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  4. >>40872949 >>40872983 >>40873211 >>40873219 >>40873424 >>40874898 >>40874972 >>40875315 >>40875717 >>40876233 >>40877184 >>40891914 >>40905433 >>40907561 >>40914170 >>40919290 >>40923186 >>40941845 >>40950239
  5. in the stories I think up, my self-insert is found as a baby and raised by a pony.
  6. a different pony to raise me is a different what if scenario to the Main one, being the CMC. sometimes, these what if scenario even change tones and genres!
  8. I wanna talk about em, so pick one and I'll tell you!
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  10. Anonymous 03/01/24(Fri)23:32:22 No.40872949▶
  11. >>40872876 (OP)
  12. there's a lot of fucked up people here but this takes the autism cake for the week
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  14. Anonymous 03/01/24(Fri)23:39:42 No.40872969▶
  15. >>40873131
  16. I dunno fuckin uhhh, Sweetie Belle??
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  18. Anonymous 03/01/24(Fri)23:46:49 No.40872980▶
  19. >>40873123
  20. I want to hear about what being adopted by Trixie would be like.
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  22. Anonymous 03/01/24(Fri)23:47:49 No.40872983▶
  23. >>40899158
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  26. >>40872876 (OP)
  27. For me it's being Scootaloo's cousin and getting molested by my dyke moms daily
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  29. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)00:44:28 No.40873123▶
  30. >>40873159 >>40902558 >>40991231
  31. >>40872980
  32. sure, I'll do Trixie first.
  33. disclaimer: in general, a story about a more important character will be longer and more fleshed out than that of a minor character. so somebody like Trixie will have more story than a mare like, phuken, berry punch or some shit.
  34. let's a go:
  35. > Trixie
  36. > her whole schtick was performance for a living, and she did it because she wants to feel admired, important, wanted, and loved.
  37. > after all, you only get love if you're WORTH love.
  38. > failing different types of acts, she travels around and finds the child.
  39. > "an exotic animal that probably nobody has ever seen before?"
  40. > Trixie ain't smart, but she ain't Stoopid, neider. she knows this might be her ticket to admiration and love.
  41. > but she can't just show people a baby white goblin thing with a round head, flat face, no snout, and no fur.
  42. > she needs to let it grow, and then she can incorporate it into her show.
  43. > Trixie raises the child, initially not giving it enough love. whatever love he receives is all in hopes that he will be her ticket to societal appreciation, and a stable financial situation. she grows attached, but not too attached.
  44. > learning that it's a predator (via teeth) isn't a deal breaker; she's worked with lions before.
  45. > she calls this child "Pola," btw, (I just thought it sounded cute.)
  46. > lucky for Trixie, not only does he grow fast enough, he's also VERY eager to learn. this thing learns SCARILY FAST. might even be as smart as ponies, if this rate keeps up.
  47. > foreshadowingisanarrativeblah
  48. > when the child is old enough, he joins the show and dazzles the crowd. not by his performance, but by just existing.
  49. > "what is surely a brand new monster, so expertly tamed by a pony!"
  50. > "a new, never-before-seen creature?!? this is the scientific discovery of the century!!"
  51. > "goodness, what grotesque proportions. it must be an alien."
  52. > "Trixie 'tamed' that thing? you JUST know...."
  53. > the two things to take from this are:
  54. > Trixie gets no admiration for this, despite that being her one goal. however, Pola rakes in too much money for her to just get rid of it, so she has to humor him if she wants a decent meal each night.
  55. > ponies like Pola ONLY for the novelty of a new creature discovered. nobody cares about him on a personal level, despite how intelligent he is and becomes.
  56. > this dynamic makes for a shorter story that either sees Trixie have to learn what love and acceptance really means in order to keep her pet/child and stay happy with her life, or the story veers towards Pola never receiving the love necessary for him, and leaving after he comes to terms that who he saw as his mother just can't love him for some reason.
  57. > because the story is entirely contained to whatever benign antics Trixie is up to, Princess Celestia doesn't see the new creature as a threat to her perfect world, so she remains almost entirely out of the story, besides a brief mention.
  58. what next?
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  60. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)00:46:14 No.40873131▶
  61. >>40872969
  62. Sweetie Belle is a part of the CMC, which is the main continuity that everything else is inspired from. it's an entire epic that I could never do justice in a cluttered thread, unless everybody wants it.
  63. I could tell you about Rarity, though?
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  65. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)01:02:52 No.40873159▶
  66. >>40873123
  67. I like your autism anon. I'll let someone else make the next suggestion, but thank you for this.
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  69. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)01:25:52 No.40873211▶
  70. >>40873231 >>40873350
  71. >>40872876 (OP)
  72. which ones are the saddest?
  73. how do the 4 princesses stories go?
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  75. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)01:27:32 No.40873219▶
  76. >>40873231 >>40873304
  77. >>40872876 (OP)
  78. What if Rainbowdash raised you
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  80. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)01:34:35 No.40873231▶
  81. >>40873211
  82. >>40873219
  83. got it, I'll type those next!
  84. I'll start with dash, since that's quicker, being only one poner.
  85. then I'll go to the princesses, because....
  86. good God....
  87. things get.... stressful....
  89. I'm a slow typer, especially at 1am, so bear with me!
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  91. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)01:52:30 No.40873262▶
  92. >>40873350
  93. /r/ being adopted by Limestone and Marble
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  95. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)02:16:10 No.40873304▶
  96. >>40873338
  97. >>40873219
  99. > In my many different stories, I get discovered in many different ways, places, and times, some older, some younger. but ALL are babies to be raised. thanks, Oedipus!
  100. > Dash is unique because I made her story discover me the earliest I could possibly be discovered.
  101. > I couldn't figure out how to go about the discovery for the longest time, and it annoyed me. I ended up lying in bed for hours thinking to myself about nothing, until I said "why couldn't good writing ideas just fall out of the sky?"
  102. > it wasn't a high-quality idea, but it WAS funny to me. and it did fix a lot of problems in the story very seamlessly and early on.
  103. > I essentially dropped baby-me out of the sky.
  104. > BlueGoFast sees a thing falling from the sky.
  105. > toddler ponies managing to fall off of cloudsdale isn't unheard of. just very rare.
  106. > bluegofast does what she does best: go really fast.
  107. > no, not "zap to the extreme."
  108. > Dashie catches the baby. it is very cold, and needs warmth.
  109. > looking around, she finds no sign of parent-creatures that this thing could have come from
  110. > the obvious thing to do is take whatever this poor bastard is to Fluttershy.
  111. unrelated, but I love how Fluttershy's role in the show is just "pokemon daycare."
  112. > but this potato baby needs warmth NOW. or else it dies.
  113. > oh well, she takes it home to warm it, because dash is great at many things, but thinking is NOT one of them.
  114. > while she warms the baby with her body heat, because "that's what Shy would do(?)", she feels the baby hug her, and something in her finally snaps.
  115. > years of feeling like she had to be the best and coolest thing in a twenty kilo radius crumbles as she realizes that this creature would love her like tank does; love her just because.
  116. > she names it Castell, after the castellanos clouds that look like they're falling from the top of the sky
  117. > of course, after warming it she immediately takes it to the resident "pokemon daycare lady," flittershoosh.
  118. > a whole thing happens where the six marvel at a new species, Rainbow sacrifices her feelings to offer up the creature to Fluttershy to give it a proper life, but the child already imprinted on her so he doesn't want to leave her, standard stuff.
  119. > but he can't stay at Rainbow's house, this little runt falls right through the clouds!
  120. > an episode or two could be dedicated to Dash doing different things to get the money to move down to a land house instead of a cloud house.
  121. > dash raises the baby like a pet at first, but as I said with the Trixie story, as is the same with all of these stories: this creature has an INSATIABLE lust for learning, and it learns FAST.
  122. > Twilight, who is actually IN this story, is stunned at the rate of growth. she and flutters agree that since it started to learn the Equis tongue without schooling, it was too smart to be a pet. Dash will have to raise it as a child.
  123. ran out of characters, I'll keep going in another reply
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  125. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)02:40:22 No.40873338▶
  126. >>40873362 >>40902645
  127. >>40873304
  128. continuing the Rainbow Dash story:
  129. > dash is not smart. we've been over this. her resume is a waffle house napkin that says her skills are: going fast and eating ass. written in stains that aren't even possible in a standard waffle house.
  130. > she has a Jock's smooth brain. no ugwy weinculs, smoov. thoughts = sads, but muscle = glads
  131. > so naturally, the only way she knows how to raise a child is to coach an athlete.
  132. > cheerilee is brought in as a tutor, teaches Castell how to speak and read, but everything else is all on Dash.
  133. > this.... surprisingly works pretty well. and that's what annoys twilight the most.
  134. > earlier episodes/chapters would involve a young Castell doing cute things, like trying to show Dash how much he loves her, or trying to help her with things, or learning about this world. and dash trying to juggle parenthood with her innate desire for an open, carefree life, like before. this usually comes in the form of her taking Castell places he shouldn't be. most stories are from dashie's pov
  135. > later, when Castell grows up, it'll be about trying to justify his existence, being the only.... whatever he is, in a world full of ponies. this is hilarious to me, because I every other major story, this is an overarching character problem that practically haunts him, and yet in the dash story it only lasts like two or three episodes. most of these will be Castell's pov
  136. > but still, trying to join sports and athletics against ponies doesn't go well at all. this leads into the final arc where Dash and Castell both SHARE the pov, pretty much. Castell is depressed, but doesn't want to drag his mom into this. Dash simply cannot be without her athlete nature, but can't stand to see her boy so dejected. this leads into character interest v character interest type narrative conflict where miscommunication and lack of self-understanding leads to Castell trying to get Dash to leave him alone so she can live the life he knows she deserves, but Dash is trying to get him to open up so she can help him, but because she has the brainpower of wet toilet paper she can't do it right. then, when they finally learn how to properly communicate with each other in a healthy manner, dash and Castell try to figure out something that works for both of them.
  137. Celestia keeps a close eye, but because no threat comes to her perfect world, she just fucks off after a while.
  138. this story's enjoyability hinges entirely on how dash is a dumbass and lacks the parenting know-how, but is too prideful to ask for help, allowing antics and hijinks and all sorts of hullabaloo.
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  140. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)02:59:52 No.40873350▶
  141. >>40873362 >>40873637
  142. >>40873262
  143. Limestone &' Marble? the rock farm. yes.
  144. that's one of the more boring ones. but I did what I could:
  145. > rock farm
  146. > one of them cracks open a rock, finds a baby.
  147. > names it Salt. (thanks, I hate it.)
  148. > Salt grows to work on the farm.
  149. > swole as shit. probably the second or third strongest version of the boy, in terms of physical strength. but the number one spot always goes to the Sweet Apple Acres version. that's a great story, too.
  150. > anyways, Salt lives a very lonely, boring life, just breaking rocks.
  154. > all I gotta do is figure out how to pry him away from that farm.... once he tries a cupcake, that'll get him to smile! and a tickle fight might get him to laugh! oh ooh, or maybe I can bounce him on a trampoline!! yeah yeah, a trampoline made of COTTON CANDY!!
  155. thanks Ponka badonka, but I think they get the point.
  156. every episode would just be pinkie trying to get him away from work to try new things, and make him smile.
  157. > can't you at least tell me how I did it?
  158. nope. that's YOUR punishment for hijacking MY thread, pinkie stink.
  159. > meanie
  160. anyways, it's getting late. if you have any more, I'll try to take them, but I can't promise that I won't fall asleep.
  161. >>40873211
  162. I didn't see the "saddest" part.
  163. if I had to guess, aside from the main story from the CMC, it's probably chrysalis or Cadenza. which would you like?
  165. then why don't you scram, you pink pest?
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  167. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)03:14:03 No.40873360▶
  168. >>40873383
  169. Queen Chrysalis
  170. >>
  171. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)03:16:48 No.40873362▶
  172. >>40873383
  173. File: 1701309705739419.png (1.75 MB, 8000x6693)
  175. Good thread.
  176. >>40873350
  177. Aw, I was gonna request Pinkie Pie. Does anything change if she's your adopted mom instead of your aunt?
  178. >literally aunt pinkie pie
  179. heh, cute.
  180. >>40873338
  181. How does Scootaloo play into this story?
  182. >>
  183. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)03:37:20 No.40873383▶
  184. >>40873442
  185. >>40873362
  186. pinkie has an ENTIRELY different story, and it feels like a fever dream. it feels like playing 2fort at 3:00am
  187. you wanna hear?
  189. as for scootaloo, Castell and she have a rivalry that starts out with Scooterboo being diagnosed with terminal 7 butthurt, but then evolves into friendly rivalry, as she realized that Dash can make room for the both of them.
  190. many episodes would just be them getting up to hijinks.
  191. >>40873360
  192. okay, I'll do Bug butt next. but it takes a little bit of context, so I'll have to tell you when I wake up. think you can wait?
  193. >>
  194. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)04:20:21 No.40873424▶
  195. >>40875086
  196. >>40872876 (OP)
  197. Alrighty, here's an interesting one: Blueblood
  198. >>
  199. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)04:46:07 No.40873442▶
  200. >>40874323
  201. >>40873383
  202. >you wanna hear?
  203. Yeah.
  204. >>
  205. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)08:10:58 No.40873637▶
  206. >>40875086 >>40875391
  207. >>40873350
  208. Both or well cadance first
  209. >>
  210. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)14:09:14 No.40874089▶
  211. bump
  212. >>
  213. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)16:02:41 No.40874291▶
  214. hey guys,
  215. I'M BAAAACK!!
  216. I'll be sharing, now that I'm done at the warehouse.
  217. stay tuned!
  218. >>
  219. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)16:14:22 No.40874308▶
  220. Do Cranky Doodle Donkey.
  221. >>
  222. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)16:25:39 No.40874323▶
  223. >>40902645
  224. File: 1686226275971882.png (465 KB, 1000x770)
  226. >>40873442
  227. I'll do Pinkie Pie next, since it's basic:
  228. > just like GLaDOS told me: "Science has now validated your mother's decision to abandon you on a doorstep."
  229. > except there is no mother. there is only doorstep, because I couldn't think of a fitting way to introduce the baby here. lazy? sure. if you have better ideas, then tell me.
  230. > the doorstep is Sugarcube Corner.
  231. > initially, the Cakes take him in, because they can't get enough of raising foals. even if this.... thing is rather unconventional. worst case scenario, it just turns out to be a pet that just got spoiled, right?
  232. > let's name the boy "Malva," because that's my favorite dessert. my sister used to make it for me, and I miss her every day.
  233. > enough trauma-dumping, BACK TO STORY:
  234. > The Cakes try to raise Malva, but juggling THREE fillies, whilst one is a species that nobody even knows? not even Flutters knows?? it's just too much for them.
  235. > dog-tired, and on their last limbs due to exhaustion, the Cakes finally relent and allow Pinkie to try to raise Malva. but only for long enough for them to go take a fucking nap already.
  236. > after all, how much trouble could they possibly get into in just two hours?
  237. > Pink's face when she knows EXACTLY how much trouble they can get into in just two hours
  238. > one of the most innocent stories, it's mostly just Malva having a parent that enables reckless behavior.
  239. > Malva and Pink run around town, causing all sorts of Hullabaloo
  240. > turns out, letting Malva burn some of his energy makes managing him easier once he's all tuckered out.
  241. > every episode in the first season would be pretty formulaic, almost to a fault, where one of them wants to try some new antics, the other agrees and comes along, then they make a mess and have to fix it, and they learn a lesson at the end and get closer. like regular show, except the cosmic threats come in the next season.
  242. > next season, a little time skip, Malva is all grown up. he could easily be smart or strong, if he even cared about that. But instead, all he cares about is going around town and playing pranks, singing and dancing, having fun, and partying hard. he also loves trying to introduce new ingredients to the bakery, but that's whatever.
  243. > dickscord shows up.
  244. > awwsheeit.nyuggah
  245. > Pink and Malva are the only two who remain generally unfazed by Discord's tomfuckery, because Pinkie has had years of growing with a chaotic little gremlin, so she's just in her element. and the same with Malva, knowing how to "act like you write the rules and just go with it" to circumvent anything discord can offer
  246. > in order to stop discord, the Tag-Team of Pinkie &' Malva have to be more chaotic than Discord in order to usurp the title of "Lord Of Chaos."
  247. will our plucky heroes prevail in this daring battle against the forces of eeevil??
  249. shit if I know, man.
  250. >>
  251. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)16:26:42 No.40874325▶
  252. >>40874331
  254. STAY TUNED!!
  255. >>
  256. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)16:31:23 No.40874331▶
  257. >>40874884
  258. >>40874325
  259. yee, work that grill baby
  260. >>
  261. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)21:00:45 No.40874884▶
  262. >>40874957 >>40875240
  263. >>40874331
  265. > by now, you've noticed me mentioning "this doesn't interfere with Celestia's perfect world, so she isn't a part of this story."
  266. > this is because Celestia is Single-hoofedly the most important character in my main continuity, bar-none.
  267. > in the main continuity, the one where I get picked up by the CMC, Celestia is actually much more powerful. her entire goal in her immortal life is to reset the world over and over, until she gets it "juuuuuuust right." after all, who cares if an entire planet full of life gets erased, when she can just put it back in an instant, ready to fix what she seems as "broken"?
  268. > whenever the human child enters the world, Celestia has either already achieved her goals, or is really damn close to perfection. so when it turns out she can't reset the world while the human is alive, she only panics if he's a threat to her "perfect world."
  269. > in the CMC timeline, he is a threat. he's about as "threat" as you can get. I won't go into too much detail, but it's an amazing story filled with murder, betrayal, war, and splitting the friendship of the main six in HALF, torn between differing ideals.
  270. > any time the human is deemed a threat to the perfection, war must come, and the human must die.
  271. > but the thing about humans in a world full of horses is, we're still the apex predator. nothing stands a chance in hell against us. so the human is like a super-soldier.
  273. and that's the context, because when we join the changeling empire, we become a force of mass destruction. loyalty to the queen, LONG MAY SHE REIGN!
  275. up next is the actual story:
  276. >>
  277. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)21:07:17 No.40874898▶
  278. >>40874969 >>40875918
  279. >>40872876 (OP)
  280. I choose Gofuck Yourself.
  281. >>
  282. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)21:31:07 No.40874957▶
  283. >>40875077
  284. >>40874884
  285. C H R Y S A L I S :
  287. > in the changeling empire, a boy with few memories will still find no need for them.
  288. > hazy memories of green goo, being carried, and hung from the ceiling.
  289. > he knows in hindsight that he was discovered and brought here. raised to be the secret weapon of the changeling empire, in case being sneaky doesn't work out for them.
  290. > years and years of propaganda have permanently marred his worldview:
  291. > "The Queen is the greatest in the world. perfection incarnate. but Celestia and her ponies are envious, and are trying to wipe our proud species off of the map."
  292. > "your sheer power, speed, and intellect will be tantamount in finally taking them down. whence we do, it will finally be time for our glorious queen to reign over all, so our people may finally feed!!"
  293. > trying to feed your starving populace? seems legit. we're the good guys here. after all, what did we ever do to these ponies?
  294. > when Chrysalis rules over them, they'll see that our way is better for everybody!
  295. > now mind you, nobody in either army knows that Celestia is only trying to kill ONE guy. it was far easier to just say "the changelings are eating our love, and that shit just can't fly, now can it?" and everybody is ready to go to war to get rid of the insect menace. propaganda 101. and everybody at the hive is just like, "oh shit, they finally grew a spine and started invading us. we've gotta, like, NOT die. yeah."
  296. > oh, by the way, we're gonna call this human "Check," because I had chess on the mind when I wrote this, and it made some sense.
  297. > as we already know, Check as a human SOAKS UP information and learns everything SUPER-FAST. this is interesting when the information provided to him is military strategy.
  298. > now a military genius, he's like the changeling equivalent of Hannibal or Napoleon: absolutely tearing up the enemy, making it look easy.
  299. > but growing up in a militaristic society with no love, it's strange. you become so deprived of love that you don't realize you need it. so when you finally receive it, it's like a whole new world opens up.
  300. > suffice to say, after a successful charge, they scour the enemy trench for supplies or survivors
  301. > Check finds a survivor; a medic. white fur, pink mane, probably would look familiar to you.
  302. > she's mortally wounded, so he feels no need. she's a medic, so he feels no threat. he talks to her; who knows, maybe we can weasel some information out of this future meal before she bites it.
  303. > she says she never wanted war, but didn't want to see ponies die.
  304. > a sympathizer, she says she knows that we only eat love to survive. she doesn't blame the changelings.
  305. > "the princesses started this war, but I don't think either of us winning is a good idea
  306. running out of letters, continued in another reply....
  307. >>
  308. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)21:35:00 No.40874969▶
  309. >>40875424
  310. >>40874898
  311. why? what did I ever do to you?
  312. >>
  313. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)21:35:45 No.40874972▶
  314. >>40875030 >>40875398
  315. File: 1129347.png (143 KB, 800x516)
  317. >>40872876 (OP)
  318. >in the stories I think up, my self-insert is found as a baby and raised by a pony.
  319. >a different pony to raise me is a different what if scenario to the Main one, being the CMC. sometimes, these what if scenario even change tones and genres!
  320. Isn't this just Momlestia?
  321. >>
  322. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)21:55:52 No.40875030▶
  323. >>40874972
  324. no, because momlestia doesn't involve war and murder.
  325. >>
  326. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)22:29:59 No.40875077▶
  327. >>40875082 >>40902645
  328. >>40874957
  329. continued:
  330. > "the princesses started this war, but I don't see a happy ending no matter who wins...."
  331. > Check gets the information about the relic-powered magic users and weapons
  332. > one is left in the trenches.
  333. > we've been collecting these things, not sure how under the stars you're supposed to use them
  334. > Check has the information. His soldiers are now free to feed on this survivor.
  335. > shattering the crystal barrier around the relic cuts his hand, and the blood drips onto the twisted spoon found within. Check will now receive some of his memories, including some of the memories of the ponies who used this relic.
  336. > first, the pony memories: discovery of the spoon, a purple pony testing on it, one of the soldiers training with it, and both of their conversations with their princess.
  337. > they mean to exterminate us.
  338. > and the princess knows that these items can take memories.
  339. > she's willing to exterminate us all, just to get him.
  340. > then, a new memory
  341. > hazy memories of a mechanism, unholy monsters, and footsteps. all too blurry. whose memories are these??
  342. > not his problem right now, because now Check is souped up on the relic's energy. and he's hungry for M O A R .
  343. > All of this sheer POWER, this KNOWLEDGE....
  344. > 'we've already collected a ton of these things. if I take them all, I could wipe out armies with my bare hands!'
  345. > heads back to the hive
  346. > these changelings are metaphorically throwing rocks at the wall to try to get these relics to work
  347. > absorbing the power; a burnt notebook and pen, a pair of glasses that just make everything blurry, a ring and necklace, a hat,
  348. > and a coat that seems to fit him like a glove....
  349. > speed, power, intellect, defense, techniques, and something more, too....
  350. > he's a one-man army
  351. > but these memories, they feel like....
  352. > Love. Love for him. and Love from him.
  353. > that coat, these feelings- are these all rightfully mine to begin with?
  354. > this LOVE, it's.... intoxicating....
  355. > at that moment, even though he knows not who he was, he still knows he's not from here.
  356. > and whatever these creatures are doing here is filthy.
  357. > a pony world too afraid of one creature that they would sacrifice their subjects in war to exterminate an entire species? a changeling hive that preaches of racial superiority?
  358. > it's all so pathetic. it needs to be wiped clean. all of it.
  359. > chrysalis was no mother to him. she was only raising a machine of war. if I was useless to her, she would have eaten me. swallowed me whole.
  360. > she was like that even before the war. she was always rotten.
  361. > she will be cleansed.
  362. > after the death of Chrysalis, nobody could object to Check's usurping, on the grounds that he had unrivaled power and intellect.
  363. > we've already surrounded Canterlot, and the Crystal Empire is retreating her foreign aid. we've set up garrisons around the capital, ready to slaughter.
  364. > once I take the power of the sun princess, I can burn these bugs to the ground.
  365. > I'll start anew, with a species that can perceive the world for what it's SUPPOSED to be.
  366. >>
  367. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)22:31:56 No.40875082▶
  368. >>40875077
  369. Celestia still has a plan. she has all of the relic's that Check doesn't have. if she can reach him, then she can reset the world.
  370. > but all Check has to do is absorb her power, and everything she has fought for will have been for nothing.
  371. who wins?
  372. >>
  373. Anonymous 03/02/24(Sat)22:33:35 No.40875086▶
  374. >>40873424
  375. I have nothing for Blueblood, sorry.
  376. >>40873637
  377. Princess Cadenza Mi Amore of the Crystal Empire is next.
  378. >>
  379. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)01:04:37 No.40875240▶
  380. >>40875248
  381. >>40874884
  382. This is interesting. Why does Celestia even have such a power? Are Luna and/or Discord aware of it?
  383. >>
  384. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)01:12:02 No.40875248▶
  385. >>40877970 >>40878665
  386. >>40875240
  387. no, there's no real need for Luna to be aware.
  388. she just needs to remember who the real top dog is. classic manipulative and borderline abusive Celestia.
  389. as for discord, I'm not so sure. in the original continuity he was simply kept in stone because it wasn't practical to release discord while trying to capture the hairless monkey that doesn't get tired. if you have any ideas, I'm all ears
  390. >>
  391. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)02:04:30 No.40875315▶
  392. >>40875336
  393. >>40872876 (OP)
  394. Tarzan complex.
  395. >>
  396. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)02:22:50 No.40875336▶
  397. >>40875315
  398. yes, and?
  399. >>
  400. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)03:18:08 No.40875391▶
  401. >>40875421
  402. >>40873637
  404. > Captain of the guard Jala- I mean shining armor, patrols the border with his gaggle of guardsponers
  405. still can't believe they share a VA
  406. > Something is approaching from the South
  407. > it stumbles and falls. guards approach hesitantly
  408. > shining armor finds....
  409. > a kid. not a baby, but a very young child. half frozen to death from the icy grip around him. he has stopped shivering. his breathing is shallow.
  410. let's get the whole "this thing doesn't look like any creature I've seen before!" schtick out of the way, already.
  411. > shiny takes him back and calls twilight. she and her friend Fluttershy probably know what this thing is.
  412. > over the weeks he waits for them to arrive, (because the crystal empire is just pony Siberia, let's be honest), Cadenza takes over caretaking. raising it like a pet, whilst also raising Flurry Heart. Cadence names it "Lucky," because that's a pet's name.
  413. then the whole schtick of twilight and flutters arriving and saying they don't know about it, offered to flutters but the boy already imprinted, yadda yadda caprese panini. you already know this part.
  414. > so Lucky is living it big in the castle. can't eat at the table or anything because he's a pet, but that's a small price to pay.
  415. > Flurry is growing, and has tutors come in to teach her
  416. > Lucky is listening. he's always been listening and learning everything he can. that's human nature, after all.
  417. > Lucky learns to speak. everybody in the palace is shocked to hear him suddenly ask why he eats on the floor
  418. > when shiny ask him how he learned, he asks why didn't they teach him
  419. > now to put this into context, flurry heart was already broken OP, so she gets accelerated learning due to Alicorn shenanigans.
  420. > but Lucky learned everything faster than she did, just by eavesdropping on the tutoring sessions, as well as keeping an open ear in general around the palace.
  421. > the revelation of Lucky's intellect makes Cadence feel guilty: "this creature wasn't a pet, it deserved to be raised like an equal child! and I never noticed it!"
  422. > shining is.... well he's just terrified. whatever this thing is CAN'T be safe for his precious daughter, Alicorn be damned. he doesn't like it, but he keeps his mouth shut before he says something he regrets.
  423. > now mind you, both Flurry and Lucky are both still very young, so there's plenty of raising left to do. Cadence jumps at the opportunity.
  424. > shining can't really say anything to stop her since he knows he can't convince her otherwise
  425. also because he's Cadenza's little bitch. what a loser. your crowning achievement in the entire cartoon was throwing your wife out of a window? bravo, Captain of the guard. I expected nothing from you, and I'm still let down.
  426. let's get back to it, shall we?
  427. > Lucky and Flurry become good friends. but they are nothing short of trouble.
  428. two more replies, then it's done
  429. >>
  430. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)03:25:55 No.40875398▶
  431. >>40876557
  432. >>40874972
  433. We should bring back Momlestia
  434. >>
  435. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)04:01:36 No.40875421▶
  436. >>40876503 >>40877879 >>40902645
  437. >>40875391
  438. > Lucky's lack of hooves means he's quiet. and his ability to climb things quietly also helps. whereas Flurry tends to be the mastermind behind the pranks, and has learned how to store spells in glass marbles.
  439. > Lucky's rather sheltered life leaves a lot to be desired, and Flurry agrees. but when they sneak out and see the city, the common folk balk at Lucky's appearance. he even overheard that princess flurry shouldn't be seen with such a horrid beast.
  440. > Lucky is broken, and realizes he has never seen anybody like himself ever in his life
  441. > runs back to the palace, Cadence and Shiny confirm that nobody has ever seen another like him before. he's probably the only one of his kind.
  442. > IsThatTheOnlyReasonYouKeptMeAround?.aghast
  443. > lucky runs to the border, intent on walking through the snow until he either finds somebody else like him, or until he dies.
  444. > he already knows he's 99% gonna die, but in the face of a world that doesn't really love him, he doesn't care.
  445. > flurry catches up to him
  446. > summarized, "we grew up together. you're my brother. I'll never let you do this alone, after being your partner for so long."
  447. at this point, I'm torn:
  448. either Lucky realizes that Flurry loves him for who he is and that's enough for him, and Cadence talks to him about how love works,
  449. or
  450. Flurry and Lucky venture off to find any signs of humanity, while cadence and shiny chase after them, very concerned for the welfare of their hasty child(ren).
  451. which do you think?
  452. >>
  453. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)04:04:33 No.40875424▶
  454. >>40874969
  455. you had sucked his favorite nigger's cock and now you're his favorite nigger's butt buddy instead of him
  456. >>
  457. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)05:57:42 No.40875531▶
  458. >>40875535 >>40875684 >>40876773
  459. any more requests?
  460. >>
  461. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)06:06:56 No.40875535▶
  462. >>40875548 >>40876389
  463. >>40875531
  464. Tempest
  465. >>
  466. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)06:16:12 No.40875548▶
  467. >>40875535
  468. okay! just give me a minute. my narcolepsy will be kicking in any seco
  469. >>
  470. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)08:17:54 No.40875684▶
  471. >>40875531
  472. Celestia and Luna
  473. >>
  474. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)08:48:22 No.40875717▶
  475. >>40875918
  476. >>40872876 (OP)
  477. ESL
  478. >>
  479. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)11:49:04 No.40875918▶
  480. File: 1698280239448.png (291 KB, 621x315)
  482. >>40874898
  483. >>40875717
  484. >>
  485. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)15:31:07 No.40876233▶
  486. >>40876380 >>40876389
  487. >>40872876 (OP)
  488. I like your brand of autism anon and your willingness to share it with us
  489. if I were to self-insert I'd also like to start over, as a filly
  490. but I don't have any requests, I'm just here for the ride
  491. >>
  492. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)16:50:01 No.40876380▶
  493. >>40876233
  494. well, I'm finally awake again, for a long time this time, I can feel it.
  495. I probably mentioned it earlier, but I have narcolepsy but actually insane.
  496. the good news is that I can remember my stories better by dreaming. so, it'll balance out.
  497. hopefully.
  498. I'm gonna just stop by like chic fil a or something and upload the last few, if nobody has any more requests.
  499. did I ever get to finishing Cadenza's one?
  500. >>
  501. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)16:52:38 No.40876389▶
  502. >>40876426
  503. >>40876233
  504. okay, I see my queue now:
  505. Tempest
  506. one of the remaining princesses
  507. the other one
  508. (slot available)
  509. still open to requests
  510. I'm really excited for Tempest, since the storm king army is integral to the main continuity, and thus makes for a VERY interesting what-if story.
  511. either that, or we do post-movie tempest.
  512. >>40875535
  513. what do you think? pre or post movie?
  514. >>
  515. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)17:07:24 No.40876426▶
  516. >>40876450 >>40876848
  517. >>40876389
  518. Pre
  519. >>
  520. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)17:18:14 No.40876450▶
  521. >>40876426
  522. gotcha.
  523. on it ASAP.
  524. >>
  525. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)17:45:23 No.40876503▶
  526. >>40875421
  527. the first sounds good enough
  528. the second depends on shining's role
  529. >>
  530. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)18:02:09 No.40876557▶
  531. >>40875398
  532. "We" have tried. You're free to try it again if you want though.
  533. >>
  534. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)19:39:22 No.40876773▶
  535. >>40875531
  536. Cozy Glow
  537. >>
  538. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)19:59:37 No.40876848▶
  539. >>40876906
  540. >>40876426
  541. TEMPEST
  542. > for context, in the main continuity, the storm king's invasion of the Hipogryphs is probably one of the earliest events in the entire timeline. it sets up so much, and in such subtle ways.
  543. > the only edit that comes before it involves the pillars of harmony.
  544. lettuce begin.
  545. with the set-up, at least.
  546. > the storm King's many convoys explore the lands to conquer, pillage, plunder, and enslave.
  547. > they encounter the Hippogriff lands, and are eager to take a piece of that.
  548. > HERE THEY GO!
  549. > oh, they got their asses kicked by Hippogriffs.
  550. > no matter. the convoy was initially small. we simply need either backup, or a plan, or a secret weapon.
  551. > from one of the Hippogriffs they managed to capture, they learn about the land.
  552. > a mountain that's strictly forbidden to their people out of fear of some sort of dark God? what a bunch of hippy-dippey baloney. useless to us.
  553. > lands to the east that are avoided due to sirens who can hypnotize entire cities with their song?
  554. > now we're cooking with oil, baby. now we are cooking with OIL.
  555. > the Convoy flies to the east, and finds three sirens.
  556. > a younger Tempest has come to bargain.
  557. > "work under us, and you'll have all of the food, power, influence, fame, luxuries, riches and treasures, slaves, and protection you could ever ask for. and we can start by conquering the Hippogriff municipality that has kept your kind in check for so long. refuse, and we will kindly promote you to the ambitious position of "blood-stained ashes in an unmarked grave."
  558. > now, the sirens don't like working for other people, or being told what to do.
  559. > but their leader isn't so stupid as to not recognize that if they accept this easy-ass job under storm king's employ, they would be SET FOR LIFE. And if push comes to shove, then they can just skedaddle. they're powerful enough, it should be easy.
  560. > "deal, but we'll be holding you to that promise of luxury and slaves."
  561. > they have their Sirens, and they have their plan, too:
  562. > start with shock-&'-awe tactics: loud explosions in a surprise blitzkrieg to cause mass panic at first.
  563. > their defenses will prioritize making it towards the threat over staying organized, and most importantly, focused.
  564. > use the chaos to our advantage: the sirens' song works best on distracted or panicked masses. they'll be spread out on the flanks, around surrounding mountains.
  565. > and in one fell swoop, half of their forces are brainwashed and defect to our side. our numbers double, whilst theirs halve.
  566. > then we just transform into janitors, as we mop the floor with these suckers.
  567. > starting out, it works FANTASTICALLY. almost to a T.
  568. > what few hippogriffs that stayed calm enough to resist the song form small teams to try to race up the mountains to stop the Sirens, but one of them is on top of that forbidden mountain.
  569. > oh well, not much choice. fuck it; we fly
  570. </\|/ [ TO BE CONTINUED ] //|||/
  571. >>
  572. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)20:24:05 No.40876906▶
  573. >>40877041
  574. >>40876848
  576. > from Tempest's perspective, it's going great. one siren immediately swatted down the force flying up to her, and another had panicked along the way, causing the song to take care of them.
  577. > the third is making it up by climbing instead, but they'll be too slow.
  578. > we're going to land some ships, and send more land assault. we have plenty of anti-aerial artillery behind us. and tempest, always eager to prove her power to the world and to her boss, is eager to lead the charge personally.
  579. > about twenty minutes during the charge, and things were just beginning to get too easy.
  580. > the sirens' song is cut off by an unholy scream
  581. > a screech so horrifying, as if all nine hells opened up and the damned within begged to be snuffed free from their torment.
  582. > the siren on that forbidden mountaintop fled down to the waters below, as if her life depended on it. and the psychic bond she held with her sisters meant whatever she saw, they saw too. whatever she felt, they felt too.
  583. > all three fled to the ocean
  584. > the screech breaks the hypnosis of all under its influence, and the hippogriffs hear the unholy shriek. despite now having an advantage over their invaders, they run to the ocean as well, in abject horror.
  585. > That'sNotAGoodSign.TempestThoughtProcess
  586. > a Lovecraftian Nightmare, tendrils like rotting flesh fly out of the mountain at the speed of mach jesus, sounding like screams
  587. > grabs some ships, slams them into the ground
  588. > the mass of flesh and teeth and eyeballs and puss and bones emerges from the mountain cave. It's so horrifying that looking at it causes your eyes to bleed profusely, and insane psychic attacks cause your brain to migraine and deteriorate
  589. now normally, the convoy flees West back to storm king, and her entire convoy warns the king to never venture east for a long time. this allows the storm king to show up much later.
  590. but instead, since we're moving this ahead to when tempest is in the army, we're going to exploit Tempest's frail ego.
  591. > tempest organizes her troops to enter the ships
  592. > all guns aim at the beast
  593. > borrowing the magic of her entire convoy, Tempest fires her magical attack, which is followed by the volley of the convoy's entire fire power
  594. > more than enough, as the entire cap of the mountain is gone, and the monster with it.
  595. > the Hippogriffs are gone, and so are the sirens, but at least the city is theirs.
  596. a VERY long set-up, but now we can finally begin the story proper. get hype.
  597. >>
  598. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)21:37:56 No.40877041▶
  599. >>40877131
  600. >>40876906
  601. > Tempest doesn't like it, but due to the major damage to the city and the losses her convoy took, she is ordered to stay in the city and hold it until the king himself arrives to asses it all. he was probably going to do this anyways, since he really wanted this city, but Tempest is not looking forward to the inevitable conversation.
  602. > storm king arrives eventually, and he can't be too mad. we DO have the city now, and there are plenty of treasures
  603. > storm king orders tempest to clean up all the treasures here, then continue the campaign further east once convoys reorganize. he's leaving back to.... wherever he goes, idfk man they never say where he's from.
  604. > so Tempest is in the city, gearing up to take to the skies again. that's when she realizes she ought to take a team up that mountain to see what the fuck was happening up there in the first place, scrounge for clues and whatnot. Tempest doo, mystery incorporated.
  605. > climb le mountain.
  606. > go deeper into the mountain cave where it wasn't destroyed
  607. > there were machines here, but everything is demolished already. VERY demolished.
  608. > only find one small blob of the flesh monster left.
  609. > it's still barely undulating, but doesn't seem to be alive or sentient. for now.
  610. > but all Tempest sees is:
  611. > "what's that? a WEAPON? That thing is why half of my army is DEAD!"
  612. > "But what if.... I were to capture this thing and use it as a bioweapon later, to prove my worth to the storm king? hohoho, delightfully devilish, Tempest!"
  613. > when she orders one of her soldiers to pick it up, the tiny blob reacts to the touch of biomass my absorbing it in twenty agonizing seconds.
  614. > oh well, we have more soldiers back at the ship.
  615. > instead, she scoops it up with a magically levitated shovel or something, doesn't matter what tool, and she puts it in a jar.
  616. > brings it back, puts it on the ship. no need to tell the king about it yet.
  617. > continues to pillage and plunder cities. any time a captive needs to conveniently disappear, or refuses to cooperate, they're simply fed to the blob. the blob barely grows, but it does indeed grow. it starts to change to a specific shape. the shape of a baby human boy. the more it takes shape, the more the colour and texture changes, too.
  618. > aww sheeiit, here we go again....
  619. > soon enough, it stops absorbing the hostages.
  620. > Tempest is disappointed, but still smart.
  621. > this thing was so powerful that it kept an entire civilization practically hostage just by existing on a mountain within eyeshot of the city. it had enough power to decimate armies and armadas. we only beat it because we were lucky. if this thing had that power before, it can get that power again, even if it comes about in a different way. all we have to do is be patient, and help it grow.
  622. >>
  623. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)22:22:42 No.40877131▶
  624. >>40877173
  625. >>40877041
  626. > tempest raises the creature on her convoy. it helps with how fast it grows and how hungry for knowledge it is. she names him "Visorak." bonus points if you get the reference.
  627. > the only problem is that it's not just hungry for knowledge. it's hungry for food, too. CONSTANTLY. and despite it eating just about anything that isn't nailed to the ground, it has a particular fondness for MEAT.
  628. > Tempest raises him.... surprisingly better than Chrysalis did, but still not very well.
  629. > tenets such as: "You're only staying with us if you prove useful. and if you're not useful, you're left to rot."
  630. > and "in life, you only get what you take, and you only keep what you fight for."
  631. > and who could forget "individuality is nothing. you are a small cog in the giant conquest machine that is Storm King's Armada."
  632. > the only reason why it's better than Chrysalis is because there's a reward system for making yourself useful, instead of just "fight for the queen because she told us to."
  633. > many tests of Visorak's skill in an attempt to bring out his power fail to do so. but he still demonstrates himself as a master tactician, creative, a skilled battler, and utterly ruthless. that and constantly hungry.
  634. > not the ungodly superweapon that tempest had hoped for, but a great squad leader is still nothing to scoff at. count it as a minor success.
  635. > tell storm king about it. they go to see him, and Visorak pledges his loyalty to the despot.
  636. > storm king has his eyes on Equestria, but it's just too big, and the princesses are too powerful.
  637. > they need a secret weapon and a plan
  638. > after studying maps, Tempest suggests the Crystal Empire. securing it fast enough would mean they take the crystal heart, and can turn it into a weapon so powerful that no amount of princess chicanery can stop them.
  639. > and because they learned that Visorak's blood can be used to make all kinds of nasty biochemical weapons, such as a vitrification gas, (gas that turns things to obsidian glass/other crystal) or intense hallucinogens, Tempest has a plan of her own, including a theoretical new way to use it. maybe this is the way they unleash Visorak's hidden power....
  640. > Now the crystal Empire is in the pony equivalent of SIBERIA. the only plant that grows there is spruce, for lumber. so the only way they feed their populace is via import. they support this demand with their mining and studies of magic, their collection of relics, and amazing colleges, among other things. but the point is, this place has ZERO food, and relies entirely on trade with greater Equestria and somewhat Yakyakistan in order to stay afloat.
  641. > therefore, it's incredibly easy for the storm king and his forces to make garrisons and camps around the city's borders, effectively surrounding the barrier that protects the ponies inside
  642. > from there, they just have to pester the wall until it gives way. any retaliation from the empire will be dwarfed by the sheer size and power of the Storm King Armada
  643. continued in reply
  644. >>
  645. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)23:01:14 No.40877173▶
  646. >>40877197
  647. >>40877131
  648. continued:
  649. > they're surrounded, so nobody can get to them, and they can't flank, or outmaneuver, or even leave.
  650. > any imports of food are stopped cold by the garrisons making an effective blockade.
  651. > either the barrier will fall, or the ponies will starve. It's all a matter of time....
  652. > any foreign aid from greater Equestria, namely Canterlot forces, are no match due to their inexperience with fighting in this harsh tundra blizzard. and Yakyakistan honestly and truly doesn't give enough of a fuck to piss off the storm king. not worth it.
  653. > eventually, Tempest and Visorak learn that they can bass through the barrier, because Tempest is a pony and ponies are allowed, and we the audience know that Visorak is not of this world so it doesn't work on him due to physiology not native to Equis.
  654. > but the two of them, versus the entire empire? not a good idea.
  655. > unless....
  656. > the blood project that Tempest was thinking of; injecting Visorak's blood into her soldiers to make an army of supermonsters
  657. > Tempest, being to hasty to realize all she had to do was wait for the city to either surrender or die quietly, ever eager to gain glory and boost her ego and self-worth to get Storm King to fix her, decides to take the Roman approach:
  658. > "fuck it, everybody push the choke now. pub-push now." ~Caesar Augustus, probably, 140 bce or something, at the battle of cp_Dustbowl
  659. > the blood is injected into the soldiers, and they howl in pain. but even as their eyes glaze over, they stand, waiting for the call to charge. and when they do, the charge works. the barrier doesn't work on them anymore
  660. > the Crystal army panics, and the soldiers tear everything up.
  661. > Tempest and Visorak blitz the castle, but when Cadence saw the breach, she thought the barrier had fallen, so she took the crystal heart and tried to flee.
  662. > so now the barrier IS down, and both the army and the blizzard are creeping in.
  663. > Cadence soon learns that flight speed means nothing if the frigid cold freezes your wings.
  664. > it's Princess Cadenza and Captain Shining Armor versus Tempest and Visorak.
  665. > tempest has magical power out the wazoo to pair with ranged attacks and support, and Visorak has physical power, unrivaled speed and agility, and unrivaled precision.
  666. > Cadence is an Alicorn, so she has godlike powers, even if she lacks the skills and training with it.
  667. > Shining Armor is frankly just happy to feel involved.
  668. > the battle is mostly just a game of footsies between Visorak and Cadenza, whilst Tempest tries to support and defend, but Shining is trying to stop her.
  669. > all it takes is for Visorak to find a good self-defensible moment to allow Tempest to deal with Shining Armor properly. then it's a 1v2.
  670. > Cadenza is boosted by anger, but tempest knows that makes her sloppy. drawing Cadenza's aggro, Tempest continues to play defensively until Visorak gets behind Cadenza.
  671. > a good grab from behind and a point-blank magic blast, and the Princess is down for the count.
  672. continued in reply
  673. >>
  674. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)23:09:32 No.40877184▶
  675. >>40877201
  676. >>40872876 (OP)
  677. Don't suppose you have one for Lightning Dust?
  678. There's a good fimfic where the MC gets adopted by her
  679. >>
  680. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)23:17:35 No.40877197▶
  681. >>40877482 >>40884071
  682. >>40877173
  683. continued:
  684. > a good grab from behind and a point-blank magic blast, and the Princess is down for the count.
  685. K . O .
  686. Team Tempest Wins
  687. Rank: A
  688. you gained exp
  689. Tempest leveled-up!!
  690. you gained elo
  691. Rank Up!! S4 rank now!!
  692. obtained: money, crystal heart, some breadcrumbs I found
  693. highest combo: Tempest ~ 2
  694. > the Crystal Heart is ours, and so is the city and it's ponies.
  695. > turn around
  696. > see our soldiers
  697. > they're going way too insane on these ponies, tearing up buildings and bodies alike, way beyond what's necessary.
  698. > and is it just me, or are they bigger?
  699. > and their skin is bubbling and dripping?
  700. > and their flesh is throbbing?
  701. > and they're constantly screaming?
  702. > uh oh .png
  703. > these things are consuming anything they touch, adding to their mass.
  704. > the only thing slowing them down is the encroaching frigid cold. but if they gain enough mass, they might be able to escape the tundra.
  705. > and God forbid they absorb any magical artifacts or the princess
  706. and that's as far as I got. I'm not sure where to take it next, to be honest. Indecision haunts me.
  707. do we lose here? do we trap the mass in a prison made by the crystal heart? do we kill it with the cold, and continue to conquer? do we escape and need to unite the nations to stop it?
  708. the main problem with this one is that there's not much character development going on. it's just conquest. which is a fun little fantasy with mixes of Lovecraftian horror, but it leaves a lot to be desired from other readers.
  709. how do I make these characters develop? in what direction should they develop?
  710. >>
  711. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)23:19:53 No.40877201▶
  712. >>40877210
  713. >>40877184
  714. it would just be Rainbow Dash, but less lovey-parenting and character development, and more athletics.
  715. > although....
  716. if you link me that story, I might be able to see how they did it, and work with that inspiration?
  717. >>
  718. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)23:24:49 No.40877210▶
  719. >>40877273
  720. >>40877201
  721. The fic's a bit long for that, but here you go
  722. Though I guess if you just read up to the point where the adoption goes through and they leave town, you can get some idea. That's not too far into the fic IIRC.
  723. >>
  724. Anonymous 03/03/24(Sun)23:53:36 No.40877273▶
  725. >>40877314 >>40877959 >>40895102
  726. File: IMG20240303235057.jpg (3.66 MB, 3120x4160)
  728. >>40877210
  729. okay, I fear the thread will die before then. but I'll be back to deliver for you, I promise.
  730. I suppose I'll need to prove my identity, so here's picrelated. I'm Narcolepsy Anon, I guess.
  731. >>
  732. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)00:26:55 No.40877314▶
  733. >>40877340
  734. >>40877273
  735. why are you black
  736. >>
  737. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)00:43:26 No.40877340▶
  738. >>40877314
  739. it's just a glove.
  740. I am technically Scottish, but I live in the states.
  741. >>
  742. Narcolepsy Anon 03/04/24(Mon)01:34:42 No.40877405▶
  743. >>40877482 >>40878813
  744. For my own poor memory's sake, my current queue is:
  745. > one of the remaining princesses,
  746. > Cozy Glow (somehow)
  747. > Lightning Dust after reading the thing
  748. let's see if I can stay awakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  749. >>
  750. Tea 03/04/24(Mon)02:17:07 No.40877448▶
  751. >>40882717
  752. Your a male human baby. You were discovered in some remote part of equestria by a group of recluse wiccan unicorns in the middle of estrus season.
  753. >>
  754. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)02:36:07 No.40877464▶
  755. File: 17982134.gif (726 KB, 561x451)
  757. >thirdworlder wants to be adopted into the first world via cartoon horses
  758. good stories though, you should expand on one and submit it to fimfiction
  759. >>
  760. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)02:59:32 No.40877482▶
  761. >>40882717
  762. >>40877197
  763. That is one OP character Tempest adopted. I wonder where her powers come from. Either way, he might get rainbow blasted at this rate. Also did the sirens just swim away never to return?
  765. >>40877405
  766. >Cozy Glow
  767. Good luck with that. I genuinely wonder how you could pull that one off.
  768. >>
  769. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)10:03:54 No.40877879▶
  770. >>40875421
  771. Option 1. I like wholesome endings.
  772. >>
  773. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)11:04:52 No.40877959▶
  774. >>40877273
  775. I mean, no need to feel obligated - I was just curious if you had one for her
  776. >>
  777. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)11:10:16 No.40877970▶
  778. >>40882717
  779. >>40875248
  780. >if you have any ideas, I'm all ears
  781. Just for Discord or the entire thing in general?
  782. >>
  783. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)16:13:13 No.40878665▶
  784. >>40875248
  785. >classic manipulative and borderline abusive Celestia
  786. Classic Celestia indeed.
  787. >>
  788. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)17:20:54 No.40878813▶
  789. >>40877405
  790. Which princess?
  791. >>
  792. Anonymous 03/04/24(Mon)21:49:32 No.40879562▶
  793. >>40880699
  794. bump
  795. >>
  796. Narcolepsy anon 03/04/24(Mon)23:07:10 No.40879771▶
  797. >>40880259 >>40881521
  798. Hey guys, this is narcolepsy anon.
  799. I have a ban in my area, so I’m kinda fucked until tomorrow, unless mods unban me.
  800. The reason was some spam report?? I don’t get it
  801. But I’ll be writing!!
  802. >>
  803. Anonymous 03/05/24(Tue)03:28:28 No.40880259▶
  804. >>40879771
  805. Shame. Did you spam up some other thread?
  806. >>
  807. Anonymous 03/05/24(Tue)09:16:05 No.40880699▶
  808. >>40879562
  809. >>
  810. Anonymous 03/05/24(Tue)12:52:07 No.40881118▶
  811. Bumping for tomorrow.
  812. >>
  813. Anonymous 03/05/24(Tue)16:21:04 No.40881521▶
  814. >>40879771
  815. That is sad.
  816. >>
  817. Narcolepsy's Revenge 03/06/24(Wed)00:12:38 No.40882708▶
  820. >>
  821. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/06/24(Wed)00:17:13 No.40882717▶
  822. >>40883098
  823. I'M BACK, BABY!!
  824. I saved the post that I wanted to send, so here it is. now, en lieu of the jannies understanding my innocence, I will be practically chugging my meds in order to stay up delivering. it just makes me so happy, I don't understand why??
  825. >>40877482
  826. as for the sirens, I needed a more interesting reason as to why they went to fucking barbieland of all places. and I already had the Lovecraft event, why not scare the shit out of them so hard that they follow the Hippogriffs into the water and get captured?
  827. as for tempest, that's just always how I saw her in the movie; storm king wouldn't keep her if she wasn't powerful.
  828. >>40877448
  829. yeah, that's pretty much the spa sisters story. I needed to vent my desires somehow....
  830. not my most proud work.
  831. >>40877970
  832. I was referring to discord.
  833. oedipal fantasies are more difficult to write when there's no mother involved.
  834. that, and I'm pretty sure discord would just play "kick the baby."
  836. I'll be writing better now, with my medicine!
  837. >>
  838. Anonymous 03/06/24(Wed)05:28:05 No.40883098▶
  839. >>40882717
  840. cant wait
  841. >>
  842. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/06/24(Wed)08:23:30 No.40883312▶
  843. >>40883427 >>40884813 >>40885393
  845. > because Twilight is such an important character for both the show AND my autistic fever dream stories, her story could probably vary, depending on when we give her the baby. probably not all that much, though. just little bits here and there. it even changes drastically around whether Twilight finds the boy as a baby or a young child! I'll just pick the one in the beginning, for brevity's sake.
  846. > early Twilight, just barely showed up in the show:
  847. > Twilight is conducting a study on the wildlife in the everfree forest, for reasons unimportant to the story.
  848. > the same setup as the Fluttershy story, except the boy is a little bit older and able to fend for itself in the wild. from our audience perspective, he should probably be somewhere around 5 to 7 years old, surviving by ambushing prey or making traps.
  849. > Fluttershy has given her very specific instructions not to disturb the local wildlife
  850. > but this "thing" doesn't look like it's native to the everfree. in fact, it doesn't look like it's native to Equestria at all, and its intelligence is beyond that of a normal animal or monster.
  851. > Twilight stays out of sight. but monsters don't.
  852. > whether it's a timber wolf or a cockatrice or something in between, it doesn't matter. the boy shows wit in killing the monster, but in the process he gets his shit rocked. he's bleeding out.
  853. > GGs fagit, ur fuck'd M8
  854. > this creature already doesn't show up in any encyclopedia Twilight owns, and she owns all of them. but if she doesn't do something to save this poor creature, it's not gonna show up on this mortal coil anymore
  855. > fuckit.jpg
  856. > Twilight picks up the mangled creature on her back and HAULS ASS to her government-mandated Fluttershy.
  857. > shy is obviously peeved that Twilight has MESSED UP THE NATURAL ORDER, but given that she's also a hypocrite for that she lets it go.
  858. > oh yeah, and she also has no fucking clue what twilight just dragged in. that ought to distract her enough.
  859. > Fluttershy does what she does best! veterinary work
  860. > Twilight does what she does best! panic.
  861. > about a week of care, and the creature is set to be released back into the wild.
  862. > it doesn't want to leave, that much is obvious. but Fluttershy knows that this is how it's supposed to be.
  863. > twilight has been told by Fluttershy not to follow, track, or even seek the creature after release, no matter how curious she is.
  864. > I'll give you two guesses what Twilight does the very next day. and if your guess was "listen to Fluttershy's advice to leave the creature alone and ignore her insatiable curiosity over what could be the scientific discovery of the century," then please try again.
  865. > twilight maps out the territory that the creature roams. she places down crystals around the place that she can easily teleport between, like a beacon.
  866. running out of space again,
  867. you know the drill; just follow the replies.
  868. >>
  869. Anonymous 03/06/24(Wed)09:38:48 No.40883427▶
  870. >>40883484
  871. >>40883312
  872. I bet it'll be awkward once they finds out he's sapient. Odd of Flutters to nag about natural order though. Didn't she build a sanctuary for wild animals where she did not let predators eat prey?
  873. >>
  874. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/06/24(Wed)10:31:08 No.40883484▶
  875. >>40883427
  876. I have always seen Fluttershy as a conflicted case of truths versus ideals;
  877. the truth is that nature should be left alone to its own devices, a truth that Fluttershy knows all too well. but Fluttershy's ideal world is a world of kindness. her gentle heart makes it impossible for her to see animals be hurt, so she can't help but save them. it's a minor conflict, character versus self, and I really think it makes Fluttershy more deep and interesting of a character, even if it does make her a hypocrite.
  878. >>
  879. Anonymous 03/06/24(Wed)15:30:30 No.40884071▶
  880. >>40884776
  881. >>40877197
  882. Clearly this must go from a conquest to a rescue mission. Maybe an impromptu teamup with Cadence and Shining?
  883. >>
  884. Anonymous 03/06/24(Wed)17:51:47 No.40884453▶
  885. >>40884776 >>40886324
  886. Bump
  887. >>
  888. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/06/24(Wed)19:56:29 No.40884776▶
  889. >>40884453
  890. i shant squander your bump, mein freund.
  891. >>40884071
  892. depends if Tempest sees it as a problem.
  893. if she sees that the cold hinders it, then she might just leave the Lovecraftian Nightmare to die in the snow. but that's if we decide that the cold would still be fatal. (it would line up with the Uvollævir story....)
  894. different ways this story can go, I might as well try them all! but for now,
  896. we continue twilight's story.
  897. >>
  898. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/06/24(Wed)20:08:13 No.40884813▶
  899. >>40885393
  900. >>40883312
  901. Twilight's story continued:
  905. > After Fluttershy healed the mysterious creature, they released him back into the wild, much to the Chagrin of Twilight.
  906. > but ever present to continue studying this marvel of nature, Twilight secretly stalks this boy that only we know to be "'Human-Like....'"
  908. >>
  909. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/06/24(Wed)23:40:54 No.40885393▶
  910. >>40885846 >>40887804
  911. >>40883312
  912. >>40884813
  913. > twilight maps out the territory that the creature roams. she places down crystals around the place that she can easily teleport between, like a beacon.
  914. > she loves wasting all of her free time in this dumb cycle: teleport to the crystals, find the creature, and write down everything. did you really expect anything else from twilight sparkle?
  915. > she names the creature "Tenacity," after its refusal to submit to the harsh everfree monsters. but Tenacity is a long and dumb sounding name to me, so let's just shorten it to "Tena," pronounced like "Tæy~Nah."
  916. > now Tena, he's been surviving in the wild everfree for a couple of years, all as a child all on his own. he knows that there's a familiar scent watching over his every move.
  917. > Twilight is NOT slick. Tena is onto her dastardly tricks. so Tena finally has enough of her hullabaloo and tricks her into the open, using the ancient technique of "oh boy, I sure am going in THIS general direction!" only to give her the slip like a bar of soap.
  918. > because when twilight can't find Tena in his usual spots, she needs to track it down on hoof. at that point, Tena just waits for her to come to him.
  919. > like a bar of soap.
  920. > she comes face-to-face with the boy.
  921. > he only comes up to her chin in height.
  922. > feeling like she's in some sort of dangerous situation with a wild animal, (because she is), she freezes up.
  923. > Tena doesn't move. he just looks.
  924. > twilight realizes that she has to make a move, since clearly Tena figured out she was stalking him.
  925. > offers him an apple.
  926. > the levitation magic startled him, but he remembers the mercy she showed him before. he accepts teh appul.
  927. > nom
  928. > twilight approaches
  929. > Tena doesn't flinch
  930. > both of their eyes go wide
  931. > Tena feels friendship for the first time
  932. > Twilight is uncertain how she feels, whether it's a connection or just fascination. but nonetheless it's a positive feeling.
  933. > but now, as twilight turns to leave, Tena follows her like a lost puppy.
  934. > remember, Tena might as well be a lost puppy. to him, twilight is like an angel promising him that he'll never have to fear for his life or fight for his food ever again. a concept so foreign yet so heavenly....
  935. > Twilight realizes the damage she's done; this creature will either follow her for life, or be heartbroken.
  936. > golly, Fluttershy is gonna wring her neck. not looking forward to that conversation.
  937. > carefully leads him to ponyville
  938. > luckily for her, it's beginning to get late, and nobody sees the two. any who do only get a glance of what's "probably just an albino diamond dog." neato stuff, but not worth their time when they have a home to get back to.
  939. > enter the Library.
  940. > spike is in shock that Twilight actually brought home the creature she told him about.
  941. running out of room again.
  942. you know the drill.
  943. >>
  944. Anonymous 03/07/24(Thu)03:26:14 No.40885846▶
  945. >>40885393
  946. Well, at least Spike will get a sibling around his age. Does Twilight realize yet that he's sapient?
  947. >>
  948. Anonymous 03/07/24(Thu)09:51:12 No.40886324▶
  949. >>40889571
  950. >>40884453
  951. >>
  952. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/07/24(Thu)10:20:21 No.40886388▶
  953. >>40886425 >>40887001
  955. >>
  956. Anonymous 03/07/24(Thu)10:36:59 No.40886425▶
  957. >>40886388
  958. Discord did it.
  959. >>
  960. Anonymous 03/07/24(Thu)14:15:16 No.40887001▶
  961. >>40886388
  962. That is sad.
  963. >>
  964. Anonymous 03/07/24(Thu)17:47:18 No.40887662▶
  965. Moar?
  966. >>
  967. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/07/24(Thu)18:41:45 No.40887804▶
  968. >>40887906 >>40888143 >>40888610
  969. >>40885393
  970. fine. I'll just type it again, I guess. last time I use a screensaver....
  971. > Tena is now living in the Library as a pet.
  972. > Fluttershy is understandably pissed that Twilight went behind her back, but all it takes is for Tena to approach her with those big-ol' innocent eyes, and she just can't help herself.
  973. > what an adorable little apex predator! who's the sweetest little killing machine?
  974. > Fluttershy being fully distracted by Tena's return, she is forgetting her anger towards twilight. it's obvious that she wanted this too, no matter how much she tries to convince herself otherwise.
  975. > Twilight tries to give Tena to Fluttershy, because duh. however, and say it with me now, Twilight has already unwittingly imprinted on the boy, and now he simply refuses to leave Twilight.
  976. > I'm starting to notice a pattern. oh well.
  977. > Fluttershy relents on the condition that she's allowed to check up on his health every other day, and she leaves Twilight with tips on how to raise most omnivorous simians.
  978. > now Tena is staying with Twilight, and more importantly, with his new housemate Spike.
  979. > a couple of things happen over a small pocket of time:
  980. > foremost, the fact that Twilight has tamed a brand new creature found in the everfree and is keeping it as her pet in the Library becomes a known fact in ponyville. but the news is broken smoothly, so nobody panics. just Twilight doing Twilight things. if anything, it increases the visitors to the library just a little bit!
  981. > the Mane Six even stop by often just to see "just what dumb antics is Tena up to today?"
  982. > next, Tena is CONSTANTLY following Twilight around like a lost puppy, because really think about it; he might as well be. he's like a husky that follows you around the house.
  983. > it takes an act of Congress just to keep Tena from freaking out if Twilight leaves for more than twenty minutes.
  984. > also, Spike tries to get along with Tena. and he succeeds! Tena sees Spike like an older brother, despite Tena being a head taller than Spike.
  985. > lastly, Twilight is doing a swell job taking care of Tena.
  986. > Twilight is constantly studying Tena, and Fluttershy makes frequent visits for similar reasons.
  987. > Twilight is testing Tena with puzzles now, and finds something astonishing, and I think we know what it is:
  988. > Tena will solve any puzzle Twilight gives him with relative ease.
  989. > from simple mazes and mirror tests to tool usage and water displacement. Tena is well-aware of the world he lives in, and how nature works. either that, or he's learning EXTREMELY quickly. either or.
  990. > this alone would have been enough to keep Twilight's attention, but then....
  991. > Tena started learning words.
  992. > simple ones at first, "stay," "food," "Twilight," "Spike," and "Tena," words that were all intentionally taught to him, but then it very quickly escalates.
  993. > Tena knows the names of Twilight's friends, without even being taught them.
  994. we keep going, boys.
  995. >>
  996. Anonymous 03/07/24(Thu)19:24:31 No.40887906▶
  997. >>40887804
  998. Nice
  999. >>
  1000. Anonymous 03/07/24(Thu)20:57:31 No.40888143▶
  1001. >>40888506
  1002. >>40887804
  1003. Cute. I like Spike's role in this.
  1004. >>
  1005. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/07/24(Thu)23:23:29 No.40888506▶
  1006. >>40888143
  1007. then you're going to either love this next part or hate it, because spike starts acting like congealed fruit preserves.
  1008. >>
  1009. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/08/24(Fri)00:00:58 No.40888610▶
  1010. >>40888649
  1011. >>40887804
  1012. we keep goin', boys:
  1013. > Tena learned the names of the mane six without having been taught them.
  1014. > still very impressive to Twilight, but she just chalks it up to hearing the names often, and associating them with whomever is nearby and how they react.
  1015. > then Tena learns more words. Tena starts asking questions in broken sentences:
  1016. > "why Tena eat on ground? no eat with Twilight?"
  1017. > "why Twilight go? Tena stay why?"
  1018. > "want outside" "want food"
  1019. > "kill John Lennon."
  1020. > maybe not that last one, but the point stands.
  1021. > Tena learned to talk on his own, and at fucking lightning speed no less.
  1022. > Twilight's flabbers have been gasted. another higher intellect species that we didn't know about? did it come from a society? is there still that society somewhere?
  1023. > this only encourages Twilight and Fluttershy to study him more, test him constantly, and just give him an assload of attention in general, and Tena loves it. he gets more fun puzzles, food rewards for being a good boy, and the two mares he cares about most are doting over him, and even trying to teach him a solid understanding of the language
  1024. > Spike is pissed. Tena went from a fun pet to hang out with whenever Twilight wasn't busy, to the sole reason why he gets zero attention from anybody, even Twilight. ESPECIALLY Twilight!
  1025. > in a vain attempt for satisfaction, Spike tries to get Tena in trouble in many different ways, mostly backfiring.
  1026. > Tena is oblivious, and just thinks that his big bro is experimenting like momma Twilight.
  1027. > I can see many episodes with this as the B-Plot; like Phineas &' Ferb with Candace, but instead of building crazy shit he's just fucking vibing, brother.
  1028. > you can come up with your own ideas for Spike's dastardly plots, I'd love to hear them
  1029. > however, the final straw comes when one of his plans backfires so badly that it threatens somebody's life. this can go one of two ways:
  1030. > either it threatens Spike's life, and Tena saves him, showing that he still loves him as his brother,
  1031. > or it threatens Tena's life, far more than just the small bit of trouble that Spike had intended, and so Spike has to come to terms with his needlessly bitter mentality towards his brother/pet/friend before he saves him.
  1032. > whichever way you choose, the result remains: Tena and Spike make up and Spike learns to clearly and honestly voice his pains and feelings about how Twilight has been neglecting him.
  1033. WE
  1034. KEEP
  1035. GOING
  1036. >>
  1037. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/08/24(Fri)00:16:44 No.40888649▶
  1038. >>40888991 >>40889614
  1039. >>40888610
  1040. we keep going. we always keep going.
  1041. the meaning of life is to deliver, and I shall.
  1042. > now, over a small time-jump, Twilight teaches Tena to talk and read basic pony language. (is it English? or just pony noises that have been translated for the cartoon's sake?)
  1043. > Twilight asks Tena about the whole "lost civilization" bullshit, but Tena has no clue what crack she's smoking; he's just some kid from the forest. he just showed up one day, and that's all there is to it, as far as he knows.
  1044. > it's an uncomfortable topic for Tena, since despite him considering Twilight his surrogate mother, she sometimes treats him like a puzzle to be solved, making him question the way she truly sees him
  1045. > foreshadowing is a narrative device that does things. either way, we can come back to this later.
  1046. > for now, Tena is smart enough to be out in public more, and off-leash too.
  1047. > this would be used as a way to explore the world of ponyville from the perspective of someone not so family to pony life. a cute little slice of life part of Tena learning how this little community works. dealing with Rainbow's shenanigans, eating everything in the Sugarcube Corner, eating too many apples at Sweet Apple Acres and having to work there to make up for it, because remember, Tena will eat just about ANYTHING that isn't nailed to the ground.
  1048. > getting a more modest getup from the Carousel Boutique, helping auntie Fluttershy with her animals, but they're all terrified of him for completely unknown reasons (foreshadowing)
  1049. > and making friends with the crusaders.
  1050. actually, there's a really cute moment with the crusaders BEFORE Tena learned how to speak. I forgot to mention it. would you like to hear it? it's pretty quick
  1051. >>
  1052. Anonymous 03/08/24(Fri)03:31:06 No.40888991▶
  1053. >>40889614
  1054. >>40888649
  1055. >Spike is pissed.
  1056. Figures. Kids in general would get jealous in these cases and Spike had an entire episode of essentially this.
  1057. >but they're all terrified of him
  1058. He's probably some sort of apex predator in this universe, which they can feel.
  1059. >cute moment with the crusaders
  1060. Sure, if you don't mind.
  1061. >>
  1062. Anonymous 03/08/24(Fri)09:27:32 No.40889571▶
  1063. >>40886324
  1064. >>
  1065. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/08/24(Fri)09:57:50 No.40889614▶
  1066. >>40889622 >>40889936 >>40891345
  1067. >>40888991
  1068. > they can detect that he's an apex predator
  1069. that was the idea. however, you could also chalk it up to him being a part of the Black Mask infection, like with the Tempest story, but I figure that might be a bit much.
  1070. >>40888649
  1071. Deus Vult, because we're CRUSADERS now!
  1072. > this part of Twilight's story comes before Tena really learns the extent of language. he can still say some things, but he doesn't really talk to anybody except for Twilight, Spike, and Flittershoosh.
  1073. > Twilight had been training Tena to learn that she will come back soon if she leaves him somewhere. leaving him with Fluttershy while she shops for food, leaving him at Sweet Apple Acres or Sugarcube Corner while she takes a day off with da gurlz, etc.
  1074. > Tena is now comfortable to be left with trustworthy individuals, even if he does prefer staying glued to Twilight's ass like a pocket medic.
  1075. > Twilight wants to see how Tena works in an environment with fillies that share his mental maturity, so she allows the crusaders to have fun with him.
  1076. > Tena has so much fun with the Crusaders that they join his small list of ponies that he can enjoy being around without twilight.
  1077. > they throw things for him to catch, like a dog with a Frisbee. they are impressed
  1078. > Tena throws Scootaloo in the air and catches her, like upsies, and runs around with her held up high, to feel like flying
  1079. > and yes, they do other little girl things like try to put makeup on twilight's pet monkey thing.
  1080. > they try to get their marks with his help often.
  1081. > eventually, Twilight allows the crusaders to take Tena to recess at the schoolhouse
  1082. > everyfilly else is scared, even cheerilee is uncomfortable. but with how well-trained Tena is, they come around soon enough.
  1083. > Tena is allowed to come to recess quite often. all the fillies love watching him climb a tree to get out a stuck ball, or catch a Frisbee in the air. they even find it cute when he climbs on top of the roof of the playset and naps, basking in the sun
  1084. > but he's still technically under the supervision of the crusaders (and cheerilee, but don't tell them that), so they get the most time from him
  1085. > diamond tiara and silver spoon wake up one morning and choose violence.
  1086. > because they're top-dog at the school, there's not much that anyfilly else can do. the snobby duo are hogging Tena like a toy they own.
  1087. > Tena doesn't like it. they are too rough.
  1088. > diamond tiara tries to swing on Tena's long hair.
  1089. > Tena yelps loudly before swatting her off with the might of fucking Zeus. he shakes off silver spoon and runs away
  1090. > well-deserved, but Tena's gonna be in big trouble.
  1091. now, we can write this the quick way, or the long way:
  1092. the quick way includes everybody vouching for Tena, saying they saw Diamond Tiara hurting him and heard his yelp. even Cheerilee would have been paying enough attention to have tried to warn the duo not to be so rough with Tena. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are blamed, and Tena doesn't get cooked because he's let Off The Hook.
  1093. >>
  1094. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/08/24(Fri)10:03:00 No.40889622▶
  1095. >>40889936 >>40891345
  1096. >>40889614
  1097. the long way, however, involves Cheerilee not having paid enough attention, and Diamond Tiara getting her daddy involved.
  1098. Tiara would still want Tena all to herself, so Filthy Rich finds a legal loophole to claim ownership of Tena, much to the distress of Tena and Twilight.
  1099. and there would be an amazing side-story of trying to get Tena back, and Tena feeling miserable in an entire mansion without love, and trying to escape. however, I feel like this fits better in Fluttershy's story. her story has a lot less going on than I'd like, and I think this would really be nice for her development.
  1100. so, now we continue with Twilight's story.
  1101. >>
  1102. Anonymous 03/08/24(Fri)12:57:47 No.40889936▶
  1103. >>40890263
  1104. >>40889614
  1105. Ah right, pre-CMC cutie mark Diamond was a bully. I bet her mom would try starting up a mob.
  1107. >>40889622
  1108. > legal loophole
  1109. I don't think that would make much sense. Isnt Twilight here already an alicorn first of all and failing that, Celestia's student? Not to mention that the loophole would have to allow Filthy to either claim guardianship over a child he never met or ownership of a wild animal in the care of someone else despite him having absolutely no authority or knowledge in animal care.
  1111. Not to mention the fact that Filthy does tend to at least be somewhat responsible when it comes to Diamond. He is willing to punish her if he notices things going too far. I don't think it would be reasonable to assume that this otherwise docile creature would just randomly hurt her daughter for no reason and failing that, why would he want it near her in his house if its supposedly dangerous? I'd say it would be very hard to make this work in a logical way.
  1113. It could, however, lead to some sort of mini court case of sorts, maybe one where Fluttershy helps prove Tena's sapience, which would turn this from an animal attack to two kids getting into a fight. The outcome of that, however, would in large depend on the severity of how hard he swatted Diamond off.
  1114. >>
  1115. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/08/24(Fri)15:31:23 No.40890263▶
  1116. >>40890831
  1117. >>40889936
  1118. I understand. I'd actually like to work this through, see what's the better approach for this story:
  1120. first, twilight isn't an Alicorn yet. and second, you see, Tena is classified as an animal, because there's already a list of which species are sapient enough. but given how many new species of monsters or animals pop out of the everfree back when that law was written, they simply put a band-aid, fix on it by saying any new species isn't deemed sapient until parliament deems it otherwise. this worked for a thousand years because all you could ever find in the damn everfree were animals and monsters, so nobody predicted that a new species would pop out of the woodworks and gain sapience.
  1122. as for Celestia stepping in, I JUST don't see that happening. need I remind you that Luna is still fairly new to the scene after a thousand years, and modern pony society never knew she was even fucking REAL until like maybe two months ago. so Celestia suddenly saying "hey I have a sister by the way, and she's immediately going into royal power by my side!" causes a bit of ruckus for the government in Canterlot. shining armor being married to Cadenza around the same time that the crystal empire comes back, and also around the same time that Celestia personally trains Shining's baby sister? there's just too much going on for the elite and powerful to not point and shout "nepotism!" in a vain attempt to grab more political leverage or power. Celestia NEEDS to play it cool for a while. if anything, she would just agree to sort things out later.
  1124. as for filthy rich, I agree that he's a better father than we tend to let on, but he's still very much like his original writing inspiration; Sir Robert Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. if Diamond Tiara wants this exotic new pet, it's only a matter of time before he cracks under all of the "I wanna!'s"
  1126. but again, it's not that big of a deal, since I would be reserving this for Fluttershy's story, instead of Twilight's story. Tena in Twilight's story gets off scott-free in the span of half an episode, where he never really leaves the playground, whereas with Fluttershy this plot point could last for half a fucking season, because there's just so much more I can do with these characters when it's Fluttershy's problem instead of Twilight's.
  1128. but again, I'd really like to work this back and forth between us, try to iron out the best way to write this.
  1129. >>
  1130. Anonymous 03/08/24(Fri)19:01:36 No.40890831▶
  1131. >>40891040
  1132. >>40890263
  1133. Wouldn't Mayor Mare have the authority to hold a court then on the matter? She would be the highest authority in Ponyville at that time. As for Tena getting off scott-free, you could do a Diamond attempted revenge plot of sorts.
  1134. >>
  1135. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/08/24(Fri)20:25:16 No.40891040▶
  1136. >>40891147
  1137. >>40890831
  1138. the mayor mare angle is strong, but a mayor's power is executive, not legislative nor judicial. there can only be so much she can do, and that's not even mentioning the higher politicians that Filthy Rich has no doubt befriended with his deep pockets and high status.
  1140. but that revenge plot might be a cute idea to edit into Twilight's story. I'll have to remember that when I fall asleep next.
  1141. >>
  1142. Anonymous 03/08/24(Fri)21:04:32 No.40891147▶
  1143. >>40891040
  1144. If Filthy's using money as leverage then Twilight can ask Granny for help. The Apple's are important suppliers of his business after all.
  1145. >>
  1146. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/08/24(Fri)22:26:29 No.40891345▶
  1147. >>40891859 >>40894453
  1148. >>40889622
  1149. >>40889614
  1150. the journey continues!
  1151. i lost the post again, but it wasn't a complete loss.
  1152. > so Tena is learning how to talk and read.
  1153. > Tena doesn't believe his love for momma Twilight is mutual, but that Twilight sees him more as a fascination
  1154. > in order to get closer to Twilight, he studies magic. there's just one problem with this, and I'll bet the both of you know what that problem is:
  1155. > humans just ain't magic. they don't have a drop of it in them.
  1156. > twilight knows this from her experiments, so she tries to warn Tena. but Tena knows that working on magic would bond them further.
  1157. > Tena is a fast learner as expected, but Twilight is simply a prodigy. there's no way for Tena to catch up, especially with his inability to actually practice whatever magic he studies or tries to develop.
  1158. > Tena needs a way to practice magic> somehow, anyhow.
  1159. > there are a couple of ways he could go about this.
  1160. > he could try to find a way to get his body to hold, process, absorb, expel, and control the magic,
  1161. > he could develop a way to draw magic from the environment around him,
  1162. > he can develop a tool or magical artifact to do all of the magical heavy-lifting for him,
  1163. > he can specialize in magical artifacts, and collect and master a platitude of dangerous macguffins, having to quest to actually find them
  1164. > or he can study ritual magic, a magic that involves numerous long-lost methods of conjuring, some even unethical. involves things like drawing symbols and chanting verses, trading your vitality for magical power and abilities, etc.
  1165. > this story will probably be a lot of exploring the magic system in Equestria.
  1166. where should we start?
  1167. >>
  1168. Anonymous 03/09/24(Sat)04:25:25 No.40891859▶
  1169. >>40894453
  1170. >>40891345
  1171. Maybe he can play around with magical artifacts?
  1172. >>
  1173. Anonymous 03/09/24(Sat)05:05:48 No.40891914▶
  1174. >>40892637
  1175. >>40872876 (OP)
  1176. Not so hot take, but I enjoy stories involving Anon not cause of self-instert but because most characterizations of Anon that writefriends make are fun characters I enjoy reading about. From all the fics ive read Anons range from shiposting dipshits to pretty normie fellas to downright fucking sociopaths. Most are well written and fun characters to read about and see interact in with the MLP world.
  1178. Sorry if this was a bit unrelated to your question, I just saw the OP meme about Anon self inserts and wanted to give my dumb opinion.
  1179. >>
  1180. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/09/24(Sat)13:30:54 No.40892637▶
  1181. >>40892993
  1182. >>40891914
  1183. that's okay!
  1184. I personally don't like the rude, always cussing Anon. it's a bit painful to read for me.
  1185. >>
  1186. Anonymous 03/09/24(Sat)16:05:29 No.40892993▶
  1187. >>40893993
  1188. >>40892637
  1189. I honestly agree, I dont like it when Anon swears as much as a Hazbin Hotel character and is very on the nose about being a 4channer. I appreciate more subtly you know. Asshole Anon can be funny when written well but sometimes he comes across as a plain jerk. It may be hersey but I find the most normie-ish Anons to be the most pleasant in these kinda stories.
  1190. >>
  1191. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/09/24(Sat)17:52:23 No.40893314▶
  1192. >>40893898
  1193. man, keeping my thread alive is hard when I'm constantly asleep.
  1194. >>
  1195. Anonymous 03/09/24(Sat)21:48:30 No.40893898▶
  1196. >>40893314
  1197. Yes.
  1198. >>
  1199. Anonymous 03/09/24(Sat)22:18:40 No.40893993▶
  1200. >>40892993
  1201. I like it when a character feels realistic.
  1202. >>
  1203. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/10/24(Sun)04:30:58 No.40894453▶
  1204. >>40895037 >>40895973 >>40900008
  1205. >>40891859
  1206. >>40891345
  1207. I'll try to keep going!
  1208. > Tena will start with the relic method. it seems the most straightforward and realistic approach.
  1209. > he collects a variety of curios, but of the few that still work in his hands they are all too specific, usually able to do one thing.
  1210. > not very useful, at least not at the moment. each trinket will probably have it's use case eventually, and he'll be happy to have collected them. but for now, his quest to become magical only deepens.
  1211. > studying magic further, he decides to see what role magic has on a societal level, in particular how the common folk perceive magic in the world.
  1212. > he comes to learn that ponies perceive most magic like a soul with extra steps. only the princesses have truly holy magic in this world, but all ponies have magic. In that way, they're connected to their glorious princesses.
  1213. > this creates a deep-seeded self-loathing in Tena, because he has no inherent magic in him, and can't even derive or hold magic from outside sources.
  1214. > why should he be worthy of love? no wonder he's just some fascination.
  1215. > reminder for you; Twilight does in fact love Tena as family. it's just that being a shut-in super nerd who lives to study and test will make your expressions of love.... a bit lacking in believability.
  1216. > back to the story.
  1217. > Tena needs to find a way to MAKE himself magical. gaudy trinkets will simply make Twilight like the trinkets instead of him.
  1218. > (yes yes, it's all so clear now! I have to find a way to make my body absorb, hold, process, and use magic, just like every pony else!)
  1219. > (a tall order for someone less gifted. but I'm plenty gifted enough, and I'm a Sparkle, too. I can do anything. I WILL do anything.)
  1220. > people will do some crazy things for love, man. especially when they feel like they've gone their entire life without it. it's the second largest cause of wars, behind religion. that's pretty damn spicy, if you ask me.
  1221. > before this, Tena was very sociable with the mane six plus spike. he would help out at the apple farm, vibe with dash, advertise Sugarcube Corner, there's frankly not much he can do for rarity since she already has a dragon simp as a slave, and he would just be around Fluttershy a lot in general. he would even chill with spike and big Mac as one of the bros, and played with the CMC often. ponies in ponyville knew Tena by name and always said hello.
  1222. > fuck, Tena went on small quests to get those relics and curios mentioned earlier, and he brought along his friends as his posse.
  1223. > but now, Tena is very secluded, and distant. he just doesn't want to talk to you very often anymore.
  1224. > he's changed, and it's getting kinda concerning....
  1225. > well, he started putting in CRAZY hours at Sweet Apple Acres for a small pittance of money, so I guess that's something.
  1226. > what does he use for money, anyways?
  1227. we're about to find out.... ON THE NEXT ACTION-PACKED EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z
  1228. >>
  1229. Anonymous 03/10/24(Sun)11:34:12 No.40895037▶
  1230. >>40894453
  1231. Twi would be concerned.
  1232. >>
  1233. Anonymous 03/10/24(Sun)12:03:04 No.40895102▶
  1234. >>40895884 >>40896091
  1235. >>40877273
  1236. What's with the ring and why is it over the glove? Why not set it aside of you don't want it to dirty?
  1237. >>
  1238. Anonymous 03/10/24(Sun)17:59:22 No.40895884▶
  1239. >>40896091
  1240. >>40895102
  1241. Hes obviously married.
  1242. >>
  1243. Anonymous 03/10/24(Sun)18:32:07 No.40895973▶
  1244. >>40896091
  1245. >>40894453
  1246. This is the longest one so far.
  1247. >>
  1248. Anonymous 03/10/24(Sun)19:13:41 No.40896091▶
  1249. >>40897090
  1250. >>40895102
  1251. the glove is just to conceal my personal identity. the ring is to show that I am indeed Narcolepsy Anon.
  1252. >>40895884
  1253. gee, I can't tell if I wish so or I hope not.
  1254. but that ring used to go on my right-hand middle finger. it was a gift from my sister, the only light in a bleak world. I miss her every day. eventually I grew, but the ring didn't, obviously. so I had to put it on my left ring finger to make it fit. In the end, I think it's better this way; I don't think I'm emotionally capable of handling love. I've been hurt too many times, and the only person who I ever believed to be good in this world I had to watch slowly die and excruciating death to the big C. my stories are how I cope with my emotions.
  1256. the boy is one of my two versions of self-insert, particularly the first and more tragic one, Wollævir, or wally for short. not my real name, but it sounded nice. not only does he represent the horrible things I hate about myself, but also the horrible things about humanity in general. however, when I decided to drop him into ponyville as a child with amnesia, it became interesting to see history either repeat itself, or instead be painfully thrust upon him.
  1257. in all of my writing for him, the number one rule is that Wally is never allowed to have a happy ending, no matter what. it always ends in tragedy, because that's what he deserves. if you knew the horrid things this character did before coming to Equis, you would see his arrival with abject fear, just as Celestia does in half of these what-if's.
  1258. in fact, the happiest Wally EVER becomes is in ponyville, before he regains his memories, proving that the only way Wally is happy is if he's NOT Wally.
  1259. >>40895973
  1260. oh, but of course! the closer the boy is to either twilight, the princesses, or the crusaders, the longer and more complicated and interesting the story will become.
  1261. >>
  1262. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/11/24(Mon)01:11:47 No.40897090▶
  1263. >>40897493
  1264. >>40896091
  1265. is the thread dead?
  1266. >>
  1267. Anonymous 03/11/24(Mon)05:41:11 No.40897493▶
  1268. >>40897090
  1269. Not quite, but probably close.
  1270. >>
  1271. Anonymous 03/11/24(Mon)11:31:45 No.40897966▶
  1272. >>40900008
  1273. More? Or move on to next character?
  1274. >>
  1275. Anonymous 03/11/24(Mon)17:42:21 No.40898922▶
  1276. bump
  1277. >>
  1278. Anonymous 03/11/24(Mon)18:54:01 No.40899158▶
  1279. >>40982031
  1280. >>40872983
  1281. They would only be interested in you if you were a women.
  1282. >>
  1283. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/11/24(Mon)23:49:15 No.40900008▶
  1284. >>40900074
  1285. >>40897966
  1286. more indeed!!
  1287. >>40894453
  1288. continued:
  1289. > at this point, Tena needs to augment his body somehow.
  1290. > enter, Trixie Lullamoon. no, you're not allowed to make the joke, it's bullshit propaganda and you know it.
  1291. > while Trixie isn't capable of any complex magic or special surgeries, she does have some know-how about some less than spotless mares willing to do filthy acts at a reasonable price. or a hefty price thanks to inflation. and this is all due to her little.... episodes....
  1292. > Tena knows that Trixie will be his gateway to the materials and skills he needs.
  1293. > luckily, tracking her down is easy as all hell. her main job is as a performer, so not only does she tend to make a big noise wherever she goes, but she also has to advertise her show, as well as where she'll go next. the only problem is catching up to her.
  1294. > oh wait, our protagonist is a "human." you know, the "hairless apes that don't get tired?"
  1295. > Tena has enough independence to leave for a short time, but not a long one. so he has to "take spike with him."
  1296. > luckily, Spike has his own reasons for going, and will be easy to leave alone with no consequence. it's a convention for power ponies!
  1297. > so while Spike fucks off to the power ponies convention, Tena fucks off to Trixie, and talks to her.
  1298. > now Trixie remembers Twilight Sparkle's new pet. so despite her not being a malicious pony per-se, she's perfectly fine just letting her rival's friend get himself into trouble. shouldn't be too bad. after all, how deep could he possibly be trying to dig himself? all she has to do is tell Twilight the less-than-appealing things Tena is after, and Twilight will be all over him like a bad rash before Tena could do anything.
  1299. > so they make a deal: Tena performs a couple of shows, then she tells him where to find the parts he wants.
  1300. > performance goes well, and Trixie spills the beans to Tena.
  1301. > but Tena isn't as naive as she had initially hoped. instead, she was found to be the shortsighted one; as Tena reveals that no matter what she tells Twilight, she will never believe her. after being her rival, bullying her friends, and just being a notorious liar in general, she can't do ANYTHING that matters.
  1302. > "not that it's a big deal, though. it's not like I'm hurting anybody, right? anyways, I'll keep you in mind. maybe we can keep up our shows?"
  1303. > Trixie dons the face of a truly defeated mare, as somebody finally tells to her face that nobody will ever trust her again.
  1304. > Tena is a bit busy. he has to go to the next town over, and find a mortician.
  1305. >>
  1306. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/12/24(Tue)00:13:33 No.40900074▶
  1307. >>40900543 >>40901363
  1308. >>40900008
  1309. continued
  1310. > Tena's about to get very busy. he needs to go to another town and find a mortician named Forever Peaceful.
  1311. > as happy and carefree as Equestria is, death does still exist. it's a sad fact, but ponies do die. and somebody's gotta do something with the body, right?
  1312. > he finds a mortician named Forever Peaceful, an earth pony.
  1313. > here's what Tena wants from her: unicorn horns, pegasi wings, and earth-pony hooves.
  1314. > and keep in mind that before Twilight, Tena was a little boy, SURVIVING in the harsh Everfree forest, scavenging every little thing just to survive. so taking some parts doesn't seem all that evil to him at all.
  1315. > after all, it's not like they're going to need those parts anymore, right? and it's not like he's hurting anybody.
  1316. > Forever Peaceful agrees to give him the parts if he contacts taxidermists in the Gryphon kingdom.
  1317. > so Tena trudges back to ponyville with Spike none the wiser.
  1318. > Rainbow Dash is friends with Gryphons. maybe he could get in touch with them through her?
  1319. > okay, let's just skip all that chicanery; the taxidermist allows for visually indistinguishable fake prosthetics to replace the body parts for funeral attendees to believe it. the mortician now has a bunch of magic-heavy parts, and Tena's extra work with AppleJack got him enough money to pay for them. all he needs to do is find a place to store them without being found or suspected, and then he needs a way to "inject them" into his body.
  1320. > everfree? everfree. about two ponies end up missing in there every YEAR, it's so dangerous.
  1321. > now, due to the way that the medical system works, no surgeon in their right mind would perform this.
  1322. > luckily, Tena doesn't need a pony surgeon. he just needs the know-how, and he'll do it himself.
  1325. > Pony surgery is usually unanimously a unicorns' job, due to telekinesis. but a steady hand, and some machines with precise measurements, and this procedure will only be mildly excruciating. and a couple of those relics and curios will help, too! so there's that version or chekov's gun squared away.
  1326. > "it will all be worth it. I know it will. I will be good enough, magical enough. my "friends" will see me as being just like them, instead of some creature to study. I'll finally be good enough for them. I'll endure any pain to feel that."
  1327. small time skip, I shall post the next installment whence I wake on the morrow.
  1328. so until then, ye best preparest thy bungholes, for another ACTION-PACKED EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z!!
  1329. >>
  1330. Anonymous 03/12/24(Tue)04:57:56 No.40900543▶
  1331. >>40900761
  1332. >>40900074
  1333. So he's using necromancy to give himself magic powers?
  1334. >>
  1335. Anonymous 03/12/24(Tue)08:14:08 No.40900761▶
  1336. >>40900543
  1337. pretty much, yes. he's going to try.
  1338. also a little delay, I have to go get fired from work. brb
  1339. >>
  1340. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/12/24(Tue)14:23:33 No.40901363▶
  1341. >>40901865 >>40902645 >>40903818 >>40906594
  1342. >>40900074
  1343. we keep going. for better or for worse....
  1344. > step one: replace the feet bones with identicals made from earth-pony hooves. magical scans and reconstitution spells from our deals with shady unicorns have given us these.
  1345. > step two: use a specific solution at a specific heat in order to safely bend the already magically shrunken pegasi wing bones. insert them between radius and ulna; textbooks say that if they still have magic in them, (and they should, as they don't lose it for a couple more months,), the bones will automatically bond to new flesh over time. arm movement will be a lot more painful from now on, but it will be worth it. as for the feathers, simply lay them between different major muscles in the hand. they will dissolve into the flesh itself once the wing bones set in.
  1346. > step three: grind the horns into a coarse powder, and mix with an ambrosia of fluids from magical origins. inject this liquid into the spongy bone marrow of our skull. multiple injection points are marked accordingly. the viscous solution will have parts of it be absorbed into the marrow itself, and what's leftover will harden into a second lattice interwoven around and between the spongy bone marrow.
  1347. > finalization: drink the mixture prepared by the instructions found in that zebra's book, and then blast the body with magical energy by cracking the crystals in multiple magical artifacts. the energy should wash over us.
  1348. > strap body to the table to prevent too much squirming during the agony.
  1349. > each next step is platitudes more painful than the last, but it will be worth it. it has to be.
  1350. I've been trying to revisit the Twilight dream to remember what happens next, but it's been very difficult. idk why.
  1351. but I promise that next post will have much more of twilight's involvement.
  1352. >>
  1353. Anonymous 03/12/24(Tue)16:46:15 No.40901865▶
  1354. >>40902141 >>40902188
  1355. >>40901363
  1356. Twilight really should consider stepping in right about now.
  1357. >>
  1358. Anonymous 03/12/24(Tue)18:10:03 No.40902141▶
  1359. >>40902188
  1360. >>40901865
  1361. And everyone else
  1362. >>
  1363. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/12/24(Tue)18:27:52 No.40902188▶
  1364. >>40901865
  1365. >>40902141
  1366. oh yes. it will be a whole ordeal.
  1367. >>
  1368. Anonymous 03/12/24(Tue)20:58:23 No.40902558▶
  1369. >>40873123
  1370. Pola's story is really sad.
  1371. I hope Pola stumbles upon the library and eventually learns how to read equestrian and learns with twi
  1372. >>
  1373. Anonymous 03/12/24(Tue)21:47:29 No.40902645▶
  1374. >>40905402
  1375. File: holy fuck.png (178 KB, 873x709)
  1377. >>40873338
  1378. Fuck it, I'll keep replying as I read on
  1379. I'd imagine Castell would eventually push himself beyond his limit and become one of the most talented and effective endurance runners in Equestria, his speed rivaling that of his mother.
  1380. Maybe with a bit of Zecora's involvement, he could even have his own equivalent of a sonic rainboom? Although not as flashy, of course, but something to keep him dashing, something like Usain Bolt? Or maybe faster if he has access to any form of magic, even if extremely limited...
  1381. >>40874323
  1382. Dude, Malva's gotta be the best brass player in this one, since he would have the dexterity of his fingers, maybe even play songs similar to these:
  1383. Maybe he also is the person who invents all the cooky inventions for his mother? A one-woman orchestra made expertly with parts of a blacksmith, alongside his orchestra that he can play without difficulty
  1384. >>40875077
  1385. That's scary dude, what the fuck
  1386. I love it.
  1387. >>40875421
  1388. Strung my heartstrings, I will vote for option one, it's just too good!
  1389. >>40901363
  1391. >>
  1392. Anonymous 03/13/24(Wed)05:12:40 No.40903274▶
  1393. >>40905062
  1394. bump
  1395. >>
  1396. Anonymous 03/13/24(Wed)11:35:59 No.40903818▶
  1397. >>40904729 >>40905402
  1398. >>40901363
  1399. Did he at least picked some pretty body parts to necromance on himself?
  1400. >>
  1401. Anonymous 03/13/24(Wed)19:07:44 No.40904729▶
  1402. >>40905402
  1403. >>40903818
  1404. He might have pickef random parts, which would make him look like a shitty Rainbow OC.
  1405. >>
  1406. Anonymous 03/13/24(Wed)21:30:31 No.40905062▶
  1407. >>40906375
  1408. >>40903274
  1409. >>
  1410. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/13/24(Wed)23:40:04 No.40905402▶
  1411. >>40902645
  1412. fuck it, I didn't know people were still interested in my autistic ramblings!! I'll keep going in but a moment!!
  1413. Castell, the athlete has a difficult time with momma Dash. I've always taken dash as an Anaerobic type of athlete, what with pure speed and nothing behind those eyes except for premium air. meanwhile, Castell is all about either endurance or skill/performance. he shares the skill/performance part, but he excels sports that will wear down the clock, so he can outlast enemies. he excels at it, but he's not happy with it. he wants to be like his momma, and finish games with a glorious Blitzkrieg!!
  1414. despite his amazing capabilities and an actual propensity to train unlike his mother, Castell still manages to not be as strong as other versions of himself, due to his quick temper and eagerness to fight. he's not nearly as calculating as others.
  1415. and as far as magic goes, there's always the memory pieces. they give him more than just memories, you know. they give him a power to rival magic users. however, I only ever see Castell finding one and calling it quits, due to his lack of thinking on the memories he will have inherited. he'll likely just get the minor enhancement boost one.
  1416. as for MALVA, the Absurd, I REALLY wished I could incorporate more of that 2005 Willy Wonka vibes, but I couldn't do it as well as I wanted. he can play every instrument though, and he comes up with wacky treat ideas with pinkie pie.
  1418. those others? I'm glad they made you feel something. I really liked flurry's because i always knew there was a lot of room to appeal to the oedipal complex deep within me. but one of my favorite off-shoots has to be AppleJack's story. oh God, that's a good one. you really understand just how TRULY DEDICATED this boy is to the pony he loves.
  1420. >>40903818
  1421. >>40904729
  1422. he doesn't look all that different, his necromancy is MOSTLY internal, but that's a very big mostly. his eyes will look a little bit sullen back into his sockets, and his skin gets paler. his previously well-toned body grows gaunt as his body tries to wrestle itself over what the fuck it's supposed to do with this magic. it's practically digesting itself.
  1423. >>
  1424. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)00:06:22 No.40905433▶
  1425. >>40905993
  1426. >>40872876 (OP)
  1427. I feel like Rarity’s generosity would almost feel like spoiling. Could be an interesting concept to write about
  1428. >>
  1429. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)07:02:16 No.40905993▶
  1430. >>40905433
  1431. Maybe she'd treat him much like Sweetie.
  1432. >>
  1433. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)10:37:22 No.40906375▶
  1434. >>40905062
  1435. >>
  1436. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)12:38:09 No.40906594▶
  1437. >>40907081 >>40907168 >>40907952 >>40931822
  1438. >>40901363
  1439. WE
  1440. KEEP
  1441. GOING.
  1442. > hour after agonizing hour, Tena has completed it. three different types essentials for magic, put in his body. and bathed in the rays of magic from powerful relics, he finally feels magic. he can feel it in his blood, it feels like ants crawling through his veins, with little pinprick feet.
  1443. > 'Twilight will be worried about where I've been.' I'm excited to show her my progress, once I learn to harness this magic.
  1444. > Twilight of course was worried sick. when Tena comes home looking worse for wear, she gives him a big warm hug and tells him how heartbroken she would have been if something had happened to him.
  1445. > this causes Tena's resolve to falter, but it's too late now. better to hard-commit.
  1446. > Fluttershy is brought in to give him the ol' sailor's once-over, make sure he'll be fine &' dandy.
  1447. > she notices parts where Tena's skin looks.... wrong....
  1448. > like patches of different colour. not drastically different, just different shades of pale.
  1449. > Fluttershy wants to know what the hell happened, and Tena simply makes up a lie:
  1450. > he says he got attacked by a giant cave spider, and dragged back to a web, and he only escaped by learning magic.
  1451. > he actually did encounter a giant cave spider on his way back, but he just drained all of the magic out of its body without a scratch to himself. so technically....
  1452. > (oh who am I kidding, this all feels so wrong now. why does this feel wrong now, when before it felt so right??)
  1453. > Fluttershy brings up the obvious: Tena studies magic well, but he simply can't use it. they know it's impossible.
  1454. > "nonsense! we just needed a bit of practice and adrenaline."
  1455. > [writer's note: I don't like how posh Tena sounds, especially compared to his more childish counterparts. I might change it, IDK yet....]
  1456. > "observe, Auntie Fluttershy!" as he closes his eyes in effort and concentration, and voila! dim magical lights dance at his fingertips.
  1457. > Fluttershy is fascinated, and eager to tell Twilight, but then when Tena is finished, one of his eyes starts to bleed. it looks like he's crying blood, to give y'all a visual aid.
  1458. > Fluttershy is now perturbed and disturbed.
  1459. >>
  1460. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)16:58:38 No.40907081▶
  1461. >>40906594
  1462. Awkward.
  1463. >>
  1464. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)17:47:40 No.40907168▶
  1465. >>40907401
  1466. >>40906594
  1467. >one of his eyes starts to bleed
  1468. That does not seem convenient for actually seeing things. I think a doctor is in order.
  1469. >>
  1470. Narcolepsy Anon 03/14/24(Thu)19:41:58 No.40907401▶
  1471. >>40907408
  1472. >>40907168
  1473. the best they can do is Fluttershy. they have no experience with human anatomy, so a veterinarian's eye is the best guess. and even then, a species nobody knows about, suddenly learns magic and starts bleeding from facial orifices at random? what kind of diagnosis is out there?
  1474. >>
  1475. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)19:43:52 No.40907408▶
  1476. >>40907401
  1477. Im sure human eyes aren't that different from ponies.
  1478. >>
  1479. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)21:05:56 No.40907561▶
  1480. >>40872876 (OP)
  1481. another day another pathetic anonfag outing themselves as an unimaginable loser. Love to see it
  1482. >>
  1483. Anonymous 03/14/24(Thu)21:13:55 No.40907587▶
  1484. >>40908997
  1485. I'm gay by the way.
  1486. >>
  1487. Narcolepsys Revenge 03/14/24(Thu)23:44:31 No.40907952▶
  1488. >>40908488 >>40909297
  1489. >>40906594
  1490. we keep going, because I just don't know when to shut the fuck up.
  1491. > Fluttershy, after witnessing Tena's episode, begs to make him stay. but Tena just isn't having that, no matter how much he cares about Fluttershy. he's a Mann on a mission, and that mission is the mere mastery of mighty magicks.
  1492. > so Fluttershy walks him home out of the kindness of her heart, only to rat out to Twilight IMMEDIATELY. not very fresh of you, flittershoosh.
  1493. > Twilight is far more pissed at Tena. the newfound magic abilities are fascinating, and she can't help but stare, but still, Tena looks like a car crash in slow motion, and the bleeding from the eyes?
  1494. > hell no. aww hail naww. "Tena, you're going straight back to Fluttershy's cottage until you're healthy again."
  1495. > after a bit of a back-n'-forth between mother & son, where Tena says he's eager to prove and train his new magical abilities, but Twilight says she cares more about keeping him alive, Tena relents. but it furthers his internal conflict....
  1496. > (she cares about me instead of my magic?)
  1497. > (no no, she's just being practical. no use in studying my magic if I'm dead-sick, right?)
  1498. > (.... right?)
  1499. > Tena stays at the Cottage. the animals there are still terrified of him, no matter how many times he visits or how long he stays. only Fluttershy forcing them to put on a brave face allows them to interact with him.
  1500. > but the animals' timidity subconsciously furthers Tena's toxic self-image of his unworthiness for love.
  1501. > Tena spends every moment being nursed by Fluttershy, but every time she's preoccupied, Tena is slowly stretching his newfound magic's metaphorical muscles.
  1502. > more lights at the fingertips. heating up fingertips. sending the small firefly-like lights out of his fingertips and controlling them remotely. it's a slow learning curve, but that's to be expected, especially with no way to quickly replenish his magical reservoir.
  1503. > (after all, I'm not about to leech the life of one of auntie Fluttershy's precious creatures. that would be SUPER screwed up, no matter how tasty those chickens look.)
  1504. > at first, Tena gets better, and is about to be let off the hook.
  1505. > but then, his magic runs out, and his body starts to digest itself in a vain attempt to find some more magic to hold.
  1506. > Flutters calls Twilight over, and asks if she has any books about what in the world could be causing Tena to go so gaunt
  1507. > Twilight doesn't need a book. she's seen this before, although not to this extreme; it's "Consumption," where a magical creature uses up their mana well past their reservoir, and their bodies can't repay the mana debt that their vitality demands. it happens all of the time in minor doses with unicorn fillies still learning their magic, but it's easy to catch early and easier to fix; lots of magic-rich food and water.
  1508. > but this is excessive. they need to
  1509. >>
  1510. Anonymous 03/15/24(Fri)05:40:26 No.40908488▶
  1511. >>40909297
  1512. >>40907952
  1513. Looks like Twilight may need to become an improptu magic teacher. Or at the very least stop the bleeding eye thing. I dont think thats healthy or good for Tena's vision.
  1514. >>
  1515. Anonymous 03/15/24(Fri)10:53:34 No.40908997▶
  1516. >>40907587
  1517. Why?
  1518. >>
  1519. Narcolepsy Anon 03/15/24(Fri)13:11:28 No.40909297▶
  1520. >>40909840 >>40910438 >>40912887
  1521. >>40908488
  1522. indeed!
  1523. >>40907952
  1524. it got cut-off, but we keep going
  1525. > blah blah "consumption," it's usually an easy fix-
  1526. > but this is excessive. they really need to pump his face hole with magical substance, and fast.
  1527. > but Tena's omnivorous nature, which wasn't all that much of a problem up until now, has decided to become a problem; he needs to absorb magic at a rate too fast. the only other alternative is absorbing magic directly from other creatures.
  1528. > if this sounds very similar to Tirek, that's because it is.
  1529. > with him seeing the alternative as certain death, Tena runs out of the cottage, finds wild animals like boars n' such, and drains their magic. he's like a monster, draining everything he can.
  1530. > Tena needs to be stopped.
  1531. > the only problem is that all of their magic does jack-diddly to him, since he just absorbs everything like a dry, eager sponge.
  1532. > Twilight thinks the elements will stop him, and can you blame her? they always fucking work
  1533. > except for now, I guess, because he just drinks that shit up like potato leek soup.
  1534. > by now, Tena is healthy enough with all of the magic he has absorbed, but he wants MOAR.
  1535. > it feels so good, it feels like his blood is liquid gold. it feels like life itself has blessed him.
  1536. > it feels like heaven up
  1537. > Tena practices magic best he can. he has all of the fancy chicanery that he has watched Twilight perform. he can walk on clouds, and he can slowly restore health over time by draining the plants in the earth around his feet.
  1538. > after a while, Tena completely forgets the main reason he was doing magic. magic is now the drug, not his mother's love.
  1539. > Twilight contacts Celestia, asks her what the fuck she's supposed to do.
  1540. > now THIS is a modest threat to Celestia's perfect world.
  1541. > Celestia tells Twilight she needs to Vitrify poor Tena.
  1542. > in case you'ren't familiar, (hehe, "you'ren't"), Vitrification is the Glass equivalent to petrification's stone.
  1543. > Tena needs to be turned to Glass for a multitude of reasons:
  1544. > 1) most petrification spells could be absorbed, and Tena could then use them himself.
  1545. > 2) alternative methods are dangerous, like trying to handle a Cockatrice.
  1546. > 3) petrification is not permanent, but Vitrification IS. Celestia wants that creature permanently on ice. or glass. you know what I mean.
  1547. > either way, his mind would still be in tact, slowly deteriorating until eventually, he stops thinking....
  1548. > Celestia details this ritual-based spell, so it can't be absorbed. she says she'll be there soon to make sure everything went okay.
  1549. > Twilight is now wrestling with the fact that she's going to have to do worse than kill her own little boy. but she's a devout follower of Celestia, and her highness says that if left unchecked he'll consume the world.
  1550. > but is there really no other way? she wants her little boy back.
  1551. > her friends call her out, as this is the only time she's ever openly referred to Tena with such love and care.
  1552. > Twilight finally realizes this was her fault.
  1553. uh oh....
  1554. >>
  1555. Anonymous 03/15/24(Fri)17:50:30 No.40909840▶
  1556. >>40910458
  1557. >>40909297
  1558. Well, lets just hope that Twilight grows a backbone for once and decides not to put a child into a fate worse then death. Surely Celestia isn't the only one she could turn to.
  1560. >if this sounds very similar to Tirek,
  1561. Maybe Twilight can get Tirek to lend some advice? I'm sure she could offer a bed or something in return. He does seem to be the expert on magic absorption, after all and maybe his foreign knowledge would give him ideas that Twilight couldn't think of.
  1563. >Celestia tells Twilight she needs to Vitrify poor Tena.
  1564. Of course she'd immediately resort to this. If season 9 taught us anything, its that she's cruel af.
  1566. >most petrification spells could be absorbed
  1567. What makes vitrification unobsorbable in comparison?
  1568. >>
  1569. Anonymous 03/15/24(Fri)21:09:39 No.40910273▶
  1570. >>40910458
  1571. I just wanted to say thank you for the read.
  1572. >>
  1573. Anonymous 03/15/24(Fri)22:50:37 No.40910438▶
  1574. >>40910638
  1575. >>40909297
  1576. kill Celestia
  1577. >>
  1578. Narcolepsy Anon 03/15/24(Fri)23:04:42 No.40910458▶
  1579. >>40909840
  1580. > hopefully Twilight does the right thing
  1581. dare I spoil it?
  1582. all I will say that I was surprised what I did with Twilight, given her.... track record in previous timelines, especially the main (CMC) timeline.
  1583. > Tirek
  1584. I think this takes place before Tirek. otherwise, Twilight would be too far indoctrinated into Celestia's hullabaloo.
  1585. I might be able to add Tirek later, should Tena survive this ordeal. if not, then oh well. there's always the ability to add another timeline, right? I will admit it's an interesting battle dynamic to play with, two hunger-based builds?
  1586. > Celestia is a psycho
  1587. sister,
  1588. you don't know the HALF of it.
  1589. I might even get around to telling you the half of it in the next chapter.
  1590. > what makes Vitrification inabsorbable?
  1591. many things, but the main thing is that it isn't a spell that is cast from a user; it's a RITUAL spell, something only seen in ancient history. it would be like bringing Balearic Slingers to a battle in the 1800's. but just as the skill behind a slinger would find it's niche, so too would Ritual magic, too. let me explain:
  1593. standard casting magic relies on a users own mana pool and conceptual grasp of the spell itself, as well as training with the spell. and from that, the magic come from the user and is shot out at a target. if that target is Tena, he can absorb it.
  1595. Ritual magic uses what you think it would: runes, salt circles or the like, occasional minor sacrifices such as rare herbs, minerals, or treasures, and an chanted phrase that allows it to work. like a satanic summoning, without the necessity for blood or evil. ritual spells don't necessarily require the users' mana, as they usually draw magic from all life around the area, including the caster and the target. it draws from the planet itself, essentially, and the life in it. the closer any living or magical thing is to the ritual, the more magic it contributes. so anything Tena absorbs from the Ritual spell will just go back to the spell itself, since it would still be drawing from him, too.
  1597. >>40910273
  1598. it warms my heart, knowing people like this. maybe I should make a fimfic account?? by the same narcolepsy name?
  1599. >>
  1600. Narcolepsy Anon 03/16/24(Sat)00:46:50 No.40910638▶
  1601. >>40911662
  1602. >>40910438
  1603. it marks an interesting memetic quandary for Twilight: she was practically raised by Celestia, and thus raised her whole life to believe that she is a goddess and that everything she does is good at best and right at worst. it's all for the greater good of harmony, and if you disagree with Celestia, then you're either a shortsighted fool or a wicked monster.
  1604. however, Twilight raised Tena herself. she believes that he's a well-meaning boy deep down, and she also knows full-well that these violent results are all because of her poor parenting, and her failure to demonstrate her love to him.
  1605. it's not entirely Tena's fault, and Twilight wants to fix it. but God herself gave her specific instructions to kill him.
  1606. is her morality based on a religious dedication to a deity she only thinks has perfect ideals? or is it based on her personal experiences in the real world with her friends and society around her?
  1608. I like how this unique conflict is different from Tena's, yet directly interacts with it at the same time.
  1609. Tena, despite all the power he has now, feels like a joke. he thinks everybody has always viewed him like a zoo animal, and he craves the familial love that her friends share with their siblings, mothers, and even other friends. sure, twilight cares for him as a creature, but he is never certain if she cares about him as an individual, since she's always just studying him. but now that Twilight is trying to show that love to him, is it real? after all this time? or is she just scared of the power he now has? will he ever feel love or feel like an equal?
  1610. >>
  1611. Anonymous 03/16/24(Sat)05:05:19 No.40911079▶
  1612. >>40912361
  1613. bump
  1614. >>
  1615. Anonymous 03/16/24(Sat)12:04:58 No.40911662▶
  1616. >>40910638
  1617. Maybe Spike could help sort this all out?
  1618. >>
  1619. Anonymous 03/16/24(Sat)17:11:19 No.40912361▶
  1620. >>40911079
  1621. >>
  1622. Anonymous 03/16/24(Sat)20:27:59 No.40912850▶
  1623. Mares!
  1624. >>
  1625. Narcolepsy Anon 03/16/24(Sat)20:41:15 No.40912887▶
  1626. >>40912941
  1627. >>40909297
  1628. we keep going, because I like the sound of my keyboard flapping.
  1629. > Twilight's friends call her out on not showing Tena the love that a mother should give, being more interested in studying him rather than showing love.
  1630. > Twilight realizes this is ALL her fault, and that she was a terrible mother.
  1631. > even if Celestia told her to glass Tena, she still has to try
  1632. > but as much as her friends also care about Tena, a couple of them aren't too keen on gambling the fate of the world on a single mothering session, especially from Twilight.
  1633. > particularly, rarity, who cares about her sister and AppleJack, who has an entire family to protect.
  1634. > gambling their families against a necromancy-grafted Tirek on drugs and roids isn't their prerogative, and Celestia DID give them explicit instructions. they don't like it, but they're pragmatic enough to understand that the line is drawn HERE.
  1635. > Ironically, Twilight's pragmatism is thrown out the window to make way for the egregious guilt she's grappling with, and so she goes to talk to Tena
  1636. > Tena is absorbing all kinds of monsters from the everfree, eating up all the magic like a fat kid at a golden corral.
  1637. > he left a trail of dead plants and monsters in his wake, so tracking him isn't an issue.
  1638. > Twilight and her mötley crüe arrive at the scene, and Twilight talks to Tena while the three others distract, defend, or heal.
  1639. > wait, three? there should be five others??
  1640. > Rarity and AppleJack are making the sigil nearby, against Twilight's wishes.
  1641. > mostly rarity, but there's detailed instructions on that scroll Celestia sent, so AppleJack can do SOME help.
  1642. > Twilight apologizes, she wants to help him. she wants to hold him close.
  1643. > she's so sorry, she'll make things right, but first, Tena has to stop draining the magic.
  1644. > but Tena is so.... hungry....
  1645. > Tena is screaming in his internal conflict, magic swirling around him in a tempest
  1646. > "Tena, please come down. come to momma Twilight. you must be so tired...."
  1647. >>
  1648. Narcolepsy Anon 03/16/24(Sat)21:05:32 No.40912941▶
  1649. >>40912955 >>40913156 >>40913565
  1650. >>40912887
  1651. > Tena is screaming in anger, in agony, in confusion, bloody tears stream down his gaunt face
  1652. > her poor boy has been so hurt....
  1653. > "Tena, please come down. come to momma Twilight. you must be so tired...."
  1654. > "Tena, come hold your mother. you must be so tired...."
  1655. > Tena is broken. he's sobbing. he can't hold it together anymore. he just doesn't know what to think anymore, he doesn't even know what to want anymore. so he surrenders to whatever happens next. momma Twilight always knows best.
  1656. > Tena stumbles forward into Twilight's shoulder, and she sets him down gently
  1657. > every orifice on his head and also his fingertips are bleeding profusely. his eyes are cloudy and unfocused.
  1658. > Twilight is also crying softly, embracing her child
  1659. > "Momma.... I want to go home, now.... it's so.... cold out here."
  1660. > "please, it feels so cold, please momma, I'm so cold...."
  1661. > Twilight promises that they're going home right now, to a warm fire, a big dinner, and a warm bed. she's trying her hardest to keep herself together for Tena.
  1662. > her friends carefully help Tena onto Twilight's back. it's time to go home.
  1663. > even Rarity and AppleJack help out, they've never been so happy to be proven wrong, and they'll help however they can.
  1664. > a magic aura surrounds Tena, and he's dragged to the right at ludicrous speed
  1665. > knock knock, motherfuckers, IT'S PRINCESS CELESTIA.
  1666. > and on a scale of pissed to not-pissed?
  1667. > she's fucking PISSED.
  1668. > with her magic, she has Tena by the throat, four meters in the air.
  1669. > directly above
  1670. > the ritual sigil
  1671. > that Rarity and AppleJack made.
  1672. > uh oh
  1673. > Twilight and her friends beg Celestia to put him down, they try to explain that he's fine now, and he surrendered, and they're going to get him the help that he needs.
  1674. > Celestia is having none of it, simply ignoring it all. she starts the chanting without hesitation.
  1675. > Tena is screaming for help, screaming for his mother
  1676. > but it's just too late. within seven seconds, the ritual is complete, and Tena is completely turned to Glass.
  1677. > all of that work, gone in seven seconds.
  1678. > that life, that second chance, the love between mother and son that conquered the corruption within the both of them
  1679. > gone. in seven seconds.
  1680. > Tena is glass, permanently. he will still be able to think, for a thousand years, until eventually he'll stop thinking one day.
  1681. > Celestia is VERY disappointed in her unicorn "student." she gave her specific orders and she disobeyed them.
  1682. > at this point, no amount of subliminal propagandizing or manipulative gaslighting can sway Twilight. mentor, mother figure, ruler of a nation, or God of the sun, it doesn't matter.
  1683. > Celestia just killed her son.
  1684. >>
  1685. Narcolepsy Anon 03/16/24(Sat)21:13:15 No.40912955▶
  1686. >>40912941
  1687. before I continue, I'll say one thing about casting magic: since casted magic comes from the user, it is powered by their feelings. normally either friendship and harmony, or the desire to protect friends. positive at best, desperate at worst. the stronger the feeling, the stronger the spell.
  1688. > negative emotions open the door to uncanny magics, like dark magic or vengeful magic. dark magic requires malicious thoughts. it helps if the caster actually enjoys the suffering of others, or at the very least doesn't care about others and views others as tools rather than individuals. think Sombra.
  1689. > vengeful magic is based on anger. throughout all of human or pony history, anger has never been good or evil. it is only a tool that tells us when we think the world is wrong, and somebody needs to do something. anger is neutral. only the users of anger can be good or evil. but it's because of this neutral nature that it's extremely volatile and powerful. think Nightmare Moon or Daybreaker.
  1690. >>
  1691. Anonymous 03/16/24(Sat)22:30:22 No.40913156▶
  1692. >>40913408
  1693. >>40912941
  1694. She dun fucked up.
  1695. >>
  1696. Narcolepsy Anon 03/16/24(Sat)23:59:10 No.40913408▶
  1697. >>40913156
  1698. oh yeah, she absolutely did.
  1699. but this IS my version of Celestia we're talking about. she's godlike, and doesn't care about her ponies since she can just reset the timeline if things go too far south. it just takes a while.
  1700. >>
  1701. Narcolepsy Anon 03/17/24(Sun)01:29:54 No.40913565▶
  1702. >>40914081 >>40916159
  1703. >>40912941
  1704. > the glass statue of Tena unceremoniously drops far to the ground below. the ankles break up on impact.
  1705. > there are no words to describe just how shook Twilight is right now.
  1706. > barely finding the breath, she mutters something. I haven't decided yet, but "is this my fault, too?" seems to be a very good one.
  1707. > Celestia says it was an inevitability. Tena didn't belong in Equestria, and the damage he has done might warrant a "reset," whatever that means.
  1708. > the last few words don't reach Twilight, as she finally snaps.
  1709. > like that Gohan moment, Twilight explodes with latent magical power. an ear-splitting scream and overwhelming power level that makes even Celestia turn around and notice.
  1710. > Twilight unloads her magic into Celestia.
  1711. > after her earth-shaking beam of magic, Celestia looks like she just got slugged in the shoulder, nothing more. but this angers her further.
  1712. > this was all the proof needed: this world needs another reset, pronto. Twilight rebelling is not a part of her plan.
  1713. > as Celestia slowly walks towards Twilight, the two braincells in Rainbow Dash's brain collide and produced their yearly "good idea." She tells rarity that she's going to get help, and she flies as fast as she can to the Canterlot palace
  1714. > once rarity realizes what dash is doing, she knows her role: she tries to stall for time.
  1715. > she tries asking Celestia what she means by that whole "reset," thing.
  1716. > at first, Celestia doesn't respond, only caring about putting down Twilight.
  1717. > but with the rest of the mane six keep asking her and throwing things. eventually, Celestia caves, and tell
  1718. >>
  1719. Anonymous 03/17/24(Sun)07:58:31 No.40914081▶
  1720. >>40914247
  1721. >>40913565
  1722. With the Main 6 there, seeing Celly for what she truly is and Dashie probably returning soon, I think its time to rainbow blast Celestia. She may be godlike in your universe, but so are some of the villains, which Celestia pretty much is at this point.
  1724. > Twilight's friends call her out on not showing Tena the love that a mother should give,
  1725. About time.
  1727. > "Tena, please come down. come to momma Twilight. you must be so tired...."
  1728. Oh, is that a reference?
  1730. > Celestia just killed her son.
  1731. In front of Twilight's friends, no less, who saw how fucked up and evil this was.
  1733. >She tells rarity that she's going to get help,
  1734. Luna?
  1735. >>
  1736. Anonymous 03/17/24(Sun)09:10:16 No.40914170▶
  1737. >>40914247
  1738. File: 1691415904362268.png (793 KB, 4858x5776)
  1740. >>40872876 (OP)
  1741. what if you were anoncolt and raised by trixie and glimmer?
  1742. >>
  1743. Narcolepsy Anon 03/17/24(Sun)09:55:28 No.40914247▶
  1744. >>40915049
  1745. >>40914081
  1746. oh yes. she's had this coming for a while, now.
  1747. > is that a reference?
  1748. Mother 3, good eye. that one moment destroyed me.
  1749. >>40914170
  1750. I already have a Trixie story up there.
  1751. >>
  1752. Anonymous 03/17/24(Sun)16:08:36 No.40915049▶
  1753. >>40914247
  1754. >Mother 3
  1755. Amazing game. Immediately thought of it when I read it.
  1756. >>
  1757. Anonymous 03/17/24(Sun)21:28:06 No.40915876▶
  1758. >>40916042
  1759. Do you plan on doing anything about the resets once all the story ideas are done?
  1760. >>
  1761. Anonymous 03/17/24(Sun)22:39:33 No.40916042▶
  1762. >>40916202
  1763. >>40915876
  1764. Would be a shame to kill all those connections.
  1765. >>
  1766. Narcolepsy Anon 03/17/24(Sun)23:51:48 No.40916159▶
  1767. >>40916202
  1768. >>40913565
  1769. I got cut off, again.
  1770. > she tries asking Celestia what she means by that whole "reset," thing.
  1771. > at first, Celestia doesn't respond, only caring about putting down Twilight.
  1772. > but with the rest of the mane six keep asking her and throwing things. eventually, Celestia caves, and says some very vague jargon about:
  1773. > "It doesn't matter. I've reset a million twilights before. you'll just come back to this day, except you'll be happy and smiling, not even knowing what that beast was."
  1774. > her kind and knowing demeanor is gone, and the creepiest part is she isn't cruel either. she just acts like this is another spill she has to clean up.
  1775. > meanwhile, Dash goes faster, realizing she needn't preserve stamina for a "round-trip."
  1776. > back to the battle at hand, Twilight is just so powerful, with anger behind her power.
  1777. > but the attacks are too basic and thus predictable. simple beams or traps, all easily avoidable to Celestia, who has kept a level head in this entire ordeal.
  1778. > Celestia doesn't NEED even a fraction of Twilight's power to keep it in her pace. Celestia can seemingly predict every attack.
  1779. > (also wtf where is Fluttershy going?? oh well, it's probably nothing....)
  1780. > she can predict everything, as if she's battled them a million times before.
  1781. > Celestia is just going through the motions, and readjusting for Twilight's power boost. she's hardly even trying.
  1782. > but every time Celestia is about to take one of them out, Pinkie Pie throws her off guard.
  1783. > after all, how can you predict pinkie pie? even in two identical universes, pinkie pie will still be different.
  1784. > this buys rarity and AppleJack time to try to get Twilight to calm down. not entirely, just barely enough to get her to think about her attacks instead of just FIRIN' HER LAZOR to avenge her baby. you can't avenge him if you die too, right?
  1785. > Celestia has had enough, and hard-tunnels on Twilight. just as she's about to attack with a trap spell, Fluttershy has arrived with monsters aplenny. Timberwolves, giant snakes, ursa minors, the whole woodwork.
  1786. > Celestia is thrown off, having to change spells to an AoE spell to blast them all away.
  1787. > before she can cast that, who comes in?
  1788. > knock knock. it's Princess Luna.
  1789. > and on Dash's report of Celestia taking her "nightmare-version," (we know it as Daybreaker, but they don't know what Daybreaker looks like), Luna has arrived to kick gum and chew ass.
  1790. > Dash isn't anywhere to be found, however....
  1791. > Luna says they need to hold her sister down.
  1792. > currently, she's too distracted with turning an ursa minor inside out, and causing Timberwolves to spontaneously combust.
  1793. > oh yeah, spike is here too! he breathes fire on boulders to magically send them to Celestia. U GOT MAIL! it's a rock.
  1794. > AppleJack has her rope around Tia's hind legs, trying to pull her down, but it's not enough.
  1795. > Rarity looks up, and knows what to do next, sending attacks at Tia's eyes.
  1796. > what's up there? coming from the mesosphere down to the ground at mach jesus??
  1797. >>
  1798. Narcolepsy Anon 03/18/24(Mon)00:16:37 No.40916202▶
  1799. >>40916798 >>40916813 >>40950006
  1800. >>40916042
  1801. you'll see, if you didn't remember that one line I said. if you don't, I would hate to spoil it ;)
  1802. >>40916159
  1803. > who's that, flying down from orbit at mach jesus?
  1804. > it's Rainbow Dash.
  1805. > Celestia tries to cast "sturdy ground" on herself, and succeeds. but it just isn't enough defense or resistance in the face of a BlueGoFast to the face
  1806. > Celestia is knocked down, and that's all we needed. AppleJack is holding her back down with rope, spike is teleporting boulders, pinkie is blinding her with pies and confetti, rarity is holding her front down with her magic, Fluttershy's animals are just whaling on her, and Twilight readies her attack with Luna.
  1807. > the spell is sent, but Celestia turns into daybreaker at the last minute, in desperation, giving her enough power to resist.
  1808. > the broken glass statue of Tena lies just ahead of twilight.
  1809. > Fluttershy, not knowing what more she could do, tries to drag the statue to Twilight. who knows, maybe that'll be the encouragement she needs to go beyond?
  1810. > one small issue: it doesn't take much magic at ALL to trip Fluttershy.
  1811. > the glass shatters into a million pieces in front of twilight, and she regains her rage.
  1812. > but Tena still had so much magic still in him when he was Glasses. so when it shattered, the magic was released.
  1813. > it flows into Twilight, carrying with it Tena's memories, thoughts, and feelings.
  1814. > and a huge helping of magical power. the last bits of Tena's spirit.
  1815. > Twilight lets it all go, and Daybreaker just isn't enough.
  1816. > Luna and Twilight banish Daybreaker to the sun for probably a thousand years.
  1817. > (nice going, Luna. I'm sure not killing her won't come back to bite you in the ass. in fact, I'm certain that your timeline will last a very long time.)
  1818. > it WAS Luna's spell technique, after all. Twilight was simply following her attack, assuming her plan was better than no plan.
  1819. > Twilight, now finally able to grieve, does so. but not for long.
  1820. > they're all standing in what's now the everfree CRATER, and we might want to pack up before more monsters get curious as to what the hell happened here.
  1821. > oop, and Twilight just fell unconscious on top of a bunch of glass shards.
  1822. > they drag her back home, so everybody can finally rest and come to terms with WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED???
  1823. I think the story ends here. I don't know where else interesting to take it, other than Twilight going through the stages of grief, or discovering the Memory fragments. we COULD go there, but unless you're interested, I'll be moving to the next timeline prompt.
  1824. which one was it again? was it Cozy Glow??
  1825. >>
  1826. Anonymous 03/18/24(Mon)06:51:21 No.40916798▶
  1827. >>40916202
  1828. Nice
  1829. >>
  1830. Anonymous 03/18/24(Mon)07:08:02 No.40916813▶
  1831. >>40917652 >>40918642 >>40918890
  1832. >>40916202
  1833. Poor Twilight. At least Celestia finally got a beatdown for once. Hopefully it won't be the last. I suppose you can continue the timeline by Twilight figuring out what the reset thing is and doing something about it. Maybe Luna's reaction to this whole mess as well.
  1835. >was it Cozy Glow??
  1836. Yep. This should be good.
  1837. >>
  1838. Anonymous 03/18/24(Mon)12:38:57 No.40917320▶
  1839. bump
  1840. >>
  1841. Narcolepsy Anon 03/18/24(Mon)14:51:51 No.40917652▶
  1842. >>40918017
  1843. >>40916813
  1844. it's funny, because in MOST stories when Celestia gets involved, Celestia just straight up wins.
  1845. as far as the reset goes, if there's no Celestia, then there's no reset. she performs it manually at the temple of the two sisters. it's all in an attempt to make her perfect world with her perfect story, in her own perfect little way.
  1846. what's that? Twilight died as a child due to balls cancer? oh well. just accelerate time with the ritual spell at the altar, and she'll make it so that she never had cancer in the first place.
  1847. huh? Nightmare Moon never reformed? Tia knows what to do. reset, and change little things until it works.
  1848. even small things, like the personality of Applejack or her own public reputation can be fiddled with in such an easy way, when you finally have a GOOD use for immortality.
  1849. Celestia is more than a thousand years old. she's been that thousand countless times.
  1850. >>
  1851. Anonymous 03/18/24(Mon)17:25:21 No.40918017▶
  1852. >>40918109 >>40920870
  1853. >>40917652
  1854. INB4 all the timelines come back to blow up her face.
  1855. >>
  1856. Narcolepsy Anon 03/18/24(Mon)17:53:45 No.40918109▶
  1857. >>40918204
  1858. File: dsmGaKWMeHXe9QuJtq_ys30PN(...).jpg (96 KB, 960x540)
  1860. >>40918017
  1861. there's a whole....
  1862. "thing" that happens?
  1863. idk if you're ready for that shit yet.
  1864. >>
  1865. Anonymous 03/18/24(Mon)18:31:25 No.40918204▶
  1866. >>40918642
  1867. >>40918109
  1868. Oh, so you have this planned out?
  1869. >>
  1870. Narcolepsy Anon 03/18/24(Mon)21:11:46 No.40918642▶
  1871. >>40918204
  1872. what, you thought I was making this up as we go?
  1873. you underestimate my autism, mein freund.
  1874. admittedly, I'll make up some for excessively minor characters, such as Lyra and BonBon, and I have plans to make a "Joke one" where the boy essentially just speedruns Equestria itself, but I have a lot of dreams that I can control. I use those dreams to weave my stories and make myself feel more loved than I really am in this world.
  1875. >>40916813
  1876. > Cozy Glow
  1877. okay, I'll come clean:
  1878. I don't exactly remember much about cozy Glow. the school of friendship arc wasn't very fun for me personally, idk why? but I'll re-watch them to get a better foothold of her desires and ideals?
  1879. >>
  1880. Narcolepsy Anon 03/18/24(Mon)23:32:04 No.40918890▶
  1881. >>40919176
  1882. >>40916813
  1883. how can I watch it from my phone?
  1884. I'm visiting family in the Carolinas, and I don't want to be known as the fag who turns on Pepper's TV just to watch ponies.
  1885. I need to learn-up on Cozy Glow....
  1886. >>
  1887. Anonymous 03/19/24(Tue)03:26:12 No.40919176▶
  1888. >>40919641
  1889. >>40918890
  1890. Most episodes are uploaded to Youtube at this point. Here are some uploads o the episodes with Cozy in them:
  1892. [Embed] (one of the best episodes)
  1894. Alternatively, I'm sure you can find it at some cartoon website or just through some other upload. Be prepared to be pissed off at her fate though. You can also visit the wiki and watch the in a nutshell videos.
  1896. And here's a video compiling all the scenes she was in:
  1897. >>
  1898. Anonymous 03/19/24(Tue)04:46:49 No.40919290▶
  1899. >>40919641
  1900. File: 1708178364393691.png (569 KB, 1161x1350)
  1902. >>40872876 (OP)
  1903. holy fucking shit that was one of the best binge readings ive ever done
  1904. i fucking love you down-syndrome anon
  1905. >>
  1906. Narcolepsy Anon 03/19/24(Tue)10:01:30 No.40919641▶
  1907. >>40919704 >>40921799
  1908. >>40919290
  1909. thanks??
  1910. I think??
  1911. >>40919176
  1912. golly, this is going to be difficult.
  1913. the easiest route I could take it is to just mirror the non-pony first timeline, but replace Charlotte with Cozy, since they seem to be very similar characters, not that you know about Charlotte.
  1914. but making a 1:1 adaptation of the Fractured story just seems.... it seems like cheating.
  1915. I'll keep trying, though.
  1916. >>
  1917. Anonymous 03/19/24(Tue)10:26:49 No.40919704▶
  1918. >>40920351 >>40921151
  1919. >>40919641
  1920. If it helps, maybe you can read some fanfics? I know at least 2 that tackle Cozy being a mom, but besides that, it should be a challenge. Can't wait to see how you'll pull this off.
  1921. >>
  1922. Anonymous 03/19/24(Tue)11:45:21 No.40919879▶
  1923. >>40920351
  1924. File: regards.png (388 KB, 1272x1061)
  1926. >>
  1927. Narcolepsy Anon 03/19/24(Tue)15:48:04 No.40920351▶
  1928. >>40919879
  1929. woah, that's one of those a.i. thingies, right?
  1930. I guess she likes it!
  1931. >>40919704
  1932. sure! I guess.
  1933. I've taught myself to be a fast reader
  1934. >>
  1935. Anonymous 03/19/24(Tue)18:53:14 No.40920870▶
  1936. >>40918017
  1937. Would be funny.
  1938. >>
  1939. Narcolepsy Anon 03/19/24(Tue)20:36:35 No.40921151▶
  1940. >>40921291
  1941. >>40919704
  1942. > almost done!!
  1943. I am almost done! I just need a good name for our little naive boy.
  1944. I was thinking maybe Cæsar/Kaiser, or maybe August? playing into the whole Cozy-Glow gimmick since she would be the one naming him? or do y'all have a better idea?
  1945. >>
  1946. Anonymous 03/19/24(Tue)21:39:23 No.40921291▶
  1947. >>40921151
  1948. Kaiser sounds like a good name with whole
  1949. Cozy-Glow shtick
  1950. >>
  1951. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)02:14:04 No.40921788▶
  1952. Bump
  1953. >>
  1954. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)02:24:09 No.40921799▶
  1955. >>40921911
  1956. >>40919641
  1957. You should take your time with it and watch the episodes. You’ll see why people are so eager to see your take on Cozy Glow given your take on Celestia. That’s all I have to say about it. Also, Legion of Doom shenanigans would be funny.
  1958. >>
  1959. Narcolepsy Anon 03/20/24(Wed)03:41:34 No.40921911▶
  1960. >>40921992
  1961. >>40921799
  1962. okie dokie, I'll take a further look.
  1963. I will say, despite how much I don't like the school of friendship, Cozy Glow is a good character to make up for it, and perhaps even complement the setting.
  1965. I still can't shake the feeling that she's just Charlotte but younger, though....
  1966. >>
  1967. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)04:57:19 No.40921992▶
  1968. >>40922516
  1969. >>40921911
  1970. Might as well give us something basic about Charlotte. She a crafty Shirley Temple type?
  1971. >>
  1972. Narcolepsy Anon 03/20/24(Wed)11:38:13 No.40922516▶
  1973. >>40921992
  1974. if you say so??
  1975. Charlotte is from my stories BEFORE I decided to put Wally in Equestria.
  1976. in a world more human, Charlotte and Wally are homeless orphans who only have each other because the rest of the world seemingly hates them for existing. they really treat them like shit.
  1977. Charlotte and Wally consider each other siblings, and together they have LITERALLY NOTHING, save the tattered clothes on their backs. they lie and steal just to survive, and they can barely do that.
  1978. however, Charlotte is clearly the brains of the two. she's clever, cunning, manipulative, a great liar, and can weasel herself out of just about any bad situation. but her manipulative nature extends to her treatment of Wally. she exploits him, he does her dirty work, and she throws him under the bus constantly. but the rest of human society treats them much worse, so Wally being the big dumb kid he is believes that Charlotte is the only nice person on earth.
  1979. Charlotte knows how to play innocent, she knows how to play dumb and she knows how to play smart. she's already in your head, trying to take something from you, or maybe she just wants to hurt you to get a laugh in. she believes that the poisonous world who hates her should be hurt back. she says that you only get what you take, and you only keep what you fight for. she's the kind of person to be your best friend for seventy years only to stab you in the back the moment she can finally take what she says is now wrongfully hers.
  1980. and Wally is the codependent crybaby who's along for the ride
  1981. that is, until he fails to protect his sister from an attack. there's a lot more to it than that, but that's the simple version. Wally blames himself for his failure and blames the poisonous society of people around him for allowing this to happen and for killing the "last good person in a world of hate." he dedicated his existence to three things, forming the WORLD plan:
  1982. > becoming immortal
  1983. > punishing the world that hurt him and his sister
  1984. > finding out how to reset the world and reshape it to be the perfect world that "his sister would have deserved," preferably by adding her back into his new timeline.
  1985. when Wally succeeds in erasing the first timeline, he is flung into the vast annals of timelines and existences, one of them being Equestria, because I needed SOME way to further my autism. from there, it's the storm king's attack or the Sisters' charge from ancient times that revert him back to an amnesiac baby.
  1987. summarizing this all makes it sound kinda gay, but oh well.
  1988. >>
  1989. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)14:31:19 No.40922862▶
  1990. >>40923470
  1991. Saying that the human who ends up in Equestria has the same capacity for ‘resetting’ the timeline as Celestia is a very interesting connection, especially when you’ve already said the timelines will have some sort of payoff. Makes me wonder if Charlotte will still play a role in other Equestrian timelines….
  1992. >>
  1993. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)16:47:40 No.40923186▶
  1994. File: IMG_1444.png (19 KB, 204x207)
  1996. >>40872876 (OP)
  1997. >>
  1998. Narcolepsy Anon 03/20/24(Wed)18:41:44 No.40923470▶
  1999. >>40923523
  2000. >>40922862
  2001. who, Charlotte?
  2002. oh nah, no no no no.
  2003. Charlotte is dead. VERY dead. and since she died in the original timeline, there's no getting her back. however, her impact stays with Our Boy Wally forever, even when he lacks the memories to realize it. usually for the worse. if Wally were to ever get Charlotte back, then his entire character arc would be IMMEDIATELY DONE, and the cautionary tale that his journey is supposed to shove into the readers' face would be forfeit.
  2004. ANYWAYS, I suddenly have a lot more time on my hands, and I just finished studying Cozy Glow, so Kaiser's story is just around the corner!!
  2005. >>
  2006. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)18:41:44 No.40923471▶
  2007. Imagine Starlight ‘time travel’ Glimmer coming across the human and fucking up Celestia’s resets somehow
  2008. >>
  2009. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)19:00:04 No.40923523▶
  2010. >>40923470
  2011. Neet.
  2012. >>
  2013. Narcolepsy Anon 03/20/24(Wed)23:00:00 No.40924042▶
  2014. >>40924097
  2016. A pet named Kaiser
  2017. > this story starts so close to the end of FiM that I'm not sure what I can do with it, but oh well!
  2018. > Cozy Glow, about to enter the new school of friendship.
  2019. > since she's a Pegasus, I'm assuming she's from Cloudsdale. a commute from Fillydelphia would be quite the distance traveled.
  2020. > now Cozy, I have no doubt in my mind that she probably doesn't rely on her parents that much, if she even still has any at all. she's a very smart, resourceful, and over all independent filly. unless you fellas have an idea behind Cozy Glow's potential parents, I've elected to keep them out of this. Cozy Glow lives on her own.
  2021. > thanks to a school of friendship opening up to all creatures, there's quite the Exodus of many creatures from many lands. ponyville is very loud, and due to the plethora of new and exotic mouths to feed, ponyville also smells like a hot Bella Sandvich (with Swiss and Spinach. no tomato, because you just dip the Sandwich in the Tomato Basil Soup, which you can also smell.)
  2022. > at this point, travelers and tourists alike will be able to smell ponyville LONG before they can even see the town approaching on the horizon.
  2023. > Golly, that's quite a strong smell of food! I sure do hope it doesn't attract any monsters or anything!
  2024. > yeah, that's how our boy shows up. with a vast variety of creatures mulling about the town square and the bazaar, the young boy walks around with no suspicions, nary a passing glance.
  2025. > that is, until he just takes some food and bolts with it
  2026. > Cozy Glow is in ponyville at the time, hears the commotion, and stops the boy.
  2027. (btw, to you and I, our boy is gonna look a little bit younger than however old Cozy Glow is. so if I guess that she's twelve, then maybe he's seven-ish? the numbers don't matter, you know. just younger than what you think Cozy Glow is.)
  2028. > so Cozy stops the boy, the shopkeeps thank Cozy Glow and start berating the boy
  2029. > Cozy plays her whole schtick, "Now I'm sure he had a reason, if we could just hear the poor guy out? we should show patience"- yeah you get it already.
  2030. > hear him out, huh?
  2031. > they try, but they just can't, on the account that he can't speak. in fact, he can't even understand what they're asking or telling him, despite him understanding the emotional tone behind their voices being anger.
  2032. > Cozy says that this animal didn't know any better, and everybody should be more merciful to this strange new animal. he was simply surviving the way nature made him to do, right?
  2033. > the shopkeeps huff in annoyance, but they quickly fuck off. the last one warns, however, that if he finds that animal stealing food again, he has every right to not be so merciful anymore.
  2034. . . . .
  2035. >>
  2036. Narcolepsy Anon 03/20/24(Wed)23:26:02 No.40924097▶
  2037. >>40924104 >>40924500 >>40926000 >>40926981
  2038. >>40924042
  2039. we keep going. that school isn't gonna conquer itself, you know!
  2040. > . . . .
  2041. > the ability to tame a wild animal? it might just earn her some more friends at the school. and worst-case scenario she hears that this school has an animal caretaker, so she can just chalk it up to "oh golly, I just can't give this animal the life it deserves, please take it from me! I don't want to burden it with my sloppy caretaking!"
  2042. > low risk, high reward. easiest deal ever.
  2043. > but first, she has to figure out what the deal is with this animal. doesn't look like anything she knows about
  2044. oh my God, notto disu shitto agen. we go through this song-n'-dance with EVERY timeline. I get it, it's an obstacle that has to be tackled due to the Boy's "only one of his kind" nature, but it makes me feel dumb when I can't think of any more creative way to play this out. but how else can I play this game when EVERYBODY in Ponyville knows that Fluttershy is RIGHT THERE?
  2045. > WHATEVER. Cozy Glow knows that a school full of smart teachers is a great place to ask, even if school isn't for another week. they'll still be there, probably setting up for the opening.
  2046. > "let's get going, little white monkey thing! we have some new friends to make!"
  2047. > one gentle tug from her is all the boy needs to understand that the nice little pink pegasus who saved his bacon wants him to follow. so follow he does.
  2048. > Cozy Glow realizes she needs to name this thing before somepony else gets first dibs
  2049. > she calls him Kaiser.
  2050. I still thing August (from Augustus) would have been better, but hey, I DID ask. Kaiser it is.
  2051. > they make one small stop to do a small bit of training, teaching him names. it's a cute little exchange, teaching him "Cozy Glow" and "Kaiser"
  2052. > they get to the doors of the School
  2053. > knock knock motherfuckers. it's Princess Celestia.
  2054. > oh wait, no it's not. it's just some pink pegasus child with a white monkey thing en-tow. looks like murder's not on the breakfast menu, boyo.
  2055. > let's get it out of the way, dash answers the door, she takes the two of them to Fluttershy, she says she doesn't know this creature, take it to Twilight for the same results but with more books involved, you know the drill.
  2056. > but this time, Fluttershy knows that raising a potentially brand new species of ape is not a job for just some filly. she says she should take care of him, and she holds out her hooves to accept him.
  2057. > Cozy can't lose Kaiser just yet! the sunk-cost fallacy simply won't allow it, especially on such promising returns!
  2058. > just as Kaiser is about to start walking right into the loving hooves of this kind yellow mare who seems to mean him well, Cozy quickly chimes in, saying that Kaiser is just SoOoOo imprinted on her already, that it would be wrong to force him off of her without giving her a chance, right?
  2059. alrighty boys, do we give Kaiser to Cozy Glow now, or is it okay to wait a little while before Cozy can really keep him?
  2060. >>
  2061. Anonymous 03/20/24(Wed)23:30:02 No.40924104▶
  2062. >>40926374
  2063. >>40924097
  2064. make Golly work for it, and flex her cunning on the nonbelivers, no one said becoming Empress was an easy gig
  2065. >>
  2066. Anonymous 03/21/24(Thu)04:58:36 No.40924500▶
  2067. >>40926374 >>40926676
  2068. >>40924097
  2069. Off to a good start. It would be interesting how you can pull off a 12 year old as a mom. I'm guessing that she'll be more like a big sister of sorts instead.
  2071. > Kaiser to Cozy Glow now, or is it okay to wait a little while before Cozy can really keep him?
  2072. Let Golly keep him. It would take a lot to convince Flutters to let her do it, which would make her all the more impressive for pulling it off.
  2073. >>
  2074. Anonymous 03/21/24(Thu)12:13:09 No.40925079▶
  2075. >>40925737 >>40926374
  2076. Bump
  2077. >>
  2078. Anonymous 03/21/24(Thu)16:58:32 No.40925737▶
  2079. >>40926374
  2080. >>40925079
  2081. >>
  2082. Anonymous 03/21/24(Thu)18:18:36 No.40926000▶
  2083. >>40926374 >>40928543 >>40929082
  2084. >>40924097
  2085. Interesting start.
  2086. >>
  2087. Narcolepsy Anon 03/21/24(Thu)20:55:18 No.40926374▶
  2088. >>40924104
  2089. >>40924500
  2090. welp, we've got an even vote.
  2091. >>40925079
  2092. >>40925737
  2093. >>40926000
  2094. do any of y'all want to sway the vote?
  2095. >>
  2096. Narcolepsy Anon 03/21/24(Thu)23:13:25 No.40926676▶
  2097. >>40924500
  2098. look, I've tried. I really did. but there's really no way that Golly keeps him first without outing herself as suspicious. and need I remind you, her innocent appearance is her most valuable tool.
  2099. golly will get him very soon, but for now, I think she needs to relent.
  2101. .... that is.... unless you know a loophole around this?
  2102. >>
  2103. Narcolepsy Anon 03/22/24(Fri)03:10:41 No.40926981▶
  2104. >>40927349 >>40927836 >>40928082 >>40928796 >>40929064 >>40930243
  2105. >>40924097
  2106. going out on a limb here. let's be patient, y'all. just like Cozy Glow.
  2107. > Cozy Glow tries to make her case, but all of these teachers seem to think Fluttershy is the best answer to this problem.
  2108. > Cozy knows to fold to avoid looking too desperate. but she has a plan to get him back. a simple and obvious plan, but it's still the most solid option.
  2109. > Cozy leaves Kaiser in the keeping of Fluttershy, but she comes by EVERY day, asking how he's doing, asking what Fluttershy does for him, etc.
  2110. > when Cozy "'Leaves'" Fluttershy's sanctuary, she secretly sets up different types of tricks to make Kaiser's life with Fluttershy just that much harder.
  2111. > taking his food when he's not looking could look like he's not eating due to stress. or maybe he'll end up seeing another animal eating his food and get into a fight. or maybe he gets too hungry and tries to make good on his apex predator name?
  2112. > at night, pester Kaiser with some way to only wake him up. maybe he'll get poor sleep and be ornery? or maybe him waking up with such a fright would cause a bit of noise, waking up the entire sanctuary?
  2113. > lastly, whenever she wants to get a little more creative, she'll sneakily take another animal's food and just as sneakily add it to Kaiser's food pile. whoever's breakfast that was is about to be VERY pissed that Kaiser stole from them, and bonus: Fluttershy will chastise Kaiser for something he didn't even know he did, leaving him to associate Fluttershy with just randomly punishing him. Kaiser will never feel comfortable in Fluttershy's care.
  2114. > now from HER perspective, Fluttershy simply can't be having some creature this unruly, intentional or not. refusing to eat his food, sometimes stealing food from others instead, causing fights, waking everybody up; worst part is that Kaiser doesn't trust Fluttershy to help him, so he stays stressed and unfixable.
  2115. > but Cozy is there EVERY DAY.
  2116. > Every day, Cozy brings food, and Kaiser eats it.
  2117. > Every day, an exhausted Kaiser naps next to Cozy Glow.
  2118. > every day, Kaiser simply being around Cozy seems to just make all of his stress disappear.
  2119. > every time Cozy is around, Kaiser just acts like an innocent angel.
  2120. > hell, even if Kaiser is being unruly or fighting, he listens to Cozy Glow when she tells him to stop.
  2121. > the plan was supposed to last the entire week, but after only four or five days Fluttershy decides that Kaiser is much happier with Cozy Glow. and Cozy, asking all of those questions earlier about how she takes care of him has convinced Fluttershy that Cozy is perfectly capable of handling him. after all, a part of her job is knowing when an animal would be happier someplace else.
  2122. > looks like being small works well with being sneaky
  2123. only a couple of days (in the story) until friendship school starts, that's when things will get popping
  2124. will Cozy be able to take Kaiser to school?
  2125. will Ash be able to defeat the gym leader?
  2126. will that stupid fucking scab on my leg heal?
  2128. >>
  2129. Anonymous 03/22/24(Fri)08:31:28 No.40927349▶
  2130. >>40929082
  2131. >>40926981
  2132. Clever and sneaky filly. I could see Kaiser being very loyal to her after this.
  2133. >>
  2134. Anonymous 03/22/24(Fri)12:51:08 No.40927836▶
  2135. >>40926981
  2136. Can't wait.
  2137. >>
  2138. Anonymous 03/22/24(Fri)15:07:49 No.40928082▶
  2139. >>40929082
  2140. >>40926981
  2141. Wonder what Golly’s plan is once everyone realizes Kaiser isn’t an animal.
  2142. >>
  2143. Anonymous 03/22/24(Fri)18:43:41 No.40928543▶
  2144. >>40929644
  2145. >>40926000
  2146. >>
  2147. Anonymous 03/22/24(Fri)20:28:15 No.40928796▶
  2148. >>40929082
  2149. >>40926981
  2150. Does Cozy know that he's sapient?
  2151. >>
  2152. Narcolepsy Anon 03/22/24(Fri)21:56:02 No.40929064▶
  2153. >>40926981
  2154. I'm sorry I couldn't post today. please forgive me, it was a very rough day....
  2155. >>
  2156. Narcolepsy Anon 03/22/24(Fri)22:03:48 No.40929082▶
  2157. >>40931793
  2158. >>40928796
  2159. she will soon enough.
  2160. as much as I personally love dwelling on the innocent moments before he can understand language and is just treated as a pet smarter than most, I understand y'all are here for story.
  2161. >>40928082
  2163. > Steal underpants
  2164. > ????
  2165. > profit
  2166. >>40927349
  2167. oh yes. you've seen the pattern, haven't you?
  2168. out of most things that the boy has been across different timelines, the number one thing he has been is loyal, almost codependent even, to a FAULT. he has a tendency to find one to three ponies, latch to them like a bad rash, and never let go. and if anything happens to those ponies, all hell breaks loose. that's why I love AppleJack's timeline, despite not being the biggest AppleJack fan myself. everything seemed to fall into place to really exemplify just how horrible of a person the boy is when he finds a good reason to defend the people he loves.
  2169. >>40926000
  2170. oh damn, nice [GET]!
  2172. anyways, I'll probably get back up soon.
  2173. >>
  2174. Anonymous 03/23/24(Sat)02:45:53 No.40929644▶
  2175. >>40931393
  2176. >>40928543
  2177. >>
  2178. Narcolepsy Anon 03/23/24(Sat)11:32:55 No.40930243▶
  2179. >>40930630 >>40934620
  2180. >>40926981
  2181. golly's gall grows gargantuan, and the journey continues:
  2182. > Where we last left off, Cozy Glow allowed Fluttershy to "keep" Kaiser, but she secretly was up to some shenanigans to make Fluttershy not want to keep him, so that she could take him back instead. and it worked.
  2183. > so, Fluttershy allows Cozy Glow to take Kaiser off of her hands, under the strict order that she will be allowed to come over and check on him constantly, to make sure Golly is taking good care of him.
  2184. > "oh, but of course, Miss Fluttershy! I wouldn't want to make you worry!"
  2185. > ( 'ugh, when is this dumb yellow sow going to BUZZ OFF already?' )
  2186. > the rest of the week goes by in a montage. nine minutes of Cozy Glow fuming, eleven minutes of Fluttershy Fretting, and Kaiser is just happy to feel included.
  2187. > all things considered, Cozy Glow gives Kaiser a pretty okay life, ESPECIALLY compared to his life in the forest.
  2188. > on the last day before skool starts, Fluttershy is still visiting Cozy Glow.
  2189. > "thank you SOOOO much for all of your help, miss Fluttershy!"
  2190. > ( 'all you ever do is get in my way, you condescending prick. don't you have a bear to go give a prostate exam to?' )
  2191. > "I sure can't wait to show everypony at school!!"
  2192. > Fluttershy explains that any pets brought to school have to be kept in her classroom until the day is over. that is, unless your pet is phenomenally well-trained.
  2193. > Le_Fuck.webm
  2194. > welp, the sunk-cost fallacy strikes again.
  2195. > worst-case scenario, we outsource to Fluttershy to train him. due to Cozy now being the legal owner now, Fluttershy can't reclaim him. best case scenario, he's a fast learner.
  2196. > school is here!! and Golly flies through the halls with Kaiser on a leash, because that's just a golly thing to do.
  2197. > drop him off at Fluttershy's classroom.
  2198. > probably not a good idea, given his experiences with Fluttershy....
  2199. > while Golly is taking her classes and making friends, Kaiser is escaping.
  2200. > waitwhat?? Kaiser is escaping?
  2201. > aye. turns out that making Kaiser feel extremely stressed out around Fluttershy will make him want to leave. whooda thunkit??
  2202. > so, classes pause, there's this whole ordeal of everybody looking for him, and when the student six FINALLY check the library, he's there, hiding from all the chaos.
  2203. > Kaiser, being a scared little four-year-old, will NOT be touched by these students. 2spooki4me
  2204. > but when Cozy Glow shows up, Kaiser cries and hugs her leg, while the student six are watching. this is an important moment, because it allows the Student six to really believe that Cozy Glow has a heart of gold and a soul of silver.
  2205. what will Twilight think of the ruckus Kaiser caused?
  2206. will Cozy Glow be able to utilize Kaiser soon?
  2207. will Goku be able to defeat the evil Buu?
  2208. to find out, tune in to the next ACTION-PACKED EPISODE OF YU-GI-OH!!
  2209. >>
  2210. Anonymous 03/23/24(Sat)15:13:35 No.40930630▶
  2211. >>40931802
  2212. >>40930243
  2213. Looks like Kaiser is a double edged sword. Cozy can look even better in the eyes of others while she's taking care of him, but she also needs to take care of him, which kind of gets in the way of evil plans.
  2214. >>
  2215. Anonymous 03/23/24(Sat)19:44:27 No.40931393▶
  2216. >>40936466
  2217. >>40929644
  2218. >>
  2219. Anonymous 03/23/24(Sat)22:14:46 No.40931793▶
  2220. >>40929082
  2221. Applejacks timeline would be nice to see after this then, I imagine Kaiser isn’t going to be much better morally if Golly gets her way
  2222. >>
  2223. Anonymous 03/23/24(Sat)22:18:59 No.40931802▶
  2224. >>40934164 >>40934451
  2225. >>40930630
  2226. For now. Golly’s going to have to teach Kaiser to be very well trained if she wants more freedom to move around, and we already know how capable Kaiser is of learning and retaining knowledge…
  2227. >>
  2228. Anonymous 03/23/24(Sat)22:30:10 No.40931822▶
  2229. >>40932102
  2230. File: sasuke eyebleed.gif (1011 KB, 500x282)
  2232. >>40906594
  2233. >when Tena is finished, one of his eyes starts to bleed. it looks like he's crying blood, to give y'all a visual aid
  2235. >>
  2236. Narcolepsy Anon 03/24/24(Sun)01:07:36 No.40932102▶
  2237. >>40933516 >>40934331 >>40937285
  2238. >>40931822
  2239. I'm assuming that's Naruto? I never watched it, mostly because all the kids at my school who watched it were total losers, and I didn't want to end up like them.
  2241. but then again, I started watching ponies, so.... even-steven?
  2242. >>
  2243. Anonymous 03/24/24(Sun)11:17:31 No.40932911▶
  2244. bump for effort, didn't read though
  2245. >>
  2246. Anonymous 03/24/24(Sun)14:57:35 No.40933516▶
  2247. >>40934451
  2248. >>40932102
  2249. A few more days like this and your thread will make me start watching ponies.
  2250. >>
  2251. Anonymous 03/24/24(Sun)17:49:54 No.40934164▶
  2252. >>40931802
  2253. They will be a truly dynamic duo.
  2254. >>
  2255. Anonymous 03/24/24(Sun)18:45:05 No.40934331▶
  2256. >>40932102
  2257. Ponies are for chads.
  2258. >>
  2259. Narcolepsy Anon 03/24/24(Sun)19:37:46 No.40934451▶
  2260. >>40933516
  2261. don't worry dude, I'm back.
  2262. >>40931802
  2263. oh dude, it's insane what a duo these two make.
  2264. >>
  2265. Narcolepsy Anon 03/24/24(Sun)20:56:35 No.40934620▶
  2266. >>40934832
  2267. >>40930243
  2268. the plot thickens, as we keep going:
  2269. > Cozy Glow comforts Kaiser, and it looks like a heartfelt moment, until headmare twilight shows her long face.
  2270. > Cozy knows EXACTLY what she's going to say, and she knows EXACTLY how to play her part.
  2271. > Twilight is disappointed with how poorly trained Kaiser is and the small bit of mayhem he caused. she doesn't like doing this, but she can't have him at the school.
  2272. > Cozy Glow puts on her face of panic mixed with "on the verge of tears," and stammers how he's usually so much better behaved than this, and that it's not Kaiser's fault that he's uncomfortable around Fluttershy. mix in a couple of "he'll be so lost and depressed if he's just locked up at home!" and "please give him another chance, miss Twilight! he didn't mean to do any harm!"
  2273. > wait, he's uncomfortable around Fluttershy? that doesn't sound right.
  2274. > but sure enough, Fluttershy comes from behind (kek) and says that Kaiser just didn't like being around her noisy and stressful sanctuary, so it makes sense that this animal would associate a poor lifestyle with the pony in charge. she promises to take better care of the sanctuary, blah blah, but the point is made abundantly clear; the animal expert is telling twilight that Kaiser just needs a quiet place to stay, and he SHOULD be fine. he deserves another chance.
  2275. > welp, if Fluttershy says so, right? she's the defacto authority on the topic.
  2276. > Twilight comes to an agreement that Kaiser can stay in the garden out back if he can behave himself. but she can't give any third chances in an environment where any spurned chances will harm other students.
  2277. > "of course!! thank you so much, princess!! Kaiser will be such a gooOOood boy, won't you??"
  2278. > (pheh, this is TOO EASY. although, a bit too close, too. I'll have to either train him better or keep him on a tighter leash.)
  2279. > Cozy Glow doesn't take Kaiser to school for a couple of days after that, electing to take her former idea of training him. books from twilight and pointers from Fluttershy are all she needs, right?
  2280. > oh good goddesses, how right she is. this creature was THIRSTY for some training. everything she tries to teach him, he learns in maybe 20~40 minutes, tops.
  2281. > Kaiser becomes the perfect obedient pet in less than a week. it's so damn fast in fact, that Cozy Glow is impressed and decides that maybe she can do SO MUCH MORE with this pet than just getting some easy friends.
  2282. > as stated earlier, it doesn't even take a week until Cozy Glow is confident with leaving Kaiser in the school garden while she's taking classes.
  2283. > Twilight is thoroughly surprised, and even Flutters is rather impressed at just how well-trained Kaiser is.
  2284. > he's so well-trained, in fact, that Twilight relents and allows him to roam the halls, and even enter classrooms on occasion. so long as it's not Fluttershy's classroom.
  2285. > however, he seems to feel most at home either in the library or practically glued to Cozy Glow's leg like a pocket.
  2286. >>
  2287. Narcolepsy Anon 03/24/24(Sun)22:27:04 No.40934832▶
  2288. >>40935419
  2289. >>40934620
  2290. > since Kaiser is the only animal in the school so well trained to roam the halls, everybody in school knows Kaiser and Cozy Glow.
  2291. > even if Golly isn't around, you could catch him in the garden and he'll play games with you, even learning more complex games like freeze tag and hide-n'-seek.
  2292. > you could ask Kaiser to help you with something around the school and he would do it, so long as you use the right words and do enough pointing.
  2293. > and after a long day, he'll curl up around you and nap while you read in the library if you've earned his trust.
  2294. > "it's really somethin'. it's almost as if he's understanding what you say, almost verbatim." Says Silver Stream in the library to the study circle around her.
  2295. > the student six debate about his ability to comprehend commands and phrases, and wonder how this animal/monster thing learned so fast.
  2296. > "Well, professor Fluttershy said that he was an undiscovered species, so maybe his species just.... learns faster, or something?" one of them says, I'd imagine Sandbar saying.
  2297. > the more angsty of the group scoff at how they wish they had such a trait, as it would make their studies all that much easier.
  2298. > Cozy Glow, in the library too yet elsewhere in it, overheard all of this, and decides to "be busy with studying, definitely not eavesdropping."
  2299. > the student six decide to try to teach him some things, just for funsies.
  2300. > first, they teach him "hug," because apparently being in a "school of friendship" means you raise a bunch of softies.
  2301. > after repeating the word, following a demonstration, Kaiser understands the drill.
  2302. > Silverstream opens her arms (claws?) and says "Hug!" and Kaiser follows suit.
  2303. tutorial complete!
  2304. Rank: S-
  2305. clear time: 00:01:44 (H/M/S)
  2306. you obtained: a cookie
  2307. Big Mac obtained: erectile dysfunction (unrelated)
  2308. > up next, Gallus wants to teach him "uppies," because flying him around might be fun. he's a small guy, he can carry him.
  2309. > so, Silverstream flies up barely a foot and says "Uppies!" so that Ocellus can jump up to demonstrate, same as before.
  2310. > however, Ocellus unknowingly also says "Uppies" before jumping up. nobody really notices until....
  2311. > Gallus flies just a foot or two above Kaiser, ready to catch. he says "Uppies," like he's supposed to.
  2312. > Kaiser, normally silent save for humming whenever he's napping or laughing whenever he's playing, says "Uppies" back, just like Ocellus, before jumping.
  2313. > perfect voicing and annunciation.
  2314. > the six are mildly surprised, but have an idea.
  2315. skip the tutorial clear screen, we have shit to get to.
  2316. > the final trick is to teach him names, like a parrot
  2317. > they get in a circle, and take turns pointing at one of them and saying their name. first, they one-by-one point at Yona and say her name. when it's Kaiser's turn, he understands what to do, and says "Yona."
  2318. > repeat this process for Smoulder, Sandbar, etc. Kaiser knows them all
  2319. > "this creature is already as smart as an early-year foal!"
  2320. running out of room again. you know the drill
  2321. >>
  2322. Anonymous 03/25/24(Mon)02:00:21 No.40935242▶
  2323. Good stuff.
  2324. >>
  2325. Narcolepsy Anon 03/25/24(Mon)03:40:22 No.40935419▶
  2326. >>40935652 >>40936075 >>40938861
  2327. >>40934832
  2328. > that smart, huh? maybe Good ol' Golly can make something from this?
  2329. > golly decides now's the time to head home, so she takes Kaiser with him. warm goodbyes and see you tomorrows, you know.
  2330. > Cozy Glow sits him down at home and tries her damndest to teach him how to talk and understand.
  2331. > as expected, this is very quick. it only takes about two weeks.
  2332. > Kaiser isn't much of a talker to begin with, so him learning to understand language will be a secret, and soon a surprise.
  2333. > if headmare twilight can see how good of a teacher she is, maybe she'll be promoted to being a teacher herself? one more step up the ladder, right?
  2334. > so, let's fast forward to the end of those two weeks. Kaiser now has a firm grasp on language, as good of a grasp as a first grader would in our world. he can't read though.
  2335. > now's Cozy's moment to reveal her genius, so she encouraged Kaiser to make a friend at school and talk to him/her.
  2336. > the only other students he's ever comfortable around are the student six.
  2337. > Kaiser is just big chilling in the garden with his four year old looking yee-yee ass haircut, waiting for one of the student six to stop by so he can do what Cozy Glow told him to do.
  2338. I actually had to pull out one of those spinny wheels online to pick which of the six got to him. thank God it wasn't Smoulder or Gallus, because that would be kinda awkward.
  2339. it landed on Ocellus, who usually comes to the garden to play games with Kaiser, shape shifting to make him laugh.
  2340. > Ocellus comes to play, and they do play a bit. but before Ocellus leaves, Kaiser finally raises his scared voice, and asks Ocellus to be his friend
  2341. > there's a heartwarming moment of Ocellus accepting and hugging and saying all of the students consider him a friend
  2342. > but Ocellus ain't Stoopid neither. she now knows full-stop that Kaiser is smart enough to comprehend language, and more importantly, be considered fully sapient.
  2343. > there's this whole.... thing that happens with Ocellus dragging him to one of the classrooms with some of the other six, and she tries to get him to talk, but he's very spooked by her sudden enthusiasm and clams up, you know. it could be its own episode.
  2344. > but at the end of that episode, one of them (def. Smoulder) trusts Ocellus to be telling the truth, comes to talk to Kaiser alone, and Kaiser asks to be friends, proving that Ocellus wasn't lying. lesson of the day is trusting friends, blah blah. same song n' dance you've heard the tune before.
  2345. > but now, the student six know that he's sapient. and then, the rest of the school knows. then, the teachers. then headmare/Princess Twilight Sparkle, current sovereign over Equestria.
  2346. > now there's going to be this whole ordeal about citizenship and personhood and nobody wants to sit through THAT act of Congress.
  2347. > luckily for you, I can make that long story short
  2348. > Kaiser is granted citizenship both under and beside Cozy Glow, the same way that Twilight was both a sister and a mother figure for Spike.
  2349. hold your horses
  2350. >>
  2351. Anonymous 03/25/24(Mon)07:25:55 No.40935652▶
  2352. >>40935419
  2353. Interesting to see other students interact with Kaiser. It was only a matter of time before everyone realized he's not an animal. Imagine the awkward moment when Twilight figured out that she was letting a child raise a baby. Odd that they actually let Cozy be his guardian. Must have taken a lot of convincing from her end. I mean, at least Twilight still lived with her parents.
  2354. >>
  2355. Anonymous 03/25/24(Mon)11:34:45 No.40936075▶
  2356. >>40937528 >>40938182
  2357. >>40935419
  2358. The child mother. This can only end well.
  2359. >>
  2360. Anonymous 03/25/24(Mon)14:09:25 No.40936466▶
  2361. >>40938838
  2362. >>40931393
  2363. >>
  2364. Anonymous 03/25/24(Mon)17:44:31 No.40937053▶
  2365. Loving these so far!
  2366. >>
  2367. Anonymous 03/25/24(Mon)19:07:01 No.40937285▶
  2368. >>40932102
  2369. Naruto isnt the worst anime to get into, but certainly not the best.
  2370. >>
  2371. Narcolepsy Anon 03/25/24(Mon)20:18:40 No.40937528▶
  2372. >>40938182
  2373. >>40936075
  2374. to be fair, not much bad happened with Twilight and Spike, which is probably why she allowed it.
  2375. but yeah, there's probably some shit gonna happen.
  2376. >>
  2377. Anonymous 03/26/24(Tue)00:30:33 No.40938182▶
  2378. >>40938387
  2379. >>40937528
  2380. >>40936075
  2381. Wonder if they aren’t the least bit curious about where Golly came from now that she’s adopted an alien kid and become a mom.
  2382. >>
  2383. Narcolepsy Anon 03/26/24(Tue)02:26:41 No.40938387▶
  2384. >>40938182
  2385. they probably just think he's a monster from the everfree, or some kind of one-of-a-kind creature like Tirek. you don't see any other creatures like Tirek, maybe this creature is the same? all cozy Glow knows is that she found him in the ponyville market square, and that's all anybody knows.
  2387. as for the mane six, they're already up to their necks in work, having to juggle between their previous lives and also being a min-wage teacher at friendship school, and that's not even mentioning Twilight's new princess duties as the SOLE ruler of the largest Equis political superpower, so as neat as his presence is it's not exactly an intrigue they have the time to explore.
  2388. >>
  2389. Anonymous 03/26/24(Tue)08:36:24 No.40938838▶
  2390. >>40942611
  2391. >>40936466
  2392. >>
  2393. Narcolepsy Anon 03/26/24(Tue)08:57:22 No.40938861▶
  2394. >>40938950 >>40940076 >>40940829 >>40943076
  2395. By the way, what's the bump limit here?
  2396. >>40935419
  2397. the plot thickens, as we keep going:
  2398. > so now, Kaiser needs to be schooled.
  2399. > oh wowie! look! a perfectly good school, right there! I'm sure it teaches more than just friendship, for the sake of narrative brevity of course! three cheers for creative license!
  2400. > Kaiser loves being at school, but is uncomfortable under everybody's unscrupulous gazes, as if he were some novelty or attraction, rather than an individual.
  2401. > the reason he feels this way is because Golly told him how much she wishes those insensitive meanies would see her precious brother/son as a friend instead of a pet.
  2402. > Kaiser, being true to his codependent legacy, takes the statement at face value. but since his "big sister" Cozy Glow is fine, he just bottles up his stress.
  2403. > at school, he's only ever comfortable if Cozy Glow is nearby, and he's only almost comfortable around the student six, since they were already on good terms with both he and Golly.
  2404. okay, I have two ways this story can roll out, and I'm indecisive:
  2405. either we take my initial approach of Cozy Glow using Kaiser as nothing but a pawn in her schemes,
  2406. or
  2407. we take the appeal route where parenthood softens Cozy Glow's cold dead heart.
  2409. I'd much prefer the former, but there wouldn't be all that much new involved in the story of Cozy Glow's scheme to seize power.
  2410. the latter has more prominent changes, but would be much shorter, less interesting, and in my opinion it kind of neglects what makes Golly such an appealing character.
  2412. do y'all have any ideas?
  2413. >>
  2414. Anonymous 03/26/24(Tue)10:08:07 No.40938950▶
  2415. >>40939788
  2416. >>40938861
  2417. I belive it’s 500. So we’ve still got a ways to go.
  2418. >>
  2419. Anonymous 03/26/24(Tue)15:46:17 No.40939596▶
  2420. >>40939788
  2421. a a a a staying aliiiive
  2422. >>
  2423. Narcolepsy Anon 03/26/24(Tue)17:08:26 No.40939788▶
  2424. >>40940364
  2425. >>40938950
  2426. >>40939596
  2427. so....
  2428. no ideas or opinions on which direction to take the story?
  2429. >>
  2430. Anonymous 03/26/24(Tue)18:53:32 No.40940076▶
  2431. >>40938861
  2432. Why not both?
  2433. >>
  2434. Anonymous 03/26/24(Tue)20:41:43 No.40940364▶
  2435. >>40940536
  2436. >>40939788
  2437. Different direction: maybe Golly starts to get paranoid that Kaiser is better at being Golly than Golly?
  2438. >>
  2439. Narcolepsy Anon 03/26/24(Tue)21:42:52 No.40940536▶
  2440. >>40942831
  2441. >>40940364
  2442. oh goodie, what a creative take!
  2443. I'll see what I can cook up with that.
  2444. >>
  2445. Anonymous 03/27/24(Wed)00:00:00 No.40940829▶
  2446. >>40941044
  2447. >>40938861
  2448. Tbh I'd rather have something wholesome between the two.
  2449. >>
  2450. Narcolepsy Anon 03/27/24(Wed)01:57:31 No.40941044▶
  2451. >>40941333
  2452. >>40940829
  2453. sorry mate, I've already started writing that other anon's take. coming soon, might I add.
  2455. if you want wholesome, maybe rarity or Fluttershy's stories? or nurse redheart or derpy?
  2456. >>
  2457. Anonymous 03/27/24(Wed)06:05:20 No.40941333▶
  2458. >>40941044
  2459. Aw well. Hope it wont end too badly for Golly. I do have a soft spot for her.
  2460. >>
  2461. Anonymous 03/27/24(Wed)11:56:10 No.40941845▶
  2462. >>40942176
  2463. >>40872876 (OP)
  2464. My self insert is a cute mare
  2465. >>
  2466. Anonymous 03/27/24(Wed)13:40:54 No.40942176▶
  2467. >>40941845
  2468. Mines cuter.
  2469. >>
  2470. Anonymous 03/27/24(Wed)16:00:02 No.40942611▶
  2471. >>40943931
  2472. >>40938838
  2473. >>
  2474. Anonymous 03/27/24(Wed)17:33:50 No.40942831▶
  2475. >>40940536
  2476. cant wait
  2477. >>
  2478. Narcolepsy Anon 03/27/24(Wed)19:00:30 No.40943076▶
  2479. >>40943261 >>40944173
  2480. >>40938861
  2481. okay, it was hard to write, but I believe I got something okay:
  2483. Anyways, LAST TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z:
  2485. > so Kaiser is learning at the school of friendship, and Cozy Glow is fucking around in those hallowed halls as well.
  2486. > as we all know, Kaiser is a very fast learner. but his learning speed seems to taper off around where Cozy Glow is.
  2487. > now, there's this whole thing in the school of friendship about student helpers. the teachers have VERY busy lives, and friendship is about helping others, after all, right? so there's this big push to allow students to help teachers. those who volunteer are given small benefits, and if you're consistently helping a certain teacher you can essentially be assigned as that teachers' executive helper for further benefits. benefits range from extra time on projects, private tutoring, the ability to use your notes during tests, etc. but being an executive helper means you get to sit in on meetings and help make decisions to help the school.... so long as you're not a dumbass, that is.
  2488. > now that.... that smells like POWER....
  2489. > Cozy recognizes this as the next step to getting the school, and in her inner monologues, the audience is revealed that she wants the school of friendship under her control, so that she can rear these students up in a way that would give her more power. if she controls what they believe, then essentially they work for her cause for free. and all of the friends she would gain would get her more power.
  2490. > it would be her wet dream come true, if it didn't make me feel weird, saying that about a young filly. but you get the point.
  2491. > the goal is simple, because simple plans are better: become helpers for each of the teachers to be really good at it. then we become the best helper to headmare twilight, due to our unrivaled experience. then we will have plenty of power, and when twilight inevitably needs to leave the school in the hooves of another due to her busy duties as princess, who better to take that role than us? we won't even need a resume. despot favoritism strikes again!!
  2492. > but all she tells Kaiser is that "we both desperately NEED those benefits in order to succeed in this school! both you and I! and wouldn't you also like to help all those busy teachers, working so hard just to give us a chance at a better life? and it would be so ungrateful of us if we failed to capitalize on that gracious opportunity they generously gifted to us! oh lil' bro, won't you help me be the best helper I can be?? (innocent eyelash blinks)
  2493. > Kaiser is a naive little gummy bear, so he helps his sister/momma with whatever she needs.
  2494. > and thus, the first REAL arc of their dynamic begins, as they work to appease the teachers and compete with other students to land that executive helper role. there are other episodes, but the story will continue!
  2495. >>
  2496. Anonymous 03/27/24(Wed)20:01:28 No.40943261▶
  2497. >>40943076
  2498. They got this.
  2499. >>
  2500. Anonymous 03/28/24(Thu)00:03:01 No.40943931▶
  2501. >>40942611
  2502. >>
  2503. Narcolepsy Anon 03/28/24(Thu)02:09:14 No.40944173▶
  2504. >>40944690 >>40945159 >>40946120
  2505. >>40943076
  2508. > so many episodes can be made with them trying to help the teachers and outperform their classmates, with a healthy sprinkling of Golly's underhanded tactics, and even a good few episodes can be made without the school at all!
  2509. > such as a couple of episodes where they interact with the CMC, a couple where they interact with the student six outside of school, a couple with Kaiser struggling to adapt to a pony's society, maybe one where Kaiser tries to show Golly how much she means to him, but Golly is too busy doing either this or that to notice or care?
  2510. > Kaiser IS just a creature from the forest after all. maybe he drags a killed cockatrice to her doorstep, like how cats bring home dead birds and chipmunks to their owners as an offering?
  2511. > of course, there's plenty of opportunities for them to take the B-Plot of an episode, and let Golly's schemes take the backburner in the audience's minds in order to slowly build up tension.
  2512. > but as far as major footnotes go, it's mostly just them competing with other students for that executive helper role. I'd imagine it being very difficult with the student six also vigorously vying for various vacant vocations.
  2513. > I'd imagine a good number of them outperformed our dynamic duo, such as Silverstream or Ocellus. but that's no matter. a little bit of trickery does the heart good; from making their duties difficult and convincing them that the position isn't worth the trouble, to undermining their efforts to make them appear as a poor helper, that'll be all it takes for resignations or demotions. those positions are as good as ours.
  2514. > of course, Golly has to sugar coat these actions to Kaiser, convince that naive little gummy bear that this is for the best, and so is keeping the secret.
  2515. > "you know we can do a better job as helpers than she can! these teachers deserve the very best, and that's the both of us! besides, she's a sharp student. she won't need those benefits as much as WE need them, right? golly, I sure know that I'll need them!"
  2516. > "I'm sorry, I know it looks wrong. but I did this to give YOU those benefits! you need them more!"
  2517. > "tell? but if you tell, then they won't want to be your friend anymore! they wouldn't understand that our intentions were pure! it's best to keep this under the rug, as to not hurt anybody, much less you. I don't want to see you hurt, best friend!"
  2518. > and Kaiser being the gullible, impressionable child he is, he follows her "advice."
  2519. > it's only a matter of time until all of the executive helper positions are theirs.
  2520. > oh lookie! all of the executive helper positions are theirs! all six (including Starlight), leaving only twilight without a helper.
  2521. but there's just one problem
  2522. what could it be?
  2523. You'll have to tune in to the NEXT EPISODE OF DBZ
  2524. >>
  2525. Anonymous 03/28/24(Thu)08:58:31 No.40944690▶
  2526. >>40944173
  2527. Competition time?
  2528. >>
  2529. Anonymous 03/28/24(Thu)12:30:12 No.40945159▶
  2530. >>40944173
  2531. You could make an entire season out of this.
  2532. >>
  2533. Narcolepsy Anon 03/28/24(Thu)14:59:15 No.40945427▶
  2534. >>40945893
  2535. gimme a minute, boys....
  2536. >>
  2537. Anonymous 03/28/24(Thu)17:36:08 No.40945893▶
  2538. >>40945427
  2539. A minute has passed.
  2540. >>
  2541. Narcolepsy Anon 03/28/24(Thu)18:44:37 No.40946120▶
  2542. >>40946329 >>40947096
  2543. >>40944173
  2546. BUT WHO....?
  2547. > So, Cozy Glow is now the executive helper for the mane six, plus Starlight, minus Twilight. Kaiser is there too, because they're inseparable.
  2548. > however, when they get to listen in on meetings, there's one problem....
  2549. > Cozy don't have as much sway over the school's decisions as she had hoped.
  2550. > half of this is because this perk was meant to both give promising students a chance to learn about leadership, executive management skills, and decision making for larger organizations, AND let the students believe they had some say in how things are run. their power isn't as great as the teachers because honestly what school would allow students to make all of the big decisions? how long would that circus last, huh?
  2551. > the other half of why there's little to no power to Cozy is because she is currently holding ALL SIX HELPER POSITIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY, and compounding the power intended would leave her with more electoral power than two teachers combined, and that would upset the whole "Oligarchy with Equality" behind the school's processes. so Twilight made a little fix to make sure that helpers with more than one position would have diminishing returns on benefits granted.
  2552. > Cozy Glow?
  2553. > diagnosis: UNYIELDING RAGE.
  2554. > but for now, she just shuts up and sits through the meeting until she can plan properly.
  2555. > but the meeting includes something interesting.
  2556. > Twilight is very proud of Cozy for landing all of the helper positions, but she never expected students to have more than two, MAYBE three, at any given moment. six is just unprecedented.
  2557. > she wants to let other students have the chance to land executive helper decisions, but knows that Cozy worked hard for it. so she asks her if she has any ideas as to how to best go about this conundrum?
  2558. > (yeah, you can start by giving me the school, and then end with your limp body at the bottom of the ocean.)
  2559. > "oh twilight, but you don't have an executive helper, do you? maybe I could be your helper and leave room for others that way! -I mean, WE. Little ol' Kaiser wants to help you too!"
  2560. > now, twilight doesn't have a helper because she's always found it difficult to ask for help for one reason or another. and being an all-powerful Alicorn princess with enough magic under the hood to level a city gives her the perfect excuse to convince herself and most others around her that she doesn't need help, nor does she deserve it, and therefore doesn't want it.
  2561. > but twilight has grown over the many seasons. I'd be remiss to acknowledge that. so once REMINDED, she is eager to take a helper.
  2562. > conditions include more executive power, more school benefits, and for Kaiser, better food and a place to nap by a sunny window in the library, near one of the tables that students use
  2563. > okay, good! not where she wanted to be in terms of power, but at least it wasn't a waste of her time
  2564. WeKeepGoing
  2565. >>
  2566. Anonymous 03/28/24(Thu)19:04:41 No.40946185▶
  2567. >>40946417
  2568. I feel like it's time for the boy to impress. (also Technically there were two of them for six assistant positions. Maybe one and a half but I really want to think that Kaiser is way more advanced than others may see him at the moment.)
  2569. >>
  2570. Anonymous 03/28/24(Thu)19:43:49 No.40946329▶
  2571. >>40946120
  2572. Good
  2573. >>
  2574. Narcolepsy Anon 03/28/24(Thu)20:24:24 No.40946417▶
  2575. >>40946185
  2576. I understand, but be patient.
  2577. if you don't mind me spoiling it,
  2579. my plan is to make the innocent Kaiser finally adopt Golly's worldview of "you only get what you take, and you only keep what you fight for." when that happens, golly will be having "battles" over dominance with Kaiser. both are now willing to throw each other in the dumpster the moment the other is of no use to them. but given how Kaiser will feel like his life and childhood was a lie and that he was never loved, he will be far more ruthless, at the cost of being more hasty and easy to get under his skin emotionally. golly TRULY doesn't care about emotions or whatnot, she never did from the start. so her methods might be superior due to how patient and calculating she is, unable to be roused.
  2581. maybe a player three joins the fray? who could it be?
  2582. >>
  2583. Dr. Newfagious 03/29/24(Fri)00:56:56 No.40947096▶
  2584. >>40947737 >>40955396
  2585. >>40946120
  2586. >>40946120
  2589. > So, Cozy and Kaiser are performing the ancient art of "fucking around," and they're helping Twilight and sometimes Starlight.
  2590. > but the lack of power progression is PALPABLE for our puny pink pegasus pony who is parched for prestige.
  2591. > Kaiser thinks he's living a happy life, but Cozy is quick to inform him that he is not "actually" happy, not yet at least.
  2592. > Kaiser, being the fucking dumbass he is, asks what he's supposed to do.
  2593. > Cozy uses the ancient technique passed down by her ancestors for generations: talking out of her ass and hoping it works
  2594. > tells him that happiness is friendship, and friendship is helping others. ergo, happiness is helping others. and SHE has a plan to help the entire greater Equestria. all she needs to do is control the school of friendship.
  2595. > "how is your control over a school any different from Twilight running it?"
  2596. > she explains how "oh, Twilight is supposed to be a princess! she has an entire nation to run, and the sun and moon to manage! and her friends had lives outside of the school before she coerced her friends into sacrificing every ounce of their free time to teach at a school for the rest of their lives. her friends deserve their old lives back, and Twilight needs to focus on running a nation. so who will run the school? I will, silly! oh, and maybe you can help, too! can I count on you to help your big sister however she needs it? good! thank you for helping me help you help me help us all!"
  2597. > that.... seemed to make sense..... until she discombobulated Kaiser at the end with all of that "helping."
  2598. > that being said, Kaiser is IN. he wants to help however he can.
  2599. how do you think we start? I was hoping to space it out with more progression before we jump right into Tirek's plan.
  2600. >>
  2601. Anonymous 03/29/24(Fri)03:29:17 No.40947348▶
  2602. >>40948308 >>40948341
  2603. This school benefits system just seems so bleak fucking dystopian I love it
  2604. >>
  2605. Anonymous 03/29/24(Fri)08:51:52 No.40947737▶
  2606. >>40948341
  2607. >>40947096
  2608. >Twilight is supposed to be a princess! she has an entire nation to run, and the sun and moon to manage! and her friends had lives outside of the school before she coerced her friends into sacrificing every ounce of their free time to teach at a school for the rest of their lives. her friends deserve their old lives back, and Twilight needs to focus on running a nation. so who will run the school
  2609. Not a bad point.
  2610. >>
  2611. Anonymous 03/29/24(Fri)13:52:30 No.40948308▶
  2612. >>40948341 >>40950261
  2613. >>40947348
  2614. Just like in the show.
  2615. >>
  2616. Narcolepsy Anon 03/29/24(Fri)14:07:34 No.40948341▶
  2617. >>40948817 >>40952702
  2618. >>40947348
  2619. >>40947737
  2620. >>40948308
  2621. so....
  2622. no ideas?
  2623. should I just jump into the Tirek chapter of this story?
  2624. >>
  2625. Narcolepsy Anon 03/29/24(Fri)17:42:16 No.40948817▶
  2626. >>40948914
  2627. >>40948341
  2628. fine then.
  2629. I suppose I'll skip to the part with Tirek's plan.
  2630. >>
  2631. Anonymous 03/29/24(Fri)18:32:50 No.40948914▶
  2632. >>40949392
  2633. >>40948817
  2634. Duh, I'm late. Or maybe not? A "first bell"("ominous sign") episode for Kaiser seems fitting in the near future. Something that is uncanny enough to draw others' attention but at the same time can be written off with just a tiny bit of mental gymnastics.
  2635. Say he unexpectedly takes initiative and greatly contributes to the disruption of Tirek's plan but in a way that some might find... inappropriate. or something else entirely idk just a thought from the top of my head
  2636. >>
  2637. Narcolepsy Anon 03/29/24(Fri)21:38:45 No.40949392▶
  2638. >>40949429 >>40949808
  2639. >>40948914
  2640. I like this.
  2641. I'm definitely going to make it due to Golly's fallible worldview.
  2643. say, do you remember the six relics in that summoning circle in that episode where she drains all of the magic?
  2644. what are those relics? are they of any further importance? do they have any magic or even history behind them?
  2645. >>
  2646. Anonymous 03/29/24(Fri)21:49:13 No.40949429▶
  2647. >>40949808
  2648. >>40949392
  2649. They are cultural relics of the foreign students races, basically.
  2650. >>
  2651. Anonymous 03/29/24(Fri)23:18:17 No.40949808▶
  2652. >>40950230
  2653. >>40949392
  2654. Something that doesn't really get talked about is that, aside from the six artifacts being there to begin with for cultural purposes, the spell Golly uses to get those artifacts to drain all the magic in Equestria was actually taught in Twilight's class. Both Ocellus and Gallus recognize and name the spell, saying they were studying for their midterm.
  2656. One quick idea I want to give you if its not too late, is that in the episode "What Lies Beneath" the Student Six are tested by the Tree of Harmony, and the episode ends with Golly looking at the cave the students were in with interest. It'd be really interesting if the Tree of Harmony ended up giving Kaiser and/or Golly tests of their own...
  2658. Also yeah what >>40949429 said the artifacts have some sort of history behind them, the griffon artifact is literally just the crown of a previous king.
  2659. >>
  2660. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)00:27:40 No.40950006▶
  2661. >>40950268
  2662. File: 250926.jpg (229 KB, 1340x834)
  2664. >>40916202
  2665. >I don't know where else interesting to take it
  2666. Kinda late, but here's an idea.
  2668. >Twilight is completely devastated after the incident with Tena and Celestia.
  2669. >Life moves on of couse, she cheers up somewhat and even endes up becoming an alicorn, but even years later that day just wouldn't leave her mind.
  2670. >She would constantly think about how things could have been different.
  2671. >If only she had been stronger.
  2672. >If only she wasn't so blindly loyal to Celestia.
  2673. >If only she hadn't treated her son so poorly...
  2674. >And during her moments of reminiscing, one thing would always haunt Twilight. Her mentor's words.
  2675. >What did she mean by "reset"? Why did she talk and act as if she had already seen so much of this before?
  2676. >Twilight would ponder on those words as the years came and went by. And eventually, she'd have had enough, and would decide to investigate.
  2677. >Every nook and cranny of Equestria searched, all in order to figure out what the hell her teacher was talking about.
  2678. >Eventually all of her friends died of natural causes, leaving Twilight with ample time to dedicate to her search.
  2679. >She would get her answers. After studying dream and mind magic under Luna for years, she'd use it to access Daybreaker's mind, still in the Sun.
  2680. >Normally, Celestia's mind would just be too durable to be entered, even by her sister, but a combination of the highly emotional transformation that is Daybreaker and being in a pseudo-coma due to her banishment would allow for such a feat to be possible.
  2681. >In there, Twilight came to learn of the resets. How many there were, what they were like... how they functioned.
  2682. >In front of that forgotten castle, Twilight decides on what she wants... no, HAS to do.
  2683. >And so, like teacher like student, Twilight performs the ritual in the Castle of Two Sisters and resets reality.
  2684. And now I'm the one who's not sure where to follow this with. We simply don't know enough about the mechanisms of Celestia's resets for me to confidently write anything. Like, how does Celestia retain her memories once she resets? That sort of thing that, depending on the answer, could make Twilight's plan completely pointless
  2685. >>
  2686. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)02:55:37 No.40950230▶
  2687. >>40950242 >>40952351
  2688. >>40949808
  2689. OH GOODIE!
  2690. I just saw that episode, as per your recommendation, and there's lots of great room for character building here.
  2691. the tree seems to be able read your person and thoughts, and warp reality or at least one's perception of it in order to challenge the trial-goers.
  2692. I wonder if the tree will read Kaiser as the mentality he is now, or Wollævir as the body he was before? lots of juicy ideas here.
  2694. I'd really ought to watch seasons 8 &' 9 some time. I guess I never gave them a fair shake.
  2695. >>
  2696. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)03:01:31 No.40950239▶
  2697. >>40950287
  2698. File: 1694246097359214.png (104 KB, 300x288)
  2700. >>40872876 (OP)
  2701. What if you were adopted by Berry Punch?
  2702. >>
  2703. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)03:02:54 No.40950242▶
  2704. >>40950285
  2705. >>40950230
  2706. I thought you watched Cozy’s episodes to figure them out for research and desu you didn’t miss out on much. Golly was the best part of both seasons and even I didn’t fully appreciate her untill she had Tirek and Chrysalis to bounce off of. Which season was the one about how applejacks dead parents got together again? That episode was the best the show had been in years.
  2707. >>
  2708. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)03:26:12 No.40950261▶
  2709. >>40950285
  2710. >>40948308
  2711. It started out so innocent. So carefree. Now I just hate the concept of destiny. Yay.
  2712. >>
  2713. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)03:31:36 No.40950268▶
  2714. >>40950280 >>40950652 >>40954504
  2715. >>40950006
  2716. GOODIE GOODIE GOODIE, I should outsource more often.
  2718. to answer your questions about resets, here's what I have to say:
  2721. > Celestia, in the timeline FAR before our little boy showed up and split them, was just as immortal.
  2722. > there was only one timeline, and she was on it.
  2723. > similar things happen. Nightmare Moon, banished to the moon, and she needed to find some way of saving her sister.
  2724. > initially, she tries to groom a team in Canterlot that includes Moondancer, Lyra, and some other peeps.
  2725. > this glorious team of six super-capable ponies proceeds to get their TEETH ABSOLUTELY KICKED IN BY NIGHTMARE MOON.
  2726. > Celestia, unable to banish her a second time, has no choice but to kill her.
  2727. > this is tally number one.
  2728. > Celestia, now experiencing a phenomenon called "going thru a lot RN," neglects her duties as princess, so the people are dissatisfied with her rule and hate her.
  2729. > whether she relents now or tries to reign in her power, it's tally number two.
  2730. > conquering villains seize various parts of greater Equis. with no Cadenza or at least an experienced one with a husband to love, the crystal empire only reappears for about two weeks until Sombra just takes it.
  2731. > Chrysalis is eating up surrounding nations like a fat kid at a golden corral. nations like gryphonstone and such fall to hoards of spies secretly body-snatching foo's
  2732. > the Dragon Lord is preparing to war with any nation that crosses its borders
  2733. > Tirek essentially killed half of the population of the planet before Celestia absorbed the magic of living creatures to destroy him. the damage is irreversible, lives lost, and magic very low.
  2734. > discord was killed early, because Celestia new a bad pattern when she saw one.
  2735. > and storm king is on his way to take EVERYTHING.
  2736. > Yeah. that's gonna be tally #3
  2737. > Celestia sees a rotten world that doesn't deserve to continue. with the knowledge of starswirl from the past and the brightest magical minds of the present, she wants to find a way to travel back in time AND change it to fix the world.
  2738. > but they're on a time crunch, given the whole world is about to go to hell with war
  2739. > eventually, they find a band-aid solution.
  2740. > the only way to be able to change the timeline is if there was no future that relied upon the past for continuity. so, just erase everything and start over. they found that resetting in a certain way means that deterministic actions will result if not interfered with.
  2741. > well, it's not massacring an entire timeline if they're all just going to come back anyways, right?
  2742. > Celestia performs this ritual to reset the timeline. the old one is erased, and a new one is started with a seed identical to the former one. the only difference is that Celestia remains with all of her knowledge and immortality.
  2743. > every time something goes wrong and it all goes to shit, the only way to undo it is to start ALL over.
  2744. > reset after reset after reset.
  2745. > the only problem is that she can't reset if the boy is in the timeline. he's an anomaly
  2746. >>
  2747. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)03:38:32 No.40950280▶
  2748. >>40950268
  2749. so yeah. Celestia has seen everything. she never predicted anything, she's just seen it before, probably a million times over too.
  2750. it gets so tiring. with this kind of power, and erasing so many worlds, she becomes disillusioned with the lives she's trying to better. it's no longer a world that needs saving. it's now devolved into an assignment. it's just what she's supposed to do, right? keep on going until everything is juuuuuuust right. Luna gets saved, wars are averted, etc.
  2752. but our boy collides with the timeline at some point, making it branch off radically. Celestia doesn't even know it. all she knows is that she can't reset the timeline anymore for some reason, and that's only if she decides to reset the timeline while he's alive.
  2753. (if he's dead, Sunbutt can reset.)
  2754. >>
  2755. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)03:43:42 No.40950285▶
  2756. >>40950292
  2757. >>40950242
  2758. I watched the ones y'all sent to me.
  2759. I'll watch the whole seasons now.
  2760. >>40950261
  2761. the concept of destiny is was and always will be a bleak and otherwise horrifying idea. the closest thing we have IRL is the concept of hard determinism.
  2762. even hard determinism has its edges over destiny. determinism is essentially just a string of dominoes falling. nobody is controlling you with intent, it's just things are gonna happen because that's how the formulas count them up to be. enjoy the ride.
  2763. but FATE and DESTINY are just awful to me. somebody else or some higher will has decided against what you would have done and instead decided that you live in THEIR world by THEIR rules. you're a pawn, only meant to sing and dance for their own story. what does this higher power get out of this? is it like a movie to them?
  2764. >>
  2765. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)03:45:54 No.40950287▶
  2766. >>40950239
  2767. I'm currently up to my neck with Cozy Glow. But I'll try to get to Berry Punch.
  2768. all I need is a good idea for a name....
  2770. I don't drink alcohol, so I don't know any good alcohol names. the only alcohol I know is Piña Colada
  2771. >>
  2772. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)03:50:42 No.40950292▶
  2773. >>40950336
  2774. >>40950285
  2775. I mean, I just assumed wether only episodes we sent you were Golly’s. Tbh the main show otherwise got so bad that unironically Equestria Girls was better in comparison. Sunset Shimmer timeline when?
  2776. >>
  2777. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)04:42:51 No.40950336▶
  2778. >>40950358
  2779. >>40950292
  2780. goodness me, I feel so popular?!
  2782. today is a weekend, so I'll be able to get a lot of writing done.
  2783. I can't wait to share with you all!
  2785. as for sunset, that depends;
  2786. you mean to keep sunset in Equestria? I was under the impression that half of the appeal of these stories was human in Equestria, so I have one that works with that as a base. but if you want Canterlot high school, then I'll have to start writing. which was it?
  2787. >>
  2788. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)05:03:47 No.40950358▶
  2789. >>40950336
  2790. My original thought was that a human in no hooves land would be kinda funny but sunset before she left Equestria might have more charm desu.
  2791. >>
  2792. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)09:04:51 No.40950652▶
  2793. >>40952040
  2794. >>40950268
  2795. Interesting. A few questions if you're willing:
  2796. >Does the timeline reset take reality back to the very beginning (Big Bang or it's equivalent) or just to a specific point in it?
  2797. >Is Celestia limited to only affecting things that happened after her birth?
  2798. >Do her memories come to her when she's still a baby?
  2799. >If someone else were to reset the timeline instead of Celestia, would she remember the timeline in which that preceeded that reset?
  2800. >>
  2801. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)13:46:21 No.40951326▶
  2802. bump
  2803. >>
  2804. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)18:14:56 No.40952040▶
  2805. >>40950652
  2806. • the timeline resets as far as you can think of, so to be generous I would say to the beginning of whatever planet the ponies live on. Equis? it feels weird referring to planets. but what she can change remains very limited until she is born, due to body shenanigans that I haven't ironed out.
  2807. • Celestia can alter ANYTHING, it's just there's not much to change until later on. after all, changes further in the past have stronger ramifications, so it's just more practical this way. not saying she hasn't, however. the Storm King's invasion has been stalled six ways from Sunday thanks to her chicanery.
  2808. • yes. from the moment she's born, her body inherits every memory she had before.
  2809. • I.... don't know.... that would make things very interesting. it would be an interesting mechanic to make it that she doesn't remember her last timeline because she was defeated, but slowly getting the sense of Deja-Voux. trying to figure out why Twilight is suddenly acting so radically different than she knows her to be.
  2810. >>
  2811. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)20:17:14 No.40952351▶
  2812. >>40952481
  2813. >>40950230
  2814. Oh yeah something I forgot about but want to point out now is that the Tree of Harmony itself can do a lot as an autonomous independent spirit. Kinda nuts. I wonder if it approves of Celestia’s resetting shenanigans, since it’s all seeing Cuite Map was dragged alongside Twilight and Spike when Starlight used it to go back in time….
  2815. >>
  2816. Narcolepsy Anon 03/30/24(Sat)21:07:37 No.40952481▶
  2817. >>40952351
  2818. usually the timeline doesn't get that far without being reset. I would be surprised if it hadn't ever gotten that far.
  2819. but remember, the map travels to the SAME TIME in a different timeline, as far as I was told. so if you travel back when the map wasn't made yet, then the map isn't there. it won't be there in that timeline until when it showed up in the standard timeline.
  2821. TIME TRAVEL!
  2823. >>
  2824. Anonymous 03/30/24(Sat)22:30:46 No.40952702▶
  2825. >>40948341
  2826. I wouldn't mind some cute moments. What about some sort of field trip?
  2827. >>
  2828. Narcolepsy Anon 03/31/24(Sun)00:28:14 No.40952994▶
  2829. >>40953455
  2831. >>
  2832. Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)07:01:14 No.40953455▶
  2833. >>40952994
  2834. find it
  2835. >>
  2836. Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)07:06:12 No.40953462▶
  2837. >>40953842 >>40954731 >>40959061
  2838. File: 1696153948256035.png (62 KB, 290x290)
  2840. what if you adopted numget
  2841. >>
  2842. Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)11:36:59 No.40953842▶
  2843. >>40953462
  2844. How old is numget? Is she a child to be adopted?
  2845. >>
  2846. Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)15:47:36 No.40954376▶
  2847. >10
  2848. >>
  2849. Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)16:41:00 No.40954504▶
  2850. >>40954539
  2851. >>40950268
  2852. She's fucked either way.
  2853. >>
  2854. Narcolepsy Anon 03/31/24(Sun)16:52:02 No.40954539▶
  2855. >>40954504
  2856. she'd end up doing the same thing that Celestia did
  2858. anyways, I'm gonna write the post again, since I'm back home.
  2859. >>
  2860. Anonymous 03/31/24(Sun)17:56:16 No.40954731▶
  2861. >>40953462
  2862. This.
  2863. >>
  2864. Narcolepsy Anon 03/31/24(Sun)22:32:37 No.40955396▶
  2865. >>40955413
  2866. >>40947096
  2867. when we last left off, Kaiser agreed to help Cozy Glow conquer- I MEAN "help" the school of friendship.
  2868. by conquering it.
  2869. > so, Twilight hosts classes occasionally, not as often. and in this particular moment, she's teaching about Tirek. absorbs magic, had a great plan that almost ruined all of Equestria, whole shebang.
  2870. > oh, and he got banished to Tartarus.
  2871. > Cozy is there and is very interested. might be a useful tool, given his excellent plan. if anybody knows how to conquer, it's him, because the storm king is VERY dead right now.
  2872. > (but I don't think there's enough magic in all of Equestria to teleport us into the perfectly sealed Tartarus, let alone teleporting us AND a giant centaur out.)
  2873. > (we probably have hardly enough magic to send a paper there!)
  2874. > (a paper....)
  2875. > maybe we don't need to teleport anybody at all....
  2876. >>
  2877. Narcolepsy Anon 03/31/24(Sun)22:42:55 No.40955413▶
  2878. >>40956418 >>40957766
  2879. >>40955396
  2880. now, the perk of being included in meetings will pay off, with Cozy-Glow's elaborate scheme.
  2881. > at the meeting, Cozy and Kaiser stand as Twilight and Starlight's executive helpers. there are other students representing the other five helpers.
  2882. > the Mane Seven talk about "Stuff n' Things" (TM) but Cozy has news for them, and especially for Twilight.
  2883. > her school is getting BORING. Twilight doesn't understand that because she's the only dweeb West of the Mississippi that actually LIKES studying. but real students just aren't like that.
  2884. > students need motivation. they need to enjoy what they're doing in order to put in their best effort.
  2885. > you want your students to be the best they can be, right Twilight?
  2886. > the Mane six agree that their lesson plans are quite bare-bone, and then even the students agree that they would be totally down for something to spice it up.
  2887. > Twilight immediately turns to Cozy for suggestions, since she's the one who brought it up.
  2888. > all cozy has to do now is point out the obvious:
  2889. > additionally, these new creatures are interacting with each other casually en-masse for the first time EVER. a lot of tension can build from that, and racial tension isn't something we can afford at a school of friendship.
  2890. > so, we tackle both of these problems simultaneously by taking all of the students on a FIELD TRIP to the other kingdoms to learn about the peoples and cultures of these new, exotic races, and we can even bring back relics of their culture that represent them in order to show how every race is important here, not just ponies.
  2891. there's just one problem with taking everybody on massive globe-spanning field trips....
  2892. >>
  2893. Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)02:03:18 No.40956083▶
  2894. >>40956910
  2895. Bump
  2896. >>
  2897. Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)03:39:25 No.40956418▶
  2898. >>40956450
  2899. >>40955413
  2900. Smart idea. I bet Kaiser will have a lot of fun with that.
  2901. >>
  2902. Narcolepsy Anon 04/01/24(Mon)03:56:25 No.40956450▶
  2903. >>40957698
  2904. >>40956418
  2905. there's a lot of episodes that can be made with globe-trotting field trips.
  2907. the first thing that comes to mind is something kinda like magic schoolbus, but instead of biology and science of the real world, it's just history culture and worldbuilding of a fictional society in a fantastical world of magic and monsters and two Lovecraftian nightmares bound to ruin everything.
  2908. >>
  2909. Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)08:28:13 No.40956910▶
  2910. >>40957766
  2911. >>40956083
  2912. >>
  2913. Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)13:10:49 No.40957698▶
  2914. >>40956450
  2915. Kaiser would be impressed for sure.
  2916. >>
  2917. Narcolepsy Anon 04/01/24(Mon)13:33:35 No.40957766▶
  2918. >>40958400 >>40958457 >>40958486 >>40967665
  2919. >>40956910
  2920. I'll have you know, you bumpers are the backbone of this entire goddamn thread. each of you is an individual vertebrae that keeps my stories running and makes me very happy. I'll try not to let you down.
  2921. >>40955413
  2922. WE KEEP GOING!
  2925. > there's only one problem with a globe-trotting field trip, and the responsible teachers like Appulz and Flittershoosh are quick to voice their concerns:
  2926. > most creatures are already moved very far away to be in the school, but taking them even further? to what's questionably the opposite side of the map to where their home is? good goddesses above, what would happen should one of their students get separated and lost in a foreign land on the opposite side of the map to where they live? no shape-form-or-fashion, we simply CAN'T afford to take such a risk, no matter HOW well-behaved our students are.
  2927. > the hassle of just getting permission to do this grand excursion would be dicey enough, let alone the worry that would be in the hearts of the parents.
  2928. > "I'm really sorry; it's a novel idea, Cozy Glow, it really is- and I'd love to see it happen. but as it stands right now, we can't make it happen."
  2929. > but then, it's Cozy Glow's final gambit:
  2930. > "but what if there were some way that all students could stay in-touch with each other from any distance? send letters in seconds, just like Spike can do?"
  2931. > there's pause. spike DOES do that, the letters only take a handful of seconds to deliver. the concept is there.
  2932. > "but spike had training to do that with a select handful of ponies. and even if we had enough unicorns for each group in order to keep messaging sent, there's no spell powerful enough to send messages to an individual that you don't know where they are, and the spell's effectiveness would compound in difficulty with the distance the message has to travel. it's just not possible." so says Spwilight Twarkle.
  2933. > but Stimmy Glimmy, who was self-taught with magic, is far less skeptical of this possibility.
  2934. > sure, no spells can accomplish this reliably, but there's all sorts of different magical forms, such as Relics, or Rituals. she would need to develop it from scratch, and employ the help of the most brilliant magical minds across generations in order to accomplish it, but if she did, this could solve FAR more than just a simple field trip. this could keep friends connected from across the world if pulled off!
  2935. so essentially magical email. or in this case, a magical fax machine, I guess. because season 8 wasn't america-coded enough. oh well, at least it makes for something fun to write.
  2936. >>
  2937. Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)16:17:03 No.40958400▶
  2938. >>40957766
  2939. nice
  2940. >>
  2941. Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)16:32:34 No.40958457▶
  2942. >>40958523 >>40958540
  2943. >>40957766
  2944. >responsible teachers
  2945. >Appulz
  2946. There was an entire episode that showed how irresponsible she was as a teacher.
  2947. > "but spike had training to do that with a select handful of ponies.
  2948. Magic journal that Shimmer had? But while pretending EQG isn't canon?
  2949. >>
  2950. Anonymous 04/01/24(Mon)16:43:16 No.40958486▶
  2951. >>40958540
  2952. >>40957766
  2953. That's one overengineered school trip.
  2954. >>
  2955. Narcolepsy Anon 04/01/24(Mon)16:52:23 No.40958523▶
  2956. >>40958457
  2957. the journal was a Relic. it is not a cast magic, nor is it readily available. but the concept would be similar.
  2959. as for EQG being canon or not, it's LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE for my stories to take place with them being canon. all it takes is either Celestia or Twilight to recognize this creature as vaguely humanoid just like the creatures from the other side of the mirror portal, and then they just send him there. every time. it's literally the most logical course of action. therefore, I had no choice but to remove it entirely.
  2960. besides, magic in EQG is few and far between, whereas in my stories, magic tends to be a very important power-equalizer. without magic, our boy need only find ONE memory fragment before his power advantage snowballs out of control. and if we remove the memory fragments, then we remove everything interesting about our boy, and he just becomes another run-of-the-mill human in barbieland. nothing that makes him integral to the story at all, which would seem to laugh at the whole appeal of ANY of the Wollævir variants, or just HiE in general.
  2962. tldr; Equestria Girls displeases me, so I removed it! SHIA-KAZING!
  2963. >>
  2964. Narcolepsy Anon 04/01/24(Mon)16:56:51 No.40958540▶
  2965. >>40960926
  2966. >>40958457
  2967. okay, maybe I haven't gotten to that episode yet. but she surely cares about the well-being of her students, and is smart enough to recognize the hazards of this field trip, right?
  2968. >>40958486
  2969. it has to be. this is the first time so many creatures of various nations have gone together. if anything were to happen to these students, it would mean war.
  2970. >>
  2971. Narcolepsy Anon 04/01/24(Mon)19:10:01 No.40959061▶
  2972. >>40960047
  2973. >>40953462
  2974. what the fuck is that thing
  2975. it now haunts all 7 of my daily nightmares
  2976. >>
  2977. Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)00:52:05 No.40960047▶
  2978. >>40960512 >>40966243
  2979. >>40959061
  2980. It’s just Lyra anon
  2981. Look at her
  2982. She loves you
  2983. >>
  2984. Narcolepsy Anon 04/02/24(Tue)03:25:28 No.40960512▶
  2985. >>40962641
  2986. >>40960047
  2987. but he said numget
  2988. what in the pisscum is a "Numget" ??
  2989. >>
  2990. Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)07:36:11 No.40960926▶
  2991. >>40958540
  2992. She's more preoccupied with competing with Dash then to properly teach the students.
  2993. >>
  2994. Narcolepsy Anon 04/02/24(Tue)08:10:10 No.40960993▶
  2995. >>40961312
  2996. I'm thinking of including murder. it would be treated appropriately, and it would be a very useful moment for negative character development. do y'all think that this is an okay thing to put in the story?
  2997. >>
  2998. Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)09:56:09 No.40961312▶
  2999. >>40961398 >>40961411
  3000. >>40960993
  3001. Who’s being murded?
  3002. >>
  3003. Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)10:34:38 No.40961398▶
  3004. >>40961411 >>40961414
  3005. >>40961312
  3006. remember that bully dragon who fucks with spike constantly?
  3007. I was thinking him.
  3008. >>
  3009. Narcolepsy Anon 04/02/24(Tue)10:45:42 No.40961411▶
  3010. >>40961312
  3011. oops, I'm >>40961398 . my tag seems to have reset when I reset my PC.
  3012. >>
  3013. Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)10:47:57 No.40961414▶
  3014. >>40961483
  3015. >>40961398
  3016. Garble? Didn't he get a redemption episode though? Who would do the murdering though? I can't see Cozy being able to pull it off.
  3017. >>
  3018. Narcolepsy Anon 04/02/24(Tue)11:25:18 No.40961483▶
  3019. >>40962280
  3020. >>40961414
  3021. it would be more of a "spur-of-the-moment" thing, where either garble catches them up to something vile and Cozy knows she needs to do something or else it all goes to shit,
  3023. or maybe it was just some accident.
  3024. but the point is, nobody EVER finds out what happened. it's simply "somebody went missing, but it wasn't one of our students, so I guess it's not our jurisdiction." but either Cozy is walking on eggshells to try to keep Kaiser quiet, or Kaiser is grappling with what he either saw or accidentally did, and it might shape his character growth permanently.
  3026. I'm asking if you think death like this is okay with the mood of the stories. this is my little pony, after all. some people don't like murdering equestrians all that much.
  3027. >>
  3028. Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)16:33:04 No.40962280▶
  3029. >>40961483
  3030. I don't know. Could work as an accident, although I can't really see any characters involved as being murderers.
  3031. >>
  3032. Anonymous 04/02/24(Tue)18:10:28 No.40962641▶
  3033. >>40963478
  3034. >>40960512
  3035. Numget
  3036. >>
  3037. Narcolepsy Anon 04/02/24(Tue)22:58:34 No.40963478▶
  3038. >>40964672
  3039. >>40962641
  3040. okay okay, I promise I'll learn about Numget and write her soon.
  3041. but right now, I have an obligation to deliver this Cozy Glow story.
  3043. speaking of which- and also spoiler warning; I've taken the executive decision to include an accidental murder.
  3044. so.... have fun with that.....
  3045. >>
  3046. Anonymous 04/03/24(Wed)06:22:37 No.40964338▶
  3047. Uuuoooohhhh... Night Mares...
  3048. >>
  3049. Anonymous 04/03/24(Wed)10:05:20 No.40964672▶
  3050. >>40963478
  3051. murder is fun
  3052. >>
  3053. Anonymous 04/03/24(Wed)12:39:08 No.40965106▶
  3054. >>40965744
  3055. bump
  3056. >>
  3057. Anonymous 04/03/24(Wed)15:29:52 No.40965744▶
  3058. >>40968706
  3059. >>40965106
  3060. >>
  3061. Anonymous 04/03/24(Wed)17:44:02 No.40966243▶
  3062. >>40967124
  3063. >>40960047
  3064. Prove it.
  3065. >>
  3066. Anonymous 04/03/24(Wed)21:52:04 No.40967124▶
  3067. >>40966243
  3068. she’s right there
  3069. waiting
  3070. to embrace you
  3071. :)
  3072. go into her hooves anon
  3073. >>
  3074. Narcolepsy Anon 04/04/24(Thu)01:43:46 No.40967665▶
  3075. >>40968090 >>40972867 >>40973418
  3076. >>40957766
  3079. > so, the concept for keeping students connected is there. normally it would be somebody's JOB to figure out how to do this, and that's even assuming the entire council agrees upon it. however, BOTH Twilight and Glimmer are SO down to develop this idea that they simply promise to try to develop this magic anyways, field trip or not.
  3080. > at that point, the rest of them fellas at the meeting figure, "I guess?" and say They're down to approve the field trip if the communication method comes out smooth.
  3081. I don't know if I should use relics or Rituals. honestly, it doesn't matter, they're interchangeable, and if you don't like it one way you could EASILY imagine it the other way with minimal story-fanagling. I'm going to pick rituals, since I'd imagine making relics to be more difficult, ESPECIALLY making enough for an entire field trip's worth of students and staff and chaperones.
  3082. > meeting adjourned. Cozy goes home with giddiness in her heart. she knows that if this ritual spell comes out over-engineered like she knows it's going to be, it'll be easy as all hell to send letters to Tartarus.
  3083. > due to developing the Communications Ritual taking some time, there's room for some filler episodes, and maybe some small little bumpers where starlight and Glimmer talk about how magic works. I love that kind of exposition.
  3084. > the most important thing about this filler is that it allows time for Kaiser and Cozy to bond further. the stronger the bond, the more loyal he will be, right?
  3085. > maybe an episode where Kaiser gets into a lot of trouble that he has to now clean up, and Cozy comes to help him clean up. I wonder if she set that up?
  3086. > episodes where Cozy just so happens to have "sprained her wings by doing.... something, idfk," and she becomes reliant on Kaiser's help for a good while.
  3087. > but I had a GREAT idea for a B-plot of a filler episode; Cozy shows Kaiser a couple of Fillies arguing over a toy. while their backs are turned, Cozy steals the toy and hides back with Kaiser. Cozy lets Kaiser watch as the fillies start to work together to find the toy, and end up having more fun searching together than they did with the toy, and the fillies are happy. when the moment is finally passed and Kaiser expects Cozy to give the toy back now that the fillies are good friends again, Cozy instead smashes it into pieces, shocking Kaiser. Cozy tells him that what she did may have SEEMED cruel, but if he looks back at those fillies he will see that the result is kindness and friendship. it wouldn't be right to return the toy and risk having such a wonderful friendship be in jeopardy again, right?
  3088. > this will help to cement the idea of "doing wrong things for right reasons" into Kaiser's head, and it'll allow him to try to rationalize both his and Cozy Glow's actions in the future.
  3089. >>
  3090. Anonymous 04/04/24(Thu)06:23:54 No.40968090▶
  3091. >>40967665
  3092. Golly is a good influence, obviously.
  3093. >>
  3094. Anonymous 04/04/24(Thu)10:50:29 No.40968706▶
  3095. >>40969381
  3096. >>40965744
  3097. >>
  3098. Anonymous 04/04/24(Thu)15:13:13 No.40969381▶
  3099. >>40969686 >>40971315
  3100. >>40968706
  3101. >Cozy instead smashes it into pieces
  3102. She was jealous of them having that toy, wasn't she?
  3103. >>
  3104. Anonymous 04/04/24(Thu)17:03:15 No.40969686▶
  3105. >>40971315
  3106. >>40969381
  3107. She is a filly...
  3108. >>
  3109. Anonymous 04/04/24(Thu)22:07:34 No.40970709▶
  3110. >>40971315 >>40971798
  3111. >>11
  3112. >>
  3113. Narcolepsy Anon 04/05/24(Fri)02:13:46 No.40971315▶
  3114. >>40969381
  3115. I don't think she's concerned with toys.
  3116. she only feels good from her superiority complex, so long as she can reinforce the validity of her idea of superiority
  3117. >>40970709
  3118. I appreciate it. it's very hard for me to get things done when my body just randomly shuts down involuntarily 4-7 times per day for extended periods of time. that being said, I REALLY ought to get a FiMFic acct.
  3119. >>40969686
  3120. she is a threat to society, among other things.
  3121. >>
  3122. Anonymous 04/05/24(Fri)08:03:41 No.40971798▶
  3123. >>40973402
  3124. >>40970709
  3125. >>
  3126. Anonymous 04/05/24(Fri)13:15:44 No.40972396▶
  3127. >>40979457
  3128. mares
  3129. >>
  3130. Anonymous 04/05/24(Fri)16:02:41 No.40972867▶
  3131. >>40977450
  3132. >>40967665
  3133. Golly needs a paddlin'.
  3134. >>
  3135. Anonymous 04/05/24(Fri)19:23:36 No.40973402▶
  3136. >>40975380
  3137. >>40971798
  3138. >>
  3139. Narcolepsy Anon 04/05/24(Fri)19:29:03 No.40973418▶
  3140. >>40973666 >>40975092 >>40980262 >>40981690
  3141. >>40967665
  3143. after those filler episodes, I think it's high time we get to those ritual spells.
  3144. > Twilight and Glimmer have been working constantly to get this spell up and running.
  3145. > eventually, they figure it out.
  3146. > to simplify it, there are symbols drawn in the ground, the letter wished to be sent is placed in the middle of the symbols on any flat-ish piece of stone, and then you chant a phrase once, loud and clear as you sprinkle lots of water around the symbols and on the letter. the letter will sizzle away like acid and be delivered to whomever's name was chanted, so long as you know what they look like.
  3147. > a bit of an ordeal, but I like going into the semantics and nuances. it's fun.
  3148. > anyways, Twiggy n' Glimmy test it and it works like a champ. even if somebody were to botch the ritual, nothing bad happens. "this is perfect for our field trip! our plans are coming together!"
  3149. > eventually, they reach out to the parents from the other nations, asking for permission so long as their students are proven to be able to perform this communication thingy, and they agree.
  3150. > classes teach this communications ritual, and Cozy is quick to master it and test its effectiveness.
  3151. > ("the reach on this spell is perfect! if I can contact the other side of the damn world, then Tartarus will be a non-issue. my plans are all falling into place!")
  3152. > Sure enough, Cozy Glow contacts Tirek through Tartarus. she gives him the low-down, and Tirek makes the rest of Golly's plan for her.
  3153. > apparently, this field trip can be more useful than just getting to fax conquerors in hell; Tirek's plan modifications say that collecting Relics from diverse nations can prove instrumental.
  3154. > this plan requires seven Relics. you already know them, it's the ones from "a matter of principals"
  3155. > Cloak of Clover the Clever
  3156. > Amulet of Aurora
  3157. > Knuckerbacher's Conch Shell Horn
  3158. > Crown of Grover
  3159. > Talisman of Mirage
  3160. > Helm of Ykslur
  3161. > and a seventh one, called a "Memory Fragment."
  3162. > Cozy is vaguely familiar with all of those, save for this "Memory Fragment"
  3163. > Tirek reveals that it's one of the most mysterious types of magical artifacts. they can do many things, but side effects tend to involve memories, be that taking, copying, storing, replacing, altering, etc. no pony knows who made them or for what purpose, but Lucky for Cozy Glow, there's a couple of them hidden in the world, and she only need one, and it doesn't matter which; any memory fragment will do.
  3164. > so the plan is simple; find a way to collect these artifacts without drawing suspicion.
  3165. > maybe we could find some way to convince the other nations to donate a relic to the school for representation or historical purposes? even if it's only temporarily? or maybe we'll have to make decoys?
  3166. > anyways, the field trip is in a couple of days. she needs to prepare for everything. making plans and contingencies, crafting decoy relics just in case, filling-in Kaiser on the plan, etc.
  3167. next post, we go on a field trip BAYBEEEE
  3168. >>
  3169. Anonymous 04/05/24(Fri)20:46:34 No.40973666▶
  3170. >>40973418
  3171. Cozy sure was fast at convincing Tirek Smart filly!
  3172. >>
  3173. Anonymous 04/06/24(Sat)03:47:48 No.40975092▶
  3174. >>40973418
  3175. Neat
  3176. >>
  3177. Anonymous 04/06/24(Sat)06:39:38 No.40975380▶
  3178. >>40976013
  3179. >>40973402
  3180. >>
  3181. Anonymous 04/06/24(Sat)12:24:55 No.40976013▶
  3182. >>40976764
  3183. >>40975380
  3184. >>
  3185. Anonymous 04/06/24(Sat)16:39:07 No.40976764▶
  3186. >>40980024
  3187. >>40976013
  3188. >>
  3189. Anonymous 04/06/24(Sat)20:03:36 No.40977356▶
  3190. >>40977799
  3191. More?
  3192. >>
  3193. Anonymous 04/06/24(Sat)20:44:54 No.40977450▶
  3194. >>40972867
  3195. That she does.
  3196. >>
  3197. Narcolepsy Anon 04/06/24(Sat)23:14:23 No.40977799▶
  3198. >>40978478 >>40978899
  3199. >>40977356
  3200. yes, more.
  3201. I had a rough day at work. I'm very sorry for neglecting y'all.
  3202. >>
  3203. Anonymous 04/07/24(Sun)04:29:19 No.40978478▶
  3204. >>40977799
  3205. Take your time.
  3206. >>
  3207. Anonymous 04/07/24(Sun)10:07:53 No.40978899▶
  3208. >>40977799
  3209. Work is bad.
  3210. >>
  3211. Anonymous 04/07/24(Sun)14:11:17 No.40979457▶
  3212. >>40972396
  3213. yes
  3214. >>
  3215. Anonymous 04/07/24(Sun)17:31:16 No.40980024▶
  3216. >>40976764
  3217. >>
  3218. Anonymous 04/07/24(Sun)19:05:54 No.40980262▶
  3219. >>40981098
  3220. >>40973418
  3221. Will Kaiser be punished for this?
  3222. >>
  3223. Anonymous 04/08/24(Mon)02:01:29 No.40981098▶
  3224. >>40980262
  3225. Probably.
  3226. >>
  3227. Narcolepsy Anon 04/08/24(Mon)02:46:42 No.40981165▶
  3228. i have all six parts of the field trip written. they're fairly short, all except for one....
  3230. which one should I do first? I can rearrange the order of the field trip locations easily, and the edits required are so small and already labeled, so it would take about four minutes.
  3232. which nation and people do we explore first? (and is there anything you're looking forward to seeing?)
  3233. >>
  3234. Narcolepsy Anon 04/08/24(Mon)10:05:10 No.40981690▶
  3235. >>40981951 >>40983678 >>40986917
  3236. >>40973418
  3237. I have decided upon this order, I guess:
  3238. Gryphonstone
  3239. Dragon Lands
  3240. Yakyakistan
  3241. Mount Aris
  3242. (detour through either Cat Kingdom or Diamond Dogs' Domain, haven't decided yet)
  3243. Changeling Hive
  3244. Canterlot or Crystal Empire, doesn't really matter which.
  3245. here we go:
  3246. > the field trip begins! we start at Gryphonstone.
  3247. > by the way, each area would be about 2~3 episodes at least.
  3248. > Gryphonstone is relatively short, I'm assuming 2 episodes. start things off easy.
  3249. > starts by showing gryphon society.
  3250. > it's ALL staged in order to make them look like.... NOT assholes. it's so blatantly obvious, though.
  3251. > Twilight is a naive little bitch, however, and just thinks "Wowie! the Gryphons really turned themselves around!!"
  3252. > gryphon students like Gallus are expected to help everybody else learn about the culture, but all of them seem very eager to rush the group along and get everything over with as fast as possible.
  3253. > Dash, who knows the REAL gryphonstone all too well, as well as Appulz who can smell this lie of a performance from a mile away, take their group to sus out what the hell is going on
  3254. > walking just a little bit past where they were intended to go, and they see the real face of gryphonstone. everybody hates you, nobody talks unless absolutely necessary and when they do they speak with ire in their very breath, they hate each other but they hate outsiders more, there are thieves around and if a thief is caught they are beaten down, it's AWFUL.
  3255. > for a better understanding of how much Gryphons hate everything and everybody and themselves, look up "United Kingdom" or "Br*tish 'people'"
  3256. > apparently, this is even worse than how they're usually acting. something is wrong.
  3257. > go back, tell Twilight, she agrees this might be a great opportunity for a hands-on friendship lesson
  3258. > asking the citizens in the phony gryphonstone, and they won't budge. they refuse to put aside their charade.
  3259. > ask citizens in REAL gryphonstone, and they spit on you and throw rocks and take your money if you're not looking.
  3260. > even the Gryphon students don't know; earlier, they simply saw an opportunity to not have to show everybody how shit their home is and tried to roll with it.
  3261. > Twilight takes her friends and the field trip to the Capitol to figure out what's with all the chicanery.
  3262. I don't know who's in charge of gryphonstone right now. do you?
  3263. >>
  3264. Anonymous 04/08/24(Mon)13:12:16 No.40981951▶
  3265. >>40984570
  3266. >>40981690
  3267. One has to wonder how the griffons survived the windigos.
  3269. >who's in charge
  3270. I dont think that was ever mentioned. I guess Gruff would be the closest we got to an official figure.
  3271. >>
  3272. Anonymous 04/08/24(Mon)13:43:57 No.40982031▶
  3273. >>40982163 >>40982539 >>40982752
  3274. File: 00208-1413092299.png (616 KB, 768x768)
  3276. >>40899158
  3277. >he thinks lesbians are attracted to women and not just attracted to children.
  3278. Lesbians don't like women because they're women. They like women because women are in ever sense juat large children. Ergo lesbians, like all homosexuals, default to pedophilia whenever possible.
  3279. >>
  3280. Narcolepsy Anon 04/08/24(Mon)14:37:26 No.40982163▶
  3281. >>40982031
  3282. what thy phuck
  3283. >>
  3284. Anonymous 04/08/24(Mon)17:03:03 No.40982539▶
  3285. >>40982031
  3286. What is that thing? It looks horrifying.
  3287. >>
  3288. Anonymous 04/08/24(Mon)18:22:39 No.40982752▶
  3289. >>40982031
  3290. Why is she in the bathroom?
  3291. >>
  3292. Anonymous 04/09/24(Tue)02:01:44 No.40983678▶
  3293. >>40981690
  3294. Nice
  3295. >>
  3296. Anonymous 04/09/24(Tue)05:10:11 No.40983939▶
  3297. >>40984143
  3298. bump
  3299. >>
  3300. Anonymous 04/09/24(Tue)07:18:16 No.40984143▶
  3301. >>40986729
  3302. >>40983939
  3303. >>
  3304. Narcolepsy Anon 04/09/24(Tue)10:48:56 No.40984570▶
  3305. >>40984610
  3306. >>40981951
  3307. > we don't know who's in charge
  3308. okay, I guess I'll make one up, then.
  3309. how does "King Gale-Wings II" sound?
  3310. >>
  3311. Narcolepsys Revenge 04/09/24(Tue)11:11:58 No.40984610▶
  3312. >>40985072 >>40985404
  3313. >>40984570
  3314. > Next episode
  3315. > Kaiser exterminates the Bradford pear tree population until they're extinct
  3316. > now there are no more stinky trees in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and spring time no longer sucks ass
  3317. > allergies have been defeated; pollen is no more.
  3318. > I can finally fuck off and die in peace, as I'm no longer sniffling and sneezing my lungs out and I'm no longer itchy as fuck
  3319. > wasp and hornet populations plummet; this results in achieving world peace.
  3320. > cozy Glow is given the key to the city for no reason in particular
  3321. > big Mac got a boner
  3323. I fucking hate the Bradford Pear Tree. invasive species is right; let them invade some shit hole somewhere else, like india. nobody likes India, and it's not like it's gonna smell worse there.
  3325. to the Bradford Pear, I have this to say:
  3326. "why don