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BiE 15: Field Test.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:33:56 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 15=
  3. >Mous was right, this Gorilla cereal was awful, and people use this to calm themselves down. Baffling.
  4. >You could hear Mous trudge to the bathroom as you eat. You figured he had taken his painkillers after you heard him get home last night, if they had worn off by now then he must be in a shit mood.
  5. >He trudges out of the hallway towards the table you were at. "Rough night?" you ask.
  6. >His face is a frown chipped out of stone, his hair is in tangles and has started to fall over his face as he sat.
  7. >He ran his hair through his hands as he answered. "Not my best, I had to take more pills to get out here. This doctor better have a fix."
  8. >"So, I take it you're not helping in town today?" you ask.
  9. >He turns his gaze up to you. "Help with what?"
  10. >Rainbow told me about it yesterday afternoon." you start. "After a storm like this, the entire town gets together to fix up any damages that might have occurred."
  11. >He lowers his hands and places them on the table. "Was it that bad?" he asks.
  12. >"I didn't see it myself, but Rainbow anticipated some damage. She says they had to go hard on the wind."
  13. >"Is everything in town closed?" he asks.
  14. >You lean back. "I think so. From what Rainbow said, this is a town wide thing until it's all back in order."
  15. >"I'll try and find you after this doctor thing." he says as he looks round the kitchen. "Now, do we have anything to eat that doesn't taste like ass in here?"
  17. >Breakfast went its usual direction. You and Mous talked about what groceries you needed, what movie you each wanted to watch after the inevitably movie night to follow this clean up duty, and speculating about the damage the town had suffered.
  18. >After that, you both went your separate ways, you headed into town while Mous took the path to the local hospital.
  19. >As town came into view, you got a firsthand look at the damage the storm had caused.
  20. >The trees had lost a great deal of branches, all of which were now scattered throughout the town. A few fence had been ripped up and the boards tossed around, It also looked like a tree fell near town hall.
  21. >The whole town was out in force, pegusi were clearing branches off roofs while unicorns and earth ponies were clearing the streets.
  23. >"Yo, Anon!" you hear a familiar voice from above. You look up to see Rainbro Dash descending upon  you.
  24. >Damn, she was falling fast. You start to wonder if she's going to be able to pull up in time.
  25. >A few feet from the ground, Dash pulls up hard and shoots towards you. She misses you by only a few feet, her speed causing her to kick up nearby debris into the air.
  26. >As the debris crashes to the ground around you, you turn back to your bro and laugh. "I thought the idea was to clean up the wreckage Dash, not spread it around."
  27. >She lands with that smug grin of hers. "Don't worry Anon, I'm clearing it off the roads."
  28. >"Yeah right." you say. "You just wanted an excuse to go fast." you say as you extend your fist.
  29. >She laughs as she bumps it with her hoof. "Who says I can't do both?"
  30. >The both of you laugh as you head towards the center of town.
  32. >Most of your day is spent patrolling the town with Rainbow Dash collecting errant twigs, an easy, if time consuming task.
  33. >Rainbow was taking the roofs around town while you were handling the streets, your job was to gather up all the bigger sticks while getting the smaller ones into the grass where they would bio-degrade.
  34. >Along the way, you come up on a row of houses that seem particularly damaged. The houses windows are broken, there are nicks and dings on the siding, and the roofs look haggard. "These places must have taken the brunt of the storm." you say.
  35. >You continue along the row of houses, they were gonna have to get a proper crew out here if they wanted these places fixed up.
  37. >You eventually come up on one particular house near the corner. This house looks like it was hit by a tornado made of hammers for all the damage done to it. Every window was broken, the door was battered and dented, as you turned the corner itself you saw that a fence post had impaled itself in the side of the wall several feet from the ground.
  38. >"Damn!" you exclaim as you check out the plank. It had gone clean through the entire wall almost halfway before it stopped. "How the hell do you think this happened?" you ask as you turn to Rainbow.
  39. >She puts a hoof to her chin and looks around the alley you were in. "Okay, see how we're in this little alley on the corner?" she asks. You nod as you look around. "Okay, well, these corners and the high roofs probably turned this place into a tiny wind tunnel. If that fence post got caught in here, then it could go fast enough to break through that wall easy."
  40. >Wow. You were impressed. "Why Rainbow Dash, I didn't take you for a physicist." she blushes and turns away. "Yeah, well, I have to be on top of this stuff as the best flyer around."
  41. >You chuckle and turn back to the post, an idea entering your mind.
  42. >You turn back to Rainbow. "Hey, Dash, think we can break this thing out?
  44. >Rainbow gives you a quizzical look. "Why, dude?"
  45. >You turn back to the post and begin to inspect the area of impact. "Because picking up sticks is boring and we can help the cleanup crew?" you say. Hmm. This post went in on an angle, it should be in perfect breaking condition.
  46. >You press down on the far end of the post. Nothing.
  47. >You needed more force. You push down on the post again, this time lifting your feet off the ground and letting the post take all the weight.
  48. >Still nothing.
  49. >You prop yourself on a nearby barrel and stand on the post, it's wide enough for you to keep your footing on.
  50. >"Are you sure that's a good idea bro? you hear Rainbow ask. "It's fine." You say as you grab the gutter for support. You look back down at the post "It's on now." you say as you start jumping on it.
  51. >This post was going to break if it was the last thing you did.
  52. >You keep jumping the increased in both intensity and frequency. Dammit, what was in this wood?
  53. >"Bro, take it easy!" you hear Rainbow call out. Fuck that, your needed to see how much it took to break this wood.
  54. >One particularly high jump is all it takes. Your feet hit the post and it snaps in its hole.
  55. >For a brief moment, you are elated in your success. That feeling is quickly overwritten by panic as you remember that you were standing on that.
  56. >You try to hold on to the gutter only for that to come tearing off as well.
  57. >Shit
  58. >"Anon!" you hear Rainbow cry as you fall.
  59. >You appreciate the concern, but there was no way even she could close that distance in time.
  60. >You fall back and your head makes a crack that resounds through the alleyway as it hits the nearby barrel.
  62. >You think you hear Rainbow Dash calling your name but you can't really tell.
  63. >Everything looks kinda wavy.
  64. >The back of your head hurts.
  65. >You reach back and feel your head.
  66. >It feels wet.
  67. >Warm, too.
  68. >You feel your shirt getting tugged.
  69. >It eventually gets pulled over your head.
  70. >Wait. did it take that long? It didn't feel that long.
  71. >You hear someone shouting.
  72. >Something soft is hitting your face.
  73. >It smells like sweat.
  74. >You remember Rainbow smelled like sweat a lot after training.
  75. >Rainbow...weren't you with her today?
  76. >"Anon!" you think you hear her say.
  77. >Anon? That wasn't your name, your name wa-
  78. >Wait.
  79. >You took Anon as your name when you got to Equestria.
  80. >You were living with Mous.
  81. >Today was the day you were helping clean up after the storm.
  82. >"Anon!" you hear again.
  83. >You were trying to break a fence post.
  84. >"Anon! If you're dying, I'll kick your flank!" you hear as another hoof belts you across the face.
  86. >Ow! Shit. "Dash!" you call out.
  87. >"Anon?" you hear. You turn to see her. Her magenta eyes are wide with worry.
  88. >"Yeah, I'm fine." you say. "What happened?" you look down at your now bare chest. "And what happened to my shirt?"
  89. >She turns her head away before you get a chance to look back in her face.
  90. >Why are her wings standing up? "I wrapped your head in your shirt after you nailed yourself on that barrel!" she points a hoof to the offending barrel. "What, was I just supposed to let you bleed all over yourself?".
  91. >Shit. You feel the back of your head and look at your hand: red as all hell.
  92. >"Crap, Dash, we need to get back to town and get me patch up." you say.
  93. >Dash wheels around and wriggles under your shoulder. "No problem Anon! I gotcha."
  94. >Getting up is a bit of a challenge, but you make good speed once you're on your feet.
  95. >"Can't believe I got myself this bad." you say. You see Rainbow look up at you "Do you do this kinda stuff often?"
  96. >A chuckle escapes you. "I don't intentionally do this stuff often, no." you say as you wind your way through the streets. "But sometimes, I get so caught up in figuring out something that I kinda stop paying attention to other stuff. Usually, Mous is there to reel me back in before something like this happens."
  97. >Rainbow Dash's head drops. "Don't worry Dash, your new to the hole 'bro' thing, you're doing great right now." you motion to her helping you walk.
  98. >"Yeah...sure thing...bro..."

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