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BiE 16: Bro Duties.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:34:09 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 16=
  3. >Hospital smell isn't new to you.
  4. >You've been in them often enough, usually by Anon dragging you to them after you got yourself hurt.
  5. >You sat in the exam room waiting for this doctor.
  6. >The painkillers you took earlier had been keeping a lid on your pain.
  7. >This "Horse M.D." was taking his sweet time getting here.
  8. >At this rate, you were going to heal before he showed up.
  9. >This room wasn't too different from ones back on Earth.
  10. >Anatomical posters of various body parts hung around the room.
  11. >A mock skeleton was in the corner.
  12. >A doctor was walking in the door.
  13. >Wait, shit.
  14. >"What's up, doc?"
  15. >Nice. That shit would get you smacked back on Earth.
  16. >"Hello, Mr. Mous. What seems to be the problem?" he asks.
  17. >This guy has some ridiculous hair.
  18. >It's all red and poofy.
  19. >He asked you a question, dude.
  20. >You snap back to reality.
  21. >"I got clawed up pretty good by a manticore a few days ago, I got fixed up by some tribal goo a friend of mine made, but it still hurts pretty bad."
  22. >These painkillers are making you weird.
  23. >Had to stay on top of that.
  25. >The doctor looks over a form you saw the nurse filling out.
  26. >"Hmm...Well, let's take a look, shall we?" he says as he makes his way over to you.
  27. >That's your cue.
  28. >You hop off the examination table and remove your shirt.
  29. >The doctor makes his way behind you.
  30. >You can hear him sighing, thinking, everything but telling you why you were in pain.
  31. >It eventually becomes too much to bare.
  32. >"So, what's the damage doc?"
  33. >"Did you see what kinda of treatment this friend of yours gave you?" he asks.
  34. >You had apparently lost a lot of blood that night, you didn't remember much after you got hit.
  35. >"No, I was pretty out of it after the manticore got me."
  36. >"Hmm...I'm going to have to take some blood for a quick test." he says.
  37. >Great. Needles.
  38. >You don't like needles.
  39. >"Alright, fine."
  40. >You roll up your sleeve, gotta bite the bullet here.
  41. >The doctor looks at you. "In order to confirm the theory I have, I need a blood sample from as close to the wound as possible."
  42. >...bite the bullet here.
  44. >Fifteen minutes later, you're laying on the examination table trying to rid your body of the pain it had been through.
  45. >That idiot doctor had missed the vein three times.
  46. >Being stabbed in an already painful wound wasn't a fun time.
  47. >That general anesthetic hadn't done shit.
  48. >You're thinking about how you would go about burning down a hospital when the doctor returns.
  49. >"Does it still hurt?" he asks.
  50. >A grunt through gritted teeth was all the reply he was going to get.
  51. >You were gonna kill him.
  52. >You were gonna rip that fucking stupid hair off his fucking head and force feed it down his fucking throat.
  53. >"Well, I can see why. Your blood tests showed us why you're in so much pain." he says.
  54. >Is it because you're fucking incompetent you idiot ha-
  55. >"You were poisoned."
  56. >Wait, what?
  58. >You turn to give him your full attention.
  59. >Zecora didn't seem the type to poison someone she never met.
  60. >"What?"
  61. >The doctor looks at his clipboard again.
  62. >"Manticores have a poison they use the incapacitate their prey. The one that hurt you must have had it running through its claws when it hit you.
  63. >He puts down the clipboard and prods you to sit up.
  64. >He rotates a mirror to show you your back scars.
  65. >Three jagged marks are carved into your back, one glowing an angry red after being stabbed repeatedly with a sharp needle.
  66. >He raises a hoof to your back. "When the manticore slashed you, it released a poison into your wounds to paralyze you."
  67. >That must have been why you were so out of it when Anon dragged you to Zecora's.
  68. >"Whatever treatment you took closed up your wounds, yes, but also trapped the poison inside you. The pain you feel is your nerves inflaming around the infected areas."
  70. >Well shit.
  71. >Poisoned.
  72. >That's never happened before.
  73. >"Can you fix it?"
  74. >Okay. Fuck.
  75. >This could be serious.
  76. >This could be "stop your heart" serious.
  77. >You can't die yet.
  78. >Not before Anon.
  79. >"Stop worrying." the doc says.
  80. >Fuck.
  81. >Was it that obvious?
  82. >"We wouldn't live near a manticore's habitat without having some sort of antitoxin." he says smiling.
  83. >He starts writing on a small notepad and rips the piece of paper off it.
  84. >"Give that to the pharmacy to pick up your antitoxin pills. Take them three times a day with water." he says, handing the prescription to you.
  85. >"What about my pain?" you ask.
  86. >Don't want to not get treated for the reason you're here.
  87. >"The pain should subside when the swelling goes down, take those pills and that should happen in about a week." he says as he walks out the door "Have a nice day Mr. Mous."
  88. >He shuts the door before you can answer.
  90. >You're walking in to town holding your antitoxins and a fresh bottle of painkillers in a bag.
  91. >You had taken your first dose on antitoxin as well as some painkillers already.
  92. >Feels good man.
  93. >Feels REALLY good.
  94. >You've been in pain for the past few days, to be rid of it felt incredible.
  95. >Damn.
  96. >The town got FUCKED UP.
  97. >Everything was broken and shit.
  98. >Ponies were flying around and running all over the place.
  99. >You should help, probably.
  100. >But how?
  101. >You try to find Twilight, she'll know what needs to get done.
  102. >You wave at Derpy as you walk by and get a wave and a smile back.
  103. >Derpy was so cool.
  104. >Shit, you could really go for some of her muffins right now.
  105. >You wonder if you'll run into Lotus, you wanna give her your clean bill of health.
  106. >You come up on Twilight's tree house thing.
  107. >There's Twilight and everyone else outside, Twilight was probably coordinating everything again.
  108. >But she isn't coordinating, it looks like.
  109. >She's walking around Anon, it looks like.
  110. >Anon looks like he's sitting on a box.
  111. >Was he...bleeding?
  113. >Big Bro mode: Engaged.
  114. >Anything that was on your mind is pushed to the side as you stomp over to Anon.
  115. >Applejack hears you approach and starts walking towards you.
  116. >"Well, howdy ther-"
  117. >"Move."
  118. >You don't have time for her shit right now.
  119. >You blow past her and approach Anon.
  120. >He's getting bandaged up around his head.
  121. >You grab his chin and turn it up before he can talk.
  122. >"Uh...dude?" he starts.
  123. >"Look at me."
  124. >Twilight and the girls stand in shocked silence as you examine Anon.
  125. >You turn his head to get a look at the back of it.
  126. >Bloody, a small gash on the back of his head was the cause.
  127. >"Bro!" Anon shouts and he waves you off him.
  128. >You crouch down and meet his eyes as he turns back.
  129. >You hold up a finger.
  130. >"Follow."
  131. >No chances, he could be concussed.
  132. >His eyes are narrow in annoyance, but he follows your guide all the same.
  133. >Satisfied, you stand up again.
  134. >"How did this happen?"
  135. >"Dude, it's nothing, I'm getti-"
  136. >"How?" you interrupt.
  137. >He was your bro, you had to protect him.
  138. >You can do that if he's bullshitting you.
  139. >He still looks pissed.
  140. >"I was out cleaning up debris on the edge of town, I started goofing off and hit my head on a barrel, you happy?" he says.
  141. >Your eyes drift to Rainbow Dash.
  142. >She looks guilty.
  143. >Of course these two were together, they're best friends.
  144. >But you were his Bro.
  146. >You could care less that Dash was there, you got the answer you needed.
  147. >You could push the point, but that would just get him pissed off and make him lie to you when this happened again.
  148. >You let out a sigh.
  149. >"You can't be so reckless, bro."
  150. >His good cheer seems to return to his face
  151. >"Excuse me? This coming from the manticore wrestler?" he says as Twilight finishes wrapping his bandages.
  152. >"That's different. I can take a manticore, barrels are too far out of your league." you quip.
  153. >"Oh please! Which of us had to go to the hospital because he couldn't take his old man back problems?" he shouts with a smile.
  154. >With the situation back in friendly territory, the two of you plus the girls get to work on the town.
  155. >With everypony working, you finish before sunset.
  156. >Rainbow heads back to your apartment for the most recent movie night.
  157. >Tonight was Terminator's I and II.
  158. >Rainbow liked the chase on the motorcycle, good times were had by all.
  159. >She left shortly after the second movie, work in the morning.
  160. >You popped some of your pills in your mouth as you got ready for bed.
  161. >"Yo, bro." Anon stopped you in the hall as he was taking off his bandage.
  162. >"Hmm?"
  163. >"What was the deal in town today? You kinda freaked." he said.
  164. >Great. This.
  165. >Best to just get it out there.
  166. >"I'm the older bro here, it's my job to protect you."
  167. >Anon leaned against the wall. "Well isn't that sweet? I'm only two years younger than you dude, I can handle myself."
  168. >Shit. You knew.
  169. >But you've been protecting this kid since you were seven.
  170. >"Sorry..."
  171. >You don't wait for him to respond, you just head inside and go to bed.

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