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Alien encounters

By SmutAnon
Created: 2022-11-29 23:57:39
Updated: 2024-02-13 23:02:33
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  1. >Be Spitfire.
  2. >Captain of the Wonderbolts, a total badflank, a real paragon of mareness, kickflank flier, smoking hot, all of that jazz.
  3. >Also, currently, seriously frustrated.
  4. >You're in your office, staring down your second in command.
  5. >Fleetfoot.
  6. >You're doing your best "narrow-eyed glare" that you're able to pull off.
  7. >It doesn't bother the other mare in the slightest.
  8. >She's wearing the biggest, the most manure-eating grin you've ever seen.
  9. >And she's been doing it for the ENTIRE WEEK.
  10. >Seriously. You're not exaggerating.
  11. >You barely saw her with any kind of a different expression, and even then, she'd just smile lightly, instead of the mad grin.
  12. >She'd smile even while eating food or doing other things.
  13. >Even when standing in formation, Celestia damn it!
  14. >She'd pull the grin back to just a slight upturn of her lips, but immediately after, it would be back in full force.
  15. "Alright, spill."
  16. >"Captain?"
  17. >She tilts her head in a questioning manner, but the grin remains.
  18. "What the hay is it? Someone sell you some kind of new drug? Or you've just been snorting breezie powder the whole week? Magic mushrooms? No, those cause hallucinations, not the giggles..."
  19. >She actually looks a little taken aback.
  20. >"Ma'am, do you really think that... I'm... On drugs?"
  21. >As she says it, her face darkens, and the grin disappears for the first time in a week.
  22. >Her posture remains perfect, but her expression shows her emotions perfectly.
  23. >She feels betrayed by the question.
  24. >You can understand it. Fleetfoot's not just an excellet lieutenant, she's a total sis.
  25. >So the accusation must have taken her by surprise.
  26. >You just don't see any alternatives, though.
  27. "I'll be honest with you, Fleetfoot. The only reason I didn't drag you to the doctor and punched you in the bladder to get a piss sample is because of the trust you've built up over the years. Anyone else, well..."
  28. >"Wow. Okay. Well, I-"
  29. >You interrupt.
  30. "And don't give me any of that "I got laid." manure you told the team on Monday. It's fun, sure. For a while. An hour or less. No stallion can rut you so good you can't stop smiling for a whole damned week."
  31. >Aaaand the grin is back.
  32. >"Well, you see Ma'am, they're not stallions, they're *men*. Aliens from a different reality, you know? Totally different beast."
  33. >You groan, facehoofing with both forelegs.
  35. >Humans.
  36. >She's talking about humans.
  37. >Those weird aliens that Equestria made contact with over a year ago.
  38. >Well, as far as aliens go, they weren't all that weird.
  39. >In how they looked, at least. They were not gray-skinned thin ponies with oversized black eyes or slimy balls of tentacles or whatever else the comic books came up with.
  40. >There were far, far weirder things roaming Equestria.
  41. >Compared to some of the things you saw, they looked positively mundane.
  42. >That's where the normalcy ended, though.
  43. >You move your hooves from your face to your temples, massaging you head and trying to remember everything that you know about them.
  44. >The truly alien parts were their homeworld, and their minds.
  45. >You couldn't begin to imagine what kind of beings would evolve in a world with no magic.
  46. >You saw some wide-eyed humans muttering about "witchcraft" and making weird gestures at seeing the most basic unicorn levitation.
  47. >You and your team were assigned as high-tier escorts/bodyguards to humans a bunch of times, so you certainly were not completely clueless about them.
  48. >It wasn't even remotely part of your usual duties, but given that you were, technically, the highest representative of a military branch, they trotted you out to "get familiar with our possible future friends".
  49. >Typical political garbage.
  50. >Quite obviously, both sides were very well trained in saying only what you're supposed to say, which resulted in the usual exchange of polite formalities without actually saying anything.
  51. >Still, you got a very surface-level amount of knowledge, so mission accomplished, you suppose.
  52. >Anyway, the suits eventually managed to hammer something out after a few months of sniffing each other's butts, or whatever was it that diplomats did.
  53. >Or bureuacrats. From the way they talked, you didn't see all that much difference between the two.
  54. >Either way, a treaty was created, borders acknowledged, visitor policy set out, yadda yadda.
  55. >There was a big, dramatic signing event, where you got to stand in formation for an hour and look cool.
  56. >Yay.
  57. >With that, civilian humans began to arrive.
  58. >Or, rather non-politician humans. Or something. Whatever.
  59. >Clearly, whatever brochures about Equestria the human politicians prepared, if they did it at all, were not sufficient.
  60. >The tourists were wide-eyed and slackjawed, gawking at everything like a bunch of country bumpkins.
  61. >Which was weird, since humans apparently had engineering capabilities far beyond even what most of the wildest science fiction authors thought up.
  62. >They had to adapt due to not having magic, apparently. And adapt they did.
  63. >You've seen the photos of their world, brought back by the pony diplomats.
  64. >You're sure that, just like Equestria, the human politicians carefully herded them around their best and most impressive locations.
  65. >Which were fairly impressive, you had to admit.
  66. >Anyway, what caused such fascination was not Equestrian architecture or other advancements, but magic.
  67. >And ponies.
  68. >They had no other intelligent species on their world, so even meeting something else that talked was wild, apparently.
  69. >A little too wild. A number of incidents happened.
  70. >There was a case where some human mare - woman, you remind yourself - tried to snatch a little colt, which led to her getting the hay beaten out of her by the panicked and furious mother.
  71. >Her excuses that "she just wanted to pet him" fell on deaf ears, and she was promptly deported.
  72. >Seeing that the portal was magical, and Equestria was the nation with the magic, they had a pretty tight deal on controlling who came and who stayed.
  73. >Some humans were very belligerent, calling ponies "talking horses" and flinging other insults.
  74. >They'd usually get into a fight and get the horseshoe as well.
  75. >You really didn't understand why would they come here in the first place, just to cause trouble.
  76. >Some people had too much free time.
  77. >Human foals were known to be absolute terrors as well, especially the girls.
  78. >While most ponies were patient with foals, the things the human kids did crossed the line. It was outright assault, in some cases.
  79. >Yanking on ponie's manes, screaming at them to "do tricks" or even that they "wanted to keep them", which, with the story about that woman's attempt to snatch a colt, made most ponies wary about having foals near humans.
  80. >Sure, fillies were rowdy, but that's what mothers were for - to enforce discipline and guide that marely aggression towards constructive pursuits.
  81. >Pretty much everypony agreed that the human mothers were absolutely crap at being parents.
  82. >Hay, their fathers often had to be the ones to step in, and even then, the mothers would usually try to scold them.
  83. >Disgraceful.
  84. >Some of the more outspoken mares didn't bother keeping their disdain a secret, openly shaming the women's lackadaisical behavior.
  85. >Things got heated a number of times.
  86. >For some reason, the women got unspeakably surprised when, every time they said something that would earn you a hoof to the face, they got a hoof to the face.
  87. >And then they'd scream their heads off like they weren't asking for it!
  88. >Seriously.
  90. >Talk crap, get smacked, your mother always said.
  91. >You'd think that a spate of such incidents right from the get-go would be enough to cut contact completely, but all the smooth-talkers were assuring everyone on both sides that there were just some bumps in the road which were bound to happen when in contact with actual aliens.
  92. >Which was a fair point.
  93. >And, true to the predictions, it all quieted down soon.
  94. >Though there were rumors that it was simply because women almost completely stopped coming to Equestria after hearing how "misogynist" the ponies were, whatever that word meant.
  95. >Apparently, Equestria gained a bad reputation among the female humans.
  96. >But a far more interesting one among the males.
  97. >Instead of being afraid of the "violent" mares, they still came to Equestria like nothing happened, some of then even laughing about the whole thing.
  98. >By this point, everyone had figured out that something was up.
  99. >The human diplomats were male, the guards were male, even the scientists that attempted to study magic were almost all male.
  100. >As it turned out, it wasn't some attempt to seduce them by sending the equivalent of sexy colts in uniform, or due to humans having old traditions of having elite squads of stallions with the mares being grunts, like some ancient Equestrian cultures did.
  101. >Apparently, the men were the mares and the women were the stallions.
  102. >Which put the incidents of the women getting a beating in a rather different light.
  103. >Whoops.
  104. >The vast majority of ponies were quite skeptical of the claims of "reversed gender roles", though.
  105. >Inevitably, the arrival of thousands upon thousands of single, exotic stallions - men - caught the attention of all kinds of mares.
  106. >Things happened.
  107. >Not sexy things, not at first at least. Lots of talking had to happen before that.
  108. >The men still needed to get over the whole "Wow, I'm actually talking to another species and I'm on an alien world with different laws of physics" thing first.
  109. >And then there was the fact that they didn't understand when mares were flirting with them.
  110. >Completely different body language and cues, apparently.
  111. >Anyway, with all the talking and attempting to understand how to politely invite a human into their bedroom, the mares started hearing a lot of stories about abusive women.
  112. >A LOT.
  113. >There were hundreds, if not thousands, of letters sent to various newspapers by mares trying to befriend humans (or to get laid).
  114. >So many stories about damaged col- Men. So many.
  115. >Since humans were all the rage, many personal stories of ponie's interactions with humans were printed to help Equestrians better understand them, and that included the stories of abuse.
  116. >Hence, the disbelief at the gender roles thing.
  117. >The women sounded just like the husband-beaters here in Equestria.
  118. >Claiming to be horribly overworked while bringing in little to no money and doing practically nothing, spending their time out drinking "with the girls", while the poor husbands suffered silently while doing their best to keep their families together.
  119. >The justice system was obviously ruled by women as well, always taking children away from the men and leaving them with the women, instead.
  120. >Who leaves foals, kids, or any other kinds of children with the abuser?!
  121. >Not to mention, they went by the old, barbaric law of "mares inherit the land and the property", leaving the men with nothing if they got divorced.
  122. >And when some eager journalists went to Earth go make some interviews and find out more about the situation, the women they talked to actually claimed that the men were the actual abusers and they had all the power, completely keeping women down.
  123. >They're in charge, and yet they lose their livelihoods and custody almost every single time they try to flee an abusive wife?
  124. >Yeah, right.
  125. >No one bought the obvious lies and gaslighting.
  126. >Sure, ponies did accept that men were far more marely than stallions, some men even marelier than mares.
  127. >They *were* aliens after all, and their gender ratio was 1:1, which obviously meant that the men had to work more and harder, making them much tougher.
  128. >However, even if they were a species of all janefillies, that did not excuse the abuse by women, which extremely obviously still were the dominant gender that was holding all the power, no matter how much they tried to blatantly lie about it.
  129. >Lots of ponies were disappointed to learn that such a seemingly advanced civilization was still living with such outdated societal norms.
  130. >There were some calls to close the portal again, but those were few and far between.
  131. >For the most part, the men were perfectly well behaved, and the women were staying on the other side of the portal, which suited everypony just fine.
  132. >There were lots of sympathetic hugs for the men.
  133. >Nuzzles.
  134. >Compliments.
  135. >Gentle encouragement.
  136. >[spoiler]Sympathy sex.[/spoiler]
  137. >When it finally happened, the last one really flipped everything on it's head.
  138. >It turned out, men were animals in the sack.
  139. >Not crude or forceful, no.
  140. >But energetic, highly interested in your pleasure, and very, very, VERY willing.
  141. >At least, that's what the rumors said.
  142. >You never cared much about gossiping like a colt, though you did want to know about the latest happenings in the world.
  143. >The newspapers were all writing about it too, getting flooded with various guides of how to go about seducing humans and stories of amazing encounters that supposedly left the mares dizzy with pleasure.
  144. >The news broke only a few months ago, so you're pretty sure that the vast majority of those "guides" and stories are complete bunk.
  145. >In their rush to cover the latest "breaking news", the journos always rushed to get *anything* out first, only checking whether it was even remotely true later, if at all.
  146. >Fleetfoot, however, dove right into it with wild abandon.
  147. >Which lead you to where you are right now.
  148. >In your office, still staring at your second in command that was still grinning like a complete loon.
  149. >Some fifteen minutes had passed since you went silent.
  150. >Fleetfoot didn't show any signs of discomfort, though.
  151. >You knew she wouldn't. She wasn't your second for nothing.
  152. >You groan.
  153. "Alright, so... You're still going to seriously claim that the psychotic grin you've been wearing all week is the result of- what? A one-night stand with a human?"
  154. >"Yup!" She chirped happily.
  155. >At your raised eyebrow, she added "Ma'am."
  156. >You lean back in your chair, not sure how to proceed.
  157. >It is Friday, and past the time you'd let everyone off for the weekend.
  158. >Should you just accept her at face value and let this whole thing go?
  159. >Not like there was anything else to do, honestly.
  160. >Besides the lack of discipline in regards to her facial muscles, Fleetfoot didn't break any rules.
  161. >Her flying was good and sharp, even better than usual.
  162. >Which is partly what gave you the suspicion about drugs, or performance enhancers of some kind.
  163. >Though, apparently, she was just "high on life", or whatever.
  164. "Alright. One last time. You're not abusing substances of any kind?"
  165. >"No, Ma'am!"
  166. "Alright then. Fine. At ease, Lieutenant. Shift's over. Let's go home, or... You can go find more aliens to bang, or something."
  167. >She relaxes her posture, stretching out her hindlegs one by one.
  168. >"You know what, Spitfire? That's EXACTLY what I'm going to do. I'm going to fly over to Canterlot, scour the bars and the human hangouts, and find myself a sexy alien stud that's going to light my world on fire. And you know what else?"
  169. >You roll your eyes at the blatant bragging.
  170. >Fleetfoot was never the "stallion slayer" type, so it's a bit strange to hear such things from her now.
  171. "No, I don't. What else, Fleet?"
  172. >"Permission to speak freely?"
  173. "You- what? I already said..."
  174. >You stop, confused.
  175. >What they hay is that about?
  176. >You can only guess that she's about to say something that would piss you off.
  177. >You glare at her again.
  178. >She's still unphazed, though her grin has turned into a small, somewhat melancholy smile.
  179. "Okay, permission granted. Shoot."
  180. >"You should come with me, Spits, before your crusty cunt dries out completely, and you end up trailing cunt flakes behind you every time you fly.
  181. >Your jaw drops.
  182. >That was one of those. A "I'm asking for a hoof to the face" insult.
  183. >She never, ever said anything remotely like that to you before.
  184. >You're too stunned to even get angry.
  185. "What the hay, Fleetfoot? Where in the actual Tartarus did that come from?!"
  186. >She takes a deep breath holding up a hoof.
  187. >"Alright, hear me out. That was to shock you, and to show you that I mean business. I want you to know that I'm deadly serious about this."
  188. >You nod slowly, making a "go on" motion with a hoof.
  189. >She stomps right up to you, getting her muzzle inches from yours.
  190. >"Spitfire. Sis. You? You need to get laid."
  191. >Okay, now you're angry.
  192. >You snarl furiously, grabbing her by the neck and shaking her.
  193. "The buck did you just say?! You think you can talk such manure about me and then crack jokes?!"
  194. >Her grin is gone. It's almost more disturbing than when she was smiling.
  195. >She looks at you sadly, not even trying to resist.
  196. >"Sis... What happened to you? Sure, you're a hothead. SpitFIRE, and all that. But you reined that in. Always held up discipline. A few years back, you wouldn't have lost your cool like that."
  197. >You stop, dropping her from your grasp.
  198. >A frown forms on your face.
  199. >You open your mouth to say something, but she's faster.
  200. >Shoving a hoof in your mouth to shut you up, she starts talking quickly.
  201. >"Look at me, Spitfire. We joined this team together. Rose through the ranks. You were lively. Fast, fiery, *passionate*. Not this... Broken, bitter, smoldering volcano that's about to explode. What happened to you? Look at me, Spitfire. Look me in the eye and tell me you would have exploded the same way you did just now five years ago. Hay, three or two years ago, even."
  202. >You stop, squinting at her.
  203. >Is this even Fleetfoot? Did some changeling replace her?
  204. >No, can't be. She knows too much about the past.
  205. >Yet, you still didn't expect her to start talking about feelings like some colt.
  206. >You remove her hoof, thinking about what she said.
  207. "..."
  208. >You want to deny everything that she said. But damn it, she's right.
  209. >She takes your silence as a signal to continue.
  210. >"Did you just get into your "drill sergeant" persona too hard? You know that that's supposed to be an act, right? If you can't loosen up a little and blow off some steam, you're going to end up blowing your top REAL bad some day."
  211. >You sigh.
  212. "No, Fleetfoot, I didn't. At least, I don't think I did. This job, it... It's a lot more stress than I thought it'd be. I'm a good flier. But maybe I'm not such a good Captain after all."
  213. >"Don't give me that manure. You're great, and you know it. You just need to blow off some steam, before you... Hay, I don't know, snap and scream at a civilian or something. Bit by bit, you're turning into an actual cunt instead of the "loveable hardflank" that a Captain's supposed to be."
  214. >You snort.
  215. "And what's your solution? Go rut an alien?"
  216. >She smiles again, though it's a gentle smile this time.
  217. >"Only if you want to. It certainly worked for me. Hay, go get drunk, if that's what you're into. Or anything else. Come on, don't tell me you don't have *any* way to relieve stress. Still, though, I do recommend a good rutting. It's both the most ancient and the most effective way to relieve stress, you know."
  218. >You snort again, though you can't keep a small smile off your face too.
  219. "I don't think I'm into your aliens, Fleetfoot. They still weird me out a little."
  220. >"Then let's go grab a stallion for you. Come on, I'll be your wingmare, not that you need one. You're the captain of the Wonderbolts, for Celestia's sake."
  221. >You sigh, rolling your eyes a little.
  222. >Depositing your glasses into a drawer in your desk, you shed your uniform.
  223. "Come on, let's get flying. I'm going to Canterlot anyway, so we can talk on the way."
  225. >Leaving your uniforms for the maintenance staff to deal with, the two of you launch into the air.
  226. >Though you're going at a fair clip, for a pair of Wonderbolts, it's just regular cruising speed.
  227. >You wonder whether you should say something first.
  228. >Fleetfoot takes the lead, though.
  229. >"So when was the last time you got laid, anyway?"
  230. >You roll your eyes.
  231. "Before I became Captain, I think.
  232. >She lets out a long whistle.
  233. >"Damn, mare I don't think that's healthy. I mean, rubbing one out is fine and all, but there's nothing quite like getting filled, you know?"
  234. >You don't even bother replying to that.
  235. >"So, what happened, anyway? Why'd you stop? Did you just get a stallion that was so terrible in bed that it put you off sex forever? Or... Did you realize you're... Not into stallions?"
  236. >You turn to glare at her again, ineffective as that is.
  237. >As expected, she's unphazed.
  238. "You're really trying to get your flank kicked, aren't you?"
  239. >She bursts out laughing as you huff.
  240. >"What? It's an honest, one hundred percent serious question. You're still into stallions, right?"
  241. "Yes, damn it. Yes I am. Momma didn't raise no dyke."
  242. >"Alright, so. Care to tell me what happened?"
  243. >You mull on the question for a bit.
  244. >What did happen?
  245. >You're honestly not too sure yourself.
  246. "I really don't know. The hassle got too much, I guess."
  247. >"Hassle? Of what, picking up stallions? I guess I can sort of get that when you're a rookie, but it should be way easier now that you're Captain, right?"
  248. "Not... Exactly. More like, the whole... Attention thing. Reporters. Or, rather, the paparazzi scum. It's like I can't even give a colt a ride without it becoming national news. And yeah, I know that the only ones that write about those things are celebrity gossip cumrags. It's still annoying, having to dodge and sneak so some scumbag doesn't catch me in the moment when my tail's lifted and wrapped around some colt's face. It just pisses me off, and takes the whole fun out of it."
  249. >You knew that the situation was the same for the rest of the team, too, at least in regards to the paparazzi.
  250. >They had to have their fun discreetly, or get hounded for weeks by morons asking them for comments and whether they're "giving up their athletic careers and settling down" and similar garbage. Sometimes, the flankholes would even harass the stallions that they had fun with.
  251. >Worse if the stallion they ended up with turned out to be some bit-digger whorse and ended up selling the story of their "encounter", or worse, tried to insinuate that they'd accuse you of rape and just straight up asked for bits.
  252. >...You were probably overly paranoid about it.
  253. >The second thing only happened once, you think, before you even became Captain.
  254. >Most of the fancolts were fine, and understood that a roll in the hay with a Wonderbolt was only a one-time thing.
  255. >You all did have your very busy careers to focus on, after all.
  256. >Still, though, you meant what you said.
  257. >The whole... "Thing" surrounding simply getting laid made you too angry to actually enjoy the experience.
  258. >Which, long-term, probably just left you even more frustrated.
  259. >"Huh."
  260. >Fleetfoot rubs her chin, thinking it over.
  261. >You tilt a wing, spinning lazily in a slow corksrcew, just feeling the air flowing through your coat and feathers.
  262. >Flying used to relax you too, but it hasn't been enough lately.
  263. >Damn it. Fleetfoot's probably right.
  264. >You need a good injection of vitamin D[spoiler]amn massive, rock-hard, throbbing cock.[/spoiler]
  265. >A few minutes of flying later, she speaks up again.
  266. >"So, it really ruins the mood that bad for you?"
  267. "I guess? I mean, I'm good to go, sure. I can get wet enough for half a dozen stallions. But with how frustrated I get, I think I end up going a little too hard. You know how soft stallions are, and we're athletes in our primes, too."
  268. >Fleetfoot chortles.
  269. >"Wohoho! What happened? Did you ride some poor colt so silly that he passed out? Or squeezed him hard enough to force all the blood out of his dick? Heh!"
  270. >Snorting, you shake your head with a small smile.
  271. "Nothing that bad. But I do think I scared the last one I was with pretty badly. I pushed against him and kept telling him to go harder. Afterwards, he kept insisting that it was "the most intense experience ever" and "that he should have known that a Wonderbolt would be absolutely wild", but I could see that he was nearly panicking, babbling wildly with his eyes wide as saucers. That was a massive turn-off, to say the least."
  272. >"Oh, wow. That's... Well, I had some bad sex with some really lazy colts that just flopped like a fish and expected me to do all the work, but that sounds way worse. You didn't *actually* hurt him, did you?"
  273. "Hay no, he was fine. Even started timidly suggesting a second round when I held him for a while and he calmed down, but the mood was thoroughly dead by that point."
  274. >"And they say angry sex is the greatest thing ever. Guess it doesn't work when only one participant is angry."
  276. >You chuckle a little, though the joke doesn't tickle you nearly as it used to.
  277. >Your expression turns into a frown again moments later.
  278. >You give Fleetfoot a sidelong glance as you're flying.
  279. >Looks like you're going to owe her.
  280. >Big time.
  281. >Not for offering her help as a wingmare, no.
  282. >But for knocking some sense into you.
  283. >That was a real sis thing of her to do.
  284. >Before, you thought she turned dyke all of a sudden, talking about feelings and crap.
  285. >Hoo colt, were you wrong.
  286. >Unlike what some prissy stallions said, mares did have emotions, oh yes.
  287. >They just dealt with them differently.
  288. >Stallions babbled to each other day and night, while mares were strong and just dealt with it without needing to cry on someone's shoulder.
  289. >Every now and then, though, even the strongest mare needed a friendly punch to the face as a wakeup call.
  290. >Not every mare had close enough friends that would be able to both see that you're going off the rails, and be trusted enough for you to actually get the message instead of punching back.
  291. >And Fleetfoot was that kind of mare for you.
  292. >While she's thinking about something, you comb through your memory.
  293. >Little incidents, flashes of anger here and there.
  294. >Feeling angry at things that wouldn't have phased you before.
  295. >You really were turning into a total cunt, weren't you?
  296. >"Were". You more than likely still are.
  297. >Next thing you know, you'll turn into that wrinkly, twisted-limbed, crotchety old mare that yells at foals to get off her lawn.
  298. >Bleh.
  299. >Fleetfoot speaks up again.
  300. >"You know, I'm not sure that getting a good lay is even going to help you all that much. I mean, it will, but it kind of sounds like what you need is an actual coltfriend that you can return to every evening and get your screws tightened. No sneaking, no paparazzi, no need to go looking for targets every evening."
  301. >You sigh.
  302. "You know that the odds of it actually working out are not in my favor."
  303. >"Yeah, yeah, I'm just saying... It's still true, you know."
  304. >It is.
  305. >It'd be damn nice to get home and have a stallion waiting for you in a tight apron and a homecooked meal, giving you a choice of eating dinner or eating him on the dinner table. Prefferrably both, though not at the same time.
  306. >But stallions didn't like mares that worked long hours, toured Equestria for months without getting home and had other duties that kept them away from the nest.
  307. >They preferred the mares that spent time with them and soothed their fragile egos, even if the hard-working mare that wasn't at home much was bringing in the haybacon for the entire herd.
  308. >It was disappointing, but that was just how stallions were.
  309. >They really didn't have much of a head for how finances and the responsibility to be the provider worked, going by their emotions first and foremost.
  310. >Oh sure, any herd in the country would gladly take you.
  311. >For the bits.
  312. >You could be a lowly side-mare in some herd, barely getting some dick now and then, where by all rights you should be the absolute alpha.
  313. >There were multiple stories like this with athletes and other ponies in your field.
  314. >Sure, it didn't always go bust, but it was around 50/50.
  315. >The biggest scandal was when some big-shot hoofball star found a herd while she was still young, right after getting noticed.
  316. >She trusted her herd-sisters to keep the nest (and stallion) warm while she was travelling all over, kicking flanks and hoofballs left and right.
  317. >Made a bunch of bits, made sure that the herd wasn't hurting for anything.
  318. >When she retired young, as most real hardcore athletes tend to do (or they end up getting injured real bad), and came back home, she found the reception to be less than warm.
  319. >The stallion was being catty all the time, and the mares acted as if they were in charge.
  320. >When she confronted them about it, they started threatening to kick her out of the herd if she kept "acting out".
  321. >So she proceeded to kick them all out of her house, seeing as she was the one who owned it, entirely.
  322. >The dumb whorses ended up homeless immediately, seeing that all they really ever did was spend the mare's hard-earned bits and have fun.
  323. >You don't think there was a single real mare in Equestria that didn't gain a whole bunch of respect for her when they read that story.
  324. >Those losers really expected a total Trixie Thundercunt of such caliber to get cock-whipped into submission by their toy-colt.
  325. >Pfffff.
  326. >Some newspapers tried to drum up sympathy for the "poor" stallion, but you're pretty sure even the other stallions completely disowned him.
  327. >Either way, though, the situation unfortunately didn't change much after that story came out.
  328. >There was no cultural shift or anything. You still saw articles about similar stuff happening pop up now and then whenever you were reading the sports section.
  329. >Guess hoping for stallions to change and be a little more logical and reasonable would be too much to ask for.
  330. >Heh. Now that's a joke.
  331. >You're not sure what else to do, though.
  332. >Keep going like you are, and hope you don't blow up so hard it'd cause a career-ending incident?
  333. >Or drop everything and go for an early retirement before you can ruin the reputation you already built up?
  334. >Fleetfoot seemed to have other solutions, though.
  335. >"You know what you really need, Cap?"
  336. "Yeah? What's it going to be this time? More rutting? After getting a good screw, go out again? Twice the rutting? Rutting squared? Hay, grab multiple stallions and get spitroasted?"
  337. >"Woah! Now you're talking! The last one's a pretty good suggestion, you know!"
  338. >You roll your eyes.
  339. >"I'm not joking, by the way! Really, you have no idea what's it like to have two stallions at the same time mounting you, or their dicks spreading you wide, or feeling them pump their loads into you. It's something way different than just taking the feeling of what it's it like with one stallion and doubling it."
  340. >You look at her in disbelief.
  341. "Wait, did you actually...? With two stallions?"
  342. >She buffs her hoof against her chest tuff nonchalantly, her expression smug.
  343. >"Wellll, I'm not one to brag, but... Well, let's just say that if you didn't remove yourself from the game, then you'd have found out that it's even easier to get a stallion when you're not just a rookie in the Wonderbolts, but a prety high ranking veteran. And yes, even multiple stallions are possible, if you get real lucky."
  344. "Damn, mare. Nice."
  345. >She chuckles, puffing out her chest.
  346. "Alright, so what were you going to suggest before?"
  347. >"Hmmm? Oh yeah! What you really need is a human, Spitfire."
  348. "Really?"
  349. >She nods enthusiastically.
  350. >"Absolutely. I'm dead serious, you know. They're so different from stallions, in... So many ways. It's actually a put-off for some mares, but a perfect solution for the ones in unusual situations. Like ours."
  351. >You think on her words.
  352. >You're highly tempted to just dismiss her.
  353. >However, she turned out to be correct about a whole lot of things so far.
  354. >The least you could do is hear her out.
  355. >And maybe find out just what the Tartarus did that human that she slept with did to her to make her smile like a maniac for a whole damn week.
  356. "You really like them, huh?"
  357. >She nods vigorously.
  358. >"Buck yeah. They're awesome."
  359. "Alright. I honestly can't imagine letting one do anything to me in the bedroom, but I'm open to having my mind changed. Let's hear it. What's the big deal with these humans?"
  360. >"Really? Sweet! Alright, where to start..."
  361. "How'd you even get into them, anyway?"
  362. >"Okay then, from the beginning. Remember that week where half the team got feather flu?"
  363. >You nod. A few months ago, someone caught something, likely from some overeager fan that didn't think that their cough was anything that would end up grounding the team.
  364. >You ended up giving everyone two week's vacation to make sure it completely ran it's course before everyone could return to work.
  365. >"Well, I was fine, and I didn't want to just sit on my flank for two weeks, you know? We're mares of action! And the news about how supposedly wild the humans were in bed just broke a few days ago back then, so I thought I'd go and see what the big deal was about. I honestly didn't think much of it - I thought I'd just have some fun, maybe it'd be a little different, like the difference between a pegasus and an earth pony stallion, right?"
  366. >You nod, showing her that you're still listening.
  367. >"Well, I didn't get laid. At all. Heh."
  368. "I'm guessing the men still didn't get the memo back then?"
  369. >She chuckles, shaking her head.
  370. >"Nope, still completely clueless that I was flirting with them. Hay, I'm sure plenty of them would have been willing, heck, raring to go, even, but they really had no clue that half the mares around them would happily take them then and there if they so much as waved their tails at them."
  371. "Wait. Humans... Don't have tails."
  372. >"Well yeah, exactly. They can't move their ears either, or use a lot of other kinds of body language that we use. Makes some ponies nervous."
  373. >That was true. A lot of other 'Bolts said that it was very hard to read humans during the debriefings after your "diplomatic bodyguard" missions.
  374. >"Anyway, I did end up talking to them a whole lot, about all kinds of things. Alien things. Their world, the stuff they built... Honestly, it was amazing. I'm no nerd, but they have the coolest toys. No mare could remain completely uninterested in the stuff they have."
  375. >That was true.
  376. >While there were some great mages among the stallions - they kept bringing up Starswirl the Bearded, and you had serious respect for the power Shining Armor wielded - the tinkerers and mechanics were pretty much exclusively mares.
  377. >Sure, there were some hobbyist stallions, but all the real greasy, sooty, sweaty and otherwise nasty positions where you'd get covered in grime were held by mares.
  378. >And humans did have some really wild technology.
  379. >"Which is the same for a great many other mares, certainly every mare that I talked to. They'd try to talk up a man at a bar, expecting some colty gossip or babble for a few minutes while she buttered him up before dragging him off back to her place, the whole thing taking fifteen minutes, tops. And then, it'd end up a three-hour session of listening to them talk about spaceships, rockets, faster-than-sound airships, instant communication across the entire planet, and all kinds of other things."
  380. "Heh."
  381. >You could believe it. You were certainly interested in their technology yourself, though for slightly different reasons.
  382. >The "instant communication" part almost made your head explode with possibilities when you heard about it.
  383. >It changed military engagements *completely*. If someone could have instant, clear communication with every soldier in an army, across continents, well...
  384. >Like you said, the possibilities were endless.
  385. >There were some deep discussions with other high-rank ponies and the princesses about how human technology could cause very real upheaval in Equestrian society.
  386. >On the face of it, it sounded like a massive force for good, which could improve the quality of life immensely, pulling your technological level hundreds of years into the future.
  387. >As long as it was applied carefully and the humans weren't hiding any side effects or caveats when they were trying to sell them, of course.
  388. >So, the princesses assigned ponies to thoroughly examine everything the humans offered them, to make sure that the introduction of the human advancements would be a renaissance and a rebirth, not a bloody revolution.
  389. "Alright, and then what happened? That was months ago, so... Was last week when you finally got laid? It took you *months* just to get a human into bed with you?"
  390. >Her smile turns a little crooked.
  391. >"Well, not THAT long, though I actually gave up trying to bed one for a while and just tried to learn what makes them tick, or wanted to learn more about the cool stuff from their world. It caught me like nothing before. They're really fascinating. I mean, it makes sense, right? They ARE interdimensional aliens."
  392. "So you really went for a deep dive into humanity during those weeks off?"
  393. >"Totally. So yeah, for a while, I almost forgot that the first goal was to get humanity to take a deep dive into me."
  394. >You both chuckle.
  395. >"But when I realized that I wasn't even trying to bed the guys, then it kind of hit me that I could probably ask them questions that would otherwise mean they wouldn't want to rut me, either."
  396. "Questions like?"
  397. >"So, what do you think of having sex with a buff pegasus?"
  398. >You snort.
  399. "Subtle as a train wreck. No stallion in Equestria would take you like that. Don't tell me that actually worked on the humans."
  400. >"Ha! No. They'd just start sputtering, their eyes bugging out. Not because they were angry or insulted, but - as they told me - they never actually thought about it before."
  401. "For real?"
  402. >"Yeah. Want to know a secret about human psychology that I learned? What they think about us?"
  403. >That sounded intriguing.
  404. "Shoot."
  405. >"They think we're cute."
  406. "Wait, what? They think we're cute and they never though about having sex with us? How the hay does that even work?"
  407. >"Not "Oh, that stallion's cute, I want his dick inside me" cute. More like "Aww, that's an adorable little kitten" cute. They think we're literally cute."
  408. "Whaaat? What, they thought that about you, too? You're a buff, strapping, marely mare with a tuft to be jealous of. And they think you're... Cute?"
  409. >"Yup! "Absolutely adorable, liable to give someone diabetes or a heart attack", as one man told me. Speaking of tufts, apparently, when mares would fluff their tufts at them, they didn't find it intimidating or arousing, oh no. They found it *extra* cute."
  410. "That's, that's..."
  411. >You're struck speechless for a while.
  412. >Talk about signals getting mixed up.
  414. "Alright, hold up. There's gotta be something that they would understand, besides just straight up saying "hey, you want sum fuk?" Like, uh... Well, surely some mare got frustrated and just lifted her tail at them, or something?"
  415. >Lifting your tail was a risky maneuver, to say the least.
  416. >Most stallions absolutely refused to give you the time of day if you didn't spend some time buttering them up first.
  417. >The only advantage of it was the expediency, due to the sheer bluntness of the act - you'd know immediately whether a stallion was interested or not.
  418. >It might work for famous mares like you or Fleetfoot, but a regular mare would more than likely get dirty looks or even get yelled at.
  419. >"Oh, sure. They'd just politely avert their eyes, though, or that's what they told me. Or just wouldn't care, since we're always naked. They have this whole thing with clothes, right?"
  420. "Isn't that to keep them warm? They're originally from some kind of warm regions, and they adapted by making clothes, or something like that. I think I remember them explaining it in the early conversations."
  421. >"Yeah, but they need to get naked to actually go at it, so not wearing anything is lewd for them. Except with ponies, they just sort of accepted that we're naked almost all the time, so they didn't see it as sexy."
  422. "Wait, so we need to cover up for them to see us as attractive?"
  423. >"Kind of. I mean, that's not all that different from ponies. Who doesn't like a stallion in socks?"
  424. "Huh. Aliens are weird."
  425. >"I know, right? See, after a while I ended up talking to a bunch of mares too. A lot of them started working together to crack the mysteries of humans after they saw that they were getting almost nowhere by themselves. Sharing intel and all that. And, get this: they find mares in socks sexy. Also panties."
  426. "No way. Mares? In socks?"
  427. >"And panties!"
  428. "Socks are for stallions! And dykes!"
  429. >"I know!"
  430. >You shake your head. Those humans have some weird kinks.
  431. "So, what, they like emaresculating mares? Did you wear socks for the guy you were with, too?"
  432. >From the corner of your eyes, you see her eyes dart back and forth.
  433. >"Nope! Totally not, heh heh. And, uh, no, they're not into humiliating mares. They don't even see it as that. They just have different cultural connotations to lots of things, you know?"
  434. "Right..."
  435. >The doubt in your voice is rather obvious.
  436. >Fleetfoot gets the idea that you're not really getting sold on the humans.
  437. >Undaunted, she ploughs on.
  438. >"Anyway, the mare that told me that learned from firsthoof experience. She got a man to actually move in with her after a few weeks of dating, but had trouble making things sexy and turning him on. Massive blow to any mare's ego, right? Well, it took her a little while of poking and prodding her coltf- hm... Manfriend? Oh, whatever. Anyway, she tried to find out what men found attractive, and after a few attempts, got to the socks. Said she got the best ride of her life that night and finished five times."
  439. "Whoa. Okay. Wait, the man actually just... Straight up told her? And he wasn't... I don't know, being coy, or spent an hour leading her on first?"
  440. >"Nope. I told you, men are totally different from stallions. Apparently, they don't do that whole thing where they're super-obviously mad at you for whatever reason they think up but keep telling you "I'm fine" no matter how many times you ask what's wrong, they don't hang around in groups in public places talking crap about mares and bursting into giggles every time a mare trots by, they don't expect you to be a mind reader and magically know what was it that you did that set them off, they're perfectly capable and willing to sit down and have rational conversations to discuss things instead of emotionally blackmailing you or twisting your words into some kind of insane nonsense and then claiming they were right..."
  441. >Fleetfoot goes on like that for a little while.
  442. >Your eyes go a little wider with each thing she lists off.
  443. >Okay, now you're intrigued.
  444. >Obviously, the only knowledge of being in a herd that you have comes from second-hoof knowledge.
  445. >However, a rather large amount of that knowledge paints a rather disappointing picture.
  446. >Every time you'd hang around with other mares, sharing a drink or wherever else, just shooting the breeze, stallions would come up sooner or later.
  447. >And from the herded mares, there'd always be at least one, if not all, of them telling the others how they had to deal with some outburst or other from their stallions.
  448. >Anything from a whimsy fit where they'd "subtly hint" that the house needed a fresh coat of "more pleasant color" of paint, in a color they said was absolutely hideous not five minutes prior (and they'd say that again the second the house was repainted, obviously, demanding to put it back the way it was), to the aforementioned "I'm fine" insanity they seemed to be so fond of.
  449. >Stallions. Can't live with them, can't live without them.
  450. >The picture Fleetfoot is painting makes it look like the "can't live with them" part would disappear entirely.
  451. >If you herded with a human, that is.
  452. >That wasn't the current goal, though.
  453. >Meanwhile, Fleetfoot keeps going.
  454. >"And, get this - honestly, I'm not sure I even believe this one, but - men actually have a head for money. They don't ask you change the drapes every week or buy an entirely new set of furniture because the old one "clashes with the new drapes" or something. The mare said that he lived with her for a whole month and didn't even suggest that they'd redecorate or that they "needed something to brighten up the place.""
  455. "I think I can believe that one, actually. With how the human women have plenty of men to choose from, a lot of them end up alone for a long time and have to work to support themselves. Hay, a good chunk of the men that come to Equestria are single and come here with their own money, right? Which means that they have to know how to actually manage finances and stuff."
  456. >"Oh yeah, that makes sense. Mare, human society is messed up. Can you imagine if it was like that over here? There's probably not a mare that hadn't wished that there would be more stallions to go around at some point in her life, and how life would be easier and there would be less tension in society if they didn't have to compete with other mares so much. Instead, it turns out having more stallions would lead to every mare becoming a lazy husband-beater."
  457. "Yeah... No kidding. Really shows that those sociologists with their fancy degrees are just talking out of their tailholes when they write articles about how "society could be made better" if this or that happened. I mean, I know stallions can be a pain to deal with, but come on. Proper mares don't leave stallions to fend for themselves like those women do."
  458. >The two of you approach Canterlot, slowing down to a more city-friendly speed.
  459. >Fleetfoot takes the lead, flying past the fancy parts of town with all the noble's mansions to the more middle-class districts.
  460. >You clear your throat.
  461. "While that was very interesting and all, I'm not planning on shacking up with a human any time soon. I'm still not sure I even want to sleep with one. Can you tell me what was it so wild that gave you that week-long slasher grin? What, he made you cum a hundred times or something?"
  462. >"Oh, right. Well, no, he didn't. It was a... Combination of things."
  463. >She goes silent for a moment. You wait until she articulates whatever that she's trying to say in her head.
  464. >"To begin with, the sex was totally awesome, yes. I wasn't really counting, but he went three times that night, and then one more time the next morning when I gave him a good-morning blowjob as a wakeup present for such a great night before. He didn't let me finish him off, though, flipping me over and mounting me. I complained a little, but not very enthusiastically, heh."
  465. "Okay..."
  466. >You had to admit, that sounded fairly impressive.
  467. >Again, your knowledge was mostly second-hoof, but even the stallions that you took to bed in the past never went more than two rounds.
  468. >You never tried giving them a good-morning blowjob, though. That sounded interesting.
  469. >Maybe that'd convince them to give you a good-morning lickaroo, too.
  470. >Hm. Something to think about later.
  471. >"Another thing was the feeling of... Achievement, I guess? Or maybe satisfaction of a job well done. I spent over two months hanging around humans and learning all about them. It was amazing to finally put that knowledge to use, and succeed."
  472. "Succeed at what, exactly? Seducing a man?"
  473. >"Yeah. I could have gone the easy way and just been blunt. It would have probably worked, too. With how lonely all those guys are, they're just about ready to jump any mare that's nice to them. It just takes some time to communicate that idea to them in ways they can understand. Either that, or you jump into their lap and tell them that you want to give them the ride of their life. That's not fun, though, and makes the sex afterwards really disappointing. I'm not some fancy, dress-wearing seductress that has stallions swooning over her, but I do have standards."
  474. "I can get that. Are they really that lonely, though? Sure, I heard the rumors, but you know that they're often blown waaay out of proportion."
  475. >"They are. I'm pretty sure the only reason they're not riding mares 24/7 is because is their lack of confidence and all the miscommunications and different perceptions. The one I took to bed last week started blushing like a beet when he realized that I was making a move on him. Said it was extremely flattering that a member of a completely different species found him attractive, and that he'd never even considered such a possibility."
  476. "Not even considering the idea of a mare asking out a male? Yeesh, that's bad alright. I mean, I'm not an interspecies fetishist, but I couldn't exactly help myself and not check out the male griffons or the other guests at all those Canterlot galas I went to. What, are the women back on their world so spoiled for choice that some men end up never getting any attention at all?"
  477. >Fleetfoot shrugged.
  478. >"They must be, I guess?"
  479. >You shake your head in disdain.
  480. "Well, they do say good times make weak mares... Pathetic. Anyway I'm happy to hear how he reacted to your flirting."
  481. >"Yeah? The shyness and awkward blushing? What about it?"
  482. "Because that means they have SOME masculine character traits, then. So far, you might as well have been describing mares, not men. While all those super-janefilly qualities sound great, I'd still like for a colt to have at least some masculinity. Imagine getting together with a stallion that's *exactly* like a mare."
  483. >Fleetfoot frowns, considering the idea.
  484. >"Who would clean up? Who would cook the food? Do the dishes? We'd end up slobbing around and having sex or drinking all day."
  485. "Exactly, though I meant the sex, too. Imagine if a stallion was like some of the mares that had trouble lasting long and fell asleep right after. Hah."
  486. >"Heh, good point. You're right that they're still like stallions in some ways, though. They still get all blushy and stammering if you catch them off-guard with a nice compliment, for example. And they have this stallionly caring/nurturing need like you wouldn't believe. I mean, stronger than stallions, even."
  487. "Really?"
  488. >She nods vigorously.
  489. >"Absolutely. I guess with no one to express it on, they get pent up, in more ways than one. The guy last week? He spent hours - HOURS - just cuddling me, all his limbs wrapped around me in ways that would make a pony's bones break if they tried it. He caressed me the entire time too, running his hands and his fingers *everywhere*. He'd go for my sweet spots when we were doing it, but then he would go back to just rubbing and stroking me, which, after a while, would turn me on again and I'd go for another round. I kept expecting him to fall asleep, but he'd just go right back to massaging me, timidly asking me if it was okay to touch me here or there all the time. Gave me the best backrub of my entire life, better than any spa, hooves down. When we finally washed up and went to bed, he fell asleep nuzzling my mane, still gently rubbing my belly. Probably thinking about foals, like all stallions tend to do. So yeah, they project a gruff image and they're toughened up due to their upbringing, but you can tell that underneath, they're total stallions."
  490. >She leads you to land in one street lined with various dining and drinking establishments, the occasional shop squeezed inbetween.
  491. >You both land carefully, trying not to bump into any pedestrians.
  492. >A few tall forms dot the street here and there, the humans immediately standing out in the sea of ponies.
  493. >Some ponies still give them a wide berth, but the vast majority treat them like any other pony, with a few doing the opposite - staring at them with either curious, sympathetic, or lustful looks.
  494. >You see one human pass by not too far away, accompanied by a mare that's eagerly telling him the history of Canterlot and the places they're trotting through.
  495. >She's swaying her tail from side to side subtly while looking up at him, but, as usual, he's oblivious to her advances.
  496. >You try imagining going to bed with him.
  497. >Tall, spindly... Bare skin...
  498. >Nice legs, though.
  499. >And his pants are tight, hugging his flanks real nicely.
  500. >Maybe they have something with that "clothes" thing after all.
  501. >Wait, would they find you really hot in your Wonderbolt outfit? Those things are skin-tight, after all.
  502. >Getting off-topic. Focus, Spitfire.
  503. >Fleetfoot nudges you with a wing.
  504. >"So? What do you think?"
  505. >You let out a breath.
  506. "Still not fully convinced, Fleet. I don't trust them."
  507. >"You're... Afraid of them? Or do you think they look too weird?"
  508. "No. I could take one in a fight, I'm sure. And they don't look half bad, honestly. Letting one do whatever he wants to you in the bedroom is something else, though. I don't trust their... Thinking. With all those stories about how alien and totally different they are, I wasn't sure how'd they behave even in a regular conversations, let alone bedroom stuff. You're really saying that they're like stallions, though?"
  509. >"Well yeah. Like I said, in SOME ways, though, definitely not all of them. They seem like the mareliest mares you ever met when you talk to them at first, which, I guess, is how their messed up maretriarchic society made them. But when you get more intimate with them, yeah, they're total stallions underneath."
  510. "Well, even if I don't trust them fully, I trust you. Let's go get some alien dick for me, and we'll go from there."
  511. >She pumps a hoof.
  512. >"Sweet! Alright, fair warning, this might take a little while. There's not that many humans around, and there's lots of other mares gunning for them. I found most of their preferred haunts, though, so just follow my lead."
  513. >You nod, letting her take the lead.
  514. >She leads you past a couple restaurants.
  515. >You expect her to enter the frilly, pink-painted teahouse you're trotting by, but she doesn't even glance at it.
  516. >Right, men are more like mares, at least when they're out and about.
  517. >She leads you into a bar, instead.
  518. >You trot just a few steps inside, Fleetfoot scanning the area quickly.
  519. >After only a few moments, she shakes her head.
  520. >There's only one human, and there's at least six mares crowded around his table, chatting him up. A couple have discreetly wrapped their tails around his legs.
  521. >He looks a bit overwhelmed, not even noticing them feeling up his legs.
  522. >Attempting to bust into that situation could only end badly, Wonderbolt captain or not.
  523. >Waving a hoof, Fleetfoot turns around.
  524. >You follow along.
  525. >Three more bars later, you're back out in the street again.
  526. >Fleetfoot doesn't seem worried, though.
  527. >As you're about to move on, you see a tall, bipedal shape approach you from the side.
  528. >It takes Fleetfoot a few more seconds longer to notice it, which gives you time to examine it.
  529. >Her eyes light up and she opens her mouth immediately, attempting a friendly greeting.
  530. >You don't let her.
  531. >"He-mmmph."
  532. >She looks at you with a raised eyebrow as you muffle her mouth with a wing.
  533. >Giving a tiny shake of your head, you glance at the passing figure.
  534. "That's not a man," You mouth quietly.
  535. >Her eyes go a little wider, and she stares at the human, examining it in greater detail.
  536. >Longer hair, prominent teats on her chest. Yup, that's a woman.
  537. >Don't see many of those around any more.
  538. >The two of you wait for her to pass by.
  539. >Fleetfoot keeps looking as she disappears in the distance.
  540. >She's not the only one, several mares shooting distrustful looks in that direction.
  541. >"You know, I barely even saw what their females look like. All the humans we played bodyguard for were men, and then I spent most of the time during the first tourist rush in the clouds. When I got back, they all fled already."
  542. "I'll make sure to point them out if we find any more. Don't want to chat up one of those, after all. Let's keep going."
  543. >"You got it, chief. Right this way."
  544. >She leads you down a side street, humming some song under her breath.
  545. >"All I ever wanted... All I ever needed... Is here, in my arms.."
  548. "Hm?"
  549. >She turns to you, her mind clearly somewhere else.
  550. >"Sorry, did you say something?"
  551. "What's that song you were singing?"
  552. >She grimaces, smiling nervously.
  553. >"Oh, did I do that out loud? Uh, it's nothing. Just something I heard around. Heh heh."
  554. >What?
  555. >You give her a flat look.
  556. "Not buying it. What's the big deal with a song to make you so nervous, anyway?"
  557. >"It's nothing, honestly. It's a human song, is all. Guess I got carried away a little when thinking about humans."
  558. "Alright then... What, did some man try serenading you, or something?"
  559. >"Hah! No. I just got one of those crazy tiny music players the humans have."
  560. "Oh yeah? I know lots of ponies are skeptical of the claims the humans make about their stuff. Does it actually work like advertised?"
  561. >"It really does! It's pretty wild, honestly. There's this tiny thing barely than the size of my hoof, and it holds over eight hundred songs. I don't know how many vinyl records I'd have to stack to have that many, but there'd likely be several ceiling-high piles."
  562. "Okay, that sounds pretty cool. How do you get music into it, then?"
  563. >While you were closely following the news about plans to incorporate human technologies on a large scale in Equestria, you never bothered learning about all those personal gadgets that the humans carried with them all the time.
  564. >Although you were mildly curious, some ponies said that they were almost impossible to use without hands, so you didn't bother.
  565. >"Well, apparently, you need a "You-Ass-Bee" wire to connect it to a "compewter" and "upload" songs on it."
  566. >She grins as she "explains" it to you.
  567. "Okay... In Equish, please?"
  568. >"Haha! Yeah, I've been saying it a lot to the humans, too. Took me a while to get the gist of what most of their technical terms mean. Basically, lots of their fancy technology can be connected to each other, and you can just move or copy whatever's on them between them. And if you want new stuff, you have to get it through that... World-spiderweb thing."
  569. "I think they call it the "internet"."
  570. >"Right, that. Anyway, I overheard some songs the humans were listening to, got drawn into yet another conversation about their tech stuff, and eventually got a fairly straightforward explanation about how their gadgets work, and which ones are more trustworthy than others. So, after listening to some recommendations, I decided to go ahead and buy one for myself, and one of the guys uploaded his personal library into it."
  571. "Give me the gist of it sometime later. If they're actually that good, I might want to get something myself sometime."
  572. >"You should. I had no idea what to expect from alien music, but, let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed. Remind me to play you some stuff from the "metal" genre sometime. It's awesome."
  573. "Alright. Where do you keep it, though? I see humans carrying their toys with them all the time."
  574. >"Oh, at home. Apparently, those things are really vulnerable to moisture, so I didn't want to risk damaging it while flying through clouds. Anyway, we're getting sidetracked pretty badly. Back to business at hoof."
  575. >You nod as she approaches another bar.
  576. >Despite the side street being very narrow, you don't feel cramped at all, as there's not a single other pony here at the moment.
  577. >It's actually more of a backalley than a street.
  578. >A number of emergency exits and service entrances line the buildings.
  579. >And, hidden in between all of those, sits a lonely pub.
  580. "That's an... Interesting location. What, did you turn into a hipster, or something? Been frequenting "hip" and "hidden" places?"
  581. >"Ha! Screw you too, Spitfire. No, I didn't, but humans often end up in similar places. They told me that Equestria can get overwhelming, so they end up seeking out quieter establishments, and then sharing them with other humans. A few were kind enough to share them with me, too."
  582. >You remember the guy in the first bar that you looked in, with six enthusiastic mares crowding him.
  583. "I guess I get it. If they can't take a step outside without getting mobbed by horny mares..."
  584. >"Yeah, though, given their situation, they could use more mares in their lives. Let's see if we can find some lonely guy to give the gift of mare to."
  585. >You follow Fleetfoot through the door, looking around.
  586. >It is quieter here than any other place you've been in so far, though not due to the lack of patrons.
  587. >Seems that there's simply a calmer atmosphere here, away from the buzz of the main street.
  588. >Fleetfoot's intel is proven right, as you find at least a dozen humans among the ponies.
  589. >She bites her lip, scanning the crowd.
  590. >There's a group of six men intently discussing something in low voices, gesticulating in a wild manner.
  591. >Fleetfoot seems to dismiss them immediately, looking further.
  592. >One man is sitting with a mare, her tail wrapped around his leg and his hand holding one of her hooves while they share a dish.
  593. >The mare's chest is puffed out and her posture straight, in that "I just landed a mate and I'll fight you to the death if you dare make a move on me now" stance.
  594. >A few men look available, but Fleetfoot shakes her head when she sees you examining them, likely using whatever alien knowledge she gleaned from those months of learning about humans.
  595. >Giving up on the tables, she quickly glances at the bar.
  596. >"Well hello there."
  597. >You turn to see what she's looking at.
  598. >There's a single man sitting on one of the barstools, his tall frame looking comical on the pony-sized furniture.
  599. >No mares are accosting him. Yet.
  600. >Time to change that.
  601. >He seems to have arrived only recently, scanning the drinks menu.
  602. >"Alright, looks like we have our man. Let's go."
  603. >She canters off at a lazy pace, projecting an aura of being cool and unhurried.
  604. >It is only now that you realize that you don't have the faintest clue at what to do.
  605. >Sure, Fleetfoot learned all that stuff about humans, but you didn't.
  606. >And as you already know, nothing from your repertoire of picking up stallions is going to work.
  607. >Going after her, you speak quietly.
  608. "Hold up, what the hay am I supposed to do?"
  609. >"Relax, stay cool, and follow my lead, even if it seems counter-intuitive. *Especially* if it seems counter-intuitive."
  610. "Alright..."
  611. >"Just let me chat him up first. They find it weird when more than one mare starts making moves on them. Order a drink or something while I feel him out."
  612. >You snort.
  613. >They find it weird when females of any kind start making moves on them at all.
  614. >You follow her silent directions and go for the seat to his right.
  615. >She moves to the left, opening her wings a little.
  616. >You watch as she "accidentally" brushes her feathers against the exposed part of his arm.
  617. >Smooth.
  618. >As he turns towards her, you take your seat, unnoticed.
  619. >"Oh, I'm sorry, did I bump into you?"
  620. >"No, you barely even touched me. Your feathers are really soft."
  621. >"Oh my, thank you! I do take good care of them. Flying's my pride and joy, you know. Say, you've been looking at that drinks menu for a while. Mind if I recommend something? My treat."
  622. >The barmare, who has been waiting for the man to order, is watching the situation with the tiniest, most barely perceptible smirk that you ever saw.
  623. >It's definitely there, though.
  624. >Yeah, she knows what's up.
  625. >Turning towards you with a knowing look, she raises an eyebrow.
  626. >After a moment, she seems to recognize you, the other eyebrow following it's sibling upwards.
  627. >"Well now, lots of interesting faces here lately. Looking for some firewater to fire up the weekend?"
  628. "Eh, not yet. Think I need to cool off from the weekdays, first. Tall mug of hard cider please, whichever's you think is best."
  629. >She nods, retrieving a mug and filling it up.
  630. >The man glances at you briefly when you speak up, but Fleetfoot has his attention hooked pretty hard.
  631. >Dropping a couple of coins, you take a deep pull from your mug, feeling the cool refreshment flow down your throat.
  632. >Ah. You needed that.
  633. >Feeling genuinely more relaxed, you slouch a bit on the stool.
  634. >You do keep one ear perked squarely in Fleetfoot's direction, though.
  635. >"Oh yeah, you're not the first human I talked to. I just find you interesting. I mean, who doesn't, right? Actual aliens. You guys have the craziest stories. Don't worry about that drink, the conversation is more than worth it."
  636. >It takes her a few minutes of smooth-talking to get him to agree to allow her to pay for his drink.
  637. >Instead of some fruity, sweet cocktail, he orders a dark, bitter ale.
  638. >You're not sure why you're surprised any more, honestly. You should have seen that coming by now.
  639. >Meanwhile, Fleetfoot's working her magic.
  640. >"So, what are you up to? Chilling out after a hard week?"
  641. >He grimaces a tiny bit.
  642. >"I wish. Well, I don't wish that the week was hard, heh. Just needed to clear my head for a little while."
  643. >"I know the feeling. Sometimes I go flying to chill out, but I already did that all day long today. A good drink helps too, as long as you don't go overboard."
  644. >She slowly flexes her wings as she speaks, extending them halfway before pulling them back in a lazy manner.
  645. >The man's eyes follow them with abject fascination. Interesting.
  646. >"So you're, uh... Some kind of... Flier?" He finishes awkwardly.
  647. >She chuckles, puffing out her chest.
  648. >"Yup, one of the best, in fact. Ever heard of the Wonderbolts? Don't worry if you haven't, by the way. I'm not going to grade you on your answers."
  649. >He chuckles.
  650. >"No... No, I haven't, sorry. I didn't really have much time to get acquainted with Equestria's culture and stuff yet."
  651. >"No worries. I'd be happy to help, in fact. If you have questions - ANY kinds of questions - don't hesitate to ask, no matter how basic they sound. Anyway, I'm actually a military mare. Special operations."
  652. >You try not to snort. "Special operations" was a joke among the Wonderbolts.
  653. >"Whoa, really? So you're some kind of... Secret special operative?"
  654. >Fleetfoot shakes her head, laughing a little.
  655. >"Technically yes, though we're the complete opposite of secret. It's a bit of a running gag in my squad. We're actually a group of Equestria's most elite fliers and aeronautics performers, so we're probably the most well-known branch of the military in the entire country."
  656. >"Oh, I get it. You're the sort of... Public face and showing off/recruitment branch. We have something similar at home. "Hey, look how cool we are, come join us" sort of thing, right?"
  657. >"Kind of, though we do fly rescue missions and respond to various emergencies whenever they pop up. We're the fastest response team there is."
  658. >"That's just awesome. Not just your job, it sounds totally badass, but just... The whole ability to just go "eh, screw gravity" and fly off. That's still so wild to me. And mind-boggling."
  659. >Badass?
  660. >He takes a deep pull from his mug, glancing at Fleetfoot's wings again.
  661. >Her eyes light up.
  662. >She spreads her wings wider, tracking his gaze with her eyes.
  663. >While he's distracted, she makes a discreet motion to the barmare, who goes to fill another mug with the human's preferred ale.
  664. >"Say, you've been looking at my wings a lot."
  665. >He immediately looks away.
  666. >"Oh, uh, damn, I'm sorry, was I being inappropriate? I really sorry, I-"
  667. >She quickly moves one wing to silence him, putting a primary on his lips.
  668. >He stares at it in wonder, reflexively reaching for it with a hand before stopping himself.
  669. >"No, silly, you haven't done anything wrong. You can look at ponies all you want. If anything, I'm flattered."
  671. >He seems a bit skeptical.
  672. >"Really?"
  673. >She smiles, removing her wing.
  674. >"Of course. Why in the world wouldn't I be? Someone that's not even my species finds me so interesting they can't keep their eyes off me. It's quite a compliment."
  675. >That seems to stump him.
  676. >"Well, uh..."
  677. >"Go on, don't be shy. Look all you want."
  678. >With that, she spreads her wings to their full extension, striking a pose.
  679. >His eyes go wide, roaming all across her body.
  680. >Smiling at her success, she flexes a few times, showing off her muscles and making different poses.
  681. >You stare as well, though for different reasons.
  682. >You'd never have even thought to try something like that.
  683. >Even the biggest meathead mares know that outright flexing in front of stallions like that is good for a laugh, at most.
  684. >They might give you a few appreciative glances, but that's it.
  685. >He's giving her far more than a glance, though.
  686. >She's good at this.
  687. >The man, meanwhile, must have found his throat suddenly dry, as he quickly finishes off the rest of his drink.
  688. >Fleetfoot goes back to sitting normally and orders a cider herself, passing him the mug of ale.
  689. >He considers it for a moment before shrugging and taking a sip.
  690. >She takes a deep pull, savoring the flavor.
  691. >You finish your own cider, motioning for a refill.
  692. >There's a lull in the conversation as everyone savors their drinks.
  693. >Instead of pushing on, Fleetfoot seems to be waiting for him to say something.
  694. >He fumbles with his mug awkwardly before speaking up.
  695. >"So, uh, thank you. That was very... Interesting. Honestly, I've been wanting to just... Take a closer look at a pony for a while, but I didn't want to look like a creep."
  696. >It takes you a minute to actually process what he just said.
  697. >He thinks mares would find exotic alien males checking them out creepy?
  698. >You bite your tongue so you don't say something stupid.
  699. >Something like "What kind of clit-sucking turbodyke taught you that?!"
  700. >Not that it's actually a stupid question, but it would be stupid to say that right now. Don't want to ruin all of Fleetfoot's hard work.
  701. >She scoffs.
  702. >"That's absolutely ridiculous. Don't tell me you haven't been stared at every time you went out."
  703. >"Well, yeah, but-"
  704. >"No buts. Just stare right back. Get into a staring contest, with every pony that stares at you, even."
  705. >He chuckles, shaking his head and taking another sip. Fleetfoot raises an eyebrow wryly.
  706. >"So, what did you think, anyway? Like what you see?"
  707. >"Oh, uh, well, you look really... Ummm, majestic with your wings spread like that. I imagine you'd look even better when actually flying."
  708. >"Oooh, majestic. No one's ever called me that. You really know how to set a mare's heart aflutter. I almost expected you to say something else, though."
  709. >"Yeah? Like what?"
  710. >"Well... I told you that I talked to other humans before, plenty of times. The curiosity goes both ways, you know? And, while it took me some time... I learned your secrets, human. Your dark, concealed thoughts that you hide from ponies."
  711. >Her flirty expression changes to something more intimidating, giving him a flat look as she leans forward.
  712. >He seems to be taken aback by that, leaning back a bit.
  713. >"W-what do you mean? What thoughts?"
  714. >"I know what you actually think about mares, my tall, long-legged friend."
  715. >She extends one foreleg, pointing at him with every word.
  716. >"You... Think... Mares... Are... Cute."
  717. >His scared expression turns to a mix of embarrassment and amusement.
  718. >He coughs several times, attempting to hide his laughter. Raising his mug, he tries to hide by taking another drink.
  719. >Fleetfoot, meanwhile, is back to smiling.
  720. >"Gotcha."
  721. >He gives her a flat look as well, his voice gruff, but amused.
  722. >"Oh, don't act like you don't know you're cute, you little devil. You're all aware of it, one hunder percent."
  723. >You're really not. It's still weird to hear him say it. Mares aren't cute. Mares are marely. Those are nearly complete opposites.
  724. >"Really, and what makes you say that?"
  725. >"All those ponies that visit Earth. They know what's up, and they exploit it to hell and back."
  726. >"Hold up, that's not something I heard about. I talked to humans about human stuff and their time in Equestria, but I can't say I heard anything about the opposite. How are things on the other side of the portal?"
  727. >You perk your ears. That does sound interesting.
  728. >He rolls his eyes.
  729. >"Everyone's tripping over themselves to offer help to the ponies that inevitably get confused from the information overload on Earth, while simultaneously restraining themselves from grabbing ponies and screaming how they're the cutest things ever. And with their "cute and innocent fairytale creature" image, they can get away with a lot of things. There was an amazing story that came out about some unicorn pickpocket that stole hundred's of thousand's worth of jewelry, watches, and all kinds of other stuff from people with magic. She'd distract them with the "lost and cute" shtick while robbing them blind. Unfortunately for her, she had no idea what security cameras are. Heh."
  730. >"Oh, wow. That's... That's pretty wild. Uh, I have no idea where you humans get the whole "innocent fairytale" stuff from. There's bad ponies and criminals in Equestria, and violence, and monster attacks, and all kinds of stuff. I'm pretty sure that image is something you made up yourselves entirely."
  731. >You wonder what happened to the thief. Did the humans deport her, or jail her? You never followed the events on Earth much, either.
  732. >He shrugs.
  733. >"I mean, I guess. It doesn't help that we had lots of creatures similar to what exists here in our mythology for a long time. Unicorns, pegasi, griffons, manticores... You're all far cuter than in the myths, though."
  734. >Fleetfoot rolls her eyes.
  735. >"I thought I was majestic."
  736. >"You are. Also cute."
  737. >She sticks her tongue out at him.
  738. >"Well, there's some progress at least."
  739. >"Progress... Towards what?"
  740. >"Towards you accepting reality. Some men I talked to confessed that they had this disconnect in their heads for a few weeks where they've been travelling Equestria and being impressed by our world, but still kept thinking about ponies as "cute talking animals", even though we were the ones that built everything around them. It took them a bit to really internalize that they're talking to another sapient species."
  741. >"Oh, uh..."
  742. >He fidgets awkwardly. Fleetfoot waves him off.
  743. >"Don't worry about it. I know you are the only species that can talk on your world."
  744. >"It's just... A lot to take in."
  745. >"Like I said, don't worry about it. I understand."
  746. >"So, should I try to stop seeing mares as cute? I don't think that's possible."
  747. >Fleetfoot snorts.
  748. >"Don't bother, then. We're much more than cute, though. We can be lots of things."
  749. >"Like majestic?"
  750. >"That's one of them. There's others," She says with a sultry tone of voice.
  751. >You can almost see the gears turning in his head.
  752. >She "unconsciously" lets her wings relax, her wingtips brushing against her flank and drawing his eyes there.
  753. >"Mind if I ask you your name? We've been talking for some time, after all. I'm Fleetfoot, by the way."
  754. >"I- I'm Anon," He stammers.
  755. >"What's wrong? Come on, relax. My friend and I are just winding down after a long week. No one's going to jump you if you make some silly mistake in a conversation."
  756. >"Your friend?"
  757. >Looks like you're up.
  758. >"Oh yeah, my captain, Spitfire. She's had a lot to deal with this week. Feeling better, cap?"
  759. "Much," You reply, putting down your mug.
  760. >Anon turns to you, examining you more closely.
  761. >You notice his eyes linger on your mane a lot, before moving to your tail.
  762. >"Whoa. That's the coolest hairdo that I ever saw."
  763. >You grin.
  764. "Don't you mean the hottest?"
  765. >He chuckles.
  766. >"You ponies have the craziest colors."
  767. >"So you humans say, though you have far crazier stuff than mane colors."
  768. >He turns his head back towards Fleetfoot, at which point she enacts her master plan.
  769. >"Say, instead of craning your head back and forth between the two of us, why don't we take our drinks and get a table? If you don't feel like leaving yet, of course. Heck, I think I'm going to order some food, too. I didn't have anything to eat yet."
  770. >"Oh, well, sure."
  771. >"Want to get something for yourself?"
  772. >Food actually sounds pretty good right now. The last thing you ate was the lunch back in the academy.
  773. >You all order some things, and Fleetfoot sneakily manages to pay for his food before he can figure it out.
  774. >"How did you even..."
  775. >"Don't bother. I'm the fastest on my team," She says, flashing him a wink.
  776. >"You don't have to pay for my food just to have a conversation with me."
  777. >"Oh, give me a break. I'm famous, I can afford it a million times over. Besides, what if I'm like those humans with those ponies back on Earth? What if I think you're cute?"
  778. >He snorts, quickly putting a hand over his mouth do he doesn't burst out laughing.
  779. >His body shakes with suppressed laughter for a good minute.
  780. >"Yeah right. Then I'll have to call you a liar," He eventually gasps out.
  781. >"Really? What makes you so sure?"
  782. >"Oh, come on. I'm both bigger and taller than you. To you, I'm like a... Bear, or something."
  783. >"Oh yeah? Plenty of ponies still find bears cute, you know."
  784. >"..."
  785. >He's not sure how to reply to that.
  786. >You wonder if you should participate in the conversation more, but you can barely keep up with all the twists and turns Fleetfoot's effortlessly cruising through.
  787. >Shaking his head, he takes his seat at the table, idly watching as you reposition your wings a little so they don't get squished between the backrest and your back.
  788. >Well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  789. >You extend one wing, watching him track it with his eyes.
  790. "You really like our wings, huh?"
  791. >"Uh, yeah, sure. I find pegasi in general interesting, honestly. Most people are freaking out about unicorns and their magic, but when you get down to it, pegasi are way, way weirder. I mean, you live in cloud cities, for goodness sake. And I can't imagine what it's like to have a pair of extra limbs sprouting out of your back."
  792. >You shrug with your wings.
  793. "Was born with these babies, so I couldn't tell. Flying's pretty awesome, though."
  794. >"I can't imagine," He sighs melancholically.
  795. >There's a deep longing in his voice that's impossible to miss.
  796. >Both you and Fleetfoot perk up. The two of you share a glance.
  797. >She wiggles her ears in the "move forward" motion.
  798. >You rarely get the chance to use the military hoof/ear signals, but situations like these make those lessons worth it.
  799. >You clear your throat.
  800. "Would you like to fly, Anon?"
  801. >"Um... Sure...?"
  802. >You nod, keeping your voice as nonchalant as possible.
  803. "Oh, alright then. We can fly you around a bit as soon as we finish dinner."
  804. >"Wait, what...?"
  805. >His voice is full of disbelief.
  806. >Your food arrives, and you take a deep whiff.
  807. >Hmm. Pretty good. Maybe this place is worth coming back to.
  808. "Your food's going to get cold, you know."
  809. >"Right..."
  810. >He's still staring at you with an incredulous expression.
  811. >You do your best to appear cool and collected as you pour some ketchup on your fish and hayfries.
  812. >You were pleasantly surprised to find out that they serve pegasus dishes here.
  813. >Some earth ponies whinge that ponies should only eat plants, but they can stuff it.
  814. >Besides it being none of their business, they're obviously just saying it because they grow all the plants.
  815. >Anon slowly cuts into his fish, still glancing at you.
  816. >"Are you implying what I think you're implying?"
  817. "What, that I can fly you around? Totally. Fleetfoot told you that we're a rescue team, right? Each one of us can carry three-four ponies, no problem."
  818. >"I'm a bit bigger, though."
  819. >You snort.
  820. "What, than four ponies? I don't think so. Besides, that number includes stallions, and they're heftier than mares."
  821. >"Wow."
  822. >His expression turns into what you'd call "hopeful curiosity".
  823. >"You really mean you can...?"
  824. "Not until we finish eating."
  825. >"Right, right."
  826. >He assaults the fish with the ketchup bottle, his eyes still wide.
  827. >Fleetfoot flashes you an approving grin, wiggling her eyebrows wildly.
  828. >You can't help but smile a little, too.
  829. >During the old times, the practice of swooping in and carrying off the other tribe's stallions wasn't done nearly as often as they accused the pegasi of doing, simply due to the fact that they would just fall through the cloud cities the pegasi were living in.
  830. >The same thing would happen if you happened to give birth to a non-pegasus foal.
  831. >Still, the idea of grabbing this man and flying off with him for some fun tickled you in all the right places.
  832. >You all stay quiet while you eat, though you notice that Anon keeps glancing at you the entire time.
  833. >That's right, keep the eyes on the prize, colt.
  834. >...Where'd that come from?
  835. >You ponder your sudden change of attitude.
  836. >Less than an hour ago, you were telling Fleetfoot that you didn't trust humans.
  837. >You can only guess that you secretly craved a stallion's touch more than you realized.
  838. >You hope this works out. If he leaves you hanging, you're really going to flip.
  839. >Maybe even swoop a stallion for real.
  840. >[spoiler]Yeah, right. Jail time isn't worth it.[/spoiler]
  841. >Eventually, you're all finished with your food, drinking the last dregs from your mugs.
  842. >Anon clearly still has misgivings, so you do your best to project an aura of supreme marely confidence.
  843. "So, Anon, would you care to follow us outside?"
  844. >"I guess..."
  845. >Fleetfoot joins in egging him on, getting off her chair and wrapping her tail around one of his legs, tugging him to follow along.
  846. >"Oh come on, Anon, why did you even come to Equestria if you're not willing to experience it's magic? What, to get a drink and a meal at a pub? I'm pretty sure they have those on Earth, too."
  847. >"That's an incredibly convincing argument, and yet it does little to quell all the butterflies in my stomach."
  848. >Still, he follows you towards the exit, despite his uncertain demeanor.
  849. >Your first instinct is to try and calm him down, but then you remember Fleetfoot's advice.
  850. >Counter-intuitive.
  851. "Sounds perfect. What's life without a little adrenaline? You're not going to chicken out of your dream of flying because of some wimpy little butterflies, are you?"
  852. >He frowns a little, and you're afraid that you made a mistake, until he speaks up.
  853. >"Yeah, no, I'm no chicken. Think you're so hot? Do your worst."
  854. "Ohohoho, now that's not something I ever heard from a stallion before. Better get rid of those butterflies, pal, 'cause we're going to show you some real flying."
  855. >"So, how is it actually going to work? Do I ride on your back, or...?"
  856. >You exit the building, glancing around the narrow backalley. Still empty.
  857. "Oh, I'll give you the ride of a lifetime on my back any time, hotshot."
  858. >"Uh..."
  859. >Oops. Got a little carried away there.
  860. >Fleetfoot flies in to the rescue, doing her best not to laugh.
  861. >"If I may make a suggestion? Spitfire, you should grab him from behind, instead. It'll be easier with his large frame, instead of him trying to hold on to you."
  862. "Yeah, okay..."
  863. >You squint at him while evaluating his size.
  864. >Bit bulky, but still entirely manageable.
  865. >You spread your wings and start hovering, flying a slow circle around him.
  866. >His skepticism takes the worst time to come back.
  867. >"Can you really lift me? I know that your flight powers are magical, but still..."
  868. >Fleetfoot rolls her eyes.
  869. >"You really think we're lying? Us? Such a cute pair of mares?"
  870. >She pouts in a rather unmarely way, flapping her wings and holding her hooves to her chest while hovering in fron of Anon, making puppy-dog eyes at him with her ears folded.
  871. >His hands twitch, reaching for her before he forcefully puts them down again.
  872. >"Hrrrrngnnnng... Stop that, you diabetes demon..."
  873. >Her expression instantly returns to normal as she cackles.
  874. >Damn. That was quite the reaction.
  875. >"For real, though, Anon. Want to see some proof? Give me your hand. I'm not going to do anything bad, I promise. Scout's honor."
  876. >"Okay..."
  878. >He holds out a hand.
  879. >Fleetfoot grabs it with both hooves, nuzzling it for a moment.
  880. >He blinks at her owlishly, reflexively wrapping his fingers around a hoof.
  881. >"There we go. Now, just hold on, alright?"
  882. >She slowly flies upward, making him raise his arm.
  883. >When they reach the point where it's as high as it can go, she stops briefly.
  884. >"Alright, I'm only going to lift you for a second. Don't start screaming, okay?"
  885. >He glares at her silently.
  886. >"Good man. Now then..."
  887. >The speed and force of her wing flaps increases.
  888. >It's noticeably faster, but still not as high as during a high-speed sprint flight.
  889. >Her expression shows no strain whatsoever, though.
  890. >Less than a few seconds later, Anon's feet leave the ground.
  891. >While he was looking at Fleetfoot, he immediately looks downward, his eyes wide as saucers.
  892. >"Whoa..."
  893. >Fleetfoot hovers in place for around ten seconds before gently setting him down.
  894. >"See? No sweat. Each one of us can lift you without problems, and there are two of us."
  895. >"Alright. Okay..."
  896. >His expression slowly morphs from fear into giddy anticipation.
  897. >Glancing at you, he shuffles awkwardly.
  898. >"So, um..."
  899. "Hold still, big guy."
  900. >You fly behind him, landing on his back and hooking your forelegs on his shoulders, feeling him tense up.
  901. "Chill. I'm going to be holding on to you pretty tightly, alright?"
  902. >"Of- of course."
  903. "Good. Give me a few minutes to find the best position."
  904. >You wrap your hindlegs around his torso, doing the same with your forelegs.
  905. >Shuffling your limbs a bit, you feel things out. It's a pretty solid grip.
  906. >Fleetfoot's not done giving advice, though.
  907. >"I think you should go just a little lower, chief. To balance out the length of his body, you know?"
  908. "Alright..."
  909. >You slide down a little bit, your hindlegs ending up partway on his flanks instead of his lower back.
  910. >You breathe in sharply as you firmly squeeze his rear with your thighs, feeling out his muscles there reflexively tense up for a moment.
  911. >Unf.
  912. >Fleetfoot grins manically at your expression.
  913. >"Think you got a solid grip there, Spitfire?"
  914. "Oh yeah. Nothing could pry me away from him now."
  916. >You nuzzle the back of Anon's neck.
  917. "Ready for takeoff?"
  918. >"No, but I don't think I ever will. Just go for it."
  919. "Now that's the right attitude. Five, four, three two- go!"
  920. >You flap furiously, getting enough lift after just three flaps.
  921. >Fleetfoot flies beside you, throwing her forelegs wide.
  922. >"Woo! Feel the wind! Isn't this awesome, Anon?"
  923. >"Y-yeah," He gasps out just as you clear the building's roof.
  924. >His hands firmly wrap around your hooves, his grip impressively strong.
  925. >The feeling of his fingers is strange, but not unpleasant.
  926. >In fact, you're pretty sure you'd like to experience it some more later.
  927. >You keep rising straight up, wondering where to actually go.
  928. >You could go higher up, towards the mountain peak, or maybe do the opposite and go for a high-speed glide downwards...
  929. >Or just fly above Canterlot for a while.
  930. >A part of you still has a hard time believing that this is happening.
  931. >A unicorn or earth pony stallion would never consent to something like this, let alone actively ask for it.
  932. >The wind would ruin their fancy mane-dos and whatnot.
  933. >Yet here you are. Rising far above the city, the crowds now an indistinct mass of ants, a couple stray clouds floating nearby.
  934. >Oh. Maybe you rose a bit too high.
  935. >"Are those clouds? Can we get closer?"
  936. >Or maybe you rose just high enough.
  937. "Of course."
  938. >You change course for the nearest one, a feeble mass of vapor that's barely enough for one pony to stand on.
  939. >Likely a stray piece missed by the weather team. Sloppy.
  940. >He extends a hand, but naturally, it passes right through.
  941. "I thought humans can't touch clouds?"
  942. >"Well yeah. I just... Wanted to do it anyway."
  943. >Fleetfoot flies in, landing on the cloud and stabilizing it after a few strategic taps with her forelegs.
  944. >"How about the next best thing? Come on, have a seat."
  945. >She lies down on the cloud, hanging her legs off the edges.
  946. "Hmmm."
  947. >Anon isn't too sure.
  948. >"What? No, I couldn't-"
  949. "Oh yes you can. Raise your legs."
  950. >You fly him over her, and he awkwardly moves his legs aside as you plant his butt on Fleetfoot's back.
  951. >His weight makes the cloud start slowly sinking down, but it's nothing critical.
  952. >"Whoa..."
  953. >You feel his muscles slowly relax, though he keeps glancing at Fleetfoot in embarrassment.
  954. >Fleetfoot shakes her head.
  955. >"What are you staring at me for, silly? You can do that while you're on the ground. Look downwards, or better yet - look outwards, towards the rest of Equestria. Now that's a sight."
  956. >This time, he is struck speechless.
  957. >You all stay there like that for at least ten minutes, the only motion coming from your wings.
  958. >You flap lazily to maintain balance, glancing at the cloud now and then.
  959. >Few minutes in, you begin gently nuzzling Anon's neck again. You don't think he even notices.
  960. >You certainly find his smooth skin intriguing, however.
  961. >You wonder if he's as smooth everywhere else, too...
  962. >Soon enough, though, you notice the cloud begin to crumble.
  963. >Fleetfoot notices first, tapping Anon on the leg.
  964. >"Looks like our ride's breaking apart, Anon."
  965. >"Oh, okay. Is that... A problem?"
  966. "Of course not, it just means that we're back to flying. Anywhere you want to go? Up, down, any other direction?"
  967. >"I have no idea. Take me somewhere nice, I guess?"
  968. "Oh, I'll take you somewhere nice, alright. You just hold on to your pants... For now."
  969. >"What do you mean for no- ooooow!"
  970. >You grin as Fleetfoot dives down, busting through the fractured cloud.
  971. >Instead of flying up, you pump your wings and follow her, gathering speed.
  972. >Fleetfoot turns back and gives you a wave, veering off to the side.
  973. >You follow in her wake, using the momentum from your dive to keep the speed up.
  974. >To his credit, Anon doesn't scream or even whimper, staying completely still.
  975. >You'd be worried that he passed out, if it wasn't for his grip on your hooves.
  976. >You fly some distance above the usual city flier traffic, low enough for him to take in all the details, but high enough not to have to veer out of the way of other pegasi.
  977. >After a few minutes, you feel his grip relax a few times before he grips you again.
  978. "Something wrong, Anon?"
  979. >"No. I just... Feel like being silly."
  980. >Fleetfoot overhears it.
  981. >"Go ahead! Give in to your whimsy! You know you want to!"
  982. >He ponders it for a minute before shrugging, slowly letting go of your hooves.
  983. >Once he sees that you're really not going to let him go, he extends his arms forward fully, keeping them straight.
  984. >"Woooooo! I'm Superman!"
  985. >Fleetfoot shrieks with laughter while you chuckle.
  986. >Sounds like Wondercolt, or something. Must be some kind of human superhero reference.
  987. >You keep flying him around for a good fifteen minutes at least, making a few semi-sharp turns now and then to keep it interesting.
  988. >Anon never makes a single complaint, only letting out coltish noises of joy now and then.
  989. >Eventually, though, you reach the end of your flight.
  990. >Fleetfoot leads you to the edge of Canterlot, on a segment of the wall overlooking the mountainside.
  991. >There were several "official" landing platforms that civilians were supposed to use instead of landing on the walls, but very few pegasi cared.
  992. >The guards pretty much never patrolled the outer walls anyway unless there was an emergency, so the rule was moot for the most part.
  993. >With a relieved sigh, you set Anon down, unhooking your legs from his sides.
  994. >While you weren't lying about being able to fly him around without issues, those were only supposed to be very quick sprint flights, to get ponies out of danger, not long-distance hauls.
  995. >You could have kept going for a good five minutes more, but that would have been it, unless you switched with Fleetfoot.
  996. >Fortunately, Anon seems more than satisfied.
  997. >"Oh my freaking god, holy hell..."
  998. >He sways a little before grabbing on to the parapet with his hands and looking outwards.
  999. "Well, if you're going to throw up, then thanks for waiting until we were back on the ground."
  1000. >He laughs loudly, shaking his head.
  1001. >"Hahah, screw you. No, I mean, thank you for the flight. No, I'm not going to throw up, you... Amazing, smartass, wonderful jerk."
  1002. >You snort.
  1003. >Not the worst thing anyone's ever called you.
  1004. >You're highly tempted to reply to the "screw you" part with something rather direct.
  1005. >You're not sure if it's the right time yet, though.
  1006. >It should be, right?
  1007. >On shaky legs, he sits down on the wall, looking back towards Canterlot.
  1008. >Sniffling a bit, he wipes a few tears off his face.
  1009. >You're a bit concerned, but Fleetfoot seems unbothered. Pleased, even.
  1010. >Moving in, she lies down on the wall, putting her forelegs on his thighs, draping her neck across his arm and resting her muzzle on his shoulder.
  1011. >Her nostrils flaring, she lets out a breath against his neck, giving you a look and gesturing towards him with her eyes.
  1012. >Oh yeah. It's time.
  1013. >You mirror her position, draping yourself over his side and ever-so-gently nuzzling against his neck, observing his reaction.
  1014. >He doesn't even notice, his mind somewhere far, far away.
  1015. >However, he moves his hands without thinking, running it through both of your manes.
  1016. >He scratches Fleetfoot's neck while the other hand finds it's way on your scalp, right at the base of your ear.
  1017. "O-Oh..."
  1018. >You let out a breathy sigh as he scratches it, tweaking and playing with your ear.
  1019. >It takes at least five minutes for his mind to come back to the ground.
  1020. >Not that you mind it, not at all.
  1021. >Once he does come back, though, it doesn't take long for him to notice the two mares glued to his sides in rather provocative positions.
  1022. >"Um..."
  1023. >You both smile as you keep nuzzling him, a blush slowly starting to form on his cheeks.
  1024. >"Uh..."
  1025. >He glances at Fleetfoot, who gives him an innocent look.
  1026. >"Yes, Anon? Is something wrong?"
  1027. >He looks at you next, noticing his hand and moving it away.
  1028. >You frown a little.
  1029. "Aww, why'd you stop? That felt really nice."
  1030. >His eyes go wider. Swallowing nervously, he slowly puts his hand on the other ear, giving it the same attention.
  1031. >You smile widely, closing your eyes.
  1032. "Oh yeah, right therrrrrre..."
  1033. >You press yourself closer against him, purring into his neck.
  1034. >He spends a whole minute scratching your ear with a confused look, before turning back towards Fleetfoot.
  1035. >"Um, Fleetfoot?"
  1036. >"Yes, Anon?"
  1037. >"Remember when you said that I could ask you questions?"
  1038. >"Absolutely! Ask away."
  1039. >"Alright. What is, um, what is the significance of a mare, uh... Resting her neck against someone like you're doing right now?"
  1040. >"Oh, well, I'm pretty sure there's little difference from a human hug. Ponies hug with their necks a lot, though they do sometimes use their forelegs."
  1041. >"Hug. Okay. And the... Nuzzling?"
  1042. >"Like what I'm doing right now?"
  1043. >"Yes. Exactly that."
  1044. >"That one's a little more intimate than a hug. It is often done between family members, very good friends, when trying to comfort someone very sad, or when trying to make a move on someone."
  1045. >He swallows nervously.
  1046. >"And is there any way to know for certain whether a mare is trying to... Make a move when she's nuzzling someone?"
  1047. >She hums, pretending to think.
  1048. >"Well, there's no absolute way, though if a mare is nuzzling a male that she's not involved with, then that's more than likely a signal that she's looking to become involved. Though, if a mare actually starts nibbling on their ears and neck, yeah, that's a clear signal with no room for error."
  1049. >She lifts her head away from Anon as she says it, to his confusion.
  1050. >The entire time she's saying it, though, she's looking at you with a significant look.
  1051. >Reading you loud and clear, Lieutenant.
  1052. >You exhale a warm breath around anon's ear, curiously nibbling on the alien shape with your lips and the very tips of your teeth.
  1053. >He gasps, tensing up.
  1054. >You extend a wing, draping it across his chest in a calming manner.
  1055. "Shhhh... Shhhh... Relax... I'm not going to hurt you."
  1056. >"And... What *are* you going to do to me?"
  1057. >You give him the best smoldering look you can.
  1058. >He swallows nervously again.
  1059. "Give you another ride, I hope... This time on my back, maybe...?"
  1060. >He goes silent again, pressing his lips together.
  1061. >Slowly, he reaches for your wing with the hand that was occupied with Fleetfoot's neck, watching your expression the entire time.
  1062. >You smile approvingly, grabbing his hand with a hoof yourself, and putting it on your wing.
  1063. "Don't be shy. Get a good feel. Any pegasus mare loves getting her wings appreciated. Doubly so by someone that's not a pegasus, as Fleetfoot told you."
  1064. >He slowly strokes your wing, feeling it out with his fingertips.
  1065. >You can barely feel it. He's really gentle.
  1066. >"So..."
  1067. "Hmmm?"
  1068. >"I heard the rumors, but I honestly didn't believe them."
  1069. "Yeah? What kind of rumors?"
  1070. >"About mares. And men."
  1071. >Fleetfoot chuckles.
  1072. >"I deny everything! Unless it's the good kind of rumors. Then everything is true, no matter how ridiculous it sounds."
  1073. >He chuckles.
  1074. >"I see how it is."
  1075. "Do you now?"
  1076. >"Yeah. You birds carry me away to your nest and eat me. Or feed me to your young."
  1077. >You and Fleetfoot laugh.
  1078. "Oh Celestia, you humans are hopeless. What do I need to do to make you understand that I want you inside me?" You ask sarcastically.
  1079. >"Inside you, as in eat me...?" He says with a manure-eating grin.
  1080. >You smack him in the face with the wing.
  1081. >"Ow."
  1082. "I thought men were tough?"
  1083. >"We are. You caught me by surprise, is all."
  1084. >He adds then, more quietly, looking away.
  1085. >"You really did."
  1086. >You nibble on his ear, feeling a shiver run through his entire body.
  1087. >He turns to look you in the eyes again.
  1088. "So... You want to go somewhere more comfortable? Somewhere with a bed, maybe?"
  1089. >Please say yes.
  1090. >He looks between you and Fleetfoot nervously.
  1091. >"With... With both of you? Again, I heard rumors, but..."
  1092. >Fleetfoot shakes her head, stepping away from him.
  1093. >"Nope! Don't worry, big guy, we're not going to crowd you. I was just helping Spitfire out."
  1094. >"Oh, so you were a wing... Uh..."
  1095. >"Wingmare!"
  1096. >He looks at her wings.
  1097. >"I wonder how did that word develop in Equestria when a third of the mares have actual wings."
  1098. "Huh?"
  1099. >"What? I'm wondering about the etymology of the word "wingmare". It's an interesting question, I think. Are pegasi mares especially known to help out other mares in getting laid?"
  1100. >Fleetfoot snorts, holding in her laughter with a hoof while you roll your eyes.
  1101. "How about you study something else about pegasi right now? Like, say... Pegasus anatomy?"
  1102. >He bites his lip, studying your expression.
  1103. >Come on, don't back out now...
  1104. >He rests his head on your muzzle, kissing you on the nose.
  1105. >"Yeah, alright."
  1106. "Really?!"
  1107. >"WOOOO YEAH! Who's the best wingmare?!"
  1108. >Fleetfoot yells exuberantly, launching into the air and flying in circles.
  1109. >You press against him with your entire body, using both wings to hug him. Nuzzling him, you whisper into his ear.
  1110. "Thank you. I need this... So badly."
  1111. >He answers in a low voice.
  1112. >"Long... Dry spell?"
  1113. "Very. I heard you humans are very considerate lovers, though. You'll be nice... Right?"
  1114. >"Of- of course. Just... I don't know the first thing about how to please a mare."
  1115. "Well, I... Don't really know how to please a man, either. Fleetfoot's the one with the experience. The whole thing was her suggestion and her plan."
  1116. >You both blink at each other before looking at the mare in question.
  1117. >She notices your stares after a couple circles.
  1118. >"Hm? What's up? Should I skedaddle now?"
  1119. >"Uh, the opposite actually. We might need some... Pointers?"
  1120. >"Oh, come on, surely you can figure it out. Shove rod D into slot C, apply lots of friction, boom! Success."
  1121. >You both snort simultaneously.
  1122. "Tell me honestly, Fleetfoot... Is it that easy? What was your first time with a human like?"
  1123. >She bites her lip, rubbing the back of her head.
  1124. >"Um... A little unimpressive, at first? Some of our poses really don't work with humans, and vice versa. Others are great, though!"
  1125. "And... How long did it take you until you went from figuring stuff out to having fun?"
  1126. >"Oh, uh... Around an hour, I think?"
  1127. >You groan, facehoofing.
  1128. >"Hey, it was fun! You have no idea what's it like having a human explore your entire body with his hands. Really sends pleasant shivers down your spine. Though I did need to spend some time... Encouraging him."
  1129. >You glance at Anon's hands.
  1130. >He uses both of them to scratch your ears, sending pleasant shivers down your spine.
  1131. >You flick your tail, feeling your nethers heat up.
  1132. "While that does sound fun, Fleet, I don't think I can last more than five minutes before I just start desperately rubbing myself all over him."
  1133. >She snorts, rolling her eyes, though Anon doesn't seem entirely against such a prospect.
  1134. >"Alright, fine. Let's go find a hotel room before you get arrested for public rutting."
  1135. >Anon tilts his head.
  1136. >"So are you... Coming with?"
  1137. >"In a strictly advisory manner! It'd be illegal for me to join in, anyway."
  1138. >"Huh? Is there a law...?"
  1139. "I'm her captain, Anon. There's rules about fraternization between subordinates and their superiors in the military."
  1140. >"Ohhhhhhh right, that. Yeah. So I suppose we should... Get going?"
  1141. >He slowly gets up, making you slide off of him.
  1142. >On the way down, you catch the sight of a noticeable bulge in his pants.
  1143. >Oooh. Spitfire likey.
  1144. >Launching into a somersault, you flap your wings, flipping over and landing on his back.
  1145. >"Whoa!"
  1146. "No time for sightseeing this time, Anon! Let's go, you sexy alien stud!"
  1147. >"You really think I'm s- Waugh!"
  1148. >You fly him off the wall and down the street, keeping a much lower altitude this time.
  1149. >Fortunately, you already know most of the hotels in Canterlot, having spent plenty of time here.
  1150. >There is one really close that's built with a view over the wall, which is where you go.
  1151. >The view is not what you're going for, though. All you need now is a bed and some privacy.
  1152. >And, if the rumors and Fleetfoot's stories are true, a few whole hours of time.
  1153. >You do your best not to think about what those hours might entail so you don't end up smelling of arousal when you get to the hotel.
  1154. >You're pretty sure they'll know what's up anyway, but it doesn't mean that you're going to act like someone with no self-control or self-respect.
  1155. >The three of you make good time, and before long, you, Fleetfoot and a slightly windswept Anon are standing in the reception of the Valley View hotel.
  1156. >"Room for three, please. Herd-sized bed."
  1157. >Fleetfoot goes to pay for the room while you two stand off to the side, trying not to fidget.
  1158. >"Very well, give me just a minute. Third floor okay?"
  1159. >"Yup, perfect!"
  1160. >Moments later, she's trotting over with the key, and you all move towards the stairs.
  1161. >Instinctively, you surround Anon from both sides, brushing against his legs with your tails, making him blush.
  1162. >"Room three-oh-nine. Here."
  1163. >Fleetfoot opens the door, letting you two go first.
  1164. >You glance around briefly. Pretty nice four-star hotel room.
  1165. >The bed holds your entire attention, though.
  1166. >While Anon looks around a bit more, you beeline towards it.
  1167. >Jumping on it, you sit down, whistling to him.
  1168. >"Yeah? What's up, Spitfire?"
  1169. >You spread your wings wide, tossing your mane and fluffing out your chest tuft, addressing him in a husky voice.
  1170. "Take a wild guess, stud."
  1171. >He swallows nervously as a grinning Fleetfoot trots up behind him and begins pushing him with her head towards the bed.
  1172. >"Well come on, Anon, don't just stand there gawking. The mare needs you. Don't you want to go over there and bury your face in that chest fluff while you grope her shapely, muscular flanks?"
  1173. >"Y-yeah..."
  1174. >"Don't keep her waiting, then."
  1176. >She pushes him to the edge of the bed, where he stops, his eyes roaming all over your body.
  1177. >You lean backwards, moving your tail aside and leaving everything exposed.
  1178. "Like what you see?"
  1179. >"Uh-huh..."
  1180. >His eyes linger on your teats and marehood, his hands clenching a little.
  1181. >It's a little hard to see, but you're pretty sure he's got a bulge in his pants again, bigger than before.
  1182. >Good stuff.
  1183. >Fleetfoot stops pushing him, taking into the air and tugging at his sweater.
  1184. >"Come on, start losing those clothes."
  1185. >"A-alright, slow down a little..."
  1186. >"Wonderbolts don't do "slow", stud. Yes yes, I know. You're nervous to undress in front of an alien. Relax. We're not going to judge you. And besides, that's hardly fair to us, isn't it? Spitfire's already naked, with all her goods on display. So lose your top, at the very least."
  1187. >You watch as Fleetfoot wrestles with his clothes, yanking off the sweater to reveal another layer of cloth.
  1188. >Tossing the sweater on a chair, she bites the collar of... Whatever that thing is called, pulling it off as well, to reveal... Another layer?
  1189. "How much stuff do you humans wear?"
  1190. >"What? Canterlot is on a mountain. Maybe it's fine for you pegasi since you live in the clouds anyway, but it gets chilly for us normal people."
  1191. "Poor guy. Come here, I'll warm you up..."
  1192. >As he removes the last article of clothing himself, you stand up on the bed, trotting closer to him.
  1193. >While he's pulling it over his head and his vision is obscured, you rear up on your hind legs, pressing forward the moment he takes it off completely.
  1194. >"Oh, uh..."
  1195. >*SNIIIFFFFF*
  1196. >You put your forelegs on his shoulders, running your muzzle across his body and taking a deep whiff.
  1197. >Not a stallion. Definitely something male, though.
  1198. >Certainly more than enough of a male to send tingles running through your body.
  1199. >He flinches, leaning back a bit.
  1200. >Fortunately, Fleetfoot is there to intervene, landing on his back in a similar position that you were carrying him in, pushing him forward.
  1201. >"Hey, hey, relax. Everything's fine. That's just how ponies get a feel for each other."
  1202. >You look at Anon's face. He looks terribly embarrassed and slightly confused.
  1203. "What's wrong, big guy? You smell nice."
  1204. >"I... Do?"
  1205. >Fleetfoot nuzzles the side of his head.
  1206. >"Yeah you do. Ponies and humans do things a little differently, is all. As I learned, our sense of smell is way better than yours. Your sense of touch is something out of this world, though. Literally. Go on, quit being so shy and get a feel of Spitfire. She's certainly getting a good feel of you."
  1207. >He nervously extends his hands towards you, placing them on your sides as you keep slowly running your muzzle across his neck and upper chest, exploring the curious scent and the alien feel of smooth skin.
  1208. "So why'd you flinch back like that?"
  1209. >Fleetfoot goes in to explain once more.
  1210. >"The only time humans can smell each other is when they begin to stink, so if a human can smell another one, it's embarrassing for them."
  1211. "Another thing you learned through experience?"
  1212. >"Heh, yeah. There were lots of tiny little freakouts like this that I had to talk through and deal with. Hopefully, I can head off most of them now. Speaking of..."
  1213. >You exhale against Anon's neck, feeling little shivers running through his body. Sticking your tongue out, you give him little licks and bites, enjoying the vaguely salty flavor.
  1214. >Meanwhile Fleetfoot, still on his back, flaps her wings once, pushing him forward.
  1215. >"Come on, Anon, quit being selfish and grab her butt already. See her cutiemarks? Right there. Get in there and start groping!"
  1216. >"...Selfish?"
  1217. >"Yeah. You're really going to keep those lovely hands to yourself the entire night? Make Spitfire do all the work?"
  1218. >He gulps as he trails his hands lower, right where Fleetfoot directed.
  1219. >You pretend not to notice, going for a nibble on his ear.
  1220. >Oh.
  1221. >Oooh.
  1222. "Ooooooh."
  1223. >You had felt hooves on your flanks plenty of times (Though far more often they were masseuses, not ponies you slept with), but this was certainly different.
  1224. >Hooves could apply pressure, but humans were really able to grasp things with their hands in a way hooves just couldn't.
  1225. >Your muscles reflexively tense up, making Anon gasp.
  1226. >"Wow."
  1227. "You like my butt, big guy? I am a top athlete, you know."
  1228. >"It's pretty damn impressive, yeah."
  1229. "Then stop holding back. If you experience the world through touch instead of smell, then start touching me already."
  1230. >Fleetfoot chimes in from his back.
  1231. >"Yeah, Anon, how many times do I have to tell you to start groping her until you start groping her?"
  1232. >"It's just... Nothing, nevermind. Sorry."
  1233. >He finally goes for it, running his hands all across your body, feeling out the curves and muscles.
  1234. >He seems to especially like exploring your flight and flank muscles, coming back to them again and again.
  1235. >You start breathing more heavily, enjoying every moment of it.
  1236. >His nails are really soft, but just hard enough to feel really pleasant as they part your coat and run across your skin.
  1237. >Fleetfoot looks on with approval, giving Anon a few minutes before she starts whispering advice into his ear.
  1238. >Since you're so close to his ears yourself, you hear pretty much everything.
  1239. >"Want to know how to make a mare feel good? Keep kneading her flanks and touching her, but for pegasi, there's this special hard to reach spot that's just made for your fingers. Right between the wings, where the coat meets the feathers, it tends to itch. Get your hand in there, and do NOT hold back."
  1240. >He nods, trailing a hand to the indicated spot and making you tense with anticipation. When the starts scratching, you are not disappointed.
  1241. >You let out a pleasured coo, your entire body trembling.
  1242. >Arching your back, you press your body against him, feeling his erection against your belly.
  1243. >Oh mare, you need that thing inside you.
  1244. >Seeing your reaction, he scratches harder, making your wings droop and shiver as you pant.
  1245. >You feel yourself wink, a drop of your arousal running down your thighs.
  1246. "Buck yesss..."
  1247. >He seems to gain more confidence when he sees how good he's making you feel, trailing one hand downwards and curiously exploring your teats.
  1248. >You press yourself closer, mashing your mouths together and kissing him fiercely.
  1249. >It ends up being really sloppy since your mouths are quite different and you're out of practice, but you don't care.
  1250. >Panting, you pull off him, grabbing his cheeks with your hooves.
  1251. "Enough. By Celestia, enough. I need you, right bucking now. Please."
  1252. >"Alright. How, uh..."
  1253. >Before he can finish speaking, you turn around, face down and flank high in the air, winking right at him.
  1254. >"Whoa."
  1255. "Rut me. No fancy moves. Just mount me and-"
  1256. >"Not gonna work, Spitfire. Sorry."
  1257. >You huff, turning back to Fleetfoot. She's still riding on Anon's back, smiling apologetically.
  1258. >"Trust me, I tried. There's just no way to line up comfortably. Since our heights are too different, it always ends up being too high or too low, unless you find a piece of furniture that's JUST the right height to lie on while he takes you. Then it's awesome."
  1259. "No time for that right now. Alternatives?"
  1260. >"Sure. Lie down on your back, instead. It's how humans tend to do it often, too."
  1261. "Dolphin style? Alright, whatever works."
  1262. >It's not a position that you tried before, but right now, you'd go for doing it upside-down, if that's what it took.
  1263. >Rolling over, you spread your wings wide before lying down, wiggling a bit to get comfortable.
  1264. >Then you spread your legs, making sure Anon gets a good view.
  1265. >Then you spread your marehood with your forelegs for extra measure.
  1266. "Get in there already."
  1267. >Wide-eyed, he climbs on the bed, glancing at Fleetfoot.
  1268. >"Any last-second advice?"
  1269. >She smiles widely, kissing him on the cheek.
  1270. >"Aren't you sweet? I do have some advice, in fact. Quick question first, though: Do you think we're weak?"
  1271. >He's completely stumped. To be honest, so are you.
  1272. >"Huh?!"
  1273. >"No time to dawdle, Anon! Answer, NOW! We can pick you up and fly you around like nopony's business! Do you think we're delicate or fragile?!"
  1274. >"N-no! Of course not!"
  1275. >"Then don't treat her as such! With how "cute" you men find us, you act like we're made of glass, or something. While what we really, REALLY need is a good, hard pounding. Can't remember the times I had to practically beg for one to go harder... You're not going to make her beg, are you?"
  1276. >"No way, I wouldn't do that to her."
  1277. >"Good boy. Now go on and give it to her, H-A-R-D. You want a real rutting, don't you, Spitfire?"
  1278. "Buck yes. No colt's ever given it to me as hard as I wanted them to."
  1279. >"You hear that, Anon? Think you're man enough to succeed where others have failed?"
  1280. >His expression gets a little more firm.
  1281. >"I'll do my damned best."
  1282. >With a nod, Fleetfoot finally lifts off his back, snorting and shaking her head.
  1283. >"Seems like you forgot one thing, though. Oh, you humans and your nudity taboos..."
  1284. >Biting his belt, she tugs at his pants while he grimaces in embarrassment at having forgotten something rather crucial to actually having sex. Namely, getting completely naked.
  1285. >Unzipping his pants, he drops them quickly, letting Fleetfoot pull them away.
  1286. >His erection is peeking out of the underpants, the garment not enough to contain it.
  1287. >Yanking them off, he drops them beside the bed.
  1288. >You greedily drink in the sight of his swinging rod.
  1289. >You were slightly concerned that it was going to be something alien-looking, but it's still immediately recognizable as a stallion's equipment.
  1290. >Decently long, hard shaft, with a lovely pair of balls dangling underneath.
  1291. >He crawls over to you, pausing briefly, running his gaze over your prone form.
  1292. "Come onnnnn..."
  1293. >"Sorry. You're really lovely."
  1294. "Save it for the pillow talk, hotshot. Want me to know how lovely you find me? Then show me already."
  1295. >Nodding, he kneels in front of you, grabbing his dick and touching the very tip to your marehood.
  1296. >You hold your breath in anticipation, pressing you hooves to your chest.
  1297. >He lets out a shaky breath, parting your eager lips and sliding in.
  1298. >You're as wet as can be, so there's very little resistance.
  1299. >With the angle, he gets in halfway before stopping.
  1300. >You clench on his shaft momentarily before forcing your muscles to relax, allowing him free passage.
  1301. >You expect him to start thrusting, but he shifts slightly instead, lying down on top of you and pushing more of himself inside you.
  1302. >Your eyes widen in delighted wonder as you feel him part your deepest depths, trying to guess how much of his dick is he going to put inside you.
  1303. >All of it, it turns out, as you feel the fascinating sensation of his balls slapping against your backside.
  1304. "Whoa."
  1305. >"Everything alright?"
  1306. "Never better. Your dick is awesome. I love it."
  1307. >He's too tall to reach his face, so you lick at his neck.
  1308. >"Oh, uh... Thanks."
  1309. "So, could you...?"
  1310. >"Right, sorry."
  1311. >He begins pulling out, the wonderful friction firing off long-dormant pleasure centers inside your body.
  1312. >You clench his retreating cock real hard, making him hiss in surprise.
  1313. >Expecting resistance, he pushes in forcefully, only for you to relax completely, making him ram his rod inside you with a meaty slap.
  1314. "Yes!"
  1315. >He gets the message, building up a steady rhythm.
  1316. >Keeping his promise, he pumps hard, each thrust making your hindquarters collide in a way that causes the most delightful sounds and sensations.
  1317. >You know that neither one of you is going to last long at this rate, but sometimes a wild, furious sprint that leaves you panting and your muscles burning is exactly the kind of thing you need.
  1318. >His lack of sheath is an endless source of wonder for you, as when his groin collides with yours, his whole body presses into your teats and marehood for a moment, providing you with very brief, but arousing stimulation.
  1319. >He doesn't moan at all, only panting hard as he thrusts with wild abandon.
  1320. >You're so focused on the wonderful, wet shlicking and slapping sounds of your cunt getting a good stretching that you don't notice him snaking his hands under your wings until he grabs on.
  1321. "Hhhm, whaa.."
  1322. >You're breathing a bit too hard to form words, but his goal becomes apparent immediately.
  1323. >Raking his nails across your back, he scratches the spot between your wings, making all of your limbs twitch in an uncoordinated manner.
  1324. >A high-pitched whine escapes your throat, ending in a long, drawn out whinny.
  1325. >You hope Fleetfoot didn't hear that.
  1326. >Yeah right. Ponies in the rooms next to you probably heard that.
  1327. >You blush furiously at the fact that he was able to coax such sounds out of you, though your marehood winks furiously around his dick at the sheer pleasure you're feeling.
  1328. >He slows down for the briefest moment before ramming into you even harder, grabbing you by the bases of your wings and using them as handlebars to piledrive his rock-hard dick into you with even greater leverage.
  1329. >Even the sizeable herd-sized bed starts rocking back and forth a little from the ferocity of his assault.
  1330. "Oh buck! YES! YES!!!"
  1331. >You stop caring about what kinds of sounds you're making at that point.
  1332. >If he's going to make you feel this amazing, you're sure as Tartarus going to let him hear your appreciation.
  1333. >Your hips are already sore, and he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down yet.
  1334. >Overwhelmed, you abandon any attempts to squeeze and milk his dick with your marehood, just relaxing fully and letting him have his way with you.
  1335. >Your tongue lolls out of your mouth as you're transported to heaven.
  1336. >Feebly, you manage to hook your forelegs around him in a hug, the rest of your limbs twitching helplessly.
  1337. "Hooooaaaahhhh..."
  1338. >You surrender to this magnificent stud of an alien, focusing on nothing except the feeling of getting penetrated in the most gloriously forceful way you ever felt, and the sounds of the pounding you're receiving.
  1340. >Brief thoughts flash through your pleasure-soaked brain.
  1341. >The amazing smoothness of Anon's manhood.
  1342. >The feel of his balls, still slapping against your rear.
  1343. >The thought of him emptying them deep inside you, crying out in pleasure.
  1344. >Gratitude towards Fleetfoot, the one that made this all happen.
  1345. >The tingle of reaching your peak, your muscles contracting.
  1346. >Oh.
  1347. >You didn't even notice it coming.
  1348. >You gasp and tense up as you cum, your hindlegs helplessly kicking in the air.
  1349. >You bite Anon's shoulder, muffling your whines as you hold him harder with your forelegs, splashing his crotch with your juices.
  1350. >He twitches, losing his rhythm for a moment.
  1351. >Please don't stop please don't stop pleasedontstop
  1352. >Grunting, he pushes himself back into your sensitive, clenching marehood, forcefully pushing your walls apart with his cock.
  1353. >You swear by your wings, you're going to...
  1354. >Well, you have no idea what to do to be nice to a human, but you're going to do something nice for Anon.
  1355. >Maybe buy him something nice.
  1356. >Or suck him off. A lot.
  1357. >Pulling out, he goes back to thrusting in long, deep strokes, each nerve in your pussy absolutely on fire.
  1358. >You really hope he likes it. You certainly love his dick.
  1359. >Letting go of his shoulder, you absent-mindedly lick him, your tongue getting hit with a surprisingly salty flavor.
  1360. >Whoa.
  1361. >Refocusing your eyes on him, you notice that he got quite sweaty from the workout.
  1362. >Sticking your tongue out, you eagerly lick away, making him squirm a little.
  1363. >"Hrrrng..."
  1364. >He finally reaches his peak, giving a few short thrusts before ramming himself as deep as he can.
  1365. >You sigh in pleasure as you feel him throb, pumping his alien seed inside you.
  1366. >Curiously, he doesn't flare, remaining exactly the same as he was during the act.
  1367. >You gladly pull in every drop of his gift deep inside you, doing your best to use your internal muscles to help and squeeze him as he cums.
  1368. >With how sore and overly sensitive you are, you don't really end up doing much, but he seems to appreciate it anyway.
  1369. >Letting go of your wings, he reaches towards your neck, gently running his hands upward until he ends up cupping your cheeks.
  1370. >You smile at his gentle caresses, slowly getting your wings back under control and wrapping them around him.
  1371. >Grabbing his flanks with your hindlegs, you trap his still-hard member inside you, enjoying the sensation of being full.
  1372. >Buck, you missed this.
  1373. >You both lie there, catching your breath.
  1374. >You hear the soft clip-clops of hooves moving away.
  1375. >You can't see who it is through Anon lying on top of you, but it has to be Fleetfoot.
  1376. >A few moments later, you hear the sounds of the shower being run.
  1377. >Likely cooling down after the show you put on.
  1378. >After a few minutes, Anon moves his hands towards your ears, raising himself up slightly with a groan.
  1379. >You squeeze his dick with your marehood, looking him in the eyes.
  1380. >Twitching, he turns to look at you.
  1381. >"Okay, those rumors about mares that I didn't believe before? All true. Hot damn."
  1382. >You give him a hopeful smile.
  1383. "So, uh... Did you like it?"
  1384. >He tilts his head.
  1385. >"Like... What? You? The sex?"
  1386. "My marehood. I'm not a human, after all. Did it feel good for you?"
  1387. >He blinks, before laughing and tickling your ear.
  1388. >"It was wonderful."
  1389. >You happily squeeze him again, making him grimace a bit.
  1390. "Sorry. You can pull out now."
  1391. >He gives his partially wilted member a tug, slipping out of you.
  1392. >There's a very slight feeling of disappointment, but it's far overshadowed by the absolutely massive pleasure of the afterglow.
  1393. >You lick him absently again, making him snort.
  1394. >"And here I thought I'd be the scary predator in here. Yet, you're the one that keeps tasting and chewing on me. That last bite is going to leave a mark."
  1395. >You blink as his words register, looking at his shoulder.
  1396. >There's a very well visible red bite mark, indents of your teeth pressed into his skin.
  1397. >Crap.
  1398. >Your ears fold in embarrassment.
  1399. "Oh damn, I'm so sorry, are you hurt? You were so good, and I got carried away, and-"
  1400. >He grabs your muzzle with one hand, shutting you up.
  1401. >"Shush. I'm fine, silly pony. It barely even stings."
  1402. >You nod, licking at his hand apologetically.
  1403. >He chuckles, removing it from your muzzle and shaking it.
  1404. >Interesting.
  1405. >You reach out with your forelegs, grabbing the hand.
  1406. >"What are you...?"
  1407. "So, Fleetfoot said that these are sensitive, huh?"
  1408. >"Uh..."
  1409. >You stick your tongue out fully, licking all his fingers and the flat of his hand.
  1410. >He snorts and wiggles them around, trying to pull away.
  1411. >"H-hey, cut that out."
  1412. "I'm sorry for hurting you."
  1413. >"I said that it's fine. Come on, that tickles. Also, that's dirty."
  1414. "Dirty... How?"
  1415. >"Dirty as in... If you suckle on my fingers, it's... Highly suggestive. Of you... Suckling on a different part of my anatomy."
  1416. "Ooooooh. Interesting. Like... So?"
  1417. >Instead of licking, you take a finger in your mouth, locking your lips around it and suckling on it while looking at Anon with lidded eyes.
  1418. >He blushes, still trying to pull away.
  1419. >"Yes, exactly like that."
  1420. >You let him go, smiling at him.
  1421. "Good to know. And, don't worry, I'm not trying to force you into a second round right after."
  1422. >"Thanks."
  1423. "But, uh... Would you be willing to..."
  1424. >He only thinks for a moment before leaning closer to you and kissing you on the nose.
  1425. >"Yes."
  1426. >You sigh happily, nuzzling his face.
  1427. >"Should we clean up? Then again, we'll just get messy again."
  1428. "Yeah, and Fleetfoot has the shower anyway. I bet she's rubbing one out in there, too. Or maybe she's rubbing two out. Or three. We shouldn't interrupt."
  1429. >"Huh. Alright."
  1430. >He rolls off from you, moving back a bit and lying down on his side, so that your faces are at the same level.
  1431. >Running his hands across your body, he glances at your chest.
  1432. >"So, that..."
  1433. "Come on, Anon, Fleetfoot's not the only one that you can ask questions. If there's anything, ask away, and don't be embarrassed. I'm sure lots of ponies, including Fleetfoot, had to ask humans lots of questions that they found silly, too."
  1434. >"Right, so... The thing that she mentioned - the chest tuft?"
  1435. >You glance towards your chest. A little messy, but still voluminous.
  1436. "Yeah? You like it? Want to stick your face in it?"
  1437. >"Maybe? What's the... Significance of it? It's not actually an erogenous zone, is it?"
  1438. "Mmmm, no. Oh, is it because women have those big teats on their chests? No, it's not like that for ponies. It's more of a... Hmmm... Attractive feature? Your partners can rest their faces someplace soft during aftersex cuddles. And if you have a big, fluffy tuft, other mares will be jealous, and it can catch stallion's attention. Some mares used it for dominance displays, though, by forcing a stallion's face into their tuft."
  1439. >"...Ponies are weird."
  1440. >You snort, laughing quietly.
  1441. >He considers your tuft for a moment before shrugging and resting his face on it.
  1442. >You wait for a moment before running your hoof through his hair, trying to appear nonchalant.
  1443. "Do you like it?"
  1444. >"Hmm. I think so," He mumbles, rubbing his face deeper into your tuft and caressing the edge of your chest with his fingers.
  1445. >Nice.
  1446. >You relax fully, wondering how long does it take for humans to be ready to go again.
  1448. >You spend some time like that, the only motions coming from Anon, who is still exploring your body.
  1449. >Fleetfoot was completely right about how touchy humans are.
  1450. >She was right on pretty much everything in regards to them, really.
  1451. >She really must have spent her entire free time these past few months doing nothing but chasing humans.
  1452. >You sigh in pleasure as Anon trails his fingers on the edge of your wings, going from the base to the very tips.
  1453. >It really is nice to have your wings appreciated.
  1454. >He carefully parts the downy feathers to examine where the primaries connect to the wing, studying everything with fascination.
  1455. >With someone else, you'd be concerned that he would mess up your feathers and you'd need a good preening, but those fingers of his are ridiculously precise.
  1456. >And gentle.
  1457. >He glances at you, as if to see if you'd object to what he's doing.
  1458. >Rolling your eyes, you move one wing over his head in a half-winghug. He can look all he wants.
  1459. >Hay, with how good he was to you, you'd probably let him yank out a feather as a memento, if he wanted to.
  1460. >He doesn't seem like that kind of guy, though.
  1461. >Moments later, Fleetfoot exits the bathroom, her signature grin back in full force.
  1462. >"So, did you two have fun?"
  1463. >You snort, removing your wing.
  1464. "While I couldn't see much due to Anon lying on top of me, I'm pretty darn sure you heard - and saw - all of the fun we had. Or, what, that wasn't fun enough by your standards? Is it going to be even wilder next time, now that Anon's not so nervous about being with a mare any more?"
  1465. >She hums contemplatively, rubbing her chin.
  1466. >You're almost afraid that she's going to say "yes".
  1467. >Almost. The other half of you is giddy with anticipation.
  1468. >Your hindquarters are sore in ways they've never been in before. It's the most satisfying muscle ache of your entire life.
  1469. >"Well, probably not. The biggest hurdle is the first time, really, and I think I managed to point you two in the right direction. From then on, it's mostly smooth sailing."
  1470. >Aww.
  1471. >Trotting over, she goes for a flying leap, landing on Anon's back.
  1472. >With a surprised "oof", he looks back at her as she starts kneading his back with her hooves.
  1473. >"Relax, dude. For how grabby you humans are with your hands, you sure react a lot to mares touching you. You really need to get used to that if you're going to be spending time in Equestria."
  1474. >"It's just... A bit unexpected."
  1475. >"Heh. It really hasn't sunk in yet?"
  1476. >"...What?"
  1477. >"The fact that we're mares, not women."
  1478. >He opens and closes his mouth a few times, lost for words.
  1479. >"Um..."
  1480. >Trailing a hand across your wing again, he glances at Fleetfoot.
  1481. >"Are you saying that I'm... Not aware that you're ponies?"
  1482. >"Are you? You keep being surprised when we don't act like humans."
  1483. >Once again, he's not sure what to say.
  1484. >Shaking her head, Fleetfoot sinks down, rubbing her chest fluff and the rest of her body against his back, partially enveloping him with her wings.
  1485. >You do the same from below, sandwiching him between the two of you.
  1486. >Going in for a quick kiss on his cheek, Fleetfoot looks at him sympathetically.
  1487. >"Poor guy. So willing to show a mare the best time of her life, and so shocked when they reciprocate with affection. No, Anon, we're not like women, in so many ways."
  1488. >"Like what?"
  1489. >"Well, we like men, for one thing."
  1490. >He takes a moment to process what she just said before starting to laugh.
  1491. >It starts slow, but soon enough, he's shaking all over and wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.
  1492. >You hold him close, gently nuzzling his face and waiting for his giggles to subside.
  1493. >"I- I want to argue with that statement, but-"
  1494. >"Don't bother, we heard all of that nonsense about "reversed roles" and other junk already. Load of manure. We know that you're much tougher because your society is harsh on you, since there's a lot more men than we have stallions. You're not on Earth any more, though, and you're still guys underneath all that hard shell and spikes you built up. You should relax a bit and give in to your natural male instincts. You'll feel much better."
  1495. >"...Right. That is exactly what is happening here."
  1496. >He still looks terribly amused. Fleetfoot's dead serious, though.
  1497. >"Yup. The sooner you accept it, the better you'll feel."
  1498. >"Uh huh."
  1499. >You can easily see that he's not convinced, though you're not very surprised.
  1500. >You can't expect to change someone's worldview so much in a single day.
  1501. >Fleetfoot moves her wings back and forth, tickling his sides and making him squirm wildly.
  1502. >"S-stop t-that, you flying feather duster."
  1503. >She complies, folding her wings with a victorious grin.
  1504. >Anon relaxes again, though his expression turns thoughtful.
  1505. >"I wonder how many mares that I talked to were actually flirting with me..."
  1506. >From her perch on his back, Fleetfoot perks up.
  1507. >"Ooh, we can help with that! That's definitely something you should know how to recognize. Tell me, how were they acting? Were they telling you things you didn't understand? Those might have been euphemisms for sexy times."
  1508. >He hums, rubbing his chin.
  1509. >"Well, now that I heard it from you two, I'm pretty sure that the mare that offered me to "ride her" meant that she wanted me to rail her... Not a literal ride."
  1510. >Both you and Fleetfoot snort, laughing a little.
  1511. "Yeah, Anon, that one's really straightforward. What else did you think it meant? Actually carrying you on her back?"
  1512. >"Well, the confusion around that one is probably never going to go away. You know that we have horses, right? Those big, equine animals, larger than your princesses? Back in the past, we used to ride them everywhere. Until we invented trains and cars, riding them was the main mode of transport, besides walking."
  1513. "Oh yeah. I've seen some photos..."
  1514. >Fleetfoot shakes her head.
  1515. >"Well, now you know, at least. Anything else?"
  1516. >"Can't think of any more verbal stuff right now. The body language, though..."
  1517. >"Yeah? Go on."
  1518. >He twists his hand backwards, scratching Fleetfoot's ear.
  1519. >"Well, since you're a pegasus, here's one: There was a mare that sort of... Spread her wings at me? She didn't fly off, and she was looking me straight in the eyes while she did it. What's that about?"
  1520. >You're pretty sure you know what he's talking about. So does Fleetfoot.
  1521. >"Oh, oh! Was it like this?"
  1522. >She flaps her wings, taking off from Anon's back.
  1523. >Landing next to the bed, she folds her wings, then extends them again, precisely paralell to the top of her body.
  1524. >"Yeah... So, what's the subtext here?"
  1525. >"Well, to fly, you need to raise your wings up, instead of doing it like this. Pegasi also tend to raise their wings if they feel like there's going to be a fight, to appear bigger. But when mares spread their wings low, like this? They're telling you that they're interested in spreading their legs for you, as well."
  1526. >"...Neat. Okay."
  1527. >She sniggers at his fascinated look.
  1528. >"Anything else?"
  1529. >"Well, I saw a lot of tail waving, but I have no idea if that's just uncoscious emotional expression or deliberate signals."
  1530. >You chuckle.
  1531. "If they raise their tails high and show off their marehoods while giving you the lidded-eyed "come rut me" look, it means they want you to come and rut them, Anon."
  1532. >He snorts.
  1533. >"Never experienced that one, but thanks. I'm sure I wouldn't have figured it out by myself."
  1534. "You're welcome."
  1535. >Chuckling, Fleetfoot turns her backside towards the bed.
  1536. >"Alright, watch this. If a mare simply flicks her tail like this or waves it around, it might be to chase off a bug, or simply expressing frustration, or something. But if they do this..."
  1537. >She waves her tail from side to side rhythmically, exposing her marehood with each swing.
  1538. >Anon shyly averts his eyes, though he still looks at her from his peripheral vision.
  1539. >"Basically, a single swish or two is nothing, but if they move their tails in a way that keeps showing off what's under them, ESPECIALLY if they keep glancing at you to gauge your reaction, yeah, a mare totally wants you to spread those lips with your dick."
  1540. >"Alright... That's... I think that a lot of mares might have wanted to have sex with me. Wow."
  1541. >You smile, nuzzling his face.
  1542. "A real hit with the mares, aren't you, hot stuff?"
  1543. >He just shakes his head in disbelief.
  1544. "Mmm. You're really not used to being appreciated, are you? Roll over. Get on your back so I can show you some appreciation."
  1545. >He tries saying something, but you shut him up with a kiss.
  1546. >Pulling off, you lick the tip of his nose.
  1547. "Come on, you still don't trust me? Relax already."
  1548. >"It's not... Nevermind."
  1549. >He clambers off of you, making sure not to put pressure on your wing.
  1550. >As he briefly sits up, Fleetfoot uses that moment to fly in and hug him from behind.
  1551. >"Huh?"
  1552. >"Shhhhhh. Just relax."
  1553. >She nuzzles him soothingly, hugging his upper body with her legs and wings.
  1554. >Gently, she guides him to lie down, resting his head on her belly.
  1555. >Using her hooves and wings, she slowly massages him while you make your move.
  1556. >Standing up, you move across the bed to lie down betwen his legs, your muzzle right in front of his crotch.
  1557. >Looking him in the eyes, you stick your tongue out, giving his flaccid shaft a lick before gently hefting his ballsack with a wing, popping one of his testicles into your mouth and running your tongue all over it.
  1559. >His breathing gets faster, but he remains quiet, his hands clenching.
  1560. >He starts moving one hand towards you, but Fleetfoot reaches out with her wings, pulling it back.
  1561. >"Just relax, alright? You don't have to spend every single moment when you're with a mare trying to pleasure her. Let Spitfire show some appreciation to those lovely balls of yours."
  1562. >"Lovely...?"
  1563. >"Mmmm-hmmmm."
  1564. >His expression is still somewhere between confusion and disbelief, but he stops squirming, spreading his legs a little wider for you.
  1565. >You hum in gratitude, sending soft vibrations through his balls.
  1566. >He seems to enjoy it. His dick twitches, growing right in front of your eyes.
  1567. >Well, alien or not, it looks like men really are like stallions, in some ways, at least.
  1568. >Anon is certainly liking his balls getting some appreciation from a grateful mare, even though from the way he acted, you'd guess that no one's ever done it to him before.
  1569. >You make sure to be very gentle, even though you're tempted to just stick your muzzle in there and motorboat him.
  1570. >This is for him, not for you.
  1571. >Letting go of the left ball, you trail your tongue to the right one, wrapping your lips around it and applying suction, slowly pulling it into your mouth.
  1572. >You stick your tongue out as much as you can, licking up from his taint and all across his ballsack as you pull it back in.
  1573. >He breathes in sharply, his shaft throbbing and bouncing against your muzzle.
  1574. >You consider going for it for a moment, but decide to keep at it for a little while longer.
  1575. >Switching balls again, you extend the free wing over to his manhood, wrapping it in a soft, feathery embrace.
  1576. >You never actually did anything like it before, since giving wingjobs meant extra wing maintenance afterwards, something you already spent a rather large amount of time on.
  1577. >Still, he seems to like it regardless, throbbing strongly in your grip.
  1578. >You slowly pump his shaft, lovingly suckling on his nuts the entire time.
  1579. >He's biting his lip by now, his muscles tensing up.
  1580. >Fleetfoot is watching his expression with a satisfied smile, still stroking him, bending down to give him a nuzzle now and then.
  1581. >"Spitfire, please..."
  1582. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?"
  1583. >You make sure to draw out the "m", humming against his balls again and making him throb against your wing.
  1584. >"That feels really good, but if you're aiming to finish me off like that, it's not going to be enough. Or, it's going to take a while."
  1585. >Letting his balls go, you give them parting kisses, one for each.
  1586. "Well, I'm certainly not just trying to tease you and drag this out, if that's what you're thinking. Now... Hmmm..."
  1587. >You want to be nice to Anon, but you're not overly certain of your oral capabilities.
  1588. >You played with stallion's balls before, but you never brought a stallion to finish with your mouth, either.
  1589. >You'd help a few get hard like that, but since your goal was a good rut, you'd direct them to mount you every time.
  1590. >Still jacking Anon off with your wing, you glance at Fleetfoot.
  1591. "Got any more advice to give, Fleet?"
  1592. >Her gaze travels from Anon's face to your busy wing, getting thoughtful.
  1593. >"Anon, you feel up for another hard ride?"
  1594. >He breathes heavily, clenching his hands.
  1595. >"Yes. Please. I'm rock hard right now, I'm very much up for it."
  1596. >She nods happily, clapping her hooves together.
  1597. >"Alright! This one's my favorite. You humans call it "cowgirl", I think. It's quite inconvenient for ponies, since our legs bend differently, but... Spitfire, get up and sit down, right on his dick. Get it inside you, nice and snug."
  1598. >You nod, shuffling forward while still holding on to his shaft with your wing.
  1599. >Lining it up, you exhale in anticipation as you feel his tip spreading your lips once more.
  1600. >Letting gravity do the work, you look Anon in the eyes as you take him inside you, all the way.
  1601. >Just like before, the entry is smooth and pleasant, stretching and filling your marehood in a delightful way.
  1602. >Sitting down, you wiggle around a bit to get completely comfortable, tugging at his shaft inside you.
  1603. >You make sure to knead his dick with your internal muscles too, keeping the stimulation up.
  1604. >Anon groans in pleasure, pulling his hands away from Fleetfoot's grip and grabbing your flanks.
  1605. >You just sit there for a moment, enjoying your union.
  1606. >It's still a pretty bizarre sex position, but any position that lets you have Anon's dick deep inside you is great.
  1607. "Okay, so if this position is inconvenient for ponies... What am I supposed to do?"
  1608. >You suppose you could use your forelegs to help push off from him and bounce on his shaft, but you'd have to press on his chest quite hard.
  1609. >"Well, it's inconvenient for other tribes, but we pegasi have a secret weapon. If you use your wings, you can ride his dick very, VERY hard. You need to flap very precisely, though, since the distance is quite small."
  1610. "Ooooh. Oooooooohhhhh. Interesting..."
  1611. >Well, Anon did say he was up for a hard ride...
  1612. >Still, just to make sure.
  1613. "You don't mind if I go hard on you?"
  1614. >He snorts, shaking his head.
  1615. >"I went as hard on you as I could, so it's only fair. Show me what you got, Spitfire."
  1616. >This man.
  1617. >You don't even bother pointing out that you were the one that asked him to pound you hard in the first place.
  1618. [spoiler]>Marry me.[/spoiler]
  1619. >Crap. Good thing you didn't say that out loud.
  1620. >Get a grip on yourself, Spitfire. No time for spaghetti.
  1621. >Focusing on your wings, you give an experimental flap.
  1622. >It's a bit off, sending you back as well as up.
  1623. >Anon keeps you steady, with his hands still gripping you by the cutiemarks.
  1624. >A moment later, gravity brings you back down, mashing your marehood and teats against his groin with a smack.
  1625. >Oooof. You can see why Fleetfoot likes this position.
  1626. >You put your forelegs on his chest for balance, careful not to press too hard.
  1627. >A few flaps later, you nod confidently, having worked out the force and angle needed to lift off from the rather unusual sitting position.
  1628. "Here goes, Anon."
  1629. >He nods wordlessly, his eyes sparkling with excitement.
  1630. >Fleetfoot seems to consider leaving for a moment, before shrugging and closing her eyes, nuzzling Anon's ear and whispering something to him.
  1631. >You clench on his shaft as hard as you can, flapping and raising yourself up in the air.
  1632. >Most of his dick gets forcefully pulled out of you, the friction tugging on your walls and setting your insides on fire.
  1633. >Relaxing immediately, you fall, Anon eagerly helping to pull you down.
  1634. >The resulting slam is even harder than when he was pounding you before.
  1635. "Hooo."
  1636. >Your breath escapes you in a single exhale, your tail twitching reflexively.
  1637. >Breathing in quickly, you do your best to start a rhythm.
  1638. >It's certainly a high-effort sex position that someone probably spent a bunch of time and trial and error to think up. Far more complicated than mounting.
  1639. >It's high-reward as well, though.
  1640. "Haah!"
  1641. >You can't help but gasp from the fierce slams, feeling the impacts in your entire body.
  1642. >His dick goes in wonderfully deep, making you glance at your belly and tempting you to take a measure tape to see just how deep inside you he is.
  1643. >Maybe later.
  1644. >Though most of the pleasure comes from your opening and the lips mashing against him, getting filled this deep is immensely satisfying on a mental level, fulfilling a primal need that every mare has.
  1645. >And you can't get enough of the feeling of being united so closely that your nethers are actually rubbing together.
  1646. >It's still quite the workout, though.
  1647. >Panting furiously, you keep repeating the steps.
  1648. >Clench hard, flap your wings, pull up, feel his dick slide out of you despite your best efforts.
  1649. >Relax completely, feel him grip your rear harder, and slam into him with a splash of juices, your marehood getting absolutely rammed by his meat.
  1650. >Your previously sore marehood and thighs actually hurt now, but you can't stop. The pleasure is overwhelming.
  1651. >Neither one of you has any energy for words, keeping eye contact as you keep riding him.
  1652. >Fleetfoot keeps softly whispering to him, her eyes closed. Likely giving him encouragement or praise.
  1653. >You're certainly going to have lots of praise for him after this.
  1654. >Flap, slam. Flap, slam. Flap, slam.
  1655. >Squish.
  1656. >You wink against him, feeling a tear of pleasure fall from your eye.
  1657. >Buck, this feels good.
  1658. >You feel your muscles contract feebly, the first signs of your impending orgasm appearing.
  1659. >Gritting your teeth, you flap faster, trying to pick up speed.
  1660. >Anon adapts to your faster rhythm, giving tiny thrusts from his prone position.
  1661. >You lose control of your tired muscles, just letting his rod rearrange your abused marehood to it's shape.
  1662. >Whining slightly, you bite your lip, trying to somehow convey to Anon that you're not going to last long.
  1663. >He seems to understand, giving your butt a reassuring squeeze.
  1664. >...Or maybe he just likes squeezing your muscular butcheeks. Either way.
  1665. >Flapping again, you rise, almost at your peak.
  1666. >Breaking eye contact, you look at his manhood disappearing inside you, the sight alone making you clench reflexively.
  1667. >This sets off your orgasm, your muscles contracting wildly.
  1668. >You're pretty sure you'd have made some more embarrassing noises if you weren't so out of breath.
  1669. >A tiny whinny still escapes your lips as you splash his groin with your juices.
  1670. >Damn it, did he cum?
  1671. >You can't leave him unsatisfied...
  1672. >Fortunately, it seems that your previous efforts with your wings and mouth were enough to build up some pleasure, enough for you to finish simultaneously.
  1673. >Giving a couple tiny thrusts, he grinds against you, his shaft throbbing inside you for the second time.
  1674. >Tired, you collapse against him, splaying out on his chest and riding out the waves of pleasure.
  1675. >He immediately removes his hands from your rear, running his nails across your coat and scratching fiercely at the spot between your wings.
  1676. >Another long whine escapes you as your wings twitch wildly, giving a few uncoordinated flaps.
  1677. >You got sweaty from the sex, and his fingers feel amazing at relieving the clammy sensation.
  1678. >You start licking his chest, neck, and every other spot that you can reach, colecting the salty goodness and doing your best to show your appreciation for being such a generous and selfless lover.
  1679. >Leaving one hand between your wings, he moves the other one on your neck, gently caressing you.
  1680. >You're both panting, exhausted, but pleased like never before.
  1681. >You want to stay with him like this for the rest of the night, with his amazing alien dick snug and warm in your marehood, where it belongs.
  1682. >You know that that's impossible, though.
  1683. >You can already feel his member slowly wilting, slipping out of you.
  1684. >Sighing, you pull yourself forward, moving to kiss Anon.
  1685. >His dick slips out, but it's an acceptable casualty.
  1686. >You both spend some time carefully exploring each other's mouths, trying to figure out the best way to kiss.
  1687. >It's a bit awkward, but you keep working on it for a good few minutes.
  1688. >He doesn't seem to mind you shoving your entire tongue in his mouth, fiercely caressing his gums and tongue.
  1689. >Eventually, you break off, still panting.
  1690. >Tired, you lay back down on his chest, nuzzling his neck slowly.
  1691. >You feel something shift, opening your eyes.
  1692. >Fleetfoot extricates herself from below Anon, giving him a pat on the head with a wing before hopping off the bed.
  1693. >Though she kept her eyes closed, you notice that her nether lips are glistening, likely still turned on by being right next to the wild, bed-shaking ride you just gave Anon.
  1694. >She flaps to the bathroom again, closing the door behind her.
  1695. >She can have it. You're in no hurry to move just yet.
  1697. >You don't even notice the time go by. Seemingly moments later, the bathroom door clicks, Fleetfoot trotting out.
  1698. >"Soooo, did you two have fun?"
  1699. >You share a glance with Anon before both of you laugh tiredly.
  1700. "Cut it out, you. Yes, you're the best wingmare ever, and this was the best rut of my life, better than all the previous ones combined. Happy? I'd give you a medal, but I don't think I can write a recommendation for this."
  1701. >She shrugs, taking to the air and going to the windows, opening them one by one.
  1702. >"I think I'll survive. You can buy me a drink next time we're out together, though."
  1703. "*A* drink? Mare, drinks are on me for the next decade, at least."
  1704. >You feel colder, the breeze from the open windows making all the spots covered in your juices feel chilly.
  1705. >And there's a lot of those spots. Sweat, too.
  1706. >Anon squirms a bit as well, likely feeling the same thing.
  1707. "Bleh... Why'd you make it cold? Now I have to get up."
  1708. >"Well, I was kind of assuming that we're going to sleep here, and I want to air it out. Unless you mean to fly to Cloudsdale or somewhere else tonight? It is dark already."
  1709. >You stretch out your legs and wings experimentally, flinching from the pain.
  1710. >Yeah, you're not flying anywhere.
  1711. "Alright, fine... Guess it's better to wash up before all this cum dries out in my coat anyway. Come on, Anon. We can share the shower. Or maybe the bath. I think they have large baths here..."
  1712. >"Sure."
  1713. >You both slide off the bed, swaying a little.
  1714. >Your legs shake, while Anon stands up in a strange, bow-legged pose.
  1715. "You alright there?"
  1716. >He grins.
  1717. >"Totally worth it."
  1718. "...Yeah, it was."
  1719. >Fleetfoot flaps around a bit, making the air move faster.
  1720. >"Want me to go down and order some food?"
  1721. >Hm.
  1722. "Yeah. After such a workout... I think I'll need something more in me."
  1723. >"Okay. I'll get something for you too, Anon. Don't worry, I know what humans can and can't eat."
  1724. >"Thanks, Fleetfoot. You're the best."
  1725. >"Don't I know it."
  1726. >The two of you stagger into the bathoom, looking around.
  1727. >Not very roomy, but the space is crammed with everything you could want, including a bath that looks big enough for you to bathe together with Anon.
  1728. "Score. Let's go."
  1729. >He nods, walking alongside you.
  1730. >With his long limbs, he's the first to reach the faucets, immediately turning them on.
  1731. >Meanwhile, you hop into the bath, reaching for the plug.
  1732. >Your tasks completed, you both sit down, waiting for the water to rise.
  1733. >Anon looks around, finding some neatly stacked, hotel-sized bars of soaps and shampoo bottles.
  1734. >Grabbing a few, he puts them on the rim of the bath.
  1735. >You sigh in pleasure as the water splashes against your sore, sore privates.
  1736. >Glancing at Anon's equipment, you notice that his rod is now an angry red, likely chafed from the absolutely furious rutting.
  1737. >Damn. He's a real trooper.
  1738. >Sliding forward, you hug him, nibbling on his ear.
  1739. >He reciprocates by grabbing your ears with his fingers, squeezing and tugging them gently.
  1740. >"Don't tell me you're getting frisky again."
  1741. "Hm? No, no... Just being appreciative. Do you want me to stop? Is it weird for you when I nibble on your ears? I think humans don't do that... Right?"
  1742. >"Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure they don't. Don't stop, though. It's really nice."
  1743. >You nod, giving his ear a few more nibbles and a lick before resting your head on his shoulders.
  1744. "Thank you."
  1745. >"What for? Spitfire, I should be thanking you."
  1746. >You growl a little bit in frustration.
  1747. >There is such a thing as being too nice.
  1748. "Anon, I'm the one that tracked you down - with Fleetfoot's help - and dragged you off to screw you silly because I didn't get any action for years, riding you so hard you'll probably be sore for days. I took up all that was left of your day, possibly ruined other plans that you had - sorry if I did, by the way - and you took it all not only without complaint, but by Celestia, you gave me the best lay ever. Yes, I know you enjoyed it too, but this was still me satisfying my urges on that awesome, glorious alien dick of yours. So, here's what's going to happen now: I'm going to say "Thank you for being such a wonderful sex partner and making me feel so good, Anon, I hope my marehood felt good enough for you to completely empty those beautiful, exotic balls deep inside me." And you're going to say: "You're welcome, Spitfire, I am indeed a very generous lover and I am happy to have treated you so well, using my amazing hands and dick to look out for your pleasure the entire time we were going at it." So."
  1749. >You clear your throat as Anon gives you a flat look.
  1750. "Thank you for being such a wonderful sex partner and making me feel so good, Anon, I hope my marehood felt good enough for you to completely empty those beautiful, exotic balls deep inside me."
  1751. >"You're welcome, Spitfire, but I'm not saying the rest of that stuff."
  1752. >You huff.
  1753. "Well, I'm not unreasonable. I guess a compromise is good enough."
  1754. >He shakes his head, tickling your ears with his fingers.
  1755. >"You're a silly pony, Spitfire."
  1756. "No... You're a silly human, Anon."
  1757. >He grins, grabbing a bar of soap.
  1758. >"I highly doubt that."
  1759. "We're in Equestria, pal. My authority on what constitutes silly behavior trumps yours."
  1760. >"...Dang it."
  1761. >The two of you remain quiet for a while, grabbing bathing implements and soaps.
  1762. >It takes Anon a surprisingly long amount of time to get your back, once you turn it towards him.
  1763. >You shiver in delight as he massages the lather into your coat.
  1764. >When you try to get his, he looks at you in confusion.
  1765. "What's the matter? Don't you want me to get your back? Humans don't do that?"
  1766. >"Oh. No, not really. Look."
  1767. >He reaches towards his back with his arms, the limbs bending at painful-looking angles.
  1768. "Whoa. Useful when you're alone, I guess, but that still looks awkward. Come on, turn around."
  1769. >He complies, presenting his smooth, furless back.
  1770. >The lack of coat means it takes a surprisingly short amount of time to clean.
  1771. >You feel a tiny bit jealous, wondering if wearing clothes all the time is more convenient than having to spend more time grooming.
  1772. >You always make sure to keep up on your hygiene and appearance, being in the military and all, but very few mares actually enjoy the time they spend to keep up with their grooming regimes.
  1773. >Once the water gets higher, you both squat down lower, enjoying the heat before rinsing off.
  1774. >The water gets murky. You wonder if Anon wants to drain it and refill again.
  1775. >He doesn't say anything, but you unplug anyway, letting the filthy water drain out before plugging the bath again.
  1776. >Remembering his aversion to cold (and wanting to do it anyway), you drape yourself over him while the bathtub refills.
  1777. >Smiling, he wraps his arms around you, running his fingers all across your back and neck.
  1778. >You wonder whether you should say anything, but decide against it.
  1779. >The two of you lazily soak in the bath for a good half an hour, resting your sore muscles.
  1780. >Anon seems tireless, though, never stopping his constant caresses with his hands.
  1781. >Your hooves, your legs, your neck, your back, everything gets touched, rubbed, squeezed, massaged and explored.
  1782. >Surely he has to get worn out some time?
  1783. >You don't have the motivation to tell him to stop and get a break, though, floating in a haze of relaxed pleasure, barely feeling your limbs.
  1784. >You flinch slightly as you sink into the bath, your muzzle going underwater.
  1785. >Alright, maybe you got a little too relaxed.
  1786. >Snorting the water out of your nose, you hook your forelegs on the edge of the bath.
  1787. "Alright, we should probably get out of here now, before we fall asleep or something."
  1788. >"Yeah, it's been a while, I'm getting wrinkly. Let's go see what Fleetfoot brought."
  1789. >He unplugs the bath, standing up and waiting for a minute before stepping out and reaching for a towel.
  1790. >He looks back at you curiously.
  1791. >"Something wrong?"
  1792. "Not really? Just gotta wait until it drains out so I can squeeze some of the water out of my coat, or I'll need twenty towels. Guess you don't have that problem."
  1793. >"Oh. Huh. Makes sense."
  1794. >He gets to towelling, needing just one towel despite his larger frame.
  1795. >Though he does have some noticeable patches of hair here and there, they're still really sparse, compared to a pony.
  1796. >You find it a bit odd that he has hair around his groin, and pretty much nothing almost everywhere else. Complete opposite to a pony.
  1797. >Once he's done, he observes you as you fix some stray feathers in your wings.
  1798. >Smoothing down a feather, you remember the feeling of his rock-hard manhood, straining against the grip of your wing.
  1799. >You kind of want to experience it again.
  1800. >Except you want to feel him throb in your feathers as he cums, too.
  1801. >Dang it. Darn sex-beast alien, giving you new kinks.
  1802. >Kicking those thoughts away, you go back to the present.
  1803. >Shaking some water away, you brush your chest with your hooves, squeezing out your waterlogged tuft.
  1804. >Anon walks over, reaching out with those hands of his.
  1805. "I don't need any back scratches right now, Anon."
  1806. >"Heh. Wasn't going to do that."
  1807. >He starts squeezing your tail, wringing out the water.
  1808. "Oooh. Nice. Here."
  1809. >You stand up in the bath, presenting your rear to him.
  1810. >He sneaks in a subtle grope before going back to your tail.
  1811. >Naughty. You like it.
  1812. >It doesn't take long with his help, and moments later, you step out of the bath, and he helps you towel off, too.
  1813. >You sigh in pleasure as he carefully presses the towel against the base of your wings, slowly moving lower.
  1814. >Drying out your mane, you toss the towel in the hamper.
  1815. "Good stuff, Anon. Let's go get some grub."
  1816. >You feel like kissing him on the cheek for all the help, but he's too tall, and there's not enough space to fly into the air and reach it.
  1817. >Instead, you settle for nuzzling and landing a kiss on his belly.
  1818. >He looks at you with mild confusion.
  1819. "What? You're too tall for me to reach your face."
  1820. >Smiling, he shakes his head, tweaking your ear with his fingers.
  1821. >"Silly pony."
  1822. "That wasn't silly, Anon, that was the only option. It was perfectly logical."
  1823. >"You could have asked me to bend down."
  1824. "Meh. Less fun."
  1825. >"So that wasn't the only option after all?"
  1826. >Getting sassy, are we?
  1827. >Suit yourself, Anon. You brought this on yourself.
  1828. "Alright, that wasn't the only option. I could have kissed you somewhere else. Somewhere that's even more fun, in fact."
  1829. >Rubbing your side against his leg, you bend your neck towards his crotch, landing a kiss on his ballsack.
  1830. >He stares at you for a moment.
  1831. >You just smile smugly at him.
  1832. >"...You really like balls, don't you?"
  1833. "Well, duh. Every red-blooded mare does, and I'm no different. They're a rather defining part of a stallion, after all. Or a man, in your case."
  1834. >Phew.
  1835. >You almost said "the most important part" there.
  1836. >Stallions would scream if you said that, even if it's completely true.
  1837. >You don't know if Anon would, with his strange views, but you don't want to risk it.
  1838. >"So it's not just a kink of yours?"
  1839. >You squint at him.
  1840. "No? Don't tell me humans don't appreciate a fine pair of balls. What do you people even find attractive, anyway?"
  1841. >"Well, you have the finest booty I have ever witnessed, this world or the other."
  1842. >That makes you puff your chest up in pride.
  1843. >"Your alien features certainly grew on me almost instantly, too, like your soft coat and tuft, or your wings."
  1844. >Aww yiss, you're the hottest.
  1845. >"And though your tits are realy small, I still kind of wanted to pinch them. Heh."
  1846. >The last bit makes you press your hindlegs together, though.
  1847. "You... You wanted to twist my teats?"
  1848. >Getting your teats twisted by guys is bad enough when they do it metaphorically, but getting it done for real?
  1849. >"What? No, not twist. Just play with them a little. You know, squeeze, rub, pinch just a little? Maybe lick them a bit?"
  1850. "That... Something that humans do?"
  1851. >This time, he's the one that gives you a look.
  1852. >"Don't tell me ponies don't appreciate a fine pair of tits."
  1853. >You stare at each other for a long moment.
  1854. >Slowly, you canter back over to the bath.
  1855. "W-well, I already had your balls in my mouth, so... You want to... See them?"
  1856. >He shuffles awkwardly, considering it.
  1857. >"As long as this doesn't turn into more sex. It was awesome, but I don't think I have any more in me tonight."
  1858. >You sigh in relief.
  1859. "Yeah, don't worry about me jumping you, I'm spent too. So, um... Have fun?"
  1860. >You clamber on the edge of the bath, sitting down and spreading your hindlegs, your teats on display.
  1861. >You're not certain about this, but you want to let him have something for himself, after he let you do whatever you wanted to him.
  1862. >He squats down, glancing at your face before bringing his nose millimeters from your teats.
  1863. >Sticking his tongue out, he goes for a cautious lick of a nipple, cupping the other one with his hand.
  1864. >You really, really don't get the interest. Sure, yours are nice and aerodynamic, but that's it. They're just teats.
  1865. >As he keeps playing with them, though, you feel the familiar warmth start to build in your hindquarters.
  1866. >Having him actually appreciate a part of you that stallions either ignore if they're flat or criticize them if they're big is oddly satisfying.
  1867. >Though his soft fingers feel nice as he rubs your teats in circles, you're more turned on from the idea of him playing with your teats than him actually doing it.
  1868. >You bite your lip, thinking about unsexy stuff.
  1869. >Fortunately, he finishes soon, suckling on your left teat for a moment before letting go, his face slightly red.
  1870. >"Thanks. It didn't... Feel good for you?"
  1871. >You shrug, but decide to be honest.
  1872. "It was kind of nice, and maybe I'd like it as foreplay, but it wasn't anything crazy. Is it different for humans?"
  1873. >"Well, some women claim that they can actually cum just from someone playing with their tits, though having them so sensitive is rare, I think. No clue if that's true."
  1874. >You look back at your girls. Huh.
  1875. >Shrugging, you get off the bath.
  1876. "I don't think mares are like that, Anon. I'm sure they'd let you play with their teats if you ask nicely, though. Especially if you let them play with your balls."
  1877. >He chuckles, shaking his head.
  1878. >"That's still so weird."
  1879. "No, it's the opposite of weird. It's normal. Don't be so dismissive of your male assets, Anon. You have some good ones, and you should be happy."
  1880. >"Uh huh, sure."
  1881. >You trot after him with a glare as he goes for the door.
  1882. "You're asking for trouble, buster. Do I need to teach you a lesson in self-confidence and appreciating your body?"
  1883. >"What are you going to do, yell at me in a drill sergeant voice to shout how much I love my amazing balls?"
  1884. "...I guess not, now that you headed me off. Smartflank."
  1885. >He stops, his expression sligthly incredulous.
  1886. >"Seriously?"
  1887. "You think I'm joking? I would've done it, too. Come here, you."
  1888. >You rear up, hugging his torso and nuzzling his belly.
  1889. "Now, I'm not going to make you shout, but I'm not letting you go until you say "I have a lovely, lickable, symmetrical pair of balls that any mare would be happy to heft in her hooves and suck on."
  1890. >He gives you a flat look.
  1891. >"While I appreciate you teaching me all these Equestrian... "Customs", Spitfire, you're pushing your luck. How about..."
  1892. >He reaches for your ears, tickling you and making you squirm.
  1893. >"How about I don't say anything, unless you say "I have a lovely, suckable, perky, soft pair of tits that any guy would be happy to grope and play with."?
  1894. >You glare at him through the tickles.
  1895. >Oh, he wants to play chicken? With you?
  1896. >Bring it.
  1897. "I have a lovely, suckable, perky, soft pair of tits that any guy would be happy to grope and play with."
  1898. >"...Damn it."
  1899. >You grin the smuggest grin ever at him.
  1900. "Your turn."
  1901. >"Fffff... Fine. I have a lovely, lickable, symmetrical pair of balls that any mare would be happy to heft in her hooves and suck on."
  1902. >He grimaces as he says it.
  1903. >Silly man.
  1904. >Letting go of him, you slide down, making sure to give his balls one last kiss.
  1905. "And don't you forget it."
  1906. >Opening the door, you finally exit the bath, Anon silently following behind you.
  1907. >Fleetfoot's there, sitting next to a chair with several plates of food, chewing on something.
  1908. >Seems to be a vegetable spread, but that's fine for you. Better than eating something heavy before sleeping.
  1909. >While you beeline for the table, Anon goes off to get his clothes.
  1910. "You humans really like covering yourself up, don't you? Still shy, even after that amazing rutting?"
  1911. >He shakes his head.
  1912. >"Even with the windows closed, this is still less than comfortable for me. Sorry, Spitfire, but no more naked me until I go to sleep."
  1913. "Fair enough. Come eat something."
  1914. >Fleetfoot indicates a few plates with a hoof to him, to which he nods gratefully.
  1915. >You glance at them idly, trying to figure out the difference between the plants that you can eat and he can't.
  1916. >The only thing that stands out is the lack of hay and flowers in his plates, though there might be something else.
  1917. >Shrugging, you go back to eating.
  1918. >Having started earlier, Fleetfoot finishes first.
  1919. >Rubbing her belly in satisfaction, she grins at you.
  1920. >"So, did you two have fun?"
  1921. >Anon snorts, his mouth full.
  1922. "We didn't screw in there, Fleet. I've got lots of endurance, but I'm not a machine. Neither is Anon, good as he is."
  1923. >"Pff. I know. I bet he couldn't keep his hands off you while you bathed, though, could he?"
  1924. "...Yeah."
  1925. >"Heh. Told you humans are fun."
  1926. >You grunt in agreement, munching on a carrot.
  1927. >It was a bit strange to be touched all over like that, but you could see what Fleetfoot meant when she said that it was better than a massage in the spa back then.
  1928. >You wonder how would an actual human masseuse would feel.
  1929. >Might put a lot of ponies out of business.
  1930. >Fleetfoot leans back in her chair, daydreaming about something while you two finish your food.
  1931. >There's a minute of silence once you're done.
  1932. >You wonder what to do next.
  1933. >Going to bed right after eating would be unpleasant.
  1934. >You don't really have anything else to entertain yourself, or Anon, with.
  1935. >He scratches his chin, looking tired, but not entirely sleepy, much like you.
  1936. >Fleetfoot looks between the two of you, settling her gaze on Anon.
  1937. >"So, Anon, mind if we chat a bit before going to sleep? Nothing more to do, unless you have some of those fun human gadgets that you can show off to us."
  1938. >He shrugs.
  1939. >"Sure, we can talk. I do have my phone, though that's nothing special."
  1940. >"The remote-talking device? It doesn't work in Equestria, does it?"
  1941. >"No, but there's dozens of other things it can do, they cram them with all kinds of stuff these days. I've just been using it as a camera and a music player."
  1942. >"Ooh, maybe you can play us some songs. Tell us about yourself first, though. What brought you to Equestria?"
  1943. >He shrugs, looking a little guilty.
  1944. >"Well, honestly, I'd kind of like to get a job and stay here..."
  1945. "Yeah? What's wrong with that?"
  1946. >"Well, there were lots of problems back home in some countries due to uncontrolled immigration..."
  1947. "Hm? So? Immigration into Equestria is tightly controlled, Anon. Trust me, I've been to the meetings. We know there's - what? - seven billion of you back there? There were discussions about you humans swarming Equestria. If we thought there were too many humans already, you wouldn't have been let in."
  1948. >"I guess? Visiting and staying are different things, though."
  1949. "Already accounted for, Anon. Equestria can take in a lot more humans than we did already."
  1950. >"Huh... Alright."
  1951. >He looks contemplative.
  1952. >Fleetfoot pipes up.
  1953. >"So what do you actually do, Anon?"
  1954. >"Oh, well I'm an electrician. It's a bit of a developing industry in Equestria, from what I heard so far, so I thought there might be opportunities for me here. No such luck, though. Not in Canterlot, anyway."
  1955. >"Yeah? The local snobs don't want to hire you?"
  1956. >He shakes his head.
  1957. >"No, nothing like that. There's just not much demand for it here yet. I should move to Manehattan or Baltimare or some other more industrialized city, I think. I got paid for some consultations and stuff, but it's not steady work."
  1958. "Consultations?"
  1959. >"Yeah, some clever ponies in your government figured out crowdsourcing, it looks like."
  1960. >More human terms you never heard of. You know the words, but not their meaning when they're mashed together like that.
  1961. "What's crowdsourcing?"
  1962. >"Well, I don't remember the dictionary definition, but it's a process where you ask a whole lot of people something, instead of having just a few experts. The idea is that, with large enough numbers, someone might just crack a hard question instantly, where it would take even the masters in the field years to solve it. There was some famous example where some scientists were working on understanding the mollecular structure of a protein for over a decade, and when they made it public and asked for help, people solved it in a few weeks."
  1963. >You nod. While you don't understand all of the words, you certainly get the gist of it.
  1964. "So how are ponies doing it? This isn't something that I heard about."
  1965. >"Well, when you're filling out your papers, they ask you to write down your area of expertise, and whether you'd be willing to talk about it for "monetary compensation". I guess they're using it to find out whether any of the big corporations that are offering your government to build things are trying to scam them, or something to that effect. I've been called to talk about the time, cost, materials, and all that kinds of stuff in regards to installing electrical grids on Earth. I'm a mostly small-scale worker, but they seemed happy to hear what I know regardless."
  1966. >Fleetfoot nods approvingly.
  1967. >"That's nice of you to do, Anon. So, you're going to be leaving Canterlot soon?"
  1968. >"Probably, yeah. I was actually thinking of going after the weekend, that's when I'd have to pay rent again."
  1969. >Oh. Hm.
  1970. >You're not sure why the thought of Anon leaving makes you feel something.
  1971. >This was just a one-night stand, after all.
  1972. >Odds are, you'd never have seen him again even if he stayed in Canterlot.
  1973. >"Do you prefer Canterlot, though?"
  1974. >"Maybe? It's, I don't know, more... Magical? Um, less urbanized? Honestly, I had enough of skyscrapers, but it's only in cities like that where I'd be able to get a job. It's fine, though. I know your cities are not stinky and polluted like ours are. You don't even have cars here."
  1975. "Cars... Those powered personal vehicles, right?"
  1976. >"Yeah..."
  1977. >You spend the rest of the evening making small talk, moving from the chairs to the couch, where Anon immediately latches on to you with his hands.
  1978. >You tell him to get a break, but Fleetfoot just laughs, saying that that is how humans relax.
  1979. >He plays you some music from his phone, and to Fleetfoot's delight, he does have some "metal" in there.
  1980. >You can see why she likes it. It's prety interesting stuff.
  1981. >Eventually, tiredness overtakes you, and you shut out the lights and clamber into the bed.
  1982. >Anon splays out in the middle, immediately getting piled on by Fleetfoot and you.
  1983. >Grinning, you nuzzle him and rub your body against his, covering him with a wing.
  1984. >He said that he loved the feel of your coat against his bare skin, so you make sure to cover as much of his body with yours as he can.
  1985. >Fleetfoot sniggers as he squirms, laying down and snuggling into his side.
  1986. >"Don't bother trying to resist, Anon. You're getting cuddled tonight."
  1987. >"Oh, woe is me. I shall be forever traumatized by this experience."
  1988. >You snigger as you give his neck a lick, nuzzling into him afterwards and closing your eyes.
  1990. *************
  1992. >When you woke up, you were terribly tempted to give Anon a wakeup blowjob.
  1993. >Just tensing your legs made your rear hurt, though, which more than likely meant that Anon was still sore as well, and wouldn't appreciate your advances, even if you were gentle.
  1994. >Reluctantly giving up on the idea [spoiler]of feeling Anon pump his seed down your throat while you gently sucked him off[/spoiler], you got up to get your morning grooming done.
  1995. >Soon enough, the other two woke up as well.
  1996. >Brushing out your coat, you considered Anon.
  1997. >Usually, this would the time you'd give him a kiss on the cheek and fly off, but it didn't feel fair.
  1998. >So instead, you went to get breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. Your treat.
  1999. >Currently, you're all lazily munching on some pancakes.
  2000. >Remembering yesterday's conversation, you get an idea.
  2001. >You know that Anon wouldn't accept it if you offered it to him first, so you enact your plan without his knowledge.
  2002. >Ordering a coffee and saying you'll be right back, you make your way to the reception.
  2003. >Writing a cheque for the hotel, you pay for the room for another week.
  2004. >He probably won't be able to find a job in Canterlot with just another week's of extra time, but it's still a chance.
  2005. >As you predicted, he gives you a flat look when he hears the news.
  2006. >"Really, Spitfire?"
  2007. "It's already paid for, Anon. You want to throw a fit and let it go to waste?"
  2008. >Rolling his eyes, he flicks your ear with a finger.
  2009. >"No, I'm not. I suppose I really shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth."
  2010. >Humans have the weirdest sayings.
  2011. >Soon enough, you're done.
  2012. >You give him that kiss, though it's not on the cheek.
  2013. >Fleetfoot whistles.
  2014. >"Better hope there's no photographers around, Spitfire, there'd definitely be lots of articles about what you're doing right now."
  2015. "They can shove off right to Tartarus. Thanks for the wild night, Anon. I hope you get that job."
  2016. >"And thank you, for the magical time. Not just the sex, but for flying me around. That was just indescribable."
  2017. >You nod, and with a mock salute, you rocket off into the sky, Fleetfoot flying alongside you.
  2018. >Pumping your flight muscles, you still feel the faint soreness in your hips and marehood.
  2019. >So worth it.
  2020. >You make a brief visit to the castle, dealing with some bureaucracy.
  2021. >Though she doesn't have to, Fleetfoot tags along.
  2022. >Once that's done, you take off, aiming towards Cloudsdale.
  2023. >When you're in the air, your wings flapping without you even thinking, your thoughts start drifting.
  2024. >Predictably, they drift to recent experiences.
  2025. >Anon's voice. Anon's hands. Anon's touch.
  2026. >Anon's dick deep inside you as you ride out the best orgasm of your life.
  2027. >His gentle cuddles as he lovingly touches you everywhere, holding you close to him.
  2028. >Without even noticing, a huge smile splits your face.
  2029. >You see Fleetfoot from the corner of your eyes, looking at you with an absurdly smug expression.
  2030. >She flies out a bit in front of you, wiggling her eyebrows.
  2031. >Raising her voice to be heard over the wind, she winks at you.
  2032. >"Soooo, captain..."
  2033. "Yeah?"
  2034. >"What's with the creepy, manic slasher smile?"
  2035. >What?
  2036. >Wait.
  2037. >Crap.
  2038. >Your eyes go wide as you realize what you've been doing.
  2039. >The smile only shrinks a little, though.
  2040. "Damn it."
  2041. >Fleetfoot sniggers at the look on your face.
  2042. "Damn it!"
  2043. >She starts laughing out loud.
  2044. >You try to glare at her. It doesn't work very well.
  2045. "You... You planned this! Or something."
  2046. >"Oh, sure! My nefarious plot worked out perfectly! I got you to have the best time of your life, according to you, so that I could laugh at you being unable to stop smiling. Truly, my evil knows no bounds!
  2047. >You huff.
  2048. "Yup, you're an evil mastermind. What's the next part of your plot? Get more men and mares together while rubbing your hooves together and cackling like a witch?"
  2049. >"Buck yeah! Why do you think I've been telling all of you about them? There's still loads of men to go around, and there's certainly mares on the team that could use some one-on-one sessions with them!"
  2050. "Hah. Never took you for a matchmaker."
  2051. >"Oh no, tracking down soulmates and stuff? That's too much effort. I'm just here to open mare's minds and preach about the wonders that are humans! Men, anyway."
  2052. "Alright, now you sound like a cult leader."
  2053. >To your surprise, her eyes sparkle in excitement.
  2054. >"Hay yeah, now that's an idea! Hear me, Equestria! I am Fleetfoot, and I offer you knowledge both secret and forbidden, yet wondrous and powerful! Mare pussies were made for human dicks! Grab yourself a man and ride yourself silly! It's all true, just ask my first convert, Spitfire, here! She got a taste last night, and she can't stop smiling!"
  2055. >You laugh, shaking your head.
  2056. >Good thing you're flying high in the sky, with no other pegasi around.
  2057. >If someone heard that, then there'd be interesting newspaper articles for sure.
  2058. "So why are you going to Cloudsdale with me? I thought you'd go find yourself a human, since you weren't able to get one yesterday."
  2059. >"Oh, well, I thought I'd pick up a few things before going back."
  2060. "Yeah? What for?"
  2061. >She shrugs.
  2062. >"Oh, you know. Maybe get something nice to wear. They get a kick when we wear stuff."
  2063. >Your mind flashes back to the conversation you had while flying to Canterlot yesterday.
  2064. "Something nice to wear, huh..."
  2065. >"Yeah?"
  2066. "Something like... Socks, for your human coltfriend?"
  2067. >"H-hey! I said I didn't do that! And I don't have a coltfriend!"
  2068. "Hmmmm..."
  2069. >Her expression turns from a frown to smug again.
  2070. >"Think you're so smart? Look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't wear socks for Anon, if he asked you to!"
  2071. >You open your mouth to retort, but no words come out.
  2072. "Uh..."
  2073. >"Hah! Say, do you think that getting laid once is going to be enough after such a long dry spell? Why don't you find Anon again tomorrow and let him have a go at you while you wear some nice socks for him? I can lend you a pair!"
  2074. "Wait! So you DO have socks!"
  2075. >"Wait, no! I mean-"
  2076. "DYYYYYKE!"
  2077. >You cackle as she rolls her eyes.
  2078. >"It's not dyke if it gets me the biggest, hardest dicking ever, dry-cunt! This dyke got you laid!"
  2079. >She's got a point there.
  2080. >You shake your head.
  2081. "Right, sorry. Fair enough. So, are you going to go find the same guy that you had fun with last week?"
  2082. >For the first time in a while, she looks uncertain about something that's to do with humans.
  2083. >"I... I don't know."
  2084. >Her voice sounds heavy.
  2085. "Whoa, what's wrong?"
  2086. >"I don't know, okay! I was having SO much fun! Learning about humans, getting some cool alien technology, and then, finally, getting the best rut of my life! And then, I just... I can't stop thinking about him! His touch, his... It was supposed to be a one-night stand! Men aren't clingy like stallions, they understand that! We both parted with a kiss and a smile. But I couldn't stop thinking about him since then!"
  2087. >Your smile is gone now, a frown completely replacing it.
  2088. >She's describing a lot of what you're feeling, too.
  2089. "I think... I think you caught feelings for the guy, Fleetfoot."
  2090. >"...I guess I might have."
  2091. "So, what... What are you going to do about it?"
  2092. >She scrunches her muzzle, thinking.
  2093. >A few minutes later, she speaks quietly, barely loud enough to be heard through the air rushing by.
  2094. >"Humans are used to their mates not being home that often, you know."
  2095. "What?"
  2096. >"Men. They don't herd, and they don't have women with them all the time. Even if I was on tour, or working late..."
  2097. "You... Huh. You're really serious. You want to herd up with a human?"
  2098. >"Not herd. No other mares, not at first, at least. He'd need to get used to just being with a mare at all, which is fine by me. And I'd need to get used to herding with an alien. I'm sure there'd be problems. Living together is more complicated than having a one-night stand. And if it actually works out... Well, I'm sure we can add more mares."
  2099. "..."
  2100. >You don't know what to say.
  2101. >You think about Anon.
  2102. >His smile, his eagerness to please.
  2103. >His hand, reaching for your ears when you trot through the door.
  2104. "Oh buck me."
  2105. >"Oh? So, you caught feelings for your man, too?"
  2106. >You groan.
  2107. "Damn it! What am I supposed to do now?! We already rut each other silly! What, do I ask him on a date, and hope to get a kiss by the end of it? Gently guide him to bed and take his virginity by the fourth? Hah!"
  2108. >She snorts.
  2109. >"Well, I think you thoroughly took care of that part, chief."
  2110. "Huh? You think Anon was a virgin? No way. He was amazing in bed, he couldn't have been."
  2111. >"Well, I can't say that for certain, but I would still bet money with good odds that Anon was totally a virgin before you took that in a rather epic fashion."
  2112. "...Oh *buck* me."
  2113. >Sure, you understood that there was a small chance that the stallions you slept with in the past might have been virgins too.
  2114. >They had to start somewhere.
  2115. >But this time, it feels more important, somehow, even though Anon is not even a pony.
  2116. >"So... What are YOU going to do?"
  2117. >Your thoughts run around in your head like a bunch of headless pegasi.
  2118. "I'm... I'm..."
  2119. >You try to force some order into the mess.
  2120. I'm going to... Wear something nice. For Anon."
  2121. >Crap, did you even have anything at all besides some spare Wonderbolts outfits and dress uniforms?
  2122. >The only thing you can even remember is the old bomber jacket.
  2123. >Damn it. It'll have to do.
  2124. "And I'm going to... Ask him out. On a date. And I'm going to lay everything out."
  2125. >Getting rejected would honestly be the simplest thing that could happen here.
  2126. "And, just in case he's interested... I'm going to borrow some of those socks from you."
  2127. >"Ha! DYKE!!!"
  2128. >Howling with laughter, Fleetfoot rockets away.
  2129. >She's faster than you, but that doesn't matter.
  2130. >You know where she lives.
  2131. "Get back here, featherbrain! This is all your fault!"
  2132. >Grinning, you chase your sis through the skies, humans on your mind.
  2134. >The two of you jet towards Cloudsdale at top speed, Fleetfoot gaining distance slowly but steadily.
  2135. >You manage to keep her in your sight almost the entire way, though, the fact that you're flying in her wake making it easier to keep up.
  2136. >Once you reach the city proper, she manages to break line of sight a few times, weaving between the buildings.
  2137. >Still, as you thought, she's going home, judging by the direction.
  2138. >Unless she's misdirecting you and trying to get away for some reason.
  2139. >Which is pretty unlikely.
  2140. >Panting lightly, you land in front of her front door, spreading your wings to vent some excess heat.
  2141. >There's no sign that she's in there. Not like pegasi leave tracks, like ponies on the ground do.
  2142. >Still, not like you're going to be coltish and timidly ask if she's in there.
  2143. >You give the door a few sharp raps.
  2144. "Open up, you alien-loving dyke! I know you're in there!"
  2145. >"The same thing applies to you too, you know!"
  2146. >You snort as you hear her yell from somewhere inside the house.
  2147. >Letting yourself in, you glance around.
  2148. "Not yet it doesn't. I haven't worn any socks yet."
  2149. >"Right, of course, my bad."
  2150. >You follow the voice, making your way into the living room.
  2151. >She laughs as she comes out from a door nearby, leaning back in a strange, bipedal fashion, using her wings for balance.
  2152. >Your eyes are immediately drawn downwards, to the dark, navy-blue socks she's wearing on her hindlegs.
  2153. >And a moment later, they're drawn towards where they end, namely, right around her toned flanks, hugging her hindlegs perfectly and framing her teats and marehood.
  2154. >Huh.
  2155. >You tilt your head a little, examining her.
  2156. >"Like what you see, Spitfire? What's the matter, you don't want stallions - or men any more? Am I just that hot?"
  2157. >She purrs, gently fluffing out her chest fluff with a hoof and giving you a seductive look.
  2158. >You roll your eyes.
  2159. "Did you really expect to fluster me? Mare, we spend days - WEEKS - crammed into tight barracks together, flying in tight suits and getting soaked in sweat, and then washing off in communal showers. And then some of us give backrubs to each other. If any one of us had any dyke-ish inclinations, I'm pretty sure they would have come out by now, especially if all it took was seeing a mare strike a pose."
  2160. >"Heh. Confident in your sexuality, are you?"
  2161. "Damn straight I am."
  2162. >"So then, you wouldn't actually have anything against wearing socks?"
  2163. >You open your mouth, only to close it immediately after.
  2164. >Clever girl.
  2165. >She sniggers, getting back to all fours and trotting into her room.
  2166. >You follow after her.
  2167. "So why are you wearing them now, anyway? Are you actually going to fly to Canterlot like that?"
  2168. >Whichever paparazzi would snap THAT photo would certainly get rich enough to retire.
  2169. >"Ha, no way. I just wanted to see your reaction. So, what do you think?"
  2170. "It's really weird, but I think I get the appeal. Despite the fact you're not a stallion, my eyes were immediately drawn to your crotch anyway. Even if it does nothing for me, I'm guessing it works the same way for men?"
  2171. >"Heck yeah it does. And it does things for them, too. Oh mare, does it do things for them. I think just the fact that we're wearing something helps, too. With them spending so much time in clothes... Huh."
  2172. "What's up?"
  2173. >"Nothing, just a silly thought. If they get dressed as soon as they get up and only get undressed to bathe and sleep, then I'm pretty sure humans spend more time in their life wearing clothes than not."
  2174. "...Huh. You're probably right."
  2175. >You ponder on the strangeness of humans as she carefully takes off the socks and folds them.
  2176. >On one hoof, they're still rather alien, but on the other hoof, when picked out individually, those differences between ponies and humans seem extremely minor.
  2177. >It's just that when you put all of those thousands of little differences together, at the same time, the whole picture appears rather alien.
  2178. >But they can be broken down and worked through. One difference at a time.
  2179. >Which is precisely what dating is for.
  2180. >Hm.
  2181. >As you're thinking, your eyes fall on a Wonderbolts poster hanging on the wall.
  2182. >Fleetfoot herself is there, mid-flight.
  2183. >Noticing where you're looking, she snorts.
  2184. >"Don't look at it like that. I'm not a narcissist. That's not so I have my own face hanging on the wall, it's a trophy."
  2185. >You shrug.
  2186. "I was just thinking, anyway. Trophy?"
  2187. >"Sure. The first poster of me that they printed. The VERY first. I asked them to grab the first one, fresh from the printer. Making it big, you know? Kept it as a memento."
  2188. "Nice."
  2189. >"Thanks. Now, I'd offer you to look through my sock collection, but I think there's something else we need to do first. Come on. We need to have a proper mare-to-mare talk."
  2190. "Alright..."
  2191. >You wonder what this could be about as the now-naked again Fleetfoot leads you back to the living room, gesturing to the couch.
  2192. >"Be right back."
  2193. >She quickly zips to what you're guessing is the kitchen, rummaging around and coming back with a couple bottles of cider.
  2194. >You raise an eyebrow as she tosses one to you, deftly catching it with your wing.
  2195. "Bit early, isn't it?"
  2196. >You remark, as you pop the cork and take a swig.
  2197. >She flops down on a large cloudbag chair, popping her own cider open.
  2198. >"Yeah, but this is just cider, and it's a pretty weak one, too. It'd take a dozen bottles just to get us buzzed."
  2199. >You nod, swallowing.
  2200. "So, what is this about? Are we continuing the talk we had back in my office in the Academy?"
  2201. >She shakes her head.
  2202. >"No, this is slightly different. I need you to check my thinking."
  2203. >You lean back on the couch, taking another swig as you contemplate her words.
  2204. "Check your... Thinking?"
  2205. >That sounded strange, to say the least, seeing as she was the one that completely derailed your frame of mind, exposing the cracks that had formed underneath. And she didn't show the slightest hint of doubt the entire time, except for the moment when she was talking about having feelings for her human coltfriend.
  2206. >Well, he wasn't her coltfriend yet, like Anon wasn't yours, either. Both of you needed to actually make it happen, first.
  2207. >She nods slowly, looking you in the eyes.
  2208. >"Yeah. Tell me, Captain. Am I going nuts?"
  2209. >You blink slowly, leaning forward.
  2210. "Fleetfoot, that's what *I* asked *you* back on Friday. You were the one to convince me that no, you weren't. What in Tartarus am I supposed to make of this now?"
  2211. >"Yeah, but back then, you didn't know the, ah... Context of the whole situation, let's say. Now, you're... Well, you're still less familiar than me, but you still got some real good, heh heh, "knowledge", if you know what I mean."
  2212. >She waggles her eyebrows at you as you snort.
  2213. >"Anyway, if I really unloaded on you when you were interrogating me about the whole "can't stop smiling" thing - told you everything, how I can't stop thinking about humans, getting touched by them, having fun with them, even coming home and finding one waiting for me - what would you have said?"
  2214. >You lean back again, pondering the question, giving it some hard thought.
  2215. >Eventually, you slowly speak.
  2216. "I would have... Well, I can't say for sure, but I would have either said that you have a crush like some schoolfilly that smelled a colt for the first time in her life, or that the humans actually cast some weird mind-control on you. Which should not be possible, since they don't have magic. I might have laughed at you and called you a sap. Or cock-whipped, since that's kind of what you sounded like just now."
  2217. >She narrows her eyes at you a little, but you remain unphased.
  2218. >She did ask for a mare talk, so she's getting one.
  2219. >A few moments later she snorts, relaxing her angry expression.
  2220. >"Yeah, you're right. That's why I'm asking you. I'm not one to think too hard on things. I'm a mare of action, like I said before. Must've done more thinking these past few months than the rest of my life, what with cramming alien knowledge into my head non-stop, heh. And, well, thinking about it, this does seem a little fast, even to me. You're really going to go through with this? Date Anon, try to herd with him, the whole shebang?"
  2221. >You purse your lips, thinking about it.
  2222. >Taking another pull from the bottle, you swish the cider around in your mouth before swallowing it.
  2223. "You were the first one to suggest dating... Your guy. You clearly gave it a lot more thought than I did. What's his name, anyway?"
  2224. >"Cog. Short for Incognito. And yeah, I did. But it's not too late to call it off. We haven't even started anything. Neither one of our guys even have the faintest clue about the things we're discussing right now."
  2225. "Well, yeah... I thought about it while we were flying. Even if we go for it, there's nothing to say that we won't be the ones getting rejected. I'm a big mare, though, I can take it. Even though it's a bit weird to be on the other side of the fence. We must sound like some of those infatuated fancolts."
  2226. >"You really think they'd say no to us? Us, a pair of top-tier Wonderbolts?"
  2227. "You tell me, Fleetfoot. You're the one that's familiar with their values. Does the fact that we're Wonderbolts even mean anything to them?"
  2228. >She stops, staring off into the distance for a minute.
  2229. >"Huh. You know what, it probably doesn't. Good catch. But hey, that's what this talk is about. Assessing the situation before we dive into the wild storm headfirst."
  2230. "Right, so. About your first question..."
  2231. >You think back to your night with Anon, trying to quantify what made you so attached to him.
  2232. >Was it just the wild rutting?
  2233. >Surely not. He was great, but you're no stammering schoolfilly any more. Having a minbdlowing orgasm, no matter how good, shouldn't leave you love-struck like that.
  2234. >Grunting, you turn to Fleetfoot.
  2235. "Alright, you tell me, since you're the one with the "months of alien knowledge". Why do *you* think we fell so hard for them?"
  2236. >She shrugs, smiling slightly.
  2237. >"Well, if I had to put it into words, I'd say that it's because the men don't really have sex, as such."
  2238. >You blink.
  2239. "What? Then what the flying feather were we doing yesterday?"
  2240. >"Lovemaking."
  2241. >You blink again, looking at her with narrowed eyes.
  2242. "That's just a synonym for sex."
  2243. >"Well, yeah. But a synonym is not the exact same thing, right? Just very similar."
  2244. "I... Guess?"
  2245. >"Why are you sounding so unsure? You've been with stallions before, even if you cut it off years ago. Did any of them behave like Anon did? Did his best to look out for your pleasure the ENTIRE time, then just kept rubbing and cuddling you for hours non-stop afterwards, like you were some married couple that couldn't tear themselves off each other? Even the biggest fancolts never did anything like that for me. Sure, they'd feel up my muscles and stuff, but that was for their own fun."
  2246. "Lovemaking, huh."
  2247. >You take another sip of cider.
  2248. >"Yeah. Call me a sap, cock-whipped, schoolfilly, I don't care. But, go on - I dare you to call me wrong."
  2249. >You let out a long exhale.
  2250. >She's probably not wrong.
  2251. "What does it mean, then? You said before that men aren't like stallions, they don't get emotional after a fling. So what's the deal, was that wrong? Do they actually have it as bad for us as we have for them now?"
  2252. >"No, I don't think that was wrong. I just... Well, I'm no Cadance or whatever, so obviously I can't speak much about it. My guess is, though, the guys are just so love-starved and pent up, what with their women never showing them the slightest drop of love in their lives, they just go full-in on whichever mare shows them even the slightest bit of affection."
  2253. "That... Sounds like a potential disaster of them getting taken advantage of by crusty cunts in massive numbers."
  2254. >Fleetfoot shrugs indifferently.
  2255. >"I actually doubt that. If their women are all skanks, then they probably learned how to tell the good ones from the bad ones pretty damn well by now, right? If they even have any good ones."
  2256. "Hmmmm... I guess so."
  2257. >"So, what do you think? We're not being mind-controlled by sexy alien hunks to herd up with them?"
  2258. "...The way you phrase it, it doesn't even sound that bad if we are."
  2259. >She laughs.
  2260. >"Alright then, let's keep going. What obstacles would we come up against if we decided to settle down with a man?"
  2261. >You remember your flight with Anon.
  2262. "...They're flightless. It'd be like shacking up with an earth pony or unicorn."
  2263. >"Oooooh. Mare, how did I not think of that? Been thinking about complex stuff, and forgot the basics. Yeah, we'd need to move out of Cloudsdale, wouldn't we? Or, buy new homes somewhere on the ground, anyway. Hmmm..."
  2264. >You nod, thinking it over.
  2265. >Bringing Anon into the cloud city was not out of the question, but that would be for a visit, at most.
  2266. >Living an actual life in cloud cities for a non-pegasus was not impossible, but it was certainly very hard.
  2267. >The few that were able to do that always were unicorns, able to substitute flight with telekinesis and arcane wings.
  2268. >Others, well, they really didn't have much to even *do* in cloud cities.
  2269. >And you're pretty sure Anon wouldn't want to stay cooped up inside your house the entire time, even if cloud homes were more spacious than their counterparts on the ground.
  2270. >No pony, stallion or mare, would do well in such a situation.
  2271. >Then there was the fact that he wanted to find work.
  2272. >You could certainly support him by yourself, let alone if you found a herd that you could trust.
  2273. >But you weren't sure if he would agree to remain completely unemployed.
  2274. >Even most stallions still insisted on working part-time jobs, at least, unless the herd got into foal-making mode and popped out half a dozen little terrors for him to take care of.
  2275. >And men, what with being so marely and all, likely wouldn't back down out of sheer pride.
  2276. >In all likelihood, even if they did manage to find proper wives back on Earth, both parents still had to work full-time, so the very idea would be alien to them. You can't imagine being able to support a stallion without a herd to help out, unless you had a real high-paying job like yours, and you're far from the average mare.
  2277. "Yeah. There'd be cultural differences, too. I don't think Anon would agree to live off my money, for example, not unless I spent a long time convincing him first. He seemed really dead-set on finding a job. What's the "complex stuff" you thought about?"
  2278. >"Hm, yeah, that's the kind of things I considered. Also finances, food and such. You know that humans eat lots of meat, right? Also eggs, cheese, that kind of food, and there's not much supply for it. They really can't eat hay and flowers and a lot of other things, so supporting one might not be as cheap as you think. However, since they're also more conservative with their money, not buying frilly saddles or perfume and such nonsense..."
  2279. "It should balance itself out," You finish for her.
  2280. >"Yeah, and I figure that if they bring lots of demand, there should be ponies that would quickly catch wind of it and start increasing supply, right? Economics, and all that."
  2281. "Mmmm."
  2282. >You finish the cider, draining the last of it from the bottle.
  2283. >She gives you a long look.
  2284. >"This is actually a big decision, you know. We really leaving Cloudsdale? This isn't like going on tour or something like that. We'd be building our nests on the ground, for real. I don't know how my mother would take it."
  2285. >You nod slowly, thinking it over.
  2286. >You were a proud Cloudsdale pegasus, born and bred.
  2287. >Plenty of pegasi lived on the ground, and you had nothing against them.
  2288. >There was no shortage of Wonderbolts that came from ground-dwelling pegasi, either.
  2289. >Still, cloud cities did tend to produce some of the best examples of pegasi champions.
  2290. >You. Fleetfoot. Soarin. All in the Wonderbolts.
  2291. >Rainbow Dash, even. That rookie still needed a lot of work until she became an actual team flier, but she had some pretty wild solo-flying skills.
  2292. >Were you really going to throw it all away and go live on the ground?
  2293. >Well... It didn't seem to impact Rainbow's skills much, though again, she WAS born in Cloudsdale...
  2294. "Yeah... You're right. It is a tough choice."
  2296. >The two of you descend into silence, thinking about the weight of the consequences your choices might have.
  2297. >You, currently Fleetfoot, can't help but think about about your last encounter.
  2298. >You try pull the pictures of your family, of Cloudsdale and the familiar neighborhoods to the forefront of your mind, but your thoughts keep returning to the sensation of soft fingernails digging into your coat and an exotic male body wrapped around yours as you lay in bed.
  2299. >It seems pretty obvious which one of those choices is winning in your head.
  2300. >Which is what made you concerned that you were being influenced, somehow.
  2301. >Though, even deeper down, you know that that's not the case.
  2302. >Every mare wants a stallion to call their own, and throughout Equestria's history, mares did far, far more drastic things than move out of their hometowns or get together with stallions of other tribes when they weren't able to find one from their own.
  2303. >There were stories of family feuds and small wars over them, back in the old days.
  2304. >Yes, this is a big choice.
  2305. >In the grand scheme of things, though, it's insignificant.
  2306. >You still don't want to get your flank kicked by your Mom, though.
  2307. >Being together with Cog, though...
  2308. >Not just having a good lay, but coming home and having him all to yourself...
  2309. >Oh, mare.
  2310. >The thought makes your guts knot up like during a high-speed aerial turn.
  2311. >You're scared, but you want it so very much.
  2312. >Unbidden, your brain starts re-running the memory of the entire encounter....
  2314. **************************
  2316. >"So, this is really happening."
  2317. >His voice shakes a little, heavy with emotion.
  2318. >Trepidation, disbelief, tinged with a bit of hope.
  2319. "Hay yeah it is. Don't sound so scared. I know I'm a big scary military type, but I'm not going to hurt you, I promise."
  2320. >He gives you a look.
  2321. >"Girl, I'm twice your size. Maybe a little less than that, but still."
  2322. >You snort, rolling your eyes.
  2323. "And? Have you seen a stallion? Lots of them are way bigger than mares. Size is hardly everything."
  2324. >"...Huh. True. That still doesn't mean you can easily "hurt" someone much bigger than you, though. That includes stallions. I've seen the muscles some of them have."
  2325. >Your mind briefly flashes to Soarin's perfectly sculpted flanks.
  2326. >Mmmf, nice.
  2327. >Not an option, though, and you have a perfectly fine flank right here.
  2328. >Not as toned, maybe, but plenty fine, with lots of other fun bits attached.
  2329. >Like fingers.
  2330. "Why do you sound so nervous, then?"
  2331. >"Oh, well, uh..."
  2332. "Come on, I'm not going to bite, I promise. I spent a lot of time learning about humans, you know. You're not going to weird me out no matter what you say."
  2333. >"It's not weird. I think. You're just... Very pretty."
  2334. >He quietly mumbles the last part.
  2335. "Aww, you sweet-talker."
  2336. >You take off into the air, landing on his back and hugging him with your wings.
  2337. >He stumbles a for a moment, starting to walk again as you nuzzle into his ear from behind.
  2338. "Why would me being pretty make you nervous, hot stuff?"
  2339. >He snorts, booping you on the nose with a finger.
  2340. >"'Cause I'm not hot, you are. I'm just some guy that's a dime a dozen."
  2341. >You sigh.
  2342. >Not the first time you heard something like that from a man.
  2343. >It twists you up inside a little every time.
  2344. >Makes you want to punch whichever dry-cunt dyke loser did this to him.
  2345. >It's hard to even imagine how badly they get treated for them to take weeks of convincing that you want to have a roll in the hay with them.
  2346. >Can't even imagine what it'd be like to tell them you'd like to get into a relationship.
  2347. >You nibble on his ear, making him gasp and stumble again.
  2348. >You snigger quietly as he glances at you from the corner of his eyes and swallows loudly.
  2349. "Keep moving, pal, and I'll show you just how hot I think you are. The hotel's right around the corner."
  2350. >You whisper hotly into his ear, ending with a long and sensual lick.
  2351. >You feel a shiver run through his entire body.
  2352. >A few mares on the street snigger or give you knowing looks as you pass by, riding on a tall, exotic alien's back while giving his ears the business.
  2353. >Some look at you in disbelief or jealousy, though.
  2354. >More than likely, they tried to get a human themselves, only to crash and burn.
  2355. >You unconsciously puff up your chest tuft in pride, even if most of it is pressed against Cog's back.
  2356. >Try harder next time, fillies.
  2357. >That's right, you're a successful mare that just bagged a hot piece of flank.
  2358. >The rest of the trip goes by in silence, your mouth too busy breathing hotly and nuzzling against his ear, sending more shivers through his body.
  2359. >When the two of you enter the hotel, you direct him to the stairs.
  2360. >You've been staying here for a few days, so the room is already paid for.
  2361. >You pull the key from a small saddlebag, passing it to him.
  2362. >He quickly unlocks the door with those dexterous fingers of his, closing and locking it behind him.
  2363. >You flap your wings, twisting and circling around him.
  2364. >Faster than he can blink, you switch your position, ending up with your chest pressed against his, your forelegs and hindlegs holding on to his torso.
  2365. >You exhale slowly, rubbing your muzzle against his nose and face with your eyes lidded, giving his cheek a little lick.
  2366. >His hands reflexively wrap around you, grabbing you firmly by your lower back and pressing you against him.
  2367. >You'd like for him to grab you someplace even lower, but there's plenty of time for that yet.
  2368. >You flap your wings, forcing him to walk backwards.
  2369. >He tries to glance behind him, but you gently steer his head back towards you with your wings, looking him in the eyes.
  2370. >"Uh..."
  2371. "Shush, big guy... Shh. Just trust me. We got this far, didn't we?"
  2372. >"Well... Yeah?"
  2373. "Then right now... Relax."
  2374. >He tenses up as the back of his legs hit the bed, making him fall.
  2375. >You flare your wings, though, controlling his descent so neatly and precisely that he lands on the bed lighter than a feather.
  2376. >He blinks uncertainly, his brain failing to adapt to the smooth change of perspective for a moment.
  2377. >"Wait, did we land already, or..."
  2378. >You snort, folding your wings and letting your weight press him into the bed.
  2379. "Yeah, we did. See? I can be very gentle. Though honestly, I'm hoping you can give me a proper workout..."
  2380. >He chuckles, snaking his hands towards your ears and viciously assaulting them with those soft appendages.
  2381. >You whine and squirm a bit at the ticklish sensations.
  2382. >"Well, I can't make any promises, but I'll do my best, that's for sure. Here's to hoping all those months of studying ponies pay off."
  2383. >Your eyes light up at that.
  2384. "Hey, I've been studying humans for months. We should compare notes."
  2385. >"Yeah, alright. What have you learned?"
  2386. "Well, not too much about the physical side of things, which is what I'm hoping to learn more about tonight. Lots more. I did learn one secret about you guys, but... I'll keep it a surprise, I think. What have you learned?"
  2387. >He squints a bit at you when the hears about the surprise, but nods a few moments later.
  2388. >As he begins to talk, you gently lift the edge of his shirt, sticking your muzzle inside and taking a slow, deeeeep breath.
  2389. >While humans don't have coats that trap scents like ponies do, they do love their clothes. And when you do what you just did, you get hit with a wave of fresh, exotic male scent.
  2390. >Your tail twitches and you close your eyes in pleasure, though you keep your ears sharp and alert as you listen to him.
  2391. >"Well, we largely have the same senses, but as you're demonstrating right now, our priorities are stacked quite differently. And since both sides assume that they're essentially the same at first, it leads to some awkward first meetings when those expectations don't pan out. Ponies really love smelling stuff first, while our first instinct is to poke it."
  2392. "Mmmhhmmm. You love using those long grabbers of yours. Maybe 'cause you guys are predators, or something."
  2393. >"I don't think so, honestly. Tell me, how far away can you smell things from?"
  2394. >You shrug.
  2395. "Depends entirely on the strength of the smell. I can smell flowers by the street as I pass by, for example. It's pretty hard to get a whiff of you guys even when I'm standing close by, though, unless you use perfume. Those can get pretty strong. Or you don't wash, but I think I only saw one or two men like that."
  2396. >"Men use deodorants, not perfume... Anyway, that's a perfect example. Most people can't smell a flower unless it's really strong or they stick their nose into it. Want to see what our sense of touch is capable of, though?"
  2397. >You curiously raise an eyebrow, pulling your muzzle out after savoring one last whiff.
  2398. "Go for it."
  2399. >He moves his hands towards your forelegs, gently unhooking them from his waist.
  2400. >Pulling them towards his chest, he envelops your hooves with his hands, rubbing them with his fingers.
  2401. >The sight of the wriggling appendages is still a bit weird to look at, but the sensations are pleasant.
  2402. >He spends a good few minutes at it, tracing over the entire surface of your hooves.
  2403. >You're tempted to ask what he's supposed to be doing, but manage to restrain yourself from interrupting.
  2404. >Eventually, he smiles, pulling one hand off your hoof and booping you on the nose.
  2405. >"Can you feel that?"
  2406. "Huh?"
  2407. >You scrunch your muzzle a bit as you feel something tiny rubbing against your nose.
  2408. >It's practically microscopic, but you can still feel it as he presses it against you with his finger, rubbing his finger in a small circle.
  2409. "What the hay?"
  2410. >He pulls his finger off, showing it to you with a smile.
  2411. >You squint at it, bringing your eye so close it's almost touching it.
  2412. >There's a curious pattern on the limb, something you learned is called a "fingerprint".
  2413. >It takes you a few moments to notice the object, though.
  2414. >A single grain of sand.
  2415. "Wait, what? How... What? Am I looking at what I'm supposed to, here?"
  2416. >"Depends. Can you see the sand?"
  2417. "Yeah? There's literally just one grain."
  2418. >"Yup. And I picked it out of your hoof."
  2419. >Your mouth opens a little in surprise.
  2420. "I'm.... Not sure even a unicorn could pick up something that small. Is that for real?"
  2421. >He shrugs.
  2422. >"Watch me."
  2423. >He goes back to scanning your hooves again, using some spare fingers to massage your frogs.
  2424. >You shiver a little at his touch on a part of your body that usually goes untouched.
  2425. >Bit later, he comes back with another grain of sand, rubbing it against your nose.
  2426. >Squinting, you examine the two grains, each one on a different finger.
  2427. "You can seriously sense something that small as it brushes against your fingers? I mean, I can sort of feel when I step on pebbles with my hooves, but..."
  2428. >"Yup. And now, you know why humans love touching things so much. Ponies especially. I can feel every single hair in your coat as I brush my hands against your sides. And your coat is so, so very soft..."
  2429. >He does exactly as he says, running his hands against you with a pleasured sigh.
  2430. >Wow.
  2431. >That does explain a lot of things.
  2432. >You shiver a little as he digs into a few tangled spots with his nails, scratching and smoothing them out.
  2433. >You pull one of his hands towards your face, examining it curiously.
  2434. >It's not even remotely the first time you did this, but no one really demonstrated just the kind of stuff they could do with those appendages.
  2435. >Watching his face, you let out a breath against his fingers.
  2436. >He looks amused.
  2437. >Running your muzzle along his palm garners a bigger reaction, his fingers wiggling as you examine them with your lips one by one.
  2438. >Lastly, you slowly stick your tongue out, giving his hand a cautious lick.
  2439. >He chuckles, shaking his head.
  2440. >"They're sensitive, yes, but they're not erogenous zones, Fleetfoot. We do pretty much everything with our hands, after all. You're not going to hurt or overwhelm my senses or whatever."
  2441. "Alright then."
  2442. >You keep licking his fingers, wrapping your tongue around a few of them. It's oddly exciting.
  2443. >"Thank you, by the way. I've been dreaming of doing this for quite a while."
  2444. "Hmm... Putting your hands all over a mare? I hope you're up for more than just enjoying my soft coat."
  2445. >"Well... Yeah. I've been dreaming of doing that, too. A lot. A mare letting me touch her everywhere is almost as good, though."
  2446. "Colt, lots of mares would happily marepile you if you said that out loud. Seriously, go to a public place with lots of ponies, and start casually musing out loud: "Wow, I sure feel lonely. If only a bunch of mares came and cuddled me so I could run my hands through their coats." See what happens."
  2447. >He snorts.
  2448. >"That wouldn't actually happen, would it?"
  2449. "Yeah, I guess not. You'd get strange looks, though I'd still bet money you'd get some mares showing interest."
  2450. >"Right, so..."
  2451. >You smile as you nuzzle his face again, finishing with a kiss on his lips.
  2452. >He reciprocates by running his hands along your spine, making sure to scratch between your wings, making you sigh in pleasure.
  2453. "Think you're ready for the fun?"
  2454. >"Yeah, I- Nah, nevermind. Yes, I am?"
  2455. "Hmm? Don't think I didn't catch that. What were you going to say?"
  2456. >He chews on his lip uncertainly, clearly hesitant.
  2457. "Aww, come on..."
  2458. >You dive in for another kiss, going for full tongue this time. His eyes go wide at the sudden invasion as you caress the inside of his mouth.
  2459. >Pulling off, you look at him with lidded eyes.
  2460. "Come on, big guy. This is supposed to be fun for both of us. Was there something you wanted? Or maybe... There's a kink that you have? Ohoho, I haven't heard much about those yet. Is there some way you want to do it? I'm not as flexible as you humans are, but I'm up for whatever position you want."
  2461. >He shakes his head, smiling awkwardly.
  2462. >"No, no... Just can't stop thinking about a song that reminds me of this situation. Feel like playing it. It's stupid, forget about it."
  2463. >You roll your eyes, flapping your wings and landing on the floor.
  2464. >You heard that some ponies like to have fun with music playing in the background. You never thought to do it yourself, but it didn't sound like a bad idea, either.
  2465. "Don't be silly. If you can't stop thinking about it, then it's not stupid. I'm guessing you have some gadget with music, right? Why don't you turn that on while I prepare your surprise. Be right back. Lose those clothes too, by the way."
  2466. >You wink at him as you trot to the bathroom, making sure to hike your tail high, concealing nothing.
  2467. >You hear him swallow nervously while he digs through his pockets.
  2468. >Taking off your saddlebags, you take out your secret weapon.
  2469. >You still feel nervous even touching the damn things.
  2470. >It's a bit hard to believe you even bought them.
  2471. >As you put them on, though, the skin-tight socks feel oddly comfortable.
  2472. >You're used to wearing full-body Wonderbolt uniforms, but the fabric feels much nicer.
  2473. >Taking a few deep breaths to steel your nerves, you quietly flutter into the air.
  2474. "Hope you're good and naked, pal. It's really not fair how reluctant you are to undress in front of mares. We're naked all the time, you know?"
  2475. >You hear him laugh nervously.
  2476. >"Um, almost. And we can't help it. Cultural differences, you know?"
  2477. >Flying out of the bathroom, you land on your hindlegs and strike a pose.
  2478. "So if I were to put on some clothes, would it make you more comfortable?"
  2479. >Which you did, technically. Socks aren't really clothes, but eh. Close enough.
  2480. >His eyes go wide and he completely freezes in place.
  2481. >All except a special something that gives a massive throb, slipping out of his underwear.
  2482. >"Holy..."
  2483. >You breath a quiet sigh of relief.
  2484. >You still had serious doubts, but it looks like that mare really was right. Men love mares in socks.
  2485. >Slowly and sensually moving closer, you give him a sultry look.
  2486. "Still not naked... Guess you don't want me after all?"
  2487. >He swiftly gets rid of the offending garment, quickly tapping something on a gadget and tossing it further on the bed. Surprisingly clear and crisp-sounding music begins playing from it.
  2488. >Though you're acting in charge and all that, you know that it's better not to push too hard.
  2489. "So, how do you want to...?"
  2490. >He smiles awkwardly, beginning to quietly sing along to the song's lyrics as they start up.
  2493. >"Let me take you on a trip"
  2494. >Well, you certainly hope it's going to be a wild trip.
  2495. >"Around the world and back"
  2496. >Yeah, colt, rock my world.
  2497. >You hop into the air, landing on him and pushing him onto the bed again, rubbing your body against his.
  2498. >"And you won't have to move, you just sit still"
  2499. >Oh, you like where this is going.
  2500. >He trails his hands all over your body, going for all the spots that one should usually avoid in public.
  2501. >"Now let your mind do the walking"
  2502. >Oh, your mind's walking to all sorts of places, alright.
  2503. >"And let my body do the talking"
  2504. >You REALLY like where this is going.
  2505. >That's a surprisingly dirty song.
  2506. >"Let me show you the world in my eyes"
  2507. >You shiver as he keeps working on you with his hands, making you melt into a puddle.
  2508. >You're so relaxed and turned on, that he enters you with zero resistance, both of you gasping at the feeling.
  2509. >You look into each other's eyes in silence as the song continues playing.
  2510. >Kissing him fiercely, you hear the next part.
  2511. >"I'll take you to the highest mountain"
  2512. >You're nowhere near that just yet, but you can already tell that it's going to be awesome when you reach the peak.
  2513. >"To the depths of the deepest sea"
  2514. >He plumbs your deepest depths, pushing himself in all the way and making your rears collide with a small smack as you keep making out.
  2515. >"And we won't need a map, believe me"
  2516. >He certainly proves that point, furiously seeking out all your sensitive spots and giving them firm squeezes.
  2517. >"Now let my body do the moving"
  2518. >He does exactly that, letting you stay on top, yet being the one to move.
  2519. >"And let my hands do the soothing"
  2520. >Oh mare, there's certainly no shortage of that.
  2521. >You collapse onto his chest, licking the salty drops of his sweat off his neck and face while you let him do whatever he wants to you.
  2522. >"That's all there is
  2523. >Nothing more than you can feel now
  2524. >That's all there is"
  2525. >Well, you certainly don't want to feel anything else right now.
  2526. >His scent, his taste, his... Touch.
  2527. >You wrap your tail around his leg, rubbing it back and forth as your bodies keep rubbing against each other.
  2528. >"Let me put you on a ship, on a long, long trip"
  2529. >You certainly hope this trip is very, very long.
  2530. >"Your lips close to my lips"
  2531. >Both of you glance at each other at that line, going in for another sloppy kiss.
  2532. >"All the islands in the ocean"
  2533. >He certainly takes the time to lovingly explore each and every island of yours.
  2534. >"All the heavens in motion"
  2535. >You do feel almost like you're flying.
  2536. >"Let me show you the world in my eyes"
  2537. >Show me. Show me more. Show me everything. Everything you got, give it to me, mmmm...
  2538. >"That's all there is
  2539. >Nothing more than you can touch now
  2540. >That's all there is"
  2541. >That's... Not true.
  2542. >There's so, so much more here than someone merely touching you.
  2543. >You moan in pleasure at the sheer magic he's working on you.
  2544. >The song continues playing as you lose yourself in the pleasure-filled haze of the most ancient of dances the two of you are performing.
  2545. >Let me show you the world in my eyes
  2546. >Let me show you the world in my eyes
  2547. >Let me show you the world in my eyes...
  2549. ---------
  2551. >You didn't bother counting how many times you reached the highest mountain, whinnying in pleasure and joy.
  2552. >The few times he looked at you with concern and tried to slow down, you fiercely bit him in the shoulder or the ear, demanding for him to keep going until he was finished.
  2553. >He obliged, wrapping his limbs around you in ways you didn't think possible, pressing the two of you as close together as he could.
  2554. >The two of you kept going through the night, constantly getting aroused again and again as you cuddled and rubbed your bodies against one another, him trailing his hands through your coat while you licked and nibbled on him, holding on to him with your sock-clad legs.
  2555. >He really, really liked those, constantly glancing at them even if his hands were exploring other parts of your body.
  2556. >The device kept playing music the entire time in the background, adding a pleasant ambiance.
  2557. >As you lie there, completely spent and exhausted in the best, most pleasant way imaginable, you hear another song start.
  2558. >Your ear automatically turns towards the sound, the rest of you too busy basking in the pleasure to care.
  2559. >"Words like violence break the silence
  2560. >Come crashing in into my little world
  2561. >Painful to me, pierce right through me
  2562. >Can't you understand? Oh, my little girl"
  2563. >As before, the sound quality is superb, and the amount of songs on such a tiny thing is impressive. You decide to get one of those things for yourself sometime.
  2564. >"All I ever wanted
  2565. >All I ever needed is here, in my arms
  2566. >Words are very unnecessary
  2567. >They can only do harm"
  2568. >You blink slowly, lying tiredly on top of a man that spent his entire energy on making you feel good for the past... You don't even know how long.
  2569. >For once, there's not a single thought in your head. Nothing but a pleasant, empty fog.
  2570. >Life's concerns will come back, you're faintly aware of that much, but for now, they can buck off and stay there.
  2571. >Despite the lack of thoughts, or perhaps precisely because of that, the words resonate powerfully in your mind.
  2572. >It's only when the song ends and your lover grunts a bit you realize just how hard you're hugging him.
  2573. >Easing up, you nuzzle against his neck apologetically.
  2574. >Another song starts, but the lyrics from the previous one keep running through your head.
  2575. "All I ever wanted... All I ever needed is here, in my arms..."
  2577. ***************************
  2579. >Back in the present, you grimace.
  2580. "Oh, to Tartarus with it."
  2581. >Spitfire tilts her head quizzically, but remains quiet.
  2582. "I'm doing it."
  2583. >"Really."
  2584. "Yup."
  2585. >There's a minute of silence as what you just said sinks in.
  2586. >She nods slowly.
  2587. >"Well, I can respect that. What if it fails?"
  2588. >You shrug.
  2589. "Then I won't be even the tiniest bit worse off than I am now. Financially, maybe, but I can deal with that. Let's face it, Spitfire, neither one of us is getting a stallion until we're done with our careers. Or, well, done with the heavy touring and whatnot, at least. Maybe we can get some cushy office jobs with fewer hours after everything is said and done. But until that happens.... I want someone to come back to, rare as it would be. That's a long time for a mare to spend alone. One-night stands can be really fun, but whenever you get a really good one, then you can't help but think "Well, why don't I just bring him home and keep him there?" Wouldn't work for anything but having a toy-colt, usually, but..."
  2590. >"But you're saying humans are different."
  2591. "Aren't they? You kept going on about how their thinking is different from ours."
  2592. >"Well... Yeah. But is it different in the right way for us in this situation? You really think he'll stay loyal to you?"
  2593. >You shrug again.
  2594. "I can't speak for an entire species, Spitfire, they're still individuals. Obviously, there's probably some garbage men out there. But that's not the feeling I got from my man. What about you?"
  2595. >"Already calling him your man, huh?"
  2596. >You grin awkwardly.
  2597. "Slip of the tongue."
  2598. >"Right..."
  2599. >You look at her for a minute while she mulls on it.
  2600. "You don't have to do it just because I am, you know. It's not too late to back out."
  2601. >Giving you a flat look, she snorts.
  2602. >"As I said already, you're the one that dragged me into this mess, featherbrain."
  2603. >You grin back smugly.
  2604. "And so far, at least, you loved every second of it."
  2605. >She sits back, considering it.
  2606. >"Damn it, Fleetfoot. Screw you. Screw you so very hard. Screw you with a cactus in all three of your holes."
  2607. >You laugh.
  2608. "It's really not an easy choice, is it?"
  2609. >"No, it's not. And now that I had a good lay, I don't think I can go back to being celibate, damn it."
  2610. "Well damn, boss, looks like your only options are to get yourself a man or become a massive stallionizer that drags helpless colts right from the stands after a show for some locker room fun, heh heh."
  2611. >She rolls her eyes.
  2612. >"Or men. They come to our shows, you know. Guess I'd be a... Meninizer? Whatever."
  2613. >You both snort.
  2614. >There's another few minutes of silence as the two of you consider things.
  2615. >In the end, though, Spitfire breaks.
  2616. >"Blazing blasted Tartarus... Guess I'm going back to Canterlot."
  2617. "You... Need any help?"
  2618. >She looks at you incredulously.
  2619. >"I think you helped enough, thank you very much. I can take it from here. Go find your own man, or something."
  2620. >Cackling, you lift off, stretching your forelegs as you slowly drift towards your room.
  2621. "So, do you want to borrow a couple pairs of socks, or are you going to take it slow with Anon?"
  2622. >"...Bucking dyke, seriously. Just give me the socks and shut up about it."
  2623. "Yes, captain!"
  2624. >"*Indistinct grumbling*"
  2625. "Hehehe."
  2627. ***********************************************
  2629. >Be Spitfire once more.
  2630. >You purse your lips and do your best to clamp down on your hesitance as Fleetfoot hoofs you the rolled-up socks, that Tartarus-damned grin back in full force.
  2631. >"Here, you can borrow a saddlebag. Don't want to have a slip-up and have them unroll mid-flight, do we?"
  2632. "Right."
  2633. >You briefly hesitate before your hoof makes contact with the things.
  2634. >Mare up, damn it!
  2635. >You grab the socks, feeling like you just made some kind of deal with Discord.
  2636. >Shaking off the feeling, you stuff them into the saddlebag, making sure it's clasped shut tightly.
  2637. >VERY tightly.
  2638. >Slipping on the cursed container, you turn to Fleetfoot.
  2639. "This is it, then. Guess we'll meet back at the base on Monday. Good luck with Incognito."
  2640. >"You too, Spits. Go knock Anon flat."
  2641. "We'll see."
  2642. >You trot outside, taking a deep breath and feeling the wind for a moment before spreading your wings and taking off.
  2643. >You swiftly make your way to your place, only paying the absolute minimum attention to your surroundings, your mind wandering elsewhere.
  2644. >Entering your bachelor pad, you stop for a moment and look at the place with a critical eye.
  2645. >Some trophies, posters, and minimal, purely functional furniture arranged with military precision.
  2646. >Yeah, a stallion would have a breakdown within a week if he tried to live here.
  2647. >And, again, Anon couldn't anyway. Not a pegasus.
  2648. >Shaking your head, you trot towards your goal.
  2649. >Your closet.
  2650. >Your wardrobe is not particularly impressive.
  2651. >A couple spare uniforms and flight suits in case of some kind of emergencies, and a single jacket.
  2652. >You examine it as you take it from the hanger.
  2653. >No holes or tears that you can see.
  2654. >Hm.
  2655. >You have no idea how "fashionable" it might be today.
  2656. >The very idea of fashion seemed like an idiotic scam for gullible stallions to you. A bunch of mares and a couple token stallions deciding what's popular that year, with those same mares selling the clothes? Yeah.
  2657. >Well, Anon shouldn't care anyway, right?
  2658. >Even if he cares about fashion, he's an alien.
  2659. >And he liked you when you were fully naked, anyway.
  2660. >Does that mean wearing clothes would trigger some kind of reaction to make him judge you as a human?
  2661. "Damn it... Stop overthinking it, Spitfire. Just go for it," You mutter, donning the bomber jacket.
  2662. >You give yourself a once-over in a mirror, striking a pose.
  2663. >Smokin'.
  2664. >Checking that your saddlebag is tightly closed one last time, you trot towards the door and take to the skies.
  2665. >The trip back to Canterlot is quiet.
  2666. >You go through the entire thing almost without thinking about it.
  2667. >Your wings are a bit tired from making the trip back and forth in a single day, but it's not even remotely something you can't handle.
  2668. >A tightness in your gut begins to form as you approach the Valley View hotel.
  2669. >This is the critical moment... Or one of the moments, at least.
  2670. >You said goodbye to Anon earlier today, with the full understanding that you're probably not going to meet again any time soon, if ever.
  2671. >What is he going to think when you knock on his door?
  2672. >You approach the window instead, peeking inside.
  2673. >Empty.
  2674. >Hm...
  2675. >You glance around, but there's no clocktowers in sight.
  2676. >Sighing, you flap your wings again, circling the hotel and landing in front.
  2677. >Entering the lobby, you beeline for the mare at the desk.
  2678. "Excuse me, could you tell me the time?"
  2679. >She glances at a clock hidden somewhere under her desk.
  2680. >"Of course, ma'am. It's four-fifty right now."
  2681. "Thanks."
  2682. >You nod and trot away, thinking.
  2683. >Not quite late yet, but it's early evening.
  2684. >You wonder how long Anon might be out, looking for work. It can't be too long, right?
  2685. >You only had breakfast and that cider at Fleetfoot's, something which your stomach is quick to remind you of the moment you think about food.
  2686. >You grit your teeth and ignore it, though, deciding to wait for Anon.
  2687. >You hope he didn't go out to have dinner yet...
  2688. >You want to go with him, and it'd be stupid if you were the only one stuffing your face.
  2689. >Making your way to the room, you find it locked.
  2690. >Darn.
  2691. >Well, he is a single stallion in an unfamiliar country. It's natural for him not to feel entirely safe.
  2692. >Trotting back down you go outside and find a comfy roof to lie down on.
  2693. >You know that some ponies hate it when pegasi perch on their roofs, but they can kiss your flank.
  2694. >It's not like you're going to crap on their windowsills like a bird.
  2695. >Though sometimes, the temptation is certainly there, given the manure they shout at you...
  2696. >Shaking your head, you focus on your goal.
  2697. >Anon.
  2698. >It doesn't take too long for him to arrive. Bit more than half an hour, you think.
  2699. >You raise an eyebrow. He's lugging a large backpack of some kind this time around.
  2700. >It looks quite sizeable, but he doesn't seem to be struggling in the slightest, his legs carrying the weight with total ease.
  2701. >You end up watching his exotic, two-legged frame for a bit too long.
  2702. >It's only when he's almost at the hotel door that you remember that you're supposed to go talk to him.
  2703. >Cursing under your breath, you stand up and spread your wings, taking after him.
  2704. >Once you're through the door, he's nowhere to be seen.
  2705. >You decide to trot on hoof rather than blast through the hotel like a lovestruck filly.
  2706. >Plenty of pegasi would do it, but you have to constantly watch yourself, given your position in the public eye.
  2707. >You make your way to the room, taking in a deep breath.
  2708. >You then let it out, and take another. Then you feel stupid.
  2709. >You're a Wonderbolts captain, damn it! Mare up!
  2710. >Mentally kicking the crap out of the butterflies in your stomach, you raise a hoof and knock on the door.
  2711. >"Coming."
  2712. >You reflexively fluff your wings as you hear his hoof- his footsteps approach the door.
  2713. >"...Spitfire?"
  2714. >He's understandably confused when he opens the door and sees you.
  2715. >"Did you forget something? I don't remember you really having anything with you, though..."
  2716. "No, Anon, I didn't forget anything."
  2717. >"Then why...?"
  2718. >You take another deep breath.
  2719. "Anon, I am about to be very blunt and direct with you. Usually, I'd be nervous to do that with a stallion, but you don't seem the type to freak out."
  2720. >"Is this what people refer to as a "booty call"?" He asks with a faint smile.
  2721. >You cough and sputter as he completely derails your train of thought.
  2722. "NO!"
  2723. >He flinches a bit at your impressively loud denial.
  2724. >"So, uh, what-"
  2725. "I think I like you," You blurt out.
  2726. >"...What?"
  2727. "Just let me speak for a minute, okay? No interrupting."
  2728. >"Go for it."
  2729. >You take yet another, hopefully final, deep breath.
  2730. "Alright, so, here's the situation. I was... Lonely for the longest time. Not lonely lonely, I had no shortage of ponies to deal with every single day, and I have plenty of friends. Lonely in the sense of... Lack of companionship from the opposite gender. It went on for quite a long time. I'm a bit of a celebrity, as I told you. I'm not sure how it is in your world, but here, there's these ponies we refer to as "paparazzi". They're... A real pain in the flank."
  2731. >"Seriously? You have them here too? Nevermind, keep going."
  2732. "You guys too?! Mare, they're an *interdimensional* pain in the flank? Celestia... Anyway, uh... Mares have certain needs they need to take care of, or it starts driving them a little crazy. Oh, why am I being gentle, we literally rutted already... I'm talking about sex, Anon. Not getting any can be extremely frustrating, especially if it's a high-stress job, like, say, a Wonderbolts captain. And such a job also attracts paparazzi, who are all too eager to follow you and harass both you and the stallion that you managed to find with idiotic questions, or outright take photos of you in the act, if they can catch you... Which is why I didn't have any fun with a stallion in... Close to a decade."
  2733. >You expect him to say something by that point, but he dutifully remains quiet, only giving you a discerning look.
  2734. "Fleetfoot noticed that I was gradually getting off my rocker, and she suggested a solution. You... Know what happened next," You grin sheepishly, wiggling your eyebrows at him just a bit.
  2735. >He remains silent for a moment longer as you both stand there in awkward silence.
  2736. >"Alright, so... I understand what you mean, but you said this is NOT a booty call?"
  2737. "Right, no! No, it's not. Yes, the night we had was amazing. The best rut of my life. No, better than all the stallions I had *combined*, you amazing, unbelievable stud," You sigh with a smile, your wings extending unconsciously as he faintly blushes, coughing awkwardly. "But that's not what I want from you. I don't want you to be a toycolt for me to call on."
  2738. >"So then...?"
  2739. "I... Have you ever heard of the "military-mare's curse"?"
  2740. >"No? Should I have? Is that something literal? Is there some kind of magical curse on you?" He asks with a confused frown, making you laugh.
  2741. "Hahahah, no, no. Just..."
  2742. >He raises an eyebrow at you as you trail off.
  2743. >"You said you were going to be very blunt and direct, but you're hesitating right now."
  2744. >You narrow your eyes at him, just a little.
  2745. "Yeah, well, I'm not sure how you're going to react to what I'm saying, what with your alien mindset and all. One moment, you act just like a particularly fine stallion would, next one, you're saying something weird... But you're right. I said I would be direct, and I'm not one to go back on my word. The so called "curse" - it applies to a lot of mares in specific professions, not just military mares. Mares that need to travel a lot for their careers, essentially. They're usually very good careers, earning the mare lots of bits. But, if said mares are in relationships, they tend to go bad as often as they don't. Stallions are very... Emotion-driven, and most of them don't seem to be able to logically grasp the fact that their comfortable life is being provided by the mare that's *not* there. They get very close to the mares that are staying with them at home, even if those mares are lazy do-nothings, while the travelling mare provides literally everything for them, and yet, when she returns, she often just gets the cold shoulder."
  2746. >Anon's expression gradually darkens as you keep explaining, becoming an ugly, angry grimace by the very end.
  2747. >You wonder what is he going to do now.
  2748. >Explode on you for being a "chauvinistic sexist"?
  2749. >"Same thing... Same damned thing... Fleetfoot was right, damn it," He mutters with a thousand-yard stare, confusing you.
  2750. "What do you mean?" You ask, making him snap out of it.
  2751. >"I... Fleetfoot said something yesterday. About us humans imagining Equestria as some kind of utopia, and how that was a load of bunk," He laughs, a bitter, nasty sound. "It really is, isn't it? It's the same thing as on Earth. Veterans getting cheated on by their spouses when they're on deployment is a... Depressingly regular occurrence."
  2752. >You bite your lip as you process what he just said.
  2753. "And with your weird alien society, who are the soldiers and who are the ones cheating?"
  2754. >"Huh? Well, men are the ones going out, of course. Now, I certainly can't say that no man ever banged someone while out on deployment, but... Well, they're often too busy trying not to get shot or blown up to think about such things."
  2755. >You press your lips together from the sheer disgust of what you just heard.
  2756. >The human mares are so bucking lazy and weak, they send their own colts to fight and can't even stay loyal while they get to stay at home and drink cider all day?
  2757. >Kicking that thought away, you focus on Anon again.
  2758. "So if we get together, you wouldn't cheat on me?"
  2759. >"Huh? Well, I mean..."
  2760. >You clear your throat.
  2761. "Anon, I'm about to be blunt again. Yes, the... Encounter we had was just me trying to scratch an itch. I didn't even think much of humans, but Fleetfoot convinced me. However, like I said, it was an amazing experience, and it got me thinking. I don't want to sneak around and dodge the Celestia-damned paparazzi every time I want to get laid. In fact, I don't want to have one-night stands either, even if I could do it with no worries. I worked my flank off for Equestria, and I'd say that I deserve to finally have a real, normal, relationship, damn it. However, what I want and what is possible are very different things. That is reality, and as a mare, I am fully capable of accepting that. But you... You're different. You would *be* different, or so Fleetfoot says. So..."
  2762. >"...Yeah?"
  2763. "...Would you like to go out on a date with me, Anon?"
  2764. >"A date."
  2765. "Yes. A date. Not a "let's get drunk and rut wildly" date. A real date, with the intent of us getting into a relationship together. A real, serious relationship, with *commitment*. I don't want a toycolt, Anon. I want (You). You wouldn't exploit me for money and run away the moment I'm on tour like those women back home, would you, Anon?"
  2766. >"NEVER," He growls angrily.
  2767. >You grin.
  2768. "Awesome. So...?"
  2769. >"Oh, right. Um... Well... Okay."
  2770. "OH YEAH!"
  2771. >You spread your wings and jump into the air, hoof-pumping with a mad grin.
  2772. >"My word, you're adorable," Anon grins like a maniac, making you snort and land again.
  2773. "Stop that. Mares are not adorable, or cute. We're tough and cool."
  2774. >"Right, of course you are," He says, still grinning, reaching out with a hand and scratching behind your ear.
  2775. "Hnnnhg... Stoooop...."
  2776. >You shake your head and snort, giving him a flat look.
  2777. >He's still grinning.
  2778. >Then, you sigh sadly.
  2779. >"Sorry, was that so unpleasant? I thought you liked it..."
  2780. "I did. It's just... I'm sorry."
  2781. >"What for, Spitfire?"
  2782. "For this mess. Rutting you silly in a one-night stand and then asking you out on a date is... Not the most normal or good way to start a relationship. But I honestly, truly mean it, Anon. I promise, I am NOT just going after you just for your body," You proclaim, looking him right in the eye.
  2784. >That seems to amuse him greatly, making him laugh.
  2785. "What's so funny?"
  2786. >"Well, heheh, I don't have any problems believing that. My body's not exactly anything special."
  2787. >You frown angrily as you're about to correct him, before you hear hoofsteps close by.
  2788. >Some random mare is trotting in your direction.
  2789. >You blink as you remember just where you are, feeling a bit stupid.
  2790. "The hallway might not be the best place for big conversations, Anon. May I come in, or do you want to go out right now?"
  2791. >"Of course, come in," He gestures, waving you inside.
  2792. >You hope he's not the kind of stallion that takes two hours to prepare for going on a date. You're about to find out, you suppose.
  2793. >You glance around the room.
  2794. >It's practically the same, save for Anon's backpack.
  2795. "I'm assuming this means you moved out of the place you were renting?"
  2796. >"Yeah. Didn't have much packing to do, fortunately. Downsizing everything I have to this much took a little effort, but man, being able to just pick things up and take off is satisfying."
  2797. >You nod, slightly surprised that he somehow managed to cram everything he owns into that.
  2798. >Would it be inappropriate to ask what's in there?
  2799. >At least half of it is probably makeup and perfumes.
  2800. >No, wait... You never smelt any on Anon. Or seen him wear makeup.
  2801. >Huh.
  2802. >He walks to the bathroom, closing the door.
  2803. >Well, moment of truth.
  2804. >You sigh quietly and go to the couch, ready to twiddle your hooves for a while.
  2805. >You slide off the saddlebag, glancing to make sure that it's still clasped firmly.
  2806. >Were the socks a mistake?
  2807. >Shaking your head, you forcefully make yourself stop thinking about the things, turning your thoughts back to Anon.
  2808. >You hope at least half an hour will be enough for him to get ready, not a full one.
  2809. >To your shock, he comes out barely a couple minutes later.
  2810. >You look him up and down, trying to notice a difference.
  2811. >The only thing you can even see is that he combed his mane.
  2812. "You're... Ready to go?"
  2813. >"Yeah? Why, is there something I should do? Don't tell me it's a fancy restaurant. I don't exactly have a suit and tie with me."
  2814. "No, no," You shake your head. "I, ah... I didn't actually choose where I wanted to go. I just came straight from Cloudsdale to here," You lie slightly, cursing yourself for not scouting out the area instead of sitting on that roof.
  2815. >"Oh, well... That's fine. Do you have any recommendations?"
  2816. "Canterlot... Not much, honestly. There are a few joints that I like quite a lot, but... We can't really go there."
  2817. >"Hm? Are they too far, or something?"
  2818. "No, but they're built for pegasi. Towertop restaurants with cloud seats and the like. Even if I flew you up, you wouldn't be able to sit there."
  2819. >"Oh. Darn. That actually sounds like a really cool place."
  2820. "Maybe we can find a unicorn who knows a cloudwalking spell sometime, and we'll go. Right now, though, we'll have to stick with the ground. Sorry."
  2821. >"It's fine. In that case... Can I make a recommendation?"
  2822. "Absolutely," You nod, mentally exhaling in relief.
  2823. >"Well, there was this gastropub I saw while I was going to pick up my stuff..."
  2824. >You wrinkle your nose a tiny bit.
  2825. "Gastropub? Sounds like mutant cross between a restaurant that's too fancy to serve food and an actual pub."
  2826. >He laughs.
  2827. >"Fortunately, that's not the case. It's just a pub that serves high-quality food as we as drinks. I did actually see a bunch of those kinds of restaurants, where the "food" is something like three peas on a plate with a fancy streak of sauce. Yet another idiocy that's the same between our worlds. But no, they serve good portions there, from what I saw and smelled."
  2828. "Still, though... I could take you somewhere nicer, if you want."
  2829. >He takes a moment to think before shrugging helplessly.
  2830. >"From what you said just then, it sounds to me like you're aware that the only thing "fancy" restaurants have that more casual ones don't is pretentiousness. And the super-fancy ones don't even have food. So no, I'm good with a pub."
  2831. "If you're sure."
  2832. >"I am. Shall we go, then?"
  2833. "Lead the way."
  2834. >He nods, taking the lead.
  2835. >The pair of you make your way down the stairs and into the street.
  2836. >Even though nothing's agreed upon yet, you still trot right next to him, close enough to touch.
  2837. >You manage to resist possessively wrapping your tail around one of his legs, though, tempting as it would be.
  2838. >Probably too early.
  2839. >Oh. And humans don't have tails. Not sure how'd he interpret it.
  2840. >As you two walk, you notice him glancing at you from the corners of his eyes.
  2841. >You want to say something to fill the silence, but you're not sure what.
  2842. >As much of a pain in the flank as she was the past week, you kind of wish Fleetfoot was here to give you more advice.
  2843. >Given how much of a celebrity you are, flirting was not something you ever really had to do much of.
  2844. >Stallions would fall all over you with minimal effort.
  2845. >And that was for a rut, too, not for an actual relationship.
  2846. >Fortunately, Anon decides to speak first.
  2847. >"That's a pretty cool jacket, Spitfire. Is that your uniform, or something?"
  2848. "Oh. No, it's not. Just something I bought some time ago," You shake your head, though you can't help but puff up a little from the fact he likes it.
  2849. >"Huh. Okay. Can I ask what's it for? Does it actually get cold enough in Cloudsdale for pegasi to wear clothes?"
  2850. "Uh, not really..."
  2851. >"Really? Then why would- oh. Heh."
  2852. >He chuckles, running a hand through your mane.
  2853. "What?"
  2854. >"Did you wear it to have something nice for our date?"
  2855. "....Maybe. It depends," You say, not looking him in the eyes.
  2856. >"Really? On what?"
  2857. "Do you like it?"
  2858. >He laughs again, shaking his head.
  2859. >"Yeah. You look cool. Despite not wearing pants."
  2860. >You give him a questioning look.
  2861. "Why would I need pants?"
  2862. >"...Why do ponies wear clothes at all? You're all just fine butt naked, from what I saw. No, a better question is, how and why did ponies invent clothes in the first place, if you don't need them at all?"
  2863. "Well, we do need protection from stuff, so there's specialist gear for hostile environments and the like. And winters do get cold enough for some ponies to need clothes."
  2864. >"Pretty much everyone in Canterlot just wears them as a status symbol, from what I saw."
  2865. >You snort disdainfully.
  2866. "Well, it is the capital, where all the nobles and rich folk hang out. They're always trying to show off, in every way imaginable."
  2867. >"Still doesn't explain how fancy clothes became a status symbol. We wear clothes all the time, so it makes sense."
  2868. >You shake your head.
  2869. >Not the topic you expected to talk about on your date.
  2870. "I don't know the history of that, Anon. Isn't it better for you, though? Make it less weird when ponies wear clothes too?"
  2871. >He grins.
  2872. >"It doesn't work as well when they're not wearing pants. Then it just looks goofy. Or kinky."
  2873. >You swat his legs with your tail.
  2874. "You're really into those things, huh? What's so special about pants?"
  2875. >"They keep me safe, comfortably warm, and protect my privates from lecherous mares who's muzzles are roughly at my crotch level."
  2876. >You snort, trying not to bust out laughing.
  2877. "Hold up there, hotshot. Where did that come from? Just the day before, you didn't even believe that a mare might be interested in you."
  2878. >"Yeah, well, you really opened my eyes to that possibility. And when I was walking around today with a fresh perspective, I could have sworn that at least half the mares I passed by shot thirsty looks at my crotch."
  2879. >When he mentions that, you can't help but do the same, appreciating the faint bulge.
  2880. >He notices, giving you a flat look as you cover your mouth with a wing and cough to hide a grin.
  2881. "Sorry."
  2882. >"It's fine... I think. Still a bit hard to believe it's happening at all," He mutters, rubbing his chin with a faraway look in his eyes.
  2883. >You gently bump into his legs, bringing his attention back.
  2884. "Better believe it, big guy. This mare is very interested in you."
  2885. >"Right, well... We're here."
  2886. >He nods towards a fairly large, two-story establishment.
  2887. >It's quite full, but with the size, you're pretty sure you'd be able to get seats quite fast even if all of them are taken at the moment.
  2888. >Well, he was right about one thing, at least.
  2889. >Your nostrils flare as the scent of food floods your nose.
  2890. >The place does smell pretty damn good.
  2891. "Well, let's see this "gastropub" thing.
  2892. >Trotting in, you look around. It is pretty packed.
  2893. >From what you can see, the food looks as good as it smells.
  2894. "Let's check out the second floor."
  2895. >"Alright."
  2896. >Finding an empty table, you go back down again to order.
  2897. >You're pretty hungry, so you order a hayburger and a big plate of hayfries.
  2898. >Anon scans the menu for a while with pursed lips, before picking a big serving of cheesy pasta.
  2899. >You then both get drinks, Anon going for a bitter ale.
  2900. >You're still a little surprised to see that he actually likes the stuff.
  2901. >Getting back to your table, you both sip your drinks.
  2902. "So, was the menu not to your liking, Anon? You looked unhappy about something."
  2903. >"Eh, it wasn't bad. Honestly, I was just hoping to get some fish again."
  2904. "You're a big-time meat eater, huh?"
  2905. >"Um, well..."
  2906. >You raise an eyebrow when he looks pretty uncomfortable for some reason.
  2907. "What's with the reaction? I eat fish too, remember?"
  2908. >"I know. I am an omnivore that's leaning closer to a carnivore, though. We need meat to survive, and I ate... Lots of things other than fish. Does that bother you?"
  2909. >You snort, jamming a hoof over your muzzle.
  2910. >Shaking off your laughter, you shake your head.
  2911. "Anon, I'm not some earth pony with a tree branch up my tailhole. No pegasus would ever criticize you enjoying a good fish. And what about you ate in the past could possibly bother me?"
  2912. >"Hold up, what you just said implies that there is some kind of societal disapproval for meat eaters."
  2913. >You roll your eyes.
  2914. "It's just a small subset of earth ponies, Anon. No one worth their salt gives a damn about them. Really, the whole thing is suspect. They say that it's wrong and immoral, and that ponies should only eat plants. Plants that those same earth ponies grow. Yeah, totally honest intentions and no conflict of interest there."
  2915. >"Heh. Alright."
  2916. "So what was that about you eating things other than fish?"
  2917. >He grins awkwardly.
  2918. >"So, you know how we're the only sapient species on our planet?"
  2919. "...Yeah?"
  2920. >"Well, we have lots of animals that also exist in Equestria. Ones that we raise for food. Chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs... Also cows, sheep, goats, and so on."
  2921. >You stop mid-gulp as he mentions the cows and the others.
  2922. >Swallowing quickly, you thump your chest as you almost choke.
  2923. "Are you saying you ate cows, Anon?"
  2924. >"Yeah. Though I much prefer sheep. Lamb steaks are delicious."
  2925. >He says it quietly, glancing around.
  2926. >Probably no need, given how loud the bar is, but maybe he's right to do it after all.
  2927. >Some ponies would definitely freak out if someone randomly started proclaiming how delicious sheep are.
  2928. >You take another gulp of cider as you scrunch your muzzle.
  2929. "You know that... Creatures like cows and sheep aren't animals? They can talk?"
  2930. >"Not on Earth. Same as horses and ponies."
  2931. "Right, well... Uh... I'm not sure what to even say."
  2932. >He gives you a small shrug with an apologetic smile.
  2933. "Did you eat any ponies?"
  2934. >"No. In most countries, horses are not considered as animals suitable for food."
  2935. "Right. What was it that you said humans use horses for?"
  2936. >"Riding. Beasts of burden."
  2937. "Kinky. You ever "rode" any horses, Anon?"
  2938. >He sputters.
  2939. >"That's not what that means at-"
  2940. "Hahahah!"
  2941. >He stops when he sees you laughing.
  2942. >"Ha ha. No, Spitfire, bestiality is not in my list of interests."
  2943. "Good to know. And... Well, I don't know what to tell you about your previous dietary habits. You don't *need* to eat sheep or cows to live, do you?"
  2944. >Your food arrives then, both of you shutting up and thanking the mare for the food.
  2945. >You start tearing into your hayburger, while Anon spins up a big wad of pasta and sticks it in his mouth.
  2946. >After a few bites, he speaks up again.
  2947. >"No, I don't need red meat specifically, though I do need things like fat and protein a lot more. Not only living only off carbohydrates would probably kill me - seriously, I saw ponies eat enough sugar in one sitting to give me diabetes - I can't digest lots of your pony stuff. Like hay," He nods towards your hayfries.
  2948. "Sounds almost like you have a pegasus diet. We need lots of fat too, for shiny feathers and healthy coats. And protein for building muscles. Though that counts for me more, since I'm an athlete."
  2949. >"That's a relief. Long-term survival was something I've been somewhat concerned with, but you guys seem to have loads of similar things that we have on Earth."
  2950. >You shake your head.
  2951. "I wouldn't let you starve, Anon, even if I'd have to pay to import food from Earth. Or maybe Griffonstone. Ever seen a griffon?"
  2952. >"The catbirds? Yeah, I saw a few. Giving a lion wings and hands with eagle claws? That's some ultimate predator stuff."
  2953. >You chuckle.
  2954. "Don't let them hear you call them that. But yeah, those guys are pretty big on meat as well, and no one important cares. Hm... We should hit up a griffon restaurant sometime. See how you like it."
  2955. >"...Huh. Okay. Well. This conversation went to some weird places."
  2956. >You snort.
  2957. "I'd expect nothing less from an alien."
  2958. >He shakes his head and goes back to his pasta.
  2959. >"Right. I wonder if all date conversations turn weird."
  2960. >You open your mouth to say something, only to realize that you have nothing.
  2961. "I.. Wouldn't know."
  2962. >"Hm?"
  2963. >You shrug.
  2964. "I don't think I've ever been on a date before."
  2965. >He stares at you for a moment as you toss some hayfries in your mouth, trying to appear nonchalant.
  2966. >"Huh."
  2967. "Never needed to when I was just looking for some quick fun, you know?"
  2968. >"Well, I've never been on a date either, so... This is a first date for both of us."
  2969. >You stare at each other for a minute before snorting and going back to your food.
  2970. >What Anon just said sounds weird as heck, though.
  2971. >He never went on a date. Ever.
  2972. >Does that mean that Fleetfoot was right? Was Anon an actual virgin when you took him?
  2973. >One that gave you the ride of your life.
  2974. >How?!
  2975. >Instead of talking more, both of you work to finish your food before it turns completely cold.
  2976. >Once you're done, you both nurse your half-empty drinks, trying to find a new thread of conversation.
  2977. >"So..."
  2978. >Your ears perk up.
  2979. "Yeah?"
  2980. >"I'm guessing we should talk about relationships."
  2981. "Could you be a little more specific?"
  2982. >"I actually don't think I can. It's pretty clear that what a "relationship" is to me and you are similar, but deeply different concepts is some regards."
  2983. "So...?"
  2984. >"Describe a relationship, Spitfire. Between you and me. If this works out between us, what's going to happen?"
  2985. >You take a pull of cider as you mull it over. Since you discussed some stuff with Fleetfoot already, the basics come to you quite easily.
  2986. "Well, first of all, I'd provide a place for you to live, of course. A proper place, not a hotel room. I'd tell you that you'd move in with me, but I don't actually own any property in Canterlot yet. I have a place in Cloudsdale, but... I don't think you'd be able to live there comfortably."
  2987. >He whistles faintly.
  2988. >"That sounds like a heck of an investment. Not only is this the capital, but space on a mountainside is at a bloody premium."
  2989. "And? So what? Anon, if I couldn't even provide an appropriate living space for you, I wouldn't be courting you. Besides, I could sell it literally any time. It's not like the money is gone forever when you buy a place."
  2990. >"Yeah, you're right. With the consistent and constant demand, you could even make a good profit, if the place you bought wasn't run-down or poorly maintained and required sinking in lots of money for repairs. Unless something really drastic happens, it's not likely that the real estate market in the nation's capital would collapse. Like some guy back on Earth said, "Buy land, they don't make it any more." "
  2991. >You tilt your head a little in surprise when he says it.
  2992. >No matter how many times you tell yourself that Anon is different, little things like that still catch you off-guard. It sounds so damn strange to hear sensible economic wisdom from a stallion.
  2993. "Yeah. And remember, we don't even have to pick Canterlot. I can fly. Fast. As long as it's not somewhere on the outskirts of Equestria, I can make it there with little issue. You seemed to like Canterlot, though."
  2994. >"Well, I wouldn't mind going somewhere else... But how far is your workplace from here? Are there any other cities that are closer?"
  2995. "Not... Really. There's Ponyville, which is roughly the same distance from the Wonderbolts academy. You might have seen it if you looked down into the valley from the mountainside. I don't think you'd find anything to do there, though. It's a little farming village."
  2996. >"Right, probably little to no demand for an electrician there."
  2997. "Exactly. Canterlot it is, then."
  2998. >"You'd really do something like that for me, huh," He says quietly, with a small, sad smile.
  2999. >You frown.
  3000. "Like I said already, yes, Anon, I would. I'm a proper, hard-working mare, and I'm not talking out of my flank here. You're still unfamiliar with stuff here, but you can ask anyone in Equestria, and they'll know who Spitfire and the Wonderbolts are. And being a proper mare involves taking care of your stallion... As long as the stallion takes care of the mare."
  3001. >"Right, that. Can you explain stallions to me?"
  3002. >Now THAT throws you for a loop.
  3003. >You open and close your mouth a few times, fruitlessly reaching for your mug, only to find it empty.
  3004. >Eventually, you slowly shake your head with an awkward grin.
  3005. "Sorry, Anon, but in the thousands of years ponies have been around, mares have never managed to explain stallions."
  3006. >He looks at you for a few long moments before starting to shake, and then laugh.
  3008. >"Hahah, yeah, no, I'm not buying it. We talked a bit about stallions before already, so I know that's not true. So, without joking around... From what I gathered, stallions are the ones who stay at home and... Protect the hearth, so to speak."
  3009. >You nod.
  3010. "Well, that's an archaic term, but yes. They are the homemakers in the relationship."
  3011. >"In that case, can you explain the guards around here? I went to take a peek at the castle once, and it was full of these huge, burly guys. Some of them were easily twice as big as mares. Back home, military roles don't exactly go to homemakers, nor to those who are physically weaker."
  3012. "Ah. You're talking about elites."
  3013. >"Elites? What, have they been altered or enhanced somehow?"
  3014. >You furrow your brows in confusion.
  3015. "Huh?"
  3016. >"Sorry, just something stupid from back home. Go on."
  3017. "Right... Well, it's a bit of a pegasus term due to our culture, though it caught on in the military in general. I'm not sure if the other tribes even have their own terms. Anyway... As you said yourself, those stallions are twice the size of mares, and all that, which obviously means that they'd have an advantage in a fight. But, you must have noticed that most other stallions are not that big at all, right? Barely bigger than mares, on average."
  3018. >"So they're an extreme outlier?"
  3019. "To an extent, yes, but not only in size. What's going on in your head also matters. Plenty of large stallions never join the military, not due to lack of strength, but aggression. Being big doesn't automatically mean you can deal well with extreme stress, or that you're ready to commit violence, possibly even kill and die in brutal combat. Stallions simply don't have the feminine aggression mares do."
  3020. >Anon's face looks like he bit into something sour.
  3021. >"Feminine... Aggression."
  3022. >You're not sure what caused the reaction, but you continue on.
  3023. "Yeah. Very few are able to overcome their soft masculine caring instincts. So those stallions? Absolute minority. Now, granted, a properly trained stallion with the right inclinations is an absolute terror on the battlefield, outclassing just about any mare. The current Captain of the Guard is a very powerful unicorn stallion, for example, and there have been stallions in history that blew any mares that tried to measure up to them out of the water. But stallions like that are vanishingly rare, and they tend to concentrate around Canterlot. You won't see many stallions in the more remote outposts and military bases. The Royal Guard are supposed to be Equestria's final line of defense. Others in the military are mostly mares."
  3024. >He sighs and nods, looking into his empty mug.
  3025. >"Should we get another round, or get going?"
  3026. >You shrug.
  3027. "I wouldn't mind a refill."
  3028. >He nods, getting up, before you raise an eyebrow and flap your wings, grabbing his mug as well.
  3029. "I'm buying, Anon, remember? Be right back."
  3030. >He chuckles as you flap away, getting back moments later.
  3031. "So, why did you want to know about stallions?"
  3032. >"To know what's expected of me in a relationship. To know the entire... Context, I guess, of what it means to be in a relationship with a mare. Thing is, Spitfire... You know that human gender roles in relationships are a bit different, right?"
  3033. >You roll your eyes at that.
  3034. "The "reversed gender roles" thing? I heard the lie, yes."
  3035. >That makes him roll his eyes right back at you.
  3036. >"Come on, Spitfire, be serious."
  3037. >You scoff.
  3038. "What? I am serious. Yes, I know your population is practically one to one, which means that you men are much tougher and independent than an average stallion. Yes, I accept that you're different from a stallion. I like that, in fact. Remember, the very reason I'm courting you is because I believe you'd be different, and wouldn't... Backstab me. But everything else..."
  3039. >He chuckles.
  3040. >"Yeah? What about everything else?"
  3041. "In that case, you tell me, Anon. Are all those stories about humans completely made up?"
  3042. >He shrugs.
  3043. >"Give me some examples."
  3044. >You rake your memory for bits of stories you skimmed through when looking for mentions of human technology and military capabilities.
  3045. "Your mares - women - are in control of the judiciary system. If a woman assaults a man in and he hits back in self defense, they arrest the man. They can accuse men of absolutely everything, and even in they're find out to be liars, nothing whatsoever happens to them, but if men are convicted, they're put away for good. The system itself is not too dissimilar from here, I don't think I ever saw a stallion judge, but mares don't exploit it to abuse stallions!"
  3046. >He grimaces, rubbing his face.
  3047. >"It's, ah... Not an entirely accurate description..."
  3048. >You snort.
  3049. "Anon, that was the weakest, most insincere retort I have ever heard in my entire life."
  3050. >He shrugs and takes a drink with a sour look, while you think further.
  3051. "What else... Men don't have property rights. If you divorce, everything you own goes to the woman, and you become some kind of slave to them and have to pay for the rest of your life. Which, honestly, did sound made up to me. That thing, what was the word... "Ali-money", it's not real, is it? Over here, when you divorce, that means you have nothing to do with the other person any more. That system you humans have sounds like "getting divorced" means you just get tied together twice as hard."
  3052. >"Oh, uh... Alimony is real, though... It doesn't get assigned in every case..."
  3053. >You're left a little slackjawed.
  3054. "Celestia..."
  3055. >Shaking your head, you take a deep drink of your cider.
  3056. >There's a few minutes of silence before you speak up again.
  3057. "Do I need to continue, Anon? Look, I get it, you're a tough alien from a rough society that made you a badflank and all that, but just now, you sounded like... I don't know, some abuse victim that was lying to himself. You're in Equestria. I'm not saying that there's no bad mares here, but... We certainly don't approve of abusing stallions here. Not even the husband-beaters are half as vicious as that, and I'm not a husband beater. You can relax a bit. Let me take care of you. You can... Let yourself be taken care of. Something I suspect you never experienced before in your entire life. Please?"
  3058. >You look into his eyes as he blinks slowly, processing what you said.
  3059. >With a sigh, he takes another gulp, looking into his mug before looking you in the eye again.
  3060. >"Take care of me, huh?"
  3061. "Yes?"
  3062. >"That's not how proper relationships work, Spitfire."
  3063. >You frown and are about to open your mouth, but he keeps going.
  3064. >"Both parties need to take care of each other, don't they?"
  3065. >You blink.
  3066. "Well... Yeah."
  3067. >"Alright, so... You're the breadwinner. You would take care of the... Material needs. And I...?"
  3068. >You swallow nervously.
  3069. "Well... You'd take care of the home... And..."
  3070. >"And?"
  3071. "And, well, while we get top notch ingredients and food for growing muscles and recovering energy back at the academy, having an actual home-cooked meal when I get back from work would be really nice... And..."
  3072. >"Oh. Huh. I might be able to do that... Eventually. I have no idea how to cook the stuff I can't eat, but I could learn... Probably. And?"
  3073. >He asks the last part with a small grin.
  3074. >You glance towards the ceiling with a grimace, rubbing the back of your neck.
  3075. "Well, there's also... Other needs... Ones you kind of already showed willingness to take care of..."
  3076. >He snerks, laughing under his breath and shaking his head slightly.
  3077. >"Why are you so nervous all of a sudden? You literally already said that you had a decade-long dry spell that you need dealt with."
  3078. >Draining the last of his ale, he puts his mug down as you frown slightly, your voice heavy.
  3079. "Because I MEANT it, Anon. I wasn't lying."
  3080. >"Meant what?"
  3081. "That I'm not just after your body. I don't want you to think that I'm in it just for the sex. I want... I want to have someone to come back to after work. Some mares in my position focus on earning bits or becoming the most famous pony ever so hard, they forget that the career is not the goal. It is a tool, a means to an end. I do like being the best, and I serve Equestria happily, but what comes after that? Two possibilities. One is family. The other is dying cold and alone, surrounded by piles of gold and faded posters that no one remembers any more."
  3082. >Anon's eyes are wide at that, and it takes him a minute to recompose himself.
  3083. >Slowly, he reaches a hand towards you as you track the approaching limb with confusion.
  3084. >He gently cups your cheek, caressing it.
  3085. >Your ears fold slightly in embarrassment.
  3086. "Anon, what-"
  3087. >As you were watching his hand, you didn't notice that he was leaning forward, across the table.
  3088. >As such, the sudden kiss on the nose takes you off-guard.
  3089. >"...What?"
  3090. >"You're a wise mare, Spitfire."
  3091. >You're confused, though you feel an odd warmth creeping through you.
  3092. "Um... Thank you?"
  3093. >"Since we're both done with our drinks, shall we go?"
  3094. "Yeah... Alright."
  3095. >You leave the table, still confused.
  3096. >As you exit the pub, Anon puts his hand on your head, gently massaging the bases of your ears.
  3097. "Anon, come on... Not in public," You mutter, flicking your ears.
  3098. >"Oh, right. Sorry. Is that considered... Lewd?"
  3099. >You snigger.
  3100. "No, but it's not something just friends do."
  3101. >He starts walking, scratching his chin thoughtfully.
  3102. >"If you're thinking that that's going to keep the paparazzi away, I don't think it's going to help. At all."
  3103. >You sigh.
  3104. "Yeah, you're right. But I'd still prefer for them to get as few useful photos of me as possible."
  3105. >"Ah, I see. Say, I can understand disliking them, but with you, it almost sounds personal. Did they ever catch you in some embarrassing situation or something?"
  3106. >You cough, looking away.
  3107. "They might have managed to take a photo or two of me wrapped around a colt in a rather... Salacious pose when I was younger and hadn't learned just how shameless those freaks were."
  3108. >"I see. That must have been quite the first experience. How salacious are we talking?"
  3109. "...If the angle was a little bit different, they probably wouldn't have been allowed to print it."
  3110. >"Wow. And they plastered it all over every single newspaper? How is that national news?"
  3111. "Not every, and it wasn't, especially since I wasn't even Captain back then. But, I was a rising star, and a Wonderbolt. The newspapers ran their course in a couple of days, of course, but the teasing and annoyance from my teammates and other ponies lasted for months, not to mention the same buzzards following me everywhere in hopes of getting more photos."
  3112. >He shakes his head with a grin before becoming thoughtful.
  3113. >"So why haven't we been jumped by them yet?"
  3114. >You sigh, idly scanning the street from the corners of your eyes.
  3115. "I didn't give them so much as a crumb they could use for years now. They eventually stopped following me everywhere I went. But you're right. It won't be long until word gets out. Might even be as soon as tomorrow."
  3116. >The ponies you're passing by are looking at Anon first and foremost, given his size, but it doesn't take long for them to notice your distinct colors. You see their eyes light up with recognition for a moment before you move on. Yesterday's events might have been somewhat private, but now, you're walking down a packed public street. The rumor mill is certainly going to be spinning fast.
  3117. "I'm so sorry, Anon. I didn't think how this would affect you. Even if we never meet again, they're going to hound you for weeks now."
  3118. >To your surprise, he grins widely.
  3119. >"That's fine. Tell me, Spitfire, what can I tell them? I'm not obliged to actually talk to them at all, am I?"
  3120. "Well, no, not at all, but-"
  3121. >"So it'd be fine if I answered literally everything with "no comment"?"
  3122. "Sure, but they're going to keep harassing you until-"
  3123. >"Can I tell them to shove their cameras up their rears?"
  3124. "Pfffft, hehehe, you CAN, but... No, you know what? Go for it. Just don't actually try to do it for real. As satisfying as it would be, assaulting a "journalist" is still a crime."
  3125. >"I just don't want to say anything that would hurt your reputation by association."
  3126. "There's little you can say to do that, unless you start outright making stuff up about me."
  3127. >"Well, I'd never do something like that."