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The Carat and Stick

By RapeApe
Created: 11th December 2020 09:31:33 PM
15th March 2021 05:45:32 AM

  1. This is /sim/.
  2. If you don't know what that is you're probably not going to like it.
  4. >It was far too early in the morning to be this bored.
  5. >Exiled to a land of magic and wonder, and still somehow you had nothing better to do than twirl a pen between your fingers.
  6. >You weren’t particularly good at it, it wasn’t something you spent a great deal of time doing after all.
  7. >Regular old Anonymous would have left long ago to see if there was anything interesting happening, to try and break the monotony.
  8. >Sadly, Doctor Anonymous had obligations.
  9. >You couldn’t just walk out.
  10. >The pen flew from your grasp falling to the ground as it had done a dozen times before on that day.
  11. >You get up from your desk to fetch it, taking a moment to fix your labcoat before sitting once more.
  12. >You surveyed the large yet cramped office on the off chance the nine o’clock appointment had arrived while you weren't looking.
  13. >A heavy oaken desk sat before you, folders neatly arranged and select texts set aside.
  14. >In a different time this office might have been lined with bookshelves crammed to the brim with medical knowledge of varying importance, but in the current year there was little need for such things.
  15. >Instead you chose to adorn the walls with diagrams of equine anatomy.
  16. >A chart depicting the skeleton, one for the muscular system, a few for various key organs- everything needed to help explain to your patients what was wrong with them.
  17. >And above the door a small but ornately carved pendulum clock was hung, gently and quietly counting down the seconds as they passed.
  18. >It had been a stupid purchase, more expensive and less reliable than a digital timepiece, but you couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship that had been displayed in Equestria.
  19. >Craftsponyship?
  20. >Everything in this place seemed to be made with a degree of love and care that couldn't be found on Earth.
  21. >Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
  22. >Quarter to ten.
  23. >It’d been a long week.
  24. >When you’d moved to Equestria you’d been expecting to have trouble finding work.
  25. >After all, what good was a human doctor to a pony?
  26. >And even if you did have the knowledge needed to help them who would be willing to trust the weird alien?
  27. >As it turns out, lots of ponies.
  28. >Sure, most of them kept their distance, but there were more than enough who were fascinated the alien medicine.
  29. >From sprained ankles to the feather flu, ponies from all across Equestria came to you seeking your expertise.
  30. >Somehow they had it in their head that your hands were a panacea that could and would solve any and every ailment.
  31. >They didn’t understand the limitations of your craft, nor did they understand the risks that modern medicine could bring.
  32. >They seemed to believe that you could wave your scalpel like some kind of magic wand and everything would be all better.
  33. >Many of them seemed to believe it actually WAS a kind of magic.
  34. >Whatever they thought you'd quickly grown tired of it all, the once flattering praise had fast become an ever present nuisance.
  35. >Even though you hadn’t been here for very long you'd started to run out of patience for your patients.
  36. >They expected the world of you and didn't believe you could only offer fairly basic care.
  37. >You’d hired a secretary to help you screen patients, to make sure that they actually needed help.
  38. >Everypony who had booked a consultation with you had already demonstrated a genuine need for intervention.
  39. >Even so some managed to slip through from time to time.
  40. >You didn’t like it when others wasted your time with frivolous requests.
  41. >But you were willing to forgive them, they didn't know any better.
  42. >You weren't so quick to forgive when they were late.
  43. >The door finally popped open.
  44. “You’re late. Almost an entire hour.”
  45. >A tall and slender unicorn strode in.
  46. >Fleur de Lis was here for her consultation.
  47. >”I’m sorry, sir.”
  48. >Anonymous raised a single brow.
  49. >”I had trouble getting here.”
  50. “I’m billing you for the time you wasted.”
  51. >Her horn glowed with an unearthly light.
  52. >A few seconds later a small sack landed on your desk, the distinctive sound of coin filling the air.
  53. >”Is this enough?”
  54. “20 trillion. I've got student loans to pay.”
  55. >She sat down on the other side of your desk and spent a moment mulling over what you'd just said.
  56. >”I'm not sure what a trillion is.”
  57. >Nobody appreciated your sense of humor.
  58. >Well, there was no recovering the time lost.
  59. >Might as well do the job.
  60. >Besides, you DID need the money.
  61. >You’d received some very generous donations since you’d arrived, but even with how much the Crystal Empire had given you to set up shop money was still tight.
  62. >Medical equipment could be obscenely expensive, and the ponies weren’t used to the steep price tag of refined equipment.
  63. >Good hospitals on Earth have dozens of doctors sharing their equipment, buying it by charging their patients a fortune whenever they get a runny nose or pulling in billions in government funding.
  64. >This place was Kenya tier, relying on refurbished and obsolete gear that other places were practically giving away.
  65. >It’d be nice to be able to get an MRI machine when the portal to Earth opened up again.
  66. >Or maybe an ultrasound that wasn’t build in 2030.
  67. >You reach for one of the folders and pop it open.
  68. “Your file says you’re here for contraception."
  69. >Figures.
  70. >That was probably the most common thing you did.
  71. >In some ways it wasn't so bad.
  72. >Quick and easy work, paid well for how little effort was involved.
  73. >But part of you was resentful that your talents were being wasted like that.
  74. >Back on Earth this nonsense would be handled by general practitioners.
  75. >A doctor of your stature wouldn’t spend half his waking hours writing prescriptions just to get people out of their office.
  76. >Back on Earth, well…
  77. >You weren't on Earth anymore.
  78. "Wait, they got your name wrong. It says Fleur de Lis.”
  79. >”That is my name, sir.”
  80. “Really? Huh. Could have sworn it was Flour Delicious… whatever. My secretaries should have already gone over this but it bears repeating. You’ve quite a few options available to you. Were you given the pamphlets?”
  81. >”Yes, sir-”
  82. “Doctor will suffice.”
  83. >“Doctor. I’ve read through them all. I’m thinking of the tube one.”
  84. >Tubal ligation.
  85. >An uncommon request, and for good reason.
  86. >You’re going to try and talk her out of it.
  87. “Tubal ligations are effective, yes. I still recommend against them. There is a procedure to reverse them, but it’s unreliable. Should you change your mind later in life you could find yourself permanently without foal.”
  88. >”But I don’t want foals, doctor.”
  89. >This is why you needed more staff.
  90. >This job didn’t call for a doctor.
  91. >This was counselling work.
  92. “It’s not uncommon for people, err, ponies to change their minds on such things later in life. It’s especially common for mares to change their minds once they grow up.”
  93. >Crap.
  94. >You did it again.
  95. >”Excuse me?”
  96. “Sorry, Equine is my third language, I may have misspoken. I’m trying to say that, uhh, there are many mares who start wishing for foals later in life even though they once didn’t want them.”
  97. >Hopefully that was good enough.
  98. “I normally only recommend permanent sterilization for patients who couldn’t have a healthy foal. Serious genetic defects, heritable diseases, stuff like that. In your case I’d recommend an IUD or slow release implant.”
  99. >She looked disappointed.
  100. “Why do you want that particular intervention anyway? There are reversible options that are just as effective.”
  101. >She averts her gaze a little.
  102. >”I hear that the other ones hurt.”
  103. “A little, at first. Less than the one you chose though.”
  104. >”Really? It hurts too?”
  105. >Had she really read the pamphlet?
  106. “Yes. I’d have to cut you open to do it.”
  107. >She turns a little pale at the thought.
  108. >”We have means of managing the pain, but nothing is perfect. With any long term solution you’re going to have to deal with some soreness for a little while.”
  109. >She nodded slowly.
  110. “You don’t have to choose this minute, in fact I’d recommend you don’t. If you’re not sure talk it over with your stallion and sleep on it. If it’s really what you want I’ll do it for you, but I suspect it’s not what you want.”
  111. >”Alright. I will. Thank you, doctor.”
  112. >She stood up and trotted out of your office.
  113. >You couldn’t help but watch her hips sway as she left, her tail just barely keeping your eyes off of their prize.
  114. >Maybe you could set up a camera?
  115. >No, no.
  116. >No.
  117. >You wait until you’re confident she’s gone before going out front and talking to your receptionist.
  118. >When you come out the turquoise pegasus beams at you, her vanilla mane covering one eye.
  119. >She quickly brushes it out of the way.
  120. ”Saffron Slash?”
  121. >“Sassaflash.”
  122. “Right, that. Sorry.”
  123. >”It’s okay, I know you have trouble with pony names.”
  124. >She was a sweet and charismatic girl with the patience of two saints.
  125. >That’s why you’d hired her.
  126. >You needed somepony like that to put up with the constant cavalcade of visitors.
  127. >And sometimes you needed somepony with that level of patience to put up with you.
  128. >Fitting in on Earth was hard enough, but you had no chance in Equestria.
  129. >From the name thing to the cultural differences to not understanding their body language, there was no end to ways you could cause offence.
  130. >The ponies were generally patient and forgiving, but you didn’t want to risk making the average pony put up with you every day.
  131. “What can you tell me about my previous patient? There was something… weird about her.”
  132. >”Minor celebrity, trophy wife.”
  133. “Rich?”
  134. >”Her husband is. Why?”
  135. “She overpaid by almost a hundred bits. Do I have to return those, or…”
  136. >Sassaflash nodded.
  137. >You pout.
  138. >”She booked an appointment three days from now. We’ll give them to her then.”
  139. “Alright. Any idea why she was late?”
  140. >”Probably the train. I think she came in from Canterlot.”
  141. >That was pretty far away.
  142. >Coming all the way up to the Crystal Empire could easily take a whole day.
  143. >Maybe that’s why she was upset?
  144. >Still, you stand by what you did, sometimes it was worth being absolutely certain.
  145. “I might have been rude to her. Think you can smooth it over?”
  146. >”Already did.”
  147. “Thanks, you’re a life saver. Is my ten-thirty here yet?”
  148. >”Nope! They actually cancelled, they’re sick.”
  149. >Somepony had cancelled their doctor’s appointment…
  150. >Because they were sick?
  151. >”Is something wrong?
  152. “No, I’m fine. Just going to step out for a moment. Unless my eleven is here?”
  153. >”Not yet.”
  154. “Alright. Thanks.”
  155. >You walk out through the back door into the brisk morning air.
  156. >The sun had only just risen on this spring morning. This far north days and nights could be strangely long or short.
  157. >A quick glance to the dome that encompassed the Crystal empire revealed it was spring in name only, howling winds and heavy snow were blowing about freely outside.
  158. >Thankfully you didn’t have to deal with it in here.
  159. >Some people had an idyllic understanding of snow and cold.
  160. >They associated it with holidays and play.
  161. >Skiing and hot cocoa.
  162. >You weren’t one of them.
  163. >To you snow brought memories of a deep biting chill that you were all too happy to leave behind.
  164. >Cars not starting, power lines coming down in freezing rain, streets being torn apart by frost…
  165. >And enough shoveling to drive a man mad.
  166. >Though you did have to admit it was strangely beautiful from a distance, all that swirling white fluff dancing just beyond the barrier.
  167. >It was strangely peaceful.
  168. >You lean against your clinic, content to just stare at the hypnotic hurricane.
  169. >”HI ANON!”
  170. >You knew that voice well.
  171. >The eccentric alicorn known as Cadence was nearby.
  172. >It took a moment for you to find her, perched on the roof of your practice.
  173. “Hey, Candace.”
  174. >Princess Cadence was known by many as a symbol of great beauty.
  175. >And you could tell why.
  176. >What most ponies didn’t know was that she had a great personality behind her aesthetics.
  177. >Sure, she may be a little annoying at times.
  178. >Or extremely annoying at times.
  179. >But somehow she was charming despite it all.
  180. >She jumped off the roof and gently fluttered down to the street beside you.
  181. >”I broke your air conditioner when I landed. I hope that’s okay!”
  182. “How’s it going?”
  183. >”Great! Everything’s awesome! Say, said you wouldn’t talk, right?”
  184. “I promise. Anything you say to me as a patient is confidential.”
  185. >”What about as a friend?”
  186. >You can’t help but smile at her.
  187. >Shortly after you’d come to Equestria Flurry Heart had been extremely ill.
  188. >Mages, shamans, and alchemists from all around the land had tried their best to save her, but to no avail.
  189. >No matter what they did her coughing grew worse, and she struggled more and more to breath.
  190. >Everypony was worried the youngest princess would be cursed with a short life.
  191. >It was just a bad case of croup. Easy fix, a bit of epinephrine to let her breath and suddenly you were the royal family’s best friend.
  192. >Damn lucky, too.
  193. >It was nice to have friends in high places, sure, but even putting that aside you were glad to know them.
  194. “Your secrets are safe with me.”
  195. >She hugged you.
  196. >You didn’t resist it, even if it came as something of a surprise.
  197. >These ponies were really big on physical affection, just one more thing that you were getting used to.
  198. >”I wanted to thank you for what you’ve done.”
  199. “You mean helping Fury Heart?”
  200. >”I mean EVERYTHING! You saved my daughter, and you saved my love life.”
  201. >Oh.
  202. >Oh no.
  203. >”Shiney and I have been having so much fun experimenting. We never thought we could… you know. Just for fun?”
  204. >She was blushing visibly.
  205. >”I wish every mare could have what I have. The feeling of a strong, powerful stallion pinning you down… it’s hard to describe.”
  206. “Shining Armor is a lucky bastard.”
  207. >”I’m pretty sure his parents are married.”
  208. “Oh. My mistake.”
  209. >You rub your face in frustration.
  210. >Here was one of the most attractive ponies around, bragging to you about how much action she’s getting.
  211. >”Wait! Oh, I’m so sorry, Anon! I’m bothering you at work again! I know I shouldn’t, you’re a busy stallion.”
  212. “It’s okay. I’ve got a few minutes to spare today.”
  213. >That’s not what was bothering you.
  214. >Sure, she had a tendency to get in the way of things.
  215. >And yes, you had a bit of a short fuse when you were at work.
  216. >But you weren’t working right now.
  217. >No lives were on the line, no diseases were spreading, there was no reason to take things too seriously.
  218. >She wiped her brow in a rather exaggerated manner.
  219. >”Oh, good. If I’m ever being a bother let me know!”
  220. “Don’t worry, I will.”
  221. >She tilted her head a little and raised a single brow.
  222. >”Is something wrong?”
  223. “I’ll be okay.”
  224. >Cadence’s eyes went wide.
  225. >”You don’t have a lover!”
  226. >The words echoed through the streets, the noises of the city completely overwhelmed by her revelation.
  227. “Damn it, Condense.”
  228. >”I need to hook you up!”
  229. >She flapped her wings furiously to take to the skies.
  230. >You quickly reach out and grab her tail, pulling her her back down to the ground.
  231. “Look, I appreciate it and all, but it’s not going to work.”
  232. >She stopped trying to fly away, but didn’t land.
  233. “Cadence, thank you but… it’s not going to work.”
  234. >”Why not?”
  235. >You don’t say anything.
  236. >You merely let go of her tail and avert your eyes.
  237. >”Anon?”
  238. >She lands and turns to face you.
  239. >”Why not?”
  240. “Look, it’s just… some people are meant to be alone.”
  241. >A look of concern crossed her face.
  242. “I’m not a good person.”
  243. >”Do you really believe that?”
  244. “Yes?”
  245. >To your surprise she hugs you again.
  246. >”I know, Anon. I know you’re not welcome back on Earth, and you might not be welcome in Equestria.”
  247. >You think you hear her mutter the word “yet”, but you aren’t certain.
  248. >”But you’re welcome in the Crystal Empire. And don’t you worry, I’m going to find you somepony to love.”
  249. ”Can Dance, no. Don’t.”
  250. >”Ooh, maybe Twilight! She could really use a stallion in her life! Ooh, and her friend Rarity could really use a proper handler.”
  251. >You’re not getting through to her.
  252. >”Oh! Or maybe princess Celestia or princess Luna! They’re still virgins you know, even after all these years. They could really use some dick!”
  253. >Princess Celestia?
  254. >Not a good idea!
  255. >Images of being banished to the moon come quickly to mind.
  256. “Decadence, I am going to hurt them!”
  257. >”Decadence?”
  258. >She lets out a sweet and feminine laugh.
  259. >”You come up with the best pet names. And don’t worry, Anon. I know what you have in mind, and I promise you they’ll love it.”
  260. >You have a little trouble believing that.
  261. >”What’s the matter? Don’t trust the princess of love?”
  262. >Not really.
  263. “Yeah, I trust you, but…”
  264. >”I understand mares, Anon. I’ll find you one who wants to be yours! I promise!”
  265. >Maybe she was right.
  266. >After all, this wasn’t Earth, things were different here.
  267. >And she would know better than you.
  268. “Alright. I trust you. Thank you.”
  269. >”They’ll probably take some training, but I’ll help you with that! Oh this is going to be GREAT!”
  270. >She bolts off into the sky.
  271. >This sounds like a terrible idea.
  272. >But if the princess is on your side, what could go wrong?
  273. >Maybe it’ll be okay.
  274. >You walk back into your practice with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
  275. >The day passes largely without incident, but all throughout you can’t help but wonder.
  276. >Who’s Cadence going to bring your way?
  278. >You were lurking in the shadows of the Crystal Palace.
  279. >It was vitally important that the military police didn’t see you.
  280. >You didn’t want to know what the punishment was for what you were about to do.
  281. >The ponies around here were very forgiving, but you’d been exiled from your homeland for far less.
  282. >Who knows what they’d do to you?
  283. >Throw you in the dungeon? Banish you?
  284. >Banish you then throw you in a dungeon in they place they’d banished you to?
  285. >It was too late to get cold feet now.
  286. >”Oh, hey Anon.”
  287. >Woops.
  288. >Shining Armor had spotted you.
  289. >You step out of the darkened corridor, your white lab coat plainly visible to anyone who’d even glanced your way.
  290. “Hey, man. How’s it going?”
  291. >You immediately pull a a pressure cuff out from under your coat and wrap it around his leg.
  292. >”What are you doing MMPH!”
  293. >You shove a tongue depressor in his mouth and whip out a pen light.
  294. “You’re overdue for a checkup. Tonsils are a bit swollen, not bad though. Any problems breathing at all?”
  295. >”Uh uh.”
  296. “You might feel a bit of a pinch.”
  297. >You release the tongue depressor allowing him to close his mouth, and pull a small syringe from beneath the right side of your coat.
  298. >”What do you mean? OW! Hay, what’s that for?”
  299. “Just taking a little blood.”
  300. >”Why?”
  301. “Just to be safe. Let’s see, pressure’s too high and you have an elevated heart rate. Again. You have to take better care of yourself!”
  302. >He spends a moment rubbing where you’d drawn blood from him.
  303. *sniff sniff*
  304. >”Is that booze?”
  305. “Ethanol. Keeps things clean.”
  306. >”You’re a neat freak. You know that, right?”
  307. “Part of the job description.”
  308. >”Do you carry these things everywhere you go?”
  309. “Sure. Why not?”
  310. >He starts walking away, but keeps near the wall so you can walk astride him.
  311. >”You know you’re not supposed to stab ponies without warning them, right? Even if it’s for their own good.”
  312. “Really? Oh. Sorry about that, I didn’t know!”
  313. >You lie.
  314. “Back home it’s pretty common to take blood for tests, we don’t really think much of it. But yeah, I suppose it’s kinda weird to you.”
  315. >”It’s assault.”
  316. “Seriously? My bad.”
  317. >”Just don’t do it again.”
  318. “No promises. If you aren’t going to watch your health I’m going to have to do it for you.”
  319. >It looked like he was walking toward the throne room.
  320. >Not great.
  321. “You need to start taking this seriously. Your health is important.”
  322. >”It’s just high blood pressure.”
  323. “Yup. And in ten years it’ll just be kidney failure, and in couple more years it’ll just be a stroke.”
  324. >You pull a small bottle of pill out of your pocket and pass it to him.
  325. “One a day. Stop taking them if you feel dizzy or confused. There are some other possible side effects, but none of them dangerous. I’ll be by to check on you in about a week.”
  326. >”Thanks, Anon.”
  327. “I don’t want to keep you on those if we can help it. Normally this is when I tell ponies they need to get more exercise, but I don’t think that’ll help you much.”
  328. >The guy was pretty swole.
  329. >You’ve seen bigger ponies, but he was still up there.
  330. >He’d apparently maintained his physique from his days in Equestria’s military.
  331. “You sleeping okay?”
  332. >”Couple hours a night.”
  333. “I’ll know for sure once I’ve checked the blood, but it sounds like a stress problem. What do you normally do to relax?”
  334. >”Cadence.”
  335. >Lucky bastard.
  336. >”You’re right though. I’m under a lot of pressure. Anon? Is Earth dangerous?”
  337. “Extremely, but you don’t need to worry much about them. How often does the portal open?”
  338. >”Once a year.”
  339. “And how long is it open?”
  340. >”A little less than a day.”
  341. “There you go. Keep an eye on what comes through and you’ll be fine.”
  342. >”You sure about that?”
  343. “Well, don’t antagonize them if you can help it.”
  344. >He nods a couple times.
  345. >”So you’re saying that they can’t project force properly because of a logistical problem, and the complications with extracting plunder would make it a net loss even if they did mount an invasion.”
  346. >You hadn’t thought about any of that stuff at all.
  347. “Yup.”
  348. >”I’d still like to be a bit more prepared. Anon? I’m not going to ask you to betray your species-”
  349. “Good, because I wouldn’t be much help even if I did.”
  350. >”Seriously?”
  351. “I’m a doctor, not a soldier.”
  352. >You’d never even held a gun in your life.
  353. >Not that you don’t want one.
  354. >Just that they’re hard to get in the Crystal Empire and harder to get back home.
  355. >”Oh. Okay. What about Gryphonstone, do you think they’re a threat?”
  356. “Not a soldier. What’s going on? Why are you worried about war suddenly? Do you think one is coming?”
  357. >”No. Things are really stable right now. Last time we had contact with Earth everything went smoothly, and we have no intel suggesting any immediate foreign threats. I don’t see any trouble coming and I don’t want to start any, I just want to be ready.”
  358. >That was Shining Armor alright.
  359. >He was a military man at heart, this whole regal thing was just an act.
  360. “I suppose I should get out of your mane. Oh, but first, is your wife doing okay?”
  361. >That was the real reason why you’d come here.
  362. >Well, his blood pressure WAS a major concern.
  363. >But you’d been planning on confronting him on that over the weekend.
  364. >This was why you’d come today.
  365. >When she’d visited you there was something REALLY off about her.
  366. >”She’s pretty stressed too.”
  367. “Really?”
  368. >”She spent days trying to figure out who your lover should be. Sometimes stayed up all night for it..”
  369. >She was actually serious about that?
  370. >Wait, she’d told Shining about that?
  371. “And you’re okay with this?”
  372. >”I trust her judgement.”
  373. >Huh.
  374. >”Cadence is a little goofy sometimes, but she knows what she’s talking about. If she says she’s found a good fit for you you should listen to her.”
  375. “Yeah? I just don’t want trouble.”
  376. >”Tell Cadence what you’re going to do with them. If she’s okay with it I’m okay with it.”
  377. >And if he was okay with it, the law was okay with it.
  378. >”If you’ll excuse me I have a meeting. You have fun tonight.”
  379. “Alright? Take care.”
  380. >You head back to your practice, walking perhaps walking a little more slowly than you should.
  381. >It’s not that you dislike your job.
  382. >It’s more that you’ve had too much of it lately.
  383. >Even though you do need the money, you also need some time to yourself.
  384. >You REALLY needed more assistants.
  385. >Problem was there were vanishingly few ponies who were capable of helping.
  386. >You didn’t need more secretaries, you needed nurses! Technicians! Doctors!
  387. >And even the medical professionals of this world weren’t fit for purpose.
  388. >Magical remedies followed very different rules from chemistry, and none of them knew how to operate your equipment.
  389. >Maybe it would be possible to train somepony?
  390. >When you finally arrive you met with a packed waiting room.
  391. >It was time to get to work.
  393. Seven hours later.
  395. >You groan in frustration as your last patient for the day enters your office.
  396. >You know this pony well.
  397. >The purple alicorn you know as Twiggy Piggy sits down opposite you with a big goofy grin on her face.
  398. “Hello. Again.”
  399. >”Hi there. I have several small disc shaped rashes around my body. They’re really itchy. What do you suggest?”
  400. “You don’t have ponypox. I can see from here that you’re fine.”
  401. >”Okay then.”
  402. >Her voice is suddenly raspy and weak.
  403. >”My throat’s really sore and I’m having trouble talking.”
  404. “You don’t have laryngitis either.”
  405. >”But my neck is stiff and I have a headache!”
  406. “Oh. Oh my, that IS serious. Hold on a second, I’ll be right back.”
  407. >You step out for a moment and rub your eyes wearily.
  408. >This pony was going to drive you crazy.
  409. >At first her insatiable curiosity was amusing and a little flattering.
  410. >But now you were overworked, and she was making an appointment almost every week.
  411. >You had to do something about this sooner rather than later.
  412. >You walk back into your office, scalpel in hand.
  413. “Alright, we’ll fix this right away.”
  414. >”Wait, what’s that for?”
  415. “Hold still. I’m going to drill into your skull to let some of the pressure out.”
  416. >She jumps out of the chair and takes a couple steps back.
  417. >”Actually? That’s okay. The headache isn’t THAT bad.”
  418. “Oh, it’s not about the headache. If we let this progress your head could explode! We need to fix this right away.”
  419. >”That’s quite alright. Actually I think I feel better! Wow, how about that!”
  420. “Yeah. Be honest here, are you just coming in because you’re curious what I’d prescribe?”
  421. >Twilight averts her gaze slightly.
  422. >”Maybe?”
  423. “You gotta stop doing that. I have lots of ponies coming in who are actually sick. Sometimes when you come it it means they have to wait longer to get help.”
  424. >She lowers her head a bit in what you can only assume is dismay.
  425. “And I need some time off too. We closed over an hour ago. You and I are the only ones left here, and you’re keeping me from going about my life.”
  426. >”I’m sorry, Anon. I didn’t think about any of that.”
  427. >Maybe this was an opportunity.
  428. “Would you be interested in taking a job here? It would be a good way for you to learn.”
  429. >”I’d love to! Oh, but I can’t. I have the friendship school to take care of, and I have my royal duties.”
  430. >Friendship school?
  431. >That was possibly the stupidest thing you’d ever heard of.
  432. “Well, alright. Next time you want to know something tell my receptionist why you’re here. I’ll find time to give you a quick explanation.”
  433. >”REALLY?”
  434. >Her eyes were sparkling just a little too much.
  435. “Or just send a letter. I don’t mind. I probably won’t be able to explain everything, but I’ll give it a try. In exchange you have to explain magic to me.”
  436. >She looked like she’d won the lottery.
  437. >”Oh, that’s GREAT! Thank you doctor!”
  438. >Your office door swung open.
  439. >It was Cadence.
  440. >”Cadence!”
  441. >”Twily!”
  442. >The two of them ran up to each other and started dancing.
  443. >And doing a little shake.
  444. >Oh yes.
  445. “You two know each other?”
  446. >”Oh yeah! Cadence was my foalsitter, and we’ve been close ever since!”
  447. >Huh.
  448. >Small world.
  449. >”So what are you doing in town, Twily?”
  450. >”Learning! What are you here for?”
  451. >”I’ll tell you later. I need to talk to the doctor for a bit. In private.”
  452. >”Are you sick?”
  453. >”Well, I was sucking Shiney off this morning. I was deep throating him when he came, right? His dick flared up REALLY hard in my throat and now it hurts.”
  454. >”Gross!”
  455. >”This happens ALL the time. Sometimes twice a day! But normally it doesn’t hurt, and even if it does only for a little bit.”
  456. >”You know, I have to, uhh… go. Yes! I’m going to go see Shiney. Wait, no. Flurry? Yeah! I’m going to go see Flurry.”
  457. >A bright flash fills the room.
  458. >When you can see again, Twilight is gone.
  459. >”Shining Armor is her brother.”
  460. “Oh really? That’s the little sister he talks about so much?”
  461. >”Yup. Twilight’s a good girl, but she’s a bit of a prude. I’m trying to fix that, but it’s a work in progress.”
  462. “That was kind of mean of you, talking about her brother like that.”
  463. >She shrugged.
  464. >”It’s for her own good. She’s going to have to learn about that side of herself eventually, and the sooner the better! She’s never even gone on a date, poor girl.”
  465. >Yeah, okay.
  466. >But did it have to be her brother you were talking about?
  467. “Is your throat actually hurting?”
  468. >”Nope. I came here to talk about your problem. Bring her in, girls!”
  469. >The door swings open yet again to reveal a 4 crystal ponies with big grins on their faces.
  470. >They were dragging behind them a large burlap sack.
  471. >”Thank you, girls. You may go.
  472. >Each one of the crystal ponies bowed deeply before turning to leave.
  473. >As they departed you couldn’t help but notice their tails were a bit off center, giving you a clear view of everything.
  474. >Their hips swayed a bit more than they should have, their butts held just a bit higher than normal.
  475. “Who are they?”
  476. >”Just some ponies who are helping me make sure every mare has a good stallion and every stallion a good mare.”
  477. >Was everypony in the Crystal Empire insane?
  478. >Some muffled cries came from inside the bag.
  479. >You rush over to open it, still not really believing what’s going on.
  480. >After struggling with the knot for a while you eventually give up and cut the bag open with your scalpel.
  481. >When you finally open it you’re greeted with a sight you will never forget.
  482. >A lithe, feminine mare was lying at your feet, thick coils of hemp rope binding her legs together and rendering her helpless.
  483. >Stuffed in her mouth is a ball of fabric of some sort, preventing her from speaking.
  484. >She looks up at you with tear filled eyes, makeup running down her face.
  485. >You pull the gag out.
  486. >”Oh, princess! Thank goodness it’s you.”
  487. >Her voice is the peak of feminine grace.
  488. >”Those ruffians abducted me from my boutique! I shudder to think that they would have done to me! Could you please undo these ropes? They’re chafing horribly.”
  489. >”Don’t worry, Rarity. We’re here to help you.”
  490. >”Why yes. Of course!”
  491. >Cadence shoves the gag back into Rarity’s mouth with her magic.
  492. >Rarity’s eyes go wide with panic at the rough handling.
  493. >”She’s going to be a good one with a little training. Oh sure, right now she’s going to fight and cry, but once you work that out of her she’ll treat you right.”
  494. >She levitate’s Rarity’s hindquarters and uses her magic to spread her legs.
  495. >”And look! Virgin. I know, I could hardly believe it either! But you get to break her in!”
  496. >Rarity starts to squirm and squeal, fighting helplessly against her restraints.
  497. “Cadence? Can I talk to you for a sec?”
  498. >You usher her out of the room, leaving the bound unicorn on the floor.
  499. >Cadence takes a moment to turn off the lights before closing the door.
  500. >”Is something wrong, Anon?”
  501. “Yes!”
  502. >”Is she not attractive enough?”
  503. “No, that’s not the problem. She’s gorgeous.”
  504. >”Oh good. But don’t let her hear you say that. Is it because she’s a virgin? Would you rather an experienced mare?”
  505. >No.
  506. >That wasn’t the problem at all.
  507. “You abducted somepony! They obviously don’t want to be here!”
  508. >”Yes? And?”
  509. >She looked genuinely confused.
  510. “I thought you were going to find somepony who wanted to be mine.”
  511. >”And I did! She doesn’t just want you to dominate you, she NEEDS you to!”
  512. “Then why did you have to foalnap her? Why is she tied up and crying in my office?”
  513. >She looks you dead in the eye and replies with a calm and even expression.
  514. >You often have trouble reading ponies, but you’re pretty sure that means she’s serious.
  515. >”She’s freaking out because she’s scared.”
  516. “Yeah! I’d figured that out! But why is she scared? I thought you said she was going to like this!”
  517. >”She just doesn’t know what she wants yet. You’re going to have to teach her. Sorry, I thought you understood that when I was here last time.”
  518. >You had.
  519. >You’d also understood that when you talked to Shining Armor.
  520. >But you’d convinced yourself you were wrong.
  521. >There was no way in hell Cadence was telling you what you thought she was.
  522. “Are you telling me to rape her until she likes it?”
  523. >Cadence lets out a quick little giggle.
  524. >”Of course not.”
  525. >So you WERE wrong.
  526. >”I’m not going to tell her what you should do with her. She’s your property, you don’t have to rape her if you don’t want to. I mean, I would, but you don’t have to.”
  527. >This was a dream.
  528. >It had to be!
  529. >”Anon? I don’t think you understand what it’s like to be a mare in Equestria. I do.”
  530. “I thought you were from the Crystal Empire?”
  531. >”I was born in Equestria. Everypony wants you to be strong and independent. They want you to have all the answers all the time, to take charge and make all sorts of tough choices. They think mares should be in charge and that stallions need to get out of the way. It’s everywhere! And over the years you slowly start to believe it. No matter how bad it feels.”
  532. >That sounded familiar.
  533. >”Shiney and I want the Crystal Empire to be a place where ponies get to be who they really are on the inside. That poor mare thinks she’s in trouble, but she’s just been saved! She’ll be so much happier once she learns to embrace who she is. Think of it like that time you had to cut out that pony’s intestine.”
  534. >You didn’t cut out the entire intestine.
  535. >It was just an appendectomy.
  536. >”You hurt that pony really badly, but it was for their own good! It was exactly what they needed to be healthy. Rarity needs your help too.”
  537. >You honestly weren’t certain if that made any sense at all.
  538. >For all you knew she was talking out of her perky ass.
  539. >But you WANTED it to make sense, damn it!
  540. >You straighten out your back and puff out your chest before opening the door to your office.
  541. >Rarity glares up at you defiantly.
  542. >You immediately close the door, your confidence already gone.
  543. “I have no idea how to do this.”
  544. >”Really? You just stick it in and move your hips.”
  545. “No, not that. How do I train her?”
  546. >”I dunno. All the mares I’ve helped were Crystal ponies, they were brought up differently. But I’ll help you out however I can.”
  547. >Right.
  548. >You were going to do this.
  549. >Chin up, back straight, through the door.
  550. >You flick on the lightswitch and look down at Rarity.
  551. “Alright. Would you care to explain the situation to her?”
  552. >Cadence eagerly trotted toward your pony.
  553. >She used her magic to rip the remains of the bag she’d used to bring Rarity in into strips before tying them around the unicorn’s face to form a crude blindfold.
  554. >”By royal decree, you have been declared property of Dr. Anonymous. You have been stripped of your rights as a pony and are expected to obey his every command.”
  555. >You can’t read Rarity’s face at all.
  556. >”You are guaranteed the right to life, and Dr. Anonymous may not mutilate you without first consulting a representative of the crown. These are the only restrictions placed upon him.”
  557. “I can tattoo her if I want?”
  558. >”Of course! Her body, your choice. Do you understand, Rarity?”
  559. >You step on her gag and pull it out with your shoe.
  560. >”You’re never going to get away with this! My friends are going to come and save me, and you’ll both be sorry!”
  561. >Cadence smiled seductively.
  562. >”If you want my advice, just lay back and enjoy. You’ll be much better off once you stop fighting it. If you want a hint, she can’t use telekinesis on things she can’t see. She’s not good at magic, but it still pays to be safe.”
  563. >Cadence walks away, whistling a happy tune.
  564. >You hear the sounds of glass shattering seconds after the door closes.
  565. >That mare was a menace.
  566. >But you’d deal with it later.
  567. >You sit down next to Rarity and start to caress her body.
  568. >Her coat is silky smooth, the soft texture caressing your fingertips as much as you caress her.
  569. >”Unhand me you brute!”
  570. >You continue to explore her soft body despite the objections.
  571. “Rule one. No talking out of turn.”
  572. >A quick slap to her buttox accents the end of your demand.
  573. >She lets out a high pitched squeal when your hand makes contact, the satisfying slap resonating throughout.
  574. >”I don’t know what you have planned with me, but my friends are going to notice I’m gone! You’re never going to get away with this!”
  575. >You drop your pants and rub your penis against her inner thighs.
  576. “Keep on talking and I’m going in.”
  577. >”You wouldn’t!”
  578. >You start to prod her pussy insistently.
  579. >She pulls away, but has the good sense to keep her mouth shut.
  580. >You continue to explore her body with your hand, relishing the plush texture and warmth.
  581. “We’re going to have a lot of fun together.”
  582. >She lets out a squeal when you pinch her teat.
  583. “But first I need to help you accept your place.”
  584. >But you need something to focus on.
  585. >Do you stoke her lust to make her your own personal slut?
  586. >Or maybe you humiliate her, tear down her current self image and make her believe she belongs at your feet?
  587. >Or maybe it would be best to start with simple obedience. Straightforward reward and punishment to mold her behaviour.
  588. >Maybe there are even more options you hadn’t considered!
  589. >You intend to have it all in the end, but for now it’s best to focus on one thing at a time.
  590. >You spend a moment weighing your options as you continue to caress her.
  591. >Your reverie is interrupted when you hear a weak moan.
  592. >A quick glance reveals the cause, her labia are swollen and her groin soaked.
  593. “You really are enjoying this, you dirty whore.”
  594. >You waste no time in seeking out her clitoris with your fingers.
  595. >Rarity starts panting through the gag, her face flush with desire and shame.
  596. “I shouldn’t have expected anything else. Caked in makeup like that you’re clearly desperate for a good dicking. Disgraceful.”
  597. >Your rubbing intensifies, her clitoris winking madly as though to try and rub itself against your fingers in turn.
  598. >She starts to whine with excitement, her previous defiance entirely forgotten and replaced with desperate desire.
  599. >You stop just before reaching the peak of the crescendo, Rarity calling something unintelligible through the makeshift gag.
  600. >She starts trying to grind her hind legs together.
  601. “That’s what I thought. You’re just a slut, pretending to be sophisticated and respectable. All that complaining and fighting, yet you’re desperate for more.”
  602. >You stand up and reaffix your pants, looking down at the dripping wet mess you’d made.
  603. >And you can’t remember the last time you’d felt more alive.
  604. “I’ll be back once I’ve decided what to do with you. Hopefully your attitude will have improved by then.”
  605. >You turn off the lights and lock the door behind yourself as you go.
  606. >Unfortunately you couldn’t go home yet.
  607. >You needed to take care of Rarity first.
  608. >Step one, do something about her magic.
  609. >Step two, find some place to store her where you won’t get trouble.
  610. >Then you have to decide in which direction you should focus her training.
  611. “I should also find a way to thank Cadence.”
  612. >She’d brought a lot of trouble into your life and smashed a lot of your stuff.
  613. >But Cadence had also funded half your setup, and now she’d given you something you never thought you’d have.
  614. >You can almost feel Rarity’s alabaster ass grinding against your pelvis, her innards clamping down on you like a vice as she eagerly tries to milk you dry.
  615. >You almost go back in to make that a reality.
  616. >But not yet.
  617. >Doing it too early might make things harder, you need to bide your time.
  618. >She will give it to you soon enough.
  620. >It was early in the morning.
  621. >Really early.
  622. >You fumble with your keys for a moment as you try to find the lock in the darkness.
  623. >You step into your office and flip on the lights.
  624. >You could really use a coffee.
  625. >But at this hour you were more likely to find a bar that was open than a coffee shop.
  626. >Even better than coffee would be some sleep, but that was futile.
  627. >You'd just given up on getting any rest tonight, you were just too distracted.
  628. >That's why you'd come in so early, you had to deal with the distraction.
  629. >Past the front desk, take a right, then go straight past medical imaging.
  630. >Your recovery room.
  631. >You only had the one which was bound to cause trouble eventually, but at the moment it was fine.
  632. >You push open the door quietly to find Rarity squirming around on the floor on the darkness.
  633. >That was strange.
  634. >You'd left her on the bed.
  635. >Had her coat been a darker colour you'd likely not have even seen her down there with the lights off.
  636. >As it was you were just able to make out what she was doing.
  637. >You stand there watching her struggle helplessly for a few minutes, delighting in her impotence.
  638. >The way she had chosen to struggle was bizarre.
  639. >Comical, even.
  640. >You might have expected her to be worrying her bonds, maybe trying to gnaw on the knots or something.
  641. >Instead she was rubbing her head against the base of an IV pole, occasionally pushing it out of her reach and forcing her to thrash closer again.
  642. >What a stupid horse, why was she doing that?
  643. >Oh.
  644. >She was trying to get the blindfold off so she could use her magic.
  645. >That simply wouldn't do.
  646. “Lemme help you with that.”
  647. >You flip on the lights and she freezes.
  648. “And you fell off the bed? That must have hurt. Don’t worry, I’ll have you sleep on the floor from now on so that doesn’t happen.”
  649. >You sit down on the polished floors and grab her by the belly.
  650. >She squirms a little when you pull her onto your lap, but she’s ultimately unable to resist.
  651. “I have several questions, and you’re going to answer them honestly. I’m going to let you talk now. Don’t make me regret it. Understand?”
  652. >She nods awkwardly.
  653. >You pull the sopping wet cloth out of her mouth.
  654. “Good. We’ll start with something simple. Why were you on the floor?”
  655. >”I fell.”
  656. >Her voice is a bit on the shaky side, her words slow and cautious.
  657. >But that’s okay.
  658. >You can tolerate a bit of hesitance for the time being.
  659. >Just so long as she does the right thing in the end.
  660. >You’ll correct her behaviour first, her thoughts later.
  661. “And what were you doing when you fell?”
  662. >”I was sleeping.”
  663. *WHACK*
  664. >The palm of your hand slams into her rump.
  665. >Rarity lets out a high pitched squeal at the shock of your strike.
  666. “Twenty for lying. Count them.”
  667. >”Unhand me at once!”
  668. *WHACK*
  669. >Another yelp of pain.
  670. >”You have no right-”
  671. *WHACK*
  672. >”When my friends get here-”
  673. *WHACK*
  674. >”Princess Celestia is going to-”
  675. *WHACK*
  676. >”You’ll never get away with this!”
  677. *WHACK*
  678. >She lets out a pained howl.
  679. >”Please.”
  680. >Some slight sniffling.
  681. >It would do.
  682. “Just count them.
  683. *WHACK*
  684. >”Aah! Ah. Seven.”
  685. “No. That was one.
  686. >”But-”
  687. *WHACK*
  688. “They don’t count unless you do.’”
  689. *WHACK*
  690. >”MMF! One?”
  691. “Good.”
  692. >The one side of her rump is beet red and beaten red.
  693. >It must burn horrendously.
  694. >You switch to the other side of her rump.
  695. “If you show me you’ve learned your leson and you’re eady to be a good girl I’ll go easier on you.
  696. *WHACK*
  697. >”Two.”
  698. *WHACK*
  699. >”Three!”
  700. >Every time she’s spoken you quickly strike once more.
  701. >To your dismay you’re quickly approaching twenty.
  702. >You take a moment to consider going on anyway, to enjoy yourself a bit more and to punish her for her rebelliousness.
  703. >But in the end you think better of it.
  704. >You’re trying to make her obey you, not to make her hate you.
  705. >If she starts thinking she’ll be punished even when she does what you say there’ll be trouble down the road.
  706. >”Twenty…”
  707. >Rarity’s openly and unashamedly weeping in your lap at this point.
  708. >Her rump is hot to the touch, crimson showing through her white coat.
  709. >You leave her to her pain to go fetch a few things.
  710. >When you return you’re pleased to find her exactly where you’d left her, her sobbing having subsided just enough to speak clearly.
  711. “Hold still. This won’t hurt as much if you don’t fight it.”
  712. >”What are you doing?”
  713. “You need a bit of medication. You’ll feel much better once this takes effect.”
  714. >She gasps when you slide the needle into her leg.
  715. >Just a bit of testosterone, should improve energy and sexual desire.
  716. “And take these.”
  717. >You carefully drop a couple of pills in her mouth.
  718. >Small dose of amphetamines, usually for obesity and narcolepsy.
  719. >Again, they’ll make her feel pretty good.
  720. >You’ll have to be sparing with these or you could mess her up.
  721. >You want your toy to last a good long while.
  722. “Swallow it.”
  723. >You gently tap her rump to remind her why she’s doing what you tell her.
  724. >Her mouth closes and the pills vanish.
  725. “Good girl.”
  726. >You pat her on the head.
  727. >She recoils a bit at the sensation, no doubt fearing that your hands will hurt her again.
  728. “Just a liiiitle bit more doctor work and you can have your reward. Can you be good for a bit longer?”
  729. >You gently set a rope around her neck
  730. >”No! Please, I’ll be good I promise! Please don’t! I’ll do whatever you want!”
  731. “It’s just a leash, we’re going to be going to medical imaging. Now, I’m going to undo your bonds and you’re going to follow me.”
  732. >The instant the bonds around her leg fall away you yank on the leash.
  733. >To your delight Rarity stands up and starts to cautiously follow you.
  734. >You were ready to drag her down the hall but she quickly and fearfully sets pace to match yours.
  735. >In mere moments you’re in medical imaging.
  736. >You have her lie down on an examining table belly down, and tie her hooves together beneath the surface.
  737. >You then apply a bit of local anaesthetic near the base of her horn.
  738. >The injection should be taking effect by now...
  739. “You starting to feel better? It’s okay if you’re not, be honest.”
  740. >She hesitates for several seconds without answering.
  741. >”Yes. I’m feeling better.”
  742. “How so?”
  743. >”I feel more energetic. Maybe a bit stronger. Less afraid.”
  744. >Amphetamines are kicking in too, it would seem.
  745. >She starts to pull against the ropes, but quickly gives up.
  746. “Good. Is your horn feeling numb?”
  747. >”Yes. What did you do to it?”
  748. >You grab a small bottle and smear some surgical lubricant on it.
  749. “Nothing I can’t undo. Relax. Take a deep breath.”
  750. >And with no further warning you shove it up her butt.
  751. >”What do you think you’re doing?”
  752. >A quick spank reminds her of her place.
  753. “I’m getting you ready to receive me.”
  754. >She begins to thrash against her restraints in earnest, throwing as much of her weight as possible against the ropes.
  755. “Did you forget your purpose, whore? You’re here to serve me in all ways. That includes sex. You don’t want me to take your virginity and I don’t trust you not to bite me, so there’s only one hole left. Unless you’d rather I make a new one? I can do that.”
  756. >”No! No, please!”
  757. “You sure? If you really don’t want it in your ass I can get creative.”
  758. >”No! I’ll do anything!”
  759. >Anything, eh?
  760. “Beg.”
  761. >”Pardon?”
  762. “Beg me to do it.”
  763. >She freezes up.
  764. >You drop your pants and place your cock right up against her front entrance.
  765. “Last chance.”
  766. >”No! Please, please do it the other way.”
  767. “What other way?”
  768. >”My… my butt. Please use it.”
  769. “In what way should I use it?”
  770. >”Please fuck me up the ass! I beg you, ravage my butt, make it yours! Fill me up!”
  771. >She starts crying softly, but waves her rump around as much as she’s able in what was probably meant to be a seductive manner.
  772. “Well… only if you promise to be good.”
  773. >You pull the bottle out and ram yourself in.
  774. >Rarity lets out a gasp but doesn’t offer any resistance.
  775. “Relax. The more you fight it the more it’ll hurt.”
  776. >You start to gently probe her depths.
  777. >She’s tight as vice around you, with a burning warmth that sinks deep into your body.
  778. >It’s a bit rough though.
  779. >You apply more surgical lubricant and ram yourself in as deep as you can go.
  780. >It’s a smooth and slick sensation, her body working your shaft as it tries to shove you out.
  781. >You’re not going to last very long.
  782. >Rarity lets out a pained whimper with each thrust, her cries just barely suppressed.
  783. >But was that a moan you heard?
  784. “Are you starting to enjoy this? Ugh. You’re disgusting. Disobedient, terrible at sex, ugly, and perverted. You’re only good as a toy, and then only barely.”
  785. >You place a single finger in her vagina and start rubbing it.
  786. “You’re not even worth training. If the princess hadn’t asked me to help you I’d just throw you out like the trash you are.”
  787. >To your amazement she lets out a long and lustful moan.
  788. >Her breaths are growing short and ragged.
  789. >Rarity was about to climax.
  790. >Your thrusts become more rapid and more erratic and the pleasure builds within.
  791. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”
  792. >You fingers stop penetrating her and start to work her clitoris.
  793. >It’s rapidly winking in and out of its hood.
  794. >Rarity lets out a cry of delight, and you ram yourself in as deep as possible.
  795. >Everything goes white for a moment, multiple bursts of seed fire deep into her bowels, and you collapse onto her back spent.
  796. “Ugh. I can’t believe you. I think I need to go take a shower.”
  797. >You drag yourself to your feet.
  798. >Your cum is already starting to drip its way out of her bruised backside, dripping down to join her vaginal fluids.
  799. >You can hear Rarity softly crying.
  800. “I’ll be back later once I’ve cleaned myself up. You stay put, I’m not done with you yet. When I come back I expect you to be well behaved.”
  801. >You step out for a while to cool off.
  802. >You’re shaking, full of a joyous and nervous energy.
  803. >You’ll need to be calm for what comes next.
  804. >For when you shut down her horn.
  806. >Okay. Deep breaths.
  807. >You've done much more delicate procedures in your life, this should be nothing.
  808. >You enter medical imaging again, it's time for work.
  809. >Rarity's still strapped to the table, exactly where you'd left her moments ago.
  810. “Alright, we're going to be doing a fairly simple procedure.”
  811. >Her ears twitch.
  812. “I'm going to be working on the base of your horn.”
  813. >She tenses up but doesn't say anything.
  814. “This process might cause minor pain, nothing as bad as the spanking. I've applied a local anaesthetic to help minimize the sensation.”
  815. >You walk closer to her and circle around in front.
  816. “Hold still, I'm going to numb it a bit more.”
  817. >You poke a small needle into her forehead and inject the drug.
  818. >She winces.
  819. “A neurolytic block is a procedure in which a nerve fiber is intentionally damaged but not destroyed. Usually used to treat pain, it is a reversible procedure that causes paralysis in the targeted area.”
  820. >”You're going to take away my magic.”
  821. >She didn't sound angry or scared.
  822. >She sounded defeated.
  823. “Only until I know I can trust you. I'm going to be implanting a programmable device that will periodically administer microdoses of the agent I'm using.”
  824. >They'd been designed for mid term pain management and were still relatively new.
  825. >Which means they're relatively expensive.
  826. >But you also can't keep her unless you fix this, and somehow you get the feeling Cadence would be pissed if you couldn't reliably reverse it.
  827. >You'll find a way to make the money back, you always do.
  828. “By using this method we can achieve the desired results in a more controlled manner, minimizing the amount of damage done and thus the recovery time.
  829. Reversal should take around a day if I do it perfectly, but it might take a few weeks.”
  830. >Okay, the consultation was almost over.
  831. >But you'd be remiss if you didn't tell your patient about possible complications.
  832. “And if you struggle I might accidentally break the nerve, in which case it would be permanent.”
  833. >”WHAT?”
  834. >It really wasn't that risky.
  835. >Things would have to go very wrong for lasting damage like that, and you'd done more delicate procedures many times before.
  836. >But this was a good way to get her to cooperate, or so you were hoping.
  837. >Besides, you weren't exactly lying.
  838. “Stay still and relax. I'm good at this. I just can't have you thrashing around. I'll be monitoring you after the fact for signs of adverse reactions. Normally I'd ask about allergies, but this compound isn't naturally occurring and I don't believe anyone around here has synthesized it.”
  839. >”Why are you telling me all this?”
  840. “I'm a doctor.”
  841. >”You're a RAPIST!”
  842. >She wasn't wrong.
  843. >That was fine though, you'd been assured this was for her own good.
  844. >But what was this feeling in the pit of your stomach?
  845. “And as a doctor, it's my responsibility to keep my patients informed. Now hold still for a bit.”
  846. >There was a reason why you'd brought her to imaging.
  847. >You wheel her over to the ultrasound and grab a wand.
  848. >”What is that? What are you doing?”
  849. >Her voice was trembling a little.
  850. >She was probably scared.
  851. >”Calm down, it's a sonograph. It uses sound to look at things inside your body.”
  852. >To their eyes a miraculous machine.
  853. >To yours a piece of garbage.
  854. >It was made on the Samsung peninsula before the reformation, back when it was called Super-Korea.
  855. >Maybe it was good once upon a time.
  856. >Now you need to jiggle the wires just right to get it to work.
  857. >The nerve you were after lights up on the display after only a little struggling.
  858. >A bit of ethanol on the site, a fairly broad sterile needle, and you're good to go.
  859. “Hold still. You'll feel a bit of a pinch.”
  860. >Rarity yelps when it goes in.
  861. >She grits her teeth and tenses up horribly.
  862. >But she didn’t kick, bite, or scream.
  863. >It only took a few seconds for you to position your equipment and inject the implant.
  864. >A thorough inspection would find a small lump on her forehead.
  865. >But a casual observer would see nothing beneath her coat.
  866. “All done.”
  867. >You wait about a minute for the chemicals to do their work.
  868. >Then tou take the blindfold off, confident she's been disarmed.
  869. >And you discover you were mistaken.
  870. >She wasn’t scared.
  871. >She was FURIOUS!
  872. >Rarity was glaring bloody murder at you, a profound rage you’ve never before seen in a pony.
  873. >Whatever remained of her one expertly applied makeup wan running down her face, staining her coat a deep shade that accentuated the twisted face of sheer hatred.
  874. >She yelled something you didn’t quite understand, the language barrier obscuring a key word.
  875. >She began to thrash violently on the table, so aggressively that you started to fear she’d injure herself.
  876. >You inject a small dose of midazolam, one of the safer sedatives you have access to.
  877. >The door opens.
  878. >Sassaflash walks in on you.
  879. >Rarity’s head is pointed toward the doorway, her nethers away from it.
  880. >If Sassaflash walks around behind her…
  881. >”Doctor! What’s happening?”
  882. >She yelled over Rarity’s tantrum.
  883. >You weren’t quite able to read her expression.
  884. >Think fast!
  885. “The princess brought her in this morning! Said there was something wrong with her head and she was having violent outbursts!”
  886. >”Are you okay?”
  887. >”Yeah! She didn’t hurt me!”
  888. >”Is SHE okay?”
  889. >You look down at Rarity.
  890. >Her battered buttocks, her thrashing, her crying...
  891. “No. No, she’s not. I’m going to put her to sleep for a few hours, stick her in recovery. An alarm will go off if her heart gets too slow or she starts having trouble breathing, don’t go in unless that alarm sounds! She might be dangerous!”
  892. >”What are we going to do?”
  893. “I’m not certain I’m equipped to deal with her. I need to go talk to the princess, maybe the prince too. We’ll figure this out. Do I have any urgent appointments?”
  894. >”Your two O’clock.”
  895. “Right. Probably nothing, might be colon cancer. Can’t put that off, I’ll be back before two. The other ones might need to wait, shuffle them around if you can, I’ll try to be quick.”
  896. >She turned to leave.
  897. >Rarity screamed out to her.
  898. >”No! No, please help me! Get me away from him!”
  899. >Mercifully, Sassaflash seemed to trust you more than the raving mare in your care.
  900. >You take a quick look at the clock.
  901. >Sassaflash was early.
  902. >Normally you’d have liked that.
  903. >Rarity’s violent outburst began to fade as the drug took effect.
  904. >You inspect her body, and sure enough she’s bruised herself where she was tied down.
  905. >This was probably a result of the drugs you’d given her earlier.
  906. >But you can’t pin it all on that, she hated you.
  907. >And why wouldn’t she?
  908. >You only need to wait a few more minutes for her to pass out.
  909. >The moment she’s set up you head out to the palace.
  910. A few minutes later…
  911. >The crystal palace was always an eyesore, just not in the way that phrase usually meant.
  912. >A nice polished crystal with numerous facets could be a nice feature.
  913. >But there were problems when they were so omnipresent.
  914. >Even a relatively small amount of light could make this place shine.
  915. >Sure, there were safe places that were made out of more sensible materials, but large parts of the palace were glowing.
  916. >How the ponies could tolerate that much light you’d never know.
  917. >You eventually find Cadence sitting in a small but cozy room by a small fireplace, sipping on a cup of tea.
  918. >You step in.
  919. >”Oh, hey there Anon!”
  920. “Hi. Uhh, I’m not interrupting anything I hope.”
  921. >”Nope! Shiney’s on break, but you’ve probably got half an hour.”
  922. >On break from what?
  923. >You sit down opposite Cadence and let out a deep breath.
  924. “I think you need to take… what was her name again?”
  925. >”Who, Sassaflash?”
  926. “No. That’s, uhh, that’s my secretary right?”
  927. >She nodded.
  928. ”Wait, really? I got it right?”
  929. >She beams a bright smile at you.
  930. “Why do you have so much trouble with names anyway?”
  931. “I’ve always had a hard time learning names. And pony names are- that’s not why I came here.”
  932. >”Then what’s the problem? Ooh! Rarity! Yeah, she might be a hooffull until you break her. But once she learns to let go she’ll be happy and eager to serve you.”
  933. “See, I’m not sure that’s true.”
  934. >She doesn’t say anything.
  935. “I’m pretty sure she hates me.”
  936. >”Why? Did you do something bad?”
  937. >Yes.
  938. >Very yes.
  939. >You nod.
  940. >”Just tie her down and give her the D. If she cums she’ll forgive you.”
  941. “That’s exactly what I did.”
  942. >Cadence put her teacup down.
  943. >”And she’s still upset? Really? Well, do it again until she likes it.”
  944. “I don’t think that’ll work.”
  945. >Cadence’s horn starts glowing.
  946. >Before you know it your pants are around your ankles.
  947. “HEY!”
  948. >You desperately try to cover your shame.
  949. >Cadence lets out a long whistle.
  950. >”She’s one lucky mare.”
  951. >Wait, really?
  952. >You’re pretty unremarkable by human standards.
  953. >That’s not what matters right now!
  954. >You scramble to get your clothing back on.
  955. >”If you use that right you should have no problems taming her. But maybe she wants things to be a little more exotic? Have you tried nose hooks?”
  956. “Have I tried what now?”
  957. >”Don’t worry, I’ll get you some. What started the trouble anyway?”
  958. “Well, I decided her magic was dangerous.”
  959. >”Uh-huh.”
  960. “So I temporarily paralyzed her horn. Temporarily.”
  961. >“Right. Say, can you do that to me? Bondage just isn’t as exciting-”
  962. “Can it wait? She started thrashing around, said a word I don’t understand.”
  963. >Cadence rubs her chin for a bit.
  964. >”What word?”
  965. “She said I was a… I think she said I was a reprobate?”
  966. >Cadence’s eyes went wide.
  967. >”Really? Wow. She doesn’t like you.”
  968. >Yeah, you’d noticed.
  969. >”Well, your first mare is going to be a bit of a challenge then. Might take you a while.”
  970. “I think we should let her go.”
  971. >Cadence lets out a decidedly unfeminine snort.
  972. >”That was funny. Wait, you’re serious. SHINEY!”
  973. >Shining Armor stumbles into the room, dragging his hooves.
  974. >”Honey, dear, I’m just one stallion! Seven times a day is my limit, I need time to recharge! Oh, hey Anon.”
  975. >”Anon here needs some guy talk. He’s having trouble pleasing his mare.”
  976. >”Uhh…”
  977. >He started to blush a bit.
  978. “Look, thanks for trying to help me but some people are just meant to be alone.”
  979. >Shining starts to look at you a bit more intently.
  980. “If we keep her around I’m just going to hurt her more?”
  981. >The prince seems hesitant, but he asks you regardless.
  982. >”What were you going to do?”
  983. “I was… I was thinking of tattooing my logo on her.”
  984. >Cadence’s eyes go wide for a moment.
  985. >Then she vanishes in a burst of light.
  986. “Where’d she go?”
  987. >”Probably to find a tattoo artist. Look, Cadence knows what she’s talking about with this stuff. If she says that’s what Rarity wants deep down then I trust her.”
  988. >You weren’t so sure.
  989. >”But Cadence can be a bit… overeager with this stuff. Throwing Rarity right into the deep end is probably not a great idea. Go a little easy on her. Remember to reward her when she’s good. And make it a reward she actually appreciates.”
  990. “And you’re sure this will smooth things over with her?”
  991. >”Eventually. I’ve seen Cadence set up couples before. She tries to force things right away but it often takes a while. Keep at it, make sure she’s rewarded for being good and punished for being bad.”
  992. “Alright. What should I do as a reward?”
  993. >”I don’t have all the answers. Get to know her and figure it out for yourself.”
  994. >Yeah, you probably should get to know her.
  995. “Alright. Thanks, man.”
  996. >You get up to leave.
  997. “Oh. Your cortisol is crazy high, but I don’t see anything else alarming. It’s stress, try to relax more.”
  998. >”I’ll try, but there’s a lot going on lately.”
  999. >You take three steps out.
  1000. “Oh! And if at all possible could you send Cadence to my clinic around closing? I have something for her.”
  1001. >Plus you need her to back up your cover story.
  1002. >”Can do. Have a good one!”
  1003. >You hurry back to your clinic.
  1004. >Today’s going to be another long day.
  1005. >But first maybe a detour?
  1006. >Rarity was very bad and she needs to be punished, but before that she was very good.
  1007. >Holding still for you during your procedure, letting you have your way with her, even walking herself to medical imaging.
  1008. >She needs to be rewarded.
  1009. >But how?
  1011. >Last patient of the day.
  1012. >Home stretch!
  1013. >Just keep at it a little bit longer, you can do it!
  1014. “Well, I finished all the tests, uhh…”
  1015. >You check the folder before you.
  1016. “Whoa Nelly?”
  1017. >You look up at the comically oversized pony before you and shake your head.
  1018. >You’d been practicing how you were going to break bad news to her since the day she’d come in.
  1019. >It was clear at a glance that she was sick, the massive bodyweight was just the first sign.
  1020. >You’d been more worried about her eyes, clearly jaundiced.
  1021. >After spending a few hours psyching yourself up to tell her she was dying you thought you were ready.
  1022. >Nothing could have prepared you for this.
  1023. “I ran the tests three times just to be sure but I’m still having a little trouble believing it.”
  1024. >It defied all reason!
  1025. >Yet there it was.
  1026. “You might be the healthiest pony I’ve ever met.”
  1027. >”Really?”
  1028. “Yeah. I’m honestly having trouble believing it but you’ might be in perfect shape. Perfect glucose levels, perfect pressure, resting heart rate of a performance athlete, no signs of any kind of organ damage… You’re healthy as can be.”
  1029. >It made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!
  1030. >Friggin’ pony magic.
  1031. >”Well that’s dandy!”
  1032. “Yeah. Not much I can do for you if you’re not sick. Come in if you start feeling bad I suppose?”
  1033. >You briefly consider telling her to lose some weight just to be on the safe side.
  1034. >But for all you know that’d kill her.
  1035. >”So does that mean I’m healthy enough for roller derby?”
  1036. “I don’t know what that is, but if anypony is then it’s you.”
  1037. >”Great! Thank you doctor!”
  1038. >Whoa Nelly stands up from the debris that once was your chair and makes her way to the exit.
  1039. >She struggles for a moment to squeeze through the doorframe, but finally she’s gone from your office.
  1040. >Honestly, this place is too weird sometimes.
  1041. >You get up and step out to reception.
  1042. >Sassaflash and Cadence are chatting idly about who knows what, probably girl things like makeup and colts and…
  1043. >Uh…
  1044. >Volleyball?
  1045. >Was that what mares talked about?
  1046. >Sassaflash notices you first.
  1047. >”Oh, hey Anon. The princess said she had something urgent to discuss.”
  1048. >”Yes, regarding the patient I brought you.”
  1049. >Good, she was backing you up on that.
  1050. >She was a weird one, but you were mighty lucky to have her around.
  1051. >Even if you were sorta suspicious that she might be crazy.
  1052. “Great. I’m going to need help on this one.”
  1053. >Sassaflash stood up and stretched for a moment.
  1054. >When she was done she looked you in the eye.
  1055. >”Anything I can do to help?”
  1056. “Don’t think so. Legally I can’t tell you much about her case, physician-patient privilege and all that-”
  1057. >Cadence cut in for you.
  1058. >”I can! That pony is completely nuts!”
  1059. “We normally don’t use that term.”
  1060. >”She’s probably going to be sticking around for a while, at least until Anon can fix her.”
  1061. “IF I can fix her. This isn’t exactly what I’m good at.”
  1062. >Sassaflash gave you a sweet smile.
  1063. >”You can do it. I believe in you.”
  1064. >There was something oddly perverse about her encouraging you on this, even if she didn’t really know what was going on.
  1065. “I’ll try.”
  1066. >”And let me know if you need my help.”
  1067. “Don’t you worry, I will.”
  1068. >”Have a good night Anon.”
  1069. “Take care.”
  1070. >She finally leaves.
  1071. >Cadence looks at you intently.
  1072. >”You need some help with Rarity?”
  1073. >Who?
  1074. “Actually, I called you here because of you and your husband. He’s got a nasty case of hypertension and we need to take care of it.”
  1075. >”He’s sick? Did you tell him?”
  1076. “Yup. I take it he didn’t tell you.”
  1077. >”No! Why wouldn’t he tell me?”
  1078. >You aren’t certain.
  1079. “I don’t think he’s taking it seriously. I’ve been telling him about it off and on for months now, and he kept dodging my appointments. I eventually had to go hunt him down and give him his meds at the palace.”
  1080. >”Is it bad?”
  1081. >Well, it was going to kill him if he didn’t fix it.
  1082. >That was bad in your book.
  1083. “If we don’t deal with it then yes. Make sure he takes the pills I gave him. One a day. EXACTLY one! I can’t emphasise this enough!”
  1084. >You start talking with a deliberately idiotic affectation.
  1085. “Oh I figured that if one pill made me a little better then the whole bottle would make me way better. I didn’t know, it’s your fault that my face is falling off.”
  1086. >You return to your normal voice.
  1087. “It’s written on the bottle!”
  1088. >”You done?”
  1089. “Oh. Yeah, sorry.”
  1090. >”Tell me what we need to do!”
  1091. >She was more forceful than usual, less lecherous.
  1092. “You seem different.”
  1093. >”I’m worried about my husband!”
  1094. >Oh.
  1095. >Fair enough.
  1096. “Right. Make sure he takes it, try to force him to get at least 8 hours sleep a night.”
  1097. >”That’s going to be hard.”
  1098. “Keep him away from stressful situations too.”
  1099. >”That’s going to be harder.”
  1100. “And finally? Less sex.”
  1101. >”That’s going to be hardest!”
  1102. “Normally I wouldn’t say that, but I’m a little… let’s say concerned about your lebido. I think you might be fucking your husband to death.”
  1103. >This was NOT something you’d covered in medical school.
  1104. >”Is that possible?”
  1105. “Honestly I’m in uncharted territory here, but I think so.”
  1106. >She hung her head.
  1107. >Did that mean shame with them, or was that just a human thing?
  1108. “There are some medications that reduce lebido as a side effect, but I don’t have a drug designed to do that. We can give them to you if you really need them. I’d rather not though.”
  1109. >Giving hormones or psychoactive meds to a patient who didn’t need them was probably a bad idea.
  1110. >”I’ll do it, doc. I’ll give him a break. As long as he needs.”
  1111. >You were willing to bet she was going to fail.
  1112. >”It’s going to be hard though. He’s just so hot!”
  1113. “Make him wear a paper bag on his head. Paper! Not plastic!”
  1114. >Can’t be too careful with these ponies.
  1115. >Still though, there had to be a better solution.
  1116. >You’d have to do something to suppress her sex drive.
  1117. “Unless…”
  1118. >Cadence’s ears perk up.
  1119. “I might be able to help you with that. I’ll have to do a bit of reading, talk to your husband a bit. We’ll find a way to get you through this.”
  1120. >”Thank you.”
  1121. “I’d been planning on giving you something as a thank you gift, but it seems a little inappropriate right now. Ah, what the hell.”
  1122. >You reach into your pocket and pass her a small spray bottle.
  1123. “Benzocaine.”
  1124. >”Thanks?”
  1125. “It’s a topical analgesic, but there are other uses. One squirt on the inside of a condom and your husband will last twice as long. Not two, he won’t be able to keep it up.”
  1126. >Her eyes grew a little too wide.
  1127. >”Where do you get these wonderful things?”
  1128. “Pfizer, mostly.”
  1129. >”I’ll save it for a special occasion. Thanks, Anon.”
  1130. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to deal with my pony.”
  1131. >”Ooh! I brought you a few things to help with that!”
  1132. “Such as?”
  1133. >”You name it! They’re in a big box in the back room.”
  1134. >Huh.
  1135. >Well, that saved you a rather embarrassing trip to the store.
  1136. >A trip you’d have never made on your own.
  1137. >You wouldn’t be able to pretend you were somepony else after all.
  1138. >You really miss Amazon, even if they did declare war on your homeland that one time.
  1139. “Great, thank you. I think I’d better go wake her up. She’s been a good pony and deserves a reward.”
  1140. >”Oh? I thought she was giving you trouble.”
  1141. “She held still while I was working on her horn.”
  1142. >Cadence didn’t react.
  1143. “And she followed me when I pulled on the leash.”
  1144. >”And?”
  1145. >That was it.
  1146. >”Sassaflash said she was freaking out and trying to smash your stuff.”
  1147. “Well, she hasn’t JUST been good.”
  1148. >She clicked her tongue a few times.
  1149. >”I’m not sure the word good means what you think it means. Reward her, yes. But only when she’s good! Why are you having so much trouble with this?”
  1150. “Well, I think it all started when I was-”
  1151. >”Go and teach her a lesson. Make sure she knows the rules, and make sure she knows you won’t go easy on her if she breaks them!”
  1152. “Geeze, fine.”
  1153. >She was surprisingly pushy!
  1154. >”Want me to lend a hoof?”
  1155. “Umm…”
  1157. >Rarity was awake.
  1158. >Sure, you’d drugged her into unconsciousness, but you were confident she was awake now.
  1159. >You were absolutely certain of it at this point, there was no way the drugs still had her under.
  1160. >Sure, you weren’t an anaesthesiologist, but at this point there was absolutely no way she hadn’t worked it out of her system.
  1161. >That, and there was the fact that she was sitting up and groaning.
  1162. “The nausea will pass in a couple minutes.”
  1163. >”Uugh.”
  1164. >Despite your prior warning she was in fact in bed in the recovery room.
  1165. >An unfortunate side effect of your drugging, she had to be monitored properly.
  1166. >And your equipment wasn’t designed for a patient resting on the floor.
  1167. >Next time, though.
  1168. >Your threats couldn’t be hollow.
  1169. >”What did you do to me?”
  1170. “You were causing trouble so I put you to sleep.”
  1171. >”Ugh.”
  1172. “If you don’t cause trouble I won’t have to do it again.”
  1173. >You wait a few minutes for her to collect herself.
  1174. >She needs to be lucid for what comes next.
  1175. “Thirsty?”
  1176. >”Why, yes. I’m quite parched.”
  1177. >You pass her a glass of water.
  1178. >She stares at it for a little while before shock appears on her face.
  1179. >”My magic! That wasn’t a dream…”
  1180. “It’s not your magic, it’s mine. But I’ll let you use it when I know you can be trusted with it.”
  1181. >”So if I do what you tell me you’ll give it back?”
  1182. >You’d have to be pretty certain she wasn’t going to run away or anything like that.
  1183. >But if she was truly yours you’d have no reason to keep it away.
  1184. “Sure. Once I’m confident you’re not just pretending to be good.”
  1185. >She nodded.
  1186. >Doubtlessly she was still planning her escape.
  1187. >One more thing to work on.
  1188. “And if you’re going to be a good girl you’re going to have to follow a few rules.”
  1189. >She casts what you suspect to be a dirty look when you say “good girl”.
  1190. “First rule. You must obey any order I give you, immediately and to the best of your ability.”
  1191. >She’s looking you dead in the eye.
  1192. >You’re honestly having a little trouble bossing her around like this while making eye contact, but you press on.
  1193. “You may not physically oppose me whatsoever. Don’t get in my way, don’t fight back when I’m touching you, and NEVER try to hurt me. Not that you could anyway.”
  1194. >Maybe she could.
  1195. >How hard could they kick?
  1196. “Don’t break my stuff. In fact, if you’re not sure what it is don’t even touch it. This is delicate and nigh on irreplaceable equipment, I have to import it from Earth. And if I don’t have it I can’t do my job, and that sometimes means ponies die. Don’t break it or I WILL put that blame on you.”
  1197. >Her eyes go wide for a moment.
  1198. >You were pretty sure that meant she was surprised.
  1199. >Was it because of the threat?
  1200. >Or was it something else you’d said?
  1201. “No talking or writing unless spoken to. I’ll make an exception if you’re in immediate danger or if you’re warning me about something urgent. When you do talk to me you must address me as master. You may not masturbate without permission-”
  1202. >”I’m not that kind of pony!”
  1203. “That’s a strike. You may not orgasm without my permission, and you must always show and swallow. Understood?”
  1204. >”No, what does show and swallow mean?”
  1205. “That’s another strike. Address me as your master.”
  1206. >”Very well, your master.”
  1207. >You were actually going to let that slide for now.
  1208. >Sure, she sees it as defiance.
  1209. >But if her way of defying you is to work within your rules so be it.
  1210. >It’ll still get her accustom to following your rules, even if she is looking for loopholes.
  1211. >But you certainly weren’t going to let her get away with it forever.
  1212. “And you’ll find out what I mean when I say show and swallow. In fact, I think you’re going to find out tonight. But first, you’ve been a bad girl. TWICE you’ve failed to address me properly. And don’t you think I’ve forgotten that tantrum a week ago.”
  1213. >”A WEEK?”
  1214. >It was this morning.
  1215. >You were just screwing with her.
  1216. “Now. What to do… Ah! I know. You are going to suggest a punishment.”
  1217. >”Moi? Your master, are you seriously asking me to tell you to punish me?”
  1218. “Of course I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you. I expect the punishment to fit the crime, if you try to go easy on yourself you’ll only make things worse.”
  1219. >She froze up for a while, weighing the choice you’d given her.
  1220. >You briefly consider imposing a time limit lest she try and stall.
  1221. >But eventually you think better of it.
  1222. >The longer she stews in this the better.
  1223. >”I don’t suppose you’ll let me off with a warning.”
  1224. “No. You called me a reprobate.”
  1225. >You didn’t know what that meant at the time, but you DID know what a dictionary was.
  1226. >She turns her head to look away from you, a blush forming on her cheeks.
  1227. >”Perhaps a brief spanking would suffice?”
  1228. >Was…
  1229. >Was she getting off on that?
  1230. >You sit down on the floor, cross legged.
  1231. “On my lap.”
  1232. >Rarity doesn’t move.
  1233. “It was your idea. Get over here.”
  1234. >”But…”
  1235. “Yes, get your butt over here. You’re just making things worse for yourself. I took away magic privileges, I can take away walking privileges too.”
  1236. >She jumps out of the bed when you say that.
  1237. >But the moment that spark of primal dread is gone, the second she’s had a chance to think, she begins to drag her hooves.
  1238. >It takes her well over a minute to reach you.
  1239. >She looks over to the door longingly.
  1240. “If you leave now you’ll never have magic again. You will live your whole life unable to even feel your horn.”
  1241. >Rarity’s eyes tear up.
  1242. >You weren’t sure if she was going to stay or not.
  1243. >There was a very real chance she’d choose to run.
  1244. >Of course it would be futile, the place was locked up for the night.
  1245. >But she didn’t know that, you were giving her the illusion of choice.
  1246. >A chance to believe she’d chosen to stay with you.
  1247. >Rarity swallows a lump in her throat.
  1248. >And she drapes herself across your lap.
  1249. >Her warm body weighs down upon you, her soft coat rubbing gently along your legs.
  1250. >”There’s something poking-”
  1251. >She lets out a gasp.
  1252. “Don’t get all flustered. The two of you are going to get very familiar with each other. Now count, we’re going to thirty.”
  1253. *WHACK*
  1254. >Rarity lets out a surprised cry when you make your first hit.
  1255. >”ONE!”
  1256. “Good.”
  1257. *WHACK*
  1258. >”Two!”
  1259. >You continue your assault, her buttocks jiggling slightly with every hit.
  1260. >Her hide reddens quickly, likely still sore from your previous ministrations.
  1261. >Rarity finally loses count around twenty, her barely restrained sobs devolving into uncontrolled weeping.
  1262. >You eventually stop even though she’s not counting properly.
  1263. >Your hand hurts.
  1264. “Well, I’m feeling nice. You aren’t counting anymore but we’ll call that good for now.”
  1265. >She tries to say something but you can’t make it out through the tears.
  1266. >You push Rarity off of your lap and set to work.
  1267. >Cadence had gone all out with her supply chest, it contained every dirty toy you’d ever heard of, and several you hadn’t.
  1268. >You clamp a pair of fuzzy hoofcuffs on her, binding her left legs together.
  1269. >The moment she realizes what you’re doing she begins to kick at you, her legs flailing wildly in a vain attempt to keep you away.
  1270. >You step back, leaving her lying on the floor, her red rump squirming as she fruitlessly tries to move with her legs bound.
  1271. “That was a VERY stupid thing to do.”
  1272. >She damn near took your teeth out!
  1273. “We were going to have a bit of fun tonight, but if you insist on being that way we’ll do things a bit different. Roll over.”
  1274. >”No, please! I beg you!”
  1275. >You gently kick her sore buttocks
  1276. “You need another spanking. I’ll go get a switch. Then it looks like I’m taking your virginity tonight, I said you could keep it if you were good and you certainly weren’t.”
  1277. >”Please, I’ll do anything!”
  1278. “Oh?”
  1279. >This could be a good opportunity.
  1280. “Please me with your mouth.”
  1281. >She sticks her tongue out in what must be an expression of revulsion.
  1282. “Fine. I’ll just go with plan A.”
  1283. >”Wait! I… I will use my mouth.”
  1284. “Naa. I’d rather just do it right.”
  1285. >You walk toward her.
  1286. >She clumsily tries to back away.
  1287. >”No, please! I’ll use my mouth! I’ll do a good job too!”
  1288. >Not good enough.
  1289. >”Please, master! Please let me use my mouth.”
  1290. >Rarity doesn’t struggle as you bind her legs together.
  1291. >She doesn’t fight you when you pick her up and put her on the bed, head hanging off the side.
  1292. >You produce a simple ring gag from Cadence’s supply chest.
  1293. “Open.”
  1294. >”I… yes.”
  1295. >She closes her eyes firmly shut but slowly opens her mouth.
  1296. >You’re presented with the sight of a warm, inviting tunnel, her tongue squirming about delightfully, just waiting for your presence.
  1297. >But not yet.
  1298. >A simple hook goes in each nostril, fastened to her horn.
  1299. >”Uuh?”
  1300. >You pull it tight.
  1301. >”Uuh!”
  1302. >She angles her mouth upward, making her throat more accessible.
  1303. “Ooh. Okay, I get it now.”
  1304. >Your pants vanish in an instant, and you position yourself before her.
  1305. >She stares wide eyed at you, frightened by your imminent intrusion but unable to look away.
  1306. >You relish the feeling of her hot breath on the tip, savouring this anticipation until you can bear to wait no longer.
  1307. “I expect you to do a great job.”
  1308. >Just the tip.
  1309. >Her tongue starts to awkwardly wrestle with its new neighbor.
  1310. >You enjoy every second of the warm friction and suction.
  1311. “Do you like the taste? I bet you do. This is what you were made for.”
  1312. >You invade a bit deeper.
  1313. “But your technique needs work. We’ll have to train you to suck properly, like a good little whore.”
  1314. >Despite her clumsy ministrations it doesn’t take long for you to start feeling that familiar pressure.
  1315. >You pull out.
  1316. >Rarity coughs for a little while.
  1317. >Perhaps that was too deep for the novice?
  1318. >You walk around behind her and massage her rump for a bit.
  1319. >Rarity moans, whether it be in pain or pleasure you cannot say.
  1320. “Speaking of training, you didn’t take me very well last time.”
  1321. >You produce a fairly small plug, slick with surgical lubricant.
  1322. “We’ll have to stretch you out a bit.”
  1323. >You press the plug against Rarity’s back door.
  1324. >She yelps and tries to pull away.
  1325. >It’s futile.
  1326. >She’s far too tight to take it readily, and you have to work for some time before it finally slides into place.
  1327. >You step back to appreciate your work.
  1328. >Rump red, butt plugged, and nethers moist.
  1329. “You’re loving this, aren’t you. All your life pretending to be proper, but finally you get the cock you’d craved so much.”
  1330. >”Uh uh!”
  1331. “What’s that? Hungry for more? Well…”
  1332. >You re-enter her mouth with gusto, already feeling the end coming on.
  1333. >Rarity never really finds a good rhythm but even so the excitement of having her at your command soon puts you over the edge.
  1334. >You grab her mane and unload on her tongue with a grunt.
  1335. “Yeah.”
  1336. >You can’t help but pant slightly.
  1337. “Show.”
  1338. >She sticks her tongue out, displaying a fine mess of seed and saliva.
  1339. “And swallow.”
  1340. >Rarity closes her eyes and pulls her tongue back in.
  1341. >For a moment you think she’s going to refuse, or maybe even spit it out.
  1342. >But after a little while she reveals to you a clean tongue.
  1343. “Good girl.”
  1344. >You pat her on the head much to her dismay.
  1345. “You’re still getting punished for trying to kick me though.”
  1347. >You towered over Rarity with a wicked grin.
  1348. >She eyes you warily, her bound form wiggling in a vain attempt to get away from you.
  1349. >You walk around behind her, her bright red buttocks already clenching in anticipation.
  1350. “Maybe later. I’m starting to think you enjoy that, I’ll have to come up with something else.”
  1351. >She whimpers quietly.
  1352. >You pull the ring gag out.
  1353. >She flinches away and closes her eyes as your hand approaches.
  1354. “There we are. You don’t go abusing this privilege now.”
  1355. >”What are you going to do to me?”
  1356. “You’ll find out. Keep addressing me improperly and I’ll have to get more creative.”
  1357. >What to do…
  1358. >Ah! Perfect.
  1359. >You can’t strike quite yet though.
  1360. “Later. First it’s time for a physical. Open your mouth.”
  1361. >She complies readily.
  1362. >You shove a tongue depressor in and peer inside.
  1363. “It’s a bit inflamed. We’ll have to keep an eye on that, could be tonsilitis.”
  1364. >You move to check the next step.
  1365. >”Your master, I believe it’s sore because your, umm, naughty bits were-”
  1366. “Shut it. You were also a little dry, felt like sandpaper. Are you thirsty?”
  1367. >”Parched!”
  1368. >Bueno.
  1369. “Hold on, I’ll go get you a drink.”
  1370. >And maybe a few other things.
  1371. >It only takes a few minutes for you to return with a small jug.
  1372. “Alright. What do we say when I give you something?”
  1373. >”Thank you?”
  1374. “Thank WHO?”
  1375. >”Thank you… your master?”
  1376. >That was getting annoying.
  1377. >You’ll crack down on it later, right now you were dealing with something more important.
  1378. “It’ll do. For now. Open.”
  1379. >Rarity opens her mouth.
  1380. >You tilt her head upright and begin to pour the water in slowly.
  1381. >When the jug is half empty she stops swallowing.
  1382. “Drink it all.”
  1383. >A little bit starts spilling over.
  1384. >You cover her nostrils with your other hand.
  1385. “If you like breathing you’ll drink it.”
  1386. >She coughs and sputters a little bit, but you manage to get most of it down.
  1387. >Rarity spends a few second coughing once all the liquid’s gone.
  1388. >”That was FAR too much, I only wanted a little bit! Ooh, now my stomach hurts, just look at what you’ve done.”
  1389. “You’re supposed to turn your head before you cough. Alright, blood pressure’s a bit high. Heart rate too.”
  1390. >No surprise.
  1391. >She was probably pretty scared.
  1392. “Both signs of arousal.”
  1393. >”I am NOT aroused! And would you mind stepping back a tad? Your odour is rather unpleasant.”
  1394. >Your hand slams down on her rump.
  1395. >Rarity nearly jumps through the ceiling, he shrill shriek assaulting your ears with almost as much force as your strike.
  1396. “And I expect you to address me properly.”
  1397. >”Yes your master! Sorry your master!”
  1398. “Let’s see.”
  1399. >You shove two fingers as deep as you can into her moist virgin folds.
  1400. >”No, please master! Stay out of there! That hurts, you’re going in too deep! Ooh, it hurts! You’re scratching everything up in there, ow ow!”
  1401. “Are you whining in the hopes that you’ll be so annoying I get rid of you?”
  1402. >”Is it working?”
  1403. “No. Look, I have complete control over your body. I know how it works, I know how to take it apart and how to put it back together. I can take away any part at any time. Next time you try to kick me I’ll shut down your legs. Bite me and you’ll lose your jaw. And if you KEEP ON WHINING at me you’re going to lose the ability to talk.”
  1404. >”Well! Then I shall simply find other ways to make noise. Perhaps my kicking your precious machines would do the trick.”
  1405. “You know if you’re too much trouble I could just keep you in a coma.”
  1406. >”You WOULDN’T!”
  1407. “Why not? You’d stop talking back all the time, you’d stop trying to kick me, I could leave you unattended and you wouldn’t try to escape. Plus I could use you whenever I wanted. Hay, this is sounding like a pretty good idea! Hmm. You’re getting kinda pale. Could be a sign of heart problems, I’ll make a note of it.”
  1408. >”But- but-”
  1409. “Or maybe I’d keep you awake and just paralyze everything. No talking, no moving, Nothing but your eyes under your control so you can watch as I do whatever I please. Just play with your body until it’s old and worn out, then I can throw you in the trash.”
  1410. >Her eyes go wide.
  1411. “And if you think I can’t then by all means, use your magic to stop me.”
  1412. >You flick the tip of her horn.
  1413. >”I… yes, *sniff* master.”
  1414. >Oh boy.
  1415. >Here come the waterworks.
  1416. >Maybe that was a step too far?
  1417. >It WAS pretty harsh.
  1418. >Effective at sending a message, but harsh.
  1419. >She’s no good to you if she’s paralyzed by fear, and truth be told?
  1420. >You’re starting to feel sorry for her.
  1421. >You do the absolute last thing she’d ever expect.
  1422. >You untie her.
  1423. >Then you sit down on the bed next to her, and pull her close.
  1424. >Rarity sobs openly and gracelessy as you gently pet her back making sure to avoid her tender rump.
  1425. >At first she tries to shy away from you, your presence being a constant remind of her helplessness.
  1426. >But before long she starts to lean into you, desperate for any form of comfort.
  1427. >For any reassurance.
  1428. >Even if it comes from her captor.
  1429. “Shh. It’s okay, you’re going to be fine.”
  1430. >”Bwahaha!”
  1431. >Whatever makeup she had on when she’d arrived has long ago been ruined.
  1432. >But now it’s getting even worse!
  1433. >Mascara stained tears drop to the floor in a steady stream.
  1434. >Where did you leave the mop?
  1435. “Calm down, it’s okay.”
  1436. >”No it’s noooooot!”
  1437. “Yes it is.”
  1438. >”You’re going to turn me into a living rape doooooll!”
  1439. “No, I’m not. It’s going to be okay. I’m not going to do that to you.”
  1440. >Damn!
  1441. >You can’t let her think your threats are empty!
  1442. >”Yes you aaaaaaare!”
  1443. “No. I’m not. I promise.”
  1444. >She sniffles a few times.
  1445. “I’m a man of my word, and I promise you that whatever I take away I shall eventually give back.”
  1446. >”Really?”
  1447. >Had this been her plan, or had it just happened by accident?
  1448. >Either way she’d played you like a fiddle.
  1449. “I am a refined man of sophisticated tastes. My slave must be more than warm holes. I might paralyze you for a time if I see fit, but I will give you another chance to prove yourself.”
  1450. >She doesn’t answer.
  1451. “What do you say when somebody does something nice for you?”
  1452. >”Thank you.”
  1453. “Thank who?”
  1454. >”Thank you, master.”
  1455. “Good girl.”
  1456. >You spend a moment scratching her behind her ears.
  1457. >This pony was hurting.
  1458. >And badly at that.
  1459. >A terrible weight forms in your stomach, a burning sensation on the back of your neck.
  1460. >Guilt.
  1461. >The right thing to do would be to set her free.
  1462. >But it’s far too late for that.
  1463. >You’ve had a taste, and now you need more.
  1464. “Life with me is going to be great, you’ll see.”
  1465. >She turns her head away from you.
  1466. >You need to take her mind off of things.
  1467. “Maybe it’s time for us to get to know each other. Doctor Anonymous, one of vanishingly few humans in the whole world. And you are?”
  1468. >”L- I’m Lady Rarity. Element of Generosity.”
  1469. “There we go. What’s this element you were talking about? I know several elements, but generosity isn’t one of them.”
  1470. >”You’ve never heard of the Elements of Harmony?”
  1471. >She sounds shocked.
  1472. “Can’t say that I have.”
  1473. >”Well, my friends and I once wielded an ancient magical artifact that we used to banish evil!”
  1474. >ANOTHER ancient magical artifact?
  1475. >You’d thought the Crystal Heart was enough.
  1476. >How many of those were there around here?
  1477. >”Each bearer represents one of the virtues that lead to harmony. I represented generosity.”
  1478. >That was good to know.
  1479. >If she saw you as being a generous person she’d probably warm up to you a bit.
  1480. “What does Rarity do aside from banishing evil?”
  1481. >”I make dresses. Fabulous dresses!”
  1482. “Seamstress?”
  1483. >”Oh, nothing so tawdry! I design the pinnacle of fashion, adorning the highest nobles in all of Equestria with my vision!”
  1484. “Huh. Never been one for fashion myself.”
  1485. >”I can tell, that white coat is so gauche.”
  1486. >She freezes.
  1487. >You laugh.
  1488. “No offence taken. Lab coats are function over form after all. Regardless, I’d hate to keep an artist from her craft, I’ll have to come up with something.”
  1489. >”You wish for me to make you an outfit?”
  1490. “No, you’d probably make sure it was super itchy or something. Maybe you should make something for yourself?”
  1491. >”You wish for me to make a dress for myself?”
  1492. >You grope her butt.
  1493. >”Master! You wish for me to make a dress for myself master?”
  1494. “Eh. Not now, but yeah. If you’re going to be seen with me you’ll have to look presentable.”
  1495. >”Master, where is it you go that formal attire is expected?”
  1496. “I spend a lot of time at the palace.”
  1497. >”You what?”
  1498. “Friends with the royals, and every now and then they call me in to do a checkup on some noble I don’t care about or something.”
  1499. >”I had no idea.”
  1500. >She mumbles something to herself that you can’t quite make out.
  1501. >”I’d heard of you of course, but I didn’t know you were so well… connected.”
  1502. “So are your designs well received?”
  1503. >”Oh yes! The Rain in Stain was a smash success.”
  1504. “Sorta a crappy name.”
  1505. >”Well, they wound up calling it the Princess Dress. Everypony wanted one, it was terrible!”
  1506. “How so?”
  1507. >”Art is defined by its novelty and unique flair! When something is everywhere it ceases to be art! The Princess Dress may well have been my magnum opus, but it became little more than mass produced rags.”
  1508. >One of those types, eh?
  1509. “And what do you think of this place? Be honest, I want an artist’s eye.”
  1510. >”Why, it’s dreadful! Everything looks so...sterile!”
  1511. >Interesting choice of words given where you were.
  1512. “Well, I can’t let you change it. Most of this stuff is the way it is for a reason. But I get that you probably find it a bit… stifling. I’ll figure something out.”
  1513. >”Whatever do you mean?”
  1514. “I mean that your MASTER-”
  1515. >You grope her butt again.
  1516. >Rarity flinches when you do.
  1517. “Doesn’t want to keep you locked up in the recovery room forever. I’ll have to take you somewhere else, maybe you can decorate that place a bit so it’s not so… drab? Is that the right word?”
  1518. >She looks up at you with a stunned expression.
  1519. “What, did you think I was planning on keeping you here forever?”
  1520. >”Yes? Err, yes master?”
  1521. “What did you think I was planning?”
  1522. >”Well, I thought you wanted to, shall we say, use me whenever you pleased.”
  1523. “Nope. I’m an ambitious man, Rarara. I aim high. I’m going to train you into my own personal slut, sure.”
  1524. >She’s blushing a little.
  1525. “But I intend to put every part of you to use. You any good at accounting?”
  1526. >”No.”
  1527. “Unfortunate, I’ve got huge amounts of money coming through this place every day. Really could use help keeping track of it. But I’m sure I’ll think of plenty of ways to use you.”
  1528. >Right.
  1529. >Generosity.
  1530. >You let out a long, drawn out sigh.
  1531. “It’s hard to keep this place running, y’know? There’s so much work to do, and I’m the only one who can do it. And everypony thinks I’m overcharging all the time, it’s so annoying! They have no idea what this equipment costs. Hell, sometimes I lose money on my patients. I’d have gone broke by now if the princess hadn’t made that big donation.”
  1532. >She blinks a few times in rapid succession.
  1533. “Sometimes I wonder if I should have just been a bricklayer or something. Life would be much easier. But when I think of all the ponies I’ve helped since I got here, I know I made the right choice.”
  1534. >”You do that?”
  1535. “I’m not out here on vacation. I’m here to bring proper healthcare to the ponies, to fight back against the plagues and ailments that ruin and end lives. I can cure malaria, dysentery, cholera, even leprosy.”
  1536. >You count the diseases off on your fingers as you go along.
  1537. >”I don’t know what that last one is.”
  1538. “Good. You don’t want to see it, you’d have nightmares. There are all these horrible things that only I can fix, but I can’t be everywhere at once. It’s a terrible burden. If I were anyone else I’d close up shop and leave it all behind, just run away from it.”
  1539. >You leave a pause before finishing.
  1540. “But I was unlucky enough to be me. Now I’ve got to try and help everyone.”
  1541. >You stand up and move to leave.
  1542. “I’d better get going.”
  1543. >”Could you please take this dreadful thing out of my rump first? It’s become quite irritating.”
  1544. “No. Wait, I almost forgot about your punishment.”
  1545. >Rarity’s eyes go wide.
  1546. >”Please, master! I beg of you-”
  1547. “Shush. You tried to kick me. That’s a big problem.”
  1548. >”I SWEAR I shan’t do it again!”
  1549. “Good. I still have to punish you though.”
  1550. >She jumps down off the bed and backs away to the wall.
  1551. >”Please, I’ve learned my lesson! Why, I’ll even-”
  1552. “Stop.”
  1553. >She freezes in place.
  1554. “I don’t know how things work in this world but back home we can’t just ask nicely and get let off the hook. When you break the rules you have to face the consequences. Now, you have the choice of accepting it like a big girl and salvaging some of your dignity, or you can go kicking and screaming the whole way. It’s your choice.”
  1555. >She curls up and starts shivering.
  1556. “Don’t worry, this one isn’t going to hurt. Swallow these.”
  1557. >You put two small pills on the floor in front of her.
  1558. >”W-what are they?”
  1559. “Nothing dangerous. Swallow them or things will get worse.”
  1560. >She reaches out with a hoof.
  1561. >You shove your foot in the way.
  1562. “No, lick them off the ground.”
  1563. >She stalls for a bit, but eventually Rarity reaches her head out and extends her tongue.
  1564. >She closes her eyes and shivers as it approaches the floor.
  1565. >One down.
  1566. “And the other one.”
  1567. >”Yes master.”
  1568. >This time she swallows it quickly, apparently having decided to get the demeaning act over with.
  1569. >”I think it’s stuck in my throat, may I have some water to wash it down?”
  1570. “Of course.”
  1571. >You go to the sink and refill the jug.
  1572. “Drink as much as you can.”
  1573. >She knocks back about half of it.
  1574. >You’re pretty certain she could manage more, but that will suffice.
  1575. “Alright. For your punishment I’m going to tie you up and for a few hours while I take care of some business.”
  1576. >”Really?”
  1577. “Yup. That’s all I’m going to do to you. Hold still.”
  1578. >Let’s see here… back legs elevated up on the bed, run the rope under the bed and attach it to her front legs. Hold on, how did you tie that knot again?
  1579. >It takes longer than you care to admit, but finally you have her tied up exactly as you want her.
  1580. >She’s resting on her back with her rump angled up in the air so that she’s staring straight at her vagina.
  1581. “Alright, I’m going to leave you like this for a while. Or I could give you a really rough paddling, your call.”
  1582. >”No! No, master, this is fine!”
  1583. “Good. I’ll be a few hours, don’t break anything while I’m gone.”
  1584. >”Umm, master? Before you go I do need to use the powder room.”
  1585. “I know.”
  1586. >”WHAT?”
  1587. “Diuretics and multiple liters of water. It’s going to be EVERYWHERE by the time I get back.”
  1588. >You shove a ring gag in her mouth.
  1589. “Including inside your mouth. Don’t EVER try to hurt me.”
  1590. >You watch Rarity squirm and whine for a while.
  1591. >It doesn’t take long before you see liquid trickling down her belly.
  1592. >”Ah! Ah! Aaah!”
  1593. >She struggles and strains to hold it in.
  1594. >But it’s never going to work.
  1595. >By the time you get back she’s going to be covered in it, lying in a pool of it, and she’ll have probably even gotten a mouthful of it.
  1596. “Just like a filthy animal. When I get back you’re cleaning that up.”
  1597. >You lock up the clinic behind yourself.
  1598. >It’s time to go to the hardware store to make a proper room for her.
  1599. >But what should be in it?
  1601. >You'd never had a knack for aesthetics.
  1602. >You'd spent way more time thinking about interior organs than interior design.
  1603. >And your idea of beauty had more to do with elegant sutures than elegant floor plans.
  1604. >But you were happy with the results anyway.
  1605. >Sure, it was a little… rough.
  1606. >But that was fine.
  1607. >You weren’t looking to put her in the lap of luxury or anything.
  1608. >You just needed a place to store her that wouldn’t attract attention.
  1609. >And where better than the basement?
  1610. >It was out of the way, easy to secure, and hidden from public view.
  1611. >You'd just had to move a few cases of medical files and you were clear!
  1612. >And after a HOURS of moving things around and a trip downtown you were almost set up.
  1613. “Good enough!”
  1614. >Time to fetch her.
  1615. >You walk into the recovery room with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge in hand.
  1616. >Rarity doesn’t react when the door opened.
  1617. >She just stared at the ceiling, eyes unfocused, mane and face drenched by the puddle she was lying in.
  1618. “Oh this is PERFECT! Hold on. Where’s that camera?”
  1619. *Snap*
  1620. >Yep.
  1621. >This was going in your training compilation.
  1622. “Wake up, whore.”
  1623. >She groans a bit.
  1624. >You’re not sure if she even heard you.
  1625. >You approach her, taking care to step around the mess as much as possible.
  1626. >You unbind her legs and she slumps onto the floor, splashing in the puddle a little.
  1627. “Clean yourself up, you’re disgusting.”
  1628. >You drop the wet sponge on her face.
  1629. >She immediately grabs it and starts scrubbing herself vigorously.
  1630. ”Do you know WHY I had to punish you?”
  1631. >”Yes master!”
  1632. >That was an improvement to be sure.
  1633. “And what should you never do again?”
  1634. >”I should never try to hit you master!”
  1635. >She doesn’t even look at you, electing instead to scrub with all her might.
  1636. “When you’re done I expect you to clean the floor. You made a disgusting mess of it.”
  1637. >”Of course master! Right away master!”
  1638. >You leave for your office, there’s something you must do before you move her to her new place.
  1639. >A little surprise to prepare.
  1640. >By the time you return the floor is spotless, and Rarity is frantically rubbing her coat with the bedding in a desperate attempt to get every last trace of dirt off of her coat.
  1641. >You drop a pink, frilly strip of dense cloth (courtesy of the Crown) in front of her.
  1642. “Blindfold yourself.”
  1643. >She looks down at it hesitantly and chews her bottom lip.
  1644. “Unless you’d like to find out what other pills I have.”
  1645. >”Yes… master.”
  1646. >She clumsily affixes the cloth to her face, a deep blush forming on her cheeks.
  1647. >But was it excitement? Shame? Or fear?
  1648. >You had no way of knowing.
  1649. >Maybe it was all three.
  1650. >You grab her mane and start walking.
  1651. >Rarity follows, her head downcast and her hooves dragging.
  1652. “Remember. You chose to stay with me.”
  1653. >She doesn’t answer.
  1654. “Why did you choose to stay with me?”
  1655. >”Because you took my magic.”
  1656. “Wrong, cunt. You stayed because you wanted to..”
  1657. >”I…”
  1658. “You could have lived without magic. You could have spared yourself all of this and been like one of the Earth ponies. But you didn’t. You chose to be my slave. It's what you really want deep down, isn't it? You want to be my own personal whore, a set of walking holes fit only to be toyed with. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. You're going to tell the world yourself in the end anyway. Mind the stairs.”
  1659. >She stumbles slightly as you march her downstairs.
  1660. >Eventually, though, she reaches her new home.
  1661. “Hold still.”
  1662. >She jumps slightly when a cold weight lowers itself around her neck.
  1663. >A resounding click fills the air.
  1664. >She was obeying!
  1665. >That wasn’t going to last for long though, the fear or humiliation would fade in time.
  1666. >You had to strike while the iron was hot.
  1667. >You begin to hatch a plan...
  1668. “Take it off.”
  1669. >Rarity quickly tears off her blindfold to survey her surroundings.
  1670. >Rarity blinked a few times to see if it was actually real.
  1671. >She stood on a polished crystal mosaic floor, its alternating pale blue and rich green shards glittering beneath the overhead light.
  1672. >The wooden walls had been painted plainly with an off white. There was nothing remarkable about them.
  1673. >They were so boring that the eye naturally avoided them, being drawn instead to the paintings.
  1674. "You like 'em, eh? This crow painting came from Earth. They were really popular for a while after those scientists cloned some and reversed their extinction."
  1675. >But then everyone remembered WHY they'd been wiped out.
  1676. "That panorama of the Crystal Empire at dawn is courtesy of one of my patients. Poor guy was dying of sepsis, couldn't afford to pay me. I fixed him up anyway, a month later he shows up with this beauty. No points for creativity, but it's amazing execution."
  1677. >"What about that marvelous watercolour of the rainbow falls?"
  1678. "Housewarming present when I moved in here. This room was originally meant to be my home, but I couldn't stand always being at work any longer."
  1679. >"And what of that gorgeous snowy mountain range?"
  1680. "That's just a print I liked."
  1681. >"Well I must confess I love the decor! Perhaps a tad barren, a couple more paintings wouldn't hurt. But it's a marvelous start."
  1682. "Couldn't agree more. That's why I printed this out while you were cleaning up."
  1683. >You collect four pages and a roll of tape from the corner and begin assembling the latest piece in your collection.
  1684. >The moment you reveal it Rarity is aghast.
  1685. >It's a white unicorn, bound up and exposed, and drenched in urine.
  1686. >She immediately turns her head away to inspect the furnishings.
  1687. >A large pet bed against the wall, a pair of dog dishes, a bucket, a heap of papers, and a few ballpoint pens.
  1688. >”What’s all this?”
  1689. “Your bed, your food, your water, and your toilet.”
  1690. >You point at them in turn as you speak.
  1691. >Rarity grows more pale with every word.
  1692. “And your journal. I figured you might want to keep a log of some sort."
  1693. >A risky play.
  1694. >It would give her something to focus on, some way to organize her thoughts.
  1695. >But by reading it you might get some insight about what she's thinking.
  1696. "One day when you’re better trained we can read through it and have a good laugh.”
  1697. >She turned around to survey the rest of the room.
  1698. >There was a line of tape on the floor for some reason.
  1699. >Just beyond it was a sturdy stained oak display shelf.
  1700. >It was conspicuously barren.
  1701. >The exit lies tantalisingly close.
  1702. >She takes a step toward it only to be pulled back by a harsh tug on the throat.
  1703. >A heavy chain had been wrapped around her neck, padlocked shut, and bolted to the wall.
  1704. >She was stuck in one half of the basement.
  1705. “See the tape?”
  1706. >”Yes.”
  1707. “I measured the chain. That’s as far as you can go.”
  1708. >”Why is it so… squiggly? Shouldn’t it be a fairly smooth curve?”
  1709. “Shush. That shelf is- I forgot to stock it. Hold on."
  1710. >Let’s see here…
  1711. >Giant rubber horsecock on the left, large marbles on a string, paddle…
  1712. “Oh right. You can take the plug out now.”
  1713. >Not good to leave it in TOO long, you don’t want to damage her.
  1714. >You can hear Rarity let out a rather undignified sigh of relief.
  1715. >”Master? What are all those things you’re laying out there?”
  1716. “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough. See this?”
  1717. >You present to her a comically oversized plug.
  1718. “Guess where this is going.”
  1719. >She backs away a little bit.
  1720. >”Is… is it going to fit?”
  1721. “Not yet. We’ll get you there. Okay… how many blindfolds do we need? Honestly.”
  1722. >”And what about that spiked wheel? Is it a pounce wheel?”
  1723. “Uhh… it looks like a Wartenberg wheel to me. Honestly I’m not certain why it’s here. Maybe it was a mistake?”
  1724. >Maybe you’d ask Cadence.
  1725. >Maybe you didn’t want to though… who knows how weird she could get?
  1726. “Now that you’re all settled in, do you want some coffee?”
  1727. >She tilts her head, perhaps surprised by the sudden question.
  1728. “I’m going to go get some, there’s a little shop around a block away. I’ve got studying to do and I need to wake up first. You’re going to help with that, by the way.”
  1729. >”Oh.”
  1730. “So do you want a coffee?”
  1731. >”What’s the catch?”
  1732. “Wadda ya mean?”
  1733. >”Do you intend to put your, ah, essence in it or some such?”
  1734. “Good idea, but no. I’d rather deposit that straight in your mouth.”
  1735. >”Do you intend to pour it on me in some bizarre form of punishment?”
  1736. “No? Why is it so hard to believe I’m just getting you some coffee?”
  1737. >She raises a single eyebrow.
  1738. “You’re going to help me study, and I can’t have you falling asleep.”
  1739. >”Very well. I shall take a tall half-caff hazelnut macchiato.”
  1740. “A what?”
  1741. >”If this coffee shop is of any worth they shall understand.”
  1742. >You look at her in bewilderment and quickly write down the order on your prescription pad.
  1743. “Alright. Drink some water while I’m away, you’re probably dehydrated after your fun earlier.”
  1744. >A quick journey down the street brings you to the coffee shop.
  1745. >You approach the mare at the counter who beams a cute smile at you.
  1746. >”Hey, doc!”
  1747. “Uh, hi.”
  1748. >”Large with one cream?”
  1749. “No actually. I’ve got a request here. It’s…”
  1750. >You read the page.
  1751. “Two tall half-caff hazelnut macchiatos? Actually, forget the half-caff. That’s dumb.”
  1752. >”Ooh, somehuman’s found a fillyfriend!”
  1753. “Heh, I’m not sure that’s the right word to describe our relationship. Study buddy might work.”
  1754. >She sets to work making a shockingly complex drink.
  1755. >During the process you can hear her grind, shake, and hammer.
  1756. >You even think you heard a brief xylophone solo, but it’s hard to say for certain.
  1757. >”That’ll be 30 bits please.”
  1758. “Seriously? For two coffees?”
  1759. >”Mmhmm!”
  1760. >You grumble more than a bit but pay up regardless.
  1761. >You return to the clinic and head to the medicine lockup.
  1762. “Let’s see here… there it is. Probably just one pill.”
  1763. >You head to your office and write Anon on once cup.
  1764. >You then produce your mortar and pestle and begin to grind the pill into dust, humming happily as you go.
  1765. >MDMA had become a commonly prescribed drug for treating PTSD.
  1766. >And PTSD had become a surprisingly common ailment ever since the Yo Gabba Gabba reunion tour.
  1767. >So much blood…
  1768. >You can’t help but shudder.
  1769. >And so you’d stocked some when setting up shop, but not once had you prescribed any.
  1770. >Might as well put it to use.
  1771. >Can’t do it too often though, you don’t want to mess up her brain.
  1772. >Well, okay, you do. But in a controlled manner!
  1773. >You still plan on making her yours, filling her with this stuff isn’t any good.
  1774. >She’d belong to the drug, not to you.
  1775. >But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to kickstart the process.
  1776. >Once it’s been ground into dust you pour it into the cup marked Anon and stir it vigorously.
  1777. “Alright. Hopefully this works.”
  1778. >Quick glance at the security camera.
  1779. >Rarity seems to be trying to style her mane with her hooves alone.
  1780. >Maybe you should get her a brush?
  1781. >She has been pretty compliant since her last punishment.
  1782. >On the other hand she’s also done a lot of talking back.
  1783. >Maybe you’re being too easy on her.
  1784. >This stuff was harder than you’d expected!
  1785. >You climb down the stairs and place the unmarked cup in front of her.
  1786. “These things are expensive.”
  1787. >”When you wish for the finer things in life sometimes you must pay a little extra.”
  1788. “Maybe you’re just bad with money.”
  1789. >”Hmph.”
  1790. “Well, aren’t you going to drink it?”
  1791. >”Not until you tell me what you’ve done with it.”
  1792. “NOTHING! It’s perfectly fine, just overpriced. What, don’t you trust me?”
  1793. >She closed her eyes and turned her head away from you.
  1794. “I got you a GIFT, I expect you to appreciate it! Unless you want to wind up like that again.”
  1795. >You gesture toward the printout of her urine soaked self.
  1796. >”I… yes, master.”
  1797. >She picks the cup up.
  1798. >Woops.
  1799. >You’d accidentally talked her into it.
  1800. “Hay, I got the same thing. If it makes you feel better we can switch cups. Unless you think I did something to my own drink.”
  1801. >”That actually would put me at ease.”
  1802. >You pass her the drugged coffee and grab the clean one.
  1803. *sip*
  1804. >”Delectable, isn’t it?”
  1805. >Not 30 bits delectable.
  1806. >Sure, it’s nice, but…
  1807. >There are much nicer things you could get for that price.
  1808. >”Perhaps a tad more bitter than usual. You just can’t quite match a proper Manehattan coffee shop I suppose.”
  1809. >Should take about 45 minutes to an hour to reach its full effect.
  1810. “Alright. Time to work.”
  1811. >You pull a small stack of flashcards from your coat pocket and hand them to her.
  1812. >”Photographs?”
  1813. “Yes. Pictures of ponies I see often. Equine is a… tricky language for me. This mouth wasn’t meant to neigh or whinny.”
  1814. >”Yes, I can tell by your atrocious accent.”
  1815. >You really wanna spank her right now.
  1816. “Names are worst. You do this weird thing where you use nouns and verbs for your names, but the inflection is different to imply it’s a name. I actually have to practice saying names, problem is that I can’t do it alone. I need somepony to correct my pronunciation so that I don’t learn it wrong.”
  1817. >It might have been a mistake to admit a weakness.
  1818. >But right now your goal is to get her to lower her guard.
  1819. >She needs to be relaxed when it kicks in.
  1820. >Scaring her into submission right now would ruin your plan.
  1821. >”Oh. Well, I suppose I can do that. Ooh. The one who ABDUCTED me.”
  1822. >She tears Cadence’s picture in half.
  1823. >You should punish her, but…
  1824. >Stick to the plan.
  1825. >”Ah yes. Her strapping husband.”
  1826. “Shiggy Diggy.”
  1827. >”Umm, no. Shy-Ning”
  1828. “Shi-nang?”
  1829. >Minutes tick down.
  1830. >You keep a careful eye on Rarity’s condition, excitement welling up within you every time she drinks from her cup.
  1831. >She’s starting to fidget quite a bit, she’s grinding her teeth a bit…
  1832. >But most importantly, her attitude is changing.
  1833. >She’s so much less hostile.
  1834. >It’s starting to kick in.
  1835. >”Right! And we go back to this pony!”
  1836. “Sa-sa-flash. Sassaflash.”
  1837. >”Why, yes! Good work. And this pony is?”
  1838. “Shy-ning are-more. Shining Armor.”
  1839. >”Excellent work dear. I believe you’ve got it!”
  1840. >Hopefully you’ll make an ass of yourself less often.
  1841. >Shame she destroyed Cadence’s picture though.
  1842. >”Oh my but it is toasty in here!”
  1843. “Alright, studying done. I think you need a reward.”
  1844. >”What did you have in mind?”
  1845. “How about a backrub?”
  1846. >”That sounds lovely. Ooh. I never noticed how colourful the ceiling was.”
  1847. >Beige stucco?
  1848. >She must be hallucinating a bit.
  1849. >Maybe you’d dosed her a bit too much.
  1850. >Hopefully you didn’t do any serious damage…
  1851. >You begin to gently and methodically caress her body.
  1852. >Rarity shivers and trembles beneath your touch, the drug amplifying the sensations.
  1853. “Just relax.”
  1854. >”I can’t! I’m all wound up for some reason, are you certain that was half-caff?”
  1855. “I asked for it, but maybe they did it wrong.”
  1856. >Didn’t matter, it wasn’t the caffeine that had her excited.
  1857. >You continue to explore her body, working at her muscles and scratching at her with your fingers.
  1858. “I bet no pony has ever given you a massage this good.”
  1859. >She lets out a satisfied moan.
  1860. “You need fingers to do this. Only I can make you feel this way.”
  1861. >You roll her over onto her back and rub her belly a bit.
  1862. “Do you like this?”
  1863. >”Oooh, yes.”
  1864. “This is the best massage of your life, isn’t it? Do you want more?”
  1865. >”Oh yes!”
  1866. >You continue to rub, trailing your way down toward her nethers.
  1867. >You stop for a moment to caress her teats.
  1868. >”Hnnn. What are you doing?”
  1869. “Just relax and enjoy the sensation. Everything’s fine, I’m just trying to make you feel good. It feels good doesn’t it?”
  1870. >She moans again.
  1871. >This time even you can tell it’s heavy with desire.
  1872. >You run your fingers around her nipples in slow circles.
  1873. >”Ah!”
  1874. “You were a good girl and helped me out. Now you get to feel good. You get to feel the pleasure that only my touch can bring. Relax, enjoy. Give yourself to me.”
  1875. >You trace your fingers around her sopping wet sex, rubbing up against her thigh, teasing but never quite reaching .
  1876. >She shudders, her back leg kicks a little bit.
  1877. “It feels good, doesn’t it? My touch feels good. You did what I wanted and now you get to feel good. Relax.”
  1878. >You slip a single finger in.
  1879. >Rarity lets out a delighted cry, her entire body shivers.
  1880. >You can feel her interior muscles contracting.
  1881. >She’d already climaxed.
  1882. >That WAS against the rules…
  1883. >But right now it was the goal.
  1884. “That’s alright. Feel as good as you want, you’re being rewarded for being a good girl.”
  1885. >You thrust your finger in and out rhythmically, and soon Rarity starts to rock her body in concert with your motions.
  1886. >Your other hand continues to explore her form, rubbing and probing for her weak points.
  1887. “Your master is here to make you feel good. He’s the only one who can do this, isn’t he? You’ve never felt like that before. I’m the only one. Stay with me and you can feel good some more.”
  1888. >She’s starting to moan again, this time far more feverishly.
  1889. “You’re a slave. You’re MY slave. Being a slave feels good. Relax.”
  1890. >”I’m not… HNN!”
  1891. >She convulses again, a shrill shriek of delight assails your ears.
  1892. >You don’t relent.
  1893. “You belong to me. I’m what’s been missing in your life.”
  1894. >”Ah! Ah!”
  1895. “You need more, don’t you?”
  1896. >”Yes! YES!”
  1897. “But if you want more you need to stay with me. You need to obey me. You need to give yourself to me.”
  1898. >You slip a second finger in.
  1899. “You belong to me, and that’s a good thing. It’s what you’ve always wanted. Doesn’t it feel good?”
  1900. >Her eyes are unfocused, her breathing erratic.
  1901. >You don’t think she can take much more.
  1902. “Look at me. Look me in the eye.”
  1903. >You turn her head to face you.
  1904. >It takes a little while but her eyes finally start to focus on you.
  1905. >You press your thumb on her clitoris and start to rub it in circles.
  1906. >”Ahh! Ahh!”
  1907. “Cum for me, slave. Give yourself to me. You are mine.”
  1908. >Rarity reaches out with her forelegs and grabs you.
  1909. >She pulls herself close to you, her whole body tensing up.
  1910. >And then she slumps over.
  1911. >She’s spent.
  1912. >You step back and appreciate your work.
  1913. >A blissed out face, her tongue hanging out, her legs spread to expose a drenched hindquarters.
  1914. >You take several pictures.
  1915. >It’s definitely going on the wall with the other reminders.
  1916. >When the drug wears off she’ll be depressed and lethargic.
  1917. >She’ll probably weep about what just happened.
  1918. >It might be days before you can make any progress with her again.
  1919. >But with any luck she’ll remember that feeling, the mind numbing pleasure that goes beyond normal sex.
  1920. >And she’ll link it to you.
  1921. >If you’re really lucky she won’t figure out you’d drugged her, she’ll just think that’s what your hands do.
  1922. >Nothing to do now but wait and see.
  1923. >Your pager goes off.
  1924. “Hmm? Oh shit!”
  1925. >You rush up to the operating theater…
  1927. Rarity’s journal.
  1928. Date: unknown.
  1930. The vile brute who I’ve come to know as my captor is quite perplexing.
  1931. At one moment he seems sweet and caring, the next he’s a lust maddened psychopath.
  1932. He seems to think me some kind of harlott, that I will willingly lift my tail to sate his desires.
  1933. But I cannot deny… the thought has occured to me.
  1934. I’m not entirely unfamiliar with my body, I’ve explored it on quiet evenings in the bath as any young mare might.
  1935. Perhaps a tad more often than is proper for a lady? Not so often though, I do have self control!
  1936. But his touch tonight… it was sublime.
  1937. Is his what it feels like to be touched by a stallion? It felt so much more than I’d ever imagined.
  1938. I tried to stop him, I really did! But I simply couldn’t help myself.
  1939. To push him away then would be like eating half a spoonful of iced cream and throw the rest out, it simply can’t be done!
  1940. Perhaps he spoke the truth, perhaps it was those appendages of his that did it.
  1941. What might it feel like to do it properly? To go the whole way? Could it possibly be greater?
  1942. It matters not! I am a LADY and I must comport myself as one!
  1943. I must not give in to such carnal desires no matter how spectacular they may feel.
  1944. Even if I already yearn for more.
  1945. I must make my escape quickly lest he rob me of even more dignity.
  1946. I shall return to Ponyville and inform Twilight of what this beast has done, she shall never stand for it and he shall face justice!
  1947. It is decided, I shall make my egress as soon as I am able even if it DOES cost me my magic.
  1948. But first a nap. For some reason I feel quite drained.
  1950. Signed,
  1951. Lady Rarity
  1953. >You survey the operating theater through the observation window.
  1954. >It was well stocked and orderly, as it ought to be.
  1955. >It took a long time to set things up just right, far too long in fact.
  1956. >And so you tried to keep the theater more or less ready in case of emergencies.
  1957. >Some things couldn’t be prepared in advance, of course.
  1958. >But by and large you were only a few minutes away from being ready.
  1959. >All the wrapped tools were in place, all the surfaces covered, everything sterilized.
  1960. >You were hoping you wouldn’t need it tonight, but the message you’d received…
  1961. >Was totally indecipherable.
  1962. >Your pager system only supported human languages, and Sassaflash could neither read nor write in them.
  1963. >She just mashed buttons to tell you when there was an emergency.
  1964. >The front door swung open, and a pair of crystal ponies rushed through with a stretcher in tow.
  1965. >Sassaflash walked in behind them.
  1966. >”She crashed from a pretty high height and is having trouble breathing.”
  1967. >You take a quick look at the patient.
  1968. >A butter yellow pegasus with a pink mane.
  1969. >She’s panting despite lying still.
  1970. “Any chest pain?”
  1971. >She sniffles and nods.
  1972. >Damn.
  1973. >This could be REALLY bad.
  1974. “Bring her to imaging, try to be gentle.”
  1975. >If it’s an aortic rupture…
  1976. “Sassaflash, talk to me.”
  1977. >She looks stunned for a moment, probably surprised that you got her name right.
  1978. >But to her credit she quickly recovers and focuses on the job at hoof.
  1979. >”Her name is Fluttershy, we don’t have her medical history.”
  1980. “Any signs of external injury?”
  1981. >”Some bruises and a scraped knee.”
  1982. >Internal bleeding.
  1983. “Anything you can tell me might be important.”
  1984. >The two of you march to medical imaging.
  1985. >You start to fight with the ultrasound.
  1986. >”She’s an Element of Harmony? I don’t know much more!”
  1987. >Another one of those elements.
  1988. >Wait, did she know Rarity?
  1989. >Had she come looking for her?
  1990. >Oh crap, Sassaflash saw Rarity!
  1991. >If Fluttershy talks to her your cover’s blown!
  1992. “Allright, Butterfly. Stay with me. I think I know what’s wrong with you, and it is something I can fix.”
  1993. >You pass the ultrasound over her chest.
  1994. >You’re picking up a big pool of blood around her lungs.
  1995. “Whew, I was wrong. That’s a big relief. It’s hemothorax, much less dangerous.”
  1996. >You scan around looking for signs of secondary injury.
  1997. >You do find some problems, but nothing major.
  1998. “We need to drain the pooled blood and monitor her for a few days. The damage should mend itself in time. Open your mouth.”
  1999. >She does so with a cry of pain.
  2000. >You press your thumb against her gums for a moment before pulling it away.
  2001. >It stays pale.
  2002. “Delayed capillary refill.”
  2003. >She’d lost a fair amount of blood.
  2004. >Hypovolemia, you need to refill her veins to give her heart something to pump.
  2005. “Sassaflash, go get a bag of saline!”
  2006. >Hopefully she wouldn’t need a transfusion, you didn’t know her type and supplies were always low.
  2007. “Butterfly! I’ve cured much worse, try to relax. I’m going to give you something to help with the pain, then we’ll get you patched up. Hold still, you’ll feel a pinch.”
  2008. >You produce a needle and sink it into her thigh muscle.
  2009. >She flinches but doesn’t fight.
  2010. “Just give it a couple minutes. You’re going to be fine. Get her into the theater, and DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! I can’t stress this enough, it needs to stay clean, and you’re all FILTHY!”
  2011. >Sassaflash offers an apologetic grin.
  2012. >”He’s sorta a neat freak when it comes to this stuff.”
  2013. “You would be too if you knew what I knew.”
  2014. >You and the crystal ponies go into the operating theater and carefully slide Fluttershy onto the operating table.
  2015. >You keep a very close eye on what they touch.
  2016. >Anaesthesia machine’s contaminated.
  2017. >Thankfully you don’t need to put her under general for this.
  2018. “Right, thanks guys.”
  2019. >”Of course! What next, doc?”
  2020. “Couple quick tests. Then I clean up.”
  2021. >The two crystal ponies look at you with a face of minor confusion.
  2022. >”But this place is spotless.”
  2023. >”And don’t you have to fix up your patient?”
  2024. “I’m filthy though.”
  2025. >They look at each other in confusion.
  2026. “Trust me on this.”
  2027. >You shoo them out of the room.
  2028. “How’re you holding up? Is the pain going away?”
  2029. >”Yeah.”
  2030. >She sounds out of breath.
  2031. >No surprise there.
  2032. “Okay. Dizzy at all?”
  2033. >”No. Oh my goodness, what’s happening?”
  2034. >She’s scared.
  2035. >Understandable.
  2036. >You walk over and touch her on the face.
  2037. >A bit cool…
  2038. “You were flying and you crashed.”
  2039. >You start to affix a pressure cuff to her leg to find out just how low she is.
  2040. >Tachycardia, around 120 beats per minute.
  2041. “You’re bleeding internally. Should heal on its own in time, we just need to keep you healthy for a little while.”
  2042. >Sassaflash runs into the room, I.V. bag in tow.
  2043. >You carefully check to see if it’s been punctured.
  2044. >”Anything else you need, doc?”
  2045. “I don’t think so, but stay nearby.”
  2046. >She nods and quickly vacates the room.
  2047. >You start to wash your hands.
  2048. “There’s a pool of blood around your lungs keeping you from breathing,. We’re going to have to drain it before it clots, otherwise it’ll cause a lot of problems. Understand?”
  2049. >She just whimpers.
  2050. >You don your gloves, gown, and mask.
  2051. >Then you grab an electric razor.
  2052. “I need to cut a little bit of fur away to work.”
  2053. *BZZZZ*
  2054. >You then apply a local anaesthetic to her leg and wire the I.V. in.
  2055. >Once you’re satisfied you shave off a small area near her ribs.
  2056. >You set to numb the area, then sterilize the area.
  2057. “Feel any pain here?”
  2058. >You poke your work area with a small needle.
  2059. >”Where?”
  2060. >Good.
  2061. >You make a small incision then unwrap a sterilized camera probe.
  2062. >You carefully put it inside her chest cavity, sliding it right between the ribs.
  2063. >Yup.
  2064. >Hemothorax
  2065. >You unwrap a length of sterile pvc pipe and attach it to a flutter valve.
  2066. >You slide the chest tube in alongside the camera.
  2067. >Once you’re satisfied it’s in the right place you remove the camera, bandage the tube in place, and unclamp it.
  2068. >You can see blood draining out almost immediately.
  2069. >Fluttershy’s breathing becomes deeper and less laboured.
  2070. “Better?”
  2071. >”Much. I’m really sore though.”
  2072. >Yeah, that’s to be expected.
  2073. >You don’t want to overdo it on the morphine though.
  2074. >There are enough addicts on Earth, or at least there were before pope Leviathan called the 13th crusade.
  2075. >It was just so hard to get the stuff after what he did to the middle east.
  2076. >Even so, you don’t want to bring that problem here.
  2077. “We’ll have to keep you here for a little while to make sure you’re okay, but that should take care of it. Tell me right away if you’re dizzy or faint.”
  2078. >You step back and watch as the blood drains.
  2079. >It’s slowing down, thankfully.
  2080. “You’ve lost a little over a liter of blood, so it’s normal to feel a bit cold or weak.”
  2081. >You turn to face the window.
  2082. “She’s going to be really cold! Make sure the recovery room is nice and warm, get extra blankets! We don’t want hypothermia!”
  2083. >Sassaflash nods and trots off.
  2084. >You check the pressure cuff.
  2085. “Pressure’s low, but not alarmingly so. Heart rate’s returning to normal. Looks like you’re going to be fine.”
  2086. >”Are you sure? I don’t feel fine.”
  2087. “Like I said, we’re going to have to keep an eye on you for a few days.”
  2088. >Once you’re satisfied that the drainage is done you carefully remove the tube.
  2089. >You put the camera back in to confirm.
  2090. >Fluttershy winces in pain when it goes in, but doesn’t complain.
  2091. “Looks like we’re good. We’ll close you up now.”
  2092. >”Close me up? What do you mean?”
  2093. >Had you not told her you were cutting her open?
  2094. >Oops.
  2095. >You pull it out, suture the wound, and dress it.
  2096. “You might have a small scar here, but it shouldn’t be visible once your fur regrows.”
  2097. >You turn around and face the window, your gown and gloves stained with blood.
  2098. >One of the crystal ponies who’d brought her in faints.
  2099. >The other starts hyperventilating.
  2100. “Oh, relax. You’re taking it worse than the patient did. You were very brave, Butterfly.”
  2101. >She just squeaks a little.
  2102. >You strip your surgical garb and toss it in the laundry bin.
  2103. “Now stop freaking out and help me move her to recovery.”
  2104. >The standing pony swallows a big lump in their throat, but enters the room.
  2105. >The two of you slide her onto the stretcher and bring her to recovery, carefully wheeling the IV alongside you.
  2106. >Fluttershy grunts slightly in pain when you place her on the bed.
  2107. >Sassaflash tenderly tucks her in.
  2108. >”Hey, Anon? The bed was all messed up for some reason.”
  2109. “O-oh?”
  2110. >”And it smells kinda funny in here.”
  2111. “You’re right. Somepony must have wandered in today, guess I forgot to lock it. Say, Butterfly? I have a few questions I’d like to ask. Do you remember what you were doing before you crashed?”
  2112. >”Umm, yes?”
  2113. “Well? Are you going to tell me?”
  2114. >Sassaflash pushes you aside.
  2115. >You suddenly remember she knows too much.
  2116. >You’d been too focused on your work and had forgotten all about it!
  2117. >”Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble. We’re just wondering why it happened, because it might be important.”
  2118. >”Oh. Well, I was flying.”
  2119. >You need to get Sassaflash out of here.
  2120. >”I’d come to the Crystal Empire looking for a friend. And then I got this really weird feeling.”
  2121. “I don’t like the sounds of that. Everypony out, we need to focus. Actually, you can all go home. I can take it from here.”
  2122. >”You sure, doc?”
  2123. “Yep. Thanks, Sassaflash.”
  2124. >”When did you learn my name?”
  2125. “Must have finally sunk in.”
  2126. >She smiles at you before walking away.
  2127. >You wait until you’re certain everyone’s out of earshot before you talk to Fluttershy.
  2128. “So you were looking for a friend?”
  2129. >”Yes. She came here a little while ago and nopony has seen her since.”
  2130. “What can you tell me about this friend?”
  2131. >”Well, she’s a greyish white unicorn with a purple mane and diamonds for a cutiemark. Her name is Rarity.”
  2132. >Damn.
  2133. >They’d already tracked her to the Empire.
  2134. “Do you know why she’d come here?”
  2135. >”She’d recently bought a small storefront by Amethyst Alley and was planning on opening another branch of her boutique.”
  2136. >She owned land?
  2137. >You nearly rub your hands together greedily.
  2138. “Well, I haven’t seen her but I’ll definitely keep an eye open. I’ll even let the princess know tomorrow.”
  2139. >”You’d do that for her? Oh, thank you.”
  2140. >She shoots you a weary smile.
  2141. “Anything you can tell me about her could be useful. Her fears, her desires, her habits… what does she want out of life?”
  2142. >Fluttershy averts her gaze slightly.
  2143. >”I’m not sure I should be gossiping about her.”
  2144. “Doctor patient privilege. I won’t tell anypony.”
  2145. >”But it’s not nice to share her secrets.”
  2146. >You go to the sink and fill a cup with cool water.
  2147. >You then pass it to her.
  2148. “You should drink lots for a little while. Nice and slow, don’t rush yourself. And if she’s missing I need to know everything I can to help find her. Anything you tell me could be a hint. She could be in trouble, hay, somepony might have even kidnapped her!”
  2149. >Fluttershy gasps.
  2150. >”Well, if it’s to help her out… Rarity has always been a little bit… colt crazy.”
  2151. “Oh?”
  2152. >”But nopony is good enough for her. The poor girl can’t find a stallion.”
  2153. >That sounded hard to believe.
  2154. >NOPONY was good enough for her?
  2155. >”She even almost dated prince Blueblood once, but she decided he was no good.”
  2156. >Oooh.
  2157. >Impossibly high standards.
  2158. “What does she do when she’s happy?”
  2159. >”She goes Wuahahaa.”
  2160. >Huh.
  2161. “And when she’s sad?”
  2162. >”She eats a lot of ice cream.”
  2163. >Stress eater, eh?
  2164. >You’ll have to moderate her food supply lest she balloon up.
  2165. “Well, I’ll spread the word around and keep an eye out. Hopefully we’ll find her soon.”
  2166. >”Oh yes, I do hope so. Everypony is so worried about her.”
  2167. >Like a dagger to the heart.
  2168. >You can’t give her up though.
  2169. >You just can’t.
  2170. >She’s yours!
  2171. “But let’s talk about you for a bit. You seem lucid enough.”
  2172. >”Thank you, it’s one of my best traits.”
  2173. “So I don’t think you’ve had a stroke or anything. I don’t have the gear to do a proper CT scan… we’ll have to diagnose the old fashioned way. What happened?”
  2174. >”Like I said, I was flying around town, going to the palace. I thought maybe she’d gone there, she does like shiny things after all. Then suddenly I just couldn’t focus. Have you ever gone somewhere to get something and when you get there you forget what it was?”
  2175. >A few times.
  2176. >You nod.
  2177. >”I knew I was flying, and I knew I had to do something to keep flying, but I just couldn’t remember what.”
  2178. “You forgot to flap?”
  2179. >”Yes.”
  2180. >She tries to hide behind her mane.
  2181. >That’s a pretty extreme form of forgetfulness.
  2182. >Something was definitely wrong.
  2183. >You just didn’t know what.
  2184. “Are your wings working okay now?”
  2185. >”I think so.”
  2186. >She squirms around a little bit.
  2187. >”Yes, I think they’re fine.”
  2188. “Weird.”
  2189. >”What does it mean?”
  2190. >You have no idea.
  2191. “No headache?”
  2192. >”No.”
  2193. “Nausea, vomiting, confusion, blurred vision?”
  2194. >”No?”
  2195. “No history of seizures?”
  2196. >”Never.”
  2197. “Did you lose consciousness at any point? Were you paralyzed?”
  2198. >”No. I just couldn’t remember how to fly.”
  2199. >You’ve got no clue what’s going on.
  2200. “I’ll have to do some reading to try and piece this together. You try to get some rest, you’ve had a rough day. I’ll be by later to change the dressing on your wound.”
  2201. >”Thank you, mister.”
  2202. “Light on or off?”
  2203. >”On please. I don’t like the dark.”
  2204. “Alright, have a good night.”
  2205. >You gently close the door behind yourself and go to your office.
  2206. >You’re pretty sure she’s lying about something.
  2207. >That just doesn’t add up!
  2208. >Unless…
  2209. >It wouldn’t be the first time you’d run into a magical ailment.
  2210. >You’ll have to get a consultant to look into that for you.
  2211. >But first a more pressing issue.
  2212. >Ponies are looking for Rarity.
  2213. >And you suspect they’ll make sure everypony knows what she looks like.
  2214. >Unless you can think of some way of stopping that, you’ll have to disguise Rarity.
  2215. >Time for a makeover.
  2217. >It’d been two days since the accident.
  2218. >You’ve left Rarity alone since then, only going in to give her water.
  2219. >She was about as mopey as you’d expected.
  2220. >MDMA leading to dopamine depletion was nothing new. She was depressed, irritable, lethargic, and her memory was shot.
  2221. >There wasn’t much point in working on her when she was in that state.
  2222. >Sure, she’d likely obey, but it was doubtful anything would stick.
  2223. >You’d known this was going to happen when you’d done it.
  2224. >Thankfully it should be over at this point.
  2225. >You fully expect that next time you check in on her she’ll be more or less normal.
  2226. >Training could finally resume.
  2227. >Just as soon as her friends leave!
  2228. >How long were they going to spend here anyway?
  2229. >You toss a glance over at the recovery room, hearing the inane chatter and giggling.
  2230. >The clinic was closed, yet they were still here.
  2231. >You’d have to kick them out eventually…
  2232. >It wasn’t likely that they’d find you out, but unlikely wasn’t impossible.
  2233. >The worry was getting to you.
  2234. >All that had to happen was for Sassaflash to overhear the wrong words and you were screwed.
  2235. >Sassaflash…
  2236. >She was tidying up her desk before heading home.
  2237. >Humming away, blissfully unaware.
  2238. >You had to get rid of her somehow.
  2239. “Sassaflash?”
  2240. >”Hm?”
  2241. “If you don’t mind my asking, what are you planning on doing on your vacation?”
  2242. >She tilts her head and blinks a few times.
  2243. “You planning on travelling anywhere?”
  2244. >”What vacation?”
  2245. “You get three weeks paid leave each year. If you don’t use them they expire.”
  2246. >”Seriously?”
  2247. >Why had you said three?
  2248. >Damn it, that was going to cost you.
  2249. “Isn’t that part of the labour code?”
  2250. >”Labour code?”
  2251. “I must be confusing the rules with what they do back home. Well, I’d budgeted assuming I’d have to get a temp while you were gone, so the offer’s still on the table. Unless you WANT to stay here and work for some reason.”
  2252. >She beams at you.
  2253. >”Thanks, Anon. You’re too sweet. I’ve always wanted to see Glacier Park.”
  2254. “What’s that about?”
  2255. >”Glaciers used to stretch further down into Equestria. By the time they melted they’d carved out a really neat river that stretches all the way from the Crystal mountains down to Horseshoe Bay!. They say it’s beautiful, especially the waterfalls.”
  2256. “Sounds nice. I’ll have to try and check it out some time.”
  2257. >Maybe with a loyal mare in tow?
  2258. >”If you don't mind, I think I'm going to go home and pack!”
  2259. “Enjoy your break. You've earned it.”
  2260. >She skips away merrily.
  2261. >You wish you could be so carefree.
  2262. >Living in the moment, running off on an adventure on a whim.
  2263. >It’s one of her more endearing traits.
  2264. >That and her perky butt.
  2265. >You walk to the recovery ward and step in.
  2266. >Everypony falls silent and looks straight at you.
  2267. >”Sorry, don't mind me. Just have to check a few things.”
  2268. >You don’t need to check anything.
  2269. >You just wanted to check out Rarity’s circle of friends, see who you have to watch out for.
  2270. >Purple’s here, that was a problem.
  2271. >She’s one of those alicorns, they have a lot of influence.
  2272. >Then you’ve got orange, pink, and blue.
  2273. >Twilight trots up to you with a sparkle in her eye.
  2274. >”Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it means to us that you were here to help her out.”
  2275. “It’s what I do.”
  2276. >You inspect the site of your incision for no reason.
  2277. >”So what did you do anyway?”
  2278. “Well, her lungs were being kept deflated by a pool of blood in the pleural cavity.”
  2279. >The blue one rolls her eyes.
  2280. >She whispers something to the orange one, and they both share a suppressed giggle.
  2281. “If it were left there it’d clot and put pressure on her heart. It’d also irritate and scar her pleura, making it hard or impossible to breathe.”
  2282. >The pink one interrupts.
  2283. >”Boooring!”
  2284. >Twilight pouts.
  2285. >”I don’t think it’s boring.”
  2286. “Left untreated it’s usually fatal.”
  2287. >Fluttershy was looking mighty pale.
  2288. >Bedside manner was never your strong suit.
  2289. “But it’s gone now, and she’s looking to have recovered nicely. I’m planning on discharging her in a day or two.”
  2290. >”But how did you fix it?”
  2291. “I cut her chest open, stuck a tube between her ribs, and pumped it out.”
  2292. >The blue one suddenly looks very interested.
  2293. >The rest are displaying varying degrees of horror.
  2294. >Twilight looks especially concerned.
  2295. “I don’t recommend you try it yourself, it’s very easy to make a bad situation worse.”
  2296. >”But what if you’d punctured her lungs! Or- or what if you pump too hard and hurt her that way? Or what if you don’t pump hard enough and you leave some in? Isn’t she going to get sick from the wound?”
  2297. “That’s why I don’t recommend you try it yourself. Luckily I’m pretty good at this stuff, it went off without a hitch. Your friend’s totally fine. Honestly I could release her today, but I want to make sure she’s fully recovered.”
  2298. >Fluttershy smiles slightly.
  2299. >”I’m still a little sore, but other than that I feel okay.”
  2300. “The soreness should go away soon. It’s just your body fixing everything up. Hey, Twiggy. You know magic, right?”
  2301. >”A little.”
  2302. >The orange one stares at her.
  2303. >”Don’t be so modest, Twi. Y’all are super gifted and we all know it. No point in pretendin’ otherwise.”
  2304. “Your friend crashed for a reason. Problem is the symptoms she told me don’t really add up. Any way to check if she’s got a magical problem?”
  2305. >”She does.”
  2306. >Oh.
  2307. >She’d already thought of that?
  2308. >Or maybe it was just obvious to her.
  2309. >”Somepony tried to cast a spell on her but it didn’t work right. It was probably attuned wrong, either cast by somepony who didn’t really know what they were doing or more likely it was meant to be cast on somepony else.”
  2310. “And that messed with her head?”
  2311. >”Yup.”
  2312. >The door swung open.
  2313. >Shining Armor walked in.
  2314. >”TWILY!”
  2315. >He hugged her tightly.
  2316. >”I came here as soon as I’d heard you were in town. Why didn’t you tell me you were here?”
  2317. >”It’s good to see you too, Shiney. I was going to go see you and Cadence when I was done here. But first I had to make sure Fluttershy was okay.”
  2318. >”Well, I’m always glad to see my little sister. All your friends are invited too! Are you planning on staying the night?”
  2319. >”Yes actually. We have a big problem so we’ll be here for a while. Rarity is missing!”
  2320. >”Oh, wow! That IS serious! Any idea where she was before?”
  2321. >”Right here, in the Crystal Empire.”
  2322. >Shining Armor rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
  2323. >”Hmm. This place is pretty safe. You sure she got here?”
  2324. >Thanks, man.
  2325. >”Absolutely certain.”
  2326. >”Alright! We’ll find her, Twilight. Don’t you worry! I’ll organize the militia to do a thorough search. We’ll leave no stone unturned!”
  2327. >”Thanks, Shiney. We’re going to conduct our own investigation too.Please tell them to share any clues they find.”
  2328. >“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”
  2329. >Everyone looked at him, yourself included.
  2330. >You don’t know where he’s going with this.
  2331. >But hopefully it’s good.
  2332. >”It looks like somepony cast a strong spell on Fluttershy. It’s probably what made her crash.”
  2333. >”Yeah, I’d noticed. Unfortunately by the time I’d gotten here it had decayed too much so I can’t tell what it was supposed to do.”
  2334. >”Are you expecting long term effects? Like, do you think she’s in trouble?”
  2335. >Twilight shook her head.
  2336. >”There’ll be no sign of it in a couple of days at this rate. Whatever spell it was it’s gone.”
  2337. >”That’s good. But it’s still worrying. Somepony casts a spell on Fluttershy then Rarity goes missing.”
  2338. >Oh, that’s a good idea!
  2339. >You owe him big.
  2340. “You think it’s related?”
  2341. >”I’d bet on it. There’s a VERY good chance whoever cast that spell is responsible for Rarity’s disappearance. We find them and we find Rarity. But.”
  2342. >”But?”
  2343. >”The rest of you should probably get out as soon as you can. If I’m right then somepony is targeting you and your friends. My bet is that they want the Elements out of the way for some nefarious plan. If I’m right we have to make sure you’re safe.”
  2344. >The girls spent a little bit murmuring among themselves.
  2345. >The blue one was the first to make up her mind.
  2346. >”Not a chance! We’re going to save Rarity, find whoever took her, and KICK! THEIR! BUTT!”
  2347. >The rest of them cheered, save for Fluttershy who merely nodded.
  2348. >Shining Armor closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh.
  2349. >”I’m not going to be able to convince you it’s too dangerous, am I? Alright. We’ll meet up at the palace and plan things out. But just to be on the safe side you’re all going to let me know where you’re going and when! We don’t want anypony else to go missing or get hurt. I’ll meet you there, first I have to talk to the good doctor.”
  2350. >Twilight tilted her head a bit.
  2351. >”Is something wrong?”
  2352. >”My blood pressure is really high, I’ve been meaning to see him about it.”
  2353. >He was lying.
  2354. >There was no way he’d chosen now of all times to take it seriously.
  2355. >”Alright. I’ll be in my office when you want me. I’ve got some reading to do.”
  2356. >You step out and head to your office.
  2357. >It was true, you did have reading you needed to do.
  2358. >Being a physician meant there was no end to the studying.
  2359. >It was basically impossible for one man to retain complete knowledge of medicine, no matter how smart they were.
  2360. >That meant you were constantly brushing up on things, reviewing information on drugs, reading and re-reading the symptoms of various conditions.
  2361. >But you weren’t studying right now.
  2362. >You were trying to think of a way out of this mess.
  2363. >Why hadn’t Cadence chosen somepony less popular?
  2364. >Shining Armor walks in sooner than you’d expected.
  2365. >”You owe me.”
  2366. “I know.”
  2367. >”I don’t like lying to my sister, and I don’t like being dragged into all this stuff.”
  2368. “I really do appreciate the help.”
  2369. >He leaned over the desk and stared you in the eye.
  2370. >”You’ve got to let her go.”
  2371. “What? I thought you were cool with this.”
  2372. >”I didn’t know it was Rarity! Cadence said it was a pony who was going to die alone and unloved! She said it was a pony who’d be happier with this kind of relationship!”
  2373. “And? You said you trust her, right? If she’s to be believed then Rarara is exactly that.”
  2374. >He sank down to his haunches and rubbed his face wearily.
  2375. >”I gotta be honest with you. I’m not sure she’s right.”
  2376. >Crap.
  2377. >”I’m not going to sell you out, don’t worry. But I think you should let her go. Do you have any pills or anything that can make her forget what happened?”
  2378. “That would be a bit of a stretch. Why didn’t you say so sooner?”
  2379. >He looks up at you.
  2380. >To your surprise he’s crying.
  2381. >Not much, he’s holding it together pretty well.
  2382. >But there are a few tears dropping from his eyes.
  2383. >”I’d do anything to keep her, Anon. Anything.”
  2384. >That was a surprise.
  2385. >”She’s too good for me and I know it! She’s gorgeous, funny, loving- she’s perfect! And I’m just me. Some day she’s going to find out she could have anypony she wanted.”
  2386. “Calm down, man. She’s not going to leave you. That girl loves you, hay, she’s obsessed with you.”
  2387. >”I think she’s cheating on me. She hasn’t wanted to have sex for a couple days now...”
  2388. “I told her she was overworking you and you needed a break.”
  2389. >”What? No, I need to keep her happy or she’ll ditch me!”
  2390. >This was almost certainly a big part of his stress problem.
  2391. >He said he was willing to do anything for her.
  2392. >And given the fact he was willing to turn a blind eye on ponies going missing?
  2393. >You figured he was telling the truth.
  2394. >Cadence had a libido that he couldn’t hope to sate.
  2395. >And he was worried that if he didn’t she’d leave him.
  2396. >This was probably a breach of the World Health Association’s ethics codes…
  2397. >But you were out of their jurisdiction.
  2398. “I think I have the solution.”
  2399. >He looks up at you, hope in his eye.
  2400. “Bring her here tonight. I think I know how you can keep her satisfied.”
  2401. >”Really?”
  2402. “How steady is your levitation?”
  2403. >”Really good!”
  2404. >Excellent.
  2405. “If you’ll excuse me I need to do some reading. This procedure is new to me. Should be pretty straightforward, and I’ve done similar ones. But I need to make sure I’ve got everything in order.”
  2406. >”If this works, I promise you I won’t forget it.”
  2407. >He stand up and turns to leave.
  2408. >You’re faced with a difficult decision.
  2409. >Tell him to clean his face first, thereby acknowledging he was crying?
  2410. >Or pretend you didn’t notice and let the whole world see?
  2411. >What’s the right approach?
  2412. “Hey, you had something on your face. Might wanna wash up first.”
  2413. >”Oh right, thanks.”
  2415. Be forewarned I’m glossing over a procedure here because it’s going to happen again shortly after. For those of you who are autistic enough to care about how it’s done [spoiler]as I am[/spoiler] you’ll get an explanation next time. I just didn’t think it was a good idea to cover it twice in rapid succession.
  2417. >The theory is all sound.
  2418. >You’re repurposing gear a bit, but it should all work.
  2419. >As far as you can tell you’ve got it all planned out.
  2420. >But there’s a bit of a problem.
  2421. >This procedure isn’t documented in any of your texts.
  2422. >And as you well know there’s a difference between theory and practice.
  2423. >Neurostimulation wasn’t new.
  2424. >There were several procedures that called for it and even more implants designed for it.
  2425. >It could be used to treat pain, parkinsons, heart failure, and even blindness to some extent.
  2426. >But as far as you were aware, nobody had ever used it quite as you plan to.
  2427. >Positioned properly you could use this technique to remotely stimulate the dorsal clitoris.
  2428. >You could tickle the clitoris, labia, and the perinia without ever touching it.
  2429. >And you should be able to modulate the intensity too.
  2430. >It could be subtle as a gentle breeze or as strong as a heavy kick.
  2431. >It really shouldn’t be that hard.
  2432. >If that wasn't enough to satisfy Cadence you didn't know what was.
  2433. >Still, you’d feel much more comfortable if you could actually try it out on somepony.
  2434. >Somepony who couldn’t say no…
  2435. >Time to fetch Rarity.
  2436. >You make your way downstairs to find her lying on the ground, sprawled out.
  2437. >She scrambles to her hooves when she hears you coming.
  2438. >You pass her a ball gag.
  2439. >She looks up at you.
  2440. “I’ve decided you need a makeover.”
  2441. >”Do I have any say in the matter?”
  2442. “No.”
  2443. >”Very well.”
  2444. >She sounds dejected.
  2445. “Actually? Yes. If you’re a good girl I’ll let you style your own mane and tail.”
  2446. >”And if I’m not?”
  2447. “Bald. Put it in your mouth and fasten it.”
  2448. >She places the gag in her mouth.
  2449. >It takes her a fair amount of effort to tie it up without her magic, but she pulls it off eventually.
  2450. >You detach the chain from the wall and hold the end in your hand.
  2451. >You walk up the stairs without a word.
  2452. >She reluctantly follows, either frightened by the chain around her neck or the threat of being shaved.
  2453. >You drag her to the operating theater, keeping a close eye on the door to the recovery ward as you go.
  2454. >Fluttershy was asleep, you’d checked before going downstairs.
  2455. >You’d also pushed a filing cabinet in front of her door just to be safe.
  2456. >But still you couldn’t help but worry a bit.
  2457. >Maybe it would be best to wait until she was gone?
  2458. >No.
  2459. >Doing this would be important to her training.
  2460. >You could demolish her self image AND take control of her sexual response at the same time.
  2461. >The quicker you made her yours the less risky it was in the long run.
  2462. >And more importantly?
  2463. >You’d promised Shining Armor you’d help him out.
  2464. >And somehow you doubt he’d let you do this without at least a dry run first.
  2465. >You pull Rarity into the operating theater and gesture for her to lie on the table.
  2466. >She makes no attempt to hide her fear.
  2467. “It’s just a makeover. But I can’t have you fighting with me every step of the way. Understand?”
  2468. >She stares at you wide eyed, but nods regardless.
  2469. “I’m going to give you something to keep you relaxed. People back home often call it laughing gas.”
  2470. >You go over to the anaesthesia machine.
  2471. >NO2, Sevoflurane, and oxygen.
  2472. >Time was it was really tricky to knock somebody out with gas.
  2473. >Well, assuming you wanted them to wake up after.
  2474. >Things had gotten a lot easier since you were in med school.
  2475. >Even your discount gear featured a wide array of bells and whistles to help regulate gas flow.
  2476. >Alarms that sounded if oxygen was low, regulators to control pressure perfectly, instruments to monitor the patient’s breathing.
  2477. >It was pretty hard to screw up.
  2478. >You grab the mask and bring it toward her.
  2479. >Rarity flinches back.
  2480. “It’s either laughing gas or I give you the needle I used last time. You remember how sick it made you.”
  2481. >She hangs her head dejectedly.
  2482. >You direct her to lie on her back.
  2483. >Rarity makes no attempt to stop you when you pull the gag out of her mouth.
  2484. >She lies limp when you strap the mask over her muzzle.
  2485. “Breath through your nose, count down starting from ten.”
  2486. >”Ten. Nine. Eight? Uhh…”
  2487. >Seven never comes.
  2488. >You grab the colonoscope and set to work.
  2489. >She hadn’t been prepped properly for a colonoscopy, but luckily you’re not going very far in.
  2490. >Before long you’ve got a microelectrode attached to her dorsal clitoral nerve.
  2491. >Like all good neurostimulators it’s powered by radio frequency induction. You can control it at your whim and it will never need recharging.
  2492. >Hopefully it works like you’ve planned.
  2493. >But you’ll have to wake Rarity to find out.
  2494. >And before that you have to give her a makeover.
  2495. >It WAS something you’d been planning on doing for a while, just so you’d have the option of humiliating her in public.
  2496. >But now it was also a good cover story.
  2497. >If you're lucky you'll be able to convince her it was JUST a makeover.
  2498. >That the strange sensations in her loins are her own body’s doing.
  2499. >The idea of controlling one of her most intimate nerves like that without her even knowing is already driving you wild.
  2500. >You haven't quite decided what to do with that power just yet, there are too many possibilities!
  2501. >The sooner you’ve got the job done the better.
  2502. >Bleach her mane and tail, dye it rich blonde.
  2503. >It takes perhaps a tad longer than it should, you've no experience with such things.
  2504. >You look over your work in disapproval, her new look just isn’t working.
  2505. >It’s too bright.
  2506. >The blonde doesn’t contrast with her coat very well.
  2507. >You prepare some black dye and begin to daub it about her body.
  2508. >You wind up choosing a piebald look, something similar to a Holstein cow.
  2509. >You HAD seen it on ponies before.
  2510. >It wasn’t common, but that Pipsqueak chap came to mind.
  2511. >She looked much better to your eye.
  2512. >Perhaps not as good as she’d looked at first, for some reason the purple mane did it for you.
  2513. >You’ll probably let her get her old looks back at some point.
  2514. >Maybe you’ll keep the cow print?
  2515. >Who knows, it depends on what you feel like down the road.
  2516. >Regardless, this should do as a disguise.
  2517. >Wait, no.
  2518. >Her cutie mark.
  2519. >You try to bleach it out to no avail.
  2520. >Looks like you can’t erase horse magic with chlorine.
  2521. >Luckily, black dye seems able to cover it just fine.
  2522. >You cover the three diamonds with three carefully placed question marks.
  2523. >Maybe you’ll make that more permanent at some point?
  2524. >Maybe even brand her.
  2525. >You haven’t really decided yet.
  2526. >It’s looking pretty good, but it’s still missing something.
  2527. >Some key feature that will really drive home the look of a sex object.
  2528. >Something that will make her understand what she’s for…
  2529. >A piercing.
  2530. >You fetch a disposable curette head, just a small hypoallergenic plastic scraper.
  2531. >You carefully cut off the head so that it doesn’t scrape her up too much.
  2532. >You quickly sterilize the area you’re working in, make sure all your tools are nice and sanitary...
  2533. >Then you shove a broad gauge needle and shove it through her clitoral hood.
  2534. >Rarity doesn’t react at all, she didn’t feel a thing.
  2535. >You put the trimmed down curette head through the opening and apply a bandage to stop the bleeding.
  2536. >It’s not perfect, but you’ll get her something proper tomorrow.
  2537. >For now it’ll keep the piercing from closing up.
  2538. >Well, that should do it for now.
  2539. >You can always redesign her later if you get tired of this look.
  2540. >Time for the grand reveal!
  2541. >You cut off the gas and remove the mask.
  2542. >You then pick up the unconscious pony and hold her close to your chest, belly up.
  2543. “Oof.”
  2544. >When did you get so weak?
  2545. >You used to hit the gym at med school all the time!
  2546. >That wasn't all that long ago.
  2547. >Just your internship, your couple years in the trauma center, all the time since you'd moved to Equestria…
  2548. >Okay, fine. You haven't worked out for several years.
  2549. >You struggle a bit as you descend into the basement, your legs threatening to give out with every step.
  2550. >But you make it.
  2551. >Rarity starts to stir.
  2552. >She reaches out with her front legs.
  2553. >And pulls you close in a loving hug.
  2554. >You spend a moment relishing the sensation, soaking in the affection your slave is showing.
  2555. >And then you hug her back.
  2556. >It's somehow satisfying in a way that the sex wasn't, soothing an aching loneliness you never knew you had.
  2557. >You’d long ago given up on love.
  2558. >Your tastes wouldn’t allow it.
  2559. >You didn’t want an equal partner, you wanted a possession.
  2560. >You wanted to own them, to control them.
  2561. >But apparently that wasn’t enough.
  2562. >You’d never really known it before, but there was a key component missing.
  2563. >You didn’t want to merely own their body.
  2564. >You also wanted to own their mind, their heart, their everything.
  2565. >And in this very moment you did.
  2566. >You knew it was a lie.
  2567. >She was euphoric from the nitrous, probably having some crazy dream.
  2568. >Still, you could pretend.
  2569. >If only for a moment.
  2570. >You’re going to make it real.
  2571. >You don’t know how quite yet, but it’s going to happen.
  2572. >If Cadence was right, all you had to do was fuck Rarity’s brains out and she’d be yours.
  2573. >Somehow you doubt it’d be quite so simple.
  2574. >You carefully put her down on the floor and reattach her chain to the wall.
  2575. >She’d cooperated, so you were going to let her style her own mane.
  2576. >You were a man of your word after all.
  2577. >She was going to need scissors and a mirror.
  2578. >You head upstairs and pocket a pair of Mayo scissors.
  2579. >You dismount the mirror from the washroom and head back down.
  2580. >It’s a little on the small side.
  2581. >Maybe you should get her a really big one?
  2582. >You could make her watch herself when you’re using her…
  2583. >Yes, it has to happen.
  2584. >Rarity is starting to sit up by the time you’ve placed the mirror.
  2585. >”Ooh… I had the most wonderful dream. Why do I feel so sore? Sweetie Belle?”
  2586. >She blinks a few times and looks around.
  2587. >Her happy expression quickly changes.
  2588. “You were having a good dream then?”
  2589. >”Yes. I assure you that you weren’t in it.”
  2590. “Sassing me already, eh?”
  2591. >”Augh. What is this pain in my- you DIDN’T!”
  2592. >She blushes and turns to face you.
  2593. >She meekly grabs at her groin.
  2594. “I’ll get some proper jewelry for it tomorrow.”
  2595. >”And why is my rump so sore? Did-”
  2596. >Her blush turns a deep red.
  2597. >”Did you?”
  2598. “What, give you a rough buttfucking?”
  2599. >”While I was ASLEEP?”
  2600. “Did you want to be awake for that? Alright, I’m ready for round two.”
  2601. >”You stay away from me you pervert!”
  2602. >You shrug.
  2603. “Alright, bald it is.”
  2604. >She lets out a horrified gasp.
  2605. >Rarity does her best to bow before you.
  2606. >Her horn bumps against the crystal floor.
  2607. >”I’m sorry, master! Please forgive me!”
  2608. >You stroke your chin, pretending to think.
  2609. >Then something quite shocking happens.
  2610. >Rarity gets up, trots over to the display shelf, and grabs the paddle in her teeth.
  2611. >She walks over to you and puts it on the ground before you before bowing again.
  2612. >That girl REALLY likes her mane.
  2613. >You should take it away as a matter of principle.
  2614. >But it might be better for her conditioning if she helps you in her transformation.
  2615. >And she WAS trying to make up for it...
  2616. “Alright, I’ll go easy on you. IF.”
  2617. >She clenches her teeth.
  2618. >You don’t say anything.
  2619. >Just let the silence hang for a bit.
  2620. >”If what, master?”
  2621. “If I like your manestyle. If it’s ugly I’m shaving it off.”
  2622. >”Whew.”
  2623. >She wipes her brow, a small amount of sweat flying off.
  2624. “Make it something feminine, something that seems care free. Mirror’s over there.”
  2625. >She glances over at it.
  2626. >Rarity nearly faints.
  2627. >”Hah. Hahahaaaha!”
  2628. >She collapses on the floor and starts to laugh maniacally.
  2629. >Maybe you’ve broken her?
  2630. >Hopefully not, you aren’t done with her yet.
  2631. >”I’m HIDEOUS! Hahahahaaaa!”
  2632. >It takes several minutes for her to calm down.
  2633. >Finally she lie on the floor just staring at the mirror.
  2634. >Eyes wide.
  2635. “You done?”
  2636. >”I believe so.”
  2637. >You reach into your coat pocket and grab the transmitter for her implant.
  2638. “I think it looks cute.”
  2639. >You turn it on low.
  2640. >”Master?”
  2641. “Yes?”
  2642. >”You said anything you took you’d give back.”
  2643. >You had.
  2644. >You nod at her.
  2645. “What must I do for you to return my old appearance?”
  2646. >Uhh…
  2647. “We’ll discuss that later. For now you should be styling your mane.”
  2648. >She looks downcast.
  2649. >”Yes, I see. Perhaps… yes. I do believe I know the style. I shall need a brush however.”
  2650. “Gotcha covered.”
  2651. >Cadence had given you one in the toy chest.
  2652. >You’re pretty sure it’s for spanking.
  2653. >But you see no reason why it can’t be used for actual brushing as well.
  2654. >The instant she has it she starts vigorously straightening her mane out.
  2655. >”This shall take a while, it’s atrociously tangled.”
  2656. “Does that thing take a lot of maintenance?”
  2657. >”Why yes, of course! A properly styled coiffure is indicative of refinement and style, a proper lady puts far more work into it than you might realize!”
  2658. “Than WHO might realize?”
  2659. >”Ah, yes. Than master might realize.”
  2660. >You subtly increase the power.
  2661. >You watch Rarity brush her mane with what must surely be excessive care.
  2662. >After a few minutes she starts to grind her legs together slightly.
  2663. >You can’t help but grin.
  2664. >”Is it warm in here?”
  2665. “Maybe a little. Why?”
  2666. >”I just feel a little toasty is all.”
  2667. >She starts to braid her mane into long twin tails
  2668. “Could be a good look on you.”
  2669. >You turn up the power just a little bit more.
  2670. >”Why thank you master. But if we’re being honest anything would look good on me.”
  2671. >The twin tails cross over on her neck and hang about halfway to the ground.
  2672. “Plus I can pull on them when I mount you.”
  2673. >You turn up the power yet again.
  2674. >Her face is flush.
  2675. >She’s starting to breath heavily.
  2676. >You’d better leave it at that, if you push it too far she’ll figure out something’s up.
  2677. “Are you feeling ill?”
  2678. >”Perhaps a tad. I haven’t been sleeping very well as of late.”
  2679. “You seemed fine when I did the checkup a few days back. Might have missed something though, I’ll do a more thorough job of it later tonight if you like.”
  2680. >”I believe it’s just a cold, master.”
  2681. >Her hind legs continue to grind against each other.
  2682. “So what are you doing for the tail?”
  2683. >”I’ve not decided quite yet. It is a rather difficult decision…”
  2684. “Fair enough. I’m going to have to get going soon, I’ve got to do a minor surgery tonight.”
  2685. >Shining and Cadence were likely going to arrive soon.
  2686. >You sit down on the floor legs crossed and pick up the paddle.
  2687. >Rarity whimpers.
  2688. “It WAS your idea.”
  2689. >She reluctantly crawls up on your lap.
  2690. “Since you were mostly good I’m only going to five. Ready?”
  2691. >”Yes. Master.”
  2692. *WHACK*
  2693. >”ONE!”
  2694. *WHACK*
  2695. >”TWO!”
  2696. >Hmm.
  2697. >This wasn’t quite right.
  2698. >You liked the feeling of her rump jiggling under your palm.
  2699. >The solid sensation of her perky butt in your hand.
  2700. >Odds were you wouldn’t be using the paddle often.
  2701. *WHACK*
  2702. >”THREE!”
  2703. *WHACK*
  2704. >”FOUR!”
  2705. “One more.
  2706. *WHACK*
  2707. >”FIVE!”
  2708. >Rarity was gritting her teeth, holding back tears that were welling up in her eyes.
  2709. >But she’d faced her punishment without complaint.
  2710. >You scratch her behind her ears.
  2711. >She barely fails to suppress a moan.
  2712. “Good girl.”
  2713. >You leave her alone in the basement and slowly turn down the transmitter, leaving Rarity desperately aroused and totally unsatisfied.
  2714. >Today was a good day.
  2716. >Operating theater was prepped.
  2717. >Tools were sterile.
  2718. >You were ready to go.
  2719. >Just as soon as Shining Armor and Cadence arrived.
  2720. >It would be… troublesome to explain to them that this was not considered acceptable practice.
  2721. >It wasn’t the first time you’d breached the code of ethics, and it wouldn’t be the last.
  2722. >You really didn’t mind bending the rules from time to time if you thought it was for the best.
  2723. >But this was different.
  2724. >They were your friends.
  2725. >They deserved to know.
  2726. >You turn around.
  2727. “Ah!”
  2728. >And nearly trip on Cadence.
  2729. “How long have you two been there?”
  2730. >Shining Armor glances at the clock.
  2731. “Like, five minutes.”
  2732. >Okay then.
  2733. >They’d just been standing there watching you.
  2734. >Not creepy.
  2735. >”How clean exactly did you need to get those tweezers?”
  2736. “Preferably cleaner than this. Ya work with what you've got.”
  2737. >Cadence rolled her eyes.
  2738. >”So Shiney says you have a surprise for us?”
  2739. “Yes. But first we need to discuss a few things. There is no such thing as safe medicine, you need to know the risks.”
  2740. >Shining Armor looked a bit apprehensive.
  2741. “I'd like to discuss this procedure separately. It is customary that I do so just so that neither of you feels pressured by your partner. Shining? Get out of this room until it's time. If anything we’re using gets messed up your wife could get extremely sick. Cadence? Meet me in my office.”
  2742. >She follows you with what you believe to be a look of curious excitement.
  2743. >You sit down at your desk and take a deep breath to steel yourself.
  2744. “From my observations I’m convinced you suffer from hypersexuality. It’s not a common condition.”
  2745. >Not one you’d ever seen in fact.
  2746. >Not that it was your area of expertise, you were a surgeon. Not a psychologist.
  2747. >Maybe the shrinks ran into it more often?
  2748. “But it is known. I could in theory treat it with antiandrogens, but I do not have the drugs in stock.”
  2749. >Plus you don’t like pumping hormones into patients who don’t need them.
  2750. “There is something I can do to help alleviate the problem though. All surgical interventions carry some risk. What we’re doing today is relatively safe, but there is-”
  2751. >”If Shiney says it’s okay then you should do it.”
  2752. >You raise a single brow.
  2753. “You don’t even want to hear me out?”
  2754. >She smiles and shakes her head.
  2755. “It’s your body. Shouldn’t you have some say in what happens to it?”
  2756. >”Oh, Anon. It’s not my body.”
  2757. >What.
  2758. >”I belong to Shiney. It’s HIS body, I just live in it.”
  2759. “I’m, uhh, I’m not sure if that’s romantic or creepy. Having trouble finding the line there. You sure about this? Last chance to back out.”
  2760. >She just smiles sweetly.
  2761. “Alrighty then. Go sit in the waiting room and send your husband in I suppose?”
  2762. >She stands up and prances out of the office.
  2763. >Shortly thereafter Shining Armor walks in.
  2764. “Right. I can’t calm your wife down without dangerous and irreversible brain surgery. Instead of controlling her hypersexual disorder we’re going to make her a hair trigger.”
  2765. >”A what?”
  2766. >Oh right.
  2767. >No guns.
  2768. >That idiom didn’t work here.
  2769. “Sorry. I mean to say that rather than suppressing her desires we’ll make it easier for you to satisfy her.”
  2770. >His eyes go wide.
  2771. >”You can do that?”
  2772. “I’m proposing an intervention that would not be condoned by the World Health Organization. This procedure isn’t beneficial for her health and carries non-negligible risk. It’s also a breach of ethics in that I intend to rob a patient of their autonomy by giving control of her to you.”
  2773. >”Uh-huh?”
  2774. “I’m telling you this is illegal on Earth.”
  2775. >”Oh! Oh, okay. Umm…”
  2776. “Your senses require two bodily systems to function properly. You’ve the peripheral nervous system which sends the message, and the central nervous system which receives and interprets them. It is possible to modify the central nervous system for desired effect, but it’s too risky. It’s composed of the brain and spinal column, both of which are very fragile. Instead I propose we modify her peripheral nervous system. We’ll give you the power to send her brain sensations with the push of a button.”
  2777. >He was staring at you slack jawed.
  2778. >Friggin ponies didn’t know jack about biology.
  2779. “We can make it feel like you’re touching her even when you’re not.”
  2780. >”Oooooh, gotcha.”
  2781. “Aren’t you supposed to be well educated and all that?”
  2782. >”Anon, even my sister doesn’t know what you’re talking about half the time. Next time the portal opens she’s probably going to get a copy of every single book she can find. I’m probably not going to see her for months.”
  2783. “Can she even read human?”
  2784. >”Yeah. Last time it opened she bought a library. Like, the whole thing.”
  2785. >Probably shouldn’t let them know how many books you’ve got digital copies of.
  2786. >Then you’d never get rid of her.
  2787. “Well, you know the basics of anatomy I hope. We’re going to be working on the pedunal nerve. It innervates the clitoris, labia, and perineum. When we’re done I’ll give you a radio transmitter- a machine that shoots out invisible light. The machine’s signal will induce a current in the implant making it work, so you can control the intensity as long as you’re near her even if you don’t touch her. More importantly we shouldn't need to replace the implant. If it stops working bring the controller here and we’ll recharge it.”
  2788. >”So… the machine makes her feel things that aren’t there using invisible light and if it stops working you should be able to fix it without needing her around?”
  2789. >Huh.
  2790. >When they put it like that you DO feel kinda mysterious and wizard like.
  2791. “That’s the jist of it. There are a few possible complications. When we’re working she could get an infection which could result in fairly serious illness. If it gets out of control she could wind up sterile or perhaps even die.”
  2792. >He was nervously chewing on his lip.
  2793. “The chances of serious infection are quite remote, and I am well equipped to treat her if she does fall ill. I’ll be wanting to check on her daily for around a week to ensure she’s doing well. Should I catch an infection before it gets out of control likely won’t experience anything more than minor abdominal pain. So don’t let her skip her appointment.”
  2794. >”Right.”
  2795. “There’s also a chance that when we sedate her we go too far and she stops breathing. This would be exceptionally dangerous anywhere else in the Empire, but I have the tools to breath for her until she works it out of her system.”
  2796. >”That sounds… scary. Do you deal with this stuff all the time?”
  2797. “Yes. The most likely complication is that we accidentally damage her nerve. We could make her numb until she can get treatment that I cannot provide.”
  2798. >He tilted his head a bit.
  2799. >”There are medicine things you can’t do?”
  2800. >If only he knew.
  2801. “Yes. Many of them. Reinnervation is on that list. If things go wrong she could lose sensation and control of parts of her body until we can get her help on Earth. A pony as important as her would have very little trouble getting treatment for that condition, but it would be costly and she’d have to go to Earth. It’s very unlikely that this would happen, but it is possible. Are you okay with this?”
  2802. >”Not really my call. It’s Cadence’s choice.”
  2803. >Of course.
  2804. >He said it was her decision, she said it was his.
  2805. >This was going nowhere slow.
  2806. >You don't feel like waiting around patiently for them to talk it over.
  2807. >Cadence was just going to say yes in the end anyway.
  2808. “Alright, looks like we’re going ahead then. I’ll walk you through the procedure, just do what I tell you to and it’ll be fine.”
  2809. >”Wait, ME? I’m doing it?”
  2810. “Yes.”
  2811. >”Why?”
  2812. “Do you want her thinking of how I put it in her whenever she gets off?”
  2813. >He didn’t answer.
  2814. “Didn’t think so. Don’t worry, this modern gear does most of the work for you.”
  2815. >You stand up and head to the operating room, beckoning for your visitors to follow.
  2816. >Once inside you direct Cadence to sit on the table.
  2817. “Right. Lie on your back, and spread your hind legs.”
  2818. >”Umm…”
  2819. >She starts blushing a bit.
  2820. “Huh. I’d have thought you were totally shameless at this point. I won’t be performing this operation, your husband will be.”
  2821. >She chews on her lip a bit.
  2822. >”So you’re not going to be touching me?”
  2823. “Nope.”
  2824. >”I suppose that’s not so bad…”
  2825. >She spreads her hind legs out.
  2826. >You spend a moment staring.
  2827. >Shining Armor bops you on the back of your head.
  2828. >”Stop ogling my wife.”
  2829. “No. Alright, first we’re going to give the patient a general anaesthetic so they can’t feel what we’re doing.”
  2830. >Cadence sits up a bit.
  2831. >”Wait, what? No! Don’t do that!”
  2832. >Seriously?
  2833. >”I wanna feel everything Shiney does!”
  2834. “Uhh… you know that this isn’t going to be fun or sexy right? It’s going to hurt. A lot.”
  2835. >”Don’t worry, I can take it!”
  2836. >Bitch was crazy.
  2837. >But unless you decided to pump her full of morphine despite her protests there wasn’t much you could do.
  2838. >Well, then maybe it was time to start?
  2839. >Shining Armor wasn’t washed up or anything, but that didn’t really matter with telekinesis.
  2840. >You decide to wash up and don your gloves just in case you have to take over.
  2841. >If things went smoothly you wouldn’t have to do anything, but if something went wrong...
  2842. >While you’re cleaning up you start instructing him.
  2843. “Alright. First we’re going to uncoil that. It’s a colonoscope, a tool designed for working on intestines. Use your magic, DON’T touch it with your body. Just magic.”
  2844. >”It’s REALLY long.”
  2845. “About 150 centimeters.”
  2846. >”What’s a centimeter?”
  2847. >Oh right.
  2848. >They used those weird horse units.
  2849. “Uhh… around 60 inches?”
  2850. >”No way. 60 by 150 is… 900 inches? There’s no way it’s that long.”
  2851. >Seriously?
  2852. “The whole unit is around 60 inches. We’re not going nearly that far up though.”
  2853. >”Then why don’t you use a shorter one?”
  2854. “I’ve only got one. I’m not going to buy a second colonoscope, they cost like 30,000 bits!”
  2855. >The both stare at you with a blank expression.
  2856. “Well? Slide it into her butt.”
  2857. >He levitates the end of the long, hose-like tool up and works it into his wife.
  2858. >Cadence grins a little too widely.
  2859. >You look over to the display to take a look inside.
  2860. “Are you SURE you don’t want an anaesthetic? This is going to hurt. Like, bad.”
  2861. >She wiggles her eyebrows a bit.
  2862. >And levitates a sponge into her mouth as a gag.
  2863. >Shining looks uncertain.
  2864. >”Maybe this is a bad idea.”
  2865. “It is. Your wife’s crazy. Push in a bit further. See where it turns back?”
  2866. >”Yeah.”
  2867. “Her uterus is on the other side of that. On the other side is her spine. Make sure you don’t puncture either.”
  2868. >”Would that be bad?”
  2869. “Yes. Very yes. Position yourself right between the two and angle to the side a bit. You’re a little too far in, back off a millimeter or- okay, uh… a couple hair widths? There ya go.”
  2870. >”Okay, now what?”
  2871. “See how the scope is hollow? It’s designed to allow smaller tools in through the middle. First we’re going to pump distilled water in there to clean things up.”
  2872. >”Really? We’re forcing water in her? It looks clean in there already.”
  2873. >It did.
  2874. >You weren’t sure if it was magic or diet or what, but it wasn’t unusual for a pony’s butt to be free of debris.
  2875. >But this was going above and beyond.
  2876. >Her colon was almost as clean as your gloves.
  2877. >She’d been cleaning it out, probably trying to keep it ready.
  2878. >Shining Armor was still a lucky bastard.
  2879. >”You sure this isn’t some weird kinky thing?”
  2880. “This whole procedure is a weird kinky thing.”
  2881. >This is NOT why you’d gone to med school.
  2882. >But your bro needed help, and you were going to provide it.
  2883. >You direct him to open the valve and allow a controlled jet of water in.
  2884. “Okay. Cut it off. The switch next to it is suction, we’re going to clear the water out now. Right. Approach the wall. Get right up next to it. Cadence? Last chance, this is going to hurt.”
  2885. >She nods.
  2886. “Alright. We’re going to extend the cannula outward a bit.”
  2887. >”The what?”
  2888. “It’s a kind of needle. Really long and thin. Now we’re going to force some dyed water through it. The surrounding tissue will absorb a little bit of the water and get discoloured while the nerve itself is much less permeable, should mostly stay the same. The influx of water should also spread things out a bit which will let us access the nerve.”
  2889. >Cadence flinches when the needle penetrates her intestinal walls.
  2890. >You try to ignore it, instead focusing on what the camera is showing you.
  2891. “Good. Withdraw the cannula. Now we’re going to make a small incision.”
  2892. >”What?”
  2893. “We’re going to cut her.”
  2894. >”Dude! I’m not cutting my wife! Is there a different way?”
  2895. “Yeah. We could cut her belly open. Seems worse.”
  2896. >”I can’t-”
  2897. >You reach over and press the button on the laser.
  2898. >It was meant to burn off polyps, but it worked for this too.
  2899. >Cadence’s eyes went wide.
  2900. >Shining throws you a dirty look.
  2901. “Okay. Small perforation, should be small enough to close on its own. Perfect.”
  2902. >You pick up a tiny, sterile package and unwrap it on a stainless steel tray.
  2903. “Don’t breathe on that thing. It has to remain perfectly clean."
  2904. >”What is it? It looks like a metal grain of rice.”
  2905. “It’s what we’re putting in her. Careful with it, it cost me about 6,000 bits.”
  2906. >”You’re joking. There’s no way that thing cost that much, look at how small it is!”
  2907. “Yeah. That’s a big part of why it’s so pricey. That thing has microscopic insulated copper coils to induce an electric charge in the presence of radio waves. It’s encased in a titanium shell to protect the mechanism with nothing but a titanium gold alloy clamp sticking out to affix itself to the nerve and act as a lead. That thing will actually react to the tiny amount of electrical impulse her nerve fiber generates and react by clamping down on it so we don’t have to worry about it falling out of place. Do you have any idea what goes into manufacturing something like that?”
  2908. >He shrugs.
  2909. >”What?”
  2910. “Hm?”
  2911. >”What does it take to make something like that?”
  2912. “Actually I have no idea either.”
  2913. >Truth be told you didn’t even know all the details of how they worked.
  2914. >They were pretty new after all.
  2915. >The improvements in miniaturization made it possible to work on smaller nerves.
  2916. >Not so long ago it was bloody difficult to attach an electrode to anything smaller than the spinal cord.
  2917. >These days it was easy.
  2918. >You carefully pick it up with a pair of tweezers and carefully place it inside the colonoscope.
  2919. “Okay. Now that we can see inside through the incision, carefully put the cannula up in front of the nerve fiber. Make sure not to actually touch it, just get really close.”
  2920. >”Wait, is she BLEEDING?”
  2921. “A little.”
  2922. >”Whoa, we gotta stop it!”
  2923. “No. We most certainly do NOT want to stop it. That bleeding is keeping the wound clean, if we block it up we greatly increase the risk of infection.”
  2924. >”But-”
  2925. “It’s only a few drops, calm down. She can lose nearly a liter- err, a pint before it’s noteworthy.”
  2926. >”But-”
  2927. “The sooner we finish the sooner she can heal. Understood?”
  2928. >He puts a look of fierce determination on his face and nods.
  2929. “Steady now… Okay. Put the cannula through the opening. We’ll put the suction on really low so we can get a clear look at what we’re doing. See that stringy thing that’s not quite as green as everything else?”
  2930. >”Yeah. Put the needle next to it?”
  2931. “Yup. Make sure you don’t actually touch it though. Best case scenario if you do is it hurts like Tartarus. We’re going to gently force water through until the implant comes out. Cadence? Brace yourself.”
  2932. >The moment the water starts to come through Cadence squeezes her eyes shut tight.
  2933. >You can see she’s biting down on the improvised gag pretty hard.
  2934. >A few seconds later the colonoscope’s camera reveals the distinctive glitter of metal as the implant comes out.
  2935. >It sticks to the nerve fibre.
  2936. >A tiny little bulb of shining metal jutting out from a stand of flesh.
  2937. >The operation was successful.
  2938. >Cadence rips out the gag.
  2939. >”Aaah! O-okay, I give up! Make it stop!”
  2940. “I warned you.”
  2941. >”Aah! Yeah! You were right! Now do something!”
  2942. >You shrug.
  2943. “I can’t. It’ll take a couple minutes for anything I give you to kick in.”
  2944. >Cadence’s eyes are tearing up.
  2945. >”Minutes? It feels like my cunt’s on fire!”
  2946. “Yeah. Something just clamped onto your nerve, it hurts. But it’ll pass soon. It’ll only take a few seconds for your nerve to get used to the pressure, maybe a minute or two for your brain to notice the perceived danger has passed. It’ll be over before any pain meds kick in.”
  2947. >You pull the scope out, making sure to check the wound before leaving.
  2948. >You then set it aside for sterilization.
  2949. >Shining Armor scurries up and starts stroking one of her Cadence’s legs.
  2950. >You move your gear over to the sink.
  2951. >It was spotless, but it’ll still need to be sterilised.
  2952. >Cadence was sweating profusely.
  2953. >Her breathing was rapid and shallow.
  2954. >But it looked like she was calming down.
  2955. >Cadence groans as she sits up.
  2956. >”Ah. Ahhh… Anon? Next time I tell you not to give me pain medicine? Give it to me anyway.”
  2957. >Something told you she wouldn’t make that mistake again.
  2958. >”I think it’s over.”
  2959. “You’ll be hypersensitive for a few minutes. I want her back here every day for a week to inspect the incision. If we’re lucky it’ll heal on its own, if we’re unlucky it’ll get infected and I’ll have to give you some drugs. Avoid spicy foods until we’re sure it’s closed up, and most importantly no anal penetration. I can’t stress that enough.”
  2960. >Shining stuck his tongue out in an expression of pure disgust.
  2961. >”Don’t be gross.”
  2962. “Seriously? I've met your wife, how has that not happened yet?"
  2963. >”Why would I? Is her vagina broken or something?”
  2964. >Huh.
  2965. >You couldn’t read Cadence’s expression, she was still calming down from the pain.
  2966. >But you were willing to bet she wasn’t too happy about that.
  2967. >She was too perverted to not care.
  2968. >For that matter she was too perverted, period.
  2969. >Hypersexuality was one thing, but she was trying to redefine it.
  2970. >At first you’d chalked it up to the whole love princess deal.
  2971. >But the more you got to know her the less confident you were that that was the whole story.
  2972. “Say, I know this is coming out of nowhere but have you had any memory loss lately?”
  2973. >Cadence gives you a funny look.
  2974. “Confusion? Mood swings?”
  2975. >”No. Why?”
  2976. >So it’s not Alzheimer’s…
  2977. “Try not to take this the wrong way, but you’re easily the horniest pony I’ve ever met. By like, a WIDE margin. Just wondering if I should be worried about that or not.”
  2978. >Maybe you were jumping at shadows?
  2979. >Hypersexuality was a psychological disorder, not a disease.
  2980. >There probably was nothing you could do.
  2981. >Besides, you somehow doubt she’d want to be “cured”.
  2982. >”Say, Anon? Could you give us some privacy? We need to discuss something.”
  2983. “No sex in the operating room.”
  2984. >”Not that. Although…”
  2985. >You glare at her.
  2986. >”Kidding!”
  2987. “Look, if you’re just talking you can do it in my office. I’ll be in here for a while. Gotta keep this place ready in case of an emergency.”
  2988. >Cadence jumps down from the table, her legs just a little wobbly.
  2989. >She leans on Shining Armor as they vacate the room.
  2990. >You’re pretty sure she’s just cuddling up with him rather than trying to stabilize herself.
  2991. >You lose yourself in your work, focusing intently on purging every last bacterium, setting everything in exactly the right place, checking to ensure that all your supplies are properly stocked.
  2992. >You’re not entirely sure how much time has passed by the time you’re ready to leave.
  2993. >Cadence and Shining Armor are standing by the doorway.
  2994. >They immediately turn to face you.
  2995. >Shining Armor casts you a sheepish look.
  2996. >”Uhh… we looked at your ledger.”
  2997. >They had?
  2998. “Seriously? Why would you do that? Sorta an invasion of privacy.”
  2999. >The two of them had the common decency to look ashamed.
  3000. >”Yeah… sorry. We should have asked.”
  3001. >Yup.
  3002. >It was pretty shitty of them.
  3003. >You know it’s not a big deal, you weren’t trying to hide anything.
  3004. >But you’re still annoyed with them.
  3005. >Wait a second…
  3006. “You can’t read it anyway. It’s written in human.”
  3007. >”I, uhh, I can read a little bit of human.”
  3008. >Oh.
  3009. >Well, no more letting them in your office unattended.
  3010. >”Not all of it! Just… a lot of it.”
  3011. >So they knew how much money you had.
  3012. “I’ll get angry at you later, but right now I’m too confused. Why exactly did you want to do that?”
  3013. >Cadence averts her gaze a little.
  3014. >”Well, you’re always complaining about money, and today you told us what this cost and, uh… we didn’t believe you?”
  3015. >”Yeah! We thought you were just, y’know, greedy.”
  3016. >They just keep digging that hole deeper.
  3017. "And how is it your business?'
  3018. >Cadence was slouched over.
  3019. >She answered hesitantly.antly.
  3020. >”You know those bits I gave you to start this place up? We were worried you were… embezzling.”
  3021. >Now you’re starting to get pissed.
  3022. “Look, Pfizer only accepts payment in cash or firstborn children. I’ve gotta pay the bills somehow!”
  3023. >Shining Armor looks a bit worried.
  3024. >”What is this Pfizer? Some kind of terrifying monster?”
  3025. “Actually, that’s not too far off the mark.”
  3026. >You rub your face wearily.
  3027. >You’re far too tired and annoyed to explain the pharmaceutical industry right now.
  3028. “Just go.”
  3029. >”Look, we’re sorry-”
  3030. “Stop. You two’ve been good to me so I’ll try to forget it, but please ask before you go snooping around next time.”
  3031. >They look at each other and nod.
  3032. >Cadence takes one step toward you.
  3033. >”It is the crown’s duty to ensure the wellbeing of the ponies. They’ve entrusted us to lead them, believing we will guide them to a better tomorrow. We intend to repay their trust.”
  3034. >Shining Armor steps forward.
  3035. >”Not only is it our duty, it’s in our own best interest. A sickly pony is a burden, whereas a healthy pony is an asset. The healthier the populace the stronger the state.”
  3036. >Yeah, yeah. Get to the point.
  3037. >They speak in unison.
  3038. >”Let us help you.”
  3039. >Oh.
  3040. >Well, you’re still annoyed with them.
  3041. >But you could use help…
  3042. “I’m understaffed. I’m hoping to use Rarara as an assistant, but she’s not exactly eager to help right now.”
  3043. >Shining Armor averts his gaze.
  3044. >Right, he’s not comfortable with that.
  3045. “I did something really stupid and now I won’t have a receptionist for a few days. Any chance you could find somepony? Just somepony to keep track of appointments and screen patients. I was thinking Purple Autism could do it, she’s really interested in this stuff.”
  3046. >Cadence frowns.
  3047. >”I don’t think she’ll be willing to do that. She’s looking for her friend.”
  3048. >Shining Armor paws at the ground for a bit.
  3049. >Cadence places a wing over his withers.
  3050. >”Don’t worry, Shiney. I know what I’m doing. Okay, so Anon needs a receptionist and I think I know just the right pony. Anything else?”
  3051. “Lots. But I wasn’t exactly prepared for this so I haven’t thought it through. Can we discuss it later?”
  3052. >”Of course. I’ll see you tomorrow, Anon.”
  3053. >Cadence happily trots out of the clinic into the cool of the night.
  3054. >Shining Armor hesitantly looks you in the eye.
  3055. >”Sorry.”
  3056. “I know.”
  3057. >”We wouldn’t have done it if we weren’t thinking of helping you out.”
  3058. “You could have just asked.”
  3059. >”Yeah… You gotta understand, the idea that that little thing cost so much just didn’t-”
  3060. “I’ll get over it.”
  3061. >He sighs quietly.
  3062. >”Thanks. I’ll talk to you later.”
  3063. >He turns to leave.
  3064. “Hey, take it slow.”
  3065. >”Huh?”
  3066. “Don’t just get her off right away. Turn it on low and keep her on edge for a while. Trust me, she’ll love it”
  3067. >You’re not sure, but you think you can hear him mumble something about perverts.
  3068. >Shining Armor steps out and starts to head home.
  3069. >You begin to lock up.
  3070. >It’s been another long day.
  3072. Rarity’s journal.
  3073. Date: unknown.
  3075. I’ve been fortunate enough to discover a place where I might hide these pages, safe from prying eyes.
  3076. One of the boards that make up the wall to which I am affixed is a loose, it is a simple task to move it aside and squirrel away some small things in with the insulation.
  3077. So long as I ensure the beast isn’t present when I stow my secrets I shall have a safe, secure, and secret way of collecting my thoughts.
  3078. It is a great relief to be afforded even this minimal amount of privacy.
  3080. I am appalled with myself for becoming an accessory to my own torment.
  3081. I’d thought defiance futile at first. I hadn’t the power to prevent him from rendering me unconscious, nor did I have the means to preserve my appearance.
  3082. I had thought there nothing to be earned from defiance save for pain.
  3083. Nothing to be lost from obedience save for the few scant seconds I might have delayed.
  3084. My acceptance, however, has cost me my dignity.
  3085. Or what little remained of it.
  3086. To be forced into such a demeaning appearance is one thing, but to choose it of your own volition is something else altogether. I’ve decided I shall oppose him whenever I am able, even if only in trivial ways. Minor acts of defiance such as deception may be trifling victories, but they are victories nonetheless.
  3088. I… felt a dreadful wave of arousal today. I know not what fostered those feelings, but I am certain they weren’t natural. They were too potent to be mere arousal or excitement. I suspected at first that the depraved captor who styles herself a princess had used some vile incantation on me, though I can feel no foreign spells upon my body. Now I suspect the monkey is at fault. He’s said to have exotic elixirs that can do all sorts of miraculous things, and from my brief confinement within these walls I can say with all certainty that the rumors were at least partially true. The question, however, remains. Will the potion’s effects expire in time, or shall I be afflicted by these feelings for the rest of my days? Only with the former might I ever be truly free from his clutches. Yet somehow, some part of me hopes for the latter.
  3090. Signed,
  3091. Lady Rarity
  3093. >You were deep in thought.
  3094. >The task set out before you was straining your mental faculties, pushing your memory to its limit.
  3095. >Never before have you been so tested in a battle of wits.
  3096. “Got any eights?”
  3097. >”Yup!”
  3098. >Fluttershy hands you a card.
  3099. >Go Fish was serious business around here.
  3100. >When you’d asked Fluttershy what games she knew you’d been surprised by the list.
  3101. >It wasn’t so much that it was a long one, though it most certainly was.
  3102. >It was more that you had no idea there were so many different kinds of solitaire.
  3103. >Fortunately she did know a few multiplayer games, even if they were somewhat simple.
  3104. >Playing with her was strange.
  3105. >It should have been boring playing such a childish game, yet somehow it had become extremely interesting.
  3106. >Fluttershy was trying to throw the game.
  3107. >And so were you.
  3108. >What had started as being a mere children’s game had morphed into a contest to see who could discover the worst possible play.
  3109. >And she was GOOD at it.
  3110. >”Any tens?”
  3111. “Here you are.”
  3112. >You pass her one of your cards.
  3113. “Say, I’ve been meaning to ask. Which princess card has the highest value?”
  3114. >”That depends. It's customary to make Celestia highest during spring and summer, and Luna highest during fall and winter. But I usually play Twilight as the highest, she's so nice.”
  3115. “Where does Cadence fit it?”
  3116. >”She's a wild card in February because of hearts and hooves.”
  3117. “That all sounded like it’s way more complicated than it has to be. Why not make them all the same value but only have one of each? Like, one for each suit.”
  3118. >”Oh! That’s a good idea. You're so smart.”
  3119. “That's what they keep telling me.”
  3120. >Yet you keep getting outwitted by this pony!
  3121. >She's CHEATING, you're sure of it.
  3122. “Any sixes?”
  3123. >”Yup!”
  3124. >She passes you another card.
  3125. >Nobody's that unlucky.
  3126. >She's cheating to make sure you win.
  3127. >That's not what bothers you though.
  3128. >After all, you're doing the exact same thing.
  3129. >No, the problem is she's way better at it than you.
  3130. >You hold up your hand to show three remaining cards.
  3131. >Fluttershy stares at them for a while, carefully puzzling out what they could be.
  3132. >"Any aces?"
  3133. "Yup."
  3134. >Several, in fact.
  3135. >You pluck a card from the small stack cleverly presented as one and pass it to her.
  3136. >Somehow in the moment your eyes were occupied she'd managed to add one more card to her hoof.
  3137. >It was subtle, but you're sure of it.
  3138. >Can't call her on it though.
  3139. >That would make her feel bad.
  3140. "Any threes?"
  3141. >She passes you the three of diamonds.
  3142. >The very card that you're already holding.
  3143. >You add your new cards to your scoring pile, a mighty stack of nearly 80 cards.
  3144. >By your count she has a mere 60.
  3145. >You need to step up your game a bit.
  3146. >You carefully slide another card out of your sleeve.
  3147. >”Any rules cards?”
  3148. “As luck would have.”
  3149. >She shrugs when you pass her the card.
  3150. >”Say, do you know anything about helping sick animals?”
  3151. “What kind of animal are we talking about?”
  3152. >”Well, cute ones like bunnies, gerbils, cougars, wolves and dire bears. Oh! And let's not forget snakes and scorpions!”
  3153. “I wasn't expecting that list to end like it did. Uhh… I MIGHT be able to operate on the mammals, but it'd be risky. Any fives?”
  3154. >”Yes! Do you think that, umm, you could teach me how to help them?”
  3155. >Oh boy.
  3156. “Big animal fan?”
  3157. >”Oh yes. I take care of all the critters around Ponyville. I make sure they’re eating right and that their little nests are nice and comfy and I help them when they get hurt. Got a Luna?”
  3158. “Here you are. Not a whole lot I can do to help with the animal thing though.”
  3159. >”Oh. I understand.”
  3160. >She sounded very disappointed.
  3161. “Veterinary medicine is its own profession. I might be able to get you some resources on it when the portal opens though.”
  3162. >”Really?”
  3163. “Sure. I mean, it takes years of study to be a veterinarian, and it’ll all be written in human, so you'll be in over your head. It's also going to assume you have a lot of things you can't find here. But maybe you’ll get something out of it.”
  3164. >Her eyes start sparkling with joy.
  3165. >”Thank you so much mister!”
  3166. “Not a problem. In the meantime, just make sure their water’s clean. That’ll fix a surprising amount of problems.”
  3167. >”Oh, of course! And I need to make sure their nests are clean and that they’re grooming regularly. And I should wash up before and after handling a sick critter.”
  3168. >Really?
  3169. >Fluttershy of all ponies understood sanitation?
  3170. >Not the healers, not the shamans, not the "doctors".
  3171. >FLUTTERSHY?
  3172. >Good on her.
  3173. “You’re good at what you do, aren’t you?”
  3174. >”Oh, well, I don’t like to brag but I’m not the worst.”
  3175. *thunk thunk*
  3176. “Hmm. Sounds like the front door. We’re not open yet… it’s probably your friends here to pick you up.”
  3177. >”Oh, goody! You’re sure I’m healthy enough to go?”
  3178. “Yup. Might want to avoid strenuous activity for a little while just to be safe, but you’re healthy.”
  3179. >”Yay. Thank you again, mister. Oh! But out game isn’t done yet.”
  3180. “Call it a draw?”
  3181. >”Sounds good.”
  3182. “Alright, we’ll have to play again some time.”
  3183. >”I look forward to it.”
  3184. >You stand up and head out to open the front door.
  3185. >The instant the door swings open you’re met with a small stampede of colourful ponies.
  3186. >They all eagerly trot in to check on their feathered friend, all of them taking the time to greet you in turn.
  3187. >And behind them all stands Cadence.
  3188. >A dreamy and distant expression is plastered on her face.
  3189. “Hey, Credenza.”
  3190. >Stupid Rarity not teaching you this one’s stupid name.
  3191. >She walks up to you.
  3192. >And pulls you in with a tight hug.
  3193. >”Anon? Thank you.”
  3194. “Last night was good?”
  3195. >”I haven’t felt that good since he put Flurry in me.”
  3196. >She practically floats past you to the front desk.
  3197. “So, you here for your checkup?”
  3198. >”That too I suppose. But first I want to get a feel for the job.”
  3199. >You raise a single brow.
  3200. >”You said you needed a secretary, right?”
  3201. “You? Don’t you have like, princess stuff to do?”
  3202. >”Yup. I’m looking into updating our public healthcare program. The Crystal Empire’s nearly a thousand years out of date on stuff like that, and I want to get us up on the cutting edge.”
  3203. >Oh.
  3204. “But don’t you royal types normally get experts to do that stuff for you? Don’t you have a health minister?”
  3205. >”Sure. Do you trust our minister to be in charge of medicine?”
  3206. “Well, last time I talked to him he said that you could cure headaches with quicksilver.”
  3207. >”Wait, you can’t?”
  3208. >Oh boy.
  3209. “You’d have more luck fixing it by eating strange mushrooms.”
  3210. >”Isn’t that dangerous? Oh.”
  3211. “Yeah. Maybe not the safest remedy.”
  3212. >”See? This is great! I’m learning so much already!”
  3213. “Still feels weird to me having a princess working as a secretary. I get why you want one of your own here, but why you specifically?”
  3214. >”I’ve got ulterior motives!”
  3215. >Oh.
  3216. >Well, you appreciate the honesty.
  3217. >”Nothing bad for you though. I’ll explain later.”
  3218. “Something involving what’s her face?”
  3219. >”Something like that. We can discuss it later.”
  3220. >Later probably meant when they had more privacy.
  3221. >Cadence sits down behind the desk and shoots you a smile.
  3222. >”So what’s the plan, boss?”
  3223. >Looks like this was happening.
  3224. >Maybe it would work out okay?
  3225. “Alright. You have three major tasks. I need you to keep track of my appointments, handle billing, and most importantly screen my patients.”
  3226. >”Screen them?”
  3227. “You know the clinic’s slogan, right?”
  3228. >”No cosmetic procedures.”
  3229. “No cosmetic procedures. If somepony comes in asking me to make them taller or wondering if I can make their horn longer I need you to make sure they understand I’m not doing it.”
  3230. >”You can make horns longer? How?”
  3231. “I’m not doing it.”
  3232. >”Just curious.”
  3233. >Well, you can’t blame her for that.
  3234. “To lengthen a bone you saw it in half and shove a metal spacer between. Then you attach the implant to the bones, usually by drilling holes into them and bolting the metal in place.”
  3235. >Cadence looks at you with what can only be described as an expression of horror.
  3236. "Exactly. It's dangerous and even if things go perfectly it takes months of pain to recover. Besides, I’m not a cosmetic surgeon. I’d probably screw up.”
  3237. >”Alright, so we won’t be doing that.”
  3238. “I don’t expect you to know everything I can and can’t do, so I’ll give you a quick rundown of what to look for. We want ponies who are actually sick or injured first off, I can’t make them better if there’s nothing wrong with them. If it’s a magical malady I probably can’t do anything.”
  3239. >Cadence pulled a quill from the desk’s drawer and starts scratching down notes.
  3240. "I can't fix any flu or the common cold. If they've got a high fever it's an emergency, otherwise they just need rest and plenty of water. Advise them to cover their mouths when they cough, it'll spread slower."
  3241. >”Really?”
  3242. >There’s a gentle knocking on your office door.
  3243. “Come in.”
  3244. >Fluttershy meekly pokes her head around the door.
  3245. >Whatever she was afraid of, she didn’t find it.
  3246. >She gracefully prances up to your desk with a big smile on her face.
  3247. >”I just wanted to thank you again. You were very nice.”
  3248. “Think nothing of it.”
  3249. >”Umm, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”
  3250. >Cadence cuts in.
  3251. >”Don’t worry about it, Fluttershy. I’ll cover the bill for you.”
  3252. >”Bill? Oh, I suppose that makes sense. I don’t normally charge the critters I take care of, but sometimes the magpies give me a few shiny coins they found. Well, I’d still like to do something nice for you. If you ever need help with anything just say the word.”
  3253. >You’re strongly tempted to ask for a blowjob.
  3254. >But something tells you that’s not such a good idea.
  3255. >Besides, you can get them for free.
  3256. “I’ll keep that in mind. Feel free to come see me at my house anytime after work, I’d love to play another round.”
  3257. >She smiles and nods.
  3258. >”We’re going to go look for Rarity now. Have a nice day!”
  3259. >Fluttershy prances out the door.
  3260. >You look around Cadence to see five ponies vacate the building, the rainbow one flying ahead.
  3261. >The door seems to close on its own.
  3262. >Cadence wiggles her brow at you.
  3263. >”Is she going to be your second?”
  3264. “Who says I’m taking a second?”
  3265. >”Oh come on, you can handle more than one mare.”
  3266. >You roll your eyes.
  3267. “I’m having enough trouble with the one as it is.”
  3268. >”Well hurry up! There are lots of mares you need to break.”
  3269. “Like who?”
  3270. >She smiles at you coyly.
  3271. >”ALL of them.”
  3272. >You stare at her deadpan.
  3273. “That might be a bit ambitious. I’m starting to question your motives here.”
  3274. >”Are you thinking of backing out? It’s not too late to set her free, I could give you a pardon.”
  3275. “Nope. I like our arrangement. I’m just wondering what you get out of it.”
  3276. >”Can’t it just be a gift from a friend?”
  3277. “I thought it was at first. Now I suspect there’s more to it. Why Rarara of all ponies? I’d have thought it prudent to take someone with fewer connections. And with you paying such close attention I’m starting to think you have a stake in all this.”
  3278. >She shrugs.
  3279. >”Well, it’s not like I was trying to keep it a big secret. Anon? There are limits to my power as a princess.”
  3280. >You motion for her to go on.
  3281. >”I can change the law, but I can’t change the taboos. I’m hoping that a few high profile relationships like yours will make such things… more acceptable.”
  3282. “You’re using me for social engineering?”
  3283. >”Well, when you put it like that I kinda feel bad, but yes?”
  3284. >Huh.
  3285. >You’re pretty sure you don’t mind.
  3286. >If it means you have hot mare ass at your command then it’s probably a good thing.
  3287. “Alright, but why do you care?”
  3288. >”Anon, I’m the princess of love. There are lots of mares out there who can’t express their love the way they want to, and that’s terrible.”
  3289. >That actually kinda made sense.
  3290. >Anyone who wanted to get into this kind of stuff would be hamstrung if it was taboo.
  3291. >And you could see why Cadence would feel it was her responsibility to help.
  3292. “So you want me to parade her around town in chains for everyone to see?”
  3293. >”Well, maybe not until we can defuse the situation with her friends. But I would love to have some high profile bed slaves around, yes.”
  3294. “Alright, but do you think this is really that big of a problem? Seems to me you’d have bigger things to deal with, how many mares really want to be dominated?”
  3295. >”All of them.”
  3296. >She looks you dead in the eye when she answers.
  3297. >Not even a hint of doubt or humor, she looks to be dead serious.
  3298. >You’re not good at reading ponies, so maybe you’re just missing it.
  3299. >But you’re pretty sure she means it.
  3300. “You’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit skeptical.”
  3301. >”You study life, right?”
  3302. “Uhh, that’s not quite how I’d word it but yes, I suppose.”
  3303. >”What is it that all living things try to do?”
  3304. >Reproduction.
  3305. >THE biological imperative.
  3306. “Okay, everyone’s programmed to want sex. How do you get from there to this?”
  3307. >”Stallions look for signs of fertility. Mares? We look for something different. Whether we know it or not we’re looking for the strongest, smartest, and biggest stallion we can find.”
  3308. “They say power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”
  3309. >”Who said that?”
  3310. “I dunno. Some dead guy probably.”
  3311. >”Well, they were right. Nothing gets a mare wetter than a big, strong hunk of a stallion towering over them. But not everypony is lucky enough to marry a prince.”
  3312. >Wasn’t he only a prince because she’d married him?
  3313. >”We all try to find a stallion who’s better than us, but what happens when you’re at the top? What does a mare who answers to nopony do? What does Spitfire of the Wonderbolts do? What about Coloratura, who made a fortune off of her wonderful voice? Or Rarity, she’s probably the best known name in fashion! Where do they find a mate who has more power than them? They need a stallion to take their power away, to make them feel controlled and weak so that their mate seems strong. They need a stallion that they can see as being their better. It’s what mother nature demands.”
  3314. >Was she trying to argue using evolutionary psychology?
  3315. “You came up with this argument specifically to convince me to help.”
  3316. >”Did it work?”
  3317. “Didn’t have to. I was on board the moment you said I could own a mare.”
  3318. >She beams at you.
  3319. >”Say, when do we open?”
  3320. “In about-”
  3321. >You look up at the clock.
  3322. “Five minutes ago. Alright! Let’s get to it.”
  3324. “Alright, send in the next patient.”
  3325. >You call out from your desk without moving to stand up.
  3326. >Things were interesting today.
  3327. >You’d been swamped with patients, hundreds of ponies coming in with a mysterious illness.
  3328. >Thankfully you were getting through them pretty rapidly.
  3329. >When everyone had the same condition things were pretty easy to sort out.
  3330. >Even so it was looking like another long night.
  3331. >There was just no end to the patients.
  3332. >Every time you'd finished with one, five more had arrived.
  3333. >You had to speed it up somehow.
  3334. >A pink crystal pony slowly walks into your office.
  3335. >You can hear their gut rumbling from your desk.
  3336. “Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain?”
  3337. >”How did you know?”
  3338. “Low level psychic. Say, where do you get your water? Aqueduct in the southeastern quarter?”
  3339. >Their eyes go wide and their jaw drops.
  3340. >”Wow, you really are a psychic!”
  3341. "Alright. What you need to do is-"
  3342. >You ready the speech you've given well over a hundred times today.
  3343. >But then you look at the clock and think better of it.
  3344. >If you ever want to finish you're going to have to take a less hands on approach.
  3345. "Follow me."
  3346. >You stand up and walk out front.
  3347. >It’s standing room only, with the lobby packed full of pained ponies.
  3348. >Cadence looks up at you with panic stricken eyes.
  3349. “Right! Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. If that’s what you’ve got and you drank water from the aqueduct then you’ve got norovirus. You’ll get over it in about 3 days. Boil all your water before you drink it or this will just keep happening. Come back if symptoms worsen or if you haven't recovered in 5 days. Anyone who has a pre-existing condition stay here, otherwise you're going to be fine.”
  3350. >Nearly every single pony stands up and leaves.
  3351. >Cadence looks up at you.
  3352. >”Bad water? It's not stagnant though.”
  3353. “Not all flowing water is safe. Everyone who’s come in today has had the same symptoms. They all got water from the same place.”
  3354. >”You say boiling it will fix it? I’ll send out a note.”
  3355. >She produces a scroll and quickly scrawls something down on it.
  3356. >The scroll vanishes in the blink of an eye.
  3357. >"You sure? We’ve never had trouble with water before.”
  3358. “Yeah? I’m as certain as I can be with my setup. There is a test for a positive I.D. but I can't do it. If it’s not norovirus it’s something very similar.”
  3359. >”So you’re NOT sure.”
  3360. >What was with her?
  3361. >She was NEVER this antagonistic.
  3362. “You feeling okay?”
  3363. >”Yeah, sorry. Just a little tense.”
  3364. “Hmm. Trouble sleeping lately? Feeling bloated at all?”
  3365. >You pull a pen light out from your coat and shine it in her eyes.
  3366. >Pupils dilate normally.
  3367. >Cadence averts her gaze and shields her eyes.
  3368. >”Not everything is a sickness you know!”
  3369. >She sounded upset.
  3370. “Sorry. Just… I’ll stop.”
  3371. >You put the pen light away.
  3372. >”How dangerous is this one?”
  3373. “Can be bad if you’re already really sick. Otherwise it’s not a big deal so long as you’ve got lots of water to drink, the dangerous part is that it dehydrates you.”
  3374. >She shrugs.