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BiE 3.5: More trains, soon to be back pains.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:28:25 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 3.5=
  3. >This train ride was considerably quieter then the one from before.
  4. >Everyone seemed tired after the events of the day.
  5. >The only ones awake were you, Anon, Twilight and Rainbow Dash.
  6. >Damn but this scenery was boring.
  7. >Even worse then the first ride up here, you couldn’t see a damn thing.
  8. >Probably something to do with it being night.
  9. >Well, almost couldn’t see a damn thing
  10. >You could see stars.
  11. >You have to hand it to Luna.
  12. >She made her night sky damned impressive.
  13. >You could never hope to see a view like this back home.
  14. >Even with Canterlot off in the distance, the stars were shining bright.
  15. >You couldn’t begin to count them all.
  17. >Twilight snuck up on the two of you, interrupting your train of thought.
  18. >Hehe. “Train of thought.”
  19. >”Have the two of you put any thought into where you were going to say?” she asked.
  20. >Huh?
  21. >Was the apartment not good enough?
  22. >”Is our apartment not good enough?” Anon retorted.
  23. >That was why he was your bro.
  24. >”Well, I guess it could.” She said.
  25. >Her face was contorting, she looked doubtful.
  26. >”But didn’t you say that your house was damaged? Are you sure you want to stay there?”
  27. >Damn. You forgot about that yourself.
  28. >You put your hand on the window.
  29. >Shit. It was Hoth cold outside.
  30. >You did not want to stay in a house without heat when it was like this outside.
  31. >”I guess you’re right…” Anon sighed out.
  32. >Fuck. This was not good.
  33. >Living on another planet was one thing.
  34. >Living on one with no house was another.
  36. >”Hey! You guys can crash I my place if you want.”
  37. >Huh?
  38. >You look behind your seat.
  39. >Rainbow Dash was listening in.
  40. >”Having some guests for a while might be cool.” She said.
  41. >This girl only just met you and was already offering her house to you.
  42. >That was serious bro material.
  43. >Twilight spoke up.
  44. >”That isn’t going to work Rainbow. “
  45. >Everyone turns to Twilight.
  46. >”These two can’t walk on clouds like you can and they’re both immune to magic so we can’t exactly try a cloud walking spell.”
  47. >Oh yeah. You had magic immunity.
  48. >You haven’t had it for a day and it’s already biting you in the ass.
  49. >Well shit.
  50. >”So what do we do now?”
  51. >Twilight puts a hoof to her chin and thinks.
  52. >”Well, I suppose you can stay in the Library until we can get your home fixed up.”
  53. >Worked for you.
  54. >You turned to Anon.
  55. >”You game?”
  56. >He nodded at you.
  57. >”Beggars can’t be choosers, we don’t have much of a choice.”
  58. >He had a point there.
  59. >Twilight perked up.
  60. >”Perfect. You two will stay with me tonight.” She said with a grin.
  62. >After stepping of the train, you, Anon and Twilight said your goodbyes to the others and made way for her house.
  63. >You picked up some “dinner” at a bakery on the way.
  64. >Had to keep your energy up.
  65. >Twilight levitated the two of you some pillows and blankets as she prepared to take a sleeping Spike up to bed.
  66. >She looked sheepishly at you.
  67. >”I don’t have any extra beds in your size. Sorry…”
  68. >”You’ve done more then enough letting us sleep here, Twilight. We can tough it out for a night.”
  69. >That seemed to cheer her up. She smiled as she walked up stairs.
  70. >”Goodnight you two.” She called out.
  71. >”G’night.” You both said.
  72. >You and Anon lay down on the hardwood floor as Twilight turns out the lights.
  73. >It was quiet here.
  74. >Deafeningly quite.
  75. >Damn your tinnitus.
  76. >As you lie there, you have a thought.
  77. >”Hey, dude.”
  78. >”What’s up?” You hear Anon ask in the darkness.
  79. >”…you think our families noticed what happened?”
  80. >You hear him sigh.
  81. >He probably thought of that, he had more family members then you did.
  82. >”I don’t know man, probably. It’s not like an apartment disappearing into thin air is common or anything.”
  83. >You lay there for a moment.
  84. >”It’s just, we could be here for a while.”
  86. >Your mom was probably worried sick if she had heard.
  87. >Assuming she wasn’t raising hell trying to find you.
  88. >You hear him shift on the hardwood.
  89. >“…yeah. We could.”
  90. >You both lay there in silent.
  91. >Well shit, this mood went sour quick.
  92. >Have to salvage it at least a little bit.
  93. >”Still, might as well make the best of it. If we fix up the apartment then we can at least be comfortable until Celestia comes up with something.”
  94. >”Yeah, you’re right there.” You hear him say.
  95. >As you lay there, you hear him yawn.
  96. >The events of the day must be catching up to him.
  97. >Inter-dimensional travel must take it out of a guy.
  98. >”Night bro.”
  99. >”Goodnight, dude.” He says, yawning again.
  100. >You lay on the hard floor for a bit longer.
  101. >Eventually Anon’s snoring lulls you to sleep.

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