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Pinata Pony

By pogoman122
Created: 18th December 2020 11:26:46 PM
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  1. >You are Candy Corn, a unicorn mare with a yellowish coat of fur and an orange mane with a stripe of yellow running along the side of your mane
  2. >The candy corn caricature on your thigh jiggles happily as you trot down Hallow Avenue, the main spot for all the denizens in the secluded forest town of Hollow Shades
  3. >You greet the many ponies out and about for the lovely holiday of Nightmare Night
  4. >It was tradition in Hollow Shades for a large festival to be held there, and ever since the festival's origins five hundred years ago, many ponies from all over Equestria had come to the little town to celebrate the Nightmare's banishment, or as of late, Luna's return
  5. >You were on your way to pick up some cocoa powder for your famous fudge brownies
  6. >You blushed, and let some of your light orange mane fall onto your face
  7. >You'd like to think it was famous...
  8. >You brightened up as you spotted the vendor you were looking for
  9. >The stallion manning the candy supplies stand smiled happily as you approached
  10. >Spitting out the basket onto the cobblestone ground, you turned to the dark brown, and admittedly cute, young stallion
  11. >"Heya Candy, what can little ole' Coco get for ya today?"
  12. >He smiled brightly as he motioned towards a newish looking display
  13. >"How about some turtles? They're popular this season!"
  14. >His gregarious nature was very admirable, and you couldn't help but nod and giggle
  15. "Yeah! I love your chocolate, Coco."
  16. >The fur on your back prickled as you felt somepony... Something watching you
  17. "A-and while your at it, could you ring up a bag of Cocoa powder?"
  18. >You gulped and shivered, trying to shake away the intense sensation
  19. >The stallion before you stuck his tongue out as he quickly rang up what you desired, carefully packaging up the caramel-chocolate delicacy and cocoa powder
  20. >"Aaaand that'll be seven bits and a hug from yours truly."
  21. >He motioned to himself as he stuck his chin up, grinning proudly
  22. >You giggled and leaned forward, hugging the stallion
  24. >How could you resist hugging him?
  25. >He was a very sweet pony
  26. >He laughed as he squeezed you back, his strong hooves caressing your back
  27. >You blushed and slowly pulled away, admiring his soft touch as it faded from your tactile memory
  28. >You shook your head and smiled at Coco, who beamed back
  29. >"Well, Candy. It was nice seeing you! Stop by my place after the festival and we can really show these tourists how to party the Hollow Shades way!"
  30. >You giggled into your hoof as you picked up your basket, now filled with chocolate turtles and cocoa powder for the special fudge
  31. >"Mmkay. I'll foo pfat!"
  32. >You tried to say 'I'll do that.' but a basket in your mouth isn't exactly the best for amplifying speech...
  33. >The brown stallion chuckled and waved you off as you started on your way back to your quaint little shop
  34. >You felt the same prickly feeling on your fur as you trotted through a secluded park area, trees covering most of the area
  35. >Hollow Shades used to be a town fueled by the lumber mills, so it would make sense to have some trails through the trees
  36. >You looked around, and you swore you saw a glowing pair of yellow eyes move back behind a particularly large oak
  37. >Your eyes widened as you faced forward again, trying to erase the image from your head
  38. "O-Okay, maybe it's just a stray timberwolf! Yeah, that's it. It'll leave you alone Candy..."
  39. >You started to breath heavily, being the easily panicked mare you were
  40. >Your reassurances had no effect as you lumbered forward at a brisk pace, the feeling of something watching you growing into something stronger
  41. >Something was stalking you...
  42. >Just then, you felt something wet and sticky hit you directly on the cutie mark, sending you falling and skidding across the dirt trail
  43. >You writhed and cried out as you tried to figure out what was happening
  44. >"My my my... What do we have here? A pony intruding on a spirit's private space."
  45. >A shadowy figure curls his black, misty, and most importantly serpentine tail around your body gently
  47. >The shadowy serpent brings its' face close to your own, taking in your panicked breaths like a foal would with candy
  48. >"My my... A candy maker is what you are, but to be one with your work would be interesting, no?"
  49. >You had no idea what this thing was talking about, but it didn't sound good whatever it was
  50. >You struggled and writhed in its shadowy clasp on your petite yellow body, trying to ignore the feeling of that wet and sticky substance spreading down your back leg
  51. >It almost felt like it was drying out the skin underneath your fur
  52. >The feeling was akin to cardboard or paper...
  53. >The serpent chuckled in a deep and resonating voice
  54. >"Yes... Your punishment is being administered as we speak..."
  55. >The serpent creature uncurled his body from yours and slithered away into the shadows
  56. >You faintly heard a raspy voice whisper as he faded away into nothingness
  57. >"To be one with your work..."
  58. >You gasped as the weird substance continued to spread across your lower half, leaving you feeling stiff as it dried over your fur
  59. >You managed to flip over onto your back, and you craned your head forward to try and figure out what was happening to you
  60. >You wish you hadn't
  61. >Your insides churned as you felt one of your back legs with a forehoof
  62. >Gulping, you felt the papery material that was once your leg
  63. >It felt akin to a pinata, like those from Mexicolt
  64. >The words that the shadowy serpent spoke rang in your head
  65. >"To be one with your work..."
  66. >Your eyes could have shattered if they had gotten any wider than they were now
  67. "I don't want to be a pinata! No no no!"
  68. >You panicked and sat up, looking around for anything that might help you
  69. >Your back legs had become stiff and hard to move
  70. >... You felt something coming out of your marehood
  71. >You shivered at the foreign feeling down by your most secluded parts, and you tentatively reached down with a hoof to feel the disturbance, not caring about being visible in public
  73. >You gasped and blushed as you felt a very sticky substance coming out of your somehow still functioning marehood
  74. >You cautiously and curiously brought it up to your face, unsure of what it was
  75. >It certainly wasn't the kind of sex juices you were used to...
  76. >You brought your hoof tentatively closer and sniffed it
  77. >... Watermelon?
  78. >The sticky substances smelled exactly like the artificial watermelon scent in the newer types of candy from Canterlot
  79. >Jolly Rancher's Jollies you think they were called
  80. >You scrunched up your muzzle, no longer terrified and confused, but completely ignoring the changes occurring to you; simply captivated by what has come out of your once organic love button
  81. >You cautiously dragged your tongue across your now cardboard, but still structurally sound, hoof and gasped
  82. >It literally was the candy!
  83. "I-I'm oozing candy out of my..."
  84. >You squeaked and blushed nervously as you jumped to your hooves, wanting to get home as fast as possible
  85. >You dashed off towards the trail, crying and oddly not getting your paper body wet with tears
  86. >You also felt and heard things jostling around inside of you
  87. >Judging by what you are now... A pinata pony... It might as well have been candy.
  88. >You managed to get home in the dark of the night, and slammed your door shut when you entered the humble house.
  89. "N-no way am I gonna go into the forest ever again..."
  90. >You sighed and slumped against the door
  91. >How were you going to explain this to you friends and family?
  92. >How were going to explain this to Coco...?