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  1. *Note* im not the original writefag just putting it into pastebin form, the first chunk was a prompt and a writefag took it from there.
  3. >order your own Rarity
  4. >get excited that life is worth living now
  5. >the package arrives and soon you find there's some assembly required
  6. >the manual is in Russian
  7. >you're pretty sure some of the parts don't fit together
  8. >her right foreleg is a different color
  9. fucking shady resellers, never again
  11. >She's not Rarity
  12. >Her coat is off-white
  13. >Her smile is crooked
  14. >Her eyes don't shine like they should
  15. >Her right foreleg is pink
  16. >You finish assembly anyway
  17. >She blinks several times before she looks at you
  18. >"I am Rare. Nice to meet you, Dining."
  19. >Did she just call you Dining instead of Darling?
  20. >Her accent is painfully wrong
  21. >She tries to walk toward you, but her legs don't quite work right
  22. >You are certain you assembled hey correctly, you were extremely careful
  23. >Her legs tremble
  24. >After a few steps, she stops
  25. >At this point, you can tell she is having trouble standing up at all
  26. >Her new expression is disconcerting
  27. >Her lips are contorted into a crooked frown
  28. >She tries to close her eyes, but her eyelids don't close all the way so that you can still see some of the whites
  29. >Her ears droop
  30. >She must be in pain
  31. >She's not Rarity, but your heart can't take this
  32. >You lift her and hold her in your arms
  33. >She looks you in the eyes
  34. >Mostly
  35. >You now notice that one eye is sightly off
  36. >"Thank you, Dining"
  37. >She tries to nuzzle your chest, but stabs you with her horn in the process
  38. >Wincing, you adjust her head
  39. >She doesn't seem to mind as long as you are close
  40. >She really is very soft and warm
  41. >You scratch her ears
  42. >She's not Rarity, but you could get used to this.
  44. >Be Rare
  45. >You simply awoke today
  46. >You don't know anything
  47. >Except that you are Rare, you want to be fabulous, and you call others Dining
  48. >You do not question these things, despite not knowing what fabulous means and not ever having met another being
  49. >You open your eyes and look around
  50. >Your eyes fix on the first thing you see
  51. >Another creature
  52. >What is it?
  53. >You greet it
  54. >"I am Rare. Nice to meet you, Dining."
  55. >The features on Dining's face change
  56. >You don't know what that means
  57. >You feel that you must meet Dining
  58. >You begin to walk
  59. >You have never done this before
  60. >It is very difficult
  61. >You don't know which leg goes first
  62. >Sometimes when you move a leg, it hurts
  63. >You don't like walking
  64. >You give up, but your legs are in an awkward position
  65. >You feel more hurt
  66. >A lot more
  67. >You don't know what to do
  68. >Your mind races
  69. >It does not race very long, it has nowhere to go
  70. >You are so confused
  71. >You close your eyes to shut out the hurt
  72. >The bottom of your eyes feel more dry than the rest, but you don't know why
  73. >What are you feeling?
  74. >You have never felt before
  75. >You don't like feeling
  76. >Suddenly, you feel yourself rising
  77. >The pain in your legs vanishes as you feel something warm and strong around you
  78. >You look up to see Dining holding you in its appendages
  79. >You feel differently now
  80. >You feel warm and pleasant
  81. >You like Dining
  82. >Dining saves you from bad feelings
  83. >You want to tell him
  84. >"Thank you, Dining"
  85. >You want to get closer to Dining, so you move your head into Dining's chest
  86. >Dining moves your head a little and scratches your ears
  87. >You really like Dining
  88. >You are thankful that the world around you isn't as harsh as when you woke up
  89. >You don't want Dining to put you down
  91. >Be Rarity
  92. >You wake up and are immediately aware of who you are
  93. >You love designing and fashion
  94. >You know you are here to make a friend
  95. >You look around the room
  96. >It is poorly-lit and disorganized
  97. >You see the human
  98. >He's a mess
  99. >His hair is greasy and disheveled, his beard is untamed all the way to his neck
  100. >His t-shirt, jeans, and white socks are all ugly, ill-fitting, and worn out
  101. >And the sweaty smell...
  102. >He could really use a makeover
  103. >But what makes you flinch is his expression
  104. >He is looking at you with intense, desperate eyes
  105. >You try to hide your initial disgust
  106. >To make a good first impression, you clear your throat and straighten your posture
  107. >"Hello, darling. I am Rarity."
  108. >He begins to tear up, then slowly gets up and walks out of the room with the head down
  109. >Well, that went swimmingly
  110. >He must think you hate him with a performance as unconvincing as that
  111. >Come on, Rarity, you can be more presentable than that
  112. >But you decide not to chase him, and instead investigate the room
  113. >There's not much here besides the usual living room things
  114. >A chair, table, TV, mantle...
  115. >Oh, there are pictures on the mantle!
  116. >You must see them
  117. >Each one depicts the human with...
  118. >Some ugly bootleg version of you
  119. >Her face is uncanny, her coat is discolored
  120. >Eugh, why is one leg pink?
  121. >You take a closer look at the human
  122. >His fashion sense is poor, but he is at least clean
  123. >And he's smiling in all of the photos
  124. >The pony doesn't look like she's smiling, but with context in mind you assume she is
  125. >You look around the rest of the house, avoiding the room you saw the human enter for now
  126. >You see no sign of your failed doppleganger
  127. >The thought strikes you
  128. >Are... You, the illustrious Rarity, a replacement?
  129. >You push open the door to what you assume is the human's room
  130. >He is face-down on his bed
  131. >Though a little jealous of the knockoff pony, you don't want to see the human like this
  132. >"H-hello? Are you okay?"
  134. >He flinches at the sound
  135. >He wipes his eyes on his pillow before turning his head to look at you
  136. >As if you didn't know he was crying...
  137. >He takes a moment to compose himself
  138. >In a dull, deep, throaty voice he introduces himself as Anon
  139. >He says that buying you was a mistake, and he's sorry for all of this
  140. >You wave a hoof
  141. >"Oh, darling, buying me was not a mistake!" You say with a wink
  142. >He smiles a little
  143. >Progress!
  144. >But after a moment, his frown returns and he flops back down, face in the bed
  145. >You can barely make out his muffled voice
  146. >"If only you knew..."
  147. >You were sure he said that
  148. >"If only I knew what?"
  149. >Silence
  150. >"Is it about that pony that looks... A little bit like me?"
  151. >He tenses a little, then slowly gets back up
  152. >"I guess you found the photos... I forgot how smart you would be. I guess there's no reason to hide it now..."
  153. >He tells you about a pony named Rare
  154. >He accidentally ordered her in an attempt to get you
  155. >She was so pathetic and useless, but he loved her so much
  156. >He had to teach her how to walk and eat
  157. >He even house-trained her
  158. >You wince at how undignified it would be if you had to learn those things
  159. >But he looked so earnest and nostalgic as he told stories
  160. >Her first bath, playtime, introducing her to his friends who also fell in love with her
  161. >And many, many upsies
  162. >Upsies were her absolute favorite
  163. >She was a disaster of a pony, but you could tell there was a hole in his heart
  164. >His speech began to falter
  165. >Apparently, her defects caught up to her
  166. >Only 3 years after she arrived, her body started to fail
  167. >No veterinarian or pony specialist could do anything, she was far too defective
  168. >Her last words we, "Pick me up, Dining"
  169. >He broke down, head in his hands
  170. >Your heart plummets through the floor
  171. >You can't be jealous anymore
  172. >You must make him feel better!
  173. >You must!
  174. >You MUST!!
  175. >You crawl up onto the bed and cuddle up to him
  176. >He doesn't even notice
  178. >You give up after a few minutes
  179. >You suddenly have an idea
  180. >You don't like the idea, but you feel it's the only thing you can do
  181. >You leave the sobbing human alone and go outside
  182. >You find a patch of dirt among the tall grass
  183. >No, Rarity, you can't, it is filthy!
  184. >But you must!
  185. >You saw him, he needs this
  186. >After much hesitation, you get on the ground and roll in the dirt
  187. >This is horrible, but it will be worth it
  188. >You shake off excess dust until your coat looks only slightly dirty
  189. >You walk to his shed, find a bucket, then fill it with water from the spigot attached to his house
  190. >You normally use this spell on fabric, but you hope it works on water
  191. >Sure enough, the water turns pink
  192. >You start to argue with yourself in your head again
  193. >Will this ever come out?
  194. >You can't permanently ruin your coat like this
  195. >Rarity, get a hold of yourself!
  196. >This is what friends do
  197. >Your face contracts, and you slowly begin to dip your right foreleg into the pink water
  198. >You can't look
  199. >You feel the water reach just past your knee as your hoof touches the base of the bucket and realize how silly of an idea this was
  200. >There were no other bigger containers, this will have to do
  201. >You shake off excess moisture, poke your head inside, and pull a handtowel to you with magic
  202. >It is filthy, but you have no choice
  203. >With your leg dry, you enter the house
  204. >You walk up to his doorframe, but stay out of sight
  205. >You can still hear sobbing
  206. >You can do this Rarity, just play the part
  207. >You take a deep breath and enter the room
  208. >With the worst accent you can muster, you say
  209. >"Hello, Dining"
  211. >His head jerks up, mouth agape
  212. >He looks horrid, even worse than before
  213. >He wipes his tears on his arm
  214. >He slowly gets up and approaches you
  215. >You nervously shift your posture, but you dare not back up, for his sake
  216. >After a long pause, he hugs you with all his might
  217. >Oof, too much might
  218. >But you bear it and return the embrace
  219. >He's crying, but it's different now
  220. >It's sad, but not desperate
  221. >After what seems like hours, he lets go
  222. >"Rarity, you are too good to me... Thank you."
  223. >You smile confidently, thankful you did the right thing
  224. >"I... I think I can move on now. You can clean yourself up now."
  225. >Oh thank Celestia
  226. >You bolt to his nasty bathroom
  227. >At least the bathtub is acceptable, so you draw a bath
  228. >Fortunately, the pink came out too, after some scrubbing
  229. >You dry yourself off with the cleanest towel you can find and return to his room
  230. >He is wistfully looking at a photo of Rare on his nightstand
  231. >You clear your throat
  232. >He turns to you and smiles slightly
  233. >"You are looking more like yourself, Rarity."
  234. >"Oh, yes, of course I do, Anon. But don't worry about me, let's talk about YOU."
  235. >"What?"
  236. >"You're a wreck, Darling! Let's get you cleaned up."
  237. >And so you spent the rest of the day re-teaching him how to take care of himself
  238. >The rest of the week, actually
  239. >His life had been in shambles before you pulled him out of it
  240. >But it has no effect on your natural poise
  241. >You know there is a handsome gentleman under there
  242. >You just have to find it
  243. >That's fine, your work was cut out for you
  244. >You are the illustrious Rarity, master of makeovers
  245. >Besides, your new human friend is worth it.
  247. End.

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