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BiE 28: Hats and Hi-jinks.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:39:02 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 28=
  4. >Morning.
  5. >The sun was out.
  6. >It seemed to be keeping its distance.
  7. >It seemed Celestia was taking your prank well.
  8. >Good.
  9. >You throw yourself out of your bed.
  10. >You’re still feeling the adrenaline high from that prank you pulled.
  11. >It blew away all that moodiness you had going.
  12. >Feels good.
  13. >You head out to the kitchen and grab start breakfast.
  14. >Pancakes all day err’y day.
  15. >You sit down and start grubbin’.
  16. >Anon walks out with Rainbow tailing behind him.
  17. >”Gottagolateforworkbye!” he calls out.
  18. >Oh yeah, today was Tornado Day.
  19. >You finish your food and head back for your shower.
  20. >You were back at the spa today. Aloe and Lotus were expecting a good rush of customers after the tornado situation was settled.
  21. >You jump out of the shower.
  22. >Teeth brushing time, Colgate would kill you if you take didn't care of them.
  23. >You step out of the bathroom with a towel around you.
  24. >You spot a Stetson disappear into the bushes outside.
  25. >Fuck. She’s gonna try something today.
  26. >You sigh. Oh well, let her have her fun.
  27. >Okay. Sit rep.
  28. >Work clothes in bag.
  29. >Street clothes on body.
  30. >Hair washed.
  31. >Teeth brushed.
  32. >Breath…eh.
  33. >You were ready.
  35. >You open the door and step out.
  36. >It was a nice day out.
  37. >You look to your mailbox and spot a familiar grey Pegasus.
  38. >”Derpy!”
  39. >Derpy smiles at you.
  40. >The little unicorn underneath her smiled at you too.
  41. >”And Dinky!”
  42. >You start toward the two.
  43. >”Well, well, well, what have we here? I didn’t know it was ‘Take your Daughter to Work’ day."
  44. >Derpy beams down at Dinky. “Little Muffin here has to write a paper on what her mommy does for school, so she’s coming along.”
  45. >Derpy had told you what had happened with Dinky’s father.
  46. >It pissed you off.
  47. >It made you glad to see how proud of her daughter Derpy was, however.
  48. >It reminded you of your parents, a bit.
  49. >You crouch down to Dinky’s level.
  50. >”So, you’re giving your mom a hand delivering letters, Dinks?”
  51. >Dinky vigorously nodded her head. “Ya-huh! I’m an assistant!” she said with a big smile.
  52. >”Nope!”
  53. >You reach down and scoop Dinky up.
  54. >You gingerly place her on the top of your head as you stand back up.
  55. >”You’re a hat now!”
  56. >You feel Dinky shift around her new perch a bit and see Derpy trying to suppress a giggle.
  57. >The moving eventually stops. “I’m a hat now!” she shouts.
  58. >You and Derpy share a laugh.
  59. >The girl had enthusiasm.
  60. >”Let’s go to work! Let’s go to work!”
  61. >Dinky joins you in your chorus with Derpy joining in shortly after.
  63. >The three of you start down the road to Ponyville.
  64. >”So, Dinks, your mom tells me that you’ve been kicking flank in school.”
  65. >You don’t see Dinky nod so much as feel it as she vibrates on your head. “Yup, I got a perfect score on our spelling test. My math still doesn’t add up, though…”
  66. >Ha. That was pretty good for her age.
  67. >”Ah, don’t sweat it Dinks, math gave me the run-around too.”
  68. >You turn to Derpy.
  69. >”Hey, your boyfriend works with delicate clocks all day, maybe he could give Dinky some math help? I’m sure it easy peasy for him.”
  70. >Derpy puts a hoof to her chin. “I guess I could ask him, Mister Hooves has said that he wants to spend more time together.”
  71. >Whooves.
  72. >He was going by Whooves?
  73. >”He’s got the same last name as you?”
  74. >Derpy snaps herself out of her thoughts and turns to you.
  75. >She’s blushing a bit. “Yep! Hehe…We thought it was weird too.”
  76. >Weirder then you know, Derpy.
  77. >”Huh…quite the coincidence.”
  78. You turn your gaze as far to Dink as you can.
  79. >”How bout it Dinks? You wanna see if Mister Hooves will help you out?”
  80. >You feel Dinky nod her head as you continue to town.
  82. >You wave goodbye to Derpy and Dinky once you get into town.
  83. >You make your way through the town to the spa.
  84. >You kept your eyes out for Lyra and Bon Bon.
  85. >Even if you weren’t stressing about the situation, but it’d still be nice to see what happened.
  86. >You were still contemplating the situation when you felt something wrap around your torso and pull you to the ground.
  87. >”Gah! Fuck!”
  88. >You were dragged straight back out of town along the path.
  89. >Rocks were flying up and whizzing by your face.
  90. >Dirt got caught in your face as you tried to get a look at who was dragging you.
  91. >You got a half instant look and absorbed three details.
  92. >She was a mare.
  93. >With a blonde mane.
  94. >And a Stetson hat.
  95. >Dammit.
  97. >She drags you along the dirt path outside town. “Now quiet down back there! We’re almost to tha’ farm!”
  98. >”Applejack you rabid bitch, let me go!”
  99. >You get no response as you continue to be dragged along.
  100. >Gotta stop this.
  101. >Can’t use your feet.
  102. >You needed a fulcrum.
  103. >You spot a tree along the side of the road out of the corner of your eye.
  104. >Best bet.
  105. >You start rolling to try and direct yourself to the tree.
  106. >This would be tight…
  107. >You shoot past the tree as your inertia takes over.
  108. >The rope around your torso snaps taut finally lets you sit up.
  109. >Or would, if you didn’t have to move fast.
  111. >You jump up and start running forward.
  112. >You clear the dust and dirt from your eyes and spot Applejack being pulled back to the tree by the rope.
  113. >Okay, that was probably good.
  114. >You turn back and start running back towards the tree.
  115. >You see Applejack rubbing her head as she gets up next tree.
  116. >Shit! Gotta go fast!
  117. >You double time it to the tree and begin orbiting it.
  118. >You hear a “Oof.” escape from Applejack as the rope begins to bind her to the tree.
  119. >After a few revolutions around the base of the tree, you toss the rope around you off and pull it tight to keep her bound.
  120. >You stand there for a bit, taking deep breaths to calm down from this little ordeal.
  121. >”What the hell, AJ!?”
  122. >You knew why she did this, but she had normally just been content to sit in your bushes and watch.
  123. >Tying you up and dragging you across town is new.
  124. >”What the fuck is this!?”
  125. >She hangs her head low. “Darn it!  I was sure mah plan woulda worked.”
  126. >”What plan!?”
  127. >She looks up at you, disappointed that her plan ended with her tied to a tree. “I got tired of sittin’ in the bushes, thought I’d try for somethin’ else.”
  128. >Brain. I require your input.
  129. MAIN! KILL! BURN!
  130. >Fuck you brain! I hate you!
  131. >You feel yourself getting angry.
  132. >You release the rope off of Applejack.
  133. >”Just go.”
  134. >You point down the road as Applejack trots off.
  135. >”And don’t let me catch you pulling this shit again.”
  136. >She stops part of the way down the road and gives you a wry smile and a wink.
  137. >…Dammit.
  139. >You trudge into the spa.
  140. >Late.
  141. >Aloe gives you a once over. ”Rough morning, Mous?”
  142. >You sigh.
  143. >”Something like that, what’d I miss?”
  144. >”Not much, everyone’s out to see the tornado.” She said.
  145. >”Good to know I can piss off and not be missed.”
  146. >You tease.
  147. >You head back to the back room and change into your work clothes.
  148. >Thank Hastur that your bag didn’t get horribly damaged during your dragging.
  149. >You toss your bag and wash up for the day.
  150. >Aloe was right; you only got a single customer the entire day.
  151. >You were about to piss off and go get an early lunch when someone walked in.
  152. >Whoawha-
  153. >”Anon?”
  154. >He was covered in branches, soaked to the bone, and had a few scratches about him.
  155. >He takes his shirt off and throws it on the chair.
  156. >This won’t be weird…
  157. >”…I take it today didn’t go so well?”
  158. >He sighs. “No. No it didn’t. We didn’t make the wing power we needed to get the tornado going fast enough.”
  159. >Well. Fuck?
  160. >”What happened, With the tornado? Didn’t we need that water?”
  161. >Anon groan as you worked on his shoulders. “NNNnnggg…We had to get Spitfire to chip in just to get it stable, everyone had to bust their flanks, but we got it there.”
  162. >That didn’t sound good. Rainbow sounded like she wanted to impress Spitfire.
  163. >”What happened to your wing power?”
  164. >Anon sighed. “We lost some pegusi. Thunderlane ended up getting the Feather Flu…and we still haven’t heard from Fluttershy…”
  165. >Damn. It had been a whole day.
  166. >”Where’s Rainbow now?”
  167. >You start to work on the small of his back. The tornado must have gone cataclysmic with all the tension here.
  168. >”She took off after Spitfire. She was pretty embarrassed at what happened.” He said.
  169. >That sounds like Rainbow.
  171. >Work let out at the normal hour.
  172. >Other then Anon, you had only had the Mayor’s assistant come in.
  173. >Runaway tornados have a habit of scaring away the customers.
  174. >You throw your bag over your shoulder and head for home.
  175. >”Mous!”
  176. >You turn your head and spot two ponies galloping towards you.
  177. >A mint green one and a cream one.
  178. >”Lyra? Bon Bon?”
  179. >The two of them trot towards you. They’re smiling.
  180. >”Uhh…hey! What are you two doing here?”
  181. >”We were looking for you.“ Lyra said.
  182. >Huh?
  183. >”Uhh…why? I would figure you’d want to see me again after what happened….what did happen?”
  184. >It was about time you figure this out.
  185. >Lyra and Bon Bon look at each other. “We talked for a long time after you left. We decided that all the time we spent together wasn’t worth losing over a misunderstanding. And then, well…”  
  186. >Lyra turns back to you. She’s smiling. “Mous…would you like to come to a wedding?”
  187. >Whoa.
  188. >”No way.”
  189. >They look back at each other. Their smiles grow.
  190. >No way!
  191. >”Haha! I love weddings!”
  192. >You drop down and wrap your arms around them.
  193. >”Congrats you two!”
  194. >You sit yourself down in front of the two.
  195. >This was fantastic.
  196. >“I’d love to come, give me a date and a place.”
  197. >The wedding was apparently at the end of the month.
  198. >These crazy kids.
  199. >You’d have to get a tux.
  200. >You say goodbye to Lyra and Bon Bon.
  201. >The walk home was nice.
  202. >Nicer then it’s been in a long while.

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