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BiE 48: Field Trip.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:46:56 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 48=
  3. >Morning of the final day.
  4. >You were dropping Dinky off back at her place late this afternoon.
  5. >Dinky sat on your head as you walked her to school.
  6. >It was for the best, your hands were full.
  7. >In addition to your work bag and Dinky's backpack, you were giving all the little figures dinky had painted over the course of her week with you to her as a gift. You also had a narrow tube shaped bag over your shoulder.
  8. >The walk to school was fairly quite.
  9. >You peer up at Dinky's forelegs hanging over your forehead.
  10. Hmm...Time to see how much she's learned.
  11. >"IIIIn West Fillydelphia, born and raised!" you start.
  12. >Dinky picks up quick. "On the playground was where I spent most of my days!"
  13. >"Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool."
  14. >"And all shooting some B-Ball outside of the school."
  15. >"When a couple of colts, they were up to no good!"
  16. >"Started makin trouble in my neighborhood!"
  17. >"My mom took me inside and said she'd teach me a lesson!"
  18. >"She said "You're movin with your aunty and uncle in Manehattan!"
  19. Yeah.
  20. >You reach up and ruffle Dinky's mane.
  21. >"Atta girl."
  22. >You hear her giggle. "Hey, Mous?"
  23. >"Hmm?"
  24. >"What's this thing?" she asks and points to the narrow tube slung over your shoulder.
  25. Hehe.
  26. >"A surprise."
  27. >Dinky bends her head down and looks you in the eye. "A fun surprise?"
  28. >You make a face.
  29. >"Well, you'll just have to wait for the surprise, won't you?"
  30. >You drop Dinky off at school.
  31. >"Okay Poozer, we're going on a new plan today. Don't meet me at the spa, I'll be coming here."
  32. >Dinky tilts her head. "Why?"
  33. >"For your surprise!" you call back as you walk away.
  35. >Aloe and Lotus were working you hard today.
  36. >Penance for ducking out before closing.
  37. >Double steam room duty, aromatherapy, and then back to your massage room for a trio of customers.
  38. >No lunch today, it seemed.
  39. >The door opened and you heard a customer walk through.
  40. >"Hello, my name is Mous and I'll be-"
  41. >Your stop yourself as you catch who your 'customer' is.
  42. >"Oh, hey. What's up Lotus?"
  43. >Lotus silently walks to your massage table and hops up.
  44. >She wasn't wearing her headband.
  45. >"Need something?"
  46. >Lotus doesn't look up. "Yes, my special somep0ny has been busy all week and we haven't seen too much of each other..." she opens her eyes and gives you a sultry stare. "Can you help with that?"
  47. >Oh, so this is how she wants to play it?
  48. >"I'll see what I can do..."
  49. >You grab some lotion and get to work on her back.
  50. >It's true, you two haven't seen hide nor hair of each other since you've been watching Dinky, it's fair that she wants some attention.
  51. >Attention you're happy to provide, to a point. Sex in the workplace was rarely a good idea.
  52. >Plus it's hard enough getting lotion smell out of here.
  54. >The massage goes as agonizingly slow as you can make it.
  55. >"Mmmmm...lower." Lotus says.
  56. >"That kind of contact is inappropriate for a spa employee, ma'am..."
  57. >Lotus giggles. "I'm sure your boss won't mind."
  58. >You work your way up to her shoulders.
  59. >"Oh, I don't know about that...besides, is it really so hard to just wait until you can see him again?"
  60. >You drift from her shoulders to behind her ears, a small gasp is your reward.
  61. >"I hear that waiting can...enhance things."
  62. >Lotus lets you continue your way around her ears as she speaks. "Ooohh, but the wait has been agonizing so far..."
  63. >You lean in closer to her ears. "Well, I'm sure your special somep0ny is very sorry that he's made you wait so long...I'm sure he'd want to make it up to you, maybe in a few hours?"
  64. >You drift up and begin massaging her scalp, she leans into your hands as you work. "If only I could steal him away for a short while..."
  65. >You crouch down to eye level and head back to her neck. "I'm sure he would if he could, ma'am."
  66. >Lotus's hoof starts meandering around on your shirt. "What's stopping him?"
  67. >"Well..."
  68. >A bell chimes at the back of the room.
  69. >"Your hour's up."
  70. >Lotus lets out a deep sigh and opens her eyes. "You..." she leans forward and plants a kiss on you. "Are horrible."
  72. >You escape from work around 3:00 and head for the school.
  73. >Dinky and her friends are running around out front.
  74. >"Dinks!" you call out.
  75. >Dinky spots you and gallops up to you. "Mous! Do you have my surprise?"
  76. >You crouch down to her. "I do. Why not go as your friends if they want to come along?"
  77. >Dinky tilts her head. "It's for them too?"
  78. >You ruffle her mane. "Let's just say that what I have in store won't be as fun if it's just you and I."
  79. >Dinky nods and runs back to her friends.
  80. >A few minutes later, you're leading a group of about ten or so foals to the lake.
  81. >You find a good spot and begin setting up out of the narrow bag you carried.
  82. >Two sticks went into the ground with a net in the center supported by elastic strings.
  83. >"Okay, class. This is something from my world called a "Big Honkin' Slingshot.". We used it to throw everything from water balloons, to snow at each other."
  85. >You crouch down to demonstrate the size of the net for what you had in mind.
  86. >"But today, we're going to try something different. As you can see, this net is the perfect size for a small pony. As you can feel, it's early summer and way too hot out. And as you can imagine, that lake would feel great right about now."
  87. >You look at the faces of the little foals as they start to put the pieces together, smiles forming on them.
  88. >You point to a chubby grey earth colt.
  89. >"Up for the first shot, kid?"
  90. >He nods enthusiastically and jumps into the net.
  91. >You pull back a little farther to accommodate his weight and watch as he sails through the air.
  92. >He lands with a resounding splash and surfaces near the center of the lake. "That was fun! Come one guys, the water's great!" he calls out.
  93. >You turn to the rest of the kids.
  94. >"Alright, who's next?"
  96. >The afternoon melts away as the kids line up to be launched into the lake.
  97. >Eventually, they just forego the slingshot and run into the lake to play.
  98. >You relax under a tree and play lifeguard.
  99. >"Rumble, I swear if I have to get you down from another tree!" you call out.
  100. >Rumble hops from the tree branch he was on and continues to play.
  101. >Little adrenaline junkie...
  102. We're one to talk.
  103. >Quite brain, I'm being lazy.
  104. >You hear the clip clop of hooves behind you. "Well now, aint that a sight. Playin' lifeguard are ya, Mous?"
  105. >You know that draw.
  106. >"Something like that AJ."
  107. >Applejack takes a seat in the grass a few feet from you.
  108. >"Applebloom is in there if you're here to get her."
  109. >"I see her, I'll let her play a bit." AJ says.
  110. >Silence ensues.
  111. Aawwwwwkwaaaard
  112. >"So, haven't seen you in a while."
  113. >Applejack hadn't been showing up in your bushes for a while, that had you worried.
  114. >She may be planning something.
  115. >AJ chuckles. "Nope."
  116. >"That makes me nervous."
  117. >AJ grins at you. "Why? Thinkin' I got some master plan?"
  118. >"I just don't want my house demolished by an apple golem, is all."
  119. >That elicits a laugh from Applejack. "Naw. I saw you and that blue pony together s'all. Figure you don't need me around with that."
  120. Whoawhat?
  121. >"And you're just...okay with that?"
  122. >AJ gets up as Applebloom wades out of the water. "We had our fun, Mous. But I don' want nothin' with you if you got somep0ny else on your mind the whole time."
  123. >Old honest Applejack.
  124. >You lean back against your tree and smile.
  125. >"Thanks AJ. Y'all have a nice night."
  126. >AJ gives you a wink as her and Applebloom trot off.
  128. >The kids all run to their homes as the sun goes down and you let Dinky dry off on your head.
  129. >You open the door to Derpy's place and look around.
  130. >Empty.
  131. >"Hello? Derpy? Mr. Whooves?"
  132. Horrible space monster?
  133. >Shut it ya grot.
  134. >You hear voices coming from the back yard and move to investigate.
  135. >To your surpise, you see Derpy and Mr. Whooves trotting back to the house.
  136. >You can see a bit of blue from behind a tree.
  137. >Derpy spots the two of you. "Muffin!"
  138. >Dinky must have dozed off, she shakes herself awake. "Mom!"
  139. >Dinky jumps off your head and goes to hug her mom.
  140. >You let the two of them have their moment and pull Mr. Whooves aside.
  141. >"I trust everything went well?"
  142. >He flashes a smile. "Nary a sight, smell, or hint of danger."
  143. >Really?
  144. >"How unlike you."
  145. >He narrows his eyes. "Hey, I can be safe when I need to be."
  146. >A-huh.
  147. >"Was she too much trouble for you, Mous?" you here Derpy ask behind you.
  148. >"Derpy, she was a dream. And loads of fun on top of it."
  149. >You reach down and ruffle Dinky's hair one last time.
  150. >You show the box you'd been carrying.
  151. >"Your daughter knows her way around a paintbrush. Thought I'd leave a little gift for her."
  152. >Dinky jumps up and latches onto your chest. "Thanks, Mous."
  153. D'awww...
  154. >"Heh. No problem, little poozer." you say as you let her down.
  155. >You wave goodbye as you make your way home.
  156. Well, that was fun while it lasted.
  157. >It was. We'll have to keep an eye on Dinky.
  158. Think he'll keep the two of them safe?
  159. >He seems on the level.
  160. And if not?
  161. >We tie him to the outside of his box and toss it into the sun.
  163. >Lotus practically jumps you as soon as you get home.
  164. >"Anon isn't home yet and I convinced Rainbow to leave...I have you all to myself tonight..." she says as she strokes your shoulder.
  165. >"What in Equestria will we do this entire time all by ourselves?"
  166. >"Why don't I show you?" she says as she pulls herself close and locks your lips.
  167. >You ignore the gasp she makes as you grip her by her flank and carry her to your room.
  168. >You slam the door with your foot as you make for the bed, Lotus already snaking her hoof under your shirt and trying to pull it off.
  169. >Lotus breaks away from your mouth. "Let's get this awful thing out of the way, shall we?"
  170. >You give Lotus a hand with your shirt as she pushes you onto the bed and leaps on top of you.
  171. >Lotus grabs your face and dives back into your mouth as you wrap your arms around her.
  172. >"I remember what you did at the spa..." she says as she attacks your neck. "I've decided to get you back by dragging this out as" she says the last part as she trails her way down your bare chest.
  173. >"Oh no..."
  174. >"I've been waiting an entire week for this, mister. And you aren't leaving this room until you repay me. With interest."
  175. >Of that, you had no doubt.
  177. >The both of you were curled up under the blanket, taking in the afterglow.
  178. >You have no idea how long or how often the two of you went, but it was dark now and you didn't hear sounds from the living room.
  179. >You pull Lotus closer.
  180. >"So, are we even now?"
  181. >Lotus gives you a long kiss. "We're closer then we were when you got here."
  182. >"I'm gonna be paying this debt off until I die, aren't I?"
  183. >Lotus laughs as she settles her head on your shoulder. "I told you, interest."
  184. >Damned compound interest, Einstein was right.
  185. >You reach your hand up and stroke her mane.
  186. >"Missed you while you weren't here."
  187. >Ahttp://www...I missed you too." Lotus kisses your cheek. "It's awful how alien my own home feels when I sleep in it."
  188. >"I'm not complaining."
  189. >Lotus laughs and wraps herself under your arm. "I'll bet."
  190. >Lotus rests her head on your chest. "It's just as awful to hear ponies talk about why the alien who almost summoned Discord is running around with a young filly all of a sudden."
  191. >Stupid Discord nonsense.
  192. >"Eh. I'm a kid at heart."
  193. >"Oh, don't I know it. Never have I heard somep0ny giggle so much while making love."
  194. >It's not your fault you're ticklish...
  195. >Lotus lets out a yawn.
  196. >"Pretty pony tired out?"
  197. >"Pretty pony has a specialsomemonkey who tires her out."
  198. >"I thought you ponies from Stalliongrad had the endurance for long winters?"
  199. >"Not the endurance to handle the devious western aliens." Lotus teases.
  200. >You kiss Lotus on the top of her head.
  201. >"Love you too."
  202. >You lay your head down and begin to drift off to sleep.
  203. >"Oh, one more thing dear." Lotus says.
  204. >"Hmm?" you grunt out.
  205. >"My parents would like to meet you."

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