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BiE 19: Estrus with Anon.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:35:01 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 19=
  3. >You wake up with your face on a log.
  4. >You had elected not to sleep in the cave with Rainbow Dash after last nights...revelations.
  5. >You had been thinking about it well into the morning until you fell asleep.
  6. >Looking back  it had been a bit obvious, Mous would have probably slapped you for missing it.
  7. >She was always hanging out with her, that shit with her wings, the blushing. Oh god, you had been calling her 'bro' since you got here.
  8. >You didn't mean to 'brozone' her or whatever.
  9. >And why you? Surely the "best flyer in Equestria." could do better than a skinny extra dimensional alien.
  10. >Okay, maybe you can work this out. You just have to head up there and talk it out with Dash, then you can go right back to being bros.
  11. >You get up and make for the cave. You step inside and are assaulted with a humid stink, you can't see Rainbow but you think you can hear her further back.
  12. >You can make out what sounds like pants and gasps as you get closer to the source. "Rainbow?" you call out.
  13. >The panting stops and you see Rainbow poke her head out from behind a rock. Damn, she looks like hell, her mane is unkempt, her eyes are bloodshot, and she appears to be biting her lip. "You can't be in here Anon."
  14. >"Dash, c'mon, let's talk." you say as you take a few steps towards her. That was a poor decision it seems, because she just backs away. "No, Anon, the Estrus has started for me. You can't be here."
  15. >"Dash, come on, let's just talk. I want us to be friends again." Dash lowers her head and begins to walk back behind the same rock. "Yeah? Well I don't."
  17. >You left the cave after that.
  18. >It seemed official, you had lost your bro.
  19. >You nicked a few apples and walked around the forest. This sucked.
  20. >You were stuck for the next few days in the middle of a cold forest with an ex-bro who wanted nothing more than to sleep with you right now.
  21. >You trudge along as you eat your apple, what could you do? You wanted to go back, but you couldn't do that without setting her off.
  22. >You wanted a bro and she wanted something more. That was that.
  23. >You did just want a bro...right?
  24. >You stop that train of thought right then and there, were you really considering this?
  25. >Could you?
  26. >These ponies were clearly sentient, they had goals and opinions just the same as people from Earth.
  27. >But they were still ponies; an entirely different species.
  29. >Okay, okay. Let's break this down.
  30. >Rainbow Dash was your second best friend, and the first friend you had in Equestria.
  31. >She was funny, interesting, and was willing to spend entire nights watching movies and drinking with you.
  32. >If this were Earth, you feel this would have happened a long time ago.
  33. >On the opposite side of the spectrum, she was an entirely different species.
  34. >Doing this on Earth would earn you scorn and ridicule, possibly some jail time.
  35. >You run the idea through your head, were you okay with going further with Rainbow?
  36. >If species didn't matter, would you?
  37. >...
  38. >Know what? Yeah. You probably would.
  39. >You relax a bit having that thought taken care of, only for another to worm it's way into your head.
  40. >You were okay with You and Rainbow, but was everyone else?
  42. >Equestria seemed to be a tolerant place, and they had a multitude of races.
  43. >Surely some of them had 'intermingled' before? Right?
  44. >You sigh as your train of thought takes you further.
  45. >None of the other races here were aliens from another world.
  46. >You'd really rather not start a relationship with someone and then be told by the all powerful Sun-goddess that said relationship was against the rules.
  47. >So, what do you do? Do you ask? Do it anyway? Back off?
  48. >You were prepared to go further with Rainbow, but you still had a few nagging doubts, you still kinda wanted kids one day.
  49. >Bailing would be simple, even if you lost your bro.
  50. >Your mind jumps back to the last time you were in this situation; back on Earth.
  51. >You had been offered the chance to go to this really prestigious seminar to give a report you had done.
  52. >You were nervous as all hell. Sure, you wanted to go, but you had no idea what everyone there would think of it.
  53. >You lost your nerve and decided not to go, Mous was the first one you told.
  54. >"Fuck that." he had said. "If you want to go do something, you go do it. Period."
  55. >You still remember the sight of him standing over you in your garage, pointing dead square in your face. "Never let anyone tell you what you can and can't have, dude. Not a bunch of scientists, not me, and definitely not some pansy ass voice in your head telling you that you can't do something."
  56. >Your mind snaps back to your current situation.
  57. >"Heh...Even when he's not here, he's busting my balls." you sigh.
  58. >Yeah. Fuck that voice in your head.
  59. >You knew what you wanted.
  60. >And you were gonna go get her.
  62. >The sun was already setting when you got back, you didn't notice you had been wandering around the whole day.
  63. >Okay, deep can do this
  64. >You inch your way into the cave. The smell from before is still hanging in the air.
  65. >You creep back near the rock Rainbow was behind last time and just sit.
  66. >You hear her tossing and turning on the ground behind you. "Nnngggh. Dammit Anon, why'd you have to leave me here like this?" she asks to a supposedly empty cave.
  67. >"Maybe I like the way you squirm?" you say as you make your presence known.
  68. >You hear Dash suddenly stop moving followed by the clip clop of hooves on stone as she rounds the rock you were leaning back on. "A-Anon? I told you, you shouldn't be here." she stammers out.
  69. >"Yeah, I know..." you reach up and brush some of her disheveled hair out of her face. "But, I want to be." You let your hand fall from her hair to caress her cheek.
  70. >Rainbow Dash shudders as your fingers move from her cheek to her chin and down her neck until you eventually trail off. "You gonna kick me out?" you ask?
  72. >Rainbow Dash lowers her head and opens her eyes. She's panting pretty heavy. "You really want to stay here? What about what happened last night?" she asks.
  73. >You lean off the rock and sit down right in front of Rainbow. "I did some thinking, I decided that I like it better here." you say with a smile.
  74. >Yeah. You're glad you did this, you already feel better.
  75. >"Now...I think one of us here has a problem that the other can hel-"
  76. >That's as far as you get before you feel another tongue in your mouth. You fall onto your back as Rainbow tries to pull your jacket and shirt off with her nubby hooves.
  77. >"Easy, easy, Dash!" you call out. She stops and looks at you with pleading eyes. "Anon, I swear, if you're bucking with me here..."
  78. >You laugh a bit at that "No no no..." you say as you get control of yourself. "It's just...we have another few days here. No need to wear ourselves out now..." you bring her to your lips and see if you can set a pace that will make the both of you happy.
  79. >You both lay there enjoying each other, she smells like the air after a rainstorm. You hear a bit of hitching from her and open your eyes to see tears forming at the edges.
  80. >You silently kiss her forehead. " tears, only dreams now." You hear her laugh. "You're so dumb..." she says as she kisses you again.
  81. >Everything else proceeds as you expected it would, you setting the pace, Rainbow more than happy to go along with whatever in her current state of mind.
  82. >You were warm for the first time since coming out here that night.

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