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BiE 25: Speed Dating.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:38:20 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 25=
  3. >It was Saturday morning, and you were on a train.
  4. >You, Rainbow and Mous had all piled onto a train bound for Canterlot a few hours ago to start your little weekend getaway.
  5. >You were still amazed at the sight of Canterlot as you pulled around the mountain, an impossible collection of towers and spires built right into the side of a mountain.
  6. >You feel a pair of hooves wrap around your neck. "Enjoying the view?" they ask.
  7. >You reach your hand back and tussle the hair of the mare they belong to. "I feel like I'll enjoy it more when I get the chance to look around." your last visit to Canterlot was a very quick affair.
  8. >You turn around as Dash nuzzles your nose and gets a wry smile. "Who says we'll be seeing that much of the city?" Oh boy, this mare was going to be the death of you one day.
  9. >"Get a room, you two." you look down at Mous laying on the train seat, his sweatshirt hood over his eyes.
  10. >"Why, you can't see us." you say. You glance at Mous's feet, they were propped up on a backpack. You had just grabbed a small back and thrown an extra set of clothes in but a full backpack seemed like overkill.
  11. >"Why'd you bring so much crap anyway?" you ask as you reach for the bag.
  12. >Mous's foot drops from the bag and cuts you off. "My little secret." he says.
  13. >You were sure he was plotting something, but this seemed to have gotten him out of the funk he'd been in
  14. >You resign yourself to the fact that you were just going to have to deal with whatever Mous cooked up as you pull into the station.
  16. >Wonderbolts stadium was an interesting sight, to say the least.
  17. >The stadium itself was just a ring of clouds laid out to look like a racetrack. Stands were erected on the single piece of land nearby and ponies were filing in.
  18. >You and Rainbow both had your tickets ready, Mous waved you off as he left. "I got some stuff to do, I'll meet you both at the hotel." he said.
  19. >He was definitely up to something, but you could think about that later. Now was racing time.
  20. >You and Rainbow make you way to your seats.
  21. >Third row. Nice.
  22. >You glance around, the stands were almost full as is. High class looking ponies were talking in the box seats, one pony in particular caught your eye with his spectacular blue mustache.
  23. >Above the normal box seats sat the royal box. Surrounded by guards, you could see both Celestia and Luna eyeing the track expectedly. They must have spotted you, because they both offer a wave, a wave you return in kind.
  24. >"Popular event?" you say to Rainbow. She's floating above her seat she's so excited, she always loved races. "You bet!" she cries. "Everypony get's pumped for the Wonderbolts derby!". She zips back to her seat just as the door opens and the stars fly out.
  27. >The Wonderbolts fly out and wave at their fans on the way to the starting line.
  28. >The announcer lands on an orbiting cloud and grabs his microphone.
  29. >"Mares, Gentlecolts, Fillies of all ages! I am proud to welcome you to today's 99th annual Wonderbolts Derby!"
  30. >The Wonderbolts landed and crouched at the starting line.
  31. >"Today we have Spitfire, Soarin' and Fleetfoot competing for the cup." the announcer calls out.
  32. >A referee lands in front of the three racers with a flag in his mouth. Far off, a drum roll starts.
  33. >The ref waves the flag and the Wonderbolts explode off the starting line.
  34. >Your hours of constantly sitting inside playing whatever games you could find had paid dividends in granting you a reaction time few could match.
  35. >Your trained eye could still make out the pegusi as they rounded the first turn. Spitfire was flapping her wings so fast they looked like they would combust, Soarin' was staying true to his name and relying on more forceful flaps that carried him far, while Fleetfoot was bobbing and weaving around the track as she tried to take advantage of any air pockets.
  36. >They rounded the second turn and Fleetfoot performed some sort of roll that shot her out in front. Even from here you could see Spitfire and Soarin's shocked faces.
  37. >Spitfire and Soarin' were almost caught up once they entered the final stretch.
  38. >Fleetfoot gave it her all as she upheld her lead against her teammates and crossed the finish line.
  39. >You pump your fist and turn to Rainbow. "Good race." She gives you a look. "Anon, the race just started."
  40. >You look up at the clock keeping track of the racers times. Seven seconds had passed since they took off.
  41. >It seemed your eye was VERY well trained.
  43. >A few hours later, the derby had ended an you and Rainbow had grabbed a bite on the way to the hotel.
  44. >Full from your meal, you kept pace with Rainbow as she fluttered about and remarked at the escapades if the derby.
  45. >"That part where Spitfire was in the lead but Soarin' swooped in from behind her!? Or when Fleetfoot completed that lap upside down!"
  46. >"I know Dash, I was there too." you say with a smile.
  47. >She flaps her way behind you and wraps her hooves around your shoulder. "You like doing that, don't you?" She nuzzles her face into your cheek. "I like not having to watch where I'm going." she say.
  48. >"Then you probably want someone with a better track record of not running into walls." came a voice behind you.
  49. >You and Rainbow both simultaneously yelp in surprise and wheel around. Mous was a few feet behind you standing with his hands in his pockets.
  50. >"Jeeze, Mous, how did you sneak up on us?" Rainbow asked. Mous retains his uninterested expression and walks up to the two of you. "My species is only seen when we wish to be" he teases.
  51. >You roll your eyes and keep walking, Mous falling in with you. A glance showed you that he still had his backpack on.
  52. >"Didn't stop by the hotel?"
  53. >"Nnnope." he answered.
  54. >"Do everything you wanted around the city?"
  55. >"Eeyup."
  56. >You walk in silence for a bit.
  57. >"Plotting anything?"
  58. >"Eeyup"
  59. >"Gonna tell me?"
  60. >"Nnnope."
  61. >"Have you been hanging out with Big Mac?" Rainbow asked.
  62. >Mous glanced out of the corner of his eye and smirked. "He's a real talker once you get him started."
  64. >Your hotel room was pretty standard. A main bedroom with a TV and a living room with a fold out. The single bathroom would be crappy if you were staying any longer then you were.
  65. >The three of you spent the evening watching pony cable TV for the first time. They had similar channels to Earth; a cooking channel, a sports channel, even a channel that only played shitting soap operas in another language.
  66. >Evening turns into night as the hours pass and you all get ready for bed.
  67. >Mous bids the both of you goodnight as he surrenders the bathroom to you.
  68. >You shit, brush, and climb into bed, Rainbow crashing down next to you.
  69. >You lay there for a while before something interrupts you. "Hey, Anon..." You open an eye to look and Rainbow. "Let's sneak a peek at what he's got in that backpack." she says.
  70. >That was probably a bad idea. Whatever was in there, Mous didn't want you to see it. Hell, it probably bit. "Let's leave him to his toys." you say.
  71. >"Besides..." you pull her closer. "I can think of a way better way to spend our time." Rainbow gets a wry smile. "Oh yeah?..." she says.
  72. >You lock your lips with hers as you pull Rainbow on top of you, she makes the cutest squeaks as you rub your hands down her back.
  73. >You break the kiss.  "Hold on." You say.
  74. >"Hey, Mous." You bang twice on the connecting wall. "What." you hear from the other room. "Go do something for a while."
  75. >You hear him sigh. "You get a half hour, and I'm taking my bag with me." he says.
  76. >You return your attention to Rainbow as you hear the door shut.
  77. >Not bad for a first date.

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