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BiE 1: Introductions

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:26:08 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =Bros in Equestria.=
  3. >It was Saturday, one of those lazy Saturdays where you like to sit on your bed and do nothing.
  4. >Which is precisely what you were doing.
  5. >Nothing beat waking up, not having to go to classes, and just letting your mind wander over the marvels of the internet.
  6. >Your entire apartment was silent save for the fan you had trying to get rid of the heat and the occasional sound of your bro in the next room rummaging for glue or something.
  7. >As you click on the thousandth link of the day, you notice that your room was significantly brighter then it was a minute ago.
  8. >You looked up and saw that, yes, your blinds were still drawn, and that this light was blasting through them to illuminate your room like this.
  9. >"What the fu-"
  10. >You were interrupted as the entire apartment started spinning.
  12. >You held onto the side of the bed with a kung fu grip that would make G.I. Joe proud.
  13. >It was all you could do to avoid being tossed around like the rest of your things.
  14. >Over the sound of your things clattering and the high pitched whine that had joined the blinding light, you could make out one sound your recognized.
  16. >Oh good, your bro was handling this was the same level of class he was famous for.
  17. >No time to worry about him now, your grip was slipping and you didn't want a lamp to the face.
  18. >As suddenly as it had started the white light and defining noise vanished and gave way to cyan blue and the sound of birds chirping.
  19. >Or at least it did before the resounding CRASH of concrete and ground followed by the staccato of all your things hitting the ground.
  21. >Okay, what the fuck.
  22. >You scrambled to your feet and burst into the hallway at the same time as your bro was stepping out of his room and looked at you
  23. >His eyes wide and breathing quickened, he half shouted "What the tap dancing Christ was that!?"
  24. >Your expression no doubt mirroring his own, you responded "I have no idea, you okay?".
  25. >He seemed to calm down and rubbed the back of his head as he spoke. "I conked my head when it started, but I'm fine. Can't say the same for my room."
  26. >"I know the feeling, I almost got flung off my bed."
  27. >You looked around to see that the table you kept in the hall had fallen over.
  28. >"If this table is over then the rest of the furniture might have fallen too, go check the front of the house and I'll take the back."
  29. >Your bro stepped out of his room and started walking. "Got it."
  31. >The back of your apartment really only consisted of the two bathrooms.
  32. >Apart from your medicine cabinets being emptied, there didn't seem to be that much damage.
  33. >A quick check told you that the sink and showers weren't running, however
  34. >You returned to the hallway and saw your bro returning, you looked at him expectantly as you awaited the damage.
  35. >With the annoyed look that constituted his normal face he reported "Rest of the house is the same as we thought, most of our shit's been knocked over. The TV's safe, thank god, but I wouldn't go into the kitchen."
  36. >You sighed in relief. That TV was the size of a dining table, you weren't looking forward to having to clean that mess.
  37. >"The bathrooms are more or less the same, but the weird thing is that the water isn't running."
  38. >That got his attention. "I tried both the kitchen light and the fridge light, nothing. Stove won't even turn on either."
  40. >"That's weird, you think that light thing cut the lines to the-"
  41. >You were interrupted for the second time today by a brash sounding voice coming from outside.
  42. >"I'm telling you! This big box zapped into the air over here and fell to the ground!"
  43. >Your bro and you exchanged a glance before you spoke up. "People."
  44. >You walked to the front door and went for the peephole as your bro silently stepped into his room and started throwing things around.
  45. >Damn. The peephole glass got cracked when you crashed to the ground, all you could make out were some inconsistent blobs on the other side of the door
  46. >You heard your bro coming up behind you. In a matter-of-fact tone he asked "What have we got?"
  47. >"I can't tell." You replied. "The glass is broken."
  48. >Before he could respond, a second voice spoke up outside, this one much quieter
  49. >"I hear voices!" It yelped.
  50. >Ohshit.
  52. >"Whoever they are, they know we're in here." Your bro whispered, unease creeping into his voice.
  53. >"Think we should open the door?" You whispered back, no less on edge.
  54. >"Better to get this over with quick before they decide to let themselves in."
  55. >"Okay. On three."
  56. >"One..." You gripped the door handle tight and unlocked the padlock.
  57. >"Two..." You could hear your bro make a small movement, preparing for whomever was outside.
  58. >"THREE!" As you flung open the door, the both of you stopped dead in your tracks at what you saw.
  59. >What. The. Fuck.
  61. >Standing before you were six waist-high multicolored horses. Each of their faces aghast at what they were seeing.
  62. >You're brain could barely process what it was seeing, the only sound escaping from your lips a resounding "Uh..."
  63. >For a few seconds that felt like the most awkward eternity ever passed before your bro spoke up.
  64. >"Ba-weep-gra-na-weep-ninny-bong." he said without taking his eyes off your new guests.
  65. >The purple horse in the lead got a confused look on its face and pulled back before she countered. "Excuse me?"
  66. >Relaxing a bit, but still eyeing the horse, your bro said " speak English."
  67. >The purple horse lowered itself and grew a nervous smile. "Uhm... Yes. Well then, my name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends. Who are you?" She asked.
  68. >It was your turn to speak, but you knew better then to give your real name to strange people, let alone strange bright horses who spoke.
  69. >"Uhm...Anon. My name's Anon."
  71. >This Twilight horse nodded at you, that same smile on her face. "Okay then, and you are?" She asked, turning to your bro.
  72. >He gave a quick annoyed glance at you before meeting her gaze again. "Mous. You can call me Mous."
  73. >"Anon and Mous. Hi there, as I've said, I'm Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinky Pie, and Fluttershy."
  74. >"What are you guys?" The one you assume to be Rainbow Dash asked.
  75. >"Uh. We're humans, and this is our house. We don't really know what's going on...can any of you give us an idea?"
  76. >Before anyone could respond, your vision was overcome by pink wall of hair and face.
  77. >"Ohmygosh!YourhousejustlandedinthemiddleofthisfieldandthenyoutwoguyswalkedoutandhiimPinkiePie1" It said, faster than you thought possible.
  78. >"Uh..."
  80. >Another horse spoke up, a tan one this time. "Pinkie Pie, get down from there. Ya'll aint helping' put these fellers at east when ya ask your questions that fast."
  81. >That one had a southern accent. They have Kentucky here?
  82. >Pinkie Pie zipped back to her original place before you could react and turned to the new horse "Sorry Applejack, but you know how excited I get when I meet new people!" She started bouncing up and down halfway through that sentence. They also seem to have meth here.
  83. >Wherever here is.
  84. >A yellow horse stepped out from behind Twilight "Um...Excuse me, but...what are the two of you?" This must be Fluttershy. She does her name credit.
  85. >"Mous" spoke up this time. "We're people."
  86. >"People?" Fluttershy said.
  87. >"You know, humans."
  88. >Fluttershy tilted her head and gave a look that could melt glaciers. "I've never heard of a 'human' before..."
  89. >"Well, I've never heard of a talking horse before." Mous all but spat out. Mous had had that temper since you were kids, and it just bit him in the ass.
  91. >Okay, now everyone looks offended.
  92. >"Excuse me!" Came a sharp voice from the back. "We are not 'horses', we are ponies, and you'll do well to call us as such."
  93. >Since you knew everyone else's name, you assume this is Rarity.
  94. >Mous' eye's squint as he stares at Rarity. "Ponies." he says flatly.
  95. >"Exactly that." huffed Rarity.
  96. >"Not horses." he said again, with the same annoyed voice.
  97. >"Yes!" she responded, her own annoyance becoming apparent.
  98. >The second most awkward moment of the day passes as Mous and Rarity have some sort of staring contest/silent argument.
  99. >You hear him sigh followed by a short "Right..." as he tries to end the argument and save face at the same time.
  100. >So as not to offend your knew acquaintances, you step in "I'm sorry for my friend here, our arrival here was a bit rough. Can any of you tell us where we are? This doesn't look like the city."
  102. >Now they look confused instead of offended, you guess that's an improvement.
  103. >Twilight steps up with her expression showing equal parts concern and curiosity "You're in Equestria, where else would you be?"
  104. >Oh shit, Mous caught that. "Equestria? The land of the pastel ponies is called 'Equestria'? Where do you all live? Fillydelphia?" he said with a grin.
  105. >"No, we live in Ponyville, Fillydelphia is a ways away."
  106. >He clearly wasn't expecting a straight answer "Uhm...right." was all he could say.
  107. >Holy shit. Someone actually rendered Mous speechless.
  108. >"Okay, miss, Twilight was it? Can you tell me and my friend here how we got to Equestria?" you ask, trying not to let your amusement show
  109. >"Hmm. I can certainly try." she answers and steps close to the wall of your house.
  111. >It was a miracle that the walls stayed intact as they did. They looked all in one piece so you wouldn't have to worry about the roof collapsing at least.
  112. >Twilight stood near the wall and closed her eyes as what looked like a horn on her head started to glow a light pink.
  113. >"Hmm. There's residual magical energy all over your home, but I can't tell what kind." she says opening her eyes. "I'm sorry."
  114. >"It's uh...okay." a purple unicorn just did something to your house and was talking about magic. You still are fairly open to the possibility that you had horrible food poisoning and this was just the dream you were having in a hospital somewhere.
  115. >"It's strange that I can't place this magic." Twilight said as she eyed the apartment curiously.
  116. >"Girls, I think we need to bring Anon and Mous to Canterlot and see if the Princesses can help." she said, turning to her friends.
  117. >Mous was wisely keeping his mouth shut about a place called Canterlot after what happened last time, but you were more interested in the other part of that statement. Princesses? These ponies had speech, town and even government?
  118. >"I think there's a train leaving in an hour or so." Rainbow Dash commented as she flew up to your roof. "We can make it if we go now."
  119. >Wait, flew? How did you miss her wings? You look over the remaining for ponies in front of you. Rarity had a horn like Twilight while Fluttershy had her wings to her side. Applejack and Pinkie Pie looked normal.
  120. > "Good Idea, Rainbow." Twilight said as she turned to you. "Are you two okay with that?"
  122. >Having no idea where you were and with your "Holy Shit" meter busted all to hell with what you've seen in the past ten minutes, you feel like some sort of plan could do you some good.
  123. >"Sure." You answer. "If you think it will help."
  124. >"Great, follow me." Said Twilight, leading her friends away as you started to follow.
  125. >After a few steps, you turned back to Mous, still standing in the doorway. "You coming bro?"
  126. >He shook his head and took his shocked expression with him. "Yeah. Right behind you." he said as he took started after you.
  127. >The two of you walked in silence, the both of you taking inventory of your situation.
  128. >Talking ponies were taking you to see their monarch to figure out why your apartment fell out of the sky. By train it seemed, too.
  129. >Food poisoning was looking ever more likely.

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