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BiE 23: Wet n' Wild.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:37:46 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 23=
  3. >Rainbow must still be riding out the effects of the estrus, because she just put you through your third round this morning.
  4. >You think it was still morning, time had lost all meaning since she woke you up.
  5. >You both now lay in bed, taking in the afterglow.
  6. >"If this is normal, you're libel to kill me." you say as you stroke her mane. "But what a way to go, right?" she quips back.
  7. >You both lay there for a while. You were glad you did this, and not just because it offered a greater chance of getting laid.
  8. >Rainbow and you clicked on so many things, and those you didn't, you balanced each other out on.
  9. >"So, what do you want to do on my day off that can only be done with my clothes on?" you ask.
  10. >Rainbow giggles a bit. "Limiting my choices that much, eh? You're a bad special somep0ny."
  11. >You chuckle "A what?" "They don't have special somep0nies where you come from?" Rainbow asked. "We do, but we usually just call them 'boyfriends' or something."
  12. >Rainbow hops up onto your chest and lays her head on her hooves. "That's bucking stupid, Anon." she said before she gave you a quick peck.
  13. >She leans back in and kisses you again. Okay, looks like round 4 has started.
  14. >You begin gliding your hands up to her steadily rising wings, Rainbow had good stamina, so you had to attack her from all ang-
  16. >Dammit. That was Mous. What was the system you worked out?
  17. >You raise your fist and smack the wall four times before returning to your waiting mare.
  18. >"Now, where were we?"
  20. >Round four quickly snowballed into round five.
  21. >A shower to wash off the sweat and stink turned into round six through seven.
  22. >Clean-ish and dressed, you sit down for breakfast while Rainbow lounges on the couch.
  23. >"You still haven't told me what you wanted to do today. Other than me, I mean."
  24. >Rainbow sighs with a smile. "I guess I can show you some of my new tricks."
  25. >You laugh "I've seen quite a few of your tricks already."
  26. >Rainbow sticks her tongue out at you.
  27. >"Seen that a lot too." you say.
  28. >Rainbow just smiles and goes back to lounging.
  29. >"So, where can you show me these tricks?" you ask. "The town lake would work." Rainbow says. "A nice place to relax and spend the day."
  30. >"And something to catch you when you crash." you say with a chuckle. She waves a hoof at you dismissively.
  31. >You finish your cereal and head for the door."Well, let's go find this lake." you say.
  32. >Just then, you're tackled to the ground and find a familiar tongue forced into your mouth.
  33. >Ding ding. Round eight.
  35. >You eventually get out of the house around noon.
  36. >Fuck you Mous, only eight before noon.
  37. >You and Rainbow walk down the path that leads to the lake.
  38. >The lake itself looks like the ones from home. All the ice from the winder had melted and the grass was getting it's green shade back.
  39. >A dip of your hand in the water told you that it was still ice cold, however.
  40. >Rainbow flutters up next to you. "You ready for The Dash?" she asks. "I've been ready since you started boasting when I first met you." you chuckle.
  41. >Rainbow zips up into the air to begin her first trick "Be careful!" you call out.
  42. >Being around Mous for so many years has taught you how fast a quick stunt can end in a trip to the hospital.
  43. >Rainbow seems to have a decent handle on it, however, before long she's pulling straight dives and zigzagging through trees.
  44. >You lay back on a tree nearby and enjoy the show. It made you happy to see Rainbow in her element like this, she truly was a master of her craft.
  45. >Most of the stuns Mous pulled had involved the fabled phrase "I bet you can't" and ended with "Told ya."
  47. >Your lazy Tuesday melted away watching Dash perform her tricks.
  48. >You could get used to this, all your old girlfriends were either bookworms like you or kinda vapid. It was really cool having someone who was into such an entirely different thing then you but still engaging.
  49. >The sun was beginning to set. "Yo! Let's wrap this up! I don't want to be out here in the cold all night!" you shout up to her. "One more!" she calls back down.
  50. >Rainbow flies up high, higher than she's been all afternoon, before she just starts to drop. Your heart catches in your chest as you watch her plummet to the water faster than you can imagine.
  51.  >She banks hard only inches above the water and starts flying towards the shore, she's going so fast that the water behind her is parting.
  52. >Rainbow orbits the lake at top speed. Eventually, the water closest to the shore is being suppressed, leaving the water in the center just a little bit higher up.
  53. >Rainbow banked hard to the right and shot straight across the lake towards you, kicking up water as she went.
  54. >You braced yourself out of instinct as she stopped on a dime in front of you, causing the force she was exerting to drop and allowing the water trailing her to break on the shore and soak the both of you.
  55. >"Gah! Dammit, Dash! That's fucking cold!" you shout. You look up and that she's fallen on the ground laughing.
  56. >Okay, it was a bit funny. "C'mon Dash, I'm gonna get sick now." you say.
  57. >Rainbow hops up and walks over to you. She holds her face an inch away from yours and gets a wry smile. "Maybe we should warm up then?".
  58. >Ding ding. Round nine.
  60. >You and Rainbow make your way back home after your escapades at the lake.
  61. >You were kidding before, but at this rate, this mare may literally fuck you to death. Your abs were killing you and your body was protesting it having been drained of all liquids throughout the day.
  62. >You were defiantly gonna have to slow down.
  63. >Mous wasn't home so you headed back to your room and changed out of your still damp clothes.
  64. >Rainbow was on you as soon as you got your shirt off. "Knock it off Rainbow, Mous'll flip if he comes home to find you fucking my dehydrated corpse." you say with a laugh. Rainbows hooves unhook from around your chest and you feel her land behind you "Party pooper." she says.
  65. >Dry and dressed, you head out to the living room and start fishing for a movie to watch. "What do people who are dating watch, anyway?" you ask. "Romance crap?" you turn to see Rainbow giving you a deadpan stare from the couch. "...I'll put on Indy." you say.
  66. >Watching Dash do tricks was fun, but nothing beat just relaxing on the couch together watching Nazi's get punched.
  68. >You turned your head as you heard the door opening and watched Mous trudge into the living room and sit in the armchair across the room. "Hey okay? you ask.
  69. >Mous just sits there with his arms crossed, he looks...depressed? "I'm fuckin' fine." he says. You exchange a glance with Rainbow. " you're not dude."
  70. >He shoots you a glare. "I don't wanna talk about it." he says. "Well, tough shit. This bro thing goes both ways, you can't hog all the fun." you say. Him closing up wasn't gonna help anything.
  71. >He crosses his arms and pouts for a second. Shit, he's like a child. "I went to go try and get Lyra off my back and may have inadvertently broken up her and Bon Bon, if you have to know." he says.
  72. >"What happened?" you ask. He leans forward and puts his head in his hands. "Lyra and I spent, like, the entire day down in the basement trying to get her magic hands. Bon Bon thought we were fucking."
  73. >This didn't sound good. "Rainbow, do those two fight a lot?" you ask. Rainbow puts her hoof to her chin and thinks. "They certainly are one of Ponyville's louder couples. It seems like every week they disagree about something." she says.
  74. >You turn back to Mous. "See? No worries." He leans back in his chair. "I dunno weren't there."
  75. >The room is quite for a bit as you all just sit, Mous eventually breaks the silence. "So what did you two do today? Besides each other."
  76. >You pull Rainbow closer. "Dash showed me some of her flight tricks down by the lake."
  77. >"You make it to round ten before noon?" he asks.
  78. >You chuckle a bit. "Nah. We hit 'Cloud 9' down by the lake."
  80. >The room is silent.
  81. >"Pfft...Anon." Rainbow laughs. "What?" you ask.
  82. >Mous just sits there before turning his head to you. "That was fucking awful." he says as he leeps ut o his chair and heads to the kitchen.
  83. >Well, at least he's out of his funk, it seems. "Why the fuck do we have a jar of pickles?" you hear him shout.
  84. >Mous stomps to the door with jar in hand and dumps the pickles out into the grass. "Dude!" you call out, trying not to giggle.
  85. >Mous returns to the kitchen and you hear the faucet run for a minute. He returns to the living room and hold the jar to your face. "This is now the 'Terrible Fucking Pun' jar. Put two bits in it." he says.
  86. >You cock an eyebrow "You can't be serious." He can't be serious. Him looking impatient and shaking the jar a bit were the response you got.
  87. >You reach into the couch cushions and pull out some bits from in between. You flourish them to Mous and drop them in the jar.
  88. >Mous grins and returns the jar to the kitchen. He looked happier at least. He eventually comes back to the living room and sits in the chair again "So, is this the one with James Bond in it?"
  90. >The night ends around eleven and you all shuffle back to your rooms, you peek inside to see Rainbow already resting her head on the pillow.
  91. >"So, does she live here now or what?" You turn to see Mous standing behind you with a toothbrush in his mouth.
  92. >"Not yet, but I figure I can get her in here by tomorrow and we can get married this weekend." you tease.
  93. >Mous walks back to his bathroom "You're getting a toaster." he says.
  94. >You catch him on his way out. "Hey...I know you think you fucked up today, but it's cool. Shit like this just happens sometimes."
  95. >Mous runs his hand behind his head and just down. "Still man...if this is the straw that breaks the camel's back I'm gonna feel like the biggest asshole ever..."
  96. >You pat him on the shoulder. "Hey, look sharp. What happened to the Mous who was too sure of himself for this kind of talk?"
  97. >He gets a small grin as he walks into his room. "He slipped up because his roommate kept him awake fucking his Special Somep0ny all night." he says.
  98. >Your mouth drops. "You too man? What is it with you and the proper vernacular?" you laugh out.
  99. >Mous adopts an air of faux elitism as he shuts his door. "Don't get pissy because you didn't study up on Equestrian terminology."
  100. >You roll your eyes as the door closes and crawl into bed with Dash. You silently prey that round ten doesn't start and are rewarded with simply being able to wrap your arms around her.
  101. >You give her a quick peck on the back of the neck. "G'night Dash." she nuzzles you with the back of her head and you doze off.

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