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BiE 21: Estrus epilogue.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:36:23 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 21=
  3. >You walked down the path with Rainbow fluttering behind you, her hooves around your neck.
  4. >She nuzzles the back of your neck "Admit that you're lost and I'll fly up to try and spot your house."
  5. >"I'm not lost." you say. "We cut through these trees and crossed through town to get to the woods, home should be just a ways further."
  6. >You and Rainbow had followed Mous's instructions and waited the entire weekend in Whitetail Woods, it was time to head back home and continue your life.
  7. >Well, a similar life. After what had happened in the cave two nights ago, you expected that you were going to be seeing a lot more of Dash.
  8. >The apprehensions you had were melted away over the weekend. Rainbow Dash had been your best friend here, you cared for her. It didn't matter that she wasn't a human, she was still a person.
  9. >"We've been walking for almost an  hour, Anon." she said "...why don't we take a break?" that part was punctuated by her nuzzling your neck again.
  10. >"Oh no, after two days of "breaks" on that hard cave floor, I'm not taking another unless it's in my own soft bed." you say as you reach back and throw your arm around her.
  11. >"Besides, the last thing we need is to be late and for Mous to find us rutting in the bushes when he comes looking." you tease.
  13. >You make decent time back to the house. To your amazement, the door wasn't kicked in and Mous didn't burn down the house with him inside it to try and deny the mares their prize, or something.
  14. >You try to get through the door only to find it locked, you knock twice and hear Mous rummaging to the door.
  15. >"Password." you heard him say. "Fuck you." you call back.
  16. >You hear latches being undone before Mous throws open the door. Holy shit, he's actually smiling.
  17. >Mous only had three smiles; Psychopath, genuine happiness, and some smug combination of the two.
  18. >This one was real, genuine, and big. "The hell did you know it, I never told you." he beams.
  19. >You chuckle. "Hoping I wasn't coming back?" Mous takes a few steps outside and crosses he arms. "It'd save me a mint on food."
  20. >His eyes drift up and down you before they eventually settle on Rainbows hooves around your neck. "Heh. Took you two long enough."
  21. >You roll your eyes and flip him the bird before he turns around and heads back in. "C'mon, we got two guests, no food, and no one is allowed in the bathrooms till I finish with 'em."
  23. >You and Rainbow head inside to see your mystery guests. You walk into the living room and spot Mous's bosses sitting on the couch.
  24. >"What's going on in here?" you ask.
  25. >The pink one chimes in "We're watching Aladdin!"
  26. >Mous returns from the kitchen with a drink "Aloe and Lotus here were having a hard time of it this estrus, they asked me to help 'em get through it, aint that right?" It seemed Mous was celebrating the end of Estrus by drinking all of your booze.
  27. >"Mous was very helpful." the blue pony on your couch said.
  28. >You turn back to Mous "A weekend with twins?" you tease. He shrugs "It's my winning personality." He makes his way back to the couch. Damn, he must be drunk if he's letting her lay on his lap like that. "Come, drink and be merry with us." he says, hoisting his beer up high.
  29. >You turn your head to talk to Rainbow as she hangs off your back. "Movie night?" you ask. "Hehe, sure Anon." she says.
  31. >The night wore on and you all got through both Aladdin and Little Mermaid.
  32. >Eventually, the exhaustion of the last few days began to catch up to you all.
  33. >You had all been sitting at the title screen for the past ten minutes, too tired to actually get up and put in something else.
  34. >"I'm fuckin' done." you say. Rainbow had been dozing off with her head in your shoulder since before the movie had even finished, all she could muster was a groan as she lifted her hoof.
  35. >Aloe and Lotus hopped off their seats and started towards the door. "Yes, very enjoyable. Work is going to be extraordinary tomorrow."
  36. >"Oh, come on now Lotus, we get to work those post estrus kinks out of the entire town. That sounds like the best time ever." Mous said as he stood up as well.
  37. >He turned to you. "I'm gonna help these two get home." he said.
  38. >Lotus turned back "You don't have to do that Mous." she said.
  39. >"No, It's my pleasure." Mous said as he walked to the door.
  40. >Right before he stepped out, he gave you a wink.
  41. >Crafty Mous...very crafty.
  42. >You turn your head to Rainbow and start tousling her hair. "Pssst. Hey." you whisper.
  43. >She groans and bats your hand away.
  44. >You keep tousling, she bats you away again.
  45. >The third time you go back, she finally lifts her head up and looks at you. "What, Anon?"
  46. >You sneak your hand to the side of her head. "Remember when you said you wanted to take a break on the way home?" She silently nods. "Well...we have the house to ourselves..." you start to rub her ear. "...and my bed's in the other room."
  47. >Her mischievous grin is all the affirmation you need.
  49. >You had both finished by the time Mous got back to the house.
  50. >Two bangs resonated from your door. "You two alive in there?" you hear.
  51. >You rap your knuckles against the wall in an affirmative and hear Mous step into his room and close the door.
  52. >Your arm falls as you drift off to sleep. Rainbow is curled up in your other arm already out.
  53. >It had been a hell of a weekend.
  54. >You had to run from an entire town of females in heat, lost a bro, gained something better, and slept with something outside of your species.
  55. >Still, a pretty good way for things to turn out, all things considered.
  56. >You threw your other arm around Dash as your exhaustion started to take hold.
  57. >Yeah...a good way for things to turn out.
  58. >The last thing you see before you drift off is a rainbow mane lit by the full moon.

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