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BiE 9: Fluttershy.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:30:58 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 9=
  3. >Fluttershy seemed to live pretty far out of town, you've been walking for almost a half hour now. Most of the time is spent talking to Rainbow about your limited knowledge of sports from Earth.
  4. >"So, wait, they play it with brooms?" she asks unbelieving. "On ice at that." you reply. She seems to get frustrated and puts her hooves to her head. "I don't get it! why don't they just your normal sticks?"
  5. >You laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. "I have no idea." you tell her.
  6. >Fluttershy's house was located near the forests edge, you saw a small stream flowing just in front of her house as your approached. The entire area reminded you of a Snow White.
  7. >The four of you reach the front of the house and you knock on the door. "Oh. Be right there!" you think you hear from behind the door.
  8. >Fluttershy opens the door "O-Oh, hello everyone. What are you all doing here?" was she looking at you when she said that last part? You must be imagining it. Right?
  9. >Twilight answers for all present "We were just showing Anon around town." she says.
  10. >Fluttershy seems to perk up and gives a smile. "Oh, well, please come in." You follow your friends inside. The house is a small cottage, assorted furniture is placed around the living area and you see a kitchen off to the right.
  11. >Out from the kitchen came a small rabbit. The rabbit looked at Fluttershy and stomped it's foot repeatedly. "Oh, excuse me." Fluttershy said. "You can all take a seat, I just have to give Angel here his lunch."
  12. >Your stomach mush have heard the word "lunch", if it raising hell all of a sudden had anything to do with it.
  13. >You just remembered that you neglected to grab anything before you left the house this morning.
  14. >You'd just have to deal with it and stuff yourself at the party.
  16. >Fluttershy returns from the kitchen and takes a seat on a nearby chair. The rest of you sitting on a couch across from her.
  17. >Were her wings standing up like that before? Maybe Dash knew something about it, she seemed to be giving her a look. It was probably just a pegasus thing.
  18. >"So Anon, how are you liking Ponyville so far?" Fluttershy asked you.
  19. >"It's really nice here, I haven't met a lot of ponies, but everyone I have seems to be really nice. The area is beautiful as well."
  20. >Fluttershy's cheeks darken a bit "I...I could help you meet ponies...if you want."
  21. >"That's very nice of you Fluttershy, but Pinkie Pie is throwing Mous and I a party tonight. She said she's inviting the entire town as well, I figure I'll meet some ponies there."
  22. >She looks a bit dejected at that.
  23. >An awkward silence hangs in the air as you shift in your seat a bit
  24. >You are about to say something when a chicken runs through the room.
  25. >Wait, what?
  27. >Your eyes are still fixed on the point where the errant chicken left the room.
  28. >"Uh...did anyone else see tha-"
  29. >Suddenly chickens.
  30. >Chickens everywhere.
  31. >No. Not just chickens, squirrels, rabbits, birds and everything between it seemed.
  32. >After the animals have run their course, you start to gingerly put your feet back down as if the fear that placing them down to hard would spark another stampede.
  33. >"What was that!?" Rainbow called out, head popping out from behind the far end of the couch. She must have fallen off when the animals came through.
  34. >"Oh no!" Fluttershy yelled. "The animals must have escaped from their cages!" she looked close to tears.
  35. >Ohgoddontcry.
  36. >"It's Okay Fluttershy, we can find them." Twilight said jumping off the couch.
  37. >She turns to the rest of you on the couch. "Rainbow Dash, you fly up and try and spot the animals from the sky." Rainbow jumps up and gives a salute before flying out a nearby window.
  38. >"Anon, you and I will search for any anima-
  39. >"Um. I'll go with Anon." you hear Fluttershy squeak out.
  40. >You, Twilight, and Spike all turn to look at Fluttershy. "Uh...I mean...If he doesn't mind." Oh god is she about to cry again?
  41. >"I don't mind." you hear yourself say.
  42. >"Alright then, Spike and I will take the front of the house while you and Fluttershy take the back." Twilight instructs.
  43. >You follow Fluttershy out her back door and gaze at the dense forest before you.
  44. >This was going to take a while, it seems.
  46. >You and Fluttershy sift through the forest for a few hours.
  47. >For your hard work, you were rewarded with finding a good amount of animals all clustered around a small lake.
  48. >After you lead them back, Fluttershy tallied the results from all of your hunts.
  49. >"Oh my goodness, Angel is still missing." she says.
  50. >Angel; that rabbit you saw when you first came here.
  51. >Damn. Finding a single rabbit in an entire forest was going to be hard.
  52. >You all decide to slip up again, you and Fluttershy taking off into a slightly deeper part of the forest this time.
  53. >Despite searching high and low, you couldn't find this elusive rabbit anywhere.
  54. >You looked up at sun. It was getting dark, nightfall would make it twenty times harder to find this rabbit.
  55. >"Oh! Anon, come look over here!" you heard Fluttershy call out.
  56. >You found Fluttershy hovering over a small hole in the ground. Well, small for you, but roomy for a six inch rabbit.
  57. >"You think he went in there?" you ask as you motion towards the hole.
  58. >Fluttershy nods to you.
  59. >"Alright then." you say.
  61. >Doing the gentlemanly thing, you bend down and stick your hand in the hole to feel around...nothing. You try a bit deeper and still yield no prize.
  62. >You start to crawl in the hole a bit to continue searching. You really hope this isn't some badgers nest or something equally inclined to maul you.
  63. >You keep feeling around for Angel until you discover that you can go no further.
  64. >Try as you might, you still can't seem to go any further. Defeated, you start to move back only to discover that you couldn't move that way either.
  65. >Panic sets in as you violently throw yourself back and forth attempting to dislodge yourself to no avail.
  66. >You were trapped.
  67. >In a hole.
  68. >In the middle of the woods.
  69. >"Fuck."
  71. >"Fluttershy!" you call out.
  72. >...
  73. >Nothing.
  74. >"FLUTTERSHY!" you try again. You were not dying down here.
  75. >This time you got a faint "Anon?" as a response.
  76. >Crap. How deep were you?
  77. >"FLUTTERSHY! I'M STUCK! CAN YOU PULL ME OUT?" you yell to her.
  78. >You don't hear her yell back, but you can feel her start tugging on your pant leg.
  79. >You do your best to wriggle your waste out, but the ball seems to be in Fluttershy's court for all the difference you're making.
  80. >Fluttershy stops pulling and lets go of your leg for an instant, you almost call back to her when you feel her grab you again.
  81. >But this wasn't your leg, this was a little higher up.
  82. >Was Fluttershy copping a feel?
  83. >You feel her let go again and you start to fear the worst.
  84. >You really didn't want to think of Fluttershy as somepony who would cop a feel on someone and leave them to die in a hole.
  85. >Just then you feel something grab your opposite leg and pull hard.
  86. >Something else grabs your other leg and joins the first entity.
  87. >The pulling seems to loosen you. You redouble your wriggling efforts and feel yourself start to break free of the dirt.
  88. >You eventually break free and are thrown back out of the hole, landing on your back.
  89. >You right yourself and are greeted to the sight of Rainbow Dash standing over you "Are you alright Anon?" she asked.
  90. >"I'm fine Rainbow, what are you doing here?"
  91. > "I saw Fluttershy trying to pry you out of this hole while I was looking for you both." she replied.
  92. >Looking for you? "Why?"
  93. >"We found Angel in Fluttershy's bedroom under her bed. I came out to find you two before it got dark."
  94. >Whatabro.
  96. >You, Rainbow and Fluttershy arrive back at the house, all of you rather caked in dirt.
  97. >Twilight was herding the animals you all found back into their cages.
  98. >You take a quick peek at the clock; 6:15. Shit, it was late.
  99. >You excuse yourself from your friends and hurry back home to clean yourself off for this party.
  100. >Your minds keeps going back to what happened in the hole; Fluttershy didn't seem like the type to try and feel you up in a dangerous situation.
  101. >Fluttershy didn't seem like the type to feel you up at all.
  102. >You push today's unpleasantness from your mind as you come up on your house.
  103. >You step inside and head back to Mous's room, you knock and open the door to find him using the smallest paintbrush you've ever seen and a magnifying glass to on one of his models.
  104. >"What are you doing?" you ask.
  105. >"Painting purity seals." he responds.
  106. >He glances up at you "What'd you do? Get in a fight?" he asks.
  107. >"I got stuck in a hole helping Fluttershy find a lost pet." you say.
  108. >Oh shit, the party.
  109. >"Hey, finish up, we have a welcome party in about an hour." you tell him.
  110. >He puts down his magnifier. "When was there a party scheduled?" he asks as he turns to you.
  111. >"Earlier this morning, when Pinkie Pie jumped me."
  112. >He rubs the bridge of his nose and sighs. "I really don't want to go to any party."
  113. >"Oh, stop being a hermit. We're new here and it would do us some good to make a few friends."
  114. >You hear him call back as you walk to your bathroom. "I HAVE friends."
  115. >You get your shirt off and stick your head out the door. "You have two bosses, six friends you ignore, and me. You need more friends." you say as you shut the door.
  116. >He'll go.
  118. >One shower and change of clothes later, the two of you are walking the dark road from your house to Ponyville.
  119. >"I still think this is dumb." Mous says with his hands in his pockets and a frown on his face.
  120. >"You think everything is dumb." you retort.
  121. >"And I have yet to be proven wrong in that regard." he defends.
  122. >Sheesh. Mous was your best bro and all, but he could be a real downer sometimes.
  123. >The two of you arrive at the hill overlooking Sugarcube corner to spot what looks like a small convention instead of a welcome party.
  124. >"Huh." you say "I guess Pinkie wasn't kidding when she said she invited the hole town."
  125. >Mous shoots you a scowl and starts towards the party.
  126. >"Let's just get this over with." he says.
  127. >You follow behind him with a chuckle, determined not to let his crap attitude ruin your fun.

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