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CYOA Twilight Sparkle

By Fapman
Created: 8th July 2021 11:47:19 AM
18th October 2021 05:15:10 PM

  1. Freeze! This is Twilight Police! You have been accused of commiting terrorist actas against the Twilight Sparkle Citadel and you're going to be transported there for a fair and square trial, punk. Don't move or you'll make my day, trash. During the academy days my fellow Twilight Sparkles called me a real Tackellberry Mare. Whatever that means. FREEZE!
  2. A - Flee
  3. B - Surrender
  4. Y - Fight [Pocket Sand 5/1]
  5. X – Sarcastic
  6. A
  8. You chose to flee. A smart choice of a smart mare. Why, thank you, Twilight Sparkle. No, thank you, Twilight Sparkle- Wha! You have been hoof coofed! When did this happen?!
  9. >"Thank you for co-operating, Twilight Sparkle. I will make sure to inform my superior officer, Twilight Sparkle, of yours, Twilight Sparkle's, obeying the comand of me, officer Twilight Sparkle."
  10. >Why did you thank yourself for that long!?
  11. >"Can you please put the safety belt on my gun, though?"
  12. >Before you realise, officer Twilight Sparkle pushes her water gun in your hooves. It seems like it's empty.
  13. A - Make a mock reload gesture and point at the officer Twilight Sparkle
  14. B - Make sure the gun is empty and holster it on the officer Twilight Sparkle's chest floof
  15. Y - Drop the gun at the hooves of the officer Twilight Sparkle
  16. X - Say Heck
  17. A
  19. >You point the gun at the officer Twilight Sparkle
  20. >She doesn't seem to notice at first, being bothered by the jingly sound the keys to the hoof-chains
  21. >To her defence they do sounds funny
  22. >She freezes the moment she notices the absolutely useless piece of toy gun facing her way
  23. >A look disbelief replaces the one of grim realistion, quickly followed by the wide-eyed "you fucked up" look
  24. >"C'mon, Twilight Sparkle," she chuckles nervously, "You don't really mean it. Look, I'm just doing my job. I am told to fetch someone suspicious and I do. And you're a Twilight Sparkle, too. You would never hurt a fellow Twilight Sparkle that did not wrong you in any way, right? Whatever you did it doesn't have to end this way. I am sure it's not that big of a thing, anyways, and they want to tell you this personally. So, if you're being calm and reasonable like any Twilight Sparkle should be, could you please lower the gun?"
  25. A - Lower the gun... for now
  26. B - Poke the gun at the officer Twilight and motion to your hoof-chains
  27. Y - Use the gun [water 0/1]
  28. X - Say you're just preparing to holster the weapon
  29. B
  31. >You poke the gun at the officer Twilight Sparkle and motion to your hoof chained hooves
  32. >"You want me to take it off?" her ears flatten back, "I can't- I shouldn't- I- I."
  33. >She changes what to say each time she looks at the gun aimed right at her chestfloof
  34. >"I don't have much choice, do I?"
  35. >Indeed she doesn't
  36. >She slowly, very slowly, gives you the key chain which happily jingles
  37. >Her ears raise at that, but lay down as quickly
  38. >You unchain your hoof and notice they weren't properly tied to begin with
  39. >"So, what will you do now? Will you run forever? They will find you. I will find you. They will tell me, Twilight Sparkle."
  40. >She squints at the asphalt
  41. >"Because of you I will have my chocolate-milk ticket taken away for a week, or t-two... Damn you."
  42. A - Keep the broken gun and gallop out of the alley
  43. B - Stun the police Twilight Sparkle before sneaking out quietly
  44. Y - Tell her she can blame only herself for blindly following orders, give back the gun and run
  45. X - Offer the police Twilight Sparkle some consolation and a hug (but be very wary about the possibilities!)
  46. XX
  48. >You can't stand the look of you, well, of one of you, so hurt and crestfallen
  49. >Somepony would say it's insane, but instead of taking your escape you pull the disgraced police Twilight Sparkle into a tight, incapacitating hug (very clever)
  50. >Her snout digs deep into your chest as her hooves waive around aimlessly
  51. >You make extra sure she does not manage to land an unfortunate, coincidental blow to your head (super smart)
  52. >Eventually the pony in your chest stops pulling away and allows herself to be hugged with more side-to-side contact
  53. >Her sides are shivering and steam comes from her nosetrils
  54. >Her eyes are closed, but the look on her face is clearly conflicted
  55. >Not knowing what to do, she not only accepts the hug, but reciprotes it slightly
  56. >And then you sprike and top the police Twilight Sparkle, before she could manage to touch the gun she was probably aiming for! (super concious during hugs and cuddles)
  57. >It felt like forever, but it takes only about a minute or two before her breathing goes back to steady and she opens eyes, visibly relaxed
  58. >You hope the hug repaid the lack of chocolate milk for a week or two, in any case, she's a version of you, a Twilight Sparkle, and she deserves only the best in life
  59. >She sniffles and breaks the hug
  60. >"Thanks. I needed that, I guess."
  61. >She kicks the ground and giggles
  62. >"So, there's, like, no chance for you to turning in?"
  63. >You shake your head sympatheticaly
  64. >"Shucks. Well, at least the hug was... nice."
  65. >Her purple face dons a type of pink only Rarity and whores are capable of
  66. >"I should probably report your daring escape. You should go. The department will send somepony after me if I don't report soon."
  67. A - Nod like a cool mare you are, keep the gun and stroll out of the alley
  68. B - Sniffle your nose, return the gun and stroll out of the alley
  69. Y - Grace officer Twilight Sparkle with a frienly (but caucios!) shoulder pat and
  70. X - Bounce couple steps back, wave "see ya" and run out of the alley (keep the gun OR toss it back)
  71. AA
  73. >You look the police mare in the eyes with your head high
  74. >A quick nod, 180, and you're trotting outside
  75. >The streets of Lower Canterlot are packed, but you make sure no one is following you
  76. >It would be almost impossible for even best trained Twilight Sparkles
  77. >Those mazes of streets filled with ponies no-pony with right mind would want to buck heads with
  78. >But this encounter doesn't leave your mind as you wander aimlessly
  79. >The Twilight Sparkle Citadel want to see you
  80. >What for?
  81. >Who's the high councelor of the high council nowadays?
  82. >Twilight Sparkle?
  83. >That bitch?
  84. >You shake your head
  85. >It doesn't make sense
  86. >If the Citadel goons would want you alife they would not send only one operative
  87. >And such a bad one
  88. >Unless she was better than you think!
  89. >You scan yourself for any sign of trace spell and find nothing!
  90. >A quick glance to the broken and empty water gun proves it's destroyed beyond civilian grade gunsmith capabilities
  91. >You keep it in your chest floof
  92. >A gun as good as this may come handy sooner or later
  93. >If the Citadel wanted you, dead or alife, why would they send one operative
  94. >Unless it's not the Citadel!
  95. >Have you been lied to by yourself?!
  96. >That certainly is a possibility
  97. >But even if, then who else would pretend to send Twilight Sparkle after Twilight Sparkle?
  98. >You don't know
  99. >Yet
  100. >Unless somepony wanted you to be late!
  101. >But late... where?
  102. >Panick arises in your chest before you remember:
  103. >You have nothing to be, you think
  104. >Unless!
  105. >Somepony didn't want you to be somewhere for sure!
  106. >Yes, you are very good at this
  107. >You are, in the end, Twilight Sparkle
  108. >But if it was indeed a Citadel agent, they will send more really soon
  109. >And where would somepony not want you to be right now?
  110. >At Spike's? He should be safe at his place, you could pay him a warning visit though (A)
  111. >At Rarity's? She has her own security but you doubt they would do any good against the citadel (B)
  112. >At your place? Maybe a bomb is being placed there? (Y)
  113. >... You really don't know yet (X)
  114. B
  116. >Spike proven to be capable of outsmarting Twilight Sparkle's goons (he won in chess against you, once!)
  117. >Your place doesn't seem as important - you can always abandon it and get a new place for a couple of crebits
  118. >You take your way to the slut house
  119. >...
  120. >You arrive at the slut house but something doesn't seem alright
  121. >The ponies in front of the entrance don't make a straight (heh) line, but rather gawk at the missing pair of doors that are off the hinges
  122. >You can hear the police sirens in the distance
  123. >Your hooves carry you though the crowd and into the slut house
  124. >The sight in front of you is a dreadful one
  125. >At least two dozen ponies laying down on the floor, snoozing dreamily
  126. >Some hug each other
  127. >Some are covered in various fluids
  128. >Some wear Rarity's slut wear armors
  129. >All of them with satisfied smiles on their pony face
  130. >Trully sickening view of a battlefield that happened, considering the consistency of the white goo on a turned over table, about fiveteen minutes ago, at best
  131. >A battlefield lost by the local slut guards
  132. >The first floor lacks the owner, though
  133. >The sirens gets louder, as your mind gets fogged with sweet and salty smell of satisfied customers that got the best possible service forced upon them
  134. >Whoever done this to Rarity's slut-itch will pay for it
  135. >But Rarity's not there, the police is coming, and you're hoof into the mess (quite literally considering the goo does not let go)
  136. >There is first floor unchecked and the basement level
  137. >Rarity must be somewhere here
  138. >Even if only her moaning corpse is left
  139. A - check the first floor (Vip and management)
  140. B - check the basement (storage and rest-rooms)
  141. Y - re-check this floor
  142. X - run out and not let be seen by anypony
  143. A
  145. >You quickly raise the stairs
  146. >The vip room looks equally trashed like the base floor
  147. >The smell is even worse
  148. >About half a dosen working ponies lay in pure bliss in puddles of their vaginal secretion
  149. >You hope it's that, and not water
  150. >You're sure Rarity said more than once she is not insured for a pump-break
  151. >Two guards, one atop other, the one above unconcious, the one under, moving his tights out of pure reflex
  152. >Whoever got them was good
  153. >Was very good
  154. >There is even a pile of feathers and a griffon, comepletely drenched in-
  155. >Your slow and careful treck through the VIP zone ends at the door to the management room
  156. >You toss away the rest of the BlueBerryBeer away, promissing yourself to pay Rarity for that
  157. >The door does look not conquered
  158. >They crystal reader is mounted next to the wall, but it looks like somepony tried to crudely hack into that, with little success, presumably, by the shape of the cock it's pointing towards the north
  159. >It fills you with slight optimism
  160. >You pull the knob but they don't buldge
  161. >Smile and optimism: free beer
  162. >You look around the corpses to look for some sort of crystalgemcard
  163. >This is when the first police ponies manage to get into the corridor leading to the first floor shame hall
  164. >You grab the pony laying on top of the other pony and duck while avoiding his veiny baton rod in the air
  165. >The two ponies gets unplugged with a load pop and squishy sounds of oil being spilled
  166. >With the already despoiled hoof, you search through the pockets of the topping one, now with his spear dangling like a meat bag
  167. >No luck
  168. >You try with the faggy one, completely deaf to the feminine whimpers he feeds your imagination with
  169. >No luck either
  170. >Damnit
  171. >You are at your wits end, but then you notice something
  172. >The guard is still continuing to buck the air
  173. >You hate what you're about to do but you do it for Rarity
  174. >With your hooves planted firmly on either cheecks of his, you squish the freshly used pony rump with all your might
  175. >At first nothing
  177. >but then something shiny and heart shaped drops out of his back pocket
  178. >a new neighgarra of white with another sickening champan-opening sound commence but you don't watch
  179. >You are Twilight fucking Sparkle, and you're better than this
  180. >even if slightly
  181. >you grab the slut-juice covered gem and place it to the cock-sock of the gemreader
  182. >the red light is off, but the green lights up and the door opens
  183. >the management room is nothing like you remembered
  184. >it's completely and utterly trashed, somehow more than the entire club
  185. >you get in and close the door behind, to buy some time in case the police won't help the first victims of this slut-by
  186. >the only thing unbroken here are windows leading out the building and the ones used to observe the clients under
  187. >only your steps can be heard as you search the tiny room for Rarity
  188. >then an air-freshener goes of
  189. >you freeze
  190. >and sneeze
  191. >those fucking orange juice air fresheners will be the end of you long before the citadel will finally got you
  192. >which they won't
  193. >"Gesundheit."
  194. >muffled pony sound from an old and vintage act-storage
  195. >you open it and find Rarity in the metal box
  196. >"Twilight Sparkle!"
  197. >Her pristine white coat smells like big money
  198. >She hugs you as you help her out of the box
  199. >"Wait, stop!"
  200. "Rarity, what have happened here?"
  201. >She pulls a dildo shaped shiv at you
  202. >What is this dumb bitch doing you don't want to know
  203. >"How can I know you are my Twilight Sparkle?"
  204. >You give her your best are_you_serious.filly face but it's no use
  205. >She's better at giving facials than any of combined
  206. >"Speak up! Or else!"
  207. A - "Rarity, if I were from the citadel you would be already bread."
  208. B - "Rarity, put that down before you get yourself in even more troubles than your pristine flanks could ever be."
  209. Y - "Rarity, are you ok? I was so worried when I saw what they did to the slut house."
  210. X - "Rarity, I promise I will make them pay what's due. Those bastmares will pare hefty. And here's five crebits." (hand her four crebits)
  211. X
  213. >The White Dame Rarity looks down at your offer, but can't help but lower the weapon of ass destruction once she counted the crebits you left on the table
  214. >"One is missing."
  215. >The realistion hits her harder than tax collectors
  216. >"Twilight! It is really you!"
  217. >She jumps and hands off of your neck for a moment
  218. >The yells of the police ponies are coming up the stairs
  219. "I'm happy to see you, too, Rarity, but we don't have much time."
  220. >"I know, I know. It just happened so fast."
  221. >She fixes her always glamour swirly mane.
  222. "Are you alright? The door-"
  223. >"Yes, quite good, thank you. I spent the entire thing inside the confines of this room. Not a single hair got painted white or brown during this... this..."
  224. >You step forward and nuzzle the tese of a noble heart
  225. "I know it must be hard but I need you to focus. I should be gone before the police sees me. They may cum to wrong cumclusions."
  226. >She shakes her head and picks up a chair.
  227. >"Yes, I'm sorry. I just... It happens so quickly. One moment ponies paid to be teased, the business as usual, and then, and then... then they broke in!"
  228. "Who, Rarity? Who broke in?"
  229. >She coves her eyes with her hooves
  230. >"The sluts! The actual sluts! They barged in and started doing things we don't do!"
  231. "Do you remember how they looked like?"
  232. >"I am ruined! I am ruined! Who will want to, to get a private dance, or to be told compliments, or-or to h-hold hooves under the table..."
  233. >That little slut
  234. >"Now that the ponies were shown how real fun is done! I'm done! Bucked out of business."
  235. >She stands up and throws the chair against a shelf full of dildos shaped like dragons
  236. >It falls unceremoniously at the ground with squacking sounds of a fuck-ducks
  237. "Don't worry. I'm sure some ponies will come back. Not every client of yours is a total deviant."
  238. >She giggles and pulls out a fag
  239. >"It's sweet that you say it, but you don't sit in the flank business. Even if they would come back they will all want to relieve this one night. Nothing will satisfy them more..
  240. >"Nothing will satisfy them more than being breed agains their will ever again. Gah!"
  241. >She throws the fag into a trash can
  242. >"Well, with my flanks being ruined settled, what else do you want to know?"
  243. >A pity for an old hag of yours
  244. "Listen, Rares, I may not be a professional whore, but during the..."
  245. >You do it for her
  246. "During my academy days at the horny unicorn school for monetary challenged I sucked in a fair dose of business classes."
  247. >You motion to the macabre outside the window
  248. "And this, this is not a business problem, this is a business opportunity, if I ever seen one."
  249. >She gives you a curious look
  250. >Her mouth remind flat, though
  251. "I know it's against certain rules of Rarity, but you're unharmed, and with that you can rebuild the slut house. Without you... this place could not be."
  252. >The smile is weak but it's there
  253. >She grabs you for another short hug
  254. >Her eyes are so big from close there
  255. >"I guess you really are my Twilight Sparkle."
  256. >She snuggles you again, covering her beautiful unicorn chestfluff into some of the semen you got shot with by the fag's gemholder
  257. >As you break the snugg she places a shiv back into her mane
  258. "Sharp style. I'm glad I did prove myself to be me."
  259. >She only smiles weakly, and then kicks the table, turning it over and breaking its leg
  260. >"You know what, you are right, Twilight. It smells like a wind of change."
  261. >"Is there someone there?"
  262. >The yelling comes from the other side of the door
  263. >Rarity turns her back to you and looks for something in the mess.
  264. "I'm glad I could raise your spirits."
  265. >"Here," she hands you a green looking gem, "this is the recording of the evening. I don't trust the police with it. They work too close with the insurance companies."
  266. "Inscurance companies? What do you mean?"
  267. >She gives you a smirk to cum for
  268. >The white unicorny gently pushes you to the side of the window leading outside
  269. >"I won't let them lose the recording of this place being ruined. I... I might have bought an insurence."
  270. "You?
  271. "You? An insurance?"
  272. >This is indeed a shocking news
  273. >"Well," the cum covered chest proudly sticks out, "as I said, the wind of change.")
  274. "So, you think this wasn't the citadel attack?"
  275. >She stomps angrily right into the puddle of-
  276. >"As you said yourself, Twilight Sparkle. If it were of the citadel's doing, my poor flanks would never turn white again."
  277. >We don't know that for sure
  278. >She still gently pushes you to the now opened window
  279. >"But don't take me wrong, you coming here was a great thing. Now I don't have to worry about the insurance claim being targeted as a fake."
  280. "What would you do if I did not come to rescue you?"
  281. >"Why, I would snuggle it of course."
  282. >You fail to see any clothing on her
  283. "Charming. Listen, I will look through the recording in case there is some kind of trace, any."
  284. >There is smoke from the trash can that grows in power now, with the window opened
  285. >"Please, do. If anything, I owe you. You save my ass in more than one way."
  286. >You can imagine it later
  287. >Two subtle voices can be heard on the other side of the door
  288. >"Are you fucking?"
  289. >"Are they fucking?"
  290. >"They are fucking in there!"
  291. >You get out of the window and stand of a conviniently placed platform
  292. "The feeling's mutual."
  293. >She hugs you one more time, chest to chest, sticking to you in more than one way
  294. >Then she hugs you even closer and something sharp threatent to shave your beaver and more
  295. >"One crebit, Darling."
  296. >That sly vixen
  297. >You can't help but dry chuckle as you pay the missing crebit
  298. >She lets you go, but not before planting one final kiss on your lips
  299. >"Fu, fu. Now only I owe you~, Ta, ta, darling!"
  300. >She closes the window and you jump on an another conviniently placed platform, this time a broken A/C
  301. >The old whore's laughter
  302. >That's the currency you can accept
  303. >And the citadel hates you for it
  304. >Now, what to do
  305. A - your apartmen
  306. B - Spike's den
  307. Y - The local morgue
  308. Z - Sarcastic
  309. B
  311. >Spike
  312. >You're sure he has a gem-reader in his hoarded stash of broken magitronics
  313. >And the plus is, he lives in the lower canterlot
  314. >You manage to get the cum out of your chest but this is not important because look super cool
  315. >...
  316. >Only one more dark and obscure and loot riddled alley divides you from the Den apartment complex
  317. >This part of lower canterlot is favoured by poor dragon fucktory workers and cheap sluts
  318. >But you are a smart pony and you know cheap sluts take cost little to taste but a ton for aspirin for the crabs to be gone
  319. >And that only if you're lucky
  320. >Oh no
  321. >Your thought were clouded with the vision of vet visit and your way has been blocked by another Tw-
  322. >"Yo, dog."
  323. >"What's up, dog?"
  324. >You breath out in relief
  325. >This is no assault by the Twilight Sparkle Citadel
  326. >This is your friendly local diamond dongs
  327. >"A dog got your tongue, dog?"
  328. >They are clearly talking to you
  329. >"You don't know who's curb it is?"
  330. >The towering gray dong-like creatures voices's are sharp like a papercut with a freshly printet ponknote
  331. >No wonder ponknotes got removed from use
  332. >Too many lethal casualties per emission
  333. >"Are you deaf, dog?"
  334. >"Can't hear our barking?"
  335. >They sure are rude, but they don't make any movement your way
  336. >These dongs must be really boned
  337. >You wonder could you go past them without any troubles
  338. >"We are the Artificial Gang and we rule this hood."
  339. >"Yeah, dog!"
  340. >The dongs laughed among themselves
  341. >Low life gangers
  342. >Could be worse
  343. >"Yo, you have a really a nice looking gem there, dog."
  344. >"Yeah, dog. We could relieve it of you, dog."
  345. A - confront
  346. B - ignore
  347. Y - reason
  348. X - flee
  349. YY
  351. >You measure each one of them three
  352. >The shortest makes a face of someone chronically horny
  353. "Yes, I do hear you. I mean, excuse me, I was just shocked. I didn't know this is a private curb."
  354. >"How the heck did you not notice all the shit, dog?"
  355. >The tallest one, with the least retarded facial fur talks
  356. >You look around and see no marking on the grey concrete walls nor metal barrels tossed around in some rush-developed-deus-ex-like game
  357. >The middle one barks
  358. >"Shit's on the floor."
  359. >The horniest one add, very self-satisfactory
  360. >"Usually."
  361. >The look at the floor indeed proves that the alley is far more shit in than it supposed to be on this time of year
  362. "Shit. As I said didn't notice. I meant no disrespect. If you could just let me go and forget this slight this one time-"
  363. >"You disrespect the Artificial Gang, you eat the dirt, dog!"
  364. >"Yeah, dog! You eat the dirt!"
  365. >But there's no dirt around, just concrete, asphalt and dog poops
  366. >It dawns on them, as the shock is visible
  367. >"Er, or eat shit."
  368. >"There's more shit on the ground than ground on the ground... Uh,"
  369. >"YO, stop making my homies feel sick with your charades, dog."
  370. "Once again-"
  371. >"Shut the fuck up, dog. We, the Artificial Gang says how it will be."
  372. >The three of them turn their hunchbacked backs to you
  373. >You could attack now
  374. >But there are poops around there
  375. >You smell the risk to slip during a charge too high
  376. >"You either going to show us the gem or you're going to eat the shit, dog." says the tall
  377. >"From the floor!" says the middle
  378. >"Or the wall." says the horny
  379. A - come closer and beat the shit out of them
  380. B - eat the shit off the floor, or the wall
  381. Y - show them your shit (gem)
  382. X - shit yourself and run away
  383. AA
  385. >You shorten the distance
  386. >"Yo, which one will be, dog?"
  387. >You should probably know better
  388. >but you, Twilight Sparkle, won't let the dongs to talk shit to you
  389. >this shit even sticks to your thoughts!
  390. >make it go!
  391. "Fuck."
  392. >"How did you call my mo-"
  393. >the shit hits the fan as you smash a hoof right across one of their faces
  394. >he whimpers something in sponish as you kick him right in the feels
  395. >in the knee, you mean the knee
  396. >"Dog!"
  397. >The smallest one jumps on your side slices the air where you just have been with a paw covered in poop
  398. >a swift buck to his arm sends seems to seal the fate a nearby wall, as the poop in question copies itself on it
  399. >you scream in frustration at all the shitty puns and turn to the last standing dong on your way with the look to blow it away
  400. >but shits himself in fear
  401. >to dong's defence, perfect nesquicks
  402. >"Dog! Stop! It's a prank, dog! It's a prank!"
  403. >only now you're angry
  404. >you don't let any bullshit to fly past you
  405. >that's why you left the cita-
  406. >damn, he is quick
  407. >he's good
  408. >he pounce and you dodge-
  409. >and you land chest fluff right into the liquid brown menac-
  410. >thank god you have a chronic allergy to bullshit or you would also smell it
  411. >you expect the final blow but it doesn't come
  412. >a quick peak above the brown horison proves the last remaining dong to pick up his comaderie and hauling them somewhere
  413. >you briefly think why are you so retarded and stuff the gem safely into the chest fluff
  414. >fuck
  415. >you pick yourself up and the dong menace is gone
  416. >so, you guess you won
  417. >and you won't ask why does this feel so shitty this one time
  418. A - sneak to your apartment (no way to meet Spike in this state)
  419. B - sneak to Spike's (yes way to meet Spike in this state)
  420. Y - go after the dongs
  421. X - sarcastic
  422. BB
  424. >you sneak into the Den's apartment complex
  425. >right into the basement
  426. >no one even look at a s-
  427. >everypony takes you for a hobo
  428. >free snack when hungry
  429. >free fuck when honry
  430. >and let these suckers thing that way
  431. >you go by the last corner of the last corridor and jump back
  432. >Fuck!
  433. >another Twilight Sparkle stands in front of Spike's door
  434. >you did not notice her uniform but-
  435. >but does it bucking matter?
  436. >Sweet Celestial Bun in Oven Above
  437. >you hoped at least Spike's was safe-
  438. >what are you panicking about, Sparkle! get a hold of yourself, Sparkle!
  439. >yes, Sparkle! Thank you, Sparkle!
  440. >no problem, Sparkl-
  441. >NO
  443. >well, Spike is an important persona for the citadel, right?
  444. >Twilight Sparkles don't hurt Spikes, usually
  445. >there's nothing good that comes from this, as far as you're concerned
  446. >fuck
  447. >how to play it
  448. a - wait behind the corner for the Twilight Sparkle to go
  449. b - stroll there casually and friendly towards Twilight Sparkle
  450. y - sneak behind Twilight Sparkle and uncapacitate her or... worse
  451. x - sarcastic
  452. YX
  454. >you become shadow
  455. >you become nightmare
  456. >you become... hobo
  457. >with a beanie hat, freshly pulled out of convinient chest floof, you wipe the shit off of your chest and put the hat atop your dignified mane
  458. >no one notices the hobo
  459. >you turn the corner and...
  460. >Twilight Sparkle wears a pristine snow white shirt and a pair of oversized glasses
  461. >cute
  462. >but no less deadly
  463. >she knocks on the door
  464. >"Mister Spike. Mister Spike. I know you're there. We need to talk."
  465. >she pays you no mind as you slowly pull closer and closer
  466. >"It's official work. We have a meeting agreed upon. It's from the citadel-"
  467. >you wait no more!
  468. >with a mighty pounce you knock off the unsuspecting and incapacitated Twilight Sparkle!
  469. >"Ahh!"
  470. >her hooves trash in the air as she screams!
  471. >the voice echoes the corridors!
  472. >a hoof to the mouth, it is!
  473. "Shut up and talk."
  474. >Her pupils are tiny
  475. >Oh, yeah
  476. >you withdraw your hoof but not before saying
  477. "One unthought act and you're pretty shirt goes brown"
  478. >She nods
  479. >"Who are you?"
  480. >you take of your shit covered hobo disguise of a hat
  481. >Twilight sparkle under you gasp!
  482. >"No!"
  483. >You hold the hat close her shirt
  484. >"W-what is this?"
  485. "What do you mean what is this? It's shit."
  486. >you would lie if the squirming under you don't make you feel remotely good
  487. >there is this primal need of being the top Twilight Sparkle
  488. >every Twilight Sparkle feels it, but some are compelled to commit to attrocities just to ride that high a minute longer
  489. >that's why you left
  490. >"We will get you."
  491. >you smirk
  492. >"Eventually."
  493. "Eventually, you'll grow mature and have foals."
  494. >another short gasp!
  495. >"R-realy you think so?"
  496. A - yes
  497. B - no
  498. Y - maybe
  499. X - i don't know
  500. Y
  502. "What do I look like, an oracle?"
  503. >and here's more shivering and squirming and even some tiny whimper in it
  504. >yes, it does feel good to be good
  505. >"No, you don't! What do you want from me?!"
  506. "Shh. No yelling."
  507. >you threat on her with the hat
  508. "And I want to know what do you do here."
  509. >"I-I can't tell you that."
  510. "And I thought you were going to co-operate."
  511. >"N-no, wait."
  512. >The purple menace fixes her glasses
  513. >"I'm here because we are doing static work."
  514. >Statistic?
  515. >That's pretty serious job.
  516. >She should have protection, shouldn't she?
  517. >A quick scan-spell proves there's no other Twilight Sparkle in the distance
  518. >"You know how i-it goes."
  519. >Or she's lying.
  520. "What if I don't trust you?"
  521. >"H-here."
  522. >she moves to pull out something from the still pristine shirt but you shake your head
  523. >instead, you shift more weight onto her belly with yours own and pull the notes yourself
  524. >indeed, it looks like a statistic job with pretty serious questions whose great importance you don't quite understand for the defence of the Twilight Sparkle citadel
  525. >like: "how many carrots is enough in dragon's diet"
  526. >or "what was first, an egg or a dragon soul"
  527. >"S-see?"
  528. >she's still trembling
  529. >how to proceed
  530. A - Tell her to begone
  531. B - Write silly things in the answers
  532. Y - Question her about what's up in the Citadel
  533. X - Terrorise her
  534. BB
  536. >you smile at the Twilight Sparkle cushion agent under you and pick up a pen
  537. >she is a good Twilight Sparkle
  538. >a loyal Twilight Sparkle
  539. >an honest Twilight Sparkle
  540. >just like you were back when everything was simple
  541. >she doesn't deserve what comes next
  542. "What is the answer to "the sum of the whole is equal to:"?
  543. >"the square of the parts. Why?" her brow furrows, and her ears pick up
  544. >You write down "I like pie"
  545. "What do you like for breakfast?"
  546. >"Pancakes, w-why?"
  547. >Her eyes follow between you and the notepad as you scribble that down
  548. >"No! You cannot!"
  549. >How many carrots is enough in dragon's diet : pancakes
  550. >You look at the answer in the question above but nothing happens
  551. >"I beg you!"
  552. >Weird
  553. >It should make place for another person's answers
  554. >That's how it used to work, at least
  555. >You real couple next questions and answer them really quickly
  556. >What was first, an egg or a dragon soul? Sluts
  557. >"N-no..."
  558. >You turn your attention to the pony under you and shift the weight to get more comfortable
  559. >A loaf above a loaf
  560. >A loud 'oof' escapes her lips
  561. >Perversion
  562. >You know
  563. >Twilight Sparkle the statistic oberves you codly, with fresh tears in eyes and a quivering lip
  564. >"You wrote something dumb, didn't you?"
  565. >Something's off
  566. A - interrogate her about whereabouts of Spike
  567. B - pry about the changes in the statistics procedures
  568. Y - knock her out cold and go to Spike's
  569. Z - torture her more
  570. BZ
  572. "This interactive questionary of yours does not seem to work properly."
  573. >"What do you mean?"
  574. >A confused look on her face tells you everything you need to know
  575. >Nothing
  576. "Tell me how did the field data gathering procedures changed."
  577. >The squirming once subdued return with double the pleasure
  578. >"I can't!"
  579. "Can't or cannot?"
  580. >"What?"
  581. "Can't or can."
  582. >Her nerves relax for a moment.
  583. "Not. Cannot."
  584. "Gah! Stop this! I don't believe you! Why are you like this?!"
  585. "I can do it all day, pal. Or rather can't. Or cannot."
  586. >Her angry whining is like honey for your ears
  587. >Something deep down you may be woken up, but you don't buldge
  588. >Not when the stakes are higher than Twilight Sparkle herself
  589. >"This makes no sense! Stop this cruelty! I have been good to you, Twilight Sparkle!"
  590. >She makes a point
  591. "Then be good for me couple more second and tell me what changed."
  592. >You reposition yourself on her top and put even more weight on her
  593. >Your chest flufs connects, and you look one another in the eye closer than you are cumfortable for
  594. >But you don't budge
  595. >Twilight Sparkle gasps
  596. >"T-the password. They added the password. Leave me be-"
  597. "Not so fast, sweet heart. What is the password."
  598. >"I don't know."
  599. "You want me to believe that?"
  600. >You motion to the poop covered hobo hat that you will miss dearly
  601. >"Fine. The password. You need to write it down at the bottom of the list once you're done."
  602. >That's an important information
  603. >If the citadel password-ed up statistics, they could have weaponise other science branches as well
  604. >One more thing to know
  605. "What is the password?"
  606. >"Why would I tell you?"
  607. >That makes you raise a brow and thrust your hips at hers once
  608. >ONCE
  609. >You are reasonable, not like those Twilight Sparkles
  610. "Have I hurt you, yet?"
  611. >You say as you trace the outlike of her purple head with your hoof
  612. >She mewls in your touch
  613. >"N-no, I guess. Twilight Sparkle, the password is Twilight Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle."
  614. >Twilight Sparkle is their password?
  616. >That's strong
  617. >You doubt anyone would figure it out in a reasonable timetable window to hack a terminal during a stealth timer going off
  618. >Not that you would know
  619. >No sir
  620. "Who came up with that? "
  621. >"I don't know! I swear. We just ger the passwords together with dispositions!"
  622. "Who's your boss?"
  623. >"It's Twilight Sparkle, you don't know her!"
  624. >Probably true
  625. >The citadel's internal policy always disgussed you
  626. >And the democratic voting when everypony is named the same is a hell of a buck
  627. >You fill the rest of the answer spots with vague drawing of various stallion cocks of colours (blue) and sizes (big)
  628. >Then you write down the password at the signature place
  629. >A happy tune plays out
  630. >"No! What have you done! What have you-"
  631. >She bucks you off!
  632. >That comes harly as a surpise
  633. >An angry nerd who research job has been ruined can achieve inner strenght no one suspected her of
  634. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you know it
  635. >The other Twilight Sparkle jumps to her legs and points a hoof at you, very accusingly
  636. >"That's it! You will answer for that!"
  637. A - Go for the kill
  638. B - Knock her out
  639. Y - Persuade her
  640. X - Flee
  641. YY
  643. >You look Twilight Sparkle right in the eyes
  644. "I won't lie to you. I'm not sorry for what I did to you, and I'm not sorry for what you will make to do if you refuse to co-operate."
  645. >She stomps a hoof, "You are a low life scum, Twilight Sparkle! The citadel will have you punished for it!"
  646. "Won't."
  647. >"Mark my wor-"
  648. "Or will not."
  649. >An angry step forward on her side
  650. >One small step back on your own
  651. "Listen, nerd. Against what your training is telling you, I did not come here to fight you."
  652. >"You already assaulted me. You ruined my field research. You threatened to ruin my new shirt!"
  653. >When it sounds like that Twilight Sparkle makes more sense than you, Twilight Sparkle
  654. "But I didn't ruin your glasses."
  655. >She raises a hoof to poke at you, which would be a very rude poke, if your experience means anything
  656. "Look at the hat. Imagine it as clean as your shirt still is. Now picture what would it do to the glasses on your snout. Now look at the actual state of the hat."
  657. >You point at it with a waves of your beautiful mane
  658. >Slowly, very reluctantly, she lowers her leg to the ground, but stops before the tip of the hoof touches the floor
  659. >"You're a rebel. You hurt Twilight Sparkles. Your very existence defies the citadel. What would you even do here? Aren't you on a run?"
  660. >She's talking
  661. >Good
  662. "Hey, it's me who asks questions here."
  663. >"No, you are not! Answer me, or we're done here. A-and don't even think about asking me to not write a report about you!"
  664. >She breathes in and out, regaining compusture she never ever have
  665. >Well, frankly speaking, you were kind of a clit to Twilight Sparkle and her flanks may be in serious trouble
  666. >"What are you doing here?"
  667. >Should you tell her
  668. A - Accuse her of inviding Spike's privacy against the citadel's policy [Rarity Gem 1/1]
  669. B - Accuse her about the maresaccre at the slut house [Slut house arc 1/1]
  670. X - Lie to her and try to assert the dominance [Gun 1/1]
  671. Y - Incapacitate her in a cool way [Pen 1/1]
  672. YAXXBBB
  674. >"What are you doing here?"
  675. >Should you tell her
  676. "I'm trying to inform Spike about what your citadel superiors did to my friend, Twilight Sparkle."
  677. >Twilight Sparkle clad in still snowy white shirt, narrows her eyes
  678. >It does not avoid your perception that while the cloth was originaly white, the current colour is wet
  679. >Most likely by sweat
  680. >Probably not only hers
  681. >The thought makes your head spin
  682. >"And what are you trying to say Twilight Sparkle Citadel has done to your friend?"
  683. "I'm not going to tell you. If you somehow doesn't know yet, you will know soon enough."
  684. >Her lips curl above her teeth as she snarls
  685. >"Twilight Sparkle, you were supposed to answer my question!"
  686. "But I just did."
  687. >"No, you did not!"
  688. "That was another question."
  689. >A deep running scrunch on Twilight Sparkle's perfect face tells you, you won
  690. >You take a quick step forward
  691. >Twilight Sparkle takes a quick step back and raises a hoof but freezes
  692. >Her face turns red as she stutters something
  693. >You don't listen to her
  694. >The hoof she raised could look like in self defence, but you are Twilight Sparkle
  695. >You were trained in Twilight Sparkle arcs
  696. >This Twilight Sparkle before you could cover in fear when confronted, cry and bawl like a little, sexy filly, with great taste in clothes and glasses brims she was...
  697. >But she talked back
  698. >Only now you notice it
  699. >The raised hoof could be aimed at something hidden in her chest floof
  700. >You did not think about digging through her floof and now you lost the chance
  701. >This may be none-sense
  702. >This may be typical Twilight Sparkle indulged paranoya
  703. >Or this mare could be not the Twilight Sparkle she says she is
  704. >Because you're pretty sure there was no combat snuggles class at the ecunnyony courses
  705. >Fuck
  706. "Where were you about two hours ago?"
  707. >She takes a step back
  708. "Where. Were. You?"
  709. >Her head lowers to the chest level as she backs up the flanks into the door to Spike's apartment
  710. >You follow, with your head held high
  711. >Anger is a heck of a fuel
  712. >But you are better than this
  714. >Or so you like to think
  715. >She never lowered a hoof from the vicinity of her floof
  716. >"I d-don't- I don't know w-what are you i-im-"
  717. >That's it
  718. >This is no coincidence
  719. >With a swift slap to her leg she falls flat on the ground before you
  720. >"N-no!"
  721. >With a weak hoof-maga grab to her flank you turn her around pn her back
  722. >Twilight Sparkle looks at you above the brim of her crooked now glasses and moans
  723. >She moans
  724. >What a nerve
  725. >You don't tower above her anymore, you lower your face a the level of her tummy and with both of your frong legs you part the down side of the shirt
  726. >She fights back
  727. >No use
  728. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you have 300 confirmed licks
  729. >With a swivel of your tongue you find Twilight Sparkle's belly button and invide it
  730. >It tastes like a poor mare's fear
  731. >You suscept she smells like lavender, but with your always malfunctioning nose you are more autistic than ever
  732. >One lick
  733. >Two lick
  734. >The licks
  735. >And a nibble
  736. >And a cry of pleasure leaves her mouth
  737. "Will you talk?"
  738. >"N-n-ah~~"
  739. >Her hind hooves kick weakly as you continue your moistening assault at the proximity of her digesting system
  740. >She bites on her hoof to muffle the agonizing musical she can't, or cannot stop
  741. "What do you know about raid?"
  742. >You say between kissing, pulling and tugging at her perfectly toned belly
  743. >"I don't know anything!"
  744. >This Twilight Sparkle is a tough cookie to milk
  745. >"Please! Ah-I beg of you, Twilight Spaaanklee~ I don't know about any raid at any slut house!"
  746. >Bingo
  747. >You did not mention the place, now did you
  748. >Should you point it out to her so she gives up or-
  749. >Sneak attack!
  750. >Her front hooves rab your head and force you down on her perky gi-
  751. >You Prrt with your mouth with all your might
  752. >Right in her belly
  753. >She screams
  754. >Water falls
  755. >Twilight Sparkle falls limp
  756. >Your assault ceased, you makes sure to take use the rest of her shirt to clean off your fluff from all the moisture accumulated
  757. >You look down at the mewling and neighing pony
  758. >She looks content and pretty
  759. >And asleep
  761. >Damnit
  762. >You overdone it
  763. >There is no way you're going to wake her up now
  764. >That would be too cruel
  765. >You take off her completely damp shirt
  766. >Fold it and place next to her just like your momma taught you
  767. >She tries to fight you back by being cute and adorable with her heavy breathing as you reach for the glasses, but you are Twilight Sparkle
  768. >Cuteness is your weapon of choice
  769. >Nature implemented, not augemented
  770. >With the glasses secured and placed on top of the shirt you nod content to yourself
  771. >You still needs answers, though
  772. >Your hoof eachoes through the corridor as it meets the wood of Spike's door
  773. "Spike! Spike! It's me, Twilight Sparkle."
  774. >The door doesn't open
  775. "It's me. Let me in."
  776. >You wait for a bit before you retry
  777. >Is he not home?
  778. >No way to know for sure
  779. >Spikes value their privacy
  780. >Sometimes too much
  781. >There's no worse thing a Twilight Sparkle can do than to walk up on a Spike watching his Kirin Cart-
  782. >Damnit!
  783. >With some time bought by taking Twilight Sparkle out you wonder about your next action
  784. A - check out her chest fluff before you go [Hacking]
  785. B - steal her glasses, they will look better on you, anyways [Scavenging]
  786. Y - lay down next to Twilight Sparkle to take a well deserved nap [Empathy]
  787. X - go to your super secret apartment no other Twilight Sparkle knows about []
  788. BB "ABCD"
  790. >With a new pair of nerd shades, and the citadel's statistic tiny notebook, and with a pen, all of these safely stuck in your chest fluff departnment, you leave the Twilight Sparkle snoring corpse behind you
  791. >You leave the Den complex in a different route than through the previously owned Dong street
  792. >No time for shit
  793. >It's only a matter of time before Twilight Sparkle will wake up and warn the Twilight Sparkle about you being aware of what happened at the slut house
  794. >You only fear for Rarity's well being
  795. >She may not get lucky next time if the goons decide to spread some free of charge love and compatibile veneral diseases
  796. >You fasten your pace as you sneak through the dark passages of lower canterlot
  797. >...
  798. >You arrive at your secret apartment with no further turbulence
  799. >All the warning mechanism of the possibility of the hideout being compromised says: "it's not"
  800. >Which means the lock was locked
  801. >You get into your apartment and let out a breath you did not hold
  802. >Your flanks plop on the sofa with a pleasurable plap
  803. >It's still the sun time, but the window pannels render a view full of one big star and couple of tiny moons floating around it
  804. >A gift from an old friend
  805. >You look at the surrounding and with a deep shrug which fills you with determination you get up, find the gem reader, and plop it next to your spot on the sofa
  806. >The device looks a bit dusty and rusty
  807. >You shrug and go to the kitchen to take a glass of tap water, but...
  808. >The fridge lures you with silent pleas, though
  809. >You pop the last can of Sparkle-Cola and take a swing
  810. >Sparkle-Cola has what ponies crave the most
  811. >It has electrolites
  812. >filled with artificial energy, you gently place the gem into the device and hope it won't choke on it
  813. >quiet music begins to play as a vision from an iHoof industrial camera shows on the wall nearby
  814. >it's hoovtzart
  815. >and it's the insides of the slut house first floor
  816. >the camera moves left-right, right-left
  818. >the recording is blurry, but the clattering of glasses and sounds of fur on fur rubbing
  819. >you turn on the Twilight Sparkle enhanced measures of better and improved vision and they allow you to see more
  820. >that is, your pout almost touches the wall as you stand closer
  821. >you can see only couple of the patrons drinking and one particular your looking mare doing something with another patron's hoof under a table when-
  822. >the door blast open!
  823. >the camera stops moving
  824. >it points at the entrance hallway only
  825. >three ellegant looking ponies in expensive cartoon boxes run into the place and-
  826. >and spits perfectly in the camera lens!
  827. >it almost made you take a roll!
  828. >almost!
  829. >your head pokes out from behind the gem reader and you refocus on the onbstructed vision
  830. >what follows next would put less expertised Twilight Sparkle to a blush
  831. >but not you
  832. >you compliment the hoarsiest sounds of appriciation that's gutter-ably are possible with a sip and a coughing fit
  833. >the recording ends after fifeteen minutes of sounds of raising agony and meaty whacks that echoes through your tiny apartment
  834. >after a quick shower to deal with the filth you just witnessed you realise this was no amateur job
  835. >the spit sticked well
  836. >high quality spit
  837. >professional works
  838. >and the aim
  839. >none of the ponies were Twilight Sparkle
  840. >if any of them was, it would be simple
  841. >the citadel goons
  842. >but none of them even remotely resembled you
  843. >this makes no sense to you
  844. >but the statistic Twilight Sparkle knew about the attack?
  845. >you suspect she did
  846. >you also think you wishful think for her to know
  847. >GAh!
  848. >that's why you wanted to talk with Spike
  849. >he would well advise you, as always
  850. >you re-watch the gem recording one more time and after another long and hot shower you find your mind fog clogged and your stomach empty
  851. >yet you can't get the spit out of your mind
  852. >only one pony you know of could pull a shoot as good as that, but Applejack disappeared when the sweet apple acress got reposessed by the orgasm collectors
  854. >a hoof goes down your body when you think of that but you stop yourself
  855. >two showers in half an hour is enough, your inner, better Twilight Sparkle whines
  856. >should be enough, your outer, prettier and smarter Twilight Sparkle neighs back
  857. >no use, with the can empty you won't have the energy to live it off the third ti-
  858. >you're at the dead end, Sparkle, you know that
  859. >and you don't know what to do, yet
  860. A - take a well deserved nap [Yawn]
  861. B - go to a local horn eleven shop to restock [Food!]
  862. Y - look around the apartment to find some left-overs [Search]
  863. X - roam the streets [Stealth]
  864. A
  866. >A well deserved nap, it is
  867. >Darkess overtakes you quickly
  868. >No dream comes
  869. >Not even the smallest
  870. >You wake up when the sofa moves on its own!
  871. >The living things!
  872. >Hold on- no
  873. >It's the old whole twelve store building that shakened
  874. >And you worried about that silly movie The Night of The Living Bed comes true
  875. >HOLD ON
  876. >The whole building is shakened!
  877. >A loud thunder is still perfectly roaring in your covering ears
  878. >Damnit!
  879. >The citadel found you
  880. >Or it's some stupid turf war
  881. >But you're Twilight Sparkle and you can't bet your luck on that
  882. >Not that you don't like to gamble your life, but... you're Twilight Sparkle
  883. >You can math
  884. >You know the odds
  885. >The BOOM's echo eventually ends and a lot of pony voices in distress calls out
  886. >Poor fillies
  887. >Some rush out of their apartments
  888. >You would love to stop them... yet, that is very convinience for you
  889. >Twilight Sparkles may lose a minute or two to pacify or push past them
  890. >You look around the apartment
  891. >It was a cosy and warm and fuzzy place
  892. >You will miss it dearly
  893. >Especially the free champignon mushrooms growing in the bathtube
  894. >No time to get to any of the hidden stashes!
  895. >You must run!
  896. >And you run to the door!
  897. >Then you stop, come back for the gem, and-
  898. >And you think about the route of escape!
  899. A - run out with other ponies and rampede
  900. B - make use of the old ventilatory system
  901. Y - get out through the window on the window sill outside
  902. X - bariccade yourself in and prepare defense
  903. BXX
  905. >you consider your options and decide to defend your turf
  906. >this is how the gongs must feel like
  907. >with a rough estimation of time that you still have turns out-
  908. >turns out you don't have much time
  909. >you suspected it but you had to be sure
  910. >with dignified haste you gallop to the pile of half read books and dig deep into it
  911. >it pains you to trash them away, but it's still better than letting them being read without consent of the owner
  912. >they deserve better
  913. >you can't look as you dig through the pile of your precious children untill you-
  914. >aha!
  915. >with a mighty pull a gray looking chest gives up and land on the floor
  916. >M.A.R.E. chest contains everything you may need to take your Twilight Sparkles with you
  917. >but where?
  918. >The promotional text under the name is confusing
  919. >another roar
  920. >another shake
  921. >some dust and paint falling on your head
  922. >you haul the box to a more preferable position and unpack it
  923. >...
  924. >you didn't have enough time to deploy everything you have when the neighbour's screams got quiet
  925. >probably silenced with threats of unrelenting belly rubs or worse
  926. >free saddle measurements in a shop a bit too expensive for your budget
  927. >the horror leaves your system as a familiar static sound cuts through your thoughts like a papercut
  928. >Twilight Sparkle used a localisation spell
  929. >they know you're here for sure
  930. >you know they know
  931. >two edged piece of paper
  932. >...
  933. >you look once again at all the pieces of the improptu death zone and stand inside the M.A.R.E. chest
  934. >it has a very convinient visior and lays very close to the vent
  935. >on a second thought, you open the vent
  936. >just in case
  937. A - close the chest with you inside and observe the assault
  938. B - move the M.A.R.E chest closer to the window
  939. Y - stay as you stay, in order to vent, just in case
  940. X - stand your ground to finish off kill zone survivors run to the other room in search of the B.O.X.
  941. AA
  943. >with a last glance around,you salute to pay respect
  944. >the M.A.R.E. stash closes on top of you hitting your horn and squeezing you somewhat
  945. >but it's ok
  946. >you cry only a little
  947. >a little!
  948. >who could blame you for-
  949. >another explosion!
  950. >this one far closer and bigger than any before
  951. >the box with you moves back by a hair due to the sheer force
  952. >you quickly grab the complementary carton binoculars and put it on your nose
  953. >you don't know how it works but it works
  954. >it's pure magic enhanced into a form
  955. >with them on, you can see everything as good as if you were not inside a container
  956. >which is not much at the moment, frankly speaking
  957. >the vision is filled with thick black smoke
  958. >yet you manage to see a pony sized hole in the wall next to the door
  959. >the pony intruder holds in her hooves a mace some of sort
  960. >anti-magic device, you suspect
  961. >she quickly back tracks to the door and pull the door knob open and two more mares run into the place
  962. >those Twilight Sparkles are different tier from what you can tell
  963. >all three of them wear full body carton armors
  964. >perfectly capable of stopping water for about five second before they begin to melt
  965. >the citadel wants you
  966. >all of it takes only about three seconds between the breach in the wall and those three in total galloping in
  967. >and then the true hell opens
  969. >you shoudl thank them for making so much smoke
  970. >they can't see where they are going
  971. >and they can't sense it with any magical means
  972. >nothing protects their hooves from running right into the maliciously spilled lego pieces
  973. >all of them scream in pain
  974. >all of them stumble around
  975. >one of them bucks in shock and confusion
  976. >this one lands on even more traitorous lego pieces!
  977. >that Twilight Sparkle screams and fall her side, trying to get the small objects out of her frogs
  978. >you do your best not to giggle
  979. >you really do
  980. >the other two do not share their fallen Twilight Sparkle comrade fate
  981. >they run through the kitchen and end up very close where you are
  982. >too close
  983. >there's hope!
  984. >one of them holds a plate of freshly baked cookies
  985. >she offers one to the other, but the other is better than that
  986. >to her ultimate demise, the second is not
  987. >she takes a bite and find them too hot
  988. >take that!
  989. >she freeze, then rush to the kitchen
  990. >you wish you could see if Twilight Sparkle is trugling to take a sip from the tap
  991. >poor thing
  992. >you cut the water off
  993. >the only thing she can drink is what you want her to-
  994. >and here comes more screaming and even more smoke!
  995. >that silly filly drank horse-shoe red looking intant kompot you prepared
  996. >she did not know you baptised it with hot tabasco sauce
  997. >you almost feel sorry
  998. >almost
  999. >the fiery red looking Twilight Sparkle runs to the door and falls into a hug of another Twilight Sparkle who shyly pokes her head into the breach
  1000. >another one comes out and, while dangerously waving a water pistol filled with fresh red pain, tries to pull out the first fallen, still trashing combatant
  1001. >the last standing Twilight Sparkle looks at the pile of half-read book
  1002. >the strongly augemented purple quickly turns around and kicks the M.A.R.E. chest!
  1003. >the carton oculars fall off and break!
  1004. >Gah!
  1005. A - stay still and try to NOT CRY
  1006. B - jump out and try to fight her in hoof combat
  1007. Y - jump out and try to disengage
  1008. X - sarcastic
  1009. AAX
  1011. >Twilight Sparkle sizes you up
  1012. >Your lip is not quivering in anticipation
  1013. >Your breathing stops
  1014. >Not knowing what to do you decide against acting alltogether
  1015. >You sit in the military grade crate and hope for a miracle
  1016. >Or to say it in a cool manner befitting Twilight Sparkle ninja kirin extra-ordinare
  1017. >You stick to principles and play dead
  1018. >The heavily augemented mare takes a single step forward before her radio buzz
  1019. >"Op. Is Op here?"
  1020. >Her brown pulled down
  1021. >Her eyes narrowed at you
  1022. >an intrusive thought forces its way past your cranium
  1023. >how would it be like if she stood like that above you
  1024. >and you don't want to know
  1025. >you think
  1026. >with a look of annoyance she turns to the radio
  1027. >"OP here."
  1028. >She finally esponds
  1029. >"Withdraw." the radio says
  1030. >A vein turns visible on her forehead but her eyes never leave your not-so-secured-stash
  1031. >"What do you mean withdraw?!" anger in her voice almost palatable
  1032. >the radio comes back to live
  1033. >"Long range radar spell turns null. Suspect escaped. If she ever been there."
  1034. >Twilight Sparkle takes off her helmet AND her view away from you
  1035. >oof!
  1036. >that was close
  1037. >she turns her back to you and witness the ruin of an apartment as she stomps a hoof angrily, breaking the wooden pannel under it into toothpicks
  1038. >wow
  1039. >you don't want to be that wooden pannel anymore
  1040. >y-you never wanted to be that pannel to begin with
  1041. >the M.A.R.E. should think of better ventilation systems cos it's damn hot in the box
  1042. >"-bucking ubelievable!"
  1043. >"That's an order."
  1044. >You didn't listen!
  1045. >Crabs!
  1046. >you refocus at the defeated combatant Twilight Sparkle amd wonder briefly should you do something now or-
  1047. >she gives the room another pissed off look as if the walls could have protected you
  1048. >with taht she bows her horn to the floor and cast the radar spell!
  1049. >you rush to prepare a counter-measure
  1050. >but you don't know did you manage to pull it off or what
  1051. >you don't feel the electric itch either
  1052. >weird
  1054. >the M.A.R.E box must be really magic proofed
  1055. >you didn't know that
  1057. >She quickly turns to face you again!
  1058. >oh no!
  1059. >fumes of brain damage get out of her nose!
  1060. >she runs at you, grab the you by the case and sends you flying again!
  1061. >Ow ow ow!
  1062. >you sacraficed your comfort and safety to steady the lid
  1063. >so, you did not sacrafice your safety in the long run, but a broken rib is a broken rib
  1064. >which you don't know how hurts because you never had a broken rib
  1065. >the radio wakes up once again!
  1066. >"OP. You-...-fa-...-g-go-""~!"-...-to! Disc-ipli-nnary actio-...-nns will be tak-en. Be at your supervisor's office after the operation."
  1067. >Twilight Sparkle doesn't listen, though!
  1068. >She looks where you just where!
  1069. >At least not at you
  1070. >Taht would be extremely painful
  1071. >What is she looking at-
  1072. >At the opened vent!
  1073. >"Four Uuus. This is Twilight Sparkle. I think I know how the suspect got away. Permission to pursuit?"
  1074. >A heavy breath is heard on the radio operator's side, "Don't take localisation spell off. Team Algebra will catch up. Team Grammar withdrawn. Do not try to interact alone. Do not remove the tag off the target."
  1075. >a static pause can be heard
  1076. >"Permission... granted."
  1077. >Whoa!
  1078. >You didn't know Twilight Sparkle smile's can turn so sadistic!
  1079. >So mad!
  1080. >The mare almost jumps into the vent and instanly disappears
  1081. >only her hoofs hitting against thin metal echoes through the building
  1082. >but even they get away pretty quickly
  1083. >only the sound of burning books and creacking under the weight of so much magic being used accompany you for a better part of half an hour
  1084. >it's possible you can go out of the box now-
  1085. >hold on...
  1086. >you pull everything out of your floof!
  1087. A - inspect the broken water gun
  1088. B - inspect the pair of glasses
  1089. Y- inspect the pen
  1090. X - inspect the statistic notebook
  1091. XAA
  1093. >you look at the gun
  1094. >it's a green top - blue bottom model of a water gun
  1095. >pretty standard, but with a broken glass and a scary hole in water tank
  1096. >the gun is empty
  1097. >the trigger is just right
  1098. >really, a standard police equipment
  1099. >really well done
  1100. >break proof
  1101. >if the marefacturer is to be trusted
  1102. >this item does not possess any identifying numbers
  1103. >probably removed due to being previously used by low tier citadel goons
  1104. >or maybe never had them
  1105. >it lays in the hoof very well
  1106. >it doesn't have a safety button, though
  1107. >high risk high threat
  1108. >you're unable to say would the gun leak water if kept barrel downwards
  1109. >easy to conceal
  1110. >very reliable
  1111. >quite pretty for an untrained eye
  1112. >with a muzzle that can work like a face opener
  1113. >but it doesn't look like it can shoot very far
  1114. >overall, a pretty common, perfect self-defence weapon on the street
  1115. >especially for those that can't be bothered with looking for ammo
  1116. >if the comercials are to be trusted
  1117. A - conclude everything's good and go out
  1118. B - inspect the pair of glasses
  1119. Y - inspect the pen
  1120. X - inspect the statistic notebook
  1121. XXX
  1123. >but do you really trust commercials?
  1124. >you give the broken gun last one glance
  1125. >maybe
  1126. >you turn back to the other items
  1127. >your eye catch the notebook
  1128. >it's worn out and it looks like it was used for generations of statistic data collectors
  1129. >the paper is yellow
  1130. >the edges are ruined
  1131. >couple of pages are missing
  1132. >and it's binded in the old fashioned metal rolls on the top way
  1133. >no one produces things like that nowadays
  1134. >this should be in a magic history museum more than in an use
  1135. >unless the citadel either has an inclination towards well established technologies
  1136. >which does sounds unlikely, but also very likely, when you think at it
  1137. >the answers to the questions evaporated over time, but your sign prevailed
  1138. >you wonder should you tap the pen on the first quiestion to see your sign erase
  1139. >hard to tell, but you can always do that later
  1140. >reading in M.A.R.E. case is one case, but writing in it?
  1141. >that would be as uncultured like swines
  1142. >those who don't wear hats matching their outfits, that is
  1143. >your lips quivers in uncertaincy
  1144. >as you commit last one attrocity testing
  1145. >you tear a piece of magically enhanced paper from the last page and put it in your mouth
  1146. >mmm, tasty paper
  1147. >it tastes like any paper ever
  1148. >which it should
  1149. >why shouldn't it?
  1150. >you are Twilight Sparle and-
  1151. >shouldn't old magi-paper taste worse?
  1152. >and how would you know how it's supposed to taste?
  1153. >it shouldn't be tasted at all!
  1154. >why did you think of that, Twilight Sparkle
  1155. >or are you a totall gluton?
  1156. >GAh!
  1157. >...
  1158. >what to do
  1159. >mmm
  1160. A - everything's good, take all and go out
  1161. B - inspect the pair of glasses
  1162. Y - inspect the pen
  1163. X - leave the notebook and get out
  1164. XXA
  1166. >You decide you're good to go
  1167. >Except taking the notebook
  1168. >The notebook stays behind you in the M.A.R.E. box
  1169. >It seems to be magic-proof and it saved your hide this time
  1170. >They may find it if or when the Twilight Sparkle will decide to search through this place but... why are they not here?
  1171. >The citadel has more than all resources to secure the place
  1172. >What would be stopping them other than a learning nap, you can't imagine
  1173. >You close the stash and look around
  1174. >There's not much left and the fire is spreading
  1175. >The sight of all your books catching fire in slow-motion fills your eyes with tears
  1176. >The black, thick smoke only adds to that
  1177. >But it's mostly the books
  1178. >Maybe you should try to protect them
  1179. >But you can't!
  1180. >Ponies in other apartments begin to wake up and yell and scream and run in amok
  1181. >You better not be seen
  1182. >Somepony's head poke through a pony shaped hole in the wall
  1183. >"Hey, is there anypony?"
  1184. >You fully turn to face the intruder with the horn poking its way!
  1185. >It takes a couple of seconds before the pony eyes' spot you
  1186. >"You alright? Can you walk?"
  1187. "Yes, I'm fine."
  1188. >You found yourself double surpsised
  1189. >That you can speak
  1190. >And that your voice sounds so weak
  1191. >"Don't stay there too long! Looks like your side got the worst hit. Grab anything you can carry and go out. Help somepony out if you can. The services has been already informed."
  1192. >"Informed?"
  1193. >he, because it's clearly a stallion, turns to somepony on the corridor
  1194. >"Yes, about the collapse of the building," he turns back to you, "move quickly!"
  1195. >He waits for you to respond
  1196. >You nod
  1197. >The corners of his mouth raise ever-so-slightly in a weak smile
  1198. >He leaves
  1199. >So should you
  1200. >But first!
  1201. >You around the piles of even-more-set-on-fire things till you get into the kitchen
  1202. >The fridge lays to the side, sticking the top of it through a thin wall
  1203. >Your hoof break and tear away a tile piece from under it and you grab the bag from the secret stash
  1204. >It's too big for the floof, but you can carry it on your back
  1205. >Now, which route should you take?
  1206. A - by the corridor, the stair case (down) and the main entrance, as suggested by the neighbour
  1207. B - by the corridor, the stair case (up) and to the roof
  1208. Y - by the vent into which Twilight Sparkle went to
  1209. X - by the window and on the balconies of the building
  1210. BYY
  1212. >Vents, then
  1213. >You push your pretty purple head into the entrance in the wall and find it in perfect side to not offend you
  1214. >Your hooves echoes slightly with each step but it's perfectly ok, as the whole building is catching more and more FIRE
  1215. >Or falling apart
  1216. >Hard to tell
  1217. >There's some of old dust that bites you in the snout
  1218. >There's little to no airflow in here
  1219. >Not quite sure is it good or bad
  1220. >Guess you'll find out
  1221. >Which you wish you won't
  1222. >Tap tap tap, each step forward
  1223. >There are couple of places where the pipe bends, all of them horizontal so far
  1224. >Certainly, some of them leads to other apartments
  1225. >You are certain becuase you can see the apartments through the vents
  1226. >But you don't have time for that, now do you?
  1227. >You try to find the way to any of the vertical ones
  1228. >When you reach another apartment you backtrack to a wider place and turn around
  1229. >
  1230. >Finally!
  1231. >You manage to find a four way connector
  1232. >A vent going from top to the bottom, the one you came from, and one more that's 90 degrees to your left
  1233. >It leads straight down and up, though
  1234. >Unless you feel athletic you won't be able to just slide down in it without hurting yourself
  1235. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you don't feel athletic at the moment
  1236. >Not in general, just not right now
  1237. >Uh!
  1238. A - slide down the vents
  1239. B - climb up the vents
  1240. X - continue to vent (to the left)
  1241. Y - return to any apartment and get out
  1242. Y
  1244. >Screw this!
  1245. >You try to unscrew the vent in the closest apartment which does seem not to be set on fire, yo
  1246. >It's solid work
  1247. >And it won't budge
  1248. >You kick it once, twice
  1249. >Nothing
  1250. >You lay down on your back and kick it with a hindleg and it gives ever so slightly
  1251. >Why is this such a hard work you don't know
  1252. >Victory!
  1253. >You roll into somepony's home and find yourself pretty dumbfounded
  1254. >An angry looking, black and white, hissing ball of fur bares its claws and fangs at your general direction
  1255. >By the sounds of it there's no pony in the apartment but this cat whose back is bent like a string in a bow
  1257. >You dodge behind a sofa
  1258. >The little creet meows sadly and uses its tail to signal who is the boss here
  1259. >You would do the same but you're not petty nor scared
  1260. >It attacks once again but this time you don't buldge, because so brave and in-thought you are
  1261. >The deadly monster cat stops just before making a contact and-
  1262. >Begin to mewl, "Meow meow meow meow meow."
  1263. >It's fuzzy for sure, you can tell, it snuggled one of your hoof and reciprocated with nervous purring at your petting it's head
  1264. >Dark, unhealthy smoke gets into the apartment through the closed door and accumulates under the ceiling
  1265. >You try to pick up the cat but it runs away
  1266. >Not far, thit time, it only grabs a gray pony-sized hoodie
  1267. >It refuses to let it go
  1268. A - grab the hoodie and the cat
  1269. B - leave the cat but take the hoodie
  1270. Y - leave the hoodie but take the cat
  1271. X - leave the hoodie and the cat
  1272. >You wonder...
  1273. >Your eyes fall on the door and on the window
  1274. >Not knowing which apartment it is you can't picture your posisiton on the builiding plan
  1275. C - open the door and if possible look for stairs
  1276. D - open the door and if possible look for a lift
  1277. V - open the window and try to get on the building elevation if possible
  1278. Z - go back to the ventilating system
  1279. AV
  1281. >Your hooves instinctively tie themselves around the cat
  1282. >It meows like crazy
  1283. >Only when you make an impromptu bag out of the hoodie and let it hang on your chest the cat gets quiet
  1284. >You push it into the hoodie and to your satisfaction it oes not try to run away
  1285. >With that concluded you look at the door
  1286. >There's more and more smoke coming out from behind them but it's not something you can't manage
  1287. >You come closer to the door but pause at the last moment
  1288. >Your leg hovers above the door knob
  1289. >You feel something
  1290. >Heat
  1291. >It's really hot on the other side of the doors
  1292. >Damnit
  1293. >You don't know is the fire close, but you don't dare to open the door
  1294. >The smoke's too hot for you
  1295. >You'll pass
  1296. >You mean, you'll pass through the window-door leading to a balcony
  1297. >...
  1298. >You had to break it with a kick
  1299. >Clouds of smoke follows you on the balcony
  1300. >The view before you looks almost dark
  1301. >The moon is high
  1302. >The floor is 8th
  1303. >The city is iluminated with thousands of LED lamps
  1304. >Red and blue lights, accopanied with very well known sirens are moving around
  1305. >Some of them to this location
  1306. >But those are not what you're looking for
  1307. >No
  1308. >You look for tiny little purple specs
  1309. >You look for the Twilight Sparkle citadel goons
  1310. >They withdrawn, alright
  1311. >Would they not leave behind some kind of a pair of eyes?
  1312. >You know you would, if you had two spare
  1313. >Which you don't
  1314. >Nor you will soon have even one pair as there's more poisonous smoke behind you
  1315. >The sky above glitches as you look around to find some overgrown clothes horse in the corner
  1316. A - jump out of the balcony to the one on the 7th floor on the left (no balcony on the 8th floor there)
  1317. B - use the clothes horse contents to make an improptu rope and get out of the balcony to the one under yours (but will it suffice to hold you)
  1318. Y - travel by the parapet to the right and turn the corner of the building (if you dare)
  1319. X - travel by the parapet to the left for the lenght of three balconies and get on it (if you want)
  1320. YBAA
  1322. >You have no clue waht to do
  1323. >The cat weights like a bag of candies on your neck
  1324. >A bag of candies you can't eat
  1325. >you don't want to lose,
  1326. >but that's fine, too
  1327. >the travel to the next balcon on the same floor on the left doesn't sound very plausible
  1328. >maybe it is, but it doesn't look like there's some better way out of there and each step you take is a risk you take and
  1329. >mare
  1330. >you're good at math
  1331. >what's behind the corner of the building?
  1332. >you pry your inner eye to tell you
  1333. >two carriages fly by in a far away distance
  1334. >yeah, this seems like a long shot, even if it's a turn around
  1335. >what if you don't make it?
  1336. >you know exactly what and that makes this sneak into unknown less of an exciting idea as before
  1337. >what you mean is: the citadel wins
  1338. >that thing?
  1339. >you are Twilight Sparkle and that thing won't happen
  1340. >no, sir
  1341. >not today
  1342. >er, tonigh
  1343. >you grab the clothes off of the clothe horse and tie bigger parts of it in tight knots which you would not be able to get off easy
  1344. >Rarity could, but not you
  1345. >nu-uh
  1346. >with the impomptu rope you tie it to a a metal barrier above the concrete half-wall dividing the balconies from the deep space...
  1347. >damn
  1348. >you can't tell will you make it
  1349. >barely a piece of the rope is visible when you look down
  1350. >standing on the barrier is out of the picture unless you accidentally develop emergency wings
  1351. >which you don't
  1352. >you let the rope dangle to the left side of the balcony and stress test it one more time
  1353. >the corners of shirts, pants and panties gets all wrinkled and tied
  1354. >or untied
  1355. >how are you supposed to know what you're doing
  1356. >even more smoke from the building makes you haste
  1357. >...
  1358. >you slipped down the rope and fell the last half a meter to your hooves
  1359. >easy
  1360. >there's nothing on the balcony and there's an apartment with a small dose of smoke in it
  1361. >no one there
  1362. >AAAh!
  1363. >The whole building violently shakes!
  1364. >You could swear it moved a bit down
  1365. >A big metal box flied couple meters away and crashed into the ground!
  1366. >More sirens are heard and-
  1367. >-and in closer proximity, too
  1368. >being saved does feel so nice right now, but anything feels so nice right now!
  1369. >And you shouldn't be seen!
  1370. >think fast!
  1371. >to the left is another three balcony long hole between another one, with a narrow parapet in between
  1372. >to the right is the balcony you were above, just after one small jump distance
  1373. >under you is floor 6th balconies in the very same patterns as already seen, you assume
  1374. >you ASSUME
  1375. >oh, how low you fell with your risk calculus...
  1376. >you would ask the cat for directions but it only looks at you with its light green eyes and blinks slowly from time to time
  1377. >think faster!
  1378. A - get into the apartment (7th floor)
  1379. B - jump to the balcony on the left (one floor lower, no rope)
  1380. Y - go to the balcony on the right (jump)
  1381. X - use the parapet to get to the balcony on the same floor to the left (the far away one)
  1382. B
  1384. >the cat is fine
  1385. >it moves its head up and down slowly
  1386. "Ey, uhhh, my new furry friend. Do you know any way out?"
  1387. >The cat blinks slowly
  1388. >That settles the cat matter
  1389. >A quick look through the balcony window prooves it's a living room of a typical low canterlot living apartment
  1390. >You can get in and try to search for anything that would be found in a typical apartment
  1391. >What also your mighty Twilight Sparkle perception makes aware for you is that - this balcony door does not make the smoke to go through them
  1392. >only a small amount of smoke is up the dark, ugly ceiling
  1393. >and there's no handle on this side of the door so only a kick can help
  1394. >at least you don't have to worry about repaying the damage
  1395. >for once!
  1396. A - get into the apartment (7th floor)
  1397. B - jump to the balcony on the left (one floor lower, no rope)
  1398. Y - go to the balcony on the right (jump)
  1399. X - use the parapet to get to the balcony on the same floor to the left (the far away one)
  1400. [The same as before after addition explanation]
  1401. B
  1403. >You jump!
  1404. >In place
  1405. >Totally not out of fear
  1406. >For preparing yourself
  1407. >This time no panty-rope to get down onto
  1408. >Er
  1409. >Let's forget that
  1410. >You don't take a leap
  1411. >You hang down the barrier and kick your hindhooves weakly as you let go
  1412. >The landing is not perfect, alright, but it's a landing
  1413. >Your pride may be hurt, your back, too, and the cat angered, but at least-
  1414. >OW!
  1415. >The cat bites you!
  1416. >Ow!
  1417. >It doesn't hurt, more like a surprise, really, but still!
  1418. "Why are you doing this? I'm saving your furry life!"
  1419. >It takes some heavy patting but the cat is no more hostile
  1420. >For now
  1421. >You look around and this balcony is in a far more dustier state than the last one
  1422. >The apartment it belongs to has the door closed and shutters closed
  1423. >You look around and spot a big crown of ponies looking up
  1424. >No purple dots, though
  1425. >At least you think so
  1426. >It's still six floors to go but you're not sure can you make it this all way down
  1427. >If you break a rib while doing so you doubt you will be able to land properly
  1428. >Damn, you can't do it without a rope, Rainbow Dash wouldn't!
  1429. >No, you're better than this, there's nothing Rainbow Dash wouldn't do
  1430. >And that's why she's such good friends with Rarity
  1431. >...
  1432. >This is not time for this
  1433. >There is another balcony on the far left (three balconies away), with an AC unit on the way in the middle distance
  1434. >Another palcony you could try to land on to the down left, with some carton boxes
  1435. >Two balconies on the right and then a parapet and a corner
  1436. >One full of sporting equipment in good shape
  1437. >Worth to remember where to get a bike or some durmbells if you ever have a use for them [Scavenger Perk]
  1438. >And if the building will stand [Twilight Sparkle]
  1439. >...
  1440. >Why are you like this, again?
  1441. A - get into the apartment (6th floor)
  1442. B - jump to the balcony on the left (one floor lower, no rope)
  1443. Y - go to the balcony on the right (jump)
  1444. X - use the parapet to get to the balcony on the same floor to the left (the far away one)
  1445. [welp]
  1446. None
  1448. >You leap to the apartment on your right
  1449. >The doors open, and there's no smoke
  1450. >It's almost completely dark there
  1451. >It's a living room that leads to other rooms
  1452. >There's a cup of coffee at a wooden table, two Muncher energy bars (which you swiftly take) and to a wall at the wait level is sticke a half used dil-
  1453. >You turn around and look for some kind of rope
  1454. >...
  1455. >You rampage through the kitchen but find no food
  1456. >Er, you find no rope, but the cable to an iron can do
  1457. >For some reason there are three irons here
  1458. >Each of them bigger than a regular sized one, even if not much
  1459. >Each of them signed, "papa", "mama", "hastur"
  1460. >You haul them to the living room
  1461. >Then you notice the bed
  1462. >The matress looks dirty, wet even
  1463. >But it can do, if you can throw it over to the other balcony
  1464. >The cat meows weakly and you don't ignore it
  1465. >His eyes shine in the dark room and he stops to vocalize its concerns once pulled closer to the chest
  1466. >You look around for the last time and see a glimpse of the apartment door being wide open
  1467. >your hair stands up as a wave of cold sweat falls on you
  1468. >somepony or something is standing in the dark hallway and is looking at you with shiny green eyes
  1469. A - leave everything and run out to the balcony
  1470. B - take a reasonably sized iron and do the same
  1471. Y - try to take the mattress and get yourself eaten
  1472. X - pull out the gun and confrot the pony of shadows
  1473. XXB
  1475. >You fortify this postion
  1476. >The gun in your hoof aimed right between the eyes of the nightmare monster
  1477. >You stomach lands on the floor, you head hiding behind an iron
  1478. >Never taking your eyes off of the dark figure in the door
  1479. >It's light green eyes never leaves you alone
  1480. >Nor does it blink
  1481. >It froze as if in mid-shock on its own
  1482. >The ominous feeling of it already gnawing at your bones provides enough encourageent not blink back
  1483. >This thing should be
  1484. >The cat cease to move
  1485. >Only the technicolor rays of moonlight reach into the door behind you
  1486. >The creature opens its jaw ever so slowly
  1487. >White teeth that reflects the light
  1488. >Canine teeth made to tear tender pony meat
  1489. >You can't watch
  1490. >You can't turn away
  1491. >You blink
  1492. >Your heart drops
  1493. >The creature's gone
  1494. >Only green lamps on the wall behind the door flicker
  1495. >You freeze
  1496. >The hair on your back dance waltz
  1497. >The death waltz
  1498. >You turn around and-
  1499. >wheeze
  1500. >...
  1501. >You pulled the triger of the empty gun and nothing happens
  1502. >The shadowy figure is not behind you
  1503. >Not in the doors
  1504. >You take a breath
  1505. >A first in an eternity
  1506. >An uneasy step forward proves it's hard to push the iron with you, but you do it anyways
  1507. >You stay in the apartment with the gun in the hand
  1508. >The lights in the doorframe flicker once again
  1509. >From up closer you can read EX and IT written on them, with a white luminescent arrow pointing to the bottom right
  1510. >You dare to unfortify yourself by putting a hoof to your head
  1511. >...
  1512. >Only the sirens from the emergency cart echoes through the building
  1513. >They must be here
  1514. >In place of your imagination
  1515. >Because you imagined that, Twilight Sparkle
  1516. >You did
  1517. >Did you not?
  1518. >The white arrow turns on and off once again
  1519. >The tears locked in your eyes fall freely
  1520. A - take the mattress and go back to the balcony
  1521. B - take the iron (for the cable) and do the same
  1522. Y - go inside the dark building
  1523. X - go to the other balcony to check another apartment
  1524. YYY
  1526. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you wish there was any way to know what's behind the corner
  1527. >Any way other than to stick off your vulnerable but capable head out of it
  1528. >The cat occassioanlly purrs and scrapes your chest floof with claws
  1529. >Ha!
  1530. >It deals you no damage!
  1531. >Unicorn master r-
  1532. >You get out of the apartment right into completely dark corridor
  1533. >The gun is hold high, just in case the pony of shadows is real
  1534. >You are 100% sure it isn't
  1535. >...
  1536. >The green colour of [Exit] signs marks the way to the staircase
  1537. >You find it easily while encountering nothing on your way
  1538. >It's quiet, though
  1539. >Too quiet for your likings
  1540. >The slow steps echoes on the ugly lino floor
  1541. >That's a thing worth mentioning;
  1542. >The building was never good to live in
  1543. >At least at the time you got yourself in
  1544. >The apartments were cozy, if the occupants were so
  1545. >Luckily for everypony, ponies are cozy
  1546. >Some at least
  1547. >The common area, however, well, it left little to imagination how scrape and concrete-like the lower canterlot is
  1548. >The staircase is no different
  1549. >A glass door with two windows leads to it, and both are broken into shards
  1550. >You step carefully and victorious through the sharpy rubbles
  1551. >Once on the stairs you feel uneasy
  1552. >You fight the need to flee and look back
  1553. >Nothing new is visible
  1554. >If anything, there's more shadows than before
  1555. >There is no light on the stairs
  1556. >No emergency light-bulbs on the stairs, even
  1557. >On the corridor you had at least some white arrows
  1558. >The steps lead down and up
  1559. >To get to the half floor is rather easy
  1560. >To turn 180 degrees back and climb down by the balustrade is easy pease
  1561. >To jump out of your skin because the cat begin meow furiously till you pattet it is completely natural
  1562. >You are on the straicase on a floor you don't remember
  1563. >The floor's emergency lights are as the one's above - minimal, white and light green
  1564. >The stairs leads down
  1565. >The hairs on your back rises
  1566. >Metal on metal noise can be heard somewhere
  1567. >As if a pipe fell down
  1568. >Pony noises cuts through the state silence that commences
  1569. >You must manually remind yourself to move
  1570. >A weak, almost un-noticable gust of wet wind falls on your mane
  1571. A - run down the stairs
  1572. B - walk down the stairs
  1573. Y - run into the floor and close the glass doors (which looks mighty sturdy right now!)
  1574. X - turn around and contront your completely reasonabl-(EEP!)
  1575. X
  1577. >Aha!
  1578. >You jump in place and swing the weapon at the pony's jaw!
  1579. >The shadow has no eyes, nor head
  1580. >Only a glimpse of white arrow under green, flickering letters in the far away distance
  1581. >You could swear it wasn't turned on when you have been next to it
  1582. >You don't need to swear to know that-
  1583. >Ow! Ow! Ow!
  1584. >That you doesn't have time to catch the balustrade!
  1585. >One hoof slipped and you went flying down the concrete stairs!
  1586. >Ow! Ow! What the heck?!
  1587. >Your determination and optimism is gone
  1588. >The pony of shadows got you for good, now
  1589. >Outside of your pride being mare-handed to you, nothing happens
  1590. >No pony-monster pounces at you
  1591. >Nothing but the hard, cold floor connects with you
  1592. >You landed on your back
  1593. >You wish you could gice your back to somepony
  1594. >The cat screams for a short bit and digs its deadly lasers and teeth in your chest
  1595. >Ha!
  1596. >Lucky you
  1597. >You can't feel it, really, you just know the cat does it
  1598. >Once back on your legs you don't fear to look up the stairs
  1599. >Nothingness lined with weak light source
  1600. >One of your back hooves does not feel too well
  1601. >It would be best not to perform any hoof-maga nor kara-neigh till it feels better
  1602. >Ugh
  1603. >The cat does not give up in it's nomming endeavors even after an administered pat
  1604. >Time to ignore the cat and get down
  1605. >Which you do
  1606. >The ominous feeling of somepony watching you doesn't leave you as you descend in almost complete darkness, but nothing more raises your pulse during the travel
  1607. >...
  1608. >The bottom floor's lights are turned off, too, yet, the level is filled with rescue ponies who bust the door open the moment you reach the bottom of the stairs
  1609. >They fill the corridor like a tsunami wave, but with many different hats with fitting ties
  1610. >Police hats, Fire fighters hats, Combat nurse hats
  1611. >You're better than hat envy-ing them, though
  1612. >Because you have a gun, and a good gun is the best hat income source
  1613. >The whole building shakes
  1614. >It feels weaker than on the upper levels
  1615. >It doesn't make anypony any-less nervous
  1616. >As quickly as ponies (in hats) got in, now they are scrambling out
  1617. >What you notice just now is a vandalized gop-nik-nic vendinch machine
  1618. >Concrete ash falls off of the walls as another explosion in higher leves can be heard
  1619. >Weird
  1620. >Does it mean the last couple floor corridors were silenced?
  1621. A - put the glasses on and fit in the crown
  1622. B - wait in the shadow until they are gone
  1623. Y - throw the cat at somepony
  1624. X - check out the vending-machine
  1625. AA
  1627. >You slowly, very slowly, dislodge the cat's parts from you, to it's great dissatisfaction, if angry hissing is any indicator of that
  1628. >It takes to anger the furry friend even more so you can pull the glasses out the container of your chest
  1629. >You realize you did not test the glasses inside of them
  1630. >Becoming completely blind is not something you did not practice just now, but OW!
  1631. >The fuzzy ball of hatred put its carbon based (science!) claws to your side!
  1632. >You can't help but let it go into the air
  1633. >It hisses at you and raises it's tail high
  1634. >You don't feel too bad
  1635. >That really hurt!
  1636. >You put the glasses on your face
  1637. >Just as suspected
  1638. >Fake glasses
  1639. >20/20 Twilight Sparkle vision
  1640. >The cat meows once again and disappears in the getting smaller group
  1641. >So much of gratitude
  1642. >You rush out of the shadows and stick your butt between some visibly shaken earth pony stallion medical doctor and a pegasi mare fire fighter pony
  1643. >if hats can be trusted
  1644. >which they can because: matching ties
  1645. >"Why did they tell us to get there if they want us to evacuate?" asks the masculine voice
  1646. >"I heard the service will used a life-search-spell again." answers the feminine one
  1647. >"Does it mean somepony was in and now is out?"
  1648. >"It means we follow the procedures and hope for the best."
  1649. >They both finally notice you as you narrow the doors
  1650. >Their eyes grow in size
  1651. >"Whoa! Who are you?!"
  1652. >"Are you a civilian?"
  1653. >"Are you hurt?"
  1654. >"Do you need a hug?"
  1655. >"A blanket?"
  1656. >"A cup of mocha?"
  1657. >Damni-
  1658. >The building shakes once again!
  1659. >This time with extra metal screaching!
  1660. >Almost everypony is out by now
  1661. >You are the first to act
  1662. >With a hoof on each of their necks you pull them out of the building
  1663. >So much for their help
  1664. >...
  1665. >In front of the building is a wide and long pony-free safety-zone
  1666. >Residents are given cozy blankets and warm tea
  1667. >You refused the cup of coffee
  1668. >You look cooler that way
  1669. >Your hoof and back gets attended to with a small bandage with butterflies and you immedietely feel better about it
  1670. >With a loud creek that fills the sky under the moon above, a part of the building collapse on itself
  1671. >None of it falls, though
  1672. >Pegasi secured that
  1673. >The dark sky above the building has been turned off to provide more light
  1674. >Full of tiny white dots imitating the stars, all turned on at the moment, making the scene as light as a day
  1675. >If not for the metal dome to be partialy visible one could say both the Moon and the Sun can be seen
  1676. >Sometimes you wish your could do that kind of maintenance work
  1677. >But you are Twilight Sparkle and you're a wing-less unicorn
  1678. >You don't wait for hot cocoa to be served
  1679. >You disappear into a dark alley before the rescue ponies notice they might have seen a mare like you some other time
  1680. >...
  1681. >You need answers
  1682. >You also needs questions
  1683. >Or better questions
  1684. >And a drink
  1685. >Where to go
  1686. A - The Hive (a night club)
  1687. B - The Barn (a saloon/bar)
  1688. Y - The Mine (a dive bar)
  1689. X - The Mane (a pub)
  1690. AAXB
  1692. >You limp to the night time district
  1693. >The mess is left behind you
  1694. >At least you avoided being taken to the citadel
  1695. >But at what price?
  1696. >This time you have no idea but the price got reduced by this Celestia given hood-shirt
  1697. >Absolute Cozy out of teen
  1698. >...
  1699. >Ok, well, you kind of limp for real
  1700. >It's minimal, alright
  1701. >Stepping with your left hind-hoof does give this sharp pain of something being smashed
  1702. >But here you are!
  1703. >You check your iMare card and see you have exactly 950 crebits
  1704. >You could swear you had a whole 1000, but, hey, no one can steal them, right?
  1705. >You place the polymer card back in your floof and fast travel
  1706. >...
  1707. >The Hive
  1708. >The night club's renoma is well know, low and cheap
  1709. >Which is not correct with the facts
  1710. >It's a high end place for ponies of action living in the lower canterlot
  1711. >The building it occupies is a tranformed old canterlot style-building
  1712. >It was modernised multiple times, that you can see
  1713. >And above it's three condignations it extends into open space above
  1714. >It's pretty rare around this parts to not have an another building above the shorter one
  1715. >It's some kind of a show-off of your position in the hood
  1716. >The line to the club is long, the music is loud (even through the doors!), and an armed guard in a black suit stands in the door
  1717. >There's a dark alley next to the club
  1718. A - wait in the line (responsibly!)
  1719. B - cut the line (politely!)
  1720. Y - explore the alley
  1721. X - go to any other fixer's location (the list from before but with 1, 2, 3, 4, instead
  1722. YYBA
  1724. >You are Twilight Sparkle and queues were not made for you
  1725. >Pretty ponies are queue-not-compatibile, they say
  1726. >A brown coated pony crossed the road and cut before you cutting in!
  1727. >Rude!
  1728. >The guard turns to her only after she made it very close to the door
  1729. >"Show your pass."
  1730. >The pony didn't stop until the guard palced a hoof on her chest at full leg disgance
  1731. >"Hey! I'm too cute for the queue!"
  1732. >The ponies in line only now notice the commotion and their ears and eyes turn to the scene
  1733. >Someone of the kick the ground, some sniffle
  1734. >All of them curious, some with stinky eye
  1735. >Cutting the line seems harder than it looked
  1736. >The guard doen't budge
  1737. >"Listen, pal. Either you show me the Hive pass or you can trot to the back of the line by yourself, or by my kicks."
  1738. >Now, the guard isn't built in any particular matter but something about that suit wearing character made you reconsider your idea
  1739. >You thank Celestia it's not you in that posisiton
  1740. >"Ok, damn. Sorry."
  1741. >The pony looks at the end of the angry at her line and chooses to walk away
  1742. >...
  1743. >The guard lazily observes the perimeter as you walk past the building to get into the side-alley
  1744. >He looks at you briefly
  1745. >You wave at him friendly but he doesn't react
  1746. >...
  1747. >They alley is quiet and wide enough for a cart
  1748. >Full of old, dirty cartons and other trash too!
  1749. >With only two sources of light at the end
  1750. >A lamp post next to the back-door to the club and a small lightbulb above the door on the opposite of the door
  1751. >Even more trash and trash boxes is there
  1752. >The back doors to the club looks closed and there's a camera on the roof that points at them
  1753. >Shucks
  1754. >You could vandalize it, but wouldn't that gather the attention?
  1755. >Twilight Sparkle investigation time!
  1756. A - try to disable the camera without destroying it
  1757. B - dig through the piles of trash
  1758. Y - check out the door on the other side (somepony's inside)
  1759. X - go into the camera field and wave
  1760. XY
  1762. >You get next to the back-door leading to the Hive
  1763. >The camera focuses on you - you think
  1764. >It doesn't really visibly move nor twitch nor nothing
  1765. >With a front leg above your head you wave your greetings to any security pony watching you
  1766. >...
  1767. >And nothing happens
  1768. >It's really hard to tell from this distance is the camera even on
  1769. >You pull and push the door
  1770. >The metal clank under the doorknob makes sense
  1771. >Locked
  1772. >You could try to play with it if you had something
  1773. >Yet, you're not the best at it, and in case the camera is on - yeah, just not welcome at the best
  1774. >You briefly think about going to another place but the dull sharp pain in the hidn leg is a thing you want to cherish as little as possible
  1775. >...
  1776. >On the other side of the narrow alley is a door
  1777. >It's a glassed one, with light inside, and it doesn't look angry at you
  1778. >Nor that doors can look angry at you
  1779. >Or at anypony
  1780. >You just get close enough to stick your snout to the glass
  1781. >The small entry room with an empty bookcase, a desk, a single chair and one lightbulb on
  1782. >Not much of furniture in there
  1783. >The opposite side of the room ends where a medical green curtain covers the light to another room
  1784. >You let yourself in
  1785. >The room feels tiny with how many furniture there is
  1786. >You can't get a better look before an elderly looking pony stands in the door, with the cutrain covering his back-side
  1787. >"Yes?"
  1788. >He sniffles
  1789. >"How can I help you?"
  1790. >Yeah, how?
  1791. A - who are you and what do you do
  1792. B - how to get inside the club
  1793. Y - where to get medical help
  1794. X - sarcastic
  1795. Y
  1797. "You can help me by answering me this: Where is the closest medical center?"
  1798. >You don't try to sound cool
  1799. >You're Twilight Sparkle, you always sound cool
  1800. >The stallion's ears relax
  1801. >"Huh. Nice one."
  1802. >He waves for you to follow and submerge under the cover leading to the next room
  1803. >It looks more like a workshop with many big screens set around a one sitting table and half as many around the other
  1804. >There are other doors leading somewhere in the other corner
  1805. >The cabinets next to walls are full of-
  1806. >"So. What do you want to be done?"
  1807. "Huh?"
  1808. >He giggles, stops, turns around and - and his ears stand back up!
  1809. >"What do you need help with?"
  1810. >Is he some kind of a medic?
  1811. >Oh, alright, worth a try
  1812. "You see, I stepped wrong and one my hind-hoofs hurts since."
  1813. >He only looks at you
  1814. >It worries you more than it probably should
  1815. >A snicker leaves his mouth
  1816. >"You don't really know where you are?"
  1817. >A weak smile is all he gets from you
  1818. >"And I thought someone sent you for something big."
  1819. >He shakes his head and slumps his shoulder blades
  1820. >Now that you look at him he does indeed look like a fellow nerd
  1821. "Can you do something about the pain?"
  1822. >"Show me."
  1823. >He pats one of the tables with a lot of pointy metal equipment above
  1824. >Not really trust-worthy, is it
  1825. >You turn to a side and pull out the hurt leg
  1826. >With a weirded out look on his face he comes closer and takes your hoof in his hooves
  1827. >His gently trace along your frog
  1828. >Rub the base of the hoof
  1829. >Massage the leg-
  1830. >Ow!
  1831. >This does not escape his perception
  1832. >"Well, I would prefer you to sit on the table, but if that's not an option it gonna hurt more."
  1833. >You're a big mare and you tell him this
  1834. >"Not big enough to trust your friendly neighbourhood ripperdoc."
  1835. >He grabs your leg once again and inspect it
  1836. >You sneer in pain
  1837. "But big enough to find his place."
  1838. >He only cocks his head at that
  1840. >...
  1841. >You end up on the table
  1842. >The machines equipped with many knifes, syringines and tubes face down on you
  1843. >Thankfully, none comes to live
  1844. >You check out what seemed to be a cosmetic magazine while he's busy doing some scans
  1845. >It is not a cosmetic magazine at all
  1846. >It's an iPonyX new visiors offer
  1847. >See more with more eyes!
  1848. >The ripperdoc pony comes back from one of many next-to-wall cabinets holding something in his hooves
  1849. >"It seems there's no bone fracture no nothing, but just in case, I say take those anti-biotics. One pill a twice a day for a week."
  1850. >He places a small white bottle used to carry glazed rock candies on a metal tray
  1851. >"Don't mix them with alcohol or you risk a liver transplanation."
  1852. "Why?"
  1853. >"You don't really want to know why. The next thing I offer you are painkillers."
  1854. >The second bottle have a blood-thirsty pony face on it
  1855. >The text says "Trust the Pain-Killer"
  1856. >You have never seen any of these two in the tv
  1857. >You don't watch tv, though
  1858. >"These are quite expensive but this is all I got. Above that, you must really take a week off. If the mobility gets worse and not better, go to a hospital. If you can't afford that you can always come and we will replace the invalid part with something easier to fix than biologics."
  1859. >He gives you a professional smile
  1860. >You pull out a leg to grab the bottles but he stops you
  1861. >"Money first."
  1862. "How much?"
  1863. >"Three Hundred for the antibiotics. Five for the painkillers. Advice is free of charge."
  1864. "Why is the painkillers more expensive?"
  1865. >"These work on not biological transmittors. That's the only I got. You're quite different from my target clientelle, you know."
  1866. A - Take the Antibiotics
  1867. B - Take the Painkillers
  1868. Y - Take both
  1869. X - Leave empty hooved
  1870. X
  1872. "I will take the antibiotics."
  1873. >He raises an eyebrow (higher than ever before!)
  1874. >You take your card and poke his
  1875. >The transfer is done and both of you check yout your bank accounts
  1876. >You take the antibiotics bottle and inspect it
  1877. >It really looks like a glazed candy
  1878. >Very yummy (you suspect)
  1879. >"Do you need anything else?"
  1880. "Do you know any way how to get inside the club nearby?"
  1881. >You jump off the table and he follows you to the entrance door
  1882. >"How about showing them your member card or waiting in the line?"
  1883. "Any... other way?"
  1884. >"Sorry. I don't pick fights with neighbours. Though, you're always welcome if you choose to ditch the bio-tech and turn chrome."
  1885. >He quickly adds
  1886. >"If you have money."
  1887. >The both of you exchange a hoof shake and the door closes behind you
  1888. >You're back at the alley
  1889. A - try the back door to the club again
  1890. B - get back to the line and wait
  1891. Y - dig through the trash
  1892. X - go to another location
  1893. Z - pop in an antibiotic pill (candy)
  1894. ZX
  1896. >You take one of the pills and keep it in yout mouth till it dissolate
  1897. >It is possible to just swallow it
  1898. >But it tastes too good
  1899. >With last glance to the dark alley you move forward the exit
  1900. >On your way this time you notice an open gate that normally would block the entrance here
  1901. >Call yourself lucky, Twilight Sparkle
  1902. >Why, yes, Twilight Spark-
  1903. >-you been there, you done that
  1904. >The hour is late, yet the line to the club got only longer
  1905. >Closed shops around the entire street lights up the way as you limp by them
  1906. >But where are you going?
  1907. >What are the other places you know fixers meet?
  1908. >What would you even ask a fixer about?
  1909. >Now that you think of it, coming here was illogical
  1910. >You have no place to go and you're running out of money
  1911. >You could go back to Rarity's or Spike's place but isn't that risky for everypony?
  1912. >Where to go...
  1913. >What to do...
  1914. >You don't feel too well
  1915. >Maybe getting a place to sleep is the most reasonable...
  1916. A - go to: 1 -The Barn (a saloon/bar), 2 - The Mine (a dive bar) 3 - The Mane (a pub)
  1917. B - go to a motel to rest
  1918. Y - go to Rarity's
  1919. X - go to Spike's
  1920. Y31
  1922. >...
  1923. >You go to Rarity's Slut House
  1924. >You don't quite know what to expect but what you see is something you could have expected
  1925. >The area is cordoned by the service ponies
  1926. >They enter and exit the building as they please
  1927. >No signs of Rarity outside
  1928. >You think of going to the Barn, but the Mane is closer
  1929. >...
  1930. >It's a neighbourooh is filled with shorter, four-eight stories tall buildings and it remind you more of the canterlot from the books
  1931. >during the ponistration age, at least
  1932. >The bar is a safe space
  1933. >No harm can be done anypony on its ground, such are the rules set in cyberdeck rubbles of ponies who disrespected this rule
  1934. >The local pony mob resting and peace-talk space
  1935. >Or it used to be, back in the times upper and lower canterlot weren't divided
  1936. >So says the scarse history records you got in your hooves about a half year ago when you left the Twilight Sparkle citadel
  1937. >It wasn't long after that when the council realized you are not at your assigned spot
  1938. >Not your fault the instructions weren't too clear
  1939. >That's what you said then and the hunt never stopped
  1940. >You sigh heavily and enter the building
  1941. >The place is vast, but divided with pseudo-walls so each table has some privacy while it's impossible to sneak in any open carry cute cat or fart pillow
  1942. >The waiters are bulky and friendly, but it's just an act
  1943. >The owner makes a fortune on the high end mafponios
  1944. >You grab a lonely place at the bar and barmaiden takes notice of you
  1945. >Her maid outfit just a little bit too short at her flanks
  1946. >The light in her eyes clearly betraing she knows it
  1947. >She enjoys it
  1948. >Mafponies, mare
  1949. >"What will it be for you?"
  1950. >Her voice rings with a happy jingle
  1951. >A sweet jingle
  1952. >A jingle as bright as new day's first sun ray
  1953. >There is a slight chance you feel particularly horni after being bonked
  1954. >You look at her
  1955. A - order juice
  1956. B - order lemonade
  1957. Y - order hard-cider
  1958. X - order her
  1959. AAYX
  1961. "I will take a juice."
  1962. >Her smile almost genuine
  1963. >Her coat of light brown with white dots
  1964. >Her eyes the deepest green you've seen
  1965. >"What juice?"
  1966. >She looks at you with a funny smirk
  1967. >"We have apple-juice, orange-juice, banana-juice, pear-juice and mare-juice~"
  1968. >Her eyebrows wiggles ever so obviously
  1969. "I will take, ummm, bananas."
  1970. >She rolls her eyes as she shakes her head as is to say "unbelievable"
  1971. >The juice is delivered in no time
  1972. >Tall glass
  1973. >Yellow mass
  1974. >Two cubes of sugar drop in it
  1975. >"Freshly milked."
  1976. >You kind of begin to suspect she's interested in becoming friends
  1977. >How kind of her
  1978. >No new patron comes in the building so far
  1979. >You take a sip of the toxic concosion-
  1980. "Mmm!"
  1981. >and find it refreshing and tasty
  1982. "What's your name?"
  1983. >She giggles like a filly
  1984. >"Why? It's Open Tap."
  1985. >Cute
  1986. >You look around to see that no pony seems to mind you two at the moment
  1987. >Then you give her your best-mare smile
  1988. "Listen, Open Tap, I look for a couple of answers, but I don't want to bother patrons. Can you point me to the correct pony?"
  1989. >She pokes her lower lip with a tip of her hoof as she thinks
  1990. >"That depends. What kind of answers or contacts you look for."
  1991. A - I look for a job
  1992. B - I look for ponies (at the slut house)
  1993. Y - I look for a certain dragon (1 - Spike) or a pony (2 - Applejack)
  1994. X - I look for a twilight sparkle
  1995. YXXX12
  1997. >Well, why not?
  1998. "I'm looking for a certain pony. Her name is Twilight Sparkle. She's a friend of mine."
  1999. >The bar-maiden puts her legs on the counter and rest her head on her hooves
  2000. >"What if I say that I can be your Twilight Sparkle, tonight?"
  2001. >You double take and you totally don't break a sweat
  2002. >Open Tap only half-laughs at you
  2003. >Her voice suddenly deeper, tender than before
  2004. >She winks at someone behind you
  2005. >You turn your head around only to discover no one close enough to be winked at
  2006. "I'm sorry, Open Tap, but I don't think this will do. I'm also looking for a certain dragon-"
  2007. >"My, my~" she cuts you off
  2009. >rude
  2010. >"You certainly don't look like the type, mare," she accents it with fanning herself with a hoof and half-blushing
  2011. "What? No-"
  2012. >"Well, I certainly would love to be there when you three meet."
  2013. >Her grin is almost as smug as Rarity's, but more toothy
  2014. >How do they treat patrons here?!
  2015. >Is this how mob ponies live?!
  2016. >Is this not forbidden by the Oneighta?
  2017. >"If that's all what you,re looking for tonight, then you should talk to the Bobby."
  2018. >Why is it so hot here anyways
  2019. >You take a sip and turns out it was the last one
  2020. >"He is usually around here at this time of whatever time it is now."
  2021. >What
  2022. >A small-framed charcoal coated pony exits the restroom walking funny
  2023. >"Yup, that's him. Good eye."
  2024. "Thanks. And the drink? it was delicious."
  2025. >You stand up but a quiet harrump stops you in tracks.
  2026. >Turn around and find her smug
  2027. >No idea why
  2028. >"My name is Open Tap, not Open Tab."
  2029. "Huh?"
  2030. >"That will be 15 crebits. The drink? Remember?"
  2031. >Oh, yeah, right
  2032. >You laugh sheepishly as her eyes look almost glued to yours
  2033. >Something about this mare unnerves you
  2034. >As if she knew something you didn't and wasn't afraid of sharing it against your will
  2035. A - pay 15
  2036. B - pay 20
  2037. Y - pay 25
  2038. X - pay later
  2039. YYA
  2041. >You return with a smirk of your own and place your card on the counter
  2042. "Use yours, too."
  2043. >Open Tap uses the hoof-sized card reader and then pulls out her own crebit card
  2044. >"What for?"
  2045. "Just do it."
  2046. >You are Twilight Sparkle, the confident
  2047. >She gives you another wide, radiant smile
  2048. >"Thanks, you... mare~," her voice rich with... something
  2049. >Heck if you know
  2050. >The last word sends a pleasant vibration from your ears to your spine, though
  2051. >So it must be friendly
  2052. >Oh, Bobby the stallion sits at a lonely table in a far away corner of the room
  2053. >"Before you go, don't call him Bobby. Don't call him Pin either. He will tell you how to call him."
  2054. >Her eyes flatten back and she scratches the back of her head
  2055. >"I kind of forgot."
  2056. >You take couple of steps to Bobby's table and realize you forgot to ask who and what was she winking for-
  2057. >No, you can't go back so soon
  2058. >Maintain your coolness
  2060. >The stallion doesn't look young, in fact he looks older than you
  2061. >But he is just so small!
  2062. >Like, your size
  2063. >Mare-sized stallion
  2064. >His black colouration doesn't help
  2065. >He presents almost cute with a fish-tank behind his back
  2066. >You realize you been staring but it does not seem to be a problem since you're literally standing next to his table as he is looking up at you with very worried expression on his face
  2067. >Oh, right
  2068. "Um, hello?"
  2069. >The pony in question sniffles and nickers quietly
  2070. >"Hello?"
  2071. >His eyes narrows as he looks around the place and sips an orange lemonade with extra sparkles
  2072. >"Who are you?"
  2073. "My name is T- Twinkle Sprinke. I was told you can help me to find somepony."
  2074. >Another sip, another snort, even more sour grimace
  2075. >"Yeah? Who says that?"
  2076. "Well..."
  2077. >You point a very discrete and not obvious hoof at the general direction of the bar-maided.
  2078. >He looks between you and the area
  2079. >"That depends."
  2080. >With a movement of his head he invites you to sit down
  2081. >You oblidge
  2082. >Wow, these cushions, so soft
  2083. >"I'm not going who are you working for or with, Twinkle Spinke, but I am going to ask the most important question of all."
  2084. >Holding breath comes so easy
  2085. >"How much you have?"
  2086. "What, time?"
  2087. >"Money."
  2088. >Uh
  2089. >"I can help you to find anypony, even anycreature, but it gonna cost, and if you don't have cold blooded twibits, Twinkle Sprinkle," he snickers at his own poo-n, (you do too, out of good behaviour!), "then I can't help you. Not even gonna lie I am sorry."
  2090. >He takes another swink and ends the glass
  2091. >With a hiccup, couple of droplets of orange colous fall out of his nosetrils
  2092. >So this is how the mobponies live and die
  2093. >By drinking with the fishes
  2094. "I'm looking for a pony, and a dragon."
  2095. >His hindhoof taps the panneled floor
  2096. "Her name is Applejack, and his is Spike."
  2097. >He only nods
  2098. "What is the price?"
  2099. >He jerks his head and you notice his eyes are deep brown, almost as black as his coat
  2100. >"Give me a day, or two. In the meantime prepare money."
  2102. >Both of you lock your eyes
  2103. "How much?"
  2104. >"As much as I will tell, capiche?"
  2105. >...
  2106. >You eventually nod and smile
  2107. >The corners of his lips grimaces, as if he wasn't used to smiling
  2108. >A nervous neigh escapes his mouth
  2109. >You pretend you didn't hear it
  2110. >That's a nice thing to do
  2111. "We have a deal."
  2112. >"Name's Chalk. If I won't be here tomorrow by the usual time ask for a Bobby, or for a Pin."
  2113. >Your ears raise
  2114. >Should you ask?
  2115. >Well...
  2116. "Yeah, I was told not to call you that."
  2117. >Now it's his turn to laugh a hoarse, dry laughter of a miner-pony
  2118. >"Yes, that's the code. That's how I know you are worth my time."
  2119. >Huh
  2120. >"Want anything else?"
  2121. A - ask about his skillset
  2122. B - ask about the place
  2123. Y - ask about the bar-maiden
  2124. X - leave him to his drink (now snort-free)
  2125. YY
  2127. >You can as well ask about the mare
  2128. "Chalk, since you asked - what;s up with the mare at the bar? Open Tap?"
  2129. >"Whadda ya mean?"
  2130. >His dark outline fits like a shadow in the view of the fish tank behind his back
  2131. >Even his pout doesn't ruin the view
  2132. >"She's good friends."
  2133. >... with?
  2134. >Oh, the mob, ok
  2135. "What am I trying to ask is... does she have a vision problem?"
  2136. >The colt frown
  2137. >"Why do you ask? You some kind of a veterinarian?"
  2138. >wow, rude
  2139. "No, she just... keep winking at somepony behind me, but there was nopony behind me."
  2140. >"Maybe she was winking at you?"
  2141. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you kind of figured it already
  2142. >But you're also Twinkle Sprinkle and that's an embarassing subject right now
  2143. >If the citadel saw you right now they would die from laughter
  2144. >Worth noting down
  2145. "It sounds silly. I wouldn't bother you with asking if she wasn't doing that all the hecking time."
  2146. >Now, the casual curse made his interest pique
  2147. >"All the time?"
  2148. "Well, most of it."
  2149. >"Somepony can get lucky, if you know what I mean."
  2150. >You don't
  2151. "I wasn't sure not the motion, but is it acceptable in this... place."
  2152. >"What? This is a pony place. We are not prudes like those griffons from the Perch."
  2153. "Thanks for clarifying this."
  2154. >"No biggie. You better ask her about it. You seem kinda her type."
  2155. "What? Fresh meat?"
  2156. >"Purple."
  2157. A - ask about his skills
  2158. B - ask about the place
  2159. Y - ask about the bar-maiden
  2160. X - leave him to his drink (now snort-full)
  2161. YXXA
  2163. >Twilight Sparkle, the tempt-less
  2164. >Or temp-resiliant
  2165. >You resist the desire to bother this pony any more, considering it couldn't end well, and you go back to the bar-maid
  2166. >Only to find her unaproachable
  2167. >Two ponies sits next to the bar, both of them wearing suits
  2168. >That's normal?
  2169. >Two other masculine ponies stand in a small distance from them, their ears standing and waey
  2170. >The distance is bit enough to not pry to listen
  2171. >Not big enough to not see these waiters don't really intend to serve these patrons, but rather protect them from unwanted ponies
  2172. >Lucky for you, you're a really wanted pony
  2173. >Couple of steps to their direction you take make the waiters-security-force to face you
  2174. >Ok, you're wanted by the citadel, not here
  2175. >Worth a try, eh?
  2176. >You take a slow step back and the guards visibly relax
  2177. >You excuse yourself with a weak smile and bow your head
  2178. >The patrons don't pay you any mind, as they laugh and drink
  2179. >Open Tap, however, notices you
  2180. >She raise a corner of her mouth and winks-
  2181. >Winks!
  2182. >- at you (you think), she throws her mane back and returns to her clients
  2183. >...
  2184. >What now?
  2185. A - sit somewhere and wait till the patrons are gone
  2186. B - go to a motel to get rest
  2187. Y - go to any other bar from the previous list of locally available hubs (1 - the Hive (rave), 2 - the Mine (dive bar), 3 - The Barn (saloon))
  2188. X - search the street for quick cash
  2189. AXXY
  2191. >Twilight Sparkle, the tempt-less
  2192. >Or temp-resiliant
  2193. >You resist the desire to bother this pony any more, considering it couldn't end well, and you go back to the bar-maid
  2194. >Only to find her unaproachable
  2195. >Two ponies sits next to the bar, both of them wearing suits
  2196. >That's normal?
  2197. >Two other masculine ponies stand in a small distance from them, their ears standing and waey
  2198. >The distance is bit enough to not pry to listen
  2199. >Not big enough to not see these waiters don't really intend to serve these patrons, but rather protect them from unwanted ponies
  2200. >Lucky for you, you're a really wanted pony
  2201. >Couple of steps to their direction you take make the waiters-security-force to face you
  2202. >Ok, you're wanted by the citadel, not here
  2203. >Worth a try, eh?
  2204. >You take a slow step back and the guards visibly relax
  2205. >You excuse yourself with a weak smile and bow your head
  2206. >The patrons don't pay you any mind, as they laugh and drink
  2207. >Open Tap, however, notices you
  2208. >She raise a corner of her mouth and winks-
  2209. >Winks!
  2210. >- at you (you think), she throws her mane back and returns to her clients
  2211. >...
  2212. >What now?
  2213. A - sit somewhere and wait till the patrons are gone
  2214. B - go to a motel to get rest
  2215. Y - go to any other bar from the previous list of locally available hubs (1 - the Hive (rave), 2 - the Mine (dive bar), 3 - The Barn (saloon))
  2216. X - search the street for quick cash
  2217. XXX
  2219. >The night is getting late and you're getting tired
  2220. >You chose against going and taking a rest
  2221. >You did not chose against reason, though
  2222. >It won't hurt to go around the hood in hope for...
  2223. >Don't know exactly what
  2224. >It's not taht you will jump some hard working pony, now will you?
  2225. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you are smart
  2226. >And that thing?
  2227. >That wouldn't be smart
  2228. >The lower canterlot doesn't sleep, the buildings around here go from six stores to twenty
  2229. >The newer, the uglier, somehow
  2230. >No pony else is nighering about it
  2231. >Only you
  2232. >You don't really belong here, you know it
  2233. >Nor you belong in the citadel, you know it even more!
  2234. >If that makes any sense
  2235. >You're in pain, you know?
  2236. >Well, in a subdued-pain, but it still is pain!
  2237. >3 AM, and you pass by the holder tower
  2238. >You wouldn't notice if not for you looking at the sky
  2239. >A rainbow bridge cut it above you, around 100th - 120th floor
  2240. >The name's cute, but it's a wide gray piece of metal hung just under the sky
  2241. >The holder towers are a connector to the higher canterlot
  2242. >Heavily locked
  2243. >Heavily guarded
  2244. >This one is about three stores high, a block of concrete with a single glass covered elevator shaft going all the way up
  2245. >The mere presence of such a structure provided ponies with the rare feeling of security
  2246. >Ponies around these blocks don't have to worry about somepony forcibly snuggling them or bouncing on them or telling them a lewd joke
  2247. >Charge free
  2249. >You roam the back alleys a bit more
  2250. >There is nothing really going on at 4AM
  2251. >The city doesn't sleep, but it also isn't partially awake
  2252. >More like it collapse on an unmade bed and just lay down till it's time to wake up
  2253. >Such a place this town is
  2254. >From time to time yellow and red lights of a charriot high above the ground catch your eye
  2255. >...
  2256. >What does bother you about this place is the complete lack of grass
  2257. >Ponies are supposed to see a lot of green
  2258. >Grass green
  2259. >Not neon green
  2260. >There's no path of dirt around there, too
  2261. >the only rain you get is when a water pipe gets broken
  2262. >Being here for the last half a year would be challenging even without the Twilight Sparkle goons going after you
  2263. >Now that you think of it, you're really lucky Rarity was here and she believe your history
  2264. >You almost fall on all four thanks to her help
  2265. >You met Applejack once, but it just... it wasn't the same
  2266. >About others?
  2267. >No pony knows
  2268. >Certain things change
  2269. >It's 5 AM and you're tired
  2270. >You finally find a place where you can get couple of crebits, but the labor ponies are now getting out of their homes, going to work
  2271. >What you find is a small marketplace, with a very peculiar fish smell
  2272. >In the back stands vending machines and...
  2273. >You're Twilight Sparkle
  2274. >Free snacks are, like, your second nature
  2275. >You won't ever confirm it to anyone, though
  2276. >There is a big sign of a hotel nearby, too
  2277. >Neat
  2278. A - go to a hotel
  2279. B - rob the vending machines
  2280. Y - roam the street (again)
  2281. X - chit-chat at the market
  2282. BBX
  2284. >The market is only opening when you sneak past the entrance, right into the vending machine corner
  2285. >They are bright
  2286. >They are many
  2287. >Full of overpriced goods
  2288. >And stuck in place, if the corporate welding to the metal plates indicates something
  2289. >You boop each one of them right in the cube detector
  2290. >It's a trade marked name for the crebits collector
  2291. >When machines are online, they say so by warm greetings and happy tunes
  2292. >You're interested in those who operate offline; these display very concerned warnings, like: "Watch out, tall grass!" or "Once in the bum is just for fun!".
  2293. >You don't pry why
  2294. >Not that many of the machines display this sick sense of humour,it seems, but certain things doesn't change
  2295. >Only two of the offline ones are equipped with the blue cubit memory
  2296. >It means they both work, but they store gold in themselves untill someone picks it up
  2297. >You're Twilight Sparkle, extra-ordinaire snack's collector!
  2298. >...
  2299. >Easier said than done
  2300. >Poking your hooves around the panels make you waste time
  2301. >That used to work around the citadel
  2302. >You suspect the only way to overdrive the security measures is to fry them
  2303. >Zapping is loud, though, and the blue cubit modules can be of literally any size...
  2304. >And you can't zap both of them same time!
  2305. >They are too far away
  2306. >Sweet Celestia
  2307. >You have to choose
  2308. A - zap the vending machine selling NRG-products. (NRG sells its best known sugar cube batons for around 5 crebits at a shop price)
  2309. B - zap the vending machine selling RUB-ER-products. (RUB-ER sells well known anti depressant toys which are the first choice among failed self-snuggles attemptees, usual price is also 5 crebits)
  2310. Y - abandon the idea and head to the hotel
  2311. X - [tired]
  2312. AXXY
  2314. >Screw this idea
  2315. >With a stomp you turn back and get out of the vending machine dead end
  2316. >You would lie if you say "just in time, because a civilian almost went in", because that did not happen
  2317. >This just can't end well in this state
  2318. >And you didn't even think how would you haul or download the money on your card
  2319. >You could loot them for snacks
  2320. >That's what you used to do
  2321. >Being tired makes you risky
  2322. >You exit the market place without being forced to exchange pleasant greetings with scarce passerbying ponies
  2323. >...
  2324. >You reach the nearby hotel building in no time
  2325. >It's three stores high, but from your experience with such places, the air conditioning is non-existent
  2326. >Your leg begin to hurt again once you reach the reception
  2327. >You look through your black hoodie and pristine chest floof for the painkillers, but find only the antibiotics
  2328. >It's not even 5 hours since you took the last pill
  2329. >You should wait
  2330. >...
  2331. >The reception is a desk with one slender looking mare with a peculiar look
  2332. >It's mane doesn't just end like any-pony else's, but rather falls down her neck on both the sides and meets at her chest
  2333. >The last thing you notice is her horn which-
  2334. >-which is whicked and splintered into two at the end.
  2335. >The mare in front of you is a kirin
  2336. >And she talks with a strong eastern accent
  2337. >"Welcome to the Silent Hill. We don't really have a hill here. Previously knows as the Silent Village, but the new owner changed the name. Not that we had a village here, anyways."
  2338. >As she end her speel two pairs of ponies walk in past you and go out
  2339. "What's the price?"
  2340. >"Twenty crebits paid a full day cycle. Fifty bits of bail. The third floor is under maintenance process. How long you want to stay?"
  2341. "Does it matter?"
  2342. >"Not really."
  2343. "Do I need to sign something?"
  2344. >"You need to pay on time."
  2345. "I will take a room."
  2346. >This is the first time she cocks her head to a side, as if confusion, but you could swear she does it a lot; you don't know why you think that
  2348. >"We don't have rooms here. We have cubits."
  2349. >This makes sense, considering the price
  2350. >You nod
  2351. "That's what I meant."
  2352. >"Put the card to the terminal, please."
  2353. >You do as you're told and put your card next to a screen-like light yellow screen built in on a nearby wall
  2354. >625 turns into 555 on your eyes
  2355. >not literally, the tv doesn't show it, you just remember how much you have
  2356. >You have very good memory
  2357. >And you fear how much will it cost to hunt down AJ or Spike or Twilight Sparkle
  2358. >Uh
  2359. >you don't remember did you ask Chalk-pony about th-
  2360. >"Here's your card, don't lose it."
  2361. >Oh, yeah
  2362. >"Number's 314."
  2363. >Yousecure the small orange card iwith the number in your floof and enter through the next pair of doors
  2364. >The building doesn't look taht tall, but each store is easily twice as tall as any other living space
  2365. >It's incredibly ugly, almost completely made of concrete
  2366. >With a big open space filled with chairs and tables in the middle, cornered on each end with small food stands
  2367. >Above the central platform free space up to the roof
  2368. >A staircase on your left and on your right, probably not the only two
  2369. >Your stomach is good, or you're too tired to eat
  2370. >Slowly, you trudge on the first floor
  2371. >There are crude looking red neons hanging off the wall
  2372. >Both turned off, but they say "1" on the left and "2" on the right
  2373. >You reach the second floor and the same pattern of neons changes to "3" and "4"
  2374. >The stairs lead up, but you just go to find your place
  2375. >Once inside the living site you pass by many ponies goint to work or coming from work or socialising in this little comune
  2376. >Not only lone types, but also whole families living one next to another
  2377. >The roof is lower here, pretty regular, only two cubits fit in place
  2378. >One above the other, a ladder is shared between two
  2379. >You find yours at the dead end of a corridor
  2380. >You get in and close the door behind
  2381. >It's completely dark
  2383. >Darkness and silence for the first time you entered the building
  2384. >The light above your head turns on and so does the air ventilation
  2385. >Only now you realize how unpleasantly hot the corridors were
  2386. >This tiny air vent is just enough to keep one pony not suffocating in this small, box shaped metal trap called home
  2387. >It's not that the place is tiny, but you can't stand up in there
  2388. >It's enough place for a tiny mattress with built-in pillow, a charger-slot and the light turn-off next to the head of the bed, and about two hooves in lenght of space for your things
  2389. >One and a half of pony height in lengh and two-pony wide
  2390. >This is your new home
  2391. >The silence doesn't stay on forever, as a foal somewhere nearby begins to cry
  2392. >You lock the door and turn off the light
  2393. >It was a long day
  2395. >The low humming of air vent goes off only when you unlock the door
  2396. >You don't know what time it is
  2397. >The place outside looks as packed as before
  2398. >As loud and smelly and-
  2399. >It feels as if you did not sleep at all
  2400. >Maybe you didn't
  2401. >You head out down to the food parlors and consume what is 25 crebits worth
  2402. >530 is not much
  2403. >with hunger and thirst sated you pop a pill of the antibiotics and search for a clock
  2404. >there is none
  2405. >a pony sitting alone with her back to you is who you ask
  2406. "Hey, what time is it?"
  2407. >she looks at you with a long face which turns into a bright smile
  2408. >uh oh
  2409. >"Twilight Sparkle!"
  2410. >UH OH
  2411. >she jumps to her hooves- and so do you!
  2412. >her light blue coat crashes into you and-
  2413. >She hugs you
  2414. "Wow, umm, ok."
  2415. >"Long time no see."
  2416. "You t-too, b-but-"
  2417. >you don't know her
  2418. >she knows a twilight sparkle
  2419. >she can't tell you are not you
  2420. >you know what you mean
  2421. >the point is, she doesn't
  2422. A - friendly
  2423. B - neutral
  2424. Y - hostile
  2425. X - sarcastic
  2426. AAAXXX
  2428. >You give her your best Twilight Sparkle(tm) smirk and wait
  2429. >Her head cocks to a side as her eyes narrows at you with a smirk of her own
  2430. >"But what?"
  2431. >You wave a hoof at her to come closer and so she does
  2432. >Straight to her ear you whisper-
  2433. "Butts."
  2434. >A burst of laughter is your prize
  2435. >It's contagious
  2436. >Couple of ponies around join to laugh but quickly cuts themselves in the mids of it due to not really hearing the joke
  2437. >There was no joke, to begin with
  2438. >"Ah, so that's what you been doing all this time?"
  2439. >Her blue eyes full of tears
  2440. "More or less. You know me, I prefer flanks."
  2441. >"Flanks? Now, that's the first time I hear about it."
  2442. >Uh oh
  2443. "You know, ponies change. You can spank only so many cheeks before you can tell the difference between the beet red and mean meat."
  2444. >You have no idea what you just said
  2445. >The smile she wears seems more genuine than the synthetic hay in hayburgers around there
  2446. "How have you been, er-"
  2447. >You pause
  2448. >"I can't believe you forgot my name, again!"
  2449. >Twilight Sparkle's best sorry smile
  2450. >"I told you to go to a memory doctor. They could fix you, you know?"
  2451. >A herd of office mares rushed beside you
  2452. >Both of you sit down at your table
  2453. >"Well?"
  2454. >She excepts you to say something?
  2455. "I know."
  2456. >"And?"
  2457. "I forgot?"
  2458. >She taps the table and raise a brow
  2459. >Her blue eyes pierce yours
  2460. >You can tell
  2461. >You watch hers
  2462. >Then a single crack of a smile
  2463. >She rolls her eyes
  2464. >"That's just so much you."
  2465. >She sighs
  2466. >Both of you resume to your food
  2467. >"I left the Marehattan about half a year ago. Lower city finally got sink in the sea and turned into a sewer water. You know it. You saw it."
  2468. >You suit a grim expression that matches hers
  2469. >"I stayed for a bit, but I quickly realized you were right. It was important to get out of that heck hole. No one cared about that place, no one with actual power, that is. I packed what little I had and I moved on."
  2470. >You reach out and pat her hoof
  2471. >The sad smile is gone in no time
  2472. >"I won't be kidding. If I were to say it was an easy thing to do I would be lying. To leave that place, with so much memories... But I had to save myself.
  2473. "So you packed and left. It must have hurt."
  2474. >"Watching the place turn into a boiling pot of colts and fillies playing grown-ups would be far more painful in the long run. It's as you said, certain ponies cannot be trusted with power."
  2475. >She slorps her coke through a star-shaper straw
  2476. >"I just wish you have waited for me. Why did you not wait for me?"
  2477. >UH OH
  2478. A - because you would not leave with me in the picture
  2479. B - because you needed to make your own decision
  2480. Y - because I couldn't wait
  2481. X - what is your name again?
  2482. XXX
  2484. >"Well? What do you have for your defence?"
  2485. >Her hoof pokes at your direction
  2486. "Eh, what is your name, again?"
  2487. >Her eyes snap full open
  2488. >Her ears fall back then stand up, then fall back again, repeatedly
  2489. >Her face turns crimson red before she chokes on a laughing fit
  2490. >"You're really ubelievable, Twilight Sparkle. I- I... We spent so much time together and you're always like this. How do you pull it off? You always seem so sincere at this fake shock."
  2491. "I took acting classes."
  2492. >"No, you didn't. You're just an ass, mare."
  2493. >She shakes her head with a manic grin that doesn't fit her
  2494. >"I don't know what to tell you."
  2495. "How about your name?"
  2496. >"My name? You're serious? Were you hit in the head?"
  2497. "Hey, don'y ask about my bed-time activities without sharing yours first."
  2498. >Worked as planned
  2499. >The mare is grinning with her white tooth visinle
  2500. >No trace of anger in her voice
  2501. >"Name's Light Breeze."
  2502. "Light Breeze. Fits your coat."
  2503. >It is light blue, with an inch of gray, only now you find it relevant
  2504. >"Gah! You always say the same! I swear, each time we meet you seem even more brain damaged than before. As if someone wiped clear your memory or if you were many ponies in one template."
  2505. >You are Twilight Sparkle and your chuckle is not nervous
  2506. "I'm in danger."
  2507. >"What?"
  2508. "What?"
  2509. >"You said-"
  2510. "Yes."
  2511. >"You're an absolute ass."
  2512. "For you."
  2513. >The both of you finish your food
  2514. >"The truth is, I got used to meeting you unexpectantly and always telling you my name."
  2515. "How sweet of you."
  2516. >"Bully. No, you told me your job requires certain things to be wiped out due to the company policy. For the record, you never crossed me in any way, on the contrary, you always has been a great help to me."
  2517. >So much for a light conversation
  2518. >"So, how have you been?"
  2519. >You look at the mare
  2520. "Good?"
  2521. >"No, for real?"
  2522. A - Good
  2523. B - Bad
  2524. Y - I don't know
  2525. X - What is your name again?
  2526. BB
  2528. "Light Breeze, I..."
  2529. >You take a deep breath
  2530. "I wasn't so good this time."
  2531. >She puckers her lips and frown in worry, you presume, but doesn't interrupt
  2532. "The memory wipes? They have been a bit more often than before, and they leave me dizzy for more time. I tried to acclimate. I really tried. I think about leaving."
  2533. >The mare moves closer
  2534. >Her voice barely above hearable volume
  2535. >"Then why won't you refuse?"
  2536. >Uh, work or what?
  2537. "What do you mean?"
  2538. >"To let the company order you to do so?"
  2539. "Ah, no. They are needed. The are..."
  2540. >You trail your voice dramatically
  2541. >Her compassion is almost physically visible
  2542. >One more dramatic exhale
  2543. "The company says so."
  2544. >You two sit like that as ponies around you move in chaos
  2545. >"Is there any possibility the company - and I won't pry who your current employer is - mess with your head in more than just memory?"
  2546. >She begins shy-ly at first
  2547. >"What I am trying to ask is, is there any way you would know if they fry something they are not supposed to?"
  2548. "Who are you and how are you oh so wise in the way of braindance?"
  2549. >You both share a chuckle
  2550. >She doesn't speak, though, clearly waiting for an answer
  2551. "I wouldn't know."
  2552. >"Part of the deal?"
  2553. "Yup."
  2554. >Another moment of silence
  2555. >This time, she is deep in throughts
  2556. >So should be you!
  2557. >You gathered so much intel and lied so much!
  2558. >Mommy Velvet would be so proud
  2559. >You will need some time alone to think of what to think of Light Breeze
  2560. "What is room?"
  2561. >"Room? 405. Does it mean you're not going to run after we meet?"
  2562. "No. Not yet."
  2563. >She should be known as the chuckling mare, because it's adorable
  2564. >"What if you get a different job offer?"
  2565. >Weird choice of words
  2566. "A... different?"
  2567. >"I doubt my boss can offer you a better offer, considering what you do - which I still don't know, but I have my suspiciouns - but a different job? I work for a takeover acquisition company and we always look for an experienced pair of hooves. I could talk to my boss. He's a total sucker for cute mares being bossy."
  2568. >She is right
  2569. >You're cute
  2570. >And bossy
  2571. >Hold on, Twilight Sparkle, no time for getting led on by a leash!
  2572. "It wouldn't hurt to get to know him, I guess?"
  2573. >"Sweet. I start soon and I end at 11 pm. How about we meet here?"
  2574. >She stands up, but then halts
  2575. >"What's your bunk's number?"
  2576. >So she fears you'll ditch her?
  2577. >Wrong, she fears 'Twilight Sparkle' will ditch her
  2578. >That's not you
  2579. >Remember it, Twilight Sparkle
  2580. "Three and fourteen. The one with air conditioning."
  2581. >"All of them have air-conditioning, silly."
  2582. "Lucky us."
  2583. >You exchange one last hug and she's on her way to- to where exactly?
  2584. >Your eyes follow her as she leave the building in no hurry
  2585. >They fall at the zifferblyat of a digital clock in the lower right side of a merchansiding screen
  2586. >It say's it's 2 pm
  2587. >So, you slept for almost 7 hours?
  2588. >Good enough
  2589. >You have a meeting set up after the mid-night, or was it the next day cycle, not this one?
  2590. >You can't remember
  2591. >Heh
  2592. >There's a chance to get money though
  2593. >...
  2594. >What to do in the meantime?
  2595. A - stay at the hotel and rest or explore
  2596. B - go to Spike's
  2597. Y - go to Rarity's
  2598. X - go to Twilight Sparkle's (YOURS) old place
  2599. BBXY
  2601. >You exit the market distict and hope for best at Spike's
  2602. >...
  2603. >No one followed you
  2604. >The miraculous meeting with Light Breeze leaves you in rather combersome mood
  2605. >That is, you don't want to become minced mare
  2606. >The Den apartments are as tall and proud as before
  2607. >Curiosity wins as you decide to take a look at the alley previously 'owned' by the Dong Gang
  2608. >It's oddly pristine for a narrow back-alley good
  2609. >All the smelly memorabilia are removed
  2610. >No sight of the dongs, either
  2611. >Maybe if you played it differently they would be there, but you'll never know
  2612. >...
  2613. >You avoid a casual approach and don both the hoodie and the glasses and sneak inside the building
  2614. >Search for any form of camera results in negative outcome - you find none, you find none, damnit
  2615. >What a way to monologue, Sparkle!
  2616. >After reaching the unlucky corridor you see nothing out of the ordinary
  2617. >Never too safe, though
  2618. >The magical energy gather in your horn and erupts in a short distance Twilight Sparkle scan
  2619. >There's no other Twilight Sparkle distance
  2620. >There may be other methods of setting an alarm, which you are not aware of, yet you decide to approach the door
  2621. >Three time knock echoes through the doors to Spike's unnamed apartment
  2622. >Aaaand
  2623. >He is not home
  2624. >Well, why would he be?
  2625. >It's not that you really need his help and he's being useless somewhere else
  2626. >You stomp in dignified anger
  2627. >...
  2628. >Could you barge in?
  2629. >You inspect the door and they look quite solid, for a piece of wood, that is
  2630. >Wait, what are you thinking?!
  2631. >You can't go in like that!
  2632. >To disrespect Spike like that- that's unthinkable!
  2633. >Even the citadel goonmares don't do that!
  2634. >...
  2636. >But it's a special situation
  2637. >You could wait at his place till he comes back whenever it is or find a clue as of his current position
  2638. >And the door have a hoof pannel next to it
  2639. >You did not notice it before
  2640. >You could hack it
  2641. >Or try to
  2642. >How hard Spike's password could be?
  2643. >Puh-lease, it probably is something about food, or gems, or marshmallows
  2644. >...>No... This wouldn't be right
  2645. >The situation is dire, but-... but he would understand...
  2646. >Your eyes snap open as if you used them for the first time and then the train of thoughts derail through your mental wall
  2647. >Why are you afraid of Spike?
  2648. >Because you don't want to lose an ally, simple
  2649. >Why is the citadel afraid of Spike?
  2650. >Well, maybe not afraid, maybe, hmm, rather respect his boundaries?
  2651. >Like... Like you do?
  2652. >Some doors creek open down the corridor!
  2653. >Unidentified steps audible on the concrete floor as they approach you from some side!
  2654. >Think fast!
  2655. A - Hide somewhere and wait till the creature goes by
  2656. B - Try to hack the doors (Type in the password in the format of "PASSWORD")
  2657. Y - Avoid contact and go to Rarity's
  2658. X - Avoid contact and go to your's old apartment
  2659. YAAAX
  2661. >You run behind the corner as the steps approach!
  2662. >The walls make it like an echo chambers once the figure enters the one where Spike's door are located
  2663. >You look around!
  2664. >There is a vending machine which you could pull a bit over and hide behind it
  2665. >Also, a potted plant which is oh so totally plastic it hurts to see
  2666. >The choice is important... not!
  2667. >You move the pot as quietly as possible and place it next to the vending machine
  2668. >Once next to it you commit an inhuman (what is a human) strengh and slowly move the giant metal box out of it's position
  2669. >It moves but catches a carpet and stand not-evenly
  2670. >It wobbles - but you don't have time to fix it as the person is nearby
  2671. >You mask the hole created this way with the plant and stick your thight and perfect butt in there
  2672. >Standing on hind legs and holding the wobbling machine with front hooves is not the safest, dangabit
  2673. >Yet it's very handy
  2674. >The voice approach and turns the last corner
  2675. >You can't see who is it
  2676. >You can only hear as it wheezles in your direction
  2677. >Your heart is pounding so loud against the warm instalation
  2678. >The thing misses you
  2679. >Then the sound stops!
  2680. >A halting screech
  2681. >Your ears hurt!
  2682. >Moment of silence
  2683. >It comes back!
  2684. >Sweet Celestia, no!
  2685. >Why did you decide to hide?!
  2686. >You would never do that if you knew this will be this terrible
  2687. >Since when are you afraid of sounds?!
  2688. >You close your eyes and in the silence if the refrigerating contant buzz is not taken into account, a feminine can be heard
  2689. >It's a sh-
  2690. >"I... aaa... laaa..." the elderly feminine voice comes from the other side of the machine
  2691. >"Beouf. Bingo," a giggle can be heard
  2692. >As much as the sound of crumping paper by repeatetive opening and closing and old, overused book can be used to describe a giggle
  2693. >You're Twilight Sparkle and you know your books
  2694. >A purchase is made and the wheezing-wheeling sound returns as the pony goes to the exit
  2695. >You stick your head out from the tight compartment to see a very wrinkled grey ass in a purple neon wig...
  2697. >... using an electic mobility device that pulls her forward
  2698. >...
  2699. >Well, it was close
  2700. >You had no idea donkeys lived here, but the Den is known for multi-species inhabitants
  2701. >Hmm
  2702. >Since when you, Twilight Sparkle, gets so jumpy you don't know
  2703. >You're about to pull out the pack of antibiotics you take to see any possible bad symptoms but something catches your eye
  2704. >The venting machine
  2705. >It displays a picture of you on red background with one horisontal white sinus of a line
  2706. >No, it's not a picture of yours
  2707. >It's Twilight Sparkle
  2708. >On a Sparkle-Cola advertisiment
  2709. >You exhale the breath you didn't know you been holding
  2710. >Quickly realise the machine must show the last purchase
  2711. >It makes you nauseous
  2712. >This is the first time you see this since you left the citadel
  2713. >You have no idea when did it come to the market
  2714. >You only know the citadel reached the next phase in the conquest of this and other realms
  2715. >Never a sign of this beverage in the last half of a year and now...
  2716. >And you don't even like the taste of carrots that much!
  2717. A - get back to Spike's door and hack the door ("PASSWORD")
  2718. B - get back to Spike's door and try to break in brutally
  2719. Y - go to Rarity's Slut House
  2720. X - go to any shop and ask about the sparkle-cola
  2721. YAAN
  2723. >Still in mild shock you go back to the computer at Spike's door
  2724. >It wakes up to life and display's the company name in white letters on a black screen
  2725. >Locc-o-kok-o
  2726. >The is divided into two halves; the lower one displays a numer digital keyboard, the upper 4 free spaces
  2727. >You try number 1 four times and see that the screen turns red and cleans itself off the incorrect numbers
  2728. >No sound is made by the testing attempt
  2729. >You inspect the door closer to find nothing out of ordinary
  2730. >You poke the hoof panel and eventually find two holes for technical cables
  2731. >Without augementations or a mobile computer you won't be able to hack into these
  2732. >You can crush it and hope for the best, only
  2733. >Maybe looking around the building could help?
  2734. A - Crush the hoof-panel
  2735. B - Attack the door
  2736. Y - Look around the building
  2737. X - Go to Rarity's (1) or the Hotel (2) or the Bar (3)
  2738. YY
  2740. >With a curse untold (and stuck in your throat!) you get away from the door and-
  2741. >And what?
  2742. >The corridor leads to the exit from the floor minus one, by a ramp up, not stairs, and to the other side
  2743. >You realize you haven't been there last time
  2744. >You slowly trot where the old donkey female came from
  2745. >It's a corridor that bends couple of times, with doors on each side
  2746. >They are numbered with the apartments numbers, some with hoof-readers
  2747. >Overall the corridor ends far away with two elevators in a recess in the wall, right in the middle of the long part of the hall
  2748. >Also a stair case is located next to it
  2749. >Some air vents, but too small to comfortably get into
  2750. >And turned on - very hazardous
  2751. >You climb up the stairs and find a small storage room in the middle of them
  2752. >It's closed
  2753. >The first floor, or zero floor, layout is similar to the one where Spike's apartment is, yet somewhat different
  2754. >The doors to the apartments look similar
  2755. >The corridor looks similar, with more different colours, though
  2756. >Everything is the same, but the apartment just above Spike's
  2757. >There is no door in the wall at this place
  2758. >The corridor bends twice from the elevator-stairs element but the wall is empty
  2759. >You reach up the next floor and see the exact same pattern
  2760. >The door to apartment corresponding to Spike's are only at the underground level
  2761. >Why must it be so confusing?
  2762. A - Go back to Spike's door and... knock on the closest neighbouring apartment?
  2763. B - Go to Rarity's
  2764. Y - Go to the Hotel
  2765. X - Go to the storage room and try to break in
  2766. BBA
  2768. >You get back to Spike's door and look at them intently
  2769. >They stare back
  2770. >Your brows move up and down as if saying "Well, how about that, then?" and you find yourself walking to the closest apartment
  2771. >You raise your hoof to hit the door- and jump in surpise!
  2772. >Not in fear, surprise!
  2773. >A loud, clanking sound from the deeper part of the corridor startled you, a bit
  2774. >It's an elevator moving
  2775. >You put your hoof back to the floor and direct yourself to the exit doors
  2776. >That was enough of a bad sign for you
  2777. >Not that you, Twilight Sparkle, believe in superstitions
  2778. >No, sir
  2779. >Supersitions are scientifically proven to have a source, though
  2780. >Science!
  2781. >...
  2782. >You reach the Slut-House in no time
  2783. >The sun is still high and you still have couple of hours to meet with Light Breeze, if you still want to, that is
  2784. >The door aren't barricaded with the police force
  2785. >Yet, the place seems packed with a high number of clearing ponies that hault parts of equipments and furnite out and stash it into a trash cart with two earth pony stallions harnessed to it
  2786. >The entrance is open ajar, and many voices of (re)construction ponies can be heard
  2787. >One of them stands on a ladder and tries to remove the destroyed camera, which recording you still have safely secured, as a meaty protrusion between his legs dangle left and right in free fall
  2788. >You narrow your eyes and confirm it's his p-
  2789. >Paint cans are being hauled inside
  2790. >It seems Rarity is wasting no time and getting to rebuild her business from scrap
  2791. >She most likely won't have any money to borrow
  2792. >You get inside the entrance hole watching out with each step
  2793. >Still glad she came out of it unharmed
  2794. >She was the first you met after-
  2795. >"Ekhm!"
  2796. >You stop and look around
  2797. >Then up
  2798. >Close to your face you see the dangling-
  2799. "Can I help you?"
  2800. >A salty smell tingles your nose, so you take a step deeper inside
  2801. >The pony gratefullly, but not gracefully, gets off of the ladder and pokes a hoof at you
  2802. >"I don't know. Where are you going?"
  2803. "Inside."
  2804. >"It's closed."
  2806. "I can see that much."
  2807. >"Then why?"
  2808. >his eyes narrowed, his snake withdrawing
  2809. A - "Going to meet Rarity."
  2810. B - "I'm an old patron."
  2811. Y - "Curious about what happened."
  2812. X - "What were you doing with that camera?"
  2813. AAXXXXX
  2815. >"Then why?"
  2816. >his eyes narrowed, his snake withdrawing
  2817. "Hold on, before we continue this- what were you doing to that camera?"
  2818. >His eyes snap open
  2819. >"What? I was checking is it usable. Why do you ask?"
  2820. "Well, as you know, this place has been raided by unidentified bed-fillies, it's of upmost importance to find the ones responsible for this act of sexual depravation to make sure they won't do something like that ever again."
  2821. >You cock your head to a side as you speak
  2822. "Solid spanking should be enough, maybe a week long, up to the court, really, but if what's talked on the street is to be believed, and,most of the time there's at least some of truth in it, then the rape raid could have been orchestrated by somepony far more powerful than just a back-alley wanna-breed."
  2823. "And that's why a missing gem in that camera could forfeit all the endeavors to discover the ponies behind this.
  2824. >You take a step forward and puff out your chest
  2825. "So, could you kindly tell me is there a gem inside this camera? I hope you did not pocket it while pretending to be a work pony, that would be extremely... bad for you."
  2826. >His eyes flat on the head, as his hooves glued to the floor, yet the whole body tries to move as far away from you as possible without commiting an actual step back
  2827. >His will-power is almost admirable
  2828. >"N-no, I- I wouldn't do that. I'm paid to scrap anything possible! The boss told us to do so before we pain the place!"
  2829. "Is the gem inside the camera?"
  2830. >His gulp is audible
  2831. >"No. I checked for it, but it's empty. It must have been emptied before our group even came here. I'm the only one with recroding device license, so only I touched this AR-12 model. I must say, I hoped it will be in a better shape. I-I... collect small parts from them, that's a hobby of mine, but I wasn't able to get any part out of-"
  2832. >Another pony sneaks up at you two!
  2833. >No, not really
  2834. >It's a different earth pony, this time a mare in a yellow helmet, approaching you two
  2836. >"Hello," she interrupts the other pony, whose meaty friend unzips itself as he gets redder on face, "name's Sturdy Blocks. I'm the boss here. What is the issue?"
  2837. >The small part enthusiast turns to his, presumably, boss
  2838. "Well, I would like to know."
  2839. >She looks at you unimpressed
  2840. >"And you are?"
  2841. "A friend of the owner. I came to visit her, but your pony stopped me."
  2842. >She dismisses the stallion with a motion of her hoof
  2843. >"Just as somepony should. It's a construction site, you can't get in."
  2844. "Why?"
  2845. >"We have our paint cans counted. We can't really allow anypony to wander in and out as they please, besides, the owner's not here."
  2846. >Hmm
  2847. >The pony her side to you and helps the other pony to get back on the ladder, his stallionhood jingling like bells-
  2848. "When she left? Where is she?"
  2849. >The bossy pony looks at surpsised you're still there
  2850. >"Once we signed the contract. If you're her friend, as you say, then shouldn't you know her whereabouts?"
  2851. >The stallion on the ladder loses balance and wobbles!
  2852. >The boss gasps and grabs the ladder harder
  2853. >No pony falls, but the top side of her bright yellow helmet gets hit with a pink meaty protrusion of the colt on the la-
  2854. >repeatedly
  2855. >couple of ponies laugh but quickly stop it as the boss mare's face is about to explode
  2856. >she begins to berate the colt for 'unprofessional behavior' and 'odd interest with camera equipment'
  2857. >a sad sight, indeed
  2858. >The colt stays on the ladder and the mare still secures it; the dangling dandelion does not shrink, nor stop pulsi-
  2859. >You don't know where Rarity lives
  2860. >you never really thought about that
  2861. >You never needed
  2862. >she always has been here
  2863. >but she must live somewhere
  2864. A - sneak in pretending you're somepony else
  2865. B - claim you are the ponice and order to be let in
  2866. Y - go to the Hotel
  2867. X - go to the Barn
  2868. BXAA
  2870. >you decide to sneak into the place
  2871. >luckily for you, Sturdy Blocks still faces away from you, berating the unhealthily excited engineer
  2872. >you would stay and watch as his meaty trunk pulses ever more as her voice gets louder, but you have better things to do
  2873. >once you're inside one thing turns clear
  2874. >the whole club is going under a groun-revamp, save for the first floor wooden bar, who is being currently emptied by a couple of giggling workers
  2875. >where the moaning corpses of satisfied ponies laid before, now stands cans of high quality paint
  2876. >where the white stains of good fun could be visible on satin panties that no one wore at the moment used to be, now stacks of paper and rolls of wallpaper occupy spaces
  2877. >you come closer to the duo of giggling ponies who put away the last carton box full of half-opened bottles and begin to unwrap a protective foil
  2878. >you decide to not interact with them as no pony pays you any attention
  2879. >with a quick step, you reach the first floor and look down from the VIP-used-to-bee section
  2880. >nothing out of ordinary, it seems
  2881. >three or four ponies on the first floor tears down some wall pannels
  2882. >it sure looks supsicious enough, so you do what a true scientist always would
  2883. >you stare
  2884. >the team in question pull away a piece of wall and-
  2885. >-and safely places the tile on a stack of tiles
  2886. >not quite sure what you expected, Twilight Sparkle
  2887. >oh, shut up, Twilight Sparkle
  2888. >you roll your eyes at no pony in particular
  2889. >then you pass the team and reach the door to the manager room
  2890. >they look exactly like before, but the wall next to them changed colour from mahony to red, maybe cherry, and gold, at the top and bottom
  2891. >there is a num-lock on the wall, just currently covered in paint paper
  2892. >you try the door again as someone behind you coughs
  2893. >and coughs again
  2894. >Celestia! That's a really long coughing fit
  2895. >You turn back to help the struggling to breath pony but none of them seem on the verge of death
  2896. >two or three of them give you a long glare
  2898. >hmm
  2899. >they still kind of try to paint the wall, but one of them comes close enough you can;t ignore them!
  2900. "Hi?"
  2901. >"Hello. I and the boys were wondering who are you?"
  2902. >You look to the now slyly listening group of mares, then back to the mare who seems to be the group leader
  2903. "Boys?"
  2904. >"Um, yes, any problem with that?"
  2905. "No, no problem with boys."
  2906. >"Good! Well, who are you? Why aren't you working? And what were you trying to do here? The office is off limits. You should know that."
  2907. A - The boss sent me to check on you (Younger Engineer Twilight Sparkle)
  2908. B - The camera pony sent me to check on the feedback (Younger Arcana Technician Twilight Sparkle)
  2909. Y - The duo at the bar sent me to ask you what you want to drink (Younger Friend For Hire Twilight Sparkle)
  2910. X - The ponice sent me to investigate (Younger Detective Twilight Sparkle)
  2911. YB
  2913. >You point back with your head
  2914. "The scavengers wanted to know would you like something to drink, or, as they said, what do you want to drink."
  2915. >You cough into your hoof to make it all look natural
  2916. "So, what to tell them, Boys?"
  2917. >The ears of all of the bunch raise in unisono at the mention of free drinks during work-hours
  2918. >Their backs straighten at their name
  2919. >Their leader mare really tries not to smile
  2920. >"Well, if it's like that, then tell them we want the usual."
  2921. >She turns her back to you and shakes her tail in - anticipation? you think?
  2922. >From the lower floor some commotion and yelling is heard
  2923. >A quick glance over the protective barrier reveals Sturdy Block is done yelling at the Meaty Whack, hue, and doing a walk-over
  2924. >You turn to the Boys (mares), giving you a curious look
  2925. >"What's the problem?" asks one of them
  2926. >"She shouldn't be here, most likely." another one, the older looking one answers
  2927. >You turn to look at them
  2928. >Ready to strike
  2929. >Ready to flee
  2930. >Ready to eee-
  2931. >"I mean, not working." the mare that answered continues
  2932. >"Oh, yeah," the younger one rubbed her head, "hey, mare, grab this!"
  2933. >She pulled out a leg with a big brush with something yellow and glue-ish on it
  2934. A - grab it and work
  2935. B - run down the stairs and out of the building
  2936. Y - hide on the first floor behind some revamp equipment
  2937. X - calmly go down and look for Sturdy Block
  2938. AA
  2940. >You grab the brush
  2941. >The pony raises an eyebrow in a questioning, expectant look
  2942. >The Boys one look at another with a varying degree of confusion turning quickly into a worry
  2943. >You think about storing the glasses in your floof but the boss is closer!
  2944. >No, she's here!
  2945. >You put the paiting brush into a nearby can of white, translucent paint and focus your effort on the closest tile on the wall
  2946. >"I see you Boys don't waste any time. Wait a minute..." Sturdy Block's voice trails off
  2947. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you don't dare to turn away from the very interesting, freshly painted wall
  2948. >Your ears are hot and very, very flat as she approaches you from behind
  2949. >"You're supposed to retrieve that. Why are you painting-"
  2950. >"Um, that's what we're trying to figure out," the Boy's leader mare speaks up, most-likely saving your skin
  2951. >You keep brushing the now somewhat whitened thin piece of stone
  2952. >"What do you mean?"
  2953. >"We were told to get them white and then to get them gone."
  2954. >"What? When? By who's order?"
  2955. >"Um," another of them speaks, "there was this, um, mare-"
  2956. >"-or stallion, hard to tell-"
  2957. >"-yeah, hard to tell. Anyways, they came and yelled at us and what not, that we been doing this wrong."
  2958. >A moment of silence, if not for the renovation sounds from the lower level
  2959. >The boss speaks again
  2960. >"In a black hoodie? Wearing glasses?"
  2961. >Boy, why is it so hot here, probably paint fumes
  2962. >"Yup."
  2963. >Heck!
  2964. >You quickly pull the glassess off of your nose and store it!
  2965. >The moment you return to facing the wall a hoof lands on your back!
  2966. >It pulls you to turn around!
  2967. >It's very strong!
  2968. >You don a neutral, bored look
  2969. >"You, are you not-"
  2970. >A look of anger quickly dissipates into one of confusion
  2971. "Not?"
  2972. >Her eyes narrows but she dissmisses the thought with a head shake
  2973. >"Take off your clothes. The owner is rich, but they won't pay for your personal belongings to get destroyed."
  2974. >You maintain the eyecontact till the hoodie restrict the vision
  2975. >"And the rest of you, please, stop doing that."
  2977. >"Why?"
  2978. >"We have a security issue, maybe a security breach. Follow only my orders. I will have you to report to me any suspicious activity."
  2979. >Various voices of confirmation, yours included, satisfy the boss enough to turn away and trot down in a quick pace
  2980. >You don't pick up the brush and look at the scene around you
  2981. >The Boys glance at you with raised eye-brows, till one of them begin to giggle
  2982. >Soon, all of them giggle
  2983. >"Why in the Celery's heck you pain the tile? It's not paint, it's glue removal, look at it."
  2984. >The can indeed stored paint removal substance, if the label can be trusted
  2985. >Protip: they can
  2986. >The tile you been furiously ruining is now in the hooves of one of the Boys
  2987. >"Well, we can't re-use it. I've never seen someone do that. I didn't even know it's possible to re-paint stone with this."
  2988. >"Either way, you should be going, girl."
  2989. >"Yeah. I'm thirsty."
  2990. >This confuses you
  2991. "Thirsty?"
  2992. >"Yeah? You came to ask us for- wait, what did the boss say?"
  2993. >The ponies look between the tile, you, and themselves
  2994. >Uh oh
  2995. A - Run for the run god
  2996. B - Collect the orders and go down to get the bottles, or try to
  2997. Y - Incapacitate the Boys and breach into the office
  2998. X - Ask for the orders and smoothly excuse yourself to go out of the club
  2999. A "AB"
  3001. >To get out is your goal
  3002. "So, what do you want to drink, again?"
  3003. >The Boys look at one another
  3004. >One of them speaks up before you can begin to worry (again!)
  3005. >"Anything, really, just not too strong."
  3006. >"Yeah, the boss may be onto something for real."
  3007. >You nod and salute with a hoof to your forehead
  3008. "Roger roger. Purple spy's out for drinks."
  3009. >As you said, you do, walking away slowly, bur with a purpose
  3010. >Yeah, to run away!
  3011. >Nervous chuckling behind you, and no yelling, proves you did well and not everything went to heck
  3012. >Descending the stairs you notice the boss talking with the pair of ponies that now have the Bar covered with foil of some sorts
  3013. >A sigh of relief escapes your lips
  3014. >You did not have to deal with the boss spotting you
  3015. >You sneak past through the middle of the place into the entrace corridor in no time
  3016. >With the still black hoodie still on your chest (it barely makes it up to your flanks!), you walk next to the ladder pony with sausage problem
  3017. >He's currently on the floor, sheathed, mumbling curses under his beath
  3018. >He doesn't notice you and you don't console him
  3019. >You're quite sure he will find a nice mare to console him if he only gets out of his workshop more often
  3020. >The sun is not going down, yet, and you still have some time, just not much enough to actually go somewhere, uhhh
  3021. >Oh, is that a gun shop?
  3022. >And is that a library? In the lower canterlot?
  3023. A - The Hotel
  3024. B - The Barn
  3025. Y - The gun-shop
  3026. X - The library
  3027. AX
  3029. >It's too early to meet with Light Breeze, and you don't feel tired
  3030. >Sore, a bit, as the antibiotics you take lose their pain-relief abilities after couple of hourse, but the hoof is in a stable state
  3031. >The neong sing of the gun shop's says "Colt and Colt">
  3032. >So happens you already have a perfectly funcional broken water gun
  3033. >The library, though... You can always come back to it, since you know it's nearby
  3034. >What you also didn't know is nearby is the lower canterlot's most known saloon, The Barn
  3035. >You knew its in the hood, but not exactly where
  3036. >Last time you chose to go somewhere else
  3037. >This time you dive in-
  3038. >There's no guard at the big-glass-revolving door
  3039. >Between entrance and exit is this third phase which locks you in a closet space
  3040. >With a beep it releases you into the enterprise-
  3041. >You expected brown and wood-y colours
  3042. >The place is in various shades of blue and steel and that's the first thing you notice
  3043. >The saloon's low-high ceiling is another peculiarity
  3044. >When you heard the name, which you don't remember when, you imagined a vast space of haphazardly tossed tables, chairs and mares, full of creacky, old equipment
  3045. >Not a well designed futuristic bar
  3046. >The place seems spacious, but limited upwards by various metalic rails and pointing down hoses
  3047. >The bar-counter finishes the look by having a digital banel on its full lenght up front, so the entering clientelle can stop the fat looking bar-stallion from a mile
  3048. >He is occupied with one pony at the bar, humming something confidently
  3049. >Not many other patrons are there, and those who are seems to sit alone and read the news-tablets
  3050. >They all look so bored
  3051. >You notice the tables are set in perfect lines
  3052. >When you take couple steps forward a protrusion on the ceiling moves in a fair distance and moves till it hangs above the client at the bar
  3053. >Then his glass of cider gets filled from the hose
  3054. >A quiet beep makes you look around and you spot a red dot of a camera, pointed at you
  3055. >Welp
  3056. >You don't know what to think
  3058. A - go ask the bar-colt for a 1 - cider, 2 - lemonade, 3 - juice, 4 - job
  3059. B - sit at any table alone
  3060. Y - sit at any table with somepony
  3061. X - exit the premises and choose from the C - the Hotel, D - The Colt and Colt gun shop, Z - the Library
  3062. BB
  3064. >You take a stroll as the camera focused on you lose the interest after seconds
  3065. >the vague thought of leaving and taking a nap at hotel before the meeting with Light Breeze escapes you, the moment another camera, just above you, turns on and follows you till you sit down at an empty table in the middle of the techno-saloon
  3066. >The chair made of some artificial steel, painted dark, with one narrow blue line on each edge, making it visible
  3067. >the table is enough for six ponies
  3068. >you look around and no one gives you any attention
  3069. >that's... a pleasant surprise?
  3070. >you put your front hooves on the cold, metal-blue table and lay your chin on them
  3071. >the climatisation above you turns on and it quickly becomes too chilly for you
  3072. >the hoodie gets back on your back, that is, you pull it through your head
  3073. >Hooligan Twilight Sparkle on the spot to get a glass of cider
  3074. >Well, not really
  3075. >You look around and at just that moment the strong-built bar-stallion erupts with laughter
  3076. >the client he talks with smiles very proudly of himself and taps the counter, while his haunches are positioned in the perfect line for your eyes to see the spot where his tail grows out from
  3077. >wew
  3078. >never mind
  3079. >you tap the table and in front a screen opens
  3080. >no, not really a screen, a hologram on the table
  3081. >"Welcome to the Barn," it says in a fancy futuristic cursive
  3082. >"What would you like to drink?"
  3083. >There's a list of prices and couple of names that make you double look, like 'hOh", "groan", and "p[i]e", and some more regular ones like cider, juice and nectar
  3084. >the prices are somewhat high, though
  3085. >not quite sure you feel thirsty for that much
  3086. >25 crebits for a glass of nectar?
  3087. >You're Twilight Sparkle and that's robbery
  3088. >You can tell from all the robberies you've read about
  3089. A - order something: 1 - fancy, 2 - simple
  3090. B - look at the clientelle
  3091. Y - go to the bar-colt
  3092. X - leave the premises and go to and of the positions from the last X
  3093. "AB" 2
  3095. >With giddy curiosity you can't localize the source of, you tap the glass next to the soft and simple "nectar"
  3096. >Kind of expect a choice of tastes, but nothing shows up - for now
  3097. >The mechanical things above your head moves in almost perfect silence, not breaking the yipp and yapp of the place
  3098. >One of them stops just above you and hits you with-
  3099. >No, not really
  3100. >It places down on the table, with a loud clinck, a thick, tall glass
  3101. >The protrusion holding it releases with an audible smooch
  3102. >It withdraws it's plunger like holder and disappears in the ceiling
  3103. >You look up, expecting another one to fall down and fill the cup, but nothing happens
  3104. >Huh
  3105. >The blue table turns green at one spot
  3106. >A small screen under couple of layers of glass says "put the card here"
  3107. >Uhh
  3108. >You do as instructed and another screen asking for 25 crebits pop up
  3109. >More curious than before you accept the transaction and another screen pops up
  3110. >Wait!
  3111. >Only 505 crebits left!
  3112. >Why did you buy this?!
  3113. >It cost as much as daily dose of proteins, and other stuff, too!
  3114. >The hose you expected earlier comes closer and with an indignant wiggle fillis the cup to the brim with some violet, foamy liquid
  3115. >Wait, again!
  3116. >Was that last screen to pick a taste?
  3117. >You weren't able to choose a taste!
  3118. >At least you did not order anything hard
  3119. >You can't stop being angry at yourself so you take a sip
  3120. >Mmm
  3121. >Real grapes
  3122. >Really tasty
  3123. >The table in front of you displays something what... is a newspaper?
  3124. >There are articles there
  3125. >How comes you never before came here?
  3126. >Ah, yes, the cameras above
  3127. A - read the netpaper till it's time to visit with Light Breeze and go there (1) or ditch her and go to the Mane to meet with Chalk deeper in the night (2) or ditch both of them (3)
  3128. B - finish the drink and leave on the street
  3129. Y - take the drink and go to the bar-stallion
  3130. X - yawn and take a nap
  3131. AA11
  3133. >The headlines are quite interesting, so you stick with the netpaper
  3134. >Times goes by as you read about the recent events in the big world
  3135. >There was some fire in some warehouse in Baltimare, and the local mayor personaly blames his opponents - what's more interesting, the current mayor is the first sea pony attending the office
  3136. >Not because it's the first sea pony who won the elections, but because it's the first term of office when the Baltimare city hall is finally submerged
  3137. >And the scientists propheted it to happen 50 years ago!
  3138. >Take that, scientists!
  3139. >Uh
  3140. >You tap the corner and the article change to a discussion about moral standing saying that since chroming-up is legal, so should be cloning-
  3141. >Boring
  3142. >Tap tap
  3143. >A building failure in canterlot? Ponies evicted en masse?
  3144. >That's something for you
  3145. >You can relate
  3146. >The picture depicts a building under a weird angle and it's YOUR APARTMENT
  3147. >The sounds around you got quiet
  3148. >With almighty hardship you pull the eyes off the screen and look around
  3149. >Some other patrons give you a brief look
  3150. >The glass fell and slowly rolls to the edge for the table and you're standing with your hooves supported on the table
  3151. >You grab the glass and put it back on the table, in a safe distance form your hooves
  3152. >After you sit down and rub your brow you don't know do you want to read
  3153. >You read
  3154. >...
  3155. >Yada yada
  3156. >Lies lies lies
  3157. >Nerve gas leak caused the explosions and -what?
  3158. >Ah, earth gas, you misread - as if any gas!
  3159. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you were there!
  3160. >You know Twilight Sparkles got sent to retrieve you and-
  3161. >Hmm
  3162. >And something went terribly off of their plan?
  3163. >So once they met with mild resistance they gave up and left?
  3164. >No, no, no, they continued the pursuit
  3165. >Just, missed you - and then -
  3166. >Uhhh
  3167. >The mental block rings in your head like a chain
  3168. >You look around again and see a long time has passed
  3169. >The place gets more clientelle now, but they don't look casual, no, not with all those vinyl-plastic-parts in their manes and clothes
  3171. >Some even wear leather!
  3172. >They must be wanna-be harckermares
  3173. >It's soon time to meet with Light Breeze, though
  3174. A - meet Light Breeze
  3175. B - stay and socialize
  3176. Y - [none]
  3177. X - [none]
  3178. AAXY +1
  3180. >Various herds and fag packs gather and break as you take your leave
  3181. >You quite ain't sure what to do witht he glass, so you just abandon it
  3182. >They won't know it's you
  3183. >Oh, right, the cameras
  3184. >You turn back in time to see a mechanical protrusion to pick up the glass and dispose it behind the bar
  3185. >Huh
  3186. >You leave and head to the hotel
  3187. >...
  3188. >The hotel lacks a sign
  3189. >It lacked one before
  3190. >It's clear there is a box-hotel, but not really
  3191. >In the lobby sits the same kirin as yesterday
  3192. >she looks at you above a screen from which kirin-pop can be heard, even if distorted
  3193. >at least you still have 50 crebits paid in advance
  3194. >that's two day worthy of a bed-sheet and a snack
  3195. >the kirin speaks up to you
  3196. >"Welcome to the Silent Hill. We don't really have a hill here. Previously knows as the Silent Village, but the new owner changed the name. Not that we had a village here, anyways."
  3197. >isn't the same one lines as she gave you yesterday?
  3198. >at least you think so
  3199. >you wave your cubit card as you pass her position
  3200. >she was clearly occupied with her music, as her hed bobs up and down in fast pace
  3201. >...
  3202. >the food stands on the parter looks as they looked when you left earlier today
  3203. >maybe the smell is even stronger
  3204. >or the air outside is clearer
  3205. >or your hoof is hurting for couple hours already
  3206. >oh, yes, we have a winner, that's it
  3207. >ow
  3208. >you sit down at the table and look at the clock
  3209. >10 pm
  3210. >you have an hour so you head to the cubit 314 and take a well deserved nap
  3211. >at 11 pm the clock in the wall calls you to go to heck
  3212. >how does it turn off?!
  3213. >oh, right, Light Breeze
  3214. >where were you supposed to meet her?
  3215. A - at your bulk (314)
  3216. B - at her bulk (405)
  3217. X - at the food stands
  3218. Y - at the food market in front of the Silent Hill motel
  3219. Y
  3221. >with a well rested trot you decide to wait for her outside
  3222. >...
  3223. >the Silent Hill motel looks as crowded as ever
  3224. >as if ponies did not sleep at more regular hours
  3225. >such is the life
  3226. >the food market before you looks more populated than at yesterday's early morning
  3227. >they sell stuff that actually looks like food, and not overcooked garbage, for one difference
  3228. >as you stand at the roofed entrance, in the way of many pony-clientelle, you realize something
  3229. >Light Breeze ends her work at 11pm
  3230. >That is now
  3231. >You didn't ask when she will be here
  3232. >Or where
  3233. >damn
  3234. >...
  3235. >you hit a stroll through the closest stands
  3236. >eventually you notice pegasi ponies going up above the roof and coming back with groceries
  3237. >you find a make-shift stairs up the first and only floor
  3238. >the pegasi friendly stands are located just there, between tall buildings and under the dark, starry sky
  3239. >the view is great from that place - you can clearly see everypony heading towards and out of the hotel - but the smell is not so great
  3240. >one turn of your head and you localise the source of it
  3241. >one or two stands above the entrance below are a meat stands
  3242. >filled with fish and bugs and-
  3243. >the patrons sitting around are griffons
  3244. >bigger than average pony, rougher, too
  3245. >last detail you notice is that there are a couple of pegasi sitting among them
  3246. >nothing will suprise you in this city, now will it
  3247. >your attention returns to Light Breeze, which you eventually spot
  3248. >It's 11:30 pm when you get down the observation nest and chase her
  3249. >you catch her past the hotel lobby
  3250. >she looks happy to see you if that smile means anything
  3251. >"Well, hello there, Twilight Sparkle."
  3252. "Helll... ugghhh."
  3253. >A coughing fit which you don't have ends after you inhale and hold
  3254. >She cocks a brow at you
  3255. >"You... been running?"
  3256. >Yes
  3257. "Pshh, no. Have you?"
  3258. >A small blush creeps her cheecks
  3259. >"Well, yes. I'm just so excited! I have the good news - but first! I need a shower."
  3260. >A shower?
  3261. >You sniff yourself but spot nothing out of the ordinary
  3263. >"Do you mind to wait for me or do you want to hit the water? Or you could order us some snacks. We have to wake up early tomorrow- that is, if you want to try."
  3264. "To try?"
  3265. >You donned your coolest Twilight Sparkle voice a moment before, but only now it reached the deepest hue you can reach
  3266. >A wink is your reward
  3267. >Not really an answer, is it
  3268. >But, boy, was her smile this radiant this very morning you don't remember
  3269. "Mare, do I?"
  3270. A - shower with her
  3271. B - take a nap
  3272. Y - get snacks at the food stands
  3273. X - head out to the Mane club to meet Chalk
  3274. B
  3276. >A shower would be nice
  3277. >A nap would be nicer
  3278. >You are Twilight Sparkle
  3279. >The coolest mare alife
  3280. "Listen, mare, I will hit the hay. Poke me when you're ready."
  3281. >You shoot her your coolest pose
  3282. >She tilts her head to a side
  3283. >"What... are you doing?"
  3284. >Crap!
  3285. >The bluish mare in front of you resisted your coolness-ment
  3286. >And it was a pose with both hooves pointing and all
  3287. "Um-"
  3288. >Her smiler replaces confusion as she speaks, "Ok, so, I will be at your bulk in 30 minutes. Make sure to get some snacks!"
  3289. >She warms you huggily!
  3290. >Wait, no!
  3291. >She hugs you warmly!
  3292. >... and she's gone
  3293. >You couldn't hug her back
  3294. >Not that you wanted
  3295. >You miss Spike
  3296. >damnit
  3297. >...
  3298. >the soft cloping wakes you up from the short slumber
  3299. >you turn the light on and open the door
  3300. >or rather the gate, since it rolls into the wall far away form the head of the bed
  3301. >Light Breeze's coat looks shiny
  3302. >She has a towel-made turban on her head
  3303. >You tap the matress and the mare joins you in
  3304. >The door closes and only now you realize how tiny the space is
  3305. >Both of you sit side to side
  3306. >The only free space left is the tiny storage section
  3307. >"Do you have any snacks? I don't see snacks."
  3308. >Damnit!
  3309. "I ate them."
  3310. >"All of it!?"
  3311. "This tummy can contain many rolls."
  3312. >You touch your chest to prove a point
  3313. >"You're just... incredible."
  3314. >Her cute little head shakes left and right
  3315. "You were quite giddy earlier. Care to tell?"
  3316. >Her ears perk up
  3317. >"Oh, yes. I talked with my boss, and he agreed."
  3318. "To what?"
  3319. >"To give you a chance."
  3320. >Your brow raise on its own
  3321. >"Don't give me that. You know it well we make a good team. At least we used to."
  3322. >Uh oh
  3323. >"So, I thought, why not get you in? I mean, not as a full time at first. A temp, if you want. I'm sure you have what it takes."
  3324. >Uhhh
  3325. >Money!
  3326. >Hold on, Twilight Sparkle!
  3327. >"You're monologuing, aren't you?"
  3328. >No
  3329. "N-no, you."
  3330. >She shooks her head back and hits the low ceiling with her snout
  3331. >That doesn't stop her laughter, she just hides her head in her hooves
  3333. >"Yeah, you didn't change one bit."
  3334. >She sighs and pauses
  3335. >"That's quite amazing, not that I think of it. Every pony I met here, back from the home, seems changed. Heck! Even I changed."
  3336. >You got this!
  3337. "Yes, you changed."
  3338. >"For the better?"
  3339. >Is it hope in her voice?
  3340. "Definitely."
  3341. >She huffs
  3342. >"I hope this is true. Sometimes I feel, like, as if I live a second life. As if the first ended when-, eh. I don't like to think of it."
  3343. >You pull the mare into a side-to-side hug
  3344. >She doesn't object
  3345. "You changed for the better. I can tell."
  3346. >You state matter-o-factly
  3347. >"What makes you so sure?"
  3348. "I couldn't recognize you."
  3349. >The mare stops nuzzling
  3350. >She dislodge you from her and look you right in the eye
  3351. >Her lips tight like a line
  3352. >She slaps your shoulder!
  3353. >Ow!
  3354. >Ow!
  3355. >What for?!
  3356. "Hey!"
  3357. >"You get your memory periodicaly wiped! How could you imply that! Jeez!"
  3358. >Oh yeah
  3359. >You forgot
  3360. >"You ass!"
  3361. >Her face is as red as your tongue
  3362. >The very same tongue you show her
  3363. "That's the pun."
  3364. >"I know! It's just! You're as bad as always."
  3365. >Oh?
  3366. "Am I a bad friend to you? Bad company?"
  3367. >"Well, no, not a bad friend, but definitely bad company."
  3368. "Then what are you doing?"
  3369. >"Offering you a job."
  3370. >You both share a gigle
  3371. "That speaks volumes."
  3372. >"A job you're going to give a try!"
  3373. "Oh, really?"
  3374. >"Ya, really!"
  3375. >"Can you two shut your yaps down?!"
  3376. >Both of you jump alert and meet the ceiling!
  3377. >OW!
  3378. >It was one of the neighbours trying to sleep
  3379. >The two of you share a look after your heads are sufficiently hugged-out-of-pain
  3380. >It's her the first to crack a giggle
  3381. >You feel allowed to join
  3382. >"So... I know it doesn't pay as much as yours, whatever it really is, but if you'll like it here you sure could make a living. It's a rather lucrative field."
  3383. >Oh, right
  3384. "And what do you do, exactly?"
  3385. >"We specialize in accquiring companies."
  3386. >...
  3387. >That doesn't mean much to you
  3388. "And what's in it for me?"
  3389. >"Except keeping your memories intact?"
  3391. "Hey, filly, there's nothing unhealthy with a little dose of microwaves right through your brain from time to time."
  3392. >You poke her side playfully
  3393. >"The fact you can say sentences this long proves you right, but the obvious wrongness of presented idea proves the opposite."
  3394. >...
  3395. >A sheepish smile creeps into her face
  3396. "Was making a joke."
  3397. >"Oh, ok, sorry."
  3398. >The air conditioning hums quietly
  3399. >"Either way, we wake up early. It's a tough case and I need your moral hoof support."
  3400. >She nuzzles you one more time and gets out of the box
  3401. >"Set the clock to 6 am. We will eat here and go to meet my boss."
  3402. >You grab her chest and pull her into one last hug
  3403. >Her chest is so floofy and fresh and blue!
  3404. >"I-I, well, yes, we can talk about it l-later. S-see you!"
  3405. >You wave her goodbye and have no idea what she talks about
  3406. >HMM
  3407. >What you notice, however, is taht you need a shower, and she was nice enough not to tell you this
  3408. >Probably due to her city town being such a garbage
  3409. >Ugh
  3410. >You really wish you did not feel bad for her
  3411. >Can't help
  3412. >You're very friendly
  3413. >And taht's why the citadel hates you
  3414. >You pop the medicine tab into your mouth and consider your actions
  3415. A - set the alarm at 6am and join Light Breeze
  3416. B - sneak out now and go meet Chalk, the informant pony
  3417. Y - get a well deserved rest and don't set an alarm
  3418. X - go get shower right now
  3419. BBX
  3421. >You are Twilight Sparkle and you close your eyes
  3422. >Ha!
  3423. >You wish!
  3424. >Places to be!
  3425. >One place to be exact - the Mane
  3426. >You don't plan to ditch Light Breeze, but a certain fixer pony had informations how to find Spike and Applejack
  3427. >Nothing else matters at the moment
  3428. >Your eyes snap open about ten minutes after Light Breeze is gone
  3429. >It takes you two minutes to be greeted by the still lively market
  3430. >The moon is high above when you disappear in the shadows
  3431. >...
  3432. >You reach the place with no further delay
  3433. >Mostly because the pain-killing property of the antibiotics works for a time after taking them
  3434. >You slow down before you pass the doors
  3435. >The Colta-Snoutra guard-waiters did not seem like tolerating gallop
  3436. >You take in the slow, almost ancient atmosphere of old business; it smells like somepony burning a straw of grass
  3437. >It hits you how this place is different than the cyber-saloon you saw earlier this day
  3438. >And the patrons, their style and average age
  3439. >Two different worlds in the same lower city
  3440. >You shake these thoughts out
  3441. >You nod to the closest staff pony and go straight to the farthest booth, the one with the aquarium inside the wall
  3442. >It's neatly tied and the table and the chairs are empty
  3443. >You check the old standing clock and it shows it's couple minutes past the midnight
  3444. >Sitting there is tight, very comfortable and all, but nothing comes out of it
  3445. >You abandon your post and move next to the bar
  3446. >No guards standing on... guard- eh - restricting your path, this time
  3447. >The colt behind the counter turns to you
  3448. >"What's your poison?"
  3449. >You blink in surprise
  3450. "You're not Open Tap."
  3451. >He chews his lips as a gum
  3452. >"Uh?"
  3453. A - ask him about Open Tap
  3454. B - ask him about Chalk
  3455. Y - ask him about a job
  3456. X - ask him for a drink
  3457. B
  3459. "Sorry. Have you seen Chalk?"
  3460. >His ears stand tall as he eyes you
  3461. >Not very subtle about it, is he?
  3462. >"You mean the bobby pin?"
  3463. >Boy, do you
  3464. "Yes, but he says he doesn't like the nickname."
  3465. >His eyes narrows
  3466. >Then his whole body snaps out from under the spell of being sneaky and vague
  3467. >"Yeah, not really."
  3468. "What do you mean?"
  3469. >"He wasn't here today, yet."
  3470. "Oh."
  3471. >You look around the place till your eyes refocus on the colt in front of you
  3472. >That works like some sort of a cue for him
  3473. >"You know, it's against the company policy to talk about our patrons and their habits..."
  3474. >Your hoof stops mere inches from your floof, as you wanted to show off your crebit cards
  3475. >Why? Because he dis-continues
  3476. "I'm sorry, what?"
  3477. >"What what?"
  3478. "I kind of expected you to ask for a bribe."
  3479. >His head shakes in laughter
  3480. >At your expense!
  3481. >Ponies are watching!
  3482. >Augh!
  3483. >"Sweetie, why?"
  3484. "You said it's bad to talk details about the patrons and then... trailed off your voice like that?"
  3485. >"Oh, sheesh. No, that's not what I meant. Sorry."
  3486. >He reaches the back of his head and give it a rub
  3487. >"Mighty sorry. I really meant that. We don't do that. Here, take this."
  3488. >He pours a half of a glass of a multivitamin and places it before you
  3489. >You take a swing and nod your burning head in gratitude
  3490. >Mmm, not too shabby
  3491. >Not too shabby at all
  3492. >You can even chow the multivitamin ripe pieces with your teeth
  3493. "Can you tell me when Chalk comes in?"
  3494. >"No, I don't think so. Tell you what, if he comes tonight I will tell him you were looking for him, miss...?"
  3495. 1 - Twilight Sparkle
  3496. 2 - Twinkle Sprinkle
  3497. 3 - Twiggly Spriggly
  3498. 4 - Tee eeS
  3499. A - ask him about Open Tap
  3500. B - ask him about Chalk
  3501. Y - ask him about a job
  3502. X - ask him for a drink
  3503. 43 "1234" "ABCD" 1Y
  3505. "Miss? Puh-lease."
  3506. >You make a dismissing and totally not practiced in front of a mirror gesture with a hoof
  3507. "Tell him that Tee. Ees. asked about him."