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Collection of Starlight shorts from Glimmer threads

Created: 27th April 2022 06:20:08 PM
18th June 2022 08:49:49 PM

[1] .:: Serenity ::. 37737253;

~~ A night of pleasant dreams. Sun's warmth. Sound of a page turning. There's something tickling your nose.


Starlight smiles and puts her book away as she notices you rousing from your sleep.

From her eyes you can tell she's still not fully awake.

Her hair hasn't been brushed, it splays out over her pillow in a mass of tangles and knots

Somehow, it just makes her look even more perfect.

"Good morning honey"

"Morning.." You reply, dreamily as you pull yourself closer to her

You wrap your arms around her, you tangle a leg between hers and press the full length of your body against her

You lean in for a kiss and your fingers instinctively begin rubbing her ears and running through her hair as one kiss becomes many.

You close your eyes and enjoy the sublime sense of calm as your aching need to be close to her feels satisfied, if only for a short time.

[2] .:: Fortunate circumstances ::. 38299614; 38299618;

~~ Evening dew, on a cold spring breeze. The heart yearns for a companion on this day.

It's your second hearts and hooves day in Equestria

The one last year just came and went for you since you didn't know what it was all about

Turns out its literally just Equestrian Valentine's Day

The school day had officially ended here in Twilight's School of Friendship

You see colts and fillies running around the school grounds, some flustered from the attention they're receiving while others were giving out hugs all around

You finally reach the door to Starlight's office

You’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for this mare

She was one of the first ponies to befriend you after all

Holding plant tonics in one hand, as per her request, your free hand knocks on her door

A muffled voice answers

"Hold on! We're just about finished here."

A minute or so passes and you see a young dragon leave the councilor's office with the councilor herself in tow, looking a bit frazzled

"Are you going to be alright?"

The dragon doesn’t answer immediately and instead looks down at her feet

This prompts Starlight to speak once again

”Like I said, ‘love’ and ‘romance’ really isn’t my field of expertise so I’m really sorry that I can’t provide much help on that topic.”

”But if you feel like you need an expert’s insight, I could always forward a message to Princess Cadance on your behalf.”

The dragon finally manages to force a smile

”Thanks, Councilor Starlight. I’ll keep that mind”

Both you and Starlight watch the dragon walk away until you break the silence

What was that all about?

”Sorry, Anon. Student – councilor confidentiality. I can’t give out the details.

I’m willing to bet it was all about unrequited loooove

The mare is not amused

Oh. Yes. By the way I have the thing you ordered.

She beams up at the news and quickly snatches her delivery from your hands with her magic

You follow her into her office to see what it’s for

You see Starlight watering a wilted potted fern sitting on her desk with a diluted solution of the magical plant tonics you had delivered her

”Oh Phiwis! I’m so sowwy that I let your beautiful leaves fall into the sad state that they’re in now. But donchu worry! Mommy’s got the thing to fix you right up!”

Hearing Starlight not only talk to her plant but baby talk to it had sent you into a dissociative state

This mare’s got some problems

But you think it’s cute anyway

”Thanks for the delivery, Anon. I’ve been too swamped with my work here that I sometimes forget to take care of Phyllis here”

She prods the plant with her hoof

Ah don’t mention it, Glimmy. It’s part of my job.

Starlight continues to watch her pet plant intensely

So, hearts and hooves day huh? Got any plans for tonight?

Her face turns dour

”No. I was actually hoping that I could clock out early today and pick some things up for my room.”

There’s something going on here

You want to pry but you realize that she’s probably not in the mood for it


Listen, me and Spike were planning a colt’s night out but that lil fucker flaked on me the moment Rarity asked him to come over and help her with some dresses she’s making for today. The little bastard.

She looks at you, waiting for you to finish talking

We had already had a table reserved in one of those new restaurants in town. It’s one of the few places where we could eat meat! It’d be a shame to let the reservation go to waste and I’m not keen on eating alone on Valen—Hearts and hooves day.

”Anon, are you asking me to go on a date with you on this day of all days?”

You feel blood travelling towards your face, causing your cheeks to blush

If it makes you feel any better, we could ask Trixie to tag along! We could drop by her wagon while we shop for the stuff you need for your room!

You manage to blurt out

”No! It’s fine! I was just teasing you.”

She laughs, causing you to laugh too, which eases your nerves a bit

”I love Trixie but sometimes, that mare can get too intense, as you might already know.”

”Especially on a day like this.”

What? Trixie has trouble with finding dates? I’d always thought that she was a bit of a coltkiller.

”Oh the things you don’t know, Anonymous”

You begin to wonder what kind of marecel shit Trixie gets up to on days like these

”Anyway, I’ll finish up with things here. I’ll meet you outside in a few.”

Yeah I’ll freshen up a bit before we leave. Meet you by the steps?


She seems to be in a chipper mood now

”Can’t believe Anon’s taking me out to a date! Lucky me!”

You stick your tongue out at her for teasing you before jokingly slamming the door to her office behind you

You can hear her faint laughter through the door

If you’re being honest with yourself, you felt your heart skip hearing a little hearing the mare’s laughter

You sure are one lucky human

[3] .:: Closeness ::. 30829012;

~~ To cross the line between friends and something more.


"Oh, you're right! It does look like Spike, hahah!"

You force a chuckle to try and keep her oblivious to the fact that you've been smelling her mane for the past five seconds

It's not your fault! She just smells so good

And she's so cute

And smart

And beautiful


She lifts and turns her head to meet your gaze, her front hooves still on your thigh

Way too close to--

No! No, she's a great friend, and a pony

And there's no way she'd like you like that anyway

"Are you okay?"

She asks worriedly

"Why do you ask?"

"Well I don't know, you've been spacing out a lot today,"

That's bound to happen if you're to pass the entire afternoon so close to her

And even though glimglam has always been the 'distant' kind of pony, she's been warming up a lot to you, so much that she doesn't mind you invading her personal space, or her invading yours, the same way she's doing now

You just can't keep your eyes off of her

Especially her eyes

"and you've been sniffing a lot too, are you sick?"

Your eyes widen in surprise

You can't believe she caught that!

Maybe pony ears are more sensitive--

Before you can react, her forehoof is against your forehead

"Mmmh... your temperature seems okay, but you do seem kind of red right now,"

You can't stop your nostrils from flaring when the closeness of her hoof sends a whiff of her scent--

She's just so close! You could simply lean forward and you'd be able to bury your nose in the nape of her neck--

You gotta move

It's a miracle that she can't yet hear the thumping of your heart

[4] .:: Sweet revenge ::. 30731746;

~~ How about you pick on someone your own size! Boop!


Anon keeps teasing and bullying ponies because he's so much bigger and stronger

It's slowly getting on glimmy's nerves

Let's give him some of his own medicine

She casts a spell to grow slightly bigger than him

Maybe more than slightly

She doesn't want to hurt him or anything tho, simply push him a bit and making him understand that he should lay down the teasing, or else

But it doesn't work, he's not even intimidated

He even boops her!

With that superior smirk of his still stuck on his face

Oh, she'll show him!

She boops him

He's taken aback at first

Hah! That'll show him--

But then, he counter boops her


And again

The booping contest soon turns into wrestling

She, being way stronger than him right now, easily pins him down

Her turn to be all smug

Tries to sermon him, the exact same way Twilight would

But the understanding nod doesn't come, all he does is groan and roll his eyes, while trying to squirm away from her grasp

With no success, she's the alpha now

She's the big guy, the one on top

But then, she slowly realizes how much fun she's having

And starts to understand Anon's point of view

She soon enough forget about the initial reason of their situation, and enjoys it more and more

And she enjoys it more and more the more he writhes and whines

He's so weak and powerless now

She could do literally anything to him, and he couldn't do anything about it


[5] .:: Too cute to lewd ::. 30545986;

~~ Not wanting to eat the cake.

"Help me Anon!"

"Fuck no!"

"Please! I need you to fuck me!"

"You're a horse! I can't fuck horses!"

"Who cares about that?! I've got a hole and you've got a dick, don't you?!"

"No! I can't, you're too cute to be lewd!"

"Wha-What the fuck, that doesn't make any sense! Look!"

She turns around and flags her tail up high

"Look at me! Look at how wet I am! I'm nearly dripping with juices! And look at my clit winking at you, isn't that lewd enough?!"

"Well then go find a stallion or something, or maybe use your magic to make it stop!"

"No! That's not the same, I want it to be you! I want you to fuck me!"

"And I'm not going to fuck you!"

"Please Anon! Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseeeeee, I need it! I need to feel your big dick fill my slutty, sloppy fuckhole! I want to feel your huge monkey dick throb inside of me and spurt all of your baby batter until I can't take it anymore! I want you to fill my little womb to the brim, so much that I'd be dripping your love juice everywhere for the next two days!"

"No way fag!

[6] .:: Romantic dreams ::. 31239044; 31241481;

~~ Thoughts of a loved one from a place of desire, lust and love.

ywn find yourself on a train with glimmy, in a private compartment lit with a dim filtering of sunlight from a single window like pic related but with red leather seating and probably love hearts on the walls like all pony constructions.

Both of you on a journey together to the crystal empire or some other far off place.

ywn chat away about inconsequential things for a while, her explaining magical concepts to you, you blathering on about whatever happens to be tickling your autism this week.

swn eventually move over to your side of the compartment as the day moves on, leaning hard into your body with her forelegs wrapped around your arm and a quiet little smile on her face.

swn straddle herself onto your lap with a mischievous grin and begin kissing you hard and repeatedly as you run your hands up and down her back, through her impressively thick mane to her cute little ears that twitch and move to accommodate your hands as you scratch them.

ywn feel the intense heat of her body and the drum of her heart as it beats rapidly against your own, her coat feeling like heaven as you hold her in your arms.

ywn press your forehead into the flat of her horn and close your eyes as she ssshhhh's you and begins to grind her round horse ass into your lap.

ywn turn her around and take her from behind, her forelegs bracing against the chair opposite you as she slowly slides her mare pussy up and down the length of your cock, quivering and tightening her muscles as she goes.

ywn look up into her beautiful blue eyes staring back at you intently and understand in that moment just how safe, self assured and most of all how lucky you make her feel in every second you spend together.

swn stare back into your eyes and understand the same thing about you.

I always think about this, i don't know but there's something very hot to me about an impulsive, spur of the moment bout of private-public sex.
//Another Anon adds..
Yes, this is perfect Anon
She's also the kind to do exactly that, impulsively decide on a whim that she wants a hug, or a kiss, or far more
Not at first of course, I don't think she'd be 'shy', but she'd be scared as hell to say something wrong, a bit like her 'I like kites' confession, but instead asking for a kiss, while she's sheepishly tugging at the end of your shirt
But past the first few weeks and dates? Oh boy
If you make her understand that you love every little bit of affection coming from her, anywhere, anytime, then she'd be more than okay with pulling you out to the side for a kiss, or even a quickie
She could hide the both of you with her magic and fuck you in the middle of the park or something
While another mare would go 'Kissing in public?! Are you nuts?! Nuzzling only!', she'd go all fuck the police and wouldn't give a shit, at least if nopony can see you

Fuck, I can't wait to see her become REALLY confident again

[7] .:: Heat ::. 31735486;

~~ Body burning, eyes begging.


tfw ywn be together during her heat

tfw ywn calm her frustration and tell her it's going to be okay and that you'll make her feel better

tfw ywn sit in on the floor and hold her between your legs and lean her back into your chest telling her to spread her hind legs open

tfw ywn rub her chest and belly and listen to her breathing and feel her heartbeat

the ywn slowly move your hands further down and start playing with her teats and nipples

tfw ywn in the silence of the room hear her pussy start winking as she quietly pants

tfw ywn finally reach a bit further down and cup her dripping pussy in your hand and feel her wink into your palm

tfw ywn start to rub her off as you keep one hand on her soft chest and feel her heart rate and hear her breathing both gradually increase as you bring her closer to her orgasm

tfw ywn for not one moment consider denying her that or teasing her at all because that's not what she deserves

tfw ywn hold her tighter against you and start kissing her neck as she gets closer to the edge

tfw ywn hear her breath hitch and her body tense up suddenly when she reaches her climax

tfw ywn hear her gently moan and whimper as she rides out her orgasm, humping into your hand as you whisper into her ear how beautiful and special she is and how much you love her

tfw ywn slow the speed of your rubbing as her orgasm winds down so as to not over stimulate her

tfw ywn lay there for a few minutes rubbing her chest and belly and letting her relax in the afterglow

tfw ywn hear her mumble a thank you and that she loves you before drifting off to sleep

tfw ywn gently pick her up and carry her to bed and fall asleep with her in your arms

[8] .:: We'll go together ::. 30196265;

~~ In case you wanted to feel bad about leaving a thread before it's archived.

Glimmer was inconsolable.

She just wouldn't stop crying.

"There, there! Don't you worry. I will be with you until the end."

You comment makes Starlight's wailing to increase in intensity.


"You will abandon me just like all the others."

The sniveling little pony pressed herself against you as if trying to drown you in her tears.

"I promise I will stay here with you until we all dissipate into the next thread."

"I can't trust you!"

"Yes you can."

She kept bawling, and you kept comforting her.

"You know... if you let me control your mind, I would feel a lot safer." she looked up at you.

"We've been over this. You shouldn't use that. It's a false sense of security."

"Well, better a false sense than no sense at all!"

"You need to learn to trust me. See? I'm still here."

"You're not the one being abandoned over and over again. I am!"

"But I haven't abandoned you."

"Not yet! But you will. Just like all the others in this thread."

You hug her real tight. So she feels you not letting go.

"Soon we will all move as the solid state of the archive appears. But I will stay with you until then."

"But all the others left..." she whispers.

It would seem she did feel a bit better now. But you hug her tight for good measure.

"Oh, kids you know... run around like mad. Don't worry about it. You'll soon get to see them again."
"Let's start our own thread. We can call it ‘We who doesn't abandon Glimmy' thread.

She sits up and looks you in the eyes.

"One where I can be sure is filled with loyal friends who doesn't think I'm a fad you can toss between threads like Pinky is tossed around backstage at a Countess Coloratura concert."

"You know I will follow you wherever you go. But trust me. I think we should follow the rest. They probably ran ahead to organize a surprise party."

"You think so?"

"Well, you can't trust their attention-span but it was probably their intentions."

[9] .:: Affection ::. 32589169;

~~ Stay with me - for just a little bit longer.


You arrive in equestria.

Weird faggot appearing of course catches attention.

You're assigned counseling at the friendship school.

It's Starlight.

You know her.

You just talk it out like you're supposed to, she listens but she's unprofessional so she keeps blurting out personal information and giving input.

She gets closer and closer to you as time goes by, she seems to anticipate your visits.

You seem to be able to recall literally everything she tells you about the things she loves and it seems to mean a lot to her.

At some point you visit on a cold day

She gives you a blanket and actually walks up and pulls it around herself too

She's sitting right up next to you, you can feel her fur against your leg.

You feel like your sessions have lost all structure and you just spend your time talking about whatever comes up.

Your heart is beating so hard you find it hard to believe she can't hear it.

Thoughts racing through your head

She looks at you and you can see behind her eyes that the same thing is happening within her.

I've been thinking about this scenario a lot lately. I just get stuck on that moment and i can't think past it,
I wouldn't want it to end

[10] .:: The look ::. 30764490;

~~ No words needed.


You will never come home to find her giving you this look


You know what it means by now

You know what she wants, what she wants from you

You know what she expects of you

And you know she can see exactly how and how much it affects you

This simple thing

This simple thing that seems so small and so... trivial, a simple look

There's not another soul in this world that could understand what it means, what she's wordlessly telling you right now

Not another that would feel the way you do by staring into those huge, beautiful eyes of hers

She can see that you've passed another boring, tiring day at work

She knows you so well

And she can see the bulge growing from your crotch, her smirk widening ever so slightly, telling you that she understands that this is exactly what you needed

What you want

And telling you that she'd be more than happy to oblige

[11] .:: Pleasure ::. 31671813; 31671818;

~~ Love me.

"Tell me you love me,"

she finishes by giving your tip a big sloppy kiss


"Tell me how much you love me, please,"

she pleads, voice and eyes filled with need as she starts peppering the underside of your cock with soft kisses, before making her way down, her soft pecks turning to slow licks here or there

but hearing her, you could think that she's the one receiving the blowjob

"Why? Something happened?"

she keeps the tip of her snoot pressed against your cock as she makes her way back up, giving your frenulum an eskimo kiss and her eyes leaving yours only for a second to stop on the bead of pre that just formed on your slit, before they come back up to lock with yours as her lips part and her tongue comes out to instantly lap it up

fuck, you can't believe how good she is at this

"N-no, I just want to hear it, I need it, Anon, please, just tell me,"

"I can't say something like that while you're sucking my cock, glimmy, that's cheating!"

you half tease, half groan as she keeps lovingly tending to your pride, but you still move one of your hands forward, cupping her cheek and stroking it using your thumb


you can't really read her expression right now

is she serious? is this some kind of game?

is she doubting your feelings for her?

"Because you're sucking my cock! And making a damn fine job at it too,"

she frowns a bit, but doesn't instantly respond, giving your cock another kiss as she leans further into your touch

"I don't get it, why is it such a big deal?"

"Well, I don't know, it'd be like... like if I proposed to you as I was eating you out, it wouldn't be... you know?"

she blinks when your words reach her, and then she freezes completely

oh shit, did you fuck it up?!

oh come on, not in the middle of a bj, no, no no no nooo--




"I want it!"

wait what

"W-wait, Starlight, wait a second, I was just--"

"Yes! Let's get married!"

how the fuck did this happen

"Wait! No, just--just wait a second--"


her expression goes 180 and goes from hopeful to broken in the blink of an eye, ears drooping and mouth forming that pout she always does whenever she thinks she fucked up real bad

"No! No, I didn't mean no, wait, Starlight, let's just calm down for a second--"

"W-why not? I-I-I'll be a good wife! I-I'll learn how to cook meat for you and I'll give you all the blowjobs you want and--"

"For fucks sake Starlight! You're sucking my cock!"

she's taken aback by your tone

you really didn't mean to sound like that--

"O-Oh! Sorry, you're right! I forgot!"

and with that she opens her mouth wide and swallows your entire length in one go


you groan again, half because of the, more than welcome, sensation, and half because she still somehow missed the meaning of your words


she gags as you reach her deepest parts, but still stays buried into your crotch, eyes opening and shooting up to look at you, obviously waiting for some kind of praise from you

but that's not really what's on your mind right now, especially when you notice the tears forming in the corner of her eyes, showing that she's either straining herself, or that your words hurt her

"Starlight, stop, don't,"

you take hold of her face, hands gently cupping her cheek, and you pull her out

you feel her insides stroke the entire length of your cock on its way out, and you have to stop your animal urges from reversing the process and forcing it back again

but the coughs escaping her as your crown reappears is more than what you could've needed

"W-what? Why? J-just let me try again, I can do it, like a good wife!"

you groan again and roll your eyes

she's such a silly pony sometimes

[12] .:: Code purple ::. 30852515;

~~ Ring ring.

"Hey glimmypoo, what's up--"


You blink in surprise from the hushed scream coming from the phone

"W-what, what's happening, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm okay, but we got a code purple on our hooves!"

You sigh in relief, knowing that she's not in danger

You think

"Huh... is that the Trixie being drunk or the Twilight asking you to go on magical friendship adventures with her and your friends--"

"I can't go with them!"

"Why not?"

"Because it'll be boring and they'll force me to sing songs and dance and whatever namby pamby things they always do on those trips,"

"Well, maybe you could give it a try? Who knows, you could like it,"

"But I'd rather spend the weekend with my coltfriend,"

"Awww, you're so sweet~,"

"But you've got to help me!"

"Have you tried telling them no?"

"I can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"What if Twilight gives me that disappointed look she always gives when she's disappointed in me!"

"Oh come on, she's not that--"

"And what if Fluttershy look at me with her puppy eyes?!"

"Just don't look--"

"And what if Rainbow and Rarity start smirking and making dirty innuendos assuming that I'm planning to pass the entire weekend in bed!"

"They wouldn't be wrong tho--"


[13] .:: In sickness ::. 30240026; 30240034;

~~ Starlight has fallen ill.



You lift your hand to Starlights face, brushing away the lock of mane covering her face.

This earns you a pained but appreciative smile.

You give her a worried smile in return.

Your heart was aching.

Starlight Glimmer was sick.

You sigh softly as you watch the mare you love wince in pain.

Seeing Glimmer like this tore you up inside.

And so, being the loving and concerned special somep0ny you are, you decided to take up Starlight Glimmer nursing duty.

“Really Anon, I’m doing much better. You don’t have to be here…” She says as she tries to sit up, hoping that in doing so she will prove her point.

You watch as she grunts and slowly rises.

All you can do is sigh and try to coerce her into laying back down.

She complies, albeit after a very, very weak struggle.

Frowning, you turn and pick up the wet rag to the side and wring it, forcing out all of the water.

“Don’t worry Star, I won’t get sick” You say to her as you lay the cool, soothing clothe against her forehead.


You bend down and give her lips a gentle kiss.

She is taken aback by this.

Her eyes go wide as she takes in the kiss, lips trembling softly as they press against yours.

As her eyes gently shut, a small smile makes its way across her face.

The two of you stay this way for a few minutes before you decide to break apart.

You pull back and look down at the now timid mare; smiling gently at her.

She looks up at you with a slight blush and smiles back.

“Just let me take care of you, okay?” You say in a mild commanding tone.

“Okay” She replies, slightly dazed.

“Good” You hum as you return to your work.

Reaching down, you tug the sheets from around her waist and pull them up towards her neck.

She snuggles into the bed, her eyes gently closing.

Taking advantage of her relaxed state; your hands roam over to the sides of the bed and move to tuck her in.

A soft, quiet giggle escapes her as your fingers ‘accidentally’ find their way under her rump.

Your heart flutters.

You go red and pull back, grinning all the while.

Your fingers flex as you think back to the feeling of having them under her.

Shaking the thought out of your head, you bend down and give her cheek as soft peck before standing up and making your way over to the other side of the room.

Starlight pokes an eye out and watches you as you go and grab the chair from her desk before returning to her side.

“Don’t leave okay, Anon” She yawns out, her tired eyes locking onto yours.

You smile as you look back at the droopy eyed mare.

“I won’t” You reply simply.

She takes this and lets out a small, comforted yawn as she begins to wriggle deeper into her covers.

You smile down gently at the mare.

Your hand makes its way towards her ear, giving it a faint scratch.

It twitches before settling into your hand.

She hums in happy exhaustion, seemingly too tired to do anything else.

“I’ll be here when you wake up” You say as Starlight begins to drift off.

“Mmm” She says as she finally falls asleep.

You sit there and watch the small unicorn finally getting some well-deserved rest.

You watch as the sheets rise and fall in tempo with her light breathing.

“I love you Starlight” You say as she nuzzles into her pillow.

You grin.

Seeing that you don’t have much to do in the foreseeable future, you turn and grab a book to the side of the bed and begin flipping through it.

The sound of her cute little snores fill the room as you skim through the story book.

You remain there, reading and waiting.

You don’t want to leave her.

You want her to know that you are here for her.

Through sickness and in health.

Settling into your chair, you read and wait for Starlight to wake up; ready to nurse that sick little pony back to up to her healthy and vibrant self.

[14] .:: Devotion ::. 37990525;

~~ Honey, I'm out to get some groceries.

You're walking to the market to buy some fresh greens

The bushes rustle

Your wife pops out with a slightly deranged smile on her face

"Starlight, what are you doing?"

"Just coming to make sure you're okay! Ponyville is a pretty dangerous place, after all."

"It's the middle of the day and Ponyville is one of the safest towns in the world."

"Nonsense. And remember what I said I'd do if I ever caught you sneaking out again?"

"I'm not sneaking out. I told you where I was going before I left."

Starlight looks around nervously. A few passing ponies are giving her strange looks.

"What are you looking at, horseface?! Keep your eyes off my precious Nonny or I'll gouge your-!"

You grab her muzzle and close it shut.

You sigh

She can get pretty embarrassing at times, but it's all worth it for her crazy yandere knifeplay sex

[15] .:: Prick of a pin ::. 34862931;

~~ This might be a little low, but in the long run Anon will be thanking me for this. - If he discovers, of course.

You look down at the condom Starlight levitated into your hand with a frown, idly licking a little marejuice from your lip.

The panting unicorn looks up at you with a small grin and mischief in her eyes.

She's up to something.

Oh. Now you get it. It's some kind of test.

You laugh and toss the condom over your shoulder.

"What kind of faggot shit is that? Honey, your fertile cunt is going to pound town."

Star blinks, her expression turning to surprise. "What?"

You ignore the question and rip off your pants, aching for that pink pony pussy.

...Or is her coat purple?


"Nevermind, it'll be good pillow talk."

Starlight Glimmer was then viciously impregnated.

[16] .:: Scarlet Streets ::. 30988752;

~~ For quenching one's lust, there's always a price to pay.

Be Anon in Equestria

Finding work was difficult at first

But you quickly learned that having hands opened particularly lucrative lines of business

It's late; you're leaning against a wall by an alley, waiting for your Jane

You spot a nervous-looking Starlight Glimmer heading your way, and you smirk

As she approaches, you turn towards her

"Hey there, beautiful! You look like you've had a rough day! Need some help relaxing?"

She glances around to make sure nobody's looking, before looking back up to you and nodding

You jerk your head towards the alley and head in, and she reluctantly follows

You unlock the metal door leading to your place of business and sweep your arm out emphatically

"Here we are! Mi Casa Su Casa~"

It's little more than a dirty supply closet with a mattress on the floor, but it provides the privacy your clients desire

You plop down on the mattress as she shakily steps into the room and closes the door

"So, what'll it be? Ear scratches? Belly rubs? Maybe a little half 'n half?"

She scratches her foreleg and swallows hard

"D-do you, um, do you maybe do b-boops?"

You try your best to conceal your disgust

You fail

"You have to pay to get booped?"

She furrows her brow in frustration

"D-do you do them or not!?"

You shrug

"I'll do just about anything for the right price."

She tosses a small purse of coins towards you, and you catch them

Feeling their reassuring heft, you smile

"It's a pleasure doing business with you, miss~"

She feebly smiles and approaches you

Only to be stopped by the door slamming open


She nearly jumps out of her skin as she spins in place to the officer in the doorway

"W-what? But I-I didn't-"

The officer holds up a pair of cuffs and a magic suppressor

"This is a sting operation, ma'am. We caught everything on tape."

Glimmer's withers sag, and she turns towards you with questioning eyes

"Don't worry, missy, I'm sure there are plenty of ponies who'd love to boop you in jail."

[17] .:: Ponies and pants ::. 30226283; 30226287;

~~ The inconsistencies have come to pique your curiosity and a question bubbles up.
"Glimmer," you ask, "can I ask you something? Why don't ponies wear clothes?"

"Well, why do you always wear clothes?"

"Where I come from, genitals are called privates. It would be embarrassing and shameful for anyone but your significant other to see you nude."

"That's... to be honest, I often feel embarrassed about everypony being able to see my mare parts. I've noticed you sneak glances at them too. I sometimes try to cover my.. "privates" with my tail, but our tails are naturally raised. Everypony can just.. see them."

"Why don't ponies wear clothes?"

"Our tails, I think. They prohibit any attempt to cover ourselves back there. Clothing would have to fit snugly around the base, but then how would we get it on? Even panties would just go to one side of the tail exposing the.. anus, and that's even less couth than just letting it all show. So we're naked. We deal with it."

"Didn't that make middle school awkward?"

"You mean stallions? Yeah, they sometimes got erections. We tried to pretend we didn't notice, but for some of them, it went halfway up their bellies. The worst was when they tried to cover it with their hooves as if that would help."

"Wow. I hadn't realized that tails could have such an effect."

"Yeah, they do. And to be honest, I think that your wearing clothes is beginning to make other ponies uncomfortable. You're here to stay. Take them off, anon. Let's go for a walk."

Glimmer lifts you up with her magic and violates your personal space as she undresses you despite your protests. She doesn't care.

After stripping you of your shirt and shoes, she unzips your pants and pulls them down together with your underwear. You are erect.

You put your hand over your privates as she pulls off your pants and drops you, naked.

"Anon, what did I tell you about how covering yourself makes it more awkward. Come on, let's go outside."

As you race toward your clothes, they disappear in a pop of magic.

Still covering your erection, you shout with as much dignity as you can muster,

"Glimmer, what did you do with my clothes!?"

"I teleported them back to your place. If you want them back, you have to walk there. Why are you making such a big deal out of this? We're always naked, as you were so happy to point out. Now you know how it feels. Now let's go."

Glimmer pulls you outside with her magic.

[18] .:: Friendship session with Twilight ::. 30584048;

~~ Alicorns come fully packaged, as Starlight is about to find out.



"W-what, what?"

"Well, I don't know, you're the one poking my back, what's up?"


"Wait, this doesn't feel like a hoof--"

"No, wait!"


"That's a penis."

Twiggy is tomato red, closing her legs as much as she can to hide it from view but doing a poor job of it

"I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to--anh~!"

Glimmy blinks in surprise

"And it's real..."

blabla, feelings

more talking

more I'm so sorry

No no, it's okay, I don't mind

I'll just leave

No wait


You.. huh... you can't leave like that!

Retarded excuses later, glimmy suggests she helps twiggy taking care of her throbbing, dripping problem

She starts using her magic

Then another spell

Then another one

S-stop, starlight, that's too much--nnghh!

Why would it be too much? She's obviously enjoying herself so let's keep going

Add another spell to milk twiggy's prostate

Instant orgasm


Woops, maybe I went a bit overboard

Overboard was making my balls grow to three times their sizes, Starlight!

ahha.. yeah, sorry

You'll be sorry

Twiggy is still horny and starts using spells on starlight much the same way

Then an epic sex magic battle happens, both mares using crazy spells to make the other come

It ends up with twiggy's cock having doubled in size pumping eggs deep inside of starlight's swelling womb

[19] .:: Anon wearing yoga pants ::. 30484890;

~~ about to finish his workout session with a round of squats.


"How much I'd plow that ass if I had a cock--"

"What's that?"

"O-oh, nothing, I was just talking to myself."

You shrug and get back to your squats

"Ohhh~, yeah, just like that,"

You turn your head towards her once more when you hear more mumbling from the mare

And you frown when you see her biting her lip, swiping some sweat from her brow

"Are you okay?"

Your concern gets her out of her stupor, and she shakes her head eagerly

"Y-yes, yes I'm okay, just keep doing whatever you're doing,"

You shrug and get back to it

Then you hear schlicking sounds coming from her, and you gasp when your eyes find her hoof stuck between her hindlegs

"Starlight what the fuck are you doing?!"

Then she rapes you using her magic horsecock and fills your boipussy with her love

[20] .:: Street drama ::. 27792436;

~~ Common decency won't stop Anon and Starlight from enjoying some good old-fashioned public outbursts.


”Oh, Anon! Come join me.”

“What’s going on?”

”Rarity is chewing out Spike again. It looks like he was sneaking into her draws.”

Peering off the castle balcony, you see a flustered Rarity, embarrassed Twilight Sparkle, and shamed Spike standing outside of Carousel Boutique.

Rarity’s yelling get’s louder as you pull up a chair next to Starlight and grab a handful of popcorn.

”I bet you five bits Rarity will make a huge deal of it and parade Spike around town like some sort of dunce.”

“I’ll take your bet and say that she’ll shut herself in for a week until “all” of her “friends” go out of their way to cheer her up.”

”Oh, I like that better, but deal!”

As a crowd gathers a short distance around the drama, you prepare to flip Starlight a fiver, but that’s until Rarity get’s loud of enough to be overheard from your perch.

”I don’t care if he doesn’t know better, he’s nothing more than a no-good scalie!”

The crowd erupts in gasps, lesser mares faint, and Starlight covers her mouth with her hoof while you stare blank faced at the action.

There’s a long pause with the whole of Ponyville staring at Rarity.

”I-I-I I didn’t mean to...I mean... Well I was just so…

She slowly backs into her boutique, and slams the door behind her.

For a few more moments, the crowd sits in silence, until Starlight breaks the silence breaks between the two of you.

”I...I can’t believe Rarity just said the “S”-word.

You also cannot respond, such horror, such disregard for cultural standards. Speaking such language in the public sphere is beyond even you, but your introspection is cut close as you feel Starlight pass five bits your way.

[21] .:: Gentle domination ::. 30790527;

~~ Come here honeybunny. Oh, I wasn't asking~

Rewarding me for something I'd have said, or done, by straddling my face, using her hooves to pull me harder against her petals as I happily lap at any nectar coming out and calling me a good boy and giving my cock a few magic pumps whenever I hit a weak spot

But stopping whenever I get too close, her mischievous smirk widening ever so slightly as I whine and beg for release

But she would have none of it, she'd want my seed inside of her most sacred place

Taking a few seconds to adjust herself, lifting my cock and aligning it with her entrance, and engulfing it all in one go

Not waiting for me to recover, my entire frame still stuck to the soft mattress, still pinned by her magic, as I squirm and moan her name

Telling her how much I love her

Begging her to kiss me

She'd comply, her lips crashing against mine, her throat betraying her by letting out a content sigh, a happy sound telling me how much fun she's having

How much she loves this, how she loves me

Then she'd finally let go of my arms, and I wouldn't wait a second to shoot them forward, wrapping them around her to pull her in even more

She'd pull her rear up, her inside walls clinging to my pride oh so much, but never letting go

And she'd drop down once more

And I'd moan

And she'd moan too

And she'd start building a rhythm, but I wouldn't let her do all the work, my hips meeting hers halfway through in meaty slaps echoing inside the room

Then she'd feel it, she'd know how close I'd be just by the sounds I'd make and the way my body would quake and shiver, my thrusts and pants becoming more and more erratic and my tongue would completely stop battling hers, completely surrendering to hers

"Inside," She'd moan



And I'd comply

Then she'd try to torment me and tease me, asking me if I planned to get her pregnant with how much I came

And she'd blush when I'd tell her that I wouldn't mind that at all

Then we'd have a long, tender, loving pillow talk session

And... idk

[22] .:: Twilight's research into human mating rituals ::. 33134666;

~~ A purely academic foray.

"Wha-what?! No!"

"Why not?!"

"Why?! Because it's weird, Twilight!"

"It's not!"

"It IS!"

"How so?!"

"How?! I swear Twilight, sometimes I really wonder if you even live on the same planet as the rest of us,"

"Because I'm curious?!"

"Because you're asking for us to have sex in front of you while you're taking notes and recording it!"

"I fail to see how that refutes--"

"Ugh! Anon! Back me up here!"

"Eh, it is kinda weird, twibtwab,"

"It's not!"

"Kinda hot too, but still kinda weird,"

"It's not hot!"

"Hey, you just asked for my opinion is all, and I reckon you didn't mind us giving Trixie that little show last heart's warming--"

"What?! Why is Trixie allowed to look and not me?!"

"I-I was drunk!"

"Maybe, but it was still hot,"

"That's not the same!"

"How so?! Because I'm not your 'best friend', that's it?!"

"Ugh, Twilight please!"

"No, no, it's okay, I can see how it is," sniffle

"Oh come on, Twi, don't be like that!"

"I-it's fine, I get it, I guess I just thought that, you know, you would trust me enough to do something like this but I guess we're not close enough, unlike Trixie,"

"Gosh babe, I never thought you could be so cruel to Twilight!"

"You! Don't you dare help her try and guilt trip me into this!"

"I surrender,"

"And you! Trixie watching us was... fine, because she's just a friend, but--"

"And we're not?!"

"--BUT! But you're like, I don't know, a mom or something, and that'd just be weird,"

"A mom...?"

"Y-yeah, you know? Still a friend! A great friend! But--"





"I just made the whole thing even weirder, didn't I?"

"N-no! No, I just didn't think... I never realized you felt this way, Starlight,"

"Yeah, huh... I'm not great at dealing with this kind of stu--ooh, okay, huh, I guess I'll let you hug me, just this once,"

"God, this is just so adorable, I think I'm going to cry,"


[23] .:: Lesson of modesty ::. 30450329;

== ...or a perverted punishment. Potato tomato.

"Oh? Why is your dick getting hard? And look at how much bigger it is than the other stallions, that's not really fair, is it?"

"I-I'm sorry, el presidente! Is because you're beautiful!"

"Mmh~, okay, I'm not going to punish you. This time."


"But we'll still have to do something about this,"

She says as she pokes your member with her hoof, looking at it wobble up and down.

"Don't you think?"

You're not sure of what she wants you to do.

So you wait, eyes nervously flicking left and right.

She rolls her eyes when she sees that the point didn't get through your thick skull.

"See, this is exactly why I don't want you getting so horny,"

She reaches for your pride once more, and it throbs in anticipation, but instead of poking it she pushes it up and pins it against your stomach, her soft fuzzy frog trapping your tip and pressing it against your abdomen.

You think of grunting but you don't want her getting mad.

"And so hard, all the blood in that thing should be going to your brain right now~,"

You think she's mad. She sounds kinda mad, but there's a little quiver in there, and there's the way she eyes your junk...

"So, you're going to take care of it."

And just like that, her touch disappears, your shaft now free dropping and bouncing up and down for a second.

"Take care of it...? You mean--"

"Yes, I mean masturbate. You're going to masturbate to get rid of it. Here. Right now."

You blink.

And only now do you realize how many eyes are staring at you. The entire village, in fact.

"B-but everyone's watching..."

"That's the point. This'll teach everyone a great lesson of modesty and what happens to those who transgress."

You stare at her for another second.

You don't really mind the other ponies staring.

But your dick throbs thinking of her watching you.

"Go ahead, we've got a big day ahead of us."

And she smirks when she sees your hand reach for it.

[24] .:: Reverse rape time ::. 30302141;

== ..for good measure.

"Come on! Put your back into it!"

You pant and groan, but obey.

But it's kind of hard to do it with both arms pinned against the bed.

You simply thrust in sync with her slamming hips.


She's been riding your dick for at least an hour.

Her juices gushes once more, her pearl winking out of its shelter when you hilt.

This might be her third orgasm, at least.

"Please, Starlight, I can't take it, please let me come!"

You beg for the Xth time, and she simply gazes down, grinning, the same way she did every time you begged her for release.

She bites her lip when she sees your broken grimace.

But she keeps the spell on your cock.

You're throbbing, your cum ready to erupt from your overused tip.

"Please, glimglam, I'll do anything..."

You feel her insides clench around your cock when the words hit her, a high pitched squeal escaping her throat.

How she loves being in control...

"Oh~ mmh... o-okay, come, let out everything inside of me, I want to feel your seed fill me up~"

You groan when you finally feel the spell falter, your cock giving another expectant throb.

You're so close...

"T-thank you, oh shit..."

"L-look at me! I want you to look at me when you come! Scream my name!"

Her hips go into overdrive when she screams that, hilting you with every meaty slaps echoing inside the room.

She takes hold of your face and dive down to give your lips an eager peck, before backing away, just an inch, just enough to keep her beautiful eyes into yours.

"Come on Anon! I want you to scream my name! Fill me up!"

You're just so close, your eyes nearly rolling over.

You grunt.

"Yes, ahhhh-Mmmhhh! I LOVE YOU SUNSET"

You scream as you feel yourself explode inside of her, your throbbing tip painting her insides white.

[25] .:: PopTart Glimmer ::. 28122851;

== Thunka thunka thunka.


Thunka thunka thunka thunka thunk-

"Oh for fucks sake..."

You sit up, eyes crusted with morning crumble, frustrated from whoever is beating the shit out of your door.

With a few clicks and pops, you stretch and slide out of bed groggily.

The cold wood floor creaks under each step as you drag your worn body towards the door to greet your visitor.


You clasp the doorknob and yank it open.


"Good morning Anon!"

Once upon a time, Fluttershy would be at your door with a daily fetish guess. It was annoying as hell but cute in some ways.

She got over her obsession with you, but now has been replaced with another Equestrian Shitposter.

"What do you want Starlight? Why are you bothering me at--"

You look to your novelty kitchen Cat Clock.

It's 5:55 A.M.

"Five fifty-five in the fucking morning?!"

She grins at you.

Upon further inspection, you notice she's dressed up as a PopTart.

"What are you doing?"

"W-well I thought I'd come and give you a mouthful of my delicious toaster pastry!"

She turns around, showing she stuffed fruit filling into her vagina.

"What the hell...Does Twilight know you're doing this?"

"It's for friendship!"

"It's for sexual purposes."

"It's dangerously good!"

You rub your temples.


You pick up PopTart Glimmer and toss her into the early morning darkness.

Today was a dangerously good day.

[26] .:: Looking at you ::. 33503731;

~~ Ending a streak of lonely nights, Anon finds himself a date.


It’s hearts and hooves day, and you Anon have the honor of attending a party hosted by Cadence!

At least that’s what everyone’s excuse is for coming. It’s actually a get-together for lonely, socially awkward individuals who couldn’t get a date to save their life.

Not you though! Not this year!

Your lonesome nights of jerking off on Luna pictures and mailing them to her is over! You have your eye on a certain cutie, and you’ve worked up the courage to at least give her a card today of all days!

You see her standing with a friend at the punch bowl across the room.

You’re hugging the wall waiting for your moment.

Starlight glances in your direction catching you staring, while sipping from a cup of juice.

She gasps, looking around at first.

You smile.

She blushes, smiling back, and starts playing with her mane.

You kiss the air in her direction making the unicorn gasp.

She bashfully hides her face, giggling.

Next comes the eyebrow wiggle. Mares love that.

She bites her bottom lip.

Excellent. Now to give her this card and claim your mare.

Feeling your fear turn into exuberant confidence you start to make your way over, past chatting couples to her.

Starlight starts walking towards you with the biggest, blushing grin possible.

You can see hearts in her eyes.

She meets you in the middle-

”Oh Anon...I’ve always lov-“

“Excuse me-“

You weave past Starlight to the waiting Trixie, who makes bedroom eyes at you.

“I made this for you.”

She bites her bottom lip again.

”Trixie accepts. What say we get out of here for some coffee...?”

“You read my mind, good-looking.”

Starlight’s face when you leave with Trixie.

[27] .:: Jousting story ::. 37737253; 37737319; 37737341;

~~ Starlight visits Anon's stables.

"That's a big horse, Anon. I wonder if it likes me!"

Starlight used her magic to boost herself over the fence.

The stallion looked down at her with curiosity. It gave a gentle lick, and then sniffed her mane.

"Haha, look at that massive cock, haha. Imagine how it would feel inside you, haha. Just joking, of course. Heh."

Right on cue, the brown stallion started inhailing deeper and raised its lip in a Flehman response

"First of all, that's so fucked up I don't even kknow how to respond. Second of all, you wouldn't happen to be in heat, would you?"

She looked back at you with half-lidded eyes.

"And if I am? What's the worst that could happen? I get filled and you get a show?"

"I'm pretty sure that's how Mr. Hands died."

"Well, I know just the spell for that!" She responded, her horn glowing as she grew larger and larger.

Yeah, it's pretty obviously time to get the hell out of here before you watched your roommate fuck a barn animal.


She trotted up to you, smelling like horse and sex. Presumably, horse sex was involved.

Your mind was somewhere else, though. Your brother just called to say that your trusty horse was caught in traffic for some ungodly reason. And you were counting on him for the upcoming joust.

"Hey, Anon. Are you having fun? Because I sure did."

You turned to face the smug pony, ready to give her a piece of your mind.

Then you realized something.

She was actually just the right size to carry you.

And you didn't have to worry about steering her. Hell, you could put both hands on the lance.

That would be a massive advantage.

You looked to the crowd gathered for the tilts.

Something like half the women involved in Ren Fairs were in open relationships.

And they all like a knight in literal shining armor, especially if he's a winner.

If you managed to place in the top 3, there would be pussy galore tonight.

And none of that shiveled up MILF shit neither. We're talking about primo BPD artschool dropout pussy. The kind that you actually want to taste.

"Starlight, what's your opinion on saddles and bits?"

She raised an eyebrow.

"Uh, take the bits before you wear the saddle?"

Yeah, she'll do.

"You ready to go?"

Starlight chewed a little on her bit before you pulled it back into position.

You took that as a yes and lowered your visor.

She might be out of shape, be that really didn't matter. All she had to do was carry you in a charge.

As you sped towards the other contestant, the cheers of the crowd dropped away. All you heard was the sound of Starlight's hooves pounding into the dirt. And all you saw was shield you were going to hit.

But you weren't used to riding Starlight. At the very last moment, her gait shifted slightly faster, and your lance tilted just a tiny bit too far up.

You weren't sure what happened next, but you saw your lance shatter against your opponent's helmet.

But he didn't go down, were your next thoughts as you flew backwards off of Starlight and felt yourself smash against the ground.

As you scrambled to get up, you heard even louder cheering from the crowd.

The next thing you knew, Starlight walked over to you and started peeing on your head, to the laughter of those present.

A cute girl walked over and helped you off the ground.

"Hey," she said, her right hand weaving through her hair revealing several cut marks. "I just wanted to tell you that I thought you looked really cool during the joust."

Fucking. Jackpot. You didn't even need to ask if she had low self-esteem or a burning desire for male attention.

Out the corner of your eye, you saw Starlight lean over and whisper into the ear of a well-known schizophrenic.

Looks like a fun night ahead for the both of you.

[28] .:: Angels wait for tomorrow ::. 30289173; 30289214;

~~ Hold on, it won't be long.


You spend over ten minutes picking out the chunks of chicken from a can of chicken noodle soup

It's 3 in the morning

Starlight woke you up from her vomiting over the side of the bed and into her waste bucket

Early morning sickness

Finally, you throw the bowl of noodle soup in the microwave and wait

You're tired as hell

Soup comes out nice and hot

You walk into your bedroom with the bowl, you see Starlight leaning over the bed, she's not vomiting, but is still feeling sick

"Here's your soup."

Starlight rolls on her back with a tired smile, her large baby bump pokes from under the covers

"Thank you, Anon."

She takes the bowl from your hands into her horn's magic, she levitates the spoon to her face and blows before slurping up the contents. The end of a noodle slaps her on the nose, which gets a chuckle out of her

First time you've heard her laugh in awhile.

Hop back into bed and watch her devour the bowl of broth and noodles.

She licks her lips clean and sets the bowl to the side of the bed

"Ah, that was so refreshing."

Starlight rubs over her smooth belly and frowns

You don't notice her frown on the bases that you're tired as hell and are just glad she enjoyed the canned soup

"Glad you're feeling better. Now please get some sleep."

"Right. Yeah, I should get more rest... for the foal."

You reach out to turn the lamp off and then scoot up to Starlight and spoon her. Your skin rubs against her soft warm coat, and you wrap your arm around her chest just above her belly bump

You get a few good moments of peace and silents before you hear Starlight's breathing pick up

You try to comfort her by reaching down to rub her round belly, but she flinched from your touch

You keep your hand on her belly and start rubbing it to calm her, she places her hooves over your hand but still breathes rapidly

"Don't stress yourself, Starlight. It's not good for the foal."

She gives a shiver and gulps

"I'm sorry. I'm just thinking... just thinking."

“Thinking about what?” You say, half awake.

”The baby. I was thinking about how much I might mess up as a parent, as a mother. I-I don’t know the first thing about being a mother.”

“Starlight, no one really knows until they become parents.”

You feel Starlight squirm and twist her body until she rolls to face you nose to nose

“But what if I'm a bad influence! What if in trying to raise the foal I-I go back to using my old ways? If I’m too strict they’ll be completely docile like in how I did with the old town, but if I’m too care free then I’m irresponsible, worse, it may endanger the foal! They may get into trouble because I never taught them properly how to act, but then by doing that I’m resorting back to my—“


You pet her face, which is hot and a little sweaty

Starlight breathes in long breaths, she squeezes your hand with her shaking hooves

“Oh, anon. I’m not ready for this. I will only disappoint the foal. It’s not like a friendship lesson, this is a whole new life that’s dependent on me. ME!”

“You won’t be a bad mother. I know you won’t. You know what the right thing is in the end of the day, and with this child you’ll know what is best for them.”

”But I’m not— I’m, I’m not strong enough. Not emotionally strong enough to handle it.”

You brush her mane in strokes to try and calm her down

She gives a tiny gasp and looks down, she holds her belly as if looking for something

“I felt them kicking!” Starlight shutters.

You hear her breathing slow down.

“I think they want you to shut up and go to sleep,” you say jokingly.

Starlight gives an embarrassed laugh, then she leans into you and rests her head under your chin, her round belly pressing into your flat stomach

"Please tell me you'll be there to help me and the foal," Starlight said softly.

You hold her gently in your arms and inhale




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  • [2] .:: Fortunate circumstances ::.
  • [11] .:: Pleasure ::.
    • Does not come from a Starlight thread but nevertheless. The thread in question is this one 31670747
  • [12] .:: Code purple ::.
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  • [20] .:: Street drama ::.
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  • [27] .:: Jousting story ::.
    • The story continues to an end of sorts here 37745900



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