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Hooves and Chitin

By Gachimucher
Created: 18th December 2020 02:10:26 PM
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  1. There was a summer morning. The golden rays of the sun touched a small two-floored cottage on the outskirts of the N-town. Mikhail Ivanovich, the owner of the cottage, according to his old habit, going up to the second floor, to his son's room. On the way, he involuntarily glanced at one of the photo on the wall: always, every morning, he is looking at this photo. It, unlike everyone else, is the oldest. It depicts a young Mikhail. He is holding a child in his arms, and to his left is an unknown woman (at least, this can be cleared by the female hands, also holding the baby - the left side of the photo is torn out). Around there are many frames with other photos depicting Mikhail in different guises: here he is giving a gift to a his baby, and on the other - eating cotton candy with him. Only one thing is invariable: in all the photos the main characters are he and his son. Nobody else.
  2. Looking away from the photo, Mikhail finally reached his son's room. Opening the door slightly, he asked the child if it had awakened. Hearing the inhuman hissing, he, apparently, was satisfied with the answer and walked away. Then he return to the kitchen, where there was already prepared brewed coffee. Mikhail did not like instant coffee, he could hate it. And with a fierce hatred he hated cheap coffee 3in1, which truckers usually buy before a trip. He, as a director of transport company, could not forbid his men to drink this powdered urine, but he invariably presented them mini-coffee maker, powered by a cigarette lighter, which is why he was nicknamed "Coffee-boss". It would seem that now these days are far in the past, but Mikhail still remember this good old days. He is wonder if they remember him...
  3. Mikhail's deep thought was distracted by the creak of the floorboards above his head. "Finally", - he thought, and quickly prepared the table for breakfast. He poured some milk into his mug, already filled with a fragrant drink, and stirred it. In the second one, more like a bowl, he poured hot coffee and put a sugar cube. Sitting in the only chair, he gazed intently at the stairs leading to the second floor.
  4. The creak of the floorboards gradually drew nearer to the stairs, until a coal-black leg stepped onto the steps... then a second one... and then two more. Each of the legs of this creature had a dozen holes: somewhere small, and somewhere huge and gaping holes. As it going down, the creature showing itself. Now it could be said for sure that it was a kind of crossbreed a horse and an insect. The black color of it's "coat" was combined with a pale-blue mane, which, it seemed, was also riddled with small holes. On the horse's back was an acid-green chitinous shell and pair of bug-wings under it. The tail was like a mane, the eyes were green with vertical pupils, and it's forehead have a long and curved horn, like a rotten stick or something like that. This creature, as is clear from the description, was a Queen Chrysalis, now imprisoned in a statue in the capital of the fictional country of Equestria. This exactly was a Queen Chrysalis! Nobody else looks like that. But why is she here? Why is Mikhail was calm, as if he sees her every day?
  5. This situation was added by one mad thing. Bughorse lazily come to the table, sat down on the pillow and with the words "Morning, dad" sipped coffee from a bowl-cup. Now there was no doubt: this is the voice of Chrysalis, voiced by Kathleen Barr in the My Little Pony. Or not? Mikhail reciprocated and also began to drink his coffee. Besides the drink, there were two plates on the table: one with cooked steak, the other with a raw piece of meat. Mikhail Ivanovich point to the raw meat, and he himself began to cut his steak and slowly eat it. The queen of changelings, having finished with coffee, began to tear and eat the meat. And there was something to tear with: the queen's mouth was filled with long and sharp predator teeth with indecently huge fangs, with which she skillfully dug into the flesh of defeated cow's meat and chewed it.
  7. - Kirill... - Mikhail said with a sigh, looking at Chrysalis.
  8. - W-hfat!? - a horse was responded to the obviously not her name.
  9. - Stop acting like a savage. Eat your food properly.
  10. - Sorry, dad… - After swallowing a piece, the queen looked guiltily at the man and slowed down.
  12. Here a casual witness who watched MLP and talked with Mikhail for at least a month would logically ask a bunch of questions: "what the fuck?" and "Why a cartoon character is here, in human world?", "Why that villainess, who wished to destroy Equestria and eat all of ponies love, calmly drink coffee with a human?", "Why does she call him dad?", "Why does human calls her by male name?". A quite clear answer can be given to these questions, which, however, is unlikely to satisfy people with a materialistic view of the world. This queen of changelings is the son of Mikhail named Kirill. To be honest, this story is very tangled, dark, like the horse that Kirill, the son of Mikhail, has become.
  13. The story is rather short and straight if we consider magic and other not normal things as something logical. Kirill was a simple architect working in Moscow, he grew up as an only child in a family without a mother, but with an extremely caring father. On rare days of weekend, he coming to his father's cottage, having dinner, falling asleep in his old room. In the morning, without having breakfast, he returning to Moscow. It is crystal clear what the lonely old man felt in his soul, deprived of his son's attention, but no one could have guessed what would happen to the latter during one of such visits. Kirill wakes up from the howling of an alarm clock already being a changeling. Neither he nor his father, pale with fear, understood what the hell had happened. However, oddly enough, it was not difficult to convince the father that a terrible looking horse lying in the bed is his son. Moving away from the shock, the father and "son" began to think what to do. It was impossible to return to Moscow in this form. It was not even possible to leave the cottage without to be murdered by afraid mob, which would think that he was a satan. It would not have been possible to hide for a while: the police will visit his father first. The most ridiculous and mad way was remained. Mikhail called a state security bureau and show them his son or what he become to. And here we go: a consultation of veterinarians, hippologists, entomologists in the dining room, secret transfers to research institutes, analyzes, conversations with a psychologist. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the creature is indeed Kirill, the son of Mikhail Ivanovich, who in some unknown way has turned into a character from a pony cartoon. From a conversation with a psychologist, it became clear that Kirill watched My Little Pony series and fall in love with the character into which he turned. As far as I know, they connected these two facts, but still they came to nothing. There was also the question of the presence of magical abilities. But, no matter how hard Kirill tried, neither the horn, nor the wings, nor the ability to take shape of other ponies with a new body came. As a result, Kirill was officially recognized as missing and, five years later, dead. The case was classified, Kirill-Chrysalis was returned to his father, Mikhail start to receive state payments, state security operatives became common guests in this place.
  15. Having finished with the meat, Kirill got off the pillow, receive hug and kiss by his single parent on his forehead. Over the six years that have passed since transformation, Mikhail managed to get used to the cold and covered with small chitinous hairs of his own son's skin. They agreed to talk among themselves as before, as if nothing had happened. Therefore, the queen Chrysalis, speaks of herself as a male, calls Mikhail a father, and Mikhail calls the female bughorse a son and addresses her in the masculine gender.
  16. Needless to say, over the past six years, the house has undergone some changes: the windows are closed forever, the house has "plus-size" furniture that can support a horse's weight, and one of the bathrooms has been completely re-equipped for the needs of mares. There in the evenings and "in-demand" there is a bath. Mikhail, with a habitual movement, takes front leg of his son and thoroughly washes it with a soapy washcloth. It cleans away any dirt accumulated inside the hoof, then gently flushes the holes in the hoof. Kirill, who has long been feeling humiliated from this procedure, still twitches and hisses when it comes to his "battle wounds". Yes, as he later read from the official comics, these holes in his new body were made by Princess Celestia in one of the battles. Therefore, Mikhail also treats them, but much less, about once a week. Having finished with one leg, he proceeds to the other. And so on several more times, until all four legs are completely clean. Then he proceeds to the most enjoyable part of Kirill: washing his hair. I think there is no need to separately explain why this particular stage is the most enjoyable. First, father lathers Kirill's pale-blue mane. Then it is passed over the ears and neck. Then he washes his face and horn. In these moments Kirill most of all feels the care and affection of his father, who replaced both parents in his childhood. After comes the most unpleasant part. As he was a changeling mare, Kirill now has a fully functioning reproductive system with "mare parts" under his tail. In addition, as it is already becoming clear, Kirill, like any other living creature, have to do pee-pee and poo-poo sometimes. Actually, this is the "need" after which Kirill have to ask his father for help. Having finished washing his son's belly and other parts, Mikhail takes a washcloth, foams it with a special solution and proceeds to intimate hygiene. First, trying to be gentle, it is passed over the butt with a washcloth, then it goes down under the tail and washes everything clean. Kirill don't like these procedures, but nothing can be done: hygiene is hygiene. Then, so as not to injure the most delicate areas, Mikhail applies a solution to the palm of his hand, pulls the labia and washes horse pussy as quickly as possible. He perfectly understands how humiliating it is for a former man to experience such feelings. That is why such details have never been discussed in six years. Even being in heat, when Kirill laying an unfertilized eggs, the father did not comment it - he just transfer eggs to his new "friends" from the research institute.
  18. But all of this will happen only in the evening. Now, having had a delicious breakfast, Kirill returns to his room. He'll do everything the same as yesterday, as a year ago: turn on his voice controlled PC, chatting in clover-logo site and download new movies, which he will definitely watch today. And when he finished, will be lunch time. There he, a predator bughorse, will be fed by his father with minced meat. He never thought that he would now eat raw meat the rest of his life. Which, although, did not upset him much: now he cannot eat cooked or vegetable food, and if he was a true magic Chrysalis, he would have to hunt and drain love. He will have to drain his father to the last drop of love and to go outside, and there it was guaranteed that nothing good for him happened. And therefore, he can live with that. Moreover, Kirill increasingly began to catch himself thinking that he no longer remembers what it is like to be a man.
  20. The same thing awaits him for dinner, followed by the daily wash described above and the “family hour”, where Kirill, wrapped in a plaid, and his father are sitting in the living room on the sofa and watching TV. In the first years after transformation, they sat in silence. Now Queen Chrysalis and Mikhail Ivanovich are hotly discussing a local singing show - you will not find this even in the most mad and nonsense dream.
  22. - I fully sure these judges perfectly knows who is who. You pay well - they'll all turn around. It is obvious! This is how show business works.
  23. - I perfectly sure, they'll turn to you if you wish to sing.
  24. - I can't sing, dad. I can only imitate an insect swarm with my voice, - Kirill laughed just like in royal wedding in Canterlot.
  25. - You have a pretty beautiful voice, my dear daugh... - Mikhail cleared his throat. Fortunately, a horse did not react in any way to such an insolent "misgendering".
  26. - I would like to believe it. I'll going to sleep, dad.
  28. Laying a sleepy horse down and covering her with a blanket, Mikhail kissed her on the forehead and turned off the light.
  30. - Wait, dad.
  31. - Yes, son?
  32. - Tell me the truth: am I a good daughter?
  33. - Daughter? - Mikhail asked with suspicion, not believing what he had heard.
  34. - Yes. Was I a good daughter today? - Mikhail, clearly not expecting such a question, sat down next to his son.
  35. - Yes... Kirill. You were, are and remain a wonderful child... even if you are temporarily... not in your true form.
  36. - It's been a long time. Do you really think that I'll become man again?
  37. - Technologies are developing by leaps and bounds, son. Someday you'll turn a human.
  38. - It will never happen, and you know it very well. I cannot be a 100% mare, speak in a female voice, have a vagina and consider myself as a man. You may not like it, but I made a decision: That is my true form now, - Mikhail at first hesitated, then hugged the changeling queen and pet her.
  39. - Then I am immensely happy about it.
  41. And he was really happy. The only thing he didn’t like during these six years was to pretend that nothing had happened. However, worse than telling the truth, he was afraid to hurt his toothy and prickly son, but fragile and vulnerable inside. It's a big relief.
  43. - Good night, my dear daughter. And do not listen bad people: you have a very beautiful voice, for me you are the most beautiful creature, - almost leaving the room, he suddenly turned around, - How can I call you?
  44. - I'm Chrysalis now, so call me the same. But dad... you can call me what you want. You can even give me a different name if you wish. Christina for example.
  45. - Then good night, Chrysalis, - Mikhail left the room.
  47. For him it was a wonderful occasion to open a bottle of wine and celebrate. Kirill, and now Chrysalis, could not sleep for a long time. She wondered what would happen next. Will relationship with dad change after this conversation? And if they change, how they'll change? Will a Kirill's personality be unchanged or will transform into Chrysalis as his body did? What if this is the beginning of a transformation into a love-hungry beast? Will magic return to this body? Thoughts haunted her until finally her eyes closed. The main thing that she feel is real satisfaction. Chrysalis-Kirill accepted her hooves, her voice, chitin, massive horsebutt, tail and her mare parts. And for the first time she was happy.