Why would you need your safeword?!
  3732. >Hold up!
  3733. >Before you know it he's flipping you over onto your belly and dropping you back onto the bed!
  3734. >Why do you need your safeword!?!
  3735. >You frantically look around for what the hell is going on, but soon find the answer stepping in front of you.
  3736. >Anon firmly grasps your flanks from behind, no doubt preparing to spreads your lips and put them to work, but Rarity...
  3737. >A white hoof stamps the bed right in front of you drawing your eyes up it and onto...
  3738. >I-is that the same one from back then?
  3739. >The toy hanging between her legs looks exactly like the one used way back in ponyville!
  3740. >You even think you can see the light teeth marks from where you [spoiler]accidental![/spoiler] bit back in surprise!
  3741. [spoiler] Oh the scolding you'd received for that! [/spoiler]
  3742. [spoiler] Yeah yeah, you know that's not how a proper mare treats her lovers! [/spoiler]
  3743. >The long black double sided dildo hangs menacing right at your face level!
  3744. >You aren't sure is fitting past your ring, but that you're pretty sure she's about to find out!
  3745. "Arity o! Arity ait!"
  3746. >"Shhhhh. I'll be gentle. Be a good girl now."
  3747. >You very much doubt that as the muzzle breaker inches closer and closer to your pried-open face!
  3748. >She lifts your chin with magic but stop when tip meets ring.
  3749. >"I know mouth isn't your speciality Twilight so consider this... training for Anon. Yes?"
  3750. >No no no!
  3751. >It's too long, you'll gag and die!
  3752. >"Say ahh!"
  3753. >You try and pull away from her magic but bucking Anon decides this is the perfect moment to buck you himself and penetrates your pussy in one deep sudden thrust!
  3754. "Ahhhhhhhmmmmmmmm!"
  3755. >Anon wastes no time hilting so Rarity takes the opportunity to bury herself so deep in your throat that your eyes water!
  3756. >You've dreamed of spitroasting before but not like this!
  3757. >"Fuck yeah!"
  3758. >Anon squeezes your sore cheeks and fills you with every inch of his dominating human meat!
  3759. >"Does she feel good, master?"
  3760. >When Anon thrusts she matches him!
  3761. >Your gag reflex isn't that bad, but you've still never been great at deepthroating!
  3762. >Tonight it seems Rarity wants to change that!
  3763. >"Amazing!"
  3764. >You squeal when he hilts hard enough to spank you with his hips, but the noise dies in your occupied throat!
  3765. >"Clenching is one thing but she's practically milking me!"
  3766. >Shut up!
  3767. >"Mmmm, a good girl indeed. She's barely fighting me up here even though I know she's struggling with it. So eager to please..."
  3768. >She rubs your back soothingly but bucks away at your mouth all the same!
  3769. >"Just be sure to give her enough air."
  3770. >Please!
  3771. >"Such a good master."
  3772. >She pulls back to give you a much needed break!
  3773. >"I can't tell you how many times a master pushed into my mouth until I blacked out. She'll never have to worry about that will she?"
  3774. >That's a great sob story but here it comes again!
  3775. >No no no!
  3776. "Mmmmmm!"
  3777. >[spoiler] You COULD use your safe word but... maybe you can hang on just a moment longer... [/spoiler]
  3778. >"Not gonna lie, that's hot as fuck to watch."
  3779. >Yeah because he isn't the one getting his throat stretched!
  3780. >"But only because I know she has a way out. I'm sorry people did that to you Rares."
  3781. >Sure he's panting but the fact they're just carrying on a normal conversation while SPITROASTING YOU is a little insulting!
  3782. >"Mmmm. Thank you, but it wasn't your fault."
  3783. >"That doesn't make it more ok. I hope it goes without saying but, ahh, you don't have to do anything you don't want to around here. Even right now if Twilight said stop-"
  3784. >*Slap*
  3785. "Mmmm!"
  3786. >Why!?
  3787. >"Then that would be it, no questions asked."
  3788. >Was the spank necessary!?
  3789. >"You're too kind to us..."
  3790. >Chat is great but it's time for another breath for the purple party member!
  3791. >You try pushing Rarity's hoof to get her attention but she's not pulling out!
  3792. >"I don't want you ever thinking that Rarity."
  3793. >Forget Rarity, be kind to Twilight she's going to pass out!
  3794. >You're about to light your horn for the signal when he pulls you backwards by the hips.
  3795. >Much to your relief Rarity comes out of your mouth with a 'pop' letting you gasp for air like a drowning mare!
  3796. >"Oh dear, my mistake."
  3797. >Really?!
  3798. >"Maybe we should switch sides?"
  3799. >Wait what?! Really Anon?
  3800. >"Well, it has been a while since I've mounted that ass..."
  3801. >Hold on they're serious!?
  3802. >Mare on mare mountings are lewd!
  3803. >LEWD!
  3805. >The rest of the night is a haze of bumping, slapping, gasping, moaning, and... liquids.
  3806. >As you secretly feared Anon unloaded his first into your throat and deeper than ever before!
  3807. >He wasn't even allowed to pull out until you'd swallowed the whole disgusting thing!
  3808. >Orders of Rarity of course.
  3809. >The praise your received from him for your feat was partially worth it at least.
  3810. >He'd taken a few minutes break after that but your pony mate offered you no such respite.
  3811. >Her swapping to your... 'back entrance' is what really peaked his interest and got him back in the saddle.
  3812. >It wasn't long before you found yourself hugged between the two, having both lower holes exercised in tandem!
  3813. >You'll be insanely sore tomorrow, but by this point your mind is such a hormone fueled haze you can only think of more.
  3814. >You're climaxing, he's climaxing, she's climaxing, it all runs together at some point.
  3815. >One thing your addled mind can notice is the touching.
  3816. >Not you but them.
  3817. >When double penning you their arms wrap around your body and meet each others.
  3818. >When back to spit roasting they reach to each other for support at times and you swear you even heard a kiss.
  3819. >They keep talking too.
  3820. >About you of course, their mutual plaything, but also about her past and his opinions on it.
  3821. >You don't catch all of it but what you hear is... encouraging.
  3822. >Eventually you either pass out or fall asleep mid bucking.
  3823. >You can already feel the soreness setting in but at least someone wrapped you up tight in a blanket and tucked you into bed.
  3824. >So tired.
  3825. >So sooooo tired.
  3826. >You drift in and out of sleep but keep getting woken up by... something?
  3827. >Finally you crack an eye and tilt an ear towards the disturbance.
  3828. >"You sure you're good? My hands are back here ok? No touching."
  3829. >She gives a breathy laugh.
  3830. >"You can hold my hoof just no touching the hips I think."
  3831. >"You sure? Just want to be careful. I still think a therapist might be a better-"
  3832. >"Yes yes, I'm sure. You think I didn't try therapy when I lived in a penthouse? It helps but for some reason human psychologists just don't quite understand. Now I'll fall over without support, give me your... thank you. Now stay still and let Miss Rarity... O-Oh I swear it gets bigger each time!"
  3833. >She's trembling like a leaf but she's on top, she's in control-
  3834. >"No wonder Twilight's so addicted to this! I'll manage the whole thing this time though, you just watch!"
  3835. >"Mmmm, I know you can!"
  3836. >"Was there ever really any doubt? You know what? Don't answer that, just kiss me."
  3837. >She's doing alright.
  3839. >Marshmallow sundays with Pinkie Pies on top...
  3840. >Steven Magnet bathing in an upside-down waterfall...
  3841. >Discord riding a very angry Celestia by the saddle...
  3842. >"Cute, but our sister would destroy him if he tried that."
  3843. >What the fuck!
  3844. "Ahhh!"
  3845. >You fall over on your cloud pillow and even throw your popcorn over the edge!
  3846. >Goddesses damn it Luna!
  3847. >Wait...
  3848. >Luna?!
  3849. >"So surprised, young Twilight? Surely you're ready with your report on the elements?"
  3850. >Uhhhhh...
  3851. >No?
  3853. "I, uhhh..."
  3854. >A report on the Elements?!
  3855. >Of course you don't have a report on the Elements!
  3856. >You didn't even remember to ask!
  3857. >Oh buck, how did you forget to ask!?
  3858. >"You seem in good health? Perhaps you were right about your 'Anon' taking you back with open arms."
  3859. >She lifts one of your forehooves with hers and tilts her head from one side to the other to inspect it.
  3860. >Always someone checking you over, isn't there?
  3861. >You curl your tail around your hind end and hope this is just a cursory survey.
  3862. >When she'd appeared in your dream back at Mistress Alison's she was able to see the ruined state of your hide plain as day.
  3863. >It was actually part of the nightmare that night. though.
  3864. >That horrible, horrible night.
  3865. >Tonight isn't like that, tonight's a good dream.
  3866. >You're just having a nice normal night's sleep after an exhausting... 'encounter'.
  3867. >That's a good term for it.
  3868. >You're sleeping off tonight's 'encounter' where you let Rarity live out her dom dreams on your poor plush purple pony posterior with a perfectly normal and happy dream.
  3869. >Come to think of it, you're sitting comfortably on your haunches at the moment so that means your waking state didn't follow you here at all, right?
  3870. >Right.
  3871. >It's fine.
  3872. >Everything's fine.
  3873. >Probably...
  3874. >"We were hesitant to send you back to the very human you escaped from but we've sensed neither nightmare nor distress."
  3875. >She gives you a 'stand' gesture which you oblige.
  3876. >Why not?
  3877. >It's not like you have anything to hide this time.
  3878. >"No repercussions? Truly? We've often heard tale of horrible beatings for far less."
  3879. "No beatings-"
  3880. >A memory of Anon landing his hips and hands on your haunches last night flashes across your mind before you shake it from your head!
  3881. >Not the kind of beating she's talking about!
  3882. "He uhh..."
  3883. >This is doing to sound childish.
  3884. "He sorta grounded me... from my computer..."
  3885. >Why does that sound even more foalish than your old punishment?
  3886. >"Grounded you?"
  3887. >Do you really have to explain what grounding is? Or does she not believe it?
  3888. "You know, took it away for awhile."
  3889. >"We know what grounding is, we are simply surprised. He gifted you a device of your own?"
  3890. "I mean it's kind of a crappy one..."
  3891. >"A generous boon nonetheless. Does he monitor your activities? Information is difficult to come by for our earthside operations, they could use such a tool."
  3892. >Earthside operations?
  3893. >You guess it makes sense that there has to be some kind of earth based team, this is just the first you've heard of it.
  3894. >Wait does she want to take your computer though?
  3895. >But you need that!
  3896. >For...
  3897. >Stuff...
  3898. >Non-selfish stuff...
  3899. >The more that you think about it maybe she just wants information instead?
  3900. >Access to a messaging system?
  3901. >You can't really imagine team earth's hideout has great internet access.
  3902. >Still, even if she doesn't want to take it, she wants you to help her little resistance right under Anon's nose.
  3903. >Not only are you not 100% sure about Luna right now, but you've really got no intention of doing things behind Anon's back.
  3904. "Yeah, he checks. I don't really think I can do much without him knowing."
  3905. >A little white lie never hurt anyone.
  3906. >Besides, for all you know it's true.
  3907. >He's threatened to pull up your internet history in the past when you were in trouble.
  3908. >"A shame but no matter."
  3909. >While the two of you have been talking she's been giving you a few more gestures with her hoof.
  3910. >Mostly simple things like turning and walking that you didn't mind doing.
  3911. >She's just still checking up on you, right?
  3912. >No big deal, and no need to be difficult when all she's asking for is a bit of obedience.
  3913. >"So, grounded and nothing more? No new measures to prevent another escape? No plans to have you retrained for obedience?"
  3914. >Were Anon a normal master you probably would be on your way back to Gentlehoof, this time for real.
  3915. >You shudder imagining the torment that bastard Dr. Roger would put you through given the chance.
  3916. >Muzzled...
  3917. >Restrained...
  3918. >Heat potions poured down your throat until you begged for it...
  3919. >Soft wingtips on your side corral you into her warm embrace.
  3920. >"Or perhaps something did happen...?"
  3921. "No. No, training. He said I'd suffered enough at Mistress's house and he knew I'd be a good girl now."
  3922. >"I see, but did he do nothing to make sure you'd be a 'good girl'? Forgive our intrusion but you seem most... 'suggestible' at the moment."
  3923. >Suggestible?
  3924. >You aren't...
  3925. >Well, you are snuggled up under her wing at the moment, but only because she drew you in.
  3926. >And sure you pranced around for her a bit, but only because she gestured that you should.
  3927. >That's not...
  3928. >That's not weird, right?
  3929. "I... I'm not..."
  3930. >Your protests die the instant a wingtip touches your lips.
  3931. >"Your words deny but your actions do not. You're a strong mare Twilight, but we've never seen you so small."
  3932. >Small?
  3933. >Well that's just silly, you can't be smaller than usual.
  3934. >Does she means your posture?
  3935. >Maybe size is a dream thing?
  3936. >Sure you tuck under her wing well, but you're pretty sure that's always been your physical size in relation to an alicorn.
  3937. "That doesn't make any sense at all Luna I've always been about-"
  3938. >Does did the wing to the lips thing again!
  3939. >Stop that!
  3940. >"We do not mean your height, we mean your heart. Simply tell us what he did young Sparkle. Did he threaten you? Force you to be with him?"
  3941. >She lifts you chin with magic and looks you in the eyes.
  3942. >T-that's an intense look.
  3943. >You splay back your ears but can't find the will to pull away.
  3944. >"It was that, wasn't it? Vile creature. We can see the proof in your eyes, a beaten-down spirit resigned only to yielding. We shall send ponies post haste. Gather the Elements and prepare your departure. He may shower you in gifts but that does not give him the right to steal away your dignity and will."
  3945. >This is getting out of hoof!
  3946. >She stands to her hooves, lights her horn, and summons a large archaic door three times your height!
  3947. >She's leaving?!
  3948. "No no no, it's not like that!"
  3949. >"He can't hear you here Twilight Sparkle, you need not protect him."
  3950. "I'm not! You've got the wrong idea, he didn't do anything to me!"
  3951. >"Sit!"
  3952. >Your haunches hit the floor before you can even think about it.
  3953. >Mother bucking-!
  3954. >Ugh!
  3955. >"The Twilight Sparkle I know does not take commands like a dog."
  3956. >Rude!
  3957. >You hop to your hooves and blink between her and the door.
  3958. "The Twilight Sparkle you know was a long time ago. I may be a little...
  3959. >Twisted?
  3960. >Broken?
  3961. >Bucked up?
  3962. "Different in the head right now, but that doesn't mean I'm lying! Anon didn't do anything to me I didn't want and consent to!"
  3963. >Well that got her to stop.
  3964. >Too bad it also got her to give you a really weird look.
  3965. >"Nothing you didn't want?"
  3966. >...
  3967. >She didn't know about you and Anon yet, did she?
  3968. >"Forgive us if we reopen fresh wounds, but if we recall you said your unfortunate night with your mistress was the first time you'd been forced, correct?"
  3969. "Y-yeah..."
  3970. >"Yet you share a bed with your 'Anon'?"
  3971. "Luna it's really not a big-"
  3972. >"You'd willingly consort with the enemy so many of your kind suffer under?"
  3973. "Maybe consort is a strong word. It's more like I uhh-"
  3974. >"We thought it strange you so desired to return to this master of yours. Perhaps now we see why. Tell us young Sparkle, who is this Anon to you?"
  3975. "There's really no need-"
  3976. >"Who is he Twilight Sparkle?"
  3977. >Oh shit, you don't like the way she's stalking towards you!
  3978. >"It should be easy, simply tell us the answer. Master? Friend? Oppressor? Lover?"
  3979. "Just because some humans do bad things doesn't mean all humans are bad."
  3980. >"So he's bought you with kindness? Perhaps it's not hard to blame you for seeking shelter where you can, but you are a smart pony Twilight Sparkle, you must see the big picture in all this. He may not hurt ponies himself, but he plays patron to a system that does. He has purchased you twice now, where do you think that money goes? Into helping ponies or into hurting them? Does he stand up for what is right or is he content holding the leash of his obedient slaves? You said once he researched freeing you, but has he mentioned it since? You say the laws hinder him has he tried to change them?"
  3981. >He...
  3982. >Well no, he's never brought up your freedom again, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't do it if he had the chance.
  3983. >Right?
  3984. >It's the law and...
  3985. >Well everyone knows changing laws like that are almost impossible.
  3986. >There's lobbyist, donations, and all kind of stupid politics that would never let such a huge industry die just because it's the right thing to do.
  3987. >It's noble to try and change the world, but you have to be practical.
  3988. >Attempting the impossible is only setting yourself and everyone around you up for disappointment.
  3989. >What use is hope when you know it'll only hurt more when things don't go your way?
  3990. >[spoiler]What use is hope when it died with Equestria?[/spoiler]
  3991. "He'd try if it would help, but it doesn't matter. Earth isn't like Equestria where you just convince a princess and instantly change a law. There's step after step and person after person to deal with, and after all that the side who can throw the most money at the situation usually wins and guess which side that is? Not us. I know he's not a some crusader for good out to change the world just for me, but I didn't ask him to be."
  3992. >She gives you a soft sad smile that reminds you of Celestia.
  3993. >"You shouldn't have to."
  3994. >...
  3995. >*Creak*
  3996. >The gateway out of your dreams cracks open.
  3997. >"We will send a pony to collect the Elements. If you wish to stay we will not force you, but please think long and hard. You're a smart pony Twilight Sparkle, we know you'll do the right thing."
  3998. >She turns away and steps towards the door!
  3999. "Wait, you're leaving!? Hold on, I have questions! What are you going to do with the Elements?! How did the humans find us so quickly that day?! What really happened to Rainbow Dash?! What happened to my brother?!"
  4000. >She stopped!
  4001. >"Why do I need the Elements? To save one dear to us both."
  4002. >With that she's gone.
  4004. >Who.
  4005. >Is.
  4006. >Singing!?
  4007. >You bury your head in the pillows but it doesn't do much to keep out the lofty voice.
  4008. >You were having such a nice dream too...
  4009. >There were waterfalls, and Pinkie Pies, and Celestias and...
  4010. >Celestias...
  4011. >Wait, wasn't there also...
  4012. >Luna!
  4013. >You throw the covers off and sit up in a panic!
  4014. >Luna! Somepony coming! The Elements!
  4015. "Rarity! Rarity please tell me you have the..."
  4016. >You pat the empty slot where your friend usually wakes up with a perfect mane.
  4017. >[spoiler] How the buck does she do that anyway? [/spoiler]
  4018. >[spoiler] Does she get up early to fix it then pretend to go back to sleep or something? [/spoiler]
  4019. >[spoiler] On one hoof that's silly, on the other hoof you could totally see her doing that... [/spoiler]
  4020. >She's not here.
  4021. >In fact no one's here.
  4022. >You look around but find no Anon in his chair, nor Rarity on her fancy couch. [spoiler]She'd scold you for not knowing the proper name, but to you it's just 'fancy couch' [spoiler] Chaise something? Buck if you know. [spoiler] No Rarity, Anon isn't shelling out for a 'proper' fainting couch when you have a perfectly good couch already. [/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  4023. >You DO see a tray of still-fresh pancakes on the nightstand though! [spoiler] PANCAKES! [/spoiler]
  4024. >Chocolate chip too!
  4025. >Floating the tray over, you help yourself to one or two... or three.
  4026. >What?
  4027. >You got a TON of exercise last night, you need your calories!
  4028. >Mmmm! Did Rarity make these?
  4029. >No, she'd never let you have so many chocolate chips. [spoiler] Spoilsport [/spoiler]
  4030. >Anon then?
  4031. >Nah, he cooks worse than you and that's saying something. [spoiler] You have no idea how he survived before you. [/spoiler]
  4032. >Could it be...?
  4033. >You look down at your next victim, er you mean pancake, and find your answer.
  4034. >Only Sweetie Belle would arrange the chips to look like a smiling unicorn.
  4035. >Judging by the mane not just any unicorn but herself specifically.
  4036. >You aren't sure if you should be impressed by the effort or offended by the narcissism.
  4037. >Either way you eat her delicious chocolate face and decide to worry about the filly later.
  4038. >She agreed to back off, for now, and with all the other things going on you'll simply have to hope that promise holds.
  4039. >Well, she agreed to back off the intimate stuff, but did say she'd still be aiming to impress Anon with her work ethic, hence the personalized pancakes.
  4040. >Whatever, he can't be bought with something as simple as breakfast in bed.
  4041. >You do have to admit it's good though, a far cry from her old habit of literally burning the juice... somehow?
  4042. >Scarfing the food down only takes a few minutes and leaves you stuffed and full of energy.
  4043. >You get ready to hop out of bed only to stop when you hear a crackling noise below you.
  4044. >A sticky note?
  4045. >A sticky note stuck to your cutie mark specifically.
  4046. >That's not exactly a noticeboard, but you do usually sleep on your side so it is sorta of a convenient spot if someone wants you to notice something when you wake up.
  4047. >Not that it's ok.
  4048. >Heads will roll.
  4049. >*Fierce Twilight growl goes here*
  4050. >Have to find out who's in trouble first though.
  4051. >You turn the note over and read:
  4052. >"We tried to wake you darling, but you slept right through breakfast! Eat up and join me in the shower or I'll have to wake you myself!"
  4053. >That would explain the singing coming from the shower.
  4054. >A few tactical barrel rolls see you falling off the side of the bed and landing on all four hooves.
  4055. >Unfortunately only one or two hooves decide to support you, but no one was around to see it so it doesn't count.
  4056. >Once you get your legs beneath you properly you open the bathroom door to find...
  4057. >It's like walking into a sauna!
  4058. "How long have you been in there?!"
  4059. >"Is that our sleeping beauty? Come in sweetheart, I know you're a mess."
  4060. >You wouldn't be a mess if a certain unicorn and human didn't decide to coat you in their mutual 'affection' last night.
  4061. >Oh gods, it's probably caked into your coat at this point!
  4062. >You start to sniff yourself but decide it's probably for the best if you don't.
  4063. "I'm am not a mess..."
  4064. >The shower door opens and a light push of magic gently encourages you to enter.
  4065. >There's so much steam you actually can't see the other unicorn.
  4066. >"I know for a fact you are a mess because I made you one. Now quit dawdling and come."
  4067. "Holy crap Rarity how long have you been running this thing? Aren't we going to run out of hot water or something?"
  4068. >"We shouldn't, I insisted on the best electric water heater for just such an occasion."
  4069. >Finally you find the other pony in the sea of mist.
  4070. >"There she is! Did you eat?"
  4071. >Yes mom.
  4072. "Yeah yeah. Where's Anon?"
  4073. >"Well, at work I should hope!"
  4074. "Work? They kept him late last night and he already has to go back in?"
  4075. >A white hoof pushes you under the water and begins to scrub your coat.
  4076. >"It IS a weekday Twilight. Yesterday being an emergency is all the more reason he's needed today and Anon rightfully values his job."
  4077. "Rightfully values? What do you mean?"
  4078. >You hold your right hoof out to the side so she can clean it more easily.
  4079. >"You know ponies aren't cheap. Not only that, but he has four mouths to feed, a new house to make payments on, utilities, services, even allowances. Isn't that right?"
  4080. >There's no way your allowance is THAT much of drain.
  4081. >Right?
  4082. >Anon never talked about money with you in the past.
  4083. >When it was just the two of you you knew you both got by comfortably enough, but now with two more ponies, a much bigger house, bills, taxes, utilities...
  4084. "Are we hurting for money? What about all that money you brought when you moved in?"
  4085. >"Hurting? No no, nothing of the sort. Anon simply knows we need manage our resources properly to ensure they not only last, but prosper."
  4086. >Prosper?
  4087. >"It's nothing you need worry about darling. I've managed budgets quite a bit larger."
  4088. >She's managed?
  4089. "Wait, are you in charge of the budget?"
  4090. >She scoffs and waves a dismissive hoof.
  4091. >"'In charge' might be overstating things, he simply asks me to look at the numbers from time to time. Remember, it IS a matter I'm well versed in."
  4092. >What's a single household to a corporation you suppose.
  4093. >Wait... [spoiler] Does that mean she can bump your allowance? [/spoiler]
  4094. "I see..."
  4095. >You probably shouldn't ask but...
  4096. "So that's why you started making dresses again? For the money?"
  4097. >Is that rude to ask?
  4098. >It's not, right?
  4099. >It's not like you're - eep!
  4100. >A weight crashes into your back as she wraps her forelegs around you to scrub your chest fluff clean!
  4101. >Does she have to do that from behind?!
  4102. >Now that you think about it, why is she bathing you at all?!
  4103. >You just sorta got in the shower and next thing you know she was washing you like it was the most normal thing in the world.
  4104. >"Extra income never hurts, but I started sewing again because I wanted to, not because I needed to."
  4105. >Does she have to nuzzle the crap out of you like that?!
  4106. >"Truly Twilight, don't worry about the money."
  4107. >She pulls her head to the side and turns yours to meet it.
  4108. >"Just let Anon and I take care of you."
  4109. >[spoiler] Y-yes ma'am... [/spoiler]
  4111. >Thankfully you didn't actually say 'Yes ma'am' like a foal and instead just nod.
  4112. >The next few quiet minutes are just the water, the soap, and a humming Rarity.
  4113. >It's nice to just relax and be pampered for a moment, but you know there's important things that need to be discussed.
  4114. "Rarity?"
  4115. >"Hmm?"
  4116. >She's working on your mane now, it's nice.
  4117. "Do you... Did I leave anything behind when I, you know, 'left' a few months ago?"
  4118. >When you abandoned Anon.
  4119. >When you abandoned her.
  4120. >"Left behind? Something specific you mean?"
  4121. >Well yeah, duh.
  4122. >Wait, does that mean she doesn't know what you're talking about?
  4123. >Did they not stay behind like you thought?!
  4124. >You assumed they'd been left at the teleport's origin, but what if they got caught in the middle of the dimensional crack!?
  4125. >Oh shit oh shit oh shit, Luna's going to murder you if you actually lost the Elements!
  4126. "Yes! On the floor, wasn't there anything around my casting circle?! There should have been a star formation with - "
  4127. >"Shh shh shhhhh, relax. Yes, I found them. I worried about how dull and empty they looked at first, but their luster returned over the following few days. I knew you had the Element of Generosity, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised you possessed them all, I just didn't expect to find them strewn around an empty room."
  4128. "They were supposed to come with me but the spell didn't work quite right! Where are they now!? Did you tell Anon what they were!?"
  4129. >She rubs your back and shushes you calmly.
  4130. >"They're in my jewelry drawer, and no, I didn't tell Anon the full story. He simply knows they are in some way magic, but is not aware of their ultimate importance. I wasn't quite sure what you wanted him to know, so I aired on the side of caution."
  4131. "Oh thank goodness!"
  4132. >"Do you plan on telling him?"
  4133. "I... what?"
  4134. >"About the Elements, do you plan on telling him? From what I gather he appreciates that you're a particularly powerful unicorn, but hasn't been told much about our past at all."
  4135. >She's right, he absolutely doesn't know you're national heroes and that's by design.
  4136. >When you'd first ended up in human hands you kept the secret for your protection.
  4137. >The princess' personal student and most powerful unicorn in centuries would probably make a great science project for some government facility that didn't care about your feelings, much less your right to life and limb.
  4138. >When you'd ended up with Anon the reason was the same, at first at least.
  4139. >You thought about telling him once the two of you came to a better understanding but...
  4140. >Well, he's a good human, but like you've said before, he's not exactly a pony rights activist.
  4141. >How would he feel finding out you're not only one of the most important ponies alive, but looked to by many to somehow save the world?
  4142. >He doesn't want to save the world!
  4143. >You don't think he'd oppose an end to slavery, but it's not some grand quest he wants to get dragged into!
  4144. >The man wants to come home, play a few games, and snuggle with his pony; not set out to change society.
  4145. "I ummm, I don't know. I wasn't planning on it but he's already been contacted by Luna herself and if things keep going they way they are..."
  4146. >"What do you mean?"
  4147. >May as well tell her.
  4148. "Luna wants the Elements. I let it slip that I have them and she latched right onto the info."
  4149. >"You don't sound very excited."
  4150. "Well, no. I just... I asked her what she wanted them for and she dodged the question. This isn't like any of our past adventures, we can't just blast the big badguy and be done with it. The problem this time isn't one pony, or even one person, it's a whole society. Maybe if she'd tell me what she wanted them for I'd feel better, but she's been so evasive about EVERYTHING! I can't stop thinking about the stuff Dash said, and even asked her a few questions about it, only for her to run off without answering anything. I want to trust her but there's so many holes in both her story and her plan I just..."
  4151. >A twinge of light blue magic pulls your wet mane out of your eyes so you can look into hers.
  4152. >"What do you instincts say?"
  4153. "They say to gather more information first, but I'm really not sure there's time. Luna said she'd be sending a pony to pick them up soon and... like, what do I say? 'Hey random pony! Sorry you came all this way, but I'm going to ignore one of the last princesses just because I have a bad feeling about things!'"
  4154. >"Perhaps not in such words."
  4155. "But that's the truth, isn't it?"
  4156. >"The truth is you just want some answers. You aren't a traitor for asking questions, and you aren't insubordinate for having doubts. I've not spoken with either of them myself so I'm not sure, but I think if you let Luna see how serious you are about this she'll listen."
  4157. "Let her see? As in...?"
  4158. >"We'll turn the pony away. Politely! We send him away with a message for Luna that you need some answers before you hoof something this important over. I'm sure she's just doing her best, but you're owed an explanation before being expected to do whatever she says. After all, it's due to you we even have the Elements. You did a wonderful job protecting them up until now, so it's only natural you want to see the matter through to the end."
  4159. >She's right.
  4160. >You take a deep steadying breath and look her in the eye.
  4161. "Ok."
  4162. >"Ok?"
  4163. "Ok."
  4164. >"Good!"
  4165. >You're still nervous but it helps to hear from an outside source that you aren't being ridiculous.
  4166. >"Now..."
  4167. >Uh oh.
  4168. >"Conditioner!"
  4169. >There's more?!
  4171. >A whole 20 minutes later you FINALLY step out of the shower.
  4172. >You'd better sparkle with how long she kept you in that sauna scrubbing down your every inch.
  4173. >Heh.
  4174. >Sparkle.
  4175. >Get it? Because that's your - oh nevermind.
  4176. >You both grab a towel and start being to dry off little by little.
  4177. >A full coat of fur doesn't exactly dry quickly, and no matter what you'll both be a bit fluffy for a while, but that's ok.
  4178. "Did Sweetie make breakfast today?"
  4179. >"She did. I must admit I was impressed at how edible it was. She may still be a little clumsy, and always put things in the wrong drawer, but her skills have undeniably improved."
  4180. "Did Anon like his?"
  4181. >"Oh I believe so, blueberries are his favorite afterall."
  4182. >Of course Sweetie already knows that...
  4184. >You give your mane one last flick.
  4185. >Done!
  4186. >Rarity on the other hoof?
  4187. >Yeah, not so much.
  4188. >She's maybe a third of the way done with her morning routine?
  4189. >How she puts up with curling her mane every single day is beyond you.
  4190. >Works for you though, you still have a few things you want to talk about.
  4191. "So uhh..."
  4192. >A few slightly awkward things.
  4193. >You turn away and pretend to look out the window before continuing.
  4194. "So about last night..."
  4195. >"Last night indeed."
  4196. >Her tone makes your coat stand on end.
  4197. >Why do you feel like you just poked a bear?
  4198. >"I was wondering if you'd bring it up. Did you have as much fun as we did? You sure seemed to be enjoying yourself, but with your muzzle so..."
  4199. >Lalalalala there's no need to discuss your muzzle last night!
  4200. "Yes! I mean... yeah, but I didn't want to talk-"
  4201. >"Of course you did..."
  4202. >Hey!
  4203. >You nearly jump out of your skin when you feel her run strands of magic through your tail!
  4204. >"You were beautifully receptive darling. I expected no less."
  4205. "Rarity I...!"
  4206. >A touch of magic between your shoulders pushes you forward until you flop onto the floor.
  4207. >"I suppose your excitement should be no surprise. You were treated to your favorite activity, after all. Speaking of which..."
  4208. >Favorite activity?
  4209. >Come on, is she really going to give you a hard time about-
  4210. >You squeak involuntarily when a hoof lightly touches your cutie mark!
  4211. "Rarity!"
  4212. >"Shhhh, just relax. There's nothing to be ashamed of, I just want to check."
  4213. >Nothing to be ashamed of?
  4214. >Easy for her to say!
  4215. >You try to get up but a hoof on your back gently holds you down!
  4216. >"A few handprints and a healthy red."
  4217. "Rarity, come on. Let me up."
  4218. >"In just a moment, behave now. You've a few hoof and brush marks but nothing too serious."
  4219. "I-is this really necessary?"
  4220. >"Necessary? I suppose not, but I do think it's for the best. We both know I gave you some real behavioral issues to think about last night. I'm merely curious if the message got through that endorphin-addled little head of yours."
  4221. >Real behavioral issues...
  4222. "I..."
  4223. >"You remember the scolding?"
  4224. >You hear her turn the sink on for a few seconds then sigh in relief when she drapes a cold wet washcloth over your flanks.
  4225. >"I know I told you such activities would be reserved for fun, but you were so adorably subby it was too good of an opportunity to pass up."
  4226. >S-subby?!
  4227. >Really?!
  4228. >"It's alright, shhhh. I'll say it again, you've nothing to be ashamed of."
  4229. >She releases your tail from her magic so she can pet it with a hoof.
  4230. >"Now, do you remember what I scolded you for?"
  4231. "..."
  4232. >"Twilight?"
  4233. >She's not gonna let this go, is she?
  4234. "Work ethic, standards of my station, manipulating Anon, and running away. Yeah, I remember."
  4235. >"And have you given those things any thought?"
  4236. >She lays down side by side with you on the bathroom floor.
  4237. >Better than her lurking behind you at least.
  4238. "I haven't really had much time..."
  4239. >"Fair enough, but WILL you give them some thought?"
  4240. >You could just say yes to get her off your back but...
  4241. "I guess..."
  4242. >Why is she bringing this up again?
  4243. >Wasn't last night enough?
  4244. >Does... does she really...?
  4245. "Do you...?"
  4246. >This is dumb.
  4247. >You should just drop it.
  4248. >"Hmm? Do I what darling?"
  4249. "Do you think I'm a bad pony?"
  4250. >"A bad pony? Twilight, of course not!"
  4251. >She leans her head around to nuzzle you even though you're purposely looking away.
  4252. >"I think you're an incredible pony dear. You're brave, caring, loving, and you never give up on anypony."
  4253. >She's hesitating.
  4254. "But?"
  4255. >"Buuuuuut... well sometimes you can be a bit troublesome as a servant."
  4256. >'Servant'?
  4257. >Is that the PC term now?
  4258. "You mean slave."
  4259. >"The term doesn't matter. What's important is we both know our station and we both know that we need to live up to it."
  4260. "But Anon doesn't-"
  4261. >"Anon doesn't treat us like slaves. Believe me, I'm aware of that fact, and just as happy about it as you are, BUT that doesn't mean we should act anyway we like. He takes care of and provides for us, we should strive to do the same for him."
  4262. >Well you don't exactly disagree with that.
  4263. >"Perhaps you could start with showing him a little more respect? You can be quite sassy and-"
  4264. "But he likes me being sassy! He explicitly told me so!"
  4265. >"He did? Well I suppose that would explain a bit..."
  4266. "He used to get onto me for skipping chores or telling lies, but he's never complained about my attitude. We just... I dunno, we sorta just 'get' each other."
  4267. >She studies you for a second before smiling.
  4268. >"I suppose you're right. I still believe he's a bit too lax with you at times, but he does seem to enjoy the playful banter you two share."
  4269. >Damn straight!
  4270. >"However, there's a thin line between playful sass and disrespect. You've had him wrapped around your hoof ever since admitting your feelings for one another and you need to be conscious of that. He's a wonderfully kind human for us to have, but that same permissiveness can be a negative thing for a pony that actually needs a bit of guidance."
  4271. >You do not!
  4272. >"Not only that, but taking advantage of someone's kindness is one of the quickest ways to lose it. Hmm, perhaps I should..."
  4273. "What?"
  4274. >She shakes her head and waves a dismissive hoof.
  4275. >"Nevermind, a discussion for another time. For now, maybe just try and be more conscious of your influence over him. No asking for exceptions to your punishments, or advances on your allowance. No slacking off on helping out just because you know there's no consequences to doing so. Make no mistake his excessive indulgence of you is HIS fault, but a good filly would do her part to redeem such a problem where she can."
  4276. >'Problem' she says.
  4277. "I really don't think it's a huge issue. I mean-"
  4278. >"It's not, and you don't have to make any promises, it's just something I'd like you to think about. With Sweetie here your actual responsibilities are at an all time low. Do you want to be the type of marefriend that helps her mate wherever she can, or the type that takes every opportunity for the easy way out?"
  4279. >That's a little rude...
  4280. "I want to help of course."
  4281. >"And I absolutely believe that, which is why I'm pointing these things out to you."
  4282. >She nudges you conspiratorially and gives you a wink.
  4283. >"He's got a soft spot for you darling. It's not your fault, just cut him some slack sometimes, alright?"
  4284. >Uh huh, now she's trying to make you feel special.
  4285. >[spoiler] Good thing flattery never works on you because you're so humble. [/spoiler]
  4286. >[spoiler] The most humble! [/spoiler]
  4287. "Fine... not my fault he's a big dummy though."
  4288. >"Well, it partially is..."
  4289. "What?! How?!"
  4290. >"You're just so darn cute!"
  4291. >Ack!
  4292. >Kiss assault!
  4293. >You weather the brief flurry of affection while trying not to blush too much.
  4294. "Ok ok!"
  4295. >You push the giggling mare away!
  4296. >"So darn cute you even had ME under your little spell last night! I'm glad to hear you had as much fun as we did. It was a bold plan to bring us together, one that worked better than I dared hope! Thank you."
  4297. "So it really worked? I thought I woke up and saw you two together, but wasn't sure if I just dreamed it."
  4298. >"So you did stir. Yes, we were... together. After you fell asleep between us we tucked you in and well... things just sort of fell into place. I'd told him all about my abuse at the hands of past owners, and he was a picture-perfect gentleman."
  4299. >She laughs at a memory.
  4300. >"You'd have thought I was made out of glass! There I was riding his cock to the hilt, and he wouldn't lay a finger on me for fear of spooking me!"
  4301. >Lewd!
  4302. >The mental image of your friend moaning on top of Anon's huge human dick fills your mind!
  4303. >You definitely DON'T squirm uncomfortably and Rarity definitely DOESN'T notice!
  4304. >"You certainly needed your rest, but I wish you'd been awake to see it darling."
  4305. >Of course she'd want an audience!
  4306. >"His size was quite the challenge! I knew it was impressive but when he got inside-"
  4307. "Ok yeah he's big I know!"
  4308. >Your embarrassed outburst only makes her giggle.
  4309. >"You must have been terrified when you first discovered his size! You simply must tell me how it happened! Walk in on him changing? Catch him at his computer?!"
  4310. "Rarity!"
  4311. >[spoiler] You first found out when you woke up one morning and felt a mother bucking log hotdogging your pony buns! [/spoiler]
  4312. >"Oh come now, we can't gossip about our own human? Did you know pony style is his favorite position? I must admit, once I finally convinced him it was ok to take hold of my hips he-"
  4313. "Lalalalala!"
  4314. >"Twilight, don't be a foal!"
  4315. "No no no! Don't want to hear it!"
  4316. >"You know I mounted you myself last night? How can you possibly be embarrassed talking about such things when I rutted your brains out with such a large-"
  4318. >You blink away from the pervy mare and back into the bedroom!
  4319. >"Twilight you get back here and gossip about Anon with me this instant!"
  4320. "No!"
  4322. >Fortunately for you, Rarity is prevented from leaving the bathroom by an ancient curse laid upon her when she was but a young filly.
  4323. >The curse of 'Not being done with her mane yet'.
  4324. >She'd never run the risk of someone coming to the door without looking impeccable so you're free to escape downstairs and away from the lecherous creature.  
  4325. >'His favorite position is pony style'
  4326. >'When did you first see it'
  4327. >Your Mom and Celestia raised you better than to talk about stuff like that!
  4328. >You do your best to shake the lewd thoughts from your head.
  4329. >Perverts, you're surrounded by perverts!
  4330. >You think about the other things the pervert said on your way down the stairs.
  4331. >Laziness.
  4332. >Taking advantage of Anon's kindness.
  4333. >You don't do those things, right?
  4334. >Ok, the laziness maybe sometimes, especially now that Rarity runs most the errands, but she just took that over without asking so that's totally not your fault.
  4335. >And now with Sweetie's mad compulsion to do ALL the housework...
  4336. >You spy the filly in question washing the dishes like her life depends on it when you walk by.
  4337. >Again, it's not like you told her to do that!
  4338. >It's not your fault they took all your jobs away! [spoiler] They took our jobs! [/spoiler]
  4339. >If Rarity asked you'd go to the store, or do the laundry, or whatever but she never does!
  4340. >Sure you don't volunteer but you can't be blamed for that.
  4341. >Maybe you could just offer every now and then.
  4342. >They'll probably say no anyway, but it's one of those 'thought that counts' things.
  4343. >That's one problem maybe solved but what about the other?
  4344. >Taking advantage of Anon.
  4345. >You plop down on the couch and turn on the TV out of habit.
  4346. >The idea that you taking advantage of Anon seems the same as the laziness thing to you.
  4347. >It's not YOUR fault he spoils you.
  4348. >Rarity did herself admitted that though. She doesn't blame you, she just wants you to do your part.
  4349. >It's not the most unreasonable request, but it means getting your way less.
  4350. >And for what?
  4351. >It's not like you having a good time hurts Anon.
  4352. >In fact the opposite may be true, if you're happy then Anon's happy right?
  4353. >If there was some benefit in all this for him you'd be fine with it, but as far as you can tell it's some junk about you not getting 'spoiled'.
  4354. >First of all you aren't a foal so the idea of you somehow getting spoiled is dumb.
  4355. >Second of all even if you are pampered just what's wrong with that?
  4356. >Something something 'not good for you' if you asked her no doubt.
  4357. >She's not your mom or your mentor.
  4358. >Honestly you could get offended and ask where she thinks she gets her authority, but you know she's just trying to be a good friend.
  4359. >Even if a good friend sometimes means hard truths.
  4360. >Hell, you threw plenty of hard truths at her in the past when you were arguing about Diamonds In The Rough's pony treatment policies.
  4361. >Does she have a legitimate basis for concern, though?
  4362. >Let's break it down:
  4363. >Are you treated better than the average slave?
  4364. >Yes.
  4365. >You're willing to admit that, and that's not an inherently bad thing.
  4366. >Do you take advantage of Anon's feelings for you to get even better treatment?
  4367. >...
  4368. >Maybe?
  4369. >Talking him into letting you play computer games with him the other day is the easiest example you can think of.
  4370. >That didn't hurt anything though.
  4371. >What happened in the end?
  4372. >The two of you both had fun.
  4373. >Did you get off easy because he likes you?
  4374. >Sure.
  4375. >If that's a bad thing you shouldn't have been grounded at all though.
  4376. >Any other master would literally flay his slave with a whip for running away.
  4377. >Some ponies might actually get murdered in a fit of rage for such a serious offense.
  4378. >But just because other ponies in your position might have it worse doesn't mean you should feel bad for having things better.
  4379. >Rarity was gently rutted last night instead of raped, does that mean she's spoiled too?
  4380. >Ok fine, that's an extreme example but you stand by the logic.
  4381. >Things going well for you doesn't mean you're spoiled.
  4382. >You do get away with a lot more stuff than you used to though.
  4383. >You vividly remember the consequences of forgetting Anon's laundry that one day.
  4384. >You'd begged and pleaded and cried and none of that stopped him from turning your tail a shade of purple that you weren't fan of at all!
  4385. >He'd never have the heart to discipline you like that nowadays.
  4386. >A nagging stinging you've been trying to ignore makes you shift your haunches and take a look at your cutie mark for the first time since last night.
  4387. >Apparently Rarity does though...
  4388. >Illusion magic was never your specialty, but you try and hide the evidence from Sweetie anyway.
  4389. >A skilled unicorn could easily see through the flimsy magical cover, but it'll have to do.
  4390. >Sweetie was too young to learn much magic back in Equestria, and you doubt she's had much, if any, instruction since then.
  4391. >You reach back to gently rub a cheek and wince at how warm it feels.
  4392. >Rarity really wasn't lying about the damage.
  4393. >Does this mean she thinks Anon's refusal to punish you is what makes you spoiled now?
  4394. >It could be a part of it at least.
  4395. >You honestly can't remember the last time Anon did something like this to you himself.
  4396. >Alison gave you one, Rarity... two? Or was it three? It's both sad and embarrassing that you don't know the answer to that.
  4397. >Anon though?
  4398. >Has it been months?
  4399. >Years?
  4400. >She said this is his fault, but does that mean she's going to try and fix what she views as an issue?
  4401. >I-Is she going to encourage him to discipline you more or is she...
  4402. >You shudder at the idea.
  4403. >Is she going to talk to him about doing it herself...?
  4404. >She didn't have a problem scolding you last night.
  4405. >If she's a part of the herd and on an intimate and trusted level with Anon she might be able to talk him into letting her...
  4406. >You wrap your tail around yourself protectively!
  4407. >You called her 'mom' in your head in the shower because she was acting so parental, but what if that's her actual plan?!
  4408. >Both you and her know Anon doesn't have the heart to hurt you, but she just took a brush to you last night and even brought up the scolding again today!
  4409. >B-but she said it would just be used for fun stuff now!
  4410. >She said you were too into it for it to be a proper punishment, that you'd been spanked then bucked so many times they got crossed in your head!
  4411. >...
  4412. >That you'd been spanked then bucked so many times they got crossed in your head...
  4413. >Just like she did last night...
  4414. >She scolded you, spanked you, bucked you, and then today during your aftercare made sure the scolding sunk in...
  4415. >Oh shit.
  4416. >Oh shit, oh buck, oh shit!
  4417. >Was this her plan all along?!
  4418. >Was last night some trial of her new 'make Twilight behave' program!?
  4419. >Even if you did have fun afterwards the lesson is still stuck in your head and she knows it!
  4420. >Tartarus, here you are thinking about her lesson RIGHT BUCKING NOW!
  4421. >No no no no no, you can't let yourself fall right back into some stupid discipline program right after you escaped the last one!
  4422. >But what can you do?!
  4423. >She already knows it worked!
  4424. >You recited her scolding back to her word for word, and here you are desperately trying to convince yourself she wasn't right about every single point!
  4425. >You need to talk to her!
  4426. >No!
  4427. >You need to talk to Anon and her!
  4428. >You need to talk to both of them in a safe place without any sort of implements to pressure you into-
  4429. >"Jerry Springer? Really Twilight?"
  4430. "Ahh!"
  4431. >The remote control shoots right out of your panicked magic, over the back of the couch, and would have hit Rarity right in the head if she didn't catch it.
  4432. >"Talk about lowbrow. I took you for more of a news mare."
  4433. "T-there was a commercial break! I was just scrolling!"
  4434. >"Mhmmm."
  4435. >She drops the remote onto the couch beside you.
  4436. "It was! I don't watch that trash, it's just idiotic humans-"
  4437. >Not important, none of that is important!
  4438. "Forget it."
  4439. >You roll off the couch until you land on your hooves.
  4440. "Hey, do you..."
  4441. >Is this suspicious?
  4442. "Do you need any help today? Sweetie's got most the house stuff, but maybe a run to the store or something?"
  4443. >Yeah, this is probably suspicious.
  4444. >You aren't just offering so you can suck up though, you need to get out of the house and out of her crosshairs so you can think.
  4445. >"Ohhhh what's this? My little Twilight volunteering for chores?"
  4446. >She just haaaaas to make it patronizing.
  4447. >You slap away her hoof before she can squish your cheeks [spoiler] Face! [/spoiler] and make cutsey noises at you.
  4448. "Do you have anything or not?"
  4449. >"As a matter of fact I could use some help."
  4450. >Awwww yes, a list.
  4451. >"Groceries. Get everything on the list and do not come home with tons of extra junk food as well."
  4452. >Just a half ton of junk food then, got it.
  4454. >Man, when was the last time you actually went to the store?
  4455. >It's a nice day, Rarity gave you an easy to follow list, you're going to stock up on junk food and hide it in all your computer desk.
  4456. >So far? Pretty alright day.
  4457. >You skip and hum to yourself as you knock items off the list: butter, milk, canned cream of mushroom, [spoiler] bag of BBQ chips. [/spoiler]
  4458. >It's not the longest of lists, but it's the fact you're helping the household that counts.
  4459. >'Living up to your station', 'taking responsibility' and all that jazz Rarity keeps talking to you about.
  4460. >It doesn't take long for you to finish up and head towards the self checkout.
  4461. >You have everything on the list plus a few treats for your trouble.
  4462. >[spoiler] What? She said not to get a ton, not don't get any at all. [/spoiler]
  4463. >Dang just look how helpful you are today. [spoiler] You're a great slave! The best slave! [/spoiler]
  4464. >Just a few more items to scan and...
  4465. >Wait.
  4466. >That's supposed to ring up for half off.
  4467. >You'd have gone with the other brand if you weren't trying to save money like a considerate pony.
  4468. >You use the self checkout for a reason, but it looks like you'll have to flag down the attendant.
  4469. >You give her a wave and...
  4470. >Uhh?
  4471. >Ok?
  4472. >She definitely saw you then turned away.
  4473. "Uhh ma'am? I'm having a little trouble with the..."
  4474. >Ok, you KNOW she can hear you!
  4475. >You trot right in front of her and try again.
  4476. "Excuse me, the milk isn't ringing up with the discount. Can I get some help?"
  4477. >The bitch has the nerve to look right at you, give you a dismissive snort, then look down at her phone!
  4478. "Hey! I'm a paying customer and I asked for your help!"
  4479. >Raising your voice at least makes her look at you.
  4480. >"What you are is trying to make trouble. Just pay for your stuff and go. It's bad enough we have to let ponies like you in here, the last thing I'm going to let you do is scam us."
  4481. >What?!
  4482. "Excuse me? Scam? It's not my fault your system doesn't work right. All I'm asking for is a little help!"
  4483. >"The system works fine, and you aren't getting another penny out of us. Pay for your stuff now, or I'll have to ask you to leave."
  4484. >Wtf, why is she being so mean?!
  4485. "Just do a price check, I'm not making this up!"
  4486. >"And I'm not kidding about calling security. I've dealt with enough of your type to know you're all trouble, and we don't have to serve you. Leave."
  4487. >Leave?! Wtf?!
  4488. "My type? Is this how you treat all ponies or just unicorns? In case you didn't notice ponies are like half your customers at this point!"
  4489. >There's ponies EVERYWHERE! How can she refuse service when pony servants are basically the lifeblood of stores like this nowadays?
  4490. >"Ponies are fine, troublemakers are not."
  4491. >She uncrosses her arm to casually point above you?
  4492. >No, not quite above you but up and to the right?
  4493. >Right...
  4494. >You flick your marked ear down in shame.
  4495. "I-I'm not a troublemaker..."
  4496. >"You sure? First you try and scam us and now you aren't leaving when I asked you to leave. If I have to get security down here you'll end up in a cage until someone comes to fetch you. I know you're probably used to that but - "
  4497. "I'm not trying to scam you I'm just trying to do my job! You know what? Fine! Whatever! I'll pay full price if it's that big of a deal."
  4498. >"You'll walk out the door right now if you don't want your master having to come down here to retrieve you. I'm not even sure why people keep ponies like you around, I'm sure you're on thin ice already. Go home before you give him another reason to get rid of you."
  4499. >N-not sure why people keep ponies like you around...
  4500. >As much as you try to dismiss the comment it really cuts you to the quick.
  4501. >You aren't trouble, you aren't!
  4502. >If you can't perform a simple task like fetching some groceries though...
  4503. "Please I just want to pay full price..."
  4504. >"You want to pay full because I caught onto your little game. Last chance, get out or you're going back in a cage where you belong."
  4505. >So much venom!
  4506. >Why does she hate you?!
  4507. >You don't belong in a cage! Nopony belongs in a cage!
  4508. "I-I wasn't making thing up I swear. Please just let me pay and go, I really need to bring this stuff home..."
  4509. >She sighs and picks up a phone.
  4510. >"You should have thought about that before you wasted my time."
  4511. ~Security to self checkout. Security to self checkout.~
  4512. >No no no no no!
  4513. >Why is this happening!?
  4514. >You were having such a great day!
  4515. >You turn away from the evil woman and rush back to your self-checkout station!
  4516. >M-maybe if you can pay before they get here they'll let you go!
  4517. >Buck, the stupid thing locked up because you left for too long!
  4518. >You just want to pay!
  4519. >You just want to leave!
  4520. >Don't cry, don't cry, you can't cry in public like this!
  4521. >What do you do?!
  4522. >If you get locked up the very first time you leave the house in months then what good are you?!
  4523. >You could teleport, but then you'd have to return home with nothing.
  4524. >Buck buck buck, you can't even find the list! Where'd you put it?!
  4525. >"Oh please Jennifer you and I both know the 1 gallon Barbers in fact IS on sale this week. Exactly why are you harassing this good mare?"
  4526. >A high canterlot accent...
  4527. >I-is that who you think it is?
  4528. >"I have no idea what you're talking about, and if you're with this troublemaker then you can also-"
  4529. >"Manager! Now!"
  4530. >You can hear the human sputter without even looking.
  4531. >"I don't have to get him for this. Security is already on the way so unless you want-"
  4532. >"If they are indeed on the way then you WILL send them away. I happen to know Ricardo is the manager on duty today and the two of us happen to be very good friends. Why don't I go fetch him and see what he thinks of all this? I know for a fact this won't be your first time being written-"
  4533. >"Ok!"
  4534. >The woman storms past you, and angrly punches a code into your checkout.
  4535. >"Happy?"
  4536. >She'd never talk to a human customer like that...
  4537. >"Am I happy that you've done the basics of your job after I twisted your arm? No, I'm absolutely not. You owe this mare at least an apology and-"
  4538. "Octavia, it's fine."
  4539. >The light gray mare looks between you and the human a few times before settling on glaring at the latter.
  4540. >"I'll drop this because she asked, but I WILL be introducing this mare to Ricardo. If she ever feels discriminated against again she'll know exactly who to talk to."
  4541. >If looks could kill Octavia and this Jennifer woman would have already murdered each other.
  4542. >You finish paying as quickly as possible and follow the Canterlot mare.
  4543. "Thank you."
  4544. >"Think nothing of it. That woman is a plague I've had to deal with a few times now. Harassing well meaning ponies seems to be one of the few pleasures in her pitiful existence."
  4545. >Harsh/10
  4546. >"Allow me introduce you to Ricardo. He's really quite a nice man, and she'll never harass you again if she knows he's on your side."
  4547. >No harm in that.
  4548. >It doesn't take long to find and introduce you to the human.
  4549. >When Octavia mentions you had a 'small run-in' at checkout he knows exactly who to blame.
  4550. >"Jennifer again? I'm sorry you had to deal with that Miss, I'll have a talk with her. Let me give you this for your troubles."
  4551. >Oh, coupons.
  4552. >"Thank you again Ricardo. We'll get out of your hair."
  4553. >"No problem at all, you ladies have a nice day."
  4554. >See, why can't everyhuman be that nice?
  4555. >Since Octavia's finished her shopping as well, the two of you head outside together.
  4556. >"This wasn't exactly the first place I thought I'd see you after you got out."
  4557. >Got out of that hell hole called Gentlehoof she means.
  4558. "Me neither, but Rarity told me I needed to help out more so I volunteered to run some errands. You just saw how that went."
  4559. >"To be fair that woman's a bit of a bitch."
  4560. "Yeah but this doesn't help either."
  4561. >You twitch your right ear.
  4562. "I knew some people would look at me differently, but I didn't think it'd be that bad."
  4563. >She frowns.
  4564. >"I don't know the details, but Rarity mentioned something happened right after you got back. I'm sure those damnable sugarcubes are to blame. I apologize, I should have kept them from you."
  4565. "It's not your fault. The cubes didn't help, but I made some bad choices too."
  4566. >"You're clean now though, yes?"
  4567. "Yeah, L-"
  4569. "L-luckily someone was able to help me with that..."
  4570. >You can't mention Luna to just anypony!
  4571. >"I'm glad to hear it, and I'm glad to see you safe. As tempting as running away is to a lot of us, it really is a dangerous endeavor. You're lucky to have ended up with just that mark, much less back in a home you enjoy."
  4572. >Tempting to run away?
  4573. >Makes sense she's wanted to get out with how awful that bastard doctor used to treat her.
  4574. "Yeah, I really am. What about you though? Has Dr. Roger changed?"
  4575. >Oh wow she actually smiled!
  4576. >It's a small one, but it still counts!
  4577. >"He's given up on his experiments for now at least. I suspect he'll always be stern, but that's easier to deal with than those damn elixirs."
  4578. >You shudder and flick your tail at the memory of his 'elixir'.
  4579. "Good, that stuff was monstrous."
  4580. >It still sounds like she doesn't like her home though.
  4581. >Maybe you could...?
  4582. >Luna's little human-run pony preserve isn't ideal, but it might be better for her than staying with that guy.
  4583. >You lean in close enough that no one will overhear.
  4584. "Look, if you really aren't happy, I, umm... Let's just say I met some ponies when I was 'gone'. I couldn't really guarantee anything but, you know, is it something you'd be interested in?"
  4585. >She cocks her head curiously.
  4586. >"Met some ponies you say? If I knew it was safe I'd leave in a heartbeat, but I'm not that bad off if it's dangerous. What can you tell me about this mysterious group of yours?"
  4587. >Hmmm, what exactly can you tell her?
  4588. >You aren't really sure you should mention everything, but you trust this mare.
  4589. "It's a big group. You'd be safe."
  4590. >She rubs her chin in contemplation.
  4591. >"I admit I'm not quite sure what to say. I'd love to leave him, but I've never been much of a risk taker. How did you end up back here if it's safe?"
  4592. >Ehhhhhh...
  4593. "I... Uhhh, I did some stupid stuff. I trusted an old friend when they told me not to. It wasn't their fault, it was more..."
  4594. >"A pony sold you out? Just where is this group that it has ponies working against it? I've never heard of runaways in the news."
  4595. >Guess you have to tell her something at this point.
  4596. "Well they have a group here, but they're based out of... somewhere more distant."
  4597. >"You'll have to give me more than that Twilight. Like I said, I've never heard of a group of runaways in the news, much less police ponies or the like looking for them."
  4598. >Fine!
  4599. "They're out of Equus ok?! I don't really know how it all works, but there's a group here that can take care of you, and has ties back to Equus."
  4600. >The mention of your home planet makes her eyes go wide! She practically drags you around the corner of the build and whispers loudly!
  4601. >"Equus!? As in Equestria?! Twilight if you know how to get back why are any of us here?!"
  4602. >Ughhhhh, you're going to have to tell her everything!
  4603. >You mentally drag a hoof down your face.
  4604. "Because the humans are there too. Look, I was there for a few weeks and it's... fine. It's not ideal, but it's fine. I'd rather be here with Anon, but I think it's much better than you staying with Dr. Roger."
  4605. >"Of course it's better than the doctor and it's better for you too! I know you like Anon, but if you're given a chance at freedom we need to go! You and Rarity as well!"
  4606. "It's not, ugh, it's not perfect. Luna-"
  4607. >"Luna?! The princess is there?!"
  4608. >You shush her before she draws attention.
  4609. "Yes, Luna and Cadence are there, but please don't make a scene."
  4610. >"Yes yes fine, but if the princesses are there then why are either of us still here? We should leave today!"
  4611. "Because A) I don't know if they can take us in right now, and B) Luna is... well I'm just not sure she's being completely straight with me about everything."
  4612. >"What?"
  4613. "I'll know more soon, but there were enough coincidences that something didn't smell right. It's still better than you staying with the doctor but I'm staying here."
  4614. >She gives you a strange searching look.
  4615. >"Twilight I know you care for him, but if there's even the slightest chance of being free..."
  4616. "Please. I tried leaving him once, and I don't ever want to do it again."
  4617. >"Twilight..."
  4618. "Octavia please, I really don't want to argue about this right now."
  4619. >Her expression says 'we'll speak of this again' but she nods.
  4620. "Thank you. Like I said, I should know more soon. Is it safe to text you or does he monitor that?"
  4621. >"He doesn't, but what of you? Does your master know about all this?"
  4622. >Well... no.
  4623. "Not yet, but I'll talk to him about it soon."
  4624. >"Twilight..."
  4625. "It's fine. Anon's understanding and uhh..."
  4626. >Probably not going to appreciate you starting an underground railroad...
  4627. "I'll work it out."
  4628. >"Twilight, I don't want you putting yourself in danger just for me."
  4629. >Ha, just for her.
  4630. >Luna's sending a guard regiment to retrieve the elements already, how much worse can it get?
  4631. "I won't, I promise. I've got it all totally under control."
  4633. >Ha, she believed you about having it under control.
  4634. >You haven't had anything under control in years.
  4635. >After double checking her contact info, the two of you parted ways. She had more shopping to do and you needed to get home before the groceries spoiled.
  4636. >You pull out the list and check it one more time.
  4637. >Somehow you forgot a pen [spoiler] and Anon won't let you have a quill and ink, he says they're too messy [spoiler] which is lame, that spot was easily covered by moving the table a little [/spoiler][/spoiler] so you just have to check things off mentally.
  4638. >Looks like you got everything.
  4639. >Now you can check 'helping around the house' off your to do list and move on to the next item: figure out what to say to Luna's mysterious emissary.
  4640. >You've probably got a few days to figure out exactly how to handle that, right?
  4641. >She's got to send word, then someone has to travel all the way-
  4642. >"Okay Fluttershy, you can do this. Everypony said they believe in you. You can't let them down, right? This can't be like last time, it just can't! Applejack said everypony is relying on you, but that's so much pressure..."
  4643. >Applejack?
  4644. >Fluttershy?
  4645. >You walk around the hedges to find a yellow pegasus with several boxes of Girl Scout Cookies pacing and ranting like a crazy mare.
  4646. >Well that was sooner than you thought.
  4648. >With a quick flash of your horn you teleport inside the house.
  4649. >Fluttershy looks like she could use a moment and you need to grab Rarity.
  4650. >Also you need to put the groceries away because hell if you're gonna let the milk go bad after the nightmare you went through just to get the stupid stuff.
  4651. >You teleport the foodstuff into their respective places in the kitchen [spoiler] They probably ended up in the right places. If not? Well that's why the good lord created Sweetie Belle. [/spoiler] and trot upstairs.
  4652. >Huh, no Rarity in her workroom like you'd have guessed.
  4653. >You poke your head into the bedroom to find...
  4654. >Is she really playing dress up again?
  4655. >"Twilight you're back, wonderful. What style of panties would you say our dear Anon enjoy the most? Bikini? Hipster? High cut?"
  4656. >...
  4657. >You get that she's happy about being with Anon last night but what a perv.
  4658. "I don't wear panties, how would I know?"
  4659. >She turns away from the mirror she's checking out her own ass in to look at you.
  4660. >"Don't wear panties? Darling please, you wore a lovely pair just last night! Why, your derriere was absolutely to die for!"
  4661. >You aren't blushing! You aren't!
  4662. "You put those on me!"
  4663. >"Did I?"
  4664. "Yes!"
  4665. >"I suppose I did but he certainly enjoyed them."
  4666. "We don't even know because you pulled them down to abuse me before he even showed up!"
  4667. >She gestures you closer and spins you to stand plot towards mirror just like her.
  4668. >"I suppose that did happen. We'll just have to perform some experiments then, won't we? We're about the same size are we not?"
  4669. >She looks back to compare your butts in the mirror...
  4670. >[spoiler] Huh, you could have sworn her's was bigger, but they do look pretty close now... [/spoiler]
  4671. >"I'll wear these and you..."
  4672. >Oh come on!
  4673. >You try to kick her magic away, but she wrestles a silky red pair around your hind legs and drags them up and over your plot!
  4674. >"Wear these!"
  4675. "Rarity!"
  4676. >"We'll tell him to come up straight away and ask him which he prefers! Oh, we could give him a whole fashion show! I've got dozens of pair we can try on to find just what he enjoys! Personally I think he'd enjoy some nice garters, but what if he likes pantyhose as well? I'll let you have first go when he can't be contented watching anymore, of course. Do try not to drain him completely dry though or I'll be in dire straights!"
  4677. "Rarity that's great, but there's stuff we need to do."
  4678. >She bumps hips with yours and gives you a sultry wink!
  4679. >"Dear, you really must wait for Anon! I know seeing me like this really gets you going but-"
  4680. "T-that's not what I meant! We have a-"
  4681. >"Please, we both know you're about as straight as a circle when its comes to the two of us, Sweetheart. Shall I fetch our little helper from last night, hmm?"
  4682. >She bites your ear and begins to chew on it!
  4683. >Hey!
  4684. >Twilight is not food!
  4685. "Cut it out! This isn't the time right now!"
  4686. >"Not denying the circle part? No fun. I was looking forward to making you change your story when I did this!"
  4687. >!!!
  4688. >You try to squirm away as she gathers you up in her hooves and kisses you all up and down your neck!!
  4689. >Gods she's like an octopus wrapping her hooves all around you, they even...!
  4690. >You whimper and blush when both white forehooves work their way down to your cutie marks!
  4691. >As much as it shames you, your tail lifts more and more the more she massages...
  4692. >"Flagging from just a little groping? Such a needy thing. I think this will do until you beg me to fetch a toy, how does that sound?"
  4693. >You're not going to beg!
  4694. >You may have barely suppressed a moan when she yanked your tail, but you'll never beg!
  4695. >Holy buck though, she's always been perverted but this is straight up molestation!
  4696. "Rarity!"
  4697. >Hey! She slipped the other hoof into the back of your panties!
  4698. >It's technically the same as any other butt touching, but something about the garments makes it extra naughty.
  4699. >"That's my name! Just beg and we can get down to the real fun, you scrumptious creature you. Do hurry though, you fill out those panties so well I just want to eat you up. It's no wonder Anon practically worships this plot."
  4700. >Worships your plot?
  4701. "H-he does?"
  4702. >"Oh please, darling. There's no need to be modest, we both know he practically lives for that derriere. Just be glad I'm not a stallion myself or I'd have to get a taste of that-"
  4703. >This is the kind of degeneracy that gets ponies sent to Tartarus!
  4704. "Would you stop thinking about dicks for five minutes and listen to me!?"
  4705. >That at least gets her to stop squeezing, but her hooves are still all over you.
  4706. >"Twilight!"
  4707. >Oh, she sounds offended...
  4708. >That's not going to get you in trouble is it?
  4709. >"I don't think I need to tell you how rude that was, BUT as you sound most serious, I'll listen. If this is just an excuse to get out of-"
  4710. "Fluttershy's outside!"
  4711. >That got her to shut up!
  4712. >You can't look up at her from where your head is tucked below her chin, but you catch her eye in the mirror.
  4713. >"Fluttershy? Our Fluttershy?"
  4714. "Yes, our Fluttershy! Which is why this isn't a good time for..."
  4715. >You gesture with your eyes towards her hooves.
  4716. >With a sigh she releases your tail and stands you back up.
  4717. >"Yes, I suppose you're right."
  4718. >Freedom!
  4719. >You start to fix your mane with a hoof, but jump in surprise when she bites the seat of your panties and pulls them down to your hooves! [spoiler] She has magic for stuff like that! [/spoiler]
  4720. >That's it!
  4721. >You spin around to protect your backside from the lecherous mare!
  4722. "What's with you and the pervy stuff lately?"
  4723. >"Whatever do you mean? I've always been interested in cute mares and stallions alike."
  4724. "I mean yeah, but you've been in overdrive lately. We had a ton of fun just last night and you're already trying to get back under somepony's tail?"
  4725. >"To be fair it's really just your tail, and only because I really like it."
  4726. >Flattery will get her nowhere and your deadpan stare says just that.
  4727. >"Have I really been that bad?"
  4728. >Deadpan intensifies.
  4729. >"You can say something you know."
  4730. >D E A D P A N.
  4731. >"Ok fine! I'm sorry if I scared you, is that what you want?"
  4732. "I'm not scared Rarity, I trust you. I just want to be sure you're alright."
  4733. >She sighs and deflates just a bit.
  4734. >"Of course, it's just... well you've always been fun to tease so I stand by that, but being with individuals who really care about me was... nice. I apologise if I seem a little over-eager, it's just that... Well, Dusty's a fine stallion, but we don't really care for each other beyond the physical. You and Anon though? Like I said, it's been a long time since someone cared."
  4735. >Awww.
  4736. >You smile and give her a nuzzle.
  4737. "Fine, you're forgiven. Just try to be a little less grabby please."
  4738. >She giggles and bats a hoof at you.
  4739. >"Don't even pretend you didn't like it,"
  4740. "I didn't!"
  4741. >"Then turn around and show me how uninterested you were."
  4742. >You clamp your tail down and shake your head.
  4743. "N-no!"
  4744. >"Mmmhmm, I'll just take your word for it, then."
  4745. >That look is smug/10 and makes you want to blow her a raspberry.
  4746. >You resist the urge though because you're a mature adult.
  4747. "Good."
  4748. >"Yes, wonderful."
  4749. "Great."
  4750. >"Indeed."
  4751. >...
  4752. "Can we stop doing this and deal with the Fluttershy situation or are you going to keep messing with me all day?"
  4753. >She smiles and gives you a quick nuzzle.
  4754. >"I just can't resist sometimes."
  4755. >You'd give her more D E A D P A N, but she gets up and walks towards the door.
  4756. >"We'll continue this tonight, depending on your behavior."
  4757. >Wait, does that mean you get the grabby hooves if you're good or if you're bad?
  4758. >"You said she's outside? Did you talk to her? Is she just waiting there?"
  4759. "Uhh, she looked like she was building up her nerve so I thought she'd be there for a while."
  4760. >Probably hours if no one intervenes.
  4761. "Oh and she has Girl Scout cookies for some reason. I'm not really sure what the deal with all that is, I just saw it was her and I teleported past to come get you."
  4762. >"Well I am eager to see Fluttershy after all these years, and I also love Girl Scout cookies. What do you say we greet her?"
  4764. >You peek through the peephole and, yep, she's still standing out there giving herself a pep talk.
  4765. >Another pony that never changes.
  4766. >You and Rarity could come up with a plan and all that junk, but it's just Fluttershy. She's your friend, what's the worst that could happen?
  4767. >Unsurprisingly the moment you open the door she gasps and hides behind a curtain of pink mane.
  4768. >"H-hello sir or madam! M-my name is F-F-Fluttershy and I'm here to see if you wanted to... Oh goodness... I'm here to see if you'd like to purchase our Girl Scout cookies? I promise they're delicious and we even have a special pony blend for any p-ponies you may own..."
  4769. >Hmm, you wonder how long you can stand here before she looks up and sees who she's talking to.
  4770. >Rarity opens her mouth, but you cover it with a hoof.
  4771. >"I umm... I have thin mints and samoas right now, b-but I'm out of the rest... I'm sorry! I-if you want I can give your pony directions to pick up anything else when we get them in stock..."
  4772. >As interested as you are in you little experiment the poor thing's shaking like a leaf. You can't let her keep suffering like that.
  4773. "Fluttershy."
  4774. >The sound of your voice is enough to make her raise her head and actually look at who she's talking to.
  4775. >"Twilight! Oh, thank goodness."
  4776. >So she was expecting you.
  4777. >You still aren't sure if she's here by coincidence, or she's Luna's little envoy.
  4778. >"And Rarity too?!"
  4779. >Hmm, Luna knows you live with Rarity, doesn't she?
  4780. >You honestly can't remember and even if she did would she tell her messenger?
  4781. >"Fluttershy, darling!"
  4782. >Oh lord!
  4783. >Apparently discontent with silly things like 'analyzing the situation', Rarity pushes past you and pulls Fluttershy into a crushing hug!
  4784. >"Oh Fluttershy I never thought I'd see you again! Are you well? Have you been safe? Is this what they have you doing now? Selling cookies? You know they could have at least got you a uniform. Oh, you'd look absolutely adorable in one! What if I make you one? Would your masters mind? We can get some measurements right away, it'll be just like old times!"
  4785. "Rarity, let her breathe."
  4786. >You gently separate the excited mare from the timid one.
  4787. >You then give her a hug yourself because it's your turn and Rarity hogging the buttery pony isn't fair.
  4788. >"Oh, it's so good to see both of you girls." Fluttershy says, "I was so nervous your master would open the door and I just wouldn't know what to say. I'm umm... I'm not actually selling Girl Scout cookies. They wanted me to come because-"
  4789. >"Because we're the best of friends! Come, come inside!"
  4790. >Rarity interrupts the yellow pegasus and practically drags her inside the house.
  4791. >"And by 'they' you of course mean - "
  4792. >The unicorn checks left and right suspiciously.
  4793. >" - 'the resistance'?"
  4794. "You don't have to whisper it..."
  4795. >"Twilight, it's a very delicate secret."
  4796. "Yeah, it's a secret, but who's going to overhear you in our own living room?"
  4797. >"Well..." starts Rarity.
  4798. >"Oh girls, you really don't have to-" interjects Fluttershy.
  4799. >"Resistance? What resistance? And is that Fluttershy?" Sweetie Belle asks.
  4800. >Oh.
  4801. >Ok, maybe Rarity had a point.
  4802. >"Sweetie, darling, did you finish up all your chores already?"
  4803. >"Yeah yeah. What's going on though?"
  4804. >You open your mouth to say something but Fluttershy speaks first.
  4805. >"Oh, I didn't know Sweetie Belle was here too. You girls were so lucky to have each other here."
  4806. >Were.
  4807. >"To answer your question Rarity: yes, they sent me to pick you girls up."
  4808. >Uh oh.
  4809. >"Pick us up? For what? Ok for real, what's going on here?"
  4810. >Little Belle is not happy...
  4811. >"Sweetie I'm sure what Fluttershy meant is-" her older sister starts.
  4812. >"Oh it's wonderful Sweetie, I'm here to take all of you away from this and back to Equestria!"
  4813. >Buck!
  4814. >You facehoof so hard you probably just gave yourself a concussion.
  4815. >"No. No no no no no! Sis what the fuck?"
  4816. >Rarity cringes.
  4817. >"Sweetie please-"
  4818. >"No no no! We had a plan!"
  4819. >The filly angrily stomps her hoof!
  4820. >"You were supposed to seduce Anon and make sure he'd keep us safe! You know what happens to ponies who run?! They get caught and they get reeducated! I've already been there once, I'm not going back again!"
  4821. "Sweetie we're not-"
  4822. >"What was even the point of last night if you two are just planning on running away?"
  4823. >Oh no.
  4824. >D-did she hear you?
  4825. >"You three bucked like rabbits for half the night just so you can leave him today?!"
  4826. "S-sweetie?!"
  4827. >"Sweetie Belle please!"
  4828. >You and Rarity both blush in embarrassment while Fluttershy goes wide eyed in shock!
  4829. >"Do you guys think I'm deaf? If I could hear the sweet talk I could definitely hear the moaning. You three went at it, Rarity and Anon went at it, you guys even smacked Twilight around and for some reason she seemed to like it!"
  4830. >Oh my god you're going to die of embarrassment!
  4831. >First Sweetie heard your 'firm treatment', but even worse she's talking about it right in front of Fluttershy!
  4832. >"Sweetie Belle that is enough!"
  4833. >Seeing your embarrassment is enough to make Mama Bear Rarity rise up!
  4834. >"I don't care what you heard, you have no right to talk to Twilight or myself like that!"
  4835. >She grabs the young mare by the ear with her magic and tugs!
  4836. >"Ow, hey!"
  4837. >"If you'd let either of us have a word in we'd have explained to you that nopony in this household is going anywhere!"
  4838. >Scarity [spoiler] 'Scary-mode Rarity' of course [/spoiler] yanks her sister by the ear and begins to drag her out of the room one 'ouch' at a time!
  4839. >"But instead of listening to us you decided to not only ignore us, but to disrespect us in front of our friend! Do you know what mother would say? Do you know what mother would do? I have half a mind to..."
  4840. >Rarity's voice fades as she drags her victim further and further down the hall.
  4841. >You are soooo not following that.
  4842. >"I umm, oh my..."
  4843. >Poor Fluttershy probably has no idea what to think about that.
  4844. "That was a little scary, but probably for the best. Sweetie's been a little... difficult ever since she got here. I was hoping she wouldn't find out about this at all."
  4845. >"I-I'm sure she's been through a lot, we all have. What, umm, what did Rarity mean by nopony going anywhere though?"
  4846. >You wince and turn back towards Fluttershy.
  4847. "We just..."
  4848. >May as well be straight with her.
  4849. "It's just like she said, Fluttershy; we won't be going anywhere. I've already been to the Empire and back, and we just think it's better for us here."
  4850. >"W-what? Why? I-I don't know what happened before, but you'll be safer with us than here. You just have to be."
  4851. "We're safe here."
  4852. >"But Sweetie said they..."
  4853. >'Hit you' is what she wants to say but she shies away from the words.
  4854. "It's not... it's not like that. Sweetie just heard a few things, she doesn't understand."
  4855. >"Twilight you don't need to stay here, you don't owe your master anything."
  4856. >You do, but even if you didn't you'd still stay.
  4857. "It's not about obligation Fluttershy, I want to stay. Me and Rarity both. We like Anon and... well, I've got a few questions for Luna before I start working with her."
  4858. >"What do you mean?"
  4859. "I mean everytime I ask her for an explanation she ignores me. Dash said-"
  4860. >"Dash?! You saw Rainbow?! Is she ok?! Where was she, what happened?!"
  4861. >Oh god Flutters all up in your face!
  4862. "She's fine! She's fine! She..."
  4863. >On one hoof Dash shocked the buck out of you and dragged your unconscious body back into captivity.
  4864. >On the other hoof she had intentions you can respect even if you disagree with them, and her plus Arnold helped you out of a dangerous place.
  4865. >One you arguably wouldn't have been in without her...
  4866. >Then again she's the one who raised your suspicions about Luna so that's another plus.
  4867. >Ugh.
  4868. "It's complicated. She's doing what she thinks is best, although everypony else might not agree with it. She's safe though: I know her handler, he's a good guy."
  4869. >"Oh thank goodness! It seems like it's been forever since we last saw her, and she and Applejack were so angry at each other..."
  4870. "So Applejack's here too?"
  4871. >"Oh yes. Applejack, Pinkie, and myself are all together. Many of the ponies we bring in need a lot of care so me and Pinkie help with that. Applejack gives the orders and other ponies go out and about."
  4872. >AJ, Pinkie, and Fluttershy are all here together?
  4873. >That's great!
  4874. >"T-this is actually my first time out here like this. I'm not really sure why they wanted me to come, but they said it would be you so I thought..."
  4875. >You give the shy mare a smile and hug.
  4876. "You did great Fluttershy, mission accomplished."
  4877. >"Oh, but I thought you said you wouldn't be coming back."
  4878. "Mission sorta accomplished? You found us so that's good."
  4879. >"Yeah, but... I just don't understand why you want to stay."
  4880. "It's... complicated. I know it sounds crazy, but I just think it's safer here. That and I actually..."
  4881. >And here comes the part where you usually lose ponies.
  4882. "I actually like Anon. He's not like most masters, I'm more of his marefriend than slave. And Rarity is too, now."
  4883. >Fluttershy's eyes widen in surprise.
  4884. >"M-marefriend? With a human?"
  4885. "I know, I know just... please believe me for now. We can talk about Anon later if you really want, but first I need you to pass along a message."
  4886. >"O-ok. Ummm, pass along a message to who?"
  4887. "Luna. I know she told you to bring back the Elements too."
  4888. >She nods.
  4889. >"Tell her she can't have them."
  4890. >Defying a princess, this is really playing with fire now.
  4891. >"I'm not handing them over until she talks to me about her plan. Ask her to dreamwalk me again or something, but until then I'm not hoofing over anything."
  4892. >Hopefully it comes across as a friendly request, but ultimately this is an ultimatum.
  4893. >You just hope the moon princess is feeling friendly when she gets it.
  4895. >"T-tell her what!?"
  4896. >You can't tell if the idea of defying Luna that terrifies Fluttershy or, ya know, any idea terrifies her because she's Fluttershy.
  4897. "That I need to talk to her first. You know how priceless the Elements are, I need to be in on the plan before hoofing over irreplaceable magical relics."
  4898. >"B-but she said-"
  4899. "Fluttershy, please. They can't even be used without all six of us, and she hasn't mentioned going after Rainbow Dash at all. I'm sure she has a plan, I just want to know what it is."
  4900. >Especially since if Luna tries to wield the Elements herself, particularly in their various states of disrepair, she'll either destroy them or who knows what?
  4901. >Blow up half the planet?
  4902. >Destroy Equestria's thaumaturgical field?  
  4903. >Flood Earth with enough magic to turn everyone into potted plants?
  4904. >"I, ummm, I suppose I can tell her, but I don't think she'll be very hap-"
  4905. >"I'm home!"
  4906. >The yellow mare jumps clean off the ground the instant the door opens.
  4907. "Hey."
  4908. >You're forced to close one eye as he gives you an absent minded drive-by petting.
  4909. >The hand starts off with messing up your bangs, runs all the way down your mane, then proceeds to pat your side until he runs out of pony to play with.
  4910. >He's so engrossed in his phone he neither notices the guest nor questions why you just happen to be standing by the front door the minute he walked in.
  4911. >[spoiler]No, you don't sit here all day waiting for him to get home.[/spoiler]
  4912. "Hey? Hello? Anon?"
  4913. >Aaaaand he walks right past you into the kitchen.
  4914. >"I-is that your master? I, umm, I should go!"
  4915. "It's fine, you should meet him. Anon!"
  4916. >Where'd that little bitch go?
  4917. >"No! I'm really not good with huma-"
  4918. >Ugh, forget it.
  4919. >You teleport him directly from wherever he is to right by your side.
  4920. >[spoiler]Shhh, don't tell him how dangerous blind teleports are.[/spoiler]
  4921. >[spoiler]It's fine though, you've been around him long enough to know his signature by heart.[/spoiler]
  4922. >"Woah!"
  4923. >The silly two legged teleportation amateur would have fallen over completely if he didn't have you to steady himself on.
  4924. >Steady himself and immediently start petting again.
  4925. >Anoooon not in front of the guest!
  4926. "Anon, this is Fluttershy."
  4927. >"Oh, hey. Sorry, didn't see you there. You a new neighbor or...?"
  4928. "Fluttershy's one of my friends from Eq-"
  4929. >"The store!" Fluttershy loudly interrupts, "We met at the store and ummm I should really get going i-if that's ok with you..."
  4930. "Fluttershy it's ok, really. Anon's cool."
  4931. >You twist your head back towards him and purse your lips while scratching your chin.
  4932. "Well... maybe 'cool' is a bit much. He's coolishhhhhh- Woah!"
  4933. >Kicking your hooves does nothing as he kneels down picks you up, flips you over, and throws you over his shoulder!
  4934. "Ok fine you're cool! You're cool!"
  4935. >Ugh, as if marehandeling you in front of Flutters wasn't bad enough, your admission earns you a blush-worthy kiss on the cheek!
  4936. >Stupid affectionate Anon always touching and kissing his little purple pony...
  4937. >"You know what? You're pretty cool yourself."
  4938. >Awwww.
  4939. >"Twilight's right though Miss Fluttershy, you don't have to leave if you don't want to. Any friend of Twilight's is a friend of mine."
  4940. >He's going for all the good boy points today.
  4941. >"Oh, umm, thank you very much sir, but I really should go. It was wonderful to meet you and I'll, uhh, do that thing you asked for Twilight."
  4942. >Smooth.
  4943. >You wiggle and squirm until Anon's forced to let you down.
  4944. "Thank you. I'll see you soon ok? At the store, right?"
  4945. >Her eyes are nervously locked on Anon until you pull her into a hug.
  4946. >"Oh, yes, at the store. I-I'll see you soon, then..."
  4947. >She's obviously nervous around the human, you just hope the hug helped a little.
  4948. >The pegasus tries to play it cool on her way out, but her nervous speed and constant looking back over her shoulder...
  4949. >"So you gonna tell me what that was really about, or...?"
  4950. >You sigh and close the door.
  4951. >What a day so far! First that bitch at the store, then Octavia, then Fluttershy showing up, then Sweetie Belle flipping out over it-
  4952. >Wait, crap, Sweetie.
  4953. >Rarity dragged her out of here by the ear, which, in your experience, was never a good sign.
  4954. >Is she just going to scold her or...?
  4955. >You can totally understand Sweetie's fear of going back to Gentlehoof, especially since she was there longer than you and you suspect had it tougher inside.
  4956. >Maybe you should...
  4957. >You can't believe you're thinking of defending Sweetie Belle, but you don't think she deserves Rarity-patented discipline for earlier.
  4958. "We can talk about it in a minute, I think Rarity's about to discipline Sweetie Belle."
  4959. >That gets an eyebrow raised.
  4960. >"Why? What'd she do?"
  4961. >Got mad when she thought you were all running away.
  4962. >Ok, that's not going to make sense out of context.
  4963. "She... It was all a misunderstanding but she got really upset and said some things she shouldn't have. I'm not saying it was right of her, but..."
  4964. >Wow there's no way you can explain this without telling him the whole truth.
  4965. >He knows about you meeting Luna back in Equestria, but not about the Elements or the earth resistance or anything like that.
  4966. "I'll explain in a minute. I need to make sure she doesn't do anything over the top first."
  4967. >You move to walk past him only for him to stop you!
  4968. >"No offense Twilight, but Rarity's instincts about this sort of stuff are usually pretty good nowadays."
  4969. >He's taking her side?!
  4970. "Are you kidding!? Don't you remember when she first moved in and you spanked that giant white flank because she went off on me for no good reason?!"
  4971. >[spoiler] This isn't really the time but damn do you regret not watching that go down. [spoiler] Rarity's white backside turned red? Unf! [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  4972. >"I do remember that and she was definitely out of line that time. She's been a lot more responsible ever since then though and I generally trust her. Plus it's her own little sister."
  4973. >Wtf!?
  4974. >You raise a hoof to protest, but he cuts you off with a raised hand of his own.
  4975. >"That said, if you disagree I'll go talk to her and ask her to hold off until I've heard both sides of the story."
  4976. "Fine..."
  4977. >Oh so HE has to be the one to stop her.
  4978. >Like, sure he's the master and all, but you could tell her that too...
  4979. >"Great. Give me a few minutes?"
  4980. >You begrudging concede and trot over to the couch.
  4981. >Now you just need to figure out how much you'll tell him...
  4983. >It only takes a few minutes for him to come back downstairs and give a thumbs up.
  4984. >"Took care of it."
  4985. >More like delayed it.
  4986. >You raise your head and get ready for the pre-prepared speech you came up with while he was gone, but lose your train of thought when he scoops you up into his arms again.
  4987. "Wha? Where are we going?"
  4988. >"Ends up no one started dinner because of all this. I figure we'll go pick something up while those two calm down. Sound good?"
  4989. >You roll over into a slightly more dignified sitting position instead of the belly up way he'd grabbed you.
  4990. "Sure."
  4991. >At least this way if he gets mad at you for keeping secrets from him you can break the window and run like a mad filly!
  4993. >Anon carries you to the car, deposits you in the passenger seat, and buckles your seatbelt for you.
  4994. >[spoiler] You could totally buckle it yourself but whatever. [/spoiler]
  4995. "So umm-"
  4996. >"Pizza?"
  4997. "What?"
  4998. >"Pizza? You cool with pizza?"
  4999. >You thought he'd want to talk about what just happened, but this is fine too?
  5000. "As long as you don't get something stupid like hawaiian."
  5001. >"Hawaiian's great!"
  5002. >You've had this argument before, but with Celestia as your witness you'll have it again!
  5003. "Fruit doesn't belong on a pizza!"
  5004. >"Oh come on, you didn't even know what pizza was before you got here and now you're the expert on it?"
  5005. >The car pulls out of the driveway and down the street, but you don't care.
  5006. >You're focused.
  5007. >Focused on telling this human just how wrong he is.
  5008. "Ok, first of all Equestria had pizzas just not in as many weird flavors as earth does. Second of all, even if I WAS totally new to pizzas I'd still be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that fruit doesn't belong on one!"
  5009. >"You can prove it? You know you can't prove taste right?"
  5010. >Silly stupid human.
  5011. >Taste, like basically everything, is a science and the sciences can prove just about anything.
  5012. "I won't blow your mind with the details, but yes, I CAN absolutely and scientifically prove the sweet flavor of a pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza. The flavors have inverse - hey!"
  5013. >You slap at the hand pinching your cheek!
  5014. >"Twilight, come on. You're a smart pony, but can't pretend to be well read on this when I know you can't cook anything more complicated than spaghetti."
  5015. >Now that's just mean!
  5016. "You never complained about my cooking before!"
  5017. >"I never had Rarity's cooking to compare it to."
  5018. >You give him an angry look and humph loudly!
  5019. >He just chuckles and runs a free hand through your mane and down your back.
  5020. >"Your cooking's an upgrade from mine so there was no way I was going to complain when it was just us."
  5021. >You turn your head away from him for some angry silent treatment.
  5022. >"And we won't get hawaiian if you don't want it, ok?"
  5023. >Pouting wins again!
  5024. "Fine..."
  5025. >"Oh come on, you aren't actually mad are you? I was kidding."
  5026. >Are you mad?
  5027. >No, not really.
  5028. >He's right, you aren't a great cook, and he did just give in on the pizza thing.
  5029. >You decide to cut him a break and nuzzle into the offered hand.
  5030. "I guess not... it's just been a long day is all."
  5031. >"Well what happened? Tell me about it."
  5032. >He cups your chin in his hand and rubs your cheek with a thumb.
  5033. >His pony cuddling skills are actually pretty impressive considering he's doing all this while keeping his eyes on the road.
  5034. "More like what didn't happen. I tried to help out by going to the store and the clerk was a total bitch to me just because of my ear. I ran into Octavia and probably told her more than I should have. I came home to find Luna already sent Fluttershy to get what she wants and then Sweetie misunderstands the whole situation and freaks out..."
  5035. >You try to keep the emotion out of your voice the it's a lost cause.
  5036. "I knew things would be different with this stupid thing on my ear, but I never thought I'd be straight up profiled when I didn't do a single thing wrong. Then stress after stress on top of a crappy start..."
  5037. >Instead of responding Anon makes an unexpected right turn?
  5038. "Hey, where are we...? Isn't the pizza place that way?"
  5039. >"It is, but dinner's not going anywhere."
  5040. >Another few quick turns pull the car off the road and into a small dirt parking lot.
  5041. >If you recall correctly it's parking for some hiking trail, but at this time of night it's just an empty lot with a scenic view down the mountain.
  5042. >"Rarity and Sweetie Belle are great, but we don't get a lot of private time to chat anymore. Why don't you tell me everything that's going on. What happened at the store and with Octavia? What's the deal with that Fluttershy mare? You said something about Luna wanting something? I thought you left her back in Equestria."
  5043. >You sigh.
  5044. >There's so much you don't really want to tell him, but probably should.
  5045. >It's not his fault you went and got yourself branded as a bratty little runaway.
  5046. >Why should you burdon him with problems you brought upon yourself?
  5047. >And the whole Luna thing?
  5048. >How is he going to react to hearing that you kept your true importance from him for years?
  5049. "I-It's nothing, really."
  5050. >"Twilight."
  5051. "They're my problems Anon. I'm the one that betrayed you, ran away, and got punished for it. I'm the one that made a deal with Luna. You have enough on your plate simply providing a safe home for three mares, my job's to make your life easier not give you more problems."
  5052. >You don't want to be a burden.
  5053. >You don't want to be trouble for him.
  5054. >Pony plot slides across the seat as he unbuckles you and pulls you closer to his side.
  5055. >"Twilight, when I brought you home, when I signed those papers, you became my problem."
  5056. >What's that supposed to mean?
  5057. >"I knew from our first conversation you were a little lippy. You didn't bow your head and cower like most the ponies there. I loved that about you, but I also knew it would mean you'd need plenty of attention."
  5058. >'Attention' huh?
  5059. >"But I bought you, I brought you home, and I tried to do right by you. When you sassed or slacked off I didn't want to just beat the fear of god into you, I tried to pick a discipline method I thought would encourage you to actually learn."
  5060. >That's debatable, but you get what he means.
  5061. "Felt like the fear of god sometimes..."
  5062. >"I'm not saying I always did a perfect job. We both know I went overboard sometimes, but I generally wanted you to learn what you did wrong instead of just fearing for your life. I've also always tried to take your feelings seriously. Remember that time you told me you weren't happy as a slave and wanted to be free?"
  5063. >You were so afraid you'd overstepped you bounds that night.
  5064. >"I couldn't legally set you free, but I tried to make you happy by giving you the opportunity to go with Rarity instead. That may have worked out differently in the end, but my point is I don't just consider your physical health my responsibility, but your emotional health too."
  5065. "So what do you-"
  5066. >"I'm saying I don't want you to bear burdens on your own. I'd like to think you know this already, but let me say it clearly. I care about you. Your problems, your fears, your hopes, and your dreams. Your job isn't to make my life easier at the cost of your own happiness. I want you to be happy too."
  5067. >How'd you end up with a human like this?
  5068. >You snuggle into his chest and let him wrap his arms around you.
  5069. >"So if you're stressed I want to hear about it. If you've got problems let me help. I know I'm your master but I'm also your, what did you call it? Special somepony?"
  5070. "Yeah, special somepony."
  5071. >"Special somepony it is. You listen to me when I vent about work, I want to listen to you when you vent about your problems too. Ok?"
  5072. >How can you say no to that?
  5073. >You lift up your head to give him light kisses along the neck.
  5074. "Ok. I just... I don't want you to be disappointed in me..."
  5075. >"Twilight, you ran away to an alternate dimension and I took you back. What could be more dramatic than that?"
  5076. >Heh, fair point.
  5077. "Luna wants me to give her the elements of harmony."
  5078. >"The elements of who?"
  5079. >You wiggle out of his grasp so you can sit up and look him in the eyes.
  5080. "The elements of harmony are ancient Equestrian magical relics predating the rise of the Celestial sisters. They're considered one of if not the most powerful magical items in all of Equestria. They've banished chaos gods and out of control alicorns alike, as well as purged the darkness out of the hearts of the corrupted."
  5081. >"That sounds impressive and all but why would she be asking you for them? She expect you to break into some vault and steal them?"
  5082. "Well no she..."
  5083. >Probably easier to show rather than explain.
  5084. >You grab his phone in your magic and pull up the pony control app.
  5085. >Of course they don't want anypony freeing herself just because a human left the phone unlocked so you hold it up for him to scan his fingerprint.
  5086. >Bless him, he doesn't hesitate for a second to unlock your horn ring and lift it off for you.
  5087. >You mayyyy have shuddered and moaned a little as the magic flowed through you.
  5088. "Oh that's good..."
  5089. >He just chuckles and taps the tip of your horn.
  5090. >[spoiler] Lewd... [/spoiler]
  5091. "She's asking me because I have them."
  5092. >With hardly any effort at all you pull the element of magic out of it's storage and drop it right on top of your head.
  5094. >"Wait, what? That's the Element of Harmony? I thought it's supposed to be some kind of priceless national treasure? Not that you aren't my treasure-"
  5095. >Awwwwww!
  5096. >"-but why on earth do you have it?"
  5097. "Firstly, this is just one of the six individual Elements. I have the other five as well, but they're safely tucked away in a pocket dimension but I need to waste mana extracting them. Secondly, I have this one because it's mine; the Element of Magic."
  5098. >"Yours?"
  5099. >Here goes.
  5100. "Right, mine. Each Element chooses a bearer to wield it. I have the Element of Magic, Rarity the Element of Generosity, Fluttershy Kindness, our friend Rainbow Dash who I told you about has Loyalty. You haven't met Applejack or Pinkie Pie, but they wield the last two: Honesty and Laughter. The point is, the six of us are more than just friends, we're... well, we're The Elements."
  5101. >"Alright slow down I think you lost me. So this-"
  5102. >He pokes your tiara!
  5103. >*Gasp*
  5104. >Human hands mustn't sully The Elements!
  5105. >"Is some powerful magical gizmo that you, along with your friends, were... what? Put in charge of?"
  5106. >Not quite right, but he's catching on fast enough.
  5107. "Not exactly 'put in charge of', more like chosen by. The kingdom was in crisis, Celestia was gone, someone had to stop Nightmare Moon and well..."
  5108. >The rest is history.
  5109. >"I thought Rarity was a dressmaker and you were a librarian? This sounds like soldier stuff or some kind of super secret horse special agent."
  5110. "Those were our real jobs, that's true. Being 'element bearer' wasn't like, a full time job, it was just sorta a 'show up when the world is ending' kinda thing."
  5111. >"That sounds like a pretty weird way to manage a kingdom-saving special forces group but sure, ok. Why you though? I mean, who am I to question God Horse, but who picks random librarians to defend the realm?"
  5112. >Heh the realm, that sorta reminds you of the whole 'vassal' thing you and him went through that one time.
  5113. >How's he going to feel when he hears his little vassal was the student of 'God Horse'?
  5114. "Well it wasn't totally random. I was also... uhhh maybe sorta kinda Princess Celestia's personal student?"
  5115. >That's a funny look...
  5116. >Is that anger? Disbelief?
  5117. >"I thought Celestia was like the head honcho in all of horse land."
  5118. >Head honcho...
  5119. "PRINCESS Celestia is the elder celestial princess. She and Luna technically shared power, but with Luna being asleep most of the day and having just returned to power most ponies still viewed Celestia as the primary ruling monarch."
  5120. >"And you were her student."
  5121. "Yes."
  5122. >"Does she have a lot of students? Like an academy or something? I know you said personal but-"
  5123. "No, she's only ever had one at a time and I was the first one in at least a few centuries."
  5124. >He shakes the surprised look off his face and runs a hand up your neck to cup your cheek.
  5125. >"So what does that make you? Royalty?"
  5126. >Awww, he's holding you so gently. It's like he's seeing you in a totally different light.
  5127. >You smush your squishy pony cheek up against his hand and giggle.
  5128. "No, I wasn't royalty myself. I was just close to them."
  5129. >"So when she finds out I slapped a collar on you and threw you in my bed, I can pretty much kiss my ass goodbye."
  5130. >That makes you laugh even more.
  5131. "Maybe if you'd forced me to sleep with you, but the way things actually happened I'd say you're fine."
  5132. >A playful lick across his palm makes him relax.
  5133. >You don't want him stressing for no reason after all.
  5134. "You've more or less been a gentlecolt even if you are technically my master. Besides, it's not even something you really need to worry about. I'm not sure where Celestia's at in the first place. Luna said something about saving somepony we both care about, but she's been needlessly cryptic about the whole thing. If she'd just tell me her plan I might hoof the Elements over, but with my current suspicions..."
  5135. >"You think she's just getting your hopes up to get her hands on them."
  5136. >Pfft, hands.
  5137. "Something like that. Sending Fluttershy to pick them up is an interesting choice. I'm not sure if she thought sending a friend would foster trust or what."
  5138. >"But you'd like to see Sun Horse right?"
  5139. "Princess Celestia! And yes, of course I want to see her, but I'm not going to let that trick me into doing something stupid."
  5140. >A forehead kiss catches you off guard as does the arm wrapping around your rump and pulling you closer!
  5141. >"Smart girl."
  5142. >Not that the affection isn't nice, but you thought he'd be mad about all this instead of hugging and kissing you.
  5143. "So you're fine with all this? You aren't mad?"
  5144. >"Mad? Why would I be mad?"
  5145. >You squirm nervously but look up to lock eyes with him.
  5146. "Because I kept this from you. What Luna wanted, The Elements, my past. I just thought... I dunno, I always wanted to tell you, but wasn't sure how you'd take it."
  5147. >He brushes you mane aside to get a better look at you.
  5148. >"I always knew you were pretty special so I guess it wasn't too big of a surprise. I did some googling and couldn't find anything about a unicorn with half as much magic as you have with a horn ring on. I figured you were super powerful. 'Student of the reigning monarch' is a bit more than I expected, but I guess I can believe it."
  5149. >Huh, you never thought about that.
  5150. >You teleported in front of him all the time, hell you've even summoned micro stars just to dry off the floor.
  5151. >You aren't sure any other pony can do that last one, even without a horn ring.
  5152. >"Now, should you have kept it from me? Probably not."
  5153. >Oh!
  5154. >He lightly grabs you by the chin and makes sure you're looking him right in the eye.
  5155. >"But I don't want you to tell me these things because I'm your master. I want you to tell me everything because I'm your special somepony and I care about you."
  5156. >T-that makes sense actually...
  5157. >Are you just that bad at the whole 'relationship' thing that that never occured to you?
  5158. >[spoiler] He IS your first real coltfriend... [/spoiler]
  5159. "I don't know why I didn't think of it that way..."
  5160. >"Because our relationship is a tangled mess of power dynamics?"
  5161. >Heh.
  5162. "Well that's a good point... 'master'."
  5163. >He unclips your collar and lets it fall to the floor!
  5164. >"Not your master right now Twi, just your special somepony who wants you to tell him everything that's been stressing you."
  5165. >Your heart skips a beat when he massages the fur where your collar usually goes.
  5166. >He's not perfect, but moments like this really remind you why you chose to be with him.
  5167. "T-thank you Anon... for everything."
  5169. >It takes a bit to explain everything, but he listens attentively through it all.
  5170. >"So Fluttershy thought you were coming with her?"
  5171. "Yeah. I don't know if that's what they told her or she just assumed or what."
  5172. >"But you're not."
  5173. >It's probably subconscious, but he squeezes you a little tighter almost like he's afraid of you disappearing.
  5174. "No. No no no."
  5175. >You snuggle your muzzle up under his chin and give him a peck along the jawline.
  5176. "We aren't going anywhere, none of us. Sweetie's obsessed with pleasing her master so she'd never even think about running away."
  5177. >A little too obsessed but that's for another time.
  5178. "Rarity understands my concerns about Luna and... Well, even if that was a non issue I think she's really grown to like her current lifestyle. She was definitely nervous about living here at first because, ya know, 'humans'."
  5179. >'They're all evil Twilight!'
  5180. >'They'll all rape you Twilight!'
  5181. >It's sorta crazy she's slowly moved from that to not only trusting Anon but being intimate with him.
  5182. "But after seeing how you treat us... Well, you know what happened last night."
  5183. >The mental image of Rarity bouncing up and down on Anon's stallionhood while they gently held hooves flashes across your mind.
  5184. >[spoiler] I-is it hot in here? [/spoiler]
  5185. >He laughs and give you a cocky look and a squeeze!
  5186. >"I doubt I'll forget last night anytime soon. Hell I'm still sore!"
  5187. >HE'S still sore?! You're the one that's sore!
  5188. >"Who knew satisfying two mares at once would be so exhausting?"
  5189. >Cocky bastard...
  5190. "Yeah yeah you're a stud, I get it."
  5191. >He can tone down the boastful attitude anytime!
  5192. >"Oh you 'got' it."
  5193. >L-lewd.
  5194. "S-shut up!"
  5195. >"That's not what you were saying last night."
  5196. >Bully.
  5197. >You try to push back against his chest but he holds you tight.
  5198. "I wasn't really saying much of anything last night..."
  5199. >"Fair enough. We did keep you pretty occupied didn't we?"
  5200. >Occupied...?
  5201. >D-does he mean like busy or [spoiler]full... [/spoiler]
  5202. "The point is Rarity had a lot of fun and learned just how much she can trust you! She's not going anywhere and neither am I."
  5203. >You'd looked away in embarrassment when he was teasing you, but he turns you back enough to lightly kiss you on the cheek.
  5204. >"You had fun too, right? I know you had a safeword but all I heard out of you the entire night was squeaks, moans, and grunts."
  5205. >Thanks for the mental image!
  5206. "Sweet Tartarus, please Anon."
  5207. >"I'm not trying to embarrass you, I just want to be sure."
  5208. >For not trying he's doing a great job.
  5209. >You were put through your paces like a top dollar bedmare last night and don't need the reminder!
  5210. "It was fine."
  5211. >"Fine or fun? I don't want you putting up with something you don't like just for my sake."
  5212. >Ugh, ok fine. You have to admit he really does have your best interests at heart here even if the conversation makes you blush.
  5213. "I had fun. A lot of fun. My only complaint is that I'm sore as hell today, but I think I got off close to a dozen times last night. Happy?"
  5214. >Celestia might even disown you if she heard that confession!
  5215. >It does the trick for him though.
  5216. >Ack, that's a tight hug!
  5217. >"Good girl."
  5218. >Patronizing but sweet.
  5219. >You can't be mad though when he starts to massage one of your sorest parts.
  5220. >[spoiler] If anypony comes up to this car and sees you sitting in your humans lap having your cutie marks massaged you'll die. [/spoiler]
  5221. >"How about I give you a long massage tonight? Work out all that soreness me and Rarity caused."
  5222. >Hmmmmm, that does sound pretty nice...
  5223. >Some of the soreness isn't exactly in a place he can get to, but a full body rubdown would still be nice.
  5224. "I'd like that..."
  5225. >"It's a plan then."
  5226. >Suck up.
  5227. >"So what happens with the Luna situation now? What do you think she'll do?"
  5228. >Oh we're back on topic now instead of 'toying with Twilight time'?
  5229. "Honestly not sure. Maybe send someone else? Hopefully she'll just talk to me and we can figure it out like grown mares."
  5230. >"Well what do I need to do?"
  5231. >He wants to help?
  5232. >Duh, of course he does. He just gave you that whole speech about being your special somepony.
  5233. "Hard to say until we know what's going to happen. If she sends somepony more forceful it might be useful to have you send them away? I doubt they'd argue with a human since it's probably easier for them to keep a low profile."
  5234. >"I can do that. Just snap your fingers and consider it done."
  5235. >Fingers?
  5236. >Really?
  5237. >You hold a hoof up to his face without saying anything.
  5238. >"It's a phrase."
  5239. >Riiiiiight.
  5240. >He takes a hold of both your forehooves and lightly clops them together.
  5241. >"Just clop your hooves and consider it done."
  5242. >You smile.
  5244. >Purple pony stomach grumbling tells Anon it's time to get the car back on the road.
  5245. >"Sounds like my mini princess is hungrier than I thought."
  5246. >Awwww.
  5247. >He snaps the collar back around your neck and gives you a teasing smile.
  5248. >"What kinda pizza, Your Majesty? I don't think they have hay."
  5249. >First of all you aren't royalty, you already told him that.
  5250. >Secondly just because you're a pony doesn't mean you want hay on everything.
  5251. "Stereotyping? Really? Ponies don't ALWAYS want hay."
  5252. >You can feel the silent chuckle since you're still leaning against his side.
  5253. >"I've seen you put hay on pizza before."
  5254. "You've seen me eat canadian bacon too! Just because I occasionally like hay doesn't mean-"
  5255. >"You literally have a bottle of ground hay you use a topping."
  5256. >Damn him! Stop being right!
  5257. >"And ponies aren't supposed to eat meat."
  5258. "That's speciesist! I'll eat all the meat I want!"
  5259. >"No, THIS is speciesist."
  5260. >He taps your collar for emphasis.
  5261. >"But it also means I get to keep THIS all to myself."
  5262. >Hey!
  5263. >The arm wrapped around your back pats your haunches in an all too confident manner!
  5264. >[spoiler] How the hay does he convey so much meaning with a single pat? 'This is mine, I OWN this!'[/spoiler]
  5265. >[spoiler] If any other creature ever made such a statement you'd have blasted them off the face of that planet but with him...? Well, you lean a bit more so he can... yeah... [/spoiler]
  5266. >"Looks like you don't mind a little specicism now, huh filly?"
  5267. >Ok he is taking the confidence thing a bit too far.
  5268. >You've got an idea to put him in his place, but you probably shouldn't... probably...
  5269. >Ah. buck it.
  5270. >You freeze up, completely cutting him off from the wiggly snuggly pony he expects when he gets handsy with you.
  5271. "T-that's really insensitive Anon. The systematic and institutionalized oppression of my entire species isn't a joke."
  5272. >Ha! He's already worried!
  5273. >He looks down at you, back at the road, then after a moment's thought pulls off to the shoulder.
  5274. "I was trained - no, indoctrinated - for months to respond to a master's touch. Beaten if I shied away from a wandering hand. Abused if I didn't invite sir to enjoy his property no matter how I felt about it..."
  5275. >"Holy shit I'm sorry Twi, I didn't mean it like that. Are you ok? I thought you said training was just a manners thing? Do you want to talk about it? Do you need to talk to someone else about it? I totally get if you can't-"
  5276. >Damn him and his genuine concern for your emotional well being!
  5277. >He even removes his hand from your ample ass now that he thinks he's oppressing you with just his touch.
  5278. >Ugh, you can't keep fucking with him if it's going to actually hurt his feelings.
  5279. "Ok yeah, nevermind I was just screwing with you. Training was just a manners thing, I just made all that up."
  5280. >Oh no.
  5281. >He'd a little too still.
  5282. >[spoiler] One joke too far is how the pony gets in trouble! [/spoiler]
  5283. >To your surprise he reaches down and gently cups your cheek.
  5284. >I-is he not mad?
  5285. >"Twilight."
  5286. "Y-yes... sir..?"
  5287. "Have I ever told you..."
  5288. >Gulp!
  5289. >"That you're a brat?!"
  5290. >Ack, ear pulling!
  5291. "Ow ow ow! Ok, I'm sorry it was just a joke!"
  5292. >"Bratty bratty bratty! I love you, but I swear that's all you are sometimes! I was really worried about you for a second there ya know?!"
  5293. "Ok, I took it too far I admit!
  5294. >WHACK!
  5295. "Eep!"
  5296. >You may have deserved that, but it's still going to leave a big red handprint right on your cutie mark!
  5297. >"I'd have thought all the discipline Rarity drilled into you last night would stick for at least a day but I guess not."
  5298. >D-don't mention that!
  5299. >He pulls your head back by the ear and makes you look at him.
  5300. >"Twilight, I love you."
  5301. "I-I love you too..."
  5302. >Sympathy!
  5303. >Mercy!
  5304. >"But you are the naughtiest little scamp I've ever met."
  5305. >Uh oh...
  5306. >That wipes the smile off your face!
  5307. >"Not that I don't love that about you too."
  5308. >S-so this was all a good thing... right?
  5309. >"But when you're trolling for a spanking again so soon after your last one maybe it's time to try something different."
  5310. >...
  5311. >What?
  5312. "W-wait. Let's not do anything rash here Anon..."
  5313. >He twists your poor ear harder!
  5314. >"That's master to you right now, young lady! Brats don't get to use master's real name!"
  5315. >Laying down the law!
  5316. "Y-yes master!"
  5317. >It feels so weird being told to call him that!
  5318. >"Come here."
  5319. >What?
  5320. >He pulls you into his lap then pushes you down towards the floorboards between his legs?
  5321. >You're in no position to disagree so you don't put up a fight.
  5322. >Why does he want you sitting on the floor between his legs though...
  5323. >"If your gonna act up so you can go full spank slut-"
  5324. >Hey, he can't call you that!
  5325. >"Then the only thing to do is give you a different kind of punishment."
  5326. >You don't like the sound of that!
  5327. "W-what are you...?"
  5328. >He answers your question before you finish it by unzipping his pants!
  5329. >Thatsapenis.png!
  5330. >What's the catch though? You've done oral before.
  5331. >It may not be your speciality due to your gag reflex, but it's not exactly punishment.
  5332. "Umm, road head, master?"
  5333. >You've heard the term before during your *ahem* 'research' into human mating rituals.
  5334. >"Something like that. Just be a good girl..."
  5335. >Be a...?
  5336. >Oh. Oh!
  5337. >You squeak as he reaches behind your head and grabs a handful of mane!
  5338. >Oh shit oh shit oh shit!
  5339. >"Open."
  5340. >Oh gods, it's getting closer and closer to your face!
  5341. >Is he gonna hold your head the whole time?!
  5342. >If you can't control the depth and speed then...
  5343. >What did they call it? Face fucking? Just the rough sound of the term makes you weak in the knees!
  5344. "M-master can't we... ah!"
  5345. >No more talking it seems!
  5346. >His other hand catches your opened mouth and pries it even wider!
  5347. >You can only moan and grunt in protest when the tip pokes your lips!
  5348. >"Come on, you know what to do."
  5349. >You wrap your lips around the tip obediently, but holy Celestia you're blushing furiously!
  5350. >You're doing this on the side of the road?
  5351. >What if someone drives by and sees you with a mouth full of master?
  5352. >"Me and Rarity talked about you a bit last night-"
  5353. >Great.
  5354. >"-and thought maybe it was time to try some new stuff with you. I'm definitely too soft on you at times."
  5355. >Is not!
  5356. >Can't we just go back to the old discipline method?
  5357. >Your plot stings delightfully from the single swat he gave you but it's not nearly enough. Such a tease!
  5358. >"Tap on my leg 5 times for your safeword, but otherwise your cute little mouth gets the punishment this time. Understand?"
  5359. >You knew he wouldn't force you to do something like this if you didn't want to.
  5360. >That said it IS a punishment, if a light hearted one, and not something you can say you didn't somewhat earn.
  5361. >A good girl would take her licks [spoiler] strokes? [/spoiler] as best she can...
  5362. >You close your eyes as he gently pushes your muzzle down on his length!
  5363. >It's so weird not being in control!
  5364. >You struggle a little when the stallionhood reaches your gag reflex!
  5365. >He gives you just a moment's rest to collect yourself, but before you know it the deepthroat adventure continues!
  5366. >"Damn, your mouth's amazing Twilight! I guess you did say you don't mind eating meat..."
  5367. >This isn't the meat eating you were talking about!
  5368. >You try to give him an angry snort but the expression's lost when you gag!
  5369. "ACK!"
  5370. >Warning! Too much dick!
  5371. >You've sucked him off before, but never managed anything close to the whole length in your mouth at once!
  5372. >Does he... does he plan to change that right here in the car!?
  5373. >"Good girl..."
  5374. >He wraps his other hand around your horn for more leverage!
  5375. >The dominance is hella hot, but you'd be lying if you said you weren't scared at the prospect of the whole thing!
  5376. "Pweaseee!"
  5377. >"Please more? You seemed like you were having a hard time but if you're sure."
  5378. >No no no, not what you meant! Agh!
  5379. >Your eyes water as he pushes past your gag reflex and deep into your throat!
  5380. >Too much!
  5381. >You desperately signal the safe word again and again on his thigh!
  5382. "*Gasp!*"
  5383. >"Too much?"
  5384. >Sweet Celestia you saw the light!
  5385. >You throw yourself over one of his leg and cough.
  5386. "I thought I was gonna die!"
  5387. >"Twilight..."
  5388. "Young mare chokes to death on penis!"
  5389. >"Twilight it was like 3 seconds."
  5390. "3 seconds is forever when you're choking to death Anon!"
  5391. >"Heh, I'll just have to take your word on that one."
  5392. >Mmmm, back and ear scratches, he must be trying to make up for almost murdering you.
  5393. >"That means no more I guess?"
  5394. >You turn your head to look back at the object of your oral destruction.
  5395. >Still hard...
  5396. >Still hard and lewdly covered in fluids...
  5397. >There's also the fact he's asking instead of telling you so that's nice.
  5398. >You scooch back over and poke at the body part in question with your muzzle.
  5399. >If deepthroating it didn't start your engine earlier the smell is doing it now.
  5400. >You suppose...
  5401. "Put your hands back on the wheel and I'll... yeah..."
  5402. >No more driving your muzzle down like it's his own personal toy!
  5403. >He gives you pat and a smile before doing doing just as asked.
  5404. >"There's a good girl!"
  5405. >[spoiler] Aren't a dog... [/spoiler]
  5406. >You push any feelings related to the praise down and nuzzle your soft pony cheek up against the now twitching stallion bit. [spoiler] Stallion, human, whatever. [/spoiler]
  5407. >Look who's the eager one now!
  5408. >He's expecting you to get right back to sucking like it's candy, but maybe a little payback is in order.
  5409. >You grin devilishly as he starts to squirm in his seat.
  5410. >No pretty pony mouth for him yet, oh no, you nuzzle and lick and poke but no suck.
  5411. >"Aww shit, Twilight come on..."
  5412. "Drive."
  5413. >"What?"
  5414. "You said we were getting pizza so drive. What's the matter? Can't focus enough to do a simple human task like driving?"
  5415. >He wants to say something else but puts the car in drive instead.
  5416. >Come on little human, beg!
  5417. "Good boy..."
  5418. >Two can play at the 'good X' game!
  5419. >You briefly wonder how safe road head actually is, but it should be a straight empty road for at least a little while.
  5420. >"I swear to god Twilight, if you don't finish this up before we get into town I'll pull into a drive through with you still working!"
  5421. >W-what?!
  5422. "You can't!"
  5423. >"Like you said, I'm the one driving! I can't make you keep sucking but I can keep you down there and my dick out!"
  5424. >Even if he isn't actively in your mouth they'll know!
  5425. >Damn you Anon!
  5426. >You 'humph' a little, but line up and pass his tip through your lips anyway.
  5427. >What a jerk cutting your teasing short!
  5428. >It's like he doesn't like being toyed with!
  5429. >Without a hand forcing you beyond your depth you have a much easier time eating your meat.
  5430. >[spoiler] Damn him for putting that phrase in your head too! [/spoiler]
  5431. >"God damn that feels amazing! Can you do the little - yes!"
  5432. >At least it's working even if you aren't nose to hilt.
  5433. >You briefly wonder how deep Rarity can go...
  5434. >Did they try oral last night?
  5435. >Probably not.
  5436. >The few minutes you woke up and saw them together she was riding him the traditional way.
  5437. >Well, as traditional as human penis and pony pussy can be you suppose.
  5438. >You're surprised she didn't go for classic pony style, it would no doubt be what she's the most used to.
  5439. >Maybe her old masters had her do it otherwise?
  5440. >You could probably just ask her when - !
  5441. >Already?!
  5442. >You were paying a ton of attention but still didn't expect him twitching and ready to blow so soon!
  5443. >"Twilight I'm gonna...!"
  5444. >Crap crap crap! What do you do?!
  5445. >Normally you'd just take it out, but you can't let that get all over the car!
  5446. >Not only the car but it'd get on you and you're about to be seen in public!
  5447. >Does he have tissues!?
  5448. >A rag?!
  5449. >Anything?!
  5450. >"Twilight!"
  5451. >No no no! Celestia not in your...!
  5452. "MMMPH!"
  5453. >You close your eyes and try not to gag as the salty substance hits the back of your mouth!
  5454. >Having the inside of your muzzle painted isn't what you were envisioning!
  5455. >Fortunately he pulled the car over before driving right off the edge of the road and killing you both.
  5456. >Unfortunately what feels like his biggest load ever now has your cheeks swelling!
  5457. "Mmmmm! Mmmm!"
  5458. >Finally it ends but holy buck what are you supposed to do now?!
  5459. >"Holy crap, that was amazing..."
  5460. >Gentle hands around your head pull you up and off his quickly deflating stallionhood only to find...
  5461. >"Oh."
  5462. >And he has the audacity to laugh!
  5463. >"Well I mean... we don't have a sink or anything out here..."
  5464. >You point to your full cheeks and give him the angry eyes!
  5465. >"What are you giving me that look for? What did you think was gonna happen?"
  5466. >You don't know but he better do something!
  5467. >"I really don't know what you want me to do. You can hop out and try to spit but it'll probably get everywhere still."
  5468. >You shake your head!
  5469. >Not acceptable! You're going out in public!
  5470. >"Look it either comes out or, ya know, goes down."
  5471. >What?!
  5472. >"Oh don't give me that look, Rarity did it! In fact, she said all good mares should!"
  5473. >Yeah well that's because Rarity's a whorse who's used to the salty taste of... oh gods the longer it's in your mouth the worse the taste is getting!
  5474. >"Come on, just swallow it."
  5475. >No!
  5476. >"Swa-" *poke* "-llow" *poke* "it."
  5477. >You're gonna spew this all over his shirt if he pokes your cheeks one more time!
  5478. >"Look, I'll return the favor when we get home with whatever you want. This..."
  5479. >Fingers along your lower lips make a strong argument!
  5480. "Or even this..."
  5481. >A pat to the cutie mark is even better!
  5482. >Ugh, fine!
  5483. >With a burst of resolve you gather you nerves and...
  5484. >Oh god it's so nasty!
  5485. >Why's it so thick!?
  5486. >It takes more than one swallow to banish all of the foul substance to your poor unsuspecting stomach!
  5487. >It's growling for pizza and all it gets is a glob of hot white human... bleh!
  5488. >"See? That wasn't so bad was it?"
  5489. >You shoot him a death glare as you wipe the excess from the corners of your mouth.
  5490. "That was..."
  5491. >Can't even scold him right as you pant to catch your breath...
  5492. "That was the nastiest thing I've ever-"
  5493. >"Alright alright, I'm sorry."
  5494. >H-he's apologizing...? For what?
  5495. "I-it's fine. I just didn't want it going all over the car or my mane and... ugh."
  5496. >To your surprise he picks you up, places you on top of the dashboard, and pushes you back a little!
  5497. >With your hind legs spread his face is level with you...!
  5498. "Anon?!"
  5499. >He chuckles and boops you right on the nose!
  5500. >"Already forget the master thing?"
  5501. >Ok maybe you did, but more importantly he going to eat you out right here?!
  5502. >It's a back road sure, but you're sitting right on the dash!
  5503. >Anyone who drives by will see!
  5504. >"Ya know..."
  5505. >Oh now he wants to talk instead of getting to business?
  5506. >"I was talking with Rarity last night after you fell asleep and we got on the topic of your behavior."
  5507. >Wait what? Your behavior?
  5508. >Can you have this chat when he's not holding your legs apart?
  5509. >[spoiler] Of course you're a mess down there! What mare wouldn't be after THAT?! [/spoiler]
  5510. "I-is this really the time to talk about this?"
  5511. >"Well, maybe not but I think it's important."
  5512. >Instead of diving in to your promised land he closes your legs and pulls you back down into his lap?
  5513. >"Rarity loves the fire out of you, but she feels like you can get away with anything."
  5514. >No you don't!
  5515. >"I don't totally agree, but I get where she's coming from. You got off easy for the whole running away thing, and then repaid that by trying to sneak back onto the computer when I had my back turned. You'd even have got away with it if Rarity didn't catch you."
  5516. >She said she wouldn't tell!
  5517. >"I appreciate you trying to help out with the chores today, that's great initiative, but just now I went easy on you and then you broke an order I gave you not 5 minutes later."
  5518. >Well yeah but it wasn't like a real punishment...
  5519. >You did forget about the 'master only' thing quickly though...
  5520. >"I know our relationship's complicated. Just a few minutes ago I was talking about how you should tell me everything because I'm your 'special somepony', and now I'm talking about your behavior because I'm your master."
  5521. >You had your collar off for the special somepony chat at least.
  5522. >It may only be symbolic but it means something, at least in your head.
  5523. >But wait, you had it on when you were servicing him just now...
  5524. >Does that mean you did all that as his marefriend or as his slave?
  5525. >"I bring all this up because she wants to be put in charge of you."
  5526. "What?!"
  5527. >You turn around in his lap to see how serious he is.
  5528. >"I'm not saying it's happening, I'm just telling you what we talked about."
  5529. "You let her do that once and she-"
  5530. >"Twilight, I know. I spanked her myself for that but we both know she's a very different mare now than she was back then. She's been doing a great job running the house, managing Sweetie Belle, and keeping me informed of everything."
  5531. >Tattling on you he means!
  5532. >Did she tell him right after she promised she wouldn't or did she spill all her secrets last night while he was claiming that white plot for the first time?
  5533. >"I'm telling you all this because I want the three of us to talk about it tonight. The way she sees it I'm biased because I'm not only your master but your lover too. She's your friend but she has plenty of experience managing ponies and isn't afraid to make the hard choices. I didn't like the idea at first but I'm slowly starting to understand her perspective. I can't be both your special somepony and your authority figure at the same time without sending all kinds of mixed messages."
  5534. >Her perspective, more like her interests!
  5535. >You're the herd's alpha but if she's the house's alpha...
  5536. "I don't like it."
  5537. >"I know you don't but will you at least talk about it with us? She loves you, I love you, we all just want each other happy."
  5538. >Happy if Twilight squirms under her hoof that is...
  5539. >Ok, you're being unfair but the prospect still scares you.
  5540. "I guess... I just, I dunno what if it's like last time?"
  5541. >"We'll talk about it more, but I'll promise I'd keep a close eye on everything. If she's out of line I'll be the first to admit it and the first to correct her. You can even watch."
  5542. >Ohhhhhh!
  5543. >Rarity isn't like you, her punishment is still gonna be a blazing red backside until the makeup runs down her face!
  5544. >[spoiler] This might all be worth it just for the opportunity to watch! [/spoiler]
  5545. >You also sorta understand what he's talking about with the 'mixed messages' thing.
  5546. >Taking your collar on and off sorta distinguished between 'master Anon' and 'special somepony Anon' but it's far from ideal.
  5547. >Having somepony else in charge of the 'master' side though?
  5548. >The idea of any sort of new master makes your stomach do backflips.
  5549. >Is it really a new master though?
  5550. >It'd still be Anon's rules just passed down through somepony else who's not also your coltfriend.
  5551. >And it's not like she'd have totally autonomy to do whatever she pleases, she's stills subordinate to him.
  5552. >You remember how harsh she was with her ponies back at her penthouse all that time ago, but she's a different pony now.
  5553. >CEO Rarity would never have spent last night with Anon.
  5554. >CEO Rarity you could never trust but maybe, just maybe, you can trust Anon's Rarity.
  5555. "I'm willing to talk about it but no promises."
  5556. >"That's all I ask."
  5558. >The unexpected conversation was certainly a distraction, but not enough so to make you forget about the fire he'd started under your tail.  
  5559. >He'd promised to deal with you at home but in the end decided on something a little different.
  5560. >Being eaten out half bent over a car seat on the side of the road isn't something you ever thought you'd check off your bucket list, but life on Earth can be unpredictable like that.
  5561. >It's almost embarrassing how quickly and easily he managed the feat with just his tongue, fingers, and a firm hand but you were swimming in so many endorphins at that point you didn't really care.
  5562. >As promised he let you pick the pizzas and before long the two of you were on the way back home.
  5563. >Just, one problem.
  5564. "I told you to get me a drink!"
  5565. >"We've got tons at home. It's like a 5 minute drive."
  5566. "Anon. The taste. In my mouth. Is vile."
  5567. >Human! Sperm!
  5568. >"Oh. Shit, yeah that makes sense. Sorry."
  5569. >Ugh!
  5571. >You gallop to the kitchen the minute you finally get home!
  5572. >Coke! Sprite! Something!
  5573. >You tear open the fridge to find...
  5574. >Nothing.
  5575. >Ok awesome, water it is then!
  5576. >"Are you... alright?"
  5577. >What? Is it weird to have the detachable faucet head spraying directly into your mouth?
  5578. >Ok probably yeah.
  5579. "Out of soft drinks."
  5580. >"Great. Wasn't that on the list?"
  5581. >Was it?
  5582. >YOU went to the store.
  5583. >You don't remember it being on there though, you certainly didn't buy any.
  5584. "I didn't see it on the list so I didn't get any."
  5585. >Water is great but you really want a soft drink to wash the taste away.
  5586. "I guess I can run to the corner store real quick."
  5587. >Mostly for yourself but whatever.
  5588. >"Do you mind? I gotta go talk to Rarity about Sweetie for a bit anyway."
  5589. >Oh yeah, she was about to turn her sister's flank apple red.
  5590. "You're gonna stop her right?"
  5591. >"Yeah. It sounds like a simple enough misunderstanding and Sweetie's heart was in the right place. I'll talk to both though."
  5592. >You nod.
  5593. "I'll run to the store then."
  5594. >"Thanks."
  5596. >You canter all the way to the gas station, but feel no need for the same haste on the way back.
  5597. >He'll need a bit to talk and after a brisk canter plus the activities with Anon you're pretty tired.
  5598. >The weather feels nice too.
  5599. >Light breeze, cool but not cold night, full moon rising and sun setting.
  5600. >It's a nice afternoon just to walk, breathe, and think about everything that's happened lately.
  5601. >"Excuse me? Excuse me miss?"
  5602. >Or at least it would be.
  5603. >Who said that?
  5604. >You look around but it's not til she speaks again that you notice the pony standing at the edge of the woods on the walking trail.
  5605. >"Can you help me? Please? The young master climbed a tree and can't get himself down! With your magic I was hoping you could help me get him down safely."
  5606. >A nanny?
  5607. >You've never seen her around here but you suppose the trail does wind through a number of neighborhoods.
  5608. >A kid stuck in a tree should just take a second and you can't leave either of them in danger.
  5609. "Of course, where's he at?"
  5610. >You pop the drinks you bought into magical storage and follow the pony into the woods.
  5611. >This should just take a minute then home for pizza!
  5613. Rarity Belle
  5614. ~~~~~~~~
  5615. >You huff in frustration and blow a stray hair out of your face.
  5616. >Even your perfect mane suffers under the stress that sister of yours puts you through!
  5617. >She'd best be praising her lucky stars for Master's intervention, else she'd likely be learning the error of her ways at this very moment.
  5618. >You understand where she's coming from, but that attitude!
  5619. >Unacceptable!
  5620. >You've tried to extend patience time and time again, only to have the little brat take it (and you!) completely for granted!
  5621. >Mother wouldn't have dealt with such brattiness and perhaps neither should you!
  5622. >Fortunately for her the matter was taken temporarily out of your hooves.
  5623. >The young mare isn't completely out of the woods, merely a stay of execution while Master gathers both sides of the story, but if it were up to you...
  5624. >You rotate the Diamonds in the Rough 'Pony Attitude Adjuster' in your magic.
  5625. >The idea of hurting your sister is abhorrent but so is the idea of letting her spoil rotten when it's perfectly within your power to prevent it.
  5626. >Besides, it's what mother would have done.
  5627. >And it worked on so many other ponies under your direct care in the past: Azalea, Lilly, even Cherry.
  5628. >Bringing them to heel with more forceful measures prevented them from even thinking about straying again in the future.
  5629. >Not to say such methods were perfect.
  5630. >You were a different mare then.
  5631. >Some of your views were perhaps a bit too harsh. A bit too focused on results rather than methods.
  5632. >Time spent with Twilight and Master has certainly softened you.
  5633. >You're thankful the purple mare doesn't fear you the way your old mares did, and you'd never want Sweetie to feel that way either.
  5634. >That doesn't mean neither can respect you, though.
  5635. >You had run your ideas for Twilight's behavior past Master last night to what you considered partial success.
  5636. >Even high on endorphins from the ride he was giving you you're fairly sure he understood.
  5637. >Another chat or two could easily see you in charge of your friend.
  5638. >For her own good of course.
  5639. >Anon is by far the kindest master the three of you could have chanced upon, but kindness without limit a good master does not make.
  5640. >Twilight can defy him, Twilight can break his rules and sneak behind his back, Twilight can literally run halfway across the universe and be welcomed back with open arms.
  5641. >Oh, he'll try to institute some form of chastisement, but as soon as she bats those eyes and jiggles that plot he's putty in her hooves.
  5642. >It's absolutely adorable and makes your heart melt every time, but ultimately it's unhealthy for a master and slave relationship.
  5643. >So you'll be the master.
  5644. >He's a wonderful lover and protector for the lot of you, he just has a certain weakness for purple pussy you honestly doubt you can cure him of.
  5645. >And would you even want to if you could?
  5646. >To do so would, no doubt, in some way damage their romantic relationship.
  5647. >A lot of things may have changed since the day you were taken from Ponyville but a romantic at heart you shall remain!
  5648. >No, you'll let him continue to be her star-crossed lover and pick up for his weaknesses with your strengths.
  5649. >The task should prove different than you're used to but you're confident you can find ways of dealing with the purple minx.
  5650. >Her relationship to physical discipline may be reversed but that simply means your application of it must be as well.
  5651. >A day or two without having her plot squeezed will have her regretful.
  5652. >The promise of time with her favorite 'attitude adjuster' only to be denied.
  5653. >Watching yourself and master enjoy each other while she abstains?
  5654. >[spoiler] Perhaps too cruel but a spicy idea nonetheless! [/spoiler]
  5655. >Whatever it takes to have her respect the rules, you'll find it and she'll be a better filly for it.
  5656. >*knock knock*
  5657. >Who...?
  5658. "Come in."
  5659. >Speaking of the human...
  5660. >"Hey, got a minute?"
  5661. >He hardly needs to knock in his own house, much less ask if you have time for your own master.
  5662. "Of course. I'm glad you're back."
  5663. >You float the [spoiler] lacy [/spoiler] garments you were absent mindedly toying with away.
  5664. "I take it you've had a moment to gather your thoughts?"
  5665. >On the subject of Sweetie Belle, that is.
  5666. >Frankly you see no reason he wouldn't allow you to deal with your own flesh and blood but it would be rude to assume.
  5667. >"Yeah, Twilight told me what happened."
  5668. "Oh?"
  5669. >The question now is what all does 'what happened' entail?
  5670. >Did she tell him Fluttershy's relationship to the both of you?
  5671. >What about the reason Sweetie was upset?
  5672. >You know Twilight gave him a rough overview of the Luna situation, but you aren't sure how he'd react to even the vague idea of ponies running away from him again.
  5673. "What all did she say if I may be so bold?"
  5674. >"Everything... I think. I can't really imagine what could be crazier than learning my ponies are some kind of super secret special agents in charge of saving horse world. Or that Twilight was buddy buddy with the big princess herself."
  5675. >Oh my, everything indeed.
  5676. >A little warning before revealing your importance would have been nice...
  5677. >You stand a bit taller and flick your tail nervously.
  5678. "Yes, that is... everything. I apologize for not being more forthcoming about our past myself, I-"
  5679. >He waves the apology off.
  5680. >"It's fine. I mean you should have told me, but I get why you didn't. Twilight's been mine for much longer so if anything I'd hold her accountable before you, especially since we've just recently... ya know..."
  5681. >Ha, he trails off so lamely!
  5682. "Come to terms?"
  5683. >Grown close enough for you to trust him in the most intimate ways.
  5684. >"That's a good way to put it."
  5685. >Feeling a bit more confident now, you sashay towards him.
  5686. "It's the polite way."
  5687. >He reaches out to scratch you around the ear when you approach.
  5688. >[spoiler] Even careful not to mess up your mane! What a gentleman! [/spoiler]
  5689. "We're certainly more... aligned after last night, I feel."
  5690. >Twilight isn't the only one with a relationship now!
  5691. >"Glad to hear it. I felt the same way, but I wasn't sure how you'd feel the day after."
  5692. "You were the gentlecolt I expected and more. It was a risk offering you my loyalty as well as myself, but one I don't regret."
  5693. >He kneels down to your level and leans forward.
  5694. >"May I?"
  5695. >You could get used to this treatment!
  5696. "On the cheek."
  5697. >You smile and turn your cheek for the respectful peck!
  5698. >Why couldn't you have ended up with somehuman like him the first time around?
  5699. "Twilight's a lucky mare to have one such as yourself as her first master."
  5700. >He laughs and stand back up.
  5701. >"Eh, things were way different at first."
  5702. "A fair point. She didn't end up addicted to your firm hand on her own!"
  5703. >You give him a playful nudge.
  5704. >"Hey! That wasn't totally my fault!"
  5705. "I'm sure she earned it, but who's the one that flattened her poor posterior until she learned to love it?"
  5706. >"I thought it was the safe option! I didn't want to beat her!"
  5707. "I understand you thought she was a filly?"
  5708. >"No one told me how pony ages work! I hear 14 and I think kid!"
  5709. "Understandable you'd try the kid gloves then, but I hear the moment you found out she was merely a poorly behaved adult you took her to bed for her christening!"
  5710. >Oh my, the blush on that one!
  5711. >"It didn't happen that quickly!"
  5712. "And even after understanding her true age you continued to put her over your knee until her adorable little mind permanently cross wired X with Y!"
  5713. >"That was not!... Ok, I did sorta..."
  5714. >Got him!
  5715. >You shouldn't giggle at your master's expense but it's all in good fun.
  5716. >"You spanked her too!"
  5717. >Ah ha, a counter!
  5718. "Indeed I did, but I didn't know you'd been training her in the ways of the most depraved!"
  5719. >"I wasn't... Well I didn't mean to..."
  5720. "The next time I'm brushing my mane watch where her eyes drift."
  5721. >He throws up his hands in defeat and sits down heavily in a nearby chair.
  5722. >"Ok, I didn't mean to ruin her but at least I'm taking responsibility."
  5723. >Adorable.
  5724. >You trot over, rear up, and give him a chaste kiss on the cheek.
  5725. "You are, and that's all you can do. The mare had tendencies already so you can't be fully blamed, but you truly awoke a monster. The only responsible thing to do now is care for our little beast one kiss and swat at a time."
  5726. >He rubs one of your hooves and laughs to himself.
  5727. >"You know, she'd yell at us if she heard us talking about her like this."
  5728. "Oh of course, but maybe deep down she'd know it was for the best."
  5729. >He laughs a bit more.
  5730. >"Maybe so."
  5731. >The human rubs your hoof a moment more, lost in thought.
  5732. >"I told her we'd talk about it later, but I think you're right about being in charge."
  5733. >Easier than you thought!
  5734. "Did something happen?"
  5735. >He waves a hand in the air to dispel your concerns.
  5736. >"Nothing serious. I gave her a little order and it lasted all of two minutes."
  5737. "She does love you, she just..."
  5738. >"It's not her, it's me. You were right about me playing too many roles at once. I can't be her boyfriend and master at the same time and expect her to respond perfectly to both sides. I spent half the car ride just now telling her she can tell me anything, then the second half talking about her behavior."
  5739. >You shake your head.
  5740. "Mixed messages."
  5741. >"Yeah, I see that now."
  5742. "Good. I'm in no position to tell you what to do so you understanding the issue is the most important step."
  5743. >A slave instructing her master on how to handle slaves, ironic.
  5744. >"So what do we do?"
  5745. >You slip out of his grasp so you can sit and press a hoof to your chest.
  5746. "Tell Twilight I'm to run the household. I won't be loading her down with additional work, but I will be keeping a close eye on her behavior and applying corrective measures."
  5747. >"Corrective measures such as?"
  5748. >Still keeping an eye out for her, good.
  5749. "Harsher physical punishments could still get through to her, I know she'd fear the cane, but I don't think that would be right for her."
  5750. >He nods along with your assessment.
  5751. "Instead I'd say we try utilizing a lack of physical interaction as well as stricter restrictions placed on her recreational activities."
  5752. >"Go on..."
  5753. "A week without her computer, without compromises, would drive her mad. A day or two banished from our bed would drive the point home even worse if need be."
  5754. >"I can see the computer thing but you really think being sent to the couch would work?"
  5755. >You smile.
  5756. "She positively craves your affection and more importantly she's used to a very steady supply of it. She'd resort to toys within a couple days and find them unsatisfactory compared what she's- *ahem* -used too. True contrition would set in in no time and only stop growing when she was properly satisfied."
  5757. >My, it's a bit warm in here.
  5758. >He shifts in his seat just as you shift in yours.
  5759. "Such a method would not be the first resort though, as you would be affected as much as her. We both know you've a sweet spot for the cutie."
  5760. >Who doesn't?
  5761. "But now that the two of us are more 'friendly' it's possible I could ensure you don't suffer the same drought as she."
  5762. >That gets a raised eyebrow from him!
  5763. "If you'd be interested, of course."
  5764. >"I uhh... Yeah, I guess I could see how that'd work."
  5765. >Yes, squirm in your seat you gentlecolt you!
  5766. "As I said though, a last resort. I suspect firm groundings and timeouts would annoy her well enough to get the job done."
  5767. >"Either way it's worth trying. I want what's best for her and I know you do too. If that means giving up one of my hats I'm fine with that."
  5768. >Not many humans would be willing to give up power.
  5769. >"I guess I'll just pass any concerns I have to you and let you deal with it?"
  5770. "Yes sir."
  5771. >"We can give it a trial. Maybe a month or two? I still want to talk to Twi first but so far I'm on board."
  5772. >Success!
  5773. >"My only other question is what about you?"
  5774. >Huh?
  5775. "Me?"
  5776. >"Well yeah, the concern is me playing master and lover for Twilight, but me and you..."
  5777. >Ah.
  5778. >You and him are entering your own relationship and he doesn't want you befalling the same trouble.
  5779. "I understand. We're entering our own relationship and 'who watches the watchers' so to speak?"
  5780. >"Not to imply you need-"
  5781. >You hold a hoof up to stop him.
  5782. "Stop, please. I've had my derriere set ablaze by you before and it was completely justified."
  5783. >Normally you'd pride yourself on being level headed but you look away for this part of the chat!
  5784. "I'm not Twilight but I'm also not perfect. I expect, nay I demand, fair and just treatment including chastisement when required."
  5785. >A slave demanding her masters hand! The scandal!
  5786. "We're growing closer, that I don't deny, but I don't command the power over you that Twilight does. I trust you to be level headed should I make mistakes and require correction and I won't hold it against you if you do."
  5787. >To say he looks uncomfortable would be an understatement.
  5788. >"I think I get what you're saying but I can't shake the feeling I'm fixing one problem by creating the same one somewhere else."
  5789. >Admirable and respectable.
  5790. >You stand, approach him, and slide your head into his lap.
  5791. "There's no need to pretend our relationship holds a candle to the bond you share with Twilight. I'm not complaining when I say this, but I'm confident you'd call me out on misbehavior far before you'd call our Twilight on the same. See when I first arrived as an example. You were kind yet the moment I overstepped my bounds you-"
  5792. >You told yourself you wouldn't blush but even keeping things to business terms is bringing up vivid memories!
  5793. "-you didn't hesitate to fetch the brush and correct my miscalculation immediately."
  5794. >"Maybe I was a bit unfai-"
  5795. "No!"
  5796. >Even with your head in his lap and his hands scratching both sides of your neck you refuse to make eye contact for this.
  5797. "I overstepped when I disciplined Twilight without your permission and you did the right thing. I was displeased at the time but that just meant the lesson was still sinking in. That's the kind of decisiveness a master needs and you showed me that you're capable of that when it comes to me."
  5798. >Ha, what a lucky mare you are!
  5799. "On the other hoof you've shown that you're not capable of that with Twilight or Sweetie Belle, hence this whole arrangement."
  5800. >"Sweetie hasn't been that bad."
  5801. "Not to you, but she needs to respect her fellow slaves if she's going to work with them long term. I understand you're hesitant to deal with her because she's both young and my sister so I ask that you officially put her under my charge as well."
  5802. >"Will you discipline her like...?"
  5803. "As our mother did and as you have with me. It will not be the first time I've dealt with her in such a manner and I'm sure she'll respond well to it."
  5804. >"Hmmm, I'm generally with you, but I'd like to talk to her and give her one last chance."
  5805. >Can't win them all you suppose, but this is far from the worst outcome.
  5806. >Either his talking to her works and you've no need to put your hoof down, or you'll be allowed to do what needs be done.
  5807. "Agreed."
  5808. >You sit back and lock eyes with him again.
  5809. "So in conclusion..."
  5810. >"I'll bring any behavioral problems with those two to you and let you deal with it."
  5811. "Correct."
  5812. >"But if I think you're going too far or do anything out of line I'm above you and I'll deal with you myself."
  5813. "Yes sir, that's correct."
  5814. >Are these butterflies in your stomach how Twilight feels all the time?
  5815. >He sighs and scratches the back of his head awkwardly.
  5816. >"This is gonna sound weird but do you have any like... preference? Ya know, for how I get onto you?"
  5817. >Weird might be an understatement.
  5818. >Who asks their slave how she wants her lessons?
  5819. "I'm not sure it's my place to tell you how to..."
  5820. >"Yeah yeah, I get that but I also don't want to make my Twilight mistakes all over again."
  5821. >Oh.
  5822. >Ohhhhh!
  5823. >You giggle and cover your snout with a hoof!
  5824. >He's afraid he'll turn you into a mewling and begging 'Twilight 2.0: Bigger bottom edition'!"
  5825. "However you see fit sir. Twilight always had a proclivity for submission and a nice sore flank in particular. You surely made her what she is today but only by exacerbating what was already there."
  5826. >Oh she'd kill you if she heard you right now!
  5827. "I had a strict mother and know a few stallions that liked to smack a well-padded mount, but it was no more a turn on to me than the average mare. I promise I won't get addicted and even have the extra padding to be more resistant to it than Twilight herself."
  5828. >Perhaps you shouldn't have mentioned that last part...
  5829. "That said I'd greatly prefer to keep my derriere a lovely white, but that should be based on my behavior and your decisions, not a fear of breaking me."
  5830. >It's heartwarming that he's worried about that though.
  5831. >"Damn this is just weird. I hate talking about this like it's no big deal..."
  5832. >You laugh.
  5833. "It's not a fun conversation for me either, but a necessary one. I want this household to succeed and sometimes things like this are needed for that to happen."
  5834. >"You're probably right but it still feels weird."
  5835. >He cups your face with one hand and rubs your smooth pony cheek with a thumb.
  5836. >"We're just trying to make this three way relationship thing work and we're already talking about crazy power dynamics. I can't help but feel like this is going to effect me and you no matter how hard we try otherwise."
  5837. >He's probably right.
  5838. "Then maybe we shouldn't."
  5839. >"Shouldn't what? Try being together? Wait let's-"
  5840. "No no, I mean maybe we shouldn't deny that this will affect us, but maybe that's also not the end of the world. Last night was merely our first night, but I think we both know you'll never have the same feelings for me as the ones you have for Twilight."
  5841. >"Rarity-"
  5842. >You cut him off with a hoof again.
  5843. "Please, let me finish. I'm not offended by that but even while you were inside of me you were looking to her, holding her hoof, talking about her. Herds aren't always perfectly equal and that's fine. You don't have to treat me exactly like Twilight or feel the exact same way about us, you just have to be fair, attentive, and loving to us both in our own unique way."
  5844. >"But how is it fair to you if I treat you one way and her another?"
  5845. "Because we're very different ponies. Twilight NEEDS you to be gentle with her. She needs you on her side and caring for her."
  5846. >"And you don't?"
  5847. "Oh you'll find I require PLENTY of attention-"
  5848. >[spoiler] Wait until he sees date night! [/spoiler]
  5849. "-But I'm also capable of being dealt with in a more professional capacity and not taking it personally."
  5850. >"Professional capacity?"
  5851. "Think of me as... your personal pony manager. Somepony you hire to keep your stock in line and running as smoothly as possible. You'd have professional expectations of me but also understandable consequences should I fail."
  5852. >Consequences you don't plan on learning about often!
  5853. "It wouldn't be the first time I've had a 'with benefits' relationship with a customer where we both maintained professional expectations and shared feelings."
  5854. >You give him a smile and a wink that makes him chuckle.
  5855. >"This is getting way too complicated you know."
  5856. >You giggle.
  5857. >He's not wrong and if you're being honest you aren't sure if the mental gymnastics are more for his benefit or yours.
  5858. "Give me control of your ponies so you can enjoy them. If things aren't working out and you don't think I'm doing my job pass the discipline to me and I'll fix the problem no matter which of us it is."
  5859. >He grasps you by the chin and pulls you closer.
  5860. >"And since you're a contractor I'll have to ask you permission before doing anything unusual."
  5861. >You purr and swish your tail contently.
  5862. >He learns quickly.
  5863. "That's correct sir."
  5864. >He learns down til you lips are mere millimeters apart.
  5865. >"Permission?"
  5866. "On the lips."
  5867. >Mmmm, less chaste this time! There's a bit of tongue in there!
  5868. >Your tail strains by the time he breaks the kiss!
  5869. >You won't beg though, that wouldn't be professional!
  5870. >With practised grace you slip out of his grasp and saunter your way over to the nearest worktable.
  5871. "Anything... 'else' I can help you with sir...?"
  5872. >You won't beg but a pony learning over the table with her tail as high as the Equestrian flag can only mean one thing!
  5873. >He walks up behind you!
  5874. >Takes your tail in one hand!
  5875. >And whispers in your ear!
  5876. >"Twilight drained me dry on the way back from the pizza place."
  5877. >Your face falls falt onto the table.
  5878. >Really?
  5879. >You should be mad but you can't help but laugh.
  5880. "Seriously?"
  5881. >He sheepishly nods.
  5882. "Even after last night?"
  5883. >This time he shrugs as he nods.
  5884. >"To be fair you can't really talk."
  5885. >Well, you are tail up again after being taken by him for the first time last night.
  5886. "Well, yes, but we just came to an understanding! We had a moment!"
  5887. >He laughs and leans closer.
  5888. >"Permission?"
  5889. "Yes yes, cheek."
  5890. >It's an apology kiss but the thought still counts.
  5891. >"I'd really love to I just..."
  5892. "No, it's quite alright I can't expect the unreasonable out of you."
  5893. >"I never thought I'd say this but you girls really need to give me a break."
  5894. >What a problem to have.
  5895. "Oh, you poor little overworked thing. Are all these mares in your life too demanding for you?"
  5896. >He opts to let the teasing slide.
  5897. >"Maybe later tonight?"
  5898. >You'll grow quite impatient but what else can you do?
  5899. "You're quite the tease, making a lady wait..."
  5900. >At least he's willing to reschedule.
  5901. "I'll be here the rest of the night working on outfits for a certain pony manager. Should a certain customer show up I'm sure we can come to some kind of terms."
  5902. >[spoiler] You're sure he'll ask permission. [/spoiler]
  5904. Sweetie Belle
  5905. ~~~~~~~~~
  5906. >Stupid Rarity, stupid Twilight, even stupid Fluttershy!
  5907. >You grew up admiring your sister and her friends, but here they are talking about running away from master!
  5908. >Rarity denied it, but of course she would.
  5909. >She doesn't want you finding out, telling master, and getting her defiant flank knocked down a peg or two in the pecking order!
  5910. >You can't believe you trusted her!
  5911. >She said she had a plan to get closer to master and you thought she knew what she was talking about!
  5912. >So much for that!
  5913. >You kick the side of your bed in anger!
  5914. >She's got no idea what she's doing if she thinks any good can come from rebelling!
  5915. >You tried rebelling once.
  5916. >When your old master tried to do things you didn't like you fought back and they almost put you down for it!
  5917. >It took begging, pleading, favors, and nothing short of a miracle for them to sent you to Gentlehoof instead of getting declared 'unfit for servitude'.
  5918. >The training was tough but tough's better than dead!
  5919. >You learned and learned and learned until you liked it!
  5920. >Maybe that's what Rarity and Twilight need...
  5921. >Twilight spent time in Gentlehoof just like you but she must have been one of the lucky ones.
  5922. >You asked around and no one saw her spend much time near that damned husbandry wing.
  5923. >There's all kinds of training courses and classes but the toughest and most defiant were sent there to be broken.
  5924. >Nopony lasted more than a few days in there without giving in, nopony.
  5925. >You begged them not to but because of the nature of your defiance they'd...
  5926. >Ugh, you try to shake the memories away!
  5927. >It turned out alright though! Everything was ok in the end!
  5928. >You may have hated it at first but they taught you how to love it before your retraining was over!
  5929. >When you first heard Twilight in bed with Anon you thought maybe you were wrong, maybe they did teach her the same hard lessons as you.
  5930. >No.
  5931. >Rarity went to bed with master too but neither she nor Twilight understand the importance of obedience!
  5932. >They obviously slept with him but they probably just wanted some fat human cock to have fun with while they laughed at him behind his back!
  5933. >While they planned to leave!
  5934. >*knock knock*
  5935. "Come in!"
  5936. >"Hey Sweetie-"
  5937. >It's him!
  5938. >"I just wanted to talk to you about-"
  5939. >With one leap you turn around, snap your hooves together, stand as straight as you can, and flick your tail up high just like you were trained.
  5940. "Master! I'm so glad you're here! You need to hear this! Rarity and Twilight-"
  5941. >The silence hand! You shut your filly yapper the instant you see it!
  5942. >"I know all about it. It's nothing to worry about."
  5943. >He knows all about it?
  5944. >Hah, he probably knows their carefully curated lies!
  5945. "Please sir, they were talking about running away! An old friend of theirs came by and-"
  5946. >The silence hand went down so you thought it was ok to talk but now you've got the finger of silence over your lips!
  5947. >Shut up shut up shut up Sweetie Belle!
  5948. >"Fluttershy, yeah I know. I also know about the Elements, the resistance, Luna, everything."
  5949. >...
  5950. >Amazing!
  5951. >Of course they wouldn't be able to hide the truth from an all knowing master!
  5952. >Masters really do know everything just like they told you!
  5953. "That's wonderful master! How'd you know?! I hope you punished them severely after you discovered the truth! You're so amazing! Any good slave would have told you the truth immed-"
  5954. >"Twilight told me all that actually."
  5955. >...
  5956. >What?
  5957. "After you confronted her or...?"
  5958. >"Sweetie..."
  5959. >He squats down and sits on the floor right at your level!
  5960. >Masters are supposed to sit in a chair not on the ground!
  5961. >"What do you think of Twilight?"
  5962. >Twilight?
  5963. >You think she's waaaay too casual with master and could use some serious attitude adjustment.
  5964. >She's master's favorite though and you know it.
  5965. >If you just call her a bad slave he might take offense since she somehow has him wrapped around her hoof.
  5966. "I ummm... I like Twilight. Me and my friends always looked up to her when we were growing up, she just..."
  5967. >"I want to hear what you really think. No wrong answers."
  5968. >No wrong answers?
  5969. >That's great to hear but hard to believe.
  5970. >Masters always want to hear something, it's a slave's job to figure out what.
  5971. >He seems genuine though? Maybe you can try just a little truth.
  5972. "I don't think she respects you like she should. It's good for a pony and their master to get along but she seems to just do whatever she wants. I thought my sister would say something since she seems to understand a pony's role but..."
  5973. >But Twilight does as Twilight pleases, almost like she wasn't a slave at all!
  5974. >"So you'd like to see her disciplined? A while back you said she should be whipped and just now you mentioned both her and your sister being severely punished."
  5975. "I wouldn't like it b-but it's just how things work!"
  5976. >Why is he asking you this?!
  5977. >He's a master! He knows what bad ponies are supposed to get!
  5978. >"Sweetie we've been trying to tell you this, things just aren't like that here. I'm sure Gentlehoof said a lot of scary things but no one's getting whipped in this house. We do have rules, and we have some consequences, but what we also have is trust. The other girls know I'm not going to beat them for being themselves. I'm not going to force them to do anything they don't want to, nor expect them to do anything they're uncomfortable with just to please me. In return I know they're not going to run away and-"
  5979. "But Twilight did!"
  5980. >Ahhh! You can't hold your tongue anymore!
  5981. "I saw the mark on her ear! I don't know how she got out of Gentlehoof with that attitude but she ran away and got branded for it like any other troublemaker! You're a trusting master and super super nice, but a pony like that will just take advantage of you! I just... I don't want you..."
  5982. >He smiles and takes one of your hooves in his hand.
  5983. >"That's really sweet Sweetie but I promise I'm not quite as clueless as I may seem sometimes."
  5984. >!!!
  5985. "I-I don't think that!"
  5986. >Backpedal!
  5987. >You didn't mean to question his competence!
  5988. "You're an amazing master b-but..."
  5989. >But some ponies aren't amazing slaves!
  5990. >Then again, a good master should be able to MAKE a pony a good slave, right?
  5991. >"Hey it's alright, you're not even wrong. Me and Twilight did have a misunderstanding and yeah, she did run off. As you can see she came back, but it was a pretty big deal for everyone involved. Was she disciplined for it? Sorta. I don't whip or beat ponies but she'd already suffered greatly as a result of her own actions and she got some consequences when she got back."
  5992. >She still ran away!
  5993. >That's like one of the worst things a pony can even think of!
  5994. >"But what matters is she was sorry, she knew what she did was wrong, and she's learned from her mistakes. Twilight told me all about Luna, and the Elements, and even Fluttershy tonight because she trusts me. I didn't have to squeeze the info out of her, I just asked."
  5995. "You shouldn't have even had to ask. She should have volunteered the information as soon as possible because you're her master. She belongs to you, everything she knows belongs to you."
  5996. >He takes your other hoof in his other hand and holds them both in his.
  5997. >"You're a good girl Sweetie and I don't disagree that she should have told me."
  5998. >Happy!
  5999. >"But I don't want her to tell me just because I'm her master. I'd rather she share things with me because she trusts me and wants to tell me, rather than feeling compelled to do it."
  6000. >...
  6001. >Does not compute.
  6002. "I-I don't understand. What's the difference?"
  6003. >"Let's try this. Do you think ponies and humans can be friends?"
  6004. >Friends?
  6005. >With a master?
  6006. >Is this a trick question...?
  6007. >"There's no wrong answers here Sweetie."
  6008. "I... I think it's a different kind of relationship."
  6009. >"For most ponies and their masters you're probably right. Me and Twilight though? We're friends."
  6010. >That doesn't make any sense at all!
  6011. >"When I first bought her I thought I was just getting a cute purple robot to cook and clean for me. Over the years, though? We became friends. When she broke down one day and told me how unhappy she was it broke my heart. I looked into freeing her but with the way the laws are the best I could do was offer to let her choose a new master if she wanted."
  6012. >Looked into freeing her?!
  6013. >"I know this probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense to you, especially with everything they taught you at Gentlehoof."
  6014. "But you're still her master right? You looked into freeing her but you still expect her to respect you since you couldn't?"
  6015. >"Sorta?"
  6016. >This is confusing!
  6017. >"I'm still her master but I want her to be honest with her feelings rather than faking respect or anything like that."
  6018. "So she just gets a free pass to do whatever she wants?"
  6019. >Because she's the favorite.
  6020. >"Well, that's the 'sorta' part. I expect her to pull her own weight. She has food on the table and a roof over her head and those things aren't free."
  6021. >You guess she went to the store today but that's hardly working.
  6022. >"I want her to be real about her feelings but yeah I expect a certain degree of respect. Not 'bowing to anything I say' kind of respect, but a basic fair level that she should give everyone."
  6023. >That's not enough...
  6024. >"But what's most important is I expect her to try to respect and get along with everyone in the house, not just me."
  6025. >Wait what's he trying to say?
  6026. >"I understand why you take issue with some of the things Twilight or your sister do, but I really want you to make an effort to get along with them."
  6027. >Wait this is about you now!?
  6028. >What did you do wrong?!
  6029. >You were just doing what you were supposed to!
  6030. "B-but I was just-!"
  6031. >"You were looking out for me. I get that and that's great, but Twilight and Rarity aren't the enemy here."
  6032. >Not fair!
  6033. >You shouldn't be in trouble for doing the right thing!
  6034. "But they were..."
  6035. >"You thought they were trying to run away but what did your sister say?"
  6036. >That they weren't.
  6037. "Well she wasn't gonna admit it..."
  6038. >"If anypony in this house is going to do things by the book it's your sister. She's been doing a great job managing the household for months now, and me and her were just talking about officially making her second in command."
  6039. "You what?!"
  6040. >He laughs and puts a hand on your shoulder to calm you.
  6041. >"It's just something we're trying out for a bit. We both know I can be a bit soft at times and I trust Rarity's judgement. If she messes up she still answers to me though so I'm still the ultimate authority."
  6042. >So you can still run to him if she's being unfair?
  6043. >This isn't your first time having a headmare but it's the first time the headmare was your sister.
  6044. "I-If that's your decision..."
  6045. >You try to look away but he catches you chin and raises your eyes to meet his.
  6046. >"Sweetie it's your sister, she loves you. She just about lost her mind the moment she found out what happened to you and she's only ever wanted to protect you."
  6047. >You sigh.
  6048. "I know, I just..."
  6049. >Why have you been butting heads with her so much?
  6050. >Do you see any other pony as a threat?
  6051. >You've had to deal with a couple crappy households of backstabbing mares but that doesn't mean this one has to be the same.
  6052. "I'm sorry. I guess I've just had so many bad experiences with trusting others lately... The headmare at one of my first homes decided she hated me and spent almost all her time trying to frame me. I can't tell you how may unearned beatings I got because of that."
  6053. >He pulls you closer.
  6054. "Another mare befriended me just so she could use me as a scapegoat when she got caught stealing!"
  6055. >He wraps his arms around you.
  6056. "A-all this after I ended up here in the first place for trusting Dash and being lead right into a..."
  6057. >You shouldn't tear up in front of your master!
  6058. >The problems of a slave aren't his!
  6059. >He didn't buy you to hear your petty emotional problems so why are you burdening him with them?!
  6060. >"Shhhhh, It's alright. Rarity would never do anything to hurt you."
  6061. >You know that but when you looked at her you couldn't look past another mare in a position of power over you.
  6062. >"Do you know why Twilight went to Gentlehoof?"
  6063. >What?
  6064. >You pull away from the hug to rub the tears out of your eyes.
  6065. "I... I don't know? Because she kept talking back or something...?"
  6066. >That doesn't make sense though.
  6067. >He just said he wanted her to feel free to talk, so why would he send her?
  6068. >If she'd been sent there for something like that she wouldn't have been sent home like she is now either.
  6069. >Bedmare training?
  6070. >She seems to be good at that now but no one saw her in the husbandry wing much.
  6071. >"Sweetie, she went there for you."
  6072. >...What?
  6073. >"She knew how hopeless it feels in a place like that and she wanted to go just for the chance to talk to you. To tell you there was hope and that we'd be there for you."
  6074. >You just said you wouldn't cry more!
  6075. "B-but... then how?"
  6076. >"We made up some story about attitude to get her admitted then pulled her out as soon as she'd talked to you."
  6077. >[spoiler] She maybe could have used a little more time in there. [/spoiler]
  6078. >[spoiler] Oksy, that's a bitchy thing to say considering what he just told you. [/spoiler]
  6079. "That's a lot of risk just to pass a message..."
  6080. >"Believe me, I tried to talk her out of it. She insisted you'd need the hope."
  6081. "She was right..."
  6082. >Some of the things they did to you in there were horrifying.
  6083. >If you hadn't known you had a safe place to go if you just survived...
  6084. "I'll talk to her. And Rarity."
  6085. >"Great."
  6086. "And I'll listen to Rarity if she's headmare."
  6087. >"Excellent. We'll just see how all that goes."
  6088. >Better than your last time, you hope.
  6090. Twilight Sparkle
  6091. ~~~~~~~~~~
  6092. >This is a lot deeper in the woods than you were expecting...
  6093. "So, umm, you said he got stuck in a tree?"
  6094. >The mare looks over her shoulder as she canters deeper and deeper into the woods.
  6095. >"Yes! I told him to be careful but he just kept going higher and higher! Ohhh, I hope he's okay! He just has to be okay!"
  6096. >Keeping pace with her got a lot more tricky when she turned off the main trail to a lesser used side route.
  6097. "No offense but what were you guys doing so far back here?"
  6098. >"The younger master loves to explore! I try to keep him safe but..."
  6099. >You don't notice that she's stopped and almost run smack into dark blue mare butt!
  6100. >"There! That's the tree right there! Young master! Young master are you alright?!"
  6101. >She runs from side to side trying to find the kid in the top of the tree.
  6102. >Maybe the kid fell?
  6103. >He's certainly not answering.
  6104. >You may be wearing your horn ring but after your conversation with Anon in the car he never actually turned the magic suppression back on.
  6105. >Without anything hindering you one of those life detect spells Luna taught you is easy.
  6106. >Nothing?
  6107. >You swap to thermal only to find a few squirrels.
  6108. >Buck.
  6109. >You've been trying to ignore the hairs on the back of your neck standing up ever since she turned onto this tiny back trail.
  6110. >Why would a pony have a young human this far out in the woods, so close to sundown?
  6111. >Why not just climb the tree herself?
  6112. >She's an earth pony, it wouldn't be the easiest thing, but it's be better than leaving a young child alone in the woods.
  6113. >And most importantly...
  6114. >Why'd she stop calling for him...?
  6116. >You deflect the incoming spell at the very last second!
  6117. "Oh, come on!"
  6118. >Two more spells slice through empty air as you jump to the side!
  6119. "Who sent you!?"
  6120. >"That not important! Just-"
  6121. >A faster bolt hits it's mark but shatters harmlessly against your now fully formed shield.
  6122. >"Make this easy on everyone! I'm not here to hurt you, but you need to come with me!"
  6123. "Like hell! I'm not going anywhere!"
  6124. >You grab some vines from behind her with your telekinesis and...
  6125. >For a unicorn she's fast!
  6126. >No doubt she needed that physical strength to pose as an earth pony, but you really didn't expect her to move like that!
  6127. >Ex guard?
  6128. "I said who sent you!?"
  6129. >"And I said! That's not! Important!"
  6130. >The incoming spells hit much harder, but with your barrior properly reinforced and your horn unfettered it's nothing you can't hold back.
  6131. >With missiles clearly not working your attacker decides to try a more close range approach: Mana lance vs barrier!
  6132. >The brilliant shower of magical sparks threatens to ignite the ground where the two forces meet!
  6133. >Ex guard for sure; She's strong!
  6134. >Your hooves slide a bit in the grass but with your horn shining strong and free, fending off the attack is far from beyond you!
  6135. >Not that you couldn't have shattered your ring in an emergency, but thanks for leaving it off, Anon!
  6136. >"Why are you fighting us on this?! All you need to do is cooperate with the princess!"
  6137. "And all she has to do is talk to me! I don't see why that's so hard unless she has something to hide!"
  6138. >That pisses her off!
  6139. >Gritting her teeth the mare redoubles her efforts and pours her all into the stream of magic!
  6140. >"How dare you!? How dare you question her after all she's done!"
  6141. "How dare I!? How dare you!? Is this how Luna deals with everyone who disagrees with her? She sends hit squads!?"
  6142. >"What? No, of course-"
  6143. >You take the momentary distraction to parry and return fire with a few shots of your own!
  6144. >Luna might not have taught you much in the way of offense, but you can figure out basic ballistic spells easily enough.
  6145. >Unfortunately they might have been too basic. Without any course correction build in she cooly sidesteps the projectiles without too much trouble.
  6146. >"Look, I don't have time to explain things. Even if you don't trust her at least come hear us out."
  6147. "You think I'd go anywhere with you after this?!"
  6148. >What is she, some kind of idiot?
  6149. >Said potential idiot stomps a rear hoof and point a fore hoof.
  6150. >"You didn't give us any choice! You can have your doubts but we! Do! Not! Have! Time!"
  6151. >Blocking her spells from the front again is easy enough. What you don't expect is another two from behind!
  6152. >Dropping to the ground at the last second prevents a direct hit, but even a graze makes your left hind leg instantly go numb!
  6153. >Shit!
  6154. "Trust you long enough for somepony else to sneak around huh?"
  6155. >A quick teleport relocates you to the far side of the clearing where you can keep an eye on the now three unicorns at once.
  6156. >You try to stand but damn if that leg doesn't want to cooperate!
  6157. >The lead mare sighs but doesn't break eye contact.
  6158. >"I told you. We're not here to hurt you, but you have to come with us. Please."
  6159. >They're all getting closer and you don't like it one bit.
  6160. "And if I don't?"
  6161. >You raise your shield in response to her charging horn.
  6162. >"You're outnumbered, surrounded, and disabled. I don't know a nicer way to put this, but you really don't have a choice. Just say you'll cooperate and we'll help you walk."
  6163. >Buck that.
  6164. >You push the barrier out far enough to stop their advance.
  6165. "Luna knows how to contact me directly. If she's serious about wanting my cooperation she needs to show me a little herself, this isn't a one way street."
  6166. >"Ever since you showed up she's been good to you. She saved you from Rainbow Dash, she personally trained you, she even let you come on a retrieval mission just because you wanted to, and what did you do? Disobey orders, got yourself captured, worried both princesses to death, and now you won't even do the one tiny thing she wants you to!"
  6167. "This is not a tiny thing! Nothing about her request is tiny! I'm not even mad at Luna. I don't want to fight at all, I just want some answers!"
  6168. >She scoffs and advances to the very edge of your barrier.
  6169. >"You think the rest of us don't want answers too? You think you're the only one that wants to be read in? If we don't compartmentalize then everything falls apart the moment a single pony's captured. How long did you last before you told them about the empire? Huh?"
  6170. >...
  6171. >Ok not long, but that's not the point.
  6172. "No one's going to be interrogating me. I live with Anon, I'm safe there."
  6173. >Her expression hardens and her horn re-ignites.
  6174. >"You think living with a human is safe?! A human that keeps a collar wrapped around your neck?! It really is like the report says isn't it? You actually choose him over us! Over your own kind!"
  6175. "I'm not choosing anyone, I'm just saying-"
  6176. >"That you trust him to keep you safe? That you trust a human more than you trust your princess? Do you even listen to yourself? A lot of ponies break and cling to their abusers but that doesn't excuse it! We aren't the ones with loyalty issues here. You are!"
  6177. >Sparks fly as all three attackers touches their horns directly to your shield!
  6178. "I want to trust her but she won't give me a single reason to! If it's a security issue then she can at least tell me that!"
  6179. >"A princess of Equestria doesn't have to justify herself to you! Who do you think you are!?"
  6180. >Agh, you've had just about enough of this mare, but what are you gonna do?
  6181. >One on one you had a fighting chance, but with three skilled unicorns coming after you at once...
  6182. >No way you're going to get hauled off against your will again.
  6183. >No way you're going to let anypony separate you from Anon another time.
  6184. >You grit your teeth and dig your working hooves into the ground.
  6185. >You're tired of being pushed around!
  6186. >You're tired of being told what to do!
  6187. >You're tired of being painted as the bad guy!
  6188. >You're tired of running!
  6189. "Who do I think I am?"
  6190. >Your leg may not be in perfect condition, but your horn is!
  6191. >With a deafening crack you rip open your dimensional pocket and float all six relics to your side!
  6192. >Honesty!
  6193. >Laughter!
  6194. >Loyalty!
  6195. >Generosity!
  6196. >Kindness!
  6197. >And Magic!
  6198. "Do you even know what it is Luna wants!? If she's so compartmentalized do you even know why she's harassing me?!"
  6199. >Her eyes flicker from you to the horrible hole you just rent into reality.
  6200. >[spoiler] Normally you'd never risk such a huge rift, but there's no time to do things correctly right now. [/spoiler]
  6201. >[spoiler] It's probably not a problem... probably. [/spoiler]
  6202. >"What I know isn't your concern. All you need to worry about is closing that and calming down."
  6203. >You'd say she's overconfident but, in her defense, all she can see is more and more cracks forming in your shield the more longer she and her friends push.
  6204. >She probably thinks she has you on the ropes as your defenses slowly but surely crumble.
  6205. >Too bad you don't need defenses anymore.
  6206. >While almost everypony's heard of the Elements of Harmony, few have actually seen them.
  6207. >She can't really be blamed for not recognizing the greatest mana batteries this side of the portals.
  6208. >But she can be punished for it.
  6209. >All three unicorns rush you the instant your shield falls, but they'll come to regret that!
  6210. >Things are different this time! No drugs, no tasers, no exhaustion, no anti-magic devices, just you at your best!
  6211. "I'm Twilight Sparkle! Student of the Celestia! Defender of the realm! Wielder of the Element of Magic! And I am NOT going with you!"
  6212. >Without your friends the can't use the orbital friendship cannon, but the Elements can still serve as unbelievable founts of mana!
  6213. >Who needs a leg if you can channel enough raw power to float?
  6214. >Who needs a shield when the best defense is a good offense?
  6215. >A beam of purple magic two ponies tall explodes from your horn and forces your attackers to dive to the side!
  6216. >Sure it wouldn't have actually hit them but holy shit anypony would have run from that!
  6217. >"But your horn!?"
  6218. "What? This?"
  6219. >You float the ring off your smoking horn [spoiler] If you melt another one Anon might take the price out of your allowance! [/spoiler] and spin it in your magic.
  6220. "The ring's for show. That Anon fellow I was saying I trusted? Just so happens he trusts me too."
  6221. >Is that disbelief? Finally some kind of reaction from the otherwise stonewall of a mare!
  6222. >Still she's doesn't let her determination falter.
  6223. >Gotta respect that but this ends here!
  6224. >With your thaumaturgical field now covering the clearing like a heavy blanket it's foalsplay to manipulate the aura's density to the point only the most skilled ponies could still cast!
  6225. >It's a technique usually reserved for Alicorns but you're packing alicorn-sized batteries at the moment!
  6226. >"Ugh, how?!"
  6227. "She didn't tell you, did she? She didn't give crucial information about who you were going after!?"
  6228. >That micro fission reaction you summoned for Anon that time?
  6229. >You summon not one, but dozens!
  6230. >Tiny white hot stars burst into being all over the battlefield, unleashing spires of flame that encircle all three interlopers.
  6231. >[spoiler] Heh, the stallion squealed like a filly. [/spoiler]
  6232. >Of course you don't want to hurt anypony, but the only thing that's going to get through to ponies like this is power.
  6233. "Princess Celestia entrusted me with the elements! Me! Now Luna wants me to hoof them over for some undisclosed project, but can't even be bothered to talk to me about it?! No way in Tartarus I'm failing my last task from Celestia without damn good reason!"
  6234. >The lead mare shields herself from the heat with a hoof but still her glare.
  6235. "I'm the Element of Magic, it's my responsibility. With the Elements attuned to my friends and me Luna can't even use them, so why on Earth or Equus would she want them?"
  6236. >"She doesn't..."
  6237. "I know, doesn't tell you. She doesn't tell anypony anything. She just expects unflinching loyalty or you're sent on suicide missions until you don't come back."
  6238. >"... what?"
  6239. >That's not what you expected.
  6240. >You thought she'd dismiss the idea and defend Luna's honor to the the ends of both worlds.
  6241. "Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, Soarin, Shining Armor. All strong, capable ponies who asked questions, and where are they now?"
  6242. >They other two unicorns exchange unreadable looks.
  6243. "I'm not making accusations, but some of the things I've heard deserve investigation. All I get from Luna herself is stonewalling though, and now this!?"
  6244. >The three exchange meaningful glances for a moment before [spoiler] reluctantly [/spoiler] nodding in some unspoken agreement.
  6245. >Do they finally get it?
  6246. >The lead mare lets out a deep sigh and takes a seat.
  6247. >"We weren't... You can't blame Luna for this. We sorta-"
  6248. >"Twilight!"
  6249. >More!?
  6250. >You turn and charge your horn only for an orange coat and yellow mane to race right past you!
  6251. >Holy shit she's gonna run right into the plasma cage!
  6252. >You extinguish the fire just in time for Applejack to dash forward and...
  6253. >Absolutely deck your lead prisoner!
  6254. >What. The. Fuck.
  6255. >[spoiler] Holy hay that's gonna leave a mark. [/spoiler]
  6257. "Uhhh, did I miss something or...?"
  6258. >"What'd I tell ya idjits?! Just can't stand to wait for orders huh?! Y'all've made some boneheaded moves in the past but this one takes the cake!"
  6259. >The mystery mare wipes her mouth with a hoof as she picks herself up off the ground.
  6260. >"Good to see you too, commander."
  6261. >Commander?
  6262. >"Ain't no sense in pretendin y'all respect the chain of command after ya pulled this off! I swear to Celestia I'm bout to lock all three a'-"
  6263. >Completely baffled would probably be the best way to sum up your feelings right now.
  6264. "Applejack what exactly-"
  6265. >Oof, a crushing Apple sidehug!
  6266. >Air please! Air!
  6267. >"Ya alright Twilight? I was afraid these fools would hurt ya, but it looks like I might've got all worked up for nothin'."
  6268. >While talking she casually reaches back with a hind hoof and pushes the stallion over onto his side.
  6269. >It was a pretty gentle push but still...
  6270. >Anyway, with them all but surrendered plus Applejack here, it seems like the unicorn trio aren't going to be a problem anymore.
  6271. >You extinguish their star based prison and let the mana in the air begin to dissipate.
  6272. >[spoiler] No reason to risk setting off some kind of 'magical anomaly' alarms Celestia knows where. [/spoiler]
  6273. "I'm ok now, yeah."
  6274. >"Told em they'd be biting off more than they could chew if they pushed ya too far."
  6275. >You grin uneasily as you look at the giant hole you just punched in the nearby forest.
  6276. >This is pretty well off the beaten path at least... maybe nohuman will notice?
  6277. >"Woah nelly, didn't think you'd use these though!"
  6278. >She plucks her element out of your magical grasp with her teeth, throws it up in the air, and catches it around her neck!
  6279. >[spoiler] How do earth ponies do that?! [/spoiler]
  6280. >"Never thought I'd see this thing again. Guess I should've known you'd look after 'em no matter how crazy things got."
  6281. >She can't just take hers, you're supposed to be guarding them!
  6282. >Wait, she's surprised you have the Elements?
  6283. >Does that mean she didn't know either?
  6284. "Princess Celestia told me to guard them. I had to. Can I umm...?"
  6285. >You gesture towards the Element around her neck with an awkward smile.
  6286. >Please give it back! Please please please!
  6287. >"Oh! Yeah, sure, I suppose. Safe keeping and all that. Heh."
  6288. >"Commander, that's exactly what Pr-"
  6289. >Before mrs ex-guard can spill the beans you slip all six jewels back into their storage and seal it best you can.
  6290. >"-incess Luna wanted..."
  6291. >"It's a what now?"
  6292. >The mare facehoofs.
  6293. "They're what Princess Luna wants from me, though she won't tell me why."
  6294. >AJ snorts and adjusts her hat.
  6295. >"Lemme guess, super secret plan she won't tell nopony nothin' 'bout?"
  6296. "Yes!"
  6297. >"Yeah that sounds 'bout par for the course."
  6298. >She wipes her mare-slugging hoof off on her chest and turns to slowly walk back the way she came.
  6299. >"Well come on now. We may as well get all this cleared up."
  6300. >What?
  6301. >You have to canter to catch up to her side!
  6302. "Wait! Cleared up? What do you mean?"
  6303. >"Ain't no way to take care of this, but from the gift horse's mouth. It's true Luna told us to bring ya in, but true to her nature wouldn't tell us heads or tails as to why. Now you're tellin me she wants the Elements for something? Your Element? My Element? Elements that aren't even hers to be askin for? Heck, I'd have been disappointed if you DID just hoof em over."
  6304. >So she's on your side?
  6305. >Her own side?
  6306. >Any side but Luna's side?
  6307. >The unicorns called her 'commander', but it sounds like she doesn't see eye to eye with her commander-in-chief at all.
  6308. "Can we contact her from here or...?"
  6309. >"Nah, we'll have to go back to camp if we really want her to pick up."
  6310. >Camp?
  6311. >Their camp?
  6312. >The camp you just mowed down half the forest to avoid?
  6313. "AJ I-I'm not really sure I'm comfortable going..."
  6314. >She stops to give you a patented Apple family smile and place a hoof on your shoulder.
  6315. >"I know these numb skulls scared ya Twilight, but this is the best way to clear the air. Ya wanna leave, you're free too at any time, but ya wanna force some truth outta our favorite moon princess then you've gotta trust me."
  6316. >Ugh, crap crap crap!
  6317. >You want to trust her, you really do!
  6318. >Last time you trusted a friend though she literally tased you in the back and locked you in a tiny cage!
  6319. >And that was the Element of Loyalty!
  6320. >Then again, Dash WAS being true to her element; just in her own strange twisted way.
  6321. >A way you should have known would be all kinds of messed up since you saw her element missing half the jewel.
  6322. >Honesty was arguably the least damaged Element, and frankly, how is honesty even an element you can twist?
  6323. >Like, there's plenty of twisted logic you can cook up about loyalty meaning this or that, but honesty is a lot more straightforward.
  6324. >Either you're being honest or you aren't.
  6325. >Right?
  6326. >[spoiler] Oh Celestia you hope you're right! [/spoiler]
  6327. >"What do ya say?"
  6328. >Crap crap crap, this is a big decision!
  6329. >Things were so much easier when you could just say no and throw around some spells!
  6330. "You swear I can leave if I want?"
  6331. >The orange mare gives you an understanding smile and crosses her hoof across her chest.
  6332. >"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a... well I ain't got no cupcake, but ya get the gist."
  6333. >The old gesture melts your heart and reminds you of simpler times.
  6334. >Your gut tells you to trust an old friend, but your head keeps reminding you of all the times it's backfired...
  6335. "What about them?"
  6336. >You gesture towards the group of unicorns slowly getting to their hooves.
  6337. >"Yall don't worry 'bout them. They were given specific orders to wait and they clearly and deliberately did the exact opposite. I got plans for mutineers I guarantee you they ain't gonna like."
  6338. >That must have been what she meant by 'you can't blame Luna'.
  6339. >Technically her minions are always her responsibility no matter what, but at least this wasn't a direct order.
  6340. >It's not much, but it's at least some tiny points in her favor.
  6341. "Can I call Anon?"
  6342. >"Call who now?"
  6343. "Anon. My uhh, my human. I was just supposed to be going to the store. I don't want him getting worried."
  6344. >See? You can be thoughtful!
  6345. >AJ scratches her chin.
  6346. >"Truth be told I ain't too keen involvin humans in none of this, but I guess I wouldn't want you getting a whippin when ya go back. Flutters mentioned you and Rares were determined to stay there, and since it looks like you ain't wearing a horn ring, I'm guessing you've got some kinda plan. I won't pretend to know it, but now not the time to try an' talk ya' out of it."
  6347. "A-A Whipping?! No! No, he wouldn't do that I just... I just don't want him worrying..."
  6348. >"He'd be alright with you up and vanishing without notice? Heck, between that kinda freedom and no horn ring, maybe you and Little Miss Priss got him wrapped around yer hooves."
  6349. >Do not!
  6350. >"You do what you think's right. Just try not to mention where you're going."
  6351. >She chuckles and gestures towards another pair of unicorns just emerged from the trail.
  6352. >They set to work opening a portal similar to the one Luna used back on Equus.
  6353. >"Not that you really know I guess. Anywho, I'll gather these good for nothin's up and we'll wait for ya over there, alright?"
  6354. "Right, thanks."
  6355. >She gives you another hug, a full-on one this time.
  6356. >"Glad to see you're doing alright Twi. If you can take these three fools down a notch or two I reckon you're not doing too poorly. We'll get all this figured out one way or another, I swear."
  6357. >You return both the hug and gesture of faith.
  6358. "Thank you AJ."
  6359. >The two of you break the embrace and hop into action.
  6360. >She yells at your ex attackers and you trot a bit away to fiddle with your hoof phone.
  6361. >Speed dial #1: Anon.
  6362. >[spoiler] Like come on, who else would be there? [/spoiler]
  6363. >Huh, you hit dial but there's no ringing...
  6364. >'Call failed'.
  6365. >Hmm, you are in the middle of the woods, but you didn't think the reception would be that bad...
  6366. >You try again with similar results.
  6367. >Buck.
  6368. >He'll be looking for you soon, if he isn't already.
  6369. >A third call fails, too.
  6370. >"Twilight, time's a tickin. We gotta go."
  6371. >Ugh you haven't talked to him yet!
  6372. "Uhh, just a minute!"
  6373. >Call #4: failed.
  6374. >"I'm sure the boys here would love to hold this open all day Twi but if we gonna go we need to go."
  6375. >Stupid human technology!
  6376. >If the reception is too crappy for a call maybe you can at least text him.
  6377. >Stupid tiny onscreen keyboard.
  6378. >Despite the hardware being designed for a hoof, phone OS's clearly still favor human fingers.
  6379. >"Twilight!"
  6380. "Ok, I'm coming!"
  6381. >'Ran into a friend, be home soon.'
  6382. >Sent.
  6384. >You run and jump through the portal behind an exasperated AJ.
  6385. "Sorry, I wasn't getting any signa-"
  6386. >The country mare starts to trot off, forcing you to follow her.
  6387. >"I'd give ya all the time in the world sugarcube, but the magical whatchamadoodle only lasts so long."
  6388. >She waves a hoof back to where the portal stood moments before.
  6389. >Is that some kind of lodestone?
  6390. >If this place is anything like the empire then security teleportation via harmonic authentication through a lesser artifact isn't too surprising.
  6391. >Such a system not only keeps unwanted guests out, but could also boost maximum range exponentially by allowing multiple unicorns to pool their resources into a single portal.
  6392. >But that means...
  6393. "So uhh, where are we?"
  6394. >A setup like that could have sent you to the other side of the planet, and based on dense wet jungle-like vegetation, just might have.
  6395. >"Middle of nowhere, I suspect. Your guess is about as good as mine though. We ain't too big on transparency round these parts."
  6396. >She sounds... bitter.
  6397. >Before you can ask more she leads the way into a nearby cave and walks through what you can only deduce was an illusionary wall.
  6398. "So you don't know?"
  6399. >What's a cave from the outside turns into a relatively well furnished base on the inside.
  6400. >The heavy metal door hangs open, probably from the group of unicorns returning minutes before you two.
  6401. >The two stallions by either side seem pretty casual for guards, but you suppose way out here it doesn't really matter.
  6402. >Nopony gives you any trouble, but you close stick to your friend anyway.
  6403. >You don't know where these pony's allegiances lie and you were literally just attacked by a few of them.
  6404. >"Nope. Don't know nothin' even though I'm supposed to be the one in charge. 'Compartmentalization' they call it. Fancy way to say 'secrets and lies' if you ask me."
  6405. >You've never heard her so harsh.
  6406. "A-are you alright?"
  6407. >That catches her a bit off guard.
  6408. >She stops to look back at you and offers a weak grin.
  6409. >"Sorry sugarcube. Don't mean to come off as a stick in the mud. I'm just a mite weary I reckon."
  6410. >Now that she's finally stopped you get a second to really look her over.
  6411. >Tired eyes, mane more messy than usual, hat just a little off and...
  6412. >Oh goodness! That's not even her old hat!
  6413. >Well duh, of course it's not the original one. There's no way she'd have been able to keep track of that over the years, but still.
  6414. >You pull her in for a hug that she takes a moment to return.
  6415. "Everypony's been through a lot. I'm sure you're doing your best."
  6416. >"Thanks Twi. I know we all tryin', but sometimes I just don't know no more. Seems everything's just so different nowadays. Everypony lying and cheating to outsmart the humans, then we turn around a keep secrets from each other too! Heck, I used to able to spot a liar a mile out, but ever since those portals opened I can barely tell anything. Celestia knows them fancy human ambassadors had me fooled just like the rest of us."
  6417. >The ambassadors?
  6418. "They had tricked everyone AJ, even the princesses."
  6419. >"Suppose so. Princesses ain't supposed to be the element of honesty though, now are they?"
  6420. >Wait, does she blame herself?
  6421. >They were a whole new species. How was she supposed to know?
  6422. "No one expected you to be able to read an alien species just like that, Applejack."
  6423. >She gives you another tiny smile and adjusts her hat.
  6424. >"'Course. I just, well, ya know how I am, Twi; always pushing myself."
  6425. >Always overworking herself, she means.
  6426. >Silly orange fillies get even more friendly hugs.
  6427. "Just... just don't try and carry the world on your shoulders single hoofedly."
  6428. >You've seen her drive herself beyond exhaustion trying to fix the farm's harvest on her own. Celestia knows she'll could drive herself into the ground trying to fix this too.
  6429. >"Heh, you right sugarcube. I ain't going about it totally alone though. There's a few trustworthy ponies here, not to mention Flutter and Pinkie when they're up for helping."
  6430. >Oh yeah, they're both here too!
  6431. "Are they here? I only had a few minutes to talk to Fluttershy and haven't seen Pinkie in years."
  6432. >She shakes her head.
  6433. >"'Fraid not. Fluttershy had a supply run to make and she likes to take Pinkie with her whenever she's feelin' up to it. Pinkie Pie's uhh... Well she's alright sometimes, but a world where you can't always laugh away the bad stuff just don't sit right with her."
  6434. >You splay your ears back in concern.
  6435. >"Is she... is she alright? Is there anything I can do?"
  6436. >AJ gives you a genuine smile and puts a reassuring hoof on your shoulder.
  6437. "She has her good days and bad, but don't you worry too much 'bout her. We do our best to take good care of her and at the end of the day we're at least free here. It's you and Rares I'm more concerned with. It true y'all'd rather keep them collars round your necks?"
  6438. >I-it's a pretty collar...
  6439. >You touch your nameplate subconsciously.
  6440. "It's not what it sounds like. I was only able to defend myself just now because Anon trusts me with my magic."
  6441. >Well, he trusts you with most of your magic. No need to mention you still a ring most the time.
  6442. >[spoiler] Or what he tooks your off for... [spoiler] and you never got that drink so you've still got the taste of Anon 'love' on your tongue... [/spoiler][/spoiler]
  6443. "There was definitely a time I'd have jumped at the opportunity to leave, but we umm... we've come to an understanding."
  6444. >"Y'all sweet on him?"
  6445. >How'd she know?!
  6446. >You blush and stammer but she cuts you off with a hoof.
  6447. >"You ain't gotta explain things to me, sugarcube. You ain't the first."
  6448. >No judgement? Really?
  6449. >"Just tell me this: He good to you? Really? Not just good to you when you obeyin' him, but good to you when you need a hug of your own."
  6450. >You nod enthusiastically!
  6451. "He is! I know it's strange but he respects us and... I trust him AJ, I really do."
  6452. >She just nods knowingly.
  6453. >"I reckon it's best to find happiness where you can nowadays. Fact of the matter is things ain't perfect anywhere, here included. If you're happy then I'm happy."
  6454. >Holy buck!
  6455. >Look at that!
  6456. >Somepony who's actually supportive of your decisions without trying to convince you that you're crazy in the head!
  6457. >"He both y'all's man then? No offense to her, but I always figured Rares would keep herself safe with a shake of that pretty tail."
  6458. "AJ!"
  6459. >"What?"
  6460. "You can't..."
  6461. >You can't call Rarity a whorse!
  6462. >Well ok maybe she has a point but that's not the truth of the matter.
  6463. >"Shucks Twi you know I'm just kiddin'. Rarity's a smart mare though. She always finds a way to get what she wants if that attitude of hers don't get her in trouble first."
  6464. >A flashback of lying in Anon's bed listening to him blister Rarity's backside makes you snicker.
  6465. >"Oh come on now sugarcube. You can't just start gigglin like that without telling me what's so funny."
  6466. "No no it's... it's nothing! I really shouldn't say!"
  6467. >If Rarity finds out you told AppleJack about her not so graceful lesson you'll be in sooo much trouble!
  6468. >"Nothing wrong with a little gossip between friends. Come on now, I swear I won't tell."
  6469. >Well...
  6470. >It would be good revenge for the treatment she gave you the other night...
  6471. >"She gets her prissy tail in a bunch over something silly?"
  6472. >Oh what the heck, she'll never know.
  6473. >You lean in close to whisper to your friend.
  6474. "She'd just moved in and kept acting like she was in charge..."
  6475. >No need to mention the real reason she got it: taking a brush to your purple posterior!
  6476. "Anon warned her, but one day she took it too far and..."
  6477. >Oh you realllllly shouldn't tell on her!
  6478. >She'll blister your hide if she finds out you've been gossiping!
  6479. >Not to mention you've got much worse brat stories she could return the favor with!
  6480. >Butttttt, she's not here so...
  6481. >"And what? Get herself sat in a corner or something? I figure this Anon fellow ain't the beating kind."
  6482. "No, he'd never seriously hurt anypony but..."
  6483. >You shouldn'ttttt!
  6484. >"Scoldin? Groundin? Clean her mouth out with soap?"
  6485. >You look to the right and left for any eavesdroppers.
  6486. >You know you shouldn't but she spent last night sitting on your face and abusing your flanks!
  6487. "Spanking!"
  6488. >The word seems to take a moment for the apple mare to process.
  6489. >"Like..."
  6490. >She gestures by swinging a hoof through the air to which you nod and giggle.
  6491. >"Like a little filly? Prissy britches Belle taken down a notch?"
  6492. >You can only nod and try not to giggle too loudly!
  6493. >"I'd say that's awful but that girl always did have plenty o' padding back there. , I imagine her pride was more hurt than her tush!"
  6494. >No need to mention what a thorough spanker Anon or how poorly she took it! That'd just be mean!
  6495. >"Lands sake I can imagine the fuss she's put up though."
  6496. "She wasn't very happy about it!"
  6497. >"But he just kept...?"
  6498. >You nod and bite your lip to keep from laughing at her expression.
  6499. >"Did you try and stop him or...?"
  6500. "Well we were... I was kinda mad at her at the moment. I probably should have said something, but this was before we'd come to and understanding. I didn't want to overstep my bounds too."
  6501. >"So you didn't want to risk your hide to save hers, heh. I suppose a little filly punishment like that ain't the end of the world either. Heck, it probably did that mare some good!"
  6502. "Applejack!"
  6503. >You slug her on the shoulder!
  6504. >Sure she's totally right but saying your friend deserves a whoppin' isn't very nice!
  6505. >"What? Ok, I shouldn't be pickin on her when she's not here to defend herself, but Granny Smith almost put that filly in her place on a few different occasions! I ain't saying humans smackin pony haunches is right but of all ponies..."
  6506. >You snort and bump hips with your friend.
  6507. >She may be overworked, over stressed, losing faith in her element, and just weary of the world but there's one thing the two of you can agree on and laugh about.
  6508. >Rarity's a brat.
  6510. >Your bonding moment with Applejack is interrupted by...
  6511. >"Managed to get her in anyway, huh commander?"
  6512. >Ugh, you were really hoping Miss annoying would stay gone.
  6513. >"You want her in interrogation now or should we wait for the princess? I just checked on lockup, there's a nice clean spot for her."
  6514. >You know, for somepony who you just crushed she sure pulled herself together quickly.
  6515. >Besides, there's no way AJ's going to lock you up. It's not even something you're remotely worried about.
  6516. >"Y'all better not be talkin' 'bout the one with the leaky roof."
  6517. >...
  6518. >Why does it matter which one she's talking about?
  6519. >"The door on the other is still broken, but they fixed the leak, don't worry. Will she come quietly?"
  6520. >You look to your friend, ready for her to tell the other mare off.
  6521. >"How's about I be the judge of just how fixed it is?"
  6522. >Wait wait wait! Where is she going!?
  6523. >Is she seriously picking out your jail cell?!
  6524. >You desperately follow her to get an explanation with the annoying unicorn hot on your tail.
  6525. "Applejack you aren't seriously-"
  6526. >"Just trust me sugarcube. I got this one handled."
  6527. >You trust your friend of course, but you've had far too many bad experiences with metal bars!
  6528. >Miss bitchy opens a cell door with her magic when you all arrive.
  6529. >"See? Fixed the crack last week. It's perfectly fine."
  6530. >She gestures towards the roof from inside the cell.
  6531. >It's not as small as the tiny box you got shoved into back at Arnold and Rainbow's camp, but real bed or not, it's still a cell!
  6532. >"Now Miss Twilight, if you wouldn't mind? No offense or anything, we just can't have you running all over the place while we wait for the princess."
  6533. "I'm not-"
  6534. >*Clang!*
  6535. >"I'd say that'll take care of that."
  6536. >Applejack adjusts her hat and spins the keys around a hoof.
  6537. >"Commander!"
  6538. >"Oh, don't start your whining now. I told ya there'd be consequences. Y'all disobeyed a direct order, whaddya think the brig's for?"
  6539. >Oh, she mad.
  6540. >"I was doing what I had to!"
  6541. >She slams her hooves against the bars and lights her horn. You know a thaumaturgically insulated cell when you see one though.
  6542. >It's a sensible step for containment afterall.
  6543. >"Commander, she's the one that-"
  6544. >AJ cuts the furious unicorn off before she can finish.
  6545. >"She ain't done nothing wrong, unlike you! We gonna talk to Princess dark and gloomy to get this all figured out, but y'all gonna cool your jets here and think about what you've done. We start just attacking people left and right, they gonna find us. Not only that, but attacking ponies? We're better than that. You're better than that."
  6546. >She turns to leave with you in tow.
  6547. >"You just sit a spell and think, then we'll talk."
  6549. >You know, for a second there you were actually a little worried.
  6550. >AJ would never let you down, though.
  6551. >Dash may be the loyal one, but AJ was always the reliable one.
  6552. "Thanks AJ. I didn't really mean to drag you into all this."
  6553. >"Ain't 'nothin for you to worry 'bout. I'm already in the middle of all this whether I like it or not. Always have been."
  6554. >She stops for a moment to take off her hat and look at it thoughtfully.
  6555. >It's definitely not her old one, but it's high quality nevertheless.
  6556. >"Dashie got this for me when she found out I'd lost my old one. Heh, she probably stole it for all I know, but she knew I was missin' somethin' even if it ain't my original."
  6557. >Her and Dash?
  6558. >It's probably a sensitive subject but you have to ask.
  6559. "AJ what... what happened? I ran into Rainbow and it sounded like you two of you..."
  6560. >"I thought she was off her rocker at the time, I'll tell you that. Now though? I dunno. The more I try and keep an eye on Luna the more I see the little things here and there. A bent truth, a tiny lie. I still think Rainbow could have calmed herself down for a cotton pickin minute and we could have figured stuff out, but that's ain't really her style. I don't believe for a second half the rumors they spread about her. She ain't no traitor, but she picked her path and I picked mine."
  6561. >She throws the hat back on.
  6562. >"She doin' alright?"
  6563. >You nod.
  6564. "She's with somehuman I know. They... they're helping ponies in their own unique way. If they hadn't been there to help me I'm not sure what I'd have done."
  6565. >You also wouldn't have needed help if Dash didn't knock you out like a light, but no need to mention that.
  6566. >Plus: her motivation to keep you away from Luna is at least sorta reasonable.
  6567. >Maybe.
  6568. >"Glad to hear it. You ready?"
  6569. >You follow her hoof towards an obviously enchanted mirror.
  6570. "I take it this is where we can talk to-"
  6571. >"Yup, black snooty."
  6572. >Oh boy.
  6574. >*Ring ring ring*
  6575. "... Seriously?"
  6576. >"Huh?"
  6577. "Come on, really?"
  6578. >You gesture towards the offending mirror.
  6579. >*Ring ring ring*
  6580. >"Yeah, she always takes her sweet time answering. I just keep at it til she picks the dern thing up. Must drive everypony on the other end crazy, what with how loud it is."
  6581. "No, not that! Why is it ringing?! Why is it ringing like a phone!?"
  6582. >She gives you a confused look.
  6583. >"'Fraid I don't follow sugarcube. That not normal?"
  6584. "It's an enchanted mirror! Enchanted mirrors don't ring! They oscillate or pulse or... something magical! They don't ring!"
  6585. >"They don't?"
  6586. "No! It's magic, not a human phone! You can't just... you can't just slap a ringtone on it!"
  6587. >She chuckles and taps the side.
  6588. >The ring tone changes.
  6589. >...
  6590. >"I reckon you can on this one."
  6591. >That's dumb.
  6592. >She's dumb.
  6593. >This is dumb.
  6594. >You like human tech more than most ponies, but putting Grandma's 1999 ringtone on a finely enchanted magic mirror is just...
  6595. >"Miss Jack, we see you are as persistent as ever. To what do we owe the pleasure?"
  6596. >Ha, she calls her Miss Jack!
  6597. >"I done told you before it's Applejack, not no 'Miss Jack'."
  6598. >"Ah yes, of course, how could we forget."
  6599. >The Lunar princess is there in the mirror, but looking down at some papers rather than over at the pony she's speaking to.
  6600. >"Y'all always seem to manage somehow..."
  6601. >You could tell earlier that AJ's a bit disenchanted with Luna, but the two seem to get along even less than you thought.
  6602. >If it's like the orange mare said though, and Luna is all about secrets, then it sorta makes sense.
  6603. >"Ain't why I called y'all though. You know what that plum fool captain of y'all's did? I told ya she was a bad seed, and now she's running off on her own harassing innocent ponies against direct orders."
  6604. >That at least gets her head out of the papers. Not quite looking at AJ but it's a start.
  6605. >A dark blue princess lifts her chin, looks to the ceiling, and taps it thoughtfully.
  6606. >"Nightshade? What precisely occured? We've always had the utmost confidence in the captain. We're sure whatever she did-"
  6607. >Apple horse isn't having any of that.
  6608. >"Was against direct orders! She's can cool her jets in the brig for defying orders while you tell me just exactly what you want with the Elements of Harmony."
  6609. >THAT gets her full attention!
  6610. >"We see some ponies have been talking. Thou need not worry about the details, but-"
  6611. >"No no no, we ain't doin' this song and dance again. Y'all are gonna tell me what ya want with 'em right now. It ain't like ya can even use 'em, and even if you could, who'd ya even use 'em on? Every cotton pickin' human?"
  6612. >The princess fixes the impudent mare with a stern look.
  6613. >Fortunately you yourself are a bit off a bit to the side, and out of the mirror's immediate line of sight.
  6614. >"From thou agitation we assume Captain Nightshade was after young Twilight."
  6615. >"You know darn well she was. You put her up to all this yourself? Ya told me you just wanted to talk to Twi, but if the Elements are what you wanna talk about we deserve to know why."
  6616. >"We?"
  6617. >Uh oh.
  6618. >It's not like you're trying to hide, but-
  6619. >Wait what?
  6620. >The mare in the mirror lights her horn and... walks out of the mirror?
  6621. >Well, okay. It's not Luna, per se, but it's... like Luna?
  6622. >A starry outline of an alicorn Luna's size steps into the room and looks...
  6623. >Actually no, it has no eyes it's just... stars.
  6624. >Like, the whole thing is stars.
  6625. >Outline, inside, face, mane, hooves.
  6626. >All stars.
  6627. >Anyway, it points it's starry face in your general direction.
  6628. >Can't really say if it looks surprised or anything because, ya know, no face.
  6629. >"Perhaps the captain's efforts were not in vain after all."
  6630. >So it can talk despite having no mouth.
  6631. >Is it just a projection of some sort?
  6632. >You'd love to ask questions about the spell, but there are more important things at the moment.
  6633. >"She's here because she wants to work this out. No thanks required for that fool captain who got her flank kicked."
  6634. >The starry creature tilts it's head.
  6635. >[spoiler] Researcher's note: The stars seem to be behind the figure? When it moves the stars don't move with it... [/spoiler]
  6636. >"Is that so? Perhaps our lessons paid off then."
  6637. >Maybe the barrier ones, but she didn't teach you jack about offense.
  6638. >"Regardless, we're glad thou art here. We assume thou were able to secure what we asked?"
  6639. >You nod but make no effort to produce them.
  6640. "They're safe, but like AJ said, I need to know why."
  6641. >The creature hmm's quietly before speaking.
  6642. >"We would ask thou to trust us, but perhaps that well has already been poisoned. Tell us, what exactly did Rainbow Dash say?"
  6643. >You wave a hoof for emphasis.
  6644. "I'm not saying I believe everything she said, but you have to admit you've been pretty evasive. You don't have to tell me everything, but I deserve at least a few answers if you want me to hoof these over. Princess Celestia told me to keep them safe. They're my responsibility."
  6645. >The star creature walks around the room casually as it speaks.
  6646. >"Our sister would be proud of thou's dedication Twilight Sparkle, but there is a time and a place for everything. Thou art correct. We can not use the Elements ourselves, and as observed their use in the situation is... limited."
  6647. "Then why do you want them? You implied it was for Celestia, but I don't really see-"
  6648. >"Tell us Twilight Sparkle, just how much did thou tell Rainbow Dash and her friends about the empire?"
  6649. "I..."
  6650. >Probably a little too much, but surely nothing they didn't already know.
  6651. >Right?
  6652. "J-just basic stuff..."
  6653. >"Basic? Did thou offer cooperation willingly or was there... motivation?"
  6654. "I uhh... I mean nothing they were asking seemed like that big of a deal..."
  6655. >"So thou cooperated? A safe choice, but what if asked about the Elements? What if asked something that could get ponies hurt?"
  6656. >This is making you uncomfortable...
  6657. "I would have said I didn't know."
  6658. >"But what if they knew thou did? What if they desired information one way or another?"
  6659. >"Alright Princess Doom and Gloom y'all lay off. Twilight ain't about to be interrogated anytime soon. Y'all just tryin' to scare her."
  6660. >Luna starts to laugh but it's... it's not a nice laugh.
  6661. >It's dark, almost cruel.
  6662. >"Have either of you ever been tortured?"
  6663. "Luna-"
  6664. >"Hooves split? Hides flayed? Horn's ground?"
  6665. >She pokes your horn with a starry hoof making you back away!
  6666. >"If they even THINK thou has information they require, they'll take thee to a back room thou will wish thou had never seen! Even if thou breaks and 'spills the beans' so to speak, they'll keep going! They have to be sure to get everything after all!"
  6667. >"Princess, quit it! Scare tactics ain't gonna get ya nowhere!"
  6668. >You wish she was right, but they sorta are...
  6669. >You keep backing away until your rump touches the wall.
  6670. >AJ's valiant attempt to stop the advancing star beast with a hoof simply pass right through her.
  6671. >"Hast thou forgotten thy training at their hands Twilight Sparkle?"
  6672. >Stop it...
  6673. >Stop it, you don't want to remember Happy Horse...
  6674. >"Thou knows the red flanks thy lover gives thee are but foals play! A less kind human would cripple! A less kind human would maim! A less kind human would do anything to break a pony who has something he desires!"
  6675. >Make her go away!
  6676. >"We want to protect thee!"
  6677. >She's lying!
  6678. >"We want to keep thee safe!"
  6679. >It's an excuse!
  6680. >"We have seen what they're capable of and will expose no more ponies to that kind of danger! We - "
  6681. >*Poof*
  6682. >W-what?
  6683. >The angry creature that was looming over you is suddenly gone.
  6684. >You look around to find AJ with a hoof pressed against the mirror.
  6685. >She must have cut it off when it became clear she couldn't do anything else.
  6686. >"That rat! That low-life, cotton pickin', no good-"
  6687. "It... it's o-"
  6688. >*Fwoosh!* [spoiler] See? That's the kind of noise a magic mirror should make! [/spoiler]
  6689. >The Luna clone walks back out of the mirror again.
  6690. >"Surely thou mother taught thee better manners than that, Miss Jack."
  6691. >If AJ could punch an alicorn, she would.
  6692. >"You're one to talk, backing Twilight into a corner with your spooky stories!"
  6693. >"If only stories were all they are. We understand thy hesitation, but we will not allow another pony exposing themselves to these dangers for no benefit."
  6694. >The angry cowpony adjusts her hat and grits her teeth.
  6695. >"We ain't askin' what you'll allow your 'illustriousness'. We tellin' ya how it's gonna be if y'all want what you came for."
  6696. >If the faceless creature could narrow it's eyes it would.
  6697. >"How dare thee. We art thou princess! We demand-"
  6698. >That's the final straw for the orange mare!
  6699. >"Princess?! Princess of what?! This hole in the ground here? Your little city in a bottle over there tryin' to pretend nothin' bad ever happens?! Equestria's gone! If we want to ever rebuild we gotta face this together! Ponykind's built on honesty, on comin' together, on being there for each other! Not these buckin' secrets, and cloak and dagger malarkey!"
  6700. >Oh Celestia they're going to kill each other!
  6701. >"HOW DARE-"
  6702. "Is this a trade!?"
  6703. >"Thou - what? A trade?"
  6704. "You admitted yourself you can't use them. Are you trading the Elements for Celestia?"
  6705. >It's the only thing that makes sense.
  6706. >Sure the Elements are huge mana batteries, but she's an alicorn.
  6707. >Between herself and Cadence they were already able to banish a city, what more magical power could they need?
  6708. >Furthermore, what kind of spell would even matter in the situation ponykind finds itself in?
  6709. >There's no spell to rewrite the nature of an entire species, and even if there was, it'd be wrong to use it.
  6710. >The only other option is a weapon, but what use would that do?
  6711. >Ponies live everywhere humans live so it'd be impossible to use.
  6712. >The only thing that makes sense, the only way the Elements could be used to help Celestia, is some kind of deal. A trade.
  6713. "Is this a trade? Even if you could use them, the elements are useless in this situation, so why else would you want them? Did they offer you a deal? Celestia for the Elements?"
  6714. >She thinks for a long moment before speaking.
  6715. >"We can't tell-"
  6716. "No, don't give me that. You're right. I know how dangerous knowing might be, but I'm willing to take the risk. You said this was about saving someone we both cared about. What else could it be?"
  6717. >She looks between you and an angry AJ a few times before answering.
  6718. >"Things are not as simple as-"
  6719. >"I don't believe it! So Rainbow was right the whole time?! You got some human contact you cut little deals with while you keep everypony else in the dark?!"
  6720. >"We do what we must to keep as many ponies safe as we can!"
  6721. >"Ponyfeathers! Y'all-"
  6722. >So loud!
  6723. "Girls!"
  6724. >It worked.
  6725. "Applejack I get where you're coming from..."
  6726. >"Course ya do! If this snake-"
  6727. "But I sorta understand Luna, too."
  6728. >"Excuse me?"
  6729. >Your friend didn't expect that.
  6730. "The Element bearers are spread out over three places Applejack. Even if we weren't, this just isn't a job for the Elements. They can purify the heart of one pony, not a whole species. They can't change laws, they can't tear down walls. If they can get us back Celestia..."
  6731. >Pseudo-Luna puts her a hoof on your shoulder.
  6732. "But how can we trust them?"
  6733. >You lock eyes with her... stars.
  6734. "I doubt we'll ever get guarantees, but do we even have proof she's ok? What if it's just a trick to get the Elements?"
  6735. >She sighs.
  6736. >"Not as such, no. Our... 'contact' has been reliable thus far, but could provide no compelling proof of our sister's fate. We know the chances are not great, but any chance no matter how small..."
  6737. >You have to try.
  6738. >"The Elements are no doubt priceless relics, but we find ourselves in agreement as to their ineffectiveness in our current situation. Our sister, though..."
  6739. >She's right. You'd trade the Elements for Celestia any day.
  6740. "I can't see them just letting her go. Not for anything."
  6741. >She nods.
  6742. >"The chances are slim, yet our situation otherwise is perilous. We need her. Not only that, but our window of opportunity shrinks rapidly. If we're to take the chance, it must be now."
  6743. >Now?!
  6744. >You have to decide right now?
  6745. >Jackie and Luna get into it in the background about whether or not Luna sent that dumb unicorn on purpose due to the tight time frame, but you ignore it.
  6746. >Given the straight up choice between Celestia and the Elements the choice is easy, but you've got no guarantee they aren't just gonna take the Elements, and give you nothing in return.
  6747. >Would they really let the princess go?
  6748. >It's possible that after so many years, they don't have an interest in her anymore, but she's still an ex-monarch.
  6749. >Information from the day of the invasion is heavily censored, but there's all kinds of reports of Celestia destroying millions in helicopters and armored vehicles.
  6750. >They know she's dangerous.
  6751. >But so is Luna and they seem willing to let her run around free. [spoiler] ish [/spoiler]
  6752. >She said without Celestia the situation was perilous?
  6753. >What does that mean?
  6754. >If you combine that with her insistence she's done what she has to keep ponies safe, it may mean the empire isn't as safe a haven as everypony likes to believe.
  6755. "Luna."
  6756. >They're glaring each other down, but you don't care about that right now.
  6757. "Are we... is the resistance in danger?"
  6758. >She hesitates, as if picking her words carefully.  
  6759. >"Danger is... perhaps not the right word. Things may continue as they are, however..."
  6760. >She trails off clearly unwilling to say much more.
  6761. >'Things may continue as they are' implying that the way things are isn't great?
  6762. "What about the rush part? Did they give a reason?"
  6763. >"Nay. We simply know the offer ends any day now."
  6764. >A vague cutoff? But why?
  6765. >For this sort of situation a definite date would apply a lot more pressure, so why not give one?
  6766. >The only logical reason would be because they can't.
  6767. >What does that mean though?
  6768. "If they can't prove she's safe it may mean they can't prove they have her. That, plus the lack of a defined timetable and lots of pressure could possibly mean mean... What if... What if they're the ones racing against the clock and not us?"
  6769. >Star-Luna tilts her head.
  6770. >"We aren't sure we follow?"
  6771. "If they had everything under control why wouldn't they just say 'give up the Elements by this time or else'? 'Any day now' motivates, but it just isn't the same as a looming deadline."
  6772. >Luna thinks for a moment.
  6773. >"We understand the logic, but in the end tis mere conjecture. Surely thou aren't suggesting we risk our sister on chance?"
  6774. >Are you?
  6775. >In the end you value Celestia above the Elements as well, but that's no reason to jump to a rash decision, right?
  6776. "I'm just saying it's something we need to consider."
  6777. >"We would love to deliberate for days, young Sparkle, but there is simply no time."
  6778. "Don't you see, though? That's exactly what they want us to think. If we rush to a decision we're more likely to - "
  6779. >She stamps her hoof!
  6780. >"Yes, we understand, but be it truth or falsehood, that is not a risk we are willing to take! We must give them the Elements! Thou admitted thyself that the Elements are near useless to us!"
  6781. "That doesn't mean we should throw them away without thinking first! Celestia wouldn't want us to - "
  6782. >"Our sister isn't here and never will be if we don't take this risk!"
  6783. "We don't know that!"
  6784. >"We know this is the chance, the one chance we've received to help her! To do anything! We must take it!"
  6785. "Ugh, you're playing right into their hands!"
  6786. >"We don't care! The risk is worth the reward!"
  6787. >"Now just hold on a minute! Just because y'all-"
  6788. >Ugh!
  6789. >Rabble rabble rabble round and round we go!
  6790. >Just when the stupid circular arguments hits a fever pitch, you hear even louder noises from the other side of the door.
  6791. >What in Tartarus could be crazier than this?
  6792. "Girls."
  6793. >Rabble rabble...
  6794. "Girls!"
  6795. >Holy crap they just keep going.
  6796. "GIRLS!"
  6797. >"What?!"
  6798. >"What?!"
  6799. >You point a hoof to the now even louder cacophony of noise right outside the door.
  6800. >"Horseapples."
  6801. >The country pony lowers her head and charges out the door.
  6802. >Is it trouble?
  6803. >Did somehuman find this place?
  6804. >You share uncertain glances with Luna before following your friend through the door. [spoiler] At least you think that's what her expression was supposed to be... [/spoiler]
  6805. >No humans in sight yet. Just a bunch of ponies gathered around somepony's laptop.
  6806. >[spoiler] How in the hell do they have internet? You swear to Faust if these fools are letting themselves be traced... [/spoiler]
  6807. >You spot Aj up in front when she turns to wave you over.
  6808. >"Y'all uhhh... y'all may wanna see this."
  6809. >Luna parts the frantic ponies with a touch of magic and gently pushes you forward.
  6810. >What could gather everypony like this?
  6811. >With the way some ponies are freaking out you're actually a bit afraid to look.
  6812. >Did the empire fall?
  6813. >Did some horrible pony tragedy make the news?
  6814. >Did they pass some even worse law stripping more pony rights away?
  6815. >You swallow your fears and poke your head around your friends shoulder.
  6816. >It's...
  6817. >Not a human.
  6818. >Not a tragedy.
  6819. >Not a disaster at all.
  6820. >You recognize the human's 'White House' in the background, but much more importantly is what's in the foreground.
  6821. >The figure in front of the building stands an even purer alabaster.
  6822. >Taller than any other pony.
  6823. >Regal, with her head held high.
  6824. >A mane full of color, and shining just as bright as you remember, Princess Celestia stands behind her podium and continues her speech!
  6825. >" - Not of divisiveness, but togetherness! Not of oppression, but of openness! I have read your history books, and I know humans are capable of so much more! Many of you have felt it already; a desire to do more, a desire to do better!"
  6826. >Someponies around you cheer, some dance, some [spoiler] Luna and Apul [/spoiler] just stand there shocked. You don't have time for that though.
  6827. >Without a moment's hesitation you push through the crowd and gallop towards the front door of the base!
  6828. >You have to get there!
  6829. >You have to see her in person!
  6830. >Skidding to a stop in front of the outpost's lodestone you run a few quick scans to see if you can reconfigure it's destination.
  6831. >It really shouldn't be too complicated, and if you're lucky you should be able to make a portal as close to the princess as you want!
  6832. >Ok, let's see they set this up to run on Starshine's principle of... What?
  6833. >No wonder they have such trouble with this thing, it was designed by an idiot!
  6834. >If they...
  6835. >No...
  6836. >If you can just...
  6837. >Ugh it'll take forever to change the destination much less power the blasted thing!
  6838. >"What's the big hurry sugarcube? Ain't ya gonna see what the princess - "
  6839. "I have to go Applejack! I have to see her! How do you guys... Ugh how do you guys deal with this piece of crap!?"
  6840. >"Well I don't rightly know, Twi. I just know it takes 'em forever to get it to do what we want. I understand you wanna see her, but I just don't see how - "
  6841. >Buck it!
  6842. >You slam mana into the abomination of a lodestone and force open a portal back to it's previous destination.
  6843. >"Woah nelly! Didn't know you could turn it on just like that."
  6844. "You shouldn't. It's unstable as all Tartarus, but I've got to get back."
  6845. >"Uhh, y'all sure that's safe? If ya don't get to the princess in one piece ain't none of this gonna matter."
  6846. "I'll make it. Just don't let anypony else use this til it cools down."
  6847. >You look back at your worried friend.
  6848. >"I dunno Twi."
  6849. >She's sweet to be concerned, but you've got to the Princess.
  6850. >You've got so many questions, not to mention she needs to know about her sister.
  6851. >The lunar princess admitted to conspiring with the humans. How far down does that rabbit hole go?
  6852. >Can she be trusted at all?
  6853. >Even if her heart was in the right place, she could still be compromised.
  6854. >You rush over and pull the orange mare into a quick hug.
  6855. "It was great to see you, Applejack, but I have to do this. I have to talk to her. You heard what Luna said, she's been in contact with the humans and we have no idea how far that goes. Celestia will know what to do, she always does."
  6856. >The other pony returns the gesture for just a moment.
  6857. >"I sure hope you're right Twi. I don't really get how you gonna get all the way up there, but if you've got a plan I trust ya."
  6858. >You break the embrace and give her a quick nod.
  6859. "I'll keep you posted. Is there a way I can...?"
  6860. >She lifts your hoofphone and plugs in a new contact.
  6861. >"You text that and I'll get it eventually. Now get on out of here before your fancy magic thing falls apart."
  6862. >She's right, you've go to go right now.
  6863. >You gallop towards the increasingly dangerous gateway and call out behind you.
  6864. "Try and keep everypony here if you can!"
  6865. >"I will."
  6866. "And stay safe!"
  6867. >"Same to you."
  6868. "I will!"
  6869. >You will!
  6871. >To say the portal was a rough trip would be an understatement.
  6872. >A less experienced mage might not have even made it, but you manage to gracelessly collapse back into the forest clearing you left an hours ago.
  6873. >Ow ow ow! That's your face!
  6874. >You rub your muzzle and try to get your bearings.
  6875. >You're back home instead of some undisclosed jungle in the middle of who knows where.
  6876. >With basic knowledge of your current location, as well as a destination direction, you can attempt a series of ultra long range semi-blind teleport, with course corrections in mid-air along the way.
  6877. >It's... not an advised method....
  6878. >Like, sure it works, but if the caster runs out of mana mid-jump they probably fall like a rock to their death.
  6879. >You're no ordinary caster though, plus you've got the Elements to draw upon for even more -
  6880. >"-Lighttt! Twilighttttt! Where are you!?"
  6881. >What?
  6882. >Is that Anon?
  6883. >It only takes a minute of following the voice to see his flashlight in the distance.
  6884. "Hey! Over here!"
  6885. >"Twi?!"
  6886. >Ow, that's a really bright light!
  6887. >You shield your eyes with a hoof only to be unexpectedly swept up off the ground!
  6888. "Woah!"
  6889. >"Holy crap Twi where have you been?! I get this mysterious text that you ran into someone then you vanish for hours?! Not only that, but your collar showing you running off into the middle of the woods then disappearing?!"
  6890. >He gives you a threatening swat to the rump as he stands to his full height, taking you with him!
  6891. "I-I can explain!"
  6892. >No trouble! You don't have time to be in trouble!
  6893. >"You'd better have a damn good explanation for making me think you'd been kidnapped!"
  6894. "Just..."
  6895. >You light your horn and pull his phone out of his pocket.
  6896. >Gotta go fast! You can sense Anon swats from a mile away and you know he's thinking you've earned quite a few!
  6897. >[spoiler] Not that you would normally mind, but if you really do get into trouble he's going to take you home and subject you to who knows what depravity at the hooves of Rarity! [spoiler] Maybe even more grounding! [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  6898. >You pull up the news as fast as you can, and turn it around for him to see.
  6899. >[spoiler] Why does his phone get better reception than yours? Now you know what you're asking for for Christmas next year. [/spoiler]
  6900. "It's her! It's Princess Celestia! She's in DC right now!"
  6901. >He takes the phone from your magic and scrolls down to read more.
  6902. >"Ok, I admit that's really crazy, but it doesn't explain you running off into the woods and giving me a heart attack."
  6903. >He slips the phone back into his pocket and moves to pull your ear!
  6904. "It was Luna! Luna, and Applejack, and then this stupid pony resistance mare tricking me and... Look I know you don't want to be involved in all this stuff, but please I need to get to DC and see the Princess!"
  6905. >The mention of Luna changes his demeanor instantly.
  6906. >His stern grip loosens, and instead of going for your ear to scold you, lifts your chin to check if you're alright.
  6907. >"Tricked you? What happened? Are you ok?"
  6908. >You unconsciously lean into the hand cupping your fuzzy pony cheeks and sigh.
  6909. "I'll tell you all about it later, but I need to get to the capital while the Princess is still giving her speech! I can't have her vanishing all over again! Please can I go?"
  6910. >He shifts you in his grip and gives you a confused look.
  6911. >"DC? Twilight that's hours away how can you possibly - ?"
  6912. >You fire your naked horn and product all 6 Elements for the second time today.
  6913. "I can teleport! It'll be tough, but if I borrow the Element's power I should be able to get there in just a few minutes!"
  6914. >He gives you a searching look for a minute, as if trying to see how serious you are about this.
  6915. >"By yourself? Twilight..."
  6916. >Sitting down on a nearby stump, he scoots you back a bit on his knee so you can look each other in the eye.
  6917. >"I can't let you just run around in another state all by yourself."
  6918. >What?!
  6919. "B-but you can trust me, right?! I'll come right back, I swear! I'll send you update texts every 30 minutes!"
  6920. >You touch the nameplate of your collar.
  6921. "I'm yours, Anon! I'm not going to try and take this off, I love it! Not even for the Princess! I'd never-"
  6922. >The human silences your frantic babble with a finger.
  6923. >"No no no. It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I literally can't let you run around solo in DC."
  6924. >Huh?
  6925. >"They've got strict leash laws, you don't even have your ring on for some reason, and above all, you've got this."
  6926. >He gently fingers your branded ear.
  6927. >'R' for runaway...
  6928. >"The first cop that sees you running around by yourself is going to snatch you up and put you in a cage without a moment's hesitation."
  6929. "B-but... But I have to... I just, I just have to..."
  6930. >Don't cry!
  6931. >You aren't going to cry!
  6932. >You definitely aren't going to cry about being this close!
  6933. "What if she disappears again? What if I never get to talk to her? To tell her I'm alright? What if-"
  6934. >He draws you back into his chest to gently scratch your back.
  6935. >"I'm sorry babe. It just wouldn't be safe."
  6936. "I-I never thought I'd see her again. Please, I'll be careful. They won't catch me I swear."
  6937. >You know you can't actually promise that, though.
  6938. >He's looking out for your safety even if it hurts.
  6939. >Even if it feels like it's your "master" telling you no instead of your "colt friend"...
  6940. >"Could you take us both?"
  6941. "Huh?"
  6942. >You extract your teary muzzle from his shirt to look up at him.
  6943. >"You said you could magic yourself all the way up there. Could we go together?"
  6944. >Teleport the two of you?
  6945. >It'll take more mana, but with the Elements you should have that to spare.
  6946. "It's possible. D-don't you have work though?"
  6947. >"I have plenty of vacation days. If I can't take time off for important stuff like this, then what's the point? Can you take us all that way in one piece?"
  6948. >He runs a few fingers up the length of your naked horn, causing you to shiver! [spoiler] Lewd! [/spoiler]
  6949. >You swat at the digits and shake the tingling feeling away!
  6950. >Focus!
  6951. "D-don't touch that!"
  6952. >The big jerk laughs!
  6953. >He's probably making a mental note to use that later, but that's not important right now.
  6954. "I can get us there. It might be a rough ride, but we'll make it."
  6955. >"No time to waste then right?"
  6956. >He shifts you in his grip again to be cradled in his arms on your back, and stands up.
  6957. >"Do I need to do anything special?"
  6958. >You shake your head.
  6959. "Just physical contact."
  6960. >Which should be easy when you're being carried.
  6961. >Now to-
  6962. >*Click*
  6963. >You look down at the leash he just snapped onto your collar.
  6964. "Why... why did you already have this...?"
  6965. >He chuckles and bounches you in his arms a bit.
  6966. >"Well I THOUGHT I was going to have to drag a very bad girl home by her leash!"
  6967. >That makes your ears splay, face blush, and limbs go a bit weak!
  6968. >All you can do is offer some weak mumble about how you aren't bad! You aren't!
  6969. >"But..."
  6970. >He delivers an unexpected kiss to your snoot.
  6971. >"I was wrong."
  6972. >Happy.
  6973. >"Convenient I had this though, because we're 100% going to need it in DC."
  6974. >Less happy.
  6975. >Leash laws are dumb.
  6976. >Ponies aren't dogs. They aren't going to run off, and, if they are, most wear shock collars to strongly discourage that!
  6977. >Still, if anyhuman has to be at the end of your leash, you're glad it's him.
  6978. "Leashes are dumb."
  6979. >Doesn't mean you can't complain though.
  6980. >He just laughs.
  6981. "Ready?"
  6982. >"Hi-ho, Silver.."
  6983. >You take a moment to facehoof!
  6984. >You aren't that kind of mount!
  6985. >Well, ok, maybe you are his mount in some ways but - Ack! Now isn't the time to think about that!
  6986. >Magic burns through your horn as you banish the inappropriate thoughts and gather mana for the jump.
  6987. >Elements! Celestia! Teleportation!
  6988. >Focus!
  6989. >With a flash, and totally minor amount of fire, the two of you vanish.
  6991. >> Continued in act 7

"Staying out of Trouble" Swibble Scribbles ~canon[...]

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"Staying out of Trouble" Afterstory ~Non canon epilogue

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"Staying out of Trouble" Act 2

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