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Gym Gilda (anonymous author)

By GildasThighsShouldCrushMe
Created: 18th December 2020 12:27:00 AM

  1. >Be Anon, trying to work out.
  2. >It's not going well, mostly because of your trainer-turned-girlfriend.
  3. >Now that you're officially dating, she's no longer showing any restraint in her physical affection towards you.
  4. >Not even during workouts.
  5. >You're doing the dead lift, and she comes up to palm your ass cheeks in each hand as she pretends to be checking your form.
  6. >She stands with her crotch ridiculously close to your face when she's spotting you on the bench.
  7. >When your doing sit-ups, and she offers to hold your feet down, she leans far over you, her D-cup breasts resting on your knees to give you a faceful of cleavage with each ascension.
  8. >It's distracting at best. and messes with your form at worst.
  9. >It's only a matter of time before you end up hurting yourself because of her.
  10. >As much as you love her, you think it's time to teach her a lesson.
  11. >Gilda's workouts tend to last far longer than yours or any of the other gym goers, and you both come in late as it is, so by the time her routine starts to wind down, the gyms pretty empty.
  12. >You've been waiting around though, absently curling dumbbells and doing other light exercises while she wraps up her own intense workout.
  13. >It took some time, but you certainly can't complain.
  14. >Besides what's to come, you have to admit you enjoy watching your girlfriend workout.
  15. >The muscles under her glistening, tan skin working as she lifts weights.
  16. >Her tight, yet huge ass straining against her spandex pants as she bends and squats.
  17. >The sweat running down her face and neck to pool in the cleavage of her perfect breasts.
  18. >It was quite the show, and a nice appetizer for what is to come.
  19. >"Hey, dweeb, what are you still doing here?" she asks as she uses one end of the towel around her shoulders to swab at her neck and face. "Not that I mind the company, but you usually do homework as soon as your done working out, even on Friday's like tonight."
  20. >She rolls her eyes and mutters something about you being a goodie-two-shoes.
  21. >You just smile, knowing she means it in her own endearing way, just like how she still calls you dweeb.
  22. "I didn't have any this weekend for once," you lie. "So I just decided to spent some extra time with you."
  23. >She blushes and forces a scowl.
  24. >"Quite with the sappy stuff, dweeb. It's embarrassing."
  25. "For me, or you?"
  26. >"Smartass."
  27. "Guess my ass has brains and brawn, then."
  28. >"You are such a dork."
  29. "But I'm your dork."
  30. >"W-whatever," she mutters, face even redder as she turns around. "I'm hitting the showers... If you're still around when I'm done, we can go get protein shakes at the smoothy place down the road."
  31. "Sounds like a date!" you chirp, putting your dumbbells away and heading towards the men's shower.
  32. >"Yeah, yeah, sure," she says. "Just try not to take forever. I know how you guys can be about cleaning and stuff."
  33. "Don't worry, babe, I'll only be in their for a minute."
  34. >She grumbles as she disappears into the other room and you enter the men's room.
  35. >True to your word, you're barely in there a minute as you grab your gym bag with a change of clothes and head out, doing a quick scan to be sure no one was in the gym.
  36. >Coast clear, you slip into the women's shower room and begin tiptoeing.
  37. >There are lines of shower stalls, a surprising luxury for a public gym, and you hear the water going in one already.
  38. >With a grin, you remove your clothes and leave it in a pile before heading towards the only occupied stall in the place.
  39. >You can see Gilda's silhouette through the curtain as she lathers her hair, and have to force yourself not to simply stare when you have better things planned.
  40. >Quietly, you slip in behind her, your head only coming up to the middle of her shoulder blades.
  41. >With the sound of the water and the soap on her face, she doesn't realize you're there until you reach your hands around her torso and grab to spilling handfuls of her tits.
  42. >"Fucking shit-!" she yells, hands flying down to your wrists with an iron grip. "Who the fuck-!"
  43. "It's me, Gilda!" you say just in time to prevent her from grinding your bones into dust.
  44. >"A-anon? What the fuck are you doing in here?!"
  45. "What? Can't a guy take a shower with his girlfriend? I figured we could help each other clean off," you explain nonchalantly as you start fondling her tits.
  46. >Her grip tightens once more to stop you.
  47. >"Are you kidding me? This is, like, completely inappropriate!"
  48. >You raise a brow.
  49. "Really, and you grabbing my ass at every chance and shoving my face in your boobs is appropriate."
  50. >"Yes!" she starts, pulling your hands from her chest to turn towards you. "I mean, no, b-but this is different!"
  51. >You notice that despite most of the soup being rinsed from her hair and face, she's still avoiding looking at you, eyes averted.
  52. "How's that?" you question.
  53. >"That's, like, flirting and crap, b-but being naked in front of each other like this and t-touching each other's bodies. That's not something a guy like you should be up to with a girl, until, like, six months or something."
  54. >You blink at her, not even able to take advantage of your first full frontal view of the young woman before you as you process her words.
  55. "Are you kidding? Are you some sort of traditionalist, or something?"
  56. >"So what if I am?" she snaps back. "It's proper!"
  57. "Wait, is this why we haven't had sex yet? Are you waiting for marriage?"
  58. "You should be," she grumbles, arms folding under her breasts in a huff, pushing them up. "A guy like you should be saving himself for the right woman."
  59. "And... that isn't you?"
  60. >"Of course it's me, dweeb!" she growls. "At least... it will be once I land that job as a personal trainer, my wrestling career gets off the ground, and I'm able to buy us a house and get you a ring."
  61. >Your mouth hangs open for several seconds as she shifts uneasily on her feet, the only sound being that of the shower.
  62. >Then you laugh.
  63. "I-I can't believe it! Big, strong Gilda wants to make an honest man out of me!"
  64. >"W-what's so funny about that?! It's the right thing to do!"
  65. "Yeah, maybe if I were some dainty, namby pamby flower like other guys-"
  66. >"You are dainty, though."
  67. >Your laughter stops, and you glare up at her.
  68. "Hey, I'm pretty tough, especially after the workout routine you've been putting me through. I Can juice oranges between these ass cheeks."
  69. >You place a hand at the base of her slick abs, getting her to jolt, and slowly move it up.
  70. "And besides, I'm definitely not some innocent little flower. I'm a man with needs, Gilda. Needs you've been stoking with all the flirting you've done. And I think it's time to cash that check you've been writing the last couple months."
  71. >"What are you- hey!"
  72. >A foot lashes up and around her calf, pulling at the back of her left knee before she realizes it, getting her to stumble forward as the hand that had been trailing up her middle catches her chin.
  73. >You're glad for the self-defense lessons Gilda insisted on teaching you as you control her fall to bring her lips to yours.
  74. >Your teeth clack somewhat painfully, but you don't care as you plunge your tongue into her mouth.
  75. >She sputters, hands coming to grip your shoulders as you wrap your arms around her middle, supporting her weight with a wide stance as her feet scramble to find purchase.
  76. >Slowly, she starts to melt into the embrace, though, and a hand stops squeezing your shoulder to grab the back of your head instead, pulling you deeper into the kiss as you make out sloppily.
  77. >You squeak around her tongue as it forces yours back to invade your mouth, and she finally gets her feet under her.
  78. >Before you know it, she stands, holding you tight to her breasts as she lifts you off the floor, never breaking the kiss until she needs air.
  79. >Pulling away, you're both panting and red-faced as you stare into each other's eyes.
  80. >"Crap," she breathes. "I owe Dash an apology for that black eye I gave her."
  81. "Huh?"
  82. >"I only decked her 'cause she called you a slut."
  83. >She starts to grin.
  84. >"Turns out she was right."
  85. "Yeah, she kinda was," you agree with your own smile, bringing a hand up to cup her cheek. "I'm your slut, though."
  86. >Her own hand migrates down to squeeze your ass hard.
  87. >"Damn right, you are," she says with a feral grin, pulling your body away from her enough to stare down between you. "And a damn well-hung one, too. Lucky me."
  88. >You follow her gave to see your erect cock nestled perfectly in the center groove of her abs, the head reaching a couple inches passed the base of her sternum.
  89. "And it's all yours," you purr. "Right now, unless you still want to wait for marriage."
  90. >She growls, taking a step forward to pin you to the wall.
  91. >"Fuck no. That's for men who need to be kept pure for their own good. Sluts like you need to be shown your place before the wedding."
  92. "Showing me my place?" you repeat with a raised brow. "I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the showing here."
  93. >Then your fingers are tickling along one side of her ribs, and she squawks in surprise, contorting her torso away from the offending digits, and allowing to to fall back to the ground.
  94. >Before she can recover, you shove her, getting her to stumble back a step and hit her shoulders against the opposite wall.
  95. >You follow her, grabbing onto her hips and yanking them towards you, causing her feet to slide along the tiles and behind yours.
  96. >Leaned against the far wall at an angle now, elbows wedges into the corners on either side to prevent herself from sliding down unto her ass, she's at your mercy.
  97. >She stares, wide-eyed and panting at the sudden burst of action, gaze darting down to see your member laid atop her mound, the head resting above her belly button.
  98. "I think we're wet enough to forgo foreplay, right?" you ask rhetorically as you pull your hips back, gliding your cock over her sensitive clit until the glans falls against her entrance.
  99. >You take a moment to appreciate the view.
  100. >The water from the shower head raining unto her chest to cascade down her sculpted form and through the small bush of snow white pubic hair.
  101. >Your girlfriend really is something.
  102. >Then, you take the plunge.
  103. >"Fuck!" she shouts as you hiss, her head slamming back to thunk off the tiled wall.
  104. >You'd be concerned about that, if not for the heavenly sensation enveloping two thirds of your cock at the moment.
  105. "Damn," you grit out, fingers digging into the flesh of her hips as you strain a moment to hold her up.
  106. >She's panting harder now, head lulling down to stare at you dreamily.
  107. >"Your huge," she manages, and you grin.
  108. "And your tight as hell," you fire back. "Make sure to keep that core activated, G. Don't want you to slip and get hurt."
  109. >You pull out slowly until only the head remains, flashing a feral grin.
  110. "Plus, it makes you even tighter when your flexing those muscles," you say, slamming back into her.
  111. >She shouts again, arching her back and curling her toes, shoulders pressed up against the wall as you take a half-step forward.
  112. >You're fully hilted now, your member surrounded on all sides by unbelievable pressure and near-scalding heat.
  113. >You lean your upper body forward, grip switching to hug her midriff as you rest your cheek against her tan skin just below her breasts.
  114. >You're both pushing yourself just to hold the awkward position, already tired muscles beginning to spasm from the exertion.
  115. >You can think of no better way for your first time with your lover to be.
  116. >It's like another workout routine, and you'll make it more exhausting than any Gilda had ever done before.
  117. >Straightening your back, you adjust your hold to her firm ass and pull back out, her powerful muscles fighting you for every inch, trying to keep you inside.
  118. >Her tight canal doesn't have to wait long before you thrust back into her, not sparing a second before you're already retreating once more.
  119. >You set a slow, firm rhythm from there.
  120. >Pulling out slow and plunging back in fast.
  121. >With every thrust, Gilda hisses or moans, jaw clenched and teeth bared as her hands formed white-nuckled fists.
  122. >You could switch to a more comfortable position, but with just glance, you both know that's not an option.
  123. >A challenge has been set, and neither of you plan to be the first one to give out.
  124. >You consider yourself lucky in that moment that Gilda had you focusing so much on lower and core strength as your qauds begin to burn from the pistoning motion of your hips.
  125. >Your nails are digging into her flesh as you grit your teeth, urging yourself to go faster, go stronger, to blow Gilda's mind.
  126. >As your tempo increases, so does the fire in you gut and thighs, loud, wet slaps filling the air in rapid succession as you begin to slam into her with all that you have.
  127. >"Fuck," she repeats in a strained voice "F-fuck."
  128. >As you pound into her, you push her slowly further up the wall, taking clumsy steps periodically to keep yourself in her.
  129. >Soon, she's able to bend her knees and plant her feet on the tiles, and your thrusting more at an upwards angle than forwards, heels leaving the floor every time you lance into her core.
  130. >You're proud that, despite the height she has on you, each penetration manages to press against her inner most barrier, her cervix flexing slightly under each blow.
  131. >If it hurts, she doesn't complain.
  132. >As a matter of fact, as you feel her inner walls somehow begin to tighten and coil even more around you dick, you don't doubt she likes the pain.
  133. >After all, It's not a proper workout if you aren't left aching afterwards, right?
  134. >You know you're certainly be aching after this, and unlikely to be walking normally tomorrow.
  135. >Hopefully, she'll be in the same boat.
  136. >"Fuck, A-anon," she moans, a fist coming up to clutch her white bangs. "I'm close."
  137. "So am I," you inform, sweat beading up on your forehead, only to be washed away by the shower. "Where do you-?"
  138. >"Inside," She manages between increasingly heavier pants. "Fuck, it has to be inside. I-I need to feel you inside."
  139. "Are you su-?" you start, but find yourself biting your tongue as her insides start convulsing.
  140. >"Yes!" she shouts, her legs suddenly flying up to wrap low around your waist and pull your hips flush against hers. "Fuckin' fill me up, dweeb!"
  141. >With her legs no longer adding support, and your cock being worked over by what feels like an industrial strength milker, it's no wonder you slip forward.
  142. >Gilda slides down the wall, taking you with her as your knees strike painfully against the tiles.
  143. >You might even be bleeding, but you hardly care as her arms grab you by the shoulders and pull you forward, trapping your face between her heavenly breasts.
  144. >You had started cumming before you even hit the floor, moans muffled into her cleavage as you paint her insides white.
  145. >pressed firmly against her cervix, there's no doubt where a large portion of your seed will end up, the idea of your cum pooling into her womb only serving to makes each rope of spunk fire even harder.
  146. >You give weak, tired thrusts even after your emptied of every last drop, cock still flexing within her milking confines.
  147. >And when it's done, neither of you can say anything, left panting like dogs as you lay on the soap scum covered tiles.
  148. >You turn your head sideways in her cleavage and gulp down fresh, steamy air.
  149. ""H-holy shit..." you manage between heaving breathes. "I can't feel my legs."
  150. >"Diddo," she manages, arms falling to her side as she tilts her head back and closes her eyes. "That was amazing."
  151. "Heh, glad I could satisfy," you say, grinning up at her as she looks back down to you. "I wouldn't want to let my special workout buddy down."
  152. "You're such a dork sometimes," she says, smiling as you start to open up your mouth. "But you're my dork."
  153. >You stare for a few seconds, then close your mouth and smile lovingly up at her.
  154. >The two of you remain that way for a minute, the only sound being that of the shower still spraying overhead.
  155. >Finally, as you feel your softening cock slip out of her, and feel the rush of sticky fluid to follow, you begin to sit up, her legs unwrapping from around your waist to allow you to look down between your bodies.
  156. "So... I don't suppose you're on birth control, eh?"
  157. >"'Afraid not," she answers, staring down at the pearly white cum dribbling out of her pussy.
  158. "You think your pregnant?"
  159. >"Don't know. Maybe?"
  160. >You gulp.
  161. "What are we going to do if you are?" you ask. "I don't know if I can handle college classes and raising a kid at the same time. I might have to drop out."
  162. >"Anon-"
  163. "And get a job, too," you continue.
  164. >It hasn't even been a year since you and Gilda graduated high school together, and you're only halfway through your first semester of college.
  165. >Neither of you have a real job and Gilda doesn't get paid much helping at her family's bakery.
  166. >They might make some of the best scones in town, but you're sure they're not raking in enough dough to suddenly start paying your girlfriend a proper living wage.
  167. "You think Dash was right about me making a good stripper?"
  168. >"Anon!" Gilda shouts, her hand gripping you by the cheeks firmly to pull your gaze up to meet her serious one. "Don't you even think about it!"
  169. "But-"
  170. >"No, you listen," she says sternly, her grip softening with her eyes. "I promise you, I'll take care of it- take care of you. I'll always take care of you..."
  171. >She lets go to start caressing your cheek in a surprising show of tenderness.
  172. >"And if I'm pregnant, you can be damn sure that I'll find a way to support us. All three of us. I don't care if I have to start underground boxing, I'll make sure our baby is provided for."
  173. "Gilda..."
  174. >"I mean it, Anon," she affirms with a hint of steel. "You don't have to worry about that."
  175. >Suddenly, she chuckles, and gives you a surprising flick on the nose.
  176. >"Like, seriously, don't worry. We don't even know if I'm pregnant, anyways. I don't even think it's the right time of the month."
  177. >You take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and smile at her.
  178. "Yeah, guess you're right."
  179. >You glance back down, your lips forming a thin line.
  180. "Still, if you're not, we should definitely be more careful next time. We really got carried away."
  181. >"And who's fault is that?" she asks with a quirked brow. "I'm not the one who came sliding up in here like some spy movie homme fatale."
  182. >You chuckle a little nervously and rub the back of your head.
  183. "Yeah, I guess I wasn't thinking with my head, was I? At least, not with the smart one."
  184. >"You have a smart one?"
  185. "That's rich coming from the straight-C student."
  186. >"Hey! I got a B in chemistry."
  187. "Only thanks to yours truly tutoring you."
  188. >"If you were a better tutor, maybe I'd have gotten an A."
  189. "An artist can only do so much with such a dense medium."
  190. >She looks to her side and flexes a bicep, feeling it between her fingers.
  191. >"I am pretty dense, huh?" she agrees with a proud nod, getting you to roll your eyes.
  192. "Okay, okay, don't go admiring yourself too long. We should probably rinse off while the water is still warm. I'm sure we've nearly emptied the tank by now."
  193. >"Good point," she agrees, looking back to you.
  194. >You both continue to sit there.
  195. >"Well?" she asks.
  196. >You blush.
  197. "Ah, I don't think I can standup," you admit sheepishly, getting the young woman to groan.
  198. >"Men," she grumbles before grabbing you under the armpits and grunting.
  199. >You try to sooth your bruised ego at the fact that not only can Gilda stand up, but also lift you to your feet at the same time by reminding yourself that you had supported both of your weights and did most of the work during sex.
  200. >Helping scrub each other down, and resisting the urge to go at it again as you feel each other's bodies, you both quickly leave the showers and get dressed.
  201. >You're walking with a noticeable wobble in your step, but happy to see that Gilda isn't walking completely straight either.
  202. >This must be what David felt like after felling Goliath, but with less death and more sex.
  203. >As you step out into the gym, you hear something.
  204. >"Yo, Gilda! You in here?!"
  205. >"Dash?" Gilda calls back as you both spot the rainbow-haired girl on the other side of the room. "What are you doing here?"
  206. >"Looking for you!" she calls back. "You haven't answered any of your calls for the last twenty minutes, and I need to know if we're still gonna- wow."
  207. >She stops in front of you both, looking between you.
  208. >"You guys just get done with a killer workout? You borh look spent."
  209. >She points at you.
  210. >"Anon looks like he's barely standing! What did you have him doing?"
  211. >"Uh, nothing special," Gilda answers as she averts her eyes, cheeks tinged red. "We just... decided to bring his workout routine to the next level."
  212. >"Really?" she asks skeptically, looking you up and down as you try to stop your legs from shaking. "You sure you just went to the next level, and didn't skip, like, ten of 'em?"
  213. "Really, Dash," You pipe up. "It was just a little more intense of a workout than I'm used to. You know how Gilda can be with her coaching."
  214. >You point at your girlfriend with a thumb.
  215. "She really knows how to push a guy to his limits."
  216. >"Guess so," she says after a second. "Anyway, Gilda and I were gonna hang out after she was done working out..."
  217. >"Yeah, sorry Dash, you know I usually turn my phone off until I'm done," Gilda explains. "And I didn't plan on Anon wanting to... workout, like he did, but we can still hang. We were actually gonna go to the smoothie place down the street if you want to come."
  218. >"Yeah, a smoothie sounds good," she says, smiling. "And you guys can tell me what kind of workout you did while we're there. I bet it was intense!"
  219. >Gilda chuckles and starts walking again, patting the other girl on the head as she passes.
  220. >"Sorry, short-stuff, but it's a secret. Maybe if you grow a couple inches, you'll be able to handle it."
  221. >"Hey!" she screeches, swatting at the hand as it leaves her head. "I'm not that short!"
  222. "You kind of are, Dash," you say, patting her head as you follow your girlfriend. "But hey, I'm sure plenty of guys out there love munchkins."
  223. >"Screw you, Anon!"
  224. >Gilda burst out laughing.
  225. >"Believe me, D, you couldn't handle him."
  226. >She looks back at you with a cocky grin. >"Only the toughest woman could."
  227. >As Dash runs after the other girl shouting about how tough she is and how she could beat any girl in a fight, you merely shake your head and laugh softly.
  228. "Hey! Wait up! I can't walk that fast!"
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