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BiE 41: Welcoming.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:44:31 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 41=
  3. >Today was it.
  4. >The big day.
  5. >The day you raid the Discord Cult's camp.
  6. >The day where your shot in the dark idea was the deciding factor on whether or not there was a tomorrow.
  7. >Mous had apparently raided a Canterlot museum in the early morning. That had been the last straw for Celestia once she found out, she mobilized the guard at first light.
  8. >The guard had taken up positions defending both Ponyville and the Magi stationed between Ponyville proper and the Everfree Forest.
  9. >The cult wasn't just sitting on their hooves though, they were in the trees as soon as they saw you setting up.
  10. >A standoff ensued.
  11. >One that's been going on for almost seven hours now.
  12. >A shadow momentarily blotted out the sun.
  13. >You looked up and saw both Celestia and Luna descending on you. It was all hands on deck for this one.
  14. >Celestia eyed you as she landed. "Is everything ready, Anon?"
  15. >You sigh. "As well as it can be, Princess. Twilight is triple checking everything now so we'll be ready when something happens."
  16. >The three of you stare out over at the forest. You could see them if you squinted, the silhouettes of movement between the trees.
  17. >"They are going to draw this out." Luna said.
  18. >"We will let them." Celestia said. "They think themselves holding all the cards, but we still have a few tricks."
  19. >Celestia was wearing that look again. It was easy to just see her kind exterior and forget that she had been a politician for a millennium.
  20. >You looked back at the woods.
  21. >You wondered what Mous was doing, and how he was going to factor into all this.
  22. >No way he was on the sidelines.
  24. -Mous PoV-
  25. >Anon is standing next to Celestia and Luna.
  26. >They're all looking right at you.
  27. Think they can see us?
  28. >They aren't acting it if they can.
  29. >You hand the binoculars to the guard you borrowed them from.
  30. >"Send a runner if anything changes."
  31. >"Yes sir." he says.
  32. >You trudge back to the forward camp and find a familiar pegasus.
  33. >"Stormwing, what do you make of this?"
  34. >He scoffs. "The foals are simply waiting us out. They'll not be so content to be still once we summon Lord Discord."
  35. >Leave it to Stormwing to put all his eggs in one basket.
  36. >"What's your plan if they charge before Discord is here?"
  37. >His face grows serious. "The plan, mercenary, is to hold them here. We have the advantage in terrain and objective. Each of these soldiers will gladly lay down their life to buy Mistress Trixie the time she needs to summon Lord Discord."
  38. Brilliant...
  39. >"Try and keep 'em scared away. Anything for more time."
  40. >"Finally, we agree on something mercenary." he laughs.
  41. >Yeah.
  42. Whatever.
  44. >You head further into the camp, it was mostly deserted.
  45. >You head to the cafeteria tent.
  46. >Inside is everyone who can't fight, the sick or injured, the young or old.
  47. >There wasn't even a guard posted outside.
  48. >You look over everyone inside, you spot the three little colts you met on your first night here.
  49. Pore little bastards probably don't have any idea what's going on...
  50. >"Hey, Mous." you hear from over your shoulder.
  51. >"Speedy..."
  52. >He was laying down in a cot in the corner, his wing was bandaged from the hit he took.
  53. >"How's it hanging?"
  54. >He looks around. "Could be worse..."
  55. Not by much.
  56. >"So, what's the plan if they get here?"
  57. >"He rests his head on the cot. "I don't know, we don't have any guards. I suppose we'd all be taken prisoner and prosecuted for crimes against the crown."
  58. Shit.
  59. >That sounded bad.
  60. >Speedy speaks again. "But, we won't be. Mistress Trixie is already summoning Lord Discord...everything will be fixed once He gets here...wait and see..."
  61. >Speedy laid his head back down on the cot.
  62. >You look over the crowd of infirm again.
  63. >"Keep 'em safe, Speedy."
  64. >You get up and walk out of the tent.
  66. >You make your way to where Trixie was casting the spell, a small clearing on the far side of the forest from the guards.
  67. They were going to sacrifice people for time.
  68. >Trixie stood in the middle of an arcane circle, runes and magical whips of energy floated from the circle into the four items circling her.
  69. >The artifacts you had collected were starting a light show of their own, those lights then feeding into a portal as tall as you were in front of the summoning circle.
  70. >The Holy Moth-Screwball was sitting behind her, staring off into space again.
  71. >Trixie notices you approaching. "Mercenary! Glad you could arrive! Are you here to watch as the Great and Powerful Trixie summons the Lord of Chaos?"
  72. >Great and Powerful?
  73. Some ponies...
  74. >Keep it cool.
  75. >"Thought I'd offer some additional security."
  76. >Trixie nods and turns back to the portal. "Not necessary! The Great and Powerful Trixie is moments away from completing the ritual!"
  77. We're close.
  78. >You find your mind drifting once more to a place you don't want it to at this juncture.
  79. Dammit.
  80. >Against your better judgment, you sigh to yourself and say a small prayer.
  81. Lotus, wherever today or your life takes you, please be happy.
  82. >You cover your eyes as a multicolored beam shoots from the portal into the sky.
  84. -Anon PoV-
  85. >You saw the beam.
  86. >Everyp0ny saw the beam.
  87. >It shot straight up from the forest and begun to suck magical energy from the sky.
  88. >Guard ponies were rushing around, organizing into ranks.
  89. >The mages were running around preparing the dimensional prison for the worst.
  90. >Celestia and Luna stood ready for battle even as they ordered a flier to gather the rest of the girls in case the Elements of Harmony were needed.
  91. >All you could do is watch.
  92. >"It's starting..." you say.
  93. >You think of your bro for what may be the last time.
  94. >You're sorry Mous.
  95. >You're so sorry it came to this.
  96. >But you have to stop this.
  98. >You are the Great and Powerful Trixie.
  99. >You were moments from completing the spell.
  100. >You could feel the chaos flow from the artifacts.
  101. >You could feel Discord using his magic to stabilize things on his end.
  102. >You couldn't be happier.
  103. >You were about to get all the power you deserved.
  104. >You would remake Equestria in your image.
  105. >You would watch as ponies groveled at your hooves.
  106. >You would do six shows a night to a packed crowed.
  107. >But most importantly...
  108. >You would have revenge on Twilight Sparkle for humiliating you.
  109. >She has embarrassed and run you out of town before, and you were about to return the favor a thousand fold.
  110. >The immortal enemy that she had worked so hard to banish, you would release.
  111. >The harmony that she tried to uphold, you would destroy.
  112. >You could hear Discord in your head now.
  113. "Good, apprentice! Just a bit further!"
  114. >You redouble your efforts and recite the arcane words in your mind.
  115. >You can see Discord appear in the portal.
  116. >"Almost there!" he called out through the portal.
  117. >A bit more and he would be able to cross over.
  118. >Pain lances through you and breaks your concentration for a moment.
  119. >The final magical words remain trapped on the tip of your minds tongue.
  120. >You begin to feel cold.
  121. >You look down to see what had interrupted you in your moment of glory.
  122. >A knife was sticking out of your stomach.
  124. -Mous PoV-
  125. >You pull David out of Trixie and toss her out of the circle.
  126. >"Well, that's over with."
  127. >You look to the portal, inside it was a being that looked like some first year seamstress's attempt at a doll.
  128. The portal isn't collapsing.
  129. >It might be self sustaining.
  130. Stall.
  131. >"So, you must be Discord."
  132. >He was wearing a smug look.
  133. >"And you must be that interesting being I met yesterday through the link. I see you stabbed my apprentice." he said.
  134. >You look down at Trixie, she had lost a lot of blood but was already trying to stem the bleeding and cast a healing spell.
  135. Will it work?
  136. >It better.
  137. >You had swiped some manticore poison from the armorer and coated David with it, Trixie would be slowed down just enough to do what needed to be done.
  138. >"Something like that."
  139. >He begins to clap his mismatched hands. "Bravo, bravo. A masterful level of deception."
  140. You aint seen nothing yet...
  141. >"I would say I'm surprised, but I know how this cult works. Congratulations, new Grand Wizard. Now, continue the spell and let me into the world again."
  142. >A sound echoes through the forest.
  143. >A sound that caused creatures spines to chill.
  144. >The sound of your laughter.
  145. >That was too rich.
  146. >Discord looks confused.
  147. >"You don't get it, do you?"
  148. >You take a few steps to the portal until you are face to face with Discord.
  149. >"I'm not here to let you in..."
  150. >"I'm here to watch you die."
  151. >"See, I know about how the rest of Tartarus feels about you, and from the look of things..."
  152. >You gesture behind him. Clouds of dust miles high billowed from behind the Tartarian hills.
  153. >" don't have too much time.
  155. >Discord turned to you, the reality of the situation dawning on him.
  156. >"You see Discord, little Trixie here was so intent on me helping her, that she missed on crucial fact."
  157. >A smile tugs at your lips as you stare down this Chaos God.
  158. >"This place is my home and you're not welcome. I have people I care for here, people I love, people I look out for and who look out for me."
  159. >Your smile is noticeable now.
  160. >"You think I was going to let you out with all them here?"
  161. >He steps closer to the portal on his end. "But...I watched you, through Screwball, screw the others. You helped them free me! Why change that now?!"
  162. This guy serious?
  163. >"For a spirit of chaos, you sure can't tell when you're being played."
  164. >He grabs the portal in a temper. "Answer me!" he bellows.
  165. >"You were the only threat to Equestrian life that was still around. I knew that if you got out, you would hurt everyp0ny here, you would hurt Anon. I decided to take you out of the equation."
  166. >You cross your arms.
  167. >"I must say, it was better than my first plan to just stab you to death once you got through. Now I can have a bunch of hell spawn do it for me."
  168. >Discord put his hands on his hips. "So, what do you want? The power to protect your family and friends? The wealth to never have to worry about anything else ever again?"
  169. He's nothing if not persistent.
  170. >"I want nothing you have Discord. You're not in a position to bargain either, I'm holding all the cards."
  171. >"Oh, we'll see about that." Discord says as he snaps his talons.
  173. >You hear movement behind you.
  174. >You turn and see Screwball start to rise.
  175. >Her normally wide eyes are squinted with rage, the spirals inside are spinning wildly.
  176. >"Stop...ape. Free...voice." she says.
  177. Fuck.
  178. >You reach for David.
  179. Plan A first.
  180. >"You're stronger than this, Screwball."
  181. >She looks at you, he eyes widening.
  182. >"I had Discord in my head for less than a minute and I had to throw him out. You've had him in you for months."
  183. >She continues to shamble towards you.
  184. >"If I can do it, you can do it. Kick him out, Screwball."
  185. Please don't make us kill you.
  186. >"Can't...not strong enough..." she says.
  187. >She was already fighting back.
  188. >Discord starts to shout "You're right! You're not strong enou-"
  189. >"OH, SHUT UP!"
  190. >You crouch down to Screwballs height.
  191. One hell of a gambit.
  192. >"Don't listen to him. You're as strong as you need to be, Screwball."
  193. >She stalls.
  194. >"Now, take your life back."
  195. >Screwball begins to shake. "Get...out...of my...head..."
  196. >The spirals in her eyes recede, bringing forth her natural blues.
  197. >"Get out!" she cries as she falls over.
  198. Shit!
  199. >She's still breathing.
  200. Good...
  201. >"No! NO!" you hear behind you.
  202. Now for this prick.
  203. >You stomp up to the portal.
  204. >"You know, before you just annoyed me, but now you've pissed me right the hell off."
  205. >"Enjoy being eaten alive, Discord. May your name be synonymous with a bad joke."
  206. >You turn and walk away from the portal. Discord gives it one last go. "Don't you turn your back on me! We can still help each other! I can still send you home!"
  207. >You look over your shoulder.
  208. >"I told you. I -am- home."
  209. >You kick the nearest artifact over and listen to Discord's scream of fury as the portal snaps shut.
  210. Quick, say something witty.
  211. >"End of line."
  213. >Screwball is still breathing.
  214. >You crouch down next to Trixie, the poison still seems to be hitting her.
  215. >"Trixie, I hereby take control of the Cult of Discord from you. If you contest, I'll kill your family."
  216. Harsh, dude.
  217. >Not in the mood right now, brain.
  218. >"Why..." Trixie said.
  219. >Huh? Why?
  220. >"Were you not paying attention? I explained my reasons to your boss. I'd call him back so he could tell you, but I think he's a bit busy right now."
  221. >"This was my moment...and you took it away..."
  222. >Trixie's eyes narrow as she glares at you.
  223. >"Kill you!" she shout as she pours all she has into a magical blast aimed at your face.
  224. These kids never learn.
  225. >You punch her in the face.
  226. >"Now now, My Little Megalomaniac. We'll get you the help you need."
  227. >You look down at the puddle of blood and the hastily closed wound on Trixie stomach.
  228. >"Why, if you're lucky, you might still get to keep your kidney."
  229. >"Won't...leave..." she huffs out.
  230. >You cup your hand over your ear.
  231. >"What's that? Can't hear ya?"
  232. >Trixie turns her head to you and grins a sick grin. "You won't leave...they won't let you."  
  233. They?
  234. >Shit!
  235. Behind!
  236. >You wheel around.
  237. >Everyone is there. In the trees.
  238. >Every soldier, every magister, every species of the cult was surrounding the summoning circle.
  239. >And they were staring at you.
  240. >Stormwing was in the lead. "Wha-what have you done!?"
  241. >You glace back behind you.
  242. >Trixie has joined Screwball in unconsciousness.
  243. >You put her there.
  244. Will it work?
  245. >It better...
  246. >"I've taken control."
  247. >You turn back to the amassed cult.
  248. >Now or never...
  249. >"Forces of Chaos...bow to me."
  251. -Anon PoV-
  252. >The lights in the sky were gone.
  253. >The beam from the portal had pulled back minutes ago.
  254. >All the cult members in the trees had retreated further into the forest when it happened.
  255. >What followed was the most tense time of your life.
  256. >Was Discord free? Was it time?
  257. >What happened?
  258. >What you saw however, you were not prepared for.
  259. >You saw Mous.
  260. >He was leading what looked like the entire cult towards you.
  261. >He had his hands behind his head.
  262. >None of them were carrying weapons.
  263. >You saw several white flags.
  264. >...was it over?
  265. >Mous walked right up to the Princesses, the cult at his rear.
  266. >He held out both of his hands. "Princesses. Discord is dead. The Cult is over. I hereby surrender them to you."
  267. >Both Princesses looked they had just seen the impossible.
  268. >Celestia was the first to speak. "Yes. Well. Guards, bind them and take them in for holding."
  269. >"I am the leader of the Cult now. I expect my subjects to be treated fairly." Mous said as he shot Celestia a glare.
  270. >She held his gaze for a moment. "They will be."
  271. >Mous was shackled and lead away."We also have wounded, they'll need to be seen to."
  272. >Whoa. Hold on. "Mous!" you call out as you grab his shoulder.
  273. >He looked you in the eye. He looked...tired. "Wh-what happened? What is this?" you asked.
  274. >Mous looked you in the eye for a while. "Everything went as planned." he said as the guards lead him away.
  275. >You turned back to the Princesses. They looked as confused as you did. "So...what happens now?" you ask.
  276. >Celestia looked at you. "Now, we figure out where we go from here."

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