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BiE 42: On Trial.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:44:43 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 42=
  3. >You sat alone.
  4. >You were in a cage.
  5. >Your hands were bound together by a chain, that chain was bound to the wall.
  6. A bit excessive.
  7. >We -did- almost lead an insurrectionist cult in summoning an evil god.
  8. >You sat in Ponyville's jail.
  9. >Nothing fancy, just iron bars and stone walls.
  10. >You shouldn't be surprised that their jail was a bit medieval, nop0ny ever committed crimes here.
  11. Well, at least we'll be remembered.
  12. >Yeah. As a psychopath who almost got everyp0ny killed.
  13. We had good intentions.
  14. >The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  15. You would rather we not have done anything?
  16. >...
  17. >I would rather we not need to have done anything.
  18. >You lean your head back against the wall.
  19. >Too late now...
  20. >The Princesses were being remarkably understanding about all this.
  21. >They intended to give you a trial tomorrow, let all your crimes be laid bare and have Ponyville decide your fate.
  22. >You didn't hold your breath.
  23. Still...not too shabby.
  24. >Yeah. Could have been worse...
  25. >Your laments are interrupted as the door to the jail opens and a trio of Ponies walk in.
  27. >They stared at you.
  28. >Two alicorns and a unicorn.
  29. >"Princesses. Blueblood."
  30. Why the hell is he here?
  31. >Blueblood looked concerned, Luna intrigued, Celestia just stared at you.
  32. >"You shouldn't frown so much Princess, it'll freeze-"
  33. >"Now is not the time for games, Mous."
  34. Ouch...
  35. >Guess we're being serious now.
  36. >You look up at the royal trio.
  37. >"So, why are you here?"
  38. >"We have come to hear your account of things." Luna said.
  39. >"We are curious to know your thought process." Blueblood said.
  40. >Celestia just stared.
  41. >"Well then, is there anything in particular you wanted to know?"
  42. >"Why." Celestia said. Her words were cold.
  43. >You let out a deep sigh and lean back.
  44. How do we say this?
  45. >" it here. Anon likes it here. I've been betting on Anon saying he wants to stay here for a while. I'm not opposed to it, and if your reports about what I said in town square say differently, I was lying then."
  46. >"I knew about Discord and what he did. So when Trixie asked for my help bringing him back, I took the bait and started planning to sabotage everything."
  47. >"Why?" Celestia asked again.
  48. Did you not make that obvious?
  49. >"I wanted Discord gone. Dead, if it could be arranged. That was the only way Anon or anyp0ny else was going to live a normal-esque life."
  50. >"Discord had only been a threat twice. The odds of him successfully returning again were low." Blueblood said.
  51. >"Any odds higher than zero were too high for me."
  52. >The royals exchange looks.
  53. >Celestia stepped forward. "Tell me, you expected to succeed at this the entire time?"
  54. >"I had to. I couldn't allow Discord to come back."
  55. >"And you expected to simply walk away from it?" she asked.
  56. >"No."
  57. >"Then, what did you expect?"
  58. >"To be dead."
  60. >The three exchange glances.
  61. That through them for a loop.
  62. >"Thou...expected to parish?" Luna said.
  63. >You nod.
  64. >"The plan going into this was to either die fighting Discord or get executed afterwards."
  65. >"Why?" Celestia said.
  66. >She was favoring that word...
  67. >"If joining a cult to bring back Discord wasn't enough, I wounded about a dozen ponies and zebras,  personally maimed a griffin, probably got a few more killed, and stole priceless artifacts from at least three sovereign nations."
  68. >You glare at the rapidly blinking royalty.
  69. >"Where I come from, people have been executed for less."
  70. >" did this regardless of knowing that?" Blueblood said?
  71. >"Why?" Celestia asked.
  72. >This bitch and the whys...
  73. >"Because it's my job to keep Anon as safe and happy as I can. That's what big bros do. If I had to sacrifice my life to ensure a world where he and everp0ny else I care about could live in peace, then I would do it."
  74. >The three of them glance at each other again.
  75. Uh...might have overdone it there.
  76. >"Don't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal here. I went with the plan that I thought would give me the best chance of success. I'm just saying that getting off scot free is betting against the odds."
  77. >The royals fall silent.
  78. >"Any more questions you wanted to ask?"
  79. >"No." Celestia says as she steps out.
  80. >She stops at the door.
  81. >"But, he might."
  83. -Anon PoV-
  84. >You step in as the royalty steps out.
  85. >You are less than happy.
  86. >"Mous." you say. "...Anon." was your reply.
  87. >Mous looks around his tiny jail cell.
  88. >He looked like crap, his clothes were torn, his eyes bloodshot, he face scarred.
  89. >"I figure you owe me a chat before tomorrow." you say.
  90. >Mous sighs. "I figure you're right."
  91. >"What the fuck man." Mous looks at you with a small grin.
  92. >No. Fuck that grin.
  93. >"What the fuck was all this?"
  94. >Mous sighs and tells you it all.
  95. >About his plan.
  96. >About his motives.
  97. >...About his suspected future.
  98. >"You know..." you start. "I'm not pissed about the cult. I'm not pissed about the thefts. I'm not even pissed that you plan on dying."
  99. >You crouch down to his eye level. "No. What pisses me right the fuck off is that you didn't tell me anything." he turns his gaze from you. "I'm your best friend, Mous. Through thick and thin. And you think you can go do something like this and not tell me?"
  100. >"It wasn't your problem." he says.
  101. >"BULLSHIT!" You lash out and kick the cell bars.
  102. >Oh. Are you mad now.
  103. >"'Not my problem.' What the fuck is that!? I don't call you my bro because I think we're secretly related! If it's your problem, it damn well better be mine! Because I sure as shit know that if it's mine you make it yours!"
  104. >You glare at him, giving him every ounce of your anger. "...I'm sorry." he says.
  105. >Ahh...dammit.
  106. >You lean back against the wall and fall to the ground.
  107. >You were both silent for a while. "Heh. Did you see any of this coming when we first got here?" Mous laughs. "Not at all..."
  109. >"So..." he starts. "How's Lotus?"
  110. >You raise an eyebrow. "Lotus?"
  111. >He nods. Cute.
  112. >You sigh. "We found her after you bailed, she was in some alleyway crying."
  113. >Mous shrinks away when you say that.
  114. >"As far as I know, she went home."
  115. >"Good..." he says as he leans his head back.
  116. >"I sent her a letter a few nights ago, I didn't hear back from her."
  117. >Mous nods his head. The room goes silent.
  118. >"So..." Mous opens one eye and looks at you without turning his head. "Did you two..."
  119. >You play out a series of motions with your hands.
  120. >Mous sighs and looks forward. "Yes." he grunts out.
  121. >Well. Wow.
  122. >Lotus was...impressive.
  123. >"She must be special...what'd she do to get you to go along?"
  124. >A smile pulls across Mous's lips. "She trapped me in a cave for a weekend."
  125. >You laugh and flip him the bird. "Fuck you, man."
  126. >"I have somep0ny for that." he said before his face fell. "At least, I used to."
  127. >"Hey man, don't give up." you say as you stand.
  128. >Mous sighs. "I'm not giving up, I just...I don't want to plan for something and have it taken away."
  129. >Two knocks come from the door. "Visiting hours are up." the guard said.
  130. >You turn back to Mous. "Go." he said.
  131. >"I'll see you at the courthouse tomorrow." you say.
  132. >Mous grins and nods as the guard leads you out.
  134. >You sat in the courtroom pews, Rainbow and the rest of the girls sat to your side with the Princesses and some Prince Rarity didn't seem to like on your other side.
  135. >You even saw Lotus sitting near the back of the room. "I need to be here." she said.
  136. >Court proceedings in Equestria were a bit different the Earth, it seemed.
  137. >The judge served as both prosecution and defense, you wanted to point out what a bad idea that was, but Twilight urged against it.
  138. >Ponyville's own Judge Honor Gavel was presiding over this. "Bring in the accused." he said.
  139. >The doors at the back of the courtroom swung open. Mous was in the same clothes he had surrendered in, the same chains too.
  140. >You saw a mixture of emotions play across Lotus's face when Mous stepped in. He didn't meet her eyes, instead just focusing straight forward.
  141. >Mous was lead to a raised dais in the center of the room.
  142. >Judge Gavel started things. "We are not here today to determine whether or not this man is guilty, that much is known."
  143. >Well shit, that sounded bad. "Instead, we are here to determine whether the intentions behind his actions and the presented results are enough to clear him of that guilt."
  144. >His eyes fall to the center of the room. "State your name, son."
  145. >"Mous." he says.
  146. >"Mister Mous, you are charged with accelerating events which could have lead to the release of Discord. You have pled guilty to that." Gavel says.
  147. >"Yes."
  148. >"I am told that you had a reason for doing that. Would you care to share?"
  149. >Mous sighs. "It all started a few nights ago..."
  151. >The courtroom sat in rapt attention as Mous finished his tale. "And that brings us to where we are now, your honor."
  152. >The judge didn't look convinced. "From your story, it seems like you got rid of Discord by accident, meaning you committed these crimes without knowing if doing so would help."
  153. >Shit. That sounded like Mous.
  154. >"How do we know that you will not commit even more heinous acts to stop a future threat?" the judge said. "To be honest, you sound like a madman who is attempting to justify himself."
  155. >Shitshitshit.
  156. >The judge turns to the room. "Is there anyp0ny here who can attest to the character of this man? Any who can convince me that he would not do these things again?"
  157. >You stand as soon as he finished. "I can." the entire room turns to you. "I've known Mous longer than anyone here. He's been like my brother for over twenty years, and while his actions have always been...extreme,  they've never been malicious."
  158. >The court room stood in silence...come on, you can't do this by yourself.
  160. >That royal unicorn, what's his name? Blueblotch? Stands. "When I look at Mous, I see myself. I see somep0ny who has made mistakes and wants to make up for them. I would ask this court to give him the same chance they gave me."
  161. >On the opposite side of the room, Lyra and Bon Bon rose. "Mous came to our house to teach Lyra a magic trick, I'll admit that it caused an argument at the time, but we wouldn't have been married if it wasn't for that argument."
  162. >"He's been my friend since he came here!" Derpy shouted from the back.
  163. >"He tried to help get me to believe in myself." Fluttershy said.
  164. >"He helped Anon get Poison Joke for me and had to fight a manticore to do it!" said Twilight.
  165. >Princess Luna stood. "Every misdeed he may have done was for the good of those around him."
  166. >The room fell silent as Celestia rose from her seat. She cleared her throat "I had a chance to meet Mous on his first day in Equestria. I will admit that he caught me in a...compromising position." Luna and Bloobloo roll their eyes.
  167. >"He had every chance to make what he found known to everyp0ny he saw, but didn't. I stand with the others in this room. Mous may take extreme actions, but they are never for evil purpose."
  168. >Mous stares back at everyone in the courtroom with a face that speaks of shock.
  169. >Someone wasn't expecting this.
  171. >"Settle down, everyp0ny." Judge Gavel says as he bangs his namesake.
  172. >He settles his head on his hoof as he thinks. "It is clear that this man, despite the rashness of his actions, meant well." he rises in his seat. "But I cannot, in good conscience, let him go unpunished."
  173. >"I may be able to help there, your honor." Princess Celestia said.
  174. >Celestia smirks. "I request that I handle his punishment."
  175. >Mous whirls around and stares wide eyed at Celestia, she smirks
  176. >The judge strokes his chin. "Mister Mous." Mous turns back around to the judge. "Would you be alright with Her Highness handling your punishment?"
  177. >Mous swallows. "I'd prefer it over an execution..."
  178. >"And are you sorry for what you did?" the judge asks.
  179. >Mous looks down. "Yes."
  180. >The judge rights himself. "Then I hereby leave your punishment in the hooves of Princess Celestia. Court dismissed." he slams his gavel twice and steps down.
  181. >You jump out of the pew and walk up to Mous. "Dude! You're still alive!" you say as you shake him.
  182. >"Yeah..." was all he said
  183. >"Well, Mous." comes a voice from behind you. The both of you turn around and face Celestia. "It would seem that your punishment is my responsibility."
  184. >"It would seem so..." he said.
  185. >Celestia smiles. "However, I find myself weary after this long ordeal. I'll tell you what, why don't we pick this up again in a year or so?"
  186. >Mous's jaw drops like a rock. "What."
  187. >"You won't be needing those." Celestia says as she magics Mous's cuffs off.
  188. >"Luna, Blueblood, we should be off." Celestia says as her royal family departs.
  190. -Mous PoV-
  191. >" just got a whole year reprieve." Anon said.
  192. >"Yeah..."
  193. >You were still a bit shocked.
  194. >And scared of whatever Celestias punishment would be.
  195. >But mostly shocked you weren't dead.
  196. >"But not from me." Anon says
  197. >"Hu-"
  198. >You get no further as Anon decks you in the jaw.
  199. >"That's for thinking you could handle this on your own." he said.
  200. Okay.
  201. >"I deserved that."
  202. >"Yeah, you did." Anon says as he helps you off the floor.
  203. >You and Anon head for the doors.
  204. >You stop along the way to thank your supporters.
  205. >Lyra and Bon Bon say it was nothing and Derpy gives you a bear hug.
  206. Feels good.
  207. >You step outside and breathe deep.
  208. Feels great.
  209. >The sun was going down, Celestia must have teleported back to Canterlot to lower it.
  210. >"Hey, Mous!" you turn around and spot Rainbow Dash flying towards you.
  211. >Rainbow stops next to you. "How's it feel to be free, man?"
  212. Free from everyp0ny but the sex hungry princess.
  213. >"Good."
  214. >"Yeah well, before you go think you had everything under control, just know that we had plans to stop Discord ourselves." she says.
  215. >You laugh.
  216. >Rainbow starts talking to Anon and gives him a peck on the lips.
  217. Still got something to do, champ...
  218. >"You!"
  219. >You turn around to see a hoof coming at your face.
  220. >You are punched to the ground for the second time as the guards restrain your attacker.
  221. >"You killed Lord Discord!" he shouted.
  222. >The guards haul your still screaming attacker away as you sigh and stand up.
  223. >"Who was that, Mous?" Anon asked.
  224. >You stand a rub your cheek.
  225. >"His name was Speedy... and he was my friend... Hey, I got something to do, I'll catch up with you two later."
  226. >You wave goodbye to Anon and Rainbow and leave the courthouse.
  227. >Now...where did she live, again?
  229. >It was night when you made it to the house.
  230. >Aloe was walking inside when she caught your eye.
  231. >"Hey..."
  232. >"Hey..." she says.
  233. Awkward.
  234. >"Is she in there?"
  235. >Aloe nods.
  236. >"Can you ask if she'll come talk to me?"
  237. >Aloe smiles. "Sure, Mous."
  238. Okay, breathe deep.
  239. >We can do this.
  240. We just killed a god, we can do this.
  241. >I don't know if we can do this...
  242. >Lotus comes to the door and sees you in the street.
  243. Thank god, she's okay...
  244. >She looks surprised.
  245. >Lotus starts galloping towards you.
  246. >"Lotus, I..."
  247. >You get no further as Lotus spins around and bucks you in the stomach.
  248. Goddamn!
  249. >You fall to your knees and clench your gut.
  250. Think she just burst out liver!
  251. >"Fucking hell! I know I deserve it, but when is everyp0ny going to stop-mmfff!"
  252. >The words get trapped in your mouth as Lotus kisses you.
  253. >She then breaks the kiss with a hoof upside your head.
  254. >"Babe, I'm getting some mixed messages here!"
  255. Babe?
  256. >Shut up.
  257. >"You unbelievable ass!" she yells as she gets in your face.
  258. >You're too busy clutching your poor ruptured stomach to say anything else.
  259. >She's pacing in front of you.
  260. >"Do you know what it was like to be at that trial!?"
  261. Yes. You were there.
  262. >"Do you know what it was like to watch the man you love stand accused of all that!?" she shouts.
  263. What!?
  264. >"I love you too."
  265. WHAT!?
  267. >You turn your brain off. You don't need him here.
  268. >Lotus looks just as shocked as he was. "W-what?"
  269. >"Yeah...I-I had a lot of time to think while I was away... I usually ended up thinking about you."
  270. >Lotus seems to visibly calm down.
  271. >"There were a lot of times when I just wanted to leave and come find you again...but I didn't."
  272. >Your stomach didn't hurt as much. It felt weird though.
  273. >"I-I wanted to tell you in the courtroom today but...well..."
  274. >You're silent as the idea of what you avoided comes back into your mind.
  275. >"But it...wasn't the right uh, I-I came here right after and...yeah, I love you."
  276. >You may be fucking this up a bit.
  277. >Lotus looks you over. "D-Don't think that saying that means I'm still not mad at you..."
  278. >You look up into her big blue eyes pleadingly.
  279. >"Please don't let it be. Please promise that you'll hold this over my head and kick my ass if I do this again..."
  280. >Lotus walks closer to you.
  281. >"I-I don't want to die, Lotus... I don't want to either get killed or do something stupid and get executed...I don't want what happened between us in that alley to happen ever again."
  282. >Lotus buries her face into your neck, you can feel tears drip onto your skin. "You big idiot..."
  283. >You pull Lotus close and kiss her again, and finally let all the crap of the last few days go.
  284. >Lotus wraps her hooves around the back of your head.
  285. >"I love you..." you repeat.
  286. >Let Celestia punish you, let Speedy be pissed, let anyone who wants to think you're a monster think it.
  287. >You had Anon, you had Lotus. That was all you needed.
  288. >The next few minutes are a blur.
  289. >You remember carrying Lotus into her house and up her stairs, and her telling Aloe that the spa would be closed tomorrow.
  290. >You remember walking into her room and the two of you collapsing on her bed.
  291. >You remember relaxing for the first time in days.
  292. >And then you remember nothing more.
  294. -In Tartarus.-
  295. >You were Comet.
  296. >You were a Diamond Dog.
  297. >You used to work for the Dogfather.
  298. >But he died.
  299. >The Dogfather, Tirek, The Smooze, and Grogar all attack Discord together.
  300. >It took a while, but he finally fell.
  301. >Tirek popped his head off and galloped away, something about a trophy.
  302. >Grogar drained every last bit of magic from the corpse and left as well.
  303. >Smooze just ate the body and seeped into the ground.
  304. >Dogfather died thought, he was the first to attack and got the brunt of Discord's wrath.
  305. >Whatever happened before you got here sure pissed him off.
  306. >The Dogfather should have waited, you thought. Let the others wear him down and then come in yourself.
  307. >Stupid.
  308. >He paid for it.
  309. >"Comet! Comet, look!"
  310. >Rex cam running up to you, he was holding a necklace. "Look what I got."
  311. >This was the Dogfather's necklace, the one that gave him his power.
  312. >Good ol' Rex, you thought as you twisted his neck and took the necklace from him.
  313. >This opened new possibilities.
  314. >Yeah, it would take a while...
  315. >But you could do a lot with this.

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