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BiE 30: Nosce te ipsum.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:39:32 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 30=
  3. >"Just talk to Aloe at the front desk about payment."
  4. >Roseluck hopped off the bed and left the room.
  5. >You started the task of airing this damn room out.
  6. >No easy task with coconut.
  7. >You light some incense candles, they would do it.
  8. >Walking into the lobby you were stopped by Lotus.
  9. >"Mous, I was wondering, did you want to go grab some lunch?" she asks.
  10. >It -was- almost lunch.
  11. >"I'm down, it'll give my room time to air out."
  12. >You step into the lobby proper in order to address both sisters.
  13. >"Where did you two want to go? The diner?"
  14. >Aloe glances off to the side. "Uhh...actually, I'm not hungry! But you guys should go eat, I'll watch the spa."
  15. >You shrug and head for the door, Lotus right behind you.
  16. >The diner was farther away from the cafe, but usually had better food.
  17. >"Nice weather." Lotus says as she keeps pace.
  18. >She was right, the skies were clear and the sun was shining.
  19. >"Yeah, the Weather Patrol must be spoiling us because of the tornado."
  20. >It had been a week and a half since, you didn't hear anyone complaining over the sunny days.
  21. >"You never see weather like this in Stalliongrad." she says.
  22. >If it was anything like home, you're not surprised.
  23. >The two of you continue towards the center of town and spot a group of ponies hustled around a small stage.
  24. >On the stage was a rather loud unicorn.
  25. >"Listen O' citizens of Ponyville! Listen to how your Princesses have failed you!" she shouted.
  26. >You and Lotus walk past without another glance.
  27. >"This stuff happen often?"
  28. >Lotus rolls her eyes. "She sounds like the unicorn who came through last year and almost got the town demolished. I'm not giving her another moment of my time."
  30. >The diner was more of a little bistro.
  31. >At least it had outdoor seating.
  32. >Lotus ordered a sandwich, while you opted for soup.
  33. >You needed to cut down on the pasta...
  34. >The biggest thing that this place had over the cafe was that they used actual flavoring.
  35. >The cafe was great for a quick sandwich, but you were SOL if you wanted a good mushroom soup.
  36. >"So...Mous." you heard across the table.
  37. >You tilt your head to the side. Can't talk with soup in your mouth.
  38. >"I uh...wanted to ask you something."
  39. >You nod as you swallow your meal.
  40. >"Shoot."
  41. >She shifts in her seat a bit.
  42. >"You and Anon have known each other for a long time..."
  43. >/nod.
  44. >"And you spend a lot of time together."
  45. >You were bros, that's what you did.
  46. >"Have you ever been...'together'?"
  47. >You sigh and rest your chin in your hand.
  48. >This was not the first time this has happened.
  49. >"No. We have never been together."
  50. >Lotus relaxed a bit. "So, you don't play for the same team?"
  51. >You shake your head and give her a deadpan stare.
  52. >"Not that there's anything wrong with it! It would just be something I didn't know about you"
  53. >Heh. Nice save Lotus.
  54. >You can't imagine somepony who accidentally slept with her sister to have too many social hang-ups.
  55. >Lotus is quiet for the rest of the meal.
  56. >You get up to walk back before you're stopped."Mous."
  57. >Lotus is standing behind you, she's looks really nervous.
  58. >"What's up?"
  59. >She says nothing and keeps looking around.
  60. >You crouch down to eye level. "You okay? What's up?"
  61. >She looks you in the eye for a moment. "Buck it."
  62. >You were about to say something, but find yourself unable.
  63. >You can't get words out with Lotus's mouth pressed up against yours.
  65. >What is this.
  66. >What is happening.
  67. >Why is it happening.
  68. >Situational report.
  69. >Brain: askdjbngsdf.
  70. >No help there.
  72. >To be expected.
  73. >Weak organic blood pump: Out to lunch.
  74. >Dammit.
  75. >You don't move for what seems like an eternity.
  76. >Finally, Lotus removes herself.
  77. >She's staring at you
  78. >"Mous, uh...are you okay?"
  79. >No.
  80. >You needed to think.
  81. >Gotta go.
  82. >You don't notice as you stand up and start walking.
  83. >You don't notice as you head over the bridge out of town.
  84. >You don't notice that somepony is shouting behind you the entire time.
  86. >Why would she do that?
  87. The most obvious answer was that she liked you.
  88. >Why would she do that?
  89. >Neither girls nor guys ever liked you.
  90. >Ever.
  91. >You were always "that weird guy who always hangs around that other guy."
  92. >It was rare for anyone to even know your name unless you spoke to them.
  93. >So what changed?
  94. You became an alien. Everyp0ny knows who you are.
  95. >Brain, why weren't you this helpful back there?
  96. We all have our reasons.
  97. >Great. Now your brain was screwing with you.
  98. >You didn't need this right now.
  99. >What do you do?
  100. Do you want to kiss Lotus some more?
  101. >...You don't not want to.
  102. What does -that- mean?
  103. >It means that you have no desire to never kiss Lotus again.
  104. That makes no sense.
  105. >It makes perfect sense.
  106. Are you attracted to ponies?
  107. >You know the answer to that.
  108. Right. Big bad Mous isn't attracted to anyone, that why he neve-
  109. >Yes. That's right.
  110. There's more than one kind of attraction, dingus.
  111. >Right...emotional.
  112. >Were you emotionally attracted to Lotus?
  113. >She was funny, she was smart.
  114. >She kept up with your quips and gave as good as she got.
  115. >She watched out for you. Your mind went back to when you had your manticore wounds.
  116. >You guess Lotus is pretty cool.
  117. >But that still didn't answer wh-gak!
  118. >You rub your face.
  119. >You ran into a tree.
  120. Idiot.
  121. >Fuck off brain.
  122. >Wait...
  123. >Why was it night?
  124. Why are we in the Everfree Forest?
  125. >And what's that sound?
  127. >You follow the path closer to the mystery sound.
  128. Prepare for Mauling: Round 2.
  129. >Eat shit brain.
  130. >This was pretty close to Zecora's, you think.
  131. >True enough, you spot Zecora's hut after walking some more.
  132. >Zecora was outside sitting and playin-
  133. >That fucking didgeridoo.
  135. Calm down, man.
  136. >Stupid thing was haunting you.
  137. >Maybe Zecora has some advice.
  138. >"Zecora."
  139. >Zecora stops blowing your arch-nemesis and turns to you. "Ah... Hello again, dear friend Mous."
  140. >Her face falls as she looks at you closely. "May I ask why you are so morose?"
  141. >You walk up and sit next to Zecora.
  142. >"I have a problem, I need a hand. If you had advice, that would be grand."
  143. Even now?
  144. >All opportunities to rhyme will be used.
  145. Nerd.
  146. >Plebian
  147. >Zecora smiles. "Tell me your problem my good chum, allow me to stop you feeling so glum."
  148. >You lean back a bit.
  149. >"I have a friend, we're kind of close. But I think she wants more from dear ol' Mous."
  150. >Zecora nods.
  151. >"I'm not opposed, that's not what I want to imply. I just can't wrap my head around why"
  152. >Zecora tilts her head. "Why? I do not understand, I feel as if you need to expand."
  153. >"I don't see myself as all that nice, I've been told I have veins that are filled with ice. Why she likes that, I can't say to be precise."
  154. >Zecora gets a smile."Perhaps you are not as cold as you think, perhaps that is not your friends kink."
  155. >You give a disbelieving look.
  156. >"People are often hard on themselves and think they're have no value. They must sometimes take themselves under review."
  157. >Hmm. Review yourself...
  158. I give you a C+.
  159. >Shut up, brain.
  161. >You left Zecora's and started back towards town.
  162. >Review yourself...right.
  163. >Well, you thought you were a generally cold person. You had one friend you considered a brother, his girlfriend, two bosses, and an ageless sun goddess.
  164. >Before you came here, you had less than that.
  165. >You always thought you were horrible to people, not that you could figure out why you did it.
  166. >You always thought that they were a minute away from slapping you, or just walking away. Anon had been the only person you could really count on to stay for ages.
  167. >So why would Lotus like that?
  168. >...What if she didn't?
  169. >What if you were wrong?
  170. >What was it they called you that one time? Noble.
  171. Noble: possessing, characterized by, or arising from superiority of mind or character or of ideals or morals.
  172. >Uh. Thanks Brain.
  173. I got your back.
  174. >So, were you noble?
  175. >What did Lotus say...
  176. >You took them in during estrus, sure. But they might have done something stupid.
  177. >You took a manticore for Anon, but he was your bro and would have died.
  178. >Come thing here.
  179. Derpy.
  180. >Huh?
  181. >What about her?
  182. >You talked to her, sure...
  183. >Wait.
  184. >Hearts and Hooves day.
  185. >You got her to talk the that stallion who may or may not be an alien.
  186. >Is that noble?
  187. Did you do it for personal gain?
  188. >No.
  189. Sounds it to me.
  190. >Okay, so you may be noble just because you helped Derpy that one time...
  191. >Was that enough?
  192. >You stop walking, don't want to hit any more trees.
  193. >You're back in town.
  194. >...was it enough?
  195. >Let's go find out.
  197. >You were Lotus and you were an idiot.
  198. >Why did you kiss him? Why in broad daylight?
  199. >Why did he walk off like that?
  200. >You had been laying on your bed for a while trying to figure that out.
  201. >"Are you okay, sis?" Aloe called from the doorway.
  202. >You look up. "I'm fine, just thinking."
  203. >"Don't worry, I'm sure Mous had a good reason to walk away." she says.
  204. >"Yeah, like not wanting to date outside his species. Working with him is going to be great."
  205. >Aloe sulked for a bit before walking away. Not that you could blame her, even you didn't want to be around you when you got like this.
  206. >"Lotus!".
  207. >By Celestia, you were going nuts. You could almost hear him.
  208. >"Lotus!" again.
  209. >Why were you hearing him? It's not like you ever dated enough for him to become important to you.
  210. >You wanted to, but then you cocked it up.
  211. >Why didn't you just wa-
  212. >You were interrupted as something slammed into your window.
  213. >"Lotus!" you looked outside.
  214. >"Mous!?" he was hanging by the window sill.
  215. >"Let me in! I'm slipping!" he called out.
  216. >You rushed over and opened the window so that he could roll in and land on your floor.
  217. >"Mous, what are you doing here?"
  218. >"I figured we should talk." he says.
  219. >You sigh. "Look, if this is about what happened today, I'm sor-"
  220. >"No, not about that."
  221. >You try to talk, but can't get words out with Mous' mouth pressed up against yours.
  222. >"About that."
  224. -Mous PoV-
  225. >Heh. That shut her up.
  226. I told you I'd handle it.
  227. >Thank you Weak Organic Blood Pump.
  228. >She looked at you in stunned silence.
  229. >"Sorry about when this happened earlier, I needed to think."
  230. >She meets your eyes.
  231. >"...and...did you?" she asks.
  232. >You reach up and run your hand through her hair, that was allowed at this juncture, right?
  233. >She seemed not to mind.
  234. >"Yeah...I uhh...I don't know why you want this... But, I think I do too, in a way."
  235. >She lights up when you say that.
  236. >" you maybe wanna see where this goes...? Maybe we can go out for lunch again tomorrow? I promise I won't silently walk away again."
  237. >She gets a big warm smile and laughs.
  238. >It makes you happy. "I'd like that..." she says.
  239. >Sweet.
  240. >"Okay, well, uh...I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"
  241. >You stand up to walk out.
  242. >"Uhm...can I use the door?"
  243. >She nods.
  244. >You are stopped as you walk out of the bedroom by something grabbing your shirt.
  245. >You turn around. Lotus motions for you to crouch down.
  246. >You get a quick kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow?"
  247. >"Yeah, of course." you say.
  248. >You hope you were still smiling.
  249. >Lotus walks you to the door.
  250. >You wave goodbye as you make your way back to the house.
  251. See what happens when you listen to me?
  252. >Yeah, great, where were you when I needed you earlier today?
  253. I told you, out to lunch.
  254. >Very cute, Weak Organic Blood Pump.
  255. Hey, if today is any indicator; we're going to be seeing each other a lot. Call me by my name.
  256. >No. Heart is a shitty nickname.
  257. >That asshole was beating too fast to get a new name, anyway.
  258. >Brain, what do you think?
  259. I think today was a good day.

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