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BiE 31: Pep Talk.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:40:27 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 31=
  3. >"You're sure you don't want to come?" you ask. Rainbow stops in the doorway. "You know that Fluttershy won't say a word so long as I'm there."
  4. >You didn't want her just flying away again.
  5. >"I know." you say. "It's just...I wish we could all just sit down and talk this out." you cross your arms and pout. Rainbow flies back up to you. "I know Anon, but I'll just make it worse if I'm there." She gives you a kiss goodnight as she flies out. "Good luck!" she calls back from down the road.
  6. >Yeah, you feel like you'll need it.
  8. >You were not looking forward to going to Fluttershy's place alone.
  9. >You doubted she's try anything, but the memory of what she did when you got trapped in that hole nags at you.
  10. > need some backup.
  11. >You head to Mous's room and knock on the door. "Enter." you get in response.
  12. >He sat there hunched over, doing what else? Painting his models.
  13. >"Getting theatrical?" you ask. "Someone has to inject culture into this house."
  14. >"He said as he painted the Chainsword of his walking tank."
  15. >"This is a power-bat." he corrected.
  16. >You look around the room. "Holy shit, are there more of these things here?"
  17. >"There are." he says. The entire room was covered, ships hung from the ceiling, troops were positioned around and on top of furniture. "Where the hell did you get more!?"
  18. >Mous keeps painting. "Twilight used a duplicate spell on them, even turned 'em grey so I could paint them all again."
  19. >His obsession knew no bounds. Even being trapped in another dimension didn't stop him.
  20. >"Oh whatever. Look, I need your help." Mous stops and glances over at you. "Oh?"
  21. >"Yeah, I need to head over to Fluttershy's to try and fix things. Up for bodyguard duty again?
  22. >Mous leans back and stares into space "Does Fluttershy have  manticores?" he asks. "Heh. Probably not." can't fault him for being cautious.
  23. >"What do you need me for anyway? he asks. You sigh and lean against the doorframe. You can't tell him she felt you up, he'd flip. "This just may be a really tense scene and I'd rather not go it alone, okay?"
  24. >He gives you a disbelieving look. "Please?" you beg.
  25. >Mous sighs. "Fine."
  26. >He climbs out of his chair and slips on his boots.
  27. >"This better not be a waste of time."
  29. >You and Mous trudge along the path into town as it loops back towards Fluttershy's cottage.
  30. >It's colder than last week when you went out with Rainbow, both of you are in your jackets.
  31. >"You know, I'm surprised you were free tonight. Mr. Big Shot Stud." Mous rolls his eyes. "Oddly enough, some couples can date for a few days without moving in together, you should give it a shot." he teases.
  32. >"Tch. What's the point then?"
  33. >You spot Fluttershy's cottage down the road. None of the animals that characteristically congregate outside it are there.
  34. >Not a good sign.
  35. >As you get closer, you see that it's worse.
  36. >The blinds are drawn over the windows, the plants outside look like they haven't been watered either.
  37. >You knock on the door, only for it to squeak open once you touch it.
  38. >"Well, that's not creepy in the least." Mous says.
  39. >You both step into the living room. Everything -seems- fine. The only indicator that anything is wrong is a general layer of dust over everything.
  40. >Everything seemed to just be in a general state of disuse.
  41. >Mous stepped out of the kitchen. "No sign anything's been used in a while, there's some bread that looks like it's been touched though. If she's here, she's eating."
  42. >That was good. No one wanted a starved Flutters.
  43. >You were both put on alert when you heard something descend the stares. It bounced into the living room and started pitching a fit at you.
  44. >Well, at least Angel stuck around. He kept waving his arms in some sort of bunny tantrum, expecting you to understand it.
  45. >"Fuck off rabbit, take us to Fluttershy." Mous said.
  46. >Angel pouted for a moment before he hopped up the stairs, You and Mous right behind him.
  48. >Upstairs was no better than down.
  49. >The blinds were drawn on all the windows, the doors were all shut save for the one at the end of the hall.
  50. >Angel led the two of you into the room.
  51. >Before you sat Fluttershy's bed, empty save for a lump in the covers in the center.
  52. >You grab the covers and whip them off. "Fluttershy..." She was curled up in a little ball in the middle of the bed, the indentation on the mattress was evidence that she'd been there for a while. There appeared to be water stains on the sheets.
  53. >She stirs from her sleep and looks at the two of you bleary eyed. "A-Anon? Mous? W...what are you doing here?"
  54. >You admit that you were a bit upset at the whole situation on your way here, but that was gone now.
  55. >Fluttershy had that effect on people. "We came to check up on you." you said trying to comfort her.
  56. >She rubs her face with her hoof "Oh...I-I'm fine.."
  57. >"No you're not." Mous said. You shot him a look that he just shrugged to. He was never the best at empathy.
  58. >"It's a little hard to believe that, Fluttershy. We've seen the rest of your house." Fluttershy shifts in her bed."Oh...well, I've just been...a bit tired lately and I-I've been napping a lot."
  59. >Shit, that sounds bad. "Fluttershy? Do you want to talk about what happened at the racetrack?"
  60. >You sit down next to her on the bed.
  61. >She lets out a small squeak. "O-oh...that...I-It's nothing Anon, Really. I mean, why should I care if you and Rainbow become special somep0nies and..."
  62. >Her entire body hitches."...And I'm all alone..."
  64. >Oh god. "Hey...c'mon Fluttershy, why would you think you'll be all alone?"
  65. >She's crying freely now. "B-Because I'm not brave enough to get a special somep0ny!" she cried. "When you first came here I thought 'Oh, he's so nice, I'm sure he won't mind my shyness." But I was so shy that I never said anything and then you met Rainbow and it was too late!" Tears ran down her face. "I-I was afraid even on that day when I talked to you. After what you told me, I-I was going to talk to you about it, b...but then I saw you and Rainbow and I-I..."
  66. >You wrap your arm around her. "S-So everyp0ny in town is worried? That makes sense..."She buries her face in your lap. "No wonder I can't believe in one believes in me...
  67. >"Whoa, what?" Mous said behind you. He left his post at the door and walked over to the two of you. "You gave her the pep talk?" What did this have to do with anything?
  68. >"Uh...yeah..." you say. "Well, did you say it right?" Mous asked. Huh?
  69. >Why the hell did this matter? "Something about how we believed in her so she should too, why?"
  70. >Mous leans back and sighs. "That explains it...Fluttershy!" he called out.
  71. >She lifted her head from you. Mous pointed his finger straight at her. It was that one time in your garage all over again. "Listen Fluttershy, never forget. Just believe in yourself. Not in the Fluttershy that we believe in, and not in the friends that you do. Just believe in the Fluttershy that believes in you."
  72. >That hangs for a second. "Mous..." you start. "That was the most retarded damn thing I've ever heard! Please don't tell me that worked on me!"
  74. >"You watch your mouth, boy!" he shouts. "No! That's stupid! "Don't believe in us" what, is she supposed to take everything anyp0ny says with a grain of salt!?"
  75. >You stand from Fluttershy's bed as you continue to argue. "No! She's just supposed to find the faith in herself! Not other ponies!" Mous shouts.
  76. >"And how does that help her current situation? Does -that- crap make her feel any better?
  77. >"It's supposed to give her the confidence to-
  79. >The both of you turn back to Fluttershy, she's almost cowering on the bed at your antics.
  80. >You McFucked up, son. "Listen, Fluttershy." Mous sighs."What I'm saying here is you're a good kid, a little self confidence and you'll have suitors lining out the door."
  81. >"Yeah." you say."Everyp0ny is amazed at your kindness with your animals. And you'd be amazed at how many guys like a little shyness."
  82. >Fluttershy shuffled in her seat a bit. "D-do colts really like shy mares?" she asks as her face turns red.
  83. >"If they're anything like the guys back home, yeah." Mous said. "A...and you're sure?" she asked.
  84. >You turn to her."Fluttershy, they have entire conventions around girls as moe as you." She tilts her head to the side. "Moe?"
  85. >You laugh. "Don't worry about it Fluttershy. Are you okay now?" She shuffled a bit more. "I-If you think that I can do it...I-I guess I can try..."
  86. >That's good. "So, are we okay now? No more tears?" you ask. You're rewarded with what must be Fluttershy's first smile in a while and a nod.
  87. >"Great...we'll let ourselves out." You motion for Mous to follow you as you leave the room.
  88. >The house already looked a bit brighter.
  90. >Mous and you walked down the path to your house mostly silent.
  91. >It felt good to help Fluttershy, a little grope wouldn't make you dump a friend.
  92. >Rainbow and the rest of the girls would be happy to hear from her again. It would suck for the group of friends who had saved the kingdom twice to be broken up by you.
  93. >Mous had been uncharacteristically quiet the entire time.
  94. >He was probably pouting about what you said.
  95. >"...I can't believe you said that back there." you say giggling.
  96. >He gives you a look. "It worked on you."
  97. >"Yeah! Back when we were in highschool!" you tease. "I don't know how old Fluttershy is..." he retorts.
  98. >...should you say it?
  99. >He'll get so pissed.
  100. >"Kitan had a manlier death anyway."
  101. >Oh god. The look on his face is priceless.
  102. >This is what nerd rage looks like.
  103. >He grabs you by your sleeve. "That's it! We're watching the series again! Call Rainbow, this is gonna be a couple day thing."
  104. >You try not to laugh as he drags you home.
  105. >Pretty decent day.

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