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Initial C: Midnight [Part 1](EqG)

By BetAnonTheSecond
Created: 18th December 2020 12:55:51 AM
Modified: 21st February 2021 08:31:52 AM

  1. >The city of Canterlot doesn't really look to be much different than most other major metropolitan cities.
  2. >In the dead of night.
  3. >The familiar pale orange glow from the street lights paint moments in time throughout the city.
  4. >A calming silence leads to the overall peaceful presence of the city skyline.
  5. >That is, until you find yourself on one of many of the interstate highways that intertwine across the City.
  6. >Be Anon.
  7. >You're roaring along the HWY 102 on the Canterlot expressway.
  8. >You're in the middle of a race.
  9. >You and your trusty 1973 Datsun 280Z are in the lead against a few other racers.
  10. >Mostly scrubs from what you can tell.
  11. >Nice cars though.
  12. >A black  1992 Subaru WRX 22B STi
  13. >And a 1990 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II
  14. >Nice cars.
  15. >But you you haven't been too honest.
  16. >While your car is a 1970's model.
  17. >Underneath the hood holds a RB20DET engine.
  18. >A turbocharged engine suitable for a Skyline.
  19. >Your car is a beast on the road.
  20. >And it's flexing it's muscle right about now.
  21. >Truth be told.
  22. >This car was your fathers.
  23. >He passed it down to you.
  24. >He says his street racing days are long behind him.
  25. >So now you tear the streets and highways with it on weekends.
  26. >There really has been no need to tune it further other than little things like replacing gaskets and such.
  27. >It was scary trying to handle this thing at first.
  28. >But after a few years of playing with it.
  29. >You now feel it's an extension of your own body.
  30. >Some of your opponents are still in sight behind you.
  31. >You're coming up on an exit ramp onto another highway.
  32. >You give yourself a little more speed.
  33. >Once you're on the ramp just before the tight turn.
  34. >You downshift.
  35. >Kick the clutch.
  36. >And let the car drift around the tight exit ramp and coast back on the new road.
  37. >You then pick up the speed once again.
  38. >You've pretty much ran your opponents off.
  39. >You no longer see them in your rear view mirror.
  40. >Another nice Saturday night out.
  41. >You cross a bridge into the east side of Canterlot and you are about to exit off the freeway when you see it.
  42. >Just up ahead you notice a white car.
  43. >Something not uncommon.
  44. >Usually at this time of night there are just trucks, semis, a few other cars and of course, other fellow racers.
  45. >You decide to ride up to the back of the car.
  46. >It's a Porsche 911.
  47. >Nothing too crazy on the outside.
  48. >The 'Turbo' insignia just above the taillights and the back in general signifies it could be a 930 or 964.
  49. >You've dealt with a few Porsche's here and there.
  50. >You decide to flash your high beams at the car to signify you want a race.
  51. >The Porsche then moves to a lane to the right of you to give you a lane to pull up.
  52. >Once you reach the side of the car you notice the windows were tinted so you couldn't see the driver.
  53. >Per the usual.
  54. >Looks like it has golden or bronze rims, can't really get a good look obviously.
  55. >You've got a feeling this car isn't stock.
  56. >You look over to the car and still you can't see into the car or who is driving.
  57. >Then without warning, the Porsche bolts off.
  58. >That caught you by surprise.
  59. “Shit.”
  60. >You mutter to yourself.
  61. >You then hit the gas and your engine roars into life.
  62. >You're slowly gaining on the car.
  63. >Both of you are swerving between semis that were still on the road at this time.
  64. >You reach the back of the car when it jumps forward some more.
  65. >Damn that thing has some power.
  66. >Like you've said before, you have beaten a few Porsche's before.
  67. >You were also sure those weren't tuned for racing like your car.
  68. >This one seems to be a sleeper as nothing on the outside screams modification.
  69. >But this thing is giving you a run for your money.
  70. >You keep a cool head and not get aggressive.
  71. >You once again you catch up to the car.
  72. >Up ahead the highway starts to twist and turn with 'S' curves.
  73. >You need to let go of some power to make these turns.
  74. >The Porsche does the same.
  75. >You make your way through the turns with ease.
  76. >As does the Porsche.
  77. >Not only does this car have some nuts.
  78. >The driver seems pretty competent as well.
  79. >But once you get out onto the straightaway, the Porsche blows off.
  80. >You can't catch up.
  81. >And you try.
  82. >But you cannot make up for lost momentum fast enough to catch up.
  83. >The car is no longer in your view.
  84. >You lost.
  85. >You shake your head in disbelief and then let out a heavy sigh.
  86. >You then slouch in your seat and deflate a bit.
  87. >Well, nothing left to do than to head home.
  88. >You have to exit off the highway and get on the opposite way back to the west side of the City.
  89. >You get home really late.
  90. >You park the car in an enormous parking garage.
  91. >You give your car one last look over.
  92. >Sure, it's called a Datsun in your country.
  93. >But when your father owned it, he took off all mention of the brand and put it's original name from Neighpon.
  94. >The Nissan Fairlady Z
  95. >He'd say back in the day it would piss off some dude's who would lose to them that they got beat by a “Fairlady”
  96. >Gave you a chuckle.
  97. >You kept it that way.  For his sake.
  98. >Quietly, you make your way into your house.
  99. >As to not wake your parents.
  100. >Or, more like not to wake your mother.
  101. >Your dad pretty much knows about your little late night runs.
  102. >After all, he used to do the same at your age.
  103. >You quietly get to your room.
  104. >And hop straight to bed.
  105. >The white Porsche still on your mind.
  107. >10AM
  108. >Sunday
  109. >You are woken up from the blaring sunlight emitting from your bedroom window.
  110. >You try to cover your eyes with your blanket.
  111. >Then your alarm goes off.
  112. >You groan and slowly get out of bed.
  113. >Time to get ready for work.
  114. >You shower.
  115. >Grab a bowl of cereal.
  116. >Head back out to the garage.
  117. >And get into your daily driver.
  118. >A 2005 silver Dodge Neon.
  119. >You only drive the Z on weekend nights.
  120. >You tend to keep the fact that you drive it somewhat a secret.
  121. >Sure, your dad knows.
  122. >Maybe some of his buddies know, if only because they knew he raced in it years ago.
  123. >But for the most part you've been able to keep it on the down low.
  124. >You hop into the car and head to work.
  125. >A high performance Auto Parts store and garage.
  126. >Project: Performance
  127. >Or Project: P, as most like to call it.
  128. >A higher end  auto parts store that specializes in racing parts.
  129. >It's part of a larger chain of other auto parts store's across the State.
  130. >All of which are owned by your father.
  131. >Yeah, he was a mechanic growing up as well as a street racer.
  132. >But also a smart businessman.
  133. >Which in reality gives you an unfair advantage to your peers of the same age.
  134. >You're only 18 years old and in your final months of High School.
  135. >But you go to a High School full of rich kids anyways.
  136. >Some of them are even more loaded than you.
  137. >But you have more resources in terms of auto parts and tuning.
  138. >You pretty much trade your labor for the cost of keeping your Z tuned.
  139. >Which right now, you're working to pay off a set of new tires.
  140. >With how much you drive the Z, they won't be needed soon.
  141. >But it's nice to have the spare set.
  142. >Today is usually a busy day for the garage, so you're stuck on the registers in the store.
  143. >You mostly deal with some rich people looking for things for their luxury cars.
  144. >Speaking of Porsche's.
  145. >You decide to try and look into the customer database and records for any service on Porsche 911 Turbos.
  146. >There is a large list.
  147. >You should have guessed that would be the case.
  148. >There is no way you could look through all of this data and pinpoint who owned that white Porsche.
  149. >Guess you should have paid attention to the plates of the car.
  150. >Would have made it a lot easier.
  151. >”Looking to buy a Porsche there?”
  152. >Someone says behind you.
  153. >You jump from your seat and quickly close the window that had the information.
  154. “N-no! Just looking something up!”
  155. >You say in a panic.
  156. >You quickly turn to the person who snuck up on you.
  157. “Oh, shit man, seriously, don't try and startle me like that!”
  158. >4-Speed, the Assistant Manager at the shop, stands before you.
  159. >Real cool dude.
  160. >He's in his mid to late 20's you'd wager.
  161. >And, you think, next in line to be the next Manager of this shop.
  162. >At least you think so.
  163. >He busts his ass for the shop and he deserves it.
  164. >A can of some energy drink in each hand
  165. >”Hah ha, sorry man, you usually aren't that focused on something.”
  166. >He says as he tosses you one of the cans of the energy drink.
  167. “Yeah, I don't know...”
  168. >You trail off and open the can and take a sip.
  169. “There was this white Porsche 911, probably a 930 or 964 that I ran into last night that was just insane.”
  170. >You shake your head again as you remember the experience.
  171. ”It was a pretty damn good driver as well and I want to know who it was.”
  172. >4-Speed just cocks his head to the side.
  173. >”Wait, were you riding last night?”
  174. >He asked.
  175. >”I thought you didn't race man?”
  176. >The question took you by surprise.
  177. “Oh!”
  178. >Think fast.
  179. “Well, I was driving home from a friends house late last night from across town and ran into them.”
  180. >You nod and took another drink from your can.
  181. “You know how this city is.  Lots of street racers and wannabes out there.  Including myself.  Thinking I have a big dick in my Neon and tried challenging it...”
  182. >You awkwardly chuckle and look carefully at 4-Speed.
  183. >Hoping he takes the bait.
  184. >He shrugs.
  185. >”Yeah, you're right about that, too many street racers in this town nowadays.”
  186. >You both just sit there in silence for a moment.
  187. >Seems like you've dodged the question.
  188. >”Still, why are you obsessed with it?”
  189. >He asks you.
  190. >”Wanna start racing because of it?”
  191. >You take a seat at the desk chair again.
  192. ”Somewhat.”
  193. >It does make you want to be a better racer.
  194. >You think you may have gotten out of that last turn sluggishly and ended with them blowing you out the water.
  195. >You then take your attention back to the computer screen.
  196. “But at this point, a white Porsche 911 with bronze, or golden rims is still too vague to even pinpoint.”
  197. >You sigh.
  198. >4-Speed then rests his hand on your shoulder.
  199. >”Nothing else that stuck out?”
  200. >You shake your head.
  201. “Pearl white coat, tinted windows, the rims, the stock 'Turbo' insignia. It was pretty much a sleeper.”
  202. >You say.
  203. “Not even a big gay spoiler on it, all the real work was under the hood. Or trunk”
  204. >4-Speed then shakes your shoulder.
  205. >”You should come with me next Friday night to the racers meet, perhaps you could find them there.”
  206. >You then turn to look at 4-Speed.
  207. “You think so?”
  208. >He then nods his head.
  209. >”I know the Lambo's and Ferrari's usually have their own meet, but at ours you usually see a Porsche from time to time.  It's worth a shot.”
  210. >He then has a smile on his face.
  211. >”If not, you could also ask questions while you're there, and get a feel for what the street racers life is like!”
  212. >He starts to get excited,
  213. >You think for a second.
  214. >You know of the meets from some of your classmates talking about them.
  215. >Car tuning and street racing are the thing among your fellow rich kids.
  216. >Who would've thought?
  217. >Usually you avoided running into them.
  218. >But there have been times, like last night, where you ran into others who were racing.
  219. >He has a good point in that you could ask around.
  220. >”Hey, you can even ride with me in my Type R to check it out!”
  221. >You give it some more thought.
  222. >You then finally nod in agreement.
  223. “Alright, I'll take you up on your offer.”
  224. >He then slaps you on your shoulder.
  225. >”Ha ha! That's the spirit!  You're gonna have a great time!”
  226. >He raises his energy drink in a toast to you.
  227. >You snort and don't leave him hanging.
  228. >You both clank cans and down the rest of your drinks.
  229. >You finish off the day and help close up shop.
  230. >A nice easy Sunday drive home.
  231. >Once you get home you take a long look at the Z.
  232. >The cherry red coat glistens from the artificial light from the garage.
  233. >A body kit with a larger front dam and some ZG flares over the tire wells.
  234. >A small spoiler in the back that looks more like a lip and really adds to the car's charm.
  235. >On the bottom right corner on the back window there is a small decal with the initials, 'C.S.S'.
  236. >You never knew what that stood for, and you've never really questioned it either.
  237. >It was a part of the car when you were given it, and just kept it as is.
  238. >After a few minutes of admiring the view. You finally leave the garage and lock up.
  239. >You head back into the house where your parents are having dinner.
  240. >You join them.
  241. >You keep racing talk away from the dinner table.
  242. >At least, in front of your mother.
  243. >She really doesn't want you doing any sort of racing.
  244. >She feels it's too dangerous.
  245. >Which, is actually true.
  246. >She's just being a mom.
  247. >But that ship has long sailed out now.
  248. >At long last, you end the day in your room on your computer.
  249. >Looking up videos on what can be done to modify and tune Porsche 911's
  250. >And subsequently also looking up any other modifications for your Z as well.
  251. >This goes well into the night.
  252. >Which you forget you have school in the morning.
  253. >Shit. It's already 2AM.
  254. >Tomorrow is going to be rough.
  256. >Monday morning.
  257. >8:12AM
  258. >You jolt awake.
  259. >You notice the sun is out and you sit up in a panic.
  260. >You frantically look around for your phone.
  261. >Which should have acted as your alarm clock.
  262. >When you finally find it, you notice there was no evidence of the alarm going off.
  263. >But you really don't have time to panic.
  264. >You hop out of bed and grab the first set of clothes you find and throw them on.
  265. >You run out the house and into the garage.
  266. >Hop in your Neon.
  267. >And race off to school.
  268. >Canterlot High School.
  269. >The only public high school in Canterlot County.
  270. >This city is the richest city in the entire county, if not state.
  271. >Doctors, business owners, CEO's, politicians.
  272. >Really anyone who makes a high six figure salary and above.
  273. >So the school is really top notch for a public school with all the funds from the high rollers living in the City.
  274. >You make it to school.
  275. >Holy shit the student parking lot is full.
  276. >Except for a lone spot at the far end.
  277. >Well, beggars can't be choosers.
  278. >You power walk your way through the lot of endless Bimmers.
  279. >Really you notice no cars older than maybe 1996.
  280. >You can't tell for sure as you are in a hurry.
  281. >The entire campus is silent.
  282. >Classes have started a long time ago.
  283. >You make your way up to the building and are about to walk in when you come to a realization.
  284. >Your first class is with Cranky Doodle.
  285. >A real jackass.
  286. >You think for a second if you should honestly just skip first period so you won't have to deal with his shit attitude.
  287. “Hmm”
  288. >You hum to yourself with your hand still on the door.
  289. “Fuck it.”
  290. >You tell yourself as you decide to turn back and wait out the rest of first period in your car when.
  291. >”Forget something, Mr. Anonymous?”
  292. >You freeze in your spot at the stern, yet feminine voice.
  293. >Slowly, you turn your head to see the source of the voice.
  294. >It's Principal Celestia herself.
  295. >How did she know you were here?
  296. >Perhaps you were stalling too long at the door.
  297. “I uh, left my pencils in my car?”
  298. >You lie pathetically.
  299. >She doesn't seem amused and crosses her arms.
  300. >”Mr. Anonymous, I can see some pencils poking out from your backpack.”
  301. >Well shit, so much for that.
  302. >You then fully turn to her and hang your head low.
  303. “Oh.”
  304. >Principal Celestia shakes her head at your shitty excuse.
  305. >”Look, I know the school year is almost over, and that as a senior, you'll be long gone from here.”
  306. > She then lets out a sigh.
  307. >”But I still need you to take these last few months of school seriously and be prepared for finals.”
  308. >She continues,
  309. >”This has been a reoccurring issue with you,and I think it may be time to contact your parents.”
  310. >You shoot your head back up to look at her.
  311. “What? No! Please!”
  312. >You hold your hands out in plea for mercy.
  313. >She doesn't seem fazed.
  314. >”Nothing else seems to get to you...”
  315. >You take a step forward to her and bow your head with your hands clasped together.
  316. “Please, one more chance! I swear I'll take it seriously!”
  317. >Principal Celestia then takes one of her hands and begins to rub the bridge of her nose.
  318. >”Fine, you get one more chance. But for today you will be given detention for this.”
  319. >You let out a sigh or relief and stand back up.
  320. “Thank you principal! I promise it won't happen again.”
  321. >She just shakes her head like she just made a bad decision.
  322. >”Please be sure to it that it doesn't.”
  323. >She lightly pleads as she turns to enter the school.
  324. >She opens the door and takes a step inside before she looks back to you.
  325. >”Oh, and you still need to check into first peri-”
  326. >The school bell rings, signifying the end of first period.
  327. >Saved by the bell.
  328. >Principal Celestia then lets out another sigh and roller her eyes,
  329. >”Please go to your next class Anonymous.”
  330. >She then retreats back into the building as a large mass of students then pour into the hallways.
  331. >You happily oblige and make your way through the sea of students and get to your next class.
  332. >You make it through the day without any further issues,
  333. >Time for detention.
  334. >Just an hour of nothing but doing your homework.
  335. >Afterwords you make your way back to your car.
  336. >The student lot is almost empty.
  337. >Except for a few cars here and there.
  338. >Could be a few student athletes or one's in after school clubs.
  339. >One car in particular catches your eye.
  340. >A Midnight blue Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  341. >Looks to be an early 2000's model with a VIS Racing fiberglass body kit.
  342. >You bet it's a GTS as well.
  343. >If it has any business being a racing car with that body kit, it should.
  344. >It also seems to have several large white lightning bolts with a yellow trim that wrap around the car.
  345. >If the car were a lighter shade of blue the lightning bolts would look halfway decent.
  346. >But this is just not good looking.
  347. >You begin to circle the car to get more details about it when.
  348. >”Hey!”
  349. >You look up to see someone head over to where you are.
  350. >No doubt the owner of the car, who turns out to be.
  351. “Flash?”
  352. >Flash Sentry.
  353. >An acquaintance of yours.
  354. >He reaches the car and looks down at the car then back at you.
  355. >”Oh! It's you, what's up Anon?  Checking out my ride?”
  356. >He says with pride.
  357. “This your car?”
  358. >Stating the, now, obvious as you look down at the car as well.
  359. >”Sure is!”
  360. >He then lightly slaps the roof of the car.
  361. “What year?”
  362. >You chime in.
  363. >”2003”
  364. >You nod at his answer.
  365. “I assume it still packs it's 6G72 engine?”
  366. >Flash looks a bit surprised at your question.
  367. >”You got it.”
  368. >You smack your lips with another nod at his answer.
  369. “Nice.”
  370. >Flash agrees with you.
  371. >After another rotation around the car he asks you a question.
  372. >”Since when were you into cars?  You've never really shown much interest before.”
  373. >You then look up to Flash with an annoyed look on your face.
  374. “I mean, my dad owns a large number of auto parts stores across the State, including the racing parts store in town that I help out at that I am sure you've bought a thing or two from there.”
  375. >You then stop at the back of the car.
  376. “I should at least know a tiny bit about cars and racing.”
  377. “Flash then shrugs his shoulders.
  378. >”Good point.”
  379. >He then chuckles.
  380. >”And I have spent quite a bit of money at your store.”
  381. >He then meets you at the rear of the car and points to the exhaust pipe.
  382. >”Got that baby from your store.”
  383. >It's your turn to chuckle.
  384. “Yeah, exhausts are a hot item.”
  385. >You continue to ask.
  386. “Which one did you get?”
  387. >”Magnaflow Street Series.'
  388. >You nod,
  389. >A $600 system.
  390. “Alright alright, but when did you get into cars?  I've never seen this car before.”
  391. >He nods at your question.
  392. >”Yeah, normally I don't drive this to school. But I was running late and these were the first set of keys that I grabbed on my way out.”
  393. >You laugh.
  394. “I was late this morning myself.”
  395. >You look at the various decals on the back windshield with all the brands that are probably in the car.
  396. >Then one caught your eye.
  397. >In the top right corner of the windshield you see the initials, 'C.S.S' again.
  398. >Only this time the second 'S' is a stencil in the shape of a star.
  399. >Almost the same as on your Z.
  400. >You then point it out to Flash.
  401. “Hey Flash, what does the CSS mean?”
  402. >He looks at what you were mentioning
  403. >”Oh yeah, it stands for 'Canterlot Speed Stars', the racing crew I roll with.”
  404. >You cock your head to the side.
  405. “Racing crew?”
  406. >He nods.
  407. >”Yeah, we gather at every racing meet and just chill and race.”
  408. >Interesting.
  409. >Come to think of it, your dad did mention something about being a part of a crew back in the day.
  410. >Guess this goes as far back as when he was in the scene.
  411. “Are there other students at the school who are part of the crew?”
  412. >You inquire more.
  413. >”Of course!”
  414. >He beams proudly.
  415. >Then he looks to his left and to his right.
  416. >”Though uh, I can't really tell you who else is in while on campus.”
  417. >He shrugs his shoulders with an apologetic look on his face.
  418. >”For the safety and privacy of our members. Hope you understand.”
  419. >You just give him a thumbs up.
  420. “Though I guess it won't be much of a secret for me soon.”
  421. >Flash then shoots you a suspicious look
  422. >”What do you mean by that?”
  423. “A buddy of mine is taking me out to the meet this weekend to check it out.”
  424. >Flash now looks a little more excited
  425. >”Nice man! Then I'll see you again this weekend!”
  426. >He then makes his way to the drivers side of the car and gets in.
  427. >”Really man, I'd love to chat some more but I really need to get going.”
  428. >You nod and stand back as he start up the car.
  429. “Give me one good rev before you head out!”
  430. >You say loud enough for him to hear over the loud sound of his engine idling.
  431. >He smiles and grants your request.
  432. >RrrRRRRMMMMMSSsshhhh.
  433. >That all too familiar hiss of the turbo at the end of the rev could get you going any day of the week.
  434. >With a satisfied smile, you give him a thumbs up.
  435. >He then quickly makes his way off campus and you can hear the car scream as it makes it's way down the street.
  436. “Good stuff”
  437. >You say to yourself and you head back to your own car to head home.
  438. >Once you get home and park, you take another look at the back of the Z.
  439. >After taking a second look at the 'S.C.C' logo,
  440. >It's a more simple design than the one Flash had on his car.
  441. >You decide you want to ask your dad about it.
  442. >Later that afternoon, you're with your father in the living room.
  443. >Watching TV.
  444. >At least you are.
  445. >He's busy reading a magazine.
  446. “Hey dad?”
  447. >You call out to him.
  448. >It takes a few moments before he responds to you.
  449. >”Yeah son?”
  450. >He says without looking away from what he was reading.
  451. “What can you tell me about the Canterlot Speed Stars?”
  452. >That got more of his attention as he now lowers the magazine and looks towards you.
  453. “I know there's a decal on the Z that says 'C.S.S' and I've never really questioned it.”
  454. >He still doesn't respond to your question so you continue on.
  455. “So, at school today, I noticed one of my buddy's ricers in the parking lot had a similar decal on their back windshield and told me it was the crew he rode with,”
  456. >Your dad slightly nods.
  457. >”Well, yeah, actually a coupe of friends and I formed the Canterlot Speed Stars back when we were in high school.”
  458. >You were taken aback at this revelation.
  459. “You started it?”
  460. >You now have his full attention.
  461. >”Yeah.”
  462. >He simply says.
  463. >”I mean, in the beginning it was just two friends and I that were just messing around and racing each other, then we were calling ourselves the Speed Stars.”
  464. >He then let's out a sigh.
  465. >Looks like he's starting to get nostalgic.
  466. >”Because we were all from Canterlot and went to Canterlot High, we all settled on C.S.S.  Afterwords other 'teams' started to form around the county.”
  467. >He then chuckles to himself.
  468. >”Most of them were just a bunch of scrubs that had no business racing. Though, much like all other rivalries between CHS and Crystal Prep. They came through with the 'Crystal Clutch Club'.  Some of them were actually pretty good and for a long while there was a huge battle between us.”
  469. >A sense of pride now washes over his face.
  470. >”In the end, they just couldn't match our skill.  I was still with the group for a few years even after College and even a few years after we had you.”
  471. >Now it looks like he's coming back down to Earth.
  472. >”Of course with all good things, it my time with them came to an end.  I had to focus on getting the business started.  So I left the team in the hands of the younger members.”
  473. >Your father sighs again and sits back in his chair.
  474. >”Man, I wonder how they're doing nowadays?”
  475. >Very interesting to hear more from your father's street racing days.
  476. >You are just a little more hyped for this coming weekend now.
  478. >Friday
  479. >9:30PM
  480. >You agree to meet up with 4-Speed at his place.
  481. >Which is actually the next town over.
  482. >When you finally make it to his place, it's a small residential neighborhood.
  483. >Nothing too flashy or big.
  484. >You can already tell which house is 4-Speed's.
  485. >The house with the Spoon Yellow Civic Hatchback that was parked in it's driveway.
  486. >You park in front of the house and text 4-Speed that you were outside.
  487. >Once you see him exit his house you then get out of your own car and go up to greet your friend.
  488. >”Anon! My man, how you doin'?”
  489. >4-Speed happily greets you with his hand held up, looking for a high five.
  490. >You return the favor.
  491. “I'm doing good, ready to do this.”
  492. >The high five then evolves into a handshake.
  493. >You then motion to 4-Speed's car.
  494. “That the Type R I've been hearing so much about?”
  495. >He then looks over to his car as well.
  496. >”Sure is!”
  497. >He beams.
  498. >”Let me give you the grand tour.”
  499. >You both move closer to the car and 4-Speed opens the drivers side door and pops the hood open.
  500. >”So, in case you didn't notice, this car wasn't originally a Type R, it was a normal 97 Civic DX I bought and spent most of my time and money converting it to a Type R”
  501. >He regroups with you in the front end of the car and lifts the black carbon fiber hood.
  502. >Inside you see a red powder coated B16B Type R engine.
  503. ”Well, at least you have the most important part of the conversion.”
  504. >You quip.
  505. >He lets out a laugh.
  506. >He goes on to list the number of modifications he has done to the car so far.
  507. >As he continues to list parts he has on his car, you take another walk around the car.
  508. >It's got a stock Type R body kit.
  509. >Which really, it looks a hell of a lot better than most aftermarket body kits so you feel that was a good decision.
  510. >Much like a lot of racers, there are a number of auto part maker decals littered around his windows.
  511. >And wouldn't you know it, he's got a Canterlot Speed Stars logo similar to the one Flash has on his back windshield.
  512. “Well shit, you're part of the Canterlot Speed Stars too?”
  513. >You point out the decal.
  514. >4-Speed closes the hood of his car and meets with you.
  515. >”Oh yeah! I'm currently the leader.”
  516. >You look over at 4-Speed, surprised.
  517. “Really now?”
  518. >He puffs his chest out and nods with pride.
  519. >”Sure am!  Hey, you go to Canterlot High too, right?  Maybe you could join us when you're ready to jump in the scene!”
  520. >He offers.
  521. >Still not realizing, or maybe he just doesn't know, that your father was one of the founding fathers.
  522. >But that's really not a detail you feel is important right now.
  523. >You just smile and nod.
  524. “Yeah, sure.  Oh, then you must know my buddy Flash Sentry, with the Eclipse.”
  525. >It looks like a light bulb goes off in 4-Speed's head
  526. >”Oh yeah! He's actually one of our newer members. Cool kid.”
  527. >So now this seems like it'll be more fun.
  528. >”Well, I think we've talked long enough, shall we head out to the meet?”
  529. >You clap your hands and nod.
  530. “Let's do this!”
  531. >You're genuinely excited that you had forgotten you were going to try and find info on the white Porsche.
  532. >You both get into 4-Speed's car.
  533. >He turns the key in the ignition.
  534. >The car hums to life.
  535. >He makes a few revs before you're off to the races.
  537. >Both you and 4-Speed are roaring down the Highway.
  538. >The screams from his exhaust lends you to believe it's not a very powerful one.
  539. >But, what the hell, it's nice to be racing and you're not the one driving.
  540. >Granted, the top speed he get's in his Type R isn't even in the league as your Z.
  541. >Finally, you both make it to your first destination.
  542. >Donut Joe's.
  543. >A dinky little 24-hour Doughnut shop located near the industrial area of the City.
  544. >”Everyone likes coming to Donut Joe's because it's relatively close to the highway entrances and because it's located in the Industrial area, there is a lot of empty space to utilize.”
  545. >4-Speed is explaining the reasoning as to why almost everyone meets at a doughnut shop.
  546. >”Also really good and cheap doughnuts and coffee, and he usually keeps quiet to the police about our meets, as he gets good business from us.”
  547. >Makes sense.
  548. >You figure so long as nobody has died, he fine with it.
  549. >As you make your way into the parking lot, it is already packed with a bunch of cars.
  550. >A lot of the usual suspects.
  551. >Nice looking ones at that.
  552. >BMW's
  553. >Mercedes'
  554. >Toyota's.
  555. >Hondas.
  556. >Nissan's
  557. >You name it.
  558. >You even spot a few cars that you've smoked on some of your previous night rides.
  559. >There are even a few Porsche's.
  560. >But nothing that closely resembles the one you encountered last weekend.
  561. >And the girls.
  562. >Good god almighty the girls.
  563. >A metric ton of hot looking girls everywhere.
  564. >Wearing skimpy pseudo schoolgirl looking outfits with cleavage hanging galore
  565. >Super short skirts  and thigh highs.
  566. >It's like something out of a street racing movie.
  567. >Shit, you've even spotted a few lovely ladies that go to your school.
  568. >4-Speed parks his car near a few cars off to the end of the gathering.
  569. >You both step out of the car.
  570. >Loud music and car engines blaring out like it's a block party.
  571. >And it kinda seems like it is.
  572. >Then you see a familiar face and car.
  573. >”Hey! There you are man! I didn't think you were serious!”
  574. >Flash walks up to you to give you the 'bro hug' which you happily accept.
  575. “Of course man.”
  576. >You give him a smile and look over at the others who are grouped with you.
  577. “Are they the other members?”
  578. >You ask Flash.
  579. >4-Speed then drapes his arm over your shoulders and pulls you close.
  580. >”Yessir! Let me introduce you to the 'Canterlot Speed Stars'!”
  581. >First he motions over to Flash.
  582. >”Of course you already know Flash here.”
  583. >Flash smiles, raises his fist and poses in front of his Eclipse.
  584. >Like he's posing for a photo
  585. >He has his usual getup of his black hooded jacket and blue jeans.
  586. >You shake your head, smile and laugh at his pose.
  587. >4-Speed then escorts you to over to what looks like a white Nissan 350z.
  588. >A convertible at that.
  589. >It's parked in reverse from the other cars so the trunk is facing you.
  590. >Sitting on the left end of the car is a girl not paying any attention to the environment around her while looking at her phone.
  591. >Two tone purple leggings in a camouflage pattern that rides up to her short white skirt.
  592. >A solid purple tube top with a white sleeveless vest that still exposed her midsection.
  593. >A sort of off white skin tone with her eyes being covered by large black rimmed oval shaped shades.
  594. >She's bobbing her head to a beat that must be playing out of her overly large ear covering headphones.
  595. >Her shoulder length two tone blue hair looks to be a mess, but it could be her style as she oozes 'raver girl' vibes.
  596. >”Hey Vinyl.”
  597. >4-Speed calls out to the girl.
  598. >She's unresponsive.
  599. >”Hey Vinyl!”
  600. >4-Speed says louder.
  601. >She still doesn't budge from looking at her phone.
  602. >You hear 4-Speed let out an annoyed chuckle.
  603. >”Every time.”
  604. >You hear him whisper under his breath.
  605. >He then moves up to her and waves his hands in front of her.
  606. >She finally pops up from her phone with her eyebrows raised.
  607. >She then stands up straight, presses a button on her phone and then pockets the device.
  608. >”Vinyl, this is Anonymous. Or, just Anon for short”
  609. >4-Speed extends his arm out to you.
  610. >Then he swings it over to pointing at Vinyl.
  611. >”Anon, this is Vinyl Scratch.”
  612. >Vinyl raises her hand by her side and gives you a small cheeky wave.
  613. >You smile and wave back.
  614. >Matching her enthusiasm.
  615. “Yeah, I've seen you before, you're our school DJ.”
  616. >Her smile widens and she nods enthusiastically.
  617. “Alright alright, so what do you have packing in there?
  618. >You point to her 350z.
  619. >She pulls out an electric key from her vest pocket and presses a button.
  620. >The trunk of the car slowly opens to reveal a nice looking audio sound system.
  621. >4 Subwoofers and 2 huge amplifiers lined with neon purple lights streaming around the entire trunk.
  622. >You nod your head and out an impressed look on your face.
  623. “Nice.”
  624. >You comment.
  625. >She then presses another button and the sound system bursts to life.
  626. >Holy shit you can feel the bass from where you were standing.
  627. >And you were standing a good few feet away.
  628. >The rest of the crowd begins to cheer once they hear the insanely loud music.
  629. “NICE!”
  630. >You try to yell over the mini earthquake.
  631. >She seems to have gotten the hint as she gives you a thumbs up and then finally lowers the volume.
  632. >4-Speed once again wraps his arm around your shoulders and moves you along.
  633. >You look and you see that he has his free hand inside his ear.
  634. >Pretending to clean it after that sound blast.
  635. >”I'm honestly amazed she's not deaf by this point.”
  636. >A little catty comment that made you smile and chuckle.
  637. >”No seriously, if you thought it was loud from where you were, think of what it would be like if you were actually IN the car.”
  638. >Your chuckle stopped.
  639. >Shit, you didn't even think of that.
  640. >4-Speed leads you along to the next member.
  641. >You are now standing in front of a light blue Toyota MR2.
  642. >Given the body of the car, it's a second generation model, some it's somewhere in the 90's
  643. >The back trunk is open.
  644. >Which is where the engine is housed so you assume whoever is the owner of the car is back there working on something.
  645. >Then on cue, someone jumps from behind the car.
  646. >”Behold! The great and powerful Trrrixie is successful once again in another modification!”
  647. >There stands triumphantly before you another classmate of yours.
  648. >Faded gray jeans, long sleeve blue blouse that complemented her pale grayish-blue skin
  649. >Her sleeves were rolled up.
  650. >Most likely due to her working on her car.
  651. >Her long flowing white and light gray streaked hair was held back from a baseball cap she was wearing backwards.
  652. >Trixie Lulamoon.
  653. >”Trixie, this is Anonymous.”
  654. >He went through the same introduction he did with you and Vinyl.
  655. >She still has her proud stance.
  656. >”Trixie is aware of Anonymous!”
  657. >She then points to you.
  658. >”We share the same math and gym classes!”
  659. >4-Speed looks to you for what you assume is conformation.
  660. >You just nod simply.
  661. “Hello Trixie.”
  662. >You greet her.
  663. >Another person who you would have never guessed were into cars and racing.
  664. >She holds her arms out wide as if she were presenting a show.
  665. >”As the leader and best racer of the group, the great and powerful Trrrrixie welcomes you to bask in the glory that is the formidable and legendary faction that are the Canterlot Speed Stars!”
  666. >4-Speed let's out another sigh.
  667. >”Trixie, for the last time, you are not the leader.”
  668. >Trixie didn't seem to hear 4-Speed.
  669. >Or she just simply didn't care as she continued.
  670. >”Should you ever need a fantastic mentor in the art of street racing, look no further than the great and powerful Trrrixie!”
  671. >Silence.
  672. “...k”
  673. >Is all you reply to her.
  674. “So, what modification did you do to your MR2?”
  675. >You decide to ask.
  676. >Trixie then crosses her arms.
  677. >”Humph, the task of reinforcing and concentrating air into the turbine for more power is too much for a beginner like yourself to comprehend!”
  678. >She proclaims.
  679. “...So, you installed an air filter for your turbo?”
  680. >Trixie then looks away in disgust.
  681. >”If your feeble mind sees it that way then so be it! Trixie has no patience right now to help plebeians understand the intrenches of such wonders!”
  682. >Once again, you feel a hand begin to pull you away.
  683. >”Thank you Trixie, we're going now.”
  684. >4-Speed tells her as you both walk away from her.
  685. >”Sorry about her, she means well, she really does.”
  686. >4-Speed tries to explain.
  687. >”She can just be over-dramatic, for showman's sake”
  688. >You get it.
  689. >”Well, there is only one member left.”
  690. >4-Speed continues on.
  691. >You then both come up to a neon green Ford Mustang.
  692. >An 80's fox body hatchback model.
  693. >Judging by the 4 block headlights it's an early 80's model.
  694. >Stepping out of the car is a young girl with light green skin with a darker shade of green for her long shaggy hair.
  695. >He was dressed very modestly with a pair of baggy faded jeans and a baggy light earth brown sweat shirt.
  696. >A couple faded freckles dotted her cheeks.
  697. >She tries to avoid eye contact with the both of you.
  698. >”Anon, this is Wallflower Blush.”
  699. >You wave to the shy girl.
  700. >She meekly waves back.
  701. >”Hello.”
  702. >She says so softly you almost didn't hear her over the sounds of the other cars around you.
  703. >You decide to try and break the ice further and step closer to her car.
  704. “I assume this is your ride?”
  705. >You ask.
  706. >She nods.
  707. >”Y-yeah, I know it's not much.”
  708. >She feels embarrassed about her car.
  709. >You just shrug your shoulders.
  710. “Eh, you don't see many 80's Mustangs running around, what year is it?”
  711. >You inquire further about the car.
  712. >She seems to gather herself a little bit more now.
  713. >”It's a 1985 5.0”
  714. >You figured.
  715. >You circle around the car once and meet back up with 4-Speed.
  716. “Anything else special under the hood?”
  717. >You ask to try and get her more comfortable.
  718. >”Well, we installed a new flowmaster exhaust system with a catted 'X' pipe.”
  719. >She gets closer to the drivers door and continues.
  720. >”Subframe connecters underneath the car, as well as an aluminum drive shaft.”
  721. >She then opens the car door and pops open the hood.
  722. >She meets you in front the of the car and then opens the hood.
  723. >Inside you see the car's signature small block V8 engine with a few add ons.
  724. >”I have a cold air intake system and some new headers.”
  725. >Modest upgrades for a modest girl.
  726. >You then nod and pull back from her.
  727. “Alright alright, well, it was nice meeting you.”
  728. >You tell Wallflower.
  729. >She nods in agreement.
  730. >”Same to you.”
  731. >After meeting everyone on the team, both you and 4-Speed then head back to his car.
  732. >You must admit they don't seem like the greatest bunch of racers.
  733. >But hey, they could all be sleepers and you wouldn't know it.
  734. >4-Speed then pats you on the back and smiles.
  735. >”Well, now that the introductions are done, care to have a look around?”
  736. >You smile and nod.
  737. >But before you both head out to the lot, you point out to the doughnut shop.
  738. “But first, doughnut and coffee.”
  739. >4-Speed's smile grows.
  740. >”You read my mind.”
  741. >You, 4-Speed and the rest of the group all go to the shop and order a doughnut and assorted drinks.
  742. >Some iced coffees and some energy drinks.
  743. >You all walk around the large lot and check out all the nice cars.
  744. >Most of the others begin to peel off from the main group to look at different things.
  745. >Which leaves you and 4-Speed alone together.
  746. >4-Speed then begins to talk about the group.
  747. >”Yeah, they're not much.  But really, in the grand scheme of things, this is supposed to be fun.”
  748. >You get that.
  749. >It's a noble thought process.
  750. >But if you keep that mindset then it's all for naught.
  751. >Almost like...
  752. >”Yeah, that's what typical losers say.”
  753. >Exactly what you were thinking but you didn't want to say it out lou-
  754. >Wait, who did say that?
  755. >You turn to where that voice came from, you are greeted with 5 stunningly beautiful cars.
  756. >Accompanying them are 5 equally good looking chicks.
  757. >First was a racing yellow Nissan Skyline R34 with it's hood open, proudly displaying it's RB26DETT high powered engine.
  758. >An engine similar to the one in your Z, if not with more power to it.
  759. >The owner of the Skyline, pale yellow skin with freckles dotting her face.
  760. >White thigh highs and a short royal blue and burgundy plaid skirt.
  761. >Skin tight white crop top V neck that lets her cleavage spill out for all to see.
  762. >Her magenta hair with teal streaks pulled up into two separate balls on each side of her head.
  763. >Talk about playing into the slutty schoolgirl trope
  764. >”Sour Sweet.”
  765. >4-Speed greets her.
  766. >He then looks to you.
  767. >”Anon, this is Sour Sweet, she leads the group the Crystal Clutch Club, C.S.S's oldest rival.”
  768. >So this is the Crystal Clutch Club.
  769. >”Oh please, you lot of losers haven't been worth calling our rivals for years.”
  770. >Another feminine voice from behind Sour Sweet spoke up.
  771. >Looking behind her you spot another stunning beauty.
  772. >Pale pink skin.
  773. >Long pale lime green and pistachio colored hair that flows down to her hips.
  774. >A large pair of headphones not much different than the pair Vinyl Scratch has.
  775. >Skin tight royal blue nylon tank top. You can see though and see her white bra.
  776. >Yellow skirt that half covered her blue nylons of the same color of her top.
  777. >She was standing next to a pale pink Honda S2000 with a hard top.
  778. >She then walks up to stand next to Sour Sweet.
  779. >”Yeah, totally Lemon Zest.”
  780. >You now know her name is Lemon Zest.
  781. >”I seriously don't understand why you keep coming to these when you know you're all gonna get embarrassed.”
  782. >A third feminine voice says behind both Sour and Lemon.
  783. >This voice, however, sounds a little more robotic and bitchy.
  784. >Behind them stands a girl next to a third gen Mazda RX-7.
  785. >Her light blueish gray skin matches the shiny coat of the same tone on her car.
  786. >Her hair two shades of light gray wrapped in twin tails that trail down both sides of her.
  787. >She's wearing skin tight black leggings with a small peach colored tutu with a matching peach colored sleeveless top that also reveals her bare shoulders.
  788. >She also sported a pair of old style glasses.  No doubt prescription use.
  789. >You'd argue she was the least good looking of the three but still a solid looker.
  790. >”And that is Sugarcoat.”
  791. >4-Speed tells you
  792. >3 of the 5 girls are standing there, getting into yours and 4-Speeds faces.
  793. >The other two just hang back and let these three do the work.
  794. >Not that you mind really.
  795. >It's almost a turn on for you.
  796. >Sour Sweet then turns her attention to 4-Speed.
  797. >”Who's the scrub you brought with you?  Another pathetic recruit with a shitty half assed modded car?”
  798. >Wow, rude.
  799. >4-Speed just smiles at her and holds his hands up.
  800. >”Now now, he's just a guest of mine, he seems to be interested in getting some info on a White Porsche.”
  801. >All three girls then snap their sights onto you now.
  802. >”And what business does a nobody like you have with that?”
  803. >Sugarcoat scoffs.
  804. >You blankly stare at all three girls.
  805. >Not sure what she means.
  806. “Uh, if I knew what “that” was, then I'd have a better answer for you.”
  807. >You fire back at the ladies.
  808. >Sugarcoat just rolls her eyes.
  809. >”Everyone whose even a half decent racer knows of the 'White Mirage'”
  810. >Claims Lemon Zest.
  811. “The what?”
  812. >Lemon Zest then just shakes her head.
  813. >But before she could say anything else, another feminine voice calls out from behind her.
  814. >”The two spirits of the road”
  815. >You look over to see a trio of more girls.
  816. >Some more semi familiar faces.
  817. >Adagio Dazzle.
  818. >Pale apple green skin with a huge puffy mane of vivid orange with a yellow streak across.
  819. >Skin tight black leather pants that highlight her rocking delicious looking hips.
  820. >Another bright purple sleeveless shirt with a dark purple vest.
  821.  >Her two sisters were towing not too far behind her.
  822. >Aria Blaze.
  823. >And Sonata Dusk.
  824. >Former students at your high school.
  825. >Then they dropped outlast you heard.
  826. >You had also heard rumors that they had gotten signed to a big music label.
  827. >”Well, Anon, these are the Dazzling Trio.”
  828. >4-Speed brings you up to speed.
  829. >You nod.
  830. “I actually know who they are.”
  831. >4-Speed then looks to you.
  832. >”You do?”
  833. >You shrug.
  834. “I know they used to go to my high school.”
  835. >Adagio then gets a disgusted look on her face.
  836. >”Ugh, don't remind us that we went to that shithole of a school.”
  837. >Come on now, it's a nice school.
  838. “Anyways...”
  839. >You try to get the subject back on these 'spirits'.
  840. “What are these spirits you speak of?”
  841. >Adagio tries to speak but then she is pushed aside by her sister.
  842. >Sonata Dusk.
  843. >”Oh, I can answer that!”
  844. >She exclaims cheerfully .
  845. >”The two Spirits are these cars that appear out of nowhere on the highways of Canterlot, often times during a race.”
  846. >She continues.
  847. >”There is one called the 'White Mirage' because of it's speed and superior driving skills, oh, and because it's a white Porsche 964, of course.”
  848. >You probe further.
  849. >”Is that it?”
  850. >She nods.
  851. >”For that car yes!”
  852. >That can't be it.
  853. “You don't even know who drives it?”
  854. >She shakes her head.
  855. >”Nope!”
  856. >Lemon Zest then chimes in.
  857. >”Nobody has been able to keep up with it to see where it goes, which is why it's called a mirage.”
  858. >Guess that doesn't help much.
  859. >But for shits and giggles.
  860. “What about the other spirit?”
  861. >Adagio then shoves Sonata out of the way to get back into your view.
  862. >”The other one is called the 'Red Ghost'”
  863. >Wat.
  864. >Oh boy, you hope this isn't leading to whee you think it's leading.
  865. “And it's called the 'Red Ghost' because...”
  866. >Anticipating the answer.
  867. >Sugarcoat then chimes in.
  868. >”It's a red Datsun 280z, it greatly resembles the one an old Canterlot Speed Stars leader drove a long time ago.
  869. >No fucking way.
  870. >Sugarcoat continues.
  871. >”It's called the Red Ghost because of it's color, obviously, and because much like the White Porsche, it just shows up, blows other racers out of the water, then just drives off.”
  872. >You snort and you try to hold back a laugh.
  873. >Looks like you've already made a name for yourself and you hadn't even realized it.
  874. “So, how do you 'summon' these spirits?”
  875. >You inquire.
  876. >There is a long silence.
  877. >Nobody seems to have an answer.
  878. >Then 4-Speed speaks up
  879. >”Perhaps you need to make a name for yourself to entice the drivers?”
  880. >Everyone looks at 4-Speed.
  881. >”I mean, there has to be people behind the wheels of those cars, and are watching this scene closely, so surely if they see a worthy opponent, they appear.”
  882. >Solid advice.
  883. >But wait.
  884. “Wait, why did you wait until now to tell me about this?”
  885. >He then looks confused.
  886. >”But, I didn't know about these legends?”
  887. >Seriously?
  888. >He's been in the scene for years and this is the first time he's heard of it?
  889. >Then one of the girls chime in.
  890. >”Of course he wouldn't know anything, he's a third rate racer not worth any of our time.”
  891. >Sour Sweet hammers down the insult.
  892. >”I'm sure whoever the driver of the Red Ghost is they would be ashamed to see what the Canterlot Speed Stars have become.”
  893. >Sugarcoat adds more fuel to the fire.
  894. >4-Speed looks like he's unaffected by their insults and keeps a rather carefree face on.
  895. >Sour Sweet then looks to you.
  896. >”Word of advice since you're cute, if this is your first experience with this scene, it's best to stay away from them if you wanna make a name for yourself.”
  897. >You cross your arms and cock your head to the side.
  898. “So you're saying I should just ride alone?”
  899. >Sour matches your tone and stance.
  900. >”You'll have more of a chance than being anchored down by these clowns.”
  901. >She then points to 4-Speed and the others who have now gathered with him.
  902. >”It's not like he'll have any chance without a car of his own.
  903. >Sugarcoat adds in her two cents again.
  904. >”Especially if the real competition have anything to say about him.”
  905. >Real competition?
  906. >As if on cue like in the movies, you begin to hear some loud exhausts in the distance.
  907. >You and the others turn to look in the direction of where the sound is coming from.
  908. >”Well shit, speak of the devil.”
  909. >You hear Adagio quip from behind your back.
  910. >In the distance you see a convoy of about seven cars racing towards you.
  911. >A collection of different kinds of cars.
  912. >But they are all familiar makes and models.
  913. >They don't slow down as they get ever so closer to where you all were standing.
  914. >At the very last minute they all halt one after another.
  915. >A faded pale yellow 2003 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S.
  916. >A hot pink 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4
  917. >A pearl white 2003 Lexus IS300
  918. >A brilliant orange 1970 Pontiac GTO 455 HO
  919. >A chrome midnight purple 2008 BMW M5 E60.
  920. >A black 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429.
  921. >And a baby blue 2010 Audi R8 V10.
  922. >You take a quick look around the lot and everyone seems to now be gathering around them.
  923. >They all come out of their car's one by one.
  924. >”Twily, talk to me, this isn't working out for me!”
  925. >The first girl to say anything is the one who came out of the Mustang Boss.
  926. >Her long fiery red and yellow hair trails and waves down to her waist.
  927. >Sporting a black leather jacket with faded and torn jeans to reveal patches of her skin,which is a deep yellow almost orange tone to it.
  928. >Then the girl from the purple BMW steps out of her car and begins to speak.
  929. >”It's the acceleration enrichment timing.”
  930. >She adjusts her thick looking black square rimmed nerd glasses.
  931. >Her purple skin matching the color of her car minus the shiny finish.
  932. >She was wearing a long sleeve baby blue shirt with a  dark purple vest over it.
  933. >A darker shade of purple skirt that went down to her knees.
  934. >Her dark sapphire blue hair with a pale purple streak tied up into a larger bun and her bangs hang on each side of her face.
  935. >”I still seem to have it off by a thousand or so RPM,  I'll need to get back in and readjust it.”
  936. >The girl who came out of the white Lexus then chimes in.
  937. >”Really darling, are you sure it's not just your heavy foot?”
  938. >Her porcelain white skin glowed even in the artificial light that were the street poles that littered the parking lot.
  939. >Her hair styled into sleek waves that danced down her back.
  940. >Wearing a pale diamond blue strapless shirt, showing off all her upper bust, if you will.
  941. >Charcoal black bell bottoms contrast all the bright colors of her upper half.
  942. >Definitely the most stunning looking of all them so far.
  943. >Next to add their two cents was the girl who was now resting on her GTO.
  944. >”Rarity's got a point, Sunset.  These ol' Equestrian Muscle cars may pack a wallop, but they still need ya to give'em a gentile touch”
  945. >She says as she pats the hood of her Pontiac.
  946. >Total country girl.
  947. >Pale light orange skin with a few freckles on her face
  948. >She then put on a cowboy hat that held her light golden blonde hair in place
  949. >A pony tail falling in the back.
  950. >Apple red button up shirt that was tucked into her tight blue jeans, showing off her hips.
  951. >Which, if you didn't already guess it, were a treat to look at.
  952. >”AppleJack is right, Sunset!”
  953. >The owner of the cheerful voice came from the one who was now walking from her 3000GT.
  954. >She's wearing a white shirt that was mostly covered by a denim pale blue jacket.
  955. >A large frilly pink skirt with many bedazzling's littered all over the skirt and white leggings underneath the skirt.  
  956. >Big puffy hot pink hair that frazzled into a mane that rivaled even Adagio's
  957. >A lighter shade of pink skin to complement said hair.
  958. >Her overall aura has this upbeat vibe to her.
  959. >”It's a lot like kneading dough, you can't be too rough for too long or else you'll just have flat cookies!”
  960. >A different take you've haven't heard of before.
  961. >If it makes any sense at all, since, you know, you're no baker.
  962. >”Pinkie darling, this isn't anything like baking.”
  963. >Rarity chimes back in at Pinkie.
  964. >Then the girl from the faded pale yellow Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S finally says something.
  965. >”Well, I agree with AJ that these machines should be treated gently, and I see where Pinkie is coming from.”
  966. >Her voice is so soft and gentle.
  967. >Perfectly matching her overall aura.
  968. >Her skin, much like the others, matches the coating on her car.
  969. >Her slick light pink hair parted in the middle and flows down her sides.
  970. >She's wearing dark gray tight looking yoga pants, along with a dark gray, light pink two layer tutu around her waist.
  971. >Her top consists of a matching dark gray undershirt with a cold shoulder Royal purple shirt with a butterfly pattern on it.
  972. >”Fluttershy, don't encourage Pinkie Pie.”
  973. >Sunset tells Fluttershy, now with her attention her Mustang.
  974. >Now with it's open and all of the girls gathered together, arguing.
  975. >From afar, you're still not sure who they are.
  976. >Well, you know WHO they are.
  977. >They're the most popular girls in the whole of Canterlot High.
  978. >But more of who they are in this context.
  979. >You then finally nudge 4-Speed.
  980. “Care to give me an introduction?”
  981. >4-Speed then snaps back to reality.
  982. >But before he could answer your question, Sour Sweet speaks up.
  983. >”Those whores over there.”
  984. >Sour snarls and you turn to look at her
  985. >”Are the only real competition we have.”
  986. >She just has this disgusted look on her face.
  987. >”Projecting your insecurities much there, Sour?”
  988. >Another feminine voice speaks up from behind you.
  989. >You turn back around to find the last of the girls is now standing before both you and 4-Speed.
  990. >Baby blue skin with wild rainbow colored hair that just falls along her back.
  991. >She's wearing a rainbow striped spaghetti string top that went down to her blue denim skirt.
  992. >And a pair of red skin tight leggings underneath the skirt.
  993. >A smug grin on her face as she looks past both you and 4-Speed and at Sour Sweet.
  994. >”Cause in order for that to have been an insult to me, I would have needed to respect you first!”
  995. >A holler from the crowd over her clap back.
  996. >Sour then steps up to the girl.
  997. >”Whatever bitch!  You just better be ready for our race tonight.”
  998. >The smug look never wanes from the rainbow color haired girl.
  999. >”I mean, calling me names seems to be the only thing you can do since you can't beat me out on the road.”
  1000. >Sour just mean-mugs her some more before she finally storms away back with the rest of her crew.
  1001. >Then the girl turns her attention to 4-Speed.
  1002. >”The same goes for you.”
  1003. >Her smug look now turns into a glare.
  1004. >Shit, what did 4-Speed do to her?
  1005. >”You better not pussy out tonight, either.”
  1006. >This time, 4-Speed's carefree look finally faded away for the first time tonight.
  1007. >Her attention then turns from him to you.
  1008. >Her glare then turns into an uninterested look.
  1009. >”Who's the kid?”
  1010. >Kid?
  1011. >You're pretty sure you're both the same age.
  1012. >4-Speed then extends his arm towards her.
  1013. >”This is Rainbow Dash. The leader”
  1014. >He tells you.
  1015. >Then he proceeds to point out all the others.
  1016. >”Sunset Shimmer.”
  1017. >”AppleJack.”
  1018. >”Rarity.”
  1019. >”Pinkie Pie.”
  1020. >”Fluttershy.”
  1021. >”And Twilight Sparkle.”
  1022. >You kinda knew that already.
  1023. >But you guess a refresher never hurt.
  1024. >He then waves to all of them again.
  1025. >”They are known as the Sonic RainBooms, and they are currently the best racing crew in the State.”
  1026. >That's what you wanted to know.
  1027. >4-Speed continues on.
  1028. >”They burst on the scene only about 3 years ago and since then, they've dominated the competition.”
  1029. >You take a look around at the others and all you see are angry faces.
  1030. >You look back at Rainbow Dash and she has a proud look on her face.
  1031. >4-Speed then stands at arms length with you.
  1032. >He extends his arm out to you once again.
  1033. >”This is Anonymous, a friend of mine I invited to the races tonight.”
  1034. >She then smiles at you.
  1035. >”Came to see us finally disband these lowlifes and put them out of their misery?”
  1036. >She motions to 4-Speed and the others.
  1037. >Who all have a somber look on their faces.
  1038. >4-Speed also doesn't have a smile on his face either.
  1039. >Adagio Dazzle then speaks up.
  1040. >”He's apparently looking to find the 'White Mirage'.”
  1041. >Dash now looks amused.
  1042. >”You want the 'White Mirage'?  Pfft, better get in the back of the line.”
  1043. >She crosses her arms.
  1044. >”That and the 'Red Ghost' are the only racers that are worth our time, and they barely ever show up unless you're an awesome racer.  So it'll be a long road for any of them to want to deal with you.”
  1045. >You then instinctively snort.
  1046. “The 'Red Ghost' is none of my concern, I just want the Porsche.”
  1047. >A buzz then rumbles amongst the crowd over your comment.
  1048. >Dash then Smiles and chuckles.
  1049. >”You got balls kid, I'll give you that.  But, you're gonna need more than a pair of big balls to make it around here.”
  1050. >She then moves up to you and pats you on the shoulder.
  1051. >”Just stay out of our way, and you'll be fine.”
  1052. >After her words of encouragement, she turns to face the crowd whose all now gathered.
  1053. >She holds up her arms in the air.
  1054. >”Alright chumps, tonight is a team battle where a member from each crew will race each other.”
  1055. >She says as she rotates to get a look of everyone around.
  1056. >”Lets start things out with a nice drag race!”
  1057. >She then announces.
  1058. >”Teams, pick your reps and get on the street!”
  1059. >She claps her hands and walks back to her group.
  1060. >Everyone else is now breaking up back into their groups and moving their cars
  1061. >You follow 4-Speed back with the rest of the group to their cars.
  1062. >Looks like they're going to need to choose who has to go and drag.
  1063. >Wallflower looks to volunteer for the group.
  1064. >You all give her words of encouragement.
  1065. >”Thanks guys.”
  1066. >She smiles and bows to you all and she goes off to get in her car.
  1067. >You see that some people are already preparing the road for the race and lining up along the strip of road where it's taking place.
  1068. >You and the rest of the group hang back at the starting point.
  1069. >It's interesting as you see a few people set up some monitors for some reason.
  1070. >Wallflower then moves onto the road and stops at what looks at the starting line.
  1071. >She is pitted against what looks like a 91 Toyota Supra Mk3.
  1072. >Seems like a Crystal Clutch Club member as the logo on the back windshield show three cursive 'C''s with a diamond.
  1073. >The other opponent is Aria Blaze from the Dazzlings.
  1074. >She is rolling with a red mid 90's Mustang.  You can't tell exactly what model.
  1075. >The Dazlings logo on the car looks to be just a dragon silhouette
  1076. >And lastly, from the Sonic RainBooms is Sunset Shimmer with her Boss 429.
  1077. >The logo for them just seems to be a simple circular rainbow.
  1078. >This looks like a total mismatch.
  1079. >All four cars are now lined up and are revving their engines.
  1080. >There is a lot of power coming from that line.
  1081. >Now, a girl begins to walk in front of the cars and get's in between the 4 of them.
  1082. >Cream colored skin with shoulder length bowl cut light cyan hair and a red beret.
  1083. >She was wearing black thigh highs with a short red and black plaid skirt.
  1084. >A White short sleeve button up shirt with a red sailor collar with a black tie.
  1085. >She looks at all four cars and then lifts her left arm in the air.
  1086. >”Ready!”
  1087. >Cars are revving up even more.
  1088. >She then raises her right arm up above.
  1089. >”Set!”
  1090. >In one motion, she takes a single step forward and points both arms in front of her.
  1091. >”GO!”
  1092. >All four cars screech and jump forward as smoke is flying everywhere from the tires.
  1093. >Looks like the Boss was the one that jumped the fastest ahead.
  1094. >And it doesn't look back.
  1095. >Aria's Mustang seems to be the second behind it.
  1096. >Followed by the Crystal Clutch Supra.
  1097. >...And dragging behind is poor Wallflower and her 5.0.
  1098. >It's not a bad car, but you're guessing the other cars are just that much more modified.
  1099. >Sunset wins decisively.
  1100. >The noise of the cheering crowd for her is no match for her car's exhaust as it screams in victory.
  1101. >Even as far back as you are you can hear it loud and clear.
  1102. >The cars make their way back to your side of the road.
  1103. >Wallflower then gets out of her car as you gather around her.
  1104. >She looks totally defeated and down.
  1105. >You feel like an ass, but in all honesty, what did you think was going to happen?
  1106. >”Sorry guys.”
  1107. >After hearing her apology now you feel really bad for having that thought
  1108. >4-Speed just pats her on the shoulder and gives her a genuine smile.
  1109. >”You did good, as long as you had fun, that's all that matters.”
  1110. >She flashes a quick smile at his comforting words.
  1111. >”And it's that kind of attitude why you guys are nothing more than a laughingstock.”
  1112. >You immediately shoot a dirty look over at who said that.
  1113. >Sugarcoat is standing before you with an unimpressed look on her face.
  1114. “Hey, why don't you back off?”
  1115. >She then turns her attention to you without changing her demeanor
  1116. >”It would be more appropriate if you were to back off.”
  1117. >She responds in her cold monotone voice.
  1118. >”This scene is for serious competitors and any less is just wasting everyone's time.”
  1119. >You continue to stare down Sugarcoat and she is still unfazed.
  1120. >”Glaring at me isn't going to help you guys win. But you may as well choose your next victim as I am up next. And this time it's a race around the block.”
  1121. >She turns about face and walks off to her car.
  1122. >You then turn to see the others are discussing who will be the net to go.
  1123. >”Trixie shall be the one to venture forth and grant us a great victory!”
  1124. >Everyone, as in everyone in the group, now is cheering for Trixie and wishing her luck.
  1125. >”Hah! Trixie doesn't need luck!”
  1126. >Oh yes you do at this point.
  1127. >Her opponents look to be Sugarcoat and her 93 RX-7
  1128. >Sonata Dusk and her 03 Subaru WRX STi
  1129. >And Fluttershy with her 03 Beetle Turbo S
  1130. >Everyone is in position and the same girl from last time heads into the middle of the cars.
  1131. >”Ready!”
  1132. >She raises her right arm.
  1133. >”Set!”
  1134. >Raises her left.
  1135. >”GO!”
  1136. >She points both forward.
  1137. >All four cars screech and roar into life as they all dart off down the road.
  1138. >You keep close attention until they make their first right turn around the block.
  1139. >You then notice a bunch of people are now gathering around the various monitors that were temporarily set up.
  1140. >You've now figured out that there are some people placed at certain corners around the block to capture footage of the race.
  1141. >That's actually pretty rad.
  1142. >From the monitor you can see Fluttershy and Sugarcoat are head to head and Sonata Dusk is not far behind.
  1143. >Trixie, is actually not too far behind either of them as well.
  1144. >They take another turn.
  1145. >The monitors flicker, signifying it's moved onto the next cameraman.
  1146. >Sugarcoat is pulling ahead now.
  1147. >But not so much that Fluttershy is completely out just yet.
  1148. >Trixie is falling behind though.
  1149. >However, despite that she begins to gain ground due to the long straightaway.
  1150. >But then once they hit the next turn, Trixie goes at it too fast and hits the brakes too hard and she oversteers trying to turn.
  1151. >The crowd begins to get loud at her mistake.
  1152. >You're just glad she didn't flip her car or crash.
  1153. >Everyone else is already on the final stretch of the race.
  1154. >Sugarcoat is barely in the lead.
  1155. >Then at the last minute, Fluttershy appears right from behind her and over takes her just at the finish-line.
  1156. >Another win for the Sonic RainBooms.
  1157. >And another last place finish for the Canterlot Speed Stars.
  1158. >You take a deep breath and sigh.
  1159. >This was going to be a long night.
  1160. >And sure enough all the races after that were more of the same.
  1161. >Sonic RainBoom victories.
  1162. >Canterot Speed Star last place finishes
  1163. >The crowd is just about riled up and hyped as Rainbow Dash then takes center stage
  1164. >”Alright everyone!  It's time for the main event!”
  1165. >She hypes the crowd some more with her arms in the air.
  1166. >She then points out  Sour Sweet, Adagio Dazzle and 4-Speed.
  1167. >”It's time for each crew's leader to face each other!”
  1168. >With a wide shit eating grin on her face.
  1169. >”The leaders buy in is $2000. Winner gets the pot!”
  1170. >You eyes go wide and then you look over at 4-Speed.
  1171. >Racing for cash?
  1172. >Shit, if you had known that was the case, you'd have joined up a long time ago and rob these scrubs blind.
  1173. >4-Speed doesn't even seem to flinch at the announcement.
  1174. >You look over to the other two leaders.
  1175. >They too, don't seem too bothered by this either.
  1176. >You then move to his side.
  1177. “Yo man, are you sure you want to do this?”
  1178. >You ask in a worrying tone.
  1179. >4-Speed looks rather cool given the circumstances.
  1180. >”I'm good man.”
  1181. >He tells you with a smile back on his face.
  1182. >Then he turns back to Dash and pulls a wad of cash from his pocket.
  1183. >She takes it from him, then pull out some cash from her pocket as well.
  1184. >She combines both handfuls of cash and then she moves to the others.
  1185. >Both Sour Sweet and Adagio pull out money and had it to Dash.
  1186. >She then hands the stack of cash over to Twilight Sparkle and she begins to count it.
  1187. >Twilight then looks back to Dash and she nods, indicating that it's all there.
  1188. >”Alright leads, we're running the Imago Loop!”
  1189. >The what?
  1190. >”What the hell is the Imago Loop?”
  1191. >You go and ask Flash if he knows.
  1192. >”It's the name the street racers gave the route that circles the entire Industrial area.”
  1193. >He tells you.
  1194. >4-Speed has already lined at the starting line with his Civic Type-R.
  1195. >Sour Sweet is next in her 99 Skyline R34
  1196. >Then Adagio Dazzle with her 67 Corvette Stingray,
  1197. >And finally Rainbow Dash with her Audi R8.
  1198. >4-Speed's Type-R's engine sounds almost like a whisper compared to the other high powered cars he's going up against.
  1199. >This looks like it's going to be a slaughter.
  1200. >You almost don't want to watch.
  1201. >For the final time tonight, the same chick who's been starting the races gets in the middle of the racers.
  1202. >”Ready!”
  1203. >”Set!”
  1204. >”GO!”
  1205. >All of the cars roar and jump out.
  1206. >Adagio and her Stingray gets the best jump of the pack and gains an early lead.
  1207. >Followed by Sour Sweet
  1208. >Then Rainbow Dash
  1209. >And of course in the rear, 4-Speed
  1210. >You quickly make your way to the monitors to see more of the race.
  1211. >You can now get a better view of the monitor and the racers as they are about to make the first turn.
  1212. >Adagio slows her car greatly in order to make the turn.
  1213. >Sour tries to drift into the turn but goes a bit wide.
  1214. >It's not easy to drift in a 4WD car.
  1215. >As soon as you think that, Rainbow Dash takes the corner drifting in her R8
  1216. >Which is also a 4WD car.
  1217. >So Dash knows her stuff.
  1218. >4-Speed takes the corner well and drifts perfectly.
  1219. >He gains on Dash.
  1220. >You begin to nod your head.
  1221. >There are some people cheering in the crowd.
  1222. >Even his teammates are making some noise.
  1223. >If there are more turns like that on this route and if he doesn't make a mistake he could pull this off!
  1224. >Another straightaway but 4-Speeds momentum is helping him keep up with the rest.
  1225. >The monitor flickers again onto a new point of view.
  1226. >Another tight turn.
  1227. >Adagio flubs it again.
  1228. >As does Sour Sweet.
  1229. >Both Dash and 4-Speed over take them in the inside.
  1230. “Holy shit!”
  1231. >You exclaim.
  1232. >Everyone is now hollering and whistling.
  1233. >Dash is in the lead with 4-Speed right on her tail.
  1234. >Followed by Adagio and Sour.
  1235. >This stretch of road is much longer than the other so Dash creates a distance from 4-Speed.
  1236. >4-Speed is now losing momentum and the others catch up.
  1237. >He's neck and neck with Adagio with Sour right on his tail.
  1238. >Like, she may as well be trying to rear end him.
  1239. >Despite that, 4-Speed looks like he's keeping his cool.
  1240. >Another turn comes and once again Dash and 4-Speed make a tight turn.
  1241. >And once again 4-Speed is on Dash's tail end.
  1242. “Come one man, don't lose focus.”
  1243. >You mutter to yourself.
  1244. >This was a quick line as there was another tight turn.
  1245. >Dash makes a mistake this time and leaves too much open space.
  1246. >Enough for 4-Speed to drift right on in past her.
  1247. “Yeah!”
  1248. >You roar amongst the cheering crowd.
  1249. >4-Speed is now pulling a little ahead.
  1250. >The celebration is short lived though.
  1251. >Dash comes roaring back and is now on 4-Speed's tail.
  1252. >As are the others.
  1253. >This is the last long straightaway until the last turn onto the home stretch
  1254. > Dash now has momentum on that one and there was no distance created between her and 4-Speed.
  1255. >But then he is passed up by all three of the others.
  1256. >But it's not over.
  1257. >If he can pull one more perfect drift on this last turn, he can win this.
  1258. >You look away from the monitors and see the final turn for your own eyes.
  1259. >You can hear the screeching tires getting louder by the second.
  1260. >You see Dash Swing around the corner.
  1261. >As well as the other two girls as well.
  1262. >Then you can see 4-Speed's Type-R tightly make that last turn and hes about to pass all three at once for the lead.
  1263. >Then Adagio tries to turn into 4-Speed and clips him right at the end of the turn.
  1264. >4-Speed loses control and begins to spin out.
  1265. >Both Dash and Sour zoom past him.
  1266. >4-Speed is trying to regain control of his car.
  1267. >But then he runs out of space and crashes head first into a light pole.
  1268. >Your eyes go wide.
  1269. >Everything is now silent.
  1270. >Even though the excruciatingly loud engines of the other three cars roars as they are now zooming past you to the finish line.
  1271. >Dash won.
  1272. >But that wasn't fair.
  1273. >That wasn't right.
  1274. >You take a look around at everyone around you.
  1275. >Many are still cheering.
  1276. >Even after someone crashed.
  1277. >Not even sure if that driver died or not.
  1278. >You feel an intense anger swell up in you.
  1279. >But then it all disappears just as quickly as it came.
  1280. >You look back at 4-Speed.
  1281. >And you can see from a distance a figure craw out from the drivers side window.
  1282. >You and the rest of the group run over to his aid.
  1283. >As you get closer you can see him limping towards you.
  1284. >”Are you okay!?”
  1285. >You hear Wallflower yell as you get a bit closer.
  1286. >He doesn't answer.
  1287. >Once you reach him, both you and Flash try to carry him but he refuses your help.
  1288. >”I'm fine!”
  1289. >She shouts as he stands there for a second.
  1290. >You all look at each other.
  1291. >Then after a moment, he begins to kneel over and groan.
  1292. >Looks like the adrenaline wore off.
  1293. >Now both you and Flash pick him up and try to escort him back to where everyone was gathered.
  1294. >As you get closer to the crowd you can hear the excited chattering amongst themselves.
  1295. >Finally once you've returned with 4-Speed, everyone now is acting all worried and moving to give you space.
  1296. >You hear several 'Is he okay?' questions from some of the onlookers and a few more even come up to see him.
  1297. >You keep moving further into the crowd and people make way for you to do so.
  1298. >Finally, you make it to where the other racers are celebrating.
  1299. >Well, Dash is, with the wad of cash in her hand with a big grin or her face.
  1300. >Then they all notice you and 4-Speed.
  1301. “What the fuck was that all about!?”
  1302. >You immediately yell at all of them.
  1303. >Neither Dash, nor Sour, not even Adagio have any sort of remorseful look on their faces.
  1304. >In fact, they all look more annoyed than anything.
  1305. >”It's a street race, what the fuck did you think was going to go down?”
  1306. >Adagio snarks at you with her arms crossed.
  1307. >”You don't come into these thinking nothing will happen.  Cars get close and mistakes happen.”
  1308. >She's trying to play it off as an accident.
  1309. >You're not having any of that.
  1310. “No no, fuck that, that was NOT an accident!”
  1311. >You shout at Adagio.
  1312. >Now staring daggers into her.
  1313. 4-Speed was in control in that last turn on the inside, the same situation as the previous turn and I saw your car jerk unnaturally for a wide turn like that to clip him at the end of his drift.”
  1314. >You explain what you saw and some people in the crowd murmur to themselves.
  1315. “Had he followed through in the turn he would have won!”
  1316. >You proclaim.
  1317. >Now the girls are just laughing at you.
  1318. >”He 'would have' won?”
  1319. >Dash chirps, looking very amused.
  1320. >She then steps up to you, Flash and 4-Speed.
  1321. >”I don't think you get it, kid, this is big boy stuff, if you aren't willing to do whatever it takes to get the win, then you should just sit back down with all the rest of the babies.”
  1322. >She then waves her arm around, signifying everyone here.
  1323. >”This isn't '30 years ago' when the last time your pathetic excuse for a racing group were worth a damn and things were 'fun' and 'honorable'.”
  1324. >She then shrugs her arms.
  1325. >You take a look around and some people just have an uncomfortable look on their faces
  1326. >Hell, even Dash's own team mates don't look too proud right about now.
  1327. >”Time goes on, cars get faster, turbos more powerful, technology more innovative, the stakes get higher and drivers get more serious!”
  1328. >Dash then stares her own pair of daggers at you and the rest of the team, who have no gathered together.
  1329. >”Something you chucklefucks still haven't comprehended even after all this time.”
  1330. >Her cold stare is now slowly curling into a twisted looking smile.
  1331. >”I think it's about time to put you lot and your flash in the pan group out of commission for good.”
  1332. >You look back at the rest of the team.
  1333. >All of them have a look of sadness and disappointment on their faces.
  1334. >You look up to 4-Speed.
  1335. >He has this mixture of intense rage but also shameful look on his face.
  1336. >Then Flash lets go of 4-Speed and steps up to Rainbow Dash
  1337. >But before he could say anything, you then step up and place your hand on Flash's shoulder.
  1338. >”Huh?”
  1339. >He looks surprised as you pull him back.
  1340. >”Hah, glad to see at least you have some brains in you kid.”
  1341. >Dash coos at you pulling Flash back.
  1342. >He has this confused look on his face as to why you did that.
  1343. >You then step up to Dash.
  1344. “You.”
  1345. >You simply say.
  1346. >Then you look over at Adagio Dazzle.
  1347. >Then to Sour Sweet.
  1348. “All of you!”
  1349. >You then point to each girl.
  1350. “Next week, I challenge you all to a race!”
  1351. >There is a long pause.
  1352. >Then Dash begins to laugh.
  1353. >Followed by the other two girls.
  1354. >Then many in the crowd follow.
  1355. >”And just what are you going to race us with? Hopes and dreams?”
  1356. >She chuckles at her own joke.
  1357. >”I mean, you may have a better chance with hopes and dreams than using any of the clunkers those losers have.”
  1358. >Immediately after she said that you heard the sound of someone in the crowd blaring their car horn.
  1359. >”Cops! Cops!  Cops! I got a hit on the scanner, someone reported the races! GO!”
  1360. >Upon their announcement everyone starts to scatter and run out to their cars and drive off before the cops get there.
  1361. >You watch as everybody get in their cars and scatter away like roaches in light.
  1362. >You then pay attention to Rainbow Dash.
  1363. >Before she gets into her car, both you and her exchange a look for a moment.
  1364. >She then gets in her R8 and zooms off with everyone else.
  1365. >All that are left are you and the rest of the Canterlot Speed Stars.
  1366. >4-Speed then begins to limp back towards his totaled car.
  1367. >”You guys get out of here, I'll take the heat. Not like I can get away anyways.”
  1368. >He spits off to the side and continues to limp slowly.
  1369. >You look over at the others.
  1370. >They are all looking at each other.
  1371. >As if to make an agreement to stick together.
  1372. >”Was can't do that, man.”
  1373. >Flash is the first to speak up.
  1374. >We can't just up and leave you alone!”
  1375. >Wallflower is the next to speak up.
  1376. >”Trixie agrees with the others, there is no way the leader can leaver one of own alone to face the fuzz.”
  1377. >4-Speed then turns to you all.
  1378. >”Just go!”
  1379. >He now has an angry look on his face.
  1380. >One you haven't seen from him before.
  1381. >Everyone is taken back at his sudden outburst.
  1382. >Even himself.
  1383. >He then loosens up and sighs.
  1384. >”Look guys, I really do appreciate you wanting to stick by me. But it's not like I can just abandon my car here.  At least this way I can get a ride to the hospital and have a check up.”
  1385. >He takes another look at all of you.
  1386. >”Seriously, get out of here while you can. I'll be fine.”
  1387. >He then looks to Flash Sentry.
  1388. >”Flash, could you give Anon a ride to my place?  His car is there.”
  1389. >Flash just gives a nod.
  1390. >You all begin to hear sirens in the distance.
  1391. >4-Speed begins to turn away and make his way back to his car.
  1392. >”Go! They're getting close.”
  1393. >You all scatter and get in your cars and drive off.
  1394. >You get in Flash's car and you both drive off.
  1395. >You take one last look back at 4-Speed.
  1396. >He makes it to his car and just sets himself down on the ground next to the car.
  1397. >You then turn the corner and he is out of your sight.
  1399. >The ride back is a quiet one.
  1400. >Given what happened tonight at the races, it was probably better to forget everything that had happened.
  1401. >Both Flash and you are cruising along on the highway.
  1402. >Not even daring to speed with cops on alert now.
  1403. >You're facing out the passenger side window admiring the Canterlot City skyline and the silhouette of Mt. Everfree in the dark distance.
  1404. >It is then Flash finally speaks up.
  1405. >”Hey man, sorry your first time ended up like this.”
  1406. >You don't immediately answer him.
  1407. >You just continue following the lights from the various tall buildings in the distance.
  1408. “Well, there's really nothing we could have done about it.”
  1409. >Still not looking away from the city, you finally say something.
  1410. “I'm just more worried about 4-Speed.”
  1411. >You are finally torn away from the view and fix your sight to what's in front of you.
  1412. “That car was his baby.”
  1413. >You sigh.
  1414. >Now it's time for Flash to not say anything.
  1415. >”I feel the same bro.”
  1416. >He finally agrees with you.
  1417. >”I'm sure he's hurting physically, but the emotional pain from wrecking his ride must be so much worse.”
  1418. >You just nod your head and keep quiet once again.
  1419. >Even worse to think about it now.
  1420. >You don't think he's loaded like you and the others.
  1421. >That car was truly a labor of love from him.
  1422. >And it's gone, in an instant.
  1423. >”Hey.”
  1424. >Flash speaks up again.
  1425. >”What was that about, you know, you challenging them and beating them to races?”
  1426. >Oh right.
  1427. >You had said that in the heat of the moment.
  1428. “Oh right, yeah...”
  1429. >You trail off.
  1430. >You didn't want to reveal yet that your father was the founder.
  1431. >For the looks of it nobody seems to remember him.
  1432. >But they sure do remember his car.
  1433. >Which right now that's all you want them to know.
  1434. >Flash then nudges you.
  1435. >”Come on man, don't tell me you're gonna try and race them with that Neon of yours?”
  1436. >That actually made you chuckle.
  1437. “No, no, I have something planned now.”
  1438. >Flash takes his eyes off the road and looks at you.
  1439. >Thankfully you're on a straightaway and there are no cars on the road.
  1440. >”You have something 'planned'?  Planned like what?”
  1441. >Flash is trying to probe you.
  1442. “Just wait until next weekend. I've got something for them.”
  1443. >Flash shakes his head and looks back out to the road ahead of him.
  1444. >”Look man, don't try anything funny against them.  They're all very good racers.”
  1445. “And 4-Speed looked like a better racer than them.”
  1446. >You quickly respond.
  1447. “At least, he's a damn good drifter.”
  1448. >You add.
  1449. >”Yeah but that's 4-Speed, not you.  He's been at this for years.”
  1450. >That is true.
  1451. >”And the RainBooms, they're all good, like really good.  Including Dash, She's been driving and racing since before she got her license.”
  1452. >But so have you.
  1453. >You've been mimicking your fathers style ever since you were given the Z.
  1454. >Not to toot your own horn, but you think you're just about as good as him now.
  1455. >”Just, don't do anything stupid or brash.”
  1456. >Flash pleads,
  1457. >You roll your eyes.
  1458. “Okay mom.”
  1459. >Now it was Flash's turn to laugh.
  1460. >”Okay, okay I'll shut up.”
  1461. >You finally make it back to 4-Speed's place.
  1462. >Your car is still in it's place untouched.
  1463. >You feel a little bad for thinking something would happen to it.
  1464. >Both you Flash say your goodbyes.
  1465. “See you Monday.”
  1466. >You tell Flash.
  1467. >”Likewise.”
  1468. >He waves as he drives off.
  1469. >You watch as he turns the corner and is out of sight.
  1470. >Then you get into your Neon and drive home.
  1471. >When you do get home, you notice everyone is asleep.
  1472. >So you have to very quietly make your way to your room and head to bed.
  1474. >Saturday.
  1475. >You head into work.
  1476. >It was 4-Speed's scheduled day off.
  1477. >You decide not to ask or say anything about the incident last night at the races.
  1478. >Hopefully he's doing okay.
  1479. >And since they haven't told you anything about him, you'd think that's a good sigh, no?
  1480. >No news is good news.
  1481. >You finish up your day and head home.
  1482. >Have dinner with the folks.
  1483. >The usual.
  1484. >For tonight's ride, you decide to take the Z over to the Industrial area and get a few practice laps around the Imago Loop.
  1485. >You then deviate off onto other areas and familiarize yourself with the area even more.
  1486. >So that there are no surprises come next week.
  1487. >Maybe it wasn't the wisest idea to come back here only a day after the crash or the event.
  1488. >But it looked to be clam so you got your reps in.
  1489. >Afterwords you begin to cruise on the Expressway.
  1490. >Up and down for miles.
  1491. >Seeing if you could find the 'White 'Mirage' once again.
  1492. >You find nothing but a few more scrubs that you blow out.
  1493. >With another nice night of driving, you head off and full the tank up at e 24 hour gas station and head home for the night.
  1495. >Sunday.
  1496. >Another nothing day.
  1497. >Sure enough though, 4-Speed didn't show up for work today.
  1498. >Now you go and ask the manager about him.
  1499. “Hey boss, what happened to 4-Speed today, wasn't he supposed to show up today?”
  1500. >You decide to play dumb about what had happened on Friday night.
  1501. >He doesn't say anything for a moment.
  1502. >”I'm afraid he'll be out for a few weeks at least.”
  1503. >You figured he'd be out.
  1504. >You just weren't sure how long.
  1505. “What happened?”
  1506. >Still playing dumb.
  1507. >The manager just shakes his head.
  1508. >”Not sure, all I could tell was he got in a car wreck.”
  1509. >You look down to the floor.
  1510. “Damn.”
  1511. >Maybe you should show a little more emotion.
  1512. >But you also don't want to seem too dramatic.
  1513. >”Yeah, he was released from the hospital today.  Sounds like all he sustained were back and neck pains.”
  1514. >Considering how hard he hit the pole he got off easy.
  1515. >Which is good.
  1516. >”Though the doctor has already recommenced he stay home until he feels better.”
  1517. >You just sit there, nod your head and say the 'I hope he feels better' line and get back to work.
  1518. >At this point there is no point to dwell on it more.
  1519. >Now you must prepare for next weekend.
  1520. >The week moves on relatively quickly.
  1521. >You run into the other members at school.
  1522. >You have some small conversations with them.
  1523. >they ask how 4-Speed was doing.
  1524. >You tell them what you know.
  1525. >You've also ran into the Sonic RainBooms a few times.
  1526. >But they keep their distance.
  1527. >As do you.
  1528. >No reason to cause a scene at school.
  1529. >Sometimes Rainbow Dash give's you this look of amusement.
  1530. >Still selling you short.
  1531. >Which is good.
  1532. >Flash still wants to know what you have in store.
  1533. >And you keep telling him to wait until the weekend.
  1534. >Friday afternoon.
  1535. >You have dinner with the parents.
  1536. >You're about ready to head out when you remembered something.
  1537. >Cash.
  1538. >You may have to race for cash.
  1539. >Something you don't have.
  1540. >Sure, you have a credit card with a huge credit limit thanks to your dad.
  1541. >But credit isn't cold hard cash.
  1542. >You may need to borrow some.
  1543. >So now you need to talk to your father.
  1544. >He's working on something on the computer in his home office.
  1545. >As you walk in you quickly look around the office.
  1546. >You don't come in here often.
  1547. >Mostly because there is no real reason to.
  1548. >A large room.
  1549. >Even bigger than your own.
  1550. >He has a coffee table with several chairs surrounding it.
  1551. >There is a large plush chair in the corner of the room with a small table next to it.
  1552. >One side of the room is completely covered with a large bookshelf.
  1553. >Filled with various books.
  1554. >Books on Business.
  1555. >Literature.
  1556. >Racing.
  1557. >There is even an entire shelf dedicated to Haynes Car Manual's
  1558. >Very handy to have really.
  1559. >Another wall is just an entire window that looks out to the courtyard in the center of your house.
  1560. >The next side is his desk and the back wall that hangs his college degree as well as vocational certificates he's completed for Auto Repair and Maintenance.
  1561. >He has a few model cars placed beneath them.
  1562. >Of course one of them was a red Nissan 240z.
  1563. >A blue striped Mustang GT500
  1564. >A yellow Corvette ZR1
  1565. >And a white Nissan Skyline GT-R.
  1566. >To name a few.
  1567. >There are also pictures around the office from his past.
  1568. >Mostly of him with famous people he's met.
  1569. >There is one where he looks to be in his teens.
  1570. >Sitting on the trunk of the Z when it was his.
  1571. >It was the same color then.
  1572. >It looks like a different body kit was on it though.
  1573. >You reach his desk and he still hasn't noticed you.
  1574. >Once again showing his laser focus on what he's doing.
  1575. “Hey dad...”
  1576. >Your words jolts him from his monitor and looks at you surprised.
  1577. >”Oh! Hey Anon, what's up?”
  1578. >He then goes back to whatever was on his computer screen, typing away on his keyboard.
  1579. “Hey, um,”
  1580. >You pause.
  1581. >This is never easy for someone to ask their parents for.
  1582. “Can I borrow, $2000 in cash?”
  1583. >This gets your fathers attention fully as he no longer is paying any attention to his computer monitor.
  1584. “Please?”
  1585. >You add with a silly, cheeky smile on his face?”
  1586. >Dad just cocks his head to the side.
  1587. >”The hell do you need two grand in cash for?  Planning on doing a drug deal?”
  1588. >That little inquiry brought out a laugh from you.
  1589. “No, no dad, I swear, it actually for...”
  1590. >You then explain the situation to him.
  1591. >The current scene.
  1592. >The state of the Canterlot Speed Stars.
  1593. >Crystal Clutch Club.
  1594. >And the Sonic RainBooms.
  1595. >About what really happened to 4-Speed.
  1596. >And how you are basically going to defend his and the Canterlot Speed Star's honor.
  1597. >But, you're going to need cash to buy in.
  1598. >Your dad sits back in his chair and takes a deep breath.
  1599. >”Man, if we were racing for that kind of money back in the day I'd have robbed fools blind.”
  1600. >You chuckle.
  1601. “I thought the same thing when I found out.”
  1602. >You tell him cheerfully.
  1603. >Finally, he takes a set of keys from his pocket.
  1604. >He then unlocks a drawer in his desk.
  1605. >He pulls out a gray metal box and then uses another key to unlock that.
  1606. >The box opens and what you can see is loads of cash in the box.
  1607. >He then pulls out an handful of 100 dollar bills and counts them on the table.
  1608. >Twenty crisp brand new 100 dollar bills are now on the table and he slides it to you on the desk.
  1609. >He then places the remaining bills back in the box with the rest.
  1610. >Locks up the box and places it back in the drawer and locks the drawer.
  1611. “What's with the box of money?”
  1612. >You had to ask.
  1613. >”For a rainy day because you just can't trust the banks and the stock markets sometimes.”
  1614. >You shrug your shoulders as you guess that's good enough for you.
  1615. >You reach out to grab the money when then your father puts out his hand to stop you.
  1616. >”Ah ah, a few things.”
  1617. >He says as you quickly retract your hand back to your side.
  1618. >”First, If you win, I would like the cash back as you said you merely wanted to borrow it.”
  1619. >Guess you should have said 'have the money' but that's fine.
  1620. >He didn't say he wanted the rest of the cash.
  1621. >”But if you lose, not only will you have to work to pay it back, but you'll also be grounded.”
  1622. >You nod and finally take the cash.
  1623. “Isn't it a bit weird to be grounding an eighteen year-old?”
  1624. >You ask.
  1625. >Your dad just shrugs his shoulders.
  1626. >”It is, but so long as you're still living under my roof and using my money, you'll also have to live by my rules.”
  1627. >You nod.
  1628. “Fair enough.”
  1629. >You turn to leave the office before your father give you one last word of encouragement.
  1630. >”Good luck, not that you'll need it really.”
  1631. >You stop at the doorway to his office and just let out a small chuckle.
  1632. >It's time.
  1633. ([MOVE - Raise Up - Single]
  1634. >You open the sliding doors to the huge garage.
  1635. >You walk past your Neon and then some other cars that were part of your fathers collection.
  1636. >Then stop in front of the one that started it all for him.
  1637. >And is now gonna start your own legacy.
  1638. >You hop in.
  1639. >Put the key in the ignition.
  1640. >And star it up.
  1641. >The car hums to life.
  1642. >You cruise along the streets of your neighborhood at a normal pace.
  1643. >But once you reach the highway, it's guns blazing.
  1644. >You're flying through the light traffic out over to the Industrial area of the city.
  1645. >It's about time to reveal yourself to the scene
  1646. >And to teach some bitches a lesson.
  1647. >It's a little past the time to meet up.
  1648. >But you do have a flare for the dramatic.
  1649. >Once you reach Donut Joe's you see that everyone it here.
  1650. >You try to quickly scan to see where Flash and the rest of the crew are settled.
  1651. >You don't see them immediately but you do see the other groups you decide to speed up to get closer.
  1652. >They notice you and everyone is looking and pointing at you.
  1653. >Once you get close enough you put the car in neutral and pull the E-brake and make the car do a 180.
  1654. >You set the car in reverse and move up until you right in front of the group and then stop.
  1655. >Making sure everyone can see the 'C.S.S.” logo on the car.
  1656. >You wait for a moment until there is a large crowd.
  1657. >Finally, you take a deep breath.
  1658. >And open the door to exit the car.
  1659. >There is a collective gasp amongst everyone.
  1660. >An immediate buzz can now be felt as everyone is now quick to get close to you and to inspect the car.
  1661. >Now you are being bombarded with questions coming from everywhere.
  1662. >'Damn son, where'd you get that?'
  1663. >'Is that the car that I think it is?'
  1664. >'Did you steal it?'
  1665. >'Can you actually race?'
  1666. >'Is it automatic or manual?'
  1667. >'what you running under that hood?'
  1668. >Okay, so maybe you weren't totally ready for all the attention you were getting.
  1669. >“Anon!?”
  1670. >You look over to your left and see Flash accompanied by the rest of the Speed Stars.
  1671. >Even 4-Speed was there, albeit in a neck brace.
  1672. >The same look of shock as everyone else across all members.
  1673. >You then shut the door to the Z and make your way to them.
  1674. >People are not giving you space so you have to pretty much shove your way through.
  1675. >”What the hell man?”
  1676. >Flash pulls you in and the rest of the team huddles around you.
  1677. “What?”
  1678. >You say stupidly.
  1679. >Flash then just motions both his arms at the Z.
  1680. >”This!”
  1681. >He exclaims.
  1682. >”What the hell is this!?”
  1683. >You decide to play dumb.
  1684. “It's uh, a 1973 Datsun 240z, better known elsewhere as the Nissan Fairlady Z S30.”
  1685. >He doesn't look impressed with your attitude.
  1686. >”You know what I mean, man.”
  1687. >He looks at the car and then back to you.
  1688. >”Are you telling me you're the Red...”
  1689. >He doesn't finish his sentence.
  1690. >You take a look over at 4-Speed.
  1691. >He looks like he's seen a ghost.
  1692. >A red ghost.
  1693. >Zing!
  1694. >Immediately after Flash's inquiry, you hear another voice in the distance.
  1695. >”Alright, alright people what's the big deal over he-”
  1696. >It was Rainbow Dash.
  1697. >Making her way through the crowd along with the rest of the Sonic RainBooms.
  1698. >The look on her face is a mixture of awe and excitement.
  1699. >If at least for a moment.
  1700. >Then there is this look of determination on her face.
  1701. >”Alright, who's the wiseguy who thought it'd be a good joke to bring a replica of the 'Red Ghost' here?”
  1702. >The group of people that were around you and the rest of the CSS begin to slowly back away and create an empty space for you.
  1703. >Then Dash notices you.
  1704. >Then it clicks in her head.
  1705. >She furrows her brow at you.
  1706. >”Is this some kind of joke?”
  1707. >She begins to circle the car.
  1708. >”Very funny kid. You think you can scare us by bringing in this thing?”
  1709. >You have to say you're amazed she's not convinced this is the real deal.
  1710. >”What junkyard did you salvage this from?”
  1711. >You look at the car, then back to Dash.
  1712. ”I inherited it.”
  1713. >More collective talking amongst the crowd over your answer.
  1714. >Dash still doesn't look any more intimidated.
  1715. >”Inherited? From who?”
  1716. “My dad”
  1717. >You quickly say.
  1718. >Dash lightly changes her facial expression to a more annoyed look than a glare.
  1719. >”And am I supposed to know who your daddy is?”
  1720. >You don't say anything for a moment.
  1721. >You take another look at your car.
  1722. >Then back at Dash.
  1723. >Then back to your car
  1724. >You then point out the 'C.S.S.' logo on the back windshield.
  1725. “He was the original owner of this car.”
  1726. >You then look back at Dash.
  1727. “And the founder of the Canterlot Speed Stars.”
  1728. >The crowd starts to chatter amongst themselves once again.
  1729. >A now bigger gossip amongst the crowd than when you first arrived on the scene.
  1730. >Dash stands frozen for a second.
  1731. >Then something happened.
  1732. >Well not really, but you take a special note of it.
  1733. >Her face once again descends into a glare.
  1734. >But this is not any normal glare.
  1735. >This was the nastiest look you have even seen a girl give anyone.
  1736. >Something about that must have touched a nerve.
  1737. >You decide to try and egg her on.
  1738. “Now I've come to rep the Speed Stars and restore their name and honor.”
  1739. >Sounds cheesy and cliché as all hell.
  1740. >You hear some hoots and hollers out in the crowd who ate that line up.
  1741. >”Honor?”
  1742. >You hear another familiar voice chime in out of nowhere.
  1743. >Here comes Adagio and the Dazzlings.
  1744. >”You really think you can just waltz in here and be taken seriously by just spewing a bunch of old world crap about honor?”
  1745. >You simply nod.
  1746. “Something you know nothing about, I'm sure.”
  1747. >'oooh's' draw from the crowd like some elementary school argument.
  1748. >You notice a small giggle from Sonata in the background.
  1749. >Adagio obviously doesn't look too pleased.
  1750. >”You want me to embarrass you like I did to your little friend back there?”
  1751. >She points over to 4-Speed.
  1752. >You take a look over at him.
  1753. >He's stone faced and you can't get a good read on him.
  1754. >Then you look back at Adagio.
  1755. “I would love for you and your sisters to try.”
  1756. >Adagio just puts on a wicked smile and gets right into your face.
  1757. >”Oh, it's on little man.”
  1758. >She then proceeds to head over to Dash.
  1759. >”Make the race happen.”
  1760. >Dash finally eases off her death glare and now looks satisfied.
  1761. >”Fine by me.”
  1762. >She then turns to the crowd.
  1763. >”Well , looks like our first race will be the kid versus all three of the Dazzlings on the Imago Loop!”
  1764. >There is a cheer in the crowd.
  1765. >But you interject.
  1766. “Hold on, I want to race you”
  1767. >You then point to Dash
  1768. >Then look and point over to Sour Sweet.
  1769. “And you.”
  1770. >Sour Sweet responds to your challenge.
  1771. >”Fine by me.”
  1772. >She then looks over to Dash who shakes her head.
  1773. >”No, you haven't earned the right to be on the same road as me.”
  1774. >You bring your full attention to Rainbow Dash
  1775. “What's the matter?  Seen a ghost?”
  1776. >You mock her.
  1777. >She doesn't bite.
  1778. >”As much as I would love to embarrass you, the Dazzlings will be suitable enough to put you in your place.”
  1779. >Bitch is scared.
  1780. >But she's putting on a good poker face.
  1781. >Looks like you'll have to win your way to face her, much like the Porsche.
  1782. >And you'll be running the Imago Loop, so it won't be too foreign for you against the Dazzlings.
  1783. >”But just to make things more interesting...”
  1784. >She adds while putting a wicked smile on her face that you're getting too familiar with.
  1785. >”Boy, if you lose, then the Canterlot Speed Stars are officially disbanded and dead for good!”
  1786. >Now it's your turn to glare at her.
  1787. >”And just for extra fun, There is a special three thousand dollar wager, winner gets the pot.”
  1788. >What?
  1789. “Hold on, that's bullshit!”
  1790. >You protest.
  1791. “Why the fuck is this race so high than last time?”
  1792. >You try to get in her face but Flash and Vinyl hold you back.
  1793. >Dash just shrugs her shoulders now with a smug look on her face.
  1794. >”High risk, high reward. Considering what else is on the line the money should be the least of your worries.”
  1795. >She crosses her arms.
  1796. >”What's the matter? Did daddy not give you any allowance?”
  1797. >You reach into your pocket and pull out the cash and hold it in the air.
  1798. “I've got two thousand dollars.”
  1799. >Dash then looks at you sideways.
  1800. >And then snorts.
  1801. >”First time and already it's too big for your britches.”
  1802. >You then feel a pressure on your right shoulder.
  1803. >You are turned around by Flash Sentry.
  1804. >He takes your hand with the cash in it and places another wad of cash.
  1805. >He looks over to Dash.
  1806. >”He's got the cash.”
  1807. >Flash then pats you on the back.
  1808. “You know what you're doing?”
  1809. >You asked him.
  1810. >Admittedly in a worried tone.
  1811. >He back steps from you and shakes his head.
  1812. >”No, but I believe in you.”
  1813. >You can't help but smile.
  1814. >You take a quick look at your hand.
  1815. >It's a mixture of hundreds and twenty dollar bills.
  1816. >You then turn back to Dash and hand over the cash.
  1817. >”Cute, crowdfunding your own funeral.”
  1818. >She takes your cash and then makes her way over to the Dazzlings.
  1819. >Neither of them look too thrilled at the price as well.
  1820. >But they all reluctantly pay it.
  1821. >So it's a Twelve thousand dollar pot.
  1822. >Dash then turns to the crowd.
  1823. >”It's on!”
  1824. >There is a loud cheering.
  1825. >She then motions for 4-Speed to come close to her.
  1826. >He does.
  1827. >She then hands him the money.
  1828. >”You can hold onto the money this race, since I know you won't be able to get away with it.”
  1829. >She mocks him.
  1830. >You bitch.
  1831. >”Everyone to the starting line!”
  1832. >She turns and yells.
  1833. >You're feeling something inside that you haven't felt before.
  1834. >Is it fear?
  1835. >No.
  1836. >Excitement?
  1837. >Possibly.
  1838. >You're not sure what to make of it.
  1839. >You don't want to say you like it, but you certainly don't hate it.
  1840. >You make your way back into your car and head over to the starting line.
  1841. >Next to Adagio and her Corvette Stingray
  1842. >And Sonata Dusk and her WRX.
  1843. >And lastly Aria with her Mustang.
  1844. >You keep your vision in front of you
  1845. >With both hands on the steering wheel.
  1846. >You take a deep breath.
  1847. >Come on, Anon
  1848. >This is no different than you riding up on some unsuspecting racers on the highway.
  1849. “You got this.”
  1850. >You tell yourself.
  1851. >And you say it to yourself again.
  1852. >As if you're trying to convince yourself so.
  1853. >You then notice a girl walk across your front hood.
  1854. >Light gray skin with pale light blonde hair that was tied up.
  1855. >she was wearing a bubble pattern choker sleeveless crop top that may as well been a bra as her breasts were bouncing with each step.
  1856. >A light blue mini skirt showed off her legs well.
  1857. >Her eyes were oddly disjointed and were looking in different directions.
  1858. >She reaches the middle between the four of you.
  1859. >She begins the countdown.
  1860. >”Ready!”
  1861. >”Set!”
  1862. >You feel your hands grip your steering wheel and shifter tight.
  1863. >Your foot already on the clutch.
  1864. >”GO!”
  1865. >You shift into gear and slam on the gas pedal.
  1866. ( [Various - NO ONE SLEEP IN TOKYO - Initial D])
  1867. >You car roars and boosts off.
  1868. >Looks like Adagio's Corvette had a better jump than you as she takes the quick lead.
  1869. >But she doesn't make much distance and you're able to keep up with each shift.
  1870. >The same can be said with Aria and her Mustang.
  1871. >She's right on your ass to the left.
  1872. >And Sonata on the right.
  1873. >This is going to be tougher than you thought.
  1874. >You're approaching the first turn.
  1875. >Much like the last time, Adagio slows considerably to make the turn safely.
  1876. >You simply downshift and kick your clutch and coast through the turn.
  1877. >You take the lead.
  1878. >Time for the straightaway.
  1879. >You use this time to try and create distance.
  1880. >And you do.
  1881. >But not for long as Adagio easily gains back on you.
  1882. >Then the next turn comes.
  1883. >You take the turn well.
  1884. >But so does Adagio this time.
  1885. >Now you're both neck and neck.
  1886. >The other two just right behind you.
  1887. >This is the long straightaway so the other two take the outside lanes, sandwiching you and Adagio in.
  1888. >It's a battle for speed.
  1889. >And while you have a respectable build in your car.
  1890. >You can't help that the two Muscle cars have that much more power as Adagio and Aria pull ahead.
  1891. >You try to keep your cool and tell yourself that this is going to be won on the corners.
  1892. >The next turn comes and you sloppily drift through.
  1893. >You're now in third right behind Adagio and Aria.
  1894. >A quick line and another turn.
  1895. >This time you make the inside drift and squeeze through past Aria and her Mustang.
  1896. >Now in second.
  1897. >The last long stretch of road before the last turn to the finish.
  1898. >Gotta make it count.
  1899. >You are catching up to Adagio and leaving the other two in the dust.
  1900. >The final turn is coming up.
  1901. >You're on the outside.
  1902. >You decide to take a chance and power through the turn on forth gear.
  1903. >And pray Adagio makes a mistake.
  1904. >Your prayers are answered.
  1905. >Adagio slightly oversteers and has to let go of the gas.
  1906. >Giving you enough room and power to pull ahead.
  1907. >She makes a quick recovery and catches up to you.
  1908. >You keep an eye on her.
  1909. >It looks like she tries to position herself to try and clip you like she did to 4-Speed.
  1910. >But you were prepared for this.
  1911. >As soon as you see her jerk her car towards yours, you pull the E-brake, step on your brake and steer the car into her direction.
  1912. >Your car slides over and she misses you completely.
  1913. >Your car completes the 360 donut and Adagio temporarily loses control of her car.
  1914. >She then almost runs into her sisters as they make their turns causing them to steer out of control.
  1915. >Ha! You can't believe how well that worked.
  1916. >You quickly get back into gear and finish the race.
  1917. >In first place.
  1918. >You did it.
  1919. >As you slow down to a full stop you are bombarded with onlookers and admirers.
  1920. >You open the door and step out into the chaos.
  1921. >Everyone is congratulating you.
  1922. >Asking for tips.
  1923. >Patting you on the back.
  1924. >You have an uncontrollable smile on your face from all the attention.
  1925. >You finally push your way through to your friends.
  1926. >Everyone runs up to you with pure joy on their faces.
  1927. >Wallflower and Trixie both glomp you.
  1928. >Flash also gives you a hug.
  1929. >You see 4-Speed and he has this proud look on his face.
  1930. >He then gives you a nod and grabs your hand and raises it in the air.
  1931. >More cheering from everyone.
  1932. >You then see the girls from the Crystal Clutch Club.
  1933. >They all have this nonchalant look among their faces.
  1934. >While the RainBooms actually look happy and are nodding in approval.
  1935. >Except for Rainbow Dash.
  1936. >Who looks pissed.
  1937. >Now it's your turn to shoot her a smug look on your face.
  1938. >Upon seeing this, the crowd makes room and creates an open space between you and Dash.
  1939. >You then proudly shout loud enough over the commotion to Dash.
  1940. “Looks like the Canterlot Speed Stars live to fight another day!”
  1941. >Dash doesn't respond.
  1942. >She just turns and storms off into the crowd.
  1943. >Damn that felt good.
  1945. >After it was all over, 4-Speed says for you all to meet at a late night diner for a celebration.
  1946. >Of course the whole crew is present.
  1947. >Sitting at a booth with drinks and various snack foods scattered across the table.
  1948. >All anyone can talk about is your race.
  1949. >”You were amazing!”
  1950. >Claims Wallflower.
  1951. >Vinyl nods and gives you a thumbs up.
  1952. >”Trixie is impressed with your improvements! I dare say that you could be the best amongst all of us.”
  1953. >Maybe as good a complement as you're gonna get from her.
  1954. >Flash even sings his praises.
  1955. >”Dude, you NEED to teach us some of your skills!”
  1956. >You lightly chuckle as you turn to 4-Speed.
  1957. >He still just has this smile on his face.
  1958. >”Your drifting needs work.”
  1959. >He says warmly.
  1960. >That made you laugh out loud.
  1961. >Mostly because it's true.
  1962. “I do.”
  1963. >You playfully reply.
  1964. “Maybe we can trade lessons?”
  1965. >4-Speed just sighs and it looks like he deflates into his seat.
  1966. >”I don't think I will be able to.”
  1967. >You tilt your head in confusion.
  1968. “Why's that?”
  1969. >You ask.
  1970. >”My car is totaled, and I simply don't make enough to get repairs done.”
  1971. >He then sighs as he slouches in his seat now.
  1972. >”I might have to drop from the group.”
  1973. >There is an uncomfortable silence.
  1974. >So he tries to change the subject
  1975. >”But seriously, thank you, Anon, you saved the team.”
  1976. >You then shake your head.
  1977. >”Not just me, thank Flash Sentry for fronting me the cash to race. Really, thank you for believing in me.”
  1978. >You turn to thank Flash.
  1979. >Flash is now acting bashful.
  1980. >”Aw come on man, it was no big deal.”
  1981. >There were some chuckles.
  1982. >”Oh right!”
  1983. >4-Speed says as he pulls the large wad of cash out of his pocket.
  1984. >”Here's the prize money.”
  1985. >You instinctively reach out to grab the cash and then stop at the last minute.
  1986. >You think for a moment.
  1987. >Another moment of awkward silence.
  1988. >Then you bring out your other hand and extract the original two thousand you had borrowed from your father and left the rest of the cash in 4-Speed's hand.
  1989. >”What's up?”
  1990. >He asks.
  1991. >You shake your head.
  1992. “You keep the rest, to repair the Type-R.”
  1993. >His eyes go wide and all color is drained from his face.
  1994. >The others looked just as surprised and shocked as well.
  1995. >”No.”
  1996. >He says.
  1997. >”N-no man, I can't...”
  1998. >You nod your head.
  1999. “Yes you can. It's not like my family or I are hurting for money.  All I need was the original two thousand to give back to my dad.”
  2000. >He then leans over to you to try and give you the money.
  2001. >”Seriously man, I can't”
  2002. >You then push the cash back to him.
  2003. ”The team needs you, and ten grand should be more than enough to get your car back running.  Hell you could probably get some more upgrades!”
  2004. >You quickly look over to Flash.
  2005. “Though you may want to ask Flash if he want's his grand back.”
  2006. >He quickly shakes his head.
  2007. >”Oh, no no no, if the money is going to go towards helping 4-Speed get back on his feet, by all means keep it.”
  2008. >He then turns to 4-Speed.
  2009. >”It's the least I can do.”
  2010. >4-Speed just sits there.
  2011. >With ten thousand dollars in cash in hand.
  2012. >”...Wow, I uh..”
  2013. >He's at a loss for words.
  2014. >He's starting to tear up
  2015. >”I mean..., fuck man.”
  2016. >He rubbing his eyes with his free hand.
  2017. >Now the tears are falling.
  2018. >”Thank you.”
  2019. >He says softly.
  2020. >”You don't know how much this means to me.”
  2021. >He says again as little by little he's getting more emotional.
  2022. >He places the money down on the table as beckons for your hand.
  2023. >You extend your hand and 4-Speed clasps both his hands onto yours.
  2024. >”As of this day forward. I relinquish the role of leader of the Canterlot Speed Stars to it's rightful heir.”
  2025. “Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone there!”
  2026. >You pull back your hand.
  2027. “I didn't agree to that.”
  2028. >4-Speed continues on.
  2029. >”Anon, in one night you've done more for the team than I have done for years.  Think about that.”
  2030. >Seriously?
  2031. >”Not only have you struck fear in the others hearts, gained a following from the crowd, you've given the members hope”
  2032. >You take a look at the others and all of them have warm smiles.
  2033. >You don't know if you could lead.
  2034. >”And besides, I can't race until my car is back up and running, someone needs to lead in the intern.”
  2035. >4-Speed smiles.
  2036. >Seems like you really don't have a choice.
  2037. >You let out a deep sigh.
  2038. “Fine.”
  2039. >4-Speed bows his head.
  2040. >The girls cheer.
  2041. >And Flash nods in approval.
  2042. >4-Speed then takes his glass and raises it in the air.
  2043. >”To Anon.”
  2044. >He says as the others follow suit.
  2045. >”Congratulations on the promotion.”
  2046. >He says with his signature smile back on his face.
  2047. >You shake your head but you also raise your glass for a toast.
  2048. >After all the festivities, you finally get back home.
  2049. >Upon entering the house and heading to your room, you notice that your father's office light is still on and his door open.
  2050. >You quietly make your way into his office and you see your father sitting in his big chair in the corner of the room.
  2051. >He seems to be reading a manual on Porsches whilst smoking a fancy basket tobacco pipe.
  2052. >As you get closer the rich heavy smell of blended tobacco hit your nose and you cough, alerting your father of your presence.
  2053. >He looks up to you.
  2054. >”Ah, finally back home?”
  2055. >You just nod.
  2056. >”So, how did it go?”
  2057. >Without any control, your face curls into a big smile.
  2058. >This tips off your father that you had won.
  2059. >He nods with a smile of his own on his face.
  2060. >”And the money?”
  2061. >You pull out the small stack of hundred dollar bills and hand it to him.
  2062. >”Hm, what did you do with the rest of the winnings?”
  2063. >That took you by surprise.
  2064. >You then look at the money in your hand then back to him.
  2065. “oh, uh...”
  2066. >You then tell him what you did.
  2067. >He then pauses as he studies you.
  2068. >His smile then widens.
  2069. >”Keep the money.”
  2070. >He then goes back to his reading and takes another puff of his pipe.
  2071. >And you're just standing there, unsure of what to do.
  2072. “Are you sure?”
  2073. >You ask.
  2074. >He just nods.
  2075. “Thank you?”
  2076. >You say in confusion.
  2077. >You turn to exit his office and he says one more thing to you.
  2078. >”I'm proud of you son.”
  2079. >Those last words felt like a warm blanket just covered you.
  2080. >You've never felt so good in your life.
  2081. “Thank you.”
  2082. >This time your thanks isn't in confusion but more genuine gratitude.
  2083. >You make your way to your room and you go straight to bed.
  2084. >The smile never leaving your lips as you fall asleep.
  2085. >Then it finally hits you.
  2086. >This was only the beginning.
  2088. >The rest of the weekend just goes by in a blur.
  2089. >You still go out on Saturday night to get some driving in.
  2090. >And continue your search for the 'White Mirage'
  2091. >You figure with your victory over the Dazzlings word should have spread.
  2092. >But nothing again tonight.
  2093. >In fact, there were a few more scrubs on the road this night than any other.
  2094. >A little strange, really.
  2095. >The manager at the shop says 4-Speed will be out for about two weeks.
  2096. >Doctors orders.
  2097. >Probably for the best but he didn't look too bad when you last saw him.
  2098. >Monday at school.
  2099. >Well, you were right when you thought word would spread.
  2100. >When you drove in the student parking lot there was a group of students just hanging around.
  2101. >You weren't sure what they were up to until you got out of your car.
  2102. >Seems like they were waiting for you.
  2103. >And were disappointed when they saw that you didn't drive your Z to school.
  2104. >Not shit you weren't going to drive your Z to school.
  2105. >Nobody but posers drives to school with their racers.
  2106. >That's common knowledge even for you who actively avoided the scene for so long.
  2107. >Still doesn't stop them from bombarding you and following you into school.
  2108. >Many of them asking questions and some just still complementing you on your performance.
  2109. >”Bruh, you smoked those chicks last Friday night!”
  2110. >”That was awesome, man!”
  2111. >”Hey, how can I join the Canterlot Speed Stars?”
  2112. >”You gonna go after the RainBooms or the Crystal Clutch Club next?”
  2113. >”What kind of turbo should I put in my 1990 Toyota Town Ace Super”
  2114. >”Yo! Teach me how to drive!”
  2115. >”Make love to me!”
  2116. >Wait, who said that last one?
  2117. >”Alright, shows over, everyone get to class.”
  2118. >The familiar motherly voice of none other than Principal Celestia rings from out of nowhere.
  2119. >But it was affective in getting everyone off your back for now.
  2120. >The students look disappointed but dared not disobey her authority.
  2121. >As they all clear out you turn to Principal Celestia.
  2122. >She's in her signature pose with her arms crossed and leaning on one foot and one of her hips is swayed out.
  2123. “Thank you mam”
  2124. >You're thankful for her getting the groupies off your back.
  2125. >”Well, you seem to have gotten very popular in what seems like overnight.”
  2126. >You chuckle worryingly at her.
  2127. “Yeah well...”
  2128. >Think of something to say.
  2129. >Last thing you want is for your racing life to get mixed into school.
  2130. >”Mr. Anonymous, I'm no fool. I understand street racing is very popular among our student body.”
  2131. >She says in a very cool tone.
  2132. >”And I've been listening to all the gossip between students all morning about your after school activities.”
  2133. >She emphasized 'after school activities'.
  2134. >You continue to keep your mouth shut.
  2135. >But your face of guilt gives everything away.
  2136. >Principal Celestia seems amused at your collapsing under pressure.
  2137. >”Look, I cannot tell you what you should do after school or even off campus grounds.”
  2138. >She then takes a step forward.
  2139. >”But let's try and not let this get in the way of your school work. Okay?”
  2140. >She asks with a benevolent smile that would make the most cold soul blush.
  2141. >You give her a nod.
  2142. “Yes mam.”
  2143. >She starts to turn to leave but then she stops mid turn.
  2144. >”Also, do be careful out there.”
  2145. >She then fully turns and walks away.
  2146. >You waste no more time and head to your first class.
  2147. >As the days go by, you now spend a lot of your time in school with the rest of your teammates.
  2148. >This whole leader thing is still new to you
  2149. >Now trying to get to know them more on a personal level.
  2150. >Like how Wallflower Blush likes gardening.
  2151. >Trixie is an aspiring magician and is very good a cardistry.
  2152. >Vinyl Scratch, of course, is a DJ and aspires to be famous.
  2153. >Flash is a good musician and wants to be a pro racer.
  2154. >Aside from Flash, the whole crew has aspirations that are not racing.
  2155. >For as much of a cunt Rainbow Dash is, she sort of had a point of you need more than just a mild interest in racing if you want to go anywhere.
  2156. >Which is ironic, considering it's not cheap in the slightest to even start.
  2157. >Over the time you will be the leader you will work with each member one on one to help improve their skill, at least a little bit.
  2158. >There is only so much you can actually teach about racing.
  2159. >The rest is all experience.
  2160. > your experience.
  2161. >Thursday rolls around.
  2162. >You're at lunch with the team.
  2163. >Discussing tomorrow's meet.
  2164. >”So what's your plan?”
  2165. “What?”
  2166. >Flash asks you a question.
  2167. >And you respond with an honest answer.
  2168. >”What will we be doing tomorrow, or, what are you going to be doing tomorrow?”
  2169. >He asks.
  2170. >You take another look around the table.
  2171. >Everyone seems to be watching your every move.
  2172. >Which is a bit creepy.
  2173. >Well, everyone except for Vinyl.
  2174. >Who is deep into whatever she was listening to on her head phones.
  2175. “Well, uh.”
  2176. >You hadn't really thought about it that much after your victory.
  2177. >You stall for time and take a bite of your slice of pizza.
  2178. “I mean, I'm still trying to find the 'White Mirage', so there's that.”
  2179. >You nod to yourself.
  2180. >”But how are you going to do that?”
  2181. >Wallflower speaks up at the table.
  2182. >You stare blankly at her.
  2183. >That's a good question.
  2184. >There weren't that many leads from what you could tell from when you asked the other racers.
  2185. “I guess 4-Speed's suggestion of me just running a gauntlet against all the other racers could be my best bet as of now.”
  2186. >You take another look around the table at everyone.
  2187. >Then you look over to the table far off with Rainbow Dash and the rest of her crew.
  2188. >She looks to be in an intense conversation with her friends about something.
  2189. >You then bring your attention back to your own group.
  2190. “Hey, what the hell is up with Rainbow Dash and her crew anyways?”
  2191. >You bring up your arms in a questioning manner.
  2192. >Everyone's blank and confused faces doesn't seem to help.
  2193. >”We actually don't know.”
  2194. >Flash was the first to speak up.
  2195. >”They all just showed up out of the blue.”
  2196. >Wallflower chimed in after Flash.
  2197. >”Despite them showing up out of nowhere, they've never lost a race.  Trixie has her suspicions that they are up to something.”
  2198. >Trixie gives her two cents on them.
  2199. >Damn, you know 4-Speed said that they had been dominating the competition for a few years.
  2200. >But never losing a race?
  2201. >You can't believe that.
  2202. >Especially with the close call wins they had when you watched them.
  2203. >”Most of them are all really nice girls.”
  2204. >Flash speaks up again.
  2205. >”From what I can tell, it's Rainbow Dash who runs the entire thing.”
  2206. >Well yeah.
  2207. >She is the leader, which is what leaders do.
  2208. >”And she really has this deep animosity towards Canterlot Speed Stars in particular.”
  2209. >He adds.
  2210. >You noticed that.
  2211. “Anyone know why?”
  2212. >You had to ask.
  2213. >You knew you weren't going to get an answer.
  2214. >And sure enough you didn't.
  2215. >Everyone shakes their heads.
  2216. >”No clue.”
  2217. >Wallflower says.
  2218. >You just nod and then finish the rest of your lunch.
  2219. >Maybe something you would want to look into down the line.
  2221. >Friday night.
  2222. >You hop in the Z and head out for the night.
  2223. >On time.
  2224. >No point in showing up late to show off like last time.
  2225. >Although you did agree to pick up 4-Speed from his place this week.
  2226. >You swing by and scoop him up.
  2227. “Hey 4-Speed. How's the neck treating you?”
  2228. >You ask as he get's in the car and puts on his seat belt.
  2229.  >”Actually pretty good!”
  2230. >4-Speed now back to his usual upbeat self.
  2231. >Well, as upbeat as he can be.
  2232. >Speaking of which.
  2233. “So, give me the deets on the Type-R. When is she gonna be running again?”
  2234. >4-Speed sighs.
  2235. >”It's gonna be a few weeks, parts need to be shipped in and there is a queue at the shop and I can't just cut in line, even if I'm the assistant manager.”
  2236. >He then strokes his chin.
  2237. >”If I were the manager though?  I could probably push it up ahead.”
  2238. >You both let out a laugh.
  2239. >”But I can't do that.”
  2240. >He sits back in his seat.
  2241. “You can't.”
  2242. >You chime in.
  2243. >Once you get to a stop light, you turn to him and put on the biggest shit eating grin you could muster.
  2244. “But I can.”
  2245. >Being the owners son comes with perks like that.
  2246. >4-Speed groans at your comment.
  2247. >”Come on man, I'm already deep in your debt.”
  2248. >You chuckle at his whining.
  2249. “Hey, all I'm saying is the option is there.”
  2250. >The light turns green.
  2251. >And you begin to go again.
  2252. “We could really use you back on the streets with us.”
  2253. >He nods at your comment.
  2254. >”Well, in time I'll be drifting with you all again.”
  2255. >He then begins to pat your car's dashboard.
  2256. >”But for now, aren't you gonna show me what this bad boy can do?”
  2257. >He looks at you smiling, at least from what you can tell from your peripheral
  2258. >A cheeky smile then climbs onto your face.
  2259. “I was worried you were never gonna ask.”
  2260. >Coincidentally, the entrance to the highway was just s few hundred feet away.
  2261. >You stomp on the gas the the Z flies onto the on-ramp.
  2262. >There is still moderate traffic at this time of night.
  2263. >But that's nothing for you.
  2264. >You begin to weave through the cars and trucks still on the highway with ease.
  2265. >”whoa, whoa.”
  2266. >4-Speed seems to be a bit uncomfortable with it.
  2267. “What's the matter?”
  2268. >You tease as you continue on.
  2269. >”I'm just not used to you being this good a driver is all.”
  2270. >He says a bit uncomfortably.
  2271. >”Also the kick this thing has is unreal!  What this thing running under the hood?”
  2272. >You finally make it to an empty part of the highway so it's smooth sailing.
  2273. “It's running a RB20 Turbo.”
  2274. >4-Speed acknowledges your answer with a nervous chuckle.
  2275. >”And what Turbo do you have on it?”
  2276. >You think for a second, trying to remember exactly what it was.”
  2277. “It's a 6266 T4.”
  2278. >Another nervous chuckle fr om 4-Speed.
  2279. >”This thing have enough power?”
  2280. >Now it's your turn to chuckle.
  2281. “Hey man, don't fix what isn't broken.”
  2282. >You say as you finally slow down to a reasonable speed for the Highway.
  2283. >And getting closer to the meetup spot.
  2285. >You make it to Donut Joe's.
  2286. >A packed house tonight.
  2287. >And despite that you don't see any of the other Canterlot Speed Stars around.
  2288. >You want to say you're early, but with the big gathering right now you'd bet more on being late.
  2289. >Another quick glance and you also don't notice the RainBooms either.
  2290. >You park off at an open area hoping that when the others show up they'll notice you and meet up with you here.
  2291. >Once you do come to a full stop, the crowd notices you and begin to rush over to you.
  2292. >The car is now surrounded with onlookers and other possible fans.
  2293. >You slouch in your car seat.
  2294. “Do I really have to go out there?”
  2295. >You plead to 4-Speed.
  2296. >He simply pats you on your right shoulder as he opens the car door on his side.
  2297. >”Price of fame, my man!”
  2298. >He tells you as he exits the car.
  2299. >Leaving you alone to gather your thoughts.
  2300. >You sit there for a moment.
  2301. >Hands tapping the steering wheel.
  2302. >A few minutes of thinking about nothing.
  2303. >While you were stalling, the rest of your group shows up.
  2304. >Now is a good a time as any.
  2305. >You finally step out of the car.
  2306. >And sure enough, you are bombarded with the usual pomp and circumstance of now being a famous racer.
  2307. >Or so you egotistically tell yourself.
  2308. >Some girls want to be seen next to you.
  2309. >Some guys are trying to ask you questions about their cars.
  2310. >Others want to race you to prove something.
  2311. >After fielding some of them, 4-Speed finally grabs a hold of you and pulls you to safety.
  2312. >”Shit man, I said this was the price of fame but I didn't think you would be this much of a hot topic.”
  2313. >He escorts you and the rest to a less populated area of the parking lot.
  2314. >Just when you thought you were all free, you hear an annoying voice from behind.
  2315. >”Enjoying all the attention?”
  2316. >Here comes Sugarcoat and the other uppity bitches of Crystal Prep.
  2317. >You turn to face the girls.
  2318. >Sure enough, there stands Sugarcoat.
  2319. >She's wearing a pearl white skintight dress with a cold shoulder top and peach colored thigh highs.
  2320. >She brings her right hand up to push her glasses up her face like some anime character.
  2321. >Hair the same twin tails as before.
  2322. >With her is Sour Sweet.
  2323. >Her hair is now let down and straightened to extend down past her waist.
  2324. >Black skintight leather pants and a midnight blue and burgundy spaghetti string tank top.
  2325. >You swear each and every one of these babe's could get it.
  2326. >And get it HARD.
  2327. >Both of them share a bored expression on their faces.
  2328. “Baby steps.”
  2329. >You shrug your shoulders and tell them.
  2330. >Neither of the seem impressed or amused at your wisecrack.
  2331. >If you can call it that.
  2332. >But you are intrigued why they came up to you.
  2333. ”So what brings you to our neck of the parking lot?”
  2334. >You playfully ask.
  2335. >”It's not your 'neck' of the parking lot.”
  2336. >Thank you Ms. Autismo Sugarcoat.
  2337. >You instinctively laugh at her little comment.
  2338. “My question still stands.”
  2339. >You reply.
  2340. >Now it's time for Sour Sweet to speak up.
  2341. >”Don't think too deep into it, but even after one race you're the only one in your little group of losers that's worth even a moment of our time.”
  2342. >You pull your head back.
  2343. “Oh hey, 4-Speed, you hear that?  She likes me!”
  2344.  >You look over to him as you point to Sour Sweet.
  2345. >”Please, as if you could handle all this!”
  2346. >Sour snaps at you.
  2347. >You hold up your hands in defense.
  2348. “Okay.”
  2349. >She then takes a few steps closer to you.
  2350. >You can now smell her perfume.
  2351. >Almost gave you a boner if it weren't so damn strong.
  2352. >”I want a race.”
  2353. >She says calmly.
  2354. >You nod slightly.
  2355. “You read my mind.”
  2356. >You reply with a smile.
  2357. “But not just you.”
  2358. >You add.
  2359. “I've already taken care of Adagio and her sisters, now I want you.”
  2360. >You then look around.
  2361. >And you can't seem to find your next victim.
  2362. “And wherever the hell Rainbow Dash is hiding.”
  2363. >As soon as you say that, you notice the Sonic RainBooms are finally arriving.
  2364. >Once again they all stop next to each other.
  2365. >As soon as Rainbow Dash exits her car you call out to her.
  2366. “Main event has arrived!”
  2367. >She seems to give you a half hearted grin at your faux complement.
  2368. >”Damn right.”
  2369. >You weren't trying to complement her but she took it as such.
  2370. “You.”
  2371. >You point and call out to her again.
  2372. “And you.”
  2373. >You point back at Sour Sweet.
  2374. “I want you both in a race tonight.”
  2375. >You clap your hands together.
  2376. >The crowd cheers for this idea so at least you have their approval.
  2377. >Sour walks up to you again and gets in your face.
  2378. >”I'll take you, any time little man.  You won't even last with me.”
  2379. >You raise your eyebrows and nod.
  2380. “By the time I'm done with you, you'll be screaming.”
  2381. >See? You can do a double entendre too!
  2382. >Some 'Woo's!” from the crowd and a hint of pink from Sour's face accompanied by an angry look.
  2383. >You look over to Dash and she seems to be huddled with Twilight.
  2384. >In the middle of a discussion.
  2385. “Hey, Dash!  Come on! You already faking out?”
  2386. >You try and get on her nerves so she'll accept the challenge on a whim.
  2387. >She finally turns back to you, clearly annoyed.
  2388. >”What the fuck Anon?  You win ONE race and all of a sudden you think you've got an eight and quarter inch dick.”
  2389. >Well that was an oddly specific size.
  2390. >”Just because you got a nickname from a car daddy built and win one race doesn't mean you're ready to hang with us.”
  2391. >She then takes a look at Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat.
  2392. >”Tell you what, you race and beat Sour Sweet and two other Crystal Clutch Cunt's of her choosing. I MIGHT consider having a race with you.”
  2393. >Sour storms towards Dash.
  2394. >Shoving you out the way in the process.
  2395. >”Fuck you bitch! As soon as I'm done with this loser I'm coming for your head!”
  2396. >Dash just Stands there ans smiles in her face.
  2397. >Then she turns away from her and rejoins her group.
  2398. >Sour then turns back to you and points to your car.
  2399. >”Get in your fucking car and lets do this!”
  2400. >She yells.
  2401. >Sour then stomps back to Sugarcoat and they both rejoin their group.
  2402. “Is there a wager?”
  2403. >You call out.
  2404. >Gotta make that bank.
  2405. “I still got two G's! Anybody else wanna pony up?”
  2406. >Sour Sweet is now huddled with her group.
  2407. >Probably figuring out who else to go against you.
  2408. >They all seem to nod in agreement and then they all turn to you.
  2409. >Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat both step up.
  2410. >The third looks to be the chick with the S2000 from last time as well.
  2411. >Lemon Zest, was it?
  2412. >Green hair, pale pink skin.
  2413. >She's wearing an oversize black t shirt with some random rock band's logo on the front that is faded.
  2414. >The shirt goes all the way down to her thighs but you can still make out some really short jean shorts she's wearing underneath it.
  2415. >All three girls stand before you.
  2416. >”You'll face all three of us.”
  2417. >Proclaims Sour Sweet.
  2418. >You take a good look at all three girls.
  2419. >You then reach into your pocket and pull out the two thousand dollars you still have and present it to them.
  2420. “I've got two thousand.”
  2421. >All three of the Crystal Prep girls look at each other.
  2422. >”We're only wagering one thousand.”
  2423. >Sugarcoat tells you.
  2424. “Fine.”
  2425. >You quickly answer back.
  2426. >Not point in trying to argue money with them.
  2427. >You peel off one thousand from your wad of cash then hand it over to Sour Sweet.
  2428. >Who then collects from the other two.
  2429. >She then stands before you again and counts the money making sure it's all there.
  2430. >She then gives you a sly smile.
  2431. >”We'll be running the I.S Loop.”
  2432. >And then proceeds to had the entire stack of four grand over to a different member of her group.
  2433. >All three then turn back to head to their respective cars.
  2434. >You do the same.
  2435. >The group surround you as you do so.
  2436. >”Hey, are you gonna be okay?”
  2437. >Flash asks.
  2438. “Sour is the only one that kinda scares me as I know her R34 is supped up to the tits.”
  2439. >You continue.
  2440. >”From what I could tell from the one race I saw her in she can't handle it too well so once again my best bet is going to be jetting ahead after turns so she can't keep up.”
  2441. >In truth, not only the R34 but Sugarcoat's RX-7 could be a problem.
  2442. >But it all depends on how she'll drive.
  2443. >You make it to your car and your team are all giving you words of encouragement.
  2444. >Just before you climb in you ask.
  2445. “Oh uh, what's the 'I.S Loop'?”
  2446. >Everyone now has a worried look on their face.
  2447. >”I.S stands for 'Industrial Shoreline.”
  2448. >4-Speed speaks up.
  2449. >”Think of the Imago Loop, but once you get to the second turn, you'll go left towards the shore instead of right.”
  2450. >He further explains the route to you.
  2451. “Alright, guess I'll have to wing it.”
  2452. >You've got a good idea what it is.
  2453. >You hope.
  2454. >You did a few practice runs of the area when you were preparing for your first race.
  2455. >So let's just see where this goes.
  2456. >You line your Z with the rest of the girls.
  2457. >Sour Sweet and her Nissan Skyline R34.
  2458. >Sugarcoat and her Mazda RX-7 FD3S.
  2459. >Lemon Zest and her Honda S2000.
  2460. >all of you have your windows down.
  2461. >You notice you've been sitting at the starting line for a while.
  2462. >Or just maybe you're getting in the zone and time is slowing down.
  2463. >You realize you're squeezing the steering wheel again.
  2464. ( [Nathalie - HEARTBEAT - Initial D])
  2465. >Your heart rate is rising.
  2466. >Calm.
  2467. >You take a deep breath.
  2468. >You're ready for this.
  2469. >Finally a new girl begins to walk in front of the cars.
  2470. >You all begin to rev your engines.
  2471. >This week's beauty has a creamy gray skin tone with jet black hair.
  2472. >A white with light purple trim frilly crop top with string tops that loops around her neck.
  2473. >A very short purple skirt and white thigh highs.
  2474. >She get's in the familiar position between the four of you.
  2475. >She looks at each one of you.
  2476. >She then raises her right arm.
  2477. >”Ready!”
  2478. >Reving faster now.
  2479. >She raises her left.
  2480. >”Set!”
  2481. >Things are now quiet all around you.
  2482. >”GO!”
  2483. >You didn't even hear her.
  2484. >You just saw the arms go forward and gunned it.
  2485. >You pull forward in a burst of speed.
  2486. >As you expected, Sour Sweet and her R34 got a better jump than you.
  2487. >And she's creating a distance early.
  2488. >You shift to third gear and the turbo finally kicks in and you catch up pretty quick.
  2489. >You're both neck and neck at the first corner.
  2490. >Sour doesn't slow down until the last second so you need to lightly tug at your E-brake and turn hard to even make the turn.
  2491. >You nearly miss hitting the light pole by maybe an inch.
  2492. >Sour now has the lead.
  2493. >Even with her shitty turn.
  2494. >Damn she's reckless.
  2495. >Sugarcoat and Lemon Zest are also on your ass.
  2496. >Seems like they made the turn well.
  2497. >Sugarcoat manages to move up next to you.
  2498. >You shift up to fourth gear.
  2499. >You start to pull away.
  2500. >She then moves from your right side to your left behind you.
  2501. >The second turn is coming up.
  2502. >She's gonna try to drift on the inside and break ahead.
  2503. >Fine by you.
  2504. >You decide to take the outside.
  2505. >The second turn.
  2506. >Left instead of right.
  2507. >Sugarcoat's car begins to slide sideways.
  2508. >You simply downshift to third, kick the clutch and power through the turn.
  2509. >You're relying on your car's power more this race.
  2510. >Once you exit the turn you're quickly able to shift back to fourth.
  2511. >You are now catching up to Sour Sweet.
  2512. >This is another straightaway.
  2513. >You would be lying if you said the sound from the wind rushing in your ear didn't bother you.
  2514. >But it also felt soothing.
  2515. >Your momentum begins to slow and Sour's car begins to pull ahead once again.
  2516. >There is enough road let you shift to fifth gear.
  2517. >The road will curve soon but you should be fine.
  2518. >You're now picking up on Sour Sweet.
  2519. >The road straightens out.
  2520. >You're right on her tail.
  2521. >She's not giving you any space to try and pass through.
  2522. >This could be the opportunity to psyche her out.
  2523. >Or for you to spin out and pretty much lose this race.
  2524. >You then begin to hear engine sounds that weren't yours.
  2525. >While you were contemplating your strategy, both Sugarcoat and Lemon Zest are now on each side of you.
  2526. >How the hell did that happen?
  2527. >Those cars have more power in them than you gave them credit for.
  2528. >This could get complicated.
  2529. >You have three turns to make this work.
  2530. >First turn comes up.
  2531. >Predictably, both Sugarcoat and Lemon Zest let go of the gas.
  2532. >You pull ahead of them and once again rely on your E-brake to drift through this turn.
  2533. >You pull out ahead of the other two and right on Sour's tail once again.
  2534. >This isn't a long line and there is another another turn.
  2535. >You pull outside and then power through the turn.
  2536. >As you slide across the lanes, Sour's car, which was trying to power slide on the inside almost hits you.
  2537. >You jerk your wheel to the outside again and the car loses some boost.
  2538. >She goes ahead again.
  2539. >Damnit now there is only one big turn and the last straightaway left to get this bitch.
  2540. >She's playing with fire here though.
  2541. >You have a gamble.
  2542. >And hope it pays off.
  2543. >You gain up on her again.
  2544. >You keep off to the side.
  2545. >You reach right next to her again.
  2546. >Here comes the last turn and your last chance.
  2547. >As you expect she tries to power slide once again.
  2548. >This time, however, you don't give her space when she turns and you turn into her in your own power slide.
  2549. >You are about to clip her front end when she notices.
  2550. >She panics and hits the brake and turns.
  2551. >Her car begins to angle itself akin to yours.
  2552. >With both your windows down you can hear her audibly yell and scream at you.
  2553. “Take that!”
  2554. >You yell out the window..
  2555. >You make it into the final straightaway to the finish line.
  2556. >She lost enough momentum that you pull away with ease.
  2557. >You cross the finish line with no issues.
  2558. >Sweet victory!
  2559. >And another cool five thousand dollars to your name.
  2560. >You do a few donuts in the street to show off in victory.
  2561. >The crowd is quickly gathering and are rooting for you to keep going.
  2562. >You finally settle down and exit the car.
  2563. >Now is where you enjoy all the attention you get as everyone now bombards you.
  2564. >Slapping you on your back.
  2565. >Shaking your hand.
  2566. >Random hot chicks putting their hands all over you.
  2567. >You start the make your way through the admiring crowd to reunite with your team.
  2568. >High fives and hugs all around.
  2569. >”Nice one man!”
  2570. >Flash complements you.
  2571. >”Another fine performance from our fearless leader!”
  2572. >Trixie exclaims like she's some proud parent.
  2573. >Vinyl once again gives you a silent thumbs up.
  2574. >You feel a pair of hands grab both your shoulders and begins to shake you.
  2575. >You turn to see 4-Speed with a big grin on his face.
  2576. >”Great race.”
  2577. >He tells you.
  2578. >You smile and nod back.
  2579. >”What was that trick you did at the last turn?”
  2580. >”Yeah, what the fuck was that!?”
  2581. >Right after 4-Speed's question came an irate yell from an angry Sour Sweet, who has stormed her way to you.
  2582. “What?”
  2583. >You play dumb.
  2584. >She tries to rush you but is then held back by Sugarcoat and Lemon Zest.
  2585. >”Calm down girl.”
  2586. >Lemon Zest tries to calm her down.
  2587. “Yeah girl, clam down.”
  2588. >You playfully coo at her.
  2589. >She's gritting her teeth.
  2590. >”You tried to fucking run into me at the end of the race!”
  2591. >You twist your head in confusion?
  2592. “Isn't that what you did to me a few times in the race?”
  2593. >She stops for a moment.
  2594. >She didn't think you were were going to call her out on it but since she's calling you out.
  2595. “I mean, if memory serves me right I was told in the beginning that ' if you aren't willing to do whatever it takes to get the win, then you should just sit back down with all the rest of the babies'?”
  2596. >She is starting to get red.
  2597. “Was this not 'big boy stuff'?”
  2598. >You add.
  2599. >The crowd starts to add their two cents by agreeing with you.
  2600. >Now you are looking squarely at Rainbow Dash.
  2601. >Who is standing there with her arms crossed.
  2602. >Her face doesn't show as much animosity as she has had before.
  2603. >Now it looks more like determination.
  2604. >You turn your attention back to Sour Sweet.
  2605. “You were reckless back there, so I decided to use it against you and thankfully, you cared more for your car than winning.”
  2606. >You shrug your shoulders.
  2607. “Simple as.”
  2608. >Her face isn't as angry as it was before but her eye was twitching now.
  2609. >She starts to growl at you.
  2610. >Then the growl prolongs and evolves into a shriek as she holds her head.
  2611. >Well shit, perhaps you may not want to stick your dick into that.
  2612. >But while we're on the subject of it.
  2613. “Hey see? I told you I would get you screaming at the end of this!”
  2614. >More yelps and hollers from the crowd at your comment.
  2615. >Sour then just takes the wad of cash from her team mate and throws it at you.
  2616. >Then it becomes a mad dash to grab all the cash.
  2617. >Thankfully nobody was in too much of a dick to take the cash.
  2618. >And with that out of the way, you sit back and enjoy the rest of the meet.
  2620. >Afterwords you all once again head to the late night diner.
  2621. >Conversing over the events that transpired tonight and enjoying the various drinks and appetizers paid for by you and the Crystal Clutch Club.
  2622. >Various topics are discussed.
  2623. >You start to give a few pointers to Wallflower and Trixie.
  2624. >Flash is looking for suggestions to add more boost to his Eclipse.
  2625. >Vinyl continues to bob her head to whatever she is listening to in her earphones.
  2626. >4-Speed details some of the upgrades he's getting for his repaired Type-R
  2627. >Then 4-Speed springs a question onto you.
  2628. >”So where do you go from here?”
  2629. >He further explains his question while you're still in mid drink.
  2630. >”By that I mean, who is next in your gauntlet?”
  2631. >You finish your soda and place the empty glass at the edge of the table, signaling a refill.
  2632. “Well, the Porsche is always going to be next on my list.”
  2633. >You say simply.
  2634. “So if I could help it, I'd rather not deal with Rainbow Dash and her band of colorful cunts.”
  2635. >Then you think  for a second.
  2636. “Well, maybe I'll take Dash down a peg or two.”
  2637. >You sit back in your seat.
  2638. >While you were in thought, the waitress passed by and swapped your empty glass for a full one.
  2639. >You grab it and take a drink.
  2640. >”You know she still won't come out until you run through the others.”
  2641. >Flash reminds you.
  2642. >You are forced to stop chugging your soda due to the carbonation burning your throat.
  2643. >Oh soda, why do you hurt so good?
  2644. >You clear your throat.
  2645. “Well, if it has to go down like that then so be it.”
  2646. >When you think more about it, really only a few of them really scare you.
  2647. >FlutterShy's Beetle doesn't seem too threatening.
  2648. >Neither does Rarity's Lexus.
  2649. >Pinkie's 3000GT could be a problem.
  2650. >As well as AppleJack's GTO.
  2651. >The Twilight's M5, Shimmer's Mustang BOSS 429 and Dash's R8 V10 scare you though.
  2652. >On top of that it seems like Rainbow Dash knows her stuff from just seeing her race.
  2653. >You'll just have to play it by race.
  2654. >With that, the waitress returns to the table with the check and places it on the table.
  2655. >You pay for the meal and disband everyone.
  2656. >Overall a good night.
  2658. >Another Saturday night of cruising.
  2659. >Another non appearance of the 'White Mirage'.
  2660. >If not for the accounts of the others, you'd have sworn that maybe it was just a dream.
  2661. >But you'll keep riding until you confront them and have a proper race.
  2662. >Sunday comes and goes.
  2663. >A new week of School.
  2664. >Spring break is just around the corner.
  2665. >And when that comes around, you'll be riding every night.
  2666. >As the days of the week go by, you are bombarded with other racing enthusiasts.
  2667. >Thankfully, a lot of the times Principal Celestia is there to shoo them off.
  2668. >A lot of them now want to join up with the Canterlot Speed Stars.
  2669. >You ask Flash if there is even a requirement to join other than having to go to this school.
  2670. >He doesn't have an answer.
  2671. >Which is fine by you.
  2672. >You'll need to get around to improving the group you have before you think about letting new people in anyways.
  2673. >Thursday.
  2674. >You finish your first class and are heading to your next one when you feel someone tap you on the shoulder from behind.
  2675. >You turn to find the purple girl with the thick glasses.
  2676. >Twilight Sparkle.
  2677. >”Hello.”
  2678. >She starts off.
  2679. >”I don't think we've formally met yet.”
  2680. >She reaches her right hand out to you.
  2681. >”I'm Twilight Sparkle.”
  2682. >You hesitate for a second.
  2683. >Debating on if you want to even interact with them.
  2684. >You then decide it's probably better if you do.
  2685. >Despite how Dash seems to feel, you don't want any animosity between you.
  2686. >You finally accept her hand and shake.
  2687. “I'm Anonymous. You can just call me Anon.”
  2688. >She nods and smiles.
  2689. >”Nice to meet you Anonymous.”
  2690. >Now that the introductions are out of the way, you throw out the first question.
  2691. “What can I do for you?”
  2692. >You ask.
  2693. >Twilight nods.
  2694. >”So, Rainbow Dash would like to talk to you during lunch.”
  2695. >Interesting.
  2696. “Does she now?”
  2697. >You are intrigued.
  2698. >She nods.
  2699. “What for?”
  2700. >You probe further
  2701. >She shakes her head.
  2702. >”I'm not exactly sure.”
  2703. >You cross your arms.
  2704. >”Just come by to our table during lunch, I'm sure you've seen us there before.”
  2705. >You nod.
  2706. “Yeah I know where you all sit.”
  2707. >She then nods.
  2708. >”Okay then, I need to get to my next class before the bell rings.”
  2709. >She tells you as she turns to leave.
  2710. >”It was nice meeting you!”
  2711. >She yells as she runs off.
  2712. >Well, it's a start
  2713. >Lunch time.
  2714. >You grab your food from the counter.
  2715. >On today's menu is warm Tomato Bisque with a grilled cheese and a side salad.
  2716. >You look around and see the girls at their usual table.
  2717. >Except they are all sitting on one side of the lunch table.
  2718. >You walk up to them and they notice you.
  2719. >A couple of them smile and wave you over.
  2720. >You take a seat on the opposite side of the table facing all 7 girls.
  2721. >”Anon.”
  2722. >Rainbow Dash says nonchalantly and nods to you.
  2723.  “Rainbow Dash.”
  2724. >You say back to her.
  2725. >Dash looks over to her left side to Twilight Sparkle, who was sitting right next to her.
  2726. >”Twilight Sparkle, we've already met.”
  2727. >Next to her is the orangeish chick with the flame hair.
  2728. >”Sunset Shimmer.”
  2729. >She waves and nods her head.
  2730. >You nod back.
  2731. >Next to her is the fancy looking white chick with the purple hair.
  2732. >She holds out her had to you.
  2733. >”Rarity, pleasure to meet you darling.”
  2734. >You take her hand and give it one shake
  2735. “Pleasure is all mine.”
  2736. >On Dash's right hand side the blonde girl now speaks up.
  2737. >”Howdy, Name's AppleJack”
  2738. >She tips her cowboy hat to you.
  2739. >You tip an imaginary hat back to her.
  2740. “Hello.”
  2741. >You say to her.
  2742. >To her right is the pink girl with the big fluffy pink hair.
  2743. >She hols her arm all the way up in the air and violently waves to you.
  2744. >”Pinkie Pie! Pleased to meet you.”
  2745. >You meekly wave back to her.
  2746. >”Indeed...”
  2747. >Seems like she hits the 'rock candy' hard.
  2748. >Lastly to her right at the other end of the table is the pale yellow girl with the pale pink hair.
  2749. >She brings her hand up and wiggles her fingers and a small smile on her face.
  2750. >”Hi, I'm Fluttershy.”
  2751. >Again, her voice is as soft and gentle as her overall look.
  2752. >You can't help but give her a big smile and wave back to her.
  2753. >”I'm sure you already know, we're all known as the Sonic RainBooms.”
  2754. >Dash announces to you.
  2755. >So now you've been officially introduced to the girls.
  2756. >Your attention is back on Rainbow Dash.
  2757. >She places her elbows on the lunch table and rests her chin on her hands
  2758. >”I'm sure you want to know why I wanted to meet with you.”
  2759. >You dump the corner of your grilled cheese into the Tomato Bisque and take a bite.
  2760. “The thought has crossed my mind.”
  2761. >You playfully answer her.
  2762. >She smirks at your comment.
  2763. >”Well first, saying that your first two performances were impressive would be an understatement.”
  2764. >Kind words.
  2765. >”Considering who your dad was, it's no surprise that you have a lot of natural talent.”
  2766. >She doesn't know that you've been driving long before you got your drivers license.
  2767. >But in reality, almost nobody knows that.
  2768. >Hell, your mom doesn't even know that your dad used to let you run the tracks with the Z when you were only 13.
  2769. >With him in the car to give you pointers, of course.
  2770. >Anyways, back to Rainbow Dash stroking your ego.
  2771. >”You've got the whole street racing scene talking.”
  2772. >That's good, right?
  2773. >If your name is out there, then that means it could get to the driver of the 'White Mirage'.
  2774. >She goes on.
  2775. >”The girls and I were talking it over the past few days.”
  2776. >She looks to her left and then her right.
  2777. >”And after much discussion.”
  2778. >She pauses for a moment.
  2779. >She then sits up and extends her hand to you.
  2780. >”I would like to offer you a chance to be the first boy to join the Sonic RainBooms.”
  2781. >She says with a smile on her face.
  2782. >A bit of a shocking development, to say the least.
  2783. >You look over to the girls on the right side of the lunch table.
  2784. >And then over to the others on the left side.
  2785. >Their faces have an anticipation to them.
  2786. >Looks like they are interested in what your choice will be.  
  2787. >You look back to Dash.
  2788. >You then furrow your brow.
  2789. “Is this some kind of joke?”
  2790. >You flat out ask.
  2791. >Dash doesn't budge from her position.
  2792. >”Of course not, we're dead serious.”
  2793. >You take another quick look at all the girls.
  2794. >Some of them now have a worried look on their faces while some keep their interested look.
  2795. >You push your lunch tray to the side and lean forward to get closer to Dash.
  2796. “And what make's you think I would even consider joining up with you lot after all you have done so far?”
  2797. >Rainbow Dash loses the smile on her face but keeps her hand extended.
  2798. >”Think about it.”
  2799. >She explains.
  2800. >”It would mutually benefit both of us.”
  2801. >You quickly draw back from your position.
  2802. “Excuse my ignorance, but how would it be beneficial?”
  2803. >You tilt your head to the side.
  2804. >”If the 'Red Ghost' were to join the Sonic RainBooms then the group's reputation would skyrocket. We'd all be unstoppable and it would surely tempt the 'White Mirage' to come out of hiding, no doubt wanting a piece of us.”
  2805. >That is one way of looking at things.
  2806. >”Whadda ya say?”
  2807. >She asks, putting on another smile.
  2808. >She honestly has a beautiful smile.
  2809. >It's just a shame that she's such a bitch.
  2810. “I say you're scared.”
  2811. >You straight up tell her.
  2812. >Some of the girls are taken back at your response.
  2813. >Rainbow Dash wipes the smile off her face real quick.
  2814. >”What was that?”
  2815. >Her tone has totally changed.
  2816. >From welcoming and light to dark and threatening.
  2817. “You heard me, you're scared.”
  2818. >You then lean forward again.
  2819. >This time you lightly push Dash's hand out of the way.
  2820. “I just show up out of nowhere, tearing it up, and thanks to my lineage and my reputation, people are now talking about how the 'RainBoom's' finally have someone who will challenge them.”
  2821. >You rant on.
  2822. “I think you want me on your team so you can keep me in check.”
  2823. >Dash now stands up from her seat.
  2824. >”Your lineage doesn't mean SHIT these days!”
  2825. >She almost yells.
  2826. >Drawing some other students to look over at you.
  2827. >She then leans forward with her hands on the table.
  2828. >”Keep that ego in check, kid.  Joining us will be your best and ONLY chance to get the 'White Mirage's attention.”
  2829. >You cross your arms and scoff at her.
  2830. “No, I think my best chance will be staying with the Speed Stars, restoring their name and prestige and knocking you off your high horse.”
  2831. >Some of the girls now looked worried.
  2832. >They are getting tense.
  2833. >Like they are about to jump if Dash tries to do anything.
  2834. >Rainbow Dash now puts on her death glare she has given to you before.
  2835. >She leans close enough to you that you can smell her blueberry and vanilla scented perfume.
  2836. >Or deodorant.
  2837. >Either way you're trying to say she smells good.
  2838. >”I like to see you fucking try.”
  2839. >She snarls at you.
  2840. >”You won't last against us to even get to me.”
  2841. >You smirk at her.
  2842. >Not balking at your position.
  2843. “I welcome the challenge.”
  2844. >You tell her.
  2845. >She then stands back up.
  2846. >Still not keeping her eyes off you.
  2847. >”Come on girls, we're done here.”
  2848. >She begins to storm off.
  2849. >You then stand up immediately after her.
  2850. “Good.”
  2851. >You start to leave with your lunch tray when one of the girls calls out to you.
  2852. >”Wait!”
  2853. >You turn around to see that the rest of the girls are still in their spots at the lunch table.
  2854. >You were surprised to see all of them still there.
  2855. >You figured Twilight would be the only one since she was the only one who has previously talked to you.
  2856. >You return to your spot at the table.
  2857. >All six of the girls look at each other for a moment.
  2858. >Then Twilight Sparkle speaks first.
  2859. >”Look, we're sorry for Rainbow Dash.”
  2860. >You let out a frustrated grunt.
  2861. “What the hell is her problem?”
  2862. >You ask.
  2863. >The girls once again look at each other for a second.
  2864. >”That's the thing.”
  2865. >Sunset Shimmer speaks up.
  2866. >”We don't know.”
  2867. >You are now confused.
  2868. >”Rainbow Dash can be a bit brash, overconfident even.”
  2869. >FlutterShy speaks up next.
  2870. >”She hates losing for sure, but I've never seen her this hostile towards someone before.”
  2871. >You blink in response.
  2872. >Rarity is now the one talking.
  2873. >”Admittedly, she had been a TEENSY bit hard on the Canterlot Speed Stars, but it has gotten much more worse since you've came along.”
  2874. “A TEENSY bit hard?”
  2875. >You scoff at Rarity.
  2876. “It seems like she can't wait to kill off this team.”
  2877. >Some of the girls don't look at you.
  2878. >”She was never even this hard on the other rival clubs, and they were better drivers than the Speed Stars.”
  2879. >Rarity added.
  2880. >AppleJack begins to nod.
  2881. >”Yeah, somethin' about ya has really gotten her britches tied up in a knot.”
  2882. >Interesting.
  2883. >”We thought maybe you knew something like a secret or something.”
  2884. >Pinkie Pie interjects with an odd comment.
  2885. “I've never met her, nor most of you before all this.”
  2886. >You wave your had at all the girls.
  2887. “What could I possibly know that you don't?”
  2888. >They all think for a second.
  2889. “I mean, you girls ARE her friends, right?”
  2890. >You probe further.
  2891. “Has she really said nothing about this to you?”
  2892. >They look at each other for like the one hundredth time today.
  2893. >And come up with nothing.
  2894. “Looks like I'll have to beat it out of her by winning our race.”
  2895. >More awkward silence.
  2896. >With awkward looks.
  2897. >AppleJack takes off her hat and begins to scratch her head.
  2898. >”Uh, no offense, But ah don't think ya can beat ol' Dashie in a race.”
  2899. >You know give them an awkward look.
  2900. “Why's that?”
  2901. >You ask.
  2902. >”She's really good.”
  2903. >Pinkie Pie chimes in again.
  2904. >”Like REEEEEALY good.”
  2905. >”She's been at it for most of her life.”
  2906. >FlutterShy softy says.
  2907. >You could tell she was better than most of the other racers when you watched her.
  2908. >Confidence is high with them at least.
  2909. “We'll just have to see then.”
  2910. >You announce to them.
  2911. “I assume I'll be racing one of you this weekend since Dash won't volunteer?”
  2912. >They all look at each other.
  2913. >Then they nod.
  2914. >”Are you discussing illegal street racing on the school grounds?”
  2915. >You hear a stern voice from behind the girls.
  2916. >They all sit up straight and stiffen up at the sound of the voice.
  2917. >You look up to see Vice Principal Luna.
  2918. >She didn't seem too pleased at your conversation that was going on.
  2919. >Twilight is the first to stand and face Luna.
  2920. >”We're so sorry Vice Principal Luna.”
  2921. >She starts to bow her head quickly.
  2922. >”It won't happen again, please don't tell Principal Celestia.”
  2923. >The other girls get up and plead their cases as well.
  2924. >Luna continues to stand there.
  2925. >She takes a moment to look at each girl.
  2926. >Then she looks over to you.
  2927. >You just put on a dumb smile and wave to her.
  2928. >She rolls her eyes and then turns to leave.
  2929. >”Please keep all the illegal activities talk off School grounds, this will be your only warning.”
  2930. >She says as she walks off.
  2931. >Twilight Sparkle lets out a huge sigh of relief.
  2932. >The other girls also looked relieved.
  2933. >You then stand from your seat.
  2934. “Well, I guess that's about enough chatting for today.”
  2935. >You take a few steps away from the group.
  2936. “I'll see you all on Friday night for a 'special study session'”
  2937. >You mockingly tell them.
  2938. >Since you can't talk about racing in school and all.
  2939. >You then walk back to your groups table.
  2940. >Your dirty mind wished that by 'special study session' you mean something sexual with all of them.
  2941. >You guess you'll settle for a good race instead.
  2943. >Friday comes and goes.
  2944. >You actually got the numbers from all the RainBooms
  2945. >Minus Rainbow Dash of course.
  2946. >You told your group about the conversation with the RainBooms.
  2947. >And that you were sticking with the Speed Stars.
  2948. >It is now time for the weekend.
  2949. >And Spring Break.
  2950. >And what better way to start the week long break than racing some hot chicks.
  2951. >Flash is picking up 4-Speed this time so you go straight to the meet.
  2952. >Once you make it to the spot you see that once again, you're the first one of your group there.
  2953. >Dash and her friends are already there, though.
  2954. >As are the other two groups.
  2955. >All of them are talking amongst themselves.
  2956. >Once everyone notices you have arrived they begin to gather around you like they've been doing for the past few weeks.
  2957. >You get out of your car and mingle with random people in the area.
  2958. >A couple of the people you talk to were some of the scrubs you've blown out on the highways over the years.
  2959. >There are some people here who have started to get into racing because of you.
  2960. >Their reasoning being if you could start off and take out some of the big dogs, then they have hope for themselves.
  2961. >Dangerous thinking really.
  2962. >You have to start letting people know that you've been driving for years.
  2963. >And to not do something too stupid.
  2964. >After a few minutes, some of your team mates trickle in one by one.
  2965. >You do your greetings as they come in.
  2966. >You grab a doughnut and a drink at the shop and just browse the cars of the other people there.
  2967. >Always some nice lookers.
  2968. >Without even realizing it you find yourself meandering over to the RainBooms' cars.
  2969. >Some of the girls are out and about themselves but a few are still hanging out with their cars.
  2970. >One such is Fluttershy leaning on her Beetle Turbo S.
  2971. >”Hey Fluttershy.”
  2972. >You greet her.
  2973. >”Oh, hello Anonymous!”
  2974. >She jolts up from her car and awkwardly greets you.
  2975. >Seems like you startled her.
  2976. >She was wearing a one piece frilly light green dress with butterfly patterns all over.
  2977. >”What brings you here?”
  2978. >She asks.
  2979. >You just shrug your shoulders.
  2980. “Truthfully, I just ended up here.”
  2981. >You tell her as you start to circle her car.
  2982. “Nice Beetle, by the way.”
  2983. >You tell her.
  2984. >”Thank you.”
  2985. >She says in her gentle voice.
  2986. >”You're very kind, not many seem to appreciate these.”
  2987. >She says as she pats the roof of her car.
  2988. >You lean down a bit to look at the interior of the car.
  2989. >She's got a short shifter and a few extra gauges on the corner panel of the driver's side but other than that it's pretty stock.
  2990. >You stand back up and look at her.
  2991. “Yeah, usually with Volkswagen's many people like to opt for the Jetta.”
  2992. >You continue to circle the car and then you are now next to Fluttershy herself.
  2993. “What made you want to use one of there?”
  2994. >Her facial expression turns to one of adoration.
  2995. >”It's so small and I just think he's so cute!”
  2996. >She claps her hands together and brings them up to her face into an adoring pose.
  2997. >”I love animals and other little creatures and the Beetle was just a natural choice.”
  2998. >She then brings her hands down and places both of them onto the car's roof.
  2999. >”I know he's not the most powerful in our group but I cherish him like one of my pets nonetheless and Twilight keeps him in top shape”
  3000. >She treats it like it's one of her pets.
  3001. >Well, it's not uncommon for some people to really love their cars like living beings.
  3002. >Still is weird to see it out there.
  3003. >That being said.
  3004. >Fluttershy is too cute that you don't care.
  3005. >You just smile at her adoration for her car.
  3006. >She certainly has that endearing aura to her.
  3007. “Wait, did you say Twilight keeps him in top shape?”
  3008. >You ask.
  3009. >Something that almost slipped your notice.
  3010. >She looks back to you from her car.
  3011. >”Oh yes, Twilight is a big help with tuning our cars and general maintenance.”
  3012. >You look over to twilight and see that she is also still at her car.
  3013. >She has a laptop placed on the roof of her car with a thick cable connected from it to inside her car.
  3014. >She's looking over something on the monitor of her laptop and typing away.
  3015. >The hood of her car is open and there are a few wrenches laying about.
  3016. “How about that.”
  3017. >You say to nobody in particular.
  3018. >You begin to sneak over to Twilight.
  3019. >As you get closer, you can now hear some music coming from her sound system in her car.
  3020. ([Doja Cat - Say So - Hot Pink] )
  3021. >She is grooving and swaying her hips to the beat of the song.
  3022. >You are now a few inches behind her and she still hasn’t noticed you.
  3023. >You look over her shoulder to see what she is working on.
  3024. >All you can see on her screen are a bunch of numbers being typed and moving graphs that correspond to the number inputs.
  3025. >She's wearing a light blue tank top with a black sweater tied around her waist and faded gray jeans.
  3026. >And she still hasn't noticed you.
  3027. “So what's all this?”
  3028. >You finally speak up.
  3029. >Twilight jumps and shrieks over being startled.
  3030. >She quickly turns to you, breathing heavily.
  3031. >”Oh Anon! Heheh, I didn't notice you were there!”
  3032. >You chuckle at her awkwardness.
  3033. “Man, If I could show that level of focus on anything in my life.”
  3034. >You tell her.
  3035. >She begins to awkwardly giggle at your comment.
  3036. >”Thanks?  I mean, Thanks!”
  3037. >She's starting to blush over something minor.
  3038. “So, what are you doing?”
  3039. >You decide to move on before she begins to think you're hitting on her or something.
  3040. >”Oh, this?”
  3041. >She turns back to her laptop.
  3042. >She steps aside so you can have a better look at it yourself.
  3043. >”I'm just running calculations on my car's engine combustion timing.”
  3044. >You take a quick glance at her screen and everything may as well be in a foreign language to you.
  3045. >It's not like you don't want to learn this stuff.
  3046. >But most of your car's important parts are from the early 2000's so there is still very little electrical and all mechanical.
  3047. >Also, you know, you have people who do this stuff for a living for you.
  3048. >You lean back and look impressed.
  3049. “I have to say I'm impressed, it's getting rarer nowadays to have racers be their own tuners.”
  3050. >She waves both her hands in front of her.
  3051. >”Oh no! I'm not a racer!”
  3052. >What?
  3053. “Wait, really?”
  3054. >Now that you think about it.
  3055. >You never did see her race in any of the previous weeks you've seen their group perform.
  3056. >She now rests her hands in front of her.
  3057. >”Nope.”
  3058. >You bring your hand up to your chin.
  3059. “Huh, I didn't notice.”
  3060. >You then look at her BMW.
  3061. “But then.”
  3062. >You hold out your arms to present her car.
  3063. “Why spend so much money on a beauty like this?”
  3064. >These cars are certainly not cheap.
  3065. >Even now over ten years after these were released.
  3066. “Don't tell me you did just to hang out with the others.”
  3067. >Peer pressure is a hell of a drug.
  3068. >She shakes her head.
  3069. >Still with a sweet smile on her face.
  3070. >”Oh no, this car used to belong to my older brother when he was in the Crystal Clutch Club.”
  3071. >You drop your arms to the side.
  3072. “Oh.”
  3073. >Is all you could say.
  3074. >She giggles at your dumbfounded expression.
  3075. >”Yeah, he was the leader back when he was in school and this was his car.  Then put it away when he joined the Military.”
  3076. >You now walk around the car to get a good look.
  3077. >”I started to learn about engines and transmissions and in general to be of use to my friends instead of just being there for aesthetics.”
  3078. >It's a gorgeous car regardless.
  3079. >”The mathematics, physics, and engineering behind it is all so fascinating!”
  3080. >She goes on.
  3081. >”When my friends wanted to start a racing group he was kind enough the pass it on to me.”
  3082. >You hum in approval,
  3083. ”So what all have you done with it?”
  3084. >You ask as you make your way back to her side.
  3085. >She adjusts her glasses and pushes a loose strain of hair behind her ear.
  3086. >”Really not all that much.  My brother kept it in pristine condition and all I've done is give it a new paint job to suit me more, replaced the filters and timing belts and play with the EFI to get different ratios and see how the car reacts.”
  3087. >A car with a V10 there really is little you can do with it unless you're an absolute madman.
  3088. >And while the jury is still out on whether Twilight is an absolute madlad.
  3089. >You can't imagine someone like her who doesn't race would do much to make this thing a rocket.
  3090. >You scratch your head.
  3091. “Well, I guess I don't have to worry about racing you and this thing.”
  3092. >You say with a half hearted chuckle.
  3093. >She matches your chuckle with one her own.
  3094. >”Oh no, I'm not a great driver.”
  3095. >She pauses for a moment then quickly adds to her comment.
  3096. >”Compared to the other girls!  I'm a fine driver overall.”
  3097. >She says as she gives you another awkward grin.
  3098. >Good enough.
  3099. >You both just stand there for a second then from out of nowhere, Twilight is jumped from behind by a mass of Pink hair.
  3100. >”Awww Twilight, you're a great driver!”
  3101. >Pinkie Pie has her arms wrapped around Twilight with her head resting on her left shoulder.
  3102. >”You'd be a great racer with us.”
  3103. >She adds.
  3104. >She then notices you.
  3105. >She lets one arm free to lift it into the air and once again violently wave it towards you.
  3106. >”Hi Anon!”
  3107. >She says with a big smile on her face.
  3108. >You just nod your head to Pinkie.
  3109. “Hello Pinkie.”
  3110. >She lets go of Twilight and gets in front of her.
  3111. >She is wearing a two tone blue shirt with puffy shoulders and balloon designs on the front.
  3112. >A multicolor skirt with blue, yellow and Pink stripes running along the skirt.
  3113. >She leans forward and places her hand on her chin.
  3114. >Giving you a suspicious look
  3115. >”You here to scout out the competition?”
  3116. >You smile at her question.
  3117. “I wasn't intending to, but if you got any good information I won't turn it down.”
  3118. >You playfully tell her.
  3119. >She then puts her hands on her hips and then smiles herself.
  3120. >”Well, I do know that Rainbow Dash has planned for you to race against Fluttershy and myself tonight.”
  3121. >Well shit, that is good information,
  3122. “Is that so?”
  3123. >You ask her.
  3124. >”Pinkie!”
  3125. >Twilight calls out to her.
  3126. >Pinkie's eyes then go wide.
  3127. >”Whoopsy! Guess I shouldn't have said that!”
  3128. >She makes a fist with her hand and pretends to punch herself softly.
  3129. “I mean, at this point it's not going to matter who I'm going to race or not.”
  3130. >You shrug your shoulders and reason with the girls.
  3131. >Fluttershy then joins with you and the two girls and speaks up.
  3132. >”Well, he does have a point, it's not like Twilight who has taken footage of him racing and analyzing his driving patterns.”
  3133. >You raise your eyebrows and look over to Twilight.
  3134. “Really?”
  3135. >You say in a suspicious tone.
  3136. >Twilight's face goes red and she begins to descend into the cab of her car.
  3137. >You play with her by crossing your arms and give her a disapproving look.
  3138. >She then slowly grabs her laptop and brings it into the car and she slowly shuts the door to her car.
  3139. >Locking herself in.
  3140. >You chuckle and shake your head at her antics.
  3141. >Finally you turn back to Pinkie Pie.
  3142. “Alright, since you know all my secrets, what can you tell me about your car?”
  3143. >Pinkie thinks for a moment.
  3144. >She begins to scratch her head.
  3145. >”Well, it's fast.”
  3146. “That's a good start”
  3147. >You respond.
  3148. >You then move past her to the hot pink Mitsubishi.
  3149. “This it?”
  3150. >You ask.
  3151. >She nods and moves to your side.
  3152. “Mind if I look under the hood?
  3153. >She gives you a thumbs up and she moves to the drivers side and pops the hood open.
  3154. >You lift the hood to see all the juicy details of the car.
  3155. >Which is to say there wasn't anything too spectacular.
  3156. >Sure, it has a V6 Twin Turbo engine.
  3157. >Which in turn makes it a VR4 model with four wheel drive and a six speed transmission.
  3158. >There were some aftermarket cams and seals and the turbos don't look to be anything special.
  3159. >You would guess this thing pushes a good 400 Horsepower.
  3160. >You close the hood.
  3161. “So, why a Mitsubishi 3000GT?”
  3162. >You ask Pinkie Pie.
  3163. >”Well....”
  3164. >She extends her 'L' sound for a good minute before she comes up with something else to say
  3165. >”It called out to me and something in me just said 'go for it'!”
  3166. >You give her an odd look.
  3167. “Uh huh.”
  3168. >You nonchalantly say out loud.
  3169. >It's amazing that for all the shit Rainbow Dash gave you about the Speed Stars, her band of misfits are one in the same.
  3170. >They don't seem all that serious about racing or winning.
  3171. >If anything, so far out of these three you have now interacted with they all just seem to be regular innocent high school girls who just want to hang out.
  3172. >And none of these girls lost?
  3173. >You wonder how the other girls will act like.
  3174. >Who are spread out among the meet.
  3175. >You turn back to see Twilight finally coming out of her car once again.
  3176. >Perhaps her intel could be the key to their success.
  3177. “So, If I'm racing both Pinkie and Flutts, what's the course?”
  3178. >You ask out loud to anyone of the girls who will answer you.
  3179. >Both Pinkie and Fluttershy have a confused look on their face.
  3180. >They then both look over to Twilight.
  3181. >Who is just as dumfounded as the others.
  3182. >She shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders.
  3183. >”Yeah, wouldn't you like to know.”
  3184. >A familiar voice says from behind you.
  3185. >You let out a sigh and place your hands in your pockets and slowly turn to the girl who sassed you.
  3186. >Rainbow Dash is now before you.
  3187. “I mean, I have to know where I'm going.”
  3188. >You don't move from your spot and neither does Dash.
  3189. >She is wearing a white crop top t shirt with a blue jacket over it.
  3190. >You can see traces of abs on her stomach which signifies she's in great athletic shape.
  3191. >Down below are black yoga pants with rainbow lightning bolts patterned on the sides.
  3192. >Her hair is done in a pony tail that hangs out from the top of her visor she has on her head.
  3193. >You both stand there for a moment, just staring into each others eyes,
  3194. >Looking for any kind of weakness.
  3195. >And to her credit, she does not budge.
  3196. >Or blink even.
  3197. “So are you going to tell me what we are running?”
  3198. >You finally break the silence.
  3199. >Dash still doesn't move or flinch .
  3200. >”No, you're gonna have to wait until we're all ready to race.”
  3201. >Your eyebrows lower.
  3202. >Face descending from a blank slate to a glare.
  3203. >You don't say another word and begin to walk past her.
  3204. “Exactly something someone who is afraid to lose would do.”
  3205. >You comment as you pass by her.
  3206. >After a few steps she responds to you.
  3207. >”Whatever it takes to win.”
  3208. >She says.
  3209. “Which is what I will be doing tonight.”
  3210. >You yell back.
  3211. >You don't hear a response.
  3212. >Once you make it back to your groups part of the lot the rest of your team gathers around you.
  3213. >”So, what's going on?”
  3214. >Wallflower asks.
  3215. >She looks over to the group and then back to you.
  3216. >You didn't realize it, but you still had a frown on your face.
  3217. “So far it looks like I will be racing two of them tonight.”
  3218. >They ask which ones and you tell them who.
  3219. “They won't tell me which route we will be racing though.”
  3220. >You add.
  3221. “What are other possible routes in this area?”
  3222. >4-Speed is the first one to speak up.
  3223. >”There are actually quite a few.”
  3224. >He says.
  3225. >”I guess I should have been telling you this since the beginning.”
  3226. >He then looks around to the rest of the crew.
  3227. >You are a bit confused at his comment.
  3228. >”Anyone still have their map of the area in their car?”
  3229. >He asks out loud.
  3230. >Both Wallflower and Flash Sentry raise their hands.
  3231. >He then motions to them.
  3232. >”Can either of you grab it for me please?”
  3233. >Flash and Wallflower look at each other.
  3234. >Then to their cars.
  3235. >Seems like Wallflower's car is closer to you all.
  3236. >You all go over to her car.
  3237. >She leans in the glove box in her car to pull out a thick pamphlet.
  3238. >She unfolds the piece of paper out onto her hood.
  3239. >Now before you is a large map of what looks to be the city of Canterlot.
  3240. >There are lines all over the roads in different colored ink.
  3241. >Some of the lines you recognize such as the Imago Loop and the I.S Loop.
  3242. >There are a lot more lines throughout the area.
  3243. >There are even several that splinter out and go onto the Highways.
  3244. >It's impressive to see all the detail put into this.
  3245. >”So.”
  3246. >4-Speed begins to point to several of the lines.
  3247. >”You already know of the Imago and I.S”
  3248. >He says as he points them out on the map.
  3249. >”There is this simple one around the block used for beginner racers called First Loop.”
  3250. >He continues to show and explain the various routes in the Industrial area and the given names.
  3251. >Some seem more windy and turn based than others.
  3252. >There are even some that are just two very long stretches of road,
  3253.  >Finally, he gets to the routes that go through the various Highways across the city.
  3254. >”These are simply known as the 'C' or 'D' loops.”
  3255. >He shakes his head.
  3256. >”Not very creative names, I know, but for the most part these are reserved for special races which very rarely happen. Or even main event races, but are still rare.”
  3257. >He says as he pats you on the back.
  3258. >”I would expect one or two of these routes to pop up in your races against the RainBooms. So do keep that in mind.”
  3259. >Definitely something Rainbow Dash would do.
  3260. >Hopefully you race on them sooner as you feel highway racing is more your specialty.
  3261. >4-Speed lightly pats the map on the hood of Wallflower's car.
  3262. >”Any questions?”
  3263. >He asks you.
  3264. >You stare at all the possible routes.
  3265. “This is some detailed stuff for just some street races.”
  3266. >You say to really nobody.
  3267. >4-Speed just nods.
  3268. >”Yeah, it's actually been like this for years. At least since even before my time.”
  3269. >Maybe something your dad even came up with during his time as a racer.
  3270. >Throughout the night, you've been glued to the map of all the racing lines.
  3271. >Trying to memorize them so that there will be no more surprises.
  3272. >Finally after several races.
  3273. >”Alright chumps! It is time for Anon's now weekly gauntlet race!”
  3274. >Rainbow Dash announces to the crowd.
  3275. >Many cheers can be heard from the crowd.
  3276. >Some people even chant your name.
  3277. >Much to Rainbow Dash's displeasure.
  3278. >”Alright knock that off.”
  3279. >She says out loud.
  3280. >”Ol' Mr. Nonny will have his hands full tonight as he will be facing not one but two of our RianBooms!”
  3281. >Some cheers and 'oooh's from a lot of the people in the crowd.
  3282. “Why not three?”
  3283. >You playfully yell.
  3284. >She just shoots you another dirty look.
  3285. >”Because two will be more than enough to put you back in your place, kid!”
  3286. >She says with a shit eating grin on her face.
  3287. >You snort to yourself and some of the crowd instigates more with several more hollers.
  3288. >”Tonight they will be running the Coiling Loop!”
  3289. >All you needed to know.
  3290. >You turn face to go back to your car.
  3291. >Before that though.
  3292. >You take one last look at the map for the Coiling Loop.
  3293. >First half is like the I.S Loop where you have to drive up to the shoreline.
  3294. >Instead of a left turn you go right.
  3295. >And then a straightaway that goes down halfway when you make a right turn.
  3296. >It goes across the main starting line and then another sharp turn.
  3297. >You get the idea of the route and head you your car to go line up.
  3298. >It is now time.
  3299. >You are lined up with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
  3300. >Once again you look over to the two.
  3301. >Both of them have their windows rolled down.
  3302. >You're keeping yours up this time around.
  3303. >Much like last time there is a long waiting period.
  3304. >Then the cutie of the week makes their way to the center of the road.
  3305. >This time around is a girl with more pale yellowish light green skin.
  3306. >Her hair is half dark pink, almost purpleish and cobalt blue dune in a 50's puffy style fluff.
  3307. >She's wearing a purple button top with several baby blue ribbons as the buttons.
  3308. >The top two or three buttons are undone, showing off her cleavage.
  3309. >Down below is a two layer skirt with a baby blue layer on top and a purple layer underneath.
  3310. >She stands in the middle of the road in between the cars and looks at all of you.
  3311. >You take a deep breath and hold it for a moment.
  3312. >You then exhale
  3313. >You have the car in neutral and are revving the engine.
  3314. >As do the others.
  3315. >The girl up front does the usual routine.
  3316. >”Ready!”
  3317. >Lifts up right arm.
  3318. >”Set!”
  3319. >Lifts up left arm.
  3320. >”GO!”
  3321. >Points forward.
  3322. >And you're off.
  3323. ( [Sara - Buring Up For You - Initial D])
  3324. >You get a real good jump.
  3325. >So does Pinkie.
  3326. >It looks almost as like both of you are leaving poor Fluttershy in the dust.
  3327. >Something you are sure will not last for long.
  3328. >But for now you keep up with Pinkie Pie.
  3329. >She's barely taking the lead.
  3330. >You are right behind her rear left tire.
  3331. >The first turn is coming up.
  3332. >You down shift and kick your clutch like normal.
  3333. >Pinkie just powers through the turn and she slides across several lanes.
  3334. >She would have ran into you as well had it not been for you already passing her on the outside.
  3335. >You curse to yourself,
  3336. >Looks like she may be as reckless as Sour Sweet.
  3337. >A short line before the left turn to the shoreline.
  3338. >You hang to the outside and turn wide into the corner.
  3339. >Pinkie once again just powerslides to the outside and is right behind you.
  3340. >And wouldn't you know it, right behind her is Fluttershy.
  3341. >Both girls are not right on your tail.
  3342. >But they are close.
  3343. >You start to gain distance from them as you go along the straightaway.
  3344. >Now it's the next turn.
  3345. >You make the right turn instead of the left and are now riding along the shoreline.
  3346. >The road in this direction doesn't curve as much as the other.
  3347. >Nor is it as long.
  3348. >You're coming up on the next right turn.
  3349. >And you decide to go and try for a drift to the inside.
  3350. >Once you are out of the turn you notice both Pink and Flutts make the turn easily as well.
  3351. >Perhaps you may have sold them short.
  3352. >This straight line is about as half as long as the previous and you are already turning into the starting area.
  3353. >All three of you make the tight turn.
  3354. >You zoom past the starting line from before.
  3355. >The next part of the route is going to be killer as there are going to be six tight turns around the various surrounding city blocks.
  3356. >The first tight left turn you squeeze through.
  3357. >The others make the turn as well.
  3358. >They are gaining on you.
  3359. >This part of the route is what you were afraid of.
  3360. >The constant turns could give them the edge.
  3361. >Mostly Fluttershy.
  3362. >Her small and light Beetle is just perfect for these kinds of courses.
  3363. >The second turn sees you drifting on the inside with Fluttershy right next to you.
  3364. >Now it's another short straight line once again.
  3365. >You create a little distance from Flutts.
  3366. >Now for the third turn and you powerslide into the turn
  3367. >And sure enough FlutterShy passes you on the inside after your recovery.
  3368. >Damn that was pretty good.
  3369. >Credit where credit is due.
  3370. >This is another short block and you immediately make another tight right turn.
  3371. >That's four turns, just three more and then the final straightaway to the finish.
  3372. >She creates a distance between you two.
  3373. >Shit, what is it about her turning skills that are superior to yours?
  3374. >This is the last straight line until the long stretch at the end.
  3375. >Time for the fifth turn.
  3376. >You closely watch FlutterShy to see if you could decipher her technique.
  3377. >She moves to the outside of the lane and just drifts into the turn and makes it out on the inside after the turn,
  3378. >The only thing you noticed was that her break lights were flickering.
  3379. >Meaning she is break boosting.
  3380. >You actually don't know that much about the 'art' of drifting so it's hard to say for sure but you have always heard that was an inferior technique.
  3381. >And with that you now only have two more turns to either figure it out or be a total dick and try to run her off like you did to Sour.
  3382. >But you really don't want to do that.
  3383. >What you didn't notice was that Pinkie Pie snuck by you.
  3384. >How in the blue fuck did she do that?
  3385. >You quickly shake your head and slap yourself.
  3386. >You need to focus!
  3387. >This is a short lane before the sixth turn.
  3388. >You keep up on Pinkie's tail to assert pressure.
  3389. >Sixth turn comes and you attempt to brake boost.
  3390. >It doesn't seem to help much but you do get back in front of Pinkie Pie.
  3391. >All three of you are very close together.
  3392. >And it is time for the last turn before the home stretch.
  3393. >You wonder if you could use Pinkie's too wide a turns to your advantage.
  3394. >Here comes the last turn.
  3395. >And here goes nothing.
  3396. >Fluttershy goes for the inside again.
  3397. >Pinkie is on your tail and is threatening to rear end you.
  3398. >You instantly jerk into the inside lane and hit your brakes.
  3399. >She was not expecting that and she zooms past you and she loses her focus.
  3400. >She almost runs into the corner light pole and is able to correct her line.
  3401. >But not before almost hitting poor Fluttershy.
  3402. >Which to her credit she straightens her line pretty quickly but it left Fluttershy shook.
  3403. >Even with the lost speed and momentum for you, you can now easily make the tight turn on the inside.
  3404. >By the time either of the girls correct their lines you are now neck and neck with them.
  3405. >It's the final straight line and now it's all a matter of power.
  3406. >Which your Z has plenty of and you pull ahead in the last few yards.
  3407. >Victory!
  3408. >You roll down your window and pump your fist in the air.
  3409. >You really need to do something bout these close call victories.
  3410. >And overtaking them at the last possible moment.
  3411. >But a victory is a victory.
  3412. >And the Sonic RainBooms first recorded loss!
  3413. >You stop your car and put it in neutral and rev your engine.
  3414. >The crowd gathers and encourage you to continue.
  3415. >After a few more reps, you exit the Z and join with the rest of the people who were just as excited as you were that someone finally defeated one of the RainBooms.
  3416. >Okay, maybe you weren't that excited about beating them.
  3417. >And to be honest you felt a little bad it had to be Fluttershy who you beat first.
  3418. >But you can easily pin that on Rainbow Dash for not wanting to come at you herself first.
  3419. >Now she should know you mean business.
  3420. >Your team catches up to where you are at and also congratulate you.
  3421. >Hugs and high fives all around.
  3422. >Then you are approached by Fluttershy.
  3423. >She has this almost frown on her face.
  3424. >Which when you are in front of her, her whole demeanor changes.
  3425. >She reaches out her hand to you.
  3426. >With a smile now on her face.
  3427. >”That was a really fun race!”
  3428. >You return the smile and then you reach out to shake her hand.
  3429. >Once your hands meet she comes more forward and gives you a quick embrace.
  3430. >”Thank you.”
  3431. >She says in a softer tone mid embrace.
  3432. >Immediately after her embrace you feel another pair of arms wrap around you and pull you into another.
  3433. >The distinct smell of artificial cotton candy now fills your lungs.
  3434. >Yes, cotton candy is already artificial.
  3435. >But this was something a bit different.
  3436. >But the important thing here is you can feel Pinkie Pie's boobs as they are pressed firmly on your arm.
  3437. >She must hide them well because they feel way bigger than what you could see before.
  3438. >”That was super amazing!”
  3439. >Pinkie yells as she shakes you in her embrace.
  3440. >You nervously laugh at her overenthusiastic response.
  3441. >You finally break free from her and are face to face with both girls.
  3442. “So, you're not mad about that last turn?”
  3443. >You had to bring that up.
  3444. >But both girls just shake their heads.
  3445. >”There is nothing to be angry about when we lost fair and square.”
  3446. >Flutts assures you.
  3447. >”Yep! I sold you short thinking you were gonna crack at my driving, but you showed me!”
  3448. >Pinkie says after Fluttershy.
  3449. “Wait, you were being reckless on purpose?”
  3450. >She puts on a sly smile.
  3451. >”Maybe.”
  3452. >She simply says and then continues.
  3453. >”I tried to exploit a weakness in your careful driving and it didn't work.”
  3454. >She says.
  3455. >”I never would have thought you would have figured that out and then used it against me!”
  3456. >She then nudges you with her elbow.
  3457. >”You're a lot smarter than you let on, cheeky!”
  3458. >You just put on a poker face and try to be bashful.
  3459. “Really, it was nothing but luck”
  3460. >You try to downplay.
  3461. >Pinkie gives you another smug look.
  3462. >”Suuuurre.”
  3463. >She's unconvinced.
  3464. >Fluttershy let's out a cute giggle over the interaction.
  3465. >You try and look over to the rest of the RainBooms to see how they are taking it.
  3466. >You can see Rainbow Dash in an intense looking conversation with Twilight Sparkle.
  3467. >You imagine she cannot be happy.
  3468. >But she seems a bit hostile over there.
  3469. >You point this out to both Pinkie and Flutts.
  3470. “Think you may want to step in over there?”
  3471. >They both look over to where you were pointing to.
  3472. >Now it looks like Twilight and Dash are angry and Sunset and AppleJack are trying to get in between them.
  3473. >”Oh dear!”
  3474. >Fluttershy says as loud as she could.
  3475. >Which isn't very loud at all.
  3476. >Both Pinkie and Flutts both head over to try and defuse the situation.
  3477. >It doesn't look like it's much help at first.
  3478. >Finally after a few minutes she clams down.
  3479. >And by this point you decide to go up and try to see what happened.
  3480. >You casually walk up to the group without a care.
  3481. “Trouble in Paradise?”
  3482. >You ask like a cheeky asshole.
  3483. >”Fuck off!”
  3484. >Dash quickly and harshly tells you.
  3485. >Sore loser much?
  3486. >You raise your arms in confusion.
  3487. “The hell? Can't you take a loss gracefully like these lovely ladies did?”
  3488. >You point to both Pink and Flutts.
  3489. >Dash does not look happy in the slightest.
  3490. >She walks up to you and gets in your face.
  3491. >”Keep talking bitchface.  You're gonna get yours.”
  3492. >You don't budge from her step up.
  3493. >Which means you are barely an inch from Dash's face.
  3494. “Sounds sexy.”
  3495. >You say low enough that only she could hear it
  3496. >And with a smile.
  3497. >She flinched.
  3498. >Like she wanted to attack you but she was able to keep her emotions in check.
  3499. >She finally backs off from her little attempt at intimidating you.
  3500. >She then looks around the group for a moment.
  3501. >Then another smirk creeps onto her face.
  3502. >”Next week.”
  3503. >She says.
  3504. >”There will be a special event race!”
  3505. >She calls out to the crowd now.
  3506. >She then brings her hand up to point to you.
  3507. >”Where Anon here.”
  3508. >She then brings her other hand up.
  3509. >And points to Rarity.
  3510. >”Will face Rarity, our drift specialist.”
  3511. >You look over to Rarity.
  3512. >Of all the girls, you would have pegged Pinkie Pie as the Drifter of the group.
  3513. >And Rarity would have been last on the list.
  3514. >Rainbow Dash wasn't finished though.
  3515. >”And they will be facing off one on one over on the roads of Mt. Everfree!”
  3516. >The crowd roars.
  3517. >You look around at the overall excitement.
  3518. >You take a look over at your group.
  3519. >4-Speed seems to have a worried look on his face.
  3520. >Some of the others just look bright and excited.
  3521. >You then look over to Rarity.
  3522. >She is also looking at you.
  3523. >Neither of you acknowledge each other.
  3524. >You both just stare.
  3525. >Is she trying to size you up?
  3526. >Is she playing potassium?
  3527. >You can't get a good reading on her.
  3528. >All you really know is she drives a Lexus IS300.
  3529. >Or in Neighpon it's called the Toyota Altezza.
  3530. >You have nothing witty or dumb to say right about now.
  3531. >You just about face and walk back to your car.
  3532. >You can hear car horns going wild in the distance.
  3533. >Seems like the Police lookout crew is telling you the party is over.
  3535. >Same deal every Friday after races.
  3536. >Your group hangs out at the usual late night diner.
  3537. >There is a cheerful chatter among most of the members and your victory over the Sonic RainBooms.
  3538. >You stay silent for most of the meeting.
  3539. >Mostly giving one word answers where possible.
  3540. >Finally, Trixie of all people is the one to call you out.
  3541. >”Trixie is worried at the silence from Anon tonight.”
  3542. >You don't react much from the call out.
  3543. “Sorry, Not much I really have to say.”
  3544. >You take a drink of your usual beverage.
  3545. “Well, except about Mount Everfree, of course.”
  3546. >4-Speed nods his head.
  3547. >”I had a feeling that was getting into your head.”
  3548. >He answers.
  3549. >”It's an alternate road that leads from the top of the Lookout Point to the bottom of the Mountain.”
  3550. >He then takes a drink from his own glass.
  3551. >”It's a pretty nasty course with steep declines, multiple hairpin turns.
  3552. >He sets his glass down and reaches for an onion ring.
  3553.  >”In all honesty, I don't know if you're ready for something like that.”
  3554. >You smile and nod at his comment.
  3555. “Well, if there were any time for me to be listening to you, now would be it.”
  3556. >4-Speed chuckles at your wisecrack.
  3557. >”But seriously, it's a very dangerous course for beginners, I get that you're no beginner., but it's a course even I'm not totally comfortable running.”
  3558. >You just nod and grab an onion ring yourself.
  3559. “Good thing I have you to give me a crash course this whole week.”
  3560. >He looks confused.
  3561. >”But don't you guys have...?”
  3562. >He looks over to the other members.
  3563. >They all shake their heads.
  3564. >”Spring Break baby!”
  3565. >Flash exclaims.
  3566. >Then all of a sudden, he looks as though someone stabbed him in the gut.
  3567. >”Aw crap! I totally forgot I'm going on vacation with my family this week!”
  3568. >He then begins to lightly bang his head on the booth table.
  3569. >”I'm gonna be gone for probably the most epic race!”
  3570. >The others pat his back and try to cheer him up.
  3571. >4-Speed chuckles and pats his back as well.
  3572. ”Okay then, What do you say we start tomorrow?”
  3573. >You ask 4-Speed, eager to get as much practice in mountain drifting as you can.
  3574. >”I mean, if you want but I would highly suggest you get the Z tuned for drifting before anything else.”
  3575. >He gives you his signature smile.
  3576. >”Last thing we need is for you to drive yourself off a cliff.”
  3577. >There were a few laughs from the group.
  3578. >You just nod.
  3579. >Something you're going to need to talk to your dad about tomorrow.
  3581. >Saturday.
  3582. >Just before you head to work you go and look for your dad.
  3583. >He is in his bedroom packing a suitcase.
  3584. “What's up dad?”
  3585. >He looks up to you and then he smiles.
  3586. >”Oh nothing, I have to leave tonight for a business conference I must attend so I'll be out of town all week.”
  3587. >Damn, better make this quick.
  3588. “Nice.”
  3589. >You start.
  3590. >He doesn't move from his spot.
  3591. >Still fixated on you.
  3592. >”I know you have something on your mind.”
  3593. >He gestures to you.
  3594. >Man, you can be read like an open book.
  3595. >You nod at him.
  3596. “Does the Z need any tuning for drifting?”
  3597. >Your dad cocks his head to the side.
  3598. >”Drifting?”
  3599. >You nod once again.
  3600. >”For what?”
  3601. >You then tell him of the situation.
  3602. >He now looks down.
  3603. >His hand gently caressing his beard as he thinks.
  3604. >”I have to be honest son, I don't know if I want you running this course.”
  3605. “What?”
  3606. >That's a first.
  3607. “Wait, what for?”
  3608. >You step forward to him.
  3609. >He then looks to you.
  3610. >”Do you even know HOW to drift?”
  3611. >He asks.
  3612. >You pause for a moment.
  3613. “I kinda know the basics.”
  3614. >You say unconvincingly.
  3615. >He just shakes his head.
  3616. >”Just 'kinda knowing the basics' isn't enough for you to be running that mountain pass.”
  3617. >He seems to know it.
  3618. “Have YOU ran it?”
  3619. >You ask, your voice a bit elevated.
  3620. >He shakes his head.
  3621. >”No, I have not, because I wasn't a drift racer, it was unnecessary for me.”
  3622. >You feel a tense pressure in the air.
  3623. >Something you have never felt before from your father.
  3624. >This one actually worries him.
  3625. >Should you be worried then?
  3626. >He then finally lets out a sigh.
  3627. >”Look, I don't want you running that course, but if I were to force you to not, it'll only make things worse...”
  3628. >He looks down again.
  3629. >”The Z is tuned right now to maximizing it's turbo and for power and speed.  Something not needed for drifting.  Well, the power is not needed.”
  3630. >He says.
  3631. >”You're going to need to tweak the engine and turbo to take in less air.  Suspension should be fine but you may need to lower the car about an inch and a half for better turning.”
  3632. >He's actually giving you all the information.
  3633. >”Oh, and you are going to need to put a new set of tires on the car.  That is a must.”
  3634. >He says as he goes back to packing for his trip.
  3635. >”You are going to have to ask the old man at the shop when he's in on Monday to take care of it.”
  3636. >Shit, Monday?
  3637. >And you have to talk to the old man?
  3638. “Can't you tell him to do it before you leave? I hate having to deal with him.”
  3639. >Your dad looks back at you with a devilish grin.
  3640. >”You want to run the Mountain Pass?  You gotta ask him to tune the car for you.”
  3641. >You let out a huge sigh.
  3642. “Fine.”
  3643. >You begin to storm out of the bedroom when he calls out to you one more time.
  3644. >”Also Anon, It goes without saying but, don't kill yourself.”
  3645. >You just smile at him.
  3646. “I'll have 4-Speed with me to give me some pointers throughout the week.”
  3647. >He then gives you a questioning look.
  3648. >”Shouldn't he be home on paid leave?”
  3649. >You freeze.
  3650. “Uh...”
  3651. >You just bolt out of the room and the house altogether.
  3652. >You do text 4-Speed that the Z won't be drift ready until Monday at the earliest.
  3653. >Nothing you can do.
  3654. >So you'll just settle for another Saturday night of 'White Mirage' hunting.
  3656. >Saturday night.
  3657. >It's almost midnight.
  3658. >You have ran into more scrubs than the previous few weeks.
  3659. >It really seems like more and more people are now into racing and are looking for you in particular.
  3660. >At least it feels like that.
  3661. >You ran most of them off and they don't bother following you.
  3662. >With nobody else around you, you feel like it's another dud night you just cruise for the moment.
  3663. >Out of nowhere like all the other scrubs, a pair of really bright headlights show up.
  3664. >Like, the really bright blue annoying headlights the can see into the fucking future.
  3665. >You hate those fucking things.
  3666. >The car speeds up very quickly behind you.
  3667. >Your best guess from the style of the annoying headlights it's a BMW.
  3668. >The car then flashes it's high beams at you, wanting a race.
  3669. “This motherfu-”
  3670. >The car then gets in the right lane next to you and bolts off past you.
  3671. >You get a quick look at the car.
  3672. >It's a chrome purple BMW M5.
  3673. >And you were JUST able to notice the circular rainbow on the back windshield of the car.
  3674. >Twilight Sparkle's car?
  3675. ( [Yuzo Koshiro - Feel The Moment - Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 3])
  3676. “That bitch.”
  3677. >You growl.
  3678. >After she had said she didn't race.
  3679. >She's pulling a fast one on you.
  3680. >It's almost starting to feel like all the girls are playing you for a fool.
  3681. >Not fucking today.
  3682. >You stomp the gas pedal and your Z roars into life.
  3683. >You hope the damage isn't done and can catch up to the bitch.
  3684. >She is riding in a V10 afterall.
  3685. >Your car's turbo blows off air with each shift into a higher gear.
  3686. >You are on fifth gear, the max it can go.
  3687. >You are blaring past the other cars on the highway.
  3688. >You can see the BMW just in sight again.
  3689. >You're closing in on the car.
  3690. >Then it makes a last minute b-line for the connecting ramp for the next highway over.
  3691. >You instinctively follow the car and barely make the exit with her.
  3692. >Almost hitting the divider.
  3693. >You're getting a little angry now with that move.
  3694. >The BMW powerslides on the ramp perfectly while you attempt to drift using the brake boosting method.
  3695. >You are forced to downshift back to third to regain the lost speed from the turn.
  3696. >This section of the highway leads to out of the county so there are a lot of semi trucks at this time of night.
  3697. >You and the BMW carefully weave through the various trucks trying to stay on each others tail.
  3698. >You both go at it for a few miles until you see another connecting ramp.
  3699. >You keep a close eye on Twilight to see what her next move is.
  3700. >Sure enough, she tries to do the last minute turn into the ramp again.
  3701. >You were ready this time and follow through.
  3702. >This time your drift is much more crisper then the previous one and you almost run into the BMW.
  3703. >Both of you are now on the Freeway back into the City.
  3704. >You weren't sure how long this race was going to be but you'll follow them until they leave you in the dust.
  3705. >Which you will not accept.
  3706. >You are now keeping up with her.
  3707. >The highway is going back into the city so there are less Semi's but there are quite a few of them scattered.
  3708. >There were a few close calls to where a truck would change into the same lane where you were heading.
  3709. >Leaving you to last minute switch up the lanes you were in.
  3710. >You were now neck and neck with Twilight.
  3711. >You look over to the window and of course it's rolled up with heavily tinted windows so you couldn't see inside.
  3712. >Granted your windows were also heavily tinted as well so they also couldn't see you.
  3713. >The upcoming stretch of road begins to wind into 'S' curves so now you must keep your eye on the road ahead.
  3714. >This was the same spot where the Porsche blew you out before.
  3715. >Not this time.
  3716. >You hit every curve with vigorous force.
  3717. >Not even caring that you miss the cement dividers by mere inches.
  3718. >Even with that, the BMW once again passes you.
  3719. >Son of a bitch!
  3720. >It doesn't get too far though as you were able to get through the section with most of your own speed in tact.
  3721. >The car gets a full head ahead of you.
  3722. >It then gets in front of you.
  3723. >And every lane you try to get in next to her, she goes into the same lane as you not giving you a pass.
  3724. “Alright, bitch, wanna play this game?”
  3725. >You mutter to yourself.
  3726. >You keep an eye on the other cars on the road.
  3727. >Once you get close enough to another car you wait until just the last second to hard pass into the lane behind the other car.
  3728. >She doesn't follow so as to not hit the car.
  3729. >Then you pass into the next lane over.
  3730. >Once again almost hitting the poor unsuspecting car.
  3731. >Sorry man.
  3732. >He actually helps you out by panic turning into the lane that Twilight was in.
  3733. >Causing her to lose her focus and for her to almost be run off the road.
  3734. >You take the lead.
  3735. “Fuck yeah!”
  3736. >You yell in your car.
  3737. >You roll down your window and pull your hand out to flip off the BMW.
  3738. “Yeah! How's my cock taste in your mouth, ya turboslut!”
  3739. >You continue to yell.
  3740. >The BMW doesn't look like it tries to catch you anymore.
  3741. >But it does still follow you.
  3742. >You would try to lead it on some more until she tires out and leaves.
  3743. >But you do need gas.
  3744. >So you make your way home.
  3745. >You exit off the normal ramp that you would use as if you were going home.
  3746. >However, you continue to roll down the street until you find a parking lot to pull into.
  3747. >Which happened to be an all night bar and cafe.
  3748. >And it looks to be busy tonight.
  3749. >You finally park at the corner of the parking lot and get out of your car.
  3750. >You wait for twilight to park her car and then you begin to walk up to it.
  3751. >Once you get close to the car you see the driver door open up.
  3752. >And a man climbs out of the car.
  3753. >You stop dead in your tracks.
  3754. “Wait.”
  3755. >The man who got out was a a tall man. White skin with slick hair three shades of dark blue.
  3756. >He was wearing a light gray long sleeve shirt and a light black sweater vest and a Tie.
  3757. >Black slacks finishes up his classy look.
  3758. >The man then gives you a half smirk.
  3759. >”Man, you've got balls kid!”
  3760. >He says as he walks up to you.
  3761. “Uh..”
  3762. >You weren't sure if you should run or fight.
  3763. >He certainly isn't giving off a hostile vibe.
  3764. >Once he gets close enough to you he reaches out his right hand.
  3765. >You hesitate for a second.
  3766. >Finally, you reach back out to shake his hand.
  3767. >”Officer Shining Armor, at your service.”
  3768. >Your eyes go wide.
  3769. “O-Officier!?”
  3770. >You blurt out in a stupid sounding tone.
  3771. “That's right!”
  3772. >He says a little too joyfully.
  3773. >”My little sis' has talked a lot about you.”
  3774. >He adds.
  3775. >You baulked at his response.
  3776. “Sister?”
  3777. >He then looks back to the car and coming out from the passenger side of the BMW is Twilight Sparkle.
  3778. “Oh shit.”
  3779. >You just blurt out at Shining.
  3780. >He laughs at your reaction.
  3781. >”Twiliy was adamant that you were this serious racer and that I had to test your skills.”
  3782. >He says as he looks back to her.
  3783. >”Given what I do now, I don't do this often, if at all, but when she said you were Dadanon's kid, and that you already knocked the C.C.C around.  It was just too good for me to pass up.”
  3784. >He then looks back at you and Twilight is now by his side.
  3785. “Y-you knew my dad when he was a racer?”
  3786. >He shakes his head.
  3787. >”Nah, he already retired from the Speed Stars when I got into the scene, but his reputation was  legendary already.”
  3788. >You're still speechless for the most part.
  3789. >You just glance over at Twilight who does the cliché anime glasses adjustment.
  3790. >”Sorry to trick you Anon, but I was able to convince Shining to challenge and further test out your skills. Since like I said before, he was the former leader of the Crystal Clutch Club and had a high reputation himself, it proved to be the perfect example to see more of what you have as a racer.”
  3791. >Shining finally lets go of your hand.
  3792. >”You're good kid, real good.”
  3793. >He then pats you on your shoulder.
  3794. >You have several questions.
  3795. “Should you be doing this since, you know, are a cop?”
  3796. >He then winks at you.
  3797. >”I won't tell if you won't.”
  3798. >Sly.
  3799. >You click your tongue and point at him.
  3800. “Done and done.”
  3801. >You get a cute giggle from Twilight at the exchange.
  3802. >Shining Armor just smiles some more.
  3803. >”I felt like I had a glimpse of what your father was like by just racing you.”
  3804. >That one made you feel good.
  3805. >All you've ever heard about your father was that he was just damn good.
  3806. >Fearless.
  3807. >Quick.
  3808. >Reckless.
  3809. >All you ever wanted is be in the same light as him.
  3810. >”Mr. Anonymous?”
  3811. >That voice.
  3812. >Stern.
  3813. >Benevolent.
  3814. >Kind.
  3815. >No way.
  3816. >You turn to confirm yours, and quite honestly, Twilight Sparkle's fears as well.
  3817. >There stands before you are not only Principal Celestia, but Vice Principal Luna as well.
  3818. >Both were wearing matching sleeveless peter pan collar dresses,.
  3819. >A white for for Celestia and a black one for Luna.
  3820. >Their hair is all dolled up into large buns.
  3821. >Almost like some yin-yang twins kind of deal.
  3822. “Principal Celestia?  Vice Principal Luna!?”
  3823. >You exclaim.
  3824. “What are you doing here?”
  3825. >You ask.
  3826. >Principal Celestia raises her eyebrow at you.
  3827. >”I could ask you the same thing.”
  3828. >She says, eying you carefully.
  3829. >She then notices Shining Armor behind you.
  3830. >”Oh, Shining Armor, I didn't see you back there.”
  3831. >She says with a smile.
  3832. >Shining Armor nods.
  3833. >”Good evening ladies.”
  3834. >He greets them both.
  3835. >”Enjoyed the performance tonight?”
  3836. >He asks them.
  3837. >Both their demeanor’s have changed completely.
  3838. >”They weren't as good as previous nights but they were still satisfactory.”
  3839. >Celestia says.
  3840. >”Is this young man causing any trouble, Shining?”
  3841. >Luna chirps in from behind Celestia.
  3842. >Shining laughs and shakes his head.
  3843. >”No mam.”
  3844. >He says, still smiling.
  3845. >They both nod.
  3846. >”Well that's splendid, then we shall take our leave. Please say hello to Cadance for us.”
  3847. >Luna says as they both move past you and to their car.
  3848. >Shining Armor nods.
  3849. >You eye them the entire way.
  3850. >Man, they're your Principals and all.
  3851. >But fuck they are looking good right about now.
  3852. >If they looked like this all the time, you'd make it a point to be sent to their offices.
  3853. >Luna gets into the driver side whilst Celestia gets in the passenger side of a black Maserati Gran Turismo.
  3854. >Fucking nice.
  3855. >They exit the parking lot and drive off.
  3856. >Twilight Sparkle finally shows herself from behind Shining Armor.
  3857. >”What were they doing here?”
  3858. >She asks.
  3859. >You then turn to look at the building.
  3860. “The real question is what is this place?”
  3861. >You look at the sign for the place 'Demitri's Jazz Alley'.”
  3862. >Shining Armor then fills you both in.
  3863. >”It's sort of a bar with live improv Jazz music.”
  3864. >He continues.
  3865. >”It's a neat place, Celestia and Luna frequent here a lot. They have invited Cadance and I here on several occasions. I'm not much of a jazz fan though.”
  3866. >He chuckles.
  3867. >He then looks back to you and shakes your hand again.
  3868. >”Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Anon, but we better get going ourselves.”
  3869. >You nod as you watch both head to the car.
  3870. >”Stay out of trouble and don't break the law too much!  We'll be watching!”
  3871. >He winks at you again and he gets into the car and starts the engine.
  3872. >Before you could go back to your car, Twilight waves you goodbye.
  3873. >”I'll see you next weekend, Anon.”
  3874. >You nod at her and make your way back to your own car.
  3875. >Its not much of a drive home from where you're at.
  3876. >You get home, park the Z and lock up the garage.
  3877. >You head upstairs to your room and pass out as soon as your head hits your pillow.
  3878. >That was enough excitement for one Saturday night.
  3880. >Sunday comes and goes.
  3881. >You work your way through the day.
  3882. >You also found out that the Doctor has cleared 4-Speed to return to work.
  3883. >Which is great news.
  3884. >Now it won't be suspicions that he is riding with you all week as you practice.
  3885. >Speaking of which.
  3886. >Monday comes.
  3887. >You head over to the Auto shop.
  3888. >You search the parking lot for the one car.
  3889. >And sure enough in the same spot as he's always in.
  3890. >You spot the familiar egg white 1953 Mercedes-Benz 220.
  3891. >So he is here.
  3892. >Bastard shows up when he wants to.
  3893. >You make the long walk upstairs to the offices.
  3894. >And slowly trudge down the end of the hall.
  3895. >Right next to your dad's office sits the old man's office.
  3896. >He was essentially the first employee when your dad started his business.
  3897. >He has been a mentor to him since his days as a high school street racer.
  3898. >The old man who is a genius tuner and mechanic.
  3899. >It was mostly him that originally modded and tuned the Z back in the day.
  3900. >In fact, he is the sole reason your dad's auto shop has several high paying contracts with large businesses and pro racing teams is because of his knowledge expertise and respect.
  3901. >And he is a grade A asshole to you.
  3902. >He does it to you because he knows your dad won't do anything.
  3903. >You try to avoid hm as much as possible.
  3904. >But you guess there is no helping it now.
  3905. >You see that he has a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on his door.
  3906. >But he always has that sign up so that most people won't bother him.
  3907. >You give a courtesy knock anyways.
  3908. >No response.
  3909. >As always.
  3910. >You open the door.
  3911. >You find the old man leaning back in his desk chair.
  3912. >Both feet kicked up onto the desk.
  3913. >His eyes were closed but you didn't hear any snoring.
  3914. >His hands were both behind his head in a relaxing position.
  3915. “Hard at work as always I see.”
  3916. >You mock him.
  3917. >He doesn't move from his position.
  3918. >”Which is a lot more than I can say about you, Nonny.”
  3919. >He retorts back.
  3920. >His smooth sly voice is something more of a charm until you listen to what he has to say.
  3921. >He finally opens his eyes and gets off of his relaxing pose.
  3922. >”Besides, how could you tell I was calculating the required pressure an APR cylinder head stud would need to withstand a 1200HP LT7 engine mod would need?”
  3923. >You don't say anything else.
  3924. >You just close his office door and then sit in the seat in front of his desk.
  3925. “Look, my dad told me to come to you-”
  3926. >He then gasps.
  3927. >”He did?  Why ever would he subject me to such a thing as I was having such a pleasant day so far!?”
  3928. >He dramatically says.
  3929. >You try to continue.
  3930. “..anyways, he told me to come to you and have you tune the Z to be ready for drifting.”
  3931. >You get out before he could wisecrack anymore.
  3932. >He looks at with with suspicions mustard yellow eyes.
  3933. >”Now why would you ever need the Z to do that?”
  3934. >You blink.
  3935. “It's a long story and it involves girls at my school.”
  3936. >He seems a little more interested.
  3937. >”High School girls you say?”
  3938. >He leans a bit closer to you.
  3939. >”Is someone finally hitting puberty?”
  3940. >He's really getting on your nerves.
  3941. “Look, can you please just tune the Z for Drifting today please?”
  3942. >The old man just sits back and sighs.
  3943. >”You're no fun.”
  3944. >Then he shakes his head.
  3945. >”Unfortunately for you, I am all booked for the whole week.  There are some important business partners who are bringing some cars that are in need of my expert care.”
  3946. >You stand up.
  3947. “I checked the schedule for the week! Your appointments are all clear for today!”
  3948. >You're at your wits end with this guy.
  3949. >He just sways in his desk chair.
  3950. >His bald head with white hair that is still growing out on the sides along with his white fu manchu goatee.
  3951. >Light gray skin along with the yellow eyes really makes him unappealing to look at.
  3952. >He sighs once again and shakes his head.
  3953. >”Well, since daddy pays the bills, just park the car in port 1 and I'll take care of it soon.”
  3954. >You let out a deep breath.
  3955. “Finally!”
  3956. >Before you leave his office you fix his name plate on his desk that simply reads 'The Chaotic tuner'.”
  3957. >As you exit the office and are about to close the door you finally give him thanks.
  3958. >Just so that he won't give you any more shit than he already does.
  3959. “Thank you Discord.”
  3960. >And shut the door.
  3961. >You make your way back downstairs and outside the building.
  3962. >You get in the Z and park it in car port 1.
  3963. >It's typically the Port used by Discord himself.
  3964. >You're not sure why, but you suspect it's apart of his ego to be number one or something.
  3965. >Now don't get it twisted.
  3966. >The man has forgotten more about cars and engineering than you will ever know.
  3967. >And there is literally nobody better to be working on the Z than Discord.
  3968. >It's just you wish he were less of a dick to you.
  3969. >You can't tell if it's just banter or if he genuinely hates you for being a spoiled rich kid.
  3970. >While you wait for the old man you go ahead and pop the hood to the Z.
  3971. >There before you is the RB20DET Turbo engine.
  3972. >A marvel in Neighponese engineering.
  3973. >Only rivaled by the slightly more powerful RB26DETT Twin Turbo.
  3974. >You grab a rag and start to clean some of the gunk and dirt that has built up over the the various races you've been in.
  3975. >The engine looks a little more presentable now.
  3976. >Even though it's not something to be presented often
  3977. >Unless you're some super narcissist show off like some car guys.
  3978. >But now you are just waiting for Discord to get down here so you can get to work.
  3979. >After over twenty minutes of waiting, he finds his way down to the shop.
  3980. >”Okay, lets get this over with.”
  3981. >You grab some wrenches while waiting for his directions.
  3982. “Mind if I do a tune up and replace some spark plugs while we're at it?”
  3983. >He waves you off.
  3984. >”Whatever gets you off my back sooner.”
  3985. >You ignore him and just go at it.
  3986. >The job takes only about an hour.
  3987. >Discord readjusts some headers on the engine as well as the intake for the turbo to better control the airflow and power that is put out in the turbo.
  3988. >Before he closes up the head you replace the spark plugs with a torque wrench to get the right pressure.
  3989. >Discord then raises the car on a lift and adjusts the suspension a little bit and also lowers the car.
  3990. >While the car is on the lift he makes another comment.
  3991. >”You may also want to replace these tires.”
  3992. >He says as he walks around and looks at each one.
  3993. >”There's barely any tread left on any of them, it's a miracle they haven't exploded or that you haven't crashed yet.”
  3994. >You point and nod to him.
  3995. “Way ahead of you. I have the new tires in the trunk.”
  3996. >You had bought them some weeks back.
  3997. >Discord lowers the car so you can get the tires out of the car.
  3998. >You both take all four tires off the car.
  3999. >Since you can't work the tire mounting machine at the shop(You can use the one you have at your home though)
  4000. >You decide to check the brake pads.
  4001. >Looks like they are also due for a replacement.
  4002. >You head into the store and buy a new set of brake pads and install them while the new tires are being mounted onto your rims.
  4003. >Once everything is done the car is lowered back to the ground.
  4004. >The Z is ready to go for drifting action.
  4005. >You thank Discord one more time before leaving the shop.
  4006. >And before he hassles you anymore.
  4007. >Once on the road you do notice that the car does feel different.
  4008. >There isn't a whole lot of power like before.
  4009. >Also the road feels a hell of a lot more smoother.
  4010. >But that is definitely due to the brand new tires more than anything else.
  4011. >It is broad daylight so it would be stupid to try and go nuts on the road this time of day.
  4012. >Guess you'll wait until tonight when you start practicing.
  4013. >You then conveniently get a text from 4-Speed.
  4014. >He says he had a family emergency so he won't be able to come out tonight.
  4015. >Son of a bitch you're losing precious time to practice.
  4016. >Fuck it
  4017. >For tonight you'll take it slow and run the course a few times regularly to get a good feel for it.
  4018.  >It's something.
  4020. >Monday night.
  4021. >10 PM.
  4022. >You look up directions to Mt. Everfree.
  4023. >You then find some road maps of the area.
  4024. >Odd.
  4025. >Some of the mountain roads that lead up and down the mountain don't seem that bad.
  4026. >You head out east just outside of the city to Everfree forest.
  4027. >It's a rather big national park that is a popular Summer destination for youth camps and the lot.
  4028. >You find your way to the Mountain road and head up to the lookout point.
  4029. >Again, the road doesn't seem bad at all.
  4030. >There has to be another one as 4-Speed did say it was an alternate road.
  4031. >You make it to the top and first you just park your car and you get out.
  4032. >The entire area is, of course, dark but with a few light poles that illuminate singe spots in the parking lot.
  4033. >There are a few vending machines that are still lit up that offer a variety of cold drinks.
  4034. >This area is a popular tourist spot as the edge of the mountain view is stunning.
  4035. >You can see the entire city of Canterlot as well as the bay that leads to the Ocean.
  4036. >But you didn't come up here to admire the view.
  4037. >You begin to look around for any other road or something that resembles a road.
  4038. >After a few minutes of walking around the lot you do find an open gate.
  4039. >The gate has several warning signs about it being a closed road and no access.
  4040. >Must be it.
  4041. >The open gate leads to another section of the area.
  4042. >You hop back in your Z and go down the road.
  4043. >It's a small two lane road.
  4044. >Barely enough space for two cars to fit on.
  4045. >It starts as a straight line that curves to the left.
  4046. >And then the first tight turn comes.
  4047. >Again, you are not going at any of these turns hard at all but even now you feel a little bit uncomfortable.
  4048. >Especially with how narrow the road is.
  4049. >Not long after the first tight turn comes another one.
  4050. >Then a bit of a windy road until the first actual hairpin turn.
  4051. >And again it was tight.
  4052. >Much tighter than you wanted.
  4053. >Yeah, this was going to be a hell of a run.
  4054. >After riding down the road some more you are getting a little adventurous.
  4055. >You begin to start taking turns with a tad bit more speed.
  4056. >Getting a better feel of the turns and the seep decline on the road.
  4057. >You then notice something a bit odd.
  4058. >A light source coming from the opposite direction.
  4059. >Once it gets brighter you notice that it's another car running this route.
  4060. >Only coming upward.
  4061. >You make room for the car to ride up and notice it was a white car.
  4062. >You didn't catch it too well but you swore it looked like Rarity's IS300.
  4063. >There is no good area on this road to make a U-turn so you run the course until you reach the bottom of the mountain.
  4064. >Once you pass the second bridge at the bottom you start to see normal road signs and the road widens considerably.
  4065. >There you make the U-turn and make your way back up to the top.
  4066. >The course a lost more gnarly going up hill than it is down.
  4067. >If you do say so yourself.
  4068. >You finally make your way to the top of the road again.
  4069. >You look around for the white car and you see it parked near the vending machines.
  4070. >You make your way over to it and park next to the Lexus.
  4071. >Rarity is seen outside of her car.
  4072. >You exit your own car.
  4073. >Now you can see Rarity sitting on the side of her car with her arms crossed.
  4074. >”And what brings you all the way up here darling?”
  4075. >She asks of you.
  4076. >You walk past her and to the vending machines.
  4077. >Sweet, they have card readers.
  4078. “Nothing different than what you are doing up here.”
  4079. >You respond to her.
  4080. >”Humph, fair enough.”
  4081. >She pouts.
  4082. >You stop in front of the vending machines and look back at Rarity.
  4083. “Care for a drink?  My treat.”
  4084. >You gracefully offer.
  4085. >She flicks her hair back and slightly leans back on her hood.
  4086. >Placing a single hand on the hood to keep her propped up.
  4087. >”Why thank you dear, if you don't mind I would like a tea please.”
  4088. >You nod and face the vending machines again.
  4089. >Looking around the selection there are several different types of tea available.
  4090. “Uh, which tea would you like?  I see milk, iced, black, and green tea.”
  4091. >You continue to look at the selections while Rarity picks a tea.
  4092. >”Oh, well if the option is there, a Milk Tea please.”
  4093. >She answers.
  4094. “Coming right up.”
  4095. >You say.
  4096. >You purchase a milk tea for the lady and a tall boy of cola for yourself.
  4097. >$3.50 for each drink!?
  4098. >Goddamn these rural vending machines gouging you for these drinks.
  4099. >Well, at least it's not your money you're spending.
  4100. >You take both drinks and walk back to your car.
  4101. >Handing Rarity her tea along the way.
  4102. >”Thank you very much darling, you're too kind.”
  4103. >You then make it to your car and settle on the front right corner of the hood.
  4104. “I suppose that's more than what the others think of me.”
  4105. >You say as you pop the tab off your cola and take a quick drink.
  4106. >She gets up from the front right side of her Lexus and walks over to the front left side.
  4107. >Right next to you.
  4108. >She then gets in the same sitting position and crosses her legs.
  4109. >She sighs and unscrews the cap to her tea open and takes a small drink.
  4110. “I guess to be fair to the rest of you, it's only Rainbow Dash who still seems to have any issue with me.”
  4111. >You add to your previous comment.
  4112. >”And I do sincerely apologize for her crude behavior.  I know it's been said before but I cannot stress it enough how much that she truly isn't like this.”
  4113. >She continues to defend her friend.
  4114. >You don't blame her too much, if only for that reason alone.
  4115. >But since you're talking about Rainbow Dash, you're incline to still shit on her.
  4116. “Kind of a bit of an inferiority complex she has, no?”
  4117. >You ask as you now rest your elbows on your lap
  4118. >Rarity doesn't respond.
  4119. >She wasn't wearing anything too fancy or sophisticated.
  4120. >A light blue, almost white puffy blouse and black baggy yoga pants.
  4121. >Her white skin glowing in the moonlight.
  4122. >”She's an ambitious girl, no doubt about it.”
  4123. >She pauses and takes another drink of her tea.
  4124. >”But her obsession with the Canterlot Speed Stars, and with you in particular.  Well, it's not healthy to put it frank.”
  4125. >She sighs and takes another big drink of her bottle.
  4126. “And she still hasn't hinted as to why?”
  4127. >You ask.
  4128. >She shakes her head.
  4129. >”She keeps ranting about it being her legacy. Quite frankly I wouldn't look too much into that because, again, she's an extremely competitive girl who hates losing.”
  4130. >You have figured that much about her.
  4131. >”It could also be that her father is a famous professional racer and she does so desperately want to follow in his footsteps, and any sort of blemish to her reputation as a street racer would make her look really bad to her father; and you now are showing to be a real threat to her.”
  4132. >She is now staring at you with those beautiful blue eyes.
  4133. >You now try to avoid eye contact.
  4134. >She notices and starts to giggle at your awkwardness.
  4135. >”Darling, are you being shy just by being eyed by a beautiful lady?”
  4136. >You can't see your own face, but if you could you could tell you're now blushing.
  4137. >Also because you can fell the heat in your cheeks.
  4138. >Fuck think of a comeback fast.
  4139. “W-well, you and your friends are all really beautiful, so...”
  4140. >Rarity raises her eyebrows and now leans forward.
  4141. >”Well, be that as it may, you don't seem to be this bashful around them.”
  4142. >Fuck it backfired.
  4143. >You begin to chug your soda.
  4144. >Not even caring that the bubbles from the carbonation are burning your throat.
  4145. >You down the rest of your soda and start coughing.
  4146. >Rarity starts laughing.
  4147. “S-So tell me more about yourself then.”
  4148. >You weren't sure if that was a wise move to make.
  4149. >She once again swings her hair back behind her.
  4150. >”What would you like to know, dear?  If I'm taken?”
  4151. >Damn she doesn't know when to stop.
  4152. “I'm more thinking about you in general, your car, why drifting, stuff like that.”
  4153. >She hums and takes another drink.
  4154. >”Well, naturally I couldn't tell you too much about this car as I mostly let Twilight Sparkle handle the maintenance and repairs on it.  But I can tell you it is a Lexus IS300, really the best car my parents would budget for me.”
  4155. >Interesting.
  4156. “Really?  Why Lexus? Why drifting? That wouldn't be the first thing I thought of when you say you're a racer.”
  4157. >Rarity rests her hands on her lap.
  4158. >”Drifting isn't all about power and I find it more stylish, really.”
  4159. >Fits her overall demeanor.
  4160. >”Like I said before, it was what my parent's were willing to spend.  I'm not that well off like some of my friends.”
  4161. >You smile.
  4162. “You sure do present yourself like you are.”
  4163. >She sticks her chin up and off to the side and pouts.
  4164. >”I'm simply being a lady of class and style.”
  4165. >Now you chuckle.
  4166. >The Lexus is definitely Rarity.
  4167. >Not actually a luxury brand, but only in name and is built by Toyota and named differently to show it has more class.
  4168. >”What's so funny?”
  4169. >She asks.
  4170. >You shake your head.
  4171. “Just how much the Lexus actually does suit you, is all.”
  4172. >She takes it as a complement.
  4173. >”Well thank you darling.”
  4174. >There is a quick moment of silence before she speaks up again.
  4175. >”What about you darling?  Why don't you tell me a little about yourself?”
  4176. >You figured this was coming.
  4177. >And truth be told there is nothing that special about you other than you're obsessed with racing.
  4178. “Really, there isn't that much about me.”
  4179. >Rarity shakes her head.
  4180. >”Oh nonsense, darling! You are quite the driver.”
  4181. >You nod your head.
  4182. “Yeah, and after that... nothing.”
  4183. >Rarity then tilts her head to the side.
  4184. “Really now?  Well, what about your future goals?  Have you even thought about them?”
  4185. >You haven't.
  4186. “Well,”
  4187. >You pause.
  4188. “No.  I mean, maybe I could be a pro racer or something?  Maybe I could just fall into the family business and take it over later in life.”
  4189. >You now sit back on your Z.
  4190. “Yeah, maybe after some years of running it I could sell it off to some big conglomerate for a cool eight or nine or hell, even ten figure deal and just fuck off somewhere and retire.”
  4191. >Solid plan.
  4192. >Rarity doesn't seem to think so from the look on her face.
  4193. >”Are you really content with just coasting through life like that?”
  4194. >You shrug your shoulders.
  4195. “I really don't know.”
  4196. >You raise your voice a bit.
  4197. “Really, how are we supposed to know what we want in life this early on?”
  4198. >You then take a look at Rarity.
  4199. “I mean sure, maybe you and your friends may know what you want out of life already.  But I just want to see what's out there and perhaps make a decision based on that, you know?”
  4200. >Now it's Rarity's turn to laugh.
  4201. “What's so funny?”
  4202. >You ask.
  4203. >She continues to laugh for a moment.
  4204. >”Nothing darling, it's just I didn't expect that answer to come out after your earlier comments of the future.
  4205. >You sigh.
  4206. >Then you get up from your spot on your Z.
  4207. “I guess that's enough life talk for one night so I'll tell you what,”
  4208. >You start to say as you make your way back to the vending machine.
  4209. >Deposing your now empty can of cola into the bin provided.
  4210. >And turn to face her again.
  4211. “Since we cannot both practice on the road at the same time. I propose we can practice on alternate days.”
  4212. >You hold out your right hand towards Rarity's Lexus
  4213. “Since you were technically here first, I'll leave and let you have the road for tonight.”
  4214. >Then you point to your Z with your left hand.
  4215. “Then tomorrow I can run the course so I can get a feeling for it and not drive off a cliff during our race on Saturday.”
  4216. >You then clasp your hands together.
  4217. “Does that sound good to you?”
  4218. >She maneuvers herself so that she is facing you.
  4219. >And she starts to giggle at you.
  4220. “What's so funny?”
  4221. >You ask.
  4222. >”Darling, have you thought that proposition through at all?
  4223. >You pause for a moment.
  4224. “Yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have..”
  4225. >You then actually stop and think for a moment.
  4226. >If you ride tomorrow and she rides the next day and...
  4227. “Well shit.”
  4228. >It finally dawns on you.
  4229. >By your own proposal, you would only have two days of practice.
  4230. >Rarity's giggle dies down a bit.
  4231. >”Not the sharpest pencil in the pack, no?”
  4232. >You shake your head.
  4233. “Well fuck me, I'm dumb.”
  4234. >She then gets up from her seat on the car.
  4235. >”I'll tell you what.”
  4236. >She says.
  4237. >”Since you were going to be such a gentleman as to letting me take the lions share of the days.”
  4238. >She pauses.
  4239. >And steps closer to you.
  4240. >”I'll let you practice for the rest of the week after tonight.”
  4241. >You like that.
  4242. >But.
  4243. “What's the catch?”
  4244. >You immediately ask.
  4245. >She steps back and puts on a fake shocked look on her face.
  4246. >”No catch darling, other than you owing me one favor.”
  4247. >She flashes her eyebrows.
  4248. >You contemplate it.
  4249. >You really do need the experience.
  4250. >You'll just have to take it.
  4251. “Deal.”
  4252. >”Excellent darling.”
  4253. >She says as she extends her hand out to you.
  4254. >But not for a handshake.
  4255. >The back of her hand is facing you so it looks like she is waiting for you to accept it.
  4256. >Which you do.
  4257. >She doesn't take your hand away from you though.
  4258. >It takes you a moment to figure out what she was waiting for.
  4259. >At least what you think you should do.
  4260. >So you go for it.
  4261. >You raise her hand and lower your head to kiss her hand.
  4262. >Rarity then Looks away and brings her other hand up to rest her palm on her chin.
  4263. >”Why, you're quite the gentleman.”
  4264. >She playfully says as she finally pulls her hand away from you.
  4265. “Uh, thanks?”
  4266. >Still dumbfounded really.
  4267. “I guess I'll take my leave.”
  4268. >You now walk back to the drivers side to your Z.
  4269. “I'll use the course to get down the mountain. If you give it five minutes you can run it again.”
  4270. >She nods to you as she makes her way to the drivers side of her car.
  4271. >”Splendid darling.  I had a pleasant conversation with you and look forward to seeing you on Saturday for our 'date'.”
  4272. >She winks when she says 'date'.
  4273. >You don't say anything right away but you once again can feel your cheeks get warm.
  4274. “Right.”
  4275. >You quickly and awkwardly say as you quickly get back in your car.
  4276. >You take a deep breath and try to process what just happened.
  4277. >You're not used to interactions with girls.
  4278. >Especially with beautiful, seemingly out of your league girls.
  4279. >You need to clear your head.
  4280. >For all you know this could be another tactic from them to make you lose focus.
  4281. >You start the car and drive back downhill.
  4282. >Making sure to be extra careful now.
  4283. >You finally make your way home.
  4284. >With both parents out of town for the week you make little effort to be quiet as you make your way to your room.
  4285. >When your dad said he was going out of town for business, he didn't mention mom going as well.
  4286. >Not that it bothers you.
  4287. >She does work for the family business.
  4288. >You think she's like the CFO or something.
  4289. >Obviously you can take care of yourself for a week.
  4290. >Anyways, you head up to your room to try and sleep.
  4291. >But you're still dwelling over your interactions with Rarity that you forgot to be tired.
  4292. >Perhaps a good fap to women who vaguely look like Rarity on porn sites could be a good remedy.
  4294. >Tuesday morning.
  4295. >You feel a lot better now.
  4296. >Albeit, still a little tired.
  4297. >Despite you being tired, you felt adventurous and wanted to cook something to eat.
  4298. >A simple omelet with cheese.
  4299. >You head over to the fridge and grab a few eggs and the block of cheddar cheese.
  4300. >You heat the pan and crack the eggs.
  4301. >Grate the cheese and flip.
  4302. >Voila, omelet with cheese.
  4303. >You sit at the dining room table and marvel at your cooking skills.
  4304. >They said you were mad when you chose to take Home Ec at school.
  4305. >Well who's mad now?
  4306. >You dapple some hot sauce on the omelet and begin to eat.
  4307. >While eating, you pull out your phone and text 4-Speed to make sure he's still good for tonight.
  4308. >'Yessir!'
  4309. >Is his response.
  4310. >Awesome.
  4311. >You're itching to go and get started.
  4312. >You spend most of the day in your room watching 'how to drift' videos.
  4313. >Hey, it's not like you don't know how.
  4314. >But it doesn't hurt to have extra tips and tricks.
  4315. >The day rolls on.
  4316. >The sun begins to set.
  4317. >It's now around 9 PM.
  4318. >Late enough.
  4319. >You roll on over to 4-Speed's house to pick him up.
  4320. >You notice the Civic Type-R is now back in his drive way.
  4321. “Well shit man, is the Type-R ready?”
  4322. >You ask him as he get in the car.
  4323. >”Not yet.”
  4324. >He says, putting on his seat belt.
  4325. >You now drive off.
  4326. >”It's really close though.”
  4327. >He says excitedly.
  4328. >”Really man, I feel like I owe you a life debt.”
  4329. >He pats you on the shoulder.
  4330. >”The amount of cash you gave me, and I was lucky enough to find some killer deals online for some high performance parts.”
  4331. >He rubs his hands together.
  4332. >”The Type-R is going to be a beast when it's ready to go!”
  4333. >You like to hear that.
  4334. “Glad I could help man.”
  4335. >4-Speed shakes his head.
  4336. >”You did more than 'just help'.”
  4337. >He says as he rests his head on the back of the seat.
  4338. “Well either way, it'll be great to have you back racing with us.”
  4339. >You tell him.
  4340. >You then get on the highway and head out to Mt. Everfree.
  4342. >Along the way you tell 4-Speed of your interactions with Rarity the night before.
  4343. >”Well, that was generous of her.”
  4344. >He quips.
  4345. >You decide to make your way up the mountain via the course route when you notice the road is now blocked.
  4346. >There is a gate blocking the road now when it was open yesterday.
  4347. “Goddamn that bitch bamboozled me.'
  4348. >You are quick to blame Rarity for the road now being locked off.
  4349. >And with it your chances of practicing on this course for the night.
  4350. >4-Speed shakes his head and speaks up.
  4351. >”No, this road is supposed to be closed off to the public anyways.”
  4352. >He says as he pulls a small box from his jacket pocket.
  4353. >He then waves the box to you.
  4354. >”Which is why we have ways to get around that.”
  4355. >He smiles at you and then he opens the small box.
  4356. >He then pulls out two small metal picks.
  4357. >”Give me a second.”
  4358. >He tells you and then he gets out of the car.
  4359. >4-Speed then walks up to the locked gate and begins to fondle with the padlock on the gate.
  4360. >After a few minutes he finally picks the lock open and happily holds up the unlocked padlock.
  4361. >He then returns to the car and gets back in the passenger seat.
  4362. >”We just gotta remember to lock back up when we're finished.”
  4363. >You are impressed.
  4364. “Huh.”
  4365. >Is all you say.
  4366. >You make your way up the hill and then stop at the last locked gate.
  4367. >Which 4-Speed once again gets out and picks the lock to open the road up.
  4368. >You both are now in the large empty parking lot.
  4369. >You park the Z and get out.
  4370. “So, where do we begin?”
  4371. >You ask 4-Speed.
  4372. >He then motions to the Z.
  4373. >”Would you mind if I were to test out the car in the parking lot?  I want to get a feel for the car and know what we're working with.”
  4374. >You nod and toss the keys to 4-Speed.
  4375. “Knock yourself out man.”
  4376. >She smiles.
  4377. >”Sweet, just give me a few minutes alone with the car so I know the feeling and weight balance without two people in the car.”
  4378. >You nod again and walk over near the vending machines.
  4379. >4-Speed gets into the Z and starts the car.
  4380. >At first he makes a few normal laps around the parking lot.
  4381. >Then he starts to drift around the corners of the parking lanes.
  4382. >Then he begins to do doughnuts in the parking lot.
  4383. >You have to admit it's really weird seeing someone else driving the Z.
  4384. >But he seems to be handling the car pretty well.
  4385. >After a few minutes of doughnuts and drifts, he parks the car next to you and the vending machines.
  4386. >He steps out of the car and hands you back the keys.
  4387. >”Damn man, I have to say she handles beautifully.”
  4388. “Thank you sir.”
  4389. >You thank him for the complement.
  4390. >4-Speed then looks to the car.
  4391. >”So, I think for tonight we'll run the course a few times slowly just for you get better familiarized with the course in general.”
  4392. >Guess you can't complain.
  4393. >Both you and 4-Speed then drive down the path about 5 times.
  4394. >He gives you tips and pointers about the recommended speed to attack the corners with.
  4395. >When you use the E-brake and when you brake boost.
  4396. >Wednesday night he has you attacking certain corners while he hangs outside the car and just on the edge of the cliff so he won't be in your way.
  4397. >He has you run a few corners and hairpin turns until you no longer under or oversteer.
  4398. >Thursday night you now run the course as if you were actually racing.
  4399. >There were a few close calls here and there but as you kept on running the course they became fewer and farther in between.
  4400. >On the final Friday night he just had you run the course on your own so you could get used to the feeling of the car with just you on the course.
  4401. >Obviously you're a lot better and more confident in running the course now but you still feel you could use another day of practice.
  4402. >As the night drags on and it becomes Saturday morning, 4-Speed then gives you some final advice.
  4403. >Once you finish the course one last time 4-Speed locks up the bottom gate and then you both make your way back up the hill and lock the top gate.
  4404. >With all that done you now head back home.
  4405. >”Well,  I've taught you as much as I could in these few days.  Now it's all up to you and your skills tomorrow.”
  4406. >4-Speed tells you.
  4407. >”Rest up and we'll see how this goes.”
  4408. >He gets out of the car and walks up to his front door.
  4409. >You take your time getting home.
  4410. >This one feels different than all the other races.
  4411. >More than likely because of you now running a Mountain road.
  4412. >You try not to dwell too much on it as you really want some sleep.
  4413. >And sleep is what you get as soon as you're home.
  4415. >Saturday night.
  4416. >It is time.
  4417. >You go and scoop up 4-Speed
  4418. >And head straight over to Mt. Everfree.
  4419. >Once you get to the outer limits of the city and at the base of the mountain you notice an abundance of cars scattered in the area.
  4420. >There's an especially large cluster of them around the bottom of the course.
  4421. >Which you imagine is where most people would want to be.
  4422. >4-Speed points to the group.
  4423. >”You could let me off right here so I can congratulate you when you finish the race.”
  4424. >He confidently tells you.
  4425. >You pull over to the side and let 4-Speed get out of the car.
  4426. >You ask him one more question before he closes the door.
  4427. “Any last words of advice?”
  4428. >4-Speed looks back in the car at you.
  4429. >”Don't die?”
  4430. >He says as he gives you a nervous smile,
  4431. >You match his nervousness with one of your own.
  4432. “Yeah, right.”
  4433. >You awkwardly reply.
  4434. >He then shuts the door.
  4435. >Leaving you with your thoughts and doubts.
  4436. >You make your way up the mountain on the main path.
  4437. >There are a few cars parked along the path leading up to the lookout point.
  4438. >Once you reach the top there is a crowd of people.
  4439. >Not as big as you were expecting but that also could be because most people wanted to be down below at the finish.
  4440. >And there really is nobody around for you to socialize with.
  4441. >Seems like the rest of the team are down at the bottom.
  4442. >You also notice the other teams don't seem to be up here as well.
  4443. >You are not sure how or when you will start this thing so you look around for Rarity.
  4444. >Perhaps she knows more than you do.
  4445. >You look around the lot and finally find her car parked near the start of the course.
  4446. >She's around, you just now need to find her.
  4447. >Which shouldn't be too hard.
  4448. >There really isn't many people around but there is a set up of some monitors and people are gathered there.
  4449. >You make your way to the crowd and then some of the people notice you.
  4450. >You are now swarmed.
  4451. >'Good luck's and well wishes are tossed your way by many of the onlookers.
  4452. >After a few minutes of fielding questions and comments you finally find Rarity.
  4453. >She's lounging around at the vista point and is surrounded by her own posse of admirers.
  4454. >Mostly guys who you're sure are hitting on her.
  4455. >As you make your way to her some of the fans alert her to your presence.
  4456. >She turns her head and smiles to you.
  4457. >You then stand next to her and have another look out to the city skyline.
  4458. >”Good evening darling, beautiful night, isn't it?”
  4459. >She was wearing her black leggings again that were fitted at her thighs but were loose down at her shins.
  4460. >Her white jacket was made of either leather or plastic as the moonlight shined off of it.
  4461. “It's always beautiful with this view.”
  4462. >You don't look at her when you answer her.
  4463. >You were referencing the view of the city.
  4464. >”Aww, was that a complement to little ol' me?”
  4465. >She tries to sweet talk you again.
  4466. >You don't answer her.
  4467. >Instead you ask her about the start time.
  4468. “So when do we start this?”
  4469. >You are trying to stay focused.
  4470. >Some of her fanboys don't take too kindly of you not acknowledging her with some snide comments.
  4471. >Rarity herself just giggles.
  4472. >Seems like she didn't mind at all.
  4473. >”I'm just waiting on word from the others that everything is set up.”
  4474. >She says as she pulls out her phone.
  4475. >”Then we should be good to start.”
  4476. >You nod.
  4477. “Good enough for me.”
  4478. >You say as you turn around to make your way back to your car.
  4479. “Good luck.”
  4480. >You finally look at her to wish her luck.
  4481. >She smiles and nods back to you.
  4482. >”Same to you darling.”
  4483. >You push your way through some of Rarity's fanboys who were trying to size you up over your interactions with her.
  4484. >You pay them no mind.
  4485. >You climb back into your car and park right next to Rarity's.
  4486. >After about ten minutes Rarity comes by and informs you that everything is ready.
  4487. >You nod and take a deep breath.
  4488. >You turn the car on and rev the engine a few times.
  4489. >Rarity gets into her car and does the same.
  4490. >Some guy comes on the road and between you two.
  4491. >Not a cute girl this time around.
  4492. >Hopefully not a bad omen.
  4493. >He does the usual starting routine.
  4494. >”Ready!”
  4495. >He holds his right hand up.
  4496. >You give your car another few revs.
  4497. >”Set!”
  4498. >His left hand goes up.
  4499. >You step on the clutch and put the car in first gear.
  4500. >He pulls his arms forward.
  4501. >”GO!”
  4502. >You let go of the clutch and step on the gas.
  4503. ( [Mr. Groove - White Light - Initial D])
  4504. >You're off.
  4505. >You get the jump on Rarity.
  4506. >As usual.
  4507. >You imagine there isn't anything too impressive underneath the hood of her IS300.
  4508. >But there should be enough for drifting.
  4509. >The road curves to the left pretty heavily at the start.
  4510. >Then it suddenly curves right.
  4511. >The first hairpin turn is up ahead.
  4512. >You downshift all the way back to second and brake.
  4513. >You quickly turn the wheel right then left and as soon as the car swings in the corresponding direction you pull the wheel back left to balance it back out.
  4514. >Your tires screech as you make the turn.
  4515. >You notice there was a single person standing out of the guardrail with a camera filming.
  4516. >Guess that's how they're doing this.
  4517. >A quick windy road so you keep the car in third then immediately there is another hairpin turn.
  4518. >This is now the longest stretch of road without a hairpin turn so you use this to gain some speed and shift back up to fourth gear.
  4519. >You even shift up to fifth.
  4520. >You can see Rarity's headlights get smaller and smaller as you get further ahead.
  4521. >As the next hairpin turn approaches, you begin to downshift back to second.
  4522. >You take the turn well and keep the car in third.
  4523. >Another hairpin turn and your Z swings with each turn.
  4524. >Tires scream bloody murder as your car slides to make the tight turn.
  4525. >You've made some great strides in your drifting game.
  4526. >And it's all thanks to 4-Speed.
  4527. >There are six more hairpin turns in this section of the route.
  4528. >You take the next one well.
  4529. >A quick glance in your rear view mirror and you see Rarity is now gaining on you.
  4530. >Another turn.
  4531. >And she is closer.
  4532. >This was to be expected.
  4533. >But all you really need to do is try not to go too wide in your turns and you should be fine.
  4534. >Third turn.
  4535. >Rarity is getting way too close to you.
  4536. >She is trying to bait you into exiting the turn too wide so she can slide in on the inside.
  4537. >You're not falling for it.
  4538. >It forces her to slow down some more so that she doesn't clip you.
  4539. >Good effort though.
  4540. >Forth turn.
  4541. >She tries it again.
  4542. >And it doesn't work again.
  4543. >Fifth turn.
  4544. >She goes for it again.
  4545. >This time you instinctively make space.
  4546. >And she cuts right in.
  4547. “What the fuck?”
  4548. >You think to yourself.
  4549. >How did?
  4550. >She just kept at it until you essentially did what she wanted.
  4551. >Could this be from your inexperience as a drift racer?
  4552. >Sixth turn and you try to do the same to her and she doesn't budge.
  4553. >Shit, you need to figure this out quick.
  4554. >There is a stretch of road before the next tight turn.
  4555. >In fact, the next turn isn't a hairpin turn but still a tight one.
  4556. >But one you could powerslide on.
  4557. >A bit risky but fuck it.
  4558. >You gain some speed and even shift up to fifth gear.
  4559. >Rarity begins to slow down to drift in the turn and you downshift only to forth.
  4560. >You make use of the entire turn and widely slide around the corner.
  4561. >And good enough to overtake Rarity.
  4562. >You're amazed that not only did that work but that you also didn't hit the guardrail with how close you were to it.
  4563. >Now is the third longest stretch of road before the second section of consecutive hairpin turns.
  4564. >This next stretch of turns there are going to be seven of then and the last four are so close together that any tiny mistake there and it could be over.
  4565. >For the race and your life.
  4566. >You take the first turn well.
  4567. >As does Rarity.
  4568. >Now she's not doing the 'on your ass' trick from before.
  4569. >After that is the second hairpin and both of you make it.
  4570. >You're still ahead.
  4571. >Second hairpin and still you're looking good.
  4572. >After the next hairpin is going to be the really close together tight turns so you need to be careful
  4573. >The third hairpin turn and you vaguely notice that it got dark in your rear view mirror.
  4574. >Which was a bit odd.
  4575. >As you make the drift on the next turn you finally realize why.
  4576. >Rarity turned too early to drift.
  4577. >But what she really did was use the empty space just before the turn to overtake you.
  4578. >You are in shock and awe.
  4579. >This bitch done styled on you by performing the jump.
  4580. >4-Speed had showed you a few tricks to this course and this one was the most advanced and dangerous one to pull off.
  4581. >Something you definitely didn't have the ball to pull off with your experience on the course.
  4582. >He also did tell you to watch out for this and you didn't listen.
  4583. >You didn't think someone like Rarity would know about or even do a trick like that.
  4584. >Once again you can't get too carried away as the next three hairpin turns are so close together you need to focus.
  4585. >At this point you can't afford to go too slow but if you go too fast you coast right off the edge of the road.
  4586. >And mountain.
  4587. >You pretty much have to redline the entire part in second gear.
  4588. >Rarity had pulled away for a bit but now is the second longest stretch of road.
  4589. >You are able to catch up but she won't let you overtake her.
  4590. >Coming up is the final section of the course.
  4591. >A quick two consecutive hairpin turns then into a sharp left turn and then the last five consecutive hairpin turns to the final stretch.
  4592. >The two hairpin turns are up.
  4593. >You resort back to trying to pressure Rarity to make space on the inside and cut through but she still doesn't take the bait.
  4594. >A short straight and then a really sharp left turn.
  4595. >Up ahead are the last five consecutive hairpin turns.
  4596. >If you can't pass her here then you're fucked.
  4597. >There is one more trick to this course 4-Speed showed you
  4598. >This one is little more easy to pull off.
  4599. >But if done wrong then you can kiss your suspension and this race goodbye..
  4600. >You are going to have to go for it and pray that Rarity doesn't as well.
  4601. >You take the first hairpin turn and try to pressure Rarity again for good measure.
  4602. >She doesn't fall for it again.
  4603. >Give her credit, she's got nerves of steel.
  4604. >You go for it again in the second hairpin.
  4605. >Still no dice.
  4606. >Here comes the third hairpin turn.
  4607. >Time to try for the gutter run.
  4608. >You still downshift but just before the turn you move all the way to the inside.
  4609. >So much so that both your right front and rear tires fall into the gutter that allows rain water to drain down the mountain.
  4610. >With the tires in the gutter it would allow the car to take the tight turn at a speed it normally couldn't take without drifting.
  4611. >But it required timing.
  4612. >Stay in the gutter too long and you're stuck in there.
  4613. >If you try to pull out too early you risk spinning out and crashing.
  4614. >You're already in the gutter.
  4615. >You align the steering wheel with the turn and you make the turn in an unnatural speed.
  4616. >Amazingly Rarity doesn't go for it and you almost run into her front right side.
  4617. >She reacts this time and moves just a bit.
  4618. >Just enough for you to jerk your steering wheel and the car pops out of the gutter just as the turn straightens out.
  4619. >You quickly realign the wheels.
  4620. >It fucking worked and now you are ahead of Rarity.
  4621. >Can't celebrate yet.
  4622. >Two more hairpin turns.
  4623. >The fourth turn she once again tries to pressure you to make space but this time you make sure you don't.
  4624. >She can't do the gutter run on this turn as the drain is only on one side of the road.
  4625. >The final turn has the drain though.
  4626. >And she goes for it and preforms it perfectly.
  4627. >But you weren't taken by surprise so she doesn't overtake you.
  4628. >You and Rarity are now neck and neck.
  4629. >No more hairpin turns.
  4630. >No more sharp turns in general.
  4631. >Just small 'S' curves and a straightaway.
  4632. >She pulls a little bit ahead but only by half the length of her car.
  4633. >Your car gains more power and you make up the distance.
  4634. >Then you pass her.
  4635. >You keep making distance and you cross the first bridge.
  4636. >Rarity's car can no longer keep up with your Z and you run off for the victory.
  4637. >Once you cross the second bridge it's over.
  4638. >You did it.
  4639. >By god you absolute madman you did it!
  4640. >You let go of the gas and put the car in neutral and let it coast to a stop.
  4641. >Once stopped you are surrounded by the crowd.
  4642. >Lost of cheers can be heard from inside your car.
  4643. >You finally step out of the Z to the adoring crowd.
  4644. >You smile to everyone and raise your hands in the air.
  4645. >You then spot 4-Speed and the rest of your group.
  4646. >You fend through the crowd to reunite with them and high five 4-Speed.
  4647. >”That was fucking masterful!”
  4648. >4-Speed exclaims through all the cheers that are still pouring all on you.
  4649. >You are then greeted by Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.
  4650. >All three girls congratulate you on your victory.
  4651. >After they do, Rarity then shows up from the crowd herself.
  4652. >She doesn't seem to have an angry look on her face.
  4653. >”That was a marvelous performance darling!”
  4654. >She says as she walks up yo you and opens her arms for a hug.
  4655. >You decide to give her said hug as the race is over and you no longer suspect anymore mind games from her.
  4656. “Thank you Rarity.  You were amazing as well.”
  4657. >You replay.
  4658. “I never thought you would be crazy enough to do the jump tactic.”
  4659. >You tell her.
  4660. >She chuckles at your comment.
  4661. >”Oh really darling, I'm much more impressed with you!”
  4662. >She says
  4663. >”Being able to do a gutter run with only 5 days of practice is something else.”
  4664. >She then leans in to kiss you on the cheek.
  4665. >The crowd woo's and hollers in response to her kiss.
  4666. >”You truly are something special.”
  4667. >She is ready to take her leave with the other girls when then she turns around and Rainbow Dash is already there.
  4668. >To her credit she doesn't have that angry look she usually has when you win a race.
  4669. >”Oh, Rainbow Dash dearie.”
  4670. >Rarity quips to her friend.
  4671. >”Shut it Rarity.”
  4672. >Dash snaps at Rarity.
  4673. >Rarity gasps as her harsh reaction.
  4674. >”Oh goodness what has gotten into lately Dashie?”
  4675. >Rarity now snaps back at Rainbow Dash.
  4676.  >”Anonymous has beaten me!  If you're so obsessed with wanting him beaten then perhaps you should take him on yourself!”
  4677. >Rarity goes off on Dash.
  4678. >You decide to join in on it too.
  4679. “Seriously, what the fuck is your problem with me?”
  4680. >You say as you take a step closer to her.
  4681. “What the fuck is it about me and this car that has your panties all in a bunch?”
  4682. >She dons a disgusted look on her face.
  4683. >”It's not just you and your car, or your fucking stupid Speed Stars group! It's what it's all meant to represent!'
  4684. >What does that even mean?
  4685. >”It's all I ever hear about! 'Oh, the Red Ghost is a legend. Oh the Canterlot Speed Stars were the pinnacle of street racing!' I'm fucking tired of it! Especially since they haven't been relevant since your daddy abandoned the group a long time ago!”
  4686. >She says in a mocking tone.
  4687. “Again with my dad?  What the fuck do you have against him!? Did he rape your mom or something?”
  4688. >Dash immediately fires back.
  4689. >”Fuck you don't you ever talk about my mom like that!”
  4690. >So defensive.
  4691. “Touched a nerve, did I?”
  4692. >You mock back at her.
  4693. “Don't fucking talk about my dad like you know him.”
  4694. >The girls finally step in and try to break things up.
  4695. >”Easy sugar. Lets not get too feisty”
  4696. >AppleJack grabs a hold of Rainbow Dash and begins to pull her back.
  4697. >Rarity and Twilight both stand in front of you.
  4698. >”That's quite enough darling.”
  4699. >She tells you.
  4700. >You scoff and start to walk away.
  4701. “Bitch can't even fight her own battles.”
  4702. >You say loud enough so that Rainbow Dash could hear you.”
  4703. >Rarity tries to hush you.
  4704. >”Anon, enough!”
  4705. >But the damage was done.
  4706. >Dash had heard you.
  4707. >”What the fuck did you just say!?”
  4708. >She is now fighting against AJ and Shimmer who are now both holding her back.
  4709. “You heard me.”
  4710. >You say back.
  4711. >Then you turn back to face Dash once again.
  4712. >And Rarity and twilight once again get in front of you to try and stop you.
  4713. >”Don't do this, Anon.”
  4714. >Twilight pleas.
  4715. “What? It's true, she's scared, that's why she's trying to pawn it off on you girls to try and stop me from getting to her.”
  4716. >You stare straight at Dash as you say all of this.
  4717. >She looks like she wants to rip your throat out.
  4718. >But when does she not look like that to you?
  4719. >”Fuck you!  I'll take you on anywhere!”
  4720. >You raise your arms.
  4721. “That so?  Bring it!”
  4722. >You feel someone kick you in the back of the leg.
  4723. >You turn to see 4-Speed.
  4724. >He shakes his head to you with a worried look on his face.
  4725. >”Don't do this now man.”
  4726. >He says lowly to you.
  4727. >Dash then interjects.
  4728. >”What's the matter?  Need your husband to hold your hand?”
  4729. >She eggs you on.
  4730. >”I thought you were the man?”
  4731. >You turn back to her.
  4732. “Lets fucking do this!”
  4733. >You hold your arm in the air.
  4734. ”I'll race you back to the Industrial area!”
  4735. >The crowd cheers and some run to get into their cars.
  4736. “We'll start the race at the nearest on ramp to the highway.”
  4737. >You turn to storm back to your Z
  4738. >4-Speed grabs you.
  4739. >”What the fuck man?”
  4740. >He says.
  4741. >”Don't do this now!”
  4742. >He says again.
  4743. >You snap at him.
  4744. “What? Think I can't beat her like all the others!?”
  4745. >4-Speed seems a bit shocked at your response.
  4746. >”What? No.”
  4747. >He says as he then stands in front of your car door.
  4748. “Think man!”
  4749. >He pleas.
  4750. >”You've been running and drifting this mountain course this entire week!”
  4751. >He then points to your tires.
  4752. >”Your tires are probably at the end of their tread.”
  4753. >That's a good point.
  4754. >”And your car is still de-tuned! It's only good for drifting.”
  4755. >He adds.
  4756. >”It won't run anywhere near it's full power.”
  4757. >Shit he is right.
  4758. >This car is in no condition to be going for max power on the highways.
  4759. >But you're not backing down.
  4760. >You've been pretty good at figuring out solutions though.
  4761. >This shouldn't be any different.
  4762. “Step out of the way please.”
  4763. >You ask calmly.
  4764. >And you won't ask again.
  4765. >Thankfully, while he still stands in your way for another moment or two, he finally gets out of your way.
  4766. >Before you dip into your car and drive off you look  over to the rest of your crew.
  4767. >”Ladies, can one of you take 4-Speed with you?”
  4768. >They all look at each other.
  4769. >Then they nod.
  4770. “Good, thank you.”
  4771. >You then get into the car.
  4772. >Not even seeing who will take 4-Speed with them.
  4773. >You then turn on your car and see that Dash was already in her car and ready to go.
  4774. >You follow her down the road and then you both stop together at a stop light just before the on ramp to the Highway that will lead back into the city.
  4775. >You both wait for the light to turn green.
  4776. >Both of you reving your engines.
  4777. >Itching to roar into life.
  4778. >The light turns green.
  4779. ( [Pricilla - Love Is in Danger - Initial D])
  4780. >You're both off.
  4781. >Rainbow Dash flies ahead of you.
  4782. >Damn that thing has some power.
  4783. >No shit of course.
  4784. >Much like Twilight's M5,
  4785. >Dash's R8 is a V10 beast.
  4786. >It shouldn't be too bad though.
  4787. >You car's turbo should be enough to help make up the difference.
  4788. >...If it were tuned back for it's power.
  4789. >You can already feel the difference in your accelerations.
  4790. >At first it didn't feel all that much less.
  4791. >Now you can clearly tell.
  4792. >So you really need to think fast.
  4793. >There won't be any hairpin turns to make up momentum.
  4794. >You both are still in the outskirts of the city so traffic is still pretty light at least.
  4795. >Both you and Dash weave past all the semis and minivans that are littered on the highways.
  4796. >You come up on the first highway interchange.
  4797. >She takes the turn on all fours and you drift on the ramp.
  4798. >You feel the Z jerk around the turn a few times.
  4799. “Fuck, of all times!”
  4800. >You felt it.
  4801. >The tires have lost most of their grip from all the drifting this past week.
  4802. >You are going to need to replace the tires once this race is done.
  4803. >But right now you put that in the back of your head.
  4804. >You can't have any room for doubts.
  4805. >You need to finish this race.
  4806. >You NEED to win!
  4807. >Up ahead are the 'S' curves that lead into the heart of downtown Canterlot.
  4808. >You take the first curve.
  4809. >And your Z jerks some more and you almost hit an unsuspecting Taxi.
  4810. “Shit.”
  4811. >You growl.
  4812. >But you press on.
  4813. >On the next curve you can feel the wheels bounce on and off the asphalt.
  4814. >Fuck there is no grip on them whatsoever now.
  4815. >And you're not making any gains on Dash.
  4816. >You're on thin ice right now.
  4817. >At this point if you could just make it to the end you'll be satisfied.
  4818. >Damnit you should have listened to 4-Speed.
  4819. >There is another ramp that leads to another highway towards the Industrial area.
  4820. ( [Dave Rogers - Beat of the Rising Sun - Initial D])
  4821. >Something catches your eye in your rear view mirror.
  4822. >A pair of bright headlights.
  4823. >Moving up on you pretty quickly.
  4824. >The car is also weaving through traffic with ease.
  4825. >You can't focus too much on it as the ramp is coming up.
  4826. >Probably just some fan who want's to get too close to the action.
  4827. >You try and powerslide through the ramp.
  4828. >You almost loose control and spin out.
  4829. “Fuck!”
  4830. >You yell.
  4831. >You are able to straighten back out.
  4832. “C'mon baby, just one more race!”
  4833. >You plea to your Z and pat the steering wheel.
  4834. >You then look back and see the car also easily drift onto the ramp.
  4835. “No.”
  4836. >You can't believe it.
  4837. >A white Porsche.
  4838. >Flip up headlights.
  4839. >Golden yellow rims.
  4840. >Tinted windows all around.
  4841. “NO!”
  4842. >You yell at the top of your lungs.
  4844. >You are screaming at your mirror.
  4845. >The White Mirage has finally shown themselves again.
  4846. >And it couldn't be a worse time.
  4847. >You try and keep your eyes up ahead for oncoming traffic.
  4848. >But you keep darting behind you.
  4849. >They're gaining on you quick.
  4850. >You look ahead and Dash is closer now.
  4851. >You can't tell if you actually caught up to her or if she is intentionally slowing down.
  4852. >At the very least the traffic around you has thinned out so there is only you three.
  4853. >Up ahead is another connecting ramp to another highway.
  4854. >You have to slow down as you don't know if the Z could take another tight turn.
  4855. >All three of you take the tight turn.
  4856. >And the Porsche overtakes both of you.
  4857. >Goddamn that was swag, you have to admit.
  4858. >The Porsche is now in the lead.
  4859. >Followed by Dash and her R8.
  4860. >And finally you.
  4861. >You hate this.
  4862. >You played yourself into this race when in all honesty your car wasn't in the right shape.
  4863. >Sure, good skill can sometimes beat out ingenuity.
  4864. >But it can only go so far.
  4865. >You have your foot stomped on the gas.
  4866. >Trying desperately to keep up with the others.
  4867. >Dash must be loving this.
  4868. >Going against you, the Red Ghost and the White Mirage.
  4869. >Another long straightaway on the highway, it's finally time to get off the highway.
  4870. > Next is the off ramp to get off the highway.
  4871. >You make the final turn.
  4872. >And now your steering wheel is now starting to shake.
  4873. >You've been redlining the car for the entire race.
  4874. >You look over at your gauges.
  4875. >Your oil pressure is going through the roof.
  4876. >AFR gauges are jumping all over the place.
  4877. >Boost is in a free fall.
  4878. >There is smoke now pouring out of the sides of your hood.
  4879. >*POP*
  4880. >Now to top it all off one of your back tires finally gave in and exploded.
  4881. >Which sends your Z into a spinning mess.
  4882. >You let go of the wheel and let go of the gas.
  4883. >It is unwise to try and steer to straighten it back up.
  4884. >It almost always leads to worse conditions.
  4885. >You feel a big bump to your passenger side.
  4886. >Then the car spins the opposite direction and hits your side.
  4887. >The car is pin-balling down the exit ramp before finally stopping in the middle of the intersection.
  4888. >You are breathing heavy.
  4889. >You don't feel any pain but that could most likely be because you're so pumped full or adrenaline to feel anything else.
  4890. >You undo your seat belt and climb out of the car.
  4891. >Dash and the White Mirage are long gone.
  4892. >There is a lot of smoke coming from the engine bay.
  4893. >You try to pop open the hood but the damage from hitting the sides of the car has clamped on the hood.
  4894. >You have no idea what to do.
  4895. >And to make matters worse.
  4896. >You can now hear sirens in the distance.
  4897. >Unsure of what to do you decide to get back in the car and try to turn it back on.
  4898. >There is nothing when you turn the key.
  4899. >No start up.
  4900. >No lights in the car.
  4901. >Nothing.
  4902. “No.”
  4903. >You say to yourself.
  4904. >Your hands tightly gripping the steering wheel.
  4905. >This can't be the end.
  4906. >Your hands are starting to shake as you try desperately to start the car but to no avail.
  4907. >You can now hear the sirens getting closer.
  4908. >It's all like some bad dream.
  4909. >You lower your head onto the steering wheel.
  4910. >Tears begin to form in your eyes.
  4911. >You're not entirely sure what you should be doing.
  4912. >Should you call your parents?
  4913. >Maybe just your dad as he would probably understand a little more than your mom would.
  4914. >How would he react?
  4915. >After all, this was originally his car in the beginning.
  4916. >How mad would he be?
  4917. >You almost don't want to call him now.
  4918. >Besides, you're sure the cops are going to have to call him anyways.
  4919. >Speaking of which, you can now see the flashing blue and red lights of Police cruisers getting brighter.
  4920. >You don't do anything.
  4921. >You just let them come to you.
  4922. >The first cop car stops a little over twenty feet away from you and he gets out of the car.
  4923. >”I'm at the scene of the disturbance, It seems to be an automobile accident, a possible code Five One Zero, speeding or racing vehicles.”
  4924. >The cop then gets closer to you.
  4925. >”Hey kid, you alright?”
  4926. >You don't respond.
  4927. >”Can you hear me?”
  4928. >He says in a louder tone.
  4929. >He then continues to talk into his mic.
  4930. >After a few more minutes, an ambulance comes by followed by a fire truck.
  4931. >The whole nine yards.
  4932. >They can easily open the door and they help you out of the car and you walk on your own power into the ambulance.
  4933. >You repeatedly tell the paramedics that you are fine and that you are not in any pain.
  4934. >A tow truck comes to pick up the car and you tell them to take the car back to your home and to leave it in the front of the garage.
  4935. >And that you would handle the rest once it got there.
  4936. >The paramedic says that there doesn't seem to be any lacerations or broken bones.
  4937. >One of them inquires as to what had happened,
  4938. >All you told him was that your tire popped and that you lost control of your car.
  4939. >He doesn't seem to believe you.
  4940. >Even though it's true.
  4941. >You just don't want to say that you were racing.
  4942. >That's an obvious no-no.
  4943. >There really is not much else the paramedic can do or say so they let you go.
  4944. >You feel lucky that you were not injured in the accident.
  4945. >Once you exit out the ambulance there are a few police officers who were waiting for you.
  4946. >They want you to go to the Police station for some questioning.
  4947. >Not like you have a choice in the matter.
  4949. >They take you to the station.
  4950. >They begin to question you on what had happened.
  4951. >You tell the same story as you told the paramedic.
  4952. >And again leave out that you were racing.
  4953. >Some of the investigators look at each other.
  4954. >Contemplating where to go from here.
  4955. >You debate if you should just say that you were cruising in the night and it just happened.
  4956. >The investigators don't seem to push the issue too much anymore.
  4957. >And let you go.
  4958. >Kind of a waste of time.
  4959. >When you exit out to the waiting room of the Police Station you see not only your parents, but Principal Celestia all waiting for you.
  4960. >Disappointed looks all around.
  4961. “What?”
  4962. >You say in shock.
  4963. “What are you all doing here?”
  4964. >You ask
  4965. >Especially your parents.
  4966. “I thought you were still out of town.”
  4967. >You dad walks up to you.
  4968. >”We literally landed not even twenty minutes ago and I turn my phone back on and I have a message from Canterlot Police Department.  Saying you were involved in an accident and that they have you in custody.”
  4969. >Oh shit.
  4970. >He then looks back at Principal Celestia.
  4971. >”She is here because she was concerned for you after the accident. I guess she was on her way home from somewhere and noticed the accident.
  4972. >Wait.
  4973. >That doesn't make sense.
  4974. >How would she have even known about the accident?
  4975. >You look at her.
  4976. >She was sitting with your mother.
  4977. >She has her eyes closed.
  4978. >Not really looking at you.
  4979. >Again, even in a time like this you must take a good long look at how good she looks in non “school” attire.
  4980. >She was wearing a yellow cold shoulder sweater and she had either a black bra or black top on as you can see two black thin straps loop over her shoulders.
  4981. >Below she was wearing some tight looking dark purple bell bottoms but they shaped her nice looking hips well.
  4982. >Both Principal Celestia and your mother now look towards you.
  4983. >You are then swarmed by your mom out of nowhere.
  4984. >She holds you tight and asks if you are hurt.
  4985. >Which you aren't physically hurt.
  4986. >But your pride definitely took a massive hit.
  4987. >You dad is now chatting with the officers off to the side.
  4988. >After a few minutes he comes back to you and mom.
  4989. >”Alright, we're done here, we can leave now.”
  4990. >You don't nod or really acknowledge the answer.
  4991. >You do as you are told.
  4992. >Principal Celestia nods her head though.
  4993. >”Then I shall take my leave.”
  4994. >But before she leaves she walks up to you.
  4995. >”Mr. Anonymous, if you feel the need to take a day or two off school, I will not hold it against you.”
  4996. >You mom thanks the Principal and she then leaves.
  4997. >After a few minutes of small chit chat, you and your parents now leave the station and head to the parking lot.
  4998. >You don't say much to your parents and they don't probe further.
  4999. >Probably going to wait until you all get home.
  5000. >As you and your parents make your way to the parking lot you hear a loud engine and exhaust from somewhere.
  5001. >You quickly look around to find who that could be.
  5002. >You then see the White Mirage up ahead.
  5003. >A White Porsche.
  5004. >The same golden rims.
  5005. >As the car slowly moves past you it stops next to you and your parents.
  5006. >The window was rolled down and you see who the driver is.
  5007. >Principal Celestia.
  5008. >”You folks have a good night.”
  5009. >She tells your parents.
  5010. >Both you and Celestia stare into each others eyes for a moment.
  5011. >You have this mixture of anger and shock at this revelation.
  5012. >All this time, it was her.
  5013. >And she didn't rat you out.
  5014. >She finally takes her eyes off of you and looks back at the road ahead of her and she slowly drives out of the parking lot.
  5015. >You mom comments that it seems inappropriate for someone of her stature to be driving a car like that.
  5016. >You dad just shakes his head and chuckles.
  5017. >”She hasn't changed much since back in the day.”
  5018. >You now look at your dad in shock.
  5019. “Wait, what!?”
  5020. >You say a little too loudly.
  5021. >Your father doesn't react.
  5022. >Another time.
  5023. >That “another time” better come quick.
  5024. >But for now You can't tell if you are in trouble or not so it's best to keep cool and don't cause a scene.
  5025. >You get in the SUV with your parents and head home.
  5027. ( [Daft Punk - Veridis Quo(Slowed and Reverb) - Discovery])
  5028. >You're sitting in the back seat of your father's SUV.
  5029. >A current year GMC Yukon XL Denali.
  5030. >Big.
  5031. >Tanky.
  5032. >Comfortable.
  5033. >Of course he would have to drive something like this as your mom isn't too interested in racing vehicles.
  5034. >Or any of his exotic or supercars that he has in his collection.
  5035. >The drive is quiet.
  5036. >You don't say anything unless you are spoken to.
  5037. >Which is only your mom still asking if you were okay.
  5038. >She finally brings up why you were out this late in the Z.
  5039. >Your dad shuts it down quickly.
  5040. >Which then leads to an argument between them.
  5041. >Sometimes you wonder why they are even together as they seem like total opposites.
  5042. >Something you don't like to dwell on too much.
  5043. >So again you just shut up and focus on the street lights that pass by you on the way home.
  5044. >Once you get home you notice the Z is parked in front of the doors of the warehouse that is the home garage.
  5045. >Your dad parks the SUV right in front of the Z.
  5046. >He then tells your mom to head inside and that you and he will take care if it from here.
  5047. >She does so.
  5048. >Both of you now exit the SUV.
  5049. >And surround the now mangled Z.
  5050. >All things considered, it's only the front of the car that was in really rough shape.
  5051. >Aside from the blown tire in the back, the rear end is still in decent shape.
  5052. >Not that it matters all that much right about now.
  5053. >Your father instructs you to open the doors to the garage so he can push the Z in.
  5054. >You do as you are told.
  5055. >Once the doors are open and you turn the lights on you see your father roll the Z inside.
  5056. >He takes it all the way to the back end of the garage where you have an auto shop like area with car lifts, tire machines and an overabundance of tools.
  5057. >Once there he attempts to pop open the hood.
  5058. >Much like yourself, he can't get it open.
  5059. >He grabs a crowbar and begins to pry the hood open by force.
  5060. >Which he finally manages to get the hood open and you can all now see what the damage is.
  5061. >Before you is the RB20DET in rough shape.
  5062. >There is oil everywhere.
  5063. >The intake manifold is bent to hell.
  5064. >The turbocharger's fans are busted.
  5065. >”So, care to tell me the truth?”
  5066. >He asks you.
  5067. >And you do so.
  5068. >You told him Discord tuned the car for drifting.
  5069. >How you were practicing all week on the Mountain.
  5070. >The race.
  5071. >The victory.
  5072. >How your ego got in the way and you tried to race on bald tires and putting too much pressure in the engine when it wasn't tuned for it.
  5073. >He looks at you.
  5074. >”So this wasn't from the mountain race?”
  5075. >He asks.
  5076. >You shake your head.
  5077. >”Well damn, nice that you won.”
  5078. >He says in a light tone.
  5079. >Which is a relief for you to hear from him.
  5080. >Well, all in all it doesn't look too bad.”
  5081. >Your father quips.
  5082. >He then moves over to the back counter and grabs a screwdriver and wrench.
  5083. >”But...”
  5084. >He says in a low tone as he moves back close to the Z.
  5085. >He then takes off the cover for the engine head and there is where all the real damage is.
  5086. >The engine head looks fucked.
  5087. >A large buildup of oil inside that spills out once the cover is off.
  5088. >A couple of disconnected cam caps and even a bent cam shaft.
  5089. >”Well, I don't know how you did it, but yeah, it looks like this engine has seen it's last race..”
  5090. >Your heart breaks when he says it.
  5091. >Even your father has this sad look on his face.
  5092. >You just hang your head low.
  5093. >This is all your fault.
  5094. >If you just kept your cool.
  5095. >You'd be ready to race another day.
  5096. “I'm sorry.”
  5097. >The first thing you have said in a while.
  5098. >Your father doesn't react.
  5099. >He just turns back to walk over to a table with assorted tools on it.
  5100. >He places the wrench and screwdriver back on the table and just stands there.
  5101. >”Nothing can can do right now about it. We may as well head inside and call it a night.”
  5102. “Can something be done?”
  5103. >You ask a little too eagerly and step forward.
  5104. >You then stop yourself.
  5105. >You continue to watch your father.
  5106. >He doesn't move from his spot near the table.
  5107. >”Well, anything is possible.”
  5108. >He muses.
  5109. >Then he looks up to the ceiling and sighs.
  5110. >”But, really it's a matter of if it's all worth it?”
  5111. >It is.
  5112. >You want to tell him.
  5113. >But again, it's technically not your car and it won't be your money that will be fixing the car.
  5114. >And the fact that that you really don't know what's going on in his head.
  5115. >And again, it's because of you the car is now totaled.
  5116. >Finally, he turns to you and walks up to you.
  5117. >Then past you.
  5118. >”Let's go inside.”
  5119. >You hesitate for a moment.
  5120. >Your eyes still on the Z.
  5121. >A feeling of dread and sadness washes over you.
  5122. >Finally you follow your father outside and lock up the garage.
  5123. >You both make your way into the house.
  5124. >You decide to go for a shower.
  5125. >Hopefully to wash away the guilt and heartache over the events of the night.
  5126. >Once done, before you head to your room for the night, you decide to go and check your father's office.
  5127. >Like you guessed, he was in there.
  5128. >At least you assumed so judging from the light that was pouring out his doorway.
  5129. >You don't bother to go and see what he was up to.
  5130. >You feel like you have done enough.
  5131. >You finally retreat to your room.
  5132. >And immediately go to bed.
  5134. >Sunday.
  5135. >You wake up and sit on the end of your bed, thinking about what to do.
  5136. >You usually work at the shop today.
  5137. >Should you go in?
  5138. >After your accident, you're not sure what you should be doing.
  5139. >But you are not hurt and even now you still don't really feel any pain.
  5140. >After a few minutes of contemplating. You decide it's best to go in to work.
  5141. >If only to use whatever money you do make today can go towards repairing the Z.
  5142. >You leave your room with the intention of talking to your dad about it.
  5143. >He seems to have already left for the day.
  5144. >You grab a quick bite before you go out to the garage.
  5145. >Once inside the garage and before you enter the Neon, you look over to the Z.
  5146. >It's still in the same spot as last night.
  5147. >A sharp pain stings inside your chest seeing it in this condition.
  5148. >You sigh and you get into the Neon and head to work.
  5149. >Once you make it to the shop the manager is surprised to see you in.
  5150. >He says your father had already said that you were going to take the day off.
  5151. >You check in with your dad via phone to make sure you can work.
  5152. >He says up to you but he assumed you wouldn't be up to it.
  5153. >So here you are.
  5154. >On a Sunday afternoon.
  5155. >Taking care of some customers who are buying some flowmaster exhaust pipes.
  5156. >Just derping through the day when a familiar voice brings you back to reality.
  5157. >”Hey man.”
  5158. >4-Speed is there.
  5159. >Back at work.
  5160. “So you're back today?”
  5161. >You say nonchalantly.
  5162. >He nods.
  5163. >He then takes a seat next to you at the front desk.
  5164. >”So what happened last night?”
  5165. >You lean back in your own desk chair.
  5166. “What do you think happened?”
  5167. >You ask him back.
  5168. >Trying your hardest for it to not sound too snarky.
  5169. >After all, he was the voice of reason that you did not listen to.
  5170. >You sigh,
  5171. “Sorry man, for everything.”
  5172. >You finally admit.
  5173. “I should have listened to you.”
  5174. >You continue on.
  5175. “The Z's trashed. My dad is pissed. I don't know what to do from here.”
  5176. >4-Speed rolls his chair closer to you.
  5177. >”Wait, what happened last night?”
  5178. >You look over to him.
  5179. >Seems like he doesn't know.
  5180. >So you tell him.
  5181. >About the race.
  5182. >About the White Mirage showing up finally after all this time.
  5183. >The crash.
  5184. >The Police.
  5185. >You did not, however, tell him who the driver of the White Mirage was.
  5186. >That one you feel you owe Principal Celestia some debt for not ratting you out to the police.
  5187. >So you won't tell people who she is since nobody else still knows it's her.
  5188. >4-Speed lowers his head.
  5189. >”Well shit man, I'm sorry.”
  5190. >He tells you as he pats you on the shoulder.
  5191. >”So what now?”
  5192. >You shake your head.
  5193. “I don't know. Really it all depends on what my dad decides he wants to do.”
  5194. >You begin to tap your hands on the desk.
  5195. “I really don't have much say in the matter.  But I will try to plea my case to him.”
  5196. >There is more awkward silence as more customers come in to shop.
  5197. >The day moves on.
  5198. >Customers come and go.
  5199. >After everything is done you leave for the day.
  5200. >Once you get home you notice that your father isn't home.
  5201. >You ask your mom where he is.
  5202. >She says she's not sure but he had said that he had some other business to attend to today.
  5203. >You don't think about it too much.
  5204. >You just go through the rest of the day.
  5205. >Have dinner.
  5206. >Then retreat to your room for the rest of the night.
  5208. >Monday.
  5209. >Your alarm goes off.
  5210. >Time to go back to school.
  5211. >And with that, the pressure of the end of the year.
  5212. >And Prom.
  5213. >But you don't care about Prom.
  5214. >What you should be probably be worried about is College.
  5215. >Or life after High School.
  5216. >Thanks Rarity.
  5217. >Again, as you enter the garage you take a quick look over to the Z that is still in a state of wreckage.
  5218. >And your heart sinks again.
  5219. >You won't get used to that as long as the car stays there.
  5220. >You hop in the Neon and head to school.
  5221. >Once at school, you notice you aren't being swarmed by a bunch of students.
  5222. >Which is a welcome change, really.
  5223. >You make your way inside and to your locker.
  5224. >What you do notice is that there are a bunch of students staring at you.
  5225. >You're not sure why.
  5226. >But you're beginning to wonder if it's something that Rainbow Dash has been saying.
  5227. >You are then greeted by Flash Sentry.
  5228. >”Hey man!”
  5229. >He rushes up to you.
  5230. >”What happened this past weekend?”
  5231. >You're not sure what he means but you only tell him of the race with Rarity.
  5232. “Well, I won my race with Rarity on Mt Everfree.”
  5233. >Flash then grabs you by the shoulder and brings you in close.
  5234. >”What about the rumors?”
  5235. >You look at him.
  5236. ”What rumors?”
  5237. >You say lowly back to him.
  5238. >”Yes, what rumors?”
  5239. >Both of you jump at the new sudden voice from nowhere.
  5240. >But a voice you now know all too well and now will not forget.
  5241. >Principal Celestia.
  5242. >She's always good at sneaking up on people.
  5243. >”oh uh, hi Principal Celestia.”
  5244. >Flash nervously says.
  5245. >You keep your calm around her.
  5246. >”What rumors?  Well uh, it's the uh, rumors about how I'm going to preform at Prom this year! Yeah!”
  5247. >He tells the Principal.
  5248. >She doesn't seem to convinced.
  5249. >”Well, it was great chatting with you, but Anon and I really need to get to class.”
  5250. >Flash Darts off quickly.
  5251. >You stay where you are with Celestia.
  5252. >You two just stare at each other.
  5253. >”Are you feeling better Mr. Anonymous?”
  5254. >She asks.
  5255. >The closest thing she comes to acknowledging the events over the weekend.
  5256. “Yeah, much better.”
  5257. >You answer her.
  5258. >Again, both of you just stand there, not moving from your spots.
  5259. >Then Principal Celestia brings up another question.
  5260. >”Do you have any other questions, Mr. Anonymous?  Because if not I really must attend other business.”
  5261. >Before she takes off you ask her the first thing that comes to your mind.
  5262. “How long have you been at it?”
  5263. >Perhaps not the best question to be asking her on school grounds.
  5264. >She shoots you a quick glare, like a 'shut up' kind of look.
  5265. >It quickly dissipates and it goes back to her calm demeanor.
  5266. >She then smiles a little bit.
  5267. >”Well, I've been the principal here for several years already.”
  5268. >She says happily.
  5269. >You shoot back at her.
  5270. “That's not w-”
  5271. >You stop yourself.
  5272. “Right.”
  5273. >You begrudgingly say.
  5274. >No racing talk on school grounds.
  5275. >She then turns to leave.
  5276. >”It's nice to see you too Anonymous.  Please do get to class and stay out of trouble.”
  5277. >She walks away.
  5278. >You then go to your first class.
  5279. >Classes come and go.
  5280. >Some students to come up to you and say the race with Rarity was amazing.
  5281. >Some others ask about the extra race with Rainbow Dash.
  5282. >You play dumb and just say it was a no contest.
  5283. >They give you a weird look over your answer.
  5284. >You don't care.
  5285. >It's lunch time.
  5286. >You sit with your crew.
  5287. >They are all asking what had happened after you had left to race Rainbow Dash.
  5288. >You tell them everything.
  5289. >Except for who the 'White Mirage' is, of course.
  5290. >Flash is the first to react to the story.
  5291. >”I thought Rainbow was full of shit.”
  5292. >This got your attention.
  5293. “What has she been saying, and how do you know since you were out of town?”
  5294. >Flash just looks around at the rest of the group.
  5295. >”The word going around is that she smoked you.”
  5296. >You then look over to Dash and her group.
  5297. >She seems to be all smiles now.
  5298. >It almost makes your blood boil.
  5299. >You want to go over there and start some shit.
  5300. >But it would be all bad since you are in school grounds.
  5301. >”A crashed car or a blown engine during a race is considered a forfeit though.”
  5302. >You quickly snap your sights over to Wallflower Blush..
  5303. >Wallflower seems to shift in her seat once you fix your eyes on her.
  5304. >She is now a bit nervous after telling you this.
  5305. “Since when?”
  5306. >You ask to the whole group and not just Wallflower.
  5307. >Everyone looks at each other.
  5308. >”It just kinda is.”
  5309. >Flash replies.
  5310. >”Has been a rule since even before our time.”
  5311. >Well that's fucking stupid.
  5312. >You sigh.
  5313. >All that work on your reputation.
  5314. >Fucking gone.
  5315. >And you're still not even sure if you're going to be able to get back in the scene.
  5316. >”So what happens now?”
  5317. >Trixie speaks up.
  5318. >Everyone else nods and looks to you as the leader.
  5319. >You just shake your head.
  5320. “I don't know.”
  5321. >You admit.
  5322. “I suppose the good news though is that 4-Speed should be up and running by next weekend.”
  5323. >You clasp your hands together.
  5324. “If we can endure one meet of the rest of the rival team's shit, we should be fine.”
  5325. >You look at the rest of the group.
  5326. >They all don't look very confident.
  5327. >You put on a smile for them.
  5328. “Come on guys.  I have faith in you all, and at the end of the day, just like 4-Speed used to say, as long as you try your best.  It's all I could ask for.”
  5329. >You try to pep talk them.
  5330. >Also kind of a 180 from your attitude in the beginning.
  5331. >Some of them do have small smiles on their faces now.
  5332. >Really, some of them could beat a few of the other rival racers.
  5333. >It's all a matter of instilling confidence in them.
  5334. >And a few pointers.
  5335. >Which is what you are going to be doing this week.
  5336. >It's about time you act like a leader and lead.
  5337. >Until you can figure out what to do with the Z.
  5339. >The rest of the day goes by like always.
  5340. >Nothing too exciting.
  5341. >Once you get home and park in the garage you notice the Z is no longer in the back.
  5342. >You begin to run around the garage in a panic.
  5343. >Hoping that maybe it was put somewhere else in the garage for further maintenance.
  5344. >No such luck.
  5345. >Looks like your father already took it out somewhere.
  5346. >You then search the garage to see if he's home.
  5347. >You notice his daily driver car is gone.
  5348. >Which means he's more than likely not home.
  5349. >You run into the house and ask your mom if dad was home.
  5350. >He was not, of course.
  5351. >You try to call him on his cell.
  5352. >It goes straight to voicemail.
  5353. >Damnit of all the times for you to be unavailable.
  5354. >Much like a lot of your current situation, there is nothing you can do until you can get a hold of your dad.
  5355. >After dinner you retreat back up to your room and begin to study for school.
  5356. >You cell phone goes off and you quickly grab it hoping it was your father calling you back.
  5357. >It wasn't your father but it was Twilight Sparkle.
  5358. >Which is interesting that she would call you at a time like this.
  5359. “Hello?”
  5360. >You answer.
  5361. >”Hey Anon, it's Twilight Sparkle!”
  5362. >You close your text book and sit back in your desk chair.
  5363. “Yeah, Hi Twilight.”
  5364. >You respond back.
  5365. >”Am I interrupting anything?”
  5366. >She asks.
  5367. “No no, I was just finishing up studying.”
  5368. >You respond..
  5369. >”Ooooh, what were you studying?”
  5370. >She sounds very interested, almost turned on by that statement.
  5371. “Uh, Pre-Calculus .”
  5372. >You say.
  5373. >She makes another noise that you're sure sounded sexual.
  5374. >”Ooooh, tell me what equation you were working on!”
  5375. “Look, is there a reason you called me?”
  5376. >You ask, wanting to get to the point.
  5377. >”Oh! Sorry, I kinda get carried away with academia!”
  5378. >She clears her throat.
  5379. >”I actually wanted to ask you what happened on Saturday night.”
  5380. >You hum in response.
  5381. “What brings this up? You don't trust Dash's story?”
  5382. >You quip at her.
  5383. >”I just. “
  5384. >There is a quick pause before she continues.
  5385. >”From my own experience I can't really see you losing as bad as she says.”
  5386. >You lean further back in your chair.
  5387. “I guess I should be more offended she would conveniently leave out how my engine and tire blew during the race and crashed.”
  5388. >You then continue.
  5389. ”Did she even mention that the White Mirage showed up?”
  5390. >You can hear her gasp.
  5391. >”She didn't tell us that!”
  5392. >What the hell?
  5393. “Really? I figured that would be too important a detail to leave out.”
  5394. >You muse to her.
  5395. >”Why would she not let us know about that.”
  5396. >She wonders.
  5397. “Probably because she also got smoked by them.”
  5398. >You sigh,
  5399. “But even I don't know for sure what happened after my crash.”
  5400. >There is more dead air.
  5401. >Twilight finally speaks up again.
  5402. >”Are you okay?”
  5403. >You start to chuckle.
  5404. “I'm fine.”
  5405. >You say before you pause again and continue.
  5406. “But, my pride and reputation isn't.”
  5407. >You take a deep breath and sigh.
  5408. “All that work building my rep, and it worked for a minute there as the White Mirage finally did show their face again.”
  5409. >You shake your head as you're saying all this.
  5410. “Now not only is all that gone, but now I may not see the Z ever again.”
  5411. >”What happened?”
  5412. >Twilight adds.
  5413. >You tell her the story of what happened.
  5414. >The crash.
  5415. >When you and your father brought the car back and looked under the hood.
  5416. >She stays silent for a moment.
  5417. >”Wow, I uh, didn't realize how bad it actually was.”
  5418. >You mumble some nothing words.
  5419. “It's pretty bad.  Well, I mean the engine is in pretty bad shape.”
  5420. >You hear Twilight hum in agreement.
  5421. >”Well, if you need an extra hand with trying to fix it...”
  5422. >You laugh at her offer.
  5423. >Then you have to stop yourself.
  5424. “Sorry for that Twi, I really do appreciate the offer, but the damage is probably much more severe than just a few broken pistons.”
  5425. >You say.
  5426. “And to top it all off, the car is already gone and I don't know what happened to it.”
  5427. >Again your heart sinks at the thought o the Z being junked.
  5428. >”So what are you going to do from here on out?”
  5429. >She asks.
  5430. “Like everything else in my life right now, I don't know.”
  5431. >Twilight doesn't say anything for a moment.
  5432. >”Well, I hope everything turns out for the better for you.”
  5433. >She says.
  5434. “Thanks.”
  5435. >You simply reply to her.
  5436. >”I'll talk to you at school, or on Friday night.”
  5437. >She tells you.
  5438. “Sounds good.”
  5439. >You say your goodbyes and hang up the phone.
  5440. >Interesting to know that Dash kept the encounter with the White Mirage a secret.
  5441. >If you were a betting man, you would have bet the farm on Celestia.
  5442. >But you can't dwell on that now.
  5443. >The most important thing for you right now is what the fate of the Z is.
  5444. >And throughout the rest of the evening, you don't hear your father come home.
  5445. >It's never got on your nerves before.
  5446. >But now you are basically on edge with anticipation.
  5447. >It's getting late enough that you can no longer stay up and wait for him as you need some sleep for school tomorrow.
  5448. >Of course now as you lay in your bed you cannot sleep.
  5449. >Your mind is riddled with questions and scenarios.
  5450. >Like what to do if the Z truly is gone.
  5451. >What would you drive?
  5452. >Would your dad even let you touch any of his other cars?
  5453. >Could you convince him to work for another one?
  5454. >All these thought swirl around in your head until the weight of your eyelids finally force your eyes shut.
  5456. >Tuesday.
  5457. >Wake up.
  5458. >Eat breakfast.
  5459. >Go to school.
  5460. >Your dad is still not home.
  5461. >You try to call him again,
  5462. >Still goes straight to voicemail.
  5463. >You're getting a bit annoyed at this.
  5464. >You let out a frustrated sigh and head to school.
  5465. >Mostly you auto-pilot through the day.
  5466. >After school you actually hang out with the team for some strategy talks.
  5467. >You're pretty sure Dash and the others are going to be clamoring to kick the team down a few pegs with you and 4-Speed still out.
  5468. >So you make it a priority to try and give knowledge to the others as best you can.
  5469. >You get home at around 8 PM.
  5470. >Finally you see your father's daily driver is parked in the garage.
  5471. >You quickly lock up the garage and head into the house.
  5472. >Dinner is just about ready so you join in.
  5473. >Dinner is mostly silent.
  5474. >Your mother begins to ask you about Prom.
  5475. >You immediately shoot it down.
  5476. >Say you are not interested.
  5477. >Despite your answer, she goes on to ask if there are any girls you would be interested in.
  5478. >In reality there are lots.
  5479. >But you keep a good poker face on and just say the crash still has you a bit shaken up to now even think about it.
  5480. >Your dad finally chimes in that he did go to one of his Proms but only with a friend.
  5481. >Not helping dad.
  5482. >After dinner you fall back to your room to avoid anymore talk of Prom with your parents.
  5483. >You give it an hour or two of studying and then you head out of your room to check if your dad is in his office.
  5484. >Which he is.
  5485. >So you stroll right on in and close the door behind you.
  5486. >He was at his desk doing something on the computer when he looks up in your direction after you shut the door.
  5487. >He has a decanter on his desk with a half filled glass of alcohol next to it.
  5488. >He then sits back in his chair as you sit in a chair opposite of the desk.
  5489. >You both just sit there.
  5490. >Not saying a thing to each other.
  5491. >He then rests his elbows on his arm rests and folds his hands together.
  5492. >Seems like you both are playing a game of chicken on who will be the first to crack and speak first as you both know what this conversation will be about..
  5493. >And of course you are the first to crack and speak first.
  5494. “So...”
  5495. >You start and then trail off.
  5496. >Your dad still doesn't respond and continues to just watch you squirm under the building pressure.
  5497. >Finally you straighten yourself up and just ask him.
  5498. “What happened to the Z?”
  5499. >He doesn't react too much from your question.
  5500. >”Why do you want to know?”
  5501. >He asks.
  5502. >And you instinctively respond without thinking.
  5503. “Don't play dumb, you know exactly why I'm asking.”
  5504. >You sit back in your seat, now realizing what you had just said.
  5505. >Your dad's reaction is much more positive than you had feared.
  5506. >He scoffs and then leans to grab his glass of alcohol.
  5507. >”Well then you're gonna have to excuse my ignorance, because I don't think I know why you want to know.”
  5508. >He calls out your response and then takes a sip of his drink.
  5509. >Again you weren't expecting that.
  5510. “I have to get back out there. For the Speed Stars.”
  5511. >You say.
  5512. “The group, my group, OUR group needs me.”
  5513. >Your dad tilts his head to she side at that comment.
  5514. >”I'm pretty sure I've had nothing to do with the Speed Stars for quite a long time.”
  5515. >Now it's your turn to scoff.
  5516. “Please, they still talk about you as if you're a god. Thanks to me now driving it, the Z now has a legacy within the scene that the others look to.”
  5517. >You go on.
  5518. “I know I had a lapse in judgment and the Z suffered, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it running again.”
  5519. >You end it with one more reason.
  5520. “I still have unfinished business that I want taken care of.”
  5521. >Your dad starts to chuckle.
  5522. >”A lapse of judgment?”
  5523. >He asks as he stares into his glass of alcohol.
  5524. >”In this world, or business, or in your case, hobby.”
  5525. >He emphasizes the word hobby.
  5526. >”A single lapse in judgment can mean the end of your life.”
  5527. >He takes another drink from his glass.
  5528. >”It was a minor miracle that you even came out of the crash without a single scratch on you.”
  5529. >He now leans forward and sets his glass back down on the desk.
  5530. “It wasn't even that bad of a crash.”
  5531. >You respond.
  5532. >”That's not the point, Anon.”
  5533. >He shoots back.
  5534. >”It could have been a whole lot worse given the damage to the car.”
  5535. >He then sits back in his chair and takes a deep breath and holds it in for a moment.
  5536. >”I guess this is just the father in me talking right now.”
  5537. >He finally exhales and shakes his head at his comment.
  5538. “Are you sure it's not that you don't want to look bad that your son crashed the car he used to rule the streets?”
  5539. >You playfully ask him.
  5540. >That one actually got a laugh out of him.
  5541. >”I have to say, it would look bad on my street cred that my son couldn't handle a race.”
  5542. >He then looks at you with adoration now.
  5543. >”I also have to say that I am very impressed and proud  of you that you were able to run the Mt Everfree Mountain pass.”
  5544. >He says as he leans on a single arm on the armrest of his chair.
  5545. >”That takes some balls, a pair that even I didn't have at your age.”
  5546. >There is a pause.
  5547. >Finally he fesses up.
  5548. >”The Z is over at the shop in the private garage.  Discord and I have been taking it apart and weighing our options.”
  5549. >You then throw your arms in the air.
  5550. “And you weren't going to include me in on this?”
  5551. >You ask.
  5552. >Your dad lightly shakes his head.
  5553. >”Once we had an idea on what to do we were going to call on you.  But tell you what, stop by the shop after hours on Saturday and we'll talk some more.”
  5554. >He finishes and he grabs his glass once again and takes another sip.
  5555. >You nod enthusiastically and you get up from your seat.
  5556. “Thanks dad.”
  5557. >You tell him.
  5558. >He just nods and goes back to the work that was on his computer monitor.
  5559. >You leave the room with a new sense of excitement.
  5560. >But before you can get too ahead of yourself, you really should use this time now to help improve your team.
  5562. >Wednesday
  5563. >You make use of some of your free time after school to go over some techniques with Wallflower Blush and her Foxbody Mustang.
  5564. >You then give her some advice on other simple mods that could aid in making the car a little more fast.
  5565. >Trixie is a little more to deal with.
  5566. >Mostly because even now you're still not used to her eccentric personality.
  5567. >But like the others at least her heart is in the right place.
  5568. >Trixie seems to have a heavy foot, which is a habit that is hard to kick.
  5569. >It's all still a work in progress.
  5570. >Thursday.
  5571. >Vinyl Scratch seems content with being the team's music mascot.
  5572. >Which is totally fine.
  5573. >Especially since her car sound system puts her in a severe weight disadvantage.
  5574. >Plus it can destroy eardrums.
  5575. >All Flash really needs is confidence.
  5576. >From what you have seen of him he's not that bad.
  5577. >His Eclipse is pretty legit.
  5578. >Most of the time it's just mismatches with him.
  5579. >But it also it didn't hurt to ride with him for a night and give him some pointers.
  5580. >Friday.
  5581. >A little more than nothing pep talks.
  5582. >There is little else you can do now.
  5583. >So all there is left to do is to wait until tonight.
  5584. >Friday night.
  5585. >Only a few more hours until you find out the fate of the Z.
  5586. >But for now, you have a race meet to go to.
  5587. >In your bone stock Dodge Neon.
  5588. >Thankfully this week is the last week anyone will have to pick up 4-Speed.
  5589. >Which is Flash's responsibility this week.
  5590. >So you take your time on getting to Donut Joe's.
  5591. >Once you arrive you scan the area to find the rest of the crew.
  5592. >You quickly spot a few of them so you roll over to where they are at.
  5593. >Once you park and get out of the car you realize that you aren't swarmed by a large group of people.
  5594. >Again, it's nice to have some space, however, some of the reactions you were getting were a bit strange.
  5595. >There were a few side eye looks and some points and laughs.
  5596. >You hear someone yell what you were running under the hood of your tomato can.
  5597. >A drastic change from last week and all the respect you garnered.
  5598. >All seemingly gone.
  5599. >It's actually shocking how quickly it can all go away after just one mistake.
  5600. >You do catch a glimpse of the RainBooms in their little area.
  5601. >Again Rainbow Dash is all smiles while she is surrounded by onlookers and fans.
  5602. >A fickle bunch of bandwaggoners, you say.
  5603. >Guess you really can't fault them.
  5604. >Well, you can.
  5605. >Very easily by the way.
  5606. >But for what?
  5607. >Again, you'd prefer that they didn't orbit you all the time.
  5608. >You unite with the rest of your team.
  5609. >By this time the rest of the crew has arrived as well.
  5610. >Handshakes and hugs all around.
  5611. >You go over what everyone had learned throughout the week prior to tonight.
  5612. >All the while you were having a discussion with your team, several Crystal Clutch members decided to crash your meeting.
  5613. >”So I heard you were finally put in your place.”
  5614. >You turn to find the three usual C.C.C members who like to try and always piss in your cereal.
  5615. >Sour Sweet along with Sugarcoat and Lemon Zest.
  5616. >All looking as provocative as ever.
  5617. “I mean, if blowing my engine is a good definition of losing, and the loss of respect from it despite me being the only person who has defeated some of the Sonic RainBooms, then this scene can go fuck itself.”
  5618. >You tell them and you turn back to your group.
  5619. “Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get my team ready and focused to keeping you fine ladies down a peg.”
  5620. >Sour Sweet laughs.
  5621. >”Oh please, none of your losers will be able to get it done.”
  5622. >She then continues to insult you.
  5623. >”A shame really, you were starting to get somewhere among us.”
  5624. >Now it is your time to laugh.
  5625. “Trust me Sweet Tits.”
  5626. >You turn around to face Sour Sweet again and make it a point to stare straight at her cleavage that is hanging out so much that even Stevie Wonder could see them.
  5627. “I am far from done with you all.”
  5628. >Sour puts on a furious face.
  5629. >Then it dissipates quickly.
  5630. >She then turns to leave.
  5631. >”You're gonna need more than that junk bucket you call a car if you still wanna talk big.”
  5632. >She and the others leave you be.
  5633. >It's almost time for the races to start and they are going to be starting with a drag.
  5634. >You then go over to Wallflower Blush and place both your hands on her shoulders.
  5635. “This is all you.”
  5636. >You tell her with a warm smile.
  5637. “Just keep calm, remember the timing exercises we went over when shifting gears and you'll do fine.”
  5638. >She still has a look of uncertainty but gives you a confident nod anyways.
  5639. >Better shifting alone won't help her win.
  5640. >But it was a good start as she did need some pointers.
  5642. >Time for the first drag race.
  5643. >It's going to be Sugarcoat and her RX-7.
  5644. >Sonata Dusk and her WRX.
  5645. >Another random racer you're not even sure who it is but they're running a supped up looking Honda Prelude.
  5646. >And finally Wallflower Blush and her Mustang.
  5647. >Curious that nobody from the Sonic RainBooms is in this race.
  5648. >Which is fine because now it gives Wallflower a better chance at winning.
  5649. >At least more so than if Sunset were racing her Boss 429 again.
  5650. >Wallflower lines up at the starting line with the rest.
  5651. >All are revving their engines.
  5652. >The cutie of the week begins to walk to the center of the road.
  5653. >She gets in her spot and waits for a moment.
  5654. >She then starts the countdown.
  5655. >”Ready.”
  5656. >”Set.”
  5657. >”GO!”
  5658. >All cars roar into life.
  5659. >Wallflower even had a good jump.
  5660. >But Sonata had a better one.
  5661. >Sonata had a small lead.
  5662. >But then Sugarcoat and Wallflower quickly gained on her.
  5663. >The Prelude was lagging behind.
  5664. >Sonata then takes another short lead.
  5665. >Followed by Wallflower.
  5666. >You begin to mutter to yourself.
  5667. “come on, come on.”
  5668. >You say lowly.
  5669. >Then Wallflower gets a sudden boost and overtakes everyone.
  5670. >She wins her first race.
  5671. >And the first victory for the Speed Stars besides you in a while.
  5672. ”Yeah!”
  5673. >You and the rest of the group begin to yell as you make your way to the end of the street.
  5674. >Once you get closer Wallflower gets out of her car and is ecstatic.
  5675. >Her eyes wide and almost to the verge of tears.
  5676. >She brings up her hands to her face in disbelief.
  5677. >The group then surrounds her.
  5678. >”I, I did it!”
  5679. >She yells.
  5680. >She then proceeds to hug everyone in the group and gives extra attention to you.
  5681. >”Thank you!”
  5682. >She says as you can now feel her tears as they roll down her cheeks and mesh with your own.
  5683. >You pat her on the back.
  5684. “You did good.”
  5685. >You tell her and let go.
  5686. >She then excitedly goes around and tells everyone thank you.
  5687. >You look around and there is a nice mixture of cheers for her.
  5688. >Of course there is much disdain over with the other Crystal Clutch members.
  5689. >Dash just has this amused look on her face while the other RainBooms seem to be happy for Wallflower.
  5690. >After a few more minutes of celebrating everyone prepares for the next race.
  5691. >You are then approached by Rainbow Dash.
  5692. >”Yeah, savor that fluke victory while you can.”
  5693. >She tells you and your group.
  5694. >You are beginning to lose your patience with her.
  5695. “You know something?”
  5696. >You ask, now facing her.
  5697. “I'm really getting tired of your shit.”
  5698. >You point out to her.
  5699. >”And I'm already tired of your shit, kid.”
  5700. >She says coolly.
  5701. >”Just be glad your own car took you out before I did.”
  5702. >You try to step up to her.
  5703. >But you are then restrained by 4-Speed and Flash.
  5704. >You look at both of them.
  5705. >They give you the same 'not now' look in their faces.
  5706. >You grit your teeth.
  5707. “We're not through by a long shot, bitch.”
  5708. >You say lowly to her.
  5709. “And believe me, once I'm back up and running, I'm coming for that nonexistent ass of yours.”
  5710. >The other girls seemed to have noticed your attempt to rush Dash so they came in to try and get in between you and Dash again.
  5711. >Dash just chuckles.
  5712. >”Go ahead and insult my body. It's still more than what your pencil dick could handle.”
  5713. >She snaps at you.
  5714. >”I just came here to say to pick your next chump. Next race is going to be the 'Imago Loop'.”
  5715. >She then turns to walk away.
  5716. >The other girls are still standing there and give you an apologetic look.
  5717. >Then they follow Dash back to their side of the street.
  5718. >You wait patiently to see if you could figure out who was going to race this route.
  5719. >You see Sour Sweet get in her car and begin to take to the street.
  5720. >Followed by Adagio Dazzle.
  5721. >And Pinkie Pie.
  5722. >Shit.
  5723. >You look back between Trixie and Flash Sentry.
  5724. >You slowly walk up to Flash and place your hands on his shoulders.
  5725. “Flash my man, We need you for this.”
  5726. >His eyes go wide.
  5727. >”Me!?”
  5728. >You nod your head slowly
  5729. “I'm afraid so. You are our best shot.”
  5730. >You then look over to Trixie.
  5731. “Sorry Trixie.”
  5732. >Trixie then holds up her hands.
  5733. >”Trixie does not mind being passed over for this one.”
  5734. >She says as she steps back.
  5735. >”B-but.”
  5736. >Flash tries to protest.
  5737. >You then shake him in his spot.
  5738. “Focus Flash! You can do this!”
  5739. >You try to pep talk him.
  5740. “Believe in your car.  Believe in your skills.”
  5741. >You go on.
  5742. “And most importantly, Believe in me, who believes in you!”
  5743. >At the very least Flash doesn't look as worried.
  5744. >You then warn him of Adagio and her aggressiveness as well as Pinkie's.
  5745. >So you give him some info on how to deal with them
  5746. >You then push him towards his car.
  5747. “Now get in that Eclipse and give those girls a good Flash!”
  5748. >You yell.
  5749. >He slowly begins to craw in his car when you had another stupid idea.
  5750. >You run over to Vinyl Scratch and whisper something in her ear.
  5751. >Her face lights up and nods to you.
  5752. >She then runs to her car and gets in.
  5753. >She then moves her car so the her car's back side is facing the racers and then opens the hood.
  5754. >Revealing the huge stereo sound system in the back.
  5755. >You then hook up your phone and you pull up your music player and wait for Flash to head to the starting line.
  5756. >Once you see his car hit the street you begin to play a song out of Vinyl's very loud sound system and she turns on a strobe light she also had.
  5757. ( [Queen - Flash - FLash Gordon])
  5758. >Everyone looks over to you and Flash.
  5759. >Flash then stops his car and pokes his head out of the window to look back to you.
  5760. >You are striking your best impersonation of a flamboyant Freddie Mercury pose.
  5761. >There are a bunch of cheers over your little stunt.
  5762. >You even catch a glimpse of a smile from Flash before he sinks back into his car and gets into position.
  5763. >Once the theatrics are done and Vinyl parks her car back, you both join with the rest of the crew near the monitors.
  5764. >You are then pat on the back by 4-Speed.
  5765. >”Some show you put on there.”
  5766. >He smiles at you.
  5767. >”But, do you think Flash can pull this off given who he's facing?”
  5768. >You kind of give a half nod and a shake of your head.
  5769. “I mean, yeah most of them have beast of cars, but none of them really know how to use them except for maybe Pinkie Pie.”
  5770. >You explain.
  5771. “If it were you or me in his car, I think we could pull it off.”
  5772. >You then stare back at the monitor.
  5773. >The cutie then does her routine and the race starts.
  5774. “It's all on how Flash can handle this and if he can steel up his nerves.”
  5775. >All four cars roar into life.
  5776. >Sour's R-34 of course has the best jump.
  5777. >Second best jump is Adagio and her Corvette Stingray.
  5778. >In third is Flash.
  5779. >Followed by Pinkie Pie.
  5780. >So not the worst start.
  5781. >But the first turn will be key.
  5782. >Sour Sweet still can't make a tight turn to saver her life as she skids off line and goes wide.
  5783. >Allowing everyone else to slide right past her.
  5784. >Even Flash.
  5785. “Good, good.”
  5786. >You start to mutter to yourself again.
  5787. >The others try and box Flash in.
  5788. >But he doesn't lose his cool.
  5789. >Time for the second turn.
  5790. >Everyone needs to let off of him so they can each make the turn.
  5791. >And yet again Sour and Adagio flub the turn and Pinkie and Flash swipe past them both.
  5792. >You pump your fist in excitement.
  5793. >Now both Flash and Pinkie are neck and neck in the long straightaway.
  5794. >Flash begins to pull ahead.
  5795. >And he does so.
  5796. >They make the next turn and Pinkie tries to get in too close on the turn.
  5797. >Flash wobbles a bit.
  5798. >He loses some momentum and the lead.
  5799. “Damnit Flash I told you to about that.”
  5800. >You still mutter.
  5801. >This race isn't over.
  5802. >But there is only one more turn before the straightaway to the finish line.
  5803. >Despite Adagio and Sour are still relatively close by it's pretty much a two car race between Flash and Pinkie.
  5804. >Unless Adagio tries her shit again like she did with 4-Speed and yourself.
  5805. >The last turn comes.
  5806. >Pinkie Pie is in the lead.
  5807. >With Flash right behind her.
  5808. >Then Sour Sweet.
  5809. >And lastly Adagio Dazzle.
  5810. >There goes Adagio trying to clip Sour Sweet.
  5811. >Which seems pointless since there are other racers in from of both of them.
  5812. >And then you see the domino effect.
  5813. >She clips Sour Sweet.
  5814. >Who then pivots towards Flash.
  5815. >Who in return begins to jerk his car off to the side.
  5816. >Which causes Pinkie Pie to lose control.
  5817. >It's a clusterfuck but it's not a crash.
  5818. >And Flash is the first to regain control and makes a break to the finish line.
  5819. >With Pinkie Pie and Adagio Dazzle VERY close to him.
  5820. >But it was a victory for Flash and the Speed Stars nonetheless.
  5821. “Fuck yeah!!”
  5822. >You yell out with the others.
  5823. >Many of the other onlookers are also cheering for Flash.
  5824. >Flash begins to do some donuts in the street.
  5825. >He finally stops and exits his car and is swarmed.
  5826. >He is high fiving fans and other onlookers until he gets to you guys.
  5827. >”I fucking did it!”
  5828. >He yells.
  5829. “You fucking did!”
  5830. >You yell back.
  5831. >He embraces you in a bro hug.
  5832. >”Your advice totally paid off!”
  5833. >You pat him on the back.
  5834. >You were glad it was all a help.
  5835. >He then goes to the others and gets congratulatory hugs  from the rest of the crew.
  5836. >4-Speed has this look of pride at you.
  5837. >The feeling you have for helping your team to victories is much more potent than winning yourself.
  5838. >You are on a whole new high now.
  5839. >You turn to see the other racers are pissed at the outcome.
  5840. >Rainbow Dash tries to confront you.
  5841. >”What the hell was that!?”
  5842. >She yells.
  5843. >You give her the biggest smile you can.
  5844. “That was a member of the Canterlot Speed Stars that wasn't me defeating a member of the Sonic RainBooms!”
  5845. >You say gleefuly.
  5846. >”Bullshit!”
  5847. >She says.
  5848. >”That was too close to call at the end!”
  5849. >You shake your head.
  5850. “It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning!”
  5851. >You yell and throw your hands up in the air and everyone cheers.
  5852. >Dash is getting mad and you're loving it.
  5853. >You decide to rub it in a bit more since she's been reveling in thinking she has beaten you.
  5854. >You run over to Vinyl Scratch and whisper in her ear again.
  5855. >She starts to giggle silently and nods her head.
  5856. >She makes her way back to her car and once again summons her huge sound system.
  5857. >Since you are in a Queen mood already you told her to play a certain song
  5858. (  [Queen - Don't Stop Me Now - Jazz])
  5859. >You begin to animate and lip sync the lyrics to the song.
  5860. >'Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time'
  5861. >You start.
  5862. >Dash is getting annoyed already.
  5863. >”Cut it ou-”
  5864. >You cut her off by pointing your index finger in her face
  5865. >'So don't stop me now, don't stop me'
  5866. >'Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time!'
  5867. >You begin to dance and act a fool in the middle of the street.
  5868. >Some of the other people begin to dance with you and party in the street.
  5869. >Flash and the others a little embarrassed at your display.
  5870. >But the general populace seems to be enjoying your living shitpost.
  5871. >'I'm burnin' through the sky, yeah'
  5872. >'Two hundred degrees'
  5873. >'That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit!'
  5874. >'I'm traveling at the speed of light!'
  5875. >'I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!'
  5876. >You point to Flash Sentry at this part of the lip sync.
  5877. >”Stop acting like a child!”
  5878. >You hear Sugarcoat yell at you.
  5879. >You then turn to her and point to her and lip sync the next part of the song to her
  5880. >'Don't stop me now!'
  5881. >Since you're already pointing at Sugarcoat, you then drag you finger to point out the rest of the C.C.C girls.
  5882. >Then all the Dazzlings.
  5883. >And all the Sonic RainBooms.
  5884. >'If you wanna have a good time, just give me a call!'
  5885. >You lip sync while you bring your left hand up and make a phone gesture and put it next to your face.
  5886. >Dash tries to slap your hand away and you pull back.
  5887. >'Yes, I'm having a good time, I don't wanna stop at all!'
  5888. >The song says for you.
  5889. >You look over at the rest of your group and they at least no longer look embarrassed.
  5890. >You quickly glance over to the other RainBooms and some of them are trying to hold back their laughter.
  5891. >You move on over to the Dazzlings.
  5892. >'I am a sex machine, ready to reload'
  5893. >'Like an atom bomb about to'
  5894. >'Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh explode!'
  5895. >You thrust your hips towards all three girls.
  5896. >Adagio tries to kick you in your crotch.
  5897. >You easily jump out of the way and make your way to Sour Sweet and the rest of the Crystal Clutch girls..
  5898. >'That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit!'
  5899. >'I'm traveling at the speed of light!'
  5900. >You then point to both Sugarcoat and Lemon Zest.
  5901. >Then you bring your hands together with both fingers pointing at Sour Sweet's cleavage.
  5902. >'I wanna make a supersonic woman of you!'
  5903. >There is a break in the music with just the drum beat.
  5904. >You begin to pull back as now all three girls look pissed and are ready to kick your ass.
  5905. >Now you're jogging in place to the beat of the song.
  5906. >Dash, Sour and Adagio now closing in on you.
  5907. >'Don't stop me!'
  5908. >'Don't stop me!'
  5909. >'Don't stop me!'
  5910. >You sing and point at each girl.
  5911. >And you do it again with the repeating lines in the song.
  5912. >They are closing in.
  5913. >You give them one more 'don't stop me!' and the guitar solo kicks in.
  5914. >You strike an air guitar pose for the solo, ready for the girls to jump you.
  5915. >Then you begin to hear several car horns blasting.
  5917. >Saved by the police.
  5918. >Everyone is now scattering, trying to get to their cars and drive off.
  5919. >Watching the scene with the song still going is like watching a scene from a movie.
  5920. >And you find it glorious.
  5921. >Finally you run to your car.
  5922. >You jump in and start the car and begin to drive off.
  5923. >You then stick your head and shoulder out the open window and continue lip syncing the song that can still be heard.
  5924. >'Don stop me now!'
  5925. >Finally the song is cut off and Vinyl drives off.
  5926. >While you're speeding off you stop for a minute to group text that you weren't going to the meeting at the usual spot.
  5927. >You figured you'll lay low tonight after your display.
  5928. >And perhaps Vinyl would as well.
  5929. >It was a good distraction from you dreading what the fate of the Z will be tomorrow.
  5930. >But for tonight.
  5931. >You're having a good time.
  5933. >Saturday.
  5934. >Today is the day.
  5935. >Once the Racing shop and garage closes at 8 PM tonight, you will head over to meet up with your dad and Discord and discuss what to do about the Z, if anything.
  5936. >You received several texts from some of the RainBooms laughing at your little performance last night.
  5937. >”Dang sug, ya gotta teach me some of them moves.'
  5938. >AppleJack says.
  5939. >'Can't say seeing Dash that angry was funny, but seeing the others were sure a riot lol.'
  5940. >Sunset Shimmer says.
  5941. >'Can I still call you for a good time? lol'
  5942. >Pinkie Pie chimes.
  5943. >The responses gives you a chuckle.
  5944. >You remain in your room until the time to head out comes.
  5945. >8 PM.
  5946. >You head out of the house and hop in your Neon.
  5947. >You make your way across town to Project P.
  5948. >Once you arrive it's already been twenty minutes since it closed.
  5949. >Most of the staff has already gone home.
  5950. >It seems like most of the lights in the store are off and most of the garage stall doors are closed.
  5951. >Except for Stall 1.
  5952. >Discord's stall.
  5953. >You do see both your dad's daily driver car and Discord's car as well.
  5954. >So they are still here.
  5955. >But before you walk in through there you hear some muffled voices.
  5956. >They were coming from the private stall that was in a separate building just to your right.
  5957. >You look and you can see light peek out from the sides of the rolling door.
  5958. >You get close enough and you can recognize dad's and Discord's voices.
  5959. >You then grab the bottom of the rolling door and pull it up.
  5960. >Once open you see them.
  5961. >And you see the Z behind them.
  5962. >Or, what's left of the Z.
  5963. >The entire front of the car has been stripped to the bare metal chassis.
  5964. >There was no engine.
  5965. >No air filter.
  5966. >No wiring.
  5967. >No exhaust manifold.
  5968. Not even the headlights or the side panels or even the tires or drums.
  5969. >There were parts scattered all over the giant garage.
  5970. >”Well if you say it's good enough. I'll trust you.”
  5971. >You hear your father say to Discord.
  5972. >Then they both noticed the door was opened and turn to you.
  5973. >”Anon, glad you could make it!”
  5974. >Your father greets you.
  5975. >His hands and forearms are covered in oil and dirt.
  5976. >A long pry bar in his hand.
  5977. >Same with Discord.
  5978. >Who also has a mallet in his hand.
  5979. “What's going on in here?”
  5980. >You ask.
  5981. >Your dad looks back at the Z then back at you.
  5982. >”We were just readjusting the metal frame back into place.”
  5983. >He says .
  5984. >You feel a little embarrassed.
  5985. “I assume that was also my fault.”
  5986. >Discord scoffs.
  5987. >”All the damage here is your fault.'
  5988. >He bluntly says.
  5989. >”I have to say I'm impressed at the damage you did in one night.”
  5990. >Your dad then lightly hits Discord with the pry bar.
  5991. >”What?  He's your son, you never did this much damage to the car back in the day.”
  5992. >He says to your dad.
  5993. >”Cut the kid some slack.”
  5994. >You dad defends you.
  5995. >Discord then just chuckles.
  5996. >”That's your job.”
  5997. >He tells your dad.
  5998. >”My job, as the old curmudgeon tuner, is to point out his faults so he doesn't do it again.”
  5999. >He says as he now looks to you.
  6000. >Then he points over to your right.
  6001. >You look over and see the RB20 engine in pieces.
  6002. >”Busted pistons, heads, bent crankshaft, a cracked engine block!”
  6003. >He raises his voice at the last part.
  6004. >”It's really a work of art to do this much damage-ow!”
  6005. >This time your father hits him harder with the pry bar.
  6006. >”What the old man is trying to say is the engine is beyond saving.”
  6007. >You were afraid of that.
  6008. >You walk over to the remnants of the old reliable engine.
  6009. >It treated you well.
  6010. >And you treated it like a toy.
  6011. >You place your hand on the block and hang your head low.
  6012. “I'm sorry.”
  6013. >You say.
  6014. >You don't know how many times you're going to say it before you feel the message actually gets across.
  6015. >Neither of them respond to you.
  6016. >So you ask them a question.
  6017. “What are you guys going to do now?”
  6018. >Discord shakes his head.
  6019. >”It's not so much what I'm going to do, but what you are going to do about it.”
  6020. >He says as he points to both you and your dad.
  6021. >You dad walks up to you.
  6022. >”Well son, what should we do?”
  6023. >He asks as he looks back to the Z.
  6024. >You also look at the Z for a moment.
  6025. >Then you walk past your father and Discord.
  6026. >You then walk into the now giant gap in the car where an engine and front end should be.
  6027. >You place a hand on the frame.
  6028. >And remember all the good times you had with the car.
  6029. >All the losses you've handed to people.
  6030. >And your unfinished business.
  6031. >With Rainbow Dash.
  6032. >And the White Mirage.
  6033. >Principal Celestia.
  6034. >You then turn to your dad and Discord.
  6035. >”I want to rebuild it.”
  6036. >You say.
  6037. “I can't and wont settle for anything else.”
  6038. >Discord rolls his eyes at your little speech.
  6039. >Your dad just smiles.
  6040. >”Well that settles it then.”
  6041. >Says your dad.
  6042. >”Cute.”
  6043. >Quips Discord as he leans on the counter on the side of the room.
  6044. >”And have you thought about what you are going to put in the car?”
  6045. >He asks
  6046. >”We can't run the car on 'Hopes and Dreams and Love'.”
  6047. >The old bastard loves to ruin moments.
  6048. >But he's right.
  6049. >The Z needs a new engine.
  6050. >And you have just the engine in mind.
  6051. “Well yeah.”
  6052. >You start.
  6053. ”I think it's time for the Z to have a nice upgrade.”
  6054. >You look back at the car.
  6055. “It's time we put a RB26 Twin turbo in this bad boy.”
  6056. >Discord just scoffs and crosses his arms.
  6057. >”Well, we COULD do that.”
  6058. >He then gets up from his spot on the counter.
  6059. >”Or, we could do something a bit more fun.”
  6060. >He says with a devilish grin and begins to walk out of the stall and to the main building.
  6061. >”If you two could follow me please to my second office.”
  6062. >Both you and your dad follow Discord into Stall number One.
  6063. >In the back corner of the stall is a set of double doors.
  6064. >Discord stands in front of the doors and waits for the both of you to be with him.
  6065. >Once you are all there, he opens the doors to another spacious room.
  6066. >Inside and in the middle of the room there is a large square counter top with a bunch of shiny metallic parts.
  6067. >Off to the side of the counter top is an engine stand with a shiny metallic new in-line six cylinder engine block.
  6068. >Right on the corner of the counter top next to the block is the head with a pale green cover and the Toyota logo with “3000 VVT-i TWO WAY TWIN TURBO” etched on the cover.
  6069. >Your father is the first to respond.
  6070. >”2JZ Engine, no shit!”
  6071. >You half chuckle at the one liner from your dad.
  6072. “A Supra engine?”
  6073. >You ask.
  6074. >”Of course!”
  6075. >Discord says proudly.
  6076. >”Not just any 2JZ.”
  6077. >You father adds.
  6078. >He is inspecting the engine block that was already attached to the engine stand.
  6079. >”Discord, is this a Billet block?”
  6080. >He asks Discord, still looking closely at the block.
  6081. >Discord the hums in amusement.
  6082. >”Still got a sharp eye I see!  Yes indeed it is a Billet block.”
  6083. >Your dad then looks at Discord.
  6084. >”...But why?”
  6085. >He then gives you a suspicious look.
  6086. >”Well, since little Nonny here has issues with engine blocks breaking, we may as well give him a safety net with a block that won't be easily broken.”
  6087. >You then look at the both of them.
  6088. “Uh, what's a Billet block?”
  6089. >You ask.
  6090. >Discord just shakes his head.
  6091. >”Kids today with their internet and the rap music.”
  6092. >He mumbles and goes off to the corner of the room.
  6093. >”A Billet block is made out of cast aluminum.”
  6094. >Your father starts to explain.
  6095. >”It's lightweight and VERY durable.”
  6096. >He continues.
  6097. >”It's an engine that can easily withstand up to 1,300 Horsepower and still be fine.”
  6098. >He then scans all the parts on the table.
  6099. >”Which looking at the parts on this table...”
  6100. >He inspects the parts that are scattered on the center counter top.
  6101. >”Discord?”
  6102. >He calls out to his mentor.
  6103. >”Are you trying to kill my boy?”
  6104. >He dawns an innocent looking face and shrugs his shoulders.
  6105. >”Well, it's not as fun as installing a jet engine into a car kind of fun, but it will do.”
  6106. >You dad shakes his head.
  6107. >And then looks to you.
  6108. >”Well Anon, it's up to you.”
  6109. >You take a look at the engine block and the parts.
  6110. >You were kinda hoping for the RB26.
  6111. >But really the 2JZ is just as solid.
  6112. >And if they say the block is as strong as they claim.
  6113. >Fuck it.
  6114. >It's all here anyways.
  6115. >You nod your head.
  6116. “Let's do this.”
  6117. >Your dad lets out a small chuckle.
  6118. >Discord just rubs his hands together,
  6119. >”This will decimate all after, we set everything up.”
  6120. >Discord chimes.
  6121. >And you quip back.
  6122. “With overnight parts from Neighpon?
  6123. >You say with a smile.
  6124. >Neither Discord or your dad are impressed with the quote.
  6125. >You then give them all a disappointed look
  6126. “Y'all are no fun.”
  6127. >You say.
  6128. >Then Discord shakes his head,
  6129. >”Oh no we a re plenty of fun.”
  6130. >He says.
  6131. >”It's just your one liner sucked.”
  6132. >You grumble at his response.
  6133. >”There is one initial catch to all this.”
  6134. >Discord says to you.
  6135. >You look at him.
  6136. >He brings his hands together and points both index fingers to you.
  6137. >”You will have to build the engine yourself with my and your fathers supervision.”
  6138. >Your eyes go wide.
  6139. >”That way and that way only will you understand the engine and you will have a better appreciation for it's upkeep.”
  6140. >He says.
  6141. >You look at all the parts on the counter and take a deep breath.
  6142. >Guess you don't have a choice.
  6143. “When can I start?”
  6144. >You ask your dad.
  6145. >”We can start right now.”
  6146. >Your dad says.
  6147. >He then takes a look at the clock on the wall.
  6148. >”You can work for two hours as a start.”
  6149. >You take a deep breath and walk up to the table.
  6150. “Where do we begin?”
  6151. >Discord then opens some cabinets in his second office and he pulls out some bottles of various lubes and oils and a couple pair of latex gloves.
  6152. >”We'll start with assembling the pistons.”
  6154. >The next two hours are among the most frustrating two hours you have ever experienced in your life.
  6155. >Discord over explains the importance of each and every small bolt and rod that is on this damn engine.
  6156. >He makes sure you double and triple check that all the measurements are correct before you are allowed to install anything.
  6157. >You spend a lot of time just assembling the piston head onto the rods.
  6158. >While lubing a Piston rod you start to ask your dad some questions.
  6159. “So dad, I have to ask you about Principal Celestia.”
  6160. >You say as you tighten a piston rod you were working on.
  6161. >”What about her?”
  6162. >He asks.
  6163. >You then move on to the next piston and begin lubing the rings and the rod.
  6164. “You said she hasn't changed much since back in the day, can you elaborate?”
  6165. >You ask as you double check the piston you are currently working on.
  6166. >Once you are sure the piston is good, you move on to the next one.
  6167. “I can't remember if I had told you or not. But her and her Porsche have reached mythical status much like yourself.”
  6168. >You explain as you work on the last piston.
  6169. “In fact, I would even say she's the whole reason this all started.”
  6170. >You then explain to your dad about the legend of the 'White Mirage'.
  6171. >About how she is considered this myth that comes from nowhere and blows racers out of the water.
  6172. >You then tell him of your first encounter with her several weeks ago.
  6173. >About how it made you crazy as she has been the only one to really give you a challenge.
  6174. >And the only one to legitimately beat you.
  6175. >Your dad then chuckles.
  6176. >”You know Anon, crashing your car during a race counts as a loss.”
  6177. >He tells you with a cheeky smile.
  6178. >You shoot him a dirty look.
  6179. “That rule is fucking stupid and you know it!”
  6180. >You wave a piston rod at him.
  6181. >He just chuckles.
  6182. “What retard thought it was a great idea to put that rule in?”
  6183. >You ask.
  6184. >”I did.”
  6185. >He proudly says.
  6186. “Oh.”
  6187. >Now you feel stupid.
  6188. >”During the early days there were a bunch of amateurs who tired to step up and crashed.”
  6189. >He crosses his arms and shakes his head.
  6190. >”It was a huge problem back in the day and we just got tired of it.  So I put it out there.”
  6191. >You double check the piston you were working on.
  6192. >Looks good to go.
  6193. >”There was much resistance to the rule at first.  But seriously, if you can't handle your car or take proper care of it then you deserve to take the L.”
  6194. >You now look over to your father as he says all this.
  6195. “Even me?”
  6196. >He nods without hesitation.
  6197. >”Especially you.”
  6198. >He gets closer to you.
  6199. >”You even said it yourself, you had a lapse in judgment and I already told you those are very dangerous.”
  6200. >You look down.
  6201. >He then turns to walk back to the counter on the side of the room.
  6202. >”At lest that's how I see it.”
  6203. >He holds his arms out.
  6204. >”There was still a large group of racers who don't agree.”
  6205. >He then leans on the counter top and looks towards you again.
  6206. >”But to go back to your original question of Celestia.”
  6207. >He says.
  6208. >”She was a freshman when I was a senior back in our high school days.”
  6209. >You tilt your head.
  6210. ”That makes her awfully young to be a Principal, no?'
  6211. >Dad shrugs.
  6212. >”Beats me, but thank you for the complement about being young.”
  6213. >He chuckles.
  6214. >You look over to Discord.
  6215. “So I have all the pistons done.”
  6216. >Discord then moves to the engine block and turns it upside down.
  6217. >”Then we can work on installing the crankshaft first before the pistons.”
  6218. >He then goes through another long and excruciating process on installing the bearings and oil squirters and thrust bearings.
  6219. >Once that is done and you are now working on installing everything you go back to your conversation with your father.
  6220. “So go on.”
  6221. >You tell him.
  6222. >He then caresses his chin.
  6223. >”I guess to share her story I should kinda go back to the beginning.”
  6224. >He continues.
  6225. >”So as I have already said before, I started the Canterlot Speed Stars with two of my old best friends during our sophomore year in high school, and for those three years we were just having fun and then the scene started to become alive.”
  6226. >You're done lubing and installing the thrust bearings and are now working on the oil squirters..
  6227. >”Of course this brought a lot of attention, both good and bad.  Mostly people wanting to join up with us and also a lot of rival clubs as well.”
  6228. >The oil squirters are installed.
  6229. >It is time for the crankshaft.
  6230. >Your dad continues.
  6231. >”Over the years many rivals came and went. By the time I am in my senior year only the Crystal Clutch Club are really the only ones still standing from the large group of rival teams to rise up. I guess that's just a rivalry that is destined to last forever.”
  6232. >He chuckles.
  6233. >”Anyways, this freshman girl comes along infatuated with the Canterlot Speed Stars. By this point we didn't really have requirements to be part of the Speed Stars but we tend to not take in people THAT young.”
  6234. >While he's still explaining his life story, you are very carefully putting in the crankshaft.
  6235. >At this point your father stops as Discord is now telling you the importance of how tight the bolts on the main cap bearings are for the crankshaft and how this is the main determiner as to how much power the engine will pull.
  6236. >Once that is done and you are now tightening the bolts to Discord's specifications.
  6237. >Your father continues.
  6238. >”Anyways, despite her being very young but also having a car and no license, and despite us turning her down at every opportunity, she continues this mission to join us.”
  6239. >Crankshaft is installed. Discord rolls the engine over once again.
  6240. >Time to install the pistons.
  6241. >”She's good, really good. She was kicking ass in an unimpressive car at the time. What was it?”
  6242. >He begins to ponder.
  6243. >”Hey Discord, what car was Celestia using back when she was in high school?”
  6244. >He looks to Discord.
  6245. >Discord is in on this too?
  6246. >Now Discord is starting to think.
  6247. >”I believe it was the 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190 E.”
  6248. >Your father then snaps his fingers and points to Discord.
  6249. >”Yes! That thing. She was tearing it up and really we couldn't ignore that kind of talent.  So we brought her in and I took her under my wing for that whole year.”
  6250. >You now look at your dad.
  6251. “So you're responsible for all this?”
  6252. >Your dad puts on a dumb look on his face.
  6253. >”Why you gotta say it like that?”
  6254. >Your dad pauses once again as Discord now shows you how to install the pistons to the engine.
  6255. >This requires some concentration so you pay most attention to getting each piston installed.
  6256. >Once done Discord now demonstrates the pistons moving in place.
  6257. >”Anyways, she was with us for a good minute. Second or third best racer in the group.  But when I decided to leave the group to focus on career and family, she also left.”
  6258. >He finishes.
  6259. >”I never really thought much of it other than her not leading the group was a missed opportunity.”
  6260. >Everything looks good on the engine so far..
  6261. >”I think we will stop here and continue on another day.”
  6262. >Discord says.
  6263. “Like tomorrow after work?”
  6264. >You say too quickly.
  6265. >Discord laughs.
  6266. >”Oh my boy, absolutely not.  Maybe Monday.”
  6267. >He says.
  6268. >You are a little annoyed at that.
  6269. “Wouldn't this go by faster if you just did it?”
  6270. >You ask as kind of a sass.
  6271. >He nods though.
  6272. >”It would go by much much faster if I were to do it as I wouldn't have to babysit a special needs child.”
  6273. >Asshole.
  6274. >You shoot your dad an annoyed look.
  6275. “So what's the end of the story?”
  6276. >You ask.
  6277. >”Not a good one really.”
  6278. >He responds.
  6279. >Oblivious to your annoyance at Discord.
  6280. >”Once I graduated College I was still leading the Speed Stars for another few years.  I tried to pass the torch onto her but she was uninterested.  Then she upped and left the group. No explanation or anything, last I heard.”
  6281. >You then look over to Discord.
  6282. “So what's your story on Celestia?”
  6283. >You ask him.
  6284. >”She's the daughter of a dear old friend of mine.  Known her all her life and I have tuned all of her cars.”
  6285. >All of her cars?
  6286. >That is a bit of information you want to know.
  6287. “What can you tell me about her Porsche?”
  6288. >He starts to giggle.
  6289. >”That devilish little thing is a work of art. It's a 1993 Porsche 964 Turbo S Flatnose.”
  6290. >You ask him what the hell a 'flatnose' is.
  6291. >”It's just the headlights pop up when on.  Nothing else.”
  6292. >You then ask what he did to the car.
  6293. >”I'm afraid that's my little secret.”
  6294. >Damn it.
  6295. >You don't press further on the subject.
  6296. >”What I will tell you is it's some of my best work.”
  6297. >He tells you with a smug grin on his face.
  6298. >You shoot him one more dirty look for good measure and you and your father head out.
  6299. >You both say your goodbyes and that you'll both see each other at the house.
  6300. >But you have one thing you want to do before you head home.
  6302. >Roughly 11 PM.
  6303. >You make your way back across town to near your home.
  6304. >Once you get off the highway you make your way to the establishment where you met Shining Armor and ran into Celestia and Luna.
  6305. >You find the building and enter the parking lot.
  6306. >You slowly cruise around the parking lot looking for either the Porsche or Luna's Maserati GT.
  6307. >After a quick go around, you finally spot the black car belonging to Luna.
  6308. >Knowing that they are here you park your car and attempt to enter the club but are stopped by a bouncer.
  6309. >”Gonna need to see some I.D before entering.”
  6310. >A big imposing guy stands guard at the entrance to the building.
  6311. >You pull out your drivers license and present it to the bouncer.
  6312. >”No entry. It's 21 and over to get in.”
  6313. >Damn really?
  6314. >He hands you back your I.D.
  6315. >You need to do some quick thinking.
  6316. ”My mom is in there and I need to speak with her.”
  6317. >The bouncer gives you a questioning look.
  6318. >”Then give her a call so she can come outside to see you.”
  6319. >Damn.
  6320. >Let's try again.
  6321. “She keeps her damn phone on silent every time she comes here! I'm trying to get a hold of her before my dad comes blaring here in a fit of rage and cause a scene. Can you please get her for me so I can properly warn her shit is about to go down!?”
  6322. >You lied out your ass.
  6323. >The guard looked a little concerned though.
  6324. >”What does she look like?”
  6325. >You then point to your face.
  6326. “Like me, but an older chick.”
  6327. >The bouncer nods and turns to go into the building.
  6328. >”Wait here please.”
  6329. >He goes in, leaving the entrance open.
  6330. >Holy shit that worked.
  6331. >You casually walk in.
  6332. >You are greeted by a large dimly lit room like from a 1970's Las Pegasus club.
  6333. >Royal red cushioned walls with diamond patterns littered all around the outer walls and many booths scattered around the room with a black leather looking finish to the cushions.
  6334. >There was a haze in the room and the distinct smell of tobacco in the air that irritated your nose.
  6335. >There was a band on stage that consisted of a drummer, a large bass player, a pianist and a trumpeter.
  6336. ( [Wynton Marsalis Quintet - Sparks - Live])
  6337. >The Trumpeter was going nuts on his instrument playing what you assume is a great piece.
  6338. >But to you and your zoomer sense of music it just sounds like he's playing any random note on the trumpet and hope it sticks.
  6339. >The crowd seems to dig it as they beginning to lightly cheer for the performance.
  6340. >Before you could take another step forward a girl standing by at a podium greets you.
  6341. >”Welcome to Demitri's Jazz Alley, are you here as a party of one?”
  6342. >You quickly look over the the lady.
  6343. >She looked to be in her late 40's maybe early 50's.
  6344. >Not bad though.
  6345. >Her hair was done in the old style bun that went above her head.
  6346. >She was wearing from what you could see that wasn't covered from the podium was a long sleeve black sparkling top.
  6347. >One side hung on the side of her shoulder and the other was over her shoulder.
  6348. >You had to answer quick.
  6349. “Oh, I uh, I'm meeting some friends who are already here, thank you.”
  6350. >You tell the lady.
  6351. >She smiles and nods to you and waves you in.
  6352. >You gotta move fast before the bouncer catches on.
  6353. >As you are walking around the room the there is now a saxophone player going off on stage.
  6354. >Many of the patrons are hollering at the change of instrument.
  6355. >There is a small dance floor in front of the stage where several people are dancing like they're on drugs.
  6356. >And they may be.
  6357. >But that's not important.
  6358. >You are still looking around for Celestia or even Luna.
  6359. >You spot the bouncer from earlier.
  6360. >Looks like he is still looking around for your imaginary mother.
  6361. >You duck down to the lower level of the room and coincidentally, both Celestia and Luna were sitting at a booth on the lower level.
  6362. >They haven't noticed you yet so you make your way to the booth and take a seat in it with them.
  6363. >Their faces light up in horror as if they had seen a ghost.
  6364. >”Anonymous! What are you doing here!”
  6365. >Luna is the first to say in a loud tone.
  6366. >You duck low so that the bouncer, nor anyone else doesn't notice you.
  6367. >You bring your finger to your lips and try to shush your vice Principal.
  6368. >She doesn't take kind to your gesture and begins to scoot off of the booth.
  6369. >”I'm contacting security!”
  6370. >She says as she gets out of the booth and storms off.
  6371. >Celestia then speaks.
  6372. >”Well, you better make your point quick before you are tossed out of here.”
  6373. >She says as she grabs her wine glass and takes a sip of the red wine inside.
  6374. >Shit, you didn't think you were gonna get this far, really.
  6375. “Why didn't you rat me out to the police about the crash?”
  6376. >She raises a single eyebrow at you.
  6377. >”You snuck into a twenty one and over only club to ask me that?”
  6378. >It does sound stupid when you say it like that.
  6379. “Well, school isn't an appropriate time now is it?”
  6380. >You sass her.
  6381. >She takes another sip.
  6382. >”It was more a favor to your father than anything.”
  6383. >You look around quickly to see if there is any security barreling towards you.
  6384. >Nothing yet.
  6385. “Yeah, my dad told me about you when you were younger.”
  6386. >She still doesn't seem to care too much.
  6387. >She finishes the wine in her glass and reaches for the bottle on the table to pour some more.
  6388. “How you joined the Speed Stars, how you were better than everyone whilst using an unimpressive car other than him.”
  6389. >She chuckles at that.
  6390. >”He said it was an unimpressive car?”
  6391. >You nod.
  6392. >But you also continue.
  6393. “I also know about how you left the Speed Stars right when he did.”
  6394. >She now stares at you with her light purple eyes.
  6395. >Well, single eye as her hair is done in a style to which her bangs are covering a single eye.
  6396. >Which you don't think it complements her dress well.
  6397. >Which may as well be a giant purple sash that is wrapped around her top and around her neck.
  6398. >That isn't to say she didn't still look stunning.
  6399. >With how she dolled herself up like this you would never tell she was a high school principal in her 40's.
  6400. >But you're no fashionista.
  6401. >That's Rarity's job.
  6402. >She takes another sip of her wine.
  6403. >You begin to wonder if she's drunk.
  6404. >”Don't look too deep into that.”
  6405. >She says.
  6406. >”I was merely obsessed with wanting to beat him, like many did back in the day, and nobody could.”
  6407. >She starts to twirl her wine glass.
  6408. >”Watching him race back in the day was an experience.  He truly was on another level of greatness.”
  6409. >Once she is finished talking, you feel a heavy hand grab your shoulder and lift you up.
  6410. >”You bastard!”
  6411. >The bouncer found you.
  6412. >Or, it looks like Luna told on you as she was right behind him.
  6413. >Before you are dragged out you try to resist to tell Celestia one last thing.
  6414. “I'm rebuilding the Z!”
  6415. >You say loudly and are now being forced out the room.
  6416. “Once I'm done with Rainbow Dash, I'm coming for you!”
  6417. >You yell as you are taken further and further away from Celestia.
  6418. >She doesn't react to your words.
  6419. >And you are finally tossed out of the building.
  6420. >”Next time we'll press charges for trespassing!”
  6421. >The bouncer says in a menacing tone.
  6422. >You waste no time getting back to your car and driving home.
  6423. >Really you weren't even sure why you even did that to begin with.
  6424. >But trying to get her to talk at school probably wasn't going to work either.
  6425. >Once you get home you storm up to your room and begin to look up whatever you can about Porsche 964's until you're too tired to keep your eyes open.
  6427. >Sunday was a bit of a drag.
  6428. >Only because you were tired from the lack of sleep from the previous night.
  6429. >But you still came into work.
  6430. >You still weren't sure how your dad was going to make you pay for the repairs on the Z so you want to get a head start on that.
  6431. >Plus you still have a good amount of cash from your racing victories to alleviate the pressure.
  6432. >You just wanted to get the car back up and running as soon as possible.
  6433. >The day flies by at work.
  6434. >Mostly just lounging around with 4-Speed.
  6435. >You tell him that Discord, your dad and yourself are working on a 2JZ engine for the Z.
  6436. >He's excited at the idea and can't wait to see it in action.
  6437. >You feel the same.
  6438. >Only problem now is that you can only work on it if Discord is present.
  6439. >Which again, he mostly isn't.
  6440. >You obviously don't have time in the week to be working on the engine and working on it just Saturday would mean it would takes months, if not maybe even a whole year before it's good to go.
  6441. >Fuck it, you go into the shop on Monday after school and pester Discord to work on the engine after closing time.
  6442. >Which he agrees.
  6443. >You hang out in your Neon and do your homework in the meantime.
  6444. >Once 9 PM rolls around you continue to wait it out until all the staff has left.
  6445. >You then get out of the car and then your father shows up.
  6446. >He explains that Discord informed him you wanted to work on the engine and he insists on being present for the build as well.
  6447. >Now that you are back at it, Discord begins to explain all the workings of the engine head.
  6448. >A good chunk of time is spent on this as like last time.
  6449. >The valve heads and the valve springs go in then you must compress each spring to place stoppers for all 24 valves.
  6450. >Now you ready the block for the head installation by putting in the head gasket.
  6451. >Once on you place the head on the block and then work on installing the camshafts.
  6452. >Which was now the most annoying part of this whole process.
  6453. >Every bolt on the camshaft needed to be set to a certain pressure and you couldn't just do each one.
  6454. >You had to set every bolt to one setting.
  6455. >Then once all bolts were at that setting you then tightened them even more to the second setting.
  6456. >Then finally the last setting.
  6457. >After that they were still sensitive and you had to go in a certain order otherwise the cam would break.
  6458. >All you were able to do tonight.
  6459. >It's something and you agree to work on it again on Thursday.
  6460. >Throughout the week at school you've actually payed more attention to your work.
  6461. >End of the year is coming up and maybe you could spare a thought or two as to what to do after high school.
  6462. >After speaking with a lot of the others, including the RainBooms, it seems like it's all on their minds as well.
  6463. >So racing talk is sort of put to a minimum.
  6464. >Thursday rolls around and this time since you know to head over to the shop after closing time you head straight home and do some studying.
  6465. >Once 9 PM rolls around you head over to Project P and continue the Z revival.
  6466. >Seems like the worst of it is done.
  6467. >Unless you fucked up somewhere.
  6468. >Which you won't find out until the engine is built and mounted and running.
  6469. >Fun.
  6470. >You are just hoping you followed Discord's directions well.
  6471. >Any fuck up now would undo hours of work and take even more to take apart, fix, then reassemble.
  6472. >But for now you now need to just install the not as important stuff like the oil pumps seals and pans.
  6473. >This goes by a lot faster as it's not too specific aside from the timing belt.
  6474. >You actually finish with the initial engine tonight but can't go any further as it is late.
  6475. >You were a little too preoccupied at the race meet on Friday night.
  6476. >4-Speed made his return to a victory against Rarity in a pretty fun drift race on the Coiling Loop.
  6477. >The new Type R looks and sounds great, by the way.
  6479. >Saturday.
  6480. >Now that the 2JZ is built, Discord and your dad finally join in on assembling the rest of the car.
  6481. >You are tasked with preparing and installing the intake manifold while Dad and Discord double team on getting the new transmission built and installed.
  6482. >While you were bolting on the manifold to the engine, your phone goes off.
  6483. ( [Tim Wilson -The Booty Song -??])
  6484. >Given the ringtone it was one of the girls calling you.
  6485. >Both Discord and dad look over to you with suspicious looks on their faces.
  6486. >You feel a bit embarrassed and you turn away and move to the other end of the room to see who is calling you.
  6487. >It's Rarity.
  6488. >You answer the call.
  6489. “Hello?”
  6490. >You say in a low voice as to not let the others eavesdrop your conversation.
  6491. >”Hello darling.”
  6492. >Rarity answers with her usual posh like voice that you have grown used to.
  6493. >”Am I interrupting anything?”
  6494. >She is, kind of.
  6495. >But because it's her.
  6496. “No, not really. I mean, I am a bit busy but I can spare a few minutes for you.”
  6497. >You tell her.
  6498. >You can now hear loud snickering behind you.
  6499. >Your dad and Discord are acting like giggling schoolgirls behind you and gossiping.
  6500. >”Why thank you so much darling, I promise to not take too much of your time.”
  6501. >She says and then clears her throat.
  6502. >”Have you given any thought about Prom in three weeks?”
  6503. >She asks.
  6504. “Prom?”
  6505. >You say loud enough that it caught their ears behind you.
  6506. >You quickly turn to see them with goofy looks on their faces.
  6507. “Well, no, not really.”
  6508. >Rarity then hums to your response.
  6509. >”Well, really then perhaps you should consider escorting me on that magical night.”
  6510. >You pause for a moment.
  6511. “Are, are you telling me to ask you out to prom?”
  6512. >Now their eyes go wide.
  6513. >They begin to laugh silently.
  6514. “Well, that's not very ladylike of you to be asking me to ask you now is it?”
  6515. >You playfully tell her.
  6516. >”Well, while that may be true, wouldn't you agree that you were never going to ask in the first place?  A lady knows what she wants and this lady will certainly go for it.”
  6517. >Did she just hit on you?
  6518. >You give her your own hum in response.
  6519. “Well, I mean, I'm kinda working on a big project so...”
  6520. >You were going to shoot her down when then you notice your father frantically writing something on a white board.
  6521. >He then shows you what he wrote.
  6523. >It's in all caps and the word 'will' is underlined several times.
  6524. >You freeze in place.
  6525. >Goddamn you dad.
  6526. “Sooooo my schedule has just cleared up!”
  6527. >You nervously laugh.
  6528. >I would love to accompany you to Prom.”
  6529. >You then shoot the middle finger with your free hand to both your dad and Discord.
  6530. >”Fabulous darling!  Oh we'll have such a great time!”
  6531. >She is ecstatic at your answer.
  6532. “Yeah, we will have a great time.”
  6533. >Trying to hide your disappointment in your father that he ransomed the car for a crappy overrated date.
  6534. >Meanwhile both your dad and Discord are doing suggestive motions to you.
  6535. >Your dad is pretending to dry hump the air with his hands in front of him.
  6536. >While Discord has his index and middle fingers up in a 'V' shape and his tongue is wiggling in between them.
  6537. >You are mildly disgusted to say the least.
  6538. >”Oh, I am so excited and I know the girls will be too!”
  6539. >The girls?
  6540. >But you're only going with Rarity no?
  6541. >”Alright well, thank you so much darling, I will let you get back to your work and we will talk more later about planning the semantics and what not. Ta ta!”
  6542. >She says and hangs up.
  6543. >You just continue to glare at the two old men in front of you.
  6544. “What the hell was that all about?”
  6545. >You ask them.
  6546. >”Apparently forcing you to have a good time, from the looks of it.”
  6547. >Your father quips.
  6548. >Then Discord adds his two cents.
  6549. >”All work and no play makes baby Nonny a dull boy!”
  6550. >His father laughs at Discord's lame insult.
  6551. >”Who knows, maybe you'll get some of that booty your phone was alluding to.”
  6552. >Your dad adds in and high fives Discord.
  6553. >You don't say anything else and just get back to work.
  6554. >”Look Anon, I just want you to enjoy yourself a little more.”
  6555. >You scoff at his response.
  6556. “What makes you think I don't enjoy myself when I'm racing and winning out there?”
  6557. >Your dad just laughs.
  6558. >”Trust me son, it gets old fast and in the long run you'll make more enemies than you will friends.”
  6559. >You stare at your dad over his answer.
  6560. >He just shrugs his shoulders.
  6561. >By the end of the session, you have the engine complete and the new 6-Speed manual transmission ready.
  6562. >But it's too late and you need to prep the actual car for it to take the new engine.
  6563. >Which obviously will have to wait for another day.
  6565. >The good thing about the engine being done is now you don't really need Discord to put the car together.
  6566. >Him being there is a big help, no doubt.
  6567. >But on Sunday after work you were hard at work installing the a new suspension and some new brake drums.
  6568. >4-Speed even stayed after to help out.
  6569. >And to oggle at the 2JZ.
  6570. >You get some framework done and get the outer shells placed back on the car.
  6571. >You order a new set of black ZG flares and other body mods to make the car a little more 'you'.
  6572. >But what's been a much bigger help is now your dad has been working on it while you've been at school.
  6573. >There is still only so much one man can do
  6574. >But it is a huge help.
  6575. >A few days go by.
  6576. >Your new turbo kit has arrived as well as the flares.
  6577. >You are going to run a sequential twin turbo.
  6578. >Finally you, your dad, Discord and 4-Speed are together continuing the work.
  6579. >You place the engine on a cherry picker engine crane and then install the transmission.
  6580. >You roll the crane out to the stall that is housing the Z and Discord begins to make measurements.
  6581. >There is some welding work that needs to be done in order to mount the engine so your dad and 4-Speed start on that.
  6582. >In the meantime Discord and yourself are going over all the specifications for the engine to make sure it's all done right.
  6583. >Now that the engine is given the okay you start to do minor things like installing a new set of bucket seats as well as a new racing seat belt harness.
  6584. >Once the welding work is done you begin to slowly move the engine and transmission into place.
  6585. >Once in, all four of you begin to connect the mounts to the engine.
  6586. >Now that the engine is hopefully in it's final resting place, you now place various parts back in the car.
  6587. >You finally install the Turbo system along with the manifold.
  6588. >Wires are being connected.
  6589. >You install a new long curved shifter.
  6590. >The front radiator needed some finagling to get it to fit so another custom weld job needed to be done.
  6591. >Now that the radiator is in there are some more piping jobs that needed to be done but at long last the car is mostly done.
  6592. >And to finish it off, you place your custom new head cover on the engine with the words “2JZ No Shit” etched on it onto the engine.
  6593. >Your father hands you the key to turn it on for the first time.
  6594. >You make your way to the drivers side and slip into the new bucket seat.
  6595. >For a brief moment it feels foreign to you.
  6596. >For the most part the dashboard and steering wheel were all remaining the same but the overall feel is different.
  6597. >Were the new seats really noticeable, maybe?
  6598. >You slowly take the key and put it in the ignition.
  6599. >In what felt like hours you hold yourself in the same position, not wanting to turn the key.
  6600. >When you look out the windshield everyone is waiting with baited breath.
  6601. >You suddenly gather all the courage to turn the key.
  6602. >The engine turns but it doesn't start.
  6603. >You try again, and again it just turns endlessly.
  6604. >Your heart sinks.
  6605. >All this work.
  6606. >And still more needs to be done.
  6607. >Discord then brings in a small generator and hooks it to the car's battery.
  6608. >”Try again!”
  6609. >He yells from his position.
  6610. >So you do again.
  6611. >This time the car comes to life.
  6612. >The Z is humming in neutral and the new engine just purrs.
  6613. >You feel numb all over.
  6614. >4-Speed and your dad both cheer.
  6615. >Discord from the outside revs the engine a few times.
  6616. >*vrrRRROOOMSshhhh*
  6617. >It's loud.
  6618. >Like really loud.
  6619. >Much louder than you've ever heard the old RB20 engine do.
  6620. >As well as the new sequential turbo system.
  6621. >You're almost intimidated by it.
  6622. >Even so.
  6623. >You're excited.
  6624. >And relived.
  6625. >The Z is alive again.
  6626. >Discord then tells you to shut the motor off.
  6627. >Which you comply.
  6628. >There is a celebratory chatter among the group as you exit the car and rejoin them.
  6629. >”I think this is a good stopping point for tonight.”
  6630. >Discord proclaims.
  6631. >You want to protest.
  6632. >There is still so much you want to do.
  6633. >”I agree. It's actually pretty damn late as it is.”
  6634. >Your father agrees.
  6635. >You can't argue with him so looks like you're done for the night.
  6636. >First thing after school the next day you head straight to the shop.
  6637. >Once you are there, you see that your father is already there and in the private stall.
  6638. >You join him in the stall.
  6639. “Hey dad.”
  6640. >You announce to him once you close the door.
  6641. >”Hey Anon.”
  6642. >He greets you back.
  6643. >”You're here a bit early.”
  6644. >You nod.
  6645. >”After hearing the Z come back to life yesterday, it's all I've had on my mind so I came here right after school.”
  6646. >You tell him.
  6647. >He laughs.
  6648. >”Well, we're in the home stretch and the finish line is in view.”
  6649. >He tells you proudly.
  6650. >”In the mean time I did little things to the Z today like finally installing a roll cage in the car.”
  6651. >You walk up to the Z and look inside.
  6652. “Oh?”
  6653. >You see behind the seats and there are metal bars surrounding the back of the car.
  6654. >”At this point with all the power this car now has we can't afford to NOT have a roll cage.”
  6655. >Makes sense.
  6656. >”We should be good to go but let's put her on the Dyno machine and see what numbers she can pull.”
  6657. >You and your dad then roll the car into another room in the same building.
  6658. >With assistance from the techs, you strap the Z onto the Dynamometer
  6659. >Another tech gets into the car and starts it up.
  6660. >He begins to rev the engine.
  6661. >”You might want to step back.”
  6662. >A cool voice says from behind you.
  6663. >You turn around to see Discord with your father who are a few feet back.
  6664. >”Trust me, your ears will thank you.”
  6665. >He then adds.
  6666. >You do as he is told and you stand with them a few more feet back.
  6667. >The Tech then begins to redline the first gear and the engine is making the loudest whistling noise you have ever heard.
  6668. >It's hurting your ears even from where you're standing.
  6669. >And it's fucking amazing.
  6670. >The tech then lets go of the gas and the car winds down.
  6671. >He then revs the engine again and goes into second gear and redlines it.
  6672. >The Z once again screams bloody murder with all the high power going through it.
  6673. >The turbo spooling even sounds monstrous.
  6674. >He once again lets go of the gas.
  6675. >The tech repeats this process with all 6 gears to get the proper data.
  6676. >Once done you all gather around the monitor as it calculates all the data it received.
  6677. >Once the list of numbers show up you look for the only number that matters to you.
  6678. >The horsepower.
  6679. >Your eyes go wide once you see the results.
  6680. >1,023HP.
  6681. “Hohoh! Holy shit!”
  6682. >You cry out loud in amazement and you get a little bit giddy at the thought of all that power.
  6683. >One look at your dad, though, tells a different story as he has a very concerned look on his face.
  6684. >”Yeah, no.”
  6685. >He says out loud and looks at you.
  6686. >”Look, I get that maybe you'll be more careful with this but One thousand horsepower is overkill.”
  6687. >He tells you.
  6688. >”And after your accident I am not letting you drive around in a thousand horsepower vehicle flying all over the place.”
  6689. >You start to whine at him.
  6690. “Aww come on!”
  6691. >You make a compelling argument.
  6692. >He looks back to Discord.
  6693. >”We're de-tuning this down.”
  6694. >He then turns back to you.
  6695. >Not only you, but even Discord looked highly disappointed at his decision.
  6696. >”You're no fun.”
  6697. >Discord tells your dad.
  6698. >The tech turns off the car and you all unhook it from the machine and roll it back in the private stall.
  6699. >Discord then makes the necessary adjustments and then you roll it back on the Dyno machine.
  6700. >Same process as before and while it doesn't sound as monstrous as before.  It is still loud as hell and intimidating.
  6701. >The numbers come up and you see 834hp.
  6702. >”That's good enough.”
  6703. >Your father says.
  6704. >He then turns to you again.
  6705. >”That way there is still enough power to even challenge supercars.”
  6706. >He tells you with a grin on his face.
  6707. >The infectious smile spreads to you as you smile along with him.
  6708. >I guess there is just one more test to go.
  6709. >He says as once again the techs disconnect the Z from the machine.
  6710. >”This Saturday night we'll have a night out with it to see how it handles the streets.”
  6711. >Your smile only widens when you hear this.
  6712. >Now that the Z is disconnected you roll it back in it's stall.
  6713. >You finally install the last piece for the car.
  6714. >A black carbon fiber hood.
  6715. >At this point, the car is good and ready to go.
  6716. >After you give it a test run.
  6717. >Friday comes and goes.
  6718. >This week you actually sit out from the meet.
  6719. >You wonder though if that will get you any heat.
  6720. >But it's not like they will fall apart without you.
  6721. >4-Speed is capable enough to handle things this weekend as you finish up bringing new life to the Z.
  6722. >Saturday.
  6723. >You're so excited to see the new engine in action you couldn't get any sleep.
  6724. >But that just means you slept through the day on Saturday.
  6725. >Something that your mom really hates.
  6726. >You just feigned stress about getting ready for finals and college applications.
  6727. >Which you're thinking you could just as easily get into your father's alma mater.
  6728. >Maybe during college you could just intern under Discord and learn from him as well.
  6729. >These are all just tentative ideas right now but time is kinda running out.
  6730. >But now it's time to push all that aside for the night.
  6732. >You and your father get ready to head out.
  6733. >You both head to the garage and your dad gets in his Yukon XL and you ready a trailer.
  6734. >The trailer is then hooked to the back of the Yukon XL and you both head to the shop.
  6735. >Once there you open the private stall and load the Z into the trailer.
  6736. >You strap in the car by it's wheels so that it doesn't move too much in the trailer and then make your way to the Industrial area.
  6737. >The drive over is tense for no real reason.
  6738. >You are eager to get in the Z and see what this new power will be like.
  6739. >This could be the deciding factor in your upcoming races with the likes of Rainbow Dash and her Audi R8 and Celestia and her Discord tuned Porsche 964.
  6740. >And lets not forget the other two Sonic RainBooms.
  6741. >Sunset Shimmer and her Mustang Boss 429
  6742. >And AppleJack and her Pontiac GTO.
  6743. >Both are respectably powerful cars and you had your doubts before if your Z could hang with them.
  6744. >Now it's not a question of if you could hang with them, but if they could hang with you.
  6745. >You make it to your destination.
  6746. >It's not Donut Joe's but another large empty parking lot.
  6747. >You park the SUV and easily unload the Z and position it at the entrance of the lot.
  6748. >Finally, you and your father get in the car.
  6749. >You in the drivers seat and your father in the passengers.
  6750. >”Alright son, lets see what you're working with.”
  6751. >He tells you confidently.
  6752. >You both strap in with the new racing harnesses.
  6753. >You place your left hand on the steering wheel and you place the key in the ignition with your right.
  6754. >And then nothing happens.
  6755. >Not that you turned the key and nothing happened.
  6756. >But you can't turn the key.
  6757. >You have mentally frozen in place.
  6758. >You can't explain why.
  6759. >But the more you try to force yourself to move, the more anxiety starts to rear it's ugly head.
  6760. >”Everything alright, kid?”
  6761. >You father notices your stall.
  6762. >Again you're yelling at your body to turn the key but your hand only shakes.
  6763. “Y-yeah, I'm fine!'
  6764. >You too hastily answer back to your dad.
  6765. >Your voice cracking and a little more horse than normal.
  6766. >It was a huge indicator that something was indeed not right.
  6767. >You take a deep breath.
  6768. >And just let go of the key.
  6769. >You can't seem to do this.
  6770. >And now you feel like shit.
  6771. >You then feel your fathers hand on your shoulder.
  6772. >”Hey, don't sweat it.”
  6773. >He reassures you with a warm smile.
  6774. >You just hang your head down.
  6775. “I don't know what's wrong.”
  6776. >You tell your dad.
  6777. >He then shakes you.
  6778. >”It could just be some PTSD from the last race. That would be my best guess.”
  6779. >The reason makes some sense.
  6780. >You've said it many times that the crash wasn't bad.
  6781. >But that alone doesn't explain why you can't do this.
  6782. >You then look over to your dad.
  6783. “What can I do to get over this?”
  6784. >you ask, hoping for an answer.
  6785. >Dad just gives his head a half shake.
  6786. >”I don't know, it's different for everyone.”
  6787. >He says.
  6788. >”I do have one possible solution.”
  6789. >He adds.
  6790. >You wait on his answer with anticipation.
  6791. >”I'll test drive the Z with you in the car and maybe you'll come around.”
  6792. >Not a bad plan.
  6793. >It would also give you an insight as to how close you are to his skills as a racer.
  6794. >You nod.
  6795. “It's a start.”
  6796. >You say and you unlock your harness and climb back out the car.
  6797. >Both you and your dad now switch spots and you are in the passenger's seat.
  6798. >You both buckle up and he easily turns the key and the car hums to life.
  6799. ( [Eurobeat Brony - Discord(2019 Ver) - Single])
  6800. >Instead of racing around the industrial area your dad heads for the highway on ramp.
  6801. >He stops the car at the bottom of the ramp and starts to rev the engine.
  6802. >The new 2JZ makes some high pitched roars and loud whistles.
  6803. >Ready to pounce for the kill.
  6804. >”Alright, lets see what we got.”
  6805. >He quickly puts the car in first gear and hits the gas.
  6806. >The Z leaps into action.
  6807. >Pushing you back into your seat with an incredible force.
  6808. >It actually takes a little effort for you to readjust yourself.
  6809. >Your father seems to be impressed.
  6810. >”Ho ho! Man this thing has got some kick now!”
  6811. >He gleefully says as he shifts gears.
  6812. >”Discord ,you fucking madman!”
  6813. >You are now on the highway.
  6814. >Already going 80mph and climbing fast.
  6815. >You have been in races before.
  6816. >You've maxed the Z before.
  6817. >You've been there, done that.
  6818. >But now your heart is racing more than any of the other races you have been in.
  6819. >Your dad weaves by other cars and semis that were still littered on the road at this time of night.
  6820. >A 'S' curve is quickly coming up.
  6821. >And your dad is not slowing down in the least.
  6822. “Dad.”
  6823. >You try to warn him
  6824. >He doesn't respond to you.
  6825. >Nor does he slow down.
  6826. “Dad!”
  6827. >You say almost louder this time.
  6828. >Seriously you are going over 100mph.
  6829. >Why isn't he slowing down?
  6830. “DAD!?”
  6831. >You look over to him and he just has a smile on his face
  6833. >You're now screaming while he swings across the 'S' curve violently.
  6834. >Almost hitting the guardrail.
  6835. >You're come out of the curve in a still relatively high speed and are only going faster.
  6836. >You look to your father who is now only laughing.
  6837. >”Ha ha! This thing handles a lot better than I remember!”
  6838. >How the hell did he do that?
  6839. >You looking at him to see what he's doing differently.
  6840. >The only thing you notice that is different is he has the tips of the fingers of his right hand on the tip of the shifter.
  6841. >He's getting off some real quick shifts barely moving his wrist.
  6842. >That could also be because of the new long shifter you put in for just this purpose.
  6843. >You're still going on at an insane speed.
  6844. >The engine seems to be roaring but there doesn't seem to be any worry on your dad's face.
  6845. >At this speed you have a hard time keep track of who else is on the road as you are just blowing by everyone.
  6846. >But your dad doesn't seem to care or mind.
  6847. >He's just casually cutting off other cars and semis at the last second which is still giving you a panic attack.
  6848. >Like you are about to crash at any second.
  6849. >Up ahead are 3 semi trucks and a smaller truck that are occupying all the lanes and are dangerously close to each other to make a pass at them.
  6850. >Does your dad slow down and wait for an opening?
  6851. >No.
  6852. >He drives off the main road and uses the emergency parking lane to zip past them.
  6853. >You're back on the main road and now a connecting off ramp is up ahead.
  6854. “Dad, that's an off ramp!”
  6855. >You tell him in a panicking tone.
  6856. >”I know.”
  6857. >He says excitedly.
  6858. “That means it's going to be a very tight turn!”
  6859. >You say louder to him.
  6860. >”Yes, I know!”
  6861. >He says, even more excited.
  6862. >He moves to the outside lane.
  6863. >But he still doesn't slow down.
  6865. >Once again at the very last second before the the Z hits the guardrail the car just pivots sideways.
  6866. >If it weren't for the new racing harness seat belts you would have been tossed into the window
  6867. >You've seen and done powerslides yourself on this ramp before, but this is on another level.
  6868. >You still find yourself screaming like you're on some insane rollercoaster.
  6869. >You try to look over to your dad to see what it is he is doing to get this kind of performance out of the Z.
  6870. >And he's texting someone on his cell phone.
  6872. >You yell at the top of your lungs at him.
  6873. >”Oh? Ah, your mother is wondering where we are at so I'm telling her we're having a boys night out.”
  6874. >He's keeping control of the car with one hand.
  6875. >Once it looks like he's done with the phone he places it underneath him in the seat and exits the turn.
  6876. >The car is still going near 90mph out of the turn.
  6877. >You then see some other cars racing in front of you.
  6878. >Not that it matters since your dad zips past them.
  6879. >”Alright we got some competition!”
  6880. >You dad announces.
  6881. >You already passed the cars who could he mean?
  6882. >Then you look ahead and spot a bright orange Lamborghini and a bright yellow McLaren P1.
  6883. >You dad quickly moves up to behind one of them and flashes the high beams.
  6884. >The Lamborghini then darts off trying to get a head start.
  6885. >The McLaren soon follows afterwords.
  6886. >Your dad's smile widens.
  6887. >Then he shifts into the new sixth gear.
  6888. >The car whistles loudly from the turbo and it leaps further into the oblivion.
  6889. >Everything outside is now a blur.
  6890. >You look over at the new speedometer.
  6891. >Which you installed a new one to compensate for the new power of the Z.
  6892. >You're hitting almost 200mph.
  6893. >Good god.
  6894. >Again you feel a heavy force pushing you back into your seat from the acceleration.
  6895. >You are not used to this.
  6896. >You don't know if you can get used to this.
  6897. >You acted all cool and mighty when the car displayed the one thousand horsepower.
  6898. >And now you're acting like a bitch with only eight hundred.
  6899. >Dad seems to revel in this.
  6900. >How is he keeping cool like this?
  6901. >Perhaps it's from his experience from driving his collection of Super and Hyper cars he has.
  6902. >Which you haven't driven any of.
  6903. >Now you're catching up with the Lamborghini.
  6904. >As you are passing by the Lamborghini. your father gives the driver a thumbs up.
  6905. >The driver then flips you and your dad off from out their window.
  6906. >”Well that's not nice.”
  6907. >Your father says.
  6908. >Now that the Lamborghini is behind you your dad focuses on the McLaren ahead.
  6909. >Not really gaining on them, but also not losing any ground either.
  6910. >”You better hold on to something!”
  6911. >You father yells.
  6912. >You look ahead of the McLaren and you see there is another connecting ramp that curves sharply to the left.
  6913. >Oh sweet baby Jesus.
  6914. >The McLaren slows considerably to make the turn.
  6915. >Your dad does slow down.
  6916. >But not much.
  6917. >You feel like you're about to have a heart attack.
  6918. >This time you pay attention to your father to see what his secret is.
  6919. >He aggressively jerks the steering wheel into the turn and lets go of the gas and clutch.
  6920. >Which would have pushed you into your father if you weren't holding on to the window roller for dear life.
  6921. >He then double clutches and downshifts from sixth to fourth.
  6922. >And lays on the gas again.
  6923. >Once again the car can't bore more than a quarter of an inch from the guardrail that leads out into a black abyss.
  6924. >You feel the pressure on you again as just before the turn ends the car is already gaining speed.
  6925. >Once out of the turn your dad shifts back to fifth gear and floors it.
  6926. >You keep an eye on the rear view mirror and it takes a few seconds before you notice the McLaren and the Lamborghini make the turns.
  6927. >”Having fun yet!?”
  6928. >You father shouts at you.
  6929. >You look over to him and you see a deranged smile you have never seem from him before.
  6930. ”NO!”
  6931. >You yell back at him.
  6932. >Now he puts on an overly sad look on his face.
  6933. >”No!?”
  6934. >He then looks back ahead on the road.
  6935. >There are a few cars and some semi trucks on this long straight stretch of highway.
  6936. >You father then turns all the way to the left most lane on the highway.
  6937. >He grabs the E-Brake and pulls on it while turning to the right.
  6938. “AAAHHHH!”
  6939. >You're yelling again at your dad for his sudden move.
  6940. >He preforms a 180 and quickly sets the car in the Reverse gear and floors it.
  6941. >You are now riding in reverse and are weaving through the oncoming traffic.
  6942. >”HOW ABOUT NOW!?”
  6943. >You father yells.
  6944. >You can still see the other cars try to keep up with you two while still weaving through traffic.
  6945. >Your father then flips the double bird to the Lamborghini and McLaren.
  6947. >He's keeping an eye on the rear view mirror as to not run into something.
  6948. >And while both his hands are occupied with taunting other racers he is steering with his knees.
  6949. >How the fuck is he doing this?
  6950. >Once there is enough empty space on the road he pulls the 180 trick again and gets back to normal.
  6951. >The McLaren and Lamborghini have given up on chasing you.
  6952. >Perhaps they didn't want to bother with how crazy of a driver your father was.
  6953. >”Well this was enough fun for one night. Lets make our way back.”
  6954. >He says in a satisfied tone.
  6955. >You take a few on ramps again but he is less aggressive now.
  6956. >Once you get back to the starting point your dad parks the Z close to the trailer.
  6957. >You get out of the car and you don't have any strength in your legs.
  6958. >You wobble around for a bit and topple over like a badly stacked pile of bricks.
  6959. >Your father notices and begins to laugh.
  6960. >”Oh come on son! Don't be so dramatic, it wasn't that bad!”
  6961. >He says as he now prepares the trailer and the ramp to roll the car back in.
  6962. >You finally get your feet under you and stand back up.
  6963. >And you just watch your father roll the Z back into the trailer and lock it up.
  6964. >All this time you foolishly thought that your were close to him on a racing level.
  6965. >Maybe, just maybe you were when he was your age.
  6966. >But now?
  6967. >You weren't even close.
  6968. >You can't believe how large the gap in skill still is between you and him.
  6969. >Shit, you weren't even in the same stratosphere.
  6970. >The Z is now locked in place and you climb into the Yukon XL.
  6971. >You don't say another word for the rest of the night.
  6972. >You told your father before that everyone spoke of him as if he were a god.
  6973. >And tonight, he did not disappoint.
  6975. >Sunday.
  6976. >You wake up and do your thing before work.
  6977. >At work you chat with 4-Speed about the events of last night.
  6978. >And he only laughs.
  6979. >”That must have been some night.”
  6980. >You shake your head.
  6981. “He's a madman.”
  6982. >Say say in a shaky tone.
  6983. “Like he was a whole different person.”
  6984. You sit back into your desk chair.
  6985. >4-Speed hands you a can of energy drink from the break room vending machine.
  6986. >You pop the tab and take a few drinks.
  6987. “Man, I can't believe I thought I was anywhere near as good as him.”
  6988. >You do feel stupid about it after last night.
  6989. >You hear 4-Speed sigh.
  6990. >”I wish I was there to witness it.”
  6991. >He then moves on to a more important question.
  6992. >”So what about you?”
  6993. >You look to him.
  6994. >”Like, do think you're back in action?”
  6995. >You just stare blankly at him.
  6996. >Then you look down to your energy drink.
  6997. “I don't know.”
  6998. >You sigh.
  6999. “I'm going to try and drive the Z tonight because I'm going to need all the practice I can get with it before I show back up next weekend.”
  7000. >You take another big drink of your energy drink and remember the ride the night before.
  7001. “Especially after experiencing the new power the Z has.”
  7002. >You finally sit up and look at 4-Speed.
  7003. “The only RainBooms left are the ones with the real powerful cars so I'm going to need to not fly off into a wall.”
  7004. >Really it seems farfetched that any of the remaining girls cars can even match your Z's new power.
  7005. >But you have been surprised before.
  7006. >4-Speed shrugs.
  7007. >”Good luck man.”
  7008. >He raises his can and takes a drink to you.
  7010. >Later that night, after dinner and all the pleasantries, you find yourself inside the garage.
  7011. >You are face to face with the Z.
  7012. >It is now back in it's same spot as before.
  7013. >Looking as good and new as ever.
  7014. >You step forward and place a hand on the new carbon fiber hood.
  7015. >For a minute you stand there.
  7016. >Just reflecting.
  7017. >You quickly retract your hand from the car.
  7018. >And just stare at it.
  7019. >Does it still scare you?
  7020. >Did your ride with your father last night worsen your anxiety with the car?
  7021. >You shove all those thoughts out of your head and you immediately climb into the Z.
  7022. >Inside the Z you strap in and once again place the key in the ignition.
  7023. >Nothing happens again.
  7024. >You mentally fight with yourself to turn the key.
  7025. >And once again all the experience from your ride with your father comes flooding in your head.
  7026. >And because of that, you now easily turn the key and the Z bursts to life.
  7027. >You are absolved of most of your fears.
  7028. >It's still a matter of taking this out for a spin.
  7029. >You put the car in first gear and head out to the street.
  7030. >So far so good.
  7031. >As you make your way down the street, you do notice the extra kick it has at the lower gears.
  7032. >You stop just at the entrance of the highway.
  7033. >The Z purrs in anticipation of your next move.
  7034. >You set the car to neutral.
  7035. >And rev the engine a few times.
  7036. >The 2JZ starts off with modest yells that quickly evolve into loud high pitched roars.
  7037. >The louder the engine roars, the more into it you get and rev harder.
  7038. >You feel an excitement in your heart.
  7039. >Gone are the doubts and anxiety you've had before.
  7040. >You put the car in first.
  7041. >Then step on the gas.
  7042. ( [Yuzo Koshiro - Ghost in The Resonance - Wangan Midnight: Max Tune 2 OST])
  7043. >You feel yourself being pulled back much like before.
  7044. >The engine quickly revs up the RPM and you shift up.
  7045. >Second gear.
  7046. >You can hear the loud whistle of the new, more powerful sequential turbo spooling air into the engine.
  7047. >Giving you that extra boost.
  7048. >You are already going fast and you're only in second.
  7049. >You shift to third gear.
  7050. >The whistling sound of the turbo is a sound you hope you never get tired of hearing.
  7051. >You are on the long straightaway of the highway and your speed continues to nuts.
  7052. >Already topping 80mph on just third gear.
  7053. >You couldn't do that with the old RB20.
  7054. >The power is much more noticeable than before.
  7055. >The handling is also smoother and more responsive.
  7056. >You shift to forth gear.
  7057. >Now you're playing with power.
  7058. >The boost you got from shifting to forth was way more noticeable than the others.
  7059. >You are zooming past the few cars that are left on the road at this time of night.
  7060. >Sunday nights tend to have even less cars on the road.
  7061. >If you didn't have the school the next morning, you would always love to go on late night Sunday drives for that reason alone.
  7062. >Right now though, you are just trying to take in all this new power.
  7063. >It feels like there is a permanent weight pressing on you.
  7064. >You are grabbing the steering wheel tightly.
  7065. >Only letting go to shift gears.
  7066. >Which the new long shifter you installed is actually very comfortable and close to the wheel for quick shifting.
  7067. >The highway curves ahead but nothing too steep to where you need to slow down.
  7068. >You take the turns with ease.
  7069. >Once out of the curves is another long straightaway.
  7070. >You press your foot down on the gas and let it go nuts.
  7071. >The engine screams and the weight on you is pressed harder.
  7072. >You shift to fifth gear.
  7073. >There isn't a big boost like there is when you go to forth but you're already going at an insane speed that it didn't matter.
  7074. >Before this would be the max.
  7075. >Now with the new engine and updated parts you've already exceeded the max power of the old Z.
  7076. >And there is still one gear to go.
  7077. >You don't want to shift to it.
  7078. >You are already in the high one hundreds in terms of speed and you just want to get used to this.
  7079. >Of course if you keep your foot on the gas you're not going to have a choice and will need to shift.
  7080. >So you ease off the gas so that you can just coast at this speed.
  7081. >Up ahead is the first 'S' curve
  7082. >You must quickly make a decision on how to attack the curve.
  7083. >As you get too close you just panic break and take the curve at a slower speed.
  7084. >That didn't help.
  7085. >There was a lot of lost momentum from that turn and you must shift back down to third.
  7086. >Though it doesn't take long for all the speed and power to climb back up.
  7087. >That's good because now that extra boost and power can make up for fuck ups during the turns.
  7088. >You don't want that.
  7089. >You want to attack the corners like your father did the previous night and exit the turns with the same speed that you went in with.
  7090. >It's not that hard in theory.
  7091. >Practice is a whole different story.
  7092. >You've already recuperated the lost speed from that last turn but it's already time for the first off ramp.
  7093. >If you're going to do this then you must throw fear out the window.
  7094. >You take a deep breath.
  7095. >You move to the outer most lane
  7096. >You maintain speed.
  7097. >The turn is coming up quick.
  7098. >Your heart rate begins to climb.
  7099. >The road begins to curve into the turn.
  7100. >You let go of the gas and engage the clutch and shift back down to forth.
  7101. >You then forcefully jerk the steering wheel into the turn.
  7102. >The Z then swoops across the two lane road and almost hits the inner guardrail.
  7103. >You quickly pull back the steering wheel and the car sloppily corrects course.
  7104. >You tap the gas to edge it out of the turn.
  7105. >It wasn't perfect.
  7106. >But you're getting the idea of it now.
  7107. >Just more practice.
  7108. >Before you end the night, you decide to go full power.
  7109. >You floor it.
  7110. >The now familiar force begins to push you back into your seat but doesn't discourage you.
  7111. >The 2JZ starts to let out a high pitched scream telling you to switch gears.
  7112. >You then shift up to fifth.
  7113. >And you keep your foot heavy on the pedal.
  7114. >The engine starts to roar as it collects more air in it's turbo to spool into the engine and give it more boost and speed.
  7115. >Much like last night everything around you begins to blur.
  7116. >The steering wheel has become so sensitive that even the slightest twitch to it maneuvers the car more than you're comfortable with.
  7117. >But you press on.
  7118. >Finally the car lets you know to shift.
  7119. >You go to sixth gear.
  7120. >And now everything is a blur.
  7121. >You can barely make out anything outside you.
  7122. >Not even the other cars that you blow by take any solid shape.
  7123. >You felt this last night.
  7124. >But tonight you were in control.
  7125. >And it is an entirely different feeling than it was then.
  7126. >Of course now your heart is beating as fast as you were going.
  7127. >It was a bit much for you, you're not gonna lie.
  7128. >You finally ease off the gas and shift back down to fifth, then to forth.
  7129. >Back at a safe, legal speed.
  7130. >That was something you were going to have to ease yourself into.
  7131. >But that was good enough of an experience for one night.
  7133. >Friday night.
  7134. >The big return.
  7135. >You go about your normal routine before leaving home for the night.
  7136. >”Knock'em dead kid.”
  7137. >Your fathers words of encouragement is a welcome change from his almost demonic presence when driving the Z.
  7138. >You head out to the garage and hop in the Z.
  7139. >Turning the key in the ignition starts up the car and you make your way to the industrial area.
  7140. >You speed along the highways.
  7141. >You now have a better understanding of the Z's new power and nuances and what it likes thanks to a week of riding it at night.
  7142. >You are nearing Donut Joe's parking lot.
  7143. >As always there is a crowd gathered.
  7144. >You slowly make your way through the crowd to where your team is parked.
  7145. >You then notice Dash and the rest of the RainBooms just chilling right before you make it to your group.
  7146. >So you decide to send a message to Rainbow Dash and steer your car towards her.
  7147. >By the time she notices you, you are a few feet from her but she doesn't move from her spot.
  7148. >You get close enough that you stop right in front of her.
  7149. >You rev your new 2JZ engine to bring more attention back onto you.
  7150. >Finally you stop revving and step out of the car.
  7151. >Like the fairweather fans they are, you are surrounded by many people trying to inquire about your new rig.
  7152. >You brush them off and make your way closer to Dash.
  7153. >She has a grumpy look on her face.
  7154. >She is surrounded by the other girls who are mostly happy to see you.
  7155. >You hold out your arms in defiance.
  7156. “I said I wasn't done with you!”
  7157. >You announce to Dash and everyone.
  7158. >There is an excited buzz amongst everyone over your words.
  7159. “How about we finish what we started?”
  7160. >You ask her.
  7161. >Her face goes from grumpy to amused.
  7162. >She starts to chuckle.
  7163. >”Finish what?  You lost, remember?”
  7164. >She tells you in a mocking tone.
  7165. >The buzz dies down around you after she states that.
  7166. >You then speak up.
  7167. “My tire's exploded and my engine blew, that rule of a forfeit loss is bullshit and you know it!”
  7168. >Judging by her amused look that was wiped from her face proves that she thinks the same.
  7169. >”That's just a shit sorry excuse that you couldn't keep up with me!”
  7170. >She continues. Now with an annoyed look on her face.
  7171. >”If you were some big bad racer like your daddy was you would have never allowed for it to happen!”
  7172. >She kinda has you there.
  7173. >But you still put on a defiant look.
  7174. >”But since you're back and willing, I guess you can battle your way back to challenging me.”
  7175. >She says while stroking her chin and her smug look
  7176. >”After all, you only have two more for you to try and get through.”
  7177. >She then turns to the girls and wonders who should be your next victim.
  7178. >Once it looks like she's made a decision she turns back to meet you.
  7179. >”You know what?  Since you want to show off your new toy, why don't you put it to the test against Sunset Shimmer in a drag?”
  7180. >The crowd cheers.
  7181. >She's right in that this actually may be a good why to introduce your newly powered Z.
  7182. >Show everyone you mean business now.
  7183. >Without even noticing, a smile creeps onto your face.
  7184. “Fine by me.”
  7185. >There are some hoots and hollers from the crowd.
  7186. >You turn away to head back to your car and to get it out of the way for now.
  7187. >The crowd backs up and allows you to head back to your team's part of the lot.
  7188. >You make your rounds and greet everyone as they check out your new and improved Z.
  7189. >They all ask what you are running and you tell them in a low tone as to at least try not to make it obvious.
  7190. >Not that it would matter now, but you like to keep people guessing.
  7191. >Flash just whistles.
  7192. >”That's beyond overkill, don't you think?”
  7193. >You chuckle but answer his question.
  7194. “I thought so at the beginning but after a few sessions with it, this is just what I needed to get over these last few obstacles.”
  7195. >You say as you motion over to Dash and the Sonic RainBooms.
  7196. >As the team and now many other onlookers are checking out your car a little more you decide to head over to say your hellos to the girls.
  7197. >You with Pinkie, Twilight and Flutts.
  7198. >And get hugs from each of them.
  7199. >Much to Dash's dismay
  7200. >You then move over to Rarity.
  7201. >”Well good evening Darling.”
  7202. >She greets you by holding out her hand.
  7203. >You simply take it and shake it once
  7204. >She was probably expecting you to kiss it like you've done before but you're playing it down this time.
  7205. “Rarity, it is a pleasure to see you as always.”
  7206. >You try to put your best proper voice for her.
  7207. >She lets out a laugh at your attempt
  7208. >”Oh darling there is no need for formalities with little ol' me!”
  7209. >She finally gets up from her car and gives you a hug.
  7210. >”I do hope we are still on for Prom?”
  7211. >A quick image of your angry father flashes before your eyes.
  7212. >You then look back to your Z.
  7213. “Yeah, yeah we are.”
  7214. >You sigh.
  7215. >”Darling you sound disappointed.”
  7216. >You snap your head back to Rarity.
  7217. “Oh no! Sorry it's just...”
  7218. >Think fast.
  7219. “Well, I'm not good at this kind of stuff.  As we have talked about before.”
  7220. >You then let off a nervous chuckle.
  7221. “I mean, I don't even have a suit ready or anything.”
  7222. >Rarity then giggles.
  7223. >”Oh please, there is nothing to it.”
  7224. >She then gasps.
  7225. >”In fact, we should go shopping for a suit for you!”
  7226. >Oh boy.
  7227. “Well, I don't-”
  7228. >She cuts you off.
  7229. >”Oh don't you worry Anon, I will make sure you will look as dashing as you are amazing at racing!”
  7230. >You try again to say something.
  7231. >But you don't.
  7232. >You were going to ask where you were going to get the money to buy your suit.
  7233. >Then you remembered your credit card.
  7234. >Which if your dad is going to make you go to prom, you were going to use his money to look good.
  7235. “Fine.”
  7236. >You say out loud.
  7237. >”Oh, hohoho, excellent!”
  7238. >She chirps happily.
  7239. >”Does tomorrow work for you?”
  7240. >You shrug your shoulders.
  7241. “Sure, I got nothing going on this weekend except for work on Sunday.”
  7242. >She starts to giggle again.
  7243. >Perfect! I'll text you my address and you can pick me up at 11AM tomorrow.”
  7244. >She walks off happily chattering to herself.
  7245. >Finally you move on to who you really wanted to speak to.
  7246. >Leaning on the side of her car grooving to a song that is playing out loud.
  7247. >Her fiery like bacon colored hair flows down down to her lower back.
  7248. >She was wearing a short sleeve dark pink skin tight shirt which shows off her nice pair of tits.
  7249. >She probably has the best pair of all the girls if you're keeping score.
  7250. >To complement her pink shirt she also had a short denim skirt that stopped just above her knees.
  7251. >She also had a black collar around her neck
  7252. >Her all black Mustang Boss 429 shined from all the artificial light around.
  7253. >The 'BOSS 429' insignia was etched in a red stencil on the right front of the car.
  7254. >Sunset notices you checking out her car.
  7255. >”See something you like?”
  7256. >She playfully asks you with bedroom eyes.
  7257. >You smile at her.
  7258. “As a matter of fact, I do.”
  7259. >You answer back.
  7260. >She then gets up from her car and slowly walks over to you.
  7261. >You then turn to her car and hold your arms out to it.
  7262. “This car is fucking sexy.”
  7263. >She stopped in her tracks and had a dumb look on her face for a second.
  7264. >Then she started to laugh.
  7265. >”Ha ha! That was smooth.”
  7266. >You then turn to her.
  7267. “What?  This is a really nice car.”
  7268. >You look at the car again.
  7269. “And I'm sure it's supped up to the tits.”
  7270. >Then you look back to Sunset.
  7271. “Care to tell me what's under the hood?”
  7272. >She crosses her arms and just give you a smug look.
  7273. >She doesn't say a single word.
  7274. >Now it's your turn to laugh.
  7275. “You're gonna make me find out the hard way, huh?”
  7276. >She giggles and nods her head.
  7277. >”That's right.”
  7278. >You just place your hands on your hips.
  7279. “You're brave.”
  7280. >She giggles again.
  7281. >”Thanks, but I heard that engine of yours in your new rig.”
  7282. >You then look to your Z and then back to her.
  7283. “You could tell what the engine is from hearing it too?”
  7284. >You ask her.
  7285. >She shakes her head.
  7286. >”Nope. But I'm no fool and I know who you are, so I have no doubt that with your connections, there has to be some sort of monster underneath that hood.”
  7287. >Your smile only widens.
  7288. “Smart girl.”
  7289. >You nod to her.
  7290. >You move closer to her Mustang and gesture if it is okay to lean on it.
  7291. >She nods to give you permission.
  7292. >You then lean on the back end of the car.
  7293. “So then, since you know about me, care to tell me a little about yourself?  Like what your family does?”
  7294. >She joins next to you on the side of the car and then shakes her head.
  7295. >”I've got no family here.”
  7296. >You tilt your head in response.
  7297. “What do you mean? Like, no family in the city, or State or something?”
  7298. >She slowly nods her head.
  7299. >”It's, a little more complicated than that but that is the gist of it.”
  7300. >She says.
  7301. >You're a little confused now.
  7302. “How can it be a little more complicated?”
  7303. >You ask.
  7304. >Genuinely curious as to what she means.
  7305. >She just looks away from you.
  7306. >”I would rather not talk about it if that's okay with you.”
  7307. >You then nod.
  7308. “Fine with me.”
  7309. >You then start to pat the car that you were resting on.
  7310. “I would imagine your family also makes bank if they were to afford something like this for you.”
  7311. >She then nervously laughs.
  7312. >”Actually I paid for it myself.”
  7313. >That shocked you.
  7314. “Wait, really?”
  7315. >You double take at the car and then to Sunset.
  7316. “What, do you do that you could afford to snag one of these and then the funds to modify it?”
  7317. >Genuinely curious now.
  7318. >And you hope she'll give you an actual answer otherwise you're gonna have to assume she's part of some mafia crime family.
  7319. >Well...,”
  7320. >She begins.
  7321. >”You're probably not gonna believe me, but.”
  7322. >This should be good.
  7323. >She looks like she's getting embarrassed.
  7324. >”I'm a streamer.”
  7325. >Wait.
  7326. “What?”
  7327. >You quickly blurt out.
  7328. “No way, you're shitting me, right?”
  7329. >You tell her.
  7330. >She just shakes her head.
  7331. >”Nope, I make most of my money from my game channel, Shimmer Code.”
  7332. >You raise a single eyebrow.
  7333. “You mean to tell me that you have made roughly about six figures, since I am sure that is what this car is worth, by just streaming yourself playing video games?”
  7334. >She shoots you an awkward smile and then giggles
  7335. >”Well, it a little more than just me being really good at games.”
  7336. >She starts to get a little bashful.
  7337. >”Sometimes it's also how you “present” yourself on camera that gives the viewer a little extra incentive.”
  7338. >She said it, that means you now get free reign to stare directly at her tits.
  7339. >Which you do.
  7340. “Well, if you got the looks.”
  7341. >You then look up and down at her.
  7342. “And, clearly you do.”
  7343. >She notices you looking at her like a piece of meat.
  7344. >But she doesn't seem mad.
  7345. “Hell, if thirsty forever alones want to throw money at you for playing games with your tits hanging out. Then by all means make your paper boo boo.”
  7346. >You tell her.
  7347. >It's not like you were going to pay to watch her play games.
  7348. >In fact, she'll be paying you once the night is over.
  7349. >She starts to get embarrassed again and laughs some more.
  7350. >”I mean, I do have a part time job, plus I make some money as a Ponygram model and influencer.”
  7351. >A what?
  7352. “Model and influencer?”
  7353. >She nods her head.
  7354. >”I have over a million followers on Ponygram so brands pay me to promote their products once in a while. It's actually a sweet deal.”
  7355. >Shit, you were born the wrong gender.
  7356. “Fuck me, I wanna make six figures just playing video games and shilling Coca-Cola.”
  7357. >You say all too simply while throwing your arms up in the air.
  7358. >Sunset only smiles and pats you on the shoulder.
  7359. >”One day maybe.”
  7360. >She says sarcastically.
  7361. >You then sigh.
  7362. “Well, That was enlightening.”
  7363. >She nods.
  7364. >You then ask her another question.
  7365. “Why drag races?”
  7366. >She just shrugs her shoulders.
  7367. >”It's easier to do, relatively speaking, than actual races.”
  7368. >True that.
  7369. >”I'm not that great a driver, so running a quarter mile while maximizing my Mustang's power just seemed like a natural fit.”
  7370. >She explains.
  7371. >You then nod at her.
  7372. >”Well alright then, I guess I’ll see you out there .”
  7373. >You turn to head back to your car.
  7374. >The shit people do for money.
  7375. >Or, the shit people waste their money on.
  7376. >You hang out with your group until it's time for the races to begin.
  7377. >Since you are in a drag with Sunset Shimmer, you are going to be the first race of the night.
  7378. >”Alright chumps, it's time for our first race!”
  7379. >You hear Rainbow Dash call out loudly to everyone.
  7380. >Everyone gives you words of encouragement and their good lucks.
  7381. >You hop in the Z and head out to the road.
  7382. >You stop at the starting line and see the others get ready.
  7383. >To the right is Sunset Shimmer.
  7384. >And to your left are Adagio in her Corvette StingRay and someone from the Crystal Clutch Club in a newer Corvette ZR1.
  7385. >So it's your Neighponese power versus all Equestrian Muscle.
  7386. >You blow a kiss to Adagio Dazzle.
  7387. >She just rolls her eyes and looks ahead.
  7388. >You set your clutch down and begin to rev the new engine for all to hear.
  7389. >It's loud high pitched screams are a different kind of loud from the other muscle cars with their big heavy howls.
  7390. >The cutie of the week begins her trot to the middle of the road.
  7391. >Her skin was a minty green with the same hair color with white streaks.
  7392. >The hair was done in a sort of butch style where it was short in the front and the back only went to her neck.
  7393. >She was sporting a short blue skirt that only went halfway down her thighs.
  7394. >She was wearing a light pink crop top that was skin tight.
  7395. >She wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were poking through the fabric.
  7396. >Now that she is in the middle of you four she begins her count down.
  7397. >You put the car in first gear and ready to strike.
  7398. >”Ready!”
  7399. >”Set!”
  7400. >”GO!”
  7401. >You let go of the clutch and simultaneously hit the gas.
  7402. >The engine lets out so much power you actually feel your front tires kick up a bit for a wheelie.
  7403. >Thankfully this car is rear wheel drive.
  7404. >But once again you are pushed back by the sheer amount of force from launching the car.
  7405. >You quickly begin to shift up to second.
  7406. >Sunset is still by your side.
  7407. >You then shift to third gear.
  7408. >And she is starting to pull ahead.
  7409. >No time to panic
  7410. >Just believe in your car.
  7411. >You shift to forth.
  7412. >You start catching up.
  7413. >Car is gaining a lot of speed.
  7414. >There is nobody to your left side.
  7415. >Meaning both you and Sunset has left the other two in your dust.
  7416. >A two car race at this point.
  7417. >Fifth gear.
  7418. >The familiar blur is now occurring.
  7419. >While you are ahead Sunset is still in your peripheral.
  7420. >Damn, just as you thought, that thing does have power.
  7421. >Again from your side view you can see Shimmer gaining on you.
  7422. >Finally you shift to sixth.
  7423. >You hear the all too sexy whistle of your turbo spooling air into your engine.
  7424. >Now you are taking the lead.
  7425. >Just in time for the finish line.
  7426. >A quick clean victory.
  7427. >You let go of the gas and begin shifting down to slow as little as possible.
  7428. >Once you have slowed enough you then use your breaks to slow down further.
  7429. >You turn the car around and rejoin the rest of the meet.
  7430. >You get the heroes return of cheers.
  7431. >Feeling loved again you start to go nuts with your engine and start revving.
  7432. >You can see some people who were too close to you start to cover their ears from the noise.
  7433. >Nice.
  7434. >You climb out of your car and start doing your victory lap among the group.
  7435. >High fives.
  7436. >Hugs.
  7437. >Handshakes.
  7438. >You weren't a fan of all the attention before but now it's nice to have some of it back.
  7439. >Now you are being congratulated by your team.
  7440. >Afterwords you turn to see Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie and Fluttershy come and congratulate you.
  7441. >Finally Sunset Shimmer comes over to you.
  7442. >A smile on her face.
  7443. >”That was a nice race.”
  7444. >She nods then walks up to you to give you a small hug.
  7445. “That Mustang is no joke.”
  7446. >You tell her mid embrace.
  7447. >She laughs.
  7448. >”Thanks.”
  7449. >When you break the embrace you take a quick glance over to Rainbow Dash.
  7450. >She's still on the other side of the street.
  7451. >And while she doesn't have an angry look on her face, it isn't happy either.
  7452. >It's more like an annoyed face.
  7453. >You are then approached by and congratulated by AppleJack.
  7454. >She slaps you on the back.
  7455. >”Congrats, Sugar!”
  7456. >Damn that kinda hurt.
  7457. >You laugh nervously.
  7458. “Thanks AppleJack.”
  7459. >You both just stare at each other for a moment.
  7460. >After the stare down, you look over to her GTO and then back to her.
  7461. “Guess that means you're next.”
  7462. >AppleJack then tips her ten gallon hat to you.
  7463. >”Ah reckon so.”
  7464. >There is a now fierce determination in her look.
  7465. >”Don't take me to lightly, or you'll find yerself hurtin' mighty bad.”
  7466. >She says in her thick southern like accent.
  7467. >You're not sure if that was a threat or a euphemism.
  7468. >So you just smile and nod.
  7469. “Okay, I won't.”
  7470. >She seems satisfied with that and begins to turn to leave.
  7471. >”Ah'll be seein' ya soon.”
  7472. >With another tip of her hat and a half smile on her face she turns to walk away.
  7473. >You do the same and regroup with the rest of the team to chill for the night and enjoy the other races.
  7474. >After the meet you all head to the usual spot at the late night diner.
  7475. >Some things are talked about but the thing on everyone's mind is Prom next weekend.
  7476. >Besides 4-Speed, who is a full blown adult, the rest of you are Seniors in High School.
  7477. >Except for Wallflower Blush, who is a Junior.
  7478. >Looks like everyone in the group will be attending.
  7479. >And you know the girls will be attending as well so it would look like there will be no races for you next week.
  7480. >You finish up and split for the night.
  7482. >Saturday Morning.
  7483. >10:47 AM
  7484. >You are still in bed because why not.
  7485. >It's not like you have really anything important to do today.
  7486. >You look at your phone to see what time it is.
  7487. >And you see a text from Rarity.
  7488. “Shit!”
  7489. >You jump out of bed in a panic.
  7490. >Barley twelve hours and you already forgotten that you made a plan to go shopping with Rarity for a Prom suit.
  7491. >You hop in the shower and rinse off as quickly as possible.
  7492. >You then head out the door and hop in the Neon and make a mad dash to Rarity's place.
  7493. >It's already ten minutes past 11 AM and Rarity is already texting you to see if you were close.
  7494. >You make it over to her place.
  7495. >She lives in a more modest, albeit, nice neighborhood.
  7496. >The houses aren't huge mansions like yours or the ones in your neighborhood but they are still plenty big.
  7497. >You find Rarity's address and you park in front of the street and you text her that you were outside.
  7498. >A few minutes go by and you don't get a response nor do you see anybody leave the house you were in front of.
  7499. >You text her again.
  7500. >Again, no response and nobody seems to come out of the house.
  7501. >Odd, perhaps you read the address wrong.
  7502. >After a double check it looks like you are in the right place.
  7503. >You are about to give her a call when you finally see someone come out from the house.
  7504. >Two figures emerge from the house.
  7505. >One looks to be Rarity in her normal get up of a baby blue sleeveless shirt and a long purple skirt.
  7506. >The other person with her is a smaller girl.
  7507. >Same white skin as Rarity, her hair is a pale purple and light pale pinkish color.
  7508. >The hair is a bit fluffy that flows down to her waist.
  7509. >She's wearing a hot pink shirt that was open to her inner shirt of white and light pink stripes.
  7510. >Down her waist was a long yellow skirt.
  7511. >They are both approaching you now.
  7512. >”Ah, I'm so terribly sorry Anon, It took me a lot longer to get ready.”
  7513. >She tells you apologetically.
  7514. >”Don't listen to her, she's always like this!”
  7515. >The younger girl squeaks out at you.
  7516. >You shoot over to her and see her giggling.
  7517. >Rarity then slightly shoves her.
  7518. >”Hush, Sweetie Belle, or I'll leave you here!”
  7519. >She looks back to you and clears her throat.
  7520. >”I'm terribly sorry for this, but would you mind if my younger sister, Sweetie Belle tagged along for the ride?  She is meeting her friends at the same mall we are going to anyways.”
  7521. >You look over to her younger sister.
  7522. >She gives you a big smile and waves to you.
  7523. >”Hello! I'm Sweetie Belle!”
  7524. >You look back to Rarity.
  7525. “I don't see a problem with it.”
  7526. >You shrug.
  7527. >Sweetie Belle gets all giddy and quickly gets in the back seat.
  7528. >Rarity then gets in and takes her seat next to you.
  7529. >Once everyone is buckled up you turn the car back on.
  7530. >And head out to Downtown Canterlot.
  7531. >Not even five minutes into the drive Sweetie Belle speaks up.
  7532. >”Why aren't you driving your race car?”
  7533. >You stare at her through your rear view mirror.
  7534. >”Come now Sweetie Belle.”
  7535. >Rarity tries to hush her younger sister.
  7536. >You chuckle.
  7537. “You know about that?”
  7538. >You ask Sweetie Belle.
  7539. >She nods quickly.
  7540. >”Everyone won't stop talking about you!”
  7541. >A smile creeps onto your face.
  7542. >You do have a reputation now.
  7543. “Wait, do you also go to Canterlot High?”
  7544. >You ask her.
  7545. >”Yeah! I'm a freshman.”
  7546. >How about that?
  7547. >You look over to Rarity.
  7548. “Has Sweetie been to any of the meets?”
  7549. >She sighs.
  7550. >”She was at our race up atop of Mt. Everfree.”
  7551. >You start to chuckle some more.
  7552. “So then you saw my greatest work then?”
  7553. >You ask Sweetie Belle and she nods.
  7554. >”My sister is really good, but you were awesome!”
  7555. >She chirps.
  7556. “Well thank you.”
  7557. >You tell her.
  7558. >”Can I join the Canterlot Speed Stars when I get my license and car?”
  7559. >She now asks.
  7560. >”I'm getting a BMW i8 when I do!”
  7561. >You now laugh.
  7562. “Ha ha, isn't that a bit much for your first car?”
  7563. >You ask her.
  7564. >Then Rarity chimes in.
  7565. >”It most certainly is!”
  7566. >She turns her head to look back at her little sister.
  7567. >”That is quite enough about racing for now.”
  7568. >Sweetie just pouts.
  7569. >But keeps quiet for the rest of the drive.
  7571. >Downtown Canterlot Mall.
  7572. >Your one stop shopping resort.
  7573. >As the ads love to say
  7574. >A large three story mall that spans two miles and valet parking.
  7575. >Seriously this place has fucking everything.
  7576. >And where all the rich people love to come and spend their time and money.
  7577. >High end fashion stores.
  7578. >Rolex stores.
  7579. >Exotic furniture, whatever the hell that is.
  7580. >Indoor skate park.
  7581. >Rock climbing park.
  7582. >You get the idea.
  7583. >You ride on over to the valet parking and hand your car over to the attendee.
  7584. >The attendee seems to be a bit disappointed in your Neon and then sighs heavily as he has to go park it.
  7585. >Yeah well fuck you too.
  7586. >Sweetie Belle says her goodbyes and runs off to meet her friends.
  7587. >You are finally left alone with Rarity.
  7588. >”Well then Darling, shall we make our way to the clothing district?”
  7589. >You then hold your arm out in front of you.
  7590. “Do lead the way.”
  7591. >She giggles at your gesture and then walks up and takes your hand and begins to lead you through the shopping center.
  7592. >It's really a large building with endless halls and shops.
  7593. >There is even a very large artificial jungle in the middle of it all with some animals living in it for the shoppers to look at.
  7594. >Talk about a B-Movie horror flick waiting to happen.
  7595. >As you both are making your way to your destination you start up some small chit chat.
  7596. “So, do you want your little sister to be racing?”
  7597. >She sighs.
  7598. >”Honestly I would feel like such a hypocrite if I were to try and stop her since our parents tried their hardest to prevent me from doing it.”
  7599. >She then shakes her head.
  7600. >”I think it's her thinking she would get such a car as her first one.”
  7601. >You then nod at her
  7602. “A BMW i8 is pretty ambitious for a first car.”
  7603. >She then adds to your comment.
  7604. >”And costly.”
  7605. >She goes on.
  7606. >”Really I may hand her down the Lexus once I am done.  Which is pretty soon.”
  7607. >You tilt your head at her response.
  7608. “That's disappointing to hear considering your skills.”
  7609. >A complement.
  7610. >She giggles in response.
  7611. >”Well thank you darling, but really I was never in it for the long haul.”
  7612. >She then places her hand on her chin.
  7613. >”Again, Sweetie Belle taking the reigns and continuing the legacy could be the way to go.”
  7614. >She then shoots you a sly smile.
  7615. >”Much like you and your father.”
  7616. >You just laugh and shake your head.
  7617. “Yeah, sure.”
  7618. >You finally navigate to the clothing section of the mall.
  7619. >There is a long row of various luxury clothing brands you have never heard of.
  7620. >You both make your way down the hall until you see a tailor and suit shop.
  7621. >The front window displays several styles of tuxedos in several dark colors.
  7622. >You walk in to a somewhat spacious wooden finish room.
  7623. >From the walls to the tiled floor.
  7624. >There are several guys here who kinda looked your age so you wonder if they are here for the same reason.
  7625. >Over on the side of the room there sat a single receptionist at a desk who looks up to you both.
  7626. >And her face lights up upon seeing both you and Rarity.
  7627. >”Rarity! Oh it's so good to see you!”
  7628. >The older lady then gets up from her seat to come over to you two to give Rarity a hug.
  7629. >”Oh it's so good to see you too!”
  7630. >Rarity chimes back to the lady and gives her a hug.
  7631. >She then looks over to you.
  7632. >”Hello there!”
  7633. >She greets you in just as happy a tone as she gave Rarity.
  7634. >”This is my friend and Prom date, Anonymous.”
  7635. >She tells her as she presents you to her.
  7636. >”I brought him here to get him fitted for the big night.  Do tell me that there is time to fit us in today.”
  7637. >The older lady looks a little down now.
  7638. >”We are quite busy today.”
  7639. >She says looking at everyone else in the shop.
  7640. >But then her face brightens back up.
  7641. >”But I am sure I can squeeze you in for today.”
  7642. >Rarity squeals at her answer.
  7643. >”Thank you so much darling!'
  7644. >And with that you play the waiting game.
  7645. >The receptionist says she will text Rarity when your turn to be fitted is next.
  7646. >In the meantime she takes pulls you around to other parts of the mall.
  7647. >Having you try different kinds of cologne.
  7648. >She then hauls you off to a bath and body works kind of place to show you the importance of skin care.
  7649. >You feel this is a bit much.
  7650. >Finally Rarity gets the call for you two to return to the tailor.
  7651. >You both head back and are then immediately led to the back room.
  7652. >There are several people doing measurements on some of the young men who were waiting in the front room when you entered earlier.
  7653. >You are then led to one such person who instructs you to stand in front of the tailor mirror.
  7654. >The gentleman measuring you out starts to ask you some questions as to what kind of suit you want.
  7655. >You use your head to point over to Rarity and say she's the expert as you could probably care less.
  7656. >”We simply must go with a royal blue and black trim three piece!”
  7657. >The employee looks to you.
  7658. >You just shrug.
  7659. “She's the boss.”
  7660. >The employee matches your enthusiasm and continues to get measurements.
  7661. >Once he is done he disappears from the room into the back for a few minutes.
  7662. >He then comes out with several piles of fabric and hands them to you.
  7663. >“Here, try this one on.”
  7664. >You are then directed to a changing room and you get changed.
  7665. >You step out in the new suit.
  7666. >Rarity clasps her hands together.
  7667. >”You look marvelous, darling!”
  7668. >She says with a dreamy look in her eyes.
  7669. >You then walk back to the tailor mirror and have a look yourself.
  7670. >Not too shabby.
  7671. >”Try moving around more and tell me if any of it feels uncomfortable or restraining.”
  7672. >You then walk around the room and raise your legs and arms high to find any snags in the suit.
  7673. >Everything feels as free and smooth as if your were wearing nothing.
  7674. >You then look to the employee and give him a thumbs up.
  7675. “Everything feels perfect.”
  7676. >The employee then smiles and nods.
  7677. >”Excellent, if there are any adjustments you want to the suit let me know now.”
  7678. >You take another look in the mirror at yourself.
  7679. >You twist and turn to get a good look at yourself in all angles.
  7680. >Everything feels right with you.
  7681. >You then look to Rarity for her input.
  7682. >She nods and gives you the thumbs up.
  7683. “I think this is good to go.”
  7684. >You tell the employee.
  7685. >He smiles and claps his hands together,
  7686. >”Fantastic, take off the suit and we'll finish up.”
  7687. >You do as you are told.
  7688. >They then take the suit into the back room and then come out with it wrapped up and on hangers.
  7689. >That was quick.
  7690. “Huh, I thought it was going to be tailor made.”
  7691. >The tailor just laughs.
  7692. >”Sorry kid, suits like these are made in no less than four weeks and I know the big event is next weekend. These suits are still tailor made off the rack suits and are still of the highest quality for the type.”
  7693. >You then look to Rarity.
  7694. “I thought you were a seamstress.”
  7695. >She nods at your question.
  7696. >”And I am! But mens tuxedo's are not my strong point and we really needed a quality suit in a quick amount of time.  This place is the best name brands suits and I trust them immensely.”
  7697. >You hum in response.
  7698. >Well, if she trusts them.
  7699. >You are then lead to the front counter for payment.
  7700. >They start to calculate the price of the suit.
  7701. >The final price comes out to almost $6,000 for the overall suit.
  7702. >Yikes.
  7703. >You then pull out your credit card with your dad's line of credit.
  7704. >He wants you to go to Prom?
  7705. >Gotta pay up.
  7706. >Once the suit is paid for she then takes you to get a pair of nice dress shoes.
  7707. >For another hefty price tag.
  7708. >You're starting to wonder if it will be worth it.
  7709. >Spending a shit ton of money for essentially one night.
  7710. >At the very least Rarity was not pressuring you to get her anything.
  7711. >Once the shopping is done, you reunite with Sweetie Belle and her friends.
  7712. >One of them seems to be AppleJack's little sister.
  7713. >You all decide to head to the food court for lunch.
  7714. >The food court had just about any type of food available from all over so there was plenty to choose form.
  7715. >Rarity goes for some sushi while you yourself grab a toasted deli sandwich.
  7716. >You meet with the other girls and have a small chat while eating.
  7717. >Sweetie belle's friends also know of you as the famous racer for the Canterlot Speed Stars.
  7718. >Applejack's little sister, Apple Bloom, is interested as she does know you'll be facing her sister.
  7719. >The other girl of her little group, named Scootaloo, seems to be a huge Rainbow Dash fan and claims you have no chance against her.
  7720. >Cute.
  7721. >You just smile and nod and tell them everything will be decided on the road and words mean nothing.
  7722. >After lunch Sweetie Belle says goodbye to her friends and goes with you back to the parking lot and head home.
  7723. >You drop off both Rarity and Sweetie Belle at their home and you say your goodbyes as well.
  7724. >Finally you head home with all the stuff you bought.
  7725. >Once you get home you begin to try and figure out how to explain the forthcoming large credit card bill that your dad will surely see.
  7726. >Thankfully nobody seems to be home so you casually take your stuff to your room where you hang in the closet until the fateful day arrives.
  7727. >In one week.
  7729. >The week passes by just like that.
  7730. >Everyone seems to have Prom fever.
  7731. >Something you didn't notice all last year.
  7732. >Mostly because then you could arguably say you had no real close friends.
  7733. >Now it's a whole different show.
  7734. >Including many other fellow students trying to pressure you to enter the Prom Court.
  7735. >Which would make you eligible to be voted Prom King.
  7736. >You refuse.
  7737. >You really didn't want to go to prom in the first place so you would rather get it done and over with.
  7738. >You do now notice Sweetie Belle and her friends around the hall now that you have met them.
  7739. >They wave to you and say hello in passing.
  7740. >After talking with everyone in your group and some of the RainBooms, it seems like everyone is taking this Friday off.
  7741. >So you will as well.
  7742. >Saturday
  7743. >The big day.
  7744. >You treat it like any other day.
  7745. >Except you have to doll yourself up for tonight.
  7746. >Both your parents are excited for you though.
  7747. >As the time draws near you hop in the shower.
  7748. >You then start the process of dressing yourself in your suit.
  7749. >All that is left is your bow tie.
  7750. >Which in all honesty, you should have just opted for a clip on.
  7751. >You find your father to see if he knows how to tie a bow tie.
  7752. >Which thankfully he does.
  7753. >”Man, look at you.”
  7754. >He tells you while he is working on it.
  7755. >Looking like a million bucks kid.”
  7756. >He continues with a smile.
  7757. >”I'm proud of you.”
  7758. >You just grumble.
  7759. “Yeah, I wouldn't be in this if it weren't for you.”
  7760. >You tell him a little too unenthusiastically.
  7761. >”Oh, you'll have a great time!”
  7762. >He chirps happily.
  7763. >Once he is done with your bow tie he takes a few steps back to get a full view of you.
  7764. >He has a wide smile on his face.
  7765. >”Nice suit though, where did you get it?”
  7766. >You then told him of your shopping spree the previous Saturday.
  7767. >He just nods.
  7768. “I also used the credit card for this.”
  7769. >You tell him.
  7770. >He simply smiles and nods.
  7771. >”It's what I gave it to you for.”
  7772. >He tells you.
  7773. >You tilt your head to the side.
  7774. “Wait, you're fine with me spending that much money for what's only going to be one night of use?”
  7775. >He once again looks at you up and down.
  7776. >And he takes a good look at your shoes.
  7777. >”I'm guessing those shoes were in the thousands as well?”
  7778. >You now feel a little more embarrassed about them.
  7779. “W-well yeah, the girl I'm taking insisted they looked great on me.”
  7780. >Almost trying to blame Rarity for you buying a $3,000 pair of shoes.
  7781. >Your father then nods.
  7782. >”Damn, she's got a good fashion sense.”
  7783. >He says lightly.
  7784. >”They do complement toe suit nicely.”
  7785. >He quips.
  7786. >”And the suit may be a one time use, but those shoes should come in handy for years down the line.”
  7787. >You aren't really understanding his reactions.
  7788. “I figured you would be angry with me spending a shit ton of money on frivolous things.”
  7789. >You father shakes his head.
  7790. >”Son, I do appreciate your 'light hand; when it comes to spending money.”
  7791. >He starts to lecture you while grabbing a piece of cloth from his office closet.
  7792. >”But seriously, we're better off.”
  7793. >He tells you as he begins to fold the cloth.
  7794. >”Spending $9,000 on a single night isn't going to break the bank for us.”
  7795. >He is finished folding the napkin and places it in your left jacket pocket.
  7796. >”I'm not telling you to go and freely spend huge sums of cash everyday, but I gave you that card so you could have a little fun and spoil yourself once in a while.”
  7797. >He pats you on your shoulders.
  7798. “Huh.”
  7799. >Is all you say in response.
  7800. >Your dad chuclkes.
  7801. “Then since we're on this subject, what about the costs for getting the Z rebuilt?”
  7802. >Your dad hold his finger up.
  7803. >”That, is a different story.”
  7804. >Your heart sinks.
  7805. “Damn.”
  7806. >Again is all you say.
  7807. >He still smiles at you.
  7808. >”But that's for another day.”
  7809. >He assures you and he begins to walk you out his office.
  7810. >He takes you out into the rest of the house where your mother is waiting excitedly with a camera and a small box.
  7811. >”For now, just enjoy yourself.”
  7812. >You mother then rushes up and gives you a big hug and tells you how proud she is.
  7813. >She hands you a small box and says it's tradition to give it to your date.
  7814. >She then takes several pictures of you and then of you and your father.
  7815. >Then switches places with dad and he takes pictures of you and her.
  7816. >After all those pleasantries are done he walks you out the house.
  7817. >”Alright kid, since this is a big night, I don't think taking your Neon isn't going to be turning many heads.”
  7818. >You get a little excited at this.
  7819. >”So I was figuring you could drive one of the nicer cars in the collection bes-”
  7820. >Before he could finish you immediately blurt out your choice.
  7821. “Let me take the Bugatti!”
  7822. >Your dad pauses for a moment.
  7823. >”Ha ha ha, no.”
  7824. >He briefly laughs then sternly answers you.
  7825. >”Think of it still as punishment for the crash but I'm not trusting you with a three million dollar car.”
  7826. >You give him a stinkface.
  7827. “What's the point of the others then?”
  7828. >You ask.
  7829. >He then sighs and pulls a small key block from his pocket.
  7830. >”Just take the damn Bentley Mulsanne.  It'll look a lot more classy than the Bugatti.”
  7831. >He hands over the key block to you.
  7832. >You then shrug.
  7833. >Guess you can't complain.
  7834. >Your father places his hands on your shoulders and gives you one last smile.
  7835. >”Remember, enjoy yourself.”
  7836. >He lets go and he then heads back into the house.
  7837. >Leaving you outside.
  7838. >You finally then head into the garage.
  7839. >You walk past your Neon and the Z, past his other nice cars in his collection.
  7840. >He has his own small collection of supercars and the like.
  7841. >McLarens.
  7842. >Lamborghinis
  7843. >Ferraris
  7844. >And some rare classic cars.
  7845. >You make your way to the Bentley Mulsanne.
  7846. >A black luxury car.
  7847. >This one in particular seems to be a more exclusive model at that.
  7848. >Sometimes you wonder how he is able to secure some of these cars but you would imagine his connections as a Auto parts chain owner can do that for you.
  7849. >You take a quick walk around the car itself.
  7850. >All black, including the wheels.
  7851. >A sleek design and even the back lights are shaped like 'B's
  7852. >You unlock the car and open the door to see the logo of the car display itself on the floor underneath it.
  7853. >A nice high end touch.
  7854. >You then hop in the drivers seat.
  7855. >Big and spacious.
  7856. >The seat is very comfortable.
  7857. >This car is decked out in a red leather  and chrome, giving it a very high class vibe.
  7858. >The speedometer and the power gauge are backwards going clockwise.
  7859. >The car starts with a press of an Engine start button in the center console.
  7860. >The car purrs to life.
  7861. >A smooth feel to the steering wheel, which is also wrapped in black and red leather material found all around in the car.
  7862. >You set the car to drive and you are on your way.
  7864. >The drive to Rarity's was as smooth as you've ever felt in a car.
  7865. >Almost like you were just floating along the road.
  7866. >A real testament to this car's engineering.
  7867. >You sort of feel like a rich CEO driving around in the car.
  7868. >Which is probably the point of this car.