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incest relationships piece of the whole pie (lewd) by Frostybox

By Guest
Created: 2020-10-23 19:52:56
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  1. >You look out over the horizon, bumpy land stretches as far back as the eye can see.
  2. >Out on the left, about a mile down you tripped over a small ditch and broke your leg.
  3. >Pinkie was bulleting every joke in her repertoire to try and keep the mood light while Maud helped shoulder you back to the house.
  4. >Right beside you is Holder's Boulder, you graze a hand along the faint chisel marks laid in the stone.
  5. >Maud, Pinkie, Marble and Limestone's are clean cuts, inching higher and higher.
  6. >Yours start out clean, back when you and Maud kept about the same height, but around the time you turned fifteen they get jagged and wide.
  7. >Maud was only able to tiptoe the one at fifteen.
  8. >After that she had Limestone chisel it while riding on Maud's shoulders.
  9. >You brush a hand along the 17th year marking and smile.
  10. >Limestone slipped and hit you in the head while trying to mark your height.
  11. >The scar is mostly covered by your eyebrows, but you can feel it if you try.
  12. >You turn ahead and face the old place.
  13. >Your chest feels heavy with emotion.
  14. >Which ones exactly you can't quite put a finger on.
  15. >Doesn't really matter, you're going to walk up those steps anyway.
  16. >Yup, just gonna walk up to the stairs and up those steps...
  17. >Any second now you're gonna do it.
  18. >You swore to dad that you'd come back.
  19. >Just until he can settle down on a buyer.
  20. >Mom's probably almost done cooking up "dinner".
  21. >Limestone'll give you an earful and then some the moment she sees you, she was really upset when you left.
  22. >Well, if "Hate you forever" counts as upset anyway.
  23. >Marble... the broken look in her eyes still haunts you to this day.
  24. >Pinkie took it well enough, she knew you just wanted to be happy and that you weren't going to find that here.
  25. >Still made your shirt a tear-soaked mess that you had to wear all the way to the train station.
  26. >And Maud, you thought she knew exactly how you felt.
  27. >Everything you put into Archeology she put twice as much into geology.
  28. >But when it came time to move on she planted herself down firm.
  29. >Like a rock.
  30. >A heavy sigh escapes your lips.
  31. >You swing your duffel bag over your shoulder and walk to the stairs up.
  32. >And pause just before the first step.
  33. >This is it Anonymous, you promised dad.
  34. >Just until he can find a buyer though, so it's not going to be forever.
  35. >You begin to lift a foot but hear the a slam coming from up in front of you.
  36. >A heavy force crashes into you.
  37. >Your vision is clouded by pink.
  38. >Cherry giggles tickle your ears.
  39. >And your face is buried in a silky warmth.
  40. >You begin to fall back, but experience kicks in and reflexes honed by years of researching ancient landmarks hold you in place.
  41. >"Wow, you're just like Maud! Or... I guess Maud is like you? Real chicken and egg situation huh bro?" the girl squeezing your head asks.
  42. >You reach out and grip her firmly.
  43. >"Ooh~ Nonners! Getting... cocky aren't you?" she asks with a friendly giggle while burying you deeper into her chest.
  44. >The smell of frosting and warmth that comes from a freshly heated oven surround you.
  45. >With a grunt and a firm push you pop her off of you and she falls down to stand in front of you beaming the same cheerful smile she had all those years ago.
  46. >You smile and rest a and on Pinkie's shoulder, despite how still her looks, you can feel her shaking under your palm.
  47. "Hey sis" you respond.
  48. >That's all it took.
  49. >And you are slammed into once again, this time its your chest that meets a face.
  50. >You gently rub the back of her head until she calms down enough to speak.
  51. >"I-I I saw you from the window..." she begins to explain between the occasional cheerful sob. "You didn't seem nearly as thrilled as I was hoping out there, I was afraid th-that you might leave again..."
  52. "Oh Pinkie, I'm not-"
  53. >"I know, Dad is really relieved that you're here you know, it's all he could talk about this past week, well between that and his back anyway... but, I was still scared so I didn't tell anyone in case you did."
  54. >You hum in acknowledgement.
  55. >"I don't think even a Frownblaster-3000 level party could have made the house less gloomy if you left..."
  56. >Still doing the party thing? That's good, she always made your birthdays, and half and quarter for that matter, birthdays great.
  57. >Pinkie steps back and wipes her bright blue eyes free of tears and slowly spreads a wide smile across her face, "But you didn't! You were coming back for REAL, and I couldn't contain my excitement anymore so I jumped out to greet you privately and-"
  58. >Pinkie stops when you both hear a rather angry throat clearing.
  59. >She turns and you follow her gaze up the stairs to find a very grumpy, and dingy, Limestone glaring at you both.
  60. >No wait... just you.
  61. >"Aaaand alerted the whole family anyway..." Pinkie ends, sounding rather sheepish.
  62. >Limestone stomps her way down the stairs.
  63. >The dirty overalls she's wearing sway with each step, they hang loosely on her lithe body, exposing copious amounts of sun-darkened skin.
  64. >Wait are those your-
  65. >A poke at your chest ends that train of thought and you find yourself looking down at your sister.
  66. >A little too far down, you quickly bring your eyes up to keep them from being exposed to more of her flat chest.
  67. >Putting your view in line with her deep frown.
  68. >"You didn't call, you didn't write, you never visited, you didn't even set up a mystable account!"
  69. >Limestone fires off one after the next, hacking you at the metaphorical knees until you're shorter than she is.
  70. >Her angry growl lessens as she goes on, becoming more shaky and broken up as she continues.
  71. >"-And you didn't... y-you didn't..."
  72. >Her bottom lip won't stop quivering, her eyes are shimmering with tears.
  73. >Her pokes stop and she rests a weary hand on your chest.
  74. >You fight to keep your lip firm and your face neutral despite the brutal lashing you just got and calmly take her hand in yours.
  75. >She lowers her head and rests it against you while you slide her hand around to your back.
  76. >She gets the message and throws the other arm up to embrace you firmly.
  77. >You hug her back, at first retracting your hand when it touches against her dust laden exposed back but quickly adjust and rub her warm back in small circles.
  78. >A creak gets your attention, looking up over Limestone's head you find Maud and Marble at the top looking down on your both.
  79. >You smile at them and neither of them smile back.
  80. >For Maud you kind of expected that, although you do get the feeling that she's happy to see you.
  81. >Or you've been away long enough that you're misinterpreting.
  82. >Marble hides somewhat behind her sister, holding onto her for support.
  83. "Hey girls" you greet softly.
  84. >Limestone jumps and pushes you back roughly, a heavy bush on her face and with a fluster in her voice she responds, "It'll be good to have some help running the farm..."
  85. >You quirk an eyebrow at Limestone, who immediately averts away from your gaze.
  86. "Help running? Are you running the farm Limey?"
  87. >The color on her face deepens, "Basically yeah! Since you ran away!" she snaps back.
  88. >You do get a pang in your chest at that.
  89. >Limestone seems to have noticed as she immediately drops her defenses and lowers her head, "And don't call me Limey..." she mumbles.
  90. >In the short time that you both argued Maud and Marble have managed to make their way to you.
  91. >Maud walks right up to you, her cool demeanor remaining static as always, and leans against you stiffly.
  92. >You have to adjust yourself and her a little before something approaching the word comfortable can be used to describe this hug.
  93. >She hums contentedly(?) and leans back again.
  94. >Her dull eyes look into yours, she blinks once slowly before opening her mouth to speak, "I missed you Anonymous."
  95. >You smile and jostle her hair a little, like you'd always done as kids.
  96. "I missed you too Maud."
  97. >She begins stepping back, not bothering to fix the hair covering her face, also like how it went down as kids.
  98. >Pinkie skips over and begins helping Maud while Marble approaches you timidly.
  99. >You look down at your youngest sister, it almost blows your mind to call her that.
  100. >Young she doesn't really look anymore, not in the way you would have used before.
  101. >She's blossomed fully, into a fine young woman, which is an adjustment you'll have to make mentally.
  102. >However... despite her physical change the way she nervously touches her pointer fingers together still reassures you that she hasn't changed too much.
  103. >You rest a hand on her shoulder, she flinches at your touch but relaxes soon after.
  104. >Her hand touches yours gently, fingers trailing along the lengths of your own digits, until she is confident enough to fully grasp your hand in hers.
  105. >She lowers it and reaches out to it with her other hand.
  106. >Giving it as firm as squeeze as she can muster with both hands, she smiles warmly at you.
  107. >Not wanting to startle her you simply return the smile and give her a squeeze back.
  108. >The two of you remain like this for a time, speaking in that unspoken sibling language that is innate to you all.
  109. >She releases your hand once she's satisfied and takes a small step back.
  110. >"Okie dokie lokie! Now that the Pie kids are all caught up for now, lets get outta this hot sun, there's plenty of time to do that tomorrow morning" Pinkie remarks while fanning herself.
  111. >You grimace internally at that, not an ideal lifestyle for you now that you've had the freedom to choose otherwise.
  112. >Still there is a small sense of... relief? at being hit with all this familiarity and the prospect of getting more of that tomorrow is at least nice in your head.
  113. >Pinkie tries to take your bag, since she was the reason you dropped it in the first place, but finds it too heavy to move very far.
  114. >Limestone grumpily tells her to move over so she can show her "how it's done" but your poor sister just doesn't have the build to back her words.
  115. >Maud steps in and effortlessly, at least from what you can see, lifts your bag and sets it on her shoulder while Pinkie giggles and Limestone pouts along.
  116. >You walk side by side with Marble up the stairs, each creak of the board sounds exactly the same as the last time you heard them.
  117. >You remember it so vividly because you had told yourself it was the last time you'd ever hear them again.
  118. >"Are you nervous?" Marble asks, in a hushed voice.
  119. >You look over at her to confirm that she was actually speaking, her face looking up at you seems like enough of a confirmation to you.
  120. "No Marble, just uh, lots of thoughts in my head..."
  121. >She gently touches your arm, "Oh, well that's understandable... a-and it's okay if you were nervous too Nonny."
  122. >You nod and continue into the kitchen where you can hear activity.
  123. >"I'm putting this in our room Anonymous" Maud informs you as she continues on towards the upstairs.
  124. >You nod before really thinking on her words.
  125. >Our roo-
  126. >"Oh my goodness gracious! Anon... my sweet boy!"
  127. >You are startled by mom's sudden approach, could've sworn you still hear pot stirring sounds.
  128. >She throws her arms around you and squeezes you tightly, grunting from the effort.
  129. >She relents with a gasp and steps back to look you over, "Or should I say sweet man..." her eyes widen and she puts a hand to cover her mouth, "Oh! Listen to me... you know what I meant right?" she asks.
  130. >You can feel your face get hot and Pinkie's giggling behind you doesn't really help.
  131. "Y-yeah mom, I knew what you meant."
  132. >She smiles and reaches a gentle hand up to touch your cheek.
  133. >You try to pull away when she curls her hand and starts to pinch.
  134. >Her grip is still too strong, even at her age, as she holds to you firmly and turns your head side to side.
  135. >"A fine young man you've turned into Anonymous, you look a lot like your grandfather you know."
  136. >As she turns and looks you over, you take a moment to do the same with her.
  137. >Her dress is plain and similar to the ones she used to wear.
  138. >What is exposed still surprisingly looks tight and colorful.
  139. >By nature of her lifestyle mom always did look ages younger than she was, and while you can see the tell-tale signs of aging on her, they take some effort to see.
  140. >Her skin wrinkles just at the edges of her eyes as she smiles up at you and steps forward for an embrace.
  141. >You rest your chin on the top of her head and hold her close.
  142. >Over the dress, her body still feels just as waifish as it always had, out of all your sisters, Limestone took the most after her.
  143. >Again she steps back and now turns towards the kitchen, "Are you hungry Anon? Dinner's almost ready but I think Pinkie's whipped up something you can have until dinner."
  144. "No no I'm okay mom, thanks, uh... where's dad?"
  145. >She clears her throat, "He's in his study" she responds plainly.
  146. >You nod and begin going in that direction.
  147. >Pinkie, Limestone, and Marble look on as you weave between them all and continue on into the back of the house.
  148. >You knock twice on the firm wooden door, inside a gruff voice responds, "Come in".
  149. >You open the door and se your father looking over some documents on his desk.
  150. >He glances up at you then lowers his eyes back down, "Ah Anon, you're here already?" he asks the desk.
  151. "Yeah, dad, I got good transfers all the way out."
  152. >He hums noncommittally, "Good s'good. Greeted your mother?"
  153. >You nod, then realize he's still not looking at you so you respond.
  154. "Yeah, saw everyone already."
  155. >He nods, still not looking up from his papers.
  156. >And you've had just about enough of that.
  157. "Alright dad, I'm here. Just like you asked me to because you said you were getting desperate and-"
  158. >It's at this that he looks up at you, "Shut the door Anonymous."
  159. >You stop and look over your shoulder.
  160. >You walk further into the room and shut it behind you.
  161. >Dad lets out sigh and leans back in his chair.
  162. >You can see him wince a little as he settles himself in.
  163. >You debate about sitting down as well but decide that this is going to be a short conversation regardless of what he thinks.
  164. >"Anonymous, son... first I want to tell you that I'm- I'm glad you came back."
  165. >Well that was unexpected...
  166. >His eyes look you over, and you can see... something just behind his eyes.
  167. >If you didn't know your dad any better you'd think maybe that's... pride?
  168. >"You've turned into a fine young man, so I've heard..."
  169. >You glance away from him.
  170. "Yeah well, time zones are a bitch-" you flinch a little as you suddenly remember his displeasure for swearing, "-a pain to keep track of and I tend to pass through a lot of them often enough that communication is tough to maintain for me."
  171. >He hums in response to your lie.
  172. >You both sit there in silence for long enough that you decide to cave first and just jump to the point.
  173. "So what's the word on a buyer dad?"
  174. >He takes in a deep breath, "Why don't we save the business talk for later son. You just got back and you're mother's probably almost done with the stew."
  175. >Figures...
  176. >He rises out of his chair and adjusts the tie around his neck.
  177. >Dad travels around his desk and towards you, he pauses and rests a firm hand on your shoulder, "Today's the day for celebration, our family is finally whole again."
  178. >You roll your eyes as he passes and opens the door.
  179. >Pinkie, Limestone, Maud, and Marble all tumble forwards and spill out onto the floor in front of dad.
  180. >You jump back and watch their dazed selves struggle to get back up.
  181. >Dad lets out a gruff chuckle, "Seems my girls are already getting a heads start on it too."
  182. >You watch them all filter out of the room and listen for mom's call to dinner.
  183. >You take one last look around dad's study.
  184. >Record highs for the quarry, which you renamed "rock farm" when you were young, adorn the wall.
  185. >Dad's photos of himself and some of his associates are scattered about as well, him and mom in painfully stiff portraits are here and there as well.
  186. >Pinkie's highschool graduation.
  187. >Maud's Rocktorate ceremony.
  188. >Limestone standing proudly with dad and some of those same associates at one of their meetings.
  189. >And Marble sitting uncomfortably next to a statue you assume she carved herself.
  190. >Snapshots of the past that you missed surround you.
  191. >You feel a sense of guilt and remorse pouring over the fires of assurance that once burned brightly in your chest.
  192. >You're still sure you made the right decision for yourself, the rock farm is only a dead weight.
  193. >But...
  194. >If you were so sure of that, why'd you avoid anything to do with this place for so many years?
  195. >A sigh escapes your lips and you hear your name being called again.
  197. >You yawn widely and blink a few times to keep yourself from drifting off right then.
  198. >"Tired Anonymous?" mom asks.
  199. >You nod while fighting back another yawn.
  200. "Yeah, long flight followed by a long train ride."
  201. >Mom rests a hand on your knee and gives you a firm shake, "Well we can continue this tomorrow after you get back from the farm with your father."
  202. >The farm.
  203. >It baffles you that they still call it that even after you left.
  204. >"We've had some changes in the house since you've been away. You'll be sleeping in Limestone's old room. Do you remember where that is?"
  205. "Yeah, closest one to the stairs?"
  206. >Mom nods and rises just as you are too.
  207. >She walks over and gives you another firm squeeze, "It's good to have you back son" she whispers while resting her head against your chest.
  208. >You rub her back for a little while before she breaks the embrace and shoos you along up the stairs.
  209. >Always one for order she is.
  210. >You walk up the stairs one step at a time until you reach the third from the top that you skip out of instinct.
  211. >You pause at the top of the stairs, realizing you had done that and decide to reach a foot down and press down on it.
  212. >It squeaks louder than any of the others, louder than you remember even.
  213. >You smile as memories of secret late night outings flood your mind, outings that required avoidance of that step otherwise mom's bat like hearing would be set off.
  214. >Happily bouncing those memories in your mind you enter into Limestone's old room and shut the door behind you.
  215. >"Hello Anonymous."
  216. >Maud's flat greeting startles you, drawing you out of your thoughts and propels you into a world you weren't ready for.
  217. >Maud stands before you, mid buttoning of her pajama top and wearing nothing else save for a pair of white panties with little smiling rocks patterned all over-
  219. >You eyes shut tight but the image of her staring at you blankly, hands clasped over her chest, having just buttoned up the space that falls in the middle of her breasts.
  220. >The view of her belly, flat and faintly muscular.
  221. >The barest bit of underboob visible through the not fully buttoned top.
  222. "Aw jeez Maud holy hell I am SO SORRY! Mom told me this was my room" you shout while covering your eyes, turning away, and trying your hardest to wipe this image from your mind.
  223. >"It is Anonymous."
  224. "Wha-?"
  225. >Aww jeez, she's slipping her bottoms on, facing AWAY from you!
  226. >You turn your head straight up and dig for more info.
  227. "What do you mean it is?"
  228. >"With you and Pinkie coming back we've had to share rooms again. Marble and Pinkie are sharing, Limestone has your old room, and I offered to share my bedroom with you because we're the closest."
  229. >...Damn.
  230. >You forgot how small this place really was for all of you.
  231. >You let out a sigh and and resign yourself to this being your life for a little while.
  232. >And Maud probably made the right call.
  233. >You love all your sisters, but it was Maud that you got along the best with.
  234. "Alright... sorry again about walking in on you, I'll remember to knock from now on."
  235. >You begin to look down then stop partway.
  236. "Are you done changing?"
  237. >"Yes."
  238. >You look all the way down to find Maud standing before you now sporting her full and buttoned Geology Rocks! patterned pajamas.
  239. >It was an okay show, but you were more of a ECSC kind of guy.
  240. >"Do you like my pajamas?" Maud asks, probably because you've just been staring at her for a bit now.
  241. "Uh, n- yeah, I was just thinking about the show is all. Sorry."
  242. >"We can watch it together if you'd like. I have all the seasons on blu-ray, the special edition ones that have the extended creator commentary."
  243. >Yeah...
  244. "Uh, m-maybe. I'll have to see what all dad plans for me... to..."
  245. >Your eyes were scanning around the room to try and avoid looking directly at Maud and risk giving away your disinterest in marathoning Geology Rocks!
  246. >It's then that you noticed something.
  247. >A pretty big something.
  248. >A pretty big and singular something.
  249. "Hey Maud?" you ask turning to look at her, "There's only one bed."
  250. >Maud blinks once slowly, "Yes" she responds.
  251. >You pinch the bridge of your nose.
  252. "How am I supposed to sleep here if there's only one bed?"
  253. >"The one we ordered for you isn't ready yet."
  254. >So what in the hell are you supposed to do until then?
  255. >There's no sleeping bags or inflatable mattress or anything on the floor.
  256. >Maud however has the answer to your quandary, "This one is big enough for the two of us though."
  257. >Oh yeah, it totally looks plenty big enough, good thing that wasn't your issue.
  258. "Yeah... I'm just going to sleep on the couch downstairs then Ma-"
  259. >"Don't."
  260. >You stop mid-turn.
  261. >Unless you're imagining things, that command sounded a little... commanding?
  262. >"The couch downstairs is too small. You'll wake up with kinks and cramps. Working at the rock farm would be miserable."
  263. >Well it's already going to be miserable, but... she does have a point.
  264. >You were sitting on that thing for hours talking to everyone and your lower back is already kind of aching.
  265. >But the alternative is sharing a bed...
  266. >C'mon 'Non, this IS your sister.
  267. >It's just Maud!
  268. >You all used to sleep together all the time as kids.
  269. >And both and Maud have long since left childhood behind, you can both be adults about this.
  270. >Probably was for the best that Maud offered her room then.
  271. >She's probably the only one you'd agree to do this with.
  272. "You've got a point. How long until the bed gets here?"
  273. >"Maud raises her shoulders and begins walking over to the bed.
  274. >You walk away from it and over to your bag on the far wall, next to the closet.
  275. >Maud is crawling over the top of the bed, you get a flashback to moments before when she was slipping on her pajama bottoms which you promptly try to shut out while rummaging through your bag.
  276. >Too firm.
  277. >Not comfortable enough.
  278. >Jeans...
  279. >Damn, damn, and triple damn it!
  280. >Nothing in here is going to work!
  281. >Not even for a second did you consider you'd be sharing a room with one of your sisters.
  282. >"What are you doing? Do you need help?"
  283. "No I'm good just uh... looking for my pajamas."
  284. >Maud is silent for a moment while you continue searching for SOMETHING to wear to bed.
  285. >Ever since you were fifteen you'd been sleeping in just boxers, sometimes naked if the weather was hot enough.
  286. >You've gotten so used to it that you cannot sleep with clothes on, even during trips to the Arctic.
  287. >"Do you wear pajamas now? I remember seeing you go to the bathroom in the mornings wearing just your underwear."
  288. >You clear your throat and admit defeat at the hands of your own unpreparedness.
  289. "Uh I-I do, but I guess I forgot them..."
  290. >You turn around to face Maud who is looking blankly at you, "Tomorrow, while you and dad are at work, we can go and get you a pair if you'd like?"
  291. >You nod.
  292. "Yeah, that'd be great. Thanks."
  293. >You stand there awkwardly under Maud's calm gaze.
  294. >Seconds feel like they drag on for hours as you try to think of how to address your predicament to Maud.
  295. >"For tonight you should just get comfortable. You look very tired Anonymous."
  296. >You are so shocked that you nearly do a double take.
  297. >Did she just...
  298. >Her face conveys nothing, surprise, but she sounded genuine enough.
  299. >And you ARE totally wiped.
  300. >So if she's giving you the go ahead to strip, you don't really have much of a choice other than to take it.
  301. >You begin to lift your shirt but stop once the hem of it reaches your chin.
  302. >You can feel the warm air on your exposed stomach.
  303. >Either that or you're burning with embarrassment as Maud watches you from her tucked in spot on the bed.
  304. "Uh Maud? Do you mind?"
  305. >She blinks once, her legs shift slightly under the covers, "No, not at all."
  306. >Your eyes roll as you are starting to remember Maud's occasional trouble with boundaries.
  307. "I'm asking if you could turn away please?"
  308. >"Oh" she responds flatly.
  309. >She remains like she is for longer than you think even she is usually capable of moving, but eventually she does roll and faces the wall opposite the door and away from you.
  310. >You quickly slip out of your outerwear and hop into the emptier side of the bed.
  311. >Your leg brushes against hers as you are getting in causing you to quickly retract it while Maud remains unfazed as usual.
  312. "Sorry Maud."
  313. >She doesn't move but you can her her quietly respond, "It's okay."
  314. >This bed is clearly old, the uneven springs remind you of the terrible cots you'd have to use while out on a study.
  315. >You wriggle around trying to get yourself into a comfortable spot while on your side facing away from Maud.
  316. >It takes some doing but you eventually settle in.
  317. >You let out a hearty sigh and close your eyes slowly.
  318. >Behind you, you can hear cloth sliding against more cloth and feel Maud shifting around.
  319. >When she stops moving you hear her call for you, "Anonymous?"
  320. >You yawn and open your eyes despite heavy resistance.
  321. >Your body flops unceremoniously onto your back and you turn your head to look over at Maud who has done the same to look at you.
  322. "Yeah?"
  323. >Her eyes look like deep pools of sea-foam as they look into yours.
  324. >Wordlessly Maud lowers the covers that laid around her neck, exposing her upper half.
  325. >Her hand trails up her body slowly, all the while her eyes are locked to yours.
  326. >She pauses, hovering just above the top most buttons of her pajamas.
  327. >What is she doing?
  328. >Maud slips two fingers into the pocket on her chest that you couldn't see due to the faint candlelight.
  329. >She withdraws a small familiar rock, "I still have Boulder" she says while holding him up for you to see.
  330. >Oh! That's what she-
  331. >Hey Boulder!
  332. >You can't help but smile upon seeing the little rock resting on her palm.
  333. >It's the pet rock you got her after she was devastated to learn that her allergies combined with this house's location left very little options when it came to pets.
  334. >She's had it with her all this time.
  335. >You slip an arm up over the sheets and reach out to touch Boulder.
  336. "Wow... hey buddy, It's been a while huh?" you coo to the rock in Maud's hand.
  337. >She took to it very seriously when you were kids.
  338. >It's a little strange that she does still, but kind of endearing too, so you'll happily play along.
  339. >"Boulder missed you very much."
  340. >You look over to Maud, her eyes are locked on to Boulder now.
  341. >Still, you feel a warmth in your chest.
  342. "Yeah?"
  343. >Maud nods slowly.
  344. "Well I missed Boulder very much too."
  345. >Maud's face doesn't change, she just continues to hold Boulder out for you to pet in comfortable silence.
  346. >She does however grab your hand suddenly, sandwiching Boulder between your palm and hers.
  347. >Her fingers dig into the back of your hand slightly, "Boulder wants to sleep close to you tonight..."
  348. >She looks back up to you, "Is that okay?" she continues flatly.
  349. >You rub the back of Maud's soft hand with your thumb.
  350. "Yeah, that's fine."
  351. >Slowly she releases her grip while turning your palms.
  352. >Her fingers gently graze along your palm sending faint tingles up your arm as she leaves boulder behind.
  353. >Once completely apart, you clasp your hand around the small rock and shift a little to turn over again.
  354. >It takes you a lot less settling in this time, your body is ready to drop any moment now.
  355. "Goodnight Maud."
  356. >You don't hear her shift back around like you did, but you do hear her respond with a quiet, "Goodnight Anonymous."
  357. >Your eyes shut once more and you can feel your body get heavier and heavier.
  358. >...
  359. >Then colder and colder.
  360. >Your eyes creak open, the candle seems to be illuminating brighter than before albeit lower than you last remember seeing it.
  361. >You must have dozed off for a little bit.
  362. >Then why did you-
  363. >And then you hear it.
  364. >A faint tickle on your shoulder and the sound of rustling sheets.
  365. >It's then that you notice how exposed you are.
  366. >You roll onto your back and face towards Maud, her back is turned to you, but you can see the sheets and blanket moving over her body.
  367. >You turn your whole body to face her and peek over her shoulder.
  368. >She's asleep it looks like, and also bunching up the sheets by her face.
  369. >She's taken almost your whole half of the covers.
  370. >You shiver a little now that you're totally exposed.
  371. >There's no way you're going to be getting back to sleep like this.
  372. >You have to get those back.
  373. >Ideally without waking Maud, you remember her not being much of a morning person.
  374. >And with it being this early on the morning...
  375. >You reach out with your free hand and try to angle it so you can grab the bundle she's bunching up near her face but can't quite get it.
  376. >With no other choice, you shimmy closer, close enough that you can feel her body heat radiating onto your skin.
  377. >You have an angle now and reach over her to take the bundle back.
  378. >Your hand hovers over her chest, you can feel her warmth on the palm of your hand.
  379. >Focused on the task at hand, you grab the bundle but she yanks you at that moment and draws you in closer with her sudden strong pull.
  380. >You bump her back with your chest and your hand brushes against her chest.
  381. >She makes a small noise and you just about shit a brick until she settles back down and breathes slowly like before.
  382. >You can smell the familiar blueberry scent of her hair.
  383. >Slowly you start pulling the sheets back again, however you are met with a firm grip on your wrist.
  384. >Maud's fingers are wrapped firmly around you now.
  385. >You try to pull yourself free but she resists your actions and lets out small noises in response.
  386. >Her lips part and you can see them move just barely.
  387. >"...on't..."
  388. >You stop pulling and listen.
  389. >"No... don't leave again..." she mumbles softly.
  390. >The guilt you forced down deep enough to forget about comes back in full force.
  391. >Maud's hand goes limp and drags down the back of your hand until her fingers weave in between the tips of yours.
  392. >You could take the sheets back now.
  393. >And you do.
  394. >Slowly, gently, you pull them away from her and get them back over yourself.
  395. >But you don't move back to where you were.
  396. >Her back is still against your chest.
  397. >Your knees rest against the back of her upper thighs.
  398. >Her legs have curled up and she's resting her feet against your shins.
  399. >In such close proximity, sharing the covers and all, you feel incredibly warm, and much more comfortable now.
  400. >Thought you're fairly certain that's because of how dog tired you are by now.
  401. >But comfy is comfy, you don't think you could move if you wanted to.
  402. >The part that troubles you slightly is that you're not sure if you do want to.
  403. >You don't get very long to think on it as darkness soon clouds your vision and takes you away.
  405. >You can feel the morning sun's warmth on your face.
  406. >It slowly bring you back from the real of the restful.
  407. >Each puff of warmth gives you a feeling of satisfaction.
  408. >Wait... puff?
  409. >And since when has the sun smelled like oats?
  410. >Your eyes open with little protest and when your vision unblurs you find yourself face to face with Maud, her eyes dull but awake.
  411. "Gah!"
  412. >You slide back on the bad and try to cram your heart back down from the middle of your throat.
  413. "Maud!"
  414. >You remove your hand from it's resting place on Maud, god you hope it was like her arm or something.
  415. >Maud, completely unfazed like usual, just blinks once, "It's okay Anonymous, if it were a bother I would have moved when I awoke. You seemed fairly content where you were and I wasn't bothered by our position so I let you continue sleeping."
  416. >You roll onto your back and rub your eyes with one hand, trying to let the adrenaline run out and get your heart back to normal.
  417. >Looking over, you see Maud hasn't moved at all, she's still on her side facing you.
  418. >Well not you exactly, more your lower half.
  419. >Your eyes follow hers and trail down the length of your body before falling upon...
  420. >Wow, that's some hard morning wood there!
  421. >Waking brain knows that's Maud you were face to face with.
  422. >Sleeping brain only recognized an unfamiliar female and how long it's been since you last got off.
  423. >"I think Boulder is fully awake now" Maud notes.
  424. >WHAT?!
  425. >You look down and see your other hand is resting near your crotch, still curled up.
  426. >You uncurl your fingers and reveal Boulder.
  427. >A mixed feeling gratitude and embarrassment overcomes you, Maud's trying to be cool about this.
  428. "Y-yeah... uh, sorry about the rude awakening Boulder."
  429. >You simultaneously cover your erection with a quick tug of sheets and hand Boulder back to Maud.
  430. >Maud takes Boulder and holds it close to her face.
  431. >She gently rubs Boulder against her nose happily, or at least what passes for 'happily' for Maud.
  432. >The sight is touching, but you have more pressing matters at hand.
  433. >Or well... at crotch.
  434. >You turn away from Maud and hurriedly jump out of bed while Maud is occupied with Boulder.
  435. >Keeping your back to Maud to hide your semi from her view, you shimmy over to your bag and throw on the soonest available work clothing you can grab.
  436. >You don't even want to spend time tucking yourself in properly, you just want out of the room ASAP.
  437. >You shut the door behind you and lean against the wall nearby.
  438. >Overwhelmed with emotion, you just need a moment to collect yourself.
  439. >Maud used to draw that out of you.
  440. >You glance down at your slight bulge, not... that... specifically, but feelings in general.
  441. >Like her lack of emotion makes you overcompensate and forces you to the extremes.
  442. >The pressure in your loins gives you the impression that things still haven't changed even with all that time away.
  443. >You take in a deep breath, the scent of blueberry fills your nostrils.
  444. >Her scent is on you, your clothes don't do very much to cover it.
  445. >Despite knowing it's Maud, your body is only latching on to the knowledge that it's feminine.
  446. >You need to get started with your day.
  447. >It'll go down soon enough, just gotta move on and ignore it.
  448. >You stand up straight and travel down the hallway towards the bathroom.
  449. >Thankfully you were sensible enough to grab your toothbrush, there's no way in hell you would have gone back in for it otherwise.
  450. >You cross Pinkie and Maud's old room on your way to brush your teeth.
  451. >The door creaks open and a blur of pink comes flying at you.
  452. >You throw your hands out to stop her but she's too fast and wraps her arms around your torso.
  453. >Pushing her sizable chest against you and pressing your semi against her belly.
  454. >"Good Morning Nonners!" Pinkie cheers while nuzzling your chest.
  455. "Pinkie!" you grunt while pushing her back.
  456. >She holds firm though, insistent on pressing herself as close to you as possible.
  457. >"Nnn, No Nonners! Let my warm pinkness envelop you with my love!" she growls while resisting you.
  458. >You try to break her hold but she squirms around to avoid you.
  459. >Your cock throbs uncomfortably in your pants, the pressure her curvy body is putting on you is driving you crazy.
  460. >She uses your distracted state to get the advantage.
  461. >Her arms snake around your neck and she jumps up on her tip toes while also pulling your head down.
  462. >"Mmmm-" her lips press onto your cheek, catching just a bit of your lip as well, "Mmuah!"
  463. >She pulls your cheek back slightly as she pulls back due to light suction she used.
  464. >Her lips part from your face with a faint pop and she follows it with a cheery giggle.
  465. >She hops back and smiles happily at you.
  466. >You rub your cheek, feeling a slight dampness from where her mouth was planted.
  467. "What... what was that about?"
  468. >She puffs her cheeks out and pokes you in the chest, right where Limestone did, "Why do you think big bro?"
  469. >You can't think of a single response.
  470. >"You've been gone for forever Nonners! That means every birthday, yours and mine, every holiday, special events, and all the 'just because' hugs and kisses I would have given you are sorely overdue. And as my friend Rarity would say, that just will not do" she says with a posh accent.
  471. >You feel torn, one hand that's really sweet.
  472. >On the other... every moment in her life you missed she held on to just to share at a later point.
  473. >And for what? Because you weren't strong enough to-
  474. >Pinkie draws you from your thoughts with a gentle poke on your nose, "Boop!"
  475. >You drop that negative train of thought and find yourself even smiling a little at your younger sister.
  476. >She continues beaming back with her hands clasped in front of her.
  477. >"That was for your nineteenth."
  478. >Her wide grin shifts a little, becomes something more... playful.
  479. >She raises her arms for a proper hug.
  480. >You know it's a trap, but if she's held out this long for you, the least you can do is give her what she wants.
  481. >You play along and lean down, she strikes again and dead weights herself to hold you all hunched over while she mashes her plump lips on your cheek proper.
  482. >This one lasts longer than the first.
  483. >She pops off just the same as before, while you remain there stunned.
  484. >"And that, was for your nineteenth."
  485. >You raise an eyebrow at her.
  486. "I thought the first one was for my nineteenth?"
  487. >She giggles, "It was! That one was your midnight surprise kiss and this one was the kiss I would have given you after pushing your face into the birthday cake as an apology."
  488. >You look at your sister in utter disbelief.
  489. >She really pinned down 'every one' didn't she?
  490. >She looks back with the most "isn't that obvious" look on her face.
  491. >You crack first and break out into a fit of laughter.
  492. >Pinkie joins you right after.
  493. >She reaches out and grabs your arm to steady herself while she tries and fails to calm down.
  494. >"Ohhh..." she sighs while wiping a tear from her eye, her hand rubs your arm once before she retracts it, her eyes scan you over for a moment before she looks back up at you "I love you big bro, and I can't wait to see what you have overdue for me too, I bet you've got big things planned for little Pinkie huh?"
  495. >You open your mouth but only stammers come out.
  496. "Uh y- uh, t-totally! Of course I do Pinkie... and uh, I love you too."
  497. >Satisfied with your response she spins around on her heel and makes her way downstairs while humming a jaunty tune.
  498. >You sigh.
  499. "Just gonna have to make some up first..."
  500. >With that said, you walk into the bathroom and close the door behind you.
  501. >You stare at your reflection in the mirror.
  502. >Your cheek is still slightly red from where she kissed you, but at least that little run in with Pinkie distracted you long enough to get under control again.
  503. >Now to brush those...
  504. "Aww damn it."
  505. >You didn't bring any toothpaste.
  506. >Even now that your boner is gone, you've got no reason to get back to your bag, you know there's none in there.
  507. >Well...
  508. >You scan over the tubes of toothpaste on the counter and grab the nearest one, pop the cap and hold it over your brush.
  509. >With a gentle squeeze a sparkly pink paste starts flowing out and spreading over the top of your brush.
  510. >Sparkly pink?
  511. >You hold the brush to your nose and take a sniff.
  512. >Bubblegum?
  513. >No way!
  514. >You turn the tube over in your hand to confirm it and yup, this is the same brand of toothpaste you used while living here, logo's a little different though.
  515. >You remember it tasting SO good, for toothpaste anyway.
  516. >And the even better reason for using it past the age of like seven, NONE of your sisters liked it.
  517. >Not once did you have to worry about anyone else using the last of your toothpaste and fighting with each other about it before school.
  518. >Wow, they really all went above and beyond for you.
  519. >All this time traveling here, dreading the reception you'd get and they greet you with absolute warmth.
  520. >The bathroom door opens just as you are starting to brush.
  521. >Limestone stands in the doorway with a shocked look on her face.
  522. >"A-Anon?! I'm so sorr-"
  523. >Her eyes narrow and she looks from you to the tube n your hand.
  524. >She points a finger at your hand, "Is that MY toothpaste you're using?!"
  525. >Her face quickly shifts from sock to anger and she begins ranting about how everyone always takes her stuff without asking.
  526. >All the while you brush away and get your teeth squeaky clean.
  527. >"-don't even care do you?! Just because dad asked you to come back doesn't mean you get to just do whatever you want-"
  528. >You focus in on the dangling cuff of her pajamas as she aggressively points at you.
  529. >It's REALLY dangly.
  530. >That's when you look her over in her entirety.
  531. >Just like yesterday when she was wearing those overalls, the pajamas she's wearing look way too big on her slender body.
  532. >The bottoms hang low and are barely holding on with just the faintest bit of hip that she has.
  533. >You can see the band of her underwear on one side due to the way the bottoms hang diagonally on her.
  534. >Her top, despite being buttoned all the way up, exposes a decent amount of her chest.
  535. >You can see her tanline occasionally.
  536. >The pajamas themselves look familiar.
  537. >They're faded but you can just barely make out the characters printed on them.
  538. >If you're right then those look like they might be...
  539. "Are dose-"
  540. >You choke a little on the toothpaste foam and have to cough and spit it out into the sink and rinse.
  541. >After that you turn back around and face a fuming Limestone.
  542. "Sorry, what I was trying to ask is, aren't those my old pajamas?"
  543. >Limestone's eyes widen, she looks down and tugs a the hem of her top, exposing even more of her chest, enough that you can see some definition in her small breasts.
  544. >You force your eyes back up and keep them locked to her face.
  545. >"WHa- no! Th-they're Maud's old pajamas! Why would I wear your dumb old rags?" she spits back.
  546. "Maud didn't like the Elder Cyborg Samurai Crocks, me and Pinkie did."
  547. >Gummy was her favorite, but you were more of a fan of Bitey.
  548. >Limestone crosses her arms and looks away from you, "Well then I got them from her I guess!"
  549. >You step closer.
  550. "You sure Limey? Those look a little too big for Pinkie to have worn them" you respond, tugging playfully at her cuff.
  551. >She rips her arm back, "Well how would you know what she wore until she gave THESE pajamas to me?! You left!" she snaps back.
  552. >Ouch... she may not have much on her, but she knows how to hurt.
  553. >The look on her face is really what kills you though.
  554. >You set your toothbrush down on the sink behind you and walk closer to Limestone.
  555. >She doesn't move out of your way, and she thankfully doesn't push you away when you hug her.
  556. >She does however remain stiff as a board with her arms still crossed.
  557. "You're right Limestone. I'm sorry."
  558. >Limey leans against you slightly.
  559. "They just looked really familiar and honestly I was grasping at straws to get away with using your toothpaste. For what it's worth I didn't know it was yours, I don't remember anyone liking that brand and figured that you all bought it just for me."
  560. >Your younger sister blows air through her nose, "It's fine." she grumbles.
  561. >Slowly her arms slip around your sides and she loosens up a little in your arms, "You can use me- mine, if you really want to... If it's just you I don't really mind."
  562. >You chuckle a little.
  563. "Maybe just for today. I think Maud and Pinkie have me after I get back from work."
  564. >"Wh-what?!"
  565. "I need some pajamas and Maud said she'd go to the store for me while I'm with Dad. I'm sure they can get me some toothpaste of my own."
  566. >"Oh! R-right, toothpaste is what I meant."
  567. >She pushes you back and you let go of your sister.
  568. >Oh Limey, her face is all red from being angry before.
  569. >"You can move now..." she grumbles, eyes locked to the ground.
  570. >You step to the side and pass around her while she approaches the sink.
  571. >The moment you step outside the bathroom door slams shut behind you.
  572. >You turn towards the stairs and take one step.
  573. >"Oof!"
  574. >You stumble back but resist the fall while Marble tumbles backwards and lands on her butt.
  575. >She squeaks when she lands and rubs her elbow which seemed to have take a slam during her fall.
  576. >You are about to offer to help her up but it catches in your throat when you see the way she landed.
  577. >She has on a very large t-shirt and, from the way her legs are spread apart, a pair of purple and pink panties.
  578. >Marble starts to apologize for running into you before her eyes fall on your face, she sees the surprise on it and looks herself over.
  579. >She squeaks and quickly clamps her legs together and tucks them in while simultaneously tugging the hem of her shirt down.
  580. >Her supple rear is still peaking out at you from behind her crossed feet.
  581. >The tugging down of her shirt only accentuates her ample cleavage and exposes it further.
  582. >And the way she hides her blushing face from you is giving you the hardest adorabone- WHOA!
  583. >THAT is your SISTER!
  584. >She may have totally blossomed into this young woman you can barely recognize but it's still little Marble.
  585. >You shake your head clear and lower a hand to help her up.
  586. >She looks at it through the curtain of draped hair on her head and reaches out to you with a timid hand.
  587. >You support her as she pulls and brings herself back to her feet while you apologize profusely.
  588. >Her hands clasp yours firmly and she keeps her eyes low, "I-it's okay Nonny, it's just as much my fault as yours..."
  589. >You try to pull your hand back, with the intent of turning her arm around to look at her elbow but she doesn't let you go.
  590. "Are you okay Marble? Looked like you hit your elbow."
  591. >She turns her arm on her own and inspects the reddening flesh, "Mmhmm" she hums, "It doesn't really hurt."
  592. >She gasps and quickly drops your hand free.
  593. >With that you start walking past her and going down the stairs, but stop and turn around when you remember something you saw yesterday.
  594. "Hey Marble?"
  595. >She jumps a little and turns around, "Yes Nonny?"
  596. "Do you do sculpting now?"
  597. >A cute little smile spreads along her face and she nods, "Yes, I took a pottery class and really liked it, but clay is expensive. Dad can get me any size stone I want for free so I started working with rocks a few years ago."
  598. >She's a damned sculptor now...
  599. "Wow, Marble that's... that's just great! I uh, saw a picture of you with a little sculpture in Dad's study. It looked really good!"
  600. >She brushes the hair out of her eyes and walks over to you with a beaming grin, "You think so? Thank you Nonny I'm so happy to hear you liked it! Though... I don't think it's my best work."
  601. "Really? Well I'd love to see everything of yours sometime."
  602. >Her face begins to flush with color, "Y-you would? S-see everything..?"
  603. >Still as timid as always.
  604. "Of course."
  605. >She clasps her hands together in front of her chest, "O-okay! Well I can show you right now if you want? I-in my room... I'm sharing it with Pinkie but she's probably scarfing down breakfast so if we're quick-"
  606. >Your name is called downstairs, with an added reminder that breakfast is ready.
  607. >You call back and tell them you'll be down in a second.
  608. "I guess later, dad probably wants to get a move on pretty soon."
  609. >"Yeah..." she responds somewhat sadly.
  610. "But I still want to do it, so later for sure, when it's just the two of us."
  611. >Marble gasps.
  612. >Timid as she is, the fewer people involved the better.
  613. >Marble nods, "Just the two of us" she confirms quietly.
  614. >You turn and head down the stairs, your stomach growls the moment the smell of breakfast hits your nose.
  615. >Busy morning, didn't even stop to think about how hungry you are.
  616. >Pinkie waves you over while stuffing food into her mouth.
  617. >Your other sisters filter in shortly after you take your seat.
  618. >They all have a bit of hunger in each of their eyes.
  619. >This breakfast doesn't seem to be doing it for them.
  620. >You stab a piece of bacon with your fork and raise it up to your mouth.
  621. >Shame too.
  622. >A satisfied hum emanates from your throat.
  623. >This is actually pretty good!
  624. >Maybe they're hungry for something else?
  626. >You and dad dust yourselves off as best you can outside.
  627. >Each pat only send tremors of sore pain through your body.
  628. >You grunt as you return upright.
  629. >Dad chuckles, and plants a firm hand on your back eliciting another grunt from you.
  630. >”You’re just working those Pie muscles after a long break away son, It’ll get better as the week goes on.”
  631. “Yeah dad, hopefully not too long right? That Tart guy seemed like a good guy.”
  632. >Dad’s lips form a firm line, his eyes look away from you, “Y-yeah, he seemed an alright sort, but… I think I’d like to look at more offers before I make a decision. It is the Rock Farm after all eh?” he says with a jovial tone at the end.
  633. “The Pie Quarry-“ you correct him, which drops the smile on his face, “-has gotten plenty of offers from what Gneiss tells me.”
  634. >”Bah! Gneiss is good with the books Anonymous, she doesn’t understand the heart of the farm. Not like I do, like you do, like Limey does.”
  635. >You roll your eyes and reach for the door handle.
  636. >Pulling it you meet resistance.
  637. >Looking up you see dad’s hand planted firmly on the door.
  638. >You turn to him, he looks back at you with a proud twinkle in his eye, “Listen, son…” he struggles with what he wants to say next, “I- you looked good out there today. I promise I’ll settle on a buyer I like, soon. And uh… don’t forget to get the dirt behind your ears, I always used to when I was helping my dad.”
  639. >He releases the door and you both walk in to warm greetings from your mom and sisters.
  640. >Limestone in particular seems particularly giddy to see you.
  641. >Or well, that wicked smile on her face is what you’re going to classify as giddy for her.
  642. >”How was the first day on the farm big bro?” Limestone asks, following it with a firm pat on your chest.
  643. >You try to stifle it, but you groan as quietly as possible.
  644. >She snickers, “It’s the farm’s way of getting back at you for leaving her behind you know?”
  645. >You roll your eyes at your oldest sister.
  646. >”But… she’ll be good to you Anon, just keep it up okay?”
  647. >That was… oddly sweet.
  648. >Her hand traces small gentle circles on your chest for a moment, the light pressure actually does feel pretty relieving, before letting go.
  649. >Her hand retracts, covered in rock dust but unsurprisingly she doesn’t seem to mind.
  650. >Your other sisters try to get your attention, but your mom ushers you along up the stairs, “He’s not going anywhere yet girls, but those stains him and your father are leaving might just stay forever if they don’t get along to the tub and wash up.”
  651. >Still, Pinkie at least follows you up to yours and Maud’s room.
  652. >”Had a fun day at the farm Nonners?”
  653. >You groan as you bend down to grab a towel and some clothes for changing into after washing up.
  654. “Yeah, SUPER fun.”
  655. >”Alright! Limestone owes me five buckaroos then” she responds while rubbing her palms together.
  656. >You give her a firm look.
  657. >She stares back, slowly her hands rub less and less until she’s just got them touching, “You were being sarcastic weren’t you?” she asks somberly.
  658. “I was being sarcastic Pinkie” you repeat flatly.
  659. >Her cheeks puff, “Oh man! But you got to use the sifter right?!”
  660. “I got to use the sifter yes.”
  661. >”Then you are clearly l-y-i-n-g. You know what that spells?”
  662. “Annoying sister?”
  663. >She nods once, “That’s right annoying- HEY!”
  664. >The scrunch she makes with her lips at you breaks you.
  665. “Look Pinkie” she stops sticking her tongue out at you and straightens up to listen, “I dunno okay? I’m an archaeologist, I like… caution and quiet. The far- the quarry is almost entirely the opposite. I-I have about the same size team sure, but the work load is orders of magnitude more.”
  666. >“Yeaaaaaah, but those are the best parts! You get to tell the guys to make with the BOOM BOOM CRACKARUMBLE!”
  667. >Her body jiggles slightly as she motions the detonation stage.
  668. >”And then because the team is so small and close you get to roll out with your buddies and use the hugarooni machines and make with the rock piling!”
  669. >She also charaded her way through the truck driving and backing, almost backing into you as she did it, and the shaking that the sifter does.
  670. >You find yourself smiling a little at how much work she’s putting in to trying to save herself from paying five dollars to Limey.
  671. >And… not only that actually.
  672. >Hearing your day be described with such energy and wonderment, even though you know she’s just trying to sell you on this, there is still some part of you that did… value the 180.
  673. >It was more, instinctive, maybe?
  674. >Not being careful, not staying in the same spot for hours working on the same square meter of dirt or ruin.
  675. >You are nudged gently on the side, “So… what do ya say? Wanna hook up with your little sister?”
  676. “WH- uh, what?”
  677. >”I asked if you’d hook your little sister up, when mom asks if you liked today just tell her yes.”
  678. >You are REALLY wiped aren’t you?
  679. “Sure, Pinkie, I’ll hook you- I’ve got your back.”
  680. >Pinkie grins, “Yes! Thanks bro, you’re the best!”
  681. >She begins to go for a hug, pauses and looks you over, then shrugs and dives in anyway, “I’ve gotta wash up before dinner too anyway” she explains.
  682. >You part ways and head to the bathroom with clothes, towel, and cleaning stuff in hand.
  683. >The water takes a little while to get hot, you sit on the edge of the tub dipping a hand in every few seconds to check.
  684. >You hear activity on the other side of the door during your wait, chatter of some kind and footsteps, but nothing that seems to linger long enough that you think you need to worry about it.
  685. >Once the water reaches a good temp, you shimmy out of your filthy clothes, aching during the last leg of the shirt removal part and wincing a little while kicking off your pants and undies.
  686. >You step into the tub and feel the hot water on the soles of your feet.
  687. >It feels really nice, you stare at the tap and consider a bath for probably longer than you should before begrudgingly forcing the water through the shower head.
  688. >The shower head sputters, sending a jet of cold water on you before catching up and sending out the hot.
  689. >You yelp a little from the quick sting of cold but quickly relax as the hot water pours over your worn body.
  690. >A relieved sigh escapes you as you stand there and let it soak in as deep as it can.
  691. >You hear a faint knock at the door.
  692. >Huh?
  693. >”Nonny?” Marble’s voice calls out to you.
  694. “Yeah Marble?”
  695. >”It sounded like you hurt yourself or something?”
  696. >Were you really that loud just-
  697. >Oh right, the walls in the bathroom are really thin.
  698. >Dad had to replace the original walls because they got moldy, the mold resistant ones don’t stop sounds as good.
  699. >”D-do you need help?” she follows after expressing her concern.
  700. >She always was the nicest.
  701. “No Marble, I’m okay. Just startled a little by the temperature of the water.”
  702. >”Oh, It has been a while hasn’t it? And I don’t think you used this bathroom when you were living here right?”
  703. “No, I shared with Pinkie and Maud in the other one.”
  704. >”I can help you with this one if you’re having trouble Nonny.”
  705. “I’m good now Marble, thanks for checking.”
  706. >You resume rinsing and rubbing yourself down in peace.
  707. >Pop the cap to your shampoo and dig it deep into your scalp.
  708. >It kinda hurts to raise your arms up like this, but you deal.
  709. >And now to scrub down with…
  710. >Uh, with your…
  711. >Oh no.
  712. >Aw damn.
  713. >You forgot to bring a washcloth.
  714. >In the tub is a dark blue loofah on a suction cup hook, a bright pink puff ball with a smiley face on it, and a bar of soap that has purple hairs on it.
  715. >This is on a different level than borrowing toothpaste, so using their stuff is a no-go.
  716. >You could probably make do by just rubbing the body wash on you, but you really need to scrub down if you want to get actually clean.
  717. “Marble?” you call out to your sister, hoping she might still be nearby.
  718. >”Anonymous?”
  719. “Maud?”
  720. >”Yes.”
  721. >Well, that works too.
  722. ”Maud can you do me-“
  723. >”Yes”
  724. “-A favor?”
  725. >Wow, emotive she isn’t but she can be quick sometimes.
  726. “I need a washcloth. Can you bring me one? I probably only need it for today. I’ll go pick one up tomorrow before work.”
  727. >”My bar of soap is nearby Anonymous, you can use that on your body if you’d like.”
  728. “I’ve got soap Maud, I just need a washcloth to really get the dirtiness off me.”
  729. >Maud is silent for a bit, you thought she left to get you something but you hear her speak after a moment.
  730. >”I’ll go find something for your dirtiness.”
  731. >You wait for a bit before hearing the bathroom door open.
  732. >You turn away from the curtain and curl up a little to better obscure yourself.
  733. >This morning springs to your mind, and you’d rather not put Maud in such an uncomfortable position again.
  734. >Maud stands on the other side of the curtain for a second, you watch her shadow slowly reach over to the edge of the shower curtain.
  735. >A dark blue square of cloth peeks at you from the edge.
  736. >You reach over and grab it.
  737. “Thanks Maud.”
  738. >Maud hums in response, she steps back and stays in the room for another short while before turning slowly and leaving the bathroom.
  739. >The door shuts and you resume your shower.
  740. >So maybe Maud’s not as quick as you thought.
  741. >She still came through for you.
  742. >You lather up the cloth and go to scrubtown on your skin.
  743. >It kinda hurts to really clean yourself, the hot water helped loosen you up a little, but the soreness is still there.
  744. >A little slower than you’d like and a lot more achey than you’d prefer, but you de-grime to your level of satisfaction and hit the taps.
  745. >You wring the cloth Maud brought you as much as you can and lay it over the shower head to dry some.
  746. >A slower toweling session passes, you slip on some clean duds and consider yourself good enough.
  747. >You open the door to the bathroom and start making your way for the downstairs.
  748. >On the way your bedroom door opens and Maud peeks her head out.
  749. >She turns to look at you, “Are you done with that cloth?”
  750. “Yeah, I left it on the showered to dry a little. I’ll go and wash it before too long and get it back to you.”
  751. >She blinks once, “No need Anonymous, I’ll take care of it.”
  752. “Oh, okay, thanks Maud.”
  753. >She opens the door fully and marches on to the bathroom.
  754. >Maud closes the door behind her.
  755. >You shrug it off, everybody’s gotta go sometime after all, and continue on downstairs.
  757. >Dinner passes by largely uneventfully, Limestone and Pinkie exchange faces after mom asks how you enjoyed the first day on the farm- quarry.
  758. >You try to help with the clean up, but everyone except dad outpaces you.
  759. >The time you spent sitting down and talking with everyone really drove in how worn out you are.
  760. >You are barely making it up the stairs.
  761. >”Are you okay Anonymous?”
  762. >You look over your shoulder and see Maud looking up at you.
  763. “Yeah I’m good, just really tired and sore.”
  764. >Maud title her head slightly, “Sore, where?” she asks expressionlessly.
  765. “Damn near everywhere it feels like” you goad, only somewhat though.
  766. >Your sister blinks once slowly, “I can help you with that. I give dad massages when his back is acting up.
  767. “Yeah? I’ll be honest Maud, I think I could really use that.”
  768. >Maud hums in acknowledgement, “Go change into your pajamas, they’re on our bed, and lay down. I need to get something from the living room and bathroom, but I’ll meet you up there.
  769. >You nod and continue up the stairs.
  770. >You lock the door to your shared bedroom, no repeats, and slip on the shorts and button up cloth pajamas that your sisters picked out for you.
  771. >They’re emerald green and have black question marks patterned all over them, not as good as just boxers, but it looks pretty good.
  772. >The doorknob rattles.
  773. >”Anonymous?”
  774. “One sec.”
  775. >You unlock the door and open it, Maud stands before you with a dvd tucked under her armpit and a small bottle in one of her hands.
  776. >”Go and lay down on your stomach.”
  777. >You do as she says, the original intent was to slowly lower yourself down, but an aching pain in your tricep flops you down on the bed unceremoniously.
  778. >Maud stands in front of the t.v. in the room for a bit, the bottom of her frock is about eyeline with you while you lay on your belly.
  779. >The bottom of her frock travels above eyeline you realize as she is bending over to fiddle with the back of the t.v.
  780. >You quickly look away and try to ignore the faint view beyond the shadow of her dress.
  781. >Footsteps sound out over the start up sounds of the movie Maud put in.
  782. >You look over again and find Maud standing right in front of you, putting you about face level with her crotch.
  783. >You keep your eyes locked to her relaxed face.
  784. >She bends over slightly and hooks you by the armpits, “You need to scoot up more” she explains while pulling gently on you.
  785. >You shimmy up some until she stops pulling.
  786. >Seemingly satisfied with your position she walks around to the side of you.
  787. >And then further on to the back of you.
  788. >What is she-
  789. >You feel the bed shift and hear it creak.
  790. >Something brushes the side of your thigh, then you feel a weight on them both.
  791. >You turn back, letting out a little hiss of pain as you do, and see Maud climbing up onto you.
  792. “What are you- Ah!- doing?” you ask with a slight hiss as she puts her bodyweight down on a sore spot.
  793. >”I need to have leverage to give a good massage Anonymous” she explains.
  794. >With that said, she continues shimmying her way up until she is straddling just under your butt.
  795. >You can feel her body heat concentrated at the very end of your thighs, her knees are forward and squeeze your hips just slightly.
  796. >“Now just lay down and relax Anonymous.”
  797. >You turn forward again and bury your face into the bed.
  798. >Maud’s hands press down on the band of your bottoms.
  799. >You can feel her slowly press down harder and harder onto your bony backside.
  800. >Her fingers curl, slowly grating them across your lower back over the hems of your pajama top.
  801. >Then you feel something different.
  802. >The soft warm skin of her fingers on your back.
  803. >She must have slipped them under your top.
  804. >Her hands slowly travel upwards, your pajama top catches on her wrist and is dragged up with it.
  805. >”I’m sorry Anonymous, I forgot to ask you to remove your top.”
  806. “You want me to take it off?”
  807. >”I could remove it for you if you would prefer?”
  808. “Uh… can I just unbutton it?”
  809. >Maud is silent for a moment, “That would work also” she concedes.
  810. >You put your weight up on your elbows a little and as quickly as you can, unbutton your top.
  811. >Maud reaches around to your front and carefully pulls the top apart, her hands graze along the length of your sides as she ensures none of it is still pinned under you.
  812. >Satisfied that it’s completely free she withdraws her hands.
  813. >You feel her shift to the left some, her body digs into your left thigh a little.
  814. >She sets something down near your arm.
  815. >You turn and peek at what it is.
  816. >A remote control lays next to you now.
  817. >Maud returns to where she was before straddled over you.
  818. >Her legs squeeze a little on your hips and you can hear a faint squishing sound.
  819. >Before you can ask what she’s doing, two cool sensations make themselves known to your back.
  820. >You tense up and instinctively arch your back.
  821. >Maud presses you back down on the shoulders, “I’m sorry the lotion is a little cold, it’ll warm up in a second.”
  822. “S’okay. Felt kinda nice actually.”
  823. >Maud hums and slowly trails her hands down from your shoulders to your lower back, digging in firmly the whole way down.
  824. >You try to stifle it, but a low groan rumbles in your throat.
  825. >Maud compresses your hips a little again, but quickly follows it by bearing down near the base of your spine with the palms of her hands.
  826. >A familiar jingle starts playing.
  827. >It’s familiar enough that you life your head up a little to see what Maud put on.
  828. >Oh no…
  829. >Now you know why it was familiar.
  830. >”-learning that makes your brain as strong as an ox~!"
  831. >”And that’s why you’re ready for… Geology Rocks!~”
  832. >Maud digs in a little further out from your spine, you grunt from the surprise pressure.
  833. >She makes a small noise of her own, you can feel her sit down a little harder on your butt.
  834. >You really hope she knows what she’s doing and this wasn’t all some kind of ploy.
  835. >All so she can have you to herself...
  836. >Just to force you…
  837. >Into a damned Geology Rocks! marathon...
  839. "Mnn..."
  840. >Maud's hands continue working your aching back.
  841. >Her hands lift up and expose your back to her as she kneads the muscle just under your shoulders.
  842. >You bury your face into the pillow Maud handed you and try to hold back a pained groan.
  843. "Mrrrr" is what manages to get out.
  844. >Oh god this hurts so much!
  845. >But it is working, once she finally moves on to another spot you can feel the little spots of tension and pain are mostly gone.
  846. >Your back arches as she works a particularly sensitive spot on your back.
  847. >Her body shifts up a little to get back into position as she had moved slightly when you dug your legs into the bed.
  848. >As rough as this is on you, this must be taxing for her.
  849. >She's not saying much, her focus is placed entirely on the show, but your butt is very warm from her body heat.
  850. >So much that you can feel a bit of dampness on your bottoms.
  851. >"Please don't hold back for me Anonymous."
  852. >You lift your face back out of the pillow as she gently strokes down your back with alternating hands.
  853. >She plants her hands firmly into the spot just under your shoulder blades and digs her thumbs firmly into them.
  854. "Nnn ahh!" you gasp.
  855. >Maud's leg's tighten up on your hips for a moment, you can feel her body shake a little on your rear.
  856. >"I need to hear you" she explains.
  857. "Got- Ah! G-got it..." you whimper as she digs her thumbs in and traces small circles into your flesh.
  858. >She continues working your ragged body, and you are more loose with the grunts and groans as she digs into your knots.
  859. >Apparently they're pretty numerous, you can just about feel each one she loosens up.
  860. >Problem is they hurt so damn much to loosen, and you are riddled with so many that you have to beg her to stop and move on to another area for now.
  861. >She complies each time, and even goes as far as to gently go back over an area she worked hard and just wipe small smoothing circles into the hot and freshly loosened muscle.
  862. >The feeling is so good that relief doesn't do it justice.
  863. >So good that you can't help yourself but praise her for it.
  864. "Oh Maud... yes! That's feels so good..."
  865. >She remains silent, only continuing to work as your voice guide.
  866. >You can hear the commentary coming from the t.v., Maud must have seen it many times and you are certain that she's completely enraptured in this.
  867. >Well, maybe not completely, you can feel her shifting her weight around on her seat, and you can feel it because you are the seat.
  868. "Ah! N-no more Maud... I can't take it" you whine.
  869. >"Just bear with it a little more Anonymous, I am almost there."
  870. >You bury your face into the pillow and grip the sheets firmly in your hand.
  871. >The sound of skin rubbing deeply on more skin sounds out between your pained groans.
  872. >You can feel the knot she's trying to get at, it keeps slipping away the moment she digs in hard.
  873. >Your back arches, Maud presses down hard on your rear, most likely to keep herself in place.
  874. >She keeps shifting around as she continues working your body.
  875. >Your body tries to squirm away from this, but her legs keep your hips firmly locked in place under her.
  876. >You can feel her breathing getting heavier as she works your upper back.
  877. >Doing it for this long must be getting to her.
  878. >You can definitely feel sweat on the back of your upper thighs, given how hot it is where your bodies meet, you can't say your surprised.
  879. "Ah! M-Maud..." you grunt her name under your breath with the intent to beg her to stop and just leave it but you are cut off mid way.
  880. >The door behind you slams open, "SURPRISE!" Pinkie shouts as she stomps into the room.
  881. >You jump a little from the shock, Maud just stops and keeps her palms placed on your back.
  882. >You let out a thankful sigh as Pinkie begins walking closer, Maud slowly digs her fingers into your flesh again.
  883. >Though this technique is a little different to what she was doing before.
  884. >"Sounded like someone was having fun without their favoritest little sis-" You can hear Pinkie stop to gasp, "MAUD!? I-I can't believe you would do this-!"
  885. >Pinkie runs over and rounds the bed, her eyes fall on you, laying flat on your stomach and face in a pillow.
  886. >Then to Maud, sitting on your butt, hands tucked under your unbuttoned top.
  887. >Pinkie's eyes widen, they dart between the two of you for a moment, then she tosses one glance over to the t.v.
  888. >"Th-th-that you would... w-watch Geology Rocks! with out me! Maud! You silly" Pinkie says with feigned outrage.
  889. >She leans over you, putting her exposed belly near your face. just to grab Maud by the shoulders and shaking her back and forth as she explained.
  890. >You can smell her frosting scented lotion as she steps back.
  891. >Maud shifts around a little, the room is uncomfortably quiet for a moment before you hear her speak up "You don't like Geology Rocks! Pinkie."
  892. >Pinkie responds with a booming "Ha!" before continuing, "Oh Maud, you're the real comedian of the family you know? Of course-" she slugs Maud on the arm as she said it, "-I like the show! And watching it with two of my favoriteist people in the world? SIgn me UP!" she chirps before running out of the room.
  893. >Maud blows a puff of air through her nose, she lifts one hand off your back and lightens her weight off of the other.
  894. >This means she has to sit back and press down onto your legs.
  895. >You can hear the sound of skin rubbing on skin and can only assume she's rubbing her arm.
  896. "You can probably stop Maud" you explain while lifting up your tired, but much less pained, upper body off of the bed, "I know that you know the show well enough not to be bothered by all this, but I think that Pinkie would get annoyed by my whining if-"
  897. >"No way! Don't stop on our account Nonners."
  898. >Our account?
  899. >You half turn and find all three of your other sister in the doorway.
  900. >Each of them holding a blanket in their hands.
  901. >"What are all three of you doing in my room?" Maud asks.
  902. >"You can't have a marathon session with our Nonners all on your own Maud, duh" Pinkie responds.
  903. >"Yeah Maud, you know that we would love to listen to... the extra commentary too" Limestone adds.
  904. >Marble hums approvingly of her sister's responses, "A-and you don't have to stop because of us. If you want we could even trade spots with-"
  905. >"No" Maud quickly dismisses Marble's suggestion.
  906. >Quickly too...
  907. >Though you understand, Maud is the strongest of your sister and you can tell the amount of effort she has to put in on you, your other sisters don't stand a chance of doing much.
  908. >Maud looks at you, her face unreadable as usual.
  909. >She blinks and puts her hands back down on your shoulders, and pushes you down gently, "Back down Anonymous."
  910. >You do as she says with your head turned to the side on the pillow, you watch your sisters filter in and settle themselves in in front of you on the floor so they can face the t.v.
  911. >Maud gets more lotion on her hands then plants to cool cream on your back.
  912. >You shudder unintentionally and try to relax as Maud slowly spreads it all around your back again.
  913. >She starts out slow at first, the feeling is very soothing.
  914. >The boring dry commentary of the show puts you into a lulled state while Maud starts digging in a little harder.
  915. >You can see the tops of the heads of your sisters in front of you, with a little effort you can peek over the edge of the bed and see them all bundled up in their own blankets, eyes glued to the screen.
  916. "Mmn!" you grunt suddenly as Maud finds one of the knots she left behind on your shoulders.
  917. "S-sorry girls" you say under strained breaths.
  918. >Your sisters each mumble back responses about how it's okay.
  919. >So many things have changed since you've been away, they ALL actually like Geology Rocks!
  920. >Maud presses down particularly deep with her thumb along your shoulder blade, getting a squeak and a low extended groan as she works to untangle that knot in your deeper muscle.
  921. >A quiet squeak in front of you gets your attention, you can see your sisters all swaying a little in their spots on the floor.
  922. >You don't get too long to focus on that as Maud finally gets that knot she was digging at.
  923. >You let out as muffled a gasp and sigh of relief as she traces light circles on your recently worked flesh.
  924. >Your breaths out make an occasional coo as the heat from Maud's hands travel into your skin.
  925. >The room feels oddly charged as you bask in the brief respite Maud is giving you before she prepares to dig into another knot.
  926. >The show is boring, but oddly it seems like all your sisters are on edge, you can see it in the way they're all sitting.
  927. >You can feel it in the way Maud is compressing your hips between her thighs.
  928. >You try paying attention to the show but find yourself unable to do so for very long.
  929. >Maybe it's something that has to grow on-
  930. "Ohh! Sis! Too hard!" you whine as she suddenly decides to bore into the unsuspecting supple flesh of your back.
  931. >"I'm sorry Anonymous, I have to. I've almost..."
  932. >You can tell she's right, it's that damned knot Pinkie interrupted her on before.
  933. >You grin and bear it as she really puts her weight down on you.
  934. >You feel bad for your sisters, as into the show as they are you know that this must be bothering them.
  935. "Mmnn..."
  936. >"Almost... Anonymous..."
  937. "Gah! Ha! Aaahh" you groan loudly with your face in the pillow, she keeps pushing the damned thing but it just refuses to.
  938. "Oh! Oh god, Maud!"
  939. >She did it!
  940. >You think you hear your sisters call your name in front of you, under their breaths.
  941. >Almost certain that they are sick of your shit but you don't care, she finally got that damned knot.
  942. >Holy hell did that hurt!
  943. >But... oh that feels REAL good now that she got it.
  944. >You are breathing heavily and letting out small sounds of pleasure with each breath as Maud lightens up and resumes gently rubbing your back.
  945. >She's not really letting on but you can tell she's pretty wiped from it too.
  946. >Her legs are swaying back and forth gently on top of you, her hands are really more caressing your back than they are looking for any more knots.
  947. >Your sisters seems more at ease now.
  948. >Marble and Limestone are leaning back against the bed rather than sitting up right like they all were.
  949. >Pinkie however is still sitting up and shifting around a lot.
  950. >She growls quietly then jumps a little in her seat, "Oh, I know..."
  951. >Pinkie's head dips down below the edge of the bed, your sisters lazily look in her direction, then quickly pull their blankets closer to themselves and further away from Pinkie as she does... whatever she's doing.
  952. >"Pinkie, what are you doing?!" Limestone huffs.
  953. >Pinkie's legs pop up over the edge of the bed and come to rest on either side of your head, "I'm so close, to falling asleep, and the uh, show, isn't quite getting me to where I want to be."
  954. >She wiggles her toes, "Nonners? Would you do me a favor and give my feetsies a little rub? I'm sure that'll do it for me."
  955. >Marble gasps, "Pinkie! Y-you can't, Nonny will- he's... hurt."
  956. >You let out a satisfied hum.
  957. "A little still but because of everything Maud did I feel SO much better now."
  958. >You hear a raspberry being blown and Marble scrunches her lips, "See, it's fine. Just relax sisters of mine" Pinkie retorts, "Now big brother of mine~" she sing-songs while wiggling her toes again.
  959. >You stretch your arms out from under the pillow Maud gave you.
  960. >From the knee down, Pinkie has her legs resting on the bed, her knees are bent on the edge of the bed and her thigh must be planted against the side of the bed for her to lay like this.
  961. >Just below her knees is the edge of the blanket she has herself wrapped up in.
  962. >You reach out and take one foot in each hand.
  963. >Pinkie kicks a little and a muffled yelp comes from down below, past where your line of sight ends.
  964. >You wrap your fingers around the top of her foot, her skin is silky smooth and warm in your palm.
  965. >You curl your hand and press your thumbs into the balls of her feet.
  966. >She takes in a sharp breath and lets out a low sigh.
  967. >Marble shifts a little, Limestone looks up from where Pinkie is on the floor and looks straight at the t.v. with a slight frown on her face.
  968. >Maud is still gently caressing your back with no discernible intent.
  969. >Her hands slowly trail down the sides of your back, she lifts her palms and gently scrapes her fingers along your sides.
  970. >The sensation sends a light shiver up your spine, your back arches a little and you can feel goosebumps on your back.
  971. >Her hands come to rest right at your hips, she leans back some and spreads her legs apart to separate your hip and outer thigh from her knee and inner thigh respectively.
  972. >She slides back some, allowing the hot damp spot on your pajama bottoms to get some air.
  973. >You glance over your shoulder and catch a peek at your sister.
  974. >Unsurprisingly you find her eyes locked to the t.v.
  975. >No longer distracted with fixing up your back she can focus completely on the show, her hands idly play around with the band of your bottoms and occasionally graze along your naked sides.
  976. >Your hands get a gentle push back, "Mnn, Nonners..." Pinkie whines.
  977. >You turn forward again and lay your chin into the pillow so you can watch the show with your sisters too.
  978. >Hands and Pinkie's feet in your periphery, you resume rubbing them with your thumbs.
  979. >Pinkie's legs sway a little at the knee as you work her over.
  980. >Limestone sneaks occasional grumpy glances towards her sister on the ground.
  981. >At one point she blows air loudly through her nostril and pulls her blanket higher up around her.
  982. >She might be overheating, you can see a faint redness on her cheeks from the light coming off the show.
  983. >Marble keeps her eyes forward, almost forcefully so with how stiff her neck looks.
  984. >Pinkie makes a small noise before following it with a request, "C-can you turn it up Maud? I'm having trouble hearing it."
  985. >Maud doesn't move, her hands still keep playing with the band of your pajamas.
  986. >"M-maud, please..." Pinkie begs.
  987. >Maud wordlessly puts her weight down on one of your legs again and leans forward.
  988. >She reaches out to the remote beside you and accidentally pushes it forward and out of her reach.
  989. >You could hook your arm around backwards and grab it, but you feel the bed shift down on your other side as Maud's other hand plants itself firmly into the cushion.
  990. >She bears down on your more as she stretches out to reach the remote.
  991. >Silently she pours over you, digging her knee high up in-between your legs.
  992. >Resting her belly over your butt.
  993. >And lastly planting her chest on the middle of your back.
  994. >It's only once she's laid completely on top of you that her hands can grab the remote.
  995. >She turns the volume up on the t.v. making it harder for you to ignore the special editions commentary.
  996. >Once done with that she sits the remote beside her and places both her hands on your back, just below your neck.
  997. >Maud rests her head on your shoulder using you as a body pillow.
  998. >You consider protesting, but if it weren't for her you'd be hurting far more than you do.
  999. >You'll give her this for the next little while.
  1000. >Besides... it's kinda nice.
  1001. >Your back was starting to get cold with all the lotion on it.
  1002. >And the rhythmic warm breaths she blows out over your ear make it easier to drown out the show.
  1003. >Pinkie's legs continue to sway gently as you massage.
  1004. >Her toes curl and both her feet will tighten up for a moment before they both relax and stretch out again.
  1005. >These actions continue for the next little while as the show goes on.
  1006. >Then she does something differently.
  1007. >Her toes curl up like before, and her feet tighten too.
  1008. >But then she digs her heels into the bed.
  1009. >Her legs stop swaying and transition more into... shaking.
  1010. >You keep rubbing her feet through this and hope that you're not hurting her but you're pretty sure you're not doing anything different.
  1011. >The screen shows a desert screen for a moment as they discuss the features of sandstone.
  1012. >Through the brightness of the screen, you can't say for certain, but it seems like the blanket wrapped tightly around Pinkie's thighs is shaking too.
  1013. >Pinkie makes a noise from down below and lets out what sounds like it might be yawn.
  1014. >Then all at once her body relaxes, toes uncurl, feet loosen up, heels come off the mattress, and knees come away from the bed as well.
  1015. >Her feet go mostly limp and during the bright transition shot you note that her blanket isn't shaking anymore.
  1016. >The current episode comes to an end, Pinkie withdraws her feet down over the edge of the bed and bounces back up shortly after with a beaming smile on her face, "Whew! Boy do I sure love that show!"
  1017. >Pinkie lets out a big yawn and brings up a hand to her face to cover it, her nose wrinkles a couple of times before she puts her hand back down.
  1018. >She grips her blanket tightly to her chest with the other hand, and clamps the blanket further under her other armpit.
  1019. >Marble and Limestone rise as well, both keeping their blankets very close.
  1020. >Maud is still on top of you, but without her you were feeling pretty cold yourself so it makes sense to keep the blankets so close.
  1021. >Your sisters all look at you, then their eyes slowly trail up to look at Maud.
  1022. >You can't see their expression very well with them all blocking the t.v. like they are, but they don't look too pleased.
  1023. >"Goodnight Pinkie, Limestone, Marble."
  1024. >"Isn't that bed ready to be picked up yet?" Limestone asks to the room.
  1025. >Ah, now it makes sense, Maud probably drew the short straw to get stuck with you, the sooner you've got your own bed the better.
  1026. >"I think we got a call about it this afternoon" Pinkie responds, "Isn't that right Maud?"
  1027. >The room is silent, you can feel Maud shift around some on to of you, "I don't remember" she responds.
  1028. >"That's okay Maud, I was in the room when you answered it" Marble says, "I didn't hear everything but I remember them saying it was here"
  1029. "Oh sweet! Maud said it was probably going be a while" you chime in.
  1030. >Marble hums sweetly, "Don't worry Nonny, you'll be sleeping better... on your own, soon. Pinkie and I can go get the bed tomorrow for you, isn't that right Pinkie?"
  1031. >Pinkie smiles and gives you a thumbs up, "You betcha, you can count on us!"
  1032. >They bid their goodnights to you and Maud before leaving the two of you alone.
  1033. >They all try leaving around the same time so they push the door wide open as they pass through.
  1034. >You are far too lazy and massaged out to even consider getting up to shut it.
  1035. >Maud seems to be in about the same position, her eyes linger on the door for while.
  1036. >You shift around and gently push her up and away from you.
  1037. >Maud is slow to follow your directions.
  1038. "I've got the same side as last night yeah?" you ask her.
  1039. >It's at this that she finally moves off of you.
  1040. >Now free, you snatch the pillow under your head and start to drag it over to your side of the bed.
  1041. >You're too tired to bother with the buttons of your top and frankly it's much more comfy this way.
  1042. >A hand grasps yours and holds you back.
  1043. >You follow it back up to Maud, she blinks once slowly, "That's my pillow."
  1044. "What? This?" You respond giving the pillow, and her hand, a little shake.
  1045. >She nods once.
  1046. "Well... I had my face buried in it for a good while, I didn't know it was yours. Why don't we switch? You can have the one I used last night."
  1047. >You let go of that pillow and reach out for yours.
  1048. >By the time you've grabbed it and turned back around to give it to Maud she has already laid down with the other one and is facing away from you.
  1049. "Uh, Maud?"
  1050. >"It's okay, I flipped it over" she responds flatly.
  1051. >You shrug and place the pillow back where you had it, you scooch over on the bed and lay your head on it.
  1052. >You start to close your eyes then realize that you're still facing your sister.
  1053. >Her shoulder rises and falls a little with each of her breaths.
  1054. >You roll over in the bed and shimmy a little to get yourself comfortable enough to sleep.
  1055. >"Goodnight Anonymous."
  1056. "Goodnight Maud, Goodnight Boulder" you respond.
  1058. >”Anonymous?"
  1059. >You blink your eyes a few times trying to fight away the sleep threatening to overtake you.
  1060. >Couldn’t have been more than a few minutes that passed since your shut your eyes with the intent of keeping them that way for a few hours.
  1061. “Yeah Maud?” you whisper back.
  1062. >You can hear her shift around in bed behind you.
  1063. >You roll onto your belly this time and turn your head on the pillow to face your sister.
  1064. >Moonlight streams in through the window, draping over her laying form.
  1065. >It’s the only thing draped over her, the sheets you are sharing are bunched up around her legs.
  1066. >Her pajama top has come unbuttoned some, and her long dark purple hair is spread out all over her pillow.
  1067. >Her seafood green eyes shimmer against the dim illumination provided by the moon.
  1068. >She’s absolutely beautiful, curled up like she is on the opposite end of the bed.
  1069. >It’s easy to forget that sometimes when she does very little to draw attention to herself, but here now you can see her so clearly.
  1070. >Maud’s lips part just barely, you can see the light sheen on her lips move with each breath she takes.
  1071. >”Could I read you one of my poems?”
  1072. >You begin to respond but a yawn slips out first.
  1073. “You still do poetry?”
  1074. >Her head nods, “Yes. I find it very therapeutic.”
  1075. >Her poetry was… directed.
  1076. >Given how narrow her interests were, it didn’t surprise you.
  1077. >But… maybe in all this time she’s changed.
  1078. >And even if she hasn’t, you know your answer is the same regardless.
  1079. “I’d love to hear it Maud.”
  1080. >She closes her eyes.
  1081. >At first you think she’s just blinking sleepily, but they stay closed for too long even to be that.
  1082. >You can hear Maud let out a soft breath before she begins.
  1083. >”You used to climb rocks.”
  1084. >Welp, can’t say you’re surprised.
  1085. >”Unmovable and sturdy. You would whisper your secrets into their coarse skin.”
  1086. >”Now, you are afraid to climb. You spent too much time away.”
  1087. >You can feel a lump in your throat.
  1088. >”But I still remember you. The blood beading on your hands, on your forearms, from when you tried to climbed that mountain of rock.”
  1089. >”Its base was as thick as the words which had caught in your throat, never to be freed, I remember how you could barely manage to grip the sides.”
  1090. >You can feel your chest welling up with emotion, just like before you can’t pin down which ones they are.
  1091. >”But still, you hugged the cold stone closer than any lover, became a mesh of pebble, dust, and dripping sweat,”
  1092. >”Rough calloused hands grasped upon jagged crevices and rocky outcroppings, desperate, until they could find no more purchase.”
  1093. >Maud pauses to take a breath.
  1094. >“Now… you grasp at the past, putting together puzzles with missing pieces."
  1095. >"Your hands are soft, free of the callouses and passion of the climber.”
  1096. >”You tell yourself that you followed your passion.”
  1097. >That line strikes you directly in the chest.
  1098. >Her eyes open slowly, they seem to shimmer even more.
  1099. >Her lips part again, just barely.
  1100. >“You’ve forgotten what your passion was.”
  1101. >Your bottom lip begins to quiver and it takes all your strength to keep it from continuing to do so.
  1102. >Your throat is tight and you can’t the means to say anything.
  1103. >If you even knew what you wanted to say.
  1104. “Maud… I-“
  1105. >She blinks once, you hear the sound of fabric brushing against fabric.
  1106. >You can feel a tingle on your cheek.
  1107. >Maud’s hand is brushing your face, caressing it gently with the back of her fingers.
  1108. >”Anonymous, can you hold me like you did last night?”
  1109. >So she didn’t just wake up face to face with you.
  1110. “Y-yeah, sure Maud.”
  1111. >You’re not sure if it’s the dim light.
  1112. >The tears blurring your vision.
  1113. >Or just your own imagination.
  1114. >But just then, for a very brief moment as Maud turned over to face away from you.
  1115. >You think you saw the smaller sliver of a smile.
  1116. >Her back is facing you now, just like it was when you first laid down.
  1117. >Maud’s shoulder again rises and falls gently with each breath she takes, albeit slightly faster than you remember.
  1118. >She lifts her free arm and reaches it back behind her.
  1119. >Towards you.
  1120. >You comply and shift yourself over, bringing your pillow with you.
  1121. >The moment her hand comes into contact with your chest, she searches around your body until she finds your free wrist.
  1122. >Her fingers slip around it and pulls your arm out to drape it over her side.
  1123. >She plants your palm firmly against her warm belly.
  1124. >Maud’s hand presses against the back of your own as you shimmy over more.
  1125. >Her fingers curl into the valleys of yours, making a reverse hand-hold.
  1126. >She leans back against you, planting her back firmly against your chest.
  1127. >Her head tilts up to tuck itself in under your chin.
  1128. >You grunt in surprise when she shifts her lower half back and bumps your crotch with her butt.
  1129. >You curl your legs to give your ‘self’ some space away from her and feel her warmth settling in on the middle of your thighs.
  1130. >Maud presses back against you as she takes in a deep breath.
  1131. >She lets out a long slow breath before resuming her normal breathing and steadily going more and more limp in your arm.
  1132. >You can feel your own eyes getting heavy, and find yourself quickly approaching the comforting dark, accompanied by the soothing scent of blueberries.
  1134. >Somewhere in the back of your mind you can hear a few rhythmic creaking sounds.
  1135. >Followed by a faint whisper.
  1136. >"-on..."
  1137. >A gentle force rocks you back and forth.
  1138. >Then a gasp, much further up in your mind.
  1139. >A sharp pain radiates out from your arm, rousing you back to the waking world.
  1140. >"Wake up you ass!" a gravely voice growls just above you.
  1141. >You groan as you turn over onto your back and look up to see Limestone scowling down at you.
  1142. >She's again wearing those Samurai Crocs pajamas that are too big for her.
  1143. >You can see most of the way up her top, her flat stomach and chest slowly unblur as you awaken little by little.
  1144. >A few blinks brings you most of the way up, you avert your gaze away from where you eyes lazily fell, under her shirt, and turn instead to her harsh scowl.
  1145. >"All done being cozy?" she huffs then turns away and begins walking towards the door.
  1146. >You look beside you, Maud is still curled up and facing away from you, your other hand is still resting against her back.
  1147. >You withdraw it and gently place it over her ear.
  1148. "I'm up Limestone, I'm up" you grumble as you find your throat is still partially asleep, "Can you keep it down please? Maud's still asleep."
  1149. >Limestone whips around to face you once she's stepped outside of the room.
  1150. >The door to your shared bedroom slams shut, making you jump a little in bed.
  1151. >You sigh and shake yourself awake a little.
  1152. >Wait, why did she wake you up anyway?
  1153. >"Are you going to work?" you hear a soft flat voice just beside you.
  1154. >You look down, Maud still hasn't moved, but you know it was her speaking.
  1155. "She woke you up after all huh?" you whisper.
  1156. >Maud's head nods, her hair brushes against your palm, tickling it so much that you have to remove it.
  1157. >As you begin to withdraw it, Maud takes it in her own hand.
  1158. >She rises slowly out of the bed until she's sitting up.
  1159. >Maud turns slowly to face you, her hair is surprisingly flat for having just woken up.
  1160. >Like it's not even disturbed at all.
  1161. >You receive a gentle squeeze around your hand, "Have a good day at work Anonymous."
  1162. >Maud leans forward and rests her head against your chest.
  1163. >You raise your free hand and curl it around her, placing on her upper back and giving her a squeeze of your own.
  1164. >You can hear the quiet inhale signaling one of Maud's yawns.
  1165. >She pulls away from you, releasing your hand at the same time, and lowers herself back down on the bed.
  1166. >You slip out of bed, trying not to disturb your sister anymore than Limestone already had and fumble around in the dark for your work clothing.
  1167. >Socks.
  1168. >Pants.
  1169. >Shirt...
  1170. >Shirt? Nope, that's just boxers.
  1171. >C'mon...
  1172. >Ah! Shirt!
  1173. >You turn it over to make sure it's actually a shirt you're okay with getting dirty.
  1174. >Eh, it's on the line and you're pressed for time apparently.
  1175. >You bundle the clothing up in one hand and make for the door out.
  1176. >It squeaks the moment you give it a pull, but the rest of the swinging in is silent.
  1177. >Though you think you heard something towards the end.
  1178. >Not the squeak you're used to hearing, but something like a... disappointed sigh?
  1179. >You shrug it off and step out into the quiet hallway, shutting the door behind you.
  1180. >You listen out this time, but don't hear that other sound, just the squeak as the door is almost shut again.
  1181. >It's only now that you're listening intently that you realize the hall isn't as quiet as you thought, there's a faint hissing coming from the bathroom.
  1182. >You head that way, as you approach you can hear spitting and grumbling coming from the other side of the bathroom door.
  1183. >"-aking it too far..." "-sked for help not..." "-Can't even be straight with-"
  1184. *Knock Knock*
  1185. "Limey? Are you almost done in there?"
  1186. >You hear a clattering sound accompanied with a squeak.
  1187. >The bathroom door blows open and Limestone comes out, with a deep scowl on her face, "Were you listening?!" she growls while jabbing you in the chest with a pointed finger.
  1188. >You back away at each poke and hold your hands out in front of you to display passiveness.
  1189. "No! I just want to get changed- hey! Ow!" you whine after getting a particularly forceful poke.
  1190. >You shoulder blades bump against the opposite wall of what you are now realizing is a fairly thin hallway.
  1191. >Limestone is standing directly in front of you, looking up at you with a crimson face.
  1192. >Jeez, you thought yourself lucky that Maud didn't turn sour on you.
  1193. >Limestone is even LESS of a morning person than you remember Maud being apparently.
  1194. >Her finger is still digging into your chest, like your actual chest.
  1195. >Somehow she got a really lucky stab in and managed to slip a finger in between two of your buttons.
  1196. >Her nostrils are flaring with anger.
  1197. >She drops her hand and turns away from you, "W-well... make sure you take a damn shower first! You reek, and I don't want to have to be trapped in dad's truck with you smelling like that."
  1198. >With that she storms off towards your old room.
  1199. >She throws it open as she crosses the doorway giving you a peek inside.
  1200. >You recognize some of your old posters, looking as pristine as the day you left, though their arrangement is different.
  1201. >The door slams shut before you get anymore time to take in the sight.
  1202. >And now you're standing against the wall across from the bathroom like a dingus.
  1203. >You pinch the collar of your shirt and lift it up so you can get a whiff of yourself under the shirt.
  1204. >You took a shower after work yesterday right?
  1205. >Yeah, because Maud brought you that washcloth.
  1206. >All you can smell on you now is that blueberry lotion Maud uses.
  1207. >But, maybe you're only smelling that because you're used to yourself and you DO reek?
  1208. >Well, whatever makes her happy.
  1209. >Or rather... less pissed the fuck off.
  1210. >You enter the bathroom and shut the door behind you.
  1211. >In the sink a toothbrush lays haphazardly inside.
  1212. >You pick up the damp, recently used toothbrush and put it into the empty spot on the holder.
  1213. >You hit the taps and let the water run up to temperature while you get out of your PJs.
  1214. >The moment your boxers hit the ground you realize you've now made a mistake.
  1215. >While there's probably nothing wrong with wearing boxers from the night before that you didn't do much in aside from sleep, now that you've taken them off and plan to shower, something about the notion just feels... wrong.
  1216. >So now your options are to run back into your room and grab a fresh pair or rock it freely today.
  1217. >Heh, rock.
  1218. >...Damn you Geology Rocks!
  1219. >You slip into the shower and decide that freeballing it today will probably be fine.
  1220. >The water is pouring out of the showerhead at a nice cool temperature now.
  1221. >Serves two purposes, helps wake you up some more and also helps put another part of you back to sleep.
  1222. >As you scrub away you think on how many days it's actually been since you got off last.
  1223. >Definitely not since coming home, and not for a little while before then too.
  1224. >The anxiety of what awaited you here really put you off the mood.
  1225. >But since everything's great, your body is getting antsy to let out some relief a little.
  1226. >Being surrounded by all these girls you know as your sisters, but don't fully recognize as them due to them not matching up from your memories has made things... hard.
  1227. >Well except for Maud, she's barely changed at all.
  1228. >Your thoughts drift to last night.
  1229. >The image of her body laid out beside you, looking at you with shimmering eyes under the moonlight and the tiny smile on her face as she turned away from you is still clear in your mind.
  1230. >She has changed though, for sure.
  1231. >Your thoughts begin to drift to this morning.
  1232. >Limestone towering over you.
  1233. >The way her oversized top fluttered just above your head...
  1234. >You shut the top for hot completely off and let the cold water blast you for a second before hitting that too.
  1235. >You stand in the shower, breathing heavily from the sudden cold and shaking it off before stepping out of the shower and taking the towel off the rack.
  1236. >You bury your face in it and wipe your face and hair dry.
  1237. >You continue on drying your chest and back, arms and legs.
  1238. >You toothfloss between your legs for a second before something very important dawns on you.
  1239. >This isn't your towel, you didn't bring one...
  1240. "Shit!" you hiss, as you pull the towel out from between your legs and look it over.
  1241. >The dark blue color of the towel leads you to thinking that it might be Limestone's.
  1242. "God DAMN it."
  1243. >Anon, you have a degree and years of experience in the field, and yet you can be just stupid as hell in the mornings.
  1244. >If things weren't off to a great start before, they're certainly better now.
  1245. >You brush your teeth quickly and put on your clothing and tuck the damp towel under your arm.
  1246. >The door to your bedroom gives that single squeak right as you open it, and remains quiet the rest of the way out.
  1247. >You slip inside and quickly bury Limestone's towel under your dirty clothing before tiptoeing back out of the room and shutting the door behind you.
  1248. "I'll just wash that first thing when I get back and hope she doesn't notice" you whisper to yourself.
  1249. >Satisfied with that plan, you make your way downstairs and head towards the kitchen.
  1250. >You hear a plate rattle on the table and the squeak of a chair scraping against the floor as you approach.
  1251. >As you cross into the kitchen, Limestone's amber eyes lock on to you.
  1252. >She violently rips a chunk out of the pop-tart she's eating and narrows her eyebrows as she chews.
  1253. "Hey Limestone" you greet as innocently as possible.
  1254. >She swallows, "Morning Anon" she responds.
  1255. >You scan around the kitchen for a moment before realizing that you have no idea where anything is, just where it used to be.
  1256. >Welp, worth a short right?
  1257. >Bread used to be riiiiigh-
  1258. >Cups. Totally nutritious...
  1259. >"Mom thought that the bread goes moldy faster over there. She moved it above the fridge a while ago" Limestone remarks.
  1260. "Oh, thanks."
  1261. >You open the cupboard above the fridge and find nothing there.
  1262. >"Also, we're out of bread."
  1263. >Now it's your turn to wear the scowl.
  1264. >She just responds with a shit eating grin, which she holds while she bites into her stupid poptart, never once breaking eye contact with you.
  1265. >You turn away and go to the next cabinet.
  1266. >Spices.
  1267. >The next one.
  1268. >More cups?!
  1269. >You close the cabinet maybe a little more roughly than you would normally.
  1270. >And it's not because you're starving or anything, though you are getting hungry.
  1271. >It's because you can just feel the smugness oozing off of your sister.
  1272. >She snickers to herself as you lower your head in defeat and sigh.
  1273. >You turn and face your sister, she's got her legs propped up on the table, leaning far back in her chair and nibbling at her snack.
  1274. >Her shirt is riding up from the way she's sitting, exposing her flat faintly muscular midriff.
  1275. >You can just barely make out the faintest makings of curves where her hips should be.
  1276. >Two bright green straps peek out from her baggy pants, hanging just barely on those two curves.
  1277. >"Mmm-MMM!" she hums contentedly, drawing your eyes back up to her face, "Oh? Are you hungry Anon?"
  1278. >You roll your eyes.
  1279. "Yes. Limestone." you respond flatly.
  1280. >She swallows down the last bite of her pop tart before bringing her knees up to her chest, you can see the cloth of her pants tighten up and form around her butt for just a brief moment before she leans forward with the chair, planting it firmly on the ground and hopping up to her feet.
  1281. >She takes the other poptart on her plate in her hand and starts walking over to you, humming with that slight grating sound her voice always carries.
  1282. >Once getting into arms reach, she slips a corner of it between her lips and takes a small bite out of it before holding it out for you with a smug grin on her face.
  1283. >You take it from her and hold it up to your face.
  1284. >Looking at the filling it kinda looks like cookie dough.
  1285. "Cookie dough?" you ask to confirm it with her.
  1286. >She snickers then holds her hand out towards you, "Yeah, there's a few more over in the-"
  1287. >Her sentence dies in her throat as she watches on in sock as you take a huge bite over top of hers.
  1288. >Limestone's eyes widen and she just watches you in awe as you swallow down that piece of sugary cardboard.
  1289. "What?" you ask, after getting it down.
  1290. >She immediately turns away and stomps over to one of the lower cabinets, "W-well I didn't think you were actually going to EAT IT" she growls.
  1291. "You gave it to me didn't you?"
  1292. >"I did sure, but I figured it was obvious if I bit out of it that..."
  1293. >She trails off while bending over to dig through the cabinet.
  1294. >You blow a raspberry, "So? We're not kids Limey, I'm not afraid of your germs or anything. Y'know... s'long as you don't have like, herpes or anything."
  1295. "I do NOT- OW!" she whines after having thumped her head against the top of the cabinet.
  1296. "Oh shit!" you respond with giggles mixed in with the worry, setting the half eaten poptart on the table and kneeling down beside her.
  1297. >You put a hand on her back to which she immediately tenses up under your touch.
  1298. "You alright sis?"
  1299. >She pushes your hand away and bats at the air in front of you, "I'm. fine." she grumbles, pulling her head out of the cabinet and immediately taking her hand to rub the back of it.
  1300. >Limestone glares down at you.
  1301. >A silvery bag slams against your chest which you reactionarily catch as it begins to fall.
  1302. >You now have a package of poptarts in your hands, "And I don't have herpes" she huffs while walking back to the table.
  1303. >You only catch a glimpse, but you can see the color all over her face as she goes to stand by the table.
  1304. >Her head lowers, falling on the poptart you left there.
  1305. >She snatches it off the table and holds it up near her mouth from what you can see from behind.
  1306. >It hovers there for a good bit, long enough that it's still there when you finish popping open your package.
  1307. >You break off half of one and walk over to your sister.
  1308. >The plan is to trade her for the half you've started eating, but by the time you get over to her side, she's standing there red faced and empty handed.
  1309. >She looks up at you for a moment before turning up her nose and looking away from you.
  1310. >You hold the half out regardless, all the way out so she can see it in her periphery.
  1311. >Limetone turns partially to look at the piece in your hand.
  1312. "Here. I ate half of yours so..."
  1313. >She hesitates for a moment before slowly reaching out and taking it from you.
  1314. >Limestone turns it over a couple times in front of her.
  1315. >You pop the other half in your mouth and walk over to the cabinet Limestone was digging in to look for more food, two poptarts aren't going to be enough with everything you have to do before lunch.
  1316. >"Thanks" you hear her mumble quietly, so quietly you're only half sure you heard her.
  1317. >You opt for a hum in response just in case you were wrong.
  1318. >Oats.
  1319. >No cereal, just oats.
  1320. >Alright...
  1321. >Dried fruit.
  1322. >Lots of canned things, all of them with masking tape labels.
  1323. >And all of them are some kind of apple thing.
  1324. "Hey Limestone, what's with all the canned apple stuff?"
  1325. >"Huh? O-oh, Pinkie."
  1326. >Alright, makes sense.
  1327. >"Her friend, slash our alleged cousin, makes them on her family's farm."
  1328. >Yeah yeah typical-
  1329. >Wait what?
  1330. "Wait what? Alleged cousin?" you ask while turning around to face Limestone.
  1331. >She nibbling at the half you gave her absentmindedly, only seeming to snap to attention when her eyes meet yours.
  1332. >"Yeah, she was doing some school project a couple years back and thinks we might be related to her friend's family. They call each other cousins sometimes."
  1333. "Huh..."
  1334. >She shrugs in a way that you understand as "That's Pinkie".
  1335. >A quiet rumble of elation begins to build in your chest.
  1336. >You totally got that just now.
  1337. >You haven't seen a "That's Pinkie" shrug in years and the first time you saw it you fucking nailed it!
  1338. >Wow! That... that feels strangely good.
  1339. >"You alright over there?" Limestone asks, more out of curiosity than out of worry.
  1340. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm good. I just... I was thinking about something, s-so cousins?" you ask trying to steer conversation back.
  1341. >She hums agreeably, "They came over one christmas. They're alright..."
  1342. >Huh, cousins. Go figure that, even more family you had cut ties with for several years.
  1343. >You sigh and spin back around to go looking for something else to eat since your poptart is almost all gone now.
  1344. >"We could go out together if you want?" you hear her ask behind you.
  1345. >You look over your shoulder at her.
  1346. >"F-for breakfast! There's a diner out by the farm that does some really good breakfast, and lunch too..."
  1347. >Sounds a lot better than the big ass bowl of oatmeal you were thinking of forcing down your throat.
  1348. >Before you get to say anything you both hear the creaking of the stairs.
  1349. >Dad comes into the kitchen moments later, with mom following behind him.
  1350. >"Ah, morning Limestone, son."
  1351. >"Morning dad."
  1352. "Morning."
  1353. >Mom goes for the "close in and kiss the cheek" greeting on both of you.
  1354. >"Dad says he's gonna need you both out on the farm early today" mom remarks as she dives right for the fridge and starts pulling out various foodstuffs.
  1355. >Oh right, you forgot to ask Limey why the hell she woke you up in the first place.
  1356. >"S'right, we've got a blast scheduled for today."
  1357. >Dad lays a hand on Limestone's shoulder and pats her a few times.
  1358. >"Limestone here's been with me for plenty of them son, I think things'll go smoother with you two working together."
  1359. >You can hear a small tinge of pride in his voice as he said that last word, together.
  1360. >"Sit Anon sit, I'll make you all some eggs and toas-"
  1361. "We're out of bread" you inject.
  1362. >"Well, eggs and... more eggs then. I'll go shopping for groceries later today when the girls wake up" she chirps.
  1363. >You sit at the table, across from limestone.
  1364. >Dad lets out a loud contented sigh, "Isn't this nice kids? Dad and his two oldest getting ready to hit the farm bright and early."
  1365. >"Yeah."
  1366. >You clear your throat before speaking.
  1367. "Sure, dad."
  1368. >You look up to face your sister, her eyes are studying yours intently.
  1369. >You feign needing to scratch the back of your head to avoid her gaze.
  1370. "S-so, lunch then I guess?" you ask her while dad and mom talk to each other.
  1371. >"What?" Limestone responds.
  1372. "Breakfast is covered now and you said they have a good lunch right?"
  1373. >"Oh! The diner. Yeah, dad can't handle the food there anymore so it'll just be the two of us."
  1374. "That's fine with me" you respond, as you chance a look back up at your sister.
  1375. >Her eyes seem less scrutinous, more... relieved, maybe, than anything.
  1376. >She nods once and opens her mouth to speak but mom steps in with two plates full of eggs for both of you.
  1377. >With lunch covered and hunger aroused from having only had some piddly poptarts, you and Limestone both decide that talking is over and face stuffing begins now.
  1379. >The truck ride over was... a little tense.
  1380. >Back when you were kids, riding with dad to the farm- quarry, was the best thing ever.
  1381. >Piling in with your two oldest sisters, you right at dad's side of course.
  1382. >Limestone was in your place, and there was barely enough room for you as well.
  1383. >Occasionally he'd let you shift the gear.
  1384. >He had to tell her to scooch over more, forcing her to sit on your lap some so he can shift properly.
  1385. >Just being with dad was worth it.
  1386. >The ride was largely silent the whole time, occasional small talk from dad was met with grunts or a few words in response from both you and Limestone.
  1387. >When you arrived it was completely mind blowing to see such deep holes and tall spires of rock and dirt.
  1388. >You all hop out of the truck, you practically falling out with how hard you had pressed yourself against the door, and take in the landscape with the sun peeking out over the horizon.
  1389. >Now it's just quotas and hard labor stretched as far as the eye can see.
  1390. >You remember trying to get your sisters to play Samurai Crocs with you, but always got out voted and played castle with your sisters instead.
  1391. >Limestone was the mountain Princess, ruling over her subjects with the same stern but caring attitude dad had with all of you.
  1392. >Maud was either Limey's handmaid, with secret evil usurping intentions, or just an evil rock golum in disguise.
  1393. >And you usually got stuck as the brave knight, though you liked to pretend you were actually your favorite samurai croc Bitey.
  1394. >The thought brings a smile to your face, which you then tuck away when you realize that Limestone is looking at you funny as you all walk to the main office.
  1395. >Limestone walks out ahead of you, her hands swinging lazily, and giving you a full view of her from behind.
  1396. >Back then, you and Limestone were pretty scrawny and Maud a little heavy so it usually worked out pretty evenly when you fought Maud.
  1397. >Limestone was also a huge sore loser, throwing tantrums the few times you all switched roles.
  1398. >Dad briefs you both on what the goals are for today, Limestone corrects or offers her own suggestions here and there, which dad either acknowledges or accepts after thinking on it for a bit.
  1399. >You passively agree to everything, trying to keep from getting further on Limestone's bad side.
  1400. >That strategy fails somehow, as she rips the keys to one of the loaders out of your hand when you offer to let her drive.
  1401. >You would imagine futuristic vehicles that were shown on ECSC when you all got to ride in the farm- quarry machines with Dad, without mom ever knowing of course.
  1402. >The crew is all gathered by the blast site with their equipment and safety gear.
  1403. >When dad gives the word, you all clench the headphones tightly against your ears.
  1404. >You hear a faint crack and feel a rush of air rattle you down to your core.
  1405. >Maud didn't have a problem with the blasts.
  1406. >Like you, she loved them.
  1407. >Limestone on the other hand...
  1408. >You glance over to your sister.
  1409. >The blast has come and gone, some people are starting to mobilize, get the day truly started, but she's still clenching her headphones tightly.
  1410. >You chance a gentle touch on the back of her hand.
  1411. >She jumps a little and turns to face you.
  1412. >Limestone watches you remove your headphones, pauses for a few seconds with her eyes locked onto you, then quickly slips them off and tucks the pair under her armpit.
  1413. >Before you can say anything, she is trudging off to the loader you both rode in on.
  1414. >You make your way to one of the trucks and shake firm hands with your partner.
  1415. >Mineral is going to be doing the most of the driving while you will do the fine tuning, with his supervision, when you reach the pick up site.
  1416. >Every beep, crack, crash, rumble, rattle, and roar brings memories to the front of your mind.
  1417. >You remained mostly quiet during the early morning, taking in each and every sound.
  1418. >And while it was probably for the best as getting the majority of the hard labor done before the sun gets too bright is ideal, it wasn't your desire to beat the heat that had you so reserved.
  1419. >It was that the memories wouldn't stop pouring in.
  1420. >Fond ones, like the first time dad let you pull the lever to empty the bucket.
  1421. >And less fond ones, like the screaming matches you and dad would get into near the sorter towards the end of your teenage years.
  1422. >As the morning drew on and the heat became more noticeable, the memories began to fade as the tasks at hand became more numerous.
  1423. >There was a greater demand for communication to ensure smooth operations.
  1424. >And after a certain point you just feel into step with everyone around you.
  1425. >Including-
  1426. >"Hey Anon!"
  1427. >You turn just in time to react catch the keys Limestone tossed over at you, "Go hit the sifter out on the east side would you?" she shouts over the loud rumbles of the farm.
  1428. "You got it sis" you shout back.
  1429. >"Hey!"
  1430. >You turn back around to face Limestone, "When you're done with that... are you hungry?"
  1431. >You pat your stomach and feel a rumble through the thick work glove on your hand.
  1432. "Yeah actually" you shout back.
  1433. >She smiles, "Swing by the main office when you're done, and hurry, I'm starving!" she whines.
  1434. >You nod and hop into the nearest available truck to take out to the east side.
  1435. >The pile waiting to be sorted looms higher and higher as you approach.
  1436. >Man, to stand this close to a pile this big when you were younger would've blown your mind.
  1437. >Piles only a fraction of this height would get you back when you were young.
  1438. >You all would chase each other and climb on the smaller rock piles that were going to be washed before being bagged, under Dad's supervision.
  1439. >You start the sifter and watch it run for a while, seeing the huge chunks drop like... well, rocks, is great.
  1440. >You follow down the line watching the progressively smaller rocks get sorted out until you reach the end where the smallest rocks are beginning to pile into mounds that you would have played on back then.
  1441. >The loud beeping of an approaching truck draws your attention up to the top of the sifter.
  1442. >The driver waves at you from the cab and you wave back before turning in the direction of your truck.
  1443. >You graze a hand over the small pile, feeling the rocks shift and tumble under your touch before making your way to the truck and driving it back to the main office.
  1444. >Limestone is leaned against one of the outside walls, the building itself casting a shadow out over her to keep her from the heat.
  1445. >Her eyes are low and focused on the phone resting on her hip.
  1446. >She holds her hard hat in her other hand which rests on her perched up thigh.
  1447. "Hey!" you call out to your sister.
  1448. >She looks up from her phone, a smile begins to spread across her face as she pockets it and waits for you to come closer.
  1449. >She slips a hand behind herself and tosses a white cloth your way, "Dry yourself up some on the way to the truck" she commands.
  1450. >You do as she says, patting down your arms and neck as you both walk side by side to Dad's truck.
  1451. >She waits at the driver side door while you slip your shirt up some to get your chest, stomach, and some of your back a little dry too.
  1452. >When you feel like you've gotten as much as you can, you reach for the handle and tug.
  1453. >The door remains shut so you let the handle go and wait for a second before tugging again.
  1454. >And again it stays shut.
  1455. "The hell? I thought it was the driver side door that catches."
  1456. >"O-oh! It does, uh, one sec" Limestone stammers out, looking over at you through the truck windows.
  1457. >She unlocks her door and slips inside.
  1458. >She leans over, pauses when she realizes she's still too far to reach the lock on your door, then scoots over some and grabs the wheel for support.
  1459. >Limestone stretches herself out again so the very tips of her fingers can touch on the lock for your door.
  1460. >The way she's leaning out and spreading her arms makes her shirt tighten up around her chest.
  1461. >You force your eyes away just as she manages to hit the lock allowing you entry.
  1462. >"There we go!" she chirps, "Buckle up Anon, your mouth is going to go for a ride!"
  1463. >You are immediately caught off guard, both at her cheerful disposition and her rallying call, and break out into a fit of laughter.
  1464. >Limestone glances your way as she steers the truck through the gates leaving the farm, "What?" she huffs.
  1465. >You are trying to explain yourself but keep getting interrupted by your own snickering.
  1466. >Her face begins to gather color in her cheeks, her hand comes off the shifter and strikes against your chest as she scoffs, "I'm talking about the diner you fucking perv."
  1467. >You clutch your chest and feign being seriously injured, Limestone just rolls her eyes at your antics.
  1468. >Realizing she's not playing along, you drop the act completely.
  1469. "Yeah, duh sis, I wasn't laughing because we're actually having a good time together."
  1470. >It's at this point that you realize what she had said.
  1471. >A coy smile spreads across your face.
  1472. "What exactly did you think I WAS laughing at Limey?"
  1473. >Her face becomes even more flushed with what you can only guess is rage.
  1474. >"Sh-shut up... You said we're having a good time right? Don't ruin it."
  1475. >You chuckle a little more before leaning back in your seat and letting an arm dangle out of the window, playing with the rushing wind as you both speed down the small backroad.
  1476. >Despite that little hiccup, the mood in the truck is far more relaxed than it was when you were riding in it this morning.
  1477. >Now to see if this diner is as good as Limey claims it is.
  1478. >A bell rings up above your head as you open the door to the diner, coincidentally named The Diner as it turns out.
  1479. >You receive a warm greeting as you step in and turn to hold the door open for Limey.
  1480. >Limestone walks in and stands off to your side, surveying the area, as you let the door close.
  1481. >"Limestone!" a friendly older woman calls out to your sister from behind the counter.
  1482. >Your sister looks up and waves a hand in her direction.
  1483. >The older woman's eyes slide over to look at you, then back to Limestone, then you again.
  1484. >Her smile becomes less warm and more coy as she speaks, "You two just seat yourselves wherever you want, I'll be there in a minute."
  1485. >Limestone plants a hand to your chest.
  1486. >Before you can say anything, she's clenched a handful of your shirt and is tugging you over to a table at the far end of the diner.
  1487. >"You are gonna love this place Anon, seriously, it has the BEST burgers."
  1488. >Wow, they must be really damn good.
  1489. >This may be the widest smile you've seen on her face since arriving.
  1490. >Limestone drops you off next to the table you assume that you're going to be sitting at.
  1491. "We eating he- oof!"
  1492. >She slaps you in the chest with her small folded wallet thing, which you instinctively raise a hand up to keep from dropping, "Hold my wallet, I'll be right back."
  1493. >She continues on towards the bathrooms.
  1494. >You shrug and slip into the booth Limestone left you at while setting her wallet down on the opposite side of the table.
  1495. >You spy what seems to be the menu stuck at the end of the table, behind all the condiments and shakers.
  1496. >Taking it and giving it a once over confirms that it is indeed the menu.
  1497. "Let's see... chicken platter, burger special, BLT..." you mumble to yourself.
  1498. >"Hey there stranger-"
  1499. >You resist the reflex to jump in your chair and instead calmly look up from the menu to find that older woman Limestone was waving at smiling down at you.
  1500. >"My name's Patty, Patty Melt, and I'll be your waitress today" she explains as she lays out silver for you and the spot across from you.
  1501. >"Patty!" Limestone chirps as she walks back over from the bathrooms.
  1502. >Patty turns and extends her hands out towards Limestone who takes them in hers and gives them a quick squeeze before closing in to sit in her seat.
  1503. >"How's my best customer doing?" Patty asks your sister.
  1504. >Limestone shrugs, "Better-" she glances over at you before turning back to face Patty, "-Definitely better."
  1505. >You can feel a sudden tightness in your chest when her amber eyes fell on you.
  1506. >"Oh well that's good to hear. I'm glad your father is doing alright, now how about you?"
  1507. >Oh, right, of course things would be better on dad now that you're here...
  1508. >Limestone's mouth opens and hangs in the air for a bit, she clamps her mouth shut and scrunches her lips at the waitress, "Ha. Ha. You're real clever Patty" Limestone responds sarcastically, her lips scrunching into a frown.
  1509. >Wait, so who was actually joking?
  1510. >Limestone's forced scowl cracks shortly after and she lowers her face down with a friendly smile plastered on it.
  1511. >"Oh I try" Patty says while keeping her cheerful smile up, she turns to face you, "So, who is this?"
  1512. >How could she-
  1513. >Oh right, been gone for a while.
  1514. >And you've never eaten here before.
  1515. "I'm-"
  1516. >"That's Anon" Limestone responds, cutting yours off.
  1517. >You wait for the rest of the introduction, but 'my brother' doesn't come out.
  1518. >Patty hums pleasantly, while casting a curious eye over you and then your sister.
  1519. >Or she probably knows, Limestone and dad came here all the time before, they must've talked about you before.
  1520. "Yeah I guess you could say that. Started just yesterday."
  1521. >Patty rests a warm hand on your arm, "Oh you are just going to love working there. Limestone and her family are just about the sweetest bunch I have ever had the pleasure of knowing."
  1522. >You throw a questioning glare at your sister who tries her best to look innocently back at you.
  1523. >How the hell much did she pay this woman to sell you on the idea of liking your own family?
  1524. >The anger welling up in your chest from this perceived insult quells when run it back over in your head.
  1525. >She asked this lady Limestone only sort of knows to help convince you to stay.
  1526. >Sure there's a small part of you that's still insulted, but you know that Limey's not great with words, she gets flustered too easy and that makes her lose her short temper.
  1527. >So there's a larger part of you that's... flattered?
  1528. "Yeah, I uh, I've only really gotten to know them for a few days now but, I agree." you respond while keeping your eyes locked with Limestone.
  1529. >You get a reaffirming squeeze on your arm followed by a pleasantly surprised "ooh!" from the waitress.
  1530. >"Strong arms you have there Anon" she coos before following it with a giggle.
  1531. >Limestone's mouth opens is surprise at Patty's statement, which she then immediately covers with her mouth to stifle her giggling.
  1532. >Patty takes out a pad of paper and slips the pencil out from it's place on her ear, "So, what can I get you two?"
  1533. >Limestone, who never took a menu out, is the first to respond, "I'll have the special for today."
  1534. >Special?
  1535. >You scan over the menu looking for the specials of the day.
  1536. >Where- ah!
  1537. >On the corner where your hand was holding the menu.
  1538. >"And for you Anon?"
  1539. >Double quarter pounder with cheese?
  1540. >Hell yeah!
  1541. "I'll uh, have the same actually."
  1542. >Patty hums happily as she scribbles your order down, "Drinks?"
  1543. "Sweet tea with-"
  1544. >"Sweet tea with lemo-"
  1545. >You both pause and look at each other.
  1546. >"Two Sweet teas with lemon... okay, I'll have them right out for you both in a jiffy" Patty chirps before walking off.
  1547. >You both share a quick laugh before settling in and waiting for the food.
  1548. "So, does this place actually have good food or were you just setting me up?"
  1549. >Limestone's eyes widen for a brief moment, "S-setting you up?" she asks, averting her eyes away from your gaze.
  1550. >She's silent for a moment, as she looks over towards the counter watching the cooks and servers work, "I think that Patty is a little out of your range Anon, wh-why would I set her up with a loser like you?" she goads.
  1551. >That does catch you off guard, eliciting a sensible chuckle out of you.
  1552. >"The food really is good here." she mumbles, still looking away from you.
  1553. >You know she doesn't want to talk more about it, and honestly you don't really care all that much.
  1554. >That little gotcha you had on her a second ago makes up for the insult she hit you with for making the waitress do that.
  1555. >You both sit in slightly tense silence for a bit, it's not until Patty brings you both your drinks that you start talking again.
  1556. >Nothing special, just work talk mostly.
  1557. >What's going to be done when you both get back.
  1558. >"Alrighty" Patty announces as she sets the plates down in front of you both, "Two specials of the day."
  1559. >You look down at the plate and are shocked to see a beautiful looking burger sitting on it.
  1560. >Your mouth is already watering just looking at it, the fresh meaty-cheesy smell is only turning up the flow.
  1561. >The pressure in your stomach only makes you want to dig in immediately, however the filth all over your hands gives you pause.
  1562. >Forgot to wash those when you got here, Limestone was a few steps ahead of you on that as you watch her take a sizable bite out of her burger.
  1563. >The happy smile on her face as she chews her food, with ketchup and mustard spots on her cheek, make you feel warm inside.
  1564. >"Something wrong hun?" Patty asks, as she scrutinizes your face.
  1565. >She must've seen the distracted look on your face.
  1566. "Huh? Oh, no. I just need to wash my hands."
  1567. >Patty slides over some, allowing you free passage to get up and walk over to the bathroom.
  1568. >As you are walking away you can see Patty bend down some to put herself closer to your sister.
  1569. >"-o handsome..." "-guy like him..." you hear just bits of what Patty is whispering to your sister as you walk away.
  1570. >Whatever, Limestone is coming from a good place.
  1571. >And more importantly you are eager to dig into that special.
  1572. >You enter the bathroom and flick the lights on.
  1574. >You slam the door the the truck shut and Limestone does the same just after.
  1575. >"So?"
  1576. "Yeah, you were right, fantastic food! I'm stuffed Limey" you respond patting your belly.
  1577. >She wrinkles her nose, "Stuffed?" she asks with utter disbelief, "This is coming from you, Anon, my brother, the boy who could finish a large pizza by himself."
  1578. >You laugh as she starts the truck.
  1579. "Yeah well... I had to start cutting back when I entered my second year of college. Money was kinda tight, and I had to make every meal count for a while."
  1580. >Limestone gets suddenly quiet.
  1581. >She puts the truck in first gear and starts moving you both out of the parking lot.
  1582. >What happened? Did you say something wrong?
  1583. >Everything was great up until now.
  1584. >All through lunch you two were actually having a good time.
  1585. >The food was alright in the end, not the best you'd ever had, but the experience as a whole brought it up to one of the best lunches you've had by far.
  1586. >Patty Melt was a little odd there after you got back though.
  1587. >Calling you both sweethearts, not like each individually, but together.
  1588. >"Do you two sweethearts need a refill?"
  1589. >Limestone didn't really seem bothered by that, so you assume that's just how she addresses people.
  1590. >Just the young ones it seemed, she didn't greet the friendly older couple that walked in that way.
  1591. >Still, despite that, her service was excellent so you let her a pretty good tip when the time came to wrap up and pay.
  1592. >Limestone did hang pretty close while you were paying, didn't seem like she was peering over your shoulder or anything and even if she did, she should know about how much it would've been.
  1593. >So it couldn't be about the money-
  1594. >"-are you hard?"
  1595. >You sit straight up in your seat.
  1596. >"Wh-what?!"
  1597. >Limestone jumps a little in her seat from your sudden exclamation.
  1598. >She shoots you a quick glare before returning her eyes to the road, "I asked if it was hard... after you left m- us."
  1599. >Oh.
  1600. >OH!
  1601. >Oh...
  1602. >You scratch the back of your head, realizing the position you've put yourself in now.
  1603. >Trapped with your sister after bringing up the one subject she immediately shut down on before, and hated you for doing in the first place.
  1604. >Though... she is the one bringing it up.
  1605. >You glance over at her, she looks somewhat uncomfortable, her shoulders are all tense and she keeps her eyes very intently locked to the road.
  1606. >You sigh and prepare yourself for what may happen.
  1607. >Even briefly consider getting your headphones.
  1608. "Yeah, It was." you respond flatly, "Of course it was Limestone. Probably the hardest thing I ever had to do."
  1609. >The truck engine roars and you can feel yourself sink into the aged seat as she hammers down on the gas.
  1610. >"Had to." she parrots back at you, "Did you really HAVE TO leave?" she growls.
  1611. >Your heart begins to pump a little harder as the road whips by faster out through the side window.
  1612. "Y-yeah. Limey I... You must remember what it was like right?"
  1613. >She remains silent, her nostrils flare as she continues on down the road.
  1614. "I wasn't happy Limestone. And dad wasn't willing to hear me out, he was so fixed on the idea of me taking the farm from him since his 'time was coming close'. He would shut me out, or guilt me if I ever expressed even the slightest bit of hesitation."
  1615. >Still Limestone remains silent.
  1616. "C'mon sis! You were there! Don't tell me you've forgotten... I even went to you, begged you, and Maud, to try sharing the burden with me. I asked because I thought that maybe, together, I could’ve... I dunno, tolerated it. Maybe even liked it.”
  1617. >Limestone eases up on the gas some.
  1618. "But you didn't have any interest then, Maud wanted to pursue the science, I was... alone. I felt trapped against a corner, a big dusty loud tiring corner. I saw an out and I took it. I-I'm sorry for hurting you like I did, really truly I am Limey..." you respond fighting to keep your voice from cracking as the sorrow wells up in your chest.
  1619. >The truck begins to slow down more, back into the range of the speed limit.
  1620. "It was hard. So. Very. Hard. To not just crack and drag myself home. I had to fight to prevent any chance of that happening, and that meant doing whatever was necessary to make it, that meant cutting you all out completely. Because... I'm weak." you barely manage to mumble out those last two words.
  1621. >You lower your head and stare down at the dust and dirt coating your legs.
  1622. "Because I loved all of you so much, even dad, even after all that, because I stopped to vomit several times as I walked to the station so early that morning, because I sobbed into my hands the entire train ride out to the airport, and because I knew if I came back, I'd never leave."
  1623. >The truck rumbles and rattles slowly, must be in the parking lot now.
  1624. "And I was sure that I'd just be miserable for the rest of my life."
  1625. >The truck comes to a complete, squeaky, jerking stop.
  1626. >And despite the minor whiplash, letting that all out feels relieving, kinda bad too, but mostly good.
  1627. >Your mind can't help but wander to last night.
  1628. >Maud's poem.
  1629. >You don't dwell on it for too long as a feeling of warmth on the back of your hand draws you from your thoughts.
  1630. >Looking over and through blurry eyes you see Limestone's hand resting on top of yours.
  1631. >She curls her fingers around it and gives you a firm squeeze.
  1632. >You let out an audible breath and even find yourself smiling somewhat.
  1633. >The two of you sit together with the only sound around coming from the truck's old engine for a while, she keeps her hand tightly wrapped around yours the entire time.
  1634. >Eventually she breaks the silence and speaks up, "Wow."
  1635. >The response catches you off guard and you can't help but laugh a little.
  1636. >Limestone, coaxed by your sudden laughter, breaks out herself.
  1637. >The two of you share a laugh before she continues, "Anon I... I was so wrapped up with my own feel- I didn’t think-"
  1638. >She huffs, you can see the color on her cheeks starting to form as she begins to get more frustrated, "I'm... sorry." she grumbles.
  1639. >She looks up at you, her amber eyes are shimmering with tears as well, "I do remember how it was. I think... I mostly focused on the 'you leaving me' part and not really a lot of the stuff that lead up to it, and I'm sorry, f-for…”
  1640. >Her faces flushes with color as she struggles to get the next words out, "beingalittleroughwithyouwhenyougotback" she bullets out under her breath.
  1641. >You give the fingers pressed against your palm a gentle squeeze back.
  1642. >A little smile spreads across her face.
  1643. >Her eyes look away from yours and you can see the color on her face become a little darker, "W-was that everything?"
  1644. >You tilt you head a little in confusion.
  1645. "What do you mean?"
  1646. >”When you left, do you remember that night?"
  1647. "Kind of, that it’s mostly a blur. I only really kind of remember how I felt rather than a lot of the specifics. I told you most of the ones I remembered already.”
  1648. >”How did you feel?” she asks while squeezing your hand particularly tightly.
  1649. >You sigh.
  1650. “Sick, dizzy, achey, sad, pathetic-”
  1651. >Her grip weakens on you, ”Th-that’s all- I mean, that bad?”
  1652. “Yeah, I told you, it wasn’t easy to force myself out that morning. And I don’t really remember very much, but I remember hearing you tell me you hated me forever. Out of everyone else, it’s only your words that stuck with me that day. Didn’t really help my mood any.”
  1653. >”You remember that? A-and that’s all?” she asks, more expectantly than out of just curiosity.
  1654. “Unfortunately...”
  1655. >You wish you could remember any well wishing she might have given you, but only the anger comes to mind when you think about that day.
  1656. >”Oh.” She lowers her head and withdraws her hand from on top of yours, “S-sorry...” she responds meekly.
  1657. >You reach out and take her hand back in yours, the contact makes her look back up at you.
  1658. “Hey, it’s okay. I don’t blame you for being angry with me Limestone. It wasn’t the right way to handle things, I know that. Hell, I knew it then too, but I felt alone and I knew I had to do something.”
  1659. >She shakes her head slowly, the shimmering in her eyes become full tears that begin to streak down her cheeks as she fights to keep from sobbing, “No Anon… you weren't. Please don’t ever say that again. You weren’t okay?”
  1660. >The trembling in her voice, coupled with the desperation in her pleading sends you over the edge as well and you can feel your face get hotter as your sight becomes completely blurry.
  1661. >You nod in agreement as your voice refuses to cooperate.
  1662. >Limestone’s hand travels up your arm, her other one comes up as well.
  1663. >She leans into you and you bury your face into the top of her head.
  1664. >The two of you remain like this, sobbing and nuzzling each other until the both of you cry yourselves dry.
  1665. “Man, we are going to hear about this for forever.”
  1666. >Limestone sniffles, “What do you mean?” she mumbles into your chest.
  1667. “Somebody must’ve seen us by now, I’d be surprised if only half of our workers are outside the truck.”
  1668. >”Anon what are you talking about?” she responds, pulling away from you and sitting up.
  1669. >You lean back and look outside the windows.
  1670. >Only to find that you have no idea where the hell you are, somewhere just off a road for sure, but nothing beyond that.
  1671. “Wha- Where are we? This isn’t the farm.”
  1672. >”No it’s not. I blew past that while I was speeding. We’re a little ways down the road from the farm.”
  1673. “Oh… well, good, right? Nobody but us knows about this now.”
  1674. >Limestone nods while wiping her eyes free of tears, “Yeah, dad wouldn’t know what to do with us if he saw all that.”
  1675. >She follows her statement with a light giggle.
  1676. “He’s still emotionally soft as a- a rock huh?”
  1677. >Damn you Geology Rocks!
  1678. >Limestone reacts to your stupid accidental joke about as well as you could’ve expected.
  1679. >She punches your arm, “Anon! He’s… he’s better. He had to be better. You showed him that, I don’t know if I’d have stepped up if he was as tough as he was on you.”
  1680. >Oh shit.
  1681. >OH SHIT!
  1682. >Limestone replaced you.
  1683. >Of fucking course she replaced you!
  1684. >God how could you be so stupid to think that things would just work out without you in the first place.
  1685. “Limestone, my god I’m so sorry that you had to-“
  1686. >She rests a gentle hand on the shoulder she punched, little by little her rubs ease the stinging away, “It’s okay Anon, after you left me- us, I- we all had to make changes, and as the oldest then, I gravitated towards what I thought was expected of me… and I actually came to like it. So it’s okay, things worked out okay. A-and… maybe now, things could work out better?”
  1687. >She lets the question hang in the air as you both look into each other’s eyes.
  1688. >Her hand continues to rub your arm long after it stopped stinging.
  1689. >You don’t have to respond to her, both of you know the answer without needed to say it.
  1690. >She turns back around and places her hands on the steering wheel.
  1691. >Limestone lets out a sigh to further compose herself after this extraordinarily emotional lunch break, “So, I can pull a u-turn and take us right back to work-”
  1692. >You hum in acknowledgement, knowing there’s an “or” coming.
  1693. >”Or…”
  1694. >There it is.
  1695. >”We can keep going down this road, eventually it’ll lead back to the farm.”
  1696. >You smile and before you can even turn to face Limestone, you know that she’s got the same smile and idea as you.
  1697. >She reenters the road, continuing down the way the truck was pointed.
  1698. >Her hand stretches over and turns the radio on.
  1699. >Fuzz and garbled sound come through the speakers until she pops in a plastic cassette that has a cable going out of it leading to her phone.
  1700. >She glances down at it briefly, tapping the screen a couple of times before setting it down.
  1701. >Twangy static heavy guitar strums blare out through the speakers.
  1702. >There’s a wild energy to the strumming that gets accompanied shortly by a simple but pounding drum rhythm.
  1703. >Then comes the voice, grainy and a little nasally.
  1704. >The smile on your face widens when you realize what’s playing.
  1705. “This is… The Vanilla Strikes? You like them?” you ask with utter disbelief.
  1706. >”Yeah! I found some of the CDs you left behind when I moved into your room. They were one of the few that I liked.”
  1707. >You feel a sting in your chest, which you decide to visualize by cupping your hands around your heart.
  1708. “Oh! One of the few?! Limey, everything I bought CDs for was great.”
  1709. >She rolls her eyes, “Yeah, whatever… The Vanilla Strikes I agree are great though.”
  1710. >You roll down your window and let the wild wind blow against your face as the wild sounds blow through your ears.
  1711. >”A-and I heard that they got married, even though they were brother and sister. Kinda cool huh?”
  1712. “I remember hearing that too, didn’t it come out that they were just like, regular married though?”
  1713. >Limestone sighs, “Y-yeah I guess maybe” she grumbles, just low enough that barely caught what she was saying over the speakers and the wind.
  1714. >”They’re going to be playing here in soon you know?”
  1715. >You jump up in your seat and look over at your sister.
  1716. “No way. Seriously?!”
  1717. >She glances your way briefly before turning her eyes forward again, “Well, not here, but a couple of towns over. Sold out last I heard on the radio...”
  1718. >And there goes the wind right out of your sails.
  1719. >And your chest, you fall back into your seat with a disappointed sigh.
  1720. >”I could probably get us in, I-if you wanted to go with me…”
  1721. >And you’re back up again, though a little more reserved than before.
  1722. “Yeah?”
  1723. >Limestone nods, “I have friends who work at a radio station. They get tickets for stuff all the time, they don’t always want to give them out but… I could probably squeeze a couple of tickets out of them I’m sure. Stage-side too probably.”
  1724. “I love you.”
  1725. >Your head bumps the glass window of the door.
  1726. >”Sorry! There was a squirrel.”
  1727. “It’s okay” you respond while rubbing the side of your head, “Seriously Limey, if you can actually get us stage-side tickets… hell any tickets really-“
  1728. >It’s crazy, you’re getting along better with her in this last hour than you ever remember having done since you were kids
  1729. >And sharing your loves, of the same band, would be fantastic.
  1730. >Limestone promises she’ll call her friends later today as you’re both pulling in to work right now and returning just a little… very late.
  1731. >You slip on your hard hat and put your headphones back around your neck.
  1732. >Limestone does the same.
  1733. >The two of you share a pleasant, “Have fun, don’t get crushed” look before parting ways to your respective positions.
  1735. >The truck rumbles and rattles as it travels down the semi-familiar roads.
  1736. >Dad drives a little more aggressively than Limestone does you’ve noticed.
  1737. >Probably how she was able to punch the gas earlier and not seem phased by it.
  1738. >A warm puff of air travels down your chest, the top of Limestone’s head is at the bottom of your vision.
  1739. >”Long day.” dad says quietly.
  1740. “Yeah, having that truck break down complicated things.”
  1741. >Dad grumbles, “That damned Nitty Gritty. Always making patch jobs on his truck. I told him a million times to price an actual repair job and get back to me with it-“
  1742. >He glances over at you and your sister, he drops the small rant he was getting swept up in and clears his throat, “Well, I’m glad you and Limey were here today to make sure we hit the quotas.”
  1743. >You simply nod slowly in return.
  1744. >The truck groans a little as dad shifts gears, without restriction this time due to Limestone’s position.
  1745. >She’s half sitting in your lap, her right thigh planted firmly on your left.
  1746. >Her leg is tucked between yours and digs slightly into your left leg to keep herself up partially on you.
  1747. >In order to keep from falling over onto Dad given the tilt of her hip, she was leaning over on your front.
  1748. >This was the final result after a small bit of huffing and rough shoving when you all first piled into dad’s truck.
  1749. >Work took more out of her than it did you however, as she fell asleep shortly after leaving the farm, letting her. complaint about how much you reeked die down with her.
  1750. >Now her head rests on your chest, near the center, the curve of her upper body is now keeping her in place and away from. the space dad needs to drive comfortably.
  1751. >”That girl is out cold huh?”
  1752. >You are about to respond but a yawn sneaks its way out first.
  1753. >Dad chuckles, “You’re not too far behind her eh?”
  1754. >You shake your head.
  1755. >”Well don’t worry, Maud isn’t done working on where the next blast is going to be so we have about another month before another day like this comes around, and Nitty will have that repair estimate to me by tomorrow now.”
  1756. >You lean over some and rest your head against the glass window.
  1757. >Dad turns the radio up just a little, to mask the forming silence.
  1758. >Limestone shifts a little more on your lap, her thigh travels further over and you can feel a pressure on your loins.
  1759. >You can feel her breathe in deeply, her back expands and push against your chest just slightly before she lets it out.
  1760. >Again you can feel her breath trickle down your chest, followed by a gentle nuzzle as she digs her head up into the bottom of your chin.
  1761. >Her body is very warm, and smells of salted flowers.
  1762. >Her deodorant was clearly not up to task for a day like today.
  1763. >You can feel her damp skin soaking your clothing with her sweat.
  1764. >More notably on your pants than your shirt.
  1765. >You rest your head against the warm glass of the truck’s side window and close your eyes.
  1766. >You certainly weren’t ready for a day like today either, you are wiped.
  1767. >The truck comes to a faintly squealing stop, rocking both you and Limestone forwards.
  1768. >Your eyes blink open and you instinctively reach out and grab a handful of the seat to hold yourself back.
  1769. >Limestone gasps as your brain catches up and you realize you had grabbed a handful of your sister’s thigh rather than the seat.
  1770. >Dad was busy fussing with the keys to notice, you quickly let her go and pray that she doesn’t just blow up at you.
  1771. >Grumbles coming from just underneath you inform you that you thankfully hadn’t done that while she was awake.
  1772. >”Anon...” she mumbles sleepily.
  1773. >Dad slams the driver side door shut behind him as he circles around to the back to grab his bag out of the back.
  1774. >”Dig in harder-“ she continues to mumble.
  1775. >She stiffens up, which means her right leg digs down on your a little harder.
  1776. >You can feel your cock become sandwiched between her thigh and your own.
  1777. >Limestone pushes back from you, sliding her leg back over and off of you, “-W-why don’t you!” she growls.
  1778. >Her eyes dart to the back of the truck, looking out through the rear view window before returning to look at you.
  1779. “Sorry sis, force of habit” you explain.
  1780. >She swallows and parts her lips just a little, “f-force-“ her mumbles statement is cut off suddenly by the sound of knuckle on glass.
  1781. >Both you and Limestone look out the side window at your father, who has crossed over to your side now, “Shake the sleep out of your limbs” you faintly hear dad proclaim as he makes his way to the front door.
  1782. >You turn back around to find Limestone scooting her way to the driver side of the truck.
  1783. >Guess she picked up being cranky after waking up from Maud in your absence.
  1784. >You slam the door shut behind you as you begin walking towards the stairs.
  1785. >Limestone rounds the front of the truck and catches up to walk beside you up the stairs.
  1786. >She yawns and stretches as she walks up the stairs.
  1787. >You can actually make out the faintest jiggle in her chest with each step up with how stretched the shirt is over her chest right now.
  1788. >”Awake now Limestone?” dad asks as you all dust yourselves off a little at the doorstep.
  1789. >Limestome hums agreeably, “I don’t want to be…” she whines, “Think I’m going to have a hot shower and a nap.”
  1790. >”You want anybody to wake you when dinner is ready?”
  1791. >”No, but somebody better. I’m already feeling hungry.”
  1792. >Satisfied with the quick clean off, dad opens the door and lets you and Limestone in.
  1793. >A hot shower and a nap sounds awesome.
  1794. >You are all kinds of gross right now.
  1795. >Mom’s quick greeting coupled with the firm look on her face give you the impression that she not only agrees, but would rather you take one quickly.
  1796. >Man, if you keep taking two showers in one day your skin is going to get-
  1797. >Your blood begins to run cold.
  1798. >You took a shower this morning.
  1799. >And used Limestone’s towel to wash yourself off.
  1800. >After she had blown up at you the day before for using her stuff.
  1801. >And today you two finally seemed to start getting on friendly terms.
  1802. >This is a fine line you are on.
  1803. >She’s tired and grumpy because she’s tired.
  1804. >It would take only one little thing to put yourself right back on her hate list.
  1805. >You hear the click of what was once your room being opened from your place downstairs.
  1806. >She’s already moving!
  1807. >You hustle up the stairs and race down the hall just as you see Limestone begin to open the door to the bathroom.
  1808. >Acting before thinking it through, you race over and slam the bathroom door shut in her face.
  1809. >Limestone whips around with a furious scowl, “What the hell?!” she growls.
  1810. >Her fierce amber eyes meet yours.
  1811. >They dart down to note the closeness that was unfortunately necessary to catch the door before coming back up again.
  1812. >You watch the fire fade from her eyes, down to small embers.
  1813. “H-hey, sis…” you respond when you think it’s safe to.
  1814. >She doesn’t respond.
  1815. >C’mon man, think!
  1816. “Y-you uh… you’re not too tired y-yet are you?”
  1817. >She furrows her brow, but it seems to be more out of confusion than anger.
  1818. >”Why?” she says in a low voice.
  1819. “Because I was… uh…”
  1820. >Think fast, you’re losing her.
  1821. >Just looking at the color begin to flood to her cheeks is a pretty clear sign of what’s going on.
  1822. “Thinking that you could NOT take a shower just yet and go…”
  1823. >Go where…
  1824. >Store?
  1825. >No.
  1826. >A drive?
  1827. >No!
  1828. >Can't think, use your instincts!
  1829. “For a walk?”
  1830. >For a WALK?!
  1831. >Instincts bad.
  1832. >That’s the best you could do?
  1833. >”You want me to take a walk?”
  1834. “Yeah! Uh, with me! O-of course…”
  1835. >Her mouth hangs open as she contemplates your suggestion.
  1836. “Show me around, what’s changed, what hasn’t. Y’know that kind of walk.”
  1837. >Her eyebrow starts to raise.
  1838. “J-just you and me?” you squeak out, not knowing any other way to sell her on this idea.
  1839. >”Just you and…” she mumbles as her eyes lower.
  1840. >You give her your winningest smile.
  1841. >”Okay.” she responds softly.
  1842. >YES!
  1843. >She looks back up at you and you’re surprised to see a smile beginning to form on her face.
  1844. >She must see the excitement and relief on yours at having saved your own ass.
  1845. >Limestone takes one step closer to you, you can just barely feel the heat radiating off of her body, and the one step to the side as she continues on past you.
  1846. >Her arm grazes your chest, “C’mon Anon, while the sun is still out.”
  1847. “Oh! One sec, I’ve just got to put something away in my room. J-just wait for me by the door would you Limestone?”
  1848. >She furrows her brow again, but continues to the stairs shortly after.
  1849. >You do a silent fist pump and bolt for your room.
  1850. >The door flies open and only after do you remember that you were supposed to knock.
  1851. >Thankfully Maud isn’t in the room, giving you free clearance to grab up your dirty clothing and Limestone’s towel into a big heap.
  1852. >You poke your head out to make sure the coast is clear.
  1853. >Empty hallway to the left, empty to the right…
  1854. >You slip out of your room and make haste for the washer near mom and dad’s room.
  1855. >Couple turns of the knob, pull to start, clothes in aaaaand-
  1856. >Wait, how the hell are you going to dry-
  1857. >”Are you putting out a load Anon?”
  1858. “AH! JES- WHA-?!”
  1859. >You spin around to find Pinkie grinning up at you.
  1860. >”Mind if your little sister gets in on some of that?” she chirps.
  1861. >You clutch your chest to try and keep your heart inside it still.
  1862. “You what now?”
  1863. >She pulls a small bundle of cloth out from behind her back.
  1864. >Pinkie pulls one small item of clothing out from the bundle and pinches it with both hands to show you.
  1865. >In her hands she’s holding up a pair of pink panties with a stag beetle pictured on the back.
  1866. >The text above and below them reads, “Don’t this just beetle.”
  1867. >”As you can see I’ve got some pretty sweet undies, thought they’re not too sweet right now…”
  1868. >She leans in close to you, pinning you against the washer, and puts her lips to your ears, “That means they need a-washin'.”
  1869. >She falls back and holds the bundle up to you, “you don’t mind if my delicates bump around with yours huh?”
  1870. “Uh- no. If you want to-“
  1871. >Wait a second…
  1872. “Oh! Yeah, actually that’d be prefect. Provided you can put these to dry the moment they’re done. You can do that right?”
  1873. >She stands tall and gives you firm salute, “You betcha Nonners.”
  1874. >And dropping her underwear all over the floor as a result.
  1875. >"Whoopsie, spilled all over the floor. And right in front of you, how embarrassing!" she jokes while dropping to her knees to pick them all up.
  1876. >From the sudden height advantage you've now gained, Pinkie's low cut top gives you even more of a view of her... size
  1877. >Just briefly as she quickly hops back to her feet, you step aside for her to get to the washer.
  1878. >She flings the lid open and tosses her underwear in with reckless abandon.
  1879. >Her eyes widen and she turns to you, “oh OH! Actually, you wanna see them?”
  1880. >She turns back and sticks her hands into the washer, “I’ve got one with a cute dinosaur, and a hi-LARIOUS one with a giraffe, oh OH and there’s one with a snail on the front-“
  1881. >Limestone’s still waiting.
  1882. “Yeah uh, I’m sure they’re great sis but I’ve gotta head out for a bit. Appreciate you taking care of the drying for me. Thanks Pinkie, you’re the best!”
  1883. >You spin around and make for the stairs only to bump into something directly in front of you.
  1884. >Stepping back you see Pinkie standing in your way.
  1885. >The hell?
  1886. >You look over your shoulder and find only the washer running.
  1887. >”Could you repeat that? Just the last bit.”
  1888. >You shake off the familiar weirdness that comes from your sister.
  1889. “What? Thanks?”
  1890. >”Noooo~” she responds innocently.
  1891. >You roll your eyes.
  1892. “Was it… Pinkie?”
  1893. >She puffs her cheeks out, “Nonners!” she whines.
  1894. >You return with a smirk.
  1895. “Okay..." you concede, "You’re the best, Pinkie.”
  1896. >She beams up at you and closes the gap between you both in one swift motion.
  1897. >So fast that you don’t have time to respond.
  1898. >”Mmuah!” she exclaims happily as she pops off your cheek.
  1899. >You stand there dumbfounded for a moment until remembering the point of all this.
  1900. >”That’s another one down~” she sing songs, once again she leans in close to you and put her lips near your ears, "Wanna get more down while we're here?" she whispers
  1901. >Her breath tickles your ear in a way that forces you to stifle a laugh
  1902. "Sorry Pinkie, I really gotta go. Besides I'm filthy right now"
  1903. >Pinkie leans back and tuck her hands behind her, she sways left and right innocently while avoiding your eyes, "W-well I don't mind getting dirty, i-if it's you..."
  1904. >You pat her on the head
  1905. "Later, we'll have plenty of time. I... think my stay is going to be longer than maybe anyone thought"
  1906. >Pinkie gasps quietly and nods slowly before leaving for her shared room with Marble with a smile on her face.
  1907. >You make your way down the stairs with a smile of your own.
  1908. >”Geez, you know I said while the sun is STILL out right?” Limestone huffs.
  1909. “Yeah, sorry Limey. Let’s go.”
  1910. >She has a frown on, but she does slip through the door when you hold it open for her and you can see almost no tension in her shoulders as she walks down the stairs.
  1911. >You shut the front door behind you and skip a couple of steps to catch up to your sister.
  1912. >She comes to a stop a little ways in front of the house and turns to face you, “Well, where do you want to go?” she says, probably the most gently since you two were in the truck on lunch
  1913. >Well, you’ll need about thirty minutes for the washer, maybe another thirty for the drier.
  1914. “Everywhere?" you squeak out, "I've really only kinda looked around the front of the house when I arrived, Holder’s Boulder is about the only thing I’ve seen.”
  1915. >Limestone hums to herself as she thinks, “Do you remember… the monster tree?”
  1916. >Monster-
  1917. “Oh, yeah! Man, we used to use that tree in so many games.”
  1918. >Limestone nods.
  1919. “It’s uh… over that way right?” you ask while pointing to the right of the house.
  1920. >Limestone furrows her brow, slowly she raises a hand and grabs you by the wrist.
  1921. >She pulls and turns you so you’re facing directly at the house, “It’s behind the house a bit.”
  1922. “Oh. I was kinda close though.”
  1923. >Limestone smiles, “C’mon-“ she says while tugging on your wrist, “Lemme show you where it is so we don’t just roast by standing still in the hot sun.”
  1924. >She takes you to Monster tree, then way out to what you eventually remembered as that ditch you broke your leg in.
  1925. >She giggled to herself while mocking your cries when you were brought back to the house after having fallen, she kept it up all the way back to the ‘super rainbow spot’.
  1926. >Pinkie claims that she once saw what she called a super rainbow out west of the house, to her credit you can often times see a rainbow from there during or just after rain, but nothing that you would have called super.
  1927. “Did another super rainbow ever show up?”
  1928. >Limestone shakes her head, “No, Pinkie said that she didn’t think another one would ever show up after you left.”
  1929. >You can feel a heat rush to your face as the silence begins to creep in.
  1930. >”Even if she didn’t think that, she left after graduating high school to work in a bakery so she usually wasn’t here when it did rain to see.”
  1931. >You hum in response.
  1932. >The silence falls over you both again.
  1933. >Limestone wipes an arm across her brow, “I’m getting pretty hot.”
  1934. >Shit, you guys haven’t been out long enough yet.
  1935. >”Say, do you want to go to the lake?”
  1936. “The lake? You mean that little pond out by the forest? That hasn’t dried up yet?”
  1937. >”The opposite, Maud thinks it was an underground spring that stopped being clogged up as time went on.”
  1938. “No way. Seriously?!”
  1939. >Her eyes light up with excitement, “Oh man, I completely forgot that it was still small when you were here.”
  1940. >Limestone takes your hand in hers and pulls you along as she starts running towards the trees on the outskirts of your land.
  1941. >You struggle to keep up with your sister, her practically tugging you the entire way with her vice like grip on your hand.
  1942. >As it starts to come into view, you begin to understand her excitement.
  1943. >She comes to a stop near the edge of the lake.
  1944. >You can only stand there, bewildered by the sight.
  1945. “I-it’s…”
  1946. >Huge.
  1947. >Beautiful.
  1948. >”SO good” Limestone purrs
  1949. >You look over to find your sister missing and only her clothes in the place where she once stood.
  1950. >A splash sounds out in front of you, drawing your attention forward.
  1951. >Limestone bursts through the surface of the water.
  1952. >She shakes her wet hair free of most of the water, sprinkling you with some of it.
  1953. >Your eyes can’t help but trail south of her hair.
  1954. >Did she go to work in a biki-
  1955. >No wait, that’s a sports bra.
  1956. >Then the bright green you can kind of see under the water is…
  1957. >You think back to this morning, the bright green bands you saw peeking out through her baggy pants.
  1958. >”Hey!”
  1959. >You jump to attention, looking Limestone in the eye.
  1960. >”You gonna keep staring Anon, or are you going to come inside” she goads.
  1961. >You shake away your thoughts and focus on how good that water is going to feel on your skin.
  1962. >The world goes dark for a brief moment as you wiggle out of your sweaty dirty shirt, pulling it over your face and tossing it to the ground beside Limestone’s once it’s off.
  1963. >You return sights to Limestone, she’s crouched low in the water, looking at at you expectantly.
  1964. >You pop the button of your pants and start to pull the zipper down.
  1965. >It’s only when you feel a slight pinch of pain on your pubic area that you remember something very important.
  1966. >You quickly zip your pants back up and even pull them up a little higher.
  1967. >Limestone looks taken aback, “What’s wrong?” she asks, noting your distress.
  1968. “Uh… I forgot, I’m going commando today.”
  1969. >Limestone tilts her head, “…Commando?” she repeats back slowly.
  1970. >You sigh.
  1971. “I’m not sporting any underwear Limey.”
  1972. >She remains silent for a moment.
  1973. >The only sounds around are the quiet drips of water from her hair back into the lake.
  1974. >”S-so?” she mumbles out, breaking the silence.
  1975. “So?” you repeat this time, with confusion in your voice.
  1976. >Limestone sighs, “Just look at you, drenched already i-in sweat… keep it up and you’ll pass out or something. It's just me in here, a-and nobody else is anywhere close to us”
  1977. >You don’t really feel light headed, you could probably make it back to the house no proble-
  1978. >A wet slap is coupled with a warm wetness meeting your chest.
  1979. >Your hand moves on instinct to catch whatever it is that’s peeling off of you.
  1980. >Looking down you find a bright green pair of soaking wet thong underwear in your hands.
  1981. >You yelp and toss them to the ground where they land with another wet slap sound.
  1982. >”There!” Limestone shouts, “Now will you quit being such a wuss and get in?”
  1983. >Looking back over you can see your sister crouched even lower in the water.
  1984. >Her face is bright red and her eyes are cast down into the water.
  1985. >Wow, to think she'd make herself as vulnerable as you...
  1986. >You quickly slip your pants off and scurry to submerge yourself in the water.
  1987. >The cool liquid quickly receives the faint sting of the hot sun on your skin.
  1988. >Limestone floats back some quietly as you paddle out into deeper water, trying to keep your back turned towards your sister.
  1989. >You dip your head under one more time to enjoy the feeling of cool spring lake water all over you before coming back out.
  1990. >You shake your head free of water and open your eyes.
  1991. >Limestone is floating directly in front of you.
  1992. >Her eyes trail up your body, you assume following your emergence.
  1993. >Just looking down at yourself you unfortunately find that despite your swirling about underneath, the water remains pretty clear.
  1994. >Just on the edge of your periphery, you can see Limestone’s legs kick weakly to keep her afloat.
  1995. >The way the sun peeks through the nearby trees gives you an unintentionally clear view.
  1996. >Your eyes take in a small patch of silvery fuzz at the center of her waist as you were forcing your eyes up.
  1997. >Limestone has her eyes closed now and her head back as she relaxes in the cool water.
  1998. >Her chest bobs up and down on the surface of the water, by now her sports bra has soaked through completely and you see that not all of her is relaxed.
  1999. >The light blue cloth has become semi-transparent and you can see two dark circles in the middle of her twin small mounds.
  2000. >Two smaller and slightly darker circles just barely protrude out of the tight fabric.
  2001. >You clear your throat and decide to do as she does.
  2002. >Your eyes close and you tilt your head back while focusing only on staying afloat.
  2003. >The cool water combined with the shade of the trees is very comforting after such a long, hard, hot day.
  2004. >You float around for a while enjoying the experience, that is, until you bump into something.
  2005. >Something that feels kinda... slimy?
  2006. >You open your eyes and tilt your head back down to find yourself looking at Limestone's face.
  2007. >Her eyes are closed lightly, seems she's either dozing or too relaxed to have noticed bumping into you.
  2008. >Her hair, while short, is still spread out in the water some of it drapes on your belly giving the impression of something slimy.
  2009. >You tilt your head up some, as your eyes follow her relaxed form on the water.
  2010. >Aside from her face, the only other thing, well things, that still protrude through the surface are the very tips of her sports bra.
  2011. >Literally the very... tips.
  2012. >Past that you note that her legs are just under, with the occasional knee breaking through the surface.
  2013. >Deep yellow stripes of sunset light streak across the clear lake water.
  2014. >You thought that one happened to drape across where limestone's crotch is.
  2015. >A moment passes before you realize that the lines above and below her waist are actually a result of tanlines.
  2016. >Two, one on each leg, are high up on her thigh.
  2017. >And one long band rests just above the very faint curve of her hips.
  2018. >The area in between is much paler, so much that the dark silver color of her damp bush seems to pop.
  2019. >Almost... draws the eye to-
  2020. >You fight the basal urges your dry spell has made you susceptible to with a shake of the head.
  2021. >You shut your eyes tight and try to force the visions in your head out.
  2022. >When you open them again you find yourself looking down directly into the two amber eyes of your sister.
  2023. >They're squinting slightly.
  2024. >Fear begins to grip your heart.
  2025. >She is going to rip you apart for thinking that you were looking at her.
  2026. >You were, but it wasn't because you-
  2027. >Your thoughts cut short as you feel a pressure on your thigh and the gentlest of grazes on your member.
  2028. >"Anon..."
  2029. >Limestone's hand is planted onto your leg.
  2030. >She silently pushes off of you with one hand while wiping her face with the other.
  2031. >"Watch where you're going. You were getting water on my face" she mumbles sleepily.
  2032. >Oh thank god, that's why she was squinting!
  2033. >After letting out a quiet stream of air, you respond.
  2034. "Watch where I'm going? Maybe if you were floating like I am you wouldn't have to worry about... getting water in your eyes."
  2035. >Limestone blows a raspberry, "Too tired. Besides, it's my lake, I'll float however I want."
  2036. >You raise an eyebrow that she doesn't see because she's closed her eyes again.
  2037. "YOUR lake?"
  2038. >She hums agreeably, "That's right." she chirps.
  2039. "And uh, since when is this YOUR lake?"
  2040. >"Uh... since always Anon? I was the one who found it."
  2041. "Bullshit you found it. I found it!"
  2042. >Limestone uprights herself and spins around to face you with a furrowed brow, "You've been gone too long big brother, memory's getting fuzzy, you most definitely did NOT find this lake."
  2043. >You furrow your brow in response.
  2044. >Limestone adds a wrinkled nose to the stare-off.
  2045. >You come back with a deep frown.
  2046. >The two of you hold this stare for a while as you stalled for time to dig through your memories.
  2047. >Suddenly it hits you.
  2048. "Ah-ha! I did too find this place, because I marked it!"
  2049. >Limestone's scowl lightens up, "Wh-what?"
  2050. >You start to swim over to your sister.
  2051. >She tenses up as you approach.
  2052. >You stick your tongue out at her as you swim by and continue to the far end, by the trees.
  2053. >You hear water splashing around behind you as you assume Limestone is trailing behind you.
  2054. >It takes you a minute to remember which tree it was.
  2055. >"You plan on looping around a few more times or-"
  2056. "There!" you shout, pointing at a tree near the edge of the lake.
  2057. >Limestone swims over beside you, her eyes follow the direction of your finger.
  2058. >"What am I looking for exactly?"
  2059. >You point to the tree a couple of times.
  2060. "That tree. Right at the base of it."
  2061. >She paddles closer and further up putting herself just in front of you.
  2062. >You can feel the gentle push of the water from her swimming against your body.
  2063. >Limestone plants her hands into the mud and leans forward just a bit more.
  2064. >You make an effort to keep your eyes above the clear water.
  2065. >"L- Lare- no, Lake? Lake Cocoa Shiba?"
  2066. "Lake Crocoshima, Limey, I named this place when I found it, shortly after we moved here. You were too cranky about having to share your room with Maud that day so I went out on my own. Back when this was just a murky small pond I named it after the Samurai Croc's hideout."
  2067. >"What?! Anon, that's stupid!" she huffs, spinning around to face you.
  2068. >You shrug in response.
  2069. "What do you want, I was a kid and I really liked that show."
  2070. >Limestone pouts, "W-well that doesn't mean anything! You could've written that anytime" she counters, sounding rather proud of herself.
  2071. >Only makes this next part all the sweeter.
  2072. "Yeah... except for the date under it. Should be a day or so after we moved here."
  2073. >Very important thing when growing up with sisters who take your stuff, name AND date things.
  2074. >Hell, sometimes even mark on the package how much is left, especially when it comes to snacks.
  2075. >Her face gets the faintest hint of red to it, "Bullshit!" she spits back.
  2076. >You wave her off.
  2077. "Go look for yourself if you want."
  2078. >Fully flustered she turns tail and plants her feet into the small bank of mud near the edge of the lake, "I will!"
  2079. >She has to jump out somewhat due to the slope of this end of the lake, Limestone's pale rear is on full display to you.
  2080. >Your jaw drops at the sight your sister is too angry to have realized she's giving you.
  2081. >Her slightly darker ring of skin around her pucker, the way her puffy lips part just slightly as she throws another leg out to climb up, giving you just the smallest hint of bright pink color against a pale surrounding.
  2082. >You tried to turn away, but the amount of butt she has despite being thin and wiry everywhere else stunned you.
  2083. >Two plump, smooth, soft mounds of flesh shift as she climbs up, tightening and relaxing in sync before your very eyes.
  2084. >She eventually climbs out and runs over to the tree while you swim back to the center of the lake and try to calm yourself down.
  2085. >All this time away, they've all changed so much in that time.
  2086. >Your brain is having a hard time, especially right now, making the distinction that she's your sister.
  2087. >You hear a splash followed by small waves of water splashing against your back.
  2088. "S-so?" you ask over your shoulder, trying to keep up an appearance that everything is normal.
  2089. >While also keeping your half-hard member obscured from the one who made it this way.
  2090. >Limestone is silent.
  2091. >You turn further to actually get a look at her.
  2092. "Ah! Hey!"
  2093. >Only to be hit in the face with a splash of water.
  2094. >"So?!" she repeats your question with a mocking tone.
  2095. >You lift both hands to wipe your eyes leaving the floating entirely to your legs.
  2096. >"Whatever, you found this place first. I swam in it for longer" she grumbles.
  2097. >Your face is clear of water, you can open your eyes again.
  2098. >Limestone has her nose raised at you.
  2099. "The hell Limestone? Splashing me?! What are you, five?" you goad.
  2100. >She brings a hand up, clearly with the intent to splash you again, but you expected that and counter with a splash of your own.
  2101. >Limestone gasps as the water hits her face.
  2102. >She coughs and rubs her eyes.
  2103. >You can't help but laugh at your successful counter-attack.
  2104. >Before everything goes blurry and your face is soaked.
  2105. >She threw water at you with an upward swing of her hands.
  2106. >You just keep your eyes closed and blindly splash back in her general direction.
  2107. >"Hey!" she growls.
  2108. "You started this!" you shout back.
  2109. >Water hits your face at a quick pace now and you return with a steady stream of your own splashes.
  2110. >Despite your best efforts to keep your mouth shut, you can't help but let a smile spread across your face.
  2111. >Her splashes become bigger suddenly.
  2112. >And it's only when you feel her hand graze down your chest that you realize why.
  2113. >She's closed the ga-
  2114. >Her hands grab your shoulders and she puts all of her weight down on you, forcing you under the surface.
  2115. >Water goes right up your nose, painfully stinging your face.
  2116. >Bubbles from your surprised gasp all around.
  2117. >Cool water around you, then suddenly a warm surface pressed up against your nose.
  2118. >Limestone’s nails dig into your shoulders, you can feel her legs on your back and sides.
  2119. >Either she goes up, or you go down more, or a little of both happen, but the end result is you think you feel a bit of coarseness on your face before you snap to attention and push back up using the muddy ground.
  2120. >You break the surface with a gasp, water pours down your face and body.
  2121. >Limestone is laughing while trying to regain purchase on your shoulders to dunk you again.
  2122. >You raise your arms and push her hands off of your wet body.
  2123. >You splash water directly in front of you, Limestone’s squeal informs you of a direct hit.
  2124. >Unfortunately however, she recovers quickly and strikes even quicker.
  2125. >Her hands slip around your sides and travel to your back.
  2126. >You can feel her chest come into contact with you.
  2127. >You kick back and grab her by the wrists, forcing her hands back out in front of you.
  2128. >She grunts with effort as she tries to resist being pushed away.
  2129. >Limestone is weaker than you to begin with, and currently more worn out that you are .
  2130. >The end result is that she’s putting up a shit resistance.
  2131. >Limestone fusses and squirms while locking fingers with you, trying desperately to regain control.
  2132. >The sore loser emerges from Limestone and you tense up the moment you feel her heels graze along your sides.
  2133. >You are too slow to respond as she slips her legs past you and wraps them around your waist.
  2134. >Her heels dig into your back as she brings her hips in.
  2135. >Panic settles in as you realize all this playful wrestling, coupled with her grunts and groans of struggle, with eyes shut to avoid being splashed has all culminated into a throbbingly hard cock.
  2136. >Limestone digs her crotch into your stomach, using your body as leverage so she can push harder with her hands.
  2137. >You are too concerned about your penis, hovering just barely below the bottom of her ass to effectively fight her off.
  2138. >This is no longer about playing around, you are actually just trying to push her off, but her competitive side has taken over.
  2139. >She doesn’t seem to care that your cock is prodding her butt cheek as she squirms around on you.
  2140. >Limestone brings her chest in, mashing it against yours as she pushes back on your hands forcefully.
  2141. >Your elbows are really far back now, almost touching it feels like.
  2142. >Her eyes burn with an intense desire.
  2143. >She’s gritting her teeth as she begins to sink you into the water.
  2144. >Limestone’s face now hovers just inches above yours.
  2145. >You can feel her panted breaths on your face.
  2146. >Hear breathing is loud and labored.
  2147. >Until it isn’t, it quickly begins to ramp down as she slowly lets off with her hands, allowing you to push her back some.
  2148. >The intensity in her eyes fades as the space between you two grows.
  2149. >You can feel a downward force on your shaft, right at the base as she untangles herself off of you.
  2150. >Limestone doesn’t say anything and you stifle the gasp to not draw any attention to it so you’re pretty sure it was just her leg and she didn’t notice.
  2151. >She floats back some, pulling your hands along with her for a bit before realizing that she was still holding tightly to them.
  2152. >”Oh! S-sorry…” she mumbles, finally releasing your hands and allowing the blood to flow back into them.
  2153. “It’s alright…” you mumble back, clenching and unclenching your fingers to get rid of the tingles faster.
  2154. >Limestone swims over to the front end of the lake where your clothing is.
  2155. >She starts to get out before pausing suddenly and looking back at you over her shoulder, “Could you turn around please?” she asks.
  2156. >Is this really the first time she’s been conscious of not having any bottoms on?
  2157. >You do as she asks and turn around.
  2158. >You hear the water splash and drip along with a rustle of clothing and a couple of mumbled swears.
  2159. >”Okay” Limestone calls back at you.
  2160. >You turn back around after having been putting intense mental effort towards doing hard math.
  2161. >It was to little effect, you’re still at the very least at half-hard while looking up at Limestone in her soaked through clothing.
  2162. >”Well? You coming?”
  2163. >You swallow.
  2164. “Y-yeah yeah, go on ahead I’ll just be a second.”
  2165. >She raises an eyebrow at you.
  2166. >Fuck…
  2167. “Got a uh… c-cramp! Yeah ah! Oooh! Just need a second…”
  2168. >Buy it.
  2169. >Buuuuy it.
  2170. >Limestone looks you over while you fuss over your ‘cramped’ leg.
  2171. >She rolls her eyes and starts walking back to the house, “Whatever…”
  2172. >You sigh in relief until you hear her speak up again.
  2173. >Her back is still turned to you, but she’s no longer walking to the house, "If that cramp keeps bothering you later, let me know okay?”
  2174. “Uh, what?”
  2175. >”It’s probably my fault you got one, so I should help you if it’s still a problem right?”
  2176. >You struggle to formulate a response.
  2177. >She takes your silence as whatever answer she did and continues back to the house.
  2178. >You paddle over to the edge and plant your feet into the mud at the bottom.
  2179. >Half mast and full on conflicted feelings you tread water while contemplating what Limestone just said.
  2180. >She must’ve been genuine right?
  2181. >She actually bought the cramp excuse and is feeling guilty.
  2182. >Because Limestone couldn’t actually mean…
  2183. “Pfft! No, c’mon Anon!”
  2184. >You feel a bit of relief at hearing you nudge yourself out of that weird spot.
  2185. >That’s your oldest sister and you’ve just had no time for yourself these last few days.
  2186. >Your lower head is getting antsy, that’s all.
  2187. >You glance around, Limestone is pretty far out, and likely wouldn’t hear or see you at all if you slipped behind those trees on the other side of the lake…
  2188. >Nah, what are you an animal?
  2189. >You can definitely find some time tonight.
  2191. >Holy hell you didn't find any time tonight.
  2192. >Pinkie thankfully separated out the laundry after it dried, something your dumb ass forgot to tell her to do.
  2193. >Limestone didn't say anything about her towel, since she had already started her shower by the time you got home, you assume she either found it in the bathroom or in her room.
  2194. >The walls being really thin in that bathroom made you feel too aware of everyone outside of it to properly get in the mood.
  2195. >And immediately after showering, you were getting called to dinner, so you really only had enough time to throw your dirty clothes into your room and head downstairs.
  2196. >Dinner went by pretty well though, all things considered.
  2197. >Mom had really stepped up her cooking game in your absence, or Pinkie is helping out in the kitchen.
  2198. >You'll have to remember to ask about that later.
  2199. >Apparently your new bed is set up, learned about that during dinner.
  2200. >Didn't even notice when you were scrambling to wash Limestone's towel or when you had stepped in to toss your dirty clothes.
  2201. >Marble and Pinkie took care of that for you today, JUST Marble and Pinkie, they were very clear about that for whatever reason.
  2202. >Maud was mostly quiet, like usual, but also... not?
  2203. >She was hunched over and mostly picked at her food rather than sitting up and actively following the conversations like she usually did.
  2204. >Limestone was different today as well.
  2205. >She was either quiet or boisterous, but nowhere in between.
  2206. >And a lot of it managed to relate back to putting you down.
  2207. >How much more work she did than you, things like that.
  2208. >At first you had chalked it up to your lack of experience, but after a couple of subtle swings your way you figured she's still upset about the lake thing from earlier.
  2209. >After dinner everyone started to go their separate ways.
  2210. >You figured you might finally have a chance if you maybe went to the other bathroom, as far as you know those walls didn't get replaced.
  2211. >You got interrupted on the way there however.
  2212. >"Anon?" a voice called out from the end of the hall, "Come here would you?"
  2213. >The gruff in Limestone's voice as she asked you to come over made it sound much closer to a demand than a question.
  2214. >You were starting to sweat the outcome of going in her room at this time of night entailed.
  2215. >"Mnn."
  2216. >She tenses up around you.
  2217. >"Ahh, no..." Limestone whispers into your ear.
  2218. >You can feel her body quivering under your efforts.
  2219. >"Yes."
  2220. >Damn it, she's putting the pressure right back on you.
  2221. >"Yes!"
  2222. >You're both getting close.
  2223. >"YES!"
  2224. >Her body is trembling now.
  2225. >"YESYESYESYE- OH! Ohhh..."
  2226. >Owww, ear...
  2227. >Both you and Limestone go limp as the ending comes.
  2228. >You lean back against the edge of her bed, with a very pleased smile on your face.
  2229. >Limestone ragdolls herself above you, putting her lips right beside your ear.
  2230. >You can hear each breath as she slowly inhales and exhales.
  2231. >One of her hands lays limply across your chest.
  2232. >You both remain like this for a time, you're basking in the afterglow too much to really note how long it was.
  2233. "Wanna go again Limey?"
  2234. >She gives you a playful smile, "Definitely."
  2235. >You sit back up straight and scoot your butt on the carpet to plant your back against the edge of Limestone's bed.
  2236. >Limestone takes her hand off your chest and holds it up.
  2237. >Once you're settled in you give her a nod and she lowers her hand, now clenched around one side of her controller with her other hand holding the other end.
  2238. >She lowers her arms so the controller rests against the center of your chest.
  2239. >Limestone squirms from her belly-laying position on the bed to get more comfortable.
  2240. >You can feel her breaths on the top of your head as you scroll through the track select screen.
  2241. "You know, Limey, I'm surprised."
  2242. >She hums questioningly.
  2243. "You haven't one a single race against me yet and you're still all smiles and sunshine."
  2244. >She slaps you on the chest, "I know I was kind of bad about losing when we were kids, but I've gotten better about it."
  2245. >You can't help but snicker at that.
  2246. "Yeah, sure..."
  2247. >She blows air through her nose, "What? I have! You just said yourself I was all smiles and sunshine."
  2248. "I did, but you got pretty aggressive back at the lake when I proved you wrong about having found it first."
  2249. >"Well that was different! It wasn't because I was wrong, I was-"
  2250. >You feel her tense up around you, the plastic controller in her hand creaks a little and you can see hew knuckles go white.
  2251. >"Sh-shut up... she huffs, "Just pick a map would you?"
  2252. >You pat her arm twice before taking your controller back into both hands an picking the track.
  2253. >Limestone loosens up immediately after your comforting pat and you both watch the screen intently as you wait to get that green light speed boost.
  2254. >Limestone called you into her room to give you back the CDs she managed to hold on to.
  2255. >Which was pretty much all of them save for The Vanilla Strikes, she didn't lose them but she refused to give them to you.
  2256. >While you were there you were hit with wave after wave of nostalgia.
  2257. >Almost everything you used to own was still there, just moved around.
  2258. >You even got a closer look at some of the posters you had only gotten a glimpse of earlier this morning.
  2259. >Turns out they're not very pristine up close after all, they're all torn and taped back up together.
  2260. >Limestone explained that your "cousin" Applejack brought her dog over when she came to pick up Pinkie for some school thing, Pinkie took a while and the dog got curious when she wandered into Limey's room.
  2261. >Hell of a dog, not a single poster piece is missing or wrinkled like it had gotten soaked in saliva, so while it hurt to see the state of your posters, you were grateful to your sister for going through the effort of putting them back together.
  2262. >She blushed from the complement and quickly pushed more things from your past onto you.
  2263. >Eventually you broke out the old console and two controllers and wound up playing with her on top and you on bottom. because it made the horizontal split screen less confusing, just like you did when you were kids.
  2264. >You play until it gets really late into the night.
  2265. >Today's events were really tiring and trying and you are running on fumes both physically and mentally at this point.
  2266. >You get up and bid Limestone a good night.
  2267. >"Wait, where are you going?"
  2268. >You stand at the door, with your hand on the handle.
  2269. "To bed? I've got my own now."
  2270. >Her eyes widen.
  2271. >"No! Y-you can't go to bed now!"
  2272. >You're taken aback by her sudden outburst.
  2273. "Whoa, Limey, what's the big deal?"
  2274. >"Maud is asleep."
  2275. >You shrug.
  2276. "So, I've got my own bed now. I won't even bother her."
  2277. >Limestone looks genuinely terrified as she shakes her head.
  2278. >"I would NOT take that chance."
  2279. >You snort.
  2280. "C'mon, I remember she hated being woken up-"
  2281. >"No Anon, you don't understand. She's different now, WORSE now. You don't want to wake her up."
  2282. >You roll your eyes.
  2283. "Yeah? Then why the hell did you not only risk waking her up this morning, but you actually woke her up."
  2284. >Limestone bites her lip.
  2285. >Her eyes lower, "That was..." she struggles for the words for a moment before sighing and continuing, "A very very stupid mistake I made because I was upset... and we're both lucky she took it so well."
  2286. >Wow she is serious.
  2287. "You're serious aren't you?"
  2288. >She looks up into you eyes briefly before lowering them again and nodding.
  2289. >You blow air through your nose.
  2290. "Great, so I guess it's the couch for me then..." you grumble.
  2291. >"No way Anon! That couch blows, not even Pinkie can sleep on it after a snack binge."
  2292. "Well, the hell am I supposed to do then?" you huff.
  2293. >She slides over on her bed and pats the spot she was just sitting in, "Your old bed is plenty big enough for both of us. Mattress is newer than Maud's too."
  2294. >It takes some doing but eventually you both get settled into the bed.
  2295. >Limestone's citrusy shampoo tickles your nose.
  2296. >You didn't notice it while you were playing, too swept up in the nostalgia, but now that you are free of distractions.
  2297. >You realize how surrounded you are by distractions.
  2298. >The feminine smell on your pillow, the sheets, the body right beside you.
  2299. >Limestone's body heat radiating onto your side closest to her.
  2300. >The sound of her soft breathing.
  2301. >It's in this cocoon of distractions that something very important dawns on you.
  2302. >You forgot to masturbate...
  2304. >You are comfy.
  2305. >God DAMN are you comfy.
  2306. >Nice supportive bed under you.
  2307. >Snuggly warmth curled up beside you, half on you just about.
  2308. >You raise your pinned and mostly asleep arm off the mattress and plant onto your partners lower back.
  2309. >Slowly your hand trails downward until the tips of your fingers touch on the cleft of her butt.
  2310. >Your fingers spread apart wide as your hand travel just a little further down, about as far as you can stretch it, to get a nice handful off her soft supple flesh.
  2311. >There’s just a lovely tingle in your loins caused by a gentle pressure on and around your shaft.
  2312. >It feels so good.
  2313. >A low grunt escapes your lips as your mind becomes less clouded with sleep.
  2314. >Your hips thrust of their own accord, thigh pushes against the one on top of you but more importantly the pressure on your crotch changes too.
  2315. >The gentle spoke becomes harder, more frequent.
  2316. >You thrust more, but weakly, mostly a gentle rocking of your hips against the pressure, trying to get more out of each stroke.
  2317. >Ffffuck, it feels so good, even through your shorts and underwear.
  2318. >Your other hand, the one not currently lazily groping a handful of firm supple ass, is laying right next to your waist.
  2319. >It would be hardly an effort to slip your bottoms down and get an even better feeling out of all this.
  2320. >You hear a soft mewling of pleasure come from beside you.
  2321. >Her voice is… well not sweet exactly, more gravely but sweet in its own…
  2322. >She tightens her legs around yours, you can feel the heat from her crotch on your thigh.
  2323. >Her ass feels… you trail your hand up again, fingers beg to slip under the band of her bottom as they graze over them but you resist the urge.
  2324. >They travel higher up to her lower back, your hand travels over her side and touches gently around her hip.
  2325. >Or where a hop should be instead of a faint curve.
  2326. >Your mind is now speeding to alertness from the slow crawl it was doing before.
  2327. >You open your eyes.
  2328. >There’s a sizable bulge poking up out of the sheets around your crotch.
  2329. >A shifting bulge.
  2330. >You throw the sheets back and find a dainty tanned hand on your stiff bulge.
  2331. >Her fingers are split, two on the left side of you, two on the right.
  2332. >Palm is pressing down on your cockhead, and her two fingers apply pressure to the sides.
  2333. >Your hip thrusts of its own desperate accord, her hand reacts like it was doing before, it moves down with the upward thrust and the tips of her fingers graze over your balls for a brief moment.
  2334. >Her palm presses down on your shaft and the sides of her fingers work the base before everything returns back to the start.
  2335. >An uncomfortable mix of panic, pleasure, and disgust begins to course through your veins as you follow the hand up to the arm.
  2336. >It’s when you reach the shoulder and catch a glimpse of silvery hair in your periphery that your brain catch up to speed and makes you completely aware of the situation at hand.
  2337. >Limestone’s head has travels over from your shoulder and now rests more on your chest.
  2338. >Her body is still in about the same position, just more on you now and just barely squirming against you.
  2339. >Her head is turned more towards your leg opposite her so you can’t see her face.
  2340. >The small damp puddle on your chest gives you reason to think that, thankfully, she’s still asleep.
  2341. >You quickly rip your hand away from her back like she were a hot stove.
  2342. >You look over her sleeping form at your hand, knowing where it’s just been and now completely unsure of what to do with it.
  2343. >It’s… tainted!
  2344. >All of you is tainted.
  2345. >Your hips thrust partway, you immediately resist the motion and respond by planting your ass firmly into the mattress.
  2346. >Your mind races for solutions.
  2347. >Limestone is curled all over one half of you now.
  2348. >Oh god, your thigh is so warm you think it’s sweating…
  2349. >Limestone its out a small gasp.
  2350. >Your cock throbs as he continues to provide her weak ministration without your added trusting.
  2351. >These aren’t solutions asshole this is only making you harder.
  2352. >You need to think of how to get her off-
  2353. >Oh lord, each breath of hers out carries a faint moan to it.
  2354. >Can’t think!
  2355. >Act on instincts!
  2356. >You jump out of bed, rudely awakening Limestone, “Hey! The hell Anon?!” she growls as you sprint for the bedroom door.
  2357. “Bathroom!” you whisper shout back.
  2358. >You quickly, but quietly at the very end, shut the bedroom door behind you and almost collapse into a heap.
  2359. >Instincts bad, still, they haven’t improved from yesterday, they’re still bad!
  2360. >Your member throbs painfully in the confines of your cloth prison.
  2361. >You scurry for the bathroom, making sure to pace quietly outside of your bedroom door.
  2362. >The bathroom door shuts behind you and you immediately drop your shots and boxers.
  2363. >Your hand wraps around your shaft, the head is already slick and shimmer with your pre.
  2364. >The small bead of milky fluid grows bigger with each stroke.
  2365. >Your breathing becomes heavy to compensate for the fact that you have to be quiet.
  2366. >Should’ve gone to the other bathroom but it’s too late to do anything other than this now.
  2367. >You grab onto the sink for support, your legs are actually trembling as the pleasure and pressure builds up in your loins.
  2368. >But it only goes so far.
  2369. >All you’re doing is focusing on your own cock.
  2370. >You’ve been relying on the internet for too much.
  2371. >With no other options at hand, you close your eyes tight and try to imagine something, anything to get you off.
  2372. >Nice big round… t- ass.
  2373. >Tanlines, sexy clean ones all around the crotch, just the crotch, you certainly have nothing against darker tits.
  2374. >Dark smooth skin on a girl's chest.
  2375. >Hard pointed nipples, darker areolas around them, slightly bumpy with arousal.
  2376. >All on a soft flat chest.
  2377. >Your stroking gets faster.
  2378. >The scent of citrus fills your nostrils.
  2379. >You think back to Limestone’s body being wrapped around your waist.
  2380. >How it’d be no great effort to have slipped her down further.
  2381. >Could’ve poked something else other than her cheeks.
  2382. >Could’ve wrapped her around your cock as well as your hips.
  2383. >Her struggling grunts of play become ones of pleasure as you thrust into fuzzy plump lips.
  2384. >All the sounds of s[plashing coming from your bodies slamming into each other with wild abandon.
  2385. >You imagine her hands digging into your back.
  2386. >Her voice calling your name in a low gruff slur as she grinds on top of you.
  2387. >The sight of her amber eyes piercing through the cover of darkness.
  2388. >Her face completely flushed red with color.
  2389. >Your hands grabbing hungrily at her flat hips, fingers digging into her flat butt as you trust up into her.
  2390. >The smell of sex and the bitter smell of alcohol assault your nose.
  2391. >You blink your eyes open and stop just before you hit climax.
  2392. >What… what the hell was tha-
  2393. >The door flies open as Pinkie barges into the room with you and shuts the door behind her quietly.
  2394. >You are frozen there, like a deer in headlights as Pinkie turns back around.
  2395. >Everything slows.
  2396. >Her eyes widen as they settle on you.
  2397. >Slowly, you see them travel down.
  2398. >Lower and lower until they settle around your groin.
  2399. >You look down also.
  2400. >Your a thin strand of pre is dripping down from the tip of your cock, one hand is still firmly planted around your shaft.
  2401. >Her mouth opens slowly.
  2402. >You wince in advance as you prepare yourself for what’s going to happen next.
  2403. >”Oh holy crackers YES!” she whisper-cheers.
  2404. >…What?
  2405. >Pinkie closes the gap between you both and places a hand on your arm.
  2406. >Her other hand plants down on your hip closest to her.
  2407. >Everywhere she touches you is like lighting, tingles shoot immediately back to your spine.
  2408. >She shoves you away.
  2409. >Caught off balance you stumble and just barely manage to step into the tub without falling over.
  2410. >The moment you pass through Pinkie grabs the curtain and throws it shut.
  2411. >”Im so sorry I barged in while you were getting ready to shower Nonners but I REALLY need to tinkle!” she explains.
  2412. “Wh-what?” is all you can manage to respond with.
  2413. >”I know I know, I’m super rude but you have to-“
  2414. >Pinkie groans.
  2415. >Through the curtain you can see Pinkie’s shadow.
  2416. >Her hands come together near her crotch and she does a little squat while shifting her weight from one foot to the other.
  2417. >You can see the outline of her shadow tremble.
  2418. >”Marble and I had some bladderbuster size sodas to keep ourselves up while we were playing a boardgame. We fell asleep on the floor and woke up realizingthattheadvertisingisprettyspoton!” her words got faster and faster as she went on.
  2419. >The pajamas around Pinkie’s lower half drop and you hear the seat creak as Pinkie plops herself down onto it.
  2420. >A brief and very uncomfortable moment of silence passes before you hear the beginnings of a trickle followed by a long low groan of relief from your sister, “Oooh yeah…” she shudders, “I thought I was seriously going to pop Nonners.”
  2421. >You listen on with the most confused boner in the world.
  2422. >Pinkie’s squeaks, gasps, and received sighs as she squirms around on the toilet, knowing the cause for them all leave you very conflicted.
  2423. >Certainly doesn’t help when she says things like “Oh god, it feels soo good to just let go!” and “Such sweet relief!"
  2424. >”Ha! Wow! Look at me go!” she says with a giggle, “Nonners, hey, I bet I could fill a swimming pool eh?”
  2425. >You are completely caught off guard and her stupid joke manages to slip through.
  2426. >You snort which makes Pinkie laugh which makes you laugh and by the end of it you feel at least comfortable enough to speak.
  2427. “Why didn’t you go to the other bathroom?”
  2428. >Pinkie leans back against the tank relaxed, you can see the silhouette of her bust rise and fall, “I did, but Marble beat me to it. I just barely made it in here, sorry for barging in on you again Nonners.”
  2429. “It’s… fine.” you mumble back.
  2430. >Pinkie lets out one last sigh of relief before doubling over to tidy up.
  2431. >She slips her bottoms on while almost jumping back up to her feet.
  2432. >Pinkie’s silhouette approaches the shower curtain.
  2433. >You watch her lean forward some, the curtain protrudes towards you right where her face is, “Mmuah! Hope you have a nice relaxing shower after all that big bro~ I’ll see you soon~” she sing-songs before leaving the bathroom.
  2434. >You fall back against the cold wall of the tub.
  2435. >Your cock lays limply against your thigh.
  2436. >Pinkie gave you just the distraction you needed to shut down the lust that was clouding your mind.
  2437. >Your hand begins to travel south.
  2438. >A wistful sigh escapes your lips.
  2439. >Only she shut you way down.
  2440. >Now you just feel weird and awkward.
  2441. >You need to go get real porn, or just spend some time away from Limestone.
  2442. >You exit the tub and slip your bottoms back on.
  2443. >The hallway is quiet, it’s not as early as when Limey woke you up yesterday but it’s still pretty early.
  2444. >Now what?
  2445. >You cast a glance into Limestone’s room, the door is still firmly shut like you left it.
  2446. >She’s gotta be pretty mad with how you woke her up.
  2447. >You really don’t think you can deal with her right now, just over all not even because you pissed her off.
  2448. >You look over to your bedroom.
  2449. >Maud is sleeping still, she must be.
  2450. >You know she would get mad if she was woken up, but Limestone made it seem almost world ending now.
  2451. >BUt… she was fine the last two nights, upset but nothing on the level that Limestone seemed certain of.
  2452. >Maybe she just caught Maud on a particularly bad day and it stuck with her.
  2453. >At the very least this gives you your own bed.
  2454. >No more unfamiliar familial bodies on you.
  2455. >Your hand trembles as it hovers over the door handle.
  2456. >C’mon Anon, it’s nothing, Maud was fine the last two nights.
  2457. >You slowly open the door.
  2458. >It starts to creak once it opens far enough, you immediately freeze in place and had your breath.
  2459. >You hear nothing.
  2460. >You force yourself through the small opening you’ve made so far with only minimal squeaking and delicately close the door shut behind you.
  2461. >Through the dark of the room you see Maud’s sleeping form in the middle of her bed.
  2462. >She’s laying on her side, curled up with a pillow draped over her back.
  2463. >You can’t help but smile a little at the sweet sight.
  2464. >Your eyes travel to the bed on the opposite side of the room, it’s smaller and there's just a bunch of mismatched sheets thrown on top of it.
  2465. >The floorboards make only the faintest of creaks as you tiptoe your way over to the bed and carefully lay your body down onto it.
  2466. >You roll over to the center of the bed and practically melt onto it.
  2467. >Your head falls back and a comfy sigh escapes your lips.
  2468. >This is nice, lonely, but there's something nice about that right now.
  2469. >Finally you have some time to yoursel-
  2470. >A hand plants itself over your mouth.
  2471. >You yelp, but the sound is muffled.
  2472. >The moment you try to get up a weight bears down on you.
  2473. >Your hand is pressed down on the wrist, securing it against the mattress.
  2474. >Legs are pinned down at the thighs by a warm weight.
  2475. >Face is smoothed deeply into your pillow by the hand over your mouth.
  2476. >Two bright blue eyes twinkle above you.
  2477. >Pinkie’s face comes into focus as the adrenaline in your body winds down.
  2478. >She raises a finger to her plump lips, you can see what looks like fear in her eyes.
  2479. >Those two bright blue orbs dart to the side, her head turns around to look over her shoulder.
  2480. >Pinkie’s pajama top is only partially buttoned.
  2481. >From this angle you can see straight down her chest.
  2482. >Pinkie shifts her weight, her torso lowers onto yours.
  2483. >Her breasts slowly smoosh and expand as she brings her torso closer.
  2484. >You can feel her warm belly on your crotch.
  2485. >Once she is laid over you, she rolls and grazes down your side to lay against your side.
  2486. >Pinkie slowly removes her hand from your mouth.
  2487. “What are you-“
  2488. >Only to quickly slap it back on.
  2489. >She taps one finger against her pursed puffy lips a bunch of times in quick succession.
  2490. >You blow frustrated air through your nose.
  2491. >She gets the hint and removes her hand again.
  2492. “What are you doing here Pinkie?” you ask in an even quieter whisper.
  2493. >Pinkie shifts around on you for a second, “Marble locked me out.”
  2494. “She did what?”
  2495. >”She locked me out of our room. She’s still mad at me” Pinkie says with a pout.
  2496. “What?”
  2497. >Pinkie sighs, “We both woke up really needing to go right?”
  2498. >You nod.
  2499. >”Well we kinda got stuck at the door, she wouldn’t let me through so I poked her left boobie. It’s where she’s most ticklish.”
  2500. >Oh no.
  2501. >Pinkie winces as she looks at the realization dawning on your face, “Yeah… not my best move, but hey, she managed to slip through and bolt for the bathroom which let me get to yours.”
  2502. >Yeah, can’t really blame Marble for-
  2503. “Wait, who cares? What are you doing in my bed?!”
  2504. >Pinkie shushes you, “You’re gonna wake up Maud. You REALLY don’t want to wake up Maud.”
  2505. >Her too? Seriously?!
  2506. “I’m going to wake up Maud? You’re going to wake up Maud. You shouldn’t even be here, this is my bed” you hiss.
  2507. >Pinkie pouts again, she grabs two handfuls of your shirt and pulls you towards her, “B-but you weren’t using it last night Nonners! I figured you were going to go back to Limey’s room so I slipped in here.”
  2508. >You sigh, “Alright, fair. I’m here now, so you gotta go.”
  2509. >Pinkie tilts her head, “Are you crazy? I took enough of a risk getting in, I can’t go!” she pleads.
  2510. >Her bubblegum scent tickles at your nose.
  2511. >Her curly hair tickles at your neck.
  2512. “I-I’m sorry. You have to go.”
  2513. >Pinkie throw herself over your chest and buries her face into your other shoulder, “It’s sooo early” she whines, “I want to go back to sleep.”
  2514. >You grab her by the shoulder and force her up and off of you.
  2515. >You look her sternly in the eyes.
  2516. “You’re a baker! Getting up early is what you do!” you huff.
  2517. >She boots your nose, “Was a baker.” she corrects, “I get up whatever and whenever I want now, so long as daddy doesn’t need my help with anything.”
  2518. >She can tell you were not swayed by her playfulness and goes right back for the pity.
  2519. >Her hands press gently onto your chest, she gives you the bottom lip quiver, “Please bro bro, I don’t have anywhere else to go.”
  2520. >You roll your eyes.
  2521. “Pinkie” you respond flatly, “You literally have a room to go to. Or at the very least a couch downstairs.”
  2522. >She scrunches her lips, “NO! I hate that couch, please Nonners, just let me stay-“
  2523. >She climbs on top of you.
  2524. >You can feel her weight on your crotch, her pressing firmly against yours.
  2525. >You squirm under her, trying to get the leverage need to push her off but she counters every move with one of her own
  2526. “Get off!” you hiss.
  2527. >”Shush Nonners! You’re going to wake up Maud.”
  2528. “YOU’RE going to wake up Mau-"
  2529. >You try to push her away, but she manages to divert your hands directly into her chest.
  2530. >Pinkie bites her lip as you accidentally squeeze down in a confused attempt to retract your hands.
  2531. >Your face becomes very hot at the same time that your blood begins to run ice cold.
  2532. >"BOTH of you are going to wake up MAUD." a low grumble comes from across the room.
  2533. >Everything stops, Pinkie’s crotch is pressing down on your quickly shriveling cock.
  2534. >Her breasts are so very soft and warm in your hands.
  2535. >Pinkie’s nails dig into your chest, just enough to send tingles rather than pain radiating through your body.
  2536. >Behind her, you both hear the muffled creak of Maud’s bed.
  2537. >Pinkie’s eyes widen with fear, you can feel her tense up.
  2538. >You look around Pinkie to see Maud shift slightly.
  2539. >Her upper half springs up in bed which.
  2540. >You start to yelp but a hand quickly finds itself over your mouth, stifling it.
  2541. >Maud’s face is obscured by a curtain of her hair, still flat.
  2542. >All you can see is the slight downward curve of her lips.
  2543. >By any other standards those are the lips of someone who is slightly upset.
  2544. >On Maud, the sight makes your heart sink.
  2545. >The room is completely quiet, save for the almost growls of Maud’s exhales.
  2546. >You and Pinkie remain paralyzed as you are in fear while Maud continues to fume across from you.
  2547. >"Gonna... look at... feldspar all over the place..." Maud grumbles.
  2548. >Pinkie slowly chances a turn of her head to look over her shoulder.
  2549. >It quickly whips back around and she looks slightly relieved.
  2550. >”I think we’re okay Nonners. She’s still asleep.”
  2551. >You shoot glance from your sister, to your other sister, back to the younger one.
  2552. “Asleep? She’s asleep?”
  2553. >Pinkie nods, “Hear her snoring?”
  2554. >You listen, all you can hear is that faint growl on her exhales, her mumbling has stopped.
  2555. >That’s what she sounds like when she’s snoring?
  2556. >”We’re lucky. Now we have to be super careful, not to move too much more. Her vision is based on movement.”
  2557. >What?
  2558. “Movement? What is she a dinosaur?”
  2559. >Pinkie smiles, “No silly, I’m pretty sure mister big brother Archeologist would know that Maud’s not a dinosaur. She can see still things too, but movement is what matters right now.”
  2560. >Even under threat of… whatever it is Maud would do, she can still find the willingness to crack a jok-
  2561. >WOAH!
  2562. >Pinkie grinds on your cock briefly as she brings her hips closer to your thighs.
  2563. >She presses her hands onto your chest and pushes her chest back and away from your chest, “Too much of it and we’re going to have a bad time, right Nonners?”
  2564. >Bad time.
  2565. >Yeah, very very bad, this is bad.
  2566. >Your cock being nestled in such a warm place is bad.
  2567. >You put your hands on Pinkie’s shoulders and help her lower herself down on top of you.
  2568. >Fear and regret swirl around in your chest as you now have an uninterrupted view of Maud’s bizarre sleeping form while Pinkie nestles her head into the crook of your neck.
  2569. >You honestly don’t know what it is your afraid of by looking at her, with that smaller of frowns on her face, but it’s probably the uncertainty that makes it grip so tightly in your chest.
  2570. >You close your eyes tight and try to swallow the fear down.
  2571. >Under the comfort of darkness you hear Pinkie’s soft breaths.
  2572. >You can feel them lazily drape over your chest.
  2573. >Her body slowly sinks into yours.
  2574. >You hear what sounds like a catch in her throat, but quickly realize that she’s also snoring the you hear more and more of them with each breath.
  2575. >She’s already asleep.
  2576. >Thank’s to Maud, your cock is limp with fear.
  2577. >This bed is nice.
  2578. >Pinkie is dense like Maud, just as heavy as her too, but softer.
  2579. >Much softer.
  2580. >Your eyes relax as you drift off to sleep again with a face covered of bubblegum scented curls.
  2582. >Each breath in is sweet and tickles your nose.
  2583. >Every breath out brings the warm bubblegum scented girl on top of you just a tiny bit closer.
  2584. >Her every curve contorts perfectly onto your resting form.
  2585. >And your one bulge nudges wonderfully into her hot crevice.
  2586. >Each warm breath grazes over your chest, you can just barely feel the hot air through your shirt.
  2587. >Your hands have a hold on the bubblegum scented girl anywhere you put them.
  2588. >Or, they did.
  2589. >You can feel your hands begin to fall away as the girl shifts around on top of you.
  2590. >Her weight bears down on your waist more and more.
  2591. >The gentle heat radiating from the girl's crotch feels hotter against your member as she envelops more of you.
  2592. >You can feel a hesitation buzzing in the back of your mind, but it's reason for being is hazy.
  2593. >The bubblegum scented girl bears down on you, her hands now rest on either side of your pillow.
  2594. >You can feel her rock back and forth on your stiffened cock.
  2595. >The heat is incredible.
  2596. >Then it ends.
  2597. >The heat travels upwards.
  2598. >First along your hips.
  2599. >Then on your stomach.
  2600. >Warmth from the bubblegum girl's chest expands over your torso as she compresses her sizable bust atop you.
  2601. >The final warmth you feel is her sweet minty breath on your face.
  2602. >Your eyelids twitch, but the desire to continue this dream is too great.
  2603. >She giggles sweetly.
  2604. >The bed shifts with her change in position.
  2605. >Your head sinks lower into the pillow.
  2606. >Her bottom sinks into your stomach just a bit more.
  2607. >Your tip can just barely graze the cleft of her supple bottom.
  2608. >Her breath travels to your ear.
  2609. >"You like this huh Nonners?" she whispers sweetly.
  2610. >You try to tell the bubblegum scented girl that you do.
  2611. >She seems to understand as she giggles softly while bringing her hips back, pressing her heated crotch on yours.
  2612. >A small groan of pleasure escapes your lips.
  2613. >Her cheek brushes against yours.
  2614. >She blows warm air over your face.
  2615. >You can feel her curly hair gently laying across your forehead and neck.
  2616. >A damp warmness makes itself known to your cheek.
  2617. >"Mwah" she whispers as her silky plump lips pop off your cheek.
  2618. >"You like this too right?" she whispers, her hot breath trailing down your face and tickling your neck.
  2619. >"Ooh, I know you do... call it a little feeling-" she responds before you answer, not that you could anyway, "Or well, maybe not a LITTLE feeling..." she adds with a stifled giggle while grinding on top of you.
  2620. >Her lips plant onto your neck.
  2621. >She suckles lightly on your flesh, before coming away from you with a pop as your skin snaps back into place.
  2622. >She repeats this motion, kissing randomly on your neck and the hard line of your jaw for a time.
  2623. >Her body pressed firmly against you with each touch of her lips.
  2624. >"Mwah" she whispers, catching half of your bottom lip with hers.
  2625. >"You like this don't you Nonners? The way my lips touched yours just now huh?"
  2626. >You try to respond but only hear a mumble emanate from your throat.
  2627. >The bubblegum girl nuzzles your cheek, "I'll take that as a yes, and if you liked that then you'll LOVE this..." she coos.
  2628. >Hot puffs of heavy exhales pepper your face as she hovers over you.
  2629. >Then stop suddenly, the room becomes extremely quiet.
  2630. >"Mmmm..." the bubblegum girl hums as her lips press into yours.
  2631. >You can feel her long eyelashes brush your cheek as she tilts her head to stop booping your nose with hers.
  2632. >Her lips become tight as a smile spreads across her face.
  2633. >She giggles into your mouth while trying desperately to stop.
  2634. >Her hand caresses your cheek, she cups you gently and pulls you closer.
  2635. >Your cock throbs against her quivering crevice.
  2636. >She breaks the kiss slowly, a soft pop can be heard as she pulls away from you.
  2637. >Her breaths are all shuddered.
  2638. >"Th-that felt really good... r-right Nonners?" the bubblegum girl whispers.
  2639. "Mnnyeah..." you mumble.
  2640. >She gasps, you can feel her thighs tighten around your hips, digging you into her warmth just a bit more.
  2641. >The girl shivers on top of you before relaxing.
  2642. >"Good!"she chirps, "Th-then you like my lips on you right?"
  2643. "Yeah..."
  2644. >"Yeah, you like your little sister's lips... you know who else's lips you'd like? Limestone, you'd like her wouldn't you?"
  2645. >Little sister?
  2646. >Limestone...?
  2647. >The buzz in the back of your head begins to intensify in the back of your head.
  2648. >You can feel a tightness in your heart.
  2649. "I like... I- Y-ye-"
  2650. >"Wha-!"
  2651. >The warmth is suddenly ripped away from you.
  2652. >A hint of blueberry passes over your nose.
  2653. >You hear rumbles and then a thud in the distance.
  2654. >Then silence.
  2655. >A tense silence.
  2656. >The bed shifts again, pulling you over to one side.
  2657. >The scent of blueberries fills your nose.
  2658. >A warmth rests against your forehead.
  2659. >"You like..." the blueberry scented girl whispers.
  2660. >There are gentle tickles on your cheeks.
  2661. >You feel yourself quickly pulling away from this dream.
  2662. >Your eyelids become lighter.
  2663. >A hot slow breath grazes along your face.
  2664. >Your eyes open and you find yourself looking into a pair of seafoam green orbs.
  2665. "Mmn- Maud?" you mumble.
  2666. >Your sister blinks once, her face hovers just above yours.
  2667. >Maud's hair drapes over your face like a curtain shutting out anything outside of her face.
  2668. "Maud!" you yelp as your body jumps up.
  2669. >Or tries to, you are immediately met with resistance on top of your head.
  2670. >Maud's forehead rests against yours.
  2671. >You bury yourself into the bed now, fearful that you have woken your sister.
  2672. >She seems to have the same passiveness as any other time.
  2673. >"Anonymous. Good morning."
  2674. "Wh-what are you doing?" you ask trying to clear the sleepy haze from your mind.
  2675. >Small flashes of a dream drift in and out of your mind, fading faster than you can grasp any of it.
  2676. >Maud blinks, her eyes lower to avoid your eyes, they look down at your nose before she responds, "Nothing."
  2677. >A moment of silence passes, "You seemed to be... bothered and your face was red. I was checking your temperature"
  2678. "Oh. Uh, I think I'm good..."
  2679. >"Yes, I too conquer that you are now okay."
  2680. >She pauses a moment before actually leaning back up from over you to sit up beside you on your bed.
  2681. >You start to sit up and remember a cozy weight that was over top of you.
  2682. "Hey... where's Pinkie Pie?"
  2683. >Maud tilts her head, "Not here." she responds flatly.
  2684. "Yeah, I see that Maud. She was here this morning right?"
  2685. >Maud rises and travels to the closet.
  2686. >You throw your half-asleep legs over the edge of your bed and wiggle your toes a little to wake them up.
  2687. >When you look back up you get a clear view of Maud's exposed back.
  2688. >She starts to bend over, her bottom tighten against her... well, bottom.
  2689. >The side boob exposed to you becomes more of a full boob as she lowers her upper body.
  2690. >You quickly throw your arm over your eyes.
  2691. "Maud I'm right here!"
  2692. >"Yes?"
  2693. "Just..." you keep your eyes low and snatch up a work shirt and pair of pants before shuffling towards the door, "Nevermind, I've got what I need."
  2694. >"Anonymous-"
  2695. >You shut the door behind you.
  2696. >Memories of earlier this morning begin to bubble to the front of your mind.
  2697. >You glance over to Limestone's door, it's still just as shut as when you left for the bathroom.
  2698. >Bathroom...
  2699. >You travel past that bathroom and go to the other one further down the hall.
  2700. >With a click of the lock you stand in the empty room and take in a deep breath.
  2701. >The walls are covered in small grey bunny wallpaper.
  2702. >The unexpected sight draws a snort from you.
  2703. >You splash some cold water on your face.
  2704. >Both to wake yourself up and wash away some of the shame your actions have caused.
  2705. >You slip into your work clothes and look yourself over in the mirror.
  2706. >Some of the skin on your face and neck is kinda red.
  2707. >Hopefully you're not allergic to the detergent or somehting.
  2708. >That happened when you first moved out and used what your roommates had.
  2709. >You're pretty sure the brand is the same kind you all used to use when you still lived here.
  2710. >Maybe those safety headphones dug in.
  2711. >Or...
  2712. >They do kind of look like-
  2713. >No, Limestone wouldn't do that to you.
  2714. >What she was doing was... that was incited by you.
  2715. >With your wandering confused lusty hands.
  2716. >These hands grabbed at her-
  2717. >They grabbed you.
  2718. >While you grabbed yourself remembered- no, imagined...?
  2719. >You splash your face one more time before drying off and leaving the bathroom.
  2720. >The hallway is quiet, you hold the clothes you slept in in your hands as you glance over towards your door.
  2721. >Maud.
  2722. >With everything churning around in your gut, trying to deal with Maud's bluntness feels like more hassle than you can handle right now.
  2723. >Just as you shut the door to the bathroom you hear the doorknob to Pinkie and Marble's room rattle.
  2724. >You scurry for the stairs past her room.
  2725. >Once you reach them you take a few steps down and peek out above the top step.
  2726. >Pinkie exists her room, wearing the same PJs that she had on earlier this morning.
  2727. >She rubs her butt as she walks towards the bathroom, her face twists into a wince as she does so.
  2728. >Her bubblegum pink curls bounce with each step.
  2729. >Bubblegu-
  2730. >She stands at the doorway, pausing with her hand on the knob.
  2731. >It looks like she gets a sudden chill or something, she twitches a little then suddenly looks in your direction forcing you to duck and continue down the stairs just in case she saw you.
  2732. >You don't hear her walking towards the stairs from your spot at the bottom of them.
  2733. >A sigh escapes your lips as you walk towards the kitchen.
  2734. >You catch a glimpse of movement in the living room as you walk past it.
  2735. >Limestone is laying on the couch, wearing the same shirt but different shorts than she was this morning.
  2736. >Her phone is held up in the air as she casually taps and swipes at it with a finger.
  2737. >There's a frown clear on her face as her eyes scan the screen.
  2738. >The right move is probably to talk to her, apologize...
  2739. >You tiptoe the rest of the way past the opening leading into the living room.
  2740. >But you like to think you know your sister well enough, she's going to need some time to cool off.
  2741. >Or maybe it's just you.
  2742. >You reach your escape for the next few hours in the form of... an empty kitchen?
  2743. >But that's...
  2744. >You glance up at the clock ticking away above your head.
  2745. >Yeah, you definitely overslept.
  2746. >Dad should be by the door, or even in the truck right now.
  2747. >But there's no dishes in the sink.
  2748. >No smell of food having been cooked in the air.
  2749. >Just a fruity sugary smell around you.
  2750. >What in the hell gives-
  2751. >You hear the stairs creak, rhythmically.
  2752. >There's a same-ish pause between each step down.
  2753. >It's Maud.
  2754. >"Maud, do we still have any kiwis left in the fridge?" Limestone calls out to her sister from the living room.
  2755. >The stairs stop creaking, there's a pause before Maud responds, "We do..."
  2756. >"Can you cut me up some-"
  2757. >"Mine." Maud interjects.
  2758. >You shuffle backwards, looking for somewhere else to be, anywhere really.
  2759. >"What? Maud that's not fair, I bought them!" Limestone calls back.
  2760. >"You convinced dad to buy them."
  2761. >Limestone stutters for a moment, "S-so?"
  2762. >"I like them a lot now."
  2763. >"Yeah? Well so do I" Limestone huffs.
  2764. >"Not enough to get them yourself, just enough to ask me to help you" Maud retorts.
  2765. >"Well here I thought you'd be a nice little sister and set me up" Limestone growls.
  2766. >"It's Saturday, you can buy more anytime today."
  2767. >Saturday?
  2768. >It's SATURDAY!?
  2769. >No wonder-
  2770. >The stairs creak once more.
  2771. >You hear Limestone growl and hear a muffled thud come from the living room.
  2772. >You back further into the kitchen, unsure of what the hell to do now-
  2773. >A firm object brushes your fingertips.
  2774. >Doorknob?
  2775. >You hear your sisters quickly approaching.
  2776. >Pivoting on your heels you slip through the door to the garage and silently shut the door.
  2777. >The door is really heavy, any sounds that would come from the kitchen are shut out completely now.
  2778. >You rest your head against the door and let out a sigh.
  2779. >During the very brief silence in your mind you note that the room isn't as silent as you thought.
  2780. >A cheerful tune hums in your ears.
  2781. >You slowly turn around.
  2782. >Marble is turned away from you, standing in front of a table with all kinds of stones and tools scattered about.
  2783. >She grabs the bottom of her oversized shirt and begins to lift it up.
  2784. >Her loose sweatpants are exposed, you get a peek at the tight boy shorts underneath, the curve of each cheek clearly defined in the little that's exposed.
  2785. >Further up you see her bare lower back, a tiny thing that curves out at the bottom to very full hips.
  2786. >A startled yet transfixed squeak escapes your lips.
  2787. >Marble jumps and glances over her shoulder , "Oh, Nonny! It's just you" she coos.
  2788. >She turns all the way around exposing her flat stomach at you as she continues to lift up her shirt.
  2789. >An undershirt falls down as the oversized shirt comes up over her face.
  2790. >Her arms come closer to together, as she isn't bunching the shirt up around her neck but rather trying to pull it off using only the hems.
  2791. >She compresses her sizable chest accentuating her bust even further for just a moment.
  2792. >"Ah! There we go" she chirps, popping the shirt off her head and tossing it into a chair nearby.
  2793. >She turns back around and digs around a box siting on the table, "Are you here to watch me work Nonny?"
  2794. "W-work?"
  2795. >She brings her hands around her back, fingers pinching two strands of cloth.
  2796. >"I wanted to do some sculpting today, and If I remember right, you promised you wanted to see my work. Just you and me" she says matter-of-factly.
  2797. >Marble turns around now adorning an apron over her front.
  2798. >It has a cartoon depiction of two hands, one with a chisel and the other with a hammer.
  2799. >In big bold text in between is the text "I ROCK!"
  2800. >She looks...
  2801. >Absolutely adorable!
  2802. "Uh y-yeah, yeah! Definitely, I'd love to see you work."
  2803. >Marble beams up at you and even does a little hop, "Yes! This is going to be so great Nonny, you just uh..."
  2804. >She puts a finger to her chin as she glances around the room.
  2805. >Every chair is either loaded with rocks or has a box on it with tools or other kinds of stuff.
  2806. >Her face begins to flush with color, "S-sorry Nonny, I guess nobody really spends much time in here but me. Give me a second."
  2807. >She paces back and forth in the room , mumbling to herself as she scans around looking for something she can clear away.
  2808. >Everytime she reaches for something, she pauses then retracts her hand mumbling something about how she might need that.
  2809. >Eventually she growls softly to herself and slides some boxes over on her table.
  2810. >Marble turns around to face you and pats the empty space on the table, "you can sit here. It'll give you a better view anyway."
  2811. >You chuckle.
  2812. "I think I'll just stand."
  2813. >She looks from you to the spot and back, "Oh, okay... W-well Uh why don't you help me pick out what to do. I'm thinking I want to do an animal."
  2814. >You hum agreeably.
  2815. >Marble hops up and sits on the spot she had cleared out for you, her legs dangle and swing as she contemplates what kind of animal she wants to sculpt.
  2816. >"Let's see, I could a Lion... or uhm, a tiger... or-"
  2817. "A bear?"
  2818. >She is drawn from her thoughts with a blink, her eyes look up into yours.
  2819. >"Oh my, no I don't think I have any stones here big enough for a bear Nonny, did you want me to make a bear?"
  2820. >You can't help but smile.
  2821. "No Marble I was... forget it, I don't want a bear. What else did you have in mind?"
  2822. >"A bunny." she says with a hint of wonder in her voice, "Do you have a preference?"
  2823. >A tiger does sounds pretty sweet, but...
  2824. "I think the bunny sounds great."
  2825. >Marble's eyes light up, "Really? I think that the one I want to do most too honestly..."
  2826. >She hops down and spins on the balls of her feet to face her table of rocks.
  2827. >She hums to herself, "Now let's see if any of these are gonna be good enough to be a cute bunny rabbit."
  2828. >Good enough?
  2829. >You watch from your side of the room as Marble pick up one rock after the next after the next.
  2830. >"No."
  2831. >"Uh-uh."
  2832. >"Ooh! Oh, no..."
  2833. >Only to set them all down immediately after.
  2834. >Is it just the size she's worried about?
  2835. >She just smelled one of them!
  2836. "Uh, Marble?"
  2837. >She half-turns towards you, hugging a rock close to her chest.
  2838. >You can see the barest hint of violet through the curtain of dark grey hair,"Yes Nonny?"
  2839. >She must be bale to see the confusion on your face as she quickly sets the rock in her arms down and spins around to face you fully.
  2840. >Her hands tuck behind her back but you can see them fidget around a little with every faint twitch of her arms.
  2841. >Against her pale skin, even the faintest blush shows pretty clearly.
  2842. "What are you doing?" you ask, trying to sound as genuine as you are.
  2843. >She had troubles with anxiety around the time you left, its pretty clear that never went away.
  2844. >Marble lowers her head, "wz lkng bnn n rck."
  2845. >You furrow your brow as you try to make sense of what she mumbled.
  2846. "I uh... I did quite catch that Marble."
  2847. >She glances up at you briefly before her eyes fall to the floor again.
  2848. >Marble takes in a deep breath, the apron begin to dig into her chest acting as a sort of lifting agent to her sizable. chest for a moment.
  2849. >"I was looking for the bunny in the rock."
  2850. >You shake your head and refocus.
  2851. "The bunny... in the-?"
  2852. >"It's... weird I know-"
  2853. "No! No, not at all. Actually kind of sounds like something I do for- well, I did for work."
  2854. >You walk over to wards Marble and stand beside her.
  2855. >Picking up a rock makes her turn around to face the table with you.
  2856. >You hold it up to her, "So, do you see the bunny in this?"
  2857. >She shakes her head a little, "Too small. His cute floppy ears would get cut off" she explains quietly.
  2858. >You set that one down and pick up a bigger rock.
  2859. "This one?"
  2860. >She looks at it for a moment, "It's big enough but..."
  2861. >Her hands come out from behind her back and slip over yours as they wrap around the stone.
  2862. >Her rough calloused fingers slip in between the gaps in yours and she slips the rock out from your grasp.
  2863. >Holding it up to her face she examines it closely.
  2864. >This is exactly what she did when you thought she was smelling the rock, up close you can see that her nose is just wrinkled from looking it over intensely.
  2865. >She sets it down with a sigh, Nope." she says wistfully, "It's too brittle, once I try to put the details on it the rock will break."
  2866. "Wow, you really know your stuff Marble."
  2867. >She squirms a little next to you, her head tilts up and you can see a smile peeking out through the gaps in her long bangs, "Really that was because Maud taught me what kind of rocks would be best for my sculpts... but thanks".
  2868. >You start to reach for another rock but are stopped by Marble.
  2869. >Her hands grab yours in the air and hold them firmly, "That one's not the right color" she explains, sounding proud.
  2870. >You retract your hands, pulling hers along with them.
  2871. >The two of you turn to face each other, her hands still wrapped around yours.
  2872. >She pulls your hands down, you let your arms go limp so she can move them easily.
  2873. >Marble swings your hands gently, left to right.
  2874. >"So..." she starts, her hands give yours a light squeeze, "You said you do it too?"
  2875. >She looks up at you with hope twinkling in her eyes.
  2876. "Yeah... kind of, I guess. It's not really exactly like what you do but-"
  2877. >Her thumbs rub the back of your hands while she looks up at you.
  2878. "When I would get sent to clean- uh, untouched sites. One of the first things I did was sketch it-"
  2879. >Her eyes widen.
  2880. "Not like it was, but more like how it used to be or was supposed to be. I'd look at the pieces that are still left, what I saw on the way there, and what I remembered from similar sites. I'd sketch out what I think it was when it was built."
  2881. >Marble's hands tremble around yours, she bites her lip while looking up at you with those violet orbs.
  2882. >A smile spreads across her face, "That is SO amazing!" she chirps while shaking your hands around with hers.
  2883. >You chuckle some at seeing her be so care-free for what feels like the first time since you were kids.
  2884. "It's not really Marble."
  2885. >"Yes it is! My big brother has beautiful drawings of places nobody ever gets to see! How is that not amazing?!"
  2886. >You pull her hands to try and get them to stop swaying, but it was a vain effort, her forearms are strong.
  2887. "Sketches Marble. I can't draw to save my life, and these sketches weren't ever in a journal or anything either. Nobody used them except me, and most of the time they didn't do me any good. Sometimes it gave me a good place to start searching though, mostly I just liked doing it."
  2888. >"You HAVE to show me Nonny! Please please show it to me..." she pleads, pouting her lip at you and making her eyes do the most heartwrenching twinkle you've ever seen.
  2889. >Her fingers dig into the fleshy palm of your hands.
  2890. >You wince and quickly respond back.
  2891. "I can't, All of those are in storage."
  2892. >Her excitement quickly dies, her head lowers and her arms go limp as well so now both of your hands just dangle loosely in the space between the both of you.
  2893. >"Oh..."
  2894. >Aww man, now you feel-
  2895. >She quickly brings her arms, and by extension yours, up to her chest, "Oh! But maybe you can access like, your company's page or something on your phone?" she asks with renewed hope.
  2896. >Be strong Anonymous, ignore the warmth.
  2897. "S-sorry sis... no can do."
  2898. >Her hands lower again thank god.
  2899. >She raises her head once more, a small frown on her face, "Pictures? Did you take any with your phone at least?"
  2900. >You break her hold on your hand, only one, and she continues to hold your other while you dig into your pocket.
  2901. >You pull up your phone and hold it out for her.
  2902. >She releases your other hand and takes the phone.
  2903. >Marble turns it over a couple of times, "Is this your..."
  2904. >You hum approvingly.
  2905. "No camera. Sorry Marble."
  2906. >She fiddles with the very old and very worn, but still totally functional phone in her hands.
  2907. >The look of sheer confusion on her face gives you a slight chuckle.
  2908. "I had a regular phone once" you remark, making her look over at you, "When I was finally hired by the last place I did an internship at."
  2909. >Marble's face softens to a more neutral look, she hops back up onto the space she cleared out earlier and settle in to listen to you.
  2910. >Her enraptured face makes you feel like some kind of big shot that you aren't, embarrassment begins to warm up your face but you continue with your story anyway.
  2911. "Finally started making actual money for once, which was nice, so I bought a brand new high-end phone at the time because I could afford it. Had a camera in it actually..."
  2912. >Marble doesn't once look away from you.
  2913. "What I couldn't afford was the roaming fees I didn't think about while I was out of the country."
  2914. >Marble winces.
  2915. >You nod along with her sentiment.
  2916. "Yeah..."
  2917. >She smiles a little at the exchange and waves you closer, holding out the phone.
  2918. >You walk up to her and take the phone back, now you are the one turning it over in your hands.
  2919. "I realized after seeing the bill that I had too many assignments out of the country to ever really justify having a good phone so I bought this instead. An international phone, did everything I needed it to and kept the costs down."
  2920. >Marble's head lowers, "Yeah, makes sense... I wish I could've seen some pictures."
  2921. >You brush a hand through her long silky hair.
  2922. >She sits back up straight, looking at you with a small smile on her face, "At least I got to hear more about your time away, and I learned that you are super important" she chirps.
  2923. "Important?" you emphasize.
  2924. >Marble nods while humming in agreement.
  2925. >"Yeah! You must have done such good work to get sent all over the world like you were. I'm so happy to hear that my big brother is this cool international important guy."
  2926. >Your face gets VERY hot now.
  2927. >You chuckle while shaking your head.
  2928. "No Marble, it's not really anything glamorous like that-"
  2929. >She tilts her head in confusion.
  2930. "I was alright I think, maybe even pretty good, but the reason I was sent around so much was just because I requested to go on any assignment the moment they were available."
  2931. >Most others sort of 'took the hit' on sites out of the country because they had reasons for staying in.
  2932. >"Why was that Nonny?"
  2933. "Doing that left me with very little down time. There was always something I had to do, somewhere I had to go, packing I needed to get done. So that coupled with all the timezone changes allowed me to keep my brain in work mode pretty much all the time, I couldn't think about y-"
  2934. >You drop that sentence once you realized where you were going with it.
  2935. >Marble picks up on that to.
  2936. >"Think about what?"
  2937. >Your stomach does a flip as you consider how the hell you're going to explain this without sounding like a total bastard.
  2938. >"You can tell me Nonny, w-was it a bad girlfriend?"
  2939. >You can only shake your head.
  2940. >She reaches out and slips a hand around your arm.
  2941. >"What then?"
  2942. >She can sense your hesitation to continue.
  2943. >"Nonny, please? I missed you so much" she pleads, her voice cracks right at the end.
  2944. >You focus on your little sister, her bottom lip is quivering.
  2945. >"And now that you're back you've said barely anything about what you did while you were away. Nobody wants to talk about it, I understand that but... y-your my big brother and I missed you so much and I- and I just want to hear about your life, anything."
  2946. >She sniffles with every other breath.
  2947. >You let your head drop.
  2948. "Living the way I did made my head too scrambled up to- to make it easier not to think about you all..."
  2949. >Marble's breath hitches and then she becomes completely silent.
  2950. >God it sounds so terrible to say it out loud.
  2951. >You can feel your eyes watering up, quickly.
  2952. >Your nose is starting to run already.
  2953. >Hand won't stop trembling as you clench them tightly to keep the tears back.
  2954. "I-I'm so sorry Marble. God, what I said sounds horrible, and it was but it wasn't because I hated any-"
  2955. >A force collides with your chest.
  2956. >You are forced a step back.
  2957. >Marble buries herself into your chest.
  2958. >You can hear her whimper and cry under her breath.
  2959. >Your own tears begin to flow freely down your cheek.
  2960. >"Nonny..." she blubbers, clenching your shirt tightly in her fists.
  2961. >Her whole body trembles against yours.
  2962. >You wrap your arms around Marble and hold her closely.
  2963. >She releases your shirt and mirrors your actions.
  2964. >Her arms wrap around you with all of her strength.
  2965. >Which, given her craft is actually a lot.
  2966. >You suck in as much air as you are able to get with a compressed ribcage and hold it as she hugs you tightly.
  2967. >Marble thankfully releases you just before the point of passing out.
  2968. >You let out a loud exhale as she goes limp and leans her forehead on your chest.
  2969. >Her hand comes up and plants itself weakly on your chest.
  2970. >She sniffles a few more times before she finally speaks, "Limestone was so angry with you for leaving. M-Maud was too, but she was more sad than angry. Pinkie was really sad, but she kept smiling because she kept saying she knew you'd come back..."
  2971. >Marble wipes her eyes and takes a step back from you.
  2972. >Her hands travel down your arms and slip around your hands again.
  2973. >"She said that everything we felt, you felt way more. That it was just how big brothers were, they take most of the pain first because they love their little sisters too much to ever want them too feel anything bad."
  2974. >Marble...
  2975. >She raises her head and looks up at you, tears still fresh in here beautiful violet eyes and the biggest smile on her face, "She said it because I still didn't understand what you were going through, I was too young. When I learned why you actually left I still felt sad, but more for you than because of you. So... I'm sorry Nonny."
  2976. >A laugh blurts out of you.
  2977. "Sorry? Marble, why in the world should you be sorry?"
  2978. >"Because I let myself be sad. Turns out Pinkie was right, you took most of my sadness for me."
  2979. >You pull her in close again and bury your face into her hair.
  2980. >She brings her arms around you again, gently this time, and pats your back while you sob.
  2981. >"... know..."
  2982. >You hear her mumble something into your chest.
  2983. >You pull away from her and wipe your eyes.
  2984. "Sorry, what?"
  2985. >"I said, you don't know how I became a sculptor do you?"
  2986. >You shake your head.
  2987. "You took a pottery class, that's all I think you said about it right?"
  2988. >She hums sweetly while nodding, "Yup, I didn't tell you why I took the class though."
  2989. >Marble walks over to the table.
  2990. >She puts her hands at her hips or a moment while she scans over the area.
  2991. >With a shrug of her shoulders and a sigh, she sweeps a bunch of things over into a pile on one side of the table.
  2992. >Marble hops up onto the table and pats the now wider empty space beside her.
  2993. >You walk over and do the same as she did, sitting right next to your little sister.
  2994. >Her hip and thigh resting against yours due to the confined space.
  2995. >She rests her head on your shoulder and clears her throat quietly.
  2996. >"DO you remember, when we were little, and you got that metal detector for your birthday?"
  2997. >You smile as the memory surfaces in your mind.
  2998. "Yeah, man I loved that thing."
  2999. >"I know, you said none of us sisters were ever allowed to touch it ever."
  3000. >You chuckle at her imitation of you.
  3001. >She giggles as well.
  3002. >"You used to throw a shovel and a couple of brushes into one of dad's old wheelbarrows along with you and your detector."
  3003. >You nod.
  3004. >"And sometimes if I begged you enough you would take me with you."
  3005. "Yeah, I'd set you down in the barrow and carry you because if you walked the whole way you would cry about how tired your legs were."
  3006. >Marble nudges you with her head.
  3007. >You look down at her, she's looking up at you with a faint blush and puffed out cheeks, "OH yeah, well you used to get really mad when you didn't find anything but bottlecaps."
  3008. >You chuckle, straight from the gut she hit you with that one.
  3009. >She nuzzles your shoulder with her cheek before continuing, "You would find something and get all excited which made me all excited. I'd hand you the shovel and you gave me back the metal detector to hold. It always made me feel proud in such a dumb-kid way because you would never have just handed it over to any of our sisters like you did with me."
  3010. >She blows air through her nose as she reminisces on the silly memory for a bit.
  3011. >"You would dig up the dirt and throw it into the barrow until you found what the metal detector was detecting."
  3012. "Right. I kept the dirt and pulled it along while looking for the next thing buried underground."
  3013. >"Mmhmm, and then at the very end you would dump it all in the woods in a big pile."
  3014. >Good thing the land must've been pretty cheap, dad didn't seem to care much so long as the holes near the house got filled back in so nobody fell.
  3015. >"Sometimes you got real tired from digging and just left it there, but other times you didn't."
  3016. >You smile, remembering now what she's getting at.
  3017. >"Days where you didn't find anything were usually the ones where you didn't. I felt kinda bad then, but I used to wish you would have bad days. Remember why?"
  3018. "I'd be desperate to find ANYTHING, that I would dig through the dirt pile hoping I might find something non-metal. Like a bone or something."
  3019. >Marble leans against you just a little more, "And when you didn't find anything-"
  3020. "There was a chance" you huff.
  3021. >"Even if there was a chance..." she adds, "You would play with me in the soft dirt and clay."
  3022. "I remember. We'd make little people, little houses-"
  3023. >"I made the best people."
  3024. >You raise your arm and pat her on the head.
  3025. >She pushes against your hand, trying to brush it away.
  3026. >You let it fall away and over her shoulder.
  3027. >She brings a hand up and wraps it around your dangling fingertips.
  3028. >"After you left I was really sad, even with what Pinkie told me. I went for a walk one day and found an old dirt pile. I could see faint makings of little people and castles still. It made me remember those detecting trips, it made me remember you. So I took a class on pottery, I hoped that you would come back and I would be able to show you the best little people ever."
  3029. >Your heart aches in your chest.
  3030. >"I ended up liking it a lot, but good clay was expensive to buy. Good rocks were free thanks to the farm so I changed the kind of sculpting I did and now..."
  3031. >She pushes your arm off of her shoulder.
  3032. >Marble hops down and spins around to face you, "We still have a bunny to make!" she coos.
  3033. >You hop off the table too and pace around behind her.
  3034. "Alright, so which rock works?"
  3035. >Marble hums and rubs her chin.
  3036. >Her eyes scan over the rocks scattered all around the room.
  3037. >She puts her hands on the bottom of her hourglass figure and does a small tilt with her hips.
  3038. >She huffs, "None of them."
  3039. "Oh. Uh..."
  3040. >She spins around, hands still resting on her hips.
  3041. >Marble pouts her bottom lip at you, "Nonny..." she coos.
  3042. >Her hands clasp together around her front.
  3043. >She fidgets with her thumbs while she slowly shakes her hips from side to side.
  3044. >You remember this, this is her 'I want something from you' dance.
  3045. "Yes Marble?"
  3046. >She lowers her head, enough that her bangs fall in front of her face, obscuring half of it from you when she looks back up.
  3047. >"Can you help me find a good rock? Pleeease?"
  3048. >Bingo, there's the favor.
  3049. >You can't help but chuckle at how on point you were.
  3050. >You nod.
  3051. "Of course Marble."
  3052. >She beams up at you and pulls her hair back out of her face, "Yay!"
  3053. >God she's so precious.
  3054. >Marble crosses to the other side of the room.
  3055. >You turn and yourself hit with a reminder that precious isn't the only thing she is now...
  3056. >Bent down to dig into a box on the floor and under a chair, you get a full view of just how much her boyshorts dig into her.
  3057. >You stifle the yelp which means a squeak is the only noise to make it out.
  3058. >"Nonny? Are you okay?"
  3059. >Marble is peering up at you over her shoulder.
  3060. >Oh god-
  3061. "Yup! I'm uh... g-great, just stubbed my toe a little."
  3062. >Oh wow, this rock is super interesting, the way it's basically the same as all the other rocks around it is SO attention grabbing.
  3063. >You hear Marble grunt, which sounds closer to a soft moan since it's coming from her faint voice.
  3064. >You then hear a clink sound which does make you risk a look back at your youngest sister.
  3065. >She stands over a sizable pickaxe, hands clasped around the base of the handle which lines up just under the inseam of her shorts.
  3066. >Marble looks up at you, "Okay, I found the pickaxe. Take this from me would you?"
  3067. >She releases her grasp and pokes the end of the handle with one finger.
  3068. >She tilts it forward, her way of presenting it to you...
  3069. >You walk over and carefully grasp the warm handle, making sure not to accidentally brush against her.
  3070. >Marble takes a step back and then around the pick, brushing her hand across your chest as she passes, "C'mon Nonny!"
  3071. >You hoist the pick, well, really you just pick it up.
  3072. >Its not actually all that heavy.
  3073. >Marble holds the door leading out open for you.
  3074. >She follows behind for a moment before picking up the pace to walk beside you.
  3075. "So where are we going?"
  3076. >You rest the pick on your shoulder while you walk beside Marble.
  3077. >She doesn't respond.
  3078. >After a longer time than you think is necessary for an answer you glance over at her.
  3079. >She's gaping at you with wide eyes and a mouth hanging open.
  3080. >You raise a brow at her.
  3081. "What?"
  3082. >Marble seems to blink herself out of her stupor.
  3083. >You can see a blush form on her face.
  3084. >She lowers her head and turns away from you, "S-sorry" she mumbles.
  3085. >Before you can ask what she's sorry about she continues.
  3086. >"I didn't mean to stare it's just... you looked like an old photo of dad just then."
  3087. >That catches you so off guard that all you can do is muster a single awkward cough.
  3088. >A small smile spreads across your face.
  3089. >You remember this old pickaxe now.
  3090. >When you were little, you wanted to hoist it up onto your shoulder like Dad did when he carried it around.
  3091. >"I know that you probably don't want to be remind-"
  3092. "No... It's okay. I uh, yeah."
  3093. >Marble chances a look over at you through her curtain of hair.
  3094. >When she sees the smile on your face you can see her relax again.
  3095. >She walks closer to you, her shoulder brushes against your arm occasionally.
  3096. >"Over here, past the age holder's boulder" she leads, pointing to the big old stone.
  3097. >You follow along beside her, getting nudged playfully every so often when you're going "the wrong way" on a pathless path.
  3098. >After a little bit you start shoving her back eliciting giggles from your sister as you both walk and make the best of. this morning sun.
  3099. >Eventually you both reach a flat patch of dry land with stones littering the ground.
  3100. >You chuckle to yourself.
  3101. >This looks like a literal rock farm.
  3102. >An ACTUAL rock farm... sounds like something that would come from a cartoon.
  3103. >Marble begins to walk through the patch of rocky land, stepping cautiously to avoid the pointier bits of stone poking out of the ground.
  3104. >You remain where you are and scan around.
  3105. "Should I be looking for something in particular?" you call out to your sister.
  3106. >Marble's eyes remain focused on the ground, "N-no, I'll find one just give me... a... minute..." she responds almost like she were in a daze.
  3107. "Alrighty I'll jus-"
  3108. >She shushes you.
  3109. "-ust be here..." you grumble under your breath.
  3110. >You watch her scan around the area a couple of times before becoming somewhat bored.
  3111. >Thankfully the sun is in a spot that casts the tree's shadows over your both otherwise this would just be miserable.
  3112. >Eventually your legs start to get tired.
  3113. >Marble hums and crouches down.
  3114. >Your heart kicks in your chest finally getting pay off for just standing around.
  3115. >"Mmn... no." she mumbles, just barely loud enough for you to hear.
  3116. >She rises again and resumes her search.
  3117. >You sigh and lean on the pick in your hand.
  3118. >Putting your weight onto the handle makes the head of the axe dig into the dry ground.
  3119. >You chuckle a little to yourself and begin to twist the handle some.
  3120. >There's an odd satisfaction you get watching the pick dig slightly deeper into the ground with each twist.
  3121. >It's almost- OH GOD YOU'RE SO BORED!
  3122. "Marble?" you call out to her as she continues walking around.
  3123. >She jumps and tenses up in place.
  3124. "Are you sure that I can't help-"
  3125. >"SHUSH! I ALMOST HAD-"
  3126. >Whoa.
  3127. >Your heart drops straight into your gut.
  3128. >You NEVER expected to hear something like that come from your little sister.
  3129. >The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
  3130. >Marble claps both hands over her mouth, her eyes are wide with shock.
  3131. >You can see her brows lower, becoming more somber.
  3132. >"Ohmygosh, Nonny!" she gasps through her cupped hands.
  3133. >Her eyes dart down and she quickly drops her hands and tucks them behind her back.
  3134. >Her hair falls over her face and she looks over towards you with her head low, "I-I'm so s-sorry!" she cries.
  3135. >She takes one timid step towards you, then hesitates for a moment before taking another, "I just get so f-focused on my work that I..."
  3136. >Her head drops completely, "I didn't mean to yell at you, honest! I-I would n-never yell at you N-Nonny" she whimpers, small sobs cutting her off occasionally.
  3137. "Okay. That's okay Marble..." you say, trying to reassure yourself more than you are her.
  3138. >The look in her eyes, you think Limestone has given you a look like that-
  3139. >Once.
  3140. "Hey... it's alright-" you respond, speaking very gently, "I get it. Don't disturb you when you're all... focused. That was my bad, I'm sorry."
  3141. >Marble looks up at you with the saddest eyes.
  3142. >She breaks out into a jog, desperate to close the gap between you both.
  3143. >Unfortunately for her, she's no longer cautious about where she's stepping.
  3144. >Her shoe lifts off the ground, comes forward just a bit, then catches on a moderately tall rock compared to the ones around it.
  3145. >She stumbles and squeaks in surprise as she loses her balance.
  3146. >You drop the pick and step forward to catch her.
  3147. >She drops faster than you were expecting.
  3148. >Her head collides with your chest, knocking the air out of you and pushing you back from the force.
  3149. >You throw your hands forward out of instinct, throwing them back is a sure way to break them, and tuck your chin to your chest to keep your head from slamming the ground as you fall.
  3150. >The ground meets your back harshly.
  3151. >You grunt.
  3152. >Marble grunts.
  3153. >It takes a moment for your daze to wear off.
  3154. >Marble's face is buried in your chest.
  3155. >And your hand is...
  3156. >She squeaks lets out a small gasp.
  3157. >Oh...
  3158. >OH.
  3159. >You try to move your hand away but that only makes her squirm and grip you tightly with her hands, "Mnn- N-Nonny..." she whines.
  3160. >It takes a couple of awkward shifting and stifled noises before the end result of you both sitting across from each other in the dirt.
  3161. >She pokes and drags a finger around in the dirt, her head is as low as can be.
  3162. >You can't even see her face through the curtain of hair she's made.
  3163. "Marble? Are you okay? Did I hit you at all on the way down?"
  3164. >She shakes her head then goes back to playing in the dirt.
  3165. >A long moment of silence passes with you both sitting in front of each other.
  3166. >Finally she breaks it, her voices comes through the curtain just barely a mumble, "I'm sorry Nonny..."
  3167. >Thinking back to earlier, when she was trying to console you, the perfect recourse dawns on you.
  3168. >You extend your arm and take her hand in yours.
  3169. >She gasps and you can see her tense up, her shoulders especially.
  3170. >You trace a small circle into the palm of her hand with your thumb.
  3171. >The soft warm flesh gives under your light pressure.
  3172. "Hey, it's alright sis. Honestly I'm surprised you didn't trip at all until now."
  3173. >She pokes your hand with one finger, very lightly, enough that you're only half sure she did it.
  3174. >It's not until her other finger does it that you're certain.