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BiE 7: Hangovers are magic.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:30:11 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 7=
  3. >The morning light seeps in through the curtains. Something about Celestia's sun seems to make curtains a futile gesture.
  4. >You regain consciousness to the sound of someone rummaging around in the kitchen, either Rainbro or Mous but you can't care right now.
  5. >Your body isn't used to Equestrian booze yet, it seems. This hangover was much more fierce then the ones you got on Earth.
  6. >The sounds in the kitchen stopped and were replaced by the sound of paper turning.
  7. >What? Paper?
  8. >Your interest piqued, you open your eyes to see Mous sitting at the table skimming over a book, a bowl of cereal in front of him and a glass of water next to it.
  9. >"Breakfast of champions?" you ask still drowsy.
  10. >Noticing you're now awake, his eyes turn to you. "This is the only food in the house that hasn't gone bad from the lack of power. Or at least the only kind I would want to eat for breakfast. he says.
  11. >"I even have to settle for this Gorilla Munch crap we bought because I'm afraid opening a box of Apple Jacks will tear a hole in the universe or something." he says.
  12. >You chuckle and crawl off the couch. As you crack your joints you make a promise to actually sleep in a proper bed tonight.
  14. >"Do me a favor, grab some real food while you're with Twilight today." Mous says.
  15. >Twilight? huh? "What's she want?" you ask.
  16. >"She invited us both on a tour of the town when I picked up this book earlier today. She's been doing a bunch of research into us since we got here and apparently decided that today was a day to learn about how we interact socially." Social interaction, huh? You guess that could be interesting, you never considered yourself the life of a conversation but you'd give it a shot.
  17. >Wait, "earlier today"? What time was it? You glance at the clock to see that it's still 7:30.
  18. >"She opens the library at dawn?" you ask.
  19. >Mous turns away from his bowl with a look the says he was on the same train of thought you were on now. "She said she was doing some research on the stars or something and lost track of time, she was about to turn in when I got there."
  20. >"Why were you even there at dawn? What's in that book?" you ask
  21. >He closes the book and hold it up to read the title. "Anatomical Studies of  Adult Equines." he said. "I picked it up for work, I'd like to know what I'm getting into before I accidentally feel somepony up or something."
  22. >"Somepony?" you ask.
  23. >He holds up his hands and shrugs "It's the proper grammar. Get with the vernacular, man." he teases.
  24. >You roll your eyes as you head to the shower.
  26. >After you were showered and dressed, you walk out to the living room again, Mous had gone to work and left his big ass book behind. You open the book and look at a page. It seemed to be mostly studies of muscles and nerves, a good find for a guy who worked at a spa.
  27. >A slight mumbling from your couch made you look over and see Rainbro still passed out from last night.
  28. >You figure that her size probably had something to do with it, small body means less booze before you were out.
  29. >You walk over and shake her a bit "Hey, Rainbro, you still alive?" she starts to move on her own and eventually swats your hand away.
  30. >Rainbro stumbles off your couch and shakily stands. "Oh man, I feel like death. How much did I drink last night?" she asks.
  31. >You look around, there are more than a few empty bottles on the floor, but a peek inside their bags show more left. At least you had less than your first night.
  32. >"I don't remember you drinking that much, but two nights in a row with alien booze can't have helped." you say, trying to reassure her.
  33. >You tell her what Mous told you, that Twilight wanted to take you on a tour of the town today. You asked her if she wanted to come along as well.
  34. >"Yeah, man, sure." she takes a few steps to the door and almost falls, you move at your best Kenyan speed and are able to catch her before she crashes into something.
  35. >"On second thought, you head to Twilight's, I'll meet you there after I grab something from my place." she says.
  36. >"You sure? You're not in your best way here." you don't want her crashing into some building or something trying to get home.
  37. >"Nah. It's cool, I fly better anyway, and the skies are supposed to be clear today." with that she steps out the front door and flies in an awkward pattern to the north.
  38. >As Dash flies, you walk. Ponyville already in sight.
  40. >As you made your way to Twilight's house, you learned one thing. The sun here hurts just as much with a hangover as the sun back on Earth.
  41. >You reach the door. Do you just walk in? This was her house but it was also a library, a public place.
  42. >After a moments deliberation you decide to walk in, as you do you call out. "Twilight? It's Anon, Mous said something about a tour?"
  43. >"Oh, Anon! I'll be down in just a second."" you hear her call.
  44. >You take that time to look around the room, there seemed to be even more books then there were the last time you were here.
  45. >You hear Twilight descending the stairs and turn to greet her. She doesn't look too much worse for wear for someone who spent the entire night awake. She must do this often.
  46. >You on the other hand, must look like shit judging from the look she's giving you. "Are you alright Anon? You look...haggard."
  47. >You find a mirror on the wall. Shit, your hair is all fucked up and you've got bags under your bloodshot eyes. Equestrian booze must do worse to you then you though.
  48. >You turn back to Twilight. "It's cool Twi, I just need to walk it off." She doesn't look very convinced and you can't say you are either.
  49. >The door opens again and a familiar cyan pegasus walks in. Rainbro is looking much better after whatever she got from her place. If you weren't there, you would swear she hadn't been drinking at all.
  50. >"Hey Rainbow, what are you doing here? Twilight asks.
  52. >"I invited her Twi, we were hanging out last night and she heard about the tour when I did." Not entirely true, but you'd rather tell a white lie to Twilight then tell her that you both passed out on your couch after a night of binge drinking and Vin Deisel movies. "Is it cool if she tags along?" you ask.
  53. >Twilight gives you both a smile as she makes for the door. "Of course, the more we have on the tour, the more we can tell you about the town." she says as she walks out.
  54. >Before you follow, your turn to Rainbro. "Hey, what'd you grab from your house? You look way better than before we left."
  55. >Rainbro looks to her side and grows a tiny smile "Heh. Yeah..." she says before she turns back to uou and produces a small bottle with swirling colors inside. "This is liquid rainbow." she says. "We pegusi use it to clean out the rainbow factories in Cloudsdale, but it also works as a quick hangover cure." she holds the bottle to you.
  56. >Well damn, that sounds awesome, but you're not too sure about drinking the pony equivalent of axle grease. You take the bottle in your hand and find it's warm to the touch.
  57. >No, not warm...Spicy.
  58. >"Are you two coming?" you hear Twilight call. Shit, now or never.
  59. >"Is it safe?" you as her. Her eyes get a concerned look in them. "It's gonna feel weird, like a ride all its own, but you'll be safe." she says.
  60. >You pull the top off the bottle and down it all at once. You look at Rainbow. "I don't feel an diff-"
  61. >That's as far as you get before your skin starts to tingle, you feel an intense heat in your stomach and the rest of your organs feel like they're being sucked through a straw. The heat in your gut explodes and makes every blood vessel in your body feel like it has magma inside.
  62. >Just as quick as it started, it's over. You're down on one knee as the feeling dies down. Rainbow comes over and helps you stand.
  63. >As the feeling returns to your body, you notice that you feel a lot better. Your head is clear and your stomach has settled. A quick look in the mirror shows that your eyes have cleared up as well.
  64. >From the corner of your eye, you see Twilight enter the library again. "Is everything alright in here?" she asks.
  65. >You turn to her. "Yeah Twilight, we're ready. Lead the way."
  66. >She turns and walks out the door as you prepare to meet the town that you'll be living in for the foreseeable future.

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