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BiE 51: Cold Feet.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:48:52 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 51=
  3. >You stare down your opponent across the table. She was cheating, she had to be.
  4. >You lay down you cards. "Three of a kind."
  5. >Let's see her beat tha-
  6. >"Royal Flush!" Pinkie calls out as she lays her cards down and takes her winnings.
  7. >"Owch, Anon." Rainbow laughs out behind you.
  8. >That made no sense.
  9. >That would mean Pinkie had six aces this game.
  10. >You don-
  11. >Rainbow lays a hoof on your shoulder. "Don't think too hard about it Anon, it's better that way."
  12. >You let out a sigh and lead back, all of you were on your way to Canterlot for a big royal wedding. Apparently between Twilight's brother and some princess.
  13. >Not that you could tell from looking at Twilight, she was pouting over the horrible slight of not being told about the wedding at the front of the car.
  14. >You don't see what the big deal is, you and Mous did things without telling the other all the ti-
  15. >You catch yourself from comparing the relationship Mous and you have to anyone else, it was far too circuitous to think about...
  16. >Speaking of Mous, where the fuck was he?
  17. >"Now arriving at Canterlot station, Canterlot station." came a voice over the speakers.
  18. >"Hey." You say to Rainbow. "I'm gonna find Mous, he's been gone the entire train ride and that makes me nervous."
  19. >Rainbow nods. "Good idea."
  20. >You make your way through the train cars. You wanted to give Mous the benefit of the doubt, but he got you run out of Canterlot the last time you were both here.
  21. >No chances today.
  23. >You eventually find Mous in, of all places, the caboose.
  24. >Even more strange, Lotus was sitting in the seat next to him.
  25. >"Uh. Hey Lotus, what are you doing here?" you ask.
  26. >Lotus raises an eyebrow. "What? I was invited." she says.
  27. >"She's my plus one." Mous says.
  28. >"I don't remember read anything about a plus one on the invitation..." you say as you cross your arms.
  29. >Mous produces an invitation from his pocket. "Read again."
  30. >You snatch the piece of paper and glance over it.
  31. >Was he kidding with this? "Dude, I don't think wedding invitations come written in acrylic paint."
  32. >Mous waves a hand at you. "Celestia won't care."
  33. >What? "It's her nieces wedding, I think she'll care."
  34. >Mous holds up a finger. "Wrong. It's her nieces wedding in Canterlot after I just had to go to Stalliongrad." Lotus elbows him in the ribs. "Ow. No way am I not bringing my special somep0ny along for a nice weekend getaway."
  35. >Lotus rolls her eyes. "How romantic. Smuggling me into the city."
  36. >"Hey, I'm not smuggling you. I'm bringing you along regardless of what ponies say." Mous pouts.
  37. >The train slows to a stop and ponies start stepping out of the other cars.
  38. >"Fine, whatever. You're funeral, dude." you say as you head to meet up with the girls.
  40. -Mous PoV-
  41. >You head off the train and the first thing you notices is all the guards.
  42. >Damn, this was worse than when you first came here.
  43. >When you came here, they didn't have a giant purple bubble over the entire city.
  44. >Lotus notices too. "Are they always this worried about security here?"
  45. >"It's wedding security, they're throwing anyp0ny who doesn't belong in the dungeons."
  46. >Lotus elbows you in the gut again.
  47. >"Ow. Again. Relax, I'm only teasing."
  48. >Your party comes stops as a white unicorn with a blue mane notices you all and comes to great you.
  49. Oh no...
  50. >Anon notices the face you're making. "Dude, what is it?" he whispers
  51. >"You remember when we had to run out of Canterlot that one time?"
  52. >Anon nods.
  53. >"Well, he was in charge of the guards chasing us."
  54. >Anon adopts the same face as you as you both try to remain unnoticed while he argues with Twilight about something.
  55. >Eventually, he approaches the two of you. He tilts his head to the side. "Have I met the two of you before?"
  56. FUCK.
  57. >"No?"
  58. >Oh good, that convinces him. "Well then, I'm Shining Armor. Pleased to meet the two of you."
  59. >Hands are shaken and introductions are made before you nope the hell out of there ASAFP.
  60. >"I'm not needed for anything at the wedding, so I'm gonna show Lotus around town. You just heading the chapel?"
  61. >Anon sighs. "Yep. Celestia has me in charge of the light show."
  62. >Anon brandishes a few of his magic little crystals.
  63. >"Good luck, knock 'em dead."
  64. >Anon runs off. "Don't say that! With my luck I'll have a fire crystal in here by accident..."
  66. >You give Lotus the grand tour of Canterlot. Which evens out to about everywhere you knew about.
  67. >Celestia had you all staying in the castle during your stay, so there was always something new you could show her.
  68. >You introduced her to Broblood. He complimented her hair.
  69. >You showed her the statue/corpse of the god you got killed. "I thought he'd be bigger." she teased.
  70. >Eventually, the two of you ended up relaxing on the floor of the balcony of your room.
  71. >Lotus was splayed across your lap as you pointed out various landmarks.
  72. >"And that's the hotel I got chased out of. And over there is the museum I robbed."
  73. >"Why do I get the feeling that you'll implcate me in something if you go any further?" Lotus says.
  74. >The two of you laugh. You reach down and begin stroking her mane.
  75. >"Sorry I couldn't get you into the wedding."
  76. >Lotus snuggles into your lap. "Sweetheart, you were able to treat me to a little vacation to Canterlot. That's more than enough." Louts looks back up at you. "And I'm sure Aloe and Caramel won't mind the pricavy..."
  77. >You shake your head.
  78. >"I still can't believe he's not gay..."
  79. >You reach your hand into the bag of sunflower seeds you pilfered. They were apparently Celestia's favorite.
  80. >That made them taste better.
  81. >"You going to share any of those with me?" Lotus asks as she looks up at you.
  82. >You grab a seed and place it between your teeth.
  83. >"Come and get it."
  84. >Lotus catches on and steals the seed with a quick peck.
  85. >"Is that all I get for inventing an awesome new game?"
  86. >Lotus settles back into your lap. "Use more seeds and I'll have to stay longer."
  88. >An hour or so later, you were out of sunflower seeds and just laying next to Lotus on the balcony.
  89. >Games were fun, but you enjoyed just relaxing with her all the same.
  90. >You hear a slight *clink* touch down on the balcony before somep0ny speaks. "Hello Mous. Enjoying the day, I see."
  91. >You open your eyes and spot a white alicorn looking at you.
  92. >"Good afternoon, Sunshine. How's the wedding?"
  93. >Celestia's little armor things were glinting in the sunlight, she knew how to make her presence known.
  94. >"The wedding proceeds as planned, I trust I'll see you there?"
  95. >"I got my good t-shirt ready and everything."
  96. >Celestia chuckles as you feel a slight shaking on your side.
  97. >You look over. Lotus has a look of sheer horror on your face.
  98. She's never met Celestia before, dingus.
  99. >"Babe?"
  100. >"The Princess is here. The Princess is here in front of me and I was curled up with my special somep0ny..." she mutters out.
  101. >Celestia is quick to bring the conversation back. "You must be Lotus, Mous has told me all about you."
  102. >She turns back to you. "I take it this is the "plus one" your invitation said.
  103. >"You got it." you say grinning.
  104. >"How odd...I saw the invitations and I don't remember seeing anything about a plus one..." Celestia says with her own smile.
  105. >You fold your arms back behind your head.
  106. >"Must have just slipped your notice, what with all the mayhem of the wedding."
  107. >You think you hear a giggle. "I'm sure that's the case. Well, I must be off. Take care, you two."
  108. >Celestia takes off and flies to her room.
  109. >Lotus still has that look on her face.
  110. >You can't help but chuckle a bit.
  112. -Anon PoV-
  113. >Today was the big day.
  114. >Everyone stood in silence as the ceremony began.
  115. >No one wanted to think about what had happened at the rehearsal, with Twilight's little meltdown.
  116. >The music swelled as the bride entered and Celestia started the proceedings.
  117. >You glanced over for the third time this hour an-Yep he fell asleep again.
  118. >"Dude!" who whisper as you elbow him in the gut.
  119. >Mous's eyes snap open as he looks around the room.
  120. >"How can you sleep at a time like this?" you ask before your scientific mind gets the better of you. "More interestingly, how can you sleep standing up?"
  121. >Mous yawns. "Bored."
  122. >"I thought you loved weddings?' you ask.
  123. >"Yeah, normal ones. Not ones that are this..." he looks around the room. "Out there."
  124. >"STOOOP!" echoes through the hall.
  125. >Everp0ny present wheels around to spot Twilight standing defiantly in the doorway. "Oh, not again..."
  126. >"Why does she have to ruin my special day?" the bride sobs.
  127. >"Because it's not -your- special day!" comes a familiar voice. Another round of gasps echoes throughout the room. "It's mine!" says a Cadence identical to the one at the altar, save a bit more haggard.
  128. >Over your shoulder you hear. "Okay, this wedding got interesting again."
  129. >The bride says something about brides mates that you don't here. How can there be two of her?
  130. >"Ah don' understand, how can there be two of 'em?" Applejack says, her thoughts mirroring your own.
  131. >"She's a Changeling!" the new Cadence cries. "She takes the form of somep0ny you love and gains power by feeding off your love for them!"
  132. >The Cadence at the altar gets a furious look on her face and erupts in a green fire.
  133. >When the fire dies down, a new insectoid form has taken its place.
  135. >"What." "The." "Fuck?" You and Mous say in volley.
  136. >This Changeling Queen begins lecturing Cadence about Equestria's love.
  137. >"Dude!" you cry out.
  138. >"I see it." Mous says. His voice gaining that icy quality it got when things went tits up.
  139. >"What do we do? Let it play out?" you ask.
  140. >Mous just nods as he eyes the Changeling Queen.
  141. >"Ever since I took your place, I've been feeding of Shining Armor's love for you." she gloats.  "Every moment he grows weaker, and so does his spell. Even now my minions are chipping away at it."
  142. >She's back center stage now. "Soon, my Changeling Army will break through, and then will take Canterlot, and then all of Equestria!"
  143. >"No. You won't"
  145. >Celestia slowly steps forward. Her voice is cold and authoritative, like it was when you were dealing with Discord.
  146. >"You may have made it impossible for Shining Armor to perform his spell, but now that you have so foolishly revealed your true self..." Celestia locks horns with the Queen before she takes off. "I will protect my subjects from you!"
  147. >Light shoots forth from Celestia's horn and illuminates the room.
  148. >The Queen meets Celestia's blast with her own...
  149. >...and overpowers it, sending her crashing to the ground.
  150. >"Princess Celestia!" Twilight cries as she runs to her mentor.
  151. >"HOLY FUCK!" Mous shouts as he dashes behind her.
  152. >You run up to Celestia's prone form, Mous has his hand on her neck. "Pulse is steady. She's breathing." he says.
  153. >Celestia's eyes crack open. "The Elements of Harmony, you must get them! And use their power to stop the Queen!"
  154. >As if on cue, the windows shatter as dozens and dozens of smaller Changelings pour in.
  155. >"MOVE!" Mous shouts as he breaks for the door, the girls right behind him.
  156. >"Oh, no you don't!" you hear the queen shout from behind you. A lance of green magic strikes the ceiling above the door just as Mous and the girls get past.
  157. >But trapping you inside.
  158. >A shrill laugh comes from behind you."You're not going anywhere..." the Queen says.

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