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Anon and smol birbfilly

By Smollnon
Created: 5th March 2022 08:41:15 PM
22nd April 2022 12:33:56 PM

  1. >Be Anon.
  2. >Be in Ponyville, sitting on your comfy couch, sipping some quality hot chocolate as you read a book and listen to the sounds of the thunderstorm outside.
  3. >This one has been scheduled for weeks.
  4. >You just love predictable weather.
  5. >In fact, being in Ponyville, or just in general the pony world, is a great change.
  6. >However, that’s not important right now, since your book is-
  7. >A series of loud knocks interrupt your quiet musings, making you look in the front door’s direction.
  8. “Who could be knocking on my door at this hour?..” You ask from noone in particular.
  9. >Despite this world being so nice, you live alone.
  10. >Not your choice, really, it’s just the ponies not letting you be alone.
  11. >It’s something about their culture, you guess.
  12. >50’s America, except the gender roles are switched up, so you are expected to be a house husband?..
  13. >Papa Anon didn’t raise no fag, no sir, you will not do such things.
  14. >Another set of knocks interrupt your thoughts again, this time sounding more loud and urgent.
  15. >Pushing yourself out of the couch and setting your hot chocolate aside, you walk to the door.
  16. >You can hear some shuffling from outside, so you are certain it’s a pony.
  17. “Uh, hello? Who’s… there?..” You ask as you open the door, only to find nobody outside.
  18. >Except…
  19. “Well hello. Who left you here?” You ask from the tiniest of pony foals, lying in a basket, asleep. “Aw man, this won’t do…” You say, sucking in your lips.
  20. >You take a look around, seeing nothing but the nearby houses and vegetation, lit by the occasional lightning, then grab the basket and bring it inside.
  21. “This is a kid. A pony foal. What the flying fuck am I doing?” You ask yourself in a tone so calm, even you are surprised by it.
  22. >The foal turns in its sleep and you get to see its back.
  23. >There is a pair of teeny-tiny wings there.
  24. “There must be an ornithology book around somewhere…”
  25. >You realize, you are so not prepared.
  27. ---------------------
  29. >The door opens and the toweringly tall local alien steps outside, calling out for who knocked - you - but sees nothing in this damned weather.
  30. >Good.
  31. >He spots the basket a few moments later and you see what you were hoping to see: the pulse of fatherly instincts passing through him.
  32. >Your most precious thing is with the most imposing resident of Ponyville, safe.
  33. >You fly to and hover in front of a window, seeing Anonymous taking your foal out of the basket.
  34. >Your little precious peeps, looks up at the being a several dozen times larger than themselves and happily chirps, snuggling into those strange, large hands.
  35. “I’m sorry to leave you alone… I had no other choice.” You whisper, and with one last tear shed, fly off.
  36. >You have no place here.
  38. ----------
  40. >Be Anon.
  41. >Be standing in your kitchen, a kitten sized pegasus foal in your left hand, an ornithology book in your right.
  42. >Be very confused about what to do.
  43. “At least… uh… s-she? Yeah, she is not crying or hungry or… stuff.” You quietly say to yourself.
  44. >The reality of the situation is yet to settle down in you, for now it’s just looming over your head menacingly, like that proverbial sword.
  45. >The filly chirps again, hugging your thumb with her tiny forelegs.
  46. >Even your pinky finger is larger than a leg of hers!
  47. “Okay Anon, chill. What do ponies eat?” You ask yourself, trying to force calmness and coordination on you. “They eat vegetarian stuff of course. And milk. And eggs. But this is a foal. A new one at that.” You frown, setting the book of birbs down.
  48. >The filly in your hand is content with hugging your thumb, which you appreciate.
  49. >But how will you take care of her?
  50. >Especially later, since you need to go to work in the morning…
  51. >The filly really adorably chirps, like a baby bird, melting your heart.
  52. “You are too adorable… I must not screw this up.”
  54. ----------
  56. >The night comes and passes, with it the thunderstorm dissipates.
  57. >Thanks to your human ingenuity, you managed to craft a safe nest for her you could place next to yourself in your bed without the risk of crushing her.
  58. >You know how baby animals act, you had kittens and puppies before, dammit!
  59. >For some reasons you are thankful for, she is not making a fuss.
  60. >She turns out to be a sleepy one anyway, she only wakes up to the first rays of sun touching the window.
  61. >Since this planet - if you can call it that - is geocentric, every day is of the same length, save for the special occasions, like that ‘Nightmare Night’ Halloween knockoff.
  62. >Which means that you have just gained an organic alarm clock.
  63. >Always the silver lining, you note to yourself, it will be that much easier to get your day going in a natural way.
  64. >Finding suitable food for the filly is an entirely new question and quest for you though.
  65. >You don’t really have anything specifically made for foals, especially not for ones this small, so you resort to do the test of trial and error.
  66. >Bringing out all the foods and ingredients you have, you offer them to the filly.
  67. “Go on now, little one. Don’t be shy.” You tell her as you gently set her down on the middle of the table, surrounded by all things edible.
  68. >She immediately starts chewing on the plastic wrapper of a candy bar.
  69. >Not the candy bar, the wrapper.
  70. >The facepalm is strong with this one.
  71. >You will also need to find a way to bring her with you into work.
  72. >You seem to remember having a dress shirt with a large frontal pocket, right above your heart.
  73. “Yeah, that will do.” You quietly comment, seeing your filly leave the wrapper and nom on some warm milk. “That will do.”
  75. ----------
  77. “G’morning’!” You greet your ‘boss’ - he hates it when you call him that - Davenport, the owner of Quills and Sofas.
  78. >The earth pony stallion’s been in the shop for a while, you measure, you see an empty coffee cup on the counter.
  79. >Ah, the wonders of Monday.
  80. >”Good morning, Anon. How was your wee… kend?” He asks, spotting the tiny pegasus foal staring at him from your shirt pocket.
  81. >She’s been rather quiet and observing throughout the journey from your home to your workplace, little ears perking up and pointing at every noise and movement around you.
  82. “Same old, same old. Loved the thunderstorm. How about you?” You ask nonchalantly, trying to ignore Davenport’s staring.
  83. >”Is that a foal in your pocket?” He asks, his expression unreadable.
  84. “Yes. She is. Please don’t freak out, I don’t know what to do myself.” You reply, sucking in your lips nervously.
  85. >”Oh my gosh, she’s so adorable!” Davenport responds, rearing up on the counter to get a better view of your foster daughter. “How did you… who did you… this makes no sense!” He says just a pinch too fast for your tastes, reminding you of a certain pink party planner.
  86. “No idea, but I can’t let her down. I mean, look at her, she even chirps like a baby bird!” You reply, a warm smile returning to your face.
  87. >As if on cue, the filly lets out a curious peep, eyes focused on your boss - probably the first pony she had the luck to observe more closely.
  88. >”So you decided to adopt her? Goodness gracious. Do you know how to take care of her?” Davenport asks, arching an inquisitive eyebrow as he switches to look up at you. “My wives could give you some supplies and advice.” He offers, behaving like the stereotypical pony stallion: like a motherly human woman.
  89. “Actually, yes. I know next to nothing about kids. Thanks Dave.” You reply and pat his head, earning a grimace and a chuckle from him.
  90. >”Right, right. And what’s her name?” He asks, reaching out with his right forehoof to gently caress your filly’s cheeks.
  91. “Uhh… I have… I didn’t think of that. Guess I should go to the hospital to get her checked up?..” You ask, an unsure expression appearing on your face.
  92. >”That sounds like a plan to me. Go, take care of her, I can pony the counter alone.” Davenport says, dismissing you with a wave of his hoof.
  93. >You love living here.
  95. ----------
  97. >Be Anon.
  98. >Be on your merry way to the Ponyville Hospital.
  99. >Be reminded of why you prefer to live alone.
  100. >As you stroll towards the white, cubical building on the edge of the town, you are being catcalled by mares.
  101. >Is it because your clothing - or clothes in general - you have no idea, but it is damn annoying.
  102. >The fact that the whistles and dirty sounding innuendos are making your yet to be named foster daughter scaredly peep, does not make you feel any better.
  103. >Quickening your pace you leave the busy streets behind, soon entering the paved road of the hospital.
  104. >A breath of relief, a familiar smell of disinfectant and magical air conditioning.
  105. >The nurse on shift - Redheart - spots you right away, which is not surprising, you are basically towering above these ponies.
  106. >”Anonymous! It’s good to see you! How may I help you today?” She asks, running her eyes up and down on you, not failing to notice your shirt pocket. “Is that…?”
  107. “Yepp.” You nod, reaching up and gently petting the filly’s head with your right hand. “Found her yesterday evening on my porch. No idea how or why she got there but I would be a heartless monster if I abandoned her.”
  108. >Your short explanation makes Nurse Redheart’s mouth form a little ‘o’ in surprise, which she dismisses with a shake of her head.
  109. >”I… can understand the reasoning, at least partially, but trusting a stranger with your foal, even if it’s the sweetest stallion I know, it’s…”
  110. You finish her sentence yourself. “Reckless.”
  111. >Redheart nods then and points at the filly. “Can you please hoof her over to me? I take you are here to do a check-up on her and, uhm, adopt her?”
  112. >You nod in confirmation, gently removing the pocket dwelling birb-horse baby, to her dismay.
  113. >She makes a series of desperate chirps, however, as you cup her in your palms, gently stroking her mane, she calms down.
  114. >”I can take measurements of her and do the paperwork, but we will need Tenderheart to finish the medical checkup.” Redheart explains, taking out a kitchen scale that has a modified plate for cases like this.
  115. “That works for me.” You respond to her, carefully placing your filly on the scale.
  116. >She only weighs 280 grams, which is roughly 10 ounces, if you go with that archaic measurement system.
  117. >Pony scales have both marked on them for some reasons.
  118. >Redheart marks down the weight, then grabs a measuring tape and takes the other numbers.
  119. “Is she in good health?” You ask with a hint of worry in your voice.
  120. >”It seems so. I see no abnormal lesion on her and her weight seems to be appropriate for a pegasus foal as well. Although, I’m not an expert, which is why we need Tenderheart. Give me a moment, I will go and fetch her.” She answers and leaves you at the reception.
  121. >This makes you wonder, why would these ponies have newborn measuring scales and tapes at the receptionist desk??
  122. >These darn ponies…
  124. ----------
  126. >What started as a couple minutes of Redheart fetching Tenderheart turned into the oh so familiar waiting game in the hospital.
  127. >At least it’s free.
  128. >After a while you decided to take a seat on the near-comically undersized benches that litter the hallways, taking your foster daughter with you.
  129. >Placed on your lap, she decided to try out how to walk.
  130. >No success.
  131. >Ain’t a thing to stop her though, she has the fighting spirit, you can tell that much.
  132. >With your focus on helping your filly try and take her first steps, you don’t even notice when Redheart returns, Tenderheart in tow.
  133. >”He would make a good husband, I told you.” Tenderheart quietly says to Redheart, but not quiet enough, since you can hear her.
  134. “It’s good to see you too, Tendy.” You greet her, earning a grimace from the nurse.
  135. >Ponies dislike being called pet names by people outside their family and close friends.
  136. >”Yes, hello. I can already tell that the filly has no health issues, but if you bring her along, I can make the statement official.” She tells you, moving her right forehoof around in a circle.
  137. >With a nod you take hold of your filly and bring her to Tenderheart.
  138. >She has brought some sort of medical equipment with her, kinda looking like an oversized microwave oven, and by the looks of it, your filly goes in there.
  139. >”Did you decide on her name?” Redheart asks, shuffling some papers together, most likely only missing that detail.
  140. “Well… no. I’m not too good with names.” You reply, shaking your head.
  141. >”Hmm. Her coat is light blue and her mane is fiery orange.” Tenderheart muses as she starts up the medical machine. “Her eyes are green and she is a pegasus, so I would go with something sky and sun related.”
  142. “Mhm, I can see why.” You agree and cautiously place your filly in the machine.
  143. >She just peeps once, not knowing what to do.
  144. >”This should be done in a moment.” Tenderheart reassures you.
  145. >The thought of naming your daughter turns out to be a problem you can hardly solve.
  147. ----------
  149. >Be Anon.
  150. >Be in a dilemma.
  151. >Choosing a name for a foal is hard.
  152. >Things like sunset, summer and sky are rolling around in your mind.
  153. >You even think of calling her Faggot!
  154. >No, those days are long gone, you are a better person now.
  155. >You have to force back the snort, you can’t lie to yourself.
  156. >After a full minute of umming and arring, it clicks in.
  157. “I will name her… Summer Breeze. It’s not original, but it’s nice.” You tell Tenderheart, a genuine smile appearing on your face.
  158. >”Fitting! We seem to be about done here too, Redheart will handle the rest of the work.” She replies, returning your smile in kind.
  159. >The medical machine dings and spews out a couple sheets of papers, with graphs and medical mumbo-jumbo on it.
  160. >Tenderheart takes them and reads each page with care.
  161. >”Yes, just as I thought.” She says, slightly nodding her head.
  162. “Well? What is it?” You ask, suddenly doubting your foa- Ah, Summer’s health.
  163. >”She is as fit as a fiddle. Here.” She responds and gives Summer back to you, to her relief. “Now, about that paperwork…”
  165. ----------
  167. >Your journey back to the Quills and Sofas is surprisingly well paced.
  168. >As in, you feel a spring in your own step, a happy little bounce keeping you up.
  169. >Summer must feel it too, she keeps happily chirping in your pocket, rubbing her little muzzle against your shirt-clad chest.
  170. >You can’t help but smile, taking the foal out of there to hold her.
  171. >Just like a little bird.
  172. >The thought of seeing her flying around makes you smile even more.
  173. >She must feel the love, if her cooing and peeping is any indication.
  174. >However, you return to your workplace sooner than you would expect it, effectively breaking you away from your happy thoughts.
  175. >Davenport is, as expected, inside, sitting behind the counter as he helps a customer choose a new quill.
  176. >He immediately notices you, so by the time you enter the shop, he is already at the door, blocking your way in.
  177. >”Anon! Tell me what happened! Wait, I see those papers, you got her this fast? That’s amazing! What did you decide on, what’s her name?” He rapid fires the questions, forcing you to boop the snoot.
  178. >That shuts him up alright, it works on every pony.
  179. While he is staring at your finger, adorably cross-eyed, you answer. “I got everything done, she is healthy and her name is Summer Breeze. Now tell me, how do I raise a child?”
  180. >A couple innocent blinks later Davenport shakes his head and answers. “Well, she is a pegasus, which is not within my expertise, but I can give you pointers, I think.” He replies, then grins. “Aww, Summer Breeze? That’s just adorable. I wonder, when will she learn to fly?”
  181. >You intentionally avoid answering to that question, you have seen that poor flightless pegasus filly, what’s her name?
  182. >Scooter… Scott-aeiou?
  183. >Something along the lines.
  184. >”Uhm, excuse me? I think I have found a quill I like!...” The customer - some purple unicorn mare - interrupts the little moment.
  185. >”Ah, I’m sorry miss, I will be there in a moment.” Davenport responds and indeed goes back to the counter, but not before gently petting Summer on the head, which he could only do because you are still holding her in your hands.
  186. >She chirps in response, pushing her head against Davenport’s hoof.
  187. >Guess she accepted him around her… or pony foals don’t do that?
  188. >Dammit, you don’t know a thing about this.
  189. >Speaking of.
  190. >You will need to shop for baby-supplies now.
  191. >And books about birb-horses.
  192. >Maybe you should actually ask a birb-horse in person?
  193. >There is that butter yellow one you buy fish from, maybe she knows what to do.
  194. >Or her friend with the pride-flag-for-mane.
  195. >Yes, that sounds like a plan.
  197. ----------
  199. >Be Anon.
  200. >Be walking towards the Nonprofit Animal Care Society Cottage on the town’s edge.
  201. >Be perplexed about how said animals will react to your daughteru.
  202. >On the one hand, she is safe and sound in your pocket.
  203. >On the other, a bird of prey might swoop in and take her before you could do as much as grab its neck and sn-
  204. >No, don’t think of that.
  205. >As you approach the cottage, you see more and more of the little birds and woodland critters.
  206. >They don’t seem to mind you, which is still strange to you, since you are a human.
  207. >Then again, this world is devoid of humans… save for some myths, you think.
  208. >The librarian was excited about you and your species first, but that died off when you explained that you aren’t from this world, so you aren’t a local myth.
  209. >But you digress, since you are already standing in front of the door of the cottage of your fish-supplier, Fluttershy.
  210. >With a couple knocks you announce your presence.
  211. >A few seconds later you remember the social anxiety of the aforementioned and verbally confirm yourself.
  212. “Hey Fluttershy, it’s me, Anon. I need your help.”
  213. >A moment later the door opens, revealing the light pink and butter yellow pegasus, cautiously looking around before looking up at you.
  214. >”Why, hello Anon! How may I help? Is something… wrong?” She asks meekly, but before you could respond, she spots Summer.
  215. >Her reaction is similar to Davenport’s, which is considered strange in this world.
  216. >”Oh my gosh, is that a foal in your pocket?” She asks, putting her forehooves on her cheeks. “She is so small! Oh, you must be here for help with the foal!”
  217. “Actually, yes. She’s a pegasus, and you are a pegasus, so…” You nod, gently taking Summer out of your pocket.
  218. >Fluttershy makes a squee not unlike a dog’s chewing toy, taking your filly’s attention.
  219. >Summer makes a confused but curious peep.
  220. >Fluttershy actually peeps back to her, making Summer giggle.
  221. “May I come in?” You ask before you would drop dead from cute.
  222. >These darn ponies, man…
  224. ----------
  226. >As it turns out Fluttershy has some good parenting skills and foal-raising supplies.
  227. >Guess taking care of animals of all kinds and ages helps with that.
  228. >After you took a seat on the mice-chewed sofa (which you know you will bring the replacement for), Fluttershy was quick to bring out everything she had, placing the things on the coffee table.
  229. >Thankfully Summer was in no danger, Fluttershy made sure of that too.
  230. >The fact that she can actually talk with the animals will never cease to baffle you.
  231. >Does this mean that all animals are on the same intelligence/sentience level as humans, except they can’t communicate with us in the same way?
  232. >You dismiss the thought before getting a stroke and instead focus on Summer.
  233. >Since you are sitting down, she is on your lap again, crawling up towards your shirt, and presumably, pocket.
  234. >She looks determined to return to her makeshift nest, that’s for sure.
  235. >”So Anon…” Fluttershy begins, sitting down next to you. “How did you… uhm… who is her... “ She attempts to ask, but as expected, can’t exactly put her thoughts into spoken words.
  236. >Good thing you don’t need to hear her to know what she is thinking.
  237. >Unlike some other ponies we do not name.
  238. “I found her on my doorstep yesternight. I have no idea about her mom, but… I-uh, I already adopted her. Now that I’M saying it outloud, it sounds like a brash idea which I should have considered before doing. Oh well.”
  239. >Fluttershy’s expression swiftly changes from curious-worried to worried, surprised, startled, worried and finally, apologetic.
  240. >”Anon, you did the right thing. No foal should grow up without a loving father. Even if their mother abandoned them.” She lets out a sigh, you know exactly which kind and you don’t want to deal with that. “You don’t need to be hard on yourself. Things will turn out fine.”
  241. “I very much hope so. So, how do babies work?” You reply and ask, pointing a finger at the supplies Fluttershy brought.
  242. >It is time to learn the magic of raising a foal.
  243. >Hearing this, Fluttershy’s expression turns into a gleeful one.
  244. >You will be here for a while…
  246. ----------
  248. >He is in the cottage with the animal caretaker mare.
  249. >Does he think your foal is a baby animal?
  250. >No, that doesn’t sound right.
  251. >Upon flying closer to a window you can peek in and see that they are talking about foal related things, like diapers.
  252. >You calm down a bit and return to your cloud perch you were sitting on before.
  253. >Why must your heart ache so much?
  255. ----------
  257. “Dammit Davenport, you make mares sound like a much easier thing, dammit-dammit-dammit!”
  258. >Be Anon.
  259. >Be on your way back to your home.
  260. >Your visit to Fluttershy was a success, to say the least, however, dealing with the excited mare turned into more than a handful.
  261. >Her baby supplies are not a minute too late either, right after she taught you how to put a diaper on Summer, the filly decided to offer you a study-oriented repeat of your technical knowledge.
  262. >Of course, Fluttershy found it rather hilarious.
  263. >Darn mares.
  264. >Why would Fluttershy have the tiniest diapers stockpiled though, you would wonder for a while.
  265. >Except she figured it out that you were thinking of it and told you.
  266. >She actively raises baby animals, so she needs the diapers to keep her home clean.
  267. >With these things still fresh in mind, you arrive back home, only to find a large envelope on your doorstep.
  268. >It’s a strange sight, not only because your mailbox is literally right next to the door, but also because the envelope is adored with little, decorative wings.
  269. “Well what might you be?” You ask as you grab and open it.
  270. >Summer’s attention is also taken, she is curiously staring at it, letting out an occasional peep.
  271. >The envelope reveals… a green bow?
  272. >It looks like the kind that apple filly wears, except smaller and very obviously not five decades old.
  273. “Huh. Summer, will you look at that! I think it’s for you.” You tell her, holding the bow in front of little muzzle, allowing her to reach out and tou- she immediately gnaws on the fabric. “Dammit Summer.”
  274. >You pet her mane and gently pull the bow away.
  275. >You like the adornment, you hope Summer will like it too.
  277. ----------
  279. >Securing a bow on a basically newborn filly is a mess.
  280. >But you have done it!
  281. >It really is done now.
  282. >As you sit at your dining table, watching Summer pawing at the bow you put behind her left ear, not unlike a kitten, you start to wonder.
  283. “Who could have left the bow for her?”
  284. >You walked through town a couple times today, Summer on clear display, anyone could have seen her and thought of offering a gift.
  285. >Maybe it was Davenport?
  286. >That’s a big possibility, given how you basically left your boss alone in the shop, so he has little to no time to do things outside lunch break.
  287. >The thought keeps you occupied, right until Summer stops playing with the bow and just sits back, looking up at you.
  288. >She lets out a chirp like cry, almost sounding…
  289. “Are you hungry, little bird?” You ask, a smile forming on your face.
  290. >Fluttershy’s baby formula will come in handy now.
  292. ----------
  294. >The rest of the day comes and passes relatively uneventful, right until the moment you realize that you are running out of food.
  295. >Well, not really running out, but your favourite pastries are on low stock.
  296. >Spending the afternoon playing with Summer made you hungry too, so you decide that a little walk (to the Sugarcube Corner, that is) is in place now.
  297. “Come along Summer!” You tell to your daughter, patting your pocket on your shirt.
  298. >In the past couple hours you actually managed to teach her how to walk!
  299. >Err, crawl.
  300. >Same thing.
  301. >Now she is rather excited to move around, trying to follow you everywhere, which is problematic for you, since she is just so small.
  302. >A couple moments later she is right by you, holding up her tiny forelegs, for upsies and for being placed back into her nest-pocket.
  303. >You oblige and do just that, placing her right in her favourite spot.
  304. “Time to go and get some food for Papa Anon now.” You tell her, then realize. “Heck, I really am turning into my dad.”
  305. >Darn ponies, this is because of you all!...
  307. ----------
  309. >”That will be 14 bits, Nonny!” Pink Spasm Demon, aka Pinkie Pie tells you as she bags the pastries you bought.
  310. >You hate it when she calls you that.
  311. >But you can’t tell her to stop doing it.
  312. >You tried, no use.
  313. “Yes, thank you.” You say and nod, handing the small gold coins to her nonchalantly as you take your jam filled baked goods.
  314. >”Say, Nonny, since when do you have a plushy filly in your pocket?” Pinkie asks, pointing at Summer.
  315. >Your eyes go wide in terror.
  316. >She did not realize that Summer is the real deal, since your daughteru has been basically motionless and staring in silence from the moment you entered the pastry shop.
  317. >She… this she-devil must never know!
  318. “I-uh, Da-davenport gifted this plushie to me, to get more customers or something, I didn’t pay much attention.” You lie to her, badly, but that’s all it takes to convince the Pink Menace.
  319. >”Ooooh, she’s so cute! Tell Davenport that I want to know the pony he buys his dolls from, yours looks /so real/!” She grins, remaining mostly put.
  320. >It’s unlike her, but she is on counter duty right now and there is already a line behind you.
  321. “Uh, right, I… I will.” You nod again and quickly leave the place.
  322. >”By Nonneeerrs!” Pinkie yells and waves after you, which you ignore as you basically jog away.
  323. “That was way too close.” You mutter as the Sugarcube Corner’s door closes behind you.
  324. >You pet Summer’s head, to which she responds, finally making a noise, which is a chirp.
  325. >She is staring up into your eyes, her own eyes mirroring confusion and startledness.
  326. “It’s alright little one, she is gone now.” You reassure her and smile.
  327. >Summer smiles back, slightly turning and rubbing her little cheeks against you.
  329. ----------
  331. >Since you were already in town, you decided to go and check on Davenport because why not?
  332. >It’s just past closing hours, but as you approach the Quills and Sofas you can see that the lights are still on, with a familiar pony moving around inside.
  333. >Without thinking twice, you enter the shop, even though the closed sign is clearly on display.
  334. “Evening, Dave.” You greet him, mildly startling the earth pony stallion, who does a tiny jump before realizing what’s going on.
  335. >”Oh, it’s just you Anon. And Summer. How was today? Everything’s fine I hope?” He asks, putting aside the broom he used.
  336. “Yeah, all is well, though I had a run-in with The Pink and.. Uh… had to tell her that Summer is a super-realistic doll you gifted to me.” You explain and rub the back of your head, feeling awkward.
  337. >Davenport hums and rubs his chin with a hoof before shrugging. “Hey, a stallion’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. And you just told me, so I can back you up on this.” He smiles, then turns his attention to Summer. “Well how are you, sugarcube?” He asks her, making your filly reach out with both of her forehooves towards him.
  338. “Darn, she likes you. Here.” You reply and take her out of your pocket, holding her in front of Davenport in your open palms.
  339. >The sight of the teeny-tiny filly that’s not large enough to fill your palms is still baffling to you.
  340. >Exceptionally adorable nonetheless.
  341. >”Well hello-hello. Do you want to say something?” Davenport asks, leaning a little closer.
  342. >Summer is still reaching out for him, but now she is balancing on three legs, holding out her right foreleg.
  343. >You see the opportunity and take it.
  344. “Boop!”
  345. >A little help from you and Summer’s tiny hoof connects with Davenport’s muzzle, making the filly fall back on her rump and giggle, making the stallion scrunch his muzzle.
  346. “Gotcha, Dave. Now you have been booped by two generations.” You tell him, nodding sagely.
  347. >Summer coos and then makes an elongated peep in agreement.
  348. >Damn, she knows!
  349. >Davenport shakes his head and chuckles, rubbing his nose. “Heh. Adorable.” He thinks for a moment before continuing. “I think you should meet my smallest foal, I’m sure Summer would befriend him quickly. Foals need their friends.”
  350. >Davenport’s kid, you think, you /know/ he has a few of them, but you haven’t actually seen all of them before, let alone met them.
  351. “Yeah, that sounds nice. Do you think you could bring him in tomorrow?” You ask, and as you do so, you return Summer to her pocket.
  352. >”I was about to suggest the same thing, Anon.” He replies, smiling. “But anyway since you are here, can you help me close? I’m almost late and you know how the girls are…”
  353. >You nod, you have had a couple run-ins with one of his wives.
  354. >Everytime you met her she was basically spastic!
  355. >And a unicorn at that, making her twice as unbearable.
  356. >Unicorns just love touching and lifting everything with their magic.
  357. “Oh by the way, did you leave this bow in an envelope on my doorstep?” You ask Davenport, pointing at the adoration on Summer’s head.
  358. >She got used to the thing relatively quickly, thankfully.
  359. >”Uh, no, and I was about to ask about it. It looks really adorable on her.” Dave replies, slightly shaking his head.
  360. “Huh. Then we have a mystery gifter on our hands.”
  361. >”Hooves.”
  362. “Dammit Dave!”
  364. ----------
  366. >Be Anon.
  367. >Be on your way back to your humble abode.
  368. >To be honest, it’s about twice as large as a regular pony house, given your larger stature.
  369. >But it’s humble nonetheless.
  370. >After saying your goodbyes to Davenport, you found yourself thinking about Summer.
  371. >Babies are supposed to sleep a lot, right?
  372. >She mustn’t be an exception, you would dare to guess.
  373. >But then, how comes she’s not really sleeping?...
  374. >This question answers itself quicker than you would expect, as you see Summer’s head droop down for a few moments.
  375. >She shifts position, allowing herself to rest her head effortlessly while not actively holding it up.
  376. >Oh.
  377. >Well, that makes sense, you think, from time to time she becomes rather quiet.
  378. >She is taking little birdy naps.
  379. >With this thought out of the way, you turn your attention onto other topics.
  380. >Like for example, why do you have a bottle of milk on your doorstep?
  381. >It’s clearly left there for Summer, it even has that nipple thing you forgot the name of.
  382. “Huh… uhhuh….” You mutter, picking up the bottle.
  383. >It’s warm.
  384. “What the… hell…” You say under your breath, trying to not feel weirded out.
  385. >Or at least not as much as you think you should be.
  386. >With the bottle in hand, you decide to just get inside your house and think about this later.
  387. >To think how your life has changed just in the past couple days!...
  388. >And what else could happen in the future.
  389. >You shake your head and shake the milk bottle, making its contents slosh around.
  390. >This wakes Summer up, and a moment later, she is smacking her lips with excitement.
  391. “Hungry again? Well, get at it I guess.” You tell her as you take her out of your pocket, so you can properly bottle feed her.
  392. >A nagging feeling, of being watched, starts to prick the skin on the back of your neck.
  393. “This is absurd…”
  395. ----------
  397. >After the thankfully quiet, peaceful night, you feel refreshed and ready to join Davenport in work.
  398. >He has one of his kids with him now, so today will be exciting… for Summer.
  399. >Speaking of, since your observation yesterday, you have been noticing her dozing off around every half an hour, for as long as five minutes at a time.
  400. >She slept through the night though, probably a bird thing?
  401. >You really need to get around reading the literature of this topic.
  402. >However, before you could actually arrange to do that, you are already almost late, forcing you to finish your morning routine quicker.
  403. >With the addition of Summer, it’s more complex now, which is making you hurry even more!
  404. >At least she is not making a fuss.
  405. >Except when she sees food.
  406. >/Then/ she makes a parade!
  407. >Thank goodness food is cheap and plentiful.
  408. >The ponies are really helpful as well, making your… parenting easier.
  409. >After all is done and you are on your way to Quills and Sofas, you realize a thing.
  410. >You are wearing the last shirt you have with a front pocket.
  411. >You need more clothes…
  412. >These thoughts quickly leave your head as you reach and enter your workplace.
  413. >Davenport is already in there, wearing a strange looking hat.
  414. “Morning!” You greet him, and to your surprise, Summer chirps to him as well.
  415. >”Ah, good morning Anon.” Davenport responds, turning his head to look at you.
  416. >That is not a hat.
  417. “Uhhh….?” You vocalize your poetic idea to him as you stare at the very much not-hat unicorn colt on his head.
  418. >”Heh, Mocha likes to do that. Lying on my head, that is.” Davenport explains to you, chuckling to himself. “Come on son, hop off your papa.”
  419. >The light brown colored foal nods, then slides off of Davenport, onto the counter.
  420. >There, he turns and stares right up with his purple eyes, first at you, then at Summer.
  421. >You can see curiosity taking hold on him as Summer’s eyes meet his.
  422. “You think I can…?” You ask Davenport, a hand hovering above Summer.
  423. >”No worries, Mocha is well behaved. Though, he /is/ curious. Sometimes overly so. Buuut we are right here, the both of us, so there shouldn’t be a problem, now should it?” He replies and chuckles.
  424. “Alrighty then.” You shrug and take Summer out of your pocket, gently placing her onto the counter.
  425. >You can tell that Mocha is older than Summer, but the size difference makes it really obvious.
  426. >Summer is basically as big as the older foal’s head!
  427. >The curious nature of Dave’s colt immediately shows, he walks up to the now sitting Summer and with a cautious hoof… he boops Summer.
  428. >Summer’s expression immediately changes, shifting into one of indignation.
  429. >Swifter than one could expect, her little hoof shoots out, booping Mocha back before he could dodge it.
  430. >The colt, in his surprise, falls on his flanks, an expression of startled amazement on his face.
  431. >”Did you teach her to do that?” Davenport asks, with an inquisitive eyebrow aimed at you as he speaks.
  432. “Nnnope, but I’m darn proud of her now. Atta girl!” You reply, petting Summer’s mane.
  433. >In your time spent in Equestria you have learnt that for ponies, booping someone is borderline lewd.
  434. >Well guess, who will be rewarded to do that?
  435. >Who will be raised to be Papanon’s little bird of prey?
  436. >An evil smile spreads on your face.
  437. >Who knew parenthood will be this exciting?
  439. ---------
  441. >Be perched on a tree branch.
  442. >Be shaky, heart-achey and worried.
  443. >You must be the mother of the foal called Summer, then.
  444. >You are on your well deserved vacation, which you are supposed to enjoy, but instead you are sitting in a tree, spying on the friendly neighborhood human as he shows genuine love and affection to your… and well, /his/ daughter.
  445. >Trusting your instincts was a good idea, he really is doing a great job of taking care of her, or at least it seems that way.
  446. >He’s only had her for a couple days now, but all things considered…
  447. >Wait.
  448. >Did he just…?
  449. >Why would he want your daughter to boop that colt’s muzzle?
  450. >L-lewd…
  451. >At the very least, it’s innocent foal’s play, nothing serious....
  452. >However, you have serious things to attend to.
  453. >Concealing the fact that you were pregnant, and then giving birth to Summer alone left you exhausted and in danger.
  454. >You aren’t sure who to trust, who you could talk to.
  455. >Maybe… maybe that zebra shaman in the Everfree.
  456. >She should have something for you.
  457. >Only if you could just say buck it and undo this all.
  458. >But alas, your position and status does not allow such a thing.
  459. >Better get moving, you feel yourself cramping up in a very painful way.
  460. >It hurts almost as much as being forced to give your daughter to basically a stranger.
  461. >But you had to… just… had to….
  463. ----------
  465. >It’s the evening now.
  466. >The zebra shaman mare, Zecora, was… understanding.
  467. >At least you think that, you can’t exactly read her expressions.
  468. >Regardless, she gave you some cures and ointments.
  469. >They do work, you feel the pain subside considerably.
  470. >Although, you also feel nauseated and sleepy.
  471. >You hate those feelings, makes you remember the times when you were-
  472. >No, better not bring those memories up.
  473. >Yes, let’s focus on the present.
  474. >Literally, you have got something new for Summer.
  475. >Anon is yet to get home.
  476. >You bolted the moment he began to close up the place, so you have about five more minutes till he arrives.
  477. >Thus, you can safely scout out the area and avoid being seen by ponies.
  478. >You would… most likely suffer from that even more.
  479. >...
  480. >Skies are clear, ready for drop off.
  481. >Just in a few passing seconds, you zoom down to the porch of Anon’s home, leave your present there and then you are away.
  482. >Nopony saw, good.
  483. >The remaining minutes are spent with waiting in your pre-built Cloud-Puff Observing Station.
  484. >Okay, it’s literally just a pony sized cloud, but it does well enough.
  485. >Ah, here he comes.
  486. >He took notice of the present way before reaching his home… he must be more observant than he lets it seem.
  487. >He is showing it to Summer…. Good, good.
  488. >She likes her present.
  489. >Now he is looking around… at….. Oh buck.
  491. ----------
  493. “Huh… was that…? Ehhh, nevermind.” You mutter, talking to yourself.
  494. >You are Anon of course, standing right in front of your home.
  495. >Summer and the pony doll you found on your doorstep is in your arms, she seems to love the doll.
  496. >The doll is actually a tiny bit larger than she is.
  497. >It’s one of those aerial acrobat ponies, the equivalent of the famous Blue Angels.
  498. >You have seen one of their shows, and damn, were you amazed!
  499. >Mere ponies flying around and doing acrobatics does not interest you though.
  500. >Even if they wear a uniform that’s basically the same color and style.
  501. >Well, at least Summer seems to have found her most favourite thing ever.
  502. “Come on sweetie, let’s get inside.” You tell Summer and open the door. “You can hug your dolly in there too.”
  503. >You look at the doll for a few moments, then back at the sky where you could have sworn you saw /something./
  504. ”Hm.” With a shrug, you dismiss the thought.
  505. >This is ponyland, and ponies are not as cruel as humans.
  506. “What’s this one called?... Uhhh…. Stuka? Wait, no, that’s not it. Oh, right, Spitfire.” You tell yourself as you inspect Summer’s new doll again. “Looks really high quality. Huh.”
  507. >You have a strong theory about this now, but… you know that you shouldn’t be hasty making assumptions.
  508. >What good is coming from jumping into assumptions, after all?
  510. ----------
  512. >Be Anon.
  513. >Be surprised about how quickly days can go by.
  514. >Be even more surprised when the two weeks mark of having Summer comes and goes.
  515. >Be especially surprised by the growth rate of your adoptive daughter.
  516. >Or daughteru?
  517. >By proper internet terms, she is the latter, so there is that.
  518. >However, you have to remind yourself, you are not on the internet anymore, not since a relatively long time.
  519. >Which also puts you under the pressure of paying attention to something small and excited.
  520. >Summer’s wings just fluffed up one day, about two days ago, and she’s been flapping those tiny things almost nonstop ever since.
  521. >At this rate she will take off and only stop to sleep before you know it.
  522. >Like a damn colibri.
  523. >She is stuck on the ground now though.
  524. >Or rather, stays put in your pocket or flaps her little wings while you idly hold her in your left hand.
  525. >Thankfully Davenport took this turn of events surprisingly well.
  526. >He is the most motherly pony you have met, but then again, the gender roles in this world are basically switched up, or… reversed compared to your own.
  527. >He even brought Mocha back in a couple more times, the two foals really did boost sales.
  528. >”...and then I told her that if she wants to sample this, she will have to sample my quills first! And that’s how I met my third wife.” Davenport finishes his story, chuckling to himself.
  529. >Ponies and their herding culture...
  530. “I still have trouble believing that your other two wives just agreed to this.” You plainly state, although smiling, looking up from the inventory log you have been working on while Dave told his story.
  531. >”Ah, right, I keep forgetting that you are an alien. Sorry about that.” He replies, shaking his head.
  532. >’Alien.’
  533. >The expression never ceases to amaze you.
  534. >After an acknowledging hum, you turn your attention elsewhere.
  535. >Namely, on Summer.
  536. >She’s been walking/crawling up and down on the table you put her on, getting better and better at actually doing the walk thing.
  537. >You aren’t the only one to notice that, Dave already commented on it a couple times, always mentioning how his own foals learnt to walk.
  538. >Yours is special though.
  539. >Not only because she is a pegasus filly, the kind Davenport never had, but also because she is faster in learning basically everything.
  540. >A tiny powerhouse, one could say.
  541. >Speaking of, she is about to do something.
  542. “Hey. Dave. Look.” You warn your boss, pointing at Summer.
  543. >She is sitting on the edge of the table you put her on, intently staring downwards.
  544. >She looks like…
  545. >”She’s about to pounce, catch her!” Dave half-yells at you, making you drop the inventory log, but it’s already too late.
  546. >Summer pounces indeed, but instead of falling down and hurting herself like a hapless kitten would, she opens her wings wide and gently glides down.
  547. >It’s instinctual, you realize.
  548. “Holy shi… You knew that? You knew they would do this?”
  549. >Dave shakes his head, watching Summer as she touches ground.
  550. >”I… I think I heard once before?...” He says and shrugs.
  551. >Such reassurance.
  552. >With a sigh you carefully grab Summer and rub your left cheek against her - she began to love doing that lately - inspecting her for any injury she might have.
  553. >Of course she has none, but that’s a parent’s instinct, you guess.
  554. >Her adorable cooing reassures you though, she is just fine.
  555. >And quite happy too, she just did her first glide!
  556. >To be honest, she grew considerably in the past weeks, she is at least 1.5 times larger than she was when you first found her.
  557. >She can almost fully fill up your cupped hands now.
  558. >At this rate she will reach Mocha’s size before you know it, which is good!
  559. >Though it brings up the question.
  560. >When will she stop growing?
  561. >You facepalm with an empty hand, you forgot to read the books about pegasi biology and culture.
  562. >Again.
  563. “Dave, please remind me to read my literature.” You tell your friend, making him arch an eyebrow.
  564. >”Uhm, why exactly?” He even tilts his head, reminding you of one of your dogs back when you were a teen.
  565. “Because I’m a forgetful idiot and won’t just risk Summer’s well being because of my stupidity. Got it?” You reply and do a tactical boop, making the stallion scrunch up his muzzle.
  566. >”Yes, I got the message. You should really stop doing that though.” He says, eyes focused on your booping finger before you lift it.
  567. “Never.” You coldly reply and boop him again.
  568. >Dave groans and Summer giggles in the same time in response.
  569. >Music to your ears.
  571. ----------
  573. >Be Anon.
  574. >Be deep in your thoughts, even humming to yourself.
  575. >Davenport delivered in telling you the thing.
  576. >The thing which is reading the blasted books you got from the library.
  577. >The librarian mare was kind enough to lend her oversized pet lizard of a dragon, to help you finding the material you were seeking.
  578. >Poor little guy is actually a slave, he just doesn’t realize it.
  579. >But that does not matter.
  580. >You are in your home now, in all of its imposing, humble glory, towering over all the other houses around it.
  581. >Summer’s busy taking a birdy nap on your lap as you read through the pages of this old book about pegasus mating habits, which somehow got into the pile of books you ended up borrowing.
  582. “What the fu…” You mutter, squinting your eyes at the words and illustrations. “You gotta be kidding me…”
  583. >According to this old book and its yellowed pages, those singing and dancing mares a couple months ago weren’t just celebrating the arrival of Spring.
  584. >Now you feel kinda pissed, especially knowing that when one of them smooshed your face into her chestfloof, it wasn’t accidental.
  585. >Freaking ponies…
  586. >Your silent anger is interrupted by the little peeping noise Summer makes when she’s about to wake up.
  587. >You put the book aside and proceed to gently caress the tiny thing’s fiery red mane.
  588. >Slowly her eyes open up, and after a few blinks, she focuses them on you.
  589. “You imprinted on me, you know that, cutie pie?” You ask her, a smile pushing its way onto your face. “Cheeky little…” She returns the smile, which turns into a giggle.
  590. >You contently shake your head and look outside through the nearby window.
  591. >It’s the late morning and a wonderful Saturday, which means Quills and Sofas is closed.
  592. “Hey, what do you think about a picnic?” You ask Summer in a seemingly nonchalant but coy tone.
  593. >She doesn’t know what a ‘picnic’ is.
  594. >She doesn’t really understand any spoken languages just yet.
  595. >But she sure as heck understand your tone of voice.
  596. >Her interest is piqued, if her little wings’ excited flutter is any indication!
  597. “A picnic it is then!” You grin, picking her up and putting her into her favourite place: your chest pocket.
  599. ----------
  601. >This is such a wonderful day.
  602. >Then why can’t you finally just relax??
  603. >It’s been weeks since you have done the unthinkable, and yet…
  604. >Be a nervous mess.
  605. >Be outside in this sunny, warm day, yet feel cold inside.
  606. >Be Summer’s mother, the ashamed.
  607. >Ever since that moment you gave your foal to Anon, you just couldn’t get rid of the knots in your belly.
  608. >It’s starting to show on you as well, just the other day you noticed dark circles around your eyes, and your coat is looking so dull…
  609. >But it’s a wonderful day today, the weather is nice, the fresh, flowery breeze brings everypony outside to enjoy the weekend…
  610. >Including Anon and Summer.
  611. >From your elevated point of view - atop some fluffy cloud that was lazily floating around - you spot them.
  612. >It wasn’t your intention to spy on them, you don’t do that everyday, but alas, if they are already here…
  613. >Peeking down you can see the towering pillar of fatherly instincts and your little bundle of joy play happily.
  614. >Anon’s doing something new now, though.
  615. >He is holding Summer up with one hand and… runs?
  616. >Sprints!
  617. >He picks up a surprisingly fast pace, and then…
  618. “Holy moly…” You whisper as you stare at Summer extending her wings and glide up, the speed and wind keeping her airborne as she floats effortlessly.
  619. >She can already glide, yes, and she is trying to keep her altitude too, but…
  620. >How did Anon know about when and how to teach a pegasus foal to fly?
  621. >You can hear Summer’s giggling as you stare into empty space, trying to work through this conundrum.
  622. >Wait.
  623. >You hear Summer’s giggling?
  624. >Looking down you notice the tiny filly, not unlike a little bird, flying towards you.
  625. >You quickly duck behind the cloud, then take off, zooming away in a blur.
  626. >You can almost hear a disappointed little noise behind you.
  628. ----------
  630. >Be thoroughly impressed.
  631. >Be slightly worried about safety.
  632. >Be Anon, watching your adoptive daughteru glide around like a kite.
  633. >Her joyous giggles could be heard even from down here, where you stand as you stare up.
  634. >She is so small, you can barely keep track of her with the sun being almost directly above.
  635. >Thankfully her mane makes good contrast to the sky.
  636. “S-Summer! Come to Papa, sweetie!” You yell up at her, taking the attention of a few nearby ponies.
  637. >That does not matter now though, you could swear you have seen something - perhaps a pony - jolting out of the cloud Summer’s gliding nearby.
  638. >With your fatherly instincts screaming ‘danger’, you do the only thing you can and call out for your little one again.
  639. “Summer! Wanna have some ice cream?” You ask and already know the answer.
  640. >She was introduced to the cold and sweet dessert just the other day, but she instantly fell in love with it.
  641. >You have brought some with you on the picnic, the cold delicacy patiently waiting in the cooler you left nearby.
  642. >Like a stray bullet… or a baseball aimed straight at you, Summer nosedives.
  643. >Your eyes go wide, trying to calculate what should you do to catch her.
  644. >The baseball metaphor wins out and you hold out your cupped hands.
  645. >A second later you feel the little ball of fur and feathers impacting your palms as you grab her out of the air.
  646. “Wow! Holy shirt, are you alright, kiddo?” You ask her, intentionally censoring yourself.
  647. >The cutie patootie just stares up at you from within your cupped hands, her large green eyes sparkling with excitement.
  648. >She is just fine.
  649. “Alright, alright, you are fine… Let’s have some ice cream.” You sigh in relief and nuzzle your cheeks to hers.
  650. >Her little coos makes you forget your fright.
  651. >This is such a wonderful day.
  653. ----------
  655. >Learning all the tricks and routines of a single dad has been taking its toll on you.
  656. >Be Anon.
  657. >Be mentally exhausted but happy.
  658. >Be wrapped up in a kite string as if you were the spool.
  659. “S-Summer! Stop flying that wa-aaa-augh!” You yelp as you fall, the little filly accidentally pulling you off of your feet after doing the aforementioned wrapping up.
  660. >You have found out that a dog harness like handmade piece of clothing, attached to a kite string, allows you to let Summer fly around and pull her back to safety.
  661. >And boy, does she love flying!
  662. >After that picnic three weeks ago, she’s been flying almost nonstop!
  663. >Her sippy-cup has been changed to one with a straw, which she uses pretty much like a hummingbird.
  664. >She really only lands now to sleep.
  665. >Which she prefers to do in your front pocket: You have made an order for a dozen new shirts with the front pocket and Rarity delivered just in one day!
  666. >Summer’s growth was considered as well, these pockets are larger and more sturdier.
  667. >In these weeks you received other things besides the shirts though.
  668. >From that mystery gifter you… kinda have an idea who they could be.
  669. >Just the other day Skittles had a fangasm spewed at you - to your dismay - about a Wonderbolt airshow being held in this backwater town for some fake sounding reason.
  670. >She was really fast in dropping her whole ‘marely mare’ attitude when Summer buzzed into the conversation, quite literally, and booped her nose.
  671. >Heh, teaching her to do that to ponies that talk to you was great, you’ve had the best two weeks ever since settling down in Ponyville.
  672. >Alright, having your Little Boop around certainly lifts the mood, but… yeah, not much to explain.
  673. >On another note, things have been happening with the friends of Pride Month mane.
  674. >Though you were never really interested in these things, they were doing adventures and became celebrated heroes.
  675. >All the same to you.
  676. >Only if their heroics didn’t involve destroying the town, like Superman in that crappy movie.
  677. >This brings you back to the present, picking yourself up from the ground and continuing your walk towards work.
  678. >All the flying around tired Summer out, allowing you to spool up the kite string while she rests in your pocket.
  679. >Before you know it, you are standing in front of the... missing storefront of Quills and Sofas.
  680. “God… dammit.” You sigh, looking at the damage.
  681. >Davenport is standing next to you, looking like he has seen not a ghost, but a whole marching band of ghosts in full gear and playing his funeral song.
  682. >”My… store… my living! Everything!” He whispers, probably trying to scream it but only able to speak on the border of inaudibility.
  683. >The storefront took the brunt of the magic blast, yes, but the sofas, counter… even the quills, all of them have been damaged.
  684. “Dave, I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?” You ask, trying to push him out of his stupor while also being helpful.
  685. >The shocked stallion blinks a couple times, tears forming in his eyes.
  686. >”I… I don’t know, Anon. There… there’s a lot to do. I… I-I-I will go to the Mayor with this. You can have the day off… it’s not like we can sell anything now anyway.” He replies and turns to leave, but not before you pat him on the head.
  687. >He stops for a moment, looks up into your eyes... then rears up on his hindlegs and hugs you tightly.
  688. >”My store, my lovely stooore…” He whines.
  689. >You gently pat his back and pet his mane to calm him down.
  690. >You will never get used to this switched up gender roles bullshit, but alas, you are the alien in this world, not the other way around.
  691. “Shhh, shhh, it’s alright Dave. Let it out, let it all out.” You soothe him, trying to get as little attention on the two of you as possible.
  692. >However, it’s not your lucky day either, the destruction that befell on the town has brought most ponies outside, and their attention quickly settles on the friendly neighbourhood alien and his employer having a somber moment in front of their destroyed store.
  693. >”Hey… look at them.” One mare says not so quietly to another.
  694. >Aren’t they the flower sisters?...
  695. >”Huh? Oh. Heh. Husband material right there~!” The other mare replies, making you feel… violated?
  696. “Right, this is how women must feel all the time back home.. Ugh…” You mutter to yourself, wishing for some divine intervention to pull you from this sorry situation.
  697. >Your wish is granted in the form of Summer poking her cute, bow adored little head from the nest-pocket.
  698. >Davenport’s crying must have awakened her from her birdy nap.
  699. >She lets out a little peep, which quickly brings forth two changes in the situation.
  700. >First, Dave quiets down, letting you go and apologizing for being so emotional.
  701. >Second, the onlooker mares disperse, the little filly probably reminding them of something important, whatever that may be.
  702. “Alright Dave, I will be on my way then.” You tell him, giving his head one last pat-pat.
  703. >”Yes, good, good. Go ahead. And… sorry for the… Uh...” He motions around with his right forehoof, pointing at the wet spots on your shirt.
  704. >He wiped his tears into your shirt at some point.
  705. “Goddammit Dave.”
  707. ----------
  709. >Be excited.
  710. >Be afloat in the clouds in joy.
  711. >Quite literally, too!
  712. >Be Summer’s mom, who will find a way to redeem herself!
  713. >It took you some work, asking for favors, pulling some strings, but you did it.
  714. >You will go to Ponyville and you will surely meet your daughter!
  715. >Without stalking, without hiding, without heartache this time.
  716. >The only thing you have to do is prepare for a flashy show, aimed to entertain kids, and then make sure to have an autograph booth ready.
  717. >Your plan is foolproof.
  718. >There is nothing that could go wrong!
  719. >A yell interrupts your thoughts.
  720. >”Boss? Boss!” It’s one of your errand fillies.
  721. “What, what is it?” You yell back, poking your head through the cloud you were resting atop.
  722. >”We just got the news, Ponyville was hit by a BGoTW!” The faded lavender colored pegasus mare replies, flying up to you.
  723. >Barely a mare though, her primaries are still short, unlike yours!
  724. “Uh… BGoTW?” You ask back, confused.
  725. >Since when did they implement the use of such abbreviation?...
  726. >”Uhm, yes? Bad Gal of The Week?” The errand filly answers, as if this was the most obvious thing.
  727. “Alright, and why should I be concerned about it then?”
  728. >”Well, we gotta delay the show, that’s why. But I gotta go now, the other officers hasn’t been told yet!” The errand filly tells you, and without waiting for as much as a peep from you, she flies away.
  729. “Oh pony feathers…”
  731. ----------
  733. >Be smol.
  734. >Be excited.
  735. >Be in the air, buzzing around your protector, guardian, mountain of a man and personal nest: your father.
  736. >Be Summer Breeze, the adoptive daughter of Anonymous, and today is a good day!
  737. >These are exciting times, your tiny mind can understand that without much effort.
  738. >Why is that?
  739. >Well, for starters, you are in a place of fantastic colors, shapes and smells!
  740. >It’s wonderful, really, and Papanon seem to be excited as well.
  741. >He is doing that thing when he is looking at stuff until he picks one of them up and brings it home.
  742. >For you.
  743. >Even if he says ‘no, it’s not for you’.
  744. >But you know better, it IS for you.
  745. >Whatever thing he might be picking up.
  746. >Like right now, he is pointing at these sweet smelling colorful things telling something you are more than sure means ‘it’s yours’.
  747. >You know it’s your time!
  748. >With a quick buzz of your wings, you home in on the tray of shiny colorful pebbles, open your mouth aaaaand-
  749. “Hrurkh!”
  750. >You are pulled back by the harness at the last moment!
  751. >What, this can’t be, preposterous!
  752. >Looking around to find the culprit, suspicious of your dad, you are surprised to see a cream colored mare with pink and blue… purple?... mane holding the stringy-thingy of your harness.
  753. >You look into her eyes and she looks back… no.
  754. >She stares.
  755. >It’s not angry when you spilled yellow fruit water on Papanon’s shirt.
  756. >No, it’s… menacing.
  757. >Then it’s gone and she smiles!
  758. “P.. p… paaa! Papaaaa!!” You cry out, frightened.
  759. >Hold on, were those the first words you ever said?
  760. >Heck yeah they were!
  761. >You are awesome!
  762. >Whatever that word means, the mare with the many colors mane said the word.
  763. >Papanon called her ‘fag’.
  764. >Maybe you will call her that too.
  765. >Once you can actually speak, of course.
  767. ----------
  769. >Be on your way to Bon Bon’s.
  770. >Be in a happy mood, which is a bit surprising even for you, given the events of yesterday.
  771. >Be Anon, who will get freecandy!
  772. >Davenport was quite busy yesterday, its proof being the respectably sized team of carpenters and masons rebuilding the store.
  773. >By the looks of it, the new store will be fortified and you think you have seen the librarian mare casting some spells at the building materials too.
  774. >Magically enchanted, built with granite and iron oak.
  775. >If not for the large glass panel storefronts, the place could be a hurricane shelter!
  776. >If there were hurricanes in this far inland place, but whatever.
  777. >The thing that matters right now are more… at hand.
  778. >One of them is Summer, who is even more excited right now compared to the usual levels.
  779. >You think she can feel your own excitement.
  780. >And boy, watching her happily zip around you is making you happy!
  781. >The other thing is a sort of an invite to Bon Bon’s, hence why you are walking there.
  782. >The confectioner mare heard of your misfortune with the store and offered you some free samples!
  783. >And people… eh, ponies keep telling you that she is a grump, as well as a number of other things!
  784. >Nonsense, you tell yourself and those ponies alike.
  785. >She is as sweet as her candies, you know that.
  786. >Thus, after the relatively short walk you arrive to her shop, enter, and are welcomed by the delicious sweet candy scent, as well as the pleasing harp music, provided by Lyra, Bon Bon’s hired help.
  787. >It takes only three seconds for Summer to go nuts with this sensory overload.
  788. >She buzzes around like a spooked fly, right until…
  789. “Hey, Summer! Look! That candy is for us!” You point towards said plate on the other end of the surprisingly large store. “Wait, no-no-no! Gah! Get back here!” She ripped the kite string out from your hand and is flying straight for the plate of candy!
  790. >Bon Bon, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, grabs her at the last moment and pulls her back!
  791. >You can see the candymaker mare do that ‘Stare’ of Fluttershy’s - quite useful against rowdy kids - to which Summer responds with… calling out for you?
  792. >Her first words!
  793. >”P.. p… paaa! Papaaaa!!” She cries out, her fright quickly disappearing as she turns confused, probably at her newfound ability to speak a word.
  794. >You are quick to gently grab her and pet her mane, keeping her cupped in your hands.
  795. “It’s alright sweetie, I’m here.” You quietly tell her, holding her close to your chest, then put her in her nest-pocket
  796. >”Aw shucks, I’m sorry Anon, I didn’t mean to scare her this much.” Bon Bon apologizes, rubbing the back of her head.
  797. “It’s quite alright, Bonny. She needs to learn her limits sooner or later anyway.”
  798. >The cream colored mare smiles, that one smile you have seen on the face of single men who would actually like to settle down and start a family.
  799. >”True, that’s true… Is it difficult to raise her? Alone? I-I mean I think you are perfectly capable, any mare would treasure you as their husband to raise their… uh…. I think I will just stop talking now.” She blabbers, a rosy tint spreading on her cheeks.
  800. >It takes you some effort to not chuckle.
  801. >”Way to go, Bon Bon! You will have him in bed in nooo time!” Comes a snarky yell from somewhere deep in the store.
  802. >It’s Lyra, and she is snickering like a maniac.
  803. >”Oh, I ought to..!” Bon Bon growls and runs off, leaving you and Summer alone to, well, sample the candies.
  804. “These frickin ponies, I swear…” You mutter and offer a marshmallow to Summer.
  805. >She takes it with glee, now back to her old, happy self.
  806. >A minute or two of ‘sampling’ (read as ‘stuffing your face with candy) later, Bon Bon returns, winded and a bit sweaty, probably chasing the minty colored unicorn around the store.
  807. >You are pretty sure you have heard the trickster leave the store at one point, but that hasn’t stopped or slowed Bonny at all.
  808. >She probably… didn’t realize that she is chasing her own hoofsteps.
  809. >”Alright, so.” She says as she is trying to catch her breath.
  810. “Yes, so? The candy is really good, by the way.” You reply and proceed to pet her mane.
  811. >Bon Bon freezes for a moment, then pushes her head against your hand, the same way Summer does.
  812. >”So… uhh… uhm, yes, right, right.” She leans away, sitting down and clearing her throat. “My friends and I heard that you almost lost your workplace yesterday, so we decided to help you out, even if just a bit.” She sounds like she is presenting a well rehearsed monologue. ”To make your life easier, I thought, I should invite you for dinner. Today. Your little Summer is invited too, we wouldn’t want her to feel left out!” She finishes with a half-forced, nervous smile, and you can’t help but notice that she is switching around singular and plural, since that ‘we’ was certainly not a majestic plural.
  813. >You can literally see beads of sweat rolling down her forehead, and those are probably not from her impromptu exercise.
  814. “So… on a date?” You ask bluntly, making her eyes go wide.
  815. >”Yes! Wait, no. Uhh… maybe? I-I don't know. Can you repeat the question?” She replies, her sweating intensifies.
  816. “Yes Bonny, I will go on a date with you. You only needed to ask.” You tell her and lightly chuckle, returning to pet her mane again.
  817. >Her shocked silence, followed by a genuinely happy grin, warms your heart.
  818. “How about half past seven in the evening?” You ask, making her blink several times, then nod enthusiastically.
  819. >”Y-yes, that sounds great!”
  820. “Cool! See you then, Bonny!” With a coy smirk, you turn to leave, but not before you pick up another marshmallow for Summer and wink at the flustered mare.
  821. >”Oh… my goodness…” You hear behind yourself.
  822. >Today’s a good day.
  824. ----------
  826. >Be graceful.
  827. >Be joyous!
  828. >Be a happy mare who’s found herself a date in this clamfest of a town!
  829. >Be Bon Bon, preparing yourself for the date this evening.
  830. “With the charm of a true professional, Agent Sweetie Drops secured herself the exotic male, twisting him around her hooves the way only a true secret agent could…” You tell to nopony in particular, just narrating your otherwise rather boring life.
  831. >”What was that Bons? Did you say something?” Comes the voice of Lyra from the other room.
  832. >The sloppy mare - your best friend, you could say - likes to spend her free time sitting on your couch, drinking your soda, the couch potato that she is.
  833. “Uh? No, I was just… talking to myself.” You tell her after a few quiet seconds.
  834. >“Are you monologuing again? Uhh, what’s her face, Agent Sweaty Balls?” Lyra now basically yells and bursts out in childish laughter, making your face turn a quite bright shade of red with anger.
  835. >However, there is no time to give her a lesson or a beating.
  836. >You need to look perfect to win over Anon.
  837. >And to do that, you will need some… well, some new clothes.
  838. >You let out a sad sigh.
  839. >Rarity, that dyke, will try to dress you up like a damned doll, but she is your best - and only - chance to get something decent that will fit to the style Anon has.
  840. >In fact, Rarity’s been making his clothes ever since he settled down in this town, so she will know how to make a matching outfit!
  841. >With that in mind, you grab a few things you will need, throw them in your saddlebags, and head outside.
  842. >Lyra is still laughing and when she spots you approaching her, which is not really true since she is in your way to the front door, she scrambles.
  843. >Only to slip and fall flat on her face with a satisfying ‘thud’.
  844. >”Oww…” She quietly whines, only looking up at you with her eyes, all other sound and movement ceased.
  845. “That’s what you get for being a moron.” You tell her nonchalantly, without even looking down at her.
  846. >”Touché…” Lyra sighs and picks herself up. “Where are you going?”
  847. “Buying stuff to prep for my date with Anon.” You reply but don’t actually stop moving, reaching and opening the front door.
  848. >”Hey, could you please buy me so-” You hear Lyra starting to ask but you close the door behind you before she could finish.
  849. >The satisfying click of the lock, followed by an exasperated ‘ugh’ is music to your ears!
  850. >Perhaps this behaviour makes ponies think that you are a grump…
  852. ----------
  854. >Be surprised.
  855. >Be angered.
  856. >Be jealous.
  857. >Be Summer’s mom, stalking someone else this time.
  858. >Yes, you can stalk other ponies too, you are not a weirdo, no.
  859. >Earlier today you have seen the events unfolding in that candy shop.
  860. >You have heard and seen Anon being giddy, talking about going on a date!
  861. >Summer looked happy too…
  862. >Oh, why must your heart clench even at the thought of this?
  863. >Alas, this is not the time and place to pointlessly suffer, you can do that later.
  864. >The confectioner mare has just left her home.
  865. >From what you can tell, she looks quite happy… A spring in her steps, humming a happy tune, checking herself out on the glass storefronts…. Hold up.
  866. >Something happened.
  867. >She did the checking and then froze, and is walking much faster now.
  868. >What is she even… wait, where did she go?
  869. >You are too surprised to react in time and she’s gone, slipped away from your observant eyes.
  870. >Mare, this is stressful.
  871. >You should just go back to the inn you rented a room in.
  872. >Waking up to find your first grey hairs was stressful enough for today, you really don’t need this…
  874. ----------
  876. >Be suspicious.
  877. >Be fairly convinced.
  878. >Fairly convinced that you have just spotted a stalker, following you.
  879. >Your totally legit and real secret agent training tells you that it was either an assassin waiting for the best moment to strike, or an assassin making note of your schedule and daily life, so she can pick the best moment to strike.
  880. >Be Bon Bon, and be rather pissed.
  881. >So pissed in fact, you don’t even notice when you enter the Carousel Boutique!
  882. >”Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, how may I help you today?” Rarity’s voice breaks your concentration, bringing you back into reality.
  883. “Uhh… oh, yes, hi! I need your assistance, Miss Rarity!” You tell her, already feeling embarrassed.
  884. >”Very well! In what manner, if I may ask? Do you need a form-fitting? Trying to find a missing piece? Need a new dress for the upcoming Gala?” She asks, walking up to you.
  885. >Oh, she’s so… frilly!
  886. >And she doesn’t even wear anything right now, ugh!
  887. “I-uh… I actually want to have a new dress for a date… a matching to… uh… to my date’s outfit…” You meekly explain, trying your best in finding the right words.
  888. >It takes the seamstress a few moments to respond, but when she does, you already regret coming to her.
  889. >”Oh, that’s wonderful to hear, Darling! I actually have a number of dresses made just for the occasion! Oh, some of them are part of an upcoming collection, a complete set for both stallion and mare! But what am I saying, you haven’t told me who your date is! Please, go ahead, enlighten me with his name, who might be this… mystery stallion who conquered your heart?” She asks, and you feel sick just by listening to her voice.
  890. “Uhh…. uhh…. It’s… It’s just Anon. You make his clothes, so… can you quickly put together something that’s like his… attire?” You ask, mentally whipping yourself.
  891. >“Oh!” Rarity’s mouth forms a little o. “I… Well I can't say I expected that, but of course! It will only take just a few minutes, in fact. I… may have made an entire collection based on the design of his original clothes… hehe…” It’s Rarity’s turn to be sheepish. “I will just take your measurements now, Darling, if that’s alright with you?”
  892. “Yes, go ahead.” You tell her and follow her to the little elevated platform she directs you to.
  893. >A couple minutes of silent posing later and you are patiently waiting in the front part of the Boutique.
  894. >You are thinking about where did your life go this way, to make you end up in Ponyville’s most unmarely shop?
  895. >Especially considering there is a Spa just a couple streets away.
  896. >The most stallion-y place in town, or so you were told.
  897. >Your quiet musings are finally interrupted by Rarity entering your field of view, carrying several outfits behind her in her magical grip.
  898. >”Here we are, Darling. Make your pick, although I have my own suggestions.
  899. “Hoo boy…”
  901. ----------
  903. >Be sitting on your couch.
  904. >Be very busy debating whether you should shower or shave first.
  905. >Be Anon, about 30 minutes before your date with Bon Bon.
  906. “Alright cutie pie, it’s time to get ready and drop you off at Dave’s.
  907. >Summer was just lying on her little birdy perch next to your couch, lightly asleep, but your words awaken her.
  908. >She has no idea what will happen of course, and you didn’t leave her alone before, but she knows Davenport, so you guess she should be alright.
  909. >You certainly hope.
  910. >There is no time to waste though, all of that you have already wasted.
  911. >So you indeed get ready, shaving and then showering, done under ten minutes!
  912. >It’s the evening now, so Summer is naturally turning sleepy.
  913. >Carrying her to Dave’s home is easy, and based on that she didn’t even wake up from you pulling her from your pocket, she will be fine for a couple hours.
  914. >”I have everything prepared for her, Anon. Don’t worry and… have a good time.” Dave tells you giving your thigh a friendly pat-pat.
  915. >Freaking ponies keep doing that because they are so short!...
  916. “Thank you Dave, I think I will. See you in a couple hours, alright?”
  917. >Sure thing, no need to hurry. You can pick Summer up in the morning too, if things go that way~!” His voice gains a singy tune in the end there, he also winks at you and giggles like a schoolgirl.
  918. “Yeah-yeah, thank you Dave. See you in a couple hours.” You repeat yourself and ruffle up his mane to cut short his goodbyes.
  919. >It’s super effective.
  921. ----------
  923. >Be nervous.
  924. >Be hyped up!
  925. >Be uncomfortable in your new set of clothing, named ‘The Business Casual’ by Rarity.
  926. >Be Bon Bon, on your way towards Anon’s place.
  927. >You were so excited about the date, you totally forgot to ask him where to meet you!
  928. >Nothing to worry about though, it’s easy to just pick him up and go from there.
  929. >Getting used to this level of cloth-to-skin contact is weird to you though, you have everything covered, save for your face!
  930. >Rarity’s design, a mirror of Anon’s outfit is certainly working though, literally everypony turns to look at you.
  931. >A bit… embarrassing, but alas, there are prices you are willing to pay.
  932. >Then again, why should you be embarrassed?
  933. >A stylish black medium skirt, white stockings, a white blouse, a white sun hat with a red ribbon, two pairs of light yet comfortable shoes, and for some reason… a black choker Rarity was really insisting to include in the set.
  934. >You look like a mare-whore, don’t you?
  935. >Celestia damn it, you will wear it and you will be proud!
  936. >Besides, only Anon can judge you, everypony else can suck a lemon!
  937. >Speaking of, Anon, he is right in front of you, so you better ask him.
  938. “Wait, what?” you blurt out, surprised to see the towering, exotic alien male, in all of his unique and exciting glory, wearing a white shirt, a red tie, black pants and black shoes.
  939. >You two really do fit together like this.
  940. >”Oh, hey Bonny! We forgot to pick a place to meet, so I thought I would go and look for… wow, you look fantastic!” He greets you and you feel your face heating up.
  941. “I-uhm, actually, I was looking for you, too.” You tell him, sheepishly rubbing the back of your head.
  942. >You manage to push your sun hat off of your head.
  943. “Oh Geez!” You yelp, trying to catch it, to no avail.
  944. >”Wow! Gotcha!” Anon, with dexterity you haven’t seen in anypony else, grabs the hat from mid-air, offering it back to you. “Here you go. Alright, so, I will admit right now. I haven’t been in the dating scene for… well, let’s just say a good while. I don’t have much experience, especially not in a brave new world like this. Do you have any clue about where… you know, where should we go?”
  945. >His cat-like reflexes and slightly awkward but still charming way of speaking catches you off-guard.
  946. “Well I… uhm.. I-I don’t know, I didn’t think I would go this far.” You reply, remembering that you should always be honest with the stallion you are courting.
  947. >”Really? You and me, Bons, you and me. Now then, I heard this fast food joint has a great deal for dating couples, what do you think of that?” His reply surprises you, but you are, thankfully, quick to recover.
  948. “S-sure! Sounds like a plan!” Well done, Bon Bon, Agent Sweetie Drops would have said the same thing.
  949. >Maybe Lyra was right about calling your character that name.
  950. >”Alright! Let’s go!” Anon cheers, grinning enthusiastically.
  951. >Your shock does not block your legs from moving thankfully, but damn, this colt is full of surprises!
  953. ----------
  955. >Be worked up.
  956. >Be joyous but afraid at the same time.
  957. >Be uncomfortable in your more formal set of clothes, despite wearing basically the same outfit you wore the day you popped in this land of magic and technicolor little horses.
  958. >Be Anon, on your way to Bon Bon’s place.
  959. >You did a stupid earlier today, forgetting to ask Bonny about where to meet her.
  960. >You concentrated so much on looking cool, there was no processing power left to do anything else besides that!
  961. >You can beat yourself over that for eternity, wouldn't change a thing.
  962. >The only way to fix it is by meeting with your date and propose ideas!
  963. >Thus, you are strolling to Bon Bon’s, making ponies’ heads turn.
  964. >Hell yeah, you look cool!
  965. >Or like a clown, either of the two.
  966. >There is nothing really special in this outfit of yours, it’s just black and white business casual with a red tie.
  967. >You recall something Rarity said about it before, but… hey… who is… is that Bon Bon?
  968. >Alright, it’s time to be cool, to act natural.
  969. >No awkwardness allowed.
  970. >Let’s go.
  972. ----------
  974. >Be nauseous.
  975. >Be in emotional pain.
  976. >Be stuck in this personal hell of your own making.
  977. >Be Summer’s mom, who could have just… just knocked on Anon’s door and asked him to help you, but instead you…
  978. >...
  979. >Dang it, he looks so dashing.
  980. >Keep walking, you sexy beast!
  981. >Wait, what?
  982. >Where did that come from??
  983. >Hold on, something is happening.
  984. >You see him stopping and talking to a mare in an eye-catching black and white outfit.
  985. >Looks kinda like… his?
  986. “What on earth…” You mutter, grabbing and holding your binoculars to you eyes.
  987. >Your heart skips a beat when you see who the mare is.
  988. >It’s that candy maker mare!
  989. >Your emotions turn to anger, seeing the scene unfolding down there.
  990. >Yes, you are in your stalker cloud puff again.
  991. >The two of them chit-chat for a moment, then head towards somewhere deeper in town.
  992. >Perhaps… perhaps you should just… let them be.
  993. >It’s Summer who you really want to see and make sure that she is safe.
  994. >But… this uncomfortable feeling in your chest, it’s…
  995. >You start to follow Anon and Bon Bon.
  997. ----------
  999. >Be smol.
  1000. >Be sleepy.
  1001. >Be in a new place you haven’t seen before, with Papanon nowhere to be seen.
  1002. >Your eyes shoot up and you frantically look around!
  1003. “Pa? Paa? Paaaa!” You cry out, only to be gently grabbed and soothed by not-Papanon.
  1004. >”There there, little one. Your Papa will be back soon, don’t you worry.” Not-Papanon tells you, and you finally look around.
  1005. >So not-Papanon doesn’t live in the boring couchplace, after all.
  1006. >This place look similar to your own home, although, everything’s shorter… smaller…
  1007. >You feel cramped in.
  1008. >You need space.
  1009. >You need space!
  1010. “Fw-fwah!” You yell and shoot out from not-Papanon’s embrace like an arrow!
  1011. >This place is cramped, has too much furniture, too much yelling, too many ponies and too many foals.
  1012. >They just keep coming and... why are they looking at you like that, you are just lazily flying right under the ceiling!
  1013. >Oh hey, a perch to sit on.
  1014. >Is making a light, too.
  1015. >Alright, sitting down on the ceiling light is giving you enough space… and hey, you don’t have that stupid harness on either!
  1016. >Oh, papa, it’s showtime!
  1017. >With a grin on your face, you launch from your perch and zip around, giggling like a mad filly.
  1018. >The yelling, jumping and general chaos that follows makes you giggle harder.
  1019. >Alright, maybe this is not so bad, after all.
  1021. ----------
  1023. >Be anxious.
  1024. >Be scared.
  1025. >Be worried about that if you are not catching Summer soon, she will hurt herself, and then Anon will hurt you.
  1026. >You have made friends with the stal- uh, Man, as he calls himself, but you know how dads are, one being yourself.
  1027. >Be Davenport, responsible for the well-being of little Summer while Anon is on a date.
  1028. >Everything was alright until Summer woke up - which took about two minutes after Anon left - and now you fear for her and your life.
  1029. >The little ball of energy is as fast as a fly, if not for her vibrant colors, you wouldn’t be able to see her!
  1030. “G-girls! I need help!” You call out for your wives.
  1031. >This being the evening, they are already home and by your side quickly.
  1032. >”What’s going on, Davey…?” One of them asks as they enter the room, only to gasp, seeing the colorful blur buzzing around.
  1033. >Your foals are quick to follow their moms, within half a minute all of your family is in the living room, just in time to see Summer perch on the chandelier.
  1034. “I need your help, girls. I promised to foalsit Summer while Anon is on a date, but I forgot to put her harness on and she slipped out of my hooves. I don’t know how to catch her without hurting her.” You explain, looking at your wives for a clue.
  1035. >Before they could discuss anything, Summer jumps and takes a speed so fast, you really can’t see anything but a blur.
  1036. >A madly giggling blur, who is very much aware that you can’t catch her.
  1037. >Celestia save your living room… and your hide if something bad happens to Summer!...
  1039. ----------
  1041. >Be the Friendly Neighbourhood Hoo-Man.
  1042. >Be on your first date with the sweetest sweets maker of the town.
  1043. >Be Anon, and feel your common sense tingling.
  1044. “I… I have a bad feeling, all of a sudden.” You tell Bon Bon, lowering your fork.
  1045. >The burger joint had Fish & Chips on offer, so you couldn’t refuse.
  1046. >Bon Bon got herself some greasy hayburger, the lucky mare.
  1047. >She can actually eat that stuff safely, unlike you.
  1048. >”What’s wrong? Is it the thing you eat?” Bon Bon asks you with a hint of worry in her voice, her expression turning into a similarly worried one.
  1049. “No, nothing like that, the food is great. It’s just…” You sigh, putting down your fork and leaning back. “I feel like something… bad… is about to happen.” You tell her and look her in the eyes. “Don’t get me wrong though, this date is great, it’s just… you know, that feeling when you think you left the oven on or something..?”
  1050. >Your explanation is poor, but it seems to go through nonetheless.
  1051. >”Oh. I know what you mean. I get the same feeling whenever I visit family out of town and leave the house for Lyra to take care of. It’s… difficult, knowing that mare…” She replies, shuddering.
  1052. “I know that feel. Though… this thingy-thing feels more… urgent. I don’t think I can explain it.” You respond and huff, feeling disappointed. “Oh, screw this, I can repair any damage done to my house. Let’s enjoy the date.”
  1053. >”That’s the spirit!” Bon Bon nods eagerly in response, taking another bite of her burger.
  1054. >Forcing the bad feeling back, you do your best to enjoy the date indeed.
  1055. >Now only if that feeling would just go away…
  1057. ----------
  1059. >Be deeply disappointed.
  1060. >Be mildly enraged.
  1061. >Actually, be rather enraged, so much so, you have to leave from stalking Anon and the candy mare.
  1062. >Be Summer’s mom, the angery.
  1063. >The happily chatting future couple of Anon and Bonjour… or whatever her name is, only makes you more angered and desperate.
  1064. >You can see it on them, they are hitting it off, chatting, laughing, enjoying each other's company.
  1065. >It’s a lost cause for you at this point, unless you think of something smart.
  1066. >And that… thinking that is, won’t happen unless you cool down.
  1067. >Thus, you are flying away, hidden from prying eyes.
  1068. >Though even you can realize that a random puff of cloud is more suspicious than a pony just flying about.
  1069. >Does not matter.
  1070. >Summer should be with Anon’s boss, that’s where she was dropped off, after all.
  1071. >The flight there is short and you arrive just in time to witness the front door basically blast open as a blue and orange blur zap through it, as fast as greased lightning!
  1072. “Oh no.” You whisper, eyes going wild.
  1073. >”Summer! Noooo!” You hear Anon’s boss yell and run after the escaping foal, to no avail.
  1074. >Jumping out of your hidey cloud, you loudly exclaim.
  1075. “Don’t worry, I got this!” And with that, you fly after the extremely fast filly, not even caring to be seen.
  1076. >Though you can’t hear or see it, the ponies you quickly leave behind look half-shocked, half-impressed.
  1077. >”Was that…?” One of them asks, mouth agape.
  1078. >”Y-yeah…”
  1080. ----------
  1082. >Be excited.
  1083. >Be weak in your stomach, despite going on a dinner date.
  1084. >Be Bon Bon, waiting in line to order said dinner.
  1085. >”Good evening, what can I get ya?” The cashier mare - barely older than a filly, really - asks, her face adorned with a heavily trained smile.
  1086. >”Hello there…” Anon greets her then looks at the menu above her head. "I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda." He tells her the ridiculous order, then smiles.
  1087. >”Uhm… Sir, we don’t have numbered items… I can offer you the Fish & Chips menu though?” The cashier mare responds, her confused expression still present even after giving Anon the offer.
  1088. >”Sure, that will do.” He nods before turning to face you. “Bonny? What do you want to have?”
  1089. “Uhh… what?” The ridiculousness of his first order put you in a stupor you didn’t even realize you were in. “I-uh… I will have a hayburger with extra cheese, large fries and a medium soda.”
  1090. >”Uhhuh, got it! That will be 24 Bits!”
  1091. >Before you can do as much as reach into your hidden little money pouch, Anon is already paying.
  1092. >”Thank you Sir! Please take a seat while the orders are being made!” The cashier mare, now back in her usual demeanour replies and trots to the back, out of sight.
  1093. “Anon, what was that?...” You ask him incredulously as the two of you find a neat little table for two.
  1094. >”Me paying? Well, the norm, I presume. We pay for each other's meals and stuff. Or you mean the… order?”
  1095. >Now even more confused, you just nod.
  1096. >”Oh, nothing, just a… uhm, ‘inside joke’ from my world. It would be difficult to explain.” He sorta explains, shrugging. “I will tell you now, I have a lot of things I will refer to that will probably make no sense to you. So get used to it, Sunny Bons!”
  1097. >You can’t help but chuckle.
  1098. >He is something else, and any mare not realizing it is missing out a lot!
  1099. “So you are telling me that you will embarrass me with paying for things?” You ask him, trying to find out if he really means that.
  1100. >”Well duh. That’s how a relationship works, no?” His answer is genuine from what you can tell.
  1101. >Your smile widens as you realize something new.
  1102. >Jackpot!
  1104. ----------
  1106. >It’s only about ten minutes later when Anon says something that makes your heart drop, but once the situation is cleared, your happy feeling returns.
  1107. >That is, until you hear a commotion outside.
  1108. >It sounds like a high speed chase…
  1109. >And it’s getting closer!
  1110. “What’s going on out there?...” You think out loud, to which Anon shakes his head.
  1111. >”No idea, but everyone’s looking, so…” He replies and stands up, towering over everyone and everything in the place, gaining an excellent view outside.
  1112. “Can you see it?” You ask, craning your neck to see at least something.
  1113. >”No, I can’t… wait… Oh shid!” He says and jumps so suddenly, you get actually scared!
  1114. “A-Anon!” You yelp, but he is already outside, running after whatever was making the noise out there. “What… what just happened!”
  1116. ----------
  1118. >Be smol.
  1119. >Be in danger.
  1120. >Be Summer, chased by a big and angery thing!
  1121. >You had your fun with not-Papanon and his kids and stuff, but it’s about time you find Papanon and his pocket-nest.
  1122. >Getting out of not-Pananon’s place was easy, but then a big angery began to chase you!
  1123. >Wait, did you just see Papanon?!
  1124. >Turning as quickly as you can, you change direction an altitude, quickly locating Papanon!
  1125. >Wth a joyous squeal, you zoom in on him, going as fast as you can without missing your target: his held out hands in front of him!
  1126. >And just in time too, the big angery is behind you again!
  1127. >”Summer slow dooo- OOF!” Papanon yells as you hit your mark and accidentally propel him backwards and onto his behind.
  1128. >Then the big angery hits him as well!
  1129. >Papanon only has time to throw you to the side before he is hit by the big angery…
  1130. >You don’t even notice that you hit somepony else, you are already in the air again, looking at Papanon.
  1131. >Something bad happened to him....
  1133. ----------
  1135. >Be scared shitless.
  1136. >Be on your hooves and rushing outside as fast as you can.
  1137. >Be Bon Bon, getting outside just in time to see Anon catch… or being hit by, Summer… then a fully grown pegasus mare who was chasing Summer?
  1138. >The man has the reflexes to push Summer out of harm’s way before he is crashed into by the mare.
  1139. >You hear a sickening crack, followed by the shuddering gasping of Anon.
  1140. >The pegasus mare looks fine though, if a little dazed.
  1141. >She looks really familiar, too…
  1142. “Anon! Anon, are you alright? Where is Summer? And who are you?!” You yell as you gallop to them.
  1143. >”I think I broke my left arm… and cracked something…” Anon replies, visibly fighting the pain.
  1144. >Summer, having no harm done to her thankfully, just flies up from wherever she landed and hovers above Anon, who is lying on his back now..
  1145. >She looks scared, the poor thing, witnessing something like this…
  1146. >”Oww… my head…” You hear the mare groan… and a second later you are standing above her, your ‘Fluttershy Stare’ in full force.
  1147. “Who are you and why did you do that?!” You ask her coldly, your gaze drilling holes into her soul as you lock eyes with her.
  1148. >”I… I was just trying to… to…” She stutters, fear clearly present in her eyes.
  1149. “Trying to what? Ponynap a foal? Hurt her father? What? What were you thinking?!” You are angry and loud, and even you can realize how big of a crowd this scene is gathering. “Somepony call the ponice, NOW!” You yell, your tone of voice turning really cold.
  1150. >”Ma’am, I can assure you, I was-” The offending mare tries to explain herself but you cut her off.
  1151. “Oh no, no you don’t, you will tell your fairy tale to the ponice officers. And stay put!”
  1152. >She uncomfortably squirms at that.
  1153. >Taking a quick glance at Anon and Summer, you realize that even he is staring at you,now sitting up.
  1154. >His left arm is on his lap, looking limp, and Summer is in his chest pocket, staring at you.
  1155. >She looks so frightened...
  1156. >...Of you.
  1157. >Perhaps ponies are right, and you are more than just a grump.
  1158. >This… does not feel right.
  1159. >Did you just screw up your chance with him?...
  1161. ----------
  1163. >Be in emotional agony.
  1164. >Be worked up, tired out, hyper-aware and unable to pay attention.
  1165. >Be Bon Bon, sitting in the Ponyville General Hospital’s lobby, waiting for something - anything! - to happen.
  1166. >The nurse at the front desk has been eyeballing you for a while.
  1167. >She received a report card, most likely Anon’s, and been looking in your direction time and time again for the better part of this past 4 hours you’ve been in the lobby
  1168. .>Unable to bear it any longer, you break away from just staring forward and turn your head, just in time to catch the nurse’s gaze on you.
  1169. >She’s the head nurse… uhhh… Redheart?
  1170. >Yes, that’s her name.
  1171. >The moment you lock eyes with her, she makes a sad frown and waves for you to come closer.
  1172. >Reluctantly, actually waiting a few seconds before moving, you get up from your seat and walk up to her.
  1173. >”Miss Bon Bon, do you wish to see Mr. Anonymous? He is awake and can be talked with, despite his condition.” Redheart tells you, a sincere, although sad smile on her face.
  1174. “I… I would like to, yes, but I don’t know if he wants to see me. I acted very much out of place when he got his…” You attempt to explain, not even realizing that Redheart called you on your name, despite not even introducing yourself to her.
  1175. >”Mr. Anonymous expressed that he wishes to see visitors if they happen to arrive for a visit.”
  1176. >Your eyebrows go up at that.
  1177. >Did you just… just… spend 4 hours sitting in the lobby when you could have went and sat by his bed?!
  1178. >With your expression returning to a blank, emotionless one, your gaze never leaving Redheart’s face, you limply nod.
  1179. “It would be nice to see him, yes. Which room is he in?” You ask, feeling your mouth dry up and your tongue turning into sandpaper.
  1180. >”Room 216, on the second floor.” Redheart replies, pointing a hoof at the stairwell on her right. “Make sure to knock before entering, and please, don’t gallop inside the building.”
  1181. “Yes, I will and I will not!” You reply, your legs springing into action and propel you towards and then up the stairs.
  1182. >You can even see the nurse shake her head as you turn away, but you don’t care, you have to right your wrongs.
  1184. ----------
  1186. >Be in mild-to-medium pain.
  1187. >Be hungry and frustrated in your predicament.
  1188. >Be basically bound to a way too small bed, despite having no injury to your legs… or lower body, at all.
  1189. >Be Anon, after a painful resetting of your broken left arm, realizing how itchy your skin can become under the cast.
  1190. “I need a fork or something…” You mutter to yourself, your fingers twitching on your left hand as the itch intensifies.
  1191. >Just as you are about to start scratching the cast itself, you hear a few knocks from the door of your room.
  1192. “Come in!” You call out, glad for being the only resident of the room.
  1193. >The room opens, revealing… a disheveled looking Bon Bon, bearing an embarrassed, awkward expression on her face.
  1194. >Despite the reaction you think she’s expecting, your face lights up, a smile appearing on it as you take in her form.
  1195. “Bonny! Where were you? I thought you would never get here!” You tell her, patting the bed on your right, scooting to the left to let her hop on and lie down next to you.
  1196. >She stops in the doorway, makes a reluctant smile, then lowers her head and enters the room, the door nudged close behind her.
  1197. >”Anon, I... “ She attempts to speak, losing track of what she’s intending to say as she’s walking towards you. “I… I acted out of place and I’m sorry, but you got injured and that blasted mare just up and left and I yelled and made a fool of myself and-and-and-”
  1198. >You cut her off by placing a well aimed index finger on her lips - she got into your reach as she talked.
  1199. “Bonny. Shush. You were protective. That’s all. It’s cool. Not the first time I broke something of mine. I’ll be back in action in a few weeks. Summer is fine too. Now hop up here so I can hug you.”
  1200. >Another pat on the bed, to which she reacts with a puppy-like whine, ears drooping down… and jumping up on the bed next to you.
  1201. “See? Is fine.” You reassure her again and wrap your good arm around her.
  1202. >She lets out an adorable squeak, eyes glued to your cast-bearing, broken left arm.
  1203. >A couple silent seconds pass, broken by you asking her the question of the day.
  1204. “What happened with that mare though?”
  1205. >Your question is welcomed with a different kind of worried expression on Bon Bon’s face.
  1206. >”Well…”
  1208. ----------
  1210. >Be in some deep shit.
  1211. >Be ready to realize that YOU made this shit, and YOU made it this deep as well.
  1212. >Be Summer’s mom, the one who successfully managed to crash into and break Anon’s arm… now facing a very angery confectioner mare.
  1213. >”Oh no, no you don’t, you will tell your fairy tale to the ponice officers. And stay put!”
  1214. >She yells in response to your hazy-minded replies, making you flinch.
  1215. >You can hear Summer let out a little whimper, staring at Bon Bon.
  1216. >Your little sweetheart is scared of the immense rage this cream colored mare, and you are too.
  1217. >Being a trained professional with authority or not, she is legitimately terrifying.
  1218. >The whimper however, breaks Bon Bon out of her extreme emotions.
  1219. >”S-Summer…” She mutters, turning her head to look at the aforementioned cutiepie.
  1220. >Your fight or flight system finally kicks in and picks flight, so you do exactly that.
  1221. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” You yell and take off, your wings propelling away as fast as a true record keeper’s wings would.
  1222. >You can hear commotion underneath, ponies yelling, and a siren going off, but it’s too late, you are already ascending towards the stratosphere.
  1223. >It’s all over, you ruined it.
  1224. >Your identity is also known now, there were too many eyewitnesses.
  1225. “Well done, Spitfire, you feather brained, chicken hearted fool. Well done…” You mutter to yourself, taking a last glance back down at the steadily shrinking visage of the quaint village you just lost your chance to settle in.
  1226. >It’s time for you to disappear.
  1228. ----------
  1230. >Be smol.
  1231. >Be confused.
  1232. >Be unsure about where Papanon is.
  1233. >Be Summer Breeze, the one and only, currently in a white room with other foals.
  1234. >The room smells of a nasty thing, like the floors outside, and every possible exit has this veil on it you later learn is called a mosquito netting.
  1235. >The other foals here are of all tribes, ages and sizes, so you find a few other pegasus foal your age.
  1236. >They are not doing much though.
  1237. >Nothing in the means of entertaining you.
  1238. >There is also a stallion in here, taking care of the others.
  1239. >You?
  1240. >You are not letting him touch you!
  1241. >Though to be quite honest, you are getting hungry and tired, and that bedding looks really comfy, and the Definitely-Not-Papanon has something yummy smelling thing on that table next to him…
  1242. >Well, there isn’t much you can do here.
  1243. >You just hope Papanon will arrive soon…
  1245. ----------
  1247. >Be worried.
  1248. >Be anxious.
  1249. >Be unable to calm down despite knowing and seeing how well Anon takes this whole situation.
  1250. >Be Bon Bon, also known as Secret Agent Sweetie Drops, the most marely mare of a secret age-
  1251. >Oh, who are you kidding, your stupid roleplaying won’t make your stupider feelings just go away.
  1252. >That uncomfortable pull in your belly, tugging at your conscience like an unintentionally dropped anchor.
  1253. >”Bonny… you alright? You make a face like… like… “ Anon breaks you out of your self-punching stupor and makes a silly expression.
  1254. >You can’t help but chuckle.
  1255. >Silly colt.
  1256. “Ye-yes, I’m fine… It’s just… a bit difficult to walk past this whole thing. Especially with your arm being… well, broken.” You reply, letting out a sigh of a deep breath you didn’t even know you held.
  1257. >”To be honest it bothers me a bit, sure, bit the itchy feeling under the cast is the biggest of the discomfort factors here.” Anon replies, shrugging. “It’s actually not as bad as the itch I got when I kicked a concrete ball that was painted to look like a football and ended up breaking my leg. Oh, that sonofabitch who did it, I hope he rots in hell.”
  1258. >What.
  1259. >Your incredulous feeling must be an incredulous expression on your face, since Anon seem to react to it.
  1260. >”What? You think there aren’t people in my homeworld just plain evil, doing evil things for the sake of being evil?” He asks as if this was the most obvious thing.
  1261. “No, it’s not that! You… your leg was broken before?” You ask him, making him look incredulous this time.
  1262. >”Okay, something is up, you ponies are iffy about injuries and I’m sure I’m missing a piece here, so enlighten me. Why is a broken bone such a big thing for you guys?”
  1263. >Why is it a big thing…
  1264. >Your lack of responding and obvious staring probably gave the answer you couldn’t put into words.
  1265. >“Sheesh, alright, no need to do the thousand yard stare at me Bonny-Bons, I get it.” He shakes his head, then furrows his eyebrows. “How much do you know of my species anyway?”
  1266. “Uhm… Excuse me?” You lamely reply, feeling as if you were slapped.
  1267. >”Your knowledge. Of humans.” Anon repeats himself, arching an accusing left eyebrow.
  1268. “Uhh, well I have heard the things the librarian Twilight Sparkle told everyone, like how in your world yours is the only sapient species, you are omnivorous and… uhh…”
  1269. >Your reply is welcomed by an unimpressed expression on Anon’s face.
  1270. >”That’s all?” He asks, leaning back and looking up at the ceiling.
  1271. “I suppose… yes. That’s all.” You reply, trying to sound sure of yourself.
  1272. >”That’s the problem then.” He lets out a sigh. “Alright Bon, here is the deal. I can walk off losing a limb or two. My kind is rather… resilient. So stop thinking about injuries and instead think about something more important. I talk about Summer. Could you please check on her? Nurse Redheart would bite my ass if she saw me out of my bed.”
  1273. >The mental image of Redheart…. and then you biting dat flank got into your mind for long enough to distract you from your bad feelings.
  1274. “Y-yes, sure, I will.” You tell him.
  1275. >”Atta girl.” Anon replies and plants a gentle kiss on your forehead before letting you go.
  1276. >Your face heats up considerably and he can see it.
  1277. >Stupid sexy Anon…
  1279. ----------
  1281. >Be tired of this all.
  1282. >Be just about done with being stuck in bed.
  1283. >Be Anon, who’s ready to bail as soon as your marefriend leaves the room.
  1284. >She doesn’t know that though.
  1285. >’That’ being your marefriend, you didn’t tell her that just yet.
  1286. >Regardless, you NEED to stand up and move!
  1287. >You watch Bon Bon get off your bed, give you one last worried, although almost flustered look, then leave the room.
  1288. >A couple seconds pass which you patiently wait through - ponies tend to come back for whatever reason - and then finally get out of the bed.
  1289. >The itching didn’t cease, but you mentally suppress it.
  1290. “If I’m not thinking about it, it stops.” You tell nobody in particular and stretch your non-injured limbs.
  1291. >The room is relatively small, but you make use of the space and walk around.
  1292. >The single window of the room looks down at the town, offering you a nice late evening scenery to enjoy.
  1293. “I’m on the second floor, huh? Bet I could jump down and not break a leg or something.” You mutter to yourself, looking down at the ground outside.
  1294. > Pony buildings are relatively small, so the fall here would also be relatively small.
  1295. >Before you are able to contemplate more of your potentially dangerous escape attempt, you hear the telltale signs of someone approaching: Hoofsteps clip-clopping on the cold, disinfectant smelling floor.
  1296. “Oh shid!” You whisper-yelp and rush back to your bed.
  1297. >Just in time too, the door opens right as you lean back, pulling the blanket on your lower half.
  1298. >It’s… It’s just the janitor, looking rather surprised to see someone in the room.
  1299. >”Oh, excuse me Mister, thought the room was empty!” She tells you and without waiting for you to respond, just steps back and closes the door.
  1300. “Oookay then.” You sigh, looking up at the ceiling. “This will take forever…”
  1302. ----------
  1304. >Be far away.
  1305. >Be in deep shame.
  1306. >Be just done with your own stupidity.
  1307. >Be Spitfire The Foolish, still making your way towards East, beyond the griffon lands.
  1308. >You managed to grab some of your stuff while passing through Cloudsdale, but it’s not more than a saddlebag’s worth.
  1309. >It doesn’t matter to you though.
  1310. >The weight of your poor decisions are pulling harder on you.
  1311. >As a well trained professional, national idol at that, you are well aware of the backlash you will receive if you show your face anywhere near that town, and in a couple days, anywhere else in Equestria.
  1312. >Thus, you fly.
  1313. >These griffon territories aren’t that bad, you can see many places not half-bad to spend the night in, if it comes to that.
  1314. >Oh, how low you have stooped.
  1316. ----------
  1318. >Be just about done with this horsepital.
  1319. >Be angery at the way ponies keep treating you.
  1320. >Be Anon, who demands to be handled like a Man!
  1321. >You are a real Man, not some sort of a helpless thing!
  1322. >At the very least they are fine with letting Summer be in your room, though with some restrictions.
  1323. >After Bon Bon checked on the little thing - and convinced the nurse on duty that taking her off of his hooves will be beneficial for all of us - Summer calmed down considerably.
  1324. >She probably already forgot about the whole thing yesterday.
  1325. >This brings you back to the present, which is, as of right now, spent pointlessly lying down in this small bed, holding a book with your left hand and petting Bon Bon with your right, Summer sleeping on your lap.
  1326. >This would be rather idyllic if not for being in a hospital, with something you /know/ should not require the stay there.
  1327. >Catching up on some reading is nice though.
  1328. >...
  1330. ----------
  1332. >It’s not until a whole work week is gone when you are finally let out.
  1333. >You couldn’t be kept there any longer anyway, despite the protesting of literally everypony (save Summer, she is just as restless as you are), you just up and leave, your arm in a self-fashioned bind, made of gauze, from memory.
  1334. >It’s… shoddy. But it keeps your arm in place and isn’t that uncomfortable either, so you absolutely won’t complain.
  1335. >In these past days, since Summer had all of your attention to herself, mellowed out a bit.
  1336. >Or rather, her wildness got tamed, so to speak.
  1337. >She also began to babble new words and/or word like noises.
  1338. >Not speaking about her new habit of sleeping next to your neck as you were lying on the bed, propped up by the large-ish pillow.
  1339. >Which brings you back to Bon Bon.
  1340. >Although her job eventually forced her to leave you, she kept coming back everyday.
  1341. >Sure, not a big deal, just 5 super boring day in the horsepital, but still, it’s the little things.
  1342. >In the time you have spent in Equestria you have learnt about the importance of physical contact between ponies, but she set a new standard.
  1343. >Or are you confusing it with her affection to you as her new ‘colt’friend?
  1344. >You need to get some of that cider the apple horse has in stash under the floorboards of her apple cart…
  1346. ----------
  1348. >Be mentally exhausted.
  1349. >Be physically dulled.
  1350. >Be just glad it’s over.
  1351. >Be Bon Bon, trotting next to Anon, with a small smile on your face.
  1352. >Although you are aware of that he is not a pony, your instincts - just like everypony else’s - still scream and poke at your subconscious whenever you glance up and see his gauze and bandage covered left arm.
  1353. >It has a new use at least: Summer’s temporary perch until Anon can wear his pocketed shirts once more.
  1354. >The weather is pretty nice for a walk, added up with the singing of the birds, you can finally relax.
  1355. “Hey, Anon…” You begin, unsure about what you even want to say.
  1356. >The man looks down at you, arching one of his expressive eyebrows.
  1357. >”Hm? What’s up, Bonny?” His voice is carefree, with a hint of that mischievous humor behind it.
  1358. “I’m just thinking about… about…” You pause, holding up your right foreleg, moving around your hoof. “Y-you know. Uh… Us.”
  1359. >That totally wasn’t the topic you wanted to touch, and yet, your stupid mouth picked to say just that.
  1360. >Mentally beating yourself, you make an awkward grin, looking up at him.
  1361. >”Oh.” Anon simply replies, an expression of thought and concentration quickly spreading on his face. “So, us. What about us?” He finally responds, making you mentally facehoof.
  1362. “Y-you know…” You attempt to say sheepishly, feeling all of the hay spilling out of your saddlebags.
  1363. >You don’t even have saddlebags on…
  1364. >”No, I really don’t. If you ask about whether we are an item or not, then yes, we definitely are, unless you want it otherwise. If you ask about if I’m angry at you for being rightfully angry at the mare, apparently some national hero level celebrity, for breaking my arm, then no, you did the right thing and stood your ground. Or is it something else?”
  1365. “...”
  1366. >”Bon Bon?”
  1367. >His nonchalant reply, the ease of how he just shuffled these topics into their respective ‘boxes’ and filed them into their place, the fact he said you are his marefriend, it all leaves you standing still and gaping at him.
  1368. >”Bonny-Bons, are you… are you alright?” He asks again and crouches down in front of you.
  1369. >Before you can rethink it, or consider that you are in the middle of a relatively busy road, you blurt out, rather loudly.
  1370. “Marry me!”
  1371. >You immediately slap your forehooves over your mouth, eyes going wide.
  1372. >”Okay.” Anon replies, a kind smile appearing on his face, which turns into a grin. “I actually kinda expected you to ask me this.” He admits.
  1373. “W-what?” You utter, your shock and happiness turning into surprise.
  1374. >”With all of the care, touchy-feely stuff and amount of time you talk to yourself while you think nobody can hear you? It’s pretty easy to decipher, Agent Sweety Drops.” He replies, grinning broadly.
  1375. “Oh. Y-yes, I should really stop doing that…” You mutter, ears drooping down in shame.
  1376. >”Aw, come here, you marely mare!” He says and leaves you no time to react, pulling you into a tight, albeit half-armed hug.
  1377. >The ponies around you collectively let out an ‘aww’ of endearment.
  1378. >Your face goes from rosey blushing to beet red in a matter of seconds.
  1379. >You will never hear the end of this from Lyra…
  1381. ----------
  1383. >Be in deep thoughts.
  1384. >Be in your bed, staring up at the ceiling.
  1385. >Be Bon Bon still, feeling as if literally three years have passed since Anon was let out of the horsepital.
  1386. >It was just today and you are fairly certain it’s not even midnight now, but you have plenty to think about.
  1387. >Sure, you blurted out that honestly embarrassing ‘marry me’ back then, only to be saved by Anon being a good sport, as if he was a sis…
  1388. >Still, you’ve been mentally beating yourself over it ever since.
  1389. >Afterwards you and Anon discussed that some dating would be in line beforehoof, however that does not quiets your mind as it goes haywire with what you have done.
  1390. “I… I should try to sleep.” You say to nopony in particular, blinking your eyes forcefully.
  1391. >They feel as if on fire, you must have been staring for a while.
  1392. >”Whas dat?” Comes the voice of Lyra from the other room, probably still up and reading one of her PlayColt magazines.
  1393. >For the articles, she says.
  1394. >An interesting read, she tries to convince you everytime the topic comes up.
  1395. “Nothing, just… gonna go to sleep, g’night, Lyra.” You respond to her, rolling on your side so sleep can really take you.
  1396. >”A’right, good night.” Lyra replies, saying no witty quips this time.
  1397. >Even she could see how you felt, most likely.
  1398. >Well, that’s for tomorrow now, isn’t it?
  1400. ----------
  1402. >Be cold.
  1403. >Be in a cloud, barely large enough to fit you.
  1404. >Be above a stormy sea as harsh winds toss your tiny shelter around.
  1405. >Be Spitfire and also fearing for your life.
  1406. >Somehow you got off-course and found yourself above an expanse of the deep blue.
  1407. >Not really paying attention to where you are flying tends to end up with that, but before this time you had the saving grace of being above solid ground.
  1408. >Not today, though…
  1409. >Before you realised you were flying straight into a supercell, it closed off behind you, trapping you in.
  1410. >With the sun sliding off the horizon you had no choice but to find some slivers of clouds and hide in them.
  1411. >Which brings you back to the present.
  1412. >Through a tiny gap you can see the faint outline of the sea below, illuminated by the occasional lightning.
  1413. >You could swear you see something huge in the water, too.
  1414. >But it’s too dark to take a good look and you are too exhausted, might as well be just your imagination.
  1415. >As if it would matter anyway.
  1416. >Doing your best to keep the cloud together, you are looking forward to a very difficult night.
  1417. >One you are mentally prepared to weather, even if it means burning up what little energy reserves you have.
  1418. >If only you chose a different path, you think to yourself, you wouldn’t be in this mess, oh no.
  1419. >In fact, you would probably be in a warm home, enjoying a warm home-made meal, looking at the foal-chasing legs of your exotic maybe husband, your daughter by your side, and all would be well in the world.
  1420. >A lightning strike lights the angry waves below.
  1421. >It also seems to shine on something you haven’t felt in a while.
  1422. >A faint feeling of hope, that things could still go… right.
  1423. >You can still fix this.
  1424. >Yes, you CAN fix this!
  1425. “And I will fix it… if I get out of this storm alive…” You promise to yourself, and to your daughter.
  1426. >You have to right your wrongs, not just for yourself, after all.
  1427. >And you will be damned if you let your career stand between you and happiness again!
  1429. ----------
  1431. >Be smol.
  1432. >Be birb.
  1433. >Be filly.
  1434. >Be Summer Breeze, perched atop Papanon’s head as he’s sleeping in his Papanon-sized couch-chair.
  1435. >Easy-chair?
  1436. >You have heard him call it a lazy-boy, whatever that means.
  1437. >You hear him call things something else, compared to what other ponies call them.
  1438. >Naturally you can not really understand those big words, having trouble with small ones yourself.
  1439. >But you are getting there.
  1440. >All that getting there really tired you out though…
  1441. >Thankfully Papanon is right there with you, with an arm-scarf helping him to hold you, even if your pocket-nest is not available.
  1442. >You can also sleep on his head, too, what a boon!
  1443. >Heh, ‘boon’, you have learnt that word like an hour ago.
  1444. >A big mare in a big hat said it in the ‘tee-vee’... moving image box is what you call it.
  1445. >You also want a big hat.
  1446. >Though you could probably sleep in the one that big mare wore…
  1447. >Ah, it doesn’t matter.
  1448. >You are not concerned with such things right now, as you are just happy to be atop Pananon’s head, eyes drooping closed as you drift off to sleep.
  1449. >Is nice.
  1451. ----------
  1453. >Be asleep.
  1454. >Be… hold on, not asleep anymore.
  1455. >Be Anon, wondering why you have a hat on your head.
  1456. >Realisation hits you like a lightning strike would, preventing you from reaching up and accidentally waking Summer.
  1457. >Poor little thing was pooped out after all the attention she got today.
  1458. >That and all the flying around.
  1459. >You’ve been teaching her to behave, in these past weeks, and you made serious progress.
  1460. >Now you can actually trust her to not fly off at the first opportunity, which in turn allows her to be out of her increasingly smaller and smaller harness.
  1461. >She’s really outgrowing that thing, fast!
  1462. >Since you’ve had so much time lately, you decided to lead a little journal of how life is with Summer.
  1463. >Remembering everything from the first months was a bit of a challenge, but you managed to overcome it.
  1464. >Being ‘stuck’ in your armchair you use as your temporary bed until you can actually lie down without hitting yourself in the face with your cast, you carefully take out the journal from your pocket and start to scribble down today’s events.
  1465. >It was such an eventful day, despite being quite average.
  1466. >You were let out of the horsepital, Bon Bon proposed to you, the two of you had a laugh and agreed to properly date, you got home and had to dust off everything, had dinner and now you are still where you decided to recline while watching a Daring Do movie.
  1467. >Summer’s been relaxed today, too.
  1468. >All things considered.
  1469. >It’s almost like a calm before the storm.
  1470. >Deciding not to dwell on that thought, you write down the last of your experiences of the day and slightly shift your pose to be more comfortable.
  1471. >A good night’s sleep is what you are missing now, in your home.
  1472. >So you go ahead and get that going.
  1473. >Summer atop your head.
  1474. >This is nice.
  1476. ----------
  1478. >Be in your comfiest set of outside clothes.
  1479. >Be sitting on a park bench, leaning back and enjoying the leaf-filtered sunshine the oak tree above you generously provides.
  1480. >Be Anon, the one and only, spending a lazy afternoon out in the Ponyville Park, with Summer and Bon Bon, on a ‘date’.
  1481. >Yeah, quotation marks, as Lyra is also with you, currently playing with Summer a little ways away from the bench you and Bon Bon occupy.
  1482. >That effectively nullifies anything that could make this visit to the park as a date.
  1483. >”With the amount of effort she puts into keeping up with Summer, I swear to both of the Princesses’ names, Lyra could outperform a class of mages.” Bon Bon speaks up, breaking the comfortable silence the two of you were in for the past few minutes.
  1484. >She’s been leaning onto your left side, pony-sitting on the bench, which of course means lying down halfway, but with her words she also pushed herself more upwards.
  1485. “Hmm?” You simply respond, looking away from your adoptive daughter.
  1486. >”I mean, look at her. When have you seen any unicorn just up and cast a levitation spell on herself, so she can faux-fly?”
  1487. >Bon Bon makes a fair point, the only other time you have seen this was when you witnessed one of Davenport’s kids do the same thing.
  1488. >And that tiny thing was as light as a feather!
  1489. >Understanding how magic works is not something you put too much thought into - some things are better left alone - but even then you do notice such out of the line events.
  1490. “True. She will be in a coma for a day once we are done.” You reply, shrugging your shoulders.
  1491. >”That, she will.” Bon Bon agrees, shaking her head.
  1492. >Another lull in the conversation begins, leaving the two of you for the comfortable silence you shared just a minute ago.
  1493. >Right until you notice that the game of tag Summer and Lyra’s been playing changes its direction.
  1494. >Namely, your tiny ball of energy is headed straight for you!
  1495. >That in itself would be no problem, however the fully grown mare following her certainly is.
  1496. >Eyes going wide, you duck away and just in time!
  1497. >Summer buzzes past your head like an oversized bumblebee, and right behind her…
  1498. >”I can’t slow down!” Screams Lyra.
  1499. >”Pull up!” Bon Bon yells after her, and just in time too.
  1500. >The park might be pretty large, but it is still surrounded by residential houses.
  1501. >Lyra, along with screaming her lungs out, pulls up and just barely grazes the thatch roof of the house she would have collided with.
  1502. >This instead sends her into an uncontrolled spin, creating a very comical sounding scream.
  1503. >She crash lands into a hay cart that just happens to be there, ending her less than graceful flight.
  1504. >The onlookers are quick to assist her, both getting out of the cart and onto her hooves.
  1505. >Which she quickly falls off of before picking herself up again, wobbling like a coin that’s been spinned and about to lose its momemtum.
  1506. >While this plays out you sit back and get comfortable again.
  1507. >Summer also perches on your right shoulder, letting out a little peep and looking at Lyra.
  1508. >She’s tilting her little head left and right, not unlike a curious bird would.
  1509. >Her eyesight must be amazing, you realise.
  1510. “Shouldn’t we help her?...” You ask Bon Bon then, but to your surprise she replies in the negative.
  1511. >She even shakes her head, you see as you look at her.
  1512. >”Nah, she knew what she got herself into. Besides, she’s coming back to us, look.”
  1513. >Indeed, the minty green mare, as wobbly and unsure she is, trots back towards the bench you sit on.
  1514. >Looking at her requires you to uncomfortably twist around; she is behind you at the moment.
  1515. >So you opt to just glance at her and then return to relaxing.
  1516. >”How’s… How is everypony doing?” Lyra asks after reaching the bench and going around, looking at the three of you. “Doin’... Doin’ alright? Yes?”
  1517. >”Yes, Lyra, we are doing alright.” Bon Bon replies, a thin-lipped disapproving glare sent at her friend.
  1518. >”That’s cool… beca-...because I feel like throwing up!” She responds and quickly ducks into a nearby bush.
  1519. >The sound of retching is not something you prefer to hear, neither is Summer as it seems.
  1520. >Her light blue coat of fur turns rather pale and green tinted around her cheeks, putting even more contrast on her fiery orange mane.
  1521. >Goes well with her green eyes, though.
  1522. “Nope, nope, nope, not gonna do that!” You reflexively say and grab Summer only with your right hand, taking her off of your shoulder the best you can, then holding her away from yourself and your clothes.
  1523. >”I should check on Lyra….” Bon Bon reacts to you, quickly getting off the bench.
  1524. >The look on her face tells you, she knows exactly why you reacted the way you did, and she wants none of it herself.
  1525. >Clever girl, you think, nodding to yourself.
  1527. ----------
  1529. >Be disgusted.
  1530. >Be disgruntled.
  1531. >Be Bon Bon, choosing to help your friend ‘get better’ instead of getting puked on.
  1532. >Thank goodness Anon is so vocal about these things, you can always tell if he’s spotted something bad coming your way.
  1533. >You have found that he’s rather observant, too.
  1534. >As if he also had some pegasus blood in his veins.
  1535. >Him and Summer match together, that’s for sure.
  1536. >Holding Lyra’s head up is what you should be focusing on now, however.
  1537. >She’s about to black out, if you are not mistaken, she can barely hold her eyes open.
  1538. >Well isn’t that just the ray of sunshine you needed after a day like yesterday.
  1539. >At least she’s not high on salt…
  1541. ----------
  1543. >Be unconscious.
  1544. >Be… awake for a moment?
  1545. >Be very ill, feeling as if your head’s been through a blender.
  1546. >Be Lyra, falling in and out of consciousness, draped onto Anon’s right shoulder as he carries you.
  1547. >Normally you would make some dirty jokes about this, but right now you feel like dying is a better alternative.
  1548. >Oh, what would you give for a soft bed to lie down in…
  1549. >Just then you are laid onto a soft bed.
  1550. >Huh, what would you give for a glass of water?
  1551. >You hear a glass being placed on a wooden surface, no doubt the glass of water you thought of.
  1552. >Okay, okay, what about some belly rubs?
  1553. >...
  1554. >Nothing.
  1555. >Awww, oh well.
  1556. >It’s better to just sleep this off now anyway.
  1558. ----------
  1560. >Be at home.
  1561. >Be tired but happy.
  1562. >Be unsure about the feeling you discovered earlier today.
  1563. >Be Summer Breeze, the one and only!
  1564. >Also be atop Papanon’s head, watching as he is preparing ingredients for dinner.
  1565. >You are not the only one watching him.
  1566. >Bonny is also here, watching Papanon, but also giving him stuff from time to time.
  1567. >You feel like you will see more of Bonny from now on.
  1568. >You also feel like something else is coming that you will see more of.
  1569. >Though you can’t really put your hoof on it…
  1570. >Meh, it doesn't matter.
  1571. >After a day like today; you are happy to be perched atop your pa’s head, just enjoying the various smells and the sight of him working.
  1572. >With Bonny around it’s not just you who enjoys it, it seems.
  1573. >The more the merrier!
  1574. >Or at least that’s what you heard a stallion said to his defeated looking wives, when you flew past him and his dozen foals.
  1575. >Huh, all of those foals, brothers and sisters?
  1576. >How would it be to have siblings?
  1577. >Would they be like Lyra, but smaller?
  1578. >You aren’t sure and all of these thoughts are hurting your head.
  1579. >So you just return to watching Papanon cook.
  1580. >This is nice.
  1582. ----------
  1584. >Be… somewhere.
  1585. >Be finally above land.
  1586. >Be glad that you can actually touch down on solid ground.
  1587. >You must be Spitfire then, the lost.
  1588. >You managed to survive last night, found land at daybreak and have been sleeping in a palm tree since.
  1589. >It’s the afternoon now and you have no idea where you are.
  1590. >Looking around does not help you the slightest.
  1591. >The only thing you can see are more palms on the shores of this landmass, a thick-ish forest more inland, followed by meadows and finally, a spruce forest.
  1592. >The more inland you look the more cold the vegetation’s favoured temperature seems to be.
  1593. >Which is rather strange, given how the local geography is not backing this idea, and the distance from the sandy beach to the first spruce trees is within ten miles.
  1594. >So just where the heck are you?!
  1596. ----------
  1598. >Be in the air.
  1599. >Be at cruising height.
  1600. >Be on your way to Ponyville of all places.
  1601. >Be Soarin’, Second in Command of the Wonderbolts, and be in a tight spot.
  1602. >Your CO and boss’ been acting strangely in the past months.
  1603. >First the changes in outfits.
  1604. >Then the increasingly frequent disappearings during the day.
  1605. >It culminated with her actually disappearing, only announcing that she’s on a vacation a day after the fact.
  1606. >Spitfire’s a mystery, though you have your… ideas about why she did what she did.
  1607. >Now, since you are the SiC, you are tasked with retrieving info about the big boss herself.
  1608. >Or at least that’s what the rest of Command decided.
  1609. >You feel there are some discrepancies in this, but whatever.
  1610. >This leads you back to this moment in time; you notice the first signs of Ponyville’s outskirts.
  1611. >According to the reports this was the place where Spitfire was last seen.
  1612. >Ponyville, that is.
  1613. >Obviously, duh.
  1614. >So you will have to investigate it, ask around, get eye-witness accounts from the locals, that sort of thing.
  1615. >And you know for a fact that the local bakery, though selling excellent pies, is also the workplace of the one mare who will know what happened here.
  1616. >She’s Pinkie Pie, one of the national heroes, of course!
  1617. >If that wasn’t obvious.
  1618. >Thus you already know, this will be easy as pie!
  1619. >Heh, pie.
  1621. ----------
  1623. >Be uncomfortable.
  1624. >Be in front of the counter in the Sugarcube Corner.
  1625. >Be the target of a hyper pony’s attention.
  1626. >Be Anon, giving Pinkie nothing but a tight-lipped smile as you keep your one good hand held out while she continues to speak without breathing.
  1627. >She is yet to notice that you just want to take the paperbag of pastries you bought, the one she keeps holding onto and wildly gesticulating as she keeps on yapping.
  1628. >This… is why you don’t like to come to this place, despite it having the best pastries in all of Equestria.
  1629. >At least of the few places you have been to, such as Canterlot and Manehattan.
  1630. >You don’t like travelling and you couldn’t care less about sight-seeing.
  1631. >Now that you think about it, you only visited basically any other place outside of the Ponyville vicinity because the totally-not-sungod-horse-princess of the ponies insisted.
  1632. >Those first few months were weird…
  1633. >While you were thinking about this, the Pink Menace finally ran out of air.
  1634. >Jumping at the opportunity of her taking a gasp of air that could fill the lungs of a fully grown blue whale, you snatch your paperbag of goodies out of her hooves.
  1635. “Thank you Pinkie, see you later!” You quickly tell her, making her eyes bulge out.
  1636. >You fear no monster of the Everfree.
  1637. >But that mare…
  1638. >She scares you.
  1639. >”WaitNonnyIdidn’teventellyouaboutthathowSoarin’whoistheSecondinCommandoftheWonderboltsiscomingtotownandhowhewill-”
  1640. >You are already out of the door by the time she reaches the name ‘Soarin’, and although that piques your interest, you opt to ignore it.
  1641. >For the sake of your sanity.
  1642. >Your prize secured and escape made, you transfer it into the Rarity made right side-only backpack - she had a field day seeing your outfit with the cast on your arm, which was a funny day in the hospital like a week ago - and only then you turn your attention to Summer.
  1643. >She’s been perched on your left shoulder all along, though you did notice her wings drooping down more and more as Pinkie kept machinegun-fire talking.
  1644. >She’s perking up as you make your way away from the bakery, forcefully blinking and then grabbing her head with her little forehooves.
  1645. >”Hed… ow-ow-ow!” She says, conveying her pain perfectly.
  1646. >She’s been learning more and more words, which you are sure is a pony thing.
  1647. >To learn to speak so young, that is.
  1648. >Regardless, you gently pet her mane and nuzzle her with your cheek, which she immediately responds to, by nuzzling you back.
  1649. “I know sweetie pie, I know.”
  1650. >It’s not much, but your reassurance does its job.
  1651. >As you do this you notice a strange sight approaching the bakery.
  1652. >A pegasus, to be specific.
  1653. >If the mane style wasn’t a dead giveaway, the Wonderbolt Officer uniform is.
  1654. >It’s Soarin’, and now that you think about it, Pinkie did say something about him?
  1655. >Huh…
  1656. >Better… Better not look too deeply into the things Pinkie talks about, you are afraid that they would look back into you.
  1658. ----------
  1660. >Be really focused.
  1661. >Be absolutely in ‘The Zone’.
  1662. >Be about to create the perfect candy!...
  1663. >Be Bon Bon, in your workshop, measuring ingredients for the perfect taffy ever made by ponykind.
  1664. >You are so close, and you have to be really careful, even if a mole of sugar is missing from the perfect formula, it will be ruined!
  1665. >Leaning forward even more and squinting your eyes, you carefully grab a single sugar crystal with your special tweezer and put it into the concoction.
  1666. >So far so good…
  1667. >You move in to grab the next one.
  1668. >Careful, careful…
  1669. >”What’s up Bonny, whatcha doin’?” Suddenly screams Lyra, like an inch from your ear!
  1670. “AAAHHHHH!” You scream back and flail your hooves, knocking the tray of sugar over and into the now ruined mixture.
  1671. >You feel like your heart is about to rip through your rib cage and run away, but then your Secret Agent Training™ kicks in, and so do you, turning around and kicking Lyra with both of your rear hooves!
  1672. >”AIEE!!” She screams in agony as she is propelled through your workshop and out of it, through the door.
  1673. >Somehow you managed to aim your kick so she flew right through it!
  1674. >A few seconds pass, then you realise what you have just done.
  1675. “Oh my goodness, Lyra! Lyra, are you alright?!” You yelp and gallop after your less than well behaved friend.
  1676. >”Ow my head… owie…” She whines, a hoof shaped bruise visible on her forehead and another on her barrel.
  1677. “Oh, you are alright… your thick skull saved you once again.” You tell her, feeling relief wash over you.
  1678. >No, seriously, Lyra’s skull is literally thicker than the average pony’s.
  1679. >Nurse Redheart was absolutely baffled when she saw the x-rays Dr. Horse showed her on that… similar day.
  1680. >Huh.
  1681. >This wasn’t the first time Lyra did this, and that previous time you brought her to the horsepital, only to get the news that she’s only mildly bruised.
  1682. >Shaking your head of such thoughts, you pull her up on her hooves.
  1683. >She’s wobbly, but nowhere near as much as she was yesterday.
  1684. >”I’m… I’mma go and do thing on couch, eyes closed and-” She suddenly stops talking, eyes closing and mouth hanging open.
  1685. >She… just fell asleep, standing.
  1686. >”Horseapples.” You comment to yourself.
  1687. >Anon is nowhere near now, so it is your task to carry your friend around in your home.
  1688. >And darn, is she heavy!
  1689. >But as a good friend, you are up for the task.
  1690. >With some careful maneuvering, you get Lyra on your back and manage to carry her to the couch, where she’s draped on it like a life-size doll.
  1691. “Phew, that was getting heavy!” You say, wiping your brow of sweat that’s not there.
  1692. >”What is?” Asks a masculine voice from behind you.
  1693. >You are startled, but this time you have the presence of mind to not kick out.
  1694. >Instead you turn around, seeing Anon, in the process of removing his shoes, with Summer clinging onto his shoulder like a kitten, ‘holding on for dear life’.
  1695. “Lyra, Lyra was.” You simply respond, poking a hoof over your shoulder at the unconscious mare.
  1696. >”What did she do this time?” Anon asks incredulously, and even Summer tilts her head left and right, letting out those adorable confused peeps.
  1697. “She… snuck up on me. Ruined my perfect taffy mixture. You can guess the rest.” You explain, pointing at the bruises.
  1698. >”That’s a heavy oof, please remind me to never scare or upset you.”
  1699. >You snort at that, shaking your head.
  1700. >A fatherly stallion with good looks and an even better sense of humour, you really have to do everything to keep him…
  1702. ----------
  1704. >Be in a forest.
  1705. >Be confused about just what this place is.
  1706. >Be Spitfire, on some sort of a mystery land with the strangest vegetation.
  1707. >That’s not your greatest concern now, however.
  1708. >After getting your bearings, you decided that you want to walk for a while.
  1709. >Your wings are strained and hurt, you really overexerted yourself this time.
  1710. >So there you are, carefully making your way through the underbrush of this strange forest.
  1711. >It looks… wild.
  1712. >As if there hasn't been a pony to ever touch it before.
  1713. >But it’s far from uninhabited.
  1714. >You see plenty of signs of fauna.
  1715. >Strange scratch marks on the tree trunks.
  1716. >Some really high up…
  1717. >Deer trails… or the equivalent.
  1718. >Tracks of all sizes and shapes.
  1719. >And none of them look familiar to you.
  1720. >You have never been an animal lover, your knowledge of them is none beyond what the difference between a turtle and a tortoise is.
  1721. >So you can’t make heads or tails of these tracks, despite some being in very good shape, probably rather fresh.
  1722. >With a strange feeling in your gut and your fur standing on edge, you carefully make your way more inland, noting how you can hear no bird singing or insect chirping.
  1723. >You have a very bad feeling about this place…
  1725. ----------
  1727. >Be smol, cute and cuddly.
  1728. >At least that’s what you are being told by not-Papanon.
  1729. >Papanon calls him… Dave?
  1730. >Eh, who knows.
  1731. >Based on these facts you can easily ascertain, you are Summer Breeze!
  1732. >And filly, you are in a tight conundrum!
  1733. >”Come on Summer, pick one!” Comes Papanon’s reassuring voice from your left.
  1734. >”You can pick either! Go on!” Bonny's encouraging words come from the right.
  1735. >This… is difficult!
  1736. “Nuh!” You finally find your choice, poking at the strawberry colored candy on the right.
  1737. >The orange one on the left feels just a bit off, as if something was… not right with it.
  1738. >”Spin me on a stick and call me cotton candy, she actually picked correctly!” Bonny says incedulously, to which you can only tilt your head and shoot a questioning glance at your dad.
  1739. >”Told ya she can do it.” He replies to the baffled candymare, ruffling up your mane as he smiles at you proudly. “Well done, little peep.”
  1740. “Peep!” You vocalize your newest nickname, leaning into your papa’s giant hand.
  1741. >”So about the bet.” He continues, this time aiming his attention at Bonny, who, despite not wanting to show it, smiles at you and Papanon having a little moment.
  1742. >”Right, right, take your pick, free of charge.” She tells him, letting out a sigh.
  1743. >But instead of picking a tasty candy from the wide variety the shop has to offer, Papanon leans down and kisses Bonny!
  1744. >Aw mare, you wanted candy!
  1745. “Peeeeep!” You can’t let this travesty of choice go unpunished!
  1746. >Using your superior mobility, you zip away from them and after a moment of surveying your potential targets, dive into one of the big barrels!
  1747. >”Summer, no!” You hear Papanon yell in vain.
  1748. >The barrel is filled with something he calls ‘Maltesers’ and likes to snack on quite much.
  1749. >The little chocolate balls explode out of the barrel with your impact, making a tasty-tasty mess all over the floor!
  1750. >But that doesn’t matter to you; you have your prize and you shall enjoy it to the fullest!
  1751. >Which you can easily do, as now you are deep within the barrel!
  1752. >You can’t see what’s going on outside of it, but you do hear stomping and the telltale sound of rolling chocolate balls…
  1753. >Then you hear a higher-pitched yelp and something heavy hitting the floor.
  1754. >”Bons! Aw man, are you alright?” Papanon asks the apparent owner of yelp.
  1755. >Which means you have just gained a precious few more seconds!
  1756. >Stuffing as many of the Maltesers into your mouth as you can, you prepare for the inevitable.
  1757. >Which will be your grand escape as soon as you hear Papanon rummaging through the barrel!
  1758. >...
  1759. >You are firmly caught in Papanon’s iron grip.
  1760. >Oh filly, you have done it.
  1761. >”Summer…” He sighs, just staring at you with a… disappointed glare…
  1762. >Unable to bear his gaze, you burst out crying.
  1763. >”Anon… leave her be. Nothing bad happened.” You hear Bonny and even see glimpses of her through your tears, she’s picking herself up from the floor while talking.
  1764. >”...Yeah, I know.” He relents and eases his grip on you. “But she won’t learn if she is allowed to do stunts like this.” He continues.
  1765. >You made him disappointed, you must… do something!
  1766. >Getting out of his grip is easy, but instead of fleeing you fly straight on his cast covered left hand and hug him the best you can.
  1767. >Even through your tears you can see his expression soften.
  1768. >”Oh sweetheart… C’mere.” He says, barely louder than a whisper, and pets you with his right hand.
  1769. >...
  1770. >Y-yeah, this is nice.
  1771. >”Oooh, floor chocoballs, neat!” Your thoughts - and Papanon’s petting hand - is stopped by Lyra’s excited exclamation.
  1772. >Bonny’s friend and your biggest playmate was in the shop, she must have heard the commotion.
  1773. >Waiting for no response, she levitates the little chocolate balls up from the floor one by one and eats them.
  1774. >”Lyra you little shid, no!” Bonny says, menacingly holding up a broom that was just simply not there a few moments ago.
  1775. >”Ah, skedaddle!” Lyra jumps and turns tail… but a floating current of Maltesers… floor chocoballs?... Follow her.
  1776. >”Lyraaaaa!” Bonny cries out and runs after her.
  1777. >Both you and Papanon stare at the scene unfolding, then at the two fully grown mares basically playing a game of tag.
  1778. >”Mares.” Papanon comments after a while, unable to hold back a smirk.
  1779. “Peep.” You agree, nodding.
  1780. >All is well.
  1782. ----------
  1784. >Be in the Sugarcube Corner.
  1785. >On the end of your nerves, too.
  1786. >How can a fully grown mare just keep avoiding the topic you have asked her about?
  1787. >It’s been AN HOUR and she still keeps talking about… about… you don’t even know anymore!
  1788. >It’s something about a book reading club or what, and how they read and review stories from lesser known authors?
  1789. >You honestly have no idea, you just wanted a recollection of that princess damned day when Spitfire was last seen in this town!
  1790. >So, you must be Soarin’, staring at Pinkie Pie with an unblinking, uninterrupted gaze, wondering just how long it will take for her to realize that she’s talking to the biological equivalent of a statue.
  1791. >Your training really does work, you also realize, almost smiling at the notion.
  1792. >No, that would break your carefully constructed mask of complete stillness.
  1793. >”-then she began to accuse her of that she is making up fake names and leaving bad reviews, so the number of bad reviews is higher than how high they should be and will disallow the author of being taken seriously by the-”
  1794. >Nope, she’s still at it.
  1795. >Perhaps you should practice that other kind of training you got while on duty.
  1796. >Yes, you are talking about sleeping with your eyes open.
  1797. >If all goes well, you should be able to get some not-shuteye, the flight here was kinda tiring, after all.
  1798. >Yeah, this is a good plan.
  1799. >What could go wrong, after all?
  1801. ----------
  1803. >Be… totally not in your thirties and without a herd!
  1804. >It’s not as bad as it sounds, really!
  1805. >You have a roof above your head, food in your belly, a best friend who is currently chasing you around with a broom as you eat her merchandise…
  1806. >You must be Lyra then, breaker of Heartstrings!
  1807. >Wait, that doesn’t sound right.
  1808. >”Stop running so I can whack you!” Bon Bon growls, swiping at you and you duck away just in time!
  1809. >The shop’s interior is not large enough for this, you realize.
  1810. >To the outside!
  1811. >With a hop and skip, you are out of the store, however your dearest Bonny is still chasing after you!
  1812. >Maybe bringing all of the oh so delicious floor chocoballs floating behind you wasn’t such a bright idea, but then again.
  1813. >They are delicious.
  1814. >The floor of Bon Bon’s shop is cleaner than the horsepital’s anyway.
  1815. >But, you still have to get away from her, fast!
  1816. >You need a place to shake her off, a place that can throw her off from your literal trail!
  1817. >Hmmm… oh!
  1818. >The bakery!
  1819. >The Sugarcube Corner has a whole bunch of similar sweets!
  1820. >It’s perfect!
  1821. >Changing directions you quickly make your way to the bakery and skip through the door.
  1822. >Huh, why are there so many ponies in here?
  1823. >Are they watching something interesti-
  1824. >Ow!
  1825. >”Hold still!” Demands Bon Bon as she rears up to hit you with the broom again.
  1826. “You will never catch me alive!” You taunt her and pounce away from her swing, right above the crowd of ponies and-
  1827. “Oh horseapples.”
  1828. >With a loud crash, you hit a table and knock it over, quickly finding out just how nice the floor of the Sugarcube Corner looks from up close.
  1829. >The knocked over table knocks something else over in turn, which makes the crowd of ponies gasp!
  1830. >Looking over you see a pegasus stallion lying on the floor, eyes open wide, unmoving and staring at you.
  1831. >Did… did you kill him?!
  1832. >Suddenly he lets out a loud, reverberating snore.
  1833. >...What?
  1834. >Another snore sounds up, then another, picking up an even pace of snoring.
  1835. >He’s… asleep?
  1836. >And he looks a lot like Soarin’ of the Wonderbolts, too.
  1837. >”Aw Lyra! Are you alright? You fell and knocked poor Soarin’ over! Look at him snoring, you must have sent him to sleep!” Pinkie, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, tells you as she pulls you up from the floor.
  1838. “I don’t think that’s how it works, Pinkie.” You tell her, feeling an expression of worried confusion making its way on your face.
  1839. >”Oh silly, how else would he fall asleep, with his eyes open?” Pinkie replies, snorting and giggling.
  1840. >Well, that makes sense, you gotta give it to her.
  1841. >”Celestia’s beard, Lyra, what have you done?!” You hear Bon Bon from behind you, and not a moment later your head is hit by the broom.
  1842. “Gaaahhh, worth iiit!” You cry out and hunker down, taking your punishment.
  1843. >For the floor chocoballs!
  1845. ----------
  1847. >Be… scared shitless.
  1848. >This forest is alive and it’s out for your blood!
  1849. >You felt scared when the noises disappeared, huh?
  1850. >Well you wish you were still back then, because that meant no running away from a pack of these…
  1851. >Whatever these are!
  1852. >Small, loud, many fangs and claws, running on two legs and swiping at you with two arms like some sort of a… murder chicken!
  1853. >Not a cockatrice either, those can be reasoned with!
  1854. “Aaaaahhhh!” You scream in a totally marely way!
  1855. >You are Spitfire and you are running for your life from these ankle-nippers from Tartarus!
  1856. >The forest is getting thinner, you can still notice that despite the panic and high-speed chase you are forced into.
  1857. >You will either get back to the beach or out into one of those meadows!
  1858. >Both are good, on the beach you can get up on a palm tree and in a meadow you can see around and find a good escape route!
  1859. >And yes, you know you could fly, even if your wings are strained!
  1860. >But the forest here is like the Everfree, you can’t possibly wiggle your way through the canopy without hurting yourself!
  1861. >This leaves you on your hooves, galloping as fast as you can manage, while those fanged not-chickens are doing their best to nip at your flank!
  1862. “Aaahhh, not the flank!” You vocalize your worries, and just in that moment, break free of the treeline.
  1863. >You have arrived in a meadow.
  1864. >But your relief is short lived.
  1865. >Not far from you is some sort of a… lizard.
  1866. >It’s gigantic.
  1867. >And it looks just as surprised to see you as you are to see it.
  1868. >”Mroooou?” It, uh, moos, is the best approximation you can give to the sound it made.
  1869. >It also has horns, although in the wrong places.
  1870. >Taking in the hulking form of this strange animal took you by such surprise, you completely froze.
  1871. >Which is important, because that means you would fall prey to the little nippers!
  1872. >...which you do not.
  1873. >They are just not there anymore.
  1874. >The not-cow scared them away?
  1875. >Turning back you see no scale or feather of the little buggers.
  1876. >Looks like it did.
  1877. >And IT is still staring right at you as it continues to graze on the tall grass.
  1878. >A herbivore?
  1879. >Well, at least it’s not trying to eat you, but… how does one talk to a non-sapient creature as large as this?
  1880. >Pony feathers…
  1882. ----------
  1884. >Be in the basically rebuilt and much sturdier looking and feeling Quills and Sofas.
  1885. >After that… /accident/ a couple months ago, Davenport’s been busy working to create a safe workplace, and that means building a fortress out of a furniture and writing implement store, with all things necessary.
  1886. >You’re at your workplace then and must be Anon, just wondering how much money’s been sunk into fortifying the building.
  1887. >Sure, you haven’t been here for a while, given your disposition…
  1888. >But that still doesn't explain the castle-wall like thickness of the walls, or the magical sheen on the glass storefront.
  1889. >Perhaps it’s time for you to talk with Dave about this.
  1890. >Stepping into the building, you are immediately greeted by the pleasant feeling of magical air conditioning, as well as Dave himself!
  1891. >”Anon! Good morning, and nice to see you in good health, but shouldn't you be resting? In bed preferably?” He asks, giving a worried glance at your cast encased left arm.
  1892. >It’s gonna be a long few months, that’s for sure.
  1893. “Dave, I’ll be straight, I am bored out of my mind. I need to do something and even though the raising of Summer is a bit difficult, it won’t just take my mind off of being, well, idle.” You explain and motion to the top of your head as you do so.
  1894. >Davenport’s gaze follows your pointing finger, not unlike how a dog would look at the place its owner pointed at.
  1895. >Indeed, atop your head is a sprawled out little filly, looking back at the well taken care of visage of the green-eyed store owner, her tongue stuck out just a little bit in her foalish greeting.
  1896. >She’s a foal, after all.
  1897. >”I see, I see. Well, since you have Summer with you, might as well just come in and help me around then? I /do/ have some light work that could use someone as tall as you.” Dave responds, briefly looking back at the deep-end of the store.
  1898. “Good, anything will do.” You agree and stop yourself from nodding, that would throw Summer off of your head.
  1899. >In just a couple minutes you are stacking boxes of quills on high shelves, under the watchful eyes of Summer, who finds this quite a boring activity to observe.
  1900. >Without being able to stop her, she buzzes her wings and lifts off, first just hovering in place like a hoverfly, then zips around like a curious bee.
  1901. >There isn’t much of interest in the back of the store, just shelves, boxes, and a pair of currently closed doors leading out of the room.
  1902. >Thus, she loses interest quite quickly.
  1903. >This time however you are ready to intercept her.
  1904. >One arm down or not, you have the experience to deal with small flying objects.
  1905. >Years of catching mosquitoes with your bare hand taught you well!
  1906. >There is another thing to do before springing into motion however.
  1907. “Summer, come back here. I know it’s boring, but would you rather be bored at home?” You ask her, a pointed expression on your face. “Bon Bon is busy with her shop, Lyra is actually practicing her harp for once, and Davenport is here with us. This is the best option you have.” You explain, smiling sadly.
  1908. >Your surrogate daughter stares at you for a few seconds, then lets out a defeated little sigh.
  1909. >She’s smart and understands the message, you expect nothing less of her.
  1910. >To be fair, she doesn’t return to your head, instead she chooses to land on a shelf, in an open quill box to be specific.
  1911. >There she gets comfortable, resting her head on the box’s edge so she can watch you work.
  1912. >Good enough, you think to yourself.
  1914. ----------
  1916. >Be bored out of your mind.
  1917. >Like, as bored as you can be!
  1918. >You don’t know much of the world, and the books Papanon reads your stories from are too big and heavy for you to handle.
  1919. >Let alone read.
  1920. >You can’t make heads or tails of the strange squigglies on the pages.
  1921. >For you they look like the runes of the garden gnomes that live under the porch!
  1922. >They like to etch the runes on the walls of buildings, talking about getting bread and milk.
  1923. >You… have no idea why they are etching gnome runes on walls.
  1924. >Or why is it just you seeing them, despite them being there, in broad daylight.
  1925. >Ah, it’s just making your head hurt, which is the last thing you need when you are so bored!!
  1926. >So, you are Summer Breeze, the bored.
  1927. >Papanon was bored too, but his boredom must be bigger than yours. He only ever works if there is nothing else to do, you learnt.
  1928. >So him being here at not-Papanon, uh, you mean Dave’s place of couches, must mean that he is even more bored than you are…
  1929. >Hmm, hold on.
  1930. >You could look around here perhaps?
  1931. >This box you have found is nice and all, but then again, with nothing to do…
  1932. “Pa… Papa!” You exclaim, pushing yourself up onto all fours.
  1933. >”Hmm? What is it sweetheart?” He asks you, looking at you over his shoulder.
  1934. “Mnn…dere.” You tell him, pointing at the door that leads back into the store.
  1935. >”You want to go back to the front?” He asks again, turning to face you this time.
  1936. >A few quick nods confirms his suspicion of your idea.
  1937. >”Dave’s there, so it’s alright, I guess.” He tells you, shrugging. “Go on then, I will be done here soon anyway.” He says and opens the door for you.
  1938. >With a happy smile you quickly get airborne and zip through the open door, entering the store proper!
  1939. >”Hey Dave, can you look after Summer for a few minutes? She wanted to look around there.” You hear Papanon behind you, but you are way too busy flying around in the much larger space the store has to offer, to care for that.
  1940. >Soon enough you are perched atop the ceiling light, observing the store below.
  1941. >Dave is doing something with papers, behind the counter.
  1942. >He looks up at you from time to time, but you know that he’s paying more attention to you than he lets on.
  1943. >Hmm, might as well do something that won’t make him try and catch you.
  1944. >Hah, as if he could!
  1945. >Gliding off of the ceiling light, you land on the nearest couch.
  1946. >Or is it a sofa?
  1947. >You can’t tell.
  1948. >It’s… nice.
  1949. >Not as comfy as Papanon’s but it would do for someone else, you suppose.
  1950. >Your curiosity piqued, you fly over to the next one.
  1951. >It’s softer than the previous.
  1952. >In fact, it’s way too soft!
  1953. >You find yourself quickly sinking into the material of the sofa, as if it was trying to swallow you!
  1954. >Thankfully you can fly, so you do just that.
  1955. >With the thrill of ‘escaping your doom’, you decide to try out all of the coaches!
  1956. >Coming here was the right choice, it seems!
  1958. ----------
  1960. >Be in a place not familiar to you.
  1961. >It’s cluttered with party accessories, everything is colorful and you can even smell the sweet scent of candies… everywhere.
  1962. >You woke up in a bed unfamiliar to you, so you must be Soarin’, apparently caught sleeping.
  1963. >Just… What happened while you were out?
  1964. >Glancing around in this room of visual noise, you do your best to wake up fully.
  1965. >Oh, what would you give for a cup of coffee…
  1966. >With a wistful sigh, you climb out of the soft bed and start exploring the room.
  1967. >You have the feeling that you are in Pinkie Pie’s bedroom, but for what reason, you have no idea of.
  1968. >Spotting the door, you make your way to it and open it.
  1969. >With the doorframe the colorfulness ceases and you step out into a sparsely decorated hallway, with muted colors and smelling like a normal home.
  1970. >You can hear noises coming from downstairs, so a staircase must be near…
  1971. >A few moments and you find it and get downstairs.
  1972. >You end up in the kitchen of the Sugarcube Corner, with one hyperactive and very pink baker and party maker mare working on some dough, humming some tunes.
  1973. >”Ah, you are finally awake!” She greets you and snorts, probably finding what she said funny somehow.
  1974. “I-uh, fell asleep somehow…” You tell her, though it’s obvious. “Did I sleep through the entire afternoon and night?” You ask her then, feeling weirded out by yourself.
  1975. >To be fair, you don’t get nearly as much sleep as you would like to.
  1976. >”Yeppers, you were out like a candle! But don’tcha worry, I tucked you in bed with no problem, or Pinkie Pie isn’t my name!” She explains, and you are weirded out yet again.
  1977. >This time however it is because she acts so… normal.
  1978. >Is it because it's morning?
  1979. >Or perhaps there is something else to explain this mystery?...
  1980. >You… don’t have the presence of mind to ponder on such questions, not with an empty stomach.
  1981. “Ah… thank you. Is there something I could buy for breakfast?” You ask her, looking around.
  1982. >The kitchen, as expected, does not offer food that’s already finished and ready to be served.
  1983. >”Sure, you just need to go into the store, take that door there!” Pinkie helpfully responds, pointing at a swing-door with a dough-covered hoof.
  1984. “Much appreciated.” You diplomatically respond and quickly leave the room.
  1985. >Outside you find the shop interior you spent over an hour in yesterday, all neat and clean.
  1986. >The bakery’s co-owner, Mr. Cake seems to be the only one present here at the moment.
  1987. >”Oh hey, good morning! Slept well? Pinkie was quite worried about you after you didn’t wake up!” He greets you, walking up to you.
  1988. “I… don’t know why I slept so deeply and for so long.” You tell him earnestly, shrugging your wings to make your reply come across clearly.
  1989. >”But you are well rested now and feel good?”
  1990. “Just hungry a bit.”
  1991. >”Let me fetch you some pastries then.
  1992. >After the quick exchange you take a seat at the nearest table, and soon enough, Mr. Cake is back with a plate of croissants.
  1993. >”Here you go. Sorry for being so curious, but what were you trying to get out of Pinkie? She has quite the blabber-mouth, you know.” Mr. Cake asks you and chuckles, glancing at the kitchen’s swing-door.
  1994. “Just a recollection of an event that happened not that long ago. Let this remain between the two of us, but I’m actually looking for Captain Spitfire. We haven’t seen her since that incident with Anonymous, the local curiosity.” You explain, leaning closer to the uniformed stallion.
  1995. >Well, bakery uniform, not quite like yours, but that’s not the point.
  1996. >”Local curiosity? More like a caring single father, an example for every stallion, although he’s been dating Miss Bon Bon, the town’s candymaker…” Mr. Cake replies, then shrugs, albeit without any wings as he has none. “Some ponies swear to the Princesses’ name that they saw Spitfire, that it was her breaking Anon’s arm… Oh, speaking of, did you know that his kind can just walk off injuries like that? I mean, sure, he walks on two legs, so he won’t need his arms to move, but… just thinking about the broken bones makes me shudder!”
  1997. >The idea of breaking a leg, or goodness save you, a wing, really does fill you with a feeling of unease.
  1998. >It’s quickly gone though, as you have a more pressing matter to focus on.
  1999. “So it was her then? Did she fly in a certain direction?” You ask, getting to the point.
  2000. >For a few seconds Mr. Cake seems to be in deep thought, then he shakes his head.
  2001. >”I… don’t know. You should ask Ms. Bon Bon, she was there then, I think.” He replies, shaking his head.
  2002. >Well, that is a lead and that much closer to the truth!
  2003. “Right, thank you. How much for these pastries?” You ask then, motioning at the croissants.
  2004. >Biting into one reveals to you, they are /really good./
  2005. >”Two Bits each. I can offer you some coffee to go with them?” Replies Mr. Cake, his business owner side kicking in.
  2006. “That would be much appreciated.” You nod, wondering just why you chose to talk with Pinkie Pie instead of literally anypony else.
  2008. ----------
  2010. >Be facing off against a horned, beaked, towering not-cow lizard /thing/.
  2011. >Its (relatively) small eyes gazing upon you, studying your form.
  2012. >It lets out another ‘moo’ and then turns its huge head away, apparently deeming you a non-threat.
  2013. >Letting out a sigh you didn’t know you held, you deflate a little.
  2014. >You are Spitfire and you are in a nightmarish situation of your own making.
  2015. >Well, let’s look at the bright side of the situation.
  2016. >You are still alive, in one piece, not trampled or impaled by those nasty horns, and… with a day of rest or two, you can probably recover enough to take flight again.
  2017. >With no other options left, you decide to slowly walk around the not-cow and see just how much it tolerates your presence.
  2018. >The slow, non-threatening walk - or the fact that it has already decided that you are no threat - allows you to get around the huge thing, giving you a better view of the meadow.
  2019. >A large open field with so many strange flowers, butterflies you have never seen before, little bugs and bees dancing around in the air…
  2020. >If not for the ankle-nippers, this place would actually be relaxing to be in.
  2021. >While taking in the scenery you don’t notice the large beast moving from where it’s been.
  2022. >It’s walking really quietly, as if it was stepping on foam.
  2023. >You only realize that the beast is on the move when it’s ‘suddenly’ next to you, walking deeper into the meadow.
  2024. >You just stare at it, eyes wide, still barely believing that such a huge, menacing looking thing can be this peaceful.
  2025. >As you stare at it, it stops and looks back at you.
  2026. >”Mmmrrroouu?” It ‘moos’ yet again, as if asking, ‘are you coming or not’?
  2027. >Understanding that it being a herbivore, your new friend must be some kind of a herd animal, and there is strength in numbers, so you decide to walk along with it.
  2028. >...
  2029. >The rest of the day is spent walking from one place to another.
  2030. >A greener patch of long grass, a more flowery patch of long grass, a sparser patch of long grass to lie down for a while…
  2031. >It’s almost relaxing, really.
  2032. >At one point you were even led to a stream, and although you are sure there is bacteria in the water, you have no better source of hydration.
  2033. >At least it’s refreshing!
  2034. >Then, sooner than you would have liked, night arrives.
  2035. >Your lumbering friend returned to the meadow, settling down in the very middle of it.
  2036. >For what reason, you can’t tell.
  2037. >Deciding to follow the lead of someone who clearly has more experience with this place, you lie down on your belly, next to it.
  2038. >This seems to please the brownish dark-orange behemoth, and soon enough you find yourself getting sleepy.
  2039. >As the sun dips below the horizon however, strange noises sound up.
  2040. >Calls of animals unseen yet obviously there, nearby.
  2041. >Screams, howls, whistles, chirps, all sorts of noises you don’t recognize and wish to never learn the owner of.
  2042. >Your big friend meanwhile, fell asleep and is actually snoring.
  2043. >Its deep, even breathing calms you down.
  2044. >If it can sleep so soundly despite the noises around, then so can you… right?
  2045. >Thus, you fall into a fitful, light sleep, waking up many times throughout the night.
  2046. >...
  2047. >The morning comes and you are awakened by your oversized friend getting up and, perhaps accidentally, nudging you.
  2048. >You aren’t really rested… at all.
  2049. >Yawning loudly, you rub your eyes and take a look around.
  2050. >The meadow looks the same, and despite all the noises, no creature tried to get near your extra large buddy.
  2051. >And /filly/, are you hungry!
  2052. >Grazing is not exactly the most modern or dignified thing to do, but with no other alternative…
  2053. >Following your not-cow friend around, you graze some, testing your wings from time to time.
  2054. >Nope, still some way to go. Not ready just yet.
  2055. >Normally you would be massaged by a professional, but clearly, that’s not available for you now.
  2056. >Sticking with this large grazer animal is your best option… so you do your best to relax.
  2057. >If only grazing wasn’t just so… so boring…
  2059. -----------
  2061. >Be at home.
  2062. >Was about time, honestly.
  2063. >Well, to be specific, you /were/ at home all day, technically.
  2064. >Your shop is part of your home, after all.
  2065. >You must be Bon Bon then.
  2066. >Receiving a big order, from Canterlot no less, usually means a busy but good time!
  2067. >Now, however…
  2068. >The only thing it is, is a busy time.
  2069. >You want to spend time with Anon is the truth, but he insisted; your job is more important, he can wait until it is done.
  2070. >He also mentioned something about ripping and tearing and grinned like a madmare…
  2071. >Ah, silly Anon.
  2072. >”Why is he silly again?” You hear Lyra asking you from… when did Lyra sit next to you?!
  2073. “W-what?!” You yelp, forcefully pulled out of your daydream.
  2074. >Lyra is apparently sitting next to you on the couch, eating a bowl of breakfast cereal.
  2075. >It’s 7 in the evening, but then again, with Lyra this is more normal than anything.
  2076. >”You were, like, staring into empty space and then said ‘silly Anon’, so why is he silly?” She asks you, tilting her head not unlike Summer would.
  2077. >You also want to meet with the little ball of energy.
  2078. “Ah, I, I-uh, was just thinking about him is all.” You manage to say, not sounding too sure of that even to yourself.
  2079. >”Mhm. Well, he /is/ silly, I suppose.” Lyra replies, shrugging.
  2080. >Silence follows, only broken by the crunching of cereal.
  2081. “Do you think I’m not paying him enough attention?” You ask after a while.
  2082. >”Hmm? Oh, nah, you are fine. He’s a busy stallion… uh, /man/, as he calls himself.” She looks you in the eye. “Don’t you remember the stuff I told you about him? The things that caught your attention to begin with!” She exclaims, sounding almost exasperated.
  2083. “Right, right, he is not a whimsical stallion, sure.” You have counterexamples for that…
  2084. >”Exactly, so, why worry then?” Lyra asks the big question, and thinking the topic closed, leans back in her seat. “Besides, you are like the first mare to actually show him affection, you know, the lovey-dovey kind. I’m sure he will stick with you, like molasses!”
  2085. “I suppose.” You concede. “Wow, Lyra, this was the first time you gave legitimately good advice, what’s with you, are you sick?” You ask your friend, looking her over.
  2086. >Then you notice that it’s not cereal that she’s eating.
  2087. >In fact, it’s oats.
  2088. >/Your/ oats.
  2089. >”Uhhh, gotta go!” She quickly says, practically jumping out of the couch, the bowl of oats held firmly in her magical grip.
  2090. “Lyraaaaa!!”
  2091. >Before you could chase after the cheeky mare, you hear a knocking on the door.
  2092. >Letting out a defeated sigh, you go and open it up, not knowing what to expect.
  2093. >On the other side is a surprising sight waiting for you.
  2094. >”Are you Miss Bon Bon?” Asks the disheveled looking stallion in an equally disheveled Wonderbolts uniform, looking suspiciously like Soarin’.
  2095. “...Yes? Why do you need to know?” You ask back lamely, unable to make heads or tails of this strange turn of events.
  2096. >”Oh, thank the stars, I need to talk with you, please let me in before they find me again!...” He tells you, glancing behind himself above his shoulder.
  2097. “Uh… okay, come in…?” You open the door further, letting the pegasus stallion in.
  2098. >Well this kind of excitement is not something you expected at the end of the day.
  2100. ----------
  2102. >Be… okay-ish?
  2103. >Today was not as boring as yesterday.
  2104. >Papanon actually brought with him some toys this time.
  2105. >New toys!
  2106. >And Dave’s… uhh, what was it… Ah, right, son!
  2107. >He was also there with you, all day!
  2108. >He’s boring, though.
  2109. >It doesn’t need to be that way, he could do all sorts of neat things with that horn of his, but nooo, instead he just reads those boring picture books!
  2110. >Oh, right, his name is Mocha.
  2111. >More like Meh-ha.
  2112. >Since playing with Dave’s son is only the biggest event of your day, if you are a small birb filly, you can surely say, you are Summer!
  2113. >And /filly/, are you glad that you are on your way back home, resting on Papanon’s head.
  2114. >Yesterday’s couch adventure turned out to be a very finite thing to do, and if not for the new toys Papanon brought, you would have been bored out of your little mind and ready to explode with all the energy you just can’t expend, since flying inside the store is a no-no.
  2115. >Thankfully a bouncy ball, a new action hero pony doll and a wooden cart that you can comfortably lie down into was just enough to save the day.
  2116. >You even made Mocha pull the cart with you in it!
  2117. >That was a good minute while it lasted.
  2118. >But, again, you are here now, in the present, looking at the big-big door of your home.
  2119. >Papanon opens the door with a key and you are free to do as you please!
  2120. >Which is immediately slipping off of his head and gliding into your nest.
  2121. >The well deserved rest!
  2122. >...
  2123. >Well, that was the plan at least.
  2124. >Papanon’s arms are long, his reach is longer.
  2125. >And now he is gently holding you in his right hand..
  2126. >”No, Summer. You need to bathe first.” He says the words of suffering.
  2127. “N-noooo…” You weakly protest, but already know that it is inevitable.
  2128. >Accepting your fate, you just look up at him sadly, hoping that he understands your desire to /not/ bathe.
  2129. >”No, don’t come with the puppy eyes. You need to bathe, you will enjoy it and will feel better after, promise!” He tells you, and so, you let out a little sigh.
  2130. >It’s not easy being this small, that’s for sure.
  2131. >You hope that you will grow up big and strong!
  2132. >Like the action hero mare your first doll is!
  2134. ----------
  2136. >Be… surprisingly used to this new way of being.
  2137. >Wake with the sun, graze all morning, spend the noon hours near the stream, graze all afternoon, sleep.
  2138. >Your extra large friend doesn’t seem to have a problem with this kind of just… existing.
  2139. >You’ve been thinking about just how smart it is.
  2140. >Ehh, calling your protector an ‘it’ won’t do, and though you can’t really tell the gender of this whatever the heck it is, it’s easier to just call your not-cow friend a ‘she’.
  2141. >So, you’ve been thinking about how smart she could be.
  2142. >Probably not too much, given how you are just accepted by her, based on the fact that your colors are a bright and pastel version of hers.
  2143. >That must be the explanation, as you can’t think of anything else.
  2144. >Nevertheless, you’ve been bored out of your mind these past days, so you decided to test just how much she allows you to do.
  2145. >As it turns out, climbing all over her and even doing some grooming (since you have been doing your own preening, it couldn’t hurt to help her out) and testing your wings didn’t get too much attention from her, you became fairly certain, this big girl must be as patient as a donkey!
  2146. >...Well, you have never actually met a donkey before, at least not out of your uniform.
  2147. >No matter, you, Spitfire, are almost ready to leave, now that your wings are almost fully back in working order!
  2148. >You just wish you could sleep more at night, but alas, all those noisy things in the night just /insist/ to scream at the top of their lungs!
  2149. >You can take some short naps throughout the day, though, especially when your big friend is lying down herself.
  2150. >Such an easy life…
  2151. >...
  2152. >Her hide is covered with long healed injuries.
  2153. >Scratches, bite marks…
  2154. >She must have had a long and difficult life.
  2155. >Being basically just ignored by everything around you so you can just graze and rest all day is…
  2156. >It’s a well deserved reward for survival.
  2157. >Finally understanding the life of your not-cow friend, you look at her in a different light.
  2158. “Live a long and happy life, you hear me?” You tell her and smirk, patting her side.
  2159. >”Mroouu?” She ‘moos’ back, clearly not understanding your words or why you are poking her side.
  2160. >...
  2161. >You will kinda miss her.
  2163. ----------
  2165. >Be in the morning.
  2166. >Yesterday was a mess, you have no idea how you managed to get away.
  2167. >But at least you are free of your pursuers, gathered all the intel you needed and on your way back to HQ.
  2168. >You must be Soarin’ then!
  2169. >Miss Bon Bon gave you the recollection of that day’s events in full detail, and you have learnt of this Anonymous fellow a good deal.
  2170. >He must be truly strange if he can catch the eye of a mare, but just one.
  2171. >You digress, this is not important for your report.
  2172. >The actually important thing is that you managed to piece together, Spitfire had an illegitimate daughter, one Summer Breeze, who’s already been officially adopted by Anonymous for months by now..
  2173. >Unfortunately you didn’t get any closer to find out just where Captain Spitfire went.
  2174. >That part remained a mystery, as your Captain is rather good at disappearing from prying eyes.
  2175. >No matter, your new intel is exactly what you needed, all the proof there is.
  2176. >An official investigation can begin now.
  2177. >Although…
  2178. >You will continue your own, private investigation as well.
  2179. >In just a few days you will return to Ponyville, this time wearing a disguise, and talk with Anon.
  2180. >His adoptive daughter took your attention.
  2181. >You have a… strange feeling about her.
  2183. ----------
  2185. >Be so happy you are up in the clouds!
  2186. >No, seriously, you are up in the clouds.
  2187. >Actually, you aren’t so happy anymore.
  2188. >It’s rather high up here.
  2189. >One minute you were lazing around in the park, enjoying the scent of the flowers, the next you found yourself chasing after a butterfly!
  2190. >You must be Summer then, the regretful.
  2191. >Papanon is down there, looking up at you.
  2192. >His head is smaller than your hoofsie.
  2193. >Just how did you get up here and where did that butterfly go?!
  2194. >Oh, wait, you know that.
  2195. >You caught and ate it.
  2196. >Tasted horrible, was not worth the effort.
  2197. >Hmm.
  2198. >Hold on just a moment, you can fly.
  2199. >Then why are you afraid of being, well, in the air?
  2200. >Your logic process comes to an impasse and your brain works so hard, you feel a headache coming.
  2201. >In a moment of weakness, you slip and fall off the cloud you were perched on.
  2202. >The sudden rush of air in your ears takes your attention away and your focus returns to what is at hoof.
  2203. >Which would be the ground as it gets increasingly closer!
  2204. >Right, this is when you are supposed to open your wings and fly and stuff.
  2205. >Agreeing with your own thoughts, you open up your little wings and enter a slow spiral, ending it with landing on Papanon’s face.
  2206. >”Mmpfh!” He exclaims before taking your giggling form off of his face. “Summer, why did you go so high up?” He asks you and you can’t give him a decent enough explanation as you don’t know it either.
  2207. >Oh, wait, the butterfly.
  2208. “Buff-ay!” You tell him, then make an expression of disgust.
  2209. >It really did taste horrible.
  2210. >”You chased after a butterfly?” Papanon asks you, now holding you in his left arm.
  2211. >You nod, your expression still sour.
  2212. >”And you caught it too?”
  2213. >Another nod.
  2214. >”And then ate it.”
  2215. >You stick your tongue out in disgust, and it’s everything he needs to confirm his theory.
  2216. >”What did we learn then?” He asks between chuckles, ruffling your mane and fixing your bow right after, as it became misaligned.
  2217. “Buff-ay bad.” You reply, sounding disappointed, perhaps in yourself.
  2218. >”Exactly. They are for watching and chasing, Summer. Not for eating.” He explains to you, and filly, do you agree now.
  2219. >Buuut, he is not mad at you!
  2220. >You can call this a preferable outcome!
  2221. >Now only if you could eat something else to take away this horrible taste from your mouth…
  2222. >Hmm, what about that shiny green bug?
  2223. >You bet, it must taste minty!
  2225. ----------
  2227. >Be up in the clouds.
  2228. >It’s not even that bad up here.
  2229. >Except you are stuck here.
  2230. >Flying lizard-bird things with huge, toothy beaks chased you here.
  2231. >Being Spitfire is not a good time right now.
  2232. >You left your not-cow friend in the morning, after some hugging and thanking her for keeping you safe.
  2233. >But you couldn’t fly as long as ten minutes before being chased by these… lizard-bird-bats from Tartarus!
  2234. >They apparently live in the canopy of the tallest spruce trees, and as it turns out you are snack shaped, so they flew after you en-masse!
  2235. >Thank the stars, they can’t interact with the clouds, so you are safe here.
  2236. >For now.
  2237. >But for how long, you can’t tell.
  2238. >Thankfully the closeness to the ocean means that your cloud is dragged away from the forest at a steady pace.
  2239. >In just an hour or two you will be far enough away to leave the cloud and find an alternative route.
  2240. >So.. More waiting.
  2241. >...
  2242. >...
  2243. >It’s well after noon now and you are finally above the beach.
  2244. >The not-birds are still around for whatever reason, albeit in much smaller numbers.
  2245. >The constant flying is tiring them out, you can see that.
  2246. >Perhaps you could just wing it!
  2247. >A speedy escape without them ever noticing, sounds like a plan!
  2248. >So you do that.
  2249. >Waiting for an opening, you brace yourself and shoot out of the cloud!
  2250. >One of them notices you, but fortunately you are way too fast and rested to allow yourself to be chased.
  2251. >Since going deeper inland is clearly not an option, you decide to just follow the coastline.
  2252. >You will be able to find some sign of civilization eventually, right?
  2253. >...Right?
  2255. ---------
  2257. >Be in front of the Generals.
  2258. >You have imagined this to go differently.
  2259. >The highly decorated, gruff looking trio of pegasi look down at you with contemptuous expressions.
  2260. >You must be Soarin’ then, and in the process of giving your report on your findings.
  2261. >Or… at least… that’s what you were led to believe…
  2262. >”So you fled from nearly a dozen mares, ready to throw themselves in front of your hooves?” Asks the General on the left.
  2263. “I-uh… well, Sir, if you put it that way…” You try to reply but a hoof held up stops you from talking more.
  2264. >”Yet, based on these reports and incriminating evidence, you didn’t shy away from stepping out of line before.” The General on the right continues, shaking his head.
  2265. >You feel your wings drooping down as dread settles on you.
  2266. >You must be a really sorry sight right now.
  2267. >”What do you have to say for yourself?” Asks the General in the middle, her glare boring a hole into your skull.
  2268. “I… I…” You try to utter but fail.
  2269. >The middle General nods sharply, then grabs the manilla envelope of the evidence they spoke of and throws it at you.
  2270. >In your stupor you can’t even catch it, so it hits you flat on your face and bounces off.
  2271. >”We have looks to maintain, prestige to upkeep. Get yourself together, son.” She tells you, letting out a tired sigh. “Dismissed.”
  2272. >With that, all three of them leave at their own pace, leaving you alone with the envelope and your thoughts.
  2273. >Thoughts that are rather pointedly aimed at the closing words of this hearing.
  2274. >Are you not… no.. you are not getting reprimanded, but you realize, you are walking on thin clouds, better not test the generosity of your superiors.
  2275. >Still, the envelope with the evidence is yours, apparently.
  2276. >Shaking yourself out of your frozen state, you pick it up and peer inside.
  2277. >An official report form and a number of photographs are within.
  2278. “Oh, horse apples.”
  2279. >Looks like you have been spied on by someone.
  2280. >Which means that you were not as stealthy as you thought AND that you have to do another investigation, this time for your own interests.
  2281. >Who could be the spy?
  2282. >You will have to find out and the easiest way to do that is by talking with Fleetfoot.
  2283. >She should have a better understanding of who could be this mystery observer…
  2285. ----------
  2287. >Be in town, enjoying the weather as you leisurely stroll through the streets.
  2288. >You are actually glad you listened to Bon Bon for once.
  2289. >It’s not often you do that, despite being best friends with her.
  2290. >You must be Lyra then, out of the mane of Bon Bon and wondering just what you should do in this wonderful weather.
  2291. >As you walk you just happen upon Davenport’s Quills and Sofas.
  2292. >Or did your legs bring you here not by accident?
  2293. >Well, no matter, since you are already here you will pay good ol’ Anon and sweet little Summer a visit.
  2294. >Opening the door you are immediately welcomed by the magical air conditioning’s cool feeling brushing past your fur.
  2295. >If the outside weather was great, inside here is /bliss/.
  2296. >Anon, who was busy ponying the cash register, looks up from counting the bits.
  2297. >You can even see his mouth opening to give you the standard greeting, but in just a second he realizes that it’s not a customer but just you.
  2298. >”Ah, Lyra, what brings you here today?” He asks in his usual, friendly demeanor, even smiling a little.
  2299. >Such a sweet colt, you have to admit to yourself, but that’s not here and now, you have to focus on responding!
  2300. “I was just taking a walk and found myself here. How about you?” You ask smoothly.
  2301. >”I… work here?” He asks back, clearly not understanding why would you ask such a thing.
  2302. >Realizing your mistake, you switch to damage control.
  2303. “I meant that you are still, you know…” You motion at his broken arm, which isn’t held up by the clothing he fashioned.
  2304. >It’s still encased in the cast though.
  2305. >Anon chuckles at that, amused by your reaction.
  2306. >”You ponies and the fear of a broken bone, I swear.” He lets out a sigh. “It’s fine, I told you and everyone else a million times.”
  2307. >You knew this already and even understood it from a more scientific point of view, as strange as it sounds from someone like you.
  2308. >But playing into the stereotype, you just nod your head.
  2309. “If you say so.” You reply, finishing off the topic. “Where is Summer, by the way?”
  2310. >Instead of answering you however, Anon just does that snapping thing with his fingers, twice to be specific, and a moment later a blue and orange something swoops down at his arm!
  2311. “Whoa, nelly!” You exclaim, taking a step back in surprise.
  2312. >There, on his very arm, is Summer.
  2313. >Looking very pleased with herself.
  2314. >Did Anon… did he teach Summer to come to his arm, like a falcon?
  2315. >”You were saying?” He asks, smirking at you smugly.
  2316. >Summer, now looking at you, tilts her head questioningly.
  2317. >Is she… is she waiting for something?
  2318. >She looks back up at Anon, whose smirk turns into a full grin.
  2319. >”Summer, go!” He exclaims and launches the small filly at you!
  2320. >It doesn’t take as long as a second for her to change directions and before you could do as much as open your mouth, she’s stuck to your face!
  2321. >...
  2322. “Mmmmfhh!” You try to scream but it’s muffled and apparently very comical.
  2323. >Anon is doubling over laughing which alerts Davenport, who arrives at the scene from the back of the store, wielding a broomstick as a weapon.
  2324. >”What in the name of the King of Sofas going on here?!” He practically yells, somehow making Anon laugh even harder.
  2325. “Mmmfh!” You manage to ‘say’, doing your best to pry Summer off of your face.
  2326. >”Anon? Summer? …Lyra?” Davenport says, doing his best to figure out just what is going on.
  2327. >With a ‘pop’, Summer comes off and buzzes around you like an angry wasp, then quickly flies up to and settles down on the ceiling light fixture.
  2328. >No, it’s not a chandelier.
  2329. >”Did you make her do that, Anon?” Davenport asks him, narrowing his eyes.
  2330. >”Yeah, it’s amazing how quickly she caught on! I began to teach her these tricks yesterday!”” Anon replies, making you feel both impressed and annoyed.
  2331. >Why would he make Summer do such a thing against you, you have done nothing bad!
  2332. >...
  2333. >Uhh, you haven’t done anything bad /today/.
  2334. >”Why would you teach her to do things like that?” Dave asks him, menacingly raising up the broomstick.
  2335. >”Because it’s funny?” Is the simple answer… right until he snaps his fingers again.
  2336. >Summer is on his arm in just a second.
  2337. >”Anon, don’t you dare.” Oh, that tone of voice, if Anon was a mare, he would sleep on the couch tonight!
  2338. >Ears perking up, you watch the scene unfold, knowing exactly what to expect.
  2339. >”Anon, I’m warning you!” Dave says and starts to back away.
  2340. >And despite the warning, Anon’s grin widens.
  2341. >”Summer!” He exclaims, making his daughter’s eyes shine with excitement. “Go.” He whispers, his command immediately drowned out by the flapping of tiny wings and a fully grown stallion fleeing like a colt.
  2342. >Yeah, making friends with Anon was definitely an excellent decision.
  2344. ----------
  2346. >Be in your new cloud fortification.
  2347. >Designed to keep you hidden but also allow propulsion.
  2348. >Not even your wings are sticking out as you beat them, you are in an enclosed chamber with an air intake funnel in front and an exhaustion port behind.
  2349. >...You made a turbine, yes.
  2350. >Buuut. this way none of those not-bats from Tartarus can spot and try to eat you!
  2351. >You must be Spitfire then, currently flying above the coastline.
  2352. >The coastline of what you feel like is an island…
  2353. >Irregularly shaped, true, but your impeccable sense of direction tells you that you are basically flying in a circle.
  2354. >By the end of the day you would return to where you started, is what you are saying.
  2355. >The island seems to be volcanic in origin.
  2356. >But you can’t really place its shape anywhere on the world map.
  2357. >Mapping it out without an actual map is difficult, but navigation is a natural thing to pegasi, so you are sure that you have a good enough mental image of it.
  2358. >Nevertheless, your exploration brought you another interesting find.
  2359. >Signs of a civilization!
  2360. >Or rather, the remains of it.
  2361. >Namely, shipwrecks.
  2362. >Yes, plural.
  2363. >Some looked rather old, too.
  2364. >Based on how many there are and how they seem to be concentrated on a single place on the North-East coast of the island, you are quite sure that you are looking down at some sort of a magical anomaly.
  2365. >At least that’s what the eggheads would surely name it.
  2366. >For you however it’s an island of gnashing teeth and claws that rip and tear.
  2367. >With some exceptions, like your extra-large friend, of course.
  2368. >Well, none of this matters right now, because you need to find a way off of this island.
  2369. >...
  2370. >Just flying away is an option, yes.
  2371. >But you also need supplies.
  2372. >And to get those, you need to go back down.
  2373. >In there, exploring on ground level…
  2374. >Far from safety…
  2375. >Close to ankle-nippers and other things you are sure are bigger and blood-thirstier…
  2376. >....
  2377. >This won’t be fun.
  2379. ----------
  2381. >Be in the underbrush.
  2382. >It’s surprisingly dark here, despite it being the middle of the day.
  2383. >Or is it just you being too used to direct sunlight?
  2384. >Well, it doesn't matter.
  2385. >You are Spitfire and you are doing your best looking for supplies.
  2386. >Fruits would be your best bet, high sugar content is what you really need to keep yourself going.
  2387. >Unfortunately, the trees here are the kind that despite bearing fruits, grow in a way that makes properly approaching them a nightmare.
  2388. >Utilizing the advantage your wings offer, you still manage to climb up on one, getting to the fruit bearing branches with relative ease.
  2389. >A problem shows its face as you finally make your way up, however.
  2390. >No, literally.
  2391. >In front of you, sitting on the branch, looking just as surprised as you are, is a toothy-mawed not-chicken.
  2392. >Its surprise wears off and it puffs itself up, trying to appear bigger.
  2393. >”Oh, are we doing this? We /are/ doing this!” You respond and puff out your tuft, unfurl your wings to their full extent and do your best to appear bigger.
  2394. >It works.
  2395. >Letting out a shriek, one you are sure you usually hear at night, the not-chicken quickly makes itself scarce, hopping off the branch and gliding away with such skill, even you are impressed.
  2396. >Food secured, you quickly get to collect everything you can.
  2397. >The fruits you have found are like a mix between mangoes and bananas.
  2398. >Makes no sense to you, but it tastes good enough and gives you an immediate wave of energy, so you are quite sure it will do.
  2399. >Maybe you could keep some seeds, you know a few bat ponies who would kill for something like this…
  2400. >Collecting the fruits proceeds then without a hitch, the cloud-weave basket doesn’t let them fall through.
  2401. >You knew learning how to weave clouds will come in handy one day!
  2402. >Soon enough your basket is filled up and you are about ready to just leave this whole accursed island behind.
  2403. >So you look around for the ideal route out of the thick canopy and…
  2404. >There are about two dozen not-chickens sitting all around you, all of them staring at you.
  2405. >They were /definitely/ not there a minute ago, you checked.
  2406. >Well.
  2407. >This is a problem.
  2408. >Risking it, you grab the basket tight and launch upwards, breaking through the canopy, and not a second too soon!
  2409. >The shrieks behind and underneath you erupt into a cacophony of sound, hurting your ears even as you get high above them, somehow escaping unscathed.
  2410. >You… you made it!
  2411. >Securing your supplies within your cloud fort, you take one last look at the island… then head north.
  2412. >Regardless of where you will end up, to the north is always civilization.
  2413. >Your big journey, or at least the next leg of it, begins…
  2415. ----------
  2417. >Be in the afternoon.
  2418. >You are on Papanon’s shoulder and he is on the usual bench in the park.
  2419. >This is nothing strange, right until it is.
  2420. >Quietly at first, but increasingly louder you start to hear something strange.
  2421. >It’s making your hoofsies go tippy-tap.
  2422. >And your wings go flap-flap-flap!
  2423. >It’s like the ponies’ singing you hear from time to time, but without singing!
  2424. >There is this… drumming, yes, that’s the word!
  2425. >Like Papanon’s heart when you put your ear against his chest.
  2426. >But louder and faster!
  2427. >You bob your head to the rhythm.
  2428. >This is making you feel full of energy!
  2429. >You must be Summer then, and this must be the first time you see and hear Ponyville’s most known DJ as she is walking up and past the bench!
  2430. >”Hey Vinyl, what’s that tune?” You hear Papanon ask from the alabaster unicorn mare, wearing those funny glasses.
  2431. >The mare, Vinyl as you have just learnt, does not respond… or react, at all.
  2432. >”Vinyl? Hellooo!” Papanon calls out, finally getting her attention.
  2433. >”Huh? What?” She speaks up, way too loud! “Oh, sorry, I was lost in thought!”
  2434. >Her horn glows and the music box on her back quiets down, just as her voice..
  2435. >Well, it was nice while it lasted.
  2436. >”That’s alright, what’s this song you are listening to?” Papanon asks again, motioning around with his good hand.
  2437. >”Oh, just a little thing I put together the other day. What do you think of it?” Vinyl asks back, grinning cheerfully.
  2438. >”I like it, it reminds me of home. And Summer likes it too, did you see her dancing?” He answers, looking at you and smiling.
  2439. >”Ah, sorry, I was really not, uh, here.” Vinyl replies, her grin turning into an apologetic smile.
  2440. >”Well turn up the volume then and watch!” Papanon responds, to which the music returns, thumping, trumpeting, whistling, with those strange mechanical noises, and you feel the rhythm overtake you again!
  2441. >”Look at her go!” Vinyl giggles and joins you in the dancing. “Her moves are better than my background dancers’! Oh, wanna lend her for the upcoming dance night? She would bring in so many ponies!” She offers, though you barely register it.
  2442. >”Only if I’m also invited!” Papanon replies, also joining the dance… and nearly throwing you off of his shoulder!
  2443. >So you just lift off, hovering and drifting in the air as you let the rhythm and thumping make you move.
  2444. >Both Papanon and Vinyl laugh at that.
  2445. >You like this new music thing, you decided!
  2447. ----------
  2449. >Be in Bon Bon’s candy shop, tuning your harp.
  2450. >Yeah, it needs tuning too!
  2451. >It’s not so easy (it is) being the town’s best (only) harp player!
  2452. >Your existence justified, you focus on the task at ‘hand’ as Anon would put it, right until… you feel something strange.
  2453. >As if something important has just happened.
  2454. >Listening for a moment, you realize why.
  2455. >Quietly but definitely audibly you hear music in the distance.
  2456. >Sounds a lot like Vinyl’s style, too.
  2457. >Anon was here not so long ago and said he will go to the park with Summer, his usual after-work routine.
  2458. >Which means that the distant music and Anon are in connection…?
  2459. >Wait.
  2460. >It’s Summer, not Anon!
  2461. >As realization hits you, so does Bon Bon’s broom.
  2462. “Ack! Hey, what was that for?!” You yelp, shielding your head with your forelegs the best you can.
  2463. >”You were making that face again! Stop it” Bon Bon helpfully replies, holding up the broom threateningly.
  2464. “What face? What?!” You ask her, incredibly confused.
  2465. >”The one that you make every time you are about to start an adventure of mischief! The last time I had to clean up the entire shop after you!” She warns you and you have to agree, you feel these kind of feelings from time to time, buuut it’s not your fault adventure follows you and-
  2466. >The broom hits you again with a ‘whack’!
  2467. “Ow-ow-ow-ow!” You cry out and leg it!
  2468. >Out, out of my shop!” Bon Bon yells after you as you quickly make your escape.
  2469. >...
  2470. >Out of harm’s way, you make your way towards the music, into the park.
  2471. >Within a minute you are witnessing a sight you wish to never forget.
  2472. >Anon, Vinyl and Summer dancing to Vinyl’s music, but the little one is actually flying!
  2473. “Awww, look at her go.” You sigh, stopping for a moment to take in the full sight.
  2474. >...
  2475. >Perhaps… you shouldn’t break the moment.
  2476. >Bon Bon’s words are still ringing in your ears.
  2477. >You are making a lot of mischief, yes.
  2478. >Maybe you should tune it down?... For Summer’s sake?
  2479. >Yes, let’s just let them be.
  2480. >Satisfied with yourself, you turn back and return to the candy shop.
  2481. >Bon Bon is behind the counter, eyeing you suspiciously.
  2482. >However she says or does nothing that would indicate that she disapproves of your quick return.
  2483. >In fact, she just continues doing… whatever she was doing, as you sit back on your seat and return to tuning your harp.
  2484. >You should listen to Bon Bon more… especially since she can read you like an open book, as it turns out.
  2486. ----------
  2488. >Be in the Ponyville Horsepital.
  2489. >A check-up, they said.
  2490. >It won’t take long, they said.
  2491. >You are Anon and you are just about done with hospitals and… well, any medical facilities making you wait, in both your home world and this.
  2492. >Sitting on the (to you) comically undersized pony chairs is killing your knees, ass and back, but you endure.
  2493. >The fact that both nurses, doctors and patients stop and stare whenever they notice you does not help you the slightest.
  2494. >Letting out the umpteenth sigh, you start to wonder if there is even anyone here that actually wants to do that check-up.
  2495. >You left Summer with Bon Bon, the promise of candy calmed down the little thing.
  2496. >So you can’t even play with her.
  2497. >It would be fun to sic her on the ponies that stop and stare.
  2498. “Goddammit, why did I leave her there, this is unfair.” You think out loud, letting out yet another exasperated sigh.
  2499. >About half an hour later a nurse stops in front of you, looking rather curious.
  2500. >”Anon? What are you doing here?” She asks and as you look up, you realize it’s none other than Nurse Redheart!
  2501. “Waiting for someone to call me in so the check-up can be done? I’ve been sitting here for over two hours.” You tiredly explain.
  2502. >”But…nopony made any notes about there being an appointment… or did I miss it?” She asks nopony in particular, tapping her chin with a hoof.
  2503. “Oh, for the love of…” You groan and stand up, towering over the, relatively to you, small mare.
  2504. >”I will check the books, hold on.” Nurse Redheart tells you and trots away, leaving you alone once again.
  2505. >Having enough of the waiting, you follow her and quickly catch up, too.
  2506. >Your ‘foal chasing legs’ are not just for looks, you can easily outpace a pony by just walking at your usual walking pace.
  2507. “I’m not holding on, Redheart, if you find nothing about the appointment then I’m outta here. I’ll also have some /questions/ to whoever made it up, too.” You tell the nurse, who can give you nothing but an apologetic smile in return.
  2508. >A minute of flipping through the pages reveals that there is, in fact, no appointment for a check-up, or anything else.
  2509. >”Who… told you that you have a check-up?” Nurse Redheart asks you, scrunching her muzzle as she tries to make heads or tails of this situation.
  2510. “Hmm. I… don’t know, I kinda forgot.” You admit, shrugging. “Well, better get going then, was nice seeing you, Red!”
  2511. >”Likewise, take care!”
  2512. >And with that, you are free of this mess.
  2513. >Now, to return home and find out just who made this up and for what reason?
  2515. ----------
  2517. >Be sitting on the counter.
  2518. >Surrounded by candy, yet you have to sit here and behave.
  2519. >Both Pananon and Bonny said you will get candy if you behave.
  2520. >And you have both of your action figure dolls with you.
  2521. >So you can just play with them.
  2522. >But… Candy.
  2523. >It’s a difficult thing to be Summer right now!
  2524. >Your internal struggle is broken when the door of the candy shop opens and a stallion enters, one you feel like you have seen somewhere before.
  2525. >Looking down at your newer doll, you realize it.
  2526. >He /is/ your doll!
  2527. “Doll!” You cry out and like a bolt of lightning, zip across the store, buzzing around the very surprised stallion.
  2528. >”Oh, wow, what’s going on? Whose foal is this?” The stallion asks, to which Bonny, who was in the back of the shop, appears and replies.
  2529. >”Welcome to the… Oh? Soarin’? How come you are back here again?” Bonny asks, clearly surprised to see him.
  2530. >”I was uh, I’m actually looking for more clues, off the clock. It’s… can this remain between us?” He asks her, rubbing the back of his head.
  2531. >You take this opportunity to land on his head and grab his hoof.
  2532. >Pulling it away, Soarin’ is surprised to find you clinging onto his hoof, giggling as he shakes his entire foreleg to get you off.
  2533. >”Summer, let him go or you will get no candy!” Bonny warns you, to which you dejectedly remove yourself from this Soarin’ stallion.”Sorry about her, Anon asked me to watch her while he is away.” She tells him then, smiling apologetically.
  2534. >”She’s his adoptive daughter?” He asks Bonny, eyeing you suspiciously.
  2535. >Deciding to return to your spot with your dollies, you land and look at him, tilting your head curiously.
  2536. >He returns your gaze, tilting his head the same way you do.
  2537. >”Yes, she’s Summer Breeze and… huh. You two look a lot alike.” Bonny answers the question, her eyes jumping between looking at him and you.
  2538. >”I… suppose.” Soarin’ replies, walking up to the counter. “What did you say, how did Anon adopt her?”
  2539. >At this point your interest in this Soarin’ stallion wanes, so you focus on your action dolls, grabbing both and flying around with them.
  2540. >Soon enough Soarin’ leaves, thanking Bonny for helping him.
  2541. >Left alone with Bonny again, you land on the counter once more and look up at her.
  2542. >Your expression must be obvious to her, because she takes one look at you and shakes her head.
  2543. >”No, Summer, you will only get candy when Anon is back.
  2544. >Deflated, you lie down on your belly.
  2545. >Torture, you say!
  2546. >Papanon should be back long ago, you want your candies!
  2547. >But alas, Bonny cannot be moved by your misery.
  2549. ----------
  2551. >Be above some peninsula you don’t recognize.
  2552. >The theme of the week, finding places you have no idea of!
  2553. >Based on how this peninsula is shaped, you could call it by a different name.
  2554. >One that would only need some mild rearranging of the letters in the word ‘peninsula’.
  2555. >No, this is no time for these silly jokes, Spitfire!
  2556. >You need to focus, you remind yourself.
  2557. >With no better idea, you head inland, pleased to find that this landmass is inhabited by birds and other normal critters.
  2558. >You are especially happy when you notice that below you are banana trees, full of ripe fruit!
  2559. >Exiting your cloud fort, you quickly zoom down and pick some bananas, both green and ripe, to keep you nurtured throughout your journey.
  2560. >The strange fruits you got from that even stranger island are all but eaten, you saved a couple seeds though.
  2561. >So, a tropical island or maybe even a continent.
  2562. >Down on ground level you can almost enjoy it!
  2563. >However, despite your best hopes, you couldn’t see any signs of habitation here either.
  2564. >Not even shipwrecks.
  2565. >So moving up north it is.
  2566. >Before that however, you decide to stop for a while and relax.
  2567. >Yes, you can’t just force yourself to push through all of this, no.
  2568. >Anchoring your cloud fort to a tree, you lie down on the grassy ground and relax.
  2569. >...
  2570. >Yeah, stopping for a moment was definitely the better choice, you realize.
  2571. >The grass is soft, the breeze is gentle, the birds are singing…
  2572. >This is the kind of weather that can make a grown mare fall asleep like a foa-
  2573. >...
  2574. >You awaken to the feeling of coldness.
  2575. >Did you…?
  2576. >Yes, you did.
  2577. >You fell asleep and slept through the afternoon.
  2578. >Which, in turn, means that you will have to fly through the night.
  2579. >Well, it’s not that big of a deal, really.
  2580. >You can navigate with the guide of the moon and the stars.
  2581. >It will be just colder.
  2582. >Oh well.
  2583. >Getting yourself ready, you return to your cloud fort with the refilled fruit basket, undo the anchoring, then take a good look at the night sky.
  2584. >...
  2585. >You don’t recognize any of the constellations.
  2586. >Just where the heck are you?!
  2587. >No matter, you can still follow the moon, so there is that at least.
  2588. >Night flight is starting to be one of your least liked things to do.
  2589. >The things you do to return home and right your wrongs…
  2591. ----------
  2593. >Be in the horsepital again.
  2594. >This time Nurse Readheart herself, bless her heart, found you and told you that you have an appointment.
  2595. >These ponies are so much more benevolent than humans, you are pleasantly surprised every time.
  2596. >You must be Anon then, and just about ready to take the cast off.
  2597. >It’s probably going to stay on for some more time, but it’s the thought that counts.
  2598. >”Come along, Anon. This way.” Redheart tells you, escorting you to the x-ray machine.
  2599. >Sure, you have a basic understanding of how long a broken bone needs to heal, as well as a date given for when the cast will come off, but still.
  2600. >A short walk later you find yourself in the familiar room of the strange, bulky x-ray machine.
  2601. >Already knowing the procedure, you get into position, and soon enough, the x-ray technician informs you about the end of the x-ray photographing..
  2602. >Or whatever it is called.
  2603. >As expected, good progress, however you still have more to go.
  2604. >Half an hour and a new appointment date later you are on your way back home, wondering just why would a random pegasus stallion follow you.
  2605. >You have seen him following you to the horsepital, either doing a very shoddy job in hiding or perhaps trying to send you a signal that you are being watched…?
  2606. >You’ve had no time to think of such things while inside the building, for once you didn’t need to wait.
  2607. >But now…
  2608. >Glancing over your shoulder, you confirm, he is still following you.
  2609. >And now that you take a better look at him, he looks kinda familiar.
  2610. >Wait, could he be?
  2611. >Throwing all caution to the wind, you stop in your tracks, right there in the middle of the street and turn around to face the stallion.
  2612. “Why are you following me?” You ask flatly but with your voice raised, so everypony around can very clearly hear you and see the scene unfolding.
  2613. >The stallion, apparently shocked by being found out, freezes, almost forgetting to flap his wings.
  2614. >”I-uh, I’m not following you, you are following me!” He retorts, making your eyebrows almost disappear under your hairline.
  2615. “By walking in front of you, to the horsepital and now back in town?” You ask him, making your expression as incredulous as you can manage.
  2616. >Yes indeed, you are turning this into an as theatrical scene as possible.
  2617. >After all, what's the use of the grapevine if ponies are not aware of such events?
  2618. >The stallion, being caught in his lame lie, tries to stutter out something, but a random mare nearby interrupts him before you could.
  2619. >”Wait, isn’t he Soarin’? The Wonderbolt?”
  2620. >If you wanted a scene, you have it now, literally everyone in a 50 meters radius is looking at the very flustered stallion, whose eyes are going wide at an alarming rate.
  2621. >”Oh pony feathers, not again!” He says before he is swarmed by the pegasi, barely able to escape it.
  2622. >Well, you gotta give it to him, he /can/ fly.
  2623. >Dodging seems to be a strong suit of his, in fact.
  2624. >With the situation dealt with, you shake your head and return to your trek back home.
  2625. >You left Summer alone with Lyra, the oats-stealing little shid, to quote Bon Bon, was happy to babysit your little one.
  2626. >Or is it foalsit?
  2627. >Probably.
  2628. >Regardless, you are sure your oats are gone now and will have to go grocery shopping.
  2629. >Should be a breeze if Summer is sufficiently tired out, which she will be now that Lyra played with her for over an hour.
  2630. >Heh, breeze.
  2632. ----------
  2634. >Be exhausted.
  2635. >Foalsitting is a tiring, difficult job!
  2636. >And you are not even getting paid!
  2637. >On the other hoof, you had the opportunity to relieve Anon from all of his oats, so…
  2638. >You suppose, being Lyra Heartstrings isn’t too bad then, after all.
  2639. >Stopping your chase and plopping down on the sofa, you try to catch your breath.
  2640. >Catching Summer was your plan, but well, all in due time.
  2641. >Speaking of, Summer looks not even winded, buzzing around and perching onto all the hard to reach surfaces.
  2642. >Perhaps playing tag with her was really not your best idea, but you digress.
  2643. >Sitting back on Anon’s oversized sofa, you realize just how comfortable you are.
  2644. >Too bad this sofa was a custom made piece, specifically for Anon’s oversized house…
  2645. >Your thoughts are interrupted by Summer landing on your belly, staring into your eyes and tilting her head in the way she usually does.
  2646. >Wait, is your belly this big?
  2647. >Aw mare, you are getting fat on all the oats, aren’t you?
  2648. >Sensing your worry, Summer looks down at your pudge and… pokes it with a hoof.
  2649. >A ripple goes through your belly.
  2650. >The fat-ripple kind.
  2651. “I… really need to do some exercise…” You mutter and watch Summer poke your belly again and again, mesmerized by the ripples moving.
  2652. >Well, at least she’s busy with something so you can rest, even if for just a minute or two.
  2653. >...
  2654. >Yeah, this is not making it any better.
  2655. >Groaning, you push yourself up from the sofa and back onto your hooves, to Summer’s audible disappointment.
  2656. >Huffing, the filly flies above you and angrily lands on your flank with a ‘whump’ sound.
  2657. >Turning your head to look at her, you realize that you are not only fat but also hurting all over!
  2658. “Ow, ow, ow, that smarts!” You hiss, rubbing your neck. “Summer, this is no time for ponyback rides.” You add, the massage helping your strained muscles.
  2659. >Summer just sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry at you.
  2660. >Typical.
  2661. >Before you can really react to her, you hear the front door opening, followed by heavy footsteps.
  2662. >”I’m back!” You hear the deep baritone of Anon call out, and before you realize it, you are trotting to him.
  2663. “Anon! It’s so good to have you back! We just finished playing, Summer and I. Got my muscles all sore and in need of a good rub-down… Care to help?” You ask him, totally not cheekily.
  2664. >”Really, Lyra? Asking for a massage? I can literally see some oats around your mouth!” He replies, shaking his head, then reaches to your back and… picks Summer up.
  2665. “Aww.” You sigh, your disappointment swelling and mood turning sour.
  2666. >”No, Lyra, my magic fingers are reserved for Bonny.” is your sole reply, and with that, Anon kicks off his shoes and heads towards the kitchen, Summer on his shoulder and nuzzling into his neck.
  2667. “Can you pat my head at least?” You ask him then, following along.
  2668. >With a sigh of his own, Anon stops and turns around, wordlessly reaching out to pat your head.
  2669. >His expression however, speaks for him.
  2670. >It asks you the question, ‘would you really stoop that low’ and your eager answer is ‘yes!’
  2671. >Anon’s headpats are nice.
  2672. >Especially when it’s /you/ who gets them and not some other small and cheeky birb!
  2674. ----------
  2676. >Be above the open ocean again.
  2677. >This is getting really old.
  2678. >You can ration your fruits, but sooner or later you will need to get fresh food.
  2679. >Catching and eating fish is not really high on your want-to-do list, despite the stereotype about pegasi.
  2680. >What bothers you is that despite going north for untold distances, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the air so humid it is almost choking you despite the cool ocean below.
  2681. >It makes no sense whatsoever and you don’t have enough energy to try and figure it out while also flying, dammit!
  2682. >To your relief, you see a landmass coming up.
  2683. >An island, and a rather small one at that.
  2684. >It’s barely more than just a coral reef with a lone palm tree adorned sandbar sticking out of it.
  2685. >If disappointment had a picture, this would be it.
  2686. >Rolling your eyes and deciding to not ruin your chance for a little stop, you fly over the tree, anchor your cloud fort to it and land on the soft sand.
  2687. >Huh.
  2688. >It really is soft.
  2689. >...
  2690. >/Too/ soft.
  2691. >Taking a closer look at it, you realize that this sand is not really sand.
  2692. >It is colored like sand, sure, but it’s more like a single sheet of material, like a blanket.
  2693. >And… it reacts to your hooves in a weird way.
  2694. >Looking around, you realize that the island is shrinking.
  2695. “What the?” You ask, and as if your words were those of magic incantations, the island shakes.
  2696. >Eyes going wide, you jump up in the air, just in time to witness the island abruptly disappearing, with the palm tree barely hanging out of the water!
  2697. “Oh no, nonono!” You cry out, undoing the anchoring as fast as you can… and just in time!
  2698. >The ‘island’ completely vanishes from view, but as you stare at the frothy waves below, you notice a dark shape underwater, where it used to be.
  2699. >The shape seems to sink down, disappearing from view… then rushes up, way too quick!
  2700. >...
  2701. >It’s gonna jump out of the water!
  2702. >You barely have the time to push your cloud fort out of the way!
  2703. >Behind you a sea monster of immense size breaks the surface of the water, a gargantuan jaw, filled with tree-sized teeth, and a strangely short body.
  2704. >The deep-sea horror unceremoniously falls back into the water, floats around for a bit, then sinks, only to appear as the fake island again a few hundred meters away.
  2705. >This took the sea monster over ten minutes, but you could do nothing but stare at it.
  2706. >You landed on your cloud and have been resting, but your heart is still beating in your throat.
  2707. >Forcing yourself to tear your eyes away from the bait island, you hit your own head with a hoof.
  2708. ”No, no Spitfire, you can have aaaaall the nightmares about that /after/ you have found civilization!” You tell yourself and properly get into the cloud fort.
  2709. >For whatever reason, traveling over the open ocean without landing for a break doesn’t sound that bad anymore…
  2711. ----------
  2713. >Be in a strange mixture of feelings.
  2714. >You have found certain information that made you think, research, theorize, and in the end, look for a definitive answer.
  2715. >You are Bon Bon, on your way to the Ponyville Horsepital, and for whatever reason you are feeling as glum as you are most often described by other ponies.
  2716. >You travel light, if you can even call this ‘travel’, only carrying the saddlebag that contains a small collection of certain items.
  2717. >It took some time and bribery, but you got a strand of Spitfire’s mane from Rainbow Dash.
  2718. >Why would she have that, you do not know, and why did you learn of this, you wish you didn’t know.
  2719. >But in the end you got what you wanted.
  2720. >The second item is a single, light blue feather.
  2721. >Soarin’ left a few of those behind while escaping from the fanmares, finding one wasn’t too difficult.
  2722. >Especially since he actually proceeded to preen himself that one day he found you to ask about Anon, and you still had the discarded feathers in the dustbin.
  2723. >This left you with the third and last item to gather, which would be a teeny-tiny downy feather from Summer.
  2724. >Getting that was the easiest, the little one is mischievous but innocent and cute.
  2725. >With the promise of candy she can be convinced to do many things.
  2726. >Thus you easily removed a loose feather from her and with that, gathered all you needed to complete this quest of yours for knowledge.
  2727. >As you enter the Horsepital’s building you are immediately welcomed by the smell of disinfectant, which you have felt only a few times in your life so far, and plan to keep it that way.
  2728. >Your entering into the building does not go unnoticed, the nurse at the front desk immediately perks up, looking at you with a curious gaze.
  2729. >”Bon Bon? Is something the matter? Tell me the town’s iron mare is not down with a sickness!” Asks Nurse Snowheart, her expression changing to worry for a moment.
  2730. “No, nothing like that. Hello Snowheart.” You respond to her and quickly move to meet her at the front desk, fetching the three samples from the saddlebag. “I need to make a… request.”
  2731. >”A request?” She asks you then, her eyes going wide with surprise.
  2732. >It’s a strange thing to look at, her eyes never go wide…
  2733. >Ignoring it, you nod your head and respond to her question.
  2734. “Yes. I need to find out if these two, ehm, samples have any genetic connection with this one. Parental ones.” You explain pointing at the respective corked jars with the mane strand and feathers in them.
  2735. >”Well, certainly, anything for family. But it will take days, maybe even a week. It’s not urgent, is it?” Her expression returned to normal, Snowheart tilts her head the same way Summer and… Soarin’ would.
  2736. >It makes you start to kinda worry, for whatever reason.
  2737. “N-no, not quite. But I /need/ to find out about it, so please make sure it’s not forgotten, alright?” You ask her, putting as much pressure on that ‘need’ as you can.
  2738. >Snowheart gets the idea, and with a curt nod, she labels the jars and puts them into a paper bag with ‘very important, handle urgently’ written on it.
  2739. >Seeing that you smile, your appreciation is plainly visible on your face.
  2740. >”Don’t be bashful about this, Bonny. What kind of aunt would I be if I didn’t make sure something this important for you is actually done urgently?” She asks you, but you know that she waits for no answer.
  2741. >In fact, both of you lean in and rub your noses together, like you always did with family.
  2742. >...Would Anon do this with you, too?
  2743. >You should probably find out once back in town.
  2744. >He should be at home by this time.
  2745. >Thoughts of going on a date with him flash up in your mind.
  2746. “Thank you again, Auntie!” You say to Snowheart and turn to leave, waving.
  2747. >”You are welcome Bonny, see you later!” She says her goodbye as well, and with that, you slip out of the horsepital.
  2748. >If all goes well, you will discover the truth of a mystery that’s as old as Summer herself…
  2750. ----------
  2752. >Be at home, contemplating your plans for the evening.
  2753. >If you're not mistaken, Bon Bon will be back any minute now.
  2754. >Well, if Lyra’s words can be trusted.
  2755. >She changed a little in the past days, you noticed.
  2756. >Not much, true, but in the right direction.
  2757. >You have known the pudgy musician mare for years at this point, and now that you spend more time in her presence thanks to being near Bonny…
  2758. >Yeah, Lyra is definitely getting better.
  2759. >Or is it fatter?
  2760. >With a grin flashing across your face, you shake the thought off and focus on the task at hand.
  2761. >You have to give a bath to Summer.
  2762. >In the past few days you noticed that she began to copy the little songbirds and bathe in the birdbaths.
  2763. >To be frank, you have seen grown-ass pegasi do the same before, especially Rainbow Dash.
  2764. >Why would she bathe in birdbaths, especially when said birdbaths are smaller than she is, you have no idea.
  2765. >But you digress and you are Anon, not Frank.
  2766. >Grinning again, at your own and rather stupid joke, you pick up the brand new birbath you bought earlier today.
  2767. >If Summer does not go to bathe, the bath will go to her!
  2768. “Summer! Come over here, I got something for you!” You cry out, your voice a thrill of excitement.
  2769. >Your little birb is somewhere in the house, hiding in fear of the bath.
  2770. >However the tone of your voice quickly changes her mind.
  2771. >Just in a few moments and with the buzzing of a colibri, Summer appears, hovering in front of you, eyes glued to the birdbath
  2772. >She gasps, looking up at you, then lands in the - for now - empty bowl of the birdbath.
  2773. >Her look of disappointment is palpable.
  2774. “We have to fill it with water first, sweetheart. Come, the bathroom should be equipped for that!” You tell her, faking excitement.
  2775. >Or… do you even fake it?
  2776. >This is trickery, yes, but you don’t need to fake the excitement!
  2777. >With some effort you carry the birdbath into the bathroom and then the bathtub within, where it shall be filled up and used.
  2778. >Summer, elated by this turn of events, is all but done with waiting, practically vibrating with energy!
  2779. >You grab the showerhead, turn on the faucet, adjust the temperature and, finally, begin to fill up the birdbath.
  2780. >Your ruse goes through perfectly, but now is a test of the theory.
  2781. “Do you want bubbles?” You ask Summer, even wiggling your eyebrows at her.
  2782. >Gasping again, she nods her head as fast as she could, before throwing up her little forelegs and exclaims.
  2783. >”Bwubooz!” She cries out and giggles, splashing around in the warm water.
  2784. >She just signed up for a proper, if unusually conducted bathing, and she doesn’t even realize it.
  2786. ----------
  2788. >Be on a sandy sea shore.
  2789. >The problem is, the shore is not the only thing that’s sandy.
  2790. >In fact, all you can see northwards is sand.
  2791. >You are standing on the shore of a desert that’s stretching all the way to the horizon, both east and west, and of course, north.
  2792. >There is only sparse vegetation here, although you see the occasional cactus here and there.
  2793. >You are not sure if you can even eat that…
  2794. >Maybe if it’s one of those fig cacti?
  2795. >...You don’t see anything like that anywhere.
  2796. >At least it’s solid land this time, you checked.
  2797. >Sand, sand and more sand.
  2798. >The way your journey goes, you feel like you will be ‘Spitfire the Lost’ before long.
  2799. >At least you can easily conjure moisture from the air and thus, going thirsty is a thing you will avoid.
  2800. >Still, an endless desert…
  2801. >With no better options, or, well, any other option, you continue heading north.
  2802. >Finally the air is not so humid, so you don’t suffer so much, but it’s still nowhere near as nice as back in Equestria…
  2803. >Regardless of the circumstances, you press on.
  2804. >...
  2805. >The sand dunes of this desert are changing, as you keep flying north.
  2806. >Becoming taller, bigger.
  2807. >Perhaps it’s just the way the sun shines down at them.
  2808. >Or is it?
  2809. >...
  2810. >While stopping for lunch, which is rather meager thanks to the self-imposed rationing of the fruits, you noticed a mirage.
  2811. >You know all too well what mirages are and how they work, however, what you saw gave you a pause.
  2812. >You saw an incredibly large, worm-like creature move through the dunes.
  2813. >If it was a death-worm, then you best keep yourself off the ground.
  2814. >Your cloud fort kept serving you throughout all of this journey, and it will serve you well while crossing these desert sands.
  2815. >A strange thought occurs to you.
  2816. >After you get home and make things right, you should put your memories of the journey on paper.
  2817. >Maybe hire someone to write it in a more readable manner, as well as an artist to make illustrations.
  2818. >You could sell that for a fair amount of money, huh.
  2819. >Daring Do is about this, basically, no?
  2820. >You keep thinking about things like this for the rest of the afternoon.
  2821. >The low, rumbling growls that come from below as you go to sleep once night falls, don’t even register to you.
  2822. >Your misadventures certainly changed you…
  2824. ----------
  2826. >Be on lunch break.
  2827. >That means an hour after the /actual/ lunch break of everypony else in town, since ponies will only really buy candy from your shop once they are done eating and desire something sweet.
  2828. >This means that you are Bon Bon, and /filly/, the sight you get to enjoy today!
  2829. >Apparently Anon’s boss, Davenport, decided to do yet another renovation on his store.
  2830. >So he sent your Anon home for the day.
  2831. >And Anon is the kind of stallion who just can’t sit back and do nothing!
  2832. >So he decided to do some gardening.
  2833. >Half-naked, his skin glistening with sweat…
  2834. >What would pass as normal for a city pony, is very much exotic and borderline sexual on Anon.
  2835. >It’s a good thing you are sitting back and pretending to read a sports magazine, sunglasses on.
  2836. >Your mare gaze is completely hidden from any and every, possibly very angry stallions’ eyes!
  2837. >”Like what you see?” Says Anon out of nowhere, looking at you with a grin on his face.
  2838. >He… somehow noticed your staring?
  2839. “Y-yes?” You lamely reply, doing your best to smile back, preferably not in an awkward way.
  2840. >”I have no objection to go shortless, now that the weather is getting warm again.” He shrugs and wipes his forehead of the sweat that steadily accumulates on it as he digs, shovels and plants.
  2841. “Well, I mean, hiding all of that beautiful skin would be a waste!...” You manage to say, only to realize what you said /after/ you said it.
  2842. >Wanting to save face, you quickly change the topic.
  2843. “How did you know that I was staring at you anyway?” is your question, and for once you are actually curious about it.
  2844. >”Bonny… you tend to monologue. Other ponies usually don’t notice it, but, well, I’m not a pony.” He explains, looking down at his bipedal, alien form.
  2845. >Fair enough, he is indeed differe- Wait.
  2846. >Did you… Did you say those things out loud?!
  2847. >Your embarrassment must be very much visible on your face, which is not a surprise, given how your cream colored coat hides little of the red coloration the feeling involuntarily puts on it..
  2848. >”Aww, you look so adorable, with your face all red.” He says and puts the gardening tools aside to join you on the porch.
  2849. >The two seats, one normal pony sized, one oversized for Anon, puts his words into perspective.
  2850. >Well, he /is/ large, indeed…
  2851. >He takes the seat and gets comfortable, continuing to look at you with that adoring expression.
  2852. >Come on Bon Bon, get yourself together.
  2853. >Think of something marely to say!
  2854. “Soooo… Do you come here often?”
  2855. >It takes more than a second for you to realize what you have just said.
  2856. >For the second time in under 2 minutes.
  2857. >”Uh… I… live here?” Anon asks back, clearly confused about the question.
  2858. >Like a divine intervention, Summer appears out of nowhere to save your face.
  2859. >She swoops in from above, letting out a trill you swear sounds the same as a blue tit’s, then gracefully lands on the oversized hoof railing of the porch.
  2860. >Once there for a moment, she tilts her head, looks at you, at Anon, back at you, lets out another trill and takes off, perching onto a nearby tree.
  2861. >”It’s normal for pegasi foals to act like birds, right?” Anon asks you, his expression only showing mild worry.
  2862. >The question he asks, it’s a tough one, for you.
  2863. “I’m… not sure. My family is earth pony only, always has been.” You admit, shrugging like Anon did earlier.
  2864. >A rarely told truth, because of how stallions usually behave when hearing about it, but then again, the Apple clan is earth pony only too, so…
  2865. >Dismissing these thoughts, you return your gaze to Summer, who looks mighty cozy sitting on a tree branch thinner than her leg, somehow not even putting weight on it.
  2866. >”Ah. Damn. I will have to ask someone else then.” Anon responds a few seconds later, sounding like he is in deep thought.
  2867. >It doesn’t take you as long for realization to hit you.
  2868. “Hold on, you mean to tell me that you didn’t research what to do with pegasi foals?” Your surprise is greater than your outrage, however it is still present in your voice.
  2869. >”Ehhh, I kinda… forgot about it?” Anon Admits, rubbing the back of his head. “But look at her, she turned out fine!”
  2870. >As if to disprove his point, Summer just began to angrily tweet at a squirrel, most likely over the cracked-open walnut the squirrel has in its paws.
  2871. “Uh-huh. Juuuuust fine.” You reply sarcastically.
  2872. >”I liked a minute ago when you were embarrassed about talking your thoughts out loud..” Anon mutters, covering his face with a hand, clearly in shame.
  2873. >Looks like both of you still have a lot to learn.
  2875. ----------
  2877. >Be on your turf.
  2878. >Yes, it /is/ your turf!
  2879. >You don’t care what this squirrel says, he /will/ have to pay taxes!
  2880. >To you!
  2881. >You, the one and only Summer Breeze!
  2882. >The squirrel disagrees with your demands with greater verve you expected him to have the bravery for, but then again, this is the second time you have seen a squirrel so far.
  2883. >Flicking and fluffing his tail up, he tries to intimidate you!
  2884. >Warbling at him, you puff out your fur and wings, standing your ground!
  2885. >Twig.
  2886. >Your place!
  2887. >The squirrel, after a tense few seconds, relents and offers the half-a-walnut as a peace-offering.
  2888. >Ah, sweet-sweet victory!
  2889. >You shoo the squirrel away with a trill and then savor the moment, but only for just a little time.
  2890. >The walnut, pre-opened and ready to be eaten as per courtesy of the squirrel, looks appetizing for you.
  2891. >Maybe you are hungry?
  2892. >Perhaps.
  2893. >Wasting no more time, you take a bite and enjoy the new, unique taste .
  2894. >You could get used to this!
  2895. >Perhaps with cheese?
  2896. >Shaking your head of such thoughts, you take a look around and let out another trill, like those yellow and blue little birds do.
  2897. >Why they do it, you have no idea, but it looks fun, so who are you to say no to that?
  2898. >Another bite of the walnut, another trill.
  2899. >...
  2900. >Something is wrong.
  2901. >You let out yet another trill and feel that unnerving feeling again, this time twice as strong.
  2902. >As if… you are being watched?
  2903. >Not like how Papanon watches you, no.
  2904. >He has that stare, but his eyes always look out for danger, you learnt that.
  2905. >No, this is different.
  2906. >Looking around with caution, you quickly learn the nature of this feeling.
  2907. >On the ground, at the bottom of the tree is a huge cat, sitting and looking up, /straight at you/.
  2908. >It’s one ugly cat, too.
  2909. >Wide face, fur put into a ridiculous… rubber… ring or band… ach, it’s unsettling to look at those angry green eyes!
  2910. >You don’t like this, at all, so letting out the last trill for now, you take off and land on Papanon’s lap.
  2911. >”Ah, there you are.” He greets you, petting your mane. “You behave well, right, Summer? You are a good little filly, hmm?”
  2912. >His tone of voice is strange, you can’t make heads or tails of it.
  2913. >You nod your head a definitive yes, nonetheless.
  2914. >”See Bonny? Told you she is good, you worry too much.” He tells her then, but that relieved smile of his feels… forced?.
  2915. >Shrugging it off, you continue eating your walnut, sadly discovering that it’s one bite away from being gone!
  2916. >You take that last bite, then realization hits you.
  2917. “Alnu!” You cry out in dismay, holding up the emptied shell.
  2918. >”She looks hungry to me.” Bonny comments, and you /almost/ care about how she says that to Papanon.
  2919. >You just want more walnuts…
  2921. ---------
  2923. >Be above an arid shrubland.
  2924. >It’s an upgrade over the deadly sands of that desert from before.
  2925. >But it’s still hardly a place you can call hospitable.
  2926. >On the other hoof you have found a strange looking fruit!
  2927. >It’s pinkish with green leaves, and its inside is a black dotted white.
  2928. >Such a strange fruit, but it tastes amazing.
  2929. >Collecting as many of the tasty fruits as you could, you spent most of the morning foraging.
  2930. >Still plenty of daylight to use thankfully, and you won’t go hungry either!
  2931. >However, you still see no evidence of habitation, or just civilization in general.
  2932. >It’s almost like you are in some sort of a different world, untouched by ponykind…
  2933. >Wouldn’t that just make the biggest adventure story!
  2934. >The obvious problem this entails is that if you are stuck here, then how do you get back home to tell the tale?
  2935. >No, Spitfire, don’t think about this!
  2936. >You have seen shipwrecks on that accursed island, there /are/ ponies somewhere so you must be just… really far away!
  2937. >Yes, incredibly far from home.
  2938. >...
  2939. >The feeling that seems to overtake you is the one you never thought you would feel again.
  2940. >It’s been over three decades since then, after all.
  2941. >You can’t let yourself lose hope now though!
  2942. “I have not… come this far… to give up now!” You say to yourself, then realize something.
  2943. >These were the first words you have spoken in /days/.
  2944. >That… won’t do.
  2945. >Ponies are social beings, speaking to somepony is essential for your mental health!
  2946. >But… who could you speak to?
  2947. >With literally nopony around in Celestia knows how far, you have little hope of finding a talking partner.
  2948. >And /mare/, you will not start to talk to a hoofball, like in that movie.
  2949. >That would be just silly.
  2950. >With fresh determination in your mind, you press on, crossing the countless kilometers north.
  2951. >After all, you /must/ find something, anything!
  2952. >...
  2953. >Your unsaid prayer is answered at sunset.
  2954. >In the distance, visible against the rapidly darkening background, you see the telltale flickering of a controlled fire.
  2955. >A campfire!
  2956. >You quickly fly towards it, almost feeling the warmth of the bright orange flames, hear the crackling as it eats the firewood…
  2957. >Except…
  2958. >It is not ponies that maintain the campfire and sit by it to enjoy its warmth and comfort.
  2959. >Your sharp eyes can make out enough details in the darkness of the rapidly falling night.
  2960. >You should… probably not approach them.
  2961. >Fangs that large can only mean trouble for someone like you…
  2963. ---------
  2965. >Be walking towards the best food place in town.
  2966. >Or rather, the only food place in town you can trust to actually give you what you order.
  2967. >Ponies and putting hay and flowers into /everything/ they eat, despite being explicitly told to not do it…
  2968. >You must be Anon then, and by the looks of Bonny, in her fancy attire that matches yours, you must be on a date!
  2969. >It’s been planned for days, the time for it was picked with care.
  2970. >But at this point you don’t even care about the food, that adorable face Bon Bon makes, it gives your heart a boner.
  2971. >The frown of the loss of the internet flashes across your face, but it’s gone as quickly as it came.
  2972. >You made a new life here, found new hobbies, got new friends, and now you are even dating someone who is actually showing interest in /you/.
  2973. >Yeah, this ain’t half bad.
  2974. >Thankfully Bon Bon does not notice your change of expression, in fact, her gaze is strictly pointed forward!
  2975. >The Hay Burger is in sight, in all of its fast food-y glory.
  2976. >”I still can’t believe that they have a secret menu for griffs that contains meat. It’s… wild!” Bonny speaks up after the past minute of comfortable silence.
  2977. >You chuckle before responding.
  2978. “What’s wilder is that Fluttershy of all ponies told me about this. Can you imagine her knowing of the secret menu for whatever reason?”
  2979. >Your question leaves Bon Bon stumped, staring into empty space right until the two of you reach the fast food restaurant’s entrance.
  2980. >”I will be honest with you, I have no idea. But let’s not focus on that, shall we? We are here to date!” She tells you, her content smile back on her cute muzzle.
  2981. >Damn, you really are falling for the ponies, going native completely.
  2982. >Well, it’s not like that’s a bad thing.
  2983. “That, we are.” You nod to her and open the door, letting her enter first.
  2984. >In the past months Bon Bon learnt a lot about human culture.
  2985. >Although you are not the best teacher, when given a list to compare your cultural habits to you can easily explain the differences.
  2986. >This being one of them, letting the female go forth first.
  2987. >Getting used to it was kind of a challenge for Bon Bon, she grumbled about being seen as ‘unmarely’ and cock-whipped, which you can agree with.
  2988. >But then again, just saying that the two of you are dating by the dragons’ standards usually sends every bad-mouthing pony away.
  2989. >Not only because it means that you are ready to risk your life to defend Bon Bon, but also that she’s ready to do the same for you.
  2990. >That and saying ‘dragon’ usually scares the ignorant away, out of fear of the unknown.
  2991. >Silly, silly ponies.
  2992. >Within the burger joint is a familiar scene waiting for you, with the exception of that the restaurant’s style is more like a 50’s roadside eatery than a fast food place’s.
  2993. >Ignoring this strange parallel to your own world, Bon Bon and you get in line to order.
  2994. >Soon enough the order is made and the two of you are sitting by a table of two, just chatting while the food gets ready.
  2995. >”I wonder how Summer is.” Bonny tells you, staring through the window.
  2996. “I’m sure she’s having fun. I’m more curious about how Lyra is doing.” You reply, also looking through the glass.
  2997. >”I… I think we will have an answer about that. Look.”
  2998. >Pointing at the street not far from there you see a mint green mare galloping after a pale blue and fiery orange blur.
  2999. “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me.”
  3000. >But apparently neither of them did.
  3002. ----------
  3004. >Be in a rush.
  3005. >No, this is more than just a rush, you are running to prevent disaster!
  3006. >A disaster of your own making…
  3007. >You are Lyra and you wish you weren’t so lazy to not check where Summer is when leaving the house to see if you got any mail.
  3008. >This is the stupidest reason and now you are feeling like you will cough both of your lungs out!
  3009. >Summer is having the time of her life of course, flying like this is probably like a stroll in the park for her!
  3010. >You can… yeah, you can definitely see her stopping from time to time, just hovering in place, /waiting for you to catch up/!
  3011. >She’s either very good at hiding her intentions, or very bad, because you are almost entirely certain that she’s leading you to the Hay Burger.
  3012. >In fact… you are right here!
  3013. >Caught up with her, Summer lets out a squeal and then speeds to the eatery, seeing her father sitting by a window and…
  3014. >...
  3015. >With a ‘fwoomp’ she just stuck on the window, unharmed and staring inside.
  3016. “Summer, why did you… why would you… Huhhh… I need to get fit…” You try to say but instead end up losing your balance, landing on your rump.
  3017. >Either not seeing or caring about you, Summer detaches from the window, and as a customer leaves, zips inside the building through the opened up door.
  3018. “Noooo, Summer, whyyyy…” You cry out, but alas, it is too late.
  3019. >She’s inside the Hay Burger and with that, you allowed the date of Bon Bon and Anon to be ruined.
  3020. >Defeated, you follow Summer in, walking to your friends’ table, your head hung low.
  3021. “I… I’m sorry Bon Bon. It wasn’t intentional, I swear. One second she was sitting on the couch, the next she just flew past me through the open door, I just wanted to check for mail, I swear!” You try to explain and expect the worst, but the angry tirade just simply... does not come.
  3022. >Looking up, you see that both Bon Bon and Anon are just looking back at you, a caring expression shared on both of their faces.
  3023. >”It’s okay Lyra. Not your fault and I cannot fault you for it either.” Anon finally says, patting you on the withers.
  3024. >”Well, it’s not like we can just pretend that Summer is not around, isn’t that right sweet cheeks?” Bon Bon asks then, petting Summer’s mane.
  3025. >The filly decided to land on the table, looking mighty pleased with herself.
  3026. “Well.. I suppose… But it was supposed to be a date for you two, just the two of you!” You reply, shaking your head.
  3027. >”It’s still a date, I see no problem with this.” Anon shrugs, looking at Bon Bon,
  3028. >”Me neither. Want to order something for yourself, Lyra?” She queries, tilting her head almost like Summer usually does.
  3029. >The little one is certainly having an effect on everypony around her.
  3030. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I hate to say it but… I feel fat. I need to lose weight.” You admit, looking back at your rump.
  3031. >It’s very far from the slim unicorn beauty ideal.
  3032. >Looking back at your friends, you notice that both of them followed your gaze and still are staring at your flanks.
  3033. >”Did you notice that you can see both of her cutie marks from the front?” Anon asks Bon Bon, leaning forward a bit.
  3034. >”So it wasn’t just me seeing that!” Bon Bon exclaims, nodding enthusiastically.
  3035. >”Do you think she could get fit and not lose those flanks?” Comes the second question from Anon, apparently completely ignoring your presence.
  3036. “Uhh… gals? I’m right here?” You attempt to take their attention but fail.
  3037. >”Do I think? Anon, my dear, I /know/. Have you seen Rarity lately?” Responds Bon Bon, looking at Anon with a mildly shocked expression on her face.
  3038. >”Well, I mean, yes, I get my clothes from her.” Anon replies, thinking for a moment. “Now that you mention it, she /does/ have that rump while also not being pudgy… huh.”
  3039. >...
  3040. >Well, you gotta agree with that, Rarity’s belly is flat, but her flanks are as cushioned as her fainting couches.
  3041. >Wait a minute, why are they not speaking now?
  3042. >You look up, only to see the two of them staring at you, almost bursting from the withheld laughter.
  3043. “Oh, screw you!” You bark, trying to be angry, but you can hardly do that.
  3044. >Both Anon and Bon Bon start laughing, even Summer joins them.
  3045. >Unable to keep yourself from doing it, you join in, having a laugh at your own expense.
  3046. >Well, at least /someone/ likes your big flanks.
  3047. >...
  3048. >Wait, what?
  3050. ----------
  3052. >Be above an archipelago.
  3053. >You can’t call it tropical, no.
  3054. >It’s still hot and humid but it’s much more lively than what you have seen in the past days.
  3055. >Additionally, you start to see familiar flora and fauna!
  3056. >Perhaps your journey is at its end?
  3057. >The answer to that question comes in the far away but unmistakable shape of a white sail-boat, making its way between two nearby islands.
  3058. >You actually recognize that design!
  3059. >Immense relief washes over you, and forgetting tiredness you fly towards the sailboat at top speed!
  3060. >Right as you get close enough to see the smaller details, like the ponies aboard, something happens however.
  3061. >On the island on the left a strange, gargantuan monster reaches out and crushes the ship!
  3062. >The little white beacon of hope, just… gone!
  3063. >You still see survivors though, maybe you can fly in and pull-
  3064. >From the depths below, on the right, great tentacles emerge and pull all of the survivors down below the waves.
  3065. >A minute later nothing remains, as if there wasn’t even a ship there, ever.
  3066. >All along you have been sitting in your cloud fort, staring through the porthole at the scene unfolding, frozen in terror.
  3067. >Why must this happen to you every time?!
  3068. >You almost start to cry, but the sniffing and growling of that ship-crushing, building sized /thing/ prevents you from making as much as a peep.
  3069. >Quickly propelling your cloud fort away from the site of tragedy, you continue going northwards.
  3070. >Perhaps… you will find some sort of a settlement soon.
  3071. >Maybe a port.
  3072. >Or just an outpost.
  3073. >Anything, really.
  3074. >You just want to finally get back to civilization and not witness it being destroyed by something.
  3075. >...
  3076. >Are you cursed?
  3077. >Based on the events of the past week… you must be.
  3078. >But why, why would you be punished like that?!
  3079. >Did you do something to earn this?
  3080. >Or was it something you said?
  3081. >For whatever reason that awful night above the ocean returns to your mind.
  3082. >There, holding on for dear life, you remember seeing something in the water below.
  3083. >Something even bigger than that monster on that island.
  3084. >Something more than just a monster, your subconscious tells you.
  3085. >Perhaps it heard your wish to leave and never return.
  3086. >You shudder at the thought.
  3087. >This is /not/ what you meant, at all…
  3089. ---------
  3091. >Be in a harness.
  3092. >Again.
  3093. >This is not fair!
  3094. >You only escaped from Lyra just… like… every time... oh.
  3095. >Okay, it’s fair /to Lyra/, you suppose.
  3096. >You must be Summer then, feeling a level of exasperation you hadn’t felt in a looong while.
  3097. >Well, you can’t do much about it, not really.
  3098. >The harness is latched closed on your back, so you can’t reach it.
  3099. >Trying to make it unstuck by rubbing your back onto various surfaces does not work either.
  3100. >Really, you tried.
  3101. >This leaves you stuck with the feeling of being bound, like in a prison!
  3102. >What did you do to deserve this?!
  3103. >...
  3104. >Oh, right, you always escape Lyra.
  3105. >Gah, Lyra, this is your fault!
  3106. >Turning rather furious, you angrily buzz around Lyra, blocking her line of sight from the newspaper she’s reading.
  3107. >Left, right, left, right!
  3108. >Angery face!
  3109. >”Summer, what are you doing?!” Lyra asks you in mild shock but more amusement.
  3110. >Left, right, left, right, really fast!
  3111. >”Summer, stop it, you will give yourself vertigo!” Lyra warns you but you care not for such silly words!
  3112. >What is even ‘vertigo’?
  3113. >Is it a food or a drink??
  3114. >Lyra’s face turns more annoyed than anything, alright, it’s working!
  3115. >Left, right, left, right!
  3116. >Huh, why is the room spinning?
  3117. >“Ah, Summer, watch out!” You hear Lyra warning you, but the room spins too fast for you to see her!..
  3118. >Everything goes black…
  3119. >...
  3120. >Why are you lying down on the rug?
  3121. >And why is the room still spinning?
  3122. >”Oh gosh, what do I do?” Sounds up the voice of Lyra from the spinny room, but you can’t really keep your eyes open.
  3123. >”Okay, okay, keep it calm, just make sure she is fine…”
  3124. >You feel hooves poking you and pulling you up by the harness.
  3125. “Blech.” You let out, sticking out your tongue for good measure.
  3126. >”Oh, she’s fine… phew.” Lyra sighs, returning you onto the rug.
  3127. >It’s not a nice feeling, definitely not snug either.
  3128. >Eventually, after what feels like an eternity but must have been like 5 minutes, you start to feel alright.
  3129. >With the spinning stopped (more or less), you manage to stand up and look around.
  3130. >Lyra is back on the couch, still reading the newspaper.
  3131. >Secretly you hope to unlock that skill, just so you can glance at a gleam of information from what she spends so long in perusing, everyday.
  3132. >For now however, you are stuck in a mildly spinning room, in a harness, on a rug, and with the /need/ to fly!
  3133. >Testing your wings, you see and feel that everything’s normal, so you take off and…
  3134. >”No, Summer, you have had enough of that. Why don’t you sit back there and play with your dolls?” Lyra asks you, pulling on the harness with her magic, effectively immobilizing you.
  3135. >To make her point, she also levitates the ‘dolls’ to you.
  3136. >They are action figures, not dolls!
  3137. >You shoot her an angry glance, but, well, you do like your action figures…
  3138. >Maybe Papanon will find his way home while you play.
  3140. ----------
  3142. >Be sitting back on Anon’s comfy couch.
  3143. >It’s really nice to be here, trusted with his home and daughter.
  3144. >As well as his oats, can’t forget about that.
  3145. >So, you are Lyra then, the foalsitter.
  3146. >You were worried about Summer giving herself vertigo, but everything turned out alright in the end.
  3147. >You would rather have it this way instead, having constant fun got you in situations that you can see were bad for your health.
  3148. >Both in the short and long term.
  3149. >Like that time when you nearly broke a lot of bones, if not for falling into that well placed hay bale.
  3150. >Or that you are getting kinda fat.
  3151. >But how would you painlessly get rid of your extra weight?
  3152. >Bon Bon mentioned Rarity yesterday, so you could probably make some time to meet with her and ask for some tips.
  3153. >You know she’s generous enough to share her little secrets, hehe.
  3154. >Though… Now that you think about it, that moment yesterday…
  3155. >What was that look on Anon’s face?
  3156. >Let alone on Bonny’s?
  3157. >Not quite sure about what to think, you instead decide to finish reading the newspaper and go on a walk.
  3158. >Also bring Summer along, can’t let her stay alone, after all.
  3159. >Three minutes later Summer, both of her dolls and you are by the front door, ready to leave.
  3160. >It doesn’t take long to convince her if you know the right words to say.
  3161. >The promise of ice cream, which you would also partake in but intentionally refuse to, is a surefire way to win her over.
  3162. >And so, the two of you are on the streets of the town, trotting at a leisurely pace.
  3163. >Well, you are trotting and Summer Is flying by you, like some strange balloon.
  3164. >You see some ponies look at you and smile, some even giggle.
  3165. >It’s not a sight they can see everyday, after all.
  3166. >But everypony knows that Summer is Anon’s daughter and that you are just foalsitting her.
  3167. >After all, how could she be yours?
  3168. >It’s an interesting idea, to find out whose foal she is, but it’s not like you have the means to fi-
  3169. “Oof!” You grunt, running straight into a distraught looking Bon Bon!
  3170. >Thankfully Summer didn’t get yanked, her harness has a rather long leash, allowing her the freedom she desires.
  3171. >”Lyra! Oh thank goodness I found Summer and you, we need to talk with Anon!” She tells you, but so fast, you can barely follow!
  3172. “W-what? Talk with Anon? Why?” You manage to utter, fighting back your confusion.
  3173. >”It’s about Summer, you will understand when I tell him!”
  3174. >Well, no point in standing between a mare and her mission.
  3175. “Alright, lead the way.” You agree, nodding to her.
  3177. ----------
  3179. >Be looking over a port town.
  3180. >It’s finally over.
  3181. >You have reached civilization.
  3182. >You could almost cry, by just looking at the tiny shapes of distant ponies, moving about, doing everyday, mundane things.
  3183. >Oh, no, you're crying.
  3184. >Come on.
  3185. >You are a marely mare, you can overpower this urge.
  3186. >...
  3187. >Ah, damn it all, you are crying and it’s okay!
  3188. >With tears of relief and joy flowing out of your eyes, you head towards the port town at full speed.
  3189. >You will keep your cloud fort, there is no question about it.
  3190. >Thus, you are hidden from the curious eyes of ponies, preventing them from seeing you crying like a colt.
  3191. >A few minutes later your tears dry up, and so does the fur on your face.
  3192. >You probably look refreshed and happy!
  3193. >As a professional like you /should/ look!
  3194. >Arriving at the port, you quickly tie your cloud fort to an anchor post, then land on the very much pony-made wooden planks of the dock and trot towards the town proper with a smile on your lips.
  3195. >The dock workers are giving you strange looks.
  3196. >Is it because you are so well known, they recognize you?
  3197. >You just smile at them and ignore them after.
  3198. >A minute later you are in some sort of a market… a fish market!