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BiE 29: Dinner Date

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:39:18 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 29=
  4. >It's been a few days since the tornado debacle, you were finally getting all the water out of your ears.
  5. >Rainbow had been pulling double shifts to fix all the damage the runaway tornado had done to the clouds, this was the first chance you've had the chance to see each other since.
  6. >You were sitting on the couch after work waiting for Rainbow to show up. Trying to ignore the moans coming from the bathroom.
  7. >"Hang in there man!" you call back.
  8. >A knocking came from your chamber door and got you off the couch.
  9. >You didn't have to guess who it was, your suspicions were confirmed when your vision was flooded with blue and you got a peck on the lips. "Hey, you." you say as you ruffle her mane.
  10. >"Hey Anon." Rainbow says as she flutters into the living room and lands on the couch. "So, what's on the list for tonight's movies?"
  11. >You had actually been giving this some thought. "Actually, we always stay in here and watch movies. You wanna head out somewhere tonight?". Her eyes shot wide and some red came through her cheeks. "L-like a date?" she asks.
  12. >She was cute when she was embarrassed. "Well, it's not like we've really followed routine here. We've been together, what? Two weeks? And most of that time, I ended up naked. You've spent pretty much every night here, I think it's high time I actually take you out someplace.
  13. >She looks back to you, her blush had gone. "What did you have in mind?" she asked."I don't know, dinner? And then maybe somewhere after? Let's play this buy ear." You reach out your hand.
  14. >She grabs your hand and you pull her off the couch. "Hehe. Okay, Anon." she says.
  16. >One thing before you go...
  17. >You head back to the bathroom, the door was locked. "You alright in there, man?" you call out.
  19. >You and Rainbow both clamp your mouths shut as you try to stop from laughing. "Okay...we're gonna head out, did you need something?"
  20. >"I need a gun and one bullet!" he shouts back.
  21. >"This is what happens when you eat nothing but pasta for dinner, man!"
  22. >You hear another groan, this one a bit more pathetic. "But I love pasta!"
  23. >You and Rainbow both head to the door rather than risk a laughing fit in the apartment.
  24. >The night was warmer than it had been in a while. Winter Wrap Up was coming soon, that much was certain.
  25. >"So, know any good places to eat around here?" you ask. Rainbow turns to you with a small grin. "Isn't that your job?".
  26. >"We're a pegasus and an extra-dimensional alien, we're non-traditional as shit as is."
  28. >The two of you eventually decide on a restaurant called "Jardin d'Olive".
  29. >You don't say anything.
  30. >No need for a reservation though, which was sweet.
  31. >Conversation flowed smoothly over dinner. You talked about The Wonderbolts, the work you were doing for Twilight, even the weather was an interesting topic when you had someone who controlled it eating with you.
  32. >Too bad the conversation couldn't stay that way.
  33. >"So..." you start. "What's the fallout from the tornado?"
  34. >Rainbow puts rests her head on her hoof and gets a far off stare. "I can't say I'm surprised." she says. "We royally bucked up that thing, we almost cost all of Equestria its rain water."
  35. >You put your fork down. "So, how bad?". Rainbow sighs. "Most people are willing to write it off as some horrible accident, but a few more are pretty mad about it. They say that we put the entire town at risk when we should have gone for a more foolproof plan."
  36. >Like what? A big ass hose?
  37. >"Hey. You tried your best, and everything worked out in the end. This'll all blow over." Rainbow is still looking off to the side. "I just keep thinking; If Thunderlane and Fluttershy had shown up, none of this would have happened."
  38. >She had a point. "What was their deal, anyway?"
  39. >Rainbow finally meets your eyes. "Thunderlane came down with Featherflu, like he one has heard from Fluttershy."
  40. >Damn. It had been almost a week. You were getting worried. "Think she's okay?"
  41. >"I think so...Fluttershy has always been too happy to keep down for long."
  42. >You hope so.
  43. >You really hope so.
  45. >The two of you finished dinner and decided on a late night walk in the park.
  46. >"I still say it's weird that a town that's surrounded by forests and fields would have a park." Rainbow laughs a bit and elbows you in the side. "Hehe, shut up."
  47. >After a once around the park, the two of you curl up under a tree and watch the moon make its way across the sky.
  48. >"Tell me how this is different from what we do at your place?" Rainbow asks. You pull her a bit closer to you. "Here we don't have to listen to Mous shit all night."
  49. >You lean your head back on the tree. "And don't tell me that it isn't nice out here." you say.
  50. >"So, are we just gonna sit here all night?" Rainbow asks. "Isn't that what couples do in the park? Sit under trees together and look at the sky?" you say.
  51. >Rainbow shifts herself around a bit. "I think that's what they do in the day...but it's nice and dark here, and just the two of us..."
  52. >"You entirely sure about that?" you say as to point a thumb towards the full moon. If Princess Luna was the lady of the night, then that moon was her eye on the world. "Oh she has better things to do." Rainbow said as she pushed your arm down and locked you lips.
  53. >Despite a bit of a trip with dinner conversation, this date had gone spectacularly.
  54. >A nice dinner, a walk in the park, making out under a tree probably wasn't a classy thing to do, but 2/3 isn't bad.
  56. >An hour or so later, Rainbow is hanging onto your neck as you walk your way home.
  57. >The park lets out just by your house, so you decide to cut through.
  58. >Along the way you spot somepony by the stream.
  59. >Somepony yellow and pink.
  60. >You turn to Rainbow, she has the same look you have. "...think we should talk to her?" She silently nods her head and you step off the path.
  61. >Fluttershy was sitting by the edge of the stream, she looked like someone just crushed her puppy.
  62. >A trio of owls were sitting on a branch above her, they looked like they were trying to entertain her.
  63. >Even nature itself couldn't stand to see Fluttershy cry.
  64. >"Flutters?" you call out. Her head snaps up and turns to you. For a second you see a smile, only for it to fade away once she spots Rainbow.
  65. >"Hey, we were looking for you. Everypony is worried." you say. Fluttershy lets out a deep sigh. "Oh..I'm alright."
  66. >That was a lie. She was nowhere near fine.
  67. >You take a few steps towards her only for her to scoot away. "Come on Shy, talk to us." you say. Rainbow chimes in. "Yeah, you can't just be alone forever."
  68. >That was the wrong thing to say, it seems.
  69. >Fluttershy just looks up at the both of you with the saddest expression you've ever seen. You were amazed it didn't start raining right then and there.
  70. >She didn't say anything, she just got up and flew away.
  71. >"Fluttershy, wait!" you call out.
  72. >Crickets and Owls are your only answer.
  74. >You and Rainbow arrive home around midnight.
  75. >Rainbow had been quiet the entire walk home, despite your constant attempts at cheering her up.
  76. >As soon as you were inside, she just flew to your room and shut the door.
  77. >Dammit. The night was going so well, too.
  78. >You looked on the couch, Mous was sitting there. He looked like he was brain dead for a minute before he turned his eyes to you.
  79. >"How'd it go?" he asks. You rub the back of your head. "Man, everything was going perfect until we found Fluttershy in the park."
  80. >"She still upset?" he asks. You nod your head.
  81. >"You know why, right?"
  82. >Yeah, you knew why. You had been giving it thought all week, Fluttershy running off when she saw Rainbow only confirmed it."...Yeah."
  83. >This conversation needed a life raft, quick. "So, how was your night?"
  84. >Mous gets what can only be described as a thousand yard stare. "I can't move. But on the plus side, I no longer fear death."
  85. >The life raft just got caught in the engines and sank the boat.
  86. >"Uhg...and on that topic, good night."
  88. >You step into your room, Rainbow is laying on the bed.
  89. >She's curled up into a little ball, staring out the window.
  90. >You crawl into bed and wrap your arms around her. "Wanna talk about it?"
  91. >She shifts."It was my fault, she was talking to you but as soon as she saw my, she flew off."
  92. >You nuzzle the back of her head. "It's not your fault that Fluttershy can't handle us." "No, but it's my fault there's an us in the first place."
  93. >Ouch.
  94. >"Are you having second thoughts?"
  95. >Rainbow whirls around and gives you wide, scared eyes. "No!'s just...I wish this wasn't such a big deal."
  96. >You pull her close. "Let's leave the existentialism to Mous, okay? You just worry about being awesome."
  97. >"Hmmph. I don't feel awesome." she says into your chest.
  98. >"Are you kidding? You're Rainbow Dash! Not only the best flier in all of Equestria, but the first special somep0ny of an alien."
  99. >You kiss the top of her head. "And a pretty good one, at that."
  100. >Finally, a laugh and a smile. "That was so lame, Anon."
  101. >"Pssh. You liked it." you tease.
  102. >She gives you a long kiss. "I like you more."
  103. >"Not as much as I do." you fire back.
  104. >You see that competitive spark light up in her eyes. "Oh yeah?"
  105. >You get your smirk on."Don't try it Dash, I like everything. You can't beat me."
  106. >She gives a small chuckle and curls back up into your chest.
  107. >You lay there for a long time as Rainbow falls asleep.
  108. >You'd have to get a message to Fluttershy sometime, and you wanted to help square all this blame the Weather Patrol was getting for the tornado away, but for now?
  109. >Your eyelids started to droop.
  110. >This was all you needed.

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