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  1. >Today was the big day
  2. >Yes, the day of the blood moon that was supposed to end the world
  3. >Of course, from where you lived, the moon wasn't red, nor was it all that large
  4. >Twas' just a regular old moon to your anonymous eyes
  5. >You sighed as you leaned forward onto the wooden railing of the dam bridge
  6. >A spider crawled across the railing and stopped just before your hand, cleaning its face with its long spider legs
  7. >Being an Anon who is also an arachnophobe; you smooshed the poor creature into the wood
  8. >It was a big fucking spider
  9. >Ew, it's all over your hand now...
  10. "Blech..."
  11. >You wipe your hand on your jeans, and look back out into the lake
  12. >So the spider was smooshed, you now have spider goo all over your jeans, and you have a disgusted expression on your face
  13. >You didn't account for the sudden appearance of a ghostly looking cartoon pony hovering in front of you
  14. >So, the spider probably bit you, and now you're hallucinating
  15. >What a great way to spend the night
  16. >"Aaaaaaanooooon..."
  17. >The pony spoke to you mystically, as if she were about to send you on a great quest
  18. "What?"
  19. >You gave the pony a deadpan expression
  20. >You don't have time for a long quest
  21. >"Why diiiiiid yooooooou kiiiiiill the spiiiiideeeer, Aaaaaanoooon?"
  22. >You make note that the pony, or mare, has light brown fur, with a light grey mane
  23. >She also has a spider on her ass
  24. >You probably just angered the spider god
  25. >You gulp, now slightly afraid
  26. "Uhhh... I killed it because I hate spiders...?"
  27. >You smiled nervously and shrugged at the mare, whom was looking quite annoyed at a certain Anon
  28. >The pony scrunched and hovered forward, you tried to lean back, but for some reason you were locked in the position you were in
  29. >The transparent mare licks your forehead
  30. >Ew...
  31. "Ew."
  32. >The spider god/pony mare slowly started to float up into the sky
  33. >"Haaaaaave fuuuun beeeeing an inseeeeeect yoooou loooooseeeeer!"
  34. >And like team rocket, there was a twinkle in the sky as the mare vanished from view
  35. >Fuck ponies man
  37. >You move your hand up to wipe the slime off your forehead
  38. >Of course, some of it comes off and sticks to your hand
  39. >You use your other hand to wipe the sticky slime off your first hand
  40. >Bad move
  41. >Now both your hands are covered in green goo that seems to be self-producing
  42. "What the fuck?!"
  43. >Your eyes widen in their sockets as the goo on your hands constricts, forcing your fingers together
  44. >It travels up your arms as your hands become black masses, the goo hardening
  45. >Fingers going numb, you beat your hand on the wooden railing as you try to get the goo off, but the attempts are futile
  46. >You feel bones crunch together and change, but it's oddly painless
  47. "Holy fuck..."
  48. >Your hands slowly stop changing, and you go over them with your eyes
  49. >They look just like hooves, the left hand... Hoof... Seems to have a hole going right through it, yet there is no pain
  50. >And the black, shiny material looks exactly like chitin
  51. >It feels so weird...
  52. >You rub your hooves together, oblivious to the holes forming along your arms as the goo makes its way up both your arms, melting the bones inside as more chitinous exoskeleton forms on the outside
  53. >You find that this isn't as bad as you thought it would be
  54. >A sudden CRACK interrupts your thoughts as both arms jerk around, seemingly backwards now, but it doesn't hurt
  55. >You clop the holey appendages together, and a resounding CLOP is your reward
  56. >You laugh a bit
  57. >You weren't sure if you laughed because of the clopping, or because you were slowly turning into some weird pony-insect hybrid
  58. >The green goo ran down your skin through your shirt
  59. >The viscous liquid refused to go over your clothing for some reason
  60. >You felt changes on your chest and neck simultaneously
  61. >Your vertebrae popped and cracked as they shifted about, and more bones melted into nothing as more of the chitin hardened and grew
  62. >You felt your chest and belly slowly expand as they contorted to fit the proportions of whatever you were turning into
  63. >It feels.... Good.
  65. >Shoulder blades shifted along your back, moving, changing into something else
  66. >Your shirt held fast against the changes happening to you
  67. >You're lucky you wore an extra large shirt, because if you hadn't, you would've lost clothing
  68. >Clothing costs fucking money
  69. >You don't go to goodwill
  70. >Some new kind of appendage, two of them, brush up along your back
  71. >A barely audible buzzing sound comes form your back as you try to get a feel for the appendages
  72. >Oh great
  73. >Buggy wings
  74. >At least, that's what you hope...
  75. >You feel the goo moving up your neck and along your chin
  76. >It's pretty ticklish actually
  77. >Your hair seems to simmer away as something else takes its place, a kind of fin it seems like
  78. >Your ears become equine in shape, and slightly pointed as well
  79. >The goo drips over your eyes, and you nearly expected to be seeing a thousand different images of the dam in front of you as your vision came back, but it came back about the same, if not better
  80. >You had a much larger field of view
  81. >You squeaked, yes... Squeaked, as something shot out of your head, something sharp, but you weren't sure what it was
  82. >Your nose... Now what you could assume to be a black muzzle extended out in front of you, as your canines became longer and sharper, jutting out the front of your muzzle
  83. >They were edged forward just enough so that they weren't scraping the bottom half of your muzzle
  84. >You blinked a few times as you realized that it was getting much harder to stand on two legs
  85. >In fact, your stance become much more reliant on leaning against the dam railing as you got shorter and shorter, your legs shrinking down to the size of your forearms
  86. >You felt your pants rip open, and the elasticity on your boxer shorts barely held their form
  87. >You squeaked again, much louder this time, as your dick just up and sucked itself back into your body, along with your precious jewels
  88. >You rubbed the area, but nothing was there
  89. >Just smooth chitin underneath your boxer shorts
  90. >Fuck ghost horses.
  92. >You've shrunk so much, that you were barely able to even reach the railing
  93. >Sighing, you let go of the railing, your new hole littered hooves clopping down onto the wood
  94. >Your pants had long been torn to shreds, and your boxer shorts had expired along the way as well, suffering under your new... Tail, which was made of a webby substance that you weren't sure what to call
  95. >Your shirt hung loosely along your small, insectoid-pony body, it almost acting as a dress at this point
  96. >You sat down and examined the holes in your forearms and legs
  97. >Wait...
  98. "Now how the fuck am I supposed to tell my girlfriend about this?!"
  99. >Your voice came out as it usually did, albeit with a slight buzz added
  100. >The wings on your back twitched, responding to your agitated tone
  101. >But seriously
  102. >How are you going to explain this to anyone?
  104. >You trot forward and back along the dam's bridge with your new bug pony hooves
  105. >Zzz
  106. "What am I going to do...?"
  107. >You silently groaned a groan that contained a slightly buzzy tone
  108. >Zzz
  109. >Your wings kept twitching
  110. >Sitting down like a dog and looking over your shoulder at the offending wings; you glared at them as they twitched beneath your black shirt
  111. "Stop it!"
  112. >You continued to glare at the wings, and they eventually abated in their buzzing and twitching
  113. "Hmph."
  114. >You stuck your nose up and trotted over to the railing of the bridge
  115. >You stuck your head out and peered down at the water below, illuminated by a lamp post not too far away
  116. >You gasped, and scurried back some, away from the railing
  117. "Jesus christ!"
  118. >You gulped, and touched a hoof to your muzzle
  119. "Okay okay... Don't freak out this time, Anon..."
  120. >You slowly crept towards the railing and poked your head through
  121. >You closed your eyes as you squeezed your chitinous head through the railing and tilted it down to face the water
  122. >You opened your eyes and inhaled a large amount of air
  123. >The face that peered back up at you was less scary than the first time you saw it
  124. >Two wide, baby blue eyes watched your own, a slightly lighter blue/alabaster orb acting as a pupil
  125. >White fangs protruded form your muzzle, and a curved horn drew out into a point from your head
  126. >You saw some of the fin on top of your head, a slightly darker colour than the rest of your body
  127. >God, it was so fucking sickening, so fucking weird...
  128. >So fucking...
  129. >Cute?
  130. >You blushed, a shade of pink appearing across your cheeks as you pulled your cartoonish head back through the railing
  131. >It was true, you were a cute, cel shaded, little bug pony
  132. >You felt your stomach rumble and the blush fade from your face
  133. >A cute bug pony that needed food
  134. >You felt a spark
  135. >The kind of spark that told you that you really needed to do something
  136. >Something was telling you to...
  137. >Actually you weren't quite sure, but you needed to get home before someone sees you like this
  139. >You made it home, but not before being discovered by at least 4 homeless people
  140. >God it was fucking awful
  141. >First, they tried to catch you, presumably to eat you
  142. >Then they started petting you with their dirty fingers, thinking you were some kind of rare dog
  143. >You got pissed with them though, and a weird green flame erupted from you
  144. >That scared them off right quick
  145. >You sighed as you pushed through your door, managing to get the handle to click
  146. >You walked in, shut the door, and promptly jumped high into the air at the sound of a shotgun cocking
  147. >"Git on the fuckin' ground ya damn monsta'!"
  148. >Holy fuck
  149. >You didn't think your dad would be up
  150. >Nonetheless, you do as he asks and lie on the ground, shivering
  151. >You think you pissed yourself
  152. >But you don't have a dick
  153. >It's the feeling that counts
  154. >"What in the fuck are ya!?"
  155. >Your dad moves closer with a vertical double barrel shotgun
  156. >Now would be the best time to explain yourself...
  157. >Before you can even get a word out, you find yourself literally being kicked out of the house
  158. >Pain hits you like a motherfucker as your light bug pony body flies through the doorway
  159. >You curl up instinctively as you hit the grass, pain coursing through you once more
  160. >How could your own father do this to you?!
  161. >"And stay out ya damn freak!"
  162. >The door slammed, allowing you some peace with your pained self
  163. >You slowly sat up and examined your wounds
  164. >Your shirt seemed slightly damp, and when you touched your hoof to it, a very small amount of greenish liquid came away
  165. >It almost felt like part of your exoskeleton was cracked
  166. >Dad did always love to wear his steel toed boots, made him feel more of a man than he really was
  167. >Somehow the pain in your side kept increasing
  168. >Just kept getting more painful...
  169. >You found it hard to focus...
  170. >Your thoughts seemed to slow down...
  171. >Until you...
  172. >Just...
  173. >Couldn't...
  174. >Hold...
  175. >...
  176. >On...
  177. >You slowly blink awake, the bright shining light of a fluorescent light shining above you
  178. >You make a buzzing hiss somehow, and rubbing your eyes abates the brightness
  179. >You blink your eyes a few times spots appearing
  180. >Great...
  181. >Your back complains as you sit up against the wall, pillow between you and said back
  182. >Your hooves sit crossed against your chest, and you sniffle
  183. >The room is slightly cold... It looks a little like a doctor's office almost, but more residential
  184. >You feel a slight twinge of pain, and look down at your side
  185. >A bandage is wrapped around your torso, it covering the crack in your chitin caused by your father earlier...
  186. >Your father...
  187. >You sigh
  188. >Your somber mood and the silence supporting it jerks away as the sound of the door handle turning breaks the noiselessness
  189. "Huh?"
  190. >The door opens, and a large, white man enters, sporting a doctor's coat and an ID tag, there's also a stethoscope around his neck
  191. >He looks at you for a moment, then scratches his scruffy looking beard as he stares down at his clipboard
  192. >"Fancy having a new species here... Don't know why you weren't brought to the hospital..."
  193. >He mumbles as he walks over to the side of your very comfortable bed
  194. >"Guy that brought you in said that you were mumbling in your sleep. Something about pornography."
  195. >He chuckles a bit
  196. >"Isn't that something?"
  197. >Your nervousness wanes slightly at the friendly tone in his voice, but keeps at his expressionless gaze
  198. >You nod slightly
  199. >He does a half-smile, and puts the bits of the stethoscope in his ears
  200. >"Alright, uncross your uh... Hooves for me, please."
  201. >You do so, and sit up more, placing your hooves under you for support
  202. >He presses the stethoscope against where your heart should be, but his brow furrows as he finds that it isn't there
  203. >The Vet moves the instrument around, and soon finds your heart
  204. >"There we go..."
  205. >"No need to be so nervous by the way, I won't hurt you..."
  206. >He sits back in his stool
  207. >But WHY are you still so nervous!?
  208. >He's a doctor for fuck's sake!
  209. >You gulp and look back at the Vet, less tensed, but still a bit distrustful of him
  210. >He looks back down at his paper
  211. >He breaths in
  212. >"So, do you have any allergies to medications that I should possibly know about?"
  213. >You blink
  214. >How would he know that you can speak?
  215. >You stare at him some more, before speaking yourself
  216. "Uhhhh... Penicillin, but that's about it I think."
  217. >You gulp
  218. >He nods, satisfied with your answer
  219. >The sound of pen drawing across a hard surface keeps the room from being totally silent
  220. >"Good, good, and do you have any allergies to Equine medications...?"
  221. >He seems to hesitate a bit before shaking his head.
  222. >"No no... Those won't matter... You have an O positive blood type and-"
  223. >He stares at you again, frustrated
  224. >"You're certainly an odd case."
  225. >You gulp once more, nodding your head slowly
  226. "I-I think I can understand that, yeah."
  227. >"And just what is your name, Mr uh... Bug... Pony... Creature."
  228. >He nervously twirls his pen in his hand
  229. >Oh, he seems rather fearful right now, perhaps he doesn't want to offend you?
  230. >Your nervousness disappearing, you chuckle a little bit
  231. >"Er yeah. Anonymous, but you can call me Anon, Doctor uh..."
  232. >You squint at his name tag
  233. >"Doctor Hoofenstein."
  234. >You pause for a moment
  235. >You think back a little bit, realizing exactly what you were thinking
  236. >How did you know that he was happy... And nervous...?
  237. >Your new bug pony physiology is super fucking weird
  238. >You start a little bit at the touch of his hand upon your chitin
  239. >You look down, once again apprehensive, and see him removing the bandage
  240. >"Sorry for startling you." Relieved "But it's good to see that your crack has uh... Healed."
  241. "No, no. It's alright, honestly!"
  242. >You waved your hoof to dissuade his growing fear for you being scared
  243. >You were just a little scared; not too much
  244. >It's only because he was about twice your size and could easily punt you across the narrow stretch of hallway outside the office
  245. >Like your dad kinda did
  246. >You winced
  247. >"Oh, well. I'm not entirely sure if you can pay me at this moment Mister Anonymous, so if you'd like I could place this in my growing folder of 'on the house' treatmen-"
  248. >You held out your hoof, closing your eyes and shaking your head
  249. "It's fine, Doc. My wallet should be in my shirt pocket..."
  250. >You went up to feel for your shirt, but found it missing
  251. >The doctor chuckled, and you sensed a bit of happiness
  252. >"Your shirt's on the chair over there."
  253. >He pointed at your shirt, looking at you, expecting you to do something
  254. >His eyes opened wide as he let out another, stronger, bark of laughter
  255. >"Right, right. Injured little bug horse can't get his shirt without hands."
  256. >The doc, vet, whatever he was got up to grab your shirt
  257. "Hey wait. I can get it!"
  258. >You know you were hardheaded, metaphorically speaking, and with a slight side of literally as well
  259. >The doc grunted as he reached forward, and grabbed your shirt with his big, hairy hand
  260. >You folded your hooves across your chitinous chest and sunk in further to the pillow; huffing in annoyance
  261. "Consarnit' doc..."
  262. >He gave a deadpan expression as he held out the shirt with both hands, glancing back and forth between it and your black form on the bed
  263. >"Well, just what do you expect? The shirt isn't going to fly over to you by some paranormal means!" Humorous
  264. >He examined the shirt more closely
  265. >"Found your wallet; want me to just give it to you or-" Surprise
  266. >You felt the curved appendage on your head tingle, almost arcing with this odd green glow
  267. >The wallet glowed the same violent hue as it shot out of your shirt pocket and smacked you right on your snout
  268. "Ow! Fuck!"
  269. >Your head slammed into the plush pillow beneath, wallet coming to a rest on your banded chest
  270. >"Yeah, uh. I don't think there's anything or anyone that I could consult about horses, or ponies, that explains what you just did there." Fear mixed with excitement
  271. "I think that my wallet flew over here by paranormal means."
  272. >The doctor bitterly laughed
  273. >"Well, i'd say that you are a bug horse that can use telekinesis, apparently."
  274. >He blinked, and then glared at you
  275. >"Just don't go full Chronicle, okay?"
  276. >God, what a weird movie that was.
  277. "Yeah, sure, no going crazy with power and flying into the skies striking people with lightning."
  278. >The good doctor waved his pen to something between you and the mattress
  279. >"If your hole filled insect wings are any clue, i'd say that you may be able to fly."
  280. >You smirked
  281. "Yeah, I guess so."
  282. >With the whole mess squared away, with surprisingly less panic than what you assumed would occur, you managed to pay off Hoofenstein
  283. >He gave you a "special discount", and only charged you twenty dollars for treatment
  284. >"Ah, it was only a bandage and some hydrogen peroxide, nothing your mother wouldn't give you."
  285. >You supposed that was a decent enough explanation for the twenty dollars, at least it wasn't some insane medical bill topping off at four didgets
  286. >Considering it was still very early morning, and how the veternarian had opened his office for you only as it seemed, there was nobody else in the small lobby where you currently sat, conversing with the man
  287. >"So how'd you get those injuries, anyways?"
  288. >You fiddled with your hooves nervously as you shifted in the chair, back hooves hanging above the ground as you tried to sit normally
  289. >It was a pitiful attempt at practicing decent posture
  290. "Oh... The crack? Don't worry about it, it's personal."
  291. >The vet eyed you down
  292. >"You're pretty light for a bug horse, and judging from the marks in whoever's lawn you were in, i'd say that you were kicked pretty hard."
  293. >You suddenly found your hooves very interesting as you counted the holes in them
  294. >Seven, no, eight holes in total for both your front hooves
  295. >"Anonymous?" A whiff of worry sparked through the air as he called out your name
  296. >You sighed
  297. "Yeah. I tried coming home, but it obviously didn't work out. As you can see..."
  298. >You scratched your shirt over the area where the crack had been
  299. "I don't know. I'll figure out something..."
  300. >You looked back up at the vet to your side, his face was still scrunched up with worry
  301. >His was almost foreign, the human face
  302. >You'd been getting used to your new chitinous form so well that your old body had started to feel unnatural instead of your new one
  303. >You felt happy, the kind of happy that you can't explain, a kind of happy that can only be felt by relieving something
  304. >You didn't know there was something that had been relieved
  305. >"Call me weird, or crazy, but the way your face is all scrunched up? It's pretty cute. Like a kid tryin' to figure out what two plus two is."
  306. >That brought you out of your deep thoughts as you laughed a deep resonating laugh with the undercurrent of a buzz flowing along with it
  307. "Totally not weird, but i'll give you some props for breaking me out of my... shell."
  308. >The man let out a 'snrk' as he held back another laugh
  309. >You sighed
  310. >I wasn't even trying, then.
  311. >"Doesn't make it any less funny, Anon."
  312. >You clopped both of your hooves together and smiled brightly
  313. >"Well it's been fun doc, but I gotta get out of here before cabin fever sets in!"
  314. >You hopped off the chair
  315. >Damn that was a comfortable chair
  316. >The quality of the doctor can be determined by the quality of the seats
  317. >Damn good seat for a damn good doctor
  318. >"And where, pray tell, are you going to go?"
  319. >Hoofenstein crossed both of his arms and frowned
  320. >You... Didn't quite know actually
  321. >You figured that you could just wing it, maybe hang out with a few hobos, form a hobo mafia
  322. >That'd be pretty great actually...
  323. "Err, I figured that I could maybe just chill out in the alleyways. Hang out with the hobos."
  324. >You smiled
  325. "Maybe start a-"
  326. >"Gang? Yeah I don't think that's going to happen, little guy."
  327. >What
  328. >Did he just call you little guy?
  329. >You narrowed your eyes
  330. >The vet seemed to take the hint, and smiled apologetically
  331. >"Hehe... Sorry, you act a little like my son when he gets excited."
  332. >He had a son?
  333. >Huh
  334. >You never pegged him as the sort, but that didn't matter now
  335. >You wanted to leave
  336. "Well. I'll figure something out. Thanks for the patching up ya did, doc."
  337. >You heard mumbling as you pushed open the glass door leading to the outside world
  338. >"Yes... Don't cause too much chaos out there."
  339. >You thought you even heard a chuckle as the door shut
  340. >Weird
  341. >You looked around, noting the sun slowly climbing in the sky
  342. >You needed a plan
  343. >You know that you can sense, even sort of feed on emotions, you have wings that may or may not even work, and you can use telekinesis
  344. >It was mostly an accident with that last point
  345. >You shrugged and trotted across the parking lot
  346. >Whatever, something good oughta come your way
  347. >You looked both ways, checking for cars, but there were none
  348. "Good... Now I just gotta-"
  349. >Wait
  350. >What was that buzzing sound?
  351. >You looked around, trying to find whatever was causing it
  352. >And then you looked up
  353. >Your eyes widened and your ears pressed against your head as you screamed
  354. "Sweet fucking christ!"
  355. >Your legs locked up, you couldn't get out of the way
  356. >The black object seemingly glared at you before colliding, wrapping itself around you as you flew backwards, propelled by the thing's momentum
  357. >The buzzing died down to a gentle hum, and you didn't dare to wiggle
  358. >It was definitely a creature, and a very scared one at that
  359. >You could sense the fear rolling off it in waves as it grappled... Or hugged you.
  360. >Fear for you?
  361. >That's fucking weird
  362. >"My dear sweet drone! Why would you leave the hive? You had your brothers and sisters worried sick when we first located you!"
  363. >Dear sweet drone? Who the hell was this lady... bug... thing?
  364. >Evidently she was just like you, except bigger, and much more friendly
  365. >Also, brothers and sisters?
  366. "I-I uh... I never left anything. I just kind of..."
  367. >Oh jeez
  368. >You couldn't tell her that you turned into one, that'd bring you bad juju
  369. "I just... Hit my head and got lost."
  370. >You smiled nervously
  371. >The fear ebbed from the motherly changeling, and she pulled back to look at you more closely
  372. >"Yes. You do appear to be roughed up quite badly, but somepony must have patched you up."
  373. >She smiled, and you could sense that she was relieved to see you weren't too harmed
  374. >It still didn't creep you out any less
  375. >Who exactly was she, and how did she find you?
  376. "That's great and all, but could you let me go, please?"
  377. >You peered around her, checking to see if anyone had seen.
  378. "I kinda have somewhere to be."
  379. >The changeling frowned, upset.
  380. >"Where would that be? You looked lost when I saw you."
  381. >You gulped and laughed a bit
  382. "I wasn't lost. Just uh... Just thinking about where I should go."
  383. >She gave you a deadpan stare
  384. >"So, you don't have somewhere to be then?"
  385. >You opened your mouth to reply, but shut it when the changeling gave you a hard stare
  386. >"Don't lie to your mother, my drone. I know you're lost."
  387. >Oh
  388. >Ooooooh
  389. >So that's why she was afraid for you, she thought that she was your mother.
  390. >You started laughing
  391. >She thought she was your mother!
  392. >It was too much
  393. >You settled down after a few good minutes of laughter, much to the other changeling's confusion
  394. "I think you're mistaken lady, I'm not your son, my dad kicked my ass straight out of the house, literally, so you can't be my mother."
  395. >You'd gotten over the fact that your dad kicked you out, couldn't really blame him
  396. >"I-I don't understand. You're from my brood, I can sense it!"
  397. >The mother grew teary eyed and hugged you once more, this time more gently
  398. >"You've just hit your head, you don't know what you're saying."
  399. >Strangely enough, you did feel a sort of attachment to this other changeling
  400. >Maybe you could humor her, you'd at least have somewhere to stay if this 'hive' meant anything
  401. "Yeah. I don't know. He kicked me pretty hard."
  402. >Your 'mother' tensed up
  403. >Or maybe queen would be a better word?
  404. >Like a queen bee, caretaker of a hive, and mother to many
  405. >It fit well, and you felt that odd attachment strengthen as you came to this conclusion
  406. >You shivered
  407. >Were you really thinking of this stranger as a relative?
  408. >"This 'father' that you speak of. Was he the one who hurt you? One of the humans?"
  409. >You could practically taste the venom as she spoke of your dad
  410. >It made you nervous...
  411. "Y-yeah. He must've thought I was a monster or something."
  412. >You looked at yourself
  413. "Can't blame him. I really do look like a monster."
  414. >The queen tensed up more, hugging you close
  415. >"You are no monster, my child. Please don't speak ill of yourself like that."
  416. >This girl really did care about you like you were her own
  417. >That spider god must've done something to you
  418. >Or that vet
  419. "Alright. I'm not a monster, and you can just call me Anon, by the way."
  420. >The queen perked up, happy
  421. >"A good name for a good drone. Come, Anon. Let us return to the hive, we needn't worry your siblings any longer."
  422. >Siblings?
  423. >What?
  424. >You didn't have any brothers or sisters, not that you were aware of... Anyway...
  425. "Look, um..."
  426. >You rubbed the back of your neck with a hoof
  427. "I don't think I have any siblings."
  428. >You looked up at the queen's towering form, it rising above you ominously
  429. >Ominous wasn't quite the right word, she gave off a sort of caring vibe
  430. >You could sense it
  431. >Her emotions
  432. >She lowered her neck down to your eye level, forcing you to step back a few paces
  433. >You were quite nervous
  434. >"Of course you have siblings, my little changeling, you didn't think you were the only one of your brood, did you?"
  435. >At this point you didn't really know what to think, meeting all these different characters over the past few days has left you fairly busy
  436. "Honestly, I-I don't really know."
  437. >You lowered your head, tube like ears lowering as well, what an odd feeling it was
  438. >"Are you okay? I can sense that you're upset you know."
  439. >You felt something touch the frill on your head, rubbing against it ever so gently
  440. >It felt pretty good in all honesty
  441. "Just... What's been happening lately is so confusing!"
  442. >You felt her breathe heavily on top of your head
  443. >"Yes, amnesia can be troublesome, can't it?"
  444. >You wish you had amnesia, maybe this wouldn't be so hard otherwise
  445. >Sighing, you mentally decided to come out with the truth to the larger bug horse creature
  446. "Look, er, I lied to you. I don't have amnesia, i didn't hit my head, I wasn't even a changeling a few days ago!"
  447. >You flopped on your side, feeling more comfortable this way
  448. "I was just a guy, a magical spider thing cursed me to be this way, god knows why..."
  449. >Unbeknownst to you, the larger changeling had trotted closer to you, haphazardly
  450. "My actual father thought I was a monster, and I thought he might, just might understand!"
  451. >You sniffled
  452. >Thinking about all this is really drudging up some emotions, safe to say you were glad you weren't alone in this, even if it was just a tiny part of you that thought that way
  453. "I really want to be my old self again, I wish this didn't happen to me!"
  454. >You rubbed your solid blue eyes with a chitinous hoof, wiping away some the tears
  455. >Your head stayed hung, you weren't sure if the bigger changeling was going to be angry at you for lying, or if she would attack you, you felt a mixture of fear, anxiety, and sadness
  456. >What you didn't know is that she pitied you, and cared for you, as if you were one of her own
  457. >To her, you were one of her own
  458. >You heard shuffling in front of you, as you looked up you suddenly found yourself wrapped in a warm embrace as the queen wrapped her forelimbs and wings around you, bringing you closer to her
  459. >You really were small compared to her
  460. >"It's okay, don't be frightened any longer. I'm here for you, even if you weren't one of mine, you are now. This is fate."
  461. >Fate... You can choose your own fate
  462. >Sniffling, you tried looking into her eyes, but your snout bumped into her chin, making you wince
  463. "I... Uhm, I appreciate the gesture..."
  464. >You hesitated
  465. "But I do have my own vices... Things I need to do, I can't stay here for one-"
  466. >"Then come with me, back to our hive, where you belong."