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BiE 33: Homecoming.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:40:51 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 33=
  3. >Light seeps in through your windows and wakes you up.
  4. >That sucks, you can see why Mous hates being woken up like this.
  5. >You pull the still sleeping mare laying next to you closer, okay maybe it wasn't all bad.
  6. >Rainbow had stayed at your place every night since your talk with Fluttershy, finally able to know that she wouldn't be ruining a friendship in doing so.
  7. >Rainbow nuzzles into your chest as she wakes up "Five more minutes..." she complains.
  8. >You kiss the top of her head. "Come on lazybones, we both have work today."
  9. >She waves a hoof dismissively. "Buck work...I'm staying in bed today."
  10. >"I'll bet I can get you out of bed." you say as you play with her hair.
  11. >A small laugh is your answer. She asked for it.
  12. >You grab Rainbow by the flank and jump out of bed, ignoring her yelp of surprise as you do.
  13. >You make sure to lean Rainbow against your chest as you carry her out to the kitchen, her moaning at being moved not helping matters.
  15. >Mous is eating at the table when you get out. "Are you always out here before I am?" you ask.
  16. >Mous shrugs. "I get up when I hear you moving around so I can ensure I always get the best seat."
  17. >You roll your eyes and walk into the kitchen, Rainbow still leaning on your chest. "Anon, throw me an apple if your -that- set on moving me this early."
  18. >You pop an apple in your mouth and grab one for yourself. These Golden Delicious were the best.
  19. >You carried Rainbow back to your room after breakfast, she shifted her weight and fell onto the bed again.
  20. >Oh dammit. "I thought that getting some food in you would wake you up some..." you lament.
  21. >You can see Rainbow's grin from here. "Yeah, bad move on your part. I'm gonna have to lay here and let this food digest for a while before I get up again."
  22. >You lay down next to her."I got you out of bed once, what makes you think I can't do it again?" you ask.
  23. >Rainbow smirks at you. "I'm ready for you this time."
  24. >Luckily, force is not your only option.
  25. >You jump off the bed and head into the bathroom. "Okay, you just lay there while I shower, you know, naked and stuff."
  26. >You hear her shuffle around on the bed. "That...won't work Anon..."
  27. >You turn on the water and step in. "Sorry! Can't hear you over the sound of me vigorously rubbing my wet chest!"
  28. >You hear the something jump onto the floor and clop into the bathroom. You wipe the steam off the glass to see Rainbow grinning at you. "You're a terrible special somep0ny, bribing me with sex like that."
  30. >Forty minutes later, you're showered, laid, dressed, and walking out the door.
  31. >You kiss Rainbow goodbye as she takes off into the clouds. "So, does she taste like skittles?" you hear behind you.
  32. >Mous is standing in the doorway behind you, heading out as well. "Skittles?"
  33. >He gives you an incredulous eyebrow.
  34. >Oh.
  35. >Tasting. Rainbow.
  36. >"Haha." you say.
  37. >You walk ahead as Mous waits by the mailbox for Derpy. Something about giving her a hug he forgot about.
  38. >You walked by somep0ny on a stage as you got closer to town. He was ranting about chaos theory or something.
  39. >The library was abuzz in papers when you stepped in.
  40. >Papers were strewn about the floor, books sat open on ever piece of furniture available, a chalkboard with what looked like a time dilation equation sat in the corner.
  41. >"Oh, hey Anon!" you heard from the other room. Twilight came trotting out to great you. "You're just in time!"
  42. >A quick once over told you that Twilight had at least slept, no bags under her eyes and she was keeping balance pretty well.
  43. >"What is all this stuff, Twi?" you ask as you motion around the room.
  44. >Twilight's face lights up like a Christmas tree. "The Princess sent over a special spell that her magisters made and she wants us to help!"
  45. >You grab one of the pieces of paper laying around and start scanning it. "What kind of spell are we talking about?"
  46. >"Why, the spell to send you home, of course!"
  48. >...what?
  49. >A lump forms in your throat.
  50. >"S-She finished that?" you ask.
  51. >Twilight goes back to reading a large tome. "Not yet, but she says she has the base component down. It's our job right now to take care of the stability of the portal."
  52. >Stability, that means she already knows how to send you elsewhere and how to power it.
  53. >The hard part's done.
  54. >This portal nonsense could take a few weeks, a month at the most, but then what?
  55. >How much longer did you have here?
  56. >"R-right, I'll go work this out." you say.
  57. >You sit down at the desk and start crunching numbers based on the magical theory you know, but your heart isn't in it like it normally is.
  58. >How much longer were you going to be here?
  59. >Were you allowed to opt out?
  60. >Should you?
  61. >What would Mous say?
  62. >You admit that you missed your family, but you know that you'd miss Rainbow and all your other friends here if you left.
  63. >Shit, you had a GIRLFRIEND here. One who had been living with you a month.
  64. >It was no doubt that the two of you cared about each other, you didn't want to leave that.
  65. > the same time, you didn't think that writing off your homeworld was the best mode of thought.
  67. >"How's it going?" you heard over your shoulder, causing you to jump.
  68. >Twilight stood behind you. "Uhh. Fine. Fine, take a look." you hand her the paper you had been writing on.
  69. >Twilight's face grows a shocked expression as she reads. "Anon, did you do all this right now?" she asks.
  70. >"Well, yeah." you say. "Why?"
  71. >"Anon, this is incredible! You've cracked the portal stability equation! How did you do that?" Twilight asked.
  72. >You turned in your chair. "Well, it was simple enough. I figured out what kinds of magic we'd need, probably special manipulation and maybe a time tunneling spell if time is different there than it is here, And then I just used general Arcane energy to bind them together." You look up at her. "Is that...special?"
  73. >"Incredibly!" she cried out. "Nop0ny has ever thought of combining different types of magic energy together! We always just kinda brute force it."
  74. >"Well, different ways of thinking, I guess." you say.
  75. >"This'll cut down on the time till the portal is done drastically! I can't wait to get you started on the other aspects!"
  76. >Waitwhat?
  77. >Oh god.
  78. >No.
  79. >Dammit, no.
  80. >You just cost yourself a month of time here!
  81. >Idiot!
  83. >You groan and put your head in your hands.
  84. >Idiot. Stupid idiot!
  85. >Twilight senses something is wrong and approaches you again. "Anon? Is something wrong?"
  86. >You talk through your hands. "Twilight, have you ever wanted something, and then later on your realized you didn't want it anymore?"
  87. >"Did something happen, Anon?" she asked.
  88. >You looked up and saw the concern in her eyes. "It's just...I've built this life here that I love and suddenly, this thing that I should want with all my heart comes along and is ready to take me back to my old one and...I don't think I want it to."
  89. >Twilight puts her hoof on your arm. "Well, I think you've answered your own question, Anon. If you love someplace, you don't try to leave it."
  90. >"But what about my family?" you ask.
  91. >Twilight gets a knowing look in her eyes. "Would your family want to see you again if you were going to be unhappy?"
  92. >"But...what about the spell?" you ask.
  93. >Twilight levitates the paper you wrote on over to her. "You've cracked something important, but we still have a long way to go before it's finished. And when it is...we just won't use it!"
  94. >You give her a bit of a look. "So, we're doing this entire thing just for its own sake?"
  95. >"Nope! For science!" she says.
  97. >Twilight let you off early today and you began to walk home.
  98. >You felt good. Really good.
  99. >You had always figured that staying in Equestria for a long while would be a possibility, but this was the first time you had -chosen- to stay.
  100. >Ah. And there was your main reason for staying flying through the clouds now. "Hey Rainbow!" you call out.
  101. >She doesn't yell back and shrugs at you. "Head back to the house when you're done! It's important!"
  102. >She nods and flies off.
  103. >You can fully appreciate Ponyville now that you can see it as your home. Fillies ride around in wagons, colts and mares wake through the center of town.
  104. >Some wave hello to you, some even say it.
  105. >But all of them have already accepted you.
  106. >And you them.
  108. >You arrive at your house, it would be a few hours till Mous got home, which was good.
  109. >Rainbow lands next to you. "What's up Anon?" she asks.
  110. >You open the door and motion for her to come inside.
  111. >You shut the door behind you and turn to her.
  112. >You run your fingers through her hair. "Rainbow..."
  113. >You find yourself at a loss, how to you tell somep0ny that you didn't have to go back to your home dimension?
  114. >"Oh fuck it." you pull Rainbow close and kiss her as hard and deep as you can.
  115. >She's shocked for an instant, but she catches up quick.
  116. >You walk to your room and collapse on top of the bed, Rainbow already pawing at your shirt.
  117. >You spend the afternoon like that, intertwined in the language of lovers that communicates you're feelings and then some.
  118. >You both finish and simply lay there curled up in each other for a while. " Where did -that-come from Anon?" Rainbow huffed out.
  119. >You feel Rainbow shudder as you plant kisses up her wings and onto her back.
  120. >You stop at the base of her neck and whisper "Just happy to be home."

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