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Horsecraft 2: FAQ Edition

By Horsecraft
Created: 10th November 2021 01:20:52 PM
8th January 2022 12:12:18 AM

  1. Horsecraft 2: FAQ Edition
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  5. 0: *Disclaimer
  6. 1: *Server
  7. 2: *Pack
  8. 3: *Installation
  9. 4: *Other
  12. Section 0 - *Disclaimer
  13. ===Why make a FAQ?===
  14. Why does anyone make a FAQ? The same questions are asked time and time again and neither I nor Host have the time to give immediate answers to everything. This will serve as your hard-and-fast guide to everything Horsecraft (2) related.
  16. ===Why don't you just lurk the thread like always?==
  17. A: As time has gone on, the Horsecraft threads have gotten progressively shittier, and legitimate discussion is almost always derailed by doomposting and shit flinging to the point where people take one look at the thread and are instantly turned off because they assume these are the kinds of people they'll be playing with.
  19. ===Does that mean you won't be checking the thread at all? What about Host?===
  20. A: I will keep the thread up whenever I can. The thread's OP will address the server IP, basic rules, and provide a link to this FAQ for those who are curious.
  23. ===What happened to the old Horsecraft?===
  24. A: Horsecraft has had about six or seven iterations over the past couple years and this is pretty much more of the same. Same people, same idea, the only difference being that I did a lot of the work this go-around. Host is still hosting the server on his hardware, but I will be taking the reins for the most part.
  26. As far as the previous iteration goes, it went down because it was unpopulated and was riddled with a number of issues that weren't properly handled pre-launch for a number of different reasons. It's a lot to explain, but suffice to say I was even less experienced then than I am now and made a lot of dumb mistakes helping to put the pack together. However, I want to make this abundantly clear: I do not want Horsecraft to just randomly shut down anymore. Regardless of player count or apparent disinterested, I want Horsecraft to be a place where people know they can always come back and just dick around with whatever. Horsecraft hasn't been that for most of its lifetime and it's part of the reason why it's earned so much ire. The bottom line here is that regardless of what happens, I will do my very best to make sure Horsecraft sticks around for as long as possible, even if no one is playing it. If Host loses interest and decides to move on, that's fine--I'll do what I can to move it elsewhere and throw it back up ASAP.
  28. ===Who are you, anyway?===
  29. A: Who cares? I'm just another horsefucker with too much time on his hands and too much autism in his brain. Don't worry about it.
  31. ===What if we have a question that isn't addressed by the FAQ?===
  32. A: If you have a question that is somehow not addressed by this FAQ, feel free to pop in the server and ask instead. Even if I'm not online, there will be multiple ways to leave me a message. Don't be afraid to ask someone else, too--a lot of recurring Horsecraft players have a lot more technical knowledge than I do.
  35. ===Why are you still using Host? Why are you not paying big bucks for server hosting? I thought you were a bored rich milfag!===
  36. A: If you refer to the original post where I offered to pay for server hosting myself, you'll notice that I only said I was willing to host if nobody else comes forward. Both times I've considered it, however, Host has offered to host the server on his own hardware. It was never about being better than Host, or better than his hardware--it was only to make sure that Horsecraft didn't die. I'm not going to pay $)A(3i90jaf93 dollars for something that we can do for free (relatively).
  38. ===But X service is cheap! Why don't you use them?===
  39. A: I actually did some research into popular server hosting platforms and was unsurprisingly blown away by the price per service offered. Here's a quick comparison of services and prices vs Host's hardware:
  41. ===Aren't there free hosting alternatives?===
  42. A: Yes, and I can guarantee you they will not be any better.
  44. ===But isn't Host unreliable/inconsistent/untrustworthy/a nigger?===
  45. A: Say what you want about the man--he's put up with you motherfuckers for way longer than I was able to bear. Granted, I know that it's mostly just the same one or two people doomfagging and being intentionally as abrasive as possible, but it's still just exhausting to deal with when the only reason I started putting this shit together was because I LIKE you guys. Anyway, the bottom line is that I've gotten Host to agree that the server needs to stay up no matter what. The previous Horsecraft iterations were all pulled after a while because nobody was playing and Host thought it was a waste of time to keep it up. The reality is that this style of gameplay is not something you can keep up for days upon days upon days. People get busy, take breaks, leave, come back, and all the while they're doing so with the assumption that the server will and should still be there when they get back. I'd like to apologize myself for getting busy and abandoning the server a couple of times as well.
  46. tl;dr
  47. Host will keep the server up for as long as possible. If he decides to call it quits for whatever reason, that's when I will start looking at server hosting alternatives so I can keep Horsecraft up. Horsecraft 2 forever baybee
  49. ===What if I want to host a server? I could do better than you faggots.===
  50. A: Do it! Be my fucking guest. I will be the first to admit I barely know what I'm doing and I don't doubt you know more than I do. If you want to blow me out of the water with an infinitely better Horsecraft clone then by all means go ahead. Then I can go into your thread and doomfag like an autistic retard. >:)))
  54. Section 1 - *Server
  55. ===What is the Minecraft/Server version?===
  56. A: I've arbitrarily decided that we will be going with Minecraft version 1.7.10 this time. 1.12.2 was considered as an alternative, but there were too many issues with Liteloader's mixin inconsistencies and it was just too much of a hassle to bother with.
  58. ===Why are you playing on such an old version? Why not the latest version?===
  59. A: Most people familiar with Minecraft modding will agree that versions 1.7.10 and 1.12.2 are the most stable versions of Minecraft for modding, have the largest amount of support documentation, have the most mods, and are the most suitable for hosting servers. There's a reason why most Minecraft modpacks are built almost exclusively for these two versions.
  61. ===What about server rules? Are there any?===
  62. A: Horsecraft has always observed a mostly hands-off approach when it comes to rules. Traditionally, Horsecraft has been described as "comfy anarchy," but there have been a few more changes to that mentality as time has gone on. Here's a quick rundown according to the .properties file
  64. allow-flight=true (this is to prevent people from being kicked for using flight-allowing items.)
  65. hardcore=false
  66. online-mode=true
  67. pvp=true
  68. difficulty=3 (hard mode. mobs deal more damage, hunger can deplete and eventually kill you, zombies can break through wooden doors etc.)
  69. gamemode=0
  70. view-distance=6
  71. spawn-protection=0
  73. Additionally, mobGriefing and doFireTick have been disabled.
  75. ===Why online mode? What if I don't have a Minecraft account?===
  76. A: Just easier that way. Allowing cracked accounts means risking all sorts of bullshit from people who have no legitimate interest in playing on the server.
  78. ===What about other rules, then?===
  79. A: Historically, the only rules were something to the effect of "don't be a dick" and "don't lag out the server." Those are still the hard and fast rules of the server, and permabans will rarely be given out unless absolutely necessary.
  81. ===But that doesn't tell me anything. What about griefing or stealing?===
  82. A: Griefing is discouraged. If someone is griefed and requests a rollback, they will receive it. Additionally, players will have the ability to use the Core Protect plugin to see who it was that actually did the deed. If it's an isolated incident, no action will be taken, but if someone is going around blowing peoples shit up without rhyme or reason they will probably be banned. Don't be a child.
  84. EDIT: Due to issues with Cauldron/Thermos, plugins were removed from the server. FTBUtils provides Chunk Claiming functionality that can be used to protect certain areas, and rollbacks will be limited to complete restoration of a world save rather than a localized event. Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's really no way around it.
  86. Stealing is also incredibly unnecessary--most people will just give you things if you ask nicely, so don't be afraid to do so.
  88. ===What about cheating? Duping? Using X-ray?===
  89. A: All of that is on you. If you decide to cheat, keep it to yourself so you don't affect other people. If we discover any kind of exploit, though, we will patch it as soon as we're able.
  91. ===Is PVP allowed? Can we kill other players?===
  92. A: Again, don't be a dick. Modpacks tend to be pretty skewed as far as PVP balance goes and most Horsecraft players don't really care for PVP outside of testing how immortal they are. If you want to have a friendly duel, go for it. Please don't farm other players over and over again, or indulge in any kind of similar toxicity. We're all just here trying to enjoy horseblocks with our friends.
  94. ===What's with all these rules? I thought it was supposed to be anarchy!===
  95. A: That's just the way it goes. If you don't agree with it, you're welcome to go elsewhere. We're just trying to keep things as comfy as possible. We know we won't be able to please everyone, though.
  97. ===What is the update schedule for the server, if any?===
  98. A: I will be updating the pack/server every Wednesday (unless I don't need to update anything). I will try to make an announcement in the thread if I remember. Currently, there is no set time for updating and downtime because my schedule fluctuates too much to plan that shit out.
  100. ===Help! It says I'm not whitelisted!===
  101. A: After pushing changes to the server I will whitelist it immediately after it comes back up so that I can test changes and make sure everything is working properly. Wait for me to announce that the server is back up in the thread before trying to reconnect.
  105. Section 2 - *Pack
  106. ===So, this is modded Minecraft right? What kind of pack is it?===
  107. A: Horsecraft 2 uses a slightly modified version of the FTB Infinity Evolved general modpack that can be found here:
  109. ===Why didn't you make your own pack from scratch?===
  110. A: Tried it. Didn't work. See previous Horsecraft threads for that shitshow.
  112. ===What kind of modifications did you make?===
  113. A: A detailed log of my initial changes can be found here:
  115. Subsequent changes will be pasted in the thread with their own changelogs following each maintenance period.
  117. ===Can I see a full modlist?===
  118. A: Sure, that can be found here:
  120. ===So what's the deal with the Twilight Forest, anyway? Or other dimension mods for that matter?===
  121. A: Chunk generation in DIMS other than the Overworld and the End is especially taxing on server hardware in ways I don't fully understand. We've had consistent problems with lag while exploring the Twilight Forest and the Betweenlands (OH GOD) and it's just generally a bad idea at the moment. We've actually been considering alternative ways to deal with the issue though, such as using a separate server for dimensions, but we're not there yet.
  123. As far as the Twilight Forest goes, I've decided to leave it in despite the issues. It's a server mainstay and I understand a lot of people really like the mod. We've tried to mitigate some of the issue by pregenning a decent bit of the dimension, but I'll ask that you take it easy on exploring past about 2K blocks away from 500x 700z or so. If it gets too bad, we may consider putting a world border up in the TwiForest and maybe resetting the dim every once in a while until everyone has cleared the mod.
  125. NOTE: There have been talks of Host updating some hardware and possibly entertaining dimensions and the like. Stay tuned.
  127. ===How come so many teleportation items have been disabled?===
  128. A: People have been complaining about the fact that Horsecraft never has any transportation infrastructure because it is always invalidated by setting up some kind of "portal nexus," where people find some portal-generating mod and just instantly move from place to place without actually need to connect remote locations to each other. Placing a portal down in one spot and linking it to another spot is something that can easily be done by one person in the span of a couple minutes. Contrast this with the cooperation that would be necessary to establish, say, a massive and complex rail system supported by contributions from everyone. You can argue that this type of thing is a needless bit of tedium and that teleportation is a natural part of progression through modded, but we've decided to disable most forms of teleportation for now.
  130. That being said, some things are still available. Anything that "binds" to a particular spot and can recall the user to that spot has been left in for instances where someone wanders thousands of blocks away from their home and needs a convenient way to get back without feeling stranded. A few more similar items have been left in as well.
  132. Additionally, some things I just missed outright (looking at the portals and shit.) It wasn't an intentional oversight, just my bad really. Anything that's been left in is probably still there because I missed it. I'm only one bug, fellas.
  134. ===What about creative flight? Doesn't that invalidate transportation infrastructure?===
  135. A: In this pack, Railcraft has been modified to outclass the speed of creative flight. As far as the items themselves go, I've decided to leave them in for a variety of reasons--namely the fact that building large structures with creative flight is incredibly more convenient than any other number of terrestrial methods. You can argue that it trivializes combat, but combat has never been fantastic in Minecraft and is not why people play the game anyway. It's also been left in for roleplaying reasons, I guess--imagine being a flightless pegasus lol
  137. ===Can we add X mod?===
  138. A: Depends. I've tried to consider past suggestions as much as possible when "making" the pack and I've already made a few concessions (adding DaVincing, keeping Twilight Forest [lol].) That being said, I wouldn't be opposed to it. Keep in mind that any mod added in the future would ideally be something that can be integrated without too much hassle. I have no plans to retrogen the world, so please don't suggest something that adds structures or generates ores.
  140. There is a mod suggestion board near spawn, among other things.
  142. ===What about X config change? Can that be overturned?===
  143. A: Absolutely. I've opted to go the disable route for things I wasn't sure on--it's a lot easier to disable things from the onset and see how it plays out than vice-versa--but that doesn't mean they're hard changes. If there is any kind of legitimate conversation about reversing any of the config changes, let me know. We can see about holding a vote or something and see what we can do about it.
  145. ===I don't know anything about the mods included. Is there a guide or something?===
  146. A: Sort of. The HQM quest book is enabled by default and can provide a general outline of how to progress through the pack. The book is meant for Expert Mode, though, so some of it may not make the most sense. Ignore the recipe suggestions and you should be fine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask someone in chat how something works or GOOGLE it.
  152. Section 3 - *Installation
  153. ===So, I'm totally new to Minecraft modding and I don't care about any of that shit. How do I install Horsecraft and get logged in?===
  154. A: The easiest way would be to download MultiMC--the link provided is an exported instance of Horsecraft 2 and can be imported by MultiMC in relatively painless fashion. Go here to download MultiMC:
  156. 1. Install the application like normal and boot it up. The first thing you'll want to do is add your Minecraft account:
  157. 2. Click the Profiles button in the top right> manage accounts > add microsoft/mojang
  158. 3. Once you've finished, close the windows. Click the Settings button at the top > Java
  159. 4. Adjust your Java settings as necessary. Make sure your java path is set up correctly--click Auto Detect > OK if you're not sure.
  160. 5. Close those windows. Click Add Instance in the top left > Import from zip > Browse
  161. 6. Navigate to wherever you downloaded the Horsecraft 2 pack, click on it > open > OK
  163. You'll see the pack populate in the window. From here you can do a variety of things, but you'll probably want to adjust your memory settings for the instance itself.
  164. 1. Right click the pack icon > edit instance > settings
  165. 2. You should default to the Java settings page. Make sure you adjust your min and max memory allocation settings. For the pack, I'd recommend allocating at least 4-6gb RAM.
  167. From here, you should be all set. Double-click the icon (the pack instance) and wait for it to boot up. If you have any questions, leave them in the thread and someone will get back to you to help.
  170. A while back, there was a notable Java security vulnerability that may need handling if you're new. Just to be on the safe side, follow the steps below if you haven't done so already. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the thread.
  173. Section 4 - *Other
  174. ===How's the server population?===
  175. A: It's never been huge. Understand that Horsecraft players are a niche within a niche--we are a subset of horsefuckers, Minecraft players, and tech autism modfags. The server never gets over 20 players and rarely averages more than 10. That's really it.
  177. ===Did you pregen chunks in the world?===
  178. A: Yes, out to 10K blocks in the Overworld and 2300~ in the Twilight Forest. The pregen mod I used (Forge-WorldBorder) started to crash around 2350 or so and I don't feel like pushing it any further.
  180. ===Why did you use that mod to pregen? What about Admin Toolbox, or Chunk Pregenerator?===
  181. A: Admin Toolbox apparently doesn't gen structures/biomes properly, and Chunk Pregenerator wasn't compatible with the pack as it was. I didn't feel like fighting with it.
  183. ===Is there a world border?===
  184. A: No.
  186. ===*Insert some other gay ass question*===
  187. A: If you really want to know what the server is like, install the pack and play. At least then you can say you tried it.
  191. Section 5 - Bugthanks
  192. ===Bugthanks===
  193. A: Congrats for making it all the way through this shitty, half-assed FAQ paste. I want to take a second and say thanks to all you faggots for making this shit possible. I've been playing Horsecraft for at least two years between iterations and I've always loved coming back for more no matter how many fuck-ups and server issues we have. I really enjoy hanging out with everyone and doing block autism + horses and it scratches an itch I never knew I had. I know the threads turn into some serious bullshit and it can be hard to stomach sometimes when all you want is to please everyone and have a comfy experience, but thanks for bearing with Host and I as we stumble drunkenly through modded server hosting. You guys are great, and you're most of the reason why I even bother doing this shit. Thanks.
  194. -Bugfaggot aka Bugnet CEO aka Seyroon