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/love/ The Color of Obsession (Part 1) by SCHWARTZANIGGER (Yandere Cadence)

By rgfang
Created: 22nd October 2020 12:16:27 PM
3rd December 2021 01:20:58 PM

  1. >"Equestria Weeps" Captain of the guard Shining Armor falls to Bugbear Swarm attack!
  2. >That was what the headlines for the "Ponyville Word" posted in black bold letters about a month ago.
  3. >You remember spitting out your coffee when your eyes brushed past those horrific words.
  4. >The whole town engaged in a country wide sobbing fit, that was so bad, their combined tears was actually enough to create a rainstorm.
  5. >To be honest, you weren't really close to the guy, but you did know him, and whenever you met, you were on friendly terms.
  6. >The funeral was....nice.
  7. >Poor Cadence looked like she was dead inside.
  8. >Twilight was even worse.
  9. >If there was a color past gray, she certainly achieved it that day.
  10. >You are Anonymous. The only human known to have entered Equestria, and since Shining Armor died, it'll never be the same.
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. >You wriggle around with the bumps of the train, looking off into the distance out the window at the passing scenery.
  13. >A depressed Princess of Friendship sits next to you, eyes downcast.
  14. >"....Thank you for coming with me Anonymous. It means a lot."
  15. "It's fine Twilight. It's the least I could do."
  16. >She smiles without looking up.
  17. >Twilight approached you late last night, asking if you could accompany her to Canterlot for a Royal Summit, to discuss what the next move would be for the Crystal Empire, since the loss of its...well you know.
  18. >A subject she didn't want her friends coddling her over.
  19. >She's trying to be strong in her own way, and you can respect that.
  20. >"Haaah..."
  21. >She sighs, and sniffles.
  22. >A man should offer his shoulder in a situation like this, but honestly?
  23. >How? What can you say that hasn't already been said at this point?
  24. >I know how you feel? I'm sorry for your loss? He's in a better place?
  25. >He was murdered by abominations, plain and simple.
  26. "S-so..where's Spike?"
  27. >"I left him back at the Castle. It was for the best."
  28. "Okay.."
  29. >The mood is awkward, and tense, and you haven't a clue how to lighten it.
  30. >Why couldn't she ask someone else to come? You should have fucking refused!
  31. >Twilight continues to look at the ground.
  32. >You slip a hand onto her back, but not before hesitating slightly.
  33. >She barely moves in response. The slow heartbeat is concerning though.
  34. >Without a word, she lays her head on your ribs, and sniffles again.
  35. >"Why is it always the good ones...?"
  36. "It's--"
  37. >You whisper that out, but she doesn't hear it. Hopefully.
  38. >It's going to be okay.
  39. >It's not. It most certainly won't.
  40. >You hold Twilight all the way to Canterlot, disembarking the locomotive without a word.
  41. >A royal contingent sent by Celestia was kind enough to see the two of you made it to the castle without any problems, but in all honesty, who would be stupid enough to fuck with these Ponies now?
  42. >All of Canterlot city is dull, and dreary. Sadness personified.
  43. >You can feel that they all just want a reason to flip the switch for fury. To lash out at whatever they can.
  44. >It makes you shudder to think what happened to the bug bears.
  45. >The walk is long, and silent. Everyone just looks straight ahead, and trots in step.
  46. >Before long you reach the council doors, when Twilight turns to you.
  47. >"Anonymous...I appreciate you accompanying me this far, but from this point on--"
  48. >You hold up a hand.
  49. "I understand. Royals only. I'll go chill at the garden or something until you finish."
  50. >She attempts a weak smile, and gives your waist a small hug, parting with you shortly after behind the massive double doors, with her escort.
  51. >You shove your hands into your pockets, and head down the west corridor.
  52. >When you first arrived in Equestria, you were "positioned" in the Castle until the citizens of Equestria deemed you normal enough not to flee in terror from.
  53. >It wasn't as long as one might think.
  54. >During your tenure here, the garden was your go-to place. You'd spend many afternoons getting lost in the hedge maze.
  55. >Looks like you have use for it still.
  56. >Once there, you see that the bright greenery hasn't changed.
  57. >Just as beautiful as always. Untouched by the sadness of the world.
  58. >Merging onto a trail, like a car, you wander off in a random direction, not caring where it'll take you, but knowing it'll be fresh, and uplifting either way.
  59. >A familiar obstacle comes up in the distance that brings a much needed smile to your face.
  60. "The maze."
  61. >What better place to forget your troubles after all?
  62. >Too bad though.
  63. >You've walked, and gotten lost in this maze so many times, the only way it could challenge you at this point is to do it blindfolded!
  64. >"Snf...."
  65. "What?"
  66. >"Snf....oooo...."
  67. >You can hear some sounds coming from within the maze.
  68. >If any horror movie has taught you anything, you avoid odd sounds coming from places, where no one can help you, but morbid curiosity gets the better of your logic, in this instance, and you head into the vast maze, towards the noise.
  69. >"Ooo...hoo..."
  70. >"Boo......ooo.oooo"
  71. >The sounds are becoming more clear, and audible as you get closer.
  72. "Hello? Is someone there?"
  73. >"....ng arm....."
  74. >A hushed sigh emanates from around the next corner.
  75. >Once you round it, your vision is flooded with greyed pink back.
  76. "Princess Cadence?"
  77. >She doesn't turn around, opting to merely hiccup softly.
  78. "Princess, why are you here? Isn't there a meeting they need you to attend?"
  79. >She looks over her shoulder to you with narrowed, bloodshot eyes.
  80. >"Go away."
  81. >You put your hands up in defense, and take a few steps back.
  82. "As you wish. Far be it from me to tell Royalty what to do."
  83. >In actuality, this is for the best. You suck at making girls feel good, and don't really deal with high emotion.
  84. >She can cry it out, and you'll find a nice stone bench to nap on.
  85. >As you about face to leave her to her wallowing, you're stopped when two forelegs wrap around you from behind.
  86. >"W-wait..I'm sorry. Please don't go.."
  87. >You sigh.
  88. >What the hell does she really want?!
  89. "Princess I--"
  90. >"Please..I-I just don't want to be alone right now..I'm sorry for lashing out at you."
  91. >Dropping your shoulders with a defeated exhale, you turn, and kneel to Cadence, who looks down at the ground with tired eyes.
  92. "What are you doing out here? They'll be looking for you."
  93. >She sniffles, and wipes her face with a hoof.
  94. >"I know."
  95. >This may take a while.
  96. >You sit on the soft grass, with your back to a hedge, bringing a knee to your chest.
  97. "So why bury yourself in this garden dungeon? You're probably needed more than anyone attending...I mean..."
  98. >You rub the back of your head, not sure if you should say what comes next.
  99. >"I know Anonymous..my husband is dead. There is no king, and now all responsibility falls on me."
  100. >She moves next to you.
  101. >A little too close for your liking, but you'll let it slide.
  102. "You have family. Friends who will help you Princess. You don't have to undertake all this alone."
  103. >She finally looks up, into your eyes.
  104. >Getting a good look at her face you can see the bags, and wear, and tear of crying for days on end.
  105. >"It's not that simple..Shining was everything to me! He was my support!! My rock!!!"
  106. >Her head drops again.
  107. >"My best friend. How can anypony replace him?"
  108. >Shit.
  109. >Against your better judgement, you slip a hand on her back like Twilight, and gently stroke her.
  110. "Uhm...I.."
  111. >She shivers, hiccuping again.
  112. "I can't pretend to know what you're going through, but I--uh--I guess I can relate on a low level."
  113. >"Really..? How?"
  114. >You look away biting your bottom lip.
  115. >She's staring at you out the corner of your eyes awaiting an answer.
  116. "I..I have no idea how I got here. But, I know everyone I left behind. I'm sure that when they found out I disappeared, they mourned and wept like you guys. I know I did at the thought of never seeing them again. I don't know if they're alive or dead, and considering I'm stuck here, they may as well be."
  117. >That was awful.You really dug deep for that comparison.
  118. >You should've just kept your fucking mouth closed.
  119. >"I see...I never thought of your situation in that manner."
  120. >You unconsciously rub the back of your head again.
  121. >She shuts her eyes, summoning a few more tears.
  122. "I-I know it probably may hurt to hear this, but--Shining is still with you."
  123. >She peeks at you through wet eyes.
  124. "Your baby."
  125. >Cadence leans back putting her hooves on her stomach.
  126. "A piece of him is still growing with you. That child has inherited his best qualities, and yours. He's still here."
  127. >She sniffs, and looks to you with a soft smile.
  128. >"You're r-right. He is still here..watching over me, and our unborn child."
  129. >You smile back.
  130. >For someone not good with comforting women, you did awfully well.
  131. >Maybe you don't lack as much empathy as you thought?
  132. >Cadence weakly nuzzles your chin with her snout, making your eyes widen.
  133. >"Thank you Anon. I feel a little better."
  134. "That's good. Do you need help getting out the maze or---?"
  135. >She sighs.
  136. >"No thank you. I can fly out on my own.."
  137. >You both stand up, you patting yourself off.
  138. >"I didn't think anypony in this whole world could understand my pain. That I'd find a kindred spirit in a visitor from another world."
  139. "Good thing I'm not a pony then."
  140. >She giggles quietly.
  141. >"Yes. Good thing."
  142. >She spreads her wings outward, and with a mighty flap takes to the sky.
  143. >She hovers in place for a few brief moments.
  144. "Is something wrong?"
  145. >"Uhm...I-I-"
  146. >She rubs her forelegs together.
  147. >"I'm grateful for your words, Anonymous..c-could I perhaps chat with you tomorrow as well?"
  148. >You lift an eyebrow.
  149. "D-don't you have to run your kingdom? I-I mean, I'm not opposed to it or anything, but won't they ask where you are?"
  150. >You're GREATLY opposed to it.
  151. >The royal widow hanging around the interdimensional alien has scandal written all over it, and frankly, you don't want to be the target of everyone's pent up aggression over a mistake.
  152. >"I-it'll be fine...I think..Unless you don't want me to be near you--"
  153. >Shit.
  154. >The guilt tripping.
  155. "No! No. It's fine. You can come anytime you want."
  156. >Her eyes widen, and lower happily.
  157. >"Thank you friend. I'll do that."
  158. >Why does it feel like you just made one of the biggest blunders of your life?
  159. >She flies away watching you with her red eyes, but a noticeably somewhat happier expression on her face.
  160. >You rub your head again, and pace in a circle for a moment.
  161. "...Shit. I think I messed up."
  162. >Look on the bright side. You may have just helped get the torn, weakened mind of the Crystal Empire Princess back on track.
  163. >You contributed to a whole community, which is much more than you can say you did on Earth.
  164. >Hours pass in the garden, with you relaxing on one of the many stone benches, until Twilight came for you.
  165. >The way back to the train, and then to Ponyville was just as quiet with little small talk between you, and Twilight about the meeting.
  166. >She didn't mention anything about Cadence other than, "She looked a little different".
  167. >Back in Ponyville, the two of you were greeted by the other elements, who bombarded Twilight with questions to the likes of "Why didn't you bring us?!".
  168. >You were able to sneak out of the interrogation, and head to your humble shack on the edge of Ponyville.
  169. >The town is still in its depressed mood, and you don't blame them.
  170. >You also don't want any part of it.
  171. >Slipping into your house, like a teenager who stayed out past curfew, you close the door behind you just as stealthily.
  172. >You kick your shoes off, not caring where they land, and throw yourself on your sofa, exhaling loudly.
  173. "...Shining Armor man...You must've been a helluva guy. Almost wish I got to know you."
  174. >You breathe deeply through your nose, drifting off into quiet slumber.
  175. >All you did was nap, but the atmosphere everywhere nowadays feels so "draining".
  177. >Your body jolts with the annoying sensation of an "out-of-body experience".
  178. >Are you hearing things?
  179. >How long were you asleep?
  180. >You lean up and look to your windows.
  181. >The sky is a soft purple, with the moon shining down.
  182. "I must've been asleep for longer than I thought..."
  184. >You weren't hearing things after all. Someone is knocking on your door right now.
  185. >On shaky legs, you stand up, and wobble to the door, slowly opening it up.
  186. >"G-good evening Anonymous..."
  187. >You blink a few times, making sure your blurred vision of who is in front of you is just that.
  188. "Pinkie Pie..?"
  189. >She tilts her head.
  190. >"Did I catch you while you were sleeping...? It's me. Cadence."
  191. >Shit.
  192. >You wipe your eyes.
  193. >The weary Alicorn stares back at you.
  194. "What are you doing here...? What time is it?"
  195. >She rubs her forelegs.
  196. >"I-it's Midnight."
  197. >WHAT.
  198. "And why are you here...?"
  199. >She bites her lip.
  200. >"W-well I couldn't sleep, and..."
  201. "Hold up a second. Did you fly here from the Crystal Empire?"
  202. >"N-no! From Canterlot."
  203. "Okay. Not that much better, but alright."
  204. >Her eyes begin to water.
  205. >"I know it's late, but...but..I just need somepony near right now."
  206. >You make a face at her that says what's on your mind.
  207. >"I know..You're not a pony.."
  208. "Not exactly what I was thinking."
  209. >She slightly recoils at her incorrect assumption.
  210. >"B-but you said I could come see you anytime."
  211. "I meant tomorrow."
  212. >She looks away at the moon.
  213. >"I-it technically IS t-tomorrow."
  214. >You sigh.
  215. "Fine. Come in. It'd be borderline treason to send you away, anyway."
  216. >"Thank you Anonymous."
  217. >You step aside, allowing her to enter your dark home.
  218. >You shut the door behind her, and light up one of your lamps, sitting on the sofa, yawning.
  219. >Cadence joins you, once more sitting too close for your liking.
  220. >You both sit there in awkward silence for the next few moments.
  221. >"..My dreams."
  222. "I'm sorry?"
  223. >"I still see his face in my dreams every night."
  224. >You rub the back of your head.
  225. >"He's gently nudging me with this goofy smile on his face, telling me to wake up. Or he wants me to come with him to some silly convention about a card game he was into.."
  226. "Hyperspace Hyperwars?"
  227. >She looks up at you questioningly.
  228. >"Yes..How did you--"
  229. "I--uh--I dabble in the game from time to time."
  230. >She smiles at you, but it quickly becomes a frown.
  231. >"I get up in the dreams, and follow him out the castle into Celestia's illuminating sunlight, and then--"
  232. >She stops, and looks down at the shadows of the dancing lamp flame.
  233. "Then...?"
  234. >"I'm blinded, and Shining is gone...My love is gone...gone forever..!"
  235. >Sobs slowly begin to creep up out of her throat, her hooves covering her eyes.
  236. >You shake your head to yourself.
  237. >Don't Anon. Don't.
  238. >The hole you're digging is deep enough. Don't let this emotional Princess become even attached to you, or it'll for sure cause trouble!
  239. >You rub her back, prompting her to hug your waist, and cry into your lap.
  240. >"Y-your words brought me some comfort Anonymous...b-but what do I do from now? How do I tell my foal about a father she'll never ever meet?!"
  241. >How in the HELL can you answer a question like that??
  242. >You shouldn't have touched her you fucking idiot.
  243. >Though, not many can turn down a crying woman right in front of them.
  244. "I honestly can't say..Just tell him..or her the truth Princess."
  245. >She continues to weep, slowly soaking your lap.
  246. >You continue to stroke her slender back.
  247. >The sobs die out as quickly as they began, as Cadence lays there in silence looking off into the looming darkness of your home.
  248. >Time to break the silence.
  249. "Princess..I'm starting to get a little sleepy.."
  250. >She leans up to look at you.
  251. >"You are? Sh-should I go?"
  252. >Yes.
  253. "No, you can crash here on the sofa for tonight. I don't want you out there in that inky blackness alone."
  254. >She smiles softly nuzzling you again.
  255. >You blush slightly, and slide out from underneath her quickly, feeling your cheeks go flush.
  256. >A blanket is draped over your armchair.
  257. >Grabbing it you spread it out, and lay it over the Pink Royal.
  258. >She looks the wool over with a dissatisfied frown.
  259. "So, I'll be heading to my room. Holler if you need anything..okay?!"
  260. >"I was t-thinking--"
  261. "Goodnight!"
  262. >You speedwalk out of the room, not giving her the chance to say anything.
  263. >Emotion equals vulnerability. You need to keep this as platonic as possible.
  264. >You storm into your bedroom, and shut the door, breathing hard.
  265. >You rest upon it slapping your forehead repeatedly.
  266. "Idiot! Idiot! God, I'm so stupid! RRGH!"
  267. >You slump down, and tilt your head back.
  268. >It's too late to stress over this now. Just get changed, and go to bed.
  269. >You make it back to your feet, and begin to get undressed, putting on a pair of pajama bottoms once fully disrobed, and climbing into your sheets.
  270. >You tuck in, and look up at the ceiling for a few moments before closing you e-
  271. >Knock Knock-
  272. >"Anonymous? May I come in?"
  273. >SHIT.
  274. >Keep your mouth shut. Maybe she'll go to sleep then!
  275. >You shut your eyes, pretending to be asleep.
  276. >Creeeeeeaaa-
  277. >Your door is being opened.
  278. >You unconsciously gulp, as the sound of hoofsteps approaching you get louder, and louder.
  279. >"Anonymous? Are you asleep?"
  280. >Your response is a soft snore.
  281. >She sighs.
  282. >"I'm cold.."
  283. >The hoofsteps move away from you, to your dresser, as the sounds of opening and closing of drawers softly echoes in your room.
  284. >"So c-cold..."
  285. >Fabric rustling comes not soon after the last drawer closes, and the hoofsteps move back to your door.
  286. >Guess all she wanted was another blanket or something.
  287. >Creeeeeeaaaa--click.
  288. >She's left.
  289. >Or not.
  290. >The hoofsteps are still in your room, and approach you again.
  291. >Your blanket is magically lifted, and you feel a slender long form climb under the sheets with you.
  292. >This is bad.
  293. >"I'm so cold...so cold without you.."
  294. >You have a mini panic attack.
  295. >Small sobs trickle from her into your ear, as she wraps her legs around you, burying her head into your chest.
  296. >"Oh Shining...I'm so cold without you here to hold me...!"
  297. >There it is. The guilt pangs.
  298. >Now what?
  299. >"I'm so sorry Anonymous...when you wake up, please don't hate me..Please..! I need this so much.."
  300. >She begins to cry once more, her tears forming into a miniature puddle on your bare chest.
  301. >A sobbing sigh comes from her maw, blowing hot breath across your wet skin.
  302. >You clench your fists, as she tightens her grip on you.
  303. >She's so hot right now. You're starting to sweat.
  304. >More than the guilty pain, the fear of this scene being misconstrued is stronger.
  305. >Luckily, you barely get visitors.
  306. >Here's hoping Murphy's law gives you a break.

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