/bootleg/ Rarity

By NHanon on 25th October 2020 12:32:33 PM

  1. >You are Rarity!
  2. >Well, a Rarity droid, but Rarity none the less!
  3. >And you are currently cocooned up in a blanket fort, courtesy of your beloved friend/owner.
  4. >Speaking of which, he checks his pockets one last time before turning to you with a smile.
  5. >”Alright, are you all settled in?”
  6. >You bat your eyes at Anonymous playfully.
  7. >Well, more like your one working eye, but it’s the thought that counts.
  8. “Yes of course I am, now get going before it gets any later dahling.”
  9. >He lightly chuckles, putting up his hands defensively.
  10. >”Sorry, just want to be sure you’ll be fine while I’m out.”
  11. “Anonymous, this isn’t the first time you’ve left me alone, and it will likely not be the last.”
  12. >”I know, I know, I’m just...ugh. Sorry. I’ll be back soon.”
  13. “Mhm, be safe out there dear.”
  14. >He nods and gives you a final hug, one you eagerly return, before leaving you alone to your soap opera.
  15. >Once he leaves the room, you wait and listen as the front door closes.
  16. >Minutes crawl by, and you’re certain he is gone, you can finally enact your plan.
  17. >You’re going to surprise him by cleaning up around the home!
  18. >It will surely be difficult, even with your...ahem...limitations.
  19. >But you will try, try, and succeed!
  20. >Because this will be your way of giving back for everything he does for you.
  21. >He really is the best person you could ever ask for.
  22. >So kind, caring, and generous…
  23. >Ah! You’re getting off track, you need to get started before he comes back.
  24. >But first, you need to escape your cocoon.
  25. >Some struggling and a bit of finesse, you manage to exit it, ambling into the hallway.
  26. >Pausing briefly at the closet, you check for cleaning supplies, but find none.
  27. “Odd...I assumed he would keep these in here. Oh well, carry on.”
  28. >Closing the door, you venture forth again, and stop at the spare room along the way.
  29. >Maybe they’re in there?
  30. >Doubtful, he never lets you in there.
  32. >Don’t know why though, he’s shared everything with you.
  33. >And you even found those old dirty magazines of his under the bed, so why not this room?
  34. >For all you know, those supplies are in there.
  35. >That’s all the more reason to enter.
  36. >But he forbade you from entering.
  37. >But the supplies!
  38. “No! I mustn't! I couldn’t! I wouldn’t!”
  39. >As you continue on in dramatic fashion, you trip into the door, causing it to swing open.
  40. >You quickly meet the ground with your sight going dark.
  41. “Oof! Who turned out the lights?!”
  42. >Before panic takes over, you realize your eye just went out.
  43. >This always happens with such impacts.
  44. >You wait for a time, but slowly, your sight returns.
  45. >Now you can see you’re in a carpeted room, much like other rooms.
  46. >With more effort than you’d like to admit, you stand up.
  47. “Ugh, stupid legs...thankfully Anonymous isn’t here to hear me say that.”
  48. >You really shouldn’t say those things though.
  49. >He constantly reminds you that you are perfect, despite your imperfections.
  50. >Forcing yourself to stand a little straighter, well as straight as you can, your eye scans around briefly.
  51. “I don’t see what he was trying to hide. It’s not too bad, just a little cluttered is all.”
  52. >You don’t see the supplies, but maybe you should be more thorough.
  53. >Searching on, you don’t find them, but instead find various boxes and papers.
  54. >Strange, why would he keep these in here?
  55. >Probably storage, but then why did he forbid you from entering?
  56. >Limping over to a stack of papers, you start to scan them and something catches your eye immediately.
  57. “Are these blueprints of mwah?”
  58. >As you take a closer look, you find that they are indeed of you, several in fact.
  59. >One thing stands out amongst them, they have been modified and have notes written with them as well.
  60. >Wouldn’t hurt to look at them, you’ve always wondered how you were supposed to work.
  62. >As you read, you see that Anonymous is the one who modified the blueprints and wrote the notes.
  63. >That was nice of him to do that, but why did he..?
  64. “Wait a moment.”
  65. >Reading it again, something becomes horribly apparent.
  66. “This...this cannot be...Why would he? No, I must’ve misread them or someone else wrote them.”
  67. >Despite reading it again, there is no doubt about it, it’s his handwriting.
  68. >You keep rereading it, but the answer remains the same.
  69. >Anonymous intentionally built you flawed.
  70. “No…”
  71. >Every time you tripped or fell because of your legs, was his fault.
  72. >Every time you lost your sight because of your one functioning eye, was his fault.
  73. >Everything, all of your problems were because of him.
  74. “Why..?”
  75. >You feel...betrayed.
  76. >That’s not all though, something inside of you slowly breaks.
  77. >Not software nor hardware.
  78. >It’s your heart.
  79. >Your body slouches, and your head droops as you stare at the evidence before you.
  80. >You hear the front door open, the sound of footsteps and bags can be heard as well.
  81. >”I’m back! The place wasn’t crowded if you can believe it.”
  82. >You sit there quietly with your heartbreaking as you hear him putting things away.
  83. >”Rarity?”
  84. >The sounds of footsteps approach, but quickly slow once they reach the doorway.
  85. >Very slowly, you raise your head and look up to see Anonymous standing there.
  86. >His face is pale, clearly looking like a child caught red handed.
  87. >”Wha-what are you doing in here?”
  88. >You blink in disbelief, so many emotions flowing through you.
  89. >One single solitary thought emerges through.
  90. “Why?”
  91. >He tries to put on a poker face to no avail.
  92. >”Uh what do you mean?”
  93. >You point accusingly at the papers next to you, and repeat your question.
  94. “Why?”
  95. >Anonymous works his jaw a moment in thought, you can see him sweating.
  96. >” read it all, didn’t you?”
  97. >You say nothing, still staring at him.
  99. >It’’s true then.
  100. >He did do it intentionally.
  101. >For the very first time in your life, you feel like you shouldn’t be alive.
  102. >He lets out a slow sigh and his eyes go to the ground.
  103. >As his shoulders slump, he runs a hand through his hair before looking back at you.
  104. >”Yeah...yeah of course you did...Listen, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for every-”
  105. “NO! There is no good explanation for-for this!”
  106. >He looks hurt, but starts again.
  107. >”Please Rarity, let me-”
  108. “NO! I was never made defective at all! All my suffering, all my problems were because you wanted them! What kind of sick joke is this?!”
  109. >Anonymous flinches from your onslaught, saying nothing.
  110. >Your senors are blaring in your vision, nearly being overloaded from all the stress you’re under.
  111. >Everything inside of you is twisting, screaming, and burning.
  112. >You need to leave, you want nothing more of this.
  113. >Feeling spurned on by emotion, you start to move, but fall forward with your vision going out again.
  114. >You lay in total darkness, whimpering, feeling tears threatening to escape.
  115. >You can hear Anonymous approach you, hesitating momentarily before taking a seat next to you.
  116. >He reaches around you in an attempt to help you back onto your hooves.
  117. >But you feel so drained now, and only manage to do is limply lean against him.
  118. >Feeling the burning question again, you ask once more.
  119. “Why..?”
  120. >He sighs, bringing in you closer, like a hug he would normally give.
  121. >This feels different somehow though.
  122. >”I...I’m not right in the head...”
  123. >He shifts a second as a cough escapes his body, though he tries to shake it off.
  124. >”In a way, I’m broken as well.”
  125. >Anonymous takes a deep breath as he holds you, continuing on.
  126. >”I-I’m not asking you to forgive me...but I’m sorry...”
  127. >His chest heaves as says that, and his body slowly starts to shake.
  129. >”I’m so sorry Rarity…”
  130. >As he repeats the phrase again, you start to sob.
  131. >Crying is one feature you wish you didn’t have.
  132. >It’s both ugly and painful.
  133. >You shouldn’t have to feel pain like this.
  134. >”I’m sorry.”
  135. >He says it again, this time you feel something wet against your head, it’s likely his tears.
  136. >”I’m s-so so sorry…”
  137. >You’re not sure if you can ever forgive him for making you like this.
  138. >One this is certain as the two of you sit there crying.
  139. >You’re both broken, but broken together.

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