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Vinyl Scratch goes down on senior citizens of ponyville[...] 13 March 2022 161 Vinyl scratchSexGranny smithMr. waddle
Anon eats unpeeled banana with Derpy Hooves 13 March 2022 210 AnonDerpy hoovesDateBananaMessyEating
Mane six eat out whoah nelly 13 March 2022 274 ApplejackTwilight sparkleFluttershyPinkie pieRarityRainbow dashMane sixCunnilingusAnalingusWhoah nelly
Twilight Sparkle orgasms from magic-stealing ooze 13 March 2022 200 Twilight sparkleOrgasmMagic lossDraining spellOozeTentacle rape
ancient tribal mares sacrifice mare to the sun god 13 March 2022 217 DeathGoreRitualBloodSacrificeTribalAncientHeartGenital mutilation
Roseluck and Strawberry Sunrise tribadism lesbian[...] 13 March 2022 155 RoseluckLesbianPregnancyStrawberry sunriseMagical lesbian spawnTribadismScissoring
Anon transforms into Trixie 13 March 2022 857 AnonTrixieTransformationThe great and powerful trixiePony transformation
Scootaloo is raped by her lesbian Aussie aunts 13 March 2022 160 IncestScootalooRapeLesbianAge differenceAuntie loftyAuntie holiday
Anon eats breakfast out of Tempest Shadow's ponut 13 March 2022 221 AnonTempest shadowPonutFood scatFoodBreakfast
Starlight Glimmer rapes Twilight Sparkle 13 March 2022 202 Twilight sparkleStarlight glimmerRapeMagicMagical futa
Fluttershy tries to vore Anon but ends in blowjob instead 13 March 2022 191 AnonFluttershyBlowjobVoreOralMouth
Anon orgasms from kissing Rarity 13 March 2022 192 AnonRarityLewdKissingOrgasmPremature orgasmMaking out
Starlight Glimmer transforms Twilight Sparkle into[...] 13 March 2022 178 Twilight sparkleStarlight glimmerTransformationInflationInflatablePool toy