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BiE 52: All You Need is Love/Blood.

By Mandroid
Created: 19th December 2020 12:49:02 PM
AIE Safe Anon OC Rainbow Dash Slice of Life

  1. =BiE 52=
  3. >You bounded down the Canterlot streets as fast as your legs could carry you.
  4. >The Changelings were descending en masse, trying to rout you back to the chapel.
  5. >They were easy enough to discourage, toss 'em around a bit and they flew off.
  6. >"What's the plan here!?"
  7. >You sure didn't have one.
  8. >"We get the elements and we stop all this, that's the plan!" Twilight shouts.
  9. >"And the Changelings in our way?"
  10. >The seven of you round a corner into the main market.
  11. >"These Changelings are starved of love, if we can get to the element vault before they can feed, we should be able to make it." Twilight says.
  12. >"Alright, so, the castle?"
  13. >Twilight shakes her head. "Princess Celestia had the elements moved after Discord almost got out. They're kept in a vault on the other end of the city."
  14. Nice going there, sport.
  15. >The girls overtook you as you lagged behind. "Mous, come on! We have to hurry!"
  16. >You shoot a glance up at the castle.
  17. >Have to be sure.
  18. >"You girls go on ahead, I'll catch up."
  19. >You don't wait for a response and make for the castle stairs.
  20. >The royal guards, despite not having a leader at the moment, were doing a decent job of holding down the fort.
  21. >Still, Changelings harried the stallions on the walls.
  22. >Dammit, where the hell was Luna?
  23. >You ignore everyp0ny and race up the stairs as fast as you could.
  25. >You burst through the door into your room.
  26. >"Lotus! Are you in here?"
  27. >"Mous?" comes a voice from the bathroom.
  28. >The door opens and Lotus steps out, she looks worried, but unharmed.
  29. Oh thank god.
  30. >No time to waste, you grab your bag and throw it on the bed.
  31. >"Mous, what is going on out there!?" Lotus shouts.
  32. >"Changelings hijacked the wedding by disguising themselves as the bride, and now they're trying to invade the city."
  33. >You throw your spare clothes out of the bag and dig through the pockets until you find what you need.
  34. >"You brought your knife to a wedding?" Lotus asks unbelieving.
  35. >"Yes, and now I'm glad I did."
  36. >You secure David on your belt and kneel down to look Lotus in the eyes.
  37. >"Lotus, I need you to hide in here. I need you to lock, barricade, do whatever to the door and not open it for anyone. Even if it's me."
  38. >Lotus silently nods her head.
  39. >"If you hear me at the door, ask me where our first kiss was. Ignore everyp0ny else."
  40. >"Be careful." she said.
  41. >You promised not to take risks, but damned if you were gonna do nothing during an invasion.
  42. Do this quick.
  43. >You pull Lotus close and lock your lips. "I love you."
  44. >You dash out of the room and slam the door behind you.
  45. >You stand outside for a moment, mentally preparing yourself.
  46. Alright. No quarter. Let's go.
  47. >You run outside to meet up with the girls as a Changeling descends on you from overhead.
  48. >You don't give it the chance, you grab it and toss it to the ground.
  49. >David dives into the creature's neck and flies out as just as fast as you continue to run down the path.
  50. >Alright. The hard one was down.
  51. >Lotus is safe, we're working on the girls.
  52. >Anon better be okay...
  54. -Anon PoV-
  55. >You were Anon and you were not okay.
  56. >Oh sure, you were physically fine.
  57. >But you were still a prisoner of some crazy bug queen while your best friend and marefriend went off to fight an entire army and save the entire city.
  58. >Mous could handle himself, but you were more worried about Rainbow then you'd ever been.
  59. >Thoughts kept creeping into your mind of Rainbow laying broken under a never-ending tide of Changelings.
  60. >It continued to wander to how they treated their prisoners...
  61. >You shook your head to banish the thoughts and come back to reality.
  62. >The queen was off delegating orders to her various subordinates.
  63. >Celestia was hoisted up to the ceiling and encased in a cocoon, while you, Cadence, and a still hypnotized Shining Armor were left to sit at the altar.
  64. >Cadence was waving her hoof in front of her almost-husbands face. "Darling! Come on, talk to me!"
  65. >The Queen's laughter echoes through the vacated hall. "You waste your time! Shining Armor's love for you has put him under my total control. He won't move unless I allow him to."
  66. >"I'll never let you win!" Cadence shouts.
  67. >The Queen just laughs again. "My dear, you have no say in the matter." She turns back to her lieutenants.
  68. >Cadence's face falls
  69. >You lean over. "Hey, it's okay. Everything will work out."
  70. >Cadence sighs. "I wish that I could believe that...Twilight and the others just have so much working against them, while we can only sit here and do nothing."
  71. >Aaaaand there goes the mood.
  73. >You have to salvage the mood, anything to keep the thought of what would happen if you lost this out.
  74. >You say the first thing that pops into your head. "So, tell me how you and Shining met."
  75. >Cadence sighs and looks off out the only window that doesn't show a city getting attacked.
  76. >"I used to foal-sit for Twilight, so Shining and I are old friends. I had a bit of a crush on him since we were young, imagine my surprise when he asked me to the Grand Galloping Gala one year. I guess, Shining Armor has been a fixture in my life since day one. Getting married just seemed so...natural."
  77. >You lean back and sigh. "I can relate. Rainbow Dash has been with me since I first arrived here..."
  78. >You here a small giggle escape Cadence. "You and Rainbow Dash? Twilight has told me so many stories about her antics."
  79. >It's your turn to laugh. "I'm glad to say that I've been a part of those antics for coming on two years now." Your eyes drift over the city. "I wish I could help her now..."
  80. >Cadence turns back to her fiancé. "I can't stand to see him like this..." a tear rolls down her cheek. "I would give anything to have him back."
  81. >Poor mare, you could tell she loved him.
  82. >Wait...
  83. >Love. Cadence's power was love.
  84. >That...That could work.
  85. >You smile as a plan starts to come together. "Oh, thank you John Lennon."
  87. -Mous PoV-
  88. >The Changeling takes Lotus's shape as it gallops towards you.
  89. >They must be able to tell who you love instinctively.
  90. >Too bad. Ten minutes ago that would have stopped you.
  91. >You catch it in the air as it dives towards you and push David deep into its stomach.
  92. >"Hi, honey." you whisper to is as green blood seeps from the wound.
  93. >You catch Rainbow Dash's wide eyes as you throw the corpse away.
  94. >"Keep fighting."
  95. >Rainbow doesn't argue.
  96. >You return to your task.
  97. >Green magic rolls off you as you cut your way through the Changelings.
  98. >Any Changeling who got too close was immediately opened up as it's comrades looked on in what you assume was horror.
  99. >These Changelings thought they could use Lotus as a weapon against you, that you would hesitate.
  100. >You were teaching them of their grave miscalculation.
  101. >These Changelings were surprisingly light, you were able to hold one with one arm without any trouble.
  102. A side effect of being bugs.
  103. >You watch as the girls make their own way through the horde of Changelings, each taking on their own doppelgangers.
  104. >Wait...idea.
  105. >"Look at me you pathetic insects!"
  106. >The Changelings turn to glare at you.
  107. >"I've killed dozens of you and don't get my own clone? I'm hurt..."
  108. >The Changelings let loose a low growl at the mention of their dead and are engulfed in a green inferno.
  109. >Before you now stands an army of you.
  110. >You charge the closest, it falters as you kick it down and drive David into his neck.
  111. >The rest reel in shock, some of them lose their balance.
  112. Bingo.
  113. >"They aren't used to fighting on two legs! Come on!" you call to the girls.
  114. >You wade into the Changeling ranks and get a good look at what your face looks like when you get stabbed.
  116. -Anon PoV-
  117. >A Changeling bursts into the chapel. "My Queen! The element bearers have almost reached their destination! Our forces only serve to slow them down!"
  118. >"Curse those ponies!" The Queen turns to her subordinates. "Ditto! I make for the field! See to it that all goes according to plan here!" she cries as she buzzes off out the window.
  119. >The Changeling in question takes the Queen's place and resumes giving out orders.
  120. >You turn back to Cadence. "Okay, she's gone, they're distracted. This is our best chance."
  121. >Your plan was a long shot, but still better than your Discord Prison idea.
  122. >Basically, Cadence was going to love Shining Armor out of his trance.
  123. >Cadence nods and turns to her husband. "This will be easier the more love I can channel." she says.
  124. >You take your cue and start thinking about everyone you've ever loved. Your family, your bro, everyone you've ever dated, Rainbow...
  125. >Cadence starts her channeling. "Darling, I hope you can hear me."
  126. >You recite the names in your head. Family, bro, exes, Rainbow.
  127. >Her horn begins to glow. "This wedding, the Changeling Queen, all of it doesn't matter to me. When I was trapped in the caverns, and I only had my thoughts to keep me company, one thought kept me going. That I love you, Shining Armor, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
  128. >Family, bro, exes, Rainbow...
  129. >The magical glow moved to Shining Armor now. "But, we can't be together if the Changelings feed off our love. I'm ready to give them everything I have, but I need your help, darling."
  130. >Shining Armor's entire body is glowing now. "So please, come back to me."
  131. >"C-Cadence?"
  132. >Everything takes a pink hue.
  134. -Mous PoV-
  135. >The girls were trapped by the Changelings.
  136. >You weren't.
  137. >You weren't going to let them stop you.
  138. >The Changelings had gotten faster, better, they were evading your stabs and slashes and generally just being a pain.
  139. >But still, you cut through them.
  140. >A shrill shriek fills the air as a magical blast hits the ground a few feet away, scattering the Changelings.
  141. >You feel something heavy hit the ground and the sound of Changeling magic.
  142. >The smoke clears and reveals the new arrival.
  143. >It looks like Anon.
  144. >It even sounds like him. "Ah, hello human."
  145. The Queen.
  146. >"You have made quite the problem for my soldiers."
  147. H-
  148. >"However, I am not one of my soldiers, I and the one who defeated Celestia Herself. You cannot defeat me.
  149. H-how
  150. >You're shaking.
  151. >"Lay down you're weapon and save me the time it would take to pum-"
  152. >"HOW DARE YOU!?"
  153. >Your outburst silences the Queen.
  154. >Your world is going red.
  156. >The Queen moves Anon's hand to her mouth. "Oh dear, you do care for this one...How fitting that he will be your undoing."
  157. >That gets a smile out of you. But not one the Queen seems to like.
  158. >"Oh no. That's where you're wrong."
  159. >You step into the area the Queen cleared.
  160. >"See, I know that's you. I know you're not the real Anon"
  161. >You brandish David.
  162. >"And now, I'm gonna choke you to death with your own insides."
  164. >This fucking Queen.
  165. >This fucking slut of a Queen thinks she can kill you while she looks like Anon.
  166. >You don't give her the chance.
  167. >You were tired, you were sore, but you didn't care.
  168. >You slash at her head, missing only by inches as she darts away.
  169. >She knew her way around two feet, it seemed.
  170. >The Queen holds her hand out and fires her sickly green magic at you.
  171. >You relish the look on her face as you bat it aside and begin another offensive.
  172. >Some fancy blade work nets you a quick slash on the Queen's cheek.
  173. >One that seals itself with green energy as the Queen laughs, her own voice breaking through.
  174. Damn. That makes it hard.
  175. >The Queen's hand sprouts gouts of emerald flame as the fingers on it elongate and sharpen.
  176. >She lunges at you and swipes with her new claw, you parry her as best you can.
  177. Shit! That makes it harder!
  178. >The Queen puts you on the defensive as you backpedal and look for an opening.
  179. C'mon man! This is their leader! She has the gall to look like Anon! Take her out and this is over!
  180. >You shout in your enemy's face and start a daring plan.
  181. >A head butt dazes the Queen long enough for you to twist your knife to her, she dodges, but you don't let up.
  182. >Slashes lead to punches, which lead to stabs, which lead to kicks. Everything you can think of, you throw in at her.
  183. >Every attack however, is healed the moment it's caused.
  184. >"Dammit! Stay down!"
  185. >Your exhaustion is catching up with you as you try for a desperate maneuver to get behind her.
  186. >The Queen catches on and sweeps out your legs, sending you falling to the ground.
  187. >The Queen laughs as she plans a foot on your chest, pushing you onto your back. "I win."
  188. >You glance behind her.
  189. >Did the city always look so pink?
  191. -Anon PoV-
  192. >It was working.
  193. >The entire chapel was lit up in a brilliant pink glow.
  194. >Cadence and Shining Armor were floating above you.
  195. >They had combined their magics, Shining Armor casting his shield spell powered by Cadence's love magic.
  196. >These ponies were learning about the science of magic, it seemed.
  197. >Energy was cascading off the happy couple by the second.
  198. >The waves were passing right through you, but were playing hell with the Changelings.
  199. >They were getting tossed to and fro, those smart enough to hang onto something being the only stragglers.
  200. >They wanted love? They were getting all they could handle and more.
  201. >The waves were bringing forth every memory you had of all the people you loved.
  202. >Your parents teaching you to ride a bike... Mous standing up for you at school... All your time with Rainbow...
  203. >Eventually, the waves intensified, throwing even the last Changelings out.
  204. >Eventually, only one remained. Spitto, or something. "What is this!?" he cried. "How are you doing this!?"
  205. >You turn to the Changeling as his grips begins to break away.
  206. >"That's the power of love."
  208. >It was the after party now.
  209. >The Bride and Groom insisted on being wed as quickly as possible, a request Celestia was happy to oblige.
  210. >Mous gave you a pat on the back and said the love magic had saved his ass. He then said he was going to go hang with the DJ after a visit to "Queen Got-Squashed-By-A-Bug".
  211. >You let him, you had other things to do.
  212. >You spot Rainbow having a laugh with Soarin after her Sonic Rainboom and pull her aside. "Hehe...What's up Anon?"
  213. >You find yourself at a loss, all the things you felt today were gumming up your works.
  214. >"I-I love you Rainbow." was all you could get out.
  215. >Rainbow chuckles a bit and gives you a peck on the lips. "I love you too, Anon."
  216. >"No, I mean, it's more than that." Dammit, you were screwing this up. "When I was with Cadence and Shining Armor today, I was worried sick about you. I didn't know what I would do if you got hurt."
  217. >Rainbow blushes a bit. "T-thats real sweet, Anon. But you had nothing to worry about, see?" she performs a little flourish. "There's nothing in Equestria that can stop The Dash."
  218. >You laugh a bit. "Yeah...But still. Today, I saw a couple that loved each other so much, they were able to clear out an entire city. And when I saw just how far Cadence was able to take that love, I got reminded of how much I love you."
  219. >Rainbow opens her mouth, but you speak first.
  220. >"Rainbow Dash, let's get married."
  222. >The party is silent.
  223. >Everyp0ny present is either standing with their mouth agape or just staring wide eyed.
  224. >You can see Mous lift up some stupid purple goggles he probably stole off his face and mouth "Do it." over and over again.
  225. >Even the bride and groom were shocked.
  226. >Rainbow was just as stunned as everyp0ny else. "Anon...I-" she brings her hooves to her mouth as you get down on your knee. "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh." you hear her say.
  227. >"Rainbow, I love you more than anyone I've ever met. You're funny, confident, and one of the best friends I've ever had. Certainly my first Equestrian one. I don't have a ring, or a plan, or anything like that. All I have is this feeling inside that says that this is what I want out of my life, to share it with you. So, Rainbow Dash. Will you marry me?"
  228. >Rainbow's big magenta eyes meet your own, they had tears in them. "Heh...was beginning to think I'd have to use estrus again. Yes, yes of course I will."
  229. >The party erupts into cheers, congratulations, and a resounding "Qapla'!" from the DJ stand as you pull Rainbow in and kiss her.
  230. >Music starts, oh god, was he really doing this?
  231. >You don't even care. The mare you love just agreed to marry you, your life couldn't get any better.
  232. >Rainbow hovers her way through a dance with you as your best friend and brother serenades you with words that have been on your mind for hours.
  233. >"Always, I wanna be with you and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony, oh love!"

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