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BiE 34: Trust Issues.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:42:00 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 34=
  3. >You were glad you found this ball under your bed.
  4. >It helped pass the time between customers.
  5. >The lunch rush had subsided and ushered in the late day slump.
  6. >The only sound in the spa was the light music playing and the general "thump" your ball was making against the wall.
  7. >Somep0ny opened your door just as you caught the ball.
  8. >It was Lotus. "They can probably hear that racket you're making all the way in Canterlot."
  9. >You get up off the floor and put the ball in your bag.
  10. >"Then they should make more noise and cover me up. What's up?"
  11. >Lotus points behind her. She looks irritated. "We have a customer who just came in asking deluxe treatment."
  12. >Oh hell.
  13. >The Deluxe took a few hours.
  14. >It also usually involved a double massage.
  15. >"So, I guess my number's up?"
  16. >Lotus gets a smirk. "The downside of dating your employer is that you are the first name they call when they need help, let's go."
  17. >Lotus leads you through the spa into one of the bigger rooms in the back.
  18. >Inside was a beige colored earth pony with a blue mane.
  19. >"Mous, this is Pearl Necklace. Wife of Ponyville's Filthy Rich." Lotus said.
  20. >Never heard of him.
  21. >You can guess what his deal is just from the name though.
  22. >"Hello Ma'am, I'll be your second masseur today."
  23. >She gives you a once over. "They say your massages are to die for."
  24. >Word spreads.
  25. >"I like to think I know what I'm doing. Why don't you lay down on the bed and we'll get started?"
  26. >She hops up on the bed. "I-I must admit, I've never had a massage before..."
  27. >Lotus is quick to soothe. "Relax, we know what we're doing, we will take care of everything."
  29. >Pearl Necklace paid her bill and left a generous tip on her way out.
  30. >She should have, she kept you here an hour after closing.
  31. >You and Lotus exit the spa rubbing your faces.
  32. >This was not how either of you wanted to spend your Friday.
  33. >The streetlamps flickered on as you stepped out.
  34. >It was early spring, Winter Wrap Up was right around the corner.
  35. >"Uhg. How a pony with as leisurely a life as her can have so many sore spots to complain about, I'll never know."
  36. >Got that right...
  37. >"You wanna get dinner?"
  38. >Lotus looks up at you disbelieving. "Don't I normally have to drag you out just to get lunch?"
  39. >You shrug.
  40. >"I have been worn down today by the constant dribble coming out of that mares mouth. You game?"
  41. >Lotus looks towards the center of town. "Diner?"
  42. >You jerk your head to the side and start walking, Lotus close behind you.
  43. >You both slump in your seats at the diner, the day's work catching up to you.
  44. >Lotus is staring off into space with a grin on her face.
  45. >You try to follow her gaze only for her to catch you and have her grin grow wider.
  46. >"What?"
  47. >She points a hoof past you near the edge of the patio. "That's where all this started."
  48. >Oh yeah. She kissed you there.
  49. >"I thought all this started when I pulled myself through your window?"
  50. >She traces a hoof around her wineglass but still stares out. "Yeah, but you wouldn't have come to my house if it didn't start here."
  51. >She turns to look at you. "How did you get to my window anyway?"
  52. >"Jumped off a tree branch."
  54. >The two of you find yourselves taking a late night walk after dinner.
  55. >Lotus is silently resting on your back.
  56. >She saw Rainbow hugging Anon around the neck one day and asked you about it.
  57. >The obvious solution was piggy back rides.
  58. >It worked out, she was pretty light.
  59. >This was nice, Lotus just resting on your back, the silence of the road.
  60. Heeeeey maaaaaan.
  61. >God dammit Brain.
  62. >You do this shit on purpose.
  63. Let's rap, man.
  64. >What?
  65. Let's chat.
  66. >About?
  67. The mare on your back.
  68. >Didn't we already have this discussion?
  69. This is a new discussion.
  70. >Joy.
  71. Did you notice how many she put away at dinner?
  72. >We put away quite a bit ourselves.
  73. No, not that.
  74. >Then what?
  75. Look at how relaxed she is.
  76. >So?
  77. So? She trusts you.
  78. >She just doesn't want to walk, Brain
  79. No, this is trust. Trust me.
  80. >I'm pretty sure she trusted us before.
  81. Enough to get tipsy and let you carry her? Not likely.
  82. >So, what's your point?
  83. I just think it's a bit strange for a guy to have claimed to be taking it slow only to now be taking his special somep0ny to his house.
  84. >Wait, wh-
  85. >"Oof!"
  86. >You rub your face.
  87. >You have run into your own door.
  89. >"Dammit."
  90. >You felt movement on your back.
  91. >"Huh? Where are we?" you heard Lotus say.
  92. >Shit.
  93. >You look like a scumbag.
  94. >"Uh...I ran into my house."
  95. >She settles her head on your shoulder. "Cute."
  96. >You think you see a smile.
  97. >"Can I come in?" she asks.
  98. >Whoa.
  99. Wait.
  100. >What?
  101. >"Huh?"
  102. >She gives you a peck on the cheek. "Has anyp0ny ever told you told you that you're cute when you're flustered? I never saw too much of your home when I was last here, care to give me the tour?"
  103. >The last time she was here was during estrus.
  104. >You can see how that would make paying attention hard.
  105. >"Uhh...sure."
  107. >You let Lotus down and open the door.
  108. >You lead her through the house as you throw your bag on the couch.
  109. >She passes right by the bathroom she was locked in.
  110. >Guess she saw enough of that.
  111. Should we be okay with this?
  112. >Hey, if she trusts us, we should trust her.
  113. >You come in on her in your room, she's looking at the models on display. "Quite the collection you have here, isn't it?"
  114. >You sit down at eye level in the middle of the room.
  115. >"It's a hobby."
  116. >She takes a few steps towards you until she is inches away from your face.
  117. >"Is it weird?"
  118. >Lotus starts to nuzzle your face with hers. "Hmmmm...Maybe I like weird?"
  119. >You run your fingers through her hair.
  120. >"That's weird."
  121. >Lotus doesn't respond.
  122. >It seems she's kissing your neck.
  123. >Uhhh...
  124. >Gents?
  125. Uhhhhh...
  126. >Thanks Brain.
  127. Uuuhhhhh...
  128. >Et tu Jimmies?
  129. Roll with it.
  130. >Heart?
  131. Do it.
  132. >Uhhh.
  133. >You keep running your hand through Lotus's hair.
  134. >That damn headband was in the way, get rid of it.
  135. >She eventually leads up your neck and reaches your lips.
  136. >Okay, wow, that's her tongue.
  137. >She presses up against you and pushes you back.
  138. >Way back.
  139. >Lotus, I'm gonna fal-Ooof!
  140. >Okay, she's on top of you now.
  141. We should tell her.
  142. >Lotus breaks the kiss and goes back to your neck.
  143. >Her hoof reaches between yo-HELLO.
  145. >"L-lotus..."
  146. >Lotus works her way back up to your lips again.
  147. >You try to get it out between breaths.
  148. >"Lotus.."
  149. >She breaks the kiss and looks at you with those big blue eyes of hers
  150. >"Lotus, I-I never..."
  151. >She starts stroking your hair and goes down to your ear. "Ssssshhh. Relax, I know what I'm doing... I'll take care of everything..."
  153. >Morning.
  154. >You didn't mind that it was morning.
  155. >You had been up a while.
  156. >You slept on the floor that night, the bed was too small for the two of you.
  157. >Not that space was an issue. Lotus seemed content to sleep on your chest.
  158. >You didn't mind either, the carpet/blanket combo felt good on your skin.
  159. >Lotus stirred on your chest.
  160. >"Morning, pretty pony."
  161. >She rubbed her eyes. "Mmm...good morning."
  162. >She plants a kiss on you and lays back down.
  163. >Silence falls.
  164. We gonna talk about this?
  165. >What do?
  166. Make a joke?
  167. >"So, was it good for you too?"
  168. >Laughter
  169. >Score one for you.
  170. >"Why is it that that's the first question guys always ask?" she says.
  171. >You rub the nape of her neck.
  172. >"Well, we passed out pretty quick last night. And I'd say I have a bit more reason to want a review.
  173. >Lotus giggles again and rolls off your chest onto the floor.
  174. >She scoots up to your head. "Yes. Despite your general lack of experience, you are a proficient lover."
  175. >+10 ego.
  176. >"But, I've had better." she teases.
  177. >You roll your eyes and clutch your chest.
  178. >"Oh, how will I ever recover from such a horrible blow to my manhood?"
  179. >That elicits a giggle as Lotus wraps herself in your arm. "I will admit though..."
  180. >She looks around. "It was a new experience, making love with so many...tiny eyes watching."
  181. >That got a chuckle from you.
  182. >"Don't go pretending you don't enjoy an audience."
  183. >You both laugh.
  184. >" we work today?"
  185. >Lotus presses herself up against you and looks you in the eye. "I think I'm due for a personal day..."
  186. >Lotus starts the same process as last night, working her way up your neck, as you pull the blanket over the two of you.

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