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BiE 45: Where's Wainbow.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:46:20 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 45=
  3. >You stared at the mana battery on the desk as you align the crystal.
  4. > to twenty five ratio...
  5. >You hoped this would work, this mana battery was huge.
  6. >Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  7. >Okay...everything looks to be in order. "Hey, Twilight! Can you gimme a hand with this?"
  8. >The door at the top of the cellar opens. "What's up, Anon?" Twilight asks as she trots down.
  9. >You gesture to your little setup. "I need a spell, care to provide?"
  10. >She gives your experiment a glance, there was a mana battery hooked up to a focusing lens that was aimed at a small crystal. "Any spell?" she asks.
  11. >Not just any spell would do, no..."How about a little light show?" you ask.
  12. >Twilight aims her horn at the focusing lens and fires a spell.
  13. >Bring purple light erupts from Twilights horn and gets compressed into the lens as it enters the crystal.
  14. >Twilight stops the spell as you remove the crystal from its resting place. "Now what?" she asks.
  15. >"Now this."
  16. >You toss the crystal on the stone wall. As it shatters, the room is bathed in a soft purple glow
  17. >The glow dies down after a few moments, but you hardly notice. "Ha-ha! Yes!" you shout.
  18. >Twilight looks confused. "What just happened?" she asked.
  19. >You sweep the shattered crystal pieces into your hand. "What happened, is that I was able to apply a magical spell to an object anyp0ny could use. The conversion ratio was horrid, but this is how progress is made."
  20. >Twilight is all lit up now. "Anon, that's incredible! We have to run numbers on this."
  21. >The two of you quickly make your way upstairs and work on the conversion ratio issue.
  23. >You and Twilight work well into the evening, the prospect of portable spells encased in tiny crystals was incising.
  24. >You got home later than normal, which was later still than when you used to.
  25. >You walk into the usual scene. Lotus and Mous were curled up at one end of the couch with Rainbow on the other.
  26. >"Hey guys, what's..." Rainbow shoots a glare at you that causes you to falter.
  27. >Did you do something?
  28. >You take a seat next to her. "Hey, is everything okay?" You try to put your arm around her.
  29. >Rainbow squirms her way out and continues to pout. "Yeah. I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"
  30. >Okay...
  31. >Somep0ny obviously doesn't want to talk.
  33. >The lot of you get ready for bed, Rainbow washing her face as you changed.
  34. >Good a time as any..."So...can we talk?" you ask.
  35. >You hear Rainbow shut off the faucet. "Nothing to talk about." she says as she climbs into bed and turns away from you.
  36. >You sit down on the bed. "C'mon Dash, talk to me."
  37. >"No." she spits out.
  38. >Okay...
  39. >That was harsh.
  40. >"Come on, did I do something?" you ask.
  41. >Did you drink all the milk?
  42. >Leave the toilet seat up?
  43. >Kick her in your sleep?
  44. >She wasn't answering. "Did I say something?"
  45. >Ask if her hair was natural?
  46. >Accidentally insult her?
  47. >Call her by an ex's name?
  48. >Oh god, don't let it have been Brian...
  49. >Still nothing.
  50. >"Come on Dash, what did I do? What did I say?"
  51. >Rainbow throws the blanket off of her. "No!"
  52. >Then what? "Did Mous or Lotus piss you off? What is it?"
  53. >"IT'S ALL OF THAT!" she shouts as she storms out of the room.
  54. >You chase after Rainbow, but it's a futile effort.
  55. >She's out the door by the time you get to the hallways.
  56. >What the hell!?
  57. >"Dude?" you hear behind you.
  58. >Mous and Lotus are both peeking around the corner, a toothbrush sticking out of each of their mouths.
  59. >"Do you two have to practice the  'Creepy Simultaneous Action Couple' thing, or does it come naturally. you ask.
  60. >Lotus giggles to herself as Mous gives you a deadpan look. "Go find her, dingus."
  62. >You throw your clothes back on and run out.
  63. >Shit, Rainbow had the advantage in both speed and being able to avoid obstacles.
  64. >She could be anywhere by now.
  65. >You run through town looking, but to no avail.
  66. >What did she mean 'It's all of that'?
  67. >You spend almost the entire night out there.
  68. >Pinkie hadn't seen her, neither had Rarity.
  69. >She went in the opposite direction from Fluttershy
  70. >Twilight was asleep.
  71. >You finally got lucky when you asked Applejack. "Saw her flyin' off towards Whitetail Woods. Thought it was might strange to be seein' her out at this hour..."
  72. >You start running as soon as you leave the farm.
  73. >Whitetail Woods.
  74. >There was only one place she could be if she went there.
  76. >You still remember the path the two of you took.
  77. >Time had marched forward and the trees had re-grown all of their leaves, but you still remembered.
  78. >You bound up the hill and entered the cave you had spent the night in so long ago. "Rainbow?!"
  79. >Silence.
  80. >You slump against the cave wall. Dammit.
  81. >That was your last lead.
  82. >Your mind jumps back over a year.
  83. >You still remember the warmth of the cave, the warmth of her body.
  84. >You remember the leisurely days the two of you had spent that February, eating when you wanted, sleeping when you wanted, fucking when you wanted.
  85. >You had bonded more the just physically over those few days. To think that you could lose that...
  86. >Your mind jumps back to right before your first night with Rainbow, back to when you were indecisive.
  87. >"If you want something, you go get it. Period." That's what he said that got you off your ass back on Earth.
  88. >That's what got you through estrus.
  89. >And that's what got you off your ass now.
  91. >"Rainbow?" you called out.
  92. >You kept walking along the stream.
  93. >If you were out of leads, you just had to find more. "Rainbow!" you called out again.
  94. >Still nothing. You keep following the stream.
  95. >You weren't going to let this happen, not while you still could fix it.
  96. >You walk through some trees and come across a beautiful lake.
  97. >This must be the source of that stream.
  98. >The lake was a small oval cut into the side of the mountain, the moon was reflected on the still water.
  99. >The reflection of the moon was scattered as a rock sipped across the water, waves radiating out from the impact sight.
  100. >You follow the rocks flight path, a blotch of cyan and blue is sitting at the edge of the lake.
  101. >"Rainbow..." you say as you approach her.
  102. >She just looks up at you."Hey, Anon. Sorry about running out. I overreacted."
  103. >Her eyes are puffy. "Yeah, what's the deal with that?" you ask.
  104. >Rainbow sighs. "It's...It's nothing..."
  105. >You take a seat next to her. "Liar."
  106. >You flash her a smile and get a small one in return. "It's...It's about Mous and Lotus, and you and me." she says.
  107. >Okay...
  108. >"I see the two of them together all the time...always saying how much they love each other..." she's shuffling around. "...and the more they say it, the more I notice that we never do."
  109. >Wait...that's what this is about?
  110. >She continues. "And now, you're spending all this time at Twilight's...and I'm afraid I don't mean as much to you anymore."
  111. >You could see her point, she was the element of loyalty. Thinking that you were stepping out must be hard on her.
  112. >That didn't stop it from being bullshit, however.
  114. >"Oh, Rainbow Dash..." you snake your arm around her and pull her close. "What am I going to do with you?"
  115. >She starts to open her mouth, but you cut her off. "Me? Step out on you? That's ridiculous."
  116. >You cupped her cheek in your hand as you had done your first time in these woods. Rainbow practically buries her face in your hand.
  117. >"Rainbow..."you begin. "Right before all that cult crap, I turned down an offer to go back to my homeworld, back to everything I've ever known. But I decided to stay here." you lean in and plant a kiss on her lips, you linger behind a bit afterwards though. "Now, who do you think caused me to do that?"
  118. >Rainbow doesn't speak, but puts her head in your shoulder. You take the opportunity to wrap your arms around her. "Of course I love you, you silly filly..."
  119. >The two of you spend however long like that under the stars by the lake before you both head for home.
  120. >It's early morning, you were exhausted and you should be in bed. But this was more important, you'd call in sick if you had to.
  121. >You had gotten used to how Rainbow moved in bed over the past year, but that night was different.
  122. >Your mind once again went back to your first night in that cave, the feeling you felt then showing up now.
  123. >You're still awake as Celestia begins to raise the sun, Rainbow Dash curled up in your arms.
  124. >Just as you are about to fall asleep, you pull her close. "Love you, Dashie." you whisper.

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