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BiE 22: Side Quest.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:36:40 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 22=
  3. >The damn sun woke you up again.
  4. >It seemed to be closer then it normally was.
  5. >Maybe this was Celestias payback for ruining her fun over estrus.
  6. >You peek at the clock, 10:00.
  7. >Aloe and Lotus had given you the day off for helping them over estrus.
  8. >You didn't want to do it, but you had some stuff to take care of and it provided the perfect opportunity.
  9. >You rolled out of bed and made your way to the kitchen, ignoring the sounds from Anon's room.
  10. >Damn kids.
  11. >Your 'special delivery' should be arriving soon, might as well get ready while you wait.
  12. >The abundance of pancakes at the market has allowed you to upgrade to eating them regularly.
  13. >The pancakes putting you in a good mood, you made your way to your shower and started going over the day's game plan.
  14. >Assuming magic worked the way you thought it did, it would just be a matter of practice.
  15. >You were screwed if it didn't.
  16. >You hoped they had enough room.
  17. >Considering who you were dealing with, you hoped you didn't get a hoof to the face first.
  19. >You hear a knocking at your door after your shower.
  20. >Just as you expected, Twilight was standing on your front porch.
  21. >"Hey, Twilight. You look like you handled the estrus as well as Celestia said."
  22. >She gets an embarrassed look.
  23. >"She uh...she told you that?" she stammered out.
  24. >"Only that you thought of everything and handled yourself well."
  25. >She still looks embarrassed, but she's wearing a smile now.
  26. >Twilight levitates a small box over to you, as well as a book.
  27. >"Force fields and barriers.". Promising.
  28. >"I have to say, I was a bit surprised when you asked for these things." Twilight said.
  29. >This WAS a bit out of it for you.
  30. >"Just trying to take care of a minor problem, I'm a bit surprised myself that Anon got the day off today."
  31. >She looks like she's blushing a bit. "Hehe...yeah...the Library isn't really fit for anypony to be in right now."
  32. >Well, there goes your mental image of Twilight being a paragon of willpower and toughing it out.
  33. >"Where is Anon, anyway?" she asks.
  34. >"Oh, he's around. It's not like he and Rainbow are FUCKING IN THE OTHER ROOM!" you yell.
  35. >Silence settles in before four knocks come from Anon's room.
  36. >"Yeah, they're fine."
  37. >Twilight looks like she's about to die of embarrassment as she cocks her head to the side inquisitively.
  38. >"They're on round four, if they get to round ten by noon; I win ten bits and have to call an ambulance."
  39. >The awkwardness can be cut with a knife.
  40. >"...I'm gonna go inside now."
  41. >Twilight just nods with a fake smile and a rather intense blush and walks away.
  42. >Damn, how can someone that smart get weirded out by mating?
  44. >You step into the town proper and start your search.
  45. >A quick study of the book Twilight gave you showed that, yes, force fields worked exactly how you thought.
  46. >The only question was whether or not she could do it.
  47. >You don't know where Lyra and Bon Bon live, but if they're 'together' then there's a decent chance finding one will find the other.
  48. >Bon Bon apparently ran a candy shop that rivaled Sugarcube Corner, so you start your search in the center of town.
  49. >You were getting an awful lot of looks.
  50. >Probably because of the big box you were carrying around.
  51. >You eventually break down and ask Carrot Top where Bon Bon lives.
  52. >Let it never be said that you fall into gender stereotypes.
  53. >You mentally prepare yourself for the situation ahead.
  54. >Best to play it arrogant.
  55. >You open the shop door and spot Bon Bon behind the counter.
  56. >She looks pissed.
  57. >"What do you want?" she asks.
  58. >You still can't get used to her different voice thing.
  59. >"Hey Bon Bon, Lyra here?"
  60. >Her frown gets deeper.
  61. >"No, Lyra is not hear. I imagine that she's blowing all her money at that spa of yours again."
  62. >That was true, Lyra came in pretty often.
  63. >Still, if she was out looking for you then she'd be back once she realized you weren't there.
  64. >"That's cool, I'll just hang out till she shows up."
  65. >Bon Bon walks out from behind the counter.
  66. >"I don't think that's a good idea." she says.
  67. >She still looks pretty mad.
  68. >"Aw, come on. We can swap stories about candy and junk."
  69. >She seems to not like your shit eating grin.
  70. >She opens her mouth to say something but is interrupted by the door opening.
  71. >"M-Mous!?"
  72. >"Lyra!" you and Bon Bon call out.
  74. >"Lyra, wha-
  75. >You interrupt Bon Bon before she finishes.
  76. >"Lyra! Hey, you were looking for me? Cause I was looking for you."
  77. >"Y-you were?" she asks.
  78. >"Lyra, I do-
  79. >"Yep! Got something to show you, you guys got a basement or something here?"
  80. >"Well, we have one for storage..."
  81. >"Great, lead the way!"
  82. >"Lyra!" you hear from behind you.
  83. >Bon Bon looks a bit hurt, still mad, but also hurt.
  84. >"Lyra...are you really going to go with him without knowing what he wants?"
  85. >"Bon Bon...I..." she says.
  86. >Fuck. Now you have to be the asshole.
  87. >"It's all good, Bon Bon, I'm a great guy. I'll get her back to ya in one peice."
  88. >You put your hand on Lyra's shoulder as you say that.
  89. >You can feel her tense up, this is exactly what happens when she used to come to the spa.
  90. >If Lyra was only considering leading you downstairs before, she just caved.
  91. >"It'll be fine, Bon Bon. Mous'll show me this thing and I'll be right back up."
  92. >She opens a nearby door and reveals a long stairway down.
  93. >You follow her down the stairs as Bon Bon comes up behind you.
  94. >"Well then why can't he show us both!" she shouts.
  95. >You turn around.
  96. >"This is kinda just for Lyra."
  97. >You don't wait for a response and shut the door.
  99. >A few minutes later, you're both sitting in a small circle of candles you removed from your box.
  100. >You were amazed that Bon Bon didn't kick the door in and throw you out.
  101. >People and ponies do weird things for the people they care about, it seems.
  102. >Lyra speaks up as you light the last candle.
  103. >"What's all this for, Mous?"
  104. >"Ambience."
  105. >Go hard or go home.
  106. >Might as well begin.
  107. >"Lyra, you're a unicorn, can you make force fields?"
  108. >She looks a bit confused.
  109. >"What's this about, Mous?"
  110. >"Please answer the question."
  111. >She sighs
  112. >"Yes, I can make force fields."
  113. >You don't move a muscle.
  114. >"Show me."
  115. >A minty glow envelops Lyra's horn and a similar colored sheet of light floats above the center of your circle.  
  116. >You poke it with your finger, it has resistance, but gives if you push.
  117. >Perfect.
  118. >You extend your hands over to Lyra.
  119. >"Okay Lyra, I want you to make a force field around both of my hands.
  120. >She looks confused but complies.
  121. >A green bubble seals both of your hands, stopping at your wrists.
  122. >"Okay, now, shrink the force fields to match the contours of my hand. Be as precise as you can."
  123. >"Mous, I don't know if I can do that." she said.
  124. >"Have you ever tried?"
  125. >""
  126. >"Then try. It's one of the most human ideals there is."
  127. >She gets a determined look and the glow from her horn intensifies.
  128. >As it does, the bubbles around your hands begin to contort and twist.
  129. >They shrink down further until both of your hands are on a mint green energy glove.
  130. >Lyra sighs.
  131. >"I did it..."
  132. >You nod.
  133. >"Yes, you did. Now comes the hard part."
  135. >The next few hours were spent in the basement with Lyra.
  136. >She was trying to learn how to bend her force fields the same way as your hands.
  137. >It was slow going, she had to stop more than a few times to rest.
  138. >Eventually though, you'd gone through almost every way a hand can bend you can think of.
  139. >"Okay, Lyra, final step. You ready?"
  140. >She nods her head.
  141. >"Okay, I want you to take these off my hands and put them on the end your hooves."
  142. >"What?" she says.
  143. >She doesn't look convinced.
  144. >"Do it. Worst case scenario is that we just lost a few hours over nothing."
  145. >Lyra shuts her eyes and hold up her hooves.
  146. >The magic gloves you've grown used to over the past few hours slip off your hands and float over to Lyra.
  147. >The 'hands' spin around and slowly lower themselves, connecting the wrists to the end of Lyra's hooves.
  148. >They hold themselves there as Lyra opens her eyes and smiles.
  149. >Her smile only grows bigger and bigger as she wriggles her new fingers.
  150. >"Mous...I..."
  151. >She looks up to you.
  152. >She has tears in her eyes.
  153. >"I-I don't know how to thank you."
  155. >You sigh.
  156. >"You want to thank me?" you ask.
  157. >You extend an arm down to Lyra.
  158. >To her credit, she gets the idea and grabs your hand with her new ones.
  159. >"Do two things for me."
  160. >She nods her head as she stands on her hind legs.
  161. >"One: Stop coming into the spa so damn much, you have 'hands' now, satisfy your own fetish."
  162. >Aloe and Lotus could never know of this, they'd kill you for getting rid of a customer who came this often.
  163. >"And Two:"
  164. >You gesture with your thumb through the floor above you.
  165. >"Go talk to your girlfriend. I could see the looks she was giving me when we came down here."
  166. >Lyra's face drops.
  167. >"Bon Bon...I don't know what I'm going to do about her..."
  168. >"Do you want her gone?"
  169. >Lyra jumps back.
  170. >"No! No, no...I lo-really like Bon's just...I don't know what to do."
  171. >You put your hand on her shoulder, even on her hind legs, she was a bit shorter then you.
  172. >"Go talk to her, work something out, if this did what I wanted and got you over whatever was making you come to the spa so often, then it should be pretty simple."
  173. >You start your way up the stairs
  174. >"I don't know why she thinks I'm so worth it..."
  175. >You stop and look at Lyra over your shoulder.
  176. >"Lyra, you're probably the most important person in the world to Bon Bon, of course you're worth it to her."
  177. >You head out the basement door and head for the exit when a voice stops you.
  178. >"Homewrecker."
  180. >You turn to see Bon Bon sitting on a couch in the other room.
  181. >She's holding a pillow tight to her chest.
  182. >She looks like she's been crying.
  183. >She gives you a death glare as you walk into the room.
  184. >"You took the most important person in my life."
  185. >Bingo.
  186. >"And stole her away from me."
  187. >"Bon Bon, nothing happe-"
  188. >She tosses the pillow across the room at you.
  189. >"SHUT UP!"
  190. >She looks furious now.
  191. >"Don't tell me nothing happened! Nopony spends four hours in a basement and does 'nothing'!"
  192. >She has her head in her hooves now.
  193. >"It just-I always tried to be so understanding! Everypony called her fascination with humans weird, but I looked past it. I looked passed her sitting, I looked past her trying to walk on her hind legs, Celestia knows I even looked past her going to that spa to see YOU so often!"
  194. >She jams a hoof in your direction.
  195. >"But I don't think I can get past her ignoring me just because you fell into our town..."
  196. >She keeps staring daggers at you.
  197. >"...Bon Bon?"
  198. >You both turn to the basement door to see Lyra walk out, on all fours, it seems.
  199. >"Bon Bon...nothing happened." She says.
  200. >"I really wish I could believe that Lyra..."
  201. >Lyra takes a few steps closer. "Hey, I may be weird."
  202. >She gets up on the couch next to Bon Bon and throws a hoof around her.
  203. >"But I'd never hurt you."
  205. >Bon Bon throws Lyra's hoof off her and retreats to the other side of the couch.
  206. >Lyra tries again only for Bon Bon to shoot her down.
  207. >The room is quiet for a long time.
  208. >You start to back away towards the door
  209. >"I should go."
  210. >Lyra looks up at you.
  211. >"Thanks Mous...for everything."
  212. >"Yeah, right..."
  213. >You start to walk to the door.
  214. >Quick, say something to lighten the mood.
  215. >"Play nice, you two."
  216. >Fuck.
  217. >You walk out the door and hurry home before the idiocy of that remark comes back to haunt you.
  218. >The sun was setting, the perfect setting for the relationship you just ruined.
  219. >This blows.
  220. >Dammit, you were trying to help.
  221. >This always happens when you try to help.
  222. >You trudge into the living room when you get home, Anon and Rainbow are there.
  223. >"Hey okay?" Anon asked.
  224. >"I'm fuckin' fine."
  225. >You didn't need to talk about it.
  226. >You fucked up.
  227. >It was your responsibility.

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