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BiE 27: Training Day.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:38:45 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 27=
  3. >You brace yourself as the wind kicks up. Dammit, you were trying to calibrate this thing.
  4. >"Twilight, can we move this thing? I can't work under these conditions." you say.
  5. >Twilight is paying attention to the pegasus that just flew by. "6.7 wing power Spike, record that." Spike jots down he numbers as Twilight turns to you. "And I'm sorry Anon, but we need to be this close to get the most accurate readings."
  6. >You groan and go back to work. Today you were helping Twilight calibrate an anemometer to track the power of each Pegasus's wing power. Ponyville had been chosen to make an artificial tornado to shoot water up to Cloudsdale and exact numbers were a must.
  7. >Around you were various pegusi training their bodies to improve their scores.
  8. >"I don't know what I been told!" "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I BEEN TOLD!" "The Princesses are mighty old!" "THE PRINCESSES ARE MIGHTY OLD!"
  10. >You turn to watch the line of pegusi being led by a jogging human proceed down the track, you can't say you're surprised.
  11. >It had been a week since Mous got you chased out of Canterlot and only gave 'It went as planned.' as an explanation, and he had been more rambunctious and demented ever since.
  12. >He hadn't been like this since you were last on Earth.
  13. >You weren't ruling out brain damage as the cause.
  14. >You wave him down. He stops in front of you and the pegusi behind him stop with him.
  15. >"Aren't you and your bosses supposed to be taking care of pulled muscles? Isn't that what you were paid to do today?" you ask.
  16. >He's jogging in place, where did he get this energy? "Took a break. Got bored. Two more laps and I'm back to it."  he takes off before you grab his arm. "Are you okay? You seem kinda...hyper."
  17. >He turns to you. "Would you rather I go back to pouting?" he asks before making a face and moving on.
  18. >...Brain damage.
  20. >You crouch down back to your little machine and start fiddling with it again, only to fall on your face from a sudden gust of wind. "Dammit! Who now?!" you shout.
  21. >You turn around to see who interrupted you this time only to spot them laying on the ground, laughing.
  22. >You -snrk!- you're working too hard Anon." Rainbow Dash giggled out.
  23. >You crouch down and smile at he. "Working hard my ass. I've had to wind this fan three times because your pegusi keep tripping me up."
  24. >Rainbow takes off and hovers as she points to you. "In more ways than one, huh?"
  25. >You fall back on your ass and sit. "Yeah yeah, don't you have stuff you should be doing yourself? 'Coach'?"
  26. >She crosses her hooves. "I'm on a break." she smirks.
  27. >"Well, what about that guy." you say. You point behind her to a rather large pegasus who is jumping around shouting 'YEAH!' at everyone.
  28. >Rainbow just sighs. "Him again..." she turns back to you. "See you in a little while, Anon." she says. She pecks you on the lips before she flies off.
  29. >It still amazed you that she still tasted like rain.
  31. >You turn back to your machine only to spot Twilight and Spike staring at you."...What?" you ask.
  32. >"Rainbow Dash just kissed you." she said, dumbfounded."Well...yeah. We're kinda seeing each other." Did you forget to tell her?
  33. >"When did this happen?"
  34. >Yup. At least you see a small smile.
  35. >"We escaped my house when the estrus started and hid in the woods. Things kinda...escalated." You can remember enough post-estrus conversation with her to know that Twilight gets somewhat uncomfortable when talking about intimate subjects.
  36. >Twilight blushes for a second but regains her composure quickly. "Well, I'm happy for the both of you. It's nice to see you enjoying your time in Equestria so much."
  37. >Dash took it as a personal challange to ensure that you 'enjoyed' your time here. You have to say, she did a good job. But you enjoyed just being around her just as much.
  38. >It also didn't hurt your abs as much...
  40. >You finally get to finish calibrating this stupid machine as Dash gives the others a pep talk.
  41. >You sat back and watched. Dash was giving orders like a drill sergeant, and Dammit, were these ponies listening.
  42. >This was something you always liked about Dash. She knew what she needed and didn't rest until she got it.
  43. >Didn't that sound like someone else you-OHGOD.
  44. >In your new state of abject horror and revulsion, you look over your shoulder.
  45. >He was chasing Aloe and Lotus around the tent they had set up with a rolled up towel. "Haha! Stop it Mous!" they screamed. "Not until you admit that I am the Pungeon Master!" he bellowed.
  46. >You shook your head and returned to Rainbow's speech.
  47. >Okay, so your best friend and your marefriend shared an aspect, so what? That's normal.
  48. >...
  49. >No one must know.
  50. >Your psychiatrist would have had a field day.
  52. >You hear somep0ny walk up beside you. "Hey, Fluttershy. We missed you out here today." Fluttershy had come in yesterday, but had left early on. Apparently, due to low wing power.
  53. >"H-hi, Anon." she said. You patted the ground next to you and she took a seat. The both of you watched the training pegusi in silence.
  54. >You hear Fluttershy sigh. "It must be nice to be Rainbow Dash, she's always so confident about herself." She lowers her head a bit. "I wish I could be like that..."
  55. >"Is that why we haven't seen you around as much?" She lets out a dejected sigh. "Yes...I'm just such a weak flier. I won't be any help here..."
  56. >Shit. She looks depressed. You didn't know she was having confidence issues...
  57. >Wait. Mous said something once to you about did it go?
  58. >"Well, I believe in you." Fluttershy looks up. "And Rainbow, and Twilight believe in you too."
  59. >You turn to look at her. "Do you believe in us?
  60. >"W-well, yes. But-" You stop her there. "No buts. We believe in you, and you in us. Take heart in that and you'll go far." She gets a smile and gives you a big hug. "Oh, thank you Anon. I'm going to go train my best with the others." she says as she flies off.
  61. >You sit back and smile, Fluttershy was a sweet kid.
  62. >Bit thick sometimes, though.
  64. >Training was wrapping up for the day as the sun started to descend.
  65. >Mous had left with Aloe and Lotus a while ago, it was just you and Twilight and a couple of straggling pegusi now.
  66. >You cast your eyes across the field as you helped pack. Fluttershy was doing some wing-pushups and Dash was drilling Thunderlane about something.
  67. >You were glad to finally learn his name, he had a sweet 'do.
  68. >Twilight closes the case for her anemometer. "See you tomorrow for the big day, Anon!" she called back.
  69. >You wave her off and wait for Rainbow to fly over. "Uhg. Stupid Thunderlane. He's not gonna show tomorrow, I know it."
  70. >"Are you gonna be able to pull it off tomorrow?" you ask. She crosses her hooves and sulks."We might be able to, if we give it our all and everyone shows up...I just hate playing it this close."
  71. >You may have been slow on figuring it out, but even you know what to do when your marefriend is sulky.
  72. >"C'mere, you!" you shout as you grab her and pull her close."Pfft! Anon!" she shouts in protest. "Lemme go!" You fight her as she tries to twist out of your grip, eventually ending with the both of you face to face as she stops struggling in your grip. "Feeling better?" you ask.
  73. >"A little..." she says. She pulls your head close and locks your lips. She eventually breaks away and grows a smile "Mmmmm...Now I feel better."
  74. >You pull her closer. "Well, let's head back to the house and I can make you feel eve-"
  75. >You hear a hitching sound to your left.
  76. >You both turn to spot the source of the sound.
  77. >It was Fluttershy. She was crying.
  79. >"Uh...hey Fluttershy...what's-"
  80. >That's as far as you get before she flies away, you can hear her sobbing as she gets over the hill.
  81. >Damn, where was this yesterday?
  82. >Also, what the buck just happened?
  83. >You turn to Rainbow. "What's her deal?" Rainbow follows her as she runs away and breaks out of your embrace.
  84. >"I don't know." she says. "She's never done this before..." you could see the concern for her friend in Rainbows eyes. She acts tough a lot, but she cares even more.
  85. >"Should we go talk to her?" you ask.
  86. >Rainbow looks off into the direction Fluttershy flew. "I don't know...she's probably locked up in her house, I doubt she'll answer the door like this."
  87. >You take rainbow's hoof in your hand. "But, she's our friend. Should we still try?"
  88. >Rainbow looks you in the eyes for a minute before she drops to the ground. "It's not fair that you can do that to me." she says with a small smile.
  89. >You give her a kiss on the forehead. "Call it boyfriend privileges, let's go."
  91. >Be late at night.
  92. >You and Rainbow slog your way into the house and into the living room.
  93. >Mous is reclining on the couch watching some movie while he eats.
  94. >"You two are late. Head back to that cave in Whitetale Woods for a little nostalgic lovin'?" he asks. You plop down next to him. "Not now dude, I'm not in the mood."
  95. >He puts his plate down and rights himself. "What's up?"
  96. >Rainbow throws her head into your lap, you absentmindedly start twirling her hair. "It's Fluttershy. She saw Rainbow and I kissing and then just freaked out and flew off."
  97. >Mous crashes into the back of the couch. "Did she now..."
  98. >"Yeah!" you continue. "And when we went to her house to try and figure out what went on, she wouldn't even open the door or windows. We were there for like, two hours trying to talk to her."
  99. >Mous laughed a bit. "Let no one say you're not persistent, dude."
  100. >Mous yawns and gets up."Shit. I'm tired. I'm the fuck out, night you two."
  101. >"G'night." you call back.
  102. >You sit on the couch for a while, just playing with Rainbows hair. It's a few minutes before you notice that she fell asleep.
  103. >You scoop her up and carry her to bed. You'd have to make her feel better in the morning.
  104. >You climb in next to her and hold her tight. A little too tight, because she stirs awake.
  105. >She glances up at you and frowns. "Anon, you okay?" You sigh."I just can't figure out why Fluttershy ran away today and it's buggin' me.
  106. >She gives you a kiss and snuggles into your chest. "Don't worry about in Anon..." she yawns. "...Everything'll work out."
  107. >You kiss the top of her head and close your eyes.
  108. >Yeah. You had your bro, your girl, life was pretty good.
  109. >Everything would work out...

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