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BiE 2: Train, pains, and narcissism.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:26:58 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 2=
  3. >Your name was Mous, you are less then pleased.
  4. >Before you had a chance to get your barring, you and Anon were gawked at by an entire town of ponies and crammed into a train car.
  5. >That was almost three hours ago.
  6. >The time between then and now had been dominated by this "Twilight" pony asking you every question imaginable about Humans.
  7. >As well as giving you both a crash course on her world, from the founding of this nation of Equestria you were in by the princesses you were headed to see, ending with a tale of how her and her friends banished something called a "Discord" just recently.
  8. >Her friends were content to stare out the windows, probably wise to how much this pony could talk.
  9. >After the thousandth question, Twilight finally closed her accursed notepad.
  10. >Fucking thing was probably full with how much she wrote in it.
  11. >"Thank you both for your answers, you certainly have an... interesting species."
  12. >You grunt out an acknowledgement, your patience for this crap left back at your broken ass apartment.
  13. >Anon seemed to have a bit left over. "Not a problem Twilight, maybe it can help us figure out what happened to us."
  14. >Anon had you there.
  15. >It can't hurt letting the experts have all the facts.
  16. >And if it could, you had a plan.
  17. >Sort of.
  19. >As Twilight got up from her seat, you took the opportunity to size up the rest of your merry band.
  20. >Anon looked a bit frazzled, but he had a smile on his face and was looking around the train car with lidded eyes.
  21. >He always was more open in these situations.
  22. >These ponies on the other hand, you weren't so sure of.
  23. >Twilight seemed inquisitive, if a bit incredulous to your explanation of airplanes.
  24. >You'd keep her at arm's length.
  25. >Applejack and Rainbow Dash were talking about something near the front of the car.
  26. >Rainbow Dash seemed brash and loud, she actually reminded you of yourself when you were younger.
  27. >And a bit of yourself now.
  28. >Applejack seemed to be curious about you.
  29. >Not that you could understand why.
  30. >You noticed that she kept glancing at you during Twilight's interrogation.
  31. >Whatever.
  32. >Rarity and Pinkie Pie seemed only partially interested.
  33. >Rarity had been listening in once when Twilight asked you about your clothes, but backed off once the topic was dropped.
  34. >It might be unfair to consider Pinkie Pie uninterested, you thought.
  35. >She was certainly interested in throwing you a "Super Duper Ginourmous Welcome Party" as she put it.
  36. >Maybe she's take an interest after that?
  38. >Listen to yourself, you sound like an egomaniac.
  39. >Just because you would be so interested in a colorful horse dropping out of the sky doesn't mean that these horses would all be interested in you.
  40. >Sorry, not horse, "pony".
  41. >Gonna have to get used to that.
  42. >The one called Fluttershy was sitting in her seat quietly.
  43. >She seemed to be staring at Anon rather intently
  44. >That was weird...
  45. >The final member of your train car wasn't even a Pony.
  46. >It was some lizard-dragon-thing Twilight had picked up on your way to the train station.
  47. >"Spike" as you learned, had jotted down something on a piece of parchment and then blew fire on it.
  48. >Twilight said he was sending a message to her teacher.
  49. >You had no idea what immolating the letter had to do with mail, but you were rolling with it at this point.
  50. >Anon must have noticed you looking around and elbowed you in the rib to get your attention.
  52. >"You cool, dude?" he asked.
  53. >"Yeah, just thinking."
  54. >He smirked. "I thought I smelled smoke."
  55. >You let out a small chuckle and elbow him back.
  56. >"At least I don't look like some dork who's spaces out all the time."
  57. >Not one to be outdone, he replied "Yeah, instead you look like some dork who had his favorite toy taken away."
  58. >"I didn't lose my favorite toy." You say, feigning mockery. "I have it on the back of my belt."
  59. >He raised an eyebrow. "Say what?"
  60. >"I grabbed David before we answered the door, just in case."
  61. >"David" was the bowie knife you bought and had engraved to prove a point when you were fifteen, everyone who said it was a waste of money couldn't get the awesome joke.
  62. >At least that's what you told yourself.
  63. >Anon looked concerned.
  64. >"Dude, we're about to go meet their Princesses, you really think you can sneak a knife into there?"
  65. >You had considered that, they were sure to have security.
  66. >"I can try, and I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it."
  67. >He sits back in his chair without taking his eyes off you.
  68. >"Your funeral, dude."
  69. >"Your funeral too, guilt by association." you quipped back.
  71. >Your train sped out of a tunnel and you both got your first glimpses at Canterlot.
  72. >"Damn..." was all either you could mutter
  73. >Its built into the side of a damn mountain and seemed to not have any support on the ground.
  74. >The whole city looked like it was made of white marble and practically every roof was a rich purple with a glittering golden trim.
  75. >A voice snapped you out of your trance.
  76. >"So I take it you guys like what you see?"
  77. >You turned to see Rainbow Dash leaning over the seat in front of you.
  78. >She had a wide smirk on her face.
  79. >"That city is incredible!" Anon practically shouted. "I've never seen anything like it!"
  80. >"You Ponies sure know how to make a statement." you say curtly.
  81. >Rainbow Dash grinned at the two of you. "Yeah, well, Canterlot is where the Princesses live, they gotta make it look nice."
  82. >You looked out the window and saw that the city was rapidly approaching.
  83. >"Listen." Rainbow said. "If you get nervous here, just stick close to The Dash. I know this city like the back of my hoof." she said as she waved a cyan hoof at the two of you.
  84. >Oh she was beaming at you two like no tomorrow.
  85. >"Yeah, thanks." you reply in as polite a tone as your brain would allow.
  86. >"Got that right, thanks Rainbow Dash." Anon said with a sincere look.
  87. >"No problem Anon." she said as she flew away.
  88. >Well, at least Rainbow Dash seemed helpful, if a bit boisterous.
  89. >Not that you could fault her yourself.
  90. >The train pulled into the station and you and Anon walked to the doors to take your first steps into Canterlot.

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