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BiE 38: Dropping in.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:43:29 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 38=
  3. >You were told to expect trouble.
  4. >You brought your knife expecting trouble.
  5. >There was no trouble here.
  6. >There was nothing living here save for your expedition.
  7. >"Any of you want to tell me why you're wasting my time here?"
  8. >"Settle down, Mous." came a voice from above.
  9. >A pegasus in plain red armor landed next to you.
  10. >"No, Speedy. I was brought in to counter unicorn magic and steal artifacts. I was not brought here to dig through rubble."
  11. >The ruins spread across the entire island, as far as the eye could see.
  12. >You remember seeing the island from above, the entire thing was covered in one giant city.
  13. >A city you now stood in the corpse of.
  14. >What interested you more than the state of the island was the name.
  15. >Gallopfrey.
  16. >You didn't say anything.
  17. >Your enthusiasm had piddled out in the three hours you've been here looking for some non-descript rock, however.
  18. >Still...can't hurt to get more info.
  19. >"Hey, Speedy, what happened here?"
  20. >Speedy gazes over the field of collapsing towers and craters. "No one knows. Legend says that Gallopfrey was a beacon of magical study in the time before Celestia and Luna came to power. But by the time modern explorers got here, there was nothing but these ruins." he says.
  21. >Speedy kicks a rock. "None know what happened to the ponies here."
  22. >You can hazard a guess.
  23. >Extermination.
  24. >Enough wonderment, back to work.
  25. >"Well, I don't want to be in a corpse city any longer then I have to. Let's move."
  27. >You and Speedy made way further into a large globe structure.
  28. >"What are we looking for here, man?"
  29. >Speedy shrugs. "I don't know, the Holy Mother just said we'd know it when we found it.
  30. >Actually, that was what her escorts said she said.
  31. >What she said was more along the lines of "We got dead rock find and see-know it."
  32. >"Why does she talk like that, anyway?"
  33. >Speedy looks back to you. "Lord Discord speaks to us through her. It's...apparently quite the ordeal."
  34. >"Why doesn't Discord just talk to us direct?"
  35. >"Lord Discord isn't the only being trapped in Tartarus. He's one of the bigger ones there, but he was weakened by the Elements of Harmony. If He tried to contact our plain directly, then He would be discovered by Tirek or the Dogfather, maybe even the Smooze or Grogar." he says.
  36. >"And?"
  37. >"And even Gods have enemies, Mous."
  38. >That made sense.
  39. >Every sentient being had enemies.
  40. We've made a few for ourselves these last few days.
  42. >You continued walking.
  43. >You were lucky you weren't out here alone, most of the members of this cult seemed a mite Xenophobic.
  44. >Speedy was the first decent one you've met.
  45. >He was a good kid.
  46. >"Hey, Speedster, how'd you get here, anyway?"
  47. >"That's an odd question." he says.
  48. >"I'm an odd guy."
  49. >"Well, I attended a rally in Cloudsdale a few weeks ago. Everything they said just made so much sense to me...about the worlds natural state being one of chaos and how ponykind had actually become weaker since the Princesses came to power. I decided to join up and here I am."
  50. >Typical cult jarg-OHSHIT.
  51. >The ground below you gave way and caused you to slide down to the bottom of the sphere below.
  52. >You eventually landed on your ass, Speedy touching down next to you shortly afterwards.
  53. >"Are you okay, Mous?" he asked.
  54. >"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fi-
  55. >You cut yourself off.
  56. >In front of you was a slab of rock, one no bigger than your hand.
  57. >Magic of every color imaginable flowed freely out and then back into it, giving the chamber you were in a kaleidoscopic glow.
  58. >"Get a unicorn here, I think we found what we're looking for."
  60. >It took a few hours to get the slab of Gallopfreyin rock out of its resting place, but you got it.
  61. >You were currently sitting in the supersized carriage the cult used to travel in.
  62. >Most carriages fit maybe eight and were pulled by two pegusi.
  63. >This one was big enough to fit twenty and had to be pulled by eight pegusi.
  64. >The perfect size for a strike force.
  65. >Still, the added size was nice, it let them have a roof.
  66. >You were currently headed south at best speed to the kingdom of Zebrica.
  67. >"Anyone want to tell me what the plan is?"
  68. >The pegasus from the planning meeting, Stormwing, his name was, spoke up. "Our plan is to land the strike team outside of the Zebra temple in Whoazambique. There we will steal the claw of Bangheli, the tiger that was responsible for over a hundred Zebra deaths when he was alive."
  69. >"What's the welcoming committee look like?"
  70. >"Celestia and Luna are aware of the significance of the claw, and a small cadre of unicorn magi are on station to help defend it with their Zebra allies." Stormwing said.
  71. >Unicorns. Magic.
  72. That's us.
  74. >"Right. I'll handle the unicorns, you all worry about the zebras. No fatalities."
  75. >"What!?" Stormwing gasped.
  76. >"We are leading a war and you expect us to allow our enemies to live!?" he shouted.
  77. >"You are leading a cult, not a war, and if you want anyp0ny else to think you're right, then you can't leave a trail of bodies."
  78. >You and Stormwing glaring at each other is interrupted by a voice from the front of the carriage. "No big pain!"
  79. >You both look to see the Holy Mother looking at you for a few seconds before her eyes lead her away.
  80. >"The Holy Mother has spoken, Stormwing."
  81. >Stormwing grunts in annoyance and trots off.
  82. >You pear out the window, you can see Whoazambique fast approaching.
  83. >Pegusi and unicorns line up near the door.
  84. >You nudge your way to the front.
  85. >"Alright, I'll take the Equestrian unicorns. The rest of you, occupy the guards and give the fliers time to dash in and grab the claw. Then we leg it back to the chariot and bail, got it?"
  86. >The drop party nods as the chariot slows down and the doors open.
  88. >The smell of grass and heat enters your nose as your boots hit Zebrican soil.
  89. >The temple rests inside a hill a few hundred feet off in the distance, Zebrican guards are already running out with the Equestrian magi already out.
  90. >You begin a slow walk towards them as the rest of the party falls in behind you.
  91. >"Steady. Keep pace with me and don't break until the fighting starts."
  92. >Intimidation is the best weapon.
  93. >The lead unicorn stood next to some sort of tribal leader and shouted down to you. "Halt! You are on holy Zebrican ground that is guarded by the Equestrian Magi Society! Leave at once!"
  94. >"Hand over the claw and we'll be gone before you can blink!"
  95. >He scoffs. "The claw of Bangheli is property of the people of Zebrica! You will not gain it freely."
  96. >"Then it's a good thing I'm prepared to use force!"
  97. >The Zebra leader stepped forward. "Who are you to take the claw? It is ours by Zebrican law!"
  98. >Seems rhyming is a cultural thing for Zebras.
  99. >You pull David out from his sheath.
  100. >"I like to see that you can rhyme, but unfortunately, you waste my time. I will allow you all to divert, just give us the claw and no one gets hurt."
  101. >The leader scoffs this time. "Such a crime I cannot allow, take your soldiers and leave. Now."
  102. >The time for talk is over.
  103. The time for war poetry is now.
  104. >Poetry?
  105. For fear.
  106. >Do we know any?
  107. We know one...
  108. >This better work...
  109. >"With blood and rage of crimson red...
  110. >"I'll fill souls souls with the darkest dread."
  111. >"You will see my kind of hate..."
  112. >"I'll burn you all, THAT IS YOU FATE!"
  113. >The unicorn shouts. "Stand ready!"
  114. >"CHARGE!"
  116. >The battle is joined.
  117. >The magi commander fires a quick bolt at you, one you deflect with a backhand.
  118. >His shocked expression says it all.
  119. That always gets em.
  120. >You grab his horn and throw him on the ground, a kick to the head takes him out for now.
  121. >The tribal leader rushes you, you dance around him and ready David.
  122. >No fatalities.
  123. >You trace a line along his right side with David, his pain distracts him long enough for you to push him over and deliver a kick to the head.
  124. >A pair of unicorns get wise and hold your clothes in a telekinetic grip.
  125. >Now you see why I wore a sweatshirt to a place this hot.
  126. Yeah yeah...
  127. >You slip out of your sweatshirt and rush the unicorns.
  128. >A punch to one's face allows you to grab the other's horn and drive you knife into his shoulder.
  129. Dude!
  130. >A casualty is not a fatality.
  131. >The unicorns companion regains himself, but a quick flick of the knife and a few drops of blood in his eyes are enough to distract him again and allow you to take his knees. A few blows to the head takes him out.
  133. >A Zebra charges you with a staff. You sidestep and embed David into it, cracking the wood and allowing you to twist it away from her.
  134. >You toss the zebra into a wall, a double kick to the head later leaves both of you on the ground, but only one of you getting up again.
  135. >"Mercenary!"
  136. >You look up to see Stromwing and Speedy flanking a griffin holding a box. "We have the claw!"
  137. >Good.
  139. >You leg it back to where the carriage is with the rest of the landing party.
  140. >You intercepted every magical bolt you could and tried to keep the zebras from giving chase.
  141. >You pushed a unicorn into the hovering carriage and started to climb in yourself.
  142. >The Holy Mother was staring right at you.
  144. >Your shock causes you to hesitate, the unicorn commander finally gets back to his feet and shoots a magical bolt at you.
  145. >It's heading for Her.
  146. This'll all be for shit if she dies! Move!
  147. >You lift your arm to block only to find another body where it's supposed to go.
  148. >The blast washes over Speedy and throws him to the back of the carriage.
  149. >"Speedy!"
  150. >You glance back at the temple, none of yours were still out there.
  151. >"Driver! Go!"
  152. >The doors close and you take off, magical blasts tailing you into the sky.
  154. >You rush back to Speedy.
  155. >He's still breathing.
  156. Good.
  157. >"Medic!"
  158. >A unicorn pushes past you and begins to cast healing spells.
  159. >Your rage starts to boil over.
  160. >You grab Stormwing and throw him to the ground
  161. >"What's the fucking deal with having the goddamn VIP in that warzone!"
  162. >He struggles under you. "The Holy Mother attends all away missions! It is through her that we are blessed by Discord!"
  163. >You bring your fist down on his jaw. Hard.
  164. >"That's fucking retarded! You needlessly put Her at risk and may have killed Speedy!"
  165. >Stormwing stops moving.
  166. >You hear a coughing to your side. "So, what would you have us do, sir?"
  167. >You wheel around.
  168. >Speedy's eyes are open at least.
  169. Wait. Sir?
  170. >"What did you just call me?"
  171. >He coughs again and smiles. "In our society, those in command got there by defeating those who previously held the position. Are you not taking command, sir?"
  172. >Well now.
  173. Aint that something?
  174. >You return to Stormwing and slap him awake.
  175. >"Hey, asshole! Wake up!"
  176. >Stormwings eyes open and start to focus, you take out David and bring him to his chest .
  177. >"I am taking command of all future raids. Speak now and be split from stem to stern or forever hold your peace."
  178. >He remains silent.
  179. >"Good."
  180. >You dismount and take a knee next to Speedy and the medic.
  182. >Taking Stormwings post as raid leader also came with an upgrade in living quarters.
  183. >You now slept in a small tent with a single cot.
  184. Better then tree's.
  185. >Trixie was a bit pissed when you told her you usurped Stormwing, but her anger evaporated when you showed her the two artifacts you found.
  186. >Speedy was taken to the doctors tent. He would live, but was in no shape to fight.
  187. >You replaced him with a Griffin.
  188. >You lay down on your new bed.
  189. >It was late, you were tired, and you had two more raids tomorrow.
  190. The life of a mercenary.
  191. >But still, everything was coming together.
  192. >Get the artifacts, find Discord, and finish this.
  193. >Here's hoping Anon doesn't inadvertently cock this up.
  194. >Your concerns put to rest, you find your thoughts drifting to a place you didn't want them to.
  195. >To Lotus.
  196. >You could have very easily died twice today.
  197. >If you did die, what would happen? Would she grieve? Even if you told her not to?
  198. >Would she even find out?
  199. This isn't helping. Thinking like this will get us killed for sure.
  200. >You sigh.
  201. >Right. Veins like ice.
  202. Remember why you're doing this.
  203. >Yeah...
  204. >It'll be worth it.

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