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BiE One Shot.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:32:25 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. >Be day whatever in Ponyville.
  2. >It was a nice day out, not too hot.
  3. >You and Anon were walking to work together.
  4. >You were both also in an argument.
  5. >"I told you, they are not 'dolls' they are 'models'."
  6. >"I'm sure that's exactly what someone who owned dolls would say." he said.
  7. >"My models take hours of time to craft, paint, and position."
  8. >"And then you go and put six hundred of them around your room like some ridiculously old Barbie fan-mom."
  9. >"Because I'm proud of the work I did! Some of those models have over a thousand piec-"
  10. >You spin head over feet and land on your back.
  11. >Shit.
  12. >You must have tripped over somepony.
  13. >"Sorry. Sorr-"
  14. >"No it's quite alright, I had my-"
  15. >His accent sounded Scottish.
  16. >"I was arguing with my friend and not looking where I was goin-"
  17. >"Only an accident."
  18. >The awkwardness of the scene makes the both of you not care that you're interrupting one another.
  19. >Shit. Pick up these papers he dropped.
  20. >"Here's your paper's, sorry about...that..."
  21. >You get a good look at the pony you tripped over.
  22. >Brown mane.
  23. >Brown coat.
  24. >Blue eyes.
  25. >Cutey Mark? Hourglass.
  26. >...
  27. >No fuckin' way.
  28. >You turn to look at Anon.
  29. >He has the same bug eyed expression you have.
  30. >You turn back to the stallion and blink.
  31. >Nope. Not going crazy.
  32. >He must have seen the look you had.
  33. >"Uhh...problem?" he says.
  34. >You look at your bro one last time before you turn back to him.
  35. >Be cool, don't be an ass an-
  36. >"Chameleon Circuit broken?"
  37. >You have never seen a pony run away so fast.
  38. >Today was a weird day.

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