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Snowpony Music & Video Archive

By Lurkernon
Created: 2021-10-08 23:09:11
Updated: 2021-10-17 19:17:15
Expiry: Never


Name Link Description
Dancing to Rasputin
Three snowponies dance and play music accordian, jar blowing
Snowpone sneaks up, YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHS at sleeping anon


Name Link Description
A Filly and Her Seal Faster, drumlike
A Shaman and a Wendigo Walk into a Bar exciting, drums+flute, vaguely arabesque?
Bark, Roots, and Lichen simple, calming, shakers+strings, cute
Boots / "Friendly Neighbor Mares" (vocal) (Updated) guitar + vocal Updated instrumental Original version Midi Chords Pluck Vox, no fx Augment, by another user "Attempt to improve quality"
Butter Tea flute, calming and slow, "a little something to listen to around the fire inside your igloo, sipping thick and salty tea from a wooden bowl and enjoying pleasant company."
Cirrus' Rescue somber, yet hopeful; synthesizer MIDI Sheet music
Floewolf Hunt light, anticipatory, "Comfy yet dangerous!"
Frosty Level Music 16-bit music Announcer callouts only, no sound effects No SFX at all
Galloping on the Tundra fast paced and lighthearted
Hugs for the Wandering slow, piano, "give-a-ghost-filly-a-hug music"
Ice Fishing soft, light and calming, flute+strings(?)
Kayaking Beneath the Stars Flute, bells, tambourine
Mongolian Throatsinging (vocal) vocal and drums, ethnic
In Pursuit of Snowmares (vocal) synthesizer+vocals, comfy and cute. Lyrics in >>37483781
Snowpony lullaby (vocal) strings, vocal. Lyrics in >>37557787
Thank the Stars (AKA, 'Frosty's Cutie Mark') lighthearted, dreamy, synthesizer based.
Windigo Lullaby (vocal) drums, music box, vocals. Lyrics in >>37507340 Midi Drum only Music box only Tambourine only


| Wind blowing + distant monstrous screams | | |

Sgt. Anon (COMPLETE)

by Lurkernon

SgtAnon, Part 2:

by Lurkernon

Breaking Gilda

by Lurkernon

Anon the Royal Snuggler (ONESHOT)

by Lurkernon

For Soarin's Sake (ONESHOT)

by Lurkernon