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Changeling Lifestyle Part 1, by Fireking

By SlavePonyGeneral
Created: 20th December 2020 07:18:38 PM

  1. [Copied from]
  3. >You are Anon
  4. >You were drunkenly browsing the internet last week and found something of interest
  5. >slave ponies
  6. >They seem to have gotten common, a lot of people using them for everything from house work to whores
  7. >In your drunken state you decided it would be a good idea to pick up one for yourself
  8. >not that your funds could afford it
  9. >or so you thought
  10. >After some browsing you found one just within budget, though you might have to sacrifice a few nights of drinking to get it
  11. >It looks pretty edgy though, black skin, sanded off fangs
  12. >fucking holes in its skin
  13. >You didn't know what it was, but it was cheap, the ad said there was a surplus of them, but they aren't easy to take care of
  14. >fuck it what could go wrong
  15. >today is the day however, the 'adoption' van pulled up in front of your house not 2 minutes ago
  16. >You answer the door and are greeted by an overly friendly delivery guy
  17. >fat, official uniform, silly baseball cap, and shorts no man should wear
  18. >You look down to see the creature at his side, it has a muzzle over its face, and shackles, using the holes in its legs for extra security
  19. >odd, probably painful, the chubby happy fellow didn't seem to care, just getting your signature and leaving you
  20. >what gender is that thing even
  21. >no matter, you have a thing, plus someone to help with your little side projects
  22. >maybe, it looks weak
  23. >after a moment you realize the door is still wide open, you shake your head to clear the thoughts from your head and look down at the black creature below you
  24. >is its skin shiny? its got a fucking exoskeleton like a bug!
  25. >cool
  26. "Uh, hey..step in so I can close the door
  27. >resulting in a hiss
  28. >you tug the leash and it lazily follows you inside
  29. >You carefully tug your new slave into the house and over to the couch
  30. >You take a seat and look at it curiously for a moment before leaning down and very slowly removing its muzzle
  31. "So..uh..what are you?"
  32. >The thing shakes its head and stretched its mouth
  33. >Oh god its mouth can open way wider then it looks like it should
  34. >You take note that there were clearly two good sized fangs that have been cut and shaved down to nubs
  35. >ouch
  36. >It stares up at you with its blue eyes, you cant tell exactly where its looking, or if it can see for that matter
  37. >"Hungry" it hisses out, its voice, while, disturbing, is weak, and pitiful (imagine chrysalis in her season 2 voice, but higher pitched and a lot more quiet)
  38. >You blink and nod, standing up and walking towards the kitchen
  39. >The changeling just kinda stares at you as you leave
  40. >You look around your house, you aren't the biggest fan of salads, but vegetables can make good additions to food
  41. >So you just throw some random things together, lettuce, tomato, a bit of oil, and other vegetables in the fridge
  42. >and a cut up apple that's probably a bit old, but still edible
  43. >When you return you see it on the couch
  44. "wait, how did you.."
  45. >It buzzes its strange wings at you and stares at the food in your hands
  46. >You approach and offer it the bowl, it stares for a minute before immediately digging in
  47. >making a mess of half chewed bits all over its face
  48. " got some.."
  49. >You reach down to wipe its face
  50. >It hisses and reels away, taking the bowl with it
  51. >you chuckle and lean back in your seat to watch
  52. >When its done it looks up at you with a look of confusion, but content
  53. >"Thank wont fill me, but I'll live"
  54. "Uh, you want more, I don't care t-"
  55. >it cuts you off "You don't know what I am do you"
  56. >You pause and lean over, carefully taking the bowl from it and walking to the kitchen
  57. Yelling you reply "Well, you look like a pony, but you have a cool skin like a bug"
  58. >There is a loud huff from the living room
  59. "So, I assume you're some form of sentient being"
  60. >Absolutely no response, you poke your head through the doorway and look, seeing the changeling looking at you with a deadpan stares, the kind of stare that says 'u wat m8'
  61. >With a chuckle you put the bowl in the sink and come back in
  62. "Seriously, what are you though"
  63. >It leans forward facing you, staring into your soul with those huge blue orbs, and a light hiss from its voice
  64. >"I'm a changeling"
  65. >You give no response and shrug
  66. >It grunts "We're a mighty army of parasites who will eat every drop of love your planet has!" it goes to wave its arms in a spooky manner, but only manages to lift them to its mouth
  67. "Uh huh..good luck finding enough here...So, a changeling, uh, buzz and have a carapace"
  68. >It head tilts curiously looking at you
  69. "Like a bee...hopefully you work as well as one.."
  70. >"Bees are bugs..we are..changelings! We follow our queen and conquer beasts like you!" its chains rattle as it points at you
  71. "Doesn't look like your queen did a very good job"
  72. >It suddenly hisses violently and starts to struggle, tripping over the chains and jumping at you, biting at your face and punching at you the best it can
  73. >You instinctively block your face and push at it to get it off
  74. "HEY! OFF ME NOW!" You tell angrily
  75. >It keeps hissing in rage as it slaps at you, the chains pulling painfully at the holes in its legs, but it refuses to let up
  76. >You feel something wet hitting your face as you roughly shove at the changeling, finally pushing it off you
  77. "What the hell did I say?!"
  78. >It covers its face and turns away from you, the hisses turn into a hiss-sob noise
  79. >Well, fuck
  80. "Hey....I'm sorry okay?"
  81. >It pushes you off and hisses "DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT MOM LIKE THAT!"
  82. >Wait, mom?
  83. >You blink a few times and slowly approach it from behind
  84. >Putting your hand on its shoulder, it slaps you away
  85. "Okay, I wont talk about your mom"
  86. >Tugging it back softly, you turn it around and sit, the hard skin hurt, but only bruises thankfully
  87. >painful bruises
  88. "Okay, look, I forgot I even bought you, so lets try to make this easy as we can alright?"
  89. >The changeling hisses and wipes its eyes, staring up at you
  90. >You look as it lifts its hoof and notice something
  91. "You've got green on you"
  92. >It looks down and whimpers softly, looking at its chains
  93. >The shackles, being made for humans who don't have them grinding on holes in their legs have managed to crack the carapace pretty badly in a few spots
  94. >You reach to the side table, taking the envelope that came with your..purchase...and open it, getting the key out.
  95. >It takes some fiddling, and some struggling from the confused changeling, but you get the shackles off
  96. >leaving the collar on of course
  97. "There..feel any better? I guess that's your blood right?"
  98. >It turns its head away, but nods
  99. "Then lets get you fixed up okay? That way we can talk this out. "
  100. >As much as you want to punch the shit out of the little fucker, you're still human, and fighting wouldn't accomplish anything
  101. >You stand up and brush yourself off, leading the way to the bathroom
  102. >the changeling limps behind you, you look back just to make sure it isn't trailing blood or having trouble keeping up
  103. "get in the bath tub and help me out here"
  104. >It nods and steps in, the higher up wall of the tub making it carefully lift itself up one leg at a time
  105. >You think you see a slit, but most bugs kind of have plates there anyway
  106. >"Sorry" It looks up at you as it takes a seat in the tub, getting its green blood on the bottom
  107. >That's gonna stain, fuck
  108. >You just nod in response and grab some tweezers, gauze, a big of anti biotic ointment, and some medical tape
  109. "I don't really know what I'm doing here, so work with me, its probably going to hurt"
  110. >It huffs "I'm a warrior, nothing new here" it puffs out its chest trying to act tough
  111. >You take a seat on the toilet and take its hoof into your lap, looking it over, looks like the crapace was broken like glass ina few places inside the holes
  112. >So you pick the bits out, seems logical, though you're not that easy on it
  113. >it winces and whines softly in response to each tug, but doesn't fight back
  114. >If you were doing something wrong it'd speak up right?
  115. "So..does this grow back?
  116. >"It takes a while, but yeah..probably going to take forever unless you learn to be a bit nicer to ponies"
  117. >cocky little bitch..
  118. "Hey, I'm a melting pot of friendship damn it"
  119. >The changeling huffs looking at you
  120. >You reply by yanking a bit of the broken bits out
  121. >It hisses and yanks away, holding the hoof "Yeah nicer!"
  122. >Quickly, you return to picking the bits off before you focus n the next step
  123. "Okay, this is going to sting, but work with me here, it'll help stop your bleeding"
  124. >Nodding, the changeling looks away and bites its lip while you carefully rub the ointment into the wounds
  125. >There are grunts and hisses of pain, as expected
  126. >When all is said and done, you have a bandaged up bug pony sitting in your tub
  127. "Okay, I helped you, now you help me"
  128. >Reaching under the sink and putting the first aid away, you take out a cloth and a bottle
  129. "Clean your mess"
  130. >"Hey, not MY fault you got me angry"
  131. "How so, you were the one who started beating me"
  132. >"yeah and YOU insulted my mo-Queen!"
  133. "Clean it"
  134. >"fine" It tries to take the bottle and cloth, but drops them into the floor
  135. >You grunt and spray the blue liquid onto the green stains for it
  136. >It angrily starts rubbing the stain away with its bandaged up hooves, wincing in pain every once in a while
  137. >Well, fair is fair, you need to clean a bit off the carpet anyway.
  138. >After the blood removal process is complete, you sigh and stand up, gently pushing on your back, popping it
  139. >There is a loud gag from behind you
  140. >Spinning quickly around, you see the changeling staring at you with a look of horror
  141. >" just.."
  142. "what?"
  143. >"doesn't that hurt?!"
  144. "no, not really, it feels good"
  145. >"ew" there is a visible shutter that makes a rather strange clatter noise like paper plates rubbing against each other
  146. >You look down at the changeling, observing its carapace and wings
  147. "You're not that clean,want a bath?"
  148. >It holds up the wounded hoof "Not eactly"
  149. "rag bath?"
  150. >"sure" it sighs
  151. "Answer some questions for me and we can okay?"
  152. >There is a hesitant nod from the changeling and it makes its way back to the bathroom
  153. >You follow behind and sit down on the edge of the now cleaned tub, taking some rags from the shelf, one is soaked in water, the other is soaked in soapy water
  154. >The changeling glares at you, but hesitantly makes its way over, sitting down in your lap
  155. >You carefully start rubbing over it, feeling each of the strange joins, and around its wings
  156. "So, first, what are changelings, biologically?"
  157. >The changeling sighs looking back at you "really?"
  158. "yeah"
  159. >"we're like ponies, but, uh, parasitic...We feed on their love and take the forms of their kind"
  160. "Interesting, so, like spies, that each pony emotions"
  161. >"basically" It feels over its stomach "That's why we're all so skinny"
  162. "Makes sense I suppose. I mean, being in slavery.."
  163. >It grunts "Anyway, take the shape of ponies so we cant infiltrate and feed on their love. we PLANNED on trying it here. That's why we left the safety of our hive"
  164. "it didn't work did it"
  165. >"turns out we can't turn into whatever you are"
  166. >You nod and look it over, watching its movements, and avoiding touching the delicate looking insectoid wings
  167. >The changeling chuckles "We aren't delicate, I'm a warrior drone ya idiot"
  168. "How was I suppose to know" You give it a light bonk on the head, which is responded with a tail flick across your face
  169. >That's not suppose to hurt but it feels like a damn whip
  170. "Cut it out, smack me around any more and I'll make you into a gardener"
  171. >"You wouldn't"
  172. "try me"
  173. >It grunts and looks back at you with a disdainful look
  174. "Okay, next question. whats your name"
  175. >"huh? oh..we don't really get names..."
  176. "Why?"
  177. >"On a bad day our queen produces 30 eggs"
  178. >oh
  179. >well then
  180. "That explains the surplus"
  181. >"The what?"
  182. "You were on sale.."
  183. >"ON SALE?" It huffs and looks away stiffening its chest, again trying to puff it out
  184. "I suppose I could call you Ling, for changeling"
  185. >"That's very impersonal"
  186. "You can deal with it. "
  187. >"better then a number I guess"
  188. "A warrior shape shifter..that's something else you know..very unique"
  189. >"eh, kinda common in our hive.." There is a hint of sadness to the voice that rings with you, realizing what you were dealing with here
  190. "You miss it don't you are you"
  191. >"You just asked me that" it turns giving you a glare
  192. "Nono, I mean, what are you, a boy or a girl"
  193. >"You're kidding right? you cant tell?" It seems disgusted,or angry with you. maybe a bit offended.
  194. "Not really, no"
  195. >"I'm a female. We're all females. "
  196. "ALL females? " You asked curiously while you scrub away some old dirt from the wing.
  197. >Originally you though it was going to be like a flies wing and breakable, but as you clean you realize they are about the same as a coke bottle
  198. >neat
  199. >"Sort of, we can..change..should we need to, but, that really isn't needed if Chrysalis fi-"
  200. >She cuts off and look away "I shouldn't be explaining this"
  201. "Why not? It seems like something kinda important"
  202. >"yeah, but, its embarrassing okay?" She grunts and buzzes her wings at you
  203. "I'll find out one day" You joke and give her head a small pat
  204. >She purses her lips and just huffs at you
  205. "So I guess that means you're born from an egg right?"
  206. >"yeah, pretty much. uh, we hatch when we can stand up. Then raised in a nursery"
  207. >You consider this fact. While they are kinda scary, they are also kinda cute. It would be interesting to see young ones
  208. "So you feed on love right?"
  209. >"yeah"
  210. "how?"
  211. >She puts her hoof to her chin, thinking "Well, now that's a complicated question. Uh, the queen knows, but I'm not allowed into her thoughts"
  212. "Her thoughts, you telling me you can ready minds now?!"
  213. >You stop scrubbing her and stare at her
  214. >"Ha! Of course not, that'd be silly. No we just have a telepathic communications system between us. Warriors connected to warriors, nurses to nurses, and the Queen all the hive!" She extends her hooves in an eager and happy motion
  215. "oh, like Aliens"
  216. >"what?"
  217. "You Aliens its..a movie"
  218. >She just gives you a blank stare
  219. "A slide show"
  220. >again with that piercing blank stare, its making you uncomfortable. You quickly slap the wet rag without soap onto her and start scrubbing to distract her
  221. "ANYWAY. About the love, do you have to only feed on love?"
  222. >"no, love is just the most filling" She turns around and is met in the face by the rag as you rub her face clean
  223. >She sputters and spits and you just laugh at her suffering
  224. >", ew, nasty!" she swaps your hand away, hitting her own injury and making her wince
  225. >"we feed on anything. Love, hate, anger, depression, Love is just the tastiest and most filling. Hate is spicy. Depression is bitter"
  226. "You've been feeding on me haven't you"
  227. >"You know it."
  228. "That's disgusting"
  229. >"and I'm hungry"
  230. "So, continuing with the love thing"
  231. >She takes the rag away from you and slaps in to your face
  232. >You grunt and grab it back, holding it out of her reach
  233. "Do you HAVE to shape shift to eat the love"
  234. >She shakes her head
  235. >"we passively eat emotions all the time, even from each other"
  236. >"though it isn't ever filling" she makes a motion towards her horn "Since we're sharing feelings all the time anyway"
  237. >you lean in and boop her nose, making her flail her arms and fall back in surprise
  238. "Have you ever even felt love?"
  239. >Ling goes quiet, laying on her back and looking up at you
  240. >"no"
  241. "never"
  242. >"I was born only a few weeks before we tried to infiltrate Earth"
  243. "What? How old are you"
  244. >She shrugs "Lost count"
  245. "oh.., maybe we should give you a birthday. If you were born a few weeks before your kind entered Earth, you're probably around 2"
  246. >She just nods "I guess"
  247. "What about the normal food you ate before"
  248. >"Helps keep my muscle build. Emotions for energy, physical food for build mass"
  249. >Oh yeah, shes a warrior, she knows about working out and stuff
  250. "Maybe I'll use you as my personal trainer" You tease
  251. >"That's quit backwards ya know"
  252. >This time its your turn to shrug
  253. >Ling chuckles and sits back up, looking herself over
  254. >nice and shiny now, like a shined up black card
  255. >Pretty even
  256. >You stand and take ling into your arms, wiping her off with a dry towel and carrying her back to the living room
  257. "Anything I can do to help your leg?"
  258. >"eh, not really. I just need to molt"
  259. "Like a lobster?"
  260. >"Yep. exactly the same actually." She looks at herself and at her leg "Too bad, I havn't shined like this for a long time"
  261. >You roll your eyes and pick up her old shackles and paper work
  262. "You don't plan to be a pain in my ass do you?"
  263. >She leans back into the couch and looks at him, rolling her eyes
  264. >"Why would I? If you want to keep me alive, you have no choice then to let me feed off you, and honestly, anythings better then" She shivers "going back to that place"
  265. "Well, truth be told. I understand"
  266. >You sit down beside Ling holding her shackles and paper work
  267. "But they also left me some special instructions."
  268. >Flipping through the papers you put down a set of recommendations
  269. >Pretty simple, but important
  270. >Keep her shackles and chained unless necessary to let her off
  271. >Do not allow her to be outside unattended
  272. >Always keep her on her leash
  273. >ect, ect prisoner type rules
  274. "Basically, they claim you're dangerous"
  275. >Ling blinks as she reads the paper "they make me sound like a psychopath"
  276. "You invaded Earth"
  277. >"We couldn't find the ponies, it wasn't much of an option"
  278. "Humans don't care, I mean,w e enslaved you for goodness sake"
  279. >"I suppose, but...we only fought in self defense, After canterl-"
  280. >She grips her head and grunts "I've said too much.."
  281. >You look at Ling and blinks some, gently touching her side
  282. "Hey, are you alright"
  283. >"Chrysalis is trying to tell me to shut up.."
  284. "it hurts?"
  285. >"no but it feels like shes yelling...I think I made her mad"
  286. "Well you tell her I'm too lazy to pick a fight with a queen of a species"
  287. >"I can't talk back to my queen!"
  288. >she grunts again and bites her lip
  289. >Finally she replies "Okay, okay" She looks up at you concerned
  290. >"She doesn't trust you"
  291. "She shouldn't"
  292. >You spend some time with the changeling, leaning back on the couch in the quiet as she goes into some kind of concentration
  293. “What are you doing?”
  294. >“As long as the queen and I can think about each other. We are connected. I’m talking to her”
  295. “Even though that portal thing closed?”
  296. >“yep. Mind over matter as she always said.”
  297. “That pretty neat..but..I‘m kind bored”
  298. >“what kind of things do humans do?”
  299. “Remember what I mentioned about Aliens? Well we’re going to watch it”
  300. >She looks up at you interested, then brings her gaze around the room “I don’t see a slide projector though”
  301. “it’s a different kind of slide” You smirk while you make your way over to the movie rack “think…really fast”
  302. >You find the Alien movies pretty easily, being alphabetically organized, and pile the three on top of each other
  303. “If what you’re telling me is true, then one of these movies may remind you of yourself”
  304. >Popping the DVD, special edition of course, into the player, you go to the kitchen while it plays through the opening sequence
  305. >Ling is impressed, staring at the screen, not even into the movie yet and absolutely blown away
  306. >She plants herself in place while you make the glorious buttery popcorn
  307. >Ling leans forward into her seat
  308. >Completely focused on the TV while you make your popcorn
  309. >POP POP POP
  310. >She screams out and jumps back looking around in panic
  311. >You gasp and rush into the living , only to see Ling curled up under a cushion, her horn sticking out making her obvious
  312. “Uh, Ling, its okay..”
  313. >She gulps and slowly pokes her head out “I heard the things again”
  314. “Uh, what?”
  315. >“the things, from…when they started catch-” She gulps
  316. “Catch? You mean catching you?”
  317. >She just nods
  318. >Oh….what kind of weapon sounds like popcorn?
  319. >Well you did hear that the black ponies put up a fight
  320. >Now you understand what the black ponies were
  321. >You walk over and slowly take her chin into your palm
  322. “I thought you were a big hard core super spy”
  323. >she grunts quietly, wiggling deeper into the couch
  324. > “w..well yeah..of course I am…”
  325. >“but..sometimes I get spooked”
  326. >You roll your eyes and carefully pluck her from the cushions, patting her head
  327. “Its just popcorn, don’t worry”
  328. >She looks suspiciously at you, but sees your eyes, sincere and understanding
  329. >Ling slowly comes out of the cushions and sits on top of the couch
  330. >Geez you hope she doesn’t respond that badly to the movies
  331. >After retrieving the buttery goodness from the microwave, you plop down beside the spooked little changeling and smile over at her
  332. “Movie and popcorn, trust me, it’s the best”
  333. >She just nods and scoots a little closer to you
  334. >You offer out the bag and, confusingly enough, she can grab the popcorn with her hoof
  335. >the hooked part of her hoof makes a neat scoop
  336. >You watch her eat but realize you forgot a serious question
  337. >Those fangs
  338. >or….were they even suppose to be fangs?
  339. >You press play on the movie and it begins with the slow intro of the ship
  340. “so, uh. I have a question”
  341. >Ling looks up to you and head tilts
  342. >Oh god that’s cute
  343. >Lings confused head tilt turns into a gentle smile
  344. >Those bright blue eyes staring up at you
  345. >Oh god
  346. >“Yes?”
  347. “What’s up with those?”
  348. >You give one of the fangs a poke
  349. >She jerks her head away and grunts
  350. >“don’t touch”
  351. >You shrug
  352. >“I USED to have two amazing fangs, big white and always sharp”
  353. >You blink and lean down to look
  354. >Her breath is strangely sweet
  355. >Like, roses and chocolate sweet
  356. “oh..yeah..looks like they were broken?”
  357. >She scoffs and shakes her head “Of course not! I wouldn’t be so stupid!”
  358. >“Those other humans, the ones with the guns and whips, I bit one”
  359. >You blink and lean back, looking at her mouth and remembering it can stretch kind of far
  360. >“so they….hit me…with a metal rod, then stomped pretty hard, said I wasn't good enough for the snips“
  361. >She sighs softly and looks down, touching her stubby fangs
  362. >“Of course they brought me to some kind of electrical stone grinder and held my head down to it”
  363. >Holy shit she’s tough, she isn't even flinching at the memory
  364. “Hold on, you‘re telling me they did that, but you aren't even bothered“
  365. >“…..Why would I? I have memories of worse happening “
  366. >Hm….must come with the territory of shared minds…
  367. “You remember what other warriors have seen?”
  368. >She nods “You get used to things like that, but, humans are..the worst”
  369. >cant deny that
  370. “But scared of popcorn?”
  371. >“It took me by surprise!”
  372. “okay okay”
  373. >You rub her head playfully and she gives a hiss
  374. “Why’ve you been so nice anyway?”
  375. >“why not? I mean, I can’t really lose much by cooperating, but I can loose it all by fighting”
  376. >She takes in a breath, going in to lean on you, but her head moves back and she ends up leaning into the couch
  377. >“Its only logical”
  378. >and so, you see the movie actually begin
  379. >She stares at it “Wow. Moving pictures..”
  380. >They’re on the wake up scene
  381. >Ling is now into it
  382. >“I know humans are dangerous. But you can fly through space and sleep for years?”
  383. >You think about that
  384. >the Equestrian fights did advance some technology, even helping with electric cars
  385. >At the cost of weaker unicorns
  386. >So no, not much has advanced
  387. “No, not really, I mean, we can send stuff into space, but we can barely make it out of our own solar system, much less that far”
  388. >Ling presses her flank into you as she stares at the screen
  389. >“Solar system? I HEARD of some places orbiting around the that true?”
  390. >You nod and chuckle, patting her head
  391. >She recoils with that same hiss
  392. “Yeah, our planet circles the sun”
  393. >“Wow….the pony princess always did that for us..”
  394. “wait, control over the-”
  395. >She cuts you off and waves her hoof in your face
  396. >You look up
  397. >They’re hearing the transmission
  398. >“shhhh! They saw something!!”
  399. “Heard”
  400. >“whatever”
  401. -
  402. >You are a human with a black bug pone beside you
  403. >That must mean you’re Anon
  404. >Ling, your new changeling friend is intently watching the movie
  405. >With nothing all that scary going on, she is contently leaning forward
  406. >But in comes the most important scene
  407. >The Space ship.
  408. >She stiffens as she sees the eggs, then turns to you
  409. >“Those eggs, if they were a different color, they’d look just like..”
  410. >She trails off and goes back to watching the movie
  411. >The Alien jumps from the egg!
  412. >She gasps out and looks at you
  413. >“N..never mind, they aren’t.. is..he okay?”
  414. >You shrug, not wanting to spoil anything for her, instead opting to let her watch herself
  415. >You chuckle and motion back to the TV
  416. >She doesn’t respond much, too into it, even the cutting of the face huggers leg only makes her gasp
  417. >That is until the chestburster
  418. >She sees the human start seizing and her eyes go wide “Oh no..”
  419. >Oh yes..
  420. >“OH NO!” She cries out “What DID it do!”
  421. >She gags and runs out of the room upon seeing it burst out.
  422. >You pause the DVD and chuckle to yourself, following her
  423. >Wait if she eats love…you’ll need to see this after she leaves the bathroom
  424. “I guess that was a bit much”
  425. >Poor ling is hanging over the toilet gagging
  426. “Hey, was that a bit much?”
  427. >She looks back at you, eyes wide
  428. >“that was disgusting!”
  429. “Its not real Ling”
  430. >“It LOOKED real though!”
  431. >You walk over and crouch down next to her
  432. “Trust me, it wasn’t”
  433. >She wipes her mouth with her forearm and groans
  434. >“Is there anymore like that?”
  435. “Well, a few scenes, I can warn you about them so you can look away though”
  436. >“Yeah that’d be nice...I mean…it just….popped out”
  437. >You laugh and gently touch her back, between her wings
  438. “I know…..pretty spooky stuff. Especially when I first saw it”
  439. >You wait for her to step to the side before glancing into the toilet
  440. >Well, there’s the obvious of what’s he ate before, but, oddly enough there was some bits of black in it
  441. >She didn’t look worried so you’re sure its fine
  442. >Flush
  443. >Gently you take her hoof and lead her back to the living room
  444. “I’ll warn you when it shows up so you can look away okay?”
  445. >She just nods and sits back down beside you
  446. >Her body is pressed firmly against you
  447. >Kind of cold, but…also..not that bad
  448. >You look down at the little changeling and slowly warm your arm around her as you press play again
  449. >She watches, looking away when you warn her, but as things progress, you can tell it’s a bit too scary for her
  450. >Everything’s just too real
  451. >Hell was she even REALLY a warrior, acting like this?
  452. >She even makes the comment that she didn’t trust the cat
  453. >Nobody trusts the cat
  454. >“Oh out  Dallas” She whimpers, putting her hooves to her chin
  455. >Upon seeing him taken into the vents, she bursts into tears, holding onto you for dear life
  456. >“H..he knew he’d die Anon! That’s why he didn’t let Ripley go!”
  457. >She is bawling as she holds onto you, mumbling something
  458. >You can’t make it out behind the whimpers and crying though
  459. >So all you can do is pet her
  460. ‘Shh...its okay..”
  461. >She looks up at you “That was so great  of him..”
  462. >During the rest of the movie, she is less inclined to crying, but is pressed very firmly into you, the other deaths not really bothering her as much
  463. >But you can see she is obviously upset by some of them
  464. >At first she didn’t know how to react to Ash being a robot
  465. >But she was soon cheering for Ash’s death
  466. >“Yah! That’s what he gets for lying!”
  467. >She even called Lambert annoying
  468. >10/10 little Changeling knows what’s up
  469. >Naturally seeing Dallas again got her into hysterics again and tears
  470. >The only solution for which is hugs and petting
  471. >Seeing her not hissing at you at all, you get an idea
  472. >You carefully tug her up into your lap and hold her to your chest, slowly moving your hand down her back
  473. >Her little wings buzz somewhat contently in response to it
  474. “There, there, keep watching, we’re almost over”
  475. >“this is terrible, absolutely horrible” She whimpers
  476. “You like it don’t you”
  477. >Ling sniffles and nods “Its horrible….he did all that but then SHE had to kill him....”
  478. “More?”
  479. >“yes please”
  480. -
  481. >You are cuddled into a humans lap
  482. >You taste something sweet and delicious even though you’re eating popcorn
  483. >Also your legs have holes in them
  484. >That probably means you’re Ling
  485. >Or a really fucked up pony
  486. >No definitely Ling
  487. >You press your back firmly into the human who adopted you
  488. >While you didn’t particularly like cuddling a human, but he tasted pretty good.
  489. >Maybe he isn’t so bad, especially since in this form you didn’t scare him
  490. >Actually it didn’t scare many humans, as much as you try
  491. >Oh yeah, there’s a movie on, better watch it, Anon seems to like it
  492. >But at this point you aren’t sure how much more you can take, this stuff is terrifying!
  493. >You’ve seen war
  494. >Well, some of it
  495. >And there were some serious booboos there!
  496. >You couldn’t handle those either..
  497. >That’s probably why they let you get captured..
  498. >Well you tried
  499. >And Moth--the Queen did her best to comfort you
  500. >but she had to retreat..
  501. “Hey, Ling.”
  502. >You look up and then back to the movie
  503. >“Oh, sorry..”
  504. >You let out a soft giggle, but turn your attention back to the movie at hand
  505. >By now the main character
  506. >Ripley you think
  507. >She was arming some kind of explosive or something
  508. >You had never seen such a thing, but if it could blow up that WHOLE ship, boy are you glad you haven’t!
  509. >You watch as she goes to escape
  510. >“Wait! Don’t forget the kitty!”
  511. >There is a chuckle from above you
  512. >Then another couple hundred in your head
  513. >One is particularly loud
  514. >You don’t dare back talk that one though
  515. >When its all over you sigh happily and stare at the TV
  516. >“She made it”
  517. >Wait
  518. >PANIC
  520. >OH NO!
  521. >You wave your hooves at the screen
  522. >Anon grabs your sides to calm you
  523. >Not that it helps, Ripley is in trouble!
  524. >You whine and gasp out seeing her plan
  525. >Yes..Yes YES!
  526. >You grab onto Anons shoulders laughing and jump up and down on his lap
  527. >He grunts and tries to stop you
  528. >seems that hurt
  529. >Oh well!
  530. >“She did it! Anon she won!”
  531. >Your hooves hurt, but who cares that movie was AWSOME
  532. >If a bit spooky
  533. >Anon chuckles and pets your head, you hiss at him warningly as you have done before
  534. >You can’t admit you like it
  535. >Of course Chrysalis is right there to remind you that you DO like it
  536. >Damn it
  537. >In the back of your head you hear multiple snickers and chuckles
  538. “Yep, Ripley won, but now she’s floating in space”
  539. >Your black face goes pale
  540. >Or….. Dark grey
  541. >“W..will she be okay”
  542. “There’s two more movies. Want to find out?”
  543. >You go to nod, but then remember the deaths
  544. >Those were nasty, you aren’t sure if you can handle them
  545. >And Dallas
  546. >Poor Dallas…he reminded you of..
  547. >You whimper softly and press your face into Anons shoulder
  548. >Anon just smiles down at you and pets your head
  549. >You feel his emotion change slightly
  550. >There’s the love, though its more unconditional, similar to what the Orange pony with the funny hat gave her dog
  551. >Father affections
  552. >And a hint of something
  553. >Mistrust maybe, you can’t tell. Its spicy though
  554. “Ling, you don’t have to watch them right now”
  555. >You just nod and look up at Anon
  556. >“thank you.”
  557. >He looks down at you and smiles
  558. “For?”
  559. >“Being so nice..”
  560. >Anon flashes you that smile
  561. >Gosh, that smile is REALLY nice
  562. >He sits you down and pats your head
  563. >Hisssss
  564. >Though you can practically hear multiple others of your family begging to be in your place
  565. >Now you know why you get so many headaches
  566. >Why can’t they shut up
  567. >Anon cuts you from your thinking
  568. “Well, lets go get some dinner first and then you can do my laundry”
  569. >“huh? Laundry?”
  570. “You messed up my Shirt Ling”
  571. >Oh..that
  572. >You look at his shirt, there’s a mix of your blood from earlier, and some tear from you
  573. >At least he didn’t yell at you about it..
  574. >“s..sure..I guess..”
  575. >In the kitchen you follow him and look around
  576. >All this human stuff looks complicated..
  577. >He doesn’t seem to mind though, instead getting quickly to work
  578. >“…you know I don’t HAVE to”
  579. >He leans town, poking your nose with a blunt object
  580. >Oh sweet Chrysalis that’s a knife sharpener!
  581. >Anon wouldn’t hurt you, right?!
  582. >There is a loud, angry hiss from the back of your head
  583. >He looks into your big blue eyes and smiles
  584. “Hey, don’t be so tense, I know. But I’d feel better if you eat”
  585. >Oh thank goodness
  586. >The hissing calms down as you do
  587. >Momma Chryssy’s got your back
  588. “Now, how about a salad for you?”
  589. >You can’t think of anything else so you not
  590. >He motions holding a knife to the fridge
  591. “Get me all the vegetables from the fridge, there isn’t much, and if you see anything you want to drink, grab it”
  592. >You just nod and make your way over
  593. >Carrots, Cabbage, Lettuce, tiny tomatoes, cucumber, and something that looks like a vegetable but is hard
  594. >You grab it anyway
  595. >Anon looks through what you grabbed and begins chopping and washing things
  596. >You notice him look at you funny as he takes the strange hard vegetable and suddenly pops it in half!
  597. >Oh, there’s an onion inside
  598. “You like onion?”
  599. >Of course, you don’t each much in the way of actual food, but not wanting to be rude you just smile
  600. “Never had it!”
  601. >He nods and chops off a tiny bit, holding it out to you
  602. >You sniff it, then take it into your mouth
  603. >He suddenly yanks back his hand
  604. >He lets out a second surprised noise and grabs his arm
  605. >You didn’t bite him did you?
  606. >Oh you hope not
  607. >He'd punish you for sure
  608. >Wait, Anon is holding his arm though not his finger
  609. “Agh, damn it Ling, look what you made me do, don’t surprise me like that!”
  610. >You see red
  611. >Oh no he’s bleeding!
  612. >You rush over as if on instinct
  613. >There are a couple of the voices in your head, some screaming to not interfere, others telling you to help him and quickly
  614. >Your own is practically drowned out as the voices of your brothers and sisters NOT busy right now speak up to share their feelings on this
  615. >They are all suddenly hushed though
  616. >Chrysalis grabs hold of your mind
  617. >awkward
  618. >“Help him” she says “You’re trained for it are you not?”
  619. >Of course you are!
  620. >You grab his arm and practically slam him into the table
  621. >Silly human never expected it!
  622. >He winces
  623. “Hey Ling what the hell?”
  624. >You don’t let him respond, instead getting to work
  625. >Wet towel, pressure, and something to wrap it
  626. >you hold him in place with his arm awkwardly above him as Anon sits on his knees in the floor, arm on the table
  627. >You wrap his arm up in the nearest towel and dig through a drawer
  628. >it takes you a second but you find it
  629. >The mighty life saver
  630. >Ever since you came to this planet you’ve seen it used in many ways
  631. >Duct tape
  632. >You wrap his arm up securely
  633. >Pressure on the wound
  634. >Check
  635. >Bandaging clean and secure
  636. >Yep!
  637. >it’s a small puncture wound so, not much else needed to be done?
  638. >Nope its all good!
  639. >You smile at your work and let out a hiss “all better!”
  640. >Anon stares at you in disbelieve
  641. >At first he looks angry
  642. >Oh no
  643. >You gulp
  644. >His looks slowly softens as he inspects your work
  645. “That’s really good for a fighter Ling”
  646. >You start to smile
  647. “Really quick thinking....”
  648. >Anon’s face turns to one of contemplation
  649. >He’s thinking
  650. >And you just reviled your power level
  651. >You stand above the changeling now
  652. >Confused, and in a bit of pain
  653. >But also very interested
  654. >You just fed your little Ling a bit of onion to see if she liked it
  655. >Apparently she did because she latched right onto you
  656. >Didn’t bite, but she did spook you
  657. >So you reeled back, and, in your own foolishness, sliced into your own arm
  658. >You’ve always seen movie soldiers, the nitty gritty kind who know what to do and how to do it
  659. >They’re often pretty good with medic work
  660. >But work slower than the actual medics who have experience
  661. >The medics are like lightening
  662. >Like your new changeling
  663. >You lean down to Ling and show her your arm
  664. “Where did you learn this?”
  665. >“I..its.. standard practice for fighters”
  666. >You grunt
  667. “Well, of course, but you acted like an expert”
  668. >You can practically hear her gulp
  669. “I’m impressed, but.. where did you really learn this”
  670. >Ling looks very uncomfortable, she looks up at you and quickly runs off
  671. >There is a loud slam and you shake your head
  672. >Following the sound you see the spare bedroom is shut
  673. >Instead of prying her for further information you decide to go to your bedroom
  674. >Internet is best source of knowledge these days
  675. >You turn on your computer and search up for any information of captured changelings
  676. >You find some pretty simple but important facts
  677. >Currently, according to humans, there are 4 tiers of changeling
  678. >All but one look the same
  679. >Medic, Warrior, Drone, Queen
  680. >Queen is obvious, Ling called her mother
  681. >Warrior and Medic also are obvious, they’re meant for war
  682. >And Drones, who handle day to day life and fill in for warriors if need be
  683. >The source for the info is more discouraging
  684. >Some of those research centers everyone talks about
  685. >More like prisons and autopsy buildings
  686. “She has to be a medic”
  687. >You shake your head and google ‘changeling medic’
  688. >Now this is what you needed to know
  689. >Medics are highly sought after, most of them retreated when the changelings begun to loose the small skirmishes
  690. >The captured ones..turns out they had something extra
  691. >All changelings seem to share an ability to spit some kind of green goo
  692. >Medics though, they had some kind of ability
  693. >Actually it was pretty neat
  694. >They could build cocoons and shit and were really good with natural herbs
  695. >They seemed to be the best for anything from baby sitting to full on emergency room work
  696. >Worth a lot of money
  697. >well, fuck.
  698. >You get back up and look back at your arm
  699. >Its well bandages...with your favorite towel
  700. >Son of a bitch..
  701. >You march your way to the spare room, knocking a few times
  702. >No answer
  703. >You turn the knob
  704. >SUCCESS
  705. >You look around the room with a stern glare
  706. “Ling?”
  707. >You don’t see her
  708. “Ling where are you?”
  709. >You hear a small hiss then a squeak as she covers her mouth
  710. >You look up
  711. >She’s upside down on the ceiling
  712. >Dude wat
  713. >“D..don’t send me away master”
  714. >You raise a brow as you approach under her
  715. “You’re worth a lot of money”
  716. >She whimpers “Don’t send me away! I’ll starve!”
  717. >You open your arms
  718. “Why would I send you away?”
  719. >She gulps “You know why”
  720. >You shake your head
  721. “They wouldn’t pay me full price anyway, you’re injured”
  722. >She blinks and looks at her hooves
  723. >Then to you
  724. >“really?” with a dead pan confused look
  725. “Well, that, and I like you”
  726. >She blushes
  727. >“I like you to”
  728. >You just nod
  729. “Now get down here”
  730. >She doesn’t move
  731. “That’s an order”
  732. >She gulps and lets go of the ceiling
  733. >How did she even-
  734. >No time to think
  735. >Oof!
  736. >She falls right onto you and you squirm around under her
  737. >For a moment Ling stares at you in a daze
  738. >She gasps out and scrambles off of you making you wheeze as you take in a breath
  739. >Human body does not like bug pone on lungs
  740. >Ling stares at you as you sit up, with her wide, scared eyes
  741. >“ what are you going to do to me”
  742. >You shrug
  743. “Well all you did was lie to the slave auctioneers, I don’t care about your. Specialty”
  744. >She looks away
  745. >You can see something is making her uncomfortable
  746. >“Y..yeah, but Mo…Queen Chrysalis told us not to tell them what we do”
  747. “So you went with warrior?”
  748. >“Well I’m not a queen”
  749. >Fair
  750. “How did she know what they wanted?"
  751. >“She guessed they’d take advantage of our natural abilities”
  752. “Such as?”
  753. “Putting warriors to hard work, Medics to heal /them/”
  754. >The way she says that makes a shiver shoot down your spine
  755. “Se wasn't wrong, smart thinking on her part”
  756. >Ling suddenly beams at you “The smartest!”
  757. >You pat Ling on the head and lead her to the near by bed
  758. >She watches you until she’s invited up
  759. >Then she hops up beside you
  760. “Yeah.. about this queen”
  761. >“Chrysalis”
  762. “Whatever.. Look.. if she’s ..all the way in wherever you come from, how can you be talking to her?”
  763. >“Well, like I said, mind over matter”
  764. “But.. why doesn’t she just.. abandon you? I mean, there’s no way she can see you again”
  765. >Ling looks down saddened
  766. >“Because she loves us, and we love her”
  767. >Now that you understand
  768. “She’s talking to you a lot”
  769. >“well, not just her, we all do, but yeah, she does”
  770. “why?”
  771. >“She doesn’t want to let us go, she wants to rescue us..”
  772. “I see.. and how does she plan to do that”
  773. >You see ling thinking
  774. >Normal thinking procedure is to tap the chin
  775. >She’s holding her temples
  776. >“well..she wanted human help... but.. she isn’t sure if she can find it”
  777. >You reach over, hovering you hand over Ling head, slowly you bring it down
  778. >Pet pets.
  779. >Ling coos into it, leaning forward and smiling at the kind gesture
  780. >“ She really likes you, she says you’ve been nicer to me than anyone’s been to our species”
  781. >You wince hearing that
  782. “Surely there’s been one..”
  783. >Ling shakes her head “we’re too scary looking..”
  784. "No your not"
  785. >Ling looks up at you with her adorable, hope filled eyes
  786. "I think you're pretty cool..heck, a bit of..something, I dunno some makeup or something, you'd be very pretty"
  787. >Ling blushes bright green
  788. >" course not"
  789. >You see her lick her lips and laugh
  790. "taste something good"
  791. >Ling looks away from you and whistles innocently
  792. >Damn cheese leg pones
  793. "Well, non the less. I think that's enough for today, lets eat our dinner and lay down okay?"
  794. >Ling doesn't look at you, seeming embarrassed, but she does speak up
  795. >"dinner would be nice.. but where am I going to sleep"
  796. "Well, There’s this room if you want"
  797. >She looks around it and her wings buzz
  798. >"This whole room, for me?"
  799. "Well, its the smallest room in the house, but, yeah"
  800. >"O..oh.. well, t...thank you"
  801. "Or.."
  802. >She turns to face you
  803. "I don't have any extra covers for in here, so maybe if you want.."
  804. >Her cheek turn even greener under her black skin
  805. >She looks at you for a long moment
  806. "Well?"
  807. >"I.. I'd like that"
  808. >You smile and ruffle her head
  809. >And lack of hair
  810. "Alright then, tonight you sleep with me, then tomorrow we buy you some blankets and, heck, if there’s any cloths you want, check em out"
  811. >Ling isn't sure how to respond to such kindness!
  812. >Its all so much for her!
  813. >And boy does she love the attention
  814. >Happeh bug is best bug
  815. >She hops off the bed and hurries into the kitchen to help you finish dinner
  816. >You follow behind and get back to work, with a new knife of course
  817. >When both are finished you plop down and look across the table to Ling
  818. >She’s already digging into her bowl
  819. “Slow down piggy”
  820. >As usual you get a playful hiss in turn
  821. >Okay then
  822. >You on the other hand take your time eating, thinking up questions
  823. >What does a medic do, why would they want them to treat humans, would she even want cloths, and most importantly
  824. >What is that queen planning
  825. >You hear a huff and a knock on the table
  826. >Ling is glaring at you
  827. “Why are you staring at me like that!”
  828. “Oh, uh, just thinking..”
  829. >She huffs “don’t, its scary!”
  830. “Oh? Well I say don’t order your master around or I’ll bite!”
  831. >You take a big chomp out of your salad
  832. >Both you and Ling laugh at it, and she sighs leaning her head down
  833. >“So, whatcha thinking about?”
  834. “You"
  835. >Ling is staring at you
  836. >Did she really already finish her whole bowl?
  837. >You’re barely half way done!
  838. >Oh shit she’s still staring
  839. >Anon think! Say something!
  840. “Uh..”
  841. >No, words!
  842. “Ling I was thinking.”
  843. >She blinks
  844. >“Oh good, you’re not having a stroke”
  845. >You blink
  846. >She has that big devious grin on her face like she just made the best joke ever
  847. >Damn bugs
  848. “Its about your job, er, previous job”
  849. >She quiets down and looks at her empty bowl
  850. >“No.”
  851. >You sit up
  852. “What?”
  853. >“I can’t talk about it.”
  854. “Why not?”
  855. >“I’ve already said too much about us, Chrysalis will be mad”
  856. “You’re joking right? What is she going to do?”
  857. >“Yell at me”
  858. >You rolls your eyes
  859. “I’m sure its fine, just tell me what you do as a medic”
  860. >“I already-”
  861. “Just tell me”
  862. >She hesitates and keeps looking at her bowl
  863. >It takes a few minutes, but she sighs
  864. >“fine”
  865. >That clearly wasn’t directed to you
  866. “Okay, well continue”
  867. >“W..well.. medics…we”
  868. >She gulps and leans back into her seat
  869. >“we handle a couple things, first of all, and most importantly, we’re nurses for the whole hive”
  870. “How big is a hive”
  871. >“currently? Around 200...we took..heavy losses between the canter lot incident and THIS”
  872. >She touches her collar
  873. >oh yeah, you never took that off..
  874. >Oh well
  875. >”So, yeah, we take care of booboos and sick Changelings”
  876. >She giggles out and covers her mouth like shes thinking of something embarrassing
  877. >“I remember one time, Queen Chrysalis got the flu”
  878. >You lean forward, invested now. Good to know they can get the flu, might want to check in on that
  879. >“Hehe..She was laying in bed groaning and coughing like a filly! We had to put 25 of the medics on order for her!”
  880. >Ling imitates someone laying in bed by laying back and putting her hooves to her chest
  881. >“Ooooh Ling get me more cough medicine!”
  882. >She laughs out happily
  883. >“We all worked in shifts helping her get better, while the other half of the medics handled the rest of the hive! Nearly 2/3rds of the hive got sick!”
  884. >Ling laughs out, but calms rather quickly and looks down
  885. >“I hope there’s enough medics that got out to help the hive….I don’t like to boast, but I know how important we are..”
  886. >She sighs softly
  887. >“Our most important job is to deal with the eggs”
  888. >Now your interest is peeked.
  889. >After all ponies don’t lay eggs
  890. “Eggs?”
  891. >“Imagine…. Those eggs from that scary movie, but more green, like my blood, and with little filly sized changelings in them”
  892. >You tap your chin
  893. “Neat”
  894. >“We care for the eggs, keep them clean, and help the little ones hatch, really important stuff”
  895. “Why can’t the queen help?”
  896. >“Oh she does! She personally oversees each birth, but she also has to take care of the whole hive, and we don’t allow warriors or drones into the nursery!”
  897. >Understandable actually, just like a human hospital
  898. “Oh… okay, so medics are just like human nurses then, you must be very well trained”
  899. >She nods slowly as she goes into though
  900. >“we try..”
  901. “So, why would the humans want you so badly”
  902. >“well, why not, I mean, we’re trained for emergencies to ya know. Imagine if your ambulances could fly and use nearly anything to help with”
  903. >That brings you can to your towel and duct tape
  904. >Its made from about as redneck materials as one can get, but looks extremely professional
  905. >“plus..”
  906. >You look up at her
  907. >“We have a.. dirty little secret”
  908. >You put your fork down for this one
  909. >“You know how bees vomit to make honey?”
  910. “Well, of course, that’s like, 2nd grade knowledge”
  911. >“Imagine if you could eat an herb, do that, and concentrate it down into a honey like fluid that had the healing power of whatever herb you used, but tens of times more powerful”
  912. >"its also pretty good at terraforming"
  913. >Oh fuck
  914. >Also ew what the fuck
  915. >“the slavers said we’re so much like bees that they just called us bugs..”
  916. “Oh, sorry..”
  917. >She chuckles and rolls her eyes
  918. “Bees are the most important creature in nature, and are extremely smart. I take it as a compliment”
  919. >You chuckle in response
  920. ‘So, you’re basically just big pony shaped bees?”
  921. >“I suppose, but I imagine we’re smarter then this worlds bees”
  922. >Cant deny that one
  923. “Sure but, that doesn’t explain everything…. I understand why they want that, but they cant force you to eat their, uh, whatever they feed you, can they?”
  924. >“what’s stopping them?”
  925. >You think, stumped
  926. “Oh.. I guess you’re right, do as they’re told or..”
  927. >“die”
  928. >You look away, ashamed at such an idea
  929. >“we may work like bees, and we may share a hive mind, but we are still individuals”
  930. >“We do our hardest because we want to, we resist because we want to. And I gave in because I didn’t want to die.”
  931. >Ling looks more upset by the moment
  932. >“Some of us… they didn’t give in”
  933. >You reach out and slowly touch her shoulder
  934. >She begins to tear up
  935. >“My sisters…so many…so many screams Anon..”
  936. >You watch as Ling goes from a few stray tears to a full blown cry
  937. >Oh god damn it not again
  938. >This time its worse, more of a wailing desperate cry then the sobbing before
  939. >Activate plan A
  940. >You get up and walk around as she holds her face crying into her bandages hooves
  941. >You wrap your arms around you and-
  942. >Oh fuck ouch
  943. >She clings to you with impressive force, holding onto you and pressing her face into your stomach as she cries
  944. >You pet her head
  945. “there there, let it all out little buggy”
  946. >She sniffles as she continues to cry and you just pet her slowly
  947. >It absolutely breaks your heart watching this..
  948. >Little changeling crying as hard as her body can handle while she remembers her family
  949. >You feel, pity
  950. >And you stroke her weird neck fin thing
  951. >Making her whine lightly and look up at you
  952. >You lean down, holding her close and looking into her eyes
  953. “Ling, maybe you should lay down okay?”
  954. >She just nods slowly and makes her way to the bed room, sniffling the whole way
  955. >Spending a bit of time in the kitchen and cleaning up, you think to yourself
  956. >You got proper answers
  957. >And you asked most of your questions
  958. >Didn’t get to ask about her changing ability, or what the queen was planning
  959. “Damn”
  960. >You drop the bowls into the sink and walk into the bedroom
  961. >Ling is curled up on the bed  hugging a pillow
  962. >Naturally, it hurts the soul, so you walk over and lay  down with her
  963. >carefully you wrap your arms around her
  964. >She stiffens and gasps out
  965. “Shh, its just me”
  966. >She gulps
  967. >“S.. sorry, am I not suppose to-”
  968. >You cut her off with a pat on her nose
  969. “No, no, its okay”
  970. >You smile kindly and hold her to your best
  971. >She presses back into you
  972. >Together you both lay in your bed, you holding her, her holding the pillow, until Ling falls asleep
  973. >Oh god the worlds on fire [spoiler] how bout yours [/spoiler]
  974. >Your eyes burn and your whole body feels warm
  975. >There’s something hard poking your chin
  976. >It kind of hurts
  977. >Wait
  978. >That’s just day light
  979. >fuck that
  980. >You go to cover yourself up further but feel the thing poke your chin again
  981. >You wince and carefully move back and look down
  982. >Oh look bugpone
  983. >You yawn loudly and look down at her
  984. “Good morning Ling”
  985. >A small yawn escapes her and she squirms out from your grasp, barely paying attention to you
  986. >She flops down onto the floor and stretches out
  987. >Do she got dat booty
  988. >She dooooo
  989. “Ling!”
  990. >She jumps and looks around, finally opening her eyes
  991. >“H.. huh.. oh.. g.. good morning master”
  992. “Anon”
  993. >“right..”
  994. >You stare awkwardly at her with her hind end high in the air and tail raised
  995. >You never really thought a pony was for sexual
  996. >But you can’t deny she got it
  997. >You sigh and sit up stretching out as well
  998. “Sleep well?”
  999. >She mumbles and starts stumbling her way towards the kitchen
  1000. >Odd
  1001. >You follow behind groggily and watch as she tries to reach the faucet
  1002. >It’d be cute if she was not about to fall over into the table
  1003. >You run over and catch her
  1004. “Ling, stay with me now”
  1005. >“Thirsty”
  1006. >You sigh and roll your eyes, getting her a glass of water
  1007. >And begin making coffee for yourself
  1008. >She sits down at the table and groans softly, drinking the water not much differently than a human in the morning
  1009. >Well at least you both agree that mornings suck
  1010. “How’d you sleep?”
  1011. >“Human beds aren’t that warm..”
  1012. >You go to speak up but she grins
  1013. >“You are though”
  1014. >Oh
  1015. >OH
  1016. “Uh, thanks.. I think”
  1017. >She giggles and gulps down more water
  1018. “Well, anyway”
  1019. >You take your coffee and sit
  1020. “I’d like to go to some stores today”
  1021. >She nods “Sounds nice”
  1022. >You gently bump her with the hot cup
  1023. >She immediately straightens up and stares at you
  1024. “For you silly”
  1025. >“Oh”
  1026. “I think you’d do well to get your own bed”
  1027. >“Mhmm.. I guess” she looks at you with pleading eyes
  1028. >As much as you like cuddling, her having her own bed is a wise idea
  1029. “Maybe some other shops if you see anything you like, even cloths”
  1030. >“Cloths?”
  1031. “Yeah why not, I think you’d like something
  1032. >She looks down sadly
  1033. >“well I do like some”
  1034. “Like?”
  1035. >“Scarves, and bows”
  1036. “That sounds adorable”
  1037. >She scoffs and raises her nose
  1038. >“I for one just like to look good!”
  1039. “Sure ya do”
  1040. >She scrunches her face up and you chuckle at her frustration
  1041. >Its rather adorable
  1042. “Lets get some breakfast first, then we can go out, how does that sound”
  1043. >She doesn’t even need to stop to think and nods happily “Okay!”
  1044. “You like pancakes?”
  1045. >Ling stares at you for a second
  1046. >“S.. seriously?”
  1047. “yeah, why wouldn’t I be”
  1048. >“I LOVE pancakes!”
  1049. >She jumps up and hugs you tight
  1050. >You just smile and hug her back
  1051. “Well I’m glad you do, because I also love them!”
  1052. >“But where? You don’t have any pancake batter here”
  1053. “A magical land called IHOP where pancakes AND waffles come by the plate full!”
  1054. >You raise your hands expressing amazement, her eyes go wide
  1055. >You swear she’s drooling a little
  1056. “All you can stomach! Multiple kinds of syrup! Chocolate pancakes, plain pancakes and..”
  1057. >You lean down to whisper
  1058. “White chocolate”
  1059. >She gasps out and hops up and down on your lap
  1060. >Can we go! Can we go!”
  1061. “Well of course silly!”
  1062. >She is beaming with pure excitement
  1063. >Fuck yeah Ihop
  1064. >You spend a bit of time finishing your coffee while Ling drinks up her water
  1065. >You’re a bit confused about her eating normal food if shes suppose to live off love
  1066. >Questioning it is a bit much for you
  1067. >Not even she understand, she just repeats what she said earlier on
  1068. >“Food helps us stay alive, but Love and emotions are what feed us”
  1069. >Seriously, what is that suppose to mean
  1070. >You give up on trying to understand and just go along with it
  1071. >You put on your normal outfit
  1072. >Whatever feels comfortable
  1073. >T shirt and jeans really
  1074. >But before you go you check on your paper work for Ling to see her rules and regulations for going outside
  1075. >There isn’t any changeling specific things, instead its all just local laws
  1076. >Keep her on a leash
  1077. >No fighting with other ponies
  1078. > And of course who’s liable if anything happens
  1079. >Specifically, your ass
  1080. >Lovely
  1081. >You pick up the leash and look it over
  1082. >Its so cheap
  1083. “Hey Ling, I have to keep you on a leash while we’re out, you want a new one?”
  1084. >The little changeling pokes her head from around the corner and gives you a blank stare
  1085. >“I’d rather not have one at all”
  1086. “Well I’ll get in trouble if I don’t, now, new leash or not”
  1087. >She lets out a defeated sigh
  1088. >“Damn human law…sure, fine, whatever, new leash”
  1089. >You nod and walk over to her, clipping the generic old one on her
  1090. >She squirms and pulls some
  1091. >She feels like a German shepherd pulling you
  1092. >Strong for the apparent lack of muscle issue from the holes in her legs
  1093. >You tug back
  1094. “Now look, I know you don’t like it, but you’re going to have to deal with it”
  1095. >“Like this slave thing?”
  1096. “…yes”
  1097. >She shakes her head
  1098. >"You don't get it. I can handle being a slave, but walking around like this? Its humiliating"
  1099. >She tugs more and you yank back
  1100. "Now Ling, I understand, but please, work with me"
  1101. >She gags gripping the collar
  1102. >"Fine"
  1103. >You make your way out to the old 1997 CUCV 2 M1008A1 and help Ling into the passenger seat
  1104. >It got dat spray-paint camo like all the cool kids
  1105. >Or just you because you’re a fuck who bought it cheap
  1106. >You debate the seat belt and decide on, yes, it’s a good idea
  1107. “Uh, Ling, sit however you feel comfortable so I can do this”
  1108. >She just sits.. normally for a pony, front legs between her back legs
  1109. >You strap her in and adjust the seat up so the belt isn’t rubbing her throat
  1110. “Maybe I should get you a baby seat”
  1111. >“You wouldn’t”
  1112. >She glares at you
  1113. >You grin as you roughly sit down in the drivers side
  1114. “Oh I would”
  1115. >“I’d kill you”
  1116. “Bite me”
  1117. >“Gladly”
  1118. >Rolling your eyes you start it up
  1119. >The old truck growls in protest but starts up in the first try
  1120. >Ling is shaking in her carapace though
  1121. >“why is it vibrating!”
  1122. >She is stuttering as she says it
  1123. >Cute
  1124. “Cause I’m too lazy to fix it”
  1125. >“its.. really loud”
  1126. “So are you, it’s a diesel ”
  1127. >She grumbles and looks over the vehicle
  1128. >“I don’t like it”
  1129. “Well I do, now deal with it. This thing can bring us anywhere”
  1130. >Ling leans forward and touches the dash
  1131. >She shivers and leans back into the seat
  1132. >Weird
  1133. >“What’s the big thing on the back do?”
  1134. >Now that you chuckle about
  1135. “Well its suppose to be for camping, but..”
  1136. >You trail off thinking
  1137. >A cargo compartment has a lot of uses
  1138. >Ling looks back at the little window, trying to peer inside
  1139. “I use it mostly for moving stuff around, especially on rainy days, but I also do bring it out camping every once in a while”
  1140. >“I didn’t take you for one to enjoy the outside”
  1141. >You nod in agreement
  1142. “Yeah, I usually don’t, but I enjoy disappearing into the woods for a couple days at a time”
  1143. >She turns her gaze back to you, slowly forming a smile
  1144. >“I think that’s a good idea, those ponies don’t understand all the good being in the wilderness can do for someone.”
  1145. >You look to her as you travel down the road
  1146. “What do you mean?”
  1147. >“well they just don’t go out enough, they stay in their safe little towns and don’t have the guts to explore their world!”
  1148. “Oh.. hmm.. I didn’t think ponies would be like that”
  1149. >“You’d be surprised how many are afraid of their own shadow”
  1150. “really now?”
  1151. >“I saw one faint because of a bunny stampede!”
  1152. >A.. bunny stampede? You wat?
  1153. “You’re kidding?”
  1154. >“Nope! Seriously she just fainted right there!”
  1155. >You laugh loudly
  1156. “Wow! That’s silly!”
  1157. >“I know right!”
  1158. >As you two travel down the road to the local IHOP, Ling continues to tell you stories
  1159. >Seems she’d been spying on Ponyville in the short period of time she was in Equestria
  1160. >And that place is soft as can be
  1161. >But damn it was the place adorable
  1162. >You wish you could have visited
  1163. >Maybe not, humans did attack a sentient species showing no signs of aggression
  1164. >Sad really
  1165. >Before long you’re there and all too happy to because she was about to get into details about her first time on Earth
  1166. >You KNEW that wouldn’t be a happy story
  1167. “Here it is Ling!”
  1168. >She pokes her head out the window and head tilts
  1169. >“Anon?”
  1170. “yes?”
  1171. >“Your buildings here are boring. Why?”
  1172. “Practicality and cheap to build”
  1173. >“That’s depressing.. Back in Equestria even the most boring houses looks better than that”
  1174. -
  1175. >You are Anon
  1176. >And you hunger
  1177. >Luckily you decided to bring Ling to IHOP
  1178. >Best pancakes in town
  1179. >Ling looks up to you and smiles warmly, all too excited to get some pancakes
  1180. >Well, even a love sucking bug likes the sweet tastiness
  1181. >Who wouldn’t
  1182. >You take her leash and lead her inside the building
  1183. >However, the reaction you got when you walked inside wasn’t the one you expected
  1184. >The waiter stares down at the Changeling in front of him
  1185. >Then he glances at you
  1186. “Yes?”
  1187. Waiter “Um, What kind of pony is that sir?”
  1188. “Its called a changeling”
  1189. >He blinks and slowly steps around from the pedestal
  1190. >He looks at you both for a few seconds before leading down and touching ling
  1191. >You go to stop him, but its too late, he already pokes her horn
  1192. >Ling on the other hand wasn’t so willing to touch him
  1193. >She hisses out and jumps back, quickly flapping her wings and taking flight
  1194. >You grab her and glare at the waiter
  1195. “What the hell man, touching my pony like that”
  1196. >At the same moment of Ling hissing, the waiter had falling back with a surprised yelp
  1197. >You hold Ling to you and sigh
  1198. “She’s harmless, but don’t touch her”
  1199. >The waiter nods slowly and sits up, staring at Ling, who looks up to you with her wide eyes and totally innocent look
  1200. Waiter: “Uh, right this way..”
  1201. >And off ya go to your seat
  1202. >You order a stack of pancakes, coffee, an egg, and bacon
  1203. >Ling stares at her menu
  1204. >“uh..An- master?”
  1205. >You look up at her
  1206. “yes?”
  1207. >Ling looks around then leans forward and whispers
  1208. >“I uh, I can’t read this”
  1209. “Well then, come here”
  1210. >Ling hesitates looking at you
  1211. >You chuckle and wave her towards you
  1212. >Hopping from her seat and moving closer, Ling looks at your menu confused as can be
  1213. >“I still cant read it.”
  1214. “I didn’t think so, well, here”
  1215. >You point out the pictures, and read off some things for her
  1216. >The ones that catch her eye… er ear..are chocolate chip pancakes, hot chocolate, and for some reason ice cream
  1217. >Its winter
  1218. >Oh well, if she wants it
  1219. “Cover your ears though Ling, okay?”
  1220. >She nods and looks away, putting her hooves over her weird pointy ears
  1221. “Uh, get her a stack of chocolate chip, a cup of hot chocolate, and some vanilla ice cream”
  1222. >The waiter writes it all down
  1223. >Just as he turns to go you catch his arm and whisper
  1224. “And, have the chef surprise us with one of those cool designs in the hot chocolate, okay?”
  1225. >He gives you an odd look but nods “Sure, I’ll see what I can do”
  1226. >You smile and pat his arm
  1227. “Thanks”
  1228. >You turn and tap Ling on the shoulder
  1229. “Alright, you can go back to your seat”
  1230. >She gives you a puzzled look and hops over the table back to her spot
  1231. >She lands very lightly, not even shaking the seat
  1232. >Neat
  1233. “So, Ling, we have a couple different kinds of syrup to choose from here”
  1234. >“Really? There’s flavored syrups here?”
  1235. “Yep!”
  1236. >“hm.. maybe you humans aren’t so bad”
  1237. >You chuckle and show her the various syrups to choose from while you two wait
  1238. >But, soon enough, its pancake time!
  1239. >First to be dropped off is the Coffee for yourself, and hot chocolate for ling
  1240. >She goes to try and hold it but stops herself
  1241. >She gasps out and looks up at the waiter, then you
  1242. >She points to the cup
  1243. >You grin and look to see what it is
  1244. >Ling holds her hooves to her chin
  1245. >“I..its beautiful anon!”
  1246. >You grin and nod to the waiter
  1247. “thanks”
  1248. >He smiles back
  1249. >Ling leans down as she examines her cup
  1250. >“W..who is it though?”
  1251. “Kiki”
  1252. >“excuse me?!”
  1253. >She scrunches up looking at you offended
  1254. “No, the characters name is Kiki”
  1255. >“Oh..uh..never mind then”
  1256. “What’s wrong?”
  1257. >“I thought you said something else”
  1258. >her ears fold back and she suddenly leans down and slurps the hot chocolate
  1259. “That’s a character from a movie called Kiki’s delivery service, I think you’d like it”
  1260. >She looks up at you, a little bit of the foam on her nose
  1261. >“Is it scary?”
  1262. “Naw its cute”
  1263. >You flash her a grin and point at your nose while you say cute
  1264. >Ling looks at her nose, you think shes going cross eyed but you can’t tell all that well
  1265. >She sticks her tongue out
  1266. >And licks her nose
  1267. >You blink and go to say something
  1268. >But then stare at her
  1269. “That’s a long tongue”
  1270. >Ling smirks
  1271. >“For you”
  1272. >And now you can’t say anything
  1273. >You shake your head and go back to eating
  1274. >As the two of you eat, Ling keeps mentioning how good the pancakes are
  1275. >She hasn’t even touched her ice cream yet
  1276. >“Hmm, Anon, these are delicious! And BLUEBERRY syrup! Genius!”
  1277. >She beams and bites off a big chunk of pancake
  1278. >You however are starting to get a bit nervous
  1279. >There aren’t many ponies around
  1280. >Just two, one with her owner eating
  1281. >And another who doesn’t seem as happy, he is working as a dish cleaner
  1282. >Thank goodness your job requires driving, ponies can‘t take that one, poor dish boys
  1283. >Trumps wall isn’t gonna help now
  1284. >None the less, you’re getting looks
  1285. >The humans pay only a glance and a whisper
  1286. >But those ponies
  1287. >Glares of hatred or fear as they watch you
  1288. >What the hell is wrong with them
  1289. >Ling is completely oblivious to it however, too enraptured by the amazing pancakes
  1290. >Which you’re happy for, you don’t want her to feel bad.
  1291. >After all, she’s very nice and hasn’t even bothered putting up a real fight
  1292. >Oh yeah, you have bacon
  1293. >Aww yis, delicious fried pig
  1294. >Ling sniffs the air and looks to you curiously, a bit of pancake hanging from her mouth
  1295. >“hnnmf. Anon, what’s that?”
  1296. >You offer her a piece of it
  1297. “Its called bacon”
  1298. >“It smells REALLY greasy”
  1299. “Try it”
  1300. >She swallows her pancake bit and opens her mouth wide
  1301. >That’s still spooky
  1302. >She takes her bite and immediately starts gagging and spits it out, pushing herself away
  1303. >“Ew! What is that!”
  1304. “Uh, think of it like, well, the fat of an animal”
  1305. >She stares at you
  1306. >“The..what?”
  1307. “pig belly”
  1308. >“that’s disgusting Anon!”
  1309. “I think its delicious.”
  1310. >She shakes her head and sips her drink to remove the taste
  1311. >You both finish up your plates, Ling a bit faster
  1312. >She lays back and sighs happily
  1313. >“Okay, I’m fully”
  1314. >You laugh and smile
  1315. “So am I, want to go into town?”
  1316. >She looks up at you
  1317. >“Can I rest first?”
  1318. “Sure, you can rest in the truck”
  1319. >She groans and lays her head back, letting out a soft burp
  1320. >You pay and get up, gently tugging her leash
  1321. >She grunts and follows
  1322. >Loading up in the truck, you open the back
  1323. “Beds open, it shouldn’t shake”
  1324. >She hops up and flops down into the bed
  1325. >You take your seat and start it up, on to town
  1326. >Specifically bed bath and beyond
  1327. >Its around a 10 minute drive, so you turn on some music and tune out the sighs from behind you any time you hit a bump
  1328. >Silly bug
  1329. >When you arrive you walk around back and see ling still contently laying on the old cot
  1330. “Alrighty, get up Ling”
  1331. >She groans
  1332. >“Nooo”
  1333. “Yes”
  1334. >She grunts and rolls over, clutching her stomach
  1335. >You poke her rump and she giggles out
  1336. “You’re fine, get up”
  1337. >“fine..”
  1338. >she slowly gets up and goes to step out
  1339. >You stop her though
  1340. “Ling, I need to know something before we head into town”
  1341. >She looks at you curiously
  1342. “In the restaurant , some ponies were giving you some strange looks”
  1343. >She looks at you for a moment
  1344. >“I was afraid of that”
  1345. “What is it?”
  1346. >“Well, ponies don’t particularly like us, we go back quite a bit”
  1347. “I see… What I could find about you, it said you can change into ponies?”
  1348. >“Sure, but I haven’t done it for a long time.”
  1349. “And you take suppressants for your magic don’t you?”
  1350. >She laughs
  1351. >“sure, when they can force them on me! I’m not going to give up my magic that easily”
  1352. >You pat her head
  1353. “Smart, now turn into a pony”
  1354. >She nods and steps back
  1355. >There is a bright flash of green fire, making you cover your eyes
  1356. >When you look again, Ling has turned into a blue pony with darker blue hair and a lighter blue stripe running down it
  1357. >Cute
  1358. >She smiles down at you and hops down from the truck
  1359. >You notice an extra hop in her step
  1360. >“There we go! I’m a pony now!”
  1361. >You look down at her, her voice is different, and she is grinning brightly
  1362. “Huh, that’s, really weird”
  1363. >She just giggles and looks at the store
  1364. >“Whats the beyond mean?”
  1365. >You shrug
  1366. “They have a lot of stuff in this store, I think you’ll find something you like. But, why’re you different now?”
  1367. >“Oh! Yeah when we turn we take on whatever personality fit’s the pony we turn into, or at least, the best we can do based on whatever information we have!”
  1368. >“This is the pony I know the best! I think her names Colgate”
  1369. >You lead Ling inside
  1370. >her reaction is priceless
  1371. >The tall ceiling and row upon rows of all sorts of things makes her head spin
  1372. >Almost in a literal sense
  1373. >“Wow Anon, look at all this!”
  1374. >She hurries over to a pillow
  1375. >And plants her face right into it
  1376. >“Its so soloist, Anon why isn’t your bed this soft and smell so good!?”
  1377. >You have your reasons
  1378. >You should probably clean your sheets
  1379. >Ling trots around the store, keeping the leash as far as it will possibly go
  1380. >You get many odd looks, but you ignore them
  1381. “Alright Ling, we’re here for a couple things”
  1382. >She turns around wearing a santa hat
  1383. >the ball pressed to her face and her nuzzling into it
  1384. >“yeah? What we gonna get?!”
  1385. >You laugh at her enthusiasm and give her a list
  1386. “Pillow, one or two, sheets, comforter, bed things, theres already a lamp in the room so we don’t need that. A clock if you want it, I need you to start cooking so we’ll look for any kind of cooking things”
  1387. >Ling stiffens at that and gives up a pouting face
  1388. >“I don’t want to cook though”
  1389. “Too bad. I can’t cook for shit and I need to save money now”
  1390. >She looks around then uses the Santa hat to slightly cover her eyes
  1391. >She cant escape that easily though as you tug her closer
  1392. “Either cook or I wont get you that hat”
  1393. >She gulps, thinking
  1394. >“fine. But you get me the jacket that goes with it!”
  1395. >Looking behind her you see she ripped open a pony Santa outfit that comes with a hat, fake beard, and cute little jacket
  1396. >Damn it, its not a choice now
  1397. “Deal”
  1398. >She hugs to you happily and beams
  1399. >“alright then deal!”
  1400. >She keeps the hat on and you continue
  1401. “Any kind of things you need, like towels, or whatever, also a tooth brush”
  1402. >Ling reaches up and uses a hoof to test her breath
  1403. >The look of horror tells you everything
  1404. >She looks up to you for a few moments before she follows it up by looking around the store
  1405. >As you show her around, you begin to tell her a legend, mostly to pass the time
  1406. >The legend of the magical remote
  1407. >First of course you have to explain what a remote is to her
  1408. >That amazes her a lot, but then she hears about one that can control time
  1409. >Her eyes are wide
  1410. >You sit on one of those cool massage chairs and help her into one
  1411. >She’s a bit freaked out by the leg holsters built into it, but she sits anyway
  1412. >You pay for the massage and her eyes go wide
  1413. >She groans loudly and relaxes into the chair
  1414. >You continue on with your story
  1415. “And then the hero realizes what he did and begs for his life back”
  1416. >“That’s so sad”
  1417. >She smiles
  1418. >“But beautiful”
  1419. “Ya wanna know where he found the remote?”
  1420. >“Hm?”
  1421. “In a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store, just like this one”
  1422. >She gasps with amazement
  1423. >You laugh and watch her as she both relaxes and is purely amazed by the story
  1424. >Today’s not even half way over and it’s a great day
  1425. >But, soon enough your $1 massage ends and Ling looks at you disappointed
  1426. “Alright, lets find you some goodies!”
  1427. >She nods and sits up, you take her leash and bring her to the Bed section
  1428. >Ling is impressed by the colors though
  1429. >So she digs deeper, into items behind items
  1430. >Some of them have been sitting on the shelf a long time actually
  1431. >She pulls out a comforter set and holds it up proudly
  1432. >Good lord its ugly
  1433. >But its cheap
  1434. “You sure you want it?”
  1435. >She nods happily
  1436. >“It reminds me of the hive.”
  1437. >Ling looks down, but she has a clear smile on her face
  1438. >You return the smile and pick it up, dumping it into the cart
  1439. “Awesome, that’s bedding down”
  1440. >You bring her to the clocks and she picks out the first one she sees that is decent
  1441. >Its analog though, she isn’t showing interest in the digital ones
  1442. >it’s the same green
  1443. >Next is bath, which she doesn’t seem as picky about, instead she just grabs some fluffy soft ones
  1444. >You get her to pick up the ones on sale
  1445. >She also picks up some soft slippers
  1446. >They're actually the same color as her eyes
  1447. >Ling touches them and looks them over, she nods and puts two pairs into the cart
  1448. >You arn't sure how she's going to wear them, but you go with it
  1449. >The you pick up some needles and thread so you can put her name on her bath things
  1450. >And now for beyond
  1451. >She starts searching the store with you
  1452. >Kitchen wise, you are lucky to find a new ‘pony’ line of kitchen items, all the same things as normal, but modified for pony use
  1453. >Even a little apron just for ponies
  1454. >Ling lets you pick out whatever, not bothering to even look
  1455. >You purposely pick out a corny ‘kiss the cook’ apron and put it under everything else
  1456. >Storage is a big deal, and you get some under the bed storage and in the closet storage as well
  1457. >While you let Ling browse you consider what she picked out as well as what else is needed for her
  1458. >Its all green and/or black
  1459. >You finish up finding everything Ling wanted and check over your haul
  1460. >Thank goodness a lot of this is on sale
  1461. >However Ling has one last blow to make to your wallet
  1462. >She wiggles her blue tail as she gleefully makes her way to the front of the store
  1463. >Pulling the cart along
  1464. >You have to walk faster to keep up with her by now
  1465. >And then she comes to a sudden stop and you fall over
  1466. “Hey Ling what the hell?”
  1467. >Her tail practically wags as she looks at the cheap CD rack
  1468. >“What’re these?”
  1469. “You know what a record is?”
  1470. >She nods
  1471. “Its just like a record, but uses a laser instead”
  1472. >She ooooo’s and stares
  1473. >You smile and look at her
  1474. >$5
  1475. “Okay, okay, pick one up”
  1476. >She looks through them and carefully picks one up
  1477. >Hm, a pony on the front
  1478. >However
  1479. >Oh no
  1480. >Its Christmas songs
  1481. >As sung by Octavia
  1482. >Who?
  1483. >Ling looks up at you with her pleading, beautiful blue orbs
  1484. >“Can I have this one?”
  1485. “How much is it?”
  1486. >She scrunches up and her stare turns into a glare
  1487. >“You know I cant read it!”
  1488. >You chuckle and take it from her
  1489. “Its $5, see that symbol”
  1490. >You point to the dollar sign
  1491. “That means dollars, the other thing is a five”
  1492. >She nods and clutches the CD back to her chest
  1493. >Awkwardly walking up to the cashier
  1494. >Who is also pony
  1495. >Two legs walking is strange on a pony, you aren’t sure how to feel about it
  1496. >As soon as the pony scans the CD, she snatches it back and waits
  1497. >drowning out the constant beeping of the various items you turn to Ling
  1498. “Did you know her?”
  1499. >She nods
  1500. “That’s Octavia, one of the best bass players in Equestria. I hear she sings well, but I’ve never heard it”
  1501. >She shrugs
  1502. >You turn to the pony, who is still scanning, but slower, listening to you two talk
  1503. >Ling pets the CD softly
  1504. >“Thank you Anon, this means a lot..”
  1505. “Oh we aren’t done yet”
  1506. >Ling walks closer and slowly takes your leg into a hug
  1507. >You are sitting in the driver seat of a run down old ex-military truck
  1508. >There is a changeling sitting beside you trying to open a CD with her stubby fangs
  1509. >Either you’re an insane /mlp/ lurker or you’re Anon
  1510. >At this point probably both
  1511. >You lean over and take the CD from her, seeing her only succeed in cracking the plastic
  1512. >Luckily you have hundreds of these, somewhere, probably basement
  1513. >You feel it open with your magic human fingers and open the cracked case open, popping it in
  1514. >Ling takes in a deep breath and that same green fire explodes from her body
  1515. >Sitting beside you is now Ling in her natural form
  1516. >She looks over at you
  1517. >“thank you”
  1518. “Not a problem, its just a little CD”
  1519. >She stamps on the play button
  1520. >Thankfully not that hard
  1521. >It begins to play and you hear typical Christmas music, nothing special
  1522. >Except the bass is spectacular
  1523. >The song is, in fact, mostly the Bass being played
  1524. >But also the voice of a pony in there with it
  1525. >You know its pony because it sounds softer and sweeter than most humans
  1526. >Ling sways back and forth in her seat listening
  1527. >You take command and begin the drive
  1528. >Normally you’d discuss your next stop with her, but she’s so into the music you decide it best to leave her be.
  1529. >Even through the loud diesel engine she listens to that CD with all she can muster
  1530. >Its actually rather cute to see her smiling like this
  1531. >Its only a short drive, and  you make it to the next store on the list
  1532. >You need some new cloths, and Ling seems interested in getting a scarf, so why not
  1533. >(I know the following is a euro store and my story is clearly murrican, but I’m bored so I’m adding it in)
  1534. >You pull up to the C&A
  1535. >Its actually a pretty new store that you’ve been wanting to go to
  1536. >Because clothes
  1537. >Ling looks out the window then back to you
  1538. >“This place looks nicer”
  1539. >You hop out of the truck and wait for Ling to turn back to a pony
  1540. >She does so and hops out with you
  1541. “Yeah, some European store my town brought in. Trying to make themselves cultured.”
  1542. >Ling looks over the buildings from and looks back at you
  1543. >“it doesn’t look like it fits in”
  1544. >You shake your head
  1545. “yeah, you’re right, it really doesn’t. But, that’s how it is. Trying to make yourself look like you know things you don’t does that”
  1546. >She nods in agreement and makes her way inside with you
  1547. >This time the greeter doesn’t nearly have a heart attack
  1548. >If anything, she happily greets you, ignoring Ling all together
  1549. >You look around and realize this is not the store you expected
  1550. >Its like every other store ever
  1551. >But with hints of German and Polish influence
  1552. >Ling, however, happily tugs you along right into the girls isle
  1553. >if you expected womens, you’d be wrong
  1554. >She goes to the little girls isle, like, age 10+
  1555. >The first thing she looks through are the scarves
  1556. >Oh yeah she likes those
  1557. >Ling looks up at you happily
  1558. >“They’re all colorful! This is way better!”
  1559. “Okay, well, pick out, two of them, okay?”
  1560. >She nods and starts her search again
  1561. >She ultimately picks two
  1562. >One simple teal colored scarf that looks generic as possible
  1563. >And another that is..
  1564. >That’s not REALLY a scarf, its more of a neckerchief
  1565. >This one is blue and black
  1566. >It compliments her blue back part of her carapace really well, if she had been showing it
  1567. >Taking the two into your arm you lean down
  1568. “Okay, I’m going to let go of your leash. Don’t run off”
  1569. >Ling looks up at you suspiciously
  1570. >She can tell you’re testing the water, but also that you don’t want to carry her and whatever she picks out
  1571. >So she ultimately gives an affirming nod
  1572. >You carefully unclip her leash and stuff it into your packet
  1573. >Ling makes her way over to the socks
  1574. >They’re clearly for girls, but her legs aren’t much bigger than a little girls either
  1575. >She picks up the first ‘knee high’ that she sees and dumps them right on you
  1576. “Not even going to test them?”
  1577. >She shakes her head
  1578. >“Nope, they’re perfect. I can tell”
  1579. >You shrug and stuff them under your arm without even looking at the packaging
  1580. >Following behind Ling as she hops around, still as Minuette, or Colgate. Whoever the blue pony is, and looking around for more goodies
  1581. >She finds a couple little bows and things
  1582. >And then she sees the makeup section
  1583. >This seems to have caught her interest
  1584. >She hops over to the case and peers inside
  1585. >It takes a moment for her to wave you over, but she does
  1586. >She seems to have seen some slightly expensive mascara and..
  1587. >Is that.. blush?
  1588. >You give her a puzzled look
  1589. >“What?”
  1590. “Why the blush?”
  1591. >“it’s a package deal, can’t buy one without the other. You like discounts right?”
  1592. >You nod
  1593. >She grins
  1594. >Damn it bug pone gotcha!
  1595. >You look to the pony behind the counter and whistle
  1596. “Excuse me, Miss, can you help?”
  1597. >The woman behind the counter walks over and looks down at Ling and then up to you “yes?”
  1598. “My little friend here is interested in your sale you’re going, the blush and mascara?”
  1599. >She nods and reaches under the cabinet, pulling out two boxes “here you go. Just check them out with the clothes”
  1600. >You take them and add them to the pile in your arms
  1601. >By now you aren’t sure if you want to hold much more
  1602. >2 scarves, 2 bows, there’s probably around 8 pairs of socks, now the cosmetics to
  1603. >Plus a few things for you, shirts, underwear, fun stuff
  1604. >When the two of you step outside Colgate Ling is carrying the bags of goodies in her mouth
  1605. >The light hop to her step showing just how content she is with her purchases
  1606. >Or, your money, her choices
  1607. >And your underwear
  1608. >Actually these things are really soft
  1609. >Cheap European imports for the win
  1610. >You open up the back of the truck, tossing everything in
  1611. >You're gently nudged back and look down
  1612. "hey, that’s rude"
  1613. >Ling looks up at you as she goes to close the door
  1614. >"Hay is for horses"
  1615. >Giggling like a fool you close her up in there
  1616. "Should we get going?"
  1617. >"No hold on! I'll be out in a sec!"
  1618. >You sit down on the bumper and wait
  1619. >There are some struggles, grunts, and defeated sighs, but soon the door opens
  1620. >Ling steps down, still in Minuette form and smiles at you
  1621. >You turn to her and blinks
  1622. "Well.. look at you"
  1623. >She smiles brightly and spins around, swishing her tail around
  1624. >"You like it!"
  1625. >You scratch her back playfully
  1626. 'Adorable!"
  1627. >Ling grins brightly and hugs you tight
  1628. >"Thank you thank you thank you. I /LOVE/ socks and scarves!"
  1629. >You hug back happily
  1630. >Patting her back softly you notice something behind her
  1631. >Your eyes go wide
  1632. "Ling. Get in the car now"
  1633. >"why what’s wrong?"
  1634. >She looks at you nervously
  1635. >You point behind her
  1636. >She turns her head to look
  1637. >And sees a familiar looking blue pony mare with a dual colored mane staring at her with shock and fear
  1638. >There is a loud gasp from in front of you
  1639. >And a gulp from in your arms
  1640. >And you’re sweating
  1641. >Your changeling is in your arms, in the form of a pony, who she called Colgate
  1642. >Behind her is another pony, who fits Colgates description perfectly
  1643. >You sit Ling down in the bed of the truck and look to the pony
  1644. >She has a collar on so she’s either a runaway or doing errands for her master
  1645. “Its not what it looks like”
  1646. >Fuck, that was suspicious as fuck
  1647. >The blue pony slowly approaches, very flustered
  1648. “Hey, now.. look.. we just..”
  1649. >She raises her hoof to silence you as she approaches your truck
  1650. >You’re unsure what to do or how to react
  1651. >Oh god she’s right in front of you
  1652. >What do
  1653. >Brain think!
  1654. >The blue pony stares up at you intently
  1655. >She’s trying to see something and you don’t know what
  1656. >“You’re not under her spell, so that means you let her do that:
  1657. >Oh fuck oh fuck
  1658. >The pony glares at you ‘You need to get rid of it right now”
  1659. >You blink and glare back
  1660. “You don’t know what you’re talking about”
  1661. >The pony practically hisses “Oh I know what I’m talking about you idiot human”
  1662. >Ling is in the truck watching nervously, she doesn’t dare speak up
  1663. “Hey, you cant call me an idiot, you’re a sla-”
  1664. >Damn it she cuts you off again
  1665. >“No, YOU are! She’s a CHANGELING a beast who will eat your love till you’re dry and kill you when you can’t help her anymore, I know-”
  1666. >“QUIET” Ling steps out of the truck glaring at Minuette
  1667. >She steps over and hisses in her face
  1668. >“You don’t know me, you don’t know my family and you don’t know my master”
  1669. >“He is the kindest more caring human I’ve ever met and you have NO RIGHT to call him anything else you.. you.. HORSE”
  1670. >Each accusation she took a step closer till they were face to face and way too close for comfort
  1671. >Minuette presses her face to Lings uncaring “Oh?! I don’t know? YOUR KIND stole my mind and locked me away in a cave!”
  1672. >“Whether or not that happened is not my concern”
  1673. >“You CHANGELINGS ruined the canter lot wedding! I was a FLOWER PONY do you know how hard that is to get into?”
  1674. >Ling grunts
  1675. >“I wasn’t part of that silly incident and I don’t care for whatever job you had, we were desperate because you ponies judge on looks alone!”
  1676. >Minuette presses closer
  1677. >Oh fuck that’s a fighting stance
  1678. >“NO WE DON’T”
  1682. >The two start going back and forth
  1683. >That is until the pony, who you have figured out by now is the real Colgate, or, Minuette, whatever her name is, slaps your Ling
  1684. >Ling falls back pretty hard even though it was just a slap
  1685. >You go to help Ling, but she hops up and flutters her wings
  1686. >The green flash of light blinds you for a moment
  1687. >And when you open your eyes back up
  1688. >Well fuck
  1689. >Ling is on Minuette and punching
  1690. >Minuette it under her but punching right back
  1691. >Occasionally their hooves meet, making a sickening clacking noise
  1692. >A good hoof connection to Lings face makes her yelp and grab her face
  1693. >And now you’ve seen enough
  1694. >You jump in and grab at Ling
  1695. >She struggles growing and kicking
  1696. >You toss her in the back of the truck and slam the door shut
  1697. >She yelps as she is hit with the door and falls back
  1698. >You quickly lock it and turn to the bruised Minuette on the ground
  1699. >She stares up at you
  1700. >“See! She’s a beast! She nothing but a violent low down dir-”
  1701. “QUIET”
  1702. >You slap her face pretty hard
  1703. >And she looks shocked
  1704. >You glare down at her, stepping over her
  1705. “Now listen here you pony. I don’t care about your previous interactions with the changelings or how you feel about them. You just assaulted my frie-Slave. And I’m not going to take that.”
  1706. >She tries to stand up but you lean down face to face
  1707. “Ling has not put me under any kind of spell or anything, and she made it clear to me she wasn’t involved in the canter lot.. thing.. now you can either apologize to her or start running”
  1708. >She stands there to consider this
  1709. >She isn’t very good at hiding it either
  1710. >“Fine. I’ll apologize”
  1711. >You smile and open the doors, Ling is rearing and ready to go, but you grab her up
  1712. >You proceed to do the only logical thing and begin betting her
  1713. >Nice and slow it is.
  1714. >Ling looks up at you, then shoots a glare at Minuette
  1715. >Minuette sighs and looks away with a huff
  1716. “Alright Ling, You apologize for hitting her, and Minuette, you apologize for well.. yah”
  1717. >The two stare at each other
  1718. >“I’m sorry for insulting you.. and calling your master an idiot”
  1719. >Ling looks at her and motions for you to sit her down
  1720. >Her ears turn towards Minuette
  1721. >She’s.. inspecting her
  1722. >“Yeah, I guess I’m sorry to, for hitting you…and breaking your tooth”
  1723. >Minuette quickly uses her tongue to feel her mouth
  1724. >She winces
  1725. >Then her eyes go wide
  1726. >She looks up at Ling with a look of pure horror
  1727. >She turns around and starts gathering the things she dropped
  1728. >You walk over
  1729. “Hey, you okay pony?”
  1730. >“I..I need to go, like right now. Like RIGHT NOW”
  1731. >She seems panicked
  1732. >Before you can ask why she shoots off and starts running
  1733. >You look to Ling
  1734. >Ling shrugs
  1735. >You shrug
  1736. >The truck shrugs
  1737. >You should probably get that fixed
  1738. >Anyway you help Ling into the passenger side
  1739. “Well I was planning on waiting on your vet visit, but that little fight left you kind of bruised up. “
  1740. >She looks at herself in the mirror and agrees
  1741. “So I’m going to bring you down to an emergency vet and let them take care of you”
  1742. >Ling looks at you, she gulps
  1743. >“W.. why the vet?”
  1744. “Because, you’ve been hurt”
  1745. >“yeah, so?”
  1746. “So, I’m going to have the vet help you”
  1747. >She gulps
  1748. >You shrug it off and turn her CD back on, surprisingly you actually really liked it
  1749. >While listening you also check the address for the ER pony vet
  1750. >Its not far, maybe 15 minutes
  1751. >The ride is nearly completely silent until you reach the vet
  1752. >it’s a rather small building
  1753. >Its really just for ponies, and a lot of people don’t bother bringing them in
  1754. >Assholes
  1755. >When you pull into the parking lot and actually park, you make sure to put some distance between you and other vehicles
  1756. >Its not pleasant and your truck is big anyway
  1757. >You take Ling into your lap, much against her protest, and start taking her Scarf, Bow, and socks off
  1758. >She blushes furiously
  1759. >“he.. hey, what are you doing?”
  1760. “I don’t want them ruining your new cloths Ling”
  1761. >She smiles some, but still is blushing bright green and nervously
  1762. “Its just an ER visit and a check up, you’ll be fine”
  1763. >She nods some, not talking anymore
  1764. >You pick her up and carry her into the main room, nice and slow
  1765. >The receptionist stares
  1766. >“What kind of pony is THAT?” She asks
  1767. “A very special one. But I think she’s kind of messed up, she got in a fight”
  1768. >“Do you know the other pony? Have her with you?’
  1769. >You shake your head “I think they just spooked each other
  1770. >Ling scrunches her face and glares at you
  1771. >You love it when she does though, its cute
  1772. >The nurse watches the two of you for a moment before handing over a clipboard for you to fill out
  1773. >You carry it and Ling over to the closest seat and flop down
  1774. >Ling takes position in your lap to read off the form with you
  1775. >You start writing info in
  1776. >For last name, you put Ling and your name as the same one
  1777. >She seems to be ignoring it, but based on the way her wings shuffled, you can tell she liked it
  1778. >She explains all she can about her medical history and what she’s feeling now with the fight.
  1779. >Actually she’s very helpful, most of the info you wouldn’t be able to write down without her
  1780. >When all is said and done you have filled out more then any other slave owner you’ve ever seen probably would have been able to
  1781. >Based medic changeling makes like easier
  1782. >The two of you wait
  1783. >And wait
  1784. >And wait
  1785. >“LING”
  1786. >ayyy
  1787. >Ling hops up but then winces and lets you carry her to the back
  1788. >The doctor immediately informs you that you can go if you want, since a physical and working on her injuries would take time
  1789. >lolnope ya old creep
  1790. >You lay Ling out on the table and look to the doctor
  1791. “She got in a fight, but I think she’s okay. She also hasn’t had any shots or a physical since she was processed”
  1792. >The doc nods, looks over the file you filled out and gets to work
  1793. >The first is obvious
  1794. >The wounds
  1795. >He stares at her and puts his finger into her leg hole
  1796. >L.. lewd
  1797. >“Uh. Sir, you’re aware this isn’t a pony right?”
  1798. “Yeah, she’s a changeling”
  1799. >Ling pipes up “Our internal anatomy is almost the exact same. Minus.. a few things.. and the second stomach…and carapace”
  1800. >The doc just stares at her
  1801. >He looks her body over and pokes around at the broken bits of carapace
  1802. >He nods and does, like you did, and starts removing them
  1803. >Luckily its mostly just cracks and very little needs to be removed
  1804. >Unlike her leg holes, which are still basically gaping wounds
  1805. >Ling looks up at the doctor “We also molt”
  1806. >He nods “Good, that’s an easy fix for that then”
  1807. >Ling waits and examines everything he does, careful to change anything he fucks up
  1808. >You just stand there nervously watching, unsure how you can help, but not going to leave her alone
  1809. >By the time its all over Ling has several new bandages, no stitches, and a lot of healing cream on her
  1810. >He also put fresh bandages on the leg holes
  1811. >The doc looks over to you and Ling “Alright, so that was easy, but next we need a couple things. Since your owner insists you are given the same physical as an adult, and you also need pony physical testing as well. We have a number of tests”
  1812. >Ling shrugs “okay”
  1813. >“lets see. Blood test, urine test, heart rate, abuse, Cardiac and respiratory testing, weight..”
  1814. >He thinks and looks over the list
  1815. >The doctor leads Ling over to the only examination room
  1816. >it’s the size of a normal exam room
  1817. >Crowded with all the equipment in one place though
  1818. >But it works
  1819. >You go to stand outside and Ling looks at you nervously
  1820. >“Please stay anon”
  1821. >The doctor looks down at her “He doesn’t need to be..”
  1822. >“I’d rather he was”
  1823. >You smile and turn around, closing the door behind you and leaning into the wall, watching Ling
  1824. >She gives you a kind smile and walks over to the scale
  1825. >Its clearly for humans, but has some handle bars welded onto it so she can use it to
  1826. >Ling stands up on two legs and puts her front hooves on the handles
  1827. >The doctor weighs her and looks at the number
  1828. >He writes it down and looks to you ‘Every pony I’ve weighed, the weight doesn’t match the size”
  1829. >You raise a brow
  1830. “And?”
  1831. >“Ling, is over weight.”
  1832. >He reaches down and feels her stomach
  1833. >She yelps and tried to get away
  1834. >You walk over and pat her head
  1835. “He knows what hes doing its okay”
  1836. >She looks up at you and presses her head into your hand while the doctor feels her
  1837. >“She’s not over weight, but, she weights.. well, to Earth standards”
  1838. >You rub her head more
  1839. “Weird”
  1840. >“Well, this is the first changeling I’ve ever checked out, so, who knows”
  1841. >You chuckle and nod
  1842. >He next puts the blood pressure cuff on her arm and starts that
  1843. >She doesn’t even flinch
  1844. >The carapace stays firm
  1845. >Yet somehow the doctor does get a good blood pressure from her, its up to Equestria standards not Earth standards, same for heart rate
  1846. >lolwat
  1847. >He hooks ling up to an EKG machine, its an old one, but it works
  1848. >Annnnnd she has no heart beat
  1849. >fuck
  1850. >The doctor taps the machine, it acts like its not even hooked up “I’m not going to lie Anon. I’m confused”
  1851. >Link looks at you two “what is that?”
  1852. >“Its called an EKG it tests the electrical reactivity of your heart”
  1853. >She giggles “Oh, yah, you humans use electricity. That wont work on me”
  1854. >“Why?”
  1855. >“Electricity doesn’t go through our skin”
  1856. >You both deadpan as you watch her just smiling proudly
  1857. >next test it is
  1858. >The doctor walks over to the small treadmill
  1859. >Its much smaller than a humans, and isn’t even electrically powered
  1860. >He has her get up on it and start running at a decent pace
  1861. >Which she keeps up
  1862. >and up
  1863. >she doesn’t even slow down until the time is up for that test, around 10 minutes
  1864. >The doctor writes down the numbers as he checks her breathing and heart “Impressive. Good to know changelings don’t smoke either. You’re healthier than the athletic Equestrians I’ve checked on”
  1865. >Ling is all too proud of her accomplishment, grinning at you with pride
  1866. >You grin back and give her a little hug
  1867. >The doctor coughs and looks at you both “Just a few things left and you can get out of here. My nurse will take over. You need her blood drawn, an abuse check, and urine test”
  1868. >You look at him
  1869. “Abuse?”
  1870. >“Well just cause you’re hugging here doesn’t mean we can trust you”
  1871. “And what about all those others who are being abused?”
  1872. >“They don’t come into the office and there aren’t any laws against it. Can’t help you”
  1873. >He dismisses it as nothing, drops Lings file in the basket hanging on the wall and leaves
  1874. >You glare at the door
  1875. >Ling gently places her hoof on your face “Its okay.. He’s right ya know, probably not the first to say that today anyway”
  1876. >You look down at Ling
  1877. >She’s giving you that look
  1878. “I guess you’re right”
  1879. >You sigh but pet her more and go with her judgment on this.
  1880. >The two of you wait for what seems like forever
  1881. >A woman who looks like she could grow a beard walks in
  1882. >She sees Ling
  1883. >She nopes right out of there
  1884. >And so the wait intensifies
  1885. >Another 10 minutes later, a slightly younger man, around 25 enters
  1886. >He looks at Ling and smiles, then to you, also smiles, less enthusiastic though “Well, doc says I have tests to run”
  1887. >You nod
  1888. >“Alright, no big deal, You must be Ling” He looks to Ling and extends his hand
  1889. >She timidly shakes it, watching his movements closely
  1890. >She stares him in the eyes
  1891. >“You taste like. Curiosity. And a hint of love”
  1892. >The two humans in the room go silent
  1893. >The Nurse chuckles to break the silence and grabs the clip board
  1894. >He reads it over
  1895. >Going over to a cabinet he pulls out a needle, its meant for children, and a few vials
  1896. >“Alright, easy as pie. We just need a few vials of blood. See if you have any infections, or anything cool”
  1897. >She puffs out her chest “I am cool”
  1898. >You both laugh as her attempts to be ‘cool’
  1899. >The nurse does everything usual, not realizing the carapace is keeping him from restricting the blood flow with the band
  1900. >When he goes to put the needle in
  1901. >It fucking breaks
  1902. >Like right in two
  1903. >Ling stares, you stare, the nurse stares, the needle would stare but its dead
  1904. >He moves down her body looking for a crack in her amour
  1905. >Luckily the earlier issues left a few
  1906. >And one perfectly above a vein
  1907. >wew
  1908. >He pokes it in and she winces
  1909. >You carefully pet her and smile
  1910. >Ling smiles back and waits
  1911. >The nurse blinks “ it suppose to be green Ling?”
  1912. >She nods “Sure is, why do you think my skin is green”
  1913. >He goes to say something but shuts it, going off her word on this one
  1914. >He finishes up, and puts a bandage on her booboo
  1915. >Putting the new green vials away on a stand, he turns back to Ling
  1916. >“Now, Ling” He holds up a rather small cup for her and leans down
  1917. >He whispers “I need you to pee in this. You can use our bathroom if you want since you’d been such a good girl”
  1918. >She takes the cup
  1919. >And fucking drops it
  1920. >“I can’t hold it”
  1921. >He looks at her “Uh, you think you can, ya know.. go.. In it.. its kind of a small target, and if you can’t even..”
  1922. >She waves her hooves around “I can do it!”
  1923. >She carefully takes it again and very slowly walks her way over to the bathroom door
  1924. >Very slow methodical steps
  1925. >The nurse looks up at you and shrugs
  1926. >You also shrug
  1927. >While you wait you heal clacking, grunts, and sighs
  1928. >Eventually Ling pokes her head out of the door
  1929. >A.. anon.. I have a question”
  1930. >You look up
  1931. “yes?”
  1932. >“no doctors please”
  1933. >Her face is green again
  1934. >You look at the doctor and smile
  1935. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t cheat”
  1936. >He chuckles and walks out, leaving you also with her
  1937. >She whimpers and looks down, not making eye contact
  1938. >“I..I cant”
  1939. “Why not?”
  1940. >I I just can’t okay, cant you.. ya know”
  1941. >she looks around
  1942. >“hold it?”
  1943. “I’m not the one that needs to piss in a cup”
  1944. >She grunts and throws a magazine at you
  1945. >“You know what I meant!”
  1946. >You laugh and walk in, you take the fallen cup from the ground and go into a crouch
  1947. “How you wanna do this?”
  1948. >“Just stay still anon please”
  1949. >You try to suppress a laugh
  1950. >She totally knows
  1951. >And she hates it
  1952. >But after a moment she lets the gates open
  1953. >You can’t help but look
  1954. >Strange, you expected her to look different down there than a normal horse
  1955. >You also didn’t expect her piss to be green
  1956. >As soon as she’s done she quickly turns around
  1957. >You cap the cup
  1958. >“NOW GO”
  1959. >She looks around nervously
  1960. >You laugh and stand up, going and bringing to warm green liquid to the Nurse
  1961. >Who proceeds so stare “Such a strange being..”
  1962. >He pulls out his card and gives it to you “here, next time she needs an appointment call me first.”
  1963. >He puts the piss away, same place as the blood “You can’t be in the room for the next test. Tell her and I’ll get it started, okay?”
  1964. >You walk in and smile down at Ling
  1965. >She doesn’t meet your eyes
  1966. “So, the doctors and to do a few small last exams, then we can go get some food. How’s that sound?”
  1967. >She nods “yeah sure”
  1968. >She hops up on the table and waits
  1969. >You walk outside to the waiting area
  1970. >The nurse (who will now use the same talk that anon did, for easy) walks back into the room, he has a bag of things with him
  1971. “Okay, so All I need to do is ask you some questions and examine your..” he points downward
  1972. >Ling follows his pointing and gasps
  1973. >“Do I have to?”
  1974. “No, but if you don’t we need to take our own actions. Not legal, but you’ll be here for a while.”
  1975. >She looks down thinking it out
  1976. >“Okay, but only because I wanna hurry. And don’t do anything funny”
  1977. >He crosses his heart
  1978. “A pony once told me about a thing called a Pinkie Promise. I cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye”
  1979. >She giggles softly and nods, laying back onto the pillow
  1980. >“okay go”
  1981. >The nurse takes a seat and leans back
  1982. “Okay, so, pretty easy stuff, First has your master ever touched you?”
  1983. >“Not sexually or painfully, no”
  1984. >She thinks
  1985. >“Nothing that I can say I didn’t deserve”
  1986. >He writes
  1987. “What do you mean deserve?”
  1988. >“If I attack him, he defends. The guy doesn’t even make me call him Master”
  1989. >All that’s written down and he nods
  1990. “Good to know.”
  1991. >This continues for a few more questions, all related to things he did, or the reason she’s there
  1992. >The nurse smiles and sit’s the board down
  1993. “He sounds like a decent owner. That’s good. Means you don’t have to come here often”
  1994. >Ling chuckles and smiles back
  1995. >“I like him a lot..”
  1996. >She dazes off into the distance
  1997. >She looks like she’s thinking, but the nurse clearly has no idea what she’s up to
  1998. >He carefully moves her into position and starts the next part of the examination
  1999. >Ling yelps feeling the cold metal against her mare hood.
  2000. >She looks down and gulps
  2001. >“Careful”
  2002. “I pinkie promised”
  2003. >The nurse carefully spreads her out as he looks her over
  2004. “Most ponies don’t allow this. I’m glad you did”
  2005. >“why?”
  2006. “Because you’re unique. And cool. Though I’m confused about something”
  2007. >She gasps out and arches her back
  2008. >Don’t touch that!”
  2009. >She wiggles and looks away from him with a huff
  2010. “What was it?”
  2011. >She looks around then down at him and whispers
  2012. “Ponies go into heat”
  2013. >he nods
  2014. >“When changelings do it, we do the same, since we’re all female. But, we can start our own families to”
  2015. “How so?”
  2016. >“prod a bit deeper and you’ll understand”
  2017. >Curiously, the nurse goes deeper, where there should be a cervix he looks at Ling and raises a brow
  2018. “That’s, the tip of a penis isn’t it?”
  2019. >“Close, but no. We lay eggs in ponies or other changelings who want to start their own hives or families. We get aroused for THAT purpose. It comes out. Serves its purpose. Then goes back in. acts as a cervix for when we are mated as females”
  2020. >He slowly pulls the Speculum out and looks at her
  2021. “That’s terrifying”
  2022. >“Neat though”
  2023. “very”
  2024. >When the nurse finishes up his job he pats Ling on the belly
  2025. >Now comfortable with him she giggles softly and sits up
  2026. >“Thanks for being gentle”
  2027. “Not a problem little Ling, you were easy”
  2028. >She huffs at being called little, but chuckles some in turn
  2029. >“Find anything?”
  2030. “Well, its pretty obvious someone’s had their w-”
  2031. >She raises her hoof
  2032. >He nods and rubs her head
  2033. “Not a word. Got it”
  2034. >Ling smiles and hops down off the table, stretching out
  2035. >The nurse opens the door for her, pulling a lolipop out of his coat
  2036. >She happily takes it
  2037. >maximum nom
  2038. >Ling walks up to you
  2039. >You lean down and rub her head
  2040. “Better?”
  2041. >She nods
  2042. >The nurse looks at you “Lings samples need to be tested, but she seems perfectly healthy!”
  2043. >You nod as you pick Ling up
  2044. >She eats on the candy looking up at you and the doctor playing innocent
  2045. “Good to know, we’ll wait on your call, okay?”
  2046. >The nurse nods “We should be able to tomorrow”
  2047. >Walking on out of the building you look at Ling
  2048. “Its almost 2, want to pick up some lunch?”
  2049. >She nods excitedly
  2050. “How about a BBQ joint”
  2051. >Ling shrugs
  2052. >“I need more hugs for food Anon, food will sustain me, but not fill me”
  2053. >You chuckle and buckle her into her seat
  2054. “That can be done as long as you’re a good girl”
  2055. >Ling hugs you gently and leans back into her seat
  2056. >You drive towards a small bbq place you know
  2057. >Its more of a food cart really
  2058. “Ling, what did you two talk about in there? I’m not abusing you am I?”
  2059. >She turns from the window looking at you
  2060. >“You really think I’d tell them you did anything?”
  2061. “Well no but..”
  2062. >“then don’t worry about it. You’re the nicest human I’ve ever met. There’s no way I’d tell them something that could endanger you”
  2063. >You hug her with one arm
  2064. “Thanks”
  2065. >Ling chuckles and brushes it off coolly
  2066. >“Yeah but you better watch yourself”
  2067. >The sarcasm in her voice is dripping
  2068. >You roll your eyes
  2069. “I’m too special to hurt”
  2070. >Ling looks at you
  2071. >“special”
  2072. >You pull up to the food cart and unbuckle Ling
  2073. >She hops out with you and kicks the door shut
  2074. >This makes a small dent
  2075. >You shrug it off because its nothing new
  2076. >Though it may be time to teach Ling how to repair car dents
  2077. >Could be worth it
  2078. >You lead ling to the front, where an older black gentleman is standing
  2079. >Dem niggas make the best bbq
  2080. >Seriously, try it
  2081. >Ling looks up at the menu
  2082. >She doesn’t really see anything good
  2083. >‘There’s a lot of meat on there..”
  2084. “Oh right, you don’t eat meat. Uh. Like fruit?”
  2085. >She nods
  2086. “Watermelon?”
  2087. >“Never had it”
  2088. >Oh boy
  2089. >You walk over to the conjoined fruit stand
  2090. (it’s a thing in my town, trust me)
  2091. >Picking out a small watermelon you put it in the folding counter
  2092. “I’ll have this, and your pulled pork. And two cokes”
  2093. >The black man looks down at you “Pepsi fine?”
  2094. “Hell no”
  2095. >He grumbles  “We got Pepsi products”
  2096. >
  2097. >Paying for your order you bring the plate and two drinks to a small picnic table
  2098. >Ling carries the watermelon
  2099. >It seems to confuse her
  2100. >Which confuses you
  2101. “Ever had a watermelon?”
  2102. >“Nope. What is it”
  2103. “try it”
  2104. >You push Lings mtn. dew over to her and watch as she attempts to stuff the melon in her mouth
  2105. >Like, the whole thing
  2106. >You want to stop her but this is just fascinating
  2107. >Ling chomps down
  2108. >Her fangs her stuck in the flesh
  2109. >Oh damn it
  2110. >Ling tugs the melon and looks at her, her eyes going wide
  2111. >She keeps pulling
  2112. >She’s losing this battle
  2113. >And you’re losing your sides
  2114. >As you cackle like a fool Ling squirms around, half the watermelon stuck in her mouth
  2115. >Eventually though you stand up and walk over
  2116. “Okay, okay”
  2117. >You giggle out as you take hold of the melon
  2118. “Stay still”
  2119. >She stops squirming and looks at you
  2120. >You pull out your pocket knife
  2121. >She looks up at you and her eyes widen
  2122. “Ling damn it stop squirming”
  2123. >You put the knife to the melon and carefully cut around her fangs
  2124. >She winces and breaths heavily while you cut
  2125. >It takes a minute since you’re carefully, but you manage to pull out about 75% of the melon
  2126. >The rest of it Ling starts chewing
  2127. >She puts on a disgusted face first
  2128. >then a curious one
  2129. >Then a happy one
  2130. >She reaches out, making grabbing hoof motions at you
  2131. >“Its delicious Anon!”
  2132. >You laugh and starts cutting it into bits for her
  2133. “You ate the skin, we don’t normally do that”
  2134. >“It was a bit bitter, but it tasted good!”
  2135. >You hand her over a piece of only the red
  2136. >Ling takes it and tosses it in her mouth
  2137. >It almost slips through her leg hole in the process
  2138. >L..lewd
  2139. >She chews and claps her hooves together
  2140. >“Tasty! More please!”
  2141. >You push the watermelon, which now acts as a bowl for its own insides, over to her
  2142. >Ling chews each bit of it happily
  2143. >You on the other hand eat your sandwich
  2144. >Covered in plenty of bbq sauce
  2145. >Its dripping
  2146. >And you’re loving it
  2147. >When you finish it, you see Ling is still working down her melon bits
  2148. >the only logical awnser now is to help
  2149. >You and her both each on the watermelon together
  2150. “You really like sweet things don’t you?”
  2151. >Ling nods eagerly and wiggles her way closer to you
  2152. >You wrap your arm around her and lean back, thinking
  2153. >Ling leans into you and presses her face to your chest
  2154. >Nomnom watermelon
  2155. >You tap her nose
  2156. “Candy?”
  2157. >“the best!”
  2158. “I have an idea then”
  2159. >You pop another bit into your mouth and stand up
  2160. “Candy store!”
  2161. >She gasps out and hops you
  2162. >“Lets go!”
  2163. >You grab her up and nuzzle her face
  2164. >Lings eyes go wide
  2165. > touched NOSES
  2168. >Ling is paralyzed, eyes wide as she stares at you
  2169. >You on the other hand think nothing of it
  2170. >And back into the truck you two go
  2171. >When you put the truck in reverse, Ling stops you and points
  2172. >In front of you, you see your little mess the two of you made
  2173. >Maybe you should have cl-
  2174. >Whoa
  2175. >That pony has wings and a horn
  2176. >You look to Ling
  2177. “Know her?”
  2178. >“Yeah, she’d Twilight Spurkle. She almost killed my queen”
  2179. >You look forward, then back to her
  2180. “During that attack?”
  2181. >Ling nods
  2182. >You watch as the pony cleans up the mess and tosses it into her trash bag saddle pack
  2183. “Fitting, isn’t it”
  2184. >“No. She was very important. She doesn’t deserve this job”
  2185. >You blink, then rub her back
  2186. “I’m glad you said that”
  2187. >Ling watches as Twilight slowly walks away and back into the food cart
  2188. >Well then
  2189. >That was unexpected
  2190. >You shift into reverse and hurry your way over to the candy store
  2191. >It’s a small locally owned one, but they got that bomb ass chocolates and hard candy
  2192. >Granny tier stuff
  2193. >In fact a granny owns it
  2194. >You drive town the road while Ling explains who Twilight is and what she did
  2195. >Its an interesting, if depressing story
  2196. >She became a damn princess of friendship
  2197. >And now she’s a niggers slave
  2198. >He’s a pretty based nigger
  2199. >But he doesn’t like coke
  2200. >The horror
  2201. >The story is pretty neat though
  2202. >Cool battle
  2203. >Changelings invading
  2204. >A couple changelings decided to stay
  2205. >Now that was an interesting story
  2206. >A few changelings managed to find hiding places in Canterlot, hiding from the blast wave
  2207. >Heck, they found jobs and everything
  2208. >Of course, hidden, not visible
  2209. >Banning a whole species from a country seems like a bit much
  2210. >The two of you make your way over to the old candy store
  2211. >When Ling enters her eyes go wide
  2212. >At first she’s calm
  2213. >You bring her through the various rows of candy, showing her each of the different options she has
  2214. >You also show her one of the neat little 1950s games there is
  2215. >Insert coin, play game, win bubble gum
  2216. >>She plays till she gets a gum ball
  2217. >She chews it while you show her around
  2218. >Soon the old lady comes out from the back room
  2219. >Her entire front is covered in white powder
  2220. >An old green pony follows her and looks
  2221. >“ooooh looky there, two young dearies coming in to buy some candy”
  2222. >The old green mare smiles and looks up at the old woman
  2223. >She also smiles
  2224. >God damn old people smiles
  2225. >“Oooh hello Dear” The old lady walks over to the counter
  2226. >Oh god they even sound the same
  2227. “Hello there granny”
  2228. >You notice the mares ears perk
  2229. “I was just showing my friend here around and looking at some of your new candies”
  2230. >The old lady chuckles and walks over, she motions the green mare over
  2231. >“This here’s anon, he’s my best customer, comes in here any time he’s got a sugar need”
  2232. >The mare looks up at you and gently shakes your hand
  2233. >White powder comes off her onto your hand
  2234. >You smell it
  2235. >Fuck yeah confectioners sugar
  2236. “What’s your name?”
  2237. >The mare smiles up at you “I’m Smith, Granny Smith”
  2238. >You look to the human with her
  2239. “Great, TWO grannies?”
  2240. >The old woman laughs
  2241. “I can barely handle one, now there’s two? Please don’t make me eat any more of your home made fudge cookies. You know what those do to me”
  2242. >Both the grannies look at each other
  2243. >They’re plotting, you can tell
  2244. >Damn grannies
  2245. >Granny Smith trots off to the back while granny watches you
  2246. >Ling wanders around
  2247. >She looks around for a while before she sneakily makes her way to a hard candy holder
  2248. >Its just a big glass shelf full of unwrapped hard candy
  2249. >What you and the grannies don’t notice is that she’s eating it
  2250. >All of it
  2251. >The two of you talk a while
  2252. >Mostly about candies and things
  2253. >But all things must come to an end
  2254. >Granny coughs and turns to point at Ling
  2255. >You look
  2256. >She’s got bits of candy stuck to her carapace
  2257. >Two bags of candy
  2258. >and her belly looks slightly distended
  2259. >Your eyes go wide
  2260. >Oh fucking hell Ling what have you done
  2261. >Granny gives you an accusing look
  2262. >The only natural response you can think of is run
  2263. >You pull out your wallet and slam a 100 dollar bill down on the counter
  2264. >Then rush over to thing
  2265. >She grunts as she is grabbed
  2266. >You don’t care and lift her anyway
  2267. >With her bags
  2268. >And run right out the door with her
  2269. >Granny runs after you two
  2270. >Oh fuck she’s got the horse with her
  2271. >The two of them stand in the doorway yelling at you
  2272. >You’re too busy fucking running away to hear
  2273. >You think they’re cussing
  2274. >Or just being adorable granny like insults at you
  2275. >You pay it’s the latter
  2276. “Damn it Ling!”
  2277. >You pant as she run
  2278. >The groans from her kind of make her sound pitiful
  2279. >Good
  2280. >Be a human
  2281. >You have a changeling
  2282. >Changeling is strangely melancholy, even after a doctors visit and getting beat up by a pony
  2283. >Though she shows lots of emotion when you do and when she finds something she cares about
  2284. >Oh and her names Ling, its both fitting and silly
  2285. >Hell she’s not even a gook
  2286. >But she’s friendly and fun to have around
  2287. >Thank god you got drunk with your credit card out last week
  2288. >As of now you’ve eaten at IHOP, gone to bed, bath, and beyond
  2289. >You didn’t find a remote there to control time sadly
  2290. >But you did find her a Santa outfit for the upcoming holidays
  2291. > After all that you went cloths shopping
  2292. >Ling  really liked that and got lots of stuff
  2293. >She REALLY likes socks and scarves
  2294. >After all that was done as well as her trying to eat a whole watermelon, you decided to bring her to a doctor after a skirmish with a pony
  2295. >Everything was find according to the nice nurse who was intent on studying Ling alone
  2296. >Didn’t tell you what he found
  2297. >He just looked surprised and amused
  2298. >Though he gave the Urine sample an odd look
  2299. >Then again from everything you know, piss is yellow, not green
  2300. >Especially being that green is also the color of her blood
  2301. >You’ve been driving for a while now though and Ling as explained something you didn’t know
  2302. >You had decided to ask her about her shell and the cracks
  2303. >Which she replied in a very matter of fact simple way was that she molted
  2304. >Like crabs, or crawfish
  2305. >Shits neat yo
  2306. >But now, you’re in thought
  2307. >Bringing Ling home, not the best idea, she’ll get rowdy and playful
  2308. >At least its nothing sexual like some owners
  2309. >Ling apparently can see your thought look and has gone into her own little world
  2310. >You believe she’s talking to her sisters in the hive, but you have no idea
  2311. >You ultimately decide on driving around for a while and stop down by the pet store
  2312. >Ling looks up from the dash and sees where you two are
  2313. >“Hey, why are we here?”
  2314. >You open the door and hop out
  2315. “The last stop we needed to make, You’re not going to cause me trouble and that old leash is going to snap any moment”
  2316. >She huffs, following suit and hopping out along with you
  2317. >“So you want to get me a new LEASH of all things”
  2318. >You nod and grab the one on her
  2319. “Law says I have to, and I think you’d look better with a new one”
  2320. >Ling looks at you, but refuses to move closer, making your hand yank back
  2321. >“I’d rather not”
  2322. “I’d rather you would”
  2323. >“I don’t want a leash at all Anon”
  2324. “This is one time you don’t get to make the choice Ling, now come on”
  2325. >She still keeps from moving
  2326. “Okay then, I’ll carry you and make you look like a fool”
  2327. >“You wouldn’t”
  2328. “Don’t doubt my ability to spill spaghetti Ling”
  2329. >“But you don’t have any noodles on you”
  2330. >You grunt and grab her around the barrel
  2331. >She yelps and flails around, but you keep a tight hold on her and carry her in
  2332. >She looks like a pissed off cat
  2333. “Its an expression, to spill spaghetti”
  2334. >Ling, however, is too busy pouting to bother listening now, while you carry her through the store to the dog leashes and collars
  2335. >With the number of chains and spiked collars however, you now remember why you hate going to the only pet store in town
  2336. >Its ghetto as fuck
  2337. >Actually there’s an adult store on one side of the plaza, and a ghetto style clothing store on the other
  2338. >Fuck this place
  2339. >None the less you go through the wall of leashes and collars till you do eventually find the ones that aren’t absolute shit
  2340. >Ling looks away from you, luckily she isn’t so stubborn as to let you pick out the collar for her
  2341. >She ends up getting a matching green set
  2342. “You really like green don’t you”
  2343. >Ling squirms around till you finally put her down
  2344. >“Yes, I do, it reminds me of home”
  2345. >You nod and walk her back to the front of the store
  2346. >At the front is a pony worker
  2347. >She looks tired and pissed off at the world
  2348. >Actually that’s understandable, this shop is shit
  2349. >The fish tanks even have algae in them
  2350. >The orange pony with a carrot cutie mark looks up at you two as you buy the leash
  2351. >“Well, at least it isn’t another damn spiked collar for a black guy”
  2352. >You stare at her in shock and lean down
  2353. “Uh, look you may hate your shop, but don’t say that”
  2354. >She huffs and looks back to the register, ignoring you
  2355. >Racist ponies, who woulda thought
  2356. >Anyway you put the new set on Ling
  2357. >Under the old collar you notice its worn on her carapace a bit
  2358. >Its much lighter then the rest of her
  2359. “Does it hurt?”
  2360. >She looks at you confused, then touches her neck
  2361. >“Oh, that, no, not really. Just itches”
  2362. >You put the new collar on and nod
  2363. >Then Ling catches the blacked out store beside the pet store and blinks
  2364. >“All the other stores have lights on inside, what’s up with that one”
  2365. “Oh that’s an adult shop”
  2366. >Oh shit Anon think before you speak
  2367. >“what makes it adult?”
  2368. >Fuck, what do you say
  2369. >Well anon the truth would work, heck she’d probably want to see what humans are up to in there
  2370. >Shut up brain that’s not okay
  2371. >Ling is staring at you
  2372. >Brain, hurry, ideas
  2373. “Sex store”
  2374. >God damn it brain
  2375. >Ling stares at you for a moment
  2376. >“why would you want that? I imagine humans don’t have THAT much trouble getting sex, why would they go to a store for it?”
  2377. >Fuck
  2378. “No, I mean, they sell supplies for it, toys, condoms, cloths, but, that stores a bit more uh, dirty, than the nice ones”
  2379. >Ling tugs the leash as she tries to head in that direction
  2380. >“Some ponies did that, but it wasn’t very common, unlike changelings they’re suppose to be cute little innocent brats”
  2381. “And?”
  2382. >“I want to see now”
  2383. “I’d rather not Ling”
  2384. >“Why not?”
  2385. “Its embarrassing”
  2386. >“You’re silly Anon, come on!”
  2387. >She tugs harder and you look around
  2388. >Well, there aren’t that many people around today being a Sunday
  2389. >And you did need one thing
  2390. >Fuck it
  2391. >You bring Ling inside and, unsurprisingly there is a pony working the counter
  2392. >This ones got a big as fuck horn
  2393. >Neat
  2394. >>“Welcome to The Adult Super Store, If there’s anything I can help you with please ask”
  2395. >And you thought the other pony sounded broken, this one sounds down right depressed
  2396. >Of course looking her over you see why
  2397. >Over her cutie mark is a poorly taped on sign
  2398. >$100
  2399. >And you know for a fact she isn’t for sale to a good home
  2400. >You unclip Lings leash and let her wonder around to look while you approach the pink pony
  2401. >Oh shit she’s got wings to
  2402. “Uh, hi, um”
  2403. >You look at her cheap name tag
  2404. “Cadence”
  2405. >The pony looks at you with tired eyes
  2406. >>“What can I help you with sir”
  2407. “Uh, I just needed some of the lotion you keep behind the counter”
  2408. >She rolls her eyes
  2409. >>“most pony keepers don’t need it”
  2410. “Well considering I’m not using her for THAT”
  2411. >This seems to intrigue her
  2412. >>“Why not?”
  2413. “because I respect her, and she just got to my house yesterday”
  2414. >>“Well, that’s, actually nice of you. Unusual but nice”
  2415. >Cadence gets you the lotion
  2416. >Its actually decent fapping lotion
  2417. >Smells decent without perfume to
  2418. >Only the best for your little buddy
  2419. “You okay?”
  2420. >Cadence sighs and leans in
  2421. >>“Is it that obvious? Look if you’re going to use me I need to call my boss, and I’d really rather not”
  2422. “Huh? No, you’re a pony why would I want to?”
  2423. >She rubs her head
  2424. >>“Oh, sorry. Uh, no reason”
  2425. >She looks away
  2426. >Damn that’s one depressed pony
  2427. >Ling bounds up to you holding
  2428. >God damn it Ling where did you find a horse cock
  2429. “Ling please put that back”
  2430. >“Its so realistic though look at it!”
  2431. >She wiggles it in your face
  2432. >Cadence can’t help but start giggling
  2433. >You face palm
  2434. “Please Ling, put it back”
  2435. >“Aw but I want it!”
  2436. “LING!”
  2437. >Cadence giggles more
  2438. >>“Actually that’s on sale, 75% off”
  2439. >She leans in real close this time
  2440. >Her breath smells like she’s had a customer not long ago
  2441. >Ew
  2442. >>“Look, mares go into heat, I would advise you buy that, or you help her,  your choice”
  2443. >And with that, money on the table
  2444. >Ling giggled out
  2445. >“I didn’t really want it, but if you’re offering”
  2446. >She puts it on the counter
  2447. >God damn this Changeling, you’re going to need a few drinks after this
  2448. >Well, 30 bucks for a horse cock and lotion
  2449. >At leash it’s a lot of good quality lotion
  2450. >You got out decent at least
  2451. >Except Ling is now giggling like a mad man cause she’s carrying around a horse cock
  2452. >“You humans have some strange interests”
  2453. “Says the girl who just made me buy her a dildo”
  2454. >“Hey, I just thought it was funny I didn’t think you’d actually buy it”
  2455. “I swear to god Ling, we’re going home”
  2456. >She huffs and puts it away behind the seat
  2457. >At this point you’re both amused and disturbed
  2458. >Time for home because fuck this
  2459. >And so you go
  2460. >Being that you’re currently in the lesser side of town, it takes a good 20 minutes to get home
  2461. >Scratch that, car wreck, make that 30
  2462. >But, when the two of you DO reach your cheap little house, you refuse to carry it in
  2463. >Ling looks up at you
  2464. >“How am I suppose to carry all this in!”
  2465. “You have a mouth, I’ve seen you use it to carry stuff”
  2466. >“But I don’t want to!”
  2467. “And I was nice enough to buy all this for you, the least you can do is carry it in”
  2468. >Ling puts up a bit more protest, but you refuse to let her in the house till she does as she’s told
  2469. >That gets her, because she REALLY wants to get her room set up
  2470. >You leave the door open and grab your cider, beer is bitter, cider is sweet and tasty
  2471. >You turn on the news and take a seat
  2472. >Ling drags in all the bags, and before long she has everything inside
  2473. >She kicks the door shut and you wince when it slams shut
  2474. “Damn it Ling, don’t kick everything, human shit can’t handle it”
  2475. >She looks back at the hoof prints in the door
  2476. >“I can see that”
  2477. >While you chill out and watch the news
  2478. >Well, mostly chill
  2479. >Lots of political ideas and things that make you yell at the TV in autism
  2480. >Ling is in her bedroom setting the place up
  2481. >You DO have a few chores you’ve thought up while out, but you’ll let her have the luxury of setting the place up how she wants first
  2482. >Then work
  2483. >Later that is
  2484. >When Ling eventually comes out of her room, she has a light bit of sweat on her brow and isn’t a pony anymore
  2485. >Dropping her disguise, Ling walks over to you and flops down onto the couch
  2486. >You lean back into the seat and look over at her
  2487. “You tired yourself out setting up your room?”
  2488. >She nods and yawns
  2489. >You huff and bop her on the nose, making her wince, then squirm around
  2490. “You don’t get off so easy, not after I did all I did for you today”
  2491. >“You’re kidding me.”
  2492. “Nope, Ling, you have to work”
  2493. >Ling rolls over onto her back and lets her head drop with an oof
  2494. >“I don’t wanna”
  2495. >You roll your eyes and pat her belly
  2496. >This makes her flinch then start wiggling
  2497. >Though she makes no attempt to wiggle away
  2498. >So you keep patting
  2499. >When you look over soon after, you see Ling sprawled out similar to a cat
  2500. >Ling looks up at you, but you don’t make eye contact
  2501. >You also stop patting her
  2502. >She grunts
  2503. >“Anoooooooon”
  2504. >You ignore her pleads
  2505. “No Ling”
  2506. >“That felt good though”
  2507. >She pouts staring at you
  2508. >You smirk and look over at her
  2509. “Fine, you clean the house and MAYBE I’ll agree to more”
  2510. >Ling looks up to you like you disgust her
  2511. >Obviously not really, otherwise she wouldn’t request more belly rubs
  2512. >Bitches love belly rubs
  2513. >Ling sighs and makes her way to the kitchen to begin clean up
  2514. >While she does that, you head off to her room
  2515. >You DID say she could set up the room however she wanted
  2516. >You didn’t expect this
  2517. >When you get there you are met with a bit of a mess
  2518. >All the things you bought her are laid out in a very neat and orderly way
  2519. >Beds made, clothing hung up, ect
  2520. >What you didn’t expect however is the walls and floor
  2521. >The fuck is on them
  2522. >There isn’t much, looks like she got too tired, but there’s a little of what looks like some kind of green goo on the floor
  2523. >Or something
  2524. “Uh Ling?”
  2525. >“I’m already working anon!”
  2526. “No, uh, what’s up with your room?”
  2527. >She rushes in there, holding a dish in her mouth
  2528. >Ling looks at you and carefully sit’s the plate down
  2529. >“I.. its nothing”
  2530. “Ling, what is all this?”
  2531. >You stare down at her with actual seriousness, not the playful reactions you normally give
  2532. >She looks around, then grunts
  2533. >“Its just some.. stuff.. we have in the hive, I don’t know how to explain it.. like…bees have wax in their hive ya know”
  2534. >You look down at her, then poke some of the goo smeared on the wall
  2535. >It even feels waxy
  2536. “Huh..”
  2537. >Ling looks up at you
  2538. >“You aren’t mad, are you?”
  2539. “Is this stuff going to mold or anything?”
  2540. >She shakes her head
  2541. >“Its safe”
  2542. “Then its fine, its your room, but, how’s it made?”
  2543. >“Trust me, you don’t want to you”
  2544. >You slowly retract your hand and back up
  2545. “Alright then”
  2546. >With that, you make your way into your room
  2547. >Ling spends her time in the kitchen, cleaning up your breakfast
  2548. >The light clangs of plates and silverware moving around tell you she’s hand.. er.. hoof.. washing it all
  2549. >She moves on to the other rooms to clean them to
  2550. >You sit in your bedroom looking up a couple things
  2551. >Mostly any information on this waxy stuff
  2552. >There isn’t much of any information on changeling though, other than what you already knew
  2553. >Actually you find a forum
  2554. >Changeling owner forum
  2555. >Neat
  2556. >20 members
  2557. >Less neat
  2558. >Apparently changelings aren’t the most popular slaves to have
  2559. >They fight ponies a lot, tend to go behind peoples backs, and often use their shape shifting ability to get away with any number of things
  2560. >As you read on your find some interesting bits of info
  2561. >One member of the forum didn’t love their changeling
  2562. >The changeling would eat normal food, but was always hungry
  2563. >It eventually started getting sick
  2564. >Organ failure, it ultimately died
  2565. >Shit son
  2566. >After reading up on nearly every post there, you find the real reason the forum was even created
  2567. >People just can’t seem to keep them alive
  2568. >All of them died of organ failure or starvation
  2569. >In fact they rarely ever die of abuse
  2570. >Or maybe, you think, the abuse is the cause of their death, without it being the physical torture
  2571. >Odd creatures indeed
  2572. >After a few moments you hear a loud cough and the sound of plastic smacking something hard
  2573. >You hop up and run to  the bathroom
  2574. >Ling is standing outside the bathroom and keeping the door closed
  2575. >She looks at you
  2576. >“Everything’s fine”
  2577. >She gives you a shit eating grin
  2578. “Fine huh?”
  2579. >“Yep, no problem here at all”
  2580. “What’s that smell?”
  2581. >“What smell I don’t smell anything”
  2582. >You stare at her, clearly smelling bleach
  2583. >She just grins up at you, blocking the doorway
  2584. >You go to push the door but she blocks your way
  2585. >“Everything’s fiiiiiiine don’t worry about it”
  2586. >She bats at your hand as if waving it off
  2587. “Ling open this door”
  2588. >“Naw, its all good”
  2589. “LING”
  2590. >She chuckles
  2591. >“There’s nothing going on anon, its fine!”
  2592. “Ling I swear to god open this door”
  2593. >You grab her by her collar
  2594. >She yelps and bites her lip
  2595. >You just push her to the side and open the door
  2596. >The smell of bleach smacks you hard in the face and you start coughing
  2597. >There’s a half gallon of the stuff just sitting  in the middle of the bathtub
  2598. >And the drains clogged by the cap
  2599. >FUCK
  2600. >You rush over and grab the cap from the drain
  2601. >Shit nigga concentrated bleaching fucking burns
  2602. >Hurrying out of the room you go into the kitchen to wash off the bleach while Ling follows behind
  2603. >She gulps
  2604. >“You aren’t mad are you?”
  2605. >You look back at her
  2606. “Did you do it on purpose?”
  2607. >“What! Of course not! I’m not an idiot you know!”
  2608. “Then I’m not mad”
  2609. >She looks up at you confused for a moment before sighing
  2610. >“Thank the Queen. I thought you’d be mad”
  2611. “I’m not mad at you. But I am mad. Now there’s bleach in the tub. Use it”
  2612. >She deadpans and stares at you
  2613. >“Really?”
  2614. “Absolutely. Ling. Don’t just waste like that. Get to work”
  2615. >She goes to speak but then cuts herself off and shakes her head
  2616. >She goes back to the bathroom to get back to work while you wash off the cap and set it on the counter
  2617. “Fucking hell Ling.”
  2618. >You sigh and shake your head
  2619. >You lean on the counter thinking about what you read
  2620. >At this point you can only assume that without giving her enough love, she may die
  2621. >And that’s not something you want to see, as much of a pain in the ass she is, she’s nice to keep around
  2622. >Like a good roommate
  2623. >That and its not like they sell slave insurance, she dies and the money to spent on her is just out the window
  2624. >Maybe you should spend some time with her to talk things out
  2625. >You sigh and turn around
  2626. “AAH!”
  2627. >“AAH”
  2628. “AAH”
  2629. >AAH”
  2630. >OH FUCK ITS
  2631. “Oh, Hi Ling”
  2632. >You say holding your chest
  2633. >Ling is standing up in a defensive stance
  2634. >all fours spread slightly, wings straight up and bussing, and horn pointed forward
  2635. >You both stare at each other for a minute
  2636. >“Uh, Anon.”
  2637. >She slowly lowers her defense and sits down, looking up at you
  2638. >You stare at her waiting for her to continue, as you must regain your ability speak
  2639. >Shit got 2spooky there for a minute
  2640. >“So, uh, yeah, Anon. I cleaned the bathroom, but the only clean towels are the ones you bought me. Where’s the cloths hamper”
  2641. >You blink, oh shit, that thing
  2642. >You motion her to follow you and you go into your room
  2643. >In the closet you pull out, not a hamper, but a cloth bag
  2644. “I don’t have a washer and dryer here”
  2645. >She stares at you
  2646. >“a what?”
  2647. “Washer and dryer”
  2648. >“what, you don’t have a washboard?”
  2649. “W.. what.. no”
  2650. >The two of you stare at each other
  2651. >“How do you wash cloths then?”
  2652. “The Laundry mat”
  2653. >She looks at you like you’ve explained quantum physics to her
  2654. “We’ll go later so you can understand”
  2655. >Ling shrugs and moves on to cleaning up the living room
  2656. >You take your sack of dirty clothing and bring it with you, sitting it next to the front door
  2657. >Ling is trying to use the vacuum with her mouth
  2658. >She’s actually doing a surprisingly good job at it
  2659. >Though some things do require fingers, and that is not something ponies are good as it
  2660. >Ultimately, Ling gets things finished within an hour, working pretty fast
  2661. >She cleaned everywhere but your room
  2662. >Not that you’d want her to discovery the hidden treasures in your cave
  2663. >Those are not for the weak of heart
  2664. >So off to the laundry mat for human and changeling
  2665. >Changeling, not so happy to be going, as she’s mad to lug around the cloths
  2666. >You, on the other hand, a bit happier to go
  2667. >Seems you  have been sitting on this trip for a while
  2668. >You  help Ling up into the truck and pats her back
  2669. >She gives an angry hiss, then laughs and sits down in her seat
  2670. >You look over at her
  2671. >Ling chuckles as she turns to you
  2672. >“You’re really getting back at me? Why?”
  2673. >You shrug
  2674. “Naw, not getting back at you, making you repay is more like it
  2675. >“I’m a slave, you know that right, I don’t think I should have to repay you”
  2676. >You glare at her
  2677. >Ling sticks her forked tongue out at you
  2678. “I see your point, but no, I just spent almost 150 bucks on you to make you more comfortable. The least you can do is take care of the house”
  2679. >Ling taps her chin
  2680. >“seems surprisingly fair”
  2681. “I’m a fair person”
  2682. >Ling gives a confirming nod
  2683. >“So far, I suppose so”
  2684. >“I’ll keep complaining about your smelling clothes though”
  2685. >She mumbles that second bit under her breath
  2686. >Silly changeling
  2687. >You start up the truck and go on your way
  2688. >Its quiet for a few minutes
  2689. >Ling looks over at you
  2690. >“So, what’s this washing machine thing”
  2691. “Hm,, well you said you use washboards. Its basically the same. Except automated”
  2692. >“Interesting”
  2693. “the ones we’re going to, you insert your money, and put everything in, set the time, and wait”
  2694. >“That’s it?”
  2695. “That’s it”
  2696. >She looks down at the bag of clothes, fiddling with the string with her hooves
  2697. >You pull into the parking lot
  2698. >Ling blinks looking up
  2699. >“We weren’t on the road long”
  2700. “I assumed you didn’t want to carry that stuff for 4 miles”
  2701. >Ling taps her chin, thinking
  2702. >She seems to come to a realization
  2703. >“I suppose 4 miles to carry your sweaty clothes would be a bit much”
  2704. “I figured as much”
  2705. >Upon your arrival, you take the bag from Ling
  2706. >Ling goes to hop out, but then remembers she’s suppose to be disguised in town
  2707. >WOOSH
  2708. >Standing before you is now a taller while pony with a pink mane
  2709. >Her butt mark is three Fleur-de-lis
  2710. >The fuck does that mean
  2711. >She hops down and looks at you
  2712. >You hold up the bag to her
  2713. >Ling rolls her eyes and takes it, using her magic to lift it up
  2714. >The horn sparks a bit at first, but then quickly the bag is caught
  2715. “So uh, who’s this?”
  2716. >“Oh, yeah, you don’t know the ponies. This is Fleur. She’s a noble unicorn type, She’s super model”
  2717. “Why’d you choose a famous pony form? What if someone notices?”
  2718. >“That’s the cool  part about the hive mind! One of my sisters already took her place before, so she knows everything about her. I’m just copying that. So if someone knows her I can just act like her”
  2719. >You raise a brow
  2720. “why her though?”
  2721. >She clops her hooves together shyly and looks away
  2722. >“I uh, I think she’s really pretty”
  2723. “She is”
  2724. >Ling blushes looking away from you
  2725. >You roll your eyes and motion her inside
  2726. >The old Japanese lady running the store looks up from her counter
  2727. >She doesn’t even blink at the pony with you and instead leans back into her chair
  2728. >She prefers to scan the building for people violating her rules
  2729. >Old japs are scary when angered
  2730. >Like wookies, but louder
  2731. >You lead Ling to the back of the store and to one of the washing machines
  2732. “Alright, just watch what I do and you’ll understand”
  2733. >She nods and sits down
  2734. >You dump the cloths into the machine and fill up one of the receptacles with detergent
  2735. >“That soap, it looks familiar but..”
  2736. “hm?” she you show the bottle
  2737. >“Okay, yeah, its detergent. But its got coloring in it”
  2738. >You shrug
  2739. “That’s just how it is, I’ve never seen it without it”
  2740. >Ling sits there looking at it for a moment before turning back to you
  2741. >Now with her attention you show her how to change the settings, then close the lid
  2742. “that’s it!”
  2743. >“That’s it?”
  2744. “Yep”
  2745. >“Wow you humans are lazy”
  2746. >You nod proudly
  2747. “Lazy and innovative”
  2748. >“So now what?”
  2749. “We wait”
  2750. >Ling immediately gets up
  2751. >You get up at well but lead her outside
  2752. >She looks around a bit confused
  2753. “I always wait outside”
  2754. >“Oh”
  2755. >As you two pass by the vending machines, Ling stops and looks at them
  2756. >Now that she’s taller she can see into it without straining
  2757. >You look back at her
  2758. “See something you like?”
  2759. >She nods
  2760. >You have her point it out and you pay the mighty food machine
  2761. >She wants to try the ‘pretty green drink’ Mountain Dew, and the ‘Chocolate peanut butter thing’ fuck yeah Reeses
  2762. >You get some for yourself as well, Pay-Day bar instead of Reeses though
  2763. >You walk her outside and open up the back hatch to the truck
  2764. >Lifting the old military curtain reveals a much younger bullet proof glass window
  2765. >Ling pokes the window curiously
  2766. >“This glass is thick”
  2767. “Well, When they were doing modifications to these trucks during the war, this one was a transport, I think. They decided adding in a window would make it less depressing”
  2768. >Ling looks around the small cab and nods
  2769. >“Yes, there’s much more light now”
  2770. >You open her candy and drink and sit the two on the ground
  2771. >Ling chuckles as she levitates up a Reeses and bites into it
  2772. >Wrapper and all
  2773. >Oh fuck she’s still eating it
  2774. >You grin as you watch, letting her eat the whole thing
  2775. “You just ate the wrapper”
  2776. >Ling looks up at you
  2777. >“What? What wrapper?”
  2778. >You pick up the other one and peel away the black wrapper form it
  2779. >She stares at it
  2780. >“EW! Why’d you let me do that!”
  2781. >You rub her head
  2782. “Because it was funny”
  2783. >She grunts and looks away from you
  2784. >She takes a drink of the Mountain Dew and blinks
  2785. >“This is REALLY sweet”
  2786. “You don’t like it?”
  2787. >“Pony foods are very sweet, I like it a lot actually”
  2788. “Good because there’s plenty more at the house”
  2789. >The two of you eat up your small snacks in quiet for a few minutes
  2790. >But eventually the pretty white unicorn beside you tosses her hair back and turns to look at you
  2791. >“You mentioned this truck was used in the war?”
  2792. “Well, the war recovery”
  2793. >“Hmm, Most changelings missed the war, we came in afterwards”
  2794. “Yeah, I remember a little of hearing about some black ponies with holes invading afterwards”
  2795. >She shrugs
  2796. >“Well, more like, we came down to investigate disguised as ponies, but bad communication lead to an all out battle”
  2797. “Then you all retreated once they found out who you really where?”
  2798. >“Close, but no, we retreated when they brought out actual guns against us. When we die we loose our form. So them discovering us came as part of it”
  2799. “I see. “
  2800. >“Chrysalis said she saw the whole war between ponies and humans, but I can’t access her memories without permission”
  2801. “So you want me to tell you what I remember”
  2802. >“yep”
  2803. “I can do that”
  2804. >Ling wiggles her butt into her seat and turns to face you
  2805. >You turn to her just as she wiggles
  2806. >Oh god that’s adorable
  2807. “Right, well, I guess it happened, around a year ago now?”
  2808. >“Hmm, the original ponies showed up around a year, yeah”
  2809. “The first few ponies got here and people freaked out, ya know, scientists wanting to dissect them and stuff. They didn’t even care if they could talk or anything”
  2810. >“But why?”
  2811. “Because you don’t look like us, so study them”
  2812. “Anyway, I guess we did some studies that didn’t go public at first, but they were psychological”
  2813. “Of course, humans, being curious as we are. Did eventually start researching, publicly it was natural death, but the ponies who followed, they knew better, The large white one and smaller blue one”
  2814. >“Luna and Celestia”
  2815. “Right, well, they came in demanding our hostages. But the humans didn‘t see them as hostages, and we went back and forth, claiming they were here of their own will”
  2816. >“Why though, clearly the ponies would want to go back home”
  2817. “Because we already killed them. It was only 10, and no one knew how to care for them. Whenever they put up fights and protests, the human reaction is to fight back. But obviously a pony can’t handle a tazer like a human”
  2818. >‘Well of course not, use changelings are the same way, something about you humans, either your hearts are stronger, or we’re weaker on this planet”
  2819. “So, I guess they just refused to tell the truth, for fear of sparking war, but Luna got tired of waiting around and decided she would set up a raid to see the ponies in person”
  2820. >“It didn’t go so well did it”
  2821. “Naw, officially 2 humans got hurt, but I think they just wanted a reason to fight back. Small battles between sides, but things got worse, because the ponies refused to let up”
  2822. >“they’re a proud species”
  2823. “Just as proud as us. But when we actually REALLY fought back, like, with guns. They gave in pretty fast. And since the news kept showing us video and images of fighting ponies, I guess people got it in their minds that the ponies were savages, it started as relocation programs, but it grew into slavery”
  2824. >Ling nods, leaning back into her seat
  2825. >“I remember most of that, the changelings came in just afterwards”
  2826. “I don’t remember much about that, what happened?”
  2827. >‘We came in secret, with the others as ponies. Eventually one of us ended up loosing our form and the person who was helping ‘relocate’ her panicked. He killed her”
  2828. >You lean forward to listen
  2829. >Ling takes a drink of her dew
  2830. >“The queen wasn’t happy. She sent in a small team to get the body back and demanded that human brought in to our courts”
  2831. >“You humans didn’t take well to it though, and with the ponies explaining what we are. The humans just started killing us”
  2832. “Yeah I did remember hearing a public announcement to either put you guys out or kill you because you’re parasites”
  2833. >“Well, Chrysalis didn’t know what to do, she called back as many as she could and joined up with Celestia and Luna to close the portal”
  2834. >You sigh and reach out, petting Lings head as her face changes from one of remembering to one of somber thinking
  2835. >“Twilight, Cadence, the ponies who got left, and the changelings who got left all had to stay on this side of the portal. Twilight and Cadence stayed to try and sort things out, and to open the portal again when the time comes. Everyone else. Well. Who knows. I stayed because I was trapped”
  2836. >Ling looks up at you saddly
  2837. >‘I’ll never go home”
  2838. “Don’t say that Ling, you might one day”
  2839. >She looks down and slowly pulls  you into a hug
  2840. >it’s a bit strange due to her bigger size and soft white fur, but you hug her back
  2841. >“I hope so”
  2842. >Both you and Ling sit in the back of the truck on the little cot
  2843. >Both of you have long since finished your sweets, but Ling hasn’t bothered to get off you
  2844. >Really is barely been 30 minutes since you arrived at the Laundry mat
  2845. >You poke your head out to look through the window
  2846. >The asian lady is staring at you
  2847. >Ling looks at you confused
  2848. >“What’s wrong?”
  2849. “Asians”
  2850. >“huh?”
  2851. “She’s watching us”
  2852. >Ling sticks her head out and looks
  2853. >She eeps and yanks her head back behind the cover of the truck
  2854. >“That’s creepy”
  2855. “She does this every time I come here. I have no idea why. She just watched me”
  2856. >Ling hops off your lap and looks back at you
  2857. >“What should we do?”
  2858. “I usually just ignore her. Not worth risking pissing her off”
  2859. >“I see..”
  2860. “Wait, you can feel emotions right?”
  2861. >“Sort of, yeah, why?”
  2862. “When we walk by, check her out and tell me what she’s feeling”
  2863. >Ling giggles and covers her  mouth with her hoof
  2864. >“Okay”
  2865. >You close up the trucks heavy steel doors and make your way back into the building
  2866. >As the two of you pass by the old chink Ling gets a look like she just ate something nasty and hurries to keep up with you
  2867. >Near the back, with the machine you put your cloths in, Ling looks up at you with those  pretty purple eyes
  2868. >“I don’t think she likes you”
  2869. >Well, fuck, thanks captain obvious
  2870. “anything else?”
  2871. >“I dunno, just a REALLY strong disgust”
  2872. “You think she’s still mad about that prank..hmm”
  2873. >You hold up a bottle of bleach
  2874. >Ling winces
  2875. “Yep she is”
  2876. >That is one mission accomplished then.
  2877. >Soon enough your cloths are done washing and you open the top
  2878. >Ling looks down at them
  2879. >“Okay now what?”
  2880. >You go over to one of the big metallic driers
  2881. “You put the cloths in here, insert the coins, and I’ll show you the settings”
  2882. >Ling does as she’s told
  2883. >Being that shes in a unicorns form, that makes things a lot easier
  2884. >You point out he settings
  2885. “And for the love of god don’t mess these settings up or it will shrink the cloths”
  2886. >“Which is bad?”
  2887. “Very. Just don’t mess it up”
  2888. >“Okay master”
  2889. >Master was in a rather snaky tone
  2890. >You glare at her
  2891. >She just puts on a big shit eating grin
  2892. “One of these days Ling, One of these days”
  2893. >Ling suddenly looks around nervously and motions to you
  2894. >You lean down
  2895. “What?”
  2896. >“Anon you can’t say my name in public when I’m disguised”
  2897. “Huh? Why?”
  2898. >“Remember that pony that recognized me”
  2899. “Yeah, oh”
  2900. >“Exactly. Unless we meet the pony who’s form I am now, I’ll try to only use this one. Her name is Fleur De Lis, She was some kind of big super model. “
  2901. “Er..Okay then Fleur it is”
  2902. >“Hopefully she doesn’t live here, that’d be weird”
  2903. “Well, odds are if she was a super model she’s in the city”
  2904. >Ling nods in agreement
  2905. >“Most likely. Still, better to be safe than sorry. “
  2906. >You take a seat near by and lean back
  2907. “I guess now we wait”
  2908. >Ling doesn’t respond, instead she watches the clothes tumbling
  2909. >Like she’s in some kind of trance or something
  2910. >Silly ponies
  2911. >She watches them the whole time they’re in the machine, and when there is a faint ‘ding’
  2912. >She goes to it first though and opens it up
  2913. >You take the bag out
  2914. >Being the smart one you are, you took the cloth clothing sack and washed it with the cloths
  2915. >Its off color now but who gives a fuck
  2916. >Putting everything back up you turn around
  2917. “Ling?”
  2918. >No response
  2919. >You looks around and walk over to where she just was
  2920. >You hear a faint grunt
  2921. >Following the sound you realize she’s right in front of you
  2922. >In the drier
  2923. >You gulp, thanking the lord that the old ladys glare has moved to some other poor person
  2924. >You look into the drier and there she is
  2925. “Uh, Fleur, what are you doing”
  2926. >“Its warm in here”
  2927. “Ling seriously get out”
  2928. >“No”
  2929. >God damn it Ling
  2930. >You are anon
  2931. >You drunkenly bought a changeling
  2932. >The changeling is currently in the form of a super model pony by the name of Fleur
  2933. >She has also decided to climb into the warmth of the drier
  2934. >And you’re deeply confused
  2935. >The fuck are you doing to do about a large white pony sitting in a drier
  2936. >Well you could turn it on
  2937. >No brain that’s a bad idea, you’d scare her
  2938. >Then again…
  2939. >No
  2940. >Yes
  2941. >You shut the door
  2942. >Ling ignores it, curled up contently
  2943. >You poke the glass
  2944. “I swear I’ll start it”
  2945. >“You wouldn’t”
  2946. >You reach up
  2947. >She gasps out and pokes at the door attempting to get out
  2948. >You aren’t having any of that
  2949. >You lock it
  2950. >“O.. okay anon, I’m sorry, now let me out”
  2951. “Hey, you wanted it warm”
  2952. >She gulps
  2953. >“S.. seriously let me out”
  2954. >When you go to press a button
  2955. >Honestly it was the stop button, but can’t let her know that
  2956. >She panics and stands up, bonking her head on the top of the machine
  2957. >You laugh and open it up
  2958. >She tumbles out and grabs onto you
  2959. >“That wasn’t funny!”
  2960. “Yes it was”
  2961. >“No it wasn’t”
  2962. >You put your hands on your hips and cock your head looking down at her
  2963. >“Maybe a little”
  2964. “That’s the spir-”
  2965. >You are cut off by the howl of the wookie
  2966. >Wait no, that’s the pissed off asian lady
  2967. >Hory sheit she speak Engrish
  2969. >You look up and look at her
  2970. >She’s fucking glaring at you
  2971. >Even Ling is wincing from it
  2972. “GO NOW”
  2973. >You grab your shit and pick Ling up under your other arm
  2974. >Huh, she didn’t gain weight  by changing form
  2975. >Neat
  2976. >You casually walk past her, ignoring her telling you to leave, as you already are going
  2977. >Once out side to hurry your walk and make your way to your truck, quickly hopping into the safety of the vehicle
  2978. >Ling is giggling like a mad mare and sticking her tongue out at the lady
  2979. >She it pointing her finger and yelling
  2980. “Ling, quiet”
  2981. >She looks over to you
  2982. >“I didn’t say anything”
  2983. “You wanted to”
  2984. >“You bet your flank I do! Her accent is hilarious!”
  2985. >You put the key in the ignition and grin at her
  2986. >You put your hands to the sides of your head
  2987. >You use your thumbs to tug your eyelids into a slanted shape
  2988. >We racism now
  2990. >Ling cracks up and you do to, the both of you laughing your asses off as you make the great escape
  2991. >Wew, she understands comical racism!
  2992. >+1 for the shape shifter!
  2993. >Well at least your cloths are clean
  2994. >Well, off you go back home
  2995. >The journey, while short, is quiet as can be
  2996. >Ling has gone back into her little trance
  2997. >You can see a bright smile on her face though, seems she’s sharing what happened with her changeling friends
  2998. >What you wouldn’t give to know what’s going on in a hive mind like that
  2999. >Oh look you’re home
  3000. >You really need to stop with the internal monologue
  3001. >Naw
  3002. >Its around 2 months later
  3003. >For a while Ling seemed to be slightly, off, retreating to her room more often
  3004. >She also seemed to be hungrier
  3005. >You’re 99% sure she isn’t pregnant, she hasn’t been around many other ponies, and the ones she’s been around have been female
  3006. >Actually the lack of male ponies is an interesting situation
  3007. >Seriously why are there so many females and so few males
  3008. >Regardless, this past month has been a bit rougher on you, Lings corny, if a bit off putting, jokes and attempts to anger you have been missing in your life
  3009. >And you really want them back
  3010. >Today however you are met with a pleasant surprise
  3011. >Ling has decided to come out of her cave
  3012. >You went to bring her some food, whether or not she needs it, it makes you feel better to see her eat
  3013. >When she opened the door
  3014. “Oh uh, Hi Ling, I brought you some dinner”
  3015. >Only her head is poking out and that concerns you
  3016. >You try to peer in and she holds the door
  3017. >“You can uh, just sit it on the-”
  3018. >You boop her on the nose
  3019. “No, I want to talk to you”
  3020. >“No, uh, that’s okay Anon, I’m fine”
  3021. “Ling I’m serious let me in, its been over a month”
  3022. >Ling gulps some
  3023. >“I dunno Anon I don’t want you to see me like this”
  3024. “Why whats wrong?”
  3025. >She looks away
  3026. >“I uh..”
  3027. “hm?”
  3028. >“I’m molting”
  3029. “Wait, that’s it”
  3030. >She nods
  3031. “I used to own a pet crawfish, I can handle it”
  3032. >She rolls her eyes
  3033. >“I’m not some freshwater lobster”
  3034. “You’re pretty damn close”
  3035. >“I’m going to kill you”
  3036. “I know”
  3037. >You laugh and sit the salad down, putting both hands on the door
  3038. “Let me in, I’m tired of letting you have your way”
  3039. >Ling sits there holding the door, she gulps as she considers whatever it is she’s considering, but eventually she nods and pulls back
  3040. >Inside you see almost half of her carapace laying on the bed
  3041. >Holy shit that’s creepy
  3042. >Not only that but the entire room as been renovated
  3043. >Its covered in that goo stuff and a black substance
  3044. >You assume this is what the hive looked like, at least what Ling thought of it
  3045. >Its kind of cool, but still freaky
  3046. >Its also warmer than the rest of the house
  3047. “Whoa, Ling”
  3048. >She is still hiding behind the door
  3049. >“Mhmm..”
  3050. >She grunts
  3051. “Is this why you’ve been hiding in here for a month”
  3052. >‘uh, kinda, sorta, maybe…yes”
  3053. “This is amazing ya know”
  3054. >“What is?”
  3055. >Ling magics over a blanket
  3056. >Good lord the whole levitating objects will never get normal to you
  3057. >She wraps it around herself and steps out from her hiding spot, looking to you confused
  3058. “You basically terraformed this room”
  3059. >“Oh, that, its kind of a normal instinct for me”
  3060. “Try not to do the rest of the house”
  3061. >“Its specifically to our living area”
  3062. “Good, still, this is really cool”
  3063. >You feel over the wall, its solid as rock
  3064. >You walk over to the bed and look at the perfect mold of the left side of her body, minus the head
  3065. “Why is there only half though?”
  3066. >Ling blushes and looks away from you
  3067. “Hm?”
  3068. >“well, uh, the thing is”
  3069. >You look towards her, holding up her exoskeleton
  3070. “what?”
  3071. >“I’m kinda”
  3072. >She mumbles
  3073. “What is it?”
  3074. >“stuck”
  3075. >The look you are given tells you not to laugh
  3076. >Too bad
  3077. >You chuckle and hold up the arm of the half
  3078. “Oooh noooo she’s stuck inside meee”
  3079. >You wiggle it and it breaks off
  3080. >Fuck
  3081. >Duct tape and super glue man
  3082. >You have an idea
  3083. “Need help?
  3084. >Ling gasps and covers her face
  3085. >“N…no of course not! I’ve done this many times! I’m fine!”
  3086. “You sure you don’t sound fine”
  3087. >“OF COURSE…maybe”
  3088. “Well, if you need me, I’ll be here to help”
  3089. >Ling whispers
  3090. >“thanks Anon…”
  3091. >You nod and rub her head as you make your way out
  3092. >Hold on, can start a bath for me?”
  3093. “Why?”
  3094. >“It’ll make it easier”
  3095. “Oh, sure”
  3096. >You make your way across the hall and start up the bath
  3097. >You add in some soap for maximum bubbles
  3098. >Bitches love bubbles
  3099. >You hear a loud sigh from your bathroom
  3100. >Maybe it wasn’t that loud, you live in a small house
  3101. >Actually you’ve been thinking of moving
  3102. >Maybe Ling will finally help you out if she gets word of your plan
  3103. >It would certainly help with hers
  3104. >Maybe
  3105. >After some time you hear moans and struggling from the bathtub though
  3106. >Not something you want to hear from a changeling peeling her skin off
  3107. >You hop up from the computer and hurry into the bathroom
  3108. >Without even knocking you open the door
  3109. >There stands Ling, ass in the air, tail raised, and her pulling at her leg
  3110. >It would be sexy if half her body wasn’t crusty and black and the other half fleshy and green
  3111. >You stand there for a moment while Ling stands there staring at you from between her legs
  3112. >You want over
  3113. >Ling flinches and tightens up
  3114. >You tug her tail down
  3115. >Little anon is not happy
  3116. >Brain is happy
  3117. >You are concerned
  3118. >Ling is confused
  3119. >The bathtub is confused
  3120. “Ling if you needed help you could have called me”
  3121. >“AHH!”
  3122. >You pat her rump to calm her scream
  3123. “Ling for gods sake hold still”
  3124. >She doesn’t move a muscle as you carefully slide your hand down her leg
  3125. >This is really weird
  3126. >You squeeze occasionally, hearing a small crunch and Ling grunting
  3127. >You carefully pull as you go down her leg, making several passes
  3128. >Ling whines and lets out the occasional moan
  3129. >“S..stop it!”
  3130. >She blurts out, but you don’t stop
  3131. >You keep working her leg
  3132. >There is a soft crunch and a popping noise as her leg from the knee down separates from the carapace
  3133. >You slide it off like a sock
  3134. >You chuckle as you pull the hardened carapace off her
  3135. >She lets out a strained whining noise, the flesh clinging occasionally to the leg
  3136. >You refuse to stop though till its fully off
  3137. >She pants looking up at you
  3138. >You flash her a grin
  3139. >You move over to her front leg, bending over her to get to it
  3140. >Ling whimpers out and tries to tug away
  3141. >You take grip of her tail
  3142. >You start repeating the process of gently tugging and squeezing her leg
  3143. >Soon the two of you work in motion with each other and Ling rolls onto her side
  3144. >She flutters her wings as you grip the torso of the shell
  3145. >You carefully pull and she bites her lip
  3146. >If she had her fangs she’d be piercing it
  3147. >Her wings, you notice, are attached by a very small joint hidden under the carapace
  3148. >How they are durable enough to stand being tugged at you’ll never know
  3149. >Ling suddenly moans out and cranes her neck as the large torso portion of her shell starts to slide off
  3150. >There is an audible gasp and moan as it tugs free in one quick motion
  3151. >She lays there looking up at you
  3152. >You are holding half her shell in your arms looking down at her
  3153. >Ling slowly smiles and holds her arms out
  3154. >“Hugs?”
  3155. >Your arms are full of carapace
  3156. >But there is a green fleshy changeling wanting hugs
  3157. >Oh shit what do
  3158. >You carry the parts into your bedroom with the rest of it and drop it down
  3159. >You walk back in
  3160. >Ling has moved back into the tub
  3161. >You chuckle
  3162. “Need some help with this at least?”
  3163. >“That’d be nice”
  3164. >You drop you pants
  3165. >You would drop your spagetti but luckily you decide to help her out with your underwear on
  3166. >Thank god you kept your grannies old shower seat
  3167. >You put it into the tub and sit down, Ling takes her place between your legs and you put up the wash cloth
  3168. >You go to wash her but she winces away from you
  3169. >“Sweet Celestia, Anon don’t you have anything softer?”
  3170. “Well I don’t normally help slimy sensitive changelings bathe”
  3171. >She pouts
  3172. >“I’m not slimy”
  3173. “You are in the bath
  3174. >“fair enough”
  3175. “But since I am a based motherfucker, I’ll see what I have"
  3176. >You get up and head back into your bedroom
  3177. >You have a small stash of micro fiber cloths
  3178. >You don’t want to use them for something like this, but, Ling is clearly in pain and you don’t like it
  3179. >You pick an old one up and bring it back with you
  3180. >She looks at it curiously
  3181. >You smile
  3182. “These are about as soft as I have”
  3183. >She shrugs and wiggles into place, her tail swishes back and forth as you begin your work
  3184. >You Start carefully rubbing over her body
  3185. >Being that the two of you have been together for a while now, you aren’t nearly as concerned as when you first bathed her
  3186. >But you’re way more careful now since shes vulnerable
  3187. >But you can use this to your advantage
  3188. >You lift her up
  3189. >Ling gasps out
  3190. >“DAMN IT ANON”
  3191. >You smirk and start washing her, more like a dog this time
  3192. >Especially on the face
  3193. >She is all scrunched up and makes the angriest face she can
  3194. >You laugh at her suffering
  3195. >You keep washing her with the micro fiber cloth, till that is you get lower
  3196. >You blink
  3197. “You have teats, like a horse?”
  3198. >Ling gasps and smacks you
  3199. >Her soft hoof doesn’t hurt like usual
  3200. >Good
  3202. “No I’m serious, are these?”
  3204. >You look down at the water
  3205. >Its kind of murky
  3206. >You’d rather not know why since you’re almost to your waist in it
  3207. “Ling please, you’ve lifted your tail for me more than once”
  3208. >She scowls at you
  3209. >“Anon you KNOW I can’t help it”
  3210. “But its funny”
  3211. >“For you maybe, but for me”
  3212. >She huffs
  3213. >“Next time maybe I’ll rip down your pants at the mall”
  3214. “You wouldn’t”
  3215. >“Watch me faggot”
  3216. >She’s picked up your speaking
  3217. >great
  3218. >You give her the cloth
  3219. “Promise not to embarrass me and I’ll stop”
  3220. >“Deal”
  3221. “Deal”
  3222. >You give her a little hug and Ling smiles, hugging you back in turn
  3223. >Giving up and sitting her down, you walk out of the bathroom
  3224. >She’ll realize you have all the towels in a few minutes
  3225. -
  3226. >You are the now naked Ling
  3227. >Well, sort of, you’re always naked, but now you’re extra naked without a shell
  3228. >Anyway you’re relaxing in the tub, the help Anon gave you was pleasant
  3229. >But goodness is he weird sometimes
  3230. >You lay back in the tub with a sigh
  3231. >Your eyes trail downward
  3232. >What he said rings in your minds
  3233. >‘oh you have teats’
  3234. >It reminds you of.. some things..
  3235. >You’d rather not think about it
  3236. >Trailing your hoof down your stomach you stop just above your nipples
  3237. >The way he said it was obviously sexual
  3238. >You’re scary enough in your normal form
  3239. >But here comes anon, buying you up and not giving a single care
  3240. >Then on top of that he sees you molting
  3241. >In you’re opinion a molted changeling makes a normal changeling look like a super model
  3242. >Your skin is pale green and slightly wrinkled
  3243. >It’ll be another couple  before you grow another shell
  3244. >A week before its hardened
  3245. >Yet, for some reason, Anon was completely okay with this
  3246. >He even washed you
  3247. >And yet for his clear attraction to you and his obvious innuendos
  3248. >There wasn’t a single bit of lust in his emotions
  3249. >And you feed on emotions so you know this shit
  3250. >You touch the small nipple between your legs, jumping at the electric feeling it gives you
  3251. >Shit you forgot those even existed, they hide under the carapace
  3252. >When you become pregnant with a pony foal they’re suppose to grow some
  3253. >Then they make themselves available from underneath a small slit in your carapace
  3254. >that slit is suppose to be able to move around
  3255. >Kind of like the bands around you’re stomach
  3256. >Which didn’t come off with the molting shell which makes it so much weirder
  3257. >You wonder what it’d be like
  3258. >Eh, then again, being pregnant…
  3259. >Naw fuck that you like being alone with Anon
  3260. >Maybe he could..
  3261. >No, go away thoughts
  3262. >That’s wrong
  3263. >You slide down until only your muzzle up is visible above the wall of bubbles in the bath
  3264. >Thoughts run through your head, everything from Anon, to the life of Equestria
  3265. >Unsurprisingly, you hear thoughts and opinions follow through
  3266. >Until that is, one regal one speaks up to your brain, silencing the others
  3267. >>“Changeling 3946”
  3268. >You gulp
  3269. “Yes my Queen”
  3270. >>“Stop calling me that, I told you all to call me Chrysalis or mom, I’m not some tyrant”
  3271. “R.. right.. Sorry My qu--Mom”
  3272. >>“Anyway, 3946, The human calls you Ling. That’s…rather corny, but it’s the name I’ll call you as well”
  3273. >You nod some listening in, head sinking further into the water
  3274. “What is it that you need mother?”
  3275. >>“This human, Anon, he is good to you. But you seem not to know what feelings you have for him?”
  3276. “Yes..”
  3277. >>“I feel I should tell you. Do what feels right. Friendship or what have you. Its fine to trust your feelings. We may share the link of a hive mind, but we do not control each other”
  3278. >You sigh, listening to her, you’d have thoughts on that, but she’d know them immediately
  3279. >>“Don’t be shy Ling. Spend some time with him and do things you both enjoy. The more I watch him through you the more I realize he may just be the help we need to help your sisters”
  3280. “If he is.. what will we do?”
  3281. >>“Recruit him should he be willing. And do what we can to establish a new hive on Earth, we may even bring in run away ponies. Your sisters tell me there are many”
  3282. “And their fear of us?”
  3283. >>‘Who knows.. we’ll figure it out when we get there. Until then, heal your body and spend more time with him”
  3284. >You nod to yourself
  3285. “Of course mother”
  3286. >>“And don’t be afraid to tell him how you feel when the time is right”
  3287. “Yes mom..”
  3288. >You hear a giggle in your mind and several others followed behind
  3289. >Sometimes Chrysalis is just too much of a mom
  3290. >>“And, Ling?”
  3291. “Hm?”
  3292. >>“Be careful. If he does love you, don’t eat all of it up at once and get a stomach ache”
  3293. >You swear that means something deeper
  3294. “Sure thing Que- Mom”
  3295. “I need to get out of the bath. I’ll talk to you all later”
  3296. >>“I’m always listening”
  3297. >You sigh
  3298. “I know”
  3299. >>“I love you my child”
  3300. >You swear you can hear her making a kissy face
  3301. >You sever the connection
  3302. >Well you try, but the best you can do is go back to ignoring the other changelings as they go back to their daily thoughts and Chrysalis sorts through it or gives out advice
  3303. >When you go to reach for the towels you come to an absolutely horrible realization
  3304. >This is the
  3305. >Worst
  3306. >Possible
  3307. >Thing
  3308. >There no towels
  3309. (Green text is Anon, normal text is Ling)
  3310. >You grab at the boor, shivering
  3311. >You try to turn it but your lack of hands is an issue
  3312. >Also you’re ling
  3313. >Yeah that’s an important detail
  3314. >You lean down and bite the door knob, twisting
  3315. >It is a pain in the ass and it takes some work, but you manage it
  3316. >You tumble out of the bathroom with a loud yelp
  3317. >Anon is sitting in his bedroom watching you holding up a towel
  3318. >Shivering you stare at him
  3319. “Bastard”
  3320. >“Bitch”
  3321. “Asshole”
  3322. >“Slut”
  3323. “Only on Sundays”
  3324. >He goes to reply then throws the towel at you instead
  3325. >You quickly grab it and start drying yourself off, then promptly wrap it around yourself
  3326. >Thank the queen for human sized towels
  3327. >>“I didn’t make them” replies Chrysalis in your brain
  3328. >You sigh
  3329. >Making your way into his bedroom you hop up onto Anons bed, looking down at the pile of carapace
  3330. “So what’s the plan for this?”
  3331. >“I don’t know yet, but I think I’d be cool”
  3332. “You do realize that’s basically my skin right?”
  3333. >“yeah and its really cool!”
  3334. “Ugh..”
  3335. >You begin to make your way back into your room when Anon grabs your shoulder
  3336. >“Hold on”
  3337. “What?”
  3338. >“You’ve been in there for a month silly, its time to spend some time together”
  3339. >Oh shit he’s got you
  3340. >It would be nice to be together for a while though
  3341. >Doing what though?”
  3342. >You tap your chin thinking
  3343. >“I’m going to have to go to work tomorrow though, so today we should relax”
  3344. “I can agree to that”
  3345. >“Awesome”
  3346. >You feel yourself being lifted
  3347. >Oh fuck
  3348. >You panic, kicking your legs
  3349. >Anon pets your head
  3350. >You hate it when he does that
  3351. >okay maybe you like it a little
  3352. >Just a bit though
  3353. >He rubs your head more
  3354. >“Ling, We’re going to watch some human TV today, and I’m going to teach you about a beautiful thing called alcohol”
  3355. “I already know what alcohol is”
  3356. >“Oh.. well.. still, TV”
  3357. >You look up at him
  3358. >He smiles down at you and puts you back down on the bed
  3359. >Why did he pick you up
  3360. >“I think you’re just small enough to wear this”
  3361. “Huh?”
  3362. >“My ex girlfriend left one of her shirts here, you’re juust small enough for it”
  3363. >You blink
  3364. >Anon certainly doesn’t seem like the type to have a-
  3365. >Holy shit
  3366. >Anon pulls out a pink shirt covered in flowers
  3367. >Its girly but, its rather beautiful
  3368. >You wouldn’t imagine this much love flowing from an inanimate object but..
  3369. >You burp
  3370. >Anon has a clear connection to this shirt
  3371. >You can’t tell whether to be happy he is giving you such a delicious feast or sad he’s still feeling this much love for the previous wearer
  3372. >Anon motions you to lift your arms
  3373. >You do so and he slides the shirt on over you
  3374. >It smells like.. passion fruit perfume mixed with cherry blossoms
  3375. >A cheap scent, like, Christmas present from the mall cheap, but nice
  3376. >You look up at him
  3377. >He runs his hand over your back
  3378. “Why’re you giving me this?”
  3379. >“I should get rid of it, I’ve had it for almost 3 years after she..”
  3380. >He sighs
  3381. >“But, I can’t. so. Why not give it to the new most important girl in my life”
  3382. >You blush and look away
  3383. >His words taste of a family love, not the kind you expected
  3384. >Geeze he loves messing with you
  3385. >Well, you can’t deny you love it right back
  3386. >You check out the shirt you have on
  3387. >It does make you feel warmer
  3388. >Though you’re backside is cold
  3389. >IDEA
  3390. >You hop off the bed and run into your room
  3391. >Anon goes to follow but you stop him and shut the door
  3392. >Inside your room, you’ve had to adapt the lights to blue lights, since there is no bioluminescent fungus like in your old hive, you turn it on and look through your blackened drawers
  3393. >You find your socks and put them on
  3394. >You dig a bit deeper and find your treasure
  3395. >Anon doesn’t know about them
  3396. >You are afraid of what he will say
  3397. >But they are comfy
  3398. >A pair of soft pink panties with a bow
  3399. >you’ve cut a hole in them for your tail
  3400. >Maximum comfy and warm
  3401. >You hope anon doesn’t care
  3402. >especially since you found them under his bed
  3403. >They smelled funny and were a bit crust so you cleaned them up
  3404. >You don’t really want to know what caused them to be in such condition, but a good hand wash really got them like new
  3405. >Heck they even had a little love stuck to them, not much though
  3406. >You make your way back into Anons bedroom
  3407. >The reaction you expected was not the one you got
  3408. >You kind of expected him to be like ‘oh hey you found those and they’re cute’
  3409. >Instead what you got was a wide eyed stare
  3410. >Anon gasps and stands up
  3412. “I uh, found them under the bed, what’s wrong?”
  3413. >“Please oh please tell me you washed them!”
  3414. “Yeah.. I did what’s wrong?”
  3415. >“N…nothing, just, I guess.. Uh”
  3416. >You blink watching him
  3417. >He sits back down
  3418. >“I forgot I had those around”
  3419. >You roll your eyes and hop up, now warm all over
  3420. >Your legs are a bit cold though
  3421. >“Lets just say those belong to the same person as the shirt”
  3422. “Oh, okay. I didn’t make you mad did I?”
  3423. >He sits there running a hand down your side
  3424. >“Naw, you didn’t, just surprised”
  3425. >You nod and hop up, sitting up close to him
  3426. >Master or not, this guys warm
  3427. >Warm is nice
  3428. >Oddly enough he seems to get uncomfortable when you press into his lap
  3429. >Oh well, probably some silly human tradition
  3430. >You lay into him and look up at Anon, your nose touching his chin
  3431. “So, whats the plan?”
  3432. >“An old TV series. it’s a classic, you’ll love it”
  3433. >You turn to the TV and press into his chest
  3434. “I see..”
  3435. >He already has it ready and paused
  3436. “This is a movie right?”
  3437. >“No, not really, I just own all the episodes on disk”
  3438. “The DVD thing?”
  3439. >“Correct”
  3440. >He presses play
  3441. >Episode one
  3442. >The title pops up and you watch confused
  3443. >The flying circus
  3444. >Wat
  3445. >You’ve seen flying circus’
  3446. >You high doubt humans can..
  3447. >This isn’t a circus
  3448. >WAT
  3449. >Animated paper figures
  3450. >These jokes
  3451. >What the fuck is going on
  3452. >Is that a male dressed as a female
  3453. >Anon is watching you closely, reading you expressions of horror, confusion, and amusement
  3454. >You can’t look away though
  3455. >These humans have a familiar accent to your previous owner, but are very posh, like canter lot-
  3456. >Never mind they aren’t posh at all
  3457. >You start giggling
  3458. “Eddy baby!”
  3459. >“sweetie!”
  3460. “Sugar plum!”
  3461. >“FRANK!”
  3462. >The two of you laugh together and he grips you tight
  3463. “This interview is fake, right?”
  3464. >“Yes, he-”
  3465. >You gasp cutting anon off
  3466. “He shot him!”
  3467. >“Not real-”
  3468. >You wave your hoof in his face watching closer now
  3469. >You go through the series, watching each episode
  3470. >This shit is corny
  3471. >Like extremely corny
  3472. >By episode 5 you’re in tears giggling like a filly
  3473. >Anon isn’t laughing as hard as you, laughing more like the people in the background of the show you’re watching, quick chuckles
  3474. >Of course you have never seen this before
  3475. >It just gets sillier and sillier the further you watch it!
  3476. >The two of you watch episode after episode
  3477. >Only occasionally getting up for bathroom breaks and food
  3478. >Anon seems to really be enjoying it
  3479. >When season 2 is over, its been over 12 hours
  3480. >You look at the clock
  3481. >holy crap its 10pm
  3482. >You are fine eating his love, but Anon must be starving!
  3483. >You poke his nose
  3484. >Anon wiggles his face and looks down at you
  3485. >“Yes?”
  3486. “You hungry?”
  3487. >“A bit. You want something?”
  3488. “Sure, that’d be nice”
  3489. >Anon pauses the show and gets up, sitting you down
  3490. >You wiggle your hips, feeling the panties having slid down a bit
  3491. >Quickly you pull them back up
  3492. >Anon is in front of you by now
  3493. >Thank goodness he didn’t see, that would have been awkward
  3494. >While in the kitchen with Anon, you walk around and take a seat to watch
  3495. >You sit with your front legs between your back and staring up at him
  3496. >When he turns around he pats your head
  3497. >This results in a soft hiss from yourself
  3498. >Anon looks through his fridge and pulls out two left over salads from yesterday
  3499. >Since you moved in he’s lost a bit of weight
  3500. >Everyday he looks just a bit better
  3501. >“Ling”
  3502. “Hm?”
  3503. >You ask a mouth full of a carrot
  3504. >“Those panties”
  3505. >Blush incoming
  3506. >Your body is ready
  3507. >“I’m mad you stole them, but, Well, They also look very good on you”
  3508. >And there it is
  3509. >You smile brightly up at him
  3510. >Anon chuckles
  3511. >“I’m not kidding Ling, Though I’m surprised they fit”
  3512. “Well, I had to cut a tail hole, so I guess they got a bit smaller when I sewed them back”
  3513. >“I see.. did you do anything else to them?”
  3514. ‘Besides washing?”
  3515. >He glares
  3516. “No, no I didn’t”
  3517. >He nods and looks down at the bowl, thinking about something it seems
  3518. >You can taste a bit of sadness off him. It tastes very sour. You don’t like it
  3519. >The two of you eat in relative silence
  3520. >Anons thoughts, from what you can taste, get lighter as time goes by though
  3521. >He looks up at you with a smile
  3522. >“Ling, the alcohol I mentioned before”
  3523. >You look back up to him, finishing your salad up
  3524. “yes?”
  3525. >“Lets have some now”
  3526. “Uh, sure, I suppose”
  3527. >He gets up and fiddles around the shelves, seeming to have forgotten where he put it
  3528. >It takes a moment but he finds it in the fridge
  3529. >“Huh, didn’t think I put it there”
  3530. “So what is it”
  3531. >“THE KRACKEN”
  3532. >He slams the dark bottle down onto the table
  3533. >You jump and yelp with surprise
  3534. “Kraken?”
  3535. >“Kraken!”
  3536. >Anon grabs the top and with a firm twist breaks the seal and holds it out to you
  3537. >Curiously you take it and sniff
  3538. >Smells strange
  3539. >But not bad
  3540. >He takes it back and pours out some into a small glass
  3541. >You heard Anon refer to this before as a ‘shot glass’
  3542. >You have no idea why
  3543. >He hands it over to you
  3544. >“Try this Ling!”
  3545. >You nod and try to pick it up
  3546. >You end up having to use your magic
  3547. >You take a sip
  3548. >OH GOD
  3549. >You begin coughing and drop it, the glass doesn’t break but it does spill the liquid
  3550. >Anon laughs at your suffering and walks over, patting your back
  3551. >You stare at him
  3552. ‘What IS this?!”
  3553. >“Kraken. it’s a black spiced rum”
  3554. “Wow. Equestria didn’t have anything NEAR this. Whats the proof?”
  3555. >He checks the bottle
  3556. >“94”
  3557. >You gag
  3558. “Holy crap THAT is strong. Equestria didn’t sell anything above 50. No one but dragons could handle it”
  3559. >He gives you a strange look
  3560. >You shake your head
  3561. “Can’t we mix it?”
  3562. >“Uh, sure. Wanna try mixing with some juice?”
  3563. “that sounds good”
  3564. >He pulls out a bottle of….
  3565. >Apple juice
  3566. >The most based of juice
  3567. >He mixes it and does a little stir with an odd plastic stick
  3568. >When you try it this time you still taste the alcohol, but its much weaker
  3569. >Now you can drink!
  3570. >Anon smiles and picks the two bottles up, bringing them with him to his bedroom
  3571. >He flops down, you follow behind and lay down on the bed beside him
  3572. >“Alright. Now, the only rule is don’t puke on the bed”
  3573. >You laugh
  3574. “Sure”
  3575. >You lay beside anon, unlike him you aren’t ‘doing shots’
  3576. >Instead you’re sipping on your strong apple flavored rum
  3577. >Its surprisingly tasty for being so strong
  3578. >While you watch the TV series, he drinks to certain jokes
  3579. >You don’t understand the drinking to the jokes, but you do the same with your drink
  3580. >Soon you notice Anon slurring his words
  3581. >Actually you’re feeling a bit warm all over
  3582. >Tingly even
  3583. >You’re also laughing harder
  3584. >Anon and yourself are both pressed up tight to each other giggling like idiots
  3585. >it’s a fun time really!
  3586. >You go for a refill and notice the bottle is getting lower
  3587. >Oh well, might as well keep going!
  3588. >When you’re both almost 3/4ths of the way through the bottle Anon gasps and grabs your hoof
  3589. >You eep and look up at him
  3590. >He’s grinning down at you
  3591. >2spoopy4Ling
  3592. >“LING”
  3593. >You jump
  3594. >He gasps out
  3595. >“I HAVE AN IDEA”
  3596. “WHAT?!”
  3598. >You pale
  3599. “The castle?”
  3601. >You don’t know what to say
  3602. >Anon jumps up
  3603. >And onto his face
  3604. >He is a very confusing drunk
  3605. >You watch him as he grabs a disk
  3606. >I..its that
  3607. >It is
  3608. >There colorful ponies on it
  3609. >Its not what you think
  3610. >Its terrifying
  3611. >yet oddly adorable
  3612. >Generation 3 of My Little Pony
  3613. >The characters are oddly familiar
  3614. >Yet so different
  3618. >The two of you sit in complete silence watching
  3619. >That lasts a few seconds before Anon sits up grinning
  3620. >“I know I shouldn’t but I love this shit”
  3621. “I…Think I do”
  3622. >“Good..good”
  3623. >Maniacal voice/10
  3624. >“Now, they did release another series after this.”
  3625. “How is it”
  3626. >He grabs your shoulders
  3627. >His eyes are wide
  3628. >You can feel a darkness over him
  3629. >“We don’t talk about it. Ever”
  3630. >You hear something and shoot your head towards the screen
  3631. “That’s not true”
  3632. >Anon blinks looking at you
  3633. >“Huh?”
  3634. “Rainbow Dash doesn’t dress in style”
  3635. >Anon laughs some
  3636. “Seriously these names are crazy familiar. But those ponies are not my ponies”
  3637. >He nods watching you
  3638. >“I noticed. Wild isn’t it”
  3639. “Totally”
  3640. >You sit down on Anons knee to watch
  3641. >He’s giggling again
  3642. >Oh god the horror
  3643. >The two of you watch together happily though
  3644. >“This is the best episode”
  3645. “What do you mean”
  3646. >“Mother fucking Minty Christmas”
  3647. “wat?”
  3648. >He grabs you forcing you towards the screen
  3649. >You watch curiously
  3650. “There no castle”
  3651. >“Its an.. expression.. of sorts. Still.”
  3652. “Huh…”
  3653. >“There’s another, that’s pretty good. But I think I might only show you a little of it”
  3654. “I’d like that, Maybe, I don’t know how to feel about all this”
  3655. >He chuckles and pats your back
  3656. >You can’t help but watch
  3657. >This Minty character is nice
  3658. >Kinda funny
  3659. >She’s very cute and reminds you of yourself
  3660. >Fuck yeah socks
  3661. >The animation and voice acting is
  3662. >Off to say the least
  3663. >But its rather cute and fun
  3664. >Oh boy a song
  3665. >Oh..
  3666. >NOW things are spooky
  3667. >Anons singing
  3668. >You feel yourself being dragged into it
  3669. >Anon grins seeing you getting into tune
  3670. >He pauses and rewinds
  3671. >This song couldn’t be cornier and more girly
  3672. >But its cute
  3673. >The two of you sing in unison
  3674. >Its not even Christmas
  3675. (Incoming Lyrics, Drunken edition. That means purpose misspellings and general fuckery )
  3676. They can be plain or fanc-yyyyy~
  3677. They can be short or looooong
  3678. The simple white kii-Anon burps
  3679. The glow-by-night kind
  3680. With sucks you can't go wroooong!
  3681. A gift as good as candy
  3682. A big balloon or blocks
  3683. They always come in handy
  3684. And nothin' says Christmuuuussssss~
  3685. >You hiss and Anon tries to imitate it
  3686. Like a pair of socks
  3687. When winter
  3688. Is turning your nose-y
  3689. >eeeeeeeee
  3690. A little bit froze-y
  3691. >Anon boops your nose, resulting in a hissing giggling
  3692. Socks'll make you feel
  3693. >You two pause staring at eachother
  3694. Comfy-cozy!
  3695. >Maximum hugs!
  3696. Who doesn't love to wear them?
  3697. >Anon pipes up
  3698. >“No one at all, that's who!”
  3699. >He quickly goes back to singing with you
  3700. >Actually you’re both swaying together
  3701. >And slurring together
  3702. The sparkly reeeed kind
  3703. The wear-to-bed kind!
  3704. It's nice to have a few
  3705. >You take the pause to grin
  3706. “I KNOW I DOO”
  3707. >Anon throws a sock at you
  3708. >Where did that come from
  3709. Some folks enjoy new mittens
  3710. Or a teddy bear that talks
  3711. >“I don’t’ anon adds in
  3712. Or a picture books of kittens
  3713. “I do!” You throw in
  3714. But nothin' says Christmas
  3715. >In sync the two of you finish
  3716. “Merry, Merry Christmas”
  3717. Nothin' says Christmas
  3719. >“Like”
  3720. “uh”
  3721. >“pair”
  3722. “o’
  3723. >Both of you together
  3724. Socks!
  3725. >and both of you drink at the same time
  3726. >Anon throws his other sock at you
  3727. >This one lands on your nose
  3728. >You fall over
  3729. -
  3730. >You are a drunken human
  3731. >That must mean you’re anon
  3732. >You grab the small squishy Ling beside you and lift her up
  3733. >She hisses and flails her hooves around
  3734. >You just laugh and hold her up
  3735. >You boop her nose and smile brightly
  3736. >Ling laughs and boops you in turn
  3737. >“Nothing says Christmas”
  3738. “Nuthin says Christmas!”
  3739. >“Like a pair of socks!”
  3740. >You chuckle and hug her tight to your chest
  3741. >You hear her back pop and she sighs, then smacks your face
  3742. >The two of you chuckle as you hold to each other for a few moments
  3743. >Lings eyes meet yours
  3744. >You stare up at her
  3745. >She grins down at you and presses your noses together before she hops off of you
  3746. >“Ya know what else I like to do?!”
  3747. “Hm?”
  3748. >“Well, In the hive, before all the war started and I was younger, I found out that Chrysalis had a secret room”
  3749. >She giggles and leans forward
  3750. >“Sort of a dance area for her”
  3751. “She was a partier?”
  3752. >“Very much yes!”
  3753. “I wouldn’t expect that of a queen”
  3754. >“You’d be surprised”
  3755. >She looks around and spots your radio
  3756. >“I wonder if human music is as good as ours”
  3757. >You blink
  3758. “But, the ponies are still on TV”
  3759. >“And?’
  3760. >You roll your eyes and watch her as she drunkenly fumbles with the controls
  3761. >She seems to forget she doesn’t have hands
  3762. >Doesn’t matter anyway, that things batteries are dead
  3763. >You want over to the computer
  3764. “What kind of music do lings like?”
  3765. >You close out the windows currently up and open the internets
  3766. >
  3767. >“Well, fast paced, usually feels good”
  3768. >You think
  3769. >All you really know are memes
  3770. >Time to bring up some old memes
  3771. >You type in two
  3772. >carsmek dasewn
  3773. >shit
  3774. >Caramelldasen
  3775. >and Numa numa
  3776. >The O-zone version
  3777. >We old school now
  3778. >You let her listen to bits of each one but she ultimately chooses Caramelldasen
  3779. >Shoulda guessed
  3780. >Is this REALLY what changelings listen to?
  3781. >You have doubts, theres no way changelings are weebs to
  3782. “Ya know theres a dance to this right?”
  3783. >Her butts swaying fast with the music, but hearing that her ears perk up\
  3784. >“really?”
  3785. “yeah, wanna see?”
  3786. >She rushes over, bumping into you
  3787. >You pat her head and let her watch the video
  3788. >“NEAT!”
  3789. >Ling balances herself on two hind legs
  3790. >She’s extremely unstable with wobbly legs
  3791. >still, shes amazing with keeping the beat, even when she can barely stand
  3792. >She stops looking at you and watches the screen copying the characters
  3793. >Ling has this huge smile on her face as she swings her hips back and forth and bounces her hooves
  3794. >When they go o-o-o-oa she claps her hooves together and does a little jump
  3795. >oh fuck that’s cute
  3796. >Wait you’re watching a changelings in an oversized t-shirt, panties and socks dancing
  3797. >Your dick wakes up to see the sight as well
  3798. >Lings steps are getting unsteady
  3799. >Oh fuck don’t do it
  3800. >She’s gonna do it
  3801. >Your dicks gonna do it
  3803. >Ling falls face forward right at you
  3804. >PANIC
  3805. >You reach out and grab her
  3806. >Your erection tries to grab her to
  3807. >That isn’t happening
  3808. >For now
  3809. >Shes panting a little and smiles up at you
  3810. >She licks your nose
  3811. >You blink
  3812. “Ling?”
  3813. >She grins and leans up
  3814. >She’s still wiggling that rump to the beat
  3815. >Penis you need to stop
  3816. >No
  3817. >Ling hugs to you tight, making sure her face is particularly close to yours
  3818. >Apples and rum
  3820. >LOLNOPE
  3821. “Ling..”
  3822. >She giggles and holds to your torso
  3823. >And then burps
  3824. >Oh god
  3825. >You grab her up and carry her under your arm into the bathroom
  3826. >You’ve been here before
  3827. >You quickly bring Ling over the toilet
  3828. >Ling tries to look at you to talk
  3829. >You grab the back of her head hold her face towards the toilet
  3830. >You’re standing right behind her
  3831. >For the love of god Ling don-
  3832. >She wiggles
  3833. >GOD DAMN IT
  3834. >you grab her tail and hold it in place
  3835. >Thank god no ones here to see
  3836. >Holding her hair back and tail to the side puts you in a hell of a vulnerable position
  3837. >Not as vulnerable as her
  3838. >obby
  3839. >Go away dick
  3840. >No escape now, only awkward
  3841. >You actually feel yourself getting drowsy
  3842. >Rum always fucks with you like that
  3843. >Lings surprisingly colorful vomit and your light head tells you everything
  3844. >So that’s what concentrated love in a stomach looks like
  3845. >Neat
  3846. >You lift up Ling
  3847. “Better?”
  3848. >“Kiss me anon”
  3849. >She puckers her lips
  3850. “No”
  3851. >‘aww Anon”
  3852. “Ling please”
  3853. >You give her some paper to wipe her mouth with as you carry her back to bed
  3854. >The two of you collapse together into the bed
  3855. >Ling grabs onto you tight nuzzling into your neck
  3856. >Her hooves are pressed equally firmly to your-
  3857. >Oh
  3858. >You grab her back legs and she giggles out
  3859. >“Oooh you like it ro-”
  3860. “No”
  3861. >She huffs but keeps pressed firmly into you
  3862. >You hear her yawn
  3863. >Aw
  3864. >“Thanks nonny”
  3865. “Hm?”
  3866. >“Thank you”
  3867. “For?”
  3868. >“Everything”
  3869. >You pet her
  3870. >“I love you”
  3871. >WELL THEN
  3872. >UUUUUH
  3873. >you stare at her
  3874. >She said she loves you..
  3875. “Wut”
  3876. >Ling just smiles at you as she passes out
  3877. >Taking the only logical path from here you latch onto the little Ling
  3878. >Falling asleep with her in your arms is a very pleasant experience
  3879. >When you wake up the next morning
  3880. >Oh god sounds
  3881. >Oh god beeping is getting louder
  3882. >Oh god is that god
  3883. >Nope just the sun
  3884. >Need coffee
  3885. >You open your eyes fully and look around
  3886. >you’re at full mast
  3887. >And
  3888. >Oh fuck
  3889. >Oh no
  3890. >Maybe?
  3891. >No brain that’s bad
  3892. >Lings panties are around her strange equine backwards knees
  3893. >And she has an obvious wet streak down her leg
  3894. >You’re 99% sure its not piss
  3895. >This isn’t a piss fetish story
  3896. maybe
  3897. >You gulp and place the box of tissues next to her as you stand
  3898. >Coffee time
  3899. >1 hour till work
  3900. >Usually you're up 3 hours before
  3901. >>Oh fuck it’s a work day
  3902. >You're probably going to be late
  3903. >Again
  3904. >Thank god your boss is a based motherfucker
  3905. >You sit in the chair with a soft sigh as you drink your coffee
  3906. >You should probably make breakfast
  3907. >But your mind keeps wandering to Ling
  3908. >You remember
  3909. >Dancing
  3910. >And an erection
  3911. >Oh god
  3912. >She’s a pony. You can’t do that
  3913. >Well technically not a pony, but still
  3914. >You pour some cereal
  3915. >Motherfucking French toast crunch
  3916. >While eating you wait for Ling to wake up
  3917. >What you get is unexpected to say the least
  3918. >The equally hung over changeling stumbles out of the bedroom
  3919. >She has a changeling head, fleurs tail, and colgates fur on her legs
  3920. >Disturbing
  3921. >Ling looks at you with a scowl
  3922. >“I’m never drinking that stuff again”
  3923. >You notice she’s made a pad inside her underwear
  3924. >Oh god
  3925. “heh, they all say that. You’ll be back to it though”
  3926. >She just hisses in response, then takes a seat
  3927. >You can tell she’s fighting those voices in her head again
  3928. >This time she’s in pain while doing it
  3929. >lel
  3930. “You okay ling?”
  3931. >“Mom’s telling me I shouldn’t do this. I can’t get her to shut up”
  3932. >You chuckle
  3933. >“Anon she wont shut up!”
  3934. >Ling gives you pleading eyes
  3935. >Sorry, no rest for the wicked in this house
  3936. “And the rest of your family?”
  3937. >She grumbles and snatches your coffee
  3938. >THAT BITCH
  3939. >You try to grab it back but she already shoves her muzzle into it
  3940. >Fuck
  3941. >You sigh and get another
  3942. >You get your favorite cup for this one
  3943. >‘Worlds best shitposter’
  3944. >Thanks 4chan
  3945. >You’re my only friends
  3946. >tfw
  3947. >Filling this one up you look back at Ling
  3948. “Hey, they see everything we do, right?”
  3949. >“sort of, why?”
  3950. “Did we fuck?”
  3951. >Lings eyes go wide and she spits out the drink
  3952. >“WE WHAT?!”
  3953. “Ask them”
  3954. >She frantically starts contacting them
  3955. >Nothing changes
  3956. >She gulps
  3957. “I don’t remember”
  3958. >“They can only look through my memories”
  3959. “And?”
  3960. >“I don’t remember either!”
  3961. >shit
  3962. >After your panic you decided to get dressed
  3963. >Currently you’re putting on a suit
  3964. >You always did look good in a suit
  3965. >And today, being a Monday, you could feel it’d be a good day to
  3966. >especially since you used all your vacation time
  3967. >You’re an IT though, they need you
  3968. >You also shouldn’t worry about how you dress
  3969. >You never do
  3970. >Straightening your tie you put the antique tie clip on and make your way out
  3971. >Ling is face down in a cup of coffee
  3972. >You walk over to make sure she isn’t drowning
  3973. >Nope she drunk it all
  3974. >Ah yes the first hang over
  3975. >Poor girl
  3976. >You rub the back of her head and make your way out the door, looking back at her
  3977. >Did you bang that?
  3978. >Naw there’s no way, you had your underwear on
  3979. >You sigh and go out to get in your ancient truck
  3980. >Off to work you go
  3981. >It’s a couple hours after Anon left his house
  3982. >Around 10am now
  3983. >You wake up with a face covered in cold coffee
  3984. >The house is kind cold to
  3985. >You sneeze
  3986. >Looking down you notice you have hooves
  3987. >Oh right you’re Ling
  3988. “Well shoot”
  3989. >You sigh and get up, stretching
  3990. >Why do you feel wetter downwards than you do on the face
  3991. >Oh shit
  3992. >Its that time of the month isn’t it
  3993. >You hurry over to the living room mirror
  3994. >Looking at yourself you turn around and lift you tail
  3995. >Yep
  3996. >The pink panties are soaked
  3997. >Better wash those
  3998. >You sigh and make your way to the kitchen, putting the cloths into the cloth bag
  3999. >Looking over you notice the home phones light is blinking
  4000. >Someone called
  4001. >Hmm
  4002. >How did this thing work
  4003. >Checking the device over you use your horn to press some buttons
  4004. >After calling a couple wrong numbers
  4005. >One was a very pissed off Indian guy
  4006. >You manage to get the right command in
  4007. >“Hi Ling, this is Anon. Since you can’t be assed to wake up I left your chores on here. So listen closely”
  4008. >Oh damn it anon, chores, today?
  4009. >Oh well
  4010. >You sigh and keep everything down
  4011. >Dishes washed
  4012. >Clothes washed
  4013. >Bedding washed
  4014. >Keep an eye on the phone for the vet
  4015. >Oh yeah you visited the vet like, a month ago or so
  4016. >They never did call back
  4017. >What’s next
  4018. >Make dinner
  4019. >okay then
  4020. >You check the fridge
  4022. >Welp might as well add on grocery store
  4023. >You look around
  4024. >Oh cool anon left his credit card
  4025. >Can ponies legally do that?
  4026. >Fuck it why not try
  4027. >You write everything down
  4028. >Today is planned and ready to roll out!
  4029. >Standing in front of that old mirror you are changing forms
  4030. >geeze you don’t have as many as the others
  4031. >Fleur De Lis
  4032. >Minuette, er, colgate, whatever
  4033. >Celestia
  4034. >Luna
  4035. >Cadence
  4036. >And some orange pony with a hat
  4037. >You think her name was Applejack
  4038. >Fleur it is, the others have already met you or are well known
  4039. >In fact you haven’t seen any mention of her in a long time
  4040. >Hopefully she is living her dreams
  4041. >She was such a pretty pony
  4042. >Shit don’t get distracted, the faster you get this done the better
  4043. >Now a little taller and significantly prettier you flash your tail at the mirror
  4044. >Tail stop that
  4045. >No gotta show off
  4046. >Brain you to
  4048. >>“I didn’t say anything”
  4049. “Shit”
  4050. >Well, better hurry
  4051. >You grab the bedding and comforter off Anons bed
  4052. >Sweet mercy now you know why he wanted it cleaned
  4053. >You wet the bed
  4054. >And not with piss
  4055. >Sorry anon
  4056. [spoiler] not really [/spoiler]
  4057. >You stuff it into the bag with the other cloths and grab Anons coin jar
  4058. >You look for his spare key and hang that on your white pretty horn
  4059. >Off you go!
  4060. >Oh shit lock the door first
  4061. >Okay now you go
  4062. >Annoying enough the entire walk to the laundry mat is full of stares
  4063. >People just cant keep the themselves
  4064. >Que old asian bitch
  4065. >She’s staring
  4066. >“Pony back hele?”
  4067. “Yes ma’am I just need to wash my masters clothes”
  4068. >She narrows her eyes
  4069. >“Pony no go in dlier. You no go in dlier and you cun wash”
  4070. “Understood”
  4071. >She watches you as you copy exactly as master did
  4072. >You, for now, sit the bedding to the side
  4073. >Hmm.. some of Anons white shirts and underwear are in there
  4074. >Eh its fine
  4075. >Humans have conquered the need to separate cloths by now, like ponies, right?
  4076. >Sitting in boredom for around 10 minutes
  4077. >You look around at all the other machine
  4078. >The face hoof for how stupid you are
  4079. >You put the comforter, sheets, and pillow cases into the washer next to the clothes one
  4080. >You put in detergent and start it up
  4081. >Detergent doesn’t taste good
  4082. >Why didn’t you use magic
  4083. >ech
  4084. >NOW the waiting
  4085. >Asian stares
  4086. >There are some other ponies in here
  4087. >They’re staring
  4088. >You can’t tell if they smell you or recognize you
  4089. >Please don’t notice me
  4091. >A stallion walks over
  4092. >He smiles
  4093. >He’s actually pretty handsome
  4094. >Holy shit cut your fetlocks mate
  4095. “Uh.. Hi”
  4096. >The pony male smiles down at you
  4097. >“Hello there. I.. recognize you from somewhere”
  4098. >PANIC
  4099. “Oh, I uh, sorry I don’t recognize you”
  4100. >“I swear I’ve seen that beautiful face in a magazine”
  4101. >You begin the blushing
  4102. >In your pony form your blush is actually red
  4103. >And its bright
  4104. >What does one say in this situation
  4105. >You don’t want to be rude
  4106. >Wait yes you do, that’s the heat talking
  4107. >But he IS good looking
  4108. (insert image of the stallion by lostdragon01 here)
  4109. >You shift in your seat
  4110. >Is this seat getting hot
  4111. >Yeah that’s it
  4112. >The stallion takes a seat beside you with a kind smile
  4113. >“Where’s your master? All ponies have masters with them do they not?”
  4114. “Oh, uh, mine is letting me run chores for him while he’s at work”
  4115. >You tap your key on your horn
  4116. “This has all his contact on it if there’s any issues, I guess”
  4117. >Better gulp that lump in your throat down
  4118. >that’s better
  4119. >“Oh, your master is really kind”
  4120. “Most of the time, yeah. He can be a pain in the ass”
  4121. >The stallion motions over to a tall older female near by
  4122. >Older looking
  4123. >She can’t be a day over 50 though based on her emotions
  4124. >“She is mine. She is going blind so she bought me as a seeing eye pony”
  4125. “T.. that’s uh, interesting”
  4126. >Is this room getting hot
  4127. >Probably just the driers
  4128. >yeah the driers
  4129. >You gulp again
  4130. >The stallion extends his hoof
  4131. >Thems from pretty hooves boy
  4132. >“I’m LD, what’s your name”
  4133. >Shit, can’t let him know
  4134. >You shake hooves
  4135. “I’m Lis”
  4136. >Close enough
  4137. >“That’s a pretty name”
  4138. >He flashes that grin at you again
  4140. >He leans forward after looking towards his master
  4141. >Oh shit breath on ear
  4142. >>“Ling.. You need to calm down”
  4143. >No shit mom
  4144. “Uh..”
  4145. >“You smell. Rather nice. Do you need any help?”
  4148. >>“I am an adult”
  4149. >God damn it mom
  4150. >The stallion whispers more
  4151. >“ya know, if you need help with that”
  4152. >UH
  4153. >“I could help”
  4154. “I.. Uh, no thanks”
  4155. >He looks confused
  4156. >“Oh, really?”
  4157. “Well…”
  4158. >Oh you’re standing
  4159. >Your eyes go wide when you feel something wet hit your back side
  4160. >Its warm and soft
  4161. >Did this nigga just lick you in public?!
  4162. >It did feel pretty good though
  4163. >>“LING”
  4164. >Oh fuck
  4165. “yes mom?”
  4166. >The stallion blinks seeing you go stiff
  4168. >Well
  4169. >Fuck
  4171. >Great you pissed her off
  4172. >Understandable considering
  4173. “I uh, sorry”
  4174. >>“YOU BETTER BE. I don’t care what time of the month it is. You KNOW you don’t want this. Normally I’d say go for it but we aren’t in a love deficit here.”
  4175. >You gulp
  4176. >>“I’m very disappointed in you”
  4177. >Ouch
  4178. “I’m sorry mom”
  4179. >>“Now reject this stallion like a real mare and go handle yourself”
  4180. “But..”
  4181. >>“No buts. You know why I’m mad”
  4182. >True
  4183. >You are compromising your thing with anon
  4184. >Heaven forbid you actually DO anything with this stallion and Anon find out
  4185. >I wonder how big his-
  4186. >>“LING”
  4187. “Gah sorry!”
  4188. >You turn to the stallion beside you
  4189. “You need to leave”
  4190. >“Aw, but you look like you like it”
  4191. “Trust me LD, I do, but I’m busy”
  4192. >You can see the disappointment in his eyes
  4193. >And his dick
  4194. >Unfortunate but that prize must go untouched
  4195. >Maybe you’ll see him again
  4196. >>“Ling..”
  4197. >er.. maybe not
  4198. >The stallion watches you as you stare at the washer
  4199. >He can tell something’s up
  4200. >what do you say
  4201. >What do you do?!
  4202. “Look, This is a hard time for me okay? My uh mo-master is always breathing down my neck”
  4203. >“Hey, I won’t tell if you don’t”
  4204. >NOPE
  4205. “I’m serious sh-he’d know”
  4206. >“If you insist. But I’ll be here for a while”
  4207. >Lovely
  4208. >You sit back down and focus on the shaking washing machine
  4209. >Your mind and eyes straining to keep focused
  4210. >That was a hell of an inviting offer
  4211. >And you haven’t seen a stallion for over a year
  4212. >At least not one that close
  4213. >>“Ling, Listen”
  4214. “yes?”
  4215. >>“I’ve been through a lot of these. Its just going to get worse. I know you’re still young, but, just focus It’ll go away eventually”
  4216. >Wow thanks so helpful
  4217. >>“You’re welcome”
  4218. >Geeze
  4219. >You sit in silence and squirm in your seat
  4220. >You swear you can feel that stallions eyes on you the whole time
  4221. >What else where you suppose to do today
  4222. >Grocery shop
  4223. >Check for call from doctor
  4224. >Dishes
  4225. >Dishes can wait till after you make dinner
  4226. >Okay that’s all
  4227. >Good
  4228. >That’s not so hard right
  4229. >There can’t be THAT many stallions in town
  4230. >Right?
  4231. >Soon enough, everything is washed
  4232. >That stallion is still there
  4233. >Fug
  4234. >You quickly shift everything over to the drier and go outside
  4235. >The cool air feels way better on your
  4236. >Well
  4237. >Mare bits
  4238. >And red face
  4239. >You sigh and walk back and forth in front of the building, thinking
  4240. >Its only 4 days, no big deal
  4241. >You sit outside waiting while the cloths dry
  4242. >Soon enough its done
  4243. >The stallion walks by you and looks down at you
  4244. >You swear you see pity in those beautiful eyes
  4245. >You go inside to gather up the clothes and bedding and carry it home
  4246. >Luckily the only stares you get are from humans
  4247. >Thank the queen
  4248. >You manage to position the key with your horn and unlock the door, dropping everything inside
  4249. >You make the bed and fold the cloths
  4250. >Admitably you have no idea where to put his cloths, so you just drop those in place
  4251. >Your two bits of clothing you put away as well
  4252. >Next you begin writing out your li-
  4253. >ring ring ring
  4254. >Oh
  4255. >You check the caller ID
  4256. >it’s the vet
  4257. >Oh crap
  4258. >RING RING
  4260. >Oh right the phone
  4261. >You reach up to grab it
  4262. >Hooves be like lolnope
  4263. >The phone falls to the floor
  4264. >You grunt and pick it up with magic
  4265. >Your magic is still fairly strong on Earth
  4266. >But darn is it noticeably weaker
  4267. >If all the Equestrian rifts close
  4268. >Dear lord have mercy on unicorns
  4269. “Yes hello? Anon is not in at the moment. This is ling”
  4270. >“Ooh Hey Ling, This is the nurse that examined you!”
  4271. “I never did get your name”
  4272. >“I’m Nurse Mattaus“
  4273. “Nurse what now?”
  4274. >“I’m named after a famous guy”
  4275. “Oh, well, what’s up doc?”
  4276. >“So, uh, those tests you took last month.”
  4277. “yes?”
  4278. >“We lost the results because the doctor here is an idiot who doesn’t care for ponies”
  4279. “Then why is he a pony vet?”
  4280. >“Because ponies are expensive. Meaning his clients have money.”
  4281. >Oh
  4282. >Well damn
  4283. “What’d you find?”
  4284. >“Uh, would it be fine if I came over?”
  4285. “Sure, I suppose, my master isn’t home though”
  4286. >“Oh, I can wai-”
  4287. “No, no, its fine. You have our address right?”
  4288. >“yeah its in your file”
  4289. >Huh, Anon actually put work into that
  4290. >nice
  4291. “Okay, well I suppose I can wait around for ya”
  4292. >“I’ll be there in 10 minutes”
  4293. >When the fellow from the clinic arrives, he does not look as expected
  4294. >Actually you expected him to be dressed up in scrubs like before
  4295. >Nope, he has a cigarette in his mouth, his beard is uncombed, and he has a hat on
  4296. >He looks kinda spooky
  4297. “Oh, you got here fast!”
  4298. >“I don’t live far away. You said Anon wasn’t here?”
  4299. “No, he isn’t”
  4300. >“You don’t look like yourself ya know”
  4301. “yeah I know, us changelings are disguised in public”
  4302. >“Interesting.. well may I come in Ling?”
  4303. “Sure!”
  4304. >You step to the side, letting the burly man in
  4305. >He walks over and takes his hat off
  4306. >“Ling, I assume you changelings follow the same digestive system as ponies?”
  4307. “Sort of, it’s a little different, since our stomach has to convert love energy to bodily energy, but it isn’t that different afterwards”
  4308. >“I see”
  4309. >You nod and sit beside him
  4310. >Something’s bothering him
  4311. “What’s wrong Matt?”
  4312. >“I’m not.. entirely sure. And it can probably be handled with anti-biotics. But Ling you haven’t been in contact with other ponies right?”
  4313. “No I haven’t”
  4314. >“Good”
  4315. “What’s wrong?”
  4316. >“Well I’m ordering some more tests, but your urine has something wrong with it”
  4317. >You blink confused
  4318. “Huh?”
  4319. >“Looks, to me at least since I’m the only damn one with any sense. To be a bacterial infection”
  4320. “That doesn’t sound too bad”
  4321. >“We don’t know EXACTLY what bacteria it is. If I could find a pony doctor..”
  4322. >You scratch your head looking up at him confused
  4323. “I brought a new bacteria into earth?”
  4324. >“Well, no, it only effects changelings, maybe ponies to, I don’t want to test it. Humans can’t be bothered by it, otherwise Anon would have been calling his doctor by now”
  4325. “How do you know what it is?”
  4326. >“the tests managed to catch some of it that had flowed out with your urine”
  4327. “And?”
  4328. >“The urine sample you gave us should have been yellow. The green wasn’t the right color. It was blood”
  4329. >Oh shit
  4330. >Wait why did you never notice
  4331. >Fuck
  4332. >You are a pony, not a fucking horse
  4333. >That being said the hive is usually dark, and any time you turn into a pony
  4334. >Maybe you should actually look when you pee
  4335. >Unlike humans who can just look down when they go through
  4336. >Ponies don’t have it so easy
  4337. >They have to stand and turn around
  4338. >Shits awkward yo
  4339. >Oh, He’s watching you
  4340. “I never saw..”
  4341. >“Wait, you’re telling me you never noticed?”
  4342. “Well, No”
  4343. >“You use the bathroom like a horse don’t you”
  4344. “N..NO!”
  4345. >He starts chuckling and pokes your nose
  4347. >“You do don’t you!”
  4348. “…..yes”
  4349. >Matthaus looks at you confused for a moment
  4350. >“Mind showing me?”
  4351. “Show you….?”
  4352. >“The process you use to go to the bathroom”
  4353. >You blush
  4354. >Shit
  4355. >Might as well though
  4356. >You lead him to the bathroom
  4357. >He stands in the doorway to watch
  4358. >You turn back into a changeling and lift the lid and seat
  4359. >these human toilets are a pain in the ass
  4360. >You turn around and do sort of a half squat so you’re positioned over the bowl but not touching the rim
  4361. >He does a fake hiss noise
  4362. “Really?”
  4363. >“For science!”
  4364. >He’s grinning his ass off
  4365. >bastard
  4366. >When you finish showing him the position, and the fact that you don’t even look back
  4367. >You use your rear hoof to bump the handle and it flushes
  4368. >“You didn’t even have to look back?”
  4369. “Naw, not really. Human toilets are way easier to flush. The handles at just the right height”
  4370. >“And at the slave house?”
  4371. “What?”
  4372. >“How did you go there?”
  4373. >You look down
  4374. >Oh yeah
  4375. >Those
  4376. “They had these troughs set up behind the cages”
  4377. >“Oh..”
  4378. “yeah..”
  4379. >‘That’s undignified”
  4380. “You’re telling me...They said it was easier than walking us around like dogs”
  4381. >"As if thats any better"
  4382. >there's an obvious hatred in his voice and emotions as he expresses his feelings about that place
  4383. >you like him
  4384. "We couldn't really turn around either.."
  4385. >"I bet you picked it up while in"
  4386. "Probably"
  4387. >You are soft and slightly squishy
  4388. >You are hot and flustered
  4389. >You’re also a bit embarrassed as you’re still standing over a toilet
  4390. >Your name is Ling and your vet has come to visit you in person
  4391. >Which wouldn’t be such a big deal if it where not for the fact that you haven’t done the dishes and you have to go into town
  4392. >Oh and your vagina feels like someone is holding a lit candle under it
  4393. >Fuck
  4394. >“So Ling”
  4395. >You are jarred from your concentration and look up at the bearded man before you
  4396. >Nurse Matthaus
  4397. >You’re going to call him Matt, its easier
  4398. “yes?”
  4399. >“I asked if you have anything going on today? I’d like to bring you in for treatment. I can’t exactly carry prescription antibiotics around”
  4400. >Oh yeah
  4401. “Uh, sort of. Anon wanted me to do some chores”
  4402. >“Oh, well, maybe I could help?”
  4403. >SHIT
  4405. >NOPE
  4406. >well, maybe, it gets lonely without Anon
  4407. >And his beard is pretty
  4408. >It looked better in the clinic when it was combed
  4409. >Oh right his question
  4410. “Sure, I guess, if you don’t bother me too much”
  4411. >You swear he’s grinning a bit too much for your liking
  4412. >Bastard
  4413. >“Sure thing. Lets get started shall we?”
  4414. >Shit what does he have planned..
  4415. >Oh well it can’t be that bad
  4416. >Can it?
  4417. >The risk was calculated
  4418. >But man
  4419. >You’re bad at math
  4420. >You’re sitting here doing dishes
  4421. >Using magic of course
  4422. >Not only has Matt requested you stay in your changeling form
  4423. >Which he has proceeded to poke and prod and look everywhere but under your tail
  4424. >Thank Chrysalis
  4425. >But he has also decided to play 20 questions
  4426. >Except half the time he is writing shit down
  4427. >Anons gonna be pissed if he steals his pen
  4428. >Who wouldn’t be though
  4429. >As you lift a dirty dish and dunk it into the water, Matt poked your horn
  4430. >OH FUCK
  4432. >You quickly grab the dish and glare at him
  4433. >“How does this thing work?”
  4434. >You grunt
  4435. “My horn?”
  4436. >“Indeed”
  4437. “Uh, magic is a natural gift, I can’t explain how it works”
  4438. >He shakes his head
  4439. >“Where do you get the energy?”
  4440. >Oh
  4441. “Oh, that. That’s easier to explain then”
  4442. >He nods and gets his pen ready
  4443. “Generally speaking, theres magic everywhere. In the earth, in the clouds. Heck even the water. Watchers a good focus site for magic. Some places have more magic in it than others due to natural formations. “
  4444. >He nods again scribbling
  4445. “On Equestria, this magic is much more powerful. I even FEEL weaker here on Earth. No idea why though”
  4446. “So, like Earth ponies, they use the magic passively. They don’t think about it, but when they dig into the ground, they know exactly where to dig without realizing it. They base it off how they feel”
  4447. >“That doesn’t have anything to do with you though since..”
  4448. “It has everything to do with us. We’re special. Now shut up”
  4449. >Matt quickly goes back to writing
  4450. “Pegasus ponies are similar, but different. Their magic allows them to walk on clouds and when they fly fast enough their magic reacts with the wind and can cause hurricanes”
  4451. >“Whoa..”
  4452. “Unicorns. On the other hand. Have no passive magic. Their horn sort of.. concentrates it? Kind of like how my body concentrates love. And the natural magic around them is passively gathered till they use it. The aura the produce”
  4453. >You lift a plate, showing the dim green aura
  4454. “is actually magic that’s leaking when we do that. When we release it. The magic is released and either goes back to the planet, or is reabsorbed for later use. None goes to waste though”
  4455. >“Freaky”
  4456. “I’m not done. Changelings. We’re unique in that we have passive magic and active magic. Sort of like unicorns and Pegasus combined. But our magic itself is exactly the same as a Unicorns. The reason our horn is shaped different. However, is because our main focus of magic isn’t point, aim, shoot, like a unicorn. Its to inflict the magic upon ourselves. So without the grooves like a unicorn horn, our magic is less directed”
  4457. >He stares like wat
  4458. >“So the grooves in unicorn horns are like rifled gun barrels, and yours is like a smooth bore shotgun”
  4459. >You shrug
  4460. “I suppose. Changelings need area of affect more than direct positioning. Since our special magic ability is to change form. ”
  4461. >He writes most of that down
  4462. “Now, our queen, She has this wild, jagged looking horn”
  4463. >>“Hey, My horn is not wild”
  4464. >You sigh
  4465. >Matt looks confused
  4466. >You’ll explain later
  4467. “Hers has grooves, but is also very smooth. Because being the queen her focus is both area of effect as well as directed magics. I don’t know why its jagged. I guess a status symbol maybe?”
  4468. >>“Honestly I don’t know either”
  4469. “Now, all that being said. Changelings are…unique. We contain qualities a bit closer to.. Well, Earth ponies. Believe it or not.”
  4470. >Matt blinks and stops writing
  4471. “There are.. legends.. saying Changelings are magically created from a dark magic”
  4472. >“…Wouldn’t dark magic be evil?”
  4473. >You put your hooves up waving them around
  4474. “Maybe I am!”
  4475. >He playfully slaps your hoof away
  4476. >You laugh
  4477. “Anyway,. The legend says we were born from the forests of Equestria itself from one of the many areas of powerful magic. Heck that may explain our similarities to insects”
  4478. >“What do you mean, areas?”
  4479. “Well, Equestria is made of magic, yes, but some places are more powerful than others. Strange things happen there. Such as a pond that can clone”
  4480. >He raises a brow
  4481. “None the less. If there is a place where the dark magic is strongest. Which I am not aware of any. That place could do things unicorns haven’t documented yet. Being that we feed on love. It is assumed we were created by accident and something went wrong in the process. Chrysalis claims she doesn’t know. But being that she’s the oldest Changeling alive. Who knows”
  4482. >>“I told you I don’t know anything”
  4483. >You shake your head
  4484. >Same excuse as always
  4485. “Being that the origins are based on us coming from one of these spots. And that we can sense emotions. We sort of assume we use the same passive magic as Earth ponies, and Pegasus, while also being able to focus magic like unicorns. Alicorns can do this to of course”
  4486. >“Wow, Ling, that’s amazing”
  4487. >You grin up at him
  4488. >Even through his smile you can tell somethings wrong
  4489. >He feels
  4490. >Bad for you
  4491. >The idea of being a created and incomplete species must bother him
  4492. >It bothers you to
  4493. >Changelings aren't evil
  4494. >We just want to make the hunger go away
  4495. >“The insect relations would certainly explain the wings”
  4496. >You look back at yourself
  4497. >You buzz your wings
  4498. >You do sound like a mosquito
  4499. “I suppose so. They’re certainly unique to the Equestrian world”
  4500. >“Oh, they are?”
  4501. “Yeah, very”
  4502. >He reaches over
  4503. >Please don’t touch them please don’t touch them ple-
  4504. >He touches
  4505. >You shiver and bite your lip
  4506. “they’re extremely ticklish. At least for me”
  4507. >He laughs
  4508. >“That’s unique to you?”
  4509. “Its one of the few things that separate me from the standard drone. When you have a couple hundred kids, ones bound to have a mutation or two”
  4510. >“Huh?”
  4511. “The wings, and my clothing affinity”
  4512. >“I do remember you wearing socks”
  4513. >You not and chuckle
  4514. “I was born with sensitive nerves in my wings. All changelings have nerves in their wings, but mine are sensitive”
  4515. >You buzz them again, showing off their form
  4516. >They shine in the light and the veins in them become clear
  4517. >They’re extremely similar to a standard beetles wings actually
  4518. “When not in use they usually hide under a protective shell. But when I’m molted. Theres no shell. They are easily ripped, and torn, but are very flexible.”
  4519. >He reaches over and grabs the tip
  4520. >Then bends it down so the tip touches the middle
  4521. >yep, flexible as rubber
  4522. >Thin as paper though
  4523. >Very buggy
  4524. >“These remind me of a bug called a lacewing. They’re very pretty”
  4525. >That makes you blush nice and green
  4526. >And he can’t help but smile and slowly release your wing
  4527. >“How durable are these?”
  4528. “Like I said. They can be ripped, bend, or cut, like paper. Both durable but also very fragile. “
  4529. >“They’re a little moist”
  4530. “If they weren’t then they’d get all flakey and ichy”
  4531. >“I see..”
  4532. >You put the next dish into the clean water
  4533. >Dry
  4534. >Scrub
  4535. >Soap
  4536. >Water
  4537. >Dry
  4538. >Put away
  4539. >Repeat
  4540. >Over and over several times
  4541. >A number of plates, bowls, and two mugs later you’re done
  4542. >You sigh and turn around
  4543. >You yelp and trip over yourself
  4544. >Matt quickly catches you
  4545. >You gulp and stare at him
  4546. >He has a hand on your leg hole
  4547. >Oh god he’s touching it
  4548. >What the fuck man that’s mess up
  4549. “What the hell are you doing?”
  4550. >Matt looks at you for a moment
  4551. >He slowly retracts his hand
  4552. >“Sorry, I didn’t think you’d move. Did you feel that?”
  4553. “I did when you actually touched me”
  4554. >He stands in silence
  4555. >You’re glaring
  4556. >You don’t just start touching like that
  4557. “Why?”
  4558. >“Huh?”
  4559. “Why the hell did you poke my hole?”
  4560. >“Oh, uh, I just..”
  4561. >He scratches his head
  4562. >“sorry”
  4563. >You sigh and roll your eyes walking by him
  4564. “If you want to know just ask, but if you touch me again without permission I’ll kick your ass”
  4565. >“Hey, you can’t do that. Ponies aren’t allow-”
  4566. >You put your hoof up and hiss at him
  4567. “If it came to that. I’d make sure you couldn’t speak. Even in Equestria we had laws saying if you break into someone’s home, they can incapacitate you”
  4568. >He looks visibly nervous
  4569. >“You wouldn’t”
  4570. “Knock you out and claim you’re an intruder? I did it in equestria. I’ll do it again. Test me”
  4571. >Matt raises a brow and puts on his thinking face
  4572. >“Well, point taken then Ling. I’ll be careful”
  4573. “Good. Now if you insist on staying to ask me these insane questions. Please help me out. I need to go shopping.”
  4574. >You focus only for a moment before bursting into green flame
  4575. >He gasps and jumps back screaming
  4576. >You laugh manically, happy to have spooked him
  4577. >Instead of a pile of ash, of course, you instead are a lovely white unicorn
  4578. “I rather not be seen in public without a disguise. Scares the ponies”
  4579. >He writes that down
  4580. >You put your socks and a scarf on, waving him out
  4581. >He goes for his keys but you shake your head
  4582. “No thanks, I’d rather not”
  4583. >He shrugs and does as told, Locking the door for you and you put the key on your horn
  4584. >And off you go to the store, ready for more questioning.
  4585. >“So wait, you guys share each others thoughts?”
  4586. “In a way, yeah”
  4587. >“How? Do you have antennae or something?”
  4588. >You nod and point up to your ear
  4589. >You quickly realize you’re not in the form of a standard changeling, but instead walking down the road disguised as Fleur De Lis
  4590. “Well, When I’m a changeling you can see it better. The veins in my ears arent veins”
  4591. >Matt blinks and looks down at you
  4592. “They’re like hundreds of little antennae. Really powerful actually. I Don’t know how ti works. Magic probably. But they keep us in contact with each other”
  4593. >“You’re a walking radio”
  4594. “A what?”
  4595. >“..Its hard to explain. But yeah”
  4596. >You shrug it off and walk
  4597. >You cross a road looking up at Matt, not where you’re stepping
  4598. >He looks down at you with a confused face
  4599. >“So you send signals to each other?”
  4600. “Indeed! Our signals all meet each other at Chrysalis, our queen, and are spread from there. Chrysalis has her own signals on lock down, queens are built very different and can control theirs, we can’t. It makes it easier on her”
  4601. >He nods and writes that down
  4602. “You better return that pen, Anon will be very-”
  4603. >You scream and grab Matts arm
  4604. >There is a loud screeching noise
  4605. >Matt gasps out and grabs you
  4606. >The two of you fall
  4607. >You grab onto Matt and close your eyes tight
  4608. >As your world goes black
  4609. >You taste something
  4610. >A bit of blood
  4611. >And a whole lot of fear
  4612. >And pain?
  4613. >When you wake up your leg hurts
  4614. >So does your head
  4615. >You hear screams
  4616. >But not pained screams
  4617. >Someones REALLY pissed off
  4618. >The voice is familiar
  4619. >You should probably open your eyes
  4620. >Yeah that would be helpful
  4622. >You hear flesh impacting flesh
  4623. >That can’t be good
  4624. >The two voices quiet down
  4625. >You feel arms wrap around you
  4626. >There is a groan from an unknown source
  4627. >You open your eyes and look
  4628. >There is a scrawny looking nerdy fellow staring at you
  4629. >OH GOD THE HOR-
  4630. >His glasses are broken
  4631. >Lol
  4632. >He isn’t holding you though
  4633. >Oh
  4634. >Matts holding you softly in his arms
  4635. >You just happen to be facing this other guy
  4636. >He’s driving
  4637. >That looks like a prius
  4638. >Anon always called them the faggot machines
  4639. >You should probably ask him what a faggot is
  4640. “Matt?”
  4641. >“Oh thank god Ling.. You’re fine”
  4642. “Matt? Whats going on?”
  4643. >“This asshole”
  4644. >He shoots a spooky glare at the nerdy fellow
  4645. >“Decided to run a red light. He said something about him being a free citizen”
  4646. >You blink confused
  4647. >Matt waves it off like ‘I’ll explain later’
  4648. >You don’t even
  4649. >Fucking humans
  4650. >You hear the nerdy fellow start to speak but Matt stands up
  4651. >You bump your head on the ground
  4652. >Seriously what the fuck, ouch
  4653. >“You’re lucky I managed to roll our of your way you motherfucker. If you had hurt her”
  4654. >He takes a step forward
  4655. >Oh fuck this nurse is pissed
  4656. >Reminds you of redheart
  4657. “Matt. Don’t bother. You humans are stupid”
  4658. >“Hey!” replies the nerd
  4659. >You point your horn at him
  4660. >He slowly backs away and into his car
  4661. >Huh.. must know about unicorns
  4662. >Good because you have double vision right now and probably couldn’t focus a spell anyway
  4663. “Matt for the love of all that is holy, If you don’t tell me what happened I’ll kick your ass”
  4664. >He watches the car drive off and looks down at you
  4665. >“Uh, sure, but lets get out of the road”
  4666. >You stand up and look around
  4667. >Shaking your head till your vision returns to normal
  4668. >Matt pats your back and leads you over to the sidewalk
  4669. >He promptly sits down and smiles at you, holding up your key
  4670. “Can I have that back?”
  4671. >He waves it around in your face thinking
  4672. >“Hmm.. Now why should I do that”
  4673. >You roll your eyes
  4674. “I won’t answer any more of your questions if you don’t”
  4675. >You can see him get caught up on that
  4676. >He sighs and drops the key back to your horn
  4677. >You feel it slide down
  4678. >It doesn’t bump at all
  4679. >Checking your hooves you see holes
  4680. >Shit you reverted forms when you blacked out
  4681. >Quickly the green fire takes you again and you reform to your disguise
  4682. >“Uh, anyway, When we were walking. I guess that guy saw us and tries to get past us so he wouldn’t have to stop”
  4683. >You nod
  4684. >For the understanding look on your face, you feel rather pissed off
  4685. >Some humans…
  4686. >“I looked up in time to see his car and grabbed you around your waist”
  4687. “Barrel”
  4688. >“whatever. I rolled backwards, but when your leg got between me and the rolls and…well.. I fell”
  4689. “You’re okay right? My leg feels fine so I know I’m fine. But what about you?”
  4690. >“I’m fine. Humans are durable. Since you don’t have your carapace I got nervous when you hit your head on the concrete like that”
  4691. >You sigh and look down
  4692. “At least we’re both fine”
  4693. >“Yeah, that’s the important part. Though it was a close one. Lets what where we’re going”
  4694. >You chuckle softly and nod
  4695. >Matt pats your back and helps you up onto all fours
  4696. >You stretch and grunt
  4697. >“So, do you have bones to break anyway?”
  4698. “Technically, yet, but only around major organs”
  4699. >“Huh, I can see how that’s wise. What about the rest of you?”
  4700. “the rest is VERY strong cartilage. I have to be careful though because its not the most flexible thing in Equestria. Its rather similar to sharks.”
  4701. >Matt scribbles on his sheet and smiles, putting the pen in his pocket
  4702. >You start walking
  4703. >You notice he’s looking at your legs
  4704. >Yeah, what happened to looking where you’re walking
  4705. >“But what about the holes then?”
  4706. “Huh?”
  4707. >“Whats the point of the holes?”
  4708. “Hm..oh my leg holes. I don’t even think about them much, I’m so used to it”
  4709. >“But WHY are they there?”
  4710. “Now I think that’s the most mysterious question at all, next to our origins that is. Its pretty obvious they serve no purpose. At least, not an obvious one. Chrysalis has been working on finding out for a while, she HAS limited it down to a few theories though. Pending our origins of course.”
  4711. >Matt raises a brow looking at you
  4712. “The first theory is that they work as shock absorbers”
  4713. >“Like, springs?”
  4714. “EXACTLY! See, Changelings have two main fighting tactics. This is not because of the way we’re trained or anything, these are our fighting tactics we’re born with. Similar to animals clawing at each other because its what they know”
  4715. >“And what are these tactics?”
  4716. >You pause
  4717. >Better ask Chrysalis
  4718. >Eyy mom can I tell this human?
  4719. >>“Sure, the humans already know how we fight, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Besides humans can’t come to Equestria anymore”
  4720. >thanks mum
  4721. “The first is our stealth, changing form and such, then sneaking into an area. Actually that’s a theory in of themselves, that the holes are there to act stress joints to allow the body of the changeling to stretch or shrink to the correct body shape. We haven’t really proven it being that we can’t see our holes when they change. You can think that fire you saw for that. The other tactic is straight up bombardment. We like to dive bomb from the sky and land on our hooves. Creates a crater and spooks ponies. So the holes can work as shock absorbers to handle that”
  4722. >“Interesting. The shock absorber makes sense if that’s an instinct of your war”
  4723. “It is”
  4724. >“Any other theories?”
  4725. “Yes, one other one, but its.. depressing, to say the least. You see. Since we may have been born from a corrupted magic pool. Chrysalis has put forward the idea that our fangs and black carapace wasn’t enough of a sign of it”
  4726. >Matt stops writing and walking
  4727. >He looks down at you confused
  4728. “The holes could possibly serve no purpose other than to remind us that we are corrupted beasts”
  4729. >That hurt just to say
  4730. >You walk quietly towards the grocery store
  4731. >>Matthaus went silent after you told him
  4732. >Well
  4733. >That
  4734. >He seems to understand your reaction and didn’t want to push it
  4735. >Which is good
  4736. >It isn’t a pleasant thing to think about
  4737. >If, by chance, changelings were created from some kind of dark magic
  4738. >They’ve changed a lot
  4739. >Chrysalis sometimes does irrational things
  4740. >But you and the rest of the hive have never hurt a pony in your lives
  4741. >Excluding the whole Canterlot thing
  4742. >That is what most rational people would call desperation
  4743. >Except that damned Cadence
  4744. >Her guards always hunting you
  4745. >You’re almost glad she got left behind on Earth
  4746. >Maybe some humans using her prissy little mouth right now
  4747. >>“Little do you know my little grub”
  4748. >Damn it Chrysalis
  4749. >Always knowing things your don’t
  4750. >You sigh and look up at Matt
  4751. >Oh you stopped walking
  4752. >You hurry and catch up to him
  4753. >he looks down at you and pats your head
  4754. >“Joining reality again?”
  4755. “Oh wouldn’t you like to know”
  4756. >“Hmph. You’re stubborn as a mule you know that?”
  4757. “Never. I couldn‘t be stubborn”
  4758. >Clever response. 10/10 Ling gg
  4759. “Eh.. I was just thinking is all. About some things.”
  4760. “New things, compared to old, that is”
  4761. >“Ah. Comparing your situations?”
  4762. “No, not mine. An old enemy I had in Equestria”
  4763. >“Mind telling me?”
  4764. “I’d rather not even talk about her”
  4765. >Matt chuckles and nods
  4766. >I understand. I've been there”
  4767. "I doubt it"
  4768. (There is a hidden john cena within the last 20 lines. because i'm cheeky)
  4769. >Soon the two of you reach the store
  4770. >Thank god
  4771. >The walking and bullshitting was getting awkward
  4772. >“Alright. Did you get a shopping list?”
  4773. >You nod and hold up a small list
  4774. >Matt takes it and looks it over
  4775. “Some of this will be on the top shelf. So I’ll help with that”
  4776. >“Huh? Why? I have ma-”
  4777. >Matt puts his hand over your mouth
  4778. >You hiss at him
  4779. >“Don’t say that”
  4780. >“Unicorns aren’t allowed to use magic in public.”
  4781. >You look at him confused
  4782. >“Most people don’t care. But it just takes one.”
  4783. >You grunt and spit at him to get the hand taste away
  4784. “Next time I’ll take it”
  4785. >He shakes his head
  4786. >“Ling. You may not be my slave. But I am genuinely interested in your species. If something happened to you I’d have to deal with Anon and loose the only chance of a changeling I can study”
  4787. >Hmm
  4788. >Good point
  4789. “Okay..”
  4790. >You walk beside Matt down the isles looking for the different things you had listed
  4791. >You of course are not a fan of meat
  4792. >Whether or not you can eat it doesn’t matter. Anon can do that himself.
  4793. “Why ARE you interested in me?”
  4794. >You put a head of lettuce in the cart
  4795. >“Heh. That’s hard to explain”
  4796. “Well we have time”
  4797. >“Okay then..It started with the invasion”
  4798. “Which one?”
  4799. >“Changeling. Ponies are cool to, they’re why I started as a vet, but Changelings are much harder to find and are more interesting”
  4800. “How do you mean?”
  4801. >“That should be obvious. The teeth, the fact that they don’t eat normal food, the bug like parts”
  4802. “Ohhh that’s what you mean. I guess we are unique”
  4803. >“I’m not creeping you out am I?”
  4804. “No, not really. You haven’t pushed anything, especially now that I’m rather vulnerable. You’re just a bit obsessive”
  4805. >He smirks and pats your head
  4806. >Not the ears!
  4807. >BASTARD
  4808. >He scratches behind your ears making your leg kick
  4809. >Matt laughs looking at you
  4810. >“I’m just interested in learning more about your species.”
  4811. >You can’t respond, fighting off the feeling on your head
  4812. >How dare he violate you like… like this!
  4813. >You hiss at him!
  4814. >Its not very effective!
  4815. >You try lightly moving away, without being too fast
  4816. >It works!
  4817. >You escape the scratchies and glare at him putting on you rmost serious scrunch!
  4818. “Don’t ever do that again!”
  4819. >He just grins down at you and crosses his heart
  4820. >“Okay, okay. No need to get worked up”
  4821. >You huff and walks faster a head of him
  4822. >He easily keeps up, playing along with you
  4823. >“Pouting”
  4824. >You ignore him and keep walking
  4825. >“Oh yeah, we spoke a bit about how unique you are. I do have more questions you know”
  4826. >You try to ignore him
  4827. >He won’t let up though until you answer
  4828. >Still..
  4829. >You grab some hot sauce and look back at him
  4830. “Fine. “
  4831. >“The bands around your stomach, What are they?”
  4832. >You look up at him surprised
  4833. “Really? You don’t know?”
  4834. >“Not really”
  4835. “Huh, I would imagine you’d know about things like that”
  4836. >“Maybe, I dunno. What are they? I saw they didn’t come off with your carapace”
  4837. “Nope. They’re a stretchable section of my body”
  4838. >“Why?”
  4839. “unlike normal bugs. We CAN over eat. And when we get pregnant we have one solid sheet of carapace with only a few sections to it”
  4840. >“Ooooh, I see”
  4841. “Exactly. Its an expansion area. In case we over eat or get pregnant”
  4842. >“Whoa”
  4843. “Of course our queens are bright blue. Because hers are much less protected. She gets pregnant more often and eats the most. So hers adapt to be more stretchy and less protected than ours. Ours being like soft chitin. Hers being more like rubber”
  4844. >“That’s..really freaky”
  4845. “You can also see her internal organs”
  4846. >“…cool”
  4847. >You roll your eyes as you look at Matt
  4848. >Standing in the check out line, the longest part of the trip, you’re a little annoyed
  4849. >“So you’re telling me your life cycle is similar to a bug, right?”
  4850. “Well, closer to an Alien from the movie my master showed me”
  4851. >“Yeah, Egg, larva, young, then normal”
  4852. “yeah, our larval stage is similar to the chest bursters. They look like the older ones but have a worm like body”
  4853. >“Hmm..Do you change form when you get older?”
  4854. >You nod
  4855. “Yes, when we look like young, which are just a child version of my normal form with soft chitin, we are chosen for our jobs. Our body forms accordingly”
  4856. >“WHat are you?”
  4857. >You chuckle
  4858. “I’m a medic. My eyes formed to be able to focus better than others, so I can see smaller details of injuries, my chitin isn’t hardened like a warrior, and I’m more dexterous with my hooves”
  4859. >“What about the others?”
  4860. “Well a warrior, for example, their eyes are very normal and have the same eye sight as a pony, but their chitin is much harder, like metal”
  4861. >“What kind of metal”
  4862. “Steel, I suppose. I dunno. Its just hard”
  4863. >“You mentioned the eyes, what about them?”
  4864. “Huh?”
  4865. >“They’re blue, are they all like that?”
  4866. “yeah from the outside all our eyes look the same. But that’s just a protective film, so we don’t have to wear goggles when flying at high speed. Or during take off. Since our wings buzz more like a bee”
  4867. >“Huh. Do you all look the same like that?”
  4868. “Yeah, pretty much. No hair or anything.”
  4869. >“Can you grow hair?”
  4870. “Nope. Only the queen can. She gets all the special looks.”
  4871. >You move forward and Matt puts everything on the belt
  4872. >You look around and when Matt isn’t looking pass the pony cashier a box
  4873. >She gives you a confused, then understanding look and scans the multi colored box
  4874. >You grin happily at her
  4875. >She hides it into a bag underneath the other items
  4876. >When all is said and done you might have bought a little over budget
  4877. >Just a bit
  4878. >Okay a lot
  4879. >$200 on a $100 dollar budget
  4880. >Well at least Anon will be well fed
  4881. >Hopefully he wont be too angry so that you can be well fed to
  4882. >Matt puts the bags in the cart
  4883. >You look up at him somewhat confused
  4884. “Aren’t you going to put the cart back?”
  4885. >“Naw, I’ll bring it back when we get everything home. This is way too much for you to carry”
  4886. >You watch as Matt, without a second thought, pushes the cart right out of the stores parking lot
  4887. >….Everything is fine
  4888. >You suppose it can’t be that bad as long as he brings it back
  4889. >Walking with him, Matt has put on a thinking face
  4890. “Whats up?”
  4891. >“Just thinking of more questions
  4892. “Thought up anything?”
  4893. >“I have some ideas, but I’ve already asked you most everything I know”
  4894. >You walk a little ahead of him
  4895. >A passing stallion tries to crane his neck towards you
  4896. >That makes you speed up a bit
  4897. >Matt perks up seeing this however
  4898. >Of course you peeked his interest
  4899. >Shit
  4900. >“What was that?”
  4901. “Oh, well, heh.. I’m in heat”
  4902. >“You are? What are you releasing scent everywhere?”
  4903. “In a way, yeah. I don’t like, produce pheromones if that’s what you’re asking”
  4904. >“Oh, so you go into heat like a dog?”
  4905. “Hey.. I don’t take kindly to that”
  4906. >“Oh, sorry, a horse”
  4907. “…Still not much better”
  4908. >“Bite me”
  4909. “Fite me”
  4910. >I’m twice you’re size, I’ll wreck you”
  4911. “bring it human ”
  4912. >You jab your horn at him playfully
  4913. >He rolls his eyes and grabs your horn
  4914. >FUCK
  4915. >You squirm
  4916. >He leads you by your horn though
  4917. >You grunt and stop struggling
  4918. >Matt chuckles and releases you
  4919. >You jab him in the side
  4920. >He grunts and grips his side
  4921. >He bleeds a little through his shirt
  4922. >HA!
  4923. >Matt glares down at you
  4924. >“Ya know I could report this and have you put down”
  4925. “I know you won’t”
  4926. >He looks down to you and pulls up his shirt
  4927. >Your horn barely scratched him
  4928. >Secretly you’re thankful for that, but can’t let him know
  4929. >“I suppose you’re right. I wouldn’t want to lose a friend”
  4930. “Wait, friend?”
  4931. >“Well, yeah. “
  4932. >Oh
  4933. >He’s surprisingly good at concealing some of his emotions
  4934. >Maybe he does know a bit much about changelings
  4935. >Which, you suppose, isn’t a bad thing
  4936. “Hm. I’m glad I have a friend”
  4937. >“Of course, if you ponies know any healing magic I would like that”
  4938. >You shrug
  4939. “No idea”
  4940. >“Shit”
  4941. “Keep in mind I’m not a pony. So I really can’t do everything they can. That and Fleur wasn’t known for her magic prowess”
  4942. >“Who?”
  4943. “The mare who I’m disguised as. I take on some of her abilities when I turn into ponies”
  4944. >“Ah, makes sense. Helps keep up the illusion right?”
  4945. “Yep”
  4946. >“Yeeeeep”
  4947. >The two of you walk in awkward silence
  4948. >You really don’t know anything about him, but he knows damn near everything about you
  4949. >He became a vet because he wanted to know more about ponies after not quite making it as a doctor
  4950. >Really.. that’s it
  4951. >Maybe you should ask him some questions to pass the time. You have several minutes of walking ahead of you
  4952. >Hopefully Anon hasn’t called the house
  4953. >You walk with Matt for a few moments before you finally speak up
  4954. “So uh, What do you plan to do after this anyway?”
  4955. >“What do you mean?”
  4956. “Well you’re following me around, asking me questions, but what about after this?”
  4957. >“Probably going to get you your medication, then go back to work, why?”
  4958. “Curious.”
  4959. “Being that you already know my secrets. We will be needing a doctor in the future, so you’d be the best option”
  4960. >“True.
  4961. “I have told you a bit much though. Are you aware about changeling medics?”
  4962. >“No, I don’t know much about changeling on Earth at all. They tend to get into fights about ponies. At least, that’s all I knew before meeting you”
  4963. “Well, what I’m going to tell you. Keep in mind my owner is Anon. And he won’t like it if you betray my trust”
  4964. >He nods
  4965. >“Anything”
  4966. “Medics are, well, looked for. We have the ability to heal and create healing.. cocoons if you will. I can’t cure cancer, but I can treat some serious wounds in days that would take weeks to heal from”
  4967. >“The government wants you doesn’t it”
  4968. >You go to shake your head but instead you shrug it off
  4969. >“er.. Whatever , someone wants you, right?”
  4970. “Bingo. I don’t know if they’re paying for my kind, but they are taking us”
  4971. >“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone”
  4972. >You step into the drive way and look back at him
  4973. “Swear to me you won’t”
  4974. >He does the mighty pinkie swear and smiles down at you
  4975. >“Promise”
  4976. “Good. I’m trusting yo- Anons home”
  4977. >He looks up
  4978. >“Whoa. That’s a nice truck. “
  4979. “I know right”
  4980. >He walks over looking the old truck over
  4981. >“It looks beat up but no rust at all..”
  4982. >You grin proudly, Anon is a bumbling fool, but he knows how to take care of things
  4983. >While Matt admires the truck you walk inside
  4984. >Anon is sitting on the couch with his head in his palms
  4985. “A..Anonymous. What’s wrong?”
  4986. >You approach slowly but the feelings you’re getting are on the extreme side
  4987. >There is a very thick wall of what you can only describe as depression hitting you in the face
  4988. >Its making you sick
  4989. “Anon what’s happening?”
  4990. >You get closer, pushing through the sickening wall of depression
  4991. “Anon you need to tell me”
  4992. >He looks up at you
  4993. >He’s either drunk and sad, or just extremely sad
  4994. >Personally you don’t care
  4995. >You wrap your hooves around him and hold him softly
  4996. >“Ling..”
  4997. “What happened to you?”
  4998. >“I got fired Ling..”
  4999. “That’s not.. so bad, right?”
  5000. >“It is Ling. I fucked up bad..”
  5001. “What did you do?”
  5002. >“I’m.. an IT”
  5003. “Yes, I know”
  5004. >“I just ruined the company”
  5005. “W.. what”
  5006. >You pet his head slowly looking at him concerned
  5007. >You don’t know what to say, you hear Matt enter the back door
  5008. >If a human can sense he needs to stay away.. hen its obviously that bad
  5009. >Allowing him to continue putting groceries away, you comfort Anon
  5010. >He’s not just some master after all, he’s been nice to you
  5011. >Even if its only been a bit over a month
  5012. >“I was.. Helping my boss remove some viruses from his computer and I fucked up bad”
  5013. “Removing.. What?”
  5014. >“Something got into the computers, started stealing records.. When I went in to remove it.. “
  5015. >He’s taking this really hard
  5016. “You need to tell me whats going on..”
  5017. >“I got my co-workers to help but then.. I deleted everything”
  5018. “That doesn’t sound like its your fault”
  5019. >“It is.. They fired me..and they’re going to have to fire a lot of workers..”
  5020. “You’re taking this too hard..”
  5021. >“You don’t understand Ling, I just put a lot of people out of work..”
  5022. “I don’t understand, what do you mean put a lot of people out of work?”
  5023. >“When I.. broke the bosses computer he.. Fired me, and told me I probably just got the entire IT division fired”
  5024. “Huh? But, That doesn’t sound like you got them fired”
  5025. >“I did.. He could fire nearly a thousand people if this doesn’t get fixed”
  5026. “There are how many?”
  5027. >“A lot Ling.. If they replace them with Indians, I’m going to have a lot of angry people on my ass..”
  5028. “That doesn’t sound right..”
  5029. >“It isn’t right, but that’s just big business for you”
  5030. “What will you do though?”
  5031. >“I don’t know.. That kind of thing doesn’t go away”
  5032. >You rub Anons back and lean in close
  5033. >You have no idea if he’s going to hate you for it, but..
  5034. >Fuck it, he needs someone to help him out
  5035. >Behind the mask of depression that’s weighing you down, he’s feeling guilty
  5036. >You take a deep breath and grab him
  5037. >Is Matt looking through the door way?
  5038. >Fuck it
  5039. >Anon squirms under your grip, but you keep your hold
  5040. >Its now or never
  5041. >You press up against him and kiss
  5042. >Your fangs are in the way
  5043. >You tilt your head and keep kissing
  5044. >Sensing emotion, he is
  5045. >Confused
  5046. >Good it distracts him
  5047. >You keep kissing him
  5048. >Anon slowly stops struggling and pulls his hands up to your hips
  5049. >Ah shit
  5050. >You keep kissing him, holding him in place so you can keep kissing
  5051. >Anon closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath
  5052. >“You smell like, sweet?”
  5053. “hmph… Shut up”
  5054. >You swish your tail at Matt
  5055. >That's all the signal he needs to get out
  5056. -
  5057. >You are Anon
  5058. >You just got fired from your IT job
  5059. >Because you’re a dumb ass who tried to remove a malware virus you didn’t know how to
  5060. >And you wiped your bosses hard drive
  5061. >You suck pretty bad
  5062. >But more importantly
  5063. >Your friend, Ling, has decided to try to comfort you
  5064. >By kissing you
  5065. >You swear you heard someone else
  5066. >Naw she doesn’t know anyone
  5067. >You have no idea how to react right now
  5068. >Ling is holding you down and kissing you
  5069. >Oh fuck she’s adding tongue
  5070. >You end up deciding to put your hands on her hips and kiss back
  5071. >It doesn’t feel bad
  5072. >It feels amazing
  5073. >But this is really weird
  5074. >You let your tongue play against hers
  5075. >Hers wraps around yours
  5076. >No literally it wraps around yours
  5077. >That’s fucking cool
  5078. >Wait what
  5079. >You grab her hips and pull her off you
  5080. “Ling please”
  5081. >“Anon, you liked it”
  5082. >She giggles in your face
  5083. >This is not okay
  5084. “Ling, can we not do this”
  5085. >“Aw.. But I thought it made you feel better
  5086. >You sit up and look at her
  5087. >You put your hand on her head and gently stroke
  5088. “Ling, I know you’re trying to help but..”
  5089. >“You didn’t like it?”
  5090. “Well, its not that..”
  5091. >“Then what?”
  5092. >You look away
  5093. >Your face feels hot
  5094. >Must be the air
  5095. >yeah, air
  5096. >Ling is staring at you
  5097. >You feel eyes all over your
  5098. >Your dick is at attention
  5099. “Uh, thanks..”
  5100. >“You’re welcome Anon”
  5101. >She smiles and hugs you tight
  5102. >“Ya know you didn’t have to end it though”
  5103. “Ling I swear to god”
  5104. >You stand up and look down at Ling
  5105. >She’s not standing completely still
  5106. >In fact her hips are swaying a little
  5107. >She DID kiss you without your consent
  5108. >You should punish her
  5109. >Getting an idea up you decide to mess with her
  5110. >You lean down and suddenly swat her rump
  5111. >Ling yelps and jumps up, backing from you a bit
  5112. >“HEY!”
  5113. >You pull your hand away laughing
  5114. “Bad girl”
  5115. >She huffs and looks up at you with a scowl
  5116. >“I was just trying to make you feel better ya know”
  5117. >You grin at her and wipe your hand off
  5118. >Wait
  5119. >You look at your hand
  5120. >The back to Ling
  5121. “Uh…did you sit in a puddle”
  5122. >Lings eyes go wide and she gasps, her tail shoots down and presses firmly against her back side
  5123. >“N..not exactly”
  5124. >She starts walking back into the kitchen
  5125. >You follow behind trying to see whats up
  5126. “Ling are you..did that arouse you?”
  5127. >“NO of course not! I was just trying to make you feel better!”
  5128. >She’s a terrible lier
  5129. “You don’t have to be embarrassed about something like that”
  5130. >“I’m not embarrassed!”
  5131. >She grabs something from the table
  5132. >That aura that surrounds it and makes the box float is really cool
  5133. >Huh, a box of chocolates
  5134. >You promptly snatch them from her magical grasp
  5135. >You grin and pop the box open looking at her
  5136. >She grabs at you
  5137. >You stick your toungue out, stealing a few of the wrapped goodies
  5138. “You can have this back when you tell me”
  5139. >“oh come on Anon, don’t do me like this”
  5140. “Do you?”
  5141. >She grunts angrily and flees to her room
  5142. >You follow behind, eating one of the chocolate patties along the way
  5143. >Aww yis York patties
  5144. >Ling got good taste
  5145. >You sit down in front of her bedroom door, thinking as you eat
  5146. >You’re currently jobless
  5147. >But you have a pretty good savings
  5148. >There IS a reason you live in such a shit house, and its not because you’re poor
  5149. >But, what will you do now?
  5150. >Going back into the It world would be easy
  5151. >Heck you might be able to get a job at home
  5152. >By the time you’ve scarfed down 4 of the patties
  5153. >You’re feeling it mr.krabs
  5154. >Maybe eating those four before dinner wasn’t wise
  5155. >No one ever said you were a wise man
  5156. “Ling if you’re coming out, come on out”
  5157. >You hear a loud oof and a moan
  5158. >“One sec anon!”
  5159. >Wat
  5160. “Uh, Ling you okay?”
  5161. >“Y..yah everythings fine!”
  5162. “Well, okay, I’m going to make dinner, meet me in my bedroom”
  5163. >You hear a muffled squeak and go on to the kitchen
  5164. >Hmm.. Ling bought a lot more than you expected
  5165. >Oh well
  5166. >You start making dinner
  5167. >A different take on salad using some of the things she made
  5168. >Ling bought seaweed
  5169. >Why would she buy seaweed?
  5170. >Oh well, time to experiment
  5171. >Your finished product is.. okay
  5172. >You could have done better if you weren’t distracted
  5173. >Yah distracted
  5174. >You didn’t have some of the ingredients but its good enough
  5176. >“ONE MNUTE ANON”
  5177. >You sigh and bring the two bowls to your room
  5178. >You boot up your computer and switch the input to the TV
  5179. >You give her another 15 minutes and you hear another moan
  5180. >What in the world
  5181. >Making your way into her room, you find the door unlocked
  5182. >Oh
  5183. >OH
  5184. “LING?!”
  5185. >“ANON?!”
  5186. “LING!”
  5187. >“ANON GET OUT!”
  5188. >You slam the door shut
  5189. >Was she..
  5190. >Stuck to the wall
  5191. >By her rear
  5192. >WELL SHIT
  5193. >You stand in silence with your eyes wide
  5194. >What the hell do you do now?!
  5195. >“Anon..”
  5196. >Shit
  5197. >“Anon, maybe I do need a little help”
  5198. “How the hell did you..”
  5199. >“It doesn’t matter I’m stuck okay!”
  5200. “I’m.. what am I suppose to do?!”
  5201. >“Got any lube?”
  5202. >Shit
  5203. >She knows too much
  5204. “yes..”
  5205. >Into your room you go
  5206. >You return to her with a mostly used bottle of off brand lube
  5207. >Totally not for sexual purposes
  5208. >That’d be silly
  5209. “Uh, You need to lift your tail”
  5210. >“Don’t laugh”
  5211. “I won’t”
  5212. >“Promise?”
  5213. “No”
  5214. >She sits in silence for a moment before hanging her head and raising her tail
  5215. >Holy shit
  5216. >First of all that’s way too big for her
  5217. >Second
  5218. >You now learn that changelings vaginas wink like a normal Earth horse
  5219. >Neat
  5220. “Okay hold still”
  5221. >“uhuh”
  5222. “How did this happen”
  5223. >You pour the lubricant over what you can get at of the uh..wait
  5224. “Ling you didn’t”
  5225. >“I did..”
  5226. “I didn’t expect you to..ya know, actually use that thing when I bought it”
  5227. >“Neither did I..”
  5228. “Desperation does strange things to a person”
  5229. >“I guess”
  5230. >The shame she’s in is hilarious
  5231. “Uh, I’m more curious about, ya know, how its stuck”
  5232. >“Like I know, I just well”
  5233. >She’s blushing brightly
  5234. >Currently in her normal form, her blush is a super bright green
  5235. >Kind of cute really
  5236. “You got excited and pushed back a little too hard didn’t you?”
  5237. >“yes..”
  5238. “You know this thing is huge by human standards right?”
  5239. >“Shut up”
  5240. “Nope, this is funny”
  5241. >You reach down
  5242. >Her eyes go wide
  5243. >“D..don’t touch me!”
  5244. “Its either this or I leave you and take pictures”
  5245. >“You wouldn’t!”
  5246. “Oh I would”
  5247. >She grumbles and raises her tail further
  5248. >You use your pinkie to spread what lubricant you can around the base and move further up
  5249. >her breath hikes as you slide your pinkie a little into her mare hood
  5250. >You can barely sit any of your finger in however as this thing has her more or less stretched fully
  5251. >You watch her reactions as you do your best
  5252. >She’s breathing pretty heavily
  5253. >You move around to her front and wrap your hands around her torso
  5254. >Ling looks up at you with pleading eyes
  5255. >You smile and hug her softly
  5256. >“H..hey don’t mess around”
  5257. “Just relax okay?”
  5258. >“Sure.. Easy for you to say”
  5259. >You grin as you start carefully pulling
  5260. >Ling at first lets out a strained noise
  5261. >That is until she starts moving
  5262. >She starts moaning as she slowly slides off the over sized dong
  5263. >Ling closes her eyes tight and presses her head into your chest
  5264. >You chuckle softly and slowly tug
  5265. >Soon enough she slides off of-
  5266. >Holy shit how did she even fit all that
  5267. >Ling whines out loudly and grabs onto you as the flare of the rubber horsey comes out with an audible pop
  5268. >She shakes as she holds onto you panting
  5269. “Did you uh..”
  5270. >“Shut up”
  5271. >You smile and pet her head slowly, looking as the dong flops against the wall once before flopping to the ground
  5272. >Jesus christ
  5273. >While Ling has her head buried in your chest you can’t help but think about what you just saw
  5274. “You’re in heat aren’t you”
  5275. >“yes”
  5276. >You sigh and rub her back
  5277. “I’m sorry Ling. Its not that I don’t love you. But, I don’t think..”
  5278. >Okay, you don’t think
  5279. >But right now you aren’t sure if you want to bang the pony
  5280. >Something about it just seems, wrong, to say the least
  5281. >You sigh and pick her up, cradling her in your arms
  5282. >Ignoring the mixture of her juices and lube currently on the floor you sit her down in your bed and lay down beside her
  5283. >Ling looks up at you with a concerned face
  5284. >You just smile and hug her to you
  5285. >She gulps and closes her eyes
  5286. >You roll your own eyes and press your face into her neck
  5287. >Clearly she wasn’t expecting you to react to kindly to pulling her off a wall like that
  5288. >However you know when a creature needs to be comforted
  5289. >The time is now
  5290. >Without saying a word you reach around and place a hand on her stomach
  5291. >Ling flinches
  5292. >You just smile and rub her belly
  5293. >She relaxes into it and lets you work
  5294. >You sigh softly
  5295. “Ling, I wish you had told me, I’d have done what I could to help you ya know”
  5296. >“Like what?”
  5297. “I dunno, show you how to properly use that thing for one”
  5298. >She gulps and blushes hard
  5299. >You grin and tap her nose
  5300. “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure theres a video I can show you so you can uh, relieve, that stress”
  5301. >You can tell she wants to ask you for help
  5302. >But you can’t bring yourself to take that leap
  5303. >Not yet anyway
  5304. >“Maybe, you could show me that video then”
  5305. “I’ll see what I can do. Just relax. Do you hurt?”
  5306. >“A bit, I uh, I think It went too deep.”
  5307. “What do you mean”
  5308. >“Its hard to explain”
  5309. >You sigh and nod, you grab your Tylenol and her bowl of seaweed salad
  5310. >The best you can think to do is feed her and let her take something for the pain, even if it isn’t much
  5311. >You press play on the computer before laying back down and pulling her onto your stomach
  5312. (We’ll be talking about this. If you have about 50 minutes, I kind of like it [Embed] )
  5313. >With Ling firmly laying on you while you feed her, the two of you begin watching the you tube documentary
  5314. >She looks to the screen confused
  5315. >“Whats this?”
  5316. “Something I’ve been wanting to watch for a while”
  5317. >She tilts her head as she watches, seeing as it opens with interviews with the people
  5318. >“They’re homeless”
  5319. “I don’t think so. Look, they have everything they need, but its mobile”
  5320. >“I suppose”
  5321. >She eats another fork full
  5322. >You follow suit
  5323. >At this point, you two are sharing a fork
  5324. >It doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal
  5325. >Ling has better hygiene than you
  5326. >When you both finish the salads Ling points to the TV
  5327. >“Why would his wife leave him after all that?”
  5328. >You pat her head
  5329. “Some humans are just assholes. They run into issues and they just run”
  5330. >“That’s horrible”
  5331. “yeah, but look at him now, he lives in an RV in the woods and does whatever he wants”
  5332. >“Hmm.. I guess that would be liberating”
  5333. “Exactly”
  5334. >As the two of you go along with the movie, you start taking notes
  5335. >Ling sees what you’re doing but ignores it for now, too focused on watching what these people are doing with their lives
  5336. >Retired people moving into RV’s and traveling the country
  5337. >Teens packing up into a van and doing the same
  5338. >or people who just want to do something with their lives besides work in a cubical
  5339. >Truth be told
  5340. >Its not a bad idea
  5341. >Not one person is depressed
  5342. >they’ve all gotten to see the country
  5343. >their living expenses are half of yours and yet they have all the same crap you do
  5344. >“Hey Anon?”
  5345. “Yes?”
  5346. >“That quote, from the beginning of the movie, who was that?”
  5347. “Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventures?”
  5348. >“Yeah, that one”
  5349. “Uh, I Don’t know. We talked about him a little when I was in high school. He was kind of an 1800s hippy. Really liked living in nature, or something”
  5350. >“Sounds like a good guy”
  5351. “I suppose so. Living in nature is a good thing”
  5352. >She turns her attention back to the screen, as do you
  5353. >By now you’re about half way through
  5354. >Its kind of slow, but they bring up good points and its somewhat of an uplifting documentary
  5355. >You’ve been wanting to watch this for a while but never got around to it
  5356. >Now you regret not watching it sooner
  5357. >By now they’re talking about how its illegal to live in cars and Rvs
  5358. >Ling is visibly cringing
  5359. >She doesn’t seem to understand that people don’t care about others situations
  5360. >They just don’t want people they don’t understand around
  5361. >Its actually a pretty sad story
  5362. >People in really bad situations who just want to live in their cars till things can get better
  5363. >But these people just don’t want them around
  5364. >She looks to you
  5365. >You pat her on the horn
  5366. “Assholes.”
  5367. >“yeah..”
  5368. “But, that’s why the guy with the tattoo on his shoulder lives in the woods”
  5369. >“He’s the smart one.”
  5370. >She doesn’t seem to understand why people wouldn’t want these people around
  5371. >They’re all rather nice
  5372. >The kind of people you’d drink with
  5373. >“Anon how big is this house?”
  5374. “Why?”
  5375. >“You have a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a living room”
  5376. “yes”
  5377. >“How big is this house?”
  5378. “Around 900 square feet I think”
  5379. >“How much of it do you use?”
  5380. “Well, before you moved in, I used the kitchen and the bedroom”
  5381. >She puts on her thinking face watching more intensely
  5382. >you both have the same look on your faces
  5383. >Both thinking about what you’re seeing
  5384. >Under 500 a month
  5385. >Hm..
  5386. >You could do that
  5387. >but the truck..
  5388. >Well you can repair a lot of the issues on your own and it holds up to damn near anything
  5389. >Rip off the back of it and that’ll save gas
  5390. >You get to the scene with the two younger people at a concert of some kind
  5391. >Lings ears perk up and she sits up
  5392. >You flinch a little when she puts weight on your abdomen
  5393. >Ling is suddenly very interested
  5394. >“What are they doing?”
  5395. “the concert?”
  5396. >“That thing”
  5397. “Its an outdoor concert”
  5398. >“What?”
  5399. “Its when a bunch of people get together to drink and listen to music”
  5400. >You swear you see her eyes sparkle
  5401. >Something about that has caught her interest
  5402. >Hm..
  5403. “What are you thinking?”
  5404. >She doesn’t respond, listening to everything
  5405. >Her ears are twitching
  5406. >das cute
  5407. >She watches the woman with larger earrings and paintings around her
  5408. >Sitting cross legged on her bed
  5409. >She looks so interested now
  5410. >Truth be told
  5411. >You really like this to
  5412. >Its giving you a lot of ideas
  5413. >Though the guy saying 50% unemployment comes off as a bit of a bastard
  5414. “I have another video”
  5415. >Her head swivels to you
  5416. >You haven’t seen a look of enthusiasm like that on an adult in a long time
  5417. >Some kind of dreaming reserved for children
  5418. >“Play it!”
  5419. “Heh, okay, okay.”
  5420. >You que it up and as soon as the credits roll on the last video, you start the new one
  5421. >This fellow has an obvious accent
  5422. >It has a different tone to it, yet still catches her interest
  5423. >The immediate assumption that nomads are dangerous is a bit off putting
  5424. >Fuck it, you don’t have to be at work tomorrow
  5425. >Ling sees the guy who almost got killed, only 4 minutes into the video
  5426. >You can see her eyes tear up
  5427. >“Why are people so mean”
  5428. “Humans are..strange”
  5429. >You can tell her that as many times as you want, but she’ll never understand
  5430. >Maybe you’re just jaded
  5431. >Yeah probably
  5432. >“Wait, how many million people live in RV’s?! You humans must procreate more than changelings!”
  5433. >You smirk and tickle her belly
  5434. “You have no idea”
  5435. >She giggles out looking at you
  5436. >You smirk and tickle her more, even while the preacher appears
  5437. >She keeps paying attention, but squirms in your grip
  5438. >Ling whines out and smacks you in the chin
  5439. “Ow fuck!”
  5440. >“Are you okay?!”
  5441. >She gasps out turning and grabbing your cheeks, looking at your chin
  5442. >A bit red, probably a bruise soon enough
  5443. >“I’m so so sorry!”
  5444. “Its okay”
  5445. >“I didn’t mean to I’m sorry!”
  5446. >you grab her horn and look her in the eyes
  5447. “Ling”
  5448. >She’s panicked as she looks at you
  5449. “Its okay”
  5450. >She whimpers
  5451. >You keep eye contact
  5452. >After a moment she sighs and relaxes back into your torso
  5453. >But then
  5454. >tragedy
  5455. >Ling watches closely when she sees firemen
  5456. >Upon hearing everyone was okay she sighs
  5457. >“Oh thank goodness..”
  5458. “Life happens, best be careful”
  5459. >She nods
  5460. >“Poor people must have lost their homes”
  5461. “Yeah.. But what can someone do?”
  5462. >“I guess, hope? Then move on?”
  5463. “Kind of like you”
  5464. >She looks at the screen and tears up
  5465. >“Yeah.. Like me..”
  5466. >Ling goes silent, You can’t tell if shes talking to her family or thinking
  5467. >Either way she seems to have been hit hard by the thought
  5468. >The two of you watch in quiet content cuddles
  5469. >Thinking about what you see
  5470. >Slab city
  5471. >Nope
  5472. >The talent show is cool though
  5473. >Some of these guys must be high as fuck though
  5474. >Homeless style
  5475. >Hell nope
  5476. >The others may be content with it
  5477. >You however
  5478. >You can’t live like that
  5479. >The RV’s however..
  5480. >Not such a bad idea
  5481. >Heck you could handle it all day without an issue
  5482. >Don’t even need these crazy expensive RV’s just a decent trailer to haul with your truck
  5483. >Yeah
  5484. >You could do it easy
  5485. >But could ling?
  5486. >You think she can
  5487. >After the second of the two documentaries end, Ling turns back to you
  5488. >You’ve been scratching her stomach absentmindedly while thinking about what you just watched
  5489. >She bops you on the nose
  5490. >You wince and look down at her
  5491. “What?”
  5492. >“You think the boys okay?”
  5493. “Which one?”
  5494. >“The trainer rider”
  5495. “yeah, probably, he looked pretty smart”
  5496. >She nods and goes to get up
  5497. >You pat her and let her go
  5498. >Ling gets up and brings the dishes to the sink
  5499. >You bring a near by notebook over
  5500. >Time for notes
  5501. >yeah notes n shit
  5502. >You write our your budget, savings, and general sales price of your house
  5503. >You also write out your monthly expenses
  5504. >Hm..
  5505. >Once everything’s written out you cut out the price of the land rental
  5506. >You spend only around 800 a month
  5507. >How the hell are you saving that much?
  5508. >Oh right, you were single before
  5509. >With Ling, you tack on how much it costs to feed her
  5510. >Still, 900 a month Is really good
  5511. >You think you could cut it lower
  5512. >You fucking glutton
  5513. “I got it”
  5514. >You strike out a couple items and stand up
  5515. “LING!”
  5516. >There is a loud gasp, a crash, and a smash
  5517. >Shit, you did it again
  5518. >You should probably stop spooking her like that
  5519. >Naw
  5520. >When you go into the kitchen Ling is cleaning up a broken plate
  5521. >Yeah
  5522. >You fucked up
  5523. >Again
  5524. “Sorry”
  5525. >She huffs and looks at you, broom in her mouth
  5526. >The glare coming from her could stare into ones soul
  5527. >2spooky4me
  5528. >sweep
  5529. >sweep
  5530. >sweep
  5531. “I uh..”
  5532. >You turn around and go back to your bedroom
  5533. >In the kitchen Ling sweeps up the broken ceramics
  5534. >After a few moments she comes into the bedroom
  5535. >You’re using your TV as a monitor while on Craig list
  5536. >Ling looks confused
  5537. >“What are you doing?”
  5538. “Searching”
  5539. >“For?”
  5540. “A new house”
  5541. >“Wat? Why?”
  5542. “You said you liked those documentaries right?”
  5543. >“Well, yeah, but Anon we can’t just up and move out!”
  5544. “Why not? What’s stopping us?”
  5545. >“Uh, you serious? We’re pretty well established here, plus you’re currently jobl-”
  5546. >You grab Lings cheeks
  5547. >She pffts in your face sticking her tongue out while you smoosh her cheeks together
  5548. “Don’t you see? The time couldn’t be better. I have around 25,000 in savings if you include the house. Another If we can get a cheap RV for around $5,000, that leaves $20,000 to live on till I get a new job. And those people said they can live on 500 a month. We could seriously do this Ling”
  5549. >Of course she can’t think of a good response
  5550. >And the whole idea really did catch her interest
  5551. >Maybe she’s seriously considering it!
  5552. >Aww yis
  5553. “Come on lets do it”
  5554. >“You’re insane”
  5555. ‘And you’re stuck up, come on Ling, lets sell the house and move into and RV”
  5556. >You point to the TV
  5557. >Ling stares in shock
  5558. >“I don’t know human technology all that well, but I get the feeling that is a piece of shit”
  5559. >You put on your biggest shit eating grin looking at her
  5560. >Ling groans
  5561. >“Theres no way I’m living in that thing. Plus look at how small it is”
  5562. “Aw come on, it’s a 1973 classic! I bet its beautiful on the inside”
  5563. >“Are there picturess”
  5564. >You scroll over the images
  5565. >Not a single image of the inside
  5566. >Ling deadpans as she stares at you
  5567. >You sigh
  5568. “Aw, okay, fine, how about that one”
  5569. >She turns her head to check the other one
  5570. >This time its an actual fifth wheel
  5571. >A bit over your planned budget though
  5572. >Around $5900
  5573. “soo?”
  5574. >“It looks rough”
  5575. “We could totally fix it up though”
  5576. >“Sure, with work, but there’s no way I’d sleep in that thing right now”
  5577. “yeah..”
  5578. >“New rug..bed, look the windows are plexiglass”
  5579. >“Whats plexiglass?”
  5580. “Why don’t we check it out, and if it looks good enough, we bring it to a cleaner?”
  5581. >“I suppose so, that seems like a good idea”
  5582. >Ling looks at you genuinely surprised
  5583. >“You’re seriously considering this”
  5584. “yeah, why not? I’ve lived in this damn house for 15 years”
  5585. >You lean in
  5586. >Ling blinks as you get closer to her ear
  5587. “Between you and me I hate this place”
  5588. >She smirks
  5589. >“yeah me to”
  5590. “I’ll call up the owner and you and I can go check it out”
  5591. >“Alright”
  5592. >She goes back to the kitchen to start doing the dishes
  5593. >You pick up the phone and call up the number
  5594. >Of course you have to call, leave a message, and call back
  5595. >Because fuck you its Craigslist
  5596. >more like cuckslist am I right
  5597. >hue
  5598. >The fellow who picks up the line is exactly as you would expect
  5599. >Gruff
  5600. >Sighs a lot
  5601. >generally pissy as if you’re a burden on him
  5602. >He’s the asshole who put the listing up damn it
  5603. >You two go back and forth asking about the RV
  5604. >Soon of course you decide it would be a good idea just to see it in person
  5605. >When you get his address
  5606. >He really doesn’t live very far off at all
  5607. >Good
  5609. >“WHAT? NOW?”
  5611. >Ling groans
  5612. >Loud enough for your to hear
  5613. >She comes back out, as fleur, in socks and a scarf
  5614. >“Okay, lets go”
  5615. >You pat her head
  5616. “It isn’t that bad”
  5617. >“It really is”
  5618. “You’re just whining”
  5619. >“yes I am, now let me stew in it”
  5621. “Maybe you’re the crazy one!”
  5622. >Ling groans and slides down into her seat
  5623. >You decided to blare music
  5624. >You decided to go with something upbeat at first
  5625. >Er, until you decided to change it to the rock station
  5626. >Ling is currently trying to berate you for your rash decision making
  5627. >You however feel no need to rationalize it
  5628. >“You watched two movies and you decide to up and move out?!”
  5629. “Why not?”
  5630. >“You’re literally abandoning your entire life!”
  5631. “And?”
  5632. >Ling face palms
  5633. >You pull over on the side of the road
  5634. >Turns out you were terribly wrong
  5635. >Fucking Craigslist posters putting up fake addresses
  5636. >The guy lives pretty far in the woods
  5637. >You’re currently closing in on the land of the hicks
  5638. >2spooky4me
  5639. “Ling do you want to know why I jumped the shark?”
  5640. >“YES actually I really would. Anyone else in Equestria would consider you insane”
  5641. “Earth”
  5642. >“Eh close enough”
  5643. “Truth be told. I’m bored”
  5644. >“That’s it”
  5645. “yep”
  5646. >“You’re bored”
  5647. “Well, I’ve been working the same job for years”
  5648. >“No other reason?”
  5649. “That and I hate that house”
  5650. >“So move into another house?”
  5651. “Sure, but this way I could see the country!”
  5652. >Ling groans and face palms
  5653. >You smirk
  5654. “Tell ya what, we’ll go ahead and check out the Rv, then sleep on it.”
  5655. >You shift back into gear and take off again
  5656. “I’m still going to buy that RV though”
  5657. >Ling groans louder and lays back into her seat, obviously annoyed with you
  5658. >Maybe you are acting on impulse
  5659. >You’re probably insane
  5660. >Naw
  5661. >Insane people don’t know they’re insane
  5662. >You’re just..
  5663. >Spontantious
  5664. >Yeah
  5665. >After another couple minutes of driving you see a long driveway
  5666. >Shit
  5667. >You’re getting the feeling
  5668. >The kind of feel that feels
  5669. >feely
  5670. “Ling..”
  5671. >“Huh?”
  5672. >She looks up from the window and turns to you
  5673. >“ANON IS THAT A GUN?!”
  5674. >You turn to her
  5675. “Yeah. I guess I should have said something before”
  5676. >‘Where was it?! You don’t keep it in the house!”
  5677. “This is my back up, I keep it under the seat”
  5678. >She just stares at you like you’re insane
  5679. “Look, just, if this guys a wacko I need you to use my cellphone and call the cops. Can you do that”
  5680. >“I.. yeah, but, Anon, a gun!”
  5681. “Shut up Ling, yes I know, we’ll talk about it on the way back”
  5682. >Ling shakes her head, seeming shocked by this new revelation, you on the other hand attach the holster to your belt and drive down the long driveway
  5683. >Outside, sitting on the porch, is exactly what you expected
  5684. >About 100 pounds over weight, backwards hat, goatee, and a scowl on his face
  5685. >Oh and a beer
  5686. >Cant forget the beer
  5687. “Like I said Ling.”
  5688. >You pass her your phone
  5689. >Ling magics it up and behind her ear, under her hair
  5690. >Dat long flowing pony hair
  5691. >not now little Anon, we have a backwoods redneck to deal with
  5692. >You get out, say your greetings, and go over to the trailer
  5693. >The back window is plexi
  5694. >theres obvious water damage to the surrounding panels
  5695. >the metal is in surprisingly good shape
  5696. >the tires are kind of flat
  5697. >theres a number of smaller things, and he gutted the furniture from the inside
  5698. >And this assholes expects you to pay $6000
  5699. >lolnope
  5700. >the two of you go back and forth
  5701. “I’ll air up the tires for you”
  5702. “I’ll give you $4000
  5703. “$5000 and I’ll give you a window”
  5704. >Now you’re talking
  5705. “You got a replacement window?”
  5706. “yeah”
  5707. >He leads you behind his house to an old barn
  5708. >You grip your belt under your shirt
  5709. >Luckily its not a trap
  5710. >Though there is a banjo on the wall
  5711. >He has all the parts you need there but they’re all old as hell
  5712. >You can deal with this
  5713. “Tell ya what. $4500, all your parts, and I’ll throw in a hi-point”
  5714. “Hmm, le’me see er”
  5715. >You pull your gun form the holster
  5716. >Shits brand new
  5717. >Its is just a hi-point, a truck gun you don’t ever use anyway
  5718. >Check, clear, hand over
  5719. >The fellow looks it over, looks up at you and nods
  5720. “Aight. Deal”
  5721. >He roughly grabs your hand and shakes
  5722. >Oh god fuck that hurts
  5723. >You walk him back to the truck to write up the deal
  5724. >Gotta write out that you also traded a gun for it
  5725. >If he makes meth you don’t want them pulling the gun back to you
  5726. >Once you both have hand written agreements, and you claim the title, You hook it up
  5727. >No tow bars
  5728. >Thank the lord its not windy today
  5729. >Well it is, you put beans in the last salad, but that’s a different story
  5730. >You put Ling in the trailer as you two ride back, the wheels freshly inflated
  5731. >Luckily they were just low, not totally flat
  5732. >Still, that’s more things it will need
  5733. >She inspects the interior as it moves down the road, judging it fully
  5734. >Ultimately Ling has a list of complaints
  5735. >Her being a sexy whitemasterrace unicorn doesn’t help things
  5736. >The trailer smells funny
  5737. >Other than the cigarette smell that is
  5738. >Damn it Ling
  5739. >You look the trailer over again and look to her
  5740. >She sighs and shakes her head
  5741. >“I can’t believe you”
  5742. “Deal with it”
  5744. >“NOT MY FAULT ANON!”
  5746. >You firmly hold you fists up
  5747. >Both, to be extra sure
  5748. >Point your fingers towards her
  5749. >And raise your middle fingers
  5750. >You slam the door to the RV
  5751. >It makes a nice crunch noise in the process
  5752. >Fuck
  5753. >Inside it you have installed a few new things here and there
  5754. >All the parts the redneck fellow gave you have been put in
  5755. >You even found new tired
  5756. >All over the bare floor are all the tools, but none of the Mexicans
  5757. >Maybe you should have hired on Paco
  5758. >And Jesús
  5759. >And Jesus
  5760. >The walls need paneling
  5761. >The floor needs a carpet
  5762. >There’s no furniture
  5763. >Most of the seals are fucked
  5764. >And the toilet needs a toilet
  5765. >All in all
  5766. >This is a pain in the ass
  5767. >And here Ling comes with the rear bumper
  5768. >Like the whole fucking thing
  5769. >Welp, time to call in an old favor you’re owed
  5770. >While Ling broods inside you get to the real work in the trailer
  5771. >The current of which is setting up paneling
  5772. >Fuck what anyone else thinks
  5773. >We 70s now
  5774. >Wood paneling
  5775. >Brown leather
  5776. >That weird ass orange color that isn’t REALLY orange
  5777. >Bitches gonna be jelly
  5778. >All you need is some bell bottoms
  5779. >Better buy some shag carpet
  5780. >You walk outside and look over the exterior
  5781. >Some rust, but it just needs to be polished
  5782. >Post people did two things to their Airstreams though
  5783. >Bumper sticker from every state
  5784. >And a name
  5785. >Only one name is sitting for such a marvelous 70s styled airstream
  5786. >The Shaggin Wagon
  5787. >Nothing could go wrong with this
  5788. >You head inside the RV
  5789. >After having taken down the old walls, you find that everything’s still fine
  5790. >This is good, insulation and beams can be left alone
  5791. >Hanging paneling is fairly easy and will take up time
  5792. >Your phone ring a ling dings
  5793. “Hey, faggot, I need you”
  5794. >“Anon, it’s a Tuesday, what could you possibly need on a Tuesday”
  5795. “You owe me”
  5796. >“For?”
  5797. “I repaired your computer. You owe me”
  5798. >There is a loud, audible sigh from the other side of the phone
  5799. >“Okay, what is it?”
  5800. “Bring your welding gear, I need a bumper fixed”
  5801. >“That’s it?”
  5802. “yeah”
  5803. >“Really?”
  5804. “I have no idea”
  5805. >Groaning
  5806. >“I’ll be there in an hour”
  5807. “Hurry faggot”
  5808. >“I’m not bringing you goggles”
  5809. >Fucker
  5810. >While you wait on him, you take your time installing paneling
  5811. >Given that this shit has been out of date for a while, you got a good deal on it
  5812. >Enough to cover the entire interior for under $500!
  5813. >Okay its slightly used
  5814. >The asbestos was free at least
  5815. >Within an hour you have the largest areas hung up
  5816. >All you have left is the bathroom and detailed work
  5817. >But before you can do that there is a honk from outside
  5818. >You step out and waves over your friend
  5819. >“Anon you really bought one, holy shit”
  5820. “Yeah, told you I’d do it”
  5821. >You smile at the NEET in front of you
  5822. >Tall, fat, neck beard
  5823. >Broke as fuck
  5824. >but his welding skills are pretty decent, so he lives
  5825. “Alright, so, George, I just need you to..-”
  5826. >You stop yourself and poke your head behind the mass of skin in front of you
  5827. >Behind him is a pony
  5828. >She’s not exactly special in anyway you can tell
  5829. >All pastel ponies generally seem the same though
  5830. >Short, a bit meek or shy, blue pony with grayish hair
  5831. >The grey hair is off
  5832. >And the violet eyes are a bit spooky
  5833. “You got a horse?”
  5834. >“Yeah, they’re not exactly hard to come by”
  5835. “I know, I just, uh, surprised. Whats its name”
  5836. >The pony pipes upi
  5837. >>“I uh, I’m Shoeshine”
  5838. >She goes back to quiet and watches you and George
  5839. “She your assistant now?”
  5840. >“You could call her that. She’s pretty good at polishing metal”
  5842. “You want to make some money?”
  5843. >Before George can answer you push his welders mask down over his face
  5844. “Not you”
  5845. >Shoeshine stares at you surprised
  5846. >You crouch and smile softly at her
  5847. “Well?”
  5848. >>“I..I guess”
  5849. “Good. I have some stuff to polish inside. You don’t have to make it shine, but if you can make my RV here look better, I’ll pay ya for your effort”
  5850. >She nods and hurries inside
  5851. >Ling gasps and ducks down out of the window and changes her form
  5852. >You grin and get back to hanging paneling
  5853. >Inside the house you, Ling, are mid transformation
  5854. >Shoeshines eyes are wide
  5855. >“C.. changeling!”
  5856. >You yelp and jump out of your little ring of green fire
  5857. >She screams and falls back
  5858. “Calm down! Don’t Shh!”
  5859. >Shoeshine panics and kicks at you
  5860. >You don’t know what to do and grab her, holding her down
  5861. “Quiet!”
  5862. >She goes to scream against and you swiftly put your hoof in her mouth
  5863. >When she goes to bite down you point your horn at her threateningly
  5864. >She gulps and stays still watching you
  5865. “Now listen, geeze.  You damn ponies are all the same, screaming and running in circles”
  5866. >Shoeshine reels back some at that
  5867. >You slowly remove your hoof
  5868. “I’m Anons sla- Pony. He knows all about me”
  5869. >She doesn’t scream but watches you close
  5870. >“Anon decided to adopt one of the most dangerous enemies of ponies? Is he insane!”
  5871. >You grunt and get off her glaring
  5872. “I’m not some kind of monster, we have feelings just like you ponies”
  5873. >“But you eat them!”
  5874. “Just your feelings”
  5875. >“That’s what I mean!”
  5876. >You sigh and shake your head
  5877. “I’m not going to hurt you if you shut up. What did Anon send you in here for?”
  5878. >“I uh, you promise?”
  5879. “Well, yeah, I’m not some monster”
  5880. >“…Car polish”
  5881. “Under the kitchen sink”
  5882. >She nods and hurries in there, occasionally looking back nervously
  5883. >You sit on the couch sliding something behind you and sigh softly
  5884. >Shoeshine eventually comes back out carrying a few rags and the bottle of car polish
  5885. >She looks at you for a moment but then hurries on out
  5886. >Peeking outside you see her hurry over to the trailer
  5887. >That fucking trailer
  5888. >Anon pats her head and lets her start working
  5889. >You jelly
  5890. >Her master walks around it doing something
  5891. >While you turn back to the TV and gulp softly, thinking
  5892. >Giving it a few minutes you slide your hidden treasure from behind your back
  5893. >Using your magic you close the curtains
  5894. >As long as that pony doesn’t come back in you should be able to get away with it
  5895. >After all, your heat is still very strong
  5896. >You slowly move downward into the floor and sit the long shaft on the ground
  5897. >Suction cup down of course
  5898. >You gulp and look towards the door for a moment before positioning yourself above it
  5899. >Second times a charm
  5900. >Slowly, you  bring  the horse shaped shaft up to your  vulva, gently moving back and forth to lube up the tip
  5901. >you should probably use the lube anon has
  5902. >Yeah this time you wont fuck it up
  5903. >When you return with the lube you squirt it over it and firmly rub the whole thing till its coated
  5904. >You look down and brace yourself using the couch
  5905. >You look to a pillow and have a realization
  5906. >The humans may not be able to hear, but that pony will
  5907. >So you bite down on the pillow and slide downward
  5908. >The firm tip of the silicone shaft spreads your swollen vulva wide, the lubrication helping it slide in
  5909. >Slower, you make your move downward
  5910. >Taking inch after inch of it into your body
  5911. >3 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches
  5912. >You feel the fake medial ring and bite the pillow harder
  5913. >If your fangs had pointed tips, Anon would need a new pillow
  5914. >You breath in and continue
  5915. >It pushed deeper into you, the fake penis now about halfway in
  5916. >You stop for a moment and left one of your hooves slide down your taught stomach
  5917. >Closing your eyes you get the placement just right so the edge of the hole rubs against your engorged clitoris
  5918. >The heat between your legs starts to swell
  5919. >This is all the sign you need to pull up
  5920. >While rubbing you also slide upward
  5921. >Only to drop back down with a grunt into your impromptu gag
  5922. >Soon the room was filled with the slight sound of wet slapping as you move faster and faster
  5923. >Part of you wants to imagine a stallion
  5924. >Another part with Anon
  5925. >You gulp back the thoughts and speed your thrusts up, thinking instead to a stallion
  5926. >Sure you’ve never been with one but how different could it be
  5927. >You feel the flat tip suddenly make contact with your cervix
  5928. >Before, this was the point when it got stuck
  5929. >Not this time
  5930. >You press down harder
  5931. >The tip pries oven your opening to the most sacred of places
  5932. >Of course with your changeling anatomy, this doubles as an ovipositor
  5933. >You have a few small eggs, ready to be implanted, but much too small to give you a pregnant look, nor are they fertilized, being moved around in your uterus
  5934. >The feeling makes you go faster
  5935. >You start to moan out and quiver, the heat between your legs getting much too intense for you
  5936. >Rubbing your clit harder you leg your long tongue hang out the side of your mouth
  5937. >You feel your release coming soon
  5938. >After several minutes of this you cry out and grab the couch, slamming down hard
  5939. >Every inch of the over sized horse shaft slams into you
  5940. >You spasm and shake loosing your hold on the couch as you cum  harder than you ever have before
  5941. >the toy certainly helping
  5942. >You lay back into the couch, still planted on the cock while panting and sitting in the glow of such a powerful orgasm
  5943. >You feel warm juices gently sliding down your leg, trickling into one of the holes and dripping to the floor
  5944. >With a groan you try to stand but wobble and decide to stay put
  5945. >Maybe you went just a bit too hard there
  5946. >For the first time in nearly a week you feel the heat between your legs dissipating
  5947. -
  5948. >You are standing outside
  5949. >You just heard a loud moan from inside your house
  5950. >Oh and your name is Anon
  5951. >Instead of investigating, you can only assume its Ling and decide to get back to watching the pony in front of you work
  5952. >She seems nervous, and a bit shaky
  5953. >You shoot an accusing glare at George
  5954. >He turns to you
  5955. >“”hey, I don’t abuse her. She’s a pretty decent slave. Even if she is a cluts”
  5956. >The pony looks back at you, and her master, then goes back to polishing
  5957. “You see Ling?”
  5958. >She nods nervously
  5959. “What form?”
  5960. >“U..uh, She’s a changeling”
  5961. >You sigh
  5962. “Figures”
  5963. >For now though, you go back to holding up the bumper while its welded back into place
  5964. >It takes a few minutes back its set
  5965. “Can you check out the rest of it and see if anything else needs to be welded”
  5966. >“You gonna pay me?”
  5967. “Sure”
  5968. >He smirks and slides underneath the Airstream
  5969. >You walk around it checking over your exterior repairs
  5970. >All you really need to buy is all new light bulbs, but everything looks fine on the outside
  5971. >Inspecting the door reveals the seal is completely fucked
  5972. >That explains the crunch
  5973. “Hey George. I’m going to run to the RV dealership. I’ll be back soon”
  5974. >From under the RV he yells to acknowledge
  5975. >You hop in your old truck and make your way out
  5976. >While you’re driving you decide to make a call to a scrap yard
  5977. >Being that you now have an RV, you really don’t need the big ass box on the back of your truck and might be able to trade it in for a normal truck bed
  5978. >Or at least sell it to the scrap yard and make a truck bed our of some wood
  5979. >You make your way into town, first going to the RV service and sales off on the highway
  5980. >Dem 4 lane highway left turns
  5981. >unf
  5982. >Your next stop is a scrap yard
  5983. >You find that most all the vehicles they have are new or civilian
  5984. >That’s what you get for military auction buying
  5985. >Fuck
  5986. (Now keep in mind he modified the box of this truck to work as a single person bed area. Instead of storage. Its simply bolted on so he can take it off at any time and make it into a flat bed. For the paste bin: ) (the removable section weighs around 400 pounds with his modifications including the installation of an aluminum door and removal of military steel shelves. )
  5987. >When you walk out you feel like someone ripped you anus wide open
  5988. >You only got $30 for everything, including the frame for your cot and some extra metal parts
  5989. >With the top section of your truck removed, its basically a flat bed now
  5990. >Well, that will pay for lumber to make your truck into a pick up
  5991. >We redneck now
  5992. >Along the way back to your house you pick up as many pressure treated 2x4s you can with the scrap money as well as your own
  5993. >Luckily its more than enough to make decent walls for the bed of your truck
  5994. >And with the latches you (luckily) got to keep from the old door that was on the back of the truck you can even make a wooden tailgate
  5995. >After arriving home you find George still there
  5996. >Thank god
  5997. >The door is still shut and the curtains are open back, so you can only assume Ling is done doing.. whatever.. it was she was up to in there
  5998. >You only hope she didn’t make a mess
  5999. “So what do you think?”
  6000. >George yells and kicks his legs wildly for a moment
  6001. >“Son of a bitch don’t scare me like that Anon! fuck!”
  6002. >Leaning down you find George with his shirt on fire
  6003. >Shit
  6004. >You grab the fire extinguisher form your truck and blast his as
  6005. >After some coughing and sliding out from under the RV, he glares at you
  6006. >The kind of glare that you can’t tell if he wants to hug you or set YOU on fire next
  6007. >Shoeshine is on top of the RV
  6008. >She did a pretty good job
  6009. >Maybe too good
  6010. “SO”
  6011. >10/10 Anon breaking the ice
  6012. >Wait, say something
  6013. “uh”
  6014. >WORDS
  6015. “Hows it look?”
  6016. >“Like you drug it through the mud about 10 years ago and forgot to wash it”
  6017. “That bad?”
  6018. >“No, not really, I had to weld some parts of the frame, but for the most part, it just needs a good undercarriage clean up. I think It’ll hold up for a long time. That’s the beauty of these Airstreams. Some have been on the road since the 60s with only small things kept maintained. You can’t break them!”
  6019. >He smacks the side of it before you can stop him
  6020. >There is a loud creak
  6021. >OH GOD
  6022. >OH FUCK
  6023. “PONY GET DOWN”
  6024. >Shoeshine yelps and jumps to safety
  6025. >Right onto your spine
  6026. >You scream
  6027. >George screams
  6028. >Shoeshine screams
  6029. >Ling screams for reasons unrelated
  6030. >The RV screams as one of its wheels promptly falls off
  6031. >Laying on the ground under the pony you groan
  6032. “We did it!”
  6033. George >"wat"
  6034. Shoeshine >>"wat"
  6035. “You did this”
  6036. >“Sorry bro”
  6037. >You stand there looking at your RV
  6038. >When it hit the ground, all your tools flew to one side
  6039. >Basically every window on the right side of the RV is shattered
  6040. >This is a 1980s vintage airstream
  6041. >Windows are expensive
  6042. “You’re going to go find the windows”
  6043. >George groans
  6044. >“Aw come on man, can’t you order them? I‘ll pay for them and everything”
  6045. “No, I was set to be out of here as soon as I got the furniture installed ”
  6046. >“Well, that’ll take time”
  6047. “Everything will be here tomorrow”
  6048. >“Oh..”
  6049. “Now go to the fucking junk yard. I’ll keep your pony here”
  6050. >“Aw dude, come on, she’s my extra hands”
  6051. “Nope, she’s mine until you get back”
  6052. >Shoeshine looks up at you nervously
  6053. >You smile
  6054. >She gulps
  6055. >George shakes his head and walks over to his car
  6056. >“Fine, I’ll go look”
  6057. >You wait for him to leave and look at shoeshine
  6058. “Come on, help me out. “
  6059. >>“I..uh, okay”
  6060. >You and your new pony assistant work together to build siding for the bed of your truck
  6061. >The two of you work together
  6062. >You, honestly, are surprised a pony like this one is so good at building
  6063. >Shoeshine seems to mean that she does repair work
  6064. >Shining things up is just her main course of work
  6065. >You stop about half way through and lead Shoeshine inside
  6066. >She’s hesitant, but the offer of water and food makes her follow
  6067. >Inside you see Ling
  6068. >Asleep
  6069. >And cuddled up to her dildo
  6070. >The couch is wet
  6071. >Sweet jesus
  6072. >You usher shoeshine on but the damage is done
  6073. >her nose is wrinkled
  6074. >Her face is scrunched
  6075. >And she is slightly aroused
  6076. >Admitably, you are to
  6077. >You split from Shoeshine and softly shake Lings shoulder
  6078. >She groans and reaches out to you
  6079. >You grab her and wrap your arms securely around her
  6080. >Ling presses her head into your chest and lets out a small hiss
  6081. >You smile and pet her
  6082. >Ling opens her eyes, squinting some from the light of the open door
  6083. >You pet her more, cradling her in your arms
  6084. >“A..non..Good morning”
  6085. >HNNNG
  6086. “Its 7 a night”
  6087. >“Oh.. Good evening”
  6088. “You feeling fine?”
  6089. >She nods and sighs happily
  6090. >You sit Ling down and smile kindly
  6091. >She stretches out and wiggles her rump then looks to you
  6092. >“Hows the RV holding up?”
  6093. “Well, the guy helping me broke some windows and knocked it off the jack stands”
  6094. >“Oh..”
  6095. “yeah..”
  6096. >You sit there in awkward silence for a few minutes before Ling pipes up
  6097. >“I was thinking, maybe I could help?”
  6098. “Would you like to? I thought you hated the idea”
  6099. >“Well, yeah, but you aren’t going to stop any time soon. So might as well”
  6100. >The two of you sit together on the couch and wait for George to come back
  6101. >Shoeshine eats whatever it is that she has and comes in, nervously sitting across the room from you and Ling
  6102. “..Did you know each other”
  6103. >“NO!”
  6104. >>“No!”
  6105. >The two mares yell at you
  6106. >You wince and back off
  6107. “Okay, okay, uh”
  6108. >you look at Ling
  6109. >She sighs
  6110. >“Remember what I said about ponies not liking my kind?”
  6111. “Oh.. I see, Well, I can promise you Shoeshine, Ling here is perfectly fine.”
  6112. >Shoeshine gulps
  6113. >>“For now, until she sucks out your soul”
  6114. >Ling looks off put by that
  6115. >Then again who wouldn’t
  6116. “If she did I’d make her scream”
  6117. >Lings eyes go wide
  6118. >You smirk and suddenly throw her to the ground
  6119. >Luckily her shell is just strong enough now that a fall doesn’t bother her
  6120. >The two mares gasp and stare
  6121. >You grin and start the most horrible of tortures
  6122. >Absolutely disgusting
  6123. >You tickle her!
  6124. >Ling kicks her legs and gasps out
  6125. >You smile and grab her sides, teasing your fingers under her arms and over her chest area
  6126. >She arches her back and gasps out, giggling like a filly
  6127. >Shoeshine watches surprised at the outburst of emotion, specifically that of Ling
  6128. >>“Wow”
  6129. >She just mumbles while you continue your assault
  6130. >Ling is a crying mess within seconds, grabbing at you
  6131. >Hooves make grabbing hard
  6132. >You jab your fingers into her sides and continue onward!
  6133. >Ling gasps out
  6134. >“St-stop ANON stop! I’m gonna pee!”
  6135. >She squeals out and kicks you right in the gut
  6136. “Ow fuck!”
  6137. >You keel over and grab your stomach
  6138. >Ling hops up
  6139. >Shoeshine winces and cringes away from you both
  6140. >She grabs onto you
  6141. >“Sorry!”
  6142. “Er..its didn’t kick that hard”
  6143. >You rub your stomach
  6144. >That’s gonna bruise
  6145. >Ling magically lifts your shirt inspecting the damage
  6146. >Its already darkening
  6147. >She yelps and grabs you
  6148. >In a force of magic
  6149. >Shit
  6150. >She magically lifts you up and drops you on the couch to inspect you further
  6151. >Of course being that you’re currently held down by some kind of magical force you don’t have a lot of choice in the current matter
  6152. >You sigh and go limp as you’re inspected
  6153. >There is an audible giggle from across the room
  6154. >Damn ponies
  6155. >It takes nearly 15 minutes before Ling realizes she only bruised you for her to release you
  6156. >You sit up and pat her head
  6157. >Ling moves into the patting like a cat
  6158. >lolwat
  6159. “You need to start watching yourself, how many times now have you hurt me”
  6160. >“Three, I think”
  6161. “I wasn’t keeping count”
  6162. >“Oh..sorry”
  6163. >Soon enough George returns
  6164. >He actually managed to find the windows
  6165. >Wow
  6166. >You didn’t honestly expect him to find them
  6167. >From outside you hear him yelling
  6169. >You succeeded in pissing him off
  6170. >Mission accomplished
  6171. >You, Ling, and ShoeShine all head outside
  6172. >George is unloading the windows from his car
  6173. >You go over to help
  6174. >Ling helps with her magic
  6175. >In the slightly darker sky it looks like a green light floating around
  6176. >“The hell is that thing?”
  6177. “My pony”
  6178. >“It got cancer or something?”
  6179. >Ling gasps, clearly offended
  6180. >You grunt and bonk him on the head with the thick glass pane
  6181. “No you idiot she’s just a different species”
  6182. >He groans and rubs his head
  6183. >“Oh..”
  6184. “Well, anyway, I don’t really need any more you can go”
  6185. >He nods and waves his own pony to the car
  6186. >“Well, If you need me call, faggot”
  6187. “Will do, shithead”
  6188. >Ling looks up at you confused
  6189. >You smile and rub her head sitting the glass pane down inside the RV
  6190. “You’ll understand one day”
  6191. >“uh huh..”
  6192. >The two of you wave him off
  6193. >He doesn’t wave back, but ShoeShine does with a smile on her face
  6194. “So do you know that pony?”
  6195. >“Not me personally, she must have been at the invasion”
  6196. “makes sense..”
  6197. >“I think I’m done for the night”
  6198. “Huh?”
  6199. >“I kinda.. over used my magic..”
  6200. “You have a supply?”
  6201. >“Er, well, no, its just that my magic is a lot weaker on this planet”
  6202. “Oh, well, come on then, you can get some rest. I’m going to finish up these windows”
  6203. >Ling looks up at you
  6204. >“Can I stay with you”
  6205. >You smile and go over to the RV opening the door for her
  6206. >She sits at the steps just inside the door and lays her head down to watch as you get to work putting the small glass windows into the frames and sealing them
  6207. >You work well into the night, Ling had soon fallen asleep after you stopped being so loud with your work
  6208. >You decide to sleep in the Rv with her tonight
  6209. >it’s a warm night, so why not
  6210. >Plus it will give you a night to check for any issues
  6211. >You hope there isn’t any
  6212. >The night passes swiftly
  6213. >The wind sort of freaks you out, waking you up half way through the night to make sure the damn thing isn’t going to blow over
  6214. >You hope, at least, that once you get some of the furniture in here it won’t be so unsteady
  6215. >When morning does come, Ling is investigating the kitchen section
  6216. “Something wrong over there?”
  6217. >You groan and sit up, stretching
  6218. >Maybe sleeping on the floor wasn’t such a wise idea
  6219. >Ling turns to face you
  6220. >Holding the faucet
  6221. >“We should replace this”
  6222. “….That is the replacement”
  6223. >She looks down at it in her hooves
  6224. >Then slowly puts it back into place
  6225. >She looks around then turns to you
  6226. >“How about we fix the toilet, I bet that needs to be fixed”
  6227. “I did all that work yesterday. This things in good condition for what we paid”
  6228. >“Oh..”
  6229. >Ling looks down
  6230. >It takes you a moment to realize what she’s doing
  6231. “Ling..”
  6232. >She looks at you, quickly adverting her gaze and walking around inspecting all the work
  6233. >Not that there is a whole lot done, or that needs to be done
  6234. “Maybe, you could help me”
  6235. >As much as she tries to hide it, you can see her ears perk up and her interest is very much peaked now
  6236. “Well, the cushions for the built in seats, the mattresses, and all the stuff I took out need to be moved back in now that they’re cleaned”
  6237. >She grins some
  6238. “Your magic probably couldn’t handle all that moving”
  6239. >Ling scrunches up and practically growls
  6240. >“I CAN HANDLE IT!”
  6241. “However…if I move it in here, you could put everything in place for me”
  6242. >Ling smiles and her wings buzz some
  6243. >“Sure I can do that!”
  6244. “Alright, well lets get to work then!”
  6245. >It isn’t easy work
  6246. >All together you have to put back in a table, four cushions for the two bench seats, the middle seat of the bench seats has two more cushions, the whole fridge (which requires propane to be hooked back up to it. )
  6247. >A queen mattress
  6248. >Two bunk mattresses
  6249. >The lounge seat cushions
  6250. >the shower head
  6251. >The toilet
  6252. >And the faucets that Ling took off
  6253. >It takes only three hours with Lings help though
  6254. >When all is back in place, and smelling much fresher, Ling speaks up
  6255. >“Ya know, I think, that maybe we could use some of your old sheets to make some pretty good looking covers for these cushions. Until that is we can get them recovered”
  6256. “That’s a pretty good idea actually. Can you sew?”
  6257. >Ling nods
  6258. >“I can learn”
  6259. “Uh..”
  6260. >“Memory sharing, remember?”
  6261. “Oh yeah”
  6262. >You go to find some matching sheets
  6263. >You really don’t have many, other than some old ones
  6264. >Oh yeah those
  6265. >You unfold the sheets and give them a firm smack
  6266. >The cloud of dust is magnificent
  6267. >It also murders your sinuses but that’s a story for another time
  6268. “LING FOUND SOME!”
  6269. >“Oh, okay, what do they- Anon those are old”
  6270. “yeah, but theres enough to match the seats”
  6271. >She blinks some looking at you
  6272. >“You sure?”
  6273. “Yeah, they were my parents, but I’ve never used them”
  6274. >“Well, okay, if you insist”
  6275. >Ling puts the grey colored sheets on her back and grabs an damn near brand new (if not old as fuck) sewing kit from the same closet
  6276. >While Ling gets to work on the sheets and cushions, you start packing up a weekends worth of things
  6277. >You shouldn’t start out going off into the great unknown
  6278. >The great smoky on the other hand, you can do
  6279. >A few nights to test the thing out should do it
  6280. >…shit you need to get tags for the RV before you do that
  6281. >Grabbing your keys you walk outside
  6282. “Ling, I’m going to head out to the county clerks office. Need anything for breakfast?”
  6283. >“Uh.. A hug?”
  6284. “Real funny. Are you hungry”
  6285. >“I’m serious”
  6286. “Oh..”
  6287. >You open your arms
  6288. >Ling trots over to you embracing you in a soft, but firm, hug
  6289. >It lasts a few moments, then she releases you and smiles
  6290. >“Anything will do”
  6291. “Okay. I’ll be back in.. lord whenever that hell hole releases me”
  6292. >You take the RV title with you and head out to the court house to register it
  6293. >This is going to take forever
  6294. -
  6295. >You are busy
  6296. >busy working on your mast- best friends new home
  6297. >As much as Anon annoys you and his whole idea of suddenly going on a country wide road trip seems completely insane to you, well
  6298. >It sounds pretty fun
  6299. >And you were busy all day yesterday, making poor anon work alone
  6300. >Looking around the single room RV you realize two things
  6301. >First, he got a TON of work done to the inside is just under 15 hours
  6302. >Second
  6303. >Its bigger than one would think, completely livable for two
  6304. >You already see yourself taking the bunks
  6305. >Aww yis two bunks for you
  6306. >Of course for now
  6307. >You look down at the cushion in front of you, you wrap it in the grey colored sheet and flip it over to the back, sewing along the three lines
  6308. >You float a pair of scissors over and cut the sheet into shape
  6309. >It feels really weird doing this honestly
  6310. >These sheets seem old, and anon said they belong to his parents, but aren’t being used
  6311. >They must have died..
  6312. >That would explain why he’s almost constantly alone, and why you’re even here in the first place
  6313. >Sad, but a reality even you kno-
  6314. >>“Excuse me. I’m your mother”
  6315. >Oh shit chrysalis
  6316. >>“yes, me, Don’t you go thinking I’ll be dieing now. Or I’ll smack your brain”
  6317. >You sigh and shake your head
  6318. >Sorry mom
  6319. >You ignore the threats of a brain smack
  6320. >Whatever it is
  6321. >but then again knowing chrysalis…
  6322. >Regardless, you get to work quickly
  6323. “Well this is a good way to preserve some of their history I guess.”
  6324. >You sigh and snip off the last corner, followed by your magic sewing
  6325. >You of course don’t personally know how to sew, but one of your sisters took the form of a pony called ‘Rarity’ and knows all about sewing, er, something
  6326. >Its kind of neat that you can instantly learn by tapping into memories of your family
  6327. >You get the feeling that you shouldn’t tell Anon this
  6328. >He’d probably work you to death
  6329. “Hey anyone know carpentry”
  6330. >A chorus of “aye, yeah, what, no, fuck off Ling, and AHH SHIT” flood your mind
  6331. >You wince
  6332. “One at a time please! Okay, whoevers the best just.. lend me your thoughts, I wanna try helping my master out”
  6333. >>“Ling, what are you planning I thought you didn’t like that thing?”
  6334. “Well, I don’t, but, I want to help Anon”
  6335. >Chrysalis smirks
  6336. >>“You like him don’t you”
  6337. “W..what, no I just, think he is doing it wrong!”
  6338. >>“Uh huh, Okay Ling”
  6339. >Chrysalis laughs, whether its evil or playful you can’t tell
  6340. >You get back to work, sewing each cushion tight and close as possible, wanting to make absolutely sure the cover wasn’t loose or going to be ripped
  6341. >Its not easy, but you can multitask, sewing all four at once
  6342. >Of course this makes it take longer
  6343. >Thanks to raritys borrowed skills, its done in around 30 minutes
  6344. >Strangely enough, Anon isn’t back
  6345. >You put the cushion in place, pat them, and look around the RV
  6346. >What else hasn’t he done?
  6347.  >You don’t want to bring any cloths, dishes, or anything like that out here, so you leave it as it is
  6348. >Accessories that don’t REALLY need to be done right now that is
  6349. >So, outside you go
  6350. >There are a few outside compartments, one has some kind of pump, some valves, and a strange black pipe
  6351. >You curiously pull the level on the black pipe
  6353. >You scream and jump back
  6354. >The worn old tape on the pipe says black water
  6355. >You don’t want to know what is in there, it smells like something died
  6356. “I think I found the sewer”
  6357. >You gag and hurry inside to find something to pour down the toilet
  6358. >Bleach
  6359. >Ammonia
  6360. >A couple other chemicals
  6361. >So you take them all, especially the ones that don’t smell terrible
  6362. >There is a long black flexible pipe you hook up to the black one in the RV
  6363. >You run it into the yard because why not
  6364. >For now, you do as you would when cleaning the inside of a vase, flushing the toilet with couple chemicals mixed in
  6365. >While that sits in the tank you walk around looking at other things
  6366. >A lot of it you don’t understand, so you ignore it, not wanting to break anything
  6367. >then you notice an uncovered pipe, the panel sitting beside it
  6368. >Its thin and small, so you think nothing of it, putting the panel back in place
  6369. >With a content smile you walk around organizing and setting things up for when Anon gets back
  6370. >You step on some kind of button and hear a hiss
  6371. >it’s a fast and spooky hiss that makes you nearly jump out of your shell!
  6372. >With a yelp you grab hold of the first thing you see high from the ground, the sink!
  6373. >You side in the sink looking around for the source of the hiss
  6374. “S..snake!”
  6375. >You cry out kicking at a black object near the fridge
  6376. >Of course its two feet away but that’s way too close for you!
  6377. >You cram yourself as far back into the sink as you can and cry out “Anon please hurry home! Anon!”
  6378. >You whine, and wait
  6379. >There is no way you’re going to get down with that thing right there!
  6380. >The county clerk  was just as lovely as one would think
  6381. >Just glorious
  6382. >a big line of people registering vehicles
  6383. >One person registering to vote
  6384. >Funny only one out of the 30 people in line
  6385. >A couple of marriage licenses
  6386. >Fishing license
  6387. >You know, the normal
  6388. >When you return home you find a pipe across the driveway and the door to the RV open
  6389. >A curious thing, but you aren’t too concerned
  6390. >Till that is you spell bleach
  6391. >A smell you know all too well
  6392. >And hear sobbing from inside the RV
  6393. >You rush in as fast as you can
  6394. >Ling is sitting in the sink reaching out to you
  6395. >You feel your heart drop
  6396. >Door dear has been crying
  6398. >wait what
  6399. “Huh? A snake?”
  6400. >You hear a faint hissing
  6401. >Nigga that aint no snake
  6402. >You walk over and put your foot on the propane line lying across the floor
  6403. >This stops the hissing
  6404. >Ling wipes her nose and looks down
  6405. >“Huh?”
  6406. “Its just a gas line, come on lets get you out of here”
  6407. >You wrap your arms around Ling and she grabs onto you tight
  6408. >When you go to pull however
  6409. >She’s stuck
  6410. “Uh, Ling?”
  6411. >“Hmm?”
  6412. “You’re butt”
  6413. >She wiggles it, then gasps
  6414. >“Shoot!”
  6415. >You laugh some, but then remember the other smell
  6416. “Ling, it was just a pipe, but, did you bleach anything in here?””
  6417. >“O..oh yeah, the black water thing smelt horrible, so I guessed it connected to the toilet”
  6418. “Well, You aren’t wrong, but, it’s leaking outside and smells horrible”
  6419. >She looks down
  6420. >The trauma of the ‘snake’ seems to be going away, but a new found sadness wells inside her
  6421. >Its pretty damn obvious to
  6422. “Its okay, I’ll clean it up. Thank you for helping me”
  6423. >Ling smiles and hugs you again
  6424. >She isn’t moving till you get some butter or something though
  6425. “You just uh, stay here”
  6426. >She huffs
  6427. >Outside you go, checking the pipe outside tells you everything you need ot go
  6428. >She mixed chemicals, which are locked inside the RV but are making some kind of gas
  6429. >You can guess which one
  6430. >Damn it all
  6431. >Well, there is an easy fix at least
  6432. >You hurry inside and gather up your only bucket
  6433. >You fill it with water and  bring it outside
  6434. >You WOULD use the water in the RV and just flush the toilet, but it has bleach mixed in, so wouldn’t be a good idea
  6435. >Along the way back you turn off the propane at the tank
  6436. >Ling watches you confused as you pour water down the toilet
  6437. >“Whats going on Anon?”
  6438. “Well, when you mixed all that crap together, you made some nastey shit. Thankfully you’re pretty high up, and the gas is going outside, otherwise you’d probably be dead right now”
  6439. >“D..dead?”
  6440. >You sigh and nod
  6441. >Ling visibly shutters
  6442. >When your bucket is empty you go outside and hold your breath
  6443. >You also move the pipe out of the yard so it doesn’t kill the gas
  6444. >When the dark, nasty, and poisoned water flows out, the smell starts to go away slowly
  6445. >Right now your concern is keeping Ling from being upset or hurt so you bring your water hose inside the RV and let it loose inside the toilet to flush everything out
  6446. “Ling, you tried, and that’s what matters, but, until you learn more about Earth chemicals, leave it up to me, okay?”
  6447. >Ling nods and smiles warmly up at you
  6448. >She knows you cant resist that smile
  6449. >Damn bugs
  6450. “Plus, you did help me out a lot with something”
  6451. >She grins brightly
  6452. >Wait
  6453. >Smug smirk
  6454. >“Oh yeah?”
  6455. “You found the propane leak. I guess I was looking in the wrong place”
  6456. >Ling puffs out her chest
  6457. >“yeah, I do pretty good”
  6458. >You roll your eyes and wait till the smell of bleach is nearly gone
  6459. >When all is ready, and the pipe is back under the cupboards like it was before, you go inside to get some Vaseline for Ling
  6460. >Luckily its much easier and less embarrassing rubbing her but than it is trying to fit your finger beside a dildo in her
  6461. >Ling doesn’t seem to find it as funny, considering she slaps you for laughing while you squeeze her rump and slide her out of the sink
  6462. “Well, we should be good to go by tonight, if you want to camp out tonight”
  6463. >“Hmm, I suppose that would be fun”
  6464. “Then get some bed sheets for me and you, I’ll get my cloths and the food from the fridge. We also need to buy more propane. Since you wasted it all”
  6465. >Ling huffs and makes her way back inside the house
  6466. >You just grin at her
  6467. >Yeah, everything’s going to work out. You can feel it.
  6468. >You are a cute bug
  6469. >N..not cute
  6470. >Nope not cute at all
  6471. >Anon has mostly gotten everything together already, as have you, you just haven’t brought it all out yet
  6472. >When you go outside, you find Anon has gathered way more than expected
  6473. >He got what few camping supplies he actually owns together and is packing them all away in one of the storage compartments
  6474. >Important things like a lighter, and stuff
  6475. >He also has turned on the propane fridge
  6476. >Its obvious he needs this propane badly, when he opens the gauge its red
  6477. >Now you feel bad
  6478. >You lay the bed sheets on their respective beds
  6479. >You feel like your side isn’t very homey
  6480. >Hmm that’s a familiar feeling, maybe some of your home decorating would fit well here
  6481. >But for now
  6482. “Need any more help Anon?”
  6483. >“No, I think we got everything. I put enough food in the fridge for an over night trip. We just need to hook up to the truck now”
  6484. “Oh, okay, what do I need to do?”
  6485. >“well, direct me so the ball on the back of my truck is lined up as close as possible to the hitch”
  6486. >The two of you walk outside and Anon shows you exactly what he’s talking about
  6487. >“In fact if you can get the ball under it, even better. Then just start turning this lever here till the pipe here is about half an inch off the ground”
  6488. >You nod, easy enough
  6489. >While Anon back sup the truck, you direct him
  6490. >Being that there is a huge chunk of metal slowly backing at you, you are careful about this
  6491. >When the hitch is in place, you help Anon hook up the trailer, then fly over to the passenger seat
  6492. >Anon attaches some kind of bars and chains, then closes the Rv up
  6493. >He goes to get in, but first goes to the mailbox
  6494. >You see him stop, which confuses you
  6495. >He grabs something and brings it over to you
  6496. >“its addressed to you?”
  6497. “Huh?”
  6498. >You take the small box and read it
  6499. >it has yoru name on it but the rest of it you have no idea
  6500. >Theres an RX on it though, you know what that means
  6501. “Oh its my medicine!”
  6502. >“Huh? Medicine?”
  6503. “Yep! Oh, right, you weren’t here. Uh that nurse guy came back, said I have some kind of infection or something?”
  6504. >“Oh..”
  6505. “Uh, by the way, did you touch your  hand to your eyes or mouth after you helped me?”
  6506. >“nope”
  6507. “Good, he said it’s a bladder infection, er, something, I can’t remember, but he said if I take these I’ll be fine.”
  6508. >“I wish you would have told me that”
  6509. “Oh I’m sure its fine!”
  6510. >You smile up at Anon
  6511. >He gives you a look then starts the car
  6512. >“alright lets get going!”
  6513. >You grin and nod happily, strapping yourself in
  6514. >These human seat belts annoy you, they rub your neck, but you’d rather be safe
  6515. >Anon goes to back up
  6517. >“FUCK!”
  6518. “FUCK!”
  6519. >>“SHIT!”
  6520. >You hop out, since you’re faster than Anon and look at the damage
  6521. >A low hanging branch has scrapped the top of the trailer
  6522. >Flying to the top shows, luckily due to the metal roof, nothing is damaged
  6523. >You roll your eyes and sit on the roof of the RV
  6524. >But first you take the form of a Pegasus
  6525. >Just in case
  6526. >You become a green pegasus with cute blonde hair
  6527. >While you help Anon back up, you also direct traffic
  6528. >these green feathery wings make great traffic signals!
  6529. >Some drivers seem annoyed, but you ignore it and direct while anon, after a few corrections, finally pulls out into the road
  6530. >You fly down and take your spot beside him
  6531. “next time, just ask for help”
  6532. >Anon grumbles and looks away as he drives down the road
  6533. >“so, when we pull up to the gas station, I’ll need you to run inside. Give the man the money, make sure he gives you the right change. Since he’ll probably think he can swindle you since you’re a pony, and tell him your human is outside. And buy some candy”
  6534. >You nod obediently, as this is a great plan and Anon hands you the money
  6535. >Unlike bits, the numbers are marked on the papers, so that makes things a lot easier for you
  6536. >You count out the money, then nod
  6537. “I saw two tanks on it, does that mean I should get two?”
  6538. >“Naw, we only need one for the weekend, if worse comes to worse, then yeah, we’ll get a second”
  6539. >You count out the money again and tuck it under your wing
  6540. >You shiver as it tickles a bit
  6541. >Arriving at the gas station isn’t exactly exciting
  6542. >However seeing a lone pony walking into a store and gathering candy makes the clerk behind the counter stand up
  6543. >He watches you closely, and starts following you
  6544. >It makes you rather uncomfortable
  6545. >After browsing the candy you go to grab a few bars
  6546. >You feel a hand on the scruff of you neck and scream out
  6547. >Some other customers look, but do nothing as he starts dragging you
  6548. >You squeal and flails your hooves around
  6550. >The unseen assailant brings you towards the front of the store
  6551. >Why is no one helping you!
  6552. >Some people are even pointing!
  6553. >There is a loud gasp and the sound of skin smacking skin
  6554. >then angry Arabic noises
  6555. >“Hands off my pony shitskin!”
  6556. >Oh thank the queen its anon!
  6557. >The cashier grunts and grabs his head
  6558. >He yells at you and Anon “Your pony was going to steal from me!”
  6559. >His accent is very thick, middle eastern
  6560. >Anon kicks his leg pretty hard
  6561. >“No she wasn’t you don’t know anything about her!”
  6562. >You stand there in a daze, very confused
  6563. >The two go back and forth
  6564. >He grunts and grabs the money from you
  6565. >Lets take our money elsewhere. Away from this racist”
  6566. >The man blinks, seeing the small wad of bills appear from under your wing
  6567. >You notice Anon flash the money
  6568. >He quickly puts his hands up
  6569. >“Ahh, ahh I am sorry friend, here! Let me help you”
  6570. >lolwat
  6571. >Anon grins at you and pushes you outside while he handles the dealings from here
  6572. >He picks up some candy and heads outside with the man
  6573. >After exchanging the tank he hooks it up in place of the other one
  6574. >When the two of you are in the car together, he turns to you
  6575. >“What the hell what that?”
  6576. “W..what? What did I do?”
  6577. >“I told you to tell them your master is outside damn it”
  6578. >You look up at him, your heart sinks, hard
  6579. “I didn’t do anything though!”
  6580. >“Ling not everyone is as nice as me, people like, him, see you as a threat. He wants your kind for..other things. He isn’t above fucking goats. What was going to stop him from slitting your throat for stealing if he doesn’t know I’m outside”
  6581. >You go to speak up then silence yourself
  6582. >Anon grabs the wheel tight as he starts going down the highway
  6583. >“Next time, make damn well sure you tell people you’re a slave”
  6584. >You whine softly and sink into the seat
  6585. “I’m sorry”
  6586. >You whisper quietly
  6587. >Right now is not the time for your rebellious act
  6588. >Your best friend is mad at you
  6589. >You look at Anon in silence as he drives
  6590. >He looks like he wants to say something but is holding back
  6591. >You sigh as you watch him, looking back to the outside
  6592. “I’m sorry”
  6593. >Anon looks at you
  6594. >You don’t look at him, staring as the trees pass by
  6595. >“So am I”
  6596. >You turn back to him
  6597. >“Ling, just, do what I say, I’m sorry I yelled”
  6598. >You slowly smile and lean over
  6599. >Anon wraps one arm around you as hug him
  6600. >You lay like this, pressed into his chest as he drives, watching the view from the window
  6601. >Trees
  6602. >So many trees
  6603. >Theres the side of a mountain as well, but its basically just rock
  6604. >“Now entering Townsend”
  6605. >You sit up and look outside
  6606. >Oh neat tubing!
  6607. “Whats this place?”
  6608. >Anon chuckles
  6609. >“it’s a small town, only 500 people live here actually. Maryville was the gateway to the mountains, this is the main entrance though. Bit touristy”
  6610. >You look around outside
  6611. >A few OOOOLD abandoned buildings
  6612. >Another tubing office
  6613. >You would like that but you can tell its probably expensive
  6614. >Theres an old church
  6615. >Beside it, it says ‘Tuckaleechee Caverns’
  6616. “ANON!”
  6617. >Anon gasps and the truck swerves some
  6618. >he grabs the wheel tight
  6619. >The sighn passes you by
  6620. “Aw..”
  6622. >Anon is panting
  6623. “Caverns”
  6624. >“Huh?”
  6625. “Caverns”
  6626. >You poke your head out the window
  6627. >He starts laughing and pulls over
  6628. >“Really?”
  6629. “Yeah..”
  6630. >“You wanna go”
  6631. >You nod your head quickly and flash him a grin
  6632. >“..Ya know what, I think that would be fun, okay”
  6633. >Anon pulls into a gravel driveway
  6634. >You think it’s a house, but it might be a store, it looks like a two story house but has a biiig gravel parking lot
  6635. >It takes him a while to turn around with the trailer, but he gets it, and starts heading up the hill the church is on
  6636. >Wew! Caverns!
  6637. >Up the road the two of you go
  6638. >Anon needs to concentrate, the road is a bit windy and uphill, with a trailer, its not easy
  6639. >You watch out the window all too eager to see what human caverns are like
  6640. >Along the way you see some older signs for the same caverns
  6641. >Hmm, this place seems historic
  6642. >As you drive down you see a sign for..David Crockett Stables
  6643. >That’s.. off putting being that its next to a graveyard
  6644. >And you’re a changeling/pony
  6645. “Human stables..”
  6646. >“yeah, for horses.. I think they’re still for horses. The owners care for their horses though”
  6647. >You sigh
  6648. “Probably better than ponies”
  6649. >You keep going
  6650. >and going
  6651. >Geeze this road never ends!
  6652. >“this road never ends”
  6653. >You giggle
  6654. “Yeah..”
  6655. >“Open the window, we’re in the mountains now. It smells amazing”
  6656. >You happily do so
  6657. >And are hit with that soft, smooth, yet slightly nippy air of the mountains
  6658. >Its not that late in the afternoon so everyones at work right now making everything oh so peaceful out here
  6659. >After one turn around later
  6660. >The two of you arrive
  6661. >The initial entrance is.. boring to say the least
  6662. >Just an old building with a sign
  6663. >Anon parks with relative ease
  6664. >It doesn’t even cost that much for you both to enter, especially when Anon claims you’re a service pony
  6665. >Anon is a good liar
  6666. >Something about his back and you’re there to help him with bending over
  6667. >You swear theres a joke in there
  6668. >The two of you go down what is basically a long yellow pipe into the underground
  6669. >So far you’re not impressed
  6670. >The entrance is, pretty, but not Equestria pretty
  6672. >You gasp loudly, seeing the rocky formations as you enter the actual cave, over the bridge
  6673. >Everyone is gripping the bridge tight, even Anon, but you are flying, staying low at the instructions of the tour guide staring at the beauty
  6674. “Oh Anon its amazing”
  6675. >Anon grips his mouth
  6676. >“Yeah..sure”
  6677. >He gags
  6678. >You look down
  6679. >Darkness
  6680. >You don’t know how far down, but far
  6681. >You keep walking with Anon, he seems like he’s going to puke, but you’re at home
  6682. >you want to live here
  6683. >Saddly you have to stop flying as you come across a flattened section
  6684. >Barely 6 feet between the floor and the ground, then a huge expanse of darkness around you, its not deep, theres no holes, but theres also no room to fly
  6685. >You let out a chitter
  6686. >It echos and you shiver
  6687. >So homey..
  6688. >The area opens up, but you can’t fly, not with the large wings of a Pegasus
  6689. >Sad, but you have to deal with it
  6690. >You peek over the edge of the caverns with no railing
  6691. >And it goes down
  6692. >And down
  6693. >Oh gosh..
  6694. >When you look up you see a bat!
  6695. >Its so cute!
  6696. >You lean up and the tiny bat looks at you
  6697. >The tour guide turns around after explaining something about stalactites
  6698. >Or was it stalagmites
  6699. >Whatever
  6700. >He grunts angrily “No touching the wild life”
  6701. >You look up, bat on your head
  6702. “Huh? Wild?”
  6703. >Anon looks at you dumbfounded
  6704. >You smile, the bat chitters
  6705. >The person goes to say something but just shakes his head “Damn ponies” and goes on
  6706. >You are in heaven, Anon lets you do your thing
  6707. >You walk with the bat now attached ot yoru head
  6708. >Its scree seems friendly not harmful
  6709. >That’s good
  6710. >The bat shifts and stays still
  6711. >A few children gather around you but you quickly shh them
  6712. “Don’t, you’ll scare him.”
  6713. >The oldest of the children is quiet but watches you
  6714. >You look around at the scenery
  6715. >On the far side, out of the reach of humans, and out of your reach since you cant exactly shift right here, is a small natural platform with lights on it
  6716. >neat, rock formations! Stalagmites jetting from the ground like spears on the little platform, the cold brown stone making an amazing backdrop
  6717. >For your at least
  6718. > looks like a stallions dick
  6719. >heh
  6720. >Funny
  6721. >When you keep going you see a hole
  6722. >Like, theres the path and then right beside it a wall of stalactites and a fucking hole that drops into god knows where
  6723. >You swear you see some eyes looking at you from the darkness of the void
  6724. >The guide looks at you and grins some “And this is what we’ve taken to calling the hole. It drops for about 50 feet, then theres a turn inside and it drops for an unknown distance. We think around 50-100 more feet”
  6725. >….neat..Chrysalis would love that hole to herself
  6726. >>“Yes I would its beautiful”
  6727. >He points out a pillar where the two rock formations meet “We suspect that this pillar of stone holds up the roof above us. Though that’s something I’d rather not test”
  6728. >hue
  6729. >Next you come across some ball like formations on the ceiling
  6730. >“And these are the cavern balls”
  6731. >He just leaves it at that and goes
  6732. >Upon closer inspection, which a number of people do, you see why
  6733. >Which makes you start giggling loudly
  6734. >Several of the rocks have drooped into a ball sack like formation
  6735. >One looks like a human dick
  6736. >Ha nature
  6737. >He leads you on, showing you what looks like a stairway, but smaller, forming pillars
  6738. >There are a number of them with algae growth all near eachother
  6739. >Absolutely beautiful
  6740. >The bat on your head squeeks and gets closer to your scalp as you go along with him
  6741. >You hear dripping in the distance
  6742. >Faint, but its there
  6743. >You hope the water can be drunk, by now you’re thristy
  6744. >“We’re nearing the end of our tour now. To your right you’ll see some pool. You see they are a natural red color. Some old miners would call these pools of water gates to hell. But its just iron under the water“
  6745. >Along with the slight natural red are obvious lights making the red even more red and slightly glowy
  6746. >It would have looked so much better without them..
  6747. >There is a stream!
  6748. >The guide looks back “And here we near the stream. When we get to the sand bar you can drink from it. Here I wouldn’t recommend it due to run off from the rocks, and maybe bat dung”
  6749. >Ew..
  6750. >The rocks are colorful, and smooth
  6751. >As if this was all under water at one point..
  6752. >Luckily the sand bar shows up soon enough
  6753. >You dip your head down and take a long swig before the tour guide says anything
  6754. >Drink drink drink
  6755. >The water is crystal clear and oh so cold
  6756. >Wonderful really, it tastes better than any water you’ve had in the human world
  6757. >“And uh, don’t drink from the spot the pony is in. many people have fallen in there”
  6758. >You spit out whats In your mouth and move over next to a kid
  6759. >Anon laughs and fills his own water bottle as well as a second for you
  6760. >“Alright, if you’ll follow me”
  6761. >You and the group get back in formation, following
  6762. >When you arrive its wonderful
  6763. From the surface drips a huge waterfall
  6764. >Well, huge for underwater, bigger than the hives
  6765. >The water drips downward onto a large dome shaped rock, the water then flows down the dome, past some algae and moss, and into the stream you just drunk from
  6766. >“You’re standing directly below a stream, the creek empties out into this hole, and then the water drips over this rock, which acts as a filter, to make the water more than drinkable”
  6767. >Wat, water can’t be more than drinkable
  6768. >You rolls your eyes and walk as close as the path allows you to the rock looking it over
  6769. >Its rather pretty with the light shining off it
  6770. >The bat lets out a screech and flies off, going up the hole
  6771. >Well, shit
  6772. >When your little bat leaves your head the tour guide seems to visibly relax
  6773. >You, Anon, and the group all start backtracking
  6774. >Its relatively silent and makes for a good picture opportunity
  6775. >The flashing lights of people taking pictures bothers you though
  6776. >After all, in the hive all you had was a soft green glow
  6777. >Much more peaceful than these damn tourists
  6778. >When you make it back to the surface Anon stops and looks through the gift section
  6779. >You don’t really bother, not worried about it, until that is he sits some kind of backpack on you making you gasp in surprise
  6780. >He fits it to you, since its slender it works around your wings and when all is done you feel like you look silly
  6781. >But Anon seems content
  6782. >He holds you backwards to a mirror
  6783. >You crane your neck to see, only to find it’s a camelbak with the caves logo and name on it
  6784. >“How do you like it?”
  6785. “It seems cumbersome..”
  6786. >“Well, it’s a backpack that holds water, so if you want it tell me”
  6787. >The idea intrigues you, its so light weight
  6788. >You decide to nod and smile
  6789. >Anon brings you to the front and pays
  6790. >You guess a dollar is the same value as a bit, but you have no idea
  6791. >If that’s the case this thing is way over priced at $35 dollars
  6792. >You load back up into the truck and get going
  6793. >With a parking lot to work with now, Anon can actually just drive in a circle to get out
  6794. >“Next stop from here would be the state park, unless you want to stop by the swimming hole”
  6795. “Swimming hole?”
  6796. >“yeah theres a place up near the entrance that is pretty decent swimming”
  6797. “No, I don’t think so, at least, not today”
  6798. >“Alright, then we’re almost there”
  6799. >Anon turns, there is an open gate, there are a list of rules along the road, including not to pick plants or steal rocks
  6800. >Well, fuck there goes your plan
  6801. “Anon that said Cades Cove, is that where we’re going?”
  6802. >“yep it is. Up near that way is a camping spot. Its kind of touristy, but better than going out into the middle of nowhere our first day out”
  6803. >Understandable
  6804. “Wait about my disguise”
  6805. >“I’d recommend keeping it up. I mean, I don’t care about showing you’re a changeling as long as they don’t find out what kind, but I don’t know how safe that would be”
  6806. >While you drive down the road towards this cove you contact Chrysalis to see what she thinks
  6807. >While you drive along the long winding road, you think to Chrysalis
  6808. >>“Yes dear?”
  6809. “Anon says I can drop my disguise”
  6810. >>“And?”
  6811. “We’re going to a campsite. What do you think?”
  6812. >>“I suppose you could, but many would see you”
  6813. “That’s what I’m afraid of”
  6814. >>“However due to the position ones like yourself are in, Drones, at least, the lower ones than yourself, seem to be in low demand. They’re rare, but non dangerous, to the humans, so you wouldn’t be seen as a threat”
  6815. “Except I’m scary”
  6816. >>‘yes, that would be the only issue. And any upset ponies”
  6817. “Anon seems to think he can handle them”
  6818. >>“I say use this as a test, see how people react to you. If they get scared. Put up a disguise”
  6819. >You sigh as you lean against the open window, thinking about the proposition
  6820. >it would be nice to feel the air against your chitin not fur..
  6821. >Fuckin trees
  6822. >trees everywhere
  6823. “Okay, I’ll do it”
  6824. >>“I think this could be fun”
  6825. >“I’m glad you decided”
  6826. >Anon chuckles and pats your back
  6827. >You smile as you let your disguise down
  6828. >In a flash of soft green magical fire you become your normal ole changeling self again
  6829. >The wind feels good against your carapace
  6830. >When you look up again, you see a sign
  6831. >Campground, picnic area, and loop
  6832. “Whats this, loop thing?”
  6833. >“Ah, that’s todays other stop. How well can you fly”
  6834. “Good, I suppose. Not so fast, good with distance”
  6835. >“Great, because we have a couple miles of road to fly. Well I’ll be biking”
  6836. “HUH?!”
  6837. >“trust me, you’ll love it. “
  6838. >You sigh and shake your head
  6839. >Anon takes a left and pulls into whats called the camping area
  6840. >The closer you get, the thinner the road gets
  6841. >Anon is visibly nervous as he goes along
  6842. >You pass by a number of ponies and humans setting up camp
  6843. >The pones seem happy to be in the woods, not so happy to be with humans
  6844. >Understandable emotions
  6845. >By you can feel yourself gaining energy off these humans enjoying their surroundings
  6846. >Aww yeah
  6847. >“technically I should have reserved, but its still Early in the season, so they probably have plenty of spaces”
  6848. >You sigh and roll your eyes at his carelessness
  6849. >Although it is find of fun
  6850. >Anon pulls up to the side of a large building
  6851. >Some kind of large triangular building hovers over the area
  6852. >Yet oddly, its fitting and nice there
  6853. >Maybe because of its natural pillars holding it up
  6854. >When Anon gets back into the truck he hangs some kind of sign up on the mirror
  6855. >“That was easy, not even a line. So I got us 3 days in the far back. “
  6856. >He pulls all the way to the far end of the park and pulls into a random spot
  6857. >Its between two trees and no way out from the back
  6858. >You have to hop out and direct him
  6859. >Luckily this time no trees scrape the trailer
  6860. >You look around and find a log to sit on next to a firepit, and a charcoal grill beside that
  6861. >That’s it
  6862. >Nice and simple how you like it
  6863. >You land beside the truck and look at Anon
  6864. “So what now?”
  6865. >“Well, lets get set up. Then we can go down the loop”
  6866. “Whats the look exactly?”
  6867. >“You’ll see”
  6868. >He grins at you as he lets the trailer off the car, lowering the foot and putting the stoppers under the wheels
  6869. >You walk around the RV and truck inspecting it to make sure everything’s still fine
  6870. >Luckily after the drive, everythings holding up amazingly
  6871. >Anon walks inside to make the beds, you do the same
  6872. >He didn’t install any Tvs or anything, he didn’t even bring his laptop, so there isn’t much to do while you wait other than start snacking
  6873. >On food, not him
  6874. >For now
  6875. >Thank goodness you bought candy from jihad john!
  6876. >The two of you are getting ready to go out
  6877. >Anon has strapped the camelbak to you and let you decide on a form
  6878. >You originally wanted to run, however after talking with Anon about the dangers of cars passing by, you decided on flying
  6879. >Not that it matters all that much, if you get tired you can just tell Anon to slow down
  6880. >Well that was the original plan
  6881. “What, is THAT”
  6882. >Anon chuckles as he pulls a bike down from the back of the truck
  6883. >“Something I snuck in while you weren’t looking”
  6884. >You stare at the monstrosity before you confused
  6885. “For what purpose”
  6886. >“Well most people take normal bikes out, they usually have to get off the bike to do any picture taking or scene watching. But with this. I don’t even have to get up”
  6887. >You look it over as Anon bolts the seat into place and then the wheels
  6888. >How did you not notice this the whole ride
  6889. >The best you can describe it is a bicycle with two  wheels on the front, one  on back, and a bucket seat.
  6890. >Looks kinda comfy
  6891. “Wheres the handle bars?”
  6892. >He points to two levers
  6893. “Oh..”
  6894. >You think you might even be able to ride something like that
  6895. >Could be fun
  6896. >Still gay looking even by your pastel colored pony view
  6897. “Whats it called?”
  6898. >“A recumbent bike”
  6899. “heh?”
  6900. >“a three wheel bike you can cruise in”
  6901. “huh..why is it pink?”
  6902. >“It was my moms”
  6903. “Oh”
  6904. >“No biggy, I’m just too lazy to pain it”
  6905. >You notice the wheels have some rust on them
  6906. >Its not old though, it must have just been sitting for a while
  6907. “How much would something like that cost?”
  6908. >“I think she bought this one for $900?”
  6910. >Anon chuckles
  6911. >“Well, my parents did buy my house to”
  6912. “How loaded are you exactly?”
  6913. >Anon grabs your mouth
  6914. >“Shut it. We’re in the mountains and I plan to return home tonight”
  6915. >You wince but nod
  6916. “Okay, okay, sorry”
  6917. >“Look, most of the money got taken by the government for taxes and shit. But I got enough o have a decent savings, that’s all you need to know”
  6918. >He’s whispering urgently
  6919. >If he’s so loaded, why the hell would he live in that shit house..
  6920. >humans
  6921. >You notice one other thing
  6922. >It had a basket, but you aren’t sure if you could fit in it
  6923. >You’d rather sit on Anons lap if you get tired anyway
  6924. >N..not that its something you’d like to do or anything, but his lap is comfortable
  6925. “How far is it anyway?”
  6926. >“well, from here to where I want to go, then around the rest of the way. Around 10-12 miles. Theres a few stops, and we’ll be stopping to have lunch at the half way point. “
  6927. “Sounds comfy”
  6928. >“It is. I don’t bike this much, and I’ll need a lot of rest
  6929. “pfft, weakling”
  6930. >“Sure, you try it in one go”
  6931. >You fly over and bop him on the head
  6932. >Anon swats you away like a fly
  6933. >He gets on his bike and starts peddling
  6934. >Luckily he’s slow now so you just walk beside him
  6935. >The basket on the back is full of whatever it is he packed for lunch
  6936. >The two of you exit the camp and are soon on the road, obviously you’re nervous, but in the mountains, everyone seems to be going slow
  6937. >“Scenery”
  6938. “huh?”
  6939. >“Everyones slowing to look at the trees. Most of these are people who will never see a deer until they come here. They are shocked now. Wait till they get into the actual loop”
  6940. >You nod
  6941. “Its pretty”
  6942. >“Just wait”
  6943. >It doesn’t take long for you to see what Anon means
  6944. >You break past the tree layers and see an open field, on the distance, beautiful blue mountains. An old barbwire fence separating the field from the people,, on one side of the road is all trees, on the other is this field, which is perfectly green
  6945. >It smells
  6946. >Of  human horses
  6947. >You of course have never seen an Earth horse before, but the smell is distinct and you know it without ever having seen it
  6948. >You fly beside Anon as he peddles
  6949. >A few moments later you see a horse, sticking its head over the fence
  6950. >You fly over and examine it
  6951. “Hello there! You must be one of these Earth ponies, my names Ling, whats yours”
  6952. >The horse neighs and sneezes on you
  6953. >You scoff and move back, wiping your face
  6954. “Rude!”
  6955. >Anon is laughing his ass off and gets off his bike, walking over to you
  6956. >You look to him
  6957. “This pony is rude. He sneezed right on me”
  6958. >“Ah, they don’t talk here”
  6959. >he reaches out and pets it
  6960. >The large horse goes to bite, but he quickly holds up an apple
  6961. >It sniffs and takes the whole apple, walking away
  6962. “Wow..”
  6963. >Anon looks at you
  6964. >“They’re riding horses, humans ride them around these parts”
  6965. “That seems..barbaric”
  6966. >“they’re well kept here”
  6967. >You watch, staring and seeing the horses frolic in the fields
  6968. >So much more well kept than your species or those ponies
  6969. >It shouldn’t surprise you this much
  6970. >Before you can dwell on it however Anon is already riding
  6971. >You quickly catch up with him, looking around
  6972. >That stallion has a nice ass
  6973. >However you ignore it and continue on
  6974. >For a while its just field to one side, woods on the other
  6975. >You have a sneaking suspicion something’s watching you, but you chalk it up to paranoia
  6976. >Soon enough the forest breaks and you have open fields on both sides, mountains all around
  6977. >It shouldn’t surprise you when anon speaks up
  6978. “Look to the right”
  6979. >You do so, nothing different, just trees and a small hill
  6980. >the hill looks like it shouldn’t be there though
  6981. “What is that?”
  6982. >You point with a hoof
  6983. >“That, ling, is an Indian mound”
  6984. “huh?”
  6985. >“This used to all belong to this lands natives. That mound right there is some kind of ceremony site. Or a burial mound”
  6986. >You stare at him
  6987. >he shrugs
  6988. >“My dad told me that, no idea how true it is. But still people don’t go up to it”
  6989. >Your tempted to do so, but if a windigo exists, a ghost probably does to. You have enough to deal with having anon around, a ghost human might be a bit much
  6990. >You continue the flight, not too bothered yet, but its certainly a distance. Around you is hard to explain, a small creek running under the road, the trees softly blowing in the wind
  6991. >After seeing what the humans can do, you now get to see what their planet can do
  6992. >And its breath taking
  6993. >Around a corner you see a deer, walking through the thick brush
  6994. >Like the horses, it would seem, it doesn’t respond to your call of hello
  6995. >Annoyed, you pout while flying
  6996. >Anon, on the other hand, snaps a picture from his phone
  6997. >“I love this place”
  6998. “I GUESS but they’re all so rude’
  6999. >he rolls his eyes at you
  7000. >Bastard
  7001. >After rounding the corner you are once again surrounded by trees
  7002. >The break from the wind adds an eerie silence to this place
  7003. >Other than the soft occasional squeak from Anons bike, you would think you are alone in this place
  7004. >Yet you get an off feeling about it, still like there are eyes right behind you
  7005. >When you turn around, theres nothing, not emotions, no animals
  7006. >Freaky
  7007. >After another mile you come across a sign
  7008. >Scenic loop 9 miles to exit
  7009. >Sparks Lane 2 miles to exit
  7010. >Anon looks at you
  7011. >“Well?”
  7012. “Uh, what? I get to choose?”
  7013. >“Yeah why not.”
  7014. “Scenic”
  7015. >“Think you can handle it?”
  7016. >you scoff and puff out your chest
  7017. >if only you had fur while in your normal form for maximum puff
  7018. “OF COURSE!”
  7019. >“Alright, lets go!”
  7020. >Instead of taking off at speed like you expected, he is just slow and casual
  7021. >You come across a trail on your right
  7022. >Theres a vehicle pull off and a lone car there
  7023. >The trail says “John Oliver place”
  7024. “Hey Anon, whats that way?”
  7025. >“Oh, just a cabin, we won’t be heading that way”
  7026. “Oh okay, are there more?”
  7027. >“You’ll see”
  7028. >Ugh, damn it
  7029. >Oh well, onward you go
  7030. >“Normally I’d stop and we could go up there, but normally I’m also in a car so I’m not sweating by now”
  7031. >Actually now that you look at him, Anon is sweating a lot
  7032. >You must be a few miles in
  7033. >Must be the most exercise he’s had for a while
  7034. >You know it is yours, your wings burn a bit
  7035. >gotta hold out till lunch
  7036. “So whats up with this place?”
  7037. >You ask while ignoring your wings
  7038. >Anon slows his peddling
  7039. >“Well, Cades Cove used to be a place where some of Tennessees first settlers came down to live. Its just a preserved history of their story”
  7040. “I see..Its so beautiful”
  7041. >“That’s what happens when people take over things they want to keep”
  7042. “Huh..and the people?”
  7043. >“Well, they lived here for a long time, but the government started having them move. I think the last people moved out back in  1999. He died living here. I think he was 85 or 86”
  7044. >You watch him and slowly sit in his lap
  7045. >Anon doesn’t disagree and lets you ride as he shares the story
  7046. >“You see, this place was huge, had almost 1000 people living in it at one time! But our government came in and started buying the places out. It was mostly old people by then, and over the years people bought it out. People SAID it was beautiful. But I wasn’t alive to judge that. By the 90s only a few people left. The government, and their families, came in trying to offer them money. But they held out. Guns in hand”
  7047. >You shiver at the thought, but then think. They used the guns to keep their homes, not kill innocent people
  7048. >Equestria, if you had guns, probably would have done the same.
  7049. >“The old guy died here. But saddly. Not long after his death, they came in and tore his house down”
  7050. >That just sad
  7051. >“It was build in the 50’s so it didn’t fit in. they said they wanted to use it to rebuild a different, older building”
  7052. “That’s bullshit! How could they!”
  7053. >“Exactly, how can they preserve the first houses but not the last? All the places were beautiful and its not right”
  7054. >The two of you go back to silence, the afternoon air warming as the hour ticks by
  7055. >You’re starting to feel a bit hungry
  7056. >Anon reaches over you and tugs the strap on your back
  7057. >He leans down and drinks from the pack on your back
  7058. >That explains why he wanted you to carry it
  7059. >Damn him
  7060. >Soon enough the two of you come upon a hill
  7061. >Anon ushers you off and you go back to flying
  7062. >he seems to be uncomfortable as he grips the steering levers and goes uphill
  7063. >You realize he’s just having trouble and giggle at his struggling while you effortlessly fly beside him
  7064. >Fuck yeah more trees!
  7065. >You pass a few signs but ignore them
  7066. >Anon seems to have no interest on leaving the main route
  7067. >Understandable, you can see plenty from here
  7068. >To your right you see an open field with a single bush and dieing tree in the middle
  7069. >You turn to Anon and go to ask him a question
  7070. >he pulls over and looks at you
  7071. >“Hm?”
  7072. “What is THAT doing there?”
  7073. >“Ya know, thats a good question. I have no idea. Theres always been that dead tree there. They don’t bother to chop it down because its part of the ecosystem. But I mean, it really has no purpose”
  7074. >Hm..
  7075. “It just seems.. Off”
  7076. >“Be with the old settlers around here, and the Indians, I wouldn’t doubt theres a death body under it”
  7077. >Annnnnnd that’s a nope
  7078. >You quiet and continue on
  7079. >“We’re almost at one of the stops I wanted to make”
  7080. “Oh good!”
  7081. >Not two minutes later to see a parking spot
  7082. >Anon continues till he gets to the gravel though, away from the cars, and pulls over
  7083. >You see a church!
  7084. >It looks a little like the only ponyville school house!
  7085. >‘And this, Ling, is our first stop. The Cades Cove Methodist church”
  7086. “Its so simplistic. I like it!”
  7087. >“I knew you would”
  7088. >He smiles as he leads you inside
  7089. >This time you walk in
  7090. >Inside is some rows of dusty old pews and a podeum inside
  7091. >The feeling you had comes back and you shiver, looking around
  7092. >The writing on the walls gets you a bit mad, but you can ignore it, Anon is also frustrated, you can taste, by the writing, he goes over to the podium and steps up to it
  7093. >you sit on a pew as if your listening to a sermon
  7094. “Hehe, you gonna teach me something/”
  7095. >“Naw, I just need to do something important”
  7096. >You notice a book
  7097. >Anon writes in it and smiles
  7098. >You feel something like.. nostalgia but also a love coming off him
  7099. >A bit of sadness
  7100. >It doesn’t take long to realize this place holds meaning to him
  7101. >You won’t say a thing
  7102. >He walks out and stops beside the cemetery
  7103. >“The graves here date back to the 1800s”
  7104. “wow, that’s old”
  7105. >“Very, usually they don’t let people in here, and the government workers take care of them, but”
  7106. >Anon hops the fence!
  7107. >Oh shit nigga!
  7108. >“Theres one grave they forget”
  7109. >He continues to the back and you blink confused
  7110. >In the very far back corner near the tree line are the oldest graves
  7111. >Some of them are childrens graves
  7112. >You’re getting a spooky feeling about this
  7113. >Anon wipes some dirt from the stone and pulls the long grass away from it
  7114. >You feel people staring
  7115. >But you don’t say a thing
  7116. >Even they have enough respect not to question it
  7117. >he wipes his hands and gets up
  7118. “If you need to relax. Do it now”
  7119. >You nod and go back inside, you’re tempted to see what Anon wrote, but for now you sit on the pew and fold your wings down
  7120. >Anon stands outside, keeping an eye on the bike, and you
  7121. >You sit for a few minutes before Anon suddenly grabs you up from your rest
  7122. >His eyes are wide and clearly paniced
  7124. >You blink and stand up, Anon grabs you by your collar, slowly leading you to the bike
  7125. >You look around confused
  7126. >And then you see It
  7127. >Standing on the path you where just on is a big angry looking bear
  7128. >Or maybe its just hungry
  7129. >Either way, its about half the distance of a football field away and Anon has a bike full of food
  7130. >He opens his bag and rummages around
  7131. >You can tell the bear is getting closer, smelling the air
  7132. >As it approaches
  7133. >You get more freaked out
  7134. >You grab Anon and look around
  7135. >An SUV is coming towards you but is slow
  7136. >SHIT
  7137. >Anon holds up something
  7139. >You look to him
  7140. >“Ling I need you to do something for me so we can get this bear away”
  7141. “W..what?”
  7142. >“Take this sandwich, fly over the bear, like, 12 feet up, and see if you cant lead it away”
  7143. “Anon that’s insane”
  7144. >Its lumbering towards the both of you
  7145. “yeah well theres kids around here and I’m terrified its going to eat me now if you don’t mind!”
  7146. >You nod nervously and take the wrapped sandwich, you tear the plastic and drop it as you fly up
  7147. >Your heart is pounding
  7148. >Chrysalis isn’t talking to you
  7149. >The bear watches as you fly over head, Anon is grabbing his bike hard, knuckles white
  7150. >You fly over head and the bear stands up
  7152. >Thankfully you’re out of range
  7153. >Anon runs over to the SUV as it pulls up
  7154. >You stop focusing on him and focus on the bear, dropping a few bits of ham down on it, leading it like a dog away from the site
  7155. >When you’re down to half the sandwich you can’t hear Anons talking anymore
  7156. >The bear is watching you and jumping at you. You take the sandwich and wave it around catching its vision, then you throw it at it and fly off straight up
  7157. >The bear starts eating the sandwich and you hurry back to Anon, making sure it isn’t following
  7158. >It takes a moment, but you arrive to see the SUV has the bike poorly strapped to the top
  7159. >Anon is looking around ofr you
  7160. >You fly into him full speed grabbing him in a tight hug
  7161. “Lets never do that again”
  7162. >“Agreed. These people are calling the park ranger now. Hopefully they’ll spray some bleach down or something to keep the bear away”
  7163. >You not and hold onto him as he loads into the back, the tail gate is open and a teen is sitting with a rope as a seat belt
  7164. >“This is Brandon.”
  7165. >The boy nods and waves, on the phone, explaining a bear sighting a bit too close to an attraction
  7166. >The two people up front, older it would seem, are all smiles, wishing to have seen the bear
  7167. >You on the other hand, never want to see another one as long as you’re here
  7168. >And you thought he Equestrian bears were spooky
  7169. >The phone call conveniently leaves out the part about you feeding the bear to keep it away, actually they just say they saw a bear in the graveyard and left it at that
  7170. >Because,  fines
  7171. >You talk with Brandon when he hangs up the phone
  7172. >They’re locals from not far away, just on a day trip
  7173. >he’s 17 and just enjoying the sights
  7174. >The people with him are his grandparents
  7175. >Actually about as average as one can get
  7176. >Anon has them drive you to what he called the museum
  7177. >When you hop out of the car, and Anon gets his bike, returning the bungee cords, he wheels it up to a small wooden cabin at the top of a hill
  7178. >theres bathrooms, an a mill of some kind
  7179. >it’s a nice place, and with such little traffic, is nice
  7180. >Frustratingly enough, however, the door to the inside of the water mill is locked
  7181. >And you really wanted to see how they work for humans
  7182. >Oh well
  7183. >You still go into the newer looking how with Anon
  7184. >“I think this house was built in the late 1800s”
  7185. >There’s a bit of graffiti on the side and a blocked off stairwell
  7186. >The gate his high enough where only some teenagers would jump it
  7187. >Anon motions you and gives you his pocket knife
  7188. >You look at him confused
  7189. >He whispers
  7190. >“Go on, I did it when I was younger”
  7191. >You blink but go up
  7192. >After a moment you see Anons name upstairs on the wall, carved with a knife
  7193. >You walk over and start to very carefully do the same, next to it
  7194. >LING WUZ HER
  7195. >Good enough
  7196. >With a grin you go and carves a heart around her name and Anons
  7197. >Proudly you make your way back down stairs
  7198. >Anon is waiting looking at the fireplace
  7199. >Seeing you he takes the knife and leads you outside
  7200. >You see a pony entering the gift shop
  7201. >You aren’t too worried but you stay close to Anon
  7202. >The two of you enter
  7203. >While you look around you hear a gasp, followed by a smack, and the sound of struggling
  7204. >looking back you see the pony trying to make her way out the door
  7205. >The human holding her leash seems annoyed
  7206. >You sigh and shake your head, picking up a few things, locally made corn meal, and a book
  7207. >The pony struggles for another moment before being yanked back
  7208. >Upon seeing you not doing anything, it gets a suspicious look
  7209. >Then its owner drags it outside
  7210. >You sigh in relief and Anon takes the stuff form your hooves
  7211. “I’m really sick of these ponies”
  7212. >“what can you do”
  7213. >You sigh
  7214. “I know..It makes me wonder, whos the real beast”
  7215. >Anon rubs your head and you laugh
  7216. >“I don’t think you’re a beast”
  7217. >You smile up at him
  7218. >He pays for the food and refills the pack on your back
  7219. >You go outside and see something interesting
  7220. >A group of kids and adults circle around the area
  7221. >Sitting at the bottom of the steps is snake
  7222. >someone pokes it with a stick
  7223. >You gasp and walk closer
  7224. “Stop don’t touch!”
  7225. >The kids look at you annoyed
  7226. >Then shocked seeing you
  7227. >The others step back from you, the strange black thing with holes
  7228. >Anon walks over
  7229. “Ling’s right. This is a copper head”
  7230. >A few people suddenly grab their kids and back up
  7231. >Anon gets closer
  7232. >Your eyes go wide as he reaches down
  7233. >he stays still for a moment then snatches it!
  7234. >The snake starts wiggling and hisses out struggling
  7235. >It hisses and starts to smell bad
  7236. >And then it shits on Anons had
  7237. >He looks around at everyone
  7238. >‘Don’t ever do this and I swear don’t get near them. This thing is extremely poisonous.”
  7239. >You stare in aw, Anon carrying the snake towards the woods
  7240. >You follow behind, keeping other humans from following by hissing at them and being generally spooky
  7241. >When you are alone and near the water anon sighs and looks down at the snake in his grip
  7242. >“Its okay Ling, you can calm down”
  7243. “How can I calm down you’re gonna get bitten!”
  7244. >“Its not a copper head”
  7245. “….what”
  7246. >“it’s a harmless water snake. The colors wrong and the head isn’t the right shape”
  7247. “…you’re joking”
  7248. >“Copper heads also don’t smell this bad”
  7249. “How do you know?! It might just be a young one!”
  7250. >“Because my dad had one as a pet. “ he drops the snake down into the water, the water has a slightly fast current so the snake starts swimming as its carried away
  7251. “why did you lie?”
  7252. >“Because some people are stupid and would have hurt this thing a lot more than me. I’ll guarantee you no one there called for the park ranger”
  7253. >he points to a green truck
  7254. >Theres clearly a person inside but not doing anything
  7255. >You sigh and shake your head
  7256. “Humans really are stupid”
  7257. >“It can only go uphill from here”
  7258. “Are you sure about that? I’ve seen some pretty stupid stuff from humans”
  7259. >“Well, no, not really. I’ve taken to assuming everyones retarded and that this is my reality”
  7260. “Dark”
  7261. >“Dank”
  7262. “wat”
  7263. >“You’ll figure it out one day”
  7264. >You rolls your eyes as you walk beside anon down the hill back towards the gift shop
  7265. >Outside the group who watched the snake has gone other than some people stopping
  7266. >You feel an urge
  7267. >The kind of urge that feels
  7268. >Like it’s a running joke
  7269. >You tug Anons jeans
  7270. “Wheres the bathroom?”
  7271. >“Uh, that small building”
  7272. >Anon points you to a building a little bit from the gift shop
  7273. >You take flight and hurry down to it
  7274. >Anon is walking his bike down to you, but is some distance away
  7275. >When you react the building you see it is separated into boy and girls sections
  7276. >Logical enough
  7277. >You step around to go to the girls bathroom when you see an extra tacked on sign
  7278. >Ponies
  7279. >it’s a door that clearly used to be a closet
  7280. >Are you shitting me
  7281. >>“How crude”
  7282. >You nod in agreement with your queen but approach the door
  7283. >When you go to open it, its locked
  7284. >FUCK
  7286. >“HOLD ON” yells the pony inside
  7287. >Female
  7288. >Slightly comforting to know that, lessens the awkwardness
  7289. >You wait a few minutes, stamping the ground as you wait
  7290. >A moment later the pony opens the door
  7291. >Her eyes go wide seeing you
  7292. >She stares for a moment then holds the door open for you
  7293. >You smile and nod to her
  7294. “Thank you”
  7295. >She nods her head quickly and closes the door while you go
  7296. >“I uh.. You’re a changeling?”
  7297. “Yeah”
  7298. >“A real changeling?”
  7299. “Yeah”
  7300. >“I thought you where..ya know.. In equestria?”
  7301. “No, a lot of us came to Earth”
  7302. >“Wow..I havnt seen your kind since the whole thing at the wedding”
  7303. >You sigh loudly
  7304. “I wasn’t there”
  7305. >“Oh..Sorry I just assumed..”
  7306. “A lot of your kind do”
  7307. >“Well..Uh My masters coming, I’ll talk to you later”
  7308. >Her voice is noticeably more nervous
  7309. >You’re silent for a moment, when you hear her hooves start to clop away you speak up
  7310. “Thanks for not screaming”
  7311. >“Why would I?”
  7312. >You go silent
  7313. >Well other than the noise of the splashing water
  7314. >She stands there for a moment before walking away
  7315. >You hear a human talking, not exactly friendly either, but you can’t make any sense of whats being said besides a soft yelp
  7316. >You have a feeling she was just told off for taking too long though
  7317. >Poor girl
  7318. >As you sit you look around and think
  7319. >The area around you, you realize, is a port potty shoved into an old broom closet
  7320. >Well, at least they gave you the courtesy to give you the privacy
  7321. >Stinks like hell though
  7322. >They clearly put it in this closet to keep the ponies from having to deal with humans or kids knocking it over though. So that helps a lot
  7323. >…You’ve been pissing for a while
  7324. >Whatever that bug is that you got, the medication better help
  7325. >You clean up the best you can with only the hoof  sanitizer some charitable pony left behind and go back to meet up with Anon
  7326. >When you return to Anon he is adjusting the chain on the bike
  7327. >Why did he even bring the tool for that
  7328. “So, when we heading back out?”
  7329. >“After we eat something. I have to go to the vending machine since the bear took our food”
  7330. “Oh yeah..”
  7331. >You open the bag
  7332. >Anon packed you a small salad and some of that coke stuff, himself he packed a coke and two of the ham sandwiches
  7333. >Which of course he lacks one
  7334. >While Anon goes over to buy something from the vending machine, you start eating yours
  7335. >Sitting in this soft well kept grass is relaxing as can be
  7336. >Anon returns, chips in hand, and sits beside you to eat
  7337. >the two of you are positioned towards the long field to the side as you eat in relative silence
  7338. >You eventually speak up when you’re done though
  7339. “Ya know, a pony was nice to me”
  7340. >“That sounds like good news Ling”
  7341. “I guess it is, I’m just, confused by it is all”
  7342. >“what did the pony say?”
  7343. “I told her thanks for not screaming. She just replied why would I”
  7344. >“Maybe she just doesn’t see you as a threat”
  7345. “I have no idea.. Maybe we’ll see her again”
  7346. >You both finish up and are back on the road soon enough
  7347. >The path is rather bland for a while, just the same you’ve already seen
  7348. >The view is breathtaking as always, just, you already saw it
  7349. >You come on a fork in the road and look to Anon
  7350. >“Theres a graveyard to the right, what do you think?”
  7351. “Eh, we’ll skip over that”
  7352. >Graveyard aren’t that appealing
  7353. >Whats with it with these humans..
  7354. >The two of you go left and head down the pathway, following behind a white car
  7355. >You SHOULD be on the shoulder, but theres no cars behind, so why not
  7356. >All around you the trees block out the afternoon sun, causing the area to be slightly more humid while still warm
  7357. >Anon is sweating a bit, but for you its perfect
  7358. >>“Such a lovely world” Chrysalis pipes in
  7359. >And you fully agree
  7360. >The car pulls off to the side and you see some people in hiking gear get out
  7361. >Part of you is thankful that anon doesn’t hike, this is more than enough for you as it is, your wings are going to ache tonight
  7362. >You break free of the tree layer into a small area surrounded by fields
  7363. >That doesn’t last very long however as you run into the woods again
  7364. >The brief hot sun reminded you of how hot this place gets in the summer
  7365. >A few miles later, you’d on Anons lap again
  7366. >Thankfully he isn’t too annoyed by it as you sit and look around
  7367. >You finally get nearer to the end, where the cut across road meets the main road.
  7368. >To your right is another cabin
  7369. >It looks like a newer construction, at least not as old as the others. It even has a barn!
  7370. >The rooms inside are much bigger, and Anon walks beside you
  7371. >He explains that this is called the Dan Lawson place
  7372. >There is a tool shed
  7373. >And in the barn be explains that this is where the horses used to live
  7374. >And you nope right the fuck out of there
  7375. >Its full of old farm equipment now, but you don’t even want to think about having to live in a stable like that
  7376. >Better off homeless then stuck in that place
  7377. >You go with Anon back to the bike and hop on
  7378. >He lets you back into his lap and you both make your way down the road
  7379. >You look to your left and are captivated by the sight of the open field, miles of openness accented by the mountains off in the distance
  7380. >After a while of this, you see, on the left, another one of the double-cantilever barns as well as carriage house
  7381. >Anon pats you and you turn around
  7382. >On your right you see the house itself
  7383. >it’s a nicer one than the others, and is a two story house
  7384. >Anon pulls his bike behind the fence and points out the buildings on the property
  7385. >Theres a smoke house, which he explains is where they smoke meats to make them more flavorful
  7386. >Which sounds rather appealing. You CAN eat meat and sometimes its pretty good
  7387. >Theres a woodshed but lol who cares
  7388. >You step up and head inside
  7389. >Its surprisingly lacking in graffiti and is very well kept inside
  7390. >Anon smiles
  7391. >“I actually do know a little about this place”
  7392. “Oh? Go on then!”
  7393. >He chuckles and starts to explain
  7394. >“ Colonel Hamp Tipton, he was in a war in our country called the civil war, built this place in the late 1800s, he lived here with his daughters”
  7395. >You nod listening
  7396. >“Eventually a black smith moved in to, but he moved out when he got his own house built”
  7397. “Neat”
  7398. >“very”
  7399. >The two of you want around the house, and upstairs
  7400. >Its all very simple but every creak of the floor makes you shutter
  7401. >This place throws you off as much as walking in that graveyard
  7402. >It makes you feel weird and you don’t like it
  7403. >Thankfully Anon is ready to go soon enough and you two are off to the next stop!
  7404. >You pass by yet another old cabin in the woods, but don’t stop at this one either, Anon is getting visibly tied
  7405. >Which you understand, this is a very long ride
  7406. >He keeps going for the next few miles, occasionally drinking from the pack on your back or stopping to look around at the land
  7407. >It takes a while, but you reach the final cross road
  7408. >To the right is the crampground
  7409. >You hop off Anons lap and fly the rest of the way, him peddling it
  7410. >He walks you past the store however and walks you to the ranger station
  7411. “Hey, what’re you doing?”
  7412. >“We need to explain to the ranger what happened”
  7413. “I thought that kid called?”
  7414. >“yah, but its good to mention it again.  I’ve never seen a bear that close to the road before”
  7415. “Oh, okay”
  7416. >Inside the station is a sleeping human and a pony who looks baked as hell
  7417. >She even has dreads, which are tied back in a ponytail
  7418. >“Whoa, likes, whats up” The green pony with orange hair says looking right past Anon at you
  7419. >You blink and motion to yourself then look at Anon
  7420. >He lets you go ahead
  7421. >You stare at the pony in front of you
  7422. >Shes smiling at you
  7423. >Er through you
  7424. >Its as if she thinks you’re a pony
  7425. “yeah, I need to report a bear”
  7426. >“Aww right on. Bears are cool.” she looks around and picks up a pen
  7427. >“So like, what did it look like?”
  7428. “A bear..”
  7429. >“Right..
  7430. “It was up by the old church, I was told by Anon here that is wasn’t suppose to be”
  7431. >She nods “yeah, we got a bear problem, being, ya know, in the mountains and all, sometimes they come down, think they can chill with us. It really ruins the vibes around here cause the humans totally don’t like them”
  7432. >You stare at her feeling your brain slowly sizzling
  7433. >This is a bit much
  7434. >“I’ll get it checked out though, someones probably like, been feeling it or something. Right on for telling me though cause my boss is gonna be like super happy.”
  7435. >She leans towards you
  7436. >You stare in shock
  7437. >She whispers “Between you and me I think his chakras are all kinda of wack”
  7438. “O..Okay, well..please report it and get it looked at so no one gets hurt”
  7439. >“Totally.”
  7440. >You nod slowly and back out
  7441. >Anon is already outside
  7442. “That..was weird”
  7443. >“Trippy even”
  7444. >The two of you laugh and walk towards the store
  7445. This isn't my full update but i felt it right to bump the thread with it
  7446. >Back at camp, Anon is prepping the fire pit, while you gather firewood
  7447. >There isn’t much to be found surprisingly though
  7448. >Anon says they keep the place up
  7449. >Apparently that means removing sticks from easily accessible areas
  7450. >Silly humans
  7451. >You walk around, going behind over campers, which you find there are 4 more of relatively close
  7452. >The noise of clopping hooves signals you to at least one pony near by, much different than the noise of an Earth horse, as its much lighter however
  7453. >You’re tempted to go introduce yourself, but Anon needs his wood
  7454. >You, by now, have enough to start a small fire and go back to him
  7455. >Park rules state you can’t technically start a fire here, but finding a used fire pit is enough for Anon to know where to set one up without issue
  7456. >Theres also a small assortment of logs around it, meaning it may be a social spot
  7457. >Lucky you for getting the spot closest to it then
  7458. >When you return there is a woman talking to Anon and holding up lights
  7459. >WOMAN
  7460. >ANON
  7461. >PANIC
  7462. >You hurry over dropping the wood into the pile and stand at Anons side
  7463. >The woman flinches seeing you, but Anon pats your head
  7464. >“She’s okay, Shes just a different species of pony”
  7465. >“You keep a slave?” She raises a brow
  7466. >“No, not really, I try to be friends with her”
  7467. >“I see”
  7468. >She hands Anon the string of lights
  7469. >You immediately puff out your chest and hold your breath looking up at her with your angry eyes
  7470. >She watches you for a moment before smiling at your Anon and hurrying away
  7471. >Anon shoots you an accusing glare and you maximize your chest before sighing out and going back to work
  7472. >You see Anon hanging up the string of lights and..
  7474. >HOW DARE HE
  7475. >You try to focus on your work, ignoring Anon approaching that hussies Rv
  7476. >You mad bro
  7477. >However soon enough you’ve got the fire pit ready to go
  7478. >You have dinner ready to make
  7479. >Made the beds
  7480. >And even gotten the outdoor furniture set up
  7481. >Wait how did that third chair get there
  7482. >fug
  7483. >When Anon returns you glare at him
  7484. >“What is it?”
  7485. “Oh nothing”
  7486. >You pout looking away
  7487. >Anon rolls his eyes and leans down
  7488. >Got everything done?”
  7489. “Yeah I did”
  7490. >“Thanks. Lets make dinner”
  7491. “Okay..”
  7492. >You follow behind, not angry at Anon
  7494. >>“Calm down Ling, she’s just a human”
  7495. “He’s MY human”
  7496. >>“Ling..”
  7497. >You ignore Chrysalis and help Anon with Dinner
  7498. >He packed several kinds of fresh vegetables, meat, and tortillas
  7499. >You watch as he assembles the mix of various things, he makes as many of them as he can with what he has. 10 in total, wraps it in a tortillas, then wraps that burrito into the aluminum foil
  7500. “Why so many though?”
  7501. >“Well I was told they have group cookouts every night”
  7502. “Really? That sounds fun”
  7503. >“I didn’t really plan for it, but it seems like it could be fun, the others have stuff to trade to”
  7504. “Awesome. Anything I should do?”
  7505. >Anon thinks but shrugs
  7506. >“Not sure yet, there isn’t much TO do”
  7507. >You decide to go outside and wait, looking across into the woods
  7508. >When the sun starts to set, you watch from your perch on the roof
  7509. >Other campers have brought out grills, lights, and so forth
  7510. >Many of them are older, but a few have kids
  7511. >Ew kids
  7512. >you notice the same nice pony walking around, helping her master grill
  7513. >that makes you smile some to see someone nice
  7514. >Her master seems to be treating her okay, but any time she messes something up, or refuses to help with cooking meat she gets a firm smack
  7515. >usually to the cutie mark or back of the head
  7516. >Over all however she isn’t that defiant and her master doesn’t seem overly abusive, so that’s nice
  7517. >You look down at the growing small crowd and eventually decide to join in
  7518. >Anon takes his wrapped burritos from the fire and adds them to a growing pile of food on the table
  7519. >You keep close to Anons side, keeping an eye out for the human woman
  7520. >Everyone is cooking or bringing out foods, but you don’t bother to socialize much
  7521. >“Hey Ling”
  7522. >Anon tosses you a can of beer
  7523. >You yelp and catch it, tumbling it around in your hooves before you get a solid grip
  7524. >When you open it you are sprayed in the face with the foam
  7525. “AH FUCK!”
  7526. >A few humans laugh as you are sprayed
  7527. >The pony giggles
  7528. >You sigh as you drink
  7529. >Its bitter but not all that bad
  7530. “Thanks”
  7531. >you huff, but smile
  7532. >Anon smiles back and picks up a paper plate
  7533. >“Want anything?”
  7534. “Uh, whatever you have a guess”
  7535. >He looks at you oddly but you smile
  7536. >“Alright then”
  7537. >Instead of getting a second plate, Anon gets two of everything
  7538. >Except his own burritos
  7539. >When all is said and done he sits with you, holding two plates of food
  7540. >Two cups of banana pudding
  7541. >Two sodas
  7542. >Two okay sized steaks
  7543. >two things of chips
  7544. >And a few other bits of food, all hand made
  7545. >Looks freakin delicious
  7546. >“You sure you want meat?”
  7547. “Yeah, I like the taste”
  7548. >“….okay then”
  7549. >You sit with Anon eating around the campfire
  7550. >Soon enough you are joined by multiple humans
  7551. >A number of them
  7552. >Basically all of them
  7553. >Make an effort to stay back from you
  7554. >Anon looks over and chuckles seeing them moving away some
  7555. >“Don’t worry about it, she’s fine”
  7556. >You look up and smile
  7557. “Yeah harmless”
  7558. >You flash them a grin, your fangs showing
  7559. >Er lack there of be with the grinded down portion
  7560. >A few humans grimace seeing your grin
  7561. >Anon waves in front of your face
  7562. >Several of the humans start asking questions, like what you are and all
  7563. >“She’s from the same universe as the other ponies
  7564. >A few humans look disgusted
  7565. >“I bought her by accident, and she’s bee a surprising help. She’s called a changling”
  7566. >The pony takes a seat with her master near by, but she has to eat out of a dog bowl
  7567. >“I dunno anything about changelings, but she’s friendly.”
  7568. >“Shes ugly” one human points out
  7569. >You shoot the human a glare, but Anon pipes up
  7570. >“I don’t think she’s ugly, sure, she has holes in her legs, and looks kinda, buggy, but I like insects anyway”
  7571. >You watch the scene unfold as Anon talks with the humans
  7572. >The female sits beside Anon
  7573. >You scoot closer and press into him
  7574. >You notice the pony look up from her dish and start giggling
  7575. >But you don’t let that bother you
  7576. >Anon looks down at you but ignores you getting close as he chats with the other humans
  7577. >No one seems to pay you much mind so you take a second of Anons beers and start drinking
  7578. >You hear a few comments talking about you
  7579. >Mostly humans trying to explain how they feel about you
  7580. >Anon seems to be getting a bit frustrated
  7581. >You’re getting rather pissed
  7582. >The pony manages to be freed from her leash and goes over to you, sitting on your left
  7583. >“I don’t think you’re so bad” She says with a smile
  7584. >You smile back
  7585. “Thanks. Whats your name anyway”
  7586. >“I’m Orange Swirl”
  7587. >Now that you look at her, first you notice she’s a Pegasus
  7588. >You really havn’t seen any Pegasus around, probably because of their flying ability being a pain in the ass
  7589. “Nice to meet ya”
  7590. >She smiles and looks over your plate, grimacing some
  7591. >“I guess its true you guys eat meat than”
  7592. “Eh, I guess, We can eat anything really. Remember we feed on love”
  7593. >“Oh yeah..but, why meat?”
  7594. “Well, I didn’t used to eat it back in Equestria, but here its so common, why not?”
  7595. >“What about the others, like that queen?”
  7596. “We don’t eat meat normally”
  7597. >“Huh..”
  7598. “What did you do before?”
  7599. >“Oh..oh! You mean back home!”
  7600. “yep. I was a soldier for the hive. After that whole thing in Canterlot”
  7601. >“I Uh”
  7602. >She shuffles her hooves looking down
  7603. >“I was planning to join the wonder bolts. And I was in the weather team. I did tornados”
  7604. “Woah, that’s really cool”
  7605. >“Yeah…” She sighs looking down
  7606. >You smile and softly pat her back, tasting the sadness makes you want to puke
  7607. “Hey, hey, its okay. At least you’re outside, like this. I mean this place is beautiful”
  7608. >“very..”
  7609. >She tries to flap her wings, but it seems she can’t move them very well
  7610. >Now that’s sad, a Pegasus without her wings is…nothing
  7611. >“I just my master would just let me fly though”
  7612. “I know what you mean. That’s hard to handle..”
  7613. >She looks over at you, your wings are kept hidden downward for now to make it looks like yours down work either
  7614. >You don’t want to make her feel even worse
  7615. >‘heh you got buggy wings”
  7616. >You look at her and chuckle softly
  7617. “Oh yeah?”
  7618. >“yeah they’re all clear and veiny!”
  7619. >She reaches over touching one making you shiver
  7620. >“So cool!”
  7621. “Really, you’re serious?”
  7622. >“Yeah! I mean, just look at them! Its so…unique”
  7623. >You can tell shes being truthful and can’t help but smile
  7624. >However you don’t get long to smile before you are suddenly engulfed in an actual hug making you hiss in surprise
  7625. >The Pegasus smiles at you then releases you
  7626. “I..uh..thanks”
  7627. >She grins and chuckles some
  7628. >You drink more of your beer and crush the empty can
  7629. >The humans around you are watching someone curiously
  7630. >The female is nearing Anon
  7631. >You suddenly dig into his side making him jump in surprise
  7632. >10/10 moment ruining skills
  7633. >You ignore what she says but Anon looks disappointed when she walks away
  7634. >A few minutes later the pony holds her hooves up with an offering
  7635. >You curiously look at it in the flickering flame
  7636. >Some kind of cracker creation
  7637. “Whats this?”
  7638. >“you don’t know?” She looks shocked
  7639. “Nope, no idea”
  7640. >Before you have a moment to react you have the thing shoved into your mouth
  7641. >You squirm and wiggle in shock
  7642. >Then start to chew
  7643. >Another human leans in watching you
  7644. >Cinnamon, chocolate, something burnt, but slightly mashrmellowy
  7645. >ITS AMAZING
  7646. >Your eyes light up
  7648. >A few of the humans jump at the sudden outburth
  7649. >“it’s a smores, I can’t believe you never heard of it!”
  7650. “I demand more!”
  7651. >She giggles and motions to the young female human, who proceeds to make another and offer it to you
  7652. >You go over and take it, eating it, slower this time
  7653. “Amazing!”
  7654. >Both laugh and smile at you
  7655. >What feels like minutes pass as you chat and eat with the two new friends  you’ve made
  7656. >The human girl is told, however, that she must go to bed, and is brought to her tent
  7657. >The pony’s master brings her away to their RV
  7658. >Now alone with your master
  7659. >And that female
  7660. >You press against Anon as to distract him
  7661. >Its working yes
  7662. >It takes a while, but with enough of you brushing into Anon
  7663. >And maximizing your chest puff abilities
  7664. >You get the human to leave
  7665. >She says shes sleepy, but you know otherwise
  7666. >Her jealously
  7667. >Its delicious
  7668. >Anon is a bit on the drunk side
  7669. >Admitably you are to
  7670. >Anon stands up looking down at you
  7671. >You smile and walks beside him, using each other to balance whenever one leans one way
  7672. >You can hear the thoughts of your brothers and sisters, having trouble filtering, but you ignore it the best you can
  7673. >The two of you make it into the RV, but Anon grabs you
  7674. >“Ling, I have an idea”
  7675. “Huh,wa?”
  7676. >He grabs you and points to the truck
  7677. >it’s a fairly warm night
  7678. >He grabs his blanket and crawls into the back of the truck
  7679. >You follow behind
  7680. >The two of you lay on the blanket looking up
  7681. >With the cleared area, theres no trees to obstruct your view
  7682. >Soon enough the fire is put out by someone sober enough to walk and you two are left in the dark, looking up at the sky
  7683. “Whoa”
  7684. >“Yeaaaaah”
  7685. >The two of you sit in the bed of the truck watching the sky
  7686. “What do you think it will be like in a thousand years?”
  7687. >“Huh?”
  7688. >You turn to Anon
  7689. “The legends of Ponies and how they came to Earth. What will happen to it?”
  7690. >He lays there clearly thinking pretty hard
  7691. >“I have no idea”
  7692. “What if like, everyone forgets, where the ponies came from or something”
  7693. >“Naw, there was a war and stuff”
  7694. “What if people think the ponies where bad”
  7695. >You gasp and grab Anon
  7696. >Anon rolls his eyes as he pats you
  7697. >“No way, ponies are too fluffy for that”
  7698. “I guess..”
  7699. >He rubs your head
  7700. >You smile and lay into him staring at the sky
  7701. >The air is so clean when you’re higher than the valley
  7702. >Everythings alive and moving, humans may find it calm, you find it energetic while you yourself are tired
  7703. >Anon yawns, and contagiously, you yawn as well
  7704. >After the two of you chat together, regarding ponies on Earth
  7705. >Always with Anon reassuring you everything is fine
  7706. >You feel yourself drifting towards sleep
  7707. >You stretch out and yawn loudly again
  7708. >Anon reaches out and starts rubbing your belly
  7709. >You gasp out in surprise and squirm some
  7710. >It doesn’t take long for you to enjoy it
  7711. “Why do you think all this is”
  7712. >“Huh?”
  7713. “Us, here, with humans”
  7714. >“An accident”
  7715. “but why”
  7716. >“Just, accidents happen. Maybe not for the best”
  7717. >The answer doesn’t sit well with you, but you can’t find the energy to argue as you drift off to sleep
  7718. >When you awaken you find yourself shivering and pulled close to Anon
  7719. >Anon has stolen the whole blanket for himself
  7720. >THE BASTARD
  7721. >You reach out and grab the blanket, stealing it from him in one easy yank
  7722. >But it causes Anon to grunt and roll over, waking up
  7723. >You look innocently up at him as you wrap the blanket around yourself
  7724. >Anon sits up
  7725. >“Huh? Oh good morning.”
  7726. >He rubs his eyes and sighs
  7727. >You huff as you wrap yourself in the glorious comfort of the blanket
  7728. “yeah, good morning”
  7729. >Your head hurts
  7730. >The light hurts
  7731. >You promised yourself you wouldn’t drink anymore
  7732. >Oh well
  7733. >Worth it
  7734. >Anon seems to be having the same issue as he gets up and makes his way into the RV
  7735. >You follow behind and sit at the little dining table while Anon works on making coffee with no electricity
  7736. >You don’t really know exactly what it is he’s using
  7737. >but its interesting to watch him fill it with coffee grinds and press down on the top
  7738. >The water filters down by the pressure and fills the bottom
  7739. >When it fills he pours it out into a cup and passes it to you
  7740. >Then does it again for himself
  7741. >Of course you put the sugar packets into it and start drinking
  7742. >Cold
  7743. >But tasty!
  7744. “Why isn’t there any electricity? I thought you used propane”
  7745. >“Well, there is, for the fridge, and all that, but its propane powered. I don’t have a generator, so, this is what we have”
  7746. “whoa..”
  7747. >You go over to the fridge
  7748. >…its dripping
  7749. >“propane causes a lot of condensation. I’ll need to fix that”
  7750. “Huh, so, whats the plan for that?”
  7751. >“Well, how did you feel about this trip?”
  7752. >You drink from your coffee, sitting back and thinking
  7753. “That’s a hard one”
  7754. >Anon takes a seat across from you
  7755. >“I know we’ve only been on one trip. I mean, we can come back here if we stay. But. Theres always a chance of going other places”
  7756. >You lean forward
  7757. “I’ve only lived with you like, a few months. “
  7758. >“And?”
  7759. “Lets go on an adventure”
  7760. >You see Anon lean back in his seat and nod
  7761. >He smiles
  7762. >“Lets go home and get to work”
  7763. “AFTER we relax here some more”
  7764. >When the coffee is through you get up
  7765. “So whats the plan”
  7766. >“I thought we just talked about that”
  7767. “right now”
  7768. >“Wanna go swimming”
  7769. “yes”
  7770. >You don’t even have to hesitate
  7771. >Anon nods
  7772. >“Lets head out”
  7773. “right now?”
  7774. >“Yeah. Why not?”
  7775. >You nod and stand up
  7776. >Anon grabs the slip of paper and goes to the front of the camp while you get to work attaching the truck to the trailer
  7777. >You don’t have quite as much strength as Anon so you can’t move the trailer, however you can do external check
  7778. >Leaves, and simple stuff knocked away
  7779. >You check the weld job, finding its held up very well
  7780. >When Anon returns, you help him put the hitch back on and hook the chains up
  7781. >When you are both ready, your off
  7782. “Anon, you’re serious, we’d be around this all the time?”
  7783. >“Naw not all the time”
  7784. >He reaches out and pats your hoof
  7785. >You can’t help but smile at that
  7786. >The drive back the way you came is much quicker feeling than the way in, and it doesn’t take long for you to get back to the road split next to the swimming hole
  7787. >Of course you have to take up a few parking spaces, but all is well as it’s a bit slow
  7788. >“I didn’t bring any swimsuit.”
  7789. “Neither did I”
  7790. >Anon glances at you before snickering and hopping out
  7791. >You follow suit
  7792. >He goes into the RV and quickly changes into shorts, leading you into the swimming hole you were shown before
  7793. >Its well layed out, theres a cliff across the way, and the water seems to have swallow and deep points
  7794. >For some reason it makes you feel nervous
  7795. >Then you see a person jumping from the cliff and cringe as there is the hard smack of water against flesh
  7796. “….what the hell”
  7797. >Anon takes your hoof as you nervously step into the water
  7798. >Its not that you NEED him or anything
  7799. >But the human world is so weird, and here you are stepping into water
  7800. >You can’t even see the bottom in some places of it
  7801. >Anon, however, reassures you its safe
  7802. >You look down into the water, and see as a minnow swims through your leg hole
  7803. >Its so tiny and cute!
  7804. >Maybe it isn’t so bad
  7805. >wading up to your belly level you look around, shivering from the cold water
  7806. >Anon jumps in, splashing you and making you hiss in shock, falling back into the water
  7807. >The gentle current starts pulling you and you stumble around, grabbing at the rocky bottom
  7808. >Anon swims over to you, wrapping an arm around you
  7809. >“Hey, Ling, calm down, its safe. We don’t have killer animals here”
  7810. >He’s a fucking liar
  7811. >You look around at the water and stand up, your hooves digging into the rock underneath
  7812. > The water flowing through your holes feels really weird and new to you
  7813. >But, none the less, you follow Anons lead as he swims in the fairly shallow water
  7814. >Well, you try
  7815. >You just can’t get any traction to swim though
  7816. >So you end up paddling against the current and being pulled backwards
  7817. >Fuck
  7818. >Anon swims up beside you laughing at your failing attempt to swim
  7819. >You scrunch like you’ve never scrunch faced before
  7820. >He wraps an arm around you and starts bringing you out to deeper water
  7821. >NOPE NOPE
  7822. “ANON!”
  7823. >He grins at your struggling playfully pushing you forward into the deeper water
  7824. >Its at his chest and over your head
  7825. >You can clearly see the bottom but you’re still a bit nervous
  7826. >He gently pushes you forward
  7827. >the current carries you back into his arms
  7828. >You flail your hooves around to little avail
  7829. “Anon stoooop!”
  7830. >Your voice cracks giving you a bit of a squeel
  7831. >He just chuckles and catches you again when the current drags you back
  7832. >“Its okay, this is a swimming hole, even if there was a big fish, it wouldn’t be here”
  7833. >You cling to him none the less
  7834. >Across the way at the cliff, you see a human scream and fall for nearly two seconds before hitting the water with a LOUD smack
  7835. >You cringe in response and wait with anticipation for the human to get back up
  7836. >Nothing for another moment
  7837. >You see a head bob out of the water, then are hit with an excited yell “woohoo!” the human yells
  7838. >From this distance its weak, but you taste his excitement and joy
  7839. >You turn to Anon
  7840. “DO you ever do that?”
  7841. >“Hell no, I’m not insane, however you, I think you could!”
  7842. >You eep in surprise as you are lifted and thrown!
  7843. >You scream and extend your wings trying to hit the wind
  7844. >But your wings are soaked
  7845. >You go face first into the water
  7846. >It stings at first, but followed by the chilling cold it suddenly gets comfortable
  7847. >You kick your way to the surface and gasp for air
  7848. >Anon is laughing a few feet away
  7849. >You use your wing to splash at him
  7850. >Anon goes to dive but is hit!
  7851. >yes!
  7852. >You paddle around with Anon chasing you, giggling loudly
  7853. >You havnt had this much fun in a long time!
  7854. >You can even hear a few laughs from Chrysalis, which only succeeds in increasing your own joy
  7855. >You look down after a moment and go rigid
  7856. >The water is so deep you cant see the bottom clearly
  7857. >PANIC
  7858. >Anon swims over to you as you kick your hooves wildly
  7859. >You flail your wings, which start pushing you backwards
  7860. >Anon come sup behind you, grabbing you
  7861. >You kick more
  7862. >He grunts swimming
  7863. >“Ling, Ling calm down!”
  7864. “Anon its too deep I can’t see the bottom!”
  7865. >You’re crying for his help
  7866. >But he has his arm securely around you, letting the current carefully pull the both of you down stream
  7867. >You feel your hooves touch rock and immediately dig in
  7868. >Anon hugs you around your waist, petting you
  7869. >The petting is oh so calming
  7870. >A moment later you look around
  7871. >You’re in the shallow end, hidden from prying human eyes
  7872. >Theres a little pool with cute minnows near you
  7873. >A dam some kids must have built out of rocks making the minnows have a save spot in the slightly faster water
  7874. >Its rather cute
  7875. >You calm and sigh, laying back into the water
  7876. “Oh thank goodness”
  7877. >Anon pats your back
  7878. >“WHy’d you freak out”
  7879. >You look down
  7880. “I dunno..”
  7881. >He puts you on his lap, the water is a bit warmer here where its shallow
  7882. >You look at the water flowing under you
  7883. “I guess I’m just nervous about deeper water is all. Like, I feel like theres something in there”
  7884. >“Why’s that?”
  7885. “I dunno..probably cause of all the weird things we had in equestria”
  7886. >A few moments of sitting like this and you start to feel the need to move around
  7887. >So that’s exactly what you do
  7888. >You make your way over to the little pool of minnows and tilt your head, showing your curiosity
  7889. “This planets eco system is, similar, but different”
  7890. >“Yeah, that’s what I was told in the news”
  7891. >You examine closer and see a small lobster looking creature
  7892. “Whats that?”
  7893. >“Don’t tou-”
  7894. >But it was too late
  7895. >You had a crawdad clinging to your nose
  7897. >“AAAAAAAA”
  7898. >>“AAAAAAAAAA!”
  7900. >“HOLD STILL!”
  7901. “NO DON’T!”
  7902. >You flails your hooves around while the crawfish clings onto you!
  7903. >The one place without chitin!
  7904. >EVIL BEAST!
  7905. ------------
  7906. >“So that’s why I decided to move out”
  7907. >Anon is sitting on his telephone while you manage the sale
  7908. >A lot of people have tried to scam you, but Anon requested you keep your real form
  7909. >Now you see why
  7910. >People don’t fuck with spooky bug pony
  7911. >You look over to see him explaining and chuckle
  7912. >Last weekend was fun
  7913. >“Yeah Ling got the shit pinched out of her nose”
  7914. >You huff, remembering that
  7915. ~~wooo flash back~~
  7918. “ITS KILLING ME”
  7921. >Your voice is extremely nasally
  7922. >Theres some people staring
  7923. >This sucks
  7925. “AAAAAAAAAA”
  7926. >Anon grabs your face
  7927. >You struggle away
  7928. >He grabs your butt
  7929. >You moan
  7930. >Then struggle away
  7931. >The beast is still clinging to your face
  7932. >Its flaws are in your nose and you can’t breath
  7933. >Well you would if you stopped screaming
  7934. >Naw
  7935. >Wait!
  7936. >Anon grabs your ear
  7937. “OW OW OW”
  7938. >He grips the things tail
  7939. >Then pulls
  7940. >The thing lets out a clicking noise then releases you as it jumps going for the water
  7941. >Plop
  7943. >RESTART LING UNIT 3946
  7944. >Y/N
  7945. >>“Yes”
  7946. >PLEASE WAIT
  7947. >When you come back to your senses, your nose  hurts
  7948. “ it off?”
  7949. >“Yeah. You okay?”
  7950. “Am I bleeding?”
  7951. >You touch your nose
  7952. >yep
  7953. “….that was a thing”
  7954. >“Ling you okay?”
  7955. “Yeah I’m fine. What was that?”
  7956. >“Its called a crawfish. They’re like little freshwater lobsters”
  7957. “Pinch like it to”
  7958. >“Yep..”
  7959. >The two of you look at each other in silence for a moment
  7960. >Anon begins laughing
  7961. >You can’t help but laugh to
  7962. >Well that certainly was something
  7963. >Lets not do it again
  7964. >Anon leads you back to the shore
  7965. >You note that a few people are staring
  7966. >Fuck em, mini lobster be a pain in the nose
  7967. >You walk your way back up to the car and, with Anon’s help, towel off
  7968. >The air is surprisingly less cold than you had expected
  7969. >But Anon is shivering as he changes in the RV
  7970. >Oh yeah, he’s fleshy
  7971. >Carapace master race
  7972. >Anon turns and see’s you staring
  7973. >You quickly turn away
  7974. >He smirks and gets changed
  7975. >“Wanna bandage that nose, you’re getting green everywhere”
  7976. “….yeah”
  7977. >“Okay, get the first aid, under the passenger seat”
  7978. >You go over and dig around
  7979. >you open the first aid kit
  7980. >….theres another gun in it
  7981. >Wat
  7982. “Anon…”
  7983. >“what Ling?”
  7984. >He sticks his head out the window
  7985. >You open the case
  7986. >He sighs and shakes his head
  7987. “Why is there another one?”
  7988. >“Because Its my backup backup”
  7989. “wat”
  7990. >“I carry three”
  7991. “Why?”
  7992. >“Because I can”
  7993. “That seems unsafe”
  7994. >“Better I carry a couple guns around than wish I had”
  7995. “What do you mean”
  7996. >He shrugs
  7997. >“I guess I’m just paranoid”
  7998. “yes…yes you are”
  7999. >“You’ll see the collection when we get home”
  8000. “W..what”
  8001. ---LING WE’RE GOING BACK---
  8002. ---BACK TO THE FUTURE---
  8003. >“And that’s why Lings acting up”
  8004. >On the phone the other person talks back, you can’t hear as you’re dealing with a person
  8005. >“yeah, I’ll just show her, maybe that’ll convince her”
  8006. >Wat
  8007. >You take the paper money from the human and exchange the table
  8008. >You can’t understand why they use paper money, its not as heavy as coins, but it is very easily ripped
  8009. >Anon walks over sitting beside you
  8010. >“How’ve you been holding up?”
  8011. “Eh, looks like things are fine, but we havn’t sold as much as I thought. And we havn’t seen any of the neighbors. Back in Equestria, usually you saw neighbors before anyone else”
  8012. >“Yeah its pretty annoying, but then again I never really socialize with them”
  8013. “I can tell, You’re basically a NEET”
  8014. >“How do you know about that?”
  8015. >You look up to Anon
  8016. >And put on a big grin
  8017. “Because in every universe theres always at least a few”
  8018. >You know too much
  8019. >After selling off a few more things you take some inventory
  8020. >There still plenty left to sell, lamps, tables, furniture mostly
  8021. >Some cloths and other knick knacks and things
  8022. >A lot of it didn’t seem to fit the house all that well, so that confused you
  8023. >But whatever
  8024. >You just want to get out of the sun and finish this boring process
  8025. >Anon leans back in his chair looking over at you
  8026. >“We’ll have to finish cleaning out the hose, but then we should be able to get going by tomorrow”
  8027. “Really? We’re leaving that soon?”
  8028. >“Sure, I mean, I’d like to make some stops before hand, but really, what else is there left to do”
  8029. “Did you ever find a job?”
  8030. >“Yep, I’m just working as an IT for hire. Its working out so far”
  8031. “Then why aren’t you working?”
  8032. >“Because this has a lot more freedom. Fix some issue, get paid, move on. “
  8033. “….okay then”
  8034. >A few minutes later a guy comes up with a closed lock box
  8035. >You don’t remember seeing one with a hand print on it though
  8036. >Anon quirks an eye brow seeing this
  8037. >The person walks up to you instead of Anon
  8038. >that’s weird
  8039. >He looks at you “How much for this box?”
  8040. “Anon said they’re $10 a piece”
  8041. >“That seems like a lot”
  8042. “He also said that those lock boxes are expensive”
  8043. >You get a strange bitter taste as you watch him
  8044. “Oh, and, there was nothing in it right?”
  8045. >“no, it was open”
  8046. >You ALSO remember sitting them all down closed so they wouldn’t get dirt in them from people walking by
  8047. >The bitter taste is stronger
  8048. >>“Ling, he’s lying”
  8049. >You blink at the voice in your head
  8050. >Oh its just Chrysalis
  8051. >>“Ask him whats in it. He‘s giving off strong lying flavor”
  8052. “You SURE?”
  8053. >“yeah pony, there was nothing in it"
  8054. >He shoves a $10 bill in your face
  8055. >You don’t take it
  8056. “Well let me double check before you go”
  8057. >Anon isn’t saying anything but you can tell he’s waiting to see how you handle this
  8058. >The human grunts and leans down “Hey, I’m a human, you can’t talk to me like that, here's your money”
  8059. >He starts to turn away
  8060. >You snort and gag
  8061. >It sounded..nasty as fuck and loud
  8062. >You spit!
  8063. >The green glob flies through the air
  8064. >The humans around you are disgusted
  8065. >The glob of green…stuff. Lands on the humans feet, almost instantly sticking to the ground like gum and causes him to fall
  8066. >the box hit’s the ground
  8067. >You run over as well as Anon
  8068. >The human grunts “I swear I’ll sue you can get your little horse thing”
  8069. >His anger is tasty
  8070. >He walk over to the box and tap it
  8071. >You can’t open it so you magically float it over to Anon
  8072. >When he opens it you see his face flush red
  8073. >And not in the blushing way
  8074. >He’s mad
  8075. >REALLY
  8076. >FUCKING
  8077. >MAD
  8080. >Anon drops the heavy metal box ON the guy holding up
  8081. >It looks like a pistol, but is made with wood, and has some rust on it
  8082. >“You SON OF A BITCH”
  8083. >You blink confused
  8085. >You don’t get in a word before Anon rather suddenly kicks the guy, hard
  8086. >And kicks him again
  8087. >You should probably release him
  8088. >>“Naw, let us observe the angry human”
  8089. >Anon wails on him till he’s groaning and begging for it to stop
  8090. >You just watch and drink in the agony
  8091. >It tastes like salt
  8092. >Anon ends it panting, many people staring
  8093. >One person praises him
  8094. >After a moment you speak up
  8095. “We should let him go”
  8096. >“yeah..and if he ever comes back I’ll shoot him with the gun”
  8097. “…is this even legal”
  8098. >“Well, we caught him stealing. And he just started fighting me, right ling”
  8099. “”
  8100. >“Ling..”
  8101. “….yeah he was really fighting you”
  8102. >“Good”
  8103. >The two of you stand in awkward silence as some people filter out, you dissolve off the goop
  8104. >By spitting on it
  8105. >Anon walks inside with his safe hiding the old pistol away again
  8106. >You look at the guy as he holds his side while leaving
  8107. >You KNEW you didn’t put that lock box out, he had to have gone inside your house for it
  8108. >That’s fucking creepy
  8109. >>“Good job Ling, you just stopped…whoever that was..from stealing something Anon cared about”
  8110. >Wew
  8111. >You go to check on Anon, trusting the only two people around not to steal after seeing that
  8112. >When you walk inside you see Anon carrying a shotgun
  8113. >WELP
  8114. >THAT’S BIG
  8115. >“10 gauge”
  8117. >“THAT is why I have a gun Ling, I’m not going to let some bastard waltz in and steal my shit”
  8118. >That.. actually seems reasonable as long as he doesn’t kill anyone
  8119. >Anon sits on the porch holding the gun in his lap
  8120. >You sit beside him and continue your vigil over the mighty yard sale
  8121. >All is well
  8122. >Day of the yard sale ends with no more issues
  8123. >When you walk inside, you turn to Anon
  8124. >He’s checking the gun
  8125. >You notice the bullets, or, as he called them for this gun, shells
  8126. >Aren’t even in it
  8127. >“Ling?”
  8128. “yes Anon?”
  8129. >“We need to talk”
  8130. “About?”
  8131. >“I have a lot of guns. And not all of them will fit in the RV, so before I sell some of them, we need to chat”
  8132. “Oh..”
  8133. >“Come with me”
  8134. >You follow, getting the feeling that Anon is nervous
  8135. >You don’t really understand why
  8136. >When you reach the closet, Anon motions you to stop and walks in
  8137. >When he comes out he has a case
  8138. >He goes back in
  8139. >And in
  8140. >He does this a number of times, pulling out various long cases and small ones, some soft, some hard
  8141. >All in all you count up around 15 cases
  8142. >Anon looks at you
  8143. >“Now Ling. Before I open these up I want to explain something to you”
  8144. >You’re already amazed, knowing exactly whats in these, but you nod
  8145. >In all honesty
  8146. >You’re a bit on the terrified side
  8147. >But this is Anon!
  8148. >He loves you!
  8149. >You hope
  8150. “S..sure..”
  8151. >You back up as he opens the first case
  8152. >This one is much smaller
  8153. >“This is a Beretta 92-s”
  8154. “…I have no idea what that means”
  8155. >“Basically it’s a gun that police officers tend to carry. I Know you havn’t seen it, but I have it on me all the time”
  8156. >Oh yeah, that’s the one from the first aid kit
  8157. “SO, you have more?”
  8158. >“Uh”
  8159. >He counts
  8160. >“I have --”
  8161. “…for what purpose”
  8162. >“I inherited them and never got around to selling them”
  8163. “Oh, I see..but, why didn’t you tell me”
  8164. >“Well, because I never thought about it. And after seeing your reaction to that first one I didn’t want to scare you”
  8165. >“Thanks, I guess”
  8166. >He sits on the bed, picking up each gun
  8167. >The ones with slides, he pulls back and checks in them, saying he was checking to make sure they weren’t loaded, just in case
  8168. >All in all he lists them off simply, the pistols first
  8169. >The Beretta 92-s thing
  8170. >Something he calls a Glock 21
  8171. >A VERY big gun with a cylinder, he calls it a .44 Magnum
  8172. >“I don’t shoot this. I don’t even have the ammo for it. it’s a good gun, but, I don’t really like all that power”
  8173. >All that power
  8174. >wat
  8175. >>“I saw one of these when we fought” Chrysalis chimes in “It…is not a good device”
  8176. >Well shit
  8177. >He opens the safe from before
  8178. >Inside is the leather bag, again familiar, with the black powder gun in it
  8179. >“You already saw this, but I figured I’d explain it, you see,  this gun was used by my great great grandfather during the American Civil war”
  8180. “The what?”
  8181. >“A war that pitted brother against brother, it was really bad. This gun is around 160 years old now. One day I might bring you to a museum so you understand better. But, anyway, I THINK it was my grandfathers father, but it might have been his father. My family didn’t keep stories very well. I don’t shoot this gun either, but that’s because its only for looks. Like jewelry one doesn’t wear. Its called a Colt London Navy”
  8182. >You understand that
  8183. >Celestia had a lot of jewels she didn’t wear, kept in museums and such
  8184. >“That’s all the small guns I have, I’m going to sell off the glock and .44 magnum. I don’t need or want them”
  8185. >You nod some
  8186. “So, whats in the big cases? More of the small guns?”
  8187. >He chuckles
  8188. >“Nope”
  8189. >He opens the first case
  8190. >Its empty
  8191. >Then you remember the shotgun he pulled out, a 10 gauge, so that’s whats in it
  8192. >“That shotgun is a Parker 10 gauge. I don’t know anything about it, other than its powerful. I don’t think I’ll sell it.”
  8193. “..go on”
  8194. >You’re uncomfortable, yet curious and want to learn
  8195. >He opens a soft bag like case next
  8196. >This, he describes, is a Mosin Nagant, 1929
  8197. “That’s a big gun”
  8198. >“For you”
  8199. “….what?”
  8200. >“I…. it’s a meme”
  8201. “What”
  8202. >He looks at you awkwardly and slowly puts the gun away
  8203. >Moving on
  8204. >In the biggest gun case is two identical guns, he calls them Winchester 70’s
  8205. >He explains that they are hunting rifles
  8206. >For shooting animals
  8207. >Like deer
  8208. >You’re gonna puke
  8209. >That aint right
  8210. >“…Sorry”
  8211. >You wave him on and look away
  8212. “Deer are a little off anyway, they seem slower than ponies”
  8213. >“Wat”
  8214. “what?”
  8215. >“..anyway..”
  8216. >he pulls out two more rifles, one from a hard plastic case, one from a soft case
  8217. >The one from the plastic comes first
  8218. >“This is an AK-47. My dad got it before a ban from a few years ago. it’s a neat gun, holds a lot of ammo. Gets a bit wobbly sometimes though if I shoot it too much too fast”
  8219. >You notice it has “Remove Kebab” written in it
  8220. “Whats that mean?”
  8221. >“Hm? Oh that. Well. Uh..”
  8222. >He sits there thinking
  8223. >“Well, its sort of.. A running joke..”
  8224. >he seems uncomfortable
  8225. >You probably just don’t get the humor
  8226. >The next gun he pulls out is form the soft case
  8227. “This is another I’m keeping for sure. Its called an M1 Garand”
  8228. >“This ones actually kinda pretty”
  8229. >Its wood is very attractive and polished
  8230. >The black metal of the barrel matches it well
  8231. >And when Anon taps something it makes a loud ping noise making you jump and giggle!
  8232. >Something about it just kinda looks better than the others, like it was really well taken care of
  8233. >“Anyway, Ling. I was going to keep this Garand, the Beretta and maybe that 10 gauge. Well that and my oldest pistol. I was going to sell the others”
  8234. “I mean, you don’t have to. I know I’m nervous about it, but I don’t want to give up something you like”
  8235. >You shuffle your hooves
  8236. >“No, its more a matter of room in the RV. I found a drawer under the bed, so, I have enough space for a few guns, but not much”
  8237. “I see”
  8238. >“yep..”
  8239. >While Anon packs up, you consider all things said
  8240. >You sort of understand, its like collecting rocks, for those pie ponies
  8241. >Its just their thing
  8242. >“I got all these from my dad. So I hope you understand”
  8243. >Weird as it is, you do
  8244. >He really does have a sentimental side that you haven’t seen much of
  8245. >Hopefully you see some more of that
  8246. >The feelings he gave off while showing these guns filled you right up!
  8247. >Followed by some sadness at the prospect of selling them
  8248. >But, it is what it is
  8249. >You and Anon head back outside after all his guns are put in their boxes and get to work on cleaning up
  8250. >Luckily there isn’t much left by now, so most of it goes in a free box and to the side of the road
  8251. >Anon says he’s going to go out and try to sell the guns that he doesn’t want since its still fairly early
  8252. >This leaves you home alone with a mostly empty house
  8253. >Other than the furniture you didn’t sell and the knick knacks Anon INSISTED on keeping
  8254. >While Anon is away the changelings will play
  8255. >At least you would if you had the others with you
  8256. >>“Well actually since he’s away” Chrysalis cuts in
  8257. >>“Maybe we should see if there are any changelings in your area?”
  8258. “But Mom, I don’t think Anon would allow me to start using his money to buy our sisters”
  8259. >>“No, he won’t. I’ve been listening in and I know you aren’t cheap..But maybe you could convince Anon to set some free..”
  8260. >You consider this idea
  8261. >The idea of helping your relatives
  8262. >Of course, Chrysalis had brought this up before
  8263. >But the idea of YOU being chosen to help them
  8264. >That takes a lot of work
  8265. “I suppose, I could research it, but, how many of our sisters are even alive on this planet?”
  8266. >>“Well, many of them, the healers, who many didn’t make it back that is”
  8267. >You wince at that
  8268. >>“They’re caught. Somehow the humans managed to stop contact. I suspect them to be under the care of their government.. Due to your..special abilities”
  8269. >You’re well aware of your uh..healing vomit..
  8270. >Not that you’ve had to use it, Anon doesn’t exactly work too hard and nor does he supply any herbs for you to chew up
  8271. >>“So, not including the 100 or so medics who I can’t contact, I say theres around, 200, maybe 300, of your sisters. I wish I could get an exact count, but I suspect a lot of them to be dead.. I’ve been monitoring, and after you where bought, well”
  8272. >Chrysalis sighs loudly
  8273. >Like, it even shakes your brain its so loud
  8274. >You lean back
  8275. “Whats happened to them”
  8276. >>“Some of them cried out to me, and then suddenly silenced. The humans had to of killed several hundred. I know my attack force was 1000 strong, and was especially the whole hive. But only 198 of us made it back”
  8277. “Why did you take our entire hive mom?”
  8278. >>“I was there for more than just a love harvest. I was there to help Cadence and the purple smart one”
  8279. >You sit there in thought
  8280. >Meanwhile Chrysalis is obviously in her own world
  8281. >Well, literally, yes, but also figuratively as she is in thought
  8282. >You stand up
  8283. “Alright, I’ll go onto his computer thingy and see if I can use it. Uh. I mean, why get the Princesses though?”
  8284. >>“They’re the keys back to our world. With them opening portals, and Celestia, Luna, and Myself, on our side. Its possible we can get changelings through. I MAY be able to do it alone. But only very little, if we can get Cadence’s help. A bridge cannot be built from one side”
  8285. “What..”
  8286. >>“Just something I thought up”
  8287. “neat”
  8288. >>“I try”
  8289. >You make your way into Anons bedroom
  8290. >Luckily he left his computer on
  8291. >The monitor is off so you pick up a pen with your magic
  8292. >Slowly
  8293. >Slowly
  8294. >there we go
  8295. >You tap the button on it and it turns on
  8296. >You look over the various folders and Chrysalis explains what to look for
  8297. >Using your magic on the mouse you maneuver it over to what looks like a colorful wheel icon
  8298. >Click
  8299. >With the web browser open you use your pen to start typing
  8300. >Your knowledge of the computer is limited, but enough to know browsing the internet
  8301. >You type in ‘changelings for sale’
  8302. >Most of its information on changelings or help forums
  8303. >Turns out, unsurprisingly, that people don’t understand how to take care of your kind
  8304. >Well you primarily survive on love so..
  8305. >You find an auction site!
  8306. >yes!
  8307. >Changelings for sale
  8308. >They’re at a higher price than Anon told you that you were at
  8309. >You look through it, no images, other than one
  8310. >Well makes sense, you have a rather generic look
  8311. >There are various auctions all on the one site, from all around the country
  8312. >Not wasting time looking at all of them, you look for a search bar
  8313. >Bingo
  8314. >You type in Changeling
  8315. >182 results
  8316. >That’s.. disappointing
  8317. >Maybe they’re not all on the auction for sale
  8318. >You do notice a number of the results say ‘sold’
  8319. >In general however you find results from all over the country
  8320. >Very very few in Tennessee
  8321. >Remembering back, you had to  have been in that damn van for nearly 5 hours, maybe you were in another state
  8322. >Next you try searching for Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
  8323. >0
  8324. >Okay
  8325. >Princess Cadence
  8326. >1 result
  8327. >Sold
  8328. >fuck
  8329. >Oh look a history
  8330. >You click on her sales history
  8331. >She has a tracking number
  8332. >That’s spooky
  8333. >She was originally sold to someone for..well over a million dollars
  8334. >That’s.. well actually you could see a princess for that
  8335. >She was later sold for half that
  8336. >And again for another half with a note added